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LANDSCAPING Exploring the magnificient landscapes in the region

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Exploring the landscaping trends, challenges, and feasibility in the region

Importance of wayfinding and signage designs in the themed environments

Fire safety of buildings in the region

Design tour of villa-Palm 66

John McLennan, CEO, Indigo Living talks about the latest collection and future plans


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November 2017


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Décor review

Freej Bin Rashdan restaurant in Bahrain is all about old-world charm

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Designer’s privilege card, Inner Square, by Marina Home

Driade is launching in Dubai, a sneak peak of the store

November 2017

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Welcome What amazes me most about this region is how rapidly it changes, and grows beautifully month after month, year after year. Every design – old, new, and other futuristic ideas just seamlessly mingle with each other in perfect harmony. Take for example Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opens its door to general public in November 2017. The museum is the first of its kind in the region, representing the dynamic nature of the contemporary Arab world and vibrant multicultural heritage of UAE. Looking forward to this one! The lead story for this month highlights the landscaping trends and challenges in the Middle East. This edition brings the topic of fire safety in the buildings at forefront as the part of the roundtable discussion. It’s a visual delight; the feature on interesting flooring ideas would make you try something new at the soonest. We also have an exclusive coverage of the region’s first Driade furniture showroom opening this month. With the change in season, the focus on outdoor spaces make sense; hence a nice and comfy hammock is a must-have. Check out the ‘Pick of The Month’ section. Not to forget, the biggest design event, Downtown Design, is coming up at Dubai Design District from November 14-17, 2017. We are all geared up, are you? Think design! Roma Arora

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November 2017



The multi-purposed installation can be uniquely preset to move according to its collector’s time zone and schedule

Lighting sculpture by Lasvit and Khalid Shafar to premiere at Dubai Design Week

Khalid Shafar


November 2017

Emirati designer Khalid Shafar and Czech lighting manufacturer, Lasvit, will be unveiling their first collaboration at the upcoming Dubai Design Week, which will be held at Dubai Design District (d3) from November 13-18, 2017. The result of their joint effort is a programmable dynamic lighting sculpture named Silent Call. Integrating time and motion for a function beyond the aesthetic, Shafar’s sculpture showcases the eternal symbiosis of art and religion. Shafar said: “The five daily prayers are among the most important obligations of Islamic faith. Today’s busy world poses challenges to a worship performed in times determined according to the sun. Prayer times are defined as near dawn, just after midday, in the afternoon, just after sunset and around nightfall, so the exact time changes throughout the season. Software-based azan clocks keep track of it for travellers and worshippers inside buildings where the call to prayer may not

be heard. This led to the idea of programming a sculpture that would silently remind worshippers of prayer times using lighting effects and motion.” The installation took inspiration from the crown of Islamic architecture - the mosque. It features stylised domes of five iconic mosques in five countries (UAE, Russia, Malaysia, Germany, and Denmark). The shapes of their domes were transformed into silhouettes of the chandelier’s crystal components. Each dome is resized in several dimensions while all components are mounted upside-down for functionality and composition. Maxim Velčovský, art director at Lasvit, said: “It was our pleasure to work with someone as creative and dedicated as Shafar, and see the philosophical depth of his concept. Although he’s notably versatile as a designer, his background is in furniture design and he primarily works with wood. This was his first major venture into glass design.”

UAE-based architect Ana D’Castro has exclusively designed The Italian Way Product Design Award trophy for the inaugural year

The project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2018

Abanos secures new interior fit-out contract worth AED11mn Dubai-based interior fit-out and joinery company, Abanos, recently won a AED11mn worth of contract for the Art Centre Mall project located on Umm Sequim road, Dubai. The project will feature contemporary organic ceiling and custom-made aluminium Mashrabiya. The project’s built up area is 47,381sqm (approx.) and consists of hand-selected premium materials including flooring imported from Spain. Kamal Farah, director, Abanos, commented: “Everyone at Abanos is thrilled to win this contract. This is a milestone in our company’s journey and is the result of very hard work Kamal Farah from every single member of the Abanos team.” Farah added: “We have developed a name for successfully completing a large number of modern projects, specialising in tailor-made solutions, utilising stateof-the-art production facilities. I believe the Art Centre Mall is a great example of our reputation, capabilities, and track-record in this region.” The client for the project is MMS Global, working with main contractor Airolink and consultant Lacasa.

Downtown Design launches The Italian Way Product Design Award Downtown Design which will take place at Dubai Design District (d3) from November 14-17, 2017, is doing something new this season. They are launching The Italian Way Product Design Award, which will bring together regional and European cultures renowned for their hospitality and dedication to dining. This award is a new platform for established and budding product designers in the UAE to showcase their creativity by developing a functional object for the table. Entrants to the competition were tasked to design an object that would work for the dining requirements of a typical regional home, inspired by Italian traditions of craft and effortless style. The winning designer will work with an Italian manufacturer to produce a prototype for commercial use and future production. The designs will be judged by a panel of experts including Michael Rice, designer and artist specialising in ceramics and glass; Andrea Sensoli, from Super Future Design; as well as Rue Kothari, fair director for Downtown Design; and Giulia Fiumi, marketing manager of Peroni and The Italian Way. The five shortlisted designs from The Italian Way Product Design Award will be on display inside The Lighthouse pop-up at d3 waterfront during the Downtown design event and the winner will be announced at a private event on November 15, 2017.

November 2017



Art for all! Every budding artist deserves a chance to prove its worth, and EMERGEAST is exactly doing that! It’s interesting to see artists unfolding so many aspects of life with colours and their vision. All they need is a platform to display their art and talent. EMERGEAST is one such online gallery, which gives the emerging artists across the region a chance to showcase their artwork. Launched in May 2014 as the first online art gallery dedicated to emerging Middle Eastern artists and young collectors, EMERGEAST has come a long way. Nikki Meftah, one of the cofounders at EMERGEAST, explained why there was a need to have an online art portal. She said: “Having both worked in the arts coupled with a passion for art collecting, my friends would ask my advice on where to purchase affordable artwork by Middle Eastern artists. My friend and the other co-founder, Dima Abdul Kader, noticed a gap in the market, as there was no portal that made art from the Middle East region accessible.”

10 |

November 2017

This online portal reaches out to a wide international audience who are not necessarily aware of the region’s up and coming talent. It’s not easy to sell an art, and Meftah firmly believes that a lot of hard work goes into the process. “The challenge has been the region’s low confidence in online buying. With only 30% of the population currently buying online, we aim to break down these barriers and create a globalised platform raising awareness on the region’s hidden talents,” tells Meftah. EMERGEAST is soon going to have its fourth auction on November 6, 2017, at The RitzCarlton, DIFC in Dubai. The auction is put in place for young collectors to experience another way of art buying, which will give them a chance to take part in an exhilarating auction and experience the thrill of bidding. It’s also a way of educating people who’re unfamiliar with the auction process. The fourth edition of the auction offers a variety of paintings, photography, and

Nikki Meftah

sculptures without the hefty price tag. Highlights include artworks by Egyptian artist Hossam Dirar, Iranian artist Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar, and Lebanese artist Selim Attieh. Meftah further added: "We have had three auctions to date in Dubai. Our auctions have had a travelling theme where our venues to date reflect our ethos and our target audience. We like to encourage our visitors to attend our opening receptions to browse and get to know the artworks and to feel comfortable asking us anything before they lift their paddles! Our EMERGEAST auctions are an initiative that is very aligned with our mission of ‘art is for all.”


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Leading with

landscapes! Landscape experts are bringing a slice of nature into urban spaces. Roma Arora explores the trends, feasibility, and sustainability of landscape architecture in the region

12 |

November 2017


irst impressions are the most lasting! land in a country and start forming impressions based on the landscape. You go to a gated community and again what strikes one is the presence or absence of landscaping. This is a universal rule that equally applies when it comes to commercial properties as well, as it does to anything else. The outside appearance of a property can carry over into the entire experience at the property. The outdoor spaces or “public realm� is the canvas that a development is built on. Here are the expert views on how an interesting landscape can boost the curb appeal of a property.

Breathtaking view of Jumeirah Golf Estates, landscape by Desert Group

November 2017

| 13


Michael Mascarenhas, Desert Group

Why is landscaping important? No matter how well designed a building is, how well designed the interiors are, if the landscape is run down and in need of improvement, there is something that feels incomplete. Clearly, a good landscape adds tremendous value to making a good development. Michael Mascarenhas, CEO of Desert Group, sums the benefits of landscaping, “Studies have shown that the environment in which employees work directly affects their productivity levels. Well designed landscape spaces can often be an important factor for the guests visiting, and the employees working in, that particular commercial space. A well maintained landscape also increases property values. A general rule of thumb, in a mature real estate market, is that landscaping yields, on an average, a 109% return on every dirham spent. People like to know that the property they rent is consistently improving in both perceived and actual value.” Henry Duck, senior associate from The Vero Studio firmly believes that landscape areas provide spaces where people can unwind, relax, socialise, or exercise. The Vero studio is a landscape architecture firm who’re working on various interesting landscape projects like residential project Serenia The Palm, mixed-use project Paramount Towers in Dubai, and Masdar N1 residential units in Abu Dhabi. Duck futher stresses, “Commercial projects tend to be of a significant scale and often form a key part of the fabric of our cities and urban centres. Landscape is fundamental in softening urban zones and studies have shown that ‘green spaces’ have psychological benefits and directly contribute to a person’s general well being as a whole.”

14 |

November 2017

Feasibility of landscaping in the region Plants need both sunlight and water and we have an abundance of the former. Most of the landscaping in the region has been focused on creating patches of green to give people respite from the harshness of the sun and sand. Phil Dunn, design and planning manager at Diamond Developers feels, “Gardens have

Phil Dunn, Diamond Developers

become personal oases to retreat into for a rest from the harsher climate of this region. The choice of plants here is very extensive, and many species do well here given a lot of water. But if we are to consider fresh water as the scarcest resource in this region, then

we would also be right to look at choosing plants that use little amounts of water. Type of drought tolerant gardening is sometimes called xeriscaping. This is a much more sustainable choice for landscaping in this region.”

Landscape challenges pertaining to this region

Beautiful landscape at One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai

Farming beds for the Sustainable City by Diamond Developers. The residents can grow their own vegetables here.

The main challenge is to create livable and usable landscapes in an extreme climate. “The heat of the summer and natural lack of fresh water combined with the salty tendencies and low organic contents of the regional soils make for significant challenges for landscaping here. These challenges can be overcome with some attention to detail in choosing the right plant for the right place and building up a healthy soil ecosystem with additives like compost, zeolite, cover mulches etc.,” adds Dunn. Boris Fabinski, principal landscape architect at SSH shares his set of challenges, “The biggest challenge is still the timely involvement of landscape architects with the design process. Landscape architects should be involved from the beginning in every project to ensure that site-wide considerations are factored into all design discussions.” Things are slowing changing and it’s good to notice that developers are now constantly trying to push the boundaries with projects and are beginning to truly appreciate the value landscape can offer to their developments. Projects such as City Walk, The Beach, and La Mer show how prominent landscape has become.

November 2017

| 15


The key feature of the landscape done by The Vero Studio for Rixos Premium is a large pool with integrated day bed zones and an expansive infinity edge with stunning views of the sea

Most popular landscaping trends Just like any other field, there are some interesting trends that are taking the centrestage in landscaping as well. Dunn clearly feels that landscapes should serve useful purposes than just looking all good. He shares, “The big shift we see is in the revolution of urban farming and people taking more interest in where their food comes from and the quality under which it has been grown. Landscapes should not just be planted to look beautiful. They should also serve multiple functions like creating habitat, creating

16 |

November 2017

Henry Duck, The Vero Studio

microclimates, fixing nitrogen into the soil, cleaning the air, and producing food. All these ideas are old ideas for gardening that perhaps were lost along the way but are coming back now in response to the pressures we see on our societies and environment.”

Fabinski adds, "The focus is on trends that are simple, timeless, and multi-functional. Other important aspects are walkability and universal access being applied in landscape designs The importance of these is that it gives each project a distinct identity that will not be perceived as a fashionable design or needs to be replaced in five years’ time."

Sustainability in the region Duck feels that people are slowly but steadily understanding the concept of sustainability

SSH is working for Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait

Boris Fabinski, SSH

The focus is on trends that are simple, timeless, and multifunctional. Other important aspects are walkability and universal access being applied in landscape designs. Boris Fabinski, SSH

in the region. “I think it is fair to say that sustainability wasn’t taken seriously in the region a few years ago but it is now an idea, which is gathering real momentum and is having a significant affect on landscape projects.” He further affirms that clients are asking for more than green ratings. “The current trend is that clients are no longer satisfied with purely ticking the boxes with local codes such as Estidama or the Dubai Green Building Regulations and are now intent on integrating sustainable solutions within the overall project concept.” Who knew, trees planted in the right location can help reduce energy bills. Trees that shade East-facing walls and windows in the morning and

West-facing walls and windows in the afternoon, particularly during the months of June, July, August, and September can help reduce thermal absorption by the building. But the question is how can one promote sustainability? “Sustainability is talked about with increasing frequency now at the planning stages of most projects. The issue seems now to be one of education and awareness. We need to educate the decision makers about the benefits of the use of more sustainable planting schemes containing perhaps a mix of both native and arid adapted plants," suggests Mascarenhas. “The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle for the time being, with trees being selected from the native stock, the best of the native shrubs being used in combination with introduced arid land adaptives and the grassed lawn areas being kept to a minimum size where possible. ” Clearly, one such great project, which is a game changer in the region, is The Sustainable City by Diamond Developers; the project incorporates social, economic, and environmental sustainability as a whole. There are combinations of drought tolerant plants, and then plants that produce food, and plantings that will help

reduce the heat island effect and create cooler microclimate within the community.

Is Dubai landscape ready for EXPO 2020? Dubai is working hard in the run up to the Expo 2020 and there’s a huge interest in native plant species for use in the event. The sustainability movement that is on rise in the region stresses on the importance of the use of plants that have adapted to life in a desert environment. The idea is to showcase the transformation of these plants from simply surviving in the desert to thriving in a landscaped setting. Dunn says with pride, “There is a cultural shift here in the Emirates looking not only as visionaries accelerating the region into the future, but to also look back to the wisdom of the grandfathers and we see a growing interest in native plants and their cultural and landscape value. Dubai never disappoints to put on a world class event and Expo 2020 will surely be a great showcase of these newest trends in Dubai landscapes.”

November 2017

| 17


e h t l al

g y n i a d i u w G ed them r o f ulti tion aviga ful and m EO, n d an ht ,C ation s an insig me Erens m r o f in ire rae ning , requ ays G Desig onments proach, s Loci us envir linary ap Geni p i c dis

18 |

November 2017


ith the exponential growth of themed destinations in the region, the development of wayfinding principles and designing signage is on rise. The style that blends in seamlessly with the environment is now being recognised in the initial destination narrative as a part of the origin design team and project visioning. In the UAE alone, it is estimated that amusement parks and retail destinations in the pipeline will attract 18mn visitors. Add to that figure mega destinations that will become active in the near future including Bluewaters Island, Al Seef, and Six Flags Dubai and we would have multiple beautiful complex environments, which need to meet guest and financial expectations. Our designers are tasked with guiding millions of first time visitors through an unknown environment via systems of storytelling, function, and human behaviour in an engaging and believable way. A themed destination expects the signage to enhance the visitors' understanding and experience of the space. A considerable amount of the value of a sign lies in its effective design and it is well documented that a poorly designed sign can inadvertently turn potential customers away from a destination rather than attract them to it, or at the very least untangle the fragile design fabric of a well themed space. Each and every design element must capture the brand essence and interpret the story of a place and so collectively form a convincing environment. In themed environments, abstract stories are woven into the visual product, creating a sense of place and driving memories that users retain and remember. Environmental graphic design melds cohesively with architecture, interior design, civic planning, and landscape design; while innovative design comes into play in all wellconsidered environments. Value is seen when the brief requires the appropriate interpretation and application of heritage, modern and natural influencers for an environment as determined by the destination’s story. Theme parks are often divided into several major ‘districts’ which requires a hierarchy of signs to lead guests toward a specific district, and once there, toward a distinct destination. A key component of entertainment in themed environments is that the story element is infused into the physical space a guest walks or rides through. Within the physical space, the signage must convey the story the designers are trying to tell. When this is combined with connecting

and navigating large numbers of people around a themed environment, it requires great design and innovation to incorporate visual, legible and tangible dimensions to be both functional and aesthetically relevant. A vital component of this design exercise is the appreciation of material limitations and diversity, ensuring that fabricated items ultimately deliver the design intent, maintains the believability of the design and provides longevity in challenging weather conditions.

A themed destination expects the signage to enhance the visitors understanding and experience of the space. Multi-dimensional design is what makes signage a unique discipline in the design industry. For example, typography is not only critical to

Graeme Erens

the theme of the environment, it is expected that the eye of the navigator will acknowledge the information within the first three seconds of spotting a sign whether applying old fonts to heritage and time sensitive areas or modern eclectic fonts to contemporary environments, the signage ultimately needs to be convincing, wellmade and functional. Environmental graphics and signage enhance the sense of place of an environment and act as the golden thread of information management and theming, adding experiential value to a space, while providing critical information at timely intervals and honouring the need to act as vital guidance in times of stress and emergency.

By Graeme Erens, CEO and executive creative director of Genius Loci Branding, Genius Loci Signage, & Wayfinding

November 2017

| 19


Safety first & foremost Fire safety of buildings in the region is an alarming concern that needs to be addressed immediately. Design Middle East invited the experts for a roundtable discussion exploring the reasons, precautions, and fire safety standards in the region

22 |

November 2017

Our esteemed panel

Ralf Steinhauer

MENA director, RSP RSP is an architect, planners, and engineers company

Garald Todd

director of specialist services, Middle East, WSP WSP are engineering consultants

Afschin Soleimani

director specialisms, Ramboll Ramboll is an engineering and design consultancy company

Aaron Mc Daid

principal, Design Confidence Design Confidence provides building regulatory and engineering services

November 2017

| 23


Reason for fire incidents Ralf: The rules and regulations are not the issue or cause of fire incidents. Human error is responsible for these. The authorities are working very hard to ensure that the standards and codes are applied in all projects in the UAE. At the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the consultants and the contractors to ensure that all regulations are met. Garald: The issue isn’t a building or fire code issue, the weak link is generally around awareness and education of everyone involved in a buildings' life cycle. There is a phrase that’s used a lot in the Middle East that I’ve heard over the decade that I’ve been here – “We’ve always done it this way.” This illogical notion that the way things have been done happens to be the correct way forever doesn’t track against the progress in the industry. Buildings are getting more and more complex,

24 |

November 2017

materials are ever changing and improving, and methodologies and technologies within these buildings are ever advancing. So, obviously, the fire strategies and safety systems must also be challenged to be correct to today’s standards and requirements. Afschin: One must allow more time for a design to develop and mature. Despite the considerable size of some of the UAE projects, the design programs are quite condensed and often a fraction of the design time provided in other advanced nations. There are certainly short-term financial benefits for limiting the design time to a minimum. But it will also cut short the time for engineers, architects, and developers to the research and conduct more detailed studies that are often needed for such large-scale projects. Aaron: Fire can happen anywhere at any time; therefore fire safety design is such a relevant

issue, both in the Middle East and worldwide. It is never possible to fully mitigate against the phenomena of fire. However, during the design stages, a strong mitigation is always to engage a fire safety consultant who is well versed with both local and international fire codes and standards.

Preventing fires in buildings Ralf: RSP works on every architectural project from concept, sometimes even feasibility stage, through to construction documentation with a qualified FLS engineer. We ensure our proposed designs meet all prescriptive requirements of locally applicable guidance documentation, from occupancy loads, travelling distances, fire compartmentation and automatic fire suppression coverage. In addition, in order to ensure the viability of our proposed strategies, for instance evacuation, fire suppression, fire

compartmentation, or fire brigade access strategy, we take particular attention to the design of doors, walls, façades, etc., of our proposed design. Garald: Well, I think we need to understand and accept the reality of the simple fact – fires happen. Its just reality. Now, with that said, we’ve also got the problem solved! We know how to design, engineer, build, and operate buildings, which minimise the impact and likelihood of fires! So where is that going wrong? People. We’re agents of chaos. As diverse as the region is, awareness and education on fire safety is as equally diverse. We have owners, tenants, employees, general public, engineers, architects, contractors, etc. from all over the world. This poses many challenges to ensure a consistent and educated approach to fire safety in all aspects of a building’s life, from cradle to grave. Afschin: Fire engineers should work closely with the architects at the design stage to address any potential non-compliances or unsafe conditions that could lead to rapid fire spread inside a building or on the exterior of the building. Aaron: Fire safety design is of utmost important. Early fire and life safety input is key in building design; as a general rule of thumb architectural compliance with the building codes should generally be achieved at the concept design stage of a project. This results in improved overall efficiency and reduced abortive work downstream for all other disciplines within the design team.

Early fire and life safety input is key in building design; as a general rule of thumb architectural compliance with the building codes should generally be achieved at the concept design stage of a project. Aaron Mc Daid, Design Confidence

Fire safety standards, rules and, regulations Ralf: Third-party inspections are introduced now by Civil Defense and fines will be imposed if code compliancy is not met. In order to limit incidents associated with the interpretation of locally applicable rules and regulations, RSP ensures projects are always attended by registered engineering firms, with a track record of successful submission to local authorities, such as House of Expertise in the UAE. Garald: One must value in specialised expertise in all stages of a buildings life cycle. Concept design through to construction, to commissioning to ongoing and regular assessment throughout the full building life cycles to ensure the original fire safety strategy is being maintained and the integrity of the buildings performance in a fire is maintained.

November 2017

| 25


Afschin: The recently published 2017 UAE Fire and Life Code of Practice is a major improvement from the previous 2011 UAE code. It includes more details and diagrams and covers a much wider range of topics. It eliminates previous ambiguities, which resulted in many conflicts between design team members as well as fire authorities and project members. The façade section of the code is much more comprehensive than before. Furthermore, it addresses the use of non-combustible aluminium composite panels (ACP) panels, which were partly to blame for the rapid spread of flames during recent Dubai fires. Aaron: In the Middle East, building codes are largely influenced by American code and standards such as International Building Code (IBC) and National Fire Protection Association. Put simply, a “Code” specifies where a type system is required, where a “Standard” sets out how to design that system. For example, NFPA 5000 building Code Specifies Sprinklers in a high-rise building. The sprinkler system must be designed to NFPA 13 Standard for sprinkler design. With a focus on Dubai, the primary building 'code' is the UAE fire code. This building code is the primary basis for the design of all buildings. For smoke control systems, the UAE Fire Code requires systems to be designed standards such as NFPA 9.

26 |

November 2017

The recently published 2017 UAE Fire and Life Code of Practice is a major improvement from the previous 2011 UAE code. Afschin Soleimani, Ramboll Use of technology Ralf: Technology plays a very important role in fire prevention and fire response in any building. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has allowed us to identify potential shortcomings in some designs and the ability for systems installed within a building to work in symbiosis. From a more practical viewpoint, technology has enabled us to optimise fire brigade provisions to ensure better emergency personnel management during fire fighting activities. Garald: Technology can play a big role in this area. Notification of the authorities when an incident happens is key to first responders arriving on scene as early as possible, which we’ve seen great steps towards in the region, and the technology around detection, notification, and suppression continues to improve in modern buildings. But this isn’t a primarily technology focussed issue, and cannot fully be solved by technology. We cannot simply throw “stuff” at this issue in

absence of good design, implementation, and maintenance of a holistic fire and life safety strategy for our buildings. Afschin: The technology and systems used in the UAE buildings are at the cutting edge of fire and life safety. However, part of the solution for reducing the number and impact of fires, has to be the endorsement of a culture of rigorous inspections, testing, and maintenance of all safety systems in place. Furthermore, false alarms have to be reduced to prevent occupants from ignoring fire alarm signals in case of real fires. It is less likely that occupants will evacuate the upper levels of a tower, if they think it may be 'another false alarm'. Aaron: With a focus on very tall buildings, the introduction of lift evacuation concepts into fire codes show a clear direction to innovate from approval bodies and regulators. However, it is important to strike a good balance between innovation and tried and tested principles of fire safety.

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There’s nothing more beautiful than classy interiors blending seamlessly with effortless style

28 |

November 2017


November 2017

| 29


Shwan Alhashimi


he eyes best understand the language of designs and interiors. Palm 66, Dubai, is one such project, a visual treat for every design enthusiast. The renovation of this project highlights brilliant amalgamation between contemporary and traditional Middle East designs. Neutral tones, subdued furniture, modern lighting arrangement, and ample sunlight are the key foundations here. Design Middle East takes a tour of this villa with Shwan Alhashimi, managing director from Archiplexus, the Dubai-based architecture and design company who worked on this beautiful property.

30 |

November 2017

Master bedroom is designed with soft materials and neutral tones. The windows serve as a nice architectural accent; they bring natural light into the room

November 2017

| 31


Outdoor area is made in a functional manner. The pool area is increased in size by four times with an infinity edge overlooking the sea

Master bathroom was enlarged to accommodate a rain shower, sauna, and Jacuzzi tub

Mashrabiya brings an old world Arab charm in this contemporary setting

32 |

November 2017

9 - 11 April 2018 DWTC, UAE

Achieving Sustainability through Innovation: Showcasing the Cities of the Future


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Sessions & Panel Discussions

Smart Cities Report

Launch Revolutionary Products

Sustainability Tour

MoU Signing Stand

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Witness the latest and most innovative technologies that will change the future

The Future Cities Show is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations and the Dubai 10X initiatives, which were set by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. A three-day event where you will network, ďŹ nd investors and share knowledge for a smart sustainable future that will gather the following: Environmentalists Sustainability leaders Livability experts Solution providers Healthcare practitioners Security vendors Energy consultants Communication Technology

Smart City Mayors Green Builders Urban developers Architectures Investors Mobility Innovators Big data Specialists Students

BOOK YOUR SPACE Future Cities Show 2018


+971 4 39 23232


34 |

November 2017

Furniture that changes like


John McLennan, CEO, Indigo Living talks about the latest collection, the Middle East design market, and his future projects How different is the design market in the Middle East from the West? Dubai is a world class city and people are experimenting a lot in terms of designs and interiors. People have become very sophisticated and it’s been an interesting journey for us to learn what people in UAE want. One, they want the best, and they are much more international in terms of look with a dash of localness here and there. So, this amalgamation is very interesting –modern designs with a local flair.

How has 2016 been for you? We’re continuing to grow every year and 2016 was great for us. We enjoy doing all the launches in this region because of the glamour quotient attached to Dubai. It’s quite rare that one finds a furniture brand bringing out collections according to the seasons. We are the only brand who launch furniture according to change in the season. We’re little bit like fashion in that respect.

Share some details about Indigo Living’s latest collection. The latest collection comprises Milan, Natural Calm, Rosy Posy, and Pasadena. The whole collection is inspired by my travelling experiences, and nature. Milan collection is sleek, full of velvets, and very masculine, I took inspiration from the city of Milan. On the other hand, Pasadena is light and relaxed with Californian vibes. Natural Calm is more like Scandinavian style with nordic look and feel, based on clean lines, Rosy Posy is more like East Coast New York style-furniture – classic yet contemporary.

How sustainable is Indigo Living as a brand? John McLennan

We’re not champions at it right now but

sustainability is definitely core part of our brand. We’re very careful about where the factory gets the wood from and the kind of paints we use. We make sure that we use environmentally sound things. We manufacture a number of products in China and it’s been quite impressive to see how government in China is focussing on environment. They're pushing the paint, wood, furniture, and textile factories to try and become more sustainable and we’re totally behind that.

What is the USP of Indigo Living? We work like a family, we all enjoy going to work. Our tagline-'live beautifully' means living beautifully within your environment, within the company, within your family, and within your community as well. That’s a great USP for our brand. People working for us need to be hard working and they should love their job and think out of the box. Many interior designers who used to work with us have opened their own design companies, so people graduate to all different levels and it feels great to see them doing well in life.

What are the exciting projects you’re working on? We’re doing a lot of work with the Langham Hotels in Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, and in London, which has been our focus for the last couple of years. We’re back working with Emirates and providing all the furniture for the crew quarters in Emirates. We have a number of service apartments opening up, which we have designed with the developers in China, so there are all sorts of things going on. We also look forward to the Dubai Expo 2020 with all the new construction going on; so we are hoping to work on some hotel projects here.

November 2017

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floors! Transform your floor into a beautiful surface of art and design with these amazing ideas

36 |

November 2017


looring is probably the soul of any given property and easily one of the most important focal points of design. There are so many ways to jazz up your flooring – one can easily choose between marble, vinyl, linoleum, concrete, mosaic, and wooden floors depending on the budget, style, and architecture of the building. Design Middle East brings to you some of the most brilliant ways to deck up your floors.

How can something look so beautiful? Kährs Oak Linen is one-strip oak wood floor from Kährs' Artisan Collection that has a contemporary look, combined with an old-fashioned charm. It is a very dynamic floor with naturally occurring knots, cracks and a hand scraped surface. Its whitewashed stain and light smoking treatment creates an overall lively and slightly white-blue tone. Suitability: Villas, apartments, restaurants, and hotels Price: AED605 per sqm (including supply and installation) Availability: Nordic Homeworx - 1203, Sidra Tower, Al Sufouh Gardens

November 2017

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Classy and contemporary


Stripes are beautiful One can never go wrong with this black and white combination of herringbone pattern by the manufacturer Monpar. This oak engineered wood flooring looks amazing at the Carnival Restaurant by Tresind, in DIFC, Dubai. Suitability: Residential and commercial places, including high-traffic areas Price: AED866 per sqm Availability: Woodfloors, Al Quoz Area 3, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Bring on some colours If you want to jazz up your living spaces, put these gorgeous tiles by Bolon and see the magic. This style is called the Bolon Studio Triangles and are made with woven vinyl. Suitability: Residential and commercial places including restaurants, cafĂŠ, and offices Price: Starting from AED290 per sqm Availability: UBM, Aspect Tower 2202, Burj Khalifa District, Business Bay

38 |

November 2017

Simple is beautiful When you want to make the room appear bigger, light natural colours are best suited for the floor. Decorum flooring collection from the brand Swiss Hardwoods present timeless styles – sawn from a single plank of European oak. These tiles are treated with rubio monocoat oil to make the top surface both waterproof and fire-resistant, yet retaining it's natural graining and unmistakable real wood surface texture. They’re finished in 24 modern and exciting colours, ranging from off white and creams, natural and enhanced oaks all the way through to exotic darker colours. Suitability: Apartments, offices, and restaurants Price: AED245 per sqm Availability: Across all Floorworld showrooms in the UAE

November 2017

| 39


Fun and fashionable This style is for those who love to experiment and to whom style matters in a big way. These patterns, called-Mix and Match by the manufacturer Ornamenta, is made to delight your design senses. The tiles are handcrafted in four colour palettes, filtering into 20 colours of extruded gres porcelain. The waxy concrete effect creates variations in colour, tone and size, creating intrinsic qualities that should be valued. The soft touch surface combine aesthetic beauty and superior technical quality. Suitability: Villas, apartments, restaurants, and hotels, and covered terraces Price: AED639 per sqm Availability: Kens & Company, Churchill Executive Tower, Office 410, Business Bay

Eyes on you Decorative flooring is an accessible and effective way to create an authentic look. Forbo Marmoleum flooring offers more than 300 colours to choose from, colourful marbles to subtle concretes. With Marmoleum flooring, one can make the most refined floor designs. The very precise aqua jet cutting technique offers a sophisticated detailing in designs, perfect to create any identity on your floor a logo, a text, a piece of art, or even a portrait. Suitability: Schools and hospitals Price: AED120 per sqm Availability: Forbo Flooring Middle East, Unit n°1439, DMCC Business Center, level 1, Jewellery and Gemplex 3

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November 2017


t: +971 4 552 0308 e: w: s: @carpetscc Cecilia Setterdahl FZ LLC | Building 6, Entrance A, Suite 106, Dubai Design District (d3), PO Box 333257, Dubai, UAE

Photo by Denise Landerberg




uir ky and

uaint! With a laidback relaxed setting overlooking the sea, Freej Bin Rashdan in Bahrain is an absolutely charming restaurant serving traditional local food Words: Paromita Dey Photography: Sayed Baqer Alkamel

42 |

November 2017


f you happen to be in Bahrain or travelling anytime soon, then there’s a hidden gem that needs to be visited. Located in Dohat Arad garden in Muharraq, the old capital of Bahrain, and overseeing the natural sights of the sea, Freej Bin Rashdan is a delightful place. The restuarant serves unique and authentic Bahraini traditional cuisine, and some lip smacking desserts. The focus is to provide the visitors a traditional atmosphere based on the rich heritage and culture of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The design of this humble restaurant is

influenced by the architectural nature and lifestyle of the 1940’s to the 1950’s era of Bahrain and the associated culture of that time. The owner and the designer of the restaurant, Thani Ateeq Rashdan, says, “We teamed up with a number of interior designers, who have experience in the authentic traditional Bahraini architecture, and skilled craftsmen, who were able to accurately recreate both the interior and exterior of this restaurant in the same way, and methods that were used in the past by our forefathers and in my own old family homes.”

November 2017

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Thani Ateeq Rashdan

The restaurant is painted in turquoise blue and decked up with unbelievably adorable décor pieces. Rashdan enjoys collecting antiques and with the help of his friends, he sourced various décor items across the Arabian Gulf countries. Everything is perfectly placed – from glass lantern lights, gramophone, transistor, to the bejewelled trunk, and old-style sewing machine – all used as antique decorations across the restaurant.

Food glorious food Heaven for food lovers, the most popular dishes are harees, emmawash rubyan (prawns), chicken machboos, mathrooba, margoog, and hammour. One cannot miss out on the favourite part of the meal – the desserts include rangeena (dates mixed with flour), and sago.

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November 2017


Optimise your office space


ach day, the average person with an office job spends seven to 10 hours at work. Many of the designers overlook the basics when optimising an office space. We tend to get excited and find ourselves rushing to get inspirations on social media platforms, but if you stick to some basic principles, you can easily create a fully functional, and sustainable office space that is also aesthetically pleasing. Adriano Davidoni, general manager of Design Spaces, Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, tells us how:


Create flexible office layouts

Use furniture pieces and components that can be mixed, stacked, and moved around easily. This will help in rearranging the office depending on the task required. Also, don’t forget to create an archive room, this is necessary to include in the organisational chart.


Let more light in

Consider having light coming to all office areas even where there are no visible

windows available. Smart glass partitions for meeting rooms are an option to help let the light in while keeping the privacy for each office.


Use soundproof materials

Working in open workspaces can be overwhelming when too much noise occurs. Using acoustic sound panels between desks, on the ceiling, and replacing hardwood with carpet for the flooring can help reduce the noise for employees, helping them to concentrate better on the task at hand.


Traffic flow

The key to a successful office design is in knowing the organisational chart of the company. This will help you decide the size and amount of space the end user needs. Draft a diagram to guide you on the relationship between each department to encourage a smoother traffic flow.



The designer should educate the endusers on how to maximise the office space design and fit-out, in order for it to function

Adriano Davidoni

sustainably for the long run. Encourage the use of latest technology in terms of IT, office automation, light fixtures, and appliances that are energy efficient.

November 2017

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Power of

privilege! 46 |

November 2017

Inner Square is a privilege card for select designers and architects


arina Home, the leading interior store across the GCC launched the first members only designer’s privilege programme called Inner Square. For the leading handpicked interior designers and architects, this card is loaded with bundle of surprises and discount offers. The programme entitles its members to earn 10% commission on all full-priced merchandise instore. An early access to sales and promotions is another major highlight of this programme. The cardholders can also avail 5% commission during the sale and promotions period. Moreover, members are also entitled to receive complimentary express deliveries during sale and non-sale periods. The card rewards the creativity, passion, and loyalty of the designers and architects. The more one purchases, the more one would benefit from its reward system. Marina Home will update its Inner Square members through regular newsletters about the previews to upcoming collections, also providing access to the very latest furniture, soft furnishing, rugs, lighting, dÊcor, and more. Are you all excited to be a privilege member? Share your queries at

November 2017

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Highlights from


Middle East

48 |

November 2017

Technology, smart solutions, and awards for the deserving lighting projects, Light Middle East surpassed all the expectations this year


t was all about great lighting solutions at the recently concluded Light Middle East (October 17-19, 2017) event at Dubai World Trade Centre. A glittering awards ceremony capped off a successful three-day exhibition at the Middle East’s premier lighting design and technology exhibition. The 12th edition of Light Middle East saw nearly 5,755 visitors from 84 countries. Showcasing their latest products and solutions were 345 exhibitors from 30 countries, with the world’s leading manufacturers and regional distributors mixing it up with their latest innovations, from smart home lighting and controls to LED street lights that integrate wi-fi, electric car charging stations, CCTV, loudspeakers, and motion detection sensors. At the event, the fifth Light Middle East Awards also took place, where 700 industry professionals gathered at a gala dinner to celebrate the best in architectural lighting and design, as a shortlist of 40 projects and 29 products contested for the ultimate accolade across nine project and six product categories.

The shortlist was drawn from more than 250 entries, with the most popular category being the International Lighting Project of the year, where entries from France, USA, UK, Germany, and Italy made the cut. Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa University, The National Museum of Oman, and Lightscapes at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 were among 15 winners at the awards function. Khalifa University was the only shortlisted project to be nominated for more than one category this year, with the UAE’s top ranked university eventually winning the Exterior Lighting Project of the year. An award also went to Team One from HeriotWatt University in Dubai for their lighting project at Light.ication, a popular student competition at Light Middle East in collaboration with design studio Light Func. The initiative was aimed at nurturing the talent of future designers, where university teams, with the guidance of design studio professionals and equipment from Light Middle East exhibitors, conceptualised and displayed their own inspirational lighting installations during the show.

November 2017

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comes to Dubai!

Italian furniture store, Driade, is launching its first design showroom in the region during the Dubai Design Week in November 2017. Design Middle East presents an exclusive interview with the creative minds behind this big launch


esign industry is going through a fabulous phase of creativity, collaborations, and international launches in the region. The breaking news is that Driade is opening its first showroom at Dubai design District (d3) during Dubai Design Week (November 13-18, 2017). Milan-based architect, Roberto Palomba, partnered with Elio Gebrayel from Dufit Interiors to deliver and build up his creative view for the Driade showroom in

50 |

November 2017

Dubai. Le Cercle Middle East is the retailer for Driade in the Middle East. Architect Roberto Palomba discusses his maiden project in the region

What were your design goals for the Driade showroom? My design goals were to bring Driade’s world in the region. I believe that Driade is a brand that could

speak the region’s language very well. It’s a brand rich in luxury, design innovation, full of inspiration, and speak a language of creative with a lot of harmony. My aim was to bring here a brand that can tell many different stories to an audience so diverse like Dubai.

Is this your first project in the region? Yes, this is my first project in the region. We received full support both from Dufit Interiors and

Le Cercle team on the ground in Dubai to achieve a successful delivery of the first signature project of this kind in Dubai.

What is the design high point of this showroom? We wanted to create a very simple scenography, which might be changed with a few refinements. A very neutral space decorated only by curtains, back hall, and mirrors. I really like the Arabian idea of the tent and the mirror because they create an illusion like a mirage on the desert.

How different is designing and conceptualising here as compared to the places in the West? I do not see a substantial difference between a good project and a great project, wherever it is produced. Every region has its own peculiarities and a great individuality that brings the unique point of concept to life.

How different is designing a furniture from designing a building? It's a matter of quality; I try to build a process that leads to a high quality. The process is still the same; it depends also from my mood of the moment. I

like to explore new projects with the same fun of a child that jumps on a bed.

What is the best piece of architecture in this region and why? I must say that I am really attracted by the architecture in this region, being my first project here, I am still analysing the architectural pieces; its very difficult to pick a favourite. I want to discover even more to have a clear idea of what attracts me more!

How do you best define your designs?

Roberto Palomba

I like to surprise, but never shock. My design looks like me, friendly, polite, never excessive, and cozy but also full of curiosities and inspirations from my travels.

What are your future plans in the region? At the moment, I am very excited for the Design Week and the surprise we are preparing. We have not yet confirmed another project in the region at the moment but I am looking forward to exploring opportunities and I am always looking to be more active in the Middle East.

Sissi chair

November 2017

| 51


Elio Gebrayel, managing director, Dufit Interiors talks about this recent collaboration

How was it working with Le Cercle and Roberto Palomba for Driade showroom? I would like to thank Dany Hitti, founder of Le Cercle Middle East and his son Sandro for the opportunity given to us to deliver such an amazing showroom, and the chance to work with Roberto directly was inspiring. Roberto’s studio was quick to respond to our site team, who was working day and night non-stop to deliver the project on time. We are currently preparing with Roberto a special artistic exhibition to be held during Dubai Design Week in the showroom. Some items are manufactured locally and some are shipped from Italy for the event.

Was it a challenging project? Roberto is one of the brilliant designers in the world and had a very clear vision for this project. The design of the showroom is elegant and simple but at the same time very challenging to convey the creative mood intended by Roberto for this showroom. We had to try different material and mockups on site to choose the ideal elements that give our visitors the feeling that Roberto wants to extract from your journey in the showroom.

52 |

November 2017

What was the design brief for this project? Roberto wanted a very neutral space decorated with curtains and mirrors, making it a theatrical set-up that can change with very few refinements. He wanted to create illusions like a desert mirage adequate for a Driade showroom in Dubai. Roberto wanted to create a matrix of different experiences to take the visitors to a whole new dimension.

Elio Gebrayel

What is the design highlight of this showroom? Driade brings different designs and tastes in harmony. Each piece has its unique identity and exchanges chemistry with its audience. However the highlight of the opening shall be the Sissy Chair, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Driade, which will be showcased during Dubai Design Week.

How did Dufit contribute to the success of this project? Le Cercle Middle East entrusted us with delivering their showrooms in d3 in one month to be ready for Dubai Design Week. We had to mobilise all our teams day and night to complete the project. We had to go through a parallel effort to obtain all authority permits while developing the shop drawings for construction

at the same time. It was a fast track job but with a very good harmonious team, we were able to pull it through and deliver.

Le Cercle Middle East is the company facilitating the market for Driade showroom in the Middle East. Le Cercle is expanding in the region and opening 11 mono-brands in Dubai this year. It’s represented by Sandro, who is the COO for Dubai operations working together with Roberto and Elio to deliver an outstanding experience for the UAE customers in the new showroom, set to open at d3 during Dubai Design Week on November 13, 2017.



workplace matters! Lucie Salou, marketing manager from Office Inspirations, talks about the office furniture market, trends, and future collaborations

How has 2017 been so far? It has been one of the best years for Office Inspirations. This year, we have completed several commercial projects for large strategic clients. Organisations in Dubai are adding more spaces that feel like home, reflecting their culture – with the right balance between transparency and privacy – to retain talents and increase employee performance and engagement. The education sector is also booming in the UAE - we are working with international partners to create high performance, active learning spaces that enhance student engagement and success. Learning is now evolving along with the classroom environments.

What are the latest office furniture trends? We have noticed that the market is moving towards improving the well-being of the workplace, being in Dubai and the UAE happiness is a key goal for

many companies and government departments, new concepts such as the smart city concept and smart government concept are influencing the market towards applying latest technologies at the work space as well as the educational spaces. What was traditionally considered as workplace is changing, we can no longer create the same spaces and expect different results. We need to redefine what the office means and change it. The workplace matters more than ever.

What products are you launching in 2018? Being the prime authorised dealer of Steelcase in the UAE, we look forward to the new partnership between Steelcase and Microsoft. Together, they will introduce all-new, immersive creative spaces that can bring together place and technology to help people generate new ideas and move them forward. 2018 will see a new wide range of products from task chairs, soft seating, desking

solutions, collaborative space, acoustics panels, and a new line of movable walls solutions.

What is your development strategy? We aspire to be one of the leading companies creating inspiring spaces in the region. Secondly, we are planning to introduce a new line of business integrating technology in the space at an early stage, making smart office solutions a reality. We're also working towards integrating technology, which is now a must for our workspaces. Finally, as many of our partners are interested in how their current space is really being used - we are working closely with space utilisation experts in that direction.


T: + 971 4 369 7844 E: W:

November 2017

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Dramatic glamour The shimmering pendant light from night rod collection by Timothy Oulton in plated bronze is a collector's item. Availability: Marina Home, Al Barsha, Dubai

You're beautiful!

Magic is you

Make a style statement with these key design pieces

Light up any corner of your house with this charming candle holder. Availability: Maisons Du Monde, Mirdif City Centre, Dubai

Serve with pride Three-tier condiment server by L'Objet is handcrafted in stainless steel with 24k gold-plated accents. Availability: Tanagra, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

Bang on trend This stylish table by Rouge Absolu in mahogany with glossy lacquer finish is truly beautiful. Availability: Rosewater House, Iran, Tehran

54 |

November 2017

Simply Sophisticated! This wonderful reflect drawer is designed by Søren Rose Studio for Muuto in Scandinavian settings. Availability: D.tales, JBR 655, Villa 15, Dubai

November 2017

| 55


e box Out of livthing space a

r Give you h these quirky r wit e v o e k a m pieces. s, furniture Furniture y: Lucky Availabilit strial Area 11, UAE du Sharjah In

Bowled over This lovely decorative bowl is contemporary and beautifully crafted. Availability: Bits & Pieces, City Walk 2, Dubai

56 |

November 2017

Centre of attraction This dining table deserves a round of applause and all your attention! Availability: Bellavista Collection, Selva Middle East, Sheikh Zayed Road North, Exit 46, Dubai

Luxury is my name Make space for escale enchantĂŠe special edition silver plated table centrepiece. Availability:

Gorgeous Service plate by Rosenthal Versace is a piece of art. Availability: Tanagra, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

November 2017

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Trade fair dates for your diary…


6-9 November 2017 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Decofair is Saudi Arabia's exclusive international design trade exhibition that offers a great business platform to exhibitors from the international and local design industry. The ninth edition of the event is expected to see 120 exhibitors, and a number of international companies from the US, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, the UAE, and Kuwait, in addition to Saudi companies and factories operating in the sector. Suppliers and manufacturers will have the opportunities to network and do business with buyers, interior designers, architects, and investors. Decofair covers the industry from A to Z and provides exhibitors with the opportunity to showcase their products and services organised into the nine sectors: furniture, lighting, design materials, home accessories, textiles, home automation systems, kitchen and bathroom products, flooring, and design and architectural services.

Dubai Design Week 13-18 November 2017 Dubai, UAE

A diverse six-day programme of keynote speeches, panel discussions, public performances, and educational workshops will allow visitors – from local start-ups and entrepreneurs to international visitors, the media, and families – the opportunity to discover and engage with design. The free-toattend programme will serve as a rich introduction to the design scene in the UAE, and build on the many events and exhibitions happening throughout the week and beyond, including Downtown Design, Global Grad Show, and The Ripe Design Market.

World Architecture Festival 15-17 November 2017 Berlin, Germany

In 2016, the festival attracted over 2000 architects and designers to its current base in Berlin. Industry-leading projects are entered into the festival’s competition, and of these, 200 shortlisters are invited to attend the ceremony. Previous winners of the prestigious World Building of the Year Award include Singapore’s Interlace building and The Chapel in Vietnam. The event will include keynote talks from the industry’s most influential figures, live crit presentations, judging of over 400 award finalists, global networking, a 500 project strong gallery and an international product exhibition.

58 |

November 2017

India International Furniture Fair (IIFF)

22-24 November 2017 Mumbai, India Said to be India’s biggest international furniture fair, the event by Trescon provides a platform to bring domestic and international manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and dealers at a single place in the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre. This fair is aimed to discuss business trades, generate leads, discuss future deals and tieups. IIFF is the perfect place to see a unique blend of latest in local and global trends, with highly sought-after designs on display under various categories. More than 100 local and international manufacturers from across the world are predicted to be in attendance, who will showcase a range of high-quality home and office furniture.

January 9 – 12, 2018



Around 3,000 exhibitors, 69,000 trade visitors and the whole trade fair team all share the same passion at Heimtextil in Frankfurt! Discover the latest trends in colours, patterns and materials. Be inspired and fascinated at the world’s largest trade fair for home and contract textiles.



Relax, enjoy, and share with

Trinity hammocks! It’s hammock season once again! You can instantly transform your garden, patio or any porch into an outdoor oasis with Trinity hammocks. Stylish, fun, and super comfortable, these hammocks are a must-have accessory for any outdoor setting. Tested in extreme weather conditions for stability and durability, these yacht inspired hammock systems are made with heavy-duty stainless steel and the finest marine-grade materials. So, unwind yourself and relax in this triple hammock stand, made to turn hammocking into a sharing and social experience rather than a solitary one. Availability: Price: AED18,500

60 |

October 2017

High Performance Direct from Manufacturer Fire Rated 60/90/120 mins. FSC Certified

made in


Sheikh Saeed Hall 3 - Stand C51 26-29 November 2017 Dubai World Trade Centre Intermetal LLC Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 884 1650 Email:

Intermetal manufactures a comprehensive range of Interior Doors that are manufactured to stringent quality and commercial standards in a state-of-theart factory.

CERAFLEX® The smart choice for reliable fittings

Hot Water Limiter

Easy Fix

With its simple, clear-cut, yet modern lines, Ceraflex® is designed to complement any bathroom or kitchen, although the big difference is what‘s inside. At the heart of Ceraflex® is our brand new ceramic cartridge, Firmaflow®. Our best cartridge ever, it delivers substantial cost savings because it saves water and lasts almost twice as long as the industry standard, giving you 10 to 15 years of regular daily use. QATAR: MOHAMMED YOUSUF KAFOOD & SONS Doha +974 4 463 7777 IRAQ: AL TAIBOON GROUP Baghdad +964 7 901 364026

KUWAIT: ALSHAYA ENTERPRISES™ Kuwait +965 2 224 2299 LEBANON: ETS. ABDULRAHIM DIAB S.A.L. Beirut-Unesco +961 0 186 8146/7 Beirut-Jdeideh +961 0 125 4294/5/6 SALAMEH CERAMICA Beirut +961 1 852 285 / +961 1 851 385

SAUDI: AL-GHAMDI CO. FOR SANITARY WARES Riyadh +966 11 4646279 Jeddah +966 12 6696263 Dammam +966 13 8340248 BAHRAIN: MARMARA TRADING Co. Bahrain +973 1773 7735


IDEAL STANDARD GULF FZCO Jebel Ali, Dubai, P.O. Box 261559, United Arab Emirates, Tel. +971 4 804 2400, IDEAL STANDARD DESIGN BATHROOM CENTRE Flash Star Sanitary Ware Trading LLC, Jabal Ali Bldg., Al Quoz 3, Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai, P.O. Box 38430, United Arab Emirates, Tel. +971 4 309 6000

Join us:

UAE: SULTACO Dubai +971 4 338 5929 Abu Dhabi +971 2 633 4425 Al Ain +971 3 763 1609 Sharjah +971 6 575 9878 JORDAN: AL MUNA Co. Amman +962 6 554 8851

Profile for Design Middle East

Design Middle East November 2017  

The latest issue explores the landscaping trends in the region, roundtable on fire safety in buildings, feature on flooring, and exclusive p...

Design Middle East November 2017  

The latest issue explores the landscaping trends in the region, roundtable on fire safety in buildings, feature on flooring, and exclusive p...