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The Local Talent Issue 2012

Lindsey Saunders

An Inside Look At

Barrera International!

Musician & Fashionista

e s u a C a 4 n o i h s Fa EXPO!


s ' y e s d n i um!

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Table OfContents This Issue: . Pg 8 : Lindsey S aunders: A S tar In The Making . Pg 12: Inside Barrera International . Pg 16 : Fashion 4 a C ause E XPO . Pg 20: Full- Figured Fashion . Pg 30: Front Range Fashion S how . Pg 34: Red Ball Denver . pg 38 : E ditor's C olumn

DenVhere S taff Inside:

Georgez Dabit, E ditor- In- C hief/C reative Director Gavin Atkin, photographer Georgez Dabit, Graphic Designer E lizabeth S ostizzo, Photographer Kenneth Hamblin, Photographer C amiell Davilla, J ournalist Kimberly C lerkley, J ournalist C hristina Waheed, J ournalist Aubri Atkin, Make- up Artist Kellie J ohnson, J unior E ditor

The C over:

C over Model: Lindsey S aunders Photographer: Gavin Atkin Make- up: Aubri Atkin Designer: Barrera International

DenVhere wants to give a special thank you and goodbye to...

C onnor Pascale Gavin Atkin Graphic Design


Kira Norton Journalist

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h s i r u e g Y d i R g i a t s a i CWrinneruoafrdVOlympics ! Lifeg


Model: Lindsey Saunders Photography: Gavin Atkin Hair/Make-up: Aubri Atkin Designer: Barrera International




M ak i n e h T n I r a A St


s r e d n u a S Li n d s e y Author: Camiell Davilla Photography: Gavin Atkin


indsey Saunders has been around music her entire life and can’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing. She recalls a story about how, when she was a child, her father (one of her biggest musical influences) would sit crisscross on the floor and let her sit on his lap to strum the cords while he played James Taylor melodies. Now she has released a CD and her music is available for download on iTunes. Graduating high school this year, Lindsey has already accomplished so much! Not only has Lindsey made singing her life, but she has become a well-known Colorado musician who performs "Acoustic Pop.” For Lindsey, music is the perfect outlet to express her thoughts and emotions. When asked to describe how she felt about her CD release, only one word came to mind; blessed. While she acknowledges that she has worked hard at her music since middle school, she also admits she was “in the right places, at the right time, with the right people.” When it comes to nerves, she like to leave hers just the way they are, explaining that it just means she cares about her performances. When Lindsey performs, she likes to be comfortable, stating that, “there is nothing like wearing heels and having a guitar strapped to your back.” Likewise, she explains how she wants her music to speak for itself and doesn’t like to wear anything too flashy. Lindsey’s style can be stated as comfortable, with a bit of edge. She is usually seen in baggier styled jeans with a tighter, form-fitting top (currently she is into flannel tops). Some of her favorite items include her black combat boots and her array of beanies. Recently, style wise, she excitedly went on about how she has gotten into studding her clothes. She explains how she bought some pronged pyramid studs and has been applying them to everything from her shorts to belts. Lindsey's Favorite Quote- “ D o n ’ t a s k wh a t th e wo rl d

n eed s. Ask wh a t m a ke s you com e a l i ve , a n d g o d o i t. B e ca u se wh a t th e worl d n e e d s i s p e op l e wh o h a ve com e a l i ve . ” – Howard Thurman pg 9


Barrera International 201 3 Spring Collection Author: Kimberly Clerkley Photography: Kenneth Hamblin


ashion designer Juan Jimenez showcased his Spring 201 3 collection from his Denver-based fashion house, Barrera International, at the Governor’s mansion on September 20th, 201 2. The collection had beautiful, haute couture fashions that featured breathtaking designs for men and women. The looks ranged from formal evening wear to polished, sophisticated, everyday looks. Barrera International is known for exquisite designs, powerful tailoring, intricate details, and an elegant sexuality that commands attention, adding a dynamic presence to all of his creations. Each model had unique make-up, hair, accessories, and design accents that were individually tailored to each look. Hair and make-up varied from subtle and simple to artistic and expressive looks. The opening look was a shimmering, sand dollar-textured, one shoulder floor-length gown with red jewels adorning the shoulder nicely paired with dangling red earrings; and a cream and tan zebra trim at the bottom of the ensemble adding to the complete presentation. In addition to the meticulous details, Barrera International excels in the area of tailoring. Every piece in his spring 201 3 collection was tailored with divine perfection. Continuing with the shimmering, sand dollar-textured fabric, the fifth look was a stunning, turtleneck, long-sleeve styled evening gown with red jewels accenting the wrist and cascading down from the neck to the center of the gown. Additionally, the sand dollar jewel accented gown opened up at the bottom revealing a red lining that made the ensemble a true show-stopping piece. The ninth look was a sexy, long-sleeve, gold embodied, floral romper mini dress with bubbled wrist accents. Additional noted looks included a cobalt blue chiffon blouse paired with a black skirt and silver sequins and a long floor-length halter black and silver sequin dress with a plunging back. Sequins were hot not only for the women’s looks but also were seen in the men’s looks. Male models were sporting black tuxedo blazers with silver and black sequins featured with an un-tucked white shirt that had flipped up lapels outfitted with black skinny jeans and leather boots. Additional men’s looks included a wool futuristic coat with overlapping lapels and panels as well as a tweed, herringbone city-styled jacket that gathered at the elbows paired with a black dress shirt and silk skinny jeans styled with leather boots. Visually stunning women’s looks continued with a shiny, textured, teal dress that had a plunging neckline, long sleeves, gathered waist and a sexy high slit exposing the upper part of the leg. Rounding out, the final attention-grabbing look of the evening was a platinum, grey, jewel encrusted halter top dress with red flowing fabric that transcended into a long flowing train.


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EXPO! Author: Kimberly Clerkley Photography: Elizabeth Sostizzo


was a fun-filled day of fashion, shopping, and a community all coming together to support the Denver Chapter Make a Wish Foundation. Continuing with the local talent theme for this issue, the Fashion 4 a Cause event was packed with amazing local vendors, designers, singers, and entrepreneurs; all brought together to make a true difference within our Denver Community. The event was a collaboration between DenVhere Magazine's Georgez Dabit (Editor-In-Chief) and Sheer productions' owners Liz and Tiffany Pineda, who put together a phenomenal event! ashion 4 a Cause

The first fashion designer to grace the Fashion 4 a Cause runway was Rebecca Hulda. Rebecca Hulda is a fashion designer who focuses on women’s apparel that is classic, timeless, elegant, and modern. During Rebecca’s Sophmore year in college, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Rebecca’s mother later passed away from cancer on September 27, 2007. In honor of her mother, she named her company Nine27 Designs. Rebecca works actively within the community and works full-time at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Center. Most noted looks from Nine27 Designs include: a cream ruffle sweet heart dress with grey embellishment at the ends of the ruffle. The cream ruffled dress was also accented with crisscrossed detailing at the top, and adorned with a solid cream ribbon. Also noted from the collection was a white and grey pea coat styled dress with oversized lapels and tiered ruffles running down the back. Also seen on the runway: feminine ruffle tanks with solid colors of cream and red; intermixed with various colors paired with grey pants. The closing look was a denim pant jumpsuit halter with side bow, and a simple white swoop neck dress with tailored panels and beading.

pg 1 6

The second designer to showcase at Fashion 4 a Cause was Sandrysabel Ortiz, the designer of Heel Condoms. Heel Condoms are shoe accessories that allow an individual to interchange the look of their shoe by simply just slipping them on and off their shoes. Most notable looks from the Shoe Condom collection included: a hot pink flower accenting tip of toe, a yellow Victorian lace tie up anklet, jingle studded spikes on the stiletto heel, and, finally, a fuzzy tan trim that covered the front of the shoe. Ch e






The third designer to showcase his designs was Anubis Heru, the fashion designer for Urban Arkanum. Urban Arkanum specializes in men and women’s urban fashions. Upon Anubis Heru’s recovery from brain tumor surgery, he developed the line, which is based on positive energy and Egyptian symbols that radiate positive energy. Most notable looks included: men’s wear consisted of cable knit sweaters with eagle graphics and alternating colors on the sleeves paired with dark denim jeans. Also seen on the runway were bright colored t-shirts with Egyptian calligraphy paired with jeans, sneakers. Women’s looks also played with neutral colored cable knit sweaters with Egyptian graphics, distressed jeans, denim skirts, and leggings with graphics running up the side of the leg.

The fourth designer was Dawnisha-Michelle, designer for Top Notch Designs. Her goal is to “inspire every woman and make her feel Top Notch� thus the name of the line Top Notch Designs. DawnishaMichelle wants every woman she designs for to feel confident with individual expression. Her fashions vary from casual to formal wear to beautiful everyday looks. Most noted looks from the runway show include: a silk purple deep V-neck jumpsuit with bubbled hems, a blue cotton cowl neck tunic dress with a side bow paired with stilettos, a silk purple and teal one shoulder quilted dress, a tan, brown, and teal silk patterned strapless bubble dress accented with a brown western-styled belt, and a breathtaking aqua floor-length strapless gown paired with a brown belt.

The fifth designer to showcase his collection was Anthony J. Damian, fashion designer for B.A. Hero American Hero. American Hero is a unique collection for men and women. Anthony J. Damian incorporated elements of heroic symbolism by using military, western, and Native American culture, while radiating a down-to-earth, trendy, and urban feel. Most noted looks from the runway: A red and tan patterned poncho paired with a red shirt and blue jeans, a graphic beaded fringe black tee with exposed shoulders paired jeans and open finger gloves, a white and orange graphic tee paired with faded black jeans, styled with military boots, and a black off-the-shoulder tee with a tan graphic paired with black knitted gloves, leggings, and leather boots.

pg 1 8

The headlining designer was Gabriela Martinez, fashion designer for Gabriela Designs. Gabriela specializes in women and men’s haute couture, formal wear, and bridal designs. Gabriela Martinez is a cutting-edge designer who not only has a passion for fashion, but also a passion for the Denver community. Gabriela Martinez continuously collaborates and partners with local businesses and charities such as the Tennyson Center for Children to enrich the lives of others within the Denver Community. Gabriela Martinez manages to incorporate beauty and the art of giving back with all things she does in fashion. The opening look was a long velvet floorlength gown paired with a grey fuzzy shawl and a box styled grey and black bow embellished hat. Additional looks included: a gold sequin dress with a slit on the side paired with a tan fur shawl and peep-toe Mary Jane’s, a shiny silver gold jumpsuit with a tapered leg and wrist, accented with a black cumber bon, a red dress with sequins with a layered asymmetric bottom and a red and floral gown with plunging neckline.

n o i h s FaShow ! s t h g i l h g i H Ma

A ub ri , p U ke

A tk in

Event Host, Karizma Licata

Sheer Productions Tiffany & Liz Pineda

The Full­Figured Fashion Column For Condfident Curves Author: Christina Waheed

Models: Christina Waheed & Viki Skull

The Curvy Coloradan:

Icomplimentary n this issue for the curvy Coloradan, we have a variety of fun, trendy, and clothes for curvy women! Anything from long-sleeved sweaters, to

short-sleeved sweaters, to collared button-ups and dresses! The colder months in Colorado are so sporadic that you have to keep a variety of clothing at arm’s length. It may be 75 degrees one day and 30 the next. Layering is your best friend here in Colorado, but too many layers can make you look horribly frumpy! Here are some ideas and tips that will keep you warm and fashionable this season.

Feeling Confident Is The Key:

Looking confident is a lot different than feeling confident. You may be wearing the cutest dress in the world, but feeling uncomfortable in it. This could be because your personal confidence is lacking, which is a terrible feeling. Life as a curvy girl can be tough in Colorado, and becoming a confident one, is a process. So, here are some tips to get you going so you can look and feel great this holiday season. Feeling confident starts with accepting yourself for who you are. Loving yourself and your body is the first step. Beauty comes from within, and it's very easy to tell if someone doesn't feel beautiful inside by how they present themselves. Don’t let that be you, not anymore! Yes, knowing fashion is a plus, but confidence is the best and sexiest accessory you can possibly wear!

Take This With You:

If you get anything out of my column, I hope it's the idea that beauty starts from within. So, my curvy girls, all I can leave you with is this: take it one day at a time, tell yourself daily-“if I love myself, would I do this?”—make beneficial changes, be happy, laugh, stay positive, forgive, and let loose! If you slip up here and there, don’t beat yourself up, love yourself anyways, and still accept yourself for who you are, even if it's not who you thought you'd be. Observe what kind of person you are, and make yourself a priority over everything and everyone. Focus on you, your goals, your health, and your future. All these steps will help you show your beauty on the outside. Remember that you are confident, beautiful, lovely, and curvy, that's what makes true beauty.

Viki Skull, is a 12/14 (the lower end of plus sizes). Being comfortable and confident are the number one priority. Wearing a long sweater, tight black leggings, and any type of boots are a simple and easy way to look good!

No matter what anyone may tell you, print is IN! Print is always sexy, flattering, and even slimming! Do not be afraid, remember patterns are your friend! Button-up collared tops are also very in, chiffon/see-through button-ups are stylish and sexy--showing off your curves but making you feel confident and comfortable!

Having the sides of your top or sweater a different color is always slimming! Especially if its a darker color. Rock the long sweater this season, they make you feel sassy but comfortable!

Layer's and tiers are always good for the curvy girl! Any skinny jeans with flats and a top always go together! Try to match flats with top, its never bad to have a variety of flats!

pg 21

Sweaters are so fun, don't be afraid to wear them fitted. Show off your curves and make your outfit pop with some sassy boots!

We can't always wear black.Tan's and blues are always calming and different right? Color brings out femininity! And don't be afraid to get some subtle, neutral but trendy, tan shoes! Showing confidence is about being comfortable, but it's also about adding that one thing to your outfit to make it stand out! I thought these heels were so ugly on the shelf, but I tried them on and they are just too cute! Always try things on before you judge them, ladies, you never know what you'll miss out on!

Sweaters, skinny jeans, and any boot, whether high heel boot or not, is an easy way to show your curves and feel comfy! There are many new styles of jumpsuits out there. This one is cute, but will definitely need to be worn with a shawl or sweater and some boots, because it does get cold here in Colorado! Always wear your jumpsuit with a belt, it adds that perfect touch!

pg 22

Again, throw some color into the mix. We all know that December is cold, but that doesn't mean we should resort to wearing black all winter long! I'm not saying don't ever wear black, just don't wear it every day! Browns and greens are cute, simply wear a lace cami under a botton-up and some high heel loafers and you're good to go. This style is trendydressy-casual. This outfit is simple but modern and stylish. The professional look is very sexy and sassy. If you're dressing to impress, throw on a blazer and you're set. Pants with patterns are also very complimentary and fun as well! Don't be afraid of these skinny leg pants; this outfit would not be so cute if the legs were flaring or wide.

We can't forget dresses this season! This dress is simple but festive, and the pattern is beautiful! The high waste is usually always flattering, especially if it is a dress that flows. Match your belt to your flats or heels and it pulls the outfit together, making you feel sassy and ready for the holidays!

This chiffon dress is so comfortable to wear. The brown, tan, and red colors are no where near boring; and the style is new! The Ruffle edgings are cute and the high waste makes it fall onto your curves, ever so perfectly.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity! Colorado may be termed “the skinny state”, but there are still many plus-size men and women here. As mentioned before, there's a huge market for plus-size clothing companies here! If you want DenVhere to help bring your clothing line/company some curvy Colorado attention, contact DenVhere Magazine ASAP. We are planning to throw a plus-size fashion show sometime early next year! We strive to help the community grow, especiallyColorado as a whole. With every show we do, we also try to give back to the community, whether it's for a cause or collecting Christmas toys for children who have been abused. We find a way to give back, along with helping businesses.

If you would like to throw an event, have your clothing featured in the next issue or be a part of our next fashion show, contact us!

pg 25

Models & Events!

Plan your next big event Now!

Th e F r o n t R a n g e F a sh i o n S h o w 2 01 2

Author: Christina Waheed Photography: Kenneth Hamblin

O ne ofthe many things that DenVhere Magazine does is help and host community fashion shows. At DenVhere, we pride ourselves on helping local designers get their clothing and mission out there! Every year, Editor-in-ChiefGeorgez Dabit hosts and runs a fashion show for Front Range Community College, which DenVhere Magazine sponsors. This year, we had four designers, which is the most we've had at Front Range!

Not only did we have designers, but a singing performance by this issue's cover model, Lindsey Saunders! It isn’t just about fashion either, we not only like to raise money for different causes around Colorado, but we try to help wherever we can. For this fashion show, we asked that guests bring a toy for children who have been abused and we collected quite a bit! It’s always a nice sight to see people come together as a community and support each other. Lindsey Saunders

Aside from that, the show had a great variety of awesome fashion. Each designer had their own style and it is very interesting and fun to see the new modern styles ofColorado 2012. The performance by Lindsey Saunders was fresh and fun. Lindsey has such a great voice and unique sound. She played her guitar and you could feel the passion flow through the audience. It was an awesome opening for the show!

Georgez Dabit

Stay tuned for our next fashion show!


This designer, ECO J’ADORE (French, meaning love for nature), by Rinchen Sherpa was a very creative, economical, and brave designer. “Going green” can be tricky, but Rinchen made it possible, yet fashionable. These bags are durable and used by recycled material. Not only are they durable, but they're very modern and “in” with today's fashion. With small acts like making your college book bag or tote an eco-friendly one, you not only help our local community, but the planet, too!

Best Front Range ShowYet!



Jme’s Touch, by Jaymie Alexander, is a great collection for many types ofwomen. There were tons ofholiday dresses, business attire, and sexy outfits that would make heads turn. This designer definitely knows what's appealing to women. Jme’s Touch is, “Sent from above from me to you for God” Jaymie said, when I met her the night ofthe show. This collection is hot for this year's cold winter!

Acire’s Lavish Delicacy line was elegant but sassy! These dresses have a unique style about them; they show a women’s feminine side for sure. I could tell the designer, Erica Vallejo, was aiming for modern day, old-fashioned feel, making one feel sexy and classy.

pg 31

Gabriela Designs, by Gabriela Martinez, also has a variety ofclothing to fit many different types ofbodies and ages. Her style is hot and trendy, but also brings back some older styles into her collection. Designs like peplum, the new hot-cut for dresses! She has anything from one-piece pant suits that are very “in� right now, to male vests, holiday dresses, and everyday wear. I could see her aim was to target every type ofwoman, no matter what age. Her clothing popped down the runway, and you could feel a confidence in the air. Gabriela's designs have already been seen on many runways in Colorado, but that's certainly not the last we've seen of her designs! She can also be seen in this issue on our Fashion 4 a Cause page!

l ! a i c s e k S p Th a n s t a i sh i on a sor F s s a a S pon l C t F i rs M ed i

DanceTech West End Salon Training Center Hair & Make-Up

Event Sponsor

Special Thanks To Our Models, Designers & Volunteers!

pg 33

Re d B a l l D e n ve r Author: Kim Clerkley Photography: Elizabeth Sostizzo

D’Lola Couture by Deedee Vicory with Studio Collective of Stylist Red ball 201 2 was a spectacular event! This year, the clothing, hair, and make-up designs were strong as designers partnered with sensational salons. The designers and salons put on a show that was high fashion, focused, fabulous, fun, and unique. The opening designer, Deedee Vicory of D’Lola Couture rocked the runway with her red gowns. D’Lola Couture capitalized on amazing usage of red, haute couture gowns with great detail and fabric choice. The opening look was a "shiny, pressed, horizontal, paneled red strapless belle dress with an astonishing hair accent of flowers and braids." The second look was a red silk gown with a double tiered ruffled bustier that featured a diamond tiara waist accent. The Most acclaimed look of the entire show was a sheer sleeveless high collared Victorian rose on rose tooled gown. The Fabric transformed into roses ranging in size from small to gigantic roses, styled with oversized, blonde, bird's nest hair and red Yankee Doodle feathers.

Jump of Joy and Henry’s Salon

The second designer of the night, Jump of Joy and Henry’s Salon, delivered a girly, whimsical, millennium inspired 1 960’s mod-style collection. The Jump of Joy collection opened with a white tank paired with a black eyelet laced skirt. Followed by a two color toned black and purple sleeveless mini dress with purple belt, white tights, fingerless knitted gloves and trendy 1 960 hairdo. Also noted was a black leather and silk chiffon gown with black rhinestone embellishments paired with red velvet booties.

Vandalism Designs by Troe Williams

Logo Rights: Red Ball Denver

Vandalism Designs, by Troe Williams, channeled parliament funk inspired hair and make-up that played with color, patterns, and design shape of the garments for both men and women. The opening look was a purple zebra/ cheetah print business casual skirt and long-sleeve blouse. Additional looks included a red, long-sleeve, floor-length coat, paired with oversized red pants and tailored vest. The most noted look was showcased by male model Jay Hill, who modeled a one-sleeved, white and black flannel shirt with raised lapels and asymmetrical cut out bottoms and matching pants.

Jay Hill-Georgez's Model

Kimono Dragons and Rebelle Salon

Kimono Dragons and Rebelle Salon‘s most memorable looks from Red Ball were: a male model painted with gold body paint wearing a huge hair sculpted ox horn hat, that was paired with a bright red flannel vest, grey undershirt and tight grey flannel skinny pants. Another male model showcased a unicorn inspired hairstyle with black and gold zebra printed vest paired with ultra-sheer, glittery, skinny pants and black leather boots.

Tyne Hall and Twig Salon

Tyne Hall and Twig Salon displayed a unique collection of flirty feminine dresses that were very simple and well-tailored. Most memorable looks to grace the runway were: a strapless, open-slit, gold floor-length gown with gathering in the front. A white, a-line shaped, ruffled, silhouetted dress and a biker styled sweetheart ivory and leathered tool dress.

pg 35

Justice K & Sanuk Studio

Justice K & Sanuk Studio put together a diverse and powerful collection. The opening look was a grey long-sleeved, semi deep plunging, deep-v neckline, see-through blouse, that was paired with high-wasted white, black, and red tribal striped pants. Additional looks seen on the runway were: well-tailored bright colored jumpsuits, dresses, and gowns with impeccable drapery. Most noted gown was a long-sleeve, olive silk dress with ž slits on arms that featured a high torso waistline enabling dramatic draping and fabric fluidity.

JM Designs and Enchante Salon

JM Designs and Enchante Salon created a collection of cosmic, futuristic, sexy couture. The opening look was a red, silk, strappy dress with space age hair adorned with shiny tinsel wires. Additional looks included a silk purple romper with a violet and blue tie-dye, one shouldered cover slip, paired with yellow stilettos and ivory fur trim and a white outerwear floor-length dress.

Gabriela Designs with Scarlet Salon Barrera International & Flirt Salon

The always amazing Barrera International hits the stage with a fun asian-inspired look! Another exciting collection for this designer!

pg 36

Stephanie Klinger- Georgez's Model

Taking on Asian-inspired theme meets 5th avenue high lux couture, Gabriela Designs showcased her collection featuring her signature fur trim. Gabriela’s opening look was a male model wearing black cigarette high-water pants, paired with a silk black and gold tuxedo dress coat. Additional looks include: a sleeveless yellow, black, and red printed peplum dress, with revealing miniskirt underneath. Model Stephanie Klinger wore a black outerwear dress adorned with red fur and accent red belt.

Fashion House of Rae Marie by Rachael Hurst with Copper Falls Salon

Fashion House of Rae Marie opened with a sophisticated, strapless, sexy, leather, ruffled pant jumpsuit with tapered pant legs; featured with black stiletto heels and synched black belt. Another great look was a sexy, red, flowing, sleeved dress, with a gathered waist and double-high slit exposing the upper thigh paired with black booties and gold necklace.

Gino Valardi with Antoine du chez Salon

Closing out the Red Ball 201 2 was Gino Valardi, who sizzled with evening couture that was timeless, modern, sexy, and elegant. The opening look, worn by model Antoinette Martinez featured a strappy, red sequin, swoop neck, floor-length gown that gathered at the bottom of dress. Additionally, the back of the gown revealed a razor geometric cut that added to the sex appeal of the entire ensemble. Additional looks included: a red sequin dress with a red bow center and flippy flowing bottom. Gino Valardi is known for his unique take on combining outerwear and evening wear, which was demonstrated with outwear dress coats that had impeccable details and tailoring accents.

In Order: Jaymie Alexander, Anthony Garnica, Tanya Simmons Lang, Georgez Dabit

DJ Rockstar Aaron

Editor's Column Nothing But Talent!

Editor-in-Chief: Georgez Dabit Photography: Elizabeth Sostizzo

W e all go through a journey that we call life. Throughout our journey, we may find more interest in things than others.

This issue has truly been a journey! I have unveiled many talents and brought them all together into one issue! I want to thank everyone who has helped me make this issue possible!

Talent & Event Blurbs:

Our first talent, Lindsey Saunders, surprised me, by not only her performance, but by her presence, too. She truly is a star in the making! Everything about Lindsey drew me in. She’s kind, enjoys laughter, and most ofall, she’s a true talent. Her voice radiates the whole stage. I was so happy to assign Lindsey as our feature for this issue. Our designers featured in this issue have truly shown their strongest collections yet! The Fashion shows went stupendously! The models were great to work with, the hair and make-up crews were amazing, and the volunteers did a great job at listening and making sure events went well! I’m so happy with this issue and the team behind it, along with everyone featured in it; what a privilege!

Pleased "VeryWithIssue! This "

GeorgezDabit,Editor-In-Chief Kim Clerkley, PR & Journalist

pg 39

! s y a d i l o yH

p p a H Emely Yanagida l: e d o M

N e x t Ti m e O n D e n V h e re . . .

You've seen it before... But it's all new!

The Local Talent Issue 2012  
The Local Talent Issue 2012  

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