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DenVhere’s Fresh Start 2 denvhere | january 2012

EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS ISSUE THIS ISSUE: Georgez Dabit-Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director Gavin Atkin- Head Photographer/ Photo Retoucher Connor Pascale- Graphic Designer Bradi Wells- Photo Retoucher Kim Clerkley- Article Journalist Kira Norton- Article Journalist Kellie Johnson- Junior Editor Aubri Atkin- Hair/Makeup

COVER: Model- Amanda Lilienthal Photographer- Gavin Atkin / Photo Retoucher Background Overlay- Camille O’Connor Body Paint- Georgez Dabit Hair/Makeup- Aubri Atkin Scales ‘N Tails- Anna the snake

EDITORIAL MODELS: Amanda Lilienthal Ramona Georgez Dabit

DENVHERE FASHION WEEKND: Day 1: Front Range Community College -Westminster Havea Lolo - Designer West End Salon- Hair/makeup Jennifer Richards - Singing Performance Natalie Lynn Models - Talent Agency Freelance models- Non-agencies

DAY 2: 27TH AND LARIMAR STREET DenVhere Staff Front Range Community College - Equipment Sponsor Megafauna - Location and Sponsor Gabriela Designs-Designer Maclovia - Designer Boutique de Bijoux- Designer Lisa Wear Clothing - Designer Fashions By Rae Marie - Designer Aubri Atkin - Hair/makeup Amy Thames- Hair/makeup Antonia Martinez- Hair/makeup DeRailed Ink-Sponsor KSE Imprints- Banner Sponsor Sponsor Bridge Marketing Solutions - Marketing Sweet Ladies Confections-Vendor Natalie Lynn Models - Talent Agency Nxt MODEL - Talent Agency Prime Talent, Inc - Talent Agency Georgez’s Models - Talent Agency Justice Talent Agency- Talent Agency Beautiful Souls Modeling, LLC - Talent Agency Freelance models-Non-agencies IconicI- Filmography First Class Fashionista- Blogger/Reporter Seek Hair Lab


denvhere | january

2012 5


coffee benefits for fashion lovers! By: Kira Norton


offee is a must to start the day for some of us. We love our coffee, whether it be for its flavor, its aroma, or simply its pick-me-up. These few tips taken from “20 Unusual Uses for Coffee,” ( can give you some surprising information about coffee and other things you can do with it besides the obvious! You can erase smells on your hands; Garlic, Salmon, or even Cilantro. Unnecessary smells shouldn’t be on your hands after cooking. Get rid of them by rubbing coffee grounds on your hands and then rinsing them with water. Bye-bye stink! Get shiny hair. Who doesn’t love silky, shiny, healthy looking hair? Brew up an extra strong pot of coffee, let it cool, then apply it to your dry, clean hair. Leave it in for about 20 minutes or so then rinse it out. Compost, compost, compost! Gardeners everywhere are using coffee grounds in their composts. The coffee grounds are rich in phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and copper. They release nitrogen into the soil as they degrade, which is great for soil. Some coffee shops will even give you left over coffee grounds if you compost!

Soft skin is hard to achieve, especially in these winter months. Properties in coffee can smooth and tighten your skin. Plus, the texture of ground coffee will buff away dead skin cells, too. You can make your own coffeebased scrub by combining a tablespoon of coffee grounds with half a tablespoon of olive oil. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil for extra scent. Azaleas, blueberry shrubs, and rhododendrons are just a few of the plants that love treatment with coffee thanks to all those nutrients found in it. Sprinkle a bit on the soil surrounding them, and they will flourish. You can also dilute the leftover coffee in your mug and pour it right into any potted plants in your home. Just make sure you don’t use cream and sugar, of course! If you want more tips on how to utilize leftover coffee grounds and beans, check out the webpage below. Coffee isn’t just for drinking these days!

model: ramona

photos: gavin atkin

make-up: aubri atkin

6 denvhere | january 2012

denvhere | january

2012 7

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THE DENVHERE PROCESS By: Kimberly Clerkley

A picture within a picture is what comes to mind when one examines the behind the scenes process to create DenVhere Magazine. It all starts with the artistic direction of Georgez Dabit, the Editor-In-Chief ,Gavin Atkin, the lead photographer, and Connor Pascale, the lead graphic designer. Once the idea is set forth, the creative process begins in a candid interview with Georgez Dabit and Gavin Atkin as they both chronologically go into detail about the ins and outs of what it takes to get the perfect photograph and a final published cover shot . It’s 5:00am in the morning on a Saturday. The venue for the photo shoot is Gavin’s home based photography studio. Upon walking in the studio, I am greeted by  Georgez Dabit, who is also the Art Director on the set. Georgez is applying gold paint to the bubbly and energetic cover model, Amanda,

who is simultaneously having her make-up applied by make-up artist, Aubri Atkin. Gavin is putting the finishing touches on the background, setting up the equipment, and testing the flash and angles. Upon asking Gavin what the creative process as a photographer entails, he gives me deeper insight on what it means to be a photographer. At 7:00am, Amanda is finished with make-up, and entirely covered in gold paint. Aubri uses her remarkable skills to accent Amanda’s look, while transforming her into the artistic vision for the photo shoot. Amanda moves to wardrobe as Chad, the trainer from Scales ‘N Tails, arrives with the animals. Chad is a complete people-person, and is someone who loves what he does. He is an avid animal lover, with a great sense of humor.

Amanda is adventurous and fearless. She embraces the snake who is twice her weight; in other words, the snake is very heavy, but Amanda maintains her composure throughout the entire shoot. The snake is friendly and becomes one with Amanda. There are now two models in this photo shoot as Chad adjusts the snake. Gavin begins photographing, and is joined by Connor, who is the lighting assistant on the set. As Gavin stated, it takes several pictures, angles, and a multitude of equipment to get the right shot. During the shoot, various snakes are used, but the most photogenic and captivating snake is Anna, the large white and gold boa. After many photographs, and snakes, the cover shot is achieved, and the photo shoot comes to a close and marks only the beginning of the second half of the creative selection process.

-Georgez Dabit

Once the photo shoot has concluded, Gavin, Connor, and myself meet and review the photographs to discuss and select the winning photos to coincide the overall theme and artistic direction of the magazine and issue for that month. The chosen photograph will need to tie into the overall issue and its stories and features. This is a lengthy process that involves using Photoshop and design to edit, apply graphic design techniques, and establish the overall layout and magazine slogans. Additionally, this process is repeated for every photo in the magazine, while combining the written work of the writers, additional photographers, junior editors, graphic artist and so forth.

10 denvhere | january 2012

My job is to get the individual being photographed comfortable. My method is to just start taking photos immediately, while acknowledging the individual as a person. To get the person to relax, I might be silly, but its about getting a genuine smile or pose from the model. In the course of a photo shoot, the first picture is not going to be perfect; for every 100 photos taken there is one good photo that can be used. Photography involves a great deal of communication. The technical aspects of the photo are that there has to be a connection, while at the same time I have to give direction in order uphold the creative vision we are trying to achieve. I do this by finding ways to pull out the inspirational details in the venue, props, the model, background, and the environment all while referencing the initial theme and color story. Gavin Atkin -


denvhere | january

2012 11

denvhere | january

2012 13

denvhere fashion week ND Denvhere Fashion WeekND Pre-Show NOV 9, 2011 at FRCC!

DENVHERE PRE-SHOW! Pre-Show of DenVhere Fashion WeekND at Front Range Community College (Westminster), featuring designer Terra Jo’s collection of Havea Lolo.




denvhere | january

2012 15



Designs by Gabriela By: Kim Clerkley


he opening designer of the night was Designs by Gabriela. Gabriela’s collection featured creative, cultural dresses and traditional glamorous cocktail evening dresses. The cultural dresses where inspired by Tibetan themed prints, and African themed halter gowns. Most noted was a red and tan kimono long sleeve dress that had a bold pattern throughout the entire dress. The yellow and brown safari inspired halter gown consisted of vertical zigzag lines in varied sizes and directions. Designs by Gabriela was polished with the presence of black and gold laced metallic cocktail dresses. Most memorable was the black spaghetti ruffled tier dress, with a matte gold bow further accented with a black beret.

16 denvhere | january 2012

Lisa Wear Clothing By: Kira Norton


isa Wear Clothing mixed in a great variety of fabric, pattern, and bold color. Glamorous outfits were abundant as well as every day, wearable outfits. One of my favorite pieces was a small gingham patterned skirt with red lace and red buttons; so perfect! What I really liked about this collection is that every statement piece can be matched to so many other things within the collection.

denvhere | january

2012 17

Maclovia By: Kira Norton


hough I’m no expert when it comes to designing underwear, I knew right away that Maclovia held true to comfort and fashion. This collection utilized bold colors in a color block, and did a great job accentuating certain features. Orange, black, and white were predominant colors of this collection; perfect for fall!

18 denvhere | january 2012

Fashion’s by Rae Marie By: Kim Clerkley & Kira Norton

Q: Regarding Rae Marie: What did you like the most about the collection? Kim: I liked her use of bold print, pattern, and random color. Kira: I liked the all the different pattern designs and fabrics in each outfit. Q: What was your favorite outfit? Kim: I liked the pinstripe pencil skirt, with vest. It was practical. Kira: The leopard print dress with yellow accents and blue blazer. So cute to go out in, and so colorful. Q: Lastly, what was your overall take (summary) of Rae Marie’s entire collection? Kim: Rae Marie’s collection was fun, girly, glamorous, and practical. The collection exemplified boldness and individualism. Kira: Rae Marie’s collection was absolutely fun and sensible. You can wear outfits in this collection to work, or out on the town.

denvhere | january

2012 19

Boutique de Bijoux By: Kim Clerkley


outique de Bijoux specializes in exquisite jewelry creations; the beautiful works of art were vibrant in color and shape. The jewelry consisted of large pear-like necklaces, massive sea shell clustered necklaces, and wooden flower chokers. The color palette showed a range from bright neon greens and corals to soft earthy brown and ivory colors. There was a unique piece of jewelry for every style. The most noted: the sophisticated black and white side flower necklace with a matching beaded corsage.

20 denvhere | january 2012


Georgez Dabit

Editor-In-Chief’s Column

New Year Fashion! L

ast year was an amazing year for fashionistas in Denver. So many fashion shows, benefits, and most of all, many different trends and looks. When I think of fashion, I think of art. Some people may not realize that fashion and art go hand in hand.

Thoughts On DenVhere Fashion WeekND DenVhere magazine hosted its very own fashion event on November 12, 2011 which was held on 27th and Larimer Street, in Denver. The event featured five different designers, all of which had completely different looks. Our hair and make-up volunteers, Aubri Atkin, Amy Thames, and Antonia Martinez, spent hours and hours making sure my vision on hair and make-up for the show would come through. I was extremely pleased with the attitudes of the models and the designers. It’s a lot of work putting together a huge show, and everyone made it possible, even under all the stress I was in. When the show finally took off, I was completely relieved. It’s exciting when you see something you’ve created happen, and to have people enjoy it makes the feeling even more special.

Shooting The Cover This month’s cover shoot was absolutely phenomenal. My idea for 2012 was to give the “end of the world” philosophy a rebirth. What better way of doing that than a live snake and gold body paint? Cover model, Amanda Lilienthal, allowed me to paint her whole body gold and throw a 13 inch albino snake on her back. Scales ‘N Tails was generous enough to sponsor us with live snakes, and their reptile handler, Chad, was awesome enough to allow me to have the snake hang around my shoulders for a while. Bringing back gold was Amanda’s idea for the rebirth of 2012. The shoot went extremely well and I can’t wait to share my new ideas for our next issue!

Final Thoughts Now that it’s 2012, it’s time for fresh starts, new ideas, and more events! The year has only begun and I’m already having good feelings about it! Fashion relies so much on art in order for “high fashion” to succeed. Not everything is about the clothes… body art and snakes help create fashion as well.

denvhere | january

2012 25



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