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VANDALISM: Large section of Diefenbaker Park field damaged Sunday night, 3 WELCOME HOME: Tsawwassen lineman Dylan Ainsworth signs with B.C. Lions, 18



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A new 10-lane bridge is planned to replace the George Massey Tunnel. Site preparation work is anticipated to begin in early March.

Project crosses latest hurdle Environmental assessment approval granted for bridge that would replace Massey Tunnel IAN JACQUES

C o n t r i b u t i n g Wr i t e r

The George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project crossed over a significant hurdle last week clearing the way for site preparation work to hopefully begin early next month. An Environmental Assessment Certificate was issued to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), leaving only a certificate from the Agricultural Land Commission as the final piece of major

approvals needed for construction to start. “This was a very significant step. This was the primary approval that was needed,” said project director Geoff Freer. “We are waiting for approval from the Agricultural Land Commission, but we expect that soon.” Freer said two contracts for preliminary construction work are also out to tender. “This work is basically site prep and for drainage,” said Freer, adding they anticipate that work to begin in early March.

“In the long term in terms of the detailed design and construction for the major works, we are still in the request for proposal stage for that.” According to Freer major design work is on schedule to begin next summer with the new bridge to open in 2022. The work will include: building a new 10-lane, clear span bridge over the South Arm of the Fraser River; replacing the Westminster Highway, Steveston Highway and Highway 17A interchanges; widening Highway

99 between Bridgeport Road in Richmond and Highway 91 in Delta to accommodate dedicated transit/High Occupancy Vehicle lanes; and decommissioning the George Massey Tunnel. Freer said there are also permits that need to be approved from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources for work around things like waterways, but he does not anticipate any problems with those. Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said she is very excited by the

announcement and the fact the project is right on track. “I’m not in the majority when it comes to the mayors in the region, but we have been looking forward to alleviating our huge problem at the tunnel since the ‘80s when they did the counterflow,” said Jackson. “There is still lots of work of course to be done, but I’m sure they are going to be kicking dirt as quickly as they can. I have to congratulate everyone for all the work that has taken place.” JACKSON: see Page 3

Tsawwassen Collision made my day, can’t wait to go for a drive.

A u t o b o d y. G e t i t d o n e r i g h t , g e t i t d o n e f o r s a f e t y a t T s a w w a s s e n C o l l i s i o n


17-1835 56th St. Tsawwassen (Behind Mcdonalds)

A2 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017


Bria Independent


A Grand Day Out

destination for handmade jewellery, local art, clothing and varied specialty items. Because of her marketing and public relations background, Peg understands the value of personal service. “My ride was comfortable and smooth… and Rosanne’s a good driver too,” she laughs. “I can get to my doctor’s office, to the bank, to get some groceries of my own, visit a friend in Ladner for Cribbage, go swimming at Winskill Pool… it’s all up to me!” For more information about life at a Bria community, call Rosanne Philbrook, Manager at 604 948-4477.

Rosanne Philbrook, Manager at The Wexford, concurs. “My residents love getting out, and each trip gives me a chance to get to know them better. They confide in me, tell me their stories, and share lovely memories along the way. It’s a high point in my day.” One great local story she learned on such a trip was that Peg, a resident since last Summer at The Wexford, during her employment at BC Ferries for 17 years was the driving force behind the opening of the Marketplace tents at Schwartz Bay, Duke Point and Langdale terminals — now a well-known

56 ST

there are three scheduled trip Errands, explorations, excursions times per week, mid-days 10am and outings… anything goes. The to 2pm, trips can be booked by new Bria Van is up for all kinds appointment at a time that suits of small trips, from the practical resident schedules. to the pleasure cruise. “It’s nice to get to the bank on The Bria Van is the latest and my own and know that I don’t greatest from Bria Communities, need to ask my son every time,” a locally-owned seniors’ lifestyle says MaryAnn about the Bria brand with two residences Van. “Now when I see him, we in the Tsawwassen area: The can just enjoy each other.” Waterford at town centre and As you might expect, MaryAnn The Wexford at Northgate, a new is a big fan of the Bria Van and neighbourhood at the northern truly values her independence. approach to Tsawwassen across “I love music, and used to play from the South Delta Recreation violin and mandolin myself,” she Centre and Century Square, and adds. “Now I can make a day trip a short drive from Tsawwassen to Ladner Village for the May Mills shopping centre. Days Fair with a friend.” The proximity to more Some residents simply driveable, quick destinations appreciate the availability of a made The Wexford a perfect shared vehicle on demand. launch pad for the new Bria Van,which is built “I can get to my doctor’s office, to the into the residential BriaConcierge bank, visit a friend… it’s all up to me!” program. Residents — peg at The Wexford get “It’s so great to have the freedom out easier to the places they to pop up to town centre and get want to go — not just medical things done,” says Don, a longappointments, but to the bank, standing Delta business owner City Hall, and to Ladner’s who loves quality chocolate of boutique shops. any kind. “I used to wait for The Bria Van is included in the shuttle bus to get up to The the apartment rental at no Chocolate Bear Shoppe, and now extra cost — there are no local I go whenever I want.” limitations or restrictions. While



18 AVE




You’ll like living here!

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The Wexford is spacious and bright, with tastefully-designed living areas inspired by local coastal tradition. With 65 soundproofed suites, each with a private balcony or patio, this is seniors’ living at its best.

VISIT US 1737 56 Street Tsawwassen

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Damage done at Diefenbaker

Police & Delta investigating after large section of field at Tsawwassen park torn up IAN JACQUES

C o n t r i b u t i n g Wr i t e r

Delta Police are asking for the public’s assistance for information after suspected vandals tore up a large section of the field in Diefenbaker Park Sunday night. An area resident out for a walk alerted police to the suspected vandalism Monday morning. “Someone drove onto Diefenbaker Park and caused a lot of damage to the field, south of the pond and basically turned the grass into mud with numerous individual tire marks around the park,” said Delta Police Public Affairs coordinator Sharlene Brooks, adding the damaged area is about 100-feet by 100-feet. Brooks said it is unclear what type of vehicle may have been involved or an exact time that the vandalism occurred. Officers are continuing to investigate and are canvassing the area around the park looking for information. According to the


Damage to Diefenbaker Park Sunday night has been estimated at more than $5,000. Corporation of Delta, the damage is estimated to be more than $5,000. Josh Turner with Delta’s public works department said crews were out Tuesday morning to further assess the damage and start on initial clean

up efforts. He said it would mean three to four days of labour, plus materials to re-sod the area properly. “We will then have to wait until the spring when we charge up the irrigation systems to see if there is any further damage to

that,” said Turner. Ken Kuntz, Director of Parks, Recreation & Culture said the act is very disappointing. “We were all young and foolish at one time, but doing willful damage is just bad to see because it

takes the park out of commission, it takes resources away from other areas and we have to re-divert that to fix up some idiotic action,” said Kuntz. Anyone with information is urged to contact police at 604-946-4411.

Jackson: unfortunate other mayors not on board CONTINUED from Page 1 Jackson said it is unfortunate that area mayors, including Richmond’s Malcolm Brodie, are not fully on board the project. “Richmond is very lucky. They have the Canada Line, they have excellent bus service — they are very fortunate to have all of these facilities for their people. In Delta we don’t have anything

and yet we are kind of the meat in the sandwich with 64 per cent of the people going through that tunnel every day going to work in Richmond,” added Jackson. “It’s helping his [Mayor Malcolm Brodie] people and his economy, so I just don’t understand it. When the Canada Line came along we supported it because it was good for his community and I find

it very discouraging to see some of the mayors taking the position that they are because I don’t think any of the arguments that they have brought forward stand the test of factual information.” The decision to award the Environmental Assessment Certificate was made after considering a review led by province’s Environmental

Assessment Office. There are 33 conditions that are part of the certificate and are legally binding requirements that MOTI must meet to be in compliance with the certificate. Key findings that assisted ministers in concluding that no significant adverse effects are likely to occur from the project include: the design of a clear span

bridge across the Fraser River to avoid instream footprint effects on fish and fish habitat; tunnel decommissioning would not result in changes to the size of vessels using the Fraser River; and analysis that indicated the project would eliminate congestion delays and idling at the tunnel, providing relief for a number of local Richmond roads.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. At school. Delta Academies. OPEN HOUSE. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 10AM-1PM School Board Office, 4585 Harvest Drive, Ladner



A4 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017

MLA reveals she blew whistle on Liberals’ privacy breach VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES IN DELTA Deltassist Landscaping Volunteer Deltassist is seeking a landscaping volunteer to sweep our front and back parking lot once per week at our North Delta office. Suitable for an individual or small group. Must be available during the weekday, morning or afternoon. Shifts are 2 – 4 hours. Help us maintain our building lot while gaining experience at a busy non-profit. For more information contact the Office Manager at 604-594-3455 ext.121 or email

Premier offers NDP apology after making hacking allegations IAN JACQUES

C o n t r i b u t i n g Wr i t e r

Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington continues to fight for what is right even as her days in political office comes to a close. The outgoing independent MLA was identified last Friday as the source who blew the whistle concerning a breach of privacy on the B.C. Liberal Party’s website, which set off a firestorm of allegations by the premier. The Province columnist Michael Smyth identified Huntington as his source in a column published Friday. Smyth broke the story last Monday. Huntington issued a statement Friday to disclose how the situation unfolded. She said her office discovered the Liberal Party’s website was publishing what appeared to be sensitive personal information. She said no username, password, or encryption device was required to access that

Once the story information, was made public which was on a by Smyth, and spreadsheet that reported by other anyone could media outlets, view. She made Premier Christy it clear that Clark accused the none of her staff NDP of hacking viewed any of the website and the information Vicki stealing personal that had been Huntington information, comprotected. ments that outraged NDP The information was a list of about 100 Vancouver Leader John Horgan, who called for an apology and Island residents who had filled out an online Liberal a retraction of her comments. Party survey. Clark initially refused “The publication of to apologize, but that sensitive information on all changed last Friday the Internet raised critical when news broke of questions not only about Huntington’s involvement. how political parties capture, store and use person- That prompted Clark to leave a voice message for al data, but also about the Horgan asking to speak security of that data,” said with him directly so she Huntington. “I made the decision to alert a journal- could apologize. The Liberals also sent ist, as these questions are out an email apologizing in the public interest and to all individuals affected deserve broader scrutiny. by the breach. Unfortunately, over the Clark’s accusations also past few days the public dialogue about these ques- outraged Huntington, who gave Smyth permission to tions has been diverted by reveal her as his original unfounded allegations of source. ‘hacking.’”

“It is outrageous that the premier would accuse someone in the legislature of working to subvert the democratic process when her own office has actively engaged in triple deletes, used government employees to develop strategies for ‘quick wins’ in ethnic communities, allowed privileged access for wealthy donors and ignored calls for parliamentary reform,” said Huntington. “The single issue before us, and the question the premier is deflecting, is: What was private information — which anyone could access — doing on a public Liberal Party website?” Huntington said by going public she hopes it will help shift discussions back to the real issue of inappropriate handling of private information and the political use of personal data. The province’s independent information and privacy commissioner has launched an investigation.

February 15, 2017 The Delta Optimist A5



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Brad Watson and Heather Caswell (now Watson) got married at the Tsawwassen Mills Bass Pro Shops Saturday. Store employee Darrin Monette, who’s also a marriage commissioner, conducted the ceremony.

Knot tied at Bass Pro DAVE WILLIS

d w i l l i s @ d e l t a - o p t i m i s t .c o m

Big outdoors enthusiasts Brad and Heather Watson tied the knot Saturday at Bass Pro Shops in Tsawwassen. “We’re outdoor people and Bass Pro, we just figured it would be a pretty cool idea. It’s rustic and it suits us so well,” explained Brad. He said it went great. The outdoors store at Tsawwassen Mills has wildlife mounts, nature-





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together and reconnected through Facebook. Watson noted their first date was at an archery event. Darrin Monette is a Bass Pro Shops employee who also happens to be a marriage commissioner. He conducted the newlywed’s ceremony. “Bottom line, I am proud to be part of their day. They are a wonderful couple,” Monette said, adding they were looking for a venue that was rustic, down to earth and had a big fireplace.

themed artwork and a large aquarium set in a “Whistler Mountain terrain.” The Aldergrove couple did some wedding photography at the store as well as took part in a shoot-off at the archery range. He said they enjoy hiking, fishing and hunting and are both competition archers. “Every second weekend we get out and we’re doing something,” he said. The couple actually went to elementary school



A6 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017


ElderCollege holds spring registration

ElderCollege Delta will be holding a pair of registration dates this month for its upcoming spring semester. Courses offered during the upcoming term include: iPad, Digital Photography, Windows 10, Social Media, Stress Reduction and Superfoods, French, Spanish, Lino Printing

and Abstract Painting, and Return of the Drama Studio. Special presentations during the spring semester include The Past, Present and Future of Electoral Reform by David Moscrop, a members-only event, and The Economics of Kindness by Guy Dauncey. Spring field trips will include a visit to the

Reservations recommended - Walk in Welcome for new menu, upcoming events & features

TRIUMF facility at UBC and a walking tour of Stanley Park with author and tour guide Will Woods. ElderCollege Delta is open to everyone 50 years and over, and offers learning in a relaxed, risk-free social environment. General registration takes place at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall on Saturday, Feb. 18 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and at Ladner Pioneer Library

on Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information or to register after Feb. 21, call 604-943-0262 or email eldercollegedelta@ ElderCollege Delta offers a bursary for a member who would otherwise be unable to attend a course. The complete spring program is available online at www.kinvillage. org.

Fishing heritage fundraiser

The Delta Fishing Heritage Society is extending an invitation to Delta’s fishing community, friends and all supporters of fishing heritage to enjoy a great meal and some musical entertainment next weekend. The society will host its annual salmon dinner and concert on Saturday, Feb. 25 at the Ladner Fishermen’s Hall, 4481 Savoy St. at 6 p.m. The event will also


“Happy Hour” 3 - 6 pm daily 99¢ ALASKA KING CRAB LEGS with beverage purchase

include a silent auction, 50/50 draw and a cash bar. Music will be provided by The Karmichaels, a local Irish Celtic band. Tickets are $30 and available from Angela’s Boutique at 604-946-5211 or John Stevens at 604946-9902 until Feb. 20. Formed in 2014, the society’s mission statement is to preserve and display the unique history of the fishing industry in Delta.



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Earthwise sculpture contest celebrates rain Art can be a powerful force for change, and some local artists are using it to bring attention to the importance of the Lower Mainland’s rain. As a part of its annual Rain Day celebration next month, Earthwise Society is inviting artists of all ages to use their imaginations to capture the beauty, fragility and importance of rain. Contest participants will create outdoor sculptures for display at the Earthwise Garden that pay tribute to this important natural resource. Participation is open to anyone who is interested. There are prizes for each age category and sculp-

tures will be highlighted on Earthwise social media. Sculptures can be playful or serious, static, kinetic, permanent or semi-permanent. Winners will be announced at Rain Day on Saturday, March 18 in the Earthwise Garden. B.C. and Alaska share the largest continuous coastal temperate rainforest in the world. These are forests that receive more than 250 cm of rain per year, most of it during the winter. While local residents may like to complain about it, we all know that rainfall is essential to maintain healthy groundwater supplies, irrigate crops and sustain our

ecosystem. With climate change, the sustainability of our water supplies is a more pressing issue than ever. The Rain Sculpture Contest, and Rain Day, are projects to bolster rain’s reputation and to acknowledge its importance in our region. It’s an Art for Action initiative that aims to make rain fun while raising awareness about water. Rain Day and the Rain Sculpture Contest have been made possible through EcoAction Canada. For more information, email Corinne at education@earthwisesociety. or call 604-946-9828.


Earthwise is encouraging artists to use their imaganation to capture the beauty and importance of rain in a sculpture contest.

Alzheimer Society hosting Dementia Friends workshop at KinVillage An estimated 70,000 British Columbians are living with dementia and this number is expected to grow. “As the population of our province ages, we will all be affected by dementia — as friends and family members, neighbours and

people in the labour force,” says Melissa Badger, an Alzheimer Society of B.C. support and education coordinator for Delta. That’s why the Alzheimer Society of B.C. encourages South Delta residents to become a Dementia Friend.

A Dementia Friend is someone who takes the time to learn a little about dementia so they can be supportive and inclusive towards people living with dementia. To make it easy for South Deltans to become Dementia Friends, the

6 pm: pick up, feed, bathe kids 10 pm: write report, do laundry

11:55 pm: plan financial future

You have dreams and ambitions, but where do you find the time to plan for them? A financial advisor can work with you to clarify your goals and find the mutual funds that will help you reach them.

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Zahir Dossa,

Financial Advisor

Eleanor Calderwood,

can all play a role in making our community a great place to live for people with dementia.” The workshop runs from 10 a.m. to noon at KinVillage Community Centre, 5410 – 10th Ave. To pre-register, contact the Alzheimer Resource

Financial Advisor

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Centre at 604-449-5000 or Caregivers or people living with dementia can get information or assistance by calling the society’s First Link Dementia Helpline at 1-800-9366033.

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Vicki Chatterley,

Alzheimer Society of B.C. will offer a Dementia Friends workshop on Tuesday, Feb. 21. “This is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge of how to best support people living with dementia in your community,” Badger says. “We


EST. 1971

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Murphy’s Law TED MURPHY


ell, the Liberals couldn’t have handled that one any worse if they had tried. It’s truly bizarre how what started as a privacy breach on the Liberal party website, initially discovered by Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington’s office and made public by Michael Smyth, a long-time political columnist for The Province, morphed into something so much more. After Smyth was tipped off by our independent MLA and started asking questions, public access to that portion of the website was cut off. It stands to reason the Liberals saw what Huntington, Smyth and others did — private information that should have been behind a firewall — and rectified the situation. The next logical step from the party would have been a mea culpa on the privacy breach and an apology to those whose information had been compromised. The story would have ended right there. Yet in a curious, facts-be-damned kind of way, Premier Christy Clark went on the offensive, claiming the Liberal party website had been hacked and pointed the finger at John Horgan’s New Democrats. After several days of strongly-worded accusations toward the NDP, Huntington felt compelled to clear the air, announcing that it was her office that had come across the data and that no hacking had taken place. The information was there for all to see – no user name, password or other security measure was required. Clark has since backtracked, admitting she jumped to conclusions and has offered Horgan an apology, which was obviously the right thing to do, but it’s still mind boggling to think that even in the legislature’s highly-charged, us-versus-them atmosphere that something could get so far off the tracks. There had to be those within the Liberal party that knew the site hadn’t been hacked because someone corrected what was likely just an oversight in security protocols. You would think that critical detail would have been relayed to the premier, if not immediately, then at least after her first baseless allegation, yet it took Huntington coming forward days later to set the record straight. I guess it’s karma that an issue the Liberals tried to use to scapegoat the NDP ended up blowing up in their face.

Voting system needs fixing

From his book Requiem for the American Dream, Noam Chomsky said, “Inequality is killing the American dream.” It strikes me that he’s right because the gap between the rich, and not only the poor, but the middle class, is widening at an alarming rate. That begs the question: Is our current democratic process failing the people it serves? Justin Trudeau recently abandoned his government’s flagship promise to make every vote count and reform our broken first-pastthe-post system. Their survey asking Canadians what they wanted was so biased that staying with the status quo was implied to be the best way to go forward. I guess he likes the power that goes with a majority government. The different options are quite confusing, but we need to understand them to make an informed choice. Our current system is based on the British parliamentary model. It’s not perfect but at least it is consistent across the country. I was surprised to learn that in the United States, each state determines its own voting rules. For example, in Oregon, they vote by mailing in their ballots. Some states, especially in the south, have made it so difficult for marginalized groups to vote that many have given up, resulting unfairly in what appears to be apathy or a lack of interest. Canada is a dominion of provinces and territories under one government that can have a few parties. To be an official party it

Community Comment ML BURKE

must have at least four elected members. In the case of Elizabeth May being the only elected Green Party member, she is more like an independent, which Delta South MLA Vicki Huntington can attest to as having its limitations. The voter turnout in the 2015 federal election was 61.4 per cent, the highest in 20 years. Australia’s turnout rate is around 98 per cent because they made it mandatory to vote. Nonvoters could be fined up to $170 or do community service. For those choosing not to vote, they can simply spoil their ballot by leaving it blank, which six per cent did in the last election. That still gives a 92 per cent result, which is impressive. Australia, like many European countries, uses the proportional representation model with a ranked voting system, which gives political parties legislative representation in proportion to their popular vote. The Australian candidates need to receive at least five per cent of the vote for

election, which protects against jokesters and silly parties interfering with the serious business of governance. I am now convinced that mandatory voting along with proportional representation is probably the fairest way to go. The argument that too many parties can slow the decision-making process can be offset by the parties (usually four to six) having to calmly debate issues rather than have decisions dictated to them by a ruling party. Imagine if our contentious question periods, full of shouting and desk banging, were instead moderated debates where all the parties get to present their arguments in a manner that everyone can understand, and then our representatives can vote according to their constituents’ wishes. It’s not only fair, it’s civilized. Note to the Delta school board and their bosses at the Ministry of Education: I know mandatory voting seems a bit extreme, but until we start teaching civics in our schools, our young people won’t understand the value or privilege of being able to vote. Twenty-four per cent of Canadians cannot name our head of state (Answer: the Queen). Ontario is the only province that teaches civics as part of its curriculum. ML Burke retired from the health sector to work on issues such as affordable housing. She sits on the Delta Seniors Planning Team and the B.C. Seniors Advocate’s Advisory Council.

February 15, 2017 The Delta Optimist A9


Casinos have darker side

Editor: It’s not like we don’t know the dangers of gaming or gambling. We’re reminded every time we see the advertisements from the gambling establishments or even when we go to purchase a lottery ticket. Everyone knows the odds are very much against us and the politicians know better than anyone. The problem is that the almighty buck, for government spending, trumps everything else. I was the premier of B.C. when gaming establishments were first considered and I remember it well. My compromise with fellow cabinet members was to restrict casinos to destination holiday resorts, like Whistler, and to keep them away from

family neighbourhoods. I won the battle but lost the war as succeeding politicians could not resist the temptation of added cash coming to government. Many might have thought they had to vote for it as it was the recommendation of the Ministry of Finance, its minister and bureaucracy. Little thought was given to the cost of gambling addiction, broken spirits, broken marriages, broken families and just going broke. In my travels I don’t mind a casual stop at a casino, but when I see people, that can ill afford it, stuff their last dollar into a slot machine, I feel the hurt and possible consequences when dad or mom comes home and the bread money is gone. In B.C., the casino

craze has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. We now not only have casinos in almost every community, where the billionaire operators think they can make a big buck, but they’ll squeeze them into nice quiet neighbourhoods and the B.C. Lottery Corporation is helping out with advertisements. The government is happy to take in millions from those that can least afford it, but they fail to recognize the mega millions needed to provide social assistance. Ironically, the politicians that most speak about providing social assistance to broken marriages, families and children are the first to approve yet another casino or lottery game. Bill Vander Zalm

Separation not good for South Delta

Editor Re: Forget becoming a city and look at separating, letter to the editor, Feb. 10 It doesn’t take much looking to realize that separating from Delta is an extremely bad idea. Greg Hoover correctly states that North Delta and South Delta residents have many different interests, but they share an overwhelming one that he overlooks -- property taxes. Someone must pay the cost of local government. Delta’s 2016 general residential property tax rate is 3.0163 per $1,000

of assessed valuation. Surrey’s is only 2.26262! Now ask yourselves: What would North Delta do if South Delta were to separate? Their major amenities and services are in Surrey, and property tax rates there are vastly less. Seems a no-brainer. North Delta would join Surrey… and take most of Delta’s high-tax-rate paying industries with them. South Delta residents would be stuck trying desperately to downsize Delta’s municipal government, which we would inherit because North Delta would have no fur-

ther use for it. Sure, we’ll have all those farms to compensate for the loss of industry, but farm taxes are miniscule compared to those paid by the industries that would leave with North Delta. It seems to me our South Delta residential property taxes, needed to fund a difficult-todownscale Delta government, and lacking most of our industrial tax support, could easily be two or three times what we’re now paying. Separation seems a very bad idea indeed. Ed Ries


Phone: 604-943-0262


SPRING SEMESTER 2017 Registration Members only:

Monday February 13, 2017 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm KinVillage Community Centre 5430 10th Ave. Tsawwassen

General registration:

Saturday February 18, 2017 10:00 am – 11:30 am Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall Tuesday February 21, 2017 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Ladner Public Library

Special Presentation – Members Only

The Past, Present, and Future of Electoral Reform in Canada Presented by David Moscrop Saturday, April 1, 2017 10:00am–Noon Cedar Park Church, 5300 44th Avenue, Ladner


A28 BYOD - Learn Windows 10 Presenter: Louise Latremouille 2 sessions: $20 Class Size: Max 10 Wednesdays: Mar 29, Apr 5 • 10:00am - Noon KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen B28 (a) iPad for Beginners Presenters: Paul and Kathleen Vanderwood 3 sessions: $30 Class size: max 8 Saturdays: Mar 11, 18, 25 • 10:15am - 12:15pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen B28 (b) iPad for Beginners Presenters: Brent and Sue Koot 3 sessions: $30 Class size: max 8 Tuesdays: Mar 7, 14, 21 • 10:00am - Noon KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen C28 Beyond iPad Beginners (BiB) Presenter: Brian Outerbridge 3 sessions: $30 Class size: max 8 Wednesdays: Mar 1, 8, 15 • 10:00am - Noon KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen D28 Android Tablet for Beginners Presenter: Ken McGrath 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 8 Saturdays: Apr 8, 15, 22, 29 • 10:15am - 12:15pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen E28 Genealogy Online – How to Research your Family Tree Presenter: Peter Tait 2 sessions: $20 Class size: max 8 Wednesdays: Apr 12, 19 • 7:00 - 9:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen F28 Downloading and Editing Digital Photos Presenter: Ivor Hewitt 3 sessions: $30 Class size: max 8 Tuesdays: Feb 28, Mar 7, 14 • 2:00 - 4:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen G28 Prepare Your Own Online Tax Return Presenter: Dan McGrath 2 sessions: $20 Class size: max 8 Tuesdays: Mar 21, 28 • 2:00 - 4:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen H28 Social Media for Beginners: Facebook & Pinterest Presenter: Ken McGrath 3 sessions: $30 Class size: Max 8 Wednesdays, Mar 1, 8, 15 • 2:00 - 4:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen J28 iPods/iPhones/Tablets Support 1 session: $10 Class size: max 10 J28 (a) Wednesday: Mar 22 OR J28 (b) Wednesday: Mar 29 • 2:00 - 4:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen


In support of the community, for the month of February, AJ’s Electrical will donate 10% of your invoice to the Delta Food Bank.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to extend to our valued citizens, over 50, a variety of programs with a view to expanding their knowledge and enhancing their lifestyles.

K28 Stress Reduction Through Meditation and Gentle Movement Presenter: Beth Triano 6 sessions: $60 Class size: max 10 Wednesdays: Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; April 5 • 7:00 - 9:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen L28 Superfoods Boost Workshop Presenter: Keyrsten McEwan RHN 1 session: $10 Class size: max 20 Thursday: Mar 23 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Vidal Court, Tsawwassen M28 (a) Le Café Français Presenter: Mariette Hains 6 sessions: $60 Class size: max 20, min 8 Mondays: Mar 6, 13, 20, 27; April 3, 10 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Ladner United Church M28 (b) Spanish Beyond Beginners – But Not Too Far! Presenter: Sue Lloyd 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 20, min 8 Thursdays: Apr 6, 13, 20, 27 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Vidal Court, Tsawwassen N28 Exploring Abstract Art Presenter: Sally Roberts 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 15 Wednesdays: Mar 8, 15, 22, 29 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Ladner United Church

P28 Lino Printmaking Presenters: Kit Grauer & Peter Scurr 3 sessions: $30 Class size: max 10 Tuesdays: Apr 11, 18, 25 • 1:00 - 3:00pm KinVillage Community Centre Q28 The Drama Studio Presenter: Morgan Gadd 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 18, min 6 Tuesdays: Apr 4, 11, 18, 25 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Cedar Park Church, Ladner R28 Friday Afternoon at the Opera Presenter: Rod Asher 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 25 Fridays: Mar 31; Apr 7, 21, 28 • 1:00 - 4:00pm Augustine House, Ladner S28 The Development of New Orleans Jazz Presenter: Howard Solverson 1 session: $10 Class size: 25 Friday: Mar 24 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Augustine House, Ladner T28 Sinclair Lewis’ Babbitt: The Power and Effectiveness of Satire Presenter: David Hunt 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 20 Thursdays: Apr 6, 13, 20, 27 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Cedar Park Church, Ladner U28 The Fascination of Journal Writing Presenter: Cecilia Mavrow 4 sessions: $40 Class size: max 15 Thursdays: Mar 9, 16, 23, 30 • 1:15 - 3:00pm Augustine House, Ladner V28 The Not So Boring History of Canada Presenter: Guillermo Bustos 5 sessions: $50 Class size: max 30 Wednesdays: Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Cedar Park Church, Ladner W28 The Impact of the Jet Stream on Westcoast Weather Presenter: Ross MacDonald 1 session: $10 Class size: max 25 Tuesday: Mar 21 • 7:00 - 9:00pm Vidal Court, Tsawwassen X28 Garden Design Workshop Presenter: Angelike Hedley 2 sessions: $20 Class size: 25 Tuesdays: Mar 28, Apr 4 • 7:00 - 9:00pm Vidal Court, Tsawwassen Y28 (a) Creating Intentional Communities Part Two Presenter: ML Burke 1 session: $10 Class size: max 25 Thursday: Mar 30 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Cedar Park Church, Ladner Y28 (b) Scams and Pressure Sales: Learning How NOT to Buy Presenter: Ivor Hewitt 1 session: $10 Class size: 20 Tuesday: Apr 4 • 2:00 - 4:00pm KinVillage Community Centre, Tsawwassen Y28 (c) Loss and Change as We Age Presenter: Margaret Fletcher 1 session: $10 Class size: max 30 Wednesday: Apr 12 • 1:00 - 3:00pm Cedar Park Church, Ladner FIELD TRIPS FT 1 Visit to the TRIUMF Facility at UBC Friday, March 3 1st session: $16 Class size: max 14 2nd session: $16 Class size: max 14 Friday, March 10 (if sufficient demand) FT 2 Explore the History of Stanley Park Tour Guide: Will Woods of “Forbidden Vancouver” 1 session: $26 Class Size 14 Friday, May 5

Special Community Presentation

This is a FREE presentation open to anyone in the community.

The Economics of Kindness: The End of Capitalism and the Birth of a New Cooperative Economy


Presented by Guy Dauncey Saturday, April 15, 2017 10:00 am - Noon Cedar Park Church, 5300 44th Avenue, Ladner NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL

Thank you to all our community supporters! Detailed program available on line and at public libraries and senior centres.

A10 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017



It’s tough to read rezoning sign

FROM THE PROS My feet hurt and my physician has recommended that I see a foot care nurse; how can I do this? Ans. Thanks for this question. Excellent foot health is the foundation to mobility and is an important part of your overall preventive health care. An assessment by a certified foot care nurse will determine your exact needs (basic or advanced) and the development of a treatment plan will allow you to maintain your mobility for as long as possible. We have partnered with a certified foot care nurse to provide full foot care services here in the pharmacy. Give us a call today with any questions you may have and to book your appointment. “Who Cares? I Do” is not just a slogan – it is THE reason Paul Gibbons, Pharmacist/Owner at the Medicine Shoppe in Tsawwassen, looks forward to helping you every day. Windsor Woods, Tsawwassen #4 - 1363 56 Street Tel: (778) 434-3300 email:

Editor: Tsawwassen Town Centre rezoning? I think I saw a rezoning sign butt up to the sidewalk facing 56th Street at the Town Centre Mall as I drove by. I can’t be sure, because my eyes are generally on the road. I wondered, though, who would be brave enough to read that sign? I can’t think it very safe to

turn your back on the constant traffic to read it. And thanks to my aging eyes, if I could remember that it’s there when I’m at the mall, I don’t think I could stand back far enough to see it without stepping onto the road. I haven’t seen a rezoning sign on the mall walkway, where people would see and read it easily. Maybe there’s another

one hiding somewhere? I wonder what Century Group wants to build there now? Still a 20-storey tower? Still planning to build up to the edge of the sidewalks and forever remove the open air, sunny Tsawwassen feel of our town centre? What the heck Delta? Why make it so difficult to see? Why indeed. Louise Latremouille

Double standard for ’Bay homeowners Editor: Delta has forced homeowners living on the shore of Boundary Bay to pay for higher seawalls whenever a building permit is issued for structural changes to the home. The walls belong to the homeowner

and were built with personal funds. Some chose not to install walls and now Delta is providing protection at no cost to them. So why are existing homeowners who have walls forced to add an $80,000 extension

to their walls? Why are we forced to pay for the flood protection for everyone in Boundary Bay? What would they say if I took down my wall? I know Boundary Bay would flood. R. Morrison

Notice of Proposal to Discharge a Land Use Contract


QUESTION I’ve had my new hearing aids for a few days, but they’re not performing exactly as I would like. Why? ANSWER This is common and nothing to be concerned about! It’s important to remember that adjusting to your new hearing aids will be a gradual process. We advise our clients that it often takes 4-6 visits to our clinic until we have the hearing aids perfectly fit and calibrated for each person and his or her lifestyle.

Mark Nickel


Hearing Instrument Practitioner

Phone: 604-943-0033 5682 12 Avenue, Tsawwassen

In addition to getting comfortable with how the hearing aids physically feel, you’ll notice that sounds and noises you may not have heard for quite some time are back. Your ears are now being supported by your new hearing aids; this means that in the first few days, many sounds will appear louder than before. Rest assured this will cease to be an issue once your brain gets used to these sounds again. During follow-up visits, we ask our clients to be very honest about what is working well and what could use improvement. Hearing aids are powerful pieces of technology; getting the most out of them requires expertise and commitment from us, and trust and patience from you. Though it can be a process, we’re in it with you all the way to help you hear more out of life.

Q: What are the ways I can make a

LAND USE CONTRACT DISCHARGE BYLAW NO. 7641 FOR 5253 BENTLEY COURT (FILE NO. LU008071) PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that at the Regular Meeting to be held on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Municipal Hall, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, B.C., the Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta will consider third reading and final adoption of “Delta (Dubras/Bagnall – LU008071) Land Use Contract Discharge Bylaw No. 7641, 2017” which relates to the property at 5253 Bentley Court as shown outlined in bold and marked “Subject Property” on the map below. The purpose of this bylaw is to authorize Council to discharge Land Use Contract S.A. No. 3151, which was registered in the Land Title Office in 1977 under charge N122548 and modified in 1978 under charge P79292, from the subject property to reveal the underlying RS1 Single Family Residential Zone, in order to allow the construction of an addition to the existing single family dwelling. Pursuant to Section 464(2) of the Local Government Act and Council’s resolution on February 6, 2017, there will not be a Public Hearing for this bylaw. Website: – February 6, 2017 Regular Council Meeting Agenda Item No. E.04 AND TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the bylaw, detailed maps and other relevant information and regulations may be inspected at the office of the Community Planning and Development Department, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, B.C., (604-946-3380) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:30 am and 4:45 pm and Thursday between 8:30 am and 8:00 pm from February 9, 2017 to February 20, 2017, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. Interested residents have the opportunity to provide written comments regarding the application at this time. Comments are to be received on or before 12:00 noon, February 20, 2017. Comments should be referred to: Mayor and Council, The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC V4K 3E2 Fax: 604-946-3390 • Email:

charitable gift through my Will?


Making a bequest in your Will to an organization that is near and dear to your heart is a great way to support them without giving up assets during your lifetime. A gift in your Will can also have significant tax savings for your estate. When you make this gift, a charitable tax receipt is issued to your estate that will help reduce your taxes. There are three types of bequests that you can consider when making this gift. A specific bequest is a gift of specified cash or piece of property. A residual gift is a gift of all or part of the residue of your estate after all specific bequests and expenses have been paid out of your estate. A contingent bequest is a gift that will pass to your charity of choice in the event that your beneficiary or beneficiaries should predecease you.

Lisa Hoglund Executive Director Delta Hospital Foundation

‘Partners for Tomorrow’ is a wonderful group of individuals who have made a promise to leave a future gift to Delta Hospital Foundation in the form of a bequest, RRSP/RRIF or life insurance policy. Delta Hospital Foundation recognizes and honours these donors who have left a lasting legacy to our hospital. Remembering Delta Hospital Foundation as part of your estate plans helps build a strong and vibrant future for our hospital and community. If you are interested in leaving a bequest to Delta Hospital Foundation in your Will, please contact me at: or call 604 940 9695. More information on making a charitable gift through your Will to Delta Hospital Foundation is also available at the Donor Centre on our website:

The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2 (604) 946-4141

February 15, 2017 The Delta Optimist A11

Index disappears along with house phone There was once a time when cord limited your ability to roam while on phone

Living Matters


In the home of my childhood, there was a little table in the hall. It had a little chair and a little shelf. Inside the little shelf

lived an address book — or more properly, what was called a telephone index. It was metallic grey, and it had a sliding button that cruised the alphabet. Pop it on B, and bingo! Up came the numbers for Babysitter. In the home of my childhood, one did not sit on the porch to make a call. One did not retire to the privacy of the bedroom or the den. One sat at the telephone table in the hall, and yammered on

about this or that — for all in the family to hear. In the home of my husband’s childhood, there was a similar setup. In his case, however, there was no table in the hall, more than likely because there was no hallway. His telephone station was in the kitchen. The phone was almond, if I recall, and it was attached to a wall just inside the door. It had a black curly cord, which was long enough that you could make your call beside

To them, a phone without a camera would be like a TV without a remote or a laptop without a keyboard — nothing short of weird. So it is that the telephone is evolving still — and in some cases disappearing. “We don’t need our house phone anymore,” the husband informed me not long ago. I gave the statement some thought. I decided he was right. After all, the only people who call on the phone

the broom closet if you wished. My sons would not get this. In the home of their childhood, there were phones in the kitchen, in the TV room and in their parents’ bedroom. None of them had a cord. To the sons, it would be unfathomable to have to sit in one place while speaking to a girlfriend. They would have preferred dental work than a conversation with a special gal within earshot of their mother.

these days — it’s still in the kitchen, the den and our bedroom — are solicitors. Or pollsters. Or people with thick accents who claim that our computer has contracted a virus, which can only be treated if we share credit card information. The house phone is about to join the hall phone and the wall phone and head where old phones go to die. No longer need them, not even one. But I’d love a telephone index.

ADVICE FROM THE PROS Q: I just received my BC Assessment Notice and it is showing the value of our home increased dramatically compared to last year. Is this accurate market value?

QUESTION: If you become aware that your tenant is smoking or growing pot, what can you do? ANSWER:

These days people from all walks can legally use, grow, and supply and you may not be able to evict them. When it occurs in your rental it can cause problems such as severe damage that insurance won’t cover.

David Moore

Regardless of damage you have a “stigmatized” property, diminishing the value and making it difficult to rent again. Your lease agreement and property management agreement will be your only recourse so they need to be properly written and enforced. The peace of mind and preservation of capital is well worth the fees charged by a professional management company. Call Your Rental Champions Today! David 778-991-1966 direct. Visit us at Our office is located in Tsawwassen at #203 1624 56 St


BC Assessment values across South Delta increased exponentially the last year and although people are surprised Garrett Chu to see such large gains, we want to emphasize that market value Vice President can sometimes be very different than the assessment amount and that these notices are NOT always accurate gauges of true market value. The comparable data used to determine these prices is RE/MAX Progroup Realty typically 8-12 months outdated and many times updates and 5360 12th Avenue renovations are not taken into consideration. In our experience Delta 604.728.2845 over the years, we have seen properties sell for much less and sometimes much more than the BC Assessment value. Due to the Top 100 fact there are so many factors that affect the value of a property, RE/MAX REALTORS® WORLDWIDE 2011+2012** there is NO rule of thumb to measure your home’s worth by using #1 Agent in Ladner/Tsawwassen YTD 2016* the Assessment Notice. If you are thinking of selling in today’s #1 Ranked RE/MAX Team in Western Canada YTD 2016** #3 Ranked RE/MAX Team in Canada YTD 2016** market, it’s best to consult your local professional for an opinion *based on total MLS sales in 2016 of the true market value of your home. **based on total residential & commercial commissions earned Jan-Jun 2016.



Mom & Dad want to live out their days in their own home. What things should we consider in their choice?

My spouse and I have been separated for several years, we have a separation agreement that settled all issues in dispute and do not have children, how do I get a divorce?

Lindy Mathesius

ANSWER: You must start a court application for a divorce by filing a Notice of Family Claim in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Your best option is to apply for a divorce on the basis that you have lived separate and apart for at least one year. Once you have the filed application the next step is for your spouse to be personally served by someone other than yourself. Your spouse then has 30 days to file a Response if they wish to contest the application. If no Response is filed, or your spouse consents, the divorce application can proceed by way of a desk order application. It can take several weeks to process the final stage of the application so it is important to give yourself plenty of time if you are planning to remarry. You can marry again once the divorce order becomes official, which occurs 31 days after the date the judge signs the divorce order. There are several components to a divorce application and the forms must be filled out correctly in order for the divorce to be processed. I recommend that you consult a lawyer for legal advice about your specific circumstances and to make sure all your forms are in order prior to filing the Notice of Family Claim.


4873 Delta Street, Delta, BC V4K 2T9 • 604-946-2199

ANSWER: It can be an undertaking to respect someone’s personal choice to remain at home. It can be possible, meanwhile, many factors affect your parents safety and success to live out their days at home. It is essential to map out an encompassing plan, long-view budget, and discussing the ‘up to what point’ boundary in their care. A few considerations of what they may need:

Rhonda Doram HoneyDo

Lifestyle Assistant Inc.


• Mobility - mobility aids, ramps, alternatives for stairs, lifts? • Meals - help cooking, shopping, preparing meals, feeding themselves? • Hygiene - special bathing tools, full - assistance bathing, modified bathtub • Personal care - managing toileting, hair, nails, teeth, adaptive clothing? • Appropriate Care - day/overnight staff, or in-home nursing care? • Legal - establishing a Power of Attorney and/or Health Representative? • Communications - family communiqués, inter-staff notes, daily essentials monitoring • Safety - installing LifeLine, dementia protocol, a neighborhood network HoneyDoTM can be a guide in your research and resources to stay safely at home. Our care-FULL services, from companionship to more complex needs of personal and dementia care, are designed with your choices in mind.

* 2017 AIRMILES ‘Social Venture’ Award Winner of Delta Rotarians BUSINESS ETHICS AWARD 2016 Top 3 Small Business of the Year 2016

A12 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017



Sandy Drover


Since this is Canada’s 150th anniversary as a country, are there any special coins coning out to celebrate this event.



Cruising is a fantastic way for families to come together to enjoy some great quality time. With plenty of supervised activities for the kids and a chance for the adults to relax and catch up, more and more families are being “sold” on multigenerational cruises. Cruise lines have taken notice of the multigenerational family and now offer a wide array of stateroom choices; from multi-bedroom suites, adjoining cabins or just individual cabins, there is something for all your needs. You don’t have to worry about dragging everyone to the formal dining room, there’s plenty of other options to choose from, including casual restaurants, buffets or just grabbing a burger and fries poolside. Activities on board are sure to keep everyone entertained. Whether it’s the kid’s area for your toddler, the arcade for your teenager, the large production shows or the cooking classes there is something for the entire family. Cruising is not just a vacation, it’s an educational experience. A history lesson as you cruise though the ancient cities of Europe, experiencing the man-made wonder of the Panama Canal or listening to an Athabaskan Elder talk about their culture in Alaska. We have our SEA THE WORLD promotion running until February 18th 2017, with 10 participating cruise lines with hundreds of unique voyages on sale to the most desired travel destinations in the world. I am sure, we, at Expedia CruiseShipCenters South Delta can find the perfect vacation for you and your family. Come visit us today!

Expedia CruiseShipCenters 152-4857 Elliott St (Ladner Harbour Center) 604-946-7444

Yes, the Canadian government and the Royal Canadian Mint plan a wide range of coin and stamp issues this year. I will describe the coins that have already been issued, as well some that will be issued very soon. The 2017 Silver Proof set is the only set so far that features the 150th anniversary coins that will be coming out in circulation. All 6 of the standard coins (5 cent - toonie) have new images celebrating Canada’s birthday. The silver dollar shows the map of Canada with our flag and 150 over-imposed on the map. As reported in the Richmond News previously the toonie was designed by a Richmond resident. The mint has sold out of this set but we still have some at $239.95 and no GST.

Jim Richardson, owner Western Coin and Stamp

We also have the Silver Dollar with the map by itself priced at $59.95. The other sets all come with what the Mint is describing as the Classic coins. We have the Specimen set with a Canada Goose loonie priced at $51.95. Also the Baby set, Oh Canada set, Birthday set, and Anniversary set, all priced at $21.95. Just about to be released in early February is my favorite looking set. This involves both the Classic coins and the new Anniversary coins mounted in a Maple Leaf board. With a price of $34.95 and an issue amount that allows less than 3% of Canadians to own one (let alone give on to out of country relatives) This set seems to be a spectacular way to remember our 150 Birthday.

Western Coin & Stamp #2 - 6380 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC



Hi Paul. I was elected to our property’s Strata Council and we are having our AGM soon. What should I suggest in regards to budgeting for maintenance for plumbing and heating? Some people seem to resist the idea of paying for maintenance. Thx.- Nathan- Steveston

ANSWER: In most situations you can. The funds need to be from a family member. However in certain situations, such as when you’re self-employed or with certain special lending programs gifted down payments may not be allowed. The best thing to do is talk to a mortgage professional to find out if home ownership may just be closer than you think.


Paul Bach Owner 604-940-2268

LISA MANWARING 604-805-1833

Hi Nathan. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Ask a mechanic what he thinks about regular oil changes vs. the cost of rebuilding an engine. The Plumbing and Heating System in a Complex or Building is a complicated machine with many components that all work together. They are built to last and to be a minimum of hassle, if maintained. I strongly suggest a full mechanical audit of all your equipment and plumbing and look into setting up a maintenance program. PJB Mechanical does full mechanical audits for free and will provide you a full report and suggestions as well as a proposed maintenance contract. A few things to consider are; Boilers and Hot Water Tanks, Drain Flushing, Parkade Fans, Air Intakes, PRV’s and Perimeter Drainage. Every building is different and should be assessed individually. Maintenance programs for Stratas can be budgeted for and scheduled. Emergencies cannot. A year’s worth of maintenance costs can easily be surpassed by one unnecessary emergency call. If you have trouble explaining this to your Strata Council, give us a call. We can help.

Q: What is xerostomia? A: Xerostomia is a medical description for dry mouth.

Q. Could sleep apnea kill me? A: Sleep apnea is associated with other serious medical conditions

and comorbidities. It has been shown to increase risk of developing stroke, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, work and motor vehicle accidents. If you are already receiving treatment for your sleep apnea than that’s great, you want to ensure that you are minimizing stress on your heart and body. If you know you have sleep apnea and are not treating it, you are putting yourself in danger of developing other medical conditions. What makes sleep apnea dangerous are the repeated oxygen drops during your sleep, causing your body and heart stress, and resulting in a fragmented sleep. CPAP, the most effective and popular treatment option, is better than ever and can have positive and life changing results. Speak with a CanSleep therapist today about the right treatment for you. Breathe Better. Sleep Easy. Live Well.

Marina Abramskey, B.Kin RRT Delta I 120 - 6345 - 120th St. I 778.564.7503 Coquitlam I 400 - 2963 Glen Drive I 604.468.5854 New Westminster I 409-301 E. Columbia St. I 604.544.8744 Visit us at any of our locations Surrey, Delta, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Burnaby & Coquitlam


Causes for dry mouth can occur naturally from damage to the salivary glands, high stress situations and from prescription medications. Attention needs to be paid to this condition. When dry mouth occurs, acid levels in your mouth rise and can cause caries (cavities) in your teeth. High acid levels can also cause denture sores resulting from diminished tissue reparability. Diabetics are always at risk for this condition and should closely monitor their salivary flow. Health practitioners can aid their patients with a number of products such as Biotene™ and Xylitol™. Biotene™ is a moisturizer for your mouth. It comes in a toothpaste, mouth wash and a gel for severe xerostomia. Xylitol comes in a toothpaste, mouthwash, mints and gum. The moisturizing action of Xylitol occurs by naturally stimulating your salivary glands and creating a higher flow of your own saliva. Xylitol mints are excellent before physical activity or to have in your pocket during your daily activities. The mints can bring the acid levels in your mouth to a neutral ph. within thirty seconds. Both products are effective and can be used in combination. If you have questions regarding this or any other subject please do not hesitate to call or setup an appointment for a free consultation. You can also go our website at for more articles and information.

#240 – 3671 Westminster Hwy

Richmond BC V7C5V2

February 15, 2017 The Delta Optimist A13

Getting your house & yard ready for Spring

Versatile gray is the choice of designers

Colour trends in interior design are frequently fickle, quickly swinging from one side of the spectrum to the other. But for once, forecasters say that a single hue has entrenched itself as the current and future favorite: gray. “Gray, in all its variations, has emerged as the overwhelming choice of designers for spaces ranging from home interiors to elegant office settings, and everything in between,” says Debbie Zimmer, colour expert for the Paint Quality Institute. Versatility is the secret to the success of gray, says Zimmer. “Gray is beautiful in its own right, but it is so perfectly neutral that it can work alongside other soft tints or serve as a perfect

schemes that foil for vibrant are not only accent colours.” classic, but One reason also calmgray is so vering. Similar satile is that it results can be is not a stark achieved with primary colour, blue-grays. nor is it typically Meanwhile, a simple combired- or greennation of black leaning grays and white. What often appear we call “gray” ultra-sophistiactually refers to cated. a wide range of Grays are complex grayish practical, too. colours that often Since they contain hints of work with so red, green, blue, many colours, yellow or some it’s easy to other hue. change the “This subtle Versatile gray is being used everywhere from bedrooms to offices. overall appeartinting is what gray paints that contain coordinate beautifully with ance of a room enables various a little yellow pigment burgundy or purple.” by simply repainting an grays to work well with so Yellowish-grays paired accent wall in a different many complementary and work well with gold, beige or brown, while those with beiges or off-whites hue. Or, easier yet, introcontrasting colours,” says containing red pigment create neutral colour ducing a new “punch” Zimmer. “For example,

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colour by adding accent pieces like bright pillows. If you’ve decided to use gray as the dominant colour in a room, Zimmer suggests you first select an attractive gray paint for the walls; then ask the salesperson to show you the colour formula. Pigment colours blended into the “gray” paint point to the colours you should choose for trim paint, accent walls and even furnishings. “Using the colour clues hidden in the paint formula is a great place to start when putting together a colour-coordinated interior,” says Zimmer. “But gray is neutral enough to work with nearly every hue. It’s almost impossible to go wrong when using it as the basis for your colour scheme.”

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Conquer the stairs by moving laundry room to second floor

7402 Progress Way Delta, BC V4G OA1 (Tilbury Industrial Park)

HB Roofing professional roofing contractor is experienced in all types of sloped and flat roofing systems. HB Roofing offers new and re-roofing installations for commercial, industrial and residential markets. They offer service for repairs and maintenance for both tar & gravel and torch-on membrane roof systems. HB Roofing works with all type of roofing materials such as synthetic, wood, green, metal, asphalt shingles, torch-on membrane and concrete & slate tiles. HB roofing is a professional roofing company that is locally owned and operated. Our professional roofing contractor philosophy is to provide quality workmanship and customer satisfaction to all HB Roofing’s clientele. HB roofing, the professional roofing contractor’s services include a full sheet metal shop onsite production of metal roofing, fabrication of materials onsite, continuous gutters, and a fully equipped disposal service. HB roofing manufactures many of their roofing materials. This advantage gives HB roofing the edge among the competition in providing quick and efficient service. • Fully insured and certified • Offers 24 hr emergency service • Up to 50 years manufacturer guarantee on products and installation • On-site WCB-compliant Call Sean Donnelly Construction Safety officer Mobile 604-240-6843 • On-site clean up In business 25 years • Disposal Service


Laundry can be a cumbersome chore. In homes with more than one storey, clothes are put in a hamper, carried down to the washer and dryer, where they are then cleaned, dried, folded and taken back upstairs to be put away. The entire process can be inefficient, which may contribute to why so many people delay doing laundry for as long as possible. As unenjoyable as it can be, doing laundry is a necessity. Fresh clothing not only looks and smells good, it is essential to personal hygiene. One way to make the process of doing laundry go more smoothly is to consider moving the location of the laundry area. More homeowners are moving their laundry

rooms upstairs so they don’t have to transport laundry baskets up and down the stairs. Before moving their laundry rooms, homeown-





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an easily accessible water shut-off valve. Turn off the valve when the washer is not in use. Also, steel-braided washer hoses are sturdier than standard hoses and are less likely to burst. Homeowners also can place the washer in a drain pan, which will catch overflowing water and drain it through a pipe. Some areas may require a floor drain as an alternative. Homeowners also must recognize that noise can be a problem with upstairs laundry rooms. Front-loading appliances may cause more vibration and movement than toploaders.

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ers should take steps to safeguard their homes, and that may involve finding the ideal location for the new room. Find space for an upstairs laundry room and then consult with an engineer to be sure the plan is feasible. An engineer and an architect can assess if a home is structurally sound enough to handle the weight and vibration of an upstairs laundry. One of the biggest concerns with regard to moving a laundry room upstairs is the fear of flooding or leaks. There are certain steps to take to minimize these risks. Experts advise installing

1140 - 56th Street, Tsawwassen 604-943-0141



604.273.2227 r i c h m o n d t i l e c e n t r e. c a We are located at 12571 Bridgeport Road in Richmond (Just west of Sweden Way)

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Formal dining and living rooms giving way to open concepts

Organizing a pantry can help shoppers save money.

Organized pantry crucial when shopping in bulk

Since the advent of supermarkets and warehouse stores, many food shoppers have embraced buying in bulk. Buying in bulk can help shoppers save money and avoid lastminute trips to the grocery store in search of missing ingredients, but all those extra items also necessitate more careful pantry planning. People already short on space may need to reorganize their pantries to make room for items purchased in bulk. Purging a pantry of expired items and developing an organizational strategy that works may take a little time, but once a system is in place, cooking and meal planning should become a lot easier. 1. Declutter — It’s difficult to get organized if you’re holding on to items you no longer use. Therefore, go through the pantry and find any expired foods and halfeaten items that have gravitated to the back of the cabinet or closet. After you go through everything, you will likely find that you have much more room than you once thought. 2. Empty the rest — Before placing items back in the pantry, take inventory of what you have. Getting them out in the open will enable you to see exactly what’s there and get an idea of what you purchase the most. This will help you set up food zones or purchase containers that will fit your pantry better. If you have unspoiled foods that you are unlikely to eat, donate them to a food bank. Now that the pantry is empty, take this opportunity to clean and adjust the shelves. 3. Downsize from bulky packaging — Bulky packages may not fit in your pantry. Invest in plastic or glass containers with lids

that will keep foods visible, neat and fresh. 4. Establish food zones — Establishing food zones is a great way to organize a pantry and make meal time more efficient. Group breakfast foods together and store pastas and sauces near each other. Use a basket for baking items, including smaller spices or things like baking powder that can get lost in large cabinets. Then all you have to do is reach in and find something easily. 5. Keep a running inventory — Routinely look in the pantry to determine what you need. This prevents overspending on items you already have and also ensures your pantry won’t grow cluttered with repeat items.

Formal dining and living spaces could once be found in every home. But such rooms are becoming more and more rare, thanks in large part to the rising popularity of multipurpose open spaces. As early as 1992, architects and builders were predicting the demise of formal living spaces in homes. So what is taking the place of living rooms and dining rooms? Great rooms and openconcept kitchens have steadily caught the eyes of designers and homeowners alike. Such rooms enable a free flow between lounging and entertaining spaces and the heart of the home — the kitchen. On-the-go families may not be sitting down to the same formal dinners they once were, or they don’t need the pomp and circumstance of formal meals. Large eat-inkitchens function well for family meals and even for entertaining friends in a relaxing way. Thanks to the advent of wireless technology and mobile devices, home residents no longer need to be relegated to one room in the house for their media watching or computer use.

Formal dining rooms may fall victim to more useful spaces popularized by modern home plans. This may have helped to accelerate the disappearance of living rooms. In addition, the concept of devoting one space as a media-free zone (traditional formal living or sitting rooms tend to be

tech-free) may seem antiquated to this plugged-in generation. Rooms that are comfortable and serve various purposes better suit today’s homeowners. The rules that once governed the traditional home

floor plan are more fluid than ever. Homeowners’ preferences are having a greater impact over which rooms are now being included in new homes and which ones are soon to be history.

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Silestone is a combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that are extraordinarily hard and resilient. These characteristics combine to create an ideal surface for kitchen countertops, bathrooms, flooring and wall cladding. Silestone Natural Quartz is a surface material with outstanding properties created for kitchen and bath design applications. It offers beauty similar to natural stone in a wide range of colours and extraordinary textures.

1131 56th Street, Tsawwassen 604.943.9011 •

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Windows are good return on investment

Replacing old windows is often a worthwhile investment for homeowners. Energy-efficient windows can prevent heating and cooling loss and keep homes more comfortable throughout the year. Windows also can improve a home’s resale value, proving a good return on investment for homeowners who want to upgrade their homes before putting them on the market. Window replacement projects can be costly, so it pays to get the job right the first time. Before begin-

ning a window replacement project, homeowners should research which windows will meet their specific needs, learning the subtleties between finishes and features, as well as comparing prices for the windows and installation. Choose the right time of year The best time of year to plan window replacement is when the weather will be warm, ideally in the spring or early summer. However, homeowners do not want conditions to be too warm, as each room

where new windows will be installed will temporarily be exposed to the elements. Furthermore, caulk adheres better in warmer weather and will dispense easily. Consider available features When replacing windows, homeowners may want to install the same style windows they currently have. But the problems that led to the need to replace windows may still exist even when new windows are installed. When replacing windows, consider energy perfor-

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Replacement windows can be a smart investment in comfort and design appeal of a home. mance ratings based on the locations of the windows in the house. Don’t ignore maintenance needs Maintenance costs involved with cleaning, repairs and painting can add up. When shopping

for windows, consider the amount of maintenance they will need. Woodframed windows may require more upkeep than aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. Also, consider if certain window types, such as double-hung windows, casement windows, awning windows or slider windows, would be practical. Keep home style in mind A poor match between

windows and the style of the home can produce unwanted changes in the appearance of the home. Replacement windows should match the style and appearance desired. Expect minimal disruption When homeowners hire professionals who are good at their craft, window replacement projects should not be a terrible inconvenience.

Your Space. Your Style. Your Way. Tile Town is proud to carry the largest in-stock selection of ceramic, porcelain, mosaic and natural stone tile in the Lower Mainland.



Richmond 604 273 6721

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(corner of Shell Rd. and Bridgeport Rd.)



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Community Coming Events CLUBS AND GROUPS Delta Photo Club meets Wednesday, Feb. 15 for Special Interest Group night. The first part of the evening, attendees will have a choice of: David Friederich-a brief seminar on judging or Francois Cleroux-ICC profiles and White Balance. After a break, we’ll participate in a peer-to-peer critique session. Bring images in any format: phone, tablet, laptop or print, to receive feedback. DPC assembles Wednesdays at KinVillage Community Centre at 7 p.m. (socializing and setup) 7:30 p.m. start. Guests welcome. For more information, please visit DCLS Volunteer Information Session. DCLS is looking for some enthusiastic people to work with us as volunteer Peer Mentors this spring/summer. Information session will provide information about this rewarding volunteer experience, and attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions about our programs. Thursday, Feb. 16, 6 to 8 p.m. at DCLS Scott Road Connections, 105-7953 Scott Road (behind the Greek Village Restaurant). For more information: https:// The South Delta Newcomers & Alumnae meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:15 p.m. at the Art Gallery, Kiwanis Longhouse, located at 1710-56th St., Tsawwassen. The club is for women who have moved to South Delta and Point Roberts, to introduce you to the community and help you make new friends. We have speakers on topics of interest to our members. Join us on Feb. 16 to hear Sharleen Dickson, a travel agent. She will be speaking on The Joy of Travelling Solo. Contact Linda at, phone number: 604-9433863, for more information.

Hospice Cottage, 152156th St., Tsawwassen, events include: Toys and kids books - Saturday, Feb. 18. Collectible sale – March 3 & 4. Spring items for sale starting March 6. General registration for ElderCollege Delta spring courses takes place at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall on Saturday, Feb. 18 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and at Ladner Pioneer Library on Tuesday, Feb. 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. ElderCollege is open to all 50 years and over. Learn in a relaxed, riskfree social environment. For further information or to register after Feb. 21st contact 604-943-0262 or Complete spring program available at www.kinvillage. org. Egan Davis, the rising star of West Coast horticulture and garden design, will be speaking on Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. at the South Delta Garden Club meeting in Ladner. Celebrating 65 years of serving the South Delta community this year, the SD Garden Club offers free entry to its monthly speaker series on a wide variety of horticultural topics. Meetings are held at Ladner Christian Reformed Church, 4594-54A St. in Ladner. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the speaker begins at 7:30. For more info: www. Dementia Friends, a free Alzheimer Society of B.C. workshop, 10 a.m. to noon, Feb. 21, KinVillage Community Centre, 541010th Avenue. Pre-registration required. 604-449-5000, The New Tsawwassen Springs Tuesday Ladies Golf Club is accepting new members for the 2017 season. The season begins on April 11 at 9 a.m. The annual fee is $140 to join, that includes BC Golf, affiliation fee and prizes. Any woman interested in joining please contact the Pro Shop at 604 948-4653.

SENIORS eCleCtiC café - Songs from

findschildrensthriftstore Phone 604.946.6622 ext 328 Email


Howard Solverson’s varied repertoire, along with a guest, in a coffee house setting. Saturday, Feb. 18, 7 to 9 p.m. at McKee Seniors Recreation Centre. Members $4; guests $6. Coffee, tea & cookies will be served.

SPECIAL EVENTS The Ladner Community Garden Society invites you to join us at Ladner Seedy Saturday & Garden Expo 2017 on Feb. 18 at the Ladner United Church, 4960-48th Ave. in Ladner from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Come listen to well-known speakers for the latest in garden trends, trade seeds at our seed swap and shop with our vendors. Admission is by donation. Affair of the Heart with Graeme Swan, M.Ed. Counselling Psychology, Wednesday, Feb. 22, 7 to 8:45 p.m. Free. If you or a loved one has recently survived a heart attack or have been diagnosed with heart disease, or a cardiac event, or had cardiac surgery, come join the small group discussion at The Village Clinic #7-1363-56th St., Tsawwassen. Register at or

call 778-434-3072. Rotary International, which has helped sponsor many community projects near and far, such as the new Rotary Club of Ladner Splash Park, invites you and your family to drop in to find out more about this large, diverse service network, on Rotary Day, Saturday, Feb. 25, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Port Metro Vancouver office, Trenant Park Shopping Centre, 5225A Ladner Trunk Rd., Ladner. Everyone is invited to celebrate Heritage Day at Cammidge House, Sunday, Feb. 26, from 1 to 4 p.m. Guest speaker will be wellknown local historian, author and resident, Doug Massey, who offers vast knowledge of our community’s heritage. Refreshments available - free event - lots of parking. Info:

Geof at 604-943-1303 or

ARTS Enjoy an evening out at The Wander Inn Café, Saturday, Feb. 18 from 7 to 10 p.m. at 5545 Ladner Trunk Rd., Delta. $7 suggested donation covers great entertainment by Jacob Hofing on guitar/vocals and Allen Desnoyers on guitar/vocals, plus coffee/tea and goodies. The Coming Events column is published every Wednesday as a community service. If you have a non-profit event, mail, drop off, fax, or e-mail ( the details to the Optimist by 3 p.m. Monday. Submissions are subject to space limitations (no phone calls, please).


with BC Care Card and Premium Assistance

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Delta South needs an


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Sports Shorts SCOREBOARD

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL Fraser Valley SW Boys AAAA GP W L Pts Semiahmoo 8 8 0 16 Tamanawis 8 6 2 12 Princess Margaret 8 6 2 12 Panorama Ridge 8 5 3 10 Frank Hurt 8 4 4 8 Seaquam 8 3 5 6 Fleetwood Park 7 2 5 4 South Delta 8 1 7 2 Earl Marriott 8 1 7 2


Got Sports?

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Super Saturday

Fraser Valley Boys AAA West Guildford Park 5 5 0 10 Delta 4 3 1 6 Sullivan Heights 5 3 2 6 Southridge 4 2 2 4 Brookswood 4 2 2 4 North Delta 5 2 3 4 Langley 5 1 4 2 Elgin Park 4 0 4 0 PACIFIC JUNIOR HOCKEY Tom Shaw Conference W L T OTL Pts Delta 31 12 0 1 63 Grandview 28 9 2 5 63 Richmond 22 13 3 5 52 North Van 17 24 1 2 37 Port Moody 15 27 0 1 31 Harold Brittain Conference Aldergrove 36 7 0 0 72 Abbotsford 24 14 0 4 54 R. Meadows 22 18 2 2 48 Mission City 18 22 0 4 40 Surrey 0 41 0 3 3 PHOTOS BY GORD GOBLE

Leading Scorers

G E. Callegari (Ald) 26 C. Davitt (Ald) 25 K. Steen (Abb) 26 R. Sharma (Miss) 17 K. Lee (Grand) 22 M. Oliver (Ald) 28 I. Creamore (NV) 18 Q. Leroux (Ald) 25 J. Bogress (Del) 23 D. Szpakowski (PM) 22 B. Crompton (Del) 21

A 47 37 31 38 29 21 31 22 24 24 25

Pts 73 62 57 55 51 49 49 47 47 46 46


Pacific Standard Time. Height in feet THURSDAY, FEB. 16 2:18 am 8:49 am 3:47 pm 10:02 pm FRIDAY, FEB. 17 2:58 am 9:18 pm 4:35 pm 11:29 pm SATURDAY, FEB. 18 3:48 am 9:48 am 5:25 pm SUNDAY, FEB.19 1:00 am 5:01 am 10:23 am 6:18 pm MONDAY, FEB. 20 2:17 am 6:50 am 11:08 am 7:11 pm

Delta Pacers were well-represented in “Super Saturday” at North Delta Secondary which featured the five championship games from the Delta Basketball League. Three teams from the Ladner school reached the finals and all came up short against the Seaquam Seahawks, including the Grade 8 Girls (above) and Junior Girls (right). All three will be participating in this week’s Fraser Valley Championships.

Ainsworth signs with Lions Former Sun Devils standout to continue his CFL career in his hometown MARK BOOTH

m b o o t h @ d e l t a - o p t i m i s t .c o m

7.5 13.8 6.6 11.2 8.9 13.1 6.2 11.2 2.6 12.8 5.9 11.5 10.5 12.5 5.6 12.1 11.2 12.1 5.2

These predictions are supplements to and not replacements for the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, which include the only authorized tidal predictions for Canada and are provided by Canadian Hydrographic Service.

Dylan Ainsworth is about to become an even bigger fixture in the local football community. The former standout with the South Delta Sun Devils and his father David were regulars at SDSS home and away games last fall. Ainsworth should have been in Regina for his third CFL season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders but was back home recovering from a neck injury in training camp that left him with stiffness and concussion-like symptons. The Riders allowed him to rehabilitate the injury in B.C. to also be there for his family. David, a huge supporter of South Delta high school and community football for many years, is now under going treatment for multiple myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer. Ainsworth was slated to become a free agent on Tuesday but was granted his release two weeks ahead of time by Saskatchewan after terms on a new contract couldn’t be reached. His agent Dan Vertlieb began fielding offers from several teams, including the B.C. Lions. He was given medical clearance by the club’s medical staff and signed a two-year contract last Wednesday. “Just driving into the parking lot at the team’s headquarters, seeing (the photos) of their great players from the past on the outside of the building and then walking through the doors was almost a surreal experience,” he said. “I’m really excited. Obviously, this was a team I grew

up watching and now I get the opportunity to play in my hometown. “It was something I never really thought about when I was drafted because it was not in my control where I played. Every time we came back here to play over the last couple of years, half the guys on the team were in awe of the city because they had never been here before. I was proud to say it was my hometown.”

Tsawwassen’s Dylan Ainsworth got a jump on CFL free agency by signing a two-year deal with the B.C. Lions.

Ainsworth, 24, was selected 11th overall by the Riders in the 2014 CFL Draft after an outstanding four years with the Western Mustangs. The 6-foot-3, 247-pound defensive lineman quickly established himself as a special teams standout which is typically the CFL career path for top CIS draft picks. He was named the Riders’ Special Teams Player of the Year in 2015 and was looking forward to an expanded role last season until being injured. Now his career continues in B.C. where Ainsworth is expected to continue as a key member of the special teams unit and also battle for playing time on the defensive line. The Lions have typically gone with rotation through their defensive front to keep players fresh. That was an opportunity Ainsworth didn’t see in Saskatchewan. “I was playing behind John Chick and he never left the field. He is a great player and will be in the hall of fame but it was a little frustrating as well that he played basically every down. I look at a guy like David Menard in B.C. who was drafted the same year as me (32nd overall) and almost immediately had chance to be part of their rotation. That was another big factor in signing here.” Ainsworth is enjoying a week in Mexico where he plans to do some “running on the beach” but is looking forward to resuming his off-season training — knowing the strength and conditioning staff at the Lions practice facility will now be welcoming him with open arms.

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DELTA HOSPITAL AUXILIARY “Supporting Healthcare in Delta since 1969”




on select items only PHOTO BY MARK BOOTH

Darren Naylor is a strong candidate for Pacific Junior Hockey League Coach of the Year after guiding the Delta Ice Hawks to first place in the Tom Shaw Conference. The Ice Hawks were 11 wins better than a year ago.

Wolf Pack next for 1st place Hawks Delta Ice Hawks had about 48 hours to celebrate their first place finish in the Pacific Junior Hockey’s Tom Shaw Conference for the first time in over a decade. The Hawks clinched top spot with a 6-4 victory over the Mission Icebreakers on Sunday, then almost immediately began preparations for their quarter-final series with the North Vancouver Wolf Pack. Game one of the best-of-seven affair was last night. The Hawks (31-12-0-1) were in a neck-




and-neck battle with the Grandview Steelers for top spot all season and needed to win their final five games to pull it off, including a key 4-3 triumph at the Burnaby Winter Club on Feb. 5. The Ice Hawks are meeting the Wolf Pack for the third straight year in the PJHL playoffs. Last season, they upset North Vancouver in six games after the teams finished 21 points apart in the league standings. This time, it will be Delta trying to avoid the upset.

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All Proceeds go towards patient care & comfort and medical equipment at Delta Hospital Monday - Friday 9 - 6; Saturday 10 - 4 5800 Mountain View Blvd., Delta, B.C. Tel: 604-946-1121 local 783212 •

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THURSDAY FEB. 16TH & FRIDAY FEB. 17TH 9:30 - 3:30


HWY 17


FAMILY DENTAL CARE 604.943.4112 Accepting New Patients Families Welcome

Familyand andCosmetic Cosmetic Dentistry Dentistry Family Orthodontic and Invisalign Treatment Orthodontic and Invisalign Treatment TMJ Therapy and Sedation Dentistry TMJ Therapy and Sedation Implant Dentistry Dentistry ™ Botox Cosmetic Botox Cosmetic™

Dr. Jonathan Jonathan Brown, Brown, DMD DMD Dr. and Dr. W. Earle Nind DDS and Dr. W. Earle Nind DDS

Kids and Adults Needed to deliver the Delta Optimist

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16 Ave, Beach Grove Rd, Beach Grove Pl, Duncan Dr, Grove Cr, Kirkwood Rd ............... 78

# of Papers


10A Ave, 11A Ave, 12 Ave, 50B St, 51 St ..................................................................... 92


6 Ave, 7A Ave, Dogwood Dr, Dogwood Lane, Stevens Dr, Stevens Lane, Weaver Dr ...... 60


8A Ave, English Bluff Rd, Gale Dr, 49 St, 12 Ave ........................................................... 43


Clipper Rd, Frigate Rd, Galleon Pl, Windjammer Rd ................................................... 110


42A Ave, 42B Ave, 43 Ave, 44 Ave, 48A St, 48B St, 49 St ........................................... 104


Ladner Trunk Rd, 45A Ave, 60B St, 61 St .................................................................... 81


Crescent Dr, Paton Dr, Westminster Ave ...................................................................... 74

121656 56Street StreetTsawwassen Tsawwassen 1216

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Your Community

MARKETPLACE Or call to place your ad at

Book your ad ONLINE:

Phone Hours: Mon to Fri 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm








DYCK, Jack (Gib)

Landscape and property maintenance business in Tsawwassen and Ladner for lawn crew and general maintenance duties. Must have previous experience and knowledge of all landscape equipment; lawn mowers, line trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, truck and trailer, etc. Drivers abstract required, references required, knowledge of Tsawwassen and Ladner an asset. Local applicants preferred, Competitive wages based on experience

March 1, 1936 - February 9, 2017 Jack was born in Glenbush, Saskatchewan and his family moved to Yarrow, BC when he was two years of age. He grew up with his parents, five brothers (Peter, Hank, Ben, John and Richard) and three sisters (Kay, Lydia and Mary). Jack married Rose in 1964 and their son Geoff was born in 1969. Jack retired at the age of 56 because he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He started playing tennis and organized local friends to play golf on Mondays. When he could no longer manage tennis or golf he started playing pickle ball and snooker, but finally had to give up pickle ball due to balance issues. Jack moved to the Waterford Care Centre in Tsawwassen on July 30th, 2015 where he was still able to have a few good games of snooker with staff and friends, and participate in the many activities. Jack is survived by his sister Mary (John Fast), brother John, wife Rose and son Geoff. Sincere thanks to Dr. James and the staff at The Waterford for their compassionate care, and also to family and friends who provided so much support. A Celebration of Life will be held at Cedar Park Church, 5300 44 Avenue, Delta, BC on Saturday, February 18, 2017 at 11:00 am. Delta Funeral Home (604) 946.6040

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WISEMAN, Millie Florence October 10, 1918 - February 1, 2017 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Millie Wiseman in her 99th year. Born in Westbourne, Manitoba, the youngest of many brothers and sisters, she was predeceased by her parents George and Mary Reshaur and her siblings. Millie’s beloved son, Glenn Douglas Cairns, passed in 1969. Millie was predeceased by husbands Sterling Cairns, Lawrence Burgoyne, and Dave Wiseman. Millie will be greatly missed by her Ladner family, daughter-in-law, Carol Burgoyne (Fred), grandchildren Sandy Kadyschuk (Dave) and David Burgoyne (Ann), four great grandchildren, and her niece in Manitoba, Elaine Cairns. Millie grew up on the family farm in Manitoba. In Gladstone, she ran a business of boarding construction workers in her home to make a living. Lawrence and Millie moved to Creston, BC, in 1962. They lived in many towns in BC, including Salmon Arm, Hope, Abbotsford, Ladysmith, Cedar, and Nanaimo. After Millie found herself on her own, she moved to Ladner to be close to family, and called Evergreen Lane home for many years. She was known for her love of cooking, and showed her care for others by preparing meals for her many friends at her complex and providing meals at McKee House. Millie also loved camping in her earlier days, and enjoyed planning the daily menus for the trips. Millie’s special friends helped make her last months more comfortable. Thank you to Harvey, George, Chucky, Christine, Andrea, and Vicky. Their visits and talks were very much appreciated. The family would like to thank Dr. Ruth Turnbull for her caring ways in the many years she had Millie as a patient. Thank you to the care workers and nurses at Kin Village for all the assistance and care they gave to Millie since she moved there last summer. There will be no service by request. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the BC Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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CANADA BENEFIT GROUP Attention British Columbia residents: Do you or someone you know suffer from a disability? Get up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government. Toll-free 1-888-5112250 or www.canada

Found Set Of 3 Keys with 2 train kits, one is TD circle. In Ladner approx Jan 14 604.943.4782

Is Seeking

• Must have reliable vehicle • Must be certified • $18.21 per hour for TCP $22.89 per hour for LCT • Full union benefits, including Medical. VALLEY TRAFFIC SYSTEMS Apply in Person 9770-199A St, Langley or Email resume:


• • • •



General greenhouse work involved in propagating, tending and harvesting vegetables. a $10.85 per hour Productivity bonuses of up to $3 per hour paid for certain tasks Full Time 50 Hours per week Mon to Sat. Starting April 2017 Experience is an asset

Houweling’s Tomatoes

&#$" !'%( , !)-+!* ",*$3)&)34 .*!((&(3-%,13-%!* '#0/2#+/++#2

SEASONAL AGRICULTURAL, 4 LABOURERS REQUIRED General manual labourer, hand weeding, shovel work, crop harvesting, etc. Workers will be working in dirt and vine covered fields. Rain gear and boots are needed. Hourly wage is $10.85/hr + 4% vacation pay. 50-54 hours per week. Days of work, Mon - Sat with most Sundays off. Must be Canadian or a permanent resident of Canada to apply. Period of employment: March 25, 2017 to November 25, 2017. To apply, please email resume: Attention: Sabrina Hodder, Cranwest Farms 6770-72nd St., Delta


RECEPTIONIST required for busy Ladner tax office. F/T temporary position. General office duties. Tax knowledge an asset but not required. Must be a “people” person.

Email: or call 604-946-6464

TAX PREPARER required for busy Ladner tax office. F/T temporary position. Re: personal tax, rental, business knowledge a plus.

Email: or fax to 604-946-6451


2776 64th Street, Delta Send resume to resumes@ or fax to 604-946-9158

Place ads online @




• •



Is Hiring




*++3. 51 +:<;/1" 8,47 '16:<+<5;: %6)! (#. &:#<0$<. -9! 2,-9




First Memorial - Fraser Heights 604-589-2559 14835 Fraser Hwy, Surrey


Celebrate the lives of loved ones with your stories, photographs and tributes at


• Must have reliable vehicle • Must be Certified • $19.98 per hour for TCP $25.58 per hour for LCT • Full union benefits, including Medical. DINAMAC HOLDINGS LTD Apply in Person 9770 - 199A St, Langley or Email resume: resumes@

TRUTH IN EMPLOYMENT ADVERTISING Glacier Media Group makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the: Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711 Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email: and they will investigate.

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,B3: (;))72"-$+ '2-?7! %$@4 0:1/>5:/,83> # *<)4 93



FOR SALE - MISC HARDY TREE, Shrub and berry seedlings delivered. Order online at or call 1-866-8733846. New growth guaranteed. SAWMILLS from only $4,397 Make money & save money with your own band mill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT

BUSINESS FOR SALE ARMSTRONG HOTEL & Saloon - Armstrong, BC. Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Unreserved Auction, April 26 in Edmonton. 16 guest rooms, saloon & restaurant. Jerry Hodge: 780-706-6652; Realtor: Tom Moran (PREC) Re/Max Dawson Creek Realty;


February 15, 2017 CHILDREN






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!K-;,C ),;JKD L$$2&,



BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FREE FREE Vending Machines & Countertop Profit Centers. Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Yr. Retire in just 3 Years. Prime Locations Provided. Plus Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research. Full Details Call Now 1-866-668-6629 Web Site MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! In-demand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get the online training you need from an employer trusted or 1-855-768-3362 to start training for your work-athome career today!


!; *9'(%5 *&'*$7 !*/, ' 13#(&$//) -3. + -*. #'($$'$%&'!)"( "**0# 3%2

,,,6/4)-<.0>>6/3 LEGAL SERVICES CRIMINAL RECORD? Why suffer Employment/Licensing loss? Travel/Business opportunities? Be embarrassed? Think: Criminal Pardon. US Entry Waiver. Record Purge. File Destruction. Free Consultation 1-800-347-2540



1990 Volvo For Sale Good Running Condition. New Tires, Battery, and Alternator. 300,000km. Asking $1,200 OBO. Call Harry at 604.219.1468



ID,KA, B2A2J 5EC @,"A2J, $5C KBK2DK"2D2J:%



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%#)(&'#($'## FME NIELGJ KH

5GB( - 36)6 3)F79 @H088H >$"H8 A4<N: *1'1 ?(, 6%G

CASH FOR ALL! Serving the Delta area since 1986


Call 604-649-1627


!'$&('#"&+% !'#"+%$ &# *,), GLIHJRRUQIRTOPHSNVSGR

'#0*%#%*&20( ","14".3343,-)3$+!/,






4895-55B St, Ladner Suites Available. Spacious suites, balconies, rent incls heat & hot water, prkg available. Refs. N/P. CALL 604-363-9587

=%G"6&87G1 8?74%)H&C "G7 ,G#4 B8:% 1&>4187! .%4G, G %4G1&6B %&!H6 78?< ;FE/ (4!47"B 0&186H8:)4 $D *:G%64% &764%4)6 ' +-E@2@FA 539

&&&-,(#2/'"1*-",! $%2+$$0+))2.



Seniors Residence

BUILDING CONTRACTORS KERRISDALE CONSTRUCTION New Home & Renovations Registered Warranted Contractor & Framer


TSAW 2 br, 2 bath, 3rd floor, w/d, nr ammens, incl heat, f/p, no pets, no bbq. 2 suites $1900 and $1850. Avail immediately. 604-961-0933

42 Arthur Drive, Ladner. 4 Bd, 2 bath, 1 rec room, 1 living room, 1 dining room, office, dble garage. $2,900. Immed. 604.818.8535



CLEANING EUROPEAN DETAILED Service Cleaning Sophia 604-805-3376

DRAINAGE DRAIN Tiles, Sewer, Water,

Video Inspection, Jack Hammering, Hand Excavating, Concrete Cutting, Rootering, WET BSMT MADE DRY



Prime Space for Lease:

Tsawwassen Brand new retail/commercial space at Northgate 550 to 1670 sq. ft.

()247 ;'%5-9 &!'%7 7)1! .547 ='-):'15% 05!.8< *=!- ;3)): =3'- .547 .))# ;5:!=3'%!$ .'33/ 4)/.'33 .5-#).8 '-# &'1&)) ;3)):8 47:)297)24< "6++$,,,< &(!,0(-,51)0 3+$287*,7%$2*" *.'/79#*+7$6'#,8.4



place ads online @


Reliable Work

*Res & Comm *35 Yrs Exp. Mike 604-789-5268


"%*.0 /(-(

84957 > 84;2687 -1%- 7+=!'+/"33& 7@.# :=/.

$?)(0<%(*),< LAWN & GARDEN '$((# "+-( %+#)"*+!&#' %.), !0#) "$%%-)1 5'-**-)1 . 6'$)-)1 20', "+30)$( . 6'3&&$'3 40&/-)1

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call. Lic#89402. Fast same day service. Insured. Guar’d. We love small jobs. 604-568-1899


#661/8#".7 51-034 GGGE5??,CD5-4B1,HBCA-+E+,1 )0"!


F) 3) 6) < 2 > 8,. 8C0+7A #:+B.ABD / =B4:5-4B / "'&!( $##% )0%% */,#!',%.(%$#"0 -#/&"+$,

MOVING ABE MOVING & Delivery & Rubbish Removal $30/HR per Person• 24/7. 604-999-6020


=BA:DB.9:54/(,11BC+:54/@:5.,A #!(*# 2 #!"% '$;8*"(&


To advertise in the Classifeds call



• •

Interior and exterior Commercial and residential

Call Spencer Kyte for a free quote

604 837 0772



Simon 604-230-0627


604-649-0502 (cell)

Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.


$>!& 5&;*#52 5&A>-*/#>A2 #A2/*""*/#>A2 'FGC 8I.),D ".)CG)CED 'FGC 5.746D (FGECED %I+B+G6CCED #G?IBCED

9H:1@<@1=030 '+#),%+#*!##(*"&!#$*!%


All advertising published in this newspaper is accepted on the premise that the merchandise and services offered are accurately described and willingly sold to buyers at the advertised prices. Advertisers are aware of these conditions. Advertising that does not conform to these standards or that is deceptive or misleading, is never knowingly accepted. If any reader encounters non-compliance with these standards we ask that you inform the Publisher of this newspaper and The Advertising Standards Council of B.C. OMISSION AND ERROR: The publishers do not guarantee the insertion of a particular advertisement on a specified date, or at all, although every effort will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers. Further, the publishers do not accept liability for any loss of damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing of an advertisement beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by the portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred. Any corrections of changes will be made in the next available issue. The Delta Optimist will be responsible for only one incorrect insertion with liability limited to that portion of the advertisement affected by the error. Request for adjustments or corrections on charges must be made within 30 days of the ad’s expiration. For best results please check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Refunds made only after 7 business days notice!



Contact: Tina Thygesen 604-943-2203


Call Pierre


Studio room Includes meals, hydro, cable, great companionship 604-948-0478

')"(*)"+ &$ !+!(*#%'

Since 1989



Seniors Residence

Windsor Woods 1,057 sq. ft.

+,$ *!'&",- )(,&"%"!#,








HOUSES FOR RENT )#'$ *.-'-# (#",!%#. +,'!$'&$# ,*## !) '"0 +".0 '0)) &"!) )-*#.*/%"$(


'!%% "!#$&

'AK@@KAA,; ),;JKD L$$2&,

Studio or 1 Bdrm Includes meals, hydro, cable, great companionship Tara 604.948.9478

+0=> #83:2 1 "84)


)"&&"'% !&#$"((

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The Delta Optimist A21

BOUNDARY BAY WINDOW WASHING # ()-+0$30 &3,/+ ."+1!$!' # 20+//,0+ *1/&$!' # %,--+0/

Steve Watts <7>98>49>64> 3 ;;:955:9=<48

ACROSS 1. Unruly groups Jc 2;O;9U6O n;kV98 NNc rVXV=lV9 MJ NKc `R<mO 87mTV8 ;U R<8VX78? WV5VO;:=V<7 NJc 39VmW=mPV98 NGc B:m<R8S =m< NFc ]< 7SV =RWWOV MNc 3ROO MLc Y;7VW VWR7;9 4OVjm<WV9 pp MKc Bk;OOV< MGc DmWWOV8

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DOWN Nc E<Vd7R=V :S;<V X;=:m<i Mc @<R78 ;U VOVX79RXmO 9V8R87m<XV Lc ^ROO8RWV Kc E=V< Jc CV:V7R7R;<8 Ic C;imO ZmRO BSR: Hc `m9= 87m7V Gc BR<;dB;5RV7 lO;XP gmll9cf Fc r67XS XSVV8V Nbc \m:m<V8V mOX;S;ORX lV5V9mTV NMc 3OmXP :;kWV9i 86l87m<XV

A22 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017 HOME SERVICES PAINTING/ WALLPAPER




%/ +()$" (-#! *$(( ,".'&).("

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,$" )## +$-" *)%!.%!& !''(/

*"+)/ '.!& "(#$-+%,!"#



#+&%$ !&$( *" !&)'


I KNOW A GUY Home Services




: *+2)/<2) &!4/; (;0397 : $2<9;;)7 !<5 "/<5;.7 : *+2)/<2) %!/+/<176 #/<,+ '38-/<1

1 %=;; "+E:A/+ $=5> #+82:9; 6 ';+95C?0 9B *))2E-93;+ #9B+D 1 (22>+- *002A5B8+5BD 1 "98+C&97 "+E:A/+ 1 @4 <9E- (A5 !E=/> 1 #+DA-+5BA9; 6 '288+E/A9; $# ("03 !1) 02),"+. +#"$#%&! "# ?;<< . *',) (--+

Paint Drywall Doors Moldings Ceramic Laminate Kitchens Bathrooms Decks Stairs Fences

Dave 778-628-7165

%#'&$$#&/*)- .=>:=,

3(++ !'&* %#('!$&'$%""



("2++ !. / 3.&%. 4.-*10)#%$,'

$>!& 5&;*#52 5&A>-*/#>A2 #A2/*""*/#>A2 'FGC 8I.),D ".)CG)CED 'FGC 5.746D (FGECED %I+B+G6CCED #G?IBCED

-!)%*0( -,*$ /+&#"&/#&''" /+&#/&"#&".+


*&#(&$' +&--&$ +,"%!&"" +,$&),

.,- !)) ("#' $*%!/+& -'*.(& !.%)(#*$ "'$$'& /+$' 0&'' 1%$.,+$' &#!'"##'$##%


*-,0+ /).)

!&0*%)(&, 1(#& ".$/'-*+ 75'!/,1 "5-%6 3+' +!5' *# 856'&( 9+26-0 5:)5'/5,25. 4 $$$ 622'5./%5.(

$$$,8#!.17(3#57-%7+*,8-3 )"20/2'0'6&4



*/%(3$ ="35(&3" ' "0+"=5"1%"#) !%##"$ :,9);:-)6!;: 222)87"7(1#.74<&(1#)%(

'"$& # ("%!)&

ROD’S HAUL IT AWAY located in Ladner 778-668-4285

#)'!, $&+& 000-15.46/2-3,1

0#64. ? 0#2*<0. 97)9 ."@>$";(33: .-5= ,@;5


)+*'#(- %+&(!,($"

, , , ,




Pruning, Hedge Trimming Tree & Stump Removal 60 ft Bucket Trucks 604-787-5915 604-291-7778 10% discount with this ad

RDM ENTERPRISES For All Your Household Additions & Reno’s Interior & Exterior Finishing, Fences & Decks, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Plumbing, Refs Avail. Free Est. Local Resident & Serving Delta for over 20 yrs.

To advertise call


Rob 604-830-9401

)(*#. '(!*(. *$!*"(-( )"+%!+&(

("/4./341&.( ! $$$+-,05)'5#6)5*%275)+7#

75*#-*1 4)!& ")%# 62,!20,5 $*:5%#+5*#''' $# (28% #) /2:5 -#

"2*215. 9&)35%%-)*2,,8


Find all your renovation needs in Home Services 604.630.3300

DRIVER/CARRIER AGENT WANTED The Delta Optimist is looking for a person to deliver bundles to carriers twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday. Must have reliable van (cargo preferred) or covered truck, a valid drivers license, and be willing to work late night/early mornings. Contact Dave Hamilton at 604-946-4451 or














































































































































WANTED • Earn & Learn to Handle Money • Get Exercise • Learn Time Management




*#.. $=?5 &:+,#. *4#-90=+3 %=!#<6 $7%32 1182));2;)// 23+06(, '#>0-?-(+"7"# 7( /&!' -)&5 .) "(,4 8*7##7**01

Delivered every Wednesday & Friday

Any project,


or small...

Find all the help you need in the Home Services section

February 15, 2017 The Delta Optimist A23 ZIPPING PAST THE GAS STATION

e h t g n Findi alance. b t c e f r pe , Brie Pielak







59 $0



Weekly on a 60 month term with 260 payments. Selling price $20,885** includes udes freight and PDI.



79 $0



Loaded with features like:

Weekly on a 60 month term with 260 payments. yments. Selling price $28,415** includes freight and PDI.

Apple CarPlay™€¥

& Android Auto Aut ™


rearview arview camera camer

ECON mode

and Eco Assist™

HandsFreeLink™ Bluetooth®


front seats

Loaded with features like: 1.5L

1.5L, turbo with 190hp






*Limited time weekly lease offer and all other offers are from Honda Canada Finance Inc., on approved credit. #The weekly lease offer applies to a new 2017 CIVIC 4D L4 LX 6MT FC2E5HE/CR-V LX 2WD CVT RW1H3HES for a 60 month period, for a total of 260 payments of $58.96/$78.94 leased at 2.99%/3.99% APR based on applying $145/$350 “lease dollars” (which are deducted from the negotiated selling price after taxes). ‡Down payment of $0.00, first weekly payment and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $15,329.60/$20,524.40. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometer allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometers. **MSRP is $20,885/$28,415 including freight and PDI of $1,595/$1,725. */#/**Prices and/or payments shown do not include a PPSA lien registration fee of $30.31 and lien registering agent's fee of $5.25, tire/battery tax of $25, or air conditioning charge (where applicable) of $100, all of which are due at time of delivery. Additional charges for waste disposal fees, environmental fees and handling charges (all of which may vary by dealer and/or vehicle) may apply. £No monthly payments for 90 days (payment deferral) offer is available on all new Civic models financed between February 1, 2017 and February 28, 2017 at participating British Columbia Honda Dealers. Offer applies only to purchase-finance offers on approved credit through Honda Financial Services Inc. Monthly payments are deferred for 90 days. Contracts will be extended accordingly. Interest charges will not accrue during the first 90 days of the contract. Starting 90 days after the contract date, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will be required to repay the principal and interest monthly over the term of the contract. Offers valid from February 1, 2017 through February 28, 2017 at participating Honda retailers. Offers valid only for British Columbia residents at BC Honda Dealers locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details. €None of the features we describe are intended to replace the driver's responsibility to exercise due care while driving. Drivers should not use handheld devices or operate certain vehicle features unless it is safe and legal to do so. Some features have technological limitations. For additional feature information, limitations and restrictions, please visit and refer to the vehicle's Owner's Manual. ¥Only compatible with certain devices and operating systems. Cellular data and/or voice charges may apply, including roaming charges and/or other amounts charged by your wireless carrier. Apple CarPlay™ and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc. For Apple CarPlay™ data use and privacy policy, see Terms and Privacy policy for Apple CarPlay™ or contact Apple Inc. at

A24 The Delta Optimist February 15, 2017




SAVE TAX on all products in store T H E


on a purchase of $100 or more (before tax) *Valid on regular price products only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. VALID FROM THURSDAY TO WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 TO 22, 2017



99 ea.

3.78-L cans of RONA interior paint REG: From 35.99









“CHIMNEY” RANGE HOOD 3 speeds. Dishwasher safe aluminum filters. Stainless steel finish. 30". 09095055 [5107-5815]



Reg: $369

Reg: $469


Cast iron grids and stainless steel/cast aluminum cookbox. 5-year warranty on burners and 10 years on cookbox.


89025012 [5114-1498]



450 CFM

Deluxe Cover 56" 58795011 [5114-1498]



50,000 5






52 ST.




TO OUR CUSTOMERS • The information in this ad reflects the information available during its conception. If, despite our vigilance, some errors occurred, a notice will be printed in store. If items differ from what is illustrated, the description prevails. • Product selection and services offered may vary by store. For reasons beyond our control, we sometimes have to change a product’s specifications or have it replaced. We have the right to limit quantities. • Cash and carry prices until February 22, 2017. Federal and provincial consumption taxes are not included in our prices. The RONA price guarantee does not apply to special orders, to clearance, season and bankruptcy sales, to labour on installation, contractor quotes, advertising errors or prices obtained from e-commerce or outside the region. Prices published in this ad apply only to stores found in our Addresses section. The “Regular Price” mention refers to the lowest price noted on January 12, 2017 in this flyer zone. SAVE THE TAX: This offer is valid from Friday to Sunday, February 17 to 19 2017, at participating stores. We offer a rebate in an amount equal to the applicable taxes for any purchase of $100 or more (at regular price, before taxes and on the same invoice) made in store only. Total purchase price will be reduced by the equivalent of the Government sales tax (British Columbia GST 7% and PST 5%). Prices shown do not reflect discount. Government sales tax will be added to your purchase at the register. For example: $100 purchase (total before GST and PST) - $10.72 (discount) = $89.28 + GST 7% + PST 5%. = $99.99. Only purchases paid in cash, debit or credit card are eligible. This offer also applies on products being delivered and/or installed if delivery and/or installation charges are paid in full at time of purchase. Costs of services offered in store such as installation, delivery, rentals, etc. are not eligible for this offer. Special order products, purchases made with in-store accounts or purchases made by clients with specific contractual agreements executed with RONA are not eligible for this offer. Doesn’t apply to previous purchases and layaways. Not convertible into cash. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Certain conditions apply. Details in participating stores.

Delta Optimist February 15 2017  
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