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CAKES HAUTE COUTURE patricia arribalzaga


akes Haute Couture, founded in 2002 by the most well known cake designer Patricia Arribálzaga, has been established in the last 5 years as an international benchmark of creative pastry. This indisputable achievement has been possible through the ante of Patrícia Arribálzaga, which was not only to offer original designs with her stamp and personal style 6 | DELIA’S MAGAZINE

but also to develop gourmet for many amateurs and the flavors to match this type publication of herfirst book of pastry. Both the designs has consolidated her name. and the flavors had a great upcakes with acceptance by customers, mascarpone with students, and professionals different fruits, sugarcraft pastry. hand-painted or gold decorated macarons, flavors based on cocktails, her royal er style when icing cookies or her secret creating cake Springerle cookie recipe are designes has some of the elements that been the key element that Cakes Haute Couture has has served as inspiration popularized.






Do you think positioning a cake company in a privileged position in the field of “new” pastry, as Cakes Haute Couture has done,​​must go hand in hand with traditional and regional pastry? I do not think there is a “new” pastry,there are variations and new elements to incorporate but traditional pastry is the basis and foundation, and it is important to have sound knowledge of it, so there can be no divorce between taste and decoration, as I always say the excellence of a confectionery product corresponds to 80% flavor and 20% to the decoration. The regional elements, such as the fruits of the region, for example summer cherries of Valle del Jertre or the wine, are a valuable contribution to include to this pastries, in the case of fruits not only for being a natural ingredient but also due to they are fresh and of the highest quality if they are located in your area.

The bad press that has creative pastry has tells that the designs are nice but the taste is not good. In my opinion we have to eliminate that bad conception. Buttercreams with icing sugar or cream cheese buttercream do not fall into the category of a high gourmet pastry product and making a cake or a cupcake based ready to bake products is unacceptable, as you can do them with natural ingredients and achieve exquisite flavors. In my company I bet daily for healthy cakes and flavor them with natural creams, tasty and fine textures. One example of this are my cupcakes with a cream of my creation that is the Mascarpone fruit cream that goes with a variety of flavors, this cream is one of the classic creams of Cakes Haute Couture for many years and continues to be demanded by lots of my customers.




ontemplating the the path that Cakes Haute Couture has followed, Patricia Arribálzaga is very optimistic about the development of her business, “it grows day by day which is a great satisfaction and certainly we have an expansion plan and there are many options; in the coming years we will continue to invest in innovation”. The team of Cakes Haute Couture team is committed to a daily evolution without major breaks, opened to change, since they state that major developments occur as a result of the change.

How important do you think is having additional training in other sectors that are not directly related to pastry to create sophisticated treats? All training in any branch of gastronomy is useful, especially when creating new recipes. In my case plus my training in traditional cakes and French pastry, I am an expert in international cocktails, which is one of my biggest hobbies that also apply to my recipe creating pastry flavored cocktails like Cosmopolitan cakes and cupcakes, Green Apple Martini, or Bellini macarons and Blue Lagoon cupcakes of my book Cupcakes, Cookies & macarons de Alta Costura, among others that are classic of Cakes Haute Couture since its beginning.




espite many years teaching in hes Atelier in Sitges, where she offers courses that are always full of students eager to learn, Patricia explains that there is a key element for success but there are many elements, but the main thing is that she has created a proprietary method for each of her courses that allow you to learn the ABC of each technique with great time optimization and the biggest secret is to simplify and clearly teach the techniques. Using natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial elements that help to achieve great flavors with ingredients that are readily available makes her courses much than interesting.


CAKES HAUTE COUTURE iPad (and available the web format), courses taught in person at her Atelier are now available for everyone no matter where you are. The APP is free and allows you to purchase the courses “in-app purchase” format via Apple Store. Once you purchase a course, you can access it without Internet connection from anywhere at any time. At the moment they are only available in Spanish, but periodically new courses will be added to the APP.


he online courses have a number of advantages and are infinitely reproducible. You can always have her the tips and techniques wherever you go and when you need them. The courses ecause of the high demand for onli- are divided into a series of videos that inne courses, through CAKES HAU- clude the creation, techniques and decoraTE COUTURE APP for iPhone / tion of each recipe.

Download Cakes Haute Couture APP and get the official certificate of Patricia Arribálzaga courses.

Do you personally think that through the online courses a good quality teaching can be given? Absolutely, I have developed the on-line courses like my phyisical courses, each course may include more than 6 hours of videos that address in detail each of the topics from the basics to sophisticated techniques. I worked hard on this project

to make it a high quality product and great educational value, plus quick and entertaining. The courses are aimed to both amateurs and professionals and the format of the data provides a solid foundation that enables students to be prepared to start their businesses, professionals to perfect the products of their pastry and amateurs to continue their hobby amazing with their creations. DELIA’S MAGAZINE | 11



CAKES HAUTE COUTURE 80 g of pineapple 4 tablespoons of rum 80 g of butter 2 eggs 4 drops of essential coconut oil or ½ teaspoon coconut natural essence 120 g flour 1 tablespoon yeast

Piña Colada Cupcakes with Piña Colada mascarpone

1. Cook the chopped pineapple with rum for 5 minutes, and make a puree with pineapple and rum and set aside.

Piña Colada Mascarpone

2. Melt the butter on the fire, add the sugar and beat, add 2 egg yolks (reserve whites) and continue beating, add the essential oil or essence of coconut. Add the crushed pineapple and rum, mix and then add the flour mixed with baking powder sieving. Beat the egg whites until stiff and incorporate gently mixing the preparation.

Put 250g mascarpone in a bowl (remove its serum), add 3 tablespoons of rum and 3 drops of coconut essence and beat. Add the sifted 150g icing sugar, beat on low speed briefly to avoid losing body. Add 50g of lyophilized powder sifted pineapple and stir. Place in a piping bag with a large round tip, place the pastry bag perpendicular to the cupcake and press into a ball.

3. Fill the cupcakes molds to a ¾ part and bake 25 minutes at 180 º C. In a saucepan put the sugar and rum, stir and bring to the fire when it starts to boil remove from heat. Use this syrup for brushing immediately after the cupcakes from the oven, so in addition to enhancing flavor will keep them damp.


he first book of Patricia Arribálzaga exceeded all expectations, as she explains, has been a resounding success in Spain and throughout Latin America, and the USA. Now is rumored to be working on a new editorial project about which she reveals something: “The book is about cakes and I will show all kinds of decorations, flowers, modeling, new designs and a collection of my best cakes and fillings using gourmet flavors, I am very satisfied with the preview result of the book and soon you will be able to see it”. DELIA’S MAGAZINE | 13


Curso de bizcochos y rellenos para cubrir con fondant cakes haute couture

In this course Patricia Arribálzaga will teach you the main techniques and secrets to make delicious pastries and cakes, learning to interpret and modify recipes to create your own flavors.



Learn how to make a delicious orange cake, bathed in orange syrup, filled with orange Swiss meringue buttercream.

Surprise your guests with a delicious moist chocolate cake filled with milk chocolate cream and orange liqueur and candied berries.

Rating: 10/10 . Great and detailed explanation of each step. The course is divided into a total of 24 videos ranging in length from 20 to 70 minutes. In each video you can enjoy the real Patricia Arribálzaga courses of Cakes Haute Cakes Atelier from your kitchen. The intuitive format helps you to follow the development of the five recipes that offers this essential course of cakes and fillings. The quality and high definition videos retain the personal touch of Patricia Arribálzaga not skimping on details both in developing and in the

explanations. Highly recommended whether you have already attended “I was delighted. The best a course at Cakes Haute Couture or if it is the first time you. The huge thing is I get the videos advantages of the application allows whenever you need them in you to keep all the videos and play my own kitchen”. them forever and documents with Carolina Gómez all the recipes, tips and course materials. An essential application “Exquisite explanations, for both her followers and for those who are interested in learning great videos, great tips and professional how to develop recipes following impressive the steps of the amazing Patricia quality.” Arribálzaga . Elisabeth Barreiro Lenght: 20h approximately.



a menu Quickly access eos with all the vid

and tips e ip c e r e h t t e G version in a printable otes Take your n iss any m t o n o d d n a detail

Rating: 10/10. With an excellent presentation matching the purest style of Cakes Haute Couture, Patricia Arribálzaga will share with you her seasonal decorated cookies. The best kept secrets of her success will be revealed in this incredible selection of videos. The course consists of a total of 28 videos that its duration is between 10 and 45 minutes. The brilliant idea of attaching documentation about the ingredients, tips, advice and materials, as well as dividing the course in specialized videos of 16 | DELIA’S MAGAZINE

each topic of the course allows you to read at any time doubts about a particular item. New recipes and helpful hints. The explanatory quality of the recipes is unmistakable and not a moment forget the distinctive touch that characterizes the quality of teaching Cakes Haute Couture.

In this complete and comprehensive course of decorated cookies, Patricia Arribálzaga shares her recipes and teach you techniques to perform professionally decorated cookies. “My valoration of the course is very positive, I am going to buy the one related with cupcakes once it’s available.” Carlota Mas

“I can not travel to Spain and it is great and I am very satisfied It also allows you to post your of my results and about the progress from the app via your feeling of having Patricia near social networks Facebook or to you as if you were in her Twitter. Atelier.” Length: about 12h

Wendy Chávez


Curso de Galletas Decoradas cakes haute couture

Discover how to bake cookies with a candy window and learn how to make these beautiful Christmas wreaths this holiday season.

Learn to master the royal icing and different techniques with the pastry bag to make this cookie with an embroidered golden peony following the easy steps of Patricia Arribålzaga. DELIA’S MAGAZINE | 17


I love anything cute, fun or whimsy. I am attracted to pastel colours too so I think my designs tend to reflect all that. SHARON WEE



Cheeky Monkey

with the collaboration of Sharon Wee

MATERIALS · Egg shape and ball shape styrofoam (similar size) · Brown, ivory and black fondant · White gel paste · Piping gel · Water and paint brush · Circle cutters · Scissors · Frilling tool · Wooden skewers · Balling tool · Small sharp knife


Sharon started cake decorating almost by accident when searching for a hobby that depart from her corporate marketing job. She confesses that she has always felt an attraction for sweets and anything crafty, so she thought it might be nice to try. Nowadays is always looking for new ideas for future projects. She says she loves what she does and that is what motivates her every day plus to the words of her followers. She plans on working on a book soon so it might be the next project on her list.


1 2

With a sharp blade, cut the tip off the egg shape at and angle. This is for the body. Then cut of a small part of the ball shape. This is for the head. Check that the two pieces meet at the right angel by joining the flat ends together. Apply hot glue to both ends of a toothpick insert into the pieces to join them together. Then insert a skewer into the bottom of the figurine and attach with hot glue. The bottom refers to the part of the monkey that will be resting on the cake.




Apply some water around the part where the two pieces of styofoam join together. Roll out a thin sausage shaped piece of fondant and wrap it around the join. Dip your fingers in water and use them to smooth and flatten the fondant. It is important to blend in the joins so that the fondant blends seamlessly into the Styrofoam.


Apply piping jelly to the entire surface of the Styrofoam. Roll out the fondant try not to use too much cornflour. Wrap it around the monkey from the back and gather the join to the front. Using small scissors, cut off the excess. Make the cut as flat as possible. Holding onto the skewer with one hand, use the palm of your hand to rub and buff out the seams.



With a larger circle cutter, cut out a piece of Using a circle cutter, cut out a piece of ivory slightly thicker ivory fondant. Using small fondant. Gently use a small rolling pin to scissors, cut out a ‘V’ shape at the top and stretch it into an oval shape. Attach to the two on the sides. Use your fingers to soften any sharp body with water. edges. Attach to the head with water.




Using the frilling tool, gently mark the smile. Then use an Xacto knife to cut along the smile. This helps to create a more defined line. Then use the frilling tool again to indent the side dimples and mark the nose. tutor tip Styrofoam is used to enable you to create a large figurine without making it too heavy.

8 9

Make the hair by creating three teardrop shapes with the brown fondant and attach them together. Place on the top of the head. For the ears, roll out two ball shapes and flatten and indent with a balling tool. Cut the edge off the fondant. Attach it to the head.


Roll two oval pieces of black icing and flatten for the eyes. Use white gel paste and a skewer to add some shine to the eyes. Then use some pink petal dust to dust the cheeks.



For the legs, roll the icing into a long teardrop shape. Then fold up the fat end to create a ‘P’ shape. Place on your palm and use your other hand to flatten it. Use the frilling tool to make some indentations on the side. Attach to the side of the body and do the same for the other leg.


CHEEKY MONKEY To make the feet roll the fondant into teardrop shapes and then bend slightly. Attach to the legs.


For the arms, roll a long teardrop shape and flatten the fat end into a cone. Then insert the frilling tool to create an indent for the hands.

For then hands roll the fondant into teardrop shapes and flatten slightly. Then cut out a small ‘v’ shape on the sides so that the shape represents a mitten. Use your finger to soften the edges and insert into the arm indent. Attach to the monkey.


To make the tail, create an ‘S’ shape and allow to dry slightly. Insert the monkey into the cake and add the tail below the bum and also secure it with water to the head at the top bend of the tail.


We mo pre mo re sen re dy t ou co na r n nte mi ew nt. c an web sit d wi e, th

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I love working with women and helping to inspire them to achieve their goals and dreams while still maintaining motherhood and family as their number one priority. LEIGH ANNE



Peppermint Cookie Bark with the collaboration of Leigh Anne

Ingredients · 14 whole cream filled cookies, broken up · 1 1/2 C pretzels, broken into pieces · 1 lb. white chocolate, almond bark or melts · 1 C peppermint marshmallows · 1/2 C crushed candy cane

Materials · Waxed Paper · Large Cookie Sheet



Cover a large cookie sheet with wax paper. Spread broken cookies, pretzels and marshmallows onto the waxed paper.


Leigh Anne has been a homebased mom for 28 years since her first baby boy was born. The purpose of her blog is to share with her followers her journey to finding the pretty and delicious in life. A mom, wife, and blogger who uses her vision, creativity, and time management skills to inspire women to create the life they want while discovering the pretty and delicious in life.


Cookie Bark is very sweet so I love the little bit of salt that the pretzels add in to break up all the sweet just a bit.




Place Almond bark in a microwavable container and cook for 1 1/2 minutes. Stir and then microwave for another 30 seconds until melted and smooth. White chocolate melts faster and burns easier than chocolate.


Drizzle the melted chocolate over the cookie mixture, spreading with spatula if needed to coat evenly.


Sprinkle crushed candy cane while it is still wet. Do not let it harden. Place cookie tray into refrigerator until set and firm. Remove and gently break bark into small pieces.




Find more recipes in:




the Clandestine C a k e


ike lots of clubs, the Clandestine Cake Club has some rules that need to be followed if you want to participate in one of its events. First of all, only whole cakes are allowed -no cupcakes, muffins, brownies, pies or tarts- due to whole cakes seem to be coming synonymous with sharing. Secondly, the location is a secret until you book a place at the club and at last but not least, it is not a competition so you just have to bake to the best of your ability and enjoy it.

C l u b

Secret venues, inspired themes, fabulous cakes… That is what the Clandestine Cake Club is about!

strangers, at her house for a chat over afternoon tea for which she did all the baking. Due to the unexpected success of the CCC, Lynn had to close The Secret Tea Room in summer 2012. By this efore Lynn Hill founded the time, she had many cake clubs to Clandestine Cake Club (CCC) support and a first book to write. in 2010, another club named The Nowadays the CCC has more than Secret Tea Room was founded 10,000 members and 200 clubs by Lynn who hosted a monthly stretching across every continent gathering of people, mostly and amongst the many things that



she has learnt, Lynn explains that the CCC experience has taught her that retirement can be a blank canvas with which you can do anything you wish.


any events are often in different and unusual venues and locations around the world. Lynn explains that keeping all the secrecy adds excitement, having

‘clandestine’ in the title also helps them get noticed online, peoples’ curiosity soon sets in and they want to know more. Nowadays, someone else has taken over the running of Lynn’s local group, the first CCC in Leeds while she concentrates on all the admin and the general day to day running of things. Lynn Hill has recently created a Book Club where people meet on a regular basis in Leeds. Much


“it’s all about the


Lynn Hill

Picture by Emily Dennison taken from “The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook” by Lynn Hill, Published by Quercus, £20.


Which different feelings do you have before, during and after a CCC event? First there is the anxiety that all those who have booked a place will turn up. Then there is the excitement of seeing all the members arriving with their cakes. During the event there is a chance to try as many cakes as you like and getting to know lots of new people, even some that you haven’t seen for a while. When the event is over, there is the headiness of a ‘sugar rush’, to carry you home, along with lots of left over cake to eat later.


ike any CCC event, but this time a few members bake a cake from a particular cook book chosen for review. At the event they discuss the book and enjoy what ever treats they’ve made from them. Other projects that she is currently involved with are the National Cake Week in October which Lynn created a couple of years ago where she just want people to bake a cake and share it with friends. Also she is involved on the Bake for Charity website.


e asked Lynn how deep is her relationship with cakes and sweet treats and she explained to us she always seemed to have a sweet tooth, until recently, where her taste now steers towards sha-



rper flavours. Her mother used to cook and bake for the family and she distinctly remembers her making chocolate eclairs, bread cakes and fondant fancy cakes, so you could say that cakes and sweet treats have always been a part of her life. Having made lots of cakes and experimented with all kind of decorations, she suggest using a sieved apricot preserve to glaze your cake and then cover it with a thin layer of marzipan followed by your base layer of fondant icing. This, she explains, will give you a smooth foundation with which to decorate your cake.

Cake is synonymous with sharing, something that you cannot do with small bakes such as cupcakes or muffins. Interaction and conversation begins the moment you cut first slice. ecause all the modern creative the B pastry shares impressive cakes, are we asked the founder of the CCC Friendships which percentage would she attrioften created the Does the CCC give you the bute to taste and which one to desame feelings than the ones coration of a cake. Her answer was moment you utter given by The Secret Tea Room? clear an concrete when she said “100% to taste”, but after giving it the words ‘Would a second thought – and because It was physical hard work running we all eat with our eyes first-, she you like a slice’. The Secret Tea Room, baking and preparing Afternoon delights for around 12 guests, often strangers, in my own home. Then there was the furniture that had to be moved around to accommodate everyone around the tables. Family members, not helping me on the day, would hide away upstairs until the guests left, hoping to find a few tasty treats left behind.

stands to a 60% to taste and 40% to decoration. She adds that looks are not everything, but cakes do need to have that ‘come and eat me’ appeal. For all who want to discover more about the CCC, know that there is a book which includes recipes from overseas clubs. The target with the book was to find as many different and interesting cakes to fill a book with a variety of chapters to suit as many people as possible. After the success of the first book, Lynn Hill would love the opportunity of doing another.

Lynn Hill




he creativity that allows the new pastry trend seems to be the secret why everyone is hooked to the world of cakes, cupcakes and cookies. The creator of the well known blog “Cupcakes A Diadio” Ivana Muntán, confesses that there is an inexhaustible combination of shapes and colors that you can adapt to each of these desserts. After the birth of her first child in 2011, Ivana Muntán wanted to share weekly her sweet creations for all lovers of pastry. Now she has meet one of herdreams, write her own cookbook.

Delia’s Magazine: What was the reason why you decided to start your blog? How and when did it start? Ivana Muntán:With the birth of my son, I had a little more time to cook and especially to make desserts that was something that fascinated me since I was a child. With the help of internet, I began to see wonderful things you could do and I ventured to try. As I had written in a blog before and I loved it, make the move to create my own baking blog was inevitable. DM: When did you decide to formalize your business? IM: The project of the Store was conceived a year after having started the blog, by the difficulty 32 | DELIA’S MAGAZINE

for me to get depending on which products you need for recipes and decorations I wanted. I saw it as necessary and feasible. It was the next step. DM: How does a journalist ends up making cakes? IM: The influence of my father had a lot to do with that and spending the Sunday mornings watching how a massini, some savory croissants a sacher or spectacular apple pie (I wish I had that recipe, but I have never writen it down, I keep looking at my father’s notes) was done, helps a lot. Also the fact that I needed time for myself and enjoy the first years of my son and I saw this opportunity as something easier to reconcile

the career that was taking so far. In addition, the blog gave me the opportunity to combine two of my passions: writing and cooking. DM: Where do you find the inspiration to invent a recipe? Do you do a lot of testing to have it? IM: Sometimes I follow recipes that I find interesting to see them in a book or on the Internet. But I am unable to follow them to the letter, I always end up changing or adapting something to make them more to my liking. Sometimes we just think of an ingredient and I try to achieve a harmony of ingredients to make my recipe. It doesn’t work usually at the first time. I usually test them at least three times to make sure the proportions are correct. DM: What led you to write the book? Is it a compilation cookbook of your blog recipes or will the users will find some new recipes? IM: There are many new recipes and step by step tutorials to make decorations. The recipes are grouped by difficulty levels and in all of them I list everything that is needed to make the recipe. I



CUPCAKES A DIARIO wanted it to be a very visual book with an extensive list of tips that I have found myself very useful on the road. DM: Did you have in mind some kind of public when you decided to write the book? IM: If I’m honest I did not think carefully because I work for passion and impulse so if what I see now with hindsight, I think it is a book for those who enjoy in their homes watching their families face when they are about to taste the last of his creations.


DM: There is growing competition in the field of creative pastry, what do you think is the key to success? What makes you to go on in your daily life? IM: I think that if we were thinking every day in all the competition, we would not live in peace. As in all sectors, it is important to work well and continue feeling good about what you do. And I must say I have great friends among what I could consider my competition, so I can consider myself lucky.



vana Muntán presents the amazing world of cupcakes in her first ​​ book, published by Libros Cúpula. In her first editorial project, the creator of the blog “Cupcakes a Diario” shares recipes ideal for children’s parties and adults flavors, as well as cupcakes to celebrate the different seasons. But Ivana goes further and creates a space where she adapts to a cupcake desserts such as crème brûlée, cheesecake and even tiramisu.


irst, the reader will find a collection of basic creams and a guide of tips for making cupcakes, really useful for those who are being introduced to her world of creative desserts. Over 143 pages, Ivana Munten shares tutorials on using the pastry bag to make decorations as well as a tutorial to make edible flowers in fondant. The last pages of the book are devoted to explaining the basic and necessary tools that we need to have. It is a book with a very attractive design and layout, suitable for beginners and for the curious who want to try new recipes, all accompanied by a photo showing the final result.




Embrace the inspiration all around us. RON BEN-ISRAEL


Black & White Cake

with the collaboration of Ron Ben-Israel

MATERIALS · Four Square Cakes · Black and White Satin Ice fondant · Red Satin Ice Gumpaste · Edible Glue EQUIPMENT: Ruler, Pizza Cutter, Brush, Floral Wires, Floral tape, Round piping tips, Anemone cutter, Rolling Pin, Ball tool and Powdered Pigments (green, dark pink and light pink).

the CAKE

1 2

Ice four square cakes in Satin Ice, alternating the white and black tiers. Roll out more black paste and cut out bands in various widths. Using a ruler and a pizza cutter will produce straight and clean edges.


After a long career as a professional dancer of fifteen years, Ron Ben-Israel decided to turn to one of his innermost passions: creative pastry. During his childhood, Ron confesses that he felt comfortable in the kitchen of his mother where he desired to witness the magic that was taking place in the there. Since then, his interest became his passion and his inspiration met talent, which can be noticed in any cake he makes.

Start with the top tier and apply diagonal strips to the cake using a protractor as a guide. The strips are attached with a moistened fine brush. Snip off the surplus paste at the edge with a sharp knife or scissors.



3 4 5 6

Apply various widths of black strips horizontally to the second tier from the bottom. Temporarily secure fabric ribbons with a pin to use as guides, and remove after attaching the icing strips.


Cutout varying sizes of white paste dots using piping tips with round openings. Arrange your design on a mat with rulers in order to get even

Make a swag template by folding a piece of paper and using half a circle. Unfold the template on a cutting mat and arrange dots on the template to figure out spacing.



Temporarily pin the template to the bottom tier of the cake. Apply each dot using the template as a guide, according to the spacing measured on the


Sugar Anemone Flower

1 2 3 4

Color and thinly roll out Satin Ice gum paste, and cut out ten tear-shaped petals.

Insert a moistened paper-covered floral wire into each petal. Thin the edges with a ball tool, and press in double-sided veining mold. Let the petals dry on a crinkled paper towel until they hold their shape, usually over-night. Make a ball of black paste and insert a moistened hooked wire. Tie pre-made stamens with floral tape to this center, and than continue adding the dried petals one at a time. Secure the stems with floral tape to cover completely. Apply light and shadow to the finished flower with powdered pigments. The center of the flower is enhanced with green and the outer edges come to life with a lighter and darker range of pinks.





WITH THE COLLAboration of Delia’s team

Materials · White GumPaste · Green GumPaste (Goosberry) · Ball tool · Veiner tool · Poinsetia cutter (5 sizes) · Leave veiner · #24 and #18 gauge wire · Colour Dust (Primrose, Olive Green, Citrus Green) · Foam pad and brushes · Edible Glue · Green floral tape and white thread


Euphorbia pulcherrima is known by many names among which the most common for us are Poinsettia or Christmas flower. This plant is original from Mexico and Guatemala. The poinsettia, which for many years has decorated our homes during the Christmas period it’s a symbol of rebirth with its bright red color. You can also find the white variety.


1 2

For stamens, we must cut a minimum of 6 pieces of wire about 6 cm to which will double one end into a hook. Cut three pieces of white thread about 6 inches and join it to the central portion of the hook that we created. Round it with floral tape and cut the excess. Take a portion of green gum paste and work to get a teardrop shape. Then mark the center line of the tear with the help of the veiner tool and introduce the wire with the thread in the center line.



3 4


Insert 7inches #24 gauge wires on each sheet and make sure to press the base to secure the junction of the wire with the leaf.

Prepare few stamens with the effect of the threads and other tears simply closed on the wire. Let dry at least 12 hours with the leaves.

We are going to make the leaves of the Poinsetia, so they can be painted once dry. There are five sizes of leaves, all white except for the largest size, for which we will use green gum paste.



Knead the gum paste pliable and roll it out to about 1,5mm thickness. Take the smallest poinsetia cutter and cut out 3 petals. Take the “leave veiner”and gently push the leave into the veiner. Take your foam pad and the ball tool. Place a leave, and gently start to thin the edges (never touching the central part of the structure nor the place where the wire is to be inserted). All types of leaves are conducted in the same manner.

Moisten the edge of the threads with edible glue and then sprinkle with the yellow colour dust.

6 7

Place the leaves in a formermold, backside up. Let them dry for 12 hores or overnight.


Coloring and Assembly



To color the leaves will use green dye powder. With the help of a thin brush we will light on all leave veins. With a larger brush color completely the three smaller leaves. To the green leaves we’ll apply Olive Green dye powder to darken the tips and their base.


With floral tape will join the central elements together, around a #18 gauge wire. No need to tape the stamens one by one to get through the thicker wire, we can add one after a couple of laps of floral tape respect to the above.


P To assemble the rest of the flower, we must attach the We will give a little color to three smaller leaves one by the central structures with the help of green powder one and, after these, add the following three leaves of the next size. dye and some yellow dye Primrose.


Proceed in the same way until you have placed all the leaves, even green. When we are working with floral tape, try to cover all the wire of each leaf. Once we have assembled our Ponsetia we can play with the petals opening them more or less depending on the desired aesthetic. You can pair together two poinsetias with floral tape to create a floral bouquet with a Symphoricarpos.


New christmas cookie collection

To know more:


Chris t mas cookies Delia’s Bakery brings you a new collection of Christmas cookies for this Holidays.



Christ mas cookies

This year also Christmas packs are launched with the typical gingerbread cookies in tins for gifts.





Choose the format that suits you to surprise your loved ones!

il y c n e t s estos a r t n e Encu : más en

om c . l i c n e o-st d o t . w ww 52 | DELIA’S MAGAZINE




t c a r t n ing o c ay p s g a in m s ir st erti Ch adv s r th s a i n Th lf ye mo ha t 3 jus

Advertise with us and make yourself known Get fans through our social networks, our website and our publications

reading The Clandestine Cake Club, the secret of homemade cakes


he secret congregation that fully meets pastry fans -without the slightest hint of competition- to test their creative creations inspired by a clever theme to share with other lovers of pastry has a book. The clandestine touch is given due to the changing location of their secret meetings. There is only one rule: no cupcakes , no cookies and no brownies or pies. Only cakes. Since 2010, the creator of these wonderful meetings of pastry lovers, Lindy Hill, has garnered an increasing number of followers. People have caught the pastry spirit and made possible the birth of the Clandestine Cake Club. This movement is originally from Leeds, awest city of the United Kingdom, and from there has grown due to the spreading enthusiasm from all social networks and people are wondering when would be a next meeting in their city. Lindy Hill encouraged to promote more Clandestine Cake Clubs in other cities to take over other organizers. Lindy was responsible for providing the same rules and tips that were applied to members of the club in England. Until now already over 150 Clandestine Cake Clubs around the world can be found. 56 | DELIA’S MAGAZINE

Creativity and innovation is also reflected in the places where the clandestine club meetings are placed. Some of the meetings had been located in castles, secret cellars of vintage shops, parks, cafes, bars, town halls, pubs, clubs or private homes. But the mission remains the same: to bring together a community of baker amateurs united by a passion for baking and where competition does not have a high place among its members. The warm community spirit has led to raise issues for really amazing cakes. Such as: “vintage heaven” where club members surprised each other with shabby chic style cakes , “novel idea” where the the cakes were inspired by the most famous novels and “Baking with drinks” where delicious recipes using alcohol were created.

it’s loaded with tips , varieties and information on the different recipes for cakes , toppings , icings and tips and tricks on how to fix your cakes that have not come out quite right. This exquisite publication is divided into a selection of themes composed by: “Classic Cakes”, “Fruit Cakes”, “Cakes of the World” , “pastry Citrus”, “Chocolate Cakes”, “Celebration Cakes”, “Creative cakes “ and a section on “ Problems with cakes” where all sorts of basic questions to complex nature that may arise in the kitchen are resolved. This little jewel of homemade pastries can not be missed in your collection of recipes of traditional cakes.

According Lindy Hill: “ I found it very hard to choose, but in the end we made a selection and I can assure you that the only thing common The Clandestine Cake Club book, to all these cakes is that none is recipes from the clandestine outside the scope of the home cake club by Lynn Hill has been baker. “ This new literary discovery published in Spain by Editorial undoubtedly should appear on you Juventud in an elegant format. Plus, gift list this Christmas.

corner Encyclopédie du Chocolat, the culinary gem of the year


In the first pages will find a number of precautions you need to take to allow you to work the chocolate tempering, molding, decorations as well as an overview of all the basics of gourmet pastries. The selection of items ranging from the chocolate melts, through different textures to be acquired for a professional finish in effect to the many ganache recipes and pastries that this encyclopedia brings you in a comprehensive manner, published in Spain by Editorial Blume.

arge chocolatiers masters at the Ecole du Grand Chocolat join together to elaborate The Encyclopedia of Chocolate. With a collection consisting of more than 200 exclusive recipes with the finest chocolate and decorum dedication for his work, it becomes visible the professionalism with ¿Have you ever worked foamy which notably chefs at the Ecole du textures? And the cup of chocolate Grand Chocolat are distinguished. thread? Surprise your family and become a chocolate expert from EIn this indispensable book great home with the Encyclopedia chocolatier techniques under a of Chocolate. Each recipe has a simple and approachable language corresponding number of stars for non-professional are revealed. (1 to 5) to indicate the difficulty

of preparation. A complete DVD guides you step by step throughout the course of the Encyclopedia as a course. In addition, each step is accompanied by photographs illustrating each move to follow. The book also features a section of essential basic material you will need to become an amateur chocolatier chef, along with a glossary that brings together a number of guild technicalities.

Undoubtedly, the Encyclopedia of Chocolate meets all the requirements to become the best culinary publication of the year.

The Executive Chef and creative director of the Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, Frederic Bau: “I wish you a beautiful greedy getaway where you should not forget that the immutable taste and technical duet is what creates pleasure and excitement shared.”


1. Creative Colour for Cake Decorating by Lindy Smith. The renowned cake designer and sugarcraft expert shows over 80 projects in her latest creative pastry publishing project. Learn to find inspiration in the colors as learning how to alter the tone, tint and intensity of food colors in commercial dye. A book highly recommended for those who like colorful and ornate cakes and want to learn with simple step by step accompanied by exquisite photography. 2. Character Cake Toppers by Maisie Parrish. The author of the famous Fun & Original series brings us a book where you can learn how to model the peculiar figurines to decorate your fondant cakes. It is a book dedicated to all those who want to enter the world of modeling with simple figures and perhaps more aimed for decorating children’s cakes. 3. Fairytale Food by Lucie Cash. This is a different cookbook and ideal for all fans of fairy tales, as each recipe is accompanied by a short illustrated story that will blow your imagination is without any doubt. Organize your own “unbirthday party” with Mad Hatter cookie tea biscuits, add a romantic touch to the glasses after a dinner with Prince Charming kisses, heat a dreary night with a bowl of steaming soup from The Princess and the pea, or prepare a special Sunday lunch with the fish cake Captain Hook and Tinkerbell Triple lot. 3. Cakes for Kids by Maisie Parrish. The author of the famous Fun & Original series brings another editorial project where this time shows you the world of cakes and lined with the most basic for beginners to the world of creative pastry techniques. You’ll find ideas for cakes to celebrate the holidays throughout the year. A recommended book for children in the house.



Setas Dulces

With the colaboration of Joana Cazorla

MATERIALS · Red Royal Icing · White Royal Icing · Cooled Cookies · Colour Dust (Red and Auberginie) · Pastry bag · Round tip · Brushes

Royal Icing

1 2

To prepare the royal icing we’ll need 250g of icing sugar extra fine per pasteurized egg white. Mix both ingredients until blended. We use a unique consistency to the outline and fill the cookie.


On her adventure in the world of sugarcraft, Joana Cazorla stopped in detail it was almost impossible to find the most basic ingredients and so decided to create “Hadas y Grumetes” a humble school of sugarcraft eager to grow slowly. As she has done with its business, its decoration technique has been developed over time to have found a balance between sweet, elegant and creative. “Hadas y Grumetes” has been for Joana the closest thing to a family and she struggles day by day for this new family to grow and overcome all adversities.

Divide the royal icing into two bowls and color one with red dye. The other one will leave without coloring. Prepare two pastry bags with the respective nozzles and pour the icing on them.

The Cookie

3 4

To decorate our cookies we must wait for these to cool completely before working with real icing on them.

First we’ll make the the foot of the mushroom, and then we’ll filling it. Let dry for three or four minutes and then will make the red hat where you will draw three dots with the wet & wet technique, while the red filling icing is still wet.



There are many things in our life, that you can not miss as an ingredient IMAGINATION, a story, a recipe ... which we daily incorporate to HADAS Y GRUMETES. We promise to create your sweetest and exquisite events, parties in style. JOANA CAZORLA


5 6

We can keep doing little mushrooms on the one we just did. To do this, we need the large mushroom hasto be significantly dried (need about ten minutes to go drying) and to make the volume, which is is the next step. When completely dry (about 24 hours after) you may do some shades with red and aubergine powdered dyes.


I hope you enjoyed our tour through the forest and enjoy eating this mushrooms that are so delicious! Joana Cazorla DELIA’S MAGAZINE | 61


Food and Cook, a place where I share my creativity and love of food, photography and some of the things that are happening in my daily routine. TROTAMUNDOS




With the colaboration of Trotamundos

Ingredients · 1 liter of milk · 250 ml. of cream · 1 tsp. nutmeg · 1 cinnamon stick · 4 eggs · 120 gr. sugar · 100 ml. Bourbon


1 2

We put in a pot the milk, cream, freshly grated nutmeg, cinnamon and bring to boil. Set aside until lukewarm. In another bowl put the egg yolks and add 100 g. sugar, mix until the dough is pale and creamy. Add the yolk mixture to the milk slowly while mixing vigorously. We put all back to the pot and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add the Bourbon, let cool to room temperature and introduce it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.


Beat the egg whites until they begin to foam, add the sugar, continue beating until stiff peaks form. Incorporate our egg whites until completely cooled mixture integrate (with the healp of a mixer). Serve with a little cinnamon or nutmeg on top.


Silvia, better known on the net as Trotamundos, workins in the architectural firm that owns with her husband, which she combines with her work as a photographer and food stylist. Her blog, Food and Cook, is her window to the world in which she likes to share the recipes that are part of her life, her travels, interesting places to visit as well as her daily interests and all developments that occur in gastronomy. It combines the recipes known since childhood with other international recipes which has enjoyed in her travels.


Eggnog is one of the most traditional Christmas strikeouts in America, easy to prepare and perfect to share with your guests at any gathering. Although eggnog is a popular beverage in the United States, the origin of it is placed in England where it was known as posset and used to provide health.



Delia's Magazine #5  

Delia's Magazine is an online free cooking magazine which can be found both in Spanish and English, where you can find lots of tips, intervi...

Delia's Magazine #5  

Delia's Magazine is an online free cooking magazine which can be found both in Spanish and English, where you can find lots of tips, intervi...