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2019 ANNUAL REPORT 300 Years Since The Death of St John Baptist De La Salle



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MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR Wayne Bull AFSC Circular 461 “Associated for the Lasallian Mission… An Act of Hope” challenges all who share and serve in the Lasallian Mission to reflect and discern on their roles in furthering the work of the Institute. At its core, Lasallians are called to minister to the young and especially to those whose lives are lived at the margins. Increasingly, the De La Salle Brothers have identified the powerful outcomes which can be achieved when Brothers and their Lay Partners work, collaboratively and in solidarity, to realise the Mission. Within this setting, the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) of the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG) provides leadership and strategic direction for Lasallian works across four sectors with vastly different historical, cultural, social and religious contexts. I have been honoured to be appointed by Br David Hawke, Visitor of the District of ANZPPNG, as the first Lasallian Partner to the position of Chair of the LMC Board. Our work as a Board places responsibility for mission-delivery at the forefront of our leadership within the District. The past twelve months have been characterised by many challenges, tempered by the amazing stories of being affected, and often liberated, by the work of Lasallians throughout the District. The difference which we make, in changing the material and spiritual well-being of those we serve, gives rise to great optimism. The operational arm of the LMC is the Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) team led by Executive Director, Merv McCormack. This small, but incredibly focused team, provides support, advice and formation across the great diversity of our District. The Team’s dedication and expertise are to be applauded. Staffed by Brothers and Partners, LMS consistently delivers high-quality results, as it enacts those areas of the District Plan related to the Mission. As the needs within our District continue to grow, and as we try to support young people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, the demand on the very limited resources of the LMS are ever challenged. The LMS team has enthusiastically embraced these challenges, and I remain optimistic, that despite these confronting times, the work of LMS will continue to be characterised by the strongest desire to support the Mission. Merv McCormack and his team are to be congratulated and thanked for their unwavering commitment and support to the multi-faceted works with our diverse District. A very special feature of our District is the work undertaken by Young Lasallians. Our Lasallian Youth Ministers operate in a number of different settings with a focus on providing formation and support for their Lasallian communities. Our Lasallian Volunteers (LVs), usually young people on a gap-year between school and university, are at the practical end of “touching hearts”. Our LV’s provide zeal, energy and commitment to their work in assisting the delivery of mission in very diverse and sometimes very challenging settings. The work undertaken by these Young Lasallians provides great hope and optimism for the continued vibrancy of the Mission with our District. At the end of 2018, the Lasallian Foundation Australia (LFA) Board recommended to the LMC that its operations be wound up, due to the increasing challenges being encountered within the overseas aid arena. The difficulties associated with raising funds within the not-for-profit sector, coupled with tightening economic times in Australia, regretfully led to the LFA Board, making the very difficult decision to cease operations. John Harry, Chair, the Board of LFA, and the CEO, Miranda Chow, undertook great work over many years to provide practical and on-the-ground support to young people whose lives were dominated by lack of opportunity. I extend thanks and gratitude to John, the LFA Board and Miranda for their commitment to alleviating poverty and hardship “beyond borders”.


Given the conclusion of the work of the LFA and in response to the great need which continues to exist within the District, and especially within Papua New Guinea and Pakistan, the LMC appointed Br. Denis Loft as Director of Donor Projects. The major component of Br Denis’s work will involve leading the District Twinning program which provides financial, material and staffing support from Australian and New Zealand Lasallian schools to Lasallian schools in Pakistan and Papua New Guinea. The year 2019 marked the tercentenary of the death of St John Baptist de La Salle. This milestone gave cause for our District, and the world-wide Lasallian family, to reflect upon and celebrate the inspiration of the Founder for our work. It also provided an opportunity to give thanks to all who have given service to the Mission over the past 300 years. In a time of decreasing vocations to the Brothers, especially in Australia and New Zealand, the Tercentenary year also focused our attention on the opportunities for Brothers and Partners to collaborate in our shared mission. We give thanks to God for the ongoing presence and contributions of the De La Salle Brothers within our District ,and pray that their presence continues to enrich our work. On behalf of all Lasallians in our four countries of the District, I thank and acknowledge the following Directors who have worked diligently and strategically to set the directions for mission delivery during the past 12 months: Br. Chris Gorringe FSC– Deputy Chair (deceased 13.4.2020) Tracy Adams AFSC Ann Corcoran Michael (Mick) Egan Dr. Jill Gowdie Br. Sir Patrick Lynch FSC KNZM, QSO Merv McCormack (ex-officio) It is important to formally acknowledge the outstanding contributions of Br. Pat and Tracy, both of whom completed their terms of service at the end of 2019. These two Lasallians, epitomise the essence of the shared mission of the Institute in our District – Brothers and Lay Partners working together for mission. Br. Sir Pat, a former long-serving Director of Catholic Education in New Zealand, brought to our Board a depth of Lasallian and educational insights which were extraordinary. His wisdom and astuteness will be missed at our LMC meetings. Tracy Adams, CEO of yourtown, is internationally recognised within the Lasallian world for her passion and commitment to the Mission of the Institute. Tracy’s contributions to the LMC, evidenced by her strategic thinking and zeal, have been exceptional. I acknowledge the tireless support provided to the LMC by the Brother Visitor, Br. David Hawke and his District Council (DC). Br David’s accessibility and presence ensure that the LMC is accompanied and guided in our deliberations. An authentic and productive partnership exists between the Br. Visitor, the DC and the LMC, reinforcing the collaboration of the work in delivering the Mission to all those across the District. The work of the Lasallian Mission flourishes across our District. Of course, as noted above, the Mission is not the sole domain or responsibility of the Brothers. The De La Salle Brothers have gifted the charism of St John Baptist de La Salle to those partners who have been inspired by the life of Founder. To the thousands of Lasallians who work in ministries within our District and the tens of thousands of young people whose lives and hearts are touched, it is reassuring that 301 years after the death of St. John Baptist de La Salle a vitality and commitment to make a difference remains strong.


MESSAGE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Merv McCormack Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) enjoyed a fine year in 2019. This is measurable, to an extent, by examining the increased numbers of Lasallian teachers and staff attending the range of ormation programs offered throughout the year. It may also be evidenced by the growth in the engagement of the Young Lasallians’ team by our schools:












The above stats show our collective work as a team and the amazing impact the whole Dream Team has made over the course of 2019. But statistics, of themselves, do not speak of the richness and diversity of opportunities which the year provided. A synopsis of 2019 necessarily includes the following events which were developed, hosted or attended by the LMS team: Retreats and reflection days, staff formation gatherings, Lasallian volunteering, both by students and staff, short term immersions, retreat volunteering, Camps La Salle, Youth Ministry, Parmenie experiences, vocations’ teamwork; the inaugural “Together For Mission” program, student leadership seminars, Brothers’ Jubilees, the Tercentenary Year celebrations, development of “Lasallian Mission Aid” undertaking the work of the Lasallian Foundation, the Sector Mission Councils in New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea, the Pakistan Lasallian Education Board, the Remote Rural Schools’ project in East Sepik, PNG, the District’s formation committee, namely, the Gerard Rummery Institute, the Lasallian Mission Council Board, the Finance and Risk Management Committee, highly successful performance appraisals of various LMS team members, restructuring of the “Formation for Mission” team, and the list goes on. Appreciation is extended to Br. David Hawke, Visitor, for his indefatigable encouragement, affirmation and gentle advice. Acknowledgement is also made of the Directors of the Lasallian Mission Council Board for their support and direction throughout the year. Finally, it has been a personal and professional privilege to work with such a talented and conscientious team as LMS. The challenges have been regular, the commitment has been unstinting, and the outcomes have been positive. I offer my appreciation to these colleagues for the hearts you have touched, the minds you have challenged, and the inspiration you have offered. Your deep commitment to the ministry of service has been a daily symbol of the values you uphold so earnestly. The LMS team’s intention has been deliberate and consistent: transforming lives, energising mission and in being sustained by faith, remaining attentive to our core belief that this work of God is also our work. By such a measure, 2019 has indeed been a successful year.


OUR BOARD Wayne Bull – Chair Wayne is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia. Prior to this appointment, he was a Catholic secondary principal for 20 years, including 12 years as Principal of La Salle College, Middle Swan. In 2015, Wayne was granted the Letters of Affiliation from the Superior General. He is a past President of the WA Catholic Secondary Principals’ Association, a Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders and the Australian Institute of Management, a Member of the Australian College of Education and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Wayne is currently a director of two school boards, and is the Chair of his local Parish Council. Wayne holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership as well as qualifications in Religious Education and Humanities. He is also a graduate of the Lasallian Leadership Course, a former Commissioner of the Catholic Education Commission (CECWA) and former Chair of CECWA’s School Resources Committee. Wayne is also a former member of CECWA’s Religious Education and Curriculum Committee and past Chair of Catholic Arts WA.

Br Chris Gorringe – Deputy Chair Chris is the District Bursar of the ANZPPNG District and is a former secondary school teacher and administrator. He is a former Director of yourtown (formerly BoysTown), the Lasallian Foundation and De La Salle College, Malvern. He is currently a Board Director at St Michael’s College, Adelaide, St. Bede’s College, Mentone and Oakhill College, Castle Hill. Chris is also a member of the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS).

Merv McCormack – Executive Director Merv is in his sixth year as Executive Director of the Lasallian Mission Council. He has had more than 45 years’ experience in Catholic education, working as a teacher, coordinator, Principal and Consultant, in both independent and systemic Catholic schools. His involvements included project work on school amalgamations; development of a single-sex school to a co-educational one; and the appointments of Principals and Assistant Principals. He is a former Director of the Marist John Berne School and former Chair of the Board of Good Shepherd Rosemount (Australia & New Zealand). His experiences have also included members of two Sydney Parish Pastoral teams. Merv holds degrees in Education. He is also a Justice of the Peace.

Ann Corcoran Ann is a qualified accountant (a CPA throughout her working life) and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her professional life includes work as Business Manager of three schools - De La Salle College Malvern, Woodleigh and Kilvington Grammar. She has held the positions of Student Ombudsman at Monash University, the Federal Member of Parliament for the seat of Isaacs, the Deputy Director, and then Acting Director of Finance at Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Management Accountant at Frankston Hospital (formerly Mornington Peninsula Hospital). Ann has also held various administrative roles at The University of Melbourne and the Australian Tax Office. She has served on the District Council’s Economic Council for some years, as well as her work on the LMC Board. 6 LMC ANNUAL REPORT 2019

Michael Egan Michael has worked in Catholic education for 37 years and has held the role of Principal at LaSalle College Bankstown since 2013. Prior to this, he was Principal at De La Salle Catholic College, Caringbah and has previously held roles at Aquinas College, Menai, Marcellin College Randwick, Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood and Marist College Kogarah. He holds a Bachelor of Education, as well as a Masters degree in Religious Education and another in Arts, Theological Studies. Michael is a former member of the Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales and current President of the NSW Association of Catholic School Principals (ACSP). He is also Chair of the Sydney Archdiocesan Catholic Secondary Principals Association (SACSPA). Michael is Chair of the Lasallian Mission Council’s Finance and Risk Management Committee.

Jill Gowdie Jill has wide experience in Catholic education, the Church and leadership formation. She is known across Australia and overseas as a writer, teacher, presenter and facilitator. Jill has taught at primary, secondary and university levels and in adult and school consultancy contexts. Her work now includes research and consultancy, school and system leadership review, program design and strategic facilitation. Jill’s expertise is grounded in qualifications across theology, journalism, religious education, liturgy and spiritual formation. Her Masters degree is in Religious Education. Her PhD studies explored the challenge of contemporary formation for educators and leaders, drawing together the areas of theology, formation, missiology, change theory and best practice in adult professional learning. Jill received an inaugural national award for excellence in research in religious education, and was awarded Summa Cum Laude from the international examiner of her doctoral dissertation in Educational Leadership. Jill founded the national network - Formation for Australian Catholic Educators (FACE) and is involved in the leadership, on a national level, of the work in Catholic School Identity.

Lyn Harrison Lyn Harrison has over 40 years’ experience in education as a teacher, school counsellor, private psychologist, private consultant to schools, an executive manager and Chief Executive Officer. Lyn developed the Marist Youth Care Restorative Justice Program, a program implemented across Australia that challenged schools to reflect and review their systems in responding to students with extremely challenging behaviours. Following her role of CEO at Rosemount Good Shepherd, Lyn was appointed National Director Service Development within Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand. One outstanding achievement was the establishment of the Waranara Registered School for young people who were unable to attend mainstream education. This evidenced Lyn’s core belief in the integration of welfare and education programs. In 2016 Lyn was appointed CEO of St. Francis Social Services where she developed the new strategic plan, formed a new leadership team, founded a new centre for the House of Welcome and formed the NSW Alliance for People Seeking Asylum. With her husband Peter, they have two married children and three grandchildren.


Kane Raukura Kane is currently the Chair of the New Zealand Sector Mission Council and has worked extensively with the De La Salle Brothers over the last 20 years in all areas of mission and formation. Honoured with Affiliation of the Institute in 2017, Kane’s involvement has seen him attend and strongly support District events, be a presenter on numerous occasions and contribute his expertise at an international level. A graduate of the Buttimer Programme, CIL renewal course in Rome and current online facilitator of the John Johnston Institute, Washington DC, Kane brings passion and enthusiasm to his Lasallian vocation. Recognised with multiple national awards for teaching excellence, Kane is found daily in front of his students and practising his trade as the Head of Science at De La Salle College Mangere. A consummate educationalist and supporter of today’s youth, Kane is vocal and driven to ensure that we all continue to grow, foster and guarantee the authenticity of our Lasallian Mission within our District.


TERCENTENARY YEAR 2019 In 2018, Brother Robert Schieler, the Superior General of the De La Salle Brothers, invited all Lasallians to commemorate the tercentenary of the death of St John Baptist de La Salle in Rouen, France, on 7 April 1719. The ANZPPNG District responded enthusiastically and either planned special events to commemorate the Tercentenary, or modified existing events and liturgies, so that there would be recognition of the Tercentenary year. A Tercentenary banner was produced with the assistance of yourtown graphic designers, and most Lasallian schools, communities, and institutions proudly displayed this banner throughout the year. A special badge incorporating the Tercentenary logo was produced, and over 26,000 badges were distributed to schools. Every Lasallian school in the District either held its own Tercentenary Mass or joined with other Lasallian schools. Each sector of the District held one or more combined Tercentenary Masses to which bishops, clergy, representatives of other religious congregations, Catholic education leaders, and past and present Lasallians were invited. yourtown arranged a Tercentenary prayer service for use at its numerous sites. Each of these events celebrated and gave thanks for a common Lasallian heritage. There were four significant conferences held during the year. In April, about 200 Lasallian educators from ten countries in the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Melbourne for the Asia-Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Conference (APLEC). At a nearby venue in Melbourne, over 200 Lasallian youth from Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea gathered for the District Lasallian Youth Gathering. In July, Lasallians from throughout Papua New Guinea travelled to Port Moresby for the PNG Lasallian Family National Gathering, while in October, a small group of Lasallians travelled to Rotorua in New Zealand for a symposium on First Nations indigenous culture and the Lasallian charism. Each of these Tercentenary events brought Lasallians together to renew their commitment to meeting contemporary needs, through the promotion of mission, the charism and the founding story.


BATHURST DIOCESE CELEBRATES On the 30th May in Dubbo, and 31st May in Bathurst, staff from Catholic schools across the Diocese joined together in recognising the year of death of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Patron Saint of all Christian educators. It reminded and challenged staff of their special vocation as Catholic educators. Philippe Dulawan and Amanda Proulx from the Lasallian Youth Team facilitated the day with the theme “One Heart. One Commitment. One Life”. Sessions throughout focused on the ultimate mission of Catholic education, which is participation in Jesus’ Mission - bringing about the Reign of God - with a particular focus on the students “entrusted into our care”. New Religious Education Co-ordinator (REC) from MacKillop College Bathurst, Amber Calleja (previously James Sheahan Catholic College REC), spoke of the partnerships with Lasallians happening at James Sheahan. The Principal of La Salle Academy Lithgow, Joyce Smith, spoke of the work happening in Lithgow establishing links with the Lasallian charism in a modern context. The day concluded with staff making an ongoing commitment to the ministry of education, including reflection on the demands and the rewards of this work, ultimately providing encouragement for the road ahead.

NEW ZEALAND CELEBRATIONS This Tercentenary year was filled with celebrations of the life of De La Salle, with his dedication to education and generosity to the poor. In May, the De La Salle colleges in New Zealand came together at the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Hamilton for the Tercentenary celebration. Cardinal John Dew presided at the Mass with Bishops Stephen Lowe and Patrick Dunn. The beating of the pate (Island wooden drum), began the celebration, which was followed by the procession of the statue of St John Baptist de La Salle carried by the head prefects from the three Lasallian schools. Br David Hawke welcomed everyone to the celebration. Every guest was wearing garlands, and hymns were sung in various languages, pointing to the significance of ethnic & cultural difference within the one Lasallian community.


MELBOURNE COLLEGES’ COMBINED RETREAT On Friday 23rd August, over 500 staff from the four Lasallian Colleges in Melbourne (De La Salle College Malvern, St Bede’s College Mentone, St John’s College Dandenong and St James’ College East Bentleigh) gathered for a rretreat day. Brothers from the Malvern and Mentone Communities also joined the retreat, along with some Brothers from Sydney, whose presence was greatly appreciated. In addition, Br David Hawke, Visitor, was a guest of honour. Br. Gerard Rummery FSC and Dr Rose-Marie Prosser gave the keynote addresses and provided input to animate the international Lasallian theme of “One Heart One Commitment One Life”. Br. Gerard highlighted some key moments in the Lasallian story, outlining the trajectory from the innovative origins by St. John Baptist de La Salle and the commitment of the first Brothers, through to the present day, describing the ‘shared mission’. He affirmed the efforts of Lasallian Partners who carry forward the charism to the young people entrusted to them; “The challenge is to all those willing to ensure that the 300 years is not an end but a new beginning”, he said. Shared meals gave staff opportunities to mix and share perspectives on their work in Lasallian schools. One staff member commented on his gratitude to connect with someone who did an identical role at another college; he looked forward to the work that they will be able to collaborate on in the future. Suggestions were made by many that an event of this nature should be repeated in the future, looking forward to such opportunities ‘together and by association’.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA CELEBRATIONS An unforgettable Mass was held to conclude the Tercentenary on Friday 20th September, at the Rita Flynn Indoor Stadium, Boroko, in Port Moresby. The theme was ‘One Heart, One Commitment, One Life.’ The Lasallian Schools were Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, De La Salle Secondary School, La Salle Technical College, Mainohana Catholic Secondary School, and Sacred Heart Teachers College. Fr. John Glynn AFSC, School Chaplain of Jubilee Secondary School was joined by Fr. Dominic Kachira SDB, fellow priests, religious sisters, Brothers, Catholic Commission Heads, friends, benefactors and associates. In his homily, Fr. John highlighted the Lasallian vocation, and urged everyone to follow and live in the ways of St. John Baptist, by helping those that need it most. “Though rich and privileged, he forfeited all of this, as he had a strong ambition of empowering the powerless. He wished to become like many who are lonely and poor,” he said. The Mass came as the third celebration after the previous two hosted at De La Salle Secondary School, Bomana and La Salle Technical School, Hohola.



LA SALLE CENTRE BLESSING AND OPENING The Provincial Office and Lasallian Mission Services staff ceased working at 26 Meredith Street, Bankstown on Thursday 5 September, and moved to a new location - Level 4, Flinders Centre, 25 Restwell Street, Bankstown. Members of the District Council, Lasallian Mission Council Board, Lasallian Mission Services and Provincial Office staff came to celebrate the official opening of the new office “La Salle Centre” on Thursday 14 November. Special guests included Mark Condi, CEO of the Bankstown Sports Club, and Shane Mount, Chaplain. Staff found it uplifting and invigorating to move to brand new premises, and - for some - even a room with a view. It could be seen as a bonus having a barista coffee bar downstairs, including the facilities of Bankstown Sports Club.



LASALLIAN MISSION COUNCIL After a long and distinguished career as a Lasallian educator, with significant appointments in Australia and in Rome, Br. John Cantwell relinquished his role as Director of Formation for the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG). From Monday 22 July, John moved into the position of Director Emeritus of Formation where his extensive knowledge and expertise could be well utilised as the Lasallian Mission Services’ (LMS) team undergoes restructure. John has also been the prime mover in designing, developing and managing “Together for Mission”, the new formation course which was presented for the first time later in the year. The course had already attracted an international audience. Ms Amanda Proulx, Director of Young Lasallians, was appointed as the new Director of Formation. Amanda brings substantial experience and considerable expertise to the position and since joining ANZPPNG from the United States in January 2016, has established a very fine reputation throughout the District for her leadership and knowledge. Br John Pill continued in his role as Director of Lasallian Identity, and Br Peter Ryan, having recently concluded doctoral studies at Fordham University, was welcomed to the Formation team in the newly created role of Director of Mission Integration. The work of Brs. John and Peter was clarified over following months in view of substantial changes to the LMS Formation team to be embedded for 2020 and beyond. Mr Phillipe Dulawan, Senior Youth Ministry Coordinator, accepted the position of Assistant Director Young Lasallians. Phil’s reputation and knowledge of Lasallian youth matters in the District is highly regarded.


PRINCIPAL, SOUTHERN CROSS CATHOLIC COLLEGE, SCARBOROUGH Mr Christopher Campbell was appointed as Principal at Southern Cross Catholic College, Scarborough, to commence at the beginning of 2020. Chris was the Acting Principal at Southern Cross Scarborough and prior to this was the Head of Campus Secondary at the College. He has significant leadership experience including Assistant Principal Curriculum, St Patrick’s Shorncliffe for over ten years, and prior positions as Head of Department over a 20-year period. Chris’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Teaching and a Master of Educational Leadership. This appointment followed public advertising and a selection process involving Fr. Bob Harwood (Parish Priest, Holy Cross Parish Redcliffe), Br. Peter Ryan (Lasallian Mission Services, Sydney), representatives from the school community and Brisbane Catholic Education.

PRINCIPAL, CASIMIR CATHOLIC COLLEGE Casimir Catholic College in NSW embraced a new Principal for 2020, Ms Carmelina Eussen. Carmelina worked at Santa Sabina College in Strathfield as the Head of School(6-12) and also worked as Assistant Principal at Marist Catholic College in Penshurst. Carmelina’s qualifications include a Masters of Educational Leadership and Masters of Religious Education/Theology.


NEW ZEALAND SECTOR REPORT 2019 was a historic and memorable year for Lasallians worldwide, given that it marked the Tercentenary of the death of St John Baptist de La Salle. New Zealand Lasallians entered into the celebratory year with enthusiasm. The activities of the three Colleges reflect the importance of the year in the Lasallian world. There will be long term gains as a result. Highlights of the year included: The New Zealand Mission Action Committee, which had been in place for over ten years, was replaced with the New Zealand Sector Mission Council. This new structure aligned with the other national, regional structures in Papua New Guinea and Pakistan. It aimed to engage with and represent the vibrant structures in our three New Zealand schools. The 2020-2022 Aotearoa - New Zealand strategic plan for the Sector was formulated and endorsed at the final plenary meeting of the Sector, held in Hamilton City on the 19th September 2019. A sizable delegation from New Zealand attended the two District-wide Tercentenary celebrations in Melbourne in May. These occasions were conducive to building unity and solidarity among Lasallians in the whole District and in the Asia-Pacific Region. Close contact was kept with St. Pope Paul VI College in Samoa, with representatives of the College’s staff/ students being invited to various gatherings involving New Zealand Lasallians. Staff from the New Zealand Sector and LaSallian Services Bankstown, engaged in professional development with the staff of the Samoan college. A container full of educational resources was packed up in Auckland during September, and shipped up to the College. It was well-received by staff and students, and was generously contributed to by the three NZ Colleges. Professional development opportunities for staff from our three Colleges were continued to be offered. They were well attended. These ranged from courses for new staff, to opportunities for others to participate in the international tertiary opportunities at the Buttimer Institute in New York. Specially focused courses for student leaders, and for disadvantaged junior students from the three Colleges, were organized and well attended. The Lasallian brand of education has grown strong in Aotearoa - New Zealand and is well regarded among parents and in the public arena. Gratitude is extended to the Lasallian Mission Council, Lasallian Mission Services Team, plus the various leadership levels in our New Zealand schools. One of us is never as strong as all of us.


John Paul College Signum Fidei 10 year celebration Mass at St Michael’s Church Rotorua – September 2019.

SIGNUM FIDEI GROUP The celebration of ten years of the John Paul College Signum Fidei community recognised the important milestone in the legacy of the Patron Saint of Teachers, St John Baptist de La Salle and his gift, the Lasallian charism. The charism was first “planted” at John Paul College Rotorua, in the late 1990’s with the arrival of Brothers Hilary, Owen, Peter and Declan. It is thanks to Bishop Denis Browne who sought help from Br. David Hawke that a community of Brothers came to Rotorua. How fortunate we were that those Brothers said ‘yes.’ During the Brothers’ time in Rotorua, the charism was a mere sapling, and with care and attention, the sapling grew slowly and steadily. After about three years, the Brothers departed Rotorua for other ministries, and with that, the sapling had to weather a few difficult seasons. REPORT - (Bernadette Fredricksen – Coordinator) After ten years, Signum Fidei community members are all teachers who teach at the College. However, one member is a parent of children who attended the College. Members aspire to live the Lasallian charism and spirituality, and participate in a range of outreach projects. As Lasallians, we endeavour to be a “sign of faith” to those we meet each day and to be of service to those entrusted to our care. An important aspect of our community is that our members come from a variety of faith backgrounds, unified to work together as Lasallians. The community met, as each year in February, at the Tyburn Monastery at Ngakuru, a rural settlement, 28km south of Rotorua, for prayer and reflection. At this meeting, members decided on the projects for the year that directly supported students and families in our College community. Monthly meetings were held on Tuesdays from 4 pm – 6 pm in the John Paul College Whare, and ended with a shared meal. In celebrating ten years of Signum Fidei at John Paul College this year, we were able to pause and reflect and give thanks for each other, but also the unconditional support we have received and continue to receive from the De La Salle Brothers. We look forward to 2020 with a renewed sense of hope in our mission to serve others.


LASALLIAN ENVIRONMENTALISTS Staff and students of John Paul College, De La Salle College and Francis Douglas Memorial College were invited and have committed to donate 100 trees each at $4 each. These would be planted in “La Salle Grove” on Motukaraka Island, to commemorate the tercentenary of the death of St John Baptist de La Salle. Motukaraka Hokianga Harbour is situated in far North New Zealand. It was purchased from Maori by a Sea Captain in Sydney in 1832, but for the last forty years was neglected ad was populated by exotic weeds, possums, vines, rats and has few native trees of birds at present. The aim was to restore the island to its native glory, including the precious taonga of native birds which are endangered. Once the trees were planted as La Salle Grove, donors would be sent photos and kept updated on progress.

JOHN PAUL COLLEGE - CAMBODIA SERVICE TRIP 2019 During the holidays between terms one and two, a group of sixteen students and two staff from John Paul College Rotorua went on a service trip to a small Lasallian school in Po Thum, Cambodia. After a long flight, we spent the first two days acclimatising and getting an introduction to Cambodia, including a visit to the Royal Palace in the capital Phnom Penh and a Buddhist temple. Then it was off to the small village of Po Thum just outside of the capital to meet the Brothers and celebrate the Easter weekend. On Monday, the real hard work began : morning prayers were at 5.15 am, breakfast at 6.15 am and then students arriving from 6.30 am for a 7 am start. Afternoon lessons commenced at 2 pm and finished at 4 pm. After school, our students still had enough energy to play football with some of the older students in the village. The time before dinner and bed was spent preparing for the following days’ lessons. Our students taught English, Maths, Crafts and Jump Jam. However, before we knew it, the week was over, and it was almost time to leave and give the students their colouring pencils. After returning to the comfort of our hotel on Saturday, we did a little shopping and then on Sunday we learned more about the history of Cambodia, as we visited the “Killing Fields” and saw the memorial to the terrible genocide during the rule of Pol Pot. We then flew to Siem Reap to spend the last few days of the trip doing very touristy things. Then it was time to return to New Zealand. It was a life-changing experience for our students, with time and efforts given to help those less fortunate than ourselves in a small Lasallian school in Po Thum, Cambodia. (Mr & Mrs Bloomfield, Teachers in Charge)


PAKISTAN SECTOR REPORT The year 2019 was a year of immense importance because of the Tercentenary celebrations of the death of Saint John Baptist De La Salle. In order to highlight the contribution of La Salle Brothers, numerous activities were organised in the Lasallian institutions. Firstly, teacher induction sessions were held in our institutions. These were in line with our goal of continuing to achieve academic excellence and developing the personalities of our students in accordance with the inspirations received from the life of our founder St. John Baptist de La Salle (Patron Saint of all Teachers). They were informative and enriching for the new staff members. A second set of programs were some short training sessions for the student prefects in different Lasallian schools in the country. They play a key role in maintaining the discipline in the schools, assisting the teachers and management in different ways. Thirdly, we conducted a variety of training workshops where teacher -participants enhanced their skills, including different topics, including Time Management, Motivation, Spoken English, SWOT Analysis, Teaching Methodologies, etc. Along with focusing our attention on the academics, our students also participated in sports including Basketball, Cricket, Football, and Table Tennis and in numerous co-curricular activities - Speech Competitions, Poster Competitions, International Kangaroo Mathematics and Science Competitions, Spelling Bee Competitions, Inter-School Taekwondo Championship and KL-YES Programme. The students performed very well in the external annual (2019) examinations of Matriculation, Intermediate and Cambridge. More than 50% of students secured A+ grades and many achieved 100% marks in different subjects in different Lasallian institutions in the country. The Third Lasallian Youth Gathering Pakistan was held in La Salle Higher Secondary School, Multan on 12-14 October 2019. About 180 students from nine Lasallian schools in Pakistan along with their Principals, La Salle Brothers and other teachers participated in the programme. The presence of His Excellency Benny Mario Travas (Bishop of Multan) and Br David Hawke (Visitor of ANZPPNG District) was a sign of encouragement for all the participants and the organizers. Parent-teacher meetings play a vital role in strengthening the educational triangle (students, teachers, parents). As usual, we held two/three parent-teacher meetings in every school, to share and discuss the academic progress of students. La Salle Multan kept the tradition sending at least one student to the USA for the cultural exchange programme. In addition, one of the students (Abdullah Rauf) qualified for the full paid scholarship in the KL-YES Programme and has gone to the USA. He will return to Pakistan in June 2020. Another milestone of the Pakistan Sector of La Salle Brothers was accepting the invitation of His Excellency Sebastian Francis Shaw (Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lahore) to administer schools in Gujranwala city. Two of our senior Brothers (Br. Christie Dorus & Br. Peter Abraham) along with two young brothers are assisting these schools.


PAPUA NEW GUINEA SECTOR REPORT The Tercentenary year began with the opening Mass on February 22, 2019, at De La Salle Bomana. It was attended by the four NCD Lasallian school and Mainohana Catholic Secondary school. The Mass was led by De La Salle Bomana and each part of the Mass delegated among the four schools. They all came well prepared and led designated processions of the Mass. It was led by Bishop Kurian Mathew Vayalunkal, the Apostolic Nuncio to PNG and the Solomon Islands. In attendance were the French Ambassador to PNG, Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama, Br. Visitor David Hawke and other guests. The closing Mass was led by Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, as described in the Tercentenary Year 2019 section above. The dates and times for both the opening and closing Masses were observed by all Lasallians throughout the country. The National Gathering of Lasallian Teachers and Young Lasallians took place on 30 June to 3 July at Lasalle Technical College, Hohola in Port Moresby. In attendance, were 304 educators, 275 students, and 40 presenters. Lasallians from all over PNG and around the District attended the gathering. The presentations challenged, encouraged and empowered the participants. At the conclusion of the Gathering, there was a 3-day formation program for the Lasallian Family Coordinators. Our Lasallian Volunteers have done a marvellous job at our schools n 2019, and have assisted on retreats in Mainohana. Their presence at our schools has impacted positively on students and staff. As a result of their enduring commitment, a number of young PNG Lasallians have applied to be Volunteers. Port Moresby-based Lasallian schools were enriched with the visit of the Australian and New Zealand Lasallian school Principals. Principals met in Port Moresby and made time to visit the schools. The Catholic Education Office in Western Australia also visited in November, led by Wayne Bull, chairman of the Lasallian Mission Council. Both visits were empowering and strengthened the relationship between our schools in PNG and the young people entrusted to our care.


WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES/ BENEFITS OF FURTHERING WOMEN IN EDUCATION? In Papua New Guinea, a lot of people do not have this heart of ‘giving back for free or doing the same thing to others. There are many approaches to giving back to family, society, community and the Nation, E.g., I do little work for a living; however, I engaged in much volunteer work (FSC activities). The more volunteer works you from your heart is to contribute without fear, favour or request by anyone. Individuals can be a catalyst or agent of change in their respective communities.

THE PNG LASALLIAN FAMILY The Lasallian Family Office was located to La Salle Technical College, Hohola. The Family, in existence for 23 years, now 410 registered members, and 17 small family groups/areas in the Sector. The adult formators’ training workshop took place in July with 38 Lasallians certified as Lasallian Formators. The training was co-facilitated by Amanda Proulx and Sebastian Duhau from LMS. These Lasallians now have the task of facilitating Lasallian Formation programs in their areas in the Sector. Kate Mason, Communication Manager at LMS, visited the country on two separate occasions and the results of these visits have assisted in moving forward so many publications and reprints of prayer cards, brochures, flyers, bookmarks, and the Policy Handbook. The “Lasallian Women of Hope Group”, as part of the PNG Lasallian Family, has as aim to empower girls in education. The year 2019 was the second year of its sanitary hamper project. More than 400 students, mostly girls, have received sanitary hampers within the Lasallian institutions, and in other schools where Lasallian teachers are present. The “Lasallian Remote School Support Services” in Wewak is now overseen by the Lasallian Family. The project started in 2015, and its aim was to assist remote schools with learning materials and professional development. Since its establishment, the project has assisted nine primary schools and their elementary schools. The head teachers of these schools participated in a Child Protection workshop facilitated by Br. Ambrose Payne in September. The Lasallian Remote School Support Services will change in name to “Lasallian Resource Centre” in 2020, and extend its services to Lasallian Family members teaching in other schools in East Sepik Province. Between January 6 and 8, 2020, the Lasallian Family leaders from the 17 areas met for the annual meeting in Madang. The three days of meeting were intensive but fruitful, as it saw meaningful contributions from all areas and forward planning for 2020 and beyond. The Lasallian Family in PNG has been – and is - always grateful for the support it receives from LMS and the Brothers in PNG, Australia, New Zealand and the world over. The activities of 2019 exemplify a strong sense of working ‘Together and by Association’ in the PNG Lasallian Family.


ADULT FORMATION 2019 Amanda Proulx, as the newly appointed Director of Formation, was one of seven members of the international editorial team headed in Rome by Br. Jesus Rubio. It developed the Institute handbook for formation, Lasallian Formation for Mission: The Pilgrim’s Handbook (Rome: Brothers of the Christian Schools, November 2019).

The following are some of the significant formation events month-by-month:



• Formation program for Youth Ministers, Lasallian Volunteers and School Leaders

• Residential programs for the Board Directors and for Managers and Team Leaders, yourtown

• Program for the College Executive, St Bede’s Mentone

• Participation in the PNG National Gathering, followed by the first formation session for PNG Regional Formators and Area Coordinators for the Lasallian Family

• Meeting of the Gerard Rummery Institute (also May and October)

• Presentations for the first year of the Buttimer Institute (New York)

FEBRUARY • Programs for personnel new to a Lasallian school: Sydney

JULY • Young Brothers’ formation program


• Coordination of Lasallian Retreats (Mittagong), and Ormiston (in September)

• Life Support program for support and administrative staff: Sydney • Programs for personnel new to a Lasallian school: Melbourne and Adelaide

AUGUST • Participation in a discussion workshop concerning the Buttimer Institute (Los Angeles)

APRIL • Spirituality morning for the staff of De La Salle College Revesby • APLEC & LYG


• Second visit for the Lasallian orientation of staff at St Michael’s College Adelaide

• La Salle Centre staff orientation: Lasallian Formation for Mission: The Pilgrim’s Handbook (Amanda)

• Sessions at the Novitiate, Lipa (Philippines) • Participation in the graduation ceremony, BBI-The Australian Institute of Theological Education

NOVEMBER • First cohort, Together for Mission



• Bathurst Diocese formation sessions

• Successful defence of his doctoral thesis by Br Peter Ryan

• Meeting of the Marist Brothers Tertiary Committee (and September)


BUTTIMER I Br John Cantwell reported that the Buttimer Institute program in U.S.A. continued to thrive, with 41 registrations in Buttimer I in 2019, and an impressive number who have continued into the secondand third-year groups. The Buttimer I contingent were mostly from the United States but also included representatives from eight other countries, including those of our own District. It was observed by Gina Hall, Director of the first-year group, that they quickly became a community, keen to listen and learn from one another. It was especially pleasing to attend the graduation dinner, during which several people from the ANZPPNG District were presented with their Diplomas following three years of study: Rana Brogan, Marianne Castor, Dermot English, Chris Goodman and Melinda Stevenson.


YOUNG LASALLIANS 2019 Over the year the Young Lasallian Team provided 73 retreats, and 21 regional events across 112 days. Over 9500 students were encountered. This is the fourth consecutive year of growth in the number of retreats, events, and students served for the Young Lasallians Team. Additionally, there were 23 Youth Ministers present providing the ongoing pastoral presence within school communities. The Young Lasallians Team was engaged in collaborative consultancy work with the Parramatta and Bathurst Catholic Education Offices in 2019. “Empower” and “Rise-up”, two significant student gathering events, were designed, facilitated and delivered by the Team for these organisations. Furthermore, nominated “Faith-in-Action Teachers” in the Parramatta Diocese was accompanied by Philippe, who engaged in-situ professional learning in effective youth ministry. Beyond our Lasallian District, Damian Khoury and Br. David accepted an invitation to enliven the Tercentenary celebrations in South Africa, while sharing our models of ministry. Sebastian was a keynote and workshop presenter at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth. He spoke about his time at the Rome Synod and the document “Christus Vivit: Christ is alive”. A strong contingent of Lasallians was present among the 5,000 delegates who attended the three days. As mentioned in Appointments above, Amanda Proulx took up the position as Director of the “Formation for Mission” team, at mid-year, the team of which the Young Lasallians personnel are a part. Additionally, Philippe Dulawan was appointed the Assistant Director of Young Lasallians. This transition strengthened the comprehensive offering of Lasallian Mission Services to both adult educators, young adults and school students.

LASALLIAN YOUTH GATHERINGS The Lasallian Youth Gathering in Melbourne was held simultaneously with the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators Conference, 13-16 April. A broad spectrum of experiences was provided including slam poetry, spirituality through the creative arts, keynote addresses from leaders such as Lana Turvey-Collins, the Australian Plenary Council Facilitator and Tracy Adams, CEO of yourtown. Students enjoyed interactions with social justice experts from Caritas, St Vincent De Paul, Marist Youth Ministry and a local social enterprise “homie” which combats homelessness. Similarly, the Lasallian Youth Gathering in Pakistan was held 13-16 October. Over one hudred and fifty Pakistani male and female students, staff, Brothers, and teachers gathered in Multan to celebrate the Tercentenary. This event was organised and delivered by the Sector of Pakistan and showcased the unique gifts, expertise, and culture of those present. A key point of difference was the service day component were participants engaged the local community to offer much-needed services. Both Lasallian Youth Gatherings empowered students to live out what they had experienced in their local communities. 23 LMC ANNUAL REPORT 2019


NINETEEN LASALLIAN VOLUNTEERS (LV’S) The Tercentenary year was particularly significant for our District as the largest number of Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) in the 15-year history of the program offered service. There are so many good news stories to share with the 2019 LV’s. The program welcomed the return of Rodwill Joe (Front row, 3rd from right) as the first intra-Sector Volunteer, returning to Port Moresby to minister at Bomana. The program also welcomed Pearl Bartlett (Back row, 3rd from right) who joined the district from the St. Cassian’s, Kintbury, a De La Salle Retreat Centre in the United Kingdom, having volunteered there for two years. Brother Laurence Hughes FSC, Provincial of the District of Ireland, GB and Malta wrote in Pearl’s reference letter, “She is deeply spiritual herself which is infectious with the groups she works with”. While the journey from the U.K to the outback was challenging, Pearl certainly maintained that infectious smile and was dedicated to her work with the students, particularly those requiring a high level of care. The year 2019 also welcomed the return of the Lasallian Volunteers to Balgo, under the leadership and guidance of Barry Ennis, Principal of Luurnpa Catholic School. Five Volunteers made the 2-day journey and were closely supported throughout the year by Lasallian Volunteer alumni, Tom Vidot and Rosy Setephano. For a remote town in the Kimberly region, it certainly had plenty of visitors who commented on the presence, maturity and positive contribution of the Volunteers to the small town. There was a great sense of renewal in the Lasallian spirit amongst staff and elders who embraced the Volunteers , making them feel part of the indigenous community. Equally, the Volunteers also felt it was important to fly the Lasallian flag and shared their knowledge of De La Salle with the students, when presented with the opportunity. The community of Scarborough also saw the introduction of a new placement, a combination of negotiations between LMC, yourtown and Southern Cross Catholic College (SCCC). For the very first time, there was a placement that was designed for young ladies looking to volunteer in Queensland. Working with yourtown at Deception Bay in the Glugor young parents’ program and assisting students at SCCC. This placement was a replica of the placement in Sydney between La Salle College Bankstown and yourtown St Marys.


With 19 LVs around the District, the addition of Br. Garry Coyte and Br. Lewis Harwood as pastoral and spiritual support to the Volunteers was welcomed, as all worked together. Br. Garry as part of his role within the Sector of PNG visited the 4 LVs throughout the year. Br. Lewis was also tasked with accompanying the four LV’s in Perth and the five at Balgo. A difficult long distant task, was successful with the use of modern technology - via video conferencing; this made a world of difference. Both communities in Western Australia are without the presence of Brothers, and this arrangement allowed for the spiritual accompaniment of the LV’s. All the LV’s were greatly appreciative of the time, conversations and messages of support, and it was evident in their reunions during the debriefing program. Another addition to the program was the support provided by yourtown to the LV’s. Practice supervision, a service provided by managers to members of staff, assisted with the professional development and well-being and ongoing improvement of the LV’s service. Finally, it should be noted that the Lasallian Volunteers showed Lasallian “zeal” in their unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to the program. A few past LV’s have transitioned within our Lasallian pathways and even abroad. Cameron Streeter, who after volunteering for two years at La Salle Technical College Hohola, PNG was a Youth Minister (YM) at Bankstown. Luca Almiento who volunteered at the boarding house with La Salle College Middle Swan in Perth, went on to be a Youth Minister at De La Salle College Malvern. Micah Scholes-Robertson, volunteered at De La Salle Mangere, and later became a Youth Minister at Holy Spirit College Lakemba. Maroun Azzam volunteered at De La Salle Secondary School Bomana and went on to volunteer with the Institute “Fratelli Project” in Beirut, Lebanon.


LASALLIAN VOCATIONS 2019 The Tercentenary Year was especially significant as it marked a Lasallian Year of Vocations. The importance of continuing the Mission of the human and Christian education of young people is as needed today as it was back in the days of our great Founder s. De La Salle Brothers are also needed today more than ever to be Brothers to young people,, and to the people they work with, as well as give a witness to Christ’s loving presence in the world. The District commissioned a team of Brothers, including Brothers Garry Coyte, Lewis Harwood, Mandy Normandy and Arian Lopez to visit schools, support retreats, and work with the Young Lasallians team to promote vocations to the religious life. Some highlights included participating in the Lasallian youth ministry and volunteer programs, the Lasallian Youth Gathering in Melbourne, Tercentenary Masses across a number of schools, including the St. Mary’s Cathedral Mass for schools in Sydney, young adult Parmenie weekends, the mid-year Lasallian volunteer formation, the Lasallian Volunteer debrief program, the networking with Notre Dame University and Sydney University Chaplaincy services team, City to Surf Lasallian vocations promotion, Brothers’ community visits to share strategic plans, the ongoing creation of Lasallian vocation resources, social media, and digital developments. We fully believe in the mission and witness of De La Salle Brothers as signs of hope and goodness to those they are entrusted to. Let us continue to pray for vocations and invite others to consider taking up a vocation to religious life as De La Salle Brothers.


LASALLIAN MISSION AID TWINNING 2019 - 2020 In 2019, 17 schools in Australia, and 2 from New Zealand, together contributed about $270,000 for the twinning schools projects. The beneficiaries were 3 schools in Papua New Guinea, and 9 schools and Institutions in Pakistan. In 2020, only 6 schools have sent funds so far, but it is hoped that this will increase towards the end of this most unusual year.

CONTAINERS A 20ft container is loading at St Johns Dandenong and is expected to be sent later this year. This was donated by past students from Malvern, involved in Freight movement, and they will hopefully assist in its passage to POM. There are no plans at present to send another from Sydney, unless a cheaper means of transporting them is available. The costs of moving the container, particularly through the Port Moresby docks, is becoming prohibitive.


FUNDED PROJECTS The following projects have been approved and funded for 2020. PLACE




PAKISTAN Urdu, Campus #2



Bankstown, St Michaels

Boundary Wall, phase 2


St Michaels

Annual Water Treatment Supply



Sant Sing Wala

Furniture, Maintenance


Orange, Middle Swan, Lakemba


Annual Water Treatment Supply




Furniture, photocopier, whitewashing


Caringbah, Cronulla


Roof & Water Tank repair, Noticeboards, Maintenance


New Plymouth

Breakfast Club


Oakhill Funds sent 2019

Needy Student support


St Michaels, Middle Swan, Private donor

Jubilee Hohola

Breakfast Club


Private donor

DLS Bomana

Work for Food, Fares, Fees


St Michaels, Orange






PAKISTAN Catechetical Training Institute

Annual support for programme

$15,000 $20,000 pa

LEAD have offered 5 year support. Finalising details


Seeding funds for new project at Girls School.


From LEC, Hong Kong.


La Salle Solidarite, Rome, through a Japanese donor

La Salle Hohola

Library extension


BEST PROJECT 2019 The Brothers run 5 schools in Faisalabad. La Salle Urdu, Campus #2, has almost 600 students from Nursery through to Year 10. These are mostly poor, Christian students. Br Sajid, the Principal, was in Australia last July, and spoke at La Salle Bankstown assembly about their need for clean drinking water for his students. In September La Salle Bankstown had a MAD Day, and raised over $10,000 for a water plant. By late September the funds were in Pakistan, work was begun, and completed and from Jan 15 this year students had free clean drinking water. To run the plant costs about $1,500 annually. De La Salle Ashfield have supplied that for 2020.





Water For S lean Drinking

www.delasalle.org.au admin@delasalle.org.au




lasalleanzppng 30 LMC ANNUAL REPORT 2019