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MESSAGE: BOARD CHAIR Mr. Wayne Bull AFSC “May our mutual support and solidarity be, during this [COVID-19] crisis, a sign of hope for others. This is what it is all about; all our fraternities, because they are Lasallian, must contribute to the building of this global community “together and by association.” Br Robert Schieler FSC Superior General

The words of the Superior General both challenge and reassure Lasallians. We are called to action to work “together and by association” to make a real difference in the lives of others. Inspired by Christ, the ultimate servant, and the example of St John Baptist de La Salle, the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) seeks to provide leadership within our District of ANZPPNG to touch the hearts and minds of those we serve. While the global pandemic may have caused us to operate differently, our commitment to the constituents of the District has remained unwavering. We live within potentially the most diverse District within the Lasallian world. While we are separated by great physical distances, different languages, cultures, political systems, climate and geography, we are unquestionably unified by a clear and consistent commitment to the charism of the De La Salle Brothers, and their mission to meet the educational and welfare needs of young people, especially the poor. During 2020, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic ran parallel to the ongoing challenges of operating the LMC within extremely confronting financial times. Our Council relies heavily on the very generous financial support of the Trustees of the Brothers. We are all aware of the financial burden that the Trustees are managing to support appropriately the victims of historical child sexual abuse. The LMC must continue to explore alternative funding sources, while also ensuring an equitable ‘user pay’ system, to enable our services to be maintained and potentially grow within the District. It is opportune to thank Br David Hawke FSC, the Brother Visitor of the District of ANZPPNG, for his inspirational and untiring leadership. While David’s capacity to travel around the four countries that constitute our District was severely curtailed during 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, nonetheless, he was able to use technology to keep in touch and support the various Lasallian communities and groups. The Lasallian Mission Services (LMS), the executive arm of LMC, expertly led by our Executive Director, Merv McCormack, mastered the challenges of lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions to ensure that Lasallians in our schools and works continued to be supported with high quality professional development and resources. I would like to express my appreciation to Merv and his dedicated and hard-working Team who have continued to demonstrate the highest possible commitment to the Mission. On the 13 April 2020 we mourned the passing of the inaugural chair of the LMC, Br Chris Gorringe FSC. At the time of his death, Chris was Deputy Chair. He was undoubtedly, along with Br David, the driving force and architect of establishing the Lasallian Mission Council. So much has been written about Chris’ magnificent contributions to the Mission within the District. I would simply like to add that without the work that Chris undertook, the flourishing mission that we see daily lived out within the District would not have been possible.



I acknowledge my fellow directors of LMC for their generous, insightful and discerning contributions in the promotion of the Mission within the District of ANZPPNG. I also thank and congratulate Ann Corcoran on accepting the invitation from the Br Visitor to take on the position of Deputy Chair of LMC. Thank you to our members of the 2020 LMC: • • • • • •

Ann Corcoran Michael (Mick) Egan Jill Gowdie Lyn Harrison Kane Raukura Merv McCormack (ex-officio - Executive Director)

Finally, may I express my deep appreciation to the thousands of Lasallians throughout our diverse District who continue to work and commit to the service and support of young people. May Jesus continue to live in each one of your hearts, and may you remain inspired by the practical and spiritual guidance provided by St John Baptist de La Salle.



REPORT: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Mr. Merv McCormack During a year when ‘unprecedented’ became a cliché, well… 2020 was an unprecedented year! Despite a continuum of cancelled or postponed reflection days, retreats and numerous other formation gatherings, members of the Lasallian Mission Services’ (LMS) Team worked creatively and digitally to provide as many of its services as schools were able to accommodate. Some activities took place in person, in the opening month or two before the pandemic struck, and then again late in 2020, but most events that did occur were ‘zoomed’. The cancellation of the popular Lasallian Volunteers’ (LV) program was a significant disappointment, not only for the LVs themselves, who had taken up residence in their respective communities, only to be withdrawn once the seriousness of the pandemic became evident, but also for their placement schools. Other significant cancellations included Br John Cantwell’s nascent ‘Together for Mission’ and the popular Camps La Salle. The LMS Team’s resourcefulness and good spirit addressing the changing circumstances was pleasing. It was such an uneven year- just as COVID ebbed and flowed, so too did the Team’s scheduling and rescheduling of a year which had been carefully planned and prepared. The disruption mirrored the great challenges faced valiantly by schools, and of course, the trials endured quite stoically by society. The trials faced by LMS were minor compared to hardships faced by so many people around the District and of course, more broadly throughout the world. For those reasons, it seems trivial to speak of our disappointment that many programs, both those newly developed or redeveloped, were unable to be delivered as broadly as expected. We hope that 2021 will see a resumption of ‘normal transmission’, in whatever shape the ‘new normal’ may be. Significant work was done by Julie Alibrandi (LMC’s Director of Operations) and Br Denis Loft (Director of Donor Projects) developing ‘Lasallian Mission Aid’ whose aim is to continue the work of the Lasallian Foundation but centred on projects solely within the District. Br Garry Coyte’s work in Pakistan was a 2020 highlight, providing digital leadership seminars with Principals and aspiring leaders among the Brothers. Garry’s 2021 work will include more of the same, but also with provision of such opportunities to lay Lasallians. He will also be undertaking the same work with PNG Lasallians. LMS also participated in the works of the Sector Mission Councils in New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea, the Pakistan Lasallian Education Board, the Remote Rural Schools’ project in East Sepik, PNG, the District’s formation committee (the Gerard Rummery Institute), the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) Board, the Finance and Risk Management Committee, and highly successful performance appraisals of various LMS Team members. Restructuring of the ‘Formation for Mission’ team occurred in the last months of 2020, following Amanda Proulx’s resignation. Her contributions over five years at LMS were outstanding and she leaves us with our best wishes and profound appreciation. Br Peter Ryan will commence as the new Director of Formation for Mission. Br. David Hawke, Visitor, was untiring in his encouragement and gentle advice. During what is a uniquely challenging time in the District’s financial story, David’s affirmation has been important to the Team as we face our own tests. LMC ANNUAL REPORT 2020


Acknowledgement is also made of the Directors of the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) Board, under Wayne Bull, Chair, for their support throughout the year. The new year will bring significant financial pressure as the District, and therefore LMC and LMS, face unparalleled challenge. Finally, it has been my privilege to work with the talented and conscientious LMS Team. In addition to those members named earlier in this report, I acknowledge: Brs Adrian Watson, Lewis Harwood and Arian Lopez; and Philippe Dulawan, Sebastian Duhau, Damian Khoury and Joanne Nehme. While the challenges have been regular, the commitment has been unstinting, even though the outcomes have been uneven. I offer appreciation to my colleagues for the hearts you have touched, the minds you have challenged, and the inspiration you have offered. Your deep commitment to the ministry of service has been a daily symbol of the Lasallian values you uphold with such zeal. The LMS Team’s intention has been deliberate and consistent - transforming lives, energising mission and in being sustained by faith, remaining attentive to our core belief that this work of God is also our work. By such measures, it has been a successful year. Certainly, we have done our best.

Merv McCormack Executive Director



PROFILE: BOARD MEMBERS Wayne Bull – Board Chair Wayne is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia. Prior to this appointment, he was a Catholic secondary principal for 20 years, including 12 years as Principal of La Salle College, Middle Swan. In 2015, Wayne was granted the Letters of Affiliation from the Superior General. He is a past President of the WA Catholic Secondary Principals’ Association, a Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders and the Australian Institute of Management, a Member of the Australian College of Education and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Wayne is currently a director of two school boards, and is the Chair of his local Parish Council. Wayne holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership as well as qualifications in Religious Education and Humanities. He is also a graduate of the Lasallian Leadership Course, a former Commissioner of the Catholic Education Commission (CECWA) and former Chair of CECWA’s School Resources Committee. Wayne is also a former member of CECWA’s Religious Education and Curriculum Committee and past Chair of Catholic Arts WA.

Ann Corcoran – Deputy Chair Ann is a qualified accountant (a CPA throughout her working life) and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Her professional life includes work as Business Manager of three schools - De La Salle College Malvern, Woodleigh and Kilvington Grammar. She has held the positions of Student Ombudsman at Monash University, the Federal Member of Parliament for the seat of Isaacs, the Deputy Director, and then Acting Director of Finance at Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Management Accountant at Frankston Hospital (formerly Mornington Peninsula Hospital). Ann has also held various administrative roles at The University of Melbourne and the Australian Tax Office. She has served on the District Council’s Economic Council for some years, as well as being on the LMC Board.

Merv McCormack – Executive Director Merv is in his sixth year as Executive Director of the Lasallian Mission Council. He has more than 45 years’ experience in Catholic education, working as a teacher, Principal and Consultant, in both independent and systemic Catholic schools. His involvement has included chairing school educational audits, performance appraisals of Principals and other senior staff, projects such as an independent Catholic school’s integration into a Diocesan system, development of two single-sex schools into a single co-educational one, development of strategic plans, and the appointment of Principals and Assistant Principals. He is a former Board Director of the Marist John Berne School and former Chair of the Rosemount Board of Good Shepherd (Australia & New Zealand). His experiences have also included membership of two Sydney Parish Pastoral teams. Merv holds several degrees in Education.



Michael Egan Michael has worked in Catholic education for 38 years and has held the role of Principal at LaSalle College Bankstown since 2013. Prior to this, he was Principal at De La Salle Catholic College, Caringbah and has previously held roles at Aquinas College Menai, Marcellin College Randwick, Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood, and Marist College Kogarah. He holds a Bachelor of Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Religious Education and another in Arts, Theological Studies. Michael is a former member of the Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales and current President of the NSW Association of Catholic School Principals (ACSP). Michael is Chair of the Lasallian Mission Council’s Finance and Risk Management Committee

Jill Gowdie Jill is the Director of WisdomWorks Australia. She holds a PhD in educational leadership and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Jill is known across Australia and overseas as a speaker, writer, facilitator, educator and system leader with wide experience in Catholic education, mission and formation. She has qualifications across the disciplines of theology, spirituality, leadership, Religious Education, journalism, education and governance. She founded the national network for Formation for Australian Catholic Educators (FACE) and has been a leader in the NCEC work in formation, and international work in Catholic Identity. Jill’s book, “Stirring the Soul of Catholic Education” (2017), is now used as a Masters-level leadership text, and she has also authored numerous book chapters, articles and resources in theology, spirituality, leadership, and education journals. Jill has taught and led at primary, secondary and university levels, and in adult and school consultancy contexts. A faculty member with BBI-TAITE, and visiting fellow at Oxford and KU Leuven universities, she is also a member of four international networks/think-tanks, and is currently Vice President of the Association of Practical Theologians in Oceania. Jill is Chair of the Gerard Rummery Institute. Jill and husband Geoff have four adult children and belong to St Anne’s Catholic Community in Brisbane.

Lyn Harrison Lyn Harrison has over 40 years’ experience in education as a teacher, school counsellor, private psychologist, private consultant to schools, an executive manager and Chief Executive Officer. Lyn developed the Marist Youth Care Restorative Justice Program, a program implemented across Australia that challenged schools to reflect and review their systems in responding to students with extremely challenging behaviours. Following her role of CEO at Rosemount Good Shepherd, Lyn was appointed National Director Service Development within Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand. One outstanding achievement was the establishment of the Waranara Registered School for young people who were unable to attend mainstream education. This evidenced Lyn’s core belief in the integration of welfare and education programs. In 2016, Lyn was appointed CEO of St. Francis Social Services where she developed the new strategic plan, formed a new leadership team, founded a new centre for the House of Welcome and formed the NSW Alliance for People Seeking Asylum. With her husband Peter, they have two married children and three grandchildren.



Kane Raukura Kane is currently the Chair of the New Zealand Sector Mission Council, and has worked extensively with the De La Salle Brothers over the last 23 years in all areas of mission and formation. Honoured with Affiliation of the Institute in 2017, Kane’s involvement has seen him attend and strongly support District events, be a presenter on numerous occasions and contribute his expertise at an international level. A graduate of the Buttimer Programme, the CIL renewal course in Rome, and current online facilitator of the John Johnston Institute, Washington DC, Kane brings passion and enthusiasm to his Lasallian vocation. Recognised with multiple national awards for teaching excellence, Kane returns to De La Salle College Mangere in 2021 in a new and exciting capacity. Kane will be beginning as the new Associate Principal for Mission. A consummate educationalist and supporter of today’s youth, Kane is vocal and driven to ensure that we all continue to grow, foster and guarantee the authenticity of our Lasallian Mission within our District.




Mr. Kane Raukura – Chair Sector Mission Council Through the lock-downs, hardships and difficulties faced throughout 2020, the NZ Sector strived to maintain the Mission, and our responsibilities to our staff and students in regards to formation, community events and spiritual nourishment. On reflection of our year, I am extremely proud of the love, commitment and fortitude that was shown by all within the Sector, in an attempt to continue to serve those in our care. Sector meetings occurred by ZOOM at the start of the year and a blessed face-to-face at the end of the year, which was most welcome. I would like to take the opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to all Lasallians in the NZ Sector who make all these things possible and for their true zeal and passion. “You Will Shine like Stars in the Sky”- Philippians 2:15. Blessings for 2021.


Year 7’s Theme: What it means to be a Lasallian. Learning about John Baptist de La Salle, his mission with God, and how we came to be a community today. Year 8’s Theme: Brotherhood - discovering more about themselves, but more importantly their connection to each other. Year 9’s- Our love, values and identity - expressing our values and our identity in our identity as children of God. These retreats were run by the Uni-Lasalle team.

College Masses •

• 10

The school had Mass every week at 8:10 am, stopping in 2020 only during the lockdown period. COVID19 response: No physical Mass. - Took initiative and started on-line Mass. Involvement of the boys in Masses, posting digitally-edited Mass on-line and on our College application. 2 full school Masses: Dedication Day Mass and All Saints Day – De La Salle Day – Sacramental Program LMC ANNUAL REPORT 2020

Sacramental Program • • •

The Sacramental Program is where students have decided to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and/or Holy Communion and whose journeys grow in a stronger Catholic faith. Despite COVID, 23 students still completed and received personal sacraments at the final Mass. Visited St Patrick’s Cathedral on pilgrimage into the city. Sacramental Mass to end off programme.

Youth • •

Every Friday there were youth on a program called the ‘U.C.E -Understanding, Caring and Encouraging’ which we believe are three important steps of mentoring. We developed everything through the context of the Lasallian values and the Pasifika social models.

Young Vinnies •

Young Vinnies: “A heart to serve the most vulnerable”. Boys started the year attending the “Feed a Family” project, involving great fellowship and service. COVID caused a disruption in long term plans but hopefully new initiatives will grow in 2021.


Author: Anna Zsigovits-Mace In early March 2020 we gathered a group of our young people at John Paul College in Rotorua. This event has become a part of our Lasallian formation for our students. We look at our Lasallian Core Principles and how they are able to be witnessed in our three schools. The young men and women have a chance to form bonds of siblinghood and after one full day together discussing the Core Principles, they are able to begin their mission journey back in their schools. Sadly, this was the last joint event we were able to participate in as we went into Lockdown just a few weeks later and Alert Levels prevented us from gathering for our Founder’s Days.



At FDMC we ensured that our Special Character continued to be at the forefront through providing family access to liturgies on-line. Some families took this up and celebrated liturgies together. Our Founder’s Day usually begins with a full school Mass in our Parish Church but as we were at Level 2 the church was unable to accommodate us, so we held a liturgy at school. Our Mission Action Day was also affected by Alert Levels and the impact of Covid-19 on our school community. Our Foodbank was under duress providing food for families affected by job losses and other issues due to the Lockdown, so rather than raise sponsorship money, which would put further stress on family finances, we asked for contributions to Foodbank including hygiene packets. Our families were very generous and the Foodbank was very grateful. Rather than see our twin school be disadvantaged we used funds being held to ensure they were not forgotten during this very difficult year. Finally, we held a Leadership Camp for the leaders of our three schools. Usually, we would send them to Sydney, but with the border controls this was not possible. We held the camp at FDMC as we have a hostel, so accommodation was possible. The young leaders were amazing and had a wonderful experience. They participated in a physical challenge on Taranaki Maunga, had a session on Well-Being, learned about the Lasallian World from Sir Br Pat Lynch, and participated in sessions on dignity, communication and faith as a Leader. The highlight was the Leader’s Panel where we had leaders from previous years share their experiences then answer questions. The students were anointed and given a cross in the final liturgy before returning home. True Lasallian brotherhood and sisterhood in action.




Author: Bernadette Fredricksen For the staff and students of John Paul College, 2020 began full of hope and expectation. This was somewhat marred with the eventual realisation that COVID-19 had entered our country. With short notice, we prepared ourselves for Lockdown and on -line learning. What became apparent to the staff was that more than ever we needed to adapt our teaching programmes. In some cases, the pastoral care of our students and their families and ourselves was a high priority. Returning to school post-Lockdown, we were very aware of how circumstances had changed for many of our families. “Signum Fidei” members were able to meet several times in 2020 and we worked alongside students and their families on an individual basis, giving support in a variety of ways. The PTA offered financial assistance to families so that students were able to attend extra-curricular activities. For a long while, we were unable to celebrate as a school and the students found this a challenge. However, later in the year, we held an International Food Festival and Diwali evening, with proceeds going towards Social Justice projects, in particular, the Refugee Day in Rotorua which was held in October. During Term 4, staff generously donated food items which were made into Christmas hampers and then distributed to families within our school community. Despite the fact that COVID-19 provided many challenges and disruptions, students learning remained a high priority, with staff spending many extra hours offering tutorials to enable learning. JPC NCEA results were excellent with each year level achieving at or above levels, compared to the previous year. In addition to our NCEA results, we are particularly proud of the 18 scholarships attained by our Year 13 students.




Br Shahzad Gill – Sector Coordinator The year 2020 started with thanksgiving, great hopes and practical ambitions; however, due to COVID-19, 2020 was full of challenges. Lasallians in the Sector rose to the challenge to provide education to young people through online delivery methods. Lasallian Schools were lucky enough to conduct final term examinations and present the 2019-2020 academic year’s results before the Government closed schools due to the increased spread of the disease. The Lasallian Mission in Pakistan is dedicated to providing education to male and female students through Schools and Colleges to students from all religions, with most students belonging to Islam and Christianity. Lasallian schools serve as bridges in promoting interfaith harmony. The Lasallian Mission is thriving in four areas of the country - Multan, Khushpur, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. The list of the Lasallian schools in Pakistan are as follows:

A. Multan

i.La Salle Higher Secondary School (Boys), Multan ii.La Salle Girls Higher Secondary School, Multan iii.Alban’s Boys High School, Multan iv.Alban’s Girls High School, Multan v.Saint Solomon’s Primary School, Multan

B. Faisalabad

i.La Salle High School for Boys, Faisalabad ii.La Salle College for Boys, Faisalabad iii.La Salle College for Women, Faisalabad iv.La Salle Boys High School, Malkhanwala, Faisalabad v.La Salle High School, Campus 2, Faisalabad vi.La Salle Girls High School, Sant Singh Wala, Faisalabad vii.La Salle Girls High School, Gokhuwal, Faisalabad

C. Khushpur

i.La Salle High School, Khushpur, Distt. Faisalabad ii.Catechists Training Centre, Khushpur, Distt. Faisalabad iii.St. Benildus Vocational Centre, Khushpur, Distt. Faisalabad

D. Gujranwala

i.St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Gujranwala ii.St. Joseph’s Girls Primary School, Gujranwala



During COVID, the first and foremost priority was on guiding and motivating teachers, students and their parents to observe the restrictions implemented by the Government. Short training programs were held to provide teachers with the necessary skills to communicate effectively online with students, parents and colleagues, while online classes were developed for students. In addition, extra assistance was provided to students through individual learning assignments over the summer and winter breaks. After successfully completing the specified syllabus, online tests were conducted with positive results received overall, with most students obtaining A+ and A Grades. The internal results of the students showed that the students have the optimum talent to perform even better in future examinations. With COVID restrictions, financial hardship was experienced by families and Lasallian Institutions. While the Boarding Hostel provided support to students from far-flung areas and Lasallian schools provided those in need with fee concessions, Educational Institutions struggled to pay salaries and manage other expenditures. Some non-Lasallian schools in the country had stopped paying staff salaries; however, all Lasallian Institutions continued to pay the salaries of staff and additional support was provided in some cases to staff to provide food to feed their families. An ‘80-KW Solar Energy Generating System’ was installed at La Salle Higher Secondary School, Multan, which will help reduce the cost of electricity. Despite all challenges, the Almighty God continued to bless us in different ways and Lasallian Partners and Brothers continued the mission of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle with dedication and loyalty.







Br Thomas Yapo, Sector Coordinator The year began with the Lasallian Family Coordinators meeting in Madang in which over 20 committed Lasallians gathered. Over the three days, the Lasallians had the opportunity to share with each other their stories, experiences and encounters in their teaching ministry in different parts of the country. They also had time to think, discuss and plan for the year ahead, for each of their areas in consultation with the District, PNG Education and the National Lasallian Family office calendars. COVID-19, the world pandemic, has disrupted life and systems in the world and PNG was no exception. All educational institutions were told to close twice for the lockdown. After the second lockdown for two weeks, schools resumed with reservations and restrictions. Even though schools were told to open, many remained closed for another two weeks, while those which resumed decided to have classes on alternating days for different grades. De La Salle Bomana was one of the two schools who had full classes with all students during this period and continued till the end of the year. The Sector was in the process of planning and organizing a PNG Lasallian Women‘s Symposium for the 2021 year. Unfortunately, all preparatory plans were cancelled because of the restrictions, including travel ban on all sectors. The team will come together again this year, to look to progress it in the near future. A PNG Lasallian Women’s Gathering will be held in Lae in September (Term 3 break) of this year. It is hoped that most of the women in the rural schools will participate in this gathering. Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19 our Lasallian teachers in the remote schools and those in the town centres continued their teaching. The Lasallian schools did well in the national examinations in year 10 and 12. Many of our students received offers from different universities and colleges in the country. De La Salle Bomana did well again this year, despite the pandemic challenges and it placed itself on the 7th position for both year 10 and 12; this news was well received by students, parents/guardians and the whole community. Our Lasallian schools are hoping to do well again this academic year. Mr Francis Apa successfully completed his role as the PNG Sector Youth Minister in 2020. He was well regarded by our students, teachers, school administrators and the Brothers. In his role he touched many lives and guided our youths through the programs which he conducted. The role that he left will now be taken up by Ms. Melinda Maro, the assistant coordinator of the Lasallian Family PNG. This year also saw the conclusion of the tour of duty of Mrs Bernadette Ove AFSC who has completed 20 years of selfless service at Jubilee Catholic Secondary School. Her life has impacted many in the country and she has left the legacy of a true committed Lasallian in PNG for many to follow. Her retirement will not stop her from being a Lasallian. She is determined to return to her home province (Vanimo) and establish a Lasallian school. The Lasallians (PNG) Alumni Association is gaining momentum and they are working now to connect all Lasallian Schools in PNG through their alumni. The group is determined to build a stronger network among the schools, and support the schools in all aspects of teaching, learning and infrastructure. A number of these have started at the pioneer school, De La Salle Bomana and others will follow as they progress. LMC ANNUAL REPORT 2020


PAPUA NEW GUINEA LASALLIAN FAMILY Grace Wrakia National Coordinator Despite the pandemic, great things were achieved in 2020. Various Lasallian formation events were held. On a high note, there were inductions in January for NCD Lasallian SchoolsDe La Salle Secondary School Bomana and Lasalle Technical College. Further into the year, in June and September, two formations took place respectively at the University of Goroka. These events were locally planned and facilitated by Lasallian teachers in Goroka, tailored to suit the needs of student teachers at the university. Similarly at the Sacred Heart Teacher’s College, Rose Polume and Br. Alphonso Zoanetti, combined to give Lasallian Inductions to twenty student teachers. In July, the East Sepik Lasallians, led by Aloysius Jalapuin and Joshua Moish, travelleda four-hour journey by a road and then by boat to a remote school along the Sepik River. They had a wonderful retreat experience of prayer and reflection of their faith journey as Lasallian teachers in remote PNG schools. A similar remote Lasallian expedition happened in September, when two committed Lasallian Leaders, Peter Daka and Karen Mondo, joined forces to visit three primary schools in the most remote part of the Simbu province- Karamui. They travelled on a light aircraft for two hours into the mountains and later walked for six hours to deliver stationery, sanitary pads, paints and to give Lasallian formation to teachers at Hobe Primary school and two other nearby schools. Young people empowerment reached greater heights in 2020. Youth ministry through the coordination of Francis Apa, started the PNG Lasallian Leaders Seminars in February, and later facilitated Grade 9 ‘encounter camps’ at Lasalle Technical College, De La Salle Bomana and Jubilee Catholic Secondary. Further on in the middle of the year, the Youth Ministry team facilitated Grade 10 camps respectively at Jubilee Catholic Secondary and Lasalle Technical College. The Lasallian Youth group in East Sepik Province, for the first time, planned and facilitated a youth camp locally. Lasallian youths in the Kimbe diocese also gathered in style for the first time. Students from four different schools in the diocese gathered for a day of prayer and fun. Four big highlights of 2020 eventuated. Firstly, was the renewal of the MOU between the District’s Lasallian Mission Council with De La Salle Secondary School Bomana, Jubilee Catholic Secondary and Sacred Heart Teachers’ College. These MOUs are valid for the next twoyears, 2020-2022. The second highlight was the revival of the once popular ‘Mambu Magazine’ – the official publication of the PNG Lasallian Family since 2002. Two issues were released in the course of the year. Thirdly, the Lasallian Remote School project, through the newly-named ‘Lasallian Resource Centre’, continued to supply teaching and learning resources to remote Lasallians and project schools in the East Sepik Province. Finally, the Lasallian Women of Hope (LWoH) sanitary project reached more girls and a few more schools than it did in the previous years. We acknowledge donation from yourtown’s Dignity project and the global Lasallian Women of Hope. Miracles do happen during times of crisis. Lasallians came closer than ever before. We connected in prayer and work even more than we ever did. Whichever form of communication we used phone call, a text message, WhatsApp, Facebook, emails, zoom etc.., we stayed connected. Our sense of community became stronger because of the challenges caused by the pandemic. Thank you everyone for making the 2020 a successful year. Live Jesus in our Hearts!




FORMATION-FOR-MISSION What began as a year of anticipating an increased number of visits and programs in various Lasallian ministries across the District very quickly became, with the arrival of the pandemic and various national and state lock-downs, a year of innovation, change and tenacity. As the year began, the Formation for Mission Team, Amanda Proulx (Director), Br John Cantwell and Br Peter Ryan were engaging with groups in a number of programs: January • Formation program for Youth Ministers, Lasallian Volunteers and School Leaders • Program for the College Executive, St Bede’s Mentone • Meeting of the Gerard Rummery Institute (also May and October) February • Programs for personnel new to a Lasallian school: Sydney • Programs for personnel new to a Lasallian school and twilight retreats: Perth March • Programs for personnel new to a Lasallian school: Melbourne In mid-March, Australia went into a lock-down and the team was faced with the challenges that this presented including working from home and finding new ways to engage with our Lasallian ministries across the District. Zoom became our go-to way of communicating and keeping in touch with each other, and developing new ways of engaging with the District. April – May We engaged as a team and workshopping two Institute documents: The Pilgrim’s Handbook: Lasallian Formation for Mission and Circular 475: Lasallian Vocations. The discussions were very rich as we considered the implications of these documents for our formation programs. June – December The time of lock-down also provided an opportunity to discuss and plan ways to engage with groups across the District at a time when were unable to offer face-to-face programs. Our expertise in using zoom grew exponentially and over the last 6 months of 2020, we were able to offer zoom programs for particular schools and ministries as well as programs open to Lasallians across the District. Some highlights of the latter part of the year were: • • • • • • • • •

Twilight Retreats – District-wide Formation with Principals and heads of ministry Workshop with PARC Postulants Programs for personnel new to a Lasallian school: Adelaide Young Brothers’ Formation Program: District Young Brothers’ Formation Program: Pakistan Lasallian Educators session Leading Brothers’ Annual Retreat: Mittagong Formation session with La Salle Centre Staff: Cronulla

While it was a difficult year in many ways, the adaptability of the Formation for Mission team is to be applauded as we continued to offer formation programs to our Lasallian ministries albeit in a very different way to that envisaged in January 2020.




The Young Lasallians Team can describe 2020 as one of challenge, creativity, learning and connection. The year began with optimism and enthusiasm in Sydney, at ‘Gathering for the Pilgrimage’ and the 30th Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar. These gatherings were proof that “Great Things Are Possible” as 26 Youth Ministers, 12 Lasallian Volunteers and 71 Student Leaders set out with 2020 vision for the year ahead. These moments of face-to-face contact would prove invaluable as the year unfolded. As the pandemic unfolded, the Young Lasallians Team focused on the truth that “the needs of those whom we serve remain the same, our delivery methods must change”. The needs were apparent with the statistics showing an increase in calls to Kids Helpline.



In-situ Lasallian Youth Ministers were invaluable throughout the year, providing creative ways to connect their communities. This included creating numerous videos, social media challenges, digital prayer services, email follow-ups with students, and dropping into virtual classrooms - to name a few initiatives. The Team pivoted to provide hybrid and multi-modal offerings to cater to each community’s needs, resulting in 5000+ students were engaged in 2020, and 75% of booked engagements delivered despite the pandemic.

Although unable to visit in-person, the capacity to gather and connect Lasallians increased. The Youth Ministers had more opportunities to assemble than ever before through weekly online ‘Parmenie’ and drop-in experiences, which often included international guests. ‘Gathering on the Pilgrimage’, a three-day Youth Ministry Formation program was hosted online with all 4 Districts represented. The first-ever District Youth Ministers Reunion was held with former Youth Ministers from 2012 engaging. These experiences aided in the ongoing consultation with Parramatta Diocese hosting similar experiences for staff throughout 2020. 2020 also saw the restructuring of the Young Lasallians Team with Lydia Avia-Aumua as the Associate Director - Young Lasallians, and Madeline Forde, Young Lasallians Coordinator. Both come with experience from yourtown and Marist Youth Ministry respectively. Philippe Dulawan took on the new role of Associate Director Formation for Mission. The Lasallian Volunteers program was formally integrated into the Young Lasallians portfolio, completing a natural alignment of the portfolios over several years. The learnings from 2020 will continue to shape the direction of the Young Lasallians Team. It is hoped that the new-found confidence with hosting quality on-line experiences will complement the in-person experiences once they return.




The year 2020 began with so much hope for our Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) and it ended with so much hope too! Our Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) in 2020 set off to their placements following the January induction program - enthusiastic, curious, excited, filled with wonder and nervousness at the same time. They were able to experience a warm welcome to communities, colleges and yourtown inductions, carnivals; some managed to sneak in a camp before the pandemic began to emerge. Here are some highlights. “Seeing how these kids, despite all the challenging circumstances facing them in their daily life, still turn up day in and day out, it’s truly inspiring. They are really the reason I get up in the morning, because if they can do it then I bloody well can.” (Ben LV – PNG) “Camp allowed us to further the relationships that we had formed when returning to school in a classroom setting.” (Jess LV- QLD) “…the 2020 Sports Day which was just INSANE. Seeing how another school runs this event after being at St Michael’s College was very interesting to me, as they were different in so many ways. The cool thing about this day is, even though the students were against each other in competition, you could still feel a sense of brotherhood.” (Nathan LV- N.Z) ‘We also experienced a smoking ceremony in which we were welcomed onto the land and given a blessing to go about our work.” (Anna LV- W.A) “Travelling from my hometown in Papua New Guinea into a new and advanced city was quite daunting, and I was afraid yet excited for the new challenges ahead. During my time in Sydney, I have had the privilege of working as a Volunteer alongside the yourtown programme and Lasalle College Bankstown. (Albert LV- N.S.W)

Although present for a short time, a strong sense of community was established, and the personal growth and life-giving experience of being a LV was still immeasurable. Unfortunately, like many other programs and events around the world Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) felt it was in the best interests of the LVs and the communities they served to end the program, in line with the Australian government decision to close the borders. Despite the challenging climate the program continued to be a beacon of hope, with past LVs assisting in the promotion of the program for 2021. The broad spectrum of staff and Youth Ministers fuelled many applications, followed by many interviews. Without overseas travel, LMS moved to an in-country model, where candidates were interviewed for placements within their country; this included graduating students from schools in PNG. To conclude where we started, hope! We turned to Zoom to hold our debrief program, and the LVs reunited as a community, were filled with hope. They had an entire network of supportive Lasallians to travel with during such uncertain times. Together they could share stories, music, and prayers to navigate their experiences and discuss plans in the face of challenging times. Hope! 22


LASALLIAN MISSION AID Twinning 2020 In 2019, 17 schools in Australia, and 2 from New Zealand, together contributed about $270,000 for the Twinning Schools projects. The beneficiaries were 3 schools in Papua New Guinea, and 9 schools and Institutions in Pakistan and PNG Institution, while in 2020, 9 schools sent funds to support Pakistan.

Containers to Papua New Guinea A container was loaded early in the year at Meredith St, and finally got to Bomana around Easter time. Timing was further complicated by COVID restrictions, and the total costs came to about $12,000. Goods came from Caringbah, Cronulla, Oakhill, Marrickville and Bankstown. Another container was loaded at St John’s Dandenong, with goods from Dandenong, Malvern, Mentone, and St. James, and has finally been arranged to be sent to Hohola early in 2021. This was donated by Second Freights, past students from Mentone, and they will assist in its passage to Pt. Moresby. There are no plans at present to send another container from Sydney, unless a cheaper means of transport is available. The costs of moving the container, particularly through the Port Moresby docks, is becoming prohibitive, and we will see if costs can be decreased with a new contact Br Antony has in PNG. Funded Projects The following projects were approved and funded for 2020. Place





Boundary Wall, phase 2


Annual Water Treatment Supply


Sant Sing Wala

Furniture, Maintenance



Annual Water Treatment Supply



Furniture, photocopier, whitewashing



Roof & Water Tank repair, Noticeboards, Maintenance


Sant Sing Wala

New Roof for Classroom Block


Breakfast Club


Needy Student support


Jubilee Hohola

Breakfast Club


DLS Bomana

Work for Food, Fares, Fees


PNG Family

East Sepik Remote schools Project


Pakistan Urdu Campus #2 Faisalabad

Papua New Guinea La Salle Hohola



Funds Sought Elsewhere Place



Catechetical Training Institute Khushpur

Annual support for program

$15,000 - $20,000 p.a.


Seeding funds for new project at Girls School.


La Salle Hohola

Library extension


Best Project The Brothers run five schools in Faisalabad. La Salle Urdu Campus #2, has almost 600 students from Nursery through to Year 10. These are mostly poor, Christian students. Br Sajid, the Principal, was in Australia in July 2019, and spoke at La Salle Bankstown assembly about their need for clean drinking water for his students. In September, La Salle Bankstown had a Mission Action Day, and raised over $10,000 for a water plant. By late September, the funds were in Pakistan, work was begun, and completed and from January 15 this year students had free clean drinking water. To run the plant costs about $1,500 annually. De La Salle Ashfield have supplied that for 2020, and 2021. A similar project at Malkhanwala is being supported with $1500 per year from Casimir, Marrickville.



FINANCE REPORT Financial Position and Performance The annual report covers our activities and performance of Lasallian Mission Council (‘LMC’) for the period 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

Impact of COVID-19 on Programs and Services COVID-19 adversely affected income-generating activities in 2020. The pandemic’s social distancing restrictions resulted in the elimination of face-to-face program delivery to schools from March to September 2020. The establishment of e-service and multimodal platforms supported Lasallian Mission Services (‘LMS’) stakeholder engagement during this period, however Youth Ministry and Adult Formation service income fell significantly. This fall was largely offset by a reduction in administration, travel, and conference costs. Supporting Papua New Guinea (“PNG”) and Pakistan LMC acknowledges the generous donation from yourtown in support of the Lasallian Mission in PNG and Pakistan. In Pakistan, $150,000 was used exclusively for the support of teachers’ salaries across seven schools, directly benefiting 199 administrators, teachers and support staff and 2557 students. Similarly in PNG, yourtown generously donated $150,000 to support teacher and support staff wages at La Salle Technical College, Hohola, a Lasallian school which provides an opportunity for post-primary education for students who are unable to access government high schools. Direct beneficiaries included 57 teachers and support staff, and 595 students. Planning for the future With COVID-19 restrictions easing in 2021, LMS expects that it will return to face-to-face programs with a renewed zeal to advance the Lasallian Mission. LMC will be strengthening its strong connections with Lasallian schools and works throughout the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and PNG (‘District’) and fostering new relationships outside the Lasallian network. Investment Rational LMS prides itself on delivering programs to support and respond to the needs of students and staff in schools and works throughout the District. To ensure continuation of these services, LMC, with the support of the Trustees of the De La Salle Brothers, has built up adequate cash reserves to support program delivery, staff and administration expenses. LMC consistently reviews its cash reserve position and is undertaking a review of its investment strategies to enable a higher performance on investment in 2021/2022. LMC appreciates the continuing support of the Trustees of the De La Salle Brothers and Brothers Communities during 2020.



Revenue and Results








LMC TOTAL EXPENSES 8.50% 2.80% 4.60%