2021 Annual Report of Lasallian Mission Council

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ANNUAL REPORT Lasallian Mission Council 2120 “Transforming Lives, Energising Mission, Sustained by Faith”

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Author: Wayne Bull AFSC


Ann remains connected with the District through her chairing of the Economic Council. Kane continues his affiliation with LMC through his tireless leadership and contribution to the New Zealand Sector. Michael Egan, one of the original directors of LMC, remains part of the Lasallian Family in his role as principal of Lasalle Catholic College, Bankstown. It is reassuring that the expertise, wisdom and commitment to the mission shared by these people will not be lost to the District.


It would be fair to say that 2021 has presented the most significant challenges in the Lasallian Mission Council’s (LMC) short but eventful history! The impact of COVID-19 on the capacity of the Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) Team to deliver face to face formation with both adults and children was severely curtailed. Coupled with this were the confronting economic challenges facing the Council which required decisive and urgent steps to ensure its viability and sustainability. The financial realities outlined in my 2020 report continued and heightened in 2021 requiring the LMC to prioritise delivery of mission as its purpose and focus.

Taking reassurance from the sentiments expressed by St John Baptist de La Salle above, I am confident that the LMC has emerged from what seemed to be the perpetual crisis mode of last year to commit with confidence and assurance to strategically lead the mission within the District into the future.

“Don’t be discouraged by anxieties and troubles. Life is full of them.”

In the last 12 months the Board farewelled Lyn Harrison, Ann Corcoran, Michael Egan, Kane Raukura, and Merv McCormack as LMC Directors. These five Lasallians have all made exceptional contributions to the mission and I express my thanks on behalf of all Lasallians in the District for their service and commitment.

I would like to pay special tribute to Merv McCormack for his strong and determined leadership of Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) since 2015. As Executive Director, Merv not only led LMS, LMC’s operational arm, but also held membership as a Director on the Board. The decision by the LMC Board to change the leadership structure of LMS meant the position of the Executive Director was reimagined into a new shared leadership model.

St John Baptist de La Salle


The response to this significant restructure has seen Julie Alibrandi, LMS’s Director of Operations, and Br Peter Ryan, Director of Formation, assume a joint leadership role in supporting the strategic directions of LMC. I sincerely thank Julie and Peter for the enthusiastic way they have taken on leadership of LMS.

With the departure of the Directors mentioned above, a search was undertaken to recommend to the Br Visitor three new candidates for the appointment to the Board. I sincerely thank David Byrne, Bernadette Kay and Patrick O’Reilly for their willingness to accept membership to the LMC Board in such turbulent and challenging times. It is extraordinary to think that I have not personally met any of our new Directors since their appointment to the Board with Zoom meetings becoming de rigueur. In fact, the last time the LMC Board met in person was in Orange in February 2020.

I want to sincerely thank and commend all the LMS staff for their tireless and sustained work in ‘keeping the wheels turning’ amidst the turmoil and disappointment that were hallmarks of 2021. Our LMS staff are the cornerstone of the work of LMC. I know that with the return to a new sense of normal in 2022 they will embrace with enthusiasm and dedication the opportunities they will have to reconnect with so many participants in the programs offered by LMS. I also record my thanks to Bradley Johnson for his astute and careful support of the LMC Board in his role as company secretary.

Finally, I express my personal thanks, and those of all Lasallians within the District, for the indefatigable and exceptional leadership of Br David Hawke as Visitor. As we know, Br David completes his second term as congregational leader of the District of ANZPPNG in September this year. I congratulate David for the many contributions that he has made to ensure that the mission within the District is sustained and flourishes. He has been a strong and consistent advocate of LMC and for the importance of Brothers and lay partners working in authentic association and collaboration. I wish him well on the next part of his journey in serving Christ inspired by the model of St John Baptist de La Salle.

Jill Gowdie, the Deputy Chair of LMC, must be acknowledged for her significant and tireless leadership and support. Jill’s calm, gentle and creative nature have been instrumental in assisting the Board to chart its way through incredibly complex issues of governance and finance while always remaining totally focused on the mission.

Wayne is currently the Deputy Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia. Prior to this appointment, he was a Catholic secondary principal for 20 years, including 12 years as Principal of La Salle College, Middle Swan.

In 2015, Wayne was granted the Letters of Affiliation from the Superior General. He is a past President of the WA Catholic Secondary Principals’ Association, a Fellow of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders and the Australian Institute of Management, a Member of the Australian College of Education and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Jill has wide experience in Catholic Education, Church and Leadership Formation. She is known across Australia and overseas as a writer, teacher, presenter and facilitator. Jill has taught at primary, secondary and university levels and in adult and school consultancy contexts. Her work now includes research and consultancy, school and system leadership review, program design and strategic facilitation.

Board Member Profiles


Wayne Bull - Board Chair

Jill’s expertise is grounded in qualifications across theology, journalism, religious education, liturgy and spiritual formation. Her Master’s degree is in Religious Education. Her PhD studies explored the challenge of contemporary formation for educators and leaders, drawing together the areas of theology, formation, missiology, change theory and best practice in adult professional learning. Jill received an inaugural national award for excellence in research in Religious education and was awarded Summa Cum Laude from the international examiner of her doctoral dissertation in Educational Leadership.

Jill Gowdie - Deputy Chair

Jill founded the national network - Formation for Australian Catholic Educators (FACE) and is involved in the leadership, on a national level, of the work in Catholic School Identity.

Wayne is currently a director of two school boards and is the Chair of his local Parish Council. Wayne holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership as well as qualifications in Religious Education and Humanities. He is also a graduate of the Lasallian Leadership Course, a former Commissioner of the Catholic Education Commission (CECWA) and former Chair of CECWA’s School Resources Committee. Wayne is also a former member of CECWA’s Religious Education and Curriculum Committee and past Chair of Catholic Arts WA.

David is currently the Managing Director of BWD Consulting, General Manager of Shared Service Partners (SSP) and the author of his own Podcast series which features national and international guests. He holds a Bachelor of Business Degree (specialising in Human Resources, Leadership and Change Management), Post Graduate qualifications in Occupational Health and Safety and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Bernadette particularly enjoys her current role with CSPQ, especially working with parents and catholic school leadership teams throughout Queensland.

David Byrne

Patrick O’Reilly

Pat has 30 years’ experience in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education, including being Foundation Principal at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College. He has extensive experience in community/NFP engagement and Board and Committee membership and is committed to aligned and coherent service delivery harnessing interests and across intersections. He was a member of the Australian Government Review of Senior Secondary Pathways (Expert Panel): 2019/2020.

Bernadette Kay is currently an Executive Officer for Catholic School Parents WithQueensland.(CSPQ)tertiaryqualifications

David’s executive background has been largely in the Finance, Aviation, Defence, Information Technology industries and Not for Profit organisations where he has held a number of Executive and Board roles. David’s experience has led him to successfully develop companies from inception through to profitability along with assisting them in streamlining their business practices for future growth.

Pat is currently General Manager, Pastoral Services, CatholicCare Sydney.


in business, communications and marketing including post graduate studies she have been applying knowledge and skills in the non-profit sector, Catholic Church, Catholic Education and finance settings for more than 30 years.

Bernadette Kay

Bernadette’s focus is to help school communities deliver best practice, parent and family engagement.

David developed the concept and established a joint venture bringing together Australia’s largest mutual banks which delivered significant value to both organisations. Along with this his knowledge and experience has proven prudent in guiding multiple businesses to operational and financial success.

As our three Lasallian schools in Aotearoa belong to the ANZPPNG District, our Head Students for the coming year usually travel to Collaroy in Sydney, where they gather with the head students for all the Lasallian schools in Australia, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea.


Due to Covid-19, this was not possible in January 2021 and while the other three countries have limited movement around the countryside, we in Aotearoa had the freedom to gather in person so a camp was devised that would allow these young people to bond and learn about leadership. The camp was held from Sunday 24th January to Wednesday 27th January at Francis Douglas Memorial College in New Plymouth.

Francis Douglas Memorial College

Year Level Masses continued through the year on a Wednesday afternoon when Alert Levels allowed for large gatherings. The students are gaining an understanding of the Mass and community as we have a small number of parishioners who join us each week.

“The camp was a great experience to bond with the other Lasallian schools. It was great to bond as leaders and to see the similarities and differences between the three schools. It was good to light new fires with the other schools as it helps us to grow in our own roles.”

In 2021, we managed to have all our Special Character events, albeit in many different ways due to the ongoing changes to Alert Levels. In many ways this has allowed us to think differently about how we celebrate our Catholic Lasallian Character.


Our founder, St John Baptist De La Salle (Patron Saint of Teachers), had a very sound philosophy that students learnt best when they were expected to do as much as they could for themselves, with the encouragement of their teachers who would be like older brothers (and sisters) to their students. The goal of our Leadership Camp was to help our school leaders learn about themselves as leaders.

From Joshua Kuriger - Lasallian Captain - La Salle House. (Boarding Hostel)

We then followed the Liturgy with a celebration. Lunch was served to the graduating young men by their teachers, and they had the opportunity to have speeches and hand out their own awards. While we couldn’t compare with our pre-Covid evening celebrations it was a satisfactory compromise.

Graduation was another event that saw change due to Covid-19. Where we would usually gather as families and celebrate Mass, we were unable to do this, so we gathered as a Year Group and celebrated their years at the College with a Liturgy.

This year we had a number of boys receive their First Reconciliation and First Communion. We also celebrated baptisms of current and prospective students including younger siblings as well as the daughter of an Old Boy of Francis Douglas Memorial College, Josh Hickford.

The end of 2021 saw our school community devastated by the tragic death of one of our former students. Jordy Adams, our deputy Head Boarder in 2020, tragically drowned in the Waiwakaiho river just before the end of the school year. His year group gathered at our Chapel to remember Jordy and his family farewelled him also from our Chapel. Jordy was the grandson of our long serving College Receptionist, Marie Cocksedge.

While we had to adapt, the strength of Brotherhood remains strong and our Special Catholic Lasallian Character is alive within the college community.


Founder’s Day and Mission Action Day were also both the same and different. We remembered our Founder and Francis Douglas but we held liturgies at school rather than a Mass at our Parish Church due to the restrictions. Both these celebrations focused on service to others. We supported our local Foodbank on Founder’s Day and raised funds for our twinned school, Malkhanwala in Pakistan, on Mission Action Day.

We were unable to follow the same format as in previous years, but we had a wonderful celebration of these fine young men before they moved away from Francis Douglas Memorial College as students to become Old Boys. They will always be Brothers and Good College Men.

Our candle ceremony highlighted the years spent here as brothers and created a beautiful visual statement for the remainder of the Liturgy. Two parents, Carla Davison-Jones and Brian Powell, sent video clips of their speeches which were played during the Liturgy before Mrs Jeanne Marshall and Mr. Martin Dravitzki gave their insights to our graduating students.

technology to hold the Investiture Ceremony of Senior Leaders, Prefects and School Captains. This year the College has begun an important journey to being a Tiriti o te Waitangi led school, therefore, it was fitting that our Investiture Liturgy be held in front of the Whare Tapere.

Author: Bernadette Fredricksen – Lasallian Facilitator

We have continued to have Student- led Liturgies in the Chapel each Wednesday morning, which has been well received during this time of uncertainty.

Investiture Ceremony

Author: Kane Raukura AFSC/ Assistant Principal for Mission De La Salle College / NZSMC Chairperson / Sector of New Zealand.

Early in Term 1, Patrick Walsh announced his appointment as Headmaster of Sacred Heart College in Auckland, commencing at the beginning of Term 2. Patrick has been the highly committed Principal of John Paul College for 19 years. Together with Paulene, they have made a significant impact in shaping John Paul College to be the high performing school it is today. In particular they been strong advocates of the establishment of a Signum Fidei community at John Paul, which has been in existence for 13 years. We wish Patrick and Paulene God’s blessing on their move to Auckland and all future endeavors. The John Paul College Board of Trustees are now engaged in the recruitment process of appointing a new Principal for the College.

The John Paul College Signum Fidei community began 2022 with their annual Retreat. We spent considerable time discerning the kinds of projects and activities and decided this year to work with the Te Hepara committee. Established in 2020, Te Hepara – the Shepherd, supports families affected by Covid. For example, one such group are the families in the tourism sector who have suffered tremendously with the closing of our borders and many businesses have ceased to operate. On a practical level, we are providing lunches for students, food packages for families, and ongoing support with school uniforms, sport and camp fees.

Despite Covid disruptions and the latest Omicron wave, De La Salle College Mangere continues to thrive and students have adapted well to online classes and hybrid learning. At the height of the Omicron outbreak, we had on one particular day, 700 students missing from a student body of 1000 pupils and multiple staff relief. By being patient, kind and supportive, the community has been united in ensuring a quality education is still being delivered as much as realistically possible.

On a positive note, it is pleasing to see the students on the whole are coping extremely well with the conditions of social distancing and wearing masks. They are enjoying being able to attend school, getting on with their academic learning and most of all being able to connect socially with their peers.

Student- led Liturgies

De La Salle College, Mangere East



2021 academic results at Levels Two and Three were still very pleasing despite the upheaval experienced. The Level Three Graduating class statistically did not perform as well, but students who were engaged and tertiary bound still got the results they deserved. A large number of the cohort left for employment to assist their families due to job losses etc. as a result of the pandemic. It has been a tough few years for many of our families. A reminder that our school pulls on a lower socioeconomic area in South Auckland.

New Year 7 students Lasallian Induction.

Service Hours with students have started. Students have already been involved with assisting at Parish Covid Testing centres, with a Blood Drive, Saint Vincent de Paul, Caritas and the Envirocouncil.

Mr. Joseph Nansen, our new Campus Minister and Service Co-ordinator has settled in well and has successfully delivered our Retreat Programme to Year 7. This was very well received and had solid positive feedback. Joe has retreats planned for Year 5/6 from our feeder schools and is doing a solid job of promoting the College. A new College promotional video is nearly finished and looking great. Further retreats across all year levels are planned.

New staff have received their in-house ‘Lasallian Induction’ and have been given the opportunity to attend via ZOOM ‘Our Lasallian Compass’ Online by Lasallian Mission Services in Australia. One staff member took up this offer and another will do so shortly.

Our Sacramental Programme from 2021 and its completion continues to be hampered by COVID-19, poor student attendance due to isolation rules and reluctance of some parents due to Counties Manukau infection levels etc. The decision has been made to roll the 2021 group into the 2022 cohort and start afresh. Our parent body has given full support.

Year 13 student and Prefect Carlo De Guzman represented De La Salle College at the Installation Mass of the new Bishop of Auckland Steve Lowe. He represented us extremely well and I have passed on our sincere thanks.

The College has a major event about to begin with its scheduled Diocesan Review of Special Character. This detailed review involves three days of interviews, class visits and observation. Scheduling of meeting times with the ‘Special Character Review’ team has begun. The actual review is scheduled for Mon 11th April, Tues 12th April and Wed 13th April and is well overdue. The last review was 2017 and we were due 2020 but once again COVID caused major issues with the previously set calendar. We feel very prepared and are looking forward to a solid report.

All areas of summer sport have very successful, and students have greatly enjoyed the feeling of community after months of isolation events and lock-downs. Senior Volley did extremely well in the Auckland Champs progressing to the semi-finals. At the time of writing, they are still battling it out!

Support at our weekly College Thursday Masses has been very heartening. The cry and very real need for community, connection and being present for each other and for God is tangible. Students, staff and Brothers alike support and pray as one. The values of Faith, Service and Community truly shine through.


Live Jesus in our hearts!

Young Vinnies

A very exciting piece of news for the College is the approval of a new building set for a construction start near the end of 2022. 26 new classrooms, hospitality and music dedicated spaces and a purpose-built student support centre with nurses, counselors and social workers in a hub to support student physical and mental health. We are extremely thankful to the Catholic Diocese of Auckland for this support.

c) O-Level Results: Our students performed wonderful results in their Examinations that were held in June 2021.

a) Internal Results: The internal results of the students remained very good. The results show that the students have optimum talent to perform well in their examinations.

We trust that our students will produce promising results in the forthcoming annual external examinations being held in the coming months (May/June/July 2022).

b) External (Board) Results: Our students showed wonderful results in the Annual Board Examinations of 2021. A great majority of our students secured A+ and A Grades.

Co-curricular Activities

La Salle Brothers Pakistan and their lay partners provide education and work for the holistic development of our students. We organize a variety of co-curricular activities for the physical development and mental creativity of our students. These include a variety of literary activities, sports and games. Some of our schools organized Science & Art Completions, Inter-House Sports Galas, and Annual Funfairs.


Despite all challenges, Almighty God continued to bless us in different ways and Lasallian Partners and Brothers continued the mission of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle with dedication and loyalty. At present, the La Salle Brothers Pakistan and lay partners are serving the youth in four areas including Multan, Khushpur, Faisalabad and Gujranwala.

Aitape and Wewak gathered in Aitape in April for a Regional Youth Gathering. The venue - Tumelo Island - is an historical site for the Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea. It was the first stop for the first Catholic Missionaries more than 100 years ago. The youths and teachers who attended this gathering returned home after three days filled with good memories and faith- filled experiences.

Author: Grace Wrakia, PNG, Lasallian Family Coordinator

Papua New Guinea

It was on the 19th of January 1964 when pioneer Australian Brothers Patrick Howard, Celsius McGuire, Lucian Thorpe and Anthony Broderick arrived in Bomana, Papua New Guinea to begin the work of the De La Salle Brothers in the country.


75 Years in Papua New Guinea

Seventy- five years later in 2021, Lasallians- Brothers, Lay Partners, Students, Staff members and the Alumni - all joined in celebrating this significant anniversary. The 75 years anniversary celebration had to be altered and rescheduled because of the pandemic. But these challenges did not stop the two Eucharistic Celebrations that took place in May and in August. There were three articles featured in the Post Courier, they were many fundraising activities and community building opportunities for the Brothers, the Alumni Association and the Lasallian Teachers. Three new articles for the 75th Anniversary by Br Gary Wilson, District Creative Writer, can be read on the District website https://www.delasalle.org.au/history-papua-new-guineaMorethan100studentsfromVanimo,

The Lasallian Family in PNG published two Mambo Magazines during 2021. The magazine is a biannual project of Lasallians which captures stories from teachers and their teaching experiences from all over the sector. The two publications for 2021 centered their theme around the 75 years Anniversary and had many historical photographs and reflections from Brothers and Volunteers who served in the sector. Digital copies can be accessed on the District website au/publications-papua-new-guineahttps://www.delasalle.org.

The Young Lasallian ministry thrived in 2021 with a committed leadership team. The Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar (LSLS) in PNG took place as scheduled in February and was followed by mini LSLSs in respective schools including Lasalle Technical College Hohola, Jubilee Catholic Secondary NCD, and De La Salle Secondary Bomana.

A Lasallian Women’s Symposium was held in September at the Kefamo Pastoral Center in Goroka. Over 100 Lasallian Women gathered at Kefamo with the theme; “The Promise of Vitality”. The women came from 15 provinces of the country, most were teachers and a few from other walks of life. The symposium celebrated the roles and contribution of women in the Lasallian Story in the Sector as well as in the world- wide Institute. The symposium included presentations and sessions on self-reliance and financial vitality. This symposium promoted the collaborative and innovative ideas of Lasallian women in PNG in fostering new vision and pathways in addressing Child Protection, as well as Women and girls’ issues such as domestic violence, and health and hygiene.


The Resource Center in Wewak continued its project of providing teaching resources for teachers in rural and remote schools in East Sepik.

A leadership training or professional development workshop for Schools leaders and senior teachers was conducted in August. The training on ‘Action Research’ in particular played a big impact on the school leaders who participated. The skills and practical application of this research method enabled these head teachers and senior teachers to write very good reports for their schools.

The purchase and distribution of re-usable sanitary pads continued in 2021 with support from the Global Lasallian Women of Hope and the International Lasallian Foundation. This project called “The Big Sister project” enables female teachers to give more guidance and support to female students who are neglected by their parents and families.

Lasallian Resource Center

A total of 779 books were reprinted, bound and distributed to Lasallian teachers in rural schools. The books ranged from curriculum materials, teachers’ guides, Maths and English textbooks, student workbooks, and Lasallian prayers and in-services resources.

The young Lasallians actively participated in the 75 years anniversary by leading in choirs and creating a 75 years theme song. The Young Lasallians team in the Sector comprised the National Youth Coordinator, School Youth Ministers, the Lasallian Volunteers, Alumni and the SRC.

The Lasallian Family in PNG acknowledges all our benefactors; LMC, Lasallian Foundation Australia, International Lasallian Foundation, yourtown, the De La Salle Brothers in Australia and in PNG, and Lasalle Technical College in Hohola for their unending support and generous donation, that has enabled the operations of the Office as well as the progress of our programs and projects in 2021.

Before 2021 ended, in November we reflected on The Heroic Vow between John Baptist De La Salle, Nicholas Voyart and Gabriel Drolin and asked how the spirit of this commitment existed in this Sector. Within our Lasallian Family in PNG today, the commitment made by the Brothers for over 75 years in PNG is evident of this legacy. Today we see and hear stories of the dedication of teachers in teaching and accompanying young people in the classrooms, youth groups, associations, ministry, parishes and in the Church. Sometimes they do this under very difficult and challenging circumstances. The spirit of working ‘Together and by Association’ lives on in the PNG Sector.


“Since the time of the Founder, formation for mission has been understood as a practical response to prayerful consideration of real-life situations… The sharing of formative experiences within a community of educators empowers and challenges each person to continue to grow in their understanding of themselves and of their participation in the mission. This necessarily includes recalling the shared story and learning to participate in the shared spirituality, but formation goes much deeper: it enables all Lasallians to be protagonists in the ongoing story of participation in God’s mission.” (Lasallian Formation for Mission: The Pilgrim’s Handbook , p. 12)

Lasallian Mission Services


The Formation for Mission Team (Br Peter Ryan, Br John Cantwell & Mr Philippe Dulawan) began the year with aspirations of a more “normal” year following the restrictions and limitations that were placed on us in 2020 with the pandemic. While some programs were able to go ahead face-to-face as planned, the ongoing challenges with travel restrictions, density limits and continuing lock-downs meant that many of the 2021 programs continued online.


Author: Br Peter Ryan, Director of Formation

Opportunities to engage with speakers, as well being able to share experiences of the strengths and vulnerabilities of young people, consider some of the relevant research, including the data emerging from young people’s calls and emails to Kids Helpline, and to reflect critically on a helpful attempt to define ‘wellbeing’ made for an engaging program. As usual, the program allowed plenty of time for personal relaxation and reflection, as well as the opportunity to get to know one another. One fruit of the personal time was for each of the participants to commit to actions over the coming weeks that would enhance their own wellbeing, and, also, further the flourishing of a young person or a colleague.

A similar program was run in Melbourne using the expertise of local formators from each of the three schools. Members of the ‘Formation for Mission’ team were also able to travel to Adelaide to run the compass program with the staff of St. Michael’s College.

Online Principals Gathering

Our Lasallian Compass – induction program for staff new to Lasallian schools

Initiated by Mr Merv McCormack, Executive Director, approximately thirty-eight Lasallian leaders representing all Sectors of the ANZPPNG District gathered for a one-hour zoom meeting on 1 March hosted by Lasallian Mission Services. The format provided an opportunity for prayer, opening remarks by Br Visitor, a formation session and opportunity for discussion. This District- wide zoom meeting for leaders was the first of a series of such meetings which that occurred throughout the year. The limited time of 60 minutes per meeting deliberately aims to be a user- friendly gathering for busy Lasallians.

19 Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, on the bay at Ormiston in Brisbane, once again provided the peaceful and appealing environment for Exploring Our Lasallian Heritage, on 20-23 June. Three Assistant Year Directors from St Michael’s College Adelaide, and a Visual Arts and Religious Education teacher from De La Salle College Revesby joined a group of people from several yourtown services: counseling, research, people and culture projects, job placement, talent acquisition, and learning and development, to learn from one another and to reflect on our work as Lasallians.

Our Lasallian Heritage

Understanding the tradition and practices of a new school can be daunting for starting or transferring teachers, but it can be enlightened somewhat when they meet, even on-line, across many Lasallian schools. The Compass program provided just that for thirty-seven Sydney-based educators. Run by the ‘Formation for Mission’ team from Lasallian Mission Services Bankstown, it was seen by participants as welcoming, engaging, and relevant to their teaching practice. The one-day, three-session program combined meeting others, listening to stories of John Baptist de La Salle, the tradition of education for the disadvantaged, and the values that inspired De La Salle and Lasallian schools today.

Lasallian Speakers Symposium

Br. Michael Valenzuela (LEAD District) covered the evolution of the College of St Benilde’s unique thrust and the problems and challenges that have shaped its particular way of embodying the Lasallian mission. Significant initiatives were discussed as well as key learnings that might have relevance for the international Lasallian mission.

A new initiative for 2021 was the Lasallian Speakers Symposium – a program of three online symposia focusing on the 2021 Institute theme: You are Part of the Miracle: Our Vision, Our Passion, Our Future. The format of each symposia consisted of a 30-45 minute presentation followed by a short period of facilitated discussion. More than 200 participants from across the Institute joined for each of the symposia. Three guest speakers were invited to provide input on an aspect of the Institute theme:

The Lasallian Animators program saw 11 participants from PNG, NZ and across Australia participate in four online zooms consisting of 2 conference days and 2 twilight sessions across the year. This ongoing accompaniment explored the formation principles in the Pilgrim’s handbook including thresholds, domains, and the need to contextualise formation to the local community.


Online Twilight Retreats

MAP is available for any community to request the formation team to be present to your community over a several days choosing a suite of programs best suited to your staff. In 2021, Br. Peter and Philippe were present with the O’Connor community for three days which entailed Senior leadership formation, an optional twilight retreat, meals with staff, Lasallian Volunteer promotion, Our Lasallian Compass new staff induction and staff spirituality day for all staff.

MAP: Mission Accompaniment Presence – ARMIDALE

Dr Alfred Pang (Singapore), in his presentation considered how the mission of Lasallian education is rooted in a sense of contemplative wonder at the miracle of God’s life incarnated in and shared with children as one of us. From this insight, he invites us to cultivate teaching as a spiritual practice of holy wondering with children.


Ms Maryann Donohue-Lynch (District of Eastern North America) took the opportunity to commemorate the 330th anniversary of the Heroic Vow made by De La Salle and his two companions, Gabriel Drolin and Nicholas Vuyart. In her presentation, Maryann offered contemporary examples of how Lasallians are living the “heroic vow,” as we consider what it means to be the heart, memory and guarantor of the Lasallian Mission today.

A new initiative for 2021 was the Lasallian Speakers Symposium – a program of three online symposia focusing on the 2021 Institute theme: You are Part of the Miracle: Our Vision, Our Passion, Our Future. The format of each symposia consisted of a 30-45 minute presentation followed by a short period of facilitated discussion. More than 200 participants from across the Institute joined for each of the symposia. Three guest speakers were invited to provide input on an aspect of the Institute theme:

Optimised formation for Youth Ministers and Lasallian Volunteers

the understanding of the needs of young people across the District, 2021 saw the establishment of the Young Lasallians Reference Group. This group represents Lasallian students, alumni, yourtown staff and teachers from across the District and has critically listened to young people’s issues, strengths and sentiments. The group’s expertise has helped shape upcoming programs to meet the needs of young people.

team members and ongoing training

Lasallian Volunteers 2021

2021 saw the return of the Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) program to four placements, with the added complication of complying with the COVID restrictions, including hotel quarantine for those entering Western Australia. Lydia Avia-Aumua took direct supervision of these LVs. Formation was conducted online due to COVID restrictions, and at the beginning of the year, WA LVs were required to experience two-week mandatory hotel quarantine. Throughout the year, no in-person pastoral visits were possible, so the ongoing support through Zoom, text messages and video calls became the norm.

Increasingly, as the Sydney-based team was unable to travel, the development and accompaniment of local teachers and youth ministers became paramount, as these Lasallians were empowered to facilitate retreat Seekingexperiences.tobroaden

Author: Phillipe Dulawan, Associate Director Young Lasallians

Entering the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the YLT remained hope-filled and aspirational, albeit grounded in the reality of shifting laws, mandates, and measures to ensure our young people’s safety. With a clear focus on the engagement of young people and providing meaningful interactions, the offerings provided in 2021 were refined as follows:


Input and content was pre-recorded as videos, and tasks were assigned to be completed beforehand. This delivery style allowed for greater self-direction with the material and ensured that Zoom time was primarily spent in break-out rooms and prioritised engagement among team members. This reduced Zoom fatigue and increased engagement.

With rolling lockdowns and shifting restrictions, having retreat days pushed further and further back in the calendar became commonplace. These changes resulted in our peak retreat facilitation period occurring in Term 4 when restrictions were eased.

Young Lasallians Reference Group

Young Lasallian

Resilience, agility, flexibility and mission-oriented are accurate words to describe the Young Lasallians Team’s (YLT) experience in 2021.

Agile Importancecalendarsofin-situ

Southern Cross Catholic College, Brisbane and yourtown, Deception Bay.

By the end of 2021, nine more LVs had gone through the recruitment process to take up the program in 2022 across Balgo, Perth and Port Moresby. We extend our gratitude to the LVs who dedicated their lives in Lasallian service during 2021, and we acknowledge their families and friends who supported them in making this generous commitment.

Jess Gledhill, a DLS Cronulla graduate, Salesi Lata, a DLS Ashfield graduate, and Stephanie Paul, a Kilbreda College graduate, all positively impacted the community in Balgo. They worked closely with Barry Ennis, Principal, and Deputy Principal Tom Vidot, in adapting to the challenges of working in a remote community and living out of the home for the first time.

Angelina Bone returned to the program in 2021 after her initial experience in 2021 was pandemicrelatedly cut short. Angelina began the year with an LV partner, Shaye Baker-Baines, who graduated from La Salle College, Middle Swan but who returned home. Congratulations to Angelina who continued as the only LV in the Southern Cross community. Her studies in social work at TAFE, which began in 2020 and continued in 2021, assisted her as she returned to yourtown and the school community. A highlight for Angelina was working alongside Millie, the YM at Southern Cross and facilitating a youth group for primary students.

Vagi David, a graduate from DLS Bomana and Wynetta Elijah, a graduate from Jubilee Catholic Secondary College, continued to serve at Hohola as the first entirely intra-sector PNG LVs in 2021. The ongoing success of local LVs has affirmed this model moving forward. Both Vagi and Wynetta were supported throughout the year by Melinda Maro, Assistant Lasallian Family Coordinator, Larry Aua, Lasallian Youth Minister and Sebastian Duhau, Young Lasallians Coordinator. Vagi and Wynetta grew in confidence as the year unfolded and were able to successfully facilitate the PNG Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar as well as a number of 2021 retreats., having participated in the YLTs online formation experiences. Unfortunately, they were unable to meet the rest of the team in person.

Lasalle Technical College, Hohola, Port Moresby

Lasalle Catholic College, Middle Swan, Perth


Our appreciation is also extended to each of the four Communities who kindly supported each LV to flourish in 2021.

Two volunteers from St Bede’s Mentone served at La Salle College, Middle Swan: Jacob Barry, a 2021 graduate, and Kyle Goodwin, a 2019 graduate. Kyle and Jacob were able to bring their unique talents to the boarding house and school community alike. This was the first year of LVs for site supervisor and Assistant Principal of La Salle College, Aaron Peters. He appreciated their presence and proactive attitude throughout the year.

Luurnpa Catholic College, Balgo Hills


The Annual Report covers activities and performance of the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC) for the period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

Supporting Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Pakistan.

In 2021, the Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) team experienced a significant downsize and restructure, resulting in the redundancy of the Chief Executive Officer. Coupled with a reduction in financing from the Trustees, LMC reports its first deficit budget.

COVID-19 again adversely affected the delivery of Programs and Services during 2021. The pandemic’s social distancing restrictions resulted in a reduced number of face-to-face programs, in both the Adult Formation and Young Lasallian portfolios.

With the hope that COVID-19 restrictions will ease in 2022, and the implementation of some significant strategic initiatives, LMS expects that it will return to face-to-face programs with a renewed zeal to advance the Lasallian Mission. Exciting programs planned include Together For Mission, a Lasallian Leaders’ Gathering, and a Lasallian Youth Gathering.

The LMS team will continue to strengthen its connections with yourtown, Lasallian Foundation Australia, and Lasallian schools across the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and PNG (‘District’). It looks forward to serving communities near and far.

Investment Rational

LMS prides itself on delivering programs to support and respond to the needs of students and staff in schools and works. To ensure continuation of these services, LMC, with the support of the Trustees of the De La Salle Brothers, has secured cash investments to support its operations. However, in 2021, LMC called on a proportion of these reserves. Resultantly, the end-of-year cash position is significantly less than in previous years.

LMC is comfortable with its investment strategy in the short-term and appreciates the continuing support of the Trustees of the De La Salle Brothers and Brothers Communities during 2021 in delivering the mission across the District.

Author: Ms Julie Alibrandi, Director of Operations

LMC acknowledges the generous donation from yourtown in support of the Lasallian Mission in PNG and Pakistan. In Pakistan, $150,000 was used exclusively for the support of teachers’ salaries across seven schools, directly benefiting 199 administrators, teachers, and support staff and 2557 students. Similarly in PNG, yourtown generously donated $150,000 to support teacher and support staff wages at La Salle Technical College, Hohola, a Lasallian school which provides an opportunity for post-primary education for students who are unable to access government high schools. Direct beneficiaries included 57 teachers and support staff, and 595 students.


Planning for the future

24 LMC Expenses 2021

Sale Donation Interest

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