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2020 EDITION 1


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2020 EDITION 1

MESSAGE FROM MS. GRACE WRAKIA National Coordinator Lasallian Family Dear Lasallians We started our Lasallian journey with trials caused by the COVID19 pandemic, but we persisted in our efforts to share the Lasallian spirit and charisma to the children that we teach and the teachers we meet in our daily school lives. The theme for this year “Great Things are Possible” calls us to examine our dreams and aspirations and look to the future with great hope. Nobel Laureate for Literature, Anatole France, stated that “to accomplish great things , we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe”. Like Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I Have a Dream “ or the constant commitment of Pope Francis to a more human and more just world. We dream of a world that is more in accordance with the dream that God has for humanity. What is your dream for the Lasallian Family in PNG?

I end with St. John Baptist de La Salle’s words “Thank God for the grace he has given you in your work of sharing in the ministry of the holy apostles” (Med 199.3) . Thanks to all Area Coordinators, leaders, formators and members who keep the Lasallian fire alive in the 17 areas across the country. May the Good Lord continue to bless each one of you, keeping you happy and healthy in his grace as you serve in your Lasallian Teaching Ministry.

Great things are happening in this COVID stricken year; Lasallian leaders have gathered in Madang for their annual leaders’ meeting. Later we had Lasallian family meetings in Simbu, Buka, Madang, Kimbe, Goroka, Wewak, Aitape, Wabag, Mt. Hagen, Alotau, Vanimo, NCD, for the first time, Kokopo and also just recently, the UOG induction for student teachers. Attempts to hold an Upper Highlands Youth Gathering and the first visit to the Gulf province had to be put on hold, just as the plans to gather Support Staff members in NCD Lasallian Schools and Middle Managers of Lasallian Schools . However, by God’s grace, we will move forward with the hope that these events and others like the Women’s Symposium 2021, ESP ‘Prayerful Calling’ retreat, Jiwaka, AROB and the ENB Area retreats and the ‘Karamui Experience’ will take place in the future.


LIVE JESUS IN OUR HEARTS.. FOREVER! AMEN Ms. Grace Wrakia National Coordinator - Lasallian Family


2020 EDITION 1

MESSAGE FROM BR. THOMAS YAPO Sector Coordinator PNG De La Salle Brothers Dear Lasallians, Hoping you are well, welcome each of you to this edition of the PNG Lasallian Family Mambu magazine. Since the last edition, many events have taken place and Lasallians have been moved from one location to another between provinces. There are Lasallians who have moved from one position to another within the organization you are serving. Many of these are great changes both in challenging us and energizing us to keep our Lasallian fire burning.

The passion to go an extra mile to help those entrusted to their care and the zeal to continue doing something good and to be positive for the people is simply showing that great things are possible despite our different locations. I am touched with the level of commitment by our Lasallians who are serving in some of the very remote parts of PNG. Your love and passion for the Lasallian mission is over and beyond the call of duty. Each of you is a living testimony of the Gospel. You are a champion in touching hearts, teaching minds and transforming lives.

This year has been the most challenging in all fronts throughout the world with the spread of the global Pandemic, COVID -19. It changed the systems and operations of the world and shifted everything to a new normal. It will take a long while before everything gets back on track with the new normal and life will flow from it. Life is different with the lock down which forces many to discover hidden talents and skills.

I encourage you all to keep in touch with each other so that together we can build support and empower one another. Despite the daily challenges we all go through, hold onto your candle so that you can bring light to others as you journey. As a Lasallian any little good you do will feed your candle and provide light to those around you and under your care.

Lasallians throughout the world have gone out of their own ways to help and support the needy and vulnerable in their communities. Lasallians are people who mostly associate with others and be the softer and kinder face of Jesus to others. It is in building connections with others that we become more humane. We become humble and generous through our actions. The greatest miracles are performed with the simplest acts of kindness and that’s what the Lasallians continue to outpour from their hearts.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the Mambo magazine and be enriched with the stories, experiences and encounters of our Lasallians. Every piece that is shared here is a contribution towards making great things possible in our own lives, our communities and our country and the world.

Despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19 and our individual, family and communal challenges and setbacks, we still hold fast to the theme of this year, “Great Things Are Possible”. Yes, great things are still possible, with, and among those who believe in the good. The global and local challenges are undeniable, but there exists the positives and those moments that breathe in life. Those moments help eliminate the negatives and increases the possibilities. These make us to be people of hope and we look forward to greater things to happen both in the world and through our Lasallian activities.

I conclude with this phrase from the Lasallian Reflection 5, “Lasallians can do little things at home, in their families, in their educational works, in their cities, in their faith communities. Do all these things together with others, with whom you share the same ideals and dreams. Working together, they manage to do great things”. p.13. LIVE JESUS IN OUR HEARTS.. FOREVER! AMEN Br. Thomas Yapo PNG Sector Coordinator

Many Lasallians in PNG, both in our towns and in the remote districts, continue to keep the Lasallian fire alive, burning from deep within. MAMBU MAGAZINE


2020 EDITION 1


Leadership of the District is under the care of Br Visitor, David Hawke, and the District Council, who in conjunction with the Lasallian Mission Council (LMC), provide governance and mission-focused direction throughout the District. The establishment of the LMC is intended to strengthen the association between the Brothers and those engaged with them in their mission, ensuring that there is real co-responsibility in decision making as they work towards the integration of various Lasallian works. The ultimate goal is to ensure the sustainability of the Lasallian mission so that the needs of the young, especially the marginalised in our society, can continue to be met and continued.

The Lasallian Family PNG is an integral part of the De La Salle District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan & Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG). The Lasallian educational mission is manifested through primary and secondary schools, teachers’ colleges, welfare works, Lasallian Mission Aid, formation for mission, Signum Fidei, Young Lasallians, Youth Ministry and Lasallian Volunteers. The mission is shared between the Brothers and Lasallian Partners whose mission “is to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor” (Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools). The District is committed to strengthening its work by authentic association between the Brothers and Lasallian Partners.



2020 EDITION 1

AUSTRALIAN LASALLIANS AT WORK WITH PNG COLLEAGUES Merv McCormack - CEO LMC The Lasallian Mission Council (LMC), through its operational arm, Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) based in Sydney at the La Salle Centre, remains committed to working in partnership with its PNG Lasallian colleagues. This partnership is evidenced in many ways. The Formation for Mission team (FfM), led by Amanda Proulx, continues its longstanding relationship with local PNG formators and Lasallian educators, including assisting with staffing and resourcing of formation programs. The FfM team has recently enjoyed offering online retreats for adults and young Lasallians across the District, and was pleased to have numerous PNG Lasallians attend and share their insights. Amanda and Julie are also members of the PNG Lasallian Women’s Symposium planning committee which is preparing for this very exciting event scheduled to occur in 2021.

An extensive review of the District’s Lasallian Volunteers (LVs) program in PNG, led by LV Coordinator Joanne Nehme, has also recently occurred. Jointly undertaken by LMS and PNG Lasallian leaders, it was aimed at further refining a sustainable model of youth volunteering that will best serve the mission within PNG, Australia and New Zealand.

LMC is committed to the PNG mission and deeply values the work of all members of the PNG Lasallian Family. The mission is enriched by your faith, service and zeal. We acknowledge and thank you for touching the hearts of all in your care- students, colleagues and your communities.

LMC’s Director of Operations, Julie Alibrandi, is a member of the PNG Sector Mission Council (PNGSMC) which has oversight of the Lasallian mission in PNG. Julie is also a member of the PNGSMC Finance Committee, along with LMC Board Director Ann Corcoran, who chairs the Committee.



2020 EDITION 1


There are more than 500 students in Hobe Primary School and 10 teachers. All the teachers are not Lasallians and I am so happy to be among them. I introduced the Lasallian Family to them and gave an In-service on the life of St. John Baptist De La Salle. They all want to join the family now. All of us are working so hard to educate the children and the community. The children are slow in learning but I believe that with God’s help and this prayer of St John Baptist De La Salle , we can make a difference. With that I would like to ask my LaSallian family to pray for me and the people around me and most especially for the children here.

By Karen Mondo Hobe Christ the King Primary School is located in a remote part of Simbu Province in the Karamui District where there is no road excess and almost three quarters of the people mostly children have never seen a car in their life. After so many years of hearing negative stories about this place I decided to go there. So I applied and was posted there.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts.

LASALLIANS IN ENGA Photo by Aileen Saleu Lasallians in Enga met for the first time after the SOE on the 4th of July. It was a small and quiet meeting but it was a relief to finally meet up with fellow Lasallians in the area. Meeting was organised by Aileen Saleu and Elizabeth Wia.

We travel there by plane for thirty five minutes to an airstrip and walk with our cargo for four hours to get to the school. The place and the people, especially the children has really changed my life and the way I think. I wasn’t the one touching their hearts but they touched mine. The food that they eat, the clothes they wear, their behaviour and the things they do to survive have changed me.

Prayers for the Lasallian family in Enga.

The people there are not exposed to the life that we know. They don’t know how to dress up. They don’t eat some of the food from the stores and most of them don’t speak English and Tok pisin well. They still eat and drink from bamboo and leaf. The school children bring their lunch in bamboo. The children really love coming to school. Most of the children live far away from the school and they have to cross rivers, walk through muddy tracks and swamps to get to school. Despite the distance and the weather most students don’t miss a day in class. This is what makes me so emotional when I look at their faces in the classroom. MAMBU MAGAZINE


2020 EDITION 1

STORIES FROM AROUND PNG HIGHLANDS REGION LASALLIAN FAMILY IN SIMBU Photos courtesy of Peter Daka & Keran Mondo Lasallians in Simbu met for their first meeting on Saturday 8th February at Rosary Secondary School. Meeting was organised by Keran Mondo, Area Coordinator and assistant Peter Daka. The lasallians were warmly received by Kondiu’s Principal, Ms. Maria Dama

Simbu Lasallians meet for their third Meeting on the 4th of July. The meeting was organised by the assistant coordinator Peter Daka of Angil Primary School.

CATHOLIC TEACHERS’ DAY IN JIWAKA Photo courtesy of Bestina Weldon On May 15, a significant event happened at Fatima Jiwaka, where teachers from three big educationa institutions met to commemorate Catholic Teachers’ Day; Fatima Primary School, Fatima Secondary School and Fatima TVET. The program took place in the evening, where Lasallians led by the area coordinator Bestina Weldon gave a Lasallian Reflection highlighting the significance of May 15th to Lasallians. The event ended with dinner and an opportunity to meet and greet. Happy Catholic Teachers’ Day, Happy Founders Day.



2020 EDITION 1


LASALLIAN INDUCTION FOR NEW MEMBERS IN GOROKA Photo courtesy of Caspar Ruarry The Lasallian leaders in Eastern Highlands gathered 22 new Lasallians for a Lasallian weekend retreat at Kefamo Pastoral centre in June. Among them were student teachers from the University of Goroka. Fr. Peter concluded the retreat with a Mass. The weekend induction was facilitated by Margaret Saial, Michel Natapol, Dominic Talamin and Caspar Ruarry. Welcome to the Lasallian Family PNG.

Lasallians in Eastern Highlands meet to prepare for the Induction weekend

BISHOP ANTON BAL PRIMARY SCHOOL IN SALT-NOMANE, SIMBU Photo courtesy of Mr Junior Kawage Students in FSC group presented prayers and poems of De la Salle to parents and community at a parent and community meeting.



2020 EDITION 1



The youth comprised the students of St. Anna Primary School, Aitape High School and St. Ignatius Secondary School. There were more than 20 students who have shown great interest in becoming members.

By Nelson Moskir It was under a tiny and open structure of a thatched roof that has a placard inscribed Providence. It was built on a shady ‘mangas’ plant that also acted as its anchorage. This was again a venue for our second Lasallian gathering.

The appointment of the Youth executives was also announced by the Youth Coordinator, Ms. Delma Kuma. Youth President: Marcelino Mawe (St. Ignatius Secondary rep)

The structure does not have any physical capacity to house all members. It stood its ground to offer us a little bit of shade; the spirit of Lasallian family and the love of Christ in our journey of faith.

V/President: Franisah Bogan (St. Anna Primary rep) Secretary: Wesley Aiyok (Aitape High School rep)

This was a combined gathering with the teachers who were the senior members and the youth as junior members. The meeting began with a Reflection Question – “What does it mean to be a Lasallian?”

Treasurer: Ms. Delma Kuma (Lasallian Youth Coordinator - St. Anna Primary)

Mrs. A. Kilik Togo and the other senior members of the family emphasized the Lasallian Charism and The Five Guiding Principles. They even shared with the youth their experiences and instances when they were inspired to become a Lasallian. The short reflection ended with a prayer and proceeded to the Youth Meeting Agenda.

This gathering had also welcomed new members into the family through personal experiences and were inspired by members of the Aitape Family.

Teachers and Youth Gathering.

The Providence.



2020 EDITION 1


FOUNDING BROTHERS IN PNG This acknowledgment was addressed, discussed, edited and approved by the Papua New Guinea Lasallian Family Area Co-ordinators. At the start of every meeting, gathering or retreat, Lasallians in PNG are requested to recite this acknowledgment: • Founding Brothers (Br. Peter Keaga, the first National Brother, Br. Ignatius Kennedy, Founded the Lasallian Family, Br. John Clearly, Lasallian Formation of teachers, Br. Leo Scollen, Br. Robert McLaughlin, Br. Peter Gilfeder, Br. Ambrose Quin). who have worked and journey with the lay partners in Papua New Guinea in embracing the Lasallian Charism and the mission of giving a Human and Christian Education to the Young People, especially the poor. Their legacy has remained on and their footsteps maintain the spiritual connection. We thank them for sharing their spirituality in faith and zeal, and ways of living the charism in our beautiful country. We pay respect to the De La Salle Brothers past, present and emerging.

Submit your stories, articles, reflections or reports for edition # 2 Due date: 2nd November National Lasallian Family Office LaSalle Technical College, Hohola P.O Box 1911 BOROKO NCD Tel/txt: +675 70304079/ 3401812 Email:



2020 EDITION 1


LASALLIANS IN MADANG By Schola Horio This year 2020 is a really tough year for all us especially when Covid19 found its way into our lives. Initially it held us to ransom. We have all paid the price of being in lockdown. However, prior to that, we were able to start off the year with a commissioning Mass for teachers at the Parish level in the Madang Holy Spirit Cathedral in which Brother Thomas Yapo’s presence was a surprise and a blessing . The commissioning Mass was the first of its kind with the theme” Be Like A Good Shepherd - A Call To Holiness.”

Covid-19 as the biggest challenge ever for the Education System so far this century. When the State of Emergency (SOE) rules were imposed on us, we had no choice but comply . We had to bring back education into the classrooms. At the time I recalled De LaSalle’s time in the 17th Century in France. How did he respond to the educational needs of the poor boys ? I felt his spirit in me. I was surprised to find myself full of life and enthusiasm to do more. Inevitably, English, Maths and Science were priorities. However, teaching of Religion was no exception.

We were also privileged to have our 1st reflection with Brother Thomas but this time as the main presenter on the 14th of March at Alexishafen. As a result new people from five (5) different primary schools and from Tusbab Secondary School attended, with unexpected majority. It was a timely gathering right before the lockdown.

As the maxim goes, “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and everything will fall in line”. Religion in our school is now regarded as the breath of life. The maxim finally found its comfortable place in the heart of most students as a new normal. Thus, Covid-19, changed the hearts and minds of those who are considerate.

May 15th was the next celebration at the Parish level. It was again a first of its kind. We only had

And finally, in a special way, we would like to remember and pay a final tribute to one of our member, late Elisabeth (Ellie) Wambare (Mrs) who experienced her rebirth into new life on the 17th of May 2020. Her last participation with us was the Tercentenary Celebrations in 2019. May her soul rest in peace.

teachers from within our School (elementary prep up to grade 8) as part of the celebration. Bigger and wider celebrations in the near future are promised. Our First Lasallian Leaders’ meeting after the lockdown was held on the 6th of June. The meeting enabled us to discuss and draw a program for 2020 Area Gatherings. Our first Area Gathering will be on the 27th of July at Holy Spirit Primary School.


Live Jesus in our hearts...Forever! Schola Hori - Area Co-ordinator,Madang.


2020 EDITION 1


ST. JOHN BAPTIST DE LASALLE FEAST DAY AND THE UNIVERSAL CATHOLIC TEACHERS DAY By Nelson Moskir About half of the St. Anna Primary School Teachers are the members of the Lasallian Family. The State of Emergency’s strict rules of Social Gathering and Distancing couldn’t ever break the bond of the Lasallian family union we have. We broke all SOE rules just to make May 15 feast day wonderful and meaningful for us all. Invitations were given to special people who shared with us much inspired experiences of being a real catholic teacher. The Aitape Catholic Education Secretary – Mr. H. Kairo, the School Inspector – Mr. J. Wulwarau and the Education Manager – Mr. Job Tomur. These people knew exactly the trend of teachers these days and clearly pointed out to us two types of teachers; -“fortnight and classroom teachers”.

Our three most senior staff of the school gave the highlights of the day. They shared with us, heartfelt moments and experiences of being teachers during the first years after the country’s independence. We had a para-liturgy , followed by speeches, and teachers shared their career’s experiences. The program ended with a meal. It was great.

Eucharistic celebrations on May 15th in Madang

Lasallian at St. Anna Primary School, Aitape



2020 EDITION 1

STORIES FROM AROUND PNG NEW GUINEA ISLAND REGION EAST NEW BRITAIN LASALLIANS 2020 By Louisa Opu On the last day of February, Saturday 29th in this leap year, 2020, Lasallians in the East New Britain Province (ENBP) gathered at St. Peter Chanel Catholic College of Secondary Teacher Education for our very first meeting. East New Britain has Lasallians and the Area was in our LSF Directory in the Hagen office then, in late Br. Iggy’s time. However, it has gone silent for some time since 2011, when Br. Iggy and Lambert flew over for a weekend gathering with them. I remember this well as I was in the office as the National Lasallian Family Secretary.

contact numbers. I have also invited a few friends of mine who are Secondary school teachers. On Saturday 14th March, we had our first Lasallian Reflection. I facilitated the two sessions and took them on ‘The Life of De La Salle’ and after a short break, we went into the ‘The Four Hinge Events of DLS”. From the expression on their faces, they have forgotten all these vital Lasallian concepts. Our second gathering was the Recollection, scheduled for Saturday 28th March, unfortunately could not have it due to the COVID-19 SOE restrictions that came into place on Sunday 22nd March 2020. Hopefully, we will get through this recollection in the coming months, also to prepare for our weekend gathering, if not for July as per the National Calendar, then we will plan for it in September, at the Couppe’s Pastoral Centre Vunapope.

The attendance, to my surprise was very good. We were able to put together our plan for Term One (1), in anticipation of reviving the lost Lasallians in this part of the country. ENBP Area has 15 members, at the moment and of the 15, 5 are student teachers of St. Peter Chanel College and 10 are teachers: 2 lecturers and 8 Primary school teachers. The 8 Primary School teachers are Holy Trinity Teachers’ College graduates and were all inducted by late Br. Iggy. I was taken aback when I heard from them that this was the only formation they have ever received and my heart sank for them over what I heard. I am praying and have plans to do more for these 8 Lasallians in terms of their formation. There are other Lasallians out there in the province, and our prayer is to bring them back to the Lasallian circle. I keep inviting them, since I have their

Another significant event was the National Catholic Teachers’ Day celebrated at St. Peter Chanel College for the first time at the college on Friday 15th May 2020. The event was an initiative and organized by the Student Representative Council (SRC). The students put on entertainments for the lecturers as a show of appreciation. I can see a bright light rising from the horizon for East New Britain Lasallians and I am very excited about it and I need prayers for the intercession of our Father and Founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle, “Great things are Possible”.



2020 EDITION 1

STORIES FROM AROUND PNG NEW GUINEA ISLAND REGION LASALLIANS IN WEST NEW BRITAIN Lasallians in West New Britain celebrated May 15th Feast Day at Ruango Primary School. Organised by Hillary Urediat - Area Coordinator

AROB LASALLIANS A small Mass was held at the start of the year for Lasallians in Buka. The theme: ‘Great Things are Possible” was reflected during the Homily, giving renewed strength for the Family in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. Mass was organised by Patricia Luakenu - Area Coordinator.

Follow us today!

lasalleanzppng YoungLasalliansANZPPNG @lasalleanzppng young_lasallians_ANZPPNG



2020 EDITION 1

STORIES FROM AROUND PNG SOUTHERN REGION NCD LASALLIANS 1ST MEETING Photo courtesy of Annette Attawai NCD Lasallian Family finally managed to come together for its first meeting in 2020. We are blessed to have committed Lasallians who go through so many difficulties to keep our Family in the capital city alive and well. Thank you DLS, SHTC, JCSS, LTC, other schools, Alumni, DLS Brothers, friends and family, for your support and encouragement. Well done Area Co-ordinator, Br. Francis Toliman CFC, for the tremendous job in organising this meeting.

YOURTOWN AND LASALLIAN WOMEN OF HOPE TEAM UP TO CHANGE THE LIVES OF OVER 300 YOUNG GIRLS IN PNG By Julia Goonan underwear, laundry and bathing soap, toothpaste and tooth brushes. The National Coordinator of the Lasallian Family, Grace Wrakia, extended her sincere gratitude on behalf of the PNG Lasallian Women of Hope to yourtown. This donation, as well as the many previous donations, has touched the hearts of over 800 girls in Papua New Guinea in the last 3 years.

The connection between yourtown and the Papua New Guinea Lasallian Women of Hope has never been stronger. In March 2020, yourtown Project Dignity made a donation of AUD1000 to the PNG Lasallian Women of Hope . With the consistent support from Yourtown, the project was able to assist over 200 students in 2018, 300 in 2019 and has now reached 330 students in 2020. The PNG Lasallian Women of Hope has been able to extend its support to newer sites, including Madang, Bouganville, and Karamui. The funds have meant that the foundation can provide young girls with toiletries,


Grace and the PNG Lasallian Women of Hope believe they will be able to help even more girls, particularly those in the most remote schools where Lasallian Teachers work.


2020 EDITION 1



A fresh start is what many people decide to do at the start of a new year. Teachers, whether they have been teaching for more than 10 years or have just started their careers, are determined to start afresh. All 40 teachers at De La Salle Secondary school, Bomana and 18 new teachers from La Salle Technical College Hohola participated in a one-day PNG Lasallian Heritage Program from the 27th - 30th of January. The program was facilitated by the school-based Lasallian Adult Formators - Br. Luke Warvanuk FSC for Bomana, Br. Sajawal FSC for Lasalle Technical College, and the Lasallian Family office. The day was spent connecting the teachers to the Lasallian story. To which they are all part.

There are many prayer exercises that can be used to renew the Spirit and re-energise teachers at the start of a new school year. For Lasallian teachers inducted by the PNG Lasallian Heritage program- they were guided using the MTR and the Brothers Rule as written by Br. Joan Pierre Laudy FSC; 1. “By the movement of the Spirit” [Rule of 1718, c.11] 2. By God’s direction [Rule of 1718, c.11] 3. “With the intention of pleasing him” [Rule of 1718, c.11]

The Lasallian schools and teachers in Papua New Guinea have participated in many Lasallian Formation programs both within PNG and abroad. There is a varying length of involvement in these programs as well as in the degree of experiences of Lasallian educators who have either attended or have facilitated these programs.

4. “ sacred scripture the first and principal Rule” [Rule of 1718, c. 11] 5. “As ambassadors and Ministers of Jesus Christ” [Med 195:2; 21:2] 6. “Often ask God for the grace to touch hearts” [Med 81:2]

The Lasallian Heritage is shared in more than 80 countries around the world. It is faith expressed in different ways as it passes through generations, culture and geography. This heritage passes on through formal /organised inductions as the ones recently held at De La Salle Bomana Secondary, and at La Salle Technical College Hohola or through small and informal groups and/or through the individual experiences of Lasallian colleagues - Brothers and Partners.

“How fortunate you ought to consider yourselves, to be working in the field of the Lord” [med 207:1] After this exercise, derived from module# 3 Lasallian Spirituality, the teachers were split into two groups; the new, and the continuing teachers. Those who were new received in-services from the Founding Story while the continuing teachers participated in topics on Lasallian Pedagogy. Before lunch and at the end of the day’s program, the two groups merged to pray. Though it was the very first day of work, the teachers participated actively in all the sessions, making it a meaningful experience.



2020 EDITION 1


THE 12 VIRTUES OF A GOOD LASALLIAN TEACHER Teaching teachers about the 12 virtues is like cutting out one slice of a big cake. Getting teachers to identify and develop actual teaching strategies that bring out these qualities in themselves and in their students is more practical and suitable. This also applies to teachers who have already learnt about the virtues in theory.

INTERIOR PRAYER At La Salle Technical College Hohola, 18 new teachers engaged in prayerful reflections during the one-day Papua New Guinea Lasallian Heritage Program. Between the in-service presentations, there were moments of personal and silent prayer. This prayer exercise was guided by the method for Daily Offering of the Self adapted De La Salle’s “Method of Interior Prayer” by Br. William Mann FSC and Br. Willian Woeger FSC. The reflection followed this method and was guided by reflective questions and the day’s gospel reading:

More than 20 continuing teachers at De La Salle Secondary School, Bomana, participated in an activity which resulted in them dramatizing situations from their personal experience(s) in the classrooms where they used one of these 12 virtues. Each role-play ended with an open discussion on the effectiveness of the strategy applied and the importance of the virtue being dramatized. Brother Jeffrey L. Calligan, FSC, together with Lasallian Education Service (now Lasallian Mission Services), compiled a list of Teaching Strategies for the Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher. This list of teaching strategies was used as guides when coordinating the in-service under the module: Lasallian Pedagogy.

• First Movement - Remembering the presence of God in. • Second Movement - Contemplate on the Mystery of God’s love at work in the world. Read the day’s Gospel Reading and reflect on it as to how its message can come life in our lives. • Third Movement - Decide to let God’s message come to life, working in and through you. After some minutes of silent meditation, most teachers found it challenging to stay focused. This was a new exercise for many of them. Soft meditation music, in the background and a candle lit in the centre of the room, are simple external strategies to assist the meditation process. Effort comes from the participant. However, difficult it may be to engage in such a method of prayer; the outcome is satisfying and often quite relaxing.



2020 EDITION 1


CONCLUSION The Lasallian Heritage program is designed to connect with dedicated Christian Educators who are committed and determined like St. John Baptist de La Salle, Patron Saint of Teachers, personal challenges and successes of the pioneer De La Salle Brother who helped shape the education system in PNG’s History .

PNG Lasallian Heritage was designed by the Area Coordinators in 2018 and further developed by training / resources from Lasallian Mission Services and resource materials from Br Bernard Cooper. It is built on 3 modules; 1. The founding story, 2. Lasallian Pedagogy

Lay partners, together and by association, with De La Salle Brothers, can offer your teachers and support staff, a day of prayerful reflection and professional enriching experience.

3. Lasallian Spirituality. Under each module, at least, 10 topics with related outcomes are identified. The program is special and contextualised by including parts of the Papua New Guinea History- from the time of the pioneer Brothers to the recent development of the PNG Lasallian Family. There are more than 30 certified adult formators scattered across PNG, who can facilitate this program.


For more information email the LASALLIAN FAMILY OFFICE on:


2020 EDITION 1


LASALLIAN STUDENTS LEADERS SEMINAR 2020 By Francis Apa LYM The Papua New Guinea Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar is one of the first annual events organised by the PNG Lasallian Youth Ministry team after LSLS in Sydney.

The seminar was very successful. Those who took part enjoyed every session, the leadership activities and the workshops. Br.Thomas Yapo, Sector Coordinator, encouraged participants to follow in the footsteps of St John Baptist de La Salle saying that great things are possible when we believe and commit.

The Lasallian Student Leadership Seminar is an opportunity to prepare Lasallian Student Leaders to practice Servant Leadership, Authentic Leadership and lead with Faith and Zeal.

The seminar concluded with a commissioning Mass presided by Fr. John Glynn afsc. Fr John encouraged the students “to continue to do good and be of service to other vulnerable people around us and to see things with the eyes of faith”.

The theme for this year’s seminar was “GREAT THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”. This year’s student leaders came from Sacred Heart Teachers’ College, De La Salle Bomana Secondary School, Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, La Salle Technical College Hohola, Mainohana Catholic Secondary School and Eki Vagi Primary School as well as Brothers, Principals, Teachers, alumni and the National Lasallian Family Coordinator.


Glory be to God in the highest. I will continue O my God to do all my action for the Love of you Live Jesus in our Hearts. Forever All Lasallian Saints Pray for us St. John Baptist De La Salle Pray for us.


2020 EDITION 1


Vanimo Lasallian Family Area Coordinator - Charles Waeda Charles Waeda is the Principal of St La Salle Wonder Kids, an Early Childhood centre in Vanimo in Papua New Guinea. He is a father of 6 children and has worked ten years in Education. Charles brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. Tell me about your call to ministry. How do you live out the Lasallian Values? My call to the ministry is very raw but timely when the late Br. Ignatius Kennedy asked me to join the Lasallian Family in Papua New Guinea in 1999. Back then, it was teachers and students only from Holy Trinity Teacher’s College. I was asked to help with the Lasallian activities in Vanimo. From then and there until now, I am still living the Lasallian value after twenty-one years.

What is your current role in the Lasallian Family? Explain? I am the Principal of St La Salle Wonder Kids Early Childhood Centre and have been working here for ten years. Vanimo town is a small tropical town of Papua New Guinea lying on the north-west part of the country and sharing the land border with Djayapura in Indonesia. The school is on the north tip of Vanimo town on beautiful white sandy beachfront which meets the Pacific Ocean.

What does being a Lasallian mean to you? Being a Lasallian means so much to me, for someone who never graduated from a Teachers’ College and now teaching for ten years is because of what I learnt from Lasallian gatherings for twenty-one years. The teaching of our patron Saint had a significant impact in my teaching career.

The school is small and with semi-permanent material buildings. Still, it has a long record of graduating some good students who are now performing academically well in primary and secondary schools in Vanimo, Sandaun province. The school has three teachers, five staff members and 75 students. As well as my school duties, I am a single parent and the area coordinator for the Vanimo lasallian family.

Who is your role model? Why do you look up to this person? My first role model is Br Ignatius Kennedy who inspired me when he invited me to join the Lasallian family. The second role model is Maureen Ammoniu, the mother of my children and who I have been working with for the last twenty-one years. I have six children. The first is a girl then two boys and another three girls. Unfortunately, I lost a girl named ChaSalle, after the patron saint and the first letters Cha is from my name.



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MEMBERS PROFILE Flora Teng - Shines a Light on Mt Hagen Teacher’s College

Flora Teng is the Lasallian Family Area Coordinator of Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea, as well as a teacher at the Teachers’ College. Growing up in Kotna. Flora went to a Lutheran Primary School. She is now a mother of four lovely girls. Being involved in the Lasallian Mission gives her strength to overcome all adversities in her life. What does being a Lasallian mean to you? Being Lasallian means doing things creatively and to make a difference. It means to show great enthusiasm in teaching by touching the hearts of my students. It means to be a good example in words and deeds, as well as a friend to all and enemy to none.

Tell us a bit about where you teach and your current role at your school? I am currently teaching at Holy Trinity Teachers’ College. The college is almost 60 years old. It is the oldest Primary Teachers’ College in PNG. Technology is not yet integrated into the school. Some time , projectors are used in the lectures. There are 600 students at the college, both male and female. There are 35 staff members. Our motto is “ Vision, Dedication and Service.” I am lecturing in the Religious Education Department and am assisting students with the Formation Program at the college.

Tell me about your call to ministry. How do you live out the Lasallian values? Firstly, I strive to live out the Lasallian values in my family with my daughters. I strive to live the Lasallian Virtues of patience and humility as the crown virtues of all virtues.

What is your current role in the Lasallian Family? Explain? I am the Area Coordinator for Lasallian Activities in the Mt Hagen Area with the help of the Lasallian School Coordinators. We develop the Lasallian yearly calendar collectively for varies events in for the year. We write formation programs, youth events and organise fundraising for financial sustainability. We have Pastoral Care and Community Worship Programs weekly with recollection and retreats for each class once in a year which are spiritually enriching.

What does religion mean to you? Religion is my hope, strength and life. Who is your role model? Why do you look up to this person? Br. Ignatius Kennedy, FSC is my role model. I look up to him because he was a great mentor, and he was an inspiration to my life and my family.

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The La Sallian Alumni and Friends Association Incorporated was formally launched on Saturday 25th May 2019 at a private beach in Gaire village of Central Province, Papua New Guinea.

Our vision is to assemble skilled and like-minded individuals within our network to create an engine room to utilize our knowledge and skills to help our former schools through supporting their educational, infrastructure, social and spiritual programs.

It was a collective initiative from some of the former students of De La Salle High School now Secondary School in Bomana. Our participation was aimed at finding a path or revamping the LaSallian Cause after numerous weekend get-togethers.


Our future goal is to further enhance the unification of all the LaSallian education institutions in PNG through our membership and enabling them to unite and function as one.

The LaSallian Cause is a path established by the founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle who had created institutions around the world to inspire others on how to teach and care for young people, how to meet failure and frailty with compassion, how to affirm, how to strengthen and heal.

The main source of funding comes from fundraising activities and donations, which our team of active and selfless patriots have proven. Late last year we begun two projects that kicked start our campaign.

The cause is the gist of our establishment and that is creating a networking hub for ex-students to incorporate their skills and find ways to support the teaching vocation of LaSallian institutions throughout PNG. We have derived our Constitution and Structure from the five (5) Lasallian Guiding Principles: 1. Concern for the Poor & Social Justice 2. Faith in the Presence of God 3. Quality Education 4. Respect for All Persons 5. Inclusive Community

The La Sallian institutions include;

Our motto is “It’s Our Time to Educate, Equip and Engage”. The motto represents us as former students of LaSallian institutes giving back to our former schools by enhancing their teaching environment and facilities, to equip the current students with updated skills to engage productively for their betterment and for Papua New Guinea as a whole.

• De La Salle Secondary School (NCD) • Mainohana Catholic Secondary (Central) • Rosary Secondary School Kondiu (Simbu) • Sacred Heart Teachers’ College (NCD) • Jubilee Secondary School (NCD) • Holy Trinity Teachers’ College (Mt Hagen)


• Mun Primary School (WHP)

Our aim is to function as an independent body to maximise our outreaches for raising funds and providing services to our former schools. MAMBU MAGAZINE

• Rabiamul Elementary School (WHP) • La Salle Technical College (NCD) 23

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These projects and others will be rolled out to other LaSallian institutions that have Chapters affiliated to the LaSallian Alumni and Friends Association Inc.

Projects will be identified and rolled out to other LaSallian institutions apart from De La Salle Secondary School, Bomana provided these institutions have Chapters with members already affiliated to the Alumni.

The Alumni acts as the bridge to connect with institutions and other stakeholders to bring about the much needed services.

Projects and other services initiated by the Alumni solely depend on the availability of funds.

We have recently been blessed by La Salle Tech at Hohola in National Capital District, Papua New Guinea with an office space through generous support of Br. Thomas M Yapo, FSC and Ms. Grace Wrakia.

Our first project was the repainting of the De La Salle Secondary School stone wall signage, which was subjected to graffiti and vandalism. The stone wall is an iconic monument because it was erected when the school was first established in 1964.

Since our inauguration, we have weathered the storms and overcome many obstacles in our pathway but with the endless support from our families, faith in Jesus with the love for our country, we have grown stronger.

The second project was the reviving of the annual school magazine, which had its last publication back in 1998. It was the best highlight of our journey and provided us the stepping stone and confidence to progress further.

We are now reaching out to the ex-students and Lasallian education institutions within in the country and abroad to join the Association and support the cause.

Our ongoing project is the Clean IT Program from Telikom Foundation Inc. (TFI). This is a program offered for schools where e-library solutions are provided. We are working closely with TFI to bring this solution to De la Salle Secondary School as an impact project. This is a co-funding partnership project with Telikom Foundation Inc. and the schools.


“You are called like the Apostles to make God known to others”….St John Baptist De la Salle


2020 EDITION 1


Dear Lasallians,

The Australia Vocation Team is working closely with Vocation Team PNG to find relevant and effective ways to implement Vocation Promotion to the level of the students. The strategies for vocation promotion emphasized in the past months were well executed. A vocation promotion poster and a flyer were printed and distributed during Founder’s Week. This was an outstanding advertisement for promoting Brother’s vocation. Credit is due to the communication management, at LMC.

Greetings from St. LaSalle! Before I go on and share the Brothers Vocation Committee (BVC) thoughts with you, I would like to thank you all the hard working Lasallians in PNG for your tremendous contributions in the Mission. You are somebody who is called, chosen and sent to help and save the last, the lost, and the least. May God bless you for all that you do. Awesome! Now you have chances to talk to the Brothers who are in-charge of Brothers Vocation here in PNG. The committee was initially formed last October when the Br Visitor visited the sector as part of his canonical visit. It happened that Br Visitor selected three Brothers to do vocation promotion in the sector. The committee was in full pledge at the beginning of this year with insightful thoughts and aspirations toward vocation promotion. The PNG sector has a diverse, compassionate, and vibrate committee striving to achieve the optimal goal of inspiring many young men to live religious life, especially Brother’s life

While having meetings at certain intervals, BVC has plans for the future. Individual Brothers take up specific tasks to accomplish. There are variety of strategies and initiatives coming up and at present the committee is working towards them. Contemporarily, there are three contacts still eager and persistent to the Brothers’ Vocation. They are students at Sacred Heart Teachers’ College. It seems that God is still revealing His mercy and love to us by inspiring young people to see the aspirations and uniqueness of the Lasallian Mission before all. A few young men have expressed their interest to get to know more about the Brothers and their purpose of life. In the future we may have some young men into this program called Brothers Living-In Program (BLIP) so as to give them the opportunity to find meaning and happiness in their lives

So far different events are happening and as a result, Brothers are involved in promoting religious life to the young people especially the boys who may be interested to explore and discover the meaning of life in the Brother’s life. MAMBU MAGAZINE

Written by Bro. Simon Opu FSC 25

2020 EDITION 1



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