Annual Report - 2019

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Leaving a Legacy of Love and Support

Micki Chulick 2019-2020 Board President

Dear friends – we are pleased to present you with our 2019 annual report highlighting the mission and services of your Community Foundation. Be sure to read through our ‘Year in Review’ on page 3 for community impact highlights from 2019. It is our joy and privilege to be part of Leaving a Legacy of Love and Support thanks to our donors! We invite you to become a part of the Foundation….by seeking a grant to help you to serve DeKalb County….through a contribution to one of our existing Funds that matches your charitable interests…. or by setting up a Fund yourself that helps leave your legacy in DeKalb County and sustains our quality of life.

THANK YOU! Gifts from you and grants from us make a lasting impact in our community. for good. for ever. Daniel Templin Executive Director


2019 Community Impact Highlights


Statement of Financial Activities

Revenues and Support Contributions Investment income Realized gain on sale of investments Unrealized gain on investment Administrative fees Membership dues Facility use Other revenue Total Revenues and Support Expenses Grants awarded Administrative fees Salaries and support services Depreciation Total Expenses Change in net assets Net assets – Beginning of year Net Assets – End of Year


2,280,548 727,801 1,376,939 6,605,967 488,257 22,845 3,675 9,401




3,584,970 489,854 885,285 60,697


5,020,806 6,494,627 49,892,214

$ 56,386,841

The Finance Committee of the Foundation Board of Directors oversees the investment of our assets as well as expenses. The following information is available upon request from our office: names of investment managers and fees charged, full audited financial statements, IRS Form 990, governing documents, and conflict of interest policy.


Grants and Distributions Arts & Culture $614,112 Nonprofit Capacity Building & Give DeKalb County $1,111,673

17% 31%


18% Health & Human Services $657,346

Community Development $531,105

17% Education $622,951

2% Environment & Animal Welfare $47,783

In addition to the distributions above, Community Impact and Field of Interest Funds provided $270,597 for administration costs associated with Community Foundation operations and initiatives including the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership, Youth Engaged in Philanthropy, and CommunityWorks.

At a Glance Grants awarded during 2019


Grants awarded since 1993

$31.8 million


Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds New Space Opens New Opportunities For Clients Thank you to the donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

A dimly lit 12’ x 12’ space with five desktop computers, two printers, and little to no comfortable seating. A place that was built for socialization and learning. At one time, this space fit the needs of Open Door Rehabilitation Center (ODRC) in Sandwich to provide services to their clients; adults with developmental disabilities. As the organization grew and their client size expanded, the need for an updated learning space grew along with it. ODRC began to draft plans to remodel the 144 square foot area. They needed a room that would satisfy the needs of their 72 adult clients, including those who are in wheelchairs. With a need for funding to support the expansion idea, ODRC came to the Community Foundation with a request for a portion of the funds. They were in return awarded with a $7,000 Community Needs Grant from the Foundation. Additional funding came from a variety of local donors, including Give DeKalb County, to complete the renovations.

The new 825 square foot room was completed in the fall of 2019. The space houses seven desktop computers, three laptops and four tablets, which almost triples the number of individuals who can utilize computers at the same time. The increase in square footage allows clients with mobility issues the same access to this room as their peers. The new room has multiple purposes including the ability to hold classes, group activities, research projects, and doubles as a quiet spot to read, do puzzles, and write. Funding for the Community Needs Funding for the is Community Needs Grant program made possible Grant program made possible through ongoingisdonor generosity ongoing donor generosity tothrough COMMUNITY IMPACT FUNDS to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation. at the Foundation.

“This new space has been a true blessing for our clients and has EXCEEDED all expectations! Feedback from our clients and staff has been overwhelmingly positive.” – Kourtney Herren, ODRC Marketing & Development Coordinator

Clients enjoy the new space that brings many new opportunities to connect.


Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds Life Saving Devices for DeKalb County – S.C.A.R.F. Thank you to the donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

According to The American Heart Association, sudden cardiac arrest remains the number one cause of death in the United States. Studies have shown a significant increase in survival during a cardiac arrest with the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). Sudden Cardiac Death Awareness Research Foundation (S.C.A.R.F.) is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the community about the signs and prevention of sudden cardiac death/arrest. S.C.A.R.F. conducted a recent AED study of DeKalb County to determine how many facilities had units in place. The finals results came back low. AEDS are expensive, so a grant request was submitted in the spring of 2019 to the Community Foundation for assistance. They were in return awarded with a $4,500 Community Needs Grant from the Foundation. Pooled with other funding, this grant enabled S.C.A.R.F. to purchase and install five AEDs, including training, inside DeKalb-area locations.

“It is our hope that none of our donated AEDs are ever used. This is because we hope that sudden cardiac arrest never strikes any of the people in the community. However, use of an AED before EMS arrival can more than triple a person’s rate of survival, so having more of these devices available to the public is certain to make an impact.” – Dr. Sarah Alfano, S.C.A.R.F. Director of Clinical Information & Telemedicine

Just a few days before Christmas 2019, a DeKalb man suffered a cardiac arrest. He happened to be in a location that received one of the newly installed AEDs. Members of the community sprang into action by using the S.C.A.R.F. donated AED in conjunction with CPR and saved the man’s life. Funding for the Community Needs Grant program is made possible Funding for the Community Needs through ongoing donor generosity Grant program is made possible to COMMUNITY IMPACT FUNDS through ongoing donor generosity to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation. at the Foundation.


Grants in Action – Community Impact Funds Funding Economic Growth Throughout DeKalb County Thank you to the donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

In 2016, the Community Foundation Board set aside $300,000 for economic development throughout DeKalb County. Each community was given the opportunity to apply for up to $20,000 in grants to use for economic development planning and project implementation.

This funding was made possible by ongoing donor generosity to Community Impact Funds at the Foundation.

The following communities applied for and received funding for a variety of plans and projects: City of DeKalb - P/I



City of Genoa - I


City of Sandwich - P


City of Sycamore - P


DeKalb Co. Government - P


Village of Hinckley - P/I

20,000 – Harvesting our Future

Village of Kingston - P


Village of Kirkland - P


Village of Lee - P


Village of Malta - P


Village of Maple Park - P


Village of Shabbona - P


Village of Somonauk - P


Village of Waterman - P


Total Grants as of 12/31/2019 $194,305 Key: P = Planning I = Implementation


Community volunteers worked together to cut, shape, and place tile and glass onto the mural pieces.

Harvesting Our Future: Village of Hinckley The Village of Hinckley received a $10,000 Community Economic Development Grant in 2017. After working alongside NIU’s Center for Governmental Studies, their plan for the future was established and the Harvesting Our Future committee went to work. From this effort, there were three main projects identified to revitalize and further develop Hinckley’s local economy, making the village more attractive for businesses, visitors, and residents. The Village of Hinckley applied for and received a $10,000 implementation grant in 2019 to put their plan into action.

As a result, the 3 main implementation projects identified are: 1. Mosaic mural Located in downtown Hinckley, this mural celebrates the community’s history through the theme “Put Down Your Roots,” which means to “make a place your home.” 2. New website The new website, The Hinckley Hub, informs community and visitors of Hinckley’s events and offerings. 3. Digital signs The committee is working collaboratively with the HBR School District to bring about digital signs at both the high school and the elementary school. The Harvesting Our Future committee considers all three of these projects a 100% success and each project is currently underway.

Upon completion in the fall of 2020, the mosaic mural is set for placement on the west exterior wall of the South Moon BBQ building on Main Street.


Grants in Action – Designated Fund Baby Baskets Provide Needed Guidance and Resources Thank you to Vera John and other donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

On December 27, 2006, Vera John created a Designated Fund at the Community Foundation in memory of her son William John. The Vera John Endowment Fund makes yearly distributions, in the form of grants, to the National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS). The National Association for Down Syndrome serves the Chicago area by providing support to all persons with Down syndrome in achieving their full potential. They work with individuals to be accepted by their families and communities, to develop their capabilities, and to work towards independence.

Since the Fund’s inception, NADS has received a total $12,477 in grants. The organization uses the dollars to support a variety of programs and services. One of the programs supported is the Welcome Basket program which provides information and goodies to expectant or new parents of babies born with Down syndrome. Each basket includes books about Down syndrome, toys and items for the baby, and information from NADS and other local Down syndrome organizations. The baskets are distributed through local hospitals and must include a referral from a medical practitioner, family member, or friends of the family. “The Welcome Basket program provides encouragement, information, and endless opportunity. We are very grateful for the ongoing support from the Vera John Endowment Fund to carry out our mission.” – Mike Finelli, NADS Development Manager


Grants in Action – Scholarship Fund Celebrating a Lifelong Love of Teaching and Sports Thank you to Carol Widerberg and other donors whose gifts makes grants like these possible!

The Gregory Widerberg Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in 2018, honoring the life and legacy of DeKalb resident Gregory Widerberg. Upon his passing, his wife Carol established a Scholarship Fund in his memory. “When Greg passed away, I wanted to create something that would celebrate his life, his love of DeKalb, and his love of teaching,” she said.

Gregory Widerberg

As a 2019 graduate of DeKalb High School, Allison Lawler was the first recipient of the scholarship award. She went on to attend Illinois State University (ISU) in the fall of 2019, majoring in English. After completing four years at ISU, she hopes to become a high school English teacher at a school that is defined as ‘in need.’ She is following in the footsteps of her grandmother and great grandmother as a third generation educator. Allison plans to begin her second year at ISU in the fall of 2020. She is a Golden Apple Scholar and is excited for the opportunities that lie ahead as she begins her major classes. “My ultimate goal is beyond giving kids the knowledge needed for the real world; I want to make a lasting difference in my students’ lives. This is my passion. I want to make each student that comes through my classroom feel as if they matter. It was an honor to meet Carol Widerberg and receive the award from her in person. This scholarship has given me so much more than just financial assistance for college, it’s given me a new friend. My hope is to make Carol and Greg proud as I pursue our shared passion for education. I am so thankful for their generosity!” – Allison Lawler, Scholarship Recipient


Community Initiatives – Kindergarten Readiness Local Efforts Work to Better Prepare Children for Kindergarten 2019 was a year of exciting change and progress in kindergarten readiness efforts in DeKalb County. The efforts were led by the Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative, consisting of representatives from the DeKalb County Community Foundation, the Trauma-Informed Committee, Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C), DeKalb Regional Office of Education, DeKalb County Health Department, DeKalb County Mental Health Board, and local educators.

A few highlights from the year include: l l





New Community Engagement Director hired at the Community Foundation Convening of the Kindergarten Readiness Collaborative shifted to the DeKalb County Regional Office of Education (ROE) Strategic planning sessions held and results include: l Vision - All DeKalb County children have equitable opportunities to be prepared for school and life success l Three impact areas defined: 1. Access to early learning opportunities 2. Parent and community partner education, support, and resources 3. Health and wellness of children 210 kindergarten readiness toolkits funded - grant program underwent changes to improve process, efficiency, and contents for 2020 distribution Basics DeKalb County program launched and Program Coordinator hired

Community Engagement Director Teri Spartz (left) hands a toolkit grant to representatives from Hinckley Big-Rock Elementary School.

Basics DeKalb County Program highlights: Following a 2018 presentation by Dr. Ron Ferguson on the Boston Basics, a desire arose to bring a Basics program to DeKalb County. The Basics consist of five evidence-based, nurturing practices that can help all infants and toddlers thrive cognitively, socially and emotionally. Thanks to a generous grant from the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, and a grant from the Community Foundation, the Basics DeKalb County program was launched. Shortly after, the ROE hired a Program Coordinator to assist with DeKalb County’s program exposure, awareness, and county-wide engagement.

Through county-wide saturation efforts the Basics DeKalb County participated in 84 events and shared the Basics with: l l l l

10 municipalities 1,599 individual children 1,805 adults Local libraries, schools, government organizations, faith-based organizations, and others

The Community Foundation’s commitment and support to early care and education is made possible by 20 CommunityWorks Funds, see a full listing on pages 22. These Funds support three identified interest areas; early care and education, land use, and workforce development.

Basics Program Coordinator Courtney Hill displays a typical event set up for community saturation efforts.

Learn more at 13

Community Initiatives – DCNP In 2019, the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) began its 8th year as a membership-based program of the Community Foundation. DCNP exists to strengthen DeKalb County’s nonprofit sector through leadership, professional development, and collaboration.

A few highlights from the year include: l l l l


132 members, a 69% increase since 2015 60 training opportunities coordinated 3-part training series offered in Sandwich, achieved a 100% satisfaction rating 9 MicroGrants, totaling $2,099, awarded to support professional development of DCNP members - Thank you First Midwest Bank! 33 students from NIU participated in the Internship Program and were placed with DCNP-member organizations, totaling 3,960 hours of service - Thank you Douglas C. and Lynn M. Roberts Family Foundation!

Keynote presenter Marc Perry speaks to attendees about managing workplace diversity and inclusion.

Nonprofit Day Sponsored by First Midwest Bank, this annual conference brought together 145 attendees for a day of professional development, networking, and learning with 98% of participants reporting they will implement something they learned at Nonprofit Day. Give DeKalb County DCNP’s annual giving day hit new all-time highs in 2019 with $751,050 raised for 104 participating nonprofits and Funds. In just 24-hours, 4,352 donations were made by 1,901 donors.


Nonprofit leaders join together to receive the funds raised during Give DeKalb County.

Learn more at and

The three-part fundraising training in Sandwich brought together many partnering organizations.

Feedback “We simply couldn’t afford the same high-quality programs without DCNP.” “There isn’t just one thing that is beneficial about Nonprofit Day; the day is a complete package…a professional highlight of the year.” “I was hired, first part-time and then full-time by my internship site and I have this incredible career now.” “Give DeKalb County is such a wonderful service to our community!” 15

Community Initiatives – YEP In the fall of 2019, Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) began its 11th year as a youthled committee of the Community Foundation. YEP is open to all high school students in DeKalb County. Through monthly meetings and volunteer outreach events, members are familiarized with nonprofits, build an understanding of philanthropy, and are introduced to grantmaking.

A few highlights from the 2019-2020 year include: l l l l l l l l

70 active members 9 high schools represented across the county 5 community events attended and served by YEP volunteers 1st place finish at the Altrusa Spelling Bee for the first time in YEP history $12,583 in responsive grants awarded to nine organizations Alumni reconnect event held in December with 35 attendees present $3,625 in proactive grants awarded by YEP 2.Pro to support SMS Club OAV $13,500 in support raised by members of the brand new fundraising committee - Thank you donors!

Member Takeaways:

“I learned how to take initiative in group settings and be more of a leader.” “I learned that there are many different ways I can give back to my community (not just money).”

YEP 2.Pro members work with SMS Club OAV during a planning meeting for the necessities drive.


The December alumni event set aside time for personal stories of philanthropy after high school.

Learn even more at

YEP 2.Pro Committee Working to address “lack of youth involvement in the community,� YEP 2.Pro focused on middle school students. A grant was made to Our American Voice (OAV), a civics education and community project curriculum. YEP 2.Pro worked with Somonauk Middle School to create SMS Club OAV. In its first year, SMS Club OAV brought in new and updated handicap signage to school grounds, held a necessities drive for local pantries, and supported local essential workers. Fundraising Committee New in 2019, the Fundraising Committee is responsible for YEP fundraising opportunities including donor asks, writing local grant requests, Give DeKalb County, and additional fundraising events. The committee raised $13,500 in support for YEP.

Members take a moment during the December meeting for a fun photo opp.


Donor and Fund Stories – Designated Fund Caryl Steimel’s Faith Continues to Serve Students at St. Mary’s Caryl Steimel was born October 9, 1941, in Aurora, IL. She attended Annunciation School, Madonna High School, and then went on to St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing, graduating in 1962. She was a nurse at St. Mary Hospital in DeKalb before devoting her life to raising her children with Roger on the family farm in rural DeKalb. She married Roger, the love of her life, on April 27, 1963. She had a strong faith in God, was an active member of St. Mary Catholic Church, and a long-time member of the choir.

Caryl Steimel

“St. Mary’s was very important to Caryl. Our children and grandchildren attended the school, which inspired her to support St. Mary’s in many ways. This Fund is another way for Caryl’s faith and support to continue.” – Roger Steimel, Donor


Caryl loved to share her passions with her children and grandchildren. Her appreciation of nature was shared by taking them on many weekend hikes to local forest preserves and parks. Caryl loved to sing and was an avid reader. She taught her family to appreciate hymnals, good stories, and the public library. As a lifelong seamstress, Caryl began quilting in the 1980’s. She was a member of the DeKalb County Quilters Guild and displayed her works at many Quilt Guild shows. She made many beautiful quilts that were treasured gifts for her family. Caryl passed away on Friday, August 31, 2018. To honor the memory of his wife, Roger created the Caryl Steimel St. Mary’s DeKalb Scholarship Fund. The Fund provides two scholarships of $1,000 each, awarded to a boy and girl entering the 4th or 5th grade at St. Mary Catholic School in DeKalb.

Donor and Fund Stories – Donor Advised Fund Curtis Family Fund Celebrates Community and Retirement In 1988 Dr. Todd Curtis started Curtis Orthodontics, the first orthodontic practice in Sycamore. The practice flourished and many warm and wonderful relationships were established with families throughout DeKalb County. These patient and family relationships made Todd’s orthodontic career a calling instead of just a job. For that, he is forever grateful. His wife Christine, a general dentist, provided support at the office and at home with their four children. Todd and Christine live on a farm north of Sycamore. Now grandparents, they enjoy traveling to see their children and grandchildren who all live afar. The Curtis family is rooted in their faith and are grateful for the many blessings God has brought into their lives.

Todd and Christine Curtis

After 34 years of orthodontic practice, Dr. Todd Curtis retired in March 2020. As a way to express their gratitude and love for the communities throughout DeKalb County, the Curtis’ created the Todd and Christine Curtis Family Fund. Todd and Christine recognize the hardships that many families face while trying to provide for their children’s basic needs. Their hope is to assist several families over the years, in a humble way.

The Curtis Family

“This grateful gift is a thank you to those who were the orthodontic patient families at Curtis Orthodontics. The community deserves our love, respect, and gratitude. This new Fund at the Community Foundation is our way of showing how deeply we value the relationships we have made here.” – Todd and Christine Curtis, Donors


Donors and Funds

How Do I Create a Fund? 1. Decide When to Give

Create your Fund now, in the near future, or establish it in your will.

2. Decide What to Give

Almost any kind of asset can be used to start your Fund.

3. Choose the Name for Your Fund

Most Funds are named for the donor, donor’s family, or as a memorial to someone special.

4. Choose a Type of Fund

We offer a variety of Funds that are flexible to meet your charitable interests. See the following pages for a listing of Fund types and donors.

How Do I Donate?

Donations of any size can be made online at, in person, or by mail to DeKalb County Community Foundation – 475 DeKalb Avenue, Sycamore, IL 60178. Please make checks out to DeKalb County Community Foundation and include any gift direction in the memo section.


COMMUNITY IMPACT FUNDS The broadest giving option. Supports the greatest needs in the community. Steven G. Anderson Community Fund Bothe Family Endowment Fund Joe and Robin Bothe William and Victoria Jacob Stephen R. and Betty L. Brown Endowment Fund Jerome and Blanche Cerny Undesignated Fund Community Stewardship Fund in Memory of Charles C. Roberts Charlie Roberts and Richard Ryan had a longstanding friendship and business relationship at DEKALB Ag Research and successor company DEKALB Genetics. Charlie was a strong believer in community stewardship and, following his death in 2005, Rich created this Community Foundation Fund honoring Charlie to provide annual grants meeting local needs. DeKalb County Building and Development Association Endowment Fund DeKalb County Community Endowment Fund Dennis and Joanne Abbott Joseph and Sharoda Admonis Jr. Adolph Miller Real Estate Anderson Funeral Home and Crematory Marlin and Phyllis Anderson Anonymous Larry and Nancy Apperson Lawrence and Donna Asselborn Billy and Barbara Atkins Jerry and Helen Augsburger Linda Babcock Elizabeth E. Bass Frank and Marilyn Bazeli Donald and Janice Benson Rudolf and Ingeborg Bisanz Sally Bruch Jo Burke Mary Joanne Burrows Jerry N. Busby Jennifer Butkus Amie Carey David Castro and Amanda Durik David A. Coombs Kenneth and Jane Dargatz Wayne and Debra Davey John Dickerman and Caroline Quinlan Dr. John and Ann Engstrom Edwin Friestad Norman and Pam Gaston Beatrice A. Glawe Marcia and Jack Goodrich

Donors and Funds Dan and Lisa Gudmunson Mitchell and Kathy Hallgren Daniel and Karen Hamingson Ralph and Helen Hannon Howard and Valerie Heidlauf Herb and Linda Holderman Amy M. Holtsford Kathleen A. Hott Dan Hueber Betsy K. Hull Bonadene L. Jensen Brenda and Tom Jergens Richard W. Joslin James P. Kevin Janis King Garo Kiremidjian Allison and Bob Klotz Shirley Kyler Michael D. Larson Law Office of Charles G. Rose Dennis and Cynthia Ludden Patrick and Karen Manning Mary Lou and Phil Eubanks Fund Kristina L. Misic James and Carole Murphy Michael Nadeau Clark and Arlene Neher Janice K. Nelson Nicholas Noe Jane D. Ovitz Lisa Parts Joe Pasteris Rita Potter and Terra Stetz Psytec, Inc. James and Sharon Rhoades Fred and Karen Rhynders John and Ursula Rooney Jr. Herbert J. Rubin Robert and Linda Russell Edward L. Safford Bradley and Christy Sanderson Elsie Sanford Merle Sawyer Servicemaster Restoration and Cleaning Services by Skip Thomas R. Shattuck Dr. Ivan and Judith Shils Robert L. Shipman James “Ed” E. Sisler Linda Slabon and Dr. Toni Tollerud David and Lynn Slater Dr. Craig and Linda Stevenson Clement and Anne Stiely Jr. Mary Jane Suter Phyllis G. Thomas

Richard S. Underwood Carl and Paula VonEnde John and Joan Wasson Janice M. Weber Ann Werhane Gert Wylde Dr. Jerrold and Carol Zar George E. and Betty B. Dutton Undesignated Fund Emergency Fund James and Loretta Hipple Community Fund James and Loretta Hipple E. T. and Jean B. Juday Fund Albert Kerby and Helene Tink Endowment Fund Ronald G. Klein Community Fund Michael J. Klein Ronald G. Klein Gordon and Lucy Melms Fund DCCF Annual Operating Fund Joseph and Sharoda Admonis Jr. Anonymous Jerome and Kathy Bejbl Sally Bruch Micki and Tony Chulick Mary A. Dumas Karen and Joseph Grush James and Loretta Hipple Herb and Linda Holderman Betsy K. Hull John D. and Jane Leifheit Charitable Foundation David and Suzanne Juday Stephen Kalber Denny and Karen Pickett Beth Prestegaard Dan and Kristal Templin Gayle Thistlethwaite Janice and Henry Wassmann Charles W. Otto Undesignated Fund Charles and Mary Roberts Family Endowment Fund Sally Stevens Community Fund Sally Stevens Richard and Carol Ubl Fund Richard and Carol Ubl Rodney A. and Dorothy Thiele Wright Fund

FIELD OF INTEREST FUNDS Support a particular field or geographic area. Deborah and Colin Booth Fund Deborah and Colin Booth Charter Grove Grange #1843 Fund Marjorie and Clifford Danielson Fund Anonymous Dr. Jane Danielson Anne D. Pick Barbara P. Young Daycare Fund for Children DeKalb County Youth Grantmakers Fund John and Nancy Castle Karen and Joseph Grush Richard and Maria Mamoser Noah and Angie Nordbrock OC Creative Daniel and Kathleen Schewe DCNP Endowment Fund Anonymous Marcy and Donald Billington Kevin and Marcy Buick John and Nancy Castle Micki and Tony Chulick Catherine Doederlein First Midwest Charitable Impact Fund Karen and Joseph Grush Todd and Mollie Hughes Christine J. Johnson Anne C. Kaplan Donna and John Larson Scott and Kristin Miller Lou Jean Moyer Julie Ann O’Connell Beth Prestegaard Brian Reis and Mary LaClair Doug and Lynn Roberts Richard O. Ryan Jerry and Ging Smith Paul R. Stoddard Thomas Warren and Friends Fund Thrivent Financial Northern Illinois Associates Lynne M. Waldeland Janet Hack Animal Welfare Endowment Fund


Donors and Funds Ronald and Karen Klein Endowment Fund for Libraries Ronald G. Klein John and Linda Linden Human Services Emergency Fund Linda Linden Malta Community Endowment Fund Anonymous Arndt Automotive Margaret Berg Richard J. Katz Mary Lynn and Gerald McArtor Elvin Plapp Dorothy Stoddard Willrett Natural Farm Rowland and Lucile Matteson Elderly Assistance Fund Rowland and Lucile Matteson Conservation and Wildlife Fund Helen and Kenneth O’Kane Fund The September 11 Fund Charles and Ruth Townsend Family Fund Wiegele Family Early Childhood Literacy Fund Diane and Dan Neal Jeff and Susan Shellberg Farny R. Wurlitzer Fund

FIELD OF INTEREST COMMUNITYWORKS FUNDS Support three identified interest areas; early care and education, land use, and workforce development. William H. and Mary M. Awalt CommunityWorks Fund Kathy Aichele Nancy D. Castle CommunityWorks Fund Tony and Micki Chulick CommunityWorks Fund Noel and Margaret Allison Cinco de Mayo CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Sycamore Cinco de May NFP


CommunityWorks Fund CommunityWorks Leadership Endowment Fund Curran CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Steve and Pat Faivre CommunityWorks Endowment Fund First National Bank CommunityWorks Fund Dr. Gordon and Joan Graham CommunityWorks Fund Lana and Michael Haines CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Lana and Michael Haines Jerry and Annette Johns CommunityWorks Fund Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Kiwanis Club of KishwaukeeDeKalb in honor of 2019 Service and Leadership Award Recipients Max Heide and Paul Stoddard Kiwanis Club of Kishwaukee DeKalb Karen Lee Klein CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Michael Klein and Toni Taggart Ronald G. Klein Bill and Bonnie Mullins CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Howard and Martha Mullins Memorial CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Northern Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine CommunityWorks Fund Robert and Mary Pritchard CommunityWorks Endowment Fund Barbara J. Rauman Family CommunityWorks Fund Daniel and Kristal Templin CommunityWorks Fund Dan and Kristal Templin

DONOR ADVISED FUNDS Donor makes grant recommendations to eligible organizations. Victor F. Barresi Memorial Fund Bob and Pam Bowman Fund Earl Bowman David and Sandra Wildermuth Michael C. Brown Memorial Endowment Fund Beverly A. Briggs Charles and Martha Brown Matthew Brown Tim and Ann Lehan Nancy D. Castle Charitable Fund Nancy D. Castle Chulick Family Fund Anonymous *Sharon Kay (Kinczewski) Conlin Memorial Fund Provides annual support to programs and organizations that align with the charitable interests of Sharon Kay Conlin. Anonymous Bill Arhos Karen S. Beers Ronald and Lorna Bemis Morris C. Benson Jr. Kenneth and Bonnie Benson Mike Bentjen Sue A. Berberich Judy Bergsmith Harland and June Bidstrup William and Ellen Bonine Randall and Sherrie Bourdages James and Mary Bowers Dianna Busha Patricia Carlson Ron Cerutti Scott and Deborah Chilton David Conlin John and Marlene Conlin Kenneth and Patricia Conlin Carrie and Madelynn Ann Corneille John Corneille Larry and Lynette Craven Crum-Halsted Agency, Inc. DeKalb County Building and Development Association Ken and Susan Doubler Karen and Allan Durre *New Fund

Donors and Funds Landon Faivre First National Bank Patrick and Denise Flemming Dianne Fraedrich Don and Denise Frost Kelly Gaeth Steven and Kathleen Glascock Thomas and Laura Gordon Mark and Pamela Gregory Carl and Sandra Gustafson Chuck and Sara Hamby William and Roxanne Hamilton Timothy and Geri-Dee Hayden Duane V. Hayes Max and Anita Heide Sandy Hennigan Terrance and Tiffany Herrmann Stephen and Mary Hetherington Denise M. Hewitt Kevin and Donna Hickey James J. Hoscheid Randy and Rhonda Huffman Joe Japuntich Jr. Jeremy and Lesley Pace Joseph and Nancy Jones Ron and Janeen Joynt Mary Jo Kaster Jacob and Jacqueline Keck Robert and Mary Keil Joann Kelahan James and Nancy Kidd Janice L. Kinczewski Mary Kinczewski Lorey Kirstine Doug and Colleen Klein Gerald and Linda Klein Keith and Renee Krabbe Stephen and Denise Krafft Richard and Cathy Larabee Jeff and Elaine Latimer Steve Latimer Jeanette and Richard Lawler James T. Lehan II Kelly and Angie Lucas Sherri Marthaler Kenneth and Kristene Martin Jim and Carol McGill John and Shelly McKeon Barry S. Melton Don and Ginny Mertel John and Beth Metzler Andrew Miller Julie Moluf Kyle and Andrea Moore Tim and Cheryl Murphy *New Fund

Rick Peterson Tho and Ho Pham Roger and Joany Primm Dolores J. Pumfrey Mark and Patty Pumfrey Ellen Rains Reiners Memorials Jay and Jennifer Riippi Steve and Mary Riippi Mary Ellen Rongey Ed and Debbie Rosenow Sumathi Pillai Ross David and Susan Schafer Brian and Koleen Shrader Mary G. Simons Stephanie Simons Verne and Janet Sisson Jerry and Ging Smith Ron and Joan Smith Laurie Spangler Randy Spitzer Sharon Stefani Sharon and Bernard Stefani Glenn T. Stevenson Timothy and Marilee Struthers William and Jean Sullivan Dominic Ugolini and Jean Gorski Nancy M. Vedral Joann Vodden Mary Vodden Matt and Kim Volk Matt Volk Diana and Terry Vonderheide Carl and Paula VonEnde Bob and Marlene Warnell Mike and Nancy Wayman William and Bonnie Weeks Ellen Wisdom James and Linda Zenz Zach and Samantha Zenzen Curran Family Endowment Fund *Todd and Christine Curtis Family Fund Created by Todd and Christine Curtis as a way to express their gratitude and love for the communities throughout DeKalb County. Dr. Todd and Christine Curtis

*Custom Aluminum Products Charitable Fund Allows employees and leadership of Custom Aluminum Products to contribute to charitable community organization and causes that are important to them. Amanda Ackles Anonymous Gilberto Bello Ivan Bello Kevin Brown Anthony Castoro Samantha Chmielewski Custom Aluminum Products, Inc. Dawn Dehaan Walter Delapaz Steve Dillett Alexandra Dumoulin Michelle Dumoulin Nathan Erickson Jacob Freehling Cornel Groza Leah Hathorn Kimberly Janz Raul Jungo Zack D. Kerruish Brandon D Khoury Christina Konecke Israel Martin Nancy McGowan Ken Messina Tony Miceli Jim Murray Jeff Sawyers John Schuman Shane Tredup Kyle E. Wille Cheryl Winefka Charles Zuchristian *DB Paying it Forward Fund Created by David and Beth Prestegaard to support their philanthropic interests throughout the community including agriculture, the wellness and education of youth, and environment sustainability. Vaughn and Audra Boehne Kurt and Tabbitha Kramer Jim and Ginny Minch Dave and Gretchen Nelson Noah and Angie Nordbrock Amy Prestegaard


Donors and Funds Dan and Chris Prestegaard Dan and Kristal Templin Mike and Kathi Wood Jim Dionisopoulos and Tana Knetsch Fund James Dionisopoulos and Tana Knetsch Karen and Joseph Grush Mary Lou and Phil Eubanks Fund Landon and Colleen Faivre Family Charitable Fund First Midwest Charitable Impact Fund Karen and Joseph Grush Charitable Fund Karen and Joseph Grush Joseph L. LoCascio Steven Lux Gary and Joan Hanson Fund James K. and Loretta M. Hipple Family Fund James and Loretta Hipple Gary and Sandra Scott Horizons Unlimited Castle Advised Fund Tom and Barbara Hulseberg Fund Barbara E. Hulseberg Johns Family Donor Advised Fund Keleher Family Endowment Fund Laing Family Charitable Fund Curt and Karen Lang Charitable Fund Dr. Curtis and Karen Lang Scott and Michelle Schulz Kris and Kent Wrenn Larson Family Fund Karsten Larson Fund Lil’ Sam Joy Fund Anonymous Lisa Gorchels Karen and Joseph Grush Steven Pace Cheryl Ross W. Bruce Lincoln Memorial Fund Robert and Phyllis Miller Family Fund Jay and Lynn Montgomery Fund


Bill and Bonnie Mullins Family Endowment Fund Marjorie A. Nelsen Fund The Promise Fund el Fondo de la Promesa Fund Tom and Barbara Hulseberg Fund *Schelkopf Family Fund Created by the Schelkopf Family to align with their philanthropic interests for the community. Thomas and Shelley Rhoads Berni Schelkopf Tom and Barbara Hulseberg Fund Jo Ann and Robert Skabo Fund Dr. Robert and Jo Ann Skabo Jerry and Ging Smith Family Fund Francis and Marjory Stroup Community Endowment Fund Sycamore Container Advised Fund Templin Family Fund Dan and Kristal Templin Turner Family Charitable Fund Mary Uscian Health Care Access Endowment Fund Jana P. Brubaker Barbara Jackson Carl W. Janas Katherine A. KennedyKartheiser John and Margaret Maieritsch James and Donna Plonczynski Nicholas Santangelo Michon R. Winter Mary Uscian Health Care Impact Fund Katherine A. KennedyKartheiser Steven and Jane Lux John X. Rottman John Michael Uscian Thomas Warren and Friends Fund Brent and Carol Bish Leonard and Elaine Johnson

David and Nancy Wirsing Community Fund Steve Wirsing and Virginia Velazquez Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation Fund

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Provide scholarship awards to students for continuing education. Christopher E. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund David and Ellen Anderson Douglas and Patricia Anderson Tim and Ann Lehan Mike Mooney and Denise Rode Kevin Ballantine Music Scholarship Fund Mark and Carolyn Anderson David Ballantine and Diane DeMers Theresa Ballantine Katharina Barbe and Wendell Johnson John M. Carpenter Mark Cordes and Victoria Young Kenneth and Mary Depperman Robert Dixon Terrence and Cynthia Dugan Steven and Sally Estes Robert and Joy Hadley Mary Ann Hermance Jazz In Progress Maria Krull Shakuntala Kumar and Ritu Khanderia John Linderoth Stephen Malcom John and Beth Metzler Judith S Neyhart Chris Olert Bernard Z. Paul Steven and Beverly Rauch Maria A. Roman Dr. Morley and Maureen Russell Judith Santacaterina and Matthew Swan Schlossberg, LLC Kurt and Jeanine Thurmaier Carl and Paula VonEnde *New Fund

Donors and Funds Sherwin Weinstock and Maria Roman John and Louise Zadworny Bobcat Scholarship Fund Alvin and Myrtie Warren Marvin and Gladys Bridger Scholarship Fund CHS Elburn Scholarship Fund CHS Elburn Chuck Criswell Memorial Scholarship Fund Terry Criswell FBO Chuck’s Memorial Pub Crawl Mary D Holtrop Mark’s Machine Shop Turning Back Time Car Show Lynne M. Waldeland Jared Waters Barbara Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund DeKalb County 4-H Scholarship Fund Christine M. DeVlieger DeKalb County Dental Society Fund Dr. Todd and Christine Curtis DeKalb High School Class of ‘63 Scholarship Fund William and Jacqueline Buehring Jean E. Carlson Jim and Carol Dooley Patricia L. McKinley *Gina M. Delmont Memorial Scholarship Fund Honoring Sycamore native Gina Delmont, this scholarship award sees that her spirit of giving lives on and benefits a Sycamore High School graduate pursuing higher education at Kishwaukee College or Northern Illinois University in either the education or healthcare-related fields. Michael and Elaine Bennett Shelby Bernard Roger and Gayle Braffett Barbara Carrier Barbara Carrier Janeen Craker Michael J. Maynard Gretchen A. Schlabach

*New Fund

Cal and Helen Doty Memorial Scholarship Fizz Ehrler Automotive Technology Scholarship Fund Turning Back Time Car Show Marian Elliott Scholarship Fund Keith and Viella Glidden Scholarship Fund Julie Eggert Haka Memorial Scholarship Fund Joshua Haka Michael Heimerdinger Scholarship Fund Anonymous Robert and Barbara Heimerdinger Joseph L. LoCascio Roger C Maas Barbara Swisher Holland (‘55) & Richard C. Holland Fund Richard C. Holland Ibarra Family Scholarship Fund Dr. Juan and Michelle Ibarra Annette and Jerry Johns Future Teacher endowed Scholarship Peter L. Johnson Scholarship Fund Randy Johnson Scholarship Fund Rhoda Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund Michelle Jouris Memorial Scholarship Fund Keleher Family Scholsarhsip Fund Donald D. Kendall Fund Nana K. Kendall Sheldon and Betty Kesner Scholarship Fund Kiwanis Club of DeKalb Scholarship Fund James I. Morel Brett and Thomas Kubasiak Scholarship Fund June M. Kubasiak Emmette and Kathleen Land Memorial Scholarship Fund Deborah Buckley Meredith and Richard Machin

James & Marjorie Lehan Family Scholarship Fund Lehan Drugs, Inc. James T. Lehan Tim and Ann Lehan A. Raymond and Lois H. (Sohne) Linden Scholarship Fund Joseph & Elegie LoCascio Scholarship Fund Michael J. Klein Margaret M. Knight Michael and Annette LoCascio Ed Marsh Ed Marsh Carolyn Montavon Erick Neher Daniel and Kathleen Schewe Kelly Usilton Jay Wellman Donald C. Mack Scholarship Fund Malta Lions Club Scholarship Fund Martenson Family Scholarship Fund William Creed III ENCAP, Inc. Norman and Pam Gaston Jeffrey and Debra Martenson Ken J Mraz Mullins Farms Terry and Sherrie Martin Scholarship Fund Rowland and Lucile Matteson DeKalb High School Scholarship Fund Marybeth O’Brien McGill Scholarship Fund Wayne McIlrath Family Scholarship Fund Jeffrey I. Rosenberg John D. Meier Memorial Scholarship Fund Madeline Middleton Scholarship Fund Evelyn S. Nelson Fund Luan and Greg Olson Scholarship Fund Greg and Luan Olson Harland L. and Mable Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund


Donors and Funds Palmer Family Music Education Scholarship Fund Dee Palmer Scholarship Ronald and Kathy Modell Dr. Jerrold and Carol Zar Rebecca “Becky” Parker Fund Eleanor Anglin Price Scholarship Fund Thomas R. Rauman Memorial Scholarship Fund Donald and Rosemary Redmond Memorial Scholarship Fund Renaissance Education Scholarship Fund Yvonne Johnson Edwin “Skinny” Riippi Memorial Scholarship Fund Jolynn Wisted Rogers Memorial Scholarship Fund Sharon L. Rosenow Memorial Scholarship Fund Crum-Halsted Agency, Inc. Ed and Debbie Rosenow Christopher David Sanderson Memorial Scholarship Fund William G. Schinske Memorial Scholarship Fund Gilbert ‘Gib’ Seegers Science Scholarship Fund Richard and Cecilia Seip Scholarship Fund Martha W. Shur Scholarship Fund Aaron Shur Roy W. “Smitty” and Cora E. “Cody” Smith Football Scholarship Fund Kathleen and Kenneth Spears Fund Beatrice M. Stankus Memorial Scholarship Fund Dave Stoddard Memorial Scholarship Fund Thomas and Lynn Akers Jr. Rodney and Karen Alfano Anderson Funeral Home & Crematory Anonymous Peter and Denise Bakken Jr. Denise A. Bakken D Marilyn Berg Bob Kyler Excavating


David and Susan Bothof Randall and Sherrie Bourdages Ryan J. Bourdages Cory and Michelle Crowley Custom Welding & Repair Carol DeWitt Brent Eames Roger Elliott Darrell Foss G-Men Moving Inc. J. Willrett Farms Keicher Insurance Agency, Inc. Joe Koch Kyler Photography Roger Lang Malta Lions Club Malta Veterinary Hospital, P/C Chris Meares Thomas and Nancy Plote Thomas and Nancy Plote Jay and Jeanne Ratfield Brian R. Scholle Roy and Karen Splansky Sandra J. Splansky State Farm Insurance Brad and Holly Stoddard Dorothy Stoddard James A. Stoddard The Terramar Group Inc. Venture One Real Estate, LLC Lucille and Darryl Strack Scholarship Fund Dr. Lorri Davis Steven Streb Memorial Scholarship Fund Sundly Family Scholarship Fund Suter Family Scholarship Fund James “Ed” E. Sisler Sycamore Masonic Lodge Scholarship Fund *Donald and Patricia Pritchard Scholarship Fund Scholarship support for DeKalb County graduating senior attending University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana majoring in College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences. Donald and Patricia Pritchard

*Jeffrey A. Trail Memorial Fund Created in memory of Lt. Jeffrey A. Trail to provide an award for a graduating senior from a DeKalb County high school who plans to attend one of the five United States Service/Military Academies. Anonymous Krista McDonald Biason William and Kathleen Blair Harvey and Elizabeth Blau Felicia Korengel Carolyn Leifheit Joseph L. LoCascio Lisa Elmer Marrs Linda Sons Stanley M. Trail Jay Wellman Wally “Mr. Pumpkin” Thurow Scholarship Fund Banner Up Signs Jerry and Nancy Malmassari James “Jimmy” Vaughn Scholarship Fund Harold P. Wells Scholarship Fund Christopher Beasley Crossview EFCA Church Edward E. Gillespie Gregory B. Widerberg Memorial Scholarship Fund J.W. Neitzke Carol Widerberg Patricia Woodstrup Memorial Scholarship Fund

DESIGNATED FUNDS Provide support to specific and eligible organizations in the community. Administrative Endowment Fund David Conlin Dr. Todd and Christine Curtis Roger Steimel Timothy A. Struthers Aikins Theatre Arts Fund Emma Anderson Fund Donald “Tank” Anderson Memorial Fund Dolores M. Anderson Richard and Candy Anderson Larry and Stephanie Forsberg Paul E. King Larry H. Nolin *New Fund

Donors and Funds James Richard Andrews Graduate Student Clinical Award Fund Maria Esguerra Oliveri Adra W. Baker Gallagher Fund J. Barr Designated Endowment Fund Ben Gordon Center Endowment Fund Bertram Animal Shelter Endowment Fund John G. Boyle Oak Crest Scholarship Fund Lillian S. Boynton Library Book Endowment Fund Lillian S. Boynton Memorial Fund Joseph and Evelyn Bussone Endowment Fund Lois L. Callahan Fund Children’s Learning Center Fund Tony and Micki Chulick Community Leadership Fund Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C) Fund Cornerstone Christian Academy Endowment Fund Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Endowment Fund Bill and Julenne Davey Mary Flaminio Coveny and Whalen Family Endowment Fund Mary von Zellen DeKalb Area Women’s Center Endowment Fund DeKalb Bicentennial Fund DeKalb County 4-H Foundation Fund DCCF Leadership Administrative Fund DeKalb County Excellence in Education Award Fund Karen and Joseph Grush Yvonne Johnson DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Fund DeKalb County Farmland Foundation Simonson Scholarship Fund *New Fund

DeKalb Leadership Academy Community Fund DeKalb Leadership Academy/DeKalb Chamber of Commerce *Caryl Steimel St. Mary’s DeKalb Scholarship Fund Created in memory of Caryl Steimel to make an annual distribution to St. Mary’s School in DeKalb for the purpose of funding a scholarship award program for its students. Joan and Thomas Fenstermaker Michael J. Klein Roger Steimel Tim Dunlop Administrative Endowment Fund Ellwood House Museum Fund Fairdale Community Fund First Midwest Bank Administrative Endowment Fund Floyd Flowers Family Serice Agnecy Endowment Fund Charlie and Patty Foster Community Leadership Fund Milo and Elizabeth George Fund Joseph F. Glidden Homestead and Historical Center Fund Doran and Rose Greif IVVC Pay It Forward Award Fund James and Charlene Mckenzie Randolph and Barbara Shook Jr. DaVonna Wirth The Growing Place, Inc. Endowment Fund David E. Hall Memorial Endowment Fund Walter E. Hauswald Science Education Endowment Fund Anonymous Hope Haven Endowment Fund Howey-Guilinger Memorial Endowment Fund Pat Humo Nursing Fund Indian Creek Education Foundation Endowment Fund

Vera John Endowment Fund Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic Endowment Fund Anonymous Dr. Roberta Berglund Loretta A. Brace Paula de Garmo-Jensen Richard and Christal Egel Mary E. Gardner Kenneth and Paula Helberg Susan R. Hinrichs Jerry and Annette Johns Richard and Kathleen Katz Hoon and Julie Ki Dr. Susan D. Lenski James and Kathlynn Lockard Maria G. McClurkin John and Beth Metzler James and Dianne Moss N. Charlene Murphy Linda Oshita Wayne and Jill Plaza Jack and Pam Randorff Barbara A. Sanborn Roger and Mary Ellen Sanders James “Ed” E. Sisler Norman and Carolyn Stahl Richard and Laurel Stokke Marilyn Walach Priscilla G. Witte Joiner History Room Endowment Fund Anne D. Pick Alex Kelm Memorial Fund Bernice and Kermit Kirkus Fund Kishwaukee College Horticulture Fund Kishwaukee Kiwanis Club Community Leadership Fund Elizabeth Hampa Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund Patricia Conway Norm and Marion Gilbert Steven Kalber Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra Michael and Mary Larson Trust Jim and Kathy Lockard Gretchen Moore Pietens Family Gordon Rasmussen Carol Rolf Alwyn Settles


Donors and Funds Norm and Carolyn Stahl Christine Wunner Nadine Zimmerman Kishwaukee United Way Endowment Fund William C. Johnson Robert and Mary Krupp St. Mary School Arts and Cultural Fund Raymond Larsen Donor Advised Fund Virginia Larsen Fund Rowland and Lucile Matteson Kishwaukee College Fund Midwest Museum of Natural History Endowment Fund Janice and Steve Milner Fund Bill and Bonnie Mullins Administrative Endowment Fund NIU-Hillel Fund Northern Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine DCCF Administrative Fund Oak Crest Good Samaritan Endowment Fund James K. and Loretta M. Hipple Family Fund Donald Mosher Bob and Mary Pritchard Community Leaderhsip Fund Elizabeth B. Reed Fund John and Betty Roberts Community Foundation Administrative Fund Charles and Cristine Roberts Frank and Susan Roberts Thomas A. Roberts Ryan Family Education Fund for St. Mary School DeKalb Safe Passage Angels Endowment Fund Richard W. Joslin Robert and Lois Self Tom and Barbara Hulseberg Fund Brian D. Slavenas Memorial Endowment Fund Jerry Smith Community Foundation Fund Sycamore Public Library Community Fund


TAILS Humane Society Endowment Fund Barry Robert Totty Memorial Fund Verna J. Ehlers Dr. Raymond Tourville Illinois Foreign Language Teacher Fund for the Future Robert and Norma Wildenradt Community Leadership Fund Guyla Winebrener Oak Crest Scholarship Fund Voluntary Action Center Endowment Fund Christine J. Johnson

AGENCY FUNDS Created by nonprofit and public organizations to provide stable income to support their work. Altrusa – Daily Chronicle Literacy Fund DEF Wirtz Foundation Fund DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association, Inc. Endowment Fund Ed and Vickie Eggers DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association, Inc. Janice Schroeder DeKalb Barb Boosters Endowment Fund DeKalb County Animal Welfare League Fund DeKalb County Forest Preserve Conservation and Environmental Education Endowment Fund DeKalb County History Center Endowment Fund DeKalb County Nursing Home Foundation Endowment Fund Veronica A. Casella Ronald G. Klein Jeff and Nancy Ondera Dr. Ivan and Judith Shils DeKalb Education Foundation Endowment Fund Steven Lux Norman and Carolyn Stahl

DeKalb First United Methodist Church Fund DeKalb First United Methodist Foundation First United Methodist Church DeKalb Park District Fund DeKalb Public Library Endowment Fund Alwyn Settles Egyptian Theatre Endowment Fund Egyptian Theatre Fund Cary and Roger Nelsen Marian Elliott SEF Sycamore High School Fund Endowment Fund in Honor of Edna L. Nelson and Kenneth A. Johnson Yvonne Johnson Gurler Heritage Association Endowment Fund Beulah and Roberta Hackett SEF Endowment Fund Beulah and Roberta Hackett VAC Endowment Fund Bernice Kendall Memorial Fund Nana K. Kendall Kishwaukee Family YMCA Endowment Fund North Grove School Preservation Fund in Memory of Kenneth Marsh Mary A. Dumas Marcia Wilson Open Door Founder’s Fund Open Door Rehabilitation Center Opportunity House Endowment Fund M. Joan Popp Women’s Empowerment Fund for DAWC Mary von Zellen RAMP Endowment Fund Sandwich Fair Association Endowment Fund Robert and Betty Marsh Sandwich Fair Association Fund Soil and Water Conservation Fund Somonauk Education Foundation Endowment Fund *New Fund

Donors and Funds Stage Coach Players Fund Jerry and Annette Johns Sycamore Education Foundation Endowment Fund Sycamore Lions Charities Jack Shrout Fund Sycamore Park District Endowment Fund Sycamore Sports Boosters Endowment Fund Tails Humane Society Fund

PASS THROUGH FUNDS Provide support to projects with the principal of the Fund eventually used up for the intended purpose. Citizens for Inclusive Playgrounds Fund DeKalb County Community Development Fund DeKalb County Disaster Recovery Fund DeKalb County Estate Planning Council Fund DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership Pass Through Fund DeKalb Municipal Band Pass Through Fund DeKalb Rotary Club Charitable Impact Fund Friends of the Cortland Library Fund Gift of Grain Pass Through Fund IHSA Football Championship – Dest. DeKalb Fund *Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary Charitable Impact Fund Supports charitable projects of the Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary Club Kiwanis Club of KishwaukeeDeKalb Charitable Impact Fund *Charles Krull Music Support Fund Created in memory of Charles Krull and his love for music. Supports low income children in DeKalb County to fully engage in music education and lessons. *New Fund

*Joe LoCascio and Mary Penson New Pennies Project Fund Support and Restore DeKalb High Schools Student-produced literary magazine “New Pennies”. Ron and Nancy Proesel Pass Through Fund Spinoso Masters Scholarship Fund Sycamore Fire Preservation Company, Ltd. Fund *Sycamore Grove – A Tribute to Veterans Fund Depository for contributions to support the recognition of Veterans with trees and other memorials to increase the awareness of their service, dedication and ideals. Sycamore Park District Action 20/20 Fund Sycamore Rotary Club Charitable Impact Fund Sycamore Train Depot Pass Through Fund YEP Program Activities Fund

TRIBUTES In Honor Of: Mary Jo Bressler Micki Chulick Sharon Conlin Karen and Joe Grush Jerry and Annette Johns Emma Keicher Joan Marie Kubasiak Warren “Mack” McGee Janet R. Metzler Our Military Anne D. Pick Jim and Kathleen Quinlan Bob and Lois Self Dan Templin In Memory Of: Charles and Phyllis Abbott Christopher Anderson Marilyn Augsburger Kevin Ballantine June Barnhart Avi Bass Gary Berg

Bob Bowman Rodney Breunlin Michael Charles Brown Sandy Busby Clifford Camp Sharon Kay (Kinczewski) Conlin Brittany Lynn Dargatz Barbara V. DeMers Christine Dionisopoulos Richard N. Ferris Doran and Rose Greif Mike Heimerdinger Molly O. Holtsford Kurt D. Hudson Susan Huhta Tonm Hulseberg Robert and Marian Jacobs Billy John Henry Kinczewski Jan Kirsche Karen Klein Charles Krull Ted Kuhnen Emmette and Kathleen Land Mary S. Larson William Lawrence John Linden Elegie LoCascio Deane and Bette Lundbeck Mildred Martenson Evelyn McCormick Clarence “Skip” Metzler Adolph and Thelma Miller Alan and Alma Olson Dee Palmer Marilyn Prihoda Marjorie Homewood Ripley William Rock Magnus Ronning Curly Sanford Averil Schreiber Barbara Collins Shattuck Mary Thistlethwaite Jeffrey Trail Meia Uili Ann Underwood Mary Uscian Tom Warren Wilma Wells David Wildy Shirley Ann Williams Thomas Zucker


2019 Board of Directors

Sally Bruch Kirkland

Amie Carey Hinckley

Micki Chulick President, DeKalb

Karen Grush DeKalb

Lisa Gudmunson Somonauk

Todd Hughes Genoa

Christine Johnson Treasurer, Shabbona

Roger Maas DeKalb

Rick Mamoser Kingston

G. Joseph Mitchell DeKalb

Regina Parker Sycamore

Tho Pham DeKalb

Beth Prestegaard Waterman

Jesus Romero Sycamore

Jim Stoddard Sycamore

Tim Suter Vice President, DeKalb


Board members ending their term in 2019 Thank you for serving!

Kristina Garcia Sycamore

LaVerne Gyant DeKalb

Kevin McArtor Malta

Incoming Board Members for 2020

David B. Castle DeKalb

Brenda D. Jergens Malta

About Us Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in DeKalb County by proactively addressing community needs and expanding, managing, and distributing philanthropic resources. Our vision is to be a philanthropic leader as we partner to build strong communities throughout DeKalb County.

Justin Wegener Sandwich

Staff Left to right: Teri Spartz, Community Engagement Director; Ben Bingle, DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DCNP) Director; Barb King, Administrative Manager; Dan Templin, Executive Director, Board Secretary; Tiffany McQueen Lewis, Grants Director; Marc Hooks, Grants & Community Initiatives Manager; Betsy Hull, Finance Director; Noah Nordbrock, Donor Services & Marketing Director, YEP Staff Advisor


Donors, these letters of gratitude are for you.

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