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Ingenious business ventures were not the only things that comprised Damitra’s arsenal. As an avid dog lover, in 2006, Damitra invented and sold a portable dog potty called, “Porty Pooch”. She marketed and sold the invention to ten (10) of her neighbors for $20.00 amitra (Dee Dee) Simmons-Stuart is while attempting to provide a larger scale distribution originally from El Paso Texas. The 36 year older has to a merchant in Buckhead, Ga. This novice yet entrealways been passionate about business and at an early preneurial attempt to leverage her idea resulted in the age aspired to be successful and interested in a variety loss of her invention. Nevertheless, her multimillion of things. In 1999 while attending college at University dollar idea was repackaged and is currently being used of Texas El Paso, Damitra was a campus DJ at KTEP as portable potty for dogs world-wide! Radio, interned with channel 9 NBC News, worked for Providian Financial Services as a sales representative On January 1, 2011, Damitra created Atlanta Ambi( i.e. she received the state-wide award for the #1 sales tion Magazine & TV. Atlanta Ambition Magazine & rep in Texas). In pursuit of increased entrepreneurial TV is an online lifestyle magazine focusing on women and income opportunities, Damitra started her first busi- who are either business owners; occupy prestigious ness called Dee Dee’s Cleaning. While growing the titles in business, or individuals who aspire to become business, she continued to work second jobs to acquire successful in the Atlanta area. Although the magaadditional skills and learn more trades. In 2002, not zine initially targeted an Atlanta-based audience, its’ only did Damitra work as a Vetenerian Technician while content has become contagious, captivating viewers, owning her business, she assumed a part-time job as an nation-wide. As the host of a You Tube web series office manager with The Northeast Community Bugle called, “Hanging with Dee Dee”, Damitra covers her Publishing Company in El Paso, Texas. While workown version of news footage! Damitra’s casual yet ing as the office manager, Damitra requested additional authentic style allows her to conduct interviews with responsibilities and asked to create her own publication. women from all walks of life. These interesting and The publishing company afforded Damitra with the one opportunity to prove her abilities; and she happened to do it successfully! She created a monthly magazine called, Tyght which showcased Fort Bliss, Texas, a huge, predominantly African American military base inside of El Paso, Texas. When the publishing company began to go belly up, Damitra decided to start her own company named, D&D Publishing Company where she continued the Tyght publication for an entire year. In 2004, Damitra’s vision for Dee Dee’s Cleaning expanded. Her love for business and growth resulted in eight branches of her cleaning company. Starting with her first location in El Paso, Texas, Damitra’s business eventually expanded the nation from New Mexico to Denver; Athens to Atlanta; and lastly, Tampa to Los Angeles. At the end of 2010, Damitra dissolved Dee Dee’s Cleaning Company.

dynamic women comfortably share their life successes and challenges, transparently unveiling their road to victory. It is definitely Damitra’s sincere passion of getting to know others, and her love of interviewing that resonates so loudly during each interview. However, Damitra does not solely focus on a woman’s success; she tends to be most interested in understanding the road that led them to their journey! She also started Epic Graphixx in the summer of 2011 where she specializes in graphic and web design! Damitra is currently a junior at Westwood College studying Visual Communications and Design and is the CEO of Ambizion Media which holds her other media entities including her own cable channel called Ambizion Television Networks on Wisecast Television Channel 519 as well as her own radio show called Ambizion News and Entertainment Radio!

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Tips and Tricks in Making Window Treatments Written by Jan Britt There are many different styles of window treatments and fabrics available to increase the number of looks you can create in your home. Window treatments can pull together the look of a room after selecting your color palette, furniture, lighting, flooring, art and accessories. I have found that most people enjoy having window treatments in their home. Some people do not like window treatments, but want to include them in their décor to help remove the echo in their room. I suggest painting the walls the same color as the drapery fabric. This trick allows you to have the look of having window treatments, but give the illusion that they are not there and are fading into the background of the wall. You will be receiving a visual warmth, shape, style, depth and comfort you were looking for in a window treatment. Another great tip is to hang your window treatments higher than the top of your window molding to create the illusion of window height. This technique often allows for more sunlight to come into the room. A great benefit to this idea is having the ability to show off more of the window treatment’s design and the fabric, particularly if it has a fun pattern. The standard length of a valance is 16 inches up to 22 inches. Some valances must be shorter or longer according to the architecture of the room. Window treatments designed and hung properly can help a room that has high ceilings feel unified. Many times in a room with tall ceilings, it is necessary to mount the window treatments higher on the wall so the ceiling doesn’t feel like it is going to float away. In the case where you have blinds mounted on your window, you will want to make sure your window treatment or valance comes down far enough to at least cover where the blinds are mounted at the top of the window molding. Two or three inches past the bottom of the metal box is best, so you can allow sunlight into the room and still cover the hardware. These tips and tricks I have listed are just a few of the ideas I have learned that add a finishing touch to my client’s homes. If you have any questions please call me at (404)510-3636 or

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4. Acknowledge & Release Your Guilt: Survivor guilt is not just some theory cooked up by doctorate students in search of a dissertation topic, it is very real. Our co-workers often become like extended members of our families. We know of the challenges they face in their personal lives; challenges that the job loss will most likely amplify, and our concern for them will illicit feelings of grief that we survived and they didn’t. Acknowledge this feeling and then release it. Allowing it to take root makes it more difficult to keep things moving in a forward motion, and if left unchecked can develop into an attitude of resentment toward the organization, which certainly does not benefit any of the parties involved. 5. Continue to Invest in the Company’s Success: Generally layoffs are done to keep the business viable from a financial standpoint. Commit yourself to doing your part to help the organization in this mission. This is not the time to pull back, or disengage. Now is the time to take a strategic and proactive approach to helping shore up the fiscal standing of the company. Look for opportunities in your purview to make a positive impact on the Company’s bottom-line; either by making or saving money. This investment in the company’s success will prompt out-of-box thinking, and potentially pay dividends for all of the company’s stakeholders. Rhonda C. Hight is President/Owner, Let’s Talk, LLC & LT Productions


Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters & Directors

Initially, it’s a good idea to request a meeting with your manager. Discussing next steps for the business can minimize the fear of the unknown, and help you feel reassured about what to expect, and help you focus on moving forward. Additionally, The author of “How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What’s Left of Your Career”, Jason Seiden, outlines 5 steps that layoff survivors can take to move past the emotions that the loss of co-workers, accompanied by significant change in the organization brings about.

1. Offer Assistance: Utilize your personal network (internally & externally) to assist former colleagues with their job search. Make it a point to setup virtual introductions for them with Drama/Comedy Documentary/Talk Shows Inspirational/DIY key players in your network, or share leads on open positions that you become aware of. One of the most valuable things you can do is to be a supportive ear for You’ve Survived....Now What? them. They too (more so than the survivors) will experience the 5 Stages Dr. Kubler-Ross described, and havBy Rhonda C. Hight ing someone as a sounding board can help them work The national unemployment rate was 8.3 percent through their emotions and move the healing process in January, down from 8.5 percent the prior month forward. 2. Keep the Connections Alive: and from 9.1 percent a year earlier. Total [nonInitially, it can be awkward and difficult to find the farm] payroll employment increased by 243,000 right words to say. Oftentimes people will avoid sayover the month and by 1,953,000 over the year. ing anything, or allow an extended period of time to While the numbers are encouraging, the reality is lapse thinking that time will make these conversations that there are still many Americans that are uneasier to have, but in reality the opposite is true. The employed or working for organizations in which more time that goes by, the more difficult it becomes to layoffs are an expected reality. There’s a surfeit Series/Game Shows Business/Infomercials Entertainment/Sports Animated restore these connections. You may feel guilty about of support and assistance for individuals who lose the prolonged gap in communication, and because of their jobs; however layoffs can also be challengthe emotional stages they’re experiencing; the former ing for the employees who remain. colleague may interpret the lapse as indifference, versus discomfort on your part. As with the loss of a loved one, numerous lay3. Resume Daily Patterns: Office norms will be slightly altered in the first few days off survivors experience The 5 Stages of Grief, a and sometimes weeks following a layoff. The focus [for model developed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, which has become known in psychiatric circles as many] will be on the loss of co-workers, anxiety about the security of their own positions, and the increased the Kubler-Ross Model. The stages are: Denial, responsibilities that will inevitably follow the redisAnger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance tribution of work. Resuming your daily patterns, and (not always in sequence). It’s normal for survivencouraging or influencing others to do the same is good ing employees to feel sadness about the loss of for your mental health. It forces you to continue movco-workers, and even guilt that they survived. ing forward instead of looking back and reflecting on a future that you can’t fully control.

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Did You Eat Your Breakfast This Morning? Did you get up this morning, grab a cup of coffee and decide you just didn’t have time for breakfast? Or maybe you just weren’t hungry yet and skipped it, thinking you’ll just eat later? Breakfast, or breaking fast, is the most important meal of the day. Because it: • Jump starts our body • Get’s our brains working • Helps our metabolism get going. • You’re busy and you just don’t want to take the time. There are plenty of breakfast meals that are easy and quick to fix. Consider these options: • Oatmeal-top with cinnamon and some raisins and/or chopped nuts • Peanut butter on whole grain bread • A smoothie (see recipe below) • Low fat plain yogurt topped with fruit and nuts • A hard boiled egg-travels well and you can make it in advance, a piece of fruit and whole grain toast • A corn tortilla stuffed with an egg and fresh veggies • Get creative, you want to include whole grain, a protein and fruit or veggies. • My Favorite Green Smoothie Smoothies are quick to make, easy to clean up and easy on your digestion. By adding dark green leafy vegetables to your smoothie, you can “sneak in” some extra minerals for the day. 1 to 1 and 1/2 cups of water Several handfuls of your favorite green i.e. kale, spinach, romaine, celery 1 banana 1 peeled orange, apple or pear with skin (you can even blend the core) 1 scoop of protein powder Blend all the ingredients and enjoy. Play with the portions to find what you like best. Use different fruits for sweetening and to change the flavor. If you have your own favorite smoothie blend, please share it with me at Vicki@ Remember: eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

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Amy-Jo Weisberg Head

Health Coach/Founder of Cardio Kids INC Where are you from? I was born in Boston, Mass. We moved a lot growing up due to my dad’s job in the hotel industry. I moved 13 times before moving to Atlanta the summer before my sophomore year of high school. Moving a lot was normal for me and now, looking back, it is probably what made me adaptable, flexible and open to new people, situations and ideas. It also let me know at an early age that life, opportunities and possibilities went beyond my current circumstances. Currently, I live in Marietta, GA with my husband and two children.

How did your parents influence you growing up? My parents were very influential in my life. My dad passed away 10 years ago after a battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma and my mom currently lives about 12 miles away from me. The first thing that comes to mind in thinking about my parents’ influence is that they always loved me for who I was and not just for what I accomplished. Just being me was good enough. That has really meant a lot to me because, over the years, I have realized how conditional life and people can be. This sense of unconditional love has molded me in how I work with and treat others both professionally and personally. That is a true gift that my parents gave to me. Another way that my parents influenced me was in allowing me to believe in and follow my dreams. My dad was a self-made businessman/entrepreneur who came from the streets of the Bronx, quit school at age 11 to work and support his brother and his mother and, despite his circumstances, never lost hope that he could make his dreams come true! He realized that dream for many years when he created his own network marketing business that grew into his own events and marketing firm in Miami Beach, FL. My mom was a special education teacher for 40 years. She spent her life helping children with learning and emotional challenges to believe that they were important and had true gifts and purpose. Today, she has gone from teaching children to teaching college students who are hoping one day to be teachers themselves. She is also pursuing her love of writing by creating curriculum and books for teachers so that they can do their job with more joy and purpose. My parents’ personal stories are daily inspiration for me and motivate me toward finding and reaching my dreams and purpose in life.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up? When I was a child, I wanted to be a psychologist. I loved listening to people’s problems and trying to figure out why they had those problems or what would make those problems better. My favorite cartoon character was Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip where she had her “The Doctor Is In” Booth. I wanted to be just like her and just sit and listen to people. When I was a teenager, I had my first taste of dance by being on my high school dance team. I began thinking how cool it would be to be a professional dancer. I remember auditioning as a dancer one year at Six Flags in Atlanta and I made it to the 3rd cut. That was a great feeling especially since I didn’t have any formal dance training! This is kind of interesting as I reflect on this because my parents actually met when they were dance instructors in upstate New York! I guess this could be considered another way that they influenced me!

What lead you to the road that you are on now business wise? During my college years, I kept gravitating toward activities and service opportunities that had to do either with counseling or dance and fitness. I worked with underprivileged children; I took fitness classes; I was Captain of my college Dance Team; I spent late nights talking with friends who were struggling with grades or relationships. And, I received feedback from people that my efforts made a difference. I really liked feeling like I made a difference in the lives of others. In my early adulthood, these counseling and fitness activities began to turn into income opportunities. I was earning money by doing what I loved to do in order to help others. It was an awesome feeling and one that I wanted to keep experiencing.

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As a wife and new parent, I felt like I wanted to build my professional life around my family instead of fitting my family life around my work. These were the moments where I knew I wanted to make something new and different happen in my life! So, I took my love of counseling, people, fitness and dance and began creating my own business concepts. Through this process, I am where I am today – an entrepreneur and business owner. I have my counseling private practice, New Perspectives for Life, LLC, where I work with children, teens and families to help them move from a place of hurt to a place of hope; and, I have my kids’ dance and fitness business, Cardio Kool Kids, Inc., that I created in 2003 in response to the growing concern over childhood obesity, where I provide a fun and complete fitness and wellness program for children ages 3-12 to help get them excited about health and fitness.

Tell me about your business. I opened my counseling practice, New Perspectives for Life, LLC, in September of 2007. There are many things that make New Perspectives for Life, LLC unique in the counseling industry. For starters, my husband and I both work together. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I see clients for their clinical issues (anger, depression, anxiety, etc.). As an ordained minister, my husband works with people who are struggling with their spiritual journeys or with finding their life purpose. Together, we conduct workshops and seminars on topics such as marriage, communication and happiness/fulfillment. We are very strengths-based and solution-focused in our work and operate from a cognitive behavioral therapy approach where we look to help people change their thought patterns and, in turn, change their behavior patterns. Our counseling and work with our clients is short-term because we believe that our clients have everything within themselves to move forward; they just may need a little help discovering or believing it!

What do you love most about your career? I love the fact that I have created that which I am doing every day and that what I have created is making a difference in the mental, emotional and physical wellness of others. I love that I am able to take a mind-body-spirit-strength approach to helping people in their times of need. I love the flexibility and the upredictability of being my own boss.

How do you balance family life with your career? Being my own boss allows me to balance family and life better than working for someone else. I don’t have to worry about late team meetings, being called in to cover someone else’s shift, being held to corporate deadlines. I can set my schedule with my clients and programs to work around our kids’ commitments or our family obligations. Even though owning and operating your own business is a never-ending time and energy commitment, if you love what you do, it doesn’t seem like hard work.

Where do you see yourself in the next year? In the next year, I see myself continuing to work and grow both businesses. I see myself as a full franchisor for my Cardio Kool Kids, Inc. business where we have franchises all across the country reaching more kids and getting children motivated and excited about health and fitness. I see my counseling practice operating out of a bigger space that is set up as a counseling suite, fitness studio, café. And, my big vision would be to be nationally recognized with celebrity clients in my counseling practice and celebrity endorsements for Cardio Kool Kids, Inc.

ation centers, churches and more! All of our instructors are passionate about children and fitness and hold at least one national fitness certification.

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Perfect Makeup in Minutes By Dominique Fisher No matter what time of day it is, or how busy you are, there are certain golden rules when applying your makeup. Here is a short guide to getting your war paint right every time! Laying the Foundations Foundation should be the perfect match to your skin tone. Nobody looks good when they have skin the color of a pumpkin! And worse yet, beware of the tidemarks at the jaw line. Always make sure that your foundation is well blended if you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask. Dark Circles? No way! There is a huge range of products on the market for different tones and textures of concealer. Don’t be tempted to go two shades lighter than your natural color, as it will make the darkness of your skin more gray and muddy. And be careful not to lay it on too thick. Apart from the fact that it looks like you’re wearing too much makeup, it may also damage the delicate skin beneath your eyes. Remember, you want to tint the discoloration, not mask it. Powdering Up Keep your powder application light by using loose powder and a big brush for application. Less is definitely more here. Make sure that you buy a good powder that will sink into your skin, rather than visibly lie of the top of it. Blushing Beauty only apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, and build up the color layers slowly. Next, blend the blush in so that the color looks natural. Remember, you’re just trying to enhance the facial definition that you already have. No matter how much we may want to, it is impossible to draw on fantastic cheekbones. Just be yourself!

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Clutter Control: Reclaim Your Desk, Refresh Your Image By: Peggy Parks, President, Parks Image Group What if your look is impressive, your skills are incomparable, and your manner is? Impeccable, but your desk is…inexcusable. Does the order (or disorder) of your workspace really matter? In a word, yes. The work that you do sends an important message, but the way that you work sends an important message too. Show a careless disregard for papers and files, and others may perceive you as someone with a careless disregard for their interests, their records, their accounts. Present a workspace that is disorganized, and others may perceive you as someone who is disorganized, muddled, ineffectual. And this perception could actually be closer to fact than we would want to admit; a study conducted at the University of Texas found that people with messy offices were indeed, less efficient, less organized and less imaginative than people with clean desks. bottom line? Appearances matter, and your desk and your office are as important to your image and your credibility as the clothes you wear. Take the time to adopt professional standards in the way you work and in the space you occupy, and you’ll realize significant dividends, not only in terms of personal fulfillment, but in terms of enhanced client relations. Just think, you can show every client your attention to detail, your commitment to service and your appreciation for their business…without ever leaving your desk. Ready to get started? Here are tips for clutter-proofing your office, once and for all. Set aside time on your calendar--at least an hour--for accomplishing the task.

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Organizing your workspace has the potential for increasing your client base; consider it as important as any appointment you might make, and don’t “cancel” out at the last minute. Consider staying after hours or committing some time on a Saturday morning to completing the project. Get comfortable. Accessing papers, moving papers--even sitting on the floor to read papers--requires the ability to move around easily. Begin with completely clearing off your desk and dusting the surface (it will need it!). Then set up three containers or boxes and label them: (1) “to do”; (2) “toss”; and (3) “file”. Pick up each item on your desk, read through it, and determine an appropriate action for that item. Continue until everything in the room is sitting in one of the three containers (except for very large items, of course). Arrange the “to do” items neatly in your workspace. If they don’t belong in your desk or in your office, re-direct them to an appropriate space. If they do belong, display them, shelve them or enclose them in a storage unit. What about making neat piles atop the desk? Not an option. “Neat piles” soon turn into unruly, unsightly piles; the goal is to find a home for each item. Store the items contained in your “file” container. The breadth of storage options is limited only by the imagination these days. There’s a filing cabinet or storage compartment for all manner of items. Toss pile”? Toss! Has the time for this task expired before the job is done? Don’t sweat it. Keep your items compartmentalized and schedule another date and time on your calendar to resume. Last step: Promise yourself you will never let your workspace overwhelm you. Shun chaos, and make friends with order. Remember, the manner in which you handle volumes of paper, speaks volumes about you and the work you do!

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Kim Purefoy “Kimberly Purefoy is a Registered Nutritional Consultant and Co-founder of The

Global Health Movement. Her mission is to empower others with knowledge and tools to take control of their health, and particularly to reach the youth who are also falling victim to serious health problems at a high rate. The Global Health Movement and Ms. Purefoy have been successful in helping many to overcome diseases and dependence on chemical drugs through education and nutrition. Her services include teaching healthy cooking classes in homes, churches, and businesses; presenting seminars; and providing personal consultations. Ms. Purefoy is a passionate health educator whose knowledge and ability to bring about awareness in a relate-able way have allowed her to empower many people to get their health and vitality back, and to ultimately add years to their lives. Contact information: 770-367-5937, Website:, Email:

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Basic Strategies for Healthy Living By Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC

As we continue to face the challenges of life, it is critical we develop strategies for healthy living. What are you doing to live a healthier life? What changes will you have to make to do this? Healthy living is about making better choices. Consider some of the following strategies for living a healthier life. 1. Start an exercise program that works for you and fits into your schedule. This can be as simple as a 30 minute walk in your neighborhood or local park. You take the stairs instead of the elevator at work. You park farther away when going to the store or mall. The key is to begin even if you start out doing just 15 minutes a day, just do it. Whether you have a health club membership or not, allow your creative mind to explore ways to incorporate exercise in your daily routine. 2. Start using your kitchen and eat at home more. We are working longer hours, running errands for the family, and eating out frequently. It is time to go back to basics and plan dinner meals for at least 2-3 days a week. We need to revisit what our parents and grandparents did years ago and cook multiple meals on the weekend. Challenge yourself to eat more baked and grilled foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, and add more fiber to your diet. Reduce your intake of fried and processed foods and commit to cooking healthier meals for your family. 3. Start your day with inspiration. This could be reading your Bible, motivational books, or whatever provides you with peace and purpose. The key is you must continue to nourish and feed your mind with positive information in order to grow and be the best you can be. Spend time with children and seniors as they both provide inspirational lessons to help you on this journey called life. Nancy J. Lewis is the president of Progressive Techniques, Inc. based in Fayetteville, Georgia where the theme of her company is “Developing a Better YOU!� Nancy can be reached at (404) 559-7614,. Email: nancy@, or website:

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May 2012

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For the Filling

Sharon’s Kitchen Meat Pies

2 Tbsp Butter 1/2 lb Ground Beef 1/2 lb Ground Pork 1/2 Cup Spanish Onion, finely diced 1/2 Cup Red Bell Pepper, finely diced 1/4 Cup Celery, finely diced 1/2 Cup Green Onions 3 Garlic Cloves, minced 2 Tbsp Homemade Worcestershire Sauce 1 Tbsp Crystal Hot Sauce Kosher salt, black pepper, and Cayenne to taste. 1/2 Cup Beef Stock 1/8 Cup All Purpose Flour Melt the butter in a large cast iron skillet over medium high heat, when hot add the ground meats, cook until browned and cooked through. Add the onions, celery, bell pepper, and green onions, cook until the vegetables are wilted. Add the garlic, Worcestershire, hot sauce, and seasonings, cook for 2 minutes more. Make a slurry of the stock and flour, add to the pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and cook for about 5 minutes stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and adjust the seasonings if necessary. Set aside to cool to room temperature. For the dough: 4 Cups All Purpose Flour 2 tsp Iodized Salt 1 tsp Baking Powder 1/2 Cup Lard 1 Egg 1 Cup Milk Combine the dry ingredients in the mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, with the speed on low add the lard to the dry ingredients and let the mixer cut it in until the fat is broken up into pea sized pieces. Beat the egg and combine with the milk. Add the wet to the dry with the mixer on low, in a slow steady stream. Mix until the dough just comes together. The key is to not overwork the dough. Cut the dough in half then roll it out to 1/8 inch thickness on a floured counter. Cut into either the more traditional 5 inch circles or as I did about 3 circles, I used an empty French Market Coffee can. To assemble and cook: Place 1 heaping Tablespoon (doubled for the larger size) of the cooled mixture to each circle. With your finger wet the edge with a little water, fold over and crimp with a fork. Set aside on a floured surface until ready to fry. Heat 4 inches of oil in a dutch oven to 360 degrees. Fry the meat pies in small batches until golden brown on each side.

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