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ambizion Nov/Dec 2013

HollyWood Actress & Producer

Jane Sibbett PG 20

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Table of Contents Ambizion Media Descriptions

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Ambizion Magazine Publisher Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart

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How to Be In Charge Of Your Future - A Guide to Controlling Time

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The Importance of a YouTube Channel for Your Music Business: Tips for Video Sharing Success PG 14 What is Passion?

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Ambition- Good or Bad?

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Cover Story- Jane Sibbett

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How to Work and Survive in the Film and TV Industry: The 10 Commandments of Filmmaking PG 25-27 A Time of THANKS

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Nov/Dec 2013


Ambizion Media Descriptions Ambition, Business & Vision Ambizon Magazine- (Formerly known as Atlanta Ambition Magazine) The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious! Ambizion Television Networks- (on Wisecast Television Channel 519)- (A global cable channel showcasing Independent talent and entertainment) Ambizion Radio- Hosted by Damitra Stuart (Radio talk show on (Survival Radio Network)where celebrities are interviewed about their life experiences aside from fame) Every Tuesday night 10:00-11:00PM EST Ambizion Talent- Talent agency for DIVERSE and Independent talent Ambizion Events- Event planning company catering to Red Carpet and unique events for the Ambizion brand and for clients as well. Ambizion Graphics- Creating logos, websites and etc.for clients since 2011 Ambizion Films- Damitra Stuart herself has created, produced and directed multiple original series for her cable channel Ambizion Television Networks with more projects in the works! Ambizion Apparel- Clothing & Accessory line for the Ambitious and Business Minded. This is a unique and diverse brand that signifies Damitra Stuart and her laid back style for women, men, children and dogs. Ambizion Dollz- Damitra Stuart’s new global organization for professional and ambitious women. First chapter will start in Atlanta Georgia! Ambizion Consulting and Development- I give unique consultations to business/aspiring business owners on how to develop their brands on a UNIQUE level! SRN Entertainment- Damitra Stuart has been offered a new radio branch with Survival Radio Network (Home of Ambizion Radio) called SRN Radio that will be home to a variety of additional radio shows around the world! Ambizion Cleaning- Cleaning company for the overwhelmed generally catering to realtors, corporate vendors and after event cleaning!

Nov/Dec 2013


Ambizion Publisher and CEO of Ambizion Media

Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart

After disolving her cleaning business chain after

Her more recent accomplishments include her new revamped magazine which she entitled 13 years in 2010, in January of 2011 Atlanta was offi- AMBIZION that debuted Jan 1, 2013 which cially introduced to the genius that is Damitra Stuart caters to Ambitious men and women nationwith Atlanta Ambition Magazine an online magazine wide who are following their dreams and to focused on showcasing successful female business inspire others to do the same. She has also owners in the Atlanta area. ventured into acting with 2 acting credits to her name which include films Atlanta Heat 2, In the summer of 2011, Damitra wanted to bring Secured Tightly and the upcoming feature film more exposure to the magazine so she created a You entitled Rough Patch Twisted Fate where she Tube channel and executive produced her own talk will begin filming late summer 2013. She was show called Hanging with Dee Dee that became so also the cover story for a nationwide magazine popular that she was approached by the cable netcalled Courageous Woman where she talked work Wisecast Television to start her own global about her businesses, life experiences and pitchannel which she debuted in May 2012 entitled falls which can be seen in the May/June issue. Ambizion Television Networks which is catered to the Indie genre and she also created/executive proThese are just some of her many visualizations duced 5 original TV series for her network as well! and Damitra has far exceeded the dreams of Venturing into the TV industry took her back to her the average person and all of the people she radio roots and she was also awarded her own enter- has touched with her infinite wisdom. Damitainment talk radio show on Survival Radio Network tra wants to be a spokesperson and inspiration radio called Ambizion Radio which premiered in to others who like her have had a troubled July of 2012 and airs every Tuesday night. As a radio past filled with trials and tribulations and personality Damitra interviews celebrities based on has manage to turn her life into something their life experiences aside from fame and she has positive and follow her dreams because life gained worldwide listeners. has not been a smooth ride for Damitra who After those 3 major media accomplishments the Ambizion Media brand was born which would eventually in addition to the cable channel, magazine and radio include her global talent agency Ambizion Talent where she is a manager/agent of over 20 clients, Ambizion Films where she creates her own TV series, Ambizion Events creating red carpets events in the Atlanta area, Ambizion Apparel her clothing line for the Ambitious and Business Minded, Ambizion Graphics because she has been an established Graphic Artist and Web Builder for almost 10 years, her own radio branch called SRN Entertainment awarded by SRN Radio because of the success of her show and Ambizion Consulting and development where she helps people come up with business ideas and execute them. She is experienced in all areas and has owned these type of businesses in her past business career.

has openly admitted to some of her pitfalls in earlier life from being raped as a teen by gunpoint, a failed and abusive marriage, bouts with the law, a suicide attempt and the stress of becoming a multiple business owner with the reputation of being both conservative and aggressive towards her brand.

The roller coaster ride to the top has been filled with twist and turns but her quick wit and humor along with her infectious laughter hide the past pain and struggle deep within her soul but please do not get it confused she is extremely passionate and nothing will stand in the way of her Ambition and believe there is more to come.

Nov/Dec 2013


Upcoming Reality TV Show about Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart and her Ambizion Media Brand

Check out the Pilot Episode Here!

How to Be In Charge Of Your Future - A Guide to Controlling Time By Robert Stallard

Imagine that you are in the Dentist’s waiting

room and feeling a little anxious. You announced yourself to the receptionist and she has motioned you to a seat. The time of your appointment has passed. You have read all the old magazines and the notices on the wall, including the one that says you will be charged for broken appointments. Thirty five minutes later a nurse calls you into the surgery. No one apologises for keeping you waiting or gives any excuse. The dentist starts his work but after ten minutes says that you will need extra work and should make a new appointment. Your day is ruined. You are now too late to do the other things that you had wished to do. You feel unhappy and of little worth, a person of no importance.

The amount of time that you had allotted for the meeting is over. However the business is not concluded. This is where you could lose control by just keep going. Not only is this wrong but you have given up control. Time is equally important to your next customer who expects to be seen on time. Give a second appointment to the present customer. Be sure to tell them that you will need a full appointment to conclude your business. You then are punctual for your next and every other appointment. In this way you are not only in charge of today but have established yourself as the controller of your future.

Guess what? You are a person of no importance. You did it to yourself. Let’s go back to the Dentist’s office. When you announced yourself to the receptionist did you ask if you will be seen on time? I always do, and if I am told that there may be a delay I ask her to let the dentist know that if I am not seen in twenty minutes I shall leave. I not only leave after twenty minutes, I bill the Dentist for a broken appointment. It is important that the office appreciate that your time is of least as much importance as anybody else’s. If you do not respect yourself and value your time, why should other people? Now, of course the boot may be on the other foot as it were. You are with a customer who hasn’t recognised that this meeting is over and is wittering on. Nov/Dec 2013



What A Man

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The Importance of a YouTube Channel for Your Music Business: Tips for Video Sharing Success Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. We all know that

social media marketing is the way forward. But if you’re involved in music, there is really only one social network you should be using. YouTube is booming in popularity - 3 billion hours of video are watched every month – so if you’re not sharing videos, you’re missing out. Whether you’re a musician, mogul, or marketer; your music business should have a YouTube Channel. It’s free to sign up, easy to fill out your profile, and you can get sharing video content in a matter of minutes. Sharing your content with audiences the world over has never been easier. Why Get a YouTube Channel? In a world where record companies have been replaced by independent musicians, YouTube is playing a vital role. Hundreds of singers, such as Justin Beiber and Esmee Denters, have bagged a record deal after being scouted on YouTube.

5 Tips for Video Sharing Success Sharing a video online is really easy. Not only can you put your video on YouTube, but you can embed it into blog posts and share on your other social media profiles. But putting the content ‘out there’ often isn’t enough to make an impact. If you’re a YouTube newbie, we’ve compiled a number of top tips for video sharing success. Whether you’re looking to go viral, or just share something with your loyal fan-base, these are some tips you should follow: 1. Brand Your Channel You customise your Facebook fan page, and Twitter profile. You should make sure you take the opportunity to brand your YouTube channel. Walmart is one company who’ve really taken advantage of the customisation features. Keeping a consistent brand identity across all your social media pages is a great way to make you instantly recognisable. If you’re a business or an artist, you need to stand out from the crowd. Making your channel stand out is one of the ways to do this.

Video content is perfect for the fast-paced World Wide Web. It is shareable, relatable, and easy to go viral. So even if you’re not an aspiring singer, you can still promote your music-based business with a YouTube channel.

2. Sharable Content The key to YouTube success is uploading videos that people will share. Upload content that people want to see, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits. If you’re an artist, why not upload a cover of the ‘song of the moment’ to help raise your profile?

Like many other social networking sites, you can also interact with your audience. People who view you videos can leave comments, ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ what they see, and share the video with friends. This gives you a great platform to communicate with the people who will be buying your products.

If you’re selling instruments, make your promotional videos interesting. Relate them to something current, and put your own unique spin on them. Whatever your role in the music business, make sure the content you put out there is unique, exciting, and entertaining.

Nov/Dec 2013


What is Passion? What is passion? Recently after a presentation, I was once again thanked for my passion. The compliment was genuinely given, as was my returned thank you. However, as the day progressed, my thoughts kept returning to passion. What really is passion? For the next several days as I attempted to ponder this question, other questions surfaced. What does it mean when one has passion? What separates people with passion and those without passion? Is passion always positive? Could passion be negative? Is there a relationship between passion and purpose? How does this fit me? Sometimes the best place to begin to define a word is with Webster. Webster’s dictionary states that passion is an emotional response. Being an intellectual conceptualizer or more simply stated a heurist, I wrote down 3 words – passion, performance and purpose. Consider the following: imagine someone standing with out stretched arms and open hands with one hand holding the word passion and the other holding the word purpose. What I would like you to consider is that passion is the present where others as well as ourselves see our emotions. Purpose is the future, our true north, where we constantly strive towards to reach our vision. And the performance is the individual with the outstretched hands. Performance is the collection of all past experiences and current actions where we continually apply knowledge as we hold true to our passion and purpose. Passion exists with our purpose and performance as a partner to help achieve the present and the future that we desire for our businesses, our families, our friends, our communities and ourselves. Now envision yourself as that person of performance. Visualize what your hands are holding. What fills the hand holding your passion? What do you see in the other hand holding your purpose? Keep that vision bright in your mind’s eye. Perform each and every day with a clear focus on realizing both your passion and your purpose.

Nov/Dec 2013



Looking for a Aordable Multi-Purpose Space to Rent? Come to D-1 @ Park Central in Decatur, GA

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2520 Park Central Blvd Suite D-1 Decatur, Ga 30035 Landmarks: Panola & I-20

Ballroom Dancing Salsa Dancing Choreography Zumba Fitness Yoga Kickboxing Karate Acting Classes Green Screen Room Available For Rent Modeling Runway Ru Training Aerobics For an appointment Self Defense Casting Calls Auditions Film Shoots Ballroom Also Available For Parties, Stage Plays & Events! Photo Shoots Stage Plays Fashion Shows Seminars Other Rates include advertising and promotion from Ambizion Media (includes Radio, Magazine, Social Media and Web Sites)

For information on rates and to set up an appointment to tour the facility please contact Dee Dee at

Ambition- Good or Bad? By Zig Ziglar

An anonymous writer said that ambition, fueled by compassion, wisdom and integrity, is a powerful force for good. It will turn the wheels of industry and open the door of opportunity for you and countless thousands of other people. Fueled by greed and the lust for power, ambition is a destructive force that ultimately does irreparable damage to the individual in its grasp and to the people within its reach. It is more than just a cliche to say that ambition can either make you or break you. It makes us when we hear the words of Henry Van Dyke who said, “There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.” George Matthew Adams said, “He climbs highest who helps another up.” John Lubbock put it this way, “To do something, however small, to make others happier and better is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being.” As a youngster in a small Mississippi town, I frequently heard my mother and the man for whom I worked in the grocery store describe an individual by saying, “He is really a very ambitious young man,” or “She really has a lot of ambition.” The tone of voice indicated that they were very favorably identifying one of the traits of that young person. I understood implicitly that they were talking about ambition fueled by compassion, wisdom and integrity. On the other hand, I heard them say on numerous occasions, “He (or she) is a nice person, but he just doesn’t have any ambition.” From my perspective, people who have ability - and that includes anyone reading these words - and who do not use that ability, represent one of the real tragedies of life. The old saying that you either “use it or lose it” is true. In a nutshell, ambition, fueled with compassion and direction, can be a powerful force for good. Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! Nov/Dec 2013


Be The Host of your Own Radio Show on SRN Entertainment! Seeking unique radio shows Hosts for all hobbies and walks of life Sports Music Shows (Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Country, Gospel, Christian, Pop, Rock, Classical, Reggae, & etc.) Talk Shows Game Shows DIY (Do it Yourself Repairs & etc.) Hobbies Gossip Cooking Interior Decorating/Design Health (Men, Women, Pets) Fitness/Nutrition Children Teens Or Create Your Own

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Cover Story

Jane Sibbett

Actress & Producer

Where are you from? I was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Alameda (a true island girl). I’m a fifth generation Californian, but my family has been in America since the Mayflower days. Before that England, Ireland, Scotland and before that in a galaxy far far away. How did your parents influence you growing up? What a great question! My parents always had a sense of occasion. They loved parties – throwing them, attending them, planning and dressing up for them. My mother was from a very elegant Berkeley family with a rough and tumble tomboy alter ego in her summers at the ranch, a family of rich experience so she had a great mix of adventure, athleticism, appreciation for the finer things as well as the great outdoors. She was brave, well loved and respected, even in a concentrated package of 5’2’ on a tall day. Dad’s love was the sailboat – racing on the SF Bay – always number 2 so his influence was doing our best to not take things personally, but try as hard as you can. When I told Mom I was going to UCLA to pursue an acting career after I’d being notoriously shy since birth she said, “Go for it!” with full love and a blessing of courage – no hesitation. Life is short so and they really gave me the wings to dive in. My dad gave me a suitcase for graduation. While I wanted a camera, the metaphor fit for me always on the move to the next adventure. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up? It was a tossup between being the owner of a candy store, which gave away free candy. Or being a writer. I still want to be a writer when I grow up. Now my writing is my candy.

What led you to the road that you are on now business wise? An open heart and a love for adventure. Connections made through that open, most tender heart are the strongest connections for when wide for the adventure, good business, and living in integrity and respect everything flows beautifully. Each pause in our timeline is an opportunity to go deeper, explore the blues, get muddy and then jump high again. I try to swing on the vines of a new playground to really get the lay of the land whether it be a film, a tour, or acting in a new role to open up and translate new ideas for others. I’ve had great and not-so-great mentors who have shown me with spectacular clarity to then to come back clear and clean, assess the rights and fix the wrongs, and to quickly go on and do business the way we’d all wish to enjoy it. Tell me about your business. My new arm is called Get Real Collaborations. Here we are co-creating content that gets us to the heart of our intentions. Connecting people with people one heart at a time, whether it is producing, writing, directing, acting, presenting at a live event, creating videography, social media, photography or live streaming cutting edge worlds we have assembled a portable crew to suit your evolving media dreams. In the past 7 years we’ve shot, produced, and edited four in-house documentaries, with more on the slate soon, opened up millions to new modalities of health, healing, and entertainment, too, around the world

Nov/Dec 2013


Currently we are on a pause with our live streaming tour with Croatian healer Braco in America and in pre-production on the new healing tour de force, Mas Sajady, coming up in November and into the new year. I am personally co-chairing The Inaugural Kahilu Theatre Masquerade Ball, December 6, 2013, a big benefit for The Kahilu Theatre, which is a historic space that went dark last year due to Hawaii’s budget cuts for the arts. While this isn’t a business venture for Get Real, because it ultimately feeds my soul, it is integral to my work in getting others to their dreams. I’ll be directing The Vagina Monologues again just after the New Year so in Get(ting) Real, there is a healthy mix of international and local work that services and promotes compassionate care, deep healing, and dream fulfillment all at the same time. If anyone in business could be your mentor who would it be? That’s a no brainer: Oprah. And Rev. Michael B. Beckwith (Agape, The Secret). Two spectacular powerhouses of change. What do you love most about your career? There is so much to love! The variety of amazing people with whom I co-create and the people I seem to magnetize is thrilling. I have been exposed to spectacular travel, infinite and miraculous experiences, and enough to fill books and books of bliss. How do you balance family life with your career? Balancing family life with career… oh, lordy… I wish I could say better. From the outside it is lopsided, but my family has always been so fully folded into the mix of work that while others may not feel it is healthy it’s been our way from the beginning of time. I went back to work on “Herman’s Head” when Ruby was two weeks old because I was under contract.

I began work the first season of “Friends” when Kai was two days old because they said it would just be 2 weeks and it was such a great part (and ten year’s later and now 19 years later in reruns Carol is still out there loving.) And I went back to work when Violet was two months old. I’ve always packed my long-nursing kids to the set and now that I’m producing and taking on new business, again, they fold in with me and are infinitely patient with the status quo that work happens all the time. It’s what they know and hopefully they know in equal measure how dearly loved they are. Unplugging is our biggest challenge, my great intention, and truthfully I DO need and want to get better because time is so precious. My family is vital to my happiness, is of the utmost importance for our collective joy, and if I’m walking my talk about getting read for my dreams, too, I need to be comfortable with the breathing into more family time as much as the work time. Twice daily carpool, stating intentions in the AM, grace at night, attending all my littlest one’s games and performances (my older two are in college) still doesn’t feel quite enough for me. While I would guess I’m not alone in this challenge, I still know I have plenty of room for improvement. Short answer: with intention. Where do you see yourself in the next year? The beauty and the ache of what I do is that I am living so fully in the present that to project into the next year is near impossible. But I do see my work growing in ways that like all the rest of my business expands exponentially in joyful success. This is the time on the planet for big change, as we see the crumbling of old paradigms in business and beyond. It’s the time for getting real with our dream work and working in collaboration for it to happen for the greatest collective good. Nov/Dec 2013


What is Your Ambizion? (Legacy) My Ambizion is that I live and love my dreams so fully that I inspire a chain reaction of others fully living and loving their dreams to fruition. It’s time to Get Real together.

Nov/Dec 2013


Ambizion Publisher and CEO of Ambizion Media

Email Dee Dee for quote at

Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart!ambizion-graphics/c1h93

How to Work and Survive in the Film and TV Industry: The 10 Commandments of Filmmaking by Peter D Marshall

With that in mind, I created “The Ten Commandments of Filmmaking” which is my way of showing you how to work and survive in this business – without getting OR giving ulcers! NOTE: This list was written primarily for First AD’s I have learned many things during my career in and Directors. the film industry, but one of the most valuable lessons I have learned was to remain human at C1) It’s only a movie – no one gets hurt. all costs. And by this I mean to treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. This one should be obvious. Making any kind of film or TV production can be risky because there are During my 39 years in the film and television many natural hazards on a film set. Crew members business, I have worked as a PA, grip, electrican trip over cables, fall off platforms, have equipcian, assistant cameraman, commercial produc- ment tumble on them, burn and cut themselves, slip tion manager, first assistant director, TV series on stairs and slippery surfaces etc. creative consultant, television producer and director. Then there are the added hazards that are specific to our industry: breathing atmosphere smoke for long I have also had the opportunity to work on all periods, accidents involving insert cars or process kinds of productions, from industrial films to trailers, accidents from stunts and special effects and documentaries; television commercials to music noise hazards such as loud explosions and gunfire. videos; TV series to Hollywood feature films. All crew members should be aware of the safety isMaking a film is a stressful job and you have sues working on any set. If you have any concerns, to remember that there are many careers and a you should talk to your shop steward, union rep or lot of money on the line every time the camera the 1st AD who is the set Safety Supervisor. rolls. C2) Ask lots of questions – never assume anything. When you enter this business, you are stepping into the world of “entertainment.” TV and mov- Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Like the expression ies are just one part of this “make-believe” envi- says, “The only dumb question is the one that was ronment – dance, theatre and music are some never asked.” If something doesn’t feel right, or it other examples. This is a business of artistic doesn’t ring true, or it doesn’t make sense, ask quesexpression, massive egos and huge amounts of tions. Solve it now. cash – a recipe for disaster if I ever saw one! It is also a business where you can lose your soul Assuming it will all work out “on the day” is wrong. if you’re not careful. If something in the script doesn’t make sense, or you feel something is not working, deal with it right Remember the often cited (and industry change- away. able) quote of Hunter S. Thompson: “The (television) business is a cruel and shallow money Fix it, change it, eliminate it, solve it, get rid of it. trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and Whatever IT is, do something about it before you go pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. to camera. There’s also a negative side.” C3) There are no rules in filmmaking – only sins! Nov/Dec 2013


This is probably my best piece of advice. It’s not origiThis will happen – and sometimes it happen’s nal – it’s a partial quote from the legendary director, a lot. How I deal with this, and suggest you do Frank Capra: the same, is to remember this military expression, “You need to respect the Rank – but you “There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins! And the don’t have to respect the person.” cardinal sin is dullness. C6) Don’t abuse your power – use “Power I want you to always remember this quote, and as you Through” not “Power Over.” get up each morning and walk onto that set, refer to it often! As a First AD, you have a very powerful position in the film industry. The Director hires C4) Listen to the people who know more than you you for your organizational skills and your do. command of the set; the Producers look to you to make sure the movie comes in on time and When was a Second AD on the TV Series “Hitchon budget; the crew look to you for leadership. hiker” in 1985, I had to run the set for the First AD while he did some scheduling. Well, after a bit I got a The “rank” of 1st AD means you get to carry little flustered, as this was my first time running the “a big stick”. But a lot of AD’s will abuse this entire set. power and yell and scream and make everyone’s life miserable. In other words, they will Suddenly I heard my name. When I turned around, take advantage of their position and use their the dolly grip was waving me over to him. As I came power over people. closer, he smiled and said, “Peter, it’s block, light, rehearse, tweak, shoot!” Words I will always remember. My philosophy is to take the other route. In (Thanks Mike!) other words, use “power through.” What this means is to work with your crew and bring The crew work on the set – all the time! That’s what them all together as a team and work it out tothey do. They see directors and First AD’s come and gether. The crew know you are in charge. You go. They know more than you do. Always will. Listen don’t have to flaunt it. to them and you will become a better AD. C5) You have to EARN respect – not demand it.

C7) Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

I read a self-help book once that also had a set The hierarchy of a movie is very much like the hierof ten commandments and one of them was archy of an Army: General’s at the top and Privates at “It’s okay to change your mind.” the bottom. And just like the Army, there are certain people in the higher positions that you are unable to This makes a lot of sense. Especially when get along with. you are a Director or First AD because you are making decisions all the time and some of Directors, 1st AD’s and DOP’s form the “Triumvirate” them may not be the right ones after you get of any movie set. They are the people in charge. And more information or listen to other people. many times you will be faced with the difficult task The problem happens if let your ego get in the of working for months with one (or more) of these way. people who are egotistical, abusive, or sometimes not even very good at their job. Nov/Dec 2013


I did that once. I thought I had the right answer and I didn’t want to change the schedule even though the director and the PM thought we couldn’t make it. Well, they were right and I cost the production money. Not just because I didn’t want to do the extra work, but also because I was afraid the crew would feel I didn’t know what I was doing (which turned out to be correct in this instance anyway.) Lesson learned! C8) A healthy Ego is necessary – self importance is unnecessary. There is an important distinction between Ego and Self-importance. Ego can be defined as “your consciousness of your own identity.” You need an ego in this business because Ego is important for your survival. Ego helps you to believe in yourself, it helps you to get up in the morning knowing that you still have things to learn but you are good at your job and you will get through your day by being fair and respecting others. On the other hand, self-importance (or what I call misplaced ego) is “an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others.” I believe it is this trait (more than anything else) that makes working and surviving in the entertainment industry harder than it has to be. C9) Have a sense of humour – learn to laugh at yourself.

In my experience, the best sets are the ones that have a relaxed and professional atmosphere presided over by a creative director with no insecurity issues; an experienced 1st AD with no attitude problems; and a DOP who loves the collaboration process and realizes that “making a film is not all about the lighting!” Making a movie is hard work, and the occasional break from the stress and intensity of it by a film crew having a laugh pays for itself many times over. I have found that my sense of humour (and my large repertoire of bad jokes) have gotten me through some very difficult times. C10) Take 10 at lunch – and change your socks and shoes. As a First AD you stand on your feet all day. Taking a moment after lunch to change you socks and shoes is a blissful moment – it actually re-energizes you. There is probably some psychological or chemical reason for this that I don’t understand, but whatever it is, try it because it does work! I like to take about 10 – 15 minutes on my own somewhere off set during lunch to have a quiet time. This is where I can “recharge by batteries.” All day you have to be on your game and make hundreds of decisions with the crew constantly asking you questions. Taking time some time for yourself is really, really important to keep your body relaxed and your mind sharp.

This rule should probably be #1 on this list.

Nov/Dec 2013


Ambizion’s Hottest

A Time of THANKS By Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC As we begin to plan and prepare for the upcoming holidays, we often forget to count our blessings and be thankful for the simple things of life. We forget to enjoy the fragrance of a rose and we forget to tell special people in our life how much they mean to us. We get so busy with the activities the holidays bring we forget to spend time with the young and the old. The time is now to stop, reflect, and give thanks for all the things you have. Life is fleeting; we must learn to make the most of each day. While preparing the holiday turkey, cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and home made rolls and desserts, take stock of all that you have to be grateful for. This year prepare a little extra food and take it to someone less fortunate. Be determined to make a difference in the lives you touch with a smile or kind deed. Remember the acronym THANKS as you enjoy this festive time of year. T-take time to be thoughtful with others and attentive to their needs. When you do this, it shows your concern for the well being of others. H-help others by sharing laughter and joy with them. Maintain your sense of humor. I once read laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects. We must find ways to bring happiness and laughter back into our lives and the lives we touch. A-adopt an amiable disposition. Be cordial and friendly with people you meet and greet. Let the sunshine of your personality radiate rays of light to others. N-nurture and cultivate relationships in your life and watch them develop and grow. This is a perfect time to send a note to someone you have been thinking about and thank them for touching your life in a special way. K-kindness is a language everyone understands. Make a point to do random acts of kindness this holiday season without expecting anything in return. This will touch the hearts of people in a special way and you will feel better for doing them. S-seize the moment. There is never a better time than now to stop and make that call, hug that family member or friend, or treat yourself to a day at the spa. The important thing is you do it NOW, don’t wait. Commit to seizing the moment each and every day of your life. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Nancy J. Lewis is the President of Progressive Techniques, Inc. where the theme of her company is “Developing a Better YOU!� She can be reached at (770) 964-5533 or email: nancy@ Sept/Oct 2013


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