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A Logo can help or hurt Your Business: what about your logo:

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Artist Song Demos - How To Break Through And Sell Your Songs!

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Celeb Blogs: A New Tool to Gain Positive Publicity

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Promoting Your Industry with Cheap Flyers

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Cover Story- Cherie Johnson

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What Not To Wear When Doing A TV Interview

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Unlimited And Free Music At Online Radio Stations What You Should Know Before Copying Contracts from the Internet

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The Ambizion Brand

CEO Damitra Stuart

Ambizon Magazine- (Formerly known as Atlanta Ambition Magazine) The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious! Ambizion Television Networks- (on Wisecast Television Channel 519)- (A global cable channel showcasing Independent talent and entertainment) Ambizion Radio- Hosted by Damitra Stuart (Radio talk show on (Survival Radio Network)where celebrities are interviewed about their life experiences aside from fame) Every Tuesday night 10:00-11:00PM EST Ambizion Talent- Talent agency for DIVERSE and Independent talent Ambizion Events- Event planning company catering to Red Carpet and unique events for the Ambizion brand and for clients as well. Ambizion Graphics- Creating logos, websites and etc.for clients since 2011 Ambizion Films- Damitra Stuart herself has created, produced and directed multiple original series for her cable channel Ambizion Television Networks with more projects in the works! Ambizion Apparel- Clothing & Accessory line for the Ambitious and Business Minded. This is a unique and diverse brand that signifies Damitra Stuart and her laid back style for women, men, children and dogs. Ambizion Dollz- Damitra Stuart’s new global organization for professional and ambitious women. First chapter will start in Atlanta Georgia! Ambizion Consulting and Development- I give unique consultations to business/aspiring business owners on how to develop their brands on a UNIQUE level! SRN Entertainment- Damitra Stuart has been offered a new radio branch with Survival Radio Network (Home of Ambizion Radio) called SRN Radio that will be home to a variety of additional radio shows around the world!


Unique Business Consultations & Development

Chuck Brown Photography

With Entrepreneur Damitra “Dee Dee� Stuart CEO of Ambizion Media!

A Logo can help or hurt Your Business: what about your logo: By Charles K When it comes to design a successful logo the key word is “The quality” It is that simple! Trademarks and Logos make up the most international language in the world. An excellent logo design can cross many barriers and provide your organization with a means of delivering to your customers a clear and consistent message. Every successful company has its own \”character\” and just as human character, it can also be very complex. Same is true with your company\’s personality. A successful logo is a means of squeezing a complex reality into a single, simple statement, one that can be controlled, modified, developed and matured over time. Your logo needs to be much more than just a unique mark for your company. It must be a sign of quality, value, and reliability too. A logo must do these things successfully, what about your logo? Recognition: for your company, product, or service. Distinguish: it from the mass of other similar companies. Converse: the information as to your products value and quality.

Add worth: - by causing you to provide a quality service in order to maintain your company\’s reputation. Symbolize: potentially valuable assets. When people see your logo design, can they tell by the design that your product or service is of high quality? If your logo design doesn\’t do these things, then you might need to update it, possibly seeking professional advice as logo is very important as a public image of your company. Is my logo design is truly that essential? Well it is! It is extremely important as your logo is a part of the foundation on which you build your brand. Especially since the recent bang of Internet businesses, but even before that, consumers have an overpowering diversity of choices. Chances are that whatever you are selling, there is something similar to it already available. Chances are there are many companies out there in direct competition with you right now. Yes, there are very few products that are shielded from direct competition.


By Zig Ziglar

Artist Song Demos - How To Break Through And Sell Your Songs! By Tom Gauger

As writers, it’s often difficult to be objective

about writing and any aspect related to writing and creating the demos that are used to shop songs. As a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency, I can tell you that with all of the vast array of talent and gifted writers, only a few make it to the inner circle. There are various reasons for this, but none that come close to what we will spend the remaining time in this article talking about. Many a hopeful writer and artist walked through the doors of William Morris only to find that the magic they thought they had come upon, vanished in a moments notice. Why is that? Why do some get the writers and artist deals with virtually no writing innovation, while others, with up in your face talent, not getting the due recognition and artist album cuts so richly deserved? Let’s spend a few minutes together talking through a few basic concepts to hopefully get you moving in the right direction. As founder of, it is and has always been my goal to see rising talent succeed and make it to the top. We strive to always remain approachable, authoritative with music industry resources and information and provide relevant services such as creating master quality song demos for rising song writers, top notch jingle demos for singers trying to break into singing commercials and effective press kit writing for artists trying to establish their careers. We are already in that mode of how to help singers and writers break through, which is the foundation to why we exist and with all of that in mind, I want to share with you some ideas that will help you get your career jump-started.

Always remember that content is king. You can’t very easily take a story without a decent plot and try to pitch it. Same thing holds true for your writing and career. One of the problems today, is that many would be artists and writers clutter the playing field by utilizing technological advances and use their friends computer, keyboard and mic to record music and think they have a chance. And because music equipment and software has become so affordable, many who would not ordinarily approach the idea of writing or becoming an artist now feel that they have to have their chance at stardom and so the A&R, managers, booking agents and all other ancillary music industry offices are flooded by material that is not even close to being a go. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. The thinking is just because so and so made it, I could make it to. Well that might be true, but for the every one of the so and sos that make it, there are thousands to possibly millions that don’t. Think about that. Go for your dream, but make sure that you have a decent plot to back up your artist story line. Once you have established that you have credible talent, and the fact that you are reading this article is probably a good indication that you have some credible talent, you will want to figure out the best approach to selling your songs, artist deal or break into jingle singing, whatever the case might be. I will tell you, as I’ve stated before, that everyone has their own story to tell in how they broke into the music industry, but I will tell you that there are a few golden concepts that you should employ to increase your odds. Always remember that creativity coupled with authenticity will go along ways in your career. There are so many phony people out there inside the industry and out, that when individuals who are decision makers inside the industry find authentic and truly gifted talent, 9

are decision makers inside the industry find authentic and truly gifted talent, they are pulled to it. Do you have a record cut or a record deal, maybe, maybe not. But the fact that you now have an ally inside the inner circle creates a much broader platform for your career to take off from. The fact that now someone who holds some influence and who has taken a liking to you is strong – really strong. You develop these types of relationships whether at area writer’s meetings, artist showcases, or other various ins that you can find and think of in your area, and you will be well on your way to getting your demos not only listened to, but listened to with interest and on an inside path. Don’t be users. Figure out ways where you can have conversations totally outside the music industry where an individual truly thinks you care – if your career comes up the conversation great, but if not that’s fine to. And if it does come up in the conversation, don’t make a big deal of it. Your song demos have got to be the best no questions asked. Your productions better sound better than what’s on the radio. Figure out the key musicians in your area and produce your song demos with no excuses. I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, that it’s better to have a slimmed down song demo version with an incredible guitar or piano player and vocals that just melt, than a fully produced song demo that’s pretty good. You hear that. Don’t produce pretty good demos – They’re not good enough. When you get the opportunity from a heavy weight in the industry to listen to your song demo, artist demo or jingle reel, it’s far better to have an incredible demo done with a few musical elements that just wow the listener. Chances are you won’t get another chance, and so your listener better remember that your demos not only sound good, but will make him or her look good when they go to pitch your material. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions about demos, what you’ll need and your current writing and artist demos. In closing, and I never feel like I have enough space to cover all of the relevant ideas in a given article, please take these few simple concepts seriously and implement them in your career goals. Don’t get all stirred up about the latest and greatest this or that or your having to be in the “in” musical crowd to get a record deal or to get your songs cut. Just develop authentic relationships and make sure that your song demos, jingle reels and artist demos are simply the best! Please feel free to contact us for any questions you might have!


Celeb Blogs: A New Tool to Gain Positive Publicity By John Benett

The growth of fame and the rise in income

of few selective individuals in the society have sparked a new culture-celeb culture. This celeb culture lends a new definition of achievement to a celebrity and the consumer culture which defines it as a ‘true success'. Celeb culture has validated intrusion in the private lives of the rich and famous criticizing them and at the same time promoting them. The continuous growth of celeb culture has given birth to a new form of virus called ‘celeb gossips'. World of Celeb Journalism People from all class and background today love to relish celeb gossips which in turn has given rise to a new profession called human interest journalism or in other words celeb journalism. The increasing impact of the visual culture on our lives have developed the hunger to know more, to know what takes place once the camera stops rolling on the celebrities. While some celeb gossips are anything but negative journalism, exposing secret affairs, unhappy married lives of the rich celebs. But, some celebs use journalism as a tool to promote or publicize their image. The continuous pressure to gain public recognition and acceptance and the rise of intrusive media, celebs now find it necessary to promote and spread the right words about their individuality. Since people now have access to media they have the potential to judge anyone based on the personal lives of the celebrities which is in a way dangerous. Importance of Celeb Journalism

Thus, many celebs from Politicians, Hollywood actors to Bollywood actors and entertainers have resorted to publishing celeb blogs that speak good words about them. Kolkata celeb brigade too have now joined this trend. Numerous agencies and firms are now mushrooming all over Kolkata who take up the task of writing excellent blogs that help in in promoting the public image of the Tollywood stars. Tollywood is now taking celeb journalism seriously as media continues to spread its hold over the masses. In the last decade, the rise in Internet journalism and web promotional activities had given new meaning and added value to this phenomenon of ‘celeb journalism'. How to Create a Good Celeb Blog? Writing celeb blogs require expert skills and the requirement to have keen interest in celeb lives. One should not only be a master in words but also knowledgeable about the life of a celebrity on is about to write on. Therefore, it takes time and one should carry out research on the celebrity's life and history along with his or her achievements. Upholding the struggles and achievements gives people a fair idea about how tough a celebrity's life is in reality. With the development of technology several tools have been developed to promote the blogs of celebrities. Experts of search engine optimization (SEO) make sure that these blogs are posted in the right platforms so that people get to read them and instantly develop a connection with their favourite stars. Celebrity blogging is an inexpensive form of celeb publicity that has gained huge prominence in the media world today. The rise of celebrity journalism has given impetus to the growth of high profile jobs such as celeb journalist and bloggers Celeb blogging is an art and Tollywood celebrities have embraced it graciously. 13

Every other Thursday night

Promoting Your Industry with Cheap Flyers By Lillianj Wilson

Cheap flyers are a magnificent alternative

for businesses looking for innovative conduct to put up accessible and potential clients. The parable is that cheap flyers aren’t as successful as ones that are resistant and splashed with color and further tradition options. This is just not true. With a little wriggle room and some nudge lubricant, you can still complete huge outcome from printing economical marketing collateral today. Remember these tips for your next order and you’ll be cruising toward success in no time. You wish for your cheap flyers to excel, right? Build sure you’ve assembled a balanced compilation of enjoyable aesthetics such as full color images, logos and designs and comprehensible fonts at your removal. It’s forever a good suggestion to experiment with happy assignment and to start a few combinations of these things in classify to discover the right fit. What kind of convey will your pieces see? Don’t forget to apply the proper coating.

Cheap flyers can be printed on a variety of paper stocks so want the one that best fits your financial plan. Counterbalance and digital printing are future to make your fallout look better than you can imagine so there’s for all time room to tweak other things when it comes to printing effectual security. At the very least, you should be order in bulk as that will reduce the price per unit and provide you plenty occasion to amass a supply for prospect use. Often printers will give out discounts for the more quantities you acquire so ask them about their present deals before you make some selections. Originality goes a long way when bearing in mind cheap flyers as a marketing direction. This means creating the proper message and receiving people to react a certain way to your section. It also income tying things like pictures into that message to create amazing that’s exciting to the public. Don’t just print them for the sake of printing them - create a campaign that revolves in the region of a certain theme and keep aggressive it. Your clientele are sure to get become attentive of.

A large way to decrease your costs while maintaining your constructive company intentions is to take benefit of any free online templates that are accessible. A lot of times sure design services can cost you extra. Bring your original spirit to the front location and arrange you’re happy according to your personal principles. After all, you’re the only person whose opinions substance the most as far as the last product goes. celebrity news. 15


When people think of Zharia Nicole they think of a cute 5 year old little girl. When People think of Z’Nicole they think of a force ragging storm. A 5 year old CEO. When she’s not walking the runway or hosting an event, Zharia is in business mode. Her real passion is helping others. On Saturday’s between casting calls, rehearsals & shows she helps sort donations for the homeless, and on Mondays she’s out feeding the homeless as well as distributing clothing, shoes, toiletries etc that she has helped sort. Zharia has requested a movie/book be written for her. Which is currently in the works. Her current request is called ZHARIA’S HEART, her new organization in which she is looking to help homeless kids throughout the year with shoes, clothes, school supplies etc. Her website is currently under construction. Zharia’s going to need the public’s help in making sure. Any questions regarding Zharia’s Heart please sent request to


be the host of your own radio show!

Cover Story

Cherie Johnson Nancy Klausner Mrs. Georgia US United and CEO of Higher Family Achievement

Where are you from? A small town right out side of Pittsburgh PA called Duquesne! I am an east coast girl all day every day! How did your parents influence you growing up? I was raised by a single mother who taught me to be strong, driven and depend on nobody but myself ever! She taught me I was the only person in this world that wouldn’t disappoint me. She told me early on there was nothing in this world I couldn’t do and I believed her. That’s why I try everything I want to. Everything I try doesn’t always succeed (like my restaurant) but I don’t feel like I failed because I tried and learned a lot of valuable lessons in the process. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be an architect! Hahahah George Gaines (The father character on Punky Brewster) would bring me back architect books from his travels abroad and I would love them. My mom has a old Ebony magazine where I was doing a interview talking about when I grew up I was going to build big beautiful buildings. But my interview was about a movie I had just completed with Cicely Tyson, Michael Warren and Gary Coleman called “Playing With Fire”. I totally didn’t understand I was living my dream and would later in life appreciate that whole experience more than my words could ever express. Once I got to college I realized I had a 15- year career and I wasn’t really interested in starting all over. I worked 12-14 hour days night classes were killing me. That evening I had that talk with myself was the last time I went to class hahaha I woke up the next morning went back to work and figured one day I will build my own house the way I want too. I did and I’m over

What lead you to the road that you are on now business wise? I didn’t understand fame until I was 30 years old. People put me into this Child box and I needed to find a way to break out so I figured being on the business end would give me more control of my future. Waiting on other people to give you a job sucks especially when your thirty but everyone still treats you like your 10 years old. I couldn’t let anyone control my destiny so I started writing and producing films instead of waiting on someone to give me a job. Writing my film I Do…I Did turned into me writing novels, then writing for magazines. Now I am the executive director of Dimez magazine and my fourth book “Stupid Guys Diary” that drops in August. Tell me about your business. Which business? I have several there are so many things I want to do I refuse to limit myself. I assist in running Dimez Magazine, which is great because I work with my good friend turned my boss Anthony Bell. I get to interview a lot of my friends while exercising my writing muscle. I also get to help dress them and at times I am such a girl I love clothes and accessories. I am a huge sports fan and I write a sports article so I get to interview guys that I admire. I started my own publishing company last year when I released my book “Peaches and Cream”. This year I will have two beautiful female authors’ books coming out under my company. My hairdresser and I have partnered up to bottle natural hair oil that she has used on my hair for over 20 years called Wild Cherry. She thought it was cute to make my hair smell like cherries because that is my name come to find out Cherry is a natural growth agent. 20

I got tired of girls asking me “What kind of hair do you use?” and men saying” Dang ma is that all you?” Like black people can’t grow their own natural hair! Everyone doesn’t have a weave nor do they want one. So I want to help those people achieve natural healthy hair. I am a part of an Emmy nominated web series called The Bay. Another called The Therapist and just was hired to do a show called Pick and Roll that will air on Punch TV. Then I have an amazing makeup artist who airbrushed me a pair of heels a couple of years back as a gift. Every time I wore them women would ask where they came from. He started doing custom orders and I encouraged him that they should be mass produced long story short we have gotten more sophisticated than air brush with the birth of “Road Rage Shoes.” I have my own collection under the parent company “Cherie Bombs”! www. If anyone in business could be your mentor who would it be? Jerry Bruckheimer totally has the career I wish to parallel. He is an amazing producer with an outstanding body of work. He’s not all in the limelight but has defiantly made his mark in the industry and in people’s hearts. I would love for him to teach me how he stays consistent with putting out hit after hit.

How do you balance family life with your career? I am blessed to be a part of an awesomely supportive family. I am absent from some very important things like graduations and weddings but my family understands my job. Every chance I get you will catch me at my niece or nephews soccer or basketball games. I am also lucky enough that I have jobs where they can come wherever I am and see me. Where do you see yourself in the next year? 2014 I see myself flourishing as a businesswoman, my brands growing into household names. I have a couple films that will be releasing where I was actress and a producer. I hope to be married and a mother. The goal is to be producing at least 1 network TV show and driving a Ferrari. What is Your Ambizion? (Legacy) To entertain, inspire and help people.

What do you love most about your career? That I have made amazing memories that are surreal for a girl that comes from where I’m from. My life has been really a dream that was given me the ability to travel, see the world and live freely. I never get homesick. Having the privilege to have grown up in people homes even if it was on TV has set a foundation to have friends all over the world. TV seems to be more personal than films because it’s in your home so I’m not a stranger to people. True I don’t know them but I feel like I don’t meet strangers often. 21

What Not To Wear When Doing A TV Interview By Joanne Mallon

Don’t wear all black. You’ll look as though you’re

disappearing into a hole. This often throws women into a panic, as we love the slimming properties of black, particularly when TV will make you look slightly heavier than you are in real life. Black trousers or skirt will normally be fine as a filmed interview will generally concentrate on your top half, but do go for a color on top if you can. • Don’t wear all white. It makes TV lights bounce back and you’ll look as though you just descended from the heavens on a cloud. • Don’t wear anything with a very small pattern such as pin-stripes, tweed or polka dots. Again, it has a strange effect on TV lights known as strobing. Men should avoid pinstripe shirts – bring a change of clothes if you’re not sure. • No visible logos of companies or brands (watch out for this particularly on sportswear) as this may be regarded as advertising. You may be asked to change if a logo is too obvious. • Avoid buying a new outfit the day before and acting as if you’re going to a job interview. If you feel too stiff and formal in your clothes this will affect how you express yourself. • If you can’t decide what to wear, bring a change of clothes – plenty of people do and it can be a good idea if your original choice turns out to be unsuitable. • Ask if there are any colors you should avoid wearing. This can happen if they clash with the set, or if an effect called Chroma Key is to be used – this is the effect which is used as the basis of some special effects, where a particular color is replaced by pictures.

The usual colors affected by this are green and blue (this is why it’s commonly known as blue screen effects). So if you were in a studio where this effect was being used and you happened to be wearing a blue tie, you could look as if you had a big hole in the middle of your body, which will probably not enhance your corporate image. • Above all, ensure that however you look is congruent with how you want to come across – if your message is sober and serious, dress appropriately. Likewise, if your message is fun and frivolous you can probably leave the navy suit at home. Some TV professionals reckon that wearing pastel colors can make you look younger, but you may not necessarily want to look younger, especially if you’re appearing in an expert role. It’s worthwhile bearing these guidelines in mind any time you meet a member of the media, even if it’s non-visual interview such as radio or print. How you look will still have an impact on how you are perceived, so make sure you give the impression you intend to on all levels. And in case you were wondering, it is true that television can make you look as if you’re a few pounds heavier than you are in real life. It’s all to do with the fact that a TV picture is made up of a series of horizontal lines, and other technical reasons I won’t bore you with. Suffice to say, when you meet people who regularly appear on TV, they often look much smaller and slimmer than you might expect – this is because many TV presenters (especially female ones) decide to keep as skinny as possible in order to look regular size on the box.


Now, how you regard this is up to you. I’m not telling you this so you can all rush out and join Weight Watchers. It’s just something else about the process to be aware of and take into consideration. You don’t have to look a particular way or be a particular weight to appear on TV, but it will help your over-all performance if you are happy in your own skin, whatever size that may be.


New upcoming Reality TV Show based on strong business women who strive for success on their own. Created by TITRA LAMPLEY

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Unlimited And Free Music At Online Radio Stations By Nfcwireless

Synonymously known as e-radio, web radio and streaming radio, the Internet radio is web-based audio

service, offering a wide variety of songs of different genres. With no hassle of accessibility from any part of the world, the Internet radio stations have become most preferred platforms to listen to songs for the people today. To make sure that audiences stick to their websites, these radio stations also offer additional services such as news, movie/celebrity gossips and sports related information. This way, we come to know that an audience goes through true blend of entertainment pleasure at online radio's website. Most of the time, the moment you visit on such music dedicated website, you listen songs being cranked up automatically! We observe that the number of people who use internet and computer systems has increased fast. This has subsequently paved the path of online radio stations towards succeeding, as users are getting aware of their existence. Considering that music is one of the most fundamental necessities of life, being aware of the source that provides songs cost free is really appreciative and great to go for. In this context, prioritizing web radio seems to be an ingrained virtue of people worldwide. Though we have sources such as MP3 DVD, CD, M-TV channels and other sources of music, but comparing their relevance in front of online music sources, we come to the conclusion that e-radios has almost dominance on them. Why? Because the offline sources of listening songs have aversion from audiences as they are inclined to the web sources. But that doesn't mean to demean the prominence of these offline sources aforesaid. Of course, they have their importance and online sources have their own in the context of entertainment. The web radios give you unlimited access of songs of whatsoever genres. For instance, just visit at radio zirandaro and find yourself being welcomed by sweet songs being cranked up there at its website. Without yours giving any cost in return of listening favorite songs, you can enjoy yourself to your best. In addition, the website also lets you access gossips of different kinds including sports and entertainment. You will find users commenting on a post there. People from Mexico and tierra caliente or audiences from other countries can have free access to the e-radio channel using internet service. So, basically your presence on radio zirandaro never goes into a monotonous experience. Hence, prioritizing web-radio stations is best way to access countless songs and beats cost free. Moreover, they are very comfy to listen to. 30

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Thomana Evans Flores

Ambizion Shout Out To the mother of 7 for recieving her Masters Degree! Congratulations Thomana!!!

What You Should Know Before Copying Contracts from the Internet By Nina L. Kaufman

Copying contracts from the Internet is a bit like wearing your old cousin’s hand-me-down dresses . . . in order to walk into a bee’s nest (an incongruous image, I know): yes, you’re \"covered,\" but the style is outdated and they usually don’t fit you well. Plus, they won’t provide you with the protection you need for your particular purpose. Most small businesses can’t afford the Versace of contracts, and, frankly, it’s often not necessary. Sometimes, Kmart will do nicely. However, when you download something for free, it’s usually worth what you paid for it. Internet contracts need to be mended and altered to make sure they truly fit how you want to do business. But if you have limited experience in making clothing, you risk having the garment unravel at the seams if you try to do it yourself.

So the time was right to transition to her new stage of life. But her LLC agreement only allowed her to leave the business (1) if she had died (which she hadn’t) or (2) as long as her co-owner agreed (which she didn’t). In short, Jemma’s agreement had no meaningful \"exit strategy.\" And Jemma did not know that these were among the issues she needed to focus on in creating and signing such an agreement. There were a whole host of things that the LLC agreement did not include, such as how to deal with the client base that each owner brought to the business, how to place a dollar value on the intellectual property that each owner contributed, and how to leave the business should life changes (other than Jemma’s death) arise. Jemma’s agreement didn’t cover any of these issues. In the face of an irate business partner and an insufficient agreement, Jemma found herself staring down the barrels of (1) a lengthy and expensive lawsuit to dissolve the business or (2) a less expensive (but more costly than it needed to have been) way to extricate herself from her business partner.

In the interest of saving money, you may have downloaded a freebie contract from the Internet. But it’s often what you don’t know -- and what’s not included in the document -- that can hurt you. Internet contracts can be helpful resources for identifying issues for you to think about, but are usually not well thought out, nor are they tailored to the needs of your particular business. If an agreement is not drafted in your favor, Similar things can happen with even the it may not give you the flexibility and protection that simplest of contracts with your customers. you really need from your business relationships. Download from the Internet all you like, but recognize that the document you copy (1) For example, I’ve know of business owners who have may not reflect the most recent changes in the formed limited liability companies (LLCs) and have law (how will you know? -- ask a lawyer!); (2) downloaded their ownership agreements from the may contain provisions that are harmful to Internet. When \"Jemma\" got hers from a freebie In- your business (or omit ones that could help ternet site, it looked long enough and comprehensive you), and (3) may not properly reflect how enough, so she and her co-owner (neither of whom you want to do business with your customare lawyers) signed it. Four months later, Jemma ers. Internet contracts may raise some of the wanted to move to a different state to accommodate important issues, without a doubt. But they her husband’s career path; plus, Jemma learned that don’t necessarily deal she was pregnant.


with the specific issues of your situation. In short, when downloading from the Internet: \"one size fits all\" usually means that \"one size fits none.\" How to avoid this pitfall: ideally, by working with an attorney who really understands the legal issues that small businesses face. Although some entrepreneurs may try to economize with a do-it-yourself approach, they often end up costing themselves more because they are not trained, as attorneys are, to spot the issues and problems that can harm them. Taking the time to find a lawyer who meets your needs is one of the best investments you will ever make in the growth of your business. Find out more about how to hire and work with attorneys -- and keep your costs down -- by listening to the free audio class available through With the help of your lawyer, you can start to make the smart decisions that will protect your company and save you money!


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