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Unique Business Consultations & Development

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With Entrepreneur Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart CEO of Ambizion Media!

be the host of your own radio show!

Table of Contents Need Help Coming Up With Unique Ideas for Your New or Current Business? Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart’s Bio The Ambizion Brand Damitra’s Past & Present Work Experience Business Consultation Menu Itinerary Planning and Trip Development

Ambizion Consulting & Development

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Need Help Coming Up With Unique Ideas for Your New or Current Business? With almost 20 years of experience being a business consultant, owning a chain of cleaning businesses in 8 states for 13 years along with other companies she has owned at the same time, being involved with additional genres of business, being connected and owning the Ambizion brand, Ambizion Media CEO Damitra Stuart will help you with that! Her goal is NOT to run your business but HELP you come up with unique options, ideas and solutions and help develop or change direction with your company or brand so you too can stand out in a crowd and take notice amongst all the other companies doing the same thing that you do!

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Ambizion Consulting & Development

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Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart’s Bio

Ingenious business ventures were not the only things that comprised Damitra’s arsenal. As an avid dog lover, in 2006, Damitra invented and sold a portable dog potty called, “Porty Pooch”. She marketed and sold the invention to ten (10) of her neighbors for $20.00 while attempting to provide a larger scale distribution to a merchant in Buckhead, Ga. This novice yet entrepreneurial attempt to leverage her idea resulted in the loss of her invention. Nevertheless, her multimillion dollar idea was repackaged and is currently being used as portable potty for dogs world-wide! She also started her event planning company Just Peachy Events in 2006 where she planned, coordinated and organized themed /corporate events and weddings which she operated until 2010.

Damitra (Dee Dee) Simmons-Stuart is originally from El Paso Texas. The 36 year old has always been passionate about business and as early as 5 years old she aspired to be successful and has been interested in a variety of things. In 1999 while attending college at University of Texas El Paso, Damitra was a campus DJ at KTEP Radio, interned with channel 9 NBC News, worked for Providian Financial Services as a sales representative ( i.e. she received the state-wide award for the #1 sales rep in Texas). In pursuit of increased entrepreneurial and income opportunities, Damitra started her first business called Dee Dee’s Cleaning. While growing the business, she continued to work second jobs to acquire additional skills and learn more trades. In 2002, not only did Damitra work as a Veterinarian Technician while owning her business, she assumed a part-time job as an office manager with The Northeast Community Bugle Publishing Company in El Paso, Texas. While working as the office manager, Damitra requested additional responsibilities and asked to create her own publication. The publishing company afforded Damitra with the one opportunity to prove her abilities; and she happened to do it successfully! She created a monthly magazine called, Tyght which showcased Fort Bliss, Texas, a huge, predominantly African American military base inside of El Paso, Texas. When the publishing company began to go belly up, Damitra decided to start her own company named, D&D Publishing Company where she continued the Tyght publication for an entire year. In 2004, Damitra’s vision for Dee Dee’s Cleaning expanded. Her love for business and growth resulted in eight branches of her cleaning company. Starting with her first location in El Paso, Texas, Damitra’s business eventually expanded the nation from New Mexico to Denver; Athens to Atlanta; and lastly, Tampa to Los Angeles. At the end of 2010, Damitra dissolved Dee Dee’s Cleaning Company.

On January 1, 2011, Damitra debuted Atlanta Ambition Magazine & TV. Atlanta Ambition Magazine & TV is an online lifestyle magazine focusing on women who are either business owners; occupy prestigious titles in business, or individuals who aspire to become successful in the Atlanta area. Although the magazine initially targeted an Atlanta-based audience, its’ content had become contagious, captivating viewers, nation-wide. Ambizion Graphics came next and in the fall of 2011 she started her own web series on You Tube called “Hanging with Dee Dee” where she covered her own version of news footage! Damitra’s casual yet authentic style allowed her to conduct interviews with women from all walks of life. ​

These interesting and dynamic women comfortably shared their life successes and challenges, transparently unveiling their road to victory. It is definitely Damitra’s sincere passion of getting to know others, and her love of interviewing that resonates so loudly during each interview which led to her being discovered by Wisecast Television executives who offered Damitra her own global digital channel that she named Ambizion Television Networks on channel 519. Ambizion Television Networks premiered on May 19th 2012 (her birthday) and spotlights Independent talent in front and behind the scenes for people who are Indie filmmakers, screenwriters and music artists.

Ambizion Consulting & Development



Two months later in July Damitra became the host of her own entertainment talk radio show called Ambizion Radio on Survival Radio Network, a radio show where she interviews celebrities about life journeys and experiences aside from fame and she has captured listeners all of the globe! The re-vamp of her talent agency Ambizion Talent soon followed and she then decided to return to event planning in the fall of 2012 opening up Ambizion Events where she coordinates and creates unique red carpet events around the Atlanta area and travel as well as promotion and throwing events out of venues and clubs. She is also the owner of her own clothing line called Ambizion Apparel which she designed clothes for men, women, children and dogs and will soon work on a fragrance, shoes, handbags and jewelry! Damitra is an Ambitious force that just keeps on going and her work ethic is so positively recognized that she was recently offered her own radio network branch from Survival Radio Network (Home of Ambizion Radio) called SRN Entertainment to start her own network and variety of shows! In addition to catering to her rapidly growing global audience, in January 2013 she premiered the new re-vamped Atlanta Ambition Magazine to Ambizion Magazine “The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious� and this magazine is now global catering to men and women doing AMBITIOUS things! Damitra has also began to get back into business consulting as well starting Ambizion Consulting & Development, her consulting firm that helps brand new businesses or established to take their business to a whole unique and different level! Damitra has always been passionate about people following their dreams and people being united especially with business women and that is why she is also creating a worldwide organization for women in business called Ambizion Dollz. She will always be a proud spokesperson to others who like herself have had a rebellious past or made mistakes in their past life to ensure them to follow your destiny no matter the obstacle and it can happen if you only have faith. Trust and believe you have not heard the last from Ambizion Media or Damitra Stuart more to come!!

Ambizion Consulting & Development



The Ambizion Brand

Ambizon Magazine- (Formerly known as Atlanta Ambition Magazine) The Lifestyle Magazine for the Unique and Ambitious! Ambizion Television Networks- (on Wisecast Television Channel 519)- (A global cable channel showcasing Independent talent and entertainment) Ambizion Radio- Hosted by Damitra Stuart (Radio talk show on (Survival Radio Network)where celebrities are interviewed about their life experiences aside from fame) Every Tuesday night 10:00-11:00PM EST Ambizion Talent- Talent agency for DIVERSE and Independent talent Ambizion Events- Event planning company catering to Red Carpet and unique events for the Ambizion brand and for clients as well. Ambizion Graphics- Creating logos, websites and etc.for clients since 2011 Ambizion Films- Damitra Stuart herself has created, produced and directed multiple original series for her cable channel Ambizion Television Networks with more projects in the works! Ambizion Apparel- Clothing & Accessory line for the Ambitious and Business Minded. This is a unique and diverse brand that signifies Damitra Stuart and her laid back style for women, men, children and dogs. Ambizion-Apparel/349575235133235?fref=ts Ambizion Dollz- Damitra Stuart’s new global organization for professional and ambitious women. First chapter will start in Atlanta Georgia! Ambizion Consulting and Development- I give unique consultations to business/aspiring business owners on how to develop their brands on a UNIQUE level! SRN Entertainment- Damitra Stuart has been offered a new radio branch with Survival Radio Network (Home of Ambizion Radio) called SRN Radio that will be home to a variety of additional radio shows around the world! http://www.facebook. com/pages/SRN-Entertainment-Radio-Powered-By-Ambizion-Media/385424238231277?fref=ts

Ambizion Consulting & Development



Damitra’s Past & Present Work Experience 1.

University of El Paso Texas Radio Disc Jockey 1999-2001

2. Communications, Reporter and Broadcasting Intern for Channel 9 NBC News KTSM (El Paso, TX) 1999-2001 3.

Veterinarian Technician (Experienced with pet related companies) 2002-2004

4. Sales & Marketing 1994- Present (received state-wide recognition for #1 sales rep in Texas 2001 for Providian Financial 5. CEO of Dee Dee’s Cleaning (Chain of House Cleaning and carpet cleaning companies) also attended Real Estate school and worked with dozens of realtors and incorporated with cleaning businesses 1997-2010 Locations in…. El Paso, TX Las Cruces, NM Tampa, FL Denver, CO Atlanta, GA Athens, GA Los Angeles, CA 6.

Office Management Consulting & Business Development 2002-2010


Publishing Company and Publisher of D&D Publishing 2003-2005

8. Media Publications... Tyght Magazine 2003-2005, Atlanta Ambition Magazine Jan 2011-Jan 2013, Ambizion Magazine Jan 2013-Present 9. Event/Wedding Planner (Just Peachy Events & Entertainment) (Now Ambizion Events) (Corporate & Non-Corporate events and functions) 2004-Present 10. CEO of SB Telemarketing ( Nationwide Inbound message call center for businesses, doctors and lawyers ) 2006-2009 11. Itinerary Nerds- Itinerary & Trip planning for individuals, business people and families based on interests and hobbies! 2006-Present 12.

Graphic Designer and Web Builder 2006-Present


Television , Web Show Development, Talent Manager/Agent 2011-Present


Radio Show Host & Radio Director 2012-Present


CEO of Ambizion Media 2012-Present

I am open minded with multiple businesses behind my belt and can help you develop ANY LEGAL business with my experience please do not hesitate to GOOGLE me for research or contact me about ANY business related questions! Ambizion Consulting & Development



Business Consultation Menu (Contact Damitra “Dee Dee” Stuart for Rate Sheet) Available Local in Atlanta, GA and I Will Travel

All Business Consultations Include……………… Networking Tips & Connects to the RIGHT People to Further Your Business Path (Business) Breakdown Brainstorming Concepts Order & Plan of Action All Access Promotions with Ambizion Media for life of relationship (one time appointments FREE 1 month advertising choice of Magazine, Radio & Cable TV) Possible Future Business Ventures

Appointments One Time Appointments Available in Half Hr, 1 Hr and 2 Hr Appointments Skype Consultation Phone Conference General Face to Face Meeting in Person (After screening & Varification of Business)

Regular Appointments Available in Half Hr, 1 Hr and 2 Hr Appointments Monthly (can be broken down in hrs or half hours) 4 Times per Month (can be broken down in hrs or half hours) 2 Times per Week (can be broken down in hrs or half hours)

Business Meals

(Business Lunch or Dinner Consultations at Penthouse Studio Kitchen prepared by Ambizion’s Celebrity Entertainment Chef Robert Stewart! ) 2 hr Appointments

For more info & rate sheet please contact me at Ambizion Consulting & Development



Itinerary Planning and Trip Development Planning a trip out of town? Let me plan your trip and make sure you have a memorable experience! Tired of the Same Boring Business Trips? Tired of the Same Family Vacations? Going to an Unpopular Location and don’t know what to do? Looking For A romantic Trip? Ambizion Itineraries, formally known as itinerary Nerds is owned by Damitra Dee Dee Stuart and she has been planning vacations and trips for clients for over 6 years and all trips are planned according to your interests, hobbies and purpose! Her job is to surpass the typical tourist attractions (of course still will be added to itineraries if requested by client) and find spots and locations based on the client’s personality and interests! For information and rates please contact Dee Dee at or 1-888-702-3390

Ambizion Consulting & Development

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Unique Business Consulting & Development w/ Entrepreneur Damitra "Dee Dee" Stuart  

Business Consulting by CEO of Ambizion Media Damitra "Dee Dee' Stuart