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Towanda Braxton The Reality TV Star Talks about the launch of her new Agency!

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Damitra Simmons-Stuart CEO/Creator/ Publisher


Ingenious business ventures were not the only things that comprised Damitra’s arsenal. As an avid dog lover, in 2006, Damitra invented and sold a portable dog potty called, “Porty Pooch”. She marketed and sold amitra (Dee Dee) Simmons-Stuart is the invention to ten (10) of her neighbors for $20.00 originally from El Paso Texas. The 36 year older has while attempting to provide a larger scale distribution always been passionate about business and at an early to a merchant in Buckhead, Ga. This novice yet entreage aspired to be successful and interested in a variety preneurial attempt to leverage her idea resulted in the of things. In 1999 while attending college at University loss of her invention. Nevertheless, her multimillion of Texas El Paso, Damitra was a campus DJ at KTEP dollar idea was repackaged and is currently being used Radio, interned with channel 9 NBC News, worked for as portable potty for dogs world-wide! Providian Financial Services as a sales representative ( i.e. she received the state-wide award for the #1 sales On January 1, 2011, Damitra created Atlanta Ambirep in Texas). In pursuit of increased entrepreneurial tion Magazine & TV. Atlanta Ambition Magazine & and income opportunities, Damitra started her first busi- TV is an online lifestyle magazine focusing on women ness called Dee Dee’s Cleaning. While growing the who are either business owners; occupy prestigious business, she continued to work second jobs to acquire titles in business, or individuals who aspire to become additional skills and learn more trades. In 2002, not successful in the Atlanta area. Although the magaonly did Damitra work as a Vetenerian Technician while zine initially targeted an Atlanta-based audience, its’ owning her business, she assumed a part-time job as an content has become contagious, captivating viewers, office manager with The Northeast Community Bugle nation-wide. As the host of a You Tube web series Publishing Company in El Paso, Texas. While workcalled, “Hanging with Dee Dee”, Damitra covers her ing as the office manager, Damitra requested additional own version of news footage! Damitra’s casual yet responsibilities and asked to create her own publication. authentic style allows her to conduct interviews with women from all walks of life. These interesting and The publishing company afforded Damitra with the dynamic women comfortably share their life successes one opportunity to prove her abilities; and she happened and challenges, transparently unveiling their road to to do it successfully! She created a monthly magazine victory. It is definitely Damitra’s sincere passion of called, Tyght which showcased Fort Bliss, Texas, a getting to know others, and her love of interviewing huge, predominantly African American military base that resonates so loudly during each interview. Howinside of El Paso, Texas. When the publishing comever, Damitra does not solely focus on a woman’s pany began to go belly up, Damitra decided to start success; she tends to be most interested in understandher own company named, D&D Publishing Company ing the road that led them to their journey! She also where she continued the Tyght publication for an entire started Epic Graphixx in the summer of 2011 where year. In 2004, Damitra’s vision for Dee Dee’s Cleaning she specializes in graphic and web design! expanded. Her love for business and growth resulted in eight branches of her cleaning company. Starting with Damitra is currently a junior at Westwood College her first location in El Paso, Texas, Damitra’s business studying Visual Communications and Design and has eventually expanded the nation from New Mexico to her own cable channel called Ambizion Television Denver; Athens to Atlanta; and lastly, Tampa to Los An- Networks on Wisecast Television Channel 519 as well geles. At the end of 2010, Damitra dissolved Dee Dee’s as her own production company called D Renee ProCleaning Company. ductions and 2 radio shows premiering this summer.

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Combating Stress J Whaley- Singer, Songwriter, Producer

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What Does Your Decorating Style Say About Your Decorating Taste?

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Intrauterine Devices – The How and The Why By

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A Virtuous Woman: Does She Exist Now?

July 2012

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3. Design a road map. Once you have set your goal, what steps do you need to take to achieve it? For example, suppose you’re a staff writer for a PR firm looking to start a home-based public relations writing business. Where do you begin? Start by putting your goal -- your destination -- down on paper. Next to your goal, write a deadline as to when you want to Commit to YOUR Entrepreneurial Dreams achieve it. Then ask yourself what you need to do to reach your destination. How much money should you By Bonnie Ross-Parker save? What research do you need to complete? What training or formal education should you acquire? By writing down your goal and planning action steps to achieve it, you’ll increase your conviction and ou’ve dreamed of starting a home busi- determination to break free from your comfort zone at ness so you can “call the shots,” set your own whatever the cost. schedule, and enjoy unlimited wealth-building potential. If you’re like most Americans, however, 4. Identify your hurdles and challenges. one barrier is keeping you from turning your dream What’s keeping you from stepping out of your comfort into a lucrative reality – your comfort zone. zone? List your answers on paper. Then for each ob In one ear, a voice whispers all the benefits stacle, brainstorm at least ten possible solutions. that come from being your own boss. In the other ear, a voice reminds you of how good you have it For example, suppose one of your obstacles is the now working for someone else – a steady paycheck, fear of criticism. Ask yourself, “What can I do to overpaid vacations and health care benefits. come this barrier?” One solution is to repeat affirmations What the second voice neglects to point out such as, “I like myself . . . I like myself” over and over is how much you’re missing in life by not embrac- until you are so confident in yourself that you no loning risk. How do you snuff out this voice of “status ger feel fettered by other people’s attitudes toward you. quo” to move forward in life? What can you do Remember, don’t stop with one or two solutions – go for to break free from your comfort zone to achieve all ten. Usually your most creative ideas come in the last greater success? few. When you pin-point the barriers that keep you in 1. Define your dream. What do you want your comfort zone, you enhance your capability to overfor your future? Do you want more time to spend come them. with family or greater freedom to travel the globe? What would make life more fulfilling to you? The 5. Find a mentor. Before Roger Bannister broke more specific your dream, the more likely you’ll be the four-minute mile barrier in the 1950’s, the world to attain it. thought it was an unachievable goal. A few days after 2. Determine the right vehicle to make Bannister’s ground-breaking performance, several other your dream a reality. Read business opportunity runners broke the once “impossible” barrier. How could magazines and books to see what kind of ventures this happen? Bannister’s accomplishment abolished the interest you. Talk with people you know who run self-imposed limitations in the minds of the other milers home-based businesses. Find out why they chose as they saw first-hand that breaking four minutes was retheir particular industries to help you in deciding ally possible. what type of business you want for yourself. Re This is the kind of impact a good mentor will search what initial investment you need to make have on you. The accomplishments of this person will and the income potential you should expect. The inspire you to achieve great things yourself. You will more clearly you identify your target, the more con- gain practical wisdom on how to overcome barriers to fidence you’ll have in your ability to hit it, giving success specific to your business. A mentor will encouryou the psychological boost you need to take the age and motivate you to move full-speed ahead toward first step out of your comfort zone. your goals.


July 2012

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6. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Who you spend time with strongly influences whether or not you break out of your comfort zone. People who don’t understand the entrepreneurial life (and don’t care to) will hold you back. These people say things like, “Why don’t you come back down to earth.” Or, “You better keep your day job.” Look for friends who know the ups and downs of running a home-based business and can offer the insight and encouragement you need to propel you out of your comfort zone toward your business dream. 7. Always think positive. If a boxer, during a match, allows any negative thoughts to enter his mind, he’s doomed for defeat. Why? Negative thoughts undermine his confidence. Instead of thinking of what he needs to do to win, he begins to panic. His fears become self-fulfilling prophecies, and within a few punches, he’s knocked out. The same goes for entrepreneurs. If you allow negative thoughts to prevail, you’ll undermine the confidence you need to break free from your comfort zone. Even when you muster up enough courage to pursue your dream; fear, doubt, and worry will quickly shove you back. Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Never allow “I can’t” to spring up in your mind. Think “I can, and I will!” Read books on personal development and attend seminars by top motivational speakers. This way, you fill your mind with high-octane thoughts that will fuel your desire and enhance your ability to achieve great things outside your comfort zone. 8. Commit for the long-haul. Don’t take a “try and see” approach because when times get tough in the early stages – as they do in any start-up business – you’ll feel compelled to give up your dream to find a more stable “real job.” Draft a contract to yourself. State your goal and list the steps you need to take to get there. Then commit, for a period of at least one year, to do the activities you need to do to succeed in your business. When you make a long-term commitment, you’ll develop a strong belief in yourself. Nothing will be able to hold you back from pursuing your dream.

Bonnie Ross-Parker, multi-dimensional entrepreneur, author/speaker and CEO/Founder of The Joy of Connecting. Reach Bonnie through either website: or www.

Why stay in your comfort zone? How can anyone be fulfilled in life by dwelling in a cocoon of mediocrity? Take the first step toward your entrepreneurial dream, no matter what your fears. Over time, the knots in your stomach will dissipate and you’ll see your dream materialize into a profitable reality.

July 2012

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On Survival Radio Network 4. Acknowledge & Release Your Guilt:

Ambizion News and entertainment radio Survivor guilt is not just some theory cooked up by doctorate students in search of a dissertation topic, it is very real. Our co-workers often become like extended members of our families. We know of the challenges they face in their personal lives; challenges that the job loss will most likely amplify, and our concern for them will illicit feelings of grief that we survived and they didn’t. Acknowledge this feeling and then release it. Allowing it to take root makes it more difficult to keep things moving in a forward motion, and if left unchecked can develop into an attitude of resentment toward the organization, which certainly does not benefit any of the parties involved. 5. Continue to Invest in the Company’s Success: Generally layoffs are done to keep the business viable from a financial standpoint. Commit yourself to doing your part to help the organization in this mission. This is not the time to pull back, or disengage. Now is the time to take a strategic and proactive approach to helping shore up the fiscal standing of the company. Look for opportunities in your purview to make a positive impact on the Company’s bottom-line; either by making or saving money. This investment in the company’s success will prompt out-of-box thinking, and potentially pay dividends for all of the company’s stakeholders.

Every Tuesday Night 10:00-11:00 PM EST

Call in @ (917) 932-1078

With Host Damitra Stuart

Rhonda C. Hight is President/Owner, Let’s Talk, LLC & LT Productions

Entertainment Just Got More Entertaining!


Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters & Directors

Initially, it’s a good idea to request a meeting with your manager. Discussing next steps for the business can minimize the fear of the unknown, and help you feel reassured about what to expect, and help you focus on moving forward. Additionally, The author of “How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What’s Left of Your Career”, Jason Seiden, outlines 5 steps that layoff survivors can take to move past the emotions that the loss of co-workers, accompanied by significant change in the organization brings about.

1. Offer Assistance: Utilize your personal network (internally & externally) to assist former colleagues with their job search. Make it a point to setup virtual introductions for them with Drama/Comedy Documentary/Talk Shows Inspirational/DIY key players in your network, or share leads on open positions that you become aware of. One of the most valuable things you can do is to be a supportive ear for You’ve Survived....Now What? them. They too (more so than the survivors) will experience the 5 Stages Dr. Kubler-Ross described, and havBy Rhonda C. Hight ing someone as a sounding board can help them work The national unemployment rate was 8.3 percent through their emotions and move the healing process in January, down from 8.5 percent the prior month forward. 2. Keep the Connections Alive: and from 9.1 percent a year earlier. Total [nonInitially, it can be awkward and difficult to find the farm] payroll employment increased by 243,000 right words to say. Oftentimes people will avoid sayover the month and by 1,953,000 over the year. ing anything, or allow an extended period of time to While the numbers are encouraging, the reality is lapse thinking that time will make these conversations that there are still many Americans that are uneasier to have, but in reality the opposite is true. The employed or working for organizations in which more time that goes by, the more difficult it becomes to layoffs are an expected reality. There’s a surfeit Series/Game Shows Business/Infomercials Entertainment/Sports Animated restore these connections. You may feel guilty about of support and assistance for individuals who lose the prolonged gap in communication, and because of their jobs; however layoffs can also be challengthe emotional stages they’re experiencing; the former ing for the employees who remain. colleague may interpret the lapse as indifference, versus discomfort on your part. As with the loss of a loved one, numerous lay3. Resume Daily Patterns: Office norms will be slightly altered in the first few days off survivors experience The 5 Stages of Grief, a and sometimes weeks following a layoff. The focus [for model developed by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, which has become known in psychiatric circles as many] will be on the loss of co-workers, anxiety about the security of their own positions, and the increased the Kubler-Ross Model. The stages are: Denial, responsibilities that will inevitably follow the redisAnger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance tribution of work. Resuming your daily patterns, and (not always in sequence). It’s normal for survivencouraging or influencing others to do the same is good ing employees to feel sadness about the loss of for your mental health. It forces you to continue movco-workers, and even guilt that they survived. ing forward instead of looking back and reflecting on a future that you can’t fully control.

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Ever held off on a dream of creating your own show because you felt you had limited areas to broadcast? So, you’ve survived….Now what?

Send us your original shows and movies!


July 2012

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NADEJ KYLA BAILEY Actress / Model / Host

Bob stated that Nadej should not have to wait to be seen TV. The show was later picked up by Program Coordinator Mr. Martin Stith of Richmond, VA adej Kyla Bailey is an 8 year old honor student who believed that many children would be inspired who was born in Cobb County, GA. She has two broth- by The Nadej Show. It is aired in Metro-Richmond, ers; older brother Mekhi who is an artist and younger VA on Fri – Mon at 9:30A.M EST on Comcast 95/ brother Shimei who is also an actor. Nadej loves to act, Verizon 36. model and when time permits she loves to visit at her favorite dance studio “Lisa’s Dance Spot”. Nadej was Nadej first guests were Filmmaker Al G. Sillah of inspired by actress Raven Symone from the Disney show Bluelite Entertainment and his mother Dr. Lauretta “THAT’S SO RAVEN” At the age of 4 Nadej was enWill, Professor, CEO of “Dr. Lauretta Will Educarolled as a student at John Robert Powers Atlanta, GA. tional Foundation” and Author of the book “From GED to PhD”, she later interviewed R&B recordMany people who encounters Nadej always compliments ing artist ESHE of the 2X Grammy Award winning her on how poise she is, at such a young age. Well, if group Arrested Development, Civil Rights Activist you ask her acting coach of two years M. Neko Parham, / Congressman John Lewis, recording artist Gabbie he may respond saying “that’s just how she takes notes, Rae and many others. mentally”. Neko has help Nadej to develop her acting abilities with very challenging dialogues and monologues Nadej is managed by her parents Roy and Yvette such as “Leah” and “Our Deepest Fear”, two of which and is represented by Houghton Talent Agency. To she delivered and won week #8 at Mr. Tommy Ford “Art- learn more about Nadej upcoming projects you may ist Talent League” in Atlanta. visit her website: WWW.NADEJBAILEY.COM or you may ‘LIKE’ her ACTRESS NADEJ fan page on Nadej has made numerous appearances in commercials, Facebook. featured films, short films, theatre and music videos. With training her ability to memorize and deliver her lines has given her the advantage that is needed to perfect her craft and excel academically. Her film credits are numerous; special thanks to filmmakers and directors, Origin Nile Films, Chellestar Productions, One Powerhouse Productions, Mark Squared, Bob Gaye, Bobby Peoples, Al. G. Sillah, ScriptWork Productions, Chicken Green, XXtreem Filmz, fashion designer Ms Linda Gail, networking events such as Get Connected, and many others in Atlanta who have given Nadej the opportunity to demonstrate her talents allowing her to shine. Today, Nadej is the host of her own show “THE NADEJ INTERNET RADIO/TV SHOW” The 30 minute show entails, talk, special guest and videos. The Executive Producer Mr. Bob Gaye of BJG Media Productions, came up with the idea when he saw 7 year old Nadej conducting interviews at a “Get Connected” event for Mr. Chuck Brown, owner of “Expected End Entertainment”.

July 2012

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Jalapeno, Habanero, and Cayenne Peppers Key Ingredients: Capsaicin Many research studies have found that eating spicy foods increases metabolism. If tolerable, add some hot peppers to salads or stir in with beans as a snack. Beef, Pork, Chicken, Beans and Tofu Key Ingredient: Protein Protein takes time to break down in the stomach. It takes longer to digest, as a result, assisting metabolic rate as the body works harder to break down proteins. Foods high in protein leave people feeling fuller longer.


Key Ingredients

Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines Key Ingredients: Omega-3 fatty acids

there is a hormone in people’s bodies known as leptin. here are many foods that help to jump start your metabolism. Find out which foods can assist you Leptin levels directly impact the metabolism. Eating in your weight loss efforts. Of course, it is essential to fish helps control leptin levels in the body. Low leptin levels help your body to efficiently break down food track calories and to also get 40 minutes of exercise daily. Making some changes to the types of foods you and store fats properly. Mayo Clinic researchers studare eating is an important key to successful weight loss. ied the diets of two African tribes. One of the tribes ate fish regularly and one of the tribes did not. The tribe that frequently consumed fish had leptin levels nearly Milk, Whole-Grain Cereal, and Oatmeal Key Ingredients: Complex carbohydrates, five times lower than the levels found in tribes that primarily ate vegetables. Fish oil vitamin tablets are also and fiber beneficial in supporting your metabolism and leptin hormone levels. Complex carbohydrates and fiber increase your metabolism by keeping insulin levels low after you eat. Oatmeal is high in fiber and takes time to digest, leaving you feeling fuller longer. Adding some cinnamon to your oatmeal and cereal helps to keep your blood sugar levels stabilized for a longer period of time. There are many cereals available with a wealth of both vitamins and minerals.

Green Tea and Coffee Key Ingredients: Caffeine and EGCG Caffeine speeds up your heart rate. The more quickly your heart beats, the more calories you burn. EGCG is a compound found in green tea linked to an increase in metabolic rate. Check with your doctor about the amount of caffeine you can safely consume daily. Green tea also comes in decaffeinated varieties.

July 2012

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What Does Your Decorating Style Say About Your Decorating Taste?


By Jan Britt

hat attitude or mood are you trying to present as you enhance your decorating style? Do you want a quiet romantic feeling or a festive feeling? Everyone looks at decorating and decorating styles differently. Decorating has many elements to achieve success. Some of the important features you need to include are the proper furniture and placement, color palette, wall color, window treatments, fabrics, area rug, lighting, flooring, pictures and accessorizing. In adding all of these elements to your room, you are accumulating a foundation that will create an “illusion” in your room. Illusion decorating is a particular look in a room that will give you the feeling that your room has been transformed into something that it’s not. Also, it can help you create a mood to enhance your style. You may have a 14 x 16 bedroom and decide that you want that bedroom to be an office instead. When you add all the necessary furniture to change that bedroom into an office you are changing the look and feel of the room. This illusion or feeling you have assembled can be a “warm and fun” contemporary style of office. In the office picture notice how the Futon cover help to establish the decorating style in the room. The picture, window treatment and accessories really help to accent the look and feel my client wants for her office. Notice how soft and romantic the bedroom atmosphere feels. The solid tone on tone turquoise fabrics really accents the bed. The window treatments, bedding and accessories add that special tone to this bedroom that creates a special mood for my client. If you have questions about your decorating style you can contact me at or

July 2012

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Students!! Make Money While Still In School!

Become Part of the Sales & Marketing Team With Ambizion Networks! Ambizion Networks is a groundbreaking and widely entertaining digital cable Channel on Wisecast Television targeting and providing opportunities for uniquely ambitious independent talent & known talent who strive to be the best that they can be in whatever they have chosen to pursue in life!! Showcases include: dramas, comedies, music, documentaries, inspirational topics, success-driven themes, sports-related genres and a variety of exceptional quality programming. Ambizion Networks is seen in over 43,000 zip codes in the US as well as overseas! For More Information on the opportunity please email with your contact info to

Visit our website

Intrauterine Devices – The How and The Why By Dr. Kay entrekin


ntrauterine devices, better known as IUDs, are an excellent form of long term birth control. Sadly, they have been underutilized in the United States but this is changing. Why? IUDs are highly effective at preventing pregnancy, they do not require the user to remember to take them, they last for 5 or 10 years depending on the IUD chosen, they have very few side effects, they contain no estrogen, and they allow for rapid return of fertility. One of the two currently available IUDs, Mirena®, actually markedly reduces menstrual flow. Both IUDs are safe with breastfeeding. How does it work? The device is placed into the uterus by a healthcare provider during an office visit. The procedure can be moderately uncomfortable but is well tolerated with ibuprofen taken one hour prior to insertion. Women with no prior children often benefit from taking a pill the night before to soften and slightly dilate the cervix to allow passage of the device into the uterus. The device is made of molded plastic and has a string for monthly checks by the patient and for easy removal. There is no interference with intercourse. device contains latex.

The two devices available in the United States are Paragard® and Mirena®. They have several important differences. The Paragard® prevents pregnancy by creating a foreign body reaction due to the presence of copper in the device and thus blocks sperm from reaching the egg monthly. It can cause an increase in menstrual flow and monthly cramping but lasts for 10 years and contains no hormones. Patients benefit from this device due to the relative cost benefit (approximately 500 dollars for 10 years of birth control, most every insurance company covers the device) and the lack of hormone exposure (especially important for breast cancer survivors and other patients who should avoid exposure to estrogen and progesterone). The Mirena ® prevents pregnancy by thinning the endometrial lining and thickening the cervical mucus which keeps sperm from reaching the egg monthly. It is in high demand due to its unique ability to markedly decrease the amount of blood lost monthly with menses. By the end of the second year of use 60-80% of patients have no flow at all and thus do not have to purchase feminine products or reschedule social events due to bleeding. It is not harmful to not bleed monthly and in many cases is beneficial (for patients with severe anemia due to a long history of heavy cycles). There are several studies now that show that Mirena® helps to suppress the pain symptoms of endometriosis. The Mirena® generally costs about 700$ and is covered by most insurance plans. Both devices have a less than 1% failure rate which is comparable to a tubal ligation and neither device contains latex. Who shouldn’t get an IUD? Patients with heavy menstrual cycles of unknown origin need to have this evaluated prior to placement of an IUD. Those with a current vaginal, cervical, or uterine infection should have the infection treated prior to receiving an IUD. Women with breast cancer are generally not candidates for the Mirena® IUD and those with heavy and/or painful cycles should probably not get the Paragard®. Any patient desiring pregnancy in the next 24 months should probably chose a shorter acting form of birth control as the up front cost of either IUD is only recouped by the fact that patients use the device for 5 and 10 years. Patients with a severe uterine distortion are not good candidates for the IUD. Patients with a known or expected pregnancy are also not candidates for the IUD. fencr So, if you are in search of a long acting, cost effective, low maintenance, highly private, and highly effective birth control method with few side effects that is rapidly reversible, consider an IUD.

July 2012

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Towanda Braxton

The Reality TV Star Discusses Her Life, Family and New Agency The Secret Squirrel If anyone in business could be your mentor who would it be?

Cover Story


here are you from?

Honestly, I would have to say myself at this point because I learn from my own mistakes, also I train myself on a day to day basis to face all obstacles that may lay ahead of me. Because there are some things no one can teach you, especially when your use to handling certain situations on your own.

I am from Severn Maryland

What do you love most about your career?

How did your parents influence you growing up?

That I am able to be Towanda.

My parents were very involved in our lives they saw our passion in Music and Acting and they allowed us to embrace it, which is why I am heavily involved in my Children’s lives, so what ever interests my kids have I make sure I sign them up for it.

How do you balance family life with your career?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grow up? I wanted to be an actress actually; I loved theatre as a child, even performed in a few plays. What lead you to the road that you are on now business wise?

Well as you all saw on Season 1 of Braxton Family Values, when I was Toni’s assistant I had very little time to spend with my children, now I am heavily involved in everything my kids do, once again I have taught myself how to put my family 1st and I find myself less stressed now that I see my children more. Where do you see yourself in the next year? I see myself with a reoccurring role on a major network television show, a blockbuster movie under my belt and also branching “The Secret Squirrel” in L.A. & New York.

Being successful and building a foundation for my children, showing them the sacrifices I have made and still am making which is why I am placing my long When you leave this earth, what would you want time goal to become a actress and also launching my your legacy to say about your ambition? Personal Assistant School/Agency The Secret Squirrel. That I have always stood by my family no matter Tell me about your business. what, we all have lives to live and I just want others to view mines and see where I have started and see Well it is a 6-8 week hands-on training course, where what all I have accomplished. I’m not perfect but I I will personally train each student in all areas of strive to be the best Towanda I can be for me and my becoming a Personal/Executive Assistant. Because children, so with that being said whom ever I inspire many people really never understand the full concept will be well enough for me because it’s considered a and what it takes to be an assistant. I will teach them blessing to be able to touch others. patience and how to literally become a psychic when it comes to handling their client.

July 2012

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Seeking Independent Artists with Music Videos



Rap/Hip Hop




We Wil Broadcast Your Music Video on Ambizion Television Networks! If there is anyone out there (worldwide) who are independent music artist with videos already made? (must have full videos not snippets) Excepting all genres! If you are interested in the exposure please send your video or YouTube link along with your contact info to and let's do business!

As we move forward in life, we must not be afraid to let our light shine. Be willing to walk in the character and courage of a virtuous woman. Ponder the thought does your life exemplify the charBy Nancy J. Lewis, MS, PHR, RCC acteristics of a virtuous woman? Proverbs 31:10 (KJV) reads: Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:28 (KJV) reads: Her children arise up, and call her s we move forward in the fast pace of life, where blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. Tochange is the constantly occurring, does the virtuous woman day, commit to living a life of victory as a virtuous still exist? It seems that we always have something to do woman. and somewhere to go multi-tasking our lives away. As woman we play so many roles, often trying to be all things to all people. Think about the following questions: Are Nancy J. Lewis is a leading motivational speaker, we continuing to be women with high moral standards and trainer, and business coach. She is the president conduct? Do we respect those around us? Are we trapped of Progressive Techniques, Inc. where the theme into doing what the world says or are we totally sold out to of her business is “Developing a Better YOU!” doing it God’s way? Nancy can be reached at: (404) 559-7614 or email:

A Virtuous Woman: Does She Exist Now?


We are facing challenges and situations as we have never seen before and it is important that we strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman. A virtuous woman has some of the following attributes. The question you have to ask yourself is do you have these qualities within you? or website:

A-actively pursuing God’s plan for your life V-visionary of what the future will be I-industrious in all her ways R-reverences her husband T-tenaciously handles the affairs of home and business U-understands and encourages her husband O-opens her hand to the poor and extends her filled hand to the needy U-understands the importance of being spiritually, mentally, and physically fit to do her God-given tasks S-strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure W-worships and spends time praising God everyday O-optimistic about failure M-mentors younger woman in showing them the attributes of a virtuous woman A-adopts an attitude of excellence in all that she does N-nurtures her family and friends to let them know that she cares

July 2012

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Combating Stress By Kiersten Gyorke


ll of us, with no exceptions, experience stress at some point in our lives. There are different kinds of stress and many ways to address stress and anxiety, and that’s the focus on March article. Contrary to popular belief there is such a thing as good stress and that is eustress. Then there’s the stress we are all familiar with and that is distress, the bad stress. However, stress is vital to our survival; it’s how we manage that stress that makes the biggest difference. Eustress is the competitive drive and adrenaline that makes us alert and motivated and capable, it’s the fight or flight response than can give us an edge. This moderate yet positive stress helps to drive us to meet challenges and do our best on things such as exams or athletic events, or give a big speech for example. When stress gets to be extreme or too much then it becomes a problem, the distress. My motto is and has always been “Anything in moderation won’t hurt you.” Same goes for too much stress and if you can’t manage that increase of hormones called adrenaline than a tremendous amount of physical and mental anguish can result. All of life is about balance, if you’ve read my other articles; balance is the theme of everything I write. It’s so important to keep your body and mind in balance and there are many wonderful ways to do so. If you look at the chart below, you see the four main areas of life, if your life is overly focused on one or two areas than things are out-of-balance for you. But also view the chart in context, if you’ve just started a new job or just had a baby then work and family will, of course, take up the majority of your focus. But ultimately, you’ll want there to see a healthy balance and flow between all four areas.

July 2012

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Here are some stress relievers, aka coping skills, that help you address issues and keep your stress as eustress so it doesn’t turn into distress! Obviously, not all of these work for everyone, but using different techniques in combination can be very beneficial.

1. Journaling- allows you a creative outlet for self-expression in completely private and personal way. Get a cute, clean journal and daily, or whenever you feel you need to release, write all your worries down and vent them in that manner. 2. Gardening- it’s almost spring, so plant flowers or vegetables and fruits, take strength and sustenance from the earth. 3. Exercising- join your local gym or just power walk outdoors, whatever suits your fancy but keeping the body active, will almost always reduce stress. 4. Dancing- go to a nightclub or just dance to your favorite music in your living room. If you have money, join a ballroom dancing or belly dancing class. 5. Talk to loved ones- parents, spouse, best friend, God, etc. anyone that you can trust, it’s great to vent and get advice from someone close to you. 6. Yoga- take a class, get a video or teach yourself various yoga techniques and positions, this is designed to cerate balance in the body. 7. Meditation- Similar to yoga, this focuses on mind-body connection and is about quieting the mind. 8. Deep breathing- similar to meditation and yoga, these are simple breathing exercises that can immediately calm the fight or flight response 9. Long, hot bath- soak you limbs and relax your mind, fragrant bathing salts is recommended. 10. Cooking- join a cooking class or create sophisticated meals for loved ones or just you. 11.

Seek professional help

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J Whaley Singer, Songwriter, Producer Exclusive Influences


Whaley is a native of Blytheville, Arkansas and the youngest of three children. Inspired by music at an early age as he began singing in the choir at his dad’s church. It was then that he discovered his passion and love for music. As he developed through the years he was also influenced by all genre’s of music, he even sang in a rock band with some of his friends as a teenager but his love for music and his passion for good soul music has elevated J Whaley’s style of music to R&B, Neo Soul with and “Old School” sound of Blues. He continues to expand and master his craft through music and several different instruments. He plays drums, keyboard and has recently added the acoustic and electric guitar to his repertoire of instruments. Not only does he have a love for music he also has a BIG HEART and love for children. Mr. Jeremy or Coach Whaley as he is known to a lot of youth is always there to do whatever he can to strengthen, educate and mentor the youth. Coming from a strong Christian background and having his parents as major influences in his life, he knows the value of instilling good values in our youth. He is a proud sponsor of Soles4Souls and The March of Dimes. J Whaley is asking everyone to donate shoes to the Soles4Souls Non Profit Foundation and to join him in his walk or give donations to King Donovan and The March of Dimes.

With his first cd release entitled “The Service Station” in April 2009, J Whaley gave his fans their first taste of what J Whaley’s music was all about. Mr. Whaley says that his cd is “ sensual with subliminal messages without vulgarity”. His passion for a plethora of music genre’s allows him to expand his music vocals across the world of music. His greatest influence is Prince but he also attributes his sounds to Bilal, Kim Burrell, BB King, Johnnie Taylor, Al Green and Marvin Gaye.

Awards and Entertainment Venues J Whaley is currently working on his second album and his new single will release July 2012 entitled “Settle Down”. He has recently added some acting to his repertoire as well. J Whaley will be premiering in several movies based out of Atlanta, Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee with TPN1 Network and Mitch Dogg Productions. Over the years, J Whaley has sang with a number of artist and performed in several cities across the southern region. He has also been nominated for the Nashville Independent Music Award (NIMA) Best Male R&B Artist of the Year 2011, Best Male R&B Artist/R&B Performer of the Year 2012 and Hip Hop in the Ville’s Best Male R&B Artist of the Year 2011. For more information or to see upcoming events please visit, Twitter @JWhaleyMusic

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reetings and Happy Spring to Atlanta Ambition readers! Glad you stopped by. Tell me, how many business networking groups are you associated with and which ones work for you? Tweet me @hummingbirdlady. I’d enjoy your comments! Mutually beneficial networks are crucial toward business growth. Because powerful networks nurture successful businesses, it becomes crucial to affiliate with groups that meet our directives and goals. Finding the Right Fit: When visiting groups to potentially connect with, consider the following in terms of your needs: - How well established is the group? What are its core values and reputation within the community? - Does it have accountability standards and a successful track record? - Are the events and programs aligned with your needs? - How often are meetings held and what is the membervisitor ratio? - How do visitors perceive the group? Do they readily become members? - Are there national and global chapters to connect with? - Is the group characterized by a diverse business representation? - Is its membership diverse in terms of culture and ethnicity? - Are the members enthusiastic and energetic? - How mutually supportive are members of one another? Are they easily accessible? - If disputes arise, how are they resolved? - If membership dues are required, are they paid annually, bi-annually, or quarterly? - Are renewal fees automatic? If so, how far in advance are you informed? - If you decide to opt-out, is there a refund policy? Are time limits imposed?

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MIRA MIRA MUSIC BIO Shamira Gelin aka Mira Mira aka Mira Mira on the Wall is the second oldest of Gloria Simpson and Carl Short. She has six brothers and two sisters and is originally from Greensburg, PA. She currently lives in Jacksonville, FL in Duval County. She is a highly talented lyricist, rapper, singer, and songwriter. Mira Mira has been singing since she was a young child mostly in church events and with her family. She was early inßuenced by singers such as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle, and Mary J. Blige. She is also inßuenced by Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Trey Songz, and Lyfe Jennings. Her writing of music came from her love of reading, writing, and poetry. She began writing music at the age of 12. Not until her teenage years did she discover rap music and begin to love it. She was inßuenced by artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, LilÕ Wayne, and T.I. Soon she began incorporating her love of song writing with her love of rap. Here she began rapping and writing all of her own lyrics. A lot of her passion and pain behind her music is due to her father being an inconsistent Þgure in her life and his present incarceration.Mira Mira puts her heart, soul, and life behind every lyric and bar that she writes. She is different from most artists because she is lyrical. She writes 100% of her own music and has her own unique interpretation of every beat and sound. Her use of wise metaphors and punch lines is what sets her apart from the rest. What also sets her apart is her work ethic and strong belief that she will make it in this industry. Mira MiraÕs integrity and humble spirit comes from her strong upbringing as well as her 7 years of military service. She served in the United States Navy from June 2003 to May 2010. She is dedicated to service and doing all she can to survive and be consistently relevant in the game. You will not Þnd a more determined, humble, gratifying, and focused artist as Mira Mira on the Wall. Her aspirations as an artist go beyond music. She wants to be a role model to women, teens, and children across the world. She also wants to be a philanthropist, introducing programs to bring better attention to HaitiÕs economical and social problems as well as bring adult literacy issues to the forefront in the United States. She is also inspired by Þgures such as Mya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Oprah Winfrey to name a few who never fell short of their dreams. Mira Mira is currently managed by Baron Artist Management and is located in Jacksonville, FL and is a member of ASCAP.

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pounds fresh strawberries, washed and hulled 4 cups white sugar 1/4 cup lemon juice In a wide bowl, crush cleaned strawberries in batches until you have 4 cups of mashed berry. In a heavy bottomed saucepan, mix together the strawberries, sugar, and lemon juice. Stir over low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Increase heat to high, and bring the mixture to a full rolling boil. Boil, stirring often,

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5 REASONS YOU CAN’T STICK TO AN EXERCISE PROGRAM By Tena Baine Solution: Find Exercises or Activities You Enjoy Do not be afraid to try different types in your quest to find what you enjoy. If you don’t know what to do: hire a personal trainer or consider using exercise videos that lead you through different types of workouts.

ticking to an exercise program is very difficult, even for the most committed. We can have a great plan, but it can get derailed by life: work, family, illness, activities, etc. Below are some of the 4. You’re in pain most common reasons you can’t stick to an exercise You should never work through pain during exercise, but program and possible solutions that can help. exercise can actually help some conditions and, for others, there are ways to keep moving, even if you have to be 1. Your workouts are too hard creative. Many think they are in better shape that they are or Solution: See an Expert and Learn How to Work With that you should be in better shape than you are. You and Around Your Pain launch into a workout that your body isn’t ready for Do not be afraid to see a doctor as having an analysis can or one that you have done years ago. You forget point you in the right direction to either heal or work that what you did in the past won’t always fit your around. Unless your doctor tells you to ignore it never current life. work through the pain. Consider working with an expeSolution: Start Where Your Body Is Now rienced person trainer or physical therapist to help you Approach your workouts from where you are now, find ways to heal your injury while still staying in shape. not where you used to be or where you want to be. It’s tough to do that when you want fast results, but 5. You don’t know how to set up a balanced workyou will not get any results by not being able to out routine exercise. Start easy – gradually build your workout. Finding balance is something we all strive for which Modify – work towards increasing your workout includes working with your schedule, energy level, and over a period of weeks not days. Listen to your body. When you try to force a schedule you just can’t body – you will know if you overdid it and need to manage, you may end up quitting exercise altogether, rest. feeling like a failure. Solution: Practice More Balance 2. Your workout schedule doesn’t fit your This not only includes intensity, but also the rest of your lifestyle life and your body. There will be various types of obstaMany people don’t have the time, conditioning, or cles, but rather than throwing out your workouts comenergy and end up skipping workouts instead of do- pletely, figure out how you can fit in exercise. Be flexible ing what we can do in the amount of time we have. and consider what your body needs, rather than what Solution: Create a Doable Workout Schedule your mind is telling you to do. Before setting up a routine ask yourself two important questions: how many days can I really exercise The key to weight loss and fitness is being CONSISTENT and how much time do I have to exercise? The key with your workouts and always maintaining some type of is to figure out how much time you really have (not activity no matter what is going on. After all, every time how much you want to have or hope to have) and fit you stop exercise, you lose all those gains you’ve made. your workouts into that time, rather than trying to Having workouts that fit both your body and mind, as create more time for workouts. well as what’s going on in your life, can help you break the cycle of quitting exercise, only to have to start all over 3. You don’t like your workouts again. Paying more attention to what you really need, There are lots of reasons we hate exercise, but part can help you stick to an exercise program for good. of overcoming that involves adjusting your attitude about exercise and finding workouts you enjoy. You have to find what you like and, sometimes, that takes Watch Tena’s Fitness Videos at a little experimentation.

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