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ST. JOHNS February 2020



Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh & Dr. Kathleen Stevens Local Dentists & parents!

The Health & Wellness Issue

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Publisher & Creative Director Debbie Gaylord debbie@stjohnsmag.com

Photographer Mindy Kerr Nature's Child Photography

Thank You to Our


ST.JOHNS magazine Your Guide to

The Best Health Care & Wellness Professionals

Everybody Fitness

Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Kristy Robinson Albert Syeles Lori Allen Vicky Oakes

EDITORIAL • STORY IDEAS We are always looking for articles about local people, businesses, places & events. If you would like to share a story about something interesting happening in our community, we would love to hear from you today! Pitch a Story: Debbie@stjohnsmag.com


St. Johns Magazine is your fun & friendly local resource, connecting the growing communities of northern St. Johns, including Durbin, Aberdeen, Julington Creek, CR210 Corridor & Nocatee Local businesses interested in advertising with us please contact Debbie@stjohnsmag. com


904-687-8538 debbie@stjohnsmag.com www.stjohnsmag.com

Featuring Blue Sky Dental Group Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh & Dr. Kathleen Stevens When it comes to health and wellness finding the right fit for us individually requires getting to know providers. This month our in our health & wellness guide, we hope you enjoy learning a more about the amazingly skilled and talented local professionals in our community.

Cover Photo by Mindy Kerr of Nature's Child Photography

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THANK YOU for nominati of the TOP FIVE ORTHOD in St. Augustine!

THANK YOU for nominating us as one of the TOP FIVE ORTHODONTISTS in St. Augustine!





tate of the offices - NOW 2 locations, with 3D sca radiography and complete orthodontic labs to m faster. Superior service… goes without saying!

tate of the offices - NOW 2 locations, with 3D scanning, low dose 3D radiography and complete orthodontic labs to make what you need faster. Superior service… goes without saying!

arly planning has reduced time and expense for Excellent results according to ABO standards.

arly planning has reduced time and expense for many younger smiles. Excellent results according to ABO standards.

eautiful healthy smiles, many thousands…. including many dentists and their families.

eautiful healthy smiles, many thousands…. including many dentists and their families.

reatment plans that offer the best treatment plan to minimize time in appliances and thus expense. We offer the latest customized braces as well as removable aligners. Our mutual goal is to provide comfortable, stable, lifelong results. Team is so important, and we work diligently to have the best!

www.smilesbyglenos.com 7-6 4 5 3


reatment plans that offer the best treatment plan appliances and thus expense. We offer the latest well as removable aligners. Our mutual goal is t stable, lifelong results. Team is so important, an to have the best!

Contact our orthodontic offices in St. Johns or St. Augustine to schedule a FREE initial exam today! Dr, Glenos and his experienced team have been creating beautiful smiles efficiently and affordably for over thirty years, using the most modern and effective techniques and appliances, individually customized according to the needs of each patient, young or adult. For over 30 years, Dr. Glenos has continued to contributed back to the community through partnerships with the schools and support of many sport teams, scouting, dancing companies, children’s theatre, beauty pageants, the local children museum TAG, and the Smiles Change Lives program. Dr. Glenos and Dr. Hadgis are both board certified orthodontists. Dr. Glenos is a past president of the Florida Association of Orthodontists and the St. Augustine Dental Society.

Treatment plans that offer the best treatment to minimize time in appliances and thus expense.

ST. AUGUSTINE 22 St Johns Medical Park Dr., St Augustine, FL 32086 ST. JOHNS 111 Doctors Village Dr., Race Track Rd. St Johns, FL 32259

State of the Art offices - TWO LOCATIONS, with 3D scanning, low dose 3D radiography and complete orthodontic labs to make what you need faster. Superior service… goes without saying! Early planning often reduces time and expense for many younger smiles. Excellent results according to ABO standards.

Dr, Glenos and his exper beautiful smiles efficiently and using the most modern and eff individually customized accor young or adult. For over 30 years, Dr. Gl back to the community throug and support of many sport tea children’s theatre, beauty page TAG, and the Smiles Change L Hadgis are both board certifie past president of the Florida A the St. Augustine Dental Societ

Dr. Jimmy Glenos & Dr. Craig Hadgis

Dr. Jimmy Glenos & Dr. Craig Hadgis

Beautiful healthy smiles, many thousands….including many dentists and their families.

We offer a full range of Orthodontic Treatme

We offer a full range of Orthodontic Treatments:

• FREE Orthodontic Growth and Development Examinations • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners - PREMIER • Mini, Low profile, and Clear braces • Damon braces • Insignia 3-D Digital Customized braces • Incognito lingual braces

• FREE Orthodontic Growth and Development Examinations - CLUB GLENOS • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners - PREMIER PROVIDER • Mini, Low profile, and Clear braces • Damon braces • Insignia 3-D Digital Customized braces • Incognito lingual braces

• FREE Orthodontic Growth and Development Examinations - CLUB GLENOS • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners - PREMIER PROVIDER • Mini, Low profile, and Clear braces • Damon braces • Insignia 3-D Digital Customized braces • Incognito lingual braces

Contact our orthodontist offices in St. Johns or St. Augustine to schedule your first visit today!

904-79-SMILE 7 6 4 5 3

ST. AUGUSTINE 22 St Johns Medical Park Dr, St Augustine, FL 32086

Contact our orthodontist offices in St. Johns or St. Augustine to sc

904-79-SMILE 7 6 4 5 3

ST. AUGUSTINE 22 St Johns Medical Park Dr, St Augustine, FL 32086

ST. JOHNS 111 Doctors Village DR.-Race Track Rd. St Johns, FL 32259

We offer a full range of Orthodontic Treatments:

“Voted St. Augustine & St. Johns Best Orthodontist” Dr. Jimmy Glenos & Dr. Craig Hadgis


ST. 111 Doctors Villa St Joh


Creating Beautiful Smiles for Over 25 Years!


Live Life Outdoors

Spring Kick-off sale!

440 C B L Dr. Ste 102 • St. Augustine, FL 32086

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm Closed Sunday

Ends 3/7/20




GroutLine Solution& More Quality Service Since 2005!

Carpet care Grout Cleaning & Sealing Powerwashing Caulking

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Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh, DDS, FAGD & Dr. Kathleen Stevens, DDS

Do you have loose Dentures? Let Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh, DDS, FAGD CHANGE YOUR SMILE!

An expert in implant dentistry with thousands of implants placed, Dr. Ashbaugh can fix your denture problems using the latest implant technology and 3D imaging.

3-D CBCT Imaging

($397 Value: Find out if YOU are an implant candidate)

Try Implants. They... •Are the next best thing to real teeth •Stop embarrassing denture moments •Are instantly usable in some cases •Provide a lighter denture with less material •Provide a “no palate” denture •Allow you to eat your favorite foods




FREE conebeam with paid consult, AND the option of finding out your options from home with the vitual consult. Offer Valid through February 29, 2020

14866 Old St Augustine Rd, Suite 111, Jacksonville, FL 32258 BlueSkyDentalGroup.com




Blue Sky Dental GRoup Husband and Wife Team Make Visiting the Dentist a Pleasure. Owners of Blue Sky Dental Group, Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh and Dr. Kathleen Stevens, met in Dental School over fifteen years ago. They opened their practice in Jacksonville in July 2017 where they provide outstanding dental care to our community. The couple lives in Durbin Crossing with their two young sons Benjamin and Jonathan. Family is very important to them, and they love living and working in northeast Florida and especially enjoy time with their family at the beach.

What is your practice’s mission?

performance of our career. This way, they will share our story and we can help more people.

People hate the dentist. They despise going because of past experiences and our colleagues. They avoid having the dental and systemic health they deserve. Our mission is to create such an amazing and unheard of dental experience, that people are excited to get their teeth healthy and tell their family and friends about it. We will set the bar to which all other dental offices are measured.

We have to believe in what we provide. We have to believe in the value and far reaching implications of how what we do changes people’s lives for the better. We must stay positive, optimistic, and committed to each other as a team. We must stay committed to providing this experience.

If we don’t succeed, people in our community as well as other communities’ dental health will suffer. People won’t be as confident in themselves as they would like, be able to eat the foods they want to, get the best nutrition and hence, won’t be as healthy as they could be. We help people live their best lives.

How do you work together as a team to help patients? What we have to do:

We must treat every patient as we would a family member. Every patient is our audience. If we want to impress them, we have to put our heart into every single moment, just like it is the most important


What is at risk?

People’s dental health is declining everywhere. It affects their lives in a big way. As it affects them, it affects every person they know and touch, as dental health undoubtedly affects their behavior as well as longevity. **We are the answer. We have the power to make an impact. **We can help them eat healthily and happily. We can help them smile and exhibit confidence so that they can be a light to the world. If we can provide a dental experience, enthusiastically, authentically, with understanding, with integrity, and with the patient’s best interests in mind, we can change how people feel about dentistry and provide the vehicle in which people can obtain their best dental and physical health.

As Dentists and Teachers how many years have you practiced and how do you keep up with current dental technology and education? We (Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh and Dr. Kathleen Stevens) are committed to staying on the forefront of the latest dental treatments and technology to better care for our patients. Combined we have 15 years of dental experience to draw from and share over 1600 continued education hours. Dr.Jonas has gone above and beyond by receiving his F.A.G.D. which requires extensive training and commitment to improvement and excellence in his field. Some of the really cool stuff that we have gotten into include 3d Printing, Cone Beam Computer Tomography or 3d CBCT scans and we most recently acquired a 3D intra-oral scanner(Trios 3Shape) to scan teeth to create crowns without the need for traditional impressions.

Your office is incredible. What are some of the special features you offer patients to make their experience enjoyable? Blue Sky Dental Group strives to provide a relaxed, fear erasing, comfortable environment. We try to achieve an extraordinary experience that is like no other. We want patients to feel like they have never been to a dentist like us before without us having to directly say it.

How do you help people who are embarrassed by their smile? A crown is sometimes more than just a crown, a fill-

ing can most definitely be more than just a filling to some people. What I’m saying is that sometimes it can just be the littlest thing that causes someone to be embarrassed by their smile but of course it’s the big things too. Misalignment, extensive decay, missing teeth are the big things we think about that most definitely lead to a negative self image with regards to their smile. Some of our favorite cases have been those that have a life altering effect. The cases where we not only change someones appearance but we revitalize their overall personality. We can change not only their physical appearance but their mental image of who they are and begin the process of healing their self confidence.

How does 3-D technology help you in creating the ideal treatment for each patient? We probably place roughly 90-95% of our implants with the assistance of a 3d printed surgical guide. I’d like to do 100% but sometimes that’s just not possible. For those unfamiliar, a surgical guide is an appliance that sits over the teeth or bone that constricts or “guides” the direction and depth of the drill and implant. Here’s how I can best describe why a guide is better. Imagine if you yourself were drilling a screw into drywall to hang a photo. How straight would you be? How about if you needed to hang two photos and drill two screws at the same height? How parallel would you be? Probably pretty good but not perfect. A surgical guide makes things near perfect for me. I can with confidence place two or more implants at the same depth with exact parallelism. It also allows me to avoid any vital structures that could potentially be life threatening. Its powerful new technology and essentially the standard of care in our office.

In recent years many people are choosing dental implants as a solution to maintaining a beautiful smile throughout their lifetime. Who is a good candidate for dental implants? Most patients are surprised to learn that nowadays, most everyone is a good candidate for implants. Implants are the most lifelike, strongest, longestlasting replacement for teeth.

Dr. Jonas Ashbaugh

earned his dental degree from the Ohio State University, after earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. He maintains professional memberships in the American Dental Association, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, and the Southern Jacksonville Dental Society. Dr. Ashbaugh has also been awarded the Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Ashbaugh takes numerous postgraduate education courses each year and has received extensive training in sedation, occlusion (your bite) and esthetic dentistry, allowing him to incorporate these treatments into his practice so he has a multitude of methods for solving complex dental problems. Most recently, Dr. Ashbaugh has completed a nine month comprehensive dental implant program through the Las Vegas Implant Maxicourse. In addition to private practice, Dr. Ashbaugh is an instructor for Smart CE online instructional series for Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists, and Dentist nationwide. He is also a co-host for a popular dental podcast, Shared Practices, in which he shares his expertise in best practices for running a successful dental office. Dr. Ashbaugh is an active participant in the community. He and his wife, Dr. Stevens, live in the area with their two children, Benjamin and Jonathan. In his spare time, he enjoys in-shore and off-shore fishing, wakeboarding, golfing and catching a football game.

Dr. Kathleen Stevens

earned her dental degree from The Ohio State University School of Dentistry, after earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. She holds professional memberships in the American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association and Northeast District Dental Association. Throughout her career Dr. Stevens has always strived to further her skills. She has completed several post graduate education courses and has received extensive training in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics. Her commitment in continued education has allowed her to provide a wide array of services to her patients while delivering the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Stevens and her family enjoy participating in the activities this great city of Jacksonville has to offer. Whether it be a day on the beach or an afternoon football game (go Jaguars!) you can always find her out enjoying time with friends and family. www.stjohnsmag.com


Tom Casey, America’s Most Awarded Contractor

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The older your water heater, the more likely it is to breakdown. If it’s over 10-years old, or you just want more hot water and lower energy bills, it’s time for a new water heater!


Mineral deposits can buildup in your water heater over time, covering elements & thermostats or even blocking heat exchanger passages. Using a water filter can help protect your water heater from scale build-up that causes problems.

The Good Life Starts with... ...a long, hot shower!

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The team at Griffin Home Services have been in the air conditioning, heating, and home performance business for over 30 years. This means we know what customers want and need and are committed to 100% satisfaction for all our clients!



GriffinService.com/endlessHW 10

At North beach/Vilano A1A Just 20 minutes south of CR210


A Great View from Every Inside Seat

* Serving Lunch & Dinner * FreSh FiSh, SeaFooD, SteakS & More

* happy hour, Live MuSic * Banquet FaciLitieS up to 90

LEGENDARY Sunday Brunch

www.thereefst augustine.com

Oceanside Patio Dining

for menus, hours, news & directions

The Ocean or The River....The Best of Both Views Come by Boat or by Car

Beautiful Views, Casual Atmosphere, & Fresh Local Seafood

612(2 blocks Euclid Ave - St. Augustine south of the castle off A1A in North Beach)

w w w. a u n t - k a t e s . c o m


Open 7 days a week - Lunch & Dinner www.stjohnsmag.com


A Message from

Vicky Oakes Supervisor of Elections.

As the Supervisor of Elections, I am the Chief Elections Official responsible for conducting all elections in St. Johns County. My office is also responsible for many other tasks such as voter registration, voter education programs, qualifying candidates, and verifying constitutional amendment and candidate petitions among others. The priority among Election Administrators everywhere has become providing for the safety and security of elections, voting registration system and office networks. Over the past three years, we have strengthened our systems utilizing the latest security technologies and put a number of security defenses in place to protect it. St. Johns County was one of the first in the state to deploy the Albert server that is a monitoring device on our network which enables all traffic to be continually monitored by MS-ISAC. All Florida 67 Supervisors continue to work diligently with our partners at Homeland Security, FBI, FL Dept. of Law Enforcement, FL Dept. of State along with our Cybernavigation Team members to assure we are well positioned and secured against potential threats. The 2020 election year is already here. The March 17th Presidential Preference Primary leads off Florida’s elections. Florida’s political parties hold a Presidential Preference Primary to decide their presidential nominee for the November General Election. Only voters who belong to the Republican and Democratic parties are eligible to vote in their party’s primaries. Voters who are registered without party affiliation (NPA) or a minor party are not eligible to vote March 17th. Our state and local primary August 18th. Our congressional and state representatives plus many local offices including Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, Supervisor of Elections, County Commissioners, School Board members and Circuit Judges may be on the ballot. In June, all of these candidates qualify for office and at noon on June 12th we will know which candidates and races will be on the ballot in the Primary and which will go onto the General Election. The General Election is scheduled for November 3, and with the President and Vice President leading the ballot, this may be a record setting year for voter turnout. In the November 2016 Presidential Election, St. Johns County was among six counties in Florida with the highest voter turnout in the state at 80.5%. Voting has never been easier that it is today; any voter can request a ballot and vote by mail. If you’d like to request a ballot, simply use our online form or call the Office. Early Voting is conducted prior to each election, which include two weekends, so you can choose your location and time to vote when it’s convenient for you. Your precinct is always open on election day 7 AM-7 PM. To help you prepare, we mail every registered voter a sample ballot three weeks before each election. Look for yours to obtain important information about each election and the candidates that appear on your ballot. My staff and I are here to serve you, and we will make it easy for you to vote. Please visit our office, call or use on online resources to help you prepare for Election Day.

Vicky Oakes, Supervisor of Elections




Bad Breath Stopping

Here are a few signs if your pet has too much bacteria in his mouth:


Bad breath Yellow, brown, discolored, or loose teeth Red, inflamed gums Pain while eating Diminished interest in chew toys Swollen mouth or gums Pawing at mouth

We can help restore fresh breath & a healthy mouth!

Dr. Esra, DVM Owner

Schedule your appointment today to discuss dental care options.

$50 OFF



10440 US Highway 1 N, Suite #101 St. Augustine, FL 32095

Offer Expires February 29, 2020


An AAHA accredited veterinary hospital.



Grow Up Sm il i


Laura Sullivan, DMD Susie Perry, DMD

Kind , gentle & compassionate staff Board Certified Pediatric Dentists Parents always welcome in the treatment room

1949 CR 210 St. Johns FL 32259 904.808.4700

www.stjohnskids.com www.stjohnsmag.com


February 2020 Fun Things to do!


Under The Oaks Jam

This open acoustic jam is from 2-4 pm on the first Sunday of the Month from October - May, and is welcome to all players at every experience level. Please bring your instrument(s) and a chair, and song or two to share. Listeners are welcome too! The Mandarin Museum and 1898 St. Joseph’s Mission Schoolhouse for African-American Children, which illustrate some of the rich history of Mandarin, will be open to visit. The museum is located at: Walter Jones Historical Park; 11964 Mandarin Road Mandarin, FL 32223



2020 Jacksonville Food & Wine Festival

Join us as we take Northeast Florida food & wine lovers on the ultimate culinary journey in historic Riverside under the Fuller Warren Bridge (715 Riverside Ave) at the Inaugural Jacksonville Food & Wine Festival. The special event, to be held on February 9th 2020, will feature over 80 wines and more than a dozen of Jacksonville’s top restaurants + award-winning food trucks! The event will be complemented by 40 plus local vendors, live art installations, five of the region’s hottest bands, plus more. Riverside Arts Market; 715 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Owl + Sunset Symphony

Learn about owls and enjoy nature’s symphony as you experience the transition from light to dark. Water birds and owls often come out to join the evening symphony. A representative from The Stetson Kennedy Foundation will share some local history. This program is FREE, but you must register on Eventbrite to attend. For more info, contact AyoLane Halusky at ahalusky@sjcfl.us or 904-2090348. Beluthahatchee; 1523 State Road 13, Fruit Cove, Florida 32259


Atlantic Alibi

Pusser's Bar & Grille PVB. Pusser's Bar and Grille; 816 A1A N, Ste 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082


Porch Talks at Alpine Groves Park

We have partnered with the Stetson Kennedy Foundation for Porch Talks. Local experts talk about local issues on our porch talk series focused on the art, history, environmental issues, and interesting personalities. Learn about the Northwest part of St. Johns County including notable landmarks and the historical richness of the area. This part of the Porch Talks series is titled, “The Ladies of Tea: 1700s-1900s.” This program is FREE and open to everyone. For more info, contact AyoLane Halusky at ahalusky@sjcfl.us or 904-209-0348. Alpine Groves Park 2060 State Road 13, Switzerland, Florida 32259



Seven NationsValentine’s Day

Fionn MacCool's Irish Pub & Restaurant; 145 Hilden Rd, Ponte Vedra, Florida 32081 Reservations Recommended ; Call (904)217-7021


Manatee Festival

Join us in celebrating one of Florida's most beloved and endangered residents at the Manatee Festival on February 15 from 10am - 2pm on the Great Lawn and in Range of the Jaguar. There will be live music, food, manatee education, arts, conservation groups, and more! Event FREE with Zoo admission. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens; 370 Zoo Parkway, Jacksonville, Florida 32218


Nocatee Farmer's Market

10:00 to 2:00; Nocatee Station; 120 Marketside Avenue, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


2020 Jacksonville Lantern Parade

The glowing display of color will literally shine a light on the heart of Jacksonville and everyone is invited! Participation is free to the public. All we ask is that each participant carry something that GLOWS, TWINKLES, or SHINES. Bring either a homemade creation or a store bought item, we don't mind

so long as you participate in the grand illumination. More details to come in the following weeks—including announcements about lantern-making workshops, parade entertainment and more! The planned parade route will stretch along the Northbank Riverwalk, extending from the Fuller-Warren Bridge to Hogan Street. Food and fun begins at 6 PM with the actual parade starting at 7 PM. Riverside Arts Market; 715 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, Florida 32204


Sugar Lime Blue at Prohibition Kitchen

What is it to experience Sugar Lime Blue? Essentially vibrations of air manipulated by the voices & instruments of the musicians. Sugar Lime Blue is capturing listeners with its grooving style of blues infused rock. Drawing from an ever expanding list of original material and far reaching covers, SLB will keep listeners on their toes waiting to hear what is next and how it is going to be played. Prohibition Kitchen; 119 St. George Street, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084


Chocolate and Beyond 2020

A SWEET WAY TO SUPPORT ST. JOHNS COUNTY SENIOR VOLUNTEERS, STUDENTS AND TEACHERS. Chocolate and Beyond, an exciting celebration of chocolate, desserts and other culinary sensations,. Guests will sample chocolate and other delicious creations from some of the area’s finest restaurants and specialty shops. Great items such as hotel and restaurant gift certificates, sports memorabilia and admission tickets for local, fun attractions will be available for bid at a silent auction. 2 – 4 p.m FCTC First Coast Technical College; 2980 Collins Ave, Saint Augustine, Florida 32084


Fat Tuesday Food Truck Fest

Come out and enjoy some delicious food and great company at our first Fat Tuesday Food Truck Fest!! We will have 3 amazing local food trucks on site at SJDR, music, and games. Be sure to invite family, friends, and neighbors to join us! San Juan del Rio Catholic Church; 1718 State Rd. 13, St. Johns, Florida 32259




�h�� � ���� m���e� ���e� �� ��� �las�, �r�� ���r�, t�pa�, ���e��bo�rd�!

Recipe & Pairing Coastal Wine Market Avocado Toast from Chef Destiny

Happy Hour

Tuesday thru Thursday | 4pm-7pm

Wine Tasting

Friday | 6pm-7:30pm

This delicious recipe can excite any cocktail party or family gathering with its healthy ingredients, uncomplicated preparation and colorful presentation. SERVES 2-4

Avocado Toast

Canotonese Pork Quesadilla

LEAP into our


NOON - 2pm Freshly-made Chicken Salad Croissant Health-Wise Avocado Toast + MORE! Add your favorite wine & cold and you’ll be too! FR�E �HEF ’S beer ���I�E ���I-AR����N �HE�SE ��A�D*

*�i�� ��r�ha�� � �w� ��n��e�. D���-�� ����. O�� ���� u�� . Mus� ��e��n� c��p�� a� ���� � ��r�ha�� . E��. 2/29/20


Tuesday thru Thursday - 12 Noon until 9pm Friday and Saturday - 12 Noon until 10pm Noca���’� N�i��b��h�o� Ga�����n� Pla��! Located in the new Nocatee Town Center

COASTAL WINE MARKET & tasting room

info@coastalwinemarket.com www.facebook.com/coastalwinemarket 641 Crosswater Pky, Suite B, Ponte Vedra, FL




4 Ripe Avocados 1 Lime 1/2 cup Diced Tomato 1/4 cup Roasted Corn (for garnish) 1/4 cup Diced Red Onion 1 tsp Black Pepper 2 tsp Kosher Salt 1 tsp Garlic Powder 1 tsp Chili Garlic Paste 6 Fresh Sliced Jalapeno Rings (for garnish) 2 Slices of Fresh Sourdough

Directions: Scoop and de-seed four avocados into a nonreactive mixing bowl. Mix all ingredients together except for roasted corn and jalapenos. Roast corn on stovetop with olive oil, blackening spice, salt and pepper. Toast fresh sourdough bread slices on stovetop or in oven. Generously spread avocado mix on top of the bread slices, add the roasted corn and jalapenos, and cut in half.

Recommended Pairing Serve and enjoy with a nice glass of Tavernello Prosecco ($30, Coastal Wine Market) or Juan Gil Monastrell Silver Label ($18, Coastal Wine Market)


Now in their fourth generation of St. Augustine family ownership, Craig Funeral Home, Crematory & Memorial Park has been in business for more than a hundred years


Our Family Helping Yours for Over 100 Years!

1475 Old Dixie Highway

(904) 824-1672 www.craigfuneralhome.com



beauty by Kristy Robinson Manager & Esthetician; BodyBrite – St. Johns

Benefits of a Facial

If you think facials are nothing but an hour (and money) wasted in the salon, think again! Even if you do not have blemishes, hyperpigmentation, severe acne, or any other problems, your face needs to be pampered by a trained professional to keep it healthy and free of skin issues. Facials come along with expert opinions and advice. Before any facial treatment, an expert esthetician asks you about your skin type, issues you are facing, and what problems you want to address. They examine your skin and analyze the problem before offering a solution. They pick products and treatments that are beneficial for your skin.

1. Cleanse Your Skin

9. Boost the Absorption Abilities of Your Skin

2. Prevent Aging

10. Get an Even Skin Tone

An excellent facial will cleanse your face thoroughly, which is not possible at home. The Esthetician understands your skin type and knows what needs to be done to keep it in good shape. He/she uses steam to open up the pores and cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Because you have only one face, you need to take care of it properly. Regular facials and face massages boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development. This gives you younger looking skin.

3. Rejuvenate Your Skin

With age, your skin loses its luster. That’s natural. Your lifestyle and pollution make it difficult for your skin to recuperate. Facials can help rejuvenate the skin. The therapist or facial expert uses various methods, products, and technology that help improve your skin texture.

4. Facials Help Detoxify the Skin

Your skin needs to get rid of the waste that accumulates on it on a regular basis. And if this is not done correctly, it results in breakouts. That’s why a skin detox is necessary. Apart from cleansing and washing your face every day, you need facials to detoxify it. Therapists use ingredients, such as antioxidant-rich creams, sea salt, herbal extracts, and oils, to make your face fresh and radiant.

5. Treat Acne and Acne Marks

When you squeeze a pimple (or acne), you run the risk of scarring. Acne marks can be stubborn, but facials can help you in treating them. Estheticians often use products containing salicylic acid to treat acne. Peels help reduce acne and the resulting scars. IPL Skin Rejuvenation is light therapy that can successfully treat acne.

6. Eliminate Whiteheads and Blackheads

Extraction is a crucial part of the facial. A skilled person uses the extraction tool to extract all the whiteheads and blackheads without hurting your skin. This is not possible at home. Blackheads and whiteheads clog the pores and make your skin dull. So, if your skin looks a bit bumpy, it’s time to go for a facial.

7. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is the process where the dead skin cells are gently sloughed off your skin’s surface. The cells die and tend to pile up on the surface (if not removed), making your skin rough and dry. Microdermabrasion or chemical peels that thoroughly clean the skin surface are the best option to remove the dead skin cells properly & reveal a healthy layer of skin beneath.

8. Tighten Your Skin

With age, your skin loses its elasticity as the production of collagen diminishes. During facial treatments, the professionals use chemical peels, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Microneedling, masks, lotions, and creams that are enriched with botanical extracts that stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the signs of aging.


This is another advantage of going for a facial regularly. It increases your skin’s ability to absorb other products effectively. You might be spending a lot of money on cosmetic products but find that they aren’t being absorbed by your skin. With regular facials, your skin becomes smooth and ready to absorb the products.

Worried about those dark patches on your skin, under eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet? Aging, too much sun exposure, and hormonal changes may cause too much melanin production, resulting in dark spots. Facials can even out those dark spots, giving you a bright skin tone and the estheticians know how to treat the delicate under eye area. BodyBrite offers a monthly Smooth & Glow Monthly Membership that gives you complete freedom to try all BodyBrite services and look amazing at a fantastic price. For more information www.bodybriteusa.com/stjohns or visit us at 120 Everest Lane, St. Johns, FL 32225




Belgian Sweet House by Lori Allen Local Foodie

Looking for something different? Do you want to feel like you stepped into another part of the world? Are you a chocolate lover? How about just a delicious breakfast or lunch? Belgian Sweet house has got your name all over it! This hidden away gem is Julington Creek's best kept secret and now you are in the know! My family loves breakfast so I decided to treat them to something authentic and unique. The atmosphere of this place is so warm and inviting. You couldn’t help but notice all the Belgian decor as well as the variety of tables, some communal and some individual. It really does have that true European vibe. We immediately started in with a Belgian coffee. The warm cup of joe is much smoother and richer than what we are used to and doesn’t require any cream at all. I got the truffle one which is beligian coffee with a truffle on the side that you can use to sweeten per your taste and my husband got the caramel one, equally as rich with a gentle note of caramel. We both thought ok there’s no reason to go back to American coffee after these!! The boys opted for the waffles and Chantal Bierchen the owner of the Belgian Sweet house told us that she has her flour shipped over via a cargo ship from Europe. To her it is worth it because it has less gluten and bleach which makes the waffles so light, crispy and flaky! Of course my son had the Nutella and my husband opted for the fresh fruit. Both loved them!

Diana Brummer, MSW, LCSW 20+ Years Experience in Mental & Behavioral Health for Children, Teens, Adults & Families

They were served with homemade whipping cream to top it all off. The shop offers some Belgian syrup that Chantal brings back from her many trips abroad that is worth a try. Absolutely nothing like our maple syrup, it has more of a date flavor vs maple. I went out of the box and tried what they call their Croque or hot sandwich which was a grilled ham and melty cheese, with a runny egg (Belgian style) bacon and more cheese on top. To add to it all it came with some creamy mushroom sauce to pour all over the sandwich. The cheese inside was so creamy, then the runny egg yok mixed in along with a spoon full of earthy mushroom sauce…a creation like no other! Oh my! Let’s not forget the chocolates!! The truffle one for my coffee was rich deep and dark with just the right amount of bitter sweet. Balsamic that’s right balsamic was next. Who would have ever imagined those 2 together? It was dark chocolate with a creamy slightly acidic middle. The combination was so good! My son liked the next one..Ginger! A rich dark deep chocolate outside with a smooth ginger center. The ginger was slightly sweet which balanced off the chocolate.Such unusual combinations but really really good. We of course had to take a variety to take home with us. It for sure is a chocolate lovers delight in this little quaint shop, so many innovative and creative ideas! Valentines or anytime show up with these and they are sure to be a show stopper! And you will forever be loved! BELGIAN SWEET HOUSE 445 State Road 13, #5 Fruit Cove, FL 32259 904-703-4021

Gymnastics Classes for Boys & Girls of All Ages

Register Today!

♦Birthday Parties ♦Open Gym ♦Day Camp

Conveniently located on the corner of I-295 & San Jose Blvd

157 Hampton Point Drive, Suite 1, St Augustine, FL 32092 Licensed Clinical Social Worker

904.419.7435 | goodmentalhealthllc.com 20



866-558-1005 or 904-304-2492 Jeanne@premiertraveladvisors.com Premiertraveladvisors.com

Jeanne Hernandez

I Love Valentine’s Day and you will too!

$75 off

your lip procedure

Call Terri 917.584.8863 611 Market Street, St. Augustine

www.nouveaupc.com terri_permanentmakeup



Help Your Little Learner Shine At School Early LEARNERS Gr up!

Give your 3-6 year-old child what’s needed to achieve the next academic milestone: • Ready-to-learn skills • Self-care skills

Autism and other developmental delays can present a

• Social skills

spectrum of learning challenges at school. Some children

• Peer interaction

are almost, but not quite ready for preschool or kindergar-

• Group-learning skills

ten, and need some additional support. Invo’s Early Learners Group is designed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts to help children get ready for their next academic milestones. In our Early Learners Group, your little learner will be a part of a structured, small-group classroom where we use evidence-based methodologies to promote skill acquisition and enhance your child’s readiness for school. Our goal matches yours: to get your child ready to successfully participate in school and other social settings!

• Pretend play • Play/recreation skills • Daily living skills • Classroom readiness

Locations: 6859 Belfort Oaks Pl. Jacksonville, FL 32216 6196 Lake Gray Blvd., Suite 117 Jacksonville, FL 32244

Call 800.356.4049 today to get started or go to invotherapies.com to register your child today!

Driving Progress. Delivering Outcomes. Empowering Families.

800.356.4049 | invotherapies.com 22

Call Us Today!

163-4 Hampton Point Drive St Augustine, FL 32092 (Located behind the Watson Realty Building on CR 210)

Same Day 904-230-2717 Appointments


w w w. 2 1 0 c h i ro . co m

Chiropractic Care For the Whole Family

Dr. Oliveira & his family.

Headaches • Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain • Arthritis Sciatica • Carpal Tunnel • Arm & Leg Pain Numbness • Auto Accident Injuries • Disc Problems Work & Sports Injuries • Stress Disorders


Consultation, Exam & Complimentary 1/2 hour Massage After Your Exam ($250 Value) Please call for details!

Celebrating 11 Years! serving our community!





Celtic Festival Music & Heritage

Celebrating Celtic history in the Old City


by Albert Syeles President, St. Augustine EpiCentre Alliance

very March “Spanish” St. Augustine, Florida, USA, celebrates its Celtic roots with “the world’s original St. Patrick Parade”, the St. Augustine Highland Games, the internationally recognized St. Augustine Celtic Music and Heritage Festival and something new: “Celtic NOIR! Mystery and Crime Writers”. St. Augustine’s has an amazing Celtic history, including Colonial Governors and historic vicars of Celtic descent, stories of romance and mystery, and most extraordinarily: St. Augustine was founded by Celts. St. Augustine’s history used to be thought-of as primarily Spanish. Even the significant British Colonial period here, which spans the American Revolution, only gets occasional attention. But in1565, 800 colonists and soldiers settled here from the northern, Celtic region of Spain... Spanish Celts! And more than half the residents of St. Augustine can claim an ancestor from Scotland, Ireland, Wales or one of the other Seven Celtic Nations. And first St. Patrick’s parade/procession ever recorded in the whole WORLD took place here in 1601. There is much more. Six Colonial Florida Governors were of Celtic descent. The Spanish Colony had many Irish vicars! Irish Priests Thomas Hassett and Miguel O'Reilly supervised the construction of St. Augustine’s beautiful Cathedral from 1793 to its completion, and consecrated it in 1797. In 1795, Lt. Juan O'Donovan of the Hibernian Regiment stationed here, eloped with the Spanish Governor’s daughter. He was arrested and jailed for two years before the King of Spain himself determined that the marriage was valid. Inn 1785, Lt. Guillermo Delaney of the Castillo San Marco garrison was attacked near the home of his girlfriend, Catalina Morain. The murder of Lt. Delaney remains officially unsolved. At the corner of St. George Street and Hypolita Street, where the fenced garden of Queen Isabella stands now, “The Lost Shrine” to San Patricio stood in the 1600’s. And of course, St. Augustine is the home of “The finest Celtic Music Festival in the United States”.

St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival

The St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival has been voted Best Concert/Event of the “Bold City Best” in the Jacksonville region, Best Festival in St. Augustine, and even Runner-Up Best Food Festival in the Jacksonville area. The Festival has thousands of fans from as far away as


Canada and the British Isles. Although each of the bands have been the headliner at Irish, Scottish or Celtic Festivals throughout the world, the St. Augustine Festival is known as the finest Celtic Music Festival in the U.S. because it presents so many major Celtic headliners. The event is held the weekend before St. Patrick Day every year. Festivities begin on Friday with a pre-festival Whiskey Tasting, then continue Saturday and Sunday with live performances on two stages at Francis Field on Castillo Drive. The weekend also features The St. Augustine Highland Games, Celtic artisans and food, and kids’ games. Of course, The World’s Original St. Patrick Parade steps off at 10 a.m. on Saturday from the Festival grounds and returns there after circuiting the City. St. Augustine’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade has been recognized internationally by Ireland of the Welcomes magazine, and IrishCentral. com as one of the United States’ most remarkable St. Patrick celebrations. The sounds of the ancient Celtic peoples of Scotland and Ireland are as alive today as ever at the St. Augustine Celtic Music Festival. Find the Celt in you as you take in the sights, sounds and tastes of centuries of European history. Celtic clans from around the world show their ancestral pride, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade marches through the streets of the Oldest City’s Historic District, Highland games athletes demonstrate their mind-boggling strength, and vendors offer up Celtic cuisine and handmade crafts. St. Augustine’s has a long and amazing Celtic history that started right at its beginning in 1565. St. Augustine was founded by Celts… Spanish Celts. We are not only the nation’s oldest city, we’re ‘The Oldest Celtic City in all the Americas!’ The St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival takes place on March 14 & 15, 2020 in St. Augustine, Florida. For details: www. celticstaugustine.com

Testing and Treatment for Allergy & Asthma We will get you started on an effective treatment plan that allows you to control your symptoms and • We focus on our patients’ needs first • Same day appointments • On-site Physician for personal attention • Dedicated shot clinic with nurse *open during lunch hours • Asthma Educators on staff Raquel Suzanne Watkins, MD & Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist

Two Convenient Locations

13241 Bartram Park Blvd, Suite 2601, Jacksonville, FL 32258

Accepting most major insurance plans

2140 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 1, Orange Park, FL 32073

904-298-1800 www.watkinsclinic.com

ST JOHNS COUNTY’S #1 L O C A L Radio Station Playing the Greatest Songs Ever Made!


for Advertising Info: 904-615-6200 or kevin@staugustineradio.com

Studio Call-in # (904) 217- 4032

Kevin Geddings LIVE in the Mornings

www.StAugustineRadio.com www.stjohnsmag.com


Your Local Guide

Your Guide to

The Best Health Care & Wellness Professionals

In our health-conscious community we are fortunate to have many highly qualified doctors, dentists, & other specialists available to help people stay healthy and live the good life in northern St. Johns. Here is your go-to guide to local health and wellness providers for Northern St. Johns.

Podiatry Associates of FL Dr. Stratis Lagoutaris, DPM

Dr. Stratis Lagoutaris is a native of Youngstown, Ohio and is a 1999 graduate of the The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed residency in podiatric surgery at the Ford Center for Foot Surgery and the VA in Reno, Neveda and an additional residency in podiatric medicine and surgery at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Lagoutaris is currently a commander in the US Navy Reserve and has prior military service in the Ohio Army National Guard. He was awarded Young Practitioner of the Year in 2009 by the Florida Podiatric Medical Association. Dr. Lagoutaris was also hand selected to serve as the Podiatric representative on the State of Florida Radiation Control Board and has been a member since 2012. Dr Lagoutaris is married and has three wonderful children. He is an active member at St John the Divine. Dr. Lagoutaris is an avid bagpiper with the Jacksonville Pipes and Drums. Since completing his training Dr. Lagoutaris has devoted himself to the care of his patients and ensuring they are provided the best and most technologically advanced treatments available in an environment where they feel comfortable.

St. Augustine/St. Johns 300 Kingsly Lake Dr, Suite 402, 904-429-9859


Mandarin 12276 San Jose Blvd, Suite 606, Jacksonville 904-268-6993

Close to home. Close to work. Close to you. Ascension St. Vincent’s Health Center St. Johns County It’s easy to get the care you need when and where you need it, at Ascension St. Vincent’s Health Center St. Johns County. From urgent care to pediatrics, get personalized care for your family when the time is right for you.

Pediatrics 904-450-6630

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Urgent Care

Larry Mastrogianakis, MD Pediatrics


Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Extended and weekend hours at a location near you. Walk in anytime or check in online at ascension.org/StJohnsHC

© Ascension 2020. All rights reserved.

Ascension St. Vincent’s Health Center St. Johns County 2001 County Road 210 St. Johns, FL 32259



The Y has something for everyone, no matter where you are on your wellness journey. Visit a branch near you and experience the difference today! INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP: • Unlimited Group Exercise Classes • Strength and Cardio Equipment • KidZone Childcare While You Work Out • Teen Center & Family Programs








THERE’S A Y NEAR YOU: YMCA AT FLAGLER HEALTH+ VILLAGE 98 Turin Terrace St. Augustine, FL 32092 904.500.9622 Just a 10-minute drive on CR-210 using the NEW Silverleaf Parkway!


WILLIAMS FAMILY YMCA 10415 San Jose Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32257 904.292.1660 North of I-295 on San Jose Boulevard

FLAGLER CENTER YMCA 12735 Gran Bay Parkway West, Suite 201 Jacksonville, FL 32258 904.370.9622

Learn more at FCYMCA.org


YMCA at Flagler Health+ Kristin Morrison

Kristin is a Group Exercise Instructor at the new YMCA at Flagler Health+ Village at Murabella (near World Golf Village). She is certified in and teaches BodyPump, Zumba, Cardio Dance Fit, and Kid’s Fit. An instructor for 8 years, Kristin brings amazing energy and a great breadth of knowledge into her instruction, whether she is teaching hip-hop dance or weightlifting! Her classes are fun, inviting, and inspirational‌and cater to participants of all levels! Kristin loves the warm, family-friendly environment at the YMCA. She is proud to be a part of the motivational team that gives its members a fantastic experience every time they walk in the door! Kristin has been married to her husband, Tyler, for 16 years and is the proud mother of four beautiful daughters. When she is not instructing group fitness classes, she loves to work out on her own and enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.

YMCA at Flagler Health+ Village 98 Turin Terrace St. Augustine, FL 32092 FCYMCA.org 904.500-9622 ext 1355 Through a partnership with Flagler Health+, the YMCA at Flagler Health+ Village at Murabella provides the community with one-stop access to a wide spectrum of health and wellness services for children, adults and families. In addition to group exercise classes, this new location also includes an entire second floor of strength and cardio equipment, a Teen Center and youth sports and camp opportunities. Guest passes are available and include the use of our KidZone and Teen Center. Visit us today and participate in a class with Kristin or one of the other incredible instructors at this new facility! www.stjohnsmag.com


Smiles by Glenos Dr. Jimmy Glenos, DMD, PA ​and Dr. Craig T. Hadgis, DDS

Dr. Jimmy Glenos and Dr. Craig Hadgis are pleased to announce their partnership, Glenos and Hadgis Orthodontics. Dr. Hadgis earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees in engineering from the University of Michigan. He then earned his DDS degree along with an Advanced Education in General Dentistry certificate at the University of Detroit Mercy, and his orthodontic certification from Jacksonville University. All aspects of modern-day orthodontic services are provided by these two Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics together with their highly trained, caring team members. They have two office locations, Saint Augustine and Saint Johns, Florida. Both offices are state of the art with soundproof game rooms and private rooms for adults. Dr. Glenos and Dr. Hadgis offer the latest technologies and services such as impressionless 3D scanning, Invisalign clear aligners, Damon braces, and Insignia custom braces. They also have a low dose 3D x-ray unit to see teeth and bones in all dimensions. Dr. Glenos and Dr. Hadgis pride themselves on providing the best orthodontic experience and excellent service, respectful of appointment times. Dr. Glenos and Dr. Hadgis have a combined experience of providing the most efficient, cost effective treatment plans for St. Augustine and St. Johns families for over 40 years. A very important factor in saving orthodontic expense for your family is to schedule your children for a complimentary orthodontic evaluation by age 7. This provides an opportunity to prevent poorly developing jaws, teeth and bites.

904.79.SMILE (904.797.6453) www.smilesbyglenos.com 111 Doctors Village Dr Race Track Rd, Ste 400 St. Johns, FL 32259 22 St Johns Medical Park Dr St Augustine, FL 32086

Watkins Allergy & Asthma ​Dr.

Raquel Suzanne Watkins, MD

Dr. Raquel Watkins – Allergy and Asthma Specialist Raquel S. Watkins, MD earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami. She received her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Maryland. After completing her Internal Medicine Residency training at Wake Forest University, she was appointed Chief Resident. She served on Faculty at Wake Forest University School of Medicine as the Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program, before returning to fellowship in Allergy and Immunology, both pediatric and adult. Before leaving Wake Forest to live in Jacksonville, FL., Dr. Watkins was on the Wake Forest University School of Medicine faculty in the Section on Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergic and Immunologic Diseases, specializing in the care of pediatric and adult allergy and asthma.

13241 Bartram Park Blvd. Suite 2601 Jacksonville, FL. 32258 2140 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 1 Orange Park, FL 32073 904-298-1800

30 www.watkinsclinic.com

Dr. Watkins has authored numerous scientific publications, championed using the best available evidence in patient care and has a Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology. Dr. Watkins is a board certified allergist by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, a conjoint board of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Pediatrics. Raquel enjoys yoga. She likes to try new recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She loves kayaking and biking with her husband and children. On the weekends you can catch Dr. Watkins at her childrens’ school and club sporting events: youth soccer, lacrosse, cross country and track and field. Dr Watkins has been in practice in the Jacksonville/Orange Park area for over a decade. She cares for patients with asthma, allergies and related skin conditions.

Weaver & Stratton Pediatric Dentistry ​

Your Health Guide Local Guide

Dr. Robert Weaver is originally from Orange Park,

Florida, where he attended St. Johns Country Day School from kindergarten through 12th grade. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. He continued his education at the University of Florida College of Dentistry where he earned his DMD degree. He completed his two-year pediatric dental residency at the University of Florida, where he served as Chief Resident in his final year. He, his wife, and his two sons now call the Julington Creek area home. In his spare time, he enjoys running with his dogs, fishing, playing basketball and golf, and watching Florida Gator football and basketball.

Dr. Patrick Weaver was born and raised in Or-

ange Park, Florida, and graduated from St. Johns Country Day School. He graduated from Samford University as salutatorian with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He continued to the University of Florida, where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine degree. While in dental school, he was presented with the senior dental student award from the Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and was inducted into the honor society of Omicron Kappa Upsilon. He then completed a two-year residency at the University of Florida, where he served as Chief Resident. He, his wife, and their two children now call St. Johns County their home. He is a big Florida Gator fan and enjoys playing golf, running, and spending time with family and friends.

Dr. Aylin Mazzuoccolo was born in Izmir, Tur-

key, but moved to the great city of Jacksonville soon thereafter and was raised in the Mandarin area. After graduating from Stanton College Preparatory in 2004, she attended the University of Florida, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition. She continued her education at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, where she earned her DMD degree. In her senior year of dental school, she was selected into the Advanced Education Honors Program for Orthodontics. Throughout dental school, she stayed active with leadership positions, mission trips to Ecuador, and volunteering in the community. After dental school, she continued her training in the three-year Orthodontic Residency Program at the University of Florida, where she was Chief Resident in her final year. She earned a specialty certificate in orthodontics, as well as a Master of Science in Dental Sciences. She is married to her wonderful husband, John, whom she met in dental school. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, exercising, traveling, walking their Boston Terrier, Griffin, and, of course, cheering on their beloved Florida Gators

www.264kids.com 112 Bartram Oaks Walk, Suite 203 St. Johns, Florida 32259 904-264-5437 *Plus 2 other offices in Atlantic & Orange Park www.stjohnsmag.com


Ascension St. Vincent’s Health Care of St. Johns County


Larry Mastrogianakis, MD, knows what it’s like to be a kid who doesn’t

feel well. He was inspired by watching his own pediatrician take good care of him. Today, Dr. Mastrogianakis is a pediatrician in Jacksonville, where he has practiced pediatrics for 34 years. Dr. Mastrogianakis says he chose his specialty because he’s always loved kids and admires their bright, shiny attitude. He is committed to working closely with parents while caring for their children. When he’s not caring for kids, Dr. Mastrogianakis is busy with another of his passions - the Florida Gators. He is a graduate of Terry Parker High School here in Jacksonville. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, received his medical degree from the University of South Florida, and completed his pediatric residency training at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. Dr. Mastrogianakis sees patients at two Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent Pediatrics locations. To make an appointment at 2001 County Rd. 210 West, Suite 220, Saint Johns, call (904) 450-6630. For appointments at 10503 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, call 904-450-6630.

Cara Prier, MD, is an internal medicine doctor in Saint Johns, Florida. Her

care starts with listening to each person and getting to know them. She believes this allows her to deliver the compassionate, personalized care that’s right for them at every visit. Dr. Prier received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, and she graduated with her medical degree from Florida State University. She completed her residency at Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education, where she served as chief resident. Dr. Prier is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. She sees patients at Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent’s Primary Care, 2851 County Rd. 210, Suite 122, Saint Johns, Florida, 32259. Appointments are now available, call (904) 450-6290.

Urian Kim, MD, is a pediatrician who believes in taking time to listen to your child

and you, so he can deliver the care that’s right for your child and your family. Dr. Kim attended Upstate Medical School (formerly known as Syracuse College of Medicine) in New York. He completed his residency at the Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York, where he was named chief resident. He is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Kim’s office is Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent Pediatrics at 1100 Sawgrass Village Dr., Suite 100, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082. Dr. Kim is accepting new patients. Appointments are now available, call (904) 285-9355

Austin Chaput, DO, is board certified in family medicine and osteopathic

manipulative treatment and sees patients of all ages from newborns to elderly. He cares for patients’ physical and mental ailments and practices preventative medicine. As an Osteopath, Dr. Chaput is able to provide manual care - somewhat similar to physical therapy. This can be especially helpful with patients with bone and joint conditions. Originally from Central Florida, he completed his residency training in Jacksonville. Dr. Chaput sees patients at Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent’s Primary Care, 2001 County Rd. 210 West, Suite 220, Saint Johns, Florida, 32259. Appointments are now available, call (904) 450-8120.


Nouveaux Permanent Makeup

Your Health Local Guide Guide

Terri Rampone was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She moved her family

to Florida in 2016 to pursue her lifelong dream of living in “The Florida Paradise”. Her past art career, design background and a love for the arts has led her into many fields from being the head Macy’s Herald Square window decorator, to opening her own Children’s Mural Painting business, and Cake Decorating business to name a few.

611Market, St. Augustine, FL 32095 (917) 584-8863 nouveaupc.com

At the age of 50, Terri was diagnosed with breast cancer and took some time off from her art career to heal. Not realizing at the time how this would lead her into her next passion, she got her first tattoo (an areola that taken during surgery and Eyebrows due to chemo hair loss), she realized the tattoo world was a field to explore. Becoming a Permanent Makeup artist had become her next goal. She went on to study with the American Academy of Micropigmentation and became board-certified, licensed and insured and is listed with the Jacksonville Board of Health for the art of tattooing Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, 3D areola for cancer patients, Scar Camouflage and Tattoo Removal. Her clients consist of men and women of all ages for eyebrows and also professionals such as nurses, doctors, dentists, radiology technicians who don’t have time for makeup yet want the natural “wake up with make up “ look and recovering cancer patients. Terri provides complimentary consultations and will share her knowledge of permanent make-up and together make the best decisions for You!

Body Brite St. Johns

Kristy Robinson, is a licensed esthetician. Running a small business such as BodyBrite spa has been a dream of hers ever since she starting working as an esthetician over five years ago, let alone her childhood dream of being in the beauty industry through makeup and skincare which were a constant in Kristy’s life. Along with being the manager of BodyBrite St. Johns, she works as a medical esthetician treating clients with minimally invasive treatments, yet effective results that help correct, protect, and perfect the skin. Kristy entered medical esthetics to procedurally help people get healthy, clear skin, and learn how to keep it that way. She fell in love with Intense Pulse Light Therapy along the way. Her eye for detail and desire to see results drew her to the world of more permanent procedures for her happy clients. She performs multiple types of treatments such as microneedling, chemical peels, IPL, and even teeth whitening. Kristy has a busy life “southern living” and has 3 fur babies that all keep her on her toes!

120 Everest Ln #3, St Johns, FL 32259 904-718-3264 www.bodybriteusa.com/stjohns

Massage Green Spa

Julington Creek

Call 904-549-7535 or visit www. massagegreenspa.com/locations/ spa/fruit-cove-fl/

The team at Massage Green SPA – Fruit Cove, FL is proud to play an important part in improving the lives of our clients in our neighborhood and the surrounding communities. Our licensed massage therapists and skin care technicians take a great deal of pride in providing an amazing experience for each client. We’re open seven days a week to meet your needs, and while we highly recommend making an appointment – walk-ins are always welcome. Call 904-549-7535 or visit www.massagegreenspa. com/locations/spa/fruit-cove-fl/



Local Health Guide Guide

Good Mental Health Diana Brummer, MSW

Diana Brummer is a psychotherapist in private practice and owner of Good Mental Health, LLC, where she specializes in treating individuals, couples, and families involved in complicated relationships. As a writer, advocate, and family systems therapist with over 20 years’ experience, she provides cognitive-behavioral and integrative psychotherapy to her clients, helping them to improve their communication skills, strengthen their relationships, and increase their overall functioning. Sessions are offered in-office, located on CR 210 in northern Saint Johns County, and also online via any computer or mobile device. New this year, Good Mental Health will be hosting several workshops, both inperson and online, covering topics such as healthy boundary setting, better time management, and intentional living. For more information, to read our blog, or just say hello, visit us online at GoodMentalHealthLLC.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

157 Hampton Point Drive, Suite 1 St. Augustine, FL 32092 www.goodmentalhealthllc.com ​.com.

210 Family Chiropractic

Dr. Agostino Oliveira Dr. Oliveira constantly strives to improve and update his knowledge in the field of Chiropractic and related studies. He has always strengthened his understanding of diagnosis and treatment of spine and joint disorders by reading research and attending post graduate seminars. His love of chiropractic and genuine concern for others are two qualities that impress those who know him well. Dr. Oliveira is a member of the International Chiropractic Association and the Florida Chiropractic Society. Dr. Oliveira, his wife Lisa and their four children, Caitlin, Meghan, Colin and Connor reside in Saint Johns. They enjoy the beauty of the area, the culture, and all the recreational activities the region provides. Call 904-230-2717 or visit www.210chiro.com

163 Hampton Point Dr. St. Augustine, FL 32092 904.230.2717 www.210chiro.com


Invo Behavior and Therapy Services At Invo Behavior and Therapy Services, we specialize in ABA, speech, occupational, physical, feeding and social skills therapy in home and center-based settings designed to treat the whole child. We work with children with autism and other developmental delays from birth through 21. Our collaborative inter-disciplinary team of professionals strategically work to help your child meet milestones and continue to deliver positive outcomes. From our first conversation with the family to the kickoff of the customized care plan, our approach integrates technology and collaborative communication between our team and the family. **Accepting Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans including Tri-Care, Cigna, Aetna, Florida Blue, and United Healthcare.

Call 800.356.4049 today to get started or go to invotherapies.com to learn more.

Brittani Argott, Director received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Elementary

Education from William Paterson University and her Master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in Behavior Analysis from Caldwell University. She started her career as a Special Education teacher in a self-contained classroom for children with autism and other disabilities in New Jersey. When she received her Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) certification she developed an ABA program within a public school district in New Jersey. Four years ago Brittani and her family moved to Florida where she continued to consult in public schools and began her path into providing ABA services in families homes. A little over 2 years ago Brittani created the community based ABA program for INVO Behavior and Therapy Services across the state of Florida. She is currently INVO’s Director of ABA services for the State of Florida as well as beginning INVO’s community services in the states of Georgia and North Carolina. Brittani’s passion is to provide quality ABA services to families to ensure their children meet their full potential and supporting staff to continue on their path to becoming amazing and ethical RBTs, BCaBAs, and BCBAs.

St. Johns Pediatric Dentistry ​Dr.

Sullivan, DDS ​ & Dr. Perry, DDS We are a compassionate and enthusiastic team that is excited about caring for our patients, serving our local community, and promoting lifelong dental health. As mothers and Board Certified Pediatric Dentists specializing in oral health care for infants, children, and teenagers - our patients’ well-being is our number one priority; we treat each patient like family. We will strive every day to make our services fun, safe, and rewarding. We welcome parents to stop by and meet us or take an office tour!

1949 CR 210 W St. Johns, FL 32259 904-808-4700 www.stjohnskids.com www.stjohnsmag.com


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The area’s #1 choice for children’s emergency care is now open at Baptist Medical Center South. When it’s your child and it’s an emergency, you want the best care available. That’s why we’ve brought Wolfson Children’s Hospital care closer to you. The new Wolfson Children’s Emergency Center at Baptist South gives you and your family the convenience of a full-service children’s ER — right next door to our Baptist Emergency Center for adults. Learn more about the latest addition to the Wolfson Children’s family of ERs at wolfsonchildrens.com/ER.


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Baptist Medical Center South

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Nicole Thomas, Hospital President

Nicole Thomas, FACHE, is hospital president of Baptist Medical Center South, the first female hospital president in Baptist Health’s history. She is responsible for the operational and strategic direction of the secondlargest hospital in the health system. In addition to her duties as hospital president, Thomas was recently named chair of the Baptist Health Transformation Cabinet, leading a group of the health system’s leaders charged with implementing Baptist Health’s five-year strategic plan. Previously, Thomas had executive responsibility for Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center and Baptist Neurological Institute. She has been named one of Modern Healthcare magazine’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare and one of 50 great African Americans in healthcare to know by Becker’s Hospital Review. Thomas earned a master’s degree in health care administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holds a bachelor’s degree in public health administration from Dillard University in New Orleans. Thomas serves as chair of the board of directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Jacksonville branch, and is a member of the OneJax Board, the Senior Advisory Council for the National Association of Health Services Executives, and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She has been named a Woman of Distinction by the Northeast Florida Girl Scout Council, a Woman of Influence by the Jacksonville Business Journal, a Woman with Heart by Volunteers in Medicine and received the Women in Business Award from the Jacksonville Women’s Network. She is a 2013 graduate of Leadership Jacksonville and a past chair of Women in Local Leadership for the United Way of Northeast Florida.

Justin Moy, MD

Justin Moy, MD, is a board-certified otolaryngologist (ENT) at Baptist Medical Center South. He is a former Navy commander and a decorated veteran who spent 13 years caring for military families on both coasts, including serving as a department head for otolaryngology at NAS Jacksonville. He specialized in Otolaryngology because of the diverse nature of the field and his interest in disorders of the ear, nose, and throat. His areas of expertise include: ●Sinonasal disorders ●Thyroid disorders ●Throat disorders ●Balloon sinuplasty Dr. Moy treats infants to seniors. His philosophy of care is a patient-centric, collaborative approach. He focuses on establishing rapport with my patients so that he and the patient can decide on the best course of treatment together. While serving in the U.S. Navy, he advanced to the rank of commander and practiced medicine in naval medical centers on both coasts, including Jacksonville. He moved to Jacksonville in 2012 and he and his family enjoy activities, including swimming, biking, fishing and spending time at the beach.

Mary Czerny, MD

Mary Czerny, MD, is an experienced, board-certified otolaryngologist at Baptist Medical Center South who treats a broad range of conditions of the ear, nose, throat, and neck. Dr. Czerny enjoys the blend of medical and surgical treatment in her field, which allows her to provide comprehensive care to a diverse range of patients. Her areas of expertise include: ●Nasal and sinus disorders ●Endoscopic sinus surgery ●Thyroid masses and surgery ●Vocal cord lesions and paralysis Dr. Czerny treats infants to seniors. She has suffered from seasonal allergies her entire life, so she can relate to allergy and sinus patients and how their problems affect their quality of life. Dr. Czerny values having an open dialogue with her patients so she can understand their main concerns. She likes to educate patients so they leave with more than just a treatment plan--they also have knowledge about their condition. After decades of cold Midwestern winters, Dr. Czerny was thrilled to fulfill her dream of living near the ocean by moving to Jacksonville. Her family, especially her two young children, enjoy the beach and water-based activities. Her last name, Czerny (pronounced “Chur-nee”) comes from her native-born Polish husband. As a person who enjoys learning about different languages and cultures, she spends some of her free time working on expanding my Polish vocabulary. www.stjohnsmag.com 37 Baptistjax.com/south

Award Winning • Voted one of the Best Places to Work for 2018! • Gold Star Award to Dr. Tracy LaDue & Dr. Jennifer Locke from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, nominated by their peers for outstanding contribution to veterinary medicine.

“Giving New Hope Every Day”

Ask your AT SOUTHEAST VETERINARY Veterinarian ONCOLOGY & INTERNAL MEDICINE for compassion meets innovation. a referral today! • Stereotactic Radiation • Internal Medicine (SRS/SRT) in partnership • Radiation Oncology with PetCure Oncology • Radioactive Iodine • Medical Oncology



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A Message From The Vet by Dr. Deckard, DVM Pets R Family

Veterinary Dental Cleanings Canine and feline dental disease is more than just a cosmetic issue. Many people joke that their pet has bad breath, but halitosis can be a sign of serious oral disease. Red gums, dental tartar, and loose teeth can have a devastating effect on your pet’s quality of life, causing pain, oral infections, and systemic bacterial infections that can cause damage to the delicate kidney, cardiac and brain tissues. February is National Pet Dental Health month, and veterinary practices across the country use this month to bring awareness to dental disease, but preventative dental care should be a frequent practice for pet owners all year long. Specialized dental food, chews, treats, rinses, and water additives can be very helpful in keeping dental disease at bay, but daily tooth brushing is truly the best practice. When you bring your pet to the veterinarian, typically an oral exam is performed at least annually. Your vet will check for obvious signs of dental disease and make a recommendation as to whether an anesthetic dental cleaning is warranted. We understand that many people may hesitate when it comes to putting their pet under anesthesia; keep in mind that when a veterinarian is recommending this, it is in the best interest of the pet. Unfortunately, there is no way to properly clean your pet’s teeth without anesthesia. Veterinary clinics that promote that concept are doing your pet a disservice because 60% of a tooth exists under the gum line. Without anesthesia, only the surfaces of the teeth are cleaned – and often with great stress to your pet! Ultrasonic scaling, which is the gold standard of cleaning the surface of the teeth simply cannot be performed on an awake patient without an endotracheal tube inserted. Hand scaling is time consuming, requiring your pet to be restrained for a long time, and can be painful, cause bleeding, and cause

enamel injury to the tooth. Any tartar that is building up under the gums is not able to be assessed, and it’s impossible to xray the teeth or probe the teeth for pockets or other abnormalities with an awake patient. When a veterinarian is recommending a dental cleaning, consideration is taken as to a pet’s age and condition, but typically the benefits of a dental cleaning outweigh the risks of anesthesia. Doing bloodwork, chest xrays, and electrocardiograms prior to the procedure can help your veterinarian better assess your pet’s overall health and bring some peace of mind to a worried owner. Many pets differ in their needs for dental cleanings. Some pets will need a cleaning once a year, while others can go several years between procedures. Breed predisposition and genetics do play a role, but utilizing the tools available to pet owners for dental care can certainly help a lot. If you have a young dog or cat, getting them used to having their mouths and teeth touched can be very helpful in conditioning them to accept tooth brushing. There are several styles of toothbrush available for pets to make things easier, and although toothpaste is not necessaryit’s the brushing mechanism that is actually the most helpful- there are pet-specific toothpastes that have attractive flavors such as poultry to help make brushing a nicer experience for your pet. Teeth should be brushed as often as possible; pets who get their teeth brushed only every 8 weeks when they visit the groomer are not really going to see any of the benefits of brushing like a pet whose teeth are brushed several times a week would. But if you are like many people and are unable to brush your pet’s teeth, please ask your veterinarian for recommendation on what products to use for regular dental care. Taking care of your pet’s teeth is paramount in keeping your pet healthier overall. It can foster longevity and enhance the bond you have with your pet –because who doesn’t mind kisses when their pet has fresh breath and clean teeth?




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