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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso


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Dear Readers Our Annual Art issue is always a favorite of mine. I am in awe of art and the artists we have chosen for this issue, Melissa Kurtz, Megan Welch and Sinisa Saratlic, amazing and interesting fine artists who live and work in our local community. Our interviews explore their process and how it is informed, and allow us the simple chance to view the beautiful, interesting and unique work. We have a fun art project for the kids provided by Creative Me Art Studio, our featured business for October. Be sure to read their business profile interview. Another feature this month is our makeover series, by the Sparkle in Style team. It has been truly awesome to see the transformation of our first local Mom, DeArcy, using the arts of style, makeup, hair and photography. Also, please enjoy our expanded Fall Fun Calendar with a plethora of fall festivals, Oktoberfests, art shows and more; just a reminder of why we are lucky to live in St. Johns. Thank you to our advertisers and contributors who support this local publication. Have a wonderful Fall y’all! Debbie Gaylord Publisher, St. Johns Magazine October 2017

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An Interview with Artist

MELISSA KURTZ Key to My Heart SJM: Who are you and what do you do? MELISSA: I am a wife, a mother of 3, I am strong, an independent thinker, a fly by the seat of my pants girl, I am full of joy and Jesus, I have a very competitive spirit, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am a pretty butterfly and free spirit. I am a self-taught, mixed media artist. I mostly use acrylic paints, watercolors, and handmade papers in my art. I sometimes use metals, found objects, and fabrics also. SJM: Why do you do what you do? MELISSA: In 2005, I was involved in a car accident that left my Suburban wrapped around a concrete light pole. Amazingly, I walked away from it, but was left with a head injury and excruciating neck and upper back pain. I am an interior designer by trade, and my accident left me unable to really work. My days were filled with doctor’s appointments, trying to take care of my 3 young children while my husband was on deployment in the Navy, and unable to work because of the pain in my head, neck, and upper back. It also left me with a deep, undeniable, depression. After about a year of struggling through everything, I realized that part of the problem was that my creativity was so bottled up with nowhere to go. I started searching for something to channel my thoughts and energy into. I was searching Etsy one day for inspiration, and came across some mosaic belt buckles, and thought to myself, I can do better than that, I decided my medium would be gemstones, glass beads, metal beads, and vintage jewelry components. Instead of using grout to secure them, I used glue. Eventually, looking for another challenge, I started painting. SJM: What is your background? MELISSA: My background is in Interior Design. I have been a designer in Jacksonville for almost 30 years. I studied Interior Design at Iowa State University and FCCJ in Jacksonville. I managed the decorating department at Brinton’s Paint Company for 7 years before opening my own store, Oak Street Designs, in Riverside in 1996. My partner, Denise Moore, and I had our retail shop and design company until making the decision to close in 2001. I’ve worked out of my home studio ever since. It’s been a very rewarding career that has given me much joy and allowed me to meet some amazing people in the city of Jacksonville. I feel incredibly blessed to do what I do.


SJM: How do you work (explain your process)? MELISSA: I really like using words or phrases in my work. I’m very deliberate in the papers or books I use to create a mood or inspiration in whatever the subject matter is that I’m creating. My ultimate goal is always to bring a smile or joy to the person who purchases my piece. I am a lover of color, and my pieces are always full of intense,

bright, colors. Although I appreciate pastel and neutral paintings, every time I have tried to create a piece like that, the color has a way of creeping in and taking over! I think because of my interior design background, balance, proportion, and texture (visual or tactile) are the most important elements that go into my work. SJM: How has your practice changed over time & what aspect of your work do you enjoy most? MELISSA: When I first starting creating my belt buckles and jewelry, I didn’t really consider myself an artist. It was more of an outlet of expression for my mental health and sanity. But when people wanted what I had created, and asked for more, I started to value what I was doing, and it made me want to do more. I don’t think I’m any different from a lot of other artists that look for other avenues to be creative in. When I started painting, I think my work was more 1 dimensional and flat. I tended to not experiment with blending and layering colors. Over the last few years, I’ve become bolder with my color combinations, and layering techniques. I‘ve started using molding pastes and pouring mediums in my work to create even more texture. I’m enjoying the collage effect my work sometimes takes on. I love experimenting with blending and overlapping colors to see how they relate to each other and the papers that are used in the piece. I also love creating paintings with all paper. I use cutting and tearing techniques to create the subject matter and different pattern combinations. I’ve also started creating some Monet like abstracts. I think I get a little lost in the creative process, because I’m always surprised in how the patterns and layers relate to each other in the finished piece and not really knowing necessarily how I got there. I love walking away for a while, then coming back to it and seeing a new combination that I didn’t notice before. SJM: Did you have a mentor? MELISSA: My mentor is absolutely my best friend, Jennifer McCully, who is an incredibly talented artist in Orlando, FL. I’ve watched her career from the very beginning, being one of her biggest fans. She was the one who encouraged me to pick up a paint brush beside her and helped me create my first piece. She’s always been very quick to inspire me to follow my heart and pull the creativity from within myself. She’s taught me to look for inspiration everywhere around me. SJM: What is your strongest memory of childhood? MELISSA: The two people who I feel have shaped the person I have become would have be my mother and my step mother. My mother always allowed experimentation and encouraged creativity. She taught me how to sew, how to cross stitch, and took my sister and I, to pottery

Swimming in Sunshine

making and painting classes as children. She taught us to think for ourselves and embrace our own paths. She loved to garden and always filled our yard with tons of different colored plants and flowers. I remember sometimes feeling like a square peg in a round hole when I looked at the people around me, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s given me a confidence in knowing who I am as a person and what I stand for. One of my favorite memories, was “wallpapering” my room with the pages of animals out of my Ranger Rick magazines. I remember always walking into my room and just feeling like I was getting a big hug from all the animals and colors that surrounded me. SJM: What is your scariest memory of childhood? MELISSA: My stepmother on the other hand, showed me how to be resilient, strong, and taught me never to give up. She taught me my competitive nature. We had horses, and she got me into barrel racing and western pleasure showing. There were lots of times that I fell off my horse but no matter the dirt or tears involved, I was always made to get back on, even if just to sit on his back for a minute. I was never allowed to give up or throw a pity party for myself. The scariest memory I have of my childhood was the summer between 5th and 6th grade, I happen to be standing on the running board of our small tractor, riding with her while she mowed our pasture. When we were returning the mower attachment to our neighbors that she borrowed it from, she thought she would be kind and mow an area of long grass for them. She hit a large piece of equipment hidden in the grass, and it threw me off the tractor and under the back wheels of our tractor. My right leg got hung up as I fell and it badly got dislocated. I had a broken left collar bone, and crushed the bones in my left hand. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks. SJM: Have you had any other jobs besides being an artist? MELISSA: In addition to my work as an interior designer, I worked in my family’s paint and wallcovering store through high school, and I’ve worked in retail clothing stores, and waitressed through college. I also got my real estate license 2 years ago. SJM: What has been your most memorable response to you work? MELISSA: I have 2 most memorable responses to my work. The first was at the Riverside Arts Market. I had a booth of my artwork, and a women approached and was looking at my paintings and all of a sudden got so excited at seeing my mixed media work of sunflowers, because I had used the At Home in Mitford book pages to create some of the petals on the sunflowers. It was her favorite book, and sunflowers were her favorite flower. My second memory is of a sweet older man who came into a shop where I was delivering some furniture pieces that I had decoupaged with very brightly patterned papers, and he saw one of my tables and immediately purchased it, telling me that he had just lost his wife, and that the table reminded him of her, and it made him happy.

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Creative Me Art Studio Janine Lafiteau is an artist and former art teacher who, with her husband Ted, opened Creative Me Art Studio in St. Johns last year. St. Johns Magazine wanted to learn a little more about this interesting and creative business where artists of every age and skill level may learn and grow. Why did you start Creative Me Art Studio? I wanted an opportunity to share my artistic talent and teaching the skills needed to allow both children and adults to discover their inner artist. Who is involved in running the business? Myself – Janine Lafiteau and my husband, Ted. I am responsible for creating and teaching the classes and workshop that we run here at the studio as well as running our Summer Art Camp and hosting a variety of birthday parties and events. Ted is responsible for administrative aspects of the business – such as: Marketing, Managing the books, Scheduling the monthly calendar, Managing the web-site and Coordinating visits made by outside groups. What are some of the services you offer? Art classes for children and adults including: Instructional Adult only classes on Tuesdays, Art education classes for home schooled children each Wednesday, Mommy & Me classes on Thursdays, Visiting group classes and Family Fun Nights on Fridays and Advanced art classes for tweens and teens on Saturdays. We also offer canvas painting events for adults (Wine & Canvas, Business Team Builders and Fund Raisers) and children (Cookies & Canvas) as well as Custom art themed birthday parties. We also just launched an after-school program held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. called, “Crafternoon Activities”. This gives kids an opportunity to do a different craft/art lesson every day. What is your favorite part about owning your business? Through the creation and building of Creative Me Art Studio, I have been able to bring a lifelong dream of having my own studio to fruition. Having an opportunity to share my passion for art with others and showing people that with a little instruction they can create amazing pieces of art. In addition, I really enjoy working with my husband as we make a really great team and have lots of fun each day. Do you have a background in art? I have been an artist from an early age. In college majored in Education with a minor in Art. Upon receiving my Bachelor’s Degree, I embarked upon a 19 year career as an elementary school teacher – 12 of those years were spent in the classroom teaching all grades between Kindergarten and 5th. The other 7 years were as the art teacher. Who is your favorite artist and why? Although there are many I like, Brazilian artist Romeo Britto is my very favorite. I love his use of thick black lines and vivid colors and patterns as well as a very unique style that always makes me happy.

Janine and Ted Lafiteau, Owners of Creative Me Art Studio

What makes your business unique? We offer a wide variety of classes, workshops and art related events for all ages from 3 to 93. We also offer customized birthday parties and we host an extremely flexible “Mom friendly” Summer Camp Program, wherein you can come day by day on a pay as you go basis, in comparison to other camps wherein you have to book for a minimum of a week and if you miss a day, you have to pay anyway. In addition, we integrate technology into our lessons. We employ the use of a document camera that basically digitally captures my lesson and broadcasts the images onto large flat panel T.V. sets mounted to the walls of the studio. Therefore, no matter where you’re seated in the studio, you have a close up view of the instructions… making it much easier to follow along. What kinds of projects do people most like and why? Our most popular step by step instructional classes are our acrylic painting on canvas. Kids love it because the can make instant wall art and adults love it because even though most of our customers are amateur artists, they’re very proud that they were able to create a masterpiece of their very own via step-by-step instructions. What is a memorable experience related to your business? One day we had a special needs child visit the studio for the first time. The lesson that day, was step-by-step canvas painting. Canvas painting, as you know, involves many steps to complete…which is difficult for any amateur artist. After an hour and a half of teaching this child, he and his parents were so proud of how he remained focused and completed a gorgeous piece of artwork. We were so happy to be part of this special moment. What are some of your challenges? Many of our customers have gotten to know us through their friends or family – which is wonderful – as word of mouth is our best endorsement. However, getting word out there of our existence to the community at large has been difficult as advertising takes up a large portion our limited budget. What are your goals for the future? To provide a wide variety of classes, workshops and art related events that would cater to every type of artist, at any age, within our surrounding community. We would love to be the go to place to allow your inner artist to bloom.

For more information please visit , or find them on Facebook or see their ad on page 14 in SJM.


Photo by Michelle Calloway (Space 42) Paige: Acrylic on wood, 12 inch round

One Ringy Dingy: Mixed Media, 20 x 20 inches

MEGAN WELCH; Artist SJM: Who are you and What do you do? MEGAN: I’m Megan Welch. I’m a painter, educator, wife and mom. SJM:Why do you do what you do? MEGAN: I think that my “why” has a lot to do with my family. I spent a lot of my childhood in community theatre with my entire family. My grandmother sewed costumes, my parents directed and acted in shows, my brother’s a great writer and has worked in a variety of technical positions. A creative life equates to normalcy to me. Growing up I was never discouraged from a life in the arts so that’s probably how I got to this point.


SJM: How do you work (explain your process)? MEGAN: Typically I work in series. Once I find something that inspires me, I try to exhaust the topic from a variety of differing imagery in sketchbooks, through quick studies, until I have the basis for paintings. I use my daughter quite often as a reference, sometimes she’s a stand in for me, a symbol of something I want to say, or simply herself. She’s pretty young and probably wouldn’t sit for me for the length of time I’d need for her to in order to paint from life, so I generally take reference pictures of her to paint from. I also paint my friends, I try to not take up too much of their time so I take reference photos of them as well. I usually don’t end up with one perfect reference for each so my paintings are usually composited of a variety of reference photos I’ve taken. Once I have my reference photos I generally create a charcoal and chalk drawing that will serve as my roadmap for a painting. Once I’ve done that I create my substrate, which is usually canvas. I do a good amount of underpainting with red, burnt sienna, or pink. I’m not sure why I gravitate to those colors, but one of my grad school professors tells me Titian began his work similarly so I guess I’m in good company. Once I get the underpainting done, I start in with the parts I’m most afraid to paint first, I like to get the nerves over with early on. Stare down the beast. I keep a pretty disciplined studio practice. Each night around 8:00, I go into my studio and I work until I reach a stopping point, usually around 11:00. Weekends I work in the morning until someone in my house wants to go do something and I typically come and go frequently, not really sticking with a time period. Toward the end of a painting, I like to leave it for a day or two between passes because I tend to become blind to the faults in the work toward the end. I have a few artists I’m friends with who I show my work to for feedback. I also show my work to my mom and one of my close friends who don’t mince words with me. If something’s wrong, they’re going to tell me. At

this point I will usually begin the process over again with another work or go on to a commission if I have one. SJM: What is your background? MEGAN: In retrospect, I think I was a pretty weird kid. My theatre family didn’t always get me cool points with the kids in my small southern town and being raised a vegetarian didn’t help either. What I think was so valuable looking back, is that my parents instilled in my brother and I, a great reverence for the arts and the importance of living a creative life. Fitting in wasn’t something that was important to our parents, so we learned early on that we should be fulfilled in more substantive ways. As a result, I went into my BFA Painting program at the University of North Florida without an ounce of worry my parents would cut me off like so many of my classmates did. In my undergrad, I realized how special my family was, and that not all kids grow up with parents who love the arts so I wanted to be the person in the lives of art students who told them that they could. That they could carve out a life for themselves in the arts. That they could be fulfilled and successful in the arts. So four days after I graduated, I walked into my first teaching job. Twelve years later, I’m still loving it. SJM: What has been a seminal experience? MEGAN: It’s weird to me how someone’s birth can remind us of our mortality. When my daughter was born I wasn’t doing much creatively. Yes, I was teaching art, technically I spent everyday creating, but I wasn’t making work that was my own. I realized that I didn’t even have a space to create in my house. The thought of my daughter not realizing I was an artist felt deeply upsetting. It was so strange to me, that feeling of wanting to impress this tiny human, but it worked. I started out strangely enough drawing these goldfish I saw on Instagram. I wasn’t really doing anything profound with these fat little fish, they were just something to draw, but they helped me get back into the habit of creating. So I guess the birth of my daughter has been the most formative experience of my life so far, and weirdly enough, some goldfish. SJM: How has your practice changed over time? MEGAN: I’m getting my MFA right now at Savannah College of Art & Design and early in my first studio class I realized that many of my creative “choices” were really just fears in disguise. I was avoiding working with subjects I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough to paint. I decided then and there that I would go after what I was afraid of. I wouldn’t let my fears stop me from where I wanted to be as an artist. That was the first class I painted a portrait for. I haven’t

stopped since. SJM: What aspect of your work do you enjoy most? MEGAN: The best moments are the heady, giddy feelings when I step back from a work and I can’t believe I made it. SJM: What food or drink inspires you? MEGAN: Anything that is made by someone passionate about their work. Whether its local produce, my mom’s peach salsa, or wine from Tuscany. The love is palpable. SJM: What is your strongest memory of childhood? MEGAN: Painting with my grandma. We used to sit in her “Florida Room”, which I guess most people would call a back porch, I’m not sure why we called it the Florida Room, is that a thing? I digress… We would paint Bob Ross copies out there for hours and the smell of the oil paint would hang over us and stick to our skin like the swampy humidity outside. I loved every minute of it. SJM: What is your scariest memory of childhood? MEGAN: My friends and I used to do some pretty stupid things growing up. By far our most dangerous involved us rollerblading down the steepest hill we knew of. We would fly down the hill and if a car came while we were flying around the curve at the end of the hill we would throw ourselves into a retention ditch before presumably getting hit by the car. As an adult, I cannot think of much in my everyday life scarier than almost hitting an eight year old, only to watch that child fling herself off a cliff into a ditch. Who even knows how we didn’t break every bone in our bodies. SJM: Have you had any other jobs besides being an artist? MEGAN: Being an art teacher. I’ve taught all grades K-12. Now, I teach at Nease High School here in St. John’s County. I also worked in restaurants waiting tables and bartending while in college. Nothing teaches more about humanity than waiting tables. SJM: What has been your most memorable response to your work? MEGAN: I recently painted my daughter as a hot pink Creature from the Black Lagoon-esque monster. She didn’t see it until I was pretty much done with painting the portion that included her and she wandered into my studio one morning without me noticing. I was in our kitchen and I heard, “MOMMA. I am NOT a MONSTER… but I do like being pink!”

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“Crafternoon” Activities Looking for art activities for your child after school?... Our Crafternoon Activities are hands-on teacher guided activities which may include: Using oil pastels, water color painting, drawing, canvas painting, multi-media art, collage, air dry clay projects as well as arts & crafts.

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Creative Me Art Studio is conveniently located between Jacksonville & St. Augustine - Within The Promenade at Bartram Springs Shopping Plaza

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(Just off Race Track Road - 1/2 mile west of U.S. 1)


Fall Fox Art Project by Creative Me Art Studio Step 1: Using orange paint and a paintbrush, paint the whole front of the paper plate. If you don’t have paint, you could use an orange crayon or marker. Let it dry while you work on the following steps. This will be the body of the fox. Step 2: Using a white paper plate, fold it in half. Using a pencil, sketch the outline shape you see in the photo. Cut on your line so it looks like the photo. This shows the fox’s ear, cheek and chin. Step 3: Open the plate. Using a black marker or black crayon, draw a triangular nose in the lower middle of the head. Then draw a line around the top of the fox’s head. Next, add the inside of the ears and a cartoon mouth. Add a curve in the mouth for a tongue. Color the inside of ears and tongue pink. Step 4: Using a brown piece of paper, cut out two shapes that look like brown socks. Cut a zig-zag pattern across the tops. Cut three bubbles to make the toe areas look like paws. Step 5: Using a small orange plate, trim the top of the plate so it looks like it is a pumpkin shape. Using a scrap piece from your brown paper, cut out a little stem. Tape it to the back of the plate, on the top. You can add real or fake leaves if you like! Step 6: Time to put your beautiful project together! Glue or tape the back of the fox’s chin and press it onto the orange painted plate. Glue or tape the brown legs on the sides of the painted plate making sure the paws are facing outward, as shown. Last, glue or tape the pumpkin plate onto the fox’s belly. Add googly eyes or draw them in. Using a permanent marker, write the words, “Happy Fall Y’all!” on the front of the pumpkin plate. Hang it up and enjoy!



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FALL CONTAINER GARDENS Local Company Teaches You How by Zak Furey

Garden of Eatin’ Jax creates beautiful raised bed culinary gardens for clients in Florida and Georgia. We do all of the work so one can just sit back and enjoy fresh organic produce right from their home each day. We build the beds, weed block them, feed, amend the soil, plant gorgeous plants, label and even provide clients with recipes so they can enjoy their wonderful crops! We even maintain the beds for customers by coming back each season to add seaweed, kelp, fish emulsion, worm castings, oxygenate and add new plants applicable for the time of year so customers can enjoy year round fresh produce! We offer many garden varieties to select from such as Juicing, Herbal, Vegetable, Salad Bowl, Herbal Tea, Floral Cutting, Health and Wellness, Children’s, Salsa, Barbecue, Fairy Gardens and more! The company was started as so many people love fresh organic vegetables and herbs yet wanted something simple, fun and easy to maintain. The owner Zak Furey who comes from a landscape and culinary back ground had put a bed in his own home for his wife many years back and nearly everyone in the neighborhood requested one! People were so excited to have a garden that was attractive, easy to harvest from and simple to care for. In addition, he discovered a great need for raised beds not only for beauty and to insure proper drainage and easy growth but for many who are elderly or with disabilities who desired a garden that required no bending over or difficulty in accessing. Many customers commented they wanted gardens that they could enjoy but did not have time to maintain so we filled a great void in that market as well by taking care of their beds for them inexpensively and providing fresh new plants each season as well as keeping their beds pruned, cleaned and fed. Florida is such a wonderful place for gardening with fresh produce enjoyed and grown year round. With this in mind, everyone should have a garden with their crops to enjoy! Not only are they fun and beautiful, one saves a fortune or organic produce costs. Fall is our most popular season by far as the temperature is perfect and clients favorite vegetables are the salad greens-there is simply nothing like enjoying a fresh organic salad each day straight from the garden! In addition, this time of year we plant potatoes, beets, kale, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, arugula, berries and many many herbs. Children love the gardens as well as they teach them where food comes from and kids are always so excited when they get to water, prune and pick fresh vegetables they get to eat right away! Its a wonderful way to teach your kids nutrition and wellness as well not to mention make healthy eating fun! Classes are also available in Harvesting and Preserving, Soap Making, Floral Arranging, Herbal Medicine Chest, Cooking, Tea Making, Crafting with Nature and Juicing from Home.

Farmer's Market Fall Healing Soup Ingredients •• •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

6 medium sized Bell Peppers 1 small Chopped Onion 1 cup Seasoned Crouton Crumbs 1 cup Chopped Pecans 1/2 cup Olives 6 tablespoons Butter 1 cup Parmesan Cheese 1 tablespoon Parsley (plus several sprigs for garnish) 1 tablespoon Rosemary (plus several sprigs for garnish)

Directions Cut off tops of each pepper, preserve the lids. Toss everything in the bowl and mix well. Stuff each pepper with the mixture, and then add about 1/2 cup water to the bottom of the casserole. Cover loosely with foil and cook for about 30-40 minutes, just until the peppers are beginning the soften and everything is heated through. Place pepper lids back on. Garnish with the cheese, parley and rosemary.

Please contact Garden of Eatin’ Jax for more information at- https://www. Phone 386-972-1891


Heavenly Garden

Sinisa Saratlic SJM: Who are you and what do you do? SINISA: My name is Sinisa Saratlic. I am an architect and fine artist. I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, former Yugoslavia, in 1954. I graduated from University of Sarajevo, Department of Architectural studies, with B.S. in Architecture. SJM: Why do you do what you do? SINISA: My art is celebration of the concept of inspiration. Everything I see is a manifestation of divine energy and I believe in a divine power that controls all life. When I look at beauty, I’m inspired. Some of my ideas come from my feelings and experiences . I’m inspired by art of all kinds, including sculpture, painting, architecture, music - just everything. Art is my life! SJM: How do you work? SINISA: As time disappears, I try to stop everything what is an expression of beauty, emotion, or simply an interesting moment or a magic image of our life. So, I’m placing those elements into “windows” of feelings, to depict romantic women beauty or the charm of nature. Seeing things through a window gives us sense of discovering something new, dreaming, waiting or remembering something that we used to have. Acrylic is my favorite medium. It allows me to create depth and texture within the many transparent layers. My strokes are visible channels of energy and that is what excites me. Mostly I use acrylic, oils, pastel and watercolors. Sometimes I mix all of these techniques in the same piece of art. I like to experiment. My studio and my worktable is just full of all these materials, and I use whatever I think will help me in getting the kind of effect that I want for pictures I like to listen to music while I am working. I like to listen all kind of music from classical to roc and roll. Sometimes I work all night. I have created a variety of works in different mediums, styles and subjects like figures, portraits, landscapes, still life, automotive art, abstractions and illustrations. Also I do architectural study models and artistic architectural renderings.


SJM: What is your background? SINISA: My travel through the world of art begins at an early age. A sketch book filled with ideas and intricate drawings was my best friend throughout childhood. My talent was recognized, and rewarded ever since elemen-

tary school. My art work became an important component of my school’s exhibitions and competitions. When I was fifteen I sold my first painting Paintings from period of 1979 -1992 combine ideas taken from my national heritage, European history, romantic landscapes and architecture. In that period my original paintings were inevitable part of galleries from Sarajevo, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Korcula and other cites. With the beginning of war in Bosnia I escaped with my family from Sarajevo, saving our lives and leaving everything else behind, including all my artwork. Everything disappears in disasters of war. From 1992 to1997, I lived with my family in Belgrade where we began our new life. That was a very quiet period of my art life. I was busy working different jobs and providing for my family, and I was minimally focused on my artwork. That was very tough period in my life. December of 1997 once again becomes a new starting point in my life and my family. We moved to United States, a new country, new culture, a new life. I came to United States in pursuit of new and better life for me and my family. I wasn’t afraid of starting life once again from the scratch. It was extremely hard in the beginning. But soon enough I started a new period of professional work as an artist and architect. My first work in America doesn’t go by unnoticed and I brought home awards form exhibitions in St. Augustine, Florida. That inspired me further, and every free moment that I had, I used it to create artworks. Soon enough 24 hours in a day became insufficient for my inspiration and ideas. New ideas, horizons, and new temptations brought to me a whole new level of inspiration, and I formed unique style of my artistic expression. My quest for “Ideal Beauty” and studying human emotions takes me into a contemporary portrayal of a woman. As a freelance architect and artist I was included in lot of projects and art events throughout the Florida.

Also I have been a judge at the State fair art show in South Carolina several times. Many of my artworks are in private and corporate collections around the world. SJM: What is integral to the work of an artist? SINISA: Main idea, details, color palette and execution are integrals to “making up a whole “to the artwork. SJM: What role does the artist have in society? SINISA: The Artist must be everywhere, not only in galleries and museums. There are many problems in society and we need to solve the problems together. The artist must participate in every possible activity. Art can be a powerful way to bring communities together. The same as artist in any era: to interpret societies to themselves, reflect ideas and representations of people and culture, help is understand ourselves. Art also has the capacity to heal, as therapeutic art is now commonly used to alleviate psychological trauma. So artist can help in finding the solution through his work to create harmony, positive energy peace, love, etc SJM: What has been a seminal experience? SINISA: My work is influenced by my national heritage, European history, romantic landscapes and architecture. SJM: Explain what you do in 100 words SINISA: My art is essence of my being. My work conveys a sense of nostalgia and helps those viewing to be reminded of their own happiness. This is a mirror or window into which they can look to see their own happiness. Seeing things through a window gives us sense of discovering something new, dreaming, waiting or remembering something that we used to have.

My art studio offers original acrylic and oil paintings, portraits, automotive art reproduction of artwork and freelance artist services. I am available for private and corporate commissions. My artwork is on display at the Art Center Gallery downtown Jacksonville at the Landing, suite 139.

SJM: What themes do you pursue? SINISA: Currently I am looking for ways to depict romantic beauty of classic cars in composition with beauty of the women body. SJM: What’s your scariest experience? SINISA: It was a moment when I put a coat of varnish on the finished artwork, canvas size 32” x 40 “ to protect it. At that moment my work suddenly disappeared from the surface of the canvas. I was scared when I saw it. I was screaming: : “ OMG!!! My two-month hard work was gone!”. I ran to find the camera to take a photo of it. When I returned, I saw how my painting began to appear slowly on the surface of the canvas. After 25 minutes, my work finally came up. It was clear to me that there was a chemical reaction between color and varnish. I have never ever experienced anything like this in my life.

SJM: How has your practice changed over time? SINISA: My practice has changed over time depending on situation, inspiration, feelings, mediums, mood and atmosphere. SJM: What art do you most identify with? SINISA: I am most identifying with Old Masters like Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Raphael.

SJM: What work do you most enjoying doGullwing ing? SINISA: Surrealism work is one of my favorSJM: Who is your favorite artist? ites because it’s kind of bridge between what we call modern art and classical art. Also SINISA: My favorite artist of the Renaisthe variety I also enjoying doing is distinctive Automotive Classic Car Fine Art. sance is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was an Italian painter, a sculptor, an architect, enSJM: What’s your strongest memory of your childhood? gineer, musician and scientist He produced SINISA: My travel through world of art has begun at my early age. Sketch book filled great works that captured the history and with ideas and intricate drawings was my best friend throughout my childhood. In climate of the times that he created in. school I was constantly getting in trouble for the doodling and scribbled during math, Many people of his time did not believe in music and social studies. I also constantly drew pictures at home after school. My tal- the ability that he poses. I admire how he ent was recognized, and rewarded ever since elementary school. My art work was continued further, even if people are disimportant component of my elementary middle and high schools exhibitions and couraging. Instead of thinking about what competitions. When I was fifteen my first painting was sold, then I was the happiest others think about him, he continued dochild in the world. So at that early age I had a sense that it was possible to make a living ing work they benefited humans from his doing art. I’ve won a lot of awards for my art and it feels wonderful to know that my time and even our time. work is appreciated.

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Testing and Treatment for Allergy & Asthma • We focus on our patients’ needs first • Same day appointments • On-site Physician for personal attention • Dedicated shot clinic with nurse *open during lunch hours • Asthma Educators on staff

Welcome back BCBS plans!!

We will get you started on an effective treatment plan that allows you to control your symptoms and live a better life.

New Bartram Park location opening July 2017 Baptist South Medical Office Building II 14540 Old St Augustine Rd. Suite 2207 Jacksonville, FL. 32258



Our Schools

Bartram BEARS

BETA: Belief, Effort, Teamwork, Attitude. by Katie Parker

In August, Bartram Trail High School students showcased their talent in front of a national audience on ESPN2’s High School Football Kickoff Series. The Bears gave a heartfelt performance in Georgia against the Cartersville Hurricanes, overcoming a deep scoreboard deficit to being only yards away from a win. The Bears learned that “no score is insurmountable” and the Spirit of Bartram band learned to stay energized during a game when their motivation was crucial. Needless to say, countless hours of preparation were put in by the students and their network of encouraging adults in the months leading up to the game. The Bartram Trail High School Band Booster Association raised $30,000 to fund the band’s travel and lodging. Parents rallied to buy and serve pizzas when the concessions stand couldn’t feed the band. Jason Duckett, Band Director, and Ben Windle, Athletic Director, were both quick to deflect praise when asked how the Spirit of Bartram and the Bears have attained success. “The expectation is not necessarily to win,” said Mr. Windle. Instead, it is to work hard while practicing humility, gratefulness, and servant leadership. Both he and Mr. Duckett agree that participation in extracurricular activities results in students becoming “better people” through commitment, friendship, self-advocacy, and enjoyment. The Spirit of Bartram’s motto is BETA: Belief, Effort, Teamwork, Attitude.


They also agree that during their long careers at Bartram Trail, program quality and community support have always been top-notch. In fact, the county is growing at a rapid pace with limited roster spots available and Bartram’s programs are becoming more competitive. However, the band needs increased funding from the county to pay for repairs, instruments, and music. Luckily, a taste of fame can’t derail our beloved Bears. We can still expect hard work, humility, and great performances from BTHS students.

Family Game Night

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Fall Fun Calendar

October 1st 8th Annual St. Augustine Food & Wine Festival Feast on Flavorful Foods from Locally-Owned Restaurants:Savor Spirits from St. Augustine Distillery Co. Sample over 100 Wines Enjoy a Beer Garden Bid on Exciting Silent Auction Items All to help us raise money for the Boys & Girls Club. 179 Marine St, St Augustine, FL 32084 October 1st - 28th Old Spanish Trail Haunted Attraction Come experience our haunted trail. Three distinct areas of terror. Over 1/2 mile long. This is not for the faint or weak at heart. 13535 W Beaver St Jacksonville, Florida October 4th 5th Annual Oktoberfest at Art Walk Fan-favorites, polka band Dan Witucki and Mein Heimatland Musikanten and German folk dance performances by Dansation. Enjoy a traditional tapping of the keg featuring Bold City Brewery’s German Chocolate Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale at 6 p.m. and Oktoberfest-themed contests throughout the night. All this and more hosted by Tank Thornbridgeton from X1029 Jacksonville's New Alternative in Hemming Park. Downtown Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 October 6th - October 28th Family Fun on the Farm *Farm admission includes access to the following attractions: Jump Pad, Barnyard Ball Zone, Corn crib, Corn hole, Cow train, Duck races, Family Photo ops, Farm animals, Haybale Maze, Playground, Pumpkin Patch, Rat Rollers, and Wagon Rides. *Pumpkins, Concessions, and Souvenirs are available for purchase. No outside food or drinks allowed. 2899 Wisteria Farms Road, Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043 (located off of Sandridge Road in the Lake Asbury area of Clay County) *Fridays hours: 5pm-10pm *Saturdays hours: 10am-10pm *Closed on Sundays *$13 Admission (includes tax) for ages 3 and up. Children 2 and under are free.


October 6th 2017 Florida Oktoberfest and Music Festival Featuring some of the biggest stars in rock, alternative and country music, is set for October 6, 7, and 8, 2017 in Jacksonville, Fla. Jacksonville’s Metropolitan Park will play host to three jam-packed days and nights of music and Oktoberfest fun. The festival will feature activities for all ages including a 100 ft ferris wheel, games and inflatables zone, and arts and crafts vendors. Children under the age of 12 are free

to attend. Festival goers will be able to travel around Germany and purchase a wide variety of German and Oktoberfest style ales. Additionally, 15 of North Florida’s most popular food trucks will create a German inspired dish as well as their most popular menu items. October 7th The Makery Fall Market The Makers Market is a curated market in Jacksonville, FL where independent Makers, designers, and creative entrepreneurs along with the local community can gather and inspire one another. It is a fun and lively event with make-and-take workshops, "101" demonstrations and music along with artisanal food and drink. Handmade, reclaimed, and vintage items will be featured with a focus on fresh design and exceptional October 7th Green Cove Springs 16th Annual SOUL FOOD Festival. Events include a parade at noon to kick off the festival, a softball tournament, horseshoe tournament, sweet potato pie contest, BBQ rib contest, dance contests, live entertainment, antique car show, motorcycle show and more. Food vendors offer a variety of southern cuisines such as BBQ ribs, chicken, collard greens, southern fried chicken, sausage and onions, pork chops, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, blue crab, fried fish, grits and more. They will also showcase various southern desserts and drinks. Vera Francis Park. Martin Luther King Avenue, Green Cove Springs, Florida 32043@ 12-11pm October 8th Markland Fall Festival New residents, future residents and families from surrounding areas are all invited to this free event open to the public. Fun activities for children and adults include hayrides, bounce houses, rock wall, crafts, face painting, carnival games and a balloon artist. Hay will be provided for those wanting to stuff their own straw scarecrows (please bring your own pillowcase and old clothing). A variety of food trucks will be at the event, for those who want to buy lunch, snacks or sweets. Markland Community, 2001 International Golf Pkwy, St Augustine, FL 32095 October 10th Sisterhood, A Legacy of Love 2nd Annual Event Support Breast Cancer research and have fun painting at Painting with a twist in Julington Creek. .$40 per ticket.Painting with a Twist (Fruit Cove, FL) 104 Bartram Oaks Walk, Ste 105, Fruit Cove, Florida 32259 @6:30-9:30pm

October 13th Haunted Forest at Catty Shack Ranch Enjoy all of the big cats and other animal residents as you stroll leisurely through the sanctuary on your way to the Trail of Fears. There will be crafts and games for kids to enjoy and candy for all! Don’t miss out on your chance to take home 1st place in the costume contest! Children, ages 0-15 years old can compete for the best costume on Sunday, October 22nd at 3:00 pm while adults 16-99 years old will have their chance to win on Saturday, October 21st at 8:00 pm. For all of the little monsters and superheroes out there, be sure to check out amazing new corn maze and Zany T’s Touch Lab. You'll experience the feel of petrified rat tails, pig hearts, eyeballs, and more! October 13th-15th 2017 Beaches Oktoberfest At Sea Walk Pavilion. The annual festival attracts over 55,000 visitors and offers a large variety of german, craft and oktoberfest beers, food trucks, a 110+ ft ferris wheel, arts & crafts market, games, activities, kid zone and so much October 14th &15th The Beaches Art Fest Fine art extravaganza! Will benefit the Beaches Museum & History Park. The event will feature nearly 100 top-notch artists and craftsmen from Northeast Florida and around the country. This is a juried art and fine craft event where each exhibitor is carefully selected with only the best work being accepted in each category.. Pablo Ave (Beach Blvd & A1A.), Jacksonville Beach October 14th Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in Concert with the Jacksonville Symphony Relive the film that started it all. Watch the wand choose the wizard, a troll runs amok and magic mirrors in high-definition while the Jacksonville Symphony performs John Williams’ iconic score live. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event as Harry, Ron, Hermione and all your favorite characters return to the screen and enchant the world all over again. Daily's Place Amphitheater at Everbank Field 1 Daily's Place, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 October 14th St. Augustine Song Writer’s Festival Featuring many local song-writers. Prohibition Kitchen will host the festival. For more information visit www. or call (615)482-3823 October 14th A Visit with St. Augustine Alligator Farm at Wild Birds Unlimited Stop in the Wild Birds Unlimited store to see Live Raptors and Owls from The Alligator Farm of St. Augustine. Free program, however a donation of $5.00 to St.

Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park is appreciated.450 State Road 13 at Race Track Road (Next to Publix) in Fruit Cove Julington Village Shopping Center (904) 230-3242 October 18th Southern Women's Show Jacksonville Join over 20,000 women who enjoy finding information on new products and services, discovering the latest beauty trends, shopping for unique accessories and fashion, cooking demonstrations, traveling, learning about health and fitness, and just having fun! Prime Osborn Convention Center, Jacksonville, Florida 32204 October 20th-22nd San Juan Del Rio Fall Festival 2017 Enjoy carnival rides, food, midway games, a rummage sale and more at the annual San Juan del Rio Fall Festival! This 3-Day festival is open to the public and there is no admission to get in. Food and carnival ride tickets are available for purchase. San Juan del Rio Church, 1718 State Road 13, Jacksonville, Florida 32259 October 21st Havana Nights HAVANA NIGHTS will feature Cuban cuisine, Cuban entertainment and beautiful Cuban landscapes painted by renowned artist, Paul Ladnier during his visit to Cuba last year.Havana Nights Fall Fundraiser for the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra. Fantasy Farms, a tropical paradise located in Palm Valley. Individual tickets are $75 for members and $100 for non-members. Tickets can be purchased by visiting the center's website at www, or by calling 904-280-0614 x 205. October 21st River of Life Methodist Church Fall Festival River of Life's 15th Annual Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch. Free activities for all: live entertainment, bounce houses, pony rides, and more! Free snow cones, cotton candy, and water. 5 fabulous Food Trucks to purchase delicious lunch! And a river of pumpkins for sale throughout October among our beautiful & picturesque patch River of Life United Methodist Church 2600 Race Track Rd, Saint Johns 32259 @11-3pm October 21st Oktoberfest 5 Points 1035 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 Noon to 10 p.m., we’re throwing a block party honoring all things German right in the heart of Historic Riverside. Live music will be pumping, German beer will be flowing, and traditional Oktoberfest games will be held onstage throughout the day.. This event is FREE for all to attend, but don't forget to purchase your Oktoberfest 5 Points drinking boot special! Purchase includes a one-liter commemorative drinking boot, and one boot-beer-fill for just $15.

October 22nd Rusted Backdoor Market Vintage Market Rusted Backdoor Market is a one day outdoor market with antiques, vintage goodies, handmade items, upcycled pieces, and much more. Join us for shopping, food, and fun! This is a FREE event. The event takes place behind Rusted at 1523 San Marco Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207. October 21st Town of Orange Park 35th Annual Fall Festival This two-day festival has over 200 artists & vendors and two stages packed with entertainment from regional and local artists! The kids can bounce on inflatables in the Kids Zone. And, of course, the shopping is second to none with art, unique gifts, handmade quilts, jewelry, pottery, and even treats for your furry friends. @10-5 2042 Park Ave., Orange Park, FL 32073 – corner of Kingsley and US17 about 2 miles south of I-295. October 22nd Cross Creek Trunk or Treat We hope you will bring your family & join us this year for our annual Fall Festival. We will have lots of fun for kids of all ages. Costumes encouraged!Fall Festival & Trunk or Treat at Cross Creek Church. 401 Greenbriar Rd, St. Johns, Florida 32259 October 28th The Rocky Horror Picture Show With all-new digital picture and sound, the ultimate Halloween movie returns! Hosted by Karissa Wade with live music by 4Play from 8pm-9pm.The Florida Theatre 128 E Forsyth St, Jacksonville, Florida 32202 October 28th Church of Christ Fall Festival & Trunk-or-Treat Come dressed up and join us for a night of family friendly fun and fellowship! FREE admission for all! There will be Food, Trunk-or-Treating, Games, Prizes ...and More!Mandarin Church of Christ, 12791 Old Saint Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, Florida 32258 October 28th Jacksonville Conference & Exposition on Medical Marijuana Learn about the new Florida laws and what they mean for you. Learn the science and the body’s endocannabinoid system. Hear from the current Florida cultivators and how they are bringing medicine to patients right now. Explore the business opportunities and make connections here in Florida. Plus, get investing guidance, hear patient stories, learn about the new face of activism and interact with doctor and attorney Q&A panels. Aloft Jacksonville Tapestry Park, 4812 Deer Lake Dr W, Jacksonville, Florida 32246


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We are replacing roofs that have been storm damaged in St. Johns Forest, St. Johns Golf and Country Club, Cimaronne and along the whole CR 210 corridor. Even if it doesnt look like it Even if you’ve been denied by your insurance company We can help get it turned around! CALL US TO SEE HOW!


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Introducing "The New" DeArcy!

Sparkle in Style with Nikki-Lyn Holm

Beauty, Bangles, and Babes Blogger, Nikki-Lyn Holm Presents:

Our Fabulous First Fall Make-Over Designed By Your “IN STYLE” Team

DeArcy Vaughan made a decision with complete intentionality. One year ago this month, she ventured on a journey of weight loss and transformation. She was determined to “make herself” over. To be better. To “Be Balanced.” Within 12 months, she managed to lose 70 pounds. We all know, losing weight is never easy. Especially as we age. DeArcy is a 38 year old pharmacist by trade, a busy working mother of 2 younger children, and she is getting ready to launch her own “Be Bal


anced” center in October, to help other women obtain their own heath goals. What I love about DeArcy, is how laid back she is. And her genuine kind hearted smile. She is new to St. Johns County, but not new to connecting, so it was no surprise that she and Mallory (our hair hottie) really hit it off. Mallory enjoyed DeArcy, as she appreciated how “open” she was. There seems to be a budding relationship between these two now. Our Makover Model loved how talented and fun Mallory was. She said she has never had a hair stylist give so many practical tips and good instructions for how to manage her hair at home!



Hair, Makeup, Fashion Style

Contact Your "In Style" Team to find out how to enter!

A mini “AFTER” interview: SJM: What is your favorite thing about living in St. Johns county?

****We are currently booked with models through the end of 2017, however, we are searching for the first quarter of 2018.

DeArcy: Is it cliche to say the schools? (Chuckles) And….how close I live to the outlet malls!!!


SJM: What was your favorite part of the makeover experience? DeArcy: I loved how Mallory admitted to “FB stalking” me to get an idea of my lifestyle…We had a great consultation, and a color/ cut that suits me. Also. my husband was floored by my transformation. He keeps complimenting me, and has admitted to feeling like he is “cheating on me.” This hasn’t happened before… SJM: What was your biggest takeaway? DeArcy: I learned that Fake Eye Lashes are the BOMB! I believe I will be addicted now… SJM: What was the biggest change out of your comfort zone? DeArcy: The clothes! I would have never picked out those skinny jeans and top, which were VERY comfortable.

September’s Contributing Vendors for the “In Style” Team:

N I K K I LY N H O L M Your Premier Roundtable Agent 904.327.2797 Nikki Holm is the most caring, thoughtful realtor one could ever ask for. From her timely response to all of our questions, to her optimistic and passionate attitude towards helping us find our dream home, Nikki stuck by our side throughout our house hunting experience. The knowledgeable and professional guidance of Nikki truly made our first time home purchase simple and painless. Thank you Nikki! Leah Grebe & Philip Durnin


Mallory Wingert of In Vision Hair Design 904-240-9278 Makeup by Nicole Boutros of Nic Studios 904-252-3243 Fall Fashions by Angela Widener of The Pink Nickel 108 Bartram Oaks Walk # 107 Fruit Cove, Fl 32259 Accessories By Nikki-Lyn Holm... Here to help all women Sparkle “In Style” 904-327-2797 Kim Pennington Photography 904-460-7567


At North beach/Vilano A1A Just 20 minutes south of CR210


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Oceanside Patio Dining

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A Message From The Vet With Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital

Your Aging Pet It seems just like yesterday when your puppy or kitten was romping around the house like a youngster. Just like our human children, our furry ones seem to grow up way too fast. All pets age at a different rate, however most of our pets are considered senior between the ages of 8 and 10 years. In general, smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger breeds. Ideally, caring for your geriatric pet should be focused on preventative care rather than waiting for a problem to develop. We will discuss the potential problems that can develop and the recommended screening to allow early detection for those things you can’t see. Annual exams and vaccinations are recommended unless your pet is having a chronic illness that requires more frequent visits. Vaccinations, fecal and heartworm test should be continued into the latter years unless your pet has a condition that would make vaccination a risk. Senior bloodwork on an annual basis is a great screening tool for early detection of disease. Based on the age, breed and risk factors, those tests may vary slightly. The results of these tests may help prolong your dog’s life by identifying problems that can be addressed by a simple change in lifestyle, diet change or by adding supplements. If the bloodwork is normal, then the results will serve as a normal baseline for your pet for future reference. If the results are abnormal, your doctor may need additional tests to determine a diagnosis or he/she may recommend retesting at a later date to see if the

problem is worsening or resolving itself. The most common problems that are seen in our geriatric pets are obesity, dental disease, eye problems, arthritis, endocrine disorders, heart disease, skin tumors, urinary problems, prostatic disease, cancer and behavior or cognitive disorders. Most of these problems can be detected by a good physical exam, bloodwork and a good history from you. Other tests that may also be recommended may include x-rays, ultrasound, EKG, blood pressure and aspiration of skin masses. Most of these are simple tests to perform and can be done at your local veterinarian’s office. It is important to realize that aging itself is not a disease so if your pet is showing signs that he or she is aging, it may be early signs of a serious problem or your pet may need some treatment to make him/her more comfortable. I cannot overemphasize the power of a good physical exam performed by your veterinarian every year. Most people think that they are just getting vaccines every year but the truth is that the physical exam is even more important than the vaccines. Make sure that your veterinarian is aware of any problems that you have seen and that they discuss how they feel your pet is doing with the aging process. With the proper preventative care, your best friend can live a very long, comfortable and happy life. Dr. Kathleen Deckard, veterinarian and owner of Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital.


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