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Pet Health with Heart Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns!


Dr. Dawn Stewart & Dr. Lisa Hill with their fur babies, Albert, Napoleon, Penny & Florida

Photo by Mindy Kerr of Nature’s Child Photography 1



Pet Photo Cutest Contest

...And the winners are

Prizes provided by Pets R Family, Nease Animal Hospital Switzerland Animal Hospital, & Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns

Pet Photo Contest!

1st Place Runner 1st Cat Up Place! Cupcake! • Private message your photo to St. Johns Magazine through our Facebook Enzo!St. Johns LOVEs their furry Finn! page (include your pet’s name, your name and email address)

friends! Help us pick a • Entrants must like St. John's Magazine's Facebook page • Photo clarity must be high resolution - 300 dpi (on an iphone use large setting) winner for our annual Cutest • Professional Photos are not permitted • Contest runs from June 1st-20th Pet Photo Contest! Thank you to all our adorable St. Johns Pets! for prizes & details



Creating Beautiful Smiles for Over 25 Years! Beautiful healthy smiles, many thousands….including many dentists and their families. Early planning often reduces time and expense for many younger smiles. Excellent results according to ABO standards. State of the Art offices - TWO LOCATIONS, with 3D scanning, low dose 3D radiography and complete orthodontic labs to make what you need faster. Superior service… goes without saying! Treatment plans that offer the best treatment to minimize time in appliances and thus expense.

ST. JOHNS 111 Doctors Village Dr. Race Track Rd. St Johns, FL 32259 ST. AUGUSTINE 22 St Johns Medical Park Dr, St Augustine, FL 32086

PROVEN SUCCESS IN ST. AUGUSTINE FOR OVER 30 YEARS eautiful healthy smiles, many thousands…. including many dentists and their families. arly planning has reduced time and expense for many younger smiles. Excellent results according to ABO standards. tate of the offices - NOW 2 locations, with 3D scanning, low dose 3D radiography and complete orthodontic labs to make what you need faster. Superior service… goes without saying! reatment plans that offer the best treatment plan to minimize time in appliances and thus expense. We offer the latest customized braces as well as removable aligners. Our mutual goal is to provide comfortable, stable, lifelong results. Team is so important, and we work diligently to have the best!

We offer a full range of Orthodontic Treatments: Dr, Glenos and his experienced team have been creating beautiful smiles efficiently and affordably for over thirty years, using the most modern and effective techniques and appliances, individually customized according to the needs of each patient, young or adult. For over 30 years, Dr. Glenos has continued to contributed back to the community through partnerships with the schools and support of many sport teams, scouting, dancing companies, children’s theatre, beauty pageants, the local children museum TAG, and the Smiles Change Lives program. Dr. Glenos and Dr. Hadgis are both board certified orthodontists. Dr. Glenos is a past president of the Florida Association of Orthodontists and the St. Augustine Dental Society.

• FREE Orthodontic Growth and Development Examinations - CLUB GLENOS • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners - PREMIER PROVIDER • Mini, Low profile, and Clear braces • Damon braces • Insignia 3-D Digital Customized braces • Incognito lingual braces Dr. Jimmy Glenos & Dr. Craig Hadgis

“Voted St. Augustine’s Best Orthodontist”

We offer a full range of Orthodontic Treatments:

• FREE Orthodontic Growth and Development Examinations - CLUB GLENOS • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen clear aligners - PREMIER PROVIDER • Mini, Low profile, and Clear braces • Damon braces • Insignia 3-D Digital Customized braces • Incognito lingual braces

Contact our orthodontic offices in St. Johns or St. Augustine to schedule a FREE initial examyour today! Contact our orthodontist offices in St. Johns or St. Augustine to schedule first visit today!

904-79-SMILE 904-79-SMILE 7

ST. AUGUSTINE 22 St Johns Medical Park Dr, St Augustine, FL 32086


6 4 5 3

7-6 4 5 3

ST. JOHNS 111 Doctors Village DR.-Race Track Rd. St Johns, FL 32259

Dr. Jimmy Glenos & Dr. Craig Hadgis Dr. Jimmy Glenos is proud to have Dr. Craig Hadgis, a second Board Certified Orthodontist, join our amazing team at Smiles by Glenos. Together we look forward to providing the highest level of comfortable, affordable and personalized orthodontic care. It is important to us that we continue our long history of not only creating beautiful smiles, but giving back to the community through partnerships with the schools and support of many sport teams, scouting, dance companies, childrens theatre, beauty pageants, the Childrens Museum- TAG, and the Smiles Change Lives program. milesbygle


June 2019 The Good Life


'm not a morning person but it's well worth it to get up early to see a Florida sunrise. Its beauty gives one pause and reminds us that life on this planet in this moment is truly beautiful and a wonder to behold. As our Summer sprawls out in front of us like the beginning of a weekend or a sunrise, I hope everyone has great plans ahead for enjoying all the best in life, like travel, family time and creative pursuits. The June issue has a lot of great things in it. This month we celebrate pets with our annual Pet Photo Contest and our feature article about Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns, an amazing local business which has served our community for seventeen years! We meet some of the Star Grads from Bartram Trail High School; get inspired with ideas for changing up your home decor; hear about the what the future holds for our libraries; learn about a new local restaurant, The Press, and feel enlihgtend by Artist Judith Fox-Goldstein's empowering designs for women; and much more!. I would like to extend a special thank you to our contributors. Please be sure to check out our advertisers, and let them know you saw them in St. Johns Magazine! They make this magazine possible!

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Printed by The Hartley Press Jacksonville, FL All material is compiled from sources believed to be reliable and published without responsibility for errors and ommissions.

On The Cover

Inside The Issue Meet Dr. Stewart & Dr. Hill from AMC at St. Johns! Pages 8 & 9

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Thank You to Our Contributors Lori Allen Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Mikayla Lindenfeld Kelly Wissinger Cover by Mindy Kerr of Nature's Child Photography Sea Turt

Judith Fox-Goldstein shares her transformative art Page 21


Kelly Wissinger, Designer, shares ideas for changing your home decor Page 15

Lori Allen, Local Foodie reviews THE PRESS Page 16


tle Nesting


Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns


Providing Complete Pet Care in the Heart of our community for seventeen years!

Photos by Mindy Kerr of Nature’s Child Photography

hen looking for the perfect place to care for your fur babies, it’s not just about the convenience and cost but even more, it is the kind staff who greets you at the door and the knowledge, experience & compassion of the veterinarians that make all the difference. Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns offers all of this and more with a philosophy centered on pet health with heart! For veterinarians Dawn Stewart and Lisa Hill, pets are all in the family. Dr. Stewart and her husband, who is also a veterinarian, have a house full of eight adorable dogs (2 on the cover of SJM) and one “very patient” cat. Dr. Hill and her family have two dogs, three cats (one of whom is a sphynx) and a hamster that needed a home. They both view their patients as family pets, too. “We’re passionate about treating our patients as if they’re our own pets,” says Dr. Stewart. “We give personalized attention to each and every animal,” adds Dr. Hill, “and we strive to provide the utmost compassion and highest quality, most advanced medical care. Communication with pet parents is the most important aspect of my job. I always try to make sure they understand the diagnosis and treatment of their pets in partnership with myself and our team.”

“We’re passionate about treating our patients as if they’re our own pets,” says Dr. Stewart.


Dr. Lisa Hill examining a few adorable kittens

Dr. Dawn Stewart in the laser treatment room

Animal Medical Clinic offers a wide range of services, including pet wellness and nutrition, diagnostic internal medicine, dental care, urgent care, health certification, microchipping and even therapeutic pain management using multiwave locked system (MLS) laser therapy. “MLS laser therapy helps treat and control acute and chronic pain in animals,” explains Dr. Stewart. “It quickly relieves pain and reduces inflammation, and it can be beneficial for post-surgical healing, chronic arthritis, and inflamed or infected ears. Laser therapy is a fast, painfree and non-invasive treatment to help pets return to their favorite activities.” Because they care so much about providing the best care for their patients, the veterinarians also use a laser instead of a scalpel to minimize bleeding and pain for all surgical procedures. Dr. Hill has long been a proponent of this type of approach. From a very early age, she looked out for animals and had their best interests at heart. “We used to go fishing as a family growing up,” she recalls. “I was always the one to remove the fish from the hook to release it. I wanted to make sure the fish were not harmed. I would also search for turtles along the lakes and remove any hooks that were stuck in their mouths. It’s surprising how many turtles would have hooks stuck in them, but I felt I could make a difference in the lives of the turtles I found.” Both doctors truly have a heart for animals and the families they’re part of, which is why they also offer boarding services. “We like giving our pet parents peace of mind while they’re away,” says Dr. Stewart. “We already have a personal relationship with the pets and know all their medical history and individual needs. Hopefully not, but if any medical problems arise during their stay, we’ll be the

ones who take care of them.” Regardless of the scenario, Dr. Stewart loves educating pet parents on the best care for their pets. Originally from West Virginia, she graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She opened Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns in 2002 and has been practicing in the area for 17 years. Dr. Hill received her education from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and has been living and serving pet parents in St. Johns County for 14 years. “I love the St. Johns area and feel it’s a wonderful place to raise our two children. I really enjoy bumping into clients at the supermarket and am very tied to this community.”

Practice Manager welcoming a patient & making them feel safe and welcome

Animal Medical Clinic at St. Johns is located at 2245 County Road 210, Suite 102, Saint Johns, FL 32259. For more information about please call 904-201-1437 or visit


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98 Turin Terrace St. Augustine, FL 32092 904.265.1775



Generalization: The Key to Successful Learning

by Invo Behavior & Therapy Services


hat if you could only drive your car on a familiar road to a single destination? The ability to be flexible about where you go and how to get there is crucial to driving effectively. That is true for every skill: It’s only valuable if you can use it in familiar and new situations. The ability to apply skills to new places, situations and people is called “generalization.” Generalization is essential to effective learning for everyone, but it is especially important for children with autism. Most neurotypical children generalize automatically. Kids with autism usually need to be taught how to apply a skill beyond the setting in which they learned it.


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses positive reinforcement to help children with autism learn age-appropriate behavior, communication and social skills, and reduce challenging behavior. Most parents should look for an ABA provider that helps kids generalize skills in many locations, such as home and the playground, the doctor’s office and so on. Many providers also have therapy centers, which create more opportunities for children to practice social skills with other kids.


Generalization plays a fundamental role in helping kids with autism become more independent. A daily activity such as getting ready for bed may seem simple, but it requires a long list of skills. A child has to put on pajamas, use the toilet, wash her hands, brush her teeth and get in bed.

Each of these also involves many skills. Take tooth brushing: It requires putting a toothbrush in your mouth, accepting the taste and texture of toothpaste, brushing and rinsing. What if a child learns to use only one toothbrush in one bathroom? Brushes wear out and need to be replaced. It’s sometimes necessary to brush your teeth in a different location. With ABA, a therapist divides the process of tooth brushing into small steps. The therapist teaches the child each step and provides plenty of positive reinforcement for every success. Once a child can brush her teeth with one brush in one place, the therapist will slowly add new elements to the sequence: a new toothbrush, a different color or a new toothpaste. Then the therapist may introduce new locations, such as brushing in a different bathroom and at Grandma’s house. When a child can brush her teeth using various toothbrushes in a number of places, she has effectively generalized the skill.


Generalization is another reason to start ABA early. Younger children who have intensive ABA therapy often learn to generalize more quickly, and may need to spend less therapy time generalizing skills as they get older. It’s impossible to overstate the importance of teaching children with autism to generalize skills to new situations, environments and people. Without generalization, children will learn skills and behavior, but the result may be an age-appropriate version of being able to drive only on a familiar road to a single destination.





by Kelly Wissinger local interior Designer & owner of Changing Spaces Jax

ideas for your home


pring is not only a good time to have a good old fashioned ‘spring clean’, it’s also the perfect time to freshen up the home with a simple Redesign. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, adding a few updated accessories, or changing the layout, you can give your home an uplifting new look and fall in love with it again. There are lots of new trends on the home front from modern farmhouse (my favorite) to eclectic; whites and grays (yes, they are still voted the best) to bold colors, and everything in between.

Color Palette

For a simple Redesign you can start with a new color palette. Usually, the bigger the space the bolder the color, but nowadays it’s about thinking outside the box. It also depends on your personality and what you want to feel when you walk in the room; relaxed, energized etc.


Add some new accessories; metal sculptures and mirrors allowing the light to bounce, a few pieces of artwork, some new pillows, and some vases with greenery - welcoming spring.


Change the layout of your furniture. You can downsize on the amount of furniture to make the space feel less cramped; bring the furniture away from the walls into the center to make it feel more cozy and intimate and more of a conversational space.


Gone are the days of matching side tables to coffee tables, repeated metals throughout the space, and having a coordinating bedroom suite. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and materials. Combining old and new, such as a modern dining table and chairs with a vintage buffet, creates a clean-line appearance but adds a touch of character; along with mixing woods, such as a darker stained/painted bed with a raw distressed chest. Mixing metals, such as brushed nickel hardware on kitchen cabinets with a wrought iron pendant over the island creates a timeless look. It’s not only fun to mix, it brings texture, visual interest and the look of years collected. This is just a handful of ideas and whatever Redesign you choose, simple or complex, I hope you enjoy it! Changing Spaces Jax Home Staging & Redesign 904 325 3160


Local Foodie Blog

The Perfect Bite by Lori Allen

The Press


525 State Road 16, Unit 101 Saint Augustine, Florida (904) 217-8254

o the 210Tasting Group was out and about again searching for fun unique places that put a “twist” on food and we found The Press! I had heard about their award winning burger and wanted to give it a try so we packed up and headed down to the corner of a small plaza on State Rd 16. As you walked in the aromas from the grill and the friendly smiles at the bar made you feel instantly comfortable. They have a great selection of specially selected wines and hand-crafted beer so we all grabbed a drink as we waited for our table to be ready. So you get the idea, this is not a huge place but one that smells and feels very inviting. On to their award winning “best of ” burger called The Conquistador! The description reads, "a datil pepper stuffed burger topped with bacon, chorizo, manchego, onion straws, lettuce tomato raw onion, pickles and chimichurri, all on our house made bread". So to break it down; it was a fresh made to order patty stuffed with a cream cheese and datil pepper(medium spice) mixture in the center; a Spanish, not too strong, melted cheese on top; then chopped up bacon and sausage on top of that, crisp onion straws that give a little crunch but get soft when mixed with all the cheese and creaminess that add just enough onion flavor but not too harsh; some fresh veggies on top of that to lighten it up (yeah right??); some of their homemade bread and butter pickles, then homemade chimichurri sauce consisting of parsley, garlic and vinegar, among other things, which does give it a brightness from all the rich flavors. And finally it’s all stuffed into their house made bun. It is for sure more than a mouthful but I attempted to taste all of the flavors at once and it was definitely an award winning bite! Our group tried the Datil Burger which was a made to order patty stuffed with that creamy somewhat spicy datil pepper and scallion cream cheese served on their house made bun, so if you want to try a stuffed burger that oozes out some spicy cream cheese give this a try! A chicken sandwich was also given a shot, but it was not your ordinary bird. Pollo Rustica was its name. Blackened chicken breast, with goat cheese, roasted peppers, and balsamic onions (yes they took the onions and marinated them til they were soft from the balsamic vinegar) then topped with their house basil dressing and of course served on the bun!


The Conquistador! "... a fresh made to order patty stuffed with a cream cheese and datil pepper(medium spice) mixture in the center, a Spanish, not too strong, melted cheese on top then chopped up bacon and sausage on top of that, crisp onion straws that give a little crunch..." One of our adventurous girls opted to try their nightly special - Mahi Mahi Francaise with a lemon, mushroom garlic and white wine butter sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection, flaky and tender and not overly battered. The garlic lemon, wine and butter sauce added a nice zing to the fish which kept you coming back for more. We read about their house brined fried pickles so an appetizer was ordered to share. They were the bread and butter kind not dill so they had a sweet saltiness which was so good. They came with a horseradish mustard dipping sauce that brought out even more flavor. I know I keep talking about their bread and there is a reason. House made buns that do not get used that day are used to create this amazing white chocolate bread pudding. They serve it topped with whipped cream and a caramel sauce. It’s not the heavy kind of bread pudding you are used to, this is light and fluffy and went so fast at our table I almost didn’t get to try a bite! Luckily my wandering fork (or should I say spoon) found the last spoonful. It was the perfect bite after such a world of flavorful food!

Call Us Today!

163-4 Hampton Point Drive St Augustine, FL 32092 (Located behind the Watson Realty Building on CR 210)

Same Day 904-230-2717 Appointments


w w w. 2 1 0 c h i ro . co m

Chiropractic Care For the Whole Family

Dr. Oliveira & his family.

Headaches • Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain • Arthritis Sciatica • Carpal Tunnel • Arm & Leg Pain Numbness • Auto Accident Injuries • Disc Problems Work & Sports Injuries • Stress Disorders


Consultation, Exam & Complimentary 1/2 hour Massage After Your Exam ($250 Value) Please call for details!

Celebrating 11 Years! serving our community!



Grow Up Sm il i


Laura Sullivan, DMD Susie Perry, DMD

Kind , gentle & compassionate staff Board Certified Pediatric Dentists Parents always welcome in the treatment room

1949 CR 210 St. Johns FL 32259 904.808.4700


Congratulations 2019 Star Grads!


by Mikayla Lindenfeld

Abby Williams Future School: Florida State University Major: Athletic training and nutrition with a focus on a Pre-Med track High school legacy: Graduating cum laude as a member of Mu Alpha Theta, National Honors Society, and Hispanic Honors Society. Special Awards: The AP Scholar Award and the Florida Academic Scholar Award. Abby is grateful for her parents and family for supporting her throughout her high school career and providing her with countless opportunities.

Seth Huber Future School: The University of Central Florida on a full-ride Air Force ROTC Scholarship Major: Criminal Justice and potentially minoring in either Business or Political Science After graduation, Seth will receive a commission as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. Special Awards: Seth was honored by staff members from Bartram Trail to be one of four seniors from the school as an American Youth Character Counts award recipient. Seth was the first North Florida javelin competition winner.

Breanna Yost Future School: University of Florida, in the Honors program Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology High School Legacy: Breanna has a 4.6 weighted GPA, and in her senior year was the President of the National Honors Society and involved in Mu Alpha Theta, Sigma Nu Theta, Senior Women, Medical Club, and Hunger Ends Here. She was a state placer in forensics at Florida Science Olympiad. Breanna is also a 4-year varsity softball athlete. Special Awards: This past year, Breanna received the American Youth Character Award and the Star Award for graduating in the top 3% of St. John’s county.


the perfect gift for

Grads & Dads

Dwayne Harvey Future School: University of Hawaii at Manoa Major: Double major in international business and marketing High school legacy: Dwayne will be graduating cum laude as a member of DECA, Model UN, Avid, and the Vystar Academy of Business.

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116 Bartram Oaks Walk, #102 St. Johns, FL 32259

Dwayne was the first boy to join the Bartram Trail High School step team and was a part of the first BTHS step team to compete, winning second place in their division! He won the AAU National Gold Medal for volleyball. If Dwayne could have had a senior quote in the yearbook, it would be: “Don’t be mad… do better!” –Dwayne Harvey


Makana Mixed Media, designs by Jude Art as Healing & Self-Discovery


fter a lifetime of academic and non-profit leadership, Judith Fox-Goldstein made the surprise discovery that she was an artist. What she likes to refer to as her “art Awakening” began this past September and she says it's one of most exciting personal journey's she's encountered. "You're Never Too Old to be Brand New!" said Judith.

Miss Attitude

Each colorful and soulful design shows a striking, somewhat abstract image of a woman accompanied by “story” and an inspirational quote. The designs are all about women and empowerment and take the form of cards, or prints, on plain craft paper with interesting embellishments, as well as framed pieces. She has integrated poets like Maya Angelou, Rumi, Gandhi, and many other inspirational writers. The designs are called Makana Mixed Media, Designs by Jude. It is art derived from a deep place within and is inspired by strong, fascinating women Judith has known throughout her life. Ms. Attitude: Ode to Irene is based on Judith’s Mother-in-law. As Judith explains, “FIERCE” is the word that comes to mind when I think of my beloved Mother-in-law, Irene. She loved her family with unparalleled devotion and I was so very lucky that my husband Michael came as a ‘package deal’ with 3 fantastic siblings and “Mama Loo”. She was a FORCE! She entered the room – hair first! When she passed away, I was honored to give her eulogy. I began with, “For as long as I have known Irene… her HAIR HAS NEVER MOVED!” She would have loved that”. Judith is a transplant from the Big Island of Hawai'i, and spent most of her professional and personal life on the beautiful Island where she raised her two children. The art she creates is frequently informed by strong, powerful women she knew in Hawai’i. One design called Kamali’i Kehau: “You Dance Inside My Heart” is based on a Hawaiian, Samoan, Chinese & Hau’oli (Caucasian) woman and teacher of dance. Kamali’i story: She is a Master Hula Dancer and teaches young children from the age of 2 years old. Her life is Hawaiian music, dance and the mo’olelo stories and traditions of Hawaiian. She hopes to bring her Hula Halau (dance troupe) to perform at the Smithsonian.


Judith said this was her first Hawaiian design. “I agonized over this because I wanted to get her features right and pay homage to what has been my adopted culture for most of my life.”

Her awakening as an artist was a surprise. When she moved to northern Florida with her husband she says she was terribly sad leaving all of her roots and thought she would never be happy again. “I finally learned that I could carry all of that beauty inside my heart and grow and expand from bountiful memories and experiences in Hawaii. My husband, Michael would be extremely surprised to hear me say, "Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much), for bringing me here because I have discovered an entire new ME!... it's a place of unlimited growth and love and all the people I have met here are now part of my Ohana... My family”.


This art reflects Judith’s journey as a human. Of the triumphs and challenges that we all face as women. She says, “creating, giving them a voice, is powerfully healing”. The art is now on display at CC Gallery/Framing Shop on San Jose near Barnes and Noble. All of this is so unexpected for Judith, she is still making sense of it all. “It took my breath away to see it displayed. When CC Framing and Gallery owner, Chris, told me that my first piece sold, well, I think my spirits literally lifted off the ground I believe I can now really call myself an artist!”


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Now in their fourth generation of St. Augustine family ownership, Craig Funeral Home, Crematory & Memorial Park has been in business for more than a hundred years


Our Family Helping Yours for Over 100 Years!

1475 Old Dixie Highway

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SJC Library Visioning A Chat with Debra Rhodes Gibson SJC Library Director Why did you decide to have library visioning sessions?

The Library Advisory Board and staff have been working with a planning consultant for the past year. We conducted public surveys in the libraries as well as online through the library’s website, and we were ready to gather face-to-face feedback from St. Johns residents. We encouraged non-library users to attend and provide us their reasons for not using our services, offering us an opportunity to develop alternative services or perhaps “retire” some of our current services that are not working as effectively as we’d thought.

What were some of the main concerns voiced by residents? The biggest concern

was the lack of library facilities, especially in the north end of St. Johns County. We also heard about the lack of sufficient parking at most of our facilities, especially if there is a special program or event happening. Of course, we regularly hear from patrons that they would like additional library hours as well as more programming for kids and adults. Programming is one of our most popular services and the library can’t provide enough programming to meet our community demand!

Have you developed a strategic plan for the future? Yes, the library consultant has

completed the final draft of our new Master Plan and it will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Copies of the new plan are available in all of our library locations, as well as on the library’s website:, for the public to review.

The communities of northern St. Johns have grown in population and continue to grow - will there be new libraries built in the future? If so where are they planned? Yes, new libraries have been planned for the northern residents. These new libraries are included in the County’s capital improvement projects (CIP) requests for the last several years. New facilities have been targeted for Nocatee, Rivertown, Silverleaf, World Golf Village, the north central corridor (Twin Creeks area), as well as a replacement facility for the Hastings Library. These requests are all dependent upon available county funding before the projects can move forward.

What other changes will we see in the coming years? I believe residents will see

additional uses of technology, both for efficient processing of services as well as public accessibility. Residents continue to ask staff to assist them with their personal devices and staff are delighted to demonstrate how to download materials and apps onto the users’ phone or tablets. These days, you do not have to come to the library – you can bring the library to you and take us anywhere you go! Your library card is truly the smartest card in your wallet!



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A Message From The Vet With Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM, Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital


Heat Stroke: A Life Threatening Emergency

ur climate in Florida is appealing to many, with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures year-round, but when it gets too hot outside, we typically retreat into the air-conditioning to keep from getting overheated. Our pets are also prone to overheating, and when they do, a life-threatening emergency can occur. I am sure you have heard the term “heat stroke,” but do you know what it really means? A dog’s regular body temperature is normal from 100-102.5 F; once that temperature begins to rise and reaches 104.9 F, there are several physiological processes that take place that can end in disaster if early treatment is not sought. Heat stroke can occur in all breeds, sexes, and ages of dogs and cats. In dogs, there are several predisposing factors: obesity, pre-existing airway issues such as collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis, brachycephalic dogs (bulldogs, pugs, Boston terriers, King Charles spaniels, etc.), large breed dogs, and dogs with a lot of hair. Heat stroke occurs most often when pets are left in cars (even with windows cracked!), when they are outside without adequate shade or access to water, and when they are exercised in the heat of the day. It can also occur in pets who are overly stressed or from recent seizing from a seizure disorder. Dogs and cats do not have sweat glands, so their first response to being overheated is to pant in order to begin cooling down. When they are too hot, however, panting will become excessive with drool, and they become restless and are unable to get comfortable. As their temperature continues to climb, they begin to experience shock; their blood pressure and cardiac output decreases, and they may appear unsteady on their feet. Their gums may be bright red, or purple-colored, indicating they are not getting enough oxygen. Eventually, their increased body temperature

begins to shut down their vital organs, causing organ damage and failure. They may exhibit seizure activity, or coma, and death will occur shortly thereafter. Seeking treatment early on is critically important for survival. If you suspect your pet is experiencing heat stroke, there are several things you can do as first-aid. First, bring your pet into the air conditioning and place a fan on them. Give them a bowl of cool tap water. Take a rectal temperature with a thermometer; feeling your pet’s nose or ears is not an accurate way to judge temperature. If their temperature is 104.F or higher, you can apply cool, wet towels to their back, neck, armpits, and groin, and wet down their ear flaps and paw pads, and then get them to your veterinarian as soon as possible, so continued cooling and shock treatment can be instituted. There are many things to do to prevent heat stroke. First and foremost, allow your pet access to the air conditioning, or to a cool, shady area that has a continuous breeze or a fan. Provide ample, fresh water. Provide a kiddie-pool if possible. Take your dog on walks only before 9AM and after 6PM during the summer months to stay out of the scorching heat. Never, ever leave your pet in a car. Studies show that even on a relatively cool day (70 F) with windows cracked, the temperature in a car can rise 40 F within 1 hour. If you have outdoor cats that do not come inside, allow them access to a cool, shady, well-ventilated hiding spot, with plenty of access to water. If you feel your pet may be experiencing a heat-related emergency, please contact your veterinarian or after-hours emergency clinic as soon as possible.

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At North beach/Vilano A1A Just 20 minutes south of CR210


A Great View from Every Inside Seat

* Serving Lunch & Dinner * FreSh FiSh, SeaFooD, SteakS & More

* happy hour, Live MuSic * Banquet FaciLitieS up to 90

LEGENDARY Sunday Brunch


Oceanside Patio Dining

for menus, hours, news & directions

The Ocean or The River....The Best of Both Views Come by Boat or by Car

Beautiful Views, Casual Atmosphere, & Fresh Local Seafood

612(2 blocks Euclid Ave - St. Augustine south of the castle off A1A in North Beach)

w w w. a u n t - k a t e s . c o m 28


Open 7 days a week - Lunch & Dinner

A new place to get creative this Summer!

Pineapple Creative Boutique


ou'll feel nothing but warmth and southern hospitality the minute you set foot inside Pineapple Creative Boutique - the question we get most often is "What is this amazing place?” The light and airy atmosphere, so tastefully decorated, embraces you the moment you walk in the door. Part gift shop, part creative studio, it is Jacksonville’s most unique boutique - specializing in “Custom Creations for Giving and Living”. Whether shopping for gifts or a little something for yourself, you’ll surely find something you love.

Gift Boutique

In the gift boutique you will find many popular retail lines such as Mudpie, Simply Southern, Finchberry, Spongelle and local companies including 5 Points Candles and SIC. We offer a wide variety of items ready to be personalized - including cups, tote and cosmetic bags and we can often personalize items while you wait.

Creative Studio

Our creative studio is a space dedicated to custom creations and bringing our customer’s visions to life. We offer a wide variety of hand-crafted projects - wood signs, trays, centerpiece boxes, and doormats that the customer can design and make their own. Our creative studio is open for individuals or groups, six days a week. Schedule a time to complete a project on your own (we welcome same-day making), join us for an evening workshop, or reserve the studio for you and your friends. Whatever the occasion you want to celebrate with us- a child or adult’s birthday, a wedding or baby shower- you’ll make memories and a masterpiece while with us.

Opened one year ago at the Shoppes of Bayard on Philips Highway, the vision of owner, Laura Zorn, was to offer customers access to custom, handmade creations, and personalized items in a local shop rather than online. “We need new options for gifting - ordering online can be easy, but is often impersonal. Visiting our shop and ordering in person allows our customers to be an active part in the creation of something special. Nothing says you care like a personalized or custom gift! From designing the project, to crafting the message and selecting finishes - we can help, and the customer can be as involved as they like. Many customers choose to make their project themselves in our creative studio, but we are always happy to make them, gift wrap it and have them ready for you to deliver.” “We are a custom shop, we pride ourselves on helping customers design unique and meaningful pieces. Our customers are not limited to making what they see on our website, only what we are capable of helping them create. We have worked with customers to turn poems, quotes often said by their loved ones, song lyrics and bible verses into a visual and tangible creation that they can cherish each day.” “I am proud to be serving the local Jacksonville community and providing access to new and unique gift options, and to support other small local businesses and charities in the process. Most of all, from celebrating the birth of a child, a wedding or anniversary, housewarming, religious occasion or a retirements - to know Pineapple Creative Boutique played a role in the commemoration of a special event in someone’s life, either through the creation of an item they received or by celebrating the event with us here in our studio; it is a true honor to be a part of other people’s special moments.”

Visit Pineapple Creative Boutique to experience all they have to offer: 12525 Philips Highway, Suite 104 1 Jacksonville, FL 32256 1 1 904-503-0071



fun things to do


Thurs June 6th 2:00pm & 4:00pm Ponte Vedra Library Soar to new heights and learn about science during this engaging presentation for elementary-school children and their caregivers! Younger children are welcome, but supervision is required. All children ages 10 and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the room for the duration of the event. The second presentation is a repeat of the first. .

Sunset Dolphin Walk June 7, 20 & 25 7:30 pm.

We have partnered with Marineland Dolphin Adventure to offer a FREE beach walk! Gather at the Vilano Beach Access Area, 2750 Anahma Drive in Vilano Beach, and staff will guide participants on a beach walk while looking for dolphins and enjoying a beautiful sunset. During the walk you will get to learn all about dolphin anatomy and behavior, as well as other marine species. This program is free, but you must RSVP on Eventbrite to participate. For more info, contact Kelly Ussia at or 904-209-0335.


Wed, June 12th at 2:00pm Ponte Vedra Library. Join Janice Price from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for a family-friendly, interesting, and informative talk about Florida manatees. Learn what these fascinating creatures are all about and how you can help protect them

Night Market at World Golf Hall of Fame Wed June 12th 4-7pm

Join us the for this mid-week pop up Night Market at World Golf Hall of Fame the second Wed of every month from 4-7pm at the World Golf Hall of Fame next to the IMAX theatre. Come enjoy


homemade and handmade goods, local vendors, bounce house, music, food trucks and more... Dinner on Us! Stop by the Jacksonville Business Connections table and sign up to enter the dinner on us. We are giving away a $50 gift card to a local World Golf Eatery!!

Food Truck Friday Friday, JUNE 14th 6:00-9:00PM,

Nocatee Station Field. Start saving your appetite, Nocatee! Jacksonville’s favorite food trucks will gather at the Nocatee Station Field to serve members of the community local one-of-a-kind, gourmet food and snacks. This event is open to the public and will feature live music by Joe Downing. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar, including select craft beers and wines. There will also be a kidzone with bounce house inflatables (weather permitting).

SEWING FOR BEGINNERS Saturday, June 15th

Ponte Vedra Library 1:00pm Join Melissa Garcia for a beginning sewing class right here at the library! Participants are asked to bring their own sewing machine and sewing kit. This class is limited to five participants. Please visit the Reference Desk or call us to register. Registration begins May 25.

Nocatee Farmers Market: Island Experience Saturday, June 15th 10:00am-1:00pm

Nocatee Station Field: Get your Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts ready for the Nocatee Farmers Market: Island Experience on Saturday, June 15th! Attendees can look forward to performances by Prince Pele’s Polynesian Revue including a variety of Polynesian dances, costumes, live music, and more! Shows will be at 10:30am, 11:30am, and 12:30pm.

ering On-line Ord site on our web & the s App MobileByte

Open Daily m 11am to 9p

There will also be photo opportunities with the performers throughout the day. Along with this fun and interactive theme, the Farmers Market is open to the public and features over 70 local ven dors every month, selling everything from fresh produce, to crafts, jewelry, herbs, unique foods, and more. There will also be crafts and bounce houses for the kids to enjoy! * Please note: the bounce houses and crafts will close 15 minutes before the end time of the market. Bounce Houses are weather permitting.* Plus, the bar will be open for beer and wine purchases. Thank you to our Primary Sponsor for this event, Nascarts.

10% OFF

JULY 27TH 11:00AM

100 Gate Way Circle Saint Johns, FL 32259 904 -342-8126


Don’t Loose Your Eyebrows at the Pool or the Beach

Microblading Eyebrows Eyeliner Lips


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Ponte Vedra Library 6:15pm Join Ben Williams, a founding board member of St. Johns Riverkeeper as he discusses one of our most beautiful resources, the St. Johns River. This program will include science, history, and preservation as well as live creatures of the river which will be available for viewing. This program is for all ages. Registration is required and will begin on May 28. Please visit the Reference Desk, or call to register

611 Market Street in Palencia 1 terri_permanentmakeup

Music By The Sea With The JSB! June 19th 6-9pm

It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shiny day for the Josh Stewart Band! The first stop on their Florida tour is in historic St. Augustine at the Music By The Sea Concert Series! Join the band on the shores of the Atlantic ocean for an evening of your favorite hits from yesterday to today! Bring those lawn chairs, beach towels, and sun screen for this "HOT" summer night! Optional Dinner for $10 or less by Obi's Fillin' Station. St.Augustine Beach Pier Music by the Sea 350 A1a Beach Blvd, Saint Augustine, Florida 32080


Located at

Freedom Crossing Academy in Aberdeen off of Longleaf Pine Parkway

9:00 AM •Traditional Service 10:00 AM • Sunday School for kids and youth 11:00 AM • Contemporary Service


Calendar of Events (continued)


Ponte Vedra Library 2:00pm Join Park Naturalist Kelly Ussia for a family-friendly presentation about the snakes and alligators found throughout the State of Florida and possibly even in your own backyard. Live animals will be on site for this exciting and informational program! This program is presented in partnership with the St. Johns County Parks and Recreation Department. Seating for this program is first come, first served.

Food Truck Friday

Friday, JUNE 28 6:00-9:00pm, Nocatee Station Field Start saving your appetite, Nocatee! Jacksonville’s favorite food trucks will gather at the Nocatee Station Field to serve members of the community local one-of-a-kind, gourmet food and snacks. This event is open to the public and will feature live music by the Hello Celia. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar, including select craft beers and wines. There will also be a kidzone with bounce house inflatables (weather permitting). Thank you to our Primary Sponsor for this event, 7 Cees Travel.

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Testing and Treatment for Allergy & Asthma

We will get you started on an effective treatment plan that allows you to control your symptoms and live a better life. • We focus on our patients’ needs first • Same day appointments • On-site Physician for personal attention • Dedicated shot clinic with nurse *open during lunch hours • Asthma Educators on staff

Raquel Suzanne Watkins, MD & Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist

Two Convenient Locations

13241 Bartram Park Blvd, Ste 2601, Jacksonville, FL 32258

2140 Kingsley Avenue, Suite 1, Orange Park, FL 32073

Accepting most major insurance plans



Teen Craft Hour

Wednesdays, June 19 and July 17

Calendar of Events (continued)

from 6 – 7 pm Youth ages 11 – 18 are invited to get crafty with friends at the Library! All materials are provided, no registration required, and it’s free. Bring your friends, make new ones, and u

Adam Sandler with special guest Rob Schneider

June, 30 7:00 pm AEG Presents & The Amp St. Augustine proudly welcome the return of comedy king Adam Sandler and his “100% Fresher” Comedy Concert Tour. Rob Schneider will be joining the Sand Man as special guest! Sandler last performed to a sold out crowd at The Amp in April 2017! Tickets are on sale now!

Teen Gaming

STORYTIMES Ponte Vedra Library

Wednesdays, May 8, June 5, July 3, and August 21 5 – 7 pm Teens ages 13 – 18 are invited to dive into video games and board games with their friends! Video games using the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo WiiU, and PlayStation3 will be set up on separate TVs for simultaneous playing. Snacks are provided. Join your friends for fun gatherings just for you! Sponsored by the Friends of the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library.

Teen Lounge

Wednesdays, June 12, June 26, July 10, July 24, and July 31 5 – 7 pm Teens ages 13 – 18 are invited to join us for our weekly summertime Teen Lounge featuring either a PG-13 movie night, video gaming, board gaming, or just hanging out with your friends. Snacks are provided. Kick back and join your friends at the Library! Sponsored by the Friends of the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library

Hibachi Grill & Sushi

THURS, JUNE 13 & 27

PRESCHOOL 10:30am Children and caregivers are invited to get ready for school and to enjoy singing, dancing, stories, and more to boost early literacy and a love of libraries! The suggested target age is active walkers through 5 years, but all ages are welcome. Each class is 30 minutes long with a 15-minute “Stay and Play.”

BABY & ME LAPSIT 11:30am Babies and caregivers are invited to special Lapsit classes to encourage a love of reading between caregiver and baby through singing, action rhymes, and more! The suggested target age for these classes is infants up through pre-walkers. For safety purposes, children who are active walkers and families with older children are encouraged to attend our Preschool Storytime Class

A Local Dining Experience

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107 Nature Walk Parkway, Suite 109, CR 210 West ~ St. Johns

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Breathe easy. Relief is right around the corner. Welcome to allergy season! It’s that time of the year when allergies are usually at their worst. When allergies or sinus issues cause nasal congestion, fatigue and ear pressure, it’s difficult to get through the day. How do you get rid of these symptoms and enjoy this beautiful time of the year? We can provide you with the answers you need, plus new options for relief that over-the-counter medications don’t deliver. Why not conquer your allergy and sinus symptoms? Call for an appointment today.

904.202.ENTS (3687)

Located at Baptist Medical Center South


14550 Old St. Augustine Rd. • Jacksonville, FL 32258

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The 3 Types of Air Conditioning Systems by Tom Casey, America’s Most Awarded Contractor


ike most things in our lives, technology has had dramatic impacts on the way we cool and heat our homes. In fact, with so many choices, it’s often confusing trying to figure out “what’s what” to be able to make an intelligent investment. A personalized approach to your comfort is crucial because it’s just as unique as you are. The are (3) basic types of A/C systems: • Single-Stage • Two-Stage • Variable-Capacity

Each has its proper place in any neighborhood, based on our individual goals & objectives. Single-Stage Just as the name states, this type of system is either 100% “ON” or 100% “OFF”. These systems are more efficient (than existing systems) and contain many modern comfort & safety advances. They are sized for the MAX cooling load, so for a substantial number of hours every season they are actually “over-sized” and tend to short cycle (turn on/off more frequently). Often, indoor humidity is higher with these systems. Two-Stage Unlike the single-stage, a two-stage system can operate at

“full load” OR “part load”. The LO-stage is normally 70% of the total capacity, while HI-stage is 100%. While two-stagers are also sized for MAX loads, they can automatically reduce capacity under “part-load” conditions, which are the vast majority of hours daily. Longer run times at reduced capacity translate directly into more even temperatures and lower indoor humidity levels. These systems have major technology upgrades, that also make them even more efficient, quieter, and self-diagnosing. Variable-Capacity These are the most efficient systems you can buy for your home. They leverage all the latest & greatest technology, including Inverter Technology, that allows them to modulate from roughly 30% MIN capacity, all the way to 100%, and any place in-between based on ACTUAL indoor temperature and humidity conditions. These systems deliver optimal comfort and efficiency, perfectly matching capacity for virtually all different weather conditions. Variable-Capacity systems are like Cruise-Control for your home comfort. What Type of Homeowner Are You? When you make home improvements to your home, do you usually do the cheapest thing you can, or the very best? Single-Stage systems offer your lowest first cost, simple, basic “old-fashioned” on/off technology. Think of these as “code-compliant”; aka, the lowest standard allowed by law. Two-Stage systems offer a middle-of-the-road initial investment, with upgraded technology and improved comfort. These are the modern homeowner’s new “standard”, the real value sweet spot. Variable-Capacity systems are the top-of-theline best, and have the highest initial investment, but also the biggest & fastest payback. These are for people who want the very best in terms of technology, NOW efficiency, and comfort. OFFERING

$69 - ANYTIME Service Call or Tune-Up 36

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Outdoor Wicker • Aluminum • Poly Furniture • Rattan • Firepits • Patio Furniture Repair 440 CBL Drive, Suite 102, St. Augustine · 217-3734 · In the Cobblestone Village, St. Augustine Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm, closed Sunday

Dr. Esra, DVM/ Owner

Cat Only Exam Room

Underwater Treadmill

Doggy Gym

An AAHA accredited veterinary hospital.

Comprehensive Care with a Personal Touch!

Dental Cleaning new clients

904-209-5740 10440 US Highway 1 N, Suite #101 St. Augustine, FL 32095

Ofer Expires June 30, 2019

Ofer Expires June 30, 2019

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$25 off New Client Consult

Wellness • Preventative Medicine; vaccines, well care, • Dental Care (digital dental radiology included with all dental services) • Wellness Bloodwork • Sick Patient Care • Spay/Neuter

Unique Care • Canine rehabilitation, • Underwater treadmill, • Acupuncture, • Chinese herbal medicine, • Cold Therapy Laser and Spinal Manipulation to help our dogs and cats to keep our cats and dogs healthier and happier.

Doggie Gym! • Drop off your dog and we work with your dog where he does exercises in the Rehabilitation area.


Our Newest Location: 2245 CR 210 West Suite 116 St. Johns, FL 32259 904.342.8340

St. Augustine: 1030 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32084 904.824.9402


Summer Special!

$34.99 a month Coming July 2019 or 2 months free

BEST OF ST. JOHNS 1 yr commitment $34.99 a month or buy 1 yr paid in full we will give you 2 months free. Enrollment and Club Enhancement fee apply to each membership.


904-287-2101 107 Nature St.AND Augustine (on CR210) WE ARE ASKINGWalk OURParkway READERS LISTENERS TO SHARE THEIR OPINIONS



Coming July 2019

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Nominate and Vote for your favorite places! Voting will be open through June 20th! Discover the winners list in July when we publish our favorites in St. Johns Magazine and announce them on WSOS Radio!

*Local businesses who would like to be nominated should share this page or post to their Facebook. *Local businesses who would like to be nominated should share this page or post to their Facebook.


Locally Owned And Operated

GARAGE STORAGE & FLOOR COATINGS •Monkey Bars Shelving (NE Florida’s Exclusive Dealer)

•Garage Cabinets •Durable Flooring •Overhead Racks •Workstations SET UP YOUR GARAGE AROUND YOUR LIFESTYLE



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