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June 2018

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Featured Business Owners Lisa Menton & George L. Ballou, II Co-Founders of Menton and Ballou Real Estate Group.

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Lisa LisaMenton Menton Lisa Menton is a Lisa Menton is a Co-founder of the Co-founder of the Menton and Ballou Menton and Ballou Real Estate Group Real and oneEstate of theGroup most and one of theEstate most successful Real successful Agents in Real Estate Agents in northern St. Johns. northern St. Johns.

Lisa with Real Estate Partner George L. Ballou, II Lisa with Real Estate Partner George L. Ballou, II

-photo by Nature’s Child Photography

Why do do youyou do do what youyou do?do? Why what

Buying or selling a home is oneisofone theof Buying or selling a home most transactions, both financially thesignificant most significant transactions, both finanandcially emotionally, that a family make. am and emotionally, that awill family will Imake. so honored to offer my to ensure to that I am so honored to experience offer my experience enprocess goesprocess well from finish. opsure that goesstart welltofrom startThe to finish. portunity to meet soto many incredible people The opportunity meet so many incredible andpeople to positively influence this important event and to positively influence this importmakes so makes gratefulme toso begrateful able to do what ant me event to be ableI do. to do what I do.

What is your background? What Iisspent decades in the Financial Inyour2background?

dustry (Merrill Lynch)2 prior to becoming a reI spent decades in the Financial altor. My experience servicing a wide variety of a Industry (Merrill Lynch) prior to becoming customers managing multiple realtor. and My clients, experience servicing a wideoperavariety tions andclients, mitigating risk translated oforganizations customers and managing multiple seamlessly to Real Estate. I apply same client operations organizations andthe mitigating risk focus, operational and risk management discitranslated seamlessly to Real Estate. I apply the plines oneclient customer transaction a time. same focus,and operational andatrisk management disciplines one customer and transaction Wasat there a time.a certain experience that

helped you become a Realtor? Was there This probably won’t be a surprise, a certain experience thatbut it washelped my ownyou experience relocating to the become a Realtor? area and

and I strive to deliver personalized They are not in this aalone! Findingexperience or selling toafind the right home or bring the right buyer for home is a unique experience for each family every customer. and my team and I strive to deliver a personalized experience to find the right home or bring What aspect offor your work do you enjoy the right buyer every customer.

the most? What aspect My team and Iwork get to of your dohelp you families enjoy with one of the most important transactions the most? they will ever make. For some, it’s realizing the

My team and I get to help families dream of becoming a home owner. For others, it with one of the most important transactions is helping them sell their home so they can move they will ever make. For some, it’s realizing the on to a new chapter in their lives. To be part of dream of becoming a home owner. For others, that experience is such a privilege. it is helping them sell their home so they can I love the analytics we have at our dismove on to a new chapter in their lives. To be posal. Leveraging that data, I can discuss with part of that experience is such a privilege. home sellers how the value of their home fits I love the analytics we have at our into the current real estate landscape. I love the disposal. Leveraging that data, I can discuss marketing we get to do for sellers. Negotiations with home sellers how the value of their home are always exciting and I enjoy combining my fits into the current real estate landscape. I experience as well as the tools and influence of love the marketing we get to do for sellers. NeWatson Realty to give my clients the edge. gotiations are always exciting and I enjoy combining my experience as well as the tools and Did you have a mentor? influence of Watson Realty to give my clients I have had several pivotal people the edge. help me along the way, Ruth Stigall was my partner for a few years, she retired and moved Did you have a mentor? north to be with family. She was a delight to had aseveral pivotal people work with,I I have learned great deal from her help Ime when was new Mary I had when wasalong new.the Oneway, of my firstI Brokers, a business partner, Ruth Stigall, wewho worked Ann Bongiorno was another person had for a fewthe years until she to retired and a together hand in shaping agent I was become, moved north be with family. One of my she is now the to Broker of our flagship Ponte Vedra office. Mark was mywas broker first Brokers, Mary Rosener Ann Bongiorno, also until just recently, he andme I really learned our instrumental in helping grow into my role roles he Agent. a new Broker and for I was sucas atogether, Real Estate My Broker several cessfully growing my business everya year. years, Mark Rosener, was always greatThe remany times he was therepromoted for me will source, he was recently up always to the beRegional remembered Congratulations on role andfondly. I now have a new Broker, Joe you promotion to Regional Manager! A new Saber, who is a seasoned veteran and whom I adventure begins with our offices new Broker, already will be a great allyinasthe we business. continue Joe Saber,feel a seasoned veteran to grow our team into all it can be. I am excited to learn from Joe and continue to

buying a home thatprobably inspired won’t me to be be aa Realtor. This surprise, My but family relocated to Northeast Florida it was my own experience relocatingfrom to the Toronto and buying what a change Theme warm area and a homethat thatwas!!! inspired to be climate was not My the only bigrelocated transitionto in our lives a Realtor. family Northeast as IFlorida was pregnant with ourand daughter from Toronto what aCahlie. changeWe that toured over 20 homes in Duval and St. only John’s was!!! The warm climate was not the big county before in making the decision purchasewith a transition our lives as I was topregnant home in a new development (16 years ago!) called our daughter Cahlie. We toured over 20 homes St. John’s Golfand andSt.Country Club (SJGCC). As in Duval John’s county before making fatethe would have it, our next door neighbor, Bob decision to purchase a home in a new develBullock was(16 a site agent with SJGCC. He was opment years ago!) called St. John’s Golfthe and oneCountry that encouraged me to obtain my Real Club (SJGCC). As fate would Estate have it, license. Thanks our next doorBob! neighbor, Bob Bullock was a site agent with All these yearsHe later, SJGCC. wasI still the rely one on thatmy enexperience relocating to Northeast the couraged me to obtain my RealFlorida Estate as license. basis for every Thanks Bob!customer I help. I remember how overwhelmingAll it can be.years Being there forrely my on custhese later, I still my tomers, whenever they need me remains a priorexperience relocating to Northeast Florida as ity whether orcustomer selling a Ihome. are grow Menton and Ballou Group into all it can the basis buying for every help. I They remember How has being a Realtor changed your not how in this alone! Finding or selling a home is a be. overwhelming it can be. Being there for life? unique experience for each family and my team my customers, whenever they need me remains This job is incredibly challenging, a priority whether buying or selling a home. when I take a moment and think back over my

How has being a Realtor career in real estate so far, I changed am deeplyyour gratelife? ful for the success I have found. In every way is attributable This job is incredibly it to each customer Ichallenging, have met more than anything else it has taught me how and helped. For all those customers who trustimportant it is to listen to the needs of the cused in me, I thank from the sellers bottomare of my tomers you serve.you Sometimes in a heart, we worked together and accomplished great place, moving for a promotion and they something! Whether selling eachof are in a position to make 10'sorofbuying, thousands deal hasonitsthe own ownand twists and dollars salenuances, of their its home, everyone turns, its isalways and sellers very rewarding involved happy.exciting Sometimes face negaboth financially and they fromdon't a personal growthin tive life challenges, have equity their home and are struggling with difficult deciperspective. sions. I haveI learned that each of scenarios was here during thethese most diffineed to be approached differently, cult time to sell a house, the real estate market I short valuesales my and experience, knowledge plummeted, foreclosures were and compassion very much while helping peoprevalent. I have had the opportunity to help ple face these decisions. What other professional sellers/families steer themselves through chalrole is there that allows someone like me the oplenging situations, coming out the otherside portunity to help people navigate situations like better, whether surviving short saleEstate. or makthese? The only one I knowa of is Real ing on the sale of a home. have helped moneyHelping buyers make Idecision often buyers get excellent value for home purchases, very quickly is exciting, keeping in mind all they Ihave haveshared had the pleasure seeingspecial great profabout their of families needs, its made that, ifand notcommuting for the downturn the a their interests, needs allinplay part in the consulting role Ihave am happy to promarket, people would never been able to vide. Every transaction changesjob youthat a little, you achieve. I can’t think of another would have made some friends, and helped make allow me this kindnew of opportunity. some large decisions. What is the key ingredient for success? What is the key ingredient for success? Treat each customer as you would

Treat each customer as you would want want to be treated, listen and know their needs, to be treated, listen and know their needs, keep an keep an eye on the landscape for innovative eye on the landscape for innovative ways to sell ways to sell homes, stay current with regard to homes, stay current with regard to inventory and inventory and buyer options. buyer options.

What What do do you you love love about about St. St. Johns? Johns?

St. Johns Johns county county continues continuestotogrow grow and evolve, evolve, offering offering so somany manyoptions optionstotodifferdifferent tastes. tastes.Whether Whetherit’s it’sgolf golfcourse coursecommunities, communities, retail, restaurants, ter restaurants, wa wa­ ter parks, parks,tennis tenniscourts, courts, blue lagoons, lagoons, quiet quiet houses houseson onquiet quietstreets, streets,the the ocean…there isis something somethingfor foreveryone everyonehere. here.It’s It’s where have proudly called home where we we have proudly called home for for thethe past past 16 years and hope for many more! 16 years and hope to fortomany more! www.stjohnsmag.com


TheMenton Menton&&Ballou BallouAgents! Agents! The

dynamic group individuals representing Northern Johns AA dynamic group ofof individuals representing Northern St.St. Johns JAMIE BALLOU JAMIE BALLOU Resident of Del Webb Ponte Vedra in Nocatee Resident of Del Webb Ponte Vedra in Nocatee George (Jamie’s husband and real estate partner) and Jamie have been married for 41 years.They

George (Jamie’s husband and real estate partner) and Jamie have been married for 41 years.They have raised five children – two biological daughters and three adopted sons. She is organized and can wear have raised five children – two biological daughters and three adopted sons. She is organized and can wear many hats at once. Now they are blessed to have three precious granddaughters who light up their world. many hats at once. Now they are blessed to have three precious granddaughters who light up their world. Jamie has owned, renovated and expanded several homes over the years. I have hired architects, Jamie has owned, renovated and expanded several homes over the years. She has hired architects, GCs and supervised many residential and commercial projects. We’ve had the privilege of living in the city, GCs and supervised many residential and commercial projects. She has had the privilege of living in the city, on a farm, on an island off the coast of Maine and now LOVE calling Florida our home. on a farm, on an island off the coast of Maine and now LOVES calling Florida our home. Jamie has always been an involved community member, fundraiser and has served on several Jamie has always been an involved community member, fundraiser and has served on several boards. Recently I served for three years on the newly formed Architectural Review Committee in our comboards. Recently she served for three years on the newly formed Architectural Review Committee in Nocamunity in Nocatee. My last year I served as chairman. What a great way to learn about your community. tee, and last year served as chairman. What a great way to learn about your community. Jamie’s latest passion is painting. Jamie’s latest passion is painting.

DAVE KENYON DAVE KENYON Resident of The Greens in Julington Creek Plantation Resident of The Greens in Julington Creek Plantation Dave Kenyon has lived in Jacksonville for 19 years. He is an active member in the community and

Dave Kenyon has lived in Jacksonville for 19 years. He is an active member in the community and has contributed in it for 18 years. Dave has raised two children who attended the top rated Saint Johns Counhas contributed in it for 18 years. Dave has raised two children who attended the top rated Saint Johns County Schools. ty Schools. Dave has been in the customer service business for a career spanning 32 years. Dave has a warm Dave has been in the customer service business for a career spanning 32 years. Dave has a warm personality, proven work ethics, and loyalty. These characteristics will make you to feel as if a trusted friend personality, proven work ethics, and loyalty. These characteristics will make you to feel as if a trusted friend is assisting you in the most important financial decisions you will make. He is familiar with all of Jacksonville is assisting you in the most important financial decisions you will make. He is familiar with all of Jacksonville but concentrates with real estate in Saint Johns County. but concentrates with real estate in Saint Johns County.

JOHN MCCLURE JOHN MCCLURE Resident of The Cascades at World Golf Village Resident of The Cascades at World Golf Village Prior to becoming a realtor, John retired from the Department of Defense as a Regional Federal

Prior to becoming a realtor, John retired from the Department of Defense as a Regional Federal Manager in 2004 after 35 years of service. A career customer service advocate, John not only managed several Manager in 2004 after 35 years of service. A career customer service advocate, John not only managed several customer services groups, he wrote and taught customer service classes across the United States and internacustomer services groups, he wrote and taught customer service classes across the United States and internationally. tionally. Born and raised in Western New York, John served in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam war. His Born and raised in Western New York, John served in the U.S. Navy during Vietnam war. His military service eventually took him to Southern California, where he spent 22 years. He then relocated with military service eventually took him to Southern California, where he spent 22 years. He then relocated with his family back to Western New York. Ten years later, his career progression afforded him the opportunity to his family back to Western New York. Ten years later, his career progression afforded him the opportunity to work overseas, where he spent three years. He and his wife, Kathryn, then relocated to St. Augustine FL in work overseas, where he spent three years. He and his wife, Kathryn, then relocated to St. Augustine FL in 2001, where they enjoy the company of their two grown sons and three grandchildren. 2001, where they enjoy the company of their two grown sons and three grandchildren.

MELISSA NALDZIN MELISSA NALDZIN Resident of Willowcove in Nocatee Resident of Willowcove in Nocatee Born in Philadelphia and a native of Philly’s western suburbs (Valley Forge / King of Prussia),


Born in Philadelphia and a native of Philly’s western suburbs (Valley Forge / King of Prussia), Melissa is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Melissa is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Her career started with HSN (Home Shopping Network) in St. Petersburg, FL as a buyers associate. With Her career started with HSN (Home Shopping Network) in St. Petersburg, FL as a buyers associate. With an added passion for photography, she then graduated from Moore College of Art with a degree in Digital an added passion for photography, she then graduated from Moore College of Art with a degree in Digital Media / Web Design and started up her own photography business. Media / Web Design and started up her own photography business. Melissa has been a photographer since 2009. She enjoys learning new photo techniques and techMelissa has been a photographer since 2009. She enjoys learning new photo techniques and technologies, including aerial photography and flying a drone, which has brought a new marketing perspective to nologies, including aerial photography and flying a drone, which has brought a new marketing perspective to the Menton & Ballou Group. the Menton & Ballou Group. Melissa moved to Ponte Vedra / Nocatee in 2013. She has been the photographer and marketing Melissa moved to Ponte Vedra / Nocatee in 2013. She has been the photographer and marketing coordinator for the Menton & Ballou Group since its inception and is also a licensed Realtor. coordinator for the Menton & Ballou Group since its inception and is also a licensed Realtor. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing at the beach, swimming, playing pickleball, Crossfit, sewing In her free time, she enjoys relaxing at the beach, swimming, playing pickleball, Crossfit, sewing and spending time with her Yorkie, Archie. and spending time with her Yorkie, Archie.

JODY STEELE Resident of Palencia

Jody is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently reside in St. Augustine, Florida. She has also lived in Amarillo, TX and in Charleston, SC where both of her children were born (Ella, 13 and Colby, 9). She has been married to John Steele for 15 years, an Air Force veteran of over 24 years who is currently with the Jacksonville Air National Guard. She loves living in St. Augustine and feels lucky to have the benefits of a big city so close and she appreciates the quaintness and historical significance of St. Augustine. She enjoys reading, the beach, fishing, monogramming, and decorating her home. Jody previously worked for Hallmark Marketing as well as in Pharmaceutical sales. She loves real estate and looks forward to helping buyers find a home to make their own memories, as well as helping sellers to bring out the best in their own home for potential buyers. I have bought, sold, and built several homes through the years and I have always enjoyed the process. I look forward to making it a fun and easy experience for my customers.

STELLA ALEXANDER Resident of St. Johns Golf & Country Club

From the service to the end results, there truly can be so many things to consider with a real estate transaction. Early in her career as a real estate professional, Stella was told that no two transactions are alike, and she believes this to be true! She says everyone has different timelines, housing needs, financial considerations, etc. So, she makes every transaction is a customized for her clients.

DAVID CARTER Resident of Del Webb Ponte Vedra in Nocatee

Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, David Carter has been a long time resident of the North Florida area since 1985. His background includes more than twenty-five years in sales, sales management, and finance. David and his wife Pat, a teacher, reside in Nocatee, the third fastest growing planned community in the United States. It’s a great place to live! He prides himself on his vast knowledge of the new and resale properties in the Nocatee Communities. David and Pat have three children and two grandchilden. While attending Minnesota State University, David a longtime tennis player, was the 1976 Minnesota State Singles tennis champion. After college he moved to Rochester, New York, where he taught tennis and was the men’s tennis coach for the Rochester Institute of Technology for several years. Today, David still enjoys playing tennis and pickleball (played on a smaller tennis court).

ALEXIS MCDANIEL Resident of Palencia

Alexis McDaniel moved to St. Augustine from West Virginia in 2009 and has been engaged in the community since then, with 8 years of volunteerism in the St. Johns County School District. She’s currently the president of the Allen D. Nease High School PTSO and recently served on the county’s calendar committee. Alexis offers great insight into what makes St. Johns County an A-rated school system and how important school selection is for new homeowners. With a degree in journalism, she started her career as a newspaper journalist and editor. A favorite time in her life was in broadcasting, where she was a news anchor, producer, and reporter. Being involved and plugged into the community has always been important. She was the chairman of a four-day town festival that brought 10,000 visitors to the small town in which she lived. For the past five years, she’s been active with the Palencia Charity Tennis Tournament, which benefits Camp Boggy Creek for disabled and seriously ill children. It’s raised $60,000 to date. Alexis owns AMAC, LLC, a rental property company that at one time had 22 units. She enjoys exploring the residential real estate market in St. Johns County. She resides in Palencia with her family, including two children, ages 16 and 18. In her free time, Alexis enjoys boating, reading, and traveling.

CHRISTINA KAYSER Resident of Durbin Crossing

Christina is a fourth generation-born Jacksonville native, who has extensive knowledge of the Greater Jacksonville area. She graduated from Barry University, with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Christina has worked in several Jacksonville landmarks, such as Mayo Clinic and Brooks Rehabilitation. She brings over twenty-three years of customer service experience. Christina, and her husband Drew, have four children, all who attend St. Johns County schools. She is looking forward in assisting you with your real estate needs. www.stjohnsmag.com


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Diana Baker Brummer, CSW-RI

20+ Years Experience in Mental & Behavioral Health for Children, Teens, Adults & Families

115 Bartram Oaks Walk, Suite 104, St Johns, FL 32259

904.419.7435 | goodmentalhealthllc.com

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find yourself AT SHEARWATER

Homes from the mid $200s to $700s | ShearwaterLiving.com | 100 Kayak Way, St. Augustine, FL 32092 Dav i d We e k l e y H o m e s • L e n n a r • R i c h m o n d A m e r i c a n H o m e s • M a st e r C r a f t B u i l d e r G r o u p D. S . Wa r e H o m e s • D r e e s H o m e s • D r e a m F i n d e r s H o m e s Materials are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. All rights in these materials are reserved. All products and company names marked as trademarked (™) or registered (®) are trademarks of their respective holders. Copying, reproduction and distribution of materials without prior written consent of Freehold Communities is strictly prohibited. All information, plans, and pricing are subject to change without notice. This information does not represent a specific offer of sale or solicitation to purchase property within Shearwater. Models do not reflect racial preference.



Explore Nocatee with Long Time Resident and

Local Realtor George L. Ballou, II


When my wife Jamie and I moved to Nocatee back in 2009 there were about 500 homes in all of Nocatee spread out over 5 or 6 “neighborhoods”. Each community had their own demographics they were marketing to from condo buyers to single family homes with very specific price ranges they stayed in and one age restricted development. I think when we moved into Riverwood by Del Webb (now known as Del Webb Ponte Vedra) there were only 117 homes. There was no grocery store yet, the Splash Water Park was just beginning to be built, no gas stations, no banks, no real estate company offices, no doctor offices and just one restaurant. The original residents were “true believers” in what was to come down the road. Fast forward to 2018 and Nocatee has over 33 communities, just over 6,200 occupied homes (eventually there will be nearly 13,000) with a current population estimated in excess of 18,000. Del Webb Ponte Vedra where we still live has nearly 1,500 homes today and growing. We now have multiple banks, a great grocery store, offices going up everywhere, gas stations, over a dozen restaurants, storage facilities, apartments...we’re building something new every day! Did I mention that we have also built two new schools and probably need a third school already? Not only did the Splash Water Park get built but it exceeded everyone’s expectations…and Nocatee keeps on evolving! We have added a swim club, pickle ball & tennis courts, dog parks, a fire department, assisted living and independent living facilities, trail systems, fitness centers and numerous boutique shops. Our Farmer’s Market held once a month is now “Huge”! We are also a golf cart friendly community so we can go to the grocery the fun way! This coming summer our newest water amenity will Nocatee Amenities be opening called the

Lagoon & Waterslide Spray Park, a four-story above ground interactive spray playground — the first and only of its kind in Northeast Florida. In addition, a kayak launch facility will also be opening on the intercoastal waterway just off of Crosswater Parkway in the newly opened southern section of Nocatee. Location! Location! Location! Nocatee is just 10+ minutes from the ocean & Ponte Vedra Beach shopping and restaurants. Looking down the road we will only be 10 minutes away from the Durbin Town Center

Pickle Ball Courts being built just west of I-95. We will be close yet just far enough away to avoid the traffic. It will be twice the size of the Town Center in Jacksonville and the first phase The Pavillion will include Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot and a Wal-Mart Supercenter. Stop by the Nocatee Welcome Center located at the Splash Water Park where all of your questions can be answered. If you are looking for a real estate agent familiar with Nocatee new construction and re-sales call Watson’s Menton and Ballou Group, Watson’s Top Selling Team, at 904-436-1354 and ask for one of our Nocatee Certified Agents…We also live there!

Nocatee Swim Club

George L. Ballou,II George L. Ballou, II is a Broker Associate with Watson Realty Corp. and a founding partner in the Menton and Ballou Group, Watson Realty's top selling team

What area do you focus on?

I sell real estate primarily in the Nocatee / Ponte Vedra communities although our Team sells throughout St Johns and Duval County. My wife Jamie and I have lived in the Del Webb Ponte Vedra community in Nocatee for over 9 years. Jamie is also a Realtor.

Why do you do what you do?

Frankly, I don’t like people telling me what to do. I also don’t like the idea of having a job where no matter how hard I work someone else determines how much I make. I like to succeed or fail based upon my own efforts, creativity and experience. Being a Realtor allows me the opportunity to live my life doing it my way!

What is your background?

Right out of college I was an investment analyst for several years, a SVP in commercial lending for a mid-west bank and then I entered the real estate business over 35 years ago.

Was there a certain experience that helped you to become a Realtor?

I have always been fascinated by real estate even before becoming a Realtor. My first experience was in buying farms when I was in my 20’s, then commercial development and investing and most of my Realtor career has been in residential real estate services. Becoming a Realtor was just a natural progression from what I was already doing.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most?

IMO most successful real estate careers are 20% real estate and 80% problem solving. I like the challenge of trying to make things work out when everything seems to be going in the wrong direction. That is where experience really comes in handy. Most buyers and sellers have no idea how many things go wrong in the typical real estate transaction that they never knew about. That is because agents often work behind the scenes to solve problems or address situations before they become problems.

Did you have a mentor?

I did have a mentor during my early years and I often think about how he impacted my life. He started as a milkman and he died a multi-billionaire. He had many principles he was guided by and he often shared his thoughts by writing them down on a little flash card and giving them to those he was with. Two of his sayings he loved and lived by were also my favorites, “Time Kills Deals” and “Follow a trail of dirt…pick up dirt. Follow a trail of gold…

pick up gold”. Anyone in business knows the wisdom of the first saying. The second saying took me a few years to fully appreciate how wise and true it was. Give it some thought!

How has being a Realtor changed your life?

Over the last 35 years of being a Realtor I have learned many life lessons that have spilled over into my personal life. I can’t think of very many professions where you become such a part of your customer’s life. Sometimes I am a Realtor, advisor, marriage counselor, sounding board, strategic thinker, the hero and the one to blame. I have learned that you never learn anything while you are talking so be a better listener. Don’t procrastinate because “Time Kills Deals”. I have learned to be sympathetic, compassionate, understanding, how to be firm when necessary and flexible when it is called for. It is an honorable profession although there is substantial room for improvement.

What sets you apart?

I am experienced at what I do, well trained, creative, and I believe I work well with others. Those are the qualities that I bring to the table and they have seldom failed me. Our Team is the personification of those principles. In addition, we are strong marketers, we work tirelessly, we help each other whenever there is a need. Our bench is deep, and we have many life experiences that makes us who we are.

What is the key ingredient for success in this highly competitive business?

I believe the National Association of Realtors says that the number one thing our customers are looking for is to have confidence that their agent knows how to take them thru the process to their desired goal. It can be a scary undertaking and the stakes are high. For most people selling or buying their home is the biggest transaction they have ever done and certainly one of the most important. Conveying to prospective customers that you are the right choice is the goal. When we go out into the market sometimes it becomes quite obvious that they aren’t looking for the best agent, the most knowledgeable or experienced agent…they are looking for the cheapest agent. Since customers often don’t know what qualities are important to getting the job done they go with commission cutters or people they know but have no real experience, no business success, no marketing, no real familiarity with the marketplace they are working in. These issues have always been a factor in the market especially during the good

times. Almost 60% of the agents in business right now have been in the business less than 5 years and many are working for companies who have no formal training programs or experienced management. Convincing potential customers that dealing with a proven, experienced and successful agent, Team or company is the best chance for them to be successful is, and always has been, the real challenge!

What was one of the nicest compliments you have received as a realtor? “George you started as our Realtor but ended as our friend”.

What do you love about St. Johns? It is exciting to live in a county where there is so much going on. I have never lived in a place quite like it! It is a very positive atmosphere with almost everyone working to make their communities a better place. In Nocatee, where Jamie and I have lived for 9+ years, well over 50% of the land mass is reserved for preserves, greenbelt, community parks and trails. I think that is a great example for others to follow. I think the developers in our county understand they are working in a very special place and want to do their part to make it even better. Economic growth, top rated schools, location, roadways and of course our waterways are all very unique assets that make St Johns County an incredible place!

Are you concerned that new development will jeopardize the beauty of northern St. Johns?

No! Ask anyone who has witnessed slow development, or no growth and it will be painfully obvious which you would prefer. As long as our county leadership and business community continue to work hand in hand to make St Johns county the best in the state we have a long and exciting future in front of us. www.stjohnsmag.com


Nikki-Lyn Holm & Rosanne Hearn Your Premier Roundtable Agents

From Your Premier Agents:

Dream Locations for Your Future Dream Home by Nikki-Lyn Holm & Rosanne Hearn

Their Clients Love Them! Premier Service Always... from Your Premier Round Table Agents! Rosanne and Nikki are an absolutely amazing team! We had the best support and guidance from start to finish. We felt like they took us on as clients but treated us as if we were family. They were there for us every step of the way. Thank you for finding us our dream home and also thank you for wonderful housewarming gifts.

Inese and John Froese

Rosanne and Nikki did an amazing job providing the best service out there. They came highly recommended and I too would highly recommend them. They handled everything quickly, efficiently and professionally. Fun fact: I never met Rosanne or Nikki during the entire sale of my home. It was very important that these were people that I could trust which is why they were recommended by someone else that I trust in the industry. I couldn’t have had a more trustworthy pair then these two amazing women. They killed it!!! :) Thanks Rosanne and Nikki for a top notch job! I will pass your names around to others and will call you when I buy or sell again in Ponte Vedra!

Andy McDevitt

Rosanne.Hearn@RoundTableRealty.com 904.316.2576


Nikki.Holm@roundtablerealty.com 9044.327.2797

w w w.yo u r p r e m i e r a g e n t s . c o m

There is no denying we are in an economic growth spurt and it is a sellers' market! Although you will find new communities and a variety of builders popping up all over St. John’s county and Jacksonville, Your Premier Agents have the pleasure of working with clients on new home contracts regularly, and we can't say enough about Dream Finders Home Builders! Dream Finders is a private, national home builder that offers semi-custom options, selects great locations, and creates quite a buzz in their newest communities. This reputable company is our #1 choice. Here are 4 of the hottest new communities where you can find a Dream Finders Home: Beacon Lake is located at 47 Hutchinson Lane, St. Augustine, Fl 32095. It is a brand new master planner community on the east side of County Road 210. Prices range from about $300-$500k. It is anchored by a 43 acre lake which will accommodate kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. This amazing community will also feature a splash park and junior Olympic pool. The fitness amenities will offer all the latest and greatest activities and classes. This community will be limited to 1,296 single-family homes and 196 townhomes. Shopping and restaurants are conveniently located nearby in the brand new Beach Walk community. In our professional opinion, this could be a stellar investment opportunity. The Preserve at St. John’s is located at 137 Conquistador Road, St. Johns, FL. 32259. This quiet and elegant boutique community is tucked away off County Road 210. While quaint in size, it features a variety of Dream Finders floor plans (29 total) in their Platinum series. Prices range between $375-$575. With large, open floor plans, over-sized kitchens, guest suites, bonus rooms, Jack and Jill bath-

rooms, and large covered lanais, most of the lots feature preserve or water views. And no CDD fees! Shearwater is located towards to west end of County Road 210 at 92 Appian Avenue St. Augustine, FL 32092. In this fabulous community, Dream Finders currently has 71 home sites. Prices range from the high 300's to the ow $400's. A resort-like style, Shearwater has our hearts! The amenities here are state of the art. Oh, and everyone should love the refreshing relaxation of the lazy river! Shearwater has their own lifestyle director, multi-lane lap pool, tennis courts, a tropical lagoon, and so much more. Even their Fitness Lodge could win you over, especially if healthy living amenities are the number one priority on your "must have" list. There is no need need to have a gym membership if you buy a home in Shearwater. Durbin Creek Estates is located at 1161 Bent Creek Dr. St. John’s, FL 32259, off Veterans Parkway. The homes in this smaller community range from $315-$500k.This community is in a highly desired area of St. John’s County. It is within walking proximity to Veteran’s Park, which features a playground, soccer fields, basketball courts, and dog and skate parks, too. A nice feature of being in this community is the low HOA and no CDD fee. Our favorite floor plans in Durbin Creek Estates are the Avalon II and Boca II. Your Premier Agents work handin-hand with the Dream Builders site agents to make sure you get exactly what you want in your dream home. Please remember those knowledgeable and friendly site agents ultimately have builder's best interest in mind. Going to a builder without a Realtor doesn't save you a dime, so reach out to your full-time, professional, experienced agent! If you don’t have a Realtor you trust, give us a call anytime! We would love to help you!



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Grow Up Sm il i


Laura Sullivan, DMD Susie Perry, DMD

Kind , gentle & compassionate staff Board Certified Pediatric Dentists Parents always welcome in the treatment room

1949 CR 210 St. Johns FL 32259 904.808.4700



Dr. Esra, DVM/ Owner

Cat Only Exam Room

Underwater Treadmill

Doggy Gym

An AAHA accredited veterinary hospital.

Comprehensive Care with a Personal Touch!

Dental Cleaning new clients

904-209-5740 10440 US Highway 1 N, Suite #101 St. Augustine, FL 32095

Ofer Expires June 30, 2018

Ofer Expires June 30, 2018

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Wellness • Preventative Medicine; vaccines, well care, • Dental Care (digital dental radiology included with all dental services) • Wellness Bloodwork • Sick Patient Care

Unique Care • Canine rehabilitation, • Underwater treadmill, • Acupuncture, • Chinese herbal medicine, • Cold Therapy Laser and Spinal Manipulation to help our dogs and cats to keep our cats and dogs healthier and happier.

Doggie Gym! • Drop off your dog and we work with your dog where he does exercises in the Rehabilitation area.

Award Winning • Voted one of the Best Places to Work for 2018! • Gold Star Award to Dr. Tracy LaDue & Dr. Jennifer Locke from the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, nominated by their peers for outstanding contribution to veterinary medicine.

“Giving New Hope Every Day”

Ask your AT SOUTHEAST VETERINARY Veterinarian ONCOLOGY & INTERNAL MEDICINE for compassion meets innovation. a referral today! • Stereotactic Radiation • Internal Medicine (SRS/SRT) in partnership • Radiation Oncology with PetCure Oncology • Radioactive Iodine • Medical Oncology


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Companion Animal & Laser Surgery Center


Companion Animal & Laser Surgery Center

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PURCHASE 12 months of Heartgard & 12 months of NexGard Receive a $50 Visa Rebate Card & a Stainless Steel bottle! Please mention ad to redeem offer

Dr. Michael Bredehoeft

Dr. Christine Cunningham

Dr. Carla Rodrigues, CCRP

Our mission isto provide exceptional veterinary care in a compassionate and professional environment

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We will help you create a website that positively reflects your business. Once created, we will teach you how to easily maintain it, make changes and integrate it with your social media, saving you time and energy. Let’s get started!


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Owner Joe Melville

Premier Completes First Expansion Adds 10 Acres, Now with 200 Spaces for Boat and RV Storage

Premier Boat & RV Storage, located off Interstate 95 and State Route 16 near the St. Augustine Outlet Mall, has just completed its first expansion – adding 122 new storage spaces for a total 204 that are now available for Boat and RV owners. “The first phase of our storage facility was completely booked almost immediately after we opened in 2016,” said owner Joe Melville. “We immediately began expansion plans, adding an additional seven acres of storage for boats and RVs. Our facility now covers 10 acres.” The new spaces all have optional metered 20-amp electricity available. Located at 3316 Agricultural Center Drive, Premier Boat and RV Storage offers indoor, outdoor and covered storage spaces for boats and RVs, providing a state-of-the-art security system, as well as all-concrete storage spaces with asphalt travel ways. People can rent month-to-month, with the price dependent on the size of the space needed to accommodate their boat or RV. All amenities at the facility are included in the monthly rent, whether they want to store inside the building, under the covered area or in the open area on the secured lot. “We’re also located close to several nearby RV dealerships, including Camping World of St. Augustine, Dick Gore’s RV World of St. Augustine, and Ocean Grove RV Sales, which makes it convenient for RV owners if they need any additional maintenance and repairs to get their RVs ready for the summer,” Melville said. Melville, who worked in the oil and gas business in Ohio prior to selling his company and moving to St. Johns County, said he was “too young to retire” and it was an “opportune time” to get into the boat and RV storage business. “With all the baby-boomers and the younger crowd now

Premier Boat & RV Storage, located off Interstate 95 near the St. Augustine Outlet Mall, has just completed its first expansion – adding 122 new storage spaces for a total 204. Owner Joe Melville says the first phase of his storage facility was completely full after opening in 2016.

buying RVs, and sales on their way up, I thought there would be a real need for a first-class, user-friendly storage facility,” he said. “People who invest a lot of money in a boat, travel trailer or motor home want to store them on concrete, not in the grass, on sand or on a gravel lot.” Also, many homeowners associations – especially in the newest communities in St. Johns County – don’t allow parking of boats and RVs at home. “Some are in the situation where they can’t park them at home, but many others are here because they simply don’t have enough space in the driveway,” he said. “Regardless, most owners would rather store them at a facility like ours, designed specifically and exclusively for that purpose.” In addition to storage, customers have access to a dump station, wash areas and the detailing services, as well. With the economy on the uptick and more consumers with disposal income, Melville already has plans in the works for another expansion to ensure he keeps up with demand. “We’re just enjoying the increasing number of people getting into outdoor activities and making sure they have a facility where they can store their units and know they are safe and secure when they go to bed every night,” Melville said. For more information, contact (904) 494-8856 or visit http:// www.premiercoachindoorstorage.com/.

Don’t stress about keeping one of your most enjoyable investments looking good and in a safe location!

State-of-the-art security system


THE BEST in Northeast Florida for Boat & RV Storage, Safety & Detailing! 3316 Agricultural Center Drive, St. Augustine, FL. 32092

Visit www.premiercoachindoorstorage.com today and find out more – or call (904) 494-8856.

Cleaning and Detailing

• New RV Wash-bot • Reverse osmosis water purification system, ensuring Boats and RVs are spot-free.

• More than 200 storage spaces on site • Covered and open storage options • Select indoor-storage bays • All storage spaces on concrete • Dump station & wash bays • Electricity options • Month to Month Rentals • Easy access to I-95 from Exit 318 (near the St. Augustine Outlet Mall)



Shearwater: Secrets to a Successful Two Years

Since its grand opening in summer of 2016, Shearwater, the master-planned community off C.R. 210, has quickly become one of the fastest growing communities in St. Johns County with over 375 home sales and 260 families to date. As St. Johns County continues to boom with people moving in for the area’s high quality of life, low cost of living and award-winning public-school system, new neighborhoods and communities are also being developed at lightning speed to meet the growing demand. So how can one community stand out among the rest? At Shearwater, it’s by providing a total lifestyle experience which combines healthy living and outdoor opportunities, a deep connection to neighbors and the freedom to choose from over 60 different home designs from 7 quality builders.

Checklist for Success Resort-Style Amenities

The focal point of Shearwater is the Kayak Club, an amenities epicenter that includes a large clubhouse, an expansive Fitness Lodge, lap pool, resort-style pool, the longest Lazy Bird River in Northeast Florida, The Perch 3-story waterslide tower, playground, sports fields, and four illuminated Har-Tru tennis courts. The Hub, a Wi-Fi café within the Kayak Club that serves grab-n-go food items, offers Shearwater residents a convenient gathering space to connect with each other and the wider world. Later this year, Shearwater will add a new, activity-focused park, two dog parks and a community garden in its newest neighborhood, The Falls.

Homes, Mastercraft Builder Group, D.S. Ware Homes, Drees Homes and Dream Finders Homes bring their timeless style to create a variety of design choices from bungalow to craftsman and coastal to farmhouse. Front porches, walkways and courtyards bring neighbors together, and the varied options for colors, materials, exterior lighting and landscaping allow residents to express their own individuality while maintaining a harmonious streetscape. Shearwater continues to buzz with energy as more families call the 1,500-acre community home. Visit Shearwater to see how you could spend your days hiking the trails, winding down the longest lazy river in Northeast Florida, working out in the fitness center and soaking up every bit of this community’s resort-style living.

Shearwater by the numbers • • • • • • •

7 homebuilders offering 60+ home designs 5 neighborhoods, including The Falls opening Fall 2018 600 acres of preserved natural habitat 15 miles of nature trails 4 Har-Tru tennis courts 562-foot Lazy Bird River 3-story waterslide

The Falls

Shearwater’s next neighborhood

Unique Lifestyle Program

The Shearwater lifestyle is more than just great amenities, it’s about bringing those amenities to life by integrating them with a variety of activities that bring neighbors closer together. Shearwater’s full-time Lifestyle Director leads the community’s unique approach to lifestyle programming and activities. The Lifestyle Director works with Shearwater’s residents directly to develop events and activities that fit their interests, ranging from casual coffee dates to specific fitness classes to community concerts to larger signature events. Annual traditions ranging from an Easter Egg Blast, Pups & Pints animal adoption event, Winter Festival, Haunted Boardwalk and 5K On the Trails offer multiple events for residents to look forward to throughout the year.

Quality Homebuilders


Shearwater has taken the master-planned community to the next level by offering serene resort-style living with 60+ new home designs that can appeal to every preference for style, floor plan and price point. Quality homebuilders like David Weekley Homes, Lennar, Richmond American

• • • • • • • •

2 home builders to date: Dream Finders Homes and David Weekley Homes 4-acre Falls Park 1 Large and 1 small-dog park First community garden with resident garden plots Expanded trails and pathways Picnic pavilion and lake overlook shade structure Tot lot featuring Kompan play equipment Expansive event lawn

This Doc Make House Calls Fully Licensed & Insured

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& Physical Therapy

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Give your home the protection it deserves. Don Haneline, Agent 196 Everest Lane Suite 3 Saint Johns, FL 32259 Bus: 904-615-1415 InsureWithDon.com Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 5 PM Sat: 9 AM - 12 PM After Hours by Appointment

Your home is where you make some of your best memories, and that’s worth protecting. I’m here to help. LET’S TALK TODAY.

Located in the Promenade at Bartram Springs, Race Track Rd. & Bartram Springs Pkwy.

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL State Farm Florida Insurance Company, Winter Haven, FL 1708136 State Farm Lloyds, Richardson, TX

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By Stephanie Hall Center Coordinator at Skin & Body Center

Skincare 101 The skin is the largest breathing organ in the human body and sometimes can seem to be the most difficult to take care of. Fun Fact: There are approximately eight trillion beauty products on the market today. The options are so overwhelming that it can feel like you only have two options: Slather every product you find in the skin care line on your face or shunning products entirely and praying for good genes. The largest organ of your body is also a delicate one. Here’s some answers on common skin care questions and how to handle them.

is the same as when shopping for food. Look for products with a short list of whole ingredients.

Why is water so important for my skin?

Our skin reflects what goes on inside of our body. If we don’t get enough water, our skin looks dehydrated. Just another reason to reach for water over a sugary drink.

I found a suspicious looking spot on my skin. What What is the basic skin care routine that everyone should be doing?

should I do? Don’t guess and don’t treat it at home. Find a trusted Dermatologist and get it checked out.

Professional: Getting regular facials may seem indulgent, but they

Is exfoliation really that important?

help to keep your skin healthy, youthful and most importantly fresh. Estheticians primary goal is to help clients with their skin care needs, which can range from acne to aging. They are trained to know how to offer treatments and provide preventative care to help keep the skin healthy and glowing.

At Home: Cleanse Morning and Night without fail. Double Cleanse

Regular exfoliation helps to release the dead skin surface and oxygenate the skin. Once removed, the skin is refreshed and products work more effectively. Simple sugar scrub recipe to use at home: 1 tsp of brown sugar, couple of drops of water, add a pinch of green tea leaves and combine. Cleanse skin, gently rub scrub into skin, rinse, tone, apply spf and moisturizer.

in the evening – first to remove the dirt grime and makeup and second cleanse (with a different product) cleanses skin itself on a deeper level. Include a Sunscreen product in your facial skin care routine, even if it’s overcast you can still get sun. Give it 5 minutes after applying before doing your makeup so it really absorbs into the skin. With so many products on the market, how do I know which products to buy?

Professional: A good esthetician can recommend products that are right for your skin type and skin concern.

At Home: A simple rule of thumb when shopping for better skincare

Organic . Safe . Effective . Affordable

Call for a QUOTE or visit us online

• Interior and Exterior Painting • Pressure Washing *Free with entire home • • • •

repaint (interior or exterior)

Concrete and Wood Stain Lanai Cleaning Epoxy Garage Flooring Specializing in Alkyd Burn, Cracking Stucco



Choose from a Custom Facial or Hot Stone Massage

Offer valid through June 30, 2018

304 Kingsley Lake Drive Suite 602 St Augustine, FL 32092

904.342.2415 www.skinandbodycenter.com Facebook @skinandbodycenterstjohns www.stjohnsmag.com


When You’ve Got it All!

New Home Communities of Northern St. Johns!

by Christie Redmer, We Give Realty

Aberdeen - Mid $200s

D.R. Horton, Emerald Homes Discover Aberdeen, a master planned community located in northern St. Johns county offering homesites nestled around a vast conservation area. Homeowners will enjoy all the resort style amenities that Aberdeen has to offer! Home are surrounded by natural beauty while still being close to all of life’s conveniences

Beachwalk - Low $300s

Americrest Luxury Homes, Lennar, Vintage Estate Homes Beachwalk is a new 3,000 home master-planned community featuring a 14-acre Crystal Lagoon surrounded by sandy beaches. It will include the Beach Club which will be inspired by high-end Caribbean resorts. Beachwalk will feature five communities and will also include a retail section. The community is centered around a 14 acre Crystal Lagoon, which upon completion will be the largest man-made water feature in the United States.

Beacon Lake - Mid $200s


Dream Finders Homes, Mattamy Homes Beautiful new Beacon Lake Community set around the natural beauty of the 43 acre recreational lake, Beacon Lake. Nestled within the heart of our community, paddle friendly Beacon Lake will be the perfect setting for peaceful reflection – and outdoor recreation. Featuring single family homes in the Coastal Vernacular architectural style. Amenities planned to include expansive community clubhouse overlooking Beacon Lake, the "Crew House" which will provide kayak, canoe, and paddleboard storage and

Beautiful New Communities with the best life has to offer; whether its the natural settings, outstanding amenities or proximity to the area’s best activities! Explore Northern St. Johns with We Give Realty’s Christie Redmer.

a launch area making it easy for residents to enjoy Beacon Lake. Amenities will also include 2 pools, splash park, tennis courts, sports fields, spacious fitness center, and dog park. Buying a new home in Beacon Lake will give your school-age children access to one of the highest rated school districts in the state of Florida.

Cedar Point - Mid $300s

Dream Finders Homes Cedar Point is a quaint community with only 29 home sites, NO CDD fees and low HOA fees nestled in the heart of St. Johns County. Located within walking distance to Liberty Pines Academy and less than 1 mile from both I-95 and the new 9B Connector, this is a rare opportunity to have it all right at your doorstep. With Cedar Point, we’ve struck the perfect balance between nature and convenience.

Celestina - Low $300s

Lennar Conveniently located and perfectly planned, Celestina provides an extensive amenities center and a selection of new, innovative home designs in St. Johns County. Here at Celestina, you’ll live in an environment that brings neighbors together to create a true sense of community. Our unique home designs dedicate more square footage to the areas where families spend the majority of their time; these new designs incorporate the advancement in architecture desired for the progressive lifestyle of today’s homeowners. Celestina Extensive Amenities Include: gated community, fitness center, resort & lap pool, 2 tennis courts, 2 bocce ball courts, kids activity court, multi-purpose play field, play-

ground, pocket parks, dog park, ¼ mile asphalt track, event lawn, party pavilion, common areas and promenade.

Creekside at Twin Creeks High $200s

Drees Homes, Lennar, Pulte Homes Creekside embraces the natural beauty of Florida while creating the most desirable environment for today’s active families. Unique homes that fit every lifestyle and budget. Outstanding amenities including, parks, trails, a lake, a swimming pool and more. Creekside blends nature with all the conveniences of today’s sophisticated lifestyles in the perfect Nocatee area location, close to shopping, entertainment and cultural centers and even the Atlantic beaches.

Durbin Creek Estates High $200s

Dream Finders Homes You couldn’t ask for a better location to call home. Situated in the middle of a lush preserve, Durbin Creek Estates allows for a peaceful lifestyle, despite being located in the heart of Saint Johns County. You will be within walking distance of Veteran’s Park which features a playground, soccer fields, basketball courts, skate and dog parks. In addition, you will be within a very short drive to some of the areas best shopping and restaurants. Residents of Durbin Creek Estates will enjoy some of the finest schools in Florida. There are no CDD Fees and HOA dues are low. This is a great opportunity to build your Dream Home in highly desired St. Johns County!

Glen St. Johns - Low $200’s

KB Home This exceptional St. Augustine community offers a variety of distinctive floor plans set on generous homesites. Residents will appreciate abundant amenities, including a community pool and fitness center, as well as easy access to schools, shopping, dining, I-95, beaches, historic St. Augustine and downtown Jacksonville. Near St. Johns Golf & Country Club!

Julington Creek (Magnolia Point) High $400s

ICI Homes Luxury and Estate sized homes in a gated section of one of the most sought after communities in the area featuring over 1,200 acres of natural areas, over 100 acres of ponds, golf course, 2 amenity centers with clubhouses and pools, playgrounds, and more.

Julington Lakes - Mid $300s

Toll Brothers Julington Lakes is a private, gated community showcasing award-winning home designs with lake or preserve views with most homesites. The residents enjoy private walkway to Veteran’s Park, resident’s clubhouse with pool and fitness area, and walking/biking trails inside the community, all with no CDD fees. This exceptional St. Johns community offers a variety of distinctive floor plans set on generous homesites.

Mill Creek Plantation - Mid $200s

D.S. Ware Homes, KB Home, Richmond American Homes, Rosewood Homes No CDD fees! Welcome home to Lakes at Mill Creek (Mill Creek Plantation), just minutes away from the St. Johns River with easy access to I-95, Jacksonville and area beaches. Residents also enjoy proximity to local golf clubs, schools, parks and more. Choose from a variety of ranch and two-story floor plans ranging from approx. 1,810 to 2,930 sq. ft. with up to 5 bedrooms. Personalize your favorite plan with exciting options like a gourmet kitchen, club room with wet bar, cheery sunroom or guest suite with private bath.

Nocatee - Mid $200s

David Weekley Homes, Del Webb, Dostie Homes, Dream Finders Homes, Glenn Layton Homes, ICI Homes, Lennar, Mattamy Homes, Pineapple Corporation, Providence Homes, Pulte Homes, Riverside Homes, Toll Brothers Nocatee is one of the best-selling master-planned communities in America, and the number one place to call home on the First Coast. Nocatee is a coastal community that offers exciting home plans in a variety of neighborhoods with schools, parks, recreation, offices, shopping, restaurants and so much more. Located in world renowned Ponte Vedra, Florida, Nocatee is just a few minutes away from pristine beaches, golf courses, business parks and major airports in downtown Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Nocatee is more than a community, it’s a lifestyle!

Oxford Estates - High $300s

David Weekley Homes Oxford Estates is a beautiful natural gas, gated community, close to schools, with walking trails, tot lot, and more amenities to come, all with no CDD fees. Beautiful estate sized homesites and luxurious home designs.

Preserve at St. Johns - Mid $300s

Dream Finders Homes This beautiful new community with large homesites is sur-

rounded by wooded preserve. Convenient yet private location tucked back just off of CR210. Many gorgeous home plans to choose from to build your dream home!

Riverside at RiverTown High $500s

Andy Reynolds Homes, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Tidewater Homes Nestled quietly on the banks of the St. Johns River, Riverside is an exclusive gated community in RiverTown that elegantly combines expansive custom homes with stunning river and preserve views. This private community features exquisite river front lots with dock permits and spacious preserve home sites that feature mature oak canopies, surrounding you with the natural beauty you’ve come to expect from St. Johns County. This gorgeous, private, gated neighborhood is located along the east bank of the stunning St. Johns River. Deep water-access docks and homesites now available in this natural gas community. No CDD fees!

RiverTown - Mid $200s

Mattamy Homes In this family-friendly community, experience world class amenities like our zero-entry recreational pool with corkscrew slide, a junior-sized Olympic lap pool, river-view terraces, tennis courts, fitness center, and much more. Residents in the area can also explore nearly a mile of scenic riverfront property, access to the St. Johns River via a kayak launch that is now open at RiverFront park and waterfront overlooks. The RiverClub which gives residents access to a clubhouse, pool, playground, an additional kayak launch and amphitheater on the St. John’s River is now open! The Lakes, The Landings, The Enclaves, The Groves, The Orchards, The Homestead and The Gardens are seven thriving neighborhoods in RiverTown. Every home is thoughtfully designed with distinct details. Choose from Single Family Homes ranging from 1,600 sq. ft. to 3,760 sq. ft., with open floor plans, spacious front porches and covered lanais.

Shearwater Mid $200s

D.S. Ware Homes, David Weekley Homes, Dream Finders Homes, Drees Homes, Lennar, MasterCraft Builder Group, Richmond American Homes At Shearwater, open spaces and intimate neighborhoods intermingle. Walking trails, neighborhood parks, and preserved natural habitat connect you to the land. And Trout Creek supplies scenic beauty, as well as kayak and canoe access. All of this, in addition to an amazing multifaceted community center with an active social calendar, provides a setting for gathering and recreation with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle for all ages. Shearwater features 600 acrers which contain preserved wetlands and open space. Residents enjoy pocket parks, dog parks, 15 miles of walking trails, kayak/canoe launch access and an amenity center featuring tennis courts, two pools, a lazy river and a 7,200+ sq. ft. fitness lodge.



Experienced | Compassionate | Knowledgeable

Christopher H. Henry DMD, MS Board Certified Orthodonist

• Dual Trained in Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics • 15+Years experience in facial growth and development

Call Today for a Complimentary Exam Welcoming Children & Adults


491 Prosperity Lake Dr. Ste 301, St. Augustine, FL 32092 |


We will get you started on an effective treatment plan that allows you to control your symptoms and live a better life.


Visit Our Bartram Park location 13241 Bartram Park Blvd Ste 2601, Jacksonville, FL 32258


Testing and Treatment for Allergy & Asthma • We focus on our patients’ needs first • Same day appointments • On-site Physician for personal attention • Dedicated shot clinic with nurse *open during lunch hours • Asthma Educators on staff

Accepting most major insurance plans Welcome back BCBS plans!!


Raquel Suzanne Watkins, MD & Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist

Sandy Creek - Low $300s

SEDA Homes Located in one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, Sandy Creek is ideally situated on CR-210 at Interstate 95, giving convenient access to Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach. This serene community is very private, with only one entrance and many cul-de-sac streets. Residents will enjoy the natural surroundings, with winding streets, stunning lakefront lots and pristine conservation lots. No CDD fees!

Stone Creek - Mid $300s

AV Homes Stone Creek is a gated community comprised of just 44 wooded estate sized homesites located in a private enclave featuring traditional new home designs spanning 2,400 to over 4,400 square feet with expansive front porches with one and two story plans. When planning each inspired setting, AV Homes thoughtfully considers the location, features, accessibility, amenities, activities, and ultimately your well-being in always providing an innovative, exceptional and enriched living experience.

The Reserve at Greenbriar High $200s

Mattamy Homes This community offers spacious homesites set in

a serene location surrounded by preserve. These thoughtfully architected, well-crafted homes include features such as large Lanais and 9’-12’ ceilings on the main floor. The Reserve At Greenbriar features an oversized amenity area with a community pool, cabana, open recreation space, and wetlands bordering the community, all with NO CDD fees!

Palencia - Mid $200s

Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Cornerstone Homes, Cottage Home Company, Dostie Homes, Dream Finders Homes, Emerald Homes, Lennar, Pulte Homes Florida is known for its resorts. At Palencia, you can live in one. Swim laps in our Olympic-sized swimming pool. Practice you tee shot at the 400-yard double-sided driving range, or go and play our Arthur Hills-designed 72-par, 18-hole course. You can get lost in 30 acres of nature preserve and eight miles of multi-use nature trails. As a Palencia homeowner, you’ll have full access to enough resort-style amenities to get you bouncing like a kid every morning.

Las Calinas - High $200s

Drees Homes, Pulte Homes Las Calinas a stunning new home community surrounded by a hardwood preserve, providing beautiful scenery and a natural setting. Residents enjoy excellent community amenities including a sparkling pool with cabana, basket-

ball court, tennis courts, children’s playground, volleyball court, fishing pier, and recreation area built with outdoor grilling. Las Calinas is only a short drive to downtown St. Augustine, area beaches, and premium local restaurants and entertainment. Parents with school age children will be happy to know that this community is located in St. Johns County providing excellent rated schools. Plus, no CDD fees!

New Home Community List brought to you by: Christy Redmer Broker Associate and Certified New Home Specialist We Give Realty, LLC www.WeGiveRealty.com Facebook.com/WeGiveRealty

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Sparkle in Style Makeover


by Dr. Laura Sullivan & Dr. Susie Perry St. Johns Kenneth Stevens Had a chance to visit the practice yesterday. What a nice group of professionals; friendly & amicable Pediatric Dentistry staff available & willing to help. Spacious waiting area as well as treatment cubicles. State of the art equipment. Great job, Blue Sky team!!!

Dentistry Upgraded

Extended Hours • Payment Plan Options • Same-Day Emergencies • InvisalignⓇ Provider • Implants • Cosmetics




For new patients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Call for details. Expires June 30, 2018

FREE Whitening


For new patients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Call for details. Expires June 30, 2018


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FOR DENTAL TREATMENT For new patients only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Call for details. Expires June 30, 2018

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904.515.5734 14866 Old St Augustine Rd, Suite 111, Jacksonville, FL 32258

BlueSkyDentalGroup.com 904.515.5734



Private parties, classes and tastings available.

RETAIL SHOP featuring over 250 imported and domestic wines. RELAXING PATIO BAR serving wines by-the-glass, craft beer, cider and sangria. WINE CLASSES for fun, interactive wine education


BRUSHES FOR LUSHES - Enjoy wine & create your own artwork.

5298 Sunbeam Road (and Phillips Highway) Jacksonville, FL 32257




$49.00 first month

*Mandarin location only. Does not include Reformer Pilates.

35 San Marco Ave | St. Augustine, FL 32084 904-217-4751 w w w. c a r r e r a w i n e c e l l a r . c o m

Experience physical and emotional health and wellness beyond your imagination....


♦ Nutritional Counseling ♦ Food & Chemical Nancy Cohen Sensitivity Testing Registered Dietitian ♦ FOCUS for add & adhd Nutritionist & Energy Worker with over 30 years experience ♦ Weight Loss 904-687-0720 ♦ Nutrition for Adults, Located in Northern St. Augustine Teens & Children Now Offering Healthy Cooking Classes for Small Groups


♦ Usui Reiki ♦ IET ♦ Universal Rays ♦ Intuitive Readings ♦ Pet healing ♦ Classes


GroutLine Solution Quality Service Since 2005!

& More

Carpet care Grout Cleaning & Sealing Powerwashing Caulking

Carpet Care steam cleaning

25¢ SQ. FT.

Grout Sealing

20% OFF


We Will Beat Any Competition’s Written Estimate! Offers Valid WITH THIS AD in St. Johns Magazine June 30, 2018



www.groutlinesolution.net www.stjohnsmag.com


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163-4 Hampton Point Drive St Augustine, FL 32092 (Located behind the Watson Realty Building on CR 210)

Same Day 904-230-2717 Appointments


w w w. 2 1 0 c h i ro . co m

Chiropractic Care For the Whole Family

Dr. Oliveira & his family.

Headaches • Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain • Arthritis Sciatica • Carpal Tunnel • Arm & Leg Pain Numbness • Auto Accident Injuries • Disc Problems Work & Sports Injuries • Stress Disorders


Consultation, Exam & Complimentary 1/2 hour Massage After Your Exam ($250 Value) Please call for details!

Celebrating 11 Years! serving our community!



At North beach/Vilano A1A Just 20 minutes south of CR210


A Great View from Every Inside Seat

* Serving Lunch & Dinner * FreSh FiSh, SeaFooD, SteakS & More

* happy hour, Live MuSic * Banquet FaciLitieS up to 90

LEGENDARY Sunday Brunch

www.thereefst augustine.com

Oceanside Patio Dining

for menus, hours, news & directions

The Ocean or The River....The Best of Both Views Come by Boat or by Car

Beautiful Views, Casual Atmosphere, & Fresh Local Seafood

612(2 blocks Euclid Ave - St. Augustine south of the castle off A1A in North Beach)

w w w. a u n t - k a t e s . c o m


Open 7 days a week - Lunch & Dinner www.stjohnsmag.com


A Message From The Vet Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Help! My Dog Had a Seizure! With Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital A seizure in a dog can be both frightening and disturbing, especially if it is unexpected. There is collapse, involuntary movement, and often loss of consciousness followed by a period of daze and disorientation. Most people have never witnessed a seizure and feel helpless when it first happens. What is a seizure and what does it look like? A seizure results from excessive electrical activity in the cerebral cortex of the brain. Classically, the patient loses consciousness, collapses, becomes stiff at first and then begins paddling, but seizures can take many forms. Types of Seizures Generalized (Grand Mal) Seizures This is the most common form of seizure in small animals. The entire body is involved in stiffness and possibly contraction cycles. The animal loses consciousness and may urinate or defecate. Focal Seizures Focal seizures involve involuntary activity in only one body part. Consciousness may or may not be impaired. Psychomotor Seizures Psychomotor seizures are focal seizures where the seizure is more like an episode of abnormal behavior than an actual convulsion. The pet's consciousness is disturbed by this type of seizure as the pet appears to be hallucinating or in an altered state. Fly-biting is an example of a psychomotor seizure. Seizures vs. Syncope Seizures (neurological events) are

often difficult to tell from syncope (cardiovascular events). Classically, true seizures are preceded by an aura or special feeling associated with an oncoming seizure. The seizure is also typically followed by a post-ictal period during which the animal appears disoriented. This period may last only a few minutes or may last several hours. Animals with syncope are usually up and normal within seconds of the episode once recovered. Causes of Seizures and Diagnostics There are many potential causes of seizures: toxins, tumors, epilepsy, infections, liver disease, kidney failure, hypoglycemia, electrolyte abnormalities or other. Animals Less than Age Six Months Most dogs at this age have seizures that are usually caused by hypoglycemia, liver shunts or infections of the brain. If labwork is normal, additional testing can be performed by a neurologist to determine what type of infection it is and how to treat it. Animals Between Ages 6 Months and 6 Years The most common reason for a dog, particularly a purebred dog, to begin having seizures in this age range is epilepsy. Epilepsy is diagnosed when no other cause of seizures can be found, there are no neurologic symptoms between seizure events, and the first seizure episodes begin in this age range. Usually basic blood work is done to rule out metabolic causes of seizures but more sophisticated and expensive

testing is forgone as the presentation is fairly classic. Schnauzers, Basset hounds, Collies, Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers and Cocker spaniels have two to three times as much epilepsy as other breeds. Animals More than 6 Years Old In this group, seizures are usually caused by a brain tumor. Most such tumors are operable if found early. Referral is usually necessary to definitively diagnose a brain tumor as it requires advanced imaging. If surgery is not performed, medication can be successful at helping with the seizures. When to Begin Treatment If the dog fits into any of these criteria, medication to suppress seizures should be initiated: • When cluster seizures are happening (3 seizures within a 24-hour period) • When seizures are once a month or more often. • When a seizure has lasted 5 minutes or more. • When seizures or their post-ictal disorientation periods are particularly severe. Treatment Choices: Medications There are currently four main medications that are used in suppressing seizures in dogs: phenobarbital, potassium bromide, levetiracetam, and zonisamide. If adequate control cannot be achieved with one medication, often two or even three are combined.

Treatment Choices: Diet (Purina Neurocare) There is a new veterinary therapeutic diet designed to supplement anti-seizure medications was released. The diet uses medium-chain fatty acids as a fat source and it turns out that MCTs have a direct anti-seizure effect. Dogs that were not able to achieve full seizure control with medication were able to improve control or achieve total control after a 3-month trial on this diet. It is not meant to replace medications. When are seizure considered an emergency? • Seizure activity non-stop for five minutes or more, or one seizure after another repeatedly • More than 3 seizures in a 24hour period • An isolated seizure at home probably does not require more than staying out of the way and keeping the pet from hurting himself but if either situation above occurs, then your pet should be taken to the nearest veterinary ER. If you have rectal diazepam available, this is the time to administer it before heading to the ER. If your pet is having seizures for the first time, you should set up an appointment with your veterinarian to determine what test should be done and if treatment is recommended to make you and your pet happy and healthy.

Dr. Erika McDivitt | Dr. Kalthleen Deckard, DVM (Owner)| | Dr. Scarlet Motycka

Your other family doctors!


3035 CR 210 West, St. Johns (next to Hurricane Wings)



Our Team! Hours of Operation Mon- Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm Saturday 8:00 - Noon; Early Drop Off at 7:30

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EVERY NEW MEMBER RECEIVES 2 free Personal Training Sessions AND 2 Free Small Group Training Sessions

• Les Mills & Zumba Group Fitness Classes • High Tempo Small Group Training

• Child Care Available • Work Out on your schedule with 24 Hour Member Access

• Certified Personal Trainers

904-287-2101 107 Nature Walk Parkway St. Augustine (on CR210)

Our Newest Location: 2245 CR 210 West Suite 116 St. Johns, FL 32259 904.342.8340

St. Augustine: 1030 N. Ponce de Leon Blvd. St. Augustine, FL 32084 904.824.9402

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Garage Storage & Floor Coatings •Monkey Bars Shelving (NE Florida’s Exclusive Dealer)

•Garage Cabinets •Durable Flooring •Overhead Racks •Workstations MORE SELECTION...BETTER PRICING... GUARANTEED

Set up YOUR garage around YOUR lifestyle

$500 OFF Garage Storage* *over $5,000

Exp. 7/31/18

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