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April 2018

The Pet Issue


April 2018

Pet's Really are Part of the Family for Dr. Kalthleen Deckard, DVM

Cover Photo by Nature’s Child Photography






The Pet Issue The Pet Issue PUBLISHER PUBLISHER Debbie DebbieGaylord Gaylord

Featured Business Featured Business Pets R Family Pets Family WhyRPets Really Are Part Why Pets Really of the Family! Are Part of the Family!

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Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Pet's R Family Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Pet's R Family

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Dear Reader

Dear Reader As I create the Pet Issue this month I am reminded how impor-

As I create the Pet Issue this month I am reminded how important pets tant pets are to our family's happiness. I have two kitties, Keiko Novak and are to our family's happiness. I have two kitties, Keiko Novak and Spell Baby who Spell Baby who were both rescue animals. I love how each one has his own were both rescue animals. I love how each one has his own personality. Keiko is personality. Keiko is the gentle soul, the old man. He is very clean and orthe gentle soul, the old man. He is very clean and orderly and doesn't like a lot derly and doesn't like a lot of noise. Spell is the cuddly social butterfly who of noise. Spell is the cuddly social butterfly who is curious about the world and is curious about the world and fearlessly follows the vacuum cleaner and fearlessly follows the vacuum cleaner and climbs ladders. They truly make our lives climbs ladders. They truly make our lives better. better. I am excited to share our Pet Issue with you! Our featured busiI am excited to share our Pet Issue with you! Our featured business is ness is Pet’s R Family, and Doctor Kathleen Deckard introduces us to her Pet’s R Famil Deckard introduces us to her entire family, Keiko Novakand Doctor Kathleen entire family, including her fur babies (even her daughter’s pet lion headed including her fur babies (even her daughter’s pet lion headed rabbit Nala) as well Baby Spellof the rabbit Nala) as well as her beautiful family, giving us some insight into why Pets Really are Part giving us some insight into why Pets Really are Part of the Family! Family! This month we also brought back our Pet Photo contest with the most This month we also brought back our Pet Photo contest with the most adorable local pets. I must admit my favorite part was learning their names (so telladorable local pets. I must admit my favorite part was learning their names ing!) Everyone’s photo is published along with the contest winner announcement (so telling!) Everyone’s photo is published along with the contest winner anon page 25 and on Facebook! nouncement on page 25 and on Facebook! We also give you the opportunity to learn a little more about some of We also give you the opportunity to learn a little more about some of our other local vets with mini-profiles. What a talented group of professionals in our other local vets with mini-profiles. What a talented group of professionals St. Johns! in St. Johns! Please enjoy this very special issue of St. Johns Magazine! Please enjoy this very special issue of St. Johns Magazine and let our Debbie Gaylord advertisers know you saw them in our pages. Keiko Novak Publisher Debbie Gaylord Baby Spell Publisher Johns Magazine made possible local business sponsorship. St.St. Johns Magazine is is made possible byby local business sponsorship. Please them know you saw them our pages & Thank you shopping local! Please letlet them know you saw them in in our pages & Thank you forfor shopping local!



Mark Kaprelian, GRI & “Kasia” Kozlowska-Eidle, GRI BROKER ASSOCIATES, REALTORS®

Mark 508-333-1342 | Kasia 617-365-2553 | “Team Kaprelian has gone the extra mile for us right from the start of our doing business. We were relocating from MA to FL and made several short trips to view property and each time they were prepared with a full day of viewings. They always took the time to “listen” which was very important to us.

“Honestly the Kaprelian team is more than just a team. They are like family when they represent you whether its buying or selling your property. They are considerate and passionate real estate professionals. Honest brokers who look out for the best deal to meet your needs and desires.

Once we found the property we liked they negotiated for us a very desirable deal, one which was above above our expectations. They have always been friendly, considerate and made us feel welcome and appreciated.

I unequivocally endorse them with the highest grade one could put forth in doing business with them. A true team without peers! No one can match their service.”

I highly recommend using this team and would use them again.”



Featured listings by Kasia and Mark, Team Kaprelian POOL

23 Bagpipe Ct, St Johns, FL 32259 (Aberdeen) MLS 923923 $359,900

95 Silver Creek Pl., St. Augustine, FL 32095 (Creekside at Twin Creeks) MLS918918 $298,970

517 Saddlestone Dr., St. Johns, FL 32259 (Durbin Crossing) MLS 915547 $432,500



67 Howell Ct., St Augustine, FL 32092 (Shearwater) MLS 918922 $299,916

18 Whistler Trace, Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 (Nocatee) MLS919366 $339,000

255 Vale Dr., St. Augustine, FL 3209 (Palencia) MLS 872958 $694,000


Pets Pets Really Really Are Are Family! Family!

Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM, the ownerDr. of Pets R Family offersDVM, somethe insight Kathleen Deckard, owninto how her pets are an integral part er of Pets R Family offers some insight ofinto happiness, how herhealing pets areand an life. integral part of happiness, healing and life.


How many pets do you have? Why did you choose that specific type of breed or type? We have a quarterhorse named Copper, a golden reHow many pets do you have? Why did you choose that spetriever named Sunny and 2 shih-tzus (Izzy & Fitzie), 3 cats (Pepcific type of breed or type? Dr. Deckard with husband Brad, per, Barnaby & Charlotte), a lion headed rabbit (Nala), and a hamWe have a quarterhorse named Copper, a golden reDr. Deckard with husband daughter Abigail & son GavinBrad, ster (Alvin). I have always loved golden retrievers because of triever named Sunny and 2 shih-tzus (Izzy & Fitzie), 3 cats (Pepdaughter Abigail & son Gavin with their furry family members their amazing dispositions and I wanted a dog that I could take per, Barnaby & Charlotte), a lion headed rabbit (Nala), and a hamwith their furry family members Sunny, Izzy, Fitzie & Nala to schools, serve as a mascot for our hospital and be involved Sunny, Izzy, Fitzie & Nala ster (Alvin). I have always loved golden retrievers because of with our Vets N Training program. We consider Sunny a “Theratheir amazing dispositions and I wanted a dog that I could take py” dog, as she offers smiles to people and pets here at PRF. Nature’s Child Photography to schools, serve as a mascot for our hospital and be involved Izzy is the youngest dog in the Photo familyby and she has a very miswith our Vets N Training program. We consider Sunny a “Therachievous and bubbly personality. She is always getting into trouble but Why are they part of the family? the with funniest familyshe petisstory from yourOne lifeof orher practice? py” dog, as she offers smiles to people and pets here at PRF. sheWhat gets is away it because so darn cute. favorite Our pets have always been an intricate part of our family as Izzy is the youngest dog in the family and she has very misthings to do is play chase outside. One day, while my son was awalking we share love and joy with them and because of them. And our firm bubbly personality. She ishands always getting intoatrouble Why are they part of the family? thechievous dogs, herand leash slipped out of Gavin's after she saw cat dartbut belief that God put animals on the earth for our use and in our care, awayShe with becauseinto shethe is so darn cute. woods, One of dragging her favorite Our pets have always been an intricate part of our family as intoshe thegets woods. ranit directly thick marshy gives us a heartfelt dedication to our fury friends. to do is play chase outside. was walking we share love and joy with them and because of them. And our firm herthings leash behind, all the while leapingOne overday, the while brushmy likeson a deer. Brad, the dogs, her leash slipped out of Gavin's hands after she saw a cat dart belief that God put animals on the earth for our use and in our care, who was dressed for work, proceeded to follow her through the woods. How does having pets make the family stronger, happier? into the she thickwould marshy woods, gives us a heartfelt dedication to our fury friends. Sheinto didthe notwoods. respondShe to ran her directly name although look back dragging at him Our firm belief that God our creator put animals on the earth her leash behind, the while over the brushto like a deer. Brad, intermittently with aall devilish look.leaping Eventually he came a neighbors for man to utilize and to care for, gives us a feeling of dedication and who was dressed for sight work,of proceeded tohe follow her through the woods. How does having pets make the family stronger, happier? back yard and had lost her. When got back to the house to responsibility to look after them. Our children learn a great deal from She did not respond to her name although she would look back at him Our firm belief that God our creator put animals on the earth regroup, he found her hanging out on the back porch with a big smile taking care of our pets, with a devilish look. for Eventually came to a neighbors for man to utilize and to care for, gives us a feeling of dedication and on intermittently her face safe and sound and ready another he game of chase! Izzy, Sunny & Fitzie and understanding the responsibility to look af- back yard and had lost sight of her. When he got back to the house to Izzy, Sunny & Fitzie root foundations of life ter them. Our children regroup, he found her hanging out on the back porch with a big smile and love from our dear learn a great deal from on her face safe and sound and ready for another game of chase! friends. taking care of our pets, and understanding the What does having a root foundations of life pet teach children? and love from our dear Having a pet teaches friends. Nala children responsibility Nala in their care, and how What does having a pet to offer unconditional teach children? love. Having a pet teaches children responsibility in What is the funniest their care, and how to offamily pet story from fer unconditional love. your life or practice? Photo byChild Nature’s Child Photography Photo by Nature’s Photography Photo by Nature’s Child Photography Photo by Nature’s Child Photography

AADay Dayat at Pets Pets R R Family! Family!

Docs Docs & & pets pets having having fun fun at at Pets Pets RR Family...! Family...!

"Our take "Oursurgical surgicalteam teamhard hardat atwork. work.We We here here at at Pets Pets R R Family Family take anesthesia cared anesthesiavery veryseriously. seriously.All Allpatients patients are are monitored monitored and and cared for by 2 surgical nurses at all times. Your pet is kept warm by for by 2 surgical nurses at all times. Your pet is kept warm by warm water heating pads underneath them and a hot air filled warm water heating pads underneath them and a hot air filled blanket blanketon ontop. top.Monitoring Monitoringincludes includes blood blood pressure, pressure, pulse pulse oximetry (oxygen measurement), CO2 monitor, temperature, oximetry (oxygen measurement), CO2 monitor, temperature, ECG, your ECG,&&respiratory respiratorymonitor. monitor.We Wedo do everything everything to to ensure ensure your pet petisiscomfortable comfortableand andsafe." safe."(below) (below)

"During hishis annual check-up, Dr.Dr. Deckard found "During annual check-up, Deckard foundthat thatour ourhouse housekitty, kitty, Barnaby, had an unhealthy tooth. It was decided thatthat he would Barnaby, had an unhealthy tooth. It was decided he need a dental and to have problem tooth extracted. would needcleaning a dental cleaning andthe to have the problem tooth First, two veterinary technicians an intravenous catheter in extracted. First, two veterinaryplaced technicians placed an intravenous catheterfront in Barnaby's leg. This makes administering Barnaby's leg. Thisfront makes administering medications medicaeasier tions easier and morefor comfortable him! for It also for him to and more comfortable him! It alsofor allows himallows to recieve recieve intravenous fluids dental procedure." intravenous fluids during hisduring dentalhis procedure." (above) (above)


Timoti’s Seafood Shak by Lori Allen


Location: Nocatee/Ponte Vedra 152 Capital Green #18 Ponte Vedra, FL 904.686.2431

So if you are anything like me after being out in the fresh beach air with all the sand and salt I am craving some seafood and looking for someplace casual. Well I found a place for you that is close to the beach, quick, casual and good! Timoti’s Seafood Shak has opened their 3rd location right down the street in Nocatee. The atmosphere is bright, clean and family friendly. With their community high top tables, a fenced in wooden playground so the kids can play, it’s a perfect spot to enjoy a nice cold beverage and fresh seafood. This is a counter service type of restaurant and serves most of its foods in baskets and throw away containers so it makes it nice and easy. I gave the New England Style clam chowder a try for a start which was I found to be nice and rich and creamy. I had to give the Lobster rolls a try being from New England after all. These were what us New Englanders refer to as finger rolls, soft buttered and grilled then filled with a rich lobster salad made with lobster, celery and just the right amount of mayo. The cool thing is that these come in twos so they are good for sharing unless of course you want to try one of their great sides and a make it a meal! For my main course I went for the traditional Fried Shrimp basket which had a good amount of plump flavorful shrimp along with crispy fries and really creamy coleslaw. I loved the coleslaw because it reminded me of home because it had some kind of seeds in there. Maybe celery, maybe poppy not sure but it tasted really fresh and good! My son decided to step out of the box (pun intended)

Lobster Roll and order one of their rice boxes. The one he chose had coconut rice, avocado, greens, Pico fresco (seasoned tomatoes, onions, etc.) black sesame seed and T’s Poke Sauce. He had a choice of shrimp, fish chicken or tofu, he went with the fish. All of the flavors combined in the box were light and fresh and the Pico and poke sauce (made up of soy sauce and other spices) added just the right amount of seasoning. So if you are looking for something a little lighter this is the way to go. The owners at Timoti’s believe that “Local food makes stronger communities” and that they strive to use local seafood whenever they can. And they say that wild-caught seafood is better for our oceans so that’s a good thing! They also like to play it a little risky when it comes to different flavor combinations so it makes the food interesting and something new to try. So when you are headed home from the beach or looking for a quick bite and are ready for some fresh local seafood give them a try!

60+ HOME DESIGNS DREAM IT. BUILD IT. LIVE IT. Besides the exceptional selection of home styles by seven award-winning builders, Shearwater offers resort-style amenities and activities to keep the residents in touch with nature, neighbors, and their inner selves. With so many choices, anyone can find the lifestyle that fits them best.

find yourself AT SHEARWATER

Homes from the mid $200s to $700s | | 100 Kayak Way, St. Augustine, FL 32092 Dav i d We e k l e y H o m e s • L e n n a r • R i c h m o n d A m e r i c a n H o m e s • M a st e r C r a f t B u i l d e r G r o u p D. S . Wa r e H o m e s • D r e e s H o m e s • D r e a m F i n d e r s H o m e s Materials are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. All rights in these materials are reserved. All products and company names marked as trademarked (™) or registered (®) are trademarks of their respective holders. Copying, reproduction and distribution of materials without prior written consent of Freehold Communities is strictly prohibited. All information, plans, and pricing are subject to change without notice. This information does not represent a specific offer of sale or solicitation to purchase property within Shearwater. Models do not reflect racial preference.


Meet the Vets at Switzerland Animal Hospital Switzerland Animal Hospital was established in 1985 to serve the clients and patients of Northwest St. John’s County. It is located at the lighted intersection of SR 13 and Roberts Road which was still a dirt road back then, and most of Julington Creek Plantation existed solely on paper. Dr. Bredehoeft (“Dr. B”) was working at a large veterinary hospital in Mandarin. He had a wonderful rapport with his patients and clients and when the opportunity presented itself in 1999, he purchased Switzerland Animal Hospital from the former owner. He added the adjacent lot the following year to provide his canine patients a secure walk on and off the leash, and plenty of privacy when the need arises. The mission of SAH is to practice exceptional veterinary medicine in a compassionate and professional environment. As a kid, Dr. Bredehoeft spent many summers at his aunt’s farm in northern Germany. Falling asleep next to a newly born calf bedded on fresh hay gave him a love for animals and he knew that he was going to become a veterinarian. Dr. B first came to the US as a 1 year exchange student in California and fell in love with the American way of life. After graduating from the Veterinary College of Hannover in Germany in 1985, he spent 4 years practicing large animal medicine before moving his family to Jacksonville and shifting his focus to small animal medicine, including pocket pets exclusively. He continued his training in veterinary dental medicine during a sabbatical year in the Baltimore area while working with Dr. Ira Luskin (past president of the American College of Veterinary Dentists). Dr. B spent an additional 5 years as chief of staff at a local emergency clinic. This background prepared Dr. B for any challenge that might arise in a hospital setting on any given day. He lives with his wife Barbara and 5 children, along with their re-careered black lab “Polly” and their adopted Norwegian Forest Cat “Ernie”. He loves jogging, biking and hiking. His favorite hobbies are mountain climbing and traveling. In 1997, Switzerland Animal Hospital was one of the first veterinary hospitals in NE Florida to incorporate a CO2 laser into its surgical protocol. It allows for extreme precision in surgery with less discomfort to the patient and faster recovery than with conventional scalpel surgery. Over the years, SAH has grown into a 3 doctor practice. Dr. Christine Cunningham joined SAH in 2014. She attended UF for her undergraduate degree and received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Purdue University in 2008. She practiced as a small animal veterinarian in North Carolina for 6 years be-


Dr. Christine Cunningham

Dr. Michael Bredehoeft fore moving back to Jacksonville to be closer to family. Dr. Cunningham has a special interest in internal medicine, endocrinology, chronic pain management and dermatology. When she is not working, she enjoys playing volleyball, running marathons and spending time with her husband Mark, their three children, their cat “Chester Copperpot” and her dog “Percy Harvin”. Dr. Carla Rodrigues joined Switzerland Animal Hospital in 2017. She graduated from Ross University in St. Kitts, West Indies in 2013. Dr. Rodgrigues received advanced training in canine rehabilitation and is currently completing her certification in acupuncture. With Portuguese being her first language, Dr. Rodrigues is bilingual and feels fortunate to have grown up immersed in the Portuguese culture. She loves traveling and spending time with her rescue dog “Stella”. We are excited to be working with an architect specializing in the design of veterinary hospitals for another addition and remodel as we have outgrown our current space. This will give us additional room for a designated dental suite, as well as a grooming parlor and separate feline and canine spaces. Our favorite thing to do in St. Johns is to jog the trails at Alpine Grove Park and visit our daughter and the grandkids in Julington Creek Plantation. We truly love our clients and patients, and couldn’t imagine practicing anywhere else.

Dr. Carla Rodrigues, CCRP

Tuna roll Salmon Roll delphia Roll ado Roll

Companion Animal & Laser Surgery Center


1430 State Road 13 N (at Robert’s Road)

Companion Animal & Laser Surgery Center Save on your Spring Supply of Heartworm, Flea & Tick preventative

Buy 6 Netgard -Get 1 Free Buy 6 Heartgard - Get 1 Free

Dr. Michael Bredehoeft

Dr. Christine Cunningham

Dr. Carla Rodrigues, CCRP

Our mission isto provide exceptional veterinary care in a compassionate and professional environment

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w w w . s w i t z e r l a n d a n i m a l h o s p i t a l . com

Balance Flexibility Core Strength Endurance Posture Safety

701 Market Street – STE 108 A Palencia Village Square


• • • •

Personalized Coaching Certified Instructors Private or Small Group Lessons State-of-the-art equipment!

Visit Us Online for Details

Krab Stick Roll Rock N Roll California Roll Cucumber Roll

Sumo SuSh & JapaneSe Steak houSe

Hibachi Grill & Sushi

Healthy Fresh LOCAL

A Dining Experience


107 Nature Walk Parkway, Suite 109, CR 210 West ~ St. Johns

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Nikki-Lyn Holm & Roseanne Hearn Your Premier Roundtable Agents

Their Clients Love Them!

MEET Dr. Esra, DVM/Owner NEASE ANIMAL HOSPITAL Dr. Esra graduated in 1997 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. In addition

Premier Service Always... from Your Premier Round Table Agents!

to being a licensed DVM, she is a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA), a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) and a Certified

134 Kiwi $465k Sold in under a month! Sold

Spinal Manual Therapist and has a special interest in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Dr. Esra practiced in Bel Air, Maryland for 18 years. There she owned her own small Animal Hospital for 14 years. During one of her recent

12 Magnolia Shoals

family vacations, her family fell in love with the

Sold in 12 hours!

Jacksonville area and decided to move to Florida. Dr. Esra’s family includes her husband Gene,


her son Zackary, five cats (Sniffles, Macintosh, Fearless, Raven, and Eagle), and her two dogs (Humphrey and Bogart). Her hobbies are dog 904.316.2576 9044.327.2797


w w w.yo u r p r e m i e r a g e n t s . c o m

agility, cooking and outdoor activities with her family. Learn more about Nease Animal Hospital at

Comprehensive Care with a Personal Touch! Dr. Esra, DVM/Owner An AAHA accredited veterinary hospital.

Cat Only Exam Room

Underwater Treadmill


Unique Care

• Preventative Medicine; vaccines, well care, • Dental Care (digital dental radiology included with all dental services) • Wellness Bloodwork • Sick Patient Care

• • • • •

Doggie Gym!

Canine rehabilitation, Underwater treadmill, Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Cold Therapy Laser and Spinal Manipulation to help our dogs and cats to keep our cats and dogs healthier and happier.


10440 US Highway 1 N, Suite #101 St. Augustine, FL 32095

• Drop off your dog and we work with your dog where he does exercises in the Rehabilitation area.

Ofer Expires April 30, 2018

Ofer Expires April 30, 2018

$25 off New Client Consult

Doggy Gym

$25 off Dental Cleaning new clients


St. Augustine’s Best Selection of Outdoor Furniture

Live Life Outdoors

On Sale Now!

Outdoor Wicker • Aluminum • Poly Furniture • Rattan • Firepits • Patio Furniture Repair

2630 US Hwy 1 South, St. Augustine (across from Family Kia)

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm Closed Sunday



Grow Up Sm il i


Laura Sullivan, DMD Susie Perry, DMD

Kind , gentle & compassionate staff Board Certified Pediatric Dentists Parents always welcome in the treatment room

1949 CR 210 St. Johns FL 32259 904.808.4700


Hyperthyroidism in Cats by Dr. Krysta Deitz. DVM SEVO Med

This disease is caused by an overactive thyroid gland and causes an increased metabolism. Hyperthyroidism is one of the most common endocrine diseases in cats. It typically affects older cats (greater than 8 years old). Hyperthyroidism can be treated with lifelong medication. There is also a treatment called I-131, which is considered a cure in the majority of cases. Does your cat show symptoms of hyperthyroidism? DD Weight loss with a normal or increased appetite DD Vomiting DD Diarrhea DD Hyperactivity or other ab-

normal behavior DD Poor haircoat In advanced cases, weight loss can be significant. Negative effects on the heart can occur (arrhythmias, heart enlargement). Hypertension is also a potential complication of untreated hyperthyroidism. Treatment with I-131 can be curative and eliminates the need for daily or twice daily medication. Ask your veterinarian about a referral to Southeast Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine to discuss if I-131 therapy is an option for your cat.

Dr. Deitz was born and raised in Wyoming, surrounded by many different kinds of pets, including geese, pigeons, rabbits, cats, and dogs. She has been bringing home stray animals since she could walk. When she was 8 years old, her family moved in with her grandparents in Philadelphia. Her grandfather was a human cardiologist and he inspired in her a love of science and medicine. Dr. Deitz attended the University of Florida (Go Gators!) for eight years, obtaining a BS in Microbiology and Cell Science and her DVM degree there. During her fourth year rotations, she developed a love of internal medicine and the puzzles it presents. Dr. Deitz moved to Iowa for her medicine residency, and ended up calling the Midwest home for an additional eight years as a faculty member at Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Deciding she wanted to pursue a private practice position and explore more of the country, she moved to Seattle, where she was an internist at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle. Ultimately, wanting to be near her family again, she moved back to Florida in December, 2016 to take a position with SEVO-Med as the internist at the Beach Blvd. location. Dr. Deitz shares her home with her husband , 3 cats (Triscuit, her favorite senior cat who is 18 years old, TidBit, and Atticus Finch) and two terriers (Mortimer and Maxx). She likes to travel, spend time with her family, and garden.

They bring so much happiness to our lives We’ll do whatever it takes to fight for theirs At Southeast Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine, compassion meets innovation. We offer the following services, including stereotactic radiation (SRS/SRT) in partnership with PetCure Oncology. –Medical Oncology –Internal Medicine

–Radiation Oncology –Radioactive Iodine

Ask your veterinarian for a referral today! SEVOMED.COM 304 Corporate Way | Orange Park, FL | 904-278-3870 14333-42 Beach Blvd | Jacksonville, FL | 904-567-7519


Meet the Vets at Animal Medical Clinic At St. Johns 2245 CR 210 #102 St. Johns 32259

Dr. Lisa Hill

is a graduate of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. She has over 13 years’ experience in small animal practice. She is pet parent to a Labrador retriever, two Cornish Rex cats, and one hairless Sphynx who keep her very busy! She is happily married, with two children. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time in nature. She feels that communication is very important in caring for her patients and strives to practice the highest, most compassionate veterinary medicine.

Dr. Dawn Stewart

is a graduate of The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. She opened Animal Medial Clinic at St. Johns in 2002, and has been practicing veterinary medicine in the St. Johns County area for 16 years. Dr. Stewart is passionate about treating her patients as if they are her own pets, with the most advanced and compassionate medical care. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and house full of eight dogs and one very patient cat.




Diana Baker Brummer, CSW-RI

20+ Years Experience in Mental & Behavioral Health for Children, Teens, Adults & Families

115 Bartram Oaks Walk, Suite 104, St Johns, FL 32259

904.419.7435 | 16

April is Parasite Prevention Month! by Animal Medical Clinic CR 210 West

Your pet’s world can be a jungle! Whether your pet is the rugged outdoorsy type, a chic urban explorer, or a happy homebody, pesky parasites are just waiting to sneak onto their safari for their favorite feast – PETS! For us humans, it’s hard to imagine a better friend than our fur babies. We count on them for friendship and unconditional love, while they count on us for protection from these dangerous parasites and the diseases they carry.

Mosquitoes can infect your pet with heartworms in one bite. When heartworm larvae become ma-

ture, they can cause fatal illness. Heartworm preventives protect your pet from deadly heartworm disease and most products also fight against intestinal parasites that can harm your pet and your family.

Fleas may only live a few short months, but in that time a female flea can lay thousands of eggs on your pet and in your home. Fleas can cause serious health issues for your pet and discomfort for every member of the family.

Ticks aren’t just freeloading hitchhikers! They carry parasitic stowaways of their own which can cause Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, and a host of other diseases dangerous to pets and humans.

Intestinal Parasites present serious health hazards for pets and people, particularly chil-

dren! Some intestinal worms can produce more than 100,000 eggs per day, which are then passed in the pet’s feces and spread wherever the pet roams. Some of these eggs can remain infective in the environment for years! It is important to remember that parasite attacks risk your pet’s health and cost more to treat than to prevent…. Good news! Preventing parasites is easier and safer than ever. We have everything you need to keep your pet’s jungle safe and ready for exploring! From parasite testing to providing the best parasite prevention plan for your pet’s needs, we’ve got you covered.

2245 County Rd 210 #102, Saint Johns, FL 32259

(904) 201-1437

Dr. Lisa Hill & Dr. Dawn Stewart

Over 30 years of experience!

• Wellness Care • Non-Invasive Pain Management • Surgery • Boarding • Grooming • Dentistry • Radiology • End of Life Care


for New Clients.

Come meet Drs. Stewart & Hill and discover why we are one of St. Johns’ leading pet healthcare providers!


April Calendar April 1st 50th Anniversary Mandarin Art Festival 12447 Mandarin Rd, Jacksonville, Florida 32223 April 7th Strawberry Festival 10am -5pm at Volusia County Fairgrounds 3150 E. New York Ave, Deland, FL 32724 Family Fun & Festivities, Delicious Food, Plant City Strawberries, Crafts/Vendors, Free Bounce Houses, Strawberry Shortcake, Live Entertainment, Strawberry Fudge, Pony Rides, Classic Cars, Strawberry Wine Slush Mixes, Face Painting, Free Hula Hoop Contest, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Free Rock Painting, Strawberry Ice Cream, Free Petting Farm, Berry Cute Baby Contest, Free Sack Races, Train Rides, Free Bean Bag Toss, Free Inside Toddler Play Area, Yummy Treats & Much More! Adults $7, Kids 3-12 $6, Kids 2 & Under Free. April 7th Blooms, Vendors & More Plant Sale & Festival 9am to 3pm: Guests will have the opportunity to purchase plants grown by the Garden Club members at exceptional prices. A benefit to these plants is that they are already acclimated to our local climate. Also, at the festival will be professional plant nurseries, vendors with an array of unique hand-crafted items. Volusia County Fairgrounds 3150 E. New York Ave, Deland, FL 32724 April 18th - 22nd Florida's Birding & Photo Fest 8:30am to 5pm: The 2018 Birding & Photo Fest will feature the return of festival favorites, world-class photographers along with new professionals and in-


structors who will offer technical training opportunities and birding in-field programs. April 21st Modest Mouse St. Augustine Amphitheatre. 1340 A1A South, Saint Augustine, Florida 32080 April 21st St. John’s Golf & Country Club Spring Vendor Event. 205 Saint Johns Golf Dr, Saint Augustine, Florida 32092. social@stjohnsgolf. com. (904) 940-3215 April 21st & 22nd Flower & Garden Expo! 9am to 5pm:The Flower and Garden Expo will delight gardeners of all ages with growers, nurseries and artisans from around the state offering shoppers every item to make your garden all it can be! Every year, this show features a variety of vendors bringing a wide array of horticulture including olive trees, aquatic plants, herbs, ferns, succulents, citrus, anthuriums (the ‘love flower’), bamboo, colorful flowering plants, butterfly plants, native plants and more plus gardening accessories and art. $5 Admission UF IFAS Extension St. Johns County Agriculture 3125 Agricultural Center Dr, Saint Augustine, Florida 32092 April 21st Nocatee Farmers Market 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.enjoy our traditional market, along with a new and unique theme. Our market is full of activities, shows and demonstrations for the entire family. With so much to do, everyone is sure to have a great time. This market offers a wide variety of selections in-

cluding the freshest locally grown produce and herbs as well as homemade jams, jellies, home baked goods, hand stitched quilts, plants, art and pottery items. (more than 80 vendors) April 19th - 21st Legally Blonde, The Musical Presented by Bartram Trail High School Drama Club; BTHS High School, 7399 Longleaf Pine Pkwy, St. Johns, FL 32259 Showtimes:7pm (Sat 2pm & 7pm). April 22nd Old 97's with guest Jaime Wyatt. Ponte Vedra Concert Hall s 1050 A1A N, Ponte Vedra, Florida 32082. 904) 209-0367 April 22nd Huey Lewis & the News 7pm: St. Augustine Amphitheatre, 1340 A1A South, Saint Augustine, Florida 32080 April 25th 10,000 Maniacs Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, 1050 A1A N, Ponte Vedra, Florida 32082 April 28th Health & Wellness Expo Presented by Jax Business Connections 10 am to 4pm: Free Event. Featuring over 70 Vendors, First 50 guests receive free discount/sample bags! Event speakers & workshops - 12 thirty minute sessions; Kid friendly event ; Try products & services on-site; 50+ Charity raffle, $1 tickets, Benefits Project Balance: Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village, 500 S Legacy Trl, Saint Augustine, Florida 32092



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FOR CLOSE TO 6 YEARS, St. Johns Magazine has connected the growing communities of northern St. Johns with a hyperlocal resource guide focusing on the people, places & events that make our community awesome! Our readers are educated and involved in the livelihood and well-being of their community. We value the opportunity to entertain and inspire them each month with content written by and about locals.

May is for Moms St. Johns

Next month join us in celebrating those unsung heroes of everyday life! Moms...

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Creekside Highschool PTSO’s

Be the Best You Event

presented at Creekside’s annual KNIGHT OF STARS by Jason Kerr

Photo by Claire Bryce Photography The twenty first century is currently passing by with quite a few societal issues, many of which are born from misinformation and an overall lack of concern-related education. Such flaws are allowed to exist because of a tragic widespread lack of awareness, spiraling out of control over time and into a positive feedback loop involving a cultural ignorance of risk and the overall neglect of possible day-to-day threats. Serving as an essential bridge to this gap risk awareness, Creekside Highschool PTSO’s “Be the best you” event presented at Creekside’s annual “Knight of stars” offered a unique opportunity for Creekside Parents, faculty and students to participate in an educational videography competition with an honorable goal of communicating between adult and student. “Be the best you” allowed contestants to present videos relating to six given subjects that commonly harm a younger demographic, namely those relating to drug and alcohol abuse, poor body image, conflict resolution, mental health, driving distractions, and dating relationships. Seven student-filmed videography projects were presented at the “Knight of stars”, each dealing with a heavy issue and offering resolutions and insight for their chosen risk and explaining the need for awareness surrounding the given societal flaw while at the same time granting representation to the voices of Creekside students. These exemplary projects brought forth an emotionally charged evening at the “Knight of stars”, tackling concepts that bear great weight with the students and faculty at Creekside in the light of prior and ongoing tragedies. Creekside’s “be the best you” served as an extremely useful platform of communication between peers and parentage alike, creating a truly progressive and inspiring method of spreading risk awareness.

Todd Roy Q: What exactly was the inspiration for your project? A: Recently, on September fourth, one of my best friends Connor Dzion unfortunately passed away in a car crash that was unfortunately caused by a distracted driver on the road behind him. He stopped for an accident in from of him, and the driver behind him failed to stop, as he was distracted. You know, you see it all the time, everywhere you go, everyone’s experienced or even seen a distracted driver. You don’t really think about it much, you think you’re just sending a quick text, but it really does have a large impact on you and your life as well as everyone around you. You don’t really think about it much until it personally effects you. Q: I really appreciated the points you raised on your pre-

sentation. I particularly liked the fact that you conveyed the message that when you look at the papers, all you really see is a number and you don’t really see those numbers as people until a tragedy strikes someone close to you. A: You know, you really only look at it as a statistic. I actually left out quite a bit of statistics in my video to inspire people to view Connor as a person. About 9 people die per day in a car accident. I kind of wanted to leave that out, not that that statistic is unimportant, but in order to humanize the victims and that as humans, we are not just statistics. You might look at those and think “Oh, those are high numbers”, but when they’ve impacted you personally, like in my case with my best friend Connor, or with a son, or a boyfriend, you don’t want them to be regarded as just a statistic. You know who they are, and you know how important they are to you, and you don’t want them to just be remembered as numbers.


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By now I think you realize that I am a huge proponent for Pilates helping with so many ailments. As a physical therapist first, I quickly realized benefits of Pilates for my patients. So, that’s why I am in the biz! So, you may have heard that Pilates is good for tennis players. You may ask why? Well, tennis requires powerful bursts of movement through sometimes extremes ranges of movement such as when serving, hitting backhand, and lengthening out for the forehand. And, I’m not just talking about the shoulder joint, I am also referring to the trunk which moves through intense twisting, side-bending, and various torqued positions. The agility required for tennis is also demanding, requiring the body to rapidly move side to side, forward and back and this can compromise the knees and hips. Moving lightly on the legs prevents twisting knee and hip injuries. If you are a tennis play or know a tennis player you are well aware of the injuries of the arm such as repetitive stress of the elbow called tennis elbow. If they coined a medical condition on a sport, then you know it must be a common malady suffered by tennis players. Lastly, but certainly not exhaustively, tennis is a one arm sport. Which places the body at an asymmetrical disadvantage for normal daily activities. Now, how does Pilates help? Well, the basis of Pilates is focused movement on a centered and balanced spine (i.e. posture). So, firstly, it does work out the asymmetries and works on muscle and joint balance. And, ultimately, mechanical engineers whether working with rebar and wood or muscles and joints agree a strong, stable center r is a strong stable structure. As a body “mechanic” that refers to the muscular girdle called the core. Movement flows better from a strong core and helps prevent overuse injuries and improves your game.

Roger Federer has been seen at the court doing Pilates to warm up. Star Andy Murray has also purported Pilates as helping his game. Elena Baltacha, a British tennis player who practices Pilates has said that Pilates helps with a lot of injury prevention and she would recommend it to anyone. Other tennis player who train with Pilates exercises include Venus Williams, Lindsay Davenport and Martina Navratilova. Give it a try. There are many ways to do Pilates: mat, reformer, Barre, physioball, and various apparatus. Start with a YouTube video for mat Pilates, 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes and see how just stretched and strong your body will feel!

Bird Food • Feeders •Garden Accents • Unique Gifts Enjoy Song and Beauty in Your Own Backyard. As your local experts in backyard bird feeding and bird watching, we can help you create a wonderful bird habitat in your yard. Bring in a copy of this ad to save $5 Off a $30 or more purchase. Some exclusions apply. 450 State Road 13 at Racetrack Rd (next to Publix) Suite 108 904-230-3242 • www

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HERE ARE SOME BENEFITS OF PILATES FOR TENNIS: •• Improve Lower Extremity Agility •• Improve LE and UE power •• Improve Stamina •• Improve Concentration and Mental Focus •• Improve your stroke •• Prevent Repetitive stress by muscle control •• Improve muscle imbalances •• Improve LE flexibility •• Improve shoulder ROM •• Improve core strength to prevent back injuries •• Improves body awareness

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by Dr. Laura Sullivan & Dr. Susie Perry St. Johns Kenneth Stevens Had a chance to visit the practice yesterday. What a nice group of professionals; friendly & amicable Pediatric Dentistry staff available & willing to help. Spacious waiting area as well as treatment cubicles. State of the art equipment. Great job, Blue Sky team!!!

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Horse Sense & Sensibility by Katie Parker

Towering oak trees cast shade on a sandy arena where two young boys, each in the saddle of a horse, throw a bright ball between themselves and volunteers. Their laughter floats in the trees. Horse Sense & Sensitivity (HSS), a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 2003 by Dr. Elizabeth Winstead, a former Sociology professor at Jacksonville University. HSS provides therapeutic riding services to youth and adults with an array of physical, mental and emotional challenges. There are no set requirements for participation in the program. Horsemanship benefits include strengthened muscles, improved balance, and increased confidence, focus and communication skills. Horseback riding can offer “a relaxing time for participants to decompress and have fun outside after a long week at school and doing other therapies”, says Jennifer Yudow, Program Administrator and Head Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor. Mrs. Yudow is proud to have served over 100 clients at HSS. Client sessions include one instructor and two volunteers- a “horse handler” and a “sidewalker”. The former leads the horse and the latter walks alongside, to provide physical stability to the rider. The instructor interacts with the client and leads educational games that involve counting, naming colors, and exercising motor skills. During sessions, the rider is prompted to reach forward and pet the soft hair of the horse’s mane, allowing them to lengthen their muscles while connecting with the experience of riding a horse. Horses used for lessons are typically in their late teens to early thirties. They are evaluated several times to make sure


they can remain calm during situations that occur during client sessions (like riders moving abruptly in the saddle). HSS has grown rapidly in the past several years, from three students to over forty since 2011. The organization hopes to expand at a comfortable pace to “[grow] effectively and maintain a high level of service” and integrity. Equine therapy services are valuable in St. Johns because they are an option to complement the special needs programs at our schools. Horse Sense & Sensitivity’s Annual Roundup Fundraiser is being planned for November. Those interested in learning more about HSS, volunteer opportunities, and events can visit horsesensejax. org. Donations to HSS can be made on the website and will fund operating expenses and scholarships. “I hope that we are able to add more instructors and additional locations so that we can serve more people and more areas of Jacksonville,” says Mrs. Yudow.

At North beach/Vilano A1A Just 20 minutes south of CR210


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Loosing Your Best Pet Friend The bond that we form with our pets is very deep and fulfilling, as our pets provide such unconditional love for our families. Having to lose our beloved pet can have a major impact, one that can be equal to or even greater than the loss of a person. People go through the same stages of grief over the loss of a pet that they do for their animal. The following are some tips that may help you during your time of need. 1. AM I CRAZY TO BE HURTING THIS MUCH? Intense grief over the loss of your pet is normal and natural. You should not feel silly, crazy or overly sensitive to grieve. Your pet was an important part of your life and the bond that you shared is an important one. You should seek comfort from your family and other pet owners who will understand your situation and can offer the support that you need. 2. WHAT ARE THE STAGES OF GRIEF? All people are different in how they experience grief, however, most touch on the following stages: ••Guilt – This may occur if you feel responsible for your pet’s death in any way. Most of the feelings related to this are unfounded or circumstances beyond your control, so you must come to an understanding that these feelings are blocking your ability to conquer your grief. ••Denial – This makes it difficult to accept that your pet is really gone. Some pet owners take this to the extreme and start questioning if their pet really gone. It’s hard to imagine life without your pet so it’s a natural feeling. ••Anger – This may be directed at either the illness that killed your pet, the driver of the speeding car or even anger to yourself such as feeling like you should have brought your pet to the vet sooner. ••Depression – Sadness is the most common stage and if taken to the extreme, it can rob you of motivation and energy which leaves you powerless to cope with your feelings. ••Resolution – This is the final and most important stage. At this point, we are able to accept that our wonderful friend has died and we can focus on the great memories we have and the times shared together. There still may be periods of sadness

With Dr. Kathleen Deckard, DVM Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital

and anger, but they are less intense and shorter in duration. 3.HOW DO I GET THE HELP THAT I NEED? Express your feelings of grief by sharing your story with others and doing something positive to celebrate the life of your pet. Activities could include planting a tree, making a charitable donation, holding a memorial service, making a photo album or writing a story, poem or song about your pet. The most important thing is to do something to focus your time and attention in a positive way. 4.SHOULD I GET ANOTHER PET RIGHT AWAY? Everyone is different when it comes to the best time to get another pet. In general, it is better to consider doing that only when we have completed the final stage of grief. It is a nice distraction, but it doesn’t allow ourselves to cope with our feelings until we have properly gone through the stages necessary to have closure. Some may find that they can’t bear to think about getting another pet because they don’t want to consider going through this tremendous loss again. You will know when the time is right and just remember that your pet can never truly be replaced. 5.DO ANIMALS GRIEVE? I believe that many animals will grieve the loss of their housemate. This can be observed in varying extremes but may include anorexia, depression or decreased interaction with others. It is important to recognize this and keep your pet as close to the same schedule as previous. Increasing their activity through extra walks or playing with toys may be helpful, but try to avoid rewarding with extra treats. Everyone is different with how they respond to their pet’s death as it is a very personal process. If you understand the stages of grief, it may help validate why you are feeling the way you are and help you through the process. There are many outside resources for dealing with your pet’s passing that can be very helpful including many books, grief counseling both by phone and in person, and support groups that meet on a regular basis. Your veterinarian can be a great resource as well! Resources: Pet Loss Support UF – 352-294-4430, Cornell – 607-253-3932, Tufts – 508-839-7966.

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