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About DB3

Founded in 1883, DB3 Group is an award-winning, dynamic practice consisting of DB3 Architecture & Design, DB3 Building Services Engineering, DB3 Net Zero, DB3 Professional Services, Formation 3D and Home & Maker.

DB3 Group has seven studios across the UK including in Leeds, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Aberystwyth, so we are never too far away from your project. Renowned for our quality design and technical delivery, we have long standing relationships with some of the biggest global brands across private and public market sectors.

From architectural vision to the completed build, we provide multi-disciplinary expertise aimed at meeting the diverse needs of our client base. We embrace the latest technology, including Building Information Modelling (BIM), to assist in our

process and operations for design, visualisation, design team co-ordination and more.

We maintain a focus on not only delivering the project on time, with exceptional quality and within cost, but also in ensuring long term value is designed into facilities to ensure that they are easy and safe to operate, sustainable, minimise energy use and are cost effective to maintain.

Our dedicated team of experienced Architects, Project Managers, Building Services Engineers, Interior Designers and Surveyors provide a quality service regardless of project value, size or complexity, to deliver the best for our clients. Working collaboratively, we aspire to make this an enjoyable process and build relationships which result in us returning to work for the same clients on future projects.


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About DB3

Prioritising People

At the core of our work, we are dedicated to people-centred design. By collaborating with clients and developers, we ensure that our projects prioritise optimal patient service provision, value and affordability.

Throughout our successful collaborations with clients, including general practitioners, charitable organisations, and healthcare Trusts, we have ensured the implementation of schemes that cater to their specific needs.

Our approach revolves around the wellbeing and healing of patients above everything else. Thoughtfully designed spaces not only enhance the healing process but also have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the users. With an unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact and maintaining high quality, we create healthcare environments that prioritise the needs and experiences of everyone involved, delivering realistic and compassionate solutions.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise

Our Healthcare Team

The DB3 team have worked on healthcare projects for over 20 years. Working with Trusts across the UK, our team can support projects through all RIBA Stages, from primary through to quaternary care. Our team of architects and building services engineers provide clients with a specialist multidisciplinary service.


Julius serves as the Managing Director for the Southern division at DB3. He is an architect and provides leadership for both the London and Birmingham studios. His expertise lies in the realm of designing and executing healthcare projects, contributing to his extensive career experience. Julius also demonstrates adeptness in guiding design teams, managing contracts, and fulfilling the role of Principal Designer.

DIRECTOR - WALES Matthew Savory

Matthew is a Director and Head of DB3’s Welsh studios. As an architect, he has particular responsibility for leading teams working on frameworks and key projects as well as developing DB3’s expertise in construction partnering. Matthew has 30 years’ post-qualification experience in both new-build and refurbishment projects in the healtcare, educational, residential, commercial, leisure and industrial sectors.


Jamie is an architect and leads DB3’s Healthcare team, with extensive experience in the design and delivery of healthcare facilities. His design leadership and review skills have been recognised as a co-chair and panel member of the Design Commission for Wales. In addition to his extensive healthcare sector experience, Jamie also is skilled in the conservation and regeneration of historic and listed buildings.


An experienced architect, in addition to project running, Bruce leads the DB3 Technology Group and assists with the running of the Cardiff studio. Bruce’s wide range of skills gives him an ability to lead technical teams delivering our projects from concept to completion - ensuring design quality is maintained throughout the process.


With two decades of international design expertise spanning healthcare, hospitality, defense, infrastructure, transportation, residential, culture, and education, Sarani brings a wealth of experience. Sarani has taken the recent role of guiding the Newham Hospital fire compartmentation endeavour through RIBA Stages 3 to 7.


Ben is a Senior Mechanical Engineer, with over 20 years’ experience in engineering and construction project design and management in a multidisciplinary environment. His extensive background spans various sectors, encompassing Mechanical Design and Energy Consultancy, including healthcare and notably excelling in the design and implementation of sustainable technologies.


Antonis is an Electrical Engineer, who contributes more than a decade of expertise to the realm of system design and development. His proficiency extends seamlessly from the formulation of a client’s brief and commentary through to completion. He brings extensive experience of services design and the preparation of full electrical tender packages.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


North West London Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Location: North West London, England

Expertise Areas: Estate Strategy

DB3 has been engaged by the NHS North West London Integrated Care Board (ICB) to develop their comprehensive Estate Strategy for the upcoming five years. This strategy outlines a recommended set of interventions and presents a summary of the prioritisation plan across eight boroughs.

In addition to the eight boroughs, the North West London ICB encompasses nine Trusts, including community, mental health, acute, and ambulance trusts. The overarching Estate Strategy takes into account the individual strategies of these NHS Trusts to ensure alignment and coherence.

Our primary focus was to identify sites for development, which may involve closure or relocation to alternative locations. Working collaboratively with the North West London ICB, we devised a prioritisation methodology that informs the overall programme architecture for the region. A key requirement was optimising the efficient and effective use of existing space within the NHS estate before considering investments in additional facilities. In this endeavour, we sought to leverage partner estates in accordance with the government’s One Public Estate Strategy.

Throughout the process, we adhered to the principles of value for money when making proposals. These principles encompassed creating

additional service capacity within existing practice footprints, minimising void space, maximising the utilisation of consulting rooms, implementing digitisation of records to enhance capacity, ensuring effective use of capital funds, and identifying opportunities for revenue savings.

The Estate Strategy takes into account GLA growth projections, identifying key areas where service demands will increase, and subsequently, where interventions and investment will be required. Moreover, health inequality data was incorporated into the strategy to identify communities and neighbourhoods with specific needs, particularly those experiencing deprivation.

The North West London ICB has ongoing programmes that support the estate strategy. As part of our commission, DB3 worked to enhance these programmes by identifying sites for colocation, disposal, extension and void reduction.

Collaborating with Pick Everard, we devised a specific pipeline of interventions, projects, and programmes, providing timelines and indicative budget costs to aid in the successful implementation of the Estate Strategy. This comprehensive approach aims to create a sustainable and responsive healthcare infrastructure that addresses the diverse needs of North West London communities.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


Newham University Hospital Fire Upgrade Work

Location: London, England

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 was selected as the Architect to lead the redevelopment project at Newham University Hospital situated on Glen Road, Plaistow, London. The hospital, constructed in the distinctive ‘nucleus’ style, commenced its operations in 1983, and now caters to the healthcare needs of over 2.8 million residents in East London. Boasting a comprehensive range of services, the hospital has established itself as a crucial medical facility with offerings such as a 24-hour Emergency Department, Urgent Care Centre, outpatient facilities, elderly care, stroke care, Transient Ischaemic Attack Centre, and maternity services.

In 2020, the hospital faced a significant challenge when it received an enforcement notice from the London Fire Brigade, mandating an urgent upgrade to its fire safety measures. Compliance with Fire Regulations was deemed essential for the continued safe occupation of the hospital. Responding promptly to this imperative need for improvements, Barts Health NHS Trust commissioned Wates, followed by DB3, to undertake the task of rectifying the situation. The focus of the current assignment is on Phases 4, 5 and 6, which encompass essential areas like Pharmacy, Estates/Facility Management, Maternity, and Radiology, with the possibility of additional phases in the future.

Given the sensitive nature of the hospital environment and the necessity to ensure uninterrupted patient care during the construction process, the project has been thoughtfully divided into multiple phases. A meticulous approach has been adopted, with a particular emphasis on maintaining sufficient bed capacity, especially during the demanding winter months. The overarching goal is to minimise disruption to ongoing hospital services while simultaneously

implementing critical clinical upgrades and addressing overdue maintenance tasks, adhering to the latest Health Technical Memoranda and Health Building Notes.

The project is to adhere to the agreed-upon bed modelling profile, ensuring that patient care remains unhampered and undisturbed. Equally crucial is maintaining a consistently clean and safe environment for everyone involved, be it hospital staff, patients, or construction workers. To address any potential challenges and ensure a harmonious collaboration between the construction team and the hospital’s clinical staff, regular site management meetings have been scheduled. These meetings serve as a platform for sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and developing a comprehensive understanding of the hospital’s present condition.

The Newham University Hospital redevelopment project is a testament to the commitment of DB3, Wates, and Barts Health NHS Trust towards delivering a safe and modernised healthcare facility that meets the needs of its diverse and extensive community. By adhering to rigorous safety protocols and engaging in effective communication with all stakeholders, the project aims to set new standards in healthcare construction and ultimately serve as a beacon of improved healthcare services in East London.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


Beacon Centre for Health

Location: Swansea, Wales

Expertise Area: Architecture

The Beacon Centre was completed under the JCT design and build contract of £5.2m and was on site for 16 months. DB3 won the scheme in an open competition in conjunction with Apollo Capital Projects who were the third party developer for the development. Over a span of five years, working closely with Apollo, the LHB, and other stakeholders, including Swansea University, DB3 diligently designed the scheme to meet the requirements of multiple stakeholders while adhering to the masterplan guidance of the SA1 development.

The scheme comprised approximately 3,150m2 of accommodation over five floors, including:

ƒ A basement car park

ƒ 2 GP surgeries

ƒ A retail pharmacy shell

ƒ A dental surgery

ƒ Outpatient clinic space for Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board

ƒ Medical training space for the university. As part of the schedule of accommodation to support the uses, the scheme included the following type of spaces, each with its own differing requirements for privacy, acoustic performance, servicing and infection control:

ƒ Office, library and archive spaces

ƒ Staff support including changing, sanitary, common room

ƒ Consulting spaces

ƒ Treatment spaces

ƒ Minor Operation spaces

ƒ Dental surgeries

ƒ High specification waiting rooms

ƒ Lecture spaces

Due to the requirement for onsite parking, a basement car park was created over part of the footprint; remediation of contamination was required as part of the construction process. DB3 were novated to the design and build contractor and helped to overcome various issues during the build and supported where possible.

Obstacles included inaccurate drainage record drawings and the need for increased piling depths. Design hurdles were overcome in order to satisfy the requirements of the SA1 masterplan, which sometimes conflicted with the brief and the NHS guidance document WHC 055, which imposed limits on the amount and size of accommodation that could be constructed.

To effectively reduce gross area while maintaining the overall massing form, DB3 ingeniously employed large voids in the façade, which also resulted in pleasant breakout spaces for staff and visitors and earned BREEAM credits.

A significant design challenge revolved around the massing and form of the building’s corner element. As a pivotal focal point in the SA1 development, the corner of the site required special attention to stand out. To avoid an incongruous form, DB3 skillfully utilised brise soleil and zinc cladding to create an easily recognisable feature. Attention to detail, including how the cladding wrapped around corners and terminated at the roof, was vital. Early detailing and meticulous specification before the tender stage preserved the final aesthetic, ensuring the form was perceived as a cohesive whole rather than four separate elevations.

DB3 Healthcare


Woodland View

Location: Irvine, Scotland

Expertise Areas: Architecture

Woodland View is an existing Acute Mental Health Facility and Community Hospital located at Ayrshire Central Hospital. DB3 has been commissioned by Facility Managers, Equans, for NHS Ayrshire and Arran to convert an existing residential mental health facility into a mental health unscheduled care assessment hub.

The existing space is undergoing refurbishment to meet the exacting requirements of the NHS for the new facility. The project brief was established through extensive client meetings, discussions involving all key stakeholders, and numerous visits to the facility, which is situated in the Scottish coastal town of Irvine.

Fundamentally, the works encompass the creation of a new and dedicated DDA-compliant entranceway, featuring an accessible ramp, glass

canopy, and balustrading. This entranceway provides access to an assessment area, serving as the initial point of contact for emergency mental health care patients. The assessment area has been converted from existing surplus bedrooms and has been designed and refurbished to meet the new legislative and stakeholder requirements.

Simultaneously with the establishment of the reception area, the project also includes the refurbishment of the interview room, duty room, meeting room, sitting room, dining room, and kitchen. The refurbishment has been meticulously designed to adhere to all relevant NHS design guidelines, including the upgrading of mechanical and electrical services.

Image: IBI Group, NHS East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership

BUPA Highgate

Location: London, England

Expertise Areas: Architecture, Building Services Engineering

DB3 has undertaken accessibility enhancement works at the BUPA Highgate care home, located in North London. The project strives towards a more inclusive environment through a series of thoughtful enhancements, including the introduction of a new external stair and a covered lift tower. In addition, the reconfiguration of access ramps leading to the communal garden at the rear of the care home is set to create an environment where every individual feels empowered to move freely and independently.

Our multi-disciplinary team has played a pivotal role in harmonising all aspects of this project. By seamlessly integrating architectural, structural, and MEP components, the team has effectively crafted an environment that meets functional and accessibility needs.

We proactively implemented measures and established a close collaboration with Rockwool, the insulation supplier, to effectively address potential condensation concerns on the proposed flat roof, all while upholding the required thermal performance standards.

Among the other challenges encountered, the team faced the task of tackling the distinctive narrowness of the stairwell. This demanded a combination of ingenuity and precision within the design process. The varying heights between different levels naturally resulted in variations in stair dimensions. To ensure a seamless and intuitive design, our team meticulously attended to both the structural and architectural elements.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


Bro Preseli Integrated Care Development

Location: Crymych, Wales

RIBA Stages: 1-6

Expertise Area: Architecture

This £7m scheme, located in Crymych, was a joint venture between Family Housing Association, Pembrokeshire Council and Hywel Dda Health Board. It comprises 38 extra care apartments, two intermediate care apartments, a health centre, a community resource centre, a day centre, restaurant, lounge and shop, along with a range of facilities for tenants. The scheme is envisaged as a new model for rural communities, integrating both assisted living and healthcare in one development.

The Community Resource Centre on site provides a base for district nurses, health visitors, midwives, school nurses and local primary mental health support services, supporting integrated working between the practice and community-based health and social care professionals.

The brownfield site, formerly occupied by a livestock market, provided several challenges, including a significant slope, the presence of knotweed and the requirement for access to a row of unattractive garages along one side of the site. Our approach overcame these challenges using a split level design, with the health centre, daycare centre and most communal facilities located on the lower ground floor facing a landscaped south facing courtyard, and apartments on upper floors. Separate main entrances were required for each of the three facilities. The daycare entrance required a canopy, allowing covered transfer from a minibus, and the primary healthcare entrance needed to be visually prominent from the vehicular access. As the entrances were on different sides of the building, separate parking areas were required for visitors to the Health Centre, and a new road access was required to connect the Health Centre entrance to a new car park to the south.

Extensive consultations were required with numerous parties in the briefing and design

period, including council housing and social services departments, as well as GP’s, the Health Board, charities, planning department and the national park neighbouring the site.

The inclusion of a health centre within the brief was not without challenges. The GP practice, allocated to the centre, had the ability to substantially change the brief or withdraw completely from the scheme at any point, up to the completion of the technical design. For this reason, we designed the structure of the health centre element in a way that would allow conversion to additional extra care apartments if necessary.

An ‘AEDET’ design review of the Health Centre design was also carried out by NHS Wales.

“I’m not often speechless as Commissioner, but I am just so impressed by what I have seen here at Bro Preseli. Our older people are a huge national asset who helped build this country and we have a duty of care and debt of gratitude to our older generation. Those involved with this development have aptly discharged that duty of care and have produced something truly fantastic.”
Sarah Rochira, Older People’s Commissioner for Wales
DB3 Healthcare Expertise

Framework Agreement

Location: Nationwide

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3’s collaboration with McCarthy Stone began in 2015 when we were appointed as their framework Architect for the Yorkshire & North East Region. The successful execution of multiple projects led to our inclusion in their consolidated National Framework in 2018. DB3’s role includes feasibility studies, design, planning applications, public consultation assistance, and technical oversight. We have undertaken more than 66 successful retirement living schemes in various locations. The design work is primarily executed using BIM technologies, integrating McCarthy Stone standards with site-specific customisations developed by DB3. Some example projects set out below.

Maritime Court, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

In partnership with McCarthy Stone, DB3 embarked on the Maritime Court project in Cleethorpes. This development set a new standard in retirement living, featuring a carefully curated mixture of 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments.

Situated in an existing residential area near the seafront, the Maritime Court development harmoniously blends modern living with natural allure. DB3’s architectural vision and McCarthy Stone’s commitment to quality have transformed this locale into a thriving community for retirees seeking comfort and coastal charm.

Thoughtful consideration has been given to accessibility, incorporating features such as wider doorways, non-slip flooring, and easily reachable amenities. Beyond the physical aspects, the project emphasises wellbeing by seamlessly integrating green spaces, and communal areas that encourage physical activity and social interaction - a cornerstone of senior healthcare.

Bawtry, Lincolnshire

Comprising 34 category two type sheltered accommodation units, this development redefines

retirement living with its meticulously designed apartments and tailored amenities.

The project includes provisions for 27 car parking spaces, a homeowner’s lounge, a guest suite, and a dedicated house manager’s office. Each apartment has been thoughtfully equipped to provide luxury and convenience, incorporating fitted kitchens, shower rooms and accessibility features.

Set within a conservation area on a brownfield site, the Bawtry project demanded a delicate balance between innovation and preservation. Our team collaborated closely with conservation officers on the integration of a shopper’s entrance for easy town centre access, enhancing the convenience of residents while respecting the surroundings.

The design of each apartment takes into account the unique needs of seniors, integrating features that promote safety and independence. From strategically placed grab bars to walk-in showers, every detail contributes to a healthcare-driven living environment.

Brighouse, West Yorkshire

Dedicated to individuals over 60, this development presents high-end apartments tailored for spacious and comfortable retirement living.

With 30 category two type sheltered accommodation units, the Brighouse project offers not only living spaces but also a communal homeowners lounge, a guest suite, and 23 car parking spaces. The site’s unique topography, nestled on a hill amidst older mill-style buildings, posed both design challenges and opportunities.

Through our expert planning and design, the development embodies McCarthy Stone’s commitment to providing retirees with exceptional spaces that seamlessly blend luxury, comfort, and aesthetics.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


New Medical Centre

Location: London, England

Expertise Area: Architecture

The Thurleigh Road Medical Centre is an innovative Primary Care Facility with a strong emphasis on serving the needs of the local community. This facility embraces a simple yet sturdy steel-framed structure with brick and block walls, complemented by an internal spiral staircase and traditional roof construction. As the architects, we designed the facility to harmoniously integrate with the existing adjoining church and newly built community centre through thoughtful attention to external details, colour palettes, and materials, all of which reflect the unique character of the surrounding area.

At the heart of the facility, the reception area exudes a warm and inviting ambience, providing a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. The use of timber flooring adds a touch of modernity while ensuring cleanliness throughout the space. The building is filled with natural light, courtesy of a fully glazed external wall, creating an airy and refreshing atmosphere. The public areas boast views of the landscaped surroundings, where mature trees provide a tranquil setting for visitors to relax during their visit.

The interior layout is meticulously planned, following a cellular structure that optimises space and minimises unnecessary circulation areas. With the wellbeing of patients in mind, an alternative exit is thoughtfully integrated to cater to distressed situations. The consulting rooms adhere strictly to the guidelines of the Local Health Authority, while still offering bright and spacious workspaces that promote a positive healing environment. Particular attention has been given to the selection of materials, with a focus on tonal and textural differences to support individuals with visual and auditory impairments.

Thurleigh Road Medical Centre aims to become an indispensable asset to the local community. Its commitment to blending harmoniously with the community’s distinct identity and attention to local needs make it a beacon of modern healthcare, dedicated to nurturing the health and wellbeing of all who pass through its doors.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


Hebburn Medical Centre

Location: Newcastle, England

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 were appointed as the Architect for Hebburn Medical Centre, which stands as a cornerstone of healthcare excellence, serving as the primary care hub for the vibrant community of Hebburn and its neighbouring regions. A testament to the power of collaboration, this medical centre emerged from the union of two GP practices, combining their expertise to provide comprehensive and holistic healthcare solutions to the community they serve. Situated in a prime location, the medical centre’s expansive 25,000ft² facility spans two meticulously designed floors, providing a seamless flow of care and services. A unique feature of the centre is its central courtyard, which not only adds an element of tranquility but also serves as a soothing space where patients and visitors can find respite. Upon entering the medical centre, patients are welcomed by a spacious, double-height walled

waiting area, designed to evoke a sense of openness and comfort, instilling confidence in their healthcare journey.

Accessibility is a top priority, and the medical centre boasts two main entrances at the rear, directly connected to a convenient car park. This thoughtful design ensures smooth patient flow and ease of access for all visitors, eliminating any barriers to receiving essential medical attention promptly.

The medical centre’s outstanding design and exceptional execution garnered well-deserved recognition. Upon its completion, it proudly received the prestigious South Tyneside Design Award for New Build, showcasing the architectural ingenuity and commitment to excellence demonstrated throughout the project.


Clydach Primary Care Centre

Location: Clydach, Wales

Expertise Area: Architecture

DB3 collaborated with a third-party developer to devise designs for a new primary care centre in Clydach, Swansea. Recognising the importance of tailored solutions for GPs, we endeavoured to create three unique design choices that would address their specific needs and enhance the overall functionality of the facility.

The first design option we presented was a “compact” layout. This particular arrangement prioritised maximising space utilisation while ensuring that functionality remained uncompromised.

Our second proposal was an “open-plan” design, which aimed to foster collaboration

among medical professionals. By creating an environment that encouraged teamwork and unity, we envisioned this layout as an ideal setting for promoting interdisciplinary cooperation among the healthcare providers within the centre.

The third option, the “L-shaped” development, struck a balance between privacy and openness, providing distinct spaces for different medical services, while maintaining a cohesive and interconnected atmosphere within the facility.

Our designs received appreciation from the GPs, the Local Health Board (LHB), and the Welsh Health Estates.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


Multiple Projects

Location: Hull, England

Expertise Area: Architecture

St. Stephen’s Healthcare Centre

NHS Hull undertook a 10-year lease for a twostorey unit at St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre in Ferensway. The facility was the first of its kind in the UK, designed to enhance access to health and lifestyle services. The centre operates six days a week and benefits over 35,000 people annually. Within the centre, Health trainers offer one-toone advice on leading a healthier lifestyle, Health information kiosks are available, and NHS health checks are provided for individuals aged 40-75. Additionally, the facility offers meeting spaces, consultation rooms, as well as areas for yoga and dance activities.

Bilton Grange

The design of this building aimed to enhance the area and create a distinctive structure on a prominent site along an important route into the city. The new facility provides modern, wellequipped accommodation for a large GP practice, PCT healthcare facilities, and training facilities in collaboration with the university medical school. It also houses an outstation for the Ambulance Service and an ‘Out of Hours’ service.

The planning of the building and site faced constraints due to a wide easement for a large sewer running through the middle of the site, as well as the need to maintain privacy for neighbouring residential houses and gardens. The accommodation is organised around a large two-storey entrance and waiting area featuring a glazed wall, which creates openness and transparency throughout the building, establishing a welcoming and friendly environment.

Newington Healthcare Centre

The site was previously occupied by the Grade II listed Plane Street Methodist Church & Sunday School. However, the building was deemed unsuitable for refurbishment as a new medical facility, leading to its approval for demolition. A state-of-the-art facility was constructed in its place.

A key consideration in the design was to incorporate two separate GP practices operating as distinct entities. The solution involved a shared waiting area with a glazed rotunda, and two main entrances on either side of the waiting area providing access to separate reception areas.

The two-storey high glazed rotunda was adorned with an illuminated lantern light, while the stained glass from the church was refurbished and placed over the waiting area at a high level. The project received two architecture awards.

Kingswood Integrated Care Centre

DB3 served as the architect to develop concept design proposals for the Kingswood ICC building. This development is a vital part of the Kingswood masterplan, which aims to set a benchmark for all integrated care centres. The scheme focuses on providing flexible accommodation for various end users while addressing challenges such as the out-of-town location, travel, scale, demand, and innovative design approach.

Longhill Health Centre

Designated as a ‘Primary Care Plus’ centre within Hull’s health and community infrastructure, the Longhill Health Centre replaces four existing single-handed GP practices with a modern and attractive local facility. The centre was developed to accommodate various services, including GPs, specialist nursing services, minor surgery, allied health professions, diagnostic testing, pharmacy, dental services, and a library.

Orchard Park

DB3 served as the architect for this 5,000m² new build development. The building provides customised premises for Hull City Council and the Primary Care Trust to deliver services to the local community. It includes a community centre and café services through the Hull Teaching PCT.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise


Mile End Hospital

Location: East London, England

Expertise Areas: Architecture

DB3 was commissioned to create a cuttingedge health centre in East London. The location, adjacent to Mile End Hospital, presented a unique opportunity to craft a modern facility while being considerate of the historic buildings within the neighbouring conservation area.

Our design was carefully crafted to harmonise with the surrounding historic structures, ensuring that the health centre would not only be a functional addition but also a respectful homage to the area’s heritage. We paid meticulous attention to detail, incorporating elements from local architecture and historical references into our vision.

One of the primary goals of the project was to achieve a BREEAM ‘Outstanding rating’. With this rating in mind, we included a range of green technologies and energy-efficient features into the design.

Inside, the health centre was thoughtfully laid out to optimise patient flow and staff efficiency. The open and inviting reception area was designed to put patients at ease, while providing a functional space for administrative tasks. Exam rooms were strategically placed to ensure privacy and comfort, allowing healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise

Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Hospital

Location: Grimsby, England

Expertise Areas: Architecture

DB3 were engaged to provide architectural services for the production of an outline residential planning application to dispose of surplus land at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby. The initial brief was to create a residential development that accommodated 220+ dwellings to meet the sales criteria set out by North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Trust. Due to several constraints on the site, including gas, water, and drainage services, the Trust’s requirement to maintain the existing emergency services access route, and an existing cricket pitch protected by Sport England, careful planning was necessary. A

The scheme was later updated to include retirement and assisted living accommodation, a step-down care unit, and key worker housing, in addition to 130+ dwellings. Maintaining a coordinated approach throughout the design process was crucial, and the council was engaged early on to find the best solution for all parties involved.

The scheme received a recommendation for approval from the local planning authority and obtained consent in April 2016.

The final number of dwellings achieved for the site



Location: Rhyl, Wales

Expertise Areas: Architecture

DB3 was commissioned by a third-party developer to undertake the development of Rhyl Surgery. This ambitious project involved the rejunification of a brownfield site, strategically located next to the bustling railway and bus terminal in Rhyl. The primary objective was to create a compact and sustainable practice that seamlessly integrated with its urban surroundings.

From the outset, we approached the project with a clear vision and a commitment to incorporating sustainable technologies and eco-friendly practices into the design. The team aimed to

craft a structure that not only met the functional requirements of the healthcare facility but also made a positive impact on the environment and the local community.

Through meticulous planning and innovative design, we achieved a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. The new building blended effortlessly with the existing urban fabric, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the area.

DB3 Healthcare Expertise

Architecture and much more

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, our expertise extends beyond architecture, meaning our clients can pick and choose key areas or combine a number of our service skill sets and project management skills when selecting our single point service offer. DB3 Group offers the following six individual business units.

DB3 Architecture & Design

Providing RIBA Chartered sustainable architecture, urban design and masterplanning, with supporting services including BIM, visualisation and interior design. DB3’s architectural team comprises 35+ architects, supported by a strong team of 50+ technologists and architectural assistants with the capacity to resource projects across all sectors.

DB3 Building Services Engineering

Offering CIBSE Chartered Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to all sectors. The team have particular experience in the leisure sector, having delivered numerous wet and dry leisure facilities across the UK. The team are CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors and offer Thermal Modelling (DSM).

Formation 3D (F3D)

Drone operated aerial surveys, photography and videography by DB3’s in-house CAA qualified drone operators. A low risk, time efficient alternative for building inspections and land surveys. F3D also offers highly accurate 3D data capture & mapping of existing structures using point cloud, RTK and PPK technology, turning into 3D digital models for construction, design & facilities management projects.

DB3 Net Zero

Drawing on the experience of our in-house mechanical & electrical engineers, architects, energy assessors, Passivhaus designers and sustainability experts. Our suite of Net Zero consultancy services is broken down into six categories which cover topics around whole life cycle. These categories include; Carbon, Efficiency, Passivhaus, Wellbeing, Performance & Compliance.

DB3 Professional Services

The team deliver building surveying, retail project management, principal designer, contract administration and NEC supervisor roles, across the UK. Working alongside DB3’s architectural and M&E teams, these roles can be incorporated into a multi-disciplinary offering or procured as an independent service.

Home & Maker

A sister company to DB3 Architecture & Design, Home and Maker provides RIBA chartered online architectural services to domestic residential customers. Drawing on DB3’s many years of home design and construction experience, Home & Maker focuses on designing great homes at an affordable price.

About DB3


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DB3 Group: Shortlisted - Yorkshire Insider Awards 2023 ‘Architecture Practice of the Year’; Shortlisted - COBBA 2023 ‘Business Development Professional’; Shortlisted - UKREiiF Awards 2023 ‘Consultant of the Year’ & ‘People & Skills Torchbearer’; Shortlisted - COMBA 2023 ‘Architecture Practice & Business Development Professional’; ShortlistedGrafters Awards 2023 ‘Architecture Practice’; Winner – COMBA & COBBA 2022 ‘Architect of the Year’; 2021 Digital Enterprise Top 100; Winner – Insider Property Awards 2018 ‘Architectural Practice of the Year’ & ‘Design Excellence’; Shortlisted – BD Awards 2017 ‘Sports & Leisure Architect of the Year’; RICS Design Through Innovation Award 2017; Insider Property Industry Awards 2015 ‘Highly Commended Architectural Firm of the Year’

Helensburgh Waterfront Development: Highly Commended - Argyll & Bute Awards 2023

‘Aesthetic Design’; Finalist - Planning Awards 2023

‘Outstanding Contribution to Placemaking: Best Use of Arts, Culture or Sport’; Highly CommendedIStructE Awards 2022 ‘Leisure Project’

Llys Cadwyn Regeneration: Winner – Cardiff Property Awards 2021 and Ystadau Cymru 2021 Award for ‘Creating Economic Growth’; Highly Commended – British Construction Industry Awards 2021; CLAW Project of the Year Awards 2021

Adidas Oxford Street: Gold Winner – London Design Awards 2020

Leeds College of Music: Winner – RIBA Regional Award 2015 ‘Small Project Award’; Shortlisted –Insider Property Industry Awards Yorkshire 2018

‘Regeneration Project of the Year’, Education Estates Awards 2018 ‘Refurbishment Project’, AJ Retrofit Awards 2018 ‘Further & Higher Education’; Constructing Excellence Yorkshire & Humber Awards 2018 ‘Building Project of the Year’

Chancery Lane Residential: Shortlisted –London Construction Awards 2018 ‘London Build Excellence’ & ‘Regeneration Project’

Airedale Air Conditioning: Winner – RICS 2017 Regional Award ‘Design through innovation’

Ysgol Craig Y Deryn School: RTPI Wales Planning Award 2014

Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre: Commended – SCALA Awards 2014 ‘Civic Building of the Year’

MOMA Machynlleth Tannery Gallery: CPRW Awards 2014 ‘Special Award’

Michael Woods Leisure Centre: Highly Commended – SCALA Awards 2014 ‘Civic Building of the Year’; Scottish Property Awards 2014 ‘Architectural Excellence’

Marks & Spencer, Liverpool: Highly Commended –CIAT Award 2010 ‘Technical Excellence’

PAN Emirates, Dubai: Shortlisted – Retail Interiors Awards 2010 ‘Best International Interior’

Threeways School, Bath: BCSE Awards 2009 ‘Inspiring Design for Special Schools’

ASDA Stores Supplier Awards: 2009 ‘Best Consultant’ & ‘Best EDLC (Every Day Low Cost) Initiative’

University of Huddersfield, Creative Art Building: Bronze Awards – RIBA White Rose Award 2009; Commendation – CIAT Award 2009; Shortlisted –RICS Pro Yorkshire Awards 2009

University of Huddersfield, Milton Centre: Winner – Insider Yorkshire Renaissance Awards 2006 ‘Best Restoration Project’

Aberdovey Yacht Club: Winner – Snowdonia National Park Awards 1992 ‘Good Design in the Countryside Award’

St Giles Business Park for the DBRW: Winner –Prince of Wales Design Awards 1990 ‘Good Design Awards’

Llwydcoed Crematorium: Winner - RIBA Wales Architecture Awards 1971

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS): 2017, 2011, 2010

Green Apple Awards: 2015, 2013, 2010, 2009, 2008

LABC Building Excellence Awards: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

LABC Design Excellence Awards: 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2003, 2002

Leicestershire & Rutland Craftsmanship Awards: 2013, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2003, 2002

Civic Trust Awards: 2012, 2007, 2006, 1993, 1990

BREEAM Awards: 2008, 2007

Montgomeryshire Design Awards: 1997, 1994

0113 244 6931 contact@db3group.com www.dbgroup.com London Leeds Birmingham Manchester Cardiff Glasgow Aberystwyth
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