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Photo: Dayspringers Annie Gipson and Michael Culp help build a home at our Habitat for Humanity build.

COMING SOON Estate Planning Workshop

April 2 at 11:30am in Room 112 (Page 10)

APRIL 2017 12






Watch as the Last Supper comes to life! (Pg. 3)

Join us at 7pm on April 13 for our Maundy Thursday service.

Join us at 7pm on April 14 for our Good Friday service.

New Member Orientation

Learn more about what it means to become a member of Dayspring! (Page 5)

April 2017


BeTween B e Tw e e n i s e x p l o r i n g t h e i r personal faith. They will wrap up this year on April 26 with an end of the year party.

Sunday School

In April, we continue to explore the mystery of Easter and how Jesus appeared to his followers even after his death.

March was an exciting month in Children’s Ministries as we prepared for the celebration of Easter. Third through sixth graders participated in AWAKE, an overnight ministry that gave them a chance to immerse themselves in the classic bible story of David and Goliath, while building friendships and having fun! We are continuing to collect toothbrushes through Easter Sunday to send along with the mission team to Tochimilzoco Mexico. On Wednesday, April 12 from 5:00 to 6:30, children’s ministries will host a Living Last Supper Event. The event will take place in Fellowship Hall and will include a Potluck dinner followed by an interpretation of the Last Supper featuring members of the Dayspring community. VBS is back, this year our program is called Maker Fun Factory and will run from June 12th to the 15th from 9 am – noon. There will be games, singing, dancing, hands on play, and a chance to learn that we were “made by God and built for a purpose.” Registration is open now, the cost is $35 for the first child in the family and $25 for each additional child. A $5 discount per child will be given to anyone who volunteers during the event. Click on the link to sign up at Questions? Please email

April 2017


YOUTH MINISTRY April 2: Formation Classes will attend 10:30 worship Youth Choir at 11:45 Confirmation and All Youth: lunch after 10:30 service and service project TBD No F&F due to early afternoon activity April 7: Confirmation Class Synagogue Visit April 8: Confirmation Class Mosque Visit April 9: Palm Sunday 10:30 Formation 11:45 Youth Choir 11:59-2:00 Confirmation 5:30-7:00 F&F April 13: Holy Thursday Worship at 7:00 PM April 14: Good Friday Worship at 7:00 PM April 15: Sunrise Rehearsal April 16: Easter Sunday Youth Lead Easter Sunrise Service April 19: Chipotle Fundraiser April 23: 10:30 Formation 11:45 Youth Choir 11:59-2:00 Confirmation 5:30-7:00 F&F April 30: 10:30 Formation 11:45 Youth Choir 11:59-2:00 Confirmation 5:30-7:00 F&F May 7: Confirmation & Dayspring 50th Anniversary Celebration 10:00 Confirmation during worship service, lunch following

April 2017

DYM began the month of March with a hike at South Mountain led by Pastor Joel. Youth, adults, and family pets enjoyed this time in Creation together surrounded by beautiful wildflowers as a result of this year's rain. Many thanks to our chaperones, drivers, and the youth who made this event possible! Although DYM enjoyed a hiatus during spring break, plans for the end of March included food and fellowship at F&F as well as a District Youth Dance planned at Paradise Valley UMC. Plans for Sierra Service Project trip this summer are underway, and DYM Youth are raising funds to help cover the cost of this trip. Please join us for our Chipotle Fundraiser night on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, from 4 until 8 PM, at 2020 East Elliot Road, Suite 102, in Te m p e . M e n t i o n D a y s p r i n g Yo u t h Program and 50% of proceeds will benefit DYM!



Wonder why you do what you do? The Enneagram can unlock our motivations and help us to know ourselves and others with more clarity. A tool for growth - psychologically and spiritually. Join in! We will meet on Tuesdays, April 18, May 16, and June 16. 9:30am – 12:00pm in Room 112. Suggested donation: $25. Rsvp:

The Explorer ’s class will complete its series on The American Protestant Experience on April 9. A new series on the “Common Good” will begin on Sunday, April 23. Jane Baker will facilitate this series based on Walter Brueggemann’s book Journey to the Common Good. The General Board of Church and Society has encouraged us to think about what needs and goals we have in common, so we can begin to heal the divisions in our church and in our country. Join us for a lively discussion. The class will not meet on Easter.

April 2017

Beginning on Sunday, April 3rd, the Contemporary Issues Sunday School class will begin a four week study of Matthew Fox; his spiritual journey and writings. We will focus on his concept of creation spirituality and two of his books – The Cosmic Christ and One River, Many We l l s . M a t t h e w F o x i s considered an important contemporary voice in the discussion regarding the future of Christianity in our current time. The class will be led by Sandi Chamness.

Are you interested in learning more about what it means to join the Dayspring family? Our next New Member Orientation is scheduled for Sunday, April 2, 2017, at 1 PM, in the Adult Room. Please contact Pastor dot at to RSVP.


UNITED METHODIST WOMEN Dayspring's United Methodist Women's group is just a small part of the community of women that make up the worldwide network of caring and thoughtful women. UMW is involved in so many ministries of the church - from babies to youth to women in every phase of their lives. You can read about all of the good works of UMW at: or you can plug into one of our meetings. We welcome all in whatever phase of your life you are in. Find someone to share your joys and burdens with at UMW. Greeting Card Circle will meet April 13 at 9:30 AM in room 112. They have plenty of cards to sell. Are you looking for a special birthday, anniversary or thank you card? Nothing is better than a homemade card to deliver that special message. Please call Sally Jarus at 480-792-1297 to get a card or learn more about how the Card Circle funds so many global mission projects one card at a time. The Connie Reading Circle will meet on Thursday, April 13 at 9:30 AM in Room 112 at the church. Blanche Berreman will review two books: Journey with JW and American Women A-Z. Please contact Blanche at 480-961-1968 or for more information. Every month the reading circle discusses a book from the UMW reading list: Reading leads to action and action changes lives! The Mary Martha Circle will meet on Thursday, April 6 at 7:00 PM at the home of Jane Baker. This is a week earlier due to Maundy Thursday, please make note of the earlier date. Marilyn Miller will lead the program. Please contact Jane for more info or directions 480-216-0757 or Our Unit Meeting is on April 20 at 7:00 PM in the Adult Room at church. It is a perfect meeting to cap off Easter, where we collect money that was saved during lent or during the year to go toward missions. If you skipped one coffee out or a whole month's worth, all pennies are welcome at our annual service of Prayer and Self Denial. We will also put together UMCOR sew kits at our April meeting. Sewing kits foster independence rather than dependence. Women can make clothing in their own size and in the style of their culture. Cottage industries often grow out of the sewing classes where women use these kits to practice valuable income-generating skills. Please donate what you can by leaving it in the UMW box in the office. Please e-mail or call Bonny at 480-839-2696 for more information. We hope to see you at one of our April meetings.

UNITED METHODIST MEN UMM April Meeting--April 8 Please note the date change from the first Saturday to the second due to the Annual UMM Golf Outing on April 1 at the Ahwatukee Country Club. In addition to our usual great fellowship, breakfast and music, our guest will be Dayspring member Dr. Michael O'Meara, noted cardiologist who will be speaking about and taking questions on mens' cardiac health. UMM May Meeting--May 6 Please plan to join us for breakfast for our celebration with fellowship, food and music of the 7th Annual UMM Lee Cook Memorial Award for service and leadership. This award, named for the distinguished founder of Dayspring UMM is presented each year during our final monthly meeting before the summer break. Please plan to come and bring your spouse, partner or a guest. UMM Summer Music and Ice Cream Social--Sunday July 16 This popular, annual event is presented by the UMM Pickers and Singers through a single Old Time Gospel Service at 10:00 with the Ice Cream Social following. Last year over 50 men of Dayspring participated in the playing and singing and another dozen served as ushers, worship leaders and servers of ice cream. For the singers, no experience is necessary--if you sing in a choir, in your car or in the shower, you are eminently qualified. There will two practices/rehearsals prior with dates to be announced. Participation by Dayspring men or their guests is requested. More information can be obtained (prior to our drafting you) from Ken Brooks ( and Robert Smith ( UMM FALL RETREAT--November 3-5 Please put the Men's Fall Retreat at Mingus Mountain on your calendar for November 3-5. Chuck Winkler and Larry Butler are planning a great program and we hope to see a large turnout.

April 2017


CHURCH & SOCIETY Living Faith, Seeking Justice and Pursuing Peace

What is the Common Good? Recently, we seem to be pulling more apart than pulling together for anything in common. Are there not basic principles where we, as Christians, should be standing up for what is right and just? Matthew 25:40 “ …just as you did it to one of the least of these…”. Our UMC Social Principles tell us “ In order to provide basic needs such as food, shelter, education, health care and other necessities, ways must be found to share more equitably the resources of the world.” P163.E Read more at: Our call is quite clear and there is much do right here in Tempe and Arizona. Our “Get Engaged” sessions are ongoing and we would be glad to bring the program to your group, too. We have people working on foster care and others actively dialoging with our local and national legislators around the common good in education, health care, justice reform, job training and immigration. Our Dayspring light was bright as we welcomed the community and our refugees for the recent bake sale. It is this voice, this example and the influence of the people of faith that is needed in seeking justice and mercy for us all.

Speaking of us, are you trying to live the Sabbath a bit this Lenten season? We readily recall the “love your neighbor” scripture, but it goes on to say “ …as yourself”. Sabbath is a time for renewal for ourselves and our families. Kent Olson offered us ideas to develop some practices during this time and we hope you are finding some peace in a little Sabbath time. For more information on ways to “Get Engaged”, live the Sabbath or clarifying our common good contact our Dayspring Church and Society Committee via: or the church office.

FINANCE REPORT Opera&ng  Fund  –   2017  Year-­‐to-­‐Date  

$180,000# $160,000# $140,000# $120,000# $100,000# $80,000# $60,000# $40,000# $20,000# $0# Jan#YTD# Feb#YTD# Mar#YTD# Apr#YTD# May#YTD# Jun#YTD# Income#Budget#

Capital  Fund  –   2015  to  Current  

Jul#YTD# Aug#YTD# Sep#YTD# Oct#YTD# Nov#YTD# Dec#YTD#



$1,200,000# $1,000,000# $800,000# $600,000# $400,000#

April 2017















































Vanessa Lueck, Erik Bogaard and their daughter Mariska moved to Tempe in 2015 from the Netherlands. They all love being outdoors, hiking and camping, and playing sports, especially ultimate frisbee. Vanessa is working on a PhD at the School of Sustainability, studying the issue of sea-level rise and the corresponding issues for coastal communities. Erik is an environmental educator who teaches fishermen and seafarers about the importance of sustainability and care for our oceans. He is also involved with the Stewardship group at Dayspring. Mariska is a freshman at McClintock High School, and, an active member of the Dayspring Youth Group.


Jay and Laura Carpenter moved to Tempe from Bloomington, IL in November of 2015. They are transferring their membership from Wesley UMC in Bloomington. They have two grown daughters, one in Springfield, IL and one in Kansas City. Both Jay and Laura work at State Farm Insurance. They enjoy hiking, biking, and reading.


Kelly and Tina are both native Arizonans and have lived only in this beautiful state. Tina has three grown kids, two sons and a daughter. Kelly and Tina have two rescue dogs and both enjoy the outdoors and love to travel. They are very excited about joining the Dayspring family and feel very blessed to have been led to this warm and welcoming congregation.


Seth and Shayla O’Brien recently moved to Ahwatukee with their two boys - Brayden (4 yrs old), and Corbin (16 months). They have both taken pride in careers that are centered around improving lives. Shayla is a chemist at Medtronic and works on implantable medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin pumps. Seth lost a leg to cancer in 2006, which inspired a career treating amputees as a board certified prosthetist. They are extremely happy to be settled in Phoenix and at Dayspring after career paths through Tucson, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. They have felt at home with the Dayspring family and especially love the children’s and music ministries.

April 2017



Jim Fountain is a lifelong Methodist who first joined the church at age 16 at Grace United Methodist in South Phoenix where Lee and Martha Cook were the youth group leaders! He was a long time member of St. Matthew UMC and completed the application process to become a Licensed Local pastor in 2004. Bert Lewis presided over his candidacy approval meeting and Jane Tews was the District Superintendent at that time. He attended three summers of seminary work before deciding that he would be unable to accept appointments out of the valley and dropping out of the program. He then served for two years at Chandler United Methodist Church as Director of Nurture and Outreach, which included Stephen Ministry. He is a certified Stephen Leader. He completed the required application process and coursework and first became a Certified Lay Minster at St. Matthew. He went on to join the Jacob’s Well UMC fellowship and when it was closed he moved his membership to Dayspring. Jim recently retired after a combined 40 years of teaching high school speech and theatre. He has a BA in Speech Communication and MA in Theatre Education. He currently continues to teach on line for Rio Salado Community College. He loves camping and has served as camp staff under Dr. Jeff Procter-Murphy. He also enjoys travel and loves to sing. He serves as Bass Section Leader for the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix and sings in the Celebration Choir and Joyspring. He is the proud grandpa of seven amazing grandchildren. First and foremost, as Lay Minister, Jim is a volunteer. His duties at Dayspring will include care ministry, assisting in worship and visitation. He will assist the pastoral staff in all their nurture and outreach ministries and as a liason to the Stephan Ministry team. He will also continue to act as a spiritual guide and mentor to our youth in their Sunday Formation classes.


Dayspring Turns 50! May 7, 2017 10am Combined Service Catered Lunch Following Please plan to join us for our 50th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, May 7. We will share Communion and receive our Confirmation Class into membership at a combined worship service at 10:00am with special music and speakers, followed by a catered meal. Come celebrate what God has done and continues to do through the ministry of Dayspring United Methodist Church!

April 2017


Are you prepared in the event that you become unable to make decisions for yourself either through disability or death? Come and learn how to create an estate plan that will ensure that your wishes are communicated and your assets protected and passed on to the people and organizations you have chosen as beneficiaries. An estate plan makes great sense for most people, particularly if you: 1) have minor children 2) have children from different relationships 3) have beneficiaries that you want to protect, or with special needs 4) have assets that you want to protect 5) have any IRA, 401k, 403b, or other retirement assets.


The Dayspring Foundation will hold a free information-only session on Sunday, April 2nd at 11:30 am in Room 112. Estate planning and planned giving experts will present this timely information. Refreshments and child care will be available. If you’re a winter visitor or you plan to travel during the summer, it’s easy to stay up to date with everything that’s going on at Dayspring! Make sure you’re receiving our weekly Reflections email, let the church office know if you'd like to receive a print copy of our Koinonikos newsletter mailed to you, or watch our services and concerts online at The Table — our Sunday 11:59a.m. jazz-influenced Communion service — will be taking a break for the summer. May 21 will be the last Sunday. It will start up again on August 13.


Several members of the Dayspring UMC Refugee Focus team will be running the Zion Ultra Marathons April 7 and 8 in Zion National Park. They have created a team called “Racing for Refugees” and will be raising money for the Dayspring’s refugee program. The group’s goal is to increase awareness of the struggles and needs in the refugee community and raise some money for the team’s emergency fund. The race distances range from half-marathon to 100 mile races, with Dayspring members Garrett Klein (half marathon), Asa Wood (55k), Mara Klein (100k) competing, along with Tomas Howard and Annie Gipson as support crew. Check out their website for more information:


The second Syrian Sweets Exchange event was held at Esperanza Lutheran Church in Ahwatukee on March 12. Due to the overwhelming response at the Dayspring Syrian Sweets Exchange in February, the bakers ramped-up their desserts and there were many left-over sweets. Since this represents lost income for the bakers, the organization asked Dayspring to be a distribution site to help sell the remaining boxes. We took on the challenge and because of the amazing generosity (and sweet-tooth) of the Dayspring/Tempe community, we were able to sell nearly $2,000 worth of baked goods for the bakers. We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you all for your wonderful support of the refugees in our midst!

April 2017



We are actively recruiting ushers to fill vacancies on both our 9:00 and 10:30 service teams. Whether you are interested in joining an usher team or willing to serve on occasion as a substitute usher, ushering is a perfect way to fulfill your promise to support Dayspring through your service. It’s also a great opportunity to expand your friendship circle, including those who may be sitting on the opposite side of the church from you every week! If you interested but were unable to attend our training last month, please contact Dan Helt at or Alice Conner

COMMUNITY GARDEN A 2014 study conducted by the National Gardening Association revealed that the American community gardening movement grew 200% between the years 2008 and 2014. Members of Dayspring now have an opportunity to help build our very own community garden. The committee has decided to officially name the garden, which is now under construction in the parking lot, "The Giving Garden" because we intend to take the literal fruits of our labors and share them with our Dayspring community. If you have an interest in gardening, wish to learn more about sustainable gardening practices, or are looking for a way to serve God in a new capacity, email We will host a Vegetable Gardening Class on Wednesday, April 19 from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm in the Adult Room. Everyone interested in learning more about vegetable gardening is welcome to attend. There will be a question and answer time at the end of the class. Don Sutton, a Master Gardener who has helped both churches and schools set-up vegetable gardens for their communities will lead the class. Please RSVP to to save your seat!


Our next build date is April 29. This year’s build site is in Tempe, just 15 minutes from Dayspring! The townhouse is almost finished, so we will need a team of eight to help with tasks could include painting, finishing carpentry, landscaping (a small job, given the footprint of the home), etc.


Thank you to all who helped with Family Promise this month! We hosted three temporarily homeless families, providing food, clothing, and shelter for the parents and their nine children. The kids played games with the Girl Scouts and legos and games with other new friends. Thank you for making this week of shelter happen.

April 2017


FROM OUR PASTORS I love Easter Resurrection Sunday. In fact, it’s my favorite Sunday of the year. I remember as a child, I could hardly wait for the egg hunt at my Nana’s home in Hutchinson, KS. My siblings and I would wake up early Easter morning and look high and low for Easter eggs scattered throughout Nana’s home. After exhausting our energies to find every single egg, we would gather around in a circle and celebrate what each of us had found. I still find great joy reflecting on this experience because it has helped shape my understanding of Easter Resurrection. Easter Resurrection, for me, is playful. It’s hunting, finding, and celebrating. Easter Resurrection is discovering God at work in our world through the gifts of Creation, relationships, and the unexpected surprises of life. Easter Resurrection is the anticipation of the spring flowers getting ready to burst into miraculous works of art. Easter Resurrection is the call from an estranged family member who simply says, “I miss you, and I’m so glad I get to talk to you.” Easter Resurrection is the surprise gift of a beautiful desert plant from colleagues to celebrate an achievement. And ultimately, Easter Resurrection is the mystery of Jesus’ spirit still among us and working in us to do good and to assure us that we are loved unconditionally.

April 2017

After devouring chocolate bunnies and jelly beans from Nana’s egg hunt, the Bullock’s would get dressed up in outfits that mom spent all year making for us kids. We would load up in the car and attend Easter service at the local Methodist church. The aroma of Easter lilies and the welcome from the congregants made this family of visitors, feel so welcomed and loved. But the highlight of my childhood Easter Resurrection experience was when the organist would pull out all of the stops on the B-3 Hammond Organ, and lead us into singing my favorite Easter hymn, “He Lives.” The last line of the chorus simply states why I can believe in Easter Resurrection, “You ask me how I know he lives, he lives within my heart.” I wonder where you will find Easter Resurrection this Easter? I wonder where you will discover God at work in Creation, relationships, the unexpected, and even yourself? I pray you will be blessed by what you discover. I would love to hear what you find, please let me know. Enjoy the hunt, Pastor Joel


Book Club

Dayspring Pride

Prayer Shawl

Dayspring Book Club will meet on Wednesday, April 5th at 6:30pm in the Library. This month we're reading: Miller's Valley by Anna Quindlen as selected by Suzanne.

Our supportive and welcoming network for LGBTQ persons and allies meets monthly and provides an opportunity for folks to come together, meet new people, learn more about our community, and become part of a diverse group.

The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet on Wednesday, April 26 at 11am in room 112. You are invited to attend and bring your completed shawls to be blessed. Three prayer shawls and nine teddy bears were given to the families attending Family Promise in March. We are so happy to have provided these for the families.

We welcome all, we read fiction, biographies, non-fiction and the occasional New York Times Best Seller… if you are interested in more information, contact Beth Cadman at or (480) 345-2346.

Singles Apr. 02 – Crackers & Co. Café 1285 W. Elliot Rd. in Tempe (between Priest and Hardy, south side of street) Apr. 09 – Charleston’s Restaurant 1040 N. 54th Street in Chandler (NW corner of Ray & and 54th Street) Apr. 16 – Pita Jungle: 4921 E. Ray Road, Suite 82, in Phoenix/ Ahwatukee (SW corner of Ray Road & 50th Street, west of I-10, next to AMC Theatres) Apr. 23 – Mimi’s Café: 2800 W. Chandler Blvd in Chandler (NE corner of Chandler Blvd & Price (AZ-101 Freeway)

April 9th – Potluck at 1:15pm. Participate in one of PRIDE’S infamous Potluck luncheon’s at the church in the Adult Room! After lunch, Julie O’Neal, Assistant to the Bishop, will present a historical perspective on sexuality in the church and current sexuality issues facing the United Methodist Church.

Dayspring Stitchers Daypring Stitchers will meet Wednesday, April 12 at 9 am in the Adult Room. If you would prefer to work at home, please pick up one of the pillowcase kits that have been left in the church office. Instructions and materials are included. Questions? Call Susan at (480) 2052797.

Young Adults Dayspring has a lively and active Young Adult group for ages 18-30! We meet in different places most Mondays at 7pm for dinner and discussion. Please email for information. Upcoming dinners: 4/3: Cornish Pasty (University & Hardy) 4/10: Ihop (Rural & University) 4/17: Yupha’s Thai Kitchen (Elliot & McClintock) 4/19: Chipotle (Elliot, west of the 101) to Support Dayspring Youth 4/24: Green New American Vegetarian (Tempe)

Apr. 30 – Applebee’s Bar & Grill 1655 W. Elliot Road in Tempe (SE corner of Elliot Road & Auto Plex)

April 2017


JOYS & CONCERNS In Our Prayers

The Kelley family and friends, following the death of Michael’s mother, Jennie Kelley, on March 14. The family and friends of Myrtle Pollard, sister of Janice Williams, following her death. Ray Benoit, recovering from another stroke. Kathie Sahato, friend of Joyce Larson, recovering following brain surgery on March 8. Bob, brother-in-law of Nancy Creighton and uncle of Shaun Creighton, recently diagnosed with alzheimers. Jamie Broadus, sister of Robert and Cecelia Schultz, recovering from a stroke. Prayers for continued success in therapy. Will Leaverton, friend of Annie Gipson, hospitalized in critical condition with complications from pancreatitis. Joel Dvoskin, friend of Joel Bullock, recovering following heart surgery. Prayers of healing for Harold Sinkhorn and his wife, father of Teresa Schmitt, following a serious car accident in Florida. Pam Bailey, friend of Wendy Cavan, for continued healing after surgery. Dan Gunderson, uncle of Chris Lueck, for comfort and pain relief as he lives with Alzheimers Disease. Ellen Ermer, for healing. Connie Jo Swanson, recovering following a heart attack. Nine-year-old Owen Simmons, recovering following a heart transplant on March 13. Prayers for Owen and his family, his doctors, and for the donor family. Elijah, newborn son of Zack Caron's cousin Nate, facing developmental and physical challenges in the NICU. Prayers for Elijah, his doctors, and his family. Owen Tomasik, newborn baby of a preschool family, recently hospitalized with a lung infection. Beckah, friend of Suzanne and David Harbster, recently diagnosed with invasive breast cancer after the recent birth of her daughter and a month after her mother died from cancer. June Trimble, mother-in-law of Virginia Trimble, for a peaceful transition and recovery as she is home from skilled nursing. Cheryl Poe, sister of Jennifer Poe, to feel healthier. Scott Kaz, son of Rick and Pam Bailey, for continued success in personal challenges. Mark Young, family friend of Teresa Schmitt, hospitalized with a possible autoimmune disease or cancer; prayers for healing for Mark and comfort for his family. Wendy Cavan, for continued healing of her artificial knee and for the IV antibiotics to clean out the infection. For the pastors and leaders of Dayspring UMC, in gratitude of their service to this church. For refugees worldwide, including the Al Naeem and Derow-Mohamed families. For all the indigent people in our society who suffer through all the seasons of the year. For all who actively serve the public common good, including our men and women in the military.

Ongoing Health Concerns

Jack Welch, Paula Kemmerer, Adrianna Harrington, Helen Ellis, Diane Blummer, Bobby R. Patton, Sierra Guyton, Pearline Roberson, Gloria Kopecky Rosenthal, Barbara Miles, Arlene Roe, Ann Masters, Kitty Moran, Michael Luzaich, and Dennis Dilworth.

April 2017


APRIL 1 7:30 UMM Golf 8:00 Chorale Rehearsal


3 6:30 Economic Inequality Class 6:30 Grief Group

Sunday Schedule 10:00 Get Engaged 11:00 Joyspring 11:30 Estate Planning Class 1:00 Confirmation 1:00 New Members 4:00 AA 5:10 Al-Anon 5:30 F&F 7:00 Chorale Concert

9 Sunday Schedule 11:30 Get Engaged 1:00 Confirmation 1:15 Pride Potluck 4:00 AA 5:10 Al-Anon 5:30 F&F

10 6:30 Grief Group 7:00 Trustees

16 EASTER SUNDAY Sunday Schedule 6:30 Sunrise Service 11:00 Joyspring Rehearsal 4:00 AA 5:10 Al-Anon



8 8:00 UMM



9:30 Connie Reading Circle 7:00 Downward Facing God 7:00 Maundy Thursday Service







6:45 Stephen Ministry 7:00 UMW

26 9:30 AA - Women’s Group 6:00 Centering Prayer 6:00 Kids’ Choirs 6:30 Celebration 6:45 BeTween 7:30 Chorale

7:00 Good Friday Service

7:00 Downward Facing God

SUNDAY SCHEDULE 9:00 & 10:30 Festival Service (Sanctuary) Children’s Sunday School - 0-2 years (Room 117) - 2-3 years (Room 116) - Pre-K - K (Room 115) - 1-3 grade (Room 202) - 4-6 grade (Room 201)


April 2017



30 Sunday Schedule 1:00 Confirmation 4:00 AA 5:10 Al-Anon 5:30 F&F

7 7:00 PFLAG


9:30 AA - Women’s Group 11:00 Prayer Shawl 6:00 Kids’ Choirs 6:30 Celebration 6:45 BeTween 7:30 Chorale

25 8:45 Yoga 12:00 Brown Bag Lunch 6:00 Yoga 6:00 Chimers 7:00 DayStar

6 9:30 UMW Card Circle 10:00 Economic Inequality Class 6:00 MISS

12 9:00 Stitchers 9:30 AA Women’s Group 5:00 Living Last Supper 6:00 Centering Prayer 6:00 Kids’ Choirs 6:30 Celebration 6:45 BeTween 7:30 Chorale

18 8:45 Yoga 9:00 Enneagram 12:00 Brown Bag Lunch 6:00 Yoga 6:00 Chimers 7:00 DayStar

24 6:30 Grief Group

5 9:30 AA Women’s Group 6:00 Kids’ Choirs 6:30 WEF Classes 6:30 Book Club 6:30 Celebration 6:45 BeTween 7:30 Chorale 7:30 WEF Class

8:45 Yoga 12:00 Brown Bag Lunch 6:00 Yoga 6:00 Chimers 7:00 DayStar 7:00 SPRC

6:30 Grief Group

23 Sunday Schedule 1:00 Confirmation 2:30 Covenant Council 4:00 AA 5:10 Al-Anon 5:30 F&F

4 8:45 Yoga 12:00 Brown Bag Lunch 6:00 Yoga 6:00 Chimers 6:30 Gardening Group 7:00 DayStar

Explorer’s Class (Adult Room)


Contemporary Issues (Adult Room) Youth Ministry

- 7-8 grade (Rm 110) - 9-12 grade (Rm 111)

11:59 The Table Service (Fellowship Hall) - Child Care 0-7 (Room 117)


DAYSPRING UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1365 E. Elliot Road Tempe, AZ 85284-1608


Koinonikos April 2017 Volume 23, Issue 4 FREE* Published Monthly

DAYSPRING UNITED METHODIST CHURCH A Stephen Ministry Congregation 1365 E. Elliot Road Tempe, AZ 85284-1608 Church Office Telephone: 480.838.1446 Email: Office Hours: Mon. - Thurs.: 9:00am-2:00pm Website: Watch: Preschool Telephone: 480.838.9097

April 2017

Dayspring United Methodist Church is a welcoming congregation. We welcome all people regardless of age, sex, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, or ability into the full life of this congregation. Dayspring Mission To create disciples of Jesus Christ who touch and inspire people through an open and diverse community.



The current issue of the Koinonikos, the monthly newsletter for Dayspring United Methodist Church, Tempe, Arizona.

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