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PHOTO: Emptying suitcases filled with new supplies for the Tochimizolco, Mexico Medical and Dental Clinic (page 24)

Together we are making God’s world more peaceful, just, compassionate, and inclusive.

My grandmother was a wonderful influence in my life in my growing up years. Remembering her as she sat in her rocking chair reading her Bible, dressed from morning to night like she was meeting the Queen of England, always ready to stop whatever she was doing to answer my questions, knitting and crocheting and cooking – these are my memories.

However, my Nana had another quality – she worried – and I inherited that quality. I am really not happy about this. The more I worry, the more I worry that my faith in God is not enough. And the cycle begins all over again.

During these past several weeks when I was not feeling myself, I wondered if I would ever get to feel joy again. Will my body and my mind recover? Will I be able to help others again? What can I learn from this experience?

First, I have learned that Jesus asks us not to worry about tomorrow’s worries because the concerns we have for today will be quite enough! Don’t be distracted with more than I can handle

Secondly, Barbara Brown Taylor tells us that we need darkness in order to see the light. “I have learned things in the dark that I could never have learned in the light, things that have saved my life over and over again.” Stop with the self-judgment. God is always with me.

And, finally, these words, “I Worried” by Mary Oliver, speak to my heart:

I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the rivers flow in the right direction, will the earth turn as it was taught, and if not how shall I correct it? Was I right, was I wrong, will I be forgiven, can I do better? Will I ever be able to sing, even the sparrows can do it and I am, well, hopeless… Finally, I saw that worrying had come to nothing. And gave it up. And took my old body and went out into the morning, and sang.

We thank God for Mary Oliver. And if you ever want to talk with someone who loves to listen, and seeks to understand, please let me know.

Prayerfully, joyfully, and still a little worried (which is ok),

Pastor Shirley

Dayspring invited to see ‘Barbie’ (minus Adam)

When the blockbuster megahit, “Barbie,” hit the theaters last summer, Pastor Shirley Wells did not run to buy her ticket. But two things happened to change her mind about seeing the film. First, on Sunday, September 17, Pastor Jeff Ppreached about “Adam and Barbie.”

“Hearing Jeff’s sermon was the impetus,” Shirley said. “When you come to church here, you never know what’s going to happen on a Sunday morning.”

The other thing that pushed her over the edge was watching the Academy Awards in March, when actor Ryan Gosling, who played Barbie’s boyfriend in the film, went full Ken in a live performance of “I’m just Ken.” Said Shirley, “That piqued my interested, too.”

She’ll finally get to see “Barbie” — and you can, too — at a special showing at Friendship Village in Tempe. It will be from 1-4pm on Wednesday, May 29, in the Private Dining Room. Refreshments will be served. The showing is free, but there is very limited space, so RSVP soon to Andrea in the church office at andrea@dayspring-umc.org.

After that Sunday in September, friends of Shirley, also inspired by Jeff’s sermon, suggested getting together a group to see “Barbie.”

In the sermon, Pastor Jeff spoke about two creation stories in Genesis. In the first, God created the heavens and earth and all things in and around them in six days, then rested.

In the second story, Adam was created from the dust, prompting Jeff to refer to the first man as Dusty, and given the job of enjoying and enhancing the Garden of Eden. One caveat from God: Don’t touch the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil or you’ll die. Scene 2 sees God create a mate from Dusty’s rib.

“Here’s where it gets problematic, right?” Jeff preached. “Women are derived from men. Women are lesser than men. Women are secondary, women are men’s helpmates. It’s a sad, unintended consequence of the story.”

Eve eats the fruit, offers it to Dusty, and the outcome is labeled by St. Augustine in the 4th century as “the fall” and “original sin.”

Fast forward 1,600 years to a new book, Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints, in which author Daneen Akers writes that Barbie is a better creation story. And that’s just the story Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach told when they wrote, then directed, “Barbie.” Eve is redeemed.

For Barbie, who lives in pink, plastic, sparkly perfection, every day — past, present and future — is a good day. Her helpmate, Ken, an “accessory,” as Jeff called him, only has good days when Barbie looks at him.

Genesis is flipped.

But Barbie soon realizes there is more to life than pink, and she feels her own mortality, so she visits a serpent — AKA Weird Barbie, portrayed by Kate McKinnon — who invites her to metaphorically eat the forbidden fruit. Barbie witnesses evil, oppression, and injustice, and decides to take a meeting with God who, in the film, is the CEO of Mattel. She asks him too many questions, and his response is to put her back into her box.

Barbie eventually meets a more God-like character, Ruth Handler, Barbie’s inventor and a loving grandmother figure who only wants what’s best for her creation. They hold hands, imagery that evokes Michelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel, “The Creation of Adam.”

And with thatBarbie replaces the old, bearded white guy with a tender, seasoned grandmother,” said Jeff to close his sermon.

That sermon will kick off movie day at Friendship Village later this month, followed by the screening and discussion. Still need a reason to see “Barbie” or to see it again? “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan Gosling and all the other Kens will never disappoint.

May / June 2024 2



May 4 ~ 10:00am (St. James Episcopal)

Dayspring UMC and St. James Episcopal Church (SE corner of Warner at Rural) are collaborating on Saturday, May 4, to host a guided labyrinth walk for World Labyrinth Day. Every year on the May, people all over the world participate in this moving meditation for peace and celebration of the labyrinth experience.

There will also be a guided handheld labyrinth walk indoors as well as several other activities available. The guided walk runs from 10:00-11:30am but the labyrinth is outdoors just off Warner and open to all at any time. Please contact Laura Hudson at 602-622-3884 with any questions.



May 26 & June 23 ~ 4:00pm (Tempe)

Simple chants, Silence, Scripture, Silence, Prayer, Silence, Prayers at the Cross, Silence.

Repetition of the words of the chants stills our souls. Silence draws us closer to that inner place where we know God is truly with us. The time and space become sacred. Nothing is hurried.

The Taizé service comes from the ecumenical community of Taizé, France. Gathered in the presence of Christ, this is a time of meditative common prayer. During the service, we sing uncomplicated, repetitive songs, uncluttered by too many words, allowing the mystery of God to become known through the beauty of simplicity. A few words are sung over and over again, which helps us to go deeper into prayer. In between the chants we have a Scripture reading followed by silence. During this silence, we allow the Word to sink deep into our hearts.

Email Pastor Shirley at shirley@dayspring-umc.org for more information.

We offer a number of unique opportunities on Second Sundays. Join us for the United Methodist Men’s program (8:15am) or check out our Sacred Space service (8:50am). You’re invited to enjoy a cup of coffee or walk our Labyrinth at any time. Our traditional Sunday service is at 10:00 - we’ll be celebrating our graduates as well as Mother’s Day, then, plan to stay for either FaithUnplugged with Pastor Michael or Love Lessons with Dr. Gary Lovejoy at 11:30.

Second Sunday activities will pause during the summer and will return with a new set of small group offerings and worship opportunities this fall.

On May 5, Pastor Mark will finish his three-week exposé on the Book of Revelation, discussing what John of Patmos got wrong and what he got right.

May 12 is Second Sunday and the Adult Class is pausing in order to make the space and time available for members to participate other ministry opportunities.

Then, on May 19, Pastor Mark will do a one-week explanation of two theologies that wind their way throughout Scripture: Sabbath Theology and Sanction Theology.

Memorial Day weekend is May 26. The class begins its summer break this Sunday until we start up again in the Fall.

All are welcome at 9:00am in the Palo Verde Room. For those who can’t join us in person, a Zoom link for the class is available. If you have any questions, please contact Mark Huntington at mnmhuntington@sbcglobal.net or (949) 632-7904.

May / June 2024 3



May 7 and 21, June 4 and 18 ~ 3:00pm (Zoom)

Praying Together meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month via Zoom at 3:00pm. If you have prayers during the week, please enter them online or send them to shirley@dayspring-umc.org, and we will send them out to the members of this group who are praying. All are welcome to meet with us via Zoom; please email Pastor Shirley for the Zoom link. You are more than welcome to bring your personal prayer concerns.


May 2 and 16, June 6 and 20 ~ 7:00pm (Zoom)

Time to Wonder offers a time to contemplate Scripture, Music, other Spiritual Writings, a time for self-reflection and sharing with others, and a time to grow closer with God – literally a TIME TO WONDER. We meet the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7:00pm by Zoom. Please email shirley@dayspringumc.org to receive the Zoom link. We always welcome new Wondering People!


May 2 and 16, June 6 and 20 ~ 7:00pm (Tempe)

Centering Prayer is a spiritual practice of meditation used by Christians, placing a strong emphasis on interior silence. The name is taken from Thomas Merton's description of contemplative prayer that is “centered entirely on the presence of God.” A small group meets the first and third Thursdays of the month at 7:00pm in the Dayspring Tempe library. For further information, email Bethany at blambrecht1225@gmail.com.


Fridays ~ 10:30am (Zoom)

Opening to God meets weekly on Friday mornings at 10:30 via Zoom. We gather for silence, centering prayer, meditation, journaling, contemplation, sharing, and listening to God’s direction in our lives. Please join us for this sacred time. Email shirley@dayspring-umc.org for the Zoom link or for more information. All are welcome.

May / June 2024 4


The school year may be winding down, but there’s still a lot happening with Dayspring Children’s Ministry. The BeTween kids learned all about pollinators and planted a pollinator garden. We hope to attract butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other helpful pollinators. Stop by the Giving Garden and check it out.

Snow cones are coming back on May 12 after the 10:00 service! Snow cones are free, so stop on by. We will also be collecting donations for Project Hope, our clean water well project in Liberia. Annie and Prince Mayson are heading back to Liberia this summer to do some maintenance on four existing wells and to build some more clean water wells. Thank you so much to all of you for helping to make this happen!

The last day of regular Sunday school is May 19 and all classes will have an end of year party. There will be no Sunday school on Memorial Day weekend (May 26), but nursery care will be available for kids under the age of nine. Summer Sunday school will begin on June 2 and is a multi-age class (kindergarten – 6th grade) that meets in room 206. (Children who aren’t yet in kindergarten will meet in room 116.) If you would like to volunteer for a week or two as a teacher or assistant during summer Sunday school, please let me know. This is a great opportunity to give your kids’ hard-working Sunday school teachers a break.

Vacation Bible School is coming to Dayspring June 10 – 13 from 9am to noon. Scuba VBS will take kids deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they’ll experience the ever-flowing, never-ending love of God. It includes four days of games, activities, snacks, program supplies and one set of VBS music per family. The cost of the program is $35 for the first child in the immediate family and $30 for additional siblings. Children must be three years old (and MUST be potty trained) through entering 6th grade. There are a limited number of spots left and registration is filling up quickly. You can register at dayspringumc.org/vbs or email me at andrea@dayspring-umc.org if you have any questions. We also need lots of volunteers, even if you are available for a day or two. Volunteers need to be in (entering) 7th grade and up.

During the month of June, we will also be collecting donations for Liberia. Please bring in your gently used clothing, shoes, towels, toys, and children’s books. There will be collection boxes in the narthex for you to drop off your donations on Sunday mornings, or kids can bring them to VBS.

Thank you all for your support of Dayspring Children’s Ministry, and stay cool this summer!


to keep it simple! What they wanted most was to have time to just hang out and have fun together! In April, a cookout with games was the perfect fit. Everyone enjoyed playing volleyball, four-square, pickleball, axe throwing (plastic toy axes in case you were getting concerned), and corn hole. We had hotdogs, hamburgers, and sides that everyone brought. Thank you to everyone who brought games and food. Thanks to Jacob Spencer for being grill master! We wrapped it up with an ice cream sundae bar provided by the Farleys. Thank you, Farley family!

In Formation, we recently decided to revamp the youth room because, honestly, it looked rather drab. We got some new paper to freshen up the bulletin boards, and reorganized books and games. The youth took down old strings of patio lights and put up new remote-control, color-changing LED lights. Although the room looks far better now we still aren’t done. We plan on adding pictures to the bulletin boards and fixing some of the ceiling tiles too!

During Formation we had a special guest, Ris, from Arizona Interfaith Power and Light. She talked to us about climate change and what we can do about it. There was an excellent discussion on things we could do to combat climate change in all sorts of ways. We talked about planting trees, reducing emissions, raising awareness, and supporting climate activist groups!

May / June 2024 6

The youth were actively engaged in the presentations about climate this year. We were really impressed with their passion for the topic, so when we heard about the Phoenix Climate Solutions Now Earth Day Block Party, we knew that we needed to help the youth participate. Our youth had lunch and confirmation class after church and then got on the road to the capitol! After listening to speeches kicking off the event, the youth traveled around in groups visiting booths to learn more about different organizations and how we can all help make a positive impact for the planet. We also enjoyed mariachi music, food trucks, popsicles, and free Earth Day t-shirts! Thank you to the Cardona family for providing lunch! Thanks to our chaperones and carpool drivers Winona Blackfeather, Clark Miller, Karin Ellison, Christie Aldinger, and James Farley.

In May we are celebrating! On May 5, we’re celebrating a great year together with an end-of-the-year Cinco de Mayo party. We’ll have some great food, play games, and swim. to the LaFave family for hosting! We’ll also celebrate our confirmands with Confirmation Sunday on May 19th. year’s class had 13 awesome con learn about what it means to be a Methodist. class they can officially become members of the church, and we welcome them!

After getting our 13 confirmands INTO the church, we’re all going to ESCAPE… from an escape room! planning an escape room challenge on May 19th. forward to having fun looking for clues, solving riddles, and working together to escape from school and into our summer vacations.

Congratulations to our graduating seniors! having them in Formation and youth group and all of our activities. Though we’re sad to see them go, we wish them well and look forward to having them come back and visit. luck to our graduates: Gwyndolyn Hall, Brandon Chaloupka, Mara McPhail, Margot McArdle, and Ethan Grayling!

Lastly, Dayspring youth volunteers are heading to the Navajo Nation to work with Sierra Service Project at the end of June. Nearly a dozen youth and adult chaperones will drive together to Tsaile, Arizona, to work on construction projects. We will build helpful home additions like accessibility ramps and storage sheds for community members in need. If you'd like to contribute to our participation in SSP, we always welcome donations. This helps us pay for food, supplies, vehicle rentals, gas, and scholarships. To make a donation please visit dayspring-umc.org/give and look for the SSP button.

Dayspring youth and families, watch your email and the Whatsapp for summer activities and updates! We’ll likely need help setting up for VBS on June 9th, and we’ll look for some other times to get together for those who are in town.

May / June 2024


The big music news for the month of May is our performance of Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn on May 19. Please plan to attend this spectacular performance with chorus, soloists, and orchestra.

But first…


Thanks to all who attended the Passover Seder, and special thanks to the army of people who helped to make it happen. Volunteers cooked (and cleaned up—so many dishes…) throughout the day on Monday and Tuesday, April 22 and 23, and we served a full turkey dinner to over 80 people! Those in attendance got to eat traditional chicken soup with matzoh balls, roast turkey, carrot and apple compote (tzimmes), and potato and onion casserole (kugel). For dessert, there were two kinds of Passover cake. Most of the recipes come from my mother, who was unable to attend but who enjoyed sampling things later. We learned about the rituals of Passover and especially about the prophet Elijah. We raised some $1,500, which will support the performance of Elijah on May 19.


On Sunday, May 5, I will speak about Mendelssohn’s Elijah in the Kelley Music Room following the service. Come learn about the background of this magnificent work, what you can expect in the performance, and more!

Daniel Bernard Roumain

Also on Sunday, May 5, at 3pm we originally planned to present a concert by our quartet-in-residence, the Burn City

String Quartet, but they have had to cancel. Instead, we’re pleased to present the Chroma Quartet, a group of ASU graduate students. Their delightful program features Bedrich Smetana’s String Quartet No. 1 (“From My Life”) and arrangements of folk songs for string quartet. This free concert (about an hour in length) will be a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

On Friday, May 10, at 7:30pm, Euphony presents “For the Beauty of Mother Earth,” a concert honoring the natural world and our mothers! This group of highly trained singers has delighted audiences at Dayspring for the last several seasons. Please come and hear this elegant performance of music ranging from “Five Flower Songs” by Benjamin Britten to “Six Chansons” by Paul Hindemith to music by Lucy Simon and the Beatles! Admission is by donation ($15 suggested; students $5) https://www.euphony-ensemble.org/purchase-tickets.

On Sunday, May 19, we will perform Elijah at 3pm.

May / June 2024 8


Mendelssohn's Elijah is a fiery musical retelling of stories of the biblical prophet from 1 Kings using soloists, chorus, and orchestra. Ahab, King of Israel, has married Jezebel, a woman of Tyre and a Baal worshipper. To punish the Hebrews for turning away from Jehovah, Elijah proclaims a great drought, which persists for three years. During that time, Elijah raises a child from the dead, then returns to confront the Baal priests. After successfully ending the drought, Elijah retreats to the wilderness to escape the wrath of Jezebel. In despair, he eventually encounters the Lord in a still, small voice and is taken into Heaven on a chariot of fire. Composed in 1846 for the Birmingham Festival in England, the work was an immediate success at its premiere and has remained in the repertory ever since. It includes such famous solos as "If with all your hearts ye truly seek me," "O rest in the Lord," and "It is enough." The choral writing is dramatic and stirring, with such familiar pieces as "He watching over Israel" and "Behold, God the Lord passed by."


Dayspring's performance of Elijah brings together members of the Dayspring Celebration Chorale with singers from the community, including members of the choir at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, singers from ASU, and members of choirs from all around the valley for a true collaborative experience. The orchestra consists of current and former

ASU students, including Dayspring's String Quartet in Residence, the Burn City String Quartet. Soloists include baritone Nathan De'Shon Myers in the title role and the members of Dayspring's Solo Quartet: Emily Gibson, soprano; Miriam Schildkret, mezzo-soprano; Ted Zimnicki, tenor; and John Pierce Kraft, bass. Joining them is mezzo-soprano Megan Law. David Schildkret, Director of Music Ministries at Dayspring, conducts.

The performance will last about two hours.


We will once again have a Summer Choir in June, July, and August. We’re still working on the exact schedule, but it will be approximately every other week. To participate, come to the Kelley Music Room on Sunday mornings at 9:20 (no Wednesday rehearsal) to practice a simple anthem that we’ll sing during the 10am service. If you sing and have thought about joining Dayspring’s choir, this is a great way to get involved with a minimal commitment! We will announce dates in the Reflections email, and you can also email me, David Schildkret (david@dayspring-umc.org), for details.

Our new organist, Zachary Golden, will be joining us in August! Regular choir rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, August 28, at 7pm, and the Dayspring Celebration Chorale will sing in Sunday services beginning on September 8.

~David Schildkret Director of Music Ministries david@dayspring-umc.org


01 9:00 / Stitchers / Palo Verde Room

6:00 / Children’s Choir / Room 206

6:30 / Book Club / Room 112

6:45 / Youth Choir / Room 206

6:45 / BeTween / Room 203

7:00 / Celebration Chorale / Music Room

02 10:30 / Chair Yoga / Room 110

7:00 / A Time to Wonder / Zoom

7:00 / Centering Prayer / Library

7:00 / Euphony Rehearsal / Music Room

7:00 / NA / Rooms 112 and 110

03 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom

04 1:00 / Euphony Rehearsal / Music Room


8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

9:00 / Adult Sunday School / Palo Verde Room

9:15 / Cherubs / Room 201

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

*Sunday School Schedule*

11:15 / New Member Orientation / Room 112

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

3:00 / String Quartet Concert / Sanctuary

5:00 / Youth Group / Fellowship Hall

06 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom

6:00 / Theo Pub

6:30 / Grief Support Group

7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Room 206

07 3:00 / Praying Together / Zoom

5:30 / Church & Society / Palo Verde Room

6:00 / DayspRingers / Music Room

7:00 / Euphony Rehearsal / Sanctuary

08 6:00 / Children’s Choir / Room 206

6:45 / Youth Choir / Room 206

6:45 / BeTween / Room 203

7:00 / Celebration Chorale / Music Room

09 9:30 / Connie Reading Circle / Room 112

10:30 / Chair Yoga / Palo Verde Room

6:30 / Stephen Ministry Meeting / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / Euphony Rehearsal / Sanctuary

7:00 / NA / Rooms 112 and 110

10 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom

7:30 / Euphony Concert / Sanctuary

11 3:00 / Tempe Community Chorus Concert/ Sanctuary

12 Mothers’ Day

Graduation Sunday

Second Sunday

8:15 / UMM Meeting / Palo Verde Room

8:30 / Yoga / Room 112

8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

9:15 / Cherub Choir / Room 201

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

*Sunday School Schedule*

11:00 / Snow Cones / Patio

11:30 / Faith Unplugged / Fellowship Hall

11:30 / Love Lessons / Palo Verde Room

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

13 7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Room 206

7:00 / Mary Martha Circle / Palo Verde Room

14 9:00 / Quilt Camp / Palo Verde Room

6:00 / DayspRingers / Music Room

6:30 / SPRC Meeting / Room 112

6:30 / IRA Household Benefits Meeting / Zoom

15 9:00 / Quilt Camp / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / Elijah Rehearsal / Music Room and Sanctuary

16 9:00 / Quilt Camp / Palo Verde Room

10:30 / Chair Yoga / Room 110

10:30 / IRA Household Benefits Meeting / Zoom

7:00 / A Time to Wonder / Zoom

7:00 / Centering Prayer / Library

7:00 / Elijah Rehearsal / Sanctuary

7:00 / NA / Room 112 and 110


17 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom

18 1:00 / Elijah Rehearsal / Sanctuary

19 Confirmation


8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

9:00 / Adult Sunday School / Palo Verde

9:15 / Cherubs / Room 201

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

*Sunday School Schedule*

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

3:00 / Elijah / Sanctuary

5:00 / Youth Group / Fellowship Hall

20 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom

6:30 / Grief Support Group / Zoom

7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Fellowship Hall

21 3:00 / Praying Together / Zoom

6:00 / Garden Talk / Palo Verde Room

22 6:00 / Choir Party / Organ Stop Pizza

23 10:30 / Chair Yoga / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / UWF Meeting / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / NA / Room 112 and 110

24 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom

26 Fourth Sunday Food Drive

8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

10:00 / Childcare / Room 116

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

4:00 / Taizé / Fellowship Hall

27 Memorial Day

Church Office Closed

28 5:00 / Prison Ministry / Room 112

30 10:30 / Chair Yoga / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / NA / Room 112 and 110

31 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom


8:50 / Nursery Care / Room 116

10:00 / Nursery Care / Room 117

10:00 / 2- and 3-Year-Olds / Room 116

10:00 / PreK-Kindergarten / Room 115

10:00 / 1st – 3rd Grade / Room 202

10:00 / 4th – 6th Grade / Room 201

10:00 / Youth Formation / Room 111

May / June 2024




8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

10:00 / Nursery Care / Room 117

10:00 / 2 - 5 Year Olds / Room 116

10:00 / Summer Sunday School / Room 206

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom

6:00 / Theo Pub

7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Fellowship Hall

7:00 / Tempe South Little League / Room 112

/ Praying Together

/ Church & Society / Palo Verde Room

/ Book Club / Room

10:30 / Chair Yoga / Palo Verde Room 7:00 / A Time to Wonder

7:00 / Centering Prayer / Library

7:00 / NA / Rooms 112 and 110

10:30 / Opening to God

9:00 / VBS Setup

8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

10:00 / Nursery Care / Room 117

10:00 / 2 – 5 Year Olds / Room 116

10:00 / Summer Sunday School / Room 206

/ Sunday Lunch Bunch

9:00 / VBS

7:00 / Mary Martha Circle / Palo Verde Room 7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Fellowship Hall

8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

10:00 / Nursery Care / Room 117

10:00 / 2 – 5 Year Olds / Room 116

10:00 / Summer Sunday School / Room 206

10:00 / Formation / Room 111

11:00 / Snow Cones / Patio

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch 17 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support Group

7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Fellowship Hall 18 3:00 / Praying Together 19 Juneteenth

20 10:30 / Chair Yoga / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / A Time to Wonder

7:00 / Centering Prayer / Library

7:00 / NA / Room 112 and 110

21 10:30 / Opening to God

23 Fourth Sunday Food Drive

8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

10:00 / Nursery Care / Room 117

10:00 / 2 – 5 Year Olds / Room 116

10:00 / Summer Sunday School / Room 206

10:00 / Formation / Room 111

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

4:00 / Taizé / Fellowship Hall

24 7:00 / BS Troop 172 / Fellowship Hall 25 5:00 / Prison Ministry Meeting / Room 112 27 10:30 / Chair Yoga / Palo Verde Room

7:00 / NA / Room 112 and 110

28 10:30 / Opening to God

30 8:50 / Sacred Space / Sanctuary

8:50 / Childcare / Room 116

10:00 / Worship / Sanctuary

10:00 / Nursery Care / Room 117

10:00 / 2 – 5 Year Olds / Room 116

10:00 / Summer Sunday School / Room 206

10:00 / Formation / Room 111

11:30 / Sunday Lunch Bunch

11 9:00
SPRC / Palo Verde Room 12 9:00 / VBS 13 9:00 / VBS
Rooms 112 and 110 14 10:30
Opening to God 16 Fathers’ Day
6:30 /
7:00 /
16 (continued)



01 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 02 7:00 / A Time to Wonder / Zoom 03 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 05 11:00 / Worship / Strivings Hall 06 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom 07 3:00 / Praying Together / Zoom 08 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 10 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 12 Mothers’ Day 5:00 / Community Table / Strivings Library 15 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 16 7:00 / A Time to Wonder / Zoom 17 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 18 5:00 / Borderlands Produce Rescue / Parking Lot 19 Pentecost 20 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom 6:30 / Grief Support Group / Zoom 21 3:00 / Praying Together / Zoom 22 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 24 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 27 Memorial Day 29 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 31 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom May
01 7:30 / Antique Radio Club / Parking Lot 02 11:00 / Worship / Strivings Hall 03 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom 6:30 / Grief Support / Zoom 04 3:00 / Praying Together / Zoom 05 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 06 7:00 / A Time to Wonder / Zoom 07 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 12 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 14 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 15 4:30 / Borderlands Produce Rescue / Parking Lot 17 10:30 / Memory Loss Caregivers Support / Zoom 6:30 / Grief Support Group / Zoom 18 3:00 / Praying Together / Zoom 19 Juneteenth 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 20 7:00 / A Time to Wonder / Zoom 21 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom 26 7:00 / AA (Men) / Strivings Library 28 10:30 / Opening to God / Zoom


Join us for a day of service and fellowship as we come together to enhance our Dayspring UMC Tempe Campus! On May 4, from 6am to noon, we'll be tackling various maintenance tasks to ensure our space is welcoming and well-maintained.

Activities Include:

1. Changing Ceiling Tiles. Help us refresh our indoor space by replacing worn-out ceiling tiles.

2. Replacing Air Filters: Ensure optimal air quality by assisting in changing air filters throughout the building.

3. Patching Sidewalks: Let's work together to patch up any uneven spots on our sidewalks for safety and aesthetics.

4. Cleaning and Refreshing Spaces: Join in revitalizing our campus by cleaning and refreshing various indoor and outdoor areas, creating a welcoming environment for all who visit.

No prior experience is necessary - just a willing heart and a desire to serve! Whether you're handy with tools or simply eager to lend a hand, there's a task for everyone. Plus, it's a fantastic opportunity to connect with fellow members of our church community.


• Date: May 4th, 2024

• Time: 6:00am - 12:00pm

• Location: Dayspring UMC Tempe Campus

• Attire: Dress comfortably in clothes you don't mind getting a bit dirty. Closed-toe shoes are recommended for safety.

• Refreshments: Light refreshments will be provided to keep our volunteers energized throughout the morning.

Let's work together to make our Dayspring UMC Tempe Campus a place of beauty, comfort, and hospitality. See you there!

For more information or to sign up, please contact Nikki at nikki@dayspring-umc.org


Are you new to Dayspring UMC or have you been attending for a while and are interested to know more about the church and what is involved in church membership? We invite you to attend a one-hour(ish) session with Pastor Jeff to learn more about the United Methodist church and Dayspring specifically. The next New Member Orientation is May 5 following the 10:00 service in Tempe and will meet in Room 112 and Zoom.

Church membership asks these four questions of you:

• Will you love God with your whole heart?

• Will you love your neighbor as generously as you love yourself?

• Will you seek to follow Jesus and live according to his teachings?

• Will you live your life with generosity and hope?

If you would like to attend this upcoming membership orientation, please call the church office at (480) 838-1446 or email churchoffice@dayspring-umc.org to let us know you are interested. If this date is not convenient, please contact the office to discuss alternate times.


Who: Anyone and everyone with a car or a motorcycle or an RV or or a trailer or anything with wheels! What: Boy Scout troop 172 Car wash! Donations Welcome! When: Saturday May the Fourth. 8-11AM Where: Shell gas station at 7602 South McClintock Dr., (SW corner of McClintock and Elliot) Why: Troop 172 is washing cars to raise money for camp scholarships to send scouts to National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) at Camp Geronimo in Payson this summer. The week-long NYLT program provides Boy Scouts with leadership skills and experience that they can use in their troops and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.


Congratulations to long-time Dayspring member, Mike Rooney! Mike is a 2024 recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award, the highest national commendation for extraordinary service to the Boy Scouts of America.

Mike is only the tenth Arizonan to receive this honor since it was created in 1925. He joins the list of others who have received this award nationwide, including: Walt Disney, Neil Armstrong, Archie Manning, Roger Firestone, and Yogi Berra.

May / June 2024 14



May 6 & 20 and June 3 & 17 ~ 6:30pm (Zoom)

Everyone experiences grief differently, but having skills to process life after loss can make life bearable and, hopefully, life-giving. Our Grief Support Group meets on Zoom throughout the year and is facilitated by a psychologist and Dayspring member. It introduces the skills needed to help facilitate healing. If you or someone you know needs support in grieving a major loss in your life, such as a death, broken relationship, or job loss, please come and experience a safe place to process in community. Please email Sharon Zygowicz at zygowicz@gatewaycc.edu for more information or the Zoom link.


May 1 ~ 9:00am (Tempe)

The Dayspring Stitchers will meet Wednesday, May 1, in the Palo Verde Room from 9:00 till after lunch together. We will also have a Summer Sewing Day Camp May 14, 15, and 16 in the Palo Verde Room. Then we will be on summer break until September. So far this year, we have sewn 48 blankets and 172 pillowcases for donations. If you like to sew, come check us out. We welcome new members all the time.


May 6 and June 3 ~ 6:00pm

TheoPub is a group of LGBTQ+ and Ally folks that has been active for about six years. We will meet at FATE BREWING COMPANY (201 E. Southern Ave. #111, Tempe) on May 6 and again on June 3 at 6:00pm. Join us for a fun evening of stimulating conversation, good food, and your favorite beverage! Please email David at pride@dayspringumc.org with questions or to RSVP.


Sundays ~ 11:30am

Dayspring Lunch Bunch welcomes church members to join us weekly at local restaurants at 11:30 following the Sunday services. We share fun, fellowship and “family” support. Lunch locations are listed at the Welcome table in the Narthex. We send a weekly email to members. Email lunch@dayspringumc.org for more information. All are welcome. Upcoming Lunch Spots:

May Dates

05 PF Chang’s, Chandler Mall

12 Red Robin, Elliot Rd., Tempe

19 Old Spaghetti Co., Chandler Mall

26 Macayo’s, Warner/48th St, Ahwatukee

June Dates

2 Cracker’s, Elliot Rd., Tempe

9 Florindino’s, Alma School Rd., Chandler

16 Garcia’s, Warner and McClintock, Tempe

23 US Egg, Chandler Blvd, Chandler

30 La Madelaine, Chandler Blvd., Chandler

May Unit Meeting

Thursday, May 23 ~ 7:00pm (Tempe)

Topic: Frontera de Cristo, Presbyterian Bi-national Border Ministry Catherine May, Peacemaking, Social Justice and Mission Chair from the Tempe Presbyterian Church, will present a program about Frontera de Cristo, the Presbyterian Bi-national Border Ministry, serving the border at Douglas,AZ/Aqua-Prieta, Mexico. This Ministry offers opportunities to visit or volunteer at the border. Come to learn more!

2024 United Women in Faith Reading Program

Why should you read books from the United Women in Faith Reading Program? Reading books recommended by the UWFaith Reading Program can be enlightening and rewarding experience, potentially assisting you on your faith journey and inspiring you along the way. Here is the 2024 Reading Program Catalog containing book descriptions: http://bit.ly/4aSWhMN

Summer reading suggestion: CHURCH OF THE WILD: HOW NATURE INVITES US INTO THE SACRED by Victoria Loorz / Broadleaf Books (2021) Whether disillusioned by the church or unfulfilled by traditional expressions of faith, many of us long for a deeper spirituality. Coping with an unraveling vocation, identity, and planet, Loorz turned to the wanderings of spiritual leaders and the sanctuary of the natural world, eventually cofounding the Wild Church Network and Seminary of the Wild. With an ecospiritual lens on biblical narratives and a fresh look at a community larger than our own species, Church of the Wild uncovers the roots of faith and helps us deepen our commitment to a suffering earth by falling in love with it.

The United Women in Faith reading program offers numerous benefits that can enrich your life and deepen your spiritual journey. Take time to read!

May / June 2024 16

Mission u Registration is open

In-person Adult and Youth studies at Payson UMC

Friday, June 21, 9:30am check in and Saturday, June 22, 8:30am with light breakfast In-person Adult & Youth Studies: https://dscumc.org/event/mission-u-2024/2024-06-21/

Virtual Adult study

Friday, July 19, at 3pm and Saturday, July 20, at 10am – on Zoom Virtual Study for Adults: https://dscumc.org/event/mission-u-2024-virtual/2024-07-19/

More information available on the registration link.

Scholarships are available from both your District and Conference United Women in Faith. Please contact United Women in Faith for information and to apply.

by Neomi Fletcher. The curriculum uses the image of home to explore how living in close proximity to the kin-dom is like making a home with God. Participants are invited to develop practices for building healthy, welcoming communities as a result of being anchored in the abiding love of God.

Cultivating Symbiosis: The Nature of God’s Kin-dom by Nica Sy. In Creation, we see the power of symbiosis, or interdependent relationship. The curriculum explores the idea of symbiosis between our relationships with one another and our relationship with God. By drawing closer to one another and our world, we draw closer to

Please purchase your study book prior to Mission u.


During their April meeting, the Dayspring UMM had the privilege of hearing Prince and Annie Mayson share their journey from Liberia to a refugee camp in Ghana to the USA. Their travels showed the determination that immigrants must have to reach their goal of a safe, free life in the US.

Prince also shared his ongoing mission of Project Hope, which includes building fresh water wells in small villages in Liberia. Dayspring Children’s ministry continues to raise funds to support this mission. The cost to create each life-giving well is $3,500.00. This certainly would be a forever giving legacy for any family.

We also presented Randy Hamilton with the Lee Cook Memorial Award, recognizing his unsel fi sh service to Dayspring. The award will be formally presented to him at a Sunday service in the fall. His endless service to help improve the Dayspring campus is truly a labor of love.

To develop next year’s schedule and to continue to build United Methodist Men (UMM) asks your help to https://forms.gle/dy4qdwbAPTCZxs138. The survey will be used to adjust meeting days/time and program content for next year. At present, the group meets on Second Sunday mornings at 8:15, with coffee and donuts, and a program and discussion on a topic of interest led by a group member. The meetings are a social hour open not just to men, but to all, with emphasis on fellowship. We are looking forward to our next UMM meeting on May 12 at 8:15am in the Palo Verde Room to review survey results and begin developing a schedule and topics for the coming year.

Please reach out to Mark Kaiser at mjkaiser51@gmail.com or Bill Stenseth at stensew@gmail.com with any questions.



What is Dementia Fatigue?

A common concern among caregivers of loved ones with dementia is that the loved one seems exhausted and sleeps too much. This characteristic is shared by many people with dementia and is sometimes referred to as “Dementia Fatigue.” It is frequently experienced by people with cognitive impairments or memory problems.

Changes in the brain may lead to problems with the “biological clock”, confusing times to sleep and to wake up. A person may never feel rested or have energy, even after long periods of sleep. Fatigue makes it difficult for a person to be engaged in social interaction, activities, or conversation. With less mental stimulation going on, fatigue may escalate.

A person with dementia struggles daily to cope with their changing situation, and the brain is being worked very hard, contributing to dementia fatigue.

Another cause may be a side effect of medications. Older adults may be taking many medications that have been added to what they are already taking, resulting in a long list of accumulated medications. This is especially true if specialists are adding medications. Some meds are no longer needed, and often the primary physician is not aware of just how many medications are currently prescribed. It is a good idea to have your primary doctor review all medications from time to time.

Lack of energy from dementia fatigue can lead to losing interest in food, and thus losing one’s appetite. Our loved one with dementia may feel overwhelmed with the amount of energy required just to eat a meal, and once the appetite is suppressed, it is hard to reestablish interest in eating. If this goes on too long, it can lead to malnutrition and dehydration. In addition, too much consecutive time in bed may increase the risk of bedsores from pressure points having restricted blood flow.

It is worthwhile to discuss changes in sleep patterns and what may be dementia fatigue with your loved one’s physician, whether it is recently occurring, or if it has been going on for a long time. Later stages of dementia usually include increased sleeping and decreased energy, and the care provider can help determine if this fatigue is something that may be resolved, or if you should let your loved one sleep as he or she needs.

When caregivers are faced with dementia fatigue or with other situations, it can be helpful to have a safe place to express concerns and have discussions with other caregivers.

Taking Care, a support group for caregivers of those with memory loss, meets the first and third Monday of every month on Zoom. If you are aware of someone who may not know about our meetings, please encourage them to contact Pastor Shirley at shirley@dayspring-umc.org so they can be included. This group welcomes anyone from the community as well as Dayspring members and friends. Helping those around us makes all of us stronger.

If you are going through tough times, you are not alone …

Our Dayspring STEPHEN MINISTERS are here to help.

On May 5, we will commission our newest Stephen Ministers. These are members of the Dayspring family who’ve had extensive training in listening and in supporting people dealing with difficult times.

If you are facing a family, financial, spiritual, or personal heartbreak that seems impossible, we invite you to check out Stephen Ministry… or to inquire on behalf of someone you love. You can email StephenMinistry@dayspring-umc.org

Contact one of our pastors, the church office, or, call/email/text one of our Stephen Leaders:

Jacki Taylor jackiLtaylor@gmail.com 480-577-1683

Ev Taylor evtaylor1@gmail.com 480-720-9065

Dale Dauten ddauten@gmail.com 480-297-6244


May 1 ~ 6:30pm (Tempe)

Dayspring's Book Club will meet on May 1 at 6:30pm in Room 112 to discuss The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks

Peeling away the myth to bring the Old Testament's King David to life in Second Iron Age Israel, Brooks traces the arc of his journey from obscurity to fame, from shepherd to soldier, from hero to traitor, from beloved king to murderous despot and into his remorseful and diminished dotage.

The Secret Chord provides new context for some of the bestknown episodes of David's life while also focusing on others,

The book club is taking a break in June and July, but we'll return in August to discuss A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

In 1922, Count Alexander Rostov is deemed an unrepentant aristocrat by a Bolshevik tribunal and is sentenced to house arrest in the Metropol, a grand hotel across the street from the Kremlin. Rostov, an indomitable man of erudition and wit, has never worked a day in his life, and must now live in an attic room while some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history are unfolding outside the hotel’s doors. Unexpectedly, his


“Library Highlights” focuses each month on a topic, author, series, or recently acquired books.

May 2024 -Topic: Grief and Bereavement

Featured book: The AfterGrief: Finding Your Way Along the Long Arc of Loss by Hope Edelman (152.8 EDE) Writer, speaker, and Life Coach Hope Edelman gives us a validating new approach to the long-term grieving process that explains why we feel “stuck,” why that’s normal, and how shifting our perception of grief can help us grow.

Additional books in Series:

After the Death of a Child: Living with Loss Through the Years by Ann Finkbeiner (155.9 FIN)

Getting to the Other Side of Grief: Overcoming the Loss of a Spouse by Susan Zonnebelt (155.9 ZON)

Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart: How to Relate to Those Who Are Suffering by Kenneth Hague (152.8 HAU)

Life After Loss: A Practical Guide to Renewing Your Life After Experiencing Major Loss by Bob Deits (152.8 DEI)

June 2024 Topic: Fiction

Featured book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Medieval mysticism combines with the voice of the desert. This is the story of Andalusian shepherd boy Santiago and his journey from Spain across Northern Africa to the pyramids of Egypt. He goes in search of an unknown treasure, pursuing his dream, attending to omens, and listening to his heart.

Additional books:

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach FIC BAC

The Little-Known Appearances of Jesus by Frederick E. Maser (FIC MAS)

Thunder Over Kandahar by Sharon McKay (FIC MCK)

Joseph: Dreamer of Dreams by Ellen Traylor (FIC TRA)


A little history…

In 2017, when Dayspring needed to expand parking – and black topsomeone had a green idea: use some of the space for a recreation area (i.e. volleyball court and picnic tables) and some for a garden. That idea has expanded to 27 4x8 foot raised beds, most of which are leased to individual gardeners.

The garden’s team of volunteers has grown in number and skill as well. In 2018, Chris Lueck became a Master Gardener; her expertise and her connection with the Maricopa Community Garden help the GG stay upto-date with information regarding soil protection, plant propagation, irrigation, and insects.

The volunteer team meets every Wednesday morning to manage the garden and help answer bed gardeners’ questions. Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll introduce you to team members who’ll share their garden philosophies and tips. We hope their words may encourage you to garden and possibly to join us on Wednesday mornings or for garden talks.

“A healthy garden depends on healthy soil,” Chris says. Adding compost to your garden is essential each time you plant:

• It loosens the soil texture (which is especially important in our area, where the soil is mainly sand and/or clay).

• It provides organic matter that nurtures plants.

• It improves water retention for plant roots and makes irrigation more efficient.

After a season of watering plants, the healthy organic matter breaks down and needs to be replaced. In the Giving Garden we amend our gardens twice a year – before planting in the spring and fall.

Here’s some additional information from the Maricopa County Extension extension.Arizona.edu: Vegetable Planting Calendar for Maricopa County:extension.arizona.edu/pubs/vegetableplanting-calendar-maricopa-county

Ten Steps to a Successful Vegetable Garden: extension.arizona.edu/pubs/ten-steps-successful-vegetable-garden ~Mary VanderMeer


May 21 @ 6:30pm

With Master Gardener Emily Heller

All gardens have bugs — even successful gardens. That may seem contradictory, but there are plenty of bugs that are very beneficial to your vegetable garden. Learn how to identify these good guys and practices that can increase their populations. Emily Heller’s program will review pest management mindset and practices that are the least harmful to the environment. RSVP to garden@dayspring-umc.org

May / June 2024 20
The garden’s original volunteer team: Terry Nottke, Bruce Nottke, Chris Lueke, Blake Sacha, Nancy Schmehl, and Dave Harbster (not pictured, Erik Bogaard)


Spiritual Activists Greening the Earth


ation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) includes rebates and tax credits when you invest in household energy efficiency improvements. The SAGE team invites you to join one of our May Zoom meetings to learn about these household benefits:

Tues., May 14, 6:30–7:30pm

Thurs., May 16, 10:30–11:30am

ServiceArizona.com Register to Vote

Let’s Vote for Climate Action in 2024

Many of us are doing our best to become climate-conscious consumers. To protect God’s sacred creation, we must also become climate citizens. The 2024 elections are crucial to making the world more peaceful, just, compassionate, and inclusive.

We need political action in our state and local communities – including school boards, utilities, the state legislature, city councils and our employers. Here are two examples of where your vote and your voice are meaningful.

Arizona Corporation Commission

According to the authors of The Big Fix: 7 Practical Steps to Save Our Planet (available from the Dayspring library), “Few people take the time to speak up at a public utility commission hearing, but these proceedings are one way you can exert enormous influence by sharing your individual story.”

In Arizona, we elect five Corporation Commissioners. The Commission has authority over how much public utilities can charge as well as influence over whether Arizona will increase the amount of electricity coming from renewable sources like solar and wind power. The current Commission is moving in the opposite direction. From a social justice point of view, their approval of rate increases (in the wake of record utility profits) will hurt Arizonans who are struggling to make ends meet. Their approval of new natural gas power plants and reduction of solar energy incentives will send us plunging more deeply into the climate crisis already underway.

May / June 2024 22

Arizona State Legislature

Our state legislature controls whether we adopt meaningful policies to safeguard water, energy, and air quality. In both chambers, the two parties are nearly equal (the Senate has 16 Republicans and 14 Democrats; the House has 31 Republicans and 29 Democrats). It’s not a question of which party gets our vote. What matters is what they will or won’t do when it comes to climate action.

The rules by which the Arizona legislature operates give disproportionate power to this slim majority to decide which bills get a hearing and vote. They have voted to block Arizona cities and state agencies from creating environmental goals and programs. They are influenced by real estate developers, agribusiness, mining, and other industries. Little has been done to protect the health and well-being of Arizona citizens.

As you decide who gets your vote in this critical year, please let the candidates know that you care about climate action and social justice. Ask what they are doing, or plan to do, to support all the citizens of Arizona – not just those with deep pockets who support their campaigns.

10 Questions to Ask Candidates

1. Where does addressing the climate crisis fall on your list of priorities once you take office? What will be the first steps you take to protect the environment?

2. What will you do to support the growth of the clean energy industry and clean energy jobs?

3. How will you work to protect the vulnerable communities currently bearing the brunt of climate change?

4. What steps will you take to reduce the use of single-use plastics?

5. What will you do to ensure that the 2024 Farm Bill supports small farmers and regenerative agriculture?

6. Will you take steps to promote or incentivize rooftop solar?

7. What will you do to support and expand public transportation?

8. Do you support the end of leasing for fossil fuel extraction on federal lands?

9. Do you support eliminating subsidies for fossil fuels? Does your campaign accept contributions from fossil fuel corporations or executives?

May / June 2024 23


This year’s Medical Mission to Tochimizolco represented the 36th year since the first trip was held in 1989, returning annually except for 2020-2022 during which Tochimizolco was quarantined due to COVID-19 concerns. Dayspring sent 18 volunteers and Grace Church in Olathe, KS, sent 12. Between the two groups, we had a total of eight primary care providers (PCPs) and one pharmacist – not counting our new resident physician, Dr. Oscar Zecua – which allowed us to staff six clinics and allow providers to take breaks or do some house calls. Our two Nurse Practitioners, Michelle Locke and Teresa Loera, provided concierge-level care to our kitchen ladies and their husbands, who worked tirelessly to feed and care for

An additional five nurses staffed patient intake and triaging. In addition, the staff of Give Ye Them To Eat (GYTTE), an initiative of the United Methodist Church in Mexico and which Dayspring has faithfully supported for over two decades, provided health education, child care, and nutritious snacks for the staff and patients waiting to be seen. Eleven dental students under the tutelage of oral surgeon, Dr. Aldrin, at the local university assisted Dr. Veronica Rosas in caring for the dental patients. Over 100 individuals collaborated as volunteers to provide care to the people of Tochimizolco and the surrounding villages.

dental surgeries were performed, thanks to the new procedural suite (chair and instruments) donated by a generous Dayspringer.

• Eye Exams and Eyeglasses dispensed – 265

• Al Fresco Barbershop and Beauty Salon – 52 heads groomed

All in all, we placed a compassionate physical touch on more than 1,600 individuals. The team wants to thank everyone who gave generously to support our mission, as res burning to enable the travelers who went, and especially those who prayed faithfully for all of us on this mission, which after 36 years

May / June 2024 24

Tochimizolco, Puebla, Mexico, is a small village of fewer than 1000 residents. In 1989, a small group of energetic professionals from Olathe KS and Tempe AZ partnered with some of the people of the village and surrounding areas to start a yearly medical and dental service. Dr Dale Bowen, a Friendship Village Nunnenkamp resident, was part of getting this wonderful program going. He and several others would travel to Tochimizolco every April, bringing much needed supplies.

In the beginning, there were no buildings or facilities for the people and the working conditions were quite primitive. Many times the Americans became ill from the food and working conditions. At the time there was very little resources for the villagers and most of them had never even seen a toothbrush. Throughout the years, with hard work and generous donations, they have built a clinic with reception area, pharmacy, exam rooms, and a separate dental of clinic is dormitory housing with two bathrooms with showers for the workers.

Today, Dayspring United Methodist Church still sends a team once a year, the week after Easter, and provides a weekend of free health screening for medical, dental and give out reading glasses. They see on an average of around 450 people in each of the areas. Medications and vitamins are also given out. All completely free to the villagers. The group also work with the local government to identify those in need of follow up care or procedures. Through donations, they are also able to provide the village with a part time medical doctor and dentist.

Over the years, this medical mission has changed the quality of life for generations of families throughout the village. The volunteers also reap lasting benefits in their hearts from working with the villagers, even if only for one trip, and feel a great connection with the people of Tochimizolco.

~Joey Arnold Reprinted with permission from the Friendship Village Villager

May / June 2024 25

The Desert Southwest Conference is happy to announce that The Inn has been selected to receive item donations at this year’s Annual Conference in June. This ministry provides care for migrants passing through the U.S. / Mexico border.

From their website:

“Ordinary people responded to an extraordinary need in December 2016. Thousands of asylum seekers at the AZ border had no safe place after release from detention by Immigration Customs Enforcement (l.C.E.). The Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church pledged to help. A courageous church opened its doors, volunteers pitched in, and The lnn began. Unlike the experience of Mary and Joseph who had been turned away at an inn, those needing rest and understanding would be welcome here.”

“We receive families who have gone through U.S. Customs and Border Protection (C.B.P.), or I.C.E., and are released to continue the immigration process. Our volunteers provide temporary shelter, hospitality, food, clothing, showers, and compassion for these vulnerable families, giving them a safe place to stay while they transition to the next part of their journey. Since its beginnings in December of 2016, The Inn has served more than 56,000 people.”

Director Gretchen Lopez shares that the following NEW items are needed:

• Children’s underwear (XS, S, M, L, XL) and socks

• Women’s underwear (Size 5 & 6) and socks

• Men’s underwear (S, M, L) and socks

• Diapers (Size 4, 5, 6, 7) and baby wipes (individual packs)

• Walmart, Amazon or Visa gift cards

Please bring your donations to the church of

May / June 2024

GIVE lief


During the month of June, we will be collecting donations for Liberia. Please bring in your gently used clothing, shoes, towels, toys, and children’s books. There will be collection boxes in the narthex for you to drop off your donations on Sunday mornings until June 10, or kids can bring them to VBS.


The Dayspring Prison Ministry team continues to reach out to women prisoners at Perryville Prison with a pen pal and birthday card program, and to mentor newly released women through the Bridges Reentry program of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Litchfield Park. A new opportunity to expand Bridges Reentry has arisen with the wonderful donation of a furnished house in Avondale.

Magdalene House No. 2 will open on May 1 to house six newly released women prisoners. Coupled with the first Magdalene House, this is a comprehensive healing residential program offering health services, addiction recovery, and employment training.

Dayspring is one of the only churches to supply basic household needs for the program. On Sunday, May 12, we will be collecting these items:

Paper goods such as toilet paper, towels, napkins, tissues

Plastic bags including Ziploc bags, trash bags

Cleaning supplies like laundry soap, glass cleaner, dryer sheets, toilet bowl cleaner, sponges

Household items such as trash cans, toaster, coffee pot, broom, iron, ironing board, mop.

Please bring items to church on May 12. For questions, contact Chris at christinekarber@gmail.com



Paper Goods

Toilet paper, napkins, tissues

Plastic Bags

Ziploc bags, trash bags

Cleaning Supplies

laundry soap, glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, sponges

Household items

trash cans, small appliances, ironing board, mop.

THE INN due 6/1 PROJECT HOPE due 6/10

New Children’s socks and underwear (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Clothes and Shoes Water Bottles

New Women’s socks and underwear (Size 5 & 6) Towels

New Men’s socks and underwear (S, M, L) Toys

Diapers (Size 4, 5, 6, 7) and Baby Wipes, Gift Cards

Children’s Books

Electrolyte Drinks

Nutritional Snacks

Hygiene Products, Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen

May / June 2024 27


Total income for the General Fund through 3/31/2024 was $332,992, and expenses were $272,381. This was a positive cash flow through March of $60,611. The first quarter of the year is usually the highest income quarter in the year as many people elect to pay their yearly pledge in a lump sum early in the year. A positive cash flow helps sustain the church through the rest of the year.

We also thank the many winter visitors who make Dayspring their church home while they are in the Valley. We are blessed by their presence and participation in our activities and missions. Thank you to everyone for your gifts and prayers for Dayspring and the community!


We are currently building a home for the Ntiyamira family near 15th Ave. and Buckeye. Parents Issa and Nadia met at a refugee camp in Rwanda before moving to the U.S. in 2007 and 2010, respectively. They have five children who range in age from two to 14 and are currently living in a three bedroom apartment in an unsafe neighborhood.Please email Mark Boyle at ruthandmarkboyle@gmail.com if you are interested in signing up for one of our future Saturday morning build days. No construction experience is necessary.


May 18 ~ 5:00am & June 15 ~ 4:30am (Arcadia Parking Lot)

Dayspring partners with Borderlands to bring unsold fresh produce from regional farms directly to our neighborhoods. We host a monthly event for the Arcadia neighborhood. Volunteers are needed to pack and distribute food boxes of approximately 70lbs. Our next event is Saturday, May 18 from 5-10am. If you’re interested in helping, please email Pastor Michael at michael@dayspringumc.org


We will collect non-perishable items for our neighbors through Tempe Community Action Agency the fourth Sunday of every month. Current needs include:

Ziplock bags (gallon size)

high-protein items (canned meats, peanut butter, tuna, low-sugar protein bars)

dried/canned beans canned and boxed soups

• 100% juice

• canned vegetables

• oatmeal

• rice

• granola bars

• pasta

• mac and cheese

• multigrain crackers

Donations may be left on the benches at the front gate to be collected and delivered to Sunday's services. If you're unable to bring food to donate but would still dayspring-umc.org/give

May / June 2024 28


The Political Jesus

In a world often divided by partisan politics, it's essential to remember that the mission of the church transcends political affiliations. Yet, as followers of Jesus, we are called to address societal injustices and inequities with the same fervor as our founder, John Wesley, who championed social holiness. Some may question the political nature of our advocacy, but I would argue it is non-partisan—a commitment to justice and compassion that reflects the heart of Jesus.

From the moment Jesus proclaimed the fulfillment of Isaiah's call in the synagogue, he embarked on a path that defied societal norms and expectations. His mission was clear: to bring good news to the poor, release to the captives, and freedom to the oppressed. However, his message of compassion and inclusivity often clashed with the established order, earning him the label of troublemaker among the political and religious authorities of his time.

Throughout history, Jesus has been both misunderstood and misused, his radical message softened to fit within the confines of societal comfort. Yet, as Sister Helen Prejean—a nun who has dedicated her vocational life to abolishing capital punishment—reminds us, "Jesus inaugurated a community so radical that it threatened everyone—a

community where the marginalized found dignity, where the wealthy shared with the needy, and where all were treated with compassion."

The prophetic voice of Jesus challenges us to confront the injustices of our time, to question the prevailing culture of greed and domination, and to strive for a world where all are treated with dignity and respect. Embracing the political Jesus means embracing discomfort, for his teachings call us to reexamine our priorities and engage in social and political action—what our Church and Society Team terms “Faithful Citizenship.”

It means advocating for gun reform, attainable housing, reproductive health care access, LGBTQ+ inclusion, adequate school funding, and addressing global climate change. Just as Jesus confronted the authorities of his time, we are called to challenge the systems of oppression and privilege that exist today.

As we reflect on the political Jesus, may we be inspired to follow in his footsteps and work tirelessly for a world where justice, kindness, humility, and love reign supreme. Grace and peace,

Pastor Jeff

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May/June 2024

Volume 30, Issue 5

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Dayspring UMC is a Reconciling Congregation. All people, regardless of age, sex, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic status, or ability are welcome into the full life of our congregation.

Dayspring UMC affirms the value and worth of all persons, recognizing that everyone is a child of God. We call all to live by and attest to gender equality and to observe Jesus' principles of love and non-violence in all our relationships.

May / June 2024 30
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