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August ~ September 2009


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ach time I sit down to write my editors message, I always think it will be a challenge. A challenge not to be repetitive, to stay positive about the economic climate, and how we can continue to support local businesses to keep their name out there and make sure they are a success story and not a victim of what is happening. This is why it is vital to support local businesses, keep your spending local; they need and want your business and there have possibly never been such bargains to be had! Whether you are planning home improvements, a last minute holiday, dining out or a little bit of ‘me time’, make sure you do it locally with people you know, can trust and who come highly recommended. At Here & now we do our best to experience as many of our advertisers services as possible, so that we can support and recommend them with confidence. Use them! In this edition of Here & now we have even more fantastic competitions and offers, plus an update on the Model Competition we ran last time, congratulations to them all. We have success stories – congratulations to Yazz Hair Design, personal stories about people in the area and lots of guidance and information to enhance your life. We hope you enjoy reading through the pages of this edition, enjoy the rest of the summer and we’ll see you in October!

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Affordable Denti


ental care in Britain can be expensive as the amount of ‘free’ NHS care available is decreasing. Even more so if the patient needs a lot of work done. It can be a long process if it must fit in with work commitments but through IndexMedicaUK, everything is worked around each clients’ availability and needs. Research by the Treatment Abroad Medical Tourism Industry in 2007 showed that the most common dental procedures for patient travelling abroad were crowns, dental implants, bridges and veneers. Through IndexMedicaUK, there could be a saving of up to 70% on costs! In 2008, over 120,000 people travelled abroad for medical care, nearly half of those for dental work, and the forecast of migrating patients keeps rising. Clients of local company IndexMedicaUK would first have a consultation at the company’s centre in Wakefield where they receive a quote for the required dental work to be done at its surgery in Krakow, Poland. Depending on how long the client wants to stay,

the company would then book flights, accommodation, shuttle to and from the airport and even provide the patient with a guide book - an additional attraction is a visit to the wonderful historic city of Krakow, which has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic, cultural and artistic life. Arek Buziewicz, one of the partners, told us: “We have sent people down already and have received very positive feedback. So far, we are exceeding our business model for growth and we are ready to start hosting Open Evenings for local people to come along and find out more about our services, procedures and prices with presentations from Dr. Krzysztof Gonczowski, our dental specialist who carries out all procedures at our Krakow clinic.” In fact the first of these Open Evenings is being held at Herriots Hotel on Broughton Road in Skipton, on the 20th August, starting at 6pm. Attending this event will give you the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements with the dental specialists and learn more about the procedures they

For further information or to book a free place on one of the Open Evenings, Call Arek or Jan on Freephone

0800 334 5967 You can also visit

In mo

We a in Po healthc high-end paid in Po very high s

Dr. Krzysztof Gonczowski, who will be hosting the Open Evenings.


istry Abroad offer. If you have a Panoramic x-ray, you can bring this along to receive a free quotation and treatment plan. For example, four veneers, two crowns and whitening in the UK would cost you approximately £4,500. Through IndexMedicaUK you would pay £1,492 and any minor adjustments can be taken care of at Q. Are the dentists properly trained? their Wakefield clinic. That is a huge saving All of them have a specialist’s degree according to the newest European Union regulations. Three of our dentists have and in the current PhDs in medicine, three specialise in dental prosthetics, economic climate, two specialise in dental surgery, one in paradontology and the money saved five in conservative dentistry and endodentistry. All of our could buy that dentists speak fluent English. much needed holiday or How do I find out more? new car.

Questions you might have

TESTIMONIAL Dominic Littlewood “The ONE show” “Don’t get done, get Dom”

“It’s been no secret that the dental system in Britain is under pressure, with only one NHS dentist for every 2500 people. Two million of us can’t even register with an NHS dentist. Dentists in the UK are flat out and 49 per cent of them are refusing to take on new patients because they’re too busy. So Send us a copy of your recent treatment plan from your some Britons, struggling to get the work current dentist. they need done on the NHS, are turning Meet us on a Free Open Evening in the UK their backs on the British private system and Visit our UK consultation point in Wakefield (Yorkshire) travelling to Poland to get dental work done at Go straight to our clinic in Krakow for your initial a fraction of the price. consultation. It’s such big business that companies have set Please be advised, that seeing your Panoramic X-Rays and are doing a full dental travel service. They’ll (OPG) is crucial to provide you with a fully comprehensive pick you up from the airport, provide an apartment, quote. and even fix you up with a dentist. It’s not that the What if I need more treatment, will I have dentists are second rate, far from it, it’s on average, to go back to Krakow? salaries there are a third what they are in the UK.”

Your treatment is accurately planned so you avoid paying extras and any aftercare will be organised at our clinic in the UK.

How much will it cost in flights and hotels? Both EasyJet and Ryanair fly daily to Krakow from as little as £80 for a return trip and rooms in 4 star hotels start from £50 per night.

ndexMedicaUK is one of the largest, odern private dental clinics in Poland.

are one of the biggest and most modern private clinics oland. Our success is based on the fact that our care institutions are well-equipped with valuable, d medical equipment. Due to the lower staff salaries oland, we can offer you experienced doctors and a standard of service at reasonable prices.

Rebecca, 39 from Yorkshire


“I have been trying to find a local NHS dentist for 3 years to no avail. Having found a dentist 30 miles away, after my first treatment the practice went private. I heard about IndexMedicaUK through a friend and haven’t looked back. Last year, I visited the beautiful city of Krakow, had a wonderful weekend and returned with a fantastic new smile for half the price I had been quoted for veneers in the UK.” 5


ummer is the season for holidays, weddings, barbeques, parties and events where you want to look your best in whatever you wear. Summer is not the season to be covering up, and the team at Room 907, situated on Harrogate Road at Greengates, is the perfect place to get the full top-to-toe treatment and look amazing all the time. Room 907 is your local specialist for multi waxing treatments - which range from something simple and quick, such as eyebrow and lip waxing, to the more extreme waxing treatments of the ‘Brazilian’ or ‘Hollywood’. Both sound impressive, and, indeed, they are as no matter how skimpy your beach or underwear, one of these waxing treatments will be the correct one for you. At Room 907 you will not only receive a superb, long lasting intimate wax, it will not break the bank at £20, or £15 for first time customers. This offer price is restricted to one treatment per new customer. Nothing shows off silky smooth skin like a lovely healthy tan and at Room 907 we believe in providing possibly the best spray tan on the market today using one of the industry leaders, Fake Bake. Available in original or dark, you will be advised as to which shade is most suitable for your skin tone. So you have your immaculate tan and silky smooth skin, what you need now is beautifully manicured nails to complete your perfect summer look - and at Room 907 there is an expert in NSI Gel Nail Enhancements and exquisite nail art. You can even have Hollywood Toes, which is a beautiful nail enhancement which lasts up to three months!


Offer 1 Fake Bake full body tan - £15 Fake Bake full body tan on Tanning Tuesday - £10! Hollywood & Brazillian Waxing - £20 Here & Now reader offer £15 for first time customers The waxing offer is restricted to one treatment per customer

Offer 2 To get you ready for your summer holiday or that special occasion, Room 907 has a superb Here and Now Reader Offer to help you do it in style without breaking the bank. You will receive a 15% Discount from four or more treatments taken in one visit when quoting the Here and Now Holiday Package. Please note that multi waxing treatments count as one of the four when claiming this reader offer. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Contact For further information or to book your summer treatments at Room 907,

Call 01274 622006 Today! Email: Web: Room 907 905 Harrogate Road Greengates Bradford BD10 0QY

Feeling Lousy?

s s a P u o Y n ? Ca t s e T t i p S e Th

“Many people who visit my practice have an overgrowth of Candida! It’s both bad news and good: it can be tricky to get rid of, but at least they know why they feel bad.” Jane at detox, 5 Ivegate, Yeadon Leeds LS19 7RE Recurrent Infections

First Steps To a New You

Everyone has some yeast (Candida Albicans) but an overgrowth undermines your health, suppresses your immune system, makes you tired and depressed, causes IBS, poor digestion, bloating, makes you fat or thin, causes recurrent infections ....... I could go on but I think you get the picture.

Candida can be tricky to eradicate and may take several months (for some, longer). The quickest way to turn your health around is a three step plan:

Friendly Bacteria RIP In healthy bodies Candida is controlled by friendly bowel bacteria. When the balance of bacteria is disrupted an overgrowth of yeast develops rapidly. The following create perfect conditions for yeast to flourish:

1. Colon Hydrotherapy A short course of colonics is great for reducing Candida in your colon and aiding re-colonisation with good bacteria. It also eases sugar cravings which can arise or increase once you start the elimination programme. It’s also the quickest way of normalising bowel function which greatly assists the process. You can use herbal colon cleansers as an alternative although the results may be slower.


Antibiotic use

2. Food Sensitivity Testing




Poor diet (white bread, pasta, rice etc)

Candida can cause food sensitivities and vice versa so it’s worth having a test so you don’t slow your own progress. Food sensitivity testing is available at detox by appointment.


Vitamin, mineral, and enzyme deficiencies


Low fat (high sugar) foods


Too much alcohol


Heavy metal poisoning


The Pill, steroids and HRT


Environmental toxins


Constipation or diarrhoea The Spit Test If you often feel under the weather do the spit test. Have a glass of bottled water by your bed. In the morning, before drinking or eating, spit on top of the water and observe. If the spit disperses you’re in the clear. If anything grows under the spit, speckles appear in the water, a cloudy pool sinks to the bottom or all the water turns cloudy, you have an overgrowth of Candida.

3. Elimination Diet Following the detox Anti-Candida Diet and taking supplements formulated to kill the yeast, improve digestion and restore healthy bowel bacteria, is the quickest way to turn your health around.

Quick Results With the diet and supplements it’s likely you will start to feel much better very soon. Clients have reported noticeable improvement in as little as three days and significant changes in two to three weeks: you could feel better than you have for years.

Free Diet If your spit test indicates a Candida overgrowth then e-mail for your FREE detox Anti-Candida Diet or call Jane on 0113 3910415. I will also send you details of detox’s own effective, high quality, reasonably priced supplements to kill the yeast and help restore your health. 7

Pam P

amper Parties are all the rage at the moment, at the Yorkshire College of Beauty we realise that everyone needs some time to themselves, some time to chill out and spend time with their friends. We all have such busy lifestyles these days and relaxation is often the last thing on the list. So what better way to do it than getting some friends together and having a pamper party. The 20th July saw The Yorkshire College of Beauty Therapies first Pamper Party, a group of teenage girls enjoyed a very giggly and very prink two hours of pure indulgence. They enjoyed the experience of having manicures, pedicures and mini facials they even picked up beauty tips along the way including applying make up. After the party the girls were taken away in a stretched Pink Limousine organised as a special surprise for the birthday girl, Sophie by her father. You and your friends could also enjoy two hours of pure indulgence, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Pamper Parties are an ideal way to celebrate Hen Parties, Teen Parties, Baby Showers, Leaving Do’s, Pre Prom Pampers infact they are ideal for any celebration or can be just an excuse to get together with friends!!! The Parties of up to eight can be tailored to meet your needs, treatments available range from a choice of two of the following: Mini Manicure and Mini Pedicure * Mini Facial and Make up * Back Massage Or Full Pedicure and Manicure The treatments are carried out by our Beauty Therapy Students under the watchful eye of an experienced Beauty Therapist. Complimentary drinks are served during the party and light refreshments can be made available for an extra small fee.

For further information and to check availability please call 0113 2509507. 8

mper arties





Retail Salon of the Year Category


azz Number One Hair Studio, Rawdon, Leeds are one of only six finalists in the British Hairdressing Business Awards Retail Salon of the Year category, sponsored by Tigi. Yazz Number One Hair Studio was recently voted by a panel of industry experts to be one of the best in business within the hairdressing industry. To achieve finalist status in these highly competitive awards is a fantastic achievement and underlines the successful business acumen and progressive marketing that is associated with Yazz Number One Hair Studio. Yazz Number One Hair Studio is the only hair salon in Leeds to receive finalist status within the British Hairdressing Business Awards. Presented by Hairdressers Journal International, the British Hairdressing Business Awards are now celebrating their 11th anniversary and are

Paul Shakeshaft, Marissa and Charlotte of Yazz

achieve finalist status in the awards is a tremendous testimony to name of salon/individual successful business acumen/skills (junior)” The category that Yazz Number One Hair Studio finalised within is regarded as being one of the most exciting within the British Hairdressing Business Awards, as it highlights those salons/individuals that have the expert skills and qualities necessary to succeed within the highly competitive hairdressing industry. Yazz Number One Hair Studio will now compete against six salons/individuals from across the UK who have also achieved finalist status within this category. The awards ceremony hosted by a leading media personality, celebrates the best British hairdressing businesses and will be held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on Sunday, 27th September 2009.

“The nomination has created a real buzz amongst our team and all of our clients and is a fantastic achievement and honour...” designed to specifically reward excellence and exceptional business practice. “Year-onyear, the standard of entries has grown and developed,” comments Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Hairdressers Journal International, Jayne Lewis-Orr. “Entries are alive with innovation, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial expertise showing amazing skills across the breadth of business management, and this year was no exception. The judges had a very difficult job selecting the finalists in each category. To

Yazz Number One Hair Studio, were absolutely delighted to hear the news of their finalist nomination and exclaimed; “2009 has been an absolutely incredible year for Yazz Number One Hair Studio and to be recognised amongst your peers for your business practice and skills is a wonderful feeling. The nomination has created a real buzz amongst our team and all of our clients and is a fantastic achievement and honour - not only for ourselves, but for the salon team and business as a whole.”


the second year running they have been chosen out of many excellent entries, their inspiration and talent standing out amongst the many entries.


LA Fitness Yeadon Tel: 01133 910888

The next stage of this exciting journey was to attend the

Grand Final Day on 5th July at the L’Oreal International Academy in London. Here Paul and his team re-created the look that took them to the final, and then presented their model to the panel of judges.

Rawdon Tel: 01132 504511

Once again Yazz Number One Hair Studio has reached the

Matrix Destination Fame Final. What an amazing achievement! For

Paul told us, “As winners of the 2008 competition, we were

thrilled to have reached the final once again and although we weren’t luck enough to win again this year, we are looking forward to the challenge of beating off the competition and winning the trophy once again in 2010!”


Bradford’s Sound Cause

Pioneering Centre transforms lives of the deaf with a ‘bionic ear’


small piece of modern technology called the cochlear implant – nicknamed the ‘bionic ear’ – is giving deaf people, from young to old, the chance to hear. Bradford’s Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service (YCIS) has gained international renown as one of Britain’s leading centres for the assessment and treatment of babies, children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss. Due to the reputation and success of this life-changing work, a new and pioneering facility has opened to maintain and develop YCIS, in the form of the unique Listening for Life Centre – the UK’s first purpose-built unit dedicated to cochlear implants and the assessment and treatment of patients with severe to profound hearing loss. The Listening for Life Centre is helping to put Bradford on the map due to its cutting-edge nature and is based in the grounds of Bradford Royal Infirmary. It uses state-ofthe-art equipment to improve the diagnosis, rehabilitation and education of cochlear implant patients and their families, not only from Bradford, but from across the whole of the Yorkshire region. The Centre is the vision of

“He is quite a show off with his cochlear implant and is quite proud about it...”


surgeon and ear, nose and throat consultant at BRI, Chris Raine, who set up the Ear Trust charity to fund all areas of YCIS not available on the NHS, and the service has a life-long commitment to its patients and their families. Two-and-a-half-year-old Joshua Shaw (pictured) has made history by becoming the 500th patient of YCIS. It is thought that his deafness might be due to breathing problems when he was born or as a result of a certain type of antibiotic he had to take. The cochlear implant turned him into a happy and confident little boy. “Joshua is absolutely brilliant and the change in him is enormous. Previously, Joshua was very clingy when he went to nursery and could not stay focused, even on things he enjoyed. Now life is fantastic, Joshua has started to speak and is copying and mimicking. He is quite a show off with his cochlear implant and is quite proud about it,” said Mum, Andrea. The new Listening for Life Centre was the venue for 23-year-old Laura Jakubowski’s (pictured) very successful 15-year review of her cochlear implant. Laura gradually went deaf by the age of eight and in 2004 she was diagnosed with Multiple

Mitochondrial DNA deletions, believed to be the main reason why she lost her hearing. “The 15 years have gone by so fast and it has come to the point where I hardly notice the cochlear implant on my ear anymore. I sometimes have to double check that I haven’t kept it on when I’m in the bath!” said Laura.

Ways You Can Help • Adopting the cause as your company’s special charity for 12 months • Sponsoring rooms or equipment • Sponsoring a stone in the new building • Making a Gift Aid donation • Volunteering with fundraising

Laura is reaching out to other cochlear implant users and sharing her extraordinary story via her own blog – Laura’s Medical Journey: A journey of life with deafness, cochlear implants and a mitochondrial condition which has attracted around 7,970 visitors so far. Olivia Laws, aged four, also underwent the implant operation and the surgical procedure and its resulting success has helped parents Helen and Ian to overcome the shock of learning that their child was profoundly deaf. “It was a terrible experience when we found out – really frightening. I became severely depressed and was off work for around eight weeks – some days I just couldn’t get out of bed. When the implant was activated it was just like switching her back on. She adapted very quickly to it,” said Helen. For more details of the Ear Trust, go to:; and for further information on the Yorkshire Cochlear Implant Service, see:

The Personal Touch


eople visit Springs Holistic and Beauty Spa in Yeadon for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to relieve tension of the mind and body or to help rebalance their energy field. Whatever the reason, we like to ensure the personal touch, ensuring that your time spent with us is time well spent. Our Mission - To provide a journey of sheer indulgence and relaxation. The Creative Spa Pedicure chair at Springs Holistic and Beauty Spa is something quite unique and has to be experienced to understand the full luxurious, indulgent and relaxing treatment you get when choosing to have a pedicure in this way. The chair itself is a fantastic invention, which includes a ‘foot Jacuzzi’ with jets so strong that they pound your feet in all the right points to prepare them for the full Creative Spa Pedicure that follows, using all Creative products, deemed by many to be the best in the industry. The pedicure starts with the foot Jacuzzi, which contains a foaming sea soak to allow sea minerals and beneficial properties to deeply penetrate your feet. This is followed by an exfoliating sea salt scrub, then sea serum to remove any hard, uncomfortable skin. Once the cuticle and nail work has been carried out, your feet are then treated to a beautiful, peppermint clay marine mask to cool them and prepare them for the next stage - a relaxing foot massage using Creative oils. The effect is then completed with your choice of coloured varnish and a cucumber heel cream, and during the whole time you have been receiving a deep back and bottom massage from the spa pedicure chair! You control the movement so you receive the massage exactly where you want it and at an intensity to suit you. Believe me, you will float out of Springs Holistic and Beauty Spa as your feet will never have felt or looked so wonderful. Of course summer time, more than any other time, is when we ladies have our feet on show, so it pays to have them look the best they possibly can and also feel superb. Hands, too, are more noticeable as we change into short and sleeveless tops, so why not have a Creative Manicure as well The latest celebrity trend for nails is the Minx nail fashion, a new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips with sparkly metallics, personalised graphics and photo-quality designs currently

Springs Holistic & Beauty Spa 15 Town Street The Steep Yeadon LS19 7EQ Tel: 01132 506262 Please complete the competition entry form and return in an envelope to Faye Scarborough at Springs Holistic & Beauty Spa for your chance to WIN a FREE Creative Spa Pedicure Experience. Closing Date is Friday 18th September 2009. One entry per person.

Competition Springs Holistic & Beauty Spa

unavailable in the market. Made of flexible film, Minx finally gives women completely customised nails that can feature the exact pattern and colours of your newest gown, your favourite photo, or the season’s hottest designs. Minx nails are perfect for hands and feet where just a single coat is applied. Voilà! Perfect nails without the multiple steps of a base coat, two colour coats, and a final top coat. Minx doesn’t smudge or chip and, it may be hard to believe, but immediately after applying Minx you can cram your feet into your shoes, and dive into your bag for your car keys without any chance of ruining that perfect manicure! For further information regarding any of the treatments available at Springs Holistic and Beauty Spa in Yeadon, call Faye today on: 01132 506262.




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Telephone: ......................................................................




To advertise in this section call 01274 420091


steps towards

Easing the Pain of Relationship Breakdown


ver the years, local family law specialist Juliette Kinsey of Kinsey & Co Solicitors in Baildon has witnessed the devastating effects the trauma of relationship breakdown can have on the health and wellbeing of her clients. She believes that the impact of the breakdown of a relationship can be far-reaching and should not be underestimated. As an accredited Resolution family law specialist, Juliette Kinsey believes that if separating couples try to take the five following steps, they can help reduce the impact of their separation on each other, their children and their family and friends. Whilst acknowledging that these steps will not alleviate every difficulty, Juliette does believe that much of the distress and anxiety that arises can be reduced. 1. Maintaining communication:

4. Seeking specialist family law advice:

It is vitally important that separating couples maintain a dialogue. Aggressive and unpleasant communication between couples only serves to close down the opportunity to resolve matters between themselves sensibly and sensitively.

Seeking sound, sensible legal advice is a must. Choose your solicitor carefully. Ensure that your solicitor is a family law specialist and therefore able to advise you on all aspects of your relationship breakdown. Resolution (formerly the Solicitors Family Law Association) is an organisation made up of family lawyers who undertake to deal with family matters in a constructive and sensible way.


Couples who maintain a constructive dialogue and resist the temptation to become personal and embittered, undoubtedly resolve their issues more quickly and sensitively than those who adopt a confrontational approach. Equally, the way a separating couple communicate with each other will have a long term impact on their ability to provide joint support for their children.


Taking specialist family law advice should not be interpreted as an aggressive move but instead a sensible step towards resolving matters practically and constructively. 5. Taking time to heal:

2. Telling the children: The way separating couples break the news to their children, that they are going to live apart, is very important in helping a child come to terms with the new family structure. Ideally, both parents should tell their children that the relationship has broken down and emphasise to the children that they are not to blame. Many children perceive that their parents have separated because they have been naughty or not worked hard at school and these misunderstandings can cause tremendous distress to children needlessly.


It is often said that bereavement, divorce and moving home can be the three most stressful events in a person’s life. A relationship breakdown can embody all three. For the majority of people, divorce and separation in itself is a grieving process for the breakdown of a relationship and can indeed involve the sale of a property or the purchase of a new one. Give yourself time to adapt to your new circumstances and allow yourself to grieve. Decisions taken when you are not ready can have a detrimental effect on your long term future. You need to be confident and sure of your own wishes before taking any major decisions.


3. Dealing with Financial matters: Maintaining financial stability during the breakdown of a relationship is vital. Such stability emotionally assists both parties in reaching agreement regarding finances and equally helps to ensure that both parties’ credit histories remain unaffected and bad debts do not accrue needlessly. If accounts and mortgages are in joint names, both parties will need to work together if mortgage providers and banks are to action their wishes.


If you are separating from your partner or spouse and wish to seek further advice on your position and how best to take matters forward please contact Juliette Kinsey of Kinsey & Co Solicitors in Baildon on 01274 589900 to make an appointment to see her. 19




or a true Balti dining experience, you just have to visit the Balti House in Baildon! This is a real treat for lovers of traditional Punjabi cooking but it’s not all about the food - it’s about the whole experience and this was one of the best. Balti House is set in a 17th century cottage on Browgate, the main road through Baildon, with parking available on the road or directly opposite in a large car park. There is a deceptively large upper floor and a more intimate dining area as you enter, which is usually kept for larger parties to share one big table, while upstairs there’s room for any number of people to dine together. We chose a Saturday evening at 7pm and when we arrived there was already a large party downstairs so we were shown upstairs to a table for two, perfectly situated to have a full view of the room and everyone else’s food! I like to see how other dishes look so I’m sure I make the correct choice. The first thing that struck me about this restaurant was how well the Asian decor fitted into this very traditional high beamed ceilinged cottage. The atmosphere was really


lovely and as the restaurant quickly filled up, there were diners of all ages, all seemed to be having as good an experience as we were. The second thing I noticed was how pristine everything was. It can’t be easy to keep such high beams dust free but every aspect of this restaurant was immaculate, including the glasses and cutlery, which is something I am very particular about and at the Balti House they gleamed. Being a traditional Balti restaurant, there is no alcohol for sale but diners are welcome to bring their own, which many did. It seems strange to see people coming in carrying a bottle of wine or a carrier bag of beer but what a great idea; you get to drink exactly what you want and not have to pay restaurant prices or corkage. Excellent! Balti food is cooked and served in traditional heavy cast iron woks. The beauty of this is that all flavours are captured and you don’t lose any of the taste on transfer to plates. Ideally, the food should be eaten without cutlery, scooped up with Naan or Chapati bread but cutlery is on hand if you prefer. The menu here is extensive, so take a while to study all that is on offer. We started with Poppadoms and a pickle tray, followed by the

Balti House - 9 Browgate, Baildon, BD17 6BP Tel: 01274 585600 Open 6 days a week including bank holidays (closed Tuesdays) Sunday to Thursday 6pm until 12am Friday / and Saturday 6pm until 12.30am special starter for two people at £5.95, consisting of sheikh kebab, chicken wings, chicken tikka and fish tikka and it was absolutely lovely. For my main, I had a Balti King Prawn Bhuna - a combination of spices fried together and cooked with capsicums, onions and tomatoes. It is quite a dry, medium strength dish but bursting with taste, this cost £7.95. My dining partner chose the Tandoori Mixed Grill which was chicken tikka, sheikh kebab and tandoori chicken with a beautiful aromatic sauce served separately. This gave you the option of eating it as a dry dish or making it into more of a curry consistency. The sauce was so delicious that I shared it and dipped a few of my prawns in it. The Tandoori Mixed Grill was £8.95. Unfortunately, we did not have room for puddings as we had a rather large and very filling mushroom naan to share, which at the price of £1.85 will make sure your appetite is

more than satisfied. Next time we will leave the naan and go for one of the scrumptious looking puds on the desert menu. The pace at the Balti House is just perfect. We never felt rushed and there was ample time between courses so that you didn’t get that ‘over-full-very-quickly’ feeling. All in all, a really good place to dine and experience some traditional Punjab food and atmosphere in the heart of Baildon. And guess what... they also do a great takeaway service!

Parking Welcome Atmosphere Food Value


Your Retirement Age may be


e have recently seen a surge of investors asking questions about when they can retire and understandably so. From 6th April 2010 the minimum retirement age is increasing from 50 to 55 - a change, which will have an impact on an estimated 3 million people. In these tough economic times, investors are looking to keep as many of their options open as possible. Those with concerns about possible redundancy or who are simply seeking alternative income sources (due to the rapidly decreasing interest rates available) may have decided to turn to their pension savings but this change in legislation could scupper those plans. Before going any further it is very important to consider why this change has come about. We all live a lot longer and this means that our retirement will cost a lot more. By the age of 50, many of us will have worked for 30 years but at that point we can expect to live for at least another 30 years. Our time in retirement has increased by far more than 5 years and many of us started working later than previous generations. How are we going to pay for this longer retirement? For many people retiring at 50 is just not realistic. However, if your heart is set on it and you believe you can afford it, you do have some options. Those between 50 and 55 can choose to buy an annuity before the end of this tax year in order to circumvent the increase in retirement

age. But if you aren’t ready to swap your pension fund for a guaranteed income just yet, there is an alternative. An income drawdown plan allows an investor to take an income from all or part of their pension fund whilst leaving the funds invested. On top of this you can take up to 25% of the money you move into income drawdown as a tax free lump sum. The income can be increased or decreased, within set limits, to suit your requirements. It allows you to retain the right to draw an income from your pension before your 55th birthday without having to commit to an annuity just yet. If you need the tax-free cash for a specific purpose before your 55th birthday, for instance to pay university fees, pay off a mortgage or invest in a business, taking action now to pre-empt the increasing minimum retirement age could be the solution. But it is vital that you consider the impact this will have on your income later in retirement when the possibility of earning is no longer an option. It is important to remember that income drawdown is a much riskier option than an annuity as it doesn’t offer a guaranteed income and what you receive is entirely dependent on investment performance, which may rule it out for many. Your investments may increase or decrease in value and taking large income payments, especially from a young age, may deplete your fund. However, you can continue to make contributions to your pension funds whilst taking an income from drawdown.

If you would like a free initial meeting to discuss any of your current or future financial needs please contact us on

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Meridian Financial Services IFA Ltd, Registered in England No 5395299. Registered Office: 20 Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford, BD10 9PE. Meridian Financial Services IFA Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Reference number 430873



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Top 5 Best Value Last-Minute Destinations MAJORCA

Good For: Families, Couples, Beaches, Nightlife From beautiful beaches to elegant cafes and bars, Majorca is a great value last minute destination if you’re looking for some sun-soaked relaxation this summer.



Good For: Eating Out, Beaches, Nightlife, Walking, Culture

Good For: Families, Attractions, Eating Out, Nightlife

The third largest island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers picturesque beaches and azure blue seas. A fusion of great nightlife and a laid back way of life is what makes Cyprus a smart choice for this summer.

With a better US exchange rate it’s great news for holiday makers. From some of the best theme parks in the world, to impressive scenery and wildlife, Orlando is a great choice if you are looking for a family holiday this summer.


Good For: Beaches, Scenery, Snorkelling, Couples


Good For: Beaches, Couples, Nightlife, Culture

Greece again, this time our value late minute deal is Skiathos. Head to the small island of Skiathos this summer if you’re looking to get away from it all, and feel as though you are staying in traditional Greece. Great sandy beaches meet stunning scenery and if you’re a film fan you may recognise some of this island from the recent hit Mamma Mia!

Next on our list is the beautiful country of Turkey. The location of this place makes it ideal if you are looking for a holiday destination which is a little different, and has more to discover than just beaches.


ere in the UK, a huge number of people are deciding to save money and book a late deal for this year’s holiday. If you’re looking for a last minute holiday but feel like you don’t know where to start, then don’t worry because we’ve done the hard work for you. Take a look at our top 5 best value last-minute destinations for this summer.

Here at Travel Corner we’ve come up with our top 5 best value last minute destinations for summer 2009, and not only that, we also reveal what’s best about each to help you decide. PRICES ARE BEING CONTINUALLY UPDATED SO CONTACT TRAVEL CORNER FOR MORE DETAILS AND BOOK YOUR LAST MINUTE DEAL WITH CONFIDENCE.

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A Junior Pensioner Trip to Brussels


ur overseas trip with our pensioners association was to Brussels. On the ferry we saw a lovely sunset, with a clear blue sky, a small group of clouds streaked with colours of orange, cream and red, rather like a rainbow, and clouds looking as though someone had swept a paintbrush in swirls across the sky in feathery strokes of Paynes Grey. The horizon was outlined in flame colours as the sun was receding. The frothy wake behind the ship paved a highway zigzagging across the water, where an army of large ferries followed dutifully on the same path, a discreet distance apart. A small pilot boat came dancing behind us, bouncing about and performing acrobatic leaps from side to side in the water, before it gave a final swerve to veer off in a different direction. Our first visit was to a chocolate factory where samples were given out – yummy! Then we continued to our hotel in the centre of Brussels. The cathedrals and stately buildings are colossal with masses of intricate stonework – breathtaking! After arriving, Jeff and I went exploring, finding the Royal Palace, opposite which was a lovely park complete with statues and fountains. The next day we went to the Atomium. The structure is awe inspiring, with each massive steel pod containing various exhibitions, with amazing panoramic views all around. We had an aerial view of the exhibition of


Mini Europe below us and enjoyed trying to name the countries by their individual miniature famous landmarks. During a guided tour of the city, the sound of bicycle bells made us turn to see a group of cyclists passing through. We were astonished to find that all the cyclists, both men and women, were completely naked! Not something a group of pensioners should see, but we were all highly amused. (Jeff jokingly tried to cover my eyes). The tour also took in the famous statue of the Manekin Pis (the small boy urinating) dressed in the university uniform. Another visit was to Ghent, browsing through the interesting market stalls and the square had an excellent brass band playing. Using a map of the major points of interest, we spent an enthralling time discovering our way round the old town. From there we went to look around the Tyne Cot Cemetery. This brought home the scale of the unnecessary loss of life in WW1, so many of them being very young men. Next was Ypres and after our evening meal Jeff and I climbed the grassy bank beside the Menin Gate, where we found a bronze miniature of the Gate set on a pedestal. We strolled along the top of the embankment, high above the moat below - a lovely peaceful walk through woods, with

stone sculptures dotted here and there. Stone steps led downwards into the bowels of the cliff, leading to a stone archway and emerging onto a board walk flanking the moat where geese, swans and ducks glided among the reed beds. The path led us to a bridge and on the other side we found a very unusual sculpture with cutouts outlining shapes of a young boy looking up at a soldier. The soldier was leaning towards the boy, obviously clad in a WW1 uniform, with a kit bag, hat and rifle – very inspiring. At the Menin Gate, huge crowds were gathering. All traffic was stopped to prepare for the Last Post. The trumpeters and pipers, in army uniforms and medals, played the haunting tunes of the Last Post and Abide With Me as wreaths were laid against the memorials by school children. I swear there wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation and I couldn’t stop the flow of tears trickling down my cheeks at this very moving performance. Our last visit was to see the Delft Pottery, where we were shown the traditional methods of producing earthenware, which are still used today. The distinctive dark blue and white merchandise was very beautiful, some items being very expensive. We then returned to Rotterdam to board the ferry for our homeward journey.

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Biggest Discounts Anywhere!

Priceless Discounts is an absolute Aladdin’s Cave!


riceless Discounts situated on Otley Road in Undercliffe is one of those wonderful shops that sell absolutely everything. Not only do they sell everything but all at much cheaper prices than you are likely to find anywhere else. This is why people travel from all over the county to buy in bulk and save lots of money. In fact, they have customers who regularly travel from Halifax and Bridlington to stock up particularly on cards and stationary. Established 45 years ago, Priceless Discounts has been in the same family for 16 years. They credit their success to the fact that they have always been able to stock a huge range of items and keep their prices at rock bottom through their buying power. They stock seasonally and you can be sure that in summer, this is the place to find swimming and paddling pools for the garden as well as ‘must have’ water guns. In winter, it’s sledges that are in demand and again, Priceless Discounts keep sample stock to make sure that no customer goes away disappointed. Their customers fondly named this

store ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ as no matter what you want or need, it can be found in this shop. On the rare occasion that an item is not in stock, Priceless Discounts will get it for you. One thing that this shop really specialises in is decorations for parties and occasions of all kinds. Actually, as I was waiting to take a photograph of the team, a lady came in with what she thought would be an impossible request - a banner or balloon for a 100th birthday celebration... She left the shop with both! The lady was speechless - she had searched everywhere with no luck whatsoever so she was thrilled to be able to get everything she needed at Priceless Discounts. Paying much less than she had expected, she was doubly happy. There is a whole section of the shop, which is dedicated to cards and decorations and the choice is unbelievable. Greetings cards start at 29p each and packs of 10 cards at 99p. There is gift wrapping, bags and boxes and foil helium balloons in abundance with double foil helium balloon displays available form just £3.00. You can also buy the perfect gift here, whether that be jewellery, toys,

a handbag, toiletries or even baby accessories, just to name a few of the choices. When you visit Priceless Discounts, be prepared to stay a while browsing - you will want to look around at least two or three times to make sure you have not missed anything. There’s cookware, makeup, storage boxes, pet food, cleaning products, food and everything for those DIY jobs too. Here are a few price examples on three popular lines; 100 Tetley Tea Bags for £1, 1kg Tate & Lyle Sugar for 79p and a 4-pack of kitchen towels for £1. There is also a stationary section so kit the kids out for their return to school at a fraction of the price you would normally pay. What are you waiting for?

Priceless Discounts 372 Otley Road Undercliffe Bradford BD2 4QR Tel: 01274 638093


Chloe - Overall Winner

Model Competition The Winners Lina

What they said...

Chloe - Fab time, Matt and Sean made me feel so confident. Would definitely do it again and recommend to everyone. Richard - Great experience, very helpful. Shazi - A refreshing hands on approach, enjoyable, great for confidence Natalie - Brilliant!!! Great venue, great music, superb goody bags, you made us all feel so comfortable.

Aimee - Wicked, really enjoyed it, found it really helpful. Charlotte - It was brill, really clear good advice. Lina - Amazing, you guys are amazing! Stuart - Good fun, got loads of tips and advice. Ross - Enjoyed every minute of it, Matt and Sean are very

Ross Richard - Overall Winner

easy to talk to. For further information on Vogue Modelling Seminars visit





New Members’ Adverts


es we all know that business is harder and we are all having to work in a more focused, structured and cost effective way than ever before, and this is why Women with Vision is now coming into its’ own! You will see by the many new members’ adverts in each edition of Here & Now Magazine that we are growing in numbers, and the main reason for this is that we believe we have the right mix of businesses, a focused yet fun agenda, and each member is truly doing business with or for the other members! Meeting once a month means that we all have time to focus on our own businesses, and for those who make sure they attend Women with Vision

meetings regularly, they soon reap the rewards of many new business leads and incremental revenue. The cost of joining Women with Vision is a mere £50 per year with a nominal charge each time we meet, to cover the venue and buffet. If you have not yet attended a meeting and you consider yourself to be a Woman with Vision, the next meeting is on Monday 21st September, email for details and to book your place at the meeting. Alternatively you can call: 01274 420091 for further details. Either way, make contact and find out more! This could be just what your business needs to survive the current climate!

Tel: 01274 420091



n recent weeks Eccleshill NPT have invited local community members to join their Neghbourhood Policing Teams on joint Police/community patrols to show them the work officers do and get their perspective on safety issues in their local area. The PACT(Policing and Communities Together) patrols were launched earlier this month by the Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison. The idea is a new initiative to work more closely with local residents to encourage them to tell the police the issues that affect them and at the same time help increase community confidence in your local NPT. If you are interested in joining officers on patrol and seeing first hand some of the local problems that staff face then please contact myself on Bradford 376168. I will speak to you personally and arrange for you to patrol with staff. Should you not be able to go out on patrol but would like a local officer to visit you at home and get an update as to the work we are doing and at the same time they can listen to your problems then please ring the same number.

Picture Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison, local resident, PCSO Caroline Lovett , Divisional Commander Alan Doherty



t Gemma’s would like to say a special thank you Kebabeesh restaurant in Greengates, for organising a charity dinner on Tuesday 19th May 09. The evening was a fantastic mix of excellent food, entertainment, an auction and a raffle and raised a grand total of £1,216.00 in aid of the Hospice. If it wasn’t for the generosity of Kebabeesh and the guests who attended the event this amount of money would not have been raised. Owner Jehangir Durrani chose to support St Gemma’s Hospice after they

cared for his mother, Zahida Shahnaz. The family were very grateful for the care and support St Gemma’s provided to the whole family during that time. St Gemma’s Hospice, based in Moortown, Leeds, provides specialist medical and nursing care for local people with life threatening illnesses, predominantly cancer, and support for their families too. Care provided is free of charge to patients and their families so St Gemma’s relies on donations and local fundraising initiatives in the community.

There continues to be a percentage of burglaries which could have been prevented by some very simple preventative measures. This includes not leaving doors and windows open when out of the house. It only takes a few seconds for someone to reach through an open window or walk into your house via an unlocked door, yet the devastating effect having your home entered and property stolen can last for

some considerable time. Therefore please remember to lock all doors and windows when out of the house or going to bed. During the day be aware which doors and windows are open. At this time of year be particularly mindful of doors/windows in conservatories and windows near any flat roofs you may have. A few seconds taking these simple precautions can make your home much more secure and prevent you being a victim of crime.




To advertise in this section call 01274 420091

You Can See Clearly with

Windows Steamed Up, Broken Or Damaged?


“We can fix any type of window problem whether it’s misty condensation, locks, handles or hinges on any type or size of glazing and we’ll only do the work that’s required – GUARANTEED! All our fitters are fully trained and qualified in our unique service and we’ll clear up afterwards so you won’t even know that we’ve been.”

The Window Doctor!

And There’s More... Want To Save Money On Your Gas & Electricity Bills?


he Window Doctor, a local family business, has hit on a fantastic, costeffective remedy to those misted, damaged or discoloured double glazed windows and patio doors. For a fraction of the cost of total replacements, which most double glazing specialists will recommend, The Window Doctor can make them look as good as new. Repairing your existing mistedup double glazed sealed units can work out up to 50% cheaper than replacement units. The Window Doctor explains: “The majority of double glazing companies are NOT interested in providing our service because the commission for a salesman on one window wouldn’t even pay for his petrol. They are only concerned with one thing: Selling you as many windows as they possibly can… Even if you don’t need them.”

Call The Window Doctor now on Tel: 01274 610524


As Government Energywatch statistics show, electricity prices have risen by 60% and gas prices by an incredible 90% since 2003 and are set to rise even higher. You may have loft and cavity wall insulation but did you realise that you lose over 20% of your heat through your glass? After all, your windows are the largest gaps in the building. Double glazing inevitably needs work doing on it every so often - this is part of the upkeep of these units. Our team are experienced with all double glazing requirements and can solve all your problems. Worried About Security? The Window Doctor can secure all access areas, both doors and windows with locks and anti snap handles to give you piece of mind that your home or business premises is as safe and secure as possible and you can sleep soundly at night. The Window Doctors’ service is invaluable!


Great People, Great Place O

ur world is changing and we all need more skills than ever before. Two out of three jobs in the future will require higher levels of skills and better qualifications. In fact, in less than ten years there will be very few unskilled jobs. But we’re all natural learners - so let Shipley College explore how skills can help you take control of your future. If you don’t already know about us, we are a small, friendly college where you will get the individual attention and support you deserve. Situated in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Saltaire, it is a great place to study and easy to get to by bus or train. To help you achieve your future ambitions, whether it’s to get a job, go on to Higher Education or train for that job you’ve always wanted to do, Shipley College has a range of part-time courses available for both personal and career development to: -

improve your job prospects help you remain competitive in your current role change career direction develop an interest or hobby

Whatever your age or interests, it’s worth checking out how our courses can enhance your skills and help you get a qualification. With the right training, you can move your life forward.

Request a copy of our part-time prospectus Ambitions by telephoning 01274 327222 or by e-mailing or come along to one of our Adult Guidance evenings.



ith over 18 years’ experience between them, the team at Bathrooms in Mind, based in Shipley, can offer the perfect bathroom for you. Owner, Paul Sunderland, explains: “We are a small family-run business with a team of six. All are City and Guilds trained with a minimum of eight years’ experience each in their field - whether it be from wet rooms to small cloak rooms, we have the experience to make your bathroom work and be perfect for you, and we pride ourselves on offering a one-to-one service.” As one delighted customer said: “It’s never too much trouble for the team at Bathrooms in Mind - if they can do it they will.” The firm, which also boasts a new showroom near to completion in the centre of Shipley, is home to a large selection of natural stone tiles, in particular, Jerusalem stone, travertine, and marble, giving any bathroom the ‘Wow!’ factor’, and bringing you a warmer more welcoming bathroom. A frequent misconception is that

under floor heating is only for the rich – but Bathrooms in Mind caters for all budgets and bathrooms. It is seeing more and more customers using under floor heating as a secondary heat source in their bathroom. In fact, the showroom in Shipley has the full lower floor heated this way so you can try before you buy! Don’t worry if you have a very tight budget to work with in these times of recession, because Paul has just launched four different bathroom packages, ranging from £285 to £1,800, so you can transform your old bathroom into a clean, fresh and much more attractive room at a fraction of the usual cost. Paul continues: “This I feel is a very good compromise when things are a little tight. We also do general plumbing, and have a shower tray and bath repair service which saves replacing the bath. “At Bathrooms in Mind, we feel that customer service is key, and we listen to what the customer wants, whether it is full installation or supply only, we will still go the extra mile.”



here are not many businesses that are breaking records at the moment but United Carpets in Shipley are certainly bucking the trend with their success. Owner Adrian Lee puts much of this success down to the fact that their profile is going through the roof with a fleet of new vans, which you have probably seen driving around the area, billboard advertising and some very popular competitions in Here & Now Magazine. Adrian is confident that with discounts and offers, which cannot and will not be matched by anyone else in the area, and the extensive choice in flooring and beds on offer at his Shipley store, he has got something to suit anyone’s pocket. However, price and choice are only two of the reasons that Adrian believes his store is successful. He explains: “I saw the whole concept of selling carpets and flooring change eight years ago. As an independent trader, United Carpets were selling the same products at the price we were buying them in for. This is when I made the decision to

become part of the United Carpets concept as the buying power is phenomenal. This company is the fastest growing flooring company in the UK today.” Adrian is proud of the newly introduced Customer Charter, which is a ten point pledge to all United Carpets customers. It proves that they are a company you can trust in today’s uncertain economic climate. With United Carpets, your money and goods are completely safe. At United Carpets, Woodfloor and Beds in Shipley you will find the perfect flooring for your home, office or commercial premises, expert advice and service from the in-store team plus a superb fitting service by fully trained, fully insured, trustworthy fitters! You never know who you are letting into your home, so it’s reassuring to hear that the fitting team at United Carpets in Shipley have been an established team for the last 10 years. Because the total sales and service experience is so good, they work on 80% referrals from satisfied customers.

Many carpet shops have just one fitter, which means you could be waiting quite a while to have your own carpet fitted - if their previous fitting job runs over time, this has a knock on effect,delaying your own carpet. Due to the size of the store, particularly since their recent refurbishment and the introduction of the Bespoke Range, United Carpets have a fitting team large enough to guarantee getting your new carpet fitted at your convenience and not the store’s - it can even be fitted the next day if that is what you want. It makes sense to call in at United Carpets, Woodfloor and Beds in Shipley for choice, quality, service and probably the best deals you will find anywhere.

United Carpets, Flooring and Beds Steadman House Otley Road Shipley BD17 7EX Tel: 01274 533408
























heBuild is a company comprised exclusively of women! The company is the brainchild of Jayne Barber of Bradford, a fully trained and qualified decorator, who told us: “Like most people, I have experienced trouble with contractors. It’s the same old story - they don’t turn up and when they do, they don’t do what you have agreed, they then try to charge you extra to put their mistakes right and make up a lot of other extras which you thought were included in the price anyway. “Then its goodbye with your cheque, leaving a heap of rubbish, as clearing this, you find out, is also not in the price. Then away they go to find their next victim, sorry, customer!” After working on a site alongside another female decorator, Jayne and her colleague found themselves constantly telling the other workmen off for untidy, slow or slapdash work and making them clear up after themselves. Then the penny dropped. Jayne realised that women have a completely different outlook towards the work they do, so, decided to set up her own company, aiming to promote the use of tradeswomen. This, of course, is a long term project, as it’s hard to find tradeswomen, so Jayne currently works with her brother, Keith, who also helped set up the company. The company aims to change the very foundation of one of the last male-dominated traditional industries and appeals greatly to the modern agenda of diversity and equality. Whether you need a room decorating, a bathroom or kitchen tilling, some walls plastering, light building works, garden clearing or maintaining …make sure you call SheBuild first and look forward to straight talk, honesty and a great night’s sleep!

“SheBuild undertook a full renovation of my house. The work was done to an exceptional high standard with a top quality, professional finish. They also cleaned as they went so there was minimum mess! I would happily recommend them to anyone.” Mrs Popplewell of Gomersal.

“SheBuild is a great concept with women in construction. The attention to detail and work rate is second to none and it’s refreshing to have a company in your home who are respectful and offer advice and solutions, working within your budget and to schedule!” Jo Briggs, Manchester


The Yorkshire Kitchen Centre


stablished eight years ago, The Yorkshire Kitchen Centre is a familyrun business dedicated to delivering quality to your home as well as excellent customer service. As members of the KBSA* you also have complete peace of mind, thanks to policies which protect your money and guarantee the delivery of your furniture. With a showroom packed full of ideas and creative flair, there is inspiration for even the most discerning of customers and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome. “Choosing a new kitchen is a big decision. We understand it takes time, with much changing of minds along the way,” says Gill. “Our experienced designers liaise closely with every client to understand how they use their kitchen and help choose what’s right for their needs.” So don’t miss out; visit the showroom or call 01274 809553 to book your complimentary design and planning appointment. * Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Specialists Association

Sainsbury’s Colleagues Unite for Charity


inda Guy from Sainsbury’s at Otley and Carole O’Connor from Sainsbury’s at Greengates Bradford held a tombola at the Bradford store on Saturday and raised over £400 for the NSPCC. The two colleagues regularly fund raise for charities and since March have raised nearly £1,300. Jamie Baker store manager of Sainsbury’sat Otley said”Linda and Carole work tirelessly for charities and are an inspiration to all our colleagues.




iving in Calverley with his wife and two young children, Julian has been a builder for over 20 years. Initially, his training was in brick laying but he later got trained in plastering and has run his own building company for the last 18 years. With varied experience in all aspects of construction, varying from National Heritage sites and barn conversions in the Yorkshire Dales. After identifying a gap in the market, he now specializes in garage conversions. In his own words, Julian told us: “We truly specialize in garage conversions as this is all we do. There are many companies out there who will turn their hand to garage conversions but we consider ourselves to be absolute specialists in this area of home improvements making sure you maximize the space available to your benefit. Therefore, we are probably the most cost-effective too and we can complete the project in as little as one week.” With dozens of garage conversions in the local area, Julian encourages potential customers to view his work and also speak with past customers - such is his confidence in his work: “Most people have a concern that once the conversion is complete, it will still look like a garage. This is why I like them to look at conversions I have done before. It is very important to sympathetically match new brickwork to the existing brickwork, making the conversion look like part of the original design. We carry out all work as if it were our own home” Julian also makes sure that he is able to offer every aspect of a garage conversion including new flooring and decorating, ensuring that he is your one point of contact at all times. If you are considering a garage conversion, Julian gives the following guidelines to make sure you are dealing with a reputable tradesman who is a member of The Federation of Master Builders.

Communication is the key – agree a time each week, to review and discuss job progress. Extras and alterations, which deviate from the original specification need to be agreed in writing – remember, extras will need to be paid for. There is no planning required for a garage conversion; however you will need building regulations. Julian can arrange these for you to make the whole process as seamless as possible, as he has excellent relationships with both Leeds and Bradford area building controls.

Always ask for references and identification. Make sure your builder has a fixed address and ‘land line’ contact numbers – a mobile number is not always enough. Ensure your builder is insured e.g. Public liability insurance. A well-signed, tidy van is a sure sign that he is a tidy worker and takes his business seriously. Request references and ask to see other work in your area. A good builder will be only too happy for you to see his work, even encourage you to do so.

Never pay cash up front, although agreeing to pay in installments as the job progresses is not uncommon. This helps to cover up front cost of materials etc. A good builder does not need to door knock for business. Doing your homework first will save time and frustration so plan out your socket and lighting arrangements prior to work starting and be clear with the builder about what you want to achieve.


Windows & Doors


hipley Building Plastics, run by local business partners, Gary Poucher and Carl Smith, is now entering its fifth year supplying local tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. Gary and Carl believe much of their company success is down to their friendly, knowledgeable staff who can assist with any problem that customers may have. They told us: “Our main business is the sale of bespoke Rehau upvc windows, doors, conservatories, fascias, soffits, and composite doors. For that extra peace of mind composite doors are made of solid wood with a plastic coating, giving all the strength of wood and all the benefits of plastic. “Due to our continued success, we have been able to take on some new products, including decorative bathroom cladding. This versatile product comes in a range of colours which can be applied over virtually any surface to leave a clean crisp finish with no grouting required at a fraction of the cost of tiling.” Decorative Cladding is an elegant internal panelling system for decorating walls and ceilings. Some of the benefits include:

• Excellent insulation • Reduces condensation • Quick & easy to install • Look fantastic • Really easy to clean


Decorative Cladding can be installed in about half the time required for tiling and does not need grouting. The floor-to-ceiling panels are designed to create the look and feel of luxury in your bathroom. The patterns make walls and ceilings come alive in beautiful marble or wood effect finishes in a wide choice of colours.

DIY Enthusiasts

If you like to tackle home improvements yourself but need the products and tools to carry out the work, the company stocks a comprehensive range of hand tools and fixings for the easy application of everything in store. Many of the materials currently in stock, such as the elegant decorative cladding range, are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms or many other areas in the home where a spot of DIY can easily enhance and refresh those overlooked areas.

Soffits, Fascias, Guttering and Decorative Cladding

Another way to give your home an instant face lift, is to replace fascias, soffits, guttering, cladding, window trims, architraves and skirting. All of these, plus the silicones and fixings to go with these products, are also readily available at Shipley Building Plastics, plus the free invaluable knowledge and advice if you are choosing to do the work yourself.

GRP Fibreglass Flat Roof System Shipley Building Plastics is now selling the outstanding GRP Fibreglass Flat Roof System direct from the warehouse to trade and DIY enthusiasts. This superb product can be bought in kit form, supplying everything needed to deal with virtually every type of flat roof, and the product is fully guaranteed. From dormers to garages, porches, extensions and patios, the GRP flat roof system is the ideal, proven solution. Its numerous applications and durability means that the system can be used almost anywhere. It can sustain heavy foot traffic and is also available with noneslip finishes so that it can be used to easily adapt flat roofs for use as balconies or terraces or as roof gardens. This is the perfect solution to leaky flat roofs or to create an outdoor living space.

Because high quality and service are the standard at Shipley Building Plastics, the company chose to supply Rehau windows and doors to their customers. Rehau provides the ideal replacements for traditional British timber windows and doors, and their products are easy to install yet very secure. Also available is the Vectus high security lock with no barrel to bump or snap. If you are considering replacing or upgrading your windows and doors, tilt and turns, bays and bows, doors, French doors, sliding doors , vertically sliding windows and bi-fold doors are all available with Planitherm super spacer double glazed units and with a 20-year guarantee. These are available for DIY enthusiasts to purchase and fit themselves, or, indeed, Shipley Building Plastics offers a superb, professional, cost effective supply and fit service to the public. When it comes to the security of your home, taking into account adverse weather conditions and ever increasing crime figures, there is a growing need for people to feel safe and secure - protected from both intruders and the elements. With this in mind, Shipley Building Plastics uses only the highest quality doors. The Endurance Range is a weatherproof, low maintenance residential door designed to give you an attractive entrance and, more importantly, peace of mind. The combination of its solid core, multi locking system, centre dead bolt and reinforced frame, makes the Endurance Door capable of foiling even the most determined intruder. Available in a choice of colours, wood grain and foiled frames, there are doors to suit every taste and situation, including stable doors, double doors and sidelights.

Conservatories Recognising that a conservatory is a major investment that can add much needed extra living space and also increase the value of your home, Gary and Carl go out of their way to supply the best Rehau windows topped by a K2 roof, backed up by a deep commitment to customer service excellence. When you choose a conservatory from their vast range, Gary and Carl’s wealth of experience and products comes into play, and each one is designed to meet the customer’s individual requirements and budget.

Contact For details call into the store in Shipley or

Tel: 01274 530100 WHY GO ANYWHERE ELSE? Shipley Building Plastics Ltd. Unit 6 Commercial Mills Wharf Street Shipley BD17 7DW


Rhinos a big hit in Swaziland


s part of the work of the Leeds Rugby Foundation, the Rhinos were recently able to give a gift of Rhinos shirts from 2007 to the SOS IRB Kit Aid collection. SOS IRB Kit Aid is a rugby project that gives less advantaged children around the world a chance to play and develop rugby in emerging nations through the collection and distribution of unused/unwanted kits from the UK and Ireland. Michael Collinson, the President of Swaziland Rugby Union, contacted the club with a note of thanks to the Rhinos. Collinson said that the kit has gone down brilliantly with the youngsters who are getting their first taste of playing rugby. He commented: “We

have two “Rhinos” sides here in Swaziland, the Black Rhinos and the White Rhinos, both teams are situated in the city of Manzini. “We are also using the White Leeds Rhinos kit for the adult Rhinos 7’s side. Being a Yorkshire lad myself from a village near Doncaster and a longtime supporter of Leeds, I was well pleased when the youngsters choose “The Rhinos” as their Club name. Little did I know six months later there would be the “Black” and “White” Rhinos. To get Rhinos adults’ and youngsters’ kit in the SOS IRB Kitaid delivery was a bonus. As a knock-on effect (pardon the pun) after seeing the rugby jerseys, the local KIA agent has offered to sponsor the prizes for the Rhinos Inter Schools Tournaments another bonus. May it never end!”

Foundation visit a big hit with Clegg


iberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg MP visited Headingley Carnegie Stadium in July and met with children from Valley View Community Primary School and Cardinal Heenan High School as part of his visit. The children were coached by members of the Leeds Rugby Foundation and Clegg was joined by local MP Greg Mulholland for the visit to find out about the work done by the Leeds Rugby Foundation. Commenting on the day, Foundation General Manager

Children’s Day

O 46

n Saturday 15th August, Leeds Children’s Day will be taking place at Headingley Carnegie Stadium from 11am-6pm. There is loads going on for all the family including children’s rides, a bouncy castle, BBQ, tombola with the chance to win some fantastic prizes including Leeds Rhinos signed merchandise, an U10’s Rugby Tournament along with on-pitch performances from local community dance groups, cheerleaders and martial arts. Also, there is an opportunity to meet Leeds Rhinos first team players.

Money raised on the day will help to support the work of the Garry Chappelow Memorial Fund as well as the testimonials of Leeds Rhinos’ Jamie Jones-Buchanan and Leeds Carnegie’s Rob Rawlinson. Tickets are just £3 for all (under 5’s go free) and can either be purchased in advance from the Leeds Rugby ticket office, by calling the ticket office on 0871 423 1315 or on the day at the turnstiles. Attendees paying by credit/debit card will be charged an additional £1.50 booking fee. If you wish to pay by cash, please visit the ticket office on St Michael’s Lane.

Chris Rostron says: “We were delighted to welcome Nick and Greg to the stadium. It is a real boost to the Foundation and the work that we are doing in our local community to help support our young people. We are very much part of our community and I am sure that is why Nick Clegg was keen to come and see our work in action.” After taking part in some fun rugby skills games, Nick Clegg answered questions from the schoolchildren on topics as diverse as unemployment, the BNP, bus timetables and Gordon Brown.


Back the Bid Leeds


he Leeds City Region has officially launched its bid to become a World Cup host city. The City Region is bidding to become a host city for either the 2018 World Cup or the 2022 World Cup, should England be awarded host nation status. And a number of official Leeds World Cup Ambassadors joined Council leaders, city dignitaries, and representatives of Leeds United at the launch in Millennium Square. The Ambassadors are former Leeds United players who have represented their

respective countries in World Cups dating back to 1966. Norman Hunter (1966 - England), Peter Lorimer (1974 - Scotland), Gordon McQueen (1978 - Scotland), Nigel Martyn (2002 - England), and Rui Marques (2006 Angola) all attended the launch and spoke passionately about why they would like to see the World Cup come to this part of Yorkshire. Allan Clarke (1970 - England), Jack Charlton (1966/1990 - England/Rep of Ireland) and Eddie Lewis (2006 - USA) have also agreed to act as official Ambassadors and

have thrown their weight behind the campaign. Elland Road boss Simon Grayson was also at the launch, along with Council Leader, Richard Brett, Deputy Council Leader, Andrew Carter, and Leeds United CEO, Shaun Harvey. Shaun Harvey said: “We’re delighted to be associated with the bid and we’re all working closely together in the hope that we can bring the World Cup to the City Region. “I’d like to say a special thanks to the Ambassadors who have pledged their support. The club has a great history with the World Cup and we have an association going back to 1966 which is a big part of our history. “The West Riding County FA are also supporting the bid. While the World Cup is seen as the pinnacle, it is vital that we have the support of the masses, and we would encourage everyone to support the bid.” The United Manager said: “It would be terrific if the World Cup came to Leeds. Everyone knows it’s a great sporting city and wherever you travel people associate Leeds with Leeds United. “Attracting the World Cup to the region would obviously be a big boost to the city in terms of showing people what we have to offer here. “2018 may seem a long way off, but a lot of people are working very hard on this, and hopefully if England is successful in its bid, we will see the World Cup coming to Yorkshire in all its glory.” You can register your support for the World Cup bid by visiting

Ready to go Again


EEDS UNITED’S new League One campaign gets underway on Saturday August 8 with a visit from Exeter City. United Manager, Simon Grayson, had made three new signings before the end of July with Australian international Patrick Kisnorbo, Jason Crowe, and Shane Higgs all joining the club in readiness for the new campaign. United visited Ireland once again during pre-season before games against Blackburn, Newcastle, and Burnley. “Pre-season is all about getting ready for that opening game,” said United Manager Simon Grayson. “Results don’t matter. It’s about fitness, working hard, developing partnerships and building team shape.” The boss said he was pleased with a number of his squad’s early performances, and was delighted to see his strike pairing of Jermaine Beckford and Luciano Becchio hit the back of the net during the pre-season games. “You always want to see your strikers scoring goals and they’ve done well,” he said. “Our performances have been good, we’ve passed it well and created chances for periods in games, and we’ve prepared well.”


Enjoy your Summer with the Bulls BY STUART DUFFY

2009 Summer Extravaganza Week One


he Bradford Bulls Foundation 2009 Summer Extravaganza kicks off on the 28th of July – 31st of July. People wanting to participate in the first week of the Summer Extravaganza will have a choice of activity. The three activities being;

• Rugby League Fun Fancy playing Rugby League or already play Rugby League? Come to our FUN based skill development camp!!!! The Three days will include, developing passing, movement and working as a Team and fun games where participants can show off their skills and have fun.

• Multimedia with the Stampede Centre Fancy using your multi – media skills to make an interactive tour of Odsal stadium? Over three days you will use a variety of ICT equipment like digital cameras, camcorders and podcasts to make an online guided tour of Odsal Stadium and the Bradford Bulls. You might even get to catch a player or two in action on video.

• Cheerleading with Panache Cheer School Eat and breath American style cheerleading for an entire week. A unique opportunity to learn cheer stunting, team bonding, innovative cheer routines and perform all these fantastic newly acquired skills at our Bulls Showcase at the end of the week. With such a range of skills to learn, children will be challenged at every corner but at the same time exercising and having fun!!!!!! The cheer programme is run by International Master Cheer Coach Robyn Morrison who has vast experience in the industry.  The fourth day will be a celebration afternoon to show off what the participants have been doing.

Week Two


he second Summer Extravaganza event starts on 11th August 2009 – 14th August 2009. This summer camp will hold two activities which participants can choose from, which are:

• Rugby League Bull Tag with the Bradford Bulls Foundation Fancy playing Rugby League or already play Rugby League? Bull Tag is a great way to get started, all the fun of playing rugby league without the contact. The three days will include, developing passing, movement and working as a team, and fun games where participants can show off the skills and have FUN!

Venues Multi Media – Grattan Stadium, Odsal (Stampede Centre) 10.00 – 2.30

Bull Tag – Richard Dunn Sports Centre - 10.00 – 2.30


Cheerleading Super Camp – Richard Dunn Sports Centre 10.00 – 2.30

Eat and breath American style cheerleading for an entire week. A unique opportunity to learn cheer stunting, team bonding, innovative cheer routines and perform all these fantastic newly acquired skills at our Bulls Showcase at the end of the week. With such a range of skills to learn, children will be challenged at every corner but at the same time exercising and having fun!!!!!!   The cheer programme is run by International Master Cheer Coach Robyn Morrison who has vast experience in the industry.  The fourth day, this will be a celebration afternoon to show off what the participants have been doing.

For More Information go to:

Rugby League Fun – Grattan Stadium, Odsal (Village Green Playing Fields) 10.00 – 2.30

Cheerleading – Richard Dunn Sports Centre -   10.00 – 2.30

• Cheerleading Super Camp

Or phone:08448 711 490

Prices Standard - £30 Passport to leisure - £21 Junior Bulls – £21 Ages 8-16 Only


Let the Games Begin S

o, the summer break is over, all the gardening is done, the decorating finished and all those irritating little jobs around the home have been done. The annual trek to somewhere hot and sunny is over and is now a distant memory. In fact, the only real excitement the average Bantams fan got was the England results of 4-0 and 6-0 against Kazakhstan and Andorra unless you hate Man Utd and support Barcelona, which of course I do. Even our close neighbours who play the ‘egg chasing’ game seem devoid of lifting the Bradfordian spirits. One more date in summer springs to mind - It’s that Thursday in June when we all get excited about the fixture list publication. So there we have it, as the computer at Football League headquarters says, Notts County away in the first game, coach is booked and ready to roll along that much travelled M1. However, prior to that, we have many other things to consider. Players in and players out, it’s the annual football merry go round with players arriving and departing almost daily. Even the ones arriving may depart before we see them. Fans, eager to see who is the pick of the bunch, descend on the training ground trying to spot the newcomers. “Who’s he, where’s he from, is he good, can he tackle?” Fans scouring the Internet chasing up names and playing records seem to know more than Stuart McCall at times but it’s Stuart who ultimately has the hard task deciding who he is going to give the nod to. Players already in include Simon Ramsden, Jonathon Bateson, Gareth Evans, Steve Williams and the very impressive Zesh Rehman - Whom many see as a natural captain of the team. Time will tell who gets the arm band, but it Zesh must be in with a shout after his run outs in pre season so far. A special mention must go to Michael Boulding for his refreshing approach to

renegotiating his contract and slashing his wage - a very strong factor in The Shipley Bantams opting to renew their sponsorship of Micky for another season. Another player taking the same route as Micky was last season’s top scorer, Peter Thorne. Seems like footballers are getting real about the financial struggles a football club faces. There must be something about Valley Parade they like. Also signing on at Valley Parade is a new Associate Director, Lutfur Rahman, a Manningham-based business man who along with Omar Khan, will help to forge links with the Asian community in Bradford. So after talking of the incomers list to Valley Parade, which isn’t complete yet, I have to say on behalf of all Bantams fans a very big ‘thank you’ to Mark Bower who left us after giving ten years of service to his home town club. Mark was a credit to Bradford City and the professional game both on and off the field and we at the Shippers wish him well. Now whilst pre-season games mean nothing to some, I must say the 2-1 victory over Premier League new boys Burnley was particularly sweet. Also the first half performance at Kit Kat Crescent, York, showed a team whose players have returned fresh and up for the fight. Also the victory at Bradford Park Avenue was sweet for an old City diehard like myself. So, at the time of writing, we have three straight wins in friendly matches and seem to be building a decent squad for the new campaign, which of course will be followed avidly by the Shipley Bantams who will be running a coach to all the away games.

Become a Member You to could become a Shippers member by visiting the website or phoning the membership secretary on 07771631560.

Dates for the Diary... Up and coming events include a novelty Pigeon Race Night at the Shipley Club on the 14th August at 7.30pm. All proceeds will go to the Marie Curie Hospice, Bradford, in memory of the late Stuart Hardy. Also a BBQ will be held at The Shipley Club on Monday 31st August when all profits will be donated to The Bradford Burns Unit. So that’s it for now, let’s hope that the next time you read this article we are firmly camped at the top of the league. Well we can dream can’t we!



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