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SAY HELLO TO THE NEW VICTORIA Now with even longer opening hours So there’s more time to get to know the fabulous new John Lewis, shops and restaurants at your new Victoria


From the


MAD PUBLICATIONS LTD T 01274 420091 www.hnmagazine.co.uk


e’re all very excited at H&N HQ at the moment as we have so many things happening! Once again it’s time for our EAT Dining Award Nominations and we have some new categories this year, plus lots more fabulous restaurants and bars opening in the region, so whittling down the nominations in each category has been challenging to say the least. All the details on how to vote for your favourite places to chow down and drink up are in EAT section of this edition. It’s also almost time for our annual H&N Charity Ball. We just can’t believe how quickly this has come around, but it has and we have less than a month before this cracking event takes place in the luxury marquee at The Stansfield Arms in Apperley Bridge in support of Cancer Support Yorkshire and Anthony Nolan, whom I might add, our designer Joanne has just raised over £2500 for by walking from London to Paris, yes we are incredibly proud of her! The buzz has started and we have pulled out all the stops to make sure this year’s event is even more spectacular than last year. There’s just a few places left so if you haven’t booked your Christmas ‘do’ yet, or just fancy getting dressed up to the nines and a right good night out then call us on 01274 420091, we will do our best to accommodate you. This month I was also honoured to be invited to be one of the judges at this year’s Fashion Fiesta, showcasing the talents of the regions fashion designers and makeup artists and what a night it was. There’s a wealth of talent in Yorkshire and it was such a pleasure to be involved in this super event, which you can read about and see some of the designs for yourself in this edition. With Christmas and the party season just around the corner, we are bringing you some great gift and fashion ideas too and if you prefer to get away from it all, then you need to read through our travel pages to help you decide where to go. Well that’s just a snapshot of what you will discover as you read through this issue of H&N, I will let you find out the rest for yourself and hope you enjoy! Until next time…

Angela Angela Riches Editor Follow us on Twitter @HNMagazine1

Distribution in and around: Leeds City Centre, Horsforth, Menston, Guiseley, Rawdon, Yeadon, Calverley, Apperley Bridge, Greengates, Idle, Thackley, Baildon, Saltaire, Cottingley, Bingley, Eldwick, Gilstead, East Morton, Crosshills, Nuffield Health Guiseley, Nuffield Health Shipley, Nuffield Health Cottingley and various restaurants, bars and golf clubs across Yorkshire.


R AY M O N D T O W N menswear



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CONTENTS VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ...................................................................................... 8 FASHION APPS ..................................................................................................... 10 LOCAL TALENT ..................................................................................................... 16


BEAUTY DESK ..................................................................................................... 28 GIFT GUIDE .......................................................................................................... 32 THE COTSWOLDS WEEKENDER .................................................................... 44 ICELANDIC ADVENTURE ................................................................................. 46 LONDON CALLING ............................................................................................. 48 LUXURY SKI .......................................................................................................... 50


AUTUMNAL HOME EDITS ............................................................................... 60 LAVENDER LOVE AFFAIR ............................................................................... 62 BEERTAILS ......................................................................................................... 80 MEET THE MIXOLOGIST .................................................................................. 81 THE BLACKLIST .............................................................................................. 92 EAT AWARD NOMINATIONS ........................................................................... 95


INTERVIEW WITH THE CHEF ......................................................................... 106

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Running through the core of British fashion is an attitude of rebellion. From Quant to McQueen we are a nation in adoration of an unruly spirit, but most notorious of all has to be the fashion institution that is Vivienne Westwood. She made her name disobeying industry ‘rules’, was largely responsible for bringing modern punk and new wave fashions into the mainstream and we thoroughly enjoyed watching her tear apart said rule book. Now five decades after she started her career, the 75 year old Dame is still feeding our appetite for cutting-edge, anarchic design. She embodies the essence of ‘Cool Britannia’ and frankly makes us proud to be British. H&N takes a look back at Westwood’s career to find out how this O.A.P keeps her spunk.

Westwood’s partnership with McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols) in 1965 became the foundation of her fashion empire. Much like Vivienne, he was a man interested in music and fashion and ‘enjoyed the idea of using culture as a way of making trouble’. Inspired by free spirited youth culture, in 1971 they established their infamous clothes shop at 430 Kings Road. Opened as ‘Let It Rock’, they were the original stockists for London’s cutting edge, rock ‘n roll teddy boys. Over the following decades the shop reopened under various names and guises as the duo shifted focus in relation to popular sub culture. In 1975, ‘Let It Rock’ switched names to ‘Sex’ when the pair began selling rubber fetish wear. Adam and the Ants band member Marco remembers, ‘The country was a morass of beige and cream Bri-Nylon and their shop was an oasis.’ However, it was in ‘76 when the shop reopened as ‘Seditionaries’ that we saw the origins of the riotous Westwood brand many of us recognise today. Rips, leather, buckles and straps; Westwood became the epitome of Punk. Fast forward to the eighties and the shocking punkaesthetic that Westwood and McClaren developed with the intention to ‘confront the older generation’ had inevitably become mainstream. To wrestle their way out of being labelled as ‘the norm’, the trailblaizing duo decided to dramatically change focus and Westwood established herself as a fashion designer. She was quickly welcomed into the establishment and press coverage shifted from ‘magazines following underground club culture to include pre-eminent fashion publications’. Now with a keen interest in art and fashion history, together they developed an altogether new aesthetic and the ‘Pirate’ collection


was their first runway show. Their designs became based around a more feminine silhouette, and though structured were romantic and soft. Westwood’s research into historical dress had inspired her to adopt and reinterpret ‘original cutting principles and apply them to contemporary dress’. In 1985 Westwood and Mclaren’s partnership ended as Vivienne sought new inspiration. The ‘Mini Crini’ collection was to be Vivienne’s first solo show. Steering away from the popular eighties power silhouette, she created something much more shapley. Inspired by both the ballet and Victorian fashion, the collection was most famous for it’s ‘tutu

skirt’ design which was constructed from Victorian crinoline fabric. In fact the ‘Mini Crini’ skirt has been a go to piece for Westwood ever since. Originally created in polka dot, stars and stripe printed fabrics, it has since been reimagined throughout various collections in velvet, lace and abstract floral prints. The ‘Mini Crini’ skirt has not only become a Westwood hero piece, but a fashion icon in it’s own right. Undoubtedly Westwood’s collections have always being inspired by her interests and beliefs. I would even go as far as to say that her designs are a byproduct of what is actually her main focus; researching, exploring ideas and promoting a message. As an ultimate ‘anti fashion’ gesture, recent years have seen Westwood vow to hold back on expanding the brand because of her strong ecological beliefs and her concerns about mass production within the fashion industry. She’s campaigned to reform business policy, backed Greenpeace’s ‘Save The Arctic’ campaign and supported the charity ‘Cool Earth’ in their effort to preserve our rainforests. Speaking of the vast consumption that the fashion world promotes she explains, ‘I am now trying to make my own business more efficient and self sustaining’. Promoting ‘quality not quantity’, Westwood hopes in the future that as consumers we learn to buy better, ‘In my view it is worse for someone to come out of a shop with a handful new T-shirts made in the sweatshop than it is for a rich lady to buy one beautiful dress’.


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Looking for a little wardrobe inspiration for Autumn? We rounded up the best smartphone apps to help you find - not to mention style, the right looks...



PS Dept gives users access to a personal fashion consultant 24/7. You can search through PS for one specific piece, or for outfit ideas as a whole. The app partners with stylists from an array of brands and stores to give shoppers free access to expert advice. You can then shop directly through the app.



Want to know what your fave insta folk are wearing? Wish granted. Like an Instagram with a liketoknow.it link in the comment and you’ll get an email with shopping info for some or all of the items in the photo. It’s not an actual app, but it’s practically an extension of Instagram.



Stylebook is designed to help you carefully curate your wardrobe so you can look effortlessly chic everyday. Get the most out of what you already have in your wardrobe and to choose new pieces that will integrate well into your wardrobe as a whole. A little organization can go a long way when it comes to getting dressed.




It’s like Tinder for shoes, and we’ll warn you right now: It’s kind of addictive. Swipe right if you like what you see and left if you don’t. Your options - more than 350,000 of them - include Mr. Choo and Mr. Louboutin, and the app will even alert you when pieces you’ve liked go on sale.



Similar to Instagram, you can post and tag photos on Pose, follow other users, and comment, but the focus here is strictly fashion. You can search for particular brands to see how their items have been styled, but we prefer using the app for inspiration by scrolling the feeds of bloggers and designers.



Explore the app for clothes and accessories that are hand-picked by other Keep users. Follow your favorite “Keepers” to get sartorial ideas straight to your feed on the app. You can buy your must-haves and save others in collections (similar to inspiration boards) to purchase later. It’s a great resource for unique gifts, too.


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CROSS HILLS Blonde & Wise Diva • Suzy D

The Pretty Dress Company St. Tropez Postcard from Brighton Native Youth Bellfield Lunar Shoes and Bags Waven Jeans Powder Scarves and Socks Katie Loxton Scarves and Bags Robell Pants

Great Christmas Party Dresses in Stock Tel: 01535 957576 Find us at: 41 Main Street I Cross Hills I BD20 8TT www.facebook.com/debneyboutique OPEN: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm


Stockists of Jolaby occasion wear, designed & manufactured in the UK. Perfect for the festive season!

T01274 564874


www.flouncyflouncy.co.uk 4 Park Road, Bingley, West Yorkshire BD16 4JA hnmagazine.co.uk | 11

A PRINCE AMONG MEN Raghavendra Rathore AKA Prince Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur, is an Idian born menswear designer with a twist. Working alongside the Dominican fashion designer Oscar de la Renta provided the perfect platform from which to hone many of his skills and cut his teeth for the ever evolving and some would say ‘cut throat’ fashion industry. Born into a regal family, Raghavendra has etched his own professional destinations and thankfully wasn’t encouraged to take a more conventional path by his family. This encouragement quickly drove him to create a bespoke fashion organization in South Asia, India where


Raghavendra Rathore was born, imbibing the qualities of regal Rajasthan. The Raghavendra Rathore brand specialise in customising the Royal Jodhpuri Bandhgala suit, for those that value the meticulous craft that is involved in creating one of these suits. An incarnation of Indian nobility, the contemporary take on the suit has evolved to fit perfectly in to the stylish modern man’s wardrobe. The versatility of the Bandhgala is what makes it so unique as it can transcend from casual to formal and can be worn anywhere from Mumbai to London and Manhattan and of course our very own Yorkshire!

“ The International launch has allowed our luxury products to showcase an eastern familiarity at the same time as a high equation of European sophistication.” When did you find your eye for fashion? Is it something you always knew you would be doing? My love for travel took me back-packing around the globe after I finished my school. The ways of different civilisations intrigued me and diverse cultures enriched my understanding of myself and my place in the world. I set myself a goal and found myself struggling to find ways to support myself to study in New York. The idea was ridiculous for the times, but both my parents understood my deep inclinations and started to put a strategy together, to help me get there. After jumping endless hurdles, I finally managed to secure a place in a liberal arts college in New Hampshire. After dabbling with the arts, I was advised to move to Parsons School of design and train vigorously to hone my design skills. I secured a great internship at Oscar de la Renta, in my freshman year, little did I know that this would be my foot in the door some 2 to 3 years later. You dabbled in a lot of different things before you went to Parsons. What were you looking for? And why did you give up robotics (or have you?), especially with its growing ubiquity today? My education and career though completely different have both complemented each other. Electronics and robotics teaches you logic whereas the arts accentuate the idea of creativity, collectively they emphasize the complete use of the right and left side of the brain. Creative ideas that come into my head are given direction and analyzed logically giving a strong commercial viability to my creativity. How did you get to work with Oscar de la Renta and DKNY? What’s the story behind that? My education led me to the United States and helped me expand my palette for diverse,

modern tastes. This combined with my Rajasthani heritage have made my inspirations limitless and unique. It eventually is up to the individual to find value in people, lifestyle and how one chooses to coexist in society, in other words there are no guarantees in life. I was in Jodhpur, while still working under Mr. Oscar de la Renta on a short break around 1994, when I realized, that there were very few design houses offering specialised tailoring to tmean the demands of the new breed in young, stylish Indians. I recognised the importance of heritage clothing and embarked on reviving Indian design. Oscar de la Renta, my role model, and not

a new understanding which is a blend of the East and the West, creating a mysterious appetite, for all kinds of objects of desire. Trends from India or the Middle East now get processed by brilliant designers who have the power and understanding of repackaging luxury products that have a sense of eastern familiarity at the same time high equation of European sophistication. How are you bringing this to the Western world? It’s great timing for the western world, in regards to us recently making a shift towards the customization of clothes and products for our clientele. The western world allows us to become a part of a new understanding which is a blend of the East and the West. What has been the reaction from your international launch? The International launch has allowed our luxury products to showcase an eastern familiarity at the same time as a high equation of European sophistication. People have been open to the brand and excited by it.

because he is one of the most renowned fashion designers but because of the knowledge he imparted on me. His learning and philosophy in fashion is what I will always cherish the most. Was it challenging to translate traditional Indian dress to the UK market? Ideas from the East, have recently found a larger share of space, on mood boards, at the helm of top international fashion ateliers, across the globe. Becoming part of

How are you planning on developing and evolving your brand from here? We want Raghavendra Rathore to become the first Indian brand (out of India) to join the exclusive club of luxury internationally. We have made a shift towards the customisation of clothes and products for our clientele. One has to be constantly in business to grow the business regardless of being in the business.

ra t h o r e. c o m hnmagazine.co.uk | 13

Autumn/Winter looks from H&L of Haworth...

Welcome in the Autumn/Winter season with a new wardrobe from H&L Fashions. As the leaves begin to fall be inspired by the rich tones of burnt orange, rust, khaki, mustard and chocolate brown. Wrap yourself up in our stylish knits, cover ups and coats and step out in style. Be ready whatever the weather with our wide selection of stylish jackets and coats. Whether your looking for a lightweight jacket or a parka, the possibilities are endless. Our collection of cardigans, poncho’s and knitwear, range from cosy to cute, practicable and serviceable and ultra fashionable to suit your wardrobe requirement for whatever occasion. Complete your look with gorgeous finishing touches from warm wraps to statement hats, we have all the accessories you need to complete the perfect Autum/Winter look.

Men’s Waistcoats £35 Men’s Crombie £90 14 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

Whether being worn as a full suit for an event or casually with jeans, tweed jackets never fail to impress. Combining the tailored look with the indie rocker has been an increasingly hot trend of late. Using classic pieces of tweedy flair the bow tie with the tweed waistcoat add a touch of rebellion by teaming it up with jeans, and a parka, create a look that is sure to to be duplicated by hipster all over the country.

Ladies Roll Neck Poncho £29 Faux Fur Pom Pom Hat £9

Tassled Cold Shoulder Tunic £38 Men’s 4 Piece Suit £150

Ladies Fine Knit Poncho’s £35 Men’s Waistcoat £35 Men’s Jacket £80

Ladies brown jumper £39 Faux Fur Gilet £42

Ladies Boiled Wool Jacket £35 Men’s Jacket £80

Waistcoat £35 Blue/Grey Cover Up £5

Ladies Double Breasted Jacket £48 Men’s Waistcoat £35 Men’s Jacket £80

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and enter our amazing monthly giveaways! T 07733 263641 100 Main Street, Haworth BD22 8DP www.Handlfashions.Co.Uk hnmagazine.co.uk | 15





ashion Fiesta is the creation of Rachel Hatfield of Shoo Social Media. Rachel has always had an interest in fashion and prefers its unique styles. Having studied for an MSc in conference management, she also has a passion for organising events! Fashion Fiesta has given Rachel the opportunity to pull together a creative event utilizing her organizational skills and love of helping people and seeing them flourish and grow in their careers. The event is all about celebrating local designers, allowing them to showcase their talent and helping them to build awareness of their designs and a brand. Working alongside the designers were makeup artists, helping to perfect the designers’ vision and their own talent was also to be recognized at the event.


Everyone involved in pulling together Fashion Fiesta gives up their time and volunteers their services for the evening, as this is also the opportunity to support a local charity through ticket sales, a raffle and silent auction. This years’ chosen charity was One in a Million, a Bradford children’s charity founded in 2005, which provides sport, arts and enterprise pathways for children and young people living in disadvantaged areas of the city. Using formal and informal education, the charity aims to break the cycles of depravation over their young lives. I was privileged to be invited to be a judge at this years’ event, along with Chris Allen, Managing Partner of Blacks Solicitors, Stacey Irving from Global Cosmetic Developments, Sarah Tulip, Managing Director of & Then Consulting, Sarah

Little a freelance stylist and owner of The Little Hair Company who also lectures in hairdressing and media makeup at Leeds City College and last years’ winner, Victoria Reddington, who is co-founder and designer behind fashion label OSAAC AVA – an independent brand based in Leeds. This year there were seven designers competing; Clare Mullen, Harj Flora, Dita Sramkova, Marie Stenton, Yasin Gora-Gardee, Natalie Onoita and winner, Darecca Stainforth covered an eclectic mix of fabrics, themes and styles which even included a collection inspired by broken umbrellas and landfill! The winning makeup artist, Kiren Virdi and winning designer, Darecca Stainforth will be featured in the New Year edition of H&N Yorkshire. Part of their prize is for us to give them a platform to showcase their talent to our readers, so watch this space!


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urning Heads in Saltaire is such a fabulous discovery, if you have ever struggled to find that perfect dress, even the complete ensemble for a special occasion, then you will absolutely adore this unique, independent boutique, where you can expect to find high quality pre-loved and new designer labels. That’s designer labels without the guilt of designer prices! What else is so fantastic about this place is that owner Delyse, specialises in buying and selling stand out Mother of the Bride and Groom outfits and jaw dropping evening wear, as well as high end high street casual wear, handbags and accessories. The labels in stock include; Condici, Ian Stuart, John Charles, Ann Balon, Miria, Ispirato, Irresistible, Mascara, L ‘Atelier, Gucci, Pucci, Alexander


McQueen and Stella McCartney. Plus bags by Luis Vuitton, Mulberry, Balenziaga, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. These are just some of the labels that can be found re-selling at a fraction of their original cost, but be warned, the best get snapped up quickly so regular visits to the shop are a must. Delyse told us, “We are now taking in autumn/ winter wear which must be no more than two seasons old, we are looking in particular for designer labels and high end, high street evening wear and mother of the bride and groom outfits before they become another season old!” Outfits must be in immaculate laundered condition, this ensures you get the very best prices for your

items and also that they sell quickly. You are sure to become a regular at Turning Heads and the envy of your social circle, with a cut price designer wardrobe that would put a celebrity to shame. With Christmas just around the corner there will be parties, balls and of course the cruise season will be underway, all of which are generously catered for at Turning Heads. Now you can also browse their online store which features a selection of current stock through Turning Heads New and New2u Boutique Facebook page and Instagram Del_ziner _labels. Please be sure to SHARE us and LIKE us for updates and regular sneaky peeks at all new stock. We look forward to welcoming you to Turning Heads.

Official Stockists: Smashed Lemon • Angels Never Die • Mascara • L’Atlier • Rainbow Shoes and Bags Lunar Shoes and Bags • Turning Heads Thoroughly Modern Millinery

We also stock a range of pre-loved designer and high end high street labels... First Stop for Your Party Dresses and Ball Gowns! TURNING HEADS NEW & NEW2U BOUTIQUE T 01274 928448 53 BINGLEY ROAD I SALTAIRE I BD18 4SB

Keith James menswear

1 2 4 - 1 2 8 To w n S t r e e t , H o r s f o r t h L S 1 8 4 A Q T 0 1 1 3 2 5 8 2 6 0 5 w w w. k e i t h j a m e s m e n s w e a r. c o m New Autumn Ranges from H u g o B o s s , E t o n , G a n t , M e y e r, J o h n S m e d l e y a n d m o r e . . .


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Ever had ambitions to nurture your inner entertainer? Well why not make it a reality and try one of the many classes on offer, from babies to the more mature adult, there is a class for you and to encourage you to make the initial move, there’s a great offer for readers of H&N Magazine; 2 Weeks Free Trial on Saturday Classes, just take the voucher from this page. What are you waiting for? No matter which dance genre you fancy trying, there’s a class that is perfect for you; ballet, jazz, contemporary, cheerleading, tap and street dance, or become an all-rounder with musical theatre workshops. Have a look at all the new classes we are now offering...Take a look at our Saturday Classes on the right and the Exclusive Offer. Ballet classes run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and are available for all levels from beginners. Ballet for pleasure or for the more serious minded, this style of expressive movement has something for everyone. Tap classses run on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and are available for all levels from beginners. Tap is rhythm – rhythm is tap and is as popular today as it was in the heyday of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Tap is a gentle, rhythmical way to keep fit. Modern Jazz classes run on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and are available for all levels from beginners. You will learn to develop many different movements

through modern jazz. Classes are structured to begin to prepare the physical strength and flexibility required to demonstrate emotion through interpretation of any musical genre. Street Dance classes run on Thursdays, we offer Junior and Senior Classes. Street dance takes any form of popular music, from pop to hip hop and choreographs routines to the beat. Lots of pop acts combine street dance routines in to their performances. Contemporary classes run on Thursdays. This is a dance performance genre that tells a story. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction are often used. Musical Theatre classes run on Fridays and combine songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance and is distinguished by the equal importance given to each skill during a performance. Musical theatre work is usually defined by one word – musicals. Maybelles Cheerleading classes run on Saturdays. A squad will incorporate a specific dance style with technique work, and depending on the routine, they may incorporate pompoms and/or cheers. Party Party Party Children’s parties are always popular at the school as the facilities and props lend themselves perfectly to a great choice of themes; Fairies, Disco Diva’s, Pricesses, Pirates, Cowboys and Indians, Super Hero’s, Den Building, Beach Dudes, Ice Queen, Photoshoot and Fun Sports Day Activities. For only £10 per child you get private room hire, themed decorations, 2 party hosts, organized traditional games, party buffet food, party bags and the hosts even clear up after!

SATURDAY CLASSES... Beginners Ballet & Tap Age 3-5 9:30am - 10:30am Beginners Street Dance Age 5-8 9:45am - 10:30am Prep/Primary Ballet & Tap Age 5-6 10:45am - 12:15pm Maybelles Cheerleading Age 5+ 12:15pm - 1:00pm

EXCLUSIVE OFFER Two Free Weeks FREE TRIAL On SATURDAY Classes with this voucher *Prior reservation essential*

*Please call to reserve your free trial classes quoting H&N Magazine or bring the voucher with you

T 01535 634433 53 Main Street, Crosshills, Keighley BD20 8TT 20 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

Local Law Firm Shortlisted for National Award Local family law specialists, Kinsey & Co Solicitors have been shortlisted in this year’s Law Society Excellence Awards under the category of Excellence in Client Service. Juliette Kinsey the principal of the practice, which is located in Baildon, talks to H & N about the Law Society Awards and what being shortlisted means for the practice. What are the Law Society Excellence Awards? “Each year the Law Society hold a national Excellence Awards Ceremony that recognises excellence within the legal profession throughout England and Wales. There are a number of award categories including Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion, Excellence in Marketing and Communications and in our case Excellence in Client Service. In order to be shortlisted for the client service award, independently appointed Judges needed to see evidence that the firm consistently provides clients with a high level of service and that clients report a high level of satisfaction regarding the service they receive.”

What evidence was received by the Judges? “In our case the Judges were provided with written evidence from clients who endorsed the practice and wrote about the service they received and their experience of instructing Kinsey & Co. The Judges also received an endorsement from our external assessor who assesses the practice every year in order to verify that the firm can retain its Lexcel Standard Mark. The Lexcel Standard Mark is a Law Society award that is achieved by law firms which demonstrate a high level of client care, good practice management and legal expertise through regular training and professional development. Kinsey & Co has retained the standard mark for the past eight years and as a result the assessor believed that despite us being such a small practice our efforts should be recognised.”

What does it mean to you to be shortlisted? “It is always nice to receive acknowledgment from clients that our efforts to go that little extra mile are appreciated. As family law specialists the practice is very aware that when relationships and

For more info please visit:

marriages breakdown, clients suffer a great deal of stress, upset and anxiety which can be made all the more difficult because there is often uncertainty about their financial future, where they will live, and the arrangements regarding any children the couple may have. It is therefore important that clients feel supported, receive expert legal advice that is pragmatic and constructive and feel that they are in safe hands. For clients to have taken the time to write to the Judges to endorse my practice was very touching. It is also very rewarding for such a small firm to be acknowledged in a national award scheme. We are up against nine other practices and they are all a lot bigger than us!”

When will the results be known? “There is an Award Ceremony in London on 20 October 2016. Nobody knows before then who will win. It is a big Gala Dinner and should be very exciting and to be able to attend as a shortlisted firm is fantastic.”Kinsey & Co Solicitors is a specialist Family Law Practice that prides itself in not only providing expert legal advice, but also providing a supportive environment for clients going through a distressing and painful time in their lives. H & N wish them every success.

If you would like further advice regarding matrimonial matters or issues regarding child arrangements contact: Juliette Kinsey of Kinsey & Co Solicitors in Baildon on 01274 589900 to make an appointment.

www.kinseysolicitors.co.uk hnmagazine.co.uk | 21





f like me you have seen DMA shows regularly you will know by now that they have built quite a reputation for staging spectacular affairs that go beyond what might be described as a dance school recital. A DMA production invariably has whistles and bells as Deana aims to pull out all the stops to give the children a show they can be proud of but also something that will stand out in people’s memories for a long time to come. Her shows have become increasingly more “thematic” over the years and “Words’ was no exception . . .

encountered Aladdin and Princess Jasmin, the Genie of the Lamp, Cinderella, Snow White and the 7 Dads (don’t ask!) and of course the beautiful Fairy Grace and a very Wicked Queen! Act I finished with the Senior jazz students looking as glamourous as ever in “Fantasy” and the teenage girls realised their dream of being enchanted fairies.

You may well be asking “how does one create a dance show all about words?” Dance is such a visual art form and so it was Deana’s intention to make the words jump right off the stage and this show did not disappoint!

Act II started with Senior Associate Jazz students in a beautifully choreographed piece by Stewart Avon-Arnold to Emilie Sande’s “Read All About It” and then we headed over to the typing pool where thirty two typists created lots of words with tap dancing feet (complete with tea ladies). The show then proceeded to explore the work of some of our greatest wordsmiths.

For starters the curtain went up on the little dancers learning their ABC’s, before heading into “Once Upon A Time” story land. Exploring three mini pantomimes the hero, local lad, Douglas Silveira, had to seek a magic lamp, a glass slipper and a poisoned apple to find his way back home again. Along the way he

Starting with a balletic celebration, by all the DMA classical students, of the life and work of William Shakespeare in this, the 400th anniversary of his death. The 200th Anniversary of the birth of Yorkshire’s own Charlotte Bronte was marked by Hannah Bainbridge who danced a beautiful solo to “Voice Across The Moors”


from Jane Eyre. Then the production explored the words of JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” , JM Barrie’s “Peter Pan” in Finding Neverland and finally Act II came to a fitting close with a look at Dickens’ “Oliver Twist & Scrooge” to say a rousing “Thank You Very Much”. The entire cast assembled in true DMA fashion in a group finale giving each child a chance to step out onto the beautiful Alhambra stage to take a final bow. So, you see there you have it. This show started with the kernel of an idea based around the Bee Gees song “It’s Only Words” and then Deana’s imagination picked up a thread and ran with it. With a wardrobe of over a 1,000 spectacular, brand new costumes, a music playlist that raised my spirits and also gave pause for thought. Scenery, props and DMA’s usual sprinkling of special effects coupled with months of rehearsing gave us a night to remember. Well done to the entire cast of 180 local youngsters and 7 Dads!

You have 9197 new page likes.

A D V E R T I S I N G T H AT W O R K S . w w w. h n m a g a z i n e . c o . u k hnmagazine.co.uk | 23



H&N Yorkshire chat to Paul Shakeshaft, owner of Yazz Number One Hair Studio group about how he started in business, what drives him and who his influences are. Paul has always been keen to build the business and move the company forward within the hairdressing industry, ensuring Yazz is definitely on the map. Yazz was named after Paul’s young daughter, Yasmin. Paul opened his first Yazz salon 19 years ago with a small yet enthusiastic team – some of who are still there today. The Rawdon salon was opened by John Hendrie, ex professional Leeds football player, who was photographed with Paul and his young daughter Yasmin, and again 19 years later. Yasmin is now a stylist at the Rawdon salon, working alongside Paul.

How did you get the idea for your concept? I was already a hairdresser, my goal was to build a strong and identifiable brand in the area which would deliver exceptional service to all of our customers, bringing modern and bang up to date trends and coloring techniques to a local town, without having to travel into the City.

Do you have any future goals for the business? Absolutely, recently we have opened a fully accredited Yazz Hairdressing Training Academy and of course we are always on the lookout for any new Salons and team members to work with us. Plus, bringing digital to the forefront of all that we do, either in the Salon environment or indeed on our Website, Facebook Twitter pages etc .

Could you describe your style and concept? Yazz is a thoroughly modern Award Winning Hair Salon; we actively listen our customers and address their needs on a one to one basis. Making them the very best version of themselves.

Does your business get involved in the local community or support local charities? Absolutely, over the last 21 years we have undertaken many fundraising events either for the local community or taken part in raising money for National Charities, it’s something we simply love to do. We also feel it’s very important to visit local schools in the area, to demonstrate to the youth of today what a great Career can be had in Hairdressing, it’s so very important we inspire our future generations.

What was your mission at the outset ? To deliver exceptional service to all of our customers, ensuring we have the best and most educated teams to do this, this remains today. To what do you attribute your success? Our customers first and foremost both loyal and new, the amazing feedback we get and recommendations to visit our Salons are outstanding. Of course the team who always give 100% in delivering this, they are passionate, committed and dedicated to ensuring all of our customers are beyond happy. We have won numerous industry recognized awards, which reflect this.


If you had one piece of advice to give to someone just starting out in business, what would it be? Remain consistent and focused in achieving your dream; always have the customer at the forefront in everything you do, don’t let any obstacles get in your way! Believe in yourself!

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In holistic & beauty Treatments

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A unique skin analysis provides a prescriptive facial for every individual. Face Mapping is only available from your Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist

IPL Hair Removal • Semi-Permanent Make Up Anti wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers

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AND GILLY’S BARBERS Announcing the arrival of stylist Dominic Moore, trained at a top Leeds salon!

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Now Taking Bookings for Christmas Walk in Appointments Available at Gilly’s Barbers


Extensive range of Christmas cards now in stock. An amazing range of gifts inc Woodwick Candles, Wrendale, Jellycat and many more. Pop in and see a our fantastic range of Christmas decorations.

We Have the Perfect Seasonal Gifts waiting for you 14 WESTGATE I BAILDON I BD17 5EJ

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PRETTY IN THE PINK Cougar Products, part of the Rosdon Group UK, are a Yorkshire based beauty company supplying unique and innovative products all around the world. From Snail Slime and Snake Venom to the purest Mineral Makeup, there isn’t much that they don’t offer. The Managing Director and founder of Cougar, Paula Dunne, created this business as she wanted to expand the variety of skincare and beauty products that are currently available to consumers. The main focus of this brand is to bring creative, unique products to the market, with proven and lasting results.

Paula Dunne - Founder & MD of Cougar Beauty Products

’50 Shades of Pink Lip Palette’ £1.00 of all retail sales will go to Breast Cancer Haven. Priced at £9.99 www.cougarbeautyproducts.com

Since its launch, back in 2011, Cougar has grown rapidly. Within those five years they have created a large database of customers and a large presence within the UK and Europe, including four major TV Shopping Channels all over the world, in the US, Germany, Italy and right here in the UK. In the last 12 months they have also successfully launched themselves into the USA and Canada, making a mark in some of the biggest, well known and respected retail stores.

“ All of Cougar’s products are made with the environment and its living creatures in mind, all of the products are cruelty free...”

Get your Liquid Lipstick 5 Piece set for only £39.00 on: www.cougarbeautyproducts.com


Cougar is also working with Breast Cancer Haven to create a ’50 Shades of Pink Lip Palette’. Made with 50 different shades and tones of satin-finish pinks, reds and purples, this palette is the perfect gift for any lipstick lover, and also a great way to raise money for charity, £1.00 of all retail sales will go to Breast Cancer Haven, to go towards the great

work that they do for those diagnosed and their families. Breast Cancer Haven support those diagnosed by offering practical, physical and emotional support. Not only do they offer therapy, advice and support, they also help the families who have been effected by Breast Cancer. Their services are open to those diagnosed, those who are currently having treatment or those recovering. Breast Cancer Haven is completely free to all visitors, so they rely on the donations and partnerships like ’50 Shades of Pink’. Not only do Cougar work alongside charities, they also work on creating an abundance of different products to fit in with the seasons and holidays. From Christmas to Breast Cancer Awareness month and summer to winter, with hundreds of different products being recreated with special packaging and suitable shades to make up the perfect seasonal gifts. Finding out the latest trends in today’s beauty world

is imperative, and Cougar work on keeping up with those trends every season. Lips have become a huge fascination and Cougar stay on top by creating different lines of beautiful lipsticks to fulfil every lip obsessed makeup lover’s needs. From glosses to mineral lipsticks, lip plumpers to liquid matte lipsticks, Cougar has everything you need to perfect your pout. If you want to add shine and volume to lips, then the Perfect Pout is the perfect thing for you! With an added ingredient of Volulip, this lip plumper mimic’s hyaluronic acid injection by retaining water in lips and around the mouth, resulting in a plumper, more voluminous lip architecture and the plumping of lines surrounding the lips. This product is formulated to give a light tingle to lips with the use of corum and peppermint, has a fresh and minty peppermint scent and flavour, Vitamin E for added moisture and antioxidant benefits, and luxuriously shiny gloss finish.

WAKE UP THE COUGAR IN YOU w w w. c o u g a r b e a u t y p r o d u c t s . c o m hnmagazine.co.uk | 27



For more make up advice and tips visit www.pamelaclare.co.uk

DHC, Liquid Eyeliner EX, £16,

Deep, Dark, Sparkly Party Makeup... It is definitely the most exciting time of year. With the change in weather, the layering of clothes and the imminent arrival of the first party invite, it is time to gear up for those Halloween, bonfire, Christmas and New Year parties. But, are you makeup ready? Does your makeup collection fit the situation? Do you have the perfect eyeliner for the killer ‘wing’, or the correct eye shadow for smoky sultry eyes, and can you honestly say that you have got enough shimmer or sparkle? Our beauty writer, Rachel McAlley talks to leading professional makeup artist Pamela Clare about what we should be doing to create our very own standout party makeup this season.

Q. What makeup products do we need to achieve a deep, dark, sparkly look? A. Everyone needs a selection of at least ten make-up brushes, for the best results, including; foundation, concealer, powder, angled or dome blush, lip, and angled brow brushes, plus an eye shadow applicator, eye shadow definer, eye shadow blender, and a lash and brow comb.

Maybelline, Rock Nudes Pallette, £9.99,

Start with a good foundation and a primer for a flawless base, and always select the right base for your skin type. Powder down to set, avoid shine, and for a longer lasting look. Take a compact powder with you for a quick top up at your party. I highly recommend eye shadow pallets with both intense and soft colours and tones, and don’t forget that these days a pro-brow kit is essential.

Benefit, Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil, £18.50

Urban Decay, 8-hour Afterglow Powder Blush, £19

Benecos, Catwalk Lipstick, £6.95


Rodial, Glamolash XXL Mascara, £24

Q. Are there any special techniques that we can use at home to master the deep, dark, sparkly eye? A. Always start with darker eye shades from the outer edge towards the centre, shade the lower lash line to perfect the look, and try not to overload your brush. Use a folded tissue to catch shadow fallout. Apply your lighter shades to the inner corner and blend well, add a hint of gold or silver for the ultimate party eyes. Luscious lashes are always in style, don’t be afraid to build your mascara, and use a lash comb to avoid clumping. For that extra flutter, there are lots of fabulous strip lashes to choose from, but don’t overload the lash glue.

Illamasqua, Pure Pigment Axolotl, £17

When creating an eyeliner flick or wing, you need a steady hand. Try sitting at a dressing table to support your elbow. Practice with your eyeliner and perfect your technique prior to the party. For the subtle eyeliner look, dust over with eye shadow. Define and frame your eyes with wellstructured eyebrows. I recommend a good brow stylist to help you achieve the most flattering brows for your individual face shape. Use light strokes in the direction of the hair growth and brush into shape. There’s an option to then set your eyebrow with brow wax or gel. If you are not confident at applying eye make-up, ask the experts in store or search online for help with application. Q. Is there a specific lip colour we should be looking for, and how do we apply? A. Dark lip colours are on trend for autumn winter ‘16, direct from the runway. I say wear what you love, matt or gloss but perfect it. Choose a lip liner to match your lipstick shade, or go nude to hide imperfections. For a long lasting tip - cover all the lip in liner and apply your colour and gloss over it. Q. Do you have one defining makeup product that you wouldn’t be without for the party season? A. I have a few, but my favourite is an illuminating veil. It highlights cheeks and eyes and I apply it to the inside corner of the eyes for that extra sparkle.


Pamper Us It’s Christmas

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(choose from an Elemis Skin Booster Facial or a Germaine de Capuccini exotic Back Massage)

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2 for 1 Spa Day

at Dream Spa Gomersal Park Hotel Just £140 for 2 Offer valid Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm throughout November & December subject to availability

Gomersal Park Hotel and Dream Spa - Moor Lane I Gomersal I BD19 4LJ

T 01274 869386 www.gomersalparkhotel.com

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34 New Road Side, Rawdon LS19 6HN 0113 250 4511

DW Fitness, Haworth Lane, LS19 7EN 0113 391 0888

14 Otley Road, Guiseley LS20 8HA 01943 870 333



1 Regency House, Kirk Ln, Rawdon LS19 7EP 07961 226411

34 New Road Side, Rawdon LS19 6HN 0113 250 4511

yazzhair.co 30 | WE ARE HERE & NOW


CELEBRATING 21 YEARS IN BUSINESS Started 21 years ago by Paul Shakeshaft, Yazz Number One Hairdressing was born, aptly named after his daughter, Yasmin. Paul opened his first establishment, a small salon in Westfield and soon after moved to Rawdon where he still has a successful salon to this day.

Asked about his key to success, Paul explained that he was lucky

doors. Paul told us, “We have expanded our business and now have

enough to meet with some great icons in the world of hairdressing,

three salons; Rawdon which is our flagship salon and incorporates

who supported him in building his brand and in turn the business.

Yazz Beauty, Yeadon which is based inside DW Sports Fitness Centre (formerly LA Fitness) and Guiseley. We also have Yazz Hairdressing

Along the way there have been some great trips all over the world,

Academy based in Yeadon. We believe education is the key, we employ

which includes the opportunity for the team from each of his three

a full time in-house educator who supports our trainees and keeps our

salons to travel with him. Inspired to keep going, never standing still

creative team up to date with new techniques and cutting styles. We

and constantly pushing the boundaries of cutting and styling has seen

have just introduced Great Lengths 100% Natural Hair Extensions.

Yazz Number One Hairdressing often being the preferred stylists for We regularly attend seminars and cutting courses and are frequent

photo shoots, fashion shows and magazines.

visitors to the TIGI Academies in London and Manchester where we Believing in investing in the youth of today, giving them the opportunity

are encouraged to be bold with our creativity, inspiring us to move

to learn new skills and the opportunity for a great career in hairdressing

forward and re-evaluate the things we have previously learnt. We

and barbering and a few years ago, Paul opened the Yazz Academy in

come back to the salons with renewed enthusiasm and passion which

Yeadon which has seen many rising stars of the future pass through its

in turn is passed on to our clientele.�

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GettingPersonal.co.uk Mens Superhero Socks Superman, Batman & The Joker GBP 9.99

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“The luxury beauty salon where you leave feeling truly beautiful” Lindsay Johnson of Posh Hair, Nails and Beauty in Farsley has an impressive 24 years’ experience in the industry, eight of them at Posh. Along with beautician Sophie Staniland, together they aim to provide a wide range of treatments using high quality products, whilst offering a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for their clients, something they do very well as the reputation they have built proves.

Earth, you can put your trust in their manicure and pedicure products to find the perfect treatment for you. Katherine Daniels skincare range is a result-driven treatment and retail line for the face and body and was developed by two British skin care experts who know that choosing the right product for your skin should be based on more than

Many of the products they use, they have worked with for many years and it is important to Lindsay and Sophie that they share with their clients their passion for quality products. Resultime by Collin Paris is a perfect example, these are products at the forefront of cosmetology, and each contains leading edge technology combined with a sensory pleasure, thanks to modern, delicious, sensual textures and scents. HD Brows is another, this is the most effective and popular way to create the perfect brow to frame your face. Custom-blended colour is applied to darken or simply tone the natural colour of your brow hair, ensuring your new brows complement your look and your style. From there, the exclusive brow mapping formula is used to design your unique shape before using a combination of HD hair removal techniques to create it. For hands and feet, OPI offers the latest techniques combined with the finest ingredients to create salon standard products with outstanding results. Choose from award-winning ranges that include Avoplex, Avojuice and Manicure by Salt of the

Also recently introduced is the Light Asthetics Super Hair Removal System. Advanced florescent light technology offers a safe, highly effective pain free hair reduction system where on average eight treatments are needed to achieve desired results and you will receive a free consultation and patch test so you can feel the treatment and find out more about how it works. Soon to be adding to the impressive list of exclusive services at Posh is SVS (speed, volume, and style) lash extensions. Semi-permanent lash extensions lasting 6-8 weeks with no need for infills, they take less time for application than traditional semi-permanent lashes, making it easier to fit into your busy lives, yet keep you feeling and looking glamorous!

just your skin type. Developed to deal with typical British skin complaints such as dryness and dehydration, you are sure to love this luxury range. At Posh salon you will find facials from £30 which are tailored to suit each client’s individual skin type and condition, and if you would love to experience one of these fabulous pampering facials with fantastic results, Lindsay has the perfect product range for you and you will be delighted by the results.

If you are concerned about ageing your eyes then there is the fabulous Caci Eye Revive. A must have for anyone concerned with ageing and puffiness around the delicate eye area. The gentle 30 minute treatment soothes tired, puffy eyes, combats dark circles, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and lifts hooded eyes. Using serum filled Caci micro current eye rollers which have a cooling effect on the skin, to gently tighten and tone sagging muscles around the eye area, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment is a game changer. Posh, the luxury salon where you feel unique and special and where you leave feeling truly beautiful.





We have a range of Christmas Gifts from Resultime, Katherine Daniels, OPI, Lava Shells and Glitter Lips. Christmas Glitter Gel Nails £23

Party Lash Extensions £22

Caci Eye Revive and Lip Plump Combined £40 (perfect pre party treatment)

Tel: 0113 257 2200 Find us: 49A Town Street I Farsley I LS28 5HX www.poshnailshairbeauty.com


THE UK’S LEADING HAIR EXTENSION SALON Award winning styling and customer service, specialising in the art of Hair Extensions using world leading brands Great Lengths, Gold Fever, Easilocks and Remi Cachet Hair Extensions. Driven by the philosophy of pushing the boundaries of hairdressing, delivering creativity, quality and consistency to every client. At POSH we pride ourselves on being the most up to date and highly trained professionals in our area. Our team also has worked on session styling for some of the most elite magazines in the UK!


C A L L T O D AY F O R Y O U R M A K E O V E R C O N S U LT A T I O N T 01132 363443 49a Town Street, Farsley, Leeds LS28 5HX hnmagazine.co.uk | 35


health & beauty

HEALING HANDS Using physiotherapy to help heal and prevent those injuries that stop you from leading an active life - at Nuffield Health, our Physiotherapists aim to treat both your pain and its cause, helping to not just improve your life in the short term, but to prevent long term problems. Nuffield Health Physiotherapists offer a wide range of treatments, to cover a wide range of pains and injuries. Seven out of 10 of our patients get better with us in five treatments or less, we can also promise to never under or over treat you.

2. We will never under or over treat you – The majority of our patients get better in 5 sessions or less – in 2011 over 57,000 physiotherapy patients were treated and discharged by Nuffield Health with a positive treatment outcome reported in 76.6% of cases with an average of five treatment sessions required per case. 3. Rapid access to treatment – we believe you shouldn’t have to wait for treatment. In most cases we can arrange an appointment within 48 hours of you getting in touch. 4. Nationwide network of clinics – we have over 4,000 physiotherapists so if you need us we’re never very far away.

Our network of practitioners - We’re the largest provider of physiotherapy in the UK, outside of the NHS, offering the widest range of physiotherapy services and employing some of the country’s most skilled practitioners. All of our physiotherapists are HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council and CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) registered and have three years’ experience, guaranteeing that you are in safe hands throughout your treatment.

Prices – Every course of treatment starts with a 45 minute initial assessment so we can assess your pain and injury. We can then help to determine the cause of your pain as well as work with you to help define what kind of treatment you require. Our intention is simple: relieve your pain, restore your function, explore your movement and enhance your health & performance. We will work together and empower you to take care of yourself.

What makes us different?

At Nuffield Health we value your all round wellbeing. This is why we give our Fitness and Wellbeing members 20% off physiotherapy with us – that includes your initial assessment and any follow up sessions that may be required. You can now book your physio appointments on-line in a few moments, with NO fuss. And most appointments will be available within 48 hours.

1. Free one month gym membership – At Nuffield Health we believe in providing the best levels of care and support needed to get you healthy; that’s why we offer all our physiotherapy patients free, short term gym memberships to use whilst they are undergoing physiotherapy treatment with us.


We provide a full range of treatments to suit all manner of issues and injuries to the complex, including: Spinal/Back care Sports Injury Rehabilitation Ante and Post-natal Women’s health Men’s health Arthritis and joint care Rehabilitation after surgery or long term injury/illness Clinical Pilates

Our Physio patients can get an Appointment WITHIN 48 HOURS so they can get treated faster To receive your 20% off as a gym member contact us: 03333 054724 and quote ‘Physio20’ or visit us at nuffieldhealth.com/Physio20

For more information, contact your nearest Nuffield Health Gym Guiseley: Otley Road, White Cross, Guiseley LS20 8LY

Tel: 01943 877 284

Cottingley Manor: Cottingley New Road, Bingley BD16 1TZ Shipley: Otley Road, Baildon BD17 7HE

Tel: 01274 565741

Tel: 01274 532227





n afternoon of pure relaxation and indulgence was on the cards for me at Yazz Beauty, based in Yazz Number One Hair Salon, Rawdon. It was the day before a friend’s wedding and the end of a rather stressful week, so I couldn’t think of anything I would rather do than spend four whole hours being pampered. This was my first visit to Charlotte at Yazz Beauty and I was in for a real treat. I had booked a manicure, pedicure, facial, full body massage and eyebrow tidy! Not only would I look fantastic, I would feel fantastic! On arrival I was greeted by Charlotte and offered a drink while she asked me lots of questions about myself to get an understanding of any allergies I might have to the products she was going to use, in particular the oils for the massage, and my experience of the treatments I was about to have. Plus she wanted to know what my plans were for that evening as I had the option for a scalp massage but of course that would mess up my hair for an evening out. I was most impressed as it was important to Charlotte that I not only enjoyed my treatments to the full but also that I would look presentable if going out afterwards. Luckily I had only an evening of relaxation ahead and wasn’t bothered about what I would look like, all that beckoned was

my dressing gown, slippers and wine! We started with a pedicure which was followed by the manicure and I have to admit that both of these were the best I have ever had. Charlotte used a couple of tools that I had never seen before and the immaculate finish she achieved was superb, particularly on the cuticles, my nails, hands and feet looked and felt fabulous. I was so looking forward to the wedding the next day and showing them off in matching rich red polish! The facial was one of my favourites, a prescriptive Dermalogica facial, where through face mapping every inch of your face is thoroughly examined through touch and sight and products are selected on the results. Charlotte asked me if I had any skin concerns that I would like her to work on, to which I just said, “Use ever ything you have that’s anti-aging!” Which she did as I am lucky enough not to have any other skin concerns or conditions. At this point I did my usual power nap.

y a z z h a i r. c o


For all facial connoisseurs reading this, you will understand exactly what I mean when I say that ever y good facial should be accompanied by sleep. This shows that the therapist is using perfect technique to relax you and believe it or not it’s a compliment to them. Afterwards my skin was blooming, positively glowing and radiant and I must admit that my makeup seemed to go on perfectly the next day. I do love Dermalogica skin care, it really does make a huge difference and Charlotte is expert in both the product range, face mapping techniques and the actual treatment. Finally I had my full body massage, another hour of pure relaxation and by the time I left it was a good thing I wasn’t going out as all I wanted to do was continue to chill out and have a good night’s sleep in preparation for the big day ahead to follow. However long you can spare, Charlotte will cater for you personally, and if you have time you can also fit in a blow dry or colour. The time I spent in Charlotte’s care made sure I had a brilliant time at the wedding the next day. I can highly recommend Charlotte at Yazz Beauty in the Rawdon salon, we all deserve some ‘me time’ and with Charlotte on the doorstep, you can indulge yourself whenever you like.


CLUB ANTHEMS • DANCING • DISCO LIGHTS • GLOWSTICKS Tuesday 8pm to 9pm at Ian Clough Hall, Baildon, Thursday 7pm to 8pm at Bradford and Bingley Sports Club in Bingley

www.fitness2glo.com Call Caroline on 07935 373 894 or email caroline@fitness2glo.com


GROOM MANIFEST Bring the barbershop home this Christmas with a range of traditional shaving products supplied by Leeds-based company, Groom Manifest. Supplying to gentlemen across the world, Groom Manifest is dedicated to sourcing the finest men’s grooming and beard care products. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a significant other, their website is a treasure trove of luxury products that hark back to days gone by. Groom Manifest founder, Will Anderson, was introduced to traditional shaving by his


grandfather and has never looked back. It appears their ‘clients’ share the same passion and the site now supplies over 200 products to 18 countries worldwide with the tagline ‘Traditional shaving products designed for gentlemen’. Their collections feature a range of traditional razors, badger brushes, shaving creams, grooming kits, colognes and beard oils. What stands out is the level craftsmanship and use of premium materials like natural buffalo horn and 24 Karat gold etching.




groommanifest.com 40 | WE ARE HERE & NOW


Andy Couzens Personal Training - www.andycouzens.co.uk

COMMITTED TO HELPING YOU ACHIEVE A HEALTHIER AND FITTER LIFESTYLE As an ex professional footballer and fully qualified personal trainer, Andy Couzens is more experienced and better qualified than most to know how to get you fit and achieve the body you have always wanted, safely, effectively, without injury and with long term results. Based just two minutes from Guiseley train station and set out over two spacious floors, Andy operates his fully equipped gym on the ground floor and the Reviv treatment rooms are on the first floor. More about REVIV in a moment. First let Andy tell you more about the personal training side of the business; “I have over fourteen years’ experience as a personal trainer and more than nine years’ experience in using the powerful Hypoxi Therapy techniques, plus the new and innovative Technoshape equipment. I am currently the only Hypoxi Therapy trainer in West Yorkshire and now employing the improved benefits of Technoshape. Using the unique Hypoxitrainer and Techno Shape equipment, favoured by numerous top sports people and celebrities alike, I am able to offer a fully personalised programme to all my clients.” ONE TO ONE PERSONAL TRAINING If you are serious about getting fit, training for a specific event or simply require that extra push, the 1:1 personal training service is for you. After taking time to understand your personal fitness goals, Andy will develop a training programme bespoke to your needs and then drive you to achieve and exceed your targets. Your training plan will evolve from session to session in line with your fitness levels or changing requirements with nutritional advice and support also on offer.



GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS For those who would like the support of a personal trainer but have a limited budget, the Group Training sessions could be the solution. Available for groups of two to four people you can share the benefits of personal training with your friends, working out in a relaxed environment and maybe even fostering a little healthy competition! Prices dependent on group size and requirements. HYPOXI AND TECHNOSHAPE With both Hypoxi and TechnoShape machines, we are able to offer a unique weight loss plan. Hypoxi Therapy is a revolutionary new fat burning treatment that eliminates cellulite and burns fat through the unique combination of gentle exercise and targeted low atmospheric pressure and TechnoShape is another perfect way to transform your body shape, achieving amazing results in just a few weeks. REVIV There can be no doubt that hydration and general wellness are critical to achieving your optimum fitness levels. REVIV is the only global provider of intravenous vitamin and hydration therapy and their treatments are now exclusively available to clients of AC Personal Training, either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a tailored fitness program. Get in touch now for more information or go to www.revivme.com for details of all treatments available from REVIV. I welcome new clients for an initial free, no obligation consultation.



CONTACT ANDY TODAY ON 07813 688916 Station Court I Station Road I Guiseley I LS20 8EY


Discovering Yorkshire


BURLEY-IN-WHARFEDALE Burley-in-Wharfedale, is a picturesque village and civil parish in the county of West Yorkshire, situated within the Wharfedale valley. Located on the A65 road, approximately 11 miles from Leeds city centre, eight miles from Bradford, three miles from the spa town of Ilkley and two miles from the market town of Otley, making it a very desirable place to live. Originally a small agricultural community with likely Roman and Anglo-Saxon roots, Burley developed in the late 18th and 19th centuries into an industrial village with many residents employed at Greenholme Mills, cotton mills powered from a goit fed from the River Wharfe. The cotton mill no longer operates, but the goit is now utilised to provide hydroelectric power and a weir remains. The development of industrial and commercial centres in the nearby cities of Leeds and Bradford, combined with rail and bus links, caused major changes to the village in the early 20th century. With developments in the second half of the 20th century, Burley became a prosperous but socially diverse village, with a high percentage of elderly and retired people and young families attracted by job opportunities, local schools and new housing developments and an exciting collection of local independent businesses. Recent work by community groups resulted in developments including a new nature reserve, and the village green which contains a central water feature.

The village has two state primary schools, Burley and Woodhead Primary School and Burley Oaks Primary School, and a private primary and nursery school for girls and boys. There’s a range of housing types and age, with terrace houses and cottages at the centre. The former hospital was converted into private townhouses and flats and there’s a railway station on the Wharfedale Line, with direct trains to Leeds, Bradford and Ilkley and links to other local urban areas. Burley Woodhead was home to the television celebrity, the late Richard Whiteley, until his death in 2005 and many other notable celebrities either still live or have lived in the village, such is its appeal. It may have been the birthplace of Walter of Burley (1274-1344), a medieval English logician and theologian. Mark James, Ryder Cup captain in 1999 made the village his home and British cyclist Scott Thwaites is from Burley; in 2012 he became the Men’s Elite Road Race Champion in the National Road Cycling Championships held at Otley.Burley in Wharfedale village website, hosted by the Community Trust (which looks after many of the village assets), provides comprehensive information about local news, events and local organisations and has a wealth of information. Downloadable walks are also provided.

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T 01943 864372 91 Main Street, Burley-In-Wharfedale, Ilkley LS29 7BU

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Treatments are with HCPC registered Podiatrists: Routine Chiropody • Fungal nail treatments Cracked heels and calluses • Corns • Foot / Ankle pain Sports injuries • Biomechanical and gait assessments Orthotics • Ingrowing toenail surgery Verucca needling surgery • Medical Pedicures Toenail reconstruction treatments • Reflexology

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The Old Thactched Inn & Restaurant in Adstock

Written by Jackie Collier


COTSWOLDS The Cotswolds, a very special, very wonderful place. A short break or even an extended holiday in the Cotswolds will leave you wanting more and you’ll be booking your next Cotswolds holiday as soon as you return home! The Cotswolds covers a huge area - almost 800 square miles - and runs through five counties (Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire). One of the delights of visiting the Cotswolds is exploring the different areas, each with its own identity, yet all with those defining Cotswold features: golden stone and rolling hills, the ‘wolds’. The Cotswolds is also richly rural: more than 3,000 miles of footpaths and bridleways to explore; ancient woodlands and wildflower meadows; 4,000 miles of historic Cotswold stone


walls dividing up the landscape. Unsurprisingly this landscape provides a rich harvest of with local cheeses, meats and drinks appearing prominently on the menus of the gastro pubs, old inns, colourful cafes and fine dining restaurants scattered generously across the region. The accommodation is just as wide ranging and welcoming: enjoy the finest of country house hotels, go chic and boutique, take a spa break, snuggle up in a charming B&B, put up a tent at a beautifully located campsite. Or opt for a place of your own: there’s a striking range of cottages and manor houses to rent.During our visit we sampled The Bell Hotel in Winslow, an old coaching inn, The Fox Inn at Great Barrington and The Old Thatched Inn in the picturesque village of Adstock.

The Bell at Winslow

What better way to celebrate a wedding anniversary than a mini getaway to the gorgeous Cotswolds? We were really excited to be making this trip, it was our wedding anniversary and spending the weekend in this beautiful part of the country, we were determined to pack as much in to the experience as possible, staying at two very different types of accommodation, one night eating dinner in the hotel and dining at a local restaurant the other night. We started our visit at the conveniently located Bell Hotel at a Winslow, within easy reach of Bletchley Park, Buckingham village and Blenheim Palace, this is a lovely olde worlde pub with rooms. On arrival, we were greeted by a very friendly lady at the receptionist desk who took all of our details and showed us towards our room. On opening the door we were pleasantly surprised by the size of the room which not only contained a large wooden bed, but a seating area with sofa, tea making facilities and TV and the ensuite bathroom had the benefit of a corner Jacuzzi bath which was very relaxing.

The Fox Inn

The Fox Inn

The Bell at Winslow

The Fox Inn

without being hard. Dessert was a mixed affair with the orange posset and rhubarb compote being divine our other dessert was Eton Mess. Throughout the meal, the attention and service from the staff was exceptional and the surroundings and atmosphere were very pleasant, overall a lovely dining experience. On Sunday morning we left The Bell after breakfast to head to our next destination in the Cotswolds. On the way we passed Bicester Outlet Village, where we just had to stop to assess the designer bargains, but we were keen to get to Oxford to see the beautiful university buildings and dreamy spires of this special city. We booked a walking tour which was very informative and we were lucky to have landed on Open Doors Weekend, so we managed to see many of the universities on the inside as well as outside. After a wonderful day exploring, we set off to our overnight accommodation in Great Barrington near Burford. Wending our way through the delightful Cotswolds villages we eventually turned off the main road towards

The hotel offered food, however for our first night we had booked to eat at a local restaurant and just had a drink in one of the bars. There were several to choose from including the main bar area which was the busiest and a couple of quieter rooms nearer the restaurant. After a day travelling, we were looking forward to dinner and the very comfy bed which promised a good night’s sleep. Dinner was at a beautiful restaurant 3 miles away, The Old Thatched Inn at Adstock. We were greeted with a very warm welcome and, as the lounge waiting area was full, the barman brought us some bar stools so we could sit at the bar. We were shown a very varied menu with lots of choice. We had notified the restaurant of our dietary requirements when booking and they were very considerate of advising us which dishes would suit us. The choice was still very difficult as there were so many delicious options but we chose well. Our starters of prawn cocktail and salmon fishcake were excellent and extremely tasty. For main course we chose the blade of beef, which was so tender and the best beef we had experienced in a long time and the goats cheese and beetroot tart was a lovely vegetarian choice. The vegetables were cooked perfectly, al dente

Great Barrington and The Fox Inn. What a gorgeous village, so scenic and peaceful. Then we rounded a corner and, oh my goodness, what a stunning setting for our last night away. We pulled into the car park next to a grassy picnic area with a bubbling stream separating the pub area from the rolling fields and we felt we had landed in pastoral heaven. Walking into the pub to check in, we were shown to our room which was very pleasant and a bit unusual due to the fact that once we opened door to our room we had to go upstairs where the room opened out into a lovely area

w w w. t h e o l d t h a t c h e d i n n . c o. u k

w w w. t h e b e l l - h o t e l . o r g

in the loft space, with ensuite bathroom and a balcony overlooking the stream and fields. Making the most of the tea-making facilities, we took a cup out onto the balcony to enjoy the view from the rattan patio chairs and settee until it was time to get ready for dinner. This was absolute bliss and so relaxing, all too soon it was ready to head downstairs to indulge in tonight’s dinner in the hotel restaurant. The lady behind the bar was very friendly and brought us menus, pointing out the specials. As a vegetarian there were several choices available to me, all of which sounded appealing. I chose goats’ cheese and leek filo parcels to start and my husband had warm duck and bacon salad, both of which we really enjoyed. For main course I chose the mushroom stroganoff with rice and a really tasty sauce, this is an old favourite of mine so I was really looking forward to it, and hubby had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with vegetables. Moving on to the dessert, many of which were homemade, I had lemon and lime cheesecake with ice-cream, one of the chef’s specialities, and Steve had sticky toffee pudding and cream, both were excellent choices and very much enjoyed. Rather than wine we accompanied the meal with a gin and tonic and Malibu and coke and, when the staff found out it was our anniversary they insisted on a drink on the house which was very nice of them and made us feel really special. After dinner we felt really full so made our way to our room to relax and let dinner digest. The bed was really comfortable with fabulous Egyptian cotton sheets and we slept well. At breakfast the next morning we met some other guests, including a greyhound and lurcher! We hadn’t realised the hotel accepted pets but what a great idea, as dog lovers and the owners ourselves it’s always good to know where we can go for a break and take them with us. The hotel’s resident dog, an Irish wolfhound cross called Chester, was also in attendance and settled down nicely at our feet whilst we enjoyed beakfast. Chester enjoyed a bit of bacon too! All in all, we had a very enjoyable weekend and would recommend all the venues we experienced. The area is lovely with so many things to see and do and when combined with good places to eat and stay, what could be better?

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IN ICELAND Located in the North-Atlantic ocean close by the Arctic Circle, Iceland is very much a bridge between continents. It takes

approximately five hours to fly from New York to Reykjavík, and three hours from London. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys a cool, temperate maritime climate, with refreshing summers and surprisingly mild temperatures in winter. Icelandic culture has been shaped by isolation and the extreme forces of nature. These conditions have created a resilient people, where family ties are close, the sense of tradition is strong, and the bond with nature is tight.


ravel to Iceland to experience the stunning Icelandic nature, the beauty of the rugged landscape and the creativity of the Icelandic people. Come to Iceland to enjoy your holiday and let Iceland be your inspiration. Iceland offers a wide choice of experiences for the traveller, regardless of when you visit the country. Every season has its own unique charm and there are always opportunities to experience new things, discover beauty and be mesmerized by the freshness and colours of nature. Every season will leave you with a host of unforgettable memories.

LANDMANNALAUGAR The multicolour rhyolite mountains, lava fields and the Hekla volcano make it a popular tourist destination. The striking landscapes look like a different planet. Hiking and horse riding are among the most popular activities here. Maelifell Volcano, Myrdalsjökull Glacier Park The perfect cone makes Maelifell a classic looking volcano. During the warm season, snow uncovers a lavish green surface, covered with moss. There is plenty to do and see in the park, full of volcanoes, hot springs and other beautiful sites.

WHALE WATCHING The gentle marine giants can be seen from the different locations in the country including Reykjavík. Several companies organize the 2-3 hour whale watching tours. Icelanders also hunt whales, so later you can order it in the restaurant. Cruel, but this is life. This is a rare opportunity to see these amazing creatures, out in the wild.

AURORA BOREALIS The northern phenomenon is also among the most popular attractions. The dazzling lights are especially bright this year, due to the increase of solar activity. The lights are best admired in remote places, away from the urban lights. Skaftafell Ice Cave, Vatnajökull National Park The land of ice – the country is literally covered in ice and snow. The overwhelmingly beautiful ice caves attract adventurers. Your travel agency can organise trips to the glaciers, from where the caves can be visited. In winter, when the ice doesn’t melt it is safe to enter.

GEYSERS Due to the volcanic activities underneath the surface, a lot of geysers, underground springs and thermal pools are scattered all around the country. To see a powerful hot stream shooting from the ground is definitely exciting. Strokkur in the southwest of Iceland beside the Hvítá River is a popular fountain geyser. Many geysers are found in Haukadalur in the south of the country.


BLUE LAGOON, GRINDAVÍK A geothermal spa offers the most relaxing natural bathing experience you’ve never had and is a most tempting attraction, located only 40 minutes away from Reykjavík. The water from the underground hot springs reaches 37–39 °C and is beneficial for health and skin.

HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA The unique church is situated in the middle of Reykjavík. It is the tallest and most recognizable building in the country. The architecture was inspired by the Black Falls – another Icelandic natural wonder. A must see once in the capital of Iceland, where a wonderful panorama of the city opens from the top. GULLFOSS WATERFALL The gorgeous waterfall is one of the most popular attractions in the country. Located in the canyon, which forms three step terraces, Hvítá River plunges creating a powerful stream and Gullfoss. There are no rails, just natural surroundings. This is the must see in Iceland, exciting experience.


Discover this beautiful destination!

Travel Before end of April 2017 4 Nights, Continental Breakfast 3* Hotel Cabin-Reykavik Manchester Flights Ultimate Iceland Package-Northern Lights Tour, Golden Circle Tour, Blue Lagoon & Return Transfers

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Love London

2 nights + Rail Travel + Breakfast

London Winter Breaks 2 Nights, Bed & Breakfast 3* National Hotel Return Standard Rail from York or Leeds +£8pp to Travel from Wakefield

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H&N travel expert, Sue Heady, guides us around the capital at Christmas

London is buzzing. The constant sound of jack-hammers and the sight of cranes hovering over the city skyline are testament to regeneration and growth in the city. New boutiques, restaurants and bars open daily. The creative arts are flourishing: British fashion designers are in a league of their own, contemporary art galleries dot the capital and London’s West End theatres are going great guns. A pot pourri of 7.5 million residents speaking 300 languages create a truly eclectic experience and the 15 million plus tourists that arrive each year provide proof that this is one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit right now. So why would you be tempted to head off to a continental European Christmas market, when London, right on your doorstep, has so much to offer? Britain’s capital has its own festive markets in spades, as well as a host of other seasonal pop-ups and events to get you right into the festive spirit. So book yourself a weekend trip to London before the end of the year, check into somewhere central, perhaps one of The Doyle Collection properties, The Kensington, The Marylebone and The Bloomsbury, named after the districts in which they’re located, and walk straight out into a winter wonderland. The Christmas Shop at Selfridges (the best department store in the world, so I’m told) has already been open for weeks but the “real” festivities kick off with the opening of the Ice Rink outside the Natural History Museum in late October and, on 10 November, from 5pm to 9pm to be precise, the Carnaby Street experiential shopping event and official turning on of its lights. This year, Carnaby Street has asked the V&A to create its Christmas installation, so expect something retro, given that the Museum is using its current exhibition “You say you want a Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970” title as inspiration. Fast on its heels the following day, Christmas comes to the Southbank Centre and Leicester Square. The Winter Festival will transform the Southbank into a magical Christmas landscape, with a bustling market, twinkling lights and a host of seasonal events – bringing back 48 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

memories of the “frost fairs” that took place on the Thames when it used to freeze right up until the early 19th century. The Winter Festival is offering a packed programme of free and ticketed events for all ages – from world-class theatrical performances and festive concerts, to social dances, community choirs and a big top – check the website for more details (www.southbankcentre.co.uk). Over in Leicester Square, one of London’s most famous landmarks will be getting into the swing of things by hosting a traditional Christmas market, Santa’s grotto for families and a Belgian spiegeltent (a big top to you and me), where worldrenowned theatre group La Soiree will be presenting a dazzling line-up of old favourites and hot new acts. Expect to find crafters, artists and festive foodie treats at the Christmas market. Postpone your visit till 17 November if you want to see Regent Street’s Christmas light switch-on – always a stunning display – and, a firm favourite, Skate at Somerset House, where the neo-classical façade of the building and a 40ft Christmas tree provide the perfect backdrop. This year, in partnership with Fortnum & Mason, you can add to the enchanting experience of skating in crisp wintery air with ‘Skate Extras’, which range from champagne and truffles to cream tea, cocktails or (imagine yourself in Switzerland) fondue, all served in the après-skate Fortnum’s Lodge. On Tuesdays, there’s late-night browsing in the pop-up Fortnum & Mason store, live entertainment and festive treats; other days, there are special club nights featuring top DJs, if you’re proficient enough on skates to be able to dance on ice! The ever-popular Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, celebrating its 10th year in 2016, launches on 18 November and is open daily from 10am to 10pm for six weeks. A truly family-friendly event, Winter Wonderland includes one of the largest outdoor ice rinks in the country, which wraps around the Park’s Victorian bandstand from which live music is played, as well as the iconic Giant Observation Wheel that illuminates the skyline. New for this year is the Magical Ice Kingdom’s Arctic Adventure, allowing families the chance to travel to a frozen island, complete with icebergs, fishing with Inuits and giant polar bears! Winter Wonderland also plays host to a Bavarian village with beer tent and, for the shoppers among us, a


traditional German market – I rest my case, who needs to travel to Europe? – with over 200 chalets selling great gift ideas as well as traditional festive food and wine. Gluhwein? Yes, please! And there’s more: Zippos Circus, Santa Land, a traditional fairground, you name it… From 23 November, Christmas at Kew returns for a fourth year. This popular after-dark event will have a new mile-long trail through the famous botanic gardens, lit up by more than 60,000 lights. What’s better than a Winter Wonderland? A twinkling Winter Wonderland! Pass through the sparkling tunnel of dancing lights and sing along to classic Christmas tunes with the karaoke jukebox, before ending your journey with the spectacular light, music and water display in front of the iconic Palm House. Visit the website www.kew.org to book tickets in advance. More family evening entertainment comes in the shape of The Snowman at the Peacock Theatre, which launches on 23 November for a record-breaking 15th year. With its wonderful mix of storytelling, spectacle and magic, it is a captivating festive favourite. Budding ballerinas may prefer to watch Tchaikovsky’s magical The Nutcracker, which is being staged by two ballet companies in London this winter season. At The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House (23 November to 12 January 2017) expect breathtaking sets inspired by 19th-century Christmas images, sparkling stage effects with a Christmas tree that grows before your eyes, and famous melodies in Peter Wright’s spectacular

production. Meanwhile, over in the east of town, audiences will have a chance to step into the enchanted Land of Snow at the London Coliseum, which will feature more than 100 mesmerising dancers and world-class musicians from the English National Ballet, as well as stunning sets (14 December to 7 January 2017). For those who prefer a jolly good sing-song, there is always the Christmas Festival at the Royal Albert Hall (13 – 24 December), when carols, music and entertainment will be the order of the day. A series of traditional and joyful concerts and performances will get the Christmas party in full swing in the beautiful surroundings of the historic hall. Visit the website www.royalalberthall.com for more details and to book. And then there’s all that London has to offer year-round, but which is made so very festive when it’s illuminated on a dark wintery afternoon or evening. I’m thinking Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben and, of course, the London Eye, a giant Ferris wheel with glass-sided pods that give passengers the most glorious unimpeded views over the Christmas lights of London – runs daily till 8:30pm. Back on the ground, don’t forget to visit London’s “villages”, packed with one-off shops selling Christmas gifts you probably won’t find anywhere else and all with their own festive lights, events and shopping evenings. I’m thinking Marylebone Village, Primrose Hill, Chelsea Green, East Bloomsbury and Covent Garden, to name but a few of the more central ones. I promise, with all that’s going on in the capital this year, you won’t be disappointed by a festive trip to London and, as an added bonus, the guard at the train station on the way home won’t charge you excess for carrying all that extra Christmas shopping home! Cheers! www.visitlondon.com hnmagazine.co.uk | 49




For a slope-side escape that doesn’t scrimp on luxury this winter head across the pond, where luxury chalet specialists Alpine Guru have just launched a brand new collection of over 100 incredible properties; ideal for a snowy getaway with bags of style. Here, Co-Founder Oliver Corkhill shares exclusively with H&N Magazine his top picks for luxury chalets in the USA’s most exclusive ski resorts: Ski Dream Home- Deer Valley, Utah The very epitome of ski luxury: Ski Dream Home is an ultra-luxurious ski in/ ski out chalet sleeping up to 12 guests, located in an exclusive gated community at Deer Valley Resort. Boasting an incredible elevated position atop Little Baldy Peak, the chalet itself is a vision of grandeur and elegance, with 14,000 square feet of living space spread over three floors. Wonderful Montana Moss rock fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, Brazilian walnut floors, handcrafted woodwork and luxurious fabrics feature throughout the property and each of the 6 beautifully designed bedrooms boast ensuite bathrooms and spacious balconies; the ideal spots to take in the spectacular views of the surrounding mountain-scape. After a hard day on the slopes, guests will find no shortage of entertainment on offer back at the chalet, with a state-of-the-art DJ booth and dance floor, golf simulator, home cinema, extensive spa suite and even an outdoor swimming pool- complete with cascading waterfall. Priced from £1,025pp per night based on 12 adults sharing on a self-catering basis.

Castle Rim- Aspen, Colorado Castle Rim is one of the most exclusive properties available to rent in the core of Aspen, offering ultra-contemporary living space with stunning views towards Highlands and Buttermilk. Sleeping up to 12 guests across 6 bedrooms, the property offers entertainment space in abundance with interiors to make a design magazine jealous. There’s a spacious living room with wrap-around sofa, gourmet kitchen homing top-ofthe-range appliances, separate family room (complete with bar), beautifully furnished home office, wine room and a well-equipped gym downstairs. Of the six spacious bedrooms, the master boasts a fireplace, private deck and en-suite, and there’s even an additional king-size studio with kitchenette and en-suite; perfect for staff or nannies. 50 | WE ARE HERE & NOW


Outside, guests will find a huge outdoor terrace complete with private hot tub, fire pit, al fresco dining area and unobstructed views out to the Aspen Highlands. Priced from £1,550pp per night based on 12 adults sharing on a self-catering basis.

Graystone Lodge- Steamboat Springs, Colorado Graystone Lodge is an exceptional newly built home overlooking the Rollingstone Ranch Golf Course, boasting impressive interiors, luxurious furnishings and 5* amenities for up to 10 adults. With an open plan design, guests can expect grand vaulted ceilings, wooden floors and huge picture windows framing breathtaking mountain views, which can also be admired from a large west-facing covered deck. Away from the slopes, guests will find plenty to keep them amused in the TV and games room on the ground floor, which is equipped with a bar, pool table, 55″TV, BluRay DVD player and even an X-box console. Those with energy to spare can work out in the fitness room, or can simply sit back in their own private hot tub on the patio. Priced from £74pp per night based on up to 10 adults sharing.

Tyrolean Chalet- Vail, Colorado Formerly a famous Vail restaurant, Tyrolean Chalet has been converted into an expansive luxury retreat in a beautiful riverside location next to Vail’s Gore Creek. Classically designed, the interior combines traditional décor with plenty of mod-cons, with a wonderful open plan living area featuring exposed wooden beams, a crackling fireplace and stunning picture windows. Sleeping up to 8 adults and 6 children across 4 individually designed bedrooms, guests of all ages will find plenty to entertain themselves here, from the mini games room complete with foosball table and the fantastic indoor cinema room, to the outdoor hot tub and private patio equipped with outdoor gas grill– ideal for al fresco dining whilst admiring the wonderful views. Guests also have complimentary access




to the Vail Vitality Centre which has a multi-level fitness centre, offering a variety of activities from rock climbing to yoga classes. Priced from £215pp per night based on 8 adults sharing on a self-catering basis. Chalet Molly- Aspen, Colorado Set on a 3 acre private estate close to Aspen’s main street and sweeping slopes is Chalet Molly- an elegant yet sleek chalet escape for up to 12 guests. Set against the backdrop of a beautiful pond and cascading water feature, the home offers a stunning luxury base for skiers in this exclusive area of Aspen. Interiors expertly blend the contemporary with the rustic, homing vaulted ceilings and a statement floor-to-ceiling fireplace. 6 imaginatively designed bedrooms offer incredible views and huge, comfortable beds, plus there’s a separate TV room, office, ski room and outdoor patio with hot tub. Best of all, the property greets guests with a fully-stocked fridge and a private chef can be arranged for the duration of your stay. Priced from £1,200pp per night based on 12 adults sharing on a self-catering basis.

762 Holden Road- Beaver Creek, Colorado Perched high above Beaver Creek Golf Course is this oneof-a-kind chalet that packs grandeur by the bucketful. 762 Holden Road is a truly impressive property covering a whopping 7,500 square feet of living space, blending innovative design, luxurious furnishings and the latest technologies to offer a homely yet stylish base for serious skiers. Sleeping up to 10 adults and 6 children across 5 seriously plush bedrooms, interiors pack in the wow-factor with high beamed ceilings, stone-clad fireplaces and billowing neutral fabrics; plus a private cinema, lofted office and ski room. Evenings can be spent on the patio under the stars next to the fire pit or in the hot tub and guests needn’t worry about lifting a finger; everything from the music to lighting throughout is controlled at the touch of a button. Priced from £135pp per night


based on 10 adults sharing on a self-catering basis.

917 Bachelor Ridge- Bachelor Gulch, Colorado If ski-in/ski-out opulence is what you’re after, then 917 Bachelor Ridge is the perfect remedy; a striking chalet overlooking Vail Valley for up to 12 adults and 8 children. Guests are welcomed by the crackle of the roaring fire in the chalet’s impressive entrance hall, leading into an inviting living room complete with an additional floor-to-ceiling fireplace and vast windows overlooking the mountain scenery. Great for entertaining, the chalet’s wellequipped kitchen offers island seating, a stone wood-burning pizza oven, built in Miele system, sub-zero refrigerator and even a separate wine cooler, with 6 beautifully furnished bedrooms offering plenty of space for groups. Entertainment includes a home cinema, pool table, outdoor fire pit and hot tub- there’s even an outdoor pool for brave types! Priced from £135pp per night based on 12 adults sharing on a self-catering basis.

Snowflake Villa- Park City, Utah Luxury seekers in search of a ski break a little out of the ordinary will love Snowflake Villa- a chic, three bedroom townhouse just off Park City’s Main Street, within walking distance to the Town Lift. Stunningly decorated, guests are greeted with a palette of grey and white throughout, giving the property more an air of the sunny Côte D’Azur than snowy Utah. Sleeping up to 6 adults and 2 children across 3 en-suite bedrooms it’s the ideal choice for families, complete with spacious living room filled with plush sofas, modern kitchen with breakfast bar seating and a lovely balcony overlooking Park City. The home even packs in a private cinema and outdoor hot tub, with Park City’s best eateries and stores just a stone’s throw away. Priced from £100pp per night based on 6 adults sharing on a self-catering basis.

To book any of the properties featured, please visit www.alpineguru.com. hnmagazine.co.uk | 51

H&N travel

A Musical Journey through



nyone who knows me knows I am passionate about music as well as travel, and I often go to music events around the world. Every year for many years, I and a group of friends have gone to Ibiza, particularly for the closing parties in September. This year in keeping with our tradition, we booked to fly to Ibiza on the 22nd of September, and the nights we had planned this time were both to be at Space; Friday night was the Glitterbox Closing Party and Sunday night was Space on Sundays. These events were both to be more special than ever this year as they marked the closing of Space, this iconic nightclub was having its final parties before closing down after more than 20 years!

Little did we know at the start of the year we were going to attend another musical event, something we had never heard of ‘The Vocal Booth Weekender’ (VBW), in Spain. The dates were released for early September, could we cram this in as well as Ibiza, of course we could. So let’s start with VBW. We could have booked an apartment on site where the event is held at The Montepiedra Hotel, but felt we may need a quieter residence. Instead, we booked a beautiful private villa in the seaside town of Le Zenia, a five minute drive away from the event. We flew to Alicante on Thursday 8th September, picked up our hire car and drove 50 minutes south to Le Zenia. The afternoon of the following day we checked into the VBW event, and received our pass for the weekend plus a 52 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

cute keyring to have as a keepsake. Instantly we felt the friendly vibe of the event, because the hotel staff, organisers and attendees were all so helpful and amicable. We knew we were going to love it here, and could not believe we hadn’t been before. Quote from VBW; “The Vocal Booth Weekender ‘family’ are people who enjoy Soul, Funk, Disco and Acid House with ages ranging from 21 to 50 plus. Slowly but surely, each year friends invite new friends along to Spain and the reunions back in the UK and The Family grows. It all sounds very cliché but you really have to witness the friendliness at a VB gathering. Despite the hype, VB is still a relatively small event with around 500 people attending. This means that if you don’t know many people when you arrive, you are sure to know plenty by the time you leave. Time after time, people have decided to try out the event, sometimes taking the plunge and going alone, it was the best thing they ever did!” Over the weekend we attended the relaxed pool parties in the afternoon, had a break for food and a siesta before going back to the evening sessions in the nightclub. Each time we

went, the music was fantastic, the atmosphere was friendly, and you got to chat to the DJ’s before and after their sets, they were also there to enjoy the event, not to be stuck in a DJ box with security around them. People were genuinely there for the music, they spent their night dancing not taking selfies on the dancefloor to put on Facebook. It really was like being part of a family of people with shared interests. Another major plus point was the price of drinks in the nightclub, we joked that a round of six drinks was the same price as one drink in an Ibiza club. Outside the event, the resort area had a very Spanish feel, not too touristy, and certainly no ‘Brits Abroad’ staggering around with cans of lager. Then there was the weather, never in September had we enjoyed this kind of heat in Spain, we discovered we were in the microclimate of the Mar Menor, which is typically warmer than other parts and it was perfect. So by the end of our stay, it was clear to us, this was going to be our ‘September Thing’ in the future. We knew we would be booking again and when we arrived back in the UK we instantly started to make plans for next year, we booked another villa, requested to be on the wait list for tickets and researched flights. Next stop was our usual Ibiza trip. We flew to Ibiza on Thursday 22nd September with

Monarch on what is commonly called ‘the party flight’, the cabin crew really do earn their wage on this route! We checked into the Palladium Palmyra in San Antonio, we chose this hotel this year because it is adults only and all inclusive. Not only were we saving on drinks bills, but there was a nicer clientele around the pool than you get in the cheaper self-catering apartments. On Friday evening, we met a group of friends in Itaca Bar and got taxis to Playa D’en Bossa, as usual pre-club drinks were had in Bora Bora before hitting Space for Glitterbox. The line-up for Glitterbox was amazing and included some of our favourite DJ’s; Dimitri from Paris plus Joey Negro and Todd Terry, the formula for a perfect night, you would think. But by the time the ridiculously long queue had subsided and we were in the club, you couldn’t even move to dance. We were pushed from pillar to post and feeling very hot and thirsty, we attempted to go to the bar. An hour later and €40 lighter we found a corner to drink our G&T’s without getting them knocked over us. We looked over the crowded dancefloor and could just see masses of people dancing with their hands not their feet. The sad thing is, most of the hands in the air were holding smart phones, and they were more concerned about sharing on social media than actually enjoying the experience. Discovering the other room had been opened, we decided to go in for some space, (pardon the pun), only to find the heavens had opened and it was pouring with rain through the uncovered terrace and the dancefloor was a foot deep in water in parts. Feeling absolutely drenched and disheartened, we found ourselves wishing we were back at VBW in Spain. At 3am, feeling very wet and soggy we decided to call it a day and went back to the hotel to bed. The next day was spent visiting Skinny Kitchen, our favourite café in San Antonio for a refuelling detox smoothie, followed by some lovely meals in our hotel. On Sunday morning as planned, we checked out of our hotel and went North to sample the new super cool ME Ibiza, situated in the quieter resort of Santa Eulalia, where we were to spend our last two

nights. The hotel was just as it looked in the photos: bright, modern and clean with a beautiful pool, but beware not all of the rooms have a balcony. We decided not to dine in the hotel and walked along the seafront to a wonderful seaside restaurant, often visited by the Ibiza locals. After enjoying Tapas and a few Cervezas, we went back to the hotel to chill around the pool listening to the resident DJ, before preparing ourselves for another trip to Space. This time we were attending the famous ‘Space on Sundays’ and the night proved to be more of a success than Friday for sure. First of all, a DJ whom we are friends with was playing an early set, and he put us on the guest list, so we arrived at the club and skipped the queue. Our spirits were high as we entered the terrace, the first section of the club to be opened, and were delighted to see there was room to move - and dance of course. Even though the club was fairly full, the people who attended the Sunday party were more of a friendly crowd, there to dance, not to announce it on Facebook. The music was great, especially CJ Mackintosh and Derrick Carter, so all in all we had a great night and thankfully our last memory of Space was a good one. After all those years going there, it would have been such a shame to have a bad last night. Despite our faith in Ibiza Clubbing being restored by the success of Sunday evening, we are still left thinking Vocal Booth Weekender is our new favourite place to be in September from now on. When you take into account the weather, music, intimate surroundings, friendly organisers, happy people and value for money, it wins hands down. So if you want to experience what we did this year, contact us for details on any VBW event in the future. We would be happy to assist with travel arrangements for overseas events, and also hotel and ticket arrangements for any UK reunions. Adios Amigos xx

The Luxury Travel Lounge We sell From Experience Not From a Brochure Accommodation Only Deals Package Holidays

Weddings & Honeymoons

Cruises (River & Ocean) Adventure Holidays

Proposal Destinations Tailor-made Tours

Luxury Retreats

Hen & Stag Breaks Corporate Travel

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Mind, Body & Spirit Experiences

Most of the time our prices beat anything online, however our service is always better! 258D Tinshill Road, Horsforth, Leeds LS16 7BT Call us on: 01134 679900 or 07807 344636 Email: enquiries@jntdestinations.com w w w. t h e l u x u r y t r a v e l l o u n g e . c o . u k hnmagazine.co.uk | 53



VICTORIA LEEDS The new Victoria brings together Victoria Quarter and Victoria Gate to deliver the most vibrant new shopping scene and destination in Leeds city centre. Victoria Leeds will create the North of England’s largest premium retail and leisure destination and will move Leeds up the rankings to the third best place to shop in the UK.


he whole of Leeds is excited about the opening of Victoria Gate, which has attracted many premium fashion retailers who have chosen the scheme as their first Northern flagship store outside of London. John Lewis is the scheme’s anchor tenant and this will be their first Northern flagship store. The store will also be the most service-driven offering in the UK. This is representative of the strength of Victoria Gate, and testament to the already established Victoria Quarter, which Hammerson also owns and is home to world luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and anchored by Harvey Nichols.

of the retail arcade. In addition to John Lewis some of the retailers you will find there include; Anthropologie, Aspinal of London, Calvin Klein, Cath Kidston, D&D London, Ghost, GANT, Joules, NEOM Organics, Russell & Bromley, T2, The White Company and Tommy Hilfiger, plus many more big name brands. There will also be seasonal popup tenants including Harvey Nichols’ pop-up Christmas shop.

A marked difference at Victoria Gate will be the housing of the Victoria Gate Casino, owned and operated by GGV. Once complete, this will be the North of England’s first and only super-casino and the UK’s third largest casino. Occupying 50,000 sq ft and with a capacity of 1,400, the Victoria Gate Casino will be one of the biggest entertainment venues in the city when it opens in early 2017. As well as gaming, it will house wall-towall screens for watching sport, a restaurant, function space and two bars.

The five-storey John Lewis store bookends the entire development with a striking diagrid façade that takes its inspiration from woven textiles and the traditional cloth making in Leeds. The crisscross pattern on the exterior is made up of polished and acid-etched concrete, with diamond-shaped spaces created in the spaces. Offering uninterrupted views to the John Lewis store from both outside and in, the structure is an interlocking steel gridshell. This configuration allows for the creation of sculptural moments, such as the ‘roof light’ in the north arcade. At the point where the north and south arcades meet and adjoin in front of the John Lewis store, a huge day lit public space has been created with a canopy of steel and glass floating 22 metres above the ground.

Inspired by the grand Victorian arcades that make up Leeds’ rich architectural heritage, Victoria Gate is a 21st century reinterpretation

Located on a prominent site in Leeds, the 800-space multi-storey Car Park (MSCP) represented another opportunity to create


a dynamic exterior for onlookers as they move through the city. Car parks are often an afterthought for developments and yet this building plays a part in the architectural narrative of Victoria Gate. Inspired by the diagrid pattern on the John Lewis Store, the façade is made up of a series of hundreds of twisting anodised aluminum fins. The fins are spaced to allow natural ventilation of the building and create an ever-shifting pattern of light, shadow and reflections. With Christmas shopping about to start, Victoria Gate has opened its doors at just the right time and is sure to be another of the city’s popular attractions.


HOME SCENTS Following the successful collaboration between leading interiors company, Harlequin, and market specialist, Stoneglow, another stunning range of handmade scented candles and infusion reed diffusers has been launched. Inspired by Harlequin’s best-selling Amazilia collection, these natural wax candles and diffusers are available in four evocative fragrances that will engage your senses, relax you and uplift you, whilst suffusing your home with a delicious fragrance.

Perfect as gifts, they are also the ultimate self-indulgence: a delicious treat for your friends, your family and yourself. Designed to complement the Harlequin fabric and wallcovering collections, the candles and reed diffusers are presented as elegant matt white ceramic holders, embossed with the Harlequin logo and with an internal glaze in eye-catching colourways, Pink, Teal and Green to match the striking colours of the packaging.

Candle £20.00 Reed Diffuser £27.00 (£14.50 for a refill)

Candle £20.00 Reed Diffuser £27.00 (£14.50 for a refill)

Amazilia: (Hummingbirds/Pink) Tuberose & Rose Petals, soft fragrant rose petals on a bed of tuberose rounded with subtle hints of incense and delicate woody notes.

Papilio: (Butterfly/Teal) - Amber, Citrus and White Flowers, a glorious combination of fresh lemon zest, ripe melon and crushed pine needles, mingling with hints of oakmoss and amber.

www.harlequin.uk.com 56 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

Candle £20.00 Reed Diffuser £27.00 (£14.50 for a refill)

Limosa: (Feather/Green) - Fougère & Vetivert, a deliciously fruity, modern fougère, with aromatic hints of moss and fresh vetivert mingling with musky amber and vanilla.

Thinking of selling your home? Ask Martin. Sell your property with us and receive a bottle of champagne!* Call Derryn or Gill at Martin & Co now for your FREE market appraisal. Ask us today on 01274 589132 *Terms and Conditions apply.

Finance Packages Now Available From 6 to 60 Months!


Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4.30pm


Full Design and Fitting Service Extensive Showroom with over 500 Item on Display D e s i g n e r K i t c h e n s, B a t h ro o m s a n d B e d ro o m s a t S u r p r i s i n g l y A f f o rd a b l e P r i c e s 2-4 Green Lane I Otley Road I Baildon I BD17 5JS I T 01274 270690

w w w. f o u n t a i n s o n l i n e . c o . u k

hnmagazine.co.uk | 57

United Carpets Woodfloors & Beds in Shipley – Rocking the Retro Fashion in Flooring With retro-style kitchens once again bang on trend, households up and down the country are wondering how to channel that fab 60s feel in their own homes. The good news is that regardless of whether you go for an authentic look or a contemporary redesign, a retro room can be achieved very easily with the correct flooring. 60s retro is all about being daring and using geometrical patterns and bold shades to breathe personality into your living space. United Carpets Shipley stock a great range of vinyl floors that are perfect for the job. With a huge range of colours, styles and patterns available, vinyl is an integral part of 60s design, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. A statement vinyl floor holds the key to achieving an authentic retro feel and as they are durable and easy to clean, you can bring functionality and vibrancy into your home with this flooring. Wooden and wood effect flooring is also a throwback to those vintage days that are so popular again and the LVT and Cortec ranges that are new in stock at United Carpets offer the perfect solution for any room in the house. Both are durable, hard wearing, waterproof and look amazing in every home. In fact this type of flooring is perfect for retail businesses too such as shops and restaurants, where the footfall is heavy and a hard wearing, durable flooring is essential.


This is also the time of year when your lawns can get out of hand, growing at a faster rate than you can keep on top of, and yes, you guessed it…the perfect solution lies waiting at United Carpets in Shipley. Their Artificial Grass is one of the most authentic on the market and with no maintenance involved, keeps your garden looking in tip top condition all year round.

Personal Customer Service and Great Aftercare – Always! Whatever your requirements, United Carpets, Woodfloors & Beds Shipley have the lot! Including an easy way to spread the cost over up to 4 years on Interest Free Credit!

We Will Beat Any Genuine Quote – Guaranteed!

Reasons why you should choose United Carpets Woodfloors & Beds Shipley:

Carpets to Fit Any Budget

Free Delivery and Measuring Service

Home Delivery in to Room of Your Choice*

Extensive Choice Insured Fitters National Company Backing Established Over 20 Years Up to 4 Years Interest Free Credit on Everything in Store!

Beds and Mattresses to Fit Any Budget

Recently Completed Jobs

Why choose United Carpets Woodfloors & Beds Shipley? Free Delivery & Measuring Service Extensive Choice Insured Fitters National Company Backing Established Over 20 Years Up to 4 Years Interest Free Credit on Everything in Store!

TAKE UP TO FOUR YEARS INTEREST FREE CREDIT! ON C AR PETS, B ED S , L A M IN AT E S A N D VIN YL We are here to help and advise you on any aspect of your flooring or bed purchase. WE CARE about each and every customers experience and strive to deliver the best quality, price and service....EVERYTIME!

WE CAN FIT BEFORE CHRISTMAS You Don’t Need to Lift a Finger – Leave the Hassle to Us!

OUR PLATINUM SERVICES Exclusive to United Carpets Shipley*

(*a small additional charge may apply) Ask In Store for Details

Uplift and Dispose of Your Existing Carpet Help Move Furniture on Request Deliver and Place Your New Bed in to Your Chosen Room Build Your Bed and Dispose of Your Old Bed

Tel: 01274 533408 Otley Road, Baildon, Shipley BD17 7EX www.united-carpets.co.uk


Bespoke and handmade items, though sometimes it is nice to invest in good, strong focal points, doesn’t need to be expensive. Finding vintage pieces, or upcycling or restoring can be just as effective, and even more fun. And you will end up with pieces that are completely tailored to your personality, style and taste. It is these pieces that really provide the wow factor and they make excellent conversational pieces. And up cycling is a huge trend, that offers endless ideas.For something really special, choose larger and stand alone items that have the wow factor.

Updating your home for Autumn doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul, or even a redecoration. Small and subtle additions and adding accessories can still make a big and impressive impact. And to make things easier, The London Homeware Company have looked at current autumn trends for 2016/17, and handpicked their favourites, which will certainly inspire your choices this season.

www.thelondonhomewarecompany.com TEXTURED AND LEATHER is a huge trend this season, and it can be stretched past the

traditional leather sofa suite. Leather adds a touch of risqué style into your home, and if done correctly can look amazing. Avoid going over the top, instead add smaller additions including unique, textured leather waste bins, magazine racks and even tissue boxes. These accessories are dramatic and impactful, whilst making your home feel seasonal and cosy.

WICKER is the a ultimate image when you think of autumn, and is great if you are looking for an easy, relaxed transition between summer and autumn. For a more subtle addition, add a wicker basket for magazines, or a washing basket. Or for a bigger idea, try adding a wicker arm chair, comforted with oversized cushions, a stylish, colourful throw and a backlight. Either place next to a large book case, or in a conservatory, which creates a stunning contrast between inside and outdoors. Wicker is perfect if you want to create a stylish space or getaway.


These colours are normally associated with cold and refreshing, feelings we often associate with hotter temperatures and seasons. However, these colours create a minimalistic appeal, that opens and brights up a room, so you don’t feel enclosed or dark during autumn. Recommended items can include blue focal points including vases, bowls and furniture, or grey stone items. Or for the cosy feel, you can add blue and/or grey cushions and pillows, rugs and throws. Match with some white lighting for an instant uplift.


As this luscious material trends on the runway this Autumn/Winter, interior designers are also noting that it is becoming a more and more popular choice for home furnishings, meaning that it is no longer restricted to the world of fashion. Snuggling on a leather armchair, with stylish knitted pillows and throws is the perfect autumn vision. They add femininity into the home, and style and the entire family will benefit from the cozy feel they add.


STEAMED UP DOUBLE GLAZING? Don’t replace the frames - just the panes!

Broken or damaged windows? Faulty hinges, handles or locks? Want the latest energy saving glass? ALL GLAZING BACKED BY OUR


0800 612 1118 www.cloudy2clear.com

...we make saving money perfectly clear...


To view our car sales go to









TEL: 01274 613551 01274 622607 NEW MILL, CROSS ROAD, IDLE, BRADFORD BD10 9RN

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Love Lavender Darjeeling Reed Diffuser, 100ml £26, t-london.cm

Clarence medium in Fjord Lavender, from £959 Sofaworkshop.com

Shapiro chair bed in Echo Aubergine with optional extra throw in Hydragea Bird, from £1139 Sofaworkshop.com

Amethyst and Cupcake £39.99 per sqm www.brintons.co.uk

Darjeeling Candle £32, t-london.cm

Darjeeling Bath and Shower/ Hand and Body Wash £18, t-london.cm 62 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

Make your furniture look like new...


w w w . y o r k s h i r e u p h o l s t e r y. c o m



T 01274 420091 E hello@madpublications.co.uk www.hnmagazine.co.uk hnmagazine.co.uk | 63

“At Townend’s we know what it takes to sell your house, and we won’t leave anything to chance. We aim to find your perfect buyer as quickly as possible at the best price! We create high quality property details, including un-rivalled photographs, essential floor plans, constant internet advertising on Rightmove and On The Market, plus our own website”


Since 1989 Townend Estate Agents have been leaders of the local property market. With their contemporary office situated at the hub of the North Bradford property scene, they have an intimate and extensive knowledge of the area. At Townend Estate Agents you will find a fully managed lettings service at competitive rates. They will arrange everything from marketing your property and sourcing tenants through to drawing up contracts, rent collections and rent reviews allowing you total peace of mind and reliable rental income for as long you are in the letting market. So selling, letting or looking for a property, make Townend Estate Agents your first port of call.

19 The Green - Idle - Bradford - West Yorkshire - BD10 9PT Tel: 01274 610284 Email: sales@townendestateagents.co.uk or lettings@townendestateagents.co.uk 64 | WE ARE HERE & NOW


your waiting to life on

sell or let?


We have over 25 years of success selling and letting in your area. Call Townend Estate Agents now for a free, no obligation, market appraisal

01274 610284

Did you know‌ BCWR is Bradford’s only dedicated cat rescue service and priority is always given to saving the lives and care of the cats and kittens. Offering a wealth of excellent information and support as well as the adoption of around 400 cats and kittens every year! If you wish to visit the rescue to enquire about adoption, fostering or to make a donation (or just for a nosey) we always welcome visitors. We endeavour to be open for visitors every Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 4pm however you may wish to call Katie on 07942 822509 to check that the volunteers are available and are not dealing with emergencies.






easons Home and Garden in Baildon is one of the most delightful places to shop for gorgeous gifts and exclusive home accessories. Spread over two large floors, Seasons is like an Aladdin’s Cave, full of beautiful things. When owner Dianne saw the building 10 years ago, she immediately fell in love with its uniqueness and character and decided she had to have it for her business and her passion is infectious. For the first three years, Dianne ran the business from downstairs only, where she was originally going to sell outdoor and garden items, however her stock gradually developed to include cards and gifts and realising that space was in short supply for storage, Dianne decided to utilise up the upstairs by putting a staircase in. Once the work was complete, the new upper floor provided such an amazing space that Dianne


decided to use it as a second showroom and while the building work was being carried out, Dianne kept the area totally hidden from view, creating an air of anticipation at what was happening. This enabled her to do a grand unveiling of the new area and people queued around the block to take a look and buy! O ver the course of the seven years since the upper f loor was created, the items stocked at S easons has been added to according to the demand from customers and now the entrance f loor is dedicated to accessories, homewares, gifts and cards, handbags, jeweller y and candles, where you will find yourself breathing in deeply the beautiful aromas filling the air from the candles as soon as you walk in. Venture upstairs and a wonderful world of exquisite pictures, furniture, statement pieces, lamps and mirrors

opens itself up to you. B e prepared to stay awhile as there will be many items catching your eye, perfect for yourself and your own home, ideal for Christmas gifts, weddings and other occasions, you may even find yourself making a ‘wish list’. Dianne has built a regular customer base throughout the last 10 years and not just in Baildon, her customers travel far and wide to find that perfect something at Seasons. To say thank you to customers, friends and family, there are celebrations throughout the month of October and Dianne can’t believe how quickly 10 years has passed. There has never been a better time to visit Dianne and Seasons, believe me the two are indelibly linked, there could not possibly be one without the other and one thing is for sure; you will return again and again. Here’s to the next 10 years at Seasons...


Celebrating 10 Successful Years in Business! Giftware & Home Accessories over 2 floors


BRANDS INCLUDE: Parlane Treaty Culinary Concepts London Cavendish French London Woodwick Candles Bath House

Gorgeous Gifts & Exclusive Home Accessories

Large Selection of Superb Christmas Gifts

First Floor Showroom for Beautiful Pictures, Mirrors and Furniture 24-26 NORTHGATE I BAILDON I BD17 6JX

T 01274 586858




*** 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE *** Call Tony On Baildon 01274 710995 or visit tony@viewdoor.co.uk hnmagazine.co.uk | 67

w w w. n o r t h e r n t r a d e w i n d o w s . c o . u k


orthern Trade Windows is a true local family owned and run business with firm family values forged over their 22 year history, they have been manufacturing and installing in the home improvement industry since 1994. Based in Leeds, they supply windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries to home owners all over Yorkshire, as well as to the trade. You may well have seen them in your local Morrison’s store, they are a proud Morrison’s approved business who have been exhibiting in their stores for the past two decades.

If you need any further convincing about the workmanship and reliability of this company, Northern Trade Windows have manufactured and installed pvc products for The Ministry of Defence (MOD), universities all over Yorkshire, including Bradford and Huddersfield, many schools and hospitals including Woodhouse Grove School and St. James Hospital.

Offering unparalleled levels of service and quality, they pride themselves on the fact that a significant proportion of their business comes from existing customers and recommendations. Believing it speaks volumes about the quality of their work, they encourage potential customers to ask around. They know that they have built a great reputation within the industry for high-quality work, a friendly, professional service and great value for money.

Their spokesperson told us, “With winter approaching, now is the most important time to replace your tired windows and doors in time for Christmas. By fitting new energy efficient replacements, you will be amazed at how your energy bills will reduce. We can fit them in time for you, your family and friends to enjoy over Christmas. High class security and energy efficiency are built into our doors and windows ensuring your home stays safe and energy efficient all year round, and with our interest free payment option customers can spread the cost and keep their money safe for a rainy day. So if they have been wanting more than one upgrade to their home, they can have it all done in one project and spread the cost accordingly.”

Combining up to date technology with their highly experienced team, they manufacture quality products that will stand the test of time. Northern Trade Windows stock such a large product range and have something to suit every taste and budget; and with their highly experienced team, they can take care of everything from start to finish, from the initial technical survey to manufacturing, any building and electrical work that may be required and of course installation, so that you can relax, have a stress free experience and then sit back and enjoy your bespoke addition to your home.

The fact that Northern Trade Windows manufacture their own products means there is no middle man, so their prices are unrivalled, they also have their own installation teams meaning no sub contractors are used, so guaranteed workmanship and reliability of all of their work is fully insured with an insurance backed guarantee.

On a final note; why go through the hassle of having an extension when a new Northern Trade Windows conservatory, orangery and bi-fold doors will give you all the additional space you want at a fraction of the cost.






0800 371130 or 01274 266880 68 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

w w w. n o r t h e r n t r a d e w i n d o w s . c o . u k like us: Northern-Trade-Windows follow us: @ntw2



Specialists in: Windows, Doors, Bi Folds, Patio & French Doors, Orangeries, Conservatories & Porches



LIMITED PERIOD MAXIMUM 36 MONTHS MINIMUM SPEND OF £1000 EXAMPLE SPEND £2000 10% Deposit = 36 Months @ £50 Per Month

Call us Today on Freephone

0800 371130 or 01274 266880 Woodhall Works 513 Bradford Road Pudsey LS28 8ET

Simply Bathrooms & Kitchens



imply Bathrooms was established in 2008 by husband and wife team, Rick Tonks and Michele Wood-Tonks. After many years within the plumbing and heating industry and specialising in bathroom installations, Rick became disillusioned with the service his clients were getting. Back in those days, bathroom showrooms seemed to only be interested in selling bathroom products, with no real regard for whether their products were suitable or indeed would actually fit in the room in which they were to be installed. Inspired by their vision to open a showroom with a difference, Rick and Michele opened the doors to Simply Bathrooms. The aim was to provide the best combination of quality, service and style and going from strength to strength, Rick and Michele moved to new premises in 2012. Having gained a strong reputation during this time, it seemed only natural to offer the same level of service excellence to the kitchen market. Now known as Simply Bathrooms & Kitchens they have rapidly gained an equally viable reputation for their Bingley based showroom. With her flair for design, Michele is able to advise clients on style, colour and texture. With her product knowledge she will always find the styles and finishes to suit both


your brief and pocket; guiding you step-bystep through the design process and the almost infinite choices available. Rick is a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer of advanced craft standard, registered with the Guild of Master-craftsmen. Together, with Michele guiding you on the design and Rick supplying his technical knowledge; they ensure their designs ideally fit your purpose using the correct product range, and can be installed and finished to the highest standard. Combining these skills means your bathroom and kitchen are designed and installed with you and your family in mind. Building on the success of Simply Bathrooms & Kitchens, Rick and Michele have acquired the building next door to enable them to expand the business further. Not only will they be providing high branded bathrooms and kitchens, but introducing bedrooms, easy access showers, wet rooms and mobility bathrooms, with future plans to expand further into home office and boot rooms. Rick and Michele endeavour to find the perfect style for their customers, working with some of the best renowned manufacturers they can assure you that the highest quality and finish is achieved.

With all the upcoming changes, once the new showroom is open it will be time for a rebrand when Rick and Michele will unveil their new look. Keeping the same ethics as Simply Bathrooms & Kitchens, Rick and Michele aim to provide the best combination of quality service and style at affordable prices, having gained a great reputation in the kitchen and bathroom sector. With many luxury brands to offer they pride themselves in the quality of their product and workmanship, ensuring the process for their customers is enjoyable from start to finish and beyond. Michele and Rick were also instrumental in coming to the aid of a local Bingley resident and her disabled son following the Boxing Day floods, after contacting Michelle Chapman at Bingley Flood support Group. They were able to offer a free kitchen to one of the more seriously hit flood victims who were experiencing problems with her insurance and behind a single mum she was in need of help. After choosing her kitchen, Rick and Michele were also able to help with appliances and finishing touches, proving they are also a community spirited business with a social conscience, a rarity in this day and age.


We can help create the perfect living space





FINSPIRATION Whether you want to create an inviting winter home with warming shades and natural motifs, or prefer a cooler palette with modern Nordic appeal, Scandinavian brand Vallila have hundreds of inspiring looks in their Autumn/Winter collection. Vallila introduces a new Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer collection each year including approximately 50 new fabric designs. The collections are designed entirely in-house at Vallila’s headquarters in Helsinki by four talented Finnish designers: Tanja Orsjoki, Matleena Issakainen, Riina Kuikka and Saara Kurkela.

Aurajoki Cushion Cover £13.90 Set of two

Elle Mug £29.80 Set of two

The full Vallila collection consists of a large variety of soft furnishings such as fabrics, rugs, ready-made curtains, cushion covers, kitchen textiles, bed linen and shower curtains. Their vibrant colours and bold designs also extend to wallpaper collections, mugs and tote bags amongst other things. Vallila is a leading Scandinavian brand of contemporary printed fabrics, rugs and home accessories. A trendsetter in Scandinavian design with its bold and playful collection, inspired by the extraordinary Finnish landscape, heritage, and way of life.

Ruusunen Basket £9.90

Aleksanteri Cushion Cover £13.90

Elle Kitchen Apron £18.90

Ruusunen Pot Holder £6.90

A few of our favourite things www.vallila.co.uk 72 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

Regal Interiors Established in 1997




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Regal House, The Crossings Business Park, Riparian Way, Crosshills BD20 7BW We’re just off the Crosshills roundabout between White Rose VW and Bristol Street Motors, Vauxhall.

Anybody For Tea?

If you ever find yourself dreaming of chocolate then this is the perfect sparkling afternoon tea treat for you! A mouth-watering indulgent chocolatey twist on traditional afternoon tea awaits you and someone special, set within Hotel Chocolat’s Flagship Roast and Conch in Leeds. Allow your taste-buds to experience a haven of sweet, rich, velvety goodness during an amazingly unusual day out! Dine on a selection of delicious sandwiches, scrumptious scones, beautiful brownies and banana bread whilst being served the finest selection of smooth and creamy Hotel Chocolat chocolates and sipping on prosecco with your choice of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or special Hotel Chocolat cocoa infusion. A truly incredible way to spend time with a loved one! Long, light evenings on the verandah with a glass of wine. Hastily packing beach towels and flip-flops for a last-minute day at the

coast. Friends gathering for a barbecue – then dashing inside as the rain comes down. It can only be the great British summer, and as well as all these familiar moments, the new season brings fresh ingredients to our kitchen at Roast + Conch in Leeds. As well as our signature cacao, for our summer menu our chefs have been experimenting with Caribbean influences on seasonal vegetables – from broad beans to new potatoes – as well as our latest harvest of Saint Lucian cacao nibs. Enjoy all three courses al fresco and really soak up the sun at our pavement tables among the hustle and bustle of Roast+Conch’s Boar Lane. In the mood for something a touch more genteel? Try our summer afternoon tea menu, featuring White chocolate cheesecake, a selection of made in Leeds chocolates from our talented Chocolatier Dan, and chocolate and orange scones.

Why not pop in for a treat whilst doing your Christmas shopping?

Afternoon Tea is served 7 days a week, please visit our website for more details. www.hotelchocolat.com/uk/restaurants/leeds


EVERYTHING ABOUT TASTE hnmagazine.co.uk | 75

Open till 1am Friday & Saturday 91-97 Otley Road I Guiseley I LS20 8PS

everybodys CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY AT EVERYBODYS, GUISELEY When we were kindly invited down to sample a bit of Christmas at Everybody’s, our first thought was “What the C word in September!?” and even though we knew it was a Christmas preview we never expected the festive scene that greeted us. Everybodys had also been supporting the community that afternoon with a fundraising event for Guiseley Christmas Lights and there were children and adults alike having great fun with face-painting, Christmas music, and even Santa! There were several other local businesses sampling some Christmas treats and canapés in a seasonally decorated room to get us in the Christmas mood. We had been into Everybody’s a few times since it opened and had lovely meals but were still pleasantly surprised by the versatile event space they have, ideal for functions such as Christmas parties and can easily seat up to 60. The Mulled Cider they gave us (made with Brothers Toffee Apple cider) was delicious and smelled divine, really completing the Christmassy scene. The Christmas party menus that are just hot off the press, are impressive with the traditional classics you would expect to see such as; Carved Roast Turkey Crown with all the trimmings and Christmas Pudding. In addition they include many other seasonal favourites such as Panko Crumbed Camembert, Carved Roast Beef,

and Winter Berry Eton Mess. Also really nice to see that they have truly tried to cater for everybody - as the name suggests, with not only vegetarians but vegans and gluten free options available. Everybodys Restaurant and Bar that has now been open for six months, has received some excellent and welldeserved reviews and feedback. Many of which are not just about the food but about the warm, friendly and attentive service the team provide. Recent reviews include: “The staff are fantastic and really make you feel welcome”., “Outstanding service, fantastic food” and “Food was amazing our waiter was very helpful and made us feel welcome” Based on this we know that if you have a Christmas event at Everybody’s, as well as having the great food and well stocked bar you will also be looked after. We also noticed that they will be open for Christmas Day lunch, which means not far to walk for local residents and you can even have a few drinks! The Christmas day lunch is four courses and includes your traditional Christmas day fare as well as plenty of other seasonal options. They are even giving all children dining on Christmas Day a small gift and we all know that when the kids are happy everybody is!

The team is kindly offering readers of H&N magazine a Free Fizz reception for all guests when you book and quote ‘H&NFizz’.

To find out more about Christmas for Everybody at Everybodys, call the friendly team on 01943 674433 or visit www.everybodyssocial.co.uk to view the menus. 76 | WE ARE HERE & NOW



Apperley Lane, Apperley Bridge T 0113 239 1444 Book online now - www.moodycowgrill.co.uk BOOK NOW FOR CHRISTMAS - MENU AVAILABLE ONLINE

Have a butchers at this...




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R O A D ,

ituated in the small village of Rawdon, Peasehill House Hotel and Restaurant offers eight individually designed bedrooms and a restaurant that is well known for its quality and fresh food prepared on the premises daily.

anniversaries and funerals. Whatever the celebration, this is the perfect backdrop for your special occasion. They have complete wedding packages from just £48 per person which includes wedding breakfast, reception drink, wine and evening buffet.

The hotel is owned by Mathew Hillam who has been at the hotel for 22 years. Starting as a kitchen porter, he soon graduated to helping the chefs with food preparation, working on the starters then desserts. Mathew quickly found that he had a flair in the kitchen and moved from section to section learning his craft.

The restaurant itself is ver y popular for Sunday lunches. In a traditional restaurant setting you will be seated in the private bar area for a drink while you peruse the menu and before you enjoy the ver y best of Sunday traditional fayre, it is so popular in fact that unless you book you will probably struggle to get in. Ever ything is home-made, from the bread to the excellent Yorkshire puddings and if you chose the roast beef, it will be ser ved exactly as you like it.

At the time the hotel was owned by Mr and Mrs Thompson, until 2004 when Mathew bought the business with a colleague allowing the previous owners to retire. However after a few years they decided they would like to be involved again and bought back in to the business with Mathew and so it remained until they took proper retirement in 2013. Since when Mathew has run the business alone. Today, Peasehill House has a superb reputation as a venue for private functions of all kinds such as weddings, birthdays, christenings,


Evening dining, again in the restaurant is perfect for an intimate meal for two to a larger group of friends as the restaurant provides an elegant atmosphere and surroundings to enjoy your meal. All food is prepared fresh by the chefs each day on the premises, using only the best locally sourced seasonal produce and ingredients. There is a monthly fixed price a la carte menu available and menus can be provided


for private functions to suite your budget and requirements. There is also a special two course lunchtime menu available for just £10.95, from Wednesday to Friday from 12 noon to 2pm. So what else does Peasehill House have to offer? Well there’s Pie Nights which are ver y popular. Just £11.50 for your choice from five pies and five puddings, plus a pint or glass of house wine! Then there’s Steak Night on Fridays where you can enjoy their 28 day aged steaks from the local butcher. Choose from an 8oz fillet, 10oz ribeye, 10oz sirloin or 16oz T-bone, each cooked to your liking and ser ved with all the trimmings plus your choice of favourite sauce. Peasehill House Hotel and Restaurant has it covered and whether on business, visiting family or on a short break, Peasehill House is the perfect place to stay. A ver y popular boutique hotel with a selection of eight comfortable bedrooms and where guests are treated as family, which is probably why they come time and again. Will you become one of the family?

Join us this Christmas at P E A S E H I L L . H O U S E R e s t a u r a n t


H o t e l

Christmas Fayre Menu & Party Nights Throughout December

New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance £65pp Ser ving food on Christmas Eve from noon to 8pm £22.50pp Harrogate Road I Rawdon I LS19 6HJ T 0113 2503629 www.peasehillhouse.com

A Tasty Lunchtime Offer Lighter Meal (standard ONLY fish with small chips) plus any hot or cold drink


Opening times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

11.30 – 1.45 & 4.15 – 8.00 11.30 – 1.45 & 4.15 – 8.00 11.30 – 1.45 & 4.15 – 8.00 11.30 – 1.45 & 4.15 – 8.00 11.30 – Open all day – 8.00 11.30 – Open all day – 8.00 ......................... 4.15 – 8.00

Available every lunchtime (Friday and Saturday until 4pm). Drink choices include tea, coffee, minipop, can of pop, bottled water, apple juice, Ribena carton or Lucozade.

56 High Street, Idle, Bradford T: 01274 612032 www.towngatefisheries.co.uk www.facebook.com/towngatefisheries hnmagazine.co.uk | 79



BEERTAIL When’s the last time you tried a beertail? Have you ever started to mix up a round of drinks, only to realize that you don’t have one of the essential ingredients? Maybe all you need to make the perfect cocktail is already in your fridge. No, not orange juice. We’re talking about beer - because one of the greatest inventions in the world of drinking is the beertail.


beertail is exactly what it sounds like: a cocktail made with beer. Beer-based cocktails - drinks that marry beer with spirits, which even otherwise serious people have taken to calling “beertails” - have been sneaking onto drink menus in an increasing number of bars around the North, thanks to the collision of the craft beer movement and the cocktail revival. To some folks, of course, this tastes like sacrilege - to beer purists especially. For others of us, however, the best of these drinks taste strangely delicious. These concoctions blend brews with delicious beverages like lemonade, vodka, or all the liquor in your house. Citrus fruits make especially good mix-ins by punching up pre-existing flavors. Try one of these recipes, and we think you’ll agree. Raspberry Beermosa IPA lovers, prepare to take things next level. Combine a white IPA (wheat beer also works), orange juice, and muddled raspberries, and serve in a tall beer glass for presentation points. Or just grab any glass you like because this one’s way too tasty to be concerned about how it looks.


Captain’s Lime Shandy Ease into beertail drinking with a spin on the classic concoction. Typically just beer and lemonade, this shandy recipe blends rum, bitters, and lime for a zesty sip. Pair the drink with something a little heavier, like a roasted vegetable pizza, to make the most of its acidity. Citrus Session Beer Cocktail Vodka, grapefruit juice, triple sec, and pamplemousse - there’s not a single thing we would change about this beauty. And for the crafty at heart, it’s satisfyingly photogenic. An aerial view of those folded peels? Be still our double-tapped hearts.

of heart, though, since it has equal parts beer and tequila. Save it for a girls’ night when you plan to get a little (or a lot) rowdy.

Spicy Micheladas For people who love a spicy burn, this michelada is like the bloody Mary’s hipper cousin. Tomato and lime juices, celery salt, Worcestershire, and Tabasco mix with light beer for a seriously crisp sip that’s perfect for brunch.

Black Velvet This classic combination of 50/50 Guinness Stout and Champagne is a drink that goes WAY back. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the world of dark beer if it’s typically too heavy for you.

The Perfect Margarita Tequila and Corona play nice in this easy margarita, with some Sprite and limeade to pave the way. This may not be for the faint

The Waffle If you’re looking to get toasted, you could do worse than a blend of Maker’s Mark, SoCo, maple syrup, and Newcastle Brown Ale that’s garnished with a freaking Eggo!



T 0113 244 2421 55 Boar Lane, Leeds, LS1 5EL leeds@roastandconch.com

INGENIOUS CHEFS HAVE CONJURED UP DISHES WITH UNIQUE HARMONIES OF TASTE YOU JUST WON’T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE From the moment we entered this wonderful restaurant, we knew that Roast + Conch was going to be a treat for the senses. Housed above the infamous Hotel Chocolat on boar Lane in Leeds City Centre, we were treated to a comfortable booth with floor to ceiling glass window view of the hustle and bustle of the streets below. There was a subtle chocolaty aroma in the air, we were in heaven! The waitress arrived at the table and answered all our immediate questions about roasting and conching, she even offered a cocoa bean for us to crush, and once the little cocoa nibs had fallen out we could taste them. What a great introduction to dining at Roast + Conch.

peanut sauce was presented on the plate ready to be poured over the roasted hake, and once added it gave the dish a tropical boost of flavour. Both side dishes worked well with the mains. The chips were cooked at least twice as they were crispy round the edges and soft inside, and the homemade cacao ketchup was a little touch of magic, an exceptional taste. Lovely wilted sautéed spinach and the added cacao nib butter meant that the sides were an excellent addition to our mains.

The exciting drinks and food menus were presented, and we were extremely happy to see that there was cocoa, cacao or chocolate in each and every dish. Our initial drinks order consisted of water for the table and a salted caramel soother, a drink that can only be described as the sexiest salted caramel based drink we’d ever tasted. It was served in a Champagne glass and included aged rum, amaretto, cocoa bitters, coconut milk and salted caramel chocolate. We felt like our dessert had arrived early, it really was mouthwatering.

After a short rest and a brief talk through the dessert menu by our waitress, we chose white chocolate, citrus and summer berry cheesecake and ginger spiced biscuit, summer berry prosecco jelly, cacao pulp-soursop sorbet for one of our mouthwatering desserts. And, layered iced parfait with cacao pulp, conched chocolate and peanut with banana cremeux and chocolate soil for the other.

The main courses were breathtaking to look at, picture perfect in fact, and best of all both were delicious. We opted for the 9-hour balsamic braised lamb shoulder with cacao beer pickled onions, garlic mash and cacao pesto as one of the main dishes, plus roast hake with creole-cacao spices, butternut squash puree, green banana and spiced coconut-peanut sauce as the other main course. We chose two sides to go with our mains, potato chips and cacao ketchup, plus sautéed spinach served with cacao nib butter.

We thought it would be difficult to beat our main courses, but the desserts shone through brightly and topped the charts for naughty deliciousness! Each mouthful brought more ‘ooh’s and ahh’s’ than we thought imaginable. The white chocolate cheesecake was balanced nicely with the prosecco jelly and the ginger spiced biscuit, and the cacao pulp-soursop sorbet was truly outstanding and gave it an extra dimension in flavour. The layered iced parfait gave bursts of dark, milk and white chocolate laced with peanut kicks, and the cremeux packed strength with its banana punch. Coffee followed and some great conversation with the staff.

The braised lamb shoulder was also served with chantenay carrots, braised garlic, and a little jug of rich dark lamb jus. The lamb melted just as you would expect after a 9-hour braise, it was beyond tender, and with the jus poured over it was divine. The garlic mash was creamy, fluffy and lightly fragrant, which meant it didn’t overpower the lamb. The cacao beer pickled onions were sweet, tart and outstanding, an unusual yet perfect accompaniment to the lamb.

Roast + Conch is the restaurant brand by Hotel Chocolat and it didn’t disappoint. We will almost certainly be dining again in the future and can’t wait! We had an exceptional evening of great savoury dishes and mouthwatering desserts. We ended our evening in the boutique shop at Hotel Chocolat and bought a few little treats to enjoy at home. They included the special reserve ruby port, and a little tub of chocolate drops! Well, when in Rome!

The hake dish was almost certainly a showstopper, fully flavoursome and vibrant in colour. The fish itself was chunky and flaky, and not too strong on the pallet, a very well cooked hefty piece of fish. It was served on a bed of butternut squash puree, green beans and spinach, which complimented the fish perfectly. The banana slices were subtle on the taste buds, and sat nicely alongside the fresh fish. A small jug of

All the menu prices varied. Our drinks were £7 for each cocktail and £2.25 for coffee. The lamb was £22, and the hake £19, our sides were £4.50 each. Both desserts were £8 each. Reviewed by Rachael McAlley, August 2016

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HEADS UP Who knows the menu best? Who makes the biggest impact on your experience? Front of house is your friend! H&N talk shop with Tomas Maunier, sales and marketing director of new Brazilian hotspot, Bossa. 151 Otley Old Rd Leeds LS16 6HN

BOSSA LEEDS 2 Cloth Hall St, Leeds LS1 2HD T 0113 243 8610 bossagrill.co.uk

“The right attitude, when people smile and care about the guest, that can take the service to a different level!” How long have you been working with Bossa? I have been working with City District since the beginning which is for 6 years more or less. And Bossa is a new brand we have in the portfolio.

What’s the best thing about working here?

We all have a huge passion for what we do and we all believe we are here to make people happy. This creates a positively charged atmosphere that fuels our ambition to become better people and a better team.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

People. We believe that we are who we are due to the people we have in our team. To find and develop great people takes time and loads of effort. Growing at the pace we are growing is putting pressure on our team and I am finding challenging to find the time to really develop our senior management at the pace we wish we were. We are quite perfectionists in the company therefore we like to pass that on to our team as well, and that requires quality time.

What skills have been put to the test since joining City District - Bossa team?

So many I would not know where to start. Patience, leadership, people skills, strategy, etc.. This is a hard industry to work in, we need to have very strong teams with the right attitude that can keep every guest happy at the same time as they keep the standards to the highest levels in all restaurants. Plus we need to make sure that we have clear strategy and plans for growth. There are many factors that can make a restaurant or break it, some are internal others are external.

What are your best-selling dishes?

In Bossa we have simple menus that make include the whole dining experience for a fixed price so of course our Rodizio dining experience that includes 82 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

8 different cuts of meat grilled and served at the table until guests tell us to stop is the best seller, however our Feijoada - a Brazilian black bean stew served with pork is our best selling side. People are loving it.

What drinks are going down well?

We have been quite surprised in Bossa with the drinks sales. We really thought that people would focus on drinking pints of Brahma, our Brazilian draught beer, but there has been a huge mix of sales. Cocktails are going down very well, especially our Caipirinhas, but even more impressive is our wine sales, particularly our Malbec. I guess even down in Corn Exchange people still see meat and red wine as the perfect match!

Where have you visited locally recently, where the service was excellent?

Of course I can’t say one of our restaurants, in which case I will say Hawksmoor in Manchester. The team were extra engaging and uber passionate.

Where would you eat out on your day off? In Leeds I would go to Livinitaly, Bilbao or Candle Bar.

What do you cook at home?

All sorts of things! I love spending time in my kitchen. From sushi to steaks. I also love doing Picadas which is the Argentinian tapas - loads of different small dishes!

Tell us: What makes this restaurant so special? Bossa is fun. Bossa brings the Latin spirit with an independent soul. We want people to see and feel they are in a cool restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, the kind of place you would only visit if you had a friend in Rio and he would take you there. Not themed but real. We are Bossa - Bossa means doing something with a particular charm or special flair, and that is what we are.

If you were a customer today, what would you order from the menu?

I would have a bottle of Rothhammer Brutal IPA beer to start, then order the full Rodizio experience (I love the Picanha which is the house special beef cut and the pork belly with cheese sauce), would then order a side of Feijoada and rice, a glass of Alamos Malbec, and the Doce de Leite (toffee) cheesecake to finish!

What do you think makes great customer service? Attitude! The right attitude, when people smile and care about the guest, that can take the service to a different level!

Gin Copas



EARLY BIRD www.pippos.co.uk

Available from Tuesday to Friday - 5.30pm to 7.30pm Sunday - 4.00pm to 7.30pm - 2 Courses only £11.95pp

d, Italian cuisine! ce ur so y hl es fr in st be ry Offering the ve


T 01274 270802



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CAPRERA Caprera is the largest network of independent food and drink producers in the UK. It provides an accessible marketplace for customers to reach quality independent producers throughout the UK. The marketplace was first launched in late 2015 with a handful of producers selling 50 products. It has now expanded to over 75 producers and continues to grow. The company delivers throughout mainland UK. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR H&N READERS: £5 OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE WHEN YOU ENTER ‘CAPRERALAUNCH’ CODE AT THE CHECKOUT

Halen Môn Sea Salt Crackers £2.99 per pack

Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate Bar £4.50

Honest Toil Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil £6.84

Giant Strawberry Swiss Meringue £2.80 each

Cucumber & Mint Grown up Soft Drink £1.99

Scarlett’s Ornamental Ginger & Soy Sauce £3.99

English Blue Borage Honey £6.00

Red Chilli & Pineapple Chutney with Roasted Pepper £4.00

Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake £4.75

A few of our favourite things www.caprera.com 84 | WE ARE HERE & NOW


Thursday 18th June



PICK UP YOUR CHRISTMAS BROCHURE REAL ALES & HOMECOOKED FOOD AWARD WINNING DISHES Why not join us for a wonderful dining experience. Enjoy our outstanding food and service in the comfort of one of our beautiful taverns, ideal for festive celebrations.

BOOK NOW FOR CHRISTMAS! The Stansfield Arms Apperley Lane, Apperley Bridge T 0113 250 2659

The Chevin Inn West Chevin Road, Menston T 01943 876109

Askwith Arms West Lane, Askwith T 01943 463986


The Brownlee Arms Long Row, Horsforth T 0113 258 1609




like us: HN Magazine follow us: @HNMagazine1


FEATURING: DOMINIC HALPIN & THE HONEY B’S Venue: The Stansfield Arms, Apperley Bridge Dress Code: Black Tie Tickets: £55

Supporting our favourite charities

Cancer Support Yorkshire & Anthony Nolan T 01274 420091 E hello@madpublications.co.uk

www.hnmagazine.co.uk 86 | WE ARE HERE & NOW

There’s life in your unwanted furniture and electricals

T S A F & E FRE N O I T C E L C OL You may not want your old sofa, table or fridge, but we do. We’ll collect them from your home and find them a new life. Your donations will fund our pioneering research and help save lives.


CALL YOUR BHF BRADFORD STORE 01274 354 977 bhf.org.uk/collection

© British Heart Foundation, registered charity in England and Wales (225971) and in Scotland (SC039426).

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T 01423 320700 Lower Dunsforth, North Yorkshire YO26 9SA www.thedunsforth.co.uk


The EXCELLENCE WITH REAL YORKSHIRE ROOTS AT THE DUNSFORTH Dunsforth Sunday lunchtime spent in the idyllic village of Lower Dunsforth, Public House & Dining

just outside Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire, is a very pleasing way to while-away an afternoon, especially of it involves dining at The Dunsforth Restaurant and Pub.

Located 14 miles from Harrogate and 16 miles from York, The Dunsforth is well worth a leisurely drive through the picturesque countryside. We arrived in the glorious sunshine and heatwave of mid-September, there were tables of families eating outside under sun canopy umbrellas, people were milling around happily, and the village was awash with country walkers and Sunday cyclists. It was a wonderful day for a Sunday lunch in style. Once we entered the pub it was easy to see that the interior décor reflected the location. The Dunsforth is classically countrified with horse and hound wallpaper, deep dark leather chairs, rustic wooden tables and furniture, and all with lashings of character thrown in. The entire restaurant and pub oozes relaxed high-end style, and the menu offers a number of classic modern dishes to compliment the surroundings. The Dunsforth was recently awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, meaning that the Michelin Guide team recognise that The Dunsforth offers “exceptional good food at moderate prices” a feature known as “Bib Gourmand”. It was with this in mind that we knew our Sunday lunch would be good, possibly really good. No sooner had we taken our seats than the super efficient team of servers arrived to welcome us, offer menus, take a drinks order, and offer us some homemade daily bread. The bread came served with 2 butters; truffle and oregano, and a simple tomato butter. Both were moreish, and when a sprinkle of rock salt was added, it took both butters to another level of excellence. We ordered from the Sunday Lunch menu, all priced very reasonable at £14.50 for 1 course, £19.50 for 2 courses, and £22 for 3 courses. Our order consisted of a posh prawn cocktail, and crispy ham hock and black pudding pave, and from the ‘little ones menu’ we ordered cheese and tomato bruschetta (£3). The posh prawn cocktail was full of prawns and king prawns, it came served on a great mountain of gem lettuce, a wedge of ice cold lemon and a mouthwatering marie rose sauce – simply perfect, and if truth be known quite filling. The crispy ham hock and black pudding pave was served with piccalilli, young leaf


and a perfectly fried quail egg. All the flavours were subtle and together they worked very well. Our ‘little ones’ starter of cheese and tomato bruschetta was a fantastic take on cheese on toast with home sundried cherry tomatoes, which were full of sweet tomato flavour. Our mains were as traditional as you could get for a Sunday. Between us we chose; slow roasted shoulder of Masham lamb, roast leg of Yorkshire pig, and a mini version of roast leg of Yorkshire pig (£8). All were served with fabulously tasty roasted potatoes with a hint of thyme, giant homemade Yorkshire pud, and a selection of vegetables which included; cauliflower cheese, broccoli and fine beans, carrot and suede mash, and a sweet and sharp red cabbage. Now, at this point I must say that the vegetables were fabulous. The carrot mash was so buttery it was like being in velvety heaven, and the red cabbage we could have continued to eat for hours upon hours, it really was outstanding. The pork, 14-day dry aged, was sliced with crispy crackling and homemade tasty apple sauce, and the lamb, well the 14-day dry aged lamb literally melted away into just a memory of perfection. All-in-all a truly great Sunday roast. Desserts were simple and finished the lunch perfectly. We decided upon a homemade cherry sorbet, warm apple and plum crumble with vanilla crème Anglaise and vanilla ice cream, and for the ‘little one’ a scoop of strawberry ice cream (£3). The wow factor dessert came from the apple and plum crumble, as it was served in it’s own mini chef’s pan! There were plenty of options to choose from on the Sunday Lunch menu, including fish and vegetarian dishes, plus for those with food intolerances or dietary requirements the chef would gladly put a range of dishes together. Speaking of the chef, Paul Cunliffe and his wife Janine opened The Dunsforth just 3 years ago and they have turned it into a renowned village restaurant and pub, where they serve only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. This is the perfect Sunday lunch spot, we will be back. Reviewed by Rachael McAlley, August 2016



Come along and


CHRISTMAS on d t Pickles in Bail a

s Scrumptious three course festive menu s Small groups and couples - book a table on Friday 9 & 16 December s Large groups - hire the whole venue!* s Perfect for work Christmas parties s Fully licensed - local beers, wine & spirits *subject to minimum numbers

CALL 01274 587204 TO BOOK Towngate Rooms, Baildon, BD17 6LX W: picklesdelicatessen.co.uk E: info@picklesdelicatessen.co.uk


JOY OF CHRISTMAS AT M E R C U R E B R A D F O R D , B A N K F I E L D H O T E L Bradford Road, Bingley BD16 1TU Email christmas@mercurebradford.co.uk Tel 0844 815 9004 hnmagazine.co.uk | 89



T 0113 243 8610 2 Cloth Hall St. Leeds LS1 2HD bossagrill.co.uk

THE NAME IS OLD-FASHIONED BRAZILIAN SLANG FOR DOING SOMETHING WITH NATURAL FLAIR, WELL IF THE CAP FITS... The latest Brazilian offering in Leeds comes from the people behind one of the city’s favourite restaurants, Fanzenda. But whilst Fazenda offers a fine dining Brazilian experience, Bossa is more akin with the more relaxed vibe you might find whilst dining out in Rio... Located on Cloth Street near the Corn Exchange, and around the corner from Call Lane, Bossa is a vibrant new addition to the city centre restaurant scene. The interior is a bright and airy collage of rough sawn timber, herringbone tiles and painted brickwork, and décor mingles traditional Brazilian dark wood with painted signage and spray-stencilled patterns. An outdoor area means the Latin atmosphere carries over into the street. This new eatery opens its doors to the people of Leeds and wider Yorkshire, offering a taste of the real modern South America, far removed from clichéd Brazilian-themed restaurants. I was curious to see how a more casual way of dining Brazilian style would work out, curious, hungry and a little bit excited... Brazilian Rodizios typically seem like lively places and Bossa is no exception. If you look across the whole dining area, you’ll notice lots of busy Passadors, the name for these meat-wielding waiters, buzzing around the tables. So the menu is simple, Bossa’s own take on the simple and popular Rodizio style of slow cooked, flame grilled meats cooked to perfection, sliced straight from the skewer to your plate. No need to order the meats, it’s a given you’re having them! The menu price covers the meat and limitless coleslaw and fries, which is enough in itself, however, there is a selection of rather delicious sides priced at only £2 each, so it would be a shame to miss out. We started with a bucket of tasty chicken wings, I’m not so much a fan of chicken on the bone as I sometimes find it can be a little slimy. However, these were tasty and we devoured them as we all looked longingly at the passadors wondering what was next. I liked the fact you have no idea which cut of meat was coming, it makes the whole dining experience a set of delicious surprises! In addition to you normal silverware, you’ll also have a little pair of tongs and a little plastic bull. Keep these handy- you’ll need them when the Passadors come to your table. The tongs for grabbing slices of meat as the Passador serves you, and the plastic bull, well he is so the servers know


when you are ready for more meat, or when you are ready for a break. Just switch him to red for stop, and green for go! So having literally dug into a bucket a wings, we got around to ordering a few sides, to accompany the meat. We tried the Arroz Carreteiro, which is long grain rice with Brazilian caponata, a really tasty little dish and just enough for a couple of spoons each. I like a bit of spice so I ordered the fried chillies which were delicious, if you like chillies of course, a little salty and not too much heat. We also tried the garlic bread with cheese dipping sauce which was very moreish. The sides were great, but the meat is the main event and it just keeps on coming! All of the meat is delicious, but the cap of rump steals the show in my opinion - postively glorious! Bossa is a meat lovers heaven and you can chow down as much lamb chump, pulled beef, chicken thighs, sausages and pork belly as you wish which makes this restaurant more than value for money, the food is that good I almost felt guilty that the prices were so reasonable. Lunch is priced at £12.90 and in the evening just £17.90 and children also have lower priced menus so it really can be a family affair! As Francisco Martinez, the group Executive Head chef says: “Simplicity can go a long way, but when you add the Bossa style to simple things you give them passion, and that is what we think people will feel about our food. “We South Americans appreciate the simple yet finer things in life. At the heart of everything is family and friends. We share laughs and stories, we want you to be yourself, there’s always a place for you at our table in Bossa.” We finally turned the cow over, defeated by the Passadors and their deletable wares. Dessert was skipped and in its place we all enjoyed Brazil’s national cocktail, the classic lime and sugar muddled Caipirinha to finish. Bossa is infused with a modern Latin outlook – offering a friendly welcome, and vibrant atmosphere, and flavourful food at a price point that cannot be argued with. Take the family and fill your boots. Tell them I sent you. Recommended by Joanne Brook-Smith, September 2016











Hand Pulled Real Ales • Selection of World Lagers • Extensive Menu • Food Served from Tuesday to Sunday Large Private Function Room (free with catering package) • Karaoke Night Friday Live Entertainment Last Saturday in the Month • Public Bonfire Event with Fun Fair on Halloween Weekend Christmas Menu Available • Always a Warm Welcome

TEL: 0113 3455080 VISIT US AT: 1 RODLEY LANE I RODLEY I LEEDS I LS13 1LB hnmagazine.co.uk | 91


Marshalls Mill, Marshall St, Leeds LS11 9YJ T 0113 887 3070 6th Floor, 14 Gray’s Inn Road London, WC1X 8HN T 0203 872 6070


THE BLACKLIST Jane Rutter, owner and MD of Zeal, a full service Creative and Digital agency based in Leeds and London gives us her top spots... Breakfast – I’m definitely a greasy spoon girl so with no shame or hesitation I say David’s Street Café just round the corner from my office. It’s saved my bacon (pun intended) on a many a Friday morning after one too many drinks on a Thursday Best Brew – Yorkshire Gold. You can get it at most places but I particularly like it on the train to London although I think now Virgin have taken over they’ve demoted the tea. I should start some sort of petition… Sunday Lunch – Square and Compass near Harrogate is REALLY good for Sunday lunch. Nice place, great Yorkshire puddings and crunchy veg! Quick Pint – Quick pints for me are usually snuck in after work and we happen to have a brewery in our carpark so I’d have to say Northern Monk. They do this cider called Thistly Cross which is really nice and I normally hate cider. They have loads of speciality beers and the like and the staff are really friendly. Oh and dogs are allowed, which is good for Bella (my dog)

Cheeky Cocktail – now this I know about! Best Old Fashioned – Black house (get the smoky one!) or Angelicas on the roof top Terrace. Best Mai Tai – Restaurant Bar Grill. Best Espresso Martini – Harvey Nicks I tend to avoid the standard cocktail bars as it takes 14 hours to get served and 90% of it is foam. Hidden Gem - 51% Bourbon which has the best range of bourbon and great music. I’ve always ended up talking to random people in that place. Not sure if that’s testament to the really good drinks or the friendly clientele but either way I’ve had a great time! One to Watch – The Tetley. One to watch as there’s always new stuff happening but the thing that stays the same is the good food and beer Impress a Client – It’s an oldie but a goodie – Gauchos. The steak there is amazing, they have a great gin list and it’s a pretty impressive place to be. I once saw the lady who does the weather for Look North so it’s also quite the celeb hangout

Comfort Food – The Mustard Pot in Chapel Allerton. I love this place in EVERY weather. Great in summer with its massive beer garden and in winter its pure comfort and cosiness and they do a great Christmas Teepee and a really good bonfire party! Go! Its Brilliant! With the family – The Old Glen House in Baildon. VERY dog friendly, child friendly, just really friendly. Also haunted, but don’t let that put you off…. Oooohhhh…. Best Atmosphere – I love Gusto in Cookridge. I love Italian food (check) I love good cocktails (check) its romantic and pretty (with a tree in the middle of the restaurant) and I’d go there on a date night if I wanted to get lucky Weird but wonderful – The Office. It’s a random weird bar on East Parade which really reminds me of skiing. The shots are super cheap, the music is old school and the lights are neon. What more do you want?!

QUICK! ADD THIS LITTLE LOT TO YOUR BLACKLIST DAVID STREET CAFE Water Lane, Leeds 0113 245 4349; SQUARE & COMPASS Rigton Hill, Leeds 01423 733031; NORTHERN MONK, Marshall St, Saw Mill St, Leeds 0113 243 6430; BLACK HOUSE, 31-33 E Parade, Leeds 0113 246 0669; ANGELICA, Trinity Leeds, 70 Boar Ln, Leeds, 0113 897 0099; RBG, 3 City Square, Leeds 0113 244 9625; 51% BOURBON, 11-15 Hirst’s Yard, Leeds 0113 322 9919; THE TETLEY Hunslet Rd, Leeds 0113 320 2323; GAUCHO 21-22 Park Row, Leeds 0113 246 1777; THE MUSTARD POT 20 Stainbeck Ln, Leeds 0113 269 56 99; OLD GLEN HOUSE Prod Ln, Baildon, Shipley 01274 597777; GUSTO COOKRIDGE 151 Otley Old Rd, Leeds 0113 267 2100; THE OFFICE 9 East Parade, Leeds 0113 457 0000 92 | WE ARE HERE & NOW



T 0113 2042 460 8 South Parade, Leeds LS1 5QX stockdales-restaurant.com

STOCKDALES BRINGS TOGETHER A DEEP UNDERSTANDING OF AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SERVICE TO DELIVER A TRULY MEMORABLE CULINARY EXPERIENCE When Stockdales serve a steak, it’s not just about the pleasure of eating, but the culmination of the perfect Yorkshire process; the welfare of the animal, the care of the farmer, the diligence of the preparation, and, of course, the skill of the chef. My idea of dining heaven? Stockdales of Yorkshire had this nailed one evening in late August; a culinary experience that we were lucky enough to attend and one which until we got there we had no idea what would be served to us in any of the six courses on the menu, or the wines which had been specially chosen to accompany each one. The whole of the downstairs floor was dedicated to diners on the tasting menu and it was completely full. There was an air of excitement and a certain sense of occasion and personally we were starving, having eaten sparingly all day to really enjoy the anticipated feast to come, especially as Stockdales serve our favourite Wagyu beef. Stockdales is already a favourite restaurant of ours, we have dined there a few times since it opened just over a year ago, another reason being that menus here at Stockdales have been developed together with one of our favourite chefs, Antony Flinn, so a complete winning formula as far as we’re concerned. Once we were all seated at our table, we were presented with a mouthwatering selection of canapes; Wagyu Steak Tartare with Soy Yolk, Mini Yorkshire Pudding with Wagyu Topside and Potted Wagyu Beef with Pickles all accompanied by a glass of Palmer & Co Brut Reserve Champagne. Utterly glorious. Light, fresh, unbelievably tasty and the champagne was an inspired pairing. Starter course was Carpaccio of Wagyu Sirloin with Roast Bone Marrow, Watercress and Nasturtium Puree, served with a glass of 2014 Ventisquero Grey Glacier, Garnacha Carinena Mataro. A beautiful starter of thinly sliced raw meat which with the delicate watercress and nasturtium puree was the perfect balance of flavours. The wine, again matched superbly and diners now started to chat to each other, commenting as the meal progressed as to which was their favourite course so far. The theatre of the evening was enhanced by the wine sommelier who delivered each glass along with a short explanation of the wine and his reason for pairing with each dish. The main course of Pressed Wagyu Beef Cheek, Rare Wagyu Fillet, Oyster Emulsion, Pickled Cucumber and Dill Oil was served with a glass of 2013 The Envoy Spy Valley, Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc. Where do I start? I would imagine you may be thinking that by now we would have had enough meat, however on a tasting menu portions are kept small so that you can enjoy every course and appreciate the many different ways in which their Wagyu Beef can be served, we couldn’t get enough of it and one or two courses were so delicious we

could have easily eaten more; that though might have meant we couldn’t finish the whole menu which would have been a travesty, so as the meal progressed we were pleased that the portions were measured. Cheek is such a flavoursome cut, yet one which most people would never dare to try, which is such a shame as once tried you will definitely want it again. Josper Roasted Wagyu Rib of Beef with Smoked Potato, Giroilles and Charred Onions came next with a glass of 2012 El Enemigo, Malbec. This was the second main course and by now you will realise that Stockdales is most definitely a carnivore’s restaurant. There are vegetarian options available on the menu but the idea of a night such as this is to show off the best Wagyu Beef dishes they produce so certainly not an event for non-meat lovers. Rib of beef is so succulent and a personal favourite of ours for Sunday lunch. This dish was again completely to our taste, served pink and perfectly accompanied by the smoked potato and sides, and the Malbec, well it had to be a red wine full of body to match the flavours of this dish and once again, perfect. Time for dessert, something light was in order after all of that meat and what a delightful plate we received. A dish that would not have been our own personal choice from the menu, but that’s the great thing about tasting menus, you get to try dishes and wines that may not be your usual choice, sometimes you eat them and think, “This is superb! Why didn’t I try this before?” This was the case with Pistachio Polenta Cake served with Balsamic Roasted Strawberries, Black Pepper and Basil. The polenta cake was so light, the combination of flavours was so delicate and cut through the meat heavy menu perfectly. Served with a glass of 2009 Royal Tokaji Blue Label, Furmint Harslevalu Muscat, this had been such a brilliant dining experience. However, it was not quite over as we were presented with a Selection of Handmade Petit Fours and either tea or coffee, we both chose a cup of strong black coffee to bring out the taste of the fabulous petit fours. The team here at Stockdales have created in our opinion, the perfect meat eaters’ paradise. Well done to all and I need to mention the waiters and waitresses who are obviously highly trained to know their menu inside out and the level of care and attention was spot on. We can’t wait for the next time they offer a Tasting Menu evening, we’ll be first in line! Reviewed by Angela Riches, August 2016

hnmagazine.co.uk | 93

Brazil like yOu've neveR experienced before

Latin spirit... InDEpendent souL



All the meats you like, frEShly grilled and carved at your table until you tell us to stop! : / bossagrill : @ bossa_grill : @ bossagrill

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THE NOMINATIONS 2016 Best Suburban • Best Chef Best Service • Best Hotel Restaurant Best Cafe Bar • Best British • Best Sunday Lunch • Best Newcomer Best World • Best European • Best Asian • Best Burger Best Fine Dining • Best Street Food • Best Fish & Chips Best Looking • Best Gastro • Best Early Bird • Best City Centre (Leeds) Best Cocktail Bar • Best Independent Venue • Best Steakhouse Outstanding Achievement • Lifetime Contribution


Readers Choice Award hnmagazine.co.uk | 95

THE EAT AWARD NOMINATIONS 2016 BEST SUBURBAN Moody Cow San Carlo, Street Lane Gusto Cookridge The Stansfield Arms Giorgio’s Rodley

BEST BRITISH The Stansfield Arms The Woolpack 7 Steps Shear's Yard Peasehill House

BEST CHEF Michael O'Hare - MBTC Luke Downing - Vice & Virtue Joe Crowe - 7 Steps Lee Murdoch - Crafthouse

BEST SUNDAY LUNCH The Square & Compass Bar 166 & Bistro The Stansfield Arms The Cross Keys The Woolpack

BEST SERVICE Crafthouse Stockdales of Yorkshire San Carlo, South Parade Devonshire Arms - Burlington Moody Cow, Ilkley

BEST NEWCOMER Riccis Vice & Virtue Iberica Bossa Banyan City Square

BEST HOTEL RESTAURANT Devonshire Arms Hotel Du Vin, Harrogate Crab & Lobster Malmaison, Leeds Peasehill House

BEST WORLD My Thai Pintura Fazenda Cielo Blanco Hotel Chocolat

BEST CAFE BAR Laynes Espresso Hepworths Deli House of Koko Pickles of Baildon Weetons

BEST EUROPEAN Kendells Trattoria Il Forno Pintura San Carlo, South Parade La Casita

BEST COCKTAIL BAR Alchemist Sky Lounge Be At One Angelica Liquorist

BEST INDEPENDENT The Tetley Kendells Shears Yard Everybody's 212 Cafe & Bar


THE EAT AWARD NOMINATIONS 2016 BEST ASIAN Zouk Tea Bar Tharavadu Chaophraya My Thai Kebabeesh

BEST LOOKING Gaucho Iberica Gusto, Greek Street Crafthouse San Carlo, South Parade

BEST BURGER Moody Cow Almost Famous Twisted Burger @ The Yard Stampede by Cattle Grid The Pit

BEST GASTRO The Cross Keys The Black Swan Call Lane The Stansfield Arms The Reliance Timble Inn

BEST FINE DINING Crafthouse Devonshire Arms - Burlington Man Behind The Curtain The Box Tree Vice & Virtue

BEST EARLY BIRD Stansfield Arms The Agora Pippo’s Ishy's Bar Lounge Grill Salvo’s

BEST STREET FOOD My Thai Bundobust Cafe Moor Trinity Kitchen The Real Junk Food Project

BEST CITY CENTRE (LEEDS) Crafthouse Kendells Stockdales Iberica San Carlo, South Parade

BEST FISH & CHIPS Towngate Fisheries Murgatroyds Websters Albert Entwhistles Wetherby Whaler

BEST STEAKHOUSE Stockdales of Yorkshire Moody Cow Gaucho Blackhouse Miller & Carter

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Bibis Salvos The Olive Tree Aagrah Flying Pizza






BY HECK H&N TALK MEAT FREE MEALS MADE EASY WITH YORKSHIRE BASED FOOD COMPANY HECK Tell us a little about how the Heck brand came into being? HECK began with the aim of producing farmers’ market quality sausages for the British high street, with a vision to create a sustainable family business that our four children could become involved in and eventually take over the running of. We got the name from our ‘what the heck’ approach to life and the way we do things, so not just waiting for opportunity to come knocking, but getting up and going out to make it happen! Had you much experience of the food industry before launching Heck? We come from a farming background with our parents on both sides involved in the industry too. Our first sausage venture started 15 years ago but when we sold the majority stake to a larger company and things started to go downhill with ingredients and packaging we knew it was time to walk away and start again. HECK is our second food venture and this time we¹re keeping it strictly in the family. We want to be the savoury saviours of the high street, making honestly produced, healthier food with provenance at its heart, but with some fun and innovation thrown in for good measure too. How has your previous career experience helped in establishing the new business? With our first venture we knew nothing, we learned everything on the job and made plenty of mistakes along the way but all of these experiences have been used to our advantage to make HECK even better and we¹ve got the added benefit this time of being able to enjoy and run the business with our family.


Obviously you are known for making primarily meat-based products, why have you decided to diversify into veggie and vegan products? Customer requests/feedback? Response to industry trends? Innovative and healthier food choices are at the heart of our business and everything we make is gluten-free and contains no unnecessary ingredients or fillers. Over the years we’ve received lots of requests from customers for a decent tasting vegetarian sausage that matches the taste and quality credentials of our meat ones, and one that brings a new taste experience to the supermarket shelves. We¹d also done quite a bit of research on the meat-free market and knew that there was a growing trend for meat-free eating, either for health or ethical reasons. How did these new product ideas come about and how long did you spend perfecting the recipes? We started to think seriously about a veggie range two years ago and it¹s taken us all of this time to finalise recipes and get them to a stage where we¹re completely happy with them. We knew that we didn¹t want just another faux meat range and that if we were going to do it properly, we¹d want recipes made with lots of good, healthy ingredients that would do you good but also taste really good too. The end result is three different sausages, burgers and balls which provide a tasty, quick alternative to meat for dinner. What’s special/unique about your new veggie products compared to other options on the market? When we started developing the range we tasted lots of vegetarian sausages and burgers and soon came to the conclusion that there wasn¹t anything on the market that offered a real difference in terms of ingredients and overall taste experience. Many were quite bland and

didn’t look very appealing either. We’ve combined fibre-rich vegetables, nuts and cheeses all chosen for their great taste as well as nutrition benefits, and you can really see the different ingredients in each one. The range is completely soya, wheat and glutenfree and Super Greens is lower in fat and vegansuitable too, so they¹re ideal for lots of different diets including vegetarian, flexitarian, omnivore and gluten-free ­basically anyone looking for a decent meat-free sausage or burger. What’s been the feedback from customers and retailers so far? How have you tested the products? Everyone who’s tried the products has had very nice things to say, which is always good to hear! We road-tested the products amongst our own family and friends, many of whom were vegetarians, before we took them to supermarket buyers to try and we¹ve also been trialling them at the shows and exhibitions we attend all around the country. The feedback we’re receiving is very positive and very encouraging to hear. Customer comments are incredibly important to us and we listen and respond to each and every one. This feedback will continue to shape the range and we’ll be thinking of new lines and recipes we can introduce as a result. What plans do you have in the pipeline for new products in the future? Initially, Super Greens Balls, Nuts About Cheese Sausages and Gourmet Goats Cheese Burgers will be available in larger Waitrose stores and the plan from here is to increase the Waitrose availability and then get the range into more supermarkets. Our aim is to have them available in every supermarket chain by the end of the year.

Simple to make and full of flavour

HECK Nuts About Cheese Sausages with Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges & Tomato Pesto Dressing (GLUTEN-FREE) SERVES 2 INGREDIENTS 6 HECK Nuts About Cheese Sausages 3 sweet potatoes - skin on 3 large tomatoes 1 tsp basil pesto

HECK Super Greens Balls With Roasted Beetroot & Pomegranate Salad INGREDIENTS

3. Place the balls on a separate tray.

Sea salt

6 HECK Super Greens Balls

Black pepper

1 pomegranate

Rocket or watercress to serve

200g cooked prepared beetroot

4. Place both trays in the oven and cook for 10-12 minutes then remove and place to one side.

30ml olive oil

1 tablespoon runny honey 1. Pre-heat oven to 180째c, fan 160째c, gas mark 4, and grill to medium heat.

70g of watercress (approx. one bag) 10ml olive oil Sea salt

2. Cut the sweet potatoes into wedges and place on a baking tray. Season with a little sea salt and drizzle with olive oil, then roast in the oven for 25 minutes. 3. 15 minutes into the potato cooking time, place the sausages under the medium grill and cook for 10-12 minutes, turning frequently. 4. As the sausages are cooking, quarter the tomatoes, remove the seeds and dice, then mix with the pesto and olive oil, and season to taste with salt and black pepper.

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar Small handful of walnuts 1. Pre-heat oven to 180째c, fan 160째c, gas mark 4. 2. Cut the beetroot into quarters and place on a baking tray. Drizzle over the honey, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and sprinkle over a touch of sea salt.

5. Halve the pomegranate and bang out the seeds from one half, then lightly crush the walnuts. 6. Place the watercress into a mixing bowl and add the pomegranate seeds, walnuts and cooked beetroot. Toss everything together. 7. Divide between two plates and top with the Super Greens balls and another bang of pomegranate seeds from the remaining half.

HECK Veggie Range is available at 5. Divide the roasted sweet potatoes between two plates and serve alongside the sausages, dressing and a generous handful of rocket or watercress.

selected larger Waitrose branches or online at www.heckfood.co.uk hnmagazine.co.uk | 99

Written by Joanne Brook-Smith


THE GRANGE HOTEL A beautiful, recently refurbished four star hotel in the historic city of York, The Grange Hotel offers everything you’ll need for a luxurious stay in this fantastic city, just an hour away. A boutique style hotel, housed in a grade II listed building in the affluent Bootham part of York, built in 1830, The Grange provides the perfect base to explore what has been voted ‘best and most beautiful UK city’ as well as the ‘safest city in the world’. Siginificantly refrubished this year, this regal hotel is dotted with period antiques and opulent style decor throughout.


The glamour continues in their 41 en suite rooms which include lots of lavish touches which really enhance the whole experience. From White Company toiletries to the Taylors of Harrogate hospitality tray, the attention to detail is superb. Should you choose to dine in the hotel’s two Rosette restaurant ‘The Ivy Brasserie’ you are in for a treat. Exposed brick is complemented with plush velvets and rich upholsterys which provide a chic backdrop for any occasion. H&N’s Joanne popped over to investigate further...

“ A beautiful, recently refurbished four star hotel in the historic city of York, The Grange Hotel offers everything you’ll need for a luxurious break away “ York, only an hour drive from home and yet it is years since I’ve visited this beautiful city steeped in history. Renowned for its exquisite architecture, tangle of quaint cobbled streets, the iconic York Minster and a wealth of visitor attractions, it provides the perfect destination for couples, family groups and the solo tripper. I was looking forward to this little break and with the sunshine smiling on us, we set off on our mini adventure. After a leisurely drive we arrived at The Grange Hotel on a mid Summer Sunday afternoon. We were welcomed warmly and shown to our room, well I say room, it was actually an absolutely delightful suite. I have visited this hotel previously, for a wedding, but years ago and I am happy to report that the recent refurbishment has made a magificent improvement and done this beautiful building the justice it deserves. There is certainly an air of grandeur in the decor the and the plush furnishings give a luxurious feel that suited me down to the ground! I love a bit of luxury - who doesn’t? And they have certainly not scrimped on the details. Our bathroom was stunning, all immaculate wet room, fluffy towels and delicious toiletries. The bedroom itself, huge, literally huge, with French windows and possibly the most commodious bed I have ever seen.

We had a afternoon of shopping planned, so we dumped our bags and headed inside the walls. The hotel is situtated so conveniently, just 10 minutes walk finds you right in the thick of things. We landed rather fortunately on a cider festival that just so happened to be brimming with atmosphere and provided the perfect backdrop for a spot of people watching and pleasant break from my favourite past time. The shopping however, is fantastic in York, so many quaint little boutiques and cobbled streets to explore. You can certainly while away a few hours which we did, followed by drinks in a couple of popular bars. There are lots of places to choose from in York and certainly something for everybody and every occasion. So after a pleasant afternoon we made our way back to The Grange and enjoyed crisp glass of white whilst readying ourselves for dinner in the hotel’s Ivy Brasserie. I had already sneaked a look at the menu and it made mouth watering reading. The Ivy is on the basement floor and is really quite charming. A quirky and atmospheric mix of melting candles and exposed brickwork with industrial lighting adding an edge to the proceedings. We were seated in a large opulent booth which we literally sank into, and offered a glass of fizz, well, I’m never one to turn down some bubbles!

T +44 (0)1904 644744

We were dining from the A La Carte menu, however, it did come to my attention that other diners were taking advantage of a set menu as part of an offer so it is certainly worth checking the website for Autumn deals. So the food, well it definitely exceeded my expectations by a long way. I enjoyed French onion soup to start, it’s one of my favourites dishes and this was one of the best I have tried. Especially the gooey Gruyere crouton. My husband opted for the Whitby crab and dill cakes with Hollandaise sauce which were beautifully presented and clearly ineffable as not a word was uttered as he polished them off. I plumped for a meat free dish for main, Parmesan gnocchi with basil, tempura chard, pickled mushrooms and beetroot. It was actually like a rainbow on a plate and absolutely delicious. My husband went for the Navarin of Swaledale lamb with puy lentils and honey glazed root vegetables and he was just as impressed with his choice. The lamb was tender, pink and delish. We finished the meal with a large glass of red and a fine selction of cheese which was served with a fruit chutney and a slice of fruitcake which I loved! The whole meal was a really really pleasant way to spend an evening, the service was exceptional, food sublime and surroundings top drawer. I would return to this hotel tomorrow! Tell them I sent you....

w w w. g r a n g e h o t e l . c o . u k hnmagazine.co.uk | 101





ur mission is to provide the most authentic Neapolitan Pizza. We utilise centuries old wood fired cooking techniques and use only the freshest, finest ingredients imported from Italy. We want to provide the same quality of pizza as you would expect when eating in a restaurant in the back streets of Naples. If you want truly Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, after all that is the birthplace of Pizza, then you can either go to Naples or you can save the airline ticket and order from Ecco Pizzeria. The literal translation means “maker of pizza” but that’s hardly an apt description. In Naples they are true artisans with years of apprenticeship required. It is both a mentally and physically challenging role dealing with temperatures in excess of 800 degrees. At Ecco, only those with true grit get a shot at the oven. Lose focus and you’ll burn a pizza in a matter of seconds. Our oven was hand crafted in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany.


e’re a small, family run Trattorria and so we genuinely care about your visit, we want to make sure you have a great time and tell all your friends about our food and service so whether it’s you alone or a large party booking you’re in safe hands. Our genuine wood burning Pizza oven throws the smell of freshly baking pizza throughout the restaurant and we also have a great choice of other italian classics along with an extensive coffee and soft drink selection and of course… Ice Cream! The restaurant isn’t formal, it’s really laid back and has a lovely atmosphere, we’re family friendly and we can tweak the layout of the restaurant to accommodate larger groups and parties. We also have Free Wifi so we’re a great place for a business lunch. All of our food is freshly made in our open plan kitchen and as everything is done from scratch we can cater for most dietary requirements providing we know in advance. Always fresh food.

T: 01132 266 6662 Visit: 90 Street Lane, Leeds, LS82AL

T: 0113 345 0150 Visit: 85 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5BP

www.eccopizzeria.co.uk Facebook: EccoPizzeriaLeeds Twitter: @Ecco_Pizzeria

www.trattoriailforno.co.uk Facebook: trattoriailforno Twitter: @trattoria_forno







T: 01274 270802 Visit: 927-929 Harrogate Rd BD10 0RB pippos.co.uk Facebook: PipposRistorante Twitter @donnatata

T: 0113 242 3872 Visit: 27 Wellington Street, Leeds LS1 4EA bucaleeds.com Twitter: @bucaleeds Facebook: bucadipizza

ou must try to Pippos Italian Restaurant in Greengates, Bradford. If you are looking for fantastic food in West Yorkshire, or delicious and authentic Italian Cuisine then Pippos is the place for you. Their sleek, modern décor and welcoming atmosphere combine to make a relaxed dining experience. With delicious, fresh ingredients used in all of their dishes they certainly offer superb quality food, prepared to the highest standard by a talented team of passionate Chefs. Pizza is a house speciality and they offer a wide range of superb toppings to suit all tastes, from robust meaty options to well stuffed calzones and tasty vegetarian offerings all served on authentic Italian dough and baked to perfection. If you aren’t completely stuffed after devouring a Pippo’s Pizza, then they also have a fantastic range of fresh desserts and cakes available if you can fit them in after your meal! Whether it is a family meal, a romantic evening out or dinner with friends, Pippos is sure to offer you perfect dining experience. We love it!

orn from a desire for great food and inspired by many summer spent on the Italian lakes, Buca has been in action since 2014. With the idea to recreate traditional Italian classics with modern twists their famous pizzas were born! Incorporating new and exciting flavours from around the world, you’ll never look at pizza in the same way again.They have a variety of authentic Italian food to sate your palette. Pizza, pasta, cicchetti (and don’t forget the desserts). They certainly have something for everyone. Finding the perfect dish for you on their extensive menu might just be your only problem! Whether you want a traditional Margherita or to try the daring El Bastardo, Buca di Pizza guarantees that you’ll leave with your Pizza cravings satisfied! They also have some great offers -Try out Apertivo hour - Free Pizza for every other round of drinks bought for bookings of six or more. 5-7pm, Monday-Friday.


family run, independent pizzeria and gourmet burger restaurant using only the freshest ingredients from their locally sourced suppliers. The Rustica family has been catering for 20 years and their slogan is big smiles, great food and teamwork. This combination ensures that they give customers the highest standards and quality of service. Let’s talk food now - Their pizza dough is made fresh daily by talented kitchen staff, so be rest assured of taste and quality. The toppings are literally to die for and their are plenty to choose from. They also have mouth watering gourmet burgers which are served in brioche buns and come with delicious skin on, rustic chips. They have a selection of beef, chicken or vegetarian burgers options which will have you licking your fingers in burger heaven. Check out the rest of their menu, offering fresh pastas, salads, nachos, yummy desserts and more. They also have a delivery service for those days where you just want a takeaway delivered to your door. ordering service. Billy Bonus! T: 0113 267 2888 Visit: 30 Blenheim Terrace, Leeds LS2 9HD

rusticarestaurant.co.uk Facebook: Rustica-Leeds


estled inside Belgrave Music Hall you will find the holy grail of pizza by the slice. Probably the most celebrated pizza gaff in Leeds, Dough Boys serve up their tasty slices to an eclectic crowd and it goes down well! Dough Boys are our adventurous in-house pizza slingers, serving hand stretched pizza by the slice. Their ingredients are fresh and where possible sourced from local producers. You can always count on at least 6 delicious varieties with vegan options always available. We are loving the Sausage Fest -generously topped with Prosciutto, spianata & Belgrave black pepper sausage, mascarpone and caramelised onions. Meaty! If you prefer to go a little greener why not tuck into the Paul & Linda, a tasty combination of Artichoke, Sicilian olives, pimento, smoked mozzarella, caper berries & salsa verde. Your first two slices are HALF PRICE SLICE until 7pm, Sunday – Thursday and 5pm Friday and Saturday! Check out the venue Twitter feed for updates.

T: 01134 931061

Visit: Belgrave Music Hall, 1-1A Cross Belgrave Street

doughboyspizza.co.uk Facebook: doughboysleeds Twitter: DoughBoysLeeds

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T 0113 244 4144 11-15 Wharf St, The Calls, Leeds shearsyard.com

CONTINUALLY EVOLVING MENUS GUIDED BY SEASONALITY AND LOCAL PRODUCE. VISUALLY EXCITING, HONEST DISHES, INSPIRED BY BOTH CLASSIC AND MORE UNUSUAL FLAVOUR COMBINATIONS.... There are so many restaurants in and around Leeds, it’s always a good surprise to find something just that bit different and Shears Yard fits the brief perfectly. An independent kitchen and bar in Leeds, created by the team behind Arts Café, it’s a contemporary yet relaxed space to meet, socialise, dine and drink We visited one Friday for dinner in early October, it was getting dark early, it was drizzly and really felt autumnal, but as soon as we entered Shears Yard it was like summer all over again! We were greeted by big smiles and a party atmosphere which instantly lifted our spirits. First and foremost, they serve great drinks and we were very tempted by the cocktail menu which has a seasonal emphasis, offering a compilation of captivating cocktails made using homemade liquors and carefully selected premium spirits. However, we were driving and had an early start the next day so decided to be sensible and have a couple of glasses of the house wine and lots of water. We liked the fact that a carafe of water was brought immediately to the table and was replaced as soon as it was empty, making sure we drank lots of it. The restaurant itself is one large room, very rustic with exposed red brick walls and canteen style dining furniture. Everything was very relaxed and the service was quick, which was good as we were starving! A selection of homemade bread and butter was brought to the table to enjoy whilst looking at the menu. We were very impressed by the menu, really different and exciting. For our starters we chose Smoked Mackerel Brandade, brown shrimps, cucumber, toasted breadcrumbs and watermelon; this was just to die for and I could easily have eaten double. Whoever thought of this dish is a genius and they need to keep it on the menu all year round! Our other starter was Semi Cured Sea Trout, pea panna cotta. peas and broad beans with a sorrel mayonnaise; again a beautiful combination of textures and flavours, however I preferred my smoked mackerel dish and I feel confident saying it was possibly the best restaurant starter I have had this year! For our mains we decided on Pork Belly and Monk Fish Scampi, Langoustine jus, red pepper, pak choi and cucumber; who would have thought of combining pork belly and monk fish? Once again it was everything I love in one dish, but I would never have thought about eating them in this way so it had to be tried. I was not disappointed. This was an ingeniously constructed dish, I was doing well tonight.The other main course was Fillet of Beef, braised ox cheek, roast


Jerusalem artichoke and confit garlic persillade. Very good but not a patch on my choices and I can say this with complete confidence as we tried each other’s and were both in agreement, in fact my partner had food envy over my starter. To accompany the main courses we shared sides of smashed new potatoes, lemon and mint and buttered spring vegetables and both of these added that extra something to the dishes. We were a bit too full to have a dessert each, so did the usual sharing thing, choosing Dark Chocolate and Lime Pave with white chocolate potato puffs and raspberry sorbet. We made the right decision to share a dessert as we actually struggled to finish, which was a shame as again it was such a good dish which we both really enjoyed, but next time we will ease off on the bread! Our meal over, we finished with coffee and took time to really take everything in that Shears Yard has to offer. There was a really good mix of people from professionals dining after work to couples, groups of friends and families, plus a hen party. This is such a popular place to dine and with this menu it’s easy to see why. You really need to check out their website too as there’s so much more going on; from Bottomless Brunch 11am – 3pm, every Saturday at £25 for unlimited prosecco, cocktails, draught beer and hand pulled ales. As they say – “There’s only one thing better than brunch and that’s bottomless brunch!” Dreading January blues already? Well fear not, because their 50% off food January Offer is back and available throughout the whole month. Simply sign up to their online newsletter and you will be sent a 50% off voucher. January Offer T&Cs The offer can be redeemed between 5.30pm & 10pm, Tue – Fri and 12pm – 4pm Shears Yard can also be hired for private events, parties, product launches and corporate occasions. The entire venue is available for hire all day Monday and weekday lunchtimes or alternatively their bar area can be reserved most days and evenings. What a find. Reviewed by Angela Riches October 2016



almaison bar manager Leo Higney began his career in hospitality at the age 18, starting as a night

porter in a 4 star country house on the outskirts of Wetherby. He soon fell in love with the industry and progressed his way through food and beverage, learning the art of fine dining and managing the two rosette restaurant and bar. It was here his passion for beverage and all things cocktail grew. Leo created his first cocktail menu age 20 which received great reviews. He wanted to delve deeper into the art and history of mixology, so moved to Malmaison in 2014 as Bar Manager where he has continued to hone his mixology skills by creating new cocktails and entering competitions whilst helping aspiring bartenders develop.

MEET THE MIXOLOGIST... 1 Swinegate, Leeds LS1 4AG T 0113 426 0047

What bars have you worked at? I like to commit to a bar once I believe it’s the right one for me, so I have only worked at 2 properties, Wood Hall Hotel and Malmaison.


Since joining Malmaison my role has progressed to heading up the cocktail program and training bar managers in all of our hotels

What is your absolute favourite cocktail

across the UK. This comes with a new set of

to mix / drink?

challenges, quickly learning the market trends

For me, it has to be a Negroni! A timeless

of different cities to help keep Malmaison at

classic that is so simple to make yet complex in

the forefront of the cocktail scene nationwide.

flavour. Made up of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari it takes you on a journey from a hit of

What’s it like working for a branded

fresh juniper and citrus from the Gin, followed

company like Malmaison?

by smooth Sweet Vermouth and finished with

I am loving my time at Malmaison, from

bittersweet Campari. I recently tried adding a

starting out as a green bar manager in

shot of Sloe Gin to my Negroni after a tip from

a daunting city centre environment to

bar legend Jarred Brown. It really takes it to a

establishing the bar as one of the best cocktail

whole other level!

bars Leeds has to offer. The company is very loyal to its staff and has shown that by

What’s your favourite ingredient?

rewarding me with fantastic opportunities,

Has to be Gin! The rise in popularity of

including writing national cocktail menus

this wonderful spirit has helped to push

and assisting the brand in delivering fantastic

the boundaries on exiting new flavours.

customer service. I also run the bar at each

Making it one of the most fun and versatile

newly refurbished hotel for their launch nights.

spirits to work with. I love it so much my

It’s a lot of fun to work at a different location,

wedding is themed around Gin! Good job

meet all the local clients and celebrities. It’s so

the Mrs loves it too.

relaxed it almost doesn’t feel like work!!

Why not join us at The Cocktail Experience on the 14th October to sample our Cherry Mai Tai. A Chez Mal twist on Trader Vic’s classic recipe. Smooth Havana 7 year old rum, fresh lime balanced with Orgeat before adding rich maraschino cherry syrup and cherry heering. We think this rendition is the literal translation of Mai Tai ‘Out of this World’! 35ml 15ml 20ml 10ml 10ml

Havana Club 7yr Cherry Heering (liqueur) Maraschino Cherry Syrup Orgeat (almond syrup) Fresh Lime Juice

Add all ingredients into a boston shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a ice filled Havana tin, top with crushed ice. Garnish with mint, pineapple and cherry

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The Whitebrook Monmouthshire I NP25 4TX T 01600 860254 w w w. t h e w h i t e b r o o k . c o . u k

I N TE RVIEW W I T H TH E C H E F The Whitebrook is a Michelin star restaurant with eight rooms, set in the blissfully peaceful Wye Valley. In 2013 Worcestershire born chef Chris Harrod and his wife Kirsty followed their ultimate dream of owning their own restaurant, and within 11 months The Whitebrook was awarded a Michelin star. The restaurant has since been included in The Good Food Guide 2017 Top 50 UK Restaurants. Every dish served from breakfast through to dinner boasts locally sourced ingredients, many of which are foraged within a short distance from the restaurant. Prior to The Whitebrook, Chris opened Colette’s as head chef at The Grove Hertfordshire. He spent almost four years working for Raymond Blanc at

What’s your most essential kitchen item? A team with enthusiasm and a constant drive to be able to do better What do you cook at home that you never cook at the restaurant? Simple pasta dishes, or something quick and easy one pot cooking. A chef always wants the best possible ingredients, how do you choose your suppliers? At The Whitebrook we are inspired by our surroundings and we want our guests to experience the flavours the Valley has to offer. We have a kitchen garden so we are growing a lot of our own produce or we are out foraging the valleys surrounding us or picking the hedgerows. All our other produce is coming direct from growers or producers local to the restaurant. As a chef quality always has to come first and I am so lucky to have some of the best producers in the country on my doorstep.


Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, and began his steady rise in the kitchen as sous chef to Alan Murchison at L’Ortolan in Shinfield, Berkshire. It was Raymond Blanc and his time at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons that influenced Chris profoundly: ‘What I thought about food changed completely when I got there. Everything is about quality and the freshness of the produce. As a chef it’s all about questioning and tasting, and that’s really stayed with me’. The Whitebrook is the epitome of a gastronomic rural retreat, offering exceptional value from £224 which includes dinner, bed and breakfast based on two people sharing.

What do you consider to be your best dish to date? We do a dish of Wye Valley asparagus that we roast with pine and serve with lots of foraged ingredients such as hogweed, fiddle ferns and hedge bedstraw. We serve this with a light sauce made from mead that we get from nearby Tintern. It encapsulates everything we are about at The Whitebrook. Where do you go when you want to eat at a restaurant? An independent restaurant cooking with the best ingredients with relaxed style of service and a real passion for what they are doing. In your restaurant who would be your ideal diner? Guests that are open to trying new tastes and having new food experiences. Who has been your greatest inspiration? Raymond Blanc has always been my greatest

inspiration. I really admire his commitment to delivering his vision for Le Manoir, down to the smallest detail and his passion for achieving maximum flavour from the ingredients he uses. Do you have a secret obsession? Dark chocolate hob nobs Your all time favourite meal in a restaurant and where is it? The Fat Duck in Bray, a true dining experience. What is your favourite comfort food? Scrambled egg on toast Which celebrity chef would you like to cook with and why? I have been lucky to work with some great chefs and it was a real honour to have Raymand Blanc visit us at The Whitebrook and have a chance to cook for him and show him what we achieved.


0% F I







12 M



WHY SHOULD YOU INSTALL A RESIN DRIVE? That’s simple; our product naturally drains water through the finished surface which means no more puddles. It is also resistant to frost attack, hence giving it all round better traction for tyres and making it better for walking on.

0% Available - Representative example: Borrow £3,000. Over 12 months. 12 monthly repayments of £250. Interest rate of 0%. Representative 0% APR.Total repayable is £3,000. *Credit is subject to status. Current rates as at April 2016. Written quotations available on request.


Phone today for your free quotation…

0800 007 5733 Visit our website to learn more & find our showrooms…


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