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December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Snapping at the chance to give back Companies carrying out the Ichthys Project onshore construction work have been busy identifying ways to give back to the community and some of them are uniquely Territorian. The Macmahon John Holland Joint Venture (MJHJV), contracted for the $340 million LNG plant civil works package, donated a $14,000 crocodile trap to the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Commission. MJHJV Project Director Neil Hallagan said the trap was a sound investment and an effective tool in reducing risk to project personnel and any other people in the vicinity. “The trap is located at Myrmiden Creek near the construction site at Blaydin Point to ensure the safety of people working or carrying out recreational activities in the area,” Mr Hallagan said. Just days after the trap was set a 1.9 metre saltwater crocodile was captured, bringing the total number caught in Darwin Harbour this year to more than 170 and highlighting the trap’s safety benefits. Wildlife Officer Rachel Pearce said captured crocodiles were taken to a local crocodile farm where they become breeders and lead happy, healthy lives.


ire JKC Project D

kicking back John Bramley

Macmahon John Holland JV and the Parks and Wildlife Commission join forces for safety.

with some of

. the Wanderers

Recognising the longer term benefits of investing in Darwin’s youth, the company behind the construction of all onshore facilities for the Ichthys Project, JKC Australia LNG (JKC) has committed $15,000 as junior sponsor of the Wanderers Football Club for the 2012-13 season. JKC Project Director John Bramley said he hoped the sponsorship would also allow the Wanderers to continue to support youth in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, so that players can travel to Darwin for games, as well as other special training sessions throughout the season. “JKC is keen to promote football as a healthy option for youth in the Northern Territory – we are very keen to ensure that our sponsorship underpins the good work the Wanderers Football Club already does in that regard,” Mr Bramley said.

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine




WHAT A YEAR! Owning DarwinLife makes it a very big part of my personal life. To sum up 2012 from that angle makes my year an extraordinary one. Other words to describe it are gigantic, courageous, challenging, emotional, successful. Three years on I’m older and wiser... From a business point, we continue to strive and be proud of our growing products - DarwinLife, KidsLife, NTLife Hotel Book, Lifestyle & Home Show, Big Boys Toys Expo, Advantage Card, Atrium on Darwin Cup and now a brand new national magazine just about to hit the newsstands. From a personal point, it all means nothing without my precious family and dearest friends. A sincere thanks to my staff and everyone involved that is part of the DarwinLife family. This includes you, our readers. Merry Christmas x


2012 A brilliant year for DarwinLife! Wishing you all a great Christmas and New Year – hoping 2013 is a prosperous year for everyone. I would like to thank Shazza and Blair for their continued support and hard work. Well done Terry for getting the top job! I know you are going to do a brilliant job. Look forward in 2013 for Terry Mills cooking column in DarwinLife.


2012, What an amazing year. We launched KidsLife magazine as a tool for Darwin families to discover the best places to eat, local f a m i l y activities, parenting tips, craft and kitchen ideas plus many other delightful stories by our fantastic contributors. With our Facebook page we are able to connect with you online and keep the ideas flowing. Thanks for all of your encouragement and support, it really fuels us :)


Merry Christmas from the Darwinlife Team

Wow… what a whirlwind 2012 has been. I can’t believe we are putting the December issue to bed! It’s been a huge year for DarwinLife, and our team, with the launch of KidsLife in April this year, The DarwinLife and Home Expo, Big Boys Toys Expo in June and The Atrium in August. It’s been a jam-packed year, celebrating our 3rd birthday in November – and now it is Christmas. I would like to thank all our clients, contributors, and you, our readers, and wish you a very Happy Christmas and Safe Holiday break. Christmas to me is all about family, so enjoy this time and yours. Look out for our January issue – and don’t forget those New Year Resolutions! See you next year.


It’s funny how you think to yourself, “I can’t wait til the weekend,” or “Hurry up! 5:30 – is it time to go home.” Then suddenly you wake up one morning and it’s December already. Didn’t someone say that the world is going to end soon?” As you look back on the year you have just lived, it feels like just yesterday you saw that certain someone, or just last week you were pulling down the Christmas tree. Now another year has come to an end and we are thinking about all those changes that we were going to make that we just never got round to doing… - STOP STRESSING! Remember; The New Year is just around the corner and we can start afresh and make that New Years resolution which usually we break on Day 1, because “It’s New Years day and it doesn’t count.” But just incase the rumor is true and the world really is going to end on December 12th, 2012, maybe think about what’s really important to you and live in the moment, as you never know what the big guy upstairs has in store for you. Have a great Christmas everyone. Til’ next year.



December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Local Businesses

preparing for

NEW YEAR and 5 Steps to Hiring Good Staff and Keeping them... All Aspects Recruitment and HR Services are currently working with local businesses in Darwin to assist them to put strategies in place to help attract and retain staff before the change to the labour market with all the major projects that have commenced and will be full steam ahead early 2013.

Local businesses in the Darwin region understand that the upcoming Inpex Projects are going to put extra pressure on them to retain staff so they are now putting contingencies plans in place for next year. There are things you can do now to ensure that you have enough staff to perform the work that needs completed, here are a few steps that can assist: • Recruit smart • Put it in writing • Offer people what they are worth • Tell them what they want to hear • Deliver what you say you will Recruit Smart – Prepare your recruitment well, interview properly, have good job description and be professional with an open

and transparent process. Put it in writing – Written job offers tell employees you are serious and professional Offer people what they are worth – Find out the correct pay rate and conditions and make sure these are in letter of offer. Remember you get what you pay for Tell them what they want to hear – If during the interview people express that they want a career, a long term job and stability, make sure you include all this both in discussions and in job offer. Promote your business to them, make them want to work for you! Deliver what you say you will – Candidates often refuse a job offer because it was different to what was discussed at

interview. Make sure during the interview you tell them all conditions of employment, this will ensure there are no surprises when they see the offer on paper These are just a few of the strategies you should put in place now. You also need to promote the aspects of the job, the fact that you are not a faceless organisation and that there are opportunities for long term employment long after the major projects completed. Surveys of employees have found that the little things are important, flexibility; communication and honesty in dealing with your staff go a long way to creating a happy workplace and being that ‘Employer of Choice’.

Available now and work ready 1/48 Woods St, Darwin 0800 Ph 8981 7431 E | E

• Planning Engineer (P8) • Contracts Manager (O&G) • Instrumentation Engineer (O&G) • Off Shore Structural Engineer

• • • • •

On shore Pipeline Engineer Interface Engineer Senior Planner (Electrical) Mechanical Engineer (NDT) Senior Engineer (LNG/Marine)

What is a

Recruitment Agency? What is a recruitment agency and why should I use one? Whether you are looking for work or you are an employer looking to fill a role, you would have heard of recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies look for suitable people to fill specific roles with their client’s firms, as opposed to an employment agency which looks for employers for their clients – job seekers. A recruitment agency can handle permanent and/or temporary | contract assignments – it depends on the agency.

A recruitment company by its very nature of the work involved, is across current market trends for both businesses and employees alike. To place suitable candidates the recruiter needs to know and have a good understanding of their client’s: industry; business history; values and culture; place in the market; and future plans. The recruiter needs to know and understand the role on offer: it’s history or is it newly created; what industries are similar; what are the tasks, responsibilities, behaviours and results required of the role; is there any opportunity for potential growth from doing this role; what remuneration is on offer; etc. The recruiter needs to know and have a good understanding of an applicant’s (also referred to as candidate in the recruitment world): skills, knowledge and experience; preferred workplace culture; motivators, key strengths; soft skills; plans for the future; anticipated remuneration.

Alison Hucks FRCSA, CAHRI Principal, Avant

This is a basic outline of what a recruiter must know and understand before they make a placement. In essence, the recruitment agency acts as a ‘primary filter’ between the employer and the applicant and vice versa. It is important for all stakeholders that a good match is made. The RCSA (Recruitment Consultancy Services Association) is the primary industry body for the recruitment industry. Others are ITCRA (Information Technology and Recruitment Association); AMRANZ (Association of Medical Recruiters of Australia and New Zealand); and ANNRA (Association of Nursing Recruitment Agencies).

By working with a recruitment company that is a member of any of these associations, whether you are an employer or a jobseeker, you know you are in professional hands. December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


You can

Change your Life Sometimes you need to do something big to create change.

Angela Lockwood

Occupational Therapist Facilitator | Mentor Trainer


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

In 2010, after 30 minutes in the car with the kids asleep, my husband and I decided to visit ‘somewhere different’. Within 2 weeks after a four day holiday in Darwin, we sold our house, a business, secured a job, sold off our belongings and moved to Darwin. From the moment of our decision to the moment of flying to our new home, took 14 days. I am an advocate for planning but sometimes we need to do something big to create change. At times taking small steps can leave you moving in circles if you don’t know where you are heading. If you are ready for a change in any aspect of your life and want a big change;

1. Make the decision and be prepared to work hard to make it happen - Making the decision isn’t enough, movement doesn’t happen without action, so make the decision and put in the effort. 2. Look at all of your options but don’t confuse yourself - Looking at every possible scenario and every option can leave people confused and stuck in the possibility. In the absence of clarity, make a decision. Opportunity doesn’t happen by luck it happens through hard work. 3. Trust your gut and instincts - If it feels right it probably is. 4. Don’t take on other peoples negativity - People who are negative about your decision most likely have never done it before themselves or are fearful of the change for themselves. Listen to their concerns and if you can come up with a solution that’s right for you and your family then it’s your choice who you listen to. 5. Enjoy the ride - Making a big change can be scary and exciting at the same time. Break through the fear and enjoy what is waiting for you.



“An award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgment of merit�.

This month DarwinLife celebrates the achievements of the people and businesses who have won awards and accolades within their chosen industry or profession in 2012.

DarwinLife | The Accolades

UNO Management Services UNO Management Services are a multidisciplinary consulting team, proudly Territory owned and operated. Established in 2009, the team of 16 has a broad skill set that specializes in service provision across a range of disciplines. From engineering, design, project management, training and business mentoring, to risk management, safety management, systems management and community engagement and consultation, their approach is always underpinned by their commitment to sustainability, quality control and good design. UNO MS was developed based on Graeme Base’s book ‘Uno’s Garden’, a children’s book that explains the benefits of sustainability. UNO MS have adapted each of these sustainability principles and as a result managed to implement over 50 sustainability initiatives. These initiatives have resulted in significant cost savings to UNO MS which UNO MS have then been able to provide back to their Clients. A leader in project management, UNO MS have developed their own systems based on world’s best practice, their senior team members are RioTinto trained. All of their projects are undertaken by people who choose to live and work in the Territory. UNO MS offers safe, sustainable management solutions for programs of large programs of work to small projects, so as to meet all of their client needs. Projects to date have included airport upgrades, improvement of patient facilities at hospitals, road upgrades, commercial and residential developments, industrial developments, and flood immunity planning to name but a few. The Managing Directors

Kirsty McInnes and Ewan Hall believe the secret to running a successful business is patience, time and having a GREAT team. They are passionate about turning concepts and ideas into realities for their clients. The foundation of all of UNO MS’s activities is built on the principles of sustainability. UNO MS are busy as usual with projects but are also excited at opening their office at Hidden Valley. Their Hidden Valley office is now solar powered, feeding energy back into the grid, and the team is committed to being carbon neutral in their activities. Sustainability is not only about the environment. UNO MS knows the importance of good company policies and procedures, and recognizes they are only as good as their team. Building and maintaining a safe and productive environment, valuing teamwork, empowering people through professional development and encouraging leadership ensures an operation that is sustainable in the long term. It is these values that have ensured award recognition for UNO MS over the past two years. UNO MS was the winner of the Master Builders Women in Construction Award in 2011. They were proud to receive finalist recognition in the Engineers Australia Awards – documentation and systems category for 2 years running and Professional Engineer of the Year 2011 and the PowerWater Melaleuca Awards in the Small Business and the Reuse, Recycle, Reduce categories. Their most recent accolade however was this year as finalist in the Telstra Business Awards 2012 HTC Start-Up Category.

Unit 13, 17 Willes Rd. Berrimah NT 0828 Ph 61 88947 2125 | F 61 88947 0406


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

The Accolades | DarwinLife



The moment you walk into the Vantage Homes display home in Durack, you’ll want to take up residence. This is a beautiful property - well designed and spacious with high quality finishes and appliances. It’s the perfect example of what to expect when you engage Vantage Homes to build your property. Tom McCullough and Gary Lines are the brains behind this successful business and have over 25 years experience between them. Specialising in design and construct, the team will listen to your desires and then create the design to suit you and your budget. Design and high quality finish are what Vantage Homes is about and it’s obvious it is the perfect formula. The company have won over 120 awards including MBA Home of the Year three times and HIA-CSR Home of the Year four times, they have also been a MBA National Award winner. This makes Vantage Homes the most awarded residential construction business in the Territory. No mean feat. Vantage Homes is a very busy concern. Right now there are several houses under construction

across the region spreading from Acacia to Larrakeyah. This company is in hot demand. Proof their approach to design, attention to detail and delivery of beautifully finished products is exactly what homeowners are searching for. If you would like to see more examples of this company’s fine work, go to the website: click on Portfolio and you can wander through a selection of incredible properties built for the Territory. The tagline on the website is People who know better.... build Vantage, so if you are serious about living in the home of your dreams, contact Vantage Homes. They will make your dream a reality. Ph 08 8932 7076 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | The Accolades

Parap Tavern

The Parap Tavern, Darwins oldest family owned and run tavern have had a landmark year in 2012. In September this year the Parap Tavern won three awards at the prestigous National Australian Hotel Association Awards, an achievement never before accomplished by a Territory venue. The Awards include; Best Bottle Shop in Australia, Best Regional Hotel in Australia and Best Regional Bar – Presentation & Service for the Pickled Parrot/Bar & Lounge. The Tavern also swept the AHA NT Awards in May this year collecting 5 awards, including Best Overall Metropolitan Hotel. After extensive renovations last year, every need is catered for, from wining, dining and gaming to relaxing with family and friends. The Tavern boasts three separate bars; Heroes & Legends Sports Bar, The Punters & Collectors Racing Bar and the Pickled Parrot Bar & Lounge as well as the Best Bottleshop in Australia, The Raging Bull – Bar & Grill restaurant which includes and interactive kids room and a dedicated Function Room. The new décor also offers three separate al-fresco areas with a comfortable and breezy feel. So whether you’re looking for a family night out, beers with the boys, cocktails with the girls, sports, gaming, live entertaiment or a place to hold your function – The Parap Tavern has all you need and more.

15 Parap Road Parap NT 0820 Ph (08) 8981 2191

Ruling the Roost

There’s the saying: “There are no problems, only solutions”. For husband and wife team Michelle and Neil Henson, that’s the key to making their Darwin business tick. “It would have to be my favourite motto,” says Michelle, who runs the marketing for boutique real estate company Roost Realty along with licensee Neil. “Be solutions focused at all times. This means we approach any problem from a position of solutions rather than focus on why the issue was caused.” Established earlier this year, Roost Realty has experienced growth from the beginning. Specialising in sales and the rental of new properties, Roost Realty is now the number one property management company specialising in the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) in the Northern Territory. “We set up the business to property manage Zest Darwin, a development of 104 units and a selection of new homes in Bellamack,” says Michelle of their business start up. “Today we’re currently focused on sales and management for Zen Quarter, a new 188 unit development in Darwin City. “We also let out more than 100 properties in Darwin through the NRAS, a government program providing incentives to investors and reduced rent for tenants.” Both Michelle and Neil have come from families with business backgrounds, so after learning their respective crafts the move into their own enterprise was seamless. 22

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

“We are small, agile and family operated,” says Michelle with pride. “Neil has a strong risk and security background and I have just returned home to Darwin after spending 17 years away including working in Dubai and London in marketing and management. So my international experience and varied background is a great strength.” In fact, their hard work and commitment to innovation has won them a swag of acknowledgements, among them the 2012 Real Estate Institute of the Northern Territory award for Innovation. “At one stage when we started out, Neil let out 100 units in just three and a half weeks,” Michelle says. “It was a challenge, but we learnt to prioritise and do things in new ways. “We’re very forward thinking in our approach and success has come naturally.” So what makes Roost Realty a great local small business? “We listen to our clients and treat everyone with respect,” Michelle says. “My family has been involved in Darwin businesses since the 1950’s and I have always looked to them for guidance.”

P 08 8981 4422 | F 08 8941 9035 PO BOX 2284 DARWIN NT 0801 3-5 Gardiner Street, Darwin 0800

The Accolades | DarwinLife



It’s certainly been a busy year for Dimitri and Amalie Andropov. As owners of three busy medical centres in Nightcliff, Fannie Bay and at the Essington School, their business has enjoyed a new profile this year. After a rebranding in late 2011, their medical centres are now known collectively as Territory Medical. Their mission is to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach toward diagnosis and management of illness. Territory Medical has evolved to become one of the Top End’s most highly regarded multidisciplinary practices. Boasting a team of forty Medical Practitioners and Staff, Territory Medical is 100% locally owned and operated. Established in 2005 By Dr Dimitri Andropov, as Nightcliff Medical Centre, the team of three doctors quickly established a busy and successful practice. The addition of the Essington Medical Centre in 2009 was an innovative move for the company as it was the first medical centre of its kind established in a school-based environment. This success then led to the purchase of the Bayside Clinic, in Fannie Bay in 2011. This saw the group grow considerably, and now it has 25 Medical Practitioners on board and a dedicated team of nurses and administration professionals. The importance placed by Territory Medical on having comprehensive high quality care available for patients is evident in the team of General Practitioners and Specialists, including a Gynaecologist, Dietitian, Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons and a Psychiatrist.

“We believe our success is directly related to our dedicated and caring Medical team” said Managing Director, Amalie Andropov. “Without them we could not do what we do” she said. Our administration and nursing professionals are vital to the business’ success, and Amalie was thrilled to get the chance to thank them when she was recently awarded ‘NT Owner Manager of the Year 2012’ at the Australian Institute of Management awards. Held in October, Amalie said she was surprised and honored to win, particularly amongst such high calibre competition. Territory Medical is now focused on plans for a fourth medical centre in the Darwin CBD. It’s still in the planning stages but Amalie says they hope to open in early to mid 2013. Further expanding their services, this ensures Darwin locals have a selection of convenient medical centres to choose from, with the professionalism and familiarity they have come to expect from Dimitri, Amalie and the team at Territory Medical.

NIGHTCLIFF 159 Dick Ward Drive, Nightcliff BAYSIDE 9 Keith Lane Fannie Bay ESSINGTON 22 Chapman Rd, Rapid Creek (Essington School) T +61 8 89484333 | F +61 8 89484322 W E

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | The Accolades

Call2View Since starting Call2View Real Estate in mid 2011, husband and wife team Adam and Jody Hayes have taken it from strength to strength. A family owned agency, the Hayes’ combined experience in the Darwin real estate market puts them well ahead of the competition when it comes to your Top End property needs. The team of six staff is a close-knit group, with a strong commitment to personal customer care, made possible by their focus on providing a highly mobile service, strong work ethic as well as good team communication. Working from a non-traditional office set up, there are always staff on the road, ready to come to you, wherever you may be. Property Managers Johanna Daby and Amy Rodricks love the clientfocused approach at Call2View. Johanna has been with the agency since its inception, becoming the first staff member Adam and Jody took on after their business launched. She talks passionately about the team’s efforts over the past year, and how exciting it is to be with an agency that has seen such strong and rapid growth. Johanna believes clients feel more comfortable discussing their property needs in their own environment. Appointments often happen on site, after hours and clients seem to really appreciate this convenient approach. With one of the most competitive Property Management rates around at 7% plus GST, it’s no wonder Call2View was awarded the 2012 Real Estate 24

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Institute of the NT, Small Residential Agency of the Year award at the Awards this year. Held in August at the Fannie Bay Turf Club, Jody says the process of reviewing their agency against the awards criteria helped her see how much they had achieved in such a short time. “We knew we had a good chance, but we didn’t expect to win!” Being part of an award winning team has been a great boost for new staff members Amy Rodricks and sales executive Anthony Fotiades who both came on board in mid 2012. Call2View’s cost effective approach comes in part from their innovative marketing strategies. “Times are changing and online marketing is the way real estate is heading,” says Adam. By offering alternative marketing options, such as social media, they are able to provide the same advertising benefits, through less traditional mediums, at a fraction of the cost. This keeps the marketing costs to a minimum whilst still achieving outstanding results for their clients.

Jody Hayes Call2View Real Estate Ph 8932 8858 | E

The Accolades | DarwinLife

Crab Claw Island Resort David & Jacqueline Campbell have been running Crab Claw Island resort for almost 5 years now, and are the envy of many in their small piece of Top End paradise. Just an hour and 20 minutes drive from Darwin, on the Cox Peninsula, Crab Claw Island Resort is an easy day trip, or a very relaxing weekend away. With a wealth of activities on offer, General Manager Morag Ann MacLennan says it’s mostly the fishing that draws people back again and again. Apart from the fish, there’s also plenty of wildlife to spot – such as wallabies, butterflies, brolgas and jabirus. Resident fly fishing expert Graeme Williams hosts visitors on site that fly in from across the globe, to stay at the resort and enjoy 2 – 7 day guided trips around the Peninsula, leaving with a full belly and a brand new skill. If that’s not reason enough then the food certainly is. The resort just won the Australian Hotels Association NT Gold Plate Award for Best Public Dining 2012. Now offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with a new menu every 3 months, it’s the ideal

spot for a delicious meal and a cold beverage, in an idyllic location. The resort has a range of accommodation options, two swimming pools and stunning views over Bynoe Harbour. So, whether a romantic weekend, some time to teach the kids how to fish, or maybe your corporate conference or event, Crab Claw Island resort offers a range of options for whatever you need.

ABN 48 132 529 367 Cox Peninsula, Bynoe Harbour Ph (08) 8978 2313 | F (08) 8978 2108 E

Sterling Management Services If the management of a complex can greatly influence the value of a property, then why would you choose anyone but the best? Award-winning Sterling Management Services are achieving excellent results in Body Corporate Management with their team of highly dedicated professionals. Phil Doyle, the Managing Director states, “We provide much more than just body corporate services. We build effective relationships with body corporate committee Chairpersons and provide maintenance programs with a fast response. This includes our unique building Caretaker service - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our members are confident that when they call Sterling Management Services they receive valueadded customer service.” Sterling MS differentiates itself from other body corporate management by providing Caretakers for their buildings. By grouping buildings together, they provide this service to complexes of 30 to 40 units that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford a Caretaker Service. Caretakers provide cleaning, gardening, minor maintenance and liaise with contractors, owners and resident on site. Sterling Management Services is the only body corporate business that can provide this service. It is this unique service that won Phil and his

dedicated staff the 2012 REINT Best Body Corporate Manager of the Year Award. This award is a reflection of their commitment to providing superior customer service and effective management to their portfolio of over 50 buildings. With quality clients such as ONE30 Esplanade, SkyTower and Old Admiralty Tower, it’s easy to see why Sterling Management Services have been named the best in their field. Now, with the ever increasing amount of inner city properties, Sterling Management Services are expanding and looking for new clients. If you want excellence in body corporate services, then it pays to go with the best. Ask your Body Corporate Chairperson to call Phil now to discuss how Sterling MS can manage your building and discover what services they can provide that will make a difference for you.

Body Corporate Manager of the Year P 08 8981 3788 | F 08 8981 3733 26A/90 Frances Bay Drive, Frances Bay Village, TIPPERARY WATERS GPO Box 418 DARWIN NT 0801 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | The Accolades

Not Just ‘Back Crackers’ Starting up a business in an unknown city is a choice many wouldn’t make, but for Jacob Brady and his wife Leandra Walker the bold move has paid dividends. Combining chiropractic elements with health and lifestyle advice, the former university students are surging ahead with their business, The Chiropractic Place. But both admit while success has come quickly, it hasn’t come without hard work. “We used to lay awake at night wondering how we would pay our bills,” Leandra says. After moving to Darwin from Ireland for a fresh start, Jacob and Leandra discovered a need for chiropractic services in the city centre. With no savings, both worked long hours to scrape together enough money to rent an office space in the Paspalis Centrepoint. “We used to print off posters with our spare change and walk around to offices asking people if they needed to see a chiropractor, it was tough work,” Leandra says of the early days. But within the first four months, demand had grown to such an extent Jacob and Leandra were forced to relocate to a multi-office space on Cavenagh Street. They also hired two staff and welcomed the arrival of their first child, daughter Asha. “It was hard, hard work, but we were persistant and

put in long hours,” says Leandra. Because of their combined experience, personal touch and high level of energy, their practice has more than tripled in growth since opening in 2011. Jacob and Leandra were also recognised for their determination, winning the HTC Start Up Award at the Telstra Business Awards earlier this year. The judges said their business was a new operation well advanced in its planning, showed great use of e-marketing concepts and was beautifully presented. “It was incredibly humbling,” Jacob says of the recognition. “It was a testament to our hard work and passion for what we do.” Both put their success down to patience and perseverance. “It’s been an incredible ride,” Jacob says. “We love seeing our clients grow and become better people and we will continue to seek out new challenges to keep us on the edge.”

3/55 Cavenagh St Darwin 0800 GPO Box 3334 Darwin 0801 NT (08) 8981 1778 |


Exquisite I Elegant I Fine Dining Dinner: Tue – Sat from 6.30pm I Lunch: Friday from midday Bookings 8943 8940 I


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

The Accolades | DarwinLife

McGees Property With a 25 year history in the Darwin marketplace, McGees Property have a strong team of dynamic professionals, who are driven by a shared desire to be the industry market leaders in the Top End. Commercial agent Rhys Parker and Commercial Property Manager Shannan Dent are both enjoying recent promotions, after several years with the agency. Operating with a high degree of autonomy, and focusing on touch point service, both Shannan and Rhys have relished the challenges, and extra responsibilities that have come with their new roles. As Sales and Leasing specialist, Rhys has achieved outstanding results this year, especially in the retail and industrial sectors of the commercial market. With Darwin on the verge of the oil and gas boom, there’s nowhere else these two would rather be. The highlight of the year for McGees Property, was receiving the Commercial Agency of the Year award for 2012 at the recent Real Estate Institute of

the Northern Territory, Awards for Excellence. That award can now be proudly added to their collection, which includes Small Agency of the Year 2008 and 2009, and Commercial Agency of the Year 2010. Focusing on superior service for their clients throughout the sales, leasing and management processes, the personable and down to earth manner of both Shannan and Rhys, combined with their professionalism and local market knowledge is what makes McGees stand out. For your next property transaction or just to discuss the market, contact Rhys or Shannan and experience the McGees Property difference.

Level 1, 82 Smith Street, Darwin P 8941 1550 | F 8941 2239 E December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


B RO L G A The prestigious 2012 Brolga Awards were celebrated recently at the Darwin Convention Centre. More than 350 guests attended the gala event in support of the businesses and services that make up our travel industry. The Brolga Awards recognise and encourage tourism businesses that strive for excellence. Minister for Tourism, Matt Conlan, congratulated the winners of the 26th Brolga Northern Territory Tourism Awards.. “The Brolga Awards shine a light on one of our most important industries,” Mr Conlan said. “Tourism in the Northern Territory is world-class, we need to acknowledge those businesses which maintain our reputation and ensure tourists keep coming back. “Tourism is one of the largest employers in the Territory; it is an industry we can grow and expand.” All business category winners of the 2012 Brolga Northern Territory Tourism Awards will be finalists in the 2012 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards to be held in Hobart in February 2013. Here we showcase the winners of the 2012 Brolga Awards, and highlight some of the great tourist attractions and businesses within the Territory. Should get you thinking for your next “holiday at home”.


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | The Brolga Awards

Brolga Award Major Tourist Attractions Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Tourist Attractions Uluru Camel Tours Heritage and Cultural Tourism Venture North Australia Indigenous Tourism RT Tours Australia Specialised Tourism Services Northern Territory Library Visitor Information and Services Tourism Top End Business Tourism Darwin Convention Centre Major Tour and/or Transport Operators Yellow Water Cruise Gagudju Dreaming Tour and/or Transport Operators Uluru Camel Tours Adventure Tourism Jungala Enterprises Tourism Restaurants and Catering Services Daly Waters Historic Pub

Winners for 2012

Tourist & Caravan Parks Big4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park

Outstanding Interpretive Guide Dean Hoath

Backpacker Accommodation Haven Backpacker Resort

Young Achiever Tuesday Turner

Hosted Accommodation Eden at Fogg Dam

Outstanding Contribution by an Employee Justin Rutherford

Unique Accommodation Wildman Wilderness Lodge

Tourism Ministers Perpetual Trophy Max Davidson

Standard Accommodation Savannah Way Motel

Tourism NT Business Growth Award Banu Banu Wilderness Retreat

Deluxe Accommodation Mantra on the Esplanade

Chairman’s Choice Award AAT Kings

New Tourism Development Royal Flying Doctor Service Alice Springs Tourist Facility

Judges Highly Commended Award Deluxe Accommodation - Lasseters Hotel Casino Specialised Tourism Services - AAT Kings Foreign Language Tours Major Tour and/or Transport Operator - AAT Kings

Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre George Dunne Award Outstanding Contribution by an Individual Pauline Rayner

Encouragement Award Heritage and Cultural Tourism - Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Tourist and Caravan Parks - Ayers Rock Resort Campground Standard Accommodation - All Seasons Katherine Deluxe Accommodation - Quest Parap


Situated in the picturesque surroundings of the MacDonnell Ranges, just 4.5km south of Alice Springs. Discover the Red Centre, the majestic natural wonders, the ancient cultures and the breathtaking horizons. The most awarded park in the Territory and famous for our Sunday Pancake breakfast.

PO Box 9052, Palm Place, Alice Springs NT 0871 P: 1800 808 373 | Fax 08 8952 5236 E: W:


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

The Brolga Awards | DarwinLife

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | The Brolga Awards


2012 NT Brolga Awards @ The Darwin Convention Centre

Mantra on the Esplanade, Darwin Winner of the ‘Deluxe Accommodation’ category at the 2012 Brolga Northern Territory Tourism Awards. The team at the newly refurbished Mantra on the Esplanade would like to thank everyone for their support. Stay with us and experience firsthand our dedicated staff who are committed to making your stay memorable.

Contact Details:

08 8943 4333


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


RIX KIX ARTS invites you to AWAKEN to this informative celebration of human consciousness. Be entertained by Darwin’s freshest local emerging Dance Company as they explore visionary arts under the tutelage of Artistic Director Kristy Richert. For more information visit w w w. y o u r c e n t r e. c o m . a u / shows/awaken

International Volunteer Day International Volunteer Day (IVD) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. IVD is now celebrated worldwide with thousands of volunteers involved in a range of IVD initiatives including clean-up campaigns, conferences, exhibitions, morning teas and many other activities all aimed to highlight the role of volunteers in their communities.

International Day of People with a disability International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) is a United Nations sanctioned day that aims to promote an understanding of people with disability and encourage support for their dignity, rights and well-being.

Carols by Candlelight Join in and celebrate the start of the festive season. Carols by Candlelight is the pinnacle of the festive season in Darwin and is held in the Amphitheatre at the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. Performing on the night will be the Darwin City Brass Band and many well-known carol celebrities including the Darwin Youth Choir, the Kormilda College Choir and many more. Sunday 2nd December, carols start at 6.30pm (gates open from 5.30pm) and conclude at 8.30pm with a spectacular firework finale. Entry is by gold coin donation. For more information visit events/carols-by-candlelight.aspx.

International Human Rights Day

December 10 is the anniversary of the adoption by the United Nations (UN) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The UDHR sets out a certain set of rights that are the basic and minimum set of human rights for all citizens. Setting aside a day to commemorate, educate and reflect on the principles that form the UDHR means celebrating the rights we exercise everyday as Australians, and acknowledging that enjoying those rights carries with it the responsibility of promoting these rights for all people. December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


Christmas The end of another year brings with it all the enchantment and wonder of Christmas. It is a time for indulgence, getting spoilt with pressies, eating too much, having that extra glass, maxing out your credit card and best of all Christmas cuddles with friends and family. We here at Darwin Life wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Family Proms Join Darwin Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Tara Murphy and her pquartet as they explore the songs and sounds of a bush Christmas. DSO’s popular Family Proms concerts are an entertaining and interactive introduction to the instruments of an orchestra, best suited to kids aged 0 – 6 years. For more information visit h t t p : / / w w w. y o u r c e n t r e. c o m . au/shows/darwin_symphony_ orchestras_family_proms

Messa Di Gloria with Rosario La Spina Sat 01 December Award winning tenor Rosario La Spina returns to Darwin to join Darwin Symphony Orchestra and Darwin Chorale in a performance of Puccini’s Messa di Gloria. The third concert in the Symphony in the City series also features a new work by local composer Nora Lewis. For more information or visit shows/messa_di_gloria_with_ rosario_la_spina

Champagne & Christmas 2012

This is the perfect year-end office event, special girls lunch out, or thank-you gift for a job well done. MC and entertainment is Beven Addinsall. Always in the spotlight since launching his career with the original Young Talent Time team, Beven is a natural born entertainer, with a powerful and versatile voice. For more information contact Andrea Wicking on 8923 9000.

End of

Term Four


The last day of term for the year is Friday 14th December for 6 and a half weeks. Students will return Wednesday 30th January.

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

The countdown has begun for the most exciting New Year’s Eve Celebration of 2011 at the Darwin Waterfront on Saturday 31 December. An exciting showcase of family entertainment will commence on the Waterfront lawns at 6pm with free face painting and jumping castles for the kids. New to this year will be food stalls and a free family concert before the sensational fireworks finale at 9pm. Starting at 6.30pm soloist Stuie Who will take to the stage bringing outstanding guitar skills and a passion for lyrics from the freshest sounds of today right through to the mature rockers who crave the classics. For more information visit

Local Real Estate Agency O’Donoghues First National

Achieves Quality Assurance Standard There are many variables in real estate marketing that influence outcomes and customer perceptions of service quality. While market forces are beyond the control of individual salespeople, the systems and processes of a real estate agency need not be. First National O’Donoghues today announced that it had achieved Quality Assurance accreditation after many months of process reviews and a stringent assessment. First National Real Estate introduced a Quality Assurance programme over ten years ago and remains the only major Australian real estate brand to do so. Quality Assurance distinguishes the network, underlining its commitment to raising professional standards. ‘Quality Assurance requires considerable commitment, one which few real estate agents are willing to invest the necessary time and money in’ said First National Chief Executive, Ray Ellis. ‘Health professionals and government authorities are familiar with its importance, frequently refusing to deal with any organisation that does not meet the standard. Choosing to sell your home with an accredited real estate agent lessens risk when trading what is frequently a family or individual’s greatest asset.’ ‘Jeremy O’Donoghue and his team have worked hard

to meet the Quality Assurance standard. It is a credit to everyone involved and they can justly be proud of their achievement’ said Mr Ellis.

‘It’s a major step forward for my business’ said First National

O’Donoghues principal, Jeremy O’Donoghue.

‘Across each department, my team has worked to document and standardise every task we undertake on a daily basis. This reduces the risk of mistakes and will make our service delivery more uniform in every way. We already have a long history as a top performing real estate agency but now we’ve refined and fine-tuned every aspect of our operations’. For more information, contact: First National Real Estate O’Donoghues, Jeremy O’Donoghue, principal, on 8942 8942 141 Mitchell St Larrakeyah NT 0820

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Bronwyn Clee

Bronwyn Clee is an innovative Imagineer who is nuts about caring for community, empowering women, growing stunning orchids and smashing tiles to create liveable art. She’s also a loud and proud nerd who weaves social media into almost everything she does. Volunteering at a community based Op shop keeps her feet planted firmly on the ground, even when the spirit of writing almost knocks her over and gives her wings to fly. Find out more about Bronwyn at www.

In honour of my 3rd birthday with Darwin Life I am very excited to mark the occasion with my new column “Navigating Social Networks – is your business a slave, a slacker or somewhere in between?” Little wonder some small to medium enterprises (SME) sneer at social networking. Particularly if passion, purpose, preference and parameters haven’t been defined before jumping onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +. However did you know that 47% of Australians connected with Brands via social media networks in 2011 with an extra 11% ‘like’ increase from 2010? I see so many businesses set up online social network accounts and openly admit they don’t know what to do next. Now that’s what I call dumb and dangerous! Seriously people, peer pressure is never a good reason to jump in to anything, let alone social networking. And I’m talking about grown ups here! Christmas is coming and social networking on and offline is

Christmas at Vinnies People in Darwin celebrate Christmas in many different ways but those who have been to the Christmas lunch at St Vincent de Paul know that it is a very special occasion.

Mike, Mary, Sue and Peter prepare the Friday lunch By Zoe Marcham

about to go nuts! Quick tips for social networking beginners: (1) always have a profile picture that you’re grandma would be proud of (2) be social (3) as tempting as it may be, never never never tweet or update your status with a glass of anything stronger then juice in your hand! For those of you who are more advanced in social networking, you know that planning ahead is easy in the world of automation. Sharing great content with your clients, customers, colleagues and friends is critical. And the caution here? Don’t post comments that invite replies if you’re not going to be able to respond to them in a reasonable amount of time. Please, if learning about social networking is on your to do list, promise me you won’t set up another profile without at the very least, being really clear about your purpose. My aim here is to share helpful social networking tips and to review some of my favourite Mac and iTunes apps. ps I make no apologies for being an Apple fan! Email to find our more about how I can help you navigate your social networks and how your business can harness and handle the power of going social!

Merry Christmas, good tidings and safe travels to you all. May the new year bring peace and prosperity to you and yours.

Surya Silva, like many others, has been a volunteer for many years. She said “it is an absolute privilege to be there on Christmas day. The atmosphere is just superb - it brings tears to my eyes just to think about it. It is one way to provide a service to someone who may be having a hard time and be able to give something back to the community.” Mike Byrne, the Operations Manager at Vinnies agrees. “Christmas lunch at Ozanam House is the highlight of the year for many of us. We have around 30 volunteers who arrive early in the morning and start preparing the food. They cut up the cold meats, cheeses and the fruit and then they start to decorate the area. They set the tables, arrange the floral decorations, blow up the balloons and ensure that the presents are under the tree. Then it is time to open the doors. We welcome everyone who is needy or lonely and we normally serve about 200 people. Lunch is a traditional lunch with all the trimmings and a few Asian dishes are included. Nelson Lay from Asian United Food Services provides and prepares much of the food and has been doing a fantastic job for many years now. Everyone gets a gift. There is also entertainment. Last year we had a band and everyone was singing. At this stage, we do not have any entertainment for this year, so if you think you can help, please get in touch with me. Sometimes the best work is done by a volunteer who just sits back and listens to a lonely person. For some that is the best Christmas gift that they could receive. However, that is only one day of the year and Ozanam House is open every weekday of the year. Everyone is welcome for breakfast and lunch. Last year our staff and volunteers served more than 30,000 meals. We try to provide our friends with a safe, clean, pleasant and non-judgmental environment where they can escape for a few hours from the stress of living on the streets. We think that there are about 2,500 homeless people in greater Darwin on any given night. This rate of homelessness is much higher in Darwin than in the other major cities in Australia - this includes those who are sleeping rough on our streets, those who are squatting in empty buildings and those who are forced to move frequently from one short-term accommodation to another. Although the homeless in Darwin do not suffer the extreme winter winds of those in the southern cities, it is all relative. Even the locals can freeze when exposed to the wet season rains, and when you add in melioidosis, the heat, mozzies, plus the extreme violence and abuse that many experience, it is no picnic.” December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks…. By Rebecca Skloot This is an unpretentious story with an unpretentious heroic message. Regardless of how educated you are, this is one story that needs to be common knowledge throughout the world! When someone asks you; “who is Henrietta Lacks”, you should be able to recite the saddened story with appreciation, grace and the mystery of divine goodness, that takes our world with endless element’s of surprise. It’s one of those amazing stories that before death your worldly greatness is a dream to embrace all, but Henrietta Lack an un-doubtedly poor African American woman in 1950 and her family had no realization how important she would be to the scientific world and the world that you & I survive on. Henrietta Lacks was to become first cell’s to grow outside a human body and to be the most laboratoryreliant stem cells to this modern day. Debatably without consent the HeLa cell’s have rejuvenated enough to wrap this earth 3 times over. Sent to the moon…shot up nuclear test, and marvelously cured disease that the world has struggled with. This scientific based book relays a family history of grief and distrust. Henrietta’s story is a tribute to her children and family seeking answers of medical betrayal. How could something so astonishing be hidden from a family for so many years and who still to this day scrapes together to afford the discriminatory of the American Health care system. A must read!

By Rachel Cotton 38

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

The Map by T.S. Learner

If you’re looking for a good fantasy adventure read for the young adult or young at heart then I’d recommend the works of Rick Riordan, who has filled the gap that Harry Potter has left in my reading list. The Mark of Athena is the third book in the Heroes of Olympus series which follows on from his best-selling five book series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. You may have seen the film version of its first book The Lightning Thief. Percy Jackson appears to be a regular teenager living in New York City in today’s modern world when he discovers he’s actually a descendant of the Greek god Poseidon. Percy joins the other demigod children at Camp Half-Blood and together they fight mythological monsters and the Titans in a series of adventures. In this series Percy Jackson and his Greek demigod friends must join forces with their Roman counterparts on a dangerous journey to close the Doors of Death. This series differs from the first in that the story is told from multiple characters perspectives which works well in building up the action and maintaining the readers interest. The author was an English and History middle school teacher who taught mythology before becoming a full-time writer. You can tell he’s quite knowledgeable on the topic as the mythological references are spot on and show great attention to detail. Rick Riordan has another series of books called the Kane Chronicles which centres on Egyptian mythology which are also a good read, and a range of adult fiction mainly mystery books. There’s another two books to come in the Heroes of Olympus series so get onboard for this big adventure!

London, 1953. Oxford classics scholar August Winthrop, veteran of the Spanish Civil War and son of a prominent American politician, has stumbled upon an extraordinary artefact: an ancient chronicle that once belonged to an infamous alchemist burned at the stake in 1646. Within the ancient text is a map - an intricate labyrinth that will lead August on a perilous quest across post-war Western Europe. August must translate ancient codes, decipher deadly riddles, and expose a mystical secret three hundred years old - even as he outwits Spanish militants, British spies and the CIA. While the story follows the main character August Winthrop it is also interwoven with perspectives of other key characters which not only makes the overall story more exciting but also gives these other characters more depth. One of the things I love about Learner’s books is there are no true heroes or villains, they all have flaws, darkness and light, which is refreshingly realistic. The Map gives the reader a great glimpse of life in Europe post WWII and you can tell that the author did a lot of research to portray such historic detail in the story. I can’t help but compare the authors’ most recent books to Dan Brown in regards to the combination of thrilling suspense, historical fiction, religion and elements of mysticism but T.S. Leaner also throws in politics to the mix as well. T.S. Learner is Tobsha Learner, a playwright and author who divides her time between the UK, US and Australia. Her last two novels Sphinx and The Map have been written under the name T.S. Learner which I presume is to mark the transition from her erotic fiction beginnings to serious thriller writer. Her next book is underway and involves the story of the Romai (Gypsy) experience during the Holocaust and corrupt Swiss bankers, due to be released January 2014.

By Karlie Goetze

By Karlie Goetze

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EDUCATION The North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas at Charles Darwin University Darwin was officially opened recently, marking the beginning of Northern Australia’s future as a training hub for the expanding oil and gas industry. INPEX and its Ichthys LNG Project Joint Venture participants Total, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Chubu Electric and Toho Gas contributed $3 million towards the construction of the Centre as part of a $91 million community investment package. INPEX President Director Australia, Mr Seiya Ito, was in Darwin to celebrate the opening and said the Centre would provide young Territorians with worldclass training opportunities. “At a young age, Territorians will be able to plan for careers in the oil and gas industry without having to look any further than their home town,” Mr Ito said. “With Darwin strategically positioned as the gateway to Asia, investing in the Centre was a natural fit for the Ichthys LNG Project and ensures that maximum benefits will be created for generations to come. Mr Ito said people from around Australia would undoubtedly be drawn to study at the Centre. “This will attract people to live and study in Darwin, building on the local skills base and making Darwin the prime location in Australia to benefit from the predicted growth in the oil and gas sector” Mr Ito said.

INPEX President Director Australia, Seiya Ito, Northern Territory Chief Minister, Terry Mills and Charles Darwin University ViceChancellor, Barney Glover officially open the Charles Darwin University North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas.

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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MANINGRIDA ARTS & CULTURE All artwork is made from natural and native flora. Stringybark for the bark paintings, Kurrajong for some carvings and stripped for string bags, Pandanus for mats, dillybags, baskets, fibre sculpture animals and sometimes, fishtraps. As each piece is also meticulously hand made and labour intensive the sale of each artwork from both Maningrida Arts & Culture Maningrida and Maningrida Arts & Culture Darwin is crucial to the

livelihoods of the artists themselves. Maningrida Arts & Culture (MAC) exists to promote the cultural assets, both artists and knowledge based, of the Aboriginal people of the Maningrida region principally through the efficient marketing of art of high quality and cultural integrity from the region. Ensuring optimum returns to artists, protection of intellectual property and promotion of cultural resource maintenance and enhancement objectives. MAC is proud to support the Indigenous artists who make these traditional and contemporary pieces of culture for those of us who will never fully understand these ageless people and their beliefs.

Christmas Sale Entire Darwin Gallery stock 1st December - 24th December 20% off marked price Or 25% for cash sales (nothing further off already reduced artworks) Babbarra fabric items not included Darwin Gallery 1/32 Mitchell Street (Crowne Plaza Hotel) Ph: 08 8981 4122 E: Tues-Fri 8am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 5pm

Representing aboriginal artists from Maningrida and surrounding outstations, MAC is more than just an art business. At MAC, culture is intertwined with art. Every piece has its own story and every piece supports the artists from the Maningrida area.

100 % Aboriginal Owned

Maningrida Gallery PMB110 Maningrida via Winnellie Ph: 08 8979 6100 Fax: 08 8979 4522 E: Please book in advance

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Convert or die Convert or die. Not a religious edict but the future facing cinemas across the planet in what is the biggest change to the industry since the advent of sound in 1932. Traditionally films would arrive at a cinema in 3 separate reels, each weighing up to 8 kilos. The reels would then be joined together on a “make up table” to make one big reel before being threaded from the table, through the projector and back to the table again. When the movie is finished with, it then needs to be broken down into the original three reels and despatched back to the distributors.

With digital movies everything is totally different. Each movie arrives in a post bag in a box no bigger than a packet of cigarettes. The box is inserted into the projector which then “ingests” the movie onto the hard drive for showing. Soon a cinema will be able to download a high quality digital movie direct from the internet. The rub is digital movies require a dedicated projector and a projector costs in the vicinity of $100,000. This represents a major barrier for small theatres and art house cinemas who can never hope to recover that kind of money. When the economics of digital versus film are compared, digital wins hands down. Each print costs over $3000 to make, whereas a digital version, only costs around $150. Consider a studio needs to make a copy each cinema for simultaneous release around the country. The costs of getting a movie to the 3000 or so multiplexes is enormous. Savings on postage alone can run into the millions of dollars per annum. There are other enormous financial benefits to using digital. The new machines are extremely sophisticated and can be programmed to run every back of house operation. House lights, curtains, trailers, advertising can all be controlled from the digital projector. A weeks’ worth fo programmes can be loaded up in advance Soon there will be no titles available on film. Disney and DreamWorks have already switched entirely to digital, Sony is travelling along the same path. The deckchair has both a digital and a film projector. Its Projectionists are a dying breed, remnants of an earlier age, holders of an arcane knowledge. Watching the film wend its way from make up table across various pulleys, through the projector and back to the make up table is mesmerising as is the flicker sound of film travelling over sprockets. I recommend deckchair has an open day where Richard, the head projectionist, shows off the old and the new.


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Arts and Entertainment | DarwinLife

Strikingly Different


Strikingly Beautiful

Phone 08 8941 6516

Waterfront Precinct, DARWIN (next door to Fiddlers Green)

Aboriginal Art NT is dedicated to promoting Aboriginal Artists from the Arnhemland region and supporting their culture through their natural ability to tell stories using various methods of art and craft. 7 Pavonia Place, Nightcliff Ph 8948 1115 | E W Located at the Nightcliff Markets

We now offer Pandanus Weaving Classes Learn the traditional art of weaving that has been handed down through the families of Yolngu women all over the Arnhem Land Region for thousands of years. For workshop details call Gaelene on 0447 526 730

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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T E G T I t s g n o m a

OVE C S U R SAU O C O R AT C up close

got m a e t e f i L n d a half arwi n D a e e v h t fi a h t T his mon l with “Chopper” – of the ter ritor y’s a and person ater Crocodile, one urus Cove. W metre Salt reptiles, at Crocosa y most deadl


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

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was with trepidation that the team drew straws to enter the new Cage of Death, for an amazing interactive experience with these pre-historic creatures. Certainly not for the faint-hearted!. Crocosaurus Cove opened in 2008, however the new Cage of Death, cylindrical in design, with sensational viewing, was introduced in May this year. Not only do you get to be face to face with the crocodiles, the dive also includes a feeding frenzy in the safe hands of the the experienced Croc Cove staff, while you watch on in the protection of the cage, while the massive reptiles, circle their prey. (check out the photos – they say it all! ) Chopper, as he is famously known, is about 85 years of age, and although he has lost both his front hands out in the wild, he is no little lamb, with the most impressive bite force out of all the crocs in the park. The staff did tell us he is a bit of a gentle giant though, - he loves being scratched with his feed pole, and even lifts his head out of the water occasionally so that they can get the right spot. The Cage of Death is one of the major attractions and certainly got our hearts thumping, however if you are looking for a more relaxed experience – Crocosaurus Cove has it all, with a variety of snakes, lizards and frogs in the Reptile House and some massive barramundi in the Aquarium. If you’ve ever dreamed of holding a baby salt water croc, this is the place to visit. So whether you are a visitor to Darwin or a local – why not get your toes in the water with Chopper over the Christmas/Holiday break.



One of Australia’s most groundbreaking musical groups and 8 x ARIA Award winners, YOTHU YINDI, was inducted into the ARIA HALL OF FAME at the 26th Annual ARIA Awards, held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Thursday November 29.

Formed in 1986 with Yolngu (Aboriginal) and Balanda (non Aboriginal) members, Yothu Yindi crossed the cultural divide by blending musical aspects of both indigenous and non indigenous cultures, creating a sound that was truly unique and one that has had a lasting impact on both the musical and political landscape in Australia and around the world. Combining the sounds and instrumentation of western rock ‘n’ roll with songs and performances that date back tens of thousands of years, Yothu Yindi took the ancient song cycles of north-east Arnhem Land - featuring such traditional instruments as the bilma (ironwood clapsticks) and yidaki (didgeridu) and juxtaposed them with western pop sounds to present a true musical meeting of two diverse cultures. They took traditional Yolngu dance performances and worked them into the context of contemporary performance. The result is a band that’s been hailed as “the most powerful blend of indigenous and modern music to emerge from the world music scene”. Yothu Yindi’s Yolngu Aboriginal members came from Yirrkala on the Gove Peninsula in Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land. Founded by Mandawuy Yunupingu, principal songwriter, singer and guitarist, he was joined by members of his extended family plus Darwin Musicians Stuart Kellaway on bass and Cal Williams on lead guitar. Two years later a young Gurrumul Yunupingu joined on keyboards, guitar, vocals and percussion. Darwin based Alan James has been the bands manager since the beginning and continues to manage their affairs today. With the 1991 release of their second album, Tribal Voice, Yothu Yindi secured their place in the annals of Australian rock history. Tribal Voice, which dominated the national charts for much of 1991-92, yielded the hit singles Treaty and Djäpana,

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

won the band recognition as the first Aboriginal act to gain widespread media attention, and generated international recording and touring commitments. The album featured the band’s first hit single, Treaty, which crashed into the Australian ARIA charts peaking at No.11 and then spending almost six months in the charts. The first song by an Aboriginal band to chart in Australia, it was also the first song in an Aboriginal language (Gumatj) to gain extensive airplay and international recognition. Treaty was inspired when lead singer Mandawuy wanted a song to highlight the lack of progress on the treaty between Aboriginal people and the Federal Government promised by Prime Minister Bob Hawke in 1988. Yothu Yindi have won eight Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards. Treaty was voted Single Of The Year and Song Of The Year at the ARIA Awards in 1992 with the film clip named Best Australian Video. The video also took out the same title at the MTV International Awards in Los Angeles that same year. In addition, the Tribal Voice album was voted Best Indigenous Record, and received awards for Best Cover Art and Engineer Of The Year. Treaty was also voted Song of the Year at the APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) awards for 1991 and picked up the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission’s award for songwriting. In May 2001 the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations, named Treaty as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time. At the 1993 ARIA awards, Yothu Yindi continued to pick up the accolades when their second hit single, Djäpana, was named Best Indigenous Release, and received additional gongs for Best Video and Best

Engineer. In addition to their numerous musical achievements, the group established the Yothu Yindi Foundation in 1990 to promote Yolngu cultural development. In 1999 they set up the annual five day Garma Festival of Traditional Culture, featuring a spectacular nightly Bunggul (traditional ceremony), an Academic key forum focused on issues of major importance to Aboriginal people nationally, conducting workshops for indigenous musicians from Arnhem Land communities at the Yirrnga Music Development Studio, and many other cultural and artistic activities. HEALING STONE: THE BEST OF YOTHU YINDI is a brand new compilation album released to honour their induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame. The album includes a DVD containing many of the band’s music videos, plus their celebrated documentary, ‘Tribal Voice’. ‘Healing Stone’ is also the title track of the album and is the first new song recorded and released by Yothu Yindi in 12 years. It was co-written by founding member and lead singer & guitarist; Mandawuy Yunupingu and INXS’s Andrew Farriss and continues the blend of their cultural roots in a song that is both profoundly personal and ultimately universal in its appeal. The accompanying video clip is equally personal as it documents the worldrenowned Arnhem Land band’s 27 year history right up to the current day, including Mandawuy’s on-going dialysis treatment for End Stage Renal Disease, a dietary affliction that is rampant through indigenous communities all over Australia. Consistent with his life journey, Mandawuy is now using this story to have a positive effect for future generations of his people.

Written by Alan James

REFLECTIONS I was born in Melbourne just after WW11 into a fairly hard working blue collar family. Food certainly wasn’t a priority on my Mum’s list; it was more just getting enough food to feed the family. The basic weekly menu was sausages, Irish stew, baked beans on toast, maybe lamb chops and at weekends, Corned Beef. Vegies were potatoes, carrots, sprouts; all boiled to death; without any sense of either flavour or texture. Relief came for me when I’d ride my bike to my Grans on Saturday afternoons, where she’d have cupcakes and coffee scrolls, fresh from her oven. At about 8 years old, Mum succumbed to letting me make a Pavlova. Yes, there was flour and sugar all over the kitchen, but I had the best time and it was fabulous; right down to the passionfruit topping. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to cook anything else. I’d made too much of a mess. My first casual job as a uni student was as a kitchen hand in a restaurant, soon working my way up the ladder to chef ’s assistant. I learnt so much during these uni days, especially going to Jimmy Watson’s Wine Bar on Saturday mornings with a group of friends. This was my introduction to my love of wine: reds, whites, roses, sparkling and fortified. It was during these halcyon

days that friends would gather for Cordon Bleu dinner parties. How did we ever afford the ingredients, no less eat all that heavy food? In the mid 70’s, 3 exceptional chefs opened restaurants near where I was living in North Fitzroy; Stephanie Alexander, Mietta and John Smith. These chefs brought changes to Australian cuisine that still influence our unique style of Australian cooking. A group of friends would have a regular booking at these restaurants, as they changed their menus each month. Each of these talented young chefs would, after finishing their cooking join us with a glass of wine to discuss the month’s menu. They were really exciting times for all concerned. My bookcases are still laden with cookbooks and recipes collected from the decades and nothing delights me more than having friends over for dinner; from the planning of the menu; preparing the meal; to sitting around the table enjoying each other’s company. So too is the pleasure that I derive from sharing with you the wonderful variety of cuisines we have here in Darwin. Each month I look forward to sharing new and exciting places to eat; either for that special occasion or for a casual night out. Bon Appetit

By Jack Stephane December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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Rob Fish Chairman Northern Territory Seafood Council


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It’s getting close to that time of the year again; time for close family and friends to get together over a magnificent spread of Territory Seafood and the odd beer or wine. Seafood is Australia’s food of choice at Christmas and the New Year and with good reason; nothing suits our lifestyle or tastes better in our summer months! There are other benefits. Lets face the truth it can get a little warm this time of year so no one’s really looking to slave over hot oven or spend hours preparing lunch. This is why my partner loves the seafood spread, it’s so easy to prepare and cook, that I’m prone to doing the work. Good men love cooking when it is as simple as flipping fillets on a BBQ , beer in hand. Still to this day it surprises me that so many only treat themselves to seafood once in a blue moon. It can’t really be cooking or preparation because nothing could be simpler – absolutely anyone can throw some cold prawns in a bowl!! And cooking fillets is the easiest BBQ option.

In the NT it can’t even be concerned about sustainability, where or how your seafood is caught. We have by far the best seafood labelling in Australia and choosing local means you can be more than confident in buying sustainable seafood. Firstly make sure you are familiar with the NT labelling law, these laws provide you the consumer with real choice by ensuring any imported seafood is clearly labelled. Secondly; look for the Support NT Caught logo and be confident that the seafood you’re about to purchase comes from clean sustainable local waters and will directly support local businesses. Darwin local fish retailers are open right up until ….Christmas Eve so there really is no excuses and to help you locate your local fish retailer visit There is a lot to learn about the Northern Territory seafood industry, and you can keep well informed so ‘like’ us on Facebook www.

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The catch


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our customers. Thank you for your ongoing support. Enjoy the festive season!

An exciting and popular target for anglers in northern Australia, Barramundi responds well to lures either cast or trolled. Large minnow pattern lures are popular and productive when fished around snags, mangrove roots rocky outcrops, submerged timber and other heavy cover. Bright metallic gold or bronze a particularly popular lure colours for these feisty fellows. Often known for its spectacular leaps from the water during the fight, the Barramundi justifiably commands respect from those who seek it out. Catering to keep you Grinning Barramundi are also popular on heavier weight fly gear, and they will take live bait, especially mullet, prawns and macrobrachium (a giant freshwater shrimp). Whilst some excellent specimens have been taken on dead baits, it is not generally a recommended option. These days many Barramundi sports fishermen practice catch and release. This practice is encouraged by NFA, although there is no reason not to take the occasional fish for the table. On the table Barramundi has gained a reputation as one of Australia’s finest eating fish, usually with a price to match! In fact such is the reputation that there has been the occasional scandal due to substitution of other, cheaper, fish in the restaurant trade. Objectively it is probably true that the reputation exceeds the reality, but there is no denying that Barramundi are excellent table fish and specimens captured from estuarine waters are delicious, with firm, white, fine-grained meat. However, fish that have spent some time, even years in turbid, muddy water in some back water can be an entirely different story and their flesh can range from very tasty to inedible.

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Take the Time with

Most often, my inner foodie sits quietly in the corner smiling politely at proceedings. But as Marksie described his menu for the night her heart dared hope for something very special. And she was not disappointed. Geoff Mark or “Marksie” has taken his bush upbringing and, since his 1970 arrival in Katherine, has applied those bush skills to learning Katherine’s local way of life. He has developed relationships with local aboriginal women, peering quietly into the women’s business of gathering the best herbs, spices, berries and leaves to tickle locally sourced meats and vegetables into a taste explosion. The expression taste explosion is overused these days. I don’t mean it in the sense of Flavour 103 suggesting to your taste buds that something in your mouth is good. I mean the kind of taste that, when you speculatively place a morsel into your mouth, it fills with flavour combinations you can’t remember having experienced before and each mouthful takes you on its own sweet journey. Marksie’s locally produced bush tomatoes burst to life in my mouth. The bush peppers and herbs in his chutneys and sauces enhance the true flavours of kangaroo, barramundi, lamb and beef. The humble pea, which had long since lost it’s excitement for me, even got a satisfied nod from my inner foodie with it’s fresh hint of native mint. Seated at a table under the stars, beside a stockman’s campfire listening to some big yarns was a reminder that the best memories in life can be generated from enjoying a great meal with a great tale. My inner foodie, smelling faintly of campfire smoke, is still up dancing on her chair with glee. Put a note on the fridge or book it now, but next time your favourite guests are in town, make the trip to Katherine. Or just make a weekend of it yourself. Enjoy the sights during the day and then at nighttime settle yourself down at Marksie’s Stockman’s Camp. You will not forget it. And like me, you’ll be going back as soon as you can make the excuse.



Open 7 days for lunch & dinner. Cocktails and Snacks available all day. Darwin Waterfront For Bookings phone 08 8941 8838

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Breakfast at Roma Bar For more foodie reviews check out

Eggs benedict - I can’t seem to get enough of it, loaded with calories as it may be. But it doesn’t count if I’m not counting. The Roma Bar on Cavenagh Street near the Darwin Bus Terminal is on my tasting plate this time and I’m instantly impressed by the thick cuts off ham piled sky high on the English muffin halves. Not just one or two measly slices either - pork loads of it. The home made hollandaise is really nice, perhaps a little thick but the flavour true. The eggs were perfectly poached with uber gooey golden goodness to be found inside. The chef hasn’t gotten my eggs wrong on any of my visits so far, she’s definitely got the poaching down pat. The coffee is quite popular here too. It’s a great place to sit down and read the paper or one of the many magazines lying about whilst sipping on a hot coffee. Take away is available as well of course. Overall I totally dig the breakfast at the Roma Bar. The prices aren’t too high and the serving sizes are quite good, plus there’s plenty of options on the menu to choose from. The lunch here is smashing too if you’re not a morning person - my vegetarian colleague also raves about their non-meat offerings like a girl at a One Direction concert.





othies o Sm& Frappés

o Mangpple Pinemaash S

Serving Suggestion. Glasses are for display purposes only.


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Caram Crushel

Try Our New Menu



Best Stand Alone Restaurant & Best Select Wine List

Darwin Waterfront | P 8941 0900

Open 7 days – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Group Bookings Welcome!


BROWN WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Brisbane HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN DARWIN? 18 months HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A CHEF? 18 years WHERE DID YOU DO YOUR TRAINING? In Brisbane pubs and clubs WHY DID YOU BECOME A CHEF? For the love of food. I was always in the kitchen cooking with my mother as a child WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT BEING A CHEF? The creativity in Food WHERE ARE YOU WORKING? Char Restaurant



| 36 Georgina Crescent PALMERSTON NT 0831 | P: 8931-0501 | F: 8931-0997 | E:

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT WORKING AT CHAR? I am working with great comrades CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE MENU? Modern Australian specialising in Steak and Seafood WHERE DO YOU SOURCE YOUR PRODUCTS? We source Australia wide. We use NT fish and then other products from Victoria and Queensland. We source our beef from NSW WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT THE TERRITORY LIFESTYLE? It is far more relaxed than Brisbane




Exciting Malaya, Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine


Directly opposite the Darwin Entertainment Centre, the Noodle House in Mitchell Street offers a diverse, friendly and relaxed dining experience; set in a sophisticated setting with indoor and outdoor settings to suit every individual preference. Entrees ($5 - $24) include Samosas, Spicy Salted Quail and a selection of Steamed Oysters. However as there were 4 of us for dinner, we chose the Whole Peking Duck 2 Ways ($75.00). It was absolutely superb! Firstly we were served traditional Peking Duck in pancakes, shallots, cucumber, Hoisin sauce. The duck was crispy, yet moist, tender and succulent; served in a delicate pancake with the other accompaniments. The servings were also very generous. Our second part of the course was Duck San Choy Bow, in which the remaining duck meat was used, instead of pork to create another sensational dish. The textures – crunchy cupped lettuce leaves, diced vegetables, together with finely diced duck. A must when visiting Noodle house with a group of friends. Just when we thought that we had experienced a masterpiece with the Peking Duck; we were served Whole Fish With Thai Chilli Sauce. The presentation alone was superb, as the majestic local Golden Snapper was presented: lightly battered, deep fried and delicately coated with a mild Thai chilli sauce. The flesh was tender, moist and delicate: not a morsel was left as it was so, so good. It is not often that a vegetarian course equals a meat or fish course for me; but Noodle House’s Bean Curd with Three Kinds of Mushrooms and Snow Peas ($20) was up there in all ways: flavours, textures, fresh ingredients. It had it all. The mushrooms: Abalone, Straw and Chinese were succulent, with wonderful textures and bursting with flavours; added to this were the creamy bean curd and crispy snow peas. A truly great course. Congratulations to Nelson, his chefs and staff. ***** You certainly deserve 5 stars for your exceptional menu and service.



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Contemporary Seafood Cuisine

Lagoon View, Open Air

Swim, Sip, Relax

Exquisite I Elegant I Fine Dining

Authentic Asian-Fusion

Italian Inspired Dining

Tropical Chic

Ocean View Buffet

The Centre of Excitement

Pokies, Cafe & Bar

Your Meeting Place – Live Sport

TO B OOK P HONE 8 943 8 940


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held recently at the Darwin Turf Club

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STORY Most of us are familiar with the fundamentals of what Christmas means and why we celebrate it but has the true spirit of Christmas been stolen by the Grinch that is commercial retail. 58

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Carefully manipulating the generosity of Saint Nicholas (the original Santa) was CocaCola’s attempt to brand a more appealing Santa for their own marketing purposes. Although Coke’s marketing ploy to appeal to children seems reprehensible. They are not alone in using Christmas for profit, each year I hear the comment ‘ the Christmas decorations are already on the shelves’ at least twenty times before I gasp and see them for myself in October. And of course when I do my weekly grocery shopping I notice the aisles cunningly lined with new toys as early as September. So have we lost sight of what Christmas truly means to us. It is after all the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and history has seen it celebrated on different days in various fashions and even banned on occasion. So do we push its meaning aside to adapt it to our own desires and fantasies of what we want Christmas to be? For me Christmas is about instilling the wonder of Santa in my children. Dispelling the schoolyard rumours

of his ruse and only shopping in one centre for the whole of December so they only meet one Santa. It is careful preparation of trips to see family so we can relax and enjoy it. It is half eating carrot sticks and cookies left for Santa and his Reindeer, then sitting down to wrap presents at 11.30pm on Christmas eve to add to the mystery. And my favourite part is sitting in the middle of a lounge room on Christmas morning, surrounded by curly ribbons and torn paper with my kids, nieces and nephews giggling and smiling. Worrying about the cost of it all melts away in those moments. And although I can hear my Husbands words in my head ‘I think you may have gone a little overboard this year’ it is equally as beautiful to look over at him smiling and shoot him my ‘see told you’ glance. Then comes the part that I suppose is more catered to the needs of us adults… the decadent and always lavish Christmas Lunch. Is there anything more luxurious or enjoyable than sitting down to a giant table adorned with all sorts of delicious

foods and taking your pick, sharing those corny Christmas cracker jokes and laughing with your family even though they are not at all funny. And of course at the end of the day retreating to a comfortable chair with a cold glass of whatever got forgotten in the back of the fridge. I guess the meaning of Christmas for me is fairly far away from it’s origin. Does that mean that the spirit of Christmas is gone? Not a chance! I think Christmas has evolved but I don’t think it is valued any less, in fact quite the opposite. The principle of Christmas is to give and share. I see generosity everywhere I go at this time of the year and although it easy to ‘go overboard’ if we all remember to spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves, buy a gift and put it under the tree at Kmart, volunteer or donate to a charity, the spirit of Christmas will not be held ransom by the highest corporate bidder, it lives on in all of us. Merry Christmas everyone! Written by Mykhaila Savio

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Cruising Christmas Darwin Style Darwin

Harbour Cruises An Evening To Remember

We were greeted at the Darwin Wharf by friendly staff as we boarded the “Charles Darwin” for our Captain’s Deck Sunset Buffet Dinner.

BY JACK STEPHANE The Charles Darwin is a spacious, air-conditioned catamaran, with tables set around the low windows, giving all guests panoramic views of the harbour and shorelines during the cruise. Freshly shucked SA oysters, local prawns with cocktail sauce and pickled baby octopus were served as the entrees; they were fresh, chilled and sweet; a great way to start our cruise. The selection of mains was of equal quality; Santa Maria BBQ’d Beef Fillet. Whole fillets, sliced and served with mustards: cooked just right; tender, moist, with a hint of pink. Perfect. Baked Mango Chicken. Delicious pieces of chicken marinated and cooked in local herbs and a roasted coconut topping. A winner. Finally in the mains was a Baked Local Reef Fish with Tarragon, Lemon and Butter. Moist portions of local fish in a delicious sauce. The accompaniments were just as exciting: Char-grilled Mediterranean Vegetables with spinach, Ricotta and melted Mozzarella. Yum! Crunchy Cos Salad – Caesar Style; Mixed Mescalin Leaf Salad with light vinaigrette; Tomato, local Basil and Bocconcini Salad and Baby Chat Potato Salad; together with a selection of freshly baked bread rolls and butter. But wait there’s more! You can go back for seconds as many times as you wish! Followed by a selection of cakes and desserts. It truly was a night to remember; as well as enjoying the delicious, fresh and tasty buffet dining; we experienced a magnificent sunset as we cruised the harbour on our 2 hour Charles Darwin –Evening To Remember.

DARWIN HARBOUR CRUISES Cost: $82 per person Wines - Extensive selection of Australian Sparkling, Red and White Wines. By the Glass: $7 - $9.50 By the Bottle: $28 - $51

Tel: 89423131 Reservations Recommended December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

The food at Garam Masala is not only authentic Indian fare, it’s absolutely delicious. Ray the owner and Raj his talented chef deliver beautifully created dishes to tempt the appetite of Darwin’s diehard Indian food fans every night. And Christmas is no exception. Open for Christmas dinner, Garam Masala is offering a special Seafood Banquet with prawn and fish options. You also get to choose whether you want it mild, hot or extremely hot. Catering for a minimum of 2 people, the banquet is a tantalising blend of seafood using traditional spices and sauces. Rice, breads and accompaniments complete what will be a memorable meal. In addition to this special banquet the usual menu will be on offer. My favourites? Parsi Duck, Malvani Chicken and

Manchooran. Oh, and I really can’t go past The Vegetable Pakoras either. Not sure what I’m talking about? Then you must get to Garam Masala on Mitchell Street and find out for yourself. I promise you will love it.

Garam Masala

Shop 34 Mitchell Centre Darwin City (08) 8981 1338

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PEEWEE’S at the Point

By Christina Brown

With a complimentary drink on arrival and a fine wine selection to choose from along with a menu to tantalise your taste buds, Pee Wee’s at the Point is the place to enjoy Christmas day lunch in a tropical setting overlooking the Arafura Sea. You will be dining inside the restaurant with air conditioning, decorations and a beautifully adorned Christmas tree. The menu is fantastic….. Your lunch starts with a cold buffet featuring Christmas favourite’s… prawns, leg ham and smoked salmon. Complimented with a selection of dishes Pee Wee’s style – smoked Barramundi, Thai style mussels, pickled Octopus and cured Mackerel topped off with a Caesar Salad and an Antipasto platter. A magnificent view, delicious Entrée, what a wonderful way to start your Christmas day lunch! Mains are equally impressive with five dishes to select from Crispy Skin Duck, Honey Glazed Pork Belly along with Leek and Butternut Tart just to name a few. To finish this beautiful meal you will indulge in an Individual Pee Wee’s Dessert Taste Plate comprising of the delicious Pee Wee’s Chocolate Slut, Cherry Frangipane Tart and Egg Nog Bruleè.

A White Christmas, not likely A bit of rain.....not as much as we would like. Presents from Santa, depends if you have been naughty or nice? The Freshest Territory focused cuisine cooked to perfection, A certainty at Pee Wee’s at the Point! To make a reservation please call (08) 89816868 To view the Christmas Day menu – Email:

Alec Fong Lim Drive East Point NT 0820 P (08) 8981 6868 F (08) 8941 7373 W December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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Who would want to leave the excitement of the Top End to go south to spend the festive season with a whole bunch of relatives that you moved to the Territory to escape in the first place? Chris Young Chamber of Commerce Time and again our family and our friends go through the yearly pilgrimage at Christmas time and “head south” for the family get together. We give up our own home comforts, rational behaviour and general peace of mind to do the right thing and be stressed out, mistreated, maligned and ignored by relatives that we are now forced to live with and get along for the sake of the family get together. Christmas time is stressful enough without having to self inflict further problems on the situation. The Festive season is a great time to concentrate on the family, at least our own, and the ones we hold near and dear, not the distant aunty or cousin who we

Seafood Specialists Cove at SKYCITY Darwin blends the oceans tidal wave of flavours & aromas to create contemporary Australian seafood cuisine. With an inspiring lagoon view & unobtrusive service, Cove is open 7 days a week for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Bookings 8943 8940 |


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haven’t seen for three years and are none the poorer for that happy turn of events. We came to the Territory and stayed, in part, because of the healthy separation it offered us from the relatives that emerge from the woodwork whenever we “came home”. Well, if we stay in the Top End we are home and who can think of a better place to celebrate Christmas than with immediate family, around the pool, enjoying a few cold beverages and some great food in a relaxed and stress free environment. If we are lucky Mother Nature will come to the party and put on an outstanding light show or ferocious thunder storm to round out the day and give it that “once in a lifetime” feeling.

Christmas Celebrations | DarwinLife


at SCHOONERS If you havenʼt been to Schooners lately, you are in for a very pleasant surprise. The popular restaurant and bar in Cullen Bay has new owners and a new lease on life. Comfortable outdoor settings now grace the balcony and the huge seafaring mural on the back wall has gone, to be replaced by contemporary images by local photographers. The menu too has had a facelift and the feedback from diners has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course the Schooners team is more than happy about this and looking to the Festive Season with much excitement. The Christmas Menu has just been created and it looks amazing. One look at it and you will find it hard to decide what to choose. Should you try the Prawn and Crab Tian layered with Avocado or the Smoked Paprika Kangaroo Medallions with Lime and Chilli CousCous with Bush Tomato Chutney for Entree? What about a traditional Roast Turkey Breast with Gravy, Cranberry Sauce,

Roast Vegetable Medley and Roasted Potatoes or Baked Jewfish rested on Aromatic Rice? With these delicious options it is hard to make up your mind. There are also vegetarian options in the form a delicious Soup of the Day and Pine-nut, Pea and Mint Risotto with Parmesan Shavings. The choice of Desserts is difficult too with the traditional Sticky Date Pudding, Butterscotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice cream rubbing shoulders with GreenTea and Peppermint Pannacotta & Dark Chocolate and Cherry Roulade with Chantilly Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream. All this for just $65.00 per person. If you were wondering where to enjoy a Christmas Menu with twist and at a fantastic price, wonder no more. Schooners is the place for you. Book now. 51 Marina Bvd Larrakeyah 0820 NT P (08) 8981 0400 Booking recommended.

Saint Mary’s

Football, Social & Sporting Club

ARE YOU PLANNING A FUNCTION? Whether it’s a Wedding, Christmas Function or Family Affair, why not call us to hire our fantastic function room areas. (indoor and out) Licensed for 380 people BBQ & Outdoor Area with pool Catering available Fully licensed bar and bistro, with Keno, Pokies and Austar


CALL 08 89279900 Abala Road, Marrara | December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine




BIG MAC RECORD A record number of Big Mac sales contributed to a bumper McHappy Day fundraising result at McDonald’s Palmerston on Saturday, 10 November.

McDonald’s Palmerston Licensee, Vicki-Leigh Lettice, said she felt overwhelmed with the level of support she had received from the Palmerston community and was delighted with the restaurant’s fundraising results.“At the McDonald’s Palmerston restaurant we sold 1,045 Big Macs and broke the record for the number sold at our restaurant on McHappy Day,” Vicki-Leigh said. “Thanks to the fantastic support of our local community we have raised $11,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities through donations made for face painting and raffles, and through the sale of Helping Hands and Big Macs. “We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the wonderful community groups and crew members who were involved in preparations in the lead-up to McHappy Day, and to our generous Palmerston community for coming down on the day and making a donation to one of Australia’s most-loved charities.” “Our fundraising efforts have ensured that Ronald McDonald House Charities will receive vital funds to go towards programs and support services for seriously ill children and their families,” she said.

Christmas Celebrations | DarwinLife

Best Overall Club 2011 • Best Club Gaming 2011 Best NT Keno Venue 2011 • Best Marketed Club 2011 AHA Awards for Excellence Winner Best Marketed Club 2012 • Best Overall Large Club 2012

CRAFT BEER Welcome to the all new “craft beer” segment of the magazine, you might ask what is craft beer? The hallmark of craft beer and craft brewers is innovation. The head brewer interpret historic styles with unique twists and develop new styles that have no precedent, they maintain integrity by what they brew and are generally independent. Matilda Bay Brewing Company, Australia’s original craft brewery, brewed by Scott Vincent is responsible for the popular Fat Yak, it’s DOB is October 2008 an American Pale Ale (APA) AVB 4.70% It impresses with its golden colour, distinctive hop driven, fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes, followed by a whack of hop flavour at the finish. The taste is refreshingly clean on the palate Fat Yak pairs well with almost any food, but we reckon you should try it with spicy wedges, chorizo and tomato pizza or an antipasto platter with friends Coming soon at the Precinct we will be offering this new experience of matching beer and food to our Darwin this space as Celebrity chef Paul Mercurio is live on stage matching unique craft beer with a selection of tasty treats. On closing I leave you with this thought “ beer is not the answer, beer is the question, yes is the answer... Cheers Darren By Darren Lynch - Il lido | The Precinct | Hanuman December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Darwin Trailer Boat Club

8 Atkins Drive, Fannie Bay | (08) 8981 6749


The Beachfront Hotel is a great venue. It sits across from a busy bike/ walking path and one of the best beaches in town. It has a relaxed vibe with some great events and delicious food and it offers the northern suburbs the perfect alternative to the city pubs. Whatʼs not to love. With all that in mind, it seems throwing a casual Christmas party there makes perfect sense. And it does. This popular pub has a simple and straightforward function menu with a choice of basic favourites such as party pies and sausage rolls to great tapas style food like grilled chorizo and bread, whitebait with dipping sauce and lemon pepper squid with aioli. The menu caters for all tastes and here are three platters as examples - all feed 10 people: Platter 1 $85 or $8.50 per head Party Pies Sausage Rolls Fried Asian Treats Chilli Bread Platter 2 $94 or $9.40 per head Spanish Risotto Balls with yoghurt Grilled Chorizo with bread Crispy Garlic Beef Strips with Creole hot sauce Lemon Pepper Squid with aioli Vegetarian Frittata Platter 3 $145 or $14.50 per head

Whitebait with dipping sauce Thai scallops Prawn skewers Spicy meatballs Lime chicken skewers Vegetarian Frittata These platter selections show just how affordable having your Christmas party is at the Beachfront Hotel really is. Cocktails are always on offer at the pub with the traditional Bloody Mary and Cosmopolitan joining other great winners like a Mojito, Japanese Slipper and Party Punch. The team at the hotel are happy to discuss your requirements including DJʼs, bands and an MC. They can set up a screen to show your slide shows and space for speeches if you need it too. This is a great venue for a casual christmas party for businesses wanting to treat their staff to a festive celebration or just a group of friends wanting to get into the Christmas spirit. The Beachfront Hotel has embraced Social Media in a big way with 1,000 new Facebook fans in the

past month alone, proof of that. Now with a smart phone App and a buzzing Twitter account, you can find out whatʼs on offer at the pub without even trying. Go to the App store and download the app for free, “like” at www.facebook. com/beachfronthotel or go to Twitter and “follow” @beachfrontNT The Beachfront Hotel is a great suburban pub, so get down there and let them organise your Christmas party for you now.

Beachfront Hotel 342 Casuarina Drive, Rapid Creek 8985 3000

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | Socials

We wish you a

Merry Christmas

& Happy Newyear! from all the


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


Christmas Celebrations | DarwinLife

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Celebrate the festive season in a dazzling maxi perfect for Christmas soirees. Adorn yourself with quirky jewellery for effortless wet season chic and become the life of the party. 72

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine





by Rebecca Parish

1. Sasha Drake Vesna Maxi $439 from Country Classics Þ 2. Sasha Drake Rose Dress from Country Classics $499 Þ 3. Cheryl Dress from Country Classics $599 Þ 4. Witchery Castaway Ring $39.95 Þ 5. Manzoni Leather Handbags from Humidity Gifts & Homewares $199 Þ 6. Elk Bracelets from Elevated Þ 7. Holster Diamonte T-Bar Flats from Attitude X $54.95

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


DarwinLife | Fashion, Health & Beauty

Do you want to look bright and youthful for those upcoming Christmas parties, family reunions, or want a fresh look for 2013? Dr Ingrid Chung provides aesthetic services to enhance your best features and leave you feeling reinvigorated for the New Year! Services include treatments for dynamic wrinkles of the face, including frown, forehead lines, brow lift and crow’s feet and fillers for lips enhancement as well as to smooth and contour wrinkles and folds. Make an appointment today with Dr Ingrid Chung and discover the new you!

General Practice and Specialist Medical Centre for Excellence

NIGHTCLIFF, 159 Dick Ward Drive Nightcliff, NT 0810 BAYSIDE, 9 Keith Lane Fannie Bay, NT 0820 ESSINGTON, 22 Chapman Rd, Rapid Creek, NT 0810 (Essington School)

T +61 8 89484333 | F +61 8 89484322 W | E

BB Cream Have you been seeing a sudden abundance of ‘BB Creams’ being advertised by cosmetic companies? Well if you’re wondering what it all means here’s a rundown: Karlie Goetze Makeup Artist Beauty Therapist M 0412 649 529


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

What are they? ‘BB’ stands for Beauty Balms or Blemish Balms and are promoted as the ultimate ‘multi-tasker’ replacing the need for products such as serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunscreen. Most formulas come in a single shade or a limited number of shades which are designed to oxidise to match your individual complexion. Where did they come from? It was originally created by German dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek in the 1960s to protect and heal the delicate skin of her post-op patients. They then gained a cult following in the East and South-East Asian markets before making their way into Western cosmetic markets.

What does it do? It can be used alone as a tinted moisturiser, over serum and moisturiser as a foundation and powder can be applied over it for more coverage or a matt finish. Depending on the brand each version of BB Cream has different aspects – for example some add skincare benefits such as Vitamin C, UV protection to replace the need for sunscreen or light reflecting particles for a radiant glow. Why the big fuss? BB Creams really kicked off in Korea where famous starlets credited the product for giving them flawless porcelain complexions. Having an all-in-one product is particularly popular for those with busy lifestyles or who don’t want to spend too much time on their skincare and makeup routines. Brands to Try Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream $13.95 Nude By Nature BB 5-in-1 Miracle Cream $19.95 Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm $65

Fashion, Health & Beauty | DarwinLife

surf, fashion and swimwear

Phone (08) 8981 6220 Open 7 Days 2/5 Fannie Bay Place, Fannie Bay



Mary's sunset could be your new horizon Mary (0414 920 701)

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Diamond House jewellers Casuarina and Goldsmith jewellers Mitchell Centre

THOMAS SABO WATCHES Tell the time in distinctive style with the THOMAS SABO Watch Collection, featuring classic styles, sports models and chronographs, to elaborately designed timepieces. This ‘Classic’ men’s watch pictured makes a smart statement with its sleek design. For ladies, this ‘It Girl’ watch features zirconia detail and a fashionable silicon strap. With new models available each season, you’ll be on-trend and spoilt for choice.

FRAGRANCE New from THOMAS SABO - REBEL AT HEART fragrance for Men and GLAM ‘N SOUL fragrance for Women! The perfect gift idea this season ($99 RRP).

Discover the latest THOMAS SABO Collections in store at Diamond House jewellers Casuarina and Goldsmith jewellers Mitchell Centre.

Its your Moment

Bridal Wear

because every girl deserves \her princess moment

Jaimie Tait

Bellamack, NT | M 0416 867 373 E


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


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CoolSculpting Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat

It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooch. You’re left with two options: live with them or think surgery. Only CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively. Procedures that use laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal. Fortunately, CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you. Unlike a lot of other procedures, CoolSculpting takes very little time and is pretty simple to fit into your daily life. After your CoolSculpting treatment you can typically get right back to your busy day. Each treatment lasts one hour – the same time you might spend at the gym. So you can easily fit your appointment into a lunch break.

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Well being Tips Aussies love to celebrate the festive season and traditionally this means lots of alcohol and delicious food! I challenge you this festive season to place ‘mind over matter’ and discipline yourselves during this time….not to abstain but to be more aware of your behaviour. Instead of drinking heavy beer – you may try a light option, drinking juice or soft drinks instead of alcohol and having lots of water in between. Your mind and body will thank you in the New Year… Focus more on balance rather than excess. Eating a balanced diet means choosing a wide variety of foods and drinks from all the food groups. It also means eating certain things in moderation, namely saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, refined sugar, salt and alcohol. The goal is to take in nutrients you need for health at recommended levels, doing this prevents developing chronic diseases, obesity and helps our metabolism. Self care tips: 1. Take time out for yourself at least once a week – engage in an activity that makes you feel good. Give yourself permission to engage in this as you are important – we often put our needs second - YOU ARE IMPORTANT TOO. 2. Take a few deep breaths during the day, this helps to calm your mind and body. 3. Make someone around you laugh at least once a day and don’t take yourself too seriously and personalise things when you experience conflict and lastly – 4. I encourage you to create a wellbeing plan for yourself – go on treat yourself ! - You will be happier and live longer. If you need professional assistance with developing a personalised wellbeing plan for the New Year our counsellors can assist – this will give you the best chance for a happy, healthy New Year 2013! Also, EASA is funded by NT Government to provide Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling if you need some assistance in this area please call on 08 8941 1752 it will be free for you and a great opportunity to make some positive changes. Written by Ana M. Boskovic


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Lost for Christmas gifts ideas?

Sometimes it‘s hard to know just what to give as the right gift, but at Better Health Pharmacy in the Mitchell Centre there is an amazing range of gift ideas for all the family! For the men who don’t know what to give that special woman in their life, why not try the extensive range of Estee Lauder and Clinique Christmas packs for a truly special gift this year. There are fragrance, makeup, and skincare packs which are all great value, and there’s a pack for everyone! With Christmas being such a busy time, we’ll even wrap your gifts for you! This will save you

time and money so you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping. For something different for the man in your life, why not clean up his act and try a Natio skincare pack for men. Or how about selecting a fragrance or aftershave from the extensive range of discounted brands. These fragrances are great value and you’ll have dozens of brands to choose from! Better Health Pharmacy offers you helpful and knowledgeable staff, and they’ll give you some great Christmas gift giving ideas to help make a stressful time of year just that little bit easier. And don’t forget, you can join as a VIP member at any time! It’s free to join and you’ll save 10% every time you buy. Have a better Christmas at Better Health Pharmacy!

Better cosmetics and fragrances at Better Health. Gift packs in-store now !

Better Health Mitchell Centre 55–59 Cnr Knuckey St & Mitchell St Darwin NT 0800 Ph: 8981 4442


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Open 7 days. Mon – Fri 8.30am – 6pm Saturday 9am – 5pm Sunday 10am – 3pm

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Skin Cancer Care NT Our face is our public relations organ and defines both how we feel and communicate with the world. However, with age we can develop lines, sags, and hair loss to reveal an aged appearance that might not reflect how we feel on the inside. As one of Darwin’s established cosmetic doctors, Dr Satbir Aulakh at SkinCancerCareNT Clinic, believes that the three essential pillars of good cosmetic medicine is communication, integrity of treatments on offer and the attainment of subtle results which leave people looking entirely natural and refreshed. Whilst anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers have become staple in the anti-aging armoury, procedures such as non-ablative lasers and using patient’s own plasma are fast gaining popularity. ‘Platelet rich plasma has been used for years in medicine to help heal wounds and injuries. PRP therapy utilises growth factors found in patient’s own autologous platelets, which are injected back into the patient’s skin, to rejuvenate the skin in all layers from deep dermal to outermost surface. This can mean stimulating collagen production under loose crêpey skin folds or hair regrowth in male pattern baldness,’ explains Dr. Aulakh.

Since PRP is patient’s ‘own’ body product, it’s considered non-allergenic physiological product as opposed to synthetic fillers or neurotoxins. The other exciting new treatment at SkinCancerCare NT is introduction of Clear & Brilliant® fractional laser. It is the only laser system to be classified in between the less aggressive or common topical peels/solutions and more aggressive or ablative cosmetic and laser treatments. It helps to prevent early signs of aging and the treatment has minimal downtime. Anyone who is 25-40 years old, experiencing first signs of aging will benefit the most from Clear & Brilliant Laser. The laser has two wavelengths to effectively target smoother, fresher looking skin (eliminating lines/wrinkles/age spots/freckles) and improve tone, texture and pore size. Simply, clear and brilliant skin for the festive season. In making the well-being of patients his first priority, Dr. Satbir Aulakh’s emphasis is on the level of safety, length of healing time and consistency of results to provide highly effective treatments for patients every day. To find out more, contact SkinCancerCare NT on 08 8927 5269.

1b/11 Vanderlin Drive Casuarina NT 0810 Ph 08 8927 5269 | F 08 8945 0866 E


GRAND OPENING on Saturday December 8th 11am - 3pm

Heal Ozone Remove Tooth Decay without The Pain

● ● ● ● ● ●

Implants, Cerec Crowns & Brighter Whiter Smile... in one appointment.

● Dental Therapist/Hygienist Cosmetic Dentistry ● 3D Cone Beam X-ray Family & Proactive Dentistry Laser Diagnostic & Treatment Root Canal Therapy & Wisdom Teeth Removal Professional Cleaning & Examinations TMD Headache Teen Dental Vouchers Accepted

Phone 08 8945 1005 THE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTRE Casuarina (next to Coles) Fax (08) 8927 0635 Email

Come and meet local and interstate industry professionals. Get free advice on skin care and find out more about treatments, services and products on offer at TLC. Be in the draw for a lucky door prize and receive a discount on the Aspect clinical skin care range. (offer is for Grand Open day only) Laser Hair Reduction • Laser Skin Rejuvenation Chemical Skin Peels • Cosmetic Injections Cosmeceutical Skin Care

Ph (08) 89 844 110 A Suite 28, 119 Reichardt Road Winnellie NT 0820 E W

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Facing up to Christmas

Dr Ash Sankarayya 1/53 Ross Smith Avenue Parap Ph: 8981 5227

Christmas arrives ever faster each year it would seem, taking us unawares and under prepared. Along with this, our bodies stumble ravaged from the fun of the dry season, the advent parties and the stress of the “build up�. It is a testament to how well we are assembled that we survive but often there is evidence in our skin of the excesses. A lot can be achieved with simple measures; adequate hydration, attention to diet and

good skin care will make you feel and look refreshed and better. Diet should be lighter in the hotter months with minimal sugar and fat and carbohydrate pared back to only that which matches your energy requirement. Fruit, vegetables and other sources of anti-oxidants such as green tea or even commercial supplements will help with your skin quality. With this all working behind the scenes whatever we do in the clinic will be much more effective. A light skin peel will remove surface impurity and stimulate the jaded fibroblast cells to push out the collagen and elastin that will give your skin the lustre it deserves. Peels are generally safe, particularly the light ones we advocate and will also help your products to penetrate. Use a good SPF, a vitamin C gel or serum, a cleanser and moisturiser as a minimum and this will tide your skin through the Yuletide trials.



Christmas Party Bookings

NOW OPEN from 7pm till Late (FREE ENTRY 7PM TO 9PM) - Topless Bar Staff room 7pm


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Honey Pot Club

0458 168 278

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Holidays are

meant to be fun not a pain in the neck Over the Christmas holiday period the CAA NT wants you to avoid some of the common travel “bugs” that can spoil a holiday, below are some travel tips to help you avoid irritating your spine over the break. Travelling by car or bus. 1. Take regular stretch breaks at least every 1 - 2 hours. 2. Tuck in your chin & roll your shoulders back every hour to loosen tight muscles. 3. Use a back support behind the back. 4. Sit upright with your head back before setting the position of your mirrors. This will remind you not to slouch. 5. Put your seat upright & ensure your tailbone is as far back in the seat as it can be. Travelling by plane 1. Where possible, sit on the aisle to make it easier to regularly stretch and walk during the flight. 2. Use a back support as with car or bus travel. 3. Be careful lifting suitcases, bend with your knees, not your back. 4. Regularly roll your ankles in circles and point them to flex your feet. 5. Stretch at least every 1 - 2 hours, and always stretch after sleeping. Sleeping in a strange bed 1. Sleep on your back or side as much as possible, avoid sleeping on your stomach. 2. If the bed is ‘saggy’, consider putting the mattress on the floor. 3. Pillows are light, so take a supportive pillow along for your trip. Keep an eye out for my next column about getting a good sleep and good mattress and pillow section. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at the CAA NT.

Marc Cova B.Sc. M.Chiro CAA (NT) President 5/5 Keith Lane Fannie Bay 08 89414033 About the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Limited (CAA) is the peak body representing chiropractors. An underlying principle of chiropractic is “healthy spine, healthier life”. By offering expert, drug-free spinal health care and lifestyle advice, chiropractors help Australians lead and maintain healthy lives. With more than 2,700 members, the CAA is the largest chiropractic health body in Australia, and coordinates its efforts with its eight autonomous CAA state and territory organisations.

Territory Ultrasound is a locally owned and operated medical radiology practice situated in the Humpty Doo Central complex. We offer a superior radiology service with highly trained and experienced staff, using the most technologically advanced equipment to date. Abdominal & Pelvic Ultrasounds Obstetric Ultrasounds • First Trimester • Nuchal Translucency • Morphology Vascular Ultrasounds • Carotids • Leg arteries • DVT studies • Varicose vein studies

Musculoskeletal Ultrasounds (includes) • Shoulders • Groins • Knees • Ankles • Hands Small Parts Ultrasounds • Breasts • Thyroid • Testes General X-Ray

Shop 3/12 Vereker Street Humpty Doo NT 0835 (Off Freds Pass Rd)

Ph: (08) 8988 3582 Fax: (08) 8988 9183

Email: Po Box 619 Humpty Doo NT 0836 Referral Required

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Do you have any suggestions for healthy Xmas cooking? Eating and drinking is part of celebrating and I for one love good food. The good news is many foods that we once thought of as bad for us are now considered healthy. When it comes to cooking I like to reverse engineer it. Firstly, I decide what ingredients are wholesome and healthy, but also taste great and then I search for a recipe with these ingredients. Some swapping of ingredients in a recipe might be required to fit your individual dietary needs. For example if you eat gluten free, exchange regular flour for nut meal, soy protein flour, rice, potato or besan flour. Always look for low carbohydrate alternatives and swap sugar for xylitol or stevia. Limit sweet fruits such as mango if you have a weight, insulin resistance or blood sugar problem.


Some of my favourite Christmassy ingredients include cherries, dark chocolate and nuts such as pistachios and walnuts. Both cherries and chocolate are high in antioxidants. Cherries help reduce uric acid levels, inflammation, cholesterol and supposedly body fat. Other berries such as acai and blackberries contain multiple compounds and nutrients, including anthocyanins, flavonols, vitamins, and fiber which help reduce cardiovascular risk. Walnuts and pistachios are also great for heart health so try using these to make tasty stuffing or gravy. Of course the key to weight control and great health over Christmas is to avoid high sugar and carbohydrate rich foods and eating in excess. Following these steps should help you avoid a nasty surprise on the scales come New Year. To get some healthy cooking recipes, such as my Cherry Chocolate Cake visit my blog at www.bodymindsoulhealthcare. May you, your friends and relatives enjoy a healthy and happy Christmas.

Do you want to have more energy, be free of aches & pains, feel good about your weight, have low stress, sound sleep and be free of all disease?

With the right help and advice, you can.

Reclaim and Maintain Your Health. Naturally! Vivienne Savill Naturopath and Nurse


Nutr Rev. 2010 March; 68(3): 168–177.PMCID: PMC3068482. NIHMSID: NIHMS171310 Berries: emerging impact on cardiovascular health. Arpita Basu, Michael Rhone, and Timothy J Lyons Ann Intern Med. 2000 Apr 4;132(7):538-46. Substituting walnuts for monounsaturated fat improves the serum lipid profile of hypercholesterolemic men and women, A randomized cross over trial. Zambon, D et al.

Vivienne Savill

is an Author, Naturopath and Nurse who runs a natural health clinic in Darwin. For more information visit www. bodymindsoulhealth. If you have a Question for Viv, email


Good Health Care Changes People’s Lives

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Ground floor, Evolution Building 55 Knuckey St, Darwin

8981 0047

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Styling Your

Workout PART 1

Wez Innes Northern Kettlebells Cert III Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer & Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor 0409 592 070

As I sit on my living room floor, I ponder all things athletic. It is not uncommon for my wife to find me in these states of contemplation at any time of the day or night. And I ponder. I have a friend who exercises every single day, except on rare occasions. Generally a full body workout, hard as hell, changes it relatively frequently and is vegetarian. My friend could pass for the white hulk and casts a very daunting shadow. I have another friend ( yes I have 2 friends ... ) who trains only twice a week, lower body one day and full body the other. Eats only once a day, works much longer and harder than most and runs a very busy business. My friend resembles some kind of half man/ half rhino cross. Hmmmmm. And I ponder. What is right and what is wrong? Every expert has their own theory, and man are there a lot of theories! Crossfit, MBG, PX90, power lifting, body building, MMM, MMA, the list goes on and on! But who is right? Should people train the way my friends do? Each side has it own list of pros and cons and all sides will tell you that their way is the best and not to try anything else. The fact of the matter is that there is no right and wrong, only what you enjoy and can identify with the best. Sure, some

Is a Dermal Therapist different to

a Beauty Therapist or a Paramedical Aesthetician? Quite simply YES. Beauty therapy courses do NOT specialise in dermal therapy treatments.  Traditional beauty therapy training does not provide the theory and practical competencies required to safely and effectively perform dermal therapies. A Paramedical Aesthetician is a title often used to describe a therapist who performs some or all dermal therapies and/or works in a medical setting.  This title holds no weight in the beauty/cosmetic industry as it is often given upon completion of a 2 to 5 day course which lacks the high level of theoretical knowledge necessary to perform safe and effective dermal therapies.  Furthermore they may receive no hands-on practical training.  This title is thought to mislead consumers into thinking the therapist has some type of paramedical or medical training. Only operators who hold a formal qualification in Dermal Therapies can use the title Dermal Therapist, however the title is unregulated.  This means some unqualified operators use the title for their own commercial advantage.  To determine if your therapist is qualified, ask if they have completed a nationally accredited dermal therapy qualification.  Such qualification should also be on display in the clinic. by Holly Copping


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forms of exercise will suit some body types better, but having fun and enjoying what your doing is the best way to ensure you get that consistency you need. And I ponder... The fitness industry is full of trial and error, as it should be. There is no one size fits all regime we can all adopt. Merely enjoying whatever your doing makes you a winner. Over the next three issues, I will outline 3 different workouts you can try, each lasting only a short 4 weeks. Give them a try, see if there is one in particular you like. Workout 1- AMRAP (as many reps as possible) A1) Push Press A2) Weighted Push up A3) Dip B1) Pull up B2) One arm Row B3) Supine Row C) Front Squat The idea is to go “all out” with good form, on all the A’s, rest 2 minutes, then repeat for two rounds total. Do the same for B, then finish with C. The exercises can be substituted, as long as the first 3 are all pushing exercises, and second 3 are all pulling exercises. Leaving the last one as a squatting pattern. Good luck, and endeavour to improve your rep totals for each part every week! Stay strong, Wes


Join one Anytime join them all!!! Over 200 clubs in Australia!!! Anytime Fitness has arrived in the Northern Territory and our concept is simple; affordability and convenience, with memberships starting from $13.95 a week, no joining fee! Join our gym and receive access to ANY Anytime Fitness worldwide 24 hours a day 365 days per year... yes even Christmas day if you need to escape. Win a new body in the New Year! Join our flagship club located in Stuart Park before 20th December 2012 and you will be entered into the draw to win 3 months free membership and free personal training for 12 weeks, and if your interested in just a sample, try our no obligation 7 day free trial! Anytime fitness is currently the fastest growing health and fitness brand in Australia. With our proven recipe for success, we have recently arrived in the Northern Territory, hoping to bring Anytime health and wellness to all. We offer a fun, friendly, and unintimidating place to train. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete there is a place for you

at Anytime, and once your part of the family, we offer 24/7 access and advice via our online health and wellness program to help you track your exercise and nutrition goals. Containing state of the art cardio equipment, top of the line strength machinery and for the slightly more advanced, a large free weights area with dumb bells and plate loading systems, all provided by Hammer Strength, the market leader in strength training equipment, our members are provided with the very best. If this all sounds a little daunting don’t worry, every one of our staff members is a fully qualified Cert IV personal trainer who can help you achieve your health and over all wellness goals with expertise and knowledge to suit everyone. Come down to the gym and we can show you around.

40 Stuart Highway P 08 89419795 E W December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


PETER MacFarlane Age: 29 Why do u play? I started playing football because my mates were playing during high school. I’m a very competitive person. I love the contested, physical side of football. I love that there are so many different skills involved in playing the game. Probably the main reason I’ve kept playing football is the social side of it - most of my best mates have all been met through football in one way or another. As I’m getting older now I also enjoy watching the next wave of young footballers come through and seeing how they progress! What position do you play? I mainly play centre half forward. How long have you played? I’ve been playing since I was 17 years old. This is my 9th year playing for St Marys up here in Darwin. I love the club and hopefully I have another couple of years left in me yet! Tell us about your experiences with the game? I have so much to thank football for. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Every football club is filled with so many quality people. As I said before most of my best mates I have met through various football clubs. Football has also allowed me to travel around most of Australia and every club I have been to has given me opportunities that may not have been presented to me otherwise. What advice would you give other people interested in getting involved with football? Just get down to your local club and get involved in some way. Whether it be simply barracking for them at games or volunteering your time to help out. If you’re keen on having a game just head to a training session and join in. There aren’t many clubs out there that would say no to someone wanting to join their club in any way.

Proud Sponsons of: Amart Allsports Darwin Jape Homemaker Centre 360 Baggot Road Millner, NT 0810 Ph 08 8985 3999 • F 08 8985 3888

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Go Fishing and Strengthen Your Core ??

Who would have thought fishing could be used for a work out? Balancing in a boat is a great position for a workout for our core. Pilates on a boat …. Balancing on an uneven surface is the “PERFECT WORKOUT”. There are many occasions where we can turn on our core muscles while fishing. Always ‘stand tall’ on and off the boat, use the deep postural muscles at all times. Bend your knees, keep back neutral and turn on your abdominals when you lift the esky, the trailer or the boat. When dragging in the fish or working the big barra keep your spine erect and muscles turned on. While casting your posture should be erect with your core activated. If you have been sitting for longer than 30 minutes arch backwards before you lift. Physiotherapists are well trained to

When you have to make new friends in your adult life, it can almost feel a little like you’re ‘picking up’ a chick. Moving around to accommodate your military man’s career can also mean accommodating the idea of making new friends. I loathe it and love it all in one. The first time you meet another fellow female partner, you’re of course on your best behaviour. You want to appear like a normal person with a little bit of awesome. That’s one of those internal thought processes. Do you really say your honest thoughts or exchange numbers? You can’t help but to ask yourself, is this someone I’m happy to only see at these military do’s or do I want to take it to the next level and exchange phone numbers? See, it’s kinda like starting to date someone! Your friends from your home town will never really appreciate what it’s like to have to make new friends, as for many ladies it’s by choice while hanging out in their comfort zone. I’ve been very fortunate to have met a bunch of lovely ladies, and I am confident to say these are girls I would hang out with even if there wasn’t the defence

assess your spine if you are at risk of back injury or you are experiencing low back pain. Have an assessment if: • you sit for long periods at work or fishing and experience back pain • have regular back ache • have trouble getting from sit to stand • have had a serious back injury previously • cannot stand for prolonged periods without back pain Physiotherapists treat spinal injury and apart from assessment and treatment they will offer home exercises to prevent recurrence by maintaining mobility and strength. At Territory Sportsmedicine we have Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists who regularly go fishing…this is one of our staff with a great catch (not telling where).

partner link. We have adjusted the bases for ‘friendship dating’, so to speak. First our friendships started by catching up at military dos with our military men, then we went to second and had a coffee with just the girls, third base, a proper meal and finally, a home run, out on the town, our favourite wine, dancing the night away, borrowing clothes and getting our military men to pick us up in the early hours of the morning.

Cheers!! To the wonderful friends you meet from being an Army wife. December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


Neighbours In Need! This is a call out to the inquisitive smart traveller’s to do your travel research and please yourself with a trip to Timor. Our nearest foreign neighbors in East Timor’s capital city of Dili will shortly being enduring yet another foreseen hardship. The evitable withdrawal of United Nations, Australian defense and Defense sub-contractors will force the rebuilt city into another uncertain future for the already poor locals. The prevalent United Nations occupancy over the last 13years has built the city of Dili into an actively vibrant and an obscure holiday destination. Dili now boost many beautiful beachside restaurants, hotels, endless off shore dives and even a golf range. Yet there is an underlining anxiety on the tourism support that will fundamentally bring this city to ease. Dili exudes a ‘Bali thirty years ago feel’, minus the drongoes. I will not often take a political stance, nor claim to be a travel writer in my articles of multiculturalism, but looking into our Timor neighbor’s financial hardship there needs to be a sustainable help provided. If only the flights from Darwin were economical for the short-term holidaymaker’s and joining governments could discuss the possibilities of timely needed flight subsidies. This is an extremely poor country with friendly locals, it would be a shame to sit back and watch thousands become unemployed when we only have to open the doors to tourism and maintain the job opportunities that already exist!

There are so many reasons why learning languages is important. Darwin Languages Centre provides quality language programs across all phases of schooling. Languages include: French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish Wednesday at Nightcliff Primary School or Thursday at Driver Primary 4-6pm Fees: $100 per term per student or $150 per family

Enrolments now being taken: Phone 8922 2131 for enrolment or info.

By: Rachel Cotton 90

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Games story

Dawn, early mornings and attempting to master the Masters Games!-an insider’s view of the 2012 Alice Springs Masters Games. I think when you have a later life “benchmark “experience it is perhaps different in that it is often made up of the accumulation of a lot of smaller events that eventually funnel and focus ‘collectively’ into the one experience…so it was with my Masters Games journey. Nine months is a long time to persist with any mission as a total novice and newcomer, particularly if that journey has an undefined outcome. As any individual who has ever worked toward a goal is aware there are the reflections, doubts and fears that you have during the journey and despite these, the destination often remains delightfully elusive. My personal journey stemmed from a casual conversation with a flatmate which then coagulated into an idea to utilise swimming as a methodology to maintain a semblance of youth and sanity. This was due to the vague recall of swimming breast stroke fairly as a 14 year old. This idea was combined with the wish to experience this ‘iconic’ volunteer driven event from an insiders perspective. After a confidence boosting confirmation from the skilled physio around non -surgical solutions to a painful rotator cuff the idea of swimming in the Masters Games was given some gravity. This was supported by the personal trainer who coaxed, encouraged and taught me how to use some “core” strength. It was time to start preparing for the games. Pre-dawn early mornings under the cover of darkness in Parap pool seemed painless enough, and I found that breaststroke was not particularly ‘invasive’ as far strokes go and one could almost meditate during the kilometre of steady laps. Five months into the mission, I took a cautious look at comparative national times This was the ‘moment of truth’ and decision with entry ‘cut off ’ dates looming. With nothing to lose, my entry was posted . The arrival at the “Friendly Games” encompassed all that the name implies. The team from Major Events guided a smoothly run team of passionate volunteers who

surrounded members with genuine greetings, concise clear information and support at every conceivable level. The aquatic centre pre event reveals the stark reality of the competitive aspect of this journey. I reeked of “novice”!!. I was gently cornered by two mature age swimming instructor’s from Katherine who having observed my stroke gently (yet firmly !) informed me that I “cannot use a ‘tumble turn’ for short course breast stroke” and that I “cannot do any more than one stroke underwater on my dive” !. Hmmm ??. The first day of competition arrived, I was filled with novice nerves, yet taken under the wing of an expatriate American, now Alice resident. There was not much this lady did not know about breaststroke. First up the 25 metres, a dash. A good dive and a good finish. Against all expectations the legendary Dawn Fraser placed a silver medal around my neck several hours later. The “Friendly Games” label was delightfully highlighted at the Opening Ceremony. Full of wide eyed ‘newbie’ enthusiasm and enhanced by the powerful singing energy and tunes of Vanessa Amorosi ,I found myself engaging in a late night ‘double shot latte’ with the ladies of a WA “Goldilicious’ volleyball team. In one of those ‘appointments’ that has an almost ritualistic feeling to it, I was appropriately appointed “team mascot”. Some of the team were veterans of the Masters Games and their infectious enthusiasm, mutual support and comradeship was humbling to witness. I was invited to write my own ‘job description’ and this includes tour guiding to sunrises on Anzac Hill, Simpsons Gap and swimming in the chilly waters of Ellery Big Hole.Transport to the physio, late night learning’s and water bottle filling are inherent in the role. The swimming proceeded with vigour. The events were a true spectacle of human endeavour and endurance, interlaced with the spectre of competition. I witnessed the 90 year old women’s veteran who swam with the grace and speed of a dolphin, the 70 year old who as a 7 year old was afflicted by polio and posts amazing results swimming without the use of her legs. A ‘soon to be mother’ who at 6 months pregnant started each race in the pool without the benefit of a dive-yet devastated the opposition with her results. As a newbie I continued to be guided assisted and embraced by the inclusion of Alice and the Masters swimming community. I was slotted collaboratively into relay events and my American coach continued to work persistently on every aspect of my style. Quotes and comments on a whiteboard in the marshalling area reminded us all of the genre in which we compete” I used to be faster but now I’m a Master” and “We swim because we are too sexy for a sport that requires clothes” continued the passage of humour and levity. I was further humbled by three more visits to the podium and with handshakes and gold medals from long-time patron of the NT swimming community and NT Administrator Sally Thomas AO. The week has tumbled by with a smorgasbord of games experiences. Taxi drivers, Alice Springs retailers, Games ambassadors, and fellow competitorsin fact the whole community exalt, embrace, welcome and engage with the games and its competitors. On the indoor courts the strategies, mutual support and camaraderie results delightedly in a well-deserved Silver medal. Final breakfasts, prize giving dinners, warm farewell embraces and the exchanges of emails and Facebook invitations concluded the event. The 1480 km road trip home was the perfect time to gently ,absorb, reflect and embrace the memories of the “Friendly Games” and the journey that took me there…I will be back for the 2014 Masters Games Perhaps I will try Mountain Biking next time!

By: John McNeur December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


I wa nna be a so fre aking bad!

s g n i n mormel & greg with

Beat the bank fees By Holly Franklin

Have you ever had a close look at your bank statements and are aware of what you are being charged in bank fees? You may be surprised to find you are being charged $40+ a month. That’s a few drinks at the bar so let’s go ninja on those fees.

Some financial institutes allow you to have a certain allowance per month on withdrawals and transactions so be aware of what you get and keep track. Withdrawing in a branch can also cost more than transferring online so whilst you don’t get the personal service, it can save you the $$. A big contributor to fees is withdrawing from an ATM – Does your bank charge you for withdrawing from their ATM’s? If not then only ever use that ATM and steer clear of other ATMs that will charge you $2 +. Alternatively look to withdraw when you use eftpos to eliminate the ATM fees altogether. There are also different accounts available too, some come with a set monthly fee but with unlimited transactions, this may be ideal for you if you struggle to beat the fees. Discuss with a consultant next time you’re in your local branch – they love to help their customers bank better. It might not be the next best seller but reading your bank or credit unions fees and charges booklet can really open your eyes to where you can save on your fees. Be aware of fees such as when your account is overdrawn as these can all add up. Knowing these little details will help you be wiser in your banking behaviour.


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

This month we look at the Fastest Car on the Planet - (Dear Santa!) We also review the Honda Dio 110, Scooter, and check out The Segway - a fun way to travel! If you are not into driving on two or four wheels this holiday season, then have a look at Holiday Dreaming - we have it all covered!



CAR on the Planet


Dear Santa, I want one!

As soon as the first motor carriage rolled out of Karl Benz’s workshop way back in 1886, man has wanted to go ever faster. Capable of a heady 8mph, that first three-wheeled carriage was by default the fastest road car in the world – because it was the only one. In 2011, a full 125 years later, the stakes are rather higher. With the fastest road car now capable of nearly 270mph, it’s going to be interesting watching how far we can go, and how fast those further records tumble. How long until the first production road car

that can achieve 300mph? Top Speed: 267 mph Top Speed Time: 0-60 in 2.5 secs. Engine: Aluminum, Narrow Angle 8 Liter W16 Engine with 1200 hp, Bugatti Veyron the fastest car in the world at 267 mph.Bugatti’s boffins didn’t like the idea of those American upstarts nicking their record, so in 2010 it unleashed a re-engineered Veyron capable of raising the record by more than 11mph. The car was driven by Pierre-Henri Raphanel, at Ehra-Lessien.

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


Young Jack Benson in full flight

For a friendly honest service of your vehicle come to

Hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast of the United States recently. It also dampened the plans and ambitions of two Darwin sailors, Jack Benson and Chris Batenburg, who had travelled to Florida, at considerable cost and effort, to compete in the A Class catamaran world championships.



Repairs to all makes and models including: The regatta commenced in favourable conditions. The practice race was held in 15 knots of breeze and Jack showed his class by winning that race, which unfortunately did not count towards the championship. From then on the weather deteriorated rapidly as Hurricane Sandy moved up from the Caribbean. Organisers were able to run only five of the scheduled ten races before conditions became too rough. In a field of over 100 competitors, which included Olympic sailors such as Australian gold medallist Nathan Outteridge, Jack finished in a very creditable 7th place. Unfortunately Chris suffered damage to his boat which prevented him competing in the final two races, nevertheless his results in the first three were good enough to have him finishing in 36th place. Sailing is a sport and pastime which is completely reliant on weather and “that’s sailing” is a common phrase used by sailors frustrated by either too much or too little wind. We can only speculate on what Jack and Chris’ results would have been had the weather not been so bad. However despite the conditions they continued the proud record of Darwin sailors in international competition. The winner of the regatta, Dutchman Mischa Heemskerk, dominated in the severe conditions finishing with two firsts, two seconds and a third. All competitors agreed that he was a most worthy champion. 94

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Rego Checks While You Wait | Log Book Servicing Repair and Servicing of Cooling Systems | EFI Diagnostics 297 Bagot Rd, Coconut Grove, NT 0810

Call or email now to discuss quotes and book your car in.

(08) 8948 4110 |

Feels nothing like a small car. It takes a lot to win World Car of the Year 2012, or in this case a little. Test drive the Volkswagen up! and you’ll discover it’s big on the inside and yet small on the outside. It’s got room to fit four adults comfortably, a versatile 251 litre boot, and is so safe it’ll even stop itself in an emergency.# Basically, it’s everything you’de expect from a big car, without the big car. Try one on for size at Barramundi Volkswagen today.

Your Volkswagen Partner

Barramundi Volkswagen 364 Stuart Highway, Winnellie. Tel: 08 89464752 DEALER LICENCE # LMVD 289

#City Emergency Breaking helps the driver avoid a low speed crash or reduce its severity when the vehicle is travelling between 5 km/h and 39 km/h. It is not a substitute for VGR3750/DTEMP/VERT the driver’s attentiveness, responsibility, or driving skills. Function may become inactive in some driving conditions or adverse weather.


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Cruising, Travel & Adventure | DarwinLife

Vehicle review


The SegwayThe Unveiling When Dean Kamen unveiled the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) on ABC’s Good Morning America, he described the machine as “the world’s first self-balancing human transporter.” When you look at the machine in motion, you get an idea of what he’s talking about. Unlike a car, the Segway PT only has two wheels, yet it manages to balance on its own. How it Works The Segway PT senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of five micromachined angular rate sensors and two accelerometers that sense the angle of the PT, with respect to gravity, at 100 times per second. It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. If you lean forward the PT applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, bring you upright and balance you. When you lean back, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly. You get the sense of power

and speed, yet you also feel a sense of control. It all feels natural, intelligent and safe. What it Can Do The Segway PT can take you places that a car or bicycle can’t - including inside many stores, office buildings, businesses, airports, elevators and trains. Although they’re ideal for short jaunts, Segway PTs can travel as far as 24 miles/38 km on a single battery charge, depending on terrain, payload and riding style. It’s ahead of its time Like any invention that’s ahead of its time, the Segway PT is often misunderstood. The gleeful smiles of Segway PT riders may have created an impression that it is ...well...a toy. But make no mistake. While a Segway PT is incredibly fun to ride, it is serious transportation designed for today’s world. December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


Shannons Car of the Month

What is your name? Chris Armitstead & Cathy Cousins Vehicle colour, brand and year? 1928 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan. Maroon/ Black in colour. What condition was the car in when you first purchased it? When we first purchased the car (from Adelaide), it was in a reasonable condition for its age. Some panels had slight rust in them, the paintwork was chipped and faded and initially the electrics needed some work as it had been sitting for so long not being driven. After overhauling the carby and putting new spark plugs in, we were able to drive it around for a couple of years without doing any major work on it.

100 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

What have you done to improve the condition? The car has undergone a full restoration in 2011 including paint and upholstery. Any there any interesting facts about the car? The car was in the one family in NSW for 3 generations and it was when the grandson of the original owner died it was sold. Has it won any awards? We have picked up a couple of awards since it has been restored. What do you love about it? We both love being able to get out and drive the car. It will cruise at 80 kph on the highway.

Time and

a place By Tim Walker

It’s an old saying ‘time and a place’. And there are heaps of new things that are continually finding their places. All in good time. Scooters are gradually finding a place in more and more peoples lives. Honda’s Dio 110 is a great example of everything a good scooter should be. With ‘twist and go’ functionality the Dio doesn’t disappoint. It’s smooth power being delivered like a line from a One Direction song. You’ll be hard pressed to find a scooter that’s easier to ride and as intuitive to operate within seconds - the thing is so light and nimble - appropriately narrow tyres allow the bike to flick flack about like a mountain bike. Stability is more motorbike like than your average scoot, thanks to the large diameter wheels that also help it float over rough roads and make light work of curbs and driveways. Perhaps another Honda, the legendary Postie, was of some influence?

All the usual ingredients are present, like generous under seat storage, predictable and powerful brakes that are operated from the ‘bars, and a handy hook for carrying bags in the footwell. No surprises there. The Dio’s engine is spec’d with fuel injection, enabling ridiculous efficiency. It’s typically Honda to produce an engine with so clean a burn. The Dio is so frugal, the greenies will love the way it almost pampers the environment. Despite the whisper quiet exhaust note the Dio will whisk you to more than 90kmh. It easily maintains normal traffic speeds, making light work of anything bar the highway. The Dio may not break new ground or start a revolution, but as a package it’s so complete and so well finished it really does set a new benchmark with urban mobility. A scooter may not have found a place in your life yet, but if you swiped your card for $2,990 (on the road price in the NT) and grabbed a Dio, you’ll find it lessens the drain on your wallet, puts a smile on your dial and you’ll just love the wind in your whiskers!

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 101

December already! December has it all. We need to take even more care in this month, the last thing we need is our loved ones remembering Christmas by losing one off their loved ones. Lots of heavy vehicles on the roads that don’t have the same stopping capabilities as our cars have, so please don’t pull out in front of heavy vehicles. Lots of rain - slippery roads, gutters and intersections pooling with water which may cause your vehicle to plane out of control, so we need to slow right down when raining. Don’t forget to turn lights on in overcast and rainy conditions. Make sure wipers are in good working order. Make sure tyres are in good condition. Christmas parties. One simple rule don’t drink and drive. “If you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot”. If you know you are going to drink don’t even take your vehicle in the first place to be tempted. Organise a sober bob, taxi or public transport. Holidaying. Before leaving Darwin make sure your vehicle is in good reliable working order including spare wheel is pumped up and plenty of spare water. Take CDs so you can listen to music when you are out of radio range. Have your headlights on so as oncoming traffic can see your vehicle in the distance. Remember to stop and take a break, “drive to survive” Have a Merry Christmas and safe motoring from everyone at Paul’s Service Centre.

Visit our website for more information on wet weather safety DOWNLOAD OUR FREE iPHONE APP PAUL’S SERVICE CENTRE



Darwin Tactical Shop pioneers highperformance wear and accommodates for all Territorians. This store specialises for individual needs and a cut-above the generic camping store. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts, tradespeople to the Cavanagh Street office worker are all catered for in Galleria Smith Street Mall. Owner Colin Rogan recently opened his dream store stocking US and German extreme sports and military clothing brands. Colin says “It’s one of only a few 100% owned Indigenous businesses, employs locals and fills the gap in the NT market for quality head-to-toe job specific apparel.” Colin is a born and bred Darwin boy proud of his Indigenous heritage and had grand ambitions for opening a store. His sheer persistence and industry passion allowed Colin to successfully launch Darwin Tactical Shop. Colin’s philosophy is “the goal is to only provide proven quality products that I would use myself.” The young owner is enthusiastic about supporting the Territory economy. Colin has extensive experience in the Australian Military Police and the Australian Ambassadors Close Personal Protection Team. With his high risk operations and military experience, Colin can provide you with unparalleled advice for tactical response and emergency situations. Colin says “At present all those people either 102 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

purchase the low quality make do items locally (if available) or most purchase online down south or overseas, which sends the money out of our economy!” Colin’s store stocks military wear such as Tru-Spec with uncompromising quality and safety. Visit Darwin Tactical Shop and let Colin or his nephew Marcus show you innovative products that stimulate performance in harsh terrain and hunting or fishing. The exclusive range of quality products are tried and tested to repel sun with streamlined design and agility. They breathe well in the humidity and are perfect for the tropical Darwin climate. Darwin Tactical Shop stocks the popular US brand Craghopper, German label GAMMSBOK and the Bear Grylls range great for out bush or adventure holidays. You will also find some great casual outdoor shirts and pants for weekend leisure. Jamie Damaso from NT Fisheries works with 150 Indigenous rangers. He believes this sort of durable clothing is great for demanding monsoonal or dry conditions the rangers face on a daily basis. Darwin Tactical Shop is a proud local community sponsor for NT Thunder and Stephen Cardona at Fit’Az Fitness & Sports Training. Colin stocks lightweight Under Armour products for elite athletes and gym-goers alike. The durable and soft material for cross training and hardcore workouts will have you ready for action and is great for outdoor fitness and recreation. Source all your field gear equipment from only the best. Darwin Tactical Shop will soon be stocking bags, backpacks and flashlights that are all engineered for the most extreme climates. Purchase medical kits with all the necessities suited for boating, bush walking, vehicles and home use. Find professional clothing suitable for offices and logistic businesses ensuring your company is a cut-above the rest. Darwin Tactical Shop offers a comprehensive range of smart polo shirts to light-weight pants or shorts perfect for running around town. Colin only stocks labels with exceptional quality lasting you for years and look great on. You can also select from an array of comfortable shoes with directional design. Colin looks forward to launching the Raine and Spec-Ops tactical equipment. Garmin wrist-worn GPS and navigational tools will also be available soon.

‘Like’ Darwin Tactical Shop for inside information, exclusive updates and offers. Contact Colin Rogan for details on 8941 2838 or

Words By: Rebecca Parish

104 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


It’s that time of year again when we start to think about taking a break. December and January are predominantly holiday time for most people, but if you are anything like me, sometimes you just don’t get round to planning or booking these getaways in advance. Suddenly Christmas is over and we are all looking for somewhere to chill out or escape to, before the new working year begins.

This month we take a look at some great options and specials – many of which are in our own backyard, close to home and easy to access. So why not consider “holidaying at home” this year! If you want something further abroad, a quick overseas flight to an Asian destination, or leisurely cruise around the islands could be just what you need. This feature has it all! Happy Holidaying.

DarwinLife | Holiday Dreaming

TOP TEN TRAVEL TIPS FROM SMART TRAVELLER For more information go to their website:

Take out comprehensive travel insurance and ensure it covers you for the places you plan to visit and the things you plan to do. Before travelling overseas register your travel plans and contact details online or at the local Australian embassy, high commission or consulate once you arrive so we can contact you in case of an emergency. Obey the laws of the country you’re visiting even if these seem harsh or unfair by Australian standards. Don’t expect to be treated differently from the locals just because you’re Australian.

Make sure that you have the right visas for the countries you are

If you are planning to travel during the holiday break, whether overseas or within Australia, here are the top ten travel tips from Smart Traveller, to make your holiday stress free. Have a great holiday! Check the latest travel advice for your destination and subscribe to receive free email notification each time the travel advice for your destination is updated.

visiting or transiting and check any other entry or exit requirements.

photos in case your passport is lost or stolen and you need to replace it while you’re away.

Make copies of your passport details, insurance policy, travellers cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Carry one copy in a separate place to the originals and leave a copy with someone at home.

Keep in contact with friends and family back home and give them a copy of your travel itinerary so they know where you are.

Check with health professionals for information on recommended vaccinations and other health precautions. Remember that vaccinations can be an entry requirement for some countries. Also find out about taking medication overseas - certain medicines aren’t allowed in some countries. Make sure your passport has at least six months’ validity from your planned date of return to Australia. Carry extra passport

Check to see if you’re regarded as a national of the country you plan to visit, and whether dual nationality will have any implications for your travel plans.

Every traveller, every trip.

A Bucket of Time The sand monitor weaved cautiously around the sand dunes as we watched from the shade of the little green valley of coastal vines and Eucalypts. We had plenty of time to idle away; our only decision that day would be what book to indulge in. ‘Banu Banu’ on remote Bremer Island, an hour boat trip from Nhulunbuy, is best described as the gourmet version of your childhood Robinson Crusoe imaginings. This extraordinary tourism outpost has been welcoming visitors for several years, with its hosts- Helen and Trevorchoosing to permanently live on the island for the last fourteen months. The accommodation is an intimate collection of tents and huts with all structures handmade and locally sourced with eco sustainability at its core. Locally, Banu Banu is known as a foodie’s heaven. Helen offers divine meals throughout the day, happily sharing recipes. A good deal of time is spent by Helen and visitors, in the three sided kitchen/living area with envious views of the bay. Apart from the occasional playful 106 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

barks from their two pet dogs, guests enjoy absolute quiet and calm. This is not a try-hard tourist destination. My holiday chap and I were welcomed and cared for, in an unobtrusive way, in one the most natural man-made setting we have ever visited. We felt like pampered castaways. Our eldest daughter announced recently, with arms outstretched, that when people come to Nhulunbuy they are given a bucket of time. This is so, with Banu Banu being the place where the buckets never empty!

By Susan Whittome

Holiday Dreaming | DarwinLife


CRUISE IN 2013 AUSSIE travellers have embraced the cruise trend, so jump aboard a voyage this year and see firsthand why it has become so popular. Cruising is the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry right now, with thousands of itineraries available around the world, from long trips on luxury liners to short weekend breaks. Flight Centre has outlined some of the top reasons to choose a cruise holiday next year. On-board entertainment Entertainment on a cruise comes in all forms, with many cruise lines’ organising regular entertainment programs that include live music, highly polished theatre productions, familyfriendly comedy performances and cabaret shows. Catch the latest blockbuster in 3D or snuggle up under a blanket beneath the stars and catch an old romantic flick on the deck. Dining Passengers will be spoilt for choice, with options ranging from gourmet, a la carte dinners and intimate supper clubs to casual bistro eateries and room service. The best part of it all is that meals are included in the total cost of

the cruise, so you will only have to pay for alcoholic beverages when you are onboard. Many restaurants offer flexible dining at any time throughout the day, while others follow set meal times. For a more intimate experience, enjoy a private dinner on your balcony with your own waiting staff. Relaxation Relaxation is paramount when you are on a cruise holiday, so many cruise liners offer outstanding spa facilities that resemble a five-star hotel. From hot stone massages and luxurious facials to seaweed body wraps and teeth whitening, become your most beautiful self in the hands of highly skilled professionals. For the ultimate in private luxury, take advantage of the in-cabin spa services offered by some cruise lines. Shore excursions Shore excursions are a great way to maximise your time at each destination and see the very best each port of call has to offer. Cruise liners dock in port for usually one full day, so a pre-booked

shore excursion makes the most of that time. Do something you never thought you would, like white water rafting, jungle trekking or a helicopter ride. Explore the backstreets of historic cities and immerse yourself in ancient cultures, or get up close to amazing wildlife and learn about the flora and fauna. Flight Centre’s consultants can book everything from your flights to connect to an international cruise departure, to your pre-cruise or post-cruise accommodation, transfers and tours. The range of itineraries aboard major cruise lines worldwide includes industry giants P&O Australia, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC Cruises and Holland America Line. The company sells a wide range of cruise holidays, so if you’re tossing up a couple of ideas for your next adventure, speak with one of the cruising specialists before you make the final decision. Contact your local Flight Centre in the Northern Territory or visit

Our experts are never far away. Visit us at 8 great locations across the Northern Territory. Flight Centre Alice Springs Shop 18A, Yeperenye Centre Call 1300 513 789 Flight Centre Casuarina Shop GS11, 247 Trower Rd Call 1300 513 858

Flight Centre Casuarina Square Shop 259, 247 Trower Rd, Casuarina Shopping Square Call 1300 514 184 Flight Centre CBD Plaza Shop 5A, 47 Cavenagh St Call 1300 514 193

Flight Centre Darwin Central Shop 13B, Darwin Central, 21 Knuckey St Call 1300 514 432 Flight Centre Mitchell Centre Shop 24 Mitchell Centre, 55–59 Mitchell St Call 1300 514 460

Visit us in store.

Flight Centre Palmerston Shop T38, Palmerston Shopping Centre, Temple Terrace Call 1300 514 506 Flight Centre Darwin Waterfront Shop 84, Wharf One Kitchener Dr Call 1300 827 894

Applies to genuine quotes from airlines and Australian registered businesses and websites for travel that originates/departs from Australia. Quote must be in writing and must be presented to us prior to booking. Fare must be available and able to be booked by the general public when you bring it to us. Fares available due to membership of a group or corporate SAMC52526 entity or subscription to a closed group are excluded. Must be for same dates and flight class. We will beat the price by $1.00. for full terms and conditions please go to Flight Centre Limited (ABN 25 003 377 188) trading as Flight Centre. NT Licence No.008.

DarwinLife | Holiday Dreaming

at Home Holiday at home this festive season. Take a stay-cation. We know the Top End region is a must-visit holiday destination for travellers around the globe (Lonely Planet named Darwin as one of their top 10 cities for 2012), so why not for us locals and our visiting friends and relatives too? The Green Season gives us the opportunity to take a relaxing break and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Top End without the usual crowds of the Dry Season. Territorian rates at many hotels, resorts, tours and attractions mean affordable mini-breaks by the pool, lake or lagoon, and explorations of those must-see destinations that you’ve been meaning to visit for years. Now more than ever, is the time to stop wondering and start experiencing! Rainy day? Check out the latest exhibition at the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT and say hello to Sweetheart, the Territory’s most infamous croc; take a tour of Crocosaurus Cove – Territory rates mean your entry ticket is valid yearround; explore those World War II Storage tunnels that you have always been curious about and learn our significant WWII history at the Defence of Darwin Experience. Don’t mind getting a bit wet? Get amongst the hundreds of fish that come in on the tide at Aquascene for feeding; body surf the waves

at the Darwin Waterfront’s Wave Lagoon; marvel at the impressive storm fronts rolling in at any of the beautiful locations along our shoreline. Want to get out of town? Kakadu, Katherine and Litchfield are perennial favourites for good reason with many spots still open and accessible across the wetter months. But have you thought about the Cox Peninsula Road just 46 kilometres south of Darwin and ending at Charles Point on the far side of the harbour? It offers a myriad of Top End treasures. The waterholes at Berry Springs Nature Park might be closed for the Wet but the park is still an ideal spot for a leisurely barbecue and some relaxation after time spent exploring the awardwinning Territory Wildlife Park. Pass-outs are available so that you can return after lunch! Did you know, during WWII, Berry Springs was part of a Rest and Recreation Camp set up by the armed forces for the 100 000 personnel based in the area? A number of huts and a weir were built at Berry Springs during this time. You can still see their remains around the main pool. Catch some guaranteed Barra at the Flicking Fresh Barramundi Farm, test your skills at some thrilling water sports at Berry Springs Lakes Resort, or go quad biking down the road at Dundee Beach!

108 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

For more ideas for your holiday at home, wherever you are in the Top End, visit or call our friendly and knowledgeable consultants on 1300 138 886. The Visitor Information Centre is located at 6 Bennett St in Darwin City.

Holiday Dreaming | DarwinLife

Rydges Darwin Airport Resort

is an oasis and the perfect place to relax during the Summer holidays. Cool comfort welcomes you when staying in one of the 181 airconditioned guest rooms designed with relaxation in mind. Choose from spacious hotel style Superior Rooms, individual Deluxe and Executive Bungalows, set amongst tropical landscaped gardens or semi self-contained Resort Suites. Family Rooms sleep up to 2 adults and 2 children. Resort Suites are also a great choice with kitchenette facilities. When it’s time to kick back and put your feet up, the shaded areas and sunlounges around the lagoon style pool are an ideal first choice. Take a dip in the pool to cool down then grab a cocktail or cool beverage to refresh. The dining experience at Essence

Stay home these holidays! at Rydges Darwin Airport Resort

Restaurant captures the raw and subtle flavours of the Territory in their array of exquisite dishes. Start your day with your choice of continental breakfast or the scrumptious full buffet breakfast selection. The tempting lunch and dinner menus will excite your taste buds. With 24hour reception, airport shuttle, gym facilities, free wifi in the Resort Lobby and function facilities, the Resort offers so much more than you would expect. Special summer deals are available starting from just $129 per room per night in a Superior Room. Visit for more details or call us direct, telephone: 08 8920 3333 and speak to one our friendly team.

Your own backyard never looked better

Overnight a ccommodation - Superior Room, brea kfast for 2 a nd two tickets to the movies. From only $99pp*

Rydges Darwin Airport Resort 1 Sir Norman Brearley Drive, Marrara Phone: 08 8920 3333

*Price based on twin share, per person, subject to availability, conditions apply. Valid for stays to 31 March 2013

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 109

Now is always the right time

to buy for some home buyers By Mark Armstrong I am always fascinated by people who say now is not the right time to buy property, because a comment like this fails to recognise property is primarily used as shelter. It is a necessity, and as our lives evolve over time the location, size and style of accommodation needs to evolve with us. Telling a young couple who are living in a onebedroom apartment with a baby on the way that now is not the right time to make your move is simply not helpful. What is helpful to these people is to understand how they can strategically make their moves in and out of the property market. They must ensure they secure a roof over their head that provides the accommodation they require but also maximises the investment potential for their future. There are always opportunities in any market regardless of where we are in the cycle. This summer is no different, as it will present numerous opportunities for buyers who are able to find ways to use it to their advantage. Although some home buyers need to relocate for work or other reasons, in the main there are two types of home buyers in the market: those who need to upsize and those who need to downsize. For the home owners who are comfortable for the time being but know they need to move soon, buying the new home now and renting it out for a

couple of years is worth considering. Although this will put cashflow under pressure, they will get the benefits of negative gearing and be in a position to sell the old home in a stronger market. For those moving in the other direction it is a different story. They incur a loss from selling the more valuable property compared with the cheaper one. Downsizers need to be thinking about pouring as much money into a tax sheltered environment such as super to help fund their retirement. Their home is the ace up their sleeve because every extra dollar they sell for is completely tax-free. Downsizers really have two options, one more aggressive than the other. In a weak market it does not make sense to sell and buy a cheaper property, so it is better to hold your ground for as long as you can. However, people who have lived in their home for many years usually have little debt and a significant amount of equity at their disposal. For those who have the stomach for it the current market is a great time to buy the retirement property, rent it out for a couple of years and then sell their home when the market picks up. This strategy will allow them to negatively gear the property in the short term and maximise the value of their greatest taxfree asset at a future date.

DarwinLife | Home and Outdoor Living

Dreamin’ of a Green Christmas

Paul & Maureen Heron. Paul has professional qualifications in Indoor Air Quality and Sick Building Syndrome. He is Australia’s first internationally qualified Green Real Estate Agent with a great interest in healthy tropical design & living - now working with O’Donoghue’s First National. 0421 060 838

So by now you most likely have sorted out the Christmas gifts for beloved family members and friends, some work colleagues, and probably even the dog. What about that one who keeps you cool, comfortable and dry 365 days a year...your home? Well ok, that can certainly be a lot to ask of many Darwin homes particularly at this time of year, but even if you were still considering a treat or two for your home or at least some things to make it look more cheerful and festive then Green options can positively impact your health, the environment, and wallet. The magical sight of homes lit up at Christmas brings kids (and ourselves!) delight at this time of year. Traditional incandescent Christmas lights use a whopping 90% more energy than the newer LED lights. If you still have the old school incandescent ones use them with a timer automatically switching them on at nightfall for only a few hours, then see about recycling them at the end of their life. The new LED lights produce very little heat which significantly reduces the risk of fire and last 10 times longer than traditional ones-that’s about 50,000-100,000 hours! Solar powered LED lights are also a great option since absolutely no electricity is required whatsoever. They are connected to a mini solar panel which charges by day and lights up at night for free. Solar lantern-style LED lights have waterproof material in a variety of colours which can brighten up the garden or veranda during the day, even if the solar lights are dimmed at night due to a long period of a lack of daytime sunlight.

112 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Combining a mixture of solar LED lights along with regular mains plugged in LED lights, can guarantee to give your home a big festive glow with minimal impact on the environment and your wallet. Candles always help set that festive mood around the home. Most inexpensive candles are made from paraffin wax, a petroleum byproduct that releases harmful compounds and soot as it burns. Some candles may even have lead wicks. A University of Michigan study found that burning four lead wick candles for two hours can emit enough airborne lead to pose a health risk. Recently Australia is increasing it’s national health standards with lower acceptable lead levels considered to be safer, particularly around children. Look for clean-burning candles with non-leaded wicks, made with soy oil or beeswax, and containing pure essential oils rather than fragrances which can unfortunately leave some people with a headache even before the festivities begin! Even if you are not one to burn candles around the home, fires can still happen while you are at home, out for a few hours, or away on holidays. Have smoke detectors suitable for the tropics installed. Since November 2011, it is now finally a mandatory law to have specific photo-electric smoke detectors installed in any rental property. Although Santa doesn’t arrive via chimneys and fireplaces here in Darwin, surely he still would approve of your home having smoke detectors and who knows might even leave you something extra for being Good!

Home and Outdoor Living | DarwinLife

Housing Shows Tentative Signs of Recovery

Robert Harding

September results for monthly ABS building approvals were released recently, with positive results sparking interest and conjecture regarding a recovery in residential construction. Nationally, total seasonally adjusted approvals increased for the second consecutive month in September, rising by 7.8 per cent. This result comprised an increase of 1.3 per cent in detached house approvals and an increase of 17.7 per cent in approvals for ‘other dwellings’ (usually loosely referred to as ‘multi-units’). Inspection beyond the aggregate result shows the states driving the September monthly increase were those on the eastern seaboard - total building approvals increased by 22.8 per cent in New South Wales, 5.2 per cent in Victoria, and 2.6 per cent in Queensland. All other states recorded a fall in approvals: South Australia (-1.4 per cent); Western Australia (-2.4 per cent); Tasmania (-9.6 per cent); the Northern Territory (-5.7 per cent); and the Australian Capital Territory (-21.1 per cent). It is indeed encouraging to see the most populous states posting positive results in September. Furthermore, the level of building approvals was languishing back at recessionary levels for over six months so it is encouraging to see some evidence of a trend improvement. It is also encouraging from a NT perspective that the only two areas to record housing price growth were Darwin and Perth. HIA has a long held forecast for a (modest) recovery in housing starts to emerge in the current financial year. We therefore hope to see the recovery in building approvals gather legs. However, at this juncture, the recovery is too

‘Berry Springs Shopping Village’ 10 Doris Road, Berry Springs Shopping Village, Berry Springs McGees Property are proud to announce that they have been appointed as exclusive marketing agents to offer the Berry Springs Shopping Village to the market for lease. Set in a picturesque position with convenient accessibility via Cox Peninsula Road, this architecturally planned village only minutes from the Stuart Highway has been carefully designed to maximise trade, and offers an incredible opportunity for forward thinking retail operators to get in on the ground floor and be part of an exciting addition to Darwins’ rural shopping landscape. Offering exceptional visibility from Cox Peninsula Road, and with quick accessibility by the recently improved Jenkins Road, this brand new shopping precinct offers a sleek, 82 SMITH STREET, DARWIN

narrowly based and we need to see evidence emerge quickly over coming months of a broadening of this base. We also need to see a considerably higher conversion of building approvals to housing starts than occurred over the first half of 2012. Investigation into recent building approvals results reveals that any improvements are quite narrow in their base – not only in terms of the geographical location of the increases, but also the type of dwelling approval. Looking at the September 2012 quarter as opposed to just one month, total approvals reached a level of 37,228 (implying annual housing starts of 143,104). This outcome still represented a 4.1 per cent decline from the previous quarter. Building approvals fell over the September quarter in every state and territory with the exception of South Australia and Western Australia. Beyond the aggregated detached house versus ‘other dwelling’ distinction, a breakdown of approvals by type is available only with original data. The following breakdown of September 2012 quarter approvals compared to the same quarter in 2011 reveals the basis for our caution regarding the lack of breadth to any recovery in building approvals. Much of the improvement in building approvals stems from the category of 1, 2 or 3 storey dwellings. Beyond this component of building approvals, prominent sources of growth are detached houses in Queensland (from a recessionary base), semi-detached dwellings in Queensland and WA, and units of four or more storeys in WA. That base is too narrow.

contemporary facade, an abundance of natural light, and flexible tenancy areas, all within a unique rural setting. McGees Property have been instructed to actively seek out tenants looking to open businesses in the following areas: Bakery, Butcher, Café/ Restaurant/Takeaway, Hairdresser, Medical Surgery, Newsagency/Post Office, Pharmacy, Postal Services, Agency Offices, Supermarket/ Convenience Store, and Veterinarians. There are areas of between 72m2 and 124m2 available, and areas can been merged to accommodate larger tenancies by mutual consent. There has never been a better time to establish a business with considerable economic expansion in the greater Darwin region. Contact Rhys Parker 0438 058 022 or to inspect today.

08 8941 1550

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 113

DarwinLife | Home and Outdoor Living

Northern Territory HIA – CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2012 DarwinLife looks at some of the winners in their categories For all the winners go to

2012 HIA-CSR Northern Territory Home of the Year BOA Homes Pty Ltd This unassuming contemporay style residence has a sense of savvy for the

executive. The modest foyer leads to an elegant open plan layout and a

lower level that is fully functional for family living. With faultless finishes

and meticulous attention to detail the buidler has taken his workmanship to

the next level. Spectacular views of CBD Darwin and harbour are captured

from the generous balcony. A serviceable rear yard is accessed from the

balcony via a discrete staircase with the accent of colours throughout fur-

nishes this residence to a modern lifestyle .

114 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 115





HIA AWARDS 2012 Winner Renovated Bathroom $30,0001 - $45,000 Renovated Kitchen under $30,000

Major Award Bathroom of the Year Major Award Debra Robinson Business Partner of the Year BEFORE



Master Builders Association Awards 2012 Winner Alterations/Additions/Renovations under $150,000 and Master Builders Association Awards


2011: Home Project/Renovation Under $150,000 2011: Bathroom Design Over $21,000 2011: Certificate of High Commendation Kitchen Design up to $20,000

P: 0427 713 376 or 0418 546 076 | E: sarcontracting W:


Northern Territory HIA – CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2012

Renovated Bathroom $30,001 - $45,000 SAR Contracting

Uplifting of a tired bathroom ensuite to modernstyle wet rooms. Utilising clear glass partition to open up the visula appearance. Lowering the existing floor provides a seamless entry and generating falls to wastes.

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 117

Northern Territory HIA – CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2012

Renovated Kitchen over $55,001 Kitchen Concepts

Conversion to a modern classic family friendly kitchen with a walk through pantry to a coolroom. This kitchen incorporates a slimline styke and mutiple work areas with a long isalnd granite bench with waterfall ends.

Winners: Project Home $400,001 - $600,000

A modest 4 bedroom home built on a small corner allotment with open plan living. The character of the streetscape flows into the home showing its own identity by the high quality fixtures and fittings.

OVERLANDER HOMES Ph 8932 6613 | Adam Calder 0417 303 025 | Email

118 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine


Kitchen Concepts are multi award winning kitchen design specialists. Our team of professionals pride themselves on providing fresh solutions using the latest technology by providing innovative designs with optimum functionality. We offer a full design service with computer generated drawings MVY]PL^PUNILMVYLTHRPUNHÄUHSKLJPZPVUHSVUN^P[OX\HSP[` ^VYRTHUZOPWJV\WSLK^P[OX\HSP[`TH[LYPHSZIHJRLKI`HÄ]L year manufacturer warranty. From design concept right through to manufacturing and PUZ[HSSH[PVU^LHYLHISL[VJV]LYL]LY`[OPUNMYVTUL^RP[JOLUZ[V complete kitchen renovations.

Visit our website at or drop in and see our showroom at 115 Reichardt Road, Winnellie

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 119

Northern Territory HIA – CSR Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards 2012

Affordable Housing Vantage Homes Pty Ltd

This compact three bedroom residence presents well and is ideally suited for the low budget first home owner where workmanship was not compromised.

2012 HIA-CSR Northern Territory Project Home Overlander Homes This modern and highly

functional home represents excellent value by

incorporating generous sized

amenities in an economically

sized home appointed with

exceptional finishes.

120 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Our Property Management Team - Tahnee Loring, Joely Sullivan & Jo Griffiths | 8925 5777

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 121

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YOUR POWER AND WATER Energy and water consumption is now, more than ever, at the forefront of community concern.

122 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Changing behaviour has become essential making small adjustments will soon become part of your daily routine and make a significant difference to your electricity and water bills. Here are some steps which can be taken to reduce your energy and water consumption. Electricity The biggest power cost for most Territorians is the air conditioner. You can reduce its impact by running it on 24ËšC or above and using the fan as well. This reduces humidity, cools the air and uses less power than an air conditioner going solo on a lower temperature setting. Fans are a good choice for cooling. They are relatively cheap to run and produce less greenhouse gas than air conditioners. Maintaining your air conditioner regularly and keeping the filters clean will also assist to run it more efficiently. Standby power is another factor which can make up for a large portion of your energy use.

When on standby, your appliances are still performing auxiliary functions like showing the time. Just by being plugged-in, appliances may account for up to 10% of an electricity bill. Switch power off at the wall when not in use to significantly reduce electricity consumption. Water Territorians use more than double the amount of water than elsewhere in Australia. Despite the abundant wet season rains, water storage is limited in the Top End. High rates of evaporation during the dry season impact dam water storage significantly. Around 65 per cent of water used is outside the home. If we reduce this amount, it will go a long way towards conserving this precious resource. Sweep paths and driveways rather than hosing them down. Turn off automated sprinkler systems during the wet season Use a trigger nozzle on hoses. Wash boats and cars down on the lawn.

Home and Outdoor Living | DarwinLife

23 years experience offering quality workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction. For all your commercial joinery, kitchens, wardrobes and shop fitting needs Peter Jackson - the name you can trust. 48 Hickman Street, Winnellie T 0404863045 | E

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 123

124 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Home and Outdoor Living | DarwinLife ADVERTORIAL

Andrew Barcroft from the Good Guys expects to save $30 000 a year after switching to energy efficient lighting.

EcoBiz Benefits Business The Territory Government recently doubled ecoBiz NT grant funding to help businesses reduce the cost of their power bills.

Andrew Barcroft from the Good Guys Darwin recently received a $20 000 ecoBiz grant to switch to energy efficient lighting at his store in the Jape Homemaker Village. Andrew recommends the program to other businesses in the Territory. ‘The new lighting will save me up to $30 000 a year in electricity costs,” Andrew said. “It also means peace of mind as I won’t have to change light globes for 100 000 hours.” An ecoBiz NT officer can visit your business free of charge and suggest ways you can start saving. Simple changes like switching light bulbs, upgrading air-conditioning systems or reducing waste can make a big difference to both the environment and your balance sheet. You too could be eligible for an ecoBiz NT grant of up to $20 000 to help you make the transition. To check your eligibility and get started, visit, email or phone (08) 8999 5309.


What they did

Barkly Quality Butchers

Replaced cool room and freeze belt driven compressors with Scroll compressors, and replaced old product display cases. Potential saving to the business each year: • $5 000 in electricity costs • 22 900 kWh of electricity consumption • 14.7 tonnes of CO2-e emissions.

Area9 IT Solutions

Replaced old centrally ducted air-conditioning system with multiple inverter split systems. Potential saving to the business each year: • $7 500 in electricity costs • 32 800 kWh of electricity consumption • 22 tonnes of CO2-e emissions.

Totally WorkWear Palmerston

Installed inverter split systems air-conditioners in several offices for after hours work instead of operating the large central ducted air-conditioning system. Potential saving to the business each year: • $2 660 in electricity costs • 11 600 kWh of electricity consumption • 7.8 tonnes of CO2-e emissions.

Big4 Katherine Holiday Park

Replaced box style air-conditioners and portable heaters in cabin accommodation with reverse cycle inverter split systems and replaced fixed speed water pumping with variable speed drive pumping. • $5 770 in electricity costs • 25 100 kWh of electricity consumption • 16.8 tonnes of CO2-e emissions. December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 125

Very Best wishes for the Festive Season

from our House to your House The O’Donoghues First National office will be closed Monday 24th December and will re-open at 8:30am on Wednesday 2nd January 2013

Thank-you to all our wonderful Landlords, Tenants and Clients that have all contributed in making our office the 2012 REINT Large Real Estate Agency of the Year. 141 Mitchell St Larrakeyah NT | 8942 8942 |

126 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

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Restore your roof before the wet with roof seal superior roof coatings. With the wet just around the corner it’s important to have your roof inspected. Roof seal offers a restoration process that will not only repair your roof but give you peace of mind. We Restore Iron, Tiled and Decromastic roofs, our process kills rust, replaces bad screws and leaves a finish that is aesthetically pleasing. Roof Seal offers a range of colours including our most popular product “Reflect” which is manufactured by Roof Seal and carries a seven year national guarantee.


For less than 1% of your property value, a roof restoration is a great investment.

Why not also create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area with Home Seal NT which will allow you to enjoy the comforts of Inside, outside! Our zipscreen system is specially designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs and balconies offering privacy and protection from the sun, wind, rain and insects all year round. Each is custom-made to give you the perfect fit from edge to edge, with no gaps, guaranteed. It serves a sleek, secure and durable alternative to traditional awnings and outdoor roller shutters.

Call now for a free no obligation quote 1300 36 70 70

We are proud to be territory owned & operated, operating for over 10 years.

Wholesale Furniture ‘n Homewares Quality Indonesian Furniture We stock it all Bookshelves Dining table sets TV cabinets Buffets, sideboards & more... Plus a full range of stone, ceramics, pots, lamps, Buddhas...

OPEN 7 DAYS PHONE: 8981 9333 49 Stuart Highway, Stuart Park Email:

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The Darwin Marketplace:

The positives about negative gearing?


o you understand negative gearing? I didn’t, until very recently. My excuse is that in Europe (where I come from) negative gearing is unheard of. But even in Australia I’ve met surprisingly many people who know the term, yet aren’t sure how it works, exactly. There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out – and this article should help you gain a basic understanding of what negative gearing is.

128 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Basically, negative gearing means that you borrow money to buy a property, and the income from the property doesn’t cover your expenses on that property, so instead of making an income it makes a loss. Some people may say to you “The loss is only on paper, but not in reality” – however this is not true. Any loss from negative gearing is real; people with higher marginal tax rate will make a smaller loss compared to people with lower marginal tax rate considering the same investment property, but it will be still a genuine loss. The next logical question is – why would anyone want to make a loss, isn’t investing all about profits? The answer is “capital gains” – the increase in house value over time. With negative gearing an investor can only make a profit if the house has risen in price more than it has lost money until the moment it was sold. In Darwin this is particularly true over the past year. To make negative gearing more attractive there are tax concessions. An investor gets to deduct the losses made on property from his or her income (which could come from any source or

investment, not just property investment) and that way reduce the taxable income, in a way saving money they would have otherwise paid to the government in tax. Time for a history lesson: negative gearing was introduced in Australia way back in the early 1980s to increase the supply of rental properties. This way, if more affordable rental houses were available, the government wouldn’t have to fund public housing with all the administrative and infrastructure costs. When the pool of rental properties is larger, the chance that rents will go up is smaller, therefore higher rents won’t drive the inflation up and the economy will be more stable. But, of course, it’s not all rosy and negative gearing has its dark sides. While everything is good and well with negative gearing when the house price is on the rise, the picture changes dramatically when property price stagnates or goes down. According to some people I know this never happens in Australia. “Haven’t you heard, mate, in property the only way is up!” Well… I’ve never

DarwinLife | Home and Outdoor Living

continued from previous page

The positives about negative gearing?

been a big believer in things that “never go wrong”, or “always go great”, and that’s been working fairly well for me so far. While property market as a whole, taken over a long period of time – such as 20 years – may “always” seem to go up, the picture for any particular house in a particular area, in a particular year can be quite different. And when you are buying an investment property – this is exactly what you’re buying. A particular house. In a particular street. In a particular year. That may or may not be a good year / street / property in terms of capital gains. And with negative gearing, when the house doesn’t increase in price, that means losses. On contrary to a famous myth of property investing, negative gearing is not something that doesn’t cost you a dime, because everything comes off tax money. Any investor that is holding a

negatively geared property is paying out of pocket expenses, which can be less or more, depending on his rental return. The rent that your tenants pay only covers so much of the total expenses, and the rest is for the investor to pay. The expenses on property – interest on the loan, maintenance, etc – are tax-deductible, but it only means that instead of paying the whole expense, you are paying a portion of it. Without getting into calculations, basic common sense suggests that if you are holding an “asset” that loses you money, you must sell it for much more than its original purchase price to get all you’ve lost over the years back, and make some profit. And this can only happen if that particular house goes up in price. And that is a big IF. Another scenario many property investors prefer not to think

20 Georgina Crescent Yarrawonga, NT 0830 P (08) 8932 8199 | F (08) 8932 7099

about is – what happens if the government decides to drop these tax incentives? If a day comes and they decide that they would actually like all that tax back? That there are enough rental properties on the market and they don’t need to encourage investors to create more? And one more last thing to consider – even if everything goes according to the plan and you’ve picked a house with a great capital gains potential, but circumstances force you to sell the property before it had a chance to grow in price, guess what – a loss again. Have a play around with this online calculator to help understand negative gearing. http://www.dolmanbateman.

Now Distributing Rendering Products

Need Advice? DPO’s expert staff can advise you on technical system solutions as well as tips to get your project finished easier and quicker. Everything you need to get the job done is at DPO – Way to go DPO!!!

TRADING HOURS Monday-Friday 7.00am - 4.30pm Saturday 7.00am - 11am

130 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Products: • Plasterboard • Ceiling Panels • Fasteners • Cornice • Compounds and Adhesives • Insulation • Rendering Products

Home and Outdoor Living | DarwinLife

Home Design Interior Space Planning iPad app When moving into a new house, or just wanting to change the interior design of your home, you need to plan first, before beginning to move the furniture around. Of course you can draw a simple sketch by hand, but in that case maintaining furniture-to-room ratio would be a pain, and you would have to create a separate sketch for your every arrangement. If you happen to have an iPad then you’re in luck because there’s a great application for interior space planning named “Mark On Call HD” (available for $1.99 at Apple Store). Using this app you can specify your room dimensions and shape (not all rooms are rectangular!) and then fill it with furniture, appliances, and other household-related items. Then you can rearrange them to suit your liking, add new items or remove existing ones. Important feature is that you can change the dimensions of the items to match reality.

The natural choice Whether your hot water applications are residential or commercial, you can soak in the sunshine & SAVE with an energy efficient hot water solution from Chromagen

Chromagen • Competitive • Local • A leader…

Just like Longy! Michael Long with National Sales Manager Marty Myers

Solar Water Heaters | Solar Pre-heat | Heat Pump Water Heaters | Gas Water Heaters


Here is what the app looks like

17 Mataram St Winnellie

7999 7501


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 131 AD0082 - DarwinLife - Chromagen 2012.indd 1

21/11/2012 4:07:45 PM

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Haley Roddy Lady Darwin Design 0421 680 221

Katie Ryan-Brookhouse * Licensed Real Estate Agent * Auctioneer * Interior Designer

‘Winnellie Point’, 60 Winnellie Road, Winnellie NT 0820 Contemporary commercial office building, sleek, modern design, quality finishes, energy saving inclusions an abundance of onsite parking & outstanding natural light. There is simply no other building in the market that can provide office space that offers this mix of corporate class and suburban convenience. Tenancies from 1,000m² – 4,000m² available - Price Upon Application

Contact Rhys Parker 0438 058 022 or to register your interest today. 82 SMITH STREET, DARWIN

For professional and tailored marketing of your property resulting in a fantastic end result talk to Katie

Phone 044 88 66 376 08 8941 1550

132 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

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Design is all around us. Design satisfies need, it creates value. Design has the ability to change behaviour by affecting our surroundings and mood. Design involves people.

DESIGN- The very word, as a verb means “to plan, to draw, to contrive, to intend”. This translates perfectly into gift giving so why not put in some thought when buying gifts and give the gift of design this Christmas. Think outside the square and support local: Look for gifts in places you might not frequent like market stalls, second hand shops, museums, art colleges, private studios and galleries.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 133

HOME StyleFile

Spice up your abode for the festive season and embrace pieces with warm luxurious accents. Select furniture and decor that exudes an opulent Thai villa for maximum impact.

by Rebecca Parish




5 6





1. Milo & Otis Homewares Clear Acrylic Salad Servers $24.95 Þ 2. Milo & Otis Homewares Medium Nomadic Album $69.95 Þ 3. Country Road Cantina Large Jug $24.95 Þ 4. Bunnings Mimosa Cane Chair with Footrest $299 Þ 5. Dusk Sandalwood & Jasmine OUtdoor Candle $14.99 Þ 6. The Importer Entertainment Unit with Carved Door $699 Þ 7. Kenneth Cobonpue Balou Day Bed from CAM Interiors Þ 8. Barbeques Galore Harbord Umbrella $129 Þ 9. CAM Interiors Amaya Table POA 134 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine



Building dream homes.

Visit our website and find out more about our Special Tilt Panel Package from Only $298,000.

Four Bedroom fully air conditioned Open plan home, great outdoor entertainment area complete with en suite walk in robe and a double carport - To find out more Visit our website



experience counts

Our engineers are well experienced with the cyclonic Territory weather conditions. CAD Vogue Homes are therefore engineered to suit correct building category requirements for the Northern Territory and Darwin cyclone building code.

what you want, how you want it

Our designs offer Street Appeal with every site inspected to ensure suitable position. Our dedicated Consultants and Interior decorators are happy and open to our customer’s inspirations and ideas, budget and flexibility of design.

At CAD Vogue Homes, Your Dream is Our Dream. Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee! P 8932 5557 | F 8932 5552 | PO Box 3150, Palmerston NT 0831

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Which is best renovate or buy?

For further information contact:

Jeremy O’Donoghue Principal, O’Donoghues First National Real Estate on 8942 8942

Tired of plain concrete?

We can help! BEFORE


Add value and visual appeal to your home

Spray Pave NT offers a wide range of resurfacing solutions for your existing concrete. colour sealing | stencil/personalised patterns | slip reduction seamless epoxy flooring | polished concrete and much more

We do Indoors, Outdoors, Residential, Commercial, City or Rural – call us today for an obligation free quote.

Geoff 044 794 4930 | Jezza 045 031 5959 Like us on facebook | 136 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

This is a correction to the

“Architect with a vision Keith Savage” article featured in the September edition of DarwinLife Magazine. It is to be clarified that Woodhead in Darwin has not closed its doors but has recently been acquired by David King-Jones and is now operating under DKJ Projects. Architecture, which continues the 40 years legacy of the practice and includes ownerships and copyright of current and past projects It is to also be clarified that the Tracey Award for the Medical School at Charles Darwin University was awarded to DKJ Projects. Architecture/Woodhead. The ACKIE project at Charles Darwin University, referenced in the main photograph, images and the text  is a project designed and delivered by DKJ Project Architecture and is not to be utilised further without permission of DKJ Project Architecture The 3D model of Menzies School of Health Research is a Hames Sharley project and is correct. Keith Savage | Director, Hames Sharley

Home and Outdoor Living | DarwinLife Current buyers’ market conditions may be weakening, as a result of a strong local economy and continued Reserve Bank interest rates cuts, but before making the decision to become a home owner or trade up, consider all your options carefully and make sure you are doing the right thing – it may prove prudent to renovate, says O’Donoghues First National Real Estate principal, Jeremy O’Donoghue. “There is no doubt there are some great buying opportunities at the moment with low interest rates and a market place with almost certain growth, but for some, renovating may offer more benefits,” Jeremy said. “A granny flat, extension, or updating the home to the way you have always dreamed may be more cost effective and allow you to stay in the area you have come to love and appreciate.” Jeremy said there are a myriad of reasons why the current home may no longer be meeting the needs of the home owner including they need more space, their circumstances have changed or they just want a change of scenery. “But whatever the reasons are, the ongoing uncertainty in the international economy may make renovating more attractive, so my advice would be to weigh up the options, make a list of pro’s and con’s, and look at what your future needs might be,”. According to Jeremy, the top things to consider are budget, location, time and space.

Budget: there are inherent costs associated with both options. Renovating is more susceptible to budget blowouts, but the hidden and add-on costs for buying a new home such as stamp duty, agent commission, conveyancing & removalists can make it much more expensive. A careful and detailed budget plan will help you weigh up the costs involved in both options. Location: consider whether you want to continue living in the area, or is there somewhere else you would prefer to call home? Time: what time constraints do you have? Finding the right property that will suit all your current and future needs will take time, as will renovating. Space: make sure there is enough room to make the improvements you want, if you are looking to renovate. If you are going to buy, consider whether you will need to make any further alteration, either now to ensure the new property can accommodate your current needs, or sometime in the future to adopt for your changing circumstances. Asking an architect or builder to inspect the property with you can be of enormous benefit. “A very basic rule of thumb when renovating is to never spend more than 25 per cent of the value of your home. “But before any final decision is made, look at the real estate market and get an appraisal on your house and look at prices of houses that appeal to you.

“Even consider asking a First National Real Estate agent for advice. We can often help determine what the best choice is for you and your family by showing new properties and comparing them to what you love and dislike about your current home.”


WE LET THE NUMBERS DO THE TALKING 1 point of contact throughout the entire process

500 high quality installs every month 1 of Australia’s Top 10 solar power companies

6 years of professional industry experience 100% Australian-owned company PLUS the largest amount of CEC accredited electricians 8985 1626 | 1300 146 346

2/3 CARYOTA COURT, COCONUT GROVE WWW.INFINITYSOLAR.COM.AU Electrical Contractors Numbers: 73948 QLD, 231933C NSW


December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine 137

19-23 Berrimah Road, Berrimah Phone 08 8984 3770 Fax 08 8947 0037

Europe can save energy equivalent to three nuclear reactors. Against the background of increased global demands for energy Ventilation at Lindab, believes that property owners should raise the standards of duct systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. This would not only save energy, but also mean lower installation costs, shorter assembly times and better air quality thanks to less leakage. Air light duct systems – a simple way of improving a building’s energy efficiency without increased investment.

QUALITY HIGH TECH FABRICATION • Air conditioning & Ventilation Spiro • Form Work & Concrete Columns • Complete & Custom Made Commercial Air Conditioning Systems • Ducting • Stainless Steel • Weatherproof Louvres • Kitchen Exhaust Systems • General Sheetmetal Work – Jobing Jobs

Air Conditioning & Ducting

Action Sheetmetal would like to thank Robert Tormey of Auslink Consultants for providing the expertise and support to ensure we obtain our Quality Assurance, OH&S and Environmental Management Accreditation.


Christmas Trees One of the big festive season decisions families make is choosing what sort of Christmas tree to have. While plastic trees are a troublefree option, many people prefer the look, feel and especially the smell of a real tree. This then leads to the next decision: whether to get a cut Christmas tree or purchase a potted live one? Michele Shugg Nursery and Garden industry NT

140 December 2012 | DarwinLife Magazine

Cut trees are often not available commercially in the Top End, so potted live trees are an excellent option and will last for weeks indoors. There is a wide variety of different species to choose from at local garden centres, and you will be able to find one just the right size and shape to suit your requirements. If you chose carefully you will be able to plant your tree into the garden after it has finished its Christmas duty. Garden centre staff will be able to advise you if your tree is suitable for planting into your garden. This will depend largely on the mature size of the tree. For the purists, Callitris intratropica is a conifer with a lovely shape and fine foliage that is native to the Top End. There are also plenty of other clever ideas for Christmas trees. Try a bright stemmed Lipstick palm – the lovely reds and gold’s add to the festive colour scheme. A solitary palm with decorations dripping off the ends of the fronds is another funky take on the traditional live tree. If the Christmas tree is in a pot smaller than 200mm it should be re-potted into something larger. This will help it to survive through the rest of the long, hot summer as well. A strong but lightweight pot that can be moved indoors and out as required is ideal. If you use a self

watering pot that has a reservoir of water in the base you will reduce the risk of the plant drying out. If conifers dry out, they seldom recover well. Use a quality potting mix and apply some soil saturator and a slow release fertilizer to the mix before potting When it’s time to bring the potted tree indoors, place it in a spot close to a window where it receives as much light as possible (although avoid sunlight through glass). Move the plant outdoors as soon as you can after Christmas and remember it will need some time to readjust to sunlight. Put it in full shade to start with and gradually move it back into a sunnier position. for the cooler part of the year. Turn the pot regularly to ensure that it receives even light and doesn’t develop bald patches before next Christmas. Hundreds of trees are sold each year, dressed up for Christmas, and left to languish and die in neglected back corners. A little attention will keep your tree alive and well ready for next years parties. Merry Christmas!

DarwinLife Magazine December 2012  

DarwinLife Magazine December 2012

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