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Another Great Beer Fest!

Issue 167 | October - November

photo diary inside....

Also inside Pub News • Gig Guide • Brewery Update Beer Tax e-Petition reaches 100,000 signatures and more! Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA |

Chairman’s Corner

Chairman’s Corner | 3


e are told that this year has been the worst year for wet weather for a hundred or more years. Well someone also must have taken pity on our local branch area and, also realized that for seven years running the PBF (Peterborough Beer Festival) has suffered pretty rotten damp weather every year. Lo, the sun shone, the people didn’t get soaked and we had no conditions somewhat like trench warfare. Yes I know it chucked it down on Saturday but, we can cope with a bit of rain and anyway the PBF thrives on a bit of wet.

Most politicians and newspaper editors have not a clue to the real scene that prevails in our town centres, whereas we do know the true facts. This misconception only gives the government yet more ammunition to increase taxes, as being the answer to combat these ‘problems’ at night. It’s time these false claims were stopped and the interests of the majority of law abiding drinkers, and licensees, were given a fair chance in the name of good old British fair play. Maybe pigs will then fly!

For you keen stat watchers all the results and figures are in this issue. At the end of the day we had a great festival -one of the best for many years and, to date most of the feedback has been positive. Thank you to all of you who came along and supported us.

We are still actively pursuing our target of reaching 100,000 signatures for our E-petition, to get the duty escalator scrapped by the Chancellor. If you’ve still not signed the petition get on line to our web site, and details are on there. We hope to reach our target by the end of October. Only another 10,000 or so to go.

A discussion with an old friend recently (most of my friends are past their sell by date but still real friends), came up with the topic of town centres being no-go places at weekends. This came as a surprise to me due to him having been an avid pub customer in many city pubs for as long as I had known him. He had swallowed the hype put out by the government and followed up by the media, that our city centres are jammed with fighting, vomiting, vandalising yobs who are only hell bent on causing trouble. We ventured into one or two well known city watering holes and he had to agree that we saw no trouble of that kind at all. I’m not denying there is some trouble at weekends in city and town centres. Very rarely does this occur before the magical midnight hour, when all us Cinderellas have to be home. At midnight the clubs are just getting into full flow, and without a doubt noise levels increase, the odd handbags are drawn, and then the nasty element who can’t drink without wanting to fight the world, come out of their holes. We as responsible drinkers should not tolerate the lies that are being cast about the majority of us.

At this time of year we are always on the look out for new people to come and join us to take a more active part within our organisation. If anyone would like to become part of our team and become a member of our committee we would welcome you. At the end of the year our illustrious Pubs Officer Steve Williams has indicated he is stepping down from his post. I’m sure we shall all miss Steve’s witty and humorous ’reports’ on our local pub scene. A flair for writing to that level is not compulsory for anyone interested in taking on the job. We may also have some other posts that need to be filled. Contact me or any other committee member. Finally I have to say a very grateful ‘Thank You’ to all our unpaid volunteers at this years PBF. The event simply would not happen without your help and dedication. Thank you all. That’s it folks. David Murray, Branch Chairman. Peterborough Branch Website |

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Pub News

’m sure I usually have trouble finding pub news just after the Beer Festival as my waking hours are occupied by other beery matters. So in this issue I was quite prepared to dig into the bran tub of desperation and fill this space with a few stock stories about kittens stuck up trees or whatever the pub related equivalent is. But then by chance I discover that we’ve been overwhelmed with pub closures. Hence, I now have a wealth of pub news to keep us all in a depressed state of mind to complement the dismal autumnal weather we’re bound to be having as you read this.

We’re all doomed, doomed I say Firstly, as mentioned in a previous magazine, the Chequers in Orton Wistow has now permanently closed and will be ...wait for it... a Tesco. This will I’m sure bring more business to the supermarket next door. After all, consumer choice is a good thing! Our next pub to bite the dust temporarily is Goodbarn’s Yard to the east of the city. A pub with lots of potential it should have a bright future under the right conditions. Another temporary closure was the Dragonf ly in Orton which came and went and then came back again. It is now trading under new management. Meanwhile in Oundle Rd, Boro Bar has closed. Many of you will remember it as the Boy’s Head and it’s seen a variety of landlords taking the helm. The pub has been trading as a sports bar with live music, football and lots more besides but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The Westwood Hotel in Mayor’s Walk has closed and is currently covered in hoardings to disguise the fact that it's been gutted and the

Pub News| 5

front wall has been removed! Are they extending into the Co-op next door or are we to be presented with another European supermarket?

The Shoulder of Mutton in Weldon is presently closed which is a great shame. Hopefully we’ ll see it reopen soon. The long derelict Oatsheaf in Whittlesey has now been attacked by men in overalls and it looks like the place is to be raised to the ground. The site is to be used for housing of some kind. In Eye the Spade & Shovel is still closed and is marked up as being converted to flats. The Oak in Easton on the Hill is now closed. This was one of three pubs in the village and with stiff competition from the Exeter Arms run by Mick Thurlby and the very popular community pub the Bluebell it was unlikely to survive. The news that the Flyer’s Club in Priestgate has closed came as a bit of a surprise to me. This was a private members club set up during the war for use by returning RAF personnel on leave from fighting goose stepping oppressors. A few years ago, the members were asked to help finance the club while it went through a difficult trading period. This sounded odd at the time. After all isn’t the club owned freehold and is free of tie? I find it difficult to believe that the club is financially unviable. We await further news and hopefully it will reopen in the future. A sunny outlook To counteract this time of doom and gloom I’d like to mention a few good things. The Solstice in Northminster Rd (behind the market if you didn’t know) has three ales on offer Continued Overleaf

6 |Pub News Continued

and members of the Beer Festival Committee were pleasantly surprised when they had the final meeting there back before the August onslaught. All three ales were superb. We were granted a behind the scenes look at the new, soon to be opened beer garden. Admittedly it was just a building site when we had a snoop but you have to use your imagination sometimes. I believe there may be a no smoking part of the beer garden as well which is an interesting idea. The garden will need a name and local citizens been asked to come up with something suitable. There is an incentive of course, in this case a £100 bar tab for the lucky winner to run up! Stamford Stuff The Great Escape in Cheyne Lane (formerly Panama Joe’s), has been open for a while now and is certainly worth a visit. I haven’t eaten there but the food is reportedly top-notch and ale is dispensed direct from the cask as God intended. A recent offering was Grainstore Rutland Beast at a mere 5.3%. Mine hosts are Toby and Hannah Ansell and Toby regularly takes time out from bar duties to tinkle the ivories this side of the bar. Look out for the open mic nights each week. A Gold Award The Queen’s Head in Bulwick has recently been presented with a Gold Award and as I didn’t manage to get myself on the minibus to help out with the ceremony I thought I’d give the place a visit. So, a pleasant Friday lunchtime saw me and Mrs Pubs Officer trundle over to the village for refreshments. A bank of 5 handpumps greeted us and the range was a delight. Two Oakham beers, a Digfield and a Great Oakley with a London Pride if you fancied something from out of town. There is a separate restaurant available and an excellent beer garden with a bit of shelter if the sun is too strong! The one thing that sticks in the mind apart from the excellent food and beer was that nothing seemed to be too much trouble for our hosts. A steady stream of customers with diverse requirements were accommodated without fuss. All very professional I thought and a worthy recipient of a Gold Award. I also noticed that Happy Hour is on a Sunday between 3pm

and 6pm when all ales are £2 a pint. Does anyone fancy giving me a lift? A party piece It looks like the showbiz bug has bitten Whittlesey. Those of you who are fans of the theatrical and sit glued to Britain’s Got Talent will be gratified to know there is a similar phenomenon happening in the town at Quinns Club in Market Street. This is in conjunction with Whittleseasurf Radio who will be looking after things. I’m sure the same exacting standards of the national contest will apply equally to the local wannabes! More details are available from Now, where did I put my ukulele? While we’re in Whittlesey I must mention the Boat, which just happens to be run by respected landlord Phil Quinn. I’ve been badgered by longtime musician Dave Bailey who tells me repeatedly about the pub’s open mic nights and the other musical events that go on in the pub. There is a facebook page you can have a look at which will give all the details. ( /boat.inn.1) And speaking of breakfasts.... It would seem that enterprising landlord Andy Simmonds of the Ploughman has converted the Lounge into a tea room called Werrington Central. Nip in from 9am - 4pm weekdays only for brekkie, tea, coffee and probably a cake or two. All change, it’s time for an early retirement As I sit here typing I sometimes muse to myself that perhaps someone else should have a go at this Pubs Officer lark and write a few lines about Pubs around ‘Ere. It is with this thought in mind that I would like to announce my retirement from this column and seek my fortune elsewhere. Over the many years that I’ve been scribbling puerile drivel for your education and entertainment I have notched up over 80,000 words. Goodness me I hear you say, that is a lot of drivel and I would be the first to agree with you.

Pub News continued | 7

But what would I have spent my time doing if I hadn’t been writing Pub News. I suppose I could have used all those words to write a novel. After all Oscar Wilde’s ‘A Picture of Dorian Gray’ only used 78,462 words and Erich Remarque’s ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ used 61,922, so both of those would have been within my grasp should I have had the talent to attain such literary heights. But being a Pubs Officer is not just about filling the pages of a magazine, it’s much more than that, in fact it’s anything but that! If I have a look at the official remit of the Pubs Officer I have skilfully dodged the bullet in so many ways as many of the official duties have been undertaken by other Committee worthies. Writing Pub News doesn’t even get a mention! One of the functions of a Pubs Officer should be to lead campaigns against pub closures and I’m glad to say that I may have played some small part in halting the bulldozers a couple of times. I like to think that spouting on about the possible demolition of the Cherry Tree helped the land owners rethink their strategy. I also take some comfort in the fact that Tesco haven’t knocked down the Ploughman yet which leads me to thinking that I may have made a bit of a difference no matter how small. So, who is in line for this little job of mine? To tell the truth I have no idea as I have left it all in the hands of our very capable Chairman Dave Murray who I’m sure will find someone suitable. My last issue will be the Christmas edition of Beer Around ‘Ere and I, like every retiree, will be having a ‘leaving do’, which I’m sure will involve beer, pubs and possibly a kebab. You will of course all be invited. Watch this space. Steve Williams 0775 6066 503

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Brewery News Nene Valley Brewery In the course of a single day in mid-August a container full of brewing vessels was craned and lifted into Nene Valley’s new brewhouse. Following commissioning and testing the new brewery will be officially opened on Friday 21st September. The opening ceremony will be performed by Jim Irving, a sprightly 96-year-old, who was in charge at Smith’s of Oundle when they brewed their final beers in September 1962. The brewery had a presence for the first time at the 35th Peterborough Beer Festival towards the end of August. Their “festival special”, Jim Irving Pale, a full-bodied 5.6% amber beer with spicy hop notes, gained Silver in the New Breweries category. All involved with the brewery were delighted with the result as they did not expect to win at such a large festival. Sales of the other beers in the portfolio continue apace, with another new beer, Biker Hop, a 3.6% offering, recently available at the Shuckborough Arms, Southwick, the brewery’s unofficial brewery tap. Melbourn There are no changes to the fruit beers brewed on site. Now that the new tenants have settled in and he has been trained at Tadcaster, brewery tours have recommenced. They can arrange tours at any time but prefer to conduct them and Fridays and Saturdays whenever possible. Blue Bell Sales are steady and August saw another three customers start taking the bottled beers. No new beers are planned at the moment.

Brewery News | 9

Elgoods Indian Summer starts it’s spell in Sainsburys as part of the Great British Beer Challenge. Warrior won a Silver medal and M&S Diamond Jubilee Ale brewed by Elgoods won a Gold in the recent International Bottled Beer Awards. The Dog Decathlon series is still selling well with Wheelchair Basset Ball being the current offering. This will be replaced in October by Tai Kwon Dog, a ginger beer. On the subject of beers with additions, Elgoods will feature a “Fruit beer corner” at their forthcoming beer festival. There will be four unnamed fruit beers for sampling consisting of an Apricot, Blackberry, Cherry and Peach beer. The idea is for the public to comment on the flavours with a view to future production. Elgoods will have a total of seventeen of their own beers on for the festival! Don’t forget the SIBA / Elgoods beer festival with judging for the competition being on 19th September and the Festival following on 20th to 22nd. Finally you can now follow the Brewery on Twitter. Tydd Steam Dr Fox’s Cunning Linctus won a Gold at the Sheringham beer festival and Will was pleased with his bronze for Barn Ale at Peterborough. Sales are still very positive but no further decisions on the proposed expansion have been made. There are no new beers planned at the moment.

CAMRA Cycle Rally 2012


along the Sustrans Route to the Woolpack good range of beers. At this point it started to rain heavily but our ever-resourceful contestants put on a brave face and settled into the Woolpack until it cleared whilst trying to decipher “NL5851”.

he annual cycle rally took place on Saturday 14th July. In view of the fact that it was Bastille Day in France, we hoped that some of the contestants would get into the mood and arrive dressed as “Onion Johnnies”. Alas, no luck. Not to be outdone, we did ask them to collect “une tricolore” as part of their treasure. We were fortunate enough to get 14 participants – fortunate considering the recent weather, several out-of-town CAMRA trips and 1 or 2 other clashing events.


We started from Cathedral Square at 17:00 and followed fiendish directions and looked for devious clues around the prepared route. On the way we had to persuade the Verger (apologies if I have the wrong title) that the Cathedral grounds shut at 18:30 and not 17:30. It was then over the Large Water Bird, on past The Yak Tree, and along the embankment. The first port of call was the Heron in Stanground looking for “The Christmas Connection” whilst quaffing Adnams. This was followed by the Fenman where we tried to find “How is the Cellarman so described”, John Smith’s & London Pride, before looping back

Back on the road we headed west through Fletton and onto the Coalheavers, another good range of beers, for a drink whilst searching for “O-739” and then onto Cuckoo Clocks and Toblerone at the Swiss Cottage (varied selection of ales) – “How far is Gaillimh?”


“It was at that point we realised that we had neglected to bring the answers. You try remembering the answers to 40 questions after 6 or 7 pints!”

On through the fading daylight, we made our way over the Town Bridge, back past the Cathedral Square and into the Wortley Almshouses (Sam Smiths) for what must have been the cheapest pint of the night. “What drink is Fairtrade?”

Cycle Rally | 11

We finally headed north to the hospitality of our destination – The Burghley Square Club and tried to discover “What plague-spreading creature looks down from above”. Possibly an obvious answer but explain the reason for the wording of the clue. Safely settled into the front snug all our combatants brought forth their treasures and completed papers for appraisal (and points!) A Teddy Bear – wrong – that’s an Orang-utan – no points. A piece of Lego – where did they find that? An example of Bledewort – I think they all got that, and a Belemnite, not to forget the aforementioned Tricolore and a Christmas Postage stamp. The resourcefulness continues to amaze me! It was at that point we realised that we had neglected to bring the answers. You try remembering the answers to 40 questions after 6 or 7 pints! Ultimately the rally was won by ‘Dickie’s Birds and the Fat Boy’ with 157 points. They carried off the shield and the responsibility of setting next years CAMRA cycle rally – I can hardly wait!

Providing a warm welcome to all our guests, with great beers, fine wines and traditional food in modern and comfortable surroundings.

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87-89 Main Road, Collyweston, Lincolnshire PE9 3PQ Telephone 01780 444288

To all the landlords and staff who were no doubt mystified by these hoards of cyclists wandering round their pubs whilst reading every picture, label and sign in the hope of finding an answer to a clue, many, many thanks, we couldn’t do it without you. Chez Hansel, Paul Berrisford, Ross Parton

Peterborough’s Oldest Members Club Just a short walk from Bus and Railway Stations and Queensgate

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Karaoke every Friday 8.00pm Quiz Night every Wednesday 8.30pm start

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Chairman’s Extra

| 13

For anyone who wishes to purchase a copy of the 2013 Good Beer Guide I have a number in stock. A considerable discount is given to our branch members who buy during the next three months of September, October and November. Contact me for full details. I also have in my possession as custodian of the lost property from the PBF, a number of items including spectacles, a mans (Lotus) wristwatch and an assorted number of keys. These items will be held only for a limited time. Anyone who has made previous enquiries about other items (cameras, phones). I’m afraid we do not have them. I would like to remind our PBF staff, and members of our annual xmas party to be held this year at the Peterborough Rugby Club on Friday December 7th. Tickets for the event will be on sale from the end of October. Details will be in the next issue of BAE. Cheers

DM Branch Chair.

14 | Peterborough Beer Festival 2012

PBF2012 - A GREAT Success

The Peterborough Beer Festival Committee are hailing this year’s festival a success following an increase in attendance compared to the previous year. Altogether over 27,500 people attended the event marking a rise of about 5% year on year. Friday was particularly impressive with 8,500 people through the door – one of the busiest nights for several years. A return to original “horseshoe” style layout, reduced entry prices and largely favourable weather all helped bring the visitors flocking to the annual Embankment extravaganza. Over 350 different real ales were represented and some 91,832 pints were consumed, an average of just over 3 pints per session per visitor. Equally popular were the large range of ciders, bottled beers and wines available at the festival. Some 13,240 pints of cider, 10,817 bottled beers and 1,650 bottles of wine were sold over the 5 day event. As usual the champion beers of the festival judging was held on the Wednesday. This year expert tasters from the local real-ale scene were joined by guest judges including journalists, beer bloggers and even an enthusiast who created a mobile app for the festival. The winners this year were Salopian Blackwater Rat Race (Gold),

Fyne Ales Rune (Silver) and Adnams Tally Ho! (Bronze). A notable feature of this year’s festival was the popularity of social networking sites to create a buzz around the event with one observer remarking: “Live beer blogging, this is what Twitter was made for!”

Live music was, as in previous years, a popular feature of this years festival as thousands gathered into the entertainment marquee to watch a diverse range of artists perform. The variety of acts proved once again to be a great draw in bringing in the crowds. Other popular activities included the pub games, quiz, Tipplefair and of course dressing up in fancy costume! Amongst the imaginative outfits this year we saw disco divas, Spiderman and even the Super Mario Brothers. Not to mention the many others who came wearing some interesting headgear! It all adds to Peterborough’s reputation as one of the most colourful and friendly festival atmospheres around. This year there was also a strong campaigning theme to the festival as CAMRA volunteers and staff from HQ helped to raise awareness of the high profile Beer Duty Escalator e-petition

Campaigning | 15

campaign. The campaign, aimed at securing a debate in Parliament on the unfair rate of duty on beer, certainly resonated with ordinary festival goers. The membership stand carried a large array of publicity material highlighting the issue and visitors were eager to sign up and register their support. Over the course of the event the number of signatures collected was estimated in the thousands. Of course without the help of all the unpaid CAMRA volunteers who donate their time it goes without saying that there would be no annual Beerfest. Yes, there are some perks to working behind the scenes (as I’m sure you can guess) but the staff work incredibly hard and long hours to provide a real ale festival that everyone can enjoy. On behalf of the Committee we would like to thank all those individuals. Finally we would also like to thank everyone who attended the 35th year and who helped to make 2012 one of the best festivals in recent years. Planning for next years festival will now take place– look out for details of the first meetings on the Peterborough CAMRA websites soon. We look forward to seeing you all again for 2013. Karl Simpson Press Officer Photographs kindly provided and copyright owned by John Moore (

Campaigning | 19

Awards Lunch and Champion Beer of Britain Presentation Please visit the CAMRA main website for more information /awards-lunch

The National Brewery Centre, Burton upon Trent, Saturday 13th October After the success of the 2011 event, CAMRA will be returning to the National Brewery Centre in Burton upon Trent for this year’s CAMRA Awards Lunch and Champion Beer of Britain Presentation. Known to be the brewing capital of Great Britain, this is the perfect setting for this year’s annual event. The lunch will be taking place in the brewery’s spectacular marquee and will begin with a real ale reception, serving some of this year’s winning beers. Guests will then be served with a delicious four course meal, accompanied by the winning beers from this year’s CBoB competition. Beer legend Roger Protz will be presenting the winning breweries with their awards and Keith Bott, Managing Director of Titanic Brewery and Chairman of SIBA, will be appearing as our guest speaker. Tickets are now available to purchase at £65 per person and are open to members and nonmembers. To book your place please contact CAMRA on 01727 867201 or email Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

Caption Competition

20 | Competition

Win a copy of the Good Beer Guide 2013

Make up a witty caption for the picture below and email your answers plus your name and address to: The best answer will win a copy of the brand new 2013 Good Beer Guide.

Beer tax e-petition reaches landmark 100K signatures 22 | Campaigning

Mass Parliamentary Lobby announced for December 12th- over 1,000 people expected to participate

CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, is delighted to celebrate with other members of the beer and pub industry as the Government e-petition calling on the abandonment of the beer duty escalator has exceeded the 100,000 signatures needed to trigger a Parliamentary debate. The petition is only the 12th Government e-petition - out of over 16,000 submitted - to have ever reached the 100,000 landmark. The beer duty escalator, introduced by the last Government in 2008, and continued by the coalition, has successively penalised Britain’s beer drinkers by automatically increasing duty levels by 2% above inflation every year. As a result, tax on beer has increased by over 40% since 2008, with a third of every pub pint now being swallowed in tax. Over 4,500 pubs have also closed over this same period.

the UK to voice their discontent at punitive tax increases on Britain’s National Drink. Attendees will be asking to speak to their respective local MPs, and seeking their support to protect the nation’s historic beer and pub industry.

Colin Valentine, CAMRA National Chairman, said: ‘Joining a very small minority of e-petitions to have ever reached the 100,000 landmark is a mammoth achievement, and it’s been fantastic to witness the beer and pub industry uniting to fight back against this issue. ‘Over the last 6 months, CAMRA has been collecting signatures at beer festivals, organising local campaigning events, as well as supplying pubs with petition material. On CAMRA’s part, we have devoted a great amount of resources to this campaign, so we are delighted this has all paid off.


CAMRA has invested significant resources into campaigning against the beer duty escalator, and major breakthroughs in the lead up to the petition securing 100,000 signatures included over 15,000 beer drinkers adding their names to it over the course of the Great British Beer Festival, held at London’s Olympia at the beginning of August (7th-11th). With a Parliamentary debate now in prospect, CAMRA is ramping up the pressure on Government by announcing it is to hold a Mass Parliamentary Lobby in Westminster on Wednesday December 12th, with over 1,000 people expected to attend from all corners of

“Over the last 6 months, CAMRA has been collecting signatures at beer festivals, organising local campaigning events, as well as supplying pubs with petition material.”


‘CAMRA’s next step is not to rest on our laurels but to maintain the impetus with our Mass Parliamentary Lobby, which will reinforce to MPs the groundswell of support for this campaign. With all the battering it has taken, the beer and pub sector still manages to contribute over £21 billion a year to the UK’s GDP, and supports one million jobs, so it’s about time the Government honoured its pledge to be “pub friendly”.

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29 Sept Tom Wright Band - Burghley Club, P’boro 4 Oct Open Mic, 8pm - Free - Mama Liz’s, Stamford 5 Oct Leon - Dragon, Werrington 5 Oct Swamptruck - Charters, P’boro 6 Oct Mighty Mouth - Dragon, Werrington 6 Oct Mistreated - Prince oW Feathers, Castor 6 Oct The 707 - Ploughman, Werrington 6 Oct Hooker - Blue Boar, Eye 6 Oct Gone to The Dogs - The Ship Inn, Oundle 7 Oct Jimmy & Pepp - Charters, P’boro 12 Oct Stone Pony - Charters, P’boro 13 Oct Easiersaid - Ploughman, Werrington 13 Oct Altered Ego - 9pm - Woolpack, Stanground 13 Oct Identity Crisis - Prince oW Feathers, Castor 13 Oct The Wash - Blue Boar, Eye 14 Oct Pennyless - Mama Liz’s, Stamford 14 Oct Piper - Charters, P’boro Town Bridge 19 Oct Status Quote - 8pm - Bourne Corn Exchange 19 Oct Mind the Gap - Charters, P’boro Town Bridge 19 Oct RockIt - Blue Boar, Eye 20 Oct And The Claim - Prince oW Feathers, Castor 20 Oct Black Marias, Citizen Keyne and The Nerks

26 Oct The Replicas - Brewery Tap, P’boro 27 Oct Retrolux - Charters, P’boro 27 Oct Glassheart - Blue Boar, Eye 28 Oct Agi Jarocka- Charters, P’boro 2 Nov Sound Injectors - Ploughman, Werrington 3 Nov Rocket Dogs - 9pm- Woolpack, Stanground 10 Nov Lloyd Watson - Blue Boar, Eye 10 Nov The Returns - Ploughman, Werrington 11 Nov Pennyless, Lively Folk Trio - 4pm - Free -

-8.30pm - Mama Liz’s, Stamford

Feathers, Castor

20 Oct Overdubs - Ploughman, Werrington 21 Oct Marcel Pleasance - Charters, P’boro 25 Oct Stand Up Comedy - 8pm - Mama Liz’s 26 Oct Undercover - Charters, P’boro 20 Oct One Eyed Cats - Ploughman, Werrington 27 Oct The Replicas - Dragon, Werrington

9 Dec Steve Bean Plays Classical Guitar - 4pm - Woolpack, Stanground

Mama Liz’s, Stamford

17 Nov Gone to The Dogs – Angel Inn, Yarwell 17 Nov Taking Care of Business - Blue Boar, Eye 17 Nov Grounded - Prince oW Feathers, Castor 24 Nov Be Bop A Lula’s - 9pm- Woolpack, Stanground 24 Nov Dizzy Miss Lizzie - Prince oW Feathers, Castor 17 Nov Easyersaid - Blue Boar, Eye 29 Nov Stand Up Comedy - 8pm - Mama Liz’s 30 Nov Viking Skull + Graveyard Johnnys + Burn City Burn - 8.30pm - Mama Liz’s, Stamford

30 Nov Flashback Photograph - Brewery Tap, P’boro 1 Dec One Eyed Cats - Prince oW Feathers, Castor 7 Dec Children of the Revolution - Prince oW

Send any details for December / January gigs to before 5th November, it’s FREE to list your gigs here!

14 Ever-changing Real Ales available every week! For live music and events please see our Facebook page Palmerston Arms Opening Times: Mon - Thurs 15.00 - 23.00 Friday - Saturday 12.00 - 00.00 Sunday 12.00 - 22.30

82 Oundle Rd, Peterborough PE2 9PA

Tel: 01733 565865

Diary Dates OCTOBER 3rd - 6th October 35th Bedford Beer&Cider Festival Corn Exchange, St Paul's Square, Bedford About 110 power-cooled real ales, 40 ciders + perries and a range of draught and bottled foreign beers 11th - 14th October - Oktoberfest at the Crown,Uppingham

Diary Dates | 27

29th October - 3rd November 35th Norwich Beer Festival St Andrews & Blackfriars Halls, Norwich 220 + Real Ales (Many local ales + specials). 40+ ciders + perries, (E.Anglia cider & perry Competition Venue). 100+ bottled beers from GB, Europe + further afield, plus draught foreign beer from mainland Europe.

15th October - PBF Wash-up Open Meeting at the Cherry Tree, Oundle Road, 8-30pm.

NOVEMBER 3rd November - Charity Firewalk and The Dragon, Werrington with Live Music and Hog roast

22nd October - Branch Committee Meeting at the Blue Bell, Dogsthorpe 8-30pm.

13th November - Branch Committee Meeting at the Ostrich, North Street 8-30pm.

26th October - Ghouls Ball at the Ploughman, Werrington with real ales, fancy dree and the One Eyed Cats.

30th November - Bier Keller Evening at The Plough, Milk and Water Drove

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30 | Contact Details

Branch Committee

Beer Around ’Ere

Secretary: Dickie Bird 4 Cissbury Ring,Werrington Peterborough, PE4 6QH 01733 574226 (tel & fax) 07731 993896

Editor: Jane Flew Distribution: David Murray (See Chairman on the left) Advertising: Jane Michelson

Chairman: David Murray 01733 560453

01778 420888 Mobile: 07732 393621

Treasurer: Paul Beecham 01733 311981 07710 008693 0870 7620848 (fax)

Magazine & Advertising Production: Daniel Speed 0845 838 7581

Vice Chair: John Hunt 07923 489917 Social Sec: John Hunt 07923 489917 Pubs Officer: Steve Williams 07756 066503 Press Officer: Karl Simpson 07737 297072 Young Members: Katie Barrett 07951 919451 Membership: Steve Saldana 07988 067260 Festival Org: Mike Lane 07850 334203 LocAle Officer: John Rice 07759 342702 Webmaster: Harry Morten

Postal Distr: Daryl Ling 01733 235881 Brewery Liaison Officers Blue Bell: John Hunt 07923 489917 Castor Ales: Mike Lane 07850 334203 Digfield: Dave Waller 07821 912605 Elgoods: John Hunt 07923 489917 Hopshackle: Noel Ryland 07944 869656 Melbourn: Lew Clayton 01780 765063 Nene Valley: Bob Melville 07941 246693 Oakham Ales: Dave Allett 07966 344417 Tydd Steam: John Hunt 07923 489917 Trading Standards 08545 040506 Check out our websites at:

The next issue of BAE will be available on: 30th November We must have your stories, news and advertisements by: 9th November Late copy cannot be guaranteed entry. Please contact Chris Shilling 01778 421550 Mobile: 07736 635 916 or Jane Michelson 01778 420888 Mobile: 07732 393621 for all of your advertising needs. Steve Williams steve.williams@beeraroundere. or 0775 6066 503 is always looking for pub news. Please send stories and other copy to Beer Around ‘Ere is published by Peterborough & District Branch of CAMRA Copyright © 2012, The Campaign for Real Ale Ltd. Views or comments expressed in this publication may not necessarily be those of the Editor or of CAMRA.


Staniland Way, Werrington centre PE4 6NA Tel: 01733 327696

SE VEN re al ales an d fu nk y tu ne s from th e ONE EY ED CATS! St arti ng 7.30pm

Hodgson Centre, Werrington PE4 5EG Tel: 01733 578088


Big kfasot 11am rB eSaat 8 t ! 95 ry

ree At Least Th

, ry ve r r ca o e at f h e t m can o r f u lf se s yo r e u a ev lp yo uch e H as m


Real Ales!

. 5 £ ly

More than just a Carvery! A great welcome awaits you at The Farmers, Yaxley. We are famous for our fresh vegetables and great carvery meats, succulent and served with all the trimmings, then finished off with a tantalising hot or cold dessert!

Open Every Day 10am - 5.30pm All Day Menu & Coffee Midday - 2:30pm Carvery & Specials Menu 5:30pm - LATE Carvery & Grill Menu Sunday Open From 12 Noon - 9pm All Day Carvery

Check out our lunch time grill menu’s and our ever changing specials boards. Put it all together with three fine cask ales and you have the perfect place to enjoy dinner with friends or a family celebration. We have a self contained function suite which is ideal for parties, weddings and all of life’s celebrations. So if you’ve not been before give us a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Now taking bookings for Christmas and New Year, great festive party nights with food, for families and companies! 200 Broadway, Yaxley Tel: 01733 244885 Email:

Beer Around Ere issue 167  

The post Beer Festival issue of Peterborough CAMRA magazine Beer Around Ere

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