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Who’s Nuking Your Food? Orwellian Irradiated “Franken-Foods” Are The New Normal In this age of nuclear power and weapons, we’re told that the harmless ‘happy atom’ is all around us and might be dangerous but because we can’t see him this then means, “Oh, just relax. There’s really nothing to worry about. It’s all completely safe.” All we can say to that is, if you are willing to trust your government and nuclear power companies, then you are putting yours and your family’s life in their hands. From bullets to bread, it’s important to know who is responsible for injecting radioactivity into your personal and community environments…

THE JOYS OF NUCLEAR WASTE The history of “recycled” nuclear wastes as military DU munitions is relatively well known and dates to the early 1970′s. NATO analysts had reported that the Soviet military had developed armor plating for tanks that NATO ammunition could not penetrate. The quest to develop high-penetration anti-tank munitions quickly focused very dense (higher than lead) uranium wastes from “civil” nuclear power, that are also pyrotechnic or

quickly inflammable and explosive on impact, and are easily machined into complex nose cones and sheaths for shells and projectiles. Since that time, DU munitions have grown to be held and used by nearly all major armed forces of the planet. Military analysts identify about 78 nations presently possessing DU munitions, that now cover a huge range of ordnance types and sizes, including anti-building, anti-aircraft and anti-personnel weapons.


 Food that is pulled out of a radioactive environment, like seafood – is one thing. Yes, it’s dangerous, but more than likely fisherman had no idea their catch was contaminated. Risks posed by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown to the Pacific seafood stocks are just now coming into view. But imagine if the fisherman dosed

their catch with radiation before they sent it to your local supplier? That’s also happening, but the irradiation of foods is much more widespread than people think… Less well known but certainly a larger threat, the use of sometimes highly irradiated, as well as deadly toxic nuclear wastes in the world food industry has massively grown since the 1990s. The reasons why so little public information on irradiated Frankenfoods is new normal are easy to guess, and result in no labeling requirement in most countries and no in-store labeling of which foods on sale are irradiated and which are not. Food products labeled ‘organic’ or ‘bio” can easily contain irradiated ingredients, or shelf products labeled ‘organic’ can be treated by radiation by wholesalers or major supermarket chains before being placed on sale. The US FDA and other national food and drugs administrations sideline and in some cases deny any major risk to public health from systematic use of very high radiation doses in food. A typical statement published by the US FDA is: “Despite its limited use in the past, use of food irradiation is increasing as consumers are beginning to appreciate the benefits of irradiated food”. The US FDA however provides a short list of some regular food industry uses of high radiation doses. Here’s what you need to know about the radiation which passes through your foods:

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by Andrew McKillop The doses indicated are in kiloGrays (thousand Gray). In this short non-exclusive listing of irradiated foods, the mostly-gamma radiation used starts at 1 kiloGray which is equivalent to over 30 million average chest x-ray doses or 2,000 times the LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of persons exposed) human lethal dose. As the list above shows, doses can attain the fantastic level of 30 kiloGray (60,000 times the LD50 human lethal dose). These foods are being “nuked” for our supposed protection. 

ORWELL’S LAST SUPPER As Sayer Ji ( and other activists note, this “George Orwell Supper” can easily include certified-organic food products. Buyers of these “green” foods undertake to pay higher prices, often about 30% more than conventional food products because they hope or believe that even if the organic food they buy does not have an especially higher vitamin, mineral and phyto-nutrient content, it will not have suffered intense further processing on its journey to the table. This in major part explains why buying organic has grown in many countries and attracts the educated consumer. Unfortunately almost all the developed world’s

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A Pygmy Model for Beautiful Parenting

“LOVE THE CHILDREN EXTRAVAGANTLY, WITH ALL YOUR HEART!” - PYGMY PROVERB The Efe Pygmies are “wholly non-aggressive,” Jean-Pierre Hallet told me. Could that be true? Since Hallet largely grew up with the Efe in equatorial Africa, and has lived with them for much of his sixty-plus years, I figured he might know. And since aggressive people increasingly threaten our lives, both locally and internationally, his claim seemed worth checking out. Whether or not humans are genetically violent, as some maintain, has significant relevance for we who are peace activists. The root causes of aggression, both interpersonal and international, matter greatly regarding effective strategy for prevention and elimination of human violence. And, while I cannot tolerate false hope, I was feeling a need for first-hand information that could offer genuine hope of a better world for our human family. My fascination with the African Pygmies began in the 1960s, when I read The Forest People by Colin Turnbull, who had lived with the Mbuti Pygmies for three years. In the late ‘60s I attended Turnbull’s lecture series at the Museum of Natural History in New York City. In the early 1970s I heard Jean-Pierre Hallet speak about the Efe Pygmies at the University of California in Berkeley. At that time he showed his 1972 documentary film on this indigenous African tribe. Later I read Hallet’s book, Pygmy Kitabu. Hallet has lived with the culturally pure Efe Pygmies from early childhood. He gave startling evidence of the trusting, cooperative, and joyful lifestyle of these forest people. Thus I was pleased to meet with Jean-Pierre Hallet in his Malibu home. He is six feet and four inches tall, far from pygmy size, and speaks with passion. He lost his right hand while dynamiting Lake Tanganyika for fish to feed a group of starving Africans in South Mossi. Dubbed “one of the most remarkable men of the 20th century,” he is the only white man to become a member of the Bwame Secret Society, and a blood brother of the Lega, Tutsi, and Nande tribes. He is also an initiated Maasai warrior. Mr. Hallet was Belgian, but moved to Zaire’s Ituri Forest, where his artist father had been living, when he was only six months old. Hallet told me that, for the most part, he grew up with the Efe Pygmies. He

by Ushanda io Elima | The Natural Child Project | went barefoot, wore a loincloth, and did everything that they did. He still spends time with them every year. The following account of Pygmy life draws upon my meeting with Hallet, as well as other firsthand reports from him and Colin Turnbull. What emerges is a picture of a culture based on honoring - to use a Native American concept - “all our relations.”

SEXUAL MATURITY AND PREGNANCY The Pygmies are well aware of the connection between sex and conception, Hallet explained during our meeting, and sexual relations before marriage are accepted. If a girl becomes pregnant, she always knows who the father is, because it is customary to have only one lover at a time. Should the couple wish to marry, they do. If they choose not to, then many men will want to marry the mother-to-be, because children are most desirable.

BIRTH Hallet said he has delivered more than 500 African babies, Pygmy and non-Pygmy. He described Pygmy labor as being very short, natural, and easy, even for a first-time mother. And this is in spite of the fact that Pygmy babies are, proportionally, the biggest babies in the world. For example, an 80-pound Pygmy mother typically gives birth to an eightpound baby, about one-tenth of her body weight. This would compare to a 130-pound woman birthing a 13-pound baby. When the mother’s membranes rupture, she notifies her two midwives, who then walk with her to the river, one on either side. “At the time of the pain,” Hallet said, “she will walk and sing, sing and be joyous.” Once at the river, the pregnant woman squats on a flat rock. The midwives hold her on each side, and breath deeply with her in what Hallet referred to as “a tremendous feeling of oneness.” When they feel the time has come, the women hold their breath. “They pause together,” said Hallet, “and then you see the baby coming out.” One of the midwives briefly holds the baby upside down, washes the upper part of the body to make sure the baby is breathing well, and then returns the child to the mother for nursing. The other midwife works

her teeth down the umbilical cord until she finds the narrow part, a few inches from the infant’s abdomen. “This is the place where, if a baby were dropped from the womb of a standing mother, the weight of the child would be enough to break that cord at that point,” said Hallet. The midwife bites this narrow part very slowly, and then gently squeezes the cord with her fingers. There is usually very little bleeding. To celebrate the birth of her child, Hallet noted, a mother will sing this song:

MY HEART IS SO JOYOUS, MY HEART FLIES IN SINGING, UNDER THE TREES OF THE FOREST, THE FOREST, OUR HOME, OUR MOTHER. IN MY NET I HAVE CAUGHT A LITTLE BIRD, A VERY LITTLE BIRD, AND MY HEART IS CAUGHT IN THE NET WITH MY LITTLE BIRD. During the birth, the father stays away. Birth is considered to be women’s business. After birth, when the mother and baby have returned to their leafy, dome hut, the father comes to them and asks permission to enter. Then the father might clap his hands and thank his wife for their very wanted child.

NEWBORN CARE According to Hallet, there is no bonding ritual, but there is a bond “like a fruit to its branch” - a physical attachment for the first year or so. During this year, the baby is “never separated from the mother.” In Hallet’s view, this constant contact is one reason why Pygmy infants rarely cry. Pygmy babies appear to feel good. “They are satisfied in all of their requirements,” he stated. On the rare occasion when a baby does cry, it


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“Af ter the f ina l no the re com es a yes an d on tha t yes the fut ure of the wo rld ha ng s.” - WA LL AC E ST EV EN S


What would happen if the world were enveloped by art? And if we were the artists? And if we owed nothing to any hierarchy or external authority? Is it possible that an outpouring of art, creation, invention, coming from millions and millions of people, would bring about a sea change in the conducting of human affairs? Would such a tide affect the obsession to wage war? Magic is not about arcane crests and codes and symbols. All those symbols and seals are just a way of invoking mystery and a front of supposed privilege. People still accept landscapes painted by a priesthood and they call those landscapes Spiritual, and hope these puerile inventions will somehow take them to bliss and final enlightenment.

For me, that life is a far cry from the pallid oatmeal of spiritual movements where the essence of things is “peace through avoidance”—an attempt to substitute one form of politeness for another, one form of sleep for another.

about what happens when you burn up the pretty and petty little obsessions. It’s about emerging from the empty suit and empty machine of society that goes around and around and sucks away the vital bloodstream.

When people strip away all the hogwash that has been passed off as spiritual enlightenment for centuries, what they are left with—if they can feel it—is creative fire. That fire IS the spiritual force. IS the real thing. Finally.

Art is about destroying the old order and the new order and the present order, with a glance.

If you look closely, you can see people are walking around with big signs on their necks: I’M BORED. They pretend they’re not. But they’re bored silly. They’re driving themselves cuckoo.

It’s about spearing the old apple on the point of a glittering sword and opening up the whole rotting crust that has attached itself to the tree of life.

Most people don’t want to travel to that grand arena. They have been trained like pets by some sector of this society to be good little girls and boys. Art (creation/magic) is a word that should be oceanic. It should shake and blow apart the foul smug boredom of the soul.

Creation of deep desire with great fire, as fact in the world, IS the definition of magic. That’s what magic is. It isn’t anything else.

Mojgan Abolh


The Spiritual In other words, people want to exist inside a phony masterpiece designed by a class of authoritarians. In a nutshell, that’s the story of this planet, and it always was. I’ve been writing about the creative life for some time.

Artwork of Art is about what the individual invents when he is on fire and doesn’t care about concealing it. It’s about what the individual does when he has thrown off the false front that is slowly strangling him. Art is about the end of mindless postponement. It’s

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It’s about shrugging off the fake harmony of the living dead. When this kind of creation overtakes the world, only then does the world become what it should be. On an individual level, boredom has much the same effect as concrete does in the landscape: it covers more and more territory, and once you lay it down it doesn’t usually come up.

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The secret of the labyrinth is this: as long as masses of people are trapped in their own acquiescence to a fictional spiritual and psychological existence, in which they are the passive receivers of “wisdom and direction,” all is lost. No matter how many liberation movements arise, no matter what degree of success they achieve, in the long run the winners (or their descendants) always fall

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150 With mandatory vaccines suddenly being forced onto parents by doctors and so-called "health authorities" in places like Maryland, New Jersey and Texas, you might think that doctors being full of bunk is a new phenomenon. But no, it's nothing new. Doctors have been full of bunk for more than a hundred years! What follows is a short timeline of the nonsense, junk science, negligence and harmful advice peddled by medical doctors over the last 150 years or so: (see the end of this article for serious follow-up comments describing the intent behind this satire piece)

1850's Ignaz Semmelweis, an Austrian-Hungarian obstetrician working in a clinic that delivers babies, is labeled "insane" by his fellow doctors for having the audacity to suggest that doctors should wash their hands between delivering babies. He's fired from his job, ostracized by the medical community and later dies in an insane asylum and is only vindicated long after his death when it is realized that, indeed, infections are spread from one patient to another by physicians who are too lazy, stubborn or egoistic to simply wash their hands. (A lack of hand washing continues to be the primary reason why MRSA and other superbugs are spread in hospitals today...)

1920's Don't breastfeed your babies! Use infant formula instead. It's more "high-tech." Cow's milk is obviously healthier for your babies than mother's milk, right? That's what the doc says... Result: Tens of millions of mothers stopped breastfeeding their babies, resulting in widespread nutritional deficiencies that impacted those children for life. The pushing of infant formula onto mothers continues today in hospitals across the country which are paid by infant formula manufacturers to give free samples of infant formula to new mothers, hoping they will stop breastfeeding and start buying formula. (Saving grace: A few courageous paediatricians now speak out forcefully about the importance of breastfeeding...)



ON CHILDREN’S HEALTH (SATIRE) ads routinely appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association for well over a decade.)

1940's Need a new pair of shoes for your kid? Go size 'em up with the fluoroscope X-ray machine at your local shoe store! Never mind the radiation exposure of 20 - 75 rems per minute! See wikipedia article here. Result: Massive increase in cancer among parents and children who visited the shoe stores. Doctors remained silent on this significant health risk for decades while millions were harmed -- even after strong evidence pointed to the fact that X-ray radiation caused cancer.

1950's Hey pregnant women, take thalidomide for your cancer! Don't worry about your unborn children. This chemical is perfectly safe! Result: 10,000 children born with physical deformities. Doctors continued to use infants and pregnant women in pharmaceutical experiments for the next fifty years. See Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007).

1960's Feed your children processed foods! White bread is good for them, don't you know? And monosodium glutamate is perfectly healthy for children, which is why food companies add it to baby food! So is saccharin, hydrogenated oils and sodium nitrite in processed meat. Result: Massive malnutrition, liver damage, and the beginnings of the diabetes and obesity epidemics that would sweep the nation over the next generation.

1970's Place mercury into the mouths of your little children by having

Smoking while pregnant? No problem. Doctors recommend Camels more than any other cigarette! Result: Massive chemical toxicity of the bodies of newborns. Increased cancer risk, reduced brain development and a lifetime of immune system disorders. (Cigarette

their cavities filled with "silver" fillings (made with 40% mercury, a potent neurotoxin). Result: Widespread mercury toxicity in children, resulting in a sharp increase in neurological conditions, including behavioural disorders, infertility and autism. Ignorant, obstinate dentists continue to use mercury fillings today, and the American

Earthing Products oer a convenient way to stay in contact with the earth while working, relaxing, and sleeping indoors.

Get Grounded

Feel Better

BY: Mike Adams |

Why doctors are idiots:

Dental Association remains in full support of this extremely dangerous heavy metal that results in the mass poisoning of children. Your kid have a cold? It's probably because their tonsils need to be removed! Tonsils have no biological function anyway, doctors claimed. Result: Over the last several decades, surgeons have removed tens of millions of tonsils, maiming children with a medically useless procedure that has now been proven virtually worthless. But it sure did raise funds to pay for the luxury German sedans driven by those surgeons!

1980's Microwave all the food you feed children. It's quick, convenient and perfectly healthy! Result: A massive increase in the consumption of processed, artificially modified and dead foods. The introduction of the microwave correlates nearly perfectly with the explosion of obesity and diabetes in western nations. Most doctors still have nothing negative to say about the use of the microwave. Does your child have an ear infection? Hammer them with antibiotics. Don't worry about the fact that antibiotics are useless against ear infections, or that they wipe out your child's friendly intestinal flora and cause nutritional deficiencies. It's doctor-recommended, so it must be good, right? Result: Billions of doses of useless antibiotics helped breed a new generation of superbug viruses that have now escaped the hospitals and are infecting the public at large. Antibiotics are useless to stop them, and doctors still have not figured out that you can kill superbugs with colloidal silver or garlic. (A fact that ancient human civilizations knew thousands of years ago...)

1990's Coat your children with sunscreen. The sun is dangerous and has no health benefits whatsoever, didn't you know? And besides, all those chemicals in sunscreen are perfectly safe. Result: Children are now living with severe vitamin D deficiencies (even rickets!) that greatly increase rates of breast cancer, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, depression, obesity and diabetes. Doctors still don't recognize the important role of vitamin D in children's health, and they prescribe drugs to treat the symptoms of disease rather than recommending vitamin D (which would correct the underlying problems and eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals). Does your baby have a cough? Feed 'em sugared-up, chemicallycontaminated cough syrup made by pharmaceutical companies. Don't worry that it's never been tested on infants or approved by the FDA. It works, right? It's doctorrecommended! Result: Over a billion doses of useless, "quack" cough medicine swallowed by infants. The cough syrup hoax was finally blown wide open in 2007 when a few courageous paediatric physicians finally admitted the products have absolutely no medicinal effects and might, in fact, be dangerous for infants and children. The FDA continues to allow their sale, however, since they're still quite profitable to Big Pharma (even though they don't work).

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

the Natural Way!

Is little Johnny a bit too jazzed up for your comfort level? Don't worry, psychiatrists have a solution: Street drugs for children! Illegal amphetamines are now legal thanks to the Big Pharma / FDA partnership, and your friendly psych doctor is ready to prescribe Ritalin and antidepressant drugs to your "hyperactive" kids. Result: Widespread school shootings in America. Tens of millions of children suffer stunted physical and mental development -- a dangerous side effects that doesn't emerge until 2007. See http://www.NaturalNews. com/021944.html

2000's Learn more at

(800) 870-4248

Too posh to push? Don't worry, your obstetrician will schedule a C-section childbirth appointment and deliver the baby on YOUR schedule instead of Mother Nature's. It's more convenient

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Who’s Nuking Your Food? continued from page 2

food and public health authorities and regulatory agencies support and actively promote food irradiation. The US FDA actively supports and promotes the use of Cobalt-60 directly obtained from civil nuclear power plants, for so-called “electronic pasteurization”, extended shelf lives, uniformized food product appearance and the capability to not use chemical food additives, which will require labeling and will cause educated higher-income shoppers to avoid the food products so treated. Several administrations further promote nuclear irradiation of foods on a systematic basis by creating a false dichotomy between “food additive” products and treatments, and “pasteurization” to describe intense irradiation producing entirely lifeless and slightly radioactive, as well as toxic foodstuffs. This Orwellian logic is dominant in all developed nations and WTO (World Trade Organization) regulations relating to food products impose no additional radiation checks on food trade except in highly specific “emergency contexts” such as Japanese food exports following the Fukushima disaster.

IRRADIATED FOODS ARE INFERIOR Completely absent from all regulatory agency information on food irradiation or “pasteurisation”, but well known to food scientists, radiation biologists and microbiologists, food irradiation destroys much of the nutritional quality of food. Microrganisms, for example, avoid eating even very slightly irradiated foods and nutrients. Irradiation produces a large range of toxic and carcinogenic byproducts. These include benzene, formaldehyde, formic acid, and a series of complex organic chemicals such as the alklycyclobutanoes. All of these side product chemicals are damaging to human health. Much more insidious in its economic, social and environmental impacts, systematic use of intensely radioactive materials in “farming”, food processing, and final sale, enables and encourages “trash farming”. Fundamentally unsafe farming practices are enabled. Multiple examples exist, starting with the systematic use in “trash farming” of urban and industrial mixed sewage effluent as a nutrient, made “safe” by intense irradiation. Sewage from intensive animal rearing, which is contaminated by the very high levels of antibiotics used in this “Belsen farming”, are quickly irradiated using massive doses of radiation from nuclear power plant wastes, avoiding other more-expensive treatment and separation of toxic materials, chemicals and biochemicals in the sewage. The widespread and systematic use of these low-cost “fertilizers and nutrients”, in crop farming and market gardening production of salads and greens directly results in the growth of virulent new strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria. In turn, their existence is used as the reason for further or more intense radiation treatment of farming wastes. Irradiated food products are now the preferred choice by global supermarket operators due to their long shelf life and uniform

appearance. This directly enables the growth of food system globalization, from upstream production to downstream distribution. The transnationals operating in this domain have huge political leverage for the pursuit of their strategy to reduce or eliminate the national sovereignty of producer countries, and the constitutional rights and public health of consumers.





The nuclear power and uranium mining industry, at all times linked with the industrial-military complex, is obliged to operate a permanent publicity and propaganda blitz to the effect that nuclear energy is totally unrelated to nuclear weapons, uranium and other radioactive materials are harmless, nuclear wastes are easily managed – and the complete reverse of ecological disaster, can bring nicely packaged uniform and pasteurized long life food products to our dining table. Nuclear wastes can therefore become “beneficial”, and with no need to talk about the DU weapons industry, another large consumer of nuclear wastes. Nuclear waste is transformed. It can even be called a “food therapeutic” agent with a distinct market value for the food industry. Upstream research in the nuclear-related industry to develop new and additional uses for nuclear waste focusing the food industry now include the large scale production of radiationmodified viruses and bacteria for crop spraying. One major goal is to produce long life semidormant, bacteria-specific viruses which can spring into action whenever the target bacteria proliferate. This outright genetic modification, upstream, is however excluded by administrations with a highly publicized offical goal of reducing (if not eliminating) GM foods, notably the European EFSA food safety authority and the related EU law on food safety 1169/2011. Recent European-US trade disputes relating to GM rice produced in the US (and called “basmati rice”) did not concern its name, but the genetic modification of this rice. At the same time, irradiated rice is imported to Europe and sold on a daily basis. According to several environmental NGOs and food experts, spontaneous genetic modification due to irradiated shipping, storage, packaging and distribution networks for foods such as rice are now unavoidable, making EU-US trade disputes on this subject a charade. Food quality and nuclear wastes are an oxymoron. State sponsored promotion of food irradiation can rightly be considered the largest food experiment ever performed in all recorded history. Downstream, in the supermarket or local store, it is completely impossible for the final consumer to know what radiation treatment or treatments have been utilized on their purchased food, marked “organic” or not. This is a minefield of potential and real health risks, and one day we can hope, liabilities for the corporations and companies which have produced Orwell’s Last Supper.

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Does The Trail Of Dead Bankers Lead Somewhere?


hat are we to make of this sudden rash of banker suicides? Does this trail of dead bankers lead somewhere? Or could it be just a coincidence that so many bankers have died in such close proximity? I will be perfectly honest and admit that I do not know what is going on. But there are some common themes that seem to link at least some of these deaths together.

Trend Analyst: “Yes, There Will Be Riots In Major Cities”


s we’ve discussed in detail over many years, there are a whole host of scenarios that could lead to a complete meltdown in our infrastructure and systems of commerce. The bottom line is that whatever happens, should supply lines be disrupted for even a few days on a national level, there would be widespread panic across this entire country. Those are the worst case scenarios and they are certainly plausible. Other possibilities include what we’re already seeing happen in the United States right here and now – a continued degradation of the middle class. That trend is likely to continue unabated and may require a slightly different approach than preparing for a postApocalyptic scenario:.

15 Vermont Towns Vote to Start a Public Bank that Works for Them, Not Wall Street


y a more than three-to-one margin on Tuesday, communities voting on whether to support the creation of a public bank in Vermont approved the idea, calling for the state legislature to establish such a bank and urging passage of legislation designed to begin its implementation. Senate Bill 204, would turn an existing agency, the Vermont Economic Development Authority, into a public bank that would accept deposits and issue loans for in-state projects. Currently, the only state in the U.S. to maintain a public state bank is North Dakota. However, since the financial downturn of 2008, other states have looked into replicating the North Dakota model as a way to buck Wall Street while taking more control of state and local finances.

Geo-Politics “Manufacturing Dissent”: The Antiglobalization Movement is Funded by the Corporate Elites

Thousands in Japan Protest Nuclear Power, Conditions at Fukushima


housands of people in Tokyo have rallied against nuclear power as the government and utilities prepare to restart reactors in southern Japan. More than 5,000 protesters gathered at Hibiya Park in Tokyo on Saturday to pressure the government not to restart the country’s nuclear power stations. “Japan is prone to earthquakes. We have to seriously think about whether nuclear power is a good idea for Japan,” said protester Masatoshi Harada. “This is an opportunity for Japan to drop nuclear power.” Regulators are currently reviewing whether to let Kyushu Electric Power restart two reactors at its Sendai power plant. Saturday’s demonstration came days after the country marked the third anniversary of a 9.0-magnitude earthquake that struck northern Japan in March 2011.

Climate Scientist Ridicules U.N. Report as Junk


prominent environmental scientist has gone public with his scorn for the recently released fifth climate assessment of U.N.’s International Panel on Climate Change, which concluded that a continued rise in carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere could risk human extinction.Leslie Woodcock, emeritus professor of chemical thermodynamics at the University of Manchester’s School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, mocked the terms “climate change” and “global warming” in a scientific critique of the U.N.’s climate fears. Woodcock, a former NASA researcher, said the theory of “man-made climate change” is an “unsubstantiated hypothesis.”


ow is the process of manufacturing dissent achieved? Essentially by “funding dissent”, namely by channeling financial resources from those who are the object of the protest movement to those who are involved in organizing the protest movement.

Injustice: As BP Refuses To Pay Remaining Gulf Oil Claims, US Restores Its Privileges


anadian police surrounded an annual protest against police brutality in Montreal, arresting 288 people before the demonstration had barely started. The police claim the protest was illegal as the participants did not warn the authorities of their itinerary. Montreal’s 18th annual protest against police brutality was cut dramatically short Saturday when police rounded up the participants. Minutes into the demonstration, riot officers converged on Jean-Talon Street and began detaining protesters. According to protesters there was a strong police presence, with police horses, cars and a helicopter on the scene.

e r h a p s what best explains why the US government restored BP’s right to federal contracts and drilling the other day is this fact: It is the sixth largest corporation in the world in revenues. Given that the BP Gulf spill was the largest accidental oil pollution of a body of water in history, one would think that the company (which earned a $13.4 billion profit in 2014) would be on its best behavior. That is hardly the case. In fact, BP is currently pursuing litigation to stop making Gulf spill restitution payments that it had agreed to in a court settlement. That’s right; it is trying to get the legal system to allow the company to alter the terms of how it would pay compensation to plaintiffs represented in a class action suit -- even though BP signed the agreement.

​300 Arrested at Montreal Protest Against Police Brutality


Page 8

The Media’s Complicity In Crimes Against Humanity For over 65 years, the media has remained silent with respect to the eugenic and genocidal methods of population control employed by governments throughout the world under the auspices and impetus of the United Nations and its agencies.

Health How Google Protects the Financial Interests of Big Pharma

7 Foods that Were Supposed to be Incredibly Unhealthy — But are Actually Anything But

This Is What The World Would Look Like If Cell Phone Radiation Was Visible



t appears as though mega-media enterprise Google (remember when it was just a search engine?) is expanding its corporate horizons. Now, it seems, the company wants to “protect” our pharmaceutical supplies. According to a report by National Journal (NJ), under the premise of ensuring that prescriptions being bought online by patients are genuine and not counterfeit, Google -- among other “major Internet players” -- are working with the U.S. government to “battle the problem.”

n the future, when we’re zipping around the biosphere on our jetpacks and eating our nutritionally complete food pellets, we won’t have to worry about what foods will kill us or which will make us live forever. Until then, we’re left to figure out which of the food headlines we should take to heart, and which should be taken with a grain of unrefined, mineral-rich sea salt. Low-fat or high-fat? High-protein or vegan? If you don’t trust what your body tells you, remember that food science is ever evolving. The seven foods below are ancient. But they’ve gone from being considered healthy (long ago) to unhealthy (within the last generation or two) to healthy again, even essential.

8 Beers That You Should Stop Drinking Immediately


ast week I warned the world that the global food supply was intentionaly designed to end human life, not nourish it. Popular foods have been “weaponized” and are deliberately engineered to deliver toxic, cancer-causing chemicals to everyday consumers. The effect of all this is the mass poisoning of the people; keeping them incoherent, dumbed-down, diseased and chained to the for-profit “sick care” system where disease equals profits. Today, the Environmental Working Group published a hard-hitting report providing yet more evidence in support of exactly the point I’ve been making. EWG researchers confirmed the presence of azodicarbonamide, the “yoga mat chemical,” in hundreds of brand-name foods, including brands that promote themselves as “healthy” or “natural.”.

any of us choose what we eat very carefully, or at least dedicate our minimum attention to it. But when it comes to drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, we do little to make the best decisions for our health. Which is a HUGE mistake. All the work for your body can be ruined in a weekend out. While foods and non alcoholic beverages are required to list their ingredients and are monitored by the FDA, beer does not belong in either. Alcohol industry had lobbied for years to avoid labeling its ingredients. Some to protect its recipes, but most – to hide harmful ingredients.

Azodicarbonamide Yoga Mat Chemical Confirmed in 500+ Everyday Items



t shocks many people to discover that less than 1 percent of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye. Think about that for a moment. Take the rainbow for example, the existence of the rainbow depends on the conical photoreceptors in your eyes; to animals without cones, the rainbow does not exist. If they cant conceive the idea of one in their head, does it mean that rainbows dont exist?

How Meditation Affects Your Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains


o you struggle, like me, with monkey-mind? Is your brain also a little unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, fanciful, inconstant, confused, indecisive, or uncontrollable? That’s the definition of “monkey mind” I’ve been given!If you need more motivation to take up this transformative practice, neuroscience research has shown that meditation and mindfulness training can cause neuroplastic changes to the gray matter of your brain.A group of Harvard neuroscientists interested in mindfulness meditation have reported that brain structures change after only eight weeks of meditation practice.

Science & Tech Stanford Scientist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness

Make Taser-Proof Clothing with Carbon-Fiber Linings



tanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller has been researching a level of physical reality hitherto undetectable with conventional measurement instruments. He says two kinds of substances exist: 1. The electric atom/molecule level: Substances on this level can be measured with traditional instruments. We can measure them because they are electric-charge based. 2. The magnetic information waves level: “This new level of substance, because it appears to function in the physical vacuum (the empty space between the fundamental electric particles that make up our normal electric atoms and molecules), is currently invisible to us and to our traditional measurement instruments.”

fiber to the clothes’ lining.


H a c k a d a y, Shenzhen demonstrates some proofof-concept “ t a s e r- p r o o f clothing” created by adding carbon

3rd Round of Testing for E-Cat Cold Fusion Power Generator


ndrea Rossi has revealed that a third independent test of his ecat low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device is underway. Like year’s test this round of testing is being carried out by unidentified “college professors.”The professors will be using their own equipment and measuring the Hot Ecat.


BY: Mike Adams |

If you want to get truly terrible advice on health, foods and nutrition, just tune into the mainstream media. Across all the three-letter networks, high-circulation newspapers and establishment websites, you'll discover a bizarre cesspool of truly dangerous, outdated and pharma-influenced health advice that's more likely to get you killed than keep you informed. In this article, I examine the five biggest insanely stupid health lies still being pushed by the mainstream media, almost as if these organizations think the world is flat or that mercury vapors can chase away evil spirits that cause disease. You might even think this article is a joke. Although the content of this article is absolutely true, it really is a joke on the mainstream media which continues to lose readers and viewers by the minute. Where are all the readers and viewers going? To "alternative" news organizations like Natural News, where readership and social media numbers continue to grow by leaps and bounds. (Maybe it's because we tell the truth and aren't a bunch of pathetic sellouts to the corrupt, criminally-operated medical establishment, GMO poison pushers and drug companies.)

Insanely stupid health lie #1: Mercury in lobster is bad for you, but mercury in flu shots is good for young children! When small amounts of mercury were recently found in Maine lobster, health authorities shut down the harvesting and the media reports on the "Mercury contamination from decades-old industrial pollution." Mercury is toxic, after all, and you shouldn't be eating it. Nearly everyone agrees on that point. Yet, magically, when far higher concentrations of mercury are injected into children in the form of flu shots, suddenly all that mercury is completely safe and harmless, according to the mainstream media. Heck, the mercury even enhances the health of children, the media claims! Just watch this media clip which claims that mercury causes "improved behavior and mental performance" in children. Yeah, seriously. I wasn't joking when I used the phrase "insanely stupid" in the title of this article. How, exactly, is mercury harmful when eaten in lobster but completely safe when injected into the body's muscle tissue at far higher concentrations? To arrive at that conclusion, you have to be insanely stupid, of course. Or brain damaged by mercury in vaccines... Yet this is the story you will continue to hear across the mainstream media: Mercury in vaccines is harmless, they say. Or better yet, some media outlets claim there is no mercury in vaccines at all, essentially claiming that mercury is a "conspiracy theory." The most astonishing thing in all this is the surprising fact that brain damage can be so selective. Apparently, mercury in vaccines can destroy all rational thinking centers in the brain of a mainstream journalist, yet keep alive just enough circuitry to allow them to copy and paste corporate press releases distributed by vaccine manufacturers. Fascinating how that "selective lobotomy" operates, isn't it?

Insanely stupid health lie #2: There's no such thing as a food that helps prevent cancer Here's another insanely stupid lie pushed by the media, and this one gets people killed. The lie is that "there is no such thing as any food which can prevent cancer." This lie is engineered and circulated for the most insidious of motivations: to keep cancer rates high and enrich the cancer industry by attacking the very sources of information the American people desperately need to prevent cancer, reduce health care costs, reduce suffering and increase longevity. The fact that a multitude of foods have anti-cancer properties is simply not debatable by any rational person who is sufficiently educated on the subject. Blueberries, red grapes, broccoli, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds, almonds and all sorts of foods have well-documented, scientificallyvalidated anti-cancer properties. Any journalist who publicly denies this in an article only admits their own complete ignorance on the subject of anti-cancer foods and nutrition. This is what I mean when I describe mainstream media journalists as "nutritionally illiterate." They truly are! Anyone interested in actually finding science that talks about anti-cancer foods only need visit where over 11 million scientific studies are organized, keyword-linked and republished from

Page 10

Insanely stupid health lie #5: Disease outbreaks are caused by a lack of vaccinations the National Library of Medicine. A person intent on learning something can spend days on the site learning about anti-cancer foods and dietary supplements. There are also, of course, extremely helpful books written by doctors and PhDs who are experts on the subject of anti-cancer foods. One of my favorites is called Foods to Fight Cancer: Essential foods to help prevent cancer. It describes all the scientifically-validated anti-cancer benefits of certain food groups such as citrus fruits (the white layer inside the peeling is anti-cancer) and cruciferous vegetables. People who still think there's no such thing as anti-cancer foods must be living in the Stone Age, or are willfully ignorant.

Insanely stupid health lie #3: Fluoride improves public health It's interesting that now even a notable professor at the Harvard School of Public Health agrees that fluoride consumption lowers IQs in children. According to the published study, researchers "found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children. Based on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride's impact on the developing brain is warranted." But hold on: the mainstream media says that anyone who asks intelligent scientific questions on fluoride toxicity is a nut case. Fluoride is ASSUMED to magically be safe, regardless of the evidence, and this myth is obediently repeated by nearly every mainstream media outlet as if it were established fact. When "fluoride" is ever mentioned, media journalists link up like toy soldiers and salute the chemical industry's desire to eliminate toxic chemical waste by labeling it "fluoride" and dumping it into the public water supply. The reality is far different from what we are told: Fluoride makes the population stupid. It lowers IQ points in children. It dumbs down the adult population, too, and keeps people cognitively suppressed. "Fluoride" isn't just fluoride, either: it's loaded with toxic chemicals and heavy metals. But that's the whole point. Fluoride is a huge success at its intended mission: to keep people so incredibly stupid that they will actually believe the mainstream media, or the White House, or even -- gasp! -- CNN. To watch Piers Morgan and believe anything he says, you almost have to deliberately drink gallons of fluoride to eliminate all higher reasoning function in your brain.

Insanely stupid health lie #4: Nutrition is a waste of money Don't waste your money on vitamin pills! Didn't you hear? Nutrition will only give you "expensive urine!" It is with this particularly insidious lie that the American public is encouraged to stop buying vitamins and instead buy prescription drugs which are 10,000% more expensive and thereby create the world's most expensive urine of all. In fact, the average American's urine contains more dollars worth of prescription drugs than the entire day's salary of a factory worker in China. According to the mainstream media -- which is largely supported by junk foods, fast food and prescription drugs advertising -- all you need to be truly healthy is junk foods, fast food and prescription drugs. All those silly "organics" and "dietary supplements" and "superfoods" are just a waste of time and money, didn't ya know? Only crazy people buy healthy food. Real Americans go to the pharmacy! Oh, and don't worry about the fact that everybody around you who actually pursues a lifestyle of junk food, fast food and prescription drugs is dying from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's. That's just bad luck, we're told. It has nothing to do with their diets, because if you believe the mainstream media's health hacks, diet has nothing to do with health outcomes! Astonishingly, many journalists actually believe in such lunacy.

Every time you hear about an outbreak of whooping cough, or measles, or the flu, the entire national media lines up to declare, in obedient unison, "It's all due to a lack of vaccines!" It's almost magical -- or possibly tragic -- to see the knee-jerk reaction play out across the bought-and-paid-for media. Didn't you know? Disease is actually CAUSED by a lack of vaccines? When vaccines are not injected into children in high enough numbers, diseases spontaneously erupt from nothing! This was, of course, the very theory of disease before the Germ Theory. Diseases were thought to spontaneously appear without cause, and mercury was one of the "treatments" given to patients by doctors of the day to make diseases go away. Not much has changed in 250 years, it turns out. Today, the mysticism of vaccinations remains just as irrational and faith-based as the medical voodoo of the 1700's, and the lack of reasoning among those who write the news for the masses is just as pathetic today as it was back then. The technology may have changed in a couple of centuries, but human brains haven't changed at all, and they've always been easy for the establishment to manipulate. Nowhere along the line has anyone bothered to look at the importance of nutritionally supporting the immune system so that it can fight off infectious disease without breaking down into symptomatic sickness. If you believe the mainstream media, your immune function has no purpose whatsoever and it was a mistake that you were ever born with one. Instead, you should let interventionist medicine run your immune system through the injection of viral strains, aluminum, mercury, MSG, formaldehyde and other deadly chemicals routinely used in vaccines. You were, in other words, born an "incomplete" human who can only achieve completeness through multiple vaccine injections which then somehow make your failed immune system suddenly whole. Except that in nearly every breakout of measles, mumps and flu, it's the vaccinated kids who get sick the most! Don't expect the mainstream media to ever report this fact. They don't even ask the question! (Why bother asking if you don't want to know the answer, right?) If vaccines actually worked, then logically all the sick kids would be those who were never vaccinated. But that's almost never the case, it turns out. In most cases, vaccines increase susceptibility to infectious disease rather than decreasing it.

Yet more media lies... Just to wrap up this collection of eye-opening observations, don't forget all the following lies which were also endlessly repeated by the media (and then proven to be outrageous lies): • Obamacare would LOWER your health insurance costs and be readily available to everyone! And you could keep your job, too! • GMOs are perfectly safe to eat in unlimited quantities, and without GMOs, half the world might starve to death. • Drug companies need to charge monopoly prices only so they can raise enough money to develop cures for humanity. Because they care! And the only reason the FDA enforces a U.S. monopoly on drug prices while seizing importations of prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies is because the FDA cares, too! • All the money donated to pink ribbon cancer fundraisers goes to help find cures for cancer. (Total lie. Most of the money goes to fund mobile mammogram trucks that go into low-income neighborhoods to falsely diagnose poor women with cancer so the cancer centers can rack up huge Medicare billings. Ka-ching!) • The government isn't listening to your phone calls, no way! That's just a crazy "conspiracy theory." And no, your credit card records and bank records aren't being tracked, either... stop being so paranoid! Want to stop being lied to? Want to know the truth about food, health, nutrition, cancer prevention and vaccines? Read Natural News like over six million other people do each month. And find out why people who stop watching CNN never go back.

WE CAN HELP DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE! Web Express and Colour Express have been supporting arts organizations and working with local businesses for the past 25 years. From daily newspapers, magazines and retail inserts, to brochures, annual reports, presentation folders and stationery packages our team of dedicated and experienced professionals guarantees the best printed products. For ALL your printing needs contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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CONTIUNED FROM PAGE 3 is only for a moment, because the baby’s need is immediately taken care of. Often this means nursing, which satisfies the baby’s necessity for close contact and attention, as well as for nourishment. Hallet remarked that the baby is usually carried in front, although sometimes on the back. In either position, Pygmies feel it is essential to maintain skinto-skin contact, with the child naked against the mother’s bare skin. If clothing is needed for warmth, the mother wraps a cloth around both herself and her child, not between them. This constant skin contact continues for at least the first six months. Thereafter, the mother continues to provide plenty of touching as well as baby-led nursing.

FOR THE FIRST YEAR, THE BABY IS NEVER SEPARATED FROM THE MOTHER. A Pygmy baby continues to nurse for about five years, Hallet reported. If there’s any milk left after the new baby is finished, the breast may go to the baby before, and then to the child before that one, in turn. The priority is always the newly born child. Hallet said, “Sometimes you’ll see little children playing, perhaps making a bow and arrow. They interrupt their play to go to their mother, reach for her breast and suckle a little bit . . . still finding the warmth of a few drops of milk.” The breasts of women with many children may be really flat, going all the way down to the waist, commented Hallet. I thought this might result from a combination of breastfeeding along with a physically active lifestyle and no bras. Although such “droopy breasts” may be unattractive from a modern point of view, to the Pygmies it is a good sign, I learned, because it indicates a woman has been feeding a lot of children. Prolonged, child-led nursing also provides a natural form of birth control and child spacing. The Pygmies do not equate breasts with sexual stimulation, Hallet claimed, and they do not use the breast for erogenous foreplay. The breast is considered sacred, reserved for the child. I wondered if the modern obsession with breasts was influenced by the lack of prolonged nursing such as Efe children enjoy. The father takes great interest in his baby. He plays, holds and hugs the child as much as the mother does. Men and women equally manifest love and care. In fact, fathers will sometimes hold their babies for very long periods of time. Hallet recalled, “The most beautiful time for a father is when he holds his baby for the very first time. He will hold his newborn with great . . . tenderness. And usually he will cry, because he is so touched by his baby.” Close physical contact, nursing as often as the child feels the need, emotional warmth, and loving care are among the basic requirements of very young children, according to the Pygmies. Fulfilling these needs maximizes the child’s potential to develop into a naturally sociable and responsible human being who can enjoy a good life.

CHILDHOOD Family members sleep together. The big girls cuddle on the left side of the hut with the mother. The boys line up beside the father, on his right. The youngest child who is still breastfeeding sleeps between the father and mother. Pygmies feel that this is an intrinsic part of life, Hallet said. Since their only blankets are each other, they cuddle and fit against one another’s bodies in a very natural way.

THEY DO NOT TELL THEIR CHILDREN WHAT TO DO OR WHAT NOT TO DO. This feeling of closeness carries beyond the family hut. Hallet said that children refer to their parents’ peers as “mother” or “father.” Children outside the immediate family are called “brother” or “sister.” As Hallet’s documentary revealed, there is a great deal of affectionate touching among all of the Pygmies. Babies and small children are held and carried. Older children and adults frequently hold hands or sit with an arm around a friend, or place their head in another’s lap. Anyone feeling the need for reassurance may touch someone briefly or go for a hug. Many enjoy cuddling. Girls and boys are treated and valued equally, according to Hallet. I speculated that having early needs fulfilled by both parents encouraged trust and respect for both sexes. Marriage involves no dowry or bride-payment, but rather simple exchanges. Most areas of work are not limited solely to one gender or the other. A man will gather food if he passes something tasty and his hands are free. And all the people - men, women and children - play a part in the hunt. Hallet never saw a Pygmy adult hit or criticize a child. Nor do they tell their children how to behave. When I asked how they control their children, Hallet answered, “They don’t. The children do not need to be controlled. Whatever the adults do, the children do. The woman goes to gather wood for the fire, and the little girl follows and picks up a few pieces too.” Just the opposite, I thought, of what I experienced while growing up, when I heard, “Do as I say, not what I do.” Psychological researchers, I remembered, have concluded that the primary way children learn is through imitating their caretakers. Once he saw a toddler heading straight toward a blazing fire, and called out to alert the mother. The mother calmly replied, “Let him go.” As Hallet put it, the mother knew the child would soon feel the heat and slow down. She trusted nature, including the instinctual wisdom of her child’s human nature. The child might touch a glowing twig and learn about fire without serious harm to either his fingers or his budding self-confidence.

Page 12

“This is probably the most striking difference between the Pygmies and our society,” said Hallet. “They do not tell their children what to do or what not to do.”

ADULTHOOD After an easy birth and attentive childcare, what quality of life do Pygmies experience in maturity? According to Hallet, Efe Pygmies are physically healthy. Living traditionally, they do not succumb to such modern diseases as high blood pressure, heart disease, or cancer. Death is usually due to pulmonary diseases like pneumonia, a result of the constant nearly 100 percent humidity of their forest environment. The second leading cause of death is what Hallet termed “accidents,” such as being crushed by a falling tree. For simple ailments like an infected cut, the Pygmies have natural medicines derived from various combinations of roots and plant juices. They have a cure for every normally occurring illness, according to Hallet. They either eat the substance, drink it, or make a little scratch and absorb it into the bloodstream much like an injection. Through centuries of trial and error, they know what works and what does not. The emotional health of the Pygmies is also impressive. Hallet, constantly touched by their goodness, believes that the simplicity, harmony, and serenity that the Pygmies experience are qualities we could learn to incorporate. “They are not afraid,” he said. “They are totally secure.” They have a high level of respect for themselves and others. Most significantly, Efe Pygmies are free of hatred, greed, and competitive feelings. Physical violence against others is forbidden. Hallet’s documentary reveals the role that social responsibility plays in a telling scene of conflict between an Efe wife and husband. The argument heats up with much shouting, hands on hips, and dramatic finger waving. Suddenly the husband picks up a stick. The wife disappears from the screen - but soon reappears bearing a club taller than herself. At this point, the women hold back the wife, and the men hold back the husband.

THE PYGMIES DO NOT SUPPRESS THEIR EMOTIONS; INSTEAD, THEY SAY, “TELL THE TRUTH. DO NOT HIDE IT - LET IT OUT.” What usually happens when a husband and wife fight, says Hallet, is that they are encouraged. “If a man is about to hit his wife, the others will give him a stick and say, ‘Hit her with this. You are a strong man. You can kill her!’ By this time, the husband already feels a little ashamed. The others group around and call out, ‘Okay! Go! Go for it!’ And then he realizes how foolish he looks. They end up making a joke out of it, a sort of soap opera. Then every body claps, and they are happy.” Pygmies express all of their emotions freely. According to Hallet, if Pygmies feel like crying, they cry. If they want to scream, they scream. They yell. It is acceptable for a man to cry openly. The pygmies do not suppress their emotions; instead, they say, “Tell the truth. Do not hide it - let it out.” Turnbull referred to the bright-eyed, open look of the playful Pygmies, and was surprised by the extent of their emotional freedom: they may even fall to the ground and roll around when expressing intense sorrow, or laughter. Even though Pygmies usually do pretty much what they feel like doing, community relationships do not suffer. As Hallet sees it, a major part of their great personal freedom comes from a mutual feeling of trust. As he spoke I thought, because the innate trust human babies are born with is not betrayed by their caregivers, that trust can continue. According to Hallet, Pygmies concentrate their attention on the betterment of their personal relationships. He said that the entire Efe society had not one criminal, not one rapist, one molester, or one case of incest. Although a man might think of making love with a woman other than his wife, knowing how that would threaten the root of their sacred marriage for life, he would resist the temptation. The Pygmies have no chiefs, no courts or prisons. Turnbull wrote that they did not want individual power, preferring shared decision-making. More than anything else, what forms the basis of the healthy relationships that Pygmies enjoy is respect. For instance, respect is shown in the handling of food, which is shared with all. If food is scarce, the first to be fed are the children and then the elders - those who are the most vulnerable. Great respect is shown for the elders. In Pygmy society, the elders are “the stars of the show.” According to Hallet, they are the most important people because they have the wisdom, the honor, the beauty that deserves respect. They have worked all their lives. They have given a lot of love to other people. They naturally reap the reward of becoming truly important in the eyes of all others. The Pygmies have a saying: “Thank God if you live to grow old.” When I heard that I wondered how many of our modern elders feel as honored and grateful in old age. Pygmies also show respect for their forest environment and resources. “Never cut the tall trees,” they say in Hallet’s Pygmy Kitabu. Ecology is a natural part of their religion. According to Hallet, the Pygmies believe in one God, one Spirit, one Creator of all life. They consider no form of punishment, no hell or revenge, because they see God as being only benevolent. In The Forest People, Turnbull records the words of a song he heard his Pygmy companions sing: “. . . If darkness is, then the darkness must be good.” So completely do the Pygmies experience a trustworthy world.

THE FUTURE: DANGER OF EXTINCTION Pygmy lives are now endangered. “It is impossible for them to survive with their traditional hunting and gathering because their forest is being destroyed at a tremendous rate,” said Hallet. In fact, many experts predicted that the Efe Pygmies would be extinct by 1977. In that year, their population numbered 3,800 - not yet extinct, although a significant decline from the two or three million who were once the only inhabitants of central Africa. “The forest, that perfect ecosystem that took millions of years to be established, is destroyed now to less than ten percent of its former glory,” said Hallet.

THE PYGMIES ARE THE LIVING EVIDENCE OF OUR INNATE GOODNESS. He repeatedly stressed the view that humanity needs to help the Pygmies survive because they are also the key to our own survival. “The Pygmies are the living evidence of our innate goodness.” In a world threatened by oppression, conflict, and violence, these forest people demonstrate that when we gently birth, nurture, and guide our children, without violence and other repressive controls, we human beings can live together in freedom and harmony. Nurtured by a community that reflects the loving care adults received early in life, children develop freely in an environment of safety, warm concern, cooperation and shared pleasures. The Pygmies say, “Love the children extravagantly, with all your heart!”

SUMMARY: A SUSTAINED CULTURE REVEALS POSSIBILITIES FOR HUMANITY The images and expectations we hold in our minds powerfully influence our children’s development. The picture of “human nature” given by some modern people depicts a human “inheritance” of violent and selfish “instincts.” When we believe that humanity is innately violent or greedy, we fearfully demand obedience from our children, and strive to maintain rigid controls over the emotional responses that we have been taught to fear in our own childhoods. Dominance over others’ behaviour, and over our own natural emotions, brings neither inner nor outer peace. Instead, viewing human nature as dangerous has helped to create perilous consequences for the human race. The image of human nature demonstrated by the living Pygmies offers us the hope of better ways of relating, arising from a more accurate view of our original nature. The Efe Pygmy culture reassures us that we need not assume that human beings are genetically violent or greedy. Therefore we need not teach our children to suppress themselves or to blindly obey others. Pygmy society shows us that when children’s needs - their life requirements - are lovingly provided for, they will not grow up harbouring unmet needs that may become greed. They will not develop the rage and fear that result from early neglect and punishment, and may be destructively expressed for the rest of their lives.

IT IS UNNECESSARY TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO LOVE. Startling to our modern minds, it becomes clear that it is unnecessary to teach our children to love. Instead we can trust and support their innate tendencies toward empathy and generosity, which I too experienced while living in Africa and elsewhere. We can safely allow our children emotional freedom, while gently guiding them in appropriate, mutually respectful ways of behavioural expression. In short, the Pygmies demonstrate that we do not have to war with our children. We do not have to teach them violence by our example when they are small. Instead we can participate with them in the graceful unfolding of their inborn integrity and empathetic kindness. What happens in our parenting as we begin to act from this harmonious image of human nature? For one, we find ourselves reviving such ancient practices as natural home-birth, unrestricted breastfeeding, carrying our infants and maintaining close physical contact with them. Rather than punishment, we teach our children by example. In so doing, we are not simply returning to our roots. Rather, in our individual ways, we are weaving a new synthesis appropriate for our times, one that creates fresh possibilities for the whole of humanity. From the self-respecting awareness of our inherent human goodness, a sweeter, grander version of ourselves will emerge.

PYGMY PROVERBS: “GOODNESS AND KINDNESS PUT AN END TO BADNESS.” “GOD RETURNS THE GOOD THAT ONE DOES.” “WITH TRUTH ONE MAY REACH GOD.” “A BAD MOTHER IS NOT A MOTHER.” “CHILDREN ARE PEOPLE’S TREASURES.” Ushanda io Elima has been a psychotherapist and instructor of psychology in mainland USA and elsewhere. Originally from California, she has pursued learning from rich experiences while living in Africa (Nigeria and Kenya), the South Pacific (Fiji and Western Samoa), the Caribbean (Jamaica and St. Lucia), and Alaska (as Counselor/Coordinator for the Kodiak Area Native Association). Ushanda has lived in Belize, Central America for 12 years, where she continues to explore the relationship between parenting practices and interpersonal/intercultural relations.

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Why doctors are idiots:




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for him, too, because then he can still make his golf game. Don't worry about the baby: There's no benefit to vaginal childbirth anyway, right? What better way to welcome your child to the world than with a scalpel! Result: Millions of women subject their children to nonnatural child birthing that results in an increased risk of lung disease afflictions as well as psychological birthing trauma lasting a lifetime. Worried about your child getting an infectious disease? Inject your children with multiple vaccines. It will protect them from infectious disease and may, in fact, protect them from oral sex! (At least that's what Merck claims.) Besides, there's nothing wrong with a little mercury, right? Result: Unknown. It's a great medical experiment now being conducted on the children of America. It's backed by idiot doctors and gun-toting law enforcement personnel who are ready to arrest parents who resist the vaccination mandates. Need some food for your baby? Buy Similac (or any other baby formula powder). It's made with 42.6% corn syrup solids and 10.1% sugar, making it over 50% refined sugars! Marketed with a cuddly teddy bear on the front label and sporting the claim, "Balanced nutrition for older babies," Similac and other infant formula products are little more than sugar water for babies. Doctors and paediatricians remain silent. There is no outcry. No national scandal. No action by the FDA to protect babies. Some doctors even recommend this stuff! (And stupid parents keep buying it!)

2007 A survey of 1,600 practicing physicians published in the Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that nearly half of all doctors failed to report an incompetent colleague who posed a risk to the health or safety of a patient. The same survey also revealed that a majority of doctors would send their patients to get expensive imaging work done at an imaging facility in which they held a financial interest, but only 24 percent of doctors said they would reveal that conflict of interest to patients.

Result: Yet more incompetent, dishonest doctors continue to scam customers and harm patients. The scourge of modern medicine continues as corrupt, ignorant and downright incompetent doctors continue to harm millions of expectant mothers, infants, babies and children with their deadly Big Pharma chemicals and disastrous health advice. The reputation of doctors plummets in the minds of the American public, and most patients now turn to the Internet to find answers that their doctors either don't know or refuse to tell them. The mass exodus of patients away from conventional medicine is now well underway...

Why doctors are still idiots When it comes to medical idiocy, these examples are just the tip of the iceberg. The same hopelessly outdated medical system that has given us cigarette-promoting doctors, breastfeeding-censoring doctors and superbug-breeding doctors is now claiming your children need yet more chemicals in their bodies in the form of vaccinations! And, by the way, these doctors are the only people in the world who are right. They'll tell you so themselves! They are the sole source of all knowledge on anything related to health and medicine, and they've now garnered enough political power that they've managed to criminalize parents who disagree with their medical dogma. You know what the difference is between God and doctors? God doesn't think he's a doctor. These days, instead of doctors simply being full of nonsense, they are suddenly a very real danger to your personal freedom. Before, they

were just peddling health nonsense. Now they hold the keys to your freedom and the custody of your children. Refuse to go along with new mandatory vaccination programs in New Jersey, for example, and you can be arrested, imprisoned, charged with a crime and have your children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. How dare you disagree with the High Priests of medical dogma!

humour have important functions in any free society: They reveal what's wrong in a hilarious light, simultaneously entertaining us while encouraging us to challenge our own ideas and, perhaps, come up with new, better solutions for future generations. Political cartoons, standup comedians and satire pieces like this one all play a role in getting people to think more carefully about the issues at hand.

Personally, I don't necessarily mind doctors being full of crap. It's amusing to watch, and hilarious to document. But I do mind doctors being full of crap while invoking law enforcement authorities to pull out a Glock, slap a 10-round magazine in the grip, point the barrel to the head of a mother of three children and demand, "Take OUR medicine, or you'll be arrested." Which is, of course, essentially what's happening in New Jersey and Maryland right now. It's called Gunpoint Medicine, and if you don't believe me, move to New Jersey, and refuse to have your children vaccinated. It won't be long before armed men show up at your front door with Child Protective Services standing behind them, ready to grab your kid, toss him into an unmarked van, and have you arrested for "resisting vaccination." This is not fiction. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. It takes truly evil people to dream up this kind of medical terrorism -- the very people who work for Big Pharma and the FDA.

Consider this: If modern medicine really worked well, and if doctors were creating wonderful solutions that kept people healthy, then we wouldn't have much of anything to make fun of! The fact that silly humour and examples of idiotic behaviour are so easy to find in conventional medicine today is indicative of the failure of medicine to be effective. Satire "attack" humour carries a sub-text message that says, "We can do better." We don't have to suffer under an idiotic system of medicine. We can create a better future based on genuine health freedom, the promotion of disease prevention programs, and the embracing of plant-based medicines that are safe, affordable and highly effective.

Or maybe I'm wrong about all this. Maybe doctors and health authorities have been full of crap for a hundred years, and now all of a sudden in 2007, they're instantly right! Maybe they've been visited by supernatural, omniscient beings who gave them perfect knowledge (along with a new Merck vaccine) and all they're doing is running around the country saving little children's lives for the good of humanity. Perhaps 2007 is the new Golden Age of children's health, to be initiated with a mass injection of kiddies with a dozen new toxic mercury injections to "protect" these kids from things that will probably never happen to them. Maybe now, in 2007, organized medicine has reversed all its years of bullsnot and finally found the light! And that light, we're told, comes in the form of a pill... or a vaccine... or chemotherapy... or whatever they tell you to take next. Yes, indeed! We've been saved by Big Pharma and a brigade of doctors! Hail the FDA! Praise the pharmaceutical giants! Give thanks for mandatory injections! Listen to the doctors and we'll all be saved! Quick Note: This satire piece does not mean to imply that ALL doctors are complete idiots when it comes to health. There are exceptions. Many of the outstanding people I know in natural health started as conventional medical doctors (M.D.s). The difference between complete idiot doctors and intelligent doctors is that idiots are not willing to abandon their existing dogmatic beliefs when faced with new, contradictory evidence. Intelligent people, on the other hand, adapt and evolve their ideas when faced with new information or evidence.

Until we get there, poking fun at the hilarious (but sometimes quite harmful and disastrous) failures of conventional medicine is an important way to keep reminding us all how crazy we are to follow this entrenched system of failed medicine. After all, if conventional medicine really worked well, wouldn't we all be healthy by now? Finally, I must add that there is idiocy and humour in every industry. Even natural health has its own idiots, too. Every industry has some area that can be improved, and there are always idiots working alongside geniuses and compassionate leaders, no matter where you look (except, perhaps, in politics, where it seems to be almost entirely idiots...). It just seems that conventional medicine has more than its fair share of short-sighted individuals (which I am equating with the term "idiots"). It's not just the doctors, of course, but the doctors have played a significant role in promoting the dogmatic beliefs that have helped deliver this disastrous failure of a health care system that we all suffer under in America today. Cuba actually has better health care results than America, and that country has virtually none of the technology, pharmaceuticals and insurance programs that we have. That says a lot right there. To some, it's downright hilarious. Personally, I can't help but laugh at the whole system of western medicine. And I plan to keep making fun of it for as long as it continues to produce more health care follies.

Learn more: bit. ly/1sa7puH

Conventional medicine, for the most part, does not want to learn anything new that might challenge its existing status quo dominance over the lives of parents and children. "Innovation is the enemy of the status quo," and genuine health enhancement (and disease prevention) is the enemy of the entrenched medical industrial complex. Most doctors are complete idiots because they follow a dogmatic, religiouslike belief in blatantly outdated junk medical science, even when real world observations and evidence demands the embracing of ideas that overthrow previously protected beliefs and career egos. Until doctors can abandon their egos and admit they don't know everything, they will continue to be full of crap. The purpose behind this satire piece is not to engage in silly name-calling exercises, but rather to play an important role in social commentary on the huge failures of modern medicine today. Satire and

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Surprisingly Simple Ways to Detoxify

Given what we are now exposed to through our food, air, and water, detoxification has become a modern-day necessity. Without the daily activation of ancient, effective physiological pathways designed to remove naturally occurring environmental and toxins or manmade chemical toxicants, we are bound to get sick. So, what are some simple, effective ways we rid our body of its daily toxic burden? 1) Pop a Probiotic: Of course, you don’t have to ‘pop a pill’ to get a probiotic. In fact, it is preferred you ingest either a cultured food (e.g. kombucha, yogurt (preferably non-cow’s milk based), cultured veggies, etc.) or eat more raw fruits and vegetables grown in truly healthy soil, as this is actually the root of where ‘good bacteria’ come from. How will getting probiotics help? Fascinating research indicates that probiotics actually help us break down foods (e.g. gluten; casein) and chemicals (pesticides, Bisphenol-A) which can cause great harm to our bodies, and which our own detoxification pathways do not handle effectively. Its kind of a wonder, isn’t it, that ‘germs’ can help save us from ourselves in this way? (Learn more: 8 Ways Microbes Can Save Us From Ourselves). 2) Breaking a Sweat: Sadly, sweating has become synonymous with something gross that should be blocked with antiperspirants/deodorants – which, ironically only further exacerbates the problem of bodily odor, as it keeps one of your primary channels of detoxification from doing its job. The reality is we were designed to move our bodies, the result of which is the release of profoundly uplifting and regenerative hormonal and neurochemical secretions. And this is just the obvious ‘reward’ we receive

by pushing ourselves through the discomfort of sustained, intense bodily exertion to the point where we are profusely sweating. Deeper benefits include the activation of the lymphatic system, which while being part of the circulatory system lacks a pump (like the heart) to push the lymphatic fluid through; this requires the activation of our entire skeletal musculature via exercise. While one does not necessarily need to break a sweat to move the lymph – walking will suffice – you can ‘free two birds with one hand,’ by eliminating various heavy metals and chemicals via profuse sweating if you bring your physical activity towards that threshold, which incidentally also overlaps with that ‘sweet spot’ that activates the ‘feel good’ secretions we talked about. (Learn More: Research Confirms Sweating Detoxifies Dangerous Metals, Petrochemicals). 3) Don’t Break-The-Fast: In wealthier countries, where we suffer from the Orwellian paradox of being incredibly over-nourished and simultaneously dying of nutritional deficiencies, one of the best way to optimize your detoxification systems is to stop eating before sundown (which, I believe, is hard-wired into our bodily design) and skip your break-fast entirely. In other words, don’t break-the-fast and continue through your day until you are truly hungry (not morbidly craving nutritionally dead gunk, or confusing the putrefaction-associated acidity of last night’s poorly digested, or poorly food-combined dinner with an actual need to eat more), wherein you’re eating something wholesome, organic, and preferably living to “get your fill.” If you eliminate and/or minimize the consumption of nutritionally vapid foods such as processed grain products, and beans (soybean, peanut, and other “vegetable oils” included), and have a salad, eat an apple, or consume some organic nuts, etc., and focus on eating one really good meal later in the day, you w i l l

be surprised by how little you will be hungry; much of that craving is a byproduct of chronic, elevated insulin, which is largely caused by over-consumption of processed grain-based foods, and/or simple carbohydrates way beyond what you need to replenish your glycogen stores. Now consider, this doesn’t have to be painful. Literally, if you awake in the morning, have your cup of coffee or tea (if you imbibe), and feel that empty hunger and low energy driving you towards you French toast, or whatever you would normally eat, try taking a couple tablespoons full of coconut oil, which will provide you (and your grumpy ‘morning brain’) with a near immediate source of fuel (66% of coconut oil is medium chain triglycerides which your body can use for energy very quickly, and which your liver breaks down into ketone bodies for your brain, which is the brain’s only other source of energy beyond glucose).[1] Consider, of course, this is not going to work for everyone, but it certainly may fit better into a busy lifestyle than the ‘heroic’ fast concept of just not eating anything at all – which has its place, especially for the very sick under professional guidance, or those on a spiritual mission, but not those with kids, several jobs, and just wants a way to jump-start the internal housecleansing, metabolism-boosting process. 4) Spice Up Your Life! Basic culinary spices can work wonders at stimulating bodily detoxification. A recent study, which we highlighted in the article “Garlic Beats Drug In Safely Detoxifying Lead from the Body,” illustrates how you can use your ‘food as medicine.’ If you LOVE Garlic, great. You are already a step ahead of those who tolerate it. In the former case, you might just want to ratchet up your romance a bit. In the latter case, just don’t ignore its potential application in foods you are already enjoying. The point is that we have plenty of help all around

Full Article Continued on Page 18 us, in our kitchen cupboards, on our spice racks, etc. And do you know what’s cool? There is a huge list of spices, foods, and nutrients – over 75 last time we counted -- that we have indexed on that can stimulate detoxification pathways in the body. Here’s how you navigate to it: > Menu Item: Research Database > Pharmacological Action > Detoxifier. 5) An Apple A Day Isn’t Going Away: One of the most amazing nutritional stories of our time is what happened to tens of thousands of so-called “Chenobyl Children,” after the meltdown of that reactor. As we discussed in our article “Why Apple Is One of the World’s Most Healing Superfoods” we discuss the radioisotope-detoxifying properties of this incredible healing agent: “Post-Chernobyl, for instance, apple pectin was used to reduce Cesium-137 levels in exposed children, in some cases by over 60%.[x] From 1996 to 2007, a total of more than 160,000 “Chernobyl” children received pectin food additives. As a result, levels of Cs-137 in children’s organs decreased after each course of pectin additives by an average of 30-40%.[xi] Significant reductions were noted in as short a time period as 16 days.[xii] Apple pectin has even been found to prevent the most deadly, and entirely manmade radioisotope, Plutonium-239, from absorbing in the gastrointestinal tract of animals fed it.[xiii]” The great thing about an apple, of course, is that it’s a whole food. Rather than take mega-doses of apple pectin (assuming you don’t live in Fukushima, or are exposed to its fallout in some way – then please do!), simply incorporating a ‘good apple’ – that is to say, 100% organic, non-irradiated, etc. – into your daily diet, should constitute an extremely pleasurable experience (especially if you incorporate this healthy snack as the “break” in our “Break-The-Fast” strategy). We can be nourished, pleasured, and detoxified all in one act; and this is, indeed, the way nature designed things in Her infinite wisdom. [insert “He” and “God”

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lmost thirty years ago, cultural critic Neil Postman argued in Amusing Ourselves to Death that television’s gradual replacement of the printing press has created a dumbed-down culture driven by mindless entertainment. In this context, Postman claimed that Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World correctly foresaw our dystopian future, as opposed to George Orwell’s 1984.

to al-Qaeda gives the government unfettered discretion to assassinate anyone without due process of law. This phraseology makes it impossible to distinguish the dialectical concepts of war and peace. It makes peace synonymous with a state of warfare. Peace is defined in terms of a generational commitment to war and, in turn, war is framed as a necessity to keep the peace. In other words, War is Peace. This is the lexicon of perpetual war, the vocabulary of a conflict that is never meant to end. “You can’t end the war,” as one official admits to the Washington Post, “if you keep adding people to the enemy who are not actually part of the original enemy.”

the first blow. Conversely, preventive war is pure aggression – it is not tied to any notion of imminence and is primarily directed at securing some strategic advantage. Thus, the dimension of time is the primary difference between the former and the latter. The Bush Doctrine blurred the lines between preventive and preemptive wars. It represented a seismic shift in national security strategy from one dominated by the Cold War doctrines of deterrence and containment, to one that now enshrined preventive war as a permanent feature of US policy. During his 2002 commencement speech at West Point, Bush stated: “If we wait for threats to fully materialize we will have waited too long…Yet the war on terror will not be won on the defensive. We must take the battle to the enemy, disrupt his plans and confront the worst threats before they emerge…” Furthermore, the 2006 US National Security Strategy Paper states that “If necessary, however, under long-standing principles of selfdefence, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy’s attack” (emphasis added). In true Newspeak fashion, such a conception of “preemptive action” inverts the traditional model of selfdefence under customary international law by rendering imminence completely irrelevant. In doing so, it strips selfdefence of any practical meaning. It conflates preventive war with preemptive war; it packages aggression as self-defence.

Contrary to Postman’s critique, however, the principles of Newspeak and doublethink dominate modern political discourse. Their widespread use is a testament to Orwell’s profound insight into how language can be manipulated to restrict human thought.

WAR IS PEACE Formulating the Language of Perpetual War – From AUMF to “Associates of Axssociates.” The semantic deception began shortly after September 11, 2001. “Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda,” Bush said in his State of the Union address, “but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.” The defining feature of this rhetoric is that it declares war on a particular method of violence used by disaffected states or groups. In fact, the phrase “war on terror” functions as what semiotics calls a floating signifier, a term devoid of any real meaning and thus open to any interpretation. Terrorism has no shape, mass, or boundary; it is an abstraction, a tactic of asymmetrical warfare used to achieve political goals. Imagine if Franklin D. Roosevelt had declared “war on surprise attacks” in the wake Pearl Harbour, or if Lyndon Johnson had vowed to defeat guerrilla warfare in Vietnam. This linguistic construct, therefore, ensures an open-ended conflict with no conceivable end.


Unperturbed by this paradox, British Prime Minister Tony Blair dutifully reiterated that, “the fact is we are at war with terrorism.” But the bombing sorties over Afghanistan had barely begun when the label morphed into “The Long War,” and then the “decisive ideological struggle of the 21st century and the calling of our generation.”

Operation Iraqi Freedom represented phase two in a linguistic framework meant to fuse two diametrically opposite concepts in the public mind: preemption and prevention.

Now, the targeted killings program has been “extended to militant groups” with no connection to September 11, 2001 – that is, “associates of associates.” Removing the requirement for any linkage

Page 16

The purpose of preemptive war is to thwart or neutralize an imminent attack – one that is “instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation” – without absorbing

PARADIGM But as Cheney’s one-percent doctrine doctrine later revealed, the threat need not even be likely, let alone imminent, for selfdefence (read aggression) to apply. According to this logic, even a one percent chance of an event occurring is sufficient to treat it as a certainty. “It’s not about our analysis,” Cheney reportedly said, “…It’s about our response (emphasis added).” Put simply, the likelihood of an event occurring is not a necessary prerequisite to wage war. This embeds the supreme international crime of aggressive war in the fabric of national security policy. Aggression is self-defence, Winston.

killing you for your own safety

to halt the institutionalization of the apparatus of tyranny– from Kill Lists to Disposition Matrices to Drone Playbooks to indefinite detentions to persecuting whistleblowers to pervasive domestic surveillance. These developments are strikingly at odds with the post-9/11 metanarrative that frames this conflict as a clash between the forces of freedom and despotism. As Bush phrased it: “Americans are asking, why do they hate us? They hate what we see right here in this Chamber, a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed. They hate our freedoms – our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY The Obama Administration gave the War on Terror a facelift by rebranding it “Overseas Contingency Operations.” But the sanitizing nomenclature has done little

From this point onward, spreading ‘freedom and democracy’ abroad became the rallying point for a nation enraptured by its new messianic role. But it soon became apparent that freedom at home cannot coexist with hyper-militarism abroad.

ACCUSATION IS GUILT – KILLING YOU FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY What could be more destructive to the cherished freedoms that make America a “shining city on a hill” than giving a “high level official” the power to kill Americans on US soil without any due process, accountability or transparency? What could be more Orwellian than asserting such dictatorial authority, which has always been the hallmark of totalitarian states, in the name of protecting the public’s safety? The cost of war is not measured solely in terms of blood and treasure. War also corrodes human morality to a point where even the most inhumane acts become perfectly acceptable. In fact, summary executions without due process and the right to a fair trial served as one of the justifications for removing Saddam Hussein’s regime. Not only does the recent Department of Justice White Paper resoundingly affirm this power grab, it also destroys the foundation of Anglo-American jurisprudence by nullifying the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ It eviscerates the Fifth Amendment, which prohibits any deprivation of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” It obliterates the protections afforded by the Sixth Amendment, including the “right to a speedy and public trial,” by asserting that government allegations alone, based on secret evidence, are sufficient to establish guilt. Accusation is guilt, Winston. As Glenn Greenwald cogently observes:

continued pg 26 Page 17



Surprisingly Simple Ways to Detoxify

if you prefer, but don’t hold the story of Adam and Eve against this sacred fruit!]. The last thing we should say on the topic, which may be the most important thing of all, is please avoid being poisoned in the first place. Easier said than done, I understand. But here are some really important things to remember, to make sure you aren’t unintentionally throwing yourself on a chemical grenade every day. 6) Unless you need your receipts, don’t take them. Next to canned food (with those darn alphabetic soup of bisphenols in their can liners; yeah, its not just BPA, but BPS, and others the industry is now using), what is likely our primary route of exposure for this profoundly damaging class of genderbending, heart-damaging, braindamaging petrochemicals is going to be touching thermal printer receipts – especially if you already use lotion, which only helps to accelerate the skin’s absorbance of these chemicals. 7) Stop slathering petrochemicals on your body. If you are putting it on your skin, it’s likely worse than eating it. How’s that? Unlike what you put into your mouth, where your liver determines if what you eat will be allowed into your bloodstream, your

Page 18

skin has no such ‘guardian’ to keep the poisons out. If something you are using as a body care product has an ingredient that requires a degree in chemistry to understand, ditch it (that is, recycle it) or don’t buy it. If you can’t eat an ingredient, don’t put it on your body. Even better trying using coconut oil, or related foodcosmetic-medicines, with thousands of years of prior use backing it up for effectiveness and safety. If you want to learn more on the topic, read about how everyone now had actual crude oil derivatives in their body years of eating FDA/USDAapproved “food grade petroleum,” and aforementioned exposures: [“Crude Awakening: Mineral Oil Contaminates Everyone’s Bodies”] 8) Don’t drink the water. What I mean by this is if you get your water through a municipal system, and it hasn’t been effectively purified (ideally, distilled with minerals reintroduced), you shouldn’t drink it. Keep in mind, also, you can get ‘pristine’ water from Iceland or Fiji, or wherever marketers like to take our imagination, but if its been sitting in plastic for a year, its not as good as it would seem. Keep in mind that the problem with municipal drinking water, isn’t just the fluoride residues, but the 600+ disinfectant byproducts all of which are known to be toxic to the body,[2] to damage

DNA, and probably contribute to cancer. It still boggles my imagination that anyone would willfully expose themselves to this, even in its secondary reiteration as ‘cooking water,’ i.e. using it to make pasta. Water is what the majority of our bodies are composed of. Learn to savor ‘biological water,’ that is, water that comes from pure food, e.g. watermelon. This is ‘structured’ by the universe itself, and is unparalleled in what it can do for your body. So, we’ve covered some problems and solutions, and certainly this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just take it all with a grain of sea salt, and take what works for you and leave the rest. [1], MCT Fats Found in Coconut Oil Boost Brain Function In Only One Dose. [2] Susan D Richardson, Michael J Plewa, Elizabeth D Wagner, Rita Schoeny, David M Demarini. Occurrence, genotoxicity, and carcinogenicity of regulated and emerging disinfection by-products in drinking water: a review and roadmap for research. Mutat Res. 2007 Nov-Dec;636(1-3):178-242. Epub 2007 Sep 12. PMID: 17980649

Sayer Ji Is the founder of GreenMedInfo. com, an author, researcher, lecturer, and an advisory board member of the National Health Federation. Google Plus Profile. His writings have been published and referenced widely in print and online, including, Truthout,, New York Times online, The Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, New York Times and The Well Being Journal. He founded in 2008 in order to provide the world an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. It is widely recognized as the most widely referenced health resource of its kind.

Thoughts are always subversive. Only people who do not think are not subversive. Thinking is a crime. Jesus is crucified, Socrates is poisoned, Gautam Buddha is stoned. These people have not harmed anybody. They were the most loving, most compassionate human beings possible — but they committed a crime, and the crime’s name is thinking. No society wants any of its members to think. Thinking is dangerous. The society wants robots who simply do whatever is told to them, who cannot say no — that is impossible for them. They are machines. It is not accidental that every developed society is replacing man by machines. Machines are obedient, never subversive. Have you ever heard of any machine being a revolutionary or a rebel? It has not happened up to now that we had to crucify a machine.

THINKING IS DANGEROUS Osho | Waking Times Machines are very respectable people. I am not a machine. And there is no way of thinking, other than being subversive. Thinking means you doubt; thinking means you are not ready to accept what is being told to you. You want to decide on your own. Thinking means to be rational, to be logical; and humanity up to now has been superstitious… Yes, I am subversive. And only the subversive people are responsible for all the progress of the world. Whatever you have — all civilization, all scientific growth, all technology — is the contribution of subversive people. It is not the contribution of the superstitious. So I am happy to declare that I am subversive, absolutely subversive. To belong to that category is a great honor. Jesus Christ belongs to it, Socrates belongs to it, Galileo belongs to it, Gautam Buddha belongs to it. These are the real human beings. Others are only part of the crowd, cogs in the wheel. The society decides what is right, and they never question. The society decides what is wrong, and they never question. What is the difference between animals and man? Each human being has to be subversive if he wants to be a human being. That’s the definition given by Aristotle: man is a thinking animal. Thinking is equivalent to subversiveness… Socrates lived a long life; then they poisoned him. Jesus preached for three years continuously, and then they crucified him. I was only in Greece for two weeks when they arrested me. And they threatened that they would burn the house, dynamite the house, if I didn’t leave the house immediately. These are the same people who had poisoned Socrates two thousand years before…

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Do you think crucifying Jesus was the answer? The crucifixion created Christianity. Was poisoning Socrates the answer? Nobody is respected more in the whole history of Greece than Socrates. People have completely forgotten the names of those who had decided to poison him. But Socrates’ name will remain immortal as long as human beings are on the earth… It seems that there has been a conspiracy, going on for centuries, of mediocre people against the genius. And of course the mediocre people are in the majority — they have all the power. They have the government, they have the military, they have the police, they have the nuclear weapons.

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The genius has nothing except his intelligence, and intelligence is basically revolutionary; it cannot be otherwise. Its very quality, its intrinsic quality, is rebellion — rebellion against darkness, rebellion against untruth, rebellion against slavery, rebellion against everything that prevents man from becoming his total, grown-up self.

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Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer & Bras Bra-freedom is busting out all over! Women everywhere are discovering that wearing bras can make their breasts droopy and stretched out, but also cause cysts, pain, and cancer. For some women, enough said. The bra goes. It was always so uncomfortable, it was the first thing they took off after work anyway. More women are becoming brafree in the name of comfort and health. For other women, no way! The bra stays no matter what. And the cancer detection and treatment industry loves these women. They want women to wear bras. With one million bras sold each day in the US alone, that’s a lot of women binding and constricting the health out of their breasts in the name of fashion. Nothing new there. Corsets bound women for centuries, to the point of disease and death. Constriction is not a good thing for circulation. Nevertheless, this fashion of body shaping went on for centuries, despite its toll on women’s health. Bras are really breast corsets. They shape the breasts, and this requires harmful pressure and compression of the delicate breast tissue. Harmful fashions are not new. In fact, foot binding in China deformed feet to the point that toes would rot away. It was considered erotic to unwrap a bound foot, clean it, and re-wrap it. This lasted for a thousand years, despite its toll on women. It seems that harmful fashions are not ended simply because they are harmful. It’s not necessarily that the fashion designers of the time have it against women, it’s just that the health impacts of such fashions are never considered. The Campaign of Misinformation Almost twenty years ago, my partner Soma Grismaijer and I announced the results of our 1991-93 Bra and Breast Cancer study in our book, Dressed To Kill. Bras, we discovered, are the leading cause of breast cancer. Like corsets, they constrict and interfere with circulation. Lymph fluid cannot easily drain from a bra-constricted breast. This stagnant lymph fluid cannot be adequately flushed away, concentrating waste products and toxins in the slowly toxifying breasts. Backed-up fluid results in cysts and pain. Ultimately, this can lead to cancer. Essentially, a bra-free woman has about the same incidence of breast cancer as a man. The tighter and longer a bra is worn, the higher the incidence of breast cancer. 24/7 bra wearers have over 100 times the incidence as a bra-free woman. These findings have been recently confirmed by studies in China and Venezuela. A 1991 Harvard study also found a significant bra/cancer link. However, to the cancer detection and treatment industry, this is called “nonsense”. To the industry that makes billions of dollars each year giving mammograms, mastectomies, radiation and chemotherapies, and then protheses and bras so these women can look “normal”, the concept of bras contributing to breast cancer is “absurd”. In fact, the American Cancer Society’s spokesman, Dan Gansler, stated for the New York Times, “Because the idea of bras’ causing breast cancer is so scientifically implausible, it seems unlikely that researchers will ever spend their time and resources to test it in a real epidemiological study,” he told the Times for a Q&A piece. The article explains that: “He (Gansler) and colleagues compared National Cancer Institute data on breast cancer risk for women treated

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for melanoma who had several underarm lymph nodes removed and those who did not. The surgery, which is known to block lymph drainage from breast tissue, did not detectably increase breast cancer rates, the study found, meaning that it is extremely unlikely that wearing a bra, which affects lymph flow minimally if at all, would do so.” When I saw this, I did some research. The “study” is really a letter in the Breast Journal, run by the American Cancer Society: Axillary Lymphatic Disruption does not Increase Risk of Breast Carcinoma, in The Breast Journal, Volume 15, Issue 4, pages 438–439, July/August 2009. As a letter, the information was not peer reviewed. Not all the data was shown. It was an editorial, not a scientific report. Interestingly, their report did show a significant increase in skin cancers resulting from lymph node removal! This supports the hypothesis, which they wanted to disprove, that lymphatic blockage could cause cancer. (BTW, this has been known to be the case since the 1930′s) Instead of admitting an increase in cancers, they focused only on the breast cancer results. It found that there was not a significant increase in breast cancers. However, it mentions that there was not enough data for this conclusion to be statistically valid. In other words, there was not enough data to tell the impact on breast cancer. Of course, their “study” was designed to disprove the bra/cancer connection. Gansler did what no scientist should do. He had a bias and went out to prove a point, results be damned. The increased skin cancer results did not support his plan, so he ignored the data. The breast cancer data was too small a sample to make a conclusion, but they made one anyway.

the disease occurs largely by chance and according to as-yet-unexplained factors.


Okay, even if you don’t get the bra/cancer link, it’s easy to see the bias in this statement. If these factors are as-yet-unexplained, then how do you know it will not make prevention possible once these factors are discovered?

1. 1991 Harvard study (CC Hsieh, D Trichopoulos (1991). Breast size, handedness and breast cancer risk. European Journal of Cancer and Clinical Oncology 27(2):131-135.). This study found that, “Premenopausal women who do not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer compared with bra users…”

As for the 70% of cases that are “unexplained”, the reason for this is because they are ignoring the bra. They have looked at every lifestyle factor they could think of, but have deliberately ignored the bra, which already has a scientifically proven history of causing breast problems. But this reasoning has no impact on the cancer industry and its pink campaign. They don’t want to know the factors that cause this disease if it cannot be sold in patented pill or bottle form. Consensus? Widely debunked as unscientific? No reason or evidence is provided. So I put together a few things for the interested reader. The rest is up to you.

2. 1991-93 U.S. Bra and Breast Cancer Study by Singer and Grismaijer, published in Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras (Avery/Penguin Putnam, 1995; ISCD Press, 2005). Found that bra-free women have about the same incidence of breast cancer as men. 24/7 bra wearing increases incidence over 100 times that of a bra-free woman. 3. Singer and Grismaijer did a follow-up study in Fiji, published in Get It Off! (ISCD Press, 2000). Found 24 case histories of breast cancer in a culture where half the women are brafree. The women getting breast cancer were all wearing bras. Given women with the same genetics and diet and living in the same village,

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Not surprisingly, it was the same conclusion that they started out with! Unfortunately, this “information” is supported by the American Cancer Society, the pre-eminent cancer information source. They should not be able to lie and get away with it. However, the media is paid to report what they are told by the ACS, not to question it. The media spreads this misinformation because it is paid to. The payers are the cancer detection and treatment industry, as well as the lingerie industry, which also funds breast cancer research. The last thing the lingerie industry wants is a class action lawsuit. Their goal is to make sure there is no further research into the bra/ cancer link. Without a long list of studies, the issue can be called a “myth” and no lawsuits can succeed – they hope. Aiding their suppression of the issue is the cancer industry, which is not interested in rocking a boat that now nets them billions each year detecting and treating this disease. Pink champagne anyone? Let’s celebrate raising more money for research into cancer cell lines, genetics, new treatment drugs, new radiation procedures, new diagnostic tests… anything but the link between breast cancer and bras.

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A article is at the forefront of keeping the bra/cancer link ignored and suppressed. Quoted by national news networks and used as an October 2013 breast cancer informercial, this article not only calls the bra/cancer link a myth but also says breast cancer is not preventable. Called 25 Breast Cancer Myths Busted, this malignant article claims: Myth: Breast cancer is preventable. Reality: Alas, no. Although it is possible to identify risk factors (such as family history and inherited gene mutations) and make lifestyle changes that can lower your risk (reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption, losing weight, getting regular exercise and screenings, and quitting smoking), roughly 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors, meaning that

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the ones getting breast disease were the ones wearing bras for work purposes. 4. A 2009 Chinese study (Zhang AQ, Xia JH, Wang Q, Li WP, Xu J, Chen ZY, Yang JM (2009). [Risk factors of breast cancer in women in Guangdong and the countermeasures]. In Chinese. Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao. 2009 Jul;29(7):14513.) found that NOT sleeping in a bra was protective against breast cancer, lowering the risk 60%. 5. 2011 a study was published, in Spanish, confirming that bras are causing breast disease and cancer. It found that underwired and push-up bras are the most harmful, but any bra that leaves red marks or indentations may cause disease.

According to Dr. Mandy, who is our naturopathic expert, 85% of the lymphatic fluid must drain its waste around the armpit area, while 15% drains along the breast bone. Where does your bra usually wrap around your body? The bra seems to obstruct the very place that needs to be unobstructed! Studies have shown that the tightness of a bra can cut off the lymphatic system from draining properly. This means that your bra could be obstructing your body’s natural flow which can also increase your risks for cancer. DR. CHERYL KASDORF Naturopathic Physician, of


1 -

Physicians Who Support the Bra/Cancer Link:

Tight bras, poor food choices, and lack of exercise can hamper lymphatic removal of fluids from the breast. That can result in breast tenderness and is a risk factor for breast disease including cancer.



- Director of the Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine, graduate of Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons. Over 85 percent of the lymph fluid flowing from the breast drains to the armpit lymph nodes. Most of the rest drains to the nodes along the breast bone. Bras and other external tight clothing can impede flow.

- a 4th generation physician, she is Board Certified by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, the American Board of Emergency Medicine, and the American Board of Internal Medicine, founder of

The nature of the bra, the tightness, and the length of time worn, will all influence the degree of blockage of lymphatic drainage. Thus, wearing a bra might contribute to the development of breast cancer as a result of cutting off lymphatic drainage, so that toxic chemicals are trapped in the breast. DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA - Osteopathic physician, board-certified in family medicine, served as the chairman of the family medicine department at St. Alexius Medical Center for 5 years, trained in both traditional and natural medicine, founder of 1 - Many physicians and researchers now agree that wearing a tight fitting bra can cut off lymph drainage, which can contribute to the development of breast cancer,[1] as your body will be less able to excrete all the toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis. Aluminum from antiperspirants, for example, is one potentially dangerous source of toxins that can accumulate if your lymph drainage is impaired.

1 - Women who wear bras don’t have normal movement in their breast tissue. As a result, their lymphatics slow, and toxins stay in the tissue. I could go on, but you get the point. Breast cancer prevention is up to each woman. Don’t wait for the people who profit from cancer to tell you the answer. For more information, please see: http://bit. ly/1jiEa3Z

To learn more, please visit

DR. JENNIFER SHINE DYER - a pediatric endocrinologist and behavioral researcher with a Masters of Public Health in health behavior studies, and creator of the award-winning EndoGoal Diabetes Rewards App. 1 - “tight bras can reduce the lymphatic flow to the breasts thus creating an environment with more ‘cellular waste and toxins’ that should have been cleared by the lymphatic system.”

Avoid wearing underwire bras. There is a good deal of data that metal underwire bras can heighten your breast cancer risk.

- head of the Clinic of Breast Diseases and Oncology surgery at the Polish Mother Memorial Hospital Research Institute, collaboration with Polish lingerie manufacturer Corin and Lodz University of Technology on a thermographic study of interactions between the surface of a bra and a woman’s body.

1 - roadrunner-supports-our-girls/

- served as Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at Christiana Care Health Services from 1986 through 2006, subsequently served as the Medical Director for the Center of Integrative Health at The Preventive Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute.

Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist, the author of several ground-breaking and controversial health books, and the director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii. He is internationally recognized for his revolutionary and shocking research linking breast cancer with the wearing of tight bras, which he describes in his book, Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras. Sydney was trained in biochemistry, anthropology and medicine. He received a B.S. in biology from the University of Utah in 1979. He then spent two years in the biochemistry Ph.D. program at Duke University, followed by another two years at Duke in the anthropology Ph.D. program, receiving a Master’s Degree. He then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) at Galveston, Texas on a full academic scholarship, where he spent one year in the medical humanities Ph.D. program, and received an additional two years training in medical school. He left medical school to help develop a new field of applied medical anthropology.

Wearing a bra puts pressure on and around the breasts and restricts lymphatic flow. Consider this: lightly resting one finger on your arm will create about 5mm of mercury pressure in that location, which is enough to stop lymphatic flow. The restriction of lymphatic flow that tight bra straps have around the breasts, shoulders and back is much more significant…. take off that bra! At the very least, wear it less than 12 hours a day. Ideally, though, avoid wearing it whenever possible. Visit for tips on how to easily and discreetly make the transition.


- Naturopathic Doctor, contributing writer for www.keep-a-breast-org



1 -

2 -


Wearing a bra that is too tight can cause pressure, which may lead to dangerous health problems, like lymphatic drainage disorders, edema and or swollen lymph nodes

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7 Scientific Reasons

You Should Listen To Your Heart (Not Your Brain)

How many times have I told a patient that the heart is a muscle whose job is to pump blood 100,000 times a day to all the organs of the body?

Isn’t t h e heart just a vital (but fairly simple) bag of fleshy fibers? In the 1930s, Dr. Walter Cannon of Harvard Medical School showed that the heart responds to external nerves and hormones to help with a fight or flight response to keep us healthy. And yet, haven’t we all felt moments when we were sure that joy, love, and appreciation emanated from our hearts?

New research is showing that the heart controls the brain much more than previously thought. I didn’t learn these lessons in medical school or subsequent continuing education programs, but they are grounded in science. Some of these observations have profound implications and have led to practical therapies that I’ll discuss in Part 2 of this piece. Let’s look at 7 of the most important new findings about the central role of the heart in controlling the mind: 1. Some researchers refer to the heart as the “little brain.” There are 40,000 sensory neurons relaying information to the brain from the heart, leading researchers to call the heart the “little brain” and to coin the field as neurocardiology. 2. The heart communicates to the brain and the body. It does so in four ways, via: •

• • •

nervous system connections hormones produced in the heart itself biomechanical information via blood pressure waves energetic information from the strong electrical and electromagnetic field The fact that the heart produces hormones released into the blood stream affecting all of the body was first demonstrated 30 years ago and has led to tests routinely performed in hospitals across the country. 3. There is more information sent from the heart to the brain on a daily basis via these four means of communications than vice versa. Indeed, the neurons within the heart enable the heart to learn, remember, and make decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. 4. The heart emits more electrical activity than the brain. The heart emits an electrical field 60 times greater in amplitude than the activity in the brain and an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger that of the brain. 5. The electromagnetic field of the heart is incredibly strong. It not only can be measured anywhere on the body (using an EKG with electrodes on the ankles and wrists) but also for several feet outside the body, too. 6. Activity in one person’s heart can be measured in the brain waves of another person. The electromagnetic field of two individuals (human or pet and human), touching or within a few feet of each other, can interact so that energy activity in the heart of one individual is measured in the brain waves of the other. The act of touch for healing therapies can be postulated to be due to this method of communication. 7. The electrical activity of the heart and the brain can be guided into a synchronous electrical rhythm easily measured and displayed by simply focusing on positive and loving emotions emanating from the heart. This state of organ “coherence” is associated with improved higher level functioning, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, and improved immune system function. After 30 years of studying the heart, I am learning that exciting scientific findings are providing a dramatically different understanding of the heart and its relationship with the brain and the human body. The rich neurologic and endocrine structure of the heart make it possible to “train” the heart from acting in a frenzied and disordered manner during stress and anger to working in an optimal manner from lessons of peace, love, and harmony. The implications for education and treatment of clinical disorders, optimizing work performance, and offering students strategies to maximize their satisfaction and achievement are profound and will be covered in part 2 of The Smart Heart.

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Each one of us came here with a purpose. Either we decided, or a higher being decided on our behalf, that our spirit would attach to a particular physical body which would manifest itself through the act of conjugation between a particular man and a particular woman. Well yes, you might say..that may be..but does this necessarily imply having ‘a purpose’? Or are we simply the result of a chance vibratory attraction that has no particular calling or reason to be? Those of an atheistic, non believing persuasion, may opt for the chance vibratory connection; believing the Universe to be an arbitrary collection of orbs, energies and vortexes that have fallen into certain patters by chance – with no innate order suggesting the hand of a ‘cosmic conductor’ in the background. To such individuals, everything happens either by chance or by an act of purely human will. For those of this persuasion ‘coincidence’ is just that – even if it occurs with surprising regularity and produces some startling results – the view remains “that’s just luck”. Those who live their lives this way can’t fully wakeup. That is to say, they cannot – or will not – become conscious of the power of a higher source that works with them and through them, if so encouraged. They cannot experience or imagine themselves as a part of that higher consciousness, if they do not believe it exists. Thus life has a built in loneliness for such individuals, demanding various forms of compensation to make daily living a worthwhile experience. One finds many scientists falling into this category. Some at least are curious about a state of higher consciousness – but nevertheless have to ‘prove’ the existence of this ‘God Particle‘ via elaborate and hugely costly experiments. Once having ‘found it’ however, they do not themselves experience any transformatory inner change, metamorphosis of being, or greatly expanded consciousness. They just carry the knowledge as though it were separate from themselves – needing a vast super conductor experiment to reveal some outward sign of its existence. Then next come ‘the believers’. Those who have had some reason to believe in a higher source of existence beyond our purely earthly cares and needs. Many will have come to this belief through

some form of religious persuasion. Maybe a near death experience; maybe something that is simply inherited from elders; something latched onto out of a need to feel protected – or just the need to give some meaning to life. Many who fill this description operate according to certain moral principles originally derived from biblical sources. They also carry within ‘the fear of God’, worrying that if they step out of line they may be punished. They need priests, gurus and various hierarchical figures to give them direction throughout this life. They too cannot become fully awake; held back from following their deeper intuition by fear of transgressing the boundaries of socially acceptable behaviour, or through harbouring a simple fear of the unknown.

rays in glorious affirmation. A vast outpouring of all that ‘Is’; so that all that Truth touches is permeated with the realisation of its Divine and ever fecund potentiality. We can be that touchstone. When we experience this wave of Truth, we rightly call it Love. For that is what it is. Love is Truth and Truth is Love – they are an interchangeable feast. And like all good feasts, they attract indulgence – and it would be foolish indeed to resist such – for it is necessary to satiate this thirst which is common to us all and knows no limits or boundaries in its scope; just as the Universe cannot know of any limitations to its infinitely expansive potential. Energy expressed through Love-Truth is the summation of the all by the one – and one by the all. It is the manifestation of the glory of life.

So that leaves the ‘waking-up’ to a rather small number of individuals who have rejected, or transcended, the first two states described above – and have moved onto the broader and deeper ‘path of discovery’. A path which leads through a number of initiatory levels of experience quite unfamiliar to the majority.

So, bringing us back to Earth, ‘coming awake’ is the act of joining-in this feast; whose first course is an introductory glimpse of Love-Truth, and whose main course promises a fuller comprehension of its manifested expression within ourselves – and without. And it is precisely here where we face the biggest challenge to our authenticity.

Experiences that involve piercing the veil of illusion and confronting the truth. Of allowing the inner voice to overrule intellectual deductions – or confirm them. These souls are guided by a higher consciousness. A higher consciousness which they recognise themselves as being innately connected to.

The main course, in all its glory, is unattainable while our centre of gravity remains essentially inward looking; while we remain only intent upon attaining the inner flowering and its attendant awakening of an initial state of ‘awareness’. The main course is only attainable when we reach out and take action, beyond the confines of the self.

It is only amongst this group of individuals that one will find those who can be said to be ‘awake’ in the fuller sense of the word. Individuals able to discern right from wrong; not because of some extended studies in human psychology, but out of a deep intuition whose source is Divine.

Therefore I say, you may wake-up – but will you get out of bed?

A source that prompts recognition that this is indeed ‘The Age of Truth’. That those who are awake are in awe of its powers and in harmony with its intent. Yes, it has intent. The big question is: what is it? What is the intent behind Truth? And how is it to express itself? How is it to be expressed? The intent behind Truth is the catalysed desire for the full expression of Essence. The ‘I am that I am’ rising with each dawn of each day and spreading its

Things can seem very cosy under the early morning warmth of our sheets and blankets. There is that enduring sense of protection which cossets us, oh so pleasantly, and a lingering sleepiness that has its own pacifying affect over our minds and bodies – so maybe we don’t really need to get out of bed after all. Can’t we just stop at the first course and savour its delights for as long as they last .. and not trouble ourselves with the main course at all? That way we can live our lives in scented spaces of wakeful awareness, free from the subversive frictions emanating forth from a world gone drastically offcourse – while we dreamed. A world still waiting for the equally drastic reorientation which can save it from apocalyptic implosion. Can’t we reach our

promised land without having to grapple with that chaotic state of planetary distress? The answer to that question brings us to the fourth level. A level that represents the final initiation for those who are ‘aware’ but have yet to cross the threshold into fuller consciousness of their divine purpose here on Earth. Those who have not yet got out of bed. For, as I said at the start, each of us has such a purpose – and it’s just a question of how early or late we come to recognise this and put it into practice as the main driving force of our lives. The sooner we do, the sooner the transformation of our planetary chaos can take place. The sooner the conviction becomes expressed as outer action, the sooner the vampiric forces that have lived off our dead matter – are fired. So the sooner you transfer the resonance of these words into a determination to put them into practice – the sooner the forces of love will come flying to your side and guide you in the path of Truth. It is not ‘Truth’ when confined to dialogue, however erudite. That is the sign-post to truth, but not truth itself. It is not Truth until it willingly comes face to face with all that captures, oppresses, diverts and subdues the genius of human creativity and love – and determines to overcome it – in service to humanity and to this planet which is our garden. This is the year when we leave behind our story telling and move right into the story itself – forging its destiny through millions of real, pragmatic, onthe-ground purposeful actions. Actions that refuse to be thwarted, even by the most heinous plans, laid in stealth by the sterile operatives of a moribund status quo. This is the year when ‘we the people’ take back our destinies and join together in mending the broken limbs of this planetary home – of which we are the true trustees and guardians. >> Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist, actor and author of ‘In Defence of Life – A Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom’

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“The currency of the new collaborative economy is trust” – says Rachel Botsman, author of “What’s Mine Is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption Is Changing The World We Live In” Botsman describes the way that companies whose services are based around sharing, such as eBay and Craigslist and Airbnb, are reliant on good reputation and what is often referred to as ‘Reputation Capital’ to succeed. Collaborative consumption is a digital-age model of doing business where shared access, community and reputation are replacing advertising, credit and individual ownership. Where people commit to transactions and exchanges based on mutual trust and a good score, or a reputation. Trip Advisor has the leverage to have a real impact on a restaurant or hotel’s popularity, and hospitality management now take it pretty seriously. Bad feedback on eBay will put off a large number of potential buyers/ bidders, and a lack of recommendations on Airbnb means prospective tourist skip onto the next place to stay.


A SHRINKING WORLD Indeed, reputation capital is not a new phenomenon, it was the natural way of doing business for hundreds of years, where exchange of service, word of mouth and trust motored local economies. Global trading made supply chains much more complex, more challenging to audit, and more opaque. But new technologies have shrunk a global world. The speed at which information now travels means that global corporations who may have become complacent, protected by a shroud of anonymity are now increasingly being brought to trial. Previously hidden activity, or abuses on the other side of the world come easily to our attention and sully a company’s reputation long term. A serious blow to reputation, can result in a direct financial hit.


Echoing the ideas of Botsman, Robert Moran describes how we live in a world of immediate ‘rating’ and ‘liking’ or disliking, at the click of a mouse. This new digital age could, in the long term dramatically shift power into the hands of the consumer, creating a real time evaluation process which will be democratic and transparent. Moran has coined the phrase ‘rateocracy’ to describe this revolution:

In an attempt to claw back trust, Tesco have recently published full page adverts in the form of an apology in a number of national papers in response to the horse meat scandal. This is testimony to how seriously companies take their reputation and how they might be perceived by consumers. The way in which the text is set out on the page is revealing, like a poem or apologia to a loved one, alluding to genuine, deep sentiments and earnest concern, with a promise to be better in future. If this public confession is in reality more about winning back consumer trust than heart felt concern, especially given Tesco’s track record for corporate social responsibility, it’s certainly clever marketing. In this instance, an open declaration of culpability is the best policy.

“Rateocracy can be viewed as a tectonic power shift toward technologyempowered stakeholders, but it can just as easily be viewed as the construction of a digital village in which a business’s

In a recent article on Guardian Sustainable Business sustainability expert Thomas Kolster argues that if a fashion for green is making businesses compete for branding positions in the sustainability stakes, this can only be a

The new technologies, social and digital networks, coupled with a growing culture of ‘conscious’ consumption and sustainable living is making reputation a powerful commodity for all business sectors.

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reputation returns to the immediacy of small-town life”

win win situation for the rest of us, and cites Coca Cola’s and Pepsi’s recent attempts to ‘out-green’ each other as an example: “Sustainability communication is moving from green marketing varnish to the bank vault as investors value companies’ ability to deal with the biggest business challenge of the 21st century: sustainability” The recent acknowledgement from Coca Cola that their high sugar drinks are adding to problems of obesity is radical, and smart, he says and suggests that: “… by finally facing its own demons CocaCola can focus on building real trust with consumers. It’s always better to stand up to the challenge and face your real enemies (especially those within) instead of sticking your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. In the long run, people will respect you and ultimately support you for it…. Then your worst enemies could just end up being your best friend.”

THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG… AND DOES IT REALLY MATTER? This increasing necessity and pressure for transparency might herald a new ethically centred business model, and initiate stringent auditing processes where previously reluctant businesses are driven by fear of further damage to reputation. In the end, if corporate social responsibility improves and businesses move towards more sustainable and consumer-centred ways of working, does it matter whether the motivation is born of ethical values or corporate ones?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tara Gould is a freelance writer who covers environmental issues, politics, sustainable living and clean energy. She is passionate about spreading the word on ‘conscious’ business, and low impact, sustainable ways of running and powering societies, which are crucial for the health of people and planet. She also blogs at ethical-business. eu and


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back into a trance state in the center of their consciousness. They look for answers to come in to them from an external source—and if they can’t find a ready-made source, they will subconsciously invent one. The whole proposition comes back to: shall we be audience only, or creators? Shall we find our spiritual destinies through obedience to “art” made with mind control as the motive, or shall we embark on a much greater adventure, along a road where what WE individually create is the hallmark and the revelation of our power? Do we take the magic in our hands, or do we cede it to those who, by default, become our masters?

When one paints long enough, he realizes this world and all the universe are but one painting out of an infinity of possible paintings. When one writes long enough, he realizes that so-called history is but one story—and many other (better) stories could be told. When one plays music long enough, he realizes that emotion can be lifted out of petty concerns into realms where feeling becomes vast triumph. When one builds long enough, he realizes that the physical structure of civilization can be led out of mere functionality into dazzling new spaces. This is where we could go. And the stars in space would pale by comparison.

World ... continued from pg five

At some point in such a vision, a critical mass would be reached. People, viewing an explosion of art, would themselves catch the thread and begin to inhabit their own dreams. The contagion would take hold. What was formerly viewed as an elitist activity would spill over all boundaries. And then? People at large would realize the connection between spirit and creative action. The propaganda machines of the world, aimed at control of the deadened masses of populations, would blow gaskets and become obsolete. Drowned in a sea of creativity.

Suppose the divide between actors and audience in our society underwent a spontaneous revolution?  Art is not a little sandbox. Fueled by liberated imagination, it is THE revolution the psyche has been asking for. When one acts long enough, he realizes that the world could really be a stage, and the sound and fury would, in fact, signify something vital and deep.

of the

That would be the answer to the question, “What do I do after I see through the illusions of the puppet masters?” Art unchained becomes titanic. It can spread out over the landscape and take it over. It can spawn and proliferate more art, until the emotional content of daily experience becomes transformed. Until we all live at a wider and deeper level.

core. That this has not happened for the best is no sign that the process is irrelevant. It is only a testament to the collective resistance. Who knows how many such revolutions have been shunted aside and rejected, in favor of the consensus shape we now think of as central and eternal? We are living in a default structure, the one that has been left over after all the prior revolutions have been put to sleep. But creation is not neutral. It flows out into the atmosphere with all its subjective force. Were you to embark on a uniquely passionate course of creation, enlarging the scope at every turn, you would launch out of the realm of the push-pull humdrum Earthside disintegrating disaster…..and into the realm of what you INVENT….and as you inhabited this latter realm more fully, the SO-CALLED NATURAL LAWS OF THE FORMER REALM WOULD APPLY TO YOU LESS AND LESS, AND THE MORE FREE YOU WOULD BECOME. Magic.

There are artists like Stravinsky, like Gaudi, like the composer Edgar Varese, like the often-reviled American writer Henry Miller, like Walt Whitman (who has been grotesquely co-opted into a Norman Rockwelllike prefect), like the several great Mexican muralists—Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros—all of whom transmit an oceanic quality. As in, The Flood. There is a fear that, if such artists were unleashed to produce their work on a grand scale, they would indeed take over the world. Our world, contrary to consensus, is meant to revolutionized by art, imagination, right down to

As more and more of us moved forward in this way, THAT would become the transformation we have been unconsciously hoping for. That would relentlessly make society over. That would eventually shatter the influence of all cartels and monopolies of physical and emotional and mental and spiritual experience. Not because we wished it were so, but because we made it happen.

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“But of course, when this memo refers to “a Senior Operational Leader of al-Qaida”, what it actually means is this: someone whom the President – in total secrecy and with no due process – has accused of being that. Indeed, the memo itself makes this clear, as it baldly states that presidential assassinations are justified when “an informed, high-level official of the US government has determined that the targeted individual poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the US.

always turned inward. It only took a decade for the same tactics of warfare that were previously restricted to foreign countries to now being applied domestically.

This is the crucial point: the memo isn’t justifying the due-process-free execution of senior al-Qaida leaders who pose an imminent threat to the US. It is justifying the due-process-free execution of people secretly accused by the president and his underlings, with no due process, of being that.”

Responding to Senator Rand Paul’s question whether the President can authorize drone strikes on US citizens on domestic soil, Holder revealingly states that “It is possible…to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.” Even though the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 generally prohibits military involvement in domestic law enforcement, notice how Holder sees no problem with the military, not police, using lethal force against Americans on US soil.

Rarely do apologists for the normalization of extra-judicial murder realize that this represents a permanent erosion of core liberties, an ever-lasting debasement of the Bill of Rights. “We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it,” Orwell said. “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” Secret assassinations are here to stay.

Furthermore, when combined with the DOJ White Paper’s assertion that drone assassinations do “not require that the US have clear evidence that a specific attack . . . will take place in the immediate future,” it becomes frighteningly clear that an anonymous “high level official” can deploy these “faceless ambassadors of death” to strike you dead anytime, even absent any imminent or likely threat. This gives government the power of God. It repudiates every principle of liberty this constitutional republic was founded upon.


This is no exaggeration, as Holder’s follow-up response to Senator Paul clarifies: “Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil? The answer to that question is no.” As any lawyer can attest, Holder’s heavily qualified statement creates more ambiguity.

Under international law, captured enemy soldiers are considered Prisoners of War (POWs), and thus shielded by the Geneva Conventions and the jus cogens prohibition against torture. Furthermore, terrorism was traditionally treated as a federal criminal offence before 9/11. Accordingly, those accused of terrorism could still invoke the protections of the Bill of Rights, including the right to counsel, right to a jury trial, right to confront one’s accusers, right against self-incrimination and conviction based on guilt proven beyond a reasonable doubt. As the 2002 Padilla Case demonstrated, however, the enemy combatant doctrine creates a category of detainees that are neither POWs nor terrorists. As such, they are beyond the reach of both the Bill of Rights and Geneva Conventions. This undefined label essentially circumvents the safeguards of the legal system and allows the state to treat the accused like a medieval King would a serf. It sets the groundwork for a parallel gulag system in the United States operating on the model of indefinite detention without charge or trial, no access to a lawyer, and confessions obtained through torture. And then came Attorney General Holder’s recent premonition about a new threat: the “homegrown terrorist.” Speaking to ABC news, Holder’s statement signals a decisive shift in the script governing the ongoing campaign: “It’s a very serious threat. I think what it says is that the scope, our scope, has to be broadened. We can’t think that it’s just a bunch of people in caves in some part of the world. We have to be concerned about the homeland to the same extent that we are worried about the threat coming from overseas.” The implications of this statement are staggering, for it turns the United States into the new “battlefield.” Systems of tyranny perfected abroad are

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Note the following points: (1) Holder is not saying that the President cannot kill an American on US soil. The phrasing of his question is much narrower, which can arguably be interpreted as allowing the President to kill without using “weaponized drones;” (2) most important of all, his statement implies that the President does have the authority to kill Americans “engaged in combat.” Hence, the issue of how “combat” is defined carries great importance. In this regard, William Grigg brilliantly points out that al-Awlaki’s assassination sets a precedent that stretches the interpretation of “combat” to a point where there are few, if any, restraints on the Presidents power to kill: “Combat” can consist of expressing support for Muslims mounting armed resistance against U.S. military aggression, which was the supposed crime committed by Anwar al-Awlaki, or sharing the surname and DNA of a known enemy of the state, which was the offence committed by Awlaki’s 16-year-old son, Abdel. Under the rules of engagement used by the Obama Regime in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan, any “militaryage” male found within a targeted “kill zone” is likewise designated a “combatant,” albeit usually after the fact.” More than half a century ago Orwell had warned us that the scourge of war eventually turns inward. “The war is waged by each ruling group against its own subjects, and the object of the war is not to make or prevent conquests of territory, but to keep the structure of society intact. The very word “war”, therefore, has become misleading”.

Stated differently, war becomes a buzzword for concealing a rather insidious internal dynamic, one that treats those who oppose the status quo – the intrepid whistleblower, the outspoken journalist, the vocal activist – as a legitimate target for persecution.

DISSENT IS TREASON It is precisely the ability to express unpopular opinions and the autonomy to diverge from convention without fear of persecution that makes any society free. As Edward R. Murrow reminded us during the McCarthy era, dissent should never be confused with disloyalty because “we are not descended from fearful men […] who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular.” That same principle holds true today, regardless of the nature of the claimed emergency. Bradley Manning was caged like an animal under insanity inducing conditions for more than two and a half years without trial. Manning’s treatment is an epiphenomenon of the current administration’s unprecedented war against whistleblowers, which makes an example of any lowly prole who dare expose corruption at the highest levels of the Inner Party. John Kiriakou rots in prison for the “crime” of informing the people about the CIA’s illegal waterboarding, whereas John Brennan ascends to the heights of power for endorsing torture and assassinations. The operative effect of such incidents is to create a culture of intimidation and silence by making it a “thoughtcrime” to deviate from the official version of events. Investigative journalist Chris Hedges points out that the NDAA (the Homeland Battlefield Bill) “permits the military to detain anyone, including U.S. citizens, who ‘substantially support’— an undefined legal term—al-Qaida, the Taliban or ‘associated forces,’ again a term that is legally undefined.” This represents a clear step toward the criminalization of activities that were formerly protected under the First Amendment. It equates any meaningful dissent with treason. As if this weren’t bad enough, some government employees are

told to view “protests” as a form of “low-level terrorism,” and consider “Fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the U.S.” as a potential indicator of terrorist activity.

But even though the average citizen’s privacy has been eviscerated, the government continues to operate at unprecedented levels of secrecy. As the Associated Press reports:

Recall that the PATRIOT Act was also billed a necessary counterterrorism tool. Even though it vastly expanded the state’s investigative power without any attendant checks and balances, Congress was given no time to read it due to the claimed exigency of the circumstances. Almost a decade later, however, its application has been expanded to ordinary, non-terrorism cases like drug dealing and child pornography.

…the government cited national security to withhold information at least 5,223 times — a jump over 4,243 such cases in 2011 and 3,805 cases in Obama’s first year in office. The secretive CIA last year became even more secretive: Nearly 60 percent of 3,586 requests for files were withheld or censored for that reason last year, compared with 49 percent a year earlier.

Understanding how this process works is vital, for tyranny always treads a familiar path: first it clamours for unfettered authority to resolve some overriding problem; then it consolidates that power; next it gradually expands its vocabulary and application; finally, it turns around and uses that power to persecute everyone. Indeed, those who wield unrestrained power will inevitably abuse it.

In that context, privacy is not dead per se; it is flourishing insofar as the government’s inner workings are concerned.

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU – ARGUS,TRAPWIRE, STINGRAY, EARS AND TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS Reporting on DARPA’s most recent project called Effective Affordable Reusable Speech-to-text (EARS), Wired magazine reports that “Darpa wants to make systems so accurate, you’ll be able to easily record, transcribe and recall all the conversations you ever have.” It’s a “little freaky,” the author admits, since it gives those who wield this technology total omniscience – the power to know everything about everyone at any time. The parallels to 1984 are obvious: “Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or eating, indoors or out of doors, in the bath or in bed — no escape. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull(emphasis added).” The only vestige of privacy is in one’s own mind – for now at least.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH “They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality…and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything…” Like Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, the opinion moulders – the handful of corporations that control the flow of information – sanitize reality to cover for even the worst cases of executive wrongdoing. Their paternalism regards people as mere casual observers to be controlled, not stakeholders to be informed about the democratic process. Their function is to control the narrative of events, for “Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

OCEANIA HAS ALWAYS NEVER BEEN AT WAR WITH EAST ASIA Orwell explained doublethink as “holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them…To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed…”

A recently declassified memorandum written by former Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in 2001, almost a year and a half before Operation Iraqi Freedom, adds to the plethora of evidence that Rumsfeld, along with the rest of the neoconservative war hawks, concocted false pretexts to market the invasion of Iraq. The same Donald Rumsfeld, who invoked Saddam Hussein’s nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) as a casus belli to invade Iraq in 2003, previously armed the same Iraqi dictator with chemical and biological weapons as Ronald Reagan’s Middle East envoy during the 1980s. Oceania was never at war with East Asia. But this was an inconvenient fact in the prelude to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and therefore had to be forgotten. It never happened. “Everything faded into mist. The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.

CONCLUSION – THE GRAND CONTRADICTION In a historical irony, Orwell’s proposed preface to Animal Farm about censorship in the English press was suppressed and remained undiscovered for years after his death. In it, Orwell mounts a principled defence of intellectual freedom during a time when the western press brooked no criticism of Joseph Stalin or his murderous regime. “These people don’t see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you,” Orwell warned. “Make a habit of imprisoning Fascists without trial, and perhaps the process won’t stop at Fascists.” Make a habit of endorsing drone strikes in far off lands, and perhaps the next drone will show up in your neighbourhood. In conclusion, the grand contradiction lurking behind all the rhetorical smoke screens is simply this: in trying to rid the world of evil using the tactics of evil, we unleash even greater horrors; we become what we seek to destroy.

Editor’s note: Although this article is USA centric, the Orwellian Paradigm applies to all place on earth touched by “Western” culture.

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It involves international entities, especially the International Atomic Energy Agency, national governmental bodies—led in Japan by its current prime minister, the powerful nuclear industry and a “nuclear establishment” of scientists and others with a vested interest in atomic energy. Deception was integral to the push for nuclear power from its start. Indeed, I opened my first book on nuclear technology, Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear Power, with: “You have not been informed about nuclear power. You have not been told. And that has been done on purpose. Keeping the public in the dark was deemed necessary by the promoters of nuclear power if it was to succeed. Those in government, science and private industry who have been pushing nuclear power realized that if people were given the facts, if they knew the consequences of nuclear power, they would not stand for it.” Published in 1980, the book led to my giving many presentations on nuclear power at which I’ve often heard the comment that only when catastrophic nuclear accidents happened would people fully realize the deadliness of atomic energy. Well, massive nuclear accidents have occurred—the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the Fukushima catastrophe that began on March 11, 2011 and is ongoing with large discharges of radioactive poisons continuing to be discharged into the environment. Meanwhile, the posture of the nuclear promoters is denial—insisting the impacts of the Fukushima catastrophe are essentially non-existent. A massive nuclear accident has occurred and they would make believe it hasn’t. “Fukushima is an eerie replay of the denial and controversy that began with the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” wrote Yale University Professor Emeritus Charles Perrow in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists last year. “This is the same nuclear denial that also greeted nuclear bomb tests, plutonium plant disasters at Windscale in northern England and Chelyabinsk in the Ural Mountains, and the nuclear power plant accidents at Three Mile Island in the United States and Chernobyl in what is now Ukraine.”

THE GIANT LIE The difference with Fukushima is the scale of disaster. With Fukushima were multiple meltdowns at the six-nuclear plant site. There’s been continuing pollution of a major part of Japan, with radioactivity going into the air, carried by the winds to fall out around the world, and gigantic amounts of radioactivity going into the Pacific Ocean moving with the currents and carried by marine life that ingests the nuclear toxins.

Leading the Fukushima cover-up globally is the International Atomic Energy Agency, formed by the United Nations in 1957 with the mission to “seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.” Of the consequences of the Fukushima disaster, “To date no health effects have been reported in any person as a result of radiation exposure from the accident,” declared the IAEA in 2011, a claim it holds to today. Working with the IAEA is the World Health Organization. WHO was captured on issues of radioactivity and nuclear power early on by IAEA. In 1959, the IAEA and WHO, also established by the UN, entered into an agreement—that continues to this day—providing that IAEA and WHO “act in close co-operation with each other” and “whenever either organization proposes to initiate a program or activity on a subject in which the other organization has or may have a substantial interest, the first party shall consult the other with a view to adjusting the matter by mutual agreement.”

MARCH 11, 2011

With the third anniversary of the start of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe coming next week, the attempted Giant Lie about the disaster continues—a suppression of information, an effort at dishonesty of historical dimensions.

The IAEA-WHO deal has meant that “WHO cannot undertake any research, cannot disseminate any information, cannot come to the assistance of any population without the prior approval of the IAEA… WHO, in practice, in reality, is subservient to the IAEA within the United Nations family,” explained Alison Katz, who for 18 years worked for WHO, on Libbe HaLevy’s “Nuclear Hotseat” podcast last year. On nuclear issues “there has been a very high level, institutional and international cover-up which includes governments, national authorities, but also, regrettably the World Health Organization,” said Katz on the program titled, “The WHO/IAEA— Unholy Alliance and Its Lies About Int’l Nuclear Health Stats.” Katz is now with an organization called IndependentWHO which works for “the complete independence of the WHO from the nuclear lobby and in particular from its mouthpiece which is the International Atomic Energy Agency. We are demanding that independence,” she said, “so that the WHO may fulfill its constitutional mandate in the area of radiation and health.” “We are absolutely convinced,” said Katz on “Nuclear Hotseat,” “that if the health and environmental consequences of all nuclear activities were known to the public, the debate about nuclear power would end tomorrow. In fact, the public would probably

exclude it immediately as an energy option.” WHO last year issued a report on the impacts of the Fukushima disaster claiming that “for the general population inside and outside of Japan, the predicted risks are low and no observable increases in cancer rates above baseline rates are anticipated.” Then there is the new prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, who last year insisted before the International Olympic Committee as he successfully pushed to have the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo (180 miles from Fukushima): “There are no health-related problems until now, nor will there be in the future, I make the statement to you in the most emphatic and unequivocal way.” Abe has been driving hard for a restart of Japan’s 54 nuclear power plants, all shut down in the wake of the Fukushima catastrophe. His is a totally different view than that of his predecessor, Naoto Kan, prime minister when the disaster began. Kan told a conference in New York City last year of how he had been a supporter of nuclear power but after the Fukushima accident “I changed my thinking 180-degrees, completely.” He declared that at one point it looked like an “area that included Tokyo” and populated by 50 million people might have to be evacuated. “We do have accidents such as an airplane crash and so on,” Kan said, “but no other accident or disaster” other than a nuclear plant disaster can “affect 50 million people… no other accident could cause such a tragedy.” Moreover, said Kan, “without nuclear power plants we can absolutely provide the energy to meet our demands.” Japan since the accident began has tripled its use of solar energy, he said, and pointed to Germany as a model with its post-Fukushima commitment to shutting down all its nuclear power plants and having “all its power supplied by renewable power” by 2050. The entire world could do this, said Kan. “If humanity really would work together… we could generate all our energy through renewable energy.” A major factor in Abe’s stance is Japan having become a global player in the nuclear industry. General Electric (the manufacturer of the Fukushima plants) and Westinghouse have been the Coke and Pepsi of nuclear power plants worldwide, historically building or designing 80 percent of them. In 2006, Toshiba bought Westinghouse’s nuclear division and Hitachi entered into a partnership with GE in its nuclear division. Thus the two major nuclear power plant manufacturers worldwide are now Japanese brands. Abe has been busy traveling the world seeking to peddle Toshiba-Westinghouse and Hitachi-GE nuclear plants to try to lift Japan’s depressed economy. As for the nuclear industry, the “Fukushima

Article by Rebellious Investigative News and Film

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ABOUT FUKUSHIMA accident has caused no deaths,” declares the World Nuclear Association in its statement “Safety of Nuclear Power Reactors…Updated October 2013.” The group, “representing the people and organizations of the global nuclear profession,” adds: “The Fukushima accident resulted in some radiation exposure of workers at the plant, but not such as to threaten their health.”

medical implications. It will induce an epidemic of cancer as people inhale the radioactive elements, eat radioactive vegetables, rice and meat, and drink radioactive milk and teas. As radiation from ocean contamination bioaccumulates up the food chain…radioactive fish will be caught thousands of miles from Japanese shores. As they are consumed, they will continue the the cycle of contamination, proving that no matter where you are, all major nuclear accidents become local.”

What will the consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster be?

Dr. Caldicott, whose books on nuclear power include Nuclear Madness, also stated: “The Fukushima disaster is not over and will never end. The radioactive fallout which remains toxic for hundreds to thousands of years covers large swaths of Japan will never be ‘cleaned up’ and will contaminate food, humans and animals virtually forever.”

There was once the notion of there being a “threshold dose” of radioactivity below which there would be no harm. That’s because when nuclear technology began and people were exposed to radioactivity, they didn’t promptly fall down dead. But as the years went by, it was realized that lower levels of radioactivity take time to result in cancer and other illnesses—that there is a five-to-40-year “incubation” period Projecting a death toll of more than a million from the radioactivity released from Fukushima is Dr. Chris Busby, scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk who has been a professor at a number of universities. . “Fukushima is still boiling radionuclides all over Japan,” he said. “Chernobyl went up in one go. So Fukushima is worse.” Indeed, a report by the Institute for Science in Society, based in the U.K., has concluded: “Stateof-the-art analysis based on the most inclusive datasets available reveals that radioactive fallout from the Fukushima meltdown is at least as big as Chernobyl and more global in reach.” A death toll of up to 600,000 is estimated in a study conducted for the Nordic Probabilistic Safety Assessment Group which is run by the nuclear utilities of Finland and Sweden. Dr. Helen Caldicott, a founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, told a symposium on “The Medical Implications of Fukushima” held last year in Japan: “The accident is enormous in its


That’s because it is now widely understood that there is no “safe” level of radioactivity. Any amount can kill. The more radioactivity, the greater the impacts. As the National Council on Radiation Protection has declared: “Every increment of radiation exposure produces an incremental increase in the risk of cancer.”


It is impossible to know exactly now. But considering the gargantuan amount of radioactive poisons that have been discharged and what will continue to be released, the impacts will inevitably be great. The claim of there being no consequences to life and the prediction that there won’t be in the future from the Fukushima catastrophe is an outrageous falsehood.

Arnie Gundersen, a former nuclear industry senior vice president, has said: “The health impacts to the Japanese will begin to be felt in several years and out to 30 or 40 years from cancers. And I believe we’re going to see as many as a million cancers over the next 30 years because of the Fukushima incident in Japan.” At Fukushima, “We have opened a door to hell that cannot be easily closed—if ever,” said Paul Gunter, director of the Reactor Oversight Project at the U.S.-based group Beyond Nuclear last year. Already an excessive number of cases of thyroid cancers have appeared in Japan, an early sign of the impacts of radioactivity. A study last year by Joseph Mangano and Dr. Janette Sherman of the Radiation and Public Health Project, and Dr. Chris Busby, determined that radioactive iodine fall-out from Fukushima damaged the thyroid glands of children in California. And the biggest wave of radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima is slated to hit the west coast of North America in the next several months. Meanwhile, every bluefin tuna caught in the waters off California in a Stanford University study was found to be contaminated with cesium-137, a radioactive poison emitted on a large scale by Fukushima. The tuna migrate from off Japan to California waters. Daniel Madigan, who led the study, commented: “The tuna packaged it up [the radiation] and brought it across the world’s largest ocean. We were definitely surprised to see it at all and even more surprised to see it in every one we measured.” There is, of course, the enormous damage to property. The Environmental Health Policy Institute of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) in its summary of the “Costs and Consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster” cites estimates of economic

loss of between $250 billion and $500 billion. Some 800 square kilometers are “exclusion” zones of “abandoned cities, towns, agricultural land, homes and properties” and from which 159,128 people have been “evicted,” relates PSR senior scientist Steven Starr. Further, “about a month after the disaster, on April 19, 2011, Japan chose to dramatically increase its official ‘safe’ radiation exposure levels from 1 mSv [millisievert, a measure of radiation dose] to 20 mSv per year—20 times higher than the U.S. exposure limit. This allowed the Japanese government to downplay the dangers of the fallout and avoid evacuation of many badly contaminated areas.” And last year the Japanese government enacted a new State Secrets Act which can restrict—with a penalty of 10 years in jail—reporting on Fukushima. “”It’s the cancerous mark of a nuclear regime bound to control all knowledge of a lethal global catastrophe now ceaselessly escalating,” wrote Harvey Wasserman, co-author of Killing Our Own, in a piece aptly titled “Japan’s New ‘Fukushima Fascism’.” Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the nation’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission has over the past three years consistently refused to apply “lessons learned” from Fukushima. Its chairman, Dr. Gregory Jaczko, was forced out after an assault led by the nuclear industry after trying to press this issue and opposing an NRC licensing of two new nuclear plants in Georgia “as if Fukushima had never happened.” Rosalie Bertell, a Catholic nun, in her book No Immediate Danger, wrote about the decades of suppression of the impacts of nuclear power and the reason behind it: “Should the public discover the true health cost of nuclear pollution, a cry would rise from all parts of the world and people would refuse to cooperate passively with their own death.” Thus the desperate drive—in which a largely compliant mainstream media have been complicit—to deny the Fukushima catastrophe, a disaster deeply affecting life on Earth. .............

Karl Grossman, professor of journalism at the State University of New York/College of New York, is the author of the book, The Wrong Stuff: The Space’s Program’s Nuclear Threat to Our Planet. Grossman is an associate of the media watch group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR). He is a contributor to Hopeless: Barack Obama and the Politics of Illusion.

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