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Human Will, The Forgotten Freedom Faculty By Bronte Baxter


odern spiritual teachings, both Christian and New Age, tell us love is the answer to all the problems humanity is facing. But love without will is powerless. That’s why love is touted as the singular solution, because such teachings lead mankind away from the path to freedom. That fulfills the purpose of religion, which is to keep mankind enslaved through the powers of erroneous thought. When is the last time you heard anyone talk about the importance of that forgotten human faculty, the will? When did you read anything about it? The last time I heard it discussed, I was a child, back in the 1950s. Adults then spoke of “willpower.” But even though will was talked about, mostly it was a topic of humor. People were fond of saying how they didn’t have any willpower, giggling about it as they dove into their cigarette pack or their second helping of dessert. The assumption was that will was the gift of the superhuman, that ordinary flawed humanity could not be expected to find it in themselves. The human will has been ignored as a serious subject for a very long time. We talk about our other faculties constantly: our brains, our sexuality, our athletic prowess, our emotional sensitivity, our empathy, even our intuition and psychic abilities. But the human will – the ability we have to decide and to choose, and to do so in a way that carries power – that part of our humanness is

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Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic

buried. Not because it’s weak or incapable of doing, but because our social programming has conspired to make us forget it exists. There’s an old story called Acres of Diamonds about a man who traveled the world as a pauper looking for riches, only to discover as an old man that the land his home had always been on contained acres of undiscovered diamond mines. The diamonds represent the will, the faculty we possess that’s capable of choosing and molding our future. Right now, when we’re threatened with tyrants at every turn, with the very

loss of all that makes life worth living, we need to connect with this forgotten part of our humanity and call on it for answers and solutions. I believe this is the lesson we were born for. Have we not been born into a world of bullies and the bullied? Of hunters and the hunted? People aware of the global conspiracy have woken up to this. But there’s more to the story, if we want to be free. We have to dig deeper. Why is the world an interplay of tyrants and victims? Why is that the biggest game

in town? Why does genuine love get short billing, in spite of our good intentions to be loving and “evolved”? The reason is that will controls the playing field, and the ones exerting the will are the tyrants. The rest of us, unaware of the power of will, fall prey to the schemes of those who know how to use it. Adopting a loving attitude when we haven’t yet broken out of being victims will not save us personally nor will it save the world. Our fear will constantly drive us to abdicate our lovingness. Even if we manage to stay loving in the face of injustice and enslavement, love does little to help if it isn’t upheld by will. I cry, you cry, we embrace – and hug all the way to the FEMA camp. As a frequent visitor at the Alex Jones website, I value all the information available there. I sometimes read the comments at the end of the articles and am troubled by the hopelessness so many posters feel about our future. I found the same attitude in many emails and comments I received when I was very active writing this blog. The truth movement has awoken to the realities preying upon mankind, but has yet to take the step to become a genuine liberty movement. Truth movement, liberty movement – one focuses on knowledge, the other on empowerment. Only when we make that shift can we take back the control of our lives and our world that the tyrants are sucking from us. People are hopeless because they

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By Matt Agorist


s the world population of honeybees continues to decline at a dangerous rate, a new study from Colorado State University purports to have found the answer to quell the decline—hemp. The reason hemp is such a boon to the bee population is simple, it is a great source of pollen. Because the hemp plant provides such a massive amount of pollen, it will provide them with the resources they need to sustain and grow their populations. As Forbes points out: n According to researchers, most hemp crops flower between July and September, coinciding with a lack of pollen production from other farm crops. n Over 2,000 bees (and 23 different types of bee, including the European honeybee) were collected during the study. The 23 bee types represent 80% of all types in the region. n This discovery points to hemp as a new pollen source for bees and could help sustain their populations. n Bee colonies have been declining in the U.S. due to stressors such as pests, pesticide exposure and poor nutrition from a lack of pollen, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Researchers noted that although “hemp does not produce any nectar, the pollen rich nature of the flowers can make hemp an ecologically valuable crop.” However, they also noted that as “cultivation of hemp continues to expand, we expect insect pests on hemp to also become prevalent. Our results documenting bee diversity in flowering hemp provides the impetus for the development of integrated pest management plans that protect pollinators while controlling pests.” As TFTP reported last year, another study showed that mushrooms could have a powerful effect on bees by helping them combat the

Growing Hemp Is A Powerful Tool To Fight Bee Population Decline viruses that have been killing their colonies. According to the results of this study, which was titled “Extracts of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia Reduces Viruses in Honey Bees,” researchers were looking for a way to combat the highly infectious viruses that were wiping out global honey bee populations, and they started looking at mushrooms when they noticed bees were seeking out the fungus: “Bees have been observed foraging on mushroom mycelium, suggesting that they may be deriving medicinal or nutritional value from fungi. Fungi are known to produce a wide array of chemicals with antimicrobial activity, including compounds active against bacteria, other fungi, or viruses. We tested extracts from the mycelium of multiple polypore fungal species known to have antiviral properties.” The study found that extracts from amadou and reishi fungi reduced the levels of honey bee Deformed Wing Virus (DWV) and Lake Sinai Virus (LSV) with colonies that were fed Ganoderma resinaceum extract showing “a 79-fold reduction in DWV and a 45,000-fold reduction in LSV compared to control colonies,” which brought researchers to the conclusion that “honey bees may gain health benefits from fungi and their antimicrobial compounds.” Paul Stamets, lead author of the study and founder of Fungi Perfecti, a business focused on promoting the cultivation of mushrooms, told ABC News that he worked with researchers from Washington State University and the U.S. Department of

Agriculture on the study. “This is a natural product and [it’s showing] tremendous results in reducing the viruses of bees,” Stamets said, noting that the mushrooms are “the first antivirals to reduce viruses in bees.” Published by Nature Scientific Reports, the results of the study noted that over the last decade, while the demand for honey bees has increased, the annual colony losses have continued to increase, usually by more than 30 percent each year. Researchers began paying attention to the natural habits of the bees, which led them to study why the bees were foraging directly on mushrooms. According to the study: “HONEY BEES HAVE BEEN OBSERVED FORAGING DIRECTLY ON MYCELIUM GROWING IN OUTDOOR BEDS, LEADING TO SPECULATION THAT THEY MAY BE PROCURING A NUTRITIONAL OR MEDICINAL GAIN. THIS BEHAVIOR MAY REPRESENT A NOVEL FACET OF SOCIAL IMMUNITY, GIVEN THAT A GROWING BODY OF EVIDENCE INDICATES THAT HONEY BEES SELF-MEDICATE USING PLANTDERIVED SUBSTANCES. IN THIS STUDY, WE EVALUATED EXTRACTS DERIVED FROM THE MYCELIA OF SEVERAL POLYPORE MUSHROOM SPECIES FOR ACTIVITY AGAINST TWO MAJOR HONEY BEE VIRUSES IN VIVO IN BOTH LABORATORY AND FIELD STUDIES. IN BOTH CASES, REDUCTIONS IN DWV AND LSV TITERS OCCURRED IN BEES THAT WERE FED MYCELIAL EXTRACTS IN SUCROSE SYRUP.” Stamets also told ABC News that he was initially invited to submit his mushroom


extract samples to the Department of Defense’s “Project BioShield” following the 9/11 attacks when the government warned of a possible “biological attack” and the extracts he provided were found to be “extraordinarily active.” The power of mushrooms is now having the same effect on fragile honey bees, and the study found that the extracts could almost double the lifespan of caged bees while simultaneously working to reduces their viral count. One of the most incredible things about this study is that the researchers took the time to pay attention to the elements in nature that honey bees were attracted to, and they found that the bees were instinctively foraging for a substance that helped to protect them. The study is also yet another “win” for magic mushrooms, and as The Free Thought Project has reported over the years, there is no shortage of wonders that come from mushrooms, which include treatment for depression, opioid addiction, PTSD, and mental illness—just to name a few.

About the Author

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @ MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Minds. **This article (Study Shows Growing Hemp is a Powerful Tool to Fight Bee Population Decline) was originally featured at The Free Thought Project and is re-posted here with permission.** https://www.wakingtimes. com/2019/06/18/study-shows-growing-hempis-a-powerful-tool-to-fight-bee-populationdecline/

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Self-inflicted Therapy & The Power of Self-realization By Gary Z McGee

“To find a mountain path all by oneself gives a greater feeling of strength than to take a path that is shown.” ~ Karen Horney


t is no easy matter understanding oneself. Self-realization is strenuous. It’s a lengthy process, arduous, painful, existentially upsetting. It’s a collision of agonies smashing into polarities. The self is not a fixed entity but a set of “intrinsic potentialities.” It’s masks all the way down perceiving illusions all the way up. And each individual self is more unique than a fingerprint. The tricky part is that only you can experience these masks, agonies, polarities and intrinsic potentialities. Nobody else can experience them for you. They are subjective. Your experience of them will always be primary to anyone’s interpretation of them. Not even the best shrink in the world can know them as well as you can. That’s what makes self-therapy, and the self-realization that comes from it, so important. Therapists are, at best, guides. Self-therapy is what a therapist directs you towards anyway. So, you might as well make that attempt to begin with. A therapist is good for keeping you on track and preventing you from getting stuck, but there’s nothing saying you cannot learn strategies to do it yourself. That’s where self-therapy comes in. That’s where self-inflicted therapy enters the scene to flip all scripts. It’s a process of dauntless self-realization. It’s taking ownership of your own therapy. It’s a deep understanding of Terence McKenna’s advice: “You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.” Taking responsibility for understanding the depths of you, especially the way you perceive reality, is a vital step toward overall health and mental stability. But it requires courage. It requires questioning your worldview, your values, your relationships. It requires the ability to admit that you have been wrong about a great many things. No easy task. Self-inflicted therapy cuts deep. It’s not comforting or pretend-forgiving. It’s ruthless and upsetting. Comfort zones are liabilities. Playing it safe is a psychological handicap. Remaining in the box is a prison sentence. Self-inflicted therapy has three core strategies. Let’s break them down…


“In the act of provoking people to think differently, philosophers make it clear that we are not fated to live within the often-stifling systems of thought that we inherit. We can change the subject.” ~ Raymond Geuss Self-interrogation is about digging down to the roots of the human condition, particularly your own conditioning. It’s a method that aggressively asks mind-opening, heart-expanding, soul-shocking questions. It proactively outmaneuvers cognitive dissonance by staying one step ahead of sentimental emotion through a ruthless form of higher reasoning that never settles for answers. Instead, it tears them apart. From the carnage, it honors what validates universal law and discards what doesn’t. But such honoring is still not an acceptance. Rather, it is a deep consideration for higher probability while still respecting the possibility of wrongness. Self-interrogation turns everything inside out. It unconventionally twists the conventional by questioning to the nth degree. It nixes notions of certainty. Truth is elusive, but it is less elusive when you’re coming at it from more angles than those that you were conditioned to adhere to.

Solitude and Meditation

“I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” ~ Henry David Thoreau Out beyond the things of man, beyond the status quo agenda, there is a state of intense solitude where you can become so completely isolated from

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The Power of Self-Realization Heal with Sound Frequency & Vibrations

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Self-realization From this page

all the layers upon layers of cultural conditioning that you’re able to fully realize the power of being connected to everything. It’s a place where you’re able to shed the superfluity of codependence and fully embrace the power of interdependence. Heavy from aggrandized civilization, we go into nature seeking medicine. We discover it by simply being present (meditating) and embracing solitude. In the wild, Truth and Mystery grow together, robustly entangled, speaking a language older than words. When the clanking machinery, blaring car alarms, and whining sirens fade away, our brains get lathered in this mysterious language and Nature’s medicine washes over us. As Rumi powerfully stated, “There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”


“Mastery is an asymptote. You can approach it. You can home in on it. You can get really, really close to it. But you can never reach it. Mastery is impossible to realize fully.” ~ Daniel H. Pink Enlightenment attracts precisely because enlightenment eludes. Like mastery, perfection, and completely understanding the Self, it can never be fully realized. But that’s okay. Because the journey is the thing. Self-overcoming keeps the discovery of the Self from ever growing stagnant. It constantly overcomes the fixed and rigid self by embracing the flexible and adaptable self. It’s proactive about improving upon who you were yesterday. It’s taking Nietzsche’s idea of the Overman and running with it. It’s a personalized Fibonacci sequence, where your own development is predicated upon an individualized progressive evolution that will ultimately contribute to the evolution of the species. Self-overcoming is a vehicle that compels you to become robust and wise despite your inherently fragile and fallible nature. The ego wants to keep you safe in your comfort zone. But self-overcoming tears down that comfort zone and teaches the ego how to become a flexible tool of selfimprovement rather than a rigid tool of selfpreservation. Self-overcoming is the daily act of letting your ego know who’s boss. It’s letting your ego know that you are awake to its syrupy placations. And no amount of comfortable coos and warming sentiments are going to lull you back to sleep. The tables have been turned. In the poker game of the Self, you’ve called your ego’s bluff and now you’re holding all the cards. Your self-preservation has taken a back seat to your self-improvement. There’s an initiation at hand. Your ego is ready to become a mighty tool toward leveraging self-realization into self-actualization. Image source: Art by Eugenia Loli, Self-direction by CHENGXIANG SHANG Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide-awake view of the modern world.

By Leslie Garrett


f there’s one constant among addicts of all types, it’s shame. It’s what makes us lie and hide. It’s what keeps us from asking for help – though we don’t think we need it because we’re also good at lying to ourselves. About why we eat. Or shop. Or gamble. Or drink. Dr. Gabor Maté knows the feeling well. Maté, a renowned doctor, speaker, and author, has seen it in the heroin-addicted men and women he treats in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He sees it in the behavior of wellrespected workaholics. The cosmetic surgery junkies. The power seekers. The ‘I Brake for Garage Sales’ shoppers. He’s seen it in the mirror. Maté, author of the groundbreaking book In the Realm of the Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction, believes shame is behind our unwind-able ‘war on drugs.’ Our ‘tough on crime’ policies. Our judgment of addicts. Our marginalization of street junkies. Maté knows, as so many of our spiritual teachers have tried to teach us, that our judgments of others are really all about us. Maté, who serves as resident doctor at The Portland Hotel, a Vancouver housing project for adults coping with mental illness, addiction, and other challenges, saw himself in the stories of the women and men who, day after day, came to see him for treatment and who slowly, over years, revealed to him their pain. Those of us still hiding and denying? Gabor Maté sees us too.

Haunted Gabor Maté was born into the Jewish ghetto of Budapest in 1944, just weeks before the Nazis seized Hungary, to a loving but overwhelmed mother and an absent father, who had been sent to a forced-labor camp. Just months later, his grandparents were killed at Auschwitz. At a year old, he was handed by his mother to a gentile stranger who was assigned his safety. Maté understands now that those early experiences – or, more accurately, his mother’s frantic state of mind – guided the neural circuitry in his still-developing brain. Impaired circuitry that virtually prescribed a future of addiction and its close cousin, attention-deficit disorder (ADD). Over years of hearing the stories of street drug users, examining his own past, and putting it together with his medical training, Maté became convinced that – as he says in a recent interview: “both addiction and ADD are rooted in childhood loss and trauma.” It’s a novel – and surprisingly controversial – approach, examining not the addiction but the pain behind it. Fighting not the substance but the circumstances that lead someone to seek out that self-soothing.

Circumstance Over Substance Addiction, says Maté, is nothing more

Why We’re a Culture of Addicts than an attempt to self-medicate emotional pain. “Absolutely anything can become an addiction… It’s not the external behaviors, it’s our relationship to it.” Maté calls addicts ‘hungry ghosts,’ a reference to one of the six realms of the Buddhist Circle of Life. These hungry ghosts are depicted with large empty bellies, small mouths, thin necks — starving for external satisfaction, seeking to fill but never being full, desperate to be soothed. We all know that realm, he says, at least some of the time. The only difference between the identified addict and the rest of us is a matter of degrees. It’s a view that has earned him some critics, not least of which is the Canadian Conservative government, which has sought to shut down the safe-injection site he helps oversee. The conventional medical community certainly hasn’t embraced his ideas. Addiction is typically viewed through one of two lenses: as a genetic component or as a moral failure. Both, says Maté, are wrong. And he says he’s got the brain science to prove it.

‘A Warm, Soft Hug’ Maté points to a host of studies that clearly show how neural circuitry is developed in early childhood. Human babies, more than any other mammals, do most of their maturing outside the womb, which means that their environment plays a larger role in brain development than in any other species. Factor in an abusive, or at least stressful, childhood environment and you’ve produced impaired brain circuitry – a brain that seeks the feel-good endorphins and stimulating dopamine that it is unable, or poorly able, to produce on its own. A brain that experiences the first rush of heroin as a “warm, soft hug,” as a 27-year-old sex trade worker described it to Maté. It’s the adversity that creates this impaired development, says Maté, not the genetics emphasized by the medical community. And our response to addicts – criminalization, marginalization, ostracism – piles on that adversity, fueling the addictive behavior. The good news is that addiction can be prevented, but only if you start early. Maté writes in Hungry Ghosts: “[Prevention] needs to begin in the crib, and even before then… in the social recognition that nothing is more important for the future of our culture than the way children develop.” What about those children who are now addicted adults? Unprecedented brain research has revealed that brains can,

Transfer of Cannabis Wealth By Caleb McMillan


f Canadians felt strongly enough about the cannabis trade, legalization wouldn’t look as it currently does- like a large cannabis bud without a trace of trichomes. There’s big business staking its claim with an army of lobbyists and fake capital supplied by the banks, while pioneers of Canada’s cannabis industry, many of them in British Columbia, are still fighting for their survival, weakened by inflation and bureaucracy. A free market is a voluntary exchange between two or more persons. A fair market is

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one governed by the legal traditions supporting Western civilization. Since we don’t have a free market for alcohol or tobacco or even basic essentials like food and fuel — what hope in hell is there for a free and fair cannabis market? Instead, Canada’s legalization is a giant broken window. As in the broken window fallacy demonstrated by 19th century French liberal Frédéric Bastiat. Where the government destroys one market to “create” another. BC Bud has been called organized crime. Unworthy of a seat at the legalization roundtable. Still, many work behind the scenes to

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essentially, be rewired. He continues: “Our brains are resilient organs… Some important circuits continue to develop throughout our entire lives, and they may do so even in the case of a hard-core drug addict whose brain ‘never had a chance’ in childhood.” What’s more, Maté, unlike many of his medical counterparts, factors in our potential for recovery, even transformation: “something else in us and about us: it is called by many names, ‘spirit’ being the most democratic and least denominational.”

The Illusion of Choice We’d like to think that addicts have a choice, that they can just choose to stop — even if it’s hard. But Maté insists that the ability to choose is limited by the addict’s physiology and personal history. He states: “The more you’re driven by unconscious mechanisms, because of earlier defensive reaction to trauma, the less choice you actually have… Most people have much less choice in things than we actually recognize”. These unconscious impulses are why we find ourselves with our hands in a bag of chocolate after an argument with our spouse. It’s why we’re on Craigslist arranging a sexual encounter while our wife sleeps beside us. It’s why a respected medical doctor finds himself lying to his wife. Again. “‘Have you been obsessing and buying?’ she’s asked me a number of times in the past few weeks,” Maté writes in Hungry Ghosts. “I look directly at my life partner of thirty-nine years and I lie. I tell myself I don’t want to hurt her. Nonsense. I fear losing her affection. I don’t want to look bad in her eyes. I’m afraid of her anger. That’s what I don’t want.” For years, Maté struggled with a shopping addiction, spending thousands of dollars on classical music CDs in a single spree, then unable to resist the impulse to do it again weeks later after promising his wife he’d stop. It’s an addiction he refers to as wearing ‘dainty white gloves’ compared to the grinding drug abuse of his Downtown Eastside patients. But, he writes, “I’ve come to see addiction not as a discrete, solid entity – a case of either you’ve got it or you don’t got it – but as a subtle and extensive continuum.” Unless we become fully aware of the drivers of our addiction, he says, we’ll continue to live a life in which ‘choice’ is an illusion.

‘Passion Creates, Addiction Consumes’ Is there a difference between a drug addiction and being hooked on a behavior — like sex? The medical community continues to debate the question, but Maté is adamant. “All addictions, whether to drugs or to behaviors such as compulsive sexual acting out, involve the same brain circuits, the same brain chemicals and evoke the same emotional dynamics… Behavior addictions trigger substances internally. So (behavior addicts) are substance addicts.” Where do we draw the line between addiction and, well, passion? What about the Steve Jobs of the world, who drive themselves — and others — to push harder, work longer, produce more and do everything better? Daniel Maté, Gabor’s son and an editor of his books, says: “A lot of people make wonderful contributions to the world at their own cost… We often lionize unhealthy things”. To determine whether we’re serving a passion or feeding an addiction, Daniel Maté suggests that it comes down to a simple question, answered honestly: Are you free or are you not free? His father takes it further. “What function is the addiction performing in your life? What questions is it answering . . . and how do we restore that?” Or, as he writes in Hungry Ghosts, “Passion creates, addiction consumes.”

Compassion for the Addict — and Ourselves Responding to addiction requires us not only to care for the body and mind but also the soul, Maté says. The spiritual element of his practice is critical, he says, not only to understand the hard-core street addict but also our own struggle. “We lack compassion for the addict precisely because we are addicted ourselves in ways we don’t want to accept and because we lack self-compassion. “ – Gabor Maté And so we treat the addict as an ‘other’ – this criminal, this person making poor choices – to whom we can feel superior. “Compassion is understanding, and to understand is to forgive.” We need, he says, to turn compassion into policy. Maté summed it up nicely in a 2010 talk at Reed College: “To . . . point the finger at that streetcorner drug addict who’s in that position because of that early trauma is blind to say the very least… I think that if we developed a more compassionate view of addiction and a more deep understanding of the addict and if we recognized the similarities between the ostracized addict at the social periphery and the rest of society, and if we did so with compassion both for them and for the rest of us, we would not only have more efficient, more successful drug treatment programs, we would also have a better society.”

By Tracey Watson


he vast majority of us have probably heard of chemtrails but don’t know very much about them. Others know exactly what they are but insist they are nothing but fodder for conspiracy theorists. And then there are those who adamantly insist that they are real and pose a serious risk to our health. Those who believe that chemtrails are dangerous are adamant that they are actually clouds of chemicals that governmental and other agencies dispel in to the air to control the weather or dim the sun to combat “global warming.” It is believed that these toxic, man-made clouds contain high levels of hazardous heavy metals, including aluminum, arsenic and mercury. They are also referred to as “geoengineering” activities and are widely discussed in the scientific literature. While we may not know what the purpose of chemtrails are, we can certainly protect ourselves against their effects by detoxifying our bodies from harmful chemicals.


Ways to Clear the Body of Chemtrail Toxins

refuse to comment on chemtrails, but back in 2016 a NASA scientist admitted that the agency has been putting lithium in rocket exhaust so that it can be dispersed into the atmosphere since the 1970s, although he insisted that the lithium “is not dangerous.” chemtrails_NASA_lithium.html

Five ways to detoxify from chemtrail poisons As reported by Waking Times, there

are at least five natural weapons that can be used to detoxify the body from the chemical poisons released into the atmosphere by chemtrails. Selenium: This trace mineral is vital to the optimal functioning of the body, and has excellent antioxidant properties which protect against the damaging effects of exposure to pesticides and heavy metals. Waking Times reported: Scientists have found that selenium can specifically bind to mercury and pull it from

So, what exactly are chemtrails?

For those of us who don’t know what they are, chemtrails – or chemical trails, as they are properly known – are the white trails we see remaining in the sky after planes fly overhead. Chemtrails are not to be confused with contrails, which are simply trails of condensed water seen as white streaks in the sky behind aircraft. Chemtrails are easy to identify because while contrails dissipate quickly, chemtrails linger in the sky, spreading out and making it look cloudy even when there are no real clouds in the sky. Government officials will generally

your tissues so it can be excreted. Chlorella:This single-cell microalga binds to heavy metals in the digestive tract, purifying the body from toxins absorbed through breathing contaminated air — including air contaminated by chemtrails — and from drinking impure water. Spirulina:This ancient life form detoxifies the digestive system in a similar way to chlorella, but goes a step further by alkalizing the body, protecting against acidic environmental toxins that cause disease. Milk thistle: This powerful plant contains the compound silybin which supports the functioning of the liver, the organ responsible for detoxification. Waking Times reported: Supporting healthy liver function is absolutely essential when you’re exposed to such a large amount of harmful substances on a daily basis. Otherwise, the liver can get overwhelmed and sluggish. If this happens when you’re exposed to a toxin, it’s more likely to freely roam your body and cause a tremendous amount of damage. Foods that detoxify: Superfoods that help flush the body of toxic chemicals and heavy metals include cilantro, probiotic foods, ginger, citrus fruits, garlic and foods rich in alpha lipoic acids, like peas, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. https://www.

In conclusion, even if you don’t believe in chemtrails, there can be no doubt that all of us are exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis and that detoxifying with these natural remedies can only be of benefit to each one of us. Learn more at Sources include:

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By eating certain kinds of nutritious foods, you can boost your body’s detoxification process. By Zoey Sky

soup. Studies suggest that miso can lower cancer risk and improve heart health. n Sauerkraut – Sauerkraut, a dish made from shredded and fermented cabbage, is full of antioxidants that are essential for eye health. The dish is also rich in fiber and vitamins C and K.


f you’re struggling to lose weight, it might be time to add liver- and gut-cleansing foods to your diet. By eating certain kinds of nutritious foods, you can boost your body’s detoxification process. According to Dr. Charles Passler, a nutritionist based in New York, a healthy liver can take toxins, turn them into a water-soluble form, and efficiently flush them out of your body.

Detoxify your liver with a nutrient-rich diet By eating the right kinds of food, you can easily eliminate foreign chemicals that your body is exposed to when you consume unhealthy snacks. The six foods included in the list below can give your body a detoxifying boost. Apples: Organic apples are good for your liver and gut health because they are rich in fiber. Fiber helps clean out the bowels and introduce “good” bacteria. Leave the skin on apples to boost your fiber and nutrient intake. You can also add apples to chia seed pudding, another great source of gut-friendly fiber. Beets: Beets are full of antioxidants. Eating beets helps activate liver enzymes and bile, which break down and absorb healthy fats and fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin E. As the liver transforms fat and soluble toxins into their water-soluble form for excretion, it binds various toxins to bile so they can be flushed out of your body via bowel movements. Broccoli sprouts: Broccoli sprouts are a “detox superstar” because they’re full of antioxidants. They can also boost your

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Speed Up Your Metabolism by Detoxing Your Liver glutathione levels better than broccoli, which is a good thing since this supports both phases of liver detoxification. Additionally, broccoli sprouts contain indole-3-carbinol, a compound that helps the liver flush out excessive levels of hormones. Passler noted that broccoli sprouts contain the precursors of sulforaphane, a substance that may prevent certain types of cancers. Fermented foods: If you’ve been bloated or constipated for more than three days, you may need to add more fermented foods to your diet. The following fermented foods can help introduce gut-friendly bacteria that will colonize your intestines and promote healthy

bowel movements. n Kefir – Kefir is a fermented dairy product that can boost lactose digestion, decrease inflammation, and improve bone health. n Kimchi – Kimchi is a popular Korean dish that’s usually made of fermented vegetables like cabbage or radishes. According to research, kimchi can reduce insulin resistance and blood cholesterol. n Miso – Miso, a Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans, is often used to make miso

Garlic: Eating fresh, organic garlic activates liver detox enzymes that break down toxins and eliminate them from your system. Garlic contains a sulfur compound called alliin that converts to the active ingredient allicin when garlic is chopped, crushed, or minced. Allicin is a powerful antioxidant, antibiotic, and antifungal substance that offers many benefits for your liver health. Garlic’s antioxidant properties keep toxic substances filtered by your liver from reaching other organs. Walnuts: Walnuts aren’t just good for boosting your brain health – they can also promote detoxification and keep your liver in good condition. Passler explained that walnuts help boost circulation and blood flow, which allows toxins to be transported more efficiently from different points in your body to the liver. Walnuts are chock-full of arginine, which helps your body neutralize and flush out toxic by-products of alcohol and ammonia from the brain and central nervous system. Follow a healthy diet and eat nutritious foods to boost your liver health and improve your metabolism. Sources include: -


Wireless Technology: The Plain Physics & Biophysics

By Peter Tocci


any organizations/sites sharing warnings about the wireless health threat have names like ‘suchand-such for responsible technology.’ Or ‘safe technology.’ Or ‘safer.’ This article endeavors to show that the physics and biophysics of it indicate that all such and similar names are deceptive. Clearly problematic also is disproportionate focus on human concerns. The worst threat by far is to the ecosystem, which 4G wireless is now collapsing. Even though environment is acknowledged in warnings, emphasis remains on humans. This backwards priority suggests a dangerous disregard for, or lack of, complete understanding. I won’t say the misguided cautionary campaign, including the opposition to 5G per se, is ALL deliberate controlled opposition, but wittingly or not, these entities flirt with terminal disaster by perpetuating the threat. They suggest we can dance with the devil (a reined-in 4G), but ‘OMG,’ 5G must go! Well, the principles of physics are not forgiving. 2G4G is a quite sufficiently terminal nightmare. Wireless technology obviously exists within the context of technology per se. One thing is certain about most of that, regardless of benefit: It’s toxic. Somewhere along the line from the mining of hard resources (extractivism), to manufacture, use, and disposal, it’s chemically/energetically toxic to planet/biosphere. Wireless encompasses that entire line. Of ecosystem, smaller species, such as insects, already massively declining, are most susceptible to the radiation. Of humans, fetuses and kids. Tacit: we agree to poison the kids for money, convenience and comfort. No exposed living thing is exempt. Bee, bird, tree, pet. (see also) It’s not difficult to make the case that there’s no such thing as responsible (advanced and high) technology of any kind, never mind wireless (more below). All ‘unnatural’ environmental disaster and damage is techsourced. Natural disasters are often worsened. The mantra is: “Technology is the sanctified pride of Western ‘Civilization,’ bringing profit, convenience, a high standard of living; and meeting human needs.” Or is that selfish wants, common sense and Wisdom be damned. It’s also not difficult to make the case that what’s been done to the planet to bring Western ‘Civilization’ to where it is now is solid proof that where we are is not a good place to be. We rarely see developments and conventions that shape our way of life as examples of insanity that has been ‘normalized’ — as symptoms of the ‘Idiotized Society’: Conditioned dependence for prosperity and even survival upon selfdestructive and suicidal ways and means. A grand oxymoron. Wireless is its poster child. “Only by the most outrageous violation of ourselves do we come into conformity with a society bent on its own destruction.” – R.D. Laing “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti

The Physics

The radiation used in wireless systems is artificial, not natural radiation being made use of. It’s alien to life, even though electromagnetism is inherent in matter. “Electromagnetic” (EM) means the wave has both electrical and magnetic components. Page 8

The wave rises from a zero point, turns back down through the zero point, then turns and comes back up. It’s described by several measurements, including wavelength and frequency. Wavelength is the distance in meters between where the shape of the wave starts and where it begins to repeat. The frequency designation is how often the shape repeats. It’s measured in cycles per second, or “hertz” (Hz). One Hz is a single repetition, or cycle, per second. Wireless systems, such as phones and



1G analog lasted until 1992-3, when 2G was introduced in the US, using frequencies of 900MHz and, later, 1800MHz. Where 1G was analog, however, from 2G forward, pulsed digital frequencies were/are used. Pulsed microwave technology was not new when 1G arrived. Most folks know that Guglielmo Marconi developed the first “wireless” in mid-1890s. From the 1950s to mid-1970s, however, it was used in military stealth weapon research. Specific pulse rates (dataless) were found to induce specific illness. The pathological effects were well understood by the mid-1970s. In weapon research, pulseBand name Abbr band Frequency & Example uses frequency by pulse-frequency. Wavelength See Key Testimony in Extremely low ELF 1 3-30 Hz Communication Toronto at www.activistpost. frequency 100,000 km - with submarines com/2019/02/wireless10,000 km technology-ultra-convenientSuper low SLF 2 3-300 Hz Communication endlessly-entertainingfrequency with submarines 10,000 km criminally-instigated1000 km terminally-pathological.html. Ultra low ULF 3 3-3000 Hz Communication Keep this page open to see frequency with under1000 km more sections later. ground mines 100 km One unresolved question Very low VLF 4 3-30 Hz Submarine com(academic) for me is whether frequency munication, ava100 km the original weapon research lanche beacons, 10 km used analog or digital radiation. wireless heart rate monitors and Digital tech was available in geophysics. the late 1950s. A good nontechnical introduction to the Low frequency LF 5 30-300 kHz Navigation, Time signals, AM Radio wireless issue is this 35-minute 10 km - 1 km edit of a long 2012 video Medium MF 6 300-3000 kHz AM Radio interview of physicist and frequency 1 km - 100 m former Royal Navy microwave High HF 7 3-30 MHz Shortwave Radio weapons expert Barrie Trower, frequency PhD by the International Center 100 m - 10 m and aviation communications Against the Abuse of Covert Very high VHF 8 30-300 MHz FM Radio, TV Technologies. frequency broadcasts and 10 m - 1 m With knowledge of aircraft harm in place, then, weapon communications Alex Grey technology was adapted Ultra high UHF 9 300-3000 MHz TV broadcasts, virtually unchanged to 2G frequency 1 m - 100 mm microwave ovens, mobile phones, mobile telecom, except that LAN, Bluetooth, Alex Grey weapons emit much less GPS and Twopower than cell phones and Way Radios WiFi, and that telecom radiation Super high SHF 10 3-30 GHz Radio, Mobile is randomly pulsed by data frequency Phones, and 100 mm packets. No sooner was 2G Commercial 10 mm introduced than health trouble Wireless LAN Alex Grey began (more below). This Extremely high EHF 11 30-300 GHz High-speed suggests that pulsed digital frequency satellite 10 mm might be much more dangerous microwave 1 mm than pulsed analog. This not to transmission Alex Grey say that pulsed analog poses no Source from Wikipedia: Radio Frequency harm, but it wouldn’t be worth the time and expense to find out which is worse. WiFi, use microwave radiation, “micro” Wireless microwave frequencies meaning short. It comprises three bands of the (commonly 700MHz to 2.5GHz) provide shortest wavelengths and highest frequencies for large amounts of data at speed. Longer before ultra-violet light. Definitions vary, but wavelengths and lower frequencies do not lend it’s generally considered to have between themselves to such demands, and the lower 1 meter and 1-millimeter wavelength, with bands are taken up by other hardware anyway, frequencies from millions of hertz (MHz) as the chart linked above shows. to billions (GHz): 300MHz to 300GHz. The “Physics-speaking,” it comes down longest wavelength? A hundred thousand to this: For bandwidth and speed, digital kilometers! A very good chart on these microwave is needed. For data itself, pulsing measurements and their applications is here. is needed. I call it Information Carrying (See the print version above.) Microwave Radiation (ICMR). Transmitted waves are called “carrier” frequencies, because frequency changes are The Biophysics added to the wave, creating signal pulsing, and this is called “frequency modulation” (FM). Especially given biological sensitivity Most importantly, pulses contain the data. and cumulative effects, the prospect of The microwave frequencies chosen for 1G “responsible/safe” wireless tech is about as wireless, introduced in 1983-4 in the range of remote as it gets. 824-894MHz, were ‘analog’ – the real shape of It should be taught in the earliest possible the wave moving from transmitter to receiver. science and biology classes that life forms The 1G carrier waves were modulated with are not merely conglomerates of chemicals, frequencies of 150MHz and up. molecules, cells, tissues, and so on. Let’s keep

in mind: life forms are highly susceptible to artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) because life forms produce and operate on natural electromagnetics. It’s a failure, but no accident, of education that this isn’t common knowledge at the junior high or high school level. Every atomic ‘component,’ every atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, and system is a vibrational field, ‘simple’ or complex – a vibrational system comprising electricity, magnetism, and frequencies, or rates of vibration. All aspects, in turn, make up a composite field called the organism. Every part of the body field is in communication with every other part. Even separate species communicate – flowers communicate to bees with minute electrical signals.

Biological Sensitivity The non-thermal exposure limit suggested by the voluminous preexisting science reviewed in the 2007 BioInitiative Report (BR, 2000 studies) was one tenth of a microwatt (μW, a millionth of a watt) per square centimeter – .1 μW/ cm2. By 2012 BR (1800 additional studies and updated in 2019) it became 0.003 μW/cm2 to 0.006 μW/cm2. See BioInitiative 2012 – Conclusions. NOTE: The BR is cited here only to demonstrate the existence of independent science FCC and Industry say doesn’t exist or is “inconclusive.” Because the BR calls for “…a biologically-based public exposure standard…” SO – pulsed microwave somewhere between one tenth of one millionth of a watt and three thousandths of one millionth of a watt per square centimeter (millions/billions of cells) has harmful effect. Such figures give a feel for the sensitivity of biological systems. Don’t forget, either, that with 2G-4G wavelengths, the square centimeter is a ‘tube’ going all the way through your body. The FCC thermal exposure limit is expressed in milliwatts (mW, a thousandth of a watt) per square centimeter. As of this writing it’s .2 mW/cm2, or 200 μW/cm2. About 670,000 times higher than the lower BR nonthermal limit. But that’s nothing… The strictest biologically-based public power-level limit to date is a billion times higher than the cosmic background level, in which life has always existed. A cell phone on the moon would produce more background than that. Cell membranes sense the pulsing of non-thermal 2G-4G frequencies, and their transport channels react defensively, meaning pathologically. For one thing, they shut down. Since any body cell is susceptible, the range of potential effects is impressive. There are also serious effects from the electric component of the radiation. A certain type of channel in cell membranes is called a “Voltage Gated Calcium Channel” (VGCC). As the name implies, 1) this channel is controlled by (very tiny) voltages, or electrical “potentials,” and 2) it controls the flow of calcium. At rest, the channel is closed, with a balanced charge on each end. Electric impulses from ICMR disrupt this balance and make the channel stay open, flooding the cell with calcium. This severely affects cell function. The overall primary culprit may be pulsing, however, because it’s probably involved in the VGCC electric effect as well. If we want any data, pulses must exist at all power levels, including alleged safer ones suggested and called for by ‘concerned’

scientists. Safer is not safe. And there is no safe. Data pulsing is the crucial point avoided in the FCC lie about safety that is the powerlevel “exposure limit” based only on tissue heating. The term for this is scientific fraud. Two of the worst effects of ICMR are endocrine-system disruption and breakdown of the blood/brain barrier — whatever the specific mechanism may be. Of humans, fetuses, kids, and the young up to about 20 are most susceptible. (There is also a resonance, or frequency related, influence.) For details on the foregoing remarks, see sections High-Level Deceit and Data Pulses and Qualities of RF.

Cumulative Effects Like sensitivity, this is absolutely critical. As the reader will see in the section Key Testimony in Toronto, effects can occur any time during or after exposure – nominally speaking, since there is normally no escape. Using animals with short life spans, scientists ‘guesstimate’ time-dependent human effects, such as the termination of reproduction over a few generations. Varying human individual susceptibility might make this a tad inaccurate, but it will all catch up. Meanwhile, millions of innocents will suffer in laboratories – to meet human needs, of course. Some scientists say more research is needed. Nonsense. Without a moratorium (right!), 4G could wipe out the ecosystem before the point is re-proven. Meanwhile, the existing sinister violation of the Nuremberg Code—informed consent to be experimented on—would play on. “Scientists at the end of WW II were hanged for what scientists are doing today and getting away with.” – Barrie Trower “I ask for any scientist(s) from industry / government to ‘humiliate’ me live ‘on-air’ with their expert knowledge by answering one question: ‘What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the ovarian follicles during the first 100 days development of the embryo?’” – Barrie Trower, PhD, Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares? (Page 18). Six years,

no takers. “Biophysics-speaking,” it comes down to this: The combination of extreme sensitivity and cumulative effect is why there can be no safe wireless technology. Now, IF you could find a power level where electric fields and pulsing had no effect — forever, for ALL life — the possibility of it making the system work is virtual zero.

Related Issues

There are a number of critical corresponding issues that deserve mention, including other “responsible technology” issues: Environmental disasters such as extractive devastations (rape/toxification such as mining/drilling/fracking) for raw materials. With 30,000 mines in operation globally, images that comes to mind are a school of piranha or a feeding frenzy of sharks. Environmental disasters, albeit significantly underreported, do appear in mainstream news, but never in proper context: Symptoms of ongoing planetary sacrifice for Elite wealth, power, and control, which they use for additional manipulations that further their interests. Due to ocean noise pollution – shipping, military sonar, underwater construction, seismic blasts for oil and gas – humpback whales are shortening and ceasing their songs. Ain’t technology grand? Gotta meet those human needs. Also note, the huge number of pipeline incidents, a 50-million-ton annual toxic e-waste stream, plus billions of tons of never-go-away plastics (whose micro-particles we’re now eating and breathing). These things come under the category of normalized insanity, adding up to Earth liquidation. This applies to the vast majority of commodities. Technology and the economy are such that we must sicken and kill the planet, ourselves and the kids to survive. Slick, eh? It’s similar to a father turning a viable business over to his son, who turns the assets into cash (liquidation) and fritters it away. Our source of life considered, the comforting notion of “responsible technology” becomes perilous wishful thinking. See The Price of Techno-Civilization. It’s quite telling that almost all results for a “mining disasters” search yield information about human injury or death. Earth? It’s just a hunk of resources to be raped at will, in order to meet… How did such suicidal insanity become the norm characterizing Western Techno-Civilization? Psychopaths at the helm. “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly

had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacturing are afraid of somebody, afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom (1913). “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. that’s what’s insane about it.” – John Lennon Note that Lennon said “society,” not just politics and Government. There are only inadequate attempts to address tech-generated planet sacrifice. Its driving force — consumerism/way of life in the “developed” world — is held up with pride. And more on the way at breakneck speed. But have no fear, we’re promised “sustainable development” and “clean, renewable energy.” They’ll save the planet, preserve our comfort zones and maintain prosperity. Really? Will clean, renewable energy slow or stop extractive devastation? Is there sustainable rape/toxification of Earth? Could these promises be Elite psyops for maintaining Earth sacrifice for wealth, power, and control?


It’s more than fair to wonder how the assertions made here can be true when so many international EMF scientists are asking for “safer” and “safe” exposure limits from regulatory authority. Doing so implies their approval of continuation, but there’s not even a mention of the most likely scenario: No safe limit possible. Only a very few scientists have spoken the whole truth. The reader may have seen the main reason for this in Key Testimony in Toronto. Barrie Trower has been noted. Dr. George Carlo’s story is told in the High-Level Deceit section, as the director of a five-year $28.5m Industry funded, but later industry suppressed, study in the 1990s. Professor Martin Pall is presented in Data Pulses and Qualities of RF.

y late 2020, Google’s Chrome browser will automatically block all so-called anti-cancer, “anti-vax” and anti-GMO websites as part of Google’s collapse into a Monsanto/Pharma criminal cartel. Users who want to visit websites that expose the scientifically-validated risks and potential harm of vaccines, chemotherapy, glyphosate or GMOs will have to switch to alternative browsers and search engines, since the search engine is already in the process of eliminating all such websites from its search results.

Page 9

Most people can’t think like a psychopath: That’s one reason people might say, “No one would do such a thing.” Utter ruthlessness. No compassion, heart. Highly manipulative. Intelligently cunning, waiting to strike. No regard whatsoever for consequences: The goal is all that matters. But one can learn to understand to a sufficient degree the drive for total control that characterizes the Elite. For one thing, it’s reflected in outrageous censorship and tech/ surveillance stories surfacing in recent times. It’s the same power brokers orchestrating eternal war and sending the U.S.G. puppet system after Iran and Venezuela right now. So, one way of looking at the adaptedweapon telecom system is that if environmental and health atrocities are necessary to have a centralized power to monitor, track, data-mine, file, index and dictate/control every aspect of personal life, including emotions, thoughts, choices and behavior, so be it. © 2019, Peter G Tocci. All Rights Reserved Image credit: Pixabay Subscribe to Activist Post for truth, peace, and freedom news. Follow us on Minds and Twitter

(underlined links found online at

Documentary: A Glitch in the Matrix (David Fuller Production)

How To Protect Your Kids From Chemical Poisoning This Summer


“Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public disbelief.” — Marshall McLuhan



EXCLUSIVE: Google Goes All-In With Pharma Drug Cartels

But one scientist, with a highly distinguished career – Professor Olle Johansson formerly of the Karolinska Institute (medical college) in Stockholm – is a prime example of what can happen to truth-tellers—even in science. See But Integrity HAS Spoken. Here are only three other scientists who have paid the price for truth: Galileo Galilei on astronomy; Andrew Wakefield, MD on MMR vaccine, and Judith Curry, PhD on the politics of climate science and CO2. In summary, wireless technology is fundamentally a life-negative, pathological energy weapon towering in our midst and cradled in the hands of hapless, appallingly misled and addicted users. It knowingly targets the environment, the unborn and the young. Yet, it’s sold as a great boon – and claimed with utter mendacity to be safe. As a weapon of another kind, however, it’s the foundation of a global surveillance/tracking/total human-control system – a war for your mind and personal autonomy. The conqueror’s sword. See The Real Reason for the Wireless “Season”? lll


ere are some tips for reducing toxic exposure: Stop using chemical sunscreens. Stay away from conventional bug spray with DEET and other harmful chemicals. Avoid playgrounds and sports fields that use mulch made from recycled rubber tires. Reduce exposure to weed killers and pesticides found on grass, and in food. Do not drink from plastic bottles, especially ones left in the hot sun or a warm car. Prevent your child from drinking from a hose.

The Oxidative Effects of Wireless Radiation


lectromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us, even if you live in rural areas. They emanate from power lines, televisions, household electrical wiring, appliances and microwaves, cellphones, cellphone towers and wireless internet connections. Of course in cities one opens their WiFi and see limitless signals penetrating one’s personal space. Some people are very sensitive to EMF and suffer greatly from it.

The Swedish Government Might Ban Old Norse Religion - Mimir’s Brunnr

These & Many others @

We Can Heal With Sound Frequency & Vibrations By Arjun Walia


ymatics is a very interesting topic. It illustrates how sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air, or sand and as a result directly alter physical matter. There are a number of pictures all over the internet as well as youtube videos that demonstrate how matter (particles) adjust to different sounds and different frequencies of sound. When it comes to ancient knowledge, sound, frequency and vibration have always been perceived as powerful forces that can influence and alter life all the way down to the cellular level. Sound healing methods are often used by Shamans, who employ drums and singing to access trance states. Research has even demonstrated that drumming and singing can be used to slow fatal brain disease, and it can generate a sense of oneness with the universe . Sound therapy is getting more popular, and it can have many medical applications, especially within the psychological and mental health realms. Sound, frequency and vibration are used all throughout the animal kingdom, and there are many examples. If we look at the wasp, they use antennal drumming to alter the caste development or phenotype of their larvae. Conventional thinking has held for quite some time that differential nutrition alone can explain why one larvae develops into a non-reproductive worker and one into a reproductive female (gyne). However, this is not the case, according to a 2011 study: ( pubmed/21256023)

SECRETS OF LIFE by Vernon Howard “How can we contact this purifying Higher Power? By lifting the veils of illusion that hang between the human mind and Reality. By seeing that the veils of the ego-self block the light. By seeing this we penetrate into the innermost secret of human happiness, earthly and eternal.” “A rescuing idea is one that disagrees with your habitual nature but which agrees with Truth. “

“Your task is responsibility for your own inner development, regardless of the irresponsibility of others toward themselves.”

“Did it ever occur to you that you can quietly stand aside and observe a panicky thought, instead of being carried away by it?” For more quotes, his books or to attend talks or workshops. Page 10

“But nutrition level alone cannot explain how the first few females to be produced in a colony develop rapidly yet have small body sizes and worker phenotypes. Here, we provide evidence that a mechanical signal biases caste toward a worker phenotype. In Polistes fuscatus, the signal takes the form of antennal drumming (AD), wherein a female trills her antennae synchronously on the rims of nest cells while feeding prey-liquid to larvae. The frequency of AD occurrence is high early in the colony cycle, when larvae destined to become workers are being reared, and low late in the cycle, when gynes are being reared. Subjecting gyne-destined brood to simulated AD-frequency vibrations caused them to emerge as adults with reduced fat stores, a worker trait. This suggests that AD influences the larval developmental trajectory by inhibiting a physiological element that is necessary to trigger diapause, a gyne trait.” This finding indicates that the acoustic signals produced through drumming within certain species carry biologically meaningful information (literally: ‘to put form into’) that operate epigenetically (i.e. working outside or above the genome to affect gene expression). Pretty fascinating, isn’t it? Like many other ancient lines of thought, this has been backed by modern day scientific research.


Another example comes from cancer research. In his Tedx talk, “Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies,” Associate Professor and Director of Music at Skidmore College, Anthony Holland, tells the audience that he has a dream. That dream is to see a future where children no longer have to suffer from the effects of toxic cancer drugs or radiation treatment, and today he and his team believe they have found the answer, and that answer is sound. Holland and his team wondered if they could affect a cell by sending a specific electric signal, much like we do with LCD technology. After searching the patent database for a device that could accomplish this, they came across a therapeutic device invented by New Mexico physician Dr. James Bare. The device uses a plasma antenna that pulses on and off, which, as Holland explains, is important because a constant pulse of electricity would produce too much heat and therefore destroy the cell. For the next 15 months, Holland and his team searched for the exact frequency that would directly shatter a living microorganism. The magic number finally came in the form of two inputs, one high frequency and one low. The high frequency had to be exactly eleven times higher than

the low, which in music is known as the 11th harmonic. At the 11th harmonic, microorganisms begin to shatter like crystal glass. After consistently practicing until they became efficient at the procedure, Holland began working with a team of cancer researchers in an attempt to destroy targeted cancer cells. First, they looked at pancreatic cancer cells, eventually discovering these cells were specifically vulnerable between 100,000 – 300,000 Hz. Next, they moved onto leukemia cells, and they were able to shatter the leukemia cells before they could divide. But, as Holland explains in his talk, he needed bigger stats in order to make the treatment a viable option for cancer patients. In repeated and controlled experiments, the frequencies, known as oscillating pulsed electric field (OPEF) technology, killed an average of 25% to 40% of leukemia cells, going as high as 60% in some cases. Furthermore, the intervention even slowed cancer cell growth rates up to 65%. You can read more about the story, find sources, and watch that TEDx talk here:

https://www.collective-evolution. com/2016/01/21/researchersdemonstrate-how-cancer-cells-areobiterated-by-resonant-frequencies/

Another example occurred in 1981, when biologist Helene Grimal partnered with composer Fabien Maman to study the relationship of sound waves to living cells. For 18 months, the pair worked with the effects of 30-40 decibel sounds on human cells. With a camera mounted on a microscope, the researchers observed uterine cancer cells exposed to different acoustic instruments (guitar, gong, xylophone) as well as the human voice for 20-minute sessions. They discovered that, when exposed to sound, cancer cells lost structural integrity until they exploded at the 14-minute mark. Far more dramatic was the sound of a human voice — the cells were destroyed at the nine-minute

mark. After this, they decided to work with two women with breast cancer. For one month, both of the women gave three-and-a-halfhours a day to “toning” or singing the scale. Apparently, the woman’s tumor became undetectable, and the other woman underwent surgery. Her surgeon reported that her tumor had shrunk dramatically and “dried up.” It was removed and the woman had a complete recovery and remission. These are only a few out of multiple examples that are floating around out there. Let’s not forget about when Royal Rife first identified the human cancer virus using the world’s most powerful microscope. After identifying and isolating the virus, he decided to culture it on salted pork. At the time this was a very good method for culturing a virus. He then took the culture and injected it into 400 rats, which, as you might expect, created cancer in all 400 rats very quickly. The next step for Rife was where things took an interesting turn. He later found a frequency of electromagnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to diminish completely when entered into the energy field. You can read more about that story here: https://www.collective-evolution. com/2014/01/06/the-cancer-curing-devicethat-big-pharma-destroyed-the-royal-rifedevice/

More Research

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Huntington’s Disease found that two months of drumming intervention in Huntington’s patients (considered an irreversible, lethal neurodegenerative disease) resulted in “improvements in executive function and changes in white matter microstructure, notably in the genu of the corpus callosum that connects prefrontal cortices of both hemispheres.” The study authors concluded that the pilot study provided novel preliminary evidence that drumming (or related targeted behavioral stimulation) may result in “cognitive enhancement and improvements in callosal white matter microstructure.” A 2011 Finnish study observed that stroke patients who were given access to music as cognitive therapy had improved recovery. Other research has shown that patients suffering from loss of speech due to brain injury or stroke regain it more quickly by learning to sing before trying to speak. The phenomenon of music facilitating healing in

Please see VIBRATIONS, page 14

By Nicole Wilkey


grow many different things on our farm, but one of my favorites is cannabis. A little under two years ago, I purchased my first plants and haven’t looked back. Since my first harvest, I have not used any NSAIDs (non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs) such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen for any reason. I much prefer skipping all of the possible side effects of pharmaceuticals and rely on the medicinal uses of cannabis instead. My favorite way to harness the healing powers of the cannabis plant is in tincture or salve form. Topical applications will not cause a psychoactive response. So let’s talk basics and why cannabis might be for you. Cannabis actually decreases inflammation in the body to reduce pain, where medications such as NSAIDs or narcotics/opioids only mask the pain and inflammation temporarily. Cannabinoids, like THC or CBD, are the chemical compounds that provide relief from pain, inflammation or nausea by communicating with our endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system affects our homeostasis, appetite, mood, memory and pain. Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids, and supplementing with a cannabis tincture or salve can bring

C A N N A B I S Not Just About Getting High immense relief. Terpenes, which give cannabis its characteristic smell, also have a medicinal effect when used in conjunction with cannabinoids. Which is why I prefer using the whole plant, both flowers and trim, to get the full range of compounds rather than using a one note product that singles out just THC or just CBD. Whole plant products hit more receptors within the body and in turn are more effective. Luckily, society is starting to change their opinion of cannabis users from “always altered, unproductive members of society” to accepting the idea that people from all walks of life are reaping the benefits of cannabis in many different forms.


So let’s talk salve. There are many different recipes online for making your own salve. Most are some combination of oils like coconut and olive, beeswax and finely chopped cannabis. They can be infused on the stove in a double boiler, or my favorite way, in my slow cooker. You want to keep the oils warm so that the compounds from the plant

matter infuse into the oil, creating a potent topical medication. After infusing the oils until they are dark in color and fragrant, you strain out the plant matter, mix the infusion with beeswax to give you a solid product and store in a jar for future use. This salve can be used to rub into sore muscles, cramps, localized swelling and pain, bruises, massaged into the neck for tension, rashes, bug bites, acne...and the list goes on. Sometimes I even use it as a facial moisturizer!


A tincture is an extract of plant matter typically using alcohol as the solvent, which dissolves the medicinal compounds from the plant into the alcohol. As with salve, there are many different recipes online for making tinctures. All you need to make a cannabis tincture is finely chopped cannabis and high proof alcohol such as vodka or Everclear. You can do this two ways: 1. with decarboxylated cannabis, decarboxylating (or heating) converts THCA into THC and can provide a psychoactive effect, if that is what you are after or 2. with un-decarboxylated cannabis which retains the THCA compound and will not give you a psychoactive effect, but will still be medically beneficial. You then combine your cannabis with your alcohol into a glass jar, shake and place in the freezer for five days up to a couple of weeks. Daily shaking of the jar will aid

“World Class

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in the dissolving of the compounds into the tincture. The longer it infuses, the stronger your tincture will be. Once it becomes dark green in color and has infused for the appointed time you will then strain the plant matter out and bottle your finished tincture. You will want to choose a dark dropper bottle and store your tincture in a dark cool place such as the refrigerator or a cabinet. When you need relief, place a few drops (start with small doses and adjust as needed) under your tongue for conditions like headache, nausea and anxiety. There are other tincture methods such as the ‘Traditional Warm Method’ and ‘Hot Method/Green Dragon’, but the cold method mentioned above is what I use and have had success with. Pick whichever method works for you. So get out there and grow some of your own medicine! It’s fun, easy and I bet you’ll be glad you did. As always, please check your state laws and requirements when you begin your cannabis journey. I do hope you are lucky enough to have access to cannabis either through a medicinal use card or recreational dispensaries. Photos by author.

Cannabis Seeds”


99% Of Canadian Honey Analyzed Contaminated With Herbicide Glyphosate By Brian Shilhavy

A recent study published in the journal Food Additives & Contaminants analyzed 200 random samples of honey in Canada. The study was conducted by the Agri-Food Laboratories, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their analysis found that almost 99% of the honey samples analyzed were contaminated with the herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp that has been linked to cancer. “Two hundred randomly chosen honey samples, which were submitted to our laboratory for other testing, were analysed using the online SPE-LCMS/MS method to obtain information regarding baseline levels of glyphosate, its main degradation product AMPA, and the other acidic herbicide, glufosinate. Glyphosate was detected in almost all honey samples analysed with 197 out of 200 samples (98.5%) having residues… (Source.) Canada is not the Only Place with Glyphosate-Contaminated Honey In a study published in 2014 in the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology titled “Survey of Glyphosate Residues in Honey, Corn and Soy Products,” researchers analyzed food samples purchased in stores in the Philadelphia area, including honey, both organic honey and non-organic honey. Their analysis found: “Of the sixty-nine honey samples ana-

lyzed, forty-one samples, or fifty-nine percent (59%), had glyphosate concentrations above the method LOQ (15 ppb)…. Eleven of the tested honey samples were organic; five of the organic honey samples, or forty-five percent (45%), contained glyphosate concentrations above the method LOQ… Of the fifty-eight non-organic honey samples, thirty-six samples, or sixty-two percent (62%), contained glyphosate concentrations above the method LOQ… “ (Source.) In 2017 researchers from the Risk Assessment Division, Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO), in Bern, Switzerland, published a study titled “Glyphosate residues in Swiss market foods: monitoring and risk evaluation.” Their analysis found that 100% of their samples tested positive for the presence of glyphosate: “…all samples of wine, fruit juice and nearly all samples of honey tested positive for glyphosate…” The report downplayed the results, saying that levels were very low and “of no concern for human health.” In another study published in 2017 in the Journal of Regulatory Science, which was conducted in an FDA laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, almost 50% of honey samples analyzed were contaminated with glyphosate: “Nineteen honey samples were collected from the local market and a private honey farm and analyzed by the proposed method

A Morphological Adaptation? Smartphones Now Transforming The Human Skeleton By Tyler Durden


odern life is transforming the human skeleton. Humans are now developing a bone spike at the back of the head caused by regularly looking down at their smartphones, according to a recent study. The phenomenon is called an external occipital protuberance: a lump on the back of the head believed to be caused by the body reacting to smartphone use by growing new bone layers on the back of the skull. David Shahar, a health scientist at the University of The Sunshine Coast, Australia, told BBC that in the last twenty years, he has noticed a spike in patients who have the extra bone layers was once considered rare. The study (https://onlinelibrary. was published in the Journal of Anatomy in 2016, Shahar and his co-author wrote how they discovered the phenomenon in x-rays of millennials at his clinic. He examined 21 radiographs of the lateral cervical spine, where external occipital protuberance appeared in 1 to 30-year-olds. Of the group, 41% had the lump, with 10% having a spike at least 20mm

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long. The study noted it was more common in men than women, at 67% versus 20%. The longest was 35.7mm in a man and 25.5mm in a woman. The extra bone is a type of enthesophytes, which is abnormal bony projections located on a tendon or ligament. Enthesophytes are common in baby boomers but not so much with millennials until the last decade. Shahar said the proliferation of handheld technologies from early childhood, could explain his findings. He said the phenomenon dubbed “text neck,” is when the neck must work extra hard to stabilize the head in place while the head is pointed down to view devices like smartphones and tablets. Extended screen time will force the body to create more bond on the back of the skull to support the head. According to another study in the journal Scientific Reports in 201 involving 1200 participants aged between 1 to 6, Shahar discovered millennials were more likely to develop external occipital protuberance than baby boomers. Shahar said, humans, participating in modern society will likely keep developing the lump and will become more substantial over time — “Imagine if you have stalactites and stalagmites, if no one is bothering them, they will just keep growing.” **This article (A Morphological Adaptation? Smartphones Now Transforming the Human Skeleton) was originally featured at Zero Hedge.** https://www.wakingtimes. com/2019/06/19/a-morphological-adaptation-smartphones-now-transforming-thehuman-skeleton/

(Table 3). Nine samples (47%) contained glyphosate higher than 16 ng/g (estimated LOQ).” (Source.) A study published in 2018 in PLoS ONE analyzed honey in Hawaii and found: “Of 15 honey samples store-purchased on Kauaʽi, glyphosate was detected in 33%, with a mean concentration of 41 ppb, S.E.M. 14.” (Source.) Most Consumer Honey Products are Byproducts of Agriculture Beekeepers do not primarily keep bees to produce honey, but to pollinate crops. The honey is simply a by-product of this service they sell to the agriculture industry. Every year, for example, most of the bees in the U.S. and Canada are transported to California to pollinate the almond trees. 80% of the world’s almonds come from California’s Central Valley, and almonds are the #1 agricultural crop grown in California. It is a $4 billion industry. Therefore, it is not a surprise that glyphosate is found in honey. Most of the studies referenced in this article did not analyze honey for glyphosate because they were concerned about consumer health (the government funded studies all conclude that the levels of glyphosate are “safe” for humans.) They are concerned about the health of honey bees, because they have been dying at alarming rates in recent years, and chemical pesticides and herbicides are one the main concerns in the declining bee population. So by looking for residues of these pes-

Cannabis Wealth From page 5

correct this injustice. In the meantime, the large licensed producers get first dibs on recreational markets. The same LPs who are the product of Stephen Harper’s now unconstitutional medical regulations. Local British Columbian politicians have been no help either. Trailing in almost every aspect, what B.C. lacks in the number of licensed retail and producers, it makes up for with its underground market. But the provincial government has taken all the worst parts of alcohol and tobacco regulations and applied them to cannabis. The City of Vancouver has ordered the shutdown of long-standing dispensaries. The consequence of these actions is a flight of cannabis wealth from one region of Canada to another. From B.C. to, mostly, Ontario. And why not? They have a larger population and without the housing shortages many B.C. communities face. They have major highways connected to more populated areas of the United States. The land is more affordable. And local politicians aren’t afraid of zoning in the LPs since this region is already dominated by corporate agriculture. In a free and fair market, prosperity doesn’t come at the expense of others. Ontario is becoming Canada’s pot capital by illegitimate means. What about Calgary, Alberta? No provincial sales tax and fewer government regulations? This is propelling the city to number one nationwide for cannabis shops. They have more legal stores than Vancouver, Cana-

ticides and herbicides in honey gives them an indication how these chemicals are being transported from the agricultural crops to the bees and potentially harming them. To learn more, and to learn if “local honey” is always best, see: Are California Almonds Destroying the U.S. Bee Supply? are-california-almonds-destroying-the-u-sbee-supply/

Is the Best Honey Really “Local” Honey? is-the-best-honey-really-local-honey/

Of course, most of these studies were conducted before the recent court cases against Monsanto started, where juries have now awarded billions of dollars in damages to victims suffering with cancer due to glyphosate exposure. If you want a honey that is not as likely to be contaminated with glyphosate, look for wild honeys from beekeepers who are more concerned with producing honey than they are with pollinating crops. Such honeys are rare, and they need to come from bees in remote areas far away from commercial agriculture. Ideally, the honey should be tested for glyphosate. (underlined links found online at https://

da’s traditional pot capital. As for Vancouver, as I mentioned, they’ve driven out the dispensaries of old. The frontiersmen and women of cannabis in Canada. It’s a brave new world now. And not in the good way. But it’s also darkest before dawn. Cannabis investor Steve DeAngelo isn’t a fan of Canada’s licensed producers. He says they lack quality bud, especially in the terpene department. I find the same thing. So do others. And in the end, that’s all that matters. These corporate cannabis giants are paper tigers. Shareholders essentially donate their investments so LPs can sell over-packaged and inferior weed at inflated costs to, in many cases, government-owned cannabis stores. They got a head start with recreational legalization. BC Bud is playing catch-up in the halls of government bureaucracy. In the end, the farmers with the best cannabis win. My money is on BC Bud. links found online at:

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Human Will From page 2

don’t believe they have any power over the threatening situation. They think the tyrants hold all the cards. Indeed, the tyrants are brilliant, and have posted guards at every exit. They’ve planned their chess moves well in advance, while we, the novice players, are just waking up to how to play the game. But human intelligence, buttressed by will, does have the ability to throw a wrench in their strategy, just as a savvy chess opponent can defeat any strategy if he’s determined and clever enough. No set of moves, however brilliantly orchestrated, is guaranteed to win every game. It only succeeds if the opponent is less clever than the other player. With enough will and deep thought, any brilliant chess play can be defeated. In the same way, determination and cleverness can defeat the strategists planning the New World Order. Think of “determination” as will in action. Will decides what we allow (the passive aspect of willing) and what we initiate (the active aspect). Then determination implements the decision. For all practical purposes, “will,” “choice,” and “determination” refer to the same thing. From this point on, I’ll use the terms interchangeably. I am increasingly certain that reclaiming our will is the door to our freedom – the only door to our freedom. Ignorance of the power of will is what keeps us afraid and enslaved. I’ve written elsewhere in this blog about the power of thought to create real things in the outer world. Some call it the Law of Attraction. Some call it Creating Reality. Thought is powerful and creative because it rides on will. A thought without a strong intention, without passion behind it, is nothing but a pipe dream. A thought infused with will is a force to be reckoned with. Determined thought or intention moves

Vibrations From page 10

the brain after a stroke is called the “Kenny Rogers Effect.” A 2012 study published in Evolutionary Psychology found that active performance of music (singing, dancing and drumming) triggered endorphin release (measured by post-activity increases in pain tolerance), whereas merely listening to music did not. The researchers hypothesized that this may contribute to community bonding in activities involving dance and music-making. According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, “Music Page 14

the machinery of the universe, not only on the gross level but at the subtlest level of life. Quantum physics talks about the intention of scientists in experiments determining the path taken by quantum particles. This isn’t just a theory, or feel-good pretending: it’s scientific fact. In your own life, think about the times you’ve accomplished something, or someone you know accomplished something. Compare that to the times you didn’t accomplish. Was not will the differentiating factor? When you succeeded, was it not because you refused to have it any other way? Some time ago I was an activist on a neighborhood project attempting to save our town from encroachment by a powerful government agency with destructive designs. There were several people at the helm, organizing the fight. I’ll never forget one day when one of them told me, with the utmost determination and confidence, that the agency would without a doubt be defeated. This was at a time in the campaign when everything looked like the agency would win. Lynn is a spiritual woman with a high degree of personal will and empowerment. She had made up her mind that the plan would be defeated, and that was the end of it. It was simply a done deal. Not just a done deal in her mind, but a done deal in the real world. She had decided it so, with all the passion and confidence she possessed. This beautiful person understood the power of her own determination. She fully got that if she made up her mind that the agency could not have her home, then it could not take it. She knew she had the right and power to decide whether to concede it to them. I knew in that moment, from the way she said it, that she had created the defeat of the agency. All the motions we all went through from that point onward were merely the denouement, the winding up of the story. The outcome had already been decided. This master of reality had made up her mind that the bullying stopped at her front door, and it did. effectively reduces anxiety for medical and surgical patients and often reduces surgical and chronic pain. [Also,] Providing music to caregivers may be a strategy to improve empathy, compassion, and care.” In other words, music is not only good for patients, it’s good for those who care for them as well. Below is an interesting interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton. You can view his curriculum vitae here. curriculum-vitae

Conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton about sound healing watch?v=O7MmSfo5b9U

We’re so much more powerful than we realize. Mothers with will in gear have lifted automobiles off their trapped children. Prisoners with will have broken out of impossible-to-escape prison camps (see the movie Rescue Dawn for one such remarkable true story). We all know someone who with the confident innocence of determined desire succeeded in something the world considered impossible. We think of them as exceptional, but the only difference between them and the rest of us is that they access a faculty that most of humanity doesn’t remember it possesses. I’m working on building my will. When I find something in my life I don’t like – a situation, a negative habit – I now say to myself, “I don’t accept this.” I say it with confidence and a sense of being finished. I may not know at the time how I’m going to get out of the thing that has bound me, but the ropes begin to loosen the moment I make the decision that I’m done. Circumstances develop from that point onward that bring about the end of the thing I want rid of. It’s quite dramatic sometimes, even miraculous. Other times, it’s gradual and subtle. Always it works. I build my will in little things and in so doing develop my confidence in taking on matters of substance. I fully believe if the time comes when I face someone demanding I get vaccinated or microchipped, I will spontaneously access the power to make them leave me in peace. I remember the moment in the first Star Wars where Obi-wan waves his hand in front of an Empire cop, and the dazed guy lets him pass. And the moment in the book/movie, The Education of Little Tree, where officials come to drag the boy to a reservation school, but the granddad sees them coming from the hilltop; he and the boy are safe in the woods every time the would-be enslavers come to their door (another great true story). Those who are afraid (and do not master their fear) that they will be sent to FEMA camps or killed, are creating being

The Takeaway The information presented in this article isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes the medical applications of sound, frequency and vibration, which are all obviously correlated. One thing is clear, however, which is that there are many more methods out there, like the ones discussed in this article, that should be taken more seriously and given more attention from the medical establishment. It seems all mainstream medicine is concerned about is making money and developing medications that don’t seem to be representative of our fullest potential to heal. “Alternative” therapies shouldn’t be labelled as

sent to FEMA camps or killed. Those who believe global tyranny is a done deal are creating experiencing global tyranny. By passively accepting the horrendous as inevitable, the passive aspect of our own will kicks in to allow it, stamping the plans of the tyrants with our own personal seal of permission. We live on the Earth at this time because we chose to be here. We allowed it, we willed it. Perhaps we did that so we might experience the drama of bullies and bullied being played out in the extreme, as it is being played out today. Perhaps we wanted the stakes to be this high in order to jog our will awake, so we might become at last fully human, fully empowered, reality creators, masters of living. We are only victims if that’s how we perceive it. We can take the bull by the horns, take charge of any situation. No one ever does anything to us that we don’t on some level allow. Allowing can be as simple as believing there’s no way out. It can be as simple as fear, or any other form of helpless acceptance. What happens in our future is up to no one but us. The rest of the world can do what it likes, experience what it wants to, for its own ultimate freedom and wisdom. But no one can force anyone to be a slave who does not accept it. Whatever your fellows choose to do, you are safe and free if you determine to be. But can your choice for personal freedom help save the world from the New World Order? I think it’s the only thing that can save it. But that’s the subject for another article. — Bronte Baxter This was Chapter 12 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,’ by Bronte Baxter. Anyone may copy or republish this article as long as they include a link back to this site at

alternative, they should be incorporated into the norm. Help Support Collective Evolution:

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