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Is The FARMER by Julian Rose Contributor


T A FARMER’S FAIR in Krakow, South Poland, in early May, I spoke to a Romanian peasant. He was demonstrating clay pot making using a foot treadle to spin the plate upon which the pots were being formed by his deft hands. I remarked how attractive I found this technology due to its lack of reliance upon any electrical power source. He nodded, saying “No other power required.” The conversation swung to the need to remain independent; independent of state and industry controlled sources of power. Because being dependent upon centralized power, be it energetic or political, means always owing something to someone or something; whereas to be free of such a burden enables one to form strategic relations where one pleases. This form of sharing creates a natural form of interdependence with fellow humans, rather than dependence on governments and corporations. He nodded again. A colourful troupe of Gorale (Polish mountain farmers) were stamping their feet to the rousing notes of a merry fiddle while weaving a circular pattern through and amongst each other, shouting out in occasional bravura. My Romanian friend was looking-on, his non-treadle foot tapping out the folk song’s rhythms. After a little he turned towards me and said “The farmer is the future.” Now this struck me as a very profound statement. Many may well cynically laugh at

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such an idea. In those peoples’ minds is the notion that food will always magically appear from … well … somewhere – and that farmers, that is ‘real farmers’ like the Romanian and Polish peasants, are an anachronism, a romantic back-drop, a picture postcard of a time gone by. The majority of people in Westernized societies have long since abandoned any attempt to source their foods from anything other than the most convenient and/or cheapest supermarket stores that carefully screen-out any correlation between the end product and the grower. That, after all, might shock the buyer into realizing that there still are some human hands involved in the process whereby they acquire their daily meals. It’s much more comforting for them to imagine that their beloved supermarket somehow spirits their daily needs out of some super hygienic, sanitized, forever sunny, manicured Astroturf garden. The Eastern European peasant family farmer does not know much about what goes on in the corporate run, European Union subsidized, monocultural deserts that churnout an almost endless supply of nitrate induced, vitamin depleted and pesticide protected – so called ‘foods’. He will not know what the majority of Westernized consumers dump into their trolleys on the way to the check-out desk, car boot and home freezer chest. This farmer does know, however, that a very strange thing has happened to people over the past few decades. Something that seems to

have taken them away from values which, to the good farmer, are pretty much sacrosanct. Values like never wasting valuable resources and living from the fruits of one’s labours. About independence and love of a way of life in the open fields, open air, one that somehow keeps one always close to God. All be it that this life pits man against hardships mostly unimaginable to the upwardly aspiring higher waged supermarket shopper. A shopper fretting that she must negotiate the precinct without her recently manicured hair suffering any distortion from the unexpected shower of rain that has afflicted the roofless car park. Ironically, that shower of rain, a few drops of which might land on her precious head of hair, is about as close to nature as this lady is ever likely to get … in her cosseted perpetual suburban sunrise. What the peasant farmer knows – and the consumer doesn’t – is that this shower of rain is actually a vital element in the nurturing process in which he/she is engaged; growing

the foods that will feed the family, and if all goes well, providing a small income from the sale of any surplus. What this farmer also knows is that, at any time, the crops and animals under his care might be taken by drought, flood or disease. Might be threatened by wild animals, t h i e v i n g individuals or interfering officialdom. This farmer lives day in day out with a perpetual level of uncertainty, which becomes so ingrained that it ceases to cause the sort of fear fuelled anxieties that haunt the urbanite. Instead, it becomes an integral part of the way of life. There is wisdom in this insecurity, because life is uncertain and unpredictable, and trusting to a degree of fate is part and parcel of our natural response to challenges that springup without due warning. The foundations of the supermarket society upon which our regular shopper’s aspirations depend – is predicated upon a continuous and uninterrupted increase in the acquisition of wealth. It soon becomes apparent however, that the material source of this wealth is not infinite, but finite; and that callously extracting these finite materials as though they were infinite does much damage to the fabric of the planet

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Übermensch 6 Signs You May Be An

Gary ‘Z’ McGee


HE MOST SPIRITUAL MEN, as the strongest, find their happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in experiments. Their joy is self-conquest: asceticism becomes in them nature, need, and instinct. Difficult tasks are a privilege to them; to play with burdens that crush others, a recreation. Knowledge –a form of asceticism. They are the most venerable kind of man: that does not preclude their being the most cheerful and the kindliest.” –Nietzsche The Übermensch, or Overman, is the primordial prodigy, the interdependentself, the chameleon of the human condition, the epistemological elite longing to emerge. The Overman is the “genius” that Jesus spoke of in the Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth the genius within you, it will free you. If you do not bring forth the genius within you, it will destroy you.” In a world where the majority of people have not brought forth the genius within themselves, it is no wonder things are being destroyed. It is therefore the duty, indeed the quest, of overmen the world over to bring forth the genius within themselves, to stand as beacons of hope, to go forth as walking examples of genius incarnate, so that others may learn how to do the same. Here are six signs you may be on the sacred path of the Ubermensch.

1.) You Have Perfected the Art of Self-Overcoming “The man who discovers a new scientific truth has previously had to smash to atoms almost everything he had learned, and arrives at the new truth with hands bloodstained from the slaughter of a thousand platitudes.” –Jose Ortega y Gasset You have freed yourself from the smoke and mirrors of “security” and the illusion of “comfort.” Indeed, you have freed yourself to create new freedom. You have once again transformed yourself into a self-propelled beast, a sacred cycle, the walking personification of the life-deathrebirth process of the human condition. Self-overcoming (self-interrogation) is a tool of conviviality that you use to dig up the courage within the primordial self so that it may defend itself, and life itself, against the degradation of the inert self. The inert self is the part of us that wishes everything would stay the same. You understand that it is precisely this part of us which must be overcome, because permanence is the ultimate illusion. Fixed conviction is a grave error that leaves us petrified and stuck. Like Daniel Kolak wrote in Experience of Philosophy, “There is a frozen sea within us. Philosophy is an axe.” You have learned how to use this axe with self-actualized precision, and you have therefore become quite adept at bringing meaning to the meaninglessness.

2.) You Have the Ability to Transform Suffering Into Strength “To live is to suffer and to survive is to find meaning in this suffering.” – Nietzsche You are willing to suffer in order to discover your greatness, knowing that pain is the ultimate teacher next to nature herself. You are purposefully vulnerable, realizing that it’s the only way to learn about the weakness within invulnerability. You recycle your vulnerability by propelling yourself and others to create waves of change in a world starving for change. You direct your passion and your compassion by spreading your art and your heart only across what

matters most. Like Simone De Beauvoir, your “contemplation is an excruciation only because it is also a joy.” You seek tasks that would cause others to curl up into a ball of fear, because you have learned how to transform fear into courage. You realize that the secret to transforming suffering into strength is to embrace, and thereby subsume, the vicissitudes of change. You do not fear change because you’ve learned how to change fear into a courage of the most high.

3.) You Accept Your Own Dionysian Nature and Use it Appropriately “The struggle of maturity is to recover the seriousness of a child at play.” – Nietzsche As a liberated artist you represent the Dionysian endeavour toward wild, carefree creativity. You have chosen to embody a wide spectrum of the human experience, lusting for the gruesome ecstasy of the sensual world yet capturing and expressing it all through your art. The Dionysian innovator is a perfect example of divergent thinking, which you embrace with all your heart. The Apollonian artist, on the other hand, relies on convergent thinking; which is fine, as balance is necessary. But since we live in a rigid, stuck-in-the-muck, overly convergent thinking society, you see how important Dionysian energy really is. You are not a collection of mirrors reflecting what everyone else expects of you. You are self-shattered, Chaos theory in motion, laughing mightily with God’s tongue in your cheek. You declare to the lopsided Apollonian culture, “You can have your Apollonian rigidness; I’ll take Dionysian courage and astonish you all.”

4.) You Are Not Restricted by Tradition Nor Bounded by Convention “The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.” –Friedrich Nietzsche You shirk tradition and convention in order to remain open to what the vicissitudes of change have to teach you. You refuse to live out a harried life of nine-tofive slavery, wasting your days on heartless corporations that don’t give a damn about anything except making money. Instead, you wish to live a life of adventure full of doing what you love to do, despite the powers that be and in spite of the tyranny that wishes to contain you. You use rebellion and the art of Social Gadflying as a tool for obliterating unsustainable hierarchies, and as a leveller of close-minded elitist pretension. You’re not driven by petty revenge or egoistic oneupmanship. You emphasize and actualize what you disrupt, seeking not to discredit and embarrass the status quo of your mischief, but to shock it into becoming more self-authentic. Yours is a celebration of the soul instead of the conditioned reflex and self-aggrandizement of the ego. You love what you profane, weaving your knowledge and experience together with the status quo, you honour your engagement with it even as you tweak it out of its extremism. You show them the door to their freedom and declare: “enter if you dare!”

5.) You Are Willing to Risk All For the Enhancement of Humanity “You go above and beyond them: but the higher you climb, the smaller you

See “ÜBERMENSCH” on page 27

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The New Now or not, depending on who you ask

by Fredalupe! Well, it’s now or never folks. Here we are at the very point of choice, facing our square centimetre of chance, a chance of a chance, so to speak, so powerful in possibility, that to grasp it, to truly grasp it is to literally grasp opportunity itself by the forelock, and thereby dare riding it through such fields of potential that at each turn different worlds await: all encompassing, assembled by awareness, led by attention, inspired by beauty, defined by creativity, guided by humility, honed by impeccability, energized by mystery, freed from the limits of self importance, the prison of self reflection, and from the enslavement by the predatory self presently possessing Humanity. How fabulous! Perhaps this is the best of times, to wipe that drool from the corners of our consciousness, to sweep away the dust and dreck of neglect and entropy accumulated during the abrogation of our responsibilities as participant members, and in fact creators, of our own realities. Ask yourself, if you dare, whose life you are living, whose dream you are dreaming, whose horror are you feeding? As children we suspect that all is not well, nor is that world, so confidently and unquestioningly presented to us by those that parent us through those tender vulnerable years, a thing of their invention, nor is it a creation of their love, quite the contrary! Their love is used as a lure, bait, it is the cheese in the trap! This box we are offered, one made of belief, one in which we might hide, is merely another cage made of fear and folly alongside all those others that line the human coop of awareness in filth and despair. And so we are beaten and eaten to within an inch of dissolution, left barely enough of what we are to perceive only the meanest of our selves, and to generate the emotive energies upon which our masters greedily sup. Most in the madness of their hubris cannot even conceive of such a thing, regardless of the endless proof shrouding their existence and ours, or the obviousness of the homicidal selfishness of their ‘leaders’. And yet we suffer from the disease passed along to all by this cancerous cult celebrating its own destruction with a seemingly endless feast of stupidity. And all for what? All this drama to inspire in us a rage against our captors? Rage? We have enough evidence before us to see the value of uncontrollable anger and its terrible cost to one and all. With rage horror is still fed. With Love horror is soon fled. Easily said, and yet after a lifetime devoted to manifesting the true strength of Love while incarnated in a dimension thrashing about in a nightmare from which it desperately cries to awaken, I am still here, loving. Where else must love go but where most needed? Where is love most needed then where it has yet to be imagined in full splendour and unassailable hilarity? Play their game and lose. Play your own and win. Create, creators. We are the art of our own imaginations. Give birth to your Self. Go your own way. Create your own path. Accept

deserts, mountains, and many places, but it never turns its back on anyone or anything. Even though it gives life to all living things, it is very humble, for it always seeks the very lowest spot. But it has great faith, power, and patience for even if a mountain stands in its path, it keeps moving and moving until finally that mountain is washed into the sea and is no more. These are spiritual gifts that the Creator has given each one of us and if we are to be happy within ourselves and with one another, and find true freedom, we too must develop these sacred gifts,” he concluded.

Letter to the editor

the challenge of this realm of limitation and opposition, and kick it in the ass with innovation and invention, the kind that puts the lie to that which says no to our greatness. Defy all that cannot free you. Laugh in the face of your own fear. Free yourself from that which you aren’t and then turn around and thank it for the opportunity. Author your own story. This is your Show. Shine! Dance! Laugh and sing! Those dust covered weirdos with their testaments and freaky bullshit called religion, be it statism or silly pope-ry, heck, any and all that claim preeminence or demands worship, offering monocular and utterly insane versions of Source, they hate demonstrations of life, of joy, of naturalness, of freedom. And doesn’t that tell a tale or two? They are all so obviously not in any way anywhere near the truth it’s astounding. And so tacky! Sure they’ve mostly been mutilated into being able to swallow those evil memes, and suffering is no fun, but surely by now we can all know them by their deeds? If someone tells you something, something you cannot in any way verify for yourself, of what use to you on your awesome journey? And if that someone also insists or demands that it’s their way or the highway: let’s be on our way, it’s the high road for us ,thank you very much. Jesus was not a christian, nor Buddha a buddhist. Both seemed to be saying something quite different, something more along the lines of : evolve already! So maybe if we stop repeating the stupidity that our forefathers and mothers were fooled into believing and passing along we might actually get somewhere together. So, enough already. We can learn from our past mistakes. How else really? We can do better, never doubt it.

So sure it’s now or never, but then isn’t it always? Here’s a useful perspective, hard won and powerful:

The Wisdom of Sitting Bull’s Grandson

 by Phil Lane Jr. In 1969, my Grandfather, Frank White Buffalo Man (grandson of Sitting Bull), shared with me a wonderful spiritual insight and understanding that relates, among other things, of how we must learn to respect, honour, love, support, and understand each other as different nations, tribes, communities, peoples, religions, and cultures of the human family and the spiritual qualities needed to be victorious in manifesting freedom and human rights. He said, “You know grandson, the Great Spirit has given all people wisdom. To every living thing, he has given something special. Some people receive their knowledge and understanding through books. In your life grandson, you too must read and study

books, but remember to take with you on your journey only those things that bring more unity within yourself and others, that bring goodness and understanding and help us to serve one another in better ways.” “The Great Spirit,” he continued, “also gave our Indigenous peoples and all other peoples who live close to Mother Earth, both wisdom and knowledge through dreams, visions, fasting, and prayer, and the ability to see the lessons the Creator has put in every part of creation. Look at those trees standing over there; the alder does not tell the pine tree to move over, the pine does not tell the fir tree to move over, each tree stands together in unity, their mouths pressed toward the same Mother Earth, refreshed by the same breeze, warmed by the same sun, with their arms upraised in prayer and thanksgiving, protecting one another. If we are to have peace and true freedom in the world,” he said, “we too must learn to live like those trees. Look, grandson, at the beautiful teachings the Creator has put in the little stream. Feel the water and see how gently and lovingly it touches your hands. It travels through

Good day. As I was walking home earlier I happened to see a newspaper littered on the sidewalk of East Hastings with it’s front cover facing up. With a quick glance I saw the caption; GLUTEN BRAIN, along with sci-fi like imagery, on the front cover. I took few steps pass the newspaper until deciding to turn back to pick it up. Without any mental defence, except for the hygiene concerns of picking something up from Hastings street, I flipped through the pages of The New Agora. These are only short summaries of what I saw in your project: mind and body health, conspiracy theories, uncovered facts, philosophies and environment. The majority of the articles are related to what I would do a research of in my own time just for my own personal gain of knowledge and awareness. Somewhat imaginary and schizophrenic, yet true - I believe. Things that actually matter. And things that are actually interesting. All these ideas are what I used to categorize as fake, stupid, and insane. Sadly many people still do and will continue to think the same, until they have their own eye opening experience. But I believe that a force which seeks truth and fights for it will always be rewarded in the end. I suffer from mild chronic fatigue syndrome. Last summer I became so ill that I was bedridden for three days. Only then I started to ask the right questions. And step by step, progressing to recovery. Processed foods, environmental toxins, pharmaceutical drugs, etc, these are all the things that contribute to the illnesses for millions if not billions of people around the world, including myself. We are blindfolded of the truth and we live daily without much questions to what our lifestyle has come to. It is my hope for you and for the people that your project will expand to spread the truth to many. But for now I extend my appreciation to you for your great commitment and effort. I am an urban explorer living in Vancouver. Climbing cranes and hopping rooftops and making videos. I’ve attached some phots of what we do in the city. Sincerely, J

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By Carolanne Wright


hen Dr. Alexander Loyd, a Naturopathic Doctor with a PhD in psychology, discovered an unconventional method to permanently heal his wife’s struggle with clinical depression, little did he realize at the time that it might be one of the most powerful healing modalities ever known. Thousands have benefited from the technique, including terminal cancer patients and those struggling with autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease or even illnesses which have no known cure. Best of all, the healing code is simple to use and only requires a few minutes a day to complete. A case in point of the seemingly incredible healing capacity of the codes is Dr. Ben Johnson (ND, DO, NMD), a cancer specialist who used the method as a last resort after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig disease, a disorder with a high mortality rate without any known cure. After struggling with the disease for over a year, Dr. Johnson was completely symptomfree within three months of following the protocol.

The Basis of Healing Although simple to perform, the code is a powerful healing tool, as it addresses the root cause of over 95 percent of all disease: stress. Research institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, the Mayo Clinic and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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The Healing Code

A New Frontier in Restoring Health and Preventing Disease confirm that chronic stress is one of the leading causes of illness. Not to be confused with reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or chakra healing, the codes use four specific energy points on the body to deactivate the underlying stress signal of “dis-ease”, while literally turning on the immune system. At first glance, skeptics might

Alternative Medicine Magazine, among others. I have SEEN IT ALL when it comes to natural health. I have not just tried the techniques and products; I have interacted with the creators and developers personally. I have researched, tested, interviewed clients exhaustively to determine what is the truth versus hype. The Healing Code is the easiest and most effective ‘do-ityourself ’ healing technique I have ever found! It works consistently, predictably, and quickly on a wide range of issues. In other words, ‘ITS THE REAL DEAL!’” A Brief Overview Dr. Loyd describes the basic method of using the codes in “The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress”… First, choose which health issue you would like to heal. Then, bringing the fingers together into a beak-like point for each hand, position the fingertips over each of the following healing centres for 20 seconds each, cycling between the locations for a total of 6 minutes.

The codes use four specific energy points on the body to deactivate the underlying stress signal of “dis-ease”, while literally turning on the immune system. dismiss the codes as “New Age” nonsense due to the simplicity of the protocol. But Dr. Christopher Hegarty, best-selling author and consultant to more than four hundred Fortune 500 companies, asserts otherwise: “For many years I was a writer for

1. Directly over the Adam’s apple. 2. Half an inch above and behind both temples. 3. The spot between the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows. 4. Bottom back corner of the jawbone on both sides of the head. Always use the codes in a private, quiet space where you can relax without interruption. “Aim all five fingers of both hands at the healing centres listed [above] for the amount of time indicated. The fingers need to be 2 to 3 inches away from the healing centre they’re aiming at (as shown on the diagrams).” Repeat each session three times per day. The full protocol, complete with case studies, can be found in Dr. Loyd’s book, The Healing Code.

About the author Carolanne enthusiastically believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. As a nutritionist, natural foods chef and wellness coach, Carolanne has encouraged others to embrace a healthy lifestyle of organic living, gratefulness and joyful orientation for over 13 years. Through her website she looks forward to connecting with other like-minded people from around the world who share a similar vision. Follow Carolanne on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Please note: this article by Carolanne Wright first appeared on Natural News.

Symbolic Literacy PART 1 Kids won’t even find out how much their values have been perverted until they hit high school. — Esquire Magazine We have come to expect hidden messages in our kids’ TV . — Douglas Rushkoff (Media Virus)

By Michael Tsarion


UE TO CHRONIC SYMBOL ILLITERACY, we live our lives largely unaware of a great poison in our midst, something that has a profoundly negative effect on our conscious and unconscious selves. This is the use of subliminal persuasion in media and advertising. Subliminal and subtextual persuasion of this pernicious kind constitutes nothing less than a psychic dictatorship. It involves the deliberate and subversive manipulation and public purveyance of words, images, numbers, colours, rhythms and symbols which are subsequently directed, via ubiquitous media oracles, toward limbic areas of the brain. The artifice of Media Persuaders produces an elaborate insidious cryptic language deliberately designed to disturb our capacity to differentiate between fantasy and reality. This artifice serves to stimulate compulsive urges and base appetites, which in turn causes cognitive and somatic conflict that gradually shuts down higher centres of reason and self-control. Constant exposure to subliminal content serves to undermine healthy drives. It subverts our moral sensibility and ultimately arrests psychological maturation. The devastating

effects of this subversion has rarely been explored in depth. It has yet to be recognized by the public at large, who - being victims of chronic symbol illiteracy - are unshielded against the constant barrage of subliminal content entering their minds, causing, over time, a nightmare list of physical and psychic disorders. Robert D. Mcllwraith of the University of Manitoba states that the main attraction of television-watching is not the content of programming, but a dependency on the medium itself...The volume of television-watching in the United States might be seen as indicative of an addiction. It is estimated by the Smithsonian Institute that the average American household has the television on seven and a half hours per day. The average American watches twentyfive hours of television per week. The average preschool child watches television about twentyeight hours per week, and the average elementary school age child watches twenty-four hours per week. By the completion of high school, a child can be expected to have watched 15,000 hours of television-far more than the child’s accumulated hours of classroom time and more than any other activity except sleep - Ronald Schenk (Spirit in the Tube) The alarming existential chaos which the young presently experience, though deplored and ignored, serves as a direct indictment of the symbolic subversion I expose. The young are, by definition, closer to the creative force than the average adult. They are also more influenced by the limbic brain and, therefore, respond with greater zeal to the erotic and often perverse symbolic messages becoming increasingly pervasive throughout their life- and think-space. The invasive, clandestinely directed content is adroitly designed to subvert a child’s fragile moral conscience and rational filter. The results of this

psychic dictatorship are devastating. ...research has shown that in the first few milliseconds of our perceiving something we do not only unconsciously comprehend what it is, but decide whether we like it or not; the cognitive unconscious” presents our awareness with not just the identity of what we see, but an opinion about it. Our emotions have a mind of their own, one which can hold views quite independently of our rational mind - Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence) It is a great source of error to believe that there is no perception in the soul besides those of which it is conscious - Gotffried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) Children’s television and MTV, in fact, are the easiest places to launch counterculture missiles. The more harmless or inane the forum, the more unsuspecting the audience– Douglas Rushkoff (Media Virus) Subliminal messages permeate television programs, computer games, magazines, billboards, products and musical productions. They are, however, not limited to the ambience of the young. They are just one of the weapons in the arsenal of psychopathic corporations whose modus operandi not only concerns profit but dehumanization in an Orwellian sense. All that is truly aesthetic, traditional and culturally substantial, stands in the way of their inhuman strategies and agenda; their relentlessly aggressive efforts at reducing the human race to a body of narcissistic, senseinfatuated, desensitized, amoral, immoral or criminal “smiling depressives.” I think we are destroying the minds of America and that has been one of my lifelong ambitions - John Kricfalusi (creator of the Ren and Stimpy Show) The language of business is not a language

To really comprehend the ramifications of symbolism, each person must study Tarot, Alchemy, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Astrology and Astro-Theology. of the soul or the language of humanity. It’s a language of indifference, it’s a language of separation, secrecy and hierarchy– Anita Rodderick (creator of the Body Shop) …the corporation remains as it was at the time of its origins, as a mad business institution in the middle of the nineteenth century, and legally designated “person”

See “SYMBOLS” on page 26

Page 7

Help Yourself Headlines Finance Richest 1% To Own More Than Rest Of World, Oxfam Says

Welcome to the Oligarch Recovery


t’s a recovery so lopsided only Timothy Geithner or an oligarch could love it. Since 2008, U.S. economic policy has concentrated on funneling as much money as possible to billionaires, keeping the poor alive and submissive through government programs, and squeezing the middle class to death while at the same time holding out the carrot of hope that things will return to how they were before (they won’t).

he wealthiest 1% will soon own more than the rest of the world’s population, according to a study by anti-poverty charity Oxfam. The charity’s research shows that the share of the world’s wealth owned by the richest 1% increased from 44% in 2009 to 48% last year. On current trends, Oxfam says it expects the wealthiest 1% to own more than 50% of the world’s wealth by 2016.

Geo-Politics CIA and The Mafia: Old Business Pals


he relationship between the CIA and organized crime is a well-established one. The overlap between Washington’s covert operations and the mafia’s black market business interests seems to be a fertile environment for trading and profiting off drugs, vice, arms, extortion, protection, contract killing, double-crossing and most importantly, avoiding any prying eyes. Before its revolution which ended in 1959, Cuba was the offshore playground for both the CIA and a number of organized crime families. That’s where the story begins…

5 Insidious Ways the US Has Tried Pulling Off Coups Through ‘Democracy Promotion’


ince Fidel Castro and his band of armed communist militants overthrew a right-wing dictator in 1959, the U.S. has sought to turn back the clock and destabilize Castro Today is no different.

Canada’s RCMP Brutalize Indigenous People for Opposing Fracking on Their Land


oncton, New Brunswick – I have been camping at the current blockade along highway 134 since the inception of the encampment, filing almost daily reports for the Media Coop. During June and July of this year, when protests against shale gas exploration in New Brunswick were of far less national interest, I was doing the same.

Page 8

War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda


he times we live in are so dangerous and so distorted in public perception that propaganda is no longer, as Edward Bernays called it, an “invisible government.” It is the government. Why has so much journalism succumbed to propaganda? Why are censorship and distortion standard practices? Why is the BBC so often a mouthpiece of rapacious power? Why do The New York Times and The Washington Post deceive their readers?

Africans Know Ebola and AIDS are Bio Weapons


cientist in Largest Liberian Newspaper: Ebola, AIDS Manufactured by Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD? Scientists allege deadly diseases such as Ebola and AIDS are bio weapons being tested on Africans. Other reports have linked the Ebola virus outbreak to an attempt to reduce Africa’s population. Liberia happens to be the continents’s fastest growing population.

10 things the media won’t be talking about after the Paris terror attack


epresentatives Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) spoke at a press conference today about the need to declassify the 28 pages of the 9/11 report, which implicates terror aid and funding from Saudi Arabia and possibly other countries. 2015 will be the year of 9/11 Truth and this is 0.1% of it.

Health How To Start A 1-Acre, Self-Sustaining Homestead

Obama “dramatically” increases allowable levels of radiation in drinking water


s radioactive pollution continues to accumulate throughout the environment as a result of nuclear incidents like Fukushima, the U.S. government’s response is not to try to mitigate this threat to public health but rather to increase the official maximum exposure levels and basically redefine how much radiation is considered safe.


xpert advice on how to establish self-sufficient food production, including guidance on crop rotations, raising livestock and grazing management. Your 1-acre homestead can be divided into land for raising livestock and a garden for raising fruits, vegetables, plus some grain and forage crops. Illustration by: Dorling Kindersley

Radiation Therapy: The Shocking Truth the Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know


t’s no surprise that blasting cancer with radiation damages the body and causes even more cancer to develop. In fact, it is even admitted on the National Cancer Institute website that radiation therapy causes cancer. Even if you survive the high doses of radiation, your health will be damaged to the point where the remainder of your life is lived in agonizing pain, with numerous potentially-fatal complications and diseases arising later in life as a result of the radiation. So why are people still submitting to radiation for their cancer?

Farmers In Africa Face Legal Penalties For Planting Crops Under New “Monsanto Law”


onsanto is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world and is also one of the most ruthless. Behind the false image of innocence created by their lawyers and public relations, this company is as evil as they come. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against this corporate giant worldwide, but because of their incredible wealth and political connections they are usually able to settle out of court for large sums and pay off the media so their crimes are not exposed to the public.

Italians Blow Chemtrails ‘Secret War’ Lid Off With Film


new Italian film, Chemtrails: The secret war has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”

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Science, Tech & Beyond Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Usable Electricity

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The Bizarre Future of Genetic Engineering for the Masses



olar power modules essentially replicate how plants absorb photons from light energy. Well, instead of using solar panels that replicate plants, dutch company Plant-e is using the plants themselves. This technology brings new meaning to the term “power plant” While collecting energy from plants is not a new concept, Plant-e is the first company to utilize the technology without harming the plants. Imagine using your lawn to power your electric car, or your green roof to power your house!

ver the past five years we’ve seen technologies like 3D printing go from making plastic cubes, to making plastic firearms. It’s a huge game changer that allows the individual to make tools that once required a factory full of workers to build. It has essentially lowered the barrier to entry for the manufacturing industry, and as this technology progresses, it could fundamentally change the world we live in. But does 3D printing stand alone in this regard? Are there other emerging technologies that might democratize fields beyond manufacturing, such as medicine or energy production? Surely, we could benefit from devices that allow the every man to diagnose their own ailments, or cheaply produce all their energy needs. But what about genetic engineering? What if everyone could access the tools required to modify DNA, and do so in the comfort of their own home?

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Open Source Spirituality

HE SPIRITUAL JOURNALIST has in their arsenal only rudimentary words to express a magnitude of things that must be experienced to be truly felt. However, with an innovative approach along with keys and codes to the English language what emerges is quite a wholesome meal for the spiritual connoisseur. My name is James Evans Bomar III, better known as Sevan, and I am one of the awakened Beings residing on Earth that has, through rigorous effort, truthfully gained the ability to not only activate my spiritual centres but also to begin translating what is witnessed behind the scenes, or in the back rooms, of this Matrix to millions. We are speaking of knowledge that reveals the cause to the effects witnessed in our personal lives and beyond. My public accomplishments during a 5 year span have been to author The Code to the Matrix, a book that throws the cover off of occultism while revealing a unique approach at decoding languages to discover their true meaning; developing The Resistance social network, a haven for 14,000+ Seekers practicing advance states of consciousness and NeoUniversalism; hosting a show based on consciousness and interactive enlightenment going in to its third season known as Astral Quest. And even with all this we are just getting started. After years of participating in “virtual spirituality”, or the teaching of spiritual knowledge via technological means, a formula for maintaining an advancing spiritual existence while staying cohesive in the Matrix is what I herald. This will serve to allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds as you learn to balance the two until they merge as one. My latest endeavour has been erecting the world’s first Open Source Spirituality platform: Secret Energy. My entry here will mostly be about how that will rapidly enhance how much we know about the big questions in life, such as what happens when you die and how does something come from nothing. Some may say, “Why Open Source”? The answer to that question: to replace the current means by which we access advanced knowledge pertaining to matters of a spiritual nature, which, for the most part, has utterly failed our youth, the non-dogmatic, and the majority of citizens on this Plane, thereby rectifying and reclaiming the increasing number of poorly guided Souls entering and exiting the dimension. So the real question is then, how? If we take a step back for a moment and see what in our current age is successfully revolutionizing the way we previously handled our affairs, Open Source comes foremost into our view. Even the top companies in major sectors are now scrambling to figure out how they can convert their flagship products into being open sourced after dealing with years of patents and copyrights, rules and regulations that presently disables them from entering the new age of commerce. Their intent of greedy hoarding shackles them and prevents their admission into the Open Source industry. Open Source is the creation of something that all can assist in the building which offers a vested interest of value beyond money. For instance, knowledge can be converted into many resources including cash, so in effect those who

By Sevan have talents that may assist in them getting more knowledge will lend those talents to its development. Some of the big examples are free softwares like Linux. A free and robust operating system unencumbered by all the patents and limitations of Microsoft and Apple was the dream of its founder Linus Torvalds. After writing the open source backbone to the software he offered it for free to everyone interested. He also left it open for engineers to enhance or upgrade. In the blink of an eye, thousands of top level programmers were all working in conjunction to enhance Linux because they all saw the value in it, a value beyond money. Makerbot, Fedora, SCIO, Ubuntu, Bitcoin, Android, and many others are all examples of this amazing phenomena. However, what seems to be of the highest priority, at least in my world, gets left out. Of course I’m referring to spiritual advancement. I asked myself how the Open Source formula could be applied to learning higher levels of Spiritual knowledge and what emerged was Secret Energy. Imagine a system like Reddit for questions pertaining to Spirituality and everything related to a conscious lifestyle. A forum where the best answers arrive on top while responses based on bias trolling find their proper place on the bottom. No more contradicting answers on complex topics like “should I vaccinate my child?”. Say hello to having a section for conscious professionals that want to work with other conscious people who have the same ethics and integrity, all the while saying goodbye to getting ripped off by freelancers or people who don’t get your vision. Imagine fully curated information you need to know in realtime about activities around the world and how that interprets into the astral plane, no fluff, no fat, no fees. The fact is one does not have to dream about this as it is already 99% complete and we are currently in beta now. All this is just the tip of the last iceberg we needed to plow through in order to reach truth. What I’m here for is to give you insights into life’s biggest mysteries, to help restore your vigour and childlike energy on this real Everquest we’re on. Before we dive more deeply, as I will in my next article, I have made all of my works accessible without any charge so you can truly feel free to bring yourself up to speed with the material that already thousands of people have said has changed their lives. If you have questions of an adept nature or simply things you would like to see discussed here in the future be sure to contact us at the New Agora. In Wholeness with Balanced Vibrations! See you on the outside of time. Great to be aboard in these exciting times!


Imagine a system like Reddit for questions pertaining to Spirituality and everything related to a conscious lifestyle.

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The Code to the Matrix The Resistance Astral Quest Series Astral Quest Podcast Secret Energy



Regenerate Your Entire Immune System In 72 Hours? By Nick Meyer


HE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS something that is highly misunderstood not just by everyday people but also by the many conventional doctors who we depend on for health advice. Most people resort to things like synthetic vitamins and medicines (ignoring better

natural alternatives) to deal with colds and improve immunity, but the cycle of sickness always seems to continue. For people with compromised immune systems, there are many natural options, and now researchers have discovered what could well be one of the best ways to reset and recharge your immune system; one that happens to be free and is believed to work even in the elderly as well.

Three Days to a New Immune System


According to researchers at the University of Southern California, the act of fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in elderly people. The researchers said that fasting helps the body’s stem cells to begin producing new white blood cells, which help to fight off infection. They added that the discovery could be especially effective for people suffering from damaged immune systems, including chemotherapy patients, who were protected from the toxic impacts of the treatment during the fasting period (note: we personally don’t recommend chemotherapy; consult a holistic doctor for more information).

Flipping a “Regenerative Switch” As the researchers noted, the act of fasting for as little as three days can regenerate the entire immune system, even in elderly people. “Fasting gives the ‘OK’ for stem cells to go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system,” Prof. Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at

the University of Southern California, told the UK’s The Telegraph. He added that the body actually removed parts that were damaged, old or inefficient during the fasting process, creating “literally, a new immune system.” According to Dr. Longo a person’s system recycles unneeded immune cells, especially damaged ones, in order to create energy while they are fasting. Over the course of his study’s trials, participants were asked to regularly fast between 2-4 days over a 6 month period. The study was released in June and Dr. Longo said that clinical trials must still be completed, but added that the research looks “very promising.” You can read the full study in the journal ‘Cell Stem Cell’ at


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Protecting Yourself from Harmful Smart Meter Radiation

By Anna Hunt


Waking Times

VER THE LAST DECADE, millions of homes worldwide have been outfitted with smart meters. Power utility companies continue to force smart meters upon the population under the argument that they allow a more accurate and concise measurement of home energy usage, and give the resident and utility provider more visibility of and control over power consumption. Yet, concerns continue to grow about the potential dangers from the electromagnetic radiation given off by these devices. The US Federal Communications Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) claim that the broadcasting frequencies emitted by smart meters are safe to humans, even though in May of 2011, the WHO officially recognized that wireless radiation such as

Hundreds of independent scientific studies have shown that smart meters create a vast and clear health hazard in addition to emitting carcinogenic radiation

that emitted by smart meters is possibly carcinogenic. So, according to the WHO, smart meters are safe, except that they may cause cancer – a questionable contradiction. Hundreds of independent scientific studies have shown that smart meters create a vast and clear health hazard in addition to emitting carcinogenic radiation, and many people living around smart meters have reported insomnia, rashes, headaches,

disorientation, neuropathy, sinus issues, thyroid problems, hyperactivity, and other illnesses after the installation of a smart meter. There have also been many instances of smart meters catching fire and destroying homes. Smart meters emit high-frequency RF radiation 24/7, from 250mWatts to 2.0Watts. At times, the radiation from a smart meter can be up to 160 times the radiation of a cell phone. Unlike your other wireless devices, you have no control over when the device is on and when it is turned off. In some multi-unit homes and apartment buildings, roomfuls of smart meters emit radiation that could be quite dangerous. Most people aren’t given an option regarding whether they can keep an old meter or have a smart meter installed. Even if a choice is given, it can be costly, and a monthly fee is often associated with having an old meter. Nevertheless, up to now power companies supported by government have made it appear that it is mandatory to switch to a smart meter. They tout the benefits and don’t discuss the potential health risks. Once a resident discovers that their body reacts negatively to the continuous radiation emitted by a smart meter, it is often too late, or very costly, to remove it. An alternative for many people, thus, will be to protect themselves by shielding the smart meter and reducing its excessive and harmful radiation. The solutions below are examples of what you can do to reduce smart meter radiation output, while still allowing the meter to communicate energy usage with the utility company.

Smart Meter Guard There are two videos from Smart Meter Guard demonstrating their wiremesh, stainless steel Faraday cage that completely covers the smart meter, resulting in a 98% reduction in radiation. This product is a bit costly, at about $130, but it requires no assembly, is very simple to install and is said to fit any brand of smart meter in the US or Canada. The cage can be purchased via or you can go to the company’s website directly. Radiation blocked outside the house: Radiation blocked inside the house:

Smart Meter Block Another company has created a similar shield, the Smart Meter Block, which is made out of nickel-coated copper. It is slightly more economical at $89, and the company claims that it still

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blocks about 99% of excessive smart meter radiation. The product comes with sizeadjusting inserts and a Velcro tension strap to secure the meter. The company also sells an EMF protection panel and shielding sheets, at additional cost, which can be installed inside the home. All the products are available on their website. See this link for a demonstration of the effectiveness of the Smart Meter Block.

Do-It-Yourself Shield



If you’re on a budget, want a portable solution or live outside of North America, you can make your own smart meter shield using reflective, double-sided bubble-wrap insulation and aluminum foil tape. The home-made shield may not be as effective as the two previous options, but it is still likely to reduce the smart meter’s radiation output by 90%. To create your own shield, following the instructional video at the link below.

RF Reflectors and RF Absorbers A company called LessEMF, which distributes a variety of products that measure and protect you from EMF radiation, offers two types of wall shielding material – RF reflectors and RF absorbers. These are said to reduce smart meter radiation inside the home up to 95%. An RF reflector will cause the majority of the signal to bounce off, somewhat like a mirror reflects light. It will usually offer better shielding (less RF transmission) than an absorbing material. An RF absorber will absorb much of the signal and minimize reflection. The energy absorbed is released as a tiny, almost indeterminate amount of heat. In both cases, some amount of RF passes through the shield. LessEMF offers RF reflectors and absorbers in the form of fabric, paints, curtains, laminated film material, garments and bedding via their website. Find out more about smart meter harm at and If you still don’t have a smart meter on your home and prefer to keep it that way, you can purchase all types of labels and signs to make your choice known from

About the Author Anna Hunt is a staff writer for and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She and her husband run a preparedness e-store outlet at www., offering GMO-free storable food and emergency kits. Anna is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Read more of her excellent articles here. ©2015 Waking Times, all rights reserved. For permission to re-print this article, or the respective author.

Coconut Oil & Zeolite Radiation Detox By Gavin Bragg

absorption and Zeolite was also fed to livestock and spread over crops to stop it getting into the food supply.[5] Zeolite can also absorb and remove heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and arsenic from the body, balances pH and restores the body to a balanced state of healing. It has also been noted that zeolite appears to activate the p21 (Self destruct) gene in cancer cells, causing dancer and tumour cells to die. [7] Amazingly zeolites can do all this without removing any needed nutrients or creating any adverse side effects. For this reason, pure liquid zeolite has been given a GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) by the U.S. FDA. For an in-depth look at zeolites, including peer reviewed studies on the NCD2 brand, research reports and more, check out


Y NOW MOST of us have heard about the hundreds of benefits of coconut oil, and you may have also heard of the incredible detoxing power of pure liquid Zeolite. You must have also heard about the destruction that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is causing world wide, with Hypothyroidism in infants increasing by 26% in California in the 9 months following Fukushima compared with the previous year[1]. Although officials continue to downplay the extent of the disaster, many are (re)turning to the proven medicinal properties of natural substances like coconut and zeolite to help them maintain good thyroid health (among other things) amid rising levels of environmental radiation in the wake of Fukushima. Here are some simple and natural things you can do to keep your thyroid in optimum condition.

Radiation and Thyroid Health So what exactly does the Thyroid do? Why is it important that you have a healthy one? And what does radiation do to thyroid function? The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in the throat, and it controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins and also controls the bodie’s sensitivity to other hormones. The thyroid produces the essential T3 and T4 hormones, which regulate the growth and rate of function of many of the bodies systems. These bodyregulating hormones are made with iodine, and this is where radiation comes in. When radioactive iodine-131 like that released from the Fukushima disaster enters the body, it is absorbed into the blood and is mistaken by the body as healthy iodine. It is then absorbed by the thyroid gland, killing cells and causing mutations like cancer in the surrounding tissues. In November 2013 a study of 200,000 children from the Fukushima prefecture, conducted by the Fukushima Medical University, found that 59 children already have thyroid cancer! In a population that size, 1 or 2 children having thyroid cancer would be considered normal. The researchers also tested for pre-cancerous cysts or nodules, and an astounding 56% of the children tested had a pre-cancerous lumps on their thyroid glands. That’s over 110,000 children in the immediate Fukushima area alone! [2]

The main cause for Thyroid disease is radiation exposure, and in particular radioactive Iodine-131. Radioactive iodine only has a half-life of 8 days (meaning its radioactivity halves every 8 days). Some still argue that by the time it reaches the West Coast of the USA, it poses no danger to humans but the results suggest otherwise. Adults may not be as affected but it is clearly having an effect on infants, especially the extremely sensitive cells of developing fetuses in utero, even at relatively low radiation doses. Supplementing Iodine will be a major help to blocking Radioactive Iodine-131 absorption. If your body has lots of available healthy Iodine like Nascent Iodine (an extremely bio-available form of colloidal iodine) it will have less need to absorb and (attempt to) use radioactive iodine-131 if it enters the body. It has become increasingly clear that government-funded science programs do not yet understand – or will not admit – the extent to which radiation exposure affects the human body. Thyroid disorders are becoming increasingly common, and not just from exposures to Fukushima and military radiation but to medical radiotherapy treatments as well. A report in the US National Library of Medicine titled Radiotherapy-induced Thyroid Disorders, states: “Primary hypothyroidism, the most common radiation-induced thyroid dysfunction, affects 20-30% of patients administered following curative radiotherapy to the neck region, with approximately half of the events occurring

within the first 5 years after therapy. The relative risk of radiation-induced cancer (mainly well-differentiated tumours) is 15-53-fold higher than in non-irradiated population.”[3] Another shocking study on radiotherapy treatment, published in the peer reviewed journal Stem Cells, and written by researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Centre Department of Oncology found that: “Despite killing half of all tumour cells per treatment, radiation treatments on breast cancer transforms other cancer cells into cancer stem cells which are vastly more treatment-resistant than normal cancer cells. The team of researchers found that the radiation-induced stem cells had a more than 30-fold increased ability to form tumours compared with non-irradiated breast cancer cells.”[4] Clearly exposure to radiation, even at levels considered ‘safe’ by mainstream medicine, can have a disastrous effect on our physical health. Thankfully there are things you can do to eliminate radioactive toxins from your body.

Zeolite: the Champion of Radioactive Particle Removal Zeolites have long been proven to absorb radioactive particles including caesium-137, strontium-90 and Iodine-131. In Chernobyl 500,000 tons of zeolite was poured into the reactors to stop the spread of radioactive particles, Zeolite was baked into cookies for children to block radiation

Coconut Oil: A Modern Day Health Hero We live in a world where metabolismdestroying polyunsaturated oils, like soy bean oil or vegetable oil, are an everyday occurrence. You can find them in almost anything. Ray Peat Ph.D. is a physiologist who since 1968 has been working with progesterone and related hormones. He states that there was a sudden surge of polyunsaturated oils into the food chain post World War II that has caused many changes in hormones. “Their [polyunsaturated oils] best understood effect is their interference with the function of the thyroid gland. Unsaturated oils block thyroid hormone secretion, its movement in the circulatory system, and the response of tissues to the hormone. When the thyroid hormone is deficient, the body is generally exposed to increased levels of oestrogen. The thyroid hormone is essential for making the ‘protective hormones’ progesterone and pregnenolone, so these hormones are lowered when anything interferes with the function of the thyroid. The thyroid hormone is required for using and eliminating cholesterol, so cholesterol is likely to be raised by anything that blocks the thyroid function.” The reason polyunsaturated oils are so damaging is that they contain long chain fatty acids, or long chain triglycerides (LCTs). These long chain fatty acids promote weight gain and are used in livestock feeds to fatten up animals for sale. Long chain fatty acids

See “ZEOLITE” on page 22


...did you know in a disaster, you and your family needs to be prepared for a minimum of 72 hours?

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Heart-Centered Healing 7 Simple Actions You Can Take By Micahel Forrester


VERY CAUSE OF DISEASE first begins with an imbalance in the body’s energy systems, specifically, the interaction between how the heart communicates with the brain and the body. Fix that and there is no disease, ever. The heart can produce an electrical field 100 times greater than the brain and a magnetic field 5000 times greater. Which one are you using to heal? Emotions are vibrations which influence consistently our reality. We not only think and work our way through a day, meeting, assignment, but also feel and believe our way through it. The outcome depends on both.

Simply put, the number one cause of health is your energetic and emotional state. How you connect emotionally to your overall wellness and wellbeing is more important than any supplement, food, exercise or health treatment. There is only one cause of disease and that has to do with the energy and frequency imbalances that exist within your body. Rectify that, and disease cannot would be impossible.

All the

emotions are varieties of two: fear and love: Fear/stress is contagious and causes contraction: inhibits creativity, brain activity, inhibits the immune system,selective perception and over extensive periods of time leads to breakdown. Love (positive beliefs and emotions) has high impact and causes expansion: creativity, physical and mental endurance, more productivity in shorter time because we take decisions quicker because we are receptive and highly perceptive. This a question of Math, HeartMath (as per the contribution in this field of the HeartMath Institute): when one has accurate information, one makes better decisions.

The quality of the field one creates with one’s heart influences one’s experience and


The research behind the evolution of HeartMath came from the idea that the body’s emotional response to events do not always occur from “top-down” processing (i.e., the brain sends signals to the heart and other organs, and the body responds accordingly). Rather, it has now been proven that often times our emotional state triggers our heart to send out its own signals to the brain and other organs, and the body then responds accordingly. For instance, while twoway communication between the cognitive and emotional systems is hard-wired into the brain, the actual number of neural connections going from the emotional centres to the cognitive centres is greater than the number going the other way. Have you ever: Made a “rash” decision? Done something dangerous on impulse? Taken a risk because you believed in it? This research helps explain the influence emotions have on our ability to think and act.

In fact, researchers at HeartMath have determined that the

physiology and nerve centres of the heart are so complex and active, that they constitute a “brain” all on their own, termed a “mini-brain.” We now know that the heart contains cells that produce and release norepinephrine and dopamine, neurotransmitters once thought to be produced only by the brain and ganglia outside the heart. Even more remarkable is the discovery that the heart produces oxytocin -the “love hormone” - in concentrations that are as high as those in the brain. 

7 Simple actions to create positive feelings:

1. Think about the colleagues who helped you today. Thank them in your heart. Think about your current assignments. Know that they will work out well and work from this space.

2. What is it that you would like to have professionally? A new project? With whom? Think about it in detail, be specific and imagine you are already working on it.

3. Entertain the feeling of celebration that arises in your heart. From this space take the appropriate actions to make it happen.

4. Find ways to help your colleagues, or make them feel that you care. Do one (in)visible act of kindness per day or more if you want to.

5. Before starting your work day give thanks and envision it the way you

See “HEART” on page 22

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Mushrooms, Bees


and external events. Fungi is the foundation of our ecosystem, excreting the enzymes that break down dead plant and animal material, and without it plants would all die.” [Source] Speaking at the 2014 Bioneers Annual Conference, Paul talked about how the fungal networks that connect the soil and root structures of plants in the forest may hold the keys to saving pollinator bees and other insects. As the forests decline due to human intervention, we are taking away the supply of wood chips and decaying wood that has forever been the primary food of fungal networks, choking out the micro-organisms that form the building blocks of life on earth. “The bees are dependent upon these fungal compounds that are in decomposing wood for their detoxification pathways.” – Paul Stamets In his research, he discovered that bees like to feast on the nutrient rich mycelial secretions, even going so far as to move wood chips and other debris aside in order to get to the fungal nectar. Compounds within the nectar act to detoxify the bees allowing them to maintain optimal health and fight viruses and viral parasites that when allowed to

One of the most concerning things we are witnessing is the disappearance of the world’s pollinator bees in what is being called internationally, colony collapse disorder.

multiply, can easily kill off a bee colony. “30% of our food is directly pollinated by bees and 70% of our food is controlled by pollinators. We are suffering a collapse of our ecosystems but we can do something about it!” – Paul Stamets The importance of the link between the forests and the web of life that supports even human beings is impossible to understate. Read more about Paul Stamets and nature’s little teachers, fungus at

About the Author Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and an avid student of Yoga and life.


Freedom of the Press To us, sustainability isn’t just some buzz-word; it’s at the core of who we are. We work hard to ensure that our customer’s projects are as environmentally friendly on the earth as they are high-quality. Enquire within for a free quote

We make your words permanent and provide a voice to hundreds of publishers. We support many local social, health, & environmental causes. Even if we don’t agree with your beliefs we value your freedom of expression and will print for you, because we believe you have rights.


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ROM THE PERSPECTIVE of the world’s most notable mycologist, there is nothing more dangerous to life on earth than deforestation because it is within the old growth forests of the world that ancient mycelial fungal networks live, providing crucial connections amongst nature that human beings still know very little about. Paul Stamets, fungal researcher and author of Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World says our biggest ecological concerns stem from the poor management and outright ignorant destruction of the world’s forests. Because of this, he says, we are entering the 6th extinction event, the first mass-extinction event where both the cause and the victim is the same, human beings. One of the most concerning things we are witnessing is the disappearance of the world’s pollinator bees in what is being called internationally, colony collapse disorder. In recent years, much research has been offered that links the decline of the world’s bees and other pollinator insects to the use of modern agricultural chemicals like neonicotinoids, and other anti-fungal and anti-microbial chemicals. The shocking and cataclysmic overuse of these industrial chemicals in modern farming spells disaster for the delicate networks of life that depend on one another in complex and fascinating ways. “Paul demonstrates how Mycelium is the Earth’s natural Internet allowing for communication between plant species. In fact, it acts as the neural network of the planet, as a sentient organism with the consciousness to respond to natural disasters

The Link Between



Alex Pietrowsk

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Recognizing Enslavement

“The best slave is the man who believes he is free.” ~ Goethe.

By Sue McIntosh, M.D.


VEN THOUGH EVIDENCE of global human enslavement is abundant and striking, people who have been raised in its clutches while being told repetitively they are free are generally unable to appreciate their situation.

Capitalism has reached its limit. There is no more room for material expansion, and the empire is crumbling. Our leaders grab unravelling threads of control as society implodes, all the while exhibiting their increasing impotence.

“If a lie is repeated often enough, people will come to believe it.” ~ Goebbels. When truth is presented in literature, movies or conversation, we are told it is imagination or science fiction. The current atmosphere of potential ‘terror’ and increased police and military violence gel the quagmire of social thought and make escape even less visible. Thus we founder on. Capitalism has reached its limit. There is no more room for material expansion, and the empire is crumbling. Our leaders grab unravelling threads of control as society implodes, all the while exhibiting their increasing impotence. When truth is spoken and solutions are available, the murder of messengers and censorship of information increases, in attempts to hide them. But truth abounds and solutions are everywhere — but they require different perspectives and changing beliefs to become effective.

Recognizing Enslavement n 1. The ‘New World Order’ For generations our world has been controlled by the 1%, the elite, extremely wealthy 12 families whose bidding is done by the 99%. The elite are royalty, presidents, congressional “representatives”, corporate managers, bankers—the upper echelons of all organizations and professions—who have different genetics and goals. They tend to intermarry to minimize genetic contamination. Their interests are greed, riches, sex and control. They build massive empire to extract the remaining oil, gas,

diamonds, minerals and jewels from the planet while attempting to reduce the 99% to a manageable half-billion. The global agenda of the New World Order is a one-world government (United Nations), military (NATO), religion and currency. Nations would lose borders and be amalgamated into large geographic segments similar to the European Union: North American Union, African Union, South American Union, Asian Union and Pacific Union. This plan has been activated and underway for at least 2,000 years. The elite have made public their agenda but cloaked it in environmental and humanitarian terms. Symbols of the New World Order—the allseeing eye, pyramidal capstone, magical numbers of arrows, the eagle-phoenix, and even its goal in Latin—have been hidden in plain site on the U.S. $1 bill. A Stonehengelike array of huge standing engraved stones was built years ago in Ellerton, GA, stipulating exactly the requirements for the New World Order to reach completion, a plan advanced over centuries and now in the final stages. Every aspect of our lives is

controlled by the elite, from weather and carbon footprints to religion, every profession, media, arts, food and health. The elite are Zionists (Jewish and non-Jewish)–duplicitous, always lying, attending to their real duty to ensure the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The large middle class of America was built and employed to grow corporations. Now that corporations control much of the world and have replaced individuals as persons legally, the middle class is no longer needed and is being dismantled. Despite the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, both of which have been trashed since 9/11, we have never really had complete freedom of speech or the press, just as racial equality has never been realized by most people of colour. The United States has remained subservient to England and, more recently, to Israel. The U.S.A. actually does not exist any longer—we are part of the North American Union, consisting of Canada, the former U.S. and Mexico—one reason our borders are open to most immigrants. The ‘amero’, a new currency, has been minted but not circulated yet. We fancy ourselves property owners. First we spend much of our lives serving and saving to purchase large items, then we’re taxed again and again—federal and state income and sales taxes, local property taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes. We bail out “too big to fail” companies and banks, with inflation and our hard-earned pensions and savings. And the rich get richer and the poor poorer.

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Truth abounds and solutions are everywhere — but they require different perspectives and changing beliefs to become effective. The masses of people have reached uncontrollable numbers, especially if we wake up to realize our enslavement. Genocidal attempts are ubiquitous. Why reduce the 99%? We are too many for them. Indeed, once the masses understand we have been enslaved and hoodwinked, once we awaken and realize we can change the world radically and quickly, the 1% are finished, and they know it. Population reduction is accomplished with war, famine, weather, pandemics, “earth changes”, radiation, chronic illness. The false flag attack of 9/11 was designed to be a “new Pearl Harbour” which ushered in a long period of civil uprising and wars in Middle Eastern (energy sources, illegal drugs), African (oil, gold, minerals, jewels) and South American (ditto) nations. Weather has been controlled by the Air Force and Navy for over 20 years via HAARP (high altitude auroral research project), ultrasound weaponry and chemtrail cloud formation—causing a dust bowl in the western U.S. and floods and blizzards elsewhere; energizing and steering hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes; decimating the gulf stream and the upper Pacific Ocean; triggering earthquakes and tsunamis–all the while orchestrating “end times” scenarios.

n 3. “Health” Care There are now many studies, mostly in alternative or minor medical journal, substantiating major injury caused by vaccines, environmental toxins, radiation, poisoned water and other drinks and genetically engineered foods. Look at the big picture. Neonatal and pediatric vaccines cause generalized physical inflammation, which is then accumulated and synergized with adult vaccines, genetically engineered foods, fluoridated water, soda and health drinks laced with pesticide sweeteners and caffeine, and environmental poisons. The

n 2. Banking and the Economy Charging interest for bank loans and earning interest for savings began during the Crusades, when bankers lined the routes to Jerusalem and held and lent money owned by Crusaders. Banks have owned economies since. The Federal Reserve in this country is a consortium of private banks owned by the very rich which sets interest rates, prints legal tender, controls stock markets and other aspects of our economy, and lends huge sums to the federal government. Prices of gold, silver and other precious metals are controlled, especially post 9/11. The Federal Reserve manipulates stock markets to cause recessions and depressions, calling them “adjustments” and blaming the people for bad economies. The greed of the elite is insatiable. The super-rich always want more and more. They fight among themselves and always measure the man by his wealth. The use of money as a goal in itself has fallen short for most of the 99%, who are usually left with a feeling of something missing, even in the face of monetary wealth.

“Mind Cage’ by

goal of Western medicine, regardless of compassionate care delivered by multitudes of well-meaning healthcare givers, has never been healthcare but sickcare: causing and perpetuating illness while using tools and dispensing medicines which enrich the bio-pharmaceutical industries. Big Pharma has completely ruled medicine for years from the highest echelons, meaning the World Health Organization, Centres for Disease Control, American Medical Association and societies of pediatrics, family practice, ob-gyn, etc., are all been complicit. American medical schools and journal editorial boards carefully screen out all data and opinion concerning alternative methods, especially if they are curative. Fortunately, modern students and practitioners are expanding their perceptions and are often eager to listen and pursue other healing modalities. The Centres for Disease Control

in Atlanta, held in great reverence by the medical establishment, is not only not a federal institution, it is a private corporation and holds patents on such germs as ebola. At least since the advent of AIDS and the HIV virus, epidemics have been caused by viruses, bacteria, spirochetes, prions and other types of infectious organisms which have mostly been synthesized in biowarfare laboratories in the military, medical and university institutions. “Emerging diseases” have been engineered! Why? Follow the money. And for every disease there are hospital and medical expenses, medications and new toxic vaccines. There are known causes of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases and known therapies and cures for them in the alternative health community. When we learn to conceptualize and manage our physical health differently, we will begin to treat our illnesses more gently and successfully and acknowledge the doctor within. The ranks of anti-vaccine physicians are swelling, as more professionals take the time to study the contents and terrible toll of “immunization.” Search engines online often censor this information, but it leaks through multiple tags, conferences, you-tube and vimeo, newsletters and blogs. The expected push-back from mainstream medicine is loud and fierce, but the day will be won finally by those courageous practitioners who value truth over threats of penalty.

n 4. Education Most N. Americans agree that success of public education is at an all-time low. Curricula are changed frequently; testing and discipline are out of control; classes are too big; teachers are depressed and frustrated; high-school students can’t make change or write an essay, and generally graduates of the system are dumbed down. College and graduate school, with inflated price tags and lack of job opportunities in healthful occupations, are becoming less attractive by the year. As histories are written by the victors, higher education curricula fit the mainstream, and independent thought and writing are discouraged. Some students and observers

See “ENSLAVEMENT” on page 23

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By Ethan Indigo Smith and Andy Whiteley

The Chemtrails Hypothesis Let’s consider a hypothesis… We know that “meteorological conditions associated with convection and vertical mixing over the Pacific Ocean promote [the] long-distance transport” of radioactive materials through the atmosphere. In fact, European Commission, Science for Environment Policy News Alert suggest that as much as 12.7% of iodine radionuclides from the Fukushima disaster reached the USA and Canada. Evidence shows that the chemtrail and nuclear experiments continue to pump into our atmosphere everything from living biological material to nano sized metallic particulate, the latter of which become ionized or electrically charged by sunlight. Therefore, the air in our atmosphere is altered into an electrically charged gas, which responds strongly to electromagnetic radiation such as those produced by Wifi and HAARP technologies, and ever-increasing numbers of cell towers. Barium, found to be a major element in chemtrail spraying, is also known to conduct electromagnetic energy. When we take into account the increasing amount of radiological contamination in the upper atmosphere, the indefensible continuation of the failing nuclear experiment, the covert chemtrail and HAARP operations we now know are intended as a military “force multiplier”, and the short-term thinking endemic in modern governments, the next reasonable questions are… n When radioactive nano sized particles make contact with the newly injected chemtrail “chemical X” (which is generally metallic) what is the reaction? n Are these radioactive particles adhering, reacting, and then falling out of the atmosphere? n What is the cumulative effect of airborne radioactivity and chemtrail spraying on human and environmental health? n Are the nuclear and chemtrails programs all part of the same high-level agenda? n Are scientific/military operations performing integrated experiments, covertly applying a combination of atmospheric alterations including chemical, radiation and electromagnetic elements? And what of the biological component of these chemtrails, known as bio-engineering?

& the Nuclear Connection pt. 2

especially unusual and disturbing condition marked by painful dermal lesions through which … nano-fibres [from bio-engineering] protrude.” In November 2013, French/English language newspaper The Connexion reported that “mysterious stringy filaments” we found falling from the sky over Drôme and Ardèche in Southern France, leaving residents and authorities “mystified”. Reports of the fibres were first raised on Thursday, but no one has yet been able to identify what they are – giving rise to theories

be sending them for analysis”. Clifford Carnicorn is staunch campaigner against chemtrails who, as a former federal employee of the United States government, served for 15 years within the Department of Defence, The Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Forest Service, earning himself the Defence Mapping Agency Aerospace Centre Employee of the Year and Geodetic Sciences Departmental Award for outstanding technical, managerial, and cost effective performance. Carnicom also oversees the Morgellons Research

that they are the by-product of plane exhausts. Inexplicably, “the prefecture for the Drôme said it did not know what the fibres were but said it was not worried and would not

Group, a body of concerned citizens, health care professionals, scientific researchers and microbiologists who devote their time to investigating this unfolding syndrome.

Airborne Assault Ongoing atmospheric studies show that biological test agents including viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, and other biological materials are routinely released as part of this covert spraying operation. According to Prof. James F. Tracy in an article for (http:// ) “The most well-known manifestation of such nano-biologicals is the oft-misunderstood Morgellons ailment, an

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According to Mr. Carnicom the presence of nano-fibres – observable clumps of fibrous strands – “have now been discovered repeatedly across all major body systems and functions, including skin, blood, hair, saliva, dental(gum), digestive, ear and urinary samples”. Says Mr. Carnicorn: “Is there a direct relationship between the alteration of living systems (us) and ecosystems (the environment)? My answer is unequivocally, ‘Yes.’” When we understand the obvious scientific interconnection between these programs, we can deduce that this is all part of an integrated atmospheric weapons system – a force multiplier. Although geoengineering is now touted by government as a benevolent weather modification program, the net effect — uncovered by the scientific community despite years of silence from government — is an airborne electromagnetic assault on humanity. (http://bit. ly/1yYD1rw) Amy Worthington, independent researcher and writer, explained in her seminal article: Chemtrails: Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War ( “Both the Pentagon’s aerosol operations and its limited nuclear wars are deeply interconnected. We can trace the beginnings of Operation Cloverleaf right to the Strangelove brain of Dr. Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen

See “CHEMTRAILS” on page 22

By Zen Gardner


REATION IS CONTINUAL. Everything is constantly evolving and changing. Nothing is static no matter how solid or set things appear. Even settled science is coming to this realization, realizing our very thoughts and intentions are what determine our reality. That’s powerful stuff. Now think about the world you’re living in. How much does it engender creativity and contribution to that wondrous reality? Or how much of our lives are determined, set, reactive and uncreative? Are we really giving what we were intended to give to this amazing experience we call life? Funnelled or Free? What Is the Condition of Your Spirit? That’s a good question we should all ask ourselves continually. Are we set in motion as well as confined by events and conditions around us, even personal goals established in a less aware mindset? Who are we even in our conversations? Those who control them set the agenda. Are you following or leading? Are you being your true self ? Are you loving and giving or busy propping up phoney images within and without? Most people are content to follow social norms, to keep in line and not rock the boat. The social engineers and containment system are working the same old issues of safety and security, which is why the powers that be pound on the fear factor. If we’re on the defensive and compliant we seem to fit in better and have less immediate problems. But is that true? Are there really less problems, for your soul, your spirit, your loved ones and the world around us? What of your life purpose? Do you have one? Is there a calling you’ve neglected for which you were born to create, independent and unique to anything the world has ever experienced before? Or are we confined to a cubicle, literal or social, where we operate according to learned rules and regulations? Most people are – via jobs, identity and seeming security issues…with weekends free of course to watch more TV or think we’re

We Were Born to

C R E AT E free to “move about the cabin”. Quash the Questioners – Social Alignment Training We’re seeing with this staged Paris incident a perfect example of social alignment training. It’s not just fear based now, it’s hate based. Hate is nothing but channeled fear. Give the throngs an enemy they think they can see and feel and you’ve got control. It’s a wash, rinse repeat cycle we see over and over, all to channel public thought and behaviour. Are you falling for it? Are you recoiling and withdrawing from the fray of being creative and giving? It’s the same old program, just an obvious mass media version. Will we hole up and hide our light of truth and love for fear of being criticized or even hounded versus living the life we were born to live? It doesn’t matter where the quashing control comes from, be it the matrix or our own minds and habits, we simply cannot bend to this onslaught of oppression on the human spirit.

liberate people’s minds so powerfully their audiences burst out in laughter. How powerful is that?! There couldn’t be a clearer illustration. Saying what supposedly cannot be said, poking fun at the sanctimoniousness and insanity all around us, including ourselves, is liberating. Why? It’s going places we sense but dare not voice ourselves, which is why we enjoy others doing it for us. But why not do it ourselves every chance we get? It brings peace, love, joy, truth and redeemed beauty to the world around us. Whatever stands up after these paradigms of conformity, control and deceit are demolished is what life is all about. And that’s both liberating and empowering.

We’re All the Same – It’s What We Do With It No one’s better than another. Sure, accomplishments set people aside as those who have realized their intention, but we all have the same capabilities. It doesn’t matter

what they are. We are here to create. And the tools and resources are immeasurable. It just takes some mining and a little courage to step out and be who we were born to be. As I’ve said before, it costs – but really we’re just letting go of barriers, whatever or whomever they may be. I can’t help but think of how the world treats “artists” and those of “creative talent”. They’re set aside as street vendors or sometimes mollycoddled by patrons and so elevated such work seem unattainable. Others today are shot to stardom, by design in most cases, if they carry the right signal, and are then destroyed by drugs or the media. It’s a separation from “normalcy” any way you look at it. The fact is we’re all creative geniuses. It doesn’t matter in what form or forms it comes. The problem is people settle down once they think they’ve found something “useful” they can do. How many people hate their jobs, or resent their living condition, but feel they have no recourse? That is social entrainment at its worst. The entertainment industry is there to keep people’s minds off of this. The education machine is built to condition to accept this as inevitable, and the social correctness society is there to keep you in line. Bust the hell out! Be different by being yourself ! Face the consequences of being real! Do you like to write? Do you like to sing and compose or draw or paint? Do you want to be with nature or work with the land? Do you like to blow people’s minds with amazing information they have no idea exists? Maybe you feel called to spend your time creating a better world working with others of similar passions?

See “CREATE” on page 23

Do New Stuff Get out of your routine. Try something new. Break the bonds any way you can. I’m always trying new stuff and I love it. It’s not easy as we each share our perceived limitations, but it’s total fun when we do break out. Humour’s a great manifestation of this creative ability. Comics break boundaries and

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Julian Wash

People on the lower rungs of the ladder rarely look up. They choose to frequently look “down” which may give them a false sense of superiority or dominion over their world. They are especially prone to the hypnotic suggestion television creates and may even go so far as to “act out” various fictional characters or their favourite professional athlete. The lower state is easily entertained- and anything or anyone who challenges their status quo will be dismissed as an outsider, a misfit or a threat.


ODAY I WISH to address to you a certain brand of loneliness. It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition. The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being disconnected, apart, abandoned or simply “different” from everyone else you know. This situation is compounded when friends, coworkers and even family members begin seeing you differently. They’re not so much intrigued by your positive changes but rather disappointed by your shift in attitude and may even be concerned for your mental stability. These otherwise wellmeaning souls are occasionally characterized as the “sleeping” and you may very well be part of the “awakening.” The Awakening Mind

I say “awakening” because the experience appears to be very dynamic and fluid by nature. I’m not sure I would recognize or even fully appreciated an “awake” mind for they are far and few between. But for those who are experiencing various stages of wakening,

The Slide and Adrenalin

LONELINESS The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind

you are as visible to me as I am to you. Generally speaking, the awakening mind radiates at a much different and “higher” vibration than most other people. Since this “vibration” wants to resonate harmonically with similar or complimentary energies, it can (and often does) resonate with like-minded people. It

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can, however, just as easily create discord with those who resonate at a much lower vibration. Just imagine striking a noncomplimentary note on separate pianos, especially with one out of tune. That’s the discord I’m referring to, except in this case, the resonance resides within the psychic and spiritual realms. I speak in terms of “higher” and “lower” vibrations without truly qualifying what is meant by that. First off, there is no state superior to another. Like changing stations on a radio dial YOU choose the station you need (or want) to be on. Most people are tuned to what I consider to be a limited awareness. This does not make them any less sublime or capable as Humans. This is merely the channel they are “tuned” to and as such they are acclimated with that world. This vibrational density is impressive in its own right for it has the power to generate fantastic illusions so convincing that even the conscious mind can fully buy into it. This ability to manifest a false paradigm and to believe it to be true requires considerable power. But you, my dear reader, may have peeked behind the proverbial projector screen and have seen an assembly of gears and levers and perhaps even a portly, unassuming little man attending them with due diligence. Stepping Out of the Matrix

The awakening mind —now that’s a different story. The higher vibration of this mind-body state allows a more commanding view. Like stepping up a ladder, you can look down and see (though not really live) the dynamics of the lower vibrations. Each step up the ladder requires tremendous courage, an open and curious mind and a high degree of “functional” intelligence. Those steps command effort -much more effort than what most are willing to exert. Sleepers may go so far as to observe or even stumble over this hypothetical “ladder” and still not recognize what it is or how they may benefit from it.

I have alluded to a ladder- but now I would like for you to imagine a slide. Going “up” the slide takes some effort. You must go up the steps, higher and higher until you reach the top. One may then position themselves in such a manner as to enjoy the ride downward. This downward “thrill” is brief but exhilarating. The slide provides a good physical example of going from a higher state to a lower state and the ensuing thrill from moving in this downward fashion. There are also many examples of the slide analogy within the spiritual realm. Turn on any news station and you will soon be bombarded with “energy dropping” stories that create a sort of “rush” –a rush that, curiously enough, is habit forming. These news sources often report stories of tragedy and high drama. So severe are these stories they actually can cause the body to produce an adrenalin related “rush” or high. Once again we find ourselves “sliding” down that imaginary slide and into a lower vibrational state. The “mainstream” news networks have created legions of adrenalin junkies. The “sleepers” are their primary target. During the course of their day, the sleepers gradually build their energy level back up. But soon they find themselves back on that hypothetical slide and are sent swooshing down once again into a lower energy state. It’s a vicious, repeating cycle that keeps the sleepers fast asleep and drunk happy on adrenalin. Lonely at the Top Many readers of Rattleberry Pie have stayed on top of the ladder long enough to take in the view. They’ve recognized that the view is more exhilarating than the fall. They saw many things up there- things that would be hard to describe to those below. The awakening mind continues to build “steps” higher and higher, and soon they are peeking above the clouds. Now they look down from this lofty position and see the tiny dot that was their slide. They are amazed by how that relatively insignificant slide inspired them to move higher. Sliding down from this cloud level height is really no longer an option, at least not in the traditional sense. Here is yet another dilemma of the awakening mind. Once you have experienced the process of awakening there really is no going back. The one (down) side is the higher you get, the more rarefied the air becomes. Loneliness can settle in. The awakening mind is an exceptionally vibrant mind that requires considerable stimulation and camaraderie. But it’s lonely up there. Indeed. See “LONELINESS” on page 21

The Benefits of Fermentation by Glennis Taylor The New Agora


HE TERM FERMENTATION is constantly bubbling up all around us. Talks, articles. workshops and books on the fermentation process and its benefits have created a wave of interest in this ancient form of food processing. Thought to be the first way our ancestors discovered to preserve food for later use, fermentation provides so many more benefits to us than just preservation. I spoke with Sandor Katz who many consider the modern guru of fermentation. He has written two widely distributed and revered books on the topic and lectures around the world on the merits and methods of fermentation. His first book, Wild Fermentation (2003) and subsequent book The Art Of Fermentation (2012) have led the growing worldwide movement of modern fermentors. He credits the daily intake of fermented foods with turning his health around. From a New York child who loved pickles to an inspirational fermentation wizard who now hails from Tennessee, he has reshaped the way we understand bacteria and the important role it plays in our lives. The role of fermentation in our overall health is powerful and remarkable. It has strong positive influences on our immune function. Fermentation breaks down the sugars and starches in food which provides us with good bacteria for the gut. It pre-digests food making nutrients more available to us and it also breaks down some substances that are difficult for us to utilize or that block us from absorbing nutrients from within the food matrix. It can have a positive anti inflammatory effect, reducing the risk of many degenerative diseases. There is growing evidence that fermented foods may play a role in preventing cancer. It has also been implicated in a healthy weight loss program

Loneliness from page20

Final Thought

The awakening experience is truly a gift. It’s is not for the weak or the meek. It takes much strength and courage to achieve these higher levels of enlightenment. Those who are awakening come in all sizes and shapes –many are the so-called Indigo’s, the Crystal’s, or essentially any Human that realizes their personal power and potential and that there is much more to this world than they’ve been told. One may ponder if those in the process of awakening have a moral obligation to try and wake the sleepers. From my own observation and experience I would advise against this. Simply let them sleep. The best way to reach them is over time. Be gentle and incremental in your approach. This is the same technique the “powers that be” have used on you

The role of fermentation in our overall health is powerful and remarkable. It has strong positive influences on our immune function. by playing an important part in changing the gut microbiome which is now linked to obesity.. Almost any food can be fermented given the right conditions. The fermentation process itself involves a variety of different avenues for altering the host food. The methods of fermentation we are more familiar with include alcohol fermentation, yeast and mould fermentation, and lactic acid fermentation. Though each type of fermentation provides benefits, a lot of focus seems to be on the lactic acid method. In lactic acid fermentation, bacteria convert sugars and starches present in the food into lactic acid. This acid provides an inhospitable environment for many harmful bacteria to grow and it acts as a natural preservative. We are quite acquainted with the array of delicious foods that use this method, most commonly used in the food industry. Yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, beer, wine and cheeses are a few of the many lactic acid fermented foods that line the store and market shelves. The lactobacilli bacteria commonly used in this kind of fermentation, also alter the textures and flavour of the food and create a wide range of delights for the palate. These bacteria help us maintain a healthy colony of friendly gut flora which directly relates to good health. Fermentation has been around almost as long as mankind. Every culture in the world has some form of fermented food or beverage as a dietary staple. The Greeks used the term “alchemy” to describe the change in foods to the sharp, tangy tastes we associate with fermentation. We have come to adopt many of the traditional fermented foods from around the world, but there are some that we may feel shy in trying such as natto from Japan,

-that was until you saw a little “string” that connected to other strings that held the tapestry of the matrix in place. So be an example. Radiate with love and truth. Project health, exuberance and happiness. Be aware without being angry (easier said than done). The sleepers must see the higher steps of the ladder as being worth the effort. They may someday abandon the rush of the fall for the beauty of the view. Just by virtue of being aware you are already contributing in a vast and energetic way to those around you. They “sense” your vibration and may try to resonate with you some day. You have been given “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” so you have been blessed. Yes, until others begin to see as you do the loneliness -the isolation can feel very real at times. Let me remind you that you are not alone. We feel you out there- we are grateful for your presence and we love you so very, very much. Until next time.

fermented fish from Scandinavia or beer that has been fermented with saliva. We do eat many fermented foods daily even in North America where processed foods have become the norm in the average diet. About one third of what is consumed by humans around the world is some form of fermented food. Some of our daily diet we may not think of as fermented such as bread, chocolate, salami or even coffee. It is from unpasteurized and non-heated fermented foods the we receive the most health benefits. Sandor Katz passionately describes the symbiotic relationship that all of nature has with the world of tiny microbes. He stresses that without microbes, we would not survive. We evolved with bacteria and yet our modern day lifestyle threatens that very strategic relationship. In our gut, the microbiome contains 100 times more DNA than the human genome. We host about 21/2 to 3 pounds of bacteria that provide us with many vitamins that the body relies on every day. These friendly microbes help keep the disease causing bacteria at bay and promote a healthy immune system. Approximately 70% of our immune system is just outside the thin

gut wall waiting to react when needed. When we eat store bought, commercially produced milk or eggs for example, we are getting a slow and steady drip of the antibiotics that are fed to the animals. This along with chlorinated tap water are a daily assault on our struggling intestinal flora and can affect digestion, leading to leaky gut, candida overgrowth and a wide range of other problems that in the end result in compromised health. It is not hard, Sandor cites, to change this spiral around with a diet that incorporates a wealth of fermented foods. You can make your own quite easily and, with guidance from his books and the many materials available, create your own living kitchen of health promoting organisms. These days the demand for fermented foods done the old way and the small cottage industry is rising to the occasion with new and wholesome products available in the marketplace to tempt the waiting palate. Fermentation can play a role in the economic evolution of our planet. Change your inner world by changing the way you eat. It is that simple. Sandor Katz, author of The Art Of Fermentation, is the keynote speaker for The Victoria Health, Wellness And Sustainability Festival held at the Victoria Convention Center, February 7th, 2015, Victoria, BC.

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2055 Clark Dive, Vancouver BC

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Zeolite from page 13

impair thyroid function as they oxidize quickly and become rancid. When these rancid oxidized oils are present, it greatly impairs the conversion of hormones T4 into T3 in the liver. If this conversion does not occur the body cannot make the enzymes that it needs to turn fats into energy, and this is symptomatic of hypothyroidism. Coconut oil is a saturated fat. It contains medium chain fatty acids or medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and, promotes weight loss and increased metabolism. Dr. Ray Peat says: “When the oils are stored in our tissues, they are much warmer, and more directly exposed to oxygen than they would be in the seeds, and so their tendency to oxidize is very great. These oxidative processes can damage enzymes and other parts of cells, and especially their ability to produce energy. The enzymes which break down proteins are inhibited by unsaturated fats; these enzymes are needed not only for digestion, but also for production of thyroid hormones, clot removal, immunity, and the general adaptability of cells. The risks of abnormal blood clotting, inflammation, immune deficiency, shock, ageing, obesity, and cancer are increased. Thyroid [hormones] and progesterone are decreased. Since the unsaturated oils block protein digestion in the stomach, we can be malnourished even while ‘eating well.’ There are many changes in hormones caused by unsaturated fats. Their best understood effect is their interference with the function of the thyroid gland. Unsaturated oils block thyroid hormone secretion, its movement in the circulatory system, and the response of tissues to the hormone. Coconut oil is unique in its ability to prevent weight-gain or cure obesity, by stimulating metabolism. It is quickly metabolized, and functions in some ways as an antioxidant.” Coconut oil is incredibly stable and therefore does not burden the body with oxidative stress like vegetable oils do, coconut oil also does not need to be broken down by enzymes like the long chain triglycerides in vegetable oil do. Cherie Calbom M.S., a clinical nutritionist and author from Washington, states; “Since the liver is the main place where damage occurs from oxidized and rancid oils that cause cell membrane damage, and since the liver is where much of the conversion of T4 to T3 takes place, eliminating long-chain fatty acids from the diet and replacing them with medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil can, in time, help in rebuilding cell membranes and increasing enzyme production that will assist in promoting the conversion of T4 to T3 hormones.” [6]


from page 14

want it to be.

6. When finishing your work day give thanks and clear it of negative emotions (which come out of fear that we know now is illusion). Do not take them at home or preserve for the next day.

7. Smile. 
The time of crisis is literally here: there is the fast pace of our world, the assault of too much to do with too little time and resources. Being in the present moment is just a concept for most of us and has little translation to daily life practice. Fear is widespread and is polluting us on a cellular level: hypertension, autoimmune diseases,

Page 22

Juicing For Healing Green vegetable juicing is one of the greatest things you can do for your body, providing excellent nutrition as well as amazing detoxing. Cold press juicing has many benefits. It provides an abundance of vitamins and minerals, as well as a huge boost of enzymes for digestion. In this way, the body doesn’t have to work to digest and extract all these nutrients, it just needs to absorb. Adding Zeolite to your juicing is like swapping lead boots for running shoes – the difference is incredible. In a pilot study of 55 people conducted by Dr. Gabriel Cousens at The Tree of Life Institute, he found that a green vegetable juice fast with maximum dose Natural Cellular Defence Pure Liquid Zeolite, removed 88% of 800 toxins measured in 1 week. This included mercury, lead, pesticides, depleted uranium, teflon and many more. Those who continued for 2 weeks had 100% removal of all toxins in the body. To read more

Green vegetable juicing is one of the greatest things you can do for your body, providing excellent nutrition as well as amazing detoxing. about this study you can check it out at Pure Liquid Zeolite. So what does all this mean for you and your Thyroid? By juicing with Zeolite to remove the radioactive particles, heavy metals and other toxic material from your body, and swapping your cooking and salad oils for coconut oil, you can give your butterfly organ the support it needs to achieve optimum health and protect you from the untold effects of environmental radiation.

cancer, infertility, chronic back problems, anxiety, and depression; the list could continue forever. The difference is how we interpret crisis because we can be at complete peace in the midst of chaos. Can we live the life we want? Can we be authentic in our speech? Can we identify and release our underlying limiting beliefs so that we begin a new commitment towards genuine compassion, abundance, love and connection. Your commitment will show in your body and intentions.

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counsellor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

“Partly cloudy” didn’t used to look like this.

Chemtrails from page 18

bomb and proponent of nuking inhabited coast lines to rearrange them for economic projects.[1] Before he died in 2003, Teller was director emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where plans for nuclear, biological and directed energy weapons are crafted. In 1997, Teller publicly outlined his proposal to use aircraft to scatter in the stratosphere millions of tons of electricallyconductive metallic materials, ostensibly to reduce global warming.[2] Shortly after Teller’s presentation, the public began seeing frenetic chemtrailing. In 2000, CBS News admitted that scientists were “looking at drastic solutions for global warming, including manipulating the atmosphere on a massive scale.” CBS confirmed that the plan to load the air with tiny particles would “deflect enough sunlight to trigger global cooling.”[3] Teller estimated that commercial aircraft could be used to spew these particles at a cost of 33 cents a pound.[4] This gives credence to a report by an airline manager, forced by a compulsory non-disclosure agreement to remain anonymous, that commercial aircraft have been co-opted to assist the military in consummating Project Cloverleaf.[5]” The heavy metals contained in chemtrail spraying include barium, aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury, copper, manganese, and uranium ( In the last 10 years, aluminum levels in rainwater have risen from 7 parts per billion to 3,400 parts per billion — an astounding, nearly 50,000 percent increase. ( ) The effects of heavy metal exposure (in isolation) on human health have been extensively documented (http://1.usa. gov/1CY77x) Elaborating on this point, research published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology indicates that heavy metals poisoning associated with heavy metal spraying (and other industrial and environmental exposures) disrupts metabolic functions in two ways: 1. They accumulate and thereby disrupt function in vital organs and glands such as the heart, brain, kidneys, bone, liver, etc. 2. They displace the vital nutritional minerals from their original place, thereby, hindering their biological function. It is, however, impossible to live in an environment free of heavy metals. There are many ways by which these toxins can be introduced into the body such as consumption of foods, beverages, skin exposure, and the inhaled air. Add to this problem the fact that electromagnetic energy, including WIFI, has been shown to interfere with the

human body and brain (which itself is electrical) in particular cell growth, neural activity, cardiac function, hormone production and fertility and we have the conditions for a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions. And that is exactly what we’re experiencing today. Enter the pharmacological industry to treat the symptoms of these conditions (but never the cause), the corporategovernment-media complex to protect these unlawful covert operations and stifle public debate, and the pseudo-scientific (troll) community to vilify those who see through the deception. But frankly, we’re not buying it. In the words of prolific environmental researcher, author and activist (and Wake Up World contributor) the late Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri: When we begin to connect the dots to the thousands of unsafe and often highly toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and hormone disruptors to which we are exposed daily, we then can collectively see that this is not just a one-issue health crisis we face. Rather, with corporations allowed free reign to poison us with impunity… we do not have any way to have any redress of decades of grievances. The ramifications of this are enormous.

Looking Up, Looking Forward These nuclear, chemical and electromagnetic programs amount to an assault on our very existence. Given that threat it poses, and the questions it raises of those entrusted with our governance, this realization causes many people to go into fear, disbelief, and to shut down. The implications are simply too challenging for many to entertain, much less invest any real time and energy in trying to understand the problem in the level of detail it requires. And so, despite mountains of scientific, environmental and political evidence to the contrary, chemtrails are still written off by many as a “tin foil hat” fantasy. But let’s get real here… One has only to look up without fear or judgment to see the truth about chemtrails… Or to look at our unprecedented rates of physiological dysfunction and disease, for which the government and medical complex has no reasonable explanation. These vital elements of the big picture cannot reasonably be dismissed. Our health and our future depends on the health of our planet. Gambling with our collective future is violation of natural law. The only way to stop this assault is to dismantle these programs and the institutions that support them, to actively support scientific, educational, environmental and health research that is designed and executed in transparency,

See “CHEMTRAILS” on page 23



with public welfare in mind, and to educate pilots and scientists who are led to carry out these dangerous environmental programs. Peace on Earth… for real though.

are perceiving “higher education” as “more brainwashing” to produce professionals in the same mould as our parents.

About Ethan Indigo Smith

Organized religion, like other societal glues, offers small amounts of truth and large piles of edited debris that slave-holders use to keep us “in line.” Examples of the latter are sin, war, retribution, contribution, sacrifice, repentance, and confusing the unrelenting judgmental Judaic/Old Testament God with the loving, gentle, infinitely patient, creative force of the cosmos. The church overflows with symbols of chronic conspiracy: fishhelmets, pine cones (the pineal/spirit gland), crucifixes and crosses (bloody sacrifice), cannibalism (communion), rituals, commercialized holy days, intermediaries, crusades, genocides of indigenous peoples, hidden art and long-suppressed knowledge of extraterrestrials. Most of the world’s “great religions” have been designed, constructed and perpetuated by the elite and their controllers and until now have served their purpose in keeping us humiliated and meek.

from page 22

Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour.

About Andy Whiteley Andy Whiteley is a former corporate manager turned writer, editor and cofounder of Wake Up World. An advocate of peaceful revolution, Andy believes we are on a necessary path (albeit bumpy) to a renewed social model grounded in love, transparency, individuality, sustainability and spirit. Through his role at Wake Up World, he hopes to contribute positively to that transition. Andy lives on Australia’s NSW Central Coast with his partner of 13 years, WuW co-founder Ryan Mullins, and spends his (scarce) free time keeping fit and enjoying the beautiful nature reserves that sit, undisturbed, at their back door. For more information, visit Wake Up World on Facebook. Andy would like to dedicate this article to the memory and legacy of Wake Up World friend and colleague, the late Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri.

Create from page 19

Do it! Find your expression. It could be a host of cool stuff you were born to be involved with but were conditioned or frightened out of. Why not go for it now? That way we stop contributing to the problem and start manifesting the solution, a very doable double whammy! The new world we long to see is lying within each of us. “Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?” – Wayne Dyer Love, Zen About the author: I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you… just wondering. Love Zen. Connect with Zen at

from page 17

n 5. Religion

n 6.

Increasing Militarization of Local and Foreign Authorities Gun-control legislation and many false-flag terrorist events, especially school shootings, are aimed at disarming the 99%. Simultaneously, swat teams are routine, police brutality increases, and local police and deputies receive truckloads of army equipment and munitions. When in recent world history have we seen these two phenomena together? In Hitler’s Germany, before World War II. It is no secret that the American congress and many other politicians want desperately to begin World War III in the Mid-East. Why? War makes defence companies big bucks and loss of life contributes to genocidal control. Henry Kissinger calls our children and young people “cannon fodder” and our seniors “useless eaters.” So, here it is folks — the rise of the Fourth Reich, right under our noses. The corporate descendants of all those Nazi rocket scientists, doctors, geneticists and generals moved from Germany to the U.S. at the end of World War II have reached full bloom. They have continued to slaughter our prophets and heroes—Kennedy, King, Lenin, Kelly and many others—to keep us in line, in the box. We have spent most of our lives working 40-100 hours a week for pauper’s pay, been made to return most of it in taxes, socially outcast if we follow a different drummer. We have been taught to fear, to fight, to wallow, to eat garbage, so that now we have an obese, ill, dumbed-down populace fit only for internment in FEMA camps, complete with crematoria. Our paid sadistic mercenary soldiers and CIA take pleasure in killing, torturing, maiming children and their parents and the environment. Our volunteer armies, enlisted for “freedom”-fighting and 3 square meals a day, find themselves paralyzed, vaccinated, medicated, mindcontrolled and suicidal. Such is the big picture of our matrix.

Solutions How can we escape? How can we change the world? How can we birth utopia amid all the chaos? If we’re waiting for someone to help us out of this mess, the future is hopeless. If, on the other hand, we realize “WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” (Hopi) and recognize our own divinity and responsibility, we can break away from the illusion of the matrix, rewrite the script of the play and recreate our reality and the world. It all begins with us. The quantum universe reflects and magnifies our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. Like attracts like: If we are warriors, there will be great battles. What we resist becomes our albatross. If we see ourselves as victims, oppression follows. The more we release and surrender, the less conflict we endure. If we are serene, we have peace. If we are grateful, abundance is ours. If we love unconditionally, we are ‘Christed’ and beloved. Solutions lie within. The exploration of inner-space begins with meditation, and meditation is possible when we learn to cancel all extraneous noise and chatter of our left brain and enter the silent world of spirit. This is the place of being. This is the place where the still small voice lives—the spark of divinity we can fan into flame. Our breath is the fan—inhale love and exhale gratitude slowly and consciously. Inhale healing and exhale release. Inhale beauty and exhale surrender. Inhale crisp fresh air and exhale toxins. These practices bring us soul fusion with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Commune with the physical body— what does it need? What does it say? Appreciate the trillions of cells working in concert, the strength of our skeleton, the endurance of our heart, the knowledge in our brain, the nourishment of our lungs, blood, liver and kidneys. Enjoy stretching, walking, exercise, rest. Enjoy abundant, healthful food and clean water. Celebrate with meals, thanking the farmer, the plants and animals consumed. Thank the body for its years of service. We are love. Love deletes fear. Love follows truth. Love discerns false information. Love is intuition. Through intuition the inner voice speaks to us through first impressions, a brief fluttering, a picture, a presence in our peripheral vision, a quiet knowing. Love is our government (no taxes required), and we naturally form communities to help each other while realizing our oneness. Amazing new energies are bathing the earth, and the planet’s cosmic isolation is over. Angels and benevolent extraterrestrials encircle us and the globe, awaiting only our requests for their assistance. They, with the new self-realized humans, wage peace and goodwill, love and understanding, acceptance and compassion, helping us as individuals and as a species to evolve spiritually into strong, ageless, joyful, gossamer beings. We do not resist or protest; we simply go our own way with gratitude. We practice civil disobedience and unity, releasing negativity. We form spontaneous communities, grow our own food, play our music, sing our songs and dance through life. Our ET friends and angels guard and protect us. We will not be denied. We are not afraid. We are strong, proud, healthy, peaceful instruments of love. The time is here. The time is now. We re-create

We have been taught to fear, to fight, to wallow, to eat garbage, so that now we have an obese, ill, dumbed-down populace fit only for internment in FEMA camps, complete with crematoria. ourselves and thus a utopian world. Each of us carries the heart of the Messiah.

Previous articles by Sue n Creating UTOPIA: a Process of Self Integration n 6 Keys to Transition

About the author Sue McIntosh MD is a native of Tennessee, relocating to Connecticut for postgraduate training in pediatrics and pediatric hematology and oncology at the Yale-New Haven Medical Center. From 1974 to 1984 she was a member of the faculty at the Yale School of Medicine and was active in patient care, teaching and clinical research. From 1984 to 1991 she established one of the first private practices of pediatric and adolescent hematology and oncology in Guilford, CT, with continued privileges in patient care and teaching at the Yale-New Haven Medical Centre. The gradual onset and progressive course of severe fibromyalgia necessitated early retirement from medicine in 1991. During this illness and while still practicing medicine, she learned, applied and taught alternative healing methods and was one of the first practitioners of integrative, or complementary, medicine. Forced retirement allowed not only rest and healing but time and opportunity to learn about the basic natures of society and life. As a student and a seeker, she began teaching and writing about global conspiracy, spiritual development and healing methods. Dr. McIntosh has written five books (search here) and more than 50 professional papers and presentations. She and her wife live in Connecticut. She is an avid organic gardener, earth-keeper, healer, teacher, seeker and trouble-maker. Learn more at: evolutionorenslavement. com

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Tales from The Crow By Max Igan


HERE ARE A THOUSAND hacking at the branches of evil to everyone who is striking at the root” Henry David Thoreau The situation mankind finds itself in today is untenable. We are, quite literally, facing an onslaught of unprecedented proportions that is being directed at us in almost every way imaginable. The most disturbing part about our situation is that every problem mankind is facing has, in fact, been created by our own hand. Realizing this cold, hard fact — that every major problem threatening life on the Earth today has been created by man — can be a sobering moment; yet it is true. Having said that, can mankind as a whole be blamed entirely for this situation? There are many who would say ‘’yes’’! Repeatedly, people claim that man is like a cancer on this Earth and that it is the general, megalomaniacal nature of man that has caused this problem. Others pronounce that even were the scales suddenly evened, within a short time we would return to this same position due to human nature. Is this truly the case? Are we inherently selfdestructive? When examining the human condition, it becomes clear that all the problems we see around us are actually a direct- and in fact quite natural- result of the largely unnatural parameters mankind has been coerced into adhering to and with which we are bombarded on a daily basis. Namely, our social (and most especially) our economic systems. Essentially, the human experience has been hijacked. Mankind, in general, has been tricked into following somebody else’s idea of what society should be — and of what reality actually is. To place it in a nutshell, one could say that the root cause of all of our problems stems from the fact that each individual on this planet has been forced into a position whereby they must pay to be alive, and the money they are forced to use in order to achieve this is issued by private sources. This wholly contrived situation serves to place each member of society into a state of permanent, self generating debt, stress, and artificial scarcity, thereby forcing them into competition with each other. Therein lies the

problem. The need for each individual to constantly support this privately run economic system- with an attitude of competitiveness, in order to hopefully one day make it to the top of the pile- has fostered an attitude of haphazard, safetytesting corner cutting and an overall loss of standards regarding all issues that require

Mankind, in general, has been tricked into following somebody else’s idea of what society should be.

Page 24

money to operate. That encompasses all issues- be it industrial, environmental, social, medical or educational. In fact, this total dependence on a privately- run economy has been detrimental in all areas excepting (of course) the military, where vast amounts are spent perfecting more efficient ways of killing larger numbers of people by cost-effective means. It is important for us all to slow down, to really step back and take a look at things from an economic perspective when dealing with any of the issues mankind is facing, to clearly understand that each problem we face, when viewed from its absolute root cause, can ultimately be traced back to the private issuance of currency by the few, and the state of artificial scarcity it creates for mankind. Subsequently it is critical when addressing any of the plethora of calamities and woes this private issuance of currency creates: such as war, pollution, homelessness, and political corruption, to clearly understand that all of these problems are merely symptoms, and that no remedy will ever be found to any of them until attention is directed at the root cause, namely the economic system itself. The private issuance of currency, and the power that the unlimited supply and control of money has granted to the few who control that money, has created a situation that can only be described as debt slavery. This debt slavery keeps people running so fast on the treadmill of life that most barely have a moment to cast a discerning eye over the financial system-the engine that fuels their strife. The private control of the financial system never has a glimmer of light shone upon it by the mainstream media, and yet, it is the foundation upon which sits every problem mankind now faces. It has allowed a select few to control governments, industry, art, entertainment, media, military, police forces, education, religion, and society in general. But, at long last, the proverbial cat is out of the bag, and people are beginning to realize that there is no remedy in addressing the symptoms. Most official protest organizations- whether intentionally or otherwise- are misdirecting the energy of their members away from the actual cause, while droves of others are seeing that all problems have a common cause, which is this monetary beast. In short, the blinders are coming off, and those of us beginning to realize we have been scammed have a duty to reveal this fact to those who remain blind. The problem, and the cause, of all mankind’s current woes is the privately run and wholly manipulated economic system, and it is my great hope that this is where the attention of the general public will soon be clearly focused. If not, nothing will ever truly change.

Energy Depletion in a human being

by Jon Rappoport

Energy. As in: energy depletion. Without energy, the individual feels trapped. In that state, he seeks to conform, fit in, survive long enough to die of old age. Body and mind deploy various feedback mechanisms to inform a person about his “available supply of energy,” and when these signals are taken as absolute truth, trouble comes. “I can sense my energy is dwindling. So I have to…settle for less, or see a doctor, or give up, or accept that I’m getting older, or change my values, or tune up a victim-story, or join a group, or…” On and on it goes. In this twilight zone, the individual is unwilling to consider solutions that could restore his vitality. He’s already opted for a lower level of life. In particular, he’s unwilling to explore the one aspect of his capability that works like magic: imagination. That’s out. No dice. Preposterous. Absurd. After all, imagination is just that spring rain he felt as a child, that unknown space that held all the promise in the world. That was then; this is now. Now is sober reflection. Now is routine. Now is habit. Now is empty. Once upon a time, he read a science fiction novel and, at the end of it, he felt as if he were standing, triumphant, in deep space at the crossroad of a hundred solar systems. Now he knows there is no such place. Now he is intelligent. And now he has no energy. The light that once flared is gone. The idea that his own imagination could lead him to discoveries beyond anything he knows is fool’s gold. Yes, once when he was twenty, he woke up in the middle of the night and walked to his window and looked out over a city and knew he was on the cusp of an endless future…but what can he do about that now? There is no returning. So his imagination waits. It idles. Yet…if he took a chance, if he began to dream again, if he started up the engine, if he considered offloading the interlocking systems that have become his daily life, what might happen? What layers of dead thought might peel away? What abiding convictions might dissolve? What energies might be restored? Is there a huge space beyond his common neurological impulses and rigid survival habits, where Vision can be played out on a vast scale? Is there a different kind of life he can enter, crossing the threshold from tired knowledge into mystery? Can he take a route around the banners and facades of his former reality after opening the door to his imagination? There is, in fact, a silent channel that winds through the entire time-scale of the human race. History does not officially record it, because history is written by winners for losers, and this channel has nothing to do with

How many stories are there about journeying knights who cross the boundary from ordinary events into a realm of magic? The stories are messages…sent to ourselves, to remember. This place, this day, this moment is a platform from which to embark. pedestrian notions of victory or defeat. The route of imagination has no truck with conventional space or time. It invents its own, and eventually introduces them into the world. How many stories are there about journeying knights who cross the boundary from ordinary events into a realm of magic? The stories are messages…sent to ourselves, to remember. This place, this day, this moment is a platform from which to embark. Adventure, with no end. Imagination. Energy.

Jon Rappoport The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

Courting the Shadow with the Light

Julie Henderson


ou have to be able to stand with strength and fearlessness, no matter where you are, and no matter what your circumstances. If you cannot stand alone with unshakeable courage, no matter where you find yourself, it is because your inner shadow is taunting you, begging you to heal it, forgive it, love it, and transmute it with your inner light. Progress is only made by embracing the dark, not by ignoring it. We can only evolve as we conquer with our light. To conquer does not mean to disregard or eliminate, but to vanquish that within us which deters our natural progression towards virtue, integrity, wholeness, and inner peace. For every external construct or force field of control that human beings encounter or confront, there is a pulse of one’s refined inner light that can be roused to unravel, disarm, or diffuse the obstruction. It is the light inside us which tears down fear’s walls, shatters the barricades of ignorance, and topples envy’s fences, simply by shining through the darkness to establish an escape route or to construct a doorway that leads to freedom. But the light is incapable of defeating the darkness on its own; it requires the integration of our soul’s shadow to immobilize the dark. We are all comprised of shadows and radiance, of dense vibrations and rarified frequencies of beauty which are moving so fast that they are imperceptible. We contain the sum total of our collective light and darkness, and embracing this Truth places us on the path of our highest evolution: once we agree to fight

for our authentic soul, the light inside us issues forth a reclamation of the darkest aspects of our own shadow. From within the throws of that reclamation, chaos gives birth to an important [key].

We are not taught about the power of the dark and its capacity for enhancing our light. Instead, we are instructed to disregard it, keep it hidden, or put off analyzing it and reconstructing its nature. This is the work that must be done before we can heal and move forward: we have to reclaim the fragmented schisms of consciousness that remain hidden in the dark. Our task is to retrieve them, heal them, and restore them to our overall energetic signature and output if we are to have any real power as authentic and creative human beings. Synthesis of our light and dark is what disarms the Guardian of the Threshold, granting us safe passage through the doorways beyond which we evolve as liberated beings. When we attain the art of energetic symmetry, the unassailable balance of darkness and light that fuses with our interior landscape activates itself at will. We become masters of life and death, light and shadows, courage and fear, destruction and

transformation, suffering and freedom from suffering. We become whole, integrated, and original. We preserve our integrity as beings who are both light and dark, who understand the weakness of too much purity, and who appreciate the fierce beauty our shadows can yield. Achieving symmetry means that there is no wall, barrier, or boundary that could withstand the heat or brilliance of the light we radiate. In relationships with others, with nature, or with our own selves, this light takes the form of mental and emotional healing, forgiveness of past wrongs or errors, replacing misunderstandings with empathy, and transforming ignorance into wisdom. Each restrictive field that the Light touches dismantles, decimates, or renders powerless the borders that would otherwise impede our continued healing and growth. Our own souls contain a sacred battleground on which we each must fight with uncompromising courage to reclaim what is ours. “What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.” – J. Krishnamurti That battle teaches us how to resonate with the same serenity, softness, and integrity as we would discover in the rarified dimensions we prefer to inhabit: those worlds where no creation comes to any harm, but instead is granted absolute freedom and infinite opportunities to participate in an eternal evolution, with its myriad forms and movements.

See “LIGHT” on page 30

Court Victory to Restore the Bank of Canada and the mainstream media blackout By Joe Martino


ecently, constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati won yet another round of appeals set forth by the Bank of Canada in a case involving two Canadians who filed an action in federal court to restore The Bank of Canada to its original purpose and operations. This is a very significant story but you probably haven’t heard of it. Why? The mainstream media and government have blacked out the story for reasons that appear to stem from fear of how the public will react to realizing they’ve been systematically enslaved for decades.

Significant Legal Action The initial federal court filing took place on December 12th, 2011 by Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, on behalf of Canadians William Krehm, Ann Emmett, and COMER (Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform). The filing is intended to “restore the use of the Bank of Canada to its original purpose, by exercising its public statutory duty and responsibility. That purpose includes making interest free loans to the municipal/provincial/federal governments for “human capital” expenditures (education health, other social services) and / or infrastructure expenditures.” According to WestCoastNativeNews: The Plaintiffs state that since 1974 there has been a

gradual but sure slide into the reality that the Bank of Canada and Canada’s monetary and financial policy are dictated by private foreign banks and financial interests contrary to the Bank of Canada Act. The plaintiffs state that the defendants (officials) are unwittingly and/or wittingly, in varying degrees, knowledge and intent engaged in a conspiracy, along with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), Financial Stability Forum (FSF), International Monetary Fund (IMF) to render impotent the Bank of Canada Act as well as Canadian sovereignty over financial, monetary, and socio-economic policy, and bypass the sovereign rule of Canada through its parliament by means of the banking and financial systems. The truth is, The Bank of Canada used to issue debt free loans to government, which meant that the nation would go into debt to private banking institutions. When that changed, private bankers/corporations essentially gained control and ownership of the country.

Media Black Out As stated by constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati in the video below, sources have indicated to him that the government will often instruct the mainstream media, when it comes to certain stories, as to whether or not they can cover the story or how they should go about covering it. This means that government can effectively control the media and hide

information from the public whenever it likes, unless it trickles through alternative news sources like what you are reading right now.

Why This Is Important Although not the ultimate solution to the world’s challenges, this is significant because it shows how serious the public is getting about wanting to change the way our current system operates. It also indicates a clear shift in public knowledge about how our system and infrastructures work. The more the people know, the more they seem to be demanding change. This begs the questions: why is this information being kept quiet? How has it been hidden for such a long time? Why would our governments be making decisions about things that greatly affect the average person without them having any vote, knowledge, or choice in the matter? In my view, it goes back to the fact that there are leaders in our world, beyond government, who are systematically manipulating various systems and structures in across the globe to control the population. Once viewed as wild conspiracy theories, this understanding is becoming not only self-

evident, but publicly accepted knowledge as well. This latest case helps to illustrate how these ‘elite leaders’ are intentionally making moves that are not beneficial for the people whatsoever. The bottom line is, we are seeing a positive shift in awareness and consciousness as people begin thinking about and seeing our world differently. This is fuelling action that I believe will lead towards a freer and better world.

Latest Update Check out the video below for the latest update on recent appeals that are now heading to the supreme court for further ruling.

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Symbols from page 7

designed to valourize self interest and invalidate moral concern. Most people would find its “personality” abnormal, even psychopathic, in a human being, yet curiously we accept it in society’s most powerful institutions - Joel Bakan (The Corporation) Business is business we say; people are merely selling their products. If only this were true. A little research and objective observation tells a different tale. The elite at the top of the world’s major advertising agencies are extraordinarily educated and intuitive people trained by private schools and prestigious think tanks. Although it may come as news to the consumer, it is a fact that selling products is only a minor concern for them. Though it may sound rather bizarre, it is their job to implant political and aesthetically conditioning motifs within the minds of their erstwhile viewers. These implanted messages, more often than not, contradict conscious drives and intentions. The

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elites to whom I refer, know a great deal about human and social psychology. They understand the operations of minds and bodies. They have made an in-depth study of the complex nature of desire, emotion, libido, and appetite, and their researches have taken them into occult fields. Arcane subjects such as astro-theology, sabeanism, numerology and ceremonial magic are assiduously studied. It would appear that advertisers consider their logos in the same manner as a trained sorcerer considers various talismans, amulets, symbols, mudras, mantras and musical rhythms employed to disaffect minds and enhance personal power. Some of the most talented and creative people in the world are dedicated to this work, indeed, the most skillful propagandists of our time are not working for dictators, they are certainly not working exclusively for the Democratic party or the Republican either. They are working for Foote, Cone & Belding, Ogilvy & Mather, and DDB Needham Worldwide - Jane Kilbourne (Can’t Buy My Love) Down through the centuries, symbols and their subtle meanings are memorized. They become part of the collective phylogenetic

reservoir. They constitute part of the “Race Memory.” Consequently, when certain symbols are used, they invariably stimulate reactions, often emotional and sexual. Some symbols were, and still are, specifically designed to affect the limbic centres of the brain. In primitive cultures we hear of the voodoo doctor and his attendant zombie. Before he fell under the spell of his master, the zombie was a live, active, thinking person. His will was weakened because he was slowly and surreptitiously administered the juice of the Datura plant, which drugged him into a chronic state of mental and physical passivity. Each day, lest he revive, the zombie is forced against his will to ingest more of the potion. The world consists of imaginary people, claiming imaginary virtues and suffering from imaginary happiness - Vernon Howard Today we see a similar process at work, only with greater frequency and over a larger demographic. In this case, the “Datura” is not organic but auditory, visual and digital. We are reigned over by technological witchdoctors and cyberspace sorcerers. Their particular concoction of spells are cast via techniques that go by names such as Tele-hypnosis, Metacontrast, Hemisync, Synaesthenia and Embedding. New techniques, yes, but with the same deadly effect as any past voodoo, sorcery or telepathy. Recently, a professional hypnotist declared that the very skills used to lull a mind into a state of suggestibility are unquestionably those used by advertising agents. A century and a half after its birth, the modern business corporation, and artificial person made in the image of a human psychopath, now is seeking to remake real people in its image - Joel Bakan (The Corporation) We must all face the fact that our leaders are certifiably insane or worse – William S. Burroughs You don’t understand…It’s not about money...It’s about power and influence Michael Ovitz (interview with Mike Rosenfield) Yes, it appears that the “enchanters” of the story books are alive, well and busy. In one sense advertisers can be compared to the “Leonardos” and “Michaelangelos” of past ages. Moreover, like masters of the past, they are also under oligarchic patronage. They are, however, not utilizing their prodigious artistic skills for the spiritual or cultural uplift of humankind. They are master persuaders fascinated by behavioural and motivational sciences. Their modus operandi is the systematic erosion of the moral, intellectual and spiritual foundations of society. Cannot the spiritual vacuity and moral degradation of our century be traced to the corruption peddled by these Apollonian persuaders in their gleaming corporate penthouses? No one’s really worrying about what it’s (advertising to children) teaching impressionable youth. Hey, I’m in the business of convincing people to buy things they don’t need - Advertising Executive (quoted from Business Week, August 11, 1997) …In boy’s advertising…antisocial behaviour in pursuit of a product is a good thing - Disney Marketing Executive We readily accept that other species on the planet can be trained to have their behaviour altered. We know that this manipulation occurs either by direct training or gradual change of a creature’s environment and habitat beyond its awareness. Although it may sound controversial, the situation is no different when it comes to the control of humanity. The results of the artifice are in plain view: In the cybernetic age, the individual becomes increasingly subject to manipulation. His work, his consumption, and his leisure are manipulated by advertising, by ideologies, by what Skinner calls “positive reinforcements.” The individuals loses his active, responsible role in the social process; he becomes completely “adjusted” and learns that any behaviour, act, thought, or feeling which does not fit into the general scheme puts him at a severe disadvantage; in fact he is what he is supposed to be…What has happened in modern industrial society is that traditions, and common values, and genuine social personal ties with others have largely disappeared. The modern mass man is isolated and lonely, even though he is part of a crowd; he has no convictions which he could share with others, only slogans and ideologies he gets from the communications media - Erich Fromm (The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness)

Without personal study or experience, the reader will be inclined to balk at these facts. The oligarchs have made sure that little information regarding this subject reaches the public. Although there is an unbelievable barrage of symbolism in our world, and though it is known that billions of dollars are involved in their production, distribution, and monitoring, the average person has little awareness of the fatal impact they are having on his life. Walking around decorated with the logos and brand names of exploiting corporations and conglomerates is considered normal and even chic today. Although thousands of classical musical and artistic creations are corrupted under their debauched hands, and though our visual space is cluttered with perverse ad-copy and billboard images, few raise a murmur against it. The man who does not know what it means to be under psychic hypnosis, is probably already under it - Vernon Howard Although here may be fewer physical frontiers for man to conquer, there is an entire virtual kingdom to explore and colonize. There is cyberspace and data-space, and so-called “information highway.” In virtual realities, symbolic motifs can proliferate and literally infest our minds. Scientists have, for example, discovered that there are 250,000 miles of neural threads in the brain, enough to stretch from earth to the moon. On each micrometer of these threads there are over 240,000 bits of information. This data is, however, not stored as words but as pictograms or composite images. Moreover, there are thirty seven sensory inputs to the brain, not merely the five commonly known. The architects of control know how to communicate to these subtler senses, and the damage they have done is incalculable. The man who understands a symbol not only opens himself to the objective world but at the same time succeeds in emerging from his personal situation and reaching a comprehension of the universal...thanks to the symbol, the individual experience is “awoken” and transmuted into a spiritual act - Mircea Eliade In fact, the only way to really comprehend the ramifications of their insidious work, is for each person to become familiar with the manner in which symbols affect the psyche. Eventually, the student must take to the study of occult subjects. He must study Tarot, Alchemy, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Astrology and Astro-Theology. One of the greatest chapters within the greater “Book of Symbolism,” is that containing the wisdom of the Tarot. I have personally found that an esoteric study of magical arts - Tarot, Astrology, Kabala and Numerology - greatly assists us to heal the psychic and emotional diseases created by the master manipulators. By working with Tarot and its sister arts, we awaken innate intelligence that I refer to as the “Wisdom Body.” By way of the age-old arcane arts we cultivate the all-important “Symbolic Literacy” possessed and misused by the elites we must disempower and overthrow. We learn “Pattern-Recognition,” and defend ourselves against attack on a subliminal level. …numbers are not concepts consciously invented by men for purposes of calculation. They are spontaneous and autonomous products of the unconscious – as are other archetypal symbols Carl Gustav Jung (Man and His Symbols) Working correctly and responsibly with the high arts serves to activate and correctly orientate our higher Will. As a result, we sanitize our vision and gain greater control over our lives. We are not as likely to fall prey to our lower drives and get waylaid by false promises and lures. We have a great ability to see through illusion and are less deceived by those who seek to bring the entire planet under plutocratic control. The more awakened a man becomes, the less power his masters possess. Ignorance not knowledge is their means to end. Working with the divination arts awakens inner intelligence - the hemispheres of intelligence I refer to as the “Living Oracle.” Once we attune with this higher intelligence, we are automatically freed from dependency on unawakened people around us. After all, why do we constantly seek guidance from the misguided? And how can this habit lead to enlightenment and sustainability? Continued Next Month — Part Two.

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appear to the eye of envy. And he who flies is hated most of all.” –Nietzsche “He who flies is hated most of all”? You fly anyway, soaring over the culturally constructed illusion of it all. You are willing to be “the odd man out,” refusing to give into the unconscious peer-pressure of the herd-instinct. Your conscious awareness propels you past the unconscious comfort zone, which is infective and causes others to want to do the same. You are wholly natural and holistically ascetic. The unconscious of anyone living in an artificial manner senses you as doubly dangerous. Everything about you irritates them, your way of writing, your sense of humour. They sense nature in you, and they are afraid. They are afraid that you will call them out; that you will break their soft illusory shell of “security” and “safety,” and reveal the pulsing blister of

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and brings much pollution to its vital arteries. So much so in fact, that by the beginning of the twenty first century, alarm bells have been ringing on an almost daily basis, warning of an unprecedented crisis lurking just around the corner – unless substantial remedial action is taken. Yet no one seems to know what form this substantial remedial action should take; because no one who participates in this consumer driven way of life believes that ‘they’ could possibly be contributing to a fast approaching global crisis! No one, that is, apart from our peasant farmer, who does not suffer an insatiable hunger for material gain, but nevertheless remains caught up in its consequences. This farmer must pay the price for others’ insistence on living in the profit driven, fossil fuelled fast lane of unsuppressed greed. A lane that ultimately leads to global ecocide. He will not be approached by those who depend upon the ‘quality control’ technicians whose role it is to scrutinize the sanitized products which line the supermarket shelves. To these consumers, the farmer is a strangely primitive being who provokes a tremor of fear; almost disgust. Consequently, he has no buyer for his home grown carrots and beetroots; his orchard cherries, his free ranging chickens and eggs. Neither will his wife have any buyer for the fresh milk she lovingly extracts from the docile farm cow. This milk is, after all, too good to ever get into any supermarket display cabinet. So with no one coming to the door to purchase the fruits of their labour, our farmer regretfully goes off the farm in search of some part time job to help support the family’s needs. The farm activity contracts, producing just enough to feed the family. While the younger generation abandon ship in favour of earning their livelihood in another place, another country and another way of life – the one that is mining the finite wealth of the planet as though it were infinite. Then, one day, some shocking news comes across the airwaves of the world. News that the majority of foods on sale in shops and supermarkets are unsafe to eat. That they are the cause of multiple sicknesses and unprecedented rates of cancer and heart disease. Epidemics are also spreading round the world that can no longer be controlled by conventional medicines and which the compromised human immune system is now too weak to fully resist. A few days later it is admitted that normal resources of water have become largely undrinkable due to high levels of pesticides and hormones which have heavily polluted the rivers and streams that run through the desertlike, agro-chemical soaked monocultural farms,

the vulnerable Self suffering underneath. You are an icon of iconoclasm, a force of nature that leads by example whether or not anybody else decides to “follow.” You are willing to die bringing water to the wasteland.

6.) You Seek Power Over Power “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” –Abraham Lincoln You have learned how to break the chain of obedience that plagues mankind. You have cut the strings dangling down from the highest echelons of power. You are capable of clipping yokes and cutting away the straps that bind the heavy burden of parochial values. You have turned the tables on the “powers that be” by getting power over power. You realize that those at “the top” deserve neither your pity nor your rancour. They deserve nothing more than your unadulterated laughter and high humour: a thumbing of your nose that all

No one had ever thought that anything like this could ever happen; so preoccupied were they with their materialistic concerns, consumer preferences and nine to five jobs. whose produce still lines the supermarket shelves. In hundreds of cities and towns, panic breaks out. People desperately seek advice as to what to do and where to purchase safe foods. The big chain stores try to reassure their customers and the mainstream media calls for people to be calm and listen to the advice of government. But the story is out and the old platitudes cease to have the desired affect. Chaotic scenes become widespread as people become engaged in panicked attempts to stockpile what they hope are ‘safe foods’. However, the truth is that no one knows what foods are safe or not safe. What water is pure or polluted. What storekeepers are honest or lying. No one had ever thought that anything like this could ever happen; so preoccupied were they with their materialistic concerns, consumer preferences and nine to five jobs. It never occurred to them that they could be collectively complicit in triggering a global crisis of unprecedented proportions. At least, almost everybody. Not long after this announcement was aired, a group of people nervously gathered outside our farmer’s house. A woman with two young children knocked tentatively on the door; while some of the others were more openly agitated and even threatening. The farmer came slowly to the door and opened it.
“What do you want?” he said.
“I want to know if you can sell us any safe food” said the lady
“My children are hungry and someone in the village said that on your farm the food is still not poisoned.” The farmer stood silent for a while. Others shouted out “We need food!”
Eventually he turned to his wife “Well” she said “You had better let them in.” If you liked this – you are sure to want to purchase a copy of Julian Rose’s “In Defence of Life – Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” “Julian Rose’s extreme love for humanity and this world will work on you and in you – urging you to unleash more of your own love in action.” Laura Bruno Available at and independent book shops.

at once keeps them in check and prevents their “absolute power” from corrupting absolutely. But you have also learned, as Naseem Nicholas Taleb suggested, that “you don’t become completely free by just avoiding being a slave; you also need to avoid becoming a master.” And so you have learned to recycle your own mastery. You have dared to rejoin your rationality with your primordial unconscious. You live multi-dimensionally, refusing to live the one-dimensional life of the typical man. Indeed, you stand in defence against the typical man, the “last man,” the “despicable man,” the “man who would destroy everything despite himself.” You stand in defence of those who would horde power by empowering the powerless and teaching them how to expiate that power. You disclose the world with the purpose of freedom and further disclosure, and by the same action try to free others from enclosure into disclosure. Deep within you find the exigency which is common to all men and women: the will to freedom,

the will to power, and the will to conquer both so as to make compassionate action manifest. Like David DeGraw said, “The more you empower people, the more empowered you become. It creates a positive feedback loop, an evolutionary feedback loop that cannot be stopped.”

About the Author Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world. ©2015 Waking Times, all rights reserved. For permission to re-print this article contact, or the respective author. ~~ Help Waking Times to raise the vibration by sharing this article with friends and family.

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The Science of Crystal Blue Rainmaker Crystal Blue Rainmaker works at the molecular level to alter the structure of water.

By Krishna Madappa


HE CRYSTAL BLUE RAINMAKER’s unique design accomplishes one of nature’s greatest miracles of regeneration and renewal by mimicking the natural spiralling motions and earth cycles of water, creating a measurable increase in water’s ability to hydrate plant and animal tissues, penetrate soils and conserve water. This causes people, plants and animals to grow better and healthier. Users also report that their water feels naturally “soft”, especially their showers, baths, hot tubs, and pools, all without the need for chemicals or salts. These devices do not use filtration or additives of any kind as found in most water treatment systems in use today. Hence, they require no maintenance or the considerable amount of time and expense of changing toxic filter cartridges. Instead, they rely on the movement of water through the device in the presence of specific natural earth frequencies to bring you the best tasting, most beneficial and most refreshing water possible. The interior design of the unit is deceptively simple, yet based on an advanced understanding of physics and chemistry. Crystal Blue Rainmaker works at the molecular level to alter the structure of water. The water structuring is accomplished by passing the water through a collection of precisely arrayed, high silica glass spheres arranged in a precise, geometrically-configured pattern known as the “flow form.” The flow form in turn causes the water to spin or swirl much like a waterfall. The only difference is that due to the geometry and alignment of the silica spheres, the device is creating not one, but many such mini vortices in a cascading series not unlike water tumbling in opposite directions over the smooth rocks in a stream. For the scientifically-minded among you, you may remember earlier (see article online) that we spoke about the bonds of the water molecules as being like springs which can be stretched. When water spins, it is placed


from page 25 At one level, human beings are a collection of nerve bundles, synaptic connections, vibrating atoms and molecules, oscillating subatomic particles, and woven fibres which synchronize to sound off either a discordantly raucous or a harmonious symphony. The music of what we are as individuals shapes our physical self to determine our overall health, influences our emotional balance, and can either challenge or enhance our mental speed, agility, and level of awareness. Achieving the symmetry of an energetic symphony is the ultimate game changer; it clears the path for the Light’s victory. The healing rhythms, beats, and melodies that we breathe into the world mingle with the Ocean of Consciousness to sustain an ongoing, epic conversation between two lovers who are at last reunited: the Authentic Self’s healed Soul, and the All That Is. When those frequencies collide, combine, or merge to catalyze transformation, a Renewal manifests. The power of that elemental equilibrium naturally clears away dross, debris, and asymmetries as we carry on. Self-mastery takes the form of internalizing the world, rather than delegating blame or responsibility to outer realities and happenstance. We shape the

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under a tremendous torsional load as a result of the G-forces being generated, which can be considerable. These forces cause the molecular bonds to stretch apart, just like a spring.

Work Horse The flow form also produces piezoelectricity due to the slight pressure the water is exerting on the silica quartz spheres as the water passes over them, in much the same way that a piece of quartz crystal will generate electricity when squeezed in your hand. This electricity, combined with the above mentioned rotational motion of the vortex, then causes ionization of the atom’s outer shell electrons which in turn elevates the electron spin state. This, in turn, decreases the oxidation/reduction potential of the water which in turn leads to much greater hydration and anti-oxidant activity within each cell. Another aspect of the molecular bonds is that they can and do collect, store, conduct and convey both information and energy. Going back to the work of Dr. Emoto, this information can come in any form, including simple intent. … We also line the inner walls of each Crystal Blue Rainmaker unit with a proprietary blend of crystals and rare earth materials that have very high paramagnetic properties that also provide a very beneficial and healing effect to the water through a well established process known as epitaxis, or the transferring of the frequency emanations from one substance (the minerals), into another substance (the water itself). In addition, the paramagnetic material used in every Rainmaker H2O device is unique in that it emanates a pulsing paramagnetic field that we believe is operating similarly to that of an energy capacitor, first collecting and compressing, and then broadcasting the energy

world as we sing or scream, sink or swim, give or take, act entitled or agree to serve, and destroy or create. Every act in which we consciously partake either goes to harm or heal the macrocosmic pulse of which each soul is an indivisible and indispensable component. The moment we master the power of our combined light and darkness, we become the remedy that eradicates disease at its root on a universal level. We become the key, the door, the archway, the path, the bridge, or the river that safely reunites our light and our dark, our beauty and our frailty, our imperfections and our integrity, our Humanity and our Divinity.

About the Author Julie Henderson is a native to the San Francisco Bay Area whose journey and writing has appeared in anthologies, literary magazines, and online journals including In5d. com. In addition to writing, she is a 3-D installation artist, photographer, singer/ songwriter, metalsmith, and urban Taoist. Find her on the web here, juliehendersonmusic, and here, http://www. This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

field to the water and entire area around the unit itself. And finally, the new line of Domestic Crystal Blue Rainmaker Devices are encapsulated Anodized Aluminum Picture in an industrial strength housing of food grade anodized aluminum that is 1 and 1/2 times harder and more resilient that stainless steel. This is the same material that was used by none other than Nicola Tesla as the material of choice for his “tachyon plates,” the world’s first energy enhancement devices that are still in wide use today. The significance of all of the above is that these ingenious innovations combined with the natural attributes of structured water facilitate a substantial reduction in the surface tension and reorganization of the chemical bonds of the water itself which allows the water to more quickly and efficiently penetrate deep into the cells and tissues of people, plants and animals. It also allows harmful gases such as chlorine to be expelled at an accelerated rate, making water taste and smell better.

About Krishna Madappa Krishna Madappa is a modern day alchemist, sage and scientist. He is skillful in the healing arts and spiritual sciences. He embodies health and wisdom. Time with Krishna is illuminating and joyful.” James O’Dea, former President, Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of bestseller Cultivating Peace. I have had the privilege to know Krishna Madappa as a colleague over the past few decades. We share a common interest with Electrophotonic Imaging, a landmark invention by the Russian physicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Krishna possesses the rare qualities of a brilliant scientist and an individual who embraces spirituality with full authenticity. This combination of talents has led him along the path of continual discovery of the scientific basis of awareness and consciousness in order to serve humanity.

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