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Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Chernobyl survivors speak out ... eat to live!

The astonishing radioprotective effects of MISO explained By Mike Adams


NE OF THE most amazing chapters in the true history of healing foods comes from the final chapter of World War II, in the aftermath of the United States’ dropping of two atomic bombs on civilian populations in Japan. Millions of innocent civilians were exposed to extreme levels of ionizing radiation, and rates of cancer immediately skyrocketed thereafter. Yet some people seemed to be immune to the effects of harmful radiation... even people who were less than a mile from the epicenter of the atomic bombs. What was different about these people? As you’ll learn here, they were all consuming miso, a staple of the Japanese diet made from fermented soybeans, rice and salt. Miso, as you’ll see here, winds its way through the history of nuclear accidents and atomic bombs, always serving as a healing food with extraordinary properties that come from the fermentation process, not the soy itself. (Fermenting soy radically alters its chemical properties, changing it from an estrogen-mimicking food to an anti-estrogenic food.)

Miso and Nagasaki A study published in the journal Toxicologic Pathology entitled “Beneficial Biological Effects of Miso with Reference to Radiation Injury, Cancer and Hypertension” details some of this enlightening history: When the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped in Nagasaki on August 9th, 1945, physician

Tatuichiro Akizuki, along with 20 employees, was taking care of 70 tuberculosis patients at “Uragami Daiichi Hospital” (St. Francis Hospital) about 1.4 km away from the hypocenter. However, these people including Dr. Akizuki did not have any acute radiation disease. Dr. Akizuki considered that this was the result of consuming cups of wakame miso soup (miso soup with garnish of wakame seaweed) every day. Later, this was translated into English and became known in the West. In the Chernobyl of nuclear power plant accident on April 26, 1986, in the Ukraine, many Europeans consumed miso soup as a preventive measure for radiation diseases. Therefore, Dr. Akizuki can be considered to be the first person in Japan to point out radioprotective effects of miso for maintaining health. What Dr. Akizuki concluded is that drinking miso soup before radiation exposure offered a significant radioprotective effect, effectively blocking the negative effects of radiation poisoning. Radioprotective effects created by the fermentation The study mentioned here, published in

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2013, was conducted by Japanese researcher Hiromitsu Watanabe. In it, he tested various types of miso on mice exposed to ionizing radiation. He was looking to answer the question of whether soybeans themselves have a radioprotective effect, or if the protection comes from something created by bacteria during the fermentation process (miso is made from fermented soy). The answer was clear: “The mechanism of the radioprotective effect of miso is considered to be closely related to substances produced during fermentation stage,” Watanabe explains. It’s the bacteria, in other words, that generate substances that have a radioprotective effect as documented in the study. As he explains in the study, “The cytokine-like substance in miso may conceivably play an important role in the protection and/or the recovery and repopulation of critical tissue elements when they are given prior to and during radiation exposure.” Go here to read the full study yourself

“The Cancer Prevention Diet” This idea is further supported in the book entitled “The Cancer Prevention Diet: The Macrobiotic Approach to Preventing and Relieving Cancer” by Michio Kushi. In it, he relates this story from a courageous woman who used miso and the macrobiotic diet to survive extreme radiation poisoning due to atomic bombs:

Radiation Sickness in Hiroshima In 1945 Sawako Hirago was a ten-year-

old schoolgirl in Hiroshima. In the atomic bombing on August 6, she was exposed to severe radiation that burned her face, head, and legs. The burned parts swelled up to nearly three times their normal size. In the hospital, doctors feared for her recovery because one-third of her body was burned. Her mother gave her palm healing therapy over the abdomen every night, and Sawako ate the only food available, two rice balls and two daikon radish pickles each day. Inside the rice balls was umeboshi (pickled salted plums). Although the medical doctors gave up on her, Sawako survived: “My mother didn’t show me a mirror until I was cured. However, I was able to see my hands and leg, which were very dirty and had a bad, rotten smell. On the rotten spots there were always flies. When the skin healed, I broke it because it was itchy; finally it became a keloidal condition. I didn’t see my face until it was finally cured. However, sores remained on my nose and pus remained on my chest. My hands and chest had masses of skin which remained until I was twenty.” Because of her disfiguration, Sawako was ridiculed, nicknamed “Hormone Short,” and told she could never marry or have children. After completing school, she became a high school physics teacher and

See “MISO” on page 21


By Robin Koerner


ou know you love someone when you want for them what they want for themselves.

The three little words that really convey this sentiment are not, “I love you“, which can mean all kinds of things to all kinds of people; rather they are, “As you wish”. Love is kind, expansive, proactive, and fundamentally non-constraining. And although some of us may disagree on a positive definition of love, we can surely all agree about what it is not: restricting, compelling, imposing, or violating the right of another to pursue his own happiness and self-actualization. Those characteristics attach to something altogether incompatible with love – and that is Fear. And it is evident that fear has also been the driver of our nation’s (and global) politics for many years. In a divided nation, as partisans work to use the political system and the institutions of power to impose their worldview on those who disagree with them, could we develop a politics not of Fear or imposition, but of Love? What would it look like? What system or philosophy could possibly be Love, politicized? The answer is the politics of Liberty. Liberty, like Love, says to its recipients, “As You Wish”, or “I want for you what you want for yourself”. Liberty seeks to build a society in which people can express themselves most fully because they can express themselves most freely. While this identity between Liberty and Love is for me the best argument for the former as a political philosophy, it poses serious challenges to those of us who are fighting for it. As I discussed with the wonderful Jeffrey Tucker on two episodes of my Blue Republican Radio show, liberty that is not Loving is not true liberty. Even libertarianism, like all political philosophies, can become a dogma, purporting a principled basis but in practice chiefly concerned with proving its own rightness and imposing itself on unwilling recipients. Even libertarianism can be imposed without consent – but only if it is not loving, and fails to put people first. Tucker calls the latter tendency “Brutalism”, after the architectural school that was associated with the Soviet ideology and era – for, like brutalist architecture, brutalist libertarianism refuses to make any concessions to the culture, history or aesthetics of the people who are supposed to benefit from it – a refusal it justifies by its own supposed functional rightness and an appeal to a neat system of ideas. If true Liberty (“as you wish”) is the politics of Love (“as you wish”), then

what does that tell those of us who seek to bring more of the former to our national politics? The power of this question follows from the fact that most human beings have a very deep and clear experiential understanding of Love. Some of the specific qualities of love are so obviously those of Liberty that there is little that needs to be said about them. For example, both refuse to aggress against another. Neither seeks to constrain another, except in emergency situations, perhaps, when someone’s life is in immediate danger, unperceived by the endangered party. But Love is more multi-faceted than that and, therefore, so is Liberty.

Manifestations of Love First of all, Love is inherently humble. If you love someone, then you want to know what makes them happy, so Love shuts up for long enough to hear. Love listens. It listens to the beloved and acts on what it hears. Love acknowledges that different people experience and express Love in different ways. Even when it hears from the beloved something that seems misguided, wrong or even unloving, it doesn’t assume its own superiority, acting in a way that rejects what it heard as valueless. That variation in experience and expression of Love among people is in no way inconsistent with Love as a universal – and perhaps the fundamental – human value. Similarly, the politics of Liberty must understand that Liberty, itself – like Love – may mean different things to different people. And similarly, also, that variation in experience and expression of Liberty is in no way inconsistent with Liberty’s being a universal – and perhaps the fundamental – political value. Love is concerned with consequences, seeking to improve itself and adjust when the actions of the Lover are received badly by the Beloved. In other words, it is concerned and it is responsive. That makes it empirical. There is not, and there cannot be a dogma or orthodoxy of Love. No formula. It remains rooted in the human experience. And so Love is not measured theoretically by some abstract or impersonal metric: rather, it is measured in large part by the experience of those at whom the Love is directed. Like Love, Liberty should never forget that its primary purpose and measure is the happiness of people – and the facilitation of our own and others’ self-realization. Further, Love recognizes that it has various manifestations, flavors and expressions. It even allows that sometimes, in the hands of imperfect people, it can produce completely opposite results. In our life, we may love different peo-

Love listens. It listens to the beloved and acts on what it hears.

See “LOVE” on page 21

First of all, Love is inherently humble. If you love someone, then you want to know what makes them happy. Page 3


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The New Now Mad Carousel

By Fredalupe!


S ALWAYS, I must be honest. Often times I feel I have little more to say. I take pleasure in neither preaching nor pontification, neither telling nor showing. I’m not an expert or an authority. And I’m not too sure anyone else is either, except possibly on their personal experience of life. I’ve learned through my own just how easily one is misunderstood or can misunderstand another, can mislead or be misled. Words, thoughts, feelings, heavens, I doubt there’s one among us who hasn’t been betrayed by his or her own or by someone else’s. For the most part it seems we’re brought up, or otherwise learn to mistrust life, or worse, so that can’t be too surprising. And if you can’t trust yourself what then, I ask? Well, look around. Our culture is one of avoidance of responsibility, of indulgence, apathy, selfishness, and all the ills that result from this anti-life equation. Meanwhile, evil, which thrives in such conditions, festers the rather lethal antidotes to those very conditions. Perhaps prescribed by Nature herself as she creates balance, perhaps by another hand. All around us we’re told that war, horror of horrors, of every kind rages ceaselessly, that fear is everywhere and safety only with the gestalt, always waiting with open arms to crop and assimilate your uniqueness whenever it may come up. What good can come of becoming domesticated to an unnatural way of living our lives? We are meant to create our lives ourselves. Your life is yours and no one else’s, regardless of any claims. Anything in the way of that I do not trust. And so I observe the world around me and within me, for there too are uninvited and alien incursions, be they cell towers, Wi-Fi fields, so called smart meters, chemical poisons, bad childhood TV, any number of memes, judgments, other folks’ energies, or whatever happens to slither by at the time. I have noticed that my integrity, in the sense of being whole and undivided, a territorial sovereignty - if you will, unified, unimpaired, is in direct relation whereas it’s health is concerned with the other meaning of the word: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and ‘uprightness’, to loosely quote my dictionary. In this artificial architecture, this matrix of distraction, this imposed labyrinth of our owned minds, mined not only for it’s potential wealth of awareness, but also mined with dirty little implosive thought bombs, constructed of past and present traumas and subliminal subversions, ever-ready to take one out at every turn of this byzantine maze with prepackaged guilt or any of an wide assortment of devilish flavours; in this place one must practice and develop that very same integrity or suffer for its lack. Cultivating strengths rather then

weaknesses seems an obvious thing, but in this backwards, cuckoo-clockalice-in-wonderland, mad carousel ride of realities, it ain’t always so: hence the usefulness of guides such as honesty and integrity. They are powerful technologies, guides of a sort, instruments in a sense awaiting play. And there are others! Heavens! So many really it’s astounding. Bravery’s a good one. Humour. Kindness. Where would we be without kindness? It’s really up to the individuals themselves what part of their possibilities they next choose to explore, to create, regardless of the temptations to act contrary to one’s own best interest that seem inculcated within the very fabric of this civilization. I was once told by a very wise woman to never listen to an inferior artist whereas one’s own art was concerned. She was an elegant and graceful woman, an accomplished painter herself, and in the last years of her own story which added quite a perceivable and palpable power to her wisdom. At first I only considered her words with what I once though of as art. Now I know she meant the one with the capital a. Remember: You are your Art. Love, Fredalupe!

Disrupting the Disrupters: The Art of Self-Insurgency “The revolution begins at home. If you overthrow yourself again and again, you might earn the right to overthrow the rest of us.” — Rob Brezsny

Gary ‘Z’ McGee Waking Times


he first step to disrupting the disrupters is to accept that you yourself

are a disrupter. You were born into a disruptive culture that is extremely unhealthy in the way it disrupts all order of things. It’s not your fault that you were born into this preconditioned state, mind you, but it is your responsibility to recondition this preconditioned state, lest you remain a victim/pawn/lamb/cog in a vicious dog-eat-dog system of poor human governance. Reconditioning the precondition is no easy feat. It requires Promethean courage and Herculean strength. It requires trickster audacity and Dionysian tenacity. It requires Apollonian purpose and Nietzschean creativity. In short: it requires the ability to overthrow yourself again and again so that your power doesn’t become corrupt, all while defying an absolute power that is corrupting absolutely all around you. What follows is a three-step process of revitalization that has the potential to disrupt your own disruption and thus recondition your preconditioning despite the disruptive powers that be.

Step 1, Self-Courage: “The influence of a vital person vitalizes.” — Joseph Campbell We become a force to be reckoned with when we transform ourselves from a victim into a hero, from a lamb into a lion, from a robot into an autonomous force of nature, from a pawn into a knight that transcends the chessboard. But how do we do this? How do we invigorate ourselves? How do we break the spell? What we need is a kickstart, a wakeup call, a call to adventure. We need to awaken our inner-herald in order to awaken our inner-shadow/trickster in order to awaken our inner-mentor. In short: we need a self-questioning process that doesn’t let us off the hook, that doesn’t allow us to remain complacent. We must acquire the courage it takes to turn the tables on our own worldview long enough to get some perspective. We need to take a deep introspective breath of fresh air and question ourselves to the nth degree. Indeed, we need to take self-questioning to a whole new level, to a level of ruthlessness that individuates the ego and invigorates the soul: self-interrogation. Self-interrogation is a dialectic engagement with our Self about how to lead the best possible life. It is a selfvitalizing guide through the screw tape of the Truth/Doubt dichotomy. It helps reorient us with the diversity of the cosmos by leveraging holistic thinking

against self-bias. Dogmatism wanes, extremism is dampened, and our comfort zones are stretched to the point where we’re able to become heroes instead of victims, lions instead of lambs, a force of nature instead of a robot, and a knight instead of a pawn, which then encourage others to do the same. Like Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Indeed, if we can gain the ability to ruthlessly question ourselves, our worldviews, and our place in the greater cosmos, we are more likely to open up to others and to accept that we are, like them, a tiny part of a huge interdependent whole. In the end, our questioning is an opening, an opportunity, a sacred breech, a revelation of the ever-deepening mystery of this cosmos and our place within it.

Step 2, Self-Creation: “Creativity is the greatest form of rebellion.” — Osho There is in fact only one-way to change the world: change yourself. Self-change comes from self-creation. Healthy self-creation comes from tapping into interdependent Source through proactive independence. After we’ve questioned our worldview down to its roots, it’s time to build a new more flexible sense of self, a more adaptable disposition toward the vicissitudes of life. And there is no process more powerful than the artistic process. Art has a way of shattering molds. Even art created within a mold somehow defies the original mold. And when the self is the canvas, we free ourselves to break as many molds as possible, and the latent capacities that we discover are conceivably endless. Within the creative process, boundless wisdom awaits. It is boundless precisely because of the dissipation of fear and the embracing of vulnerability. Indeed, fearlessness is the core of the creative process. Art can help us become fearless because when we surrender to the creative process we are surrendering to cosmic forces that transcend fear. If we’re doing our art well, there is no fear. There is no holding back. There is no time to be a miser with our energy. When we are tapped into the overflow, seeing with over-eyes, thinking with no-mind, there is no time to be afraid of fullness because creatively emptying is our salvation. The overflow is like a tidal wave that comes from the Well of Creativity (experience, adventure, reading). It fills us up so we can then filter such energy through the sieve of our own unique soul, transform it therein, and then pour it out into the sacred energy of our art. You want to disrupt the disrupters? Permit yourself to overflow, to use your art as a tactical action plan that can guide us all toward the elusive horizons of collective happiness and sustainability, to build new compasses

See “DISRUPTERS” on page 27 Page 5

The Use of Medicinal Marijuana Dates Back Almost 5000 Years By Bryan Hillard


N 1997, A HEMP rope dating back to 26,900 BC was found in Czechoslovakia, making it the oldest known object to be associated with cannabis. Since that time, hemp has played an important role in humanity’s development. For thousands of years marijuana was not only legal, but also an important crop among cultures throughout history, and held commercial, medicinal, and spiritual value. The cultivation of cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, can be traced back at least 12,000 years, which places the plant among humanity’s oldest cultivated crops. Cannabis plants are believed to have evolved in Central Asia in the regions of Mongolia and southern Siberia. The earliest cultural evidence of Cannabis comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China, the Yangshao, who appeared along the Yellow River valley. From 5,000 to 3,000 B.C the economy of the Yangshao was cannabis-driven. Archaeological evidence shows they wore hemp clothing, wove hemp, and produced hemp pottery.

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The first recorded use of marijuana as a medicinal drug occurred in 2737 BC by the Chinese emperor Shen Nung. He documented the drug’s effectiveness in treating the pains of rheumatism and gout. Both hemp and psychoactive marijuana were widely used in ancient China. The ancient Chinese used virtually every part of the Cannabis plant: the root for medicine; the stem for textiles, rope and papermaking; the leaves and flowers for intoxication and medicine; and the seeds for food and oil. Cannabis seeds were also one of the grains of early China and ancient tombs of China had sacrificial vessels filled with hemp for the afterlife. The first medical journals in China were made of hemp and eventually it came to replace papyrus as the source of paper that eventually fostered the spread of written knowledge. It was used to record the deeds of history, eventually replacing clay tablets and expensive silk to be read by everyone. From China, coastal farmers took marijuana to Korea around 2000 B.C. or earlier. It reached India between 2000 B.C. and 1000 B.C., when the Aryans, a group that spoke an archaic Indo-European language, invaded the region. They called cannabis “bhang.” In India, the Aryan religion grew through oral tradition and was recorded in the four Vedas, or books of knowledge compiled between 1400 and 1000 B.C. They worshipped the spirits of plants and animals, and marijuana played an active role in their rituals. Like the Chinese, the people of India have a long history of us-

ing hemp in their clothing and medicine. Cannabis use in ancient Egypt has been recorded as far back as 2,000 B.C. , found on scrolls depicting medicinal plants. It was first documented in Kemet (ancient Egypt) to treat sore eyes and cataracts. According to Diodorus Siculus, a Sicilian Greek historian, Egyptian women used cannabis as a medication to relieve sorrow and bad humor. In 1213 B.C. Cannabis pollen was found on the mummy of Rameses II. Additional research has linked cannabis pollen to all known royal mummies. Marijuana was introduced to the Middle East between 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C. , where it was probably used by the Scythians, a nomadic Indo-European group. The medical use of the plant in the Middle East is recorded in 700 B.C. in the Venidad, an ancient Persian religious text purportedly written by Zoroaster. The Scythians brought Cannabis to Europe from the Altai Mountains to Germany around 2,800 years ago. The Greeks make mention of it as a remedy for earache, edema, and inflammation in 200 B.C. From there marijuana went to Britain during the 5th century Anglo-Saxon invasions. The Spanish brought marijuana to the Americas in the mid-1500s and the English introduced it at Jamestown in 1611, where it became a popular commercial crop alongside tobacco. In 1799, Napoleon brought marijuana back to France from Egypt where it was

investigated for its pain relieving and sedative qualities. Cannabis finally reached the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, arriving in the southwest from Mexico, as immigrants fled the country during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1911. Beginning in the early 1900’s, a number of state and local laws in the United States began prohibiting the use of marijuana. A federal law called the Marijuana Tax Act banned its use and sales in 1937. Prior to 1937 in the United States (and 1928 in the United Kingdom), cannabis had enjoyed a 5,000-year run as a therapeutic plant with no history of illegality. Today, the U.S. federal government classifies marijuana as a Schedule I control substance, alongside heroin, LSD and ecstasy. In recent years, support for marijuana has increased on a national level in the U.S. with the legalization of medical marijuana in 32 states. Some nations, such as the Netherlands have decriminalized marijuana possession in coffee shops. In 2001, Portugal became the first European country to officially abolish criminal penalties for personal possession of drugs, including marijuana. In the last decade, a plethora of scientific research has emerged providing evidence for the medicinal benefits of consuming cannabis, confirming what ancient people already knew thousands of years ago.

Sources Bryan Hilliard graduated with a Bachelor of Art in History from Suffolk University and has a background in museum volunteering and as well as working with children’s groups at the Museum of Science and the National Park Service.

A New Perspective on

70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence2.

Child Development in the Wireless Age By Liala Ackerman Epstein


LL ELECTRICAL AND wireless devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs). EMFs never extinguish, travel indefinitely through space, and disturb other electromagnetic charges in their vicinity; including the electromagnetic processes that underlie all of the body’s biological processes. Antenna in the human brain Research at the Caltech University (California Institute of Technology), by Joseph L. Kirschvink, shows the brain is a high-power magnetic receiver lined with several billion magnetic particles “tuned in” to background planetary frequencies that form the natural electromagnetic field surrounding us. Today, Earth’s field is polluted with technologically produced frequencies (EMFs), so the brain receives electromagnetic “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology and transmits this junk to the cells.

Executive Function

EMF Vulnerability in Children Children are especially vulnerable to EMFs and their effects, as their skulls are less dense and contain relatively more brain fluid than those of adults. A one year old child absorbs almost twice as much radiation per kilo as an adult. The following image shows just how much higher the electromagnetic radiation absorption rates are in the brains of 5 and 10 year old children as compared to the adult brain. Childhood and adolescent mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders. Exposure to EMFs from cell phones, wireless networks and other wireless technological devices has long been associated with complaints of visual and hearing disruptions, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and cognitive difficulties such as attention problems, difficulty focusing, poor memory, and foggy thinking. The rapidly growing number of patients presenting with complaints they associate with EMF exposure led Toronto Women’s College Hospital, to commence an initiative in 2012 to train family doctors to recognize symptoms of EMF exposure. Given the diversity of these complaints, children’s vulnerability to EMFs and their effects, and the pervasiveness of EMFs in homes, schools and most everywhere else in today’s world, we must admit EMF exposure

is adversely affecting child development. The role of EMFs in childhood and adolescent mental, emotional, and behavioural disorders begs serious examination. An EMF contribution is reflected in the rising incidence of psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents that has escalated in recent years in tandem with the increasing use of personal and industrial EMF generating devices in our technologically rich society. According to Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, The mental health of young people is increasingly fragile. In Canada, one in five children and youth are identified with a mental illness. It’s a trend reflected in other countries. Policy leaders and researchers with the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services predict that mental illness will be one of the five most common causes of morbidity, mortality and disability among youth by 2020.1 Not surprisingly, the agency also reports

Generally, emotional, mental and behavioural disorders seen in children and adolescents relate to deficits in what mental health professions refers to as “Executive Function”. Executive Function is a collection of brain processes responsible for planning; cognitive flexibility: abstract thinking; learning rules; initiating appropriate action; inhibiting inappropriate speech and behaviour; and selecting relevant sensory information. Executive Function is involved in judgment and decision making, trouble shooting, impulse control, reasoning, managing time and space, organizing and coordinating activities, setting goals, self reflection, self correcting; multi-tasking and mood. Executive Function develops during childhood through to young adulthood. This is when the child and adolescent learn to: • resist distraction by salient stimuli; focus attention on stimuli that are important; be goal oriented; organize and direct activity so that goals are achieved in ways that are appropriate and rule abiding; n engage in abstract thinking; n make predictions about the future; reason; n think from another’s point of view; n evaluate ideas; n reflect on one’s own work, n be flexible in thinking making it possible to think from another’s point of view; n keep track of time; n simultaneously attend to more than one task; n engage in group dynamics;

See “WIRELESS” on page 23

VYour Friends in


e Us! Come Se

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Donetsk Republic Nationalizes Banks, Draws Ire Of NATO, World Banking Cartel


n a tiny corner of Eastern Europe, a fledgling Republic struggling with the day-to-day hurdles of warfare and shaky ceasefires, has succeeded in doing what has long been overdue in the most powerful nation on the face of the earth – it has nationalized its out-of-control banks and put them to use for the good of the people.

Are Leading Economists Corrupt, or Just Mind-Blowingly Ignorant?


onservative economists favor Republican candidates because it’s the way for them to rise in power themselves, but what about ‘progressive’ economists: are they psychopaths, too; or do they instead blindly favor ‘Democratic’ candidates because of a sincerely oblivious belief that the mere ‘Democratic’ Party-label indicates that the given politician is actually progressive?

Geo-Politics Analysis Finds 50 Percent of All Fox News Statements Are FALSE


recently released analysis by PunditFact revealed that out of every statement made by a Fox News host or guest, over half of them were completely false. What’s more, only 8% percent could even be considered “completely true.” But for anyone who regularly tunes into the conservative news show, such revelation is nothing new. PunditFact only confirmed what many have been aware of for a while now: Fox News lies – like, a lot.

53 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks


ot Theory … Admitted Fact. There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a terror attack … and then falsely blames its enemy for political purposes. In the following 53 instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admits to it, either orally or in writing.

Monsanto’s Worst Fear May Be Coming True Governments Giving Fossil Fuel Companies $10 Million a Minute: IMF


he fossil fuel industry receives $5.3 trillion a year in government subsidies, despite its disastrous toll on the environment, human health, and other global inequality issues, a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published Monday has found.

Peru reopens probe into sterilizations of over 300,000 indigenous people


eruvian judicial authorities have ordered the reopening and expansion of a criminal probe into the mass forced sterilization of an estimated 350,000 women and 25,000 men during the 1990s. A Peruvian public prosecutor reopened an investigation on Thursday into former President Alberto Fujimori’s possible role in the forced sterilization of thousands of Peru’s indigenous people during the ‘90s.

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he decision of the Chipotle restaurant chain to make its product lines GMO-free is not most people’s idea of a world-historic event. Especially since Chipotle, by US standards, is not a huge operation. A clear sign that the move is significant, however, is that Chipotle’s decision was met with a tidal-wave of establishment media abuse. Chipotle has been called irresponsible, anti-science, irrational, and much more by the Washington Post, Time Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and many others. A business deciding to give consumers what they want was surely never so contentious.

Citing Corporate Takeover, UN Official Calls for Halt In Secret Trade Talks


United Nations official has called for a moratorium on secret negotiations over a United States-European Union “free trade” deal, citing concerns that the corporate tribunals likely to be included in the final pact would boost the power of multinationals at the expense of democracy and human rights. Alfred de Zayas, the UN’s independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, made the statements in an interview with The Guardian published Monday. He took aim at the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement, which would be the largest “free trade” deal in world history.

Health Smartphones making children borderline autistic, warns expert

Australia: Everybody must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters


eet vaccine refuser, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott We’re talking about Tony Abbott, who just ruled from on high that there are no more exemptions from vaccines in Australia. No more conscientious objections, no more religious exemptions. Only the rare medical exemption, permitted by a doctor. And suddenly, every family who refuses vaccinations for their children will lose up to $15,000 per year, per child, in federal support money. Every family in Australia is eligible for federal money.

Monsanto sued for falsely advertising glyphosate as non-toxic to humans


class action lawsuit coming out of California could deal another hard blow to the infamous Monsanto Corporation. The lawsuit is pointing out what - that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is killing not only plants but also targeting specific enzymes in the microbiome of the human gut.


hildren struggle to read emotions and are less empathetic than a generation ago because they spend too much time using tablets and smartphones, a leading psychiatrist has warned. Iain McGilchrist said children as young as five were less able to read facial expressions because of too much interaction with technology.

“Landless” Women Workers Destroy GMO Lab in Brazil


n Thursday, March 5, at 6 a.m., around 1,000 female members of Brazil’s Landless Workers’ Movement (MST) armed with sticks and knives broke into a cellulose company in San Paulo State and destroyed millions of samples of genetically modified (GM) eucalyptus saplings. In a press release, the group reported that the GM prototype contained “a carcinogenic pesticide.”

Major oat buyer says no to glyphosate


ne of Canada’s leading manufacturers of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients used in cereals, breads, bars and many other products served around the world has decided to stop accepting oats sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) prior to harvest, noting consumer preference as a major contributing factor to this decision.

Our Canadian, prairie-grown Hemp Seed Hearts, Protein Powders and Oils provide essential nutrients for healthy living. Hemp Seed Hearts contain highly digestible proteins including all 10 essential amino acids, and are a perfect naturally balanced source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 EFAs. Organic or natural, all of our products are sustainable, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, nut-free and they taste great!

Science, Tech & Beyond Scientists create cells replicating human brain processes


ustralian scientists have for the first time developed an electronic longterm memory cell that mimics the work of a human brain. Researchers say the discovery is a step towards creating a bionic brain. Researchers from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) have created the world’s first electronic multi-state memory cell which mirrors the brain’s ability to simultaneously process and store multiple strands of information, according to the university’s press-release. The groundbreaking discovery was recently published in the materials science journal Advanced Functional Materials. The device which is 10,000 times thinner than a human hair is a “vital step towards creating a bionic brain,” the scientists said.

The Motherboard Inside Your Brain


rain scientists are working to turn on and off behavior with electricity—and possibly motivation and optimism, too. How a few milli-amps of electric current could change your life. Let’s say you’re feeling blah, and need a jolt of something to pep you up. Or you just berated a barista for no good reason. Wouldn’t it be nice if a technology existed that could shut down these unwanted behaviors as easily and safely as flipping a light switch?

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EarthSun-Natural Protection By Marie Be


AFE SUN PROTECTION seems like another topic overloaded with information where nothing seems quite clear. This article intends to make sense of the whole issue by gathering independent scientific data from worldwide sources and linking it to how your body reacts to sunscreen ingredients and UV rays. Over the past decade, dozens of studies from third-party scientific groups have examined the potential health hazards of sunscreen chemicals that permeate the skin. Sunscreen’s active ingredients are present in large concentrations in order to filter UVA and UVB rays, and their repeated application over large portions of the skin means that the body absorbs high concentrations of toxic chemicals. Sunscreen ingredients are well known to cause poisoning, hormone disruption, degenerative changes in cells of the skin, DNA damage, free-radical generation leading to premature ageing, a compromised immune system and increased risk of melanoma. The Environmental Working Group writes: “The ideal sunscreen would completely block UV rays that cause sunburn, immune suppression and damaging free radicals. No sunscreen meets these goals. Consumers must choose between “chemical” sunscreens, which have inferior stability, penetrate the skin and may disrupt the body’s hormone system, and “mineral” sunscreens, made with zinc and titanium, often “micronized” or containing nanoparticles.”

Chemical Sunscreens Chemical sunscreens deserve special awareness, as they are known to permeate the skin. Chemical sunscreens typi-

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cally include a combination of three to six of these active ingredients: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. Laboratory studies indicate that these chemicals break down when exposed to sunlight, mimicking estrogen and disrupting the body’s hormone (endocrine) system.[1] Research suggests that oxybenzone, 4-MBC and octinoxate are also toxic to human reproductive systems and interfere with normal development.[2] In North-America, oxybenzone is found in 80 percent of chemical sunscreens. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has detected oxybenzone in more than 96 percent of the U.S. population, with higher concentrations found during the summer months. [3] Other studies have detected common sunscreen chemicals in breast milk, which affects the normal development of fetuses and newborns.[4] Furthermore, a FDA report entitled ‘Medications that Increase Sensitivity to Light’ indicates that many agents commonly used in chemical sunscreens – including benzophenones, PABA, cinnamates, salicylates, anthranilates, PSBA, mexenone, and oxybenzone – increase photosensitivity or have photo-reactive agents in them. This means that applying these chemicals to your body during periods of sun exposure actually heightens the body’s reactivity to UV radiation and increases the risk of skin cancer.

Mineral Sunscreens In the mainstream media, mineral sunscreens are portrayed as the safe alternative to chemical sunscreens. In fact, once exposed to sunlight, mineral filters such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have been found to undergo a chemical reaction that releases free radicals in the body, damaging surrounding cells. Free radicals cause cell and DNA damage, premature ageing and increase the risk of skin cancer. According to the Environmental Working Group, “mineral sunscreen could pose a risk of skin damage if manufacturers do not select forms that are coated with inert chemicals to reduce photoactivity”. In other words, they use chemicals to alter the hazardous effects of mineral filters breaking down in sunlight. This is a problem: there is absolutely no research on chemicals used to reduce the photoreactivity of mineral sunscreens.

Additionally, mineral filters release carcinogenic nanoparticles one-twentieth the thickness of a human hair. Nanoparticles are not properly regulated, allowing manufacturers to cheapout on quality and safety[5]. These particles are volatile; they can lodge in the lungs, reach the bloodstream and extensively damage living cells and internal organs.[6] On top of it all, nanoparticles also react to UV rays faster, increasing the amount of free radicals produced and drastically increasing UV damage in the body. Sunscreen nano-ingredients have been shown to damage ecosystems as they accumulate in the food chain, disrupting hormones of animals and humans.[7] The environmental impact of nanoparticle pollution has not been sufficiently assessed, but experts suspect that nanoparticles are highly prone to bioaccumulation[8]. Beware of false claims. Mineral sunscreens are commonly advertised as the “safe” alternative to chemical sunscreens, but their chemical content is un-regulated and un-tested. Some other commonly misleading claims are products advertised as “non-nano” titanium dioxide and zinc oxide: all mineral sunscreens must be delivered in nanoparticle form to efficiently block UV rays.

Understanding the Health Effects of UV Rays Wearing sunscreen and avoiding sunburns does not mean your skin is adequately protected. UVA and UVB rays have very distinct properties when interacting with the skin. UVA rays damage skin cells called keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis, where most skin cancers occur. They penetrate deeper into skin tissue where they release free radicals, damaging DNA and skin cells, promoting skin aging and causing skin cancer. UVB rays stimulate the production of new melanin and a thicker epidermis, which are your body’s natural defence against UVA damage. They also cause sunburns, which are the body’s natural warning and protection system against UVA damage. It is not the ‘sunburn’ that causes damage to the skin, but the UVA rays which affects are invisible to the eye. UVB rays are necessary to build the precursors to vitamin D in the skin[10]. Vitamin D is a hormone essential to calcium absorption, promoting bone health. It is also essential to a strong immune system and helps protect against breast, colon, kidney and ovarian cancer. About one-

fourth of North-Americans have low levels of vitamin D[11], which has been associated with increased cardiovascular mortality, cancer, metabolic disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, upper respiratory tract infections and other microbe-caused infections[12]. Sunscreens further enhance the damage produced by UVA rays by separating it from its ultraviolet particle UVB, allowing UVA rays to penetrate deeper into the skin, reaching connective tissues and blood vessels. It is also common for sunscreens to contain anti-inflammatory chemicals that can prevent the skin from burning, creating a false sense of security where users wrongly assume they are being adequately protected from the harmful effects of UV rays, which include free radical release and DNA damage. Basically, for a sun protection lotion to be effective, it should block cancercausing UVAs while allowing healing UVBs to interact with the skin. Ironically, sunscreens create the opposite effect of what they are designed for. They block UVBs and allow harmful UVAs to penetrate deeper into the skin. By focusing both their products and advertising campaigns on UVB protection to avoid burns – but not cellular damage – sunscreen companies are, at best, selling their consumers a false sense of safety. Remarkably, regulators like the FDA continue to allow these chemicals to be sold as ‘sun protection’, despite the known risks associated with both chemical and mineral sunscreens. “One study of three common sunscreen ingredients found that after one hour of UV-exposure, the number of

See “EARTHSUN” on page 22

Feel Lost, Disconnected, Without Passion or Purpose? Unexplained Physical Pain? Here’s Why

You Are E X PA N D I N G

By Michael Forrester


OR THOSE OF YOU who have unexplained symptoms of physical or emotional pain, know that you are not alone. Feeling lost, disconnected, without passion or purpose? You are on a path of self-discovery. You are riding a wave of new energy. What you are feeling at this very moment is a transition-only one step of many on this grand journey of ascension on this planet that is progressing every second. Much of what you still see in the world and in your experiences is illusion and it is competing heavily with what the heart knows to be true. It’s time to start listening to what matters most and embracing that you are now in an accelerated state of expansion. The 6 shifts in consciousness are being realized. The spring equinox has brought a fascinating wave of expansion throughout the planet. It is pushing people outside of their comfort zone and that is manifesting in some very interesting ways inside and outside the body. Outside the body, electronic devices are behaving erratically. Your mobile phone, television, computer, network devices or even Internet connection may not be functioning as they have in the past. You may experience unusual and unexplained downtime, yet there is nothing wrong with the actual devices because the problem is not the devices. The problem is your energy not properly grounding to where it needs to be. For some others the problem is appearing in their motor vehicles. They are all signs of what is happening in and around you. Inside the body, unexplained symptoms, pain and illness may have surfaced in the last 3-6 months. Sleep patterns, fluctuating biorhythms, and changes in blood pressure, intense pain in joints, headaches, changes in blood sugar and even more serious illnesses may have presented themselves. Although many of these symptoms are prolonged, rest assured they are not permanent. The cellular structure is currently being recoded in the human body and in the process it is purging and letting go of predominant resident frequencies that are being eliminated. For this energy to clear, the immune system and actually all systems within the body must be effectively weakened. So while the body may appear to be in a state of illness, it is more or less in a state of clearing. Unfortunately, this is the only way you will be able to prepare and move into the energy that is coming in the next 18 months--an

energy critical for the Earth in the next decade. If the body fails to make the upgrade it will stop functioning entirely. The important thing is to recognize that you can change every single symptom that appears with the appropriate intention. Do not fall into negative patterning with assumptions that it is your own negative thoughts that have created these symptoms or that you must “fix” the problem. Focus on the fact that you are realigning your body to where it needs to be. Avoid statements to yourself such as: “I’m in pain...I’m sick...I’m ill”. Focus on: “I am healing...I am realigning...I am clearing my energy.” You are not broken, so there

ences are being rejected worldwide. The dominant masculine energy on Earth no longer has a hold on humans as it once did. You can no longer create from masculine energy alone, which is how your society is structured. The feminine energy is being grounded everywhere. It now surrounds the planet and it is allowing humanity to nurture and integrate benevolent experiences at all levels. The most efficient manifestors moving forward will be those who are attentive to calming, opening and receiving information in a way that allows it to pass through the feminine filter. Again, those The spring equinox has brought a fascinating who still feel the need to control wave of expansion throughout the planet. It is pushing people outside of their comfort zone and global governments that is manifesting in some very interesting ways are in full manipulation mode and they inside and outside the body. understand these processes operating is nothing to fix. Accept what is and move forat different dimensional levels. So they will ward while welcoming the wonderful changes place a female president in 2016 in the United that are leading to the new you. States in an effort to capitalize on this wave of The reason more people are feeling disconfeminine energy. Unfortunately, this person will nected and without a sense of purpose is they not have benevolent intentions and the world are still holding on to old programming. “It’s will realize it very quickly, but her role will be not safe”, “I fear for my future or my family’s”, significant in the sense that she will serve as a “people don’t understand me”, “the world is symbol of global acceptance of the feminine doomed”, and any other self defeating things divine. The irony is that because she will largely you tell yourself which are based on fear, not manifest from the masculine divine, she will reality. With practice and repetition, you are fail miserably as leader in a country that can breaking out of this patterning at the subconscious level and consciously creating a different reality. Consciously directing energy is far more powerful than subconscious directives and this is part of what humanity is now transitioning to. The media and engines of deception that control your world understand exactly what is happening so they are attempting to condition the public further with mass mind manipulation which is failing on a grand scale since so many people are now awakened. This unfortunately is causing more separation between those who are ascending and those who have chosen not to, as each in their own right will be true to their path and each will be exactly where they need to be. If you could comprehend how many battles are being won right now, how many terrorist events are being stopped in their tracks, how many wars are being averted simply by the changing energy, you would see what is happening in the world in a very different light. These events are now daily, all because intention is spurring from the heart and more than ever before. Lower frequency experi-

no longer be conditioned by fear. The next 18 months are truly a defining period of change for the United States and the rest of the world. It’s imperative to connect with children and their energy at this time. If you have children, be involved with them as much as possible. If you don’t have children, then seek a loved one who does and learn as much as you can from a child’s energy. They have the ingredients so many adults are missing at this time. Come to terms with how important your life is right now on the time space continuum. You are on the Earth at possibly the best time EVER in the history of the human species. You are integral in the consciousness equation moving forward and you’re inspiring others in ways you cannot imagine. Any feeling of insignificance, disconnection, fear, anger, loneliness are simply illusions because you are nothing but significant, connected, loved and could not be alone if you tried. You complete the Earth and you matter, so wake up each and every morning with one thought...”I am here and I am making history,” and never think for a second that your contribution, no matter how small, is not important, because it is significant. Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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Nikola Tesla: Maverick, Visionary &

Master of Lightning By RIXON STEWART


T’S ALMOST A cliché. Working alone, an inventive genius pioneers new devices that ultimately change the world but his genius is barely recognized and he goes on to die in relative poverty; and whilst he dies, virtually alone and unrecognized, his inventions eventually transform life across the planet. Unfortunately it’s pretty much the story of Nikola Tesla, the scientific visionary whose inventions shaped much of the 20th century, whilst the man himself has been all but forgotten. And it is no exaggeration to call Tesla a visionary. In contrast to many scientific pioneers who

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spent years developing their projects, Tesla’s ideas were often conceived and perfected in his mind’s eye in an instant. “Birth, growth and development are phases normal and natural,” said Tesla, but, “It was different with my invention(s). In the very moment I became conscious of it, I ‘saw’ it fully developed and perfected…” In fact these extraordinary powers of memory and visualization were to characterize much of his life and work. One day while walking with a friend in Budapest, Tesla was reciting lines from Goethe’s Faust when the idea of a rotating magnetic field suddenly appeared before him, literally. In an instant Tesla knew how to produce the alternating current. “Can’t you see it right here in front of

me, running almost silently?” He asked his companion: “It is the rotating magnetic field that does it… Isn’t Nikola Tesla sits in his Colorado Springs laboratory, it beautiful? Isn’t it demonstrating his magnifying transmitter. simple? My motor will set man free, it will do were about to illuminate not only the World the work for the world.” Fair but also the world itself. He was in every sense of the word a Unlike Westinghouse though, Tesla scientific visionary; he initially developed didn’t have any business sense, nor was he the fluorescent bulb and neon lights; he driven by any overwhelming desire to make pioneered the speedometer and the car money; instead he had vision, genius, a God ignition system, and helped reveal the basic given creative gift that has scientific principles behind led some observers to liken electron microscopes, him to a Da Vinci of the and the microwave oven. modern day sciences. Yet apart from a small but In fact it’s no exenthusiastic following that aggeration to say that has grown around him, Westinghouse Corporation most people have hardly was built on Tesla’s lack even heard of Nikola Tesla. of business sense. Years Born at the stroke of of fierce competition with midnight, July 9-10, 1856 Edison’s Corporation had in Similjan, Croatia, the left Westinghouse finanson of a priest of the local cially drained and by 1896 Serbian Orthodox Church, his company’s position was the young Tesla quickly dislooking extremely precaritinguished himself as intelous. ligent and went on to study J.P. Morgan, the Stock physics and mathematics Market’s ‘robber baron’, saw in Gospic and electrical his chance. In an effort to engineering at the Polybring the US power industry firmly under technic Institute in Graz, Austria. his control he began to manipulate the A turning point came in 1884 when Stock Market, with the intention of ruining Tesla first arrived in America but initially he Westinghouse and buying Tesla’s valuable wasn’t too impressed: “What I had left was patents. beautiful, artistic and fascinating in every In desperation, Westinghouse pleaded way.” He wrote to a friend: “What I saw here with Tesla to revise his contract and release was machined, rough and unattractive.” him from a bond to pay the inventor generThe young immigrant arrived with four ous royalties. In a gesture that was typical of cents in his pocket, some mathematical his true spirit, Tesla is said to have torn up computations and a letter of introduction the contract. from Charles Batchelor, one of Thomas Edison’s business associates in Europe. Rocky Mountain High Ater a short spell working for Thomas Edison, Tesla went out on his own and by Around the turn of the century Tesla December 1887 he had filed for seven US concluded that it would be possible to patents. These comprised a complete system transmit electrical power without wires. To of generators, transformers, transmission optimize results, he chose to experiment at lines, motors and lighting. So original were high altitude, where the air was thinner and the patents that they were issued without a therefore more conductive. challenge, as would normally happen. They As a result he ended up building a returned out to be the most valuable patents search laboratory in Colorado Springs where since the telephone. he conducted some of his most extraordiPittsburgh industrialist George Westnary experiments, tests that even to this day inghouse heard about Tesla’s inventions and are shrouded in mystery. decided to investigate for himself. Acting on Tesla theorized that unlimited amounts his sharp business instincts, Westinghouse of power could be transmitted anywhere on arrived at Tesla’s lab, inspected the invenEarth, without wires and with virtually no tions and promptly bought the patents, loss of energy. It is not clear exactly how he which ironically were to lay the foundations for the Westinghouse Corporation, one of intended to do this, but right up until the the pillars of the Military/Industrial comend of his life he maintained it was quite plex (otherwise known as the ‘New World possible and that he only needed sufficient Order’). funds to make it a reality. The Westinghouse Corporation went The funds, however, were not forthon to win the bid for illuminating the coming, and Tesla was eventually forced World’s Fair. Held in Chicago in 1893, the to abandon his Colorado experiments in fair was also the world’s first ever all-electric what was to become a recurrent feature in fair. It opened on the evening of May 1, his life: no money or insufficient finance to when President Grover Cleveland pushed pursue an idea… but a constant stream of a button and a hundred thousand incannew ideas. descent lamps illuminated the fairground’s neoclassical buildings. See “TESLA” on page 23 Tesla inventions had arrived and they

Tesla theorized that unlimited amounts of power could be transmitted anywhere on Earth, without wires and with virtually no loss of energy.

Centurion EZY: Healing with Tesla Tech! By Glennis Taylor


S WE NAVIGATE the ever-new avenues and quantum leaps in technology, there are some that stand out and hold their own, having maintained their momentum with time. I am intrigued by the Tesla technology. The brilliant inventor and research physicist named Nikola Tesla introduced to the world a wireless technology that has been adapted for a wide variety of applications that we use almost without a second thought today. He developed the alternating current (AC) that is still the platform for today’s electrical inventions. He worked for Thomas Edison before venturing out on his own to use his genius in the revolutionary world of electricity. In about 1891 Tesla invented the Tesla coil, which is a high voltage transformer that is still the standard for pulsing magnetic fields. This Tesla technology, used in many ways in the marketplace already, is only now coming to a broader, mainstream awareness. And that’s a great thing for all of us. The one I am most recently familiar with and excited about is the Canadian based Centurion EZY System by the Centurion Medical Corporation. The EZY System is a piece of equipment that uses Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT). Many years of research and development have gone into this system of physical therapy that aids in the acceleration of healing. It has been used in hospital settings, clinics, and various professional practices for many years. The recent demand for a lightweight

creates a pulsing action that turns the magnetic field off and on. Research has identified the optimum ranges of frequencies and strength of current that result in the most healing PMF (pulsating magnetic field) therapy. Each magnetic pulse results in a very small electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair in injured tissue. Magnetic fields are not absorbed by the body, but pass right through it. They permeate the cells within the range of the field. The many types of cells in the human body are reliant on electrical energy to perform their many functions. The metabolic A study comparing Centurion Magnetothera- activity of each cell requires an ion py equipment in patient recovery of foot and exchange to take place to maintain ankle injuries with conventional treatments life within the cell. The heart is the showed favourable results in the magnetic organ that we are most familiar with therapy group for both pain and edema. that depends on electrical activity. We monitor the sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium levels in the home use system has resulted in the debody to check the balance of these minerals velopment of the very popular EZY System that are necessary for the heart to beat. The found in many households today. Weighing PMFT helps to restore electrical balance to only about 6 pounds, it is ideal for use in the cellular structures and body systems. It home settings and is so easy and efficient seems to open cell membrane channels that while resting or even watching TV. enhance healthy cell function. What can this technology do for us This system can be utilized for both and how does it accelerate the healing acute and chronic situations. Many users process? Through the basic principles of find relief from arthritic conditions. Pain, electromagnetism: an electrical current is swelling and inflammation are reduced. passed through a conductor resulting in Circulation increases thus bringing healing a magnetic field that can be manipulated nutrients to the affected areas. Bone healing by adjusting the amount of current and time is often considerably reduced with the frequency (pulses per second) of that the regular use of the EZY System. Doctors current which is directed to the Tesla coil at have seen amazing positive results on bone the heart of this intriguing machine. This fractures that were not meshing. This is in part due to the increased blood flow over the bone and resulting cellular stimulation and repair. Soft tissue injuries are responsive to magnetic field therapy. It can also increase the metabolic rate and allow for better absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. Many find it relaxing and sleep quality improved. Naturally other applications are being looked at and studied as well. It helps to rebalance the body and allows for better detoxification. Other applications are being looked at and studied as well. York Central Hospital in Richmond, Ontario, ran a study to compare the Centurion Magnetotherapy equipment in patient recovery of foot and ankle injuries with conventional treatments. The study showed favourable results in the magnetic therapy group for both pain and edema. Wayne Kraushar from Centurion Systems has encouraged people to take advan-

tage of the very reasonable three-month rental program available to try out the EZY System and see the results for themselves before purchasing the equipment. Wayne offers a wealth of knowledge on the use of the system and shared some his experiences with me as we chatted about the equipment. He once took the system to the palace of Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and treated Marcos himself for a few weeks. The EZY system is now found worldwide in the offices of many practitioners of different healing modalities. He also explained that the four settings on the EZY system are used for different applications on the personal use model. Wayne advises the use of lower settings that deal with inflammation first and then going to the higher settings gradually to resolve other health issues. Along with the EZY System home use model, there are other types of equipment available that can be used in conjunction with the system. This technology of Centurion’s is also used extensively with animals by vets and animal lovers. One of the animal devices is the Centurion Therapulse PEMF Blanket that can be draped over the back of horses for its restoring effect. As with most healing modalities, the effect is increased if incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Centurion also advocates a multi faceted approach to health and sees their technology as an important part of the overall scheme to optimize health. I have tried the EZY System and immediately noted the relaxing effect. I look forward to further sessions and feeling further healing effects of this tried and true technology. Our charming New Agora Editor in Chief, Fredalupe, has been using the EZY System for several months now and is all smiles when I see him. He finds the sessions relaxing and is sleeping much better these days, as well as having noted quite a lot of improvement in some thorny (i.e. painful) issues he was experiencing previously. He is personally sold on the System. He mentioned to me that both he and Lorenzo, our publisher, were literally excited off their seats after having tried out the Centurion for the first time during Wayne Kraushar’s demo of this Tesla based technology. There’s definitely an energizing effect, both reported. And it looks so futuristic! I am all for finding ways to augment our health, and to do it in such a simple and effective way is the future. That we can all benefit from such a wondrous invention from such a wondrous inventor does NikolaTesla justice. For More Info. 1-800-387-8326

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6 Shifts In Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now By Michael Forrester


BSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is a wave of energy and there are many new energies taking place on Earth. We’ve shifted consciousness, but we’re still using old reflections to create our reality. Abundance in all aspects of life is now much easier to achieve in the new vibration and a confidence in our abilities will soon magnify to great levels in the coming years. There will be some obstacles and challenges ahead, but know that the following shifts in our being are happening right now as all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice. Vibrating frequencies build a virtual construct that makes you think you are in a physical world, but you are not. You are in a holographic universe that is an illusion so well designed, that only the highest beings of light can see it for what it is. This is your destiny, but now you will continue to play this game called Earth at a level never played before. You are still playing with three-dimensional rules in a fifth dimensional world, but you’re quickly learning how to make the transition by shifting energy. Think about all the areas of wellness, whether they be physical, mental, social, lifestyle, morals, the spiritual aspects of life (e.g. new age, Western religion, Eastern spirituality)...they are all enveloped and affected by energy. How you think, feel and act is all energetic. Right or wrong, black and white, good and bad don’t really exist, but we still need the duality to continue the game in its current form. You will soon discover that everything is a shade of grey.

The most important thing you can do right now is to listen to what is whispering to your heart. It won’t shout to get your attention so you must listen very closely to the messages you are receiving.

6 Shifts in Consciousness We Are Experiencing Right Now 1. The Realization Of The Eternal Nature Of Your Being You are immortal in a physical vessel that you decide is mortal. Your physical vessel does not need to die, but you have come to accept that it will, so it does. There is a balance of well-being that is certain for all of us. You all have a shared pain and part of the process of integration is the understanding of why it exists. Illness is not always a sign that there is something wrong. To acclimate to new energy, many of you have chosen to push through these physical barriers first. You have been conditioned that you must all naturally contract diseases and take drugs to

fix them. This is not so. You WILL know the eternal nature of your being and you will enjoy putting down your burdens and stop struggling to defend and guard against things you feel have gone wrong and must be made right. This is where most of your pain resides. You will learn to love knowing that you don’t have to fix your planet or anybody else and that everything is just as it should be. You will come to know that your governments are exactly where they should be as are all your diverse beliefs and desires. Things do not have to change for you to be whom and what you came here to be. It is then and only then that all the “fixing” required by your egos will actually occur, but you will also know that in reality, nothing ever needed to be fixed. You will let go of any resistance and hold yourself in steady alignment. Will it not

be a magnificent moment when humanity can just be without having to be something else? This is where you are headed because you are divine beings of light and you have become masters at this game you call Earth. You no longer need to allow fear and resistance to subject your life to pain. You are moving away from this and transitioning more to love. 2. Shifts In Vital And Spiritual Energy Vital energy makes up about 70% of total subtle energy and sustains the physical body, mind, intellect and ego. It is distributed through subtle channels that connect at special points of intensity most popularly known as chakras. This constructs the physical (voluntary and involuntary actions) and the subtle body (conscious/subconscious mind, intellect and ego). It is prevalent throughout the body and supplies energy to the cells, nerves, arteries, lymph etc. Some

concepts relating to the subtle body are partially understood by scientists, but the level of understanding has always been rudimentary. That is now changing.

See “SHIFT” on page 22


JULY 17-19



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By Colin Todhunter


S citizens constitute 5 percent of the world’s population but consume 24 percent of global energy. On average, one person in the US consumes as much energy as two Japanese, six Mexicans, 13 Chinese, 31 Indians, 128 Bangladeshis, 307 Tanzanians and 370 Ethiopians. The US is able to consume at such a level because the dollar serves as the world reserve currency. This means high demand for it is guaranteed as most international trade (especially oil) is carried out using the dollar. US dominance and wealth accumulation depends on maintaining the currency’s leading role. The international monetary system that emerged near the end of the Second World War was based on the US being the dominant economic power and the main creditor nation, with institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund eventually being created to serve its interests. Since coming off the gold standard in the early seventies, Washington has been able to run up a huge balance of payments deficit by using the (oil-backed) paper dollar as security in itself (rather than outright ownership of gold) and engaging in petro-dollar recycling and treasurybond super-imperialism. Like all empires, Washington has developed a system to hitch a free ride courtesy of the rest of the world funding its generally high standard of living, militarism, financial bubbles, speculations and corporate takeovers. With its control and manipulation of the World Bank, IMF and WTO, the US has been able to lever the trade and the financial system to its advantage by


gribusiness &

repay the loans) by adopting mono-crop, export-oriented policies. It entailed uprooting traditional agriculture and trapping nations into a globalized system of debt bondage, rigged trade relations and the hollowing out and destruction of national and local economies. GMOs, the control of seeds and further corporate-controlled inputs represent the second coming of the green revolution. Around the world from Mexico to India, we can see how traditional food production and retail sectors are being hijacked by mainly US corporate interests and can witness the subsequent impacts on health, food security, environments and livelihoods. NAFTA set the framework for plunder in Mexico, the Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture is playing a similar role in India and various bilateral trade agreements will do it elsewhere. Thanks to the interests and demands of global agribusiness, farmers are leaving agriculture in India because it has been deliberately made financially non viable to continue. Regardless of the impact of GM cotton, this is the main reason why 300,000 have committed suicide in the last two decades. In attempting to dismiss or play down the link between Bt cotton and farmer suicides, prominent neoliberal apologists should consider the role of the elite interests they represent in causing hardship, hunger, poverty and devastation, instead of setting out to smear the likes of Vandana Shiva or spending their time trying to sideline the issue by trying to debunk any GM-suicide link. Although the globalized hijack of food and agriculture by powerful corporations results in poverty, dependency and food

The Four Horsemen of the


The Globalized System of War, Poverty and Food Insecurity

various means (for example, see this: bit. ly/1ANRxlB analysis, of how Saudi Arabia’s oil profits enabled Wall Street to entrap African nations into debt). Based on the US neocons’ holy scriptures for 21st century war and imperialism – the Project for a New American Century and the Wolfowitz doctrine - Washington will not allow its global hegemony and the role of the dollar to be challenged. Given Russia’s reemergence on the global stage and China’s rise, we are witnessing a sense of urgency to destabilize and undermine both countries, especially as they are now increasingly bypassing the dollar when doing business.

Strategic Objectives and the Role of Agribusiness The only real alternative to avoid ecological meltdown due to the massive consumption of the planet’s finite resources and ultimately what appears to be a possible nuclear conflict with Russia (or China) is to move away from militarism and resource-gabbing conflicts by reorganizing economies so that nations live within their

environmental means. Key to this involves a major shift away from the petro-chemical industrial model of agriculture and food production, not only because it leads to bad food, poor health and environmental degradation and is ultimately unsustainable (and creates food insecurity – see link further on) but also because this model has underpinned a US resource-grabbing foreign policy agenda for many decades. Such a shift would however run counter to the aims of Monsanto and the agribusiness cartel it belongs to. US agribusiness benefits financially from the prevailing order, continues to colonize global agriculture and is in effect part of the US Establishment (for example see this and this). Agriculture and agribusiness remain integral to US strategic objectives. For example, the ‘green revolution’ was exported courtesy of the oil-rich Rockefeller family, and poorer nations adopted agribusiness’s petrochemical-dependent agriculture that required loans for inputs and infrastructure development. This was underpinned by the propaganda that these countries would earn dollars to prosper (and

See “AGRIBUSINESS” on page 24

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Amazing Discovery

Plant Blood Enables Your Cells to Capture Sunlight Energy

By Sayer Ji


hat if conventional wisdom regarding our most fundamental energy requirements has been wrong all along and we can directly harness the energy of the Sun when we consume ‘plant blood’? Plants are amazing, aren’t they? They have no need to roam about hunting other creatures for food, because they figured out a way to capture the energy of the Sun directly through these little light-harvesting molecules known as chlorophyll; a molecule, incidentally, which bears uncanny resemblance to human blood because it is structurally identical to hemoglobin, other than it has a magnesium atom at its core and not iron as in red blooded animals. The energy autonomy of plants makes them, of course, relatively peaceful and low maintenance when compared to animal life, the latter of which is always busying itself with acquiring its next meal, sometimes through violent and sometimes through more passive means. In fact, so different are these two classes of creatures that the first, plants, are known as autotrophs, i.e. they produce their own food, and the animals are heterotrophs, i.e. they depend on other creatures for food. While generally these two zoological classifications are considered nonoverlapping, important exceptions have been acknowledged. For instance, photoheterotrophs — a sort of hybrid between the autotroph and heterotroph — can use light for energy, but cannot use carbon dioxide like plants do as their sole carbon source, i.e. they have to ‘eat’ other things. Some classical examples of photoheterotrophs include green and purple non-sulfur bacteria, heliobacteria, and here’s where it gets interesting, a special kind of aphid that borrowed genes from fungi [1] to produce it’s own plant-like carotenoids which it uses to harness light energy to supplement its energy needs! To learn more about this amazing creature read the study published in 2012

in Scientific Reports titled, “Light- induced electron transfer and ATP synthesis in a carotene synthesizing insect.” A green carotenoid tinted aphid that is capable of capturing sunlight to produce energy. Interesting right? But we need not look for exotic bacteria or insects for examples of photoheterotrophy. It turns out that animals, including worms, rodents and pigs (one of the closest animals to humans physiologically), have recently been found to be capable of taking up chlorophyll metabolites into their mitochondria, enabling them to use sunlight energy to ‘super-charge’ the rate (up to 35% faster) and quantity (up to 16-fold increases) of ATP produced within their mitochondria. In other words, a good portion of the animal kingdom is capable of ‘feeding off of light,’ and should be reclassified as photoheterotrophic! The truly groundbreaking discovery referred to above was published last year in the Journal of Cell Science in a study titled, “Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP“, [contact me for the full version:] which I reported on recently, and which completely overturns the classical definition of animals and humans as solely heterotrophic.

Link to study: n Animals are Not Just GlucoseBurning Bio-machines, But Are Light-Harvesting Hybrids For at least half a century it has been widely believed among the scientific com-

munity that humans are simply glucosedependent bio-machines that cannot utilize the virtually limitless source of energy available through sunlight to supplement our energy needs. And yet, wouldn’t it make sense that within the extremely intelligent and infinitely complex design of life, a way to utilize such an obviously abundant energy source as sunlight would have been evolved, even if only for the clear survival advantage it confers and not some ethical imperative (which is a possibility worth considering … vegans/ Jainists, are you listening?). As the philosopher of science Karl Popper stated, a theory can only be called scientific if it is falsifiable. And indeed, the scientific theory that humans are solely heterotrophic has just been overturned in light of empirical evidence demonstrating that mammals can extract energy directly from sunlight.

chlorophyll pigments, animals, too, are able to derive energy directly from sunlight.” And so, to review, the new study found that animal life (including us, mammals) are capable of borrowing the light-harvesting capabilities of ‘plant blood,’ i.e. chlorophyll and its metabolites, and utilize it to photo-energize mitochondrial ATP production. This not only helps to improve energy output, but the research also found several other

n Deeper Implications of the New Study First, let’s start by reading the study abstract, as it succinctly summarizes what may be of the most amazing discoveries of our time: “Sunlight is the most abundant energy source on this planet. However, the ability to convert sunlight into biological energy in the form of adenosine-59-triphosphate (ATP) is thought to be limited to chlorophyll-containing chloroplasts in photosynthetic organisms. Here we show that mammalian mitochondria can also capture light and synthesize ATP when mixed with a light-capturing metabolite of chlorophyll. The same metabolite fed to the worm Caenorhabditis elegans [roundworm] leads to increase in ATP synthesis upon light exposure, along with an increase in life span. We further demonstrate the same potential to convert light into energy exists in mammals, as chlorophyll metabolites accumulate in mice, rats and swine when fed a chlorophyll-rich diet. Results suggest chlorophyll type molecules modulate mitochondrial ATP by catalyzing the reduction of coenzyme Q, a slow step in mitochondrial ATP synthesis. We propose that through consumption of plant

important things: n Despite the increased output, the expected increase in Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) that normally attends increased mitochondrial function was not observed; in fact, a slight decrease was observed. This is a highly significant finding, because simply increasing mitochondrial activity and ATP output, while good from the perspective of energy, may accelerate aging and other oxidative stress (ROS) related adverse cellular and physiological effects. Chlorophyll, therefore, appeared to make animal mitochondria function in a healthier way. n In support of the above finding, worms administered an optimal range of chlorophyll were found to have significant extended life span. This is in accordance with well-known mechanisms linked to

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Smoke Shop Light it up

improved mitochondria function (in the absence of increased ROS) that increases cell longevity. The last point in the abstract above is especially interesting to me. As a fan of coenzyme q10 supplementation for sometime, I have noticed profound differences qualitatively between ubiquinone (the oxidized form) and ubiquinol (the reduced, electron rich form), the latter of which has lead me to experience far greater states of energy and well-being than the former, even at far lower quantities (the molecular weight of a USP isolate does not reveal its bioavailability nor biological activity). The study, however, indicates that one may not need to take supplemental coenzyme Q10, even in its reduced form as ubiquinol, because chlorophyllmediated sunlight capture and subsequent photo-energization of the electron transport chain will naturally ‘reduce’ (i.e. donate electrons) ubiquinone converti

The new study found that ANIMAL LIFE is capable of borrowing the light-harvesting apabilities of PLANT BLOOD.

ng it into ubiquinol, which will result in increased ATP production and efficiency. This may also explain how they observed no increase in ROS (reactive oxygen species) while increasing ATP production: coenzyme q10 in reduced form as ubiquinol is a potent antioxidant, capable of donating an electron to quench/neutralize free radicals. This would be a biological win-win: increased oxidative phosphyloration-mediated energy output without increased oxidative damage. Finally, in order to grasp the full significance of the study, one must read the authors’ conclusion: “Both increased sun exposure (Dhar and Lambert, 2013; John et al., 2004; Kent et al., 2013a; Kent et al., 2013b; Levandovski et al., 2013) and the consumption of green vegetables (Block et al., 1992; Fer-

ruzzi and Blakeslee, 2007; van’t Veer et al., 2000) are correlated with better overall health outcomes in a variety of diseases of aging. These benefits are commonly attributed to an increase in vitamin D from sunlight exposure and consumption of antioxidants from green vegetables. Our work suggests these explanations might be incomplete. Sunlight is the most abundant energy source on this planet. Throughout mammalian evolution, the internal organs of most animals, including humans, have been bathed in photonic energy from the sun. Do animals have metabolic pathways that enable them to take greater advantage of this abundant energy source? The demonstration that: (1) light-sensitive chlorophyll-type molecules are sequestered into animal tissues; (2) in the presence of the chlorophyll metabolite P-a, there is an increase in ATP in isolated animal mitochondria, tissue homogenates and in C. elegans, upon exposure to light of wavelengths absorbed by P-a; and (3) in the presence of P-a, light alters fundamental biology resulting in up to a 17% extension of life span in C. elegans suggests that, similarly to plants and photosynthetic organisms, animals also possess metabolic pathways to derive energy directly from sunlight. Additional studies should confirm these conclusions.” I think it is obvious that there are a wide range of implications this discovery holds for the fields of nutrition, medicine, and cell and evolutionary biology, to name but a few disciplines that will inevitably be profoundly affected, if not entirely transformed. For example, as far as implications to the hotly debated field of ascertaining the ideal, ancestrally-based human diet, if animal cells evolved to be able to harness the energy of sunlight through the help of the ‘blood’ of our plant allies, then isn’t it reasonable to believe that in order to optimize our biological potential nutritionally we require a certain amount of chlorophyll to take advantage of sunlight for our energy needs and perhaps evade sole reliance on the glucose-dependent energy pathways of the body whose overexpression and carbohydrate-rich dietary correlate are linked to conditions like cancer, obesity and cardiovascular disease? When one considers the potential of sunlight (a regular, daily, guaranteed source of energy) to contribute to our daily metabolic energy needs (and therefore the survival advantage conferred by regular consumption of chlorophyll-rich plant material), shouldn’t the Paleo community, which is highly fixated on animal tissue consumption, now be compelled towards putting chlorophyll on a higher level of importance versus conventional ‘Paleo’/

heterotrophic sources of sustenance, e.g. forged/hunted food? Also, what are the implications for the increasing ambivalence within public awareness concerning sunlight exposure, where on the one hand it is viewed as a vital, if not life-saving source of vitamin D, while on the other hand a vector of lethality in skin cancer causation, against which especially pigment deficient races slather on various petrochemical preparations to defend themselves against? What if sunlight (as was evidenced in the roundworm model) is toxic when no chlorophyll is present in our diet and tissues, but promotes both increased ATP and longevity when found there in optimal doses? These are just a few of the questions that are now on the table, following these recent discoveries. Of course, there are many other implications of the study, and likely far more questions than answers now that should be investigated further. I hope you the reader will help provide additional insight and share it below or in follow up articles that you are welcome to submit for publication by emailing us here:

How to Put The Research Into Practical Application? How do we translate this study into real life application? This has been a common question for those loyal followers of “I love the research, but what do I do with it?” First, green vegetables and their juices should no longer viewed simply as sources of antioxidants, alphabetic vitamins, nutrients, minerals etc., but carriers of essential mitochondrial cofactors without which our body can not optimally and efficiently produce ATP, and without which our body can not realize its biological potential for maximal longevity. Of course, if you have been long time followers, you know we also look at ancestral foods (i.e. those which have been in the human diet for over 10,000 years) as highly dense and vitally important sources of biologically useful information which have become indispensable regulators of gene expression. This means that when you are consuming a glass of green vegetable juice, for instance, it is likely the most precious health promoting elixir on the planet and should be considered something of a nutritional ‘bridge’ we, heterotrophs, can cross to become photoheterophic or light-capturing organisms, if we choose to be. (Interested further in the human relationship to light? Read: Biophotons: The Human Body Emits, Communicates with, and is Made from Light).

Here is my suggestion. On top of increasing the consumption of green foods and/or vegetable juices, add in a liquid or encapsulated supplement that provides at least 200mg of additional chlorophyll daily. In combination, make sure to get additional sunlight and engage in energy intensive, outdoor activities simultaneously. If you like, visualize sunlight entering into the tissues of your body reaching deep down into your chlorophyll-metabolite saturated mitochondria. Then observe and assess how you feel energetically following this exercise. Do you feel more energy? Less exhausted afterwards? Please report back your experiences in the comments below so we can compare notes and continue to explore how to apply this finding to our daily lives in a useful way. This study, along with several others more recent papers, represent a Copernican-type revolution in cellular bioenergetics. What if chlorophyll, water, and our body’s own melanin produced were capable of producing most of our body’s energy needs? Stay tuned for further reporting on this topic, including guest posts by noted scientists and clinicians who are also aware of the importance of this research and wish to help flesh out the theoretical implications and real world applications to human health.

About the author: Sayer Ji is an author, educator, Steering Committee Member of the Global GMO-Free Coalition (GGFC), advisory board member of the National Health Federation, and the founder of – an open access, evidence-based resource supporting natural and integrative modalities. His writings have been published and referenced widely in print and online, including Truthout,, The Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, New York Times and The Well Being Journal. In 1995 Sayer received a BA degree in Philosophy from Rutgers University, where he studied under the American philosopher Dr. Bruce W. Wilshire, with a focus on the philosophy of science. In 1996, following residency at the Zen Mountain Monastery in upstate New York, he embarked on a 5 year journey of service as a counsellor-teacher and wilderness therapy specialist for various organizations that serve underprivileged and/ or adjudicated populations. Since 2003, Sayer has served as a patient advocate and an educator and consultant for the natural health and wellness field. Visit GreenMedInfo online and on Facebook, or sign up for GreenMedInfo’s e-Newsletter.

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Plasma Power! A Limitless Source of Clean Energy Neon signs, some believe, hold the secret to the future of the earth By Emma Bailey


NSIDE THAT KITSCHY “We’re Open!” sign, a word made of moulded glass gasdischarge tubes, is an ionized gas: plasma. Usually a combination of inert gases, the plasma is trapped inside a vacuum and sizzles at hundreds of degrees Celsius. Electricity “excites” the atoms, which lose their electrons and become an electrolyte. Later, when the atoms return to lower energy levels, they jettison excess power by launching photons Thus, they glow. Touch the sign, however, and your hand won’t burn. Although the plasma is hot enough to melt steel, there isn’t enough of it to conduct significant energy. Welcome to just one of the many mysteries of plasma. A non-Maxwellian, infinitely conductive state of matter, capable of generating electromagnetic fields and propagating waves, plasma has long captured the eye of scientists and crackpots alike. Yet until neon signs debuted in the 1920s, most Earthlings associated plasma only with the silvery fingers of forked lightning. Today, many hope that plasma will finally dam the river of waste that is slowly suffocating the earth. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American generates about 4.4 pounds of municipal solid waste (MSW) – things like grass clippings, apples, paint, sweaters – every day. This adds up to over 250 million tons yearly. The bad

news is that Americans have generated more than four pounds of waste daily since the 1980s. The good news is that recycling rates have more than doubled since then, currently peaking around 35 percent by weight. Yet more than half the country’s MSW, almost 150 million tons – that’s 300,000,000,000 pounds – goes into landfills. And about 12 percent of that waste is burned to create electricity in waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration plants. Plasma can do better than this. Birthed in the 1940s, plasma gasification plants are now popular in clean-coal facilities. Unfortunately, there are less than a handful of MSW plasma gasification plants, and all of them operate in Japan. Plasma gasification plants don’t just burn garbage for fuel; they transform it. In goes trash; out comes commodities like synthetic

gas (syngas), a hydrogenatoms in plasmas to collide and release incredcarbon monoxide mixture ible power, creating a practically limitless burned to generate electricsource of energy. ity. Selma Thagard, chemical engineerWhile most “alternaing professor at Clarkson University, has tive” energy producers ideas that don’t cost $20 billion. Her team looking for cleaner soluheats a small amount of water until it turns tions, such as Ohio natural into plasma, which instigates a powerful gas or Elon Musk’s Solar electromagnetic field that can purify several City, aim to generate power gallons of drinking water in just a few minfrom the Earth’s resources, utes. “People all over the world — especially plasma helps us re-use what in places with few resources — could use we’ve already once claimed this process to remove toxins and waterfor ourselves. Through this borne parasites from their drinking supply,” process, non-organic mateThagard says. rial turns into vitrified slag, Sound simple? Not simple enough which can be moulded into rockwool, useful for the likes of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, a as an insulator and structural material. As a controversial Iranian-born nuclear engineer result, trash can be reorganized, atom- bywho purportedly developed a do-it-yourself atom, into something immediately practical. Today, many hope that plasma will But such plans are too small finally dam the river of waste that is for the researchers at EMC2 Fusion Development Corp. The group, preslowly suffocating the earth. viously funded by the U.S. Navy, is pursuing a $30 million commercial project in pursuit of the Holy Grail of physics: Coke bottle plasma reactor. Some believe nuclear fusion. that Keshe has invented a perpetual motion Compared to the world’s most iconic exmachine of sorts, a source of “free energy.” perimental nuclear fusion device, a $20 billion Others say that the “Kesche Plasma GeneraITER reactor in France that uses gargantuan tor” is nothing more than a masquerading electromagnetic fields to contain a plasmatic Baghdad battery. cloud of tritium and deuterium heated to 100 Chalk it up to just another one of the million degrees Celsius, the EMC2 Polywell is many mysteries of plasma. as simple as a baking soda volcano. Research(For links and sources, as always, check it ers hope their high-pressure reactor will cause out online. Ed.)

The Democratic Experiment is Finished By Julian Rose


e in the West have lived with this thing called ‘democracy’ for a good few centuries now. It has been an important experiment, but one which has, in the end, succeeded in swallowing its own tail rather than leading society to a better place. Now its time is up and we have the task of putting something genuinely better in its place. The most well known definition of democracy – but by no means the first – is enshrined in the Gettysburg Address of November 1863. It proclaims democracy as ‘government of the people, by the people, for the people’, which – maybe for good reason – laid a strong emphasis on ‘people’. But here also lay its weakness; people (it turned out) had other ambitions that this form of self-rule was ill equipped to address. Nor did they particularly want to be responsible for deciding and managing the intricacies of the experiment that they had signed-up to. ‘The majority’, that is. And it is this word ‘majority’ which encapsulates the failure of democracy, because, as some of us will have noticed, ‘the majority’ have never yet been possessed of the vision and wisdom necessary to move society towards a meritorious goal. At best ‘the majority’ have created some form of social justice that was not around under the leadership of a regicide (king/queen) unless such happened to have a social conscience. Democracy thus became akin to a personal insurance policy, in which one signed-up to the policy and paid the

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We the People: Can do much better

annual cover – via taxation. In return, one got a entrusted power – which fail to live up to type of guarantee that one would have certain their fawning pre-election promises. It is a ‘inalienable rights’, backed by ‘the law’. A law constantly repeating pattern that still shows supposedly designed to support this form of no sign of abating. It is ‘mob rule’ in action: the self-rule, but in reality providing a cozy revenue- undirected, unaware voice of a majority who absorbing niche for the same exploitive elitist readily succumb to the powers of the hidden element that had been around well before the persuaders. democratic experiment came along. The people, when this means ‘a majority’ As it turned out, what the majority actually of the people, have never yet, throughout the wanted was based upon self-interest and not course of history, been in possession of the a vision of a better society for all. So give ‘the wisdom and vision which are the necessary majority’ the right to decide upon who they prerequisites of an evolving society. A wish to run their country – and the one’s they society asked to raise its level of awareness, actually elect will be those who have gone consciousness and responsibility. the most out of T h e their way to claim democratic Bring-on Community Self experiment is ‘to have their Empowerment, Councils of Wise thus an entirely interests at heart’ or the interests of inappropriate Elders and Benign Leadership ‘the majority’. tool for getting A society under out of – and the mantle of ‘democracy’ therefore never going beyond – the mess we are currently evolves. Instead it simply revolves around the in. It is simple naivety which is on display at wishes and the fears of the electorate. The wish demonstrations where placards are heldto be ‘looked after’ and the fear of not being up announcing that such and such ‘is not looked after. ‘The majority’ simply elects a democratic’: ‘TTIP is not democratic’, ‘the bunch of baby-sitters so that they can go out WTO is not democratic’, ‘tax avoidance is and play, leaving the actual responsibility for undemocratic’ etc. the shape and function of society to others – Over the years, democracy has formed mostly those who enjoy flirting with the power itself around an unshakeable alliance with that has been granted unto them. capitalism. Capitalism is generally held up as The electorate then complain loudly when ‘democracy in action’, particularly in relation to things get done by those in whom they ‘the free market’ as a self-adjusting silent voice

of the people. It is indeed in the market place that ‘the majority’ have put their faith; and left those who claim to have mastered its intricacies to operate according to the nefarious rules of competition and greed that dominate the neo-liberal global economy that is the capitalist empire’s crown jewels. An economy where multi-national corporate sweat shops in Third World countries can give ‘the majority’ exactly what they want: ‘cheap clothes’ ‘cheap food, ‘cheap cars’. That my friends, is our famous democracy in action…and those who say “that isn’t democracy” fail to realize that the majority voted-in those who condone and execute these deeply exploitive policies. Votedin via ‘election by majority’ vote: the cracked cornerstone of the democracy experiment. Not only this, but when challenged by someone touting the merits of communism, the answer comes “but communism isn’t democratic” thus wittingly or unwittingly, holding up the flag of democracy as though it was a symbol of a free and progressive society. Like religion and like the Mafia, democracy has provided a formula that offers protection for those who prescribe to a skewed system of control by the few. It puts a nice gloss on that which is, in reality, a sophisticated game of double deception. A deception which has its roots in the electorate’s abdication of control over its own

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Sigmund Fraud


11 Common Symptoms of the

HE FULL-SPECTRUM global attack on human health is quite obvious to see for anyone who is paying attention and in search of wellness. So many of the factors that are negatively influencing public health could easily be prevented or removed from society, “My three main goals would be to reduce huyet the decisions of the ruling class continue to man population to about 100 million worldwide, ensure that our food supply is toxic, that our destroy the industrial infrastructure and see wilderenvironment is compromised, and that our ness, with it’s full complement of species, returning exposure to chemicals and industrial waste is throughout the world.” – Dave Foreman, Earth total. Why? First Co-Founder With the stroke of a pen carcinogenic poi“This planet might be able to support perhaps sons like Monsanto’s Roundup could be banned. as many as half a billion people who could live a Industrial disasters like Fukushima or the Deepwater Horizon could easily get the attention sustainable life in relative comfort. Human populations must be greatly diminished, and as quickly as they deserve from world powers, but the will to intervene on behalf of human and environmental possible to limit further environmental damage.” – Professor of Biology at the University of Texas at health is zero, while the will to intervene militarily in corporate and political affairs is guaranteed. Austin Eric R. Pianka People are suffering more than ever from a “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 host of chronic conditions and illnesses that can in perpetual balance with nature.” – The first wreck even the healthiest and strongest of us. To of the “new 10 commandments” on the Georgia be sick is the new normal, and to be healthy is Guidestones outstanding and unusual. Make what you will out of these statements, Concerned citizens are battling grass roots but the fact remains that globally, human health struggles on all fronts, yet, at the top levels of and the environment are in critical condition society the corruption, gross negligence, and seeming incompetence continue unabated, enPeople are suffering more than ever from a suring that important dehost of chronic conditions and illnesses that cisions always favour the health of corporations can wreck even the healthiest and strongest and special interests. of us. To be sick is the new normal, and to be With such obvious disregard for life, healthy is outstanding and unusual. it would be naive to presume that our national and there is no sign of relief in sight. Couple this and global leadership have our best interests at with the fact that many of the world’s elite do heart, and also to assume that any of this could publicly fantasize of culling the human populabe accidental. And when we look at comments tion, and the realization is harsh: we are targets. and statements from some of the world’s most Our world simply does not have to be poiinfluential people, a dark philosophy is unsoned with chemtrails, radiation leaks, GMO’s, covered, and a shocking agenda to depopulate electro-magnetic pollution, frack wells, fluoride, planet earth is revealed. See for yourself: mercury, vaccine adjuvants, depleted uranium, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. oil spills, antibiotics, endocrine disrupting That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we chemicals, toxic food additives, agro-chemicals, do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, pharmaceuticals, and so much more. The aggrereproductive health services, we could lower that by gated, generations long effect of such total conperhaps 10 or 15 percent.” – Bill Gates tamination is the explosion of a host of bizarre and life-altering illnesses and ‘conditions’ that “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe chronically sap our energy and vitality, slowly was decided, there was concern about population debilitating us, separating us from our power and growth and particularly growth in populations putting us into the doctor’s office. that we don’t want to have too many of.” – U.S. The following 11 common symptoms are Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg signs that the global depopulation slow kill is in “In order to stabilize world population, we play and is effective, and that within a couple of must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” – Jacques generations the human race will know nothing Cousteau of health, wellness and vitality. “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” – Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Plagued by dirty electricity wireless technologies smart meter radiation electro-magnetic �ields?

Electropollution may have serious health implications.

Global Depopulation Slow Kill

n 1. Gut and Digestive Issues The primary attack on the body’s immune

system takes place in the digestive system where the body’s natural bacterial defences live. Chronic poor digestion, leaky guy syndrome, gastritis, colitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, candida overgrowth, food sensitivities and other serious issues are become increasingly common, resulting from the consumption of denatured foods laden with chemicals and sugars, GMO poisoning and so on. Roundup herbicide is known to kill healthy bacteria in the body after being ingested in only residual amounts. Antibiotic overuse and contamination in the water supply means that building a health but biome is nearly impossible.

n 2. Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy The body’s natural store of energy is the first thing to become depleted when the body and mind are over-exposed to pollution and stress. The persistent exposure to toxic foods, poisoned spaces, electromagnetic radiation, psychological attacks, continually forces the body and psyche to be in a state of crisis. The regular amount of energy needed to perform the ordinary rigours of life is not available, and as a result we become chronically tired, low-energy, lethargic and generally slowed down. Even when we balance diet, exercise and meditation, maintaining personal energy is difficult, so many people are having to constantly dose themselves with caffeine and so-called energy drinks just to accomplish an ordinary day.

n 3. Dietary Diseases like Obesity And Diabetes Dietary illnesses such as the sweeping obesity and diabetes epidemics are a sign that the soft kill is greatly impacting public health. Public relations and social engineering have changed the public’s understanding of what food actually is, and as our consumption of crap corporate foods increases, so do our waistlines and our chances for getting chronic disease like diabetes. Of course, both of these conditions are entirely curable with a proper diet, but in a country where raw milk is illegal, the truth about food and health is rarely spoken in the mainstream. The maintenance of chronic illness is very profitable for the medical establishment, and obesity is a gateway to many chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

fog is a difficult to identify chronic condition where a person feels disconnected, confused and distant, almost an illness of consciousness. A spell can last for a day, or it can last for years, often persisting until a person finally isolates the primary cause. Candida overgrowth, a condition where negative bacteria is being over-produced within the body, is the result of poor diet and a compromised gut biome, and is thought to cause disorientation and brain fog.

n 5. Chronic Inflammation Chronic inflammation is part of a biological response to harmful stimuli and is increasingly being recognized as a serious silent killer because of the health problems it trigger. The purpose of inflammation is to rid the body of any causes of damage or injury and to initiate repair. It is a defence mechanism that being constantly activated primarily consuming by inflammatory foods. Modern wheat is an example of a food that has been so genetically altered that it now no longer provides nutrition, but rather instead irritates the tissues of the body, causing chronic inflammation, leading to bigger health problems.

n 6. Allergies People suffer more seriously from seasonal and random allergy attacks than ever before, and some attacks can be severe enough to temporarily disable a person. Everyone is watching pollen counts on the nightly news, but allergies simply weren’t this serious a generation ago. Something has changed in the body and in the environment, and with the omnipresence of chemtrails and geoengineering projects in the sky, suspicion that the respiratory system is being attacked is warranted.

n 7. Autism Autism in children is rising frighteningly and without a precise indication of exactly what is causing it, we should be dramatically erring on the side of caution. It could be environmental, it could be vaccines, GMO’s, or household chemicals, but something is taking our children. Will autism rates have to get to one-in-two before a Manhattan Project like effort is initiated to end this?

n 4. Disorientation and Brain Fog

n 8. Cancer

Many people these days suffer from spells of disorientation and fogginess of the mind, without any clear cause or reason as to the mind should be functioning so poorly. Brain

It is predicted that soon at least 1 in 3 adults will have some form of cancer,

See “SLOW KILL” on page 25

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Detection & Protection 8-10pm, Thursday, June 25 Eternal Abundance Café 1025 Commercial Drive Q&A to follow

Have your home inspected to ensure a safe living environment

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Arjun Walia


VERYONE SHOULD KNOW that most cancer research is largely a fraud, and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.” The above quote comes from Linus Pauling, Ph.D., and twotime Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (1901-1994). He is considered one of the most important scientists in history. He is one of the founders of quantum chemistry and molecular biology, who was also a well-known peace activist. He was invited to be in charge of the Chemistry division of the Manhattan Project, but refused. He has also done a lot of work on military applications, and has pretty much done and seen it all when it comes to the world of science. A quick Google search will suffice if you’d like to learn more about him. This man has been around the block, and obviously knows a thing or two about this subject. And he’s not the only expert from around the world expressing similar beliefs and voicing his opinion. Here is another great example of a hard hitting quote when it comes to scientific fraud and manipulation. It comes from Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and long time Editor in Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), which is considered to be one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world. I apologize if you have seen it before in my articles, but it is quite the statement. “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine” The list goes on and on. Dr. John Bailer, who spent 20 years on the staff of the National Cancer Institute and is also a former editor of its journal, publicly stated in a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science that: “My overall assessment is that the national cancer program must be judged a qualified failure. Our whole cancer research in the past 20 years has been a total failure.” He also alluded to the fact that cancer treatment, in general, has been a complete failure. Another interesting point is the fact that most of the money donated to cancer research is spent on animal research, which has been considered completely useless by many. For example, in 1981 Dr. Irwin Bross, the former director of the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Institute (largest cancer research institute in the world), said that: “The uselessness of most of the animal model studies is less well known. For example, the discovery of chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of human cancer is widely heralded as a triumph due to use of animal model systems. However, here again, these exaggerated claims are coming from or are endorsed by the same people who get the federal dollars for animal research. There is little, if any, factual evidence that would support these claims. Practically all of the chemotherapeutic agents which are of value in the treatment of human cancer were found in a clinical context rather than in animal studies.” Today, treating illness and disease has a corporate side. It is an enormously profitable industry, but only when geared

One Of The Most Important Scientists In The World:

‘Most Cancer Research Is Largely A


towards treatment, not preventative measures or cures, and that’s an important point to consider. Dr. Dean Burk, an American biochemist and a senior chemist for the National Cancer Institute made another quote that relates to my point above. His paper, “The Determination of Enzyme Dissociation Constants,” published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society in 1934, is one of the most frequently cited papers in the history of biochemistry. “When you have power you don’t have to tell the truth.

That’s a rule that’s been working in this world for generations. And there are a great many people who don’t tell the truth when they are in power in administrative positions.” He also stated that: “Fluoride causes more human cancer deaths than any other chemical. It is some of the most conclusive scientific and biological evidence that I have come across in my 50 years in the field of cancer research.” In the April 15th, 2015 edition of Lancet, the UK’s leading medical journal, editor in chief Richard Horton stated: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Science has taken a turn toward darkness.” In 2005 Dr. John P.A. Ionnidis, currently a professor in disease prevention at Stanford University, published the most widely accessed article in the history of the Public Library of Science (PLoS) entitled Why Most Published Research Findings Are False. In the report, he stated: “There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false.” In 2009, the University of Michigan’s comprehensive cancer center published an analysis that revealed popular cancer studies are false, and that there were fabricated results arising due to conflicts of interest. They suggested that the fabricated results were a result of what would work best for drug companies. After all, a large portion of cancer research is funded directly by them. You can read more about that story here: http:// There is so much information out there, and so much of it is coming from people who have been directly involved in these proceedings. There is really no shortage of credible sources willing to state that we live in a world of scientific fraud and manipulation. All of this can be attributed to the “corporatocracy” we live in today, where giant corporations owned by a select group of “elite” people have basically taken control over the planet and all of its resources. This is precisely why so many people are flocking towards alternative treatment, as well as focusing on cancer prevention. Much of what we surround ourselves with on a daily basis has been linked to cancer: everything from pesticides, GMOs, multiple cosmetic products, certain “foods,” smoking, and much, much more. This is something that is never really emphasized; we always seem to just assume that donating money to charities will make the problem go away, despite the fact that their business practices are highly questionable. That being said, so many people have had success with alternative treatments like cannabis oil – combined with a raw diet or even incorporated into their chemotherapy regimen – that we should not feel as though there is no hope for the future. The official stance on cannabis is a great example of the very practice of misinformation that I’m talking about. Its antitumoral properties have been demonstrated for decades, yet no clinical trials are taking place. I am going to leave you with this video, as I have done in previous articles. It provides a little food for thought. Ignorance is not the answer, although this information can be scary to consider, it’s nothing to turn a blind eye towards.

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.”

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from page 2 met a young chemistry teacher who ate very simply. The couple married and attended lectures by George Ohsawa, the founder of modem macrobiotics in Japan, and he said that only people practicing macrobiotics would survive future nuclear war. After talking with Mr. Ohsawa, Sawako gave up the modern, refined food that she had been eating since her survival and started eating brown rice and other foods. To her surprise, her problems including anemia, leukemia, low blood pressure, falling hair, and bleeding from the nose, started to clear up. Within two months, she was elated: “My face became beautiful.” Sawako went on to have seven healthy children and raised all of them on brown rice, miso soup, vegetables, seaweed, and other healthy food. Source: Sawako Hiraga, “How I Survived the Atomic Bomb,” Macrobiotic. November/ December 1979. A similar story of miso and the macrobiotic diet is also related from Russia, in the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear accident:

Diet and Radiation-related Cancers in Russia In 1985 Lidia Yamchuk and Hanif Shaimardanov, medical doctors in Chelyabinsk, organized Longevity, the first macrobiotic association in the Soviet Union. At their hospital, they have used dietary methods and acupuncture to treat many patients, especially those suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, and other disorders associated with exposure to nuclear radiation. Since the early 1950s, wastes from Soviet weapons production had been dumped into Karachay Lake in Chelyabinsk, an industrial city about nine hundred miles east of Moscow. In particular they began incorporating miso soup into the diets of patients suffering from radiation symptoms and cancer. “Miso is helping some of our patients with terminal cancer to survive,” Yamchuk and Shaimardanov reported. “Their blood (and blood analysis) became better after they began to use miso in their daily food.” Meanwhile, in Leningrad, Yuri Stavitsky, a young pathologist and medical instructor, volunteered as a radiologist in Chernobyl after the nuclear accident on April 26, 1986. Since then, like many disaster workers, he suffered symptoms associated with radiation disease, including tumors of the thyroid. “Since beginning macrobiotics,” he reported, “my condition has greatly improved.”

Radioprotective foods & conventional cancer treatment The idea that miso may offer radioprotective effects against extreme radiation exposure has also given support to its potential use as an adjunctive therapy for cancer patients undergoing radiation treatments. While oncologists are likely to dismiss the idea outright -- they don’t believe in any healing foods, nutrition or protecting healthy cells at all -- the concept has real scientific merit. This study entitled “Radioprotection of Lung Tissue by Soy Isoflavones” concluded that “soy isoflavones showed the potential to enhance radiation damage in tumor nodules and simultaneously protect normal lung from radiation injury.” The study was based on non-fermented soy, which is different from miso. But because fermenting soy makes miso, many soy isoflavones persist during the fermentation and are present in the resulting miso. The conclusion of the authors was that non-fermented soy isoflavones protect healthy cells from radiation damage: Soy isoflavones given pre- and postradiation protected the lungs against adverse effects of radiation including skin injury, hair loss, increased breathing rates, inflammation, pneumonitis and fibrosis, providing evidence for a radioprotective effect of soy. They also conclude that soy might be useful to use alongside radiotherapy to both increase the toxicity of radiation to CANCER

cells and decrease the toxicity of radiation to HEALTHY cells. The cancer industry, of course, has zero interest in any of this, since toxicity and cell damage is central to the industry’s repeat business model of recurring cancer. But for those individuals who wish to practice dietary habits that may help prevent or reduce the damaging effects of ionizing radiation, fermented soy in the form of miso may be an intelligent and practical choice. It’s clear that additional scientific research is desperately needed in this area. What if cancer radiotherapy could be made less toxic and more effective at the same time? Shouldn’t modern medical science investigate this further? The longer the fermentation, the better it worked Another important realization from the science is that longer fermentation times for the miso resulted in greater therapeutic value in test subjects. This is documented in detail in this study on the radioprotective effects of miso. As the study details, three different miso products were tested: 1) Miso fermented for just 3-4 days 2) Miso fermented for 120 days 3) Miso fermented for 180 days After testing these three grades of miso, two key realizations were learned: 1) ALL miso provided a radioprotective effect in the study. 2) The 180-day miso provided the most potent radioprotective effect. “A delay in mortality was obvious in all three miso groups,” says the study. But it also warns that once the radiation exposure is too great, even miso cannot stop the mortality rate. Extremely high radiation doses, in other words, were able to override miso’s protective effects and cause mortality in a few days, regardless of how much miso was consumed. What dose caused this? 15 Gy (gray). The “gray” unit describes the amount of ionizing radiation absorbed by tissue. 15 Gy is equal to about 15,000,000 microsieverts or 1.5 million millirems. If you absorb 1.5 million millirems all in a short time span, you’re dead no matter what.

Why I don’t eat soy, but I do eat organic miso Personally, I don’t eat soy. No soy burgers, no soy protein, no soybean oil and not even steamed edemame. But I do eat small quantities of miso from time to time because fermented soy is unique. It’s not the same food as unfermented soy. If you eat miso, make sure it’s made from organic, non-GMO soybeans. Soy is one of the most commonly genetically modified crops, so you have to choose organic to avoid the GMOs. You also have to be careful not to over-consume miso. The fermentation process can create glutamic acid as one of its products, and for those who are highly sensitive, even a little glutamic acid can cause a headache. Tomatoes and seaweed also contain glutamic acid, so if you’re able to eat those without any problem, then you’re probably not sensitive to it. Miso comes in different grades based on fermentation duration. The longer the fermentation time, the higher the grade and the more expensive the product. There’s obviously a point of diminishing returns on this, too: beyond 180 days of fermentation, there’s unlikely to be any additional measurable benefit to the miso. Even fermentation of just 3-4 days produces significant beneficial properties. A simple, 10-minute miso soup recipe Ingredients: 2 cups of water 4 tsp of Yellow Miso Powder 2 tablespoons sliced scallions (optional) 1 egg (optional) Directions: Bring the water to a boil, then turn heat to low, add miso powder and stir well. Avoid boiling miso soup for very long after adding the miso, or it will lose its flavor.


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ple differently, and we may love the same people differently as they change, or as we do. The lesson for those who pursue political liberty is the need for sensitivity to context: an appreciation that different societies, cultures and historical traditions may use liberty to build different institutions, emphasize different principles, evolve in one way or another. Libertarians benefit their cause by respecting what a culture has already built with it. Just as “Love” that is maintained against the will of the Beloved, and denies what the Beloved values, is not Love, so a form of “Liberty” that is rejected by the people for whom it is promoted, is not Liberty. Love is unifying. Just as Lovers do not divide against each other because their Love brings them to opposing conclusions in a few areas of their lives, so libertarians should take care not to divide among themselves because various of their number experience Liberty in ways that lead them to opposite positions in certain specifics. If they do so, they lose the opportunity to build what otherwise they may have been able to build together. Love is respectful. It allows people to follow their own path, even when the one who Loves can see the pain that the Beloved is about to choose. By definition, letting people follow their path is the essence of Liberty, too. Sometimes, sadly for the one who Loves, the Beloved is not ready to receive the Love that is offered to them. At such times, the person who Loves may have to wait patiently and calmly, remaining open to the Beloved but standing far enough back not to impose. Parents, for example, when they look at their children, have a particularly deep sense that the point of the human experience is the journey – not the finding of a “right destination” and sitting there. And when they see their kids follow a path that will result in pain or difficulty, they don’t put down their children for their idiocy or lack of moral rectitude, but allow them to make their mistakes, as they did, being ready to support them when the request comes. Said John Ruskin in 1870: One evening when I was yet in my nurse’s arm I wanted to touch the tea urn, which was boiling merrily. My nurse would have taken me away from the urn, but my mother said let him touch it. So I touched it. And that was my first lesson in liberty. And it was entirely consistent with his mother’s love. Love lets people follow their own path that not only for this metaphysical reason that life is a journey, but also for the practical reason that judging someone for a mistake that they cannot perceive and insisting that they comply with your judgment always backfires. It breeds resentment and alienation.

The Lesson for Libertarians? Part of loving liberty, and part of loving people – and those two things are the same thing – is to be respectful in the face of people’s mistakes and ill-informed opinions. In particular, recognize that part of being human is at times not to behave consistently with one’s values, or the facts on the ground. Treat the mistaken with respect because only then will they be open to you and your ideas when they are ready to hear them. Libertarians are imperfect and have plenty to learn too. For most people, politics is the society-

wide application of morality. These are the same people that when they love their children, or their husbands or their wives, they don’t just express that love in allowing them their freedom and doing them no harm. Rather, they actively care. Ultimately, Love cares. People who love make compromises. They go out of their way to ensure that their interactions with their beloved are fair, not just in their own sense of fairness, but also in a way that is judged as fair by their Beloved. Similarly, those of us who seek to reclaim our political liberties might appreciate that some of our ideas, if implemented without consideration of the thoroughly illiberal circumstances of many of our countrymen whom they’d effect, could do immediate harm – not because the ideas are wrong, but because we would be disrupting an equilibrium, transitioning from one state of affairs to another, in a way that some people who did not chose the change with us, are not ready for. Many of those are people who have been disempowered by their dependence on the state. Think of the young adult who’s been brought up in a house where he’s never seen a parent work, but watched his one parent cash the welfare check to survive week after week. And others have been made promises by the state that – although they perhaps should not have been made – should not be broken without extremely good cause. Think of the old state worker who’s paid his payroll tax for a lifetime and has expected for a lifetime the huge pension he is contracted to receive from his nearly bankrupt state. If Liberty is the politics of Love, then caring for such people during a transition to what is Good and free is as much a duty of the libertarian as the transition itself. It is the very society that we seek to change that, after all, put many of them in the positions they are in. I am convinced that such a humble, respectful, empirical and actively caring posture of Love is the best way making the case for true individual liberty sufficiently congruent and compelling that it will change our nations. The Love = Liberty equation reminds us that to speak of Liberty is not to speak about a political system, but to speak about the state of the spirit, or the soul, or simply humanity, itself. Love is not indifferent. Libertarians may be entirely right that civil society should take care of most of what the state does today. But if the rest of the country cannot see the movement care – cannot see that it is concerned to offer those civil solutions and alternatives inasmuch detail as it points out the faults of what we have – they will rightly believe that we’re more concerned with our philosophy than with people. More concerned, in other words, with Liberty than Love. And that would be a contradiction in terms.

About the author:  British born Robin Koerner is a political and economic writer and permanent resident of the USA. He is the founder and publisher of, an organization of 400 volunteers that is dedicated to translating into English articles written about the U.S. by foreign press, with the goal of helping to raise the level of debate, open minds, and promote understanding among the people of the world. Robin holds degrees in physics and philosophy from Cambridge University (UK), has lived on three continents, and has experience in the fields of real estate, teaching and the media. This article courtesy of

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EarthSun from page 10

free radicals on sunscreen-treated skin was actually higher than on untreated skin.”[13] “Experts caution that the unintentional exposure to and toxicity of active ingredients erodes the benefits of sunscreens.”[14] Quite simply, sunscreens inhibit the innate intelligence of our skin cells. On one hand, they neutralize UVB rays, which are the body’s natural defence system against UVA damage. On the other hand, they enable harmful UVA rays to penetrate deeper into the body. With so much misinformation in the public sphere, it is no wonder skin cancer rates are sky-rocketing!

Natural Ways to Avoid Sun Damage There are many ways to avoid skin damage and burning without the damaging affects of sunscreen. 1. Stay hydrated. Your skin is more likely to burn if you are dehydrated, so drink lots of water.. 2. Naturally increase your skin’s resistance to UV rays by gradually exposing it to the morning sun for short periods of time. You will be less likely to burn, and you will reap the health benefits of increased Vitamin D. Avoid prolonged mid-day exposures. 3. Avoid sunglasses. The optical nerve in the eyes sends signals to the hypothalamus. The gland has the ability to adjust the skin’s resistance to UV rays

on the basis of how much light your eyes receive. 4. Sun damage is caused by oxidation of the skin cells. Eat colourful foods – they are high in antioxidants and you will support the body to counteract the effects of sun damage. 5. Cleanse your liver of toxins and heavy metals as they play a major role in UV protection. Adding zeolite to your diet is a safe and powerful way to detox the body. 6. Apply micronized zeolite to your skin. Easily absorbed, it assists the skin to build and strengthen its own natural UV and UVA defence, healing and processing mechanisms. Zeolite protects against DNA damage, protecting your skin and cell membranes at the cellular level. EarthSun, a Vancouver based company, offers an organic zeolite cream with a protection level comparable to a sunscreen SPF 50. As you can see, independent scientific data shows that sunscreens are actually counter-productive to their purpose, inhibiting the innate intelligence of our skin cells, neutralizing beneficial UVB rays and increasing the harmful effects of UVA radiation. Thankfully nature has provided some simple and natural ways to protect our skin from UV rays without the damaging affects of conventional sunscreens. For more information, please visit

Resources: For the complete detailed list of resources (50+), visit or email:



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from page 14 Spiritual or Kundalini energy lies dormant in a person until activated. These concepts cannot be measured with current technology. Those who have practiced meditation and spiritual principles at the qualitative and quantitative level have assisted in the continual grace of principles that leads these Kundalini forces on the right path. However, the shift in global frequencies and fifth dimensional concepts is allowing all of humanity to earn spiritual wealth simultaneously and without the efforts that were once necessary. In the past, people had to work hard to amass spiritual wealth. Now, it will be as if all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice. You have received a magnificent upgrade that is allowing this energy to be activated by simply embracing the being that you are. It is leading to spiritual growth at an accelerated rate. 3. Energetic Harmony Imagine creating a unified harmony through 800 trillion cells and vibrating them into health and well-being. Humming itself produces overtones that can heal your mind, body and spirit. You will begin loving your voice and humming or singing from day to day to assist in accelerating your spiritual growth. It will come natural to you. You will begin feeling mystic silent overtones vibrating through your cells and body. This will also awaken your deepest desires to be unified with overtones of love and help breakdown stiffness and pain and facilitate your spirit body to flow. As you begin to breakdown the veil, you will realize you have a shared pain on this planet and it is not your own. It is connected to everyone and everything. There is beauty in that shared pain and you will learn to see it for what it is through energetic harmony. You will move past specific body pain you thought was your own when it was actually part of the collective. Once embraced, this pain will cease to exist. You will let this pain go because you will understand its origin. Many of you will heal from pain and disease in ways you will think are miracles, but it will be simply the miracle of who you are and nothing more. 4. Energetic Causation What scientific studies have failed to address on the planet is causation. They have tried through many different methods to obtain conclusive results in their scientific research through a countless number of double blind, placebo controlled and random studies which are considered the highest standards for scientific experiment. We can tell you that there has never been one published scientific study based on this standard that has identified causation beyond sub-atomic levels. Yet it is precisely those levels that cause everything to manifest in the physical body as it does. Scientific studies can only derive correlations because they do not address energetic causation that is the underlying mechanism behind every single experience and event whether physical or non-physical. 100% of your diseases are based on energetic components within your field. There is NO other cause of disease. Diseases are primarily third dimensional experiences and will cease to exist when you learn to remain at higher dimensions, and you will. This will be a big one for scientists as many will learn in the coming decade to factor energetic principles as causation before initiating any study. You will all begin to have a better understanding of the effect of energetic resonance and the effects on all physical things. This will revolutionize science and remove many obstacles that have hindered scientific inquiry from progressing

on the planet. The physics and the metaphysics will soon combine. 5. Energetic Transfer And Reflection You can only attract what is within your vibrational field. There are no experiences that you can obtain in physical form without attracting them from a vibrational perspective. That includes the most horrific experiences and the most beautiful ones. What you will learn to do is accept relationships and experiences for what they are. People and experiences serve as a reflection to teach you something about yourself. If somebody says something that offends you, it is because your vibrational field contained an element that needed to be addressed. You will see these people differently. You will thank them for being that reflection and the transfer of energy that was necessary for you to recognize your own vibration. You will honour these people for coming into your life and teaching you what would otherwise be quite difficult to learn without their assistance. You will come to enjoy the effect that all people have on you, even those you now consider to be obnoxious, rude, insensitive, careless, ignorant, etc. These are qualities you have always judged in yourself and the reflection is only there because you attract it. So start thanking your overbearing boss, nosy neighbour or rude coworker for what they bring to your energy field, because you’ve attracted them into your life for a reason and they’re only doing their be the light you want them to be, and most of the time, it was a mutual effort and request. 6. Polarity Consciousness And Neutrality Perhaps one of the biggest victories awaiting humanity is the shift from polarity or duality consciousness and the dichotomous right vs. wrong which has resulted in much of the conflict and suffering that exists between men and women, people of various races, the wealthy and poor, the strong and weak. Hierarchies have also been formed creating further degrees of separation, (good, better, best) where particular persons or events were rigorously judged within this context. This will end. All of humanity will begin to understand that all experiences and perceptions are neutral in nature and it is only the ego that places an emphasis on good vs. bad, or right vs. wrong. This shift will be part of the grand awakening which is currently well on its way. You will begin uniting and accepting each other as equals, and this will be passed to your children liberating successive generations from the shackles of duality. Humanity has already begun transcending this pattern. Life’s experiences, which are now viewed in extreme polarity and prejudice, will be viewed as the natural order of one’s life. Being present in that observation by loving, allowing and accepting the world will lead to joy, happiness and enlightenment. The hard part is over. The only thing left to do now is altering your expectations and enjoying the ride. You are a divine being of light and your true nature will soon be all you know. The pace is now accelerating and the coming changes will also be met by shifts in monetary systems, the political landscape and well as modifications in social and economical infrastructures. This will happen sooner than later, but likely before the end of this year. Many of these events will happen simultaneously and when the greater cycles begin, you will know. It will be difficult, but that is the time to be centered and focus on seeing all the good that will come in the age of empowerment. You are a truly empowered human...own your mastery. Michael Forrester is a spiritual counsellor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.


from page 12 At the beginning of the First World War, Tesla described a means for detecting ships at sea. His idea was to transmit highfrequency radio waves that would reflect off the hulls of vessels and appear on a fluorescent screen. The idea was way ahead of its day, and at the time few quite understood it, but it was a forerunner of what we now call radar. Tesla was also the first to see a time when flying vehicles could be remotely controlled to land with an explosive charge on an unsuspecting enemy. In effect he was describing what we know today as a cruise missile. By 1922 Tesla was working as a consulting engineer. He was making just enough money to live on, but often the plans he drew up were rejected as impractical. Interestingly, around this time Tesla spoke out against the new theories of Albert Einstein. In contrast to the Nobel Laureate, Tesla maintained that energy was not contained in matter, but in the space between the particles of an atom. Toward the end of his life Tesla became even more eccentric and reclusive. He began visiting parks to rescue pigeons that he then took home to nurse. In his final years, at the Hotel New Yorker, he had the chef prepare a special mix of seeds for the birds. He also became obsessive about cleanliness, eating only boiled foods. Nonetheless the ideas continued to flow and in the years prior to the Second

Wireless from page 7

n wait patiently; n finish work on time; and n seek assistance when needed.

The role of EMFs in Executive Function deficits. There are various documented EMF effects known to alter brain function, composition and activity, which implicate EMF exposure as a major accelerator and contributor to deficits in Executive Function. Considering all of the following influences on the brain occur during EMF exposure, it is more than reasonable to consider EMFs an adverse influence on brain health during child development. 1. Research shows the pineal gland is a “magneto sensitive” organ, meaning it is sensitive to electromagnetic fields and that EMF exposure suppresses pineal gland activity. The pineal gland is the brain’s main source of serotonin, (5-HT). Serotonin is especially important for effective Executive Function and also influences many brain controlled functions, including wake-sleep cycle, perception, memory, sense of well-being, impulse control, aggression and one’s sense of reality. Increasing evidence links 5-HT signaling alterations during child development to emotional dysregulation and psychopathology in adult age. 3 2. According to research findings, EMF exposure puts the body into a fight or flight response (also known as “emergency state”, “acute stress response”) that reorganizes the brain’s energies, among other things. The response increases blood flow to the brain’s limbic system producing heightened emotional response and hyper-readiness for action. The fight or flight response also reduces blood flow

“With a transmitter of this kind we are enabled to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance [HAARP’s output is a full gigawatt] and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace.”

— Nikola Tesla, 1915

World War he announced that he had discovered a new energy source, and a technology that could end war entirely. The New York Times of 11 July 1934 announced that: “TESLA, AT 78, BARES NEW DEATH BEAM.” “The Death Beam,” the Times continued, “will send concentrated beams of particles through the free air, of such tremendous energy that they will bring down a fleet of 10,000 enemy warplanes at a distance of 250 miles…” The weapon, said Tesla, would make war impossible by surrounding every country with an “invisible Chinese Wall.” It was, in effect, what we know today as a charged particle beam accelerator. Once again though, Tesla was unable to summon sufficient finance to back his proposal and as the prospect of war became more likely so Tesla became ever more desperate. In despair he finally sent detailed plans for his ‘peace weapon’ to the governments of the US, Britain, France, Canada, Yugo-

slavia and the Soviet Union. But to Tesla’s dismay, none of the Western governments took his proposal seriously, not at the time anyway. However, in the aftermath of Tesla’s death in 1943, it became apparent that some of these governments had grown more than a little interested. Tesla’s nephew, Sava Kosanovic went to his uncle’s rooms on the morning of his death. On arrival, according to Kosanovic, the rooms looked as if they had been searched; notebooks and crucial technical papers were missing, and two days later the Office of Alien Property seized all of Tesla’s remaining belongings. One result of this is H.A.A.R.P.1 Situated in Alaska, exactly where Tesla first proposed it should be sited. Some observers see H.A.A.R.P. as a working example of a device first proposed by Tesla in 1915. Long before anyone had heard of H.A.A.R.P., before it had even been built, Tesla was talking to the press about it. “It is perfectly practicable to transmit

electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance,” he told the New York Times in an interview published on December 8, 1915. “I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible, and have described it in my technical publications. . . With a transmitter of this kind we are enabled to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance [HAARP’s output is a full gigawatt] and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace.”

to the Frontal lobes/ forebrain, where Executive Function and cognitive thinking takes place. The reduced blood flow impairs Executive Function abilities and cognition in general (attention to detail, information processing, forming associations, memory). At the cellular level, the EMF-induced state of emergency creates changes in cell biology with huge potential to damage brain activity and function and even brain cell (neuron) health. Namely, flight or fight responses weaken the protein in the cell membrane wall and delay non-vital processes, consequently impairing cellular communication and coordination. When in a state of emergency the cell succumbs to chronic oxidative stress, wherein the cell begins to ferment and becomes increasingly inefficient. The alteration in cell biology changes the atomic structure of the cell and breaks the bonds that exist in and between cells. These damages trigger changes in blood chemistry, induces free radicals, disrupts the cells ability to control PH levels, enzyme activity, cell reproduction, synthesis, functioning and energy transfer. The state of emergency behaviour is passed on to each subsequent generation of cells.4 3. As a result of living in electrified homes a phenomenon, referred to by scientists as “cyclautronic resonance”, transfers the energy generated by the home’s electrical grid, in the form of EMFs, into the cells. The transfer results in cellular loss of electrolytes (ions) such as lithium, which regulates mental stability, potassium that regulates brain function, and calcium, which functions to create calmness and balance.5 4. EMF radiation similar to that emitted from cell phones, portable phones, Wi-Fi and wireless computer equipment alters 143 proteins in the brain with detrimental effects to brain composition and function; in particular, in the hippocampus, cerebellum and frontal lobe, which are all involved in learning,

memory and other complicated functions of the mammalian brain. 6 5. Exposure to EMF cell phone radiation drastically inhibits the electrical properties of human DNA (conductivity, transmission ability), leading to corruption of the cell’s genetic material and, ultimately, the body’s functioning.7

frequencies in all but remote areas. The electro smog that blankets much of the planet in combination with EMFs inducted and accumulated in the body weakens the body’s natural ground to Earth’s electromagnetic field – a connection vital for natural healthy, physical and mental functioning, immune system response, rejuvenation, and life itself. This obstacle to health is effectively removed using EMF protection devices that strengthen the body’s natural connection to Earth’s natural electromagnetic field. These EMF protective devices are recommended as effective natural support for the child’s developing nervous system and development of innate personality, abilities and talents. For more information about EMF effects and protective technology, visit

Looking for A Solution Biophysics indicates alterations in Earth’s electromagnetic field influence heart and brain patterns, which in turn regulate body functions. Additionally, a strong connection to the full spectrum of Earth’s frequencies is needed for optimum brainwave state and is essential for optimal healthy functioning. In our technologically rich world, pervasive electro smog blocks out/masks Earth’s natural electromagnetic

Footnote 1. See ‘Weapons of the New World Order’,

Sources UFO Magazine (American edition), Vol. 15, No. 7, devoted to Tesla and his work.

Page 23

Top 10

Cannabis Studies the Government Wished it Had Never Funded


MARIJUANA USE HAS NO EFFECT ON MORTALITY: A massive study of California HMO members funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) found marijuana use caused no significant increase in mortality. Tobacco use was associated with increased risk of death. Sidney, S et al. Marijuana Use and Mortality. American Journal of Public Health.
Vol. 87 No. 4, April 1997. p. 585590. Sept. 2002.


HEAVY MARIJUANA USE AS A YOUNG ADULT WON’T RUIN YOUR LIFE: Veterans Affairs scientists looked at whether heavy marijuana use as a young adult caused longterm problems later, studying identical twins in which one twin had been a heavy marijuana user for a year or longer but had stopped at least one month before the study, while the second twin had used marijuana no more than five times ever. Marijuana use had no significant impact on physical or mental health care utilization, health-related quality of life, or current socio-demographic characteristics. Eisen SE et al. Does Marijuana

Use Have Residual Adverse Effects on Self-Reported Health Measures, SocioDemographics or Quality of Life? A Monozygotic Co-Twin Control Study in Men.
Addiction. Vol. 97, No. 9. p.10831086. Sept. 1997


THE “GATEWAY EFFECT” MAY BE A MIRAGE: Marijuana is often called a “gateway drug” by supporters of prohibition, who point to statistical “associations” indicating that persons who use marijuana are more likely to eventually try hard drugs than those who never use marijuana – implying that marijuana use somehow causes hard drug use. But a model developed by RAND Corp. researcher Andrew Morral demonstrates that these associations can be explained, “without requiring a gateway effect.” More likely, this federally funded study suggests, some people simply have an underlying propensity to try drugs, and start with what’s most readily available. Morral AR, McCaffrey D and Paddock S. Reassessing the Marijuana Gateway Effect.
Addiction. December 2002. p. 1493-1504.


PROHIBITION DOESN’T WORK (PART I): The White House had the National Research Council examine the data being gathered about drug use and the effects of U.S. drug policies. NRC concluded, “the nation possesses little information about the effectiveness of current drug policy, especially of drug law enforcement.” And what data exist show “little apparent relationship between severity of sanctions prescribed for drug use and prevalence or frequency of use.” In other words, there is no proof that prohibition – the cornerstone of U.S. drug policy for a century – reduces drug use. National Research Council. Informing America’s Policy on Illegal Drugs: What We Don’t Know Keeps Hurting Us. National Academy Press, 2001. p. 193.


PROHIBITION DOESN’T WORK (PART II): DOES PROHIBITION CAUSE THE “GATEWAY EFFECT”?): U.S. and Dutch researchers, supported in part by NIDA, compared marijuana users in San Francisco, where non-medical use remains illegal, to Amsterdam, where adults may possess and purchase small amounts of marijuana from regulated

businesses. Looking at such parameters as frequency and quantity of use and age at onset of use, they found no differences except one: Lifetime use of hard drugs was significantly lower in Amsterdam, with its “tolerant” marijuana policies. For example, lifetime crack cocaine use was 4.5 times higher in San Francisco than Amsterdam. Reinarman, C, Cohen, PDA, and Kaal, HL. The Limited Relevance of Drug Policy: Cannabis in Amsterdam and San Francisco. American Journal of Public Health. Vol. 94, No. 5. May 2004. p. 836-842.


OOPS, MARIJUANA MAY PREVENT CANCER (PART I): Federal researchers implanted several types of cancer, including leukemia and lung cancers, in mice, then treated them with cannabinoids (unique, active components found in marijuana). THC and other cannabinoids shrank tumors and increased the mice’s lifespans. Munson, AE et al. Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Sept. 1975. p. 597-602.

See “CANNABIS” on page 25

The rodents given THC lived longer and had fewer cancers, “in a dose-dependent manner” (i.e. the more THC they got, the fewer tumors).

Agribusiness from page 15

insecurity, we are constantly and deceitfully informed that we must have more of the same if we are to feed an increasing global population and eradicate poverty. We are told that the solutions for feeding a projected world population of nine billion are more technical fixes: more petrochemical-dependent agriculture, more GMOs and more unnecessary shifting of food across the planet. Such a ‘solution’ is bogus: we already produce enough food to feed the world’s population and did so even at the peak of the world food crisis in 2008, and GM crops that are on the market today are not designed to address hunger. Four GM crops account for almost 100 percent of worldwide GM crop acreage, and all four have been developed for large-scale industrial farming systems and are used as cash crops for export, to produce fuel or for processed food and animal feed. Of course, throw in a heavy dose of ‘family planning’ (depopulation) for the ‘third world’ and we will be just fine. There is no better example of this ideology than the current propaganda over

Page 24

GM golden rice. The idea is to parachute corporate-controlled GM rice into regions thereby disrupting delicately balanced local economies designed for specific markets and potentially destroying livelihoods – especially when fortified beta-carotene GM rice eventually contaminates local varieties and is manipulated to become the preeminent variety. This corporate grab is legitimized by public relations figures mouthing platitudes about feeding the hungry and giving sight to children whose vitamin A deficient diet causes blindness. The solution for blindness involves policies that would encourage a more diverse agriculture and in the short-term vitamin supplements. Statements about curing blindness, saving lives or feeding the world with GMOs are meant to tug at the heartstrings. And attacking critics with emotive outbursts are intended to do the same. Even if there were an element of logic in what these figures say, abuse and emotion are no substitute for intellectual rigour and reasoned debate. Yet what we have are public relations people like Patrick Moore going on ‘world tours’ claiming that those who oppose golden rice are effectively stealing children’s sight or are killing them. Such accusations are designed

to divert attention from the underlying nature of poor nutrition/blindness and the real intention underlying the golden rice agenda - a wholesale corporate grab of global rice production.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse There is a prevailing notion that we can just continue as we are, with an endless supply of oil, endless supplies of meat and the endless assault on soil, human and environmental well being that intensive petrochemical agriculture entails. Given the figures quoted at the start of this article, this is unsustainable and unrealistic and is a recipe for continued resource-driven conflicts and devastation. The genuine answer is to adopt more organic and ecological farming systems that are locally based and less reliant on petrochemicals. This would also mean a shift away from an emphasis on producing meat that places a massive burden on the environment and is highly land, water and energy-input intensive. The current economic system and model of globalization and development suits the interests of Western oil and finan-

cial oligarchs (including land and commodity speculators), global agribusiness and the major arms companies. These interlocking, self-serving interests constitute the four horsemen of the modern-day apocalypse and through their actions have managed to institute a globalized system of war, poverty and food insecurity and have acted to devastate economies. People want solutions for hunger, poverty and conflict but are too often told there is no alternative to what exists. The solution ultimately lies in taking manipulated markets and rigged trade rules out of farming and investing in and supporting indigenous knowledge, agro-ecology, education and infrastructure, instead of inappropriately diverting funds to under performing sectors. This involves rejecting big agritech’s current agenda and resisting the US strategy of using agriculture as a geopolitical tool. It involves challenging the corporate takeover of agriculture, supporting food sovereignty movements and embracing sustainable agriculture that is locally owned and rooted in the needs of communities.



from page 24

OOPS, MARIJUANA MAY PREVENT CANCER, (PART II): In a 1994 study the government tried to suppress, federal researchers gave mice and rats massive doses of THC, looking for cancers or other signs of toxicity. The rodents given THC lived longer and had fewer cancers, “in a dose-dependent manner” (i.e. the more THC they got, the fewer tumors). NTP Technical Report On The Toxicology And Carcinogenesis Studies Of 1-Trans- Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, CAS No. 1972-08-3, In F344/N Rats And B6C3F Mice, Gavage Studies. See also, “Medical Marijuana: Unpublished Federal Study Found THC-Treated Rats Lived Longer, Had Less Cancer,” AIDS Treatment News no. 263, Jan. 17, 1997.


OOPS, MARIJUANA MAY PREVENT CANCER (PART III): Researchers at the Kaiser-Permanente HMO, funded by NIDA, followed 65,000 patients for nearly a decade, comparing cancer rates among non-smokers, tobacco smokers, and marijuana smokers. Tobacco smokers had massively higher rates of lung cancer and other cancers. Marijuana smokers who didn’t also use tobacco had no increase in risk of tobacco-related cancers or of cancer risk overall. In fact their rates of lung and most other cancers were slightly lower than non-smokers, though the difference did not reach statistical significance. Sidney, S. et al. Marijuana Use and Cancer Incidence (California, United States). Cancer Causes and Control.
Vol. 8. Sept. 1997, p. 722-728.


OOPS, MARIJUANA MAY PREVENT CANCER (PART IV): Donald Tashkin, a UCLA researcher whose work is funded by NIDA, did a case-control study comparing 1,200 patients with lung, head and neck cancers

Slow Kill from page 19

which, as we know, has become a booming industry. Alternative cures, treatments and therapies are targeted for extermination by the state, and the sick are corralled into risky, expensive treatments that fail to address the root causes of cancer and promote healthier living.

n 9 . Morgellon’s This strange and scary disease appears to be an infection of sorts by some still unknown type of organic material. Manifesting as tiny living threads or worms that surface at the skin, irritating the patient, it is believed that no Morgellon’s patient has ever been able to undergo an autopsy due to an attempted global cover up. With no clear answers available from science, many point to geo-engineering and chemtrail spraying as the source.

n 10. Dental Fluorosis The public fluoridation of water in the US and other nations is medication without consent and without controlling dosages. This is a form of torture. The US government just admitted that Americans are overdosed on fluoride when they lowered the recommended amounts to put in public water supplies. Fluoride is linked to many health problems including cancer and lowered IQ in children, yet the government still forces into just about everyone. Dental fluorosis is a sign of overexposure to fluoride, and a sign of deliberate poisoning.

to a matched group with no cancer. Even the heaviest marijuana smokers had no increased risk of cancer, and had somewhat lower cancer risk than non-smokers (tobacco smokers had a 20-fold increased lung cancer risk). Tashkin D. Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer: Results of a Case-Control Study.
American Thoracic Society International Conference. May 23, 2006.


MARIJUANA DOES HAVE MEDICAL VALUE: In response to passage of California’s medical marijuana law, the White House had the Institute of Medicine (IOM) review the data on marijuana’s medical benefits and risks. The IOM concluded, “Nausea, appetite loss, pain and anxiety are all afflictions of wasting, and all can be mitigated by marijuana.” While noting potential risks of smoking, the report acknowledged there is no clear alternative for people suffering from chronic conditions that might be relieved by smoking marijuana, such as pain or AIDS wasting. The government’s refusal to acknowledge this finding caused co-author John A. Benson to tell the New York Times that the government loves to ignore our report; they would rather it never happened. (Joy, JE, Watson, SJ, and Benson, JA. Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base. National Academy Press. 1999. p. 159. See also, Harris, G. FDA Dismisses Medical Benefit From Marijuana.
New York Times. Apr. 21, 2006)

Mark David When I was 12 years old, my mother died of Cancer. A shift in perspective over many years has turned my greatest tragedy into the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. My mother died so my life could have purpose and meaning. A relentless passion to create a world based on love and truth is the driving force behind the creation of this website. Subscribe to watch it all unfold.

n 11. ‘Chemical Imbalances’ Some will disagree, but mental health issues like ADD/ADHD, anxiety, insomnia, and depression can all be cured with proper diet, exercise and supplementation. In fact, these conditions are fairly new to the human population, and are on the rise, or at least diagnoses are on the rise. Of course the medical establishment benefits greatly from having more and more patients consuming drugs to remedy mental health issues.

Conclusion The soft kill is about distracting you from life, debilitating you, and getting you out of the game and into the pharmacy. It would take very little to eradicate so much of the toxicity from our modern world, but the initiative of the ruling elite is to destroy, contaminate and compromise all that which is most fundamental to life on planet earth. A deliberate soft kill. Is this an accident, or the global depopulation soft kill strategy working effectively for the world’s elite? What do you think?

About the Author Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind. Read more articles from Sigmund Fraud:

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Institutional Thinking

The Matrix, 1984 and The Allegory of The Cave By Ethan ‘Indigo’ Smith


OME PHILOSOPHICAL WORK is so profound as to be influential for thousands of years. Plato’s ‘The Republic‘ is one such series of dialogues. It explains and explores the relationship between state institutions and individuals, and has provided humanity with lessons in politics, philosophy and individual enlightenment since it was penned some two thousand years ago. One of the central dialogues in The Republic is called the Allegory of the Cave. The lessons the Allegory of the Cave provides to today’s world are numerous, and its depiction of our insidious societal structure is extremely accurate and insightful — despite often going unacknowledged as such. Through its exploration of our political outer states, it also explores our psychological inner state as well. The Allegory of The Cave proposes that what people take to be ‘reality’ in total is only a partial reality, or an all out illusion. As is all similar philosophy, the allegory is layered, but it is partially about breaking from mainstream thinking and seeking individual knowledge; the ascension of perspective; being in a cave and coming out of a cave. It’s about how we can ascend from the bottom to stand face-to-face with the golden Sun. Socrates begins: “Let me show you in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened Behold! Human beings living in an underground cave.”

The 4 Characters of the Cave In the Allegory there are four character types. Most people are chained, forced to watch images on a cave wall. Some however, the second character type, are unchained. They need no force; they are so transfixed with the imagery on the wall that the shadows are all they care about, and remain in the cave by choice. The images are cast on the wall by the third character type, the captors, who use a fire behind them to produce various shadows, to keep the prisoners entertained. The prisoners interpret the shadows, and whatever noises are made, as reality in total, for it is all they know. The fourth character type is the freed prisoner. The narrative of The Cave hypothesizes what happens after the prisoner is released from the false imagery to which

his society is subjected. In the film The Matrix, Neo is the freed prisoner; in 1984, Winston Smith dreams of being the freed prisoner.

The Freed Prisoner In the story of the freed prisoner it follows that, after initial shock and distress, the prisoner learns to distinguish between reality and shadows, and sees the fire producing the shadows. When exiting the cave, he is first blinded by the light but eventually learns the basics of nature. He learns what is real, and what is shadow and reflection. He learns of Earth and Water and that all is dependent on the Sun, seasons and all life. After learning of the true reality outside the cave, free of the false images of his captors, the prisoner is inclined to return and inform those still confined to the cave of their present predicament… with unexpected results. Similarly, the story of 1984 by George Orwell takes place within an imagined dystopian future; the allegorical cavern. The Telescreen, which constantly transmits as well as oversees, is equivalent to the shadows on the cave wall cast by the unseen captors, the Inner Party. Most people in 1984 are Proles; they are equivalent to the people chained in the cave, forced to accept false imagery as their reality. They have been prisoners their whole lives and do not notice the fact they are chained. The Outer party are the unchained, remaining totally transfixed on the party line told by the Telescreen. They are so loyal to the imagery and narrative created by their captors that they believe whatever they are shown, rather than observe for themselves. They will believe two plus two is five, as the saying goes, as long as it is presented as such on the Telescreen. In the dystopian world of The Matrix, the same futuristic Allegory of The Cave is again explored. Neo is freed and seeks to free the others, and encounters the same archetypes and challenges. Moreover the return of the freed prisoner can also be related to the ‘return of the prophet’ described in many theological constructs.

The Freed and the Scorned The experience of the freed prisoner who returns to the Cave to free his fellow captors is depicted in all three narratives; the Allegory of the Cave, 1984, and The Matrix. In 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein (Emmanuel = God is with us, Goldstein = gold rock) is a character who figuratively left the cave, or understood the Inner Party’s images were lies and attempted to get others to understand the institutional lies. Emmanuel is the supposed leader of the elusive Brotherhood in 1984, and is scorned, even hated by society. His attempt to enlighten his community to its captivity is met with disbelief, resistance and scorn. The character of Winston Smith in 1984 is that of a person who attempts to leave the cave. He is privy to certain Inner Party lies and begins to question the Inner Party line and seek alternate facts and perceptions. Winston’s end is not a happy one; akin to the return of the prisoner hypothesized in The Allegory of The Cave, he attempts to leave the cave only to be shut in and beaten down – made to hold the party line by both prisoners and captors alike. Similarly, today, individuals can transmute from dull repetitive ‘thought’ into ascended golden thinking, but as our minds are freed, one at a time, we ultimately find that our broader society is embedded with a series of norms and structures – of Matrices and Caves – that perpetuate false imagery, preserving the status quo from the ‘threat’ of individual thinking.

Individuals and Institutions Some fictional literature is so profound as to be relevant

Page 26

for decades (and centuries) and serves to expand humanity’s language and thought; its understanding of itself. George Orwell’s 1984 is one such literary work. It is a post WWII interpretation of the relationship between individuals and institutions, using the archetypal Allegory of the Cave. The Allegory of the Cave, 1984 and The Matrix contain corresponding layers. Each explores a diabolical form of societal control; the control of thought through the presentation of selective information and images, in combination with physical constraints of strict surveillance and imprisonment. Sound familiar? In fact, the original title of 1984 was proposed as The Last Man in Europe. Certainly that is the way many of us feel – as if we are the last lone person – when we first become aware of lies and partial-truths that are presented as reality by those in control, and accepted in totality by seemingly everyone else. George Orwell’s 1984 spawned new language for age-old structures of manipulation presented in the Allegory of the cave – the word “Orwellian” being one among many. This all-encompassing term is reflective of lies made to be truths, unlimited institutional surveillance, and logic so distorted as to not only convince the masses that two plus two equal five, but that war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength; and also to deny the very basic elements of nature… just as we do today. In reality, individual ignorance is strength to institutions. Everyone has their own personal caves and we are all figuratively held in larger societal caverns. Coming up with your own questions is the way to get out of the cave and gain enlightenment. Questioning what seems like a lie, or an illusion in the cave, is the first step outside the cave. The solid world exists; its laws do not change. Stones are hard, water is wet, objects unsupported fall toward the earth’s center. With the feeling that he was speaking to… and setting forth an important axiom, he wrote: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows”. ~ George Orwell’s 1984 g Animated Presentation of ‘The Allegory of the Cave’

Ethan Discusses ‘The Allegory of The Cave’ on Aquarian Radio: To listen to Ethan discussing the Allegory of the Cave, and much more, with Janet and Sasha on the Planetary Oligarchy series (presented by Aquarian Radio) follow this link:

About the Author

Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour.

The Operation Called ‘Manufactured Consensus’ By Jon Rappoport HIS OPERATION HAS various stages. It can be applied to issues like vaccination, GMO food, climate change, fake epidemics, elections, war—and it can be applied widely across the general subject of reality itself. It begins with some “authoritative” voice proclaiming an idea is a fact. Well, someone has to start the ball rolling. Very quickly, according to plan, others pick up the ball and echo the original idea. This includes both “respected” individuals and groups. Media join in. What follows is a scramble to gain public acceptance. All sorts of approaches are used in this stage of the process: the claim that a consensus has already been reached (which is a lie); attacks on dissidents and critics; warnings that refusal to accept the central idea will have dire consequences “for all of us”; cooked and slanted scientific studies; general reminders that the idea being promoted represents the greatest good for the greatest number; expressions of shock that there are “still people who refuse to accept the obvious”; new laws and regulations hammered into existence; subsequent legalized coercion; arguments so illogical and bizarre that people accept them, thinking they themselves must be missing the point; relegation of dissent to the margins of “wild



After a suitable period has passed, most people can’t even recall a time when the original idea was seriously disputed.

Disrupters from page 5

of creative rebellion that defy outdated currents and streams and enable the circumnavigation through new straits.

Step 3, Self-Purpose: “Selfishness is not living your life as you wish. It is asking others to live their life as you wish.” ­— Oscar Wilde Living on purpose is living with purpose. Don’t live on accident through programming, afraid of disrupting the status quo. Overthrow your programming instead. Be the upsetting factor, a disruptor of programs. In a world built upon unhealthy and unsustainable programming, it behooves us to become deprogram-

Dissonance (disagreement) registers as a negative reality When I had done these group experiments on and off for a few years, I began my research on what came to be the collections, “The Matrix Revealed” and “Exit From The Matrix.” I stressed the power of individual unfettered imagination, and offered many exercises to expand the scope and range of imagination. The program in favour of uniform consent fades and disintegrates in the face of imagination. What we call reality is a hodgepodge of engineered acceptance. The basic kernel of reality is the programmed desire for unity, which is nothing like the kind of unity that can occur when individuals who live through and by imagination concur and cooperate. An individual living a life through and by imagination invents new and unprecedented Reality. Engineered consensus withers. conspiracy theory”; the conjoining of dissent with negative images and feelings; the marginalizing of dissent into legal cases that wind through seemingly endless corridors of a maze; and, of course, endless repetition of the original idea. After a suitable period has passed, most people can’t even recall a time when the original idea was seriously disputed. And yet … none of these strategies would succeed, unless people felt a strong need for a centralized authority that defines reality. To put it another way, people have a quite minimal tolerance for chaos, in which there are many conflicting views on a subject of key importance. Years ago, I did interesting experiments with small groups, re: chaos. In one part of the experiment, I had the people in the group spontaneously sing a

mers of the first order. Our self-courage and our ability to create meaningful art won’t matter if it’s not put to use. Putting it to use is the epitome of living on purpose. And what better way to put it to use than to disrupt stagnant programming and then build new healthier and more sustainable programming? Deprogramming and then reprogramming is the epitome of disrupting the disrupters. Anyone who gets angry because of this “disruption” was too rigid and inflexible with their programming in the first place, which is probably why they became disrupters, and which is all the more reason for disrupters to disrupt them. All we need to do is figure out what needs to change and then help to change it in healthier ways, while also recognizing what cannot

note, all at once, any note. Ten people, ten different notes would emerge.

“Chaos.” Dissonance. I asked them to listen to the overall musical effect and then voice a note they believed would add greater dissonance to the group sound. Most of the time, if I let this go on long enough, the group would tend to retreat back into “harmony,” and end up all singing the same note. It didn’t matter which note. Everyone wound up voicing the same pitch. This was comfortable. This was acceptable. This was “unity.” So it is with ideas. Most people prefer that “harmony and unity.” They seek it. Somewhere in their minds, there is a learned program that asks for consensus, a program that prefers consent to

be changed and then being able to let it go (healthy detachment). When we discover self-purpose we discover that we have always had the courage it takes to accept what we can’t change and change what we can’t accept. Self-purpose is the side effect of a sharpened soul, and a sharpened soul is a double-edged sword that needs something to cut. What it cuts is twofold: it shreds what needs to change and slices away what needs letting go of. On the one side, creating a healthier process requires a shredding of the current unhealthy process. On the other side, creating a healthier process also requires shedding the burden of excess worry and superfluous concerns. The sharpened soul does both with great passion

About the author The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

and vigor, leaving an open, mindful place where self-courage and self-creation are free to manifest into self-purpose. Nothing disrupts the disrupters more than an individuated individual with a sharpened soul. Indeed, like Hattori Hanzo said in Kill Bill, “If on your journey, you should encounter God, God will be cut.”

About the Author Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide-awake view of the modern world. ©2015 Waking Times, all rights reserved.

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“We seldom realize that our most private thoughts and emotions are not actually our own. For we think in terms of languages and images which we did not invent, but which were given to us by our society.” - Alan Watts Page 28


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Help Yourself Videos Where to Find your copy of The New Agora Was the Real Matrix Disclosed in 1977?

Philip K. Dick, renowned author of science fiction, recounts his experience with what he claimed as the real matrix. Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War TPP: The Dirtiest Trade Deal You’ve Never Heard Of Alan Watts - Welcome to the Human Race ... It’s Actually all a Big Hoax! Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview Voting is an act of violence Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

100 of Our Top Spots Whole Foods Market - 510 West 8th Av, 1675 Robson Street and Park Royal Village Greens Organic Natural Market - 1978 W. Broadway Our Town Café -245 E. Broadway Eternal Abundance - 1025 Commercial Dr. Famous Foods - 1595 Kingsway Ignite Smoke Shop - 109 W. Cordova St. Toby`s Liquor Store - 2733 Commercial Dr. Whitby`s Books - 14833 Marine Dr. (Whiterock) Zulu Records - 1972 West 4th Bean Around the World - 1802 Lonsdale Ave. North Van. Genesis Nutrition – 1070 Davie St. 2570 Main St. & 2682 W. Broadway The Laughing Bean - 2695 E. Hastings St. Pharmasave-1671 E. Broadway Hempyz - 101, 20505 Fraser Hwy (Langley), 106, 19925 Willowbrook Dr (Langley) Hempyz - 14967 Marine Dr. (Whiterock) Minerva`s Mediterranean Deli - 3207 W. Broadway Deserts - 905 Commercial Dr. Elbow Room - 560 Davie St. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. - 1876 W. First Health on the Drive - 1458 Commercial Dr. Café by Tao 260 - 120 Esplanade W. Donald`s Market - 2342 E. Hastings St. Pizza 2001 - 595 W. Pender St. Buddha`s Sister-2918 West 4th Ave. Nelson the Seagull-315 Carrall St. Abraham`s Metaphysical Books - 2777 Commercial Dr. Jackson`s Meat and Deli - 2214 W. 4th One Stop Shop Games and Looks Wow - Face and Body - (International Village Mall)

Green Cross Society of BC -2145 Kingsway and 4296 Main St. Softy`s Shoes and Comfort - 215 Main St. (Penticton) Parthenon - 3080 W. Broadway Hamburger Mary`s -1202 Davie St. Norton Commons - 2501 W. Broadway The Wilder Snail -799 Keefer St. Ambrosia’s Health Food Store - Sunshine Coast Coco et Olive Fine Foods - 3707 Main St. Organic Acres - 3603 Main St. Choices - 2626 W. 16th, 1202 Richards St., 57th Ave, Kelowna and Whiterock 3248 King George Blvd Buddha-Full - 106 West 1st St. North Van. VPL Main Branch 5th Floor Breka Bakery -812 Bute (By Robson) Juliet`s Café and Catering - 1905 Cornwall Ave. Pacific Institute of Reflexology -535 W. 10th St. Banyen Books - 3608 W. 4th Planet Veg - 1941 Cornwall Ave Ingredients-2031 Store St. (Victoria) Mother Nature’s Market-240 Cook St. (Victoria) Sweet Cherubim - 1105 Commercial Dr. Serendipity`s Backyard - #120-12031 1st Ave. (Richmond) Organic Lives - 451 Granville St. (Chopra Yoga Center) East is East Restaurants - 3243 W. Broadway Cotton Mouth Smoke Shop -1120 Davie St. Tanglewood Books -2306 W. Broadway East West Supermarket - 4169 Main St. Salty Tongue - 212 Carrall St. East End Food Co-op - 1034 Commercial St. Kerrisdale Library - 2112 W. 42nd Ave. Kitsilano Library - 2425 MacDonald St.

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destiny. Choosing instead to play victim to a system it helped put in place. Today, eyes are slowly opening to what it is we have saddled ourselves with. Be it under the name of Conservative, Socialist, Liberal, Republican, Democrat or whatever – it makes not the slightest difference. They are simply entertaining variations of the same theme, and that theme remains mastered and controlled by a shadowy elite which quietly pulls all the main strings of power and will allow the game to be played strictly within its own terms – and no further So where do we go from here? By we, I mean that smallish minority who are capable of rational thought informed by vision and wisdom. This group cannot exert any serious

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West Van. and Edgemont Libraries Café Deux Soleil -2068 Commercial Dr. Nutraways Health Store -14 Lonsdale Emily Carr Art School - Granville Island The Gourmet Warehouse - 1340 E. Hastings The Roundhouse Community Centre -181 Roundhouse Mews Garden Health - 1205 Davie St. Pure Integrative Pharmacy - 238 Robson St. SFU-School for the performing Arts - 149 W. Hastings The Healing Tree-529 E. Hastings Companion Books - 4094 E. Hastings Lifestyles On Douglas(Victoria) Market On Yates-(Victoria) Health Essentials-Gorge St.-(Victoria) Mount Pleasant Community Center - 1 Kingsway at Main St. Eden Medicinal Society - 161 E. Pender, 1674 Davie St., 637 E. Hastings Cannabis Culture Headquarters - 307 W. Hastings Gaia Garden Apothecary - 2672 W. Broadway Back to Earth NaturalsVernon The Kush Organics-3004 31st St.-Vernon Vancouver Film School Café - 390 W. Hastings Vitamin King - 354 Main St. (Penticton) The Community Farm Store - 330 Duncan St. (Duncan) Wrap Zone - 351 Trans Canada Highway (Duncan) Leo`s Videos - 2680 Pandosy St. (Kelowna) Pier 17, Davis Bay - (Sunshine Coast) Truffles and Mike`s Place -Gibsons Hemp 420 - 5670 Cowrie St., Sechelt Seaweed Health Food Store - 689 Gibson`s Way (Gibsons) Vancouver Seed Bank- 872 E. Hastings

authority upon the society around it, because – in a democracy – a small minority cannot form the majority necessary to becoming an elected administrative body. But at least we are not going to deny that, should a council of wise elders be at the helm of regional, national and global affairs, the world would be a different place. The value systems would be reversed. Instead of money, power and selfish self interest dominating the scene, we would have humane values , deep ethics, and genuine justice as the main prerogatives, within an eclectic, multiethnic society. There are still tribal societies that operate on such a system. They are called ‘primitive’ and are vindictively linked to a scary voodoo world of witch doctors and unruly shamans. Every attempt has been made to wipe them off the map – both physically and by our ‘democratic’ Western value system’s high minded judgmental view on this

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ancient, time tested from of ‘leadership by the wise’. As we once again find our true spiritual footing, our thoughts naturally turn back to this form of society by the wise, because it is an organic response to our deeper, actual and nonsuperficial needs. No wonder the North American Indian tribes were wiped out or driven into special ‘reserves’; likewise the native South American tribes and the Aboriginals of Australia. The ‘democracy’ that supplanted them could have no truck with such deeply rooted and nature attuned cultures. The capitalist free market needed to exploit their sacred territories and rip out the uranium, gold and all other precious metals that, while under the ground, informed the vibratory geography of their holy sites. The supposed ‘civilization’ that plundered the native territories, was largely a Judeo-Christian fabrication, one with a strongly Eurocentric bias and a penchant for grandeur and unashamed material wealth. Nothing of ancient tribal or pagan origins had any place in this great show of unabashed self-importance. And it is from this tradition that most people reading this essay will probably have received their education – or more properly said: indoctrination. Yet along with its pride and arrogance, there have been some idealistic ventures in various parts of the world into territories that bear some resemblance to ‘leadership by the wise’ and these belong to the category of ‘benign dictatorships’. Fidel Castro of Cuba; Frederik the Great of Prussia; Mustafa Kamal Atutuk of Turkey; the king of Bhutan, are cited examples. Dictatorship is far less complicated than our form of democracy – but only if it is ‘benign’ can it be deemed genuinely superior. A number of great spiritual leaders have filled

this role of benevolent dictator during times of national crisis. Their followers seeing that they possess the qualities that combine love and leadership – consequently feel happy to live under their guidance. Great leaders always encourage the best to come forth in mankind, bypassing power and personal prestige in favour of leading by example. This form of ‘leading by example’ runs closer to universal spiritual principles of divine leadership than anything democracy has or can, ever come up with. When earthed and coupled with village level self determination and a council of wise elders – it probably constitutes the best role model we have to guide humanity through the crisis that is now upon us – and only likely to worsen. That is until a majority of human beings finally recognize themselves as divine entities – and therefore only answerable to the Supreme. None the less, it is beholden for all of us who are both willing and able to see a bigger picture, to now give serious amounts of time and energy to thinking through the basic tenets that need to be put in place so as to bring about the world that we know must replace the current crumbling dystopia. We must, as an imperative, lay the foundations of the life to come even before the present fiasco has reached its lowest point. That is the true meaning of taking responsibility for our destinies. …………………………………………………….. Julian Rose is an early pioneer of ecological farming, integrated rural economies and decentralized community regeneration. Farmer, writer, holistic thinker, broadcaster and activist: Julian campaigns against all attempts to sterilize our living earth and creative aspirations – and expresses belief in the power of the human spirit to awaken and direct our passion for life. You can buy his latest book “In Defence of Life” at amazon. com and via his website

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