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By Haley Nagasaki n 1994, Debbie Stephan began treatment for Bipolar Affective Disorder using the pharmaceutical drug Prozac. Fifteen years prior, Debbie’s father was overcome by the same disorder and ended his own life. Debbie sought help from the medical community in efforts to arrest the illness for the sake of her family. Tragically, only a short while after beginning treatment with Prozac, Debbie took her life by her own hand. Years passed before Anthony Stephan, Debbie’s husband and father of her children, would learn that the same drug used to treat bipolar disorder could also induce side effects of suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Anthony began noticing two of his children were exhibiting the same symptoms that cost the lives of his wife and father-in-law, and knew he could not afford to lose any more members of his family. Having witnessed the failure of pharmaceutical medicine, Anthony sought alternative treatments. He was inspired to try proper nutrition as a remedy, and discovered a combination of four components that would elicit a breakthrough formula; later branded “EmpowerPlus”. In 1996, Anthony founded a natural health organization for the restoration of the mind and body, called Truehope, after the promise it afforded his family following decades of anguish and despair. Anthony witnessed the transformation of his son Joseph after treatment with EmpowerPlus. His daughter Autumn returned to the comfort and safety of her home after round-the-clock supervision in a psychiatric ward. He presented his findings to the health community, certain that his discovery would be met with the same joy and

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Sentencing True Hope

David and Collet Stephan with their children gratitude as it was received in his family. Yet the naivety of these beliefs, in the preliminary stages of his organization, would haunt him and his family for decades to come. In the early 2000s, EmpowerPlus studies were being conducted with twelve Bipolar Affective Disorder patients. Most of them had already tried and failed with Prozac, all of them experienced rapid alleviation of their symptoms. These statistics were made public when CTV covered the Truehope story. In the days following the coverage however, Health Canada shut down all studies of the holistic product, stating that a drug identification number would be required to continue testing. Anthony began to suspect an ulterior agenda

that Health Canada had no intentions of granting him the number, and allowing studies to resume. He was faced with a difficult decision involving those Canadians who relied on EmpowerPlus for a stabilized condition. For the first time in his life, Anthony decided to forego the requests of the State, responding instead to his deep compassion and inherent morality. He knew in his grieving heart what was right, and he acted

upon it. In 2003, the fight for control escalated when shipments of EmpowerPlus were halted and confiscated at the Canada-US border; the products were being manufactured in the United States at the time. Thousands of dependent Canadians were denied their medication as a result. In attempts to mitigate the situation, Health Canada launched a Crisis Line knowing there would be an upheaval following the confiscation. Yet for many of those whose only successes against the Bipolar Affective Disorder had been with EmpowerPlus, the State decision to confiscate the supplements resulted in a number of new suicide cases. Matters worsened for the Stephans when the RCMP, backed by nine health agents, raided the Truehope head offices in what would later be deemed a series of scare tactics. The following year, Anthony Stephan was charged when

health regulations were altered. He was found Not Guilty for sharing EmpowerPlus with thousands of North Americans, which helped them to arrest their debilitating mental health conditions. By this time several members of the Stephan family had become involved with Truehope, recognizing their father’s selfless acts and its astounding results. Among them was Anthony’s fourth son, David Stephan. David currently works for his father as Vice President of Canadian Retail Sales, landing Truehope products in eight out of ten health stores across the nation. Victorious in their 2004 win for Truehope, the Stephan family believed their days of suffering at the hands of the State were over, and could resume fostering bright, healthy lives for themselves and many others. That was until 2012 when tragedy struck again for the Stephan family, claiming the life of nineteen-month-old Ezekiel Stephan, David and Collet’s second son. David and his wife Collet were married in 2004, and spent three years focusing on their wellness before conceiving children. In 2007 their first son, Ezra, was born healthy and strong. Collet never experienced postpartum disorders; she attributed her son’s health and her own well being to a constant flow of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids transferrable to her son through nursing. The couple’s second son Ezekiel was born August of 2010. David and Collet had home births for all four of their children, finding the bond to be superior, the environment cleaner, and the delivery more natural. David and Collet’s birth attendant, also a registered nurse, would become a close friend and great resource to the

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8 Secrets to Living Beyond 100 From the World’s Healthiest People

By Christina Sarich


n a lost kingdom high in the Himalayan Mountains, at one of the extreme northern points of India, bordering Kashmir, China and Afghanistan live a people with incredible secrets for longevity – the Hunzas. Pronounced hoon-zas, they are not a society of mythical legend, but real people living on ‘the roof of the world’ – often to the tender age of 145 years. Within this tiny, peace-loving society, comprised of just 30,000 people living in an inaccessible valley approximately 3000 meters above sea level, you can find women who give birth into their 60s and men who look like they’re in their 40s at twice that age. It is said that in addition to growing old – more than gracefully – they are also the happiest people in the world. This is an important distinction to make of the Hunza people, for their health is not only defined by the lack of disease, but also their overall quality of life, and direct experience of joy. They seem to possess boundless energy and enthusiasm for every day activities. When you compare this state of living within the Hunza community with the American way of life; we’re known for being obese, spending more for pharmaceutical drugs than any other country in the world, and repeatedly fairing poorly on sociological tests to measure happiness – you might deduce we have a lot to learn from them.

Hunza vs. the Western Lifestyle The Hunzas live almost twice as long as the average American – without taking copious pharmaceutical meds, without driving expensive new cars, and without a Whole Foods on every corner of suburbia. They have no suburbia; just a mountain valley, which is pure, and uncontaminated by modern industrial chemicals, GMO foods, or contaminated water. Their very lifestyle makes you question everything we hold ‘sacred’ in this country. Even at 100 years of age (the American average lifespan is only 70) a Hunza is not considered elderly. 90-year-old Hunza men often father children, and 80-year old Hunza women make Naomi Campbell look geriatric. So what’s their big secret? How do we live more like the Hunza, barring a move to a remote Himalayan village?

The Hunza Secrets to Longevity 1. Use Food as Medicine and Eat Frugally The Hunza’s climate is harsh due to its geographical location, so they eat frugally. Typically, they eat little meat and dine on only two small meals a day. They don’t eat their first meal until noon, even though they often engage in hard, physical labor starting at 5:30 AM. The ‘breaking-of-their-fast,’ or breakfast, combined with small, mostly vegetarian and whole grain meals likely keep their digestive systems healthy. Evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Adler, who led recent research to study how limiting food intake actually helps us to live longer, said that cutting back on food leads to increased rates of “cellular recycling” and repair mechanisms in the body. This means slower aging because our cells are ‘recycled.’ Comparatively, due to all the added

Their very lifestyle makes you question everything we hold ‘sacred’ in this country. Even at 100 years of age, a Hunza is not considered elderly. refined carbs and sugars, Americans are often consuming many more calories in every meal than they really need – not to mention they aren’t getting any cellular regeneration from good nutrition. Six bodily tissues are regenerated entirely by the nutritious foods we eat. Unlike most Westerners, Hunzas eat primarily for the establishment and maintenance of health rather than for pleasure.

2. Pristine Food, Water, Soil and Air Quality Hunza food is completely natural, containing no chemical additives. The Western diet is full of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, genetically modified organisms, processing chemicals, sugars, fake sugars, MSG, artificial ‘flavors,’ and sometimes even formaldehyde – a chemical used to process the dead in a morgue! The Hunza’s way to process fruit is to let it dry in the sun. They ‘process’ milk and cheese, but with no chemicals or hormones. It is against Hunza law to spray their gardens with pesticides. Renee Taylor, in her book Hunza Health Secrets for Long Life and Happiness, (Prentice-Hall 1964) says that the Mir, or ruler of Hunza, was recently instructed by Pakistani authorities to spray the orchards with pesticide, but the Hunzas refused. Instead, they spray their trees with a mixture of water and ashes, which protects the trees without poisoning the fruit. The entire way of life for a Hunza is ORGANIC.

3. Eat Less Meat Though the Hunzas do eat meat about once a week, primarily chicken or fish, it looks nothing like what we eat from factory farms in the West. They instead focus on organic fruits and vegetables, grains like barley, millet, and buckwheat, and most of what they eat is raw and fresh – so it still contains life force.

4. A Known Cancer Cure The Hunza people also have a particular appetite for apricot pits. One of the biggest

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How to Grown 6,000 Pounds of Healthy Food Yourself The Benefits of Going Vegetarian Energy Field Wars on Humanity Animals for Meat and The Environment Factory Farming Harms Our Environment Don’t Intend Money Directly

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Marijuana as A Spiritual Ally The Sun is a Full Spectrum Medicine Forgiveness-8 Unexpected Benefits All Eyes on The Control Matrix The “Dreaming’’ in Aboriginal Australia

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New Agora Agent

Dan Merchant

OBSERVATIONS AND OPINIONS Marijuana Myths go Up in Smoke

Haley Nagasaki

Founder of The original Agora

The Precipice of Power O

or, Grabbing Freedom by the Short-Hairs

f late my life has become entirely whirled by forces beyond easy understanding. What’s presently changed is my perception of actually minding that wild spinning, swirling, spiraling amplification of intent, presently being expressed now in this “vortextual” way. I very much like that new word; and these are truly the times to bring them into our evolutionary dialogue. Times, time, there really is only Now. Only one Now in which to act, only one Now in which to change, to transmogrify, to flower, to take up the challenge before us all, to literally create our own new paradigm. I know it’s strange to imagine we have that kind of power, but it’s true, we do. Paradigms are a funny thing, although not as funny as the folks embodying them and feeding them with their attention. These intentional and imaginational energies are well worth the observation and study. Persistent, though the illusions of these disposable paradigms may seem at times, this one dominating and consuming most of the Earth and Her Peoples, is a doozy. “They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, and filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now. “I know that even though you have never suffered hunger,” he went on, “you have food anxiety which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its maneuver is going to be uncovered, and its food is going to be denied. “Through the mind, which after all is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. The predators ensure in this manner a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.” * And to think it couldn’t continue without our participation, and wouldn’t exist without stealing the power we possess as creations of Creation. That’s you, I mean, me as well. Our folks, and kin, everyone’s got that kind of juice. Or at least they have it for a while. When the machine’s done with them however... well, we all know how it goes more or less: loss of strength and life force, decrepitude and then an unpleasant end, or so I’ve seen. A rat-racing hamsterwheel all ready for us to gogogo, with our only destination being survival, rushing to nowhere fast. Survival, or the fear of death as I see it, is antithetical to longevity; doesn’t really do a body good all that stress. Quite the killer as we feel and know in our hearts. “I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer, and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs; or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior.” * I know what most say when facing the simple obvious truth about what humans really are, of where and why. Boxed in and prepackaged, our experience of life presently manifesting in the endless Unknown, is a pale and artificial reflection. What is actually so, what is

Greg Rakozy actually out there and in here waiting for birth, is in fact awareness and a responsibility of a purely sublime nature. The Dark Sea of Awareness I’ve enjoyed it called. Poetically reversed, it accurately describes what I see lapping at the shores of my mirador (another great word to grow with) when gazing down at the bottom-feeding frenzy occupying mankind’s consciousness. The French take the watchtower meaning word ‘mirador’ and add a perfectly fitting twist for this situation. Poste d’observation, de surveillance d’un camp de détention. How apropos! How strange again. I only discovered that facet of this gem a moment ago. Makes one go look at the word ‘detention’ again. Never liked the experience in school I can tell you. When I consider the time spent…well, then I really do want to share a little more French with everyone. Detention: n. f. État d’une personne privée de sa liberté. Il a été condamné à la détention perpétuelle. SYNONYME emprisonnement. Nail on the head again. The state (and State if you ask me) of a person deprived of their liberty, their freedom taken from them. The synonym smacks about right too. Life often feels like a bit of a prison, even comes with a death sentence. That’s if we’re being honest; and we are being honest here. Without honesty as a guide we get nowhere together or apart. Of course honesty is the one thing most folks have trouble with almost to an allergic degree. Could be the food. Ok, in part we know it’s the food. The crazy fluoridated water doesn’t help much either. Neither do the consuming paradigms of a low vibrational predator species, possessing the mind of Man. “What I’m saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He’s an average piece of meat. There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic.” * At this point one could easily conclude that GMO, as in ‘genetically modified organism’, fairly describes much of what the human family has become after decades

and decades of existence have passed through the machines of mad science. And they certainly didn’t stop there. Can’t forget the skies and what they perpetually spray up above. It’s us they spray really. Just like bugs, worse in actuality, weakening the colony while they work us for our milk and honey. I’ve watched closely at the effect for decades, and worked hard to stay strong and healthy regardless. I feel it all quite deeply and the New Agora often reflects this. No surprise there. No surprise either at how many of the good people who join this agora have something to do with helping with the protection and cultivation of our health and wellbeing. The geoengineering is as real as the fracking is insane, along with the schools, jobs, TV, pornographic culture of programming and manipulation. Quite the stacked deck. No winners in that game. Even got my sentences fragmenting. So why play? I ask you. After all it’s a dead paradigm, folks. Hungry but dead. Crazy how that works. Crazier still how it makes us work away our freedoms, our lives, our stories, our everything, everything we have and are, and everything we can or will be. And for what? For transitory empty indulgences and false promises of security that are all just overtures for every kind of trauma imaginable. Let us be clear: this artificial system needs our lives to continue its unnatural parody of same. Without our participation it has no real energy other than it’s own decaying and distorting nature. “They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. “Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, gallineros, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.” * How much longer can we really hold onto this chance of a chance to be free? How much longer can most people pretend that everything is just fine.

How many days must the sky be filled with a maleficent obscuration occluding the very light that gives us all life? This dark cover stains the very spirit of humanity as so few dare to look up, and even fewer to wake up to that palpable pollution insinuating itself into our pores. How much longer do we have before we finally get what we really deserve? What exactly is the reward for apathy, for doing nothing when so much needs caring for, and so many? Every month we watch the gravity of selfishness and survival steal away what opportunity might once have existed between us. To do good works together in saving ourselves from irresponsibility’s inevitable conclusion, is a delight and a very real way of honing one’s best self. Every day my cohorts and I struggle through, what passes as our lives, after sacrificing so much that others simply take for granted, to bring you this free communication from our best intentions. We’ve been honored to do so. But frankly, we’re barely making it every month, and I don’t just mean those of us so engaged in this basically selfless project called the New Agora. Oh, sure I put on a happy face (one of the first tricks I learned here) while watching acquaintances, business partners, closest friends and family choose something other than love. What exactly is the other choice? Choose fear? I guess that it’d make a freaky t-shirt, but as a life decision and direction choosing fear is no way to live. I’ve experienced this all right alongside everyone else, and don’t doubt the veracity of struggle and battle we share in common. Offering what warnings and wisdom we are able to, and to help as best we can has been our saving grace these last many years. We are better for the experience and effort. I ask you yet again to imagine what we might accomplish together. For nothing less than a true creative victory from us all will save the day. That’s why we are here. We are the answer to the question. The cure for the dis-ease. Our gifts are endless, and our courage unquenchable. After all, look where we had to go to learn how to really embody that courage. A line from the book I’ve been working on for so long comes to mind. You are the Hero & Freedom is the Path. So sure they’ve got us by the short hairs, the rascals. But if you think about it for a moment you’ll realize where we’ve got them as well. And we’re not cowards. Don’t believe the hype. That’s their job, cowardice I mean. Lucky us I say. Without us they die. Without them we are free. No wonder they’re so good at acting frightful, what with being so terribly frightened all the time. No wonder we chose this time of times to bring out our best. And yet perhaps a little wonder is called for, perhaps even a lot. *The Active Side of Infinity” — Carlos Castaneda, 1998.

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Mary Rivas

breast cancer and prevents mental retardation. It


hen most people think about iodine, they tend to think it’s only good for the thyroid. But it’s not just the thyroid that is hungry for this mineral! Iodine is also concentrated in the salivary glands, the lining of the stomach and the small intestine, the breasts and ovaries, the eyes, and the part of the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is produced. Deficiency of iodine in any tissue can cause problems with that area of the body and weakens the immune system. Some symptoms of iodine deficiency are brain-fog, nodules in the skin like are common with arthritis, fibrosis and fibroids, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. Dr. David Brownstein’s book Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It is perhaps one of the best’s books on iodine. In his book, he explains how iodine can kill fungi, bacteria, viruses and how it removes fluoride and enables the body to detox heavy metals— even the toxic metals (e.g., mercury, cadmium) that other detox methods can’t remove. Iodine basically feeds your glands; it feeds all your cells. More researchers are rediscovering that this mineral has miraculous effects on the entire body. The Nobel laureate Dr. Albert Szent Györgi (1893 – 1986), the physician who discovered vitamin C, wrote: “When I was a medical student, iodine in the form of KI was the universal medicine. Nobody knew what it did, but it did something and did something good. We students used to sum up the situation in this little rhyme: If ye don’t know where, what, and why Prescribe ye then K and I (iodine).” Lynne Farrow author of The Iodine Crisis has written extensively about how iodine helps

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topic of salt, you’ll want to avoid white table salt

the beneficial effects on the brain and energy

A Miracle Mineral For Your Brain, Body & Spirit is well documented that iodine deficiency is the leading cause of mental retardation in the world.

There’s more! Lack of iodine negatively impacts your cognitive abilities because your brain needs sufficient iodine. Beyond helping the brain function, sufficient iodine strengthens your will. People will be amazed at how strong their will becomes! This effect could be due to the fact that iodine removes fluoride out of the pineal gland– an endocrine gland located in the brain that is said to be the “seat of the soul.” The pineal gland is also referred to as the third eye, and acts as a gateway to Spirit and higher levels of consciousness, beyond our brain-created matrix. Did you know that well over 90% of people are iodine deficient? I find that really interesting. If iodine can be a miracle cure, why are we not being educated about its powerful effect on the body? Is it because it can’t be patented and is not a moneymaker for the pharmaceutical industry?

How to get the iodine you need? With the exception of seafood, including sea plants like seaweed, iodine is not found in great abundance in many foods. And, table salt is not going to help you get the iodine you need. Research shows that just ten percent of iodine in salt is completely absorbed by your body. And, it provides miniscule amounts of iodine, far below the recommended dosage. Since we’re on the

when you do use salt. Instead, invest a little more money and get good Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt. The best form of supplemental iodine is “nascent iodine” or what is also referred to as atomic iodine. It has superior absorption because of its molecular structure. Follow this link here to find out the top 5 benefits of this form of iodine and watch an excellent video on iodine.

What do the experts say about dosage? The RDA for iodine is around 150 mcg but according to Dr. David Brownstein, we should be getting far more than the government recommended dose. Dr. Brownstein and other researchers recommend doses ranging from 6-50 mg/day for most people. Some researchers recommend high doses, like 50 to 100mg a day, to replenish the body’s iodine and remove any microbes that have built up over the years because of the body’s weakened immune system due to all toxins in our environment. Given that iodine has no side effects like pharmaceuticals, and there is no development of resistance against it, it’s hard to argue against taking high dosages.

How long does it take to reap the benefits? While it can take many months to clear out toxins or to help something like ovarian cysts,

levels are much faster. People who take iodine in sufficient amounts report that they have a greater sense of well being, increased energy, and a lifting of brain fog and sharper mental abilities. To find out more about iodine, I recommend Dr. Edward F. Group’s video “Everything You Need To Know About Iodine.” He has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and is well respected by authors and researchers. We all need to strengthen our bodies because when our health is strong, we can much more easily cope with challenges in life. We need all our energy to navigate the massive changes that are coming.

About the Author Mary Rivas is a staff writer for Waking Times. Visit and sign up to get a free Theta audio to deeply relax the body and mind + an e-book on manifesting + monthly wisdom tips. This article (Iodine –A Miracle Mineral For Your Brain, Body & Spirit) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Mary Rivas and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. Please contact for more info. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of WakingTimes or its staff.

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The heart’s afferent neurological signals directly affect activity in the amygdala and associated nuclei, an important emotional processing center in the brain. The amygdala is the key brain center that coordinates behavioral, immunological, and neuroendocrine responses to environmental threats. It compares incoming emotional signals with stored emotional memories, and accordingly makes instantaneous decisions about the level of perceived threat. Due to its extensive connections to the limbic system, it is able to take over the neural pathways, activating the autonomic nervous system and emotional response before the higher brain centers receive the sensory information. The heart communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. The heart’s magnetic component is about 500 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body. It was proposed that, this heart field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronizing signal for the entire body. There is now evidence that an influential electromagnetic communication system operates just below our conscious awareness. Energetic interactions possibly contribute to the magnetic attractions or repulsions that occur between individuals, and also affect social relationships. It was also found that one person’s brain waves could synchronize to another person’s heart. When people touch or are in proximity, one person’s heartbeat signal is registered in the other person’s brainwaves. When two

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Salves • Ra Oils & wC ed ho s u f co n I l la a te b r e


uring organ transplantation there have been numerous reports of emotions, memories and experiences being transferred along with the transplanted organ from donor to the recipient. Dr. Pearsall, an American cardiologist, has collected the cases of 73 heart transplant patients and 67 other organ transplant recipients and published them in his book, “The Hearts Code”. Here is a sample of a case that has been reported: Claire Sylvia develops desire for chicken nuggets and green peppers. On May 29, 1988, an American woman named Claire Sylvia received a heart transplant at a hospital in Yale, Connecticut. She was told that her donor was an 18 year-old male from Maine who had just died in a motorcycle accident. Soon after her operation, Sylvia declared that she felt like drinking beer, something she hadn’t particularly been fond of before. Later, she observed an uncontrollable urge to eat chicken nuggets and found herself drawn to visiting the popular chicken restaurant chain, KFC. She also began craving green peppers which she hadn’t particularly liked before. She started behaving in an aggressive and impetuous manner following the surgery. Sylvia also began having recurring dreams about a mystery man named Tim, whom she felt was the organ donor. She searched for obituaries in newspapers published from Maine and was able to identify the young man whose heart she had received. His name had indeed been Tim. After visiting Tim’s family, she discovered that he used to love chicken nuggets, green peppers and beer. These experiences are documented in her book, A Change of Heart . In 1974, the French researchers Gahery and Vigier, working with cats, stimulated the vagus nerve (which carries many of the signals from the heart to the brain) and found that the brain’s electrical response was reduced to about half its normal rate when stimulating the vagus nerve. The heart appeared to be sending meaningful messages to the brain that it not only understood, but also obeyed (4). Later, neurophysiologists discovered a neural pathway and mechanism whereby input from the heart to the brain could inhibit or facilitate the brain’s electrical activity. Dr. Armour introduced the idea of functional “heart brain.” His research revealed that the heart has a complex intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently refined to qualify as a “little brain” in its own right, due to its independent existence. The heart’s nervous system contains around 40,000 neurons, called sensory neurites. The heart’s brain is an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells similar to those found in the brain proper. Its elaborate circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain to learn, remember, and even feel and sense. Information from the heart, including feeling sensations, is sent to the brain through several afferents. These afferent nerve pathways

enter the brain at the area of the medulla, and cascade up into the higher centers of the brain, where they may influence perception, decisionmaking and other cognitive processes. When heart rhythm patterns are coherent the neural information sent to the brain facilitates cortical function. This effect is often experienced as heightened mental clarity, improved decision-making and increased creativity. Additionally, coherent input from the heart tends to facilitate the experience of positive feeling states. States of increased heart rhythm coherence are associated with improvements in cognitive performance (9). The brain’s alpha wave activity is synchronized to the cardiac cycle. During states of high heart rhythm coherence, alpha wave synchronization to the heart’s activity significantly increases.

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s • Single H e Blend r b s& od Sp rfo i pe c es Su •

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l Extracts • Artisan rba He e H rba id l Te u Liq as •

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Anonymous Takes Down U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Rothschild Bank Under Investigation Over Missing $4 Billion in Corruption Probes



ast year the veil of invincibility seemingly came off the secretive Rothschild banking empire, as Baron David de Rothschild and his company the Rothschild Financial Services Group were indicted by French prosecutors for allegedly defrauding British pensioners in a scheme that saw large sums of money embezzled.

fter announcing a global call to arms against the “corrupt global banking cartel,” the hacker collective known as Anonymous, in conjunction with numerous other hacktivist groups, have taken over 20 central banks offline, including striking at the heart of the Western imperialist empire; the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, the Bank of England and the Bank of France.


July 9th & 10th, 2016 The Westin Bayshore

British Scientist Plans to Genetically Modify Human Embryos After Ethics Committee’s Approval


enetically modified humans might seem like a far-out idea that has a place only in science fiction but is actually what some scientists have in store for humanity in the very near future. After receiving the go-ahead from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) earlier this year, British scientist Dr. Kathy Niakan, of the Francis Crick Institute, will now be able to genetically modify human embryos.

1601 Bayshore Dr, Vancouver, BC

Nestle Admits to Using Slave Labor in Thailand’


estle is currently facing child slave labor charges in Ivory Coast, and has recently been hit with yet another charge that exposes their use of forced labor in Thailand. Nestle has recently admitted to incidences of forced labor within its supply chain in Thailand.

Study: Electric Vehicles Pollute More Than Gas-powered Cars


re electric cars more environmentally mean than green? This may be the case, as a new study indicates that electric vehicles actually emit more harmful pollutants than internal-combustion cars do. How could this be? Citing the study, conducted by Peter Achten and co-author Victor Timmers at the University of Edinburgh, the Daily Caller explains that electric cars’ “zero tailpipe emissions” selling point is deceptive.

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Chilean Artist Steals $500 Million in Student Debt Papers and Burns Them


o combat the exploitation of Chile’s students by a for-profit education system, this artist did the unthinkable. In a video-taped confession that recently surfaced on online, Papas Fritas admits to personally stealing some $500 million worth of student loan papers from the Universidad del Mar, one of Chile’s premier for-profit universities, and subsequently burning them down to a pile of ash, which he photographed and labeled, ‘an act of love.’.

Internal Exposure Concealed: The True State of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident


agasaki Katsuma, emeritus professor of Ryukyu University, has been constantly sounding the alarm about the problem of internal exposure related to nuclear weapons testing and nuclear electricity generation. Since the explosion at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (NPP), he has drawn on his expertise to conduct field research, and to support those who evacuated to Okinawa.

This Biotech Company Will Be Using Stem Cells To Resurrect The Brains Of The Clinically Dead


US biotechnology company called Bioquark to have been given permission to recruit 20 clinically dead patients and attempt to bring their central nervous systems back to life. They hope to eliminate patients’ need to rely on machines by reanimating parts of the upper spinal cord, where the lower brain stem is located, to potentially energize vital body functions like breathing and heartbeats.

Health New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA


onsider this article in light of the accelerating push to mandate and enforce vaccination across the planet. The reference is the New York Times, 3/15/15, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” It describes the frontier of research. Here are key quotes that illustrate the use of synthetic genes to “protect against disease,” while changing the genetic makeup of humans. This is not science fiction:

Why fracking is the next big threat facing organic agriculture


he controversial oil and gas mining technique known as fracking, may pose a significant threat to the future of U.S. organic agriculture, according to an analysis conducted by researchers from the FracTracker Alliance, and published in March 2015.

Fukushima medical survey confirms 14 new child thyroid cancer cases


he number of child thyroid cancers discovered in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster has reached 131, with the latest panel review adding 14 to the list of those suffering from the deadly disease, along with dozens of new suspected cases.

How antidepressants ruin your natural serotonin so you can’t be happy again ... without your pills


he use of antidepressants has skyrocketed in recent years, despite a growing consensus that these drugs are dangerous and often ineffective in treating the conditions for which they are prescribed. Health experts in the US and the UK are concerned about the high rate of antidepressant use in both countries, and have warned that the trend could lead to a “public health disaster.”

Pfizer VP Comes Clean & Tells The Truth About Pharmaceutical Companies


elow is a clip taken from the “One More Girl” documentary, a film regarding the Gardasil vaccine, which was designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus. In it, Dr. Peter Rost, MD, a former vice president of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (Pfizer), shares the truth about the ties between the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

The MMR vaccine-autism connection: CDC corruption exposed


t is becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss the evidence. While you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media, it is becoming clear that one of the country’s most trusted agencies - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - is involved in a cover up regarding the link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The scandal is one Brian Hooker, Ph.D. knows all too well, as he has been fighting for years to uncover the truth.

Science, Tech & Beyond Physicists solve quantum tunneling mystery


n international team of scientists studying ultrafast physics have solved a mystery of quantum mechanics, and found that quantum tunneling is an instantaneous process.The new theory could lead to faster and smaller electronic components, for which quantum tunneling is a significant factor. It will also lead to a better understanding of diverse areas such as electron microscopy, nuclear fusion and DNA mutations.

Did Scientists Stumble on a Battery that Lasts Forever?


he discovery that could lead to ultra-longlife batteries happened by serendipity. A team of researchers led by Reginald Penner, chair of the university’s chemistry department, had been studying nanowires, tiny conductive wires that show great promise for use in batteries. One day, Mya Le Thai, a PhD candidate in Penner’s lab, decided on a whim to switch the liquid electrolyte surrounding the nanowire assembly with a gel version..

Page 9

Marijuana myths go up in smoke Study shows IQ, academic performance not impacted by cannabis use

By L.J. Devon


annabis, a wonderful foodmedicine, has been demonized for decades. No plant has ever been fraught with such extreme controversy. Police raids are conducted to seize and burn this plant and to lock growers away. Innocent people are shot and killed in their own homes because of the war on this plant. Fraudulent and incomplete studies have attempted to darken people’s perspectives about this plant, but those who know it best, who have firsthand experience with it, understand that it’s harmless and actually healing. Cannabis use doesn’t lower a person’s IQ, as suggested by a widely publicized 2012 New Zealand study in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. A separate review of that data, published in the same journal, proved that IQ changes were the result of socioeconomic differences and not cannabis use. In fact, the demonized plant is actually beneficial for connecting the nervous system of the body with the immune system, helping the two systems communicate through the suppressed endocannabinoid receptors in the human body.

Marijuana Myths Going Up In Smoke Cannabis isn’t making people stupid. New data published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology is making the myths surrounding

t y M hs

cannabis use go up in smoke. A group of 2,235 participants was first given the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 3rd Edition at an individual clinic session when they were eight years old. When they turned 15, adolescents were administered the Vocabulary and Matrix Reasoning subsections of the Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence. At this point, the adolescents provided cumulative lifetime cannabis use data by reporting their cannabis use on a scale of, ‘never’, ‘less than 5 times’, ‘5–19 times’, ‘20–49 times’, ‘50–99 times’

and ‘100 times or more’. They also reported their cigarette and alcohol use on the same scale. At age 16, the adolescents’ educational performance was measured using Key Stage 4 national testing. On the surface of the study results, it seemed that cannabis use caused lower educational performance. “Increasing cumulative cannabis use correlated with poorer educational performance at the age of 16 (p<0.001). Cannabis use of over 50 times predicted an average score of 11.6 percentage points lower than never-users.” However, once the confounding factor of cigarette use was factored in, it suddenly became clear why educational performance fell. The study finds, “Cumulative cigarette use was the key attenuator of the association between cumulative cannabis use and both IQ ... and educational performance. Further, cumulative cigarette use remained negatively associated with both outcomes in the fully adjusted models. Those who had used cigarettes >100 times were estimated to have an age 15 adjusted IQ 3.2 points lower ... and an adjusted educational score 7.4 percentage points lower ... than never-users of cigarettes.” “[T]hose who had used cannabis [greater than or equal to] 50 times did not differ from never-users on either IQ or educational performance,” the study concludes, pointing out that cigarette use is the main culprit behind lowered IQs and poorer academic performance. The real danger of cannabis is the war

waged against it The only thing dangerous about cannabis use, is the war that is waged against it, especially when armed troops burst onto people’s properties, violating natural law, and sometimes killing innocent people. The only IQ-lowering, brain-damaging reality about marijuana is the level of brainwashed ignorance aimed at the plant. Cannabis should be a staple food in people’s diets, sold in the produce section at grocery stores alongside ginger root and kale. The demonization of the plant has created a sort of dark, underground culture of rebellion that fuels adolescents’ negative attitude towards authority, obedience and learning. Perhaps cannabis use spurs adolescents to see through the phoniness of the education system, standardized testing and an A-F system, encouraging them to think outside the box and learn creatively, in individualist ways, that academic standard testing and IQ tests can’t measure.

Sources include: n Study: Cannabis Use Not Predictive Of Lower IQ, Poorer Educational Performance n Learn more: http://www.naturalnews. com/052694_cannabis_IQ_tests_healing_food. html#ixzz4AByJaCn2

cannalife Cannabis Alchemy for healing the mind, body and spirit A delicious line of topicals, medicinals and body products created to soothe and heal you naturally, using the power of Cannabis.

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~~ By Stephen Gray


o the Sufis, eating hashish was an act of worship. The benefits they claimed from their use of hashish included otherwise unattainable insights into themselves, as well as laughter, happiness, reduced anxiety, reduced worry, and increased music appreciation. But most importantly, as the Sufi al-Is’irdi noted, was the “secret” of the drug, which permits “the spirit to ascend to the highest points in a heavenly ascension of disembodied understanding.”

It’s exciting and rewarding to see the passing of an era of ignorance and negativity concerning humanity’s ancient friend and ally. Conditions are changing rapidly. Jurisdictions around the world are decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis. New research is uncovering a surprising range of medical benefits of the plant. Entrepreneurs are having a field day in places like Alaska, Washington, and Colorado (“Bud and Breakfast” anyone?) But in this rush toward a new regime, one particular gift offered by cannabis is still being largely overlooked, although fortunately this too is changing. Those who have experienced this “secret” might proclaim that it’s the plant’s most remarkable gift to humanity. When used skillfully, in conditions of optimal set and setting, the “holy herb”—a s Rastafarians have called it — has the potential to soften the ego, open the heart, invite inner stillness, and in certain conditions function as “the vehicle to cosmic consciousness.” But there’s a problem here, and it’s probably the main reason so few of us have personally ex-



~ ~ aN OPEN SECRET ~ ~

perienced, or even been aware of, the full extent of cannabis’ remarkable awakening potential. It’s the universal condition that great spiritual traditions have wrestled with for thousands of years — the difficulty of waking up to reality from illusion. Without going into the pharmacokinetics of cannabis’ action in the human body, a good simple description is to say that Cannabis is an amplifier. It’s hard enough for most of us to sit still and allow the thinking mind to take some time off. Cannabis ups the ante. It can bring us in to these deeper, truer states, but we have to get “head traffic” out of the way to allow it to do its work effectively. I have no wish to judge anyone for their preferred ways of using cannabis. (It is the people’s plant after all.) It’s just that along with all the historical and current accounts of cannabis spiritual experiences I’ve come across, I’ve occasionally seen through the veils and found myself in an exquisite heart-awake, inner landscape of peace that only reveals itself when I’m giving the plant my undivided attention. Muscles relax. Breathing becomes deeper and more expansive. The thinking mind settles and that encompassing presence begins to reveal itself.

Synchronizing Mind and Body If you haven’t entered similar landscapes when the “small self” is allowed to stand aside for a while, it’s important to understand that experience is likely necessary. Learning to recognize and allow the obscurations to dissipate will take repeated experiences and perseverance for the great majority of us. Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) summed it up in a nutshell — the now is never enough. We look

outside ourselves for satisfaction and salvation. The thinking mind always wants to fill the space and secure ego’s territory. To find and enter this ‘other’ potential requires two key discoveries. The first is the recognition that mind’s busyness obscures awareness of the unconditioned state of reality, and that we are choosing that and can change it. The second is that to our surprise, as we learn to tame the wild mind, we begin to realize that the space of non-thought presence wasn’t worthy of our fear and resistance. It’s actually a far more rich and expansive way to be in the world than continually, or mostly, living in our heads under the tyranny of self-limiting narratives.

The Simplicity of a Swinging Door Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the pure nectar of This Moment.. — Rumi So . . . we sit down and pay attention to the breath — in a relaxed way, not too serious— and notice when thoughts come up, not fighting with them but gently and non-judgmentally letting them go, again and again. In the ancient traditions it’s simple. You just sit. As Zen master Shunruyi Suzuki said, “What we call ‘I’ is just a swinging door which moves when we inhale and when we exhale” — very ordinary on some level. But with experience it’s possible that a previously hidden delight begins to make an appearance. We don’t have to chase rabbits. We don’t have to hold onto the shore. We can just be. It feels good. It feels right. It’s about returning to who we really are, not shipping on new beliefs — although some shaky faith or willingness to suspend disbelief may be

necessary. Meditation belongs to everyone. In the purest sense it just means presence. Any technique that encourages at least a degree of nonthought presence can be helpful, including, for those able to, simply moving gracefully through the day, relaxed, open-hearted, fully here.

Ready? Or not? Again, as an amplifier, a deepener, cannabis can strengthen and empower directed attention. It pretty much goes without saying that not everyone is ready to take the journey of healing and awakening. It requires a willingness to change, a willingness to let go of the old narrative package of the self. There are also mechanics that likely require practice for working with cannabis as a spiritual ally. The source of the material, the dosage, the strain, the setting, one’s intention and commitment, frequency of use, and more can influence the effectiveness of the work. Legendary crazy-wisdom ganja guru Ganesh Baba had only two rules for smoking: Sit straight, spine perfectly aligned; and dedicate your smoking to whatever spiritual source makes sense to you. (In his case Shiva: the Lord of Bhang.) Here’s a suggestion for anyone who hasn’t worked with cannabis in this way of giving her your undivided attention. Find a quiet, comfortable environment, alone or with others of similar intention. Commit yourself to a specific time period not to pick up a book, listen to music, talk to companions, check text messages; follow that line of thinking (no

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Hemp Eats Radiation, Cleans Toxic Metals from Soil By Brandon Turbeville


t appears the uses of hemp are endless. In addition to myriad industrial products such as paper, construction material, clothing, food and fuel, hemp is also known to draw out toxic substances from the soil. In other words, not only does hemp provide humans with innumerable products, it also helps to clean the environment of the mistakes we have made in the past. It has already been discovered that hemp may be extremely useful in the removal of cadmium from the soil and other toxic metals, as well as radiation. In fact, hemp has been seen as so successful in removing radiation from the soil that it is even being considered for use in Fukushima for the purposes of drawing out radiation. The process by which hemp cleans polluted soil is called phytoremediation – a term given to the process of using green plants to clean up the environment or “remediate” soil or water that has been contaminated with heavy metals and excess minerals. Two plants that are members of the mustard family as well as sunflowers have been known to do the same for many years. And hemp is now finding itself in the same category. As MintPress News wrote on October 6, 2015, A group of representatives of Consolidated Growers and Processors, PHYTOTECH, and Ukraine’s Institute of Bast Crops experimented in the late 1990s with using industrial hemp, a form of the plant that’s

high in fiber but low in psychoactive or medical benefits, near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, where a great deal of agricultural land is still unusable because of the presence of radiation and heavy metals still lingering from the 1986 meltdown. “Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find,” said Slavik Dushenkov, a research scientist with PHYTOTECH. In 2009, scientists from Belarus also experimented with hemp in areas polluted by Chernobyl. The disaster contaminated nearly 20 miles around the site. The Belarusian scientists noted that one added benefit of industrial hemp over other phytoremediation plants is that it can also be used to produce biofuel, potentially adding a second use for the crop after it removes toxins from the soil. “As with the Chernobyl incident, scientists are finding radioactive emissions and toxic metals–including iodine, cesium-137, strontium-90, and plutonium–concentrated in the soil, plants, and animals of Japan, but also now throughout the United States and all along the West Coast – from Canada to Mexico,” Sarich wrote for Nation of Change. As cannabis journalist and researcher Seshata notes in her article “Hemp and the Decontamination of Radioactive Soil” – a number of studies that demonstrate hemp’s durability in the face of pollutants as well as its ability to remove metals from the soil. She writes: Hemp’s resilience to contaminants in soil is well documented. Even as early as

1975, a study published in the Agronomy Journal described how soil characteristics influenced elemental uptake and could even affect final cannabinoid profile in psychoactive strains. To illustrate this, fifteen sites with varying soil profiles were planted with the same strain of Afghan cannabis, and their harvests tested for metal content. Researchers concluded that differences could be used to determine geographic origin of cannabis through foliar analysis. In 1995, the Polish Institute of Natural Fibres released a study demonstrating that tested varieties were able to withstand high levels of heavy metals in soil without impacting plant growth, yield or fibre quality. However, little research has been done into the safety of using fibres in clothing or other forms of industry, and this issue must be investigated fully in order to establish the possible uses for hemp grown in such conditions. As a proven, valuable tool in the fight to repair human-inflicted damage to our soils and ecosystems, hemp could potentially benefit hundreds of thousands of sites across the globe — it is estimated that in the USA alone there are 30,000 sites requiring remediation. As is so often the case, US restrictions on hemp cultivation preclude any large-scale operations from being implemented, and the contaminated sites are largely left un-remediated, through lack of both funding and interest on the part of the government. While some researchers such as the Belarusian researcher above suggest that the hemp plants that have been used for phytore-

mediation purposes could then be used as a biofuel – the truth is, we simply don’t know if this is possible because the toxins may be once again released into the environment. Yet knowing that hemp can be used to extract the substances to begin with is itself an amazing discovery. Indeed, it seems we can chalk one more productive use for a plant that has been in the cross hairs of the law enforcement community, federal, state and local governments, corporations and other relevant monopoly interests. It is time the American people fully recognize benefits of hemp as a long-term solution to many issues and immediately demand that a senseless war on a plant be ended. This article (Hemp Eats Radiation, Cleans Toxic Metals From Soil) can be republished under this share-alike Creative Commons license with attribution to Brandon Turbeville, the article link and Natural

About the author Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. From Natural Blaze @ http://bit. ly/1U1bBdI and



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256-Year-Old Man Reveals The Secrets To His Longevity! By Steven Bancarz

with high tech infrared devices and state of the art medication.


hat is the longest a person has ever lived for? Meet Li Ching Yuen, a man who lived an astonishing 256 years! And no, this is not a myth or a fictional tale. According to a 1930 New York Times article, Wu Chung-chieh, a professor of the Chengdu University, discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday, and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877. In 1928, a New York Times correspondent wrote that many of the old men in Li’s neighborhood asserted that their grandfathers knew him when they were boys, and that he at that time was a grown man. Li Ching Yuen reportedly began his herbalist career at the age of 10, where he gathered herbs in mountain ranges and learned of their potency for longevity. For almost 40 years, he survived on a diet of herbs such as lingzhi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shoo wu and gotu kola and rice wine. In 1749, at the age of 71, he joined the Chinese armies as a teacher of martial arts. Li was said to be a much-loved figure in his community, marrying 23 times and fathering over 200 children. According to the generally accepted tales told in his province, Li was able to read and write as a child, and by his tenth birthday had traveled in Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria gathering herbs. For the first

His Secret To Long Health

hundred years he continued at this occupation. Then he switched to selling herbs gathered by others. He sold lingzhi, goji berry, wild ginseng, he shou wu and gotu kola along with other Chinese herbs, and lived off a diet of these herbs and rice wine

He Wasn’t The Only One According to one of Li’s disciples, he had once encountered an even older 500-year-old man, who taught him Qigong exercises and dietary recommendations that would help him extend his lifespan to superhuman proportions. Apart from Qigong and a herb-rich diet, what else can we learn from this Master of Longevity? How about this: On his deathbed, Li famously said, “I have done all that I have to do in this world”. Could his peaceful last words also hint at one of the biggest secrets to a long and prosperous life? It’s interesting to note that in the West, we’re often taught to believe that aging is something that must be “beaten”

Li was asked what his secret was to longevity. This was his reply: “Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.” These were the words of advice Li gave to Wu Pei-fu, the warlord, who took Li into his house to learn the secret of living an extremely long life. Li maintained that inward calm and peace of mind combined with breathing techniques were the secrets to incredible longevity. Obviously, his diet would have played a large role. But it is fascinating that the oldest living person in recorded history attributes his long life to his state of mind.

Why Is This So Hard To Believe? With the average lifespan for the Western world currently sitting between 70-85 years, the thought of someone living over 100 years old seems like quite the stretch. The thought of someone living over 200 years old seems extremely suspicious. But why don’t we believe that people can live this long? We have to keep in mind that some people in this world don’t live a grueling 9-5 lifestyle, they don’t have to deal with the

stresses of debt, they aren’t breathing polluted city air, and they exercise regularly. They don’t eat refined sugars or flour, or any foods that have had pesticides sprayed on them. They aren’t living off of the standard American diet. They aren’t eating fatty meats, sugary deserts, and genetically modified foods. No antibiotics. No alcohol and no tobacco. Their diets not only exclude junk foods that we so often indulge in, they also include superfoods and herbs that are like steroids for our organs and immune system. They also spend their spare time in nature practicing breathing techniques and meditating, which have been proven to improve mental, physical, and emotional health. They keep things simple, get proper sleep, and spend a great deal of time in nature under the sun. When we get a chance to relax in the sun, we feel instantly rejuvenated and call this a “vacation”. Imagine spending a lifetime doing that in the mountains, and combining that with perfect mental, spiritual, and physical well being. I do not doubt for a minute that if we all did the things we knew we were supposed to do, that living to be 100 years old would be commonplace. When we treat our bodies’ right, who knows how long we can live for?

About the author

My name is Steven Bancarz, and I am the creator of ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics’. I am working on a new social platform is being built called ‘The Conscious Forum‘ to provide the best place online for open-minded people to discuss, engage, and connect with one another in a way never offered before. See more at:

Page 13

By Alanna Ketler

dow of herbs or supporting your local farmers market.”


he Dervaes family, a family of four in Pasadena, California, grows around 6,000 pounds of produce each year on their property—less than one tenth of an acre! They have nicknamed their mini farm the “Urban Homestead.” One of the best things about this home (aside from the efficiency of space) is that all of the food grown there is entirely organic! Imagine going to your backyard and harvesting your own fruits and vegetables for each meal of the day. This idea puts a whole new meaning to the phrase “from farm to table.” Head of the family, Jules Dervaes, started the farm 30 years ago in an effort to take back natural food produced the way that was aligned with his own values, and to develop a deeper sense of environmental consciousness. Jules has 3 children that have been a part of this amazing project for nearly all of their lives, and they have all helped to utilize every inch of their property to support a huge variety of organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Everything produced on the Urban Homestead is free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers and is grown organically. Not every year is the same, however. Yields and varieties can fluctuate, but during peak years the small farm can accommodate about 400 varieties of plants. Factors such as drought, insects, urban wildlife, and even shadows from neighbouring trees and homes can all lead to smaller yields, crop sizes, and varieties. On top of all the produce, which is more than the family of four eats, eggs, honey, and biodiesel are also produced. Ninety percent of the Dervaes family’s diet comes directly from their garden. In this way, they are saving a huge expense in grocery bills, especially when you consider the price of organics and what seems to be the skyrocketing price of produce in general. On their web-

Grow Food, Not Lawns

How This L.A. Family Is Growing 6,000 Pounds Of Food Annually site,, they claim to save around $75,000 annually and the family has enough food left over from their harvests each year to sell and earn them an additional $20,000. This is quite impressive!

How Can You Start Your Own Urban Homestead? Well, of course this will largely depend on the amount of space you have to work with, but even with a small backyard you can do some amazing things to maximize the space. The Dervaes family hosts classes and workshops that you can attend to learn more about how to effectively maximize your space

to yield as much produce as possible, and also learn some simple gardening tips and tricks. On top of how to grow your own garden, if you visit their website you can find various other techniques about composting, energy saving, DIY projects, recipes for food, everyday personal care products, how to raise chickens, and so much more. If it involves living simply, you can find it here. “Whether you live in an apartment, suburb, or on 10 acres, our mission is to connect with folks who yearn to take back their food and live a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle,” Jules told MindBodyGreen. “We can all take small steps that collectively have a big impact. Even if it’s planting a win-

For even more ideas on how you can begin taking control of your food check out Grow Food, Not Lawns. This is a website loaded with many ideas and solutions for even those of you that only have a balcony to work with. And if that is the case, check out 5 DIY Projects For People Who Don’t Have Space For A Garden. If you simply have no room, or no way to grown your own food, you might want to consider seeing if there are any communal gardens in your area. This can be a great way to get active, get growing, and possibly meet some like-minded people at the same time. You could consider growing different things and sharing with the other members of the garden. At the very least, supporting your local farmers market and the local produce section of your grocery store can have a big impact on how your food is being produced. It sends a big “no thank you” to corporations like Monsanto who make genetically modified produce, and chemical companies who make the pesticides for conventionally grown produce. Buying local also greatly reduces the amount of energy used to grow and deliver the food to grocery stores. This is another fine example of voting with your dollar and putting your money where your mouth is. As Jules once said: In our society, growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can—and will—overturn the corporate powers that be. By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world—we change ourselves. Boom. Much Love.

Organic Naturally

rebalance, repair & revitalize your hair with wildcrafted & certified organic herbs & oils gluten & cruelty free, vegan home | body | hair | baby Made Sustainably in Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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The benefits of going vegetarian Weight loss, a healthier heart, drastically reduced cancer risk and more

By Linn Cole ith the proper planning and education, research shows that going vegetarian is an excellent step to improve and protect your health. By minimizing processed foods and emphasizing whole plant foods, vegetarians enjoy a more nutritious and far less toxic way of eating than the average. The bottom line: As a vegetarian, you will be better protected from a range of major diseases, take in more nutrients and potentially lose a lot of weight.


Weight loss

The high water content and fiber in plant foods is probably to thank for the weight loss that occurs when an omnivore becomes vegetarian. Overweight people typically lose 10 percent of their body weight when they switch to a vegetarian diet, and the body-mass

Open Secret from page 11

matter how brilliant it seems in the shine of the amplified moment), etcetera. Maybe five or ten minutes of a simple, follow-the-breath type meditation is all you want to deal with at first. And then you might later lengthen those intervals of silent practice. People who haven’t met cannabis that way are sometimes really surprised at ‘her’ power. It’s also essential to release expectation— it’s a journey, not a quick fix—and not to judge whatever arises in the mind. I’ve heard people say they can’t meditate, can’t sit still, and can’t

index (BMI) of vegetarians is generally lower as well. Vegetarian diets have less saturated fat and are likely to contain less fat overall.

Better digestion

Fiber, the indigestible matter that gives structure to plant foods, is essential for speeding waste out of the body. Virtually all whole-plant foods have a positive impact on digestion. Animal foods, on the other hand, contain no fiber and move sluggishly through the digestive system. This results in constipation and putrefaction of meat in the digestive tract, letting harmful bacteria linger.

A healthier heart Fiber has another health benefit - reducing cholesterol. One type, soluble fiber, actually pulls cholesterol out of the body. Vegetarians also have a head start on healthy cholesterol, since plant foods don’t contain any. As a result, cholesterol levels in vegetarians are typically stop thinking. But the whole point and potential is that it doesn’t matter how hard it is. It could at first be distressing, boring, or irritating. But you bring everything with you: your fear, resistance, restlessness, confusion, depression, anger, and sorrow. Perseverance is necessary, sometimes over rough terrain. But sooner or later the landscape begins to look and feel different. As the mystical poet Rumi put it, “Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” What we’re doing is becoming more human, more connected. Another piece of Buddhist wisdom says, “emptiness becomes luminosity.” Allowing the crowded package of self to die away is a challenge that can open the door to luminous landscapes. “Buddha” means

40 points lower than those of omnivores. Blood pressure is also lower overall, suggesting that vegetarians have a 20-40 percent reduced risk of heart disease and a 30-60 percent reduced risk of stroke. In fact, an analysis of five studies concluded that vegetarians have a 34 percent reduced risk of dying from a heart attack compared to omnivores.

Slowed aging

High antioxidant content in many plant foods like berries and raw chocolate combats the cellular damage caused by unstable oxygen molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals, which are ingested from cooked foods and polluted air (among other sources), are one of the main causes of aging. A diet high in whole and fresh foods can actually turn back the clock by knocking these down.

Reduced risk of cancer

One of the best reasons to go vegetarian is this: Vegetarians have a 40 percent reduced awake. According to the stories, the Buddha was just a person who woke up and insisted that we all have that same nature and capability. Here’s a final encouraging nugget from Rumi: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”6

Notes 1. Chris Bennett, “Sufi Tokers and the Green Saint,” content/2001/04/14/1883 2. from: The Rastafarians, by Leonard E. Barrett, Sr. – quoted in: plants/cannabis/cannabis_spirit1.shtml 3. Jelaluddin Rumi, quoted in https://

risk of getting cancer. There are several explanations for this statistic. Vegetarians tend to be thinner, and obesity in particular is associated with increased cancer risk. The high fiber content of plant foods speeds waste through your system, which cuts the risk of colon cancer. And diets high in fat and animal foods spike cancer risk, especially that of breast cancer, through their action on hormones.

A less toxic body Since animals concentrate the toxins they ingest in their tissues, meat and milk is much higher in toxins than plant foods are. Wild fish contain alarming amounts of mercury; the FDA recommends eating fish only 2-3 times per week. And the EPA reports that 95 percent of human exposure to dioxin, a dangerous toxin, comes from consuming meat, fish and dairy. Animal foods are also often high in pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones. Sources for this article include: Learn more: 4. Suzuki, Shunryu, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Weatherhill, 1st edition 1970. 5. Rumi, Ibid. 6. Rumi, Ibid. Stephen Gray is the author/editor of two books on spiritual concerns and sacramental plant medicines, (www.cannabisandspirituality. com), an event organizer (, speaker, occasional workshop leader, and musician. He is the editor of the forthcoming book Cannabis and Spirituality (Inner Traditions • Park Street Press, Jan. 2017). Stephen will be speaking at the Cannabis Hemp Conference at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, July 9 and 10.

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Cannabinoids vs Chemtrails

Protecting the Mind and Body By Jim Leslie, Director,


The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree s operators of a medical cannabis dispensary in the Boundary and West Kootenay regions of B.C. we spend our days helping our members from across Canada access a wide range of medical grade, tested, cannabinoid products to help with their various medical conditions. Being residents of this area of rural B.C. we also are aware of the spraying of apparent metal nano-particles in our skies in the name of geo-engineering and various other programs. Of U.S. origin, white stratotanker planes cover our skies on a near daily basis with long white lines made by the release of aerosolized metal nano-particles that become long, cirrus like clouds before hazing out the sun altogether. These jets do not display these long white trails until they fly into position and then can be seen to start the spraying, instantly the white material is released and is visible, meaning these are not contrails. Many people in North America and other areas around the world have been witnessing this spraying of metals and other chemicals on an increasing basis since at least the year 2000. Thanks to the efforts of many over the ensuing years we now have evidence of what is contained in these “chemtrails”, how this substance is negatively affecting all life on earth, and how to mitigate the damage to the mind and body caused by exposure to this clearly toxic and stupid venture. NASA based scientist Doug Rowland and other atmospheric scientists have admitted to the reality of the use of chemtrails in geo-engineering (Mar 11 2016). Geo-physicist J. Marvin Herndon published a scientific paper in 2015 which analyzed the chemical composition of one of the by-products of coal burning, fly ash, and discovered it was basically identical to samples of rain water and air filters which

collected the residue that fell from the observed spraying of chemtrails over San Diego, CA. Disturbingly, Herndon notes that this spraying of coal fly ash, for the apparent purposes of solar radiation management, is not occurring in the stratosphere at higher altitudes, but instead occurs in the troposphere where the aluminum, barium, etc, mix with the air and fall to the ground where it is breathed in by humans of all ages, and in fact all life on earth, not to mention covering our farmlands, rivers, lakes, and oceans. This necessitates the need for daily or near daily spraying as the particles drop to the earth very rapidly. Although this study was retracted by the journal that published it after a couple of transcription errors were found plus the use of language that was “not sufficiently scientifically objective”, the information is useful and will inform other studies to come that will likely validate Herndon’s conclusions. At least we know what they are spraying on us. Dr. Russell Blaylock (2012, Pg. 1) is a retired neuro-surgeon from the U.S. and has written previously about the toxic effects of aluminum nano-particles on human health: “It has been demonstrated in the medical and scientific literature that nano-sized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues. Of special concern is the effect of these nano particles on the brain and spinal cord, as a growing list of neuro-degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.” Dr. Blaylock (2012) goes on to state that nano-particles of aluminum can easily penetrate the brain by way of either the blood or by travelling along olfactory nerves (nose) deep into the brain to the region that just happens to be the most and earliest affected area in Alzheimer’s disease.

With the spraying of these nano-particles occurring in the troposphere all life is breathing in these metals, and it is the most fragile lives that are most at risk, infants and the elderly, no matter what the species. Now if only we had a readily available source of medicine to help stave off the effects of these near daily airborne assaults of coal fly ash…Enter Cannabis. The readers of The New Agora are becoming more familiar with cannabis and its multitude of health benefits thanks to a growing number of articles on this very important topic. So please bear with me as we review the basics. All life on earth, more complex than sea squirts, have what are called an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This means that

our bodies produce cannabinoids which are nearly identical to the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis (marijuana) plant. Cannabinoids are essential for life it turns out because this system allows our cells and tissue and our bodies to live in an ever changing environment, this balance essential to life is called homeostasis and besides ensuring this, your body’s own cannabinoids (similar to THC and CBD from the cannabis plant) also normally suppress cancer cell growth and help deal with toxins from the environment (Armentano et al, 2011). According to a patent held by the U.S. federal government (US 6,630,507 B1) on the use of cannabinoids like CBD to treat disease from 2003, it is the antioxidant

Add chemtrails to the mix and it appears that for a long and healthy life some level of cannabinoid supplementation can be of great potential benefit to all people, particularly for the most at risk health-wise in our society, children and the elderly.

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All life on earth, more complex than sea squirts, have what are called an endo-cannabinoid system (ECS). This means that our bodies produce cannabinoids which are nearly identical to the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis (marijuana) plant.

properties of cannabinoids that are very useful in preventing and treating conditions related to oxidative stress on our bodies like: stroke, heart attack, trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and HIV dementia, some of the very conditions Dr. Blaylock ties to aluminum exposure. So it is clear from all recorded human history and now present science to date that using cannabinoids from cannabis (marijuana) to supplement your own body’s cannabinoid system (ECS) promotes life and healing. Is it possible that the aerosolized metals from tropospheric coal fly ash spraying are suppressing our ECS and necessitating that more and more people use medical cannabis? Consider a paper by Dr. Ethan Russo entitled “Clinical Endo-Cannabinoid Deficiency Syndrome” (2008) which suggests a common thread between cannabis’ ability to successfully address treatment resistant conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, and irritable

bowel syndrome. If the onset of these and perhaps other health conditions can be explained by an under-functioning ECS, can there be reasons beyond poor diet that can explain this serious effect? How about near constant exposure to the presence of airborne, metal nanoparticles? There are certainly neuro-protective and anti-oxidant benefits from using even small amounts of cannabinoids on a daily basis in the context of living in a world where genetically modified food, car exhaust, and cell phone EMFs are just some of the hazards we encounter that can threaten our health and add to the inflammation and pain many of us experience. Add chemtrails to the mix and it appears that for a long and healthy life some level of cannabinoid supplementation can be of great potential benefit to all people, particularly for the most at risk health-wise in our society, children and the elderly. When we opened our dispensary, The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree, back in August of 2014 it was the culmination of our experiences as medical patients and also as cannabis industry professionals that informed our decision to reject offers of investment money from outsiders and to create a dispensary that provides only the highest quality, Canadian grown and processed medical cannabis products with a focus on regional, organic production of cannabis and related products. As much as this is a Canadian industry we have a special focus to anchor economic prosperity, via the emerging medical cannabis market, to rural Canadian cities and towns, with our own focus on the Boundary – West Kootenay region of B.C. In a world that seems to be turning again to “Small is Beautiful” economics and high quality goods production as the way forward through these uncertain economic times, now is a perfect time for high quality, medical grade, cannabis to help ensure health and prosperity for all levels of society. Unlike many dispensaries, The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree has been built upon ongoing member consultation and continues to offer a very unique service to all approved members not commonly offered at other Canadian dispensaries: Dose Protocol Advice. We actively assist

our members in getting the most out of their medical cannabis products with advice on how to achieve their own unique therapeutic dose of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids. Cannabinoid dose protocol and a commitment to educating our members and the general public on the science of cannabis and the endocannabinoid system is the foundation of our business, and we are grateful and humbled to be able to help our fellow beings during this very important time on Earth. For those of you looking to try medical cannabis for chronic or terminal health conditions, be sure to ask lots of questions, a good dispensary with an ongoing commitment to member health and support should be able and happy to answer them. Wishing everyone much Health and Happiness, Jim Leslie Director The Kootenay’s Medicine Tree Grand Forks, BC Nelson, BC 250-442-8248 (Head Office)

References Addendum added to online article Mar 11 2016: https://chemtrailsplanet. net/2014/01/30/download-the-chemtrailsmanual-published-for-the-usaf-academy/ Armentano, P. et al (2011) “Emerging

clinical applications for cannabis and cannabinoids: A review of the recent scientific literature”. 4th Edition Online: impacts-of-chemtrails-on-human-healthnanoaluminum-neurodegenerative-andneurodevelopmental-effects/5342624 Blaylock, R. (August 23, 2012). “Chemtrails, nanoaluminum, and neurodegenerative and neuro-developemental effects”. Online: NORML_Clinical_Applications_for_ Cannabis_and_Cannabinoids.pdf Herndon, J.M. (2015) “Evidence of coal-fly-ash toxic chemical geoengineering in the troposphere: Consequences for public health”. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 12(8). 9375-9390. Hampson, et al (October 7, 2003) “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”. U.S. Patent 6,630,507 B1 Russo, E. (2008) “Clinical endocannabinoid deficiency: Can this concept explain therapeutic benefits of cannabis in migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and other treatment resistant conditions”. Neuroendocrinology Letters, Vol. 29, No. 2, 192-200. Tchounwou, P. (2015) “Retraction: Herndon, J.M. Evidence of coal-fly-ash toxic chemical geo-engineering in the troposphere: Consequences for public health. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 2015, 12, 9375-9390.

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What They Won’t Tell You

The Sun Is A Full-spectrum Medicine By Paul Fassa -tell-you-the-sun-is-a-full-spectrum-medicine-that-can -heal-cancer/ “Those that have attempted to convince the world that the Sun, the Earth’s primary source of energy and life causes cancer, have done so with malicious intent to deceive the masses into retreating from the one thing that can prevent disease.” — Dave Mihalovic, Naturopathic Doctor and writer. Truth is, we’ve been systematically lied to about the sun and skin cancer for years. This video presentation explains fully. How many know that there is no definitive proof that the sun alone causes skin cancer? Can the sun cure cancer? In the book The Healing Sun, author Dr. Richard Hobday documents a wide array of studies which show that the sun protects against cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. It can also prevent diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure, osteoporosis, psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Then there’s the case of Dr. Harland G. Call, who was diagnosed with skin cancer and was advised by a surgeon to have it removed. Instead, he decided to sunbath the cancerous area. After a short period of continuous sunbathing, the skin cancer was completely gone. He returned to his MD for a confirmation, and his doctor confirmed that the skin cancer had disappeared and no surgery was required. According to Dr. Bernarr Zovluck, “Cancer is helped by sunbathing, writes Dr. Zane R. Kime. Kime writes that those who get more sunlight have less cancer. Sunbathing heals cancer by building up the immune system and increasing the oxygen in the tissues.” Still, we’re bombarded almost daily with dire “warnings” from reputable “authorities” admonishing us, for our own good of course, to avoid the sun at all costs.

Epidemic levels of sun phobia For example, Dr. Robin Ashinoff, chief of dermatological and cosmetic surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center advised: “Wearing sunscreen and then deliberately going out in the sun is almost as [bad] as going out with no sunscreen at all.” She continued, “You don’t get burned, but the UV rays are still getting into your skin. Sunscreen is important, but you should also wear the right clothing and shield yourself as much as possible from direct sun exposure.” Is Dr. Ashinoff advocating a vampire’s lifestyle? The reality is that the vast majority of people, including doctors, have been duped into believing the myth that the sun is toxic, carcinogenic and a deadly health hazard. That’s why most people slavishly and lavishly slather toxic sunscreens on their skin whenever they anticipate direct contact with the sun’s rays. But in fact, most conventional sunscreens are cancer-causing biohazards. Meanwhile, the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry and the billiondollar toxic sunscreen industry are making hay with this hoax. True believers are left scratching their heads in bewilderment as statistics reveal that the dreaded malignant melanoma skin cancer is on the rise.

The sun doctor Dr. Auguste Rollier opened the first European “Sun Clinic” in 1903 at Leysin, Switzerland. He also wrote a very influential book: Heliotherapy. He was considered the most famous heliotherapist in the world. At his peak, he operated 36 clinics. Dr. Rollier espoused that the sun was an unsurpassed broad-spectrum medicine. He healed his patients using a wholesome diet combined with the power of the sun. By 1933, there were over 165 different diseases successfully treated with heliotherapy including tuberculosis, wounds, rickets and much more. Dr. Rollier’s death in 1954 marked the end of sun therapy not because it was ineffective, but because it had been replaced by Big Pharma’s “miracle drugs.” [9] Sources for this article found online.

About the author Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding them towards direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom.

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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Switch Or Stop Using Chemical Cosmetic Products

By Alanna Ketler


new study led by researchers at UC Berkeley and Clinica de Salud del Valle Salinas has demonstrated how taking even a short break from various cosmetics, shampoos, and other personal care products can lead to a substantial drop in the levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals present within the body. The results from the study were published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Researchers gave 100 Latina teenagers various personal care products that were labeled to be free of common chemicals including phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and oxybenzone. These chemicals are used regularly in almost all conventional personal care products such as cosmetics, soap, sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products, and animal studies have shown that they directly interfere with the body’s endocrine system. “Because women are the primary consumers of many personal care products, they may be disproportionately exposed to these chemicals,” said study lead author Kim Harley, associate director of the UC Berkeley Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health. “Teen girls may be at particular risk since it’s a time of rapid reproductive development, and research has suggested that they use more personal care products per day than the average adult woman.”

Results After just a three-day trial with the girls using only the lower-chemical products, urine samples showed a significant drop in the level of chemicals in the body. Methyl and propyl parabens, commonly used as preserva-

tives in cosmetics, dropped 44 and 45 percent, metabolites of diethyl phthalate, used often in perfumes, dropped by 27 percent, and both triclosan and benzophenone-3 fell 36 percent. The authors of the study were surprised to see an increase in two lesser common parabens, but those levels were small and could easily be caused by accidental contamination or a substitute not listed on the labels. Co-director of the study, Kimberly Parra, explains why having local youths participate in the study was of particular importance: The results of the study are particularly interesting on a scientific level, but the fact that high school students led the study set a new path to engaging youth to learn about science and how it can be used to improve the health of their communities. After learning of the results, the youth took it upon themselves to educate friends and community members, and presented their cause to legislatures in Sacramento. Included in the CHAMACOS Youth Council were 12 local high school students who helped design and implement the study; one of the teen researchers, Maritza Cárdenas, is now a UC Berkeley Undergraduate majoring in molecular and cell biology. “One of the goals of our study was to create awareness among the participants of the chemicals found in everyday products, to help make people more conscious about what they’re using,” said Cárdenas. “Seeing the drop in chemical levels after just three days shows that simple actions can be taken, such as choosing products with fewer chemicals, and make a difference.”

What Can You Do? Well, you can be sure to check the

labels on any products you purchase. Most personal care products contain a list of ingredients, but unfortunately many cosmetics do not. If you use a particular brand that you really love you can try contacting the manufacturer directly and asking them for an ingredient list. You can also opt for more natural and organic products, but be sure to keep in mind that in the industry of personal care products, the words “natural” and “organic” are often meaningless. A safe bet would be to buy these products from a health food store and be sure to read the ingredients or ask the sales clerk. Generally, when products do not contain specific chemicals, the manufacturers are happy to label them as such. Because actually natural and organic products can be a bit more pricey, you may want to consider making your own. You can make a wide array of completely all-natural personal care products quite easily with just a few ingredients. Not only is this cheaper, but it allows you to be sure of every ingredient that will go on your body and to customize your creations to suit your specific needs. Check out “Top 5 DIY Everyday Personal Care Products” for some great homemade makeup ideas, or try a quick Google or Pinterest search! The less demand for these chemically-laden products there is, the less these chemicals will be used. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLAR! We have the power to create the type of world we want. Be the change. Check out The Story Of Cosmetics below! Much Love

By Dreamcatcher


id you know forgiveness is more important to you than anyone else? You will be surprised to learn that failing to forgive will affect your health, wellbeing and spiritual evolution. Once upon of time, one of Napoleon’s soldiers committed a crime for which he was given the death penalty. On the day of his execution, the soldier’s mother asked Napoleon for forgiveness. Napoleon refused to grant it to him because the crime was “beyond forgiveness.” In response to that, the soldier’s mother uttered these historical lines: ‘I know,’ said the mother. ‘If it did, that would not be true forgiveness. To forgive is the ability to go beyond vengeance or justice.’ Napoleon was so touched by the truthfulness of her words that he commuted the death sentence to exile. — (From ‘The Essence of Forgiveness’ by Paulo Coelho) The true essence of forgiveness, as the story suggests, is to realize the mistake of the person and still be able to ‘forget about it’. C.S Lewis defines forgiveness as one’s ability to reconcile with the one who has mistreated you. Forgiveness is a Godly attribute and a chance to understand what it truly means to be humane and at peace with oneself.

1. Forgiveness Liberates Your Soul If you are always worried about an injustice done to you or a wrong doing, you will not be able to come out from the trauma. To forgive is to be free from the suffer-

FORGIVENESS 8 Unexpected Benefits ings of the past — perhaps ironically, you are the only one who can set yourself free. Freedom includes a person’s ability to choose as desired. Your painful experiences from the past will always push you down whenever you have to take a leap of faith. Hence, in order to live to the fullest, it is very important to understand the significance of liberating your soul and, ultimately, your Self.

2. Forgiveness Purifies Spirit What good can destructive emotions do to you? None, whatsoever! It is always prudent to purify your soul from all the negativity. Forgiveness is one of the best ways of achieving that state. It is a general observation that you become what you hate. No one in their right mind would want to be someone who had done wrong (especially to themselves). Therefore, the best way to save yourself from reflecting those negative emotions is to cleanse them from your heart through forgiveness.

3. Forgiveness Grows You as an Individual Once your mind is free of negativities and your heart is focused on passions, you will be able to grow as an individual. Sometimes, we fail to meet our own expectations, while other times it is people who fail us. The solution is to go easy and

forgive those who done wrong by you. The important thing is to move forward, no matter what. This is the only way to find your own path and grow as a human being.

4. Forgiveness Makes You Happier If you are dwelling too much in the sorrow caused by something negative that happened in the past, your life will become miserable. Until you offer forgiveness, you are the one who suffers the most and since your life is so precious, it is pointless to waste it over something that happened in the past. Forgiveness can reconcile you with your lost sense of happiness by liberating you. The present is all that matters, so stop living in the past!

5. Forgiveness Means Choosing Love over Hate To hate is the easiest thing you can do — and the most damaging. Love, on the other hand, is difficult — and so is forgiveness. That is why forgiveness is considered to be an act of strength and wisdom. Weak people dwell in the negativity of the past, feeling sorry for themselves and seeking revenge — brave hearts forgive, forget and give the wrongdoers a chance to improve.

6. Forgiveness Closes the Circle Unless you forgive the person who caused you harm, you will never be at peace. Experiencing the same negative feelings and emotions will never bring you closure. Forgiveness, on the other hand, helps you close the vicious cycle of embarrassments and bad memories. As it is meant to liberate you, forgiveness does that through closing all the cycles with no edges left to be pondered upon.

7. Forgiveness Improves Health Our immune system is not at all immune to negative emotions — keep this in mind whenever things that are out of your control upset you. If you choose to ignore or forgive, your health improves with every passing day. To forgive is to love and love is the biggest healer in the world. This theory has been proven by scientific research. Forgiveness also recovers the health of your soul.

8. Forgiveness Enhances Self-Esteem When you forgive someone, you know that you have just achieved a reward in your life. These rewards can be internal (in the form of happiness) or external (such as appreciation from peers). These incentives are the drivers of your self-esteem. Forgiveness helps you attain that effortlessly. Forgiveness is on both levels: personal and public. Forgiving yourself and those around you is crucial for your wellbeing, mental & physical health, as well as your spiritual evolution. custom created hats Page 19

SmartTechnology,WiFi, Agenda 21

Energy field wars on humanity

By Paul A. Philips smart-technology-wifi-agenda-21 -energy-field-wars-on-humanity/


iventhat all things are energy what could be a better way to covertly manipulate the people than by the control of ubiquitous invisible energy fields? As the metaphor says “control the sea and you control the fish.” Technologically generated invisible energy fields, the “cosmic internet,” are creating more and more pollution: Receiving scant attention in mainstream media, the low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) originating from sources such as broadcasting towers; mobile phone towers, smart meters and WiFi for the various applications. All these can invariably have the effect of disrupting our bodies’ own bio-electromagnetic energy field and thus our health. The disruption can cause illnesses such as those related to our mental state, hormonal and nervous system … and it doesn’t stop at this, which I will explain later. The bringing in of this technology is to do with the code-worded Agenda 21. ‘Smart’ technology is the classic doubleedged sword. Whether the technology puts EMFs into the field for the use of communications in business, at home, or in the body for drug function, etc. these informational exchanges can be picked up on and diverted to a surveillance control centre from many miles away, which can then, in turn, send back information accordingly as a response. The response can involve inserting thought patterns or even alterations in the perceptions of users… so don’t be fooled into thinking the ‘smart’ systems are there merely for your own benefit. The idea behind all this is to set up a technologically induced sub-reality global control grid: Using the right frequencies a fake reality can be foisted on us anytime

Amputees experiencing Phantom Limb Pain — The Farabloc Stump Sock Systematic Reviews


wo systematic reviews found evidence to support Farabloc as an effective treatment for manage‐ ment of PLP (Halbert et al., 2002; Stanndard, Kalso,& Ballantyne,2010). The 2002 review on the optimal management of acute and chronic PLP, documented that Farabloc research was only one of three studies to score the maximum of five points for a qual‐ ity assessment. For late PLP (greater than 2‐week post operatively), this review agreed that there is evidence suggesting that Farabloc is an effective treatment. (The Clinical Journal of Pain, 18:84–92 © 2002 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.,

Page 20

Philadelphia. ”Evidence for the Optimal Management of Acute and Chronic Phantom Pain: A Systematic Review”(Halbert et al.2002 PMID: 1188277). The findings were affirmed in the second review, listing Farabloc as an intervention supported by evidence for the management of PLP (Stannard et al., 2010). (Nikolajsen, L. (2010) Phantom Limb Pain, in Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management (eds C. F. Stannard, E. Kalso and J. Ballantyne), JohnWiley & Sons, Ltd.,West Sussex, UK. doi: 10.1002/9781444314380.ch19).

either as targeted individuals or in groups – or for that matter the entire world population. Yet another system designed to take us away from the realization that we are in truth infinitely powerful spiritual humans. This in effect ties in with artificial intelligence and the Transhuman Agenda. For instance, this explains why Google wants to put up 180 satellites for Wi-Fi (why-fry?!) EMFs worldwide. It’s all part of the extent to which the controllers are prepared to go….

I realize that all this may be too outlandish for some people especially when it would never get a mention in mainstream media. However, consider the controlling advanced technological operations that could go on beyond the limitations of the less than 0.05% visible electromagnetic spectrum. Consider how the remote monitoring of human brainwaves, astral, auric, bioelectric energy fields could be collected and downloaded at some control centre, and then as a response by advanced technology deliberately send out related informational fields to alter our perceptions, thoughts, feelings or emotions to create a desired reality by the manipulating controllers. I’ve no doubt that further light will shine on this secretive and dark agenda in time. You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site

The Harm Of What Looking Down At Your Cellphone Does To Your Spine By Alexa Erickson


echnology continues to prove both incredibly amazing and outrageously scary. Research shows how bad sitting all day is for your health, yet with the boom of the Internet, many jobs rely on doing just that. Then there are phones. While cellphones used to be as straightforward as making a call on-the-go, they have since been transformed into smartphones, or mini computers that provide us with instant access to seemingly anything we might desire. People’s heads are no longer “in the clouds,” so to speak, but staring straight down at their computers, laptops, and

yes, these convenient smartphones. This technology is undoubtedly affecting our habits and our health. Many people are losing the ability to hold a conversation, and to pay attention for extended periods

See “SPINE” on page 21

By Phillip J. Watt


o matter if you’re asleep at the wheel of life or have awoken to not just the consciousness of reality, but also the corporatocracy that has hijacked our world, most of us are paying attention to our shrinking wallets, as well as the political circus. The system is in the limelight, but not how the power structure would like it to be. The social engineering agenda of dumbing the masses into good little minions of the system has been highly successful, however too many people are now suffering and looking for answers why. Sometimes it feels that the alternative media gives them too much credit too, because it’s also been highly successful at exposing itself and therefore waking up people to their enslavement, as well as the lies, deception, toxicity and control-matrix itself. In response, grass-roots truth and sovereignty movements are budding all over the earth in a decentralized and impenetrable way. People are organizing all across the planet to peacefully resist the encroachment on our freedoms and build healthy and progressive alternatives to a profit-before-morality model which has infiltrated our economic, political, medicinal, entrepreneurial and philosophical spheres. Money has talked, but the real people have started to walk. In addition, those who lie in the middle of the lie are curious about all the noise happening in both the alternative and in the matrix-media, so their concentration has been captured too. Simply, most eyes are focused on the money, and the political arena. And hasn’t the existing order embarrassed themselves. Their propaganda narratives have been indisputably exposed again and again, and are therefore falling apart before our collective eyes. Ask any average Joe on the street and they will tell you that they’re not being represented, or cared for, by the corporate and political elite. This great shame is the beginning of the end to their game. The type of attention that is generating from an increasingly unsettled

Spine from page 20

All Eyes Are On the

Control Matrix

populace is unwanted by the powersthat-will-no-longer-be. They’re fumbling as a result. They’re making mistake after mistake. They’ve also shown conclusively that they’re not as powerful as they would like us to think; even with all the control they have over the money and the information, they have not been able to stop the paradigmatic shifts in our collective consciousness. They had no chance anyway when an energetic expansion has been working against them. Their time is nigh but make no mistake, they won’t go down without a fight. After all, this shadow order still controls the system at its core. It’s an absolute embarrassment that we’ve allowed it to get this far, but we can find solace in the fact that it’s all part of the process; it’s all part of the spiritual experience that we designed for ourselves. The energetic shift which is guiding the emancipation of humanity creates an internal conflict in anyone who ‘chooses’ to stay ignorant of the way the world really works, which surfaces as either a subconscious or conscious search for alternative answers. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re all looking for new ways of being, which is why all eyes are on the controlsystem by default. If the hidden hand had its way, it would just continue with the same old story of a left/right illusion where the people actually feel like they’ve got a genuine choice in the affairs of their future. The political system should no doubt be capitalized on to educate society and facilitate the actual change we need, but depending on the old duopoly will always end fruitlessly. This is why the Thump vs Hitlery vs Flanders theatre has actually been a good thing for America, and the rest of the world, because its illustrated clearly how money, not morality and intelligence, is what controls who is in power and what

decisions they make. Of course there are still those who fall for the left/right deception, but too many of us now know – regardless of how little of the big picture we understand – that a choice for either side is still a choice for the status quo. And nobody who understands the gravity of this mess wants to continue to line the pockets of the so-called elite and transnational bodies at not just our expense, but our future generations, and our natural systems too. Inspiringly though, there are many serious issues and concerns which are strongly garnering not just the attention, but also the response of the people. That hibernating inner activist has been shocked into action for more and more individuals. Examples include this political sellout, an impending fiat-debt implosion, our environmental degradation, a dying middle class, increasing health issues, big money tax evasion, widespread socioeconomic disadvantage, Middle East tensions, societal unrest and the drugging of our society by the pharma monopolies, to name but a few. Even the most highly indoctrinated can somewhat see the plethora of issues we face. All this chaos, however, really is about creating order. A new order. The control grid is of course designed to create a ‘New World Order’ and who knows, they might

be successful. But if so, it will only be for a short while. That’s because waves of higher consciousness are sweeping through a tsunami of truths that will inevitably crash onto the shore of our system. The tide has already turned; eventually, the new order will be one of truth, equality, abundance and freedom. Ultimately, one day we’ll all look back at our current state of affairs and see it for what it was: a matrix of control that enslaved us not just materially, but spiritually as well. As individuals we have the responsibility for our own emancipation too, yet we mustn’t forget that we should also dutifully represent it to our fellow man.

About the Author Phillip J. Watt lives in Australia. His written work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook or visit his website. This article (All Eyes Are On the Control Matrix) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commonslicense with attribution to Phillip J. Watt and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

The burden of staring at a smarthphone Effective weight on the spine as forward tilt increases.

of time. They are constantly dialed in to these small screens as a means of escaping boredom, human interaction, and more. Did you know that staring down at your device is like having an eight-year old sitting on your head while you are standing? When you’re typing a message, reading an e-mail, or browsing the Internet, you’re enduring about 60 pounds of pressure. The average person spends two to four hours a day in this position. The model above was developed by Dr. Kenneth K. Hansraj, chief of spinal surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine, and shows how this position puts an extreme amount of force on your neck and spine. Dr. Hansraj’s notes in his paper, published in Surgical Technology International, that part of having good posture entails having your ears aligned with the shoulders and your shoulder blades back. Doing so lowers body stress and even decreases

cortisol. However, poor posture stresses the spine and may even lead to surgery from all the wear and tear. A quick solution would be to put our phones down once and for all, but since that’s probably not a feasible option for many of us, you can try to hold your phone straight in front of you instead of bending your head down. Place your device at a 30-degree angle when typing or tapping to protect your wrists, at a right angle if you’re reading, and keep your neck back rather than forward.

Zen Gardner’s “You Are the Awakening” is a revolutionary handbook for anyone on the path of awakening, and a wonderful tool to be shared with those just embarking or considering embarking on the journey. Almost 500 pages with nearly 100 articles compiled over 9 years of work, this book is considered a must by many of the alternative world’s luminaries. Go to ZenGardner. com and click on the banner at the top to order and see reviews for yourself. You truly are the awakening! If not you, who else? Much Love, Zen Page 21

Tascosa Feedyard, Texas (2013), by Mishka Henner.

Disturbing Aerial Photos Show What

Killing Billions Of Animals For Meat Is Doing To The Environment

By Arjun Walia


lobal food production today is a mess. Not only do we have millions of people opposing major biotech corporations for their use and production of GMOs and pesticides (for good reasons – backed by science), we are also completely destroying our environment with intensive animal farming.

of rainforest destruction is our own food supply? We tear them down to make room for food crops and livestock grazing, and are doing so at an approximate rate of an entire football field’s worth of forest every single second. Every single day, close to 100 plant/animal/insect species are lost because of this practice. (More facts found within the video clips below.) Below you will see one example of what factory farming is doing to the environment. The chemicals excreted from animal waste turn the landscape into giant cesspools.

Another Important Fact About They are called feedlots, officially referred to as “Concentrated Animal Feeding Factory Farms That Nobody Talks About Operation” (CAFO) and more commonly known as factory farms. They house thouDid you know that in 2006, the sands of animals in horrid conditions that United Nations Food and Agriculture breed disease and massive environmental Organization issued a report stating that degradation. Despite this fact, they remain the livestock business generates more a non-issue to several major organizations whose job it is to raise awareness on the greenhouse gas emissions than all forms various issues contributing to our planet’s of transportation combined? Did you destruction at an exponential rate. According to FarmForward, after examining the numbers from the U.S. Department of agriculture they determined that 99 percent of farmed animals in the U.S. are raised on feedlots. We are talking about billions of animals raised for slaughter every year, and that is in the U.S. alone. Globally, more than seventy billion of these animals are raised for slaughter every single year. ( “Feedlots are a brilliant representation of how abstract our food Coronado Feeders, Dalhart, Texas (2013), by industry has come. It’s an efficient Mishka Henner. system for extracting the maximum yield from animals. That’s the know that 51 percent (or more) of global world we live in now. We want to extract greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by the maximum yield from everything, no matter what business you are in.” (http:// animal agriculture? (1)(2)(3)(4)“The billions of chickens, turkeys, able-photos-show-factory-farms-destroypigs, and cows who are raised for food ing-the-american-countryside/) each year in the U.S. produce a tremendous amount of excrement, releasing Here is a video to illustrate what I am methane and other greenhouse gases into talking about. This footage is from North Carolina, where there are more than 2,000 our atmosphere. Methane, which is at least 20 times more potent than carbon of these farms. dioxide, accounts for 9 percent of the

Did you know that the leading cause

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See “FEEDLOTS” on page 23

This picture of Coronado Feeders, Dalhart, Texas, comes from Mishka Henner, and can be viewed with many more of these shocking and disturbing photos of feedlots at

New Location 2055 Clark Dr

2055 Clark Drive

2055 Clark Dive, Vancouver BC

By Alanna Ketlermarch ccording to the US Department of Agriculture nearly 10 BILLION animals are raised and killed for food each year in the United States alone. While there are multiple reasons for you to start cutting factory farmed animals out of your diet, one of the most important reasons is one that is not often talked or thought about -the destructive toll that is taken on the environment from the mass production and consumption of factory farmed animals and animal products. It’s interesting how this aspect is, for the most part, entirely overlooked. No one ever really stops to think about how much land and resources are actually needed to produce enough animals and products to cater to the excessive overconsumption of animals across the globe. Just think about how much these animals need to eat and drink, feeding 10 Billion animals in the US alone is considerably more than feeding the entire planet. Currently according to the UN, raising animals and producing the feed for them uses 30% of the Earth’s land mass- wow. While doing research for this article I have come across some staggering statistics to support this environmental issue. v 260 Million Acres (and counting) of US forests have been clear-cut to create land for producing feed for livestock. v 70% Of the grain that is produced in the US is fed to farm animals v Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution have stated that the equivalent of SEVEN football fields of land is bulldozed every single minute to create more land for farming animals. v 2,400 Gallons of water is needed to produce 1 pound of meat, only 25 gallons is needed to produce 1 pound of wheat. You would save more water by not showering for 6 months than you would by eating a pound of meat! v In the 2004-2005 crop season all the wild animals and trees in over 2.9 million acres of the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil were destroyed in order to grow crops to produce feed for chickens and other factory farmed animals. v Close to half of all water used in the USA goes to the production of animals for food. v A United Nations report from 2006 states that animal agriculture is “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.”


is Destroying Our Environment

v The EPA reports that roughly 80 percent of ammonia emissions in the US come from animal waste. Atmospheric ammonia can disrupt aquatic ecosystems, ruin soil quality, damage crops, and jeopardize human health. v Cows and sheep are responsible for 37% of the total methane (23 times as warming as CO2) generated by human activity. I also came across this very interesting piece of information: it takes more than 11 times as much fossil fuel to make one calorie from animal protein as it does to make 1 calorie from plant protein. 1) Grow massive amounts of corn, grain, and soybeans (with all required tilling, irrigation, crop dusters etc.) 2) Transport the grain and soybeans to feed manufacturers on gas-guzzling 18 wheelers. 3) Operate the feed mills 4) Transport the feed to the factory farms 5) Operate the factory farms 6) Truck the animals many miles to slaughter 7) Operate the slaughterhouse 8) Transport the meat to processing plants 9) Operate the meat processing plants 10) Transport the meat to grocery stores 11) Keep meat refrigerated or frozen

in stores until sold Keep in mind, this would be much more than 11 steps if this meat was being processed further into fastfood or processed packaged products such as hot dogs and the like. How come this is never talked about? How come all of this is pretty much kept a secret from us? We are told to recycle and we hear about the environmental affects that we are contributing to by driving a car and using too much water. In many cities there are water-bans put in place during certain times of the day. We are encouraged to buy energy saving light bulbs and other items that are deemed ‘energy efficient.’ So why are we not encouraged to step back and at least look at the massive ecological footprint we are creating by continuing to excessively raise and slaughter animals for mass consumption? If we were really concerned about helping the environment, we might consider how much meat and other animal products we are consuming

on a day-to-day basis. We could consider buying our meat from local organic farmers who raise grass-fed cattle. We may consider incorporating a lot more local fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet. We would limit our intake of fast and processed foods. We might consider participating in ‘Meat-less Mondays.’ (http:// Maybe we would start raising our own chickens. Or maybe, we would just stop eating meat and animal products altogether. There have been many studies that suggest eating meat -especially factory farmed meat, is not even good for us and we could have a much longer, happier, healthier life by cutting out meat. The environmental and sustainable factors tell us that at the very least we must return to a more organic and local way of creating animal products if we are choosing to still have them available. We are destroying our Mother Earth and our entire Eco-system in order to fulfill our own selfish eating habits. It is so important that we become harmonious with all life on Earth, including all vegetation and the animal kingdom once again. Just imagine a greener, cleaner more lively planet that we could inhabit if we all chose to have a more compassionate lifestyle.


Randall County Feedyard, Amarillo, Texas (detail), by Mishka Henner.

Feedlots from page 22

greenhouse-gas emissions in this country. And the 523 million chickens raised and killed each year in Delaware and Maryland alone generate enough waste to fill the dome of the U.S. Capitol about 50 times in a single year – or almost once a week. And each cow emits approximately 66 to 79 gallons of methane every single day. There are currently 88 million cattle in the United States. You do the math. Together, these cows reportedly produce more methane than landfills, natural gas leaks and fracking.” ( If we are talking about human activity as one (of what could be many) factors contributing to environmental destruction and global climate change, why is it that factory farming is not included? Below are a few clips from the upcoming documentary called “Cowspiracy.” It

sheds light on the modern day meat industry and its relation to climate change, as well as its detrimental effect on the Earth’s environment, in multiple ways. It goes deeper, and provides more information on the fact that modern day meat consumption is the leading cause of environmental destruction and human induced climate change on our planet, yet we never hear about it. http://www.collective-evolution. com/2015/06/02/distrubing-aerial-photos-show-what-killing-billions-of-animalsfor-meat-is-doing-to-the-environment/

Sources All other sources not listed here are linked throughout the article online. (1) (2) (3) (4)

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Don’t “The Dreaming” in Aboriginal Australia Intend Money T Directly By Lynne Hume Ph.D.

he term ‘The Dreaming’ is a Western translation of an Aboriginal concept that is difficult for Westerners to understand, and because most of Aboriginal culture is often of a secret-sacred nature, it is not permissible for Aboriginal people to convey much of it to others, particularly non-Aborigines. There were many traditional languages throughout Aboriginal Australia prior to contact with Western culture, some of which are no longer spoken, Lynne Hume, each of which had its Ph.D., author own way of referring to of “Ancestral what was a pervasive Power.” theme. In the following comment, made by Mussolini Harvey, an Aboriginal man from Yanyuwa country, (Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia), he calls the Dreaming ‘Yijan’ because he speaks Yanyuwa. His statement demonstrates both the difficulty of conveying the Law, and how the term ‘Dreaming’ depends on the local indigenous language: White people ask us all the time, what is Dreaming? This is a hard question because Dreaming is a really big thing for Aboriginal people. In our language, Yanyuwa, we call the Dreaming Yijan. The Dreamings made our Law. This Law is the way we live, our rules. This Law is our ceremonies, our songs, our stories; all of these things came from the Dreaming. One thing that I can tell you though is that our Law is not like European Law which is always changing – new government, new laws; but our Law cannot change, we did not make it. The Law was made by the Dreamings many, many years ago and given to our Ancestors and they gave it to us.

The recounting of myths and their meanings is part of the importance of knowledge as ownership. As a person progresses in age and through the process of initiations, older and fully initiated people reveal more knowledge to them. And there are layers of meaning. Traditional artwork as well, contains levels of meaning according to the knowledge that has been passed to the viewer. Some Law ceremonies and sites pertain to ‘women’s business’; some to ‘men’s business’; others to both genders. A song or story can follow an actual geographical tract called a ‘songline’, where Aborigines follow the stories that are depicted in a particular Dreaming. The songs may appear to contain a simple statement, but to the acculturated performer, have multiple meanings. The more an individual participates in ceremony, the more deeply he or she learns of the layers of meaning. Very briefly, the ‘Dreaming’ can be said to relate to the idea of an ancestral presence that exists as a spiritual power that is deeply present in the land. This presence (sometimes referred to as ‘power’) also exists in certain paintings, in some dance performances, and in songs, and ceremonial

The Dreaming (or Law) then, is integral to Aboriginal culture. It is the link between human beings, land, and everything that inhabits the land. Aboriginal Elder George Tinamin says: ‘One Land, One Law, One People’ Ngangatja apu wiya, ngayuku tjamu – This is not a rock, it is my grandfather. This is a place where the dreaming Comes up, right up from inside the ground. Everything is interconnected. It is expressed through stories, ceremony, and song cycles, and through Aboriginal art. Each part of the entire triad of land-humans-environment needs to maintain a balance with every other part and this is done through ceremony.

Page 24

“Seven Sisters Songline” by Josephine Mick, Pipalyatjara, 1994. objects. When an Aboriginal person says, ‘this is my Dreaming’, they are referring to a localized area they call ‘my country’, which they ‘belong to’, and to the myths, ceremonies and songs that those stories describe and enact. Relationships are valued over material wealth, an aspect of Aboriginal culture that has not diminished with the advent of Europeans. The loss of connection to family

and the deeply significant emotional and spiritual ties with their country through early government and missionary intervention has changed much of traditional Aboriginal culture, and many who now live in cities, have much less opportunity to participate in traditional ceremonies. My book, Ancestral Power, published by Melbourne University Press (2002) takes a sweeping look at the ‘Dreaming’, by exploring a wide range of existing literature on Aboriginal cosmology and spiritual practices, together with studies of Aboriginal art, data from anthropologists and ethnomusicologists, and statements by Aboriginal people from many different regional areas of Australia. For readers who want in-depth studies on particular areas and themes, I encourage them to refer to the many sources in the bibliography.

About Lynne Hume, Ph.D. Lynne, Hume, Anthropologist, Honorary Research Consultant, and Associate Professor(retired) in Studies in Religion at The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. Researched and published on Australian indigenous culture, etc. Her book publications are: The Varieties of Magical Experience; The Religious Life of Dress; Portals: Opening Doorways to Other Realities through the Senses: Berg; Ancestral Power: The Dreaming, Consciousness and Aboriginal Australians; Witchcraft and Paganism in Australia; Anthropologists in the Field: Cases in Participant Observation; Popular Spiritualities: the Politics of Contemporary Enchantment. She has also published work in numerous academic journals and several encyclopedias and supervised PhD students through to completion of their doctorates. Hume lives in Australia. One Book Review: Ancestral Power by Lynne Hume is a treatise on Aboriginal magic for post-modern days. The deeds of medicine men and sacred musicians across the continent are probed: the near-hypnotic powers of indigenous paintings and songs are given scientific explanation. “Could the Dreaming have been based, among other things, on the interface between culture, environment and experiences in altered sates of consciousness”? — The Weekend Australian

By El&Even


he Law of Attraction can be very powerful. It’s more than wishing, intending, and visualizing though. I know a lot of people who intend money to come to them. They keep intending for years, and they usually attract little or no money that way. They wonder when the money will show up. They hope it will show up. But it doesn’t show up. Money avoids such people because there’s very little power in such an intention. For most people, money isn’t much to get excited about. It’s just a number in a computer database. It’s meaningless. The people who achieve amazing results with the LoA rarely intend to attract money directly since they know that money isn’t a power source. They look past the money and seek to attract what they really desire. Money is worthless since all it does is sit there, so trying to attract money is almost always a complete waste of time. I was only able to do it when I turned it into a game. My real intention was to learn more about how this universe works, and money showed up as a result of that, but I didn’t need the money or get attached to it. Skip the money intentions, and intend whatever you think you’ll do with the money instead. Go for the adventure, the expansion, the new possibilities, the lifestyle changes, etc. Never make the mistake of holding intentions rooted in fear or security since those are powerless intentions. This is a universe of growth, not of security. If you make the mistake of thinking that money will make you stronger, safer, or freer, you’re weaving powerlessness into your intention, so you’ll get nothing but more validation of your powerlessness. When you try to manifest money directly because you think it will give you some benefits, it’s like chasing a rainbow. It will constantly tease you while remaining perpetually out of reach. Skip the pot of gold. It’s a useless distraction. Money often shows up as a side effect of bolder intentions. Intend the boldness, and money may arrive as part of the story. Don’t get attached to the money though, and don’t get clingy with it. It’s not a source of security. It’s not a power source. It’s not freedom or strength. It’s just money.

Go for the adventure, the expansion, the new possibilities, the lifestyle changes.

By Anthony Tyler


eople from all walks of life are beginning to exponentially awaken to the Big Pharma conspiracy, and it is certainly no theory. Through the systematic corporate take-over of institutional medicine by families like the Rockefellers (among others), the 20th century’s doorstep has been darkened by the scourge of allopathic medicine, as opposed to holistic, shamanic medicines that have thousands of years of human history. Many substances that Big Pharma would rather you never hear of due to their natural ability to heal, often times more effectively than their pharmaceutical counterparts, are now leading a resurgence of holistic medicine. A rising number of people are becoming aware of the therapeutic potentials of psilocybin mushrooms, cannabis, DMT, iboga, to more low-key and legal medicinal plants, like Valerian root, St. John’s/mugwort, kratom, and many more still that have even larger spectrum of therapeutic potential without the addition of getting “high” to any degree. However, the Dagga flower is something that embodies both of these types of holistic medicines, without being some sort of intense psycho-metaphysical sojourn on an Amazonian plant, et cetera. Known by many today as the “wild cannabis/cannabis substitute,” dagga’s traditional name is “Lion’s Tale,” and the scientific classification is Leonotis leonurus. The plant is said to grow from two to five meters, have a mild fragrance, and an enchantingly pleasant flower bloom, both in appearance and usage. While it is native

True Hope from page 2

family. At the time of Ezekiel’s birth, Collet was working with Truehope on a support hotline. She was collecting data on the effectiveness of their supplements, and answering questions about the company and its respective products. EmpowerPlus had also been used for children suffering from Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Collet found reports of Autism alleviation by EmpowerPlus to be a reoccurring theme, especially at a time when correlations between vaccinated children and Autism diagnosis were on the rise. At the time when Ezekiel got sick, Collet had been taking him to Parent Preschool - a place for mothers and children to share space and experience with one another. It was Monday February 27th, 2012 and Collet called David with unusual news that perhaps Ezekiel was coming down with something. He was exhibiting signs of discomfort accompanied by flu-like symptoms. Monday evening after a telephone consultation with Terri, the registered nurse, they decided that the child had Croup. Ezekiel’s breathing was wheezy, and he had a cough and fever. The Stephans were alarmed by the unusual circumstances, although Ezekiel’s condition mirrored that of any common child who fell ill during the winter months after exposure in a school setting. David decided to begin supplementing the boy with natural remedies in his smoothies. Raw garlic and olive leaf extract are powerful natural antibiotics and were added into the boy’s food to combat the illness. On Tuesday February 28th, David left for a business trip, and upon returning two days later, Ezekiel’s condition had rapidly improved. By Saturday the supplements were removed from his diet as he showed signs of healing. The following

Dagga Flower “Wild Cannabis” Of The East

to southern Africa, dagga also has a long shamanic history with the indigenous people of China and Vietnam. Today, dagga has been naturalized in a variety of other places, such as California, Australia, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Currently, dagga is globally legal and can be ordered through a variety of different website outlets. When smoked, dagga is said to have a euphoric, calming, uplifting highness. This is said to also provide a sense of mental clarity and warmth of visual perception. Much akin to cannabis, because of a similar delivery of alkaloids also found in cannabis, it has been a favorite recreational and shamanic medicinal

Sunday, Ezekiel was taken back to church, and on Monday he returned to Preschool with Collet. At this point his condition was not 100% insofar as he was not bouncing around like his usual self, but Collet was comfortable resuming her son’s activities, as she believed the illness had run its course. At this point, David had left again for a work trip and would not return for four days. Collet called him on Tuesday March 6th, concerned that perhaps they had done too much too soon as Ezekiel was very tired. Wednesday she called him back once more to relay the news that Ezekiel was feeling sick again. On his way home the following day, David purchased the ingredients for Dr. Schulze’

plant since people have known of it. In some indigenous languages, cannabis and dagga have the same general name. Also like cannabis, the flowers of dagga are picked for their psychoactive use, and the leaves can be used for this purpose as well, in larger doses than the flower. The flowers are dried for smoke (often to be mixed with other herbs in a blend); can be used as a tea, which has a much deeper sedative quality than the smoke, and a larger medicinal spectrum. And, sharing another commonality with cannabis, dagga can be made into resin oils, tinctures, and is incredibly useful for topical skin ailments, from minor irritation to chronic condi-

thorough check of his lungs, heart, pulse, and temperature, finding no irregularities or cause for alarm, Terri suggested that perhaps the illness was developing internally. Terri recalled a Meningitis case that occurred two weeks prior, and recommended that they consider it as a possibility. They began investigating Meningitis symptoms, finding its interchangeability with that of the flu. They knew if they rushed Ezekiel to Emergency with strong vitals he would have been turned away, like countless other Viral Meningitis cases in the past. They found that Bacterial Meningitis causes swelling of the brain, presenting a dire situation in a mere 24 to 48 hours. As Ezekiel had been ill for at least four days, they concluded that it

For the first time in his life, Anthony decided to forego the requests of the State, responding instead to his deep compassion and inherent morality. He knew in his grieving heart what was right, and he acted upon it. Master Tincture, with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, blood stimulant and circulative properties. Ezekiel took the tincture and showed immediate signs of relief, to the point where David ceased giving him the remedy by Saturday March 10th, two days later. Sunday night Ezekiel slept in bed with Collet, so that David would not disturb them upon leaving for work Monday morning. When he returned Monday afternoon, David came home to a frustrated Collet and restless Ezekiel as neither had slept well the night before. At this time Collet was pregnant with their third son Ephraim, and Terri was scheduled to come for a prenatal visit that week. Instead, Collet asked if she would come a few days early to look at Ezekiel as well. After a

could not be Bacterial Meningitis. The couple also knew that there was no treatment for Viral Meningitis, and that most people healed on their own. With new indication of the boy’s illness however, the couple decided that if anything changed for the worse, they would seek further medical attention right away. Ezekiel slept well Monday night, and by Tuesday March 13th had already made good progress. He was consuming plenty of fluids, which included his smoothies and home remedies. That day David had an important appointment in Lethbridge, and decided he would pick up a few items from the naturopathic doctor as well. Rather than have Collet stay home with the children, they decided it might be good to take Ezekiel on a short excursion.

tions like eczema. In today’s western society of scientific discovery, dagga has hardly been given any credit, but it has kept a steady horticulture for itself through herbalists, hippies, holistic doctors, and recreational growers, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. If a local smoke-shop or herbal storefront does not carry dagga, it is widely available online, and recommended by humans throughout the centuries! Down with the disastrous and toxic results of Big Pharma’s allopathy; it’s time to dive back to the roots of holistic medicines, and this means not just settling on the popular varieties like the commonly accredited psychedelics. Plants such as dagga, blue lotus, valerian, kratom, kava, desmodium, and so many others are still little known in today’s western societies, yet their uses are as versatile as any of the better-known varieties. Those who consider themselves part of the holistic medicines’ resurgence have a responsibility to not only propagate these plants, but to spread the word about their wonderful uses and remedies, so that the people who can medically benefit from them are not deprived of their relief. For those interested in trying Wild Dagga Flower for themselves, it can be found on Amazon here:

Sources dagga.htm,

David brought him outside, and fastened him into his car seat. He then noticed Ezekiel had a look of discomfort. Collet considered staying home and lying with him in bed, but finally they decided to bring Ezekiel’s foam crib top, and have Collet lie with him in the car. Upon arrival, David stayed in the back of the car with the two boys while Collet ran the errands. During this time Ezekiel demonstrated a massive turn-around, where all signs of tension and achiness in his body subsided. David dozed off while he waited for Collet to return and awoke to Ezra’s joyful laughter, and Ezekiel playfully flicking David’s lips. They rode home together, feeling relief in the presence of Ezekiel’s restored happiness. David and Collet put him to bed early that night, certain he’d be in good spirits in the morning. Collet even attended a church event that evening due to the fact that Ezekiel showed no symptoms or presence of illness. At eight pm that night, David went in to check on Ezekiel and noticed a breathing irregularity. Collet had already left but would soon call home to check on the boys. Collet was informed of the slight irregularity and decided she would come home early to check on him. Ezekiel’s breathing was nothing like the Croup they had previously experienced, but was irregular insofar as deep breaths were followed by shorter ones. They found it odd, though not alarming, and allowed the boy to go back to sleep. Ezekiel awoke when Collet came home, and David gave him more herbs and fluids, which he consumed easily. Then Ezekiel’s breathing began to decline rapidly. David thought he had aspirated some of the supplements, and became frantic when Ezekiel went into respiratory arrest. Immediately they called 911 knowing it was six kilometres to Glenwood, the nearest town, and half an hour to the hospital in Cardston. After exchanging information about their location and

See “TRUE HOPE” on page 27 Page 25

Longevity from page 3

killers in the West is cancer, but an oftenshrouded method of fighting cancer is eating apricot seeds. These seeds contain Laeterile, or Vitamin B 17, which is known to kill cancer cells. Perhaps this is why cancer is practically unheard of in the Hunza village.

5. Protect Your Gut Health The Hunza’s also typically consume yoghurt, which replenishes their healthy gut flora. Another country which consumes a lot of yoghurt is Bulgaria, and they have 1,666 centenarians per million people in their populace. The West is lucky if we have 9 per million. Our microbiome – our gut flora – is key to determining our immune health and longevity.

6. Daily Exercise Outdoors The Hunzas spend most of their days in nature – outdoors, in fresh air. There are dozens of scientific studies that point to the health and mood boosting benefits of this practice, but they also typically walk up to 20 kilometers every day, in addition to doing other backbreaking physical tasks. Sure, we go to the gym, but nothing compares to hiking on uneven terrain for hours every day in a pristine, natural setting.

7. Eat Unprocessed Bread Containing All Needed Enzymes The Hunza also eat lots of nuts and seeds, but their favorite addition to any meal is ‘chapatti’ a bread that is made of wheat, millet, buckwheat or barley flour – it is the whole flour though with the germ intact. Most processed flours in the West, especially wheat flours, have had the germ removed. Leaving the germ intact makes storing

flour-based products more difficult for the food industry, but Hunza women credit this bread for allowing them to give birth well into their 60s. Why? Germ-intact grains contain lots of Vitamin E and other phytonutrients that play an important role in our longevity, but also our sexual health. Our entire hormonal system relies on Vitamin E, and other nutrients for increased libido and vitality.

8. The Final Hunza Secret? Meditation and Frequent Breaks In the West we work at stressful breakneck speeds, rarely taking a moment to focus on our breath, or to just feel gratitude for being alive. The Hunzas practice meditation and trust their instincts to know when it is time to rest. They spend alone-time looking within, and consider communing with the soul, paramount to their happiness. I may not be able to jump on a jet plane to the Hunza kingdom tomorrow, but I’m certainly planning on adopting as many of their secrets as I can.


About the Author

from page 7

people are at a conversational distance, the electromagnetic signal generated by one person’s heart can influence the other person’s brain rhythms. When an individual is generating a coherent heart rhythm, synchronization between that individual’s brainwaves and another person’s heartbeat is more likely to occur. Individuals capable of generating high ratios of heart coherence were able to alter DNA conformation according to their intention. Intending to denature (un-wind) or renature (wind) the DNA had corresponding effects on the UV spectra. As people learn to sustain heart-focused positive feeling states, the brain can be brought into entrainment with the heart. The conclusion is the need of pointing to the heart as the center of consciousness .

Dr. Fahad Basheer is an author, writer and a trainer. He is a highly influential independent researcher of consciousness, mind body continuum system and its applications in medicine. He has specialized in NLP psycho therapeutics. He is the author of the book “The Science of Emotions”. He has published numerous articles to different magazines and Medical Journals. Follow Dr.Fahad Basheer on Facebook: dr.fahadbasheer/ & Twitter: FAHADBASHEER7 References: Please see online. This article (Heart Consciousness the Next Frontier in Brain and Neuroscience) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

About the Author Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, Nexus, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. This article (8 Secrets to Living Beyond 100 from the World’s Healthiest People) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Christina Sarich and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Hyper Sexualizing Children By Disney Exposed

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For more locations please contact Page 26

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

– Albert Camus

By Zen Gardner


hat quotation pretty much sums it up, at least on one level. What’s fundamentally dystopic is that humanity petitions others for their freedom, as if it’s something to be granted by someone else in a position of authority over them. Not only is that counter intuitive at a very deep level, but it reinforces the very paradigm from which they are trying to escape. It’s very much like putting the cart before the horse – and then the horse complains about it and asks those who did it to change the situation. There may be a time to straighten out a misunderstanding and stupid mistake by pointing out the obvious in a particular situation, but ultimately it’s up to the bridled human to have some “horse sense” and just say no to the situation and be its true independent self and not cooperate with being yoked into bondage and just break free from the bridle and reins…and dump the saddle as well. That metaphor doesn’t fully describe this phenomenon, but we all get “yoked”

into situations in our lives as it’s built into the very nature of the matrix; anything from compromising personal relationships with friends, family and loved ones to employment or imposed legal restrictions. This is no small thing we’re encountering here in this earthhuman experience. The question remains – how do we deal with these challenges on both a micro and the much more profound macro spiritual level?

Why Petition Pathological Lying Psychopaths? Just look at the world today. Unfortunately, while the fact that such non-empathic, power-crazed personages

is well known to be the case amongst rulers, politicians, bankers, corporate monsters and the Orwellian media, people still take their word, hoping against hope that their empty promises will come true. What is that? Is it lethargy, apathy, psychotic denial, mind control, or what? Most likely it’s a convergence of many such conditions, but the reality of this form of mass Stockholm syndrome is absolutely pathetic.

Stockholm Syndrome 101: Stockholm syndrome, or capturebonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.

True Hope from page 25

the boy’s condition, minutes had passed and an ambulance had not yet been dispatched. Collet gave him a breath, patted him on the back, and he coughed up mucus. Ezekiel began breathing regularly on his own, and once again they were faced with a difficult decision. Rather than wait half an hour for the ambulance to come to them, they decided they would drive Ezekiel to the hospital themselves. While they were prepping the vehicle, both David’s father and Terri were notified that they were on their way to the hospital. David sped down the rural dirt road off of which they lived, and two kilometers into the car ride Ezekiel stopped breathing. They believed more mucus had been dislodged in the boy’s airway during the bumpy ride, causing him to asphyxiate. Again they called the ambulance and decided they would meet on Highway Two, on the way to Cardston. While driving through Glenwood, they passed within 100 yards of an idle ambulance that had not been notified of the crisis. They were four minutes from the hospital when they finally crossed paths with the rightful ambulance. Collet then ceased performing CPR on her son, and watched as the paramedics transferred him into the ambulance. Terrified, David and Collet sat frozen in their vehicle waiting for the ambulance to depart for the hospital, but it did not leave. Seconds dragged into an eternity as they sat praying for their son. Finally the ambulance took off, only to pull over again moments later. By the time Ezekiel arrived at the hospital, he was unresponsive. David and Collet were left in the dark about what had actually occurred in the ambulance that night, until two days later. Ezekiel was brain dead by the time he got to Cardston Health Centre. He suffered an anoxic brain injury via prolonged oxygen depri-

Ezekiel’s chest x-ray from Cardston Health Centre, showing clear lungs. Tuesday March 13th, 2012. vation. The Stephans learned that Ezekiel was without chest-rise for eight minutes when the ambulance paramedics failed to intubate the boy due to insufficient and missing equipment. When Ezekiel was transferred into the ambulance, paramedics scrambled to fit him with an oxygen mask. Precious minutes passed as they struggled to secure a seal without a child-sized bag-valve mask. The ambulance pulled over when they tried to intubate him a second time using an endotracheal tube inserted into the throat. Once more, they lacked the proper size. Ezekiel’s chest did not rise and fall throughout the duration of the ambulance ride, depriving his brain of the oxygen necessary for life. Two years later, the attending paramedic would testify that the ambulance in which Ezekiel was transported to Cardston had been missing equipment for over a year. All requests to replenish the equipment had been denied until a week after Ezekiel’s death. The medical misadventure in the ambulance was what cost young Ezekiel his life, as

evidence suggests a full recovery from Viral Meningitis was expected had he been intubated properly. In addition, similar cases in the past indicate how the absence of antibiotics does not increase risk of death by Viral Meningitis in children. However, in Ezekiel’s initial autopsy report, the medical community used Bacterial Meningitis as the working diagnosis and cause of death, possibly in order to cover up the institution’s error. Mistakes persisted during the time when Ezekiel was airlifted to Alberta Children’s Hospital shortly after he arrived in Cardston. On his way to Calgary, Ezekiel had enough brain activity to begin breathing on his own. He was then administered a paralysis drug, Rocuronium Bromide, in order to continue intubation; Ezekiel would never breathe on his own again after this. The incentive to use powerful drugs to paralyze the boy is questionable and worthy of examination, as his recovery from the drug at this stage was unlikely. Ezekiel was kept on life support for five days at Alberta

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.” One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome…suggests that the bonding is the individual’s response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat. [Emphasis mine] (source) Sound familiar? That’s society at large. The abuse/abuser cycle is rife in society, and designedly so. After all, these so-called rulers have themselves been abused by their handlers, physical and/or interdimensional, and so pass on that same paradigm; hence the massive propagation of fear as the ultimate controlling signal. It’s the implanted and socially engineered parasitic mindset, be it archontic, wetiko or some other transdimensional explanation of this energetic vampirism. The dynamic is there and it’s designed to disempower and control through intimidation, fear and ignorance of the truth. What are they afraid of ultimately? What is it they are trying to suppress? Because underlying this is the empowering

See “FREEDOM” on page 30 Children’s Hospital, until the decision was made to discontinue its use. In the time that followed Ezekiel’s death, the Stephans began discovering discrepancies in the autopsy and reports. Riddled with important omissions, these reports left gaping holes in the story. Ezekiel received a chest x-ray at the hospital in Cardston. The autopsy report states that the second cause of death was a right plural empyema, yet the x-ray showed Ezekiel’s lungs were clear at the time of brain death. The empyema developed due to medical intervention during the time he was on life support. Even so, an empyema can be safely removed from the lung, indicating that the infection is not life threatening if addressed soon enough. Curiously, this x-ray was not made available to the jury at the time of the Stephan’s recent conviction, nor was it disclosed to the defense until after David and Collet were found guilty. This vital piece of evidence disproves one of the listed causations of death, and was withheld from the jury during the most critical time in the case. The original autopsy report stated that the other cause of death was Bacterial Meningitis. Ezekiel was never tested for Viral Meningitis, and the diagnosis for Bacterial Meningitis was found through an unapproved testing method. This particular test was done by sampling cerebral spinal fluid and running it over and over again, until a single cell or any trace of the infection would be found and amplified. These tests were done with specific intent. Examiners hoped to expose any trace of Bacterial Meningitis, despite that this evidence was neither credible nor conclusive. Prior to going into respiratory arrest, Ezekiel had no symptoms of illness. Bacterial Meningitis is always accompanied by fever and a rapidly declining state, when in fact Ezekiel’s condition demonstrated the opposite. The diagnosis of Viral Meningitis is inherently problematic, as liability of death would have ensued by means of medical mis-

See “TRUE HOPE” on page 31 Page 27

Page 28

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Page 29

Dylan Charles


e live in a world where illusions are held in higher esteem than verifiable truth. This is no accident, as the individual has for decades now been on the receiving end of social engineering programs, advanced political and corporate propaganda, fear programming and outright mind control. The sum total of all this mass conditioning has been to convince otherwise goodnatured and hard-working people to participate in their own enslavement and to willingly acquiesce to the ever-increasing rules, invasions of privacy, taxations, permissions and control schemes of a government and world elite who have long since left public interest in the dust. The American dream is a mythic idea that was supposedly founded on the principle that public oversight of government is possible thanks to an electoral process which would give an informed citizenry the opportunity to replace undesirable politicians with better ones. Government itself, though, is a brutish and violent force that has time and again proven absolutely wild, reckless and untamable. It has never obeyed its own laws, policies or regulations, and world history is a bloodstained chronicle of man’s failure to control himself when given power in the form of government. Just as you cannot stop the tides from rising and falling, you cannot stop government from decaying into tyranny, nor by following its very own rules and by participating in its token rituals. This is truth, yet the illusion of so-called ‘democracy’ persists, seeming to grip people ever more feverishly with each passing election season. Even in the face of overt election fraud, party infighting, delegate rigging and widespread disenfranchisement. And so here

Your Awakening Counts More Than Your Vote we are again, facing the embarrassing spectacle of choosing between two undesirables when we all know the game is rigged. For the powers that be, though, the repeating four-year cycle of presidential politics is the most effective device for keeping the masses high on the illusion of self-governance. It force feeds us on a regular schedule the false narrative that we the people can vote to reign in the power and corruption of the oligarchy of deep state, private and corporate influences that truly control the direction of this nation. In this light, the purpose of national politics is not to perpetuate self-governance for the benefit of the common person, but rather to eat up personal energy and resources in order to suck the individual into a quagmire of false hope and endless patience with outrage after

outrage. It is to make ineffectual action feel like action to the people being most screwed over by the corruption of the elite. Sure, this may sound negative, cynical or apathetic to those who are over-invested emotionally in this game, but in order to move beyond the insanity of doing the same thing again and again while expecting different results, it’s imperative to be deadly honest about how this program works to enslave us, not to free us. Once we can think beyond the peer pressure, neighbor-hating, and mindless outrage that marks each election cycle, we make ourselves available to the possibility of real change. And real change always begins from within, and never forced from without. There is no political leader who can make

you stand fearlessly in this complex and dangerous world. There is no candidate that can give you the freedom that comes with a healthy mind and body. There is no political ruler who can manifest true and lasting happiness for you. There is no politician who can ensure that you enjoy the experience of your life everyday, under any and all circumstances. And there is no president that can empower you to be the best possible version of yourself so that you may give your best to others. All of these qualities are vastly more critical to personal, community and planetary renewal than whichever new figurehead is selected to be the perceived front man of a morbidly corrupt American government. The most effective way to change the world around you is to first focus on and create more value in yourself. This is why your awakening counts far more than your vote does.

About the Author Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of, the proprietor of, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at This article (Your Awakening Counts More Than Your Vote) was originally created and published byWaking Times and is published here under a Creative Commonslicense with attribution to Dylan Charles and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Being honest, lovingly forthright and sovereign comes naturally to the soul. It’s the rest of our convoluted, conditioned and reflexive self that needs to snap out of the hypnosis and catch up.

Freedom from page 27

reality that we can break from that cycle at any time; first by identifying what is going on and then by making the necessary changes in our thinking, behavior and attitudes while continuing to grow in manifestation of the infinite divine expression within each of us.

Our Expression Is Who We Are Gandhi’s famous quote above is more than just a nice slogan. It’s extremely deep – in fact as deep as you can possibly go when it comes to fully realizing the magnificence of our true selves. The most powerful and impactful effect any of us can have is being who we truly are. To what degree we’re willing to manifest our true self is the challenge we all face, including the apparent nuts and bolts on how we do that in a practical way, one step at a time as we continually raise our levels of consciousness. Essentially it’s not complicated at all. Being honest, lovingly forthright and sovereign comes naturally to the soul. It’s the rest of our convoluted, conditioned and reflexive self that needs to snap out of the hypnosis and catch up. Changing our personal environment is a big start. Cut away the hindrances to where you can gather some momentum in manifesting your integral, honest and authentic self. Drop the downers and energy vampires out of your life. You’re not helping them by continuing on as just another compromised gnome to appease and avoid confrontation. That’s the matrix

Page 30

working through our horrific psycho-social programming to hold us back at as low of a

frequency as possible – and to NOT venture out into our full-on freedom but stay firmly in the yoke of their parasitic grip. There’s plenty of motivation to do this for anyone even half awake. The exterior world of the system is closing down at a frantic pace, and your life, mine, and those of our loved ones and the many wonderful people worldwide as well as the life of our very planet are at stake. It reminds me of when young men were called to war and supposedly battle for the freedom of their homeland. When the calling came, however manipulated, families respected it. It’s called having the courage of one’s convictions. The beauty of our current situation is that the contest and opportunity we’re engaging in is a spiritual one, with nothing but empowerment involved. It’s not a physical battle, nor another futile political struggle, but a war of ideas, truth vs lies, love vs hate and selfishness, and a willingness to go into unknown territories of discovery that few have ever experienced, never mind manifested, before. And what ultimately is the proof of what we’re endeavoring to see manifested on earth? I suggest it is our very lives. If

we’re not living it, at whatever cost to our past paradigms and self image, we are only perpetrating and perpetuating the frustration and ultimate problem we say we want to help dissolve.

It’s A Process – Make Wise Choices But Don’t Hold Back It doesn’t necessarily happen overnight, but it can. At least the initial break to where we convince ourselves we’re serious. That’s when the inspiration and empowerment steps up. In fact, each act of personal commitment has the same effect. The challenges don’t stop, but it gets easier in many ways. It can be pretty daunting at times to continue up the mountain, but wow is it worth it! And oh how the world yearns for our example, liberating signals and bright, free flares on the darkening landscape! That should motivate anyone. After all, what are we here for? To live selfish lives of comfort, ease and false security, while being afraid of personal change and the unknown? Or manifesting our true selves and stepping out to learn new and exciting things, all the while transforming the world around us, and helping to precipitate its best possible outcome. Yeah, it’s that cool! So what’s with the fear? We each have such magnificence to be manifested, but it must be set free! That goes for anyone and everyone – including me. Just say “yes” to the challenges one step at a time and it will all unfold. It’s not that complicated. See your shining face on the mountain! Much love always, Zen

“The dismissal of the ill-equipped ambulance, coupled with the faulty autopsy, and botched paralysis indicate the institution’s attempt at concealing their errors. These reports were presented using inaccuracies and a sensationalized media, purposely crafting a lawsuit against which David and Collet stood little chance.”

HUMALIFE Take Your Power Heal Your Cells

True Hope from page 27

adventure. The dismissal of the ill-equipped ambulance, coupled with the faulty autopsy, and botched paralysis indicate the institution’s attempt at concealing their errors. These reports were presented using inaccuracies and a sensationalized media, purposely crafting a lawsuit against which David and Collet stood little chance. The Stephans sought help from Anny Savageau, Alberta’s former chief medical examiner, who took it upon herself to debunk Ezekiel’s autopsy report. David Stephan calls Savageau a “real Canadian hero”, having stood up against government corruption when she was asked to participate in fraudulent activity. Savageau was dismissed from her job last year for being a whistle-blower, to which she replied: “My soul is not for sale”. The Stephans, backed by Anny Savageau, believe there is “political and bureaucratic influencing into the causations of death”. Especially, David continues, “because of who I am and who I’m associated with”. What the public needs to know is why the autopsy was interfered with, and the medical misadventure left unknown, were it not for “major negligence or malicious intent,” as the Stephans believe to be the case. There are dangerous discrepancies and unwarranted exaggerations within the media’s portrayal of Ezekiel’s story. This information must continue to be made public, as it implicates all Canadian families and their rightful responsibilities to one another. The autonomous self-governance model under which the family thrives, naturally conflicts with anyone, or anything, seeking ultimate control over their lives and bodies. David and Collet Stephan have already received a life sentence through the terrible experience of their loss, and further condemnation by the criminal court seems entirely unjust. On June 24th, 2016, David and Collet Stephan returned to the Lethbridge courthouse for sentencing. The judge’s decision is a reflection of the guilty verdict from the April 26th conviction. David was sentenced to four Phone 250-495-2356 Find them online or at these locations Vancouver: at Genesis Nutrition Main St, Davie St, W. Broadway Victoria: Life Styles Market, 2950 Douglas St. Osoyoos: Bonnie Doon Health Food Store Oliver: Stone Owl Earthworks & Reiki Clinic- 9948-350 Avenue

months jail-time, while Collet received three months of strict house arrest. In review of the latest media coverage, it’s unfortunate to note that much of the aforementioned evidence was never considered during the trial. The punishment has been perceived as a cautionary tale of warning for practitioners and advocates of natural health, through the example of which the Stephans have been made. For Canadians, this case signifies open confrontation between two sides: personal sovereignty and legal subordination. As citizens of an allegedly free country, it is our responsibility to recognize when our freedoms are being infringed upon. Court may be adjourned, but this case and its implications won’t be as easily dismissed. For Dr. Anny Savageau’s complete autopsy report, visit: http://www.newagora. ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/15.4-ReportApril-16.pdf

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one of the most important natural miracles related to life itself. • Powerful anti-oxidant • Anti-aging and rejuvenating • Bio-remediates heavy metals • Removes radiation from your body • Repairs DNA • Powerful natural electrolyte • Increases bio availability • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood • Regenerates and hydrates cells

Stand By Iam Saums “We have been sitting down for so long, we have forgotten how to stand.”

Dawn of Possibility There is nothing more significant in our life than our commitment to make a stand. This is the most potent form of our self-expression. It is in the authenticity of our integrity that we truly thrive. Before we embrace the opportunity to seize the power of our stance we must first be willing to acknowledge it. We then need to integrate it into our lives by whom we are being. Our society does not empower, encourage or support the genesis, ownership and application of our personal stand. In order to claim it, we need to be open to and at cause with its possibility. We must be willing to surrender all we know we are to become all we can truly be.

Cast in Society We are multi-dimensional beings existing in infinite experiences simultaneously in any given moment. We must accept this cosmic truth before we are able to channel it into a focused expression of being. Our perception is conditioned by society’s two-dimensional reality. The multiplicity of our consciousness is condensed and suppressed into a narrow vision of the universe. Our relations with others are regulated by the linear boundaries to which we abide. Reality is based upon the laws and limitations of educational, religious and scientific institutions. Our social evolution anesthetizes us to the truth of who we are.

Rose-Colored Glasses Reality is imprisonment. In our inverted world, even the most alluring freedoms are still forms of slavery, for they exist within a paradigm of illusion. It is simply the nature of the perception we adopt. If we conform to experience life through the filters of education, religion and science, we automatically abandon the majority of what is and what is possible. Eventually we will enable and resign ourselves to the rules and restrictions that keep us engaged in a bait-and-switch matrix of engineered and suspended animation. Ever reaching for an elusive truth we frequently ignore and resist in the exact moment we become present to it.

Artificial Authority We have been giving away our personal power long before we were even aware it existed. Most of us are oblivious to our personal empowerment and only experience it in accidental, fleeting moments of confrontation, difficulty, stress and survival. The energetic quality of the power we emanate and exercise is chaotic and dense in vibration. It begins as a genuine expression of the heart yet is ultimately distorted by perception and reality. It is often transposed into an aggressive and explosive energy. Instead of inspiring others with the presence of our authentic power we frequently allow it to be manipulated into a force of violence.

Existential Savior Many of us have been waiting for someone or something revolutionary in our lives to open the doors of opportunity and possibility. Though there are numerous times when these prospects present themselves to us, we seldom choose to acknowledge and embrace them. We opt for a lifestyle of fantasy, romance and suffering in our perpetual quest for an easier path. Yet, the cost for artificial achievement, convenience, gratification and security is not just our life, possibility and truth. It is our heart and soul. We have been running away from ourselves for so long we have epitomized the divine comedy

that is the “human race.”

Springtime of Truth Humanity is asleep, yet is beginning to awaken. There is far too much evidence, movement and truth manifesting from the obscure confusion of contemporary social reality. The vast super structure of cause and effect that was once our forebears’ captivity has now progressed into an emancipation of awareness, creativity, expression and community. We are becoming present to the realization that possibility is the nature of the universe. Its infinite opportunities empower our experience of life. Possibility transforms our being with multi-dimensional consciousness using our intuition as a gateway to the universe.

Rise and Shine All of us have experiences that inspire us into enlightenment, action and being. We are all motivated by circumstances and events that define the what, why and how we are empowered. Our commitment to petition for it is the foundation of our expression. Our focused intent manifests what becomes our vision, mission and purpose. Who we are and how we express it in our lives determines the nature of our stand. We are a vessel of possibility for the world. It is our purpose to create and sustain this sacred space. There is nothing as vital as the awareness we bring to our life. Our stand is the compass of our consciousness.

In Our Power Identifying, embracing and conveying our personal power can be an awkward and terrifying experience. The practical arenas of reality rarely if ever foster or endorse individual empowerment, let alone accept its mere possibility. Personal power is the antithesis of the foundation upon which society is engineered. This is the primary reason why it is exceptionally challenging to consistently and successfully apply it to our everyday lives. Its extraordinary nature is essential to the manifestation of our transformation. The only true expression of our being is sourced from our personal power. It begins with our choice to be.

The Calling Our lives are ripe with opportunities to claim our truth and choose the nature of our stand. Usually it is something that inspires us to step out of ourselves, out of our professions and the structured reality we adopt. Our perception expands, our heart pounds, our mind races and energy courses through every element of our being. We are present to possibility, yet we are also conscious of something new. In the epiphany of our realization, we are acquainted with our empowerment. In these pivotal moments we have the choice to either ignore our calling or claim it and become all who we can only imagine.

Eternally Empowered No one else can bring into our lives and the world all we that we have been intended and gifted to give. No one else can conduct the energy that the universe sources us to generate, express and share. No one else can be inspired by our lives to the degree that we are empowered to stand for them. No one else can live for us an extraordinary life that transcends the possibilities of our being. No one else can experience our unique creativity, evolution, insights, transformation and destiny. We are the only ones who can become, cause and emanate the greatest manifestation of our lives. To this we are immortally called. For this we need to stand eternally empowered.

“We must stand for something, or we live for nothing.”

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