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By Debra Greene, Ph.D.


oon 5G will significantly increase our wireless RF radiation (radio frequency microwave) exposure 24/7/365. Senior telecom executives admit they have not done any safety testing on 5G, (nor do they plan to do any), but what related research does show is cause for alarm. Thousands of independent studies indicate adverse health impacts from wireless radiation, ranging from cancer and sterility to DNA damage 5G is the next generation of cell phone infrastructure, yet it is categorically different than its predecessors (4G/LTE, 3G, 2G, etc.). It is not a simple upgrade. It is a major increase - and change - in the type of wireless radiation to which we will all be exposed, without consent, whether we use this service or not. 5G builds on existing infrastructure and, in addition, uses extremely high (millimeterwave) frequencies of 24 gigahertz (GHz) or more. These 5G signals don’t travel far, so antennas will be installed approximately every 2-10 homes in residential neighborhoods. 5G will significantly increase our wireless RF radiation (radio frequency microwave) exposure on a 24/7 and 365 days a year basis.

No Safety Studies

In a February 2019 U.S. Senate

hearing, senior telecom executives admitted they have not done any safety testing on 5G, nor do they plan to do any. Currently, there are over two dozen cities in the U.S. and countless cities abroad that have 5G, yet there is no scientific evidence to support any claim of safety for it. What related research does show is

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and instruct our driverless cars on where to take us. 5G base stations and 5G devices will have multiple antennas in phased arrays that work together to emit focused, steerable, laserlike beams that track each other. Each 5G phone will function like a mini cell tower, containing dozens of tiny antennas working together to track and aim a narrowly focused beam to search and connect with the nearest cell antenna. The FCC has adopted rules that permit those beams to be as much as 20 watts, ten times more powerful than levels allowed on current phones.

5G - The Global Human Experiment without Consent cause for alarm. Thousands of independent studies indicate adverse health impacts from wireless radiation. These range from cancer and sterility to DNA damage. The government’s human exposure guidelines haven’t been updated in more than 20 years, while radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi and wireless baby monitors has increased exponentially in that time.

Planet Earth Blanketed in Radiation

The 5G agenda is vast. It includes 200 billion transmitting objects, according to estimates, that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, with one trillion transmitting objects a few years later. 5G is meant to usher in more robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, including 5G antennas installed inside cars - behind our heads and irradiating our brains - so we can talk to people in other vehicles

Alarming Evidence of Harm More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world demonstrate the harmful biological effects of wireless radiation. Because of their developmental stages, children are much more susceptible. In addition, wireless radiation effects are cumulative, putting children at greater risk. Effects include: n Detrimental effects on fetal and newborn development

n Detrimental effects on young children n Brain tumors and other cancers n DNA damage and altered gene expression n Neurological effects and cognitive impairment n Impaired sperm function and quality n Learning and memory deficits n Cardiovascular disease n Altered metabolism n And more The mechanisms of biological harm from wireless radiation were not well understood until Martin Pall, PhD, demonstrated how voltage-gated calcium channels are disrupted, resulting in excessive intracellular calcium ions affecting our cells. Numerous independent studies on millimeterwave radiation already show a range of biological effects, indicating that an increase in frequencies may worsen harmful effects.

Government Corruption The Telecommunications Act of 1996, section 704, gives the telecom industry free reign and prohibits opposition to wireless infrastructure based on environmental effects, which includes health effects. Thankfully, this prohibition is being challenged in court right now. The telecom industry is supposed to be regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); however, the Harvard Center for Ethics describes the FCC as a “captured agency” that is dominated by the industry it is purported to regulate. The multi-trillion-dollar telecom industry wields massive lobbying power and formidable public influence through pervasive, propagandistic advertising and media

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By Tyler Durden


Cannabis Oil Can Reduce Or Eliminate Epileptic Seizures In Kids

small study conducted by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan adds to the growing body of evidence that cannabis can be used A major barrier to the study was the to successfully treat seizures in children, notion that the cannabis-based medicine according to the CBC. would make the children intoxicated. A study funded by Jim Pattison’s But the actual medication consisted of 95 Children’s Hospital Foundation monitored per cent cannabidiol (CBD) and five per cent seven children suffering from severe THC. CBD is derived from cannabis plants but pediatric epilepsy, in which up to 1,200 does not create a high, whereas THC can be seizures a month are common. intoxicating.” –CBC On average, the overall reduction in “What we were able to show is that the seizures was close to 75%, while three of THC levels, even at the highest the seven doses in this study, remained children low,” said Huntsman. “Based stopped on this —and, again, this [is] having preliminary data for seven seizures patients of study so we have altogether. got to keep that in mind — but “Some what we’re able to show so far people is that the concerns about THC might say intoxication, maybe it’s not as that’s not Charlotte had lost the ability to walk, much of a concern.” perfect, talk, and eat, and was having 300 And while this study may that’s not grand mal seizures a week. have been small, it confirmed 100 per a growing body of evidence cent, but you have to take into consideration supporting the known efficacy of cannabis these are kids that have failed multiple antifor a variety of ailments. In fact, there seizure medications, multiple treatments. are already FDA-approved treatments for The likelihood of getting a good result with seizures associated with certain conditions, another medication is really, really low,” said such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and pediatric neurologist Dr. Richard Huntsman, Dravet syndrome, both of which are rare. one of the study’s authors. “During the study, the children were CBD for seizures is nothing new administered their typical medication in The non-psychoactive CBD cannabinoid addition to the cannabis. No participant was found in Marijuana was famously used in administered a placebo. 2013 to treat seizures in Charlotte Figi, a After one month of observing their 3-year-old from Colorado who suffered from seizures, the children received increasing doses severe, 30 minute seizures. of a herbal cannabis extract. The dosage was “The twins were 3 months old when the then increased each month for six months. Figis’ lives changed forever. Charlotte had just

had a bath, and Matt was putting on her diaper. “She was laying on her back on the floor,” he said, “and her eyes just started flickering.” –CNN Charlotte’s doctors weren’t able to pinpoint what was going on; her blood tests and scans were all normal, telling the Figis “It is unusual in that it’s so severe, but it’s probably something she’ll grow out of.”

Enter the Stanley Brothers

With the Figis’s expensive supply of CBD oil marijuana nearly gone, one of Colorado’s As the years went on, largest marijuana growers, the Stanley Brothers, Charlotte got worse stepped up to create a strain of marijuana With medical and recreational marijuana containing high levels of CBD just for Charlotte having been approved in Colorado, the Figis – – naming it Charlotte’s web. who had previously been against marijuana use “The biggest misconception about treating – considered using cannabis to treat Charlotte a child like little Charlotte is most people think after Matt Figis discovered an that we’re getting her high, online video of a California boy most people think she’s whose seizures were mitigated getting stoned,” Josh Stanley using the alternative treatment. said, stressing his plant’s low By then, Charlotte had THC levels. “Charlotte is lost the ability to walk, talk, the most precious little girl in the world to me. I will do and eat, and was having 300 anything for her.” grand mal seizures a week. Years later, Charlotte Her heart had stopped several was thriving – only having times, only to be resuscitated 2-3 seizures per month, Thanks to cannabis oil over and over. mostly in her sleep. Not treatment, Charlotte is At just five years old, only can she walk, but she’s thriving with only 2-3 the Figis turned to CBD was riding a bicycle, feeding seizures per month. cannabinoid treatment as a last herself, and talking as of resort. CNN‘s 2013 report. New research shows “I literally see Charlotte’s you are literally wired for maximum human brain making connections that haven’t been potential! made in years,” Matt said. “My thought now “They had exhausted all of her treatment is, why were we the ones that had to go out and options,” said Harvard-trained physician find this cure? This natural cure? How come a Alan Shackelford, who added: “There really doctor didn’t know about this? How come they didn’t make me aware of this?” weren’t any steps they could take beyond


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what they had done. Everything had been tried — except cannabis.” The results were stunning… Charlotte’s recovery was dramatic. “When she didn’t have those three, four seizures that first hour, that was the first sign,” Paige recalled. “And I thought well, ‘Let’s go another hour, this has got to be a fluke.’” The seizures stopped for another hour. And then for seven days. Paige said she couldn’t believe it, nor could Matt. But their supply was running out.

Overcoming the Robotic Mind Why Humanity Must Come Through A Q&A with the author Julian Rose Q.Your eagerly awaited new book is entitled Overcoming the Robotic Mind – Why Humanity Must Come Through, can you say why you chose this theme and the provocative title? A. umanity has a long history of falling into slavery when faced by the choice of abiding by the rules set by an oppressor or entering into a struggle to break-free from such an oppressor. Today ‘the oppressor’ is barely visible because it comes in the guise of a deceptive form of indoctrination and convenience, when once it came with a sword or a gun. The key form of oppression of the 21st century is shaping up to come in the form of a technology which does our thinking for us, thereby rendering us dependent and to an increasing degree, under the control of a non-human entity. Q. Yet this entity to which you refer has been invented and given its power by humans – is that not the case? A. Yes. Let’s take the Smart Phone as an example. It already has this name ‘smart’ because it has been programmed to perform many functions at speeds which humans can’t replicate. This is where the first steps of ‘indispensability’ come in. In a world where the everyday transactions of life move ever faster, the pocket-sized ‘smart’ computer takes on a role which makes its user dependent. Once a technology has powers which man cannot match within the context of instant calculation and information exchange, we put ourselves in a position which the slave has to the master. Q. In the book you make a powerful call to people to recognize this danger and to develop their powers of creativity, spirituality and rationality as a counterpoint. How do you think individuals can free themselves from their dependence on the technologies which seem to be increasingly becoming a dawn to dusk preoccupation? A. Firstly one has to recognize one is trapped. One cannot free oneself until one realizes that one is not free. The remarkable thing is that these pocket-sized computer technologies give people the illusion that they are free. Free to engage in a constant banter with others, constant access to up to the minute news, weather forecasts, road and rail and flight conditions; food, clothes and accessory bargains – and so on. But these are all products of a consumer-based society run by an ever-smaller number of ever larger corporations. So, what one falls victim to, in complying to the indispensability of the mobile phone and its various cousins, is the reality of becoming a pawn in the hands ofcorporate behemoths. Multinational and transnational corporations that control the manufacturing, the sanitized content and the daily menu of news being dispensed. In the West, one becomes a victim of the voracious appetite of neo-liberal globalization to take control of one’s destiny - while simultaneously microwaving one’s brain and monitoring one’s every move. Q. But does recognizing one is trapped within this kind of virtual reality world, also offer a way out of it? A. I gave the book its secondary title ‘Why Humanity Must Come Through’ because the road of compliance to a world built on the neverending desire to acquire the trappings of material wealth and power, is a road to both human and planetary destruction. A process which is well advanced even as my book goes to press. More and more people are waking up to this reality, but not so many are taking steps to do something about it. That which would reverse the situation and start building a very different future than the one mapped out for us by politicians and their corporate puppet masters. The steps involved in positively moving forward and beyond the Orwellian control system we live in, involves reaching deep inside ourselves and finding our real strengths, our real sense of purpose. The qualities that we were all endowed with at birth but have failed to bring into the foreground of our lives. Therefore, I devote a significant part of the book to revealing both what these qualities are and how we can use them to develop a new vision of the way forward. This includes how to turn that vision into the practical actions of our liberation. Q. That’s a big challenge. Have you drawn from your own life experience in laying out this path of emancipation? A. As a writer I draw deeply on my life experience and on my perception of the components that make up the road of truth. Through combining my experiences of acting, organic farming, international activism and explorer on the path of spiritual wisdom, I have discovered a great complementarity and connectedness flowing through and between all of them – and this is reflected in both the content and style of my writing.

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Overcoming the Robotic Mind Nature Cures Many Diseases The Consequence of Cowardice

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In the Language of Art Imagination is a Spiritual Path





5G-Human Experiment Cannabis Oil Cures Childhood Epilepsy Interview with Martin Pall on 5G Ganjapreneur: Activist & Entrepreneur

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Humanity in Induced Coma How Real Mind-Control Works Freedom from the Voices Longest Running Case of Mass Hysteria

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Q. Your book will come at a prescient moment. There is much talk of 5G electro magnetic microwave transmissions being established both on Earth and in Space so as to cover the whole world with dangerous radiation and inescapable monitoring. Is this another example of the Robotic Mind at work? A. Yes it is. Here we face the ultimate test of our ability to reject that which would otherwise destroy us. There is nowhere to hide if 5G is established in the way the telecommunications industry and power obsessed millionaires wish to roll it out. We are talking about genocide and ecocide combined. An open war on the most fundamental building blocks of nature. In order to successfully combat 5G we have to work fast and become well educated about the thinking behind such intrinsically anti-life obsessions.Overcoming the We need to accept the Robotic Mind should serve as a useful resource in this respect. twists and turns rather

Q. We clearly live at a time of considerable confusion and uncertainty, than get stressed-out what essential message would you like by them. We need to to pass to your readers concerning the immediate years ahead? learn to live by our A. The underlying reason for insecurity, fear and a lack of sense of direction, is due to the discovery that deepest intuitions and life is not the straight line from A to bravely follow the path B. Not exactly the straight forward march to social and economic they lead us down – no security we were led to believe it would be by our education system. It matter what. is actually much closer to what the English poet William Blake called “a crooked road of genius.” What we are educated to believe does not fit the reality of what we find along this crooked road. So we need to accept the twists and turns rather than get stressed-out by them. We need to learn to live by our deepest intuitions and bravely follow the path they lead us down – no matter what. This is the only formula that will defeat the rise in robotic ‘solutions’ and the less than human cyborg which we are being conditioned to become. It is the only power that can defeat the robotic nature of a society conditioned to deny the cry of its own soul. The cry for the full manifestation of the divine gift of imagination, love and sharing which is our common birthright. That unnameable power that which steers us down the organic path of our true individual destinies. Q. Thank you Julian, how can people purchase a copy of your book? A. My book is available at bookstores and on Amazon. Please see links below: dp/6197458470/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=overcoming+the+robotic+mind&q id=1553540600&s=books&sr=1-1-fkmrnull

By Jan Kasparec


do not typically explain the meaning of elements in my paintings (at least not all of them), nevertheless I am very grateful to see my art on the cover of New Agora again, and I would love to give the curious readers of my favourite “newspaper” something back.

In the Language of Art they are. Revolution will not happen in the streets. It will happen when we finally stop sustaining the suffocating machine kept in place by our attention and beliefs that this is “just the way it is and we have to live with it”. FUCKEM! We are infinitely powerful cosmic beings co-creating reality on Earth! Ignore them, let them collapse, let it burn! If we stay strong in Love Consciousness, what will come next is Paradise on Earth. And this can literally happen overnight. I may be a dreamer but I am not the only one! Peace!

FALLEN ANGEL He is the Fallen Angel. Poisoned by the likes of Monsanto, disgraced by the slavery system that shackled the humans for eons. One of his wings is a burned stump and the second one entirely chopped off. There were times when he could fly free on this beautiful Earth, his incarnated form aware of his higher energetic bodies. The times before The Fall. Before the illusion of separation from the Divine that put everyone in the survival mentality and rat race that has fallen upon Gaia. The rule of each for their own, eye for an eye, oblivious of our divine nature and oneness with the rest of Cosmos. But the time of his resurrection has come. The time of the Great Awakening. The time of Remembering. Mounted on his white horse, he quietly observes the burning Eye, out of which the Phoenix is rising, to found The New Earth, the true Fellowship of humans, the Great Synarchy, the beginning of New Era. The days of the Great Illusion are numbered. Nothing but Truth can last forever.

REVOLUTION Have you ever considered why powers in place are so stubbornly after your children? Why they continuously lower the mandatory “education” age (worldwide),

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increase the number of mandatory vaccines and are ready to kidnap your children if you just dare to commit the crime of letting them play alone without supervision (like my generation did)? You think that the system actually cares about the well-being of our children? They kill them with drones in “their wars”, so it’s time to re-think that theory. It is really quite simple to see why our children are of so much interest to the State once the smoke of Matrix clears from our vision. They are after our children because if they don’t scoop them up from family nest and break their spirit ASAP and brainwash them with lies at schools, these children will absolutely NOT COMPLY with this RIDICULOUS and TRAGIC system we have in place. They will keep their Divine gifts and see through their lies in a heartbeat! This whole system is a house of cards that is still standing due to one single thing: OUR BELIEFS. The moment we stop giving attention to their game, stop complying to their ridiculously evil agenda, it will collapse in a moment. Our children, if kept away from the propaganda of STATE, will make this system collapse with one loving push. All that will be left will be a toxic fart in the air that will soon blow away. So this is my suggestion to you: stop giving their game attention. Stop reposting their Fear Fake News, going to their elections (aka selections), stop believing in their fake scientists and fake wars and patriotism bullshit (we are 1 for God’s sake!!), and most of all: protect your children like the biggest treasure in Universe. Because indeed

The female figure of Gaia represents the spirit of Mother Earth. In right hand she holds a honey comb surrounded by humming birds (messengers of good news, bearing gifts of joy, happiness and lightness of being) while her left hand holds a skull-shaped hour glass (with little sand left to trickle...) on top of which sits a stack of dollar bills covered by blood. She is giving us a choice. Right hand offers the path back to harmony, abundance and living kindness. The path back to our home. Home which created us and where we will all eventually return. The Garden of Eden that we never really left in spirit but edged ourselves out of it with the barriers in our minds. The left hand is the choice we, as collective human consciousness, have chosen so far: the path of fear and separation, originating from the ignorance of our true nature (immortality, oneness) which lives inside us as fear of death, which in our material mindset manifests as attachment to money, which in turn represents linear time and our ego’s desire to “buy more of it”, to run from our demons instead of facing them and transmuting them to higher frequencies of Love and Unity. There is nothing wrong with money, but our relationship to it is predominantly rooted in fear. This and the illusion of separation is dragging us to a breaking point where the choice will soon be forced upon us not in a vulnerable and

open way, like her face beholds now, but in the midst of pain and chaos, as the events corresponding to the frequency of our inner turmoil manifest faster and faster on global scale. The peregrine falcon on top of her head represents the Siddhic power of Omniscience. The full opening of the Third Eye, our birthright and inheritance. The Grizzly bear and Tiger are her guardians, against the “civilization” crawling upon her, with skies covered by chemtrails, running on unsustainable energy sources, while the whole cosmos, every millimetre of it, is pulsating with inexhaustible clean energy waiting for us to tap into. So why Gaia-Sacrifice? Because we will have to sacrifice something to go back home and live happily ever after. We will have to sacrifice our lower nature, our ego and its mind stories that we have believed and been living out over and over again, dragging us slowly into the abyss of self-destruction. If there ever was urgency in disconnecting from the world’s fake drama and sitting down in silence, with honesty and the burning desire to set on a relentless journey of selfdiscovery, of the uncompromising Truth of “Who Am I”, that time is NOW. No path is more noble than the one to your own heart, where all the answers wait to be revealed to you. No path of “external solution” to our “external problems” will ever save us, unless we first set on the inner journey of selfrealization. People sometimes ask me how long I think this Earth will take to heal. There is zero doubt in my heart that it will take exactly ONE MOMENT, one timeless a-ha moment of self-realization of every single one of us. It took us millennia to pollute and rape our mother to this point of cancer, but we can heal in one moment. That moment can only happen through you, inside of you, if you find courage to sacrifice what it takes to get there. Gaia will guide you there, if you only chose to take a step inside your heart and listen quietly, ever so quietly. When the calling comes and gates of Love burst open, you will know that the moment of remembrance has arrived and you will become the true gardener of this beautiful Earth, our mother Gaia.

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For use with Cannabis, see Structured Buds and Buzz on the website. “Spending time in nature certainly makes us feel healthier, but until now the impact on our long-term wellbeing hasn’t been fully understood.” By Seth Pollard


ure, Netflix is full of great shows and movies to watch, but it can never replace nature in providing a natural and euphoric boost in both physical and mental health. Many studies have showcased the powerful benefits nature can offer, proving that spending time outside slashes the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and stress. [1] Researchers from the University of East Anglia in the U.K. reviewed data on almost 300 million people from 20 countries, including the U.S., and assessed the effect of nature on people in Australia, Europe, and Japan – where Shinrin yoku, also known as forest bathing, is popular – to reach their conclusions. In the study, “green space” was defined as open, undeveloped land with natural vegetation, as well as urban green spaces like parks and street greenery. The researchers compared the health of people with little access to green spaces to the health of those with the greatest access to such areas. A multitude of health benefits was linked to spending time in or near green spaces, though it’s not clear which factors of nature are most responsible for sparking such health benefits. Caoimhe Twohig-Bennett, a Ph.D. student and lead author of the study, said: “Spending time in nature certainly makes us feel healthier, but until now the impact on our long-term wellbeing hasn’t

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Nature Slashes the Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease, and More Sunshine and a Variety of Bacteria Make Green Spaces Healthy been fully understood. It reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death, and preterm birth, and increases sleep duration. People living closer to nature also had reduced diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and stress. In fact, one of the really interesting things we found is that exposure to greenspace significantly reduces people’s levels of salivary cortisol – a marker of stress.” She suggested that Japan has the “right

idea.” Living near green spaces provides people greater opportunities for physical activity and socializing. Moreover, the researchers said that being outdoors exposes people to a diverse variety of bacteria that boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Andy Jones, a professor at UEA and study co-author, said:

“We often reach for medication when we’re unwell, but exposure to healthpromoting environments is increasingly recognized as both preventing and helping treat disease. Our study shows that the size of these benefits can be enough to have a meaningful clinical impact.” [2] Twohig-Bennett said she hopes the findings will encourage people to make the most of green areas, and nudge policymakers and town planters toward creating, cleaning up, and maintaining parks and other green spaces. Previous studies show that spending time in nature is good for both physical and mental health. A 2016 study published in Nature Scientific Reports shows that walking in a park or other green space for at least 30 minutes not only increases physical activity but lowers the risk of high blood pressure and depression. A 2015 study found that city dwellers are more likely to be stressed, depressed, and struggle with mental illness. People living in urban areas had a 20% higher risk of anxiety disorders, a 40% greater risk of mood disorders, and were twice as likely to develop schizophrenia as people who live in rural areas. Sources: [1] Daily Mail [2] LaboratoryEquipment Read more: time-outdoors-slashes-risk-diabetes-heartdisease-5810/#ixzz5uW5EQoAB Follow us: @naturalsociety on Twitter | NaturalSociety on Facebook

By Glennis Taylor


ith the wave of 5G about to flood our world, what have we to be concerned about? It seems a lot according to many who are carrying red flags and alerting us to the dangers of this new generation of cellular connectivity technology. 5G will be much faster, and more ‘efficient’ than 4G. The latency of 5G is about 1 millisecond compared to the present 50 milliseconds of 4G. It will connect millions of people together unlike anything we have known. It can host up to 1000 devices per meter or one million devices per square kilometer, whereas 4G hosts about 100,000 devices per square kilometer. The millimeter waves used by 5G have a shorter range, impeded by walls, buildings, trees, Martin Pall cars etc. thereby requiring many times more infrastructure installations to ensure penetration into buildings etc. for users. Base stations and small antennae will be installed on signposts and other existing structures every few hundred feet or so, perhaps even right outside of our own homes and our children’s schools. The so-called convenience of this technology comes to us at what cost? The cost is to our very wellbeing and according to some, possibly even to our very existence? I had the opportunity to converse with the renown Dr. Martin Pall, PhD and Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University. Dr. Pall travels far and wide to spread the word on the dangers of 5G. His

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Interview with Martin Pall on 5G published studies are accessible on Pub Med. He is passionate about enlightening us to the ways that this new generation of EMFs negatively impact our health as well as the health of the eco system around us: including birds, small mammals, insects, as well as plants and trees. The telecommunication industry acknowledges that the radiation from 5G may be absorbed mostly by the outer layers of the body. The penetration is estimated at one to two millimeters into the skin. Dr. Pall makes it clear that no safety testing, that he is aware of, has been done on the biologically active high frequency pulsed EMFs emitted by 5G. The research on which many governments are creating their safety guidelines have been done on non-pulsing EMF data which is less active and therefore less damaging. The industry has been selfmonitoring for the most part. We definitely need long term studies done on 5G before subjecting populations around the world to its very probable harm. According to Dr. Pall’s in-depth research and comprehensive understanding, the devastation to our health may be widespread with different organs and systems involved. To list but a few of those that may be negatively affected: there are the reproductive system, cardiac system, neurological issues, cataracts and the development of Alzheimers. autism, and cancers of varying kinds. Beyond the thermal effects of nonionizing radiation (which can include the formation of cataracts) there seems to be other mechanisms initiated by exposure

to EMF’s. Theories now include the impact of EMFs on the voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activity levels. EMF’s activate the VGCC resulting in excess calcium entering the cell. This can result in altered function in the release of neuroendocrine hormones and neurotransmitters. The high levels of intracellular calcium influence the release of nitric oxide (NO). Elevated levels of nitric oxide do have both positive and negative effects on the body. Too much NO can result in oxidative stress and free radical damage. Evidence of single-strand breaks in DNA that have been observed is very worrisome. This calcium channel mechanism of action upon EMF exposure has been reinforced by the notable effect of calcium channel blockers. These blockers reduce the negative action of EMFs on cellular metabolism, supporting the VGCC theory. Antioxidants can also help to reduce the breaks in single-strand DNA. EMF’s affect sleep by decreasing melatonin levels causing sleep disturbances. Sleep issues are rampant these days. Many people are desperately seeking solutions for endless sleepless nights. Other neuropsychiatric effects include depression and anxiety. Dr. Pall also referred to the possible connection between the dramatic increase in cases of Alzheimers and exposure to EMFs. Dr. Pall referred to two studies on young rats involving exposure to highly pulsed EMFs. By the time these rats reached middle age, 100% of them showed signs of dementia,

memory and behaviour problems and heart irregularities. Could these same results be the fate of humankind with the 5G rollout? The nervous system is particularly vulnerable to EMFs. They can cause cell death and alter neurons and initiate synapse dysfunction. In autism, there is evidence of synapse dysregulation as the brain develops. Could autism be related to EMF damage? Is it a possibility? The pacemaker cells of the heart are influenced by a highly pulsing electromagnetic field and can result in arrythmias, tachycardia and even SCD (sudden cardiac death) Heart problems are on the rise even in younger people. In another 2017 study Dr. Pall referred to, sperm count has dropped to about 50% of normal worldwide. This should be grounds for great alarm emphasizes Dr. Pall. These and other widespread issues experienced by a growing number of people such as fatigue, headaches, depression and anxiety could possibly be linked to the ever-increasing EMFs that mankind has had no history with. Are we guinea pigs that our governments and large corporations are toying with? In Dr. Pall’s mind, there is no question. We are headed for disaster and even endangerment as a species. Not just our species, but those we coexist with on this amazing planet of ours. We should heed the words and studies that Dr Martin Pall has made public. Our very lives may depend upon it. For More information on Dr. Pall’s work: https://www.wireless

The Consequence of Cowardice “But as they pursued those that fled to their camp they witnessed a most fearful tragedy; the women, standing in black clothes on their wagons, slew all that fled, some their husbands, some their brethren, others their fathers” ~ Plutarch On the Cimbri

By Mimirs Brunnr


lutarch’s words give us a powerful insight into the minds of our northern Ancestors. Of course, this is a Roman writing and as such it may be a little embellished, but there can be no doubt that our forebears viewed acts of cowardice, with the utmost disdain. Tacitus in his book Germania (On the origin and situation of the Germans 98 AD) reemphasises this harsh perspective “To give ground, provided that you return to the attack, is considered good tactics rather than cowardice. They bring back the bodies of the fallen even when a battle hangs in the balance. To throw away one’s shield is the supreme disgrace, and the man who has thus dishonoured himself is debarred from attendance at sacrifice or assembly. Many such survivors from the battlefield have ended their shame by hanging themselves.” ~ Tacitus The notion that dropping one’s shield was an act of the utmost cowardice, is also shared by the great Greek warrior tribe the Spartans. The phrase “On your shield or with it” is often said to be the last words a Spartan man would hear from his beloved wife, before he set off for battle. The Phrase essentially boils down to “victory or death”, leaving no room for “live to fight another day”. In these examples we see the sternness of belief, that there was no greater loss, than the loss of one’s honour. We also see how

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important the role of the women folk was in maintaining this noble virtue, bravery. The Gaulish peoples would often mock Roman “tactics” as acts of cowardice. Plutarch gives us a great example of this in his work “Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans”. Upon the meeting of the Roman army and that of the Teutons in the Cimbrian wars, the Romans under orders from Gaius Marius, hole up in their encampment, refusing to come out and fight. This cowardly behaviour was met with mocking from the Noble Teutons. After several days of pointless pleading and goading to get the cowardly Romans out of their hole, they finally gave up. On their way though, they had a few lasts lighting remarks for their adversaries. “And they marched close to the camp, inquiring whether the Romans had any messages for their wives; “for,” said they, “we shall soon be with them.” ~ Plutarch on the Teutons It should also be noted that the Romans lived up to the accusations of cowardice. The Teutons, along with the Ambrones, were eventually defeated by the army of Gaius Marius, after they were attacked in the most cowardly manner. Whilst eating and bathing with their families, the Romans took advantage, and launched an ambush. Even when facing the impossible, the Ambrones, stood their ground, beating on their shields and chanting their holy name. So proud was their chanting it can still be heard in noble hearts to this day. This custom of disdain for cowardice was not only present in ancient times. Many of you will already know that under Norse law, to call someone a coward was a serious charge. Many such an accusation would end in a duel, less the accused wished to live in shame in the shame of the title, by accepting it. This was true of Anglo-Saxon culture

too. Wulfstan who wrote the laws for Both Canute and Æthelred, clearly states, “And the man who shall flee from his lord, or from his comrade, by reason of his cowardice…. Let him forfeit all that he owns and his own life” From this it is clear that anyone guilty of cowardice was rendered practically dead to the society, or worse still, relinquished of their life by it. So why was cowardice seen as such a crime? To get insight into this we must try to understand how our ancestors viewed cowardice. Most of our modern ideas of Cowardice are similar to that of Aristotle’s, which is that cowardice is driven by excessive fear, and that all men are capable of succumbing to it. To be a coward therefore is to “fear all things”. The brave man, on the other hand is someone who conquers this instinct. Aristotle also mentions another possibility to overcome fear, “rashness”, which he states is the quality of a madman that does not know fear. It is interesting here that when giving an example of this, Aristotle uses the Celts. “Of those who go to excess he who exceeds in fearlessness has no name, but he would be a sort of madman or insensible person if he feared nothing, neither earthquakes nor the waves, as they say the Celts do not” ~ Aristotle on the Celts This is an intriguing little addition to Aristotle’s work and may point to some fundamental clash of philosophical outlooks. When we look back at tribes like the Cimbri and their actions to our modern mind they can appear rash. They seem to fight with wanton abandonment, almost as if they have no value for their own lives or that of their loved ones. So, were they rash, or is it a case of completely different philosophical perspectives? I doubt even the Celts or the Cimbri would deny fear plays a part in cowardice, but for them there seems to be more at play. Could it be that the uncivilised “barbarians”, unlike their “civilised “counterparts, did not see fear as a motivational force? This would render it obsolete as an excuse, and thus anything fear based would be a choice made, not an instinctual action. If it was viewed as a choice, not an unavoidable consequence, this could explain its harsh treatment. Richard Abel, in his work “Cowardice and Duty in Anglo-Saxon England” comes to the same conclusion, that “cowardice was essentially a choice” or at least viewed that way in AngloSaxon times.

In this modern world, these subtle differences can be hard to see. We live in a culture entrenched in baseline emotions. Fear, lust, and the rest dominate our societies, where everyone has an insincere excuse based on some visceral urge, or emotion. It’s never anyone’s fault, there is always some reason for their lacking. These animalistic “forces” act as kind of an emotional currency. Any time you feel bad you can exert some primitive feeling as a quick fix. Mimic fear to get sympathy, indulge in lust to get the Amygdala kick. It has become quite popular, the “emotional vampires “among us sucking on that sympathy like their lives depended on it, because they do! What if our ancestors had conquered such unevolved urges? That, unlike their “civilised” counter parts, who pondered and excused these “instincts”, they rose above them. What force, though, has the power to render the primitive obsolete, whilst still maintaining a devotion to all that is natural? Where fear is a problem in our modern societies, like the military, we use “regimental discipline” and military drills. This serves the man by replacing emotional responses with habits developed in training. Now, from all the texts I have read on our ancient Forebears, military discipline was not one of their qualities. They, as Aristotle suggested, often appear rash, almost overly emotional. They did not keep fear at bay by remembering drills; something else drove them, some higher arc, some higher principle. There is only one force I know of that can reduce fear to a “choice” and still hold nature in reverence, and that is love. To my mind, our ancestors, far from being uncivilised, were in fact, truly

There is only one force I know of that can reduce fear to a “choice” and still hold nature in reverence, and that is love.

enlightened. To give in to fear was to forsake your love for your family and folk. It was to hold a primitive urge above all you hold dear. It was to reduce life itself to a desperate struggle of the primitive mind, instead of lifting it up to the most sacred of all the gifts of the Gods and Goddesses. Their “rash “appearance, was not due to “madness”, but an expression of their reverence for life. The Cimbri may have died on that battlefield many years ago, but in that moment they truly lived. A modern man could live a hundred lifetimes and never know such freedom. Never knowing the true value of the breeze upon his face, or the precious smile of a loved one. The civilised mind, the slave mind, recoils in fear at such a sight. unable to process it declares it madness, because he who has never lived, can never know life’s meaning. They spend all their time avoiding it, and reasoning their way out of it. These societies produce “thinkers” – they forever talk about life, without ever living it. Our “barbarian “Ancestors did not talk it, they walked it, it embodied every action they made. They left us no books, only their deeds from which we must learn. Love does conquer all, but not in a pitiful manner. Love sets about routing from the battlefield of life all illusions, all fears. A man who can wield the power of love in all areas of life, is the unbeatable, the immovable object. Fear is an illusion, it seeks to trick you, make you believe that existence no matter how pitiful is more important than living. It plots to turn slavery into an “option”, and blame the righteous for the ills of the world.

It is important to remember when I speak of love, I do not mean some pitiful modern expression of it. Love only has value if it is discriminatory. The idea that anyone can love all things equally is a lie told by cowards to convince themselves their cowardice is enlightenment. Friedrich Nietzsche expressed this best when he said, “I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.” Slavery was seen as a fate worse than death, as it strips the man of his manhood and reduces his children to the property of another. This is the true goal of compassion, to refuse suffering at any cost. It is only in the Germanic and Celtic languages, that the word “freedom “originates in the word for love. Only in the ancient North does love set you free. Only in the ancient North is freedom seen as the ultimate expression of love. Thus, a man who claims to love his folk and family, could never see slavery as an “option”. As much as the images conjured by his words disturb me, to emphasise this point, I will add the second part of the Plutarch quote I mentioned at the beginning of this piece. “the women, standing in black clothes on their wagons, slew all that fled, some their

husbands, some their brethren, others their fathers; and strangling their little children with their own hands, threw them under the wheels and the feet of the cattle, and then killed themselves. They tell of one who hung herself from the end of the pole of a wagon, with her children tied dangling at her heels.”


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They may have appeared rash to the “civilised”, but they knew the true beauty of life, to love without excuses. Through their enlightened minds they pinned all their hopes and dreams to love’s banner, refusing to accept anything that would debase them, anything that would reduce their value. This is why they never succumb to the temptation of ignoble “tactics”, or alien notions of civilisation. If they were to live, it must be a life that is theirs, not the life of a snivelling coward, who reveres existence above living. They instead revered the true nature of life, they revered their ability to dance their dance, to sew upon its tapestry their inner most beauty. They were the true artists, the truly noble of men. These men saw the fate of Rome, long before its citizens suffered it. They knew that if they were to succumb to the unevolved principles of Rome, they would become chained like slaves to it. They knew the only chains worthy to bind them were that of duty, duty to kith and kin. In this way, they alone knew equality, they alone knew love. They lived as one, sharing bread and memories, greatness or shame. The fate of one, was the fate of all with no exception. In this environment cowardice becomes impossible. For they knew the fate of a cowardly people, they knew the horrors which their blood would have to endure, if they fell victim to its primitive whispering. Can you imagine a world full of cowards? A world full of bitter, jealous and twisted cowards without any shred of honour, knowing no law, stooping to all manner of treachery and deceit to seize power for their warped desires. With only subservient cowards about them, who could resist their will? The meek could only protest injustice

and beg for mercy, but with no just man to hear their calls, their fate would be sealed. A world full of ruthless and pitiful cowards, would become hell on earth. No man, nor beast would be outside its grip, all things would fall into decay and disgrace. In a world such as this, there would be no comfort, no escape. Only hellish screams in the pitch of night, terror would grip all, existence would be a hopeless plight. For all its reasoning, it would become a world of torture and suffering, with no end in sight. This is why our ancestors abhorred cowardice. This is why they refused to take up “tactics” and “laws” unfitting of their noble nature. This is why the Cimbri chose noble death, this is why Boadicea screamed NO MORE. Now, take a look around you, and tell me that they were rash, that they were naive, that they did not know the true value of life. I wonder, is their dream of love dead? The time our ancestors feared most for their children is upon us. A world full of torture and suffering, compounded by cowardice, a world full of slaves. Their names in ruin and their beloved children at the mercy of the sick and twisted. All they endured to avoid this, yet, it is so. I often wonder if sacred thunder storms embody their sorrow. Heavens open, and their tears flood, lightning cracks, assign of their fury. How long will we suffer this? How long will we reduce our love to excuses for our cowardice? The Question is, are we worthy are our ancestors’ names? Are we able to pick up their ancient shields, and beat them in rhythm once again? can we muster the courage to lift our voices and make the earth tremble to the chorus of our ancient names? Do we have the courage of heart to put an end to this suffering, one way or another? Or have we forgotten how to live and love in a manner befitting of our noble blood? Will we be the cowards that chose to value our fears more than all that we love, and consign our descendants to a world without hope? The choice is yours. the-consequence-of-cowardice/ ndaUc

Humanity is Not Sleeping; It’s in an Induced Coma By Caitlin Johnstone


n the late 1960s, the sudden widespread availability of psychedelics combined with the circulation of eastern philosophy to the west began a radical transformation of human consciousness. Our species, desperate to transcend the residual trauma from two world wars and the existential terror of the nuclear age, began moving into a wildly unprecedented relationship with its capacity for abstract thought. For the first time ever, humans began disentangling themselves from egoic consciousness on a mass scale, suddenly using thought as the useful tool it’s meant to be rather than the life-dominating addiction that it had become up until that point. World leaders not only permitted this transformation but actively facilitated it, realizing from their own encounters with this new revolution that humanity relinquishing its egoic mental constrictions opened up the possibility for the creation of paradise on earth. As we became less egocentric, our values and interests changed. This led to changes in the way we vote, in the kinds of media we chose to consume, and in the kinds of ideas which were popularized. This set the stage for the next level of human evolution in the arrival of the internet. For the first time in history humans were able to network their minds all around the world in real time, by the thousands, then by the millions, then by the billions. Our harmonious relationship with our inner world suddenly segued smoothly into the ability to develop a harmonious relationship with our outer world, no longer confined by space and time in sharing ideas and information with each other. With clear minds networked in a truly democratic way we were quickly able to identify and solve all the remaining problems in our world, and we saw ourselves transitioning into a collaborative relationship with each other and with our ecosystem which gave us all a quality of life that had been unimaginable up until a few decades ago. Now, here in 2019, all human creativity and ingenuity goes toward finding new ways to help us survive and thrive and

traffic is now directed toward authorized platforms sharing authorized narratives which bolster the status quo and manufacture consent for establishment agendas. Here in this timeline, we had all the tools to escape this prison, but they were taken from us and replaced with more prison bars. Taken by people who were cleverer than the rest of us, and who had enough money and influence to shut the whole thing down. For some weird reason I found myself watching a spiritual guru-type guy discussing his political views on a video yesterday, and, like most spiritual guru-type people, his view of our political reality was highly malnourished. He kept talking about how all our problems are the result of humanity being deeply unconscious, and how that unconsciousness leads us to elect deeply unconscious leaders. Like “elected leaders” are the ones calling the shots. No mention of plutocrats, opaque government agencies or propaganda; the only problem, according to spiritual guru-type guy, is that we’re all equally asleep at the wheel and all equally responsible for what’s going on. Spiritual guru-type guy is wrong. Humanity is not sleeping. Humanity is in an induced coma. If our society had simply been permitted to progress along its natural trajectory at a natural pace and to use the innovations that we’d discovered in a natural way, we would all be wide awake by now. The psychedelic revolution would have continued and matured and grown into adulthood instead of being murdered in its infancy, and our exponentially increasing ability to network and share information would have coupled with our mature consciousness to build a deeply awakened society that benefits every living creature on this planet. That would have happened, and it is only because of the unnatural interference of a very few deeply unwise people that we stayed locked in the matrix, now faced with the looming threat of nearterm human extinction.

status quo

understand. Technological innovation, once mostly stagnated in the cognitive cul-desacs of figuring out new ways to exploit and dominate each other and commit more efficient acts of mass military violence, is now flourishing and expanding at an exponential rate. We have indeed created Heaven on earth together. Oh, but, that was just a dream I had. It could have gone down like that. There’s no reason it couldn’t have. Maybe in a parallel universe it did. But, here in this timeline, it didn’t. Here in this timeline, the people in power wanted to remain in power thank you very much, even if it meant making life worse for everyone in the long run, including themselves. Here in this timeline, we had all the medicine we needed to cure our sickness, but we were forbidden from using it. Here in this timeline, plutocrats bought up all the media so they can tell us every day how important it is to continue bolstering the status quo, and that the only thing up for debate is what strategies we should use to do so. Here in this timeline they got us dependent on money, and then devalued it to ensure that we’re working harder and harder for less and less so we have no time to expand our consciousness of our inner or outer worlds. Here in this timeline psychedelics were made as illegal as heroin or cocaine, and their use was stigmatized as a dangerous activity for criminals and degenerates. Here in this timeline, control of the internet was quickly shored up by plutocratic interests and government agencies, and

This is a crime against humanity which far surpasses all of the most egregious atrocities in any history book. What these people have done to us, what they have taken from us, what they have twisted us into, is an offense so profoundly evil that it cries out to the heavens for vengeance. The good news, if there is any to be had, is that there are still more of us than there are of them, and that all the tools they took from us are still there to be used if we care enough to take them back. A woman once had an LSD trip in which she realized the illusory nature of the separate self, seeing clearly that she’d been living in a dream world her entire life up until that point. The effects of the entheogen wore off, and she convinced herself that it was just a pleasant drug high. She made herself forget it, plunged herself into her career, got a promotion, got a husband, got a nice two-story house in the suburbs at 4.5 percent interest, got some kids, and got plenty of stress, but whatever there’s always wine. Decades later, after finding nothing but suffering along her chosen life trajectory, she began thinking about that LSD trip she took way back when. She began wondering if maybe that strange, sacred experience had been real after all. If, maybe, it was the only real thing that had ever happened to her. That’s kind of where our whole species is at right now. A door opened up in the sixties which was very quickly and violently slammed shut, and now there are independent flickerings all around the world of that strange, sacred light that still shines under the crack of that door. We still have the ability to open it up again. We’ve only got to want it enough. About the Author Caitlin Johnstone – Rogue journalist. Bogan socialist. Anarcho-psychonaut. Guerrilla poet. Utopia prepper. The best way to get around the internet censors and make sure you see the stuff she publishes is to subscribe to the mailing list for her website, which will get you an email notification for everything. Her articles are entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking her on Facebook, following her antics on Twitter, checking out her podcast, throwing some money into her hat on Patreon or Paypal, or buying her book Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia.

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Scientists Get the Green Light to Create HumanAnimal Hybrids in Japan


pponents are concerned that scientists are playing God. Human-animal hybrids are set to be developed at the University of Tokyo after the Japanese government recently lifted a ban on the controversial stem-cell research. The questionable experiments will attempt to grow human cells in rat and mouse embryos before being brought to term in a surrogate animal.

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3 Foods That Look Like Facebook Paid Contractors Like Amazon and Apple to 14-Day CBD Experiment the Organ They Heal


ave you ever thought about the natural laws that underpin our world? Governed by sacred geometry, organic patterns are the building blocks that shape our experiences. They show up again and again, begging to be recognized, understood, and utilized for the benefit of mankind. It is an unmistakable fact: the natural world tends to repeat itself. Like the swirling pattern seen in hurricanes, sea shells, and spiral galaxies, nature has a way of creating signatures that surface repeatedly across people, places, and things.

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lectromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us, even if you live in rural areas. They emanate from power lines, televisions, household electrical wiring, appliances and microwaves, cellphones, cellphone towers and wireless internet connections. Of course in cities one opens their WiFi and see limitless signals penetrating one’s personal space. Some people are very sensitive to EMF and suffer greatly from it.

Diminishes Knee Pain, Lowers Anxiety, Improves Sleep


annabis-derived cannabidiol (CBD) is creating one of the hottest trends today when it comes to alternative wellness. We now have numerous studies that show ingesting or smoking CBD has many health benefits. These include pain relief and reduction in anxiety. Hence, I decided to personally test this “miracle” substance by vaping CBD oil. Here’s a peek at my experience and results.

By Brandon Smith


How Real Mind Control Works

hen people are confronted with the idea of “mind control” they often think of something out of television or film media; a lone prisoner tortured, chemically dazed and conditioned into a hollow zombie as his captors squeeze information from him or use him to complete a task he would not normally do or morally accept. And while there is actually some truth to this kind of Hollywood depiction, as is evidenced in the exposure of government programs like MK Ultra, the most insidious forms of mind control are far more subtle. Governments and the elitists behind them do not necessarily need to physically cage, drug and brutalize people in order to influence how they behave. All they need to do is manage their perceptions, expectation and assumptions. This can be accomplished with large portions of the public, rather than one person at a time. The elites have always been fascinated with the idea of mass hypnotism. In the 18th century Franz Mesmer was famous for entertaining European royalty with displays of what he called “animal magnetism”, which included what we now know as hypnosis of individuals and groups. Mesmerism has since become synonymous with the attempt to befuddle people and dictate their actions while in a kind of trance. Hypnotism is still a very active subject in psychiatric circles and the US government took avid interest in hypnotism as a weapon during their MK Ultra experiments in the 1950s. People involved in the field of hypnotism are quick to point out that a hypnotized person cannot be made to do something that goes against their code of ethics, but this is not exactly the whole story. A hypnotist makes suggestions that the subject chooses to follow (or refuses to follow) while in a trance state, however, what if they can be convinced (or fooled) through hypnosis into believing that a particular action is in their best interest in spite of their moral code or sense of selfpreservation? This type of control over a subject can and has been accomplished in hypnotic therapy, and examples of “covert” hypnotherapy are also on record, including the example of an Ohio divorce attorney that used covert hypnotism (https://www. wp/2016/11/15/ohio-lawyer-hypnotizedsix-female-clients-then-he-molestedthem/?utm_term=.647b03968676) against

multiple female clients and is suspected of using it against some court employees to disarm their psyches (https://freedomofmind. com/unethical-use-of-covert-hypnosis-torape/) and then rape them without memory of the incident. About two thirds of any given population are capable of being hypnotized to varying degrees. Stanford University has been avidly searching for a brain pattern that acts as a fingerprint for those that are more prone to hypnotic influence, and they believe they have found certain factors involving Page 11

areas of the brain that handle heightened focus and attention. Reduced peripheral awareness also helps to increase the subject’s vulnerability to hypnosis and vastly increases suggestibility. These conditions can in fact be encouraged in large crowds of people. Consider this for a moment – What daily activity is the average person involved in that hyper-focuses their attention on a single point

in space for long periods of time and removes almost all of their peripheral awareness? If you said “cell phone use” then you win a chicken dinner. Beyond creating an artificial and constant low dose of dopamine in the human brain leading to addiction, cell phones and other small electronic devices actually create the perfect conditions for a person to be hypnotized as they rip them away from all peripheral awareness and make them highly suggestible to those who know how to use covert methods. To reiterate, a hypnotic state can be induced in large groups of people for extended periods of time with the correct long-term stimulus. Watch here as mentalist Darren Brown hypnotizes or “brainwashes” an entire shopping mall of people into raising their hands exactly when he wants them to without them being aware of why they are doing it. Notice that around two thirds of the crowd complies. Derren Brown Brainwashes an Entire Shopping Mall; Hypnotic suggestions last as long as the subjects continue to believe that the suggestions are correct. Hypnotism is essentially an agreement between the hypnotist and the persons being hypnotized that a particular belief is true (even if it is not). In the case of a victim of an attack, the person may want to believe that the traumatic event did not happen, and thus they can be convinced through hypnosis to forget it. In the case of a group of people, the hypnotist would have to identify an idea or fear that they all share and WANT to believe is real, and then exploit it. I think some of the political applications of this are obvious. The false left/right paradigm is a perfect Petri dish for obtaining or manufacturing the consent of the masses to be hypnotized. They WANT to believe that their team, which they have willingly joined, is the correct team and that the leadership of that team has their best interests at heart. They want to believe that the actions of their party, through legislation or direct means, are always rational and

morally sound. And, even when the leaders of their party do things which are completely contrary to the beliefs and morals of the people who make up the party, those people still want to believe that there must be some logical reason behind these decisions that they do not yet grasp. Beyond this, the threat of the “other party” or team is an ever-constant stimulus in the form of fear. We watch the scripted battles of these two fabricated teams play out in elaborate forms of Kabuki theater, yet nothing ever really changes except that the global elites grow more powerful. Still, many people actually believe these battles to be real, and invest immense amounts of energy and focus into them as if the fate of the world is being decided within the antics of a political soap opera. When people are afraid or hyper-focused on an outside threat, they once again become more suggestible. This is why mainstream political discussions focus less on understanding of the threat (the “How” and the “Why”) and more on perpetuating the threat. With understanding of the enemy (or false enemy), the threat can be assessed and fear is reduced, even if the threat is real. Without understanding, fear only increases. Political powers seek to constantly remind us that threats exist without allowing us the benefit of context. They do not want us to have an in-depth knowledge of the mechanics behind the threats. We are told that our system works in a particular way that seems logical, but it only makes sense to us so long as we want to believe that the system functions as we were taught. We have to have blind faith that what we were initially told was absolutely true. The question is, why should we? Isn’t it better to remain skeptical of most things and to study what is handed to us? If we’re given a strange elixir by an utter stranger and we’re told to “drink up!”, would we not question what’s in the frothing brew and what it does? Would we not investigate? In the case of information and proclamations some people would not investigate, because it is more comfortable to believe the lies, or perhaps because they will be rewarded for going along with the status quo. Only when we become willing to sacrifice comfort, when we stop wanting to accept everything we are told at face value and start questioning the reality that is handed to us, only then will the mass hypnosis we were once influenced by lose its power. The hypnosis of the elites requires ever increasing forms of distraction and stimulation in order to keep the public entranced. The creation of fear and confusion is vital to the execution of mass mind control, and this is a factor that many people absolutely refuse to recognize or take into consideration. The idea that the elites would build a system only to then deliberately destroy it is just too much for many to fathom. But again, what better way to hyper-focus an entire population and make them malleable to suggestions that they would not normally consider

otherwise? In past articles I have outlined the incredible array of similarities between global elitist groups and the behaviors and character traits of narcissistic sociopaths (also known as narcopaths or psychopaths). I have even theorized that globalists are actually a highly organized group of narcopaths who recruit other narcopaths into the fold. Many high-level narcopaths are intuitively knowledgeable on the dynamics of suggestibility and the human psyche. I would call this their primary survival trait. Narcopaths are well known for creating confusion around them in order to gain control of the people in their lives or the people in a room. They are also known for being willing to build up certain routines and acclimating people around them to a particular environment, only to suddenly disrupt it all as a means to stun their victims and create subservience. It is important to realize that these people do NOT necessarily care about stability. In fact, they often will actively sabotage stability to obtain something they care about more – control. The strategies that individual narcopaths exhibit on a small scale are simply magnified thousands of times when we talk about the behaviors of the global elitists. People who consider themselves rational are hard pressed to comprehend this kind of behavior, but there is a devious tactical logic to it. Mind control of others can be achieved by keeping those people infinitely off-balance. Conjuring moments of tenuous peace, and then striking with cycles of unpredictable crisis. Before we know it, many years of instability have gone by and the organized narcopaths in power have gained even more control. We wonder where all that time went, and why we were not able to change things? It is because we have been hypnotized into inaction, or the wrong actions in the name of meaningless political stagecraft. Real mind control and mass hypnosis requires, as already mentioned, our consent, but it is consent that is conned out of us. It is conned out of us by fake leaders with intentions and actions that do not match their promises. It is conned out of us by a system that breeds conformity of thought and tells us that those who think outside the widely accepted norm are aberrant and “crazy”. It is conned out of us by our own weaknesses – our desire to go along to get along, our fear of confronting the crowd and telling them they are wrong, our fear of losing what we think is stability, or our fear of being on our own. Real mind control is not about torture and force, it is about quietly induced acceptance. We can remove our consent from the hypnotists anytime we wish, but we have to be willing to stop ignoring certain realities. We have to be willing to feel the pain that comes when we recognize we have been conned and controlled in the past, and we have to revel in our ability to refuse to conform. It must become a part of who we are – the people who do not take what we are told at face value. The people that question almost everything. The people who cannot be mesmerized. You can contact Brandon Smith at: Image credit: Truthstream Media Subscribe to Activist Post for truth, peace, and freedom news. Follow us on Minds, Twitter,Steemit, and SoMee.


e are unique beings living among endless wonder and beauty in a place we call earth. The one thing that seems to differentiate us from the varied forms of life is our ability to think. It also can be seen as the same reason we become suppressed and held in low vibration. All life on this planet has an instinctual balance. Plants and animals do not go through the same thought processes as we do. Those thoughts for many of us humans explains much of our fears, our discontent, our anger, our sadness, our insecurity and ultimately the illnesses we contract. Reflect on your daily routine and observe how much of your time is focused on thinking and how much of your time is spent doing, that is to say being present? Amongst the many studies conducted it has been observed that most of us now spend 80 to 95% of our day in the unconscious thinking state, focused on the daily routine of life, going through the motions in a robotic-like state. We get the kids up and ready for their day, or some such and proceed with our daily routine. We are focused on thoughts like: “have I done this, I have to do that, did I pack enough lunch for the kids, I need to accomplish this at work and pick that up after school”... And so it goes, a constant inner voice focused on what one did in the past and what one must do in the future. All while the same voice in our head is evaluating our daily deeds. “Did I do my job well today? Did I give my kids enough attention this morning? Does my spouse still love me?” We are plagued with a constant inner voice grading us as we go through our day. This voice we can call the emotional ego, that is to say the voice in our head. The voice that identifies our self with a seemingly unlimited construct of thoughts which is


From page 2 presence promoting 5G. In the Information Age, data drives the economy. 5G is being touted as the next industrial revolution, when, in fact, it amounts to surveillance capitalism, in which intimate details of our lives are tracked, recorded and sold to the highest bidder, irradiating us all the while.

Let’s Irradiate the Sky, Too In addition to millions of new base stations on Earth, 5G includes an eventual 20,000+ satellites in low orbit, affecting the

Freedom from the Voice

48 hours in emergency really not who we are. The voice of the ego has compiled these non-truths along the way and continues to play them over and over in our head. “I am not good enough. I am too fat or too skinny. I cannot deal with my family. I am trapped in my relationship.” One quickly sees the endless variety of thoughts the ego voice uses in its attempt to identify our self to it. When we are unconscious, we believe every word the inner voice tells us. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. The voice in your head is not who you are. The ego voice rather is a collection of opinions of yourself from your environment. Your family, spouse, social media, work and just about everything else you participate in forms these inner thoughts. When we listen to and replay these patterns of thought we are unconscious. We are not present. We are consumed by this ionosphere. Players include Elon Musk’s SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon. At this time, 66 5G satellites have already been launched, with more on the way. The direct radiation from these satellites, combined with their contamination of our ionosphere, along with pollution of the global electrical circuit would likely be catastrophic to all life on Earth. 5G threatens to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of Earth’s ecosystems. Immediate measures must be taken to protect life in all of its forms. One solution is SafeG, wired public networks that allow for wireless inside homes and businesses without forcing it on everyone. You may have heard of 5G, it stands

alertness to this question: Why do you have more confidence in your enemy than you do in yourself?”

SECRETS OF LIFE by Vernon Howard

“All the grief on earth can be traced back to this cause: Having nothing truly worthwhile in his life, a man creates false values, false goals, false activities.”

“When you become spiritual you raise the level of the entire world.”

‘The Wonders of Self-Release’ “Everyone has an abundance of natural alertness for succeeding at the inner task, but most people waste it fifty times a day. For example, people are very alert to the opportunity to criticize others and are equally alert to criticism of themselves. Wonders could appear by turning this alertness toward self-release. Give your Page 12

unconscious energy that keeps us focused on the past and concerned about the future. We become a creation constructed by the reflection of how others might see us and obsessed in keeping up with those around us. So... how do we shut down the ego voice in our heads? One cannot make it a goal to achieve down the road as that just adds more fuel to the voice in our head. However it is as simple as recognizing when you are being consumed by your inner voice. A person cannot be conscious and unconscious at the same time. Once you recognize you are being led astray by the ego voice then at that moment you have become conscious of it. At that moment it ceases. That doesn›t mean it won›t come back but rather that you have taken the first step in recognizing it and practicing being present. The next time you are overwhelmed by the voice in your head stop and recognize it. «Hey this voice is controlling me!” The more we practice being self-aware the more the control of the inner voice fades away. Think of something you love to do. Do you love to paint? Maybe you are a singer or a dancer, perhaps caring for

“Sometimes just a right nudge from a truth or a teacher is enough to make a new light dawn.” For more quotes, his books or to attend talks or workshops.

Inside our Heads

By Wade Smith

for fifth-generation cellular wireless. In a February 2019 US Senate hearing, the wireless industry was forced to admit they have no safety studies on 5G, and don’t plan to do any. Meanwhile, there are thousands of independent studies concluding that wireless radiation causes biological harm. Despite this, the wireless industry is in league with government to deploy 5G -- it’s a global, for-profit, human experiment... without our consent. Don’t miss The 5G Crisis Summit from August 26 - September 1, 2019, free and online! Debra Greene holds a PhD from Ohio State University and has been an innovator in holistic health for over 25 years. She is an author, speaker, and practitioner of various

animals or working in the garden brings you great joy. Think about how your hobby or passion makes you feel. When you hear that song that makes you jump up and dance it is done without thought. You dance without fear or worry as to how others see you... You just do it. You are happy and there is no inner voice second guessing or judging your performance. It’s just you and your expression of joy. You are a Conscious Light Being, and, in the moment, full of life This is the real you. When the voice in your head takes hold: recognize it. Laugh at it and practice being conscious. Practice being present. You are beautiful and strong; you are a perfect creation that needs no judgement. Say to yourself ‘there is no more space for an inner voice that uses the comparisons of others to judge my worth’. Be aware of those negative thought patterns and when they take hold of your mind ...Just dance! You are needed to join the rising tide of a higher frequency. Together we will elevate our vibration and the planet will respond to support the health and well-being we all deserve. Wade WJ Smith is a motivational speaker and wholistic healer who has spent more than 25 years empowering people to live the life they dream of, travelling to more than 75 countries in pursuit of a higher vibration we can all be passionate about living. He has the honour to travel as a motivational speaker and wholistic healer. An aspiring writer, Wade has always been an avid reader of the New Agora and it is his dream to manifest being a part of such an important voice in our communities. The writings above are his thoughts as he lay last week in Peace arch hospital’s emergency room for 48 hours awaiting surgery.

Please see his retreat advert pg. 13 healing arts who combines the best of ancient wisdom with modern science in her writings, presentations, private practice and online courses. She empowers others with researchbased approaches aimed at developing our inner resources for life transformation and selfactualization. Visit her at www.DebraGreene. com Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff. For all links, hyperlinks, sources & references please go to: https://childrenshealthdefense. org/child-health-topics/known-culprit/ electromagnetic/5g-the-global-humanexperiment-without-consent/

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By J. A. McDonald


t is a mass delusion on an epic scale, beyond that of any known mental illness or fallacious belief. It is neither genetic nor viral nor bacterial, yet it has spread to each corner of the world and overtaken it. Statism, the belief in a forceful and coercive government, is an affliction that almost all people in this world fall into. Rare exceptions exist. Tribal peoples from various areas of the world, certain individuals within “civilization,” the occasional liberated society or town here and there. Yet the vast majority truly and earnestly believe that the state is something that must exist. People believe that without the world would “fall into chaos” and all of society and technology would be destroyed in a deluge of horror and despair. From where do they ascertain the evidence behind these assertions? From nowhere it seems, as they have no evidence. Fear of a lack of the state is a mass delusion, a massive bout of hysteria, learned from one generation to the next. When the state first came into being, people had no such fantasies. They knew the state was merely a group of warlords who, through force of arms, came to rule them. As their rule solidified excuses and reasons were formed as to their dominance. Prevailing among them was the idea of divine right, although this varied in effectiveness depending upon the religion of the people they were conquering. The social contract soon took its place, although that was little more than a version of divine right. Instead of: “God has proclaimed me ruler, although you cannot see, hear, or know God to exist, and various people have different ideas about what God is and what he says and I have no proof that God even exists,

“I am a Human. I govern myself and my actions. I know what I do, I know what is right and what is wrong. I should not harm others, their liberty, or their livelihood. Doing so is wrong. I should live freely by my own standards and to the best of my abilities. I should not try to govern others, as they are Humans like me, and rule and own themselves. If I wish, I can associate with them and, without coercion, cooperate with them to achieve greater goals.” This assumption is by far more reasonable. It is based upon what we can see today. We are all born as Human, with the ability to govern our own bodies and minds. It does not make sense to think that one man or woman should govern many, or that many should govern few, or that one should govern a different one. Each individual knows their own self and will. That liberty is what society should be based upon. I can already hear the many objections: “What of the roads? What of the common good? What of the safety net? What of Law and Order?” And so on, and so on. I could respond to these questions, as I have many times in debate and conversation and writing. However, men smarter than myself have already done so in ways both eloquent and thorough. Bastiat is one such example, and his works certainly illustrate how men and

The Longest Running Case of Mass Hysteria God has proclaimed me ruler so listen to me,” it has become: “The Social Contract has proclaimed me ruler, although you cannot see, hear, or know the Social Contract to exist, and various people have different ideas about what the Social Contract is and what it says and I have no proof that the Social Contract even exists, The Social Contract has proclaimed me ruler so listen to me.” Both of these ideas are delusional as they build upon completely abstract concepts. They use the intangible to govern the tangible. There is no proof for either concept. A much more reasonable assumption is thus:

women can freely associate to get things done. Rothbard is another. If a reader wishes to scorn my words, and ask questions such as the ones above, then please read their works. They will explain to the reader precisely how such societies will work. But beyond practical concerns of a stateless society, what exactly is one’s argument for the state? That all of its good is worth the violence done upon peaceful people? That a feeling of false safety and a collectivized and inefficient transit system is worth the wars and genocide and imprisonment that effect millions of people? That forceful taxation and the banning of certain property and the enslavement of most humans to their political master is justified? What of freedom? What of self-ownership? What of peace? The state is not peace, it is war, violence, hatred, and the desire to dominate. So the author ends this essay with a final statement and warning. Believe not in your political masters. They are not your friends. Their rule is false and they use you as a farmer does cattle. They may give you a handout here and there, sure. They stick you in your feedlot and you fill yourself to the brim. You are happy as you eat. The cage may be small, but in it you find security. When they take you out of the feedlot you see wild mavericks and cattle in the distance. You laugh at them, for they are thinner and their meals are not always guaranteed. Yet, as you near the slaughterhouse it dawns upon you the truth. You try to thrash and struggle, but your time has come. Do not give into that false sense of security that the state gives you. It comes with a great burden and price. It is better to be free than to be used as a tax slave and a resource for the war games of the state. J.A. McDonald is a freelance writer and college student, attempting to spread the good word of liberty whenever he can.

Ganjapreneur: Activist or Entrepreneur? Or Both? By Raleigh Redbud


e want everyone to make money, and we also want to push for worldwide cannabis legalization”, says Alex Rogers, the founder and Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference. It’s this blend of activism and entrepreneurialism that has made his global conference series (The ICBC has been produced in five different countries and will be in Vancouver in Mid-September) so popular. “Just because cannabis is becoming a global commodity doesn’t mean that we forget about all the activism and hard work that had to happen to bring us to this point. Community is important, whether it is local or global”. Mr. Rogers is proof that activism and entrepreneurialism can co-exist. And he’s not the only one. Kirk Tousaw, a BC based philosophy student turned public defender, started a new business and is now a consultant for some of Canada’s biggest cannabis companies. “Cannabis is a constant in my life. I became a defense lawyer because I had been busted for weed a few times. At the end of the day, what guides me is the plant.” The new cannabis industry is tricky. In just a few years, cannabis infused businesses have moved away from the decentralized mom-and-pop countercultural

Page 14

cause you support”. style of legalization envisioned by early Indeed, with all of the rapid growth in activists, and morphed into a world the Canadian industry, it might behoove some of venture capitalists, multi-millionof these new titans of the cannabis industry to dollar industrial cannabis farms, and heed her advice. global import/export So, where opportunities. In some does a cannabis ways, being a cannabis activist turned activist in a room full of ganjapreneur cannabis capitalists can go to learn be seen as a disadvantage, about new although Aundre Speciale, opportunities a long time cannabis in the global activist living in California cannabis market? and also the owner of Unsurprisingly, a few legal cannabis Alex Rogers dispensaries that started is quick to as grey-market medical suggest the marijuana clubs, thinks International that the opposite is true. Cannabis “Remember the lessons Business learned in activism. Conference. Like: The importance “The of team building and cannabis community organizing industry isn’t and working on a budget. Alex Rogers introduces Damian just about Expand as you grow, not Marley in Barcelona growing and by going into debt or giving selling weed. There are hundreds of away equity/control of the business in ancillary business opportunities in this an attempt to get big too fast.” She also industry, and the ICBC is a great place sees activism as an asset, not a liability. to find them. Folks from more than 100 “People want to be associated with doing different countries attended our last good. If you can create that feeling with event, and all of them were ready to do the purchase of a product? It is a win business. If you want to be involved in for everyone, particularly the activism or

any part of the global cannabis industry, we are the event to attend.” Rogers himself has been in the cannabis industry for more than 20 years, starting as an activist in the US, where he toured with the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer, before moving to Europe to “explore opportunities in the traditional cannabis market”. After a series of adventures and misadventures in Europe, he moved to Oregon and started a referral service for medical cannabis patients before hitting on the idea of a global cannabis business conference. The ICBC started in Oregon, a state with legal cannabis, and now it produces events in Barcelona, Berlin, Vancouver and Zurich. Cannabis just recently became legal in Canada, and while Spain, Germany and Switzerland are fairly nonchalant about cannabis use (except in Bavaria maybe), cannabis is still illegal in those three countries. “When we started to produce our first conference in Berlin, the country of Germany didn’t even allow medical cannabis. People thought we were very bold and maybe even a little crazy to do a cannabis conference there. But shortly before our event was to happen, Germany announced the creation of its medical marijuana program. I think it’s important for cannabis businesses to push the envelope a little bit. Good things will happen”.
























































Imagination is a Spiritual Path By Jon Rappoport


iving through and by imagination is a path. But no one defines it for the individual who is moving along it. No one lays it out. No one is in charge of “the end result.” And no one explains exactly what discoveries will be made along the way. Philosophies, metaphysical and spiritual systems, and religions are all about content. They fill in “the reality behind the reality.” They depict places you will arrive, and what you will find when you get there. They present cosmologies. They paint pictures. They tell you what you must do and avoid doing, in order to see what they see.

But the secret behind the secret behind the secret is: you see what you see. You see what you imagine and create and invent. It’s your substance and content. It’s your painting. You’re painting it. You do the imagining. Why is this a spiritual path? Because as you go, answers to questions you have will spontaneously arise. Answers to the big questions. This is a side effect of living through and by imagination. But again, these will be your answers. They aren’t prepackaged. In fact, you may find that the answers you’ve previously accepted as final and ironclad turn out not to be your answers at all. Living through and by imagination means that you create and invent what you most

profoundly want to create. Not just today, or tomorrow, but on and on, without end. It is a path. It has no conditions attached to it. You aren’t obligated to believe in some particular thing in order to embark on it. The history books and the spiritual books don’t mention this path. Those books have already decided what paths they prefer, and what the end result should be. A creator creates. The process and the engagement produces multiple realities that never existed before. New spaces, new times, new energies. New life, new future. Exit From the Matrix (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, http://marketplace.

Skydiamonds by Mugwort

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