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World Views that Need to Be Scrapped for us to Evolve


HE IDEA OF A WORLDVIEW HAS TWO INHERENT MEANINGS. First it is a personal view of how the world is or should be, and secondly it is a view that is shared or consented to by others not just ourselves.

So a worldview is both how we personally see the world but at the same time it is something that is based on consensual reality – there is a social dimension to it. In fact, most of what we call worldviews are not created by any one person, but rather by a person who chooses to adopt a world view that was already supported by others in society. Perhaps this is because he or she feels emotionally inclined to do so or since it fits comfortably with his/her own existing set of beliefs. Allegiance and support for one political party or ideology is a clear example of this since the individual chooses a political view that fits in with his own ‘moral’ beliefs and values. Adopting a worldview has nothing intrinsically wrong in itself. In fact there are worldviews that are healthy and arise out of authentic, loving and conscious effort to improve humanity. World views can be healthy especially when they are not rooted in irrational choice and when they are open to be revised and changed, hence accepting the fact that nothing is absolute and some of our knowledge is provisional

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By Gilbert Ross ||

at best – therefore stands to be corrected. The last point is in fact one of the major tenets that makes Science, well, Science. There are other ‘self-destructive’ worldviews on the other hand that have been widely accepted in our consensual reality and have been rooted in our psyche for a long, long time. These world views are so deeply ingrained in our framework of reality that they are unconscious and even if we can still call them world views, they are more implicit rather than explicit. This makes them even harder to detect, even more so because they are sometimes heavily guarded by our collective ego. In fact, these are worldviews that arise out of ego-based fear, judgment and its obsession to cling on to or identify with something. Luckily, global consciousness is moving towards greater awareness and hence away from such views. At the same time it is good to get a quick reminder of what these worldviews are and why it is high time to leave behind:

1 ‘Us and Them’ More than a worldview, this is a general attitude that gives rise to other misguided worldviews, yet I will call it a general worldview here. It is related to the idea of separation – one of the biggest sources of suffering in Man: the separation of our social tribe, our people, our nation, our political group, our ideology, our gene pool, our culture – from yours. The ‘us and them’ worldview is not only divisive but also self-destructive since it always

seeks to cut off something, whether individuals or groups, from something else. This ‘cutting off’ is a powerful tool of the ego to keep us from remembering a liberating truth – that we are all connected and plugged in the same cosmic wheel of life. We are all One as the spiritual adage goes and the deeper we sink into this truth, the more we realize that this is the basis of creative and constructive change as we move forward in the global evolution of consciousness. Yet the ego doesn’t want this, doesn’t it? It will fight tooth and nail to prevent it and hence has found ways of implanting the misperception of separateness that in turn fuels irrational beliefs and even political agendas. I find it crazy, in fact, how so many of us don’t see past the veneer of certain ideologies and how we try to ‘rationally’ justify an ideology that is ultimately rooted in a misperception and irrational belief. The ‘Us and them’ worldview is such a creeping malaise in us humans that it also extends beyond social, cultural and political thinking. It is also the thing that has been detaching us from our natural world. Humanity passed through a point where it stopped feeling an integral part of the earth and the cosmos and started seeing the natural world as a resource pool and playground to satisfy our growing greed. So we also became separate from nature. Both Science and religion are at fault with this.

There is however hope – a shining hope I would add. There are now more and more people who are stepping out of this illusion and spreading the awareness that there is no ‘us and them’ but rather only ‘Us’ (which coincidentally might be the acronym for ‘Universal Solidarity!)

2 Materialism and the Disenchantment with the World

Modern Science is relatively young – in my opinion, spanning some 200 years or at least somewhere in the region. As they say, Science has brought progress and unbound us from the shackles of the dark ages, yet modern Science has also generated another worldview as a side effect that is still strongly prevalent nowadays – materialism. Materialism doesn’t mean zeal for material things but rather it is the worldview that the material world is the basis of the Universe. In the classical Science era, it meant that all the natural phenomena can be explained in terms of underlying physical and chemical processes. The rest is just mumbo jumbo, supposedly. This has created a ‘flattened’ view of the world that caused us to become disenchant-

See “WORLD VIEWS” on page 22

“If we want to get to the Garden of Eden, we are going to have to be party to the eviction of those who are illegally occupying it.” — Julian Rose

By Julian Rose


The Subjugation of the Creator — End Game of Our Tormentors

an imploding inward force; an iridescence of light and an impenetrable darkness; a blazing sun and a black hole: multiple members of each, of course. This theme of duality plays out throughout the macrocosm and microcosm – through the totality of life. Through sentient and insentient matter; down to the neutron, electron, cells, molThose in pursuit of power are seldom ecules, atoms and sub atomic particles. satisfied. They always want more. In a Everywhere energy is dual. Electricity reseemingly never ending act of compulsive quires the interaction and clash between consumption, they seek to dominate or opposing forces in order to be that highly destroy all that stands in the way of their energetic element that it is. thirst for power. While the evolution of the plant and The forces that currently hold a animal kingdom is clearly attracted and controlling influence over this world are aligned to the vibratory waves of the of this stable. Their goal of ‘full spectrum Creator, man has a choice: the choice to dominance’ or ‘total domination’ of follow the call of the soul – or the choice various aspects of this planet is not the not to follow the call of the soul; to evolve summation of their ambition, it is a mere or to slide into entropy. This makes man a stepping stone along the way. pretty unique species. On the way to what? When we examine ourselves, we find On the way to becoming masters of that we have a duality of choice in all we the Universe. say and do, at all times. There is a conThe macrocosm has a dual energetic tinual clash here. The friction that results essence: an evolving outward force and from this clash provides propulsion. A propulsion, which like the plant kingdom, aspires to the light, but only if we are true to our calling. The net worth of our life depends upon Constantly which of the two fundamental roads we catching our attention are elect as the predominant influence; which of a host of signposts drawthese two pulls we make our main priority. ing us towards various routes

AVE YOU EVER reflected on what might be the ultimate goal of the oppressors of humanity? I have – and this is what emerged.

that divert us from our true calling, each promising much in the way of material wealth, ego satisfying power and physical convenience. The net worth of our life depends upon which of the two fundamental roads we elect as the predominant influence; which of these two pulls we make our main priority. Will it be the innately divine voice of our intuition or the ulterior motive, materialistic attraction? There is a third: the fear based ‘safety’ route. In the course of our exploration and recognition of the dark side (in ourselves) we come across many symptoms of the ulterior motive. Irrational cravings that tend to obscure and weigh-down our ability to respond to the light; to the signals of the soul. Due to the afflictions that have long dominated the human race, we are born into a world predominantly governed by manifestations of these crass, misdirected motives. One such is the desire for a type of power that gives the illusion of being greater, or at least more alluring, than our still subtle innately divine intuitive power. This ego-fuelled power has ample room to develop because our subtle innate power is realized – and takes form – only gradually. We thus cannot avoid spending considerable amounts of time under the influence of that which is the antithesis of the call to the light, in spite of the fact that this antithesis is, in effect, an abstraction, a virtual reality: The condition this present world suffers under 24/7. Carlos Castaneda’s shaman teacher refers to this condition as ‘the foreign installation’.

If we allow ourselves, we who were gifted ‘freedom of choice’, to take this abstract road towards a power that appears greater than our slowly unfolding innate natural power – we will find that it is a road well travelled. So well travelled in fact, that it gives the impression of being the only road we can take – especially since the great majority of people we know are on it. Not only this, in choosing to pursue further a journey that is at odds with the pull of our souls, we soon come across guides, figure-heads and high priests, all of whom are only too willing to soften our passage and further pacify our inner being. Keep going and doctors of darkness emerge who will enable the traveller of this road to gain new powers and skills to further aid his/her wilful ambitions. Such skills enable the initiate to start practicing, in daily life, a kind of subliminal black magic: The power to ‘get one’s way’ in all one does; to take possession of that which one wishes to possess; to become well adjusted to the darkness and ever more in denial of the light, ultimately landing-up as obedient servants to the dark side hierarchy. To fully give one’s self over to ‘the foreign installation’ is to follow a reverse sequence for human kind. Symbolized by the Nazi Swastika, a reversed ancient symbol of peace and one of the main tools of mischievous ‘archons’ in service to their dark masters. Most who dabble in the dark side’s

See “END GAME” on page 30

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5 World Views to Scrap so WE can Evolve


Consciousness and Technology

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The New Now

Outgrow Slavery & Govern Yourself Already! Stop thinking anyone has the right to rule you. Stop talking as if anyone has the right to rule you. Stop acting as if anyone has the right to rule you.” — Larken Rose

by Fredalupe!


HIS MONTH’S EDITORIAL spot features quotes and an anonymous bit of writing inspired by Larken Rose, whose fine works I simply can’t recommend enough (‘The Most Dangerous Superstition’ and ‘The Iron Web’) for having intelligently educated so many, including myself, about personal sovereignty, and for bringing sanity and clarity to otherwise insane and occluded subjects such as politics, statism, and the fallacious belief systems enslaving much of humanity. Statism is the utopian ideal that just the right amount of violence used by just the right people in just the right way can perfect society.


WANT TO HOPEFULLY get you out of this mad delusion and self-abuse called “voting.” The reason is that you don’t want to vote: It means nothing. It’s worse than meaning nothing - it encourages participation in a coercive and destructive system. It gives sanction to evil.

So you don’t vote because you think that voting will set you free or restrain government in any kind of way because you’re not an idiot. I mean, I am going to speak to you right now, soul-to-soul (so to speak), as an intelligent, aware, brilliant human being. I’m not going to spit facts at you because facts would be an insult to you. Using facts would be indicating that you are unable to process the basic reality of the world that you live in, and the overwhelming evidence of the futility of trying to restrain an agency of violence like the State by begging for crumbs from the table as favours. You understand that the government is fundamentally coercive. It’s a coercive institution. That’s what it does. That’s all it is. And you know that voting is a pitiful plea. It is a beg: “Please master, give me back a little bit of what you have stolen.” And I’m not going to insult you by pretending that argument is anything other than an emotional panic and a fear of increased predation and a begging for favours. What Authority? You don’t have the authority to make law your neighbour must obey. Neither does your neighbour or anybody else. You can’t delegate authority that you don’t have. Therefore nobody can delegate authority to a politician to make law that your neighbour must obey.

The reality of the State is that they’ll take whatever they want from you because they have the guns and the jails and the military, and they will attempt to bribe you to get you to participate and give them moral sanction for their theft, by getting you to participate and give them moral sanction for their theft by getting you to participate in a system that allows you to “choose” and blah, blah, Democracy, blah... Of course, should you participate, you can only choose your master. You can’t choose not to remain a slave, which, of course, is why the whole thing is so blatantly ridiculous. They take your money to reward their friends and punish their enemies (including you) and they will dangle bait. You can look at this in any of the campaigns. “Ooh, we’ll give you a little tax credit, we’ll give you a little control of your time. Ooh, we’ll give you a little bit of stolen fiat for your medical expenses. Ooh, we’ll do this and that!” It’s all bribery. It’s embarrassing. The whole point of the system is to bribe you with the leftovers of what they have stolen from you in the first place. So I’m not going to insult you by giving you facts that you already have at your disposal. What a pitiful spectacle... to beg your political masters for a few scraps back that... THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM YOU AT GUNPOINT! How pitiful and ridiculous is that, and what a self-shaming, self-abusive action it is to run around begging for what was rightfully yours to be returned to you in little scraps, whatever they feel will dilute you into giving them your sanction and your support. “I’m not scared of the Maos and the Stalins and the Hitlers. I’m scared of thousands or millions of people that hallucinate them to be “authority”, and so do their bidding, and pay for their empires, and carry out their orders. I don’t care if there’s one loony with a stupid moustache. He’s not a threat if the people do not believe in “authority”.” — Larken Rose When the bullies take your candy and they’re throwing it back and forth on the

playground, what do you do? Well, you can’t get the candy back and you can’t get your tax money back from the State. You can’t get control of your life back from the State because they have the monopoly of force... Well, you simply refuse to participate. You say, “That candy is not worth my pride.” The spectacle of me running around begging for people to give me back what they have stolen from me, when they’ll never going to do it anyway is too shameful. It is too embarrassing. It is too pitiful for me to stop engaging in that behaviour. I am going to walk away. Keep the stinking candy. Keep my money. I’m not going to beg you to give it back. I’m not going to plead with you. I’m not going to get on my knees. I’m not going to engage in the fantasy that this is all about me or about virtue or about control or about getting good things done in the world. I am not going to give them that sanction. I am not going to participate in this violent institution. And really, the presidency? I mean come on people. You don’t have to be brain surgeons. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know emotionally. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that changing the president (or prime minister, or grand poobah. Ed.) changes nothing about the system. It’s nothing. It’s a ridiculous illusion. What are your choices? Cranky old fascist versus creepy hands-in-your-pocket socialist? These are your choices and you’re actually going to participate in this? Have some pride for heaven’s sakes. There is no virtue to be gained from attempting to grab control of the gun and give it to the people you prefer so that “virtue” can be accomplished. You cannot achieve virtue by pointing guns at peaceful people. Never, in the history of the world, anywhere on the planet, has “government” only PROTECTED individual rights. Instead, it has been the primary VIOLATOR of individual rights. Nonetheless, there are still many “minarchists” (minarchism: minimal statism) who insist that we cannot give up the institution of “government.” Why not? Because, they insist, we need it to do something that it has NEVER DONE, in order to protect us from injustices that it has ALWAYS itself inflicted on the people. Then they complain when I say that statism is immoral, irrational and faith based. — Larken Rose You’re selling your soul for nothing. It’s not going to change based on voting. You know this. Wake up to what you already know... You’re not being paid a million doll-

hairs to participate in this brutal system, in this empire with hundreds of military bases... In this empire that slaughters innocent people overseas. They’re not leaving Iraq until the empire comes down. They’re still in Japan!!! Sixty plus years after the Second World War, they built PERMANENT military bases. It’s a fantasy that they’re leaving because you’re going to vote... You’re livestock to them... You’re cattle... They milk you for money to bribe their friends, and you on occasion when the mood strikes. What you are as a voter/participant: You are inheriting a 300+ year abusive relationship. They beat the shit out of you every day. After 300+ years of this marriage, what are you doing? You’re running around saying, “This time they will change. They’re going to be better this time. They’re going to be nice to me. They’re going to give me what I want. He’s going to bring me flowers. There’s going to be romance and ponies...” IT’S CRAP! IT’S BULLSHIT! They take your money with guns and throw millions in jail. This is an abusive relationship and after 300 bloody years, wake up to the reality of what it is... It is brutality with rhetoric... Walk away! Take your pride and leave! You don’t legitimize a violent, coercive, brutal, hierarchical, hegemonic system by pretending it’s voluntary, by pretending that you have a say, by pretending that the brutality of war and empire and violence and enslavement and coercion and jailing... the rape rooms of prisons have millions of people in them, the vast majority of whom ended up there because they carried the wrong kind of vegetation in their f*ing pockets. This is a fascist brutal dictatorship. And if you participate, you are saying it is voluntary. You are trying to work with the illusion that if you vote, the gun will be pointed at someone other than you: BUT IT WON’T! Sanders, Hillary, Trump: it doesn’t matter... No matter who you vote for, the State stays in power. You’re livestock to pay off this imaginary debt that you had absolutely nothing to do with. Voting is the fence. Voting is the electrified fence. Politics itself is a giant conspiracy to rob and overthrow the masses. Elections are like soap operas that sinks you into the blood of humiliating subjugation. It’s a matter of pride. Don’t beg for your freedom. Don’t beg for scraps. Don’t pray and hope and wish that scratching from a little booth is going to create freedom when it does literally the opposite. It never has. It never will. You could vote in Rome as well in the past... and Athens, as Socrates found out. F*ck politics. F*ck spending your time following this bullshit distracting soap opera of whether the socialists or the fascists end up in the White House. Every minute you spend on politics is a minute you’re not actually spending doing something productive to actually make the world free (including raising your self-esteem).

See “LARKEN ROSE” on page 30

By Zen Gardner


HE CONCEPT OF deliberately controlled opposition eludes public awareness to an amazing degree. It’s similar to the brazen reality of false flag operations, the epitome of carefully planned societal manipulation by unseen forces who have no regard for the human condition other than to control it – those who are more than willing to attack their own to provoke a desired response.

This is so very similar to the slogan of the nefarious Mossad: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” The Jesuits are no better and on the same page (just ask the Pope. ed). Nor is the CIA or the plethora of other deliberately obscured agencies; agencies, as in clusters of agents, all subhuman tools in the war for the subjugation, exploitation and control of humanity. Controlling the opposition is a practice of misdirection and deception disguised as genuine questioning and resistance to the party line in order to accomplish certain goals, a game of ruthless deception that is endemic to the fabric of the entire matrix of control. It’s not anything really startling in the grand scheme of things once you’ve woken up to the big picture, but for those still under the spell of the official narrative it’s an extremely powerful weapon of mass manipulation that they are very cleverly

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subdued by. And it has many forms. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Lenin

Useful Idiots and the Puppeteers The obvious NATO/US backed insurgencies such as the bogus clearly outsidefunded and supplied ISIS charade leading up to these military supplied pogroms on Syria, and the entire middle eastern region for that matter, are perfect examples of controlled opposition on the geopolitical stage. As awful as that reality is, the problem is way deeper than that. We’ve all been useful idiots at one time or another. I my opinion, no one’s been fully conscious or completely independent of these influences all of their lives. We all have had to compromise in some manner just to survive in the matrix. In that state we unwittingly contribute to the official narrative by our silence and willful ignorance, one that is handily garnered as humanity’s imprimatur of acceptance

and even approval. This social landscape is an engineered one, and we help build and maintain it at varying degrees of conscious unawareness until we fully wake up and disengage. Some aspects become more obvious than others to different people. The clearly manipulated banking system for example has been getting hammered by the awakening. The full extent of its control is known by very few, but people are getting the idea to a massive degree. And it leads to more questions, as well as fundamental doubts about the world around them. That’s how it works. It only takes one vector into the heart of true reality to wake people up. The issues of health and food freedom, geoengineering, clearly destructive fracking and GMO and vaccine issues all eventually lead to the heart of this deceptive matrix of attempted full spectrum control.

Arriving At Awakening’s Door Many people come to the awakening via the health crisis we’re facing, with contaminated and mutated foods and vaccines being forced into the marketplace

without the slightest compunction from our ever-so-caring crypto-fascist central State. Just going to a natural food or natural or alternative medicine site is another way to get into the wardrobe and enter a land of the Narnia of Truth most had no idea existed. For those looking to help others awaken this is a great way to approach someone still under the spell to get them started looking around. GMO awareness and the invasive fracking issue have also jerked people up and are great entry points. Just like the banksters revolving door with government, the similarly favoured and government promoted Monsanto/Big Pharma, big oil, and other infesting so-called “interest” agencies will make their heads spin if they’re willing to see it. Geoengineering and Fukushima are other portals to the awakening. The surreal potential extinction level event (ELE) nature of these assaults is seriously disrupting many entrained minds to where the dots are beginning to connect. They’d better. These are extremely serious times. Finding out the extent of our own involvement is a trip in itself, and will lead to many wonderful, sometimes disturbing discoveries. Even more so is realizing the source of information we were trusting was tainted, twisted, distorted and infiltrated with specific purposes beginning in the socially engineered education system and reinforced by corporate media, and in almost every case completely infiltrated with fabricated lies, propped up by the energy

See “CO-OPT” on page 19

By Dylan Charles


F ALL THE pursuits of human kind, the understanding and exploration of consciousness offers the most likely opportunity for us to realize a civilization oriented towards cooperation, compassion, sustainability, and respect for life. Awakening to higher states of consciousness is the process by which a person, or a collective, can re-organize their identity from an egocentric material orientation to a level of awareness that is capable of holding many perspectives. Only with an evolution in awareness can we discover the evergreater aspects of ourselves. Consciousness might be described as the quality or state of awareness that human beings have of themselves, their environment and their surroundings, including sensation, thought, feeling and intuition. Consciousness functions on many levels, including the dream states, the subconscious mind, the ever-present observer mind, waking consciousness, and many meditative and spiritual states of awareness. It is dynamic, always changing throughout the day, and continuously evolving throughout life. Everything is both a mirror and a reflection of something else, and the technological world that we’ve constructed is a glimpse at our inner universe. The way we use technology is analogous to how the mind interacts with nature, collects and stores sensory data, formulates ideas and adapts to surroundings. Humans first dominated nature by studying and imitating the workings of the natural world, and this process has evolved into a symbiotic

Consciousness &Technology

3 Mind Expanding Comparisons relationship where the evolution of the species is heavily warped by our own invention. Now we seem totally dependent on technology for survival and for any further evolution. As such, it is enlightening to consider just how similar the human mind is to the computer, the core technology contributing to the evolution of human consciousness most by enabling communication to occur at synaptic speeds. Consider the following:

1. Consciousness is the Operating System of the Human Being Similar to how an operating system (OS) is loaded onto a computer to command hardware, consciousness is the program that sets the parameters for human behaviour and thought, instructing us on how to be ourselves. The user chooses programs to load onto the OS in order to support a wider possibility of functions for the device, and anything that we take in consciously or sub-consciously contributes to the quality of our presence of mind and overall awareness. As a newborn, the mind is a relative blank disc and we are limited to the


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default capacities of an infant. Embarking on a journey of acquiring information and formulating it into ideas and behaviours, the baby begins to add programs to the OS. Observation and imitation are keen human instincts, and throughout life we are in a continual process of collecting sensory data and adapting to our environment, imitating that which we see. We adopt programs such as beliefs, mannerisms, and sometimes the habits of our family. We might spend decades in school, then maybe an entire lifetime gaining knowledge and experience, all of which is perpetually woven together to form our awareness and understanding of the world. The amalgam of our experience becomes our consciousness at any moment, and we can add or subtract programs to this that work either for our benefit or detriment. Choosing to run positive programs enhances the quality of life and our resilience to the suffering in life.

2. Consciousness Can Be Programmed and Hacked, For Better or for Worse Consciousness is something that can be manipulated, for better of for worse.

The consumption of information, media, advertisements, propaganda, ideas, and belief systems all influence human consciousness, shaping perceptual awareness of the world. Higher consciousness can be cultivated, but we are continuously targeted by external influences… hacked if you will. Human consciousness is most often manipulated by directly appealing to our most base senses, fear and sex. Corporations use sexual imagery and innuendo to sell products by triggering the consciousness of desire and ego-fulfillment. Fear consciousness is the primary tool of the political and media elite for selling public policy, exerting control and preventing meaningful redress of grievances. The continuous shock of witnessing acts of violence in the media, the ever-impending threat of scarcity, and the insatiable need to aggrandize the ego are all social engineering tools used to limit mass consciousness to within the reptilian spectrum. The mind can also be hacked by trickery, illusion, confusion, and delusion. We can directly program ourselves with hypno-

See “CONSCIOUSNESS” on page 30

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Global Derivatives: $1.5 Quadrillion Time Bomb

The US Economy Continues Its Collapse


o you remember when real reporters existed? Those were the days before the Clinton regime concentrated the media into a few hands and turned the media into a Ministry of Propaganda, a tool of Big Brother. The false reality in which Americans live extends into economic life. Last Friday’s employment report was a continuation of a long string of bad news spun into good news. -continues-its-collapse/5468302


hen investing becomes gambling, bad endings follow. The next credit crunch could make 2008-09 look mild by comparison. Bank of International Settlements(BIS) data show around $700 trillion in global derivatives. Along with credit default swaps and other exotic instruments, the total notional derivatives value is about $1.5 quadrillion – about 20% more than in 2008, beyond what anyone can conceive, let alone control if unexpected turmoil strikes.

Geo-Politics Monsanto and Others Caught Paying Internet ‘Trolls’ to Attack Activists


ave you ever seen a post, comment, or reply that absolutely reeked of behind-the-scenes compensation by corporations like Monsanto? In the growing age of internet activism, and the expansion of social media as a tool to spread the word on real issues, paid internet trolling is becoming a new career path.. monsanto-and-others-caught-paying-internet%E2%80%98trolls%E2%80%99-attack-activists

America’s Transition to the “State Terrorist Model of Government”


t has occurred almost without notice. While the U.S. continues to claim its foremost world status as a democracy, since 9/11 it has shifted its model of government to something far more concerning. This shift is instanced perfectly in a story that appeared in very few of the news media outlets during the last week of July: two animal rights activists were charged with “domestic terrorism” and jailed for freeing caged animals on a fur farm.

The Illusion of Freedom in America


eing a citizen in the American corporate state is much like playing against a stacked deck: you’re always going to lose. The game is rigged, and “we the people” keep getting dealt the same losing hand. Even so, most stay in the game, against all odds, trusting that their luck will change. john_whiteheads_commentary/dont_be_fooled_by_ the_political_game_the_illusion_of_freedom_in_ america

Page 8

Jeb Bush – Fourth Generation Boss of the Bush Family Crime Syndicate


ho is Jeb Bush? The Bushes’ criminal syndicate has committed 4 generations of treason against America. Jeb comes from a deeply corrupt family. The elite establishment who control the MSM (Mainstream Media) are ensuring through their biased media coverage that US 2016 presidential hopeful Jeb Bush becomes the frontrunning candidate for the Republican Party.

Nestle Pays Only $524 to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water


estle has found itself more and more frequently in the glare of the California drought-shame spotlight than it would arguably care to be — though not frequently enough, apparently, for the megacorporation to have spontaneously sprouted a conscience.

Canadian PM Proposes Ban On Travel To Areas Under “Terrorist” Control


n a speech in Ottawa last week, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared that a new Conservative government would ban all travel to zones controlled by “terrorist” groups. Any exceptions permitted to the blanket ban would be determined by the government, and would include those carrying out humanitarian work, journalist activities or diplomatic missions. The announcement represents a major threat to basic democratic rights. The proposal would abandon the presumption of innocence, with the responsibility being placed on the individual to prove that they had a government-approved reason for travelling to a designated zone.

Health The Illusion of Choices in Choosing a Restaurant – Toxic Factory Food from a Handful of Suppliers

Canadian Power Company Trying To Dump Nuclear Waste Within A Mile Of Lake Huron



Dead doctors, dead patients and corporate bullying: How FDA is the new Murder Inc

Venezuela Regime Forces Polar Foods, PepsiCo, And Nestle To Leave Within 60 Days



here are dozens of chain restaurants from which we can choose when we go out to eat. Some are fast-food eateries with counters for ordering, and others are traditional sit-down table service restaurants. Probably McDonalds is the most well-known fast-food chain, but dozens of other chains dot the landscape of towns and cities throughout America.

hen the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raided Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet’s offices this year, they were determined to put an end to his research and use of Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF) because this research was essentially making vaccines look like violent, mad science. FDA_deadly_drugs_medical_murder.html

aced with the prospect of a Canadian power company burying nuclear waste within a mile of Lake Huron, Michigan’s U.S. senators today announced legislation which would attempt to force the State Department to negotiate a delay with the Canadian government. The legislation would call for the State Department to urge Canada to delay any approval of Ontario Power Generation’s proposed Deep Geologic Repository until the International Joint Commission completes a study also called for by the legislation into whether the proposed facility is safe.

enezuela’s Chavista regime is expropriating en masse, and is even dislodging one of the nation’s Most Precious Resources: food distribution centers . The latest confiscation, Announced on July 30, goes after the nation’s chief food and beverage suppliers – Polar Foods, PepsiCo, and Nestle – to make way for more housing state in the lead-up to this year’s legislative elections.

Science, Tech & Beyond Salt-Powered Lamp: 8 Hours of Light from 1 Glass of Saltwater


eveloped by engineer Lipa Aisa Mijena of De La Salle University, the Salt Lamp requires a single glass of water with two tablespoons of salt to provide a night’s worth of a light (complimenting approaches like Liters of Light that work in dark spaces during the day), but, best of all, it can run off the naturally salty water of the surrounding ocean. http://weburbanist. com/2015/07/26/salt-poweredlamp-8-hours-of-light-from-1glass-of-saltwater/


The Evolution of Humanoid Robots: Human Reflexes


n the age of computers, things evolve exponentially. In just a few generations robots have gone from a scientific fantasy, to a playful curiosity, to entering the battlefield to replace and/or augment their human counterparts. We are already at the point where we have to consider what the next step of robotic evolution looks like. According to robotics engineers, it appears that at some point in the near future the next step could very well be whatever the next generation robot chooses for itself.

A.I. RETHINK? Russian Scientists Create Self-Learning, Artificial Brain

ack in May, 21WIRE reported on a stunning breakthrough by the University of Melbourne where Australian scientists managed to successfully configure an analogue solution to building an AI brain – one which outperforms its digital counterpart on multiple levels. Now the Russian-led international team at Tomsk University appear to have discovered an analogue compliment to the recent Australian breakthrough – a device which could potentially function as an ‘artificial carrier’ of a self-learning, natural mind.

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In the ecstasy of bhang the spark of the Eternal in man turns into light the murkiness of matter or illusion . . . The soul in whom the spirit of bhang finds a home glides in the ocean of Being free from the weary round of matter-blinded self. 1* — J. M. Campbell It is only fitting in this age of pollution and plastic that the guru to bless us with Skaktipat comes in the form of an ancient sun-loving plant that has as its most intrinsic attribute the power of consciousness raising.2 — Joan Bello

By Stephen Gray


TRONG WORDS, BOLD ASSERTIONS, maybe even hard to believe for some, yet could they really be talking about cannabis, the gentle relaxant and euphoriant? Is this the plant whose finger often points at an escape hatch, or to the entertainer tossing glitter over the heads of the crowd? What about cannabis the frequent inducer of silliness and giggling, or of spaciness, as in “Uh, what were we just talking about?” Or is it cannabis: the sometime demotivator and dis-connector? And what about the plant’s not uncommon tendency to amplify self-absorption, ‘over’-sensitivity and even paranoia? Just as those two opening quotes indicate, there is something else altogether going on with cannabis that isn’t widely recognized at this time. When a skillful, reciprocal relationship is established and people can meet the plant in optimal internal and external conditions—what those who work with entheogens often call good “set and setting”— cannabis can be a powerful spiritual ally. This ‘other’ potential of cannabis has been recognized over a long span of human history. But more recently, and especially in the twentieth century, the understanding and

Cannabis and Spirituality The Revival of an Ancient Wisdom Ally application of cannabis’ spiritual benefits has almost become a lost art. To speak briefly of a biological history that greatly precedes human civilization, cannabis and its close relatives are known to have been around for an exceedingly long time. Although truly ancient fossil records are lacking, scientific inference suggests that the Cannabaceae lineage may have appeared on the planet as early as thirty-four million years ago.3 The words “may have” imply some wiggle room of course, but lop off a few million years and clearly we’re still talking about a hefty chunk of time as measured in human scale. While we might expect that in this case plant and planet have been in relationship since long before we two-legged people entered the picture, ample evidence indicates that the human community has also had a very long and fruitful connection with cannabis. Some researchers suggest that a conservative estimate for the beginnings of human (Homo sapiens) use of cannabis might be around 12,000 years ago. [Zug, 1980]. Solid archaeological evidence of the relationship—including shamanic use—goes back at least to the Neolithic age, roughly 7,500 years ago. Some researchers have even suggested that we have co-evolved with the cannabis plant

over many millennia. For at least the past several thousand years we have it on good record that the plant’s uses have been extensive. Just a few of the great many include food, medicine, heating fuel, household products, building materials, paper products, rope, netting, clothing, a base for paints and cosmetics, pleasure, creative inspiration, and, most relevant to the matter at hand, freeing ourselves from “the weary round of matter-blinded self.” Cannabis is the people’s plant, or as Jeremy Wolff calls it, “the people’s psychedelic.” It will always be with us despite repeated programs aimed at vilifying and suppressing it in various regions of the planet over the past two or three millennia. And now, as I’m writing this there’s a phenomenal renaissance underway, with more and more indications that we the people are going to experience a renewed age of knowledgeable and wise usage of our plant. The notion of cannabis as the people’s plant also synchronizes with a wider renaissance now unfolding. Though it may not be obvious to many, there are distinct signs of a real process getting underway on this blue planet. Increasing numbers of us are seeing through longstanding patterns of conditioning that have served neither the Earth nor us well. Although only time will tell, it looks like the freeing of cannabis from controlling minds is intimately intertwined with this wider consciousness shift. To open your heart is to reduce your ego, and this is the only magic that is ever required to experience the naked truth.4 — Tony Vigorito A key element of the consciousness shift is a transition from head to heart perception and intelligence. According to this understanding, head dominance is second-hand perception—concept-based interpretation of sensory input, and in that sense is imaginary and a laboratory for all manner of illusion. But as it’s described in wisdom teachings like Buddhism, Hinduism and others, the heart and mind are not separate entities. For example, the Sanskrit word bodhicitta means awakened heart and

mind—”bodhi” meaning awake and “citta” meaning both heart and mind together. Head-dominated functioning lacks the intelligence of direct perception fueled by an awakened heart. Wisdom traditions use terms like unconditioned reality, what is, the Tao, and so on to describe that innate intelligence. What does that have to do with cannabis? As with other entheogens, it’s a non-specific amplifier. When we use it with discipline and intention in the context of ongoing meditative practices, cannabis can amplify and empower the process of dissolving out of head-sourced beliefs and relaxing down into direct and intuitive heart perception and the wisdom of the body. The herb is the key to new understanding of the self, the universe, and God. It is the vehicle to cosmic consciousness; it introduces one to levels of reality not ordinarily perceived . . . and it develops a certain sense of fusion with all living beings.5 — Leonard E. Barrett, Sr. Cannabis is in beautiful harmony with this ‘new’ mode. Of course there is the potential for misuse and dependence and it’s not for everyone. But when we can meet the plant with full, relaxed attention, when we can get out of our own way and let the sacred herb teach us, it can help show us how to feel and move with an open heart and authentic presence in this interconnected energy matrix, without the crutch of habitual pattern and the endless second-hand guesswork of the conceptualizing ego mind.

* Notes 1. Campbell, J.M. “On the Religion of Hemp,” in Orgies of the Hemp Eaters, ed. Bey and Zug, 75 2. Bello, Joan, The Benefits of Marijuana, 122 3. McPartland and Guy, “The evolution of Cannabis and coevolution with the cannabinoid receptor—a hypothesis,” in The Medicinal Uses of Cannabis and Cannabinoids, ed. Guy and Whittle, 73 4. Vigorito, Tony, Nine Kinds of Naked, 356 5. Barrett, Leonard E. Sr., The Rastafarians, 75 Stephen Gray is the author of Returning to Sacred World (O Books, 2010) and the forthcoming Cannabis and Spirituality: The Revival of an Ancient Wisdom Ally (Inner Traditions • Bear and Company, 2016). He is also the co-organizer of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (www.,) Oct. 24 and 25 at UBC in Vancouver. Tickets and information at the website or by calling 604-644-4447.

cannalife Cannabis Alchemy for healing the mind, body and spirit Handcrafted medicated botanicals. Premium Cannabis infused topicals, tinctures and oils. Local, organic and consciously sourced ingredients. Made with love in Vancouver, BC.


Cooking Oil

Massage Oils Page 10

Lip Balm


Face Oil

Arthritis Balm

By Linda George


he Buddhists tell us that ‘being born as a human is highly unusual.’ It is, they say, a tremendous privilege and a most precious gift, this human life. One of the reasons it is so precious is that within all of us lies the potential for Buddha-hood – or enlightenment. That is, the un-obscured awareness of the true nature of this reality and this life. Dharma, or the Buddhist path is a practice of removing the obstacles that cloud our awareness of this true nature. Can we find this path, walk this path – if we are not Buddhist or practitioners of any particular spiritual system? Yes, it is my understanding and belief that we can find our own Dharma, walk our own path to enlightenment – which means freedom from suffering. And the way to begin is simply to pay attention! Attention – to what? To life. It sounds so simple, and of course we know it is not. It requires time and selfdiscipline. But time is happening anyway, so we might as well do something positive with it. Our modern life is filled with so many distractions, so much activity, confusion and information. Most of the time our minds are filled with chatter and noise. Many of us are aware of the value and importance of meditation, yet how often do we begin the practice, only to let it slip sooner rather than later? Paying attention is simpler! You can do it anywhere, anytime. I have noticed that so many people do not look around them. I was recently on a yacht in a beautiful part of the world – a new country in fact. Everything was fresh and new. Simply sitting on deck, feeling the gentle motion of the boat, the warm tropical air, was blissful. The sky was clear, the scenery interesting – other yachts around us, activity on the shore. Yet I observed that my travelling companion spent a good deal of time looking downward, at her feet, at the cockpit floor, rather than outward. I have observed this before, when bush walking – with friends. I am continually looking at the trees, the birds, smelling the perfume of the wet bush. My friends are more often than not looking at the ground, at where their next step is going. Possibly I run the risk of taking a misstep. So far I haven’t. There is a sense I get, from my companions, of being preoccupied with the thoughts in their head. They are oblivious to the everyday beauty around them. They are doing the opposite of paying attention. Why is this so important? It is important because only when we still our thoughts can we be fully present. And only when we are fully present can we experience the power of this moment. And only when we experience the power of this moment can we fully experience this precious life. Everything else is mental noise and distracts us from feeling our bodies – these portals to the timeless dimension allows for the spaciousness within that alone gives us peace. When we are fully present there is a calmness – which feels like a great relief. When we are paying attention in the present moment, our minds must be here too. They cannot run off into the past or future. It is only when we are in this place that we can truly feel gratitude. If we are in nature, a beautiful place and we are paying attention it is easy to bring up the feeling of gratitude. We can train ourselves to do it

in an instant. Feeling gratitude naturally induces a feeling of contentment and wellbeing. If we are not in a beautiful place, if we are in a humdrum place, at our desk perhaps, this awareness of the present moment (attention), ordinary as it may be, offers us spaciousness. Inner spaciousness is the place from which we can create whatever thoughts and emotions we choose. We can work more creatively, more powerfully. And we can remind ourselves to feel gratitude from this place. The key is to pay attention, to be present. Breathe out that negative thought and take a look around you. Let go of every thought and its concomitant emotion that is not gratitude and feel simply spacious and aware. As we train ourselves to be here and now, to continually emit feelings of gratefulness – for where we are, for our health and wellbeing, for anything we can think of – we transform our lives. Try it and you will see it is true! When gratitude is our attitude, amazing things happen. Situations that first appear tragic, shocking, disturbing, worrying, begin to lose their sting. If we can find something in these circumstances to be grateful for – the universe conspires to soothe our spirits as well as the events that are troubling us. When we feel gratitude for the good and beautiful things in our lives, it delivers to us more of the same. We know that this is a mental universe, that it is a mind creation. When we discipline our own minds to be present, to feel gratitude for this precious human life, we really begin to live in the flow that is the true nature of this reality. The reality is, we live within a never-ending flow of phenomena that arise, ebb and flow according to causes and conditions – all interdependently. Everything is transient…it comes and goes. It is a dynamic stream of happenings originating at the level of mind: The world mind, and our own. When we pay attention to this fragment of time, we invite timelessness. Timelessness frees us from the suffering of life. We become aware of time as a stream, a rising and falling of events – some of them welcome, some not – but all, constantly changing. As we remind ourselves to feel gratitude in each moment – even for something as simple and wonderful as breathing in and breathing out – we know we are impacting the trajectory of our karma. The past cannot be undone. But we are creating the upcoming events in the flow in this very minute: mindfulness; patience – with self; compassion – for self and others; attention; and above all, gratitude. As Bill Hicks said, life is a ride, and a mystery. I my opinion, there is no objectivity and the best we can do is create the inner landscape of our choosing…and trust the universe to take care of the outer one.

We can find our own Dharma, walk our own path to enlightenment – which means freedom from suffering.

“Only when the consciousness displaces the predominance of the sense of being personally occupied with life does the hidden observer transform external existence from being the prosaic and materialistic thing it ordinarily is into something veritably divine.” — Paul Brunton

About the Author Linda George is a student of consciousness, a writer of words, and teacher of yoga, practitioner of astrology, mother of four. She lives in New Zealand. Please visit her at www.

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“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.” — H.L. Mencken

the ashes. She’s already inside you aching to get out anyway. She shakes her fiery head at your willingness to be obedient and submissive to authority. She sputters furious indignation at your conformity and cringes at your self-pity and fear. She’s begging you to free her, calling out for you to be assertive and fearless, to carry your own courage like you would a heart. Break those goddamned chains! Or at least admit there are flowers concealing them.

Gary ‘Z’ McGee


ERE’S THE THING: You are a force to be reckoned with. The question is, what kind of force are you? Are you a weak force or a strong force? Are you indifferent or cool with being different? Are you ordinary or extraordinary? Are you healthy or unhealthy? Are you a victim or a warrior? Are you codependent or independent? Are you a pawn or have you learned how to turn the tables on power? Are you a lamb afraid of wolves or are you a lion keeping wolves in check? Are you overly independent or have you made Ego your bitch and become interdependent? Are you allowing the world to kick your ass or have you flipped the script? Are you a slave or the one who breaks chains? First off, it’s high time that you realized everything is connected and everything changes. That means you. That means you are connected to everything else. That means you will change. You are a force of nature first, a person second. The force of nature part is the interconnected-everything-changes part. The person part is how you react to this absolute fact. Indeed, there is more to being human than choice, there’s vicissitude. All your anxiety and stress, all your depression and despair, all your neurosis and psychosis, and all your fretfulness and dissociation comes from your having suppressed this absolute fact: everything

Take Names

is connected, and everything changes. You can either align yourself with it or be at odds against it. The choice is yours. This article is about aggressively getting back into alignment with the cosmos. It’s about soul reorientation, existential realignment, and spiritual readjustment. It’s about untangling ourselves from the briar patch of human ignorance. It’s about getting back to a place, a sacred space, where we can resonate with being an interdependent force once again. A force that must change, and keep changing, lest it devolve into being stuck, stagnant, and corrupt. And it starts with breaking chains.

Break Chains “If you don’t get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don’t want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can’t hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is law and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.” –Socrates

Help Yourself Videos True Love Liberates

Max Igan, Full Circle

Black Goo NOW Sacrifice California Corbett, Canada-Power Behind Throne The Edge of Awakening

Page 12

If you’re addicted to safety, security, and comfort, then you’re probably overly domesticated and in dire need of a wakeup call. You probably cannot see the chains for the flowers (i.e. forest for the trees). You have been overwhelmed by luxury. Your comfort is a too-much thing. Your domestic order is a too-soft prison. Break the chains. Fight against the shackles of the proper and suitable. Fuck props! Fuck suits! Break through the cages of expectation and conformity. Snap at jobs and desks. Spit at salaries and products and bills. Snarl at consumerism and overindulgence and too many things, things, things. It was Rousseau who revealed how our culture merely “weaves garlands of flowers around the chains that bind us.” This is your one true life. This is your chance, right here, to reconnect to what really matters. This is your chance, right now, to recondition your preconditioning. Right here, right now. Opt out of the Matrix. I dare you. Toss unsustainable possessions and duties and daily grinds into sustainable fires. I double-dog dare you. Burn it all. Then bear witness as the Phoenix of your own unstoppable courage rises out of

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” –Rumi Kicking ass (violence) isn’t necessary, except maybe as a metaphor. But taking names is highly necessary. We take names in order to keep those unaccountable accountable; in order to keep those who are culpable responsible for their actions; in order to keep power from corrupting, and especially to keep power from corrupting absolutely. Taking names is tearing off superman’s cape and burning it in a fire built on a pile of outdated masks. It’s tearing through the night like a circumspect stare of owls. It’s reducing ‘high horses’ to mere kindling. It’s going down the rabbit hole, dragging the ignorant blue-pill poppers kicking and screaming behind you. It’s a warning of the first order to the ‘power that be’, “Your power is an illusion at best and corrupt at worst. Don’t get too attached to it.” Taking names is the glowing Buddha inside us all, declaring to all things grasping, unsustainable, and fixated: non-attachment is your only salvation. Taking names is putting the rest of the world on high alert. It’s Neo at the end of

See “CHAINS” on page 25

By David Gutierrez


TUDIES ARE INCREASINGLY showing that cellular phone use can lead to chronic health problems, including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. Now a new study in the journal Electromagnetic Biology & Medicine has suggested a biological mechanism that might explain how these health problems develop. The study was conducted by researchers from Indiana University, the University of Eastern Finland, the University of Campinas in Brazil, and the Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology in Kiev, Ukraine. The researchers found that exposure to the radiofrequency radiation (RFR) used by cell phones and other wireless devices causes a metabolic imbalance known as oxidative stress. “These data are a clear sign of the real risks this kind of radiation poses for human health,” co-author Igor Yakymenko said.

Enormous increases in tumor risk Health researchers roughly classify radiation into two categories: ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation, which includes X-rays, is a variety known to cause DNA damage and cancer. Non-ionizing radiation, including RFR, is believed to be too weak to directly damage cells. Nevertheless, evidence is emerging that RFR does indeed increase the risk of cancer. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer officially classified RFR as a “possible carcinogen.” This came

Using a cell phone for an hour a day increases cancer risk by 500%, study shows

a year after the international Inter-phone study found that people who used a cell phone for ten years were 40 percent more likely to develop brain tumors. The risk was 400 percent higher among those who started using phones before the age of 20. Decade-long cell phone users were also more likely to develop parotid gland tumours and 300 percent more likely to develop acoustic nerve tumors. The industry-funded Interphone study has been openly criticized for selecting data in a way that was designed to minimize the apparent risk of cell phone use. For the new study, the researchers reviewed prior studies into cell phone risk. They found that just an hour of cell phone use per day for four years was enough to increase the risk of certain tumours between three and five times. Even 20 minutes of daily use for five years was enough to triple the risk of a certain brain tumour. The risk may be even higher, Yakymenko warned, because some cancers can take 30 years to develop. In addition, little research has been conducted into people who start using cell phones as children. “[Our] data were obtained on adults who used cell phones mostly up to 10 years as adults,” he said. He added that the situation could be much different for children who use cell phones

because their biology is more vulnerable to hazards and they will presumably use the devices throughout their lifetime.

Cell phones cause oxidative damage One of the major problems in gaining widespread acceptance of these risks has been the fact that RFR simply does not cause the damage seen in cells exposed to ionizing radiation. In reviewing experimental studies on the metabolic effects of low-intensity RFR, the researchers found a surprising trend: regular cell phone, tablet or wireless Internet RFR consistently causes oxidative stress in living cells. Oxidative stress is a metabolic imbalance in which the production of free radicals exceeds the body’s ability to remove them with antioxidant activity. The excess free radicals produced in this

situation are able to damage cells and DNA. Free radicals have been implicated as causes of many chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and dementia, and they are also responsible for many of the effects of aging. It is well known that the body reacts to aggressive environments with oxidative stress. Now it has been demonstrated that “ordinary wireless radiation” can have the same effect, the researchers said. This could explain not just cancer, but many of the other long-term health effects observed with long-term cell phone use.

Sources for this article include: px?ItemId=154955&CultureCode=en cell_phones_brain_tumors.html cell_phones_brain_cancer.html cell_phones_brain_tumors.html

One Wave Festival returns to Victoria

By Kat Zimmer


NE WAVE IS a Pacific arts and culture festival produced by Pacific Peoples’ Partnership in Victoria BC on unrelinquished Lekwungen territory. Since 2008, One Wave has linked artists from across the North and South in celebration of diverse expressions of Pacific culture. One Wave Festival aims to build Pacific identity and community while creating space for dialogue about Pacific issues. The vision of this festival is of one wave - one movement standing together to protect our lands and waters, and to take responsibility for our communities in solidarity with all peoples of the Pacific. “PPP recognizes the need for social discourse around these issues through creative means,” said April Ingham, director of PPP. “Our mission is to engage, educate, and activate.” This year, Pacific Peoples’ Partnership is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the only Canadian not-for-profit working in partnership with the peoples of the Pacific. From September 22-26th, PPP is marking this milestone with its 8th One Wave Festival and 22nd Pacific Networking Conference, which will bring Indigenous elders and leaders, artists, and change makers from the North and South Pacific together. Held in partnership with Coast Salish peoples, the theme is “Rising Tides: Our Lands, Our Waters, Our Peoples.” The combined Conference and Festival will be a multidisciplinary showcase of North and South Pacific music, dance, film, poetry and spoken word; with arts and culture events open to the public. An Indigenous artists’ panel at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria will feature critical dialogue with artists at the edge

of their fields, moderated by Cathi Charles Wherry of the First Peoples’ Cultural Council. The week also features a night of Pacific Films at the Victoria Event Centre, with a screening of Profit & Loss, a documentary highlighting threats to Indigenous peoples’ health and cultural survival in Papua New Guinea and Alberta. The event includes short films by Indigenous filmmakers including artists from the Pacific Voices X-Change Arts Residency. Filmmakers Steven Davies (The Re-Naming of PKOLS) and Bao Waiko from Papua New Guinea (Cafe Niugini) will join the discussion. In partnership with the Songhees Nation, the last evening of the conference features a community honouring feast at the Songhees Wellness Centre. This ticketed banquet event will include a delicious local dinner featuring Pacific Foods. The evening program will feature North and South Pacific dance and music groups, and inspired works created by emerging Indigenous youth artists. The festival’s signature event is a free festival in Centennial Square on September 26th. The celebration features music from Ta’Kaiya Blaney and Anneda Loup with Coast Salish artist Francis Dick, as well as an eclectic mix of roots, rock, folk, ska, and reggae from Vancouver-based Warless and Seattle-based NoRey. The Esquimalt Singers & Dancers, the Sampaguita Dancers, Lilia’s Polynesian Dancers, and Whistling Kettle Improv will also perform. There will be fun for the whole family with walking puppets from Puppets for Peace, face painting, an arts station, vendors, and food trucks. More information can be found at

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Skin Care: Would you Eat it?

By Marie Be


OST CONSUMERS ASSUME that because a product is on a shelf, it must be safe. Let’s have a closer look at this common assumption. During the last half-century, the cosmetic industry has created the illusion that it is possible to apply toxic chemicals to their skin without poisoning their body. This allows the consumers to feel safe by wrongly believing that the skin is impermeable. The fact is, the skin is a dynamic, living, multilayered bio-membrane, which is porous at the microscopic level. The skin absorbs that which is applied on its surface directly into the body. Unlike toxins taken in through the digestive system, toxins absorbed through the skin bypass the body’s natural defence mechanisms [3]. In fact, recent studies have shown that we may actually acquire more toxins through skin absorption than through the foods we eat [4].

The Cosmetic Industry In the 1950s, government subsidies incentivized companies to process oil by-

Page 14

products into synthetic chemicals and resins. Capitalizing on these generous subsidies, the cosmetic industry hired chemical engineers to design their products, with the resulting synthetic substances sold as body and skin ‘care’ products. For these oil by-products to be accepted as skin ‘care’, the cosmetic industry created the misconception that the skin is impervious, and regulations misleadingly classify oil cosmetics as ‘external’ products [5] – ignoring the effects of dermal chemical absorption. The cosmetic industry has high interest in making sure that the public feels safe. Over the last half-century, carefully seeded misinformation about the properties of our skin has created a false “common knowledge”, leading the public to believe that skin is a barrier. If it were widely known that the skin actually absorbs everything we apply to it, cosmetics would be classified as an internal product and be subject to far stricter regulations. But, to this day, cosmetics are classified as external products, allowing the cosmetic industry to be selfregulated [6].

are passed on from mother to child in utero. Researchers analyzed the umbilical cord blood of newborn infants in Europe and North America, and detected an average of 200 industrial cosmetic chemicals in every newborn tested. Nowadays, babies are contaminated with man-made toxins before they are even born [11].

Consumer Safety

Health Impact of Petrochemical Cosmetics U.S. researchers identified 10,500 industrial chemicals used as cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxics, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers and surfactants. The average individual is exposed to over a hundred cosmetic chemicals a day. Women use an average of 12 personal care products a day containing about 180 chemicals; men use an average of 6 products containing about 85 chemicals [9]. Many of these chemicals act like estrogen, disturbing natural body functions, turning hormone signals on and off. Chemicals add up in the body as the metabolic and detoxification systems become overwhelmingly overloaded. As they accumulate, they exponentially increase each other’s detrimental health impacts [10]. As if that wasn’t enough, chemicals

Since regulations do not require full disclosure of petrochemicals in their products, it is up to you to inform yourself so that you can best protect the health of your family. The best way to read a personal care product ingredients list is to read each ingredient as if it were something that you might put in your mouth. Since your skin is absorbent, ingredients should be as pure as the foods we eat. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin! Read the ingredients, but be aware that companies are not required to disclose the constituent chemical ingredients that make up “fragrance”, or list impurities and contaminants. Thanks to these loopholes, hundreds of chemicals are not listed on a package labels at all [12]. If in doubt, err on the side of caution. At EarthSun, we aim to set a new standard for the body care industry. We support sustainable and fair-trade farming, sourcing only the highest food grade quality, raw and organic ingredients. And since we understand how absorbent the skin actually is, we proudly add detoxing, healing and health-enhancing ingredients to our all-natural body products. If you would like more information, visit us at

By Philip J. Watt


HERE ARE MANY reasons why some adults get along with their kids better than others. In this article I will provide a short overview of the common explanations that have emerged whilst professionally mediating the relationship between parents and their children, as well as observations in my personal life and society in general. There are some physiological factors, such genetic dispositions, and psychological factors, such as mental illness, which might be influential in developing a poor friendship between a child and their parent. But this is the exception and not the rule. Often a true friendship just hasn’t been established between a parent and their child. A true friendship includes the qualities of respect, equality, trust, honesty, listening and open communication, among many others, but sometimes the standard disciplinary approaches have inhibited these and other characteristics from maturing in the relationship. At some point along a child’s development, the parenting role must establish an element of friendship. The earlier the better. Many parents feel this shouldn’t occur with their child until they are an adult—but I wholeheartedly disagree. A friendship can go hand in hand with a type of guidance that has positive and constructive results. Just because a parent wants to inspire the growth of their child, it doesn’t mean that the rules must be drilled into them like a sergeant does for his new army recruits. Discipline is obviously necessary in a child’s early years because it is the parent’s mandate to ensure the child is kept safe and their well-being is looked after. But

Why Some Parents And Their Children Have Great Friendships once they get the basics of safety--don’t run out on the road unless you want to get hit by a car and touching the hotplate ends in a serious burn—-they are able to manage these aspects of their life themselves. This is when a true friendship can begin to properly develop. But if a parent employs authoritarian disciplinary tactics throughout their entire upbringing, then it simply creates a robotic response and emotionless engagement. There is no room for a friendship here, which is why it isn’t a healthy or holistic approach to parenting. Once a child is older, if they feel that there is not enough trust in the relationship to discuss the most important issues that arise in their life, then a true friendship has not been formed. For example, we all know that the teenage years are notorious for a massive split eventuating in the relationship. But this isn’t always the case, so how are some parents able to still maintain a strong relationship with their child during this time? It usually comes down to communication, acceptance, respect and realistic expectations. If a parent has been yelling and screaming at their child for years—then the child will not have much respect for them or their views. Even if it is the most genius bit of information that a parent could provide—if the delivery is poor, then it won’t be acknowledged and will not achieve its intended aim. True friendship has communication

that is respectful, fair and balanced. If a child feels that their views are disregarded and their feelings aren’t validated—even if they’re wrong or acting childish—then in return they disregard the views and feelings of their parents. It is therefore the adult’s responsibility to ensure they create harmony in the relationship because the child is simply still a child. Acceptance is also integral to creating a true friendship. This doesn’t mean that the parent has to like or condone everything about who they are, but if they accept them for who and what they are in that moment and embrace them in a manner which doesn’t threaten or push them away, then their bond with the child is stronger and they’ll more likely have a productive influence in their growth. Ultimately, the goal is to make a child feel respected even if they know that the parent doesn’t agree with them. In addition, if a parent always expects their child to behave and follow their strict rules—then that is an unrealistic way of operating in the relationship. Kids rebel, it’s in their nature, because it’s how they develop their independence and capacity to make their own free decisions. So the less they have to rebel against the more connected both parties will be. Now this doesn’t mean that the parent shouldn’t have rules—they are of course important in maintaining harmony and respect in the home and developing the

child in a productive manner. But the rules should be chosen wisely and implemented flexibly so that the child feels safe, comfortable and welcome to face the parent to discuss disagreements they have or the mistakes they have made. Essentially, an open dialogue might just be what the child needs to efficiently learn the lesson. A parent should also be above their child’s behaviours and not get sucked into the drama of their life. They should embrace them for the fact that they are children. Because they are still underdeveloped, such as with their lack of knowledge and behavioural shortcomings, a parent shouldn’t expect their child to be perfect or “get it” immediately. After all, sometimes it takes years to learn a moral or behavioural quality, so if a parent takes issue that they don’t learn it straight away, then it is going to create conflict and divide in the relationship. Yet if the child feels respected and listened to, the guidance that their parent is offering is more likely to be warmly received. This is even more powerful if they have developed a strong friendship with them in their early years because a child wants to hear their advice. On the other hand, a strict household creates lies and distrust. If the child knows that they are going to get into serious trouble for something they have done—even though most children in the history of children have done

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11 Tactics Used by the

Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the


Sigmund Fraud


HE MAINSTREAM MEDIA is aging and collapsing under the weight of its own hubris and arrogance. Now entirely formulaic in presentation and predictable in substance, the ‘major’ outlets of news, which are monopolized under only a small handful of corporations, serve the purpose of misleading the public on important issues and manufacturing consent for government and the oligarchs. The public is still largely numb to this reality, and in a wicked catch-22 for modern man, many people are still addicted to the very media that serves as the primary weapon of social control against them. The tide is turning, however, and to help break the spell we bring you this comprehensive list of 11 tactics used against the public by the mainstream media to coerce consensus, divide, conquer, ridicule and stifle truthful or meaningful conversation about the state of our world.

1. Lying by Omission – What is not on the nightly news? This is the most important question to ask when consuming mainstream media. The average hour-long broadcast consists of 48 minutes or less of actual news programming, minus, of course, the chitchatting, the expensive motion graphics and the bumpers, highlights and story recaps. With a formula like this, full of pomp and grandstanding, the impression given is that if does not make it on the nightly news then

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it is not of significance. The most obvious way in which the mainstream media manufactures consent for policy makers and advertisers is by omitting from the news-reel those stories and perspectives which may compromise the broadcasters agenda, whatever that may be.

2. Controlling the Debate – Who is arguing, and for what cause? News programs are businesses just like anything else, and as such news executives keep a go-to list of contacts to fulfill any necessary role in a program or segment. If the government needs credibility, they roll out an ex-president and remind you that he has ‘gravitas.’ If the military industrial complex needs a voice, then they roll out a familiar think-tanker to interject in a debate with a common-sense perspective in favor of national security. If something is too complicated for public consumption, then they open the Rolodex to the ‘experts’ page and shuffle some know-it-all in front of the camera. The media is laden with groomed pundits, so-called opinion leaders, and commentators, and each one has a definite reputation, each one resonates with a specific target audience, and each one fills a predictable role in

a conversation. Program guests are very well vetted, and news is a science, a very lucrative science that excels in giving the impression of diversity in ideas while keeping the debate sequestered in a very well constructed box. The characters in this box make all the difference.

3. Selecting the Right Anchors, Casters and Presenters Our lives have been pegged to the dollar, and as such, a ‘good job’ is valued above many genuine virtues. People like to keep their jobs, as do news anchors and news casters, and since news is, again, a business, the voices and faces on news programs are hired to perform a role, a job description, a task. They are not employed to pursue morally driven journalism for the benefit of society. If they perform, as they are required, they advance and gain more exposure. If they rock the boat, there are a thousand other hungry job seekers chomping at the bit to replace them and do exactly what they are hired to do. News anchoring is a job like anything else, and those at the forefront are the best at playing the role.

4. Scripting and Synchronizing News One of the creepier and more blatant efforts to homogenize thought and manufacture consent is to script the news at high level, then distribute these scripts to many different locales and anchors to read verbatim, while they feign authenticity. This is partially a result of the business decision to save money by employing as few actual news gatherers as possible, but is also a key part of the strategy to achieve conformity amongst people of different backgrounds and interests. The government has also been known to interject itself into the chain of command for selecting which news scripts are to be disseminated to the public. This is the most fundamental characteristic of propaganda, and is rather embarrassing to witness once you realize just how disingenuous your local news presenters are and just how easily duped most people are as well.

5. Politicizing Everything Language is the greatest weapon of social control, and with mainstream media, powerfully debilitating language is pushed into every corner of our consciousness. Conservative vs. Liberal. Democrat vs. Republican. Right-winger vs. Left-winger. Good vs. Bad.


Language is the greatest weapon of social control, and with mainstream media, powerfully debilitating language is pushed into every corner of our consciousness. Left vs. Right. Right vs. Wrong. White vs. Black. And so on. Ad nauseam. The truth is that ideas and opinions are as vastly different as grains of sand on a beach, yet the media intentionally frames every issue in terms of a phoney left-right paradigm that has been constructed to pigeonhole complex ideas and interests into a cheapened thought prison. No unorthodox idea or point of view can reach critical mass because everything is automatically framed in a ‘with us or against us’ mindset, turning people against each other for no reason other than to appeal to our desire to be on the winning team. The mainstream media is the chief party responsible for creating the constructs of ‘left’ and ‘right,’ which have been tightly integrated into our social consciousness as a means of achieving divisiveness and disagreement among the populace. This is the chief tactic of divide and conquer, and when people are compelled on any issue to ‘pick a team’ and fight the rivalry to it’s bitter end, many opportunities for true progress are lost and the populace is easily goaded into a position

favorable to the elite.

6. Using the Language of Separation and Labels Sometime in the 1990’s, the mainstream media stopped referring to people as ‘people’ or even as ‘citizens’ and began calling everyone ‘consumers.’ Once again, language is important to shaping reality, and as ‘consumers’ our role in the affairs of business and state are reduced to hapless bystanders whose job it is to choose and reject, not interject and affect. We’ve all heard the label ‘conspiracy theorist,’ which is the most popular label used when an idea or story is unfavorable to the mainstream media and the interests that back them up. You are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you ask questions, assimilate facts in a logical manner, or pursue justice outside of the main flow of public discourse on a popular issue. This type of language is also part of the process of politicizing everything, and by also labeling people in accordance with their country of origin, religion, skin color, economic class, or whatever else, more wedges of division are driven into the populace, deflating our inherent power in numbers.

7. Asking the Wrong Questions Press access to ‘important’ people in our society is tightly regulated, and the powers that be don’t like to be confronted with unexpected and hard questions. For this, the

mainstream media dutifully uses its access to people in high places to ask softball, trivial, nonsensical, ignorant questions about irrelevant and superfluous issues. Independent media is winning the long race against corporate/fascist-propagandized media because people are naturally inclined to resonate with common sense and truth, which is not at all what corporate mainline media is involved with. White house correspondents shouldn’t waste our time and insult our intelligence by asking a wartime president about his pet dog or a recent golfing trip. But they do, all the time.

8. Closing the Book Too Soon Moving an important or complicated issue from the front page as quickly as possible is a common strategy to remove touchy subjects from the public conversation. Sadly, our national attention span is at an all time low, mostly because we’ve been trained to move from issue to issue with lightning speed, never soaking up any one thing for too long. With such a short term memory, it is easy to protect a politician, forget a genocide, ignore the long-term effects of a bank bailout, and so on, just by moving onto to something new. Once the media has signaled that a story has been resolved or adequately discussed, then any after-thought, individual investigation, or further inquiry is labeled as extremist and ignored.

9. Triviality and Distraction With all of the important decisions being made daily by powerful people, decisions that genuinely affect quality of life for many people, the news outlets are steadfastly devoted to engaging in gossip, entertainment, murders and acts of violence, car accidents, disasters and other pablum. The body politic is kept confused by celebrity happenings, endless sports contests and other such pageantry, and the media uses these many forms of distractions to fill time and brain space so that important issues are seen as a drag or as a downer, and never given proper reflection. This is so ubiquitous in our society nowadays that there really is no escape.

10. Outright Lying When all else fails, just lie, make it up as you go along, sell your air time to the highest bidder, and never look back. In the Internet age, people are pretty keen on fact checking,

rebutting, arguing, and gathering stats, and there are enough facts available to prove any side to any story. In fact, this has become an art form for major media, and the ability to gather facts in accordance with an agenda is a profitable skill for the mainstream media. Lying has always worked, and the bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed.

11. Bonus – Eye Candy and Mind Melting This one is a bonus and part of the new era of network news. Rather than employ virtuous gumshoes and hardcore reporters of truth, mainstream media instead invests in graphic artists to make each frame of the broadcast an over-designed motion collage of brain-melting info overload. Staying focused on what the anchor or guest is actually saying is impossible. By design, the news is presented in a mad shotgun blast of competing signals, and your attention is split in ten directions with tickers, bubbles, stock footage, gyrating lights and special effects. The point here is to exhaust the mind with over-stimulation so that the brain cannot function methodically and cannot process an issue beyond the shallow surface. This is also known as hypnotism, or mind-control.

Conclusion News is a commodity just like everything else these days, and although many still believe the point of news is to inform, it is important to accept the hard truth that the purpose of ‘the news’ is really just to sell something, be it a product, an idea, a candidate, a public image, a war, or whatever. For this, the mainstream media is focused on first deciding which issues are to be discussed in the public forum, then by using a bagful of tricks to shape people’s perceptions of an issue, the media divides us and pits us against each other while leading us into consent for an underlying and hidden agenda.

About the Author Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for mankind.


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By Jon Rappoport


VERY YEAR IN the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. Per decade, we’re talking about 2.25 million deaths. This is a conservative estimate.” (The Starfield Revelations, Jon Rappoport) The truth is, I could have entered the name of any country in the world in the headline of this article. But we begin with a story from the Star Tribune (Minneapolis) about testing for HIV: “Minnesota health care providers urge universal screening for HIV.” Several health providers in the area, serving more than 400,000 patients, are doing everything they can to push HIV testing during routine office visits—everything short of claiming the test is mandatory. This, for a virus that has never been proved to cause “AIDS.” This for a virus which credible scientists say has never been shown to exist at all. Buried in the Star Tribune article is an innocent-sounding statement: “Under the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare], the HIV test is considered an essential preventive service, on par with mammograms, immunizations and colon cancer screening, which means that most health insurers must pay for it.” Essential. Preventive. Service. Translation: Under Obamacare, or any national health insurance plan in any country in the world, the government can decide what patients need. And as we are seeing with the global push to make vaccinations mandatory, these decisions can be turned into laws. Binding laws. Enforceable laws. This, in fact, is the program, and it is gaining momentum. Behind every national health insurance plan lurks the intention to control patients and make them take tests, ingest drugs, and submit to injections, from cradle to grave. It all begins as a “humanitarian” gesture. “We believe every person has the right to healthcare.” Once the national insurance plan is in place, the build-up begins: “We know what’s best for you. Therefore, you must obey.” The turn of the screw. The State and their Pharma partners have no interest in examining evidence that the drugs and vaccines are toxic, despite the widespread availability of such evidence. The State is essentially saying: “Look, we’re paying for your healthcare (through taxes, but we aren’t

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Australia, Canada, England, USA ...

going to discuss that). We’re giving you a gift. So you must comply with the conditions of the gift. We’re giving you life itself. How can you refuse our orders?” Mainstream media parrots simply push the line: “Medical treatment is a miracle. Every person is deserving and entitled. It’s a triumph.” As the years roll by, we’ll see more emphasis on mandatory screening for diseases and mental disorders, followed by diagnoses and drugging with toxic compounds—all packaged in national insurance plans. Obamacare was Obama’s numberone priority after inauguration as President for his first term, and with good reason. As we now see in the several pending Globalist trade treaties, Pharma is a major beneficiary. Putting every human on Earth in a medical box, from birth to death, is a long-term goal of the Rockefeller Globalists. What better way to control and debilitate and weaken populations, thus reducing their ability to resist a de facto, planet-wide, political and economic management system? Forget the humanitarian gloss. Forget the glowing statements about “free healthcare.” Forget updated assertions about human rights. Forget political parties. Forget Left vs. Right. It’s a mirage. And looking further up the road, the current research projects devoted to altering human DNA and brain function will be folded into medical treatment, via these national health insurance plans. In order to give patients “the best available care.” Brave New World emanates from the State, the State collaborates with mega-corporations—and “science” is the carrier, the weapon. At one time in the West, the Ro-

man Church was able to exert enormous control over the lives of humans. The Church used doctrine, which it cast as revelation. Today, in those countries, science has attained a pinnacle. However, this, too, is doctrine. All it takes is a parade of so-called experts making statements to the press about “what science knows.” Truth is the first casualty. The many propagandists fronting for medical control specialize in looking down their noses, from a great height, at those who expose their crimes. They’ve developed a whole set of terms to minimize and marginalize their critics. But they, the propagandists, are the guilty parties. They are the ones who need to be put back on the defensive. They’re the ones who seek to infect us with their diseased information. They’re the ones who falsely align themselves with “the greater good.” This is always the strategy of powermad controllers and their minions. To understand the primary means of population control and dominance, in any society, at any time, look to the strongest prevailing paradigm. Today, it’s science. Therefore, that becomes the instrument. It’s what the majority will believe. Twisting and subverting the paradigm by taking it over is the method. This is done through establishing a series of authoritative centres, from which the paradigm is “explained,” for the masses. Once the paradigm has been perverted, matrices are spun from it, with the intent of wrapping up the population in them. When far-reaching empire is the goal, the process of hijacking, coopting, and perverting the paradigm is a long-term operation. Decades, even

centuries in some cases. People who are unwilling to see this will tend to fall by the wayside. The struggle for liberation from a centralized paradigm is not won or lost in a day or a month. It never was. Lack of imagination is also fatal. Those who plead for an instant fix, a solution that will make the “bad people go away,” or one sweeping popular movement that will forever defeat the enemy are misguided. There is no one solution. People with courage and imagination must launch many innovative campaigns, and they must invent them themselves. Enlisting support, they must become prime movers, not followers with Disney rainbows in their eyes. This is one major reason why I tirelessly write and speak about individual imagination and power. It’s the heart and soul of the future and of a truly open society.

Jon Rappoport The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world.

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of those that believed them. This effectively makes humanity unwitting battery pods powering the controlled collective.

What Really Matters Religion, politics, education and the economic memes are of course the most predominant factors in the mainstream mind. But important things like where we came from, why we’re even here and where we’re going are barely addressed. If they are, it’s all scientific or pseudophilosophical gobbledygook designed to confuse and stifle the human spirit, or worse yet freeze it into a debilitating religious paradigm where we wait for the cavalry to save us and are told, “The powers that be are ordained by God”. This is the true controlled opposition, although we’ll get to the modern oracles of this insidious ploy soon enough. We have to see this for what it is. Anything short is not going to cut it. Just about every aspect of the opposing paradigms we’ve been handed as the absolute truth is designed. And even outside protesting elements that seem to know what’s going on are often generated by, or soon channeled by, these same overlords. Therein lies the power of controlled opposition on the world stage. A controlled opposition is a very powerful tool in the hands of psychopathic liars. It’s essential people catch on to this reality, as the ‘Powers that Be’ play skillfully on the heartstrings of sincere citizens, and in their newly awakened state they are quite vulnerable to a seemingly “sympathetic” vibe. Dastardly clever.

How They Cultivate Credibility This is where and how the manipulation kicks in. Just like the controlled State media propaganda, there have to be enough apparent facts to cultivate credibility. Just enough. They won’t overdo it unless it’s some innocuous subject. Many of those “facts” will be wrapped in fear and violence, designed to cauterize your sensitivity while heightening your fear, or simply hidden under smug mockery. Religions have effectively done this for eons. Tapping into our inner knowledge of the spiritual and mixing in a few truths, they have no problem steering us straight into a numbed state of docile subservience to some strange hierarchy of spiritual and physical abuse. All in the name of God, of course. Name dropping, anyone? Oh, and in the name of that Guy they can send you and your kids off to fight their wars, build and support oppressive exploitative corporations, hate an unseen enemy due to their religion, or be a professional gladiator and gain fame and fortune pounding other contestants into the ground to the roar of the frenzied, flag waving mob. Nice paradigm. Competition, parasitic capitalism and war built into the fabric.

It’s Rarely Black and White — Deliberately Layered into the imposed matrix are many overlapping memes and projected illusions, rendering fundamental empowering truths either hidden altogether, and/or disguised and distorted. In a loving, uncontrolled, conscious world there would be no need to hide anything. Instead, this mutant matrix system is built on deceit and compartmentalization in order to spiritually disconnect and disempower those subjects they wish to exploit. Think of the mega volumes of information and inplace technology being withheld from public knowledge under the guise of “national security”. How about “classified”, or “closed door meetings”, or “need to know basis”, or the vast labyrinth of secret ops operating in their occult network built on compartmentalization in the name of science or military confidentiality. Now slide over to the Vatican sitting on brutally gained secret history accounts for centuries. Take another step into the City of London and its secrets. Does this make any sense to you?

Why do they keep all of this withheld or partially available information in separate categories? The answer is simple. If we connect the information it forms a picture, and a very clear one at that. Our entire manipulated society is completely staged, controlled and with vastly sinister intent. And they don’t want YOU or me to wake up! (Fareed Zakaria is a confirmed CFR member)

Who’s Controlling Whom? Examine the Opposition I try to be very careful about what I read and certainly what I “take on board” in my mind and heart. I’ll look at just about anything, even mainstream drivel occasionally, to keep an eye on stuff and get the pulse of what’s going on. But I’m very careful. I know I get misled sometimes like anyone, but I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. In fact it’s a joy every time that happens. “Hey, I got another damn Velcro hook off my spiritual body!” Media outlets and information sources are something to look at very closely and carefully. And keep watching. It’s never, or should I say rarely, totally clear-cut as to who is who. Someone can be piping out a high percentage of true information, but then throw in some massive monkey wrench that few see coming. Sometimes it’s the tone. I’m skeptical of crass selfpromoters who are caught up in their image. If there’s that much ego there’s that much less conscious awareness, and the love starts running thin. If people can’t forget themselves and see past all the evil in this world to the wondrous beauty of the Universe and the amazing unlimited potential of the human spirit, I wonder about their information, or at least how it’s used. But no one’s perfect, so we need to see and process the good and the true, and chuck the husks in the trash. It can take time and things clearly morph, so it’s all part of the process.

Snowden, Wikileaks and Other Corruptible Things

Why do you think these supposed whistleblowers withhold the explosive information they supposedly have and let it out in carefully planned stages? Would you do that if you were sitting on a gold mine of exposing information in such a crucial time in history? You can conjecture all you want as to the “why” but ultimately it tells the same old tale. Humanity is being played from both sides. Like most disinfo outlets, it conveniently sidestepped, minimized or dodged many of the really important issues. Assange was groomed deep in the Oligarchs’ machine for years. While that doesn’t mean he can’t wake up out of it as Snowden says he did, when Assange came out and said 9/11 was NOT an inside job and that cemented the deal. Just like NPR – at least no balls or conviction, and with that come self-preservation and ultimately massive compromise of some sort. Some of the information appears to be bonafide, but just watch where it leads you. Don’t get corralled into a certain limited or infected mindset. Channeling people into political expression is just another ploy, as is rage and violence. All very controllable expressions they can condemn and contain which is why they push those buttons. It’s very similar to how these “partial” whistleblowers never mention Israel nor the Zionist influence and their massive programs of outright genocide. Notice the blackout on the Ukraine and Yemen genocides as well: always a very serious warning signal. Co-opted right out of the gate. Control the opposition and you control the populace on every side. Always give this and any stuff that comes at you the sniff test. And trust your heart. It’s an elaborate game they play so it’s completely healthy to be extremely skeptical and judge things from a fully conscious perspective. The influence of these embedded social engineers is vast. We have no idea how many inroads have been made and how the military industrial government complex has infiltrated and controlled all we see and hear at this point, even within our alternative community. It’s staggering, but it doesn’t frighten me. It’s expected once you begin to understand how they work and how elaborate their scheming is. Follow your heart. You’ll know. And it becomes laughable!

So Will the Wake Up Be In Time? Clearly we’re up against massively orchestrated activities, outlets and manufactured disinformation, and there’s much controversy on this subject. It’s a huge part of their agenda. Don’t let it bother you too much but be aware of it. It’s just the matrix at work. Rise above it. But will humanity “get it” in time? It’s always in time…individually and collectively. Once you’ve popped into the awareness of NOW and begin to grasp the fact that all this is a sham and a fabricated facade, you’re virtually home free. Your participation in propping up this fake social landscape will fall off like over-sized pants and your new role as a node of empowering truthful information and healing vibration are instantaneous. It just happens. Enjoy it, but be responsive to where it takes you. We’ve all got to do our parts in making a difference which we naturally do as we truly awaken. That’s where the real revolution and evolution of conscious awareness and activation lies. Respond Consciously, and in Love. Take it to new levels. You are a unique expression of Creation that is born to be released to its full potential. Much love and all the best, Zen.

Keep a close eye out on these supposed whistleblowers. While we need real ones to come forward desperately, those that attain public acclaim by way of major media attention are always suspect. This is because the corporate media is completely controlled, so when they give someone headlines there’s a reason. They may let out some truth, but it’s always to inoculate us against the full truth. There is no more responsible mainstream media today. The biggest six corporations running most media are a fascist cabal. I’ve written much about Snowden and my suspicions, as have many others. When the Wikileaks phenomenon appeared, many others and I were again very skeptical. It was playing right into the globalists’ plan, not the least of which is to smokescreen real events and give reason to muzzle the internet while conducting a cleverly controlled release valve of information for tracking and other purposes.

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By Paul Fassa



an electronic device that would destroy pathogens, bacteria, and even viruses with no toxic side effects? What if that same device could wipe out cancer by altering the cancer’s cellular environment or by killing cancer viruses with an electronic or ultra sonic beam? That was accomplished years ago. The researcher who invented and perfected this device had an odd name, Royal Raymond Rife. But his associates and colleagues knew him as Roy Rife. The original Rife machine, based on a naval radio frequency oscillator, evolved to the Rife Ray Tube. It is the basis of Rife technology that underwent successful trials and experiments as it was developed in the 1930’s. You’d think that further research into Rife’s findings would have been supported and propagated further for the welfare of all. And at first it was. But guess what? Rife’s technology was suppressed by the medical mafia, and unsurprisingly very little has come of it.

benign depending on the pH factor. This was the precursor to the field or terrain theory as a source of disease that many holistic healers now embrace over the germ theory. Rife was beginning to realize this in spite of being able to kill the germs of many diseases with his ray tube. Monomorphism was the accepted theory at that time since microscopy was not able to observe the mutable morphing of microorganisms. This re-enforced the old germ theory and made a lot of people in western medicine happy to be in their profession. What was usually observed with the microscopes of that time were simply shells of dead viruses and bacteria. Because the electronics of electronic microscopes killed the tiny microbes, electronic microscopes were unable to observe pleomorphic alterations or the result of the correct resonance (MOR) applied for its destruction while alive. As is the nature for accepted doctrine, especially when there are significant monetary interests, monomorphism was in and pleomorphism was out! This despite the fact that, to pleomorphism advocates’ glee, Rife’s Universal Microscope made observing microbes changing form a reality. Photos and films were provided to scientists who were open to this, and eventually a couple of prominent scientists gained access to Rife’s Universal Microscope to observe the previously unseen phenomena first hand.

How It Works (Basically) Have you ever seen or heard of singers who could shatter wine glasses by hitting and sustaining the right note? How about striking a tuning fork held next to another of the same pitch that is not struck, but vibrates and makes a tone anyway? These are visible examples of vibrational reciprocity in the sonic range. From this basic understanding, Rife developed what he called resonance therapy. Imagine if minuscule pathogens had energy frequencies beyond the sonic range that, if induced, would cause the pathogen to implode or explode. This Rife called the Mortal Oscillatory Resonance or MOR. It is technology within the arena of energetic healing, but more in the western mode of challenging pathogens with technological machinery from outside. With a special microscope of his own making, Rife was able to observe and record the MOR of many pathogens. Instead of dealing with the vibrational field of the patient, or the patient’s chi energy, Rife used high frequency energies created by electronic machinery to alter both pathogens and their environments. The difference between Rife’s Ray Beam and common radiation therapy was that only those specific MOR frequencies of targeted microorganisms had negative responses. All other cells were left unharmed. This is the essence of Rife’s technology. Also included in his research was observing morphing pathogenic bacteria and viruses into different less destructive forms. He was among a growing number of microbiologists and researchers who had adopted Pleomorphism as an explanation of microorganism life. Pleomorphism posits that the life form of a pathogenic microbe alters, possibly many times. Rife also noticed corresponding changes in the tissue or blood environment of these morphing microorganisms. This led to the theory that the condition of the germs’ medium, i.e. the blood or tissue, was the cause of disease and not the germ. Rife did observe the pH changes in what is now called the field or terrain in the microorganism’s host environment as well as its association with bacterial/viral morphing. He considered that the field pH changes influenced the microorganisms morphing, causing them to become more pathogenic or more

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Rife’s Early Achievements Royal Raymond Rife left the United States after his medical education and trained for six years at the Carl Zeis Optical Company in Germany. The unique and complex microscope he created used different mediums for bending light than normal optics used prior to his ultimate invention, which he called the Universal Microscope. That achievement alone brought him fame in the inner circles of the scientific community. However, the mother for this invention was his desire to see the tiniest microorganisms alive for as long as desired, enabling him to notice when they disintegrated or changed form from a focused ultra sonic frequency. The Universal Microscope enabled Rife to painstakingly record the exact frequencies, or MOR (mortal oscillatory resonance) to destroy different pathogens, even viruses, that were commonly found in the blood and tissues from many of the diseases. During Rife’s time, a virus was defined simply as a living microorganism too small to be seen with a microscope. Of course, his unique microscope changed that. With its astounding 31,000X magnifying power, which some say could be boosted to twice that power with special UV lighting, Rife was able to observe microorganisms morph into different forms, sometimes as many as 16, and disintegrate with the corresponding mortal oscillatory resonance (MOR) frequencies.

For his scientific genius, Rife was nominated for the Alternative Nobel Prize, Europe’s arrangement to award more risk taking ventures passed over by the Swedish Noble Prize. Rife’s genius was boundless; he excelled in microbiology, optics, and other mechanical and electronic applications. Henry Timken, Jr., the wealthy owner of Timken Roller Bearing Company became Rife’s patron, enabling Roy Rife to maintain independent research without interruption. Out of gratitude for a Rife invention that had reduced his production costs, Timken established a laboratory on his estate in San Diego, CA for Rife to research as he desired with the best equipment available. It was a state of the art lab. Rife was also introduced to Dr. Milbank Johnson, who was the head of a regional medical board and affiliated with the University of Southern California (USC) medical department. Dr. Johnson admired and respected Rife’s ideas and ingenuity. As the head of a regional medical institution, he had political clout in the medical community throughout the nation. Dr. Johnson’s support of Rife’s work enabled Rife to continue his research unabated by medical authority throughout the 1930’s. Dr. Johnson helped Rife network with a couple of eminent bacteriologists who were interested in pleomorphism research, Dr. Arthur Kendall of Northwestern University in Chicago and Dr. E. C. Rosenow of the Rochester, Minnesota Mayo Clinic. Those two participated with Rife by using his Universal Microscope to see what Roy Rife was seeing to confirm their theories. After experimenting by infecting lab animals and curing them, Rife was confident that his research could now extend to real life human cancer victims. Dr. Johnson set up clinical trials out of USC’s medical school. A team of physicians headed by pathologist Alvin Ford, MD, monitored the clinical trail results. Rife was presented with 16 terminal cancer victims afflicted by a variety of malignancies. The USC team of physicians declared 14 of those 16 were clinically cured within 70 days. The other 2 took 20 days longer. The treatments included short breaks with nutrients to promote lymphatic elimination of the destroyed microbes. In 1940, Dr. Arthur W. Yale announced that Rife had discovered a technique for curing cancer so unique and amazing that medicine was on the verge of completely eliminating the second highest cause of disease death in America. Unfortunately, Dr. Yale did not have the last word.

The Beginning of Betrayal and Suppression Any threat to the medical mafia with a cancer cure that was not dependent on AMA surgery or Big Pharma drugs needed to be openly challenged by the monomorphic crowd, whose theory supported curing by surgical removal, dangerous radiation, or poisonous drugs. And Rife’s Ray Beam therapy was not just for curing cancer, but also for curing any and all diseases without the use of surgery or drugs! For every Rifean there were many others whose careers were threatened by anything outside of their cash flow boxes. Dr. Thomas Rivers was among the first to attack, and he was right out of the Rockefeller Institute. He was joined by Dr. Hans Zinser, a Harvard Medical School microbiologist. They declared Rife’s theories and techniques as worthless. Naturally, many others in the habit of obedience to authority joined in. But this was just the beginning of Rife’s descent into doom. Around 1936, Rife realized he needed to form an independent company producing more manageable machines than the monstrosity in his lab. Rife contracted an individual who understood his invention, and who demonstrated the ability to package Rife’s devices more compactly while maintaining their efficien-

See “RIFE” on page 23

By Louise F. C. P.


S IT NOT TRUE that humanity is under attack on many levels at this point in time? Is it not true that a myriad of manipulated environmental conditions are reshaping Life as we know it? This can be classified as a “Full Spectrum Operation”, a military term for conducting a complex framework of conditions with risk factors that drive instability and a state of persistent conflict. This doctrine includes the understanding and management of the physical environment, the state of governance, technology, local resources and the culture of the local population, as well as manipulation of our consciousness through propaganda and subtle mind control. We the Earth›s Peoples, have not chosen to be at odds with anyone, yet seek to share a life of peace, abundance and harmony for all. In an effort to achieve a Full Spectrum Control, highly organized, self-appointed forces have silently declared war on the earth and her population. Hence the need for a Full Spectrum Response. Each element of a full-spectrum operation is necessary in any major campaign. Fullspectrum operations acknowledge that conflict involves more than combat between armed opponents. Forces must defeat enemies and simultaneously shape the civil situation through apparent stability and controlling mechanisms. All adversaries can be expected to use the full range of options including every political, economic, informational and military measure at their disposal. In addition, the operations will expand to areas historically immune to battle including urban areas and cyberspace. All operations will be conducted ‘among the people’ and outcomes will be measured in terms

The Full Circle Project

of effects upon populations. The complexity of the operational environment will guarantee that future operations will occur across the spectrum of conflict. Global distribution of power will be re-defined and the concepts of sovereignty and freedom removed. War remains a battle of wills; a contest for dominance over people. As we can conclude that we are under attack, we can recall one of the primary rules of engagement; the right to self-defence. In this instance we are being called no less, than to engage our will power and stand up to defend Life as we know and cherish it; to participate fully in readdressing the natural balance in a world of ever-increasing artificiality and insanity.

Why A Full Spectrum Response?

Is it not time for you to step into the role of the warrior? Our Full Spectrum Response is a bold approach that evokes the whole range of authentic human expressions in a dazzling array of individual components, colours and frequencies. Our wise response to the artificial and to the insane is to display and put into action our most authentic, imaginative and natural abili-

History of toothpaste teaches us how to make healthy toothpaste By Talya Dagan


ties and to combine them in organic, decentralized and spontaneous ways. We do not work by ridged strategy plans but rather by allowing creativity to express itself while listening carefully to our intuitions. We can harness our unique capabilities and simultaneously fuse into unified action: synchronization, coordination and integration of individual elements to achieve unity of effort. This unified purpose is to stand up with Life and defeat the current death cult meme infesting our planet and our minds. We aim to root it out at source by implementing positive and creative life-supporting action, enthused with recognition of the sacred. Connected yet self-organizing and aware, we become a force to be reckoned with. Our “operational environment” is also interconnected and dynamic, but as we aim to walk a path with heart we will find both synchronicity guiding us as well as logic applied in good measure. By recognizing and celebrating our own and each other’s individual gifts, we rediscover the beauty of life and a reverence is restored to the sacred aspect, one so long abandoned and abused. This is then in turn reflected within us as we heal our deepest wounds. The Alchemy of Participation When we participate fully and “level up” in this way, we align with our authentic Self and our dormant power comes online, bringing coherence to our words and our deeds and courage to our hearts. The alchemy of the all-embracing full circle combined with a direct focus of accountability are in essence the primal polarities working in tandem. This perfect balance activates mechanisms within us that remind us of our true nature and of our true connection to source consciousness. A Full Spectrum Offensive requires an end state of total control and deconstruction of all that is natural, dignified and humane; a cause for despair. A Full Spectrum Response proposes a path of freedom and response-ability based in deep respect and joy for Life; a cause for celebration. Connect to The Full Circle Project and celebrate with us by engaging in direct and well-informed action; stand up with Life and meet the challenge. The Full Circle Project will have a presence on stage at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen on the 19th and 20th of September Visit their site to see the cutting edge speakers and consider coming along in person to meet like-minded people.

OOTHPASTE USE ORIGINATES as far back as ancient Egypt and the time of Buddha. Healthy toothpaste can be made at home with recipes similar to those used before the invention of modern toothpastes. Good oral healthcare prevents tooth loss and leads to overall health, as a variety of diseases have been linked to poor oral hygiene, including cardiovascular disease. However, many of today’s toothpastes today contain artificial sweeteners, fluoride, glycerin, titanium dioxide, and surfactants like sodium laurylsulfate. You can make healthy toothpaste with easy to find ingredients, such as baking soda, colloidal silver, coconut oil and sea salt.

Early history of toothpaste The recipe for toothpaste was found on

an ancient Egyptian papyrus. This toothpaste was a mixture of rock salt, dried iris flower and pepper ground up and combined together. One of the first known uses of toothpaste dates from the year 23 AD. It has been said that Buddha himself used a tooth stick to clean his teeth. As a mouthwash, people drank goat’s milk. They used carbon made by burning animals to clean the gums. Animals such as mice heads, rabbit heads, ox heels, wolf heads, and goat feet were often used. To prevent toothaches, the bones from the scat of wolves were worn as neck adornments. Tooth brushing with tortoise blood also was thought to prevent toothaches. Mouthwashes were made of white wine or urine.

Toothpaste usage in the 18th and 19th centuries In 1780 burned bread was used as toothpaste. Another toothpaste recipe used at that time was made with cinnamon, burnt alum and “dragon’s blood” mixed together. “Dragon’s blood” is a resin from plants that was used for colouring. This toothpaste was used every other day. Charcoal continued to be a popular tooth-cleaning ingredient, used in the 19th century with great popularity. Toothpaste at this time was mainly in the form of tooth powder. The powders caused an abrasive action to remove debris from the teeth as well as to act as a mouthwash. Strawberries were considered a natural breath freshener. In 1855, a recipe for toothpaste

See “TOOTHPASTE” on page 31 Page 21

World Views from page 2

ed with the magical universe around us. Indirectly it has caused us to become colder and more cynical. We started shrugging off mystery and beauty as just fiction or something that can be later explained by some physical process. In older, more ‘primitive’ societies people were still connected to the natural wonder of the earth and the universe. We were still in awe, enchanted by the mystery. We sat around fires hearing the elders tell stories that instructed the heart and not the mind. We understood the story nature was telling us beyond the logic of words. We were fascinated by it all. Yet materialism became the epitome of the 19th and 20th century. Our mass consciousness turned from being beautiful, organic and fractal to being mechanical just like the assembly lines of the industrial revolution. According to Carl Jung, this is the ailment of modern Man – the basis of his neurosis. Of course things have gone a long way, even in Science. The classical view of Science made way to more open paradigms brought about by Quantum physics and the integration of cross-disciplinary paths. At the same time there is an emerging undercurrent that is becoming more aware of our ancestral wisdom – a revival of some sort through teachers and people who are trying their best to keep the wisdom alive.

3 Misguided Individualism Another by-product of the 20th century, particularly in the more ‘liberal’ west, has been individualism or the idea that the rights of the individuals stand supreme and should be safeguarded by just laws and meritocracy. Of course this is a beautiful ideal and something everyone would stand up for. The problem is that this ideal got somehow

abused, distorted and devolved into a more egocentric form. As modern society is now spiraling out of control with over-consumerism and greed for material possessions and power, individualism has been given a different overtone. We have overstretched the idea to now mean that the so-called perceived needs of the individual (which in reality are nothing more than ‘wants’ sold to us by the media) come before the welfare of the communities and the planet. This distorted acceptance of individual greed over the community at large can be seen projected on the current state of the planet. We have become indifferent and lost in our small, distorted worlds. We don’t feel part of the community anymore – we are disengaged with the affairs of the world. The media has desensitized us to the point that barrages of negative impressions – wars, atrocities, mass murders, violence – feel like some movie of some sort. We have been disempowered by the belief that there is nothing we can do to help the world… it’s already hard enough keeping ourselves afloat. So the worldview of individualism has been distorted up to a point of making a 180-degree turn – from empowering to disempowering the individual.

4 Institutionalized Control Another form of disempowerment of the individual comes through institutionalized control. These are the top-down hierarchical control structures of society such as schooling, media and its censorship, mass propaganda, etc. We feel the institutional pressures weighing down on us and what’s more we are becoming aware that some of these control structures were put in place to accommodate the agenda of the few at the expense of the many. The self-defeating worldview that accompanies this is a fatalistic one. We have given up our control and freedom completely, feeling that this is the way things are and that there is nothing much we can do about it

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2055 Clark Dive, Vancouver BC

: this is how the world works. This is also referred to as the problem of diffused responsibility, where individuals feel that the current state of affairs of the world is not their responsibility but that of a higher power such as the governments, politicians, leaders and the institutions. The good news is that with the advancement of technology together with the growing will and awareness of people, all this is changing. We are seeing a shift away from tight hierarchical structures to more decentralization and democratization. The media is a good example. Before we could only know what is happening around us through the news broadcasted by the same news networks. Now everyone can be a journalist and information is shared by the many to the many through the web, which has become more social and mobile. Education is going through its own makeover too. We are now seeing more people looking for alternative forms of schooling which move away from the traditional mainstream forms. Home schooling, online courses and community based schooling is becoming more diffused. Technology is also helping us become more self-sustainable and independent with respect to our energy needs and waste management. The general direction of all these changes is gradually helping us get out of this fatalistic worldview and empowering us to take control of our own destiny through mass collaboration and the healthy use of technology.

5 Absolutism Absolutism is a worldview that is also inherent in some other worldviews. It is the idea that our beliefs, laws, cultural norms and way of life are absolute in the sense that they can be applied universally in all contexts to every human on this planet. So when we see others applying their own system of beliefs and cultural way of life we see it as a threat to our own.

This gives rise to the ‘us and them’ worldview through such misogynistic reactions as intolerance, racism, wars and conflicts. This worldview has been the basis of many wars and atrocities throughout human history, particularly religious ones. Unfortunately this worldview is still very much dispersed today. We still haven’t learned to be more tolerant of diversity and of the fact that cultural norms and beliefs are relative, not absolute. The idea that our reality is the only one or the dominant one is so shortsighted and egocentric that it falls into complete blindness and madness at times. If there is one worldview that we need to get rid of before others, it is this one, especially now in such a fast changing world. The more we evolve as a species, the more we have to realize that our knowledge and beliefs are always changing. It is at best provisional. Nothing is absolute and nothing is cast in stone. Hence, it is imperative for our own survival and flourishing to understand how counterproductive it is to get stuck in an absolutist worldview. We need to embrace change, as the world is transforming fast, but more importantly we need to be at peace with the idea that even our world views can and will change… as so it should be.

About the Author Gilbert has been writing about personal growth topics for a number of years on his blog Soul Hiker and on various other media. He is passionate about researching, writing, practicing and teaching people how to achieve positive life transformations and unleash the limitless potential of their mind. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and his blog Soulhiker . This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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Hazardous Waste Product Identified in Chemtrails: Coal Fly Ash “No one — no entity under the sun — has the right to conduct chemical assault against our person. Likewise, no individual or entity under the sun has the right to commit chemical trespass against our property or possessions.” —

Open Letter To The People of the World

Chemical Geoengineering Scientifically Proven To Be A Crime Against Humanity Peer-Reviewed, Court-Admissible, Scientific Research Paper Published; Exposes Chemical Geoengineering & Toxic/Poisonous Chemtrail Aerosols

Dear Resident of Planet Earth,


N EXTRAORDINARY AND truly historic event has taken place this August of 2015 in the realm of environmental science. A quite timely and major breakthrough has occurred regarding the greatest manmade environmental catastrophe and public health disaster of the modern era. Hence, environmental activists and health advocates everywhere now expect a sea change to occur in an area of dire concern … once people are properly informed. There is, and has been, an ongoing worldwide calamity occurring which involves the highly destructive and covert government program known as chemical geoengineering. Chemtrail operations represent only one component of this global chemical geoengineering regime that has been implemented with greater intensity since the turn of the century. For the uninitiated, chemtrail geoengineering is defined as the systematic, wide-area, indiscriminate spraying of aerosolized particulates (coal fly ash-derived) into both the troposphere and stratosphere via specially equipped tanker-jets. These highly classified geoengineering programs are conducted by way of ultra-secret military black operations that employ Navy and Air Force pilots and personnel, as well as retrofitted aircraft. OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Operation In World History:


from page 20 cy. That man was Philip Hoyland, an electronic/electrical engineer. Rife, Hoyland, and two other associates formed the Beam Ray Corporation with the idea of making and distributing the machines to clinicians and physicians. Soon, along came the doctor who had never practiced medicine, Morris Fishbein, the notorious alternative cancer cure hit man and head of the AMA. Just as he has done with others who had come up with cancer cures outside the cut, burn, and poison mode, Fishbein made a move to possess and control Rife’s technology at first. He bribed Hoyland with $10,000 to file a suit against Rife in order to obtain the company and include a Fishbein agent on the board of directors while excluding Rife. Ten grand was quite a lot in those days. Rife counter sued and won in 1939. The litigation and betrayal took an emotional and financial toll on the normally reclusive scientist, and he began drinking. Then the big bad Fishbein decided if he couldn’t have the Rife operation, he’d destroy it. This was Morris Fishbein’s MO with others who had come up with alternative cancer cures, but would not allow him to virtually steal them away and possibly hide them. He used his Machiavellian clout to ban doctors from using Rife technology and even confiscated equipment.

Chemtrail Operation In Progress These clandestine chemtrail operations (as they are also known) are ostensibly carried out in the interest of ‘combatting’ global climate change, and referred to as stratospheric engineering for the purpose of solar radiation management. However, there is now much scientific evidence and high-integrity testimony that suggest an even more hidden and quite nefarious agenda. If you are reading this open letter, you now understand what the vast majority of humanity is completely unaware of. Even though these extremely harmful geoengineering technologies have been utilized in broad daylight for many years, most people are still unfamiliar with them. Despite what is occurring right above their heads, populations everywhere are too

A small circle of doctors in California continued despite the national pressure, thanks to the protection of a politically powerful medical person, the same Dr. Milbank Johnson who was always in Rife’s corner. However, Dr. Johnson passed away in 1944, and the AMA had its way as medical mafia terrorists! Suspiciously, upon Dr. Johnson’s death, many of the documents from the USC clinical trails he had held completely disappeared. Not long after, investigators suspected that he was poisoned just prior to announcing Rife’s successes publicly. Equipment was confiscated, laboratories were destroyed, one doctor was harassed to the point of quitting the profession, and another was reported as having committed suicide! The wife of another doctor had a nervous breakdown, forcing her to receive shock therapy during her two months in a mental hospital. Medical mafia is an appropriate term after all!

Rife MOR Therapy on Life Support Again, Roy Rife made another attempt at manufacturing and distributing his Rife Ray Beam devices with the technology for using them correctly. He partnered with an engineer named John Crane, who had encouraged Rife to continue. They made a bit of a stir with even better designs that were easier to use around 1960. But even without Fishbein, who was forced to retire in 1954 because of the AMA scandals discovered by the 1953 Fitzgerald congressional

preoccupied with survival to take notice, or even care about, the exceedingly harmful effects of chemical geoenginering. U.S. Government Spraying Tons Of Toxic Coal Fly Ash Into Atmosphere Via Chemtrails: Which brings us to the explicit purpose of this open letter. That is to disseminate, in every way possible, the explosive and highly consequential revelations associated with the following game-changing event. A peer-reviewed, court-admissible scientific research paper was recently published in an internationally recognized journal which proved the direct connection between the toxic chemtrail aerosols used in chemical geoengineering programs and various emerging public health crises. This groundbreaking scientific research paper was published at the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health on August 11th and can be read here. Everyone — who lives under the sun — is highly encouraged to review this definitive and very readable article. For those who don’t, what follows is a crucial excerpt from the “Conclusions” section. Evidence indicates that tropospheric spraying of coal fly ash (1) has been taking place throughout the 21st century, (2) on an international scale, and (3) with significant ramping-up since about 2013. Throughout that period of time there has been a program of well-orchestrated disinformation, but no public disclosure, no informed consent, and no public health warnings.

See “CHEMTRAILS” on page 31

committee, the FDA took over harassment activities and seized Rife and Crane’s latest equipment. All this plus the death of his beloved wife of over 30 years left Rife a broken man. In 1961, at the age of 73, Roy Rife fled the country to nearby Mexico. Rife had added Valium to his drinking habit, yet he managed to live until 1971, when he died in Mexico at the age of 83. John Crane later explained that Rife was a great researcher, but was not cut out to be a fighter. However, John Crane was a knowledgeable and outspoken fighter. After Rife’s exodus to Mexico, John Crane still attempted to bring Rife’s technology to public awareness while railing against the medical establishment’s suppression of his constitutional rights. He was criminally indicted and tried on charges involving practicing medicine without a license. The trail jury was screened to eliminate all those with any medical knowledge, especially alternative healing, while retaining an AMA doctor as the jury foreman! Rife submitted a deposition from Mexico to support Crane’s defence, but it was not even admitted. Talk about getting railroaded! Crane was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Two of the three counts against Crane were overturned later, and he was released from prison after serving 3 years and 1 month. Yet even after his release from prison, Crane continued his work underground and compiled and produced a 1000 page manual on the

Rife machine’s design and use, which has survived after his death in 1995. Thanks to John Crane’s persistent work, Rife’s ray beam technology managed to stay alive, but only on life support. In 1986, Barry Lynes, author of The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression, a book that chronicles Royal Raymond Rife’s life and work, submitted an article to every member of the U.S. Congress and the staff and students of George Washington University’s medical school as a last gasp effort to openly investigate Rife’s work without bias. Nothing, not even one response, came of it. Currently, the life support system for Rife’s work is a scattered group of technically oriented individuals and holistic and allopathic doctors, connecting by Internet throughout the world, especially from Europe. They are holding Rife’s technology together, some even using it, in the hopes that someday it will see the light of day for all of humanity. Sources & Links: please go online to: http://www.naturalnews. com/027104_cancer_WHO_Chi.html

About the author Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at

Page 23

By Kingsley L. Dennis,


OCIAL AND CULTURAL change is occurring fast right now across this planet, and it looks as if it will accelerate further. Many people are experiencing a wide range of personal impacts, disruptions, and rearrangements in their lives. At the same time, we are also seeing how our social infrastructures, modes of communication, and connectivity are adjusting and shifting to these changes. Within the last 150 years alone we have witnessed an amazingly rapid process of transition in human civilization, perhaps even without being consciously aware of it. In terms of the bigger picture, this is an incredibly swift rate of change. The ebb and flow of human history has cradled the gradual unfolding of the individual and the growing responsibility that this implies. This emerging ‘blooming of the individual’ has occurred alongside the story of the slow decline in aristocracy, elite rule, and the demise of tyranny. This human story has accelerated in recent centuries, with the fall of feudalism; the birth of democracy; and the growth of an increasingly connected global humanity. Alongside this we have also seen the increasing acceptance and sharing of planetary values. We could say that human society is in the early contractions of the birth of a planetary civilization. Conscious development is a psychospiritual process, aided by socio-cultural impulses and influences that have woven throughout our history. Most recently, the strong impulses in the 1960s and the end of the 1980s have helped to catalyze the conscious awareness of many people the world over. Many seeds were planted that would actualize over time. The psychic states experimented with in the 1960s showed that there were alternative dimensions of consciousness and gave a taste of these to a hungry young audience. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the end of several archaic political institutions, gave a taste of the power for change when many thought it almost impossible. Impulses of renewal and regeneration have long been part of the ongoing processes of human, cultural, and psychospiritual development. True revolutions are not those of physical violence but of radical shifts in perceptions, knowledge, and ultimately the individual self. The increasing presence of human consciousness has been evident over the years through the expansion of intelligence, psychological awareness, humanitarianism, empathy, and creative innovation. The emergence of the intuitive human has been seen out on the playing fields of the world – in stadiums, fields, and in streets the world over. The collaborative nature of sport, with its team work, its shared rules and game-play, is one example that has arisen to help shift the human spirit. What I am suggesting is that as this trend unfolds we are likely to see new generations of individuals coming into the world who will be the change, rather than being born into change. And these new arrivals will challenge even further our social systems and ‘big institutions’ from the very fact that they will be acting more from instinct and intuition. The age of Guru-hood, spiritual elitism, and the throng of commercial ‘Teaching’ methods is going to be replaced by a greater gnosis within humanity. External belief systems that we often depend upon will be challenged, and gradually replaced, by the recognition of a living intelligence – an intelligence that has always existed within

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the human race. When the truth is known instinctively, it no longer requires cultural preservation: domes, spires, institutions, or Teachings. The living intelligence is more fluid and exists everywhere, for everyone, all of the time. We only need the means to access it. This means of access is a process that will increasingly manifest as developmental impulses between human-planet-cosmos continue to unfold. Over the coming years of this century humanity will increasingly gain greater access to heightened inner awareness (gnosis) as the connection to a pervasive living intelligence strengthens. The old roles of central hierarchy are diminishing; human societies around the globe are forming decentralized networks of connection and communication, much the same as our ancestral bacterial networks. Our social milieu is increasingly mirroring how biology has long since organized itself. This new arrangement facilitates a different form of energy to be active upon the planet. An energy that supports a different way of doing things and of making things happen. The days of a singular Messiah speaking to the multitudes are over. We are now moving into a time upon this planet where it will be the multitudes that will amplify and spread the new understanding. Our young children are being born into a world where on a daily basis – 24/7 – human thought patterns and consciousness flows through millions upon millions of computers, networks, and connected devices, forming a nonlocal realm of information and living intelligence. Yet this is not only occurring in the digital spaces, but also through the cultural sphere of artifacts such as movies, books, articles, songs, videos, etc., forming a field of connectivity that transcends our old temporal and spatial boundaries. Our external information technologies are now increasingly mirroring, or being superimposed upon, the living field of intelligence that underlies our reality. Such a physical matrix/construct is the external reflection of our inherent, non-visible connectivity. These impacts (or overlays) are also likely to catalyze a release of some form of transformative energy. There is no external model of communication and connectivity that does not have its corresponding reality in consciousness. The children and young adults of today are beginning to break the old patterns and become the early wave of pioneers and system-change agents. They are showing a remarkable intuitive grasp of our modern technologies. They are reaching out and connecting, forming networks, supporting ecological practices and alternative health practices, forming community projects, seeking out healthy food, prioritizing well-being over career roles, re-invigorating a sense of the sacred, and pushing out the boundaries for new thinking. It is not occurring everywhere, or with everyone. There is still much confusion and emotional angst in our younger generations. However, a more intuitive human is coming through.

The Emperor Finally Has No Clothes New thinking patterns and expressions of consciousness are now emerging in communities and societies throughout the world that are no longer tolerant of the old paradigm structures of separatism, egoism, and conflict. Rather than being a full-frontal revolt against incumbent systems, a subtler wave of reformist change is arising that contributes to constructive social transition. Part of this reformist change will be the increase in transparency in our social systems. It is already happening now – we are seeing increased instances of corruption (political, financial, personal, etc.) coming to the surface and being exposed. As the sun rises, they say, the shadows will at first become sharper and more visible. As the patterns of a different consciousness begin to be expressed through people, the inadequacies of many of our systems will increasingly be exposed. Those institutions, practices, and societies built upon fear and disingenuous values will falter as a new awareness within people demands a change in values and integrity. Old patterns of thinking – especially the disruptive patterns – will become increasingly obsolete over time as an intuitive intelligence is expressed through human consciousness. Soon, even our youngest babes will be pointing at the old idols and declaring, open-mouthed: ‘But look, they are not wearing any clothes!’ At that point, edifices and traditions will be forced to either disintegrate or re-calibrate themselves according to the new patterns. The protective veneer of social appearance and status that once held sanctuary for certain people will no longer operate. Celebrities, politicians, wealthy elites, religious figures, once-respected public figures, and the rest – the façade will drop for many such people and the wave of transparency will make visible their misdemeanours. So much dirty laundry will be washed in public as a generation of intuitively driven young minds and hearts will wish to heal a planet in order to bring in reform. The early tremors of youth insecurity (witnessed in violent outbursts and psychological instability) will come to be replaced by greater expressions of human intuition and inner confidence and balance. Many of us are already becoming students to our children and to the young adults in the world. We are seeing how our once unquestioning faith in external sources of information, opinions, and authority are now questioned by these young minds. Young people the world over are stepping away from dogmatic belief structures that they find limiting to the self and that take away the responsibility for an individual’s own self-empowerment. A new form of common sense will emerge – one that is neither ‘common’ nor makes ‘sense’ to us now – and it will originate from a different state of awareness. Human behaviour that made sense for when we imagined we lived as islands

of individuality will no longer ‘make sense’ – nor be functional – for a species that consciously experiences the interconnectivity of all life. The more the human species transforms internally, the greater the change we will see occurring in our physical world, in our societies, technologies, culture, etc. The next generation cannot be the same as the present, or the previous. In this moment of human history, to give birth to a duplicate generation – with the same ideals and values – would result not in a perpetuation of human societies but in their demise. That is why we need transformational change at the psycho-spiritual level both within and between generations. For those of us in the world now it has taken consistent exertion and energy to challenge our conditioning structures. In the past also we have struggled greatly against sociocultural systems that were opposed, or unsupportive, to individual inner development. Now, however, change will come easier and at a more rapid pace. The changes that we are likely to see in the coming years will be more profound than the changes that took place during our previous industrial revolutions. The period of our western industrialization transpired over several centuries. Now we are going to witness great changes set to occur within the span of just one single human lifetime. We will observe that communication, transparency, and honesty are much more powerful tools than secrecy, fear, and confrontation. The emperor’s false suit of body armour will disintegrate in the face of transparent, honest eyes. The sham elements within our political, financial, corporate, and media structures will scramble to maintain their façade. Yet their desperate actions will be viewed for what they truly are in the eyes of a more aware, informed, and awakened generation of young minds and hearts. With or without us, the new young minds will create their own freedom to inspire and renew their world into being. They will have access not only to a vast intuitive inner world, but they will simultaneously be connected to a planetary network of information, contacts, and friends. Fearful incumbent structures of authority will attempt to control such networks of connection and communication [1], yet they will ultimately fail against the inevitable tide of great human awakening. The younger generation(s) will likely be the ones to free humanity from the dominance of erroneous ideas – ideas that forged war, created poverty and hunger, and sustained dis-ease. We are seeing a generation that will be successful in removing these illusions from old thinking patterns. The new intuitive human has been in the making for some time now. Our world is far more peaceful today than it has been at any time in recent past epochs – despite what the mainstream media may be saying. This signals to us that the way energy patterns flow over the Earth is changing, encouraging people to seek

See “HUMANITY” on page 26

One City Stopped Arresting Drug Addicts, Offers Help Instead … And It’s Working! By Claire Bernish


Gloucester, MA — ITUATED ON THE coast of Massachusetts, Gloucester’s claims to fame include its status as “America’s original seaport,” as well as being the real-life location on which events in the movie The Perfect Storm (2000) were based. Now, the small town has a new reason to be the centre of attention: its police have been granting complete amnesty to drug users who come to the station seeking help, even if they come bearing the remainder of their stash. On March 6th of this year, Gloucester Chief of Police Leonard Campanello wrote a Facebook post much like he normally did. But this particular post bemoaned four deaths to heroin and opiates in just two months — for a city with less than 30,000 residents. Frustrated, and without any forethought, Campanello added what would turn out to be a propitious statement to that post: “If you are a user of opiates or heroin, let us help you. We know you do not want this addiction. We have resources here in the City that can and will make a difference in your life. Do not become a statistic.” The response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Where one of Campanello’s typical posts would collect, perhaps, a dozen ‘likes’ — this post garnered 1,234 likes and, according to the Washington Post, “more views than there were people in the city.” Obviously, he’d hit on the crux of a problem with the different approach that was sorely needed. “The war on drugs is over,” Campanello said. “And we lost. There is no way we can arrest our way out of this. We’ve been trying that for 50 years. We’ve been fighting it for 50 years, and the only thing that has happened is heroin has become cheaper and more people are dying [emphasis added].” On May 4th, he posted a lengthy update after considering what he’d stumbled onto with that first extemporaneous post. “Any addict who walks into the police station with the remainder of their equipment (needles, etc.) or drugs and asks for help will NOT be charged. Instead we will walk them through the system toward detox and recov-

Chains from page 12

The Matrix warning the agents that their time is up. It’s Maximus in Gladiator revealing himself and daring Commodus to kill him. It’s Jeff Daniel’s character in The Most Honest Three Minutes in Television History. It’s Charlie Chaplin breaking years of silence to give that amazing speech in The Great Dictator. It’s telling it like it is whether people like it or not. It’s the shiny voice box of a fine-tuned throat chakra singing its fluted truth. And it cannot be ignored.

Stay Calm (Like a Bomb) “There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” — Willa Cather One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in an immoral world is to act out amorally. Rebellion shines like gold in immoral times (or even

from out-of-state, including a person who traveled all the way from California to ask for help. It’s certainly a switch to see so many flock to the very police who, in the past, would have arrested and jailed every one of them. “It’s extremely important for a police department to treat all people with respect,” said Campanello. “Law enforcement doesn’t exist to judge people.” And as for cost? An update on the Initiative ~Leonard Campanello “Gloucester Angel Program” in Gloucester Chief of Police an August 10th post stated: “$5000 for 100 lives.” ery. We will assign them an “angel” who Going even further, Campanello will be their guide through the process. Not approached a local CVS pharmacy and in hours or days, but on the spot. Addison explained the program and the need for Gilbert and Lahey Clinic have committed Nasal Narcan, which can reverse an overto helping fast track people that walk into dose. Without insurance, the drug cost $140, the police department so that they can be but after hearing about the revolutionary assessed quickly and the proper care can be program, CVS made it available for $20 a administered quickly [emphasis added].” pack — so Campanello started providing it to Though it was unclear what the reperaddicts free of charge. cussions of such a bold move would be, “The police department will pay the cost after over 33,000 likes and 30,000 shares of the Nasal Narcan for those without insurfor the updated post, there was no denying ance. We will pay for it with money seized Campanello had found a better alternative to from drug dealers during investigations. penalizing those struggling with addiction. We will save lives with the money from the Over 4,000 comments sang the praises of pockets of those who take them,” he said. the program — a few even compared the apWith so many people taking advanproach to Portugal’s success decriminalizing tage of the program, Chief Campanello and all drugs. Most echoed sentiments like, “Well the Gloucester Police Department, as well done!” and “Finally someone gets it right!” as their various partners, have formed a and even “Bravo!! More compassion and non-profit organization called The Police humanity in our justice system. You are leadAssisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative ing by example. And I think the results will (P.A.A.R.I.) “to bridge the gap between the validate your decision [emphasis added].” police department and opioid addicts seekAnd validate they have. ing recovery.” Its website states, “Rather Campanello said this week that over than arrest our way out of the problem of 100 addicts have already taken advantage of drug addiction, P.A.A.R.I. committed police the opportunity — and one in six have come

“It’s extremely important for a police department to treat all people with respect. Law enforcement doesn’t exist to judge people.”

overly-moral times). It calms the tumult while empowering the powerless. It gives hope to the downtrodden and offsets oppression. Fearful, overly moral souls catch fire from courageous amoral souls that are fully lit and not afraid to show it. If you would help to change things for the better, be an amoral agent. Be calm like a bomb. Like Henry David Thoreau said, “Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life. So aim above morality. Be not simply good; be good for something.” The moral man is too content with being moral. The immoral man is too corrupt to see the error of his ways. The amoral agent hits the Goldilocks sweet spot of the human condition, as he/she “aims above morality” while kneecapping immorality, all while simply living by good example. If, as Carl Jung says, “the pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong,” then it behooves us to do what makes sense, to do what’s healthy, even despite right and wrong. Amoral agents understand this.

They are the ones throwing sparks and building signal fires that cause proper matters to catch fire. They’re the ones getting back to the roots of things and playing them like the sacred instruments they are. Like Ahab says in Moby Dick, “What I’ve dared I’ve willed, and what I’ve willed I’ll do. They think me mad. But I am demoniac, I am madness maddened. That wild madness that’s only calm to comprehend itself.” This type of “madness” is the bomb behind the calm, the amoral flare launched from a moral stance. All at once striking fear in the hearts of the powerful while also igniting hope in the hearts of the powerless. It’s a return to the primal, to the wild heart of mankind that connects us to all things. As John Muir intuited, “Happiness, hidden in the glorious wildness like unmined gold.” Amoral action is the Middle Way, or Golden Ratio, of the human condition, launching us past the bulwarks of “that’s just the way things are” and through the juggernaut of preconceived authority, and into the promised land of healthy, sustainable evolution. It gets us out of our own way. It gets us out

departments: n “Encourage opioid drug users to seek recovery.” n “Help distribute life saving opioid blocking drugs to prevent and treat overdoses.” n “Connect addicts with treatment programs and facilities.” n “Provide resources to other police departments and communities that want to do more to fight the opioid addiction epidemic.” Though it is perhaps premature to estimate the program’s overall success, three Massachusetts cities will soon be implementing programs based on Campanello’s model. What started as frustration and anger about the nation’s growing problem with heroin and opiate addiction hastily posted to Facebook has become a possible future model for police departments around the country — and tangible hope for addicts and their loved ones. Four deaths in two months in the small coastal town appeared to indicate the continuance of a frightening trend — but in the over five and a half months since, there have been “Just two,” said Campanello. In mid-June, Gloucester Police wrote another post on the official Facebook page that speaks volumes of the program. It states: “A reporter asked one of my officers last night: ‘Do you see a common thread in all addicts?’ Without hesitation, the officer responded: ‘Absolutely. They’re all human beings.” This article (One City Stopped Arresting Drug Addicts, Offers Help Instead… And It’s Working!) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Claire Bernish and Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. Image credit: Psychonaught. If you spot a typo, email Claire Bernish joined Anti-Media as an independent journalist in May of 2015. Her topics of interest include social justice, police brutality, exposing the truth behind propaganda, and general government accountability. Born in North Carolina, she now lives in Ohio. Learn more about Bernish here! http://

of our own heads, where overly conditioned and excessively brainwashed human opinion clouds our imagination. Like Richard Feynman articulated, “The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man.” Indeed, it gets us back into the driver’s seat of being a force of nature first and human beings second.

Keep the Wolves in Check “The influence of a vital person vitalizes, there’s no doubt about it. The world without spirit is a wasteland. People have the notion of saving the world by shifting things around, changing the rules, and who’s on top, and so forth. No, no! Any world is a valid world if it’s alive. The thing to do is to bring life to it, and the only way to do that is to find in your own case where the life is and become alive yourself.” –Joseph Campbell Yes! You want to break chains and take names? Become alive! You want to grab the world by the short and curlies?

See “CHAINS” on page 26 Page 25

Chains from page 25

Become alive! Vitalize yourself. Overthrow yourself, day in and day out. Embolden the world by emboldening yourself first and foremost. In the crashing plane that is our unsustainable culture, the act of placing

Friendships from page 15

something similar—then of course they’re not going to be honest about it. It makes perfect sense to lie to protect oneself, especially if they disagree with the rule in the first place. But if they feel close enough to their parent that they want to listen to the advice they give, they are going to be more truthful in their communication. If they feel like an equal party, like their opinion is respected, then they will engage in a more open and responsive way. Another source of conflict are the different eras we grow up in. Kids think they know everything and of course we know that isn’t true, but sometimes they are actually aware of something that their parents are not. All parents want to distill proper values in their children and they want them to believe things that they also believe. But this is unlikely to comprehensively happen—every person is different and although there may be similarities, there are always going to areas where they disagree. For example, the world is changing along with social values, beliefs and practices. There is always going to be a generational gap if the parent doesn’t evolve with the changing times. So the old saying, “respect your elders” won’t be

Humanity from page 24

peaceful solutions wherever possible. The living intelligence that is a part of the intuitive human is also a spiritual, empathic, and nurturing intelligence, which has been lacking in much of modern civilization. Those of the new generation(s) will usher in a period where the feminine and masculine energies of the world will be re-configured and placed into greater balance and harmony. Human values of love, compassion, understanding, patience, tolerance, and empathy will be more openly expressed and part of an informed world – and not erroneously seen as being only predominantly ‘female’ values. The division that separates the masculine and feminine energies will continue to dissolve, and be replaced by a newer energy of unity – of coming together. Similarly, the artificial stigma around ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles in the world will be challenged and forced into change through the younger men and women actively re-modeling role expectations. Women’s participation will be more keenly appreciated, sought after, and brought into collaboration in such major areas as global politics, economy, and business. An intuitive energy will be more present in the world in the upcoming decades, and will find expression as younger women increasingly hold key influential positions in society. We are more open to recognize now that notions of duality – of one side having dominance over the other, whether male or female – is an old energy. The newer energies will be focused more on balance, and on bringing everything together into an integral whole that respects diversity within unity. Humanity is now poised upon the cusp of a transition for which develop-

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the oxygen mask on yourself first is an act of self-vitalization. Do it! Then have the courage to be the one who at least attempts to “right the plane.” Like Carlos Castaneda ingeniously opined, “The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. The average man seeks certainty in the eyes of the onlooker and calls that self-confidence. The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that well received by a child who doesn’t agree with the way an elder expects their fundamental principles and practices to be adhered to. In this case, it is important to “agree to disagree” so that the respect of the friendship can be maintained. We do this with our friends all the time—we don’t force them to think and act the way we do, so why should we expect our kids to, especially when they are growing into their independent adult selves. If the learning strategies we employ with our children don’t work and create a poor friendship, then we’re doing it wrong. We should aim to build a true friendship where our guidance is sought after and respected, not disregarded and disrespected. Some great news is that it’s never too late for a parent to create a true friendship with their child. All it takes is some mutual respect, open communication, active listening, fair judgment and pure love. The parent should embrace their child for all their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the ways in which they agree and disagree. The key is to simply treat them exactly like we would want to be treated. Phillip J. Watt has served the community for over a decade fulfilling a myriad of roles. With a love for spreading empowering messages, he also writes for several websites dedicated to mindful, informed and adventurous living.

mental potentials have long been preparing for. It seems that the rate of our preparedness grows exponentially with each passing year. A new form of energy has now entered upon this planet, and which facilitates an altogether different mode of operation. It is an energy that supports a networked and decentralized way of connectivity. It is now working through our human societies to engage with change from within. Its aim may be to help form a membrane of conscious human-planet intelligence across the Earth. These energies are also spreading more rapidly from human to human through our integrated digital and biological fields of energetic connectivity. Soon there will not be an area isolated from such influence, as each village and town will have amongst its midst a new intuitive human – more so when the younger generations enter upon the Earth and begin to take up their roles and responsibilities. There is something immensely exciting happening here on this planet. Something is rising within us, amongst us, through us, and penetrating the very fabric of our reality. It is a transformation without words, passing through each and every individual. It appears that some latent human capacities are now set to become activated, in alignment with evolutionary requirements. [1] See my earlier book ‘The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution & The Battle to Control How We Think’

About the Author Kingsley L. Dennis is the author of The Phoenix Generation: A New Era of Connection, Compassion, and Consciousness. Visit him on the web at http://

humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity.” You want to keep the wolves in check and empower the sheep? Then unhook yourself from their pettiness and become a lion. Hook yourself to infinity and surf the waves into a courage of the most high. Shed your too-heavy self-importance like the parochial snakeskin it is, and move on to a heightened state of awareness. Selfimportance is mankind’s greatest enemy. Replace it with vitality, with courage, with a self-empowering sense of humor. Become a mighty beacon of hope that doesn’t think twice about who its light disturbs or encourages. A catalyst catalyzes, there’s no doubt about it. Don’t leave the wasteland a wasteland. Bring water to bear instead. Let the beacon of your soul shine its light into

the shadowlands of the human condition. Reconnect the disconnected. Teach meek sheep how to become courageous lions despite corrupt wolves. Push yourself to the limit. Stretch your comfort zone until it subsumes the world. Burn yourself out in a blaze of glory if you must. It’s better than lazing away and collecting dust. You’re a force of nature first, a person second, after all. Like the immortal Jack London once said, “I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

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Soul Comfort`s Medical Wool Product Review

by Glennis Taylor


FTER A LONG and vibrant life, my father has just recently been admitted to a care facility and is now confined to his wheelchair. One of my concerns is that he may develop the common plight of many elderly people who are bedridden or spend many hours in a wheelchair. Bedsores are so commonplace in hospital and care facilities and can be difficult to treat especially among the growing number of diabetic patients. I recalled a conversation with Anyes of Soul Comfort in Duncan about this very subject. In reconnecting with Anyes, she has given me reassurance that this situation is quite preventable and treatable. “Mother nature has so much to offer us,” she says as she goes on to explain the many benefits of the miracle fibre of wool. She really wants people to understand the medical applications of wool and how it can turn around the lives of the many suffering within the walls of our medical facilities. She wonders

how we have lost sight of the effective use of wool historically in its many applications. Sheep were perhaps the first animals to be domesticated. It is estimated to be as far back as 9000 to 11000 years ago. There seems to be evidence that herders in Iran began to select sheep for their “woolliness” about 6000BC. It was another 200 to 300 years later that wool was used in woven garments. Interesting to note that pre-domesticated sheep could not be shorn, but rather the wool was plucked out, known as rooting. Wool is very pliable and strong. Wool fibres are resilient and able to bend about 20,000 times before breaking. The protein in wool fibre is quite similar to that of our own skin, which allows it to work in harmony with the body. The overlapping scales on each hair have a waxy coating making it water resistant, yet the fibres are capable of absorbing water vapour. In the process of moisture absorption, wool produces heat, giving us that cozy warm feeling.The familiar crimp in the wool gives it springiness and traps air, adding to its comfort close to the skin. It also produces negative ions and has a high vibrational frequency.

One of its greatest characteristics is its wicking property. By wicking water or perspiration away from the body, it creates a space of dry warm air that has a comfortable insulating effect, helping to keep our body temperature regulated. We generally lose about 2 ounces of vapour moisture an hour or about a litre overnight. This serves as the body’s cooling mechanism and a part of the body’s ability to detox through the skin; our largest organ. If the moisture remains trapped against the skin by synthetic fabrics worn as clothes or used as bedding, we are setting up a perfect environment for microorganisms to flourish. Synthetics can absorb about 0% to 4% of its weight in moisture, whereas wool has the ability to absorb 30% to 40% of its weight in moisture. In a medical setting, it is understandable

that surfaces need to be easy to clean. So the use of plastics as mattress coverings and easier to maintain synthetics are commonly used. The accumulated moisture these conditions promote, particularly in the elderly, is a breeding ground for bacteria or fungus that lead to skin irritation and eventually painful ulcerlike bedsores. These sores are difficult to heal with the impaired circulation and compromised immune function of the most vulnerable. Anyes cited a story of a couple who sourced her out and decided to try wool for a sore on a heel. The diabetic husband had a sore on his heel that had been dressed and treated for four years, but was not healing. He also had sores on top of his toes from his shoes. After getting some wool to use between his toes and some wool shoes for him to wear, they are delighted that the foot is healing so well after about three months with only a small scab

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“Government” itself does no harm, because it is a fictional entity. But the belief in “Government” – the notion that some people actually have the moral right to rule over others – has caused immeasurable pain and suffering, injustice and oppression, enslavement and death. — Larken Rose We have to outgrow slavery. We have to be greater and bigger and more confident than tax f-ing livestock slaves. You build up your pride your self-esteem, you build up your knowledge, you build up your virtue, you build up your strength and we outgrow the slavery. We outgrow being cattle for a ruling class. We educate ourselves. We talk to people about virtue. We talk to people about pride. We talk to people about the nature of violence inherited in the system. We talk to people about a better life. We talk to people about opportunities, for real freedom in your life, for virtue, for voluntaryism in your life, where you can do it, where it is possible, where you have effect, where you have control. Let the other damned livestock run down to their designated areas: “We’re going to vote: Everything is going to change.” But you and I know better than that. You and I have the pride to not subjugate ourselves to this pathetic enslaving ritual. So when it comes time to vote, I suggest reading a book on freedom. Maybe talk to strangers about virtue and pride and voluntaryism and the evil anatomy of this overinflated nation state. Don’t participate in this empire of slavery and subjugation and imprisonment and kidnapping and extraordinary rendition and torture. Do not participate in this institution founded on crimes that executes war crimes, genocide, wars, murder, kidnapping, imprisonment on a daily basis. Don’t participate. Don’t beg. Stand with pride. I do not yell at rain clouds. I do not wrestle for the gun, but simply and forevermore point out that violence is evil. I will not participate in it. I will not subjugate myself to this fetid ritual, this ridiculous, magical bullshit called “voting”... They will never get my sanction for what they are doing. I will not vote in protest. I will not vote with the illusion that I will become free, but instead I will step back and I will not engage and I will withdraw and I will speak with pride and virtue and confidence about what real freedom is in this world: which is not running after your political masters, hoping to suck up some of the blood that falls from the corpses they carry. But love, pride and virtue in our private lives will spread the strength we really need to outgrow this slavery. We are the beginning of humanity. The group of people who dares to say, “we shouldn’t initiate violence against each other.” How painfully obvious is that? But it needs to be said because most people have been taught that there’s a giant exception called government. Can you say: “You’re Not The Boss of Me?” Future generations are gonna be glad we talked about this. — Larken Rose

STATISM: THE MOST DANGEROUS RELIGION (FEAT. LARKEN ROSE) com/watch?feature=player_ embedded&v=N6uVV2Dcqt0

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sis and other personal development tricks like neuro-linguistic programming, which are also techniques that can be used against us. Transcendent and transformative experiences, like those found in deep meditation or during an intense spiritual practice like yoga, can have profound and lasting positive effects on consciousness. Profound and enlightening states of altered consciousness can be induced with the ingestion of psychoactive plants, like psilocybin mushrooms, ayahuasca or iboga. Without awareness of what is programming and affecting consciousness, we have no control over the impulses generated by consciousness.

3. At its Core, Consciousness is Energy Just as a computer relies on a particular and steady frequency of power for its operation, a person is alive, with consciousness, only when the subtle energy of life is present within the body. Without this life force there is no life, and as devotees of the internal martial arts have discovered, this energy can be refined to produce optimal wellness and a deep connection to source. At the molecular level, atoms are held together by electrical bonds, not physical bonds, and incredibly, the human body produces its own measurable light in the form of bio-photon emissions. The electrical activity of the brain will harmonize when engaging in activities like meditation or yoga, and watching television or movies can cause many people in the same room to involuntarily synchronize brainwaves. Additionally, technological and environmental pollutants such as electro-magnetic radiation, water f luoridation and toxic foods can heavily impact consciousness by interfering with

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remaining on the heel. Colour has returned to the once white wound area, indicating an improvement in circulation. Quite an inspiring story. Families must take some responsibility for helping to keep our loved ones from suffering from these painful lesions. We can work with the medical community to provide solutions that will take some burden off the already taxed medical system. By providing just a simple wool mattress cover or a smaller comfort mat, we can alleviate the unnecessary suffering of so many. From foot ulcers to sores on

the body’s natural processes, even calcifying the pineal gland, the tiny gland attributed to linking the mind and body to the spirit. Furthermore, the scientific understanding of the human mind has ballooned in recent years, and we can now interact with the brain as an electromechanical instrument, albeit one of extreme complexity. Remarkably, it is possible to capture the brain’s electrical output and interpret brainwaves for use as control signals for consumer devices, like mind-controlled word processors and toy helicopters. Virtual reality technologies trick the senses into believing that what they are receiving is an accurate interpretation of the world. As security and defence tools, the government, and agencies like DARPA are putting tremendous resources into the development of mind-reading, brainsyncing and scanning technologies which interpret and influence consciousness by intercepting and transmitting electrical information relevant to the human brain. Supporting all life is an energetic system that makes consciousness happen. This is the source of life and technology.

Conclusion As a mirror reflects its subject, examining the products of the human mind can reveal a deeper understanding of our world and our place in it, offering the opportunity for greater possibility. Underlying our thoughts and behavioural patterns is a programmable interface that can be a product of our intention or a way for others to access and control us. We live in a sea of influences on human consciousness, which must first be recognized in order to develop immunity to them. Consciousness and life are made possible by an everpresent, constant source of universal creative energy, which human beings can cultivate to reach even greater states of consciousness.

the coccyx from endless hours of sitting, largely on synthetic materials, there are answers. Anyes has developed a superb selection of medical wool garments and pads or mats that provide both comfort to the individual and healing benefits. This array of footwear, insoles, gloves, clothing and blankets are ideal for use in hospital, hospice or home settings. The wool fabric is washable and able to be dried at high enough temperatures (70 celsius), to meet the parameters of the Canadian National Infection Control Standards. Nature has the answers and Anyes has tapped into that wooly resource to give us viable and affordable options with her Soul Comfort products. Guess what my father is getting as a present....just for being my dad.

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satanic pilgrimage don’t ever get to the inner sanctum, fortunately. However, they do themselves (and others) a great deal of harm along the way. But those that do get an open door to the inner sanctum, become the chosen purveyors of a reversed logic for the planet. Such people manifest themselves wherever positions of insentient hierarchical power and control are dominant. In this reversed world, our innate divinity is turned inside out, becoming a near total immersion into atheistic narcissism: the mark of the beast – one of whose more blatant manifestations is our rampant consumer society. Carried to its nadir, the pursuit of power takes the form of a total consumption of the all; the complete subjugation of the Creator and replacement with a false idol that takes on the characteristics of a god in its own right. The abstract, insentient god of disenfranchised divine power. It is this alien hybrid that seeded its way onto an innocent Earth in ages past, stealing the gold from an unsullied Eden. The end game of our tormentors has always been to possess this blessed planet and suck from it all vestiges of love, passion and compassion. Because they provide the fuel for the process whereby the dark omega point can be reached; the divine universe conquered, to be replaced by a virtual reality transhuman sham. This is the world entered into by any being that freely elects to follow the calling of the ‘foreign installation’ instead of the Supreme Creator. Duality has no ‘no man’s land’ middle ground. Not to be on the path of truth is to be on the path of untruth; and unless corrected (and there are ample opportunities for correction) this road ends in a black hole. For those who fully embrace a march to the black hole, the world is not enough. For the eternal craver of power, and those driven by a deep fear of the unknown, only the possession of the entire universe seems likely to satiate their inner emptiness. However, that seemingly unquenchable appetite will never get its craved for satiation. As what such entities do not fully comprehend, is that all attempts to subjugate the Creator must ultimately prove futile. For the very act of trying to do so triggers – somewhere deep in the universe – an opposite movement: The rebirth of life-light, a counterpoint that cannot be constrained. As this force grows in intensity, we sense our own rebirth quickening. Not just this, but also that the poisoned protagonists of darkness, for all their brazen arrogance, are trembling. We who press onwards, confronting the seemingly impenetrable grip that our tormentors hold over us, burn inside with an unquenchable passion for fulfilment of our quest. This passion is transformative. It brings us to our Omega Point. The exact opposite of the dark-side’s entropic end game. Here, at our Omega Point, we find ourselves offering our full support for this great Universe that bore us in the first place. We burst with the love we long to share, to give back, to honour our Creator. And it is here, in this quintessential moment, that our Creator witnesses that which He Is – and we – that which We Are. And we are the same. Fully conjoined in a Oneness that disguises the duality which brought it into being. Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author. His acclaimed recent book ‘In Defence of Life’ is available at and other Internet sites, as well as via his website

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The profound implications on environmental health include exposing humans and Earth’s other biota to: (1) chemically mobile aluminum, implicated in neurological disorders and botanic demise; (2) exposure to toxic heavy metals and radioactive elements; (3) preventing rainfall with concomitant loss of food production and habitats; and, (4) possibly contributing to global warming with concomitant arctic melting.


Why in the world are they Spraying? mEfJO0-cTis

The law of the land is on the side of the people. Let’s first understand the many relevant laws and statutes, codes and ordinances, rules and regulations, treaties and agreements that apply to this ongoing crime against humanity. Common law prohibits and implies that no person or party, no government or corporation has the right to regularly introduce poisonous chemicals, toxic pollutants or harmful contaminants into the atmosphere, especially on such a massive scale. Conversely, no entity — not government, not military, not corporate — possesses the lawful authority to spray toxic and/or poisonous chemtrail aerosols throughout the skies of the world. Therefore, any government agency or military command, corporate contractor or foreign proxy, that has illegally arrogated such power unto itself to conduct such detrimental geoengineering programs, has done so in direct violation of the United States Constitution, particularly where it concerns the continuous chemical geoengineering of American skies. Because these illicit and injurious atmospheric engineering programs do great harm to the citizens of the USA, they are conducted in violation of a number of other Federal and State Criminal and Civil Law Statutes. To the extent that these invasive operations do harm to other nations means that they are being executed in contravention of various International Laws and Treaties. Chemical geoengineering represents a flagrant breach of both the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Chemtrail spraying is also a transgression of some of the most basic EPA Rules and Regulations that are supposed to be enforced (but are not) by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, there are universal laws that reign supreme throughout the entire planetary realm. These universal laws are far more weighty and inviolable, and supersede those that are legislated by mankind. They are summed up as follows. Geoengineering programs that cause any harm to human, animal or plant life are doing so in gross violation of natural law, divine law and scriptural law. For those who acknowledge and respect the sacred scriptures of the world’s major religious traditions, it is well understood that the worldwide

Chemtrail Operation In Progress

spraying of toxic and/or poisonous chemtrails aerosols represents a profound and serious assault on the sanctity of life. Hence, every resident of planet Earth has a civic duty and moral obligation to bring about the immediate termination of these deleterious chemtrailspraying operations.

What’s the real point here? The critical point is that only We, the People can stop these life-threatening geoengineering programs. The more critical point is that only those who actually know about chemical geoengineering can possibly take action. Therefore, either the very few of us who do know of their existence must take immediate measures to terminate them, or we recruit the many who remain genuinely unaware by informing them. When they come to understand how dangerous and deadly chemtrail operations truly are, the silent majority will act. One thing is for certain: No one wants the air that they MUST breathe to be pervaded with known toxins and poisons. Likewise, who would not be exasperated about coal fly ash being regularly sprayed in their skies by their own government? Especially when those same coal-fly-ash pollutants and contaminants were mandatorily removed by every coal-fired power plant across the nation (per EPA direc-


tives).’ Then there is the significant and alarming decrease in sunlight that is reaching the Earth’s surface because of the constant artificial fabrication of chemclouds. For those who appreciate the sunlight and its many healing qualities, the health consequences associated with fewer sunrays is truly devastating. The rapid and overwhelming proliferation of pernicious molds and fungi alone is causing its own public health disaster (the Sun has been recognized as Mother Nature’s #1 disinfectant since time immemorial). What else can you tell your family and friends about this quickly devolving global atmospheric cataclysm? Let’s consider the final words that J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D. wrote in his pivotal paper on coal fly ash and its inevitable health consequences. More than a half century ago Rachel Carson called the world’s attention to the unintended consequences of herbicides and pesticides widely employed by agriculture. Instead of turning a blind eye, people everywhere became motivated to stop the worst of this environmental onslaught. Today we are fully aware of the vast interconnected web of dependencies and symbioses that comprise life on our planet. Earth exists in a state of dynamic biological, chemical, and physical equilibrium whose complexity far exceeds the understanding of contemporary science. The pervasive tropospheric spraying of coal fly ash threatens this equilibrium, whose delicacy or whose resilience we cannot quantify. Human health is at risk as is Earth’s biota. Are

we to remain silent? Or will we exercise our primal right to speak in our own defence as a species and question the sanity of emplacing coal fly ash in Earth’s perpetually moving atmosphere? What can be done? What can We, the people realistically do to shut down chemtrail operations everywhere? How can chemical geoengineering be permanently terminated? Lawsuits. Personal injury lawsuits. Class action lawsuits. Class Action Lawsuit Initiative (http://geoengineeringactionnetwork. org/?page_id=17) Also, the respective governments of those nations which permit these crimes against their citizens need to be held accountable and made an example of what will not be permitted in the future. The U.S. Federal Government, in particular, needs to be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. By every indication chemical geoengineering was initiated by the U.S. military and scientific establishment. The first experimental chemtrail operations were also conducted in the skies of the USA utilizing HAARP technology as well. Therefore, the American people ought to start by asserting their God-given rights. After all, their human rights, civil rights and constitutional rights have been profoundly violated with every chemtrail that is sprayed across their skies. Sincerely, Managing Editor CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED) CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions Why in the world are they Spraying? watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

brought in from South East Asia were included in some mouth freshening formulas. Then came the additions of colour, flavours and detergents, to increase the foaming action of the cleansers. Fluoride was added to prevent tooth decay and humectants were included so that the products would not harden unnecessarily. Herbal toothpastes became popular and some without added fluoride were also popular. The use of peppermint oil, myrrh and strawberry extract continued in their popularity.

teeth makes a simple healthy toothpaste. Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal. Adding peppermint oil to coconut oil creates a simple, toxin-free, healthy toothpaste. Colloidal silver is another known antibacterial agent and will kill viruses and unhealthy flora in your mouth. For the simplest solution, you can avoid toothpaste completely and brush your teeth with just a dry toothbrush.

Toothpaste in the 20th century and beyond

Healthy toothpaste

By the 20th century, toothpastes and liquid tooth cleaners came along. The use of chlorophyll added breath freshening and colour to the mixtures. Eucalyptus leaves

Healthy toothpastes can be made at home from simple ingredients that are easily sourced. Simply using baking soda, or a baking soda and sea salt mixture on the

Talya Dagan is a health advocate and health coach, trained in nutrition and gourmet health food cuisine, writing about natural remedies for disease and nutrition and herbal medicine. You can follow her blog at www.

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was printed in the Farmer’s Almanac. The recipe called for myrrh, honey, and green sage. This was to be used on wet teeth each night. An alternate recipe called for cream of tartar mixed with clover oil and cuttlefish bone. Colgate began selling its peppermint toothpaste in 1873.

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