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When Did We Start Accepting

Our Insane World

By Marco Torres

As The Norm?


ver wonder when it was that we all started submitting to the terms of life as we are subjected to on a daily basis? When did we start accepting the poisoning of our water supply with fluoride and other toxins? When did we start saying it’s ok to pollute our food, the planet and ourselves? When did we start giving away our freedom of choice and giving it to the government? When and why did this happen to humanity and how could we let it happen? 

 There are many theories, but definitive answers are difficult to find. If you look back at history, such instances of absolute illogical behaviour are rampant. The common theme appears to be that the masses are always in agreement with this behaviour and they simply let it ride. It seems that mass mind control programs have been in operation

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e Us! Come Se

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and affecting people for tens of thousands and perhaps hundreds of thousands of years. Our present day reality is a reflection of the culmination of this mass mind control and what we have come to accept as normal. It’s psychotic to sane observers but completely normal to others.

 Take healers as an example. They were historically stoned to death for their ability to drive away a variety of illnesses from countless people. Then there was the slaying of medicine men and women who had the ancient herbal knowledge to heal and cure hundreds of diseases. What about the raping, killing and torture of entire communities and cities, peaceful and otherwise that did not fit into the grand scheme of plans for conquering rulers as their quest for occupied territories expanded? Sound familiar? That’s because it has happened for tens of thousands of years while the world watched and let it happen, just as we do

See ‘INSANE’ on page 21

Common Law activist

Dean Clifford

adopted as International Prisoner of Conscience


he ITCCS Directorate today adopted Canadian common law activist Dean Clifford as an International Prisoner of Conscience and began campaigning for his immediate release from “barbaric police state conditions”. The ITCCS will be presenting a formal petition of Habeas Corpus to Canadian courts to secure his release. Clifford was arrested without a warrant or charges in November, 2013 while giving a public talk on common law rights. Since then, he has been confined incommunicado in a Brandon, Manitoba prison, where he has been routinely denied the right to appear in court, file petitions Common law or seek Habeas Corpus relief. This week, a sheriff at the activist Dean Clifford. prison told Clifford’s wife, “Dean will never get out of here”. Clifford has been a prominent common law educator for years in Canada, challenging the arbitrary unlawfulness of Canadian law and the “crown” court system. He is also a supporter of the ITCCS and the common law court movement. “Everything indicates that Dean Clifford is being deliberately targeted and persecuted by

See ‘CLIFFORD’ on page 21


By Brandon West

n this article we will explore how your body is a holographic projection of your consciousness, and how you directly influence that hologram and thus have complete control over the physical health of your body. We will also specifically explore the exact mechanism behind this principle, and don’t worry, I will provide scientific evidence so let your rational mind be at ease. But first … how is this even possible?

Proof the Human Body is a

Projection of Consciousness

Human Thought Determines Reality One of the key principles of quantum physics is that our thoughts determine reality. Early in the 1900s they proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt with an experiment called the double slit experiment. They found that the determining factor of the behaviour of energy (‘particles’) at the quantum level is the awareness of the observer. For example: electrons under the same conditions would sometimes act like particles, and then at other times they would switch to acting like waves (formless energy), because it was completely dependent on what the observer expected was going to happen. Whatever the observed believed would occur is what the quantum field did. The quantum world is waiting for us to make a decision so that it knows how to behave. That is why quantum physicists have such difficulties in dealing with, explaining, and defining the quantum world. We are truly, in every sense of the word, masters of creation because we decide what manifests out of the field of all-possibility and into form. The thing is, the quantum level of reality isn’t a local and insignificant aspect of creation. It is all around us, and it is the most fundamental level of creation aside from the unified field itself. The human energy field is interacting and influencing the quantum field all around us at all times and the energy of our beliefs and intentions are infused into our energy field because they are defined by the energy of our thoughts and emotions. Thus the fusion of our thoughts,

emotions, beliefs, and intentions, which I will call the human energy field for simplicity’s sake, is perpetually informing the quantum reality within us and around us at each moment of our existence. And because reality is flashing in and out of existence (hypothetically at Planck time – 1044 times per second – as explained by The Resonance Project biophysicist William Brown), every time our reality oscillates between form, and the pure energy state of the field, our awareness which is constant and doesn’t flash in and out of existence informs the

field what to reappear as when it makes its transition back to form at the quantum level. Therefore each time we oscillate into formlessness, we have complete and total control and responsibility over what we choose with our attention to manifest out of the field in the next moment, and our power and ability to do so relies entirely what we believe, and on how we are feeling. A dramatic example of this is the case of Vittorio Michelli. In 1962 he was admitted to the Military Hospital of Verona, Italy with a large tumour on his left hip. The doctors knew that they could not help him, so his case was deemed hopeless and he was sent home without treatment, and after about 10 months his left hip bone had completely disintegrated. As a last resort, he traveled to Lourdes, France and bathed himself in the spring there (which is a Christian holy site famous for producing miracles). Immediately he started feeling better, he regained his appetite, and bathed himself in the spring a few more times before he left. After a few months of being home he felt such a powerful sense of well-being that he urged the doctors to x-ray him again, and they were astonished to find that his tumour had shrunk. Over the next several months they kept a close watch on him, and his X-rays showed that his tumour kept on shrinking, until it was gone. And once his tumour disappeared, his hipbone started regenerating. After two months he was walking again, and several years later his hip bone had completely regenerated. The Vatican’s Medical Commission, in their

See ‘PROJECTION’ on page 16

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Awakened Warriors, Arise! By Zen Gardner


ife is a struggle. How much more so is the spiritual life the fight to remain conscious in an illusory world where deviant forces vie for control more than caring, battering your very body and soul day in and day out on top of your struggle to survive. Oh, we’re going peacefully downstream in the conscious dimensions. There we learn to let go and follow the flow of the Universe and synchronicity. But in this physical, lower density world, we’re fighting directly upstream. In addition, we’re living in a time of increasingly turbulent waters. Our kayaks hit all kinds of eddies and crosscurrents, never mind the rocks and rapids we have to navigate – all while idiots, zealots and doubters, prodded on by the propaganda whores, are screaming obscenities from the shore and trying to hit us with anything they can get their hands on! But, grasshoppers, we have powers they know not of!

The Call to Battle We’re in a warfare, any way you look at it. Only it’s not a warfare of hate, but of love. It’s not a warfare of physical violence, but a spiritual one of intention and a Truthdirected life. The inherent cause and effect of Universal consciousness is the dissolution of the ways born of ignorance and darkness by means of the all powerful exposing and enlightening weapons of Light, Love and Truth. The medieval matrix, no matter how fancy and hi-tech it has become, is dissolving and losing its grip. We need to actively help it on its way to oblivion, identifying its lies and blatant agenda for control and subjugation. Don’t forget, non-compliance is a decisive action, not inaction. Inaction is going with the current of the matrix. There is no sitting still. We’re all doing one or the other. Complying, or rejecting and countering their flow. That’s the choice. That’s the battle.

arts, the Truth warrior uses his weapons skilfully and with great discretion. While many argue we need evil for good to exist and all that esoterica, we happen to be living in a time of great imbalance. Do you enjoy having lords of darkness rule over you and yours, exercising more death dealing, spirit quelling control over humanity by the day? I didn’t think so. Will it collapse under its own weight? In many ways it has to. Will it do it all by itself? We have to play our parts. As long as we’re here we’re integral to the Great Design and clearly need to do our part. All I know is that what I am finding out and tuning in to calls me to participate, as so many are experiencing. It’s as real as the sun and water hitting a seedling and the organism responding. If it’s not evident to you that our planet and In A Time of Imbalance, the Call civilization are under attack I do wonder to Rise is Natural how you got to this article. It couldn’t be any clearer. That’s why they direct the Similar to the poetic beauty of martial angst people are feeling, the knowing that something is wrong, towards fabricated “outside” enemies to divert attention from the real perpetrators and agenda. Hence the daily “scare” headlines, whatever they are. Similar to how religion co-opts, steers and contains the human soul’s hunger for the spiritual, the Controllers arouse, channel and misdirect humanity’s sense that it is being attacked and they

literally harness what they themselves have aroused, using it for their own parasitic, vampiric purposes. Cattle prods and sheep dogs driving humanity into the slaughterhouse, mentally, spiritually and physically. Sorry, not on our watch. It’s long been time to sound the alarm and awaken as many as we possibly can. The spiritual, mental and physical arousal has way more effect than we can begin to imagine. Only your mind and low level system programming diminish its importance. Trust your heart.

There is No “They”… They Said The old “tell a big enough lie” ploy is at work here. Their biggest tool is to say there is no “they”. There are no dark forces according to mainstream understanding in this dumbed down world. In fact, we’re told the “they” are the good guys looking out for us. It reminds me of the adage that the biggest lie Satan ever told is that he doesn’t exist. Pretty clever these demons. Just laugh at them. Yet their all usurping lie remains: There is no negative, destructive, usurping parasitic force in the Universe other than far away safely distanced religious concepts. Most feel humanity just has other controlling humans to worry about. The powers that be are here to simply save us from each other then becomes the most believable option, and into the cattle chute they go. After all, that’s the mantra of the anticonspiracy camp. ”THEY? Are you crazy? You really think there’s some ‘secret cabal’ running things from behind the scenes? How insane are you? If that were the case we’d be hearing all about it in the mainstream media! No way they could hide something that big!” Same old, same old. A very dark time right now indeed. All the recent pandemic scares, terrorism stagings, and economic and phoney

political rattlings attest to it. And if those fade they’ll create some new ones.

Consciousness Calling If you feel the call to participate more it’s consciousness calling, any way you slice it. Take your place on the great mandala and all that, but there’s a bulldozer headed for your house. Are you just gonna sit there? No doubt you’ve given all of this serious thought. And I know many of you have activated and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m proud to be associated with so many amazing, loving committed people. I think we just need to be adaptive and prepared for more. The winds are picking up and the battlefield is becoming more fluid, more challenging and more demanding. And for those on the sidelines: It’s time to choose your course of action – or let it choose you. I’m not gonna tell anyone what to do. If people don’t learn to choose for themselves, consciousness is not at work and back to the old paradigms we go. But do something. Get the boat in motion or the rudder can’t take effect. Find and take your calling seriously and step it up. We all have to. Meditate, intend, pray, affirm, that’s great… but act! Change your life, change the etheric world around you by your loving actions and intentions. Try new consciousness technologies while changing your lifestyle. And perhaps move to a smarter and safer location away from this obvious steamroller coming at many of you. Why just sit there? Meanwhile write, talk, show up, contribute, speak to groups, attend gatherings of active and motivated individuals or just get honest with your loved ones. Find the opening and jump in. The rest will follow. Time is too short to do otherwise. Contribute we must. Hopefully with

See “Warrior” on page 21 Page 5

By Jon Rappoport

“Build it and they will come. Build a

false narrative and people will come in droves.” ­— The Underground, Jon Rappoport

For alert minds: The art of the covert


hen a researcher or an investigator suspects he is looking at an artificial narrative, a storyline that is floated to achieve a hidden agenda, he has to deal with one overriding question: How deep does he want to go, in order to root out the potential lies and false material? Into how basic a level of the narrative does he want to cut, to see what leaks out? Case in point: the current Ebola storyline. Many lies can be found there. I have written about them. But one statement in the Ebola narrative is almost universally accepted. It is accepted in the case of Ebola, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, SARS, and West Nile. Most recently, the story began this way: “In three West African countries, there has been an outbreak of Ebola.” This is the crux: “the Ebola virus is killing people.” The audience automatically accepts that premise. Whatever else they may or may not accept, they buy that premise. So many consequences, official and unofficial, can flow from the basic premise, you would think alert people would probe it — but they don’t.

Page 6

They go for it hook, line, and sinker. They don’t know whether it’s true, they don’t have any idea about the reality of the assumption, but they grab it and cling to it. Then they say, “Since we know the Ebola virus is killing lots and lots of people, what else can we infer?” Effective narratives work that way: slip in a basic idea, watch people buy it and build on it. What about the kids in Denver now being reported with “muscle weakness?” Must be a virus, the experts say; just not sure which one. Really? Then how do they know it’s a virus at all? Or any germ? Why is “the mystery illness that’s sweeping the US” caused by a germ? How do we know it’s one illness? The general symptoms that are always

reported in these “outbreaks” could be caused by 6 different germs — or none at all. I remember when Jim West, a fine independent researcher, correlated a so-called outbreak of West Nile with centres of spewing industrial pollution in the US. Back in 2003, I discovered that at least a quarter of the cases of SARS in Hong Kong, one of the “epicentre” cities, were coming from the Amoy Gardens apartment complex, where faeces were leaking into the internal water supply — a plumbing problem. And “Swine Flu” was an environmental/corporate problem in La Gloria, Mexico, on a large commercial pig farm, where lagoons of pig faeces were baking and festering in the sun — and then, on top of that,

outside contractors were called in to spray the area with toxic chemicals, which made the local workers even sicker. In three or four articles about Ebola, I’ve listed all the endemic, chronic, and long-term horrific conditions in West Africa which have been killing people — and none of those conditions is related to Ebola. I’ve demonstrated, on many occasions, how the most frequently used tests for diagnosing viral diseases — the antibody and PCR tests — are totally unreliable, deceptive, and useless. I’ve explained that when it comes to germs, the factor that determines health or illness in a human being is

See “NARRATIVE” on page 18

Another Mother Claiming That Cannabis Cured Her Child’s Cancer By


early two years ago, a Colorado Springs mother made the controversial decision to treat her son’s cancer with cannabis, instead of chemotherapy. Her 4-year-old son, Landon, is now in remission. Could marijuana really help fight cancer? We talked with doctors who say a lot more research needs to be done for those claims to be validated. However, we found evidence of more parents allowing their children to use medical marijuana during chemotherapy to ease the side effects. In Sierra Riddle’s case, she stopped her son’s chemo all together. It was a dangerous move according to doctors, but one Sierra believes saved her son’s life. Landon looks like your typical boy, riding his tricycle almost every afternoon. Unfortunately, he didn’t always have this much energy. “Landon was 2 when he was diagnosed w i t h aggressive T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia,” Sierra said. Sierra lived in Utah at the time and started Landon on chemotherapy. She says she watched as his condition slowly deteriorated. “Within three months, he lost 50-percent of his body weight,” Riddle said. “He lost his ability to walk.” Desperate for help, Sierra started searching for alternatives to chemo and found cannabis. Not every state supports medical marijuana, so she packed her bags and moved to Colorado Springs. In May 2013, Sierra made the drastic decision to stop chemotherapy, believing it was doing more harm than good. Doctors disagreed and called the Department of Human Services, fearing Sierra was putting her son’s life in danger. “I moved here so we could have safe and legal access to marijuana,” Riddle said. “I told doctors I didn’t want to do chemo anymore and they said I didn’t have a choice.” Within 24 hours, child protective services came knocking on Sierra’s door.

“They (case workers) expected to walk-in and see ‘cancer’ Landon,” Riddle said. “Instead, they saw this Landon running around and eating. He didn’t even complete 40-percent of their treatment plan and he’s 24 months in remission almost and he continues to improve.” Doctor Amy Brooks-Kayal is the Chief of Neurology at Children’s Hospital in Aurora. She’s familiar with medical marijuana treatments, primarily with children with epileptic seizures. “The use of it (marijuana) with children is relatively newer,” BrooksKayal said. “It’s really been in the last year that we’ve seen an increasing number of children that are being given medical marijuana products.” Doctors at Children’s Hospital are not allowed to prescribe pot to patients because there’s too many unknowns at this point in time. “There is a significantly increased risk in children and that’s because we know children’s b r a i n s r e s p o n d differently to medications,” Brooks-Kayal said. “We don’t have a lot of scientific evidence in support of the use of medical marijuana products.” Sierra says it’s time for change. “There’s 46 children a day diagnosed with cancer,” she said. “If we don’t allow research on this, our children are going to continue dying.” Sierra now makes cannabis oil at home and has a small marijuana garden out back. Only time will tell whether there’s a proven cure in the plant, or whether Landon’s impressive turnaround is an isolated case. Sierra says she has no plans to stop giving Landon cannabis, fearing his cancer could relapse. In addition to marijuana oil capsules, Sierra lets Landon use a vapor pen. News 5 also learned more than 200 children under the age of 10 now have medical marijuana cards to treat cancer and epileptic seizures. Doctors say it could be another decade or longer before learning what effects medical marijuana could have on a child’s brain.

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“The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.” — Dante Aleghieri Page 8


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How to Heal Your Heart By Joshua Eagle


ove and Fear exist as the two greatest spiritual forces expressed in the duality of our current everyday lives. Likewise, the energetic vibrational frequency cast out through these two powerful states is polar opposite in nature. In embodying a state of love, the energetic chakra point of our heart begins to spin its toroidal vortex wheel at a much stronger and faster pace which grows in force and vibration over time. This allows for radiant states of joy, peace and love to unfold in our everyday lives. Yet working to heal and strengthen the love muscle of our hearts is not as simple as just pushing a button. In this article we will delve into several techniques for generating greater states of love and radiance in our lives through tapping into the power of our hearts. Like all organs of the body, the heart is vulnerable to all things of which we consume. This consumption however is not limited to just that of food. Although food exists as one of the most significant influencers, what we consume through our mind, eyes, feelings and emotions can have just as powerful of an effect. How did you feel the last time you saw a news segment on a war going on in some part of the world? Did it generate fear in your heart and soul? ‘Tell a vision’ programming exists as one of the greatest inducers of fear that is currently projected onto the mass population in the western world. This can be bypassed by simply not engaging in any type of fear-based programming. Instead, one can work to counteract this issue through simply adding in positive forms of content. These can range from inspirational books, positive

documentaries and show segments, harmonic music and movies that uplift to the soul through conveying messages of positivity and hope. The teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, and various other spiritual cultures reveal that the food we eat is also an integral part of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual state, but not necessarily as one might initially think. Rather than this being a result of the food’s nutritional content, the food we eat effects us on a much deeper karmic and vibrational level. For example, if you eat the meat of an animal who has been raised in a factory farm, under hellish conditions, living in its own excrement with it’s companions and fed a diet of genetically modified corn or wheat which creates much digestive distress, only to be followed by the horror of being slaughtered by a robotic metal machine, then all of those negative emotions which this animal experienced throughout its incarnation enter into you upon consuming it. Imprinted on a molecular, energetic and cellular level into that animal were all of its life experiences. This weighs heavily on the spirit of the consumer and can only be counterbalanced through one’s personally experiencing these vibrations which goes through the cycle of life through the food chain, awaiting karmic restoration. Enlightenment is not just an ideal. It is a path of generating light within through the consumption of high vibrational photonic energy, which is light in its atomic weight. Hearts are further deeply affected by the toxins which we ingest through the foods and products we consume. The most detrimental

of these are plaque, synthetic calcium and pharmaceutical medications. All physical arterial disease in fact stems from the clogging of these lifeblood veins of which plaque, calcium and other synthetic chemicals work to encrust and clog up like a coral reef. The first step to detoxifying your heart physically should be to consciously reduce the level of arterial and ventricle blockages through eating a cleaner diet. When one begins to comprise their diet of 80% wild or organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, the body can use these natural substances to purge out accumulated toxins in the body, as well as activate our body’s own powerful ability of self-healing and regeneration. Specific foods that can be added into one’s diet that add more power to the plaque and calcium nano-bacteria eradication are citric acid rich foods such as grapefruits and oranges, chanca piedra, sulfur rich foods such as garlic, onions and radishes, as well as wild harvested spring water (see to access local springs near you). After or during the initiation of one’s physical heart detoxification one can next look into directly strengthening the heart through herbs and foods. Foods that lubricate and structurally support the heart muscles and channels are fatty fruits and vegetables such as olives, olive oil, coconut oil, durian and avocados. Medicinal herbs and foods which work to jumpstart the hearts functioning include Japanese knotweed, red grapes, hawthorn berry tea, cacao beans and last but certainly not least, San Pedro cactus preparations, only to be consumed under the guidance of a trained shaman. While the cleansing of the heart is integral to its healing and generation of the high vibrational frequencies love, energetic and emotional blockages in other parts of the body can work to hinder high vibratory flow as well. This is where other sophisticated healing modalities come into play. Depending on the unique

circumstances of one’s life, a person can literally absorb or self-create negative emotional blockages in any part of their body. While the most common area of negative emotional and energetic accumulation is the stomach region, one can work to physically purge the entire bodily system through practices such as guided juice fasting, spring water fasting, rolfing, ayahuasca, kundalini yoga, colon hydrotherapy, herbal decoction enemas, mucoid plaque cleanses and various other healing techniques. Being that all of these techniques work from different angles, they are all important to include with each other to create synergistic and integrative healing power. After one becomes consciously aware of physical and emotional heart blockages that they may embody, the next step is taking action. To be consciously aware of one’s issues is only the first step in our never-ending journey of growth, which is life. Pharmaceutical medications can work like crutches to a wounded soul, but only create further work to be done in the long haul as they prevent one from truly healing through the numbing of ones feeling senses. This undoubtedly also derails one from their heart and souls true mission in this incarnation which may be the worst consequence of all. Open up your heart to the love that is our benevolent universe, forgive those that may be under the chains of negativity and use the power of your will to ascend the power of your heart today. About the author: Joshua Eagle is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in immune system revitalization, detoxification, weight loss, mind ascension and longevity. After a decade of studying health through various modalities he received formal training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as The Body Mind Institute where he studied under various Naturopaths, Nutritionists and healers of countless holistic health systems. Visit Josh at:

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1000-Fold Increase In Toxic Exposure When Using Canned Products



ONSUMING A DAILY serving of canned food products has a more than 1,000% increase in urinary bisphenol A (BPA) concentrations compared with when the same individuals consumed fresh food daily. The study is one of the first to quantify BPA levels in humans after ingestion of canned foods. The findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). In 2009, the North American Metal Packaging Alliance, a Washington-based trade group for can makers, said that “there is no readily available” alternative to BPA, which allows high temperature sterilization of canned food, preventing microbial contamination. 

“Previous studies have linked elevated BPA levels with adverse health effects. The next step was to figure out how people are getting exposed to BPA. We’ve known for a while that drinking beverages that have been stored in certain hard plastics can increase the amount of BPA in your body. This study suggests that canned foods may be an even greater concern, especially given their wide use,” said Jenny Carwile, a doctoral student in the Department of Epidemiology at HSPH and lead author of the study.

BPA is a dangerous chemical linked to health concerns from digestive problems to issues with brain development. It’s was found present in around two billion products in the U.S. that are used on a daily basis. Because it’s the most harmful on developing brains and bodies, children and pregnant women especially need to avoid contact with BPA. 

“When it comes to BPA in the environment, the biggest exposure, in my opinion, is from cash register receipts,” says John C. Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (WBI), in Wilmington, Mass. “Once on the fingers, BPA can be transferred to the mouth, onto food, and likely absorbed through the skin.”

Canned products are another major source of exposure. Simply put, just about anything you eat that comes out of a can — from Campbell’s Chicken Soup and SpaghettiOs to Diet Coke and BumbleBee Tuna — contains BPA.

Other sources include PVC water lines, paper currency, dental sealants and plastics.

Other plastics-even BPA-free ones--may also be a source of endocrine disrupters. An analysis of more than 450 everyday plastic products, from plastic bags to water bottles, found that about 95% of the items tested leached chemicals that triggered a bioassay for estrogenic activity, including most of the products labeled as BPA-free (C&EN, March 14, page 48).

Even new products containing the BPA replacement, BPS has some of the same estrogen-mimicking effects of BPA, and that people may now

be absorbing 19 times more BPS through their skin then when BPA was used to coat paper. 

Stop Using Cans And Other BPA Lined Products 1 Buy whole foods — and carry them home in paper bags. Do not microwave in plastic — even if it is labeled “microwave-safe”! Heat raises BPA levels in plastic, upping the health hazards. Instead, microwave food in glass or ceramic containers if you must use a microwave at all (please review dangers of microwaving) 2 Consider switching to a French press coffeemaker. Typical coffeemakers may contain traces of BPA and other toxins in the bin that holds the coffee filter and coffee. These grow more concentrated when heated. Kick the cans. Avoid canned foods except those that are in BPA-free cans, such as from Eden Foods, Vital Choice, Oregon’s Choice and Trident Seafoods. Watch out for the kids. Developing children are at even greater risk for harm from BPA. Use glass baby bottles or BPAfree plastic bottles. For older children, get stainless steel lunch b o x e s instead of plastic.
 3 M o s t types of cash register receipts contain BPA. Since it’s a “free” form of the chemical, that means it gets onto your hands and into your body in greater quantity than with some of these other products. If possible, just say no to the receipt when you’re at the store. If you do handle receipts, wash your hands as soon as possible, especially before handling food. You can also ask the store manager if they’re using BPA free receipts. The types that do not contain BPA are thermal paper from Appleton Paper or regular “bond” paper where the information is printed onto the receipt using ink. 
The exposure to BPA from canned food “is far more extensive” than from plastic bottles, said Shanna Swan, a professor and researcher at the University of Rochester in New York. “It’s particularly concerning when it’s lining infant formula cans.”

 One scientist helping to lead the charge against BPA is Yale University physician, professor and researcher Hugh Taylor. His research has shown that the chemical alters the way genes react to estrogen, and could open the door for infants in utero to develop cancer much later in life. “I tell my pregnant patients to avoid products containing it,” he said. “Even a fleeting exposure in pregnancy can cause lasting damage.” The studies by Taylor are certainly eye-opening. They have shown that the chemical alters the way DNA operates, a process known as an epigenetic change.

Exposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemical BPA, used in the lining of metal food and beverage cans, has been shown to interfere with reproductive development in animals and has been linked with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity in humans. In addition to the lining of food and beverage cans, BPA is also found in polycarbonate bottles (identified by the recycling number 7) and dentistry composites and sealants. Urine samples of the 75 volunteers taken during the testing showed that consumption of a serving of canned soup daily was associated with a 1,221% increase in BPA compared to levels in urine collected after consumption of

fresh soup. The researchers note that the elevation in urinary BPA concentrations may be temporary and that further research is needed to quantify its duration. “The magnitude of the rise in urinary BPA we observed after just one serving of soup was unexpected and may be of concern among individuals who regularly consume foods from cans or drink several canned beverages daily. It may be advisable for manufacturers to consider eliminating BPA from can linings,” said Michels, senior author of the study. April McCarthy is a community journalist playing an active role reporting and analyzing world events to advance our health and eco-friendly initiatives.

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It’s on its Way to Your Car Battery & Many Things You Haven’t Yet Imagined New technologies are only beginning to unlock the possibilities By Doug Fine


he first digital-age domestic hemp crop is being harvested as I write. The subtle decrease in seismic activity currently puzzling Virginia geologists can be traced to Thomas Jefferson ceasing to spin in his grave for the first time in 77 years. For a century USDA biologists conducted taxpayer-funded hemp cultivar research for farmers, after all. They did this in a Virginia meadow that is today the Pentagon. And why wouldn’t they, in support of a key crop supplying the Navy with rope and earning millions for farmers from Wisconsin to Kentucky (when millions meant something)? Then there was this weird quirk (Google “cannabis prohibition” if the cause of the quirk is news to you), and


true true fair fair trade trade organic organic raw raw local local delicious delicious visit visit 844.443.9696 844.443.9696

Page 12

it took a tucked-in provision in the 2014 federal Farm Bill to allow hemp research to restart. As I learned while researching my latest book, Hemp Bound, this longest utilized of agricultural products (today defined as “cannabis with less than point three percent of psychoactive THC”) is offering up a genuine opportunity to provide food and energy independence for the U.S. and beyond while stimulating a multi-billion-dollar agriculture-based economy. It might even lead to fewer resource wars. Just that. This is what happens when you cultivate a plant for 12 millennia. It develops a broad range of helpful properties. Want some in-the field proof ? Last week, on a suspiciously hot late September morning, I was standing in the middle of a two-acre hemp plot in Sterling, Colorado, absentmindedly nibbling ripe, Omega-balanced seeds right off the flower, while conducting an interview. I was surrounded by hemp plants taller than I. Every now and then a piercing train whistle from Warren Buffet’s BNSF nearby freight line interrupted the bee chatter. Bill Billings, John Deere ball capwearing president of the Colorado Hemp Project that had commissioned this field from 67-year-old local farmer Jim Brammer, was answering my question about how the fibre side of this harvest (from a Chinese cultivar) was going to be used. “Supercapacitors,” he said. He said it off-handedly. What struck me was the absence of braggadocio. It was like he was suggesting the crop was going to be used for livestock bedding (a profitable, if longstanding fibre app

for hemp in Europe and, starting in 2015, the Thoroughbred market in Kentucky). Supercapacitors are next-generation battery storage components – the kind of technology that’s going to allow a solar-powered ranch like mine to charge a week’s worth of energy from an hour of sunlight. Seems the ridged shape of hemp, when reduced to nano-sized carbon atom sheets (called graphene), causes it to outperform previously leading modes of experimental (and, by the way, environmentally unfriendly) energy storage at, according to a paper delivered at the 2014 meeting of the American Chemical Society, 1/1000th of the cost. Just that. Billings and the deciders at the Boulder-area tech company with which the Colorado Hemp Project is partnering for the Sterling harvest asked me to keep the specifics out of this piece because the deal’s still being finalized. But the buyer is an established player in the nano arena and its CEO told me via email, “We’re interested in hemp because we believe hemp will change the way energy is created, charged, and stored.” Brammer, the overalls-clad farmer who sowed this Sterling crop, told me that hemp drank half the water the previous season’s GMO corn crop did. He also applied no pesticides or fertilizers to the hemp, and the dang crop in places was 10 feet tall. “I didn’t put nothing but water on this field this year,” he said. And the plants were so flower dense! Canadian farms harvest an average of 800 pounds of hemp seed per acre, leading to $250 per acre profits right from the field. That’s five times soy

Doug Fine is author of

“Farewell, My

Subaru,” “Too High to Fail” and, most recently, “Hemp Bound.” He’s on Twitter, too: @organiccowboy. profits. Those 800 pounds per acre, by the way, fetch north of $20 per pound retail. That’s why in this Tri-cropping model I hype vertical control of the industry by production communities: we’re talking $336,000 in revenue for a 20-acre hemp farm in Vermont. And that’s just for the seed. Beyond the raw seed itself, valueadded products like hemp protein juices and the Slovenian hemp/clay/ mint toothpaste my family is plowing through at the moment just increase the earning potential for today’s struggling farming communities. The Canadian industry is growing 24 percent per year. It’s poised to pass a billion dollars in revenue itself this year, its 16th in the modern era. Crew told me Canadian hemp oil (and seed cake) processors can’t keep up with demand. This is good for American farmers. It’s also good for the planet: while all this money is being made, putting small farmers back to work, hemp is cleaning monoculture-damaged soil via its famous phytoremediation qualities. And as Brammer confirmed, no harmful pesticides are being added. “None needed,” says the Canadian Agriculture Department page dedicated to the plant. Hemp is already changing the playbook for the embarrassingly low one percent of Americans who farm today (down from 30 percent when cannabis prohibition began in 1937). Sustainability mixing with profitability – this is why it matters that Brammer was seeing what a non-GMO crop can do. Sterling, Colorado is in Logan County, a part of the state so conservative that 42 percent of county voters chose to secede from the rest of the state last year. I’d seen this kind of rural local pride in Kentucky and Belgium in recent weeks as well: hemp is off the table as a culture war issue. In the Bluegrass State, it’s a Kentucky Heritage issue for the former world hemp industry leader. Those heady days are still in the cultural memory. Don’t try to trash

talk the cannabis plant in Lexington, in other words, where I attended a hemp industry meeting on the 28th floor of the Lexington Financial Centre Building last week. There pinstripe suits were the norm, a Republican state senator (Paul Hornback) was in attendance, and hemp bullishness was de rigueur. The Colorado Hemp Project seeds, by the way, were scrumptious, and imported versions of it are already in your supermarket, at that $20 a pound. Hang tight. Local hemp is on its way. I can introduce you to the farmers. For now. Soon you won’t need my help. I knew as I munched that I’d be looking back in a few years in awe at how fast the U.S. hemp industry has grown even from these impressive beginnings. Colorado, Vermont and Kentucky, the three most active hemp states of the 19 with hemp cultivation laws this inaugural post-Farm Bill season, have, combined, fewer than 2,000 acres planted this year (both of Hemp Bound’s 2013 hemp farming heroes, Michael Bowman and Ryan Loflin, were at it again in ’14 as well). Colorado is the only state that permitted commercial cultivation this year, ahead, let us hope briefly, of federal law. “For research purposes” is still the law of the land. Research plots though they may be cultivating, farmers in Kentucky have also been allowed to sell their harvest. In fact, every molecule of seed and fibre from every hemp field I visited this debut season had a buyer. That’s both saying a lot and not. It’s not much acreage, but it’s a dang good way to look back on an industry in 20 years: every single farmer always has had a buyer for everything she grew. Furthermore, I think we’ll see an impressive 15-fold increase in hemp acreage in 2015, to 30,000 cultivated acres. More even than Canadian processor Crew’s plea in Hemp Bound for American hemp cultivators to meet the double-digit increase in demand for the seed harvest, I love seeing

the “hemp farmers wanted” page on Vermont oil processor American Seed and Oil’s web site. This industry is hiring! And it is comprised of classic American go-getters. My email inbox just pinged with a cc:d note from 40-year-old Kentucky farmer and non-profit executive Mike Lewis, an Army vet whose Growing Warriors project is providing some of the hemp fibre that will go into the paper for a coming project of mine. He can get the fibre to the pulp mill “in a couple of weeks,” he said to Morris Beegle, the fellow pioneering domestic hemp printing care of his Colorado Hemp Company. Think of the carbonsavings when not only is the entire publishing industry tree-free, but the hemp pulp doesn’t need to be shipped to or from overseas. “But, hey,” you might be asking, “Is the infrastructure in place to develop a new industry, albeit derived from a very ancient ag. product that was successful from Neolithic times through 1937?” All I had to do to answer that question in the Sterling hemp field was turn around. Remember those startlingly loud BNSF train whistles? Their sources were half mile-long

lines of freight cars chugging by every 20 minutes, in easy walking distance from where I stood stuffing my face with protein and magnesium. I predict that within the next two decades, today’s domestic diesel-powered transportation grid (including trucking) will be at least partly powered by U.S.-grown hemp oil. This, I hope, will be part of a transition to a hemp graphene-based electric transportation system charged by the sun and wind, supplemented by hemp biomass power at a distributed, regional, community-owned grid system. This is safer for America (and the world! ed.) than one centralized master grid. Furthermore, the fracking rigging with which the cars were loaded down this September day (a fracking industry employee at the Sterling field with me kept pointing out “directional drill pipes” and “flex drill collars” in some of the open BNSF cars, and I could see multiple active fracking rigs scarring the landscape on the drive from Denver) will give way to trainloads of hemp seed and fibre by the millions of tons. It’s win-

See “HEMP” on page 19

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Nuclear Truth and Formality

Looking Beyond the Corporate Spin By Ethan Indigo Smith

The Terraist Letters

Introducing Ethan’s controversial book, The Terraist Letters, a work that humorously contrasts the very serious issues of global nuclear experimentation promotion and global marijuana prohibition. It is a funny and provocative political satire which attempts to brings some sanity to the most serious subject matter of nuclear experimentation, in a way that only Ethan can. “Ethan’s work will titillate, irritate, but most importantly, stimulate some serious thought concerning current conventions. Give it a read. Your brain might thank you.” ~ New York Times Best Selling author, Jim Marrs The Terraist Letters is available now on Amazon.


erhaps Japan is the starkest example of a society that prefers to adhere to formality rather than address the truth. It is a country of valued tradition, a place where the traditions of seppuku and kamikaze originated. And it is also the nation where the biggest nuclear disasters ever took place. The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed and an unknown number people, approaching 200,000, were atomitized, hundreds of thousands more died subsequently. The cities were paved over and rebuilt, the concrete reducing the lingering effects of radiation. And more recently the ongoing catastrophe in Fukushima began. However the traditional eating of the perfect Fukushima prefecture peaches continues. Formality supersedes everything in a country like Japan, and in any oligarchical institution. Most all nations are oligarchical to some degree or another, and all nuclear nations are oligarchical in the most extreme of ways, risking all life and land on behalf of the profit and the power of a few. Nuclear nations concurrently lie in the most extreme manner as well. Oligarchical lies become official and infest the collective mindset through every means available, not the least of which is government controlled media. Anyone who has ever heard a political address, witnessed court proceedings understands or read a corporate statement with an informed perspective knows that formality supersedes truth, within and without of the institution. But truth always supersedes formality in reality.

Past the Party Line The fact is that the nuclear experimentation industry has always lied. The main long term lie is that nuclear experimentation is a predictable, safe source of inexpensive energy. The truth is that nuclear is the most dangerous undertaking man has ever initiated. The truth is it’s the most expensive and dangerous source of energy. But the truth — reality – always supersedes the formality of institutions. That was certainly the case when I interviewed General Electric spokesperson Christopher White about GE’s role in the Fukushima meltdown. Sometimes the lies are so thick that the truth is ridiculed. But in the long run, reality always makes its way into the institutional façade somehow. For example, Tokyo, the most populous city in the world, is thickly coated by nuclear meltdown particulate, the truth of which cannot be hidden under the lies of institutions for long. The lies and formality – from TEPCO specifically and from the nuclear experimentation industry as a whole — relating to the ongoing disaster at Fukushima have gone something like this: There is no problem. There is a problem. There has been a minor leak. There have been no meltdowns. There may have

Page 14

About the author

I used to think the most dangerous human activity was nuclear experimentation, but itis just a symptom of a greater problem — the problem of our mind state. We have to shift our mentality toward seeking the truth, and stop accepting the formalities – the half truths and outright lies – we are fed by institutions. been a partial meltdown. There may have been a meltdown. There were multiple meltdowns. There were multiple meltthroughs. The cores are gone. The cores have penetrated the water table. The radioactive water tanks are full. The fuel pools, each with an endless volcano of fuel, are in unstable buildings in danger of collapse. In reality, the Pacific Ocean is being polluted to the point of total alteration, and this radioactive pollution is likely to continue for the next some couple of hundred years, the effects of which will last for hundreds of thousands of years. The region of Japan is FUBAR . The Pacific Ocean and the whole planet has changed, undergoing a massive dose of entropy. Sadly, the Japanese are trained as a society to put all things aside and practice formality. And the results speak for themselves. The truth is, it’s time to put formality aside. The whole world, not just Japan, needs to address the nuclear experimentation conundrum honestly and with due consideration of humanity’s future. The world needs to wake up! This ongoing disaster cannot be paved over. The truth needs to be faced. It is time to forego formality and stop the perpetual war state (both national and mental states) that our nuclear experimentation programs (and propaganda) breed. Whether in the form of weaponry or energy systems, nuclear = fear + death. Like it or not, nuclear experimentation is a war industry; it is

part of the military industrial complex. And war, as we know, is the honeywell of government and corporations whose sole technological motivations are profit driven. War is a racket, as war hero Smedley Butler once noted. Moral consideration is nonexistent.

I am a Terra-ist Terra, pronounced: ter-uh Noun: Earth, land On our current path, we are killing ourselves and the planet. We need to change our mind states from one of selfishness to sharing, from closedmindedness to open integration, from competition to compassionate integration. We have got to make a shift from being terrorists, caught up in beliefs and formalities and fighting one another every step of the way, to being terra-ists – promoting the wellbeing of Mother Earth and all living beings on the planet. I am a terraist. I used to think the most dangerous human activity was nuclear experimentation, but it is just a symptom of a greater problem — the problem of our mind state. We have to shift our mentality toward seeking the truth, and stop accepting the formalities – the half truths and outright lies – we are fed by institutions. Allowing the institutional terrorism of our planet is the true danger to humanity. I am a terraist, a peaceful warrior. Let’s start a little green revolution. Click here for more articles from Ethan on our nuclear reality, sans the corporate formality.

Author, activist and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Guided by a keen sense of integrity and humanity, Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humour. The events of September 11, 2001 inspired him to write his first book, The Complete Patriot’s Guide to Oligarchical Collectivism, an insightful exploration of history, philosophy and contemporary politics. His more recent publications include: 1. Tibetan Fusion a book of simple meditative practices and movements that can help you access and balance your energy 2. The Little Green Book of Revolution an inspirational book based on ideas of Ethan Indigo Smith, peaceful revolution, terra-ist historical activism and caring for the Earth like Native Americans 3. The Matrix of Four, The Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity on the subject of the development of individual consciousness 4. 108 Steps to Be in The Zone a set of 108 meditative practices and steps toward self discovery and individual betterment, including techniques to develop balance, transmute sexual energy and better the self and the controversial book, Terra-ist Letters, a work that humorously contrasts the very serious issues of global nuclear experimentation promotion and global marijuana prohibition For more information, visit Ethan on Facebook and check out Ethan’s author page on Amazon.

Why are massive numbers of sea creatures dying along the West Coast right now? By Michael Snyder


EVER BEFORE HAVE we seen so much death along the west coast of North America. Massive numbers of sea stars, bluefin tuna, sardines, anchovies, herring, oysters, salmon, marine mammals and marine birds are dying, and experts are puzzled. We are being told that we could even see “local extinctions” of some of these sea creatures. So are all of these deaths related? If so, what in the world could be causing this to happen? What has changed so dramatically that it would cause massive numbers of sea creatures to die along the west coast? The following are 15 examples of this phenomenon. Most scientists do not believe that these incidents are related. But when you put them all together, it paints quite a disturbing picture…


A “mystery plague” is turning sea stars all along the west coast of the United States and Canada into piles

of goo… Sea stars, commonly referred to as starfish, have been dying off in alarming numbers along the entire West Coast, from Baja, Mexico, to Alaska. According to reports from the Seattle Aquarium, some parts of Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands have seen population declines of up to 80 percent. On the Oregon coast, according to CoastWatch Volunteer Coordinator Fawn Custer, “Last December, we had less than 1 percent of sea star wasting. By May 1, more than 5 percent of sea stars were affected. Now, I would say, in some areas, it is up to 90 percent.” A marine epidemiologist at Cornell University says that this is “the largest mortality event for marine diseases we’ve seen”.


The population of bluefin tuna in the Pacific Ocean has declined by 95 percent. Mexico has already banned fishing for bluefin tuna for the rest of the year, and the U.S. government is considering doing the same thing.


Sardine, anchovy and herring populations have dropped dramatically along the west coast in recent

years… Pacific sardine populations have shown an alarming decline in recent years, and some evidence suggests anchovy and herring populations may be dropping as well. The declines could push fishermen toward other currently unmanaged “forage fish,” such as saury, smelt and sand lance, stealing a critical food source relied on by salmon and other economically important predators. In response, the Pacific Fishery Management Council is considering an ecosystem-based management approach that recognizes the fundamental role of forage fish in the Pacific marine food web. Tiny, but abundant, these small schooling fish feed on plankton and, in turn, fill the bellies of Oregon’s iconic marine species, including salmon, sharks, whales, sea lions and sea birds.


“Record numbers of distressed sea lions have washed ashore in California” for the second year in a row. One news report described these distressed sea lions as “malnourished and dehydrated, too




#12 #13 #14 #15

weak to find food on their own”. Marine birds are “disappearing” in the Pacific northwest… From white-winged scoters and surf scoters to long-tailed ducks, murres, loons and some seagulls, the number of everyday marine birds here has plummeted dramatically in recent decades. Scoters are down more than 75 percent from what they were in the late 1970s. Murres have dropped even more. Western grebes have mostly vanished, falling from several hundred thousand birds to about 20,000. Those that work in the seafood industry on the west coast are noticing some very “unusual” mutations. For example, a red king crab that was recently caught in Alaska was colored bright blue.


Pelicans along the California coastline are “refusing to mate”. This is being blamed on a lack of fish for the pelicans to eat. As a result, we are seeing less than one percent of the usual number of baby pelicans.

#8 #9 #10 collapse”.

The oyster population in the Pacific is falling so fast that it is being called “the great American oyster

The population of sockeye salmon along the coast of Alaska is at a “historic low”.

Something is causing herring off the coast of British Columbia to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs.

Scientists have discovered very high levels of cesium-137 in plankton living in the waters of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the west coast.


Back in May, more than six tons of anchovies died in Marina Del Ray over a single

Just a few days ago, thousands of dead fish were found on Capitola Beach. Authorities are trying to figure out what caused this. Earlier this month, thousands of dead fish were found on Manresa Beach.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University, radiation levels in tuna caught off the coast of Oregon approximately tripled in the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Could it be possible that at least some of these deaths are related to what has been happening at Fukushima? We do know that fish caught just off the shore from Fukushima have been tested to have radioactive cesium that is up to 124 times above the level that is considered to be safe. And we also know that a study conducted at the University of South Wales concluded that the main radioactive plume of water from Fukushima would reach our shores at some point during 2014.

Is it so unreasonable to think that the greatest nuclear disaster in human history could have something to do with the death of all of these sea creatures? Just consider what one very experienced Australian boat captain discovered when he crossed the Pacific last year. According to him, it felt as though “the ocean itself was dead”… The next leg of the long voyage was from Osaka to San Francisco and for most of that trip the desolation was tinged with nauseous horror and a degree of fear. “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead,” Macfadyen said. “We hardly saw any living things. We saw one whale, sort of rolling helplessly on the surface with what looked like a big tumour on its head. It was pretty sickening. “I’ve done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I’m used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and big flurries of feeding birds. But this time, for 3000 nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen.” In place of the missing life was garbage in astounding volumes. “Part of it was the aftermath of the tsunami that hit Japan a couple of years ago. The wave came in over the land, picked up an unbelievable load of stuff and carried it out to sea. And it’s still out there, everywhere you look.”

What do you think? Is Fukushima to blame, or do you think that something else is causing massive numbers of sea creatures to die? This article first appeared here at the American Dream. Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream and Economic Collapse Blog. Follow him on Twitter.

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5 Life Lessons You can Learn from a 2-Year-Old By Tim van der Vliet


RE WE EDUCATED by our parents or by our children? Well, I am educated by my two year old son (sorry mom icon_wink.gif ¬ ). He is a boy and his name is Liam. Here are the life lessons you (like me) can learn from your two year old.

Unconditional love My first child was born when I was still a trader in the trading pit (stock market), back when my primary concern was earning more money. When I held my baby for the first time I felt Love. I felt unconditional love for my baby and for the first time in my life I felt that unconditional love is so much more than just words. I started sharing this unconditional love with my friends, neighbours and people I just met and didn’t know. Now I get to relive this feeling with Liam, my youngest child who is now two years-old. He reminds me that we are, and we can share, unconditional love… always.

Let the emotions flow Liam is pure love, light, and happiness. He

PROJECTION from page 3

official report said: “A remarkable reconstruction of the iliac bone and cavity has taken place. The X-rays made in 1964, 1965, 1968, and 1969 confirm categorically and without doubt that an unforeseen and even overwhelming bone reconstruction has taken place of a type unknown in the annals of world medicine.” (The Holographic Universe, p.107) Ordinarily this would be deemed miraculous, and indeed it truly is. But I find this miraculous in the sense of the true power of human intention and belief that it displays. Moreover, this is powerful evidence that suggests that there is an energetic structure which our ‘material bodies’ align with, because that is one of the only logical explanations for how Vittorio Michelli’s hip bone knew exactly which shape to grow back into unless there was some sort of energetic blueprint which was instructing its growth, which as the Vatican’s Medical Commission clearly stated, was “unknown in the annals of world medicine.” In medicine, maybe this was unknown, but the same cannot be said for physics.

is really a ray of light in the house and the neighbourhood. I learn from him every day to be more like a child and to express myself clearly. A child of two years old shows his emotions without shame. When he is sad or hurt he cries, a minute later he’s laughing again. Why? Because he lets his feelings flow. He is not conditioned yet; he is a like a blank page. Learning to let your emotions run will allow you to release any negative emotions inside so we don’t build up pent-up anger, allowing the free flow of unconditional love through you.

It is never as dramatic as it seems Liam get’s a lot of attention because my other 3 children are like parents to him, too. Liam has five pairs of hands to tickle him, lucky little boy. All five of us are “yes parents”. We try to say “no” as little as possible and compliment him when he does something right instead of telling he shouldn’t do this or that. Life-is-never-as-dramatic-as-it-seems-Timvan-der-Vliet-300x292.jpg ¬ But Liam has his dramatic moments too. Whenever we say no, like a few month ago when he crashed the screen of a laptop with a hockey ball, we say no, or NO! He becomes

If you are looking at someone who is genuinely enjoying what he or she is doing, there is a blissful ripple effect. I learn from this, and I repeat this is often to myself as possible, that if I just do that what I enjoy, I am enlightening my surroundings and, by extension, eventually the whole world. Thank you for showing me the way, Liam!

Joy heals everything

About the author:

This goes both ways. If Liam is hurt and I can make him laugh he is okay again, almost instantly. On the other hand when I am hurt, which is mostly because my ego is getting in the way of my natural flow, and he looks at me with his naughty and at the same time sweet eyes, I am okay again. And if he shows me his laugh I forget everything that was obstructing me and smile a loving smile back at him. His laugh heals every pent up emotion in me.

Tim is a Hay House author of Spiritual Awakening (the easy way), a 20-minute read, both a textual as well as a visual treat that is infinitely re-readable. Tim spent years trading stocks, futures and options in the financial markets, but bid goodbye to that world to write about the things that really matter to him… and his words are surprisingly different from what we might expect! His story is about how a forever traveller, a former financial trader, a husband and father of four, walks the spiritual path on a daily basis. Tim lives in Amsterdam where he cultivated his light view on spirituality that he calls “Zen from Amsterdam”. Connect with Tim at timvandervliet. com, or follow Tim on social media: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram

Enlighten your world by enjoying yourself If you love what you do you’re enlightening your surroundings. If Liam plays, often the adults around him are just staring at him, in complete bliss. I call this the “baby meditation”.

If our bodies are a projection of consciousness, then our consciousness would create an energetic blueprint which our atoms and molecules align with to create our bodies. There is highly suggestive evidence of the existence of this energetic blueprint (or human energy field) in the new research on DNA which proves that it transmits, receives, and thus reads energy directly from the field. At the atomic level atoms bond with one another to form molecules which have specific geometric structures as if there is an energetic blueprint which they are adhering to which dictates the shapes they maintain together. If our bodies are a projection of consciousness, then our consciousness would create an energetic blueprint which our atoms and molecules align with to create our bodies. There is highly suggestive evidence of the existence of this energetic blueprint (or human energy field) in the new research on DNA which proves that it transmits, receives, and thus reads energy directly from the field. Michelli’s case is a perfect example of our human ability to re-organize that vacuum structure with our energy and intentions, and thus manifest what we


...did you know in a disaster, you and your family needs to be prepared for a minimum of 72 hours?

Be Prepared for the Unexpected Find us online today for your safety supplies and training needs! SAVE 10% with Promo Code: NewAgora14

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sad, he feels guilty, and has a fit. We leave him do his thing for a moment. Sometimes it is just better to leave someone with his or her emotions for a while. Within no time he forgets what is going on. We are not angry because he really didn’t mean to be a bad boy. And Liam is the unconditional love again. Things are never as dramatic as they seem to be.

desire directly out of the field for truly miraculous results. The fact that he started to feel better and started to believe that he was healed is, I suggest, the key to his healing. Some may want to stick with the belief that God healed this man, and I would agree with you. But you and I would probably disagree on the nature of this God. For I contend that you are god, as are we all, because the force we call God is the energy and infinite consciousness behind creation, and thus when we tap into ourselves as pure consciousness, i.e. without thought through meditation, then we open ourselves to the infinitude of our own awareness because we inseparably are that infinite creative consciousness. We are it and it is us. And when we open up to that energy, we allow ourselves to be flooded with a “powerful sense of well-being” and knowing which has astounding power to create reality, and directly affects our biology.

The Body as a Projection of Consciousness I want you to really internalize the understanding that reality is flashing in and out of form. This is absolutely crucial in understanding our ability to heal, because if half of the time we are formless, then (1) Who are we really, because obviously our bodies and the material world is illusory to a degree; and (2) What is the blueprint which is guiding the rearrangement of our bodies each time we quite literally re-materialize? The answer to both questions would be consciousness. Our bodies

are a holographic projection of our consciousness, and they are the sum total of our beliefs about ourselves. If we can change our beliefs about ourselves, and thus if we can change the energy that defines our human energy field, then we can change the energetic blueprint which our body aligns with as it re-materializes back into form 1044 times per second. (The exact structure and dynamics of our consciousness which make us both a fractal and holographic expression of this infinite God-consciousness can be found in Nassim Haramein’s Holofractographic Universe theory, and in his work Crossing the Event Horizon.) Deepak Chopra told a story that illustrates this perfectly in his book, How to Know God. A friend of his injured his foot while working out in a gym because he was unaccustomed to using one of the machines and strained it. The pain in his foot increased over the next few days, and he found it increasingly difficult to walk, so upon “medical examination it was found that he had a common ailment known as planar fasciitis, in which the connecting tissue between the heel and the front of the foot had been stretched or torn.” (How to Know God, p.221) His friend decided not to have surgery and instead to tough it out, but in time he found it so painful and difficult to walk that he sought out a Chinese Healer in desperation. This Chinese man was ordinary by appearance, and gave “no evidence of being mystical or spiritual, or in any way gifted in healing.” The injured friend of Deepak Chopra continues: “After gently feeling my foot, he stood

See ‘PROJECTION’ on page 22

The Dangers of


and Why it Must Be Stopped By Julian Websdale

publishing their findings or promoting their technology. The so called ‘elite’ of the world know all about it, because the information goes to their scientists. Fracking is dismantling the stability of the Earth in the areas where they frack, it is releasing radon gas which can be lethal radiation, and it is destroying water supplies by polluting them with hundreds of poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals. It must be stopped.


ydraulic fracturing is the fracturing of rock by a pressurized liquid. Some hydraulic fractures form naturally – certain veins or dikes are examples. Induced hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracturing, commonly known as fracking, is a technique in which typically water is mixed with sand and chemicals, and the mixture is injected at high pressure into a wellbore to create small fractures (typically less than 1mm), along which fluids such as gas, petroleum, uranium-bearing solution, and brine water may migrate to the well. Hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, and then small grains of proppant (sand or aluminium oxide) hold these fractures open once the rock achieves equilibrium. The technique is very common in wells for shale gas, tight gas, tight oil, and coal seam gas and hard rock wells. The first experimental use of hydraulic fracturing was in 1947, and the first commercially successful applications were in 1949. George P. Mitchell is considered by some the modern “father of fracking” because he applied it to the Barnett Shale in the 1990s. As of 2010, it was estimated that 60% of all new oil and gas wells worldwide were being hydraulically fractured. As of 2012, 2.5 million hydraulic fracturing jobs have been performed on oil and gas wells worldwide, more than one million of them in the United States.

The Dangers Fracking uses a toxic chemical cocktail known as fracking fluid. Companies using fracking fluid have resisted disclosing the contents of fracking fluid, claiming the information is proprietary. However, samples from well sites indicate that the fluid contains formaldehyde, acetic acids, citric acids, and boric acids, among hundreds of other contaminants. It has recently come to light that, despite the illegality of the action, companies have been caught using diesel fuel in the fracking fluid. Fracking removes millions of gallons of precious freshwater from the water cycle. Each well uses between two and five million gallons of locally-sourced freshwater which will be permanently contaminated by ground contaminants and toxic chemicals contained in the fracking fluid. About half of this water returns to the surface, where it is stored in steel containers until it can be injected deep underground in oil and gas waste wells. At least some of the other half of this toxic cocktail makes its way back into the water supply. Fracking causes a range of environmental problems. At least nine US states have reported surface, ground, and drinking water contamination due to fracking. In Pennsylvania, over 1,400 environmental violations have been attributed to deep gas wells utilizing fracking practices. Pollution from truck traffic, chemical contamination around storage tanks, and habitat fragmentation and damage from drilling to environmentally sensitive areas are all related to fracking.

About the author Earthquakes Caused by Fracking In April and May 2011 there was a series of earthquakes of magnitude 2.3, in the UK near the town of Blackpool, which occurred during fracking to explore a shale gas reservoir. This resulted in a temporary moratorium on exploratory fracking in the UK, but this was then lifted in December 2012. However, tremors can occur long after water has been injected into the ground, the result of weakening the fault lines. By examining the catalogue of past earthquake recordings, scientists found increased stress in faults near to where fracking and wastewater injection had been used. Scientists have also found evidence that, even if earthquakes do not occur directly after water is injected underground, the damage they do to fault lines can lead to tremors being triggered by the shockwaves from large earthquakes on the other side of the world.

to build a craft for manned flight, he was jailed for using his own free electricity and not for paying the power company to use theirs. While Searl was in prison on this outrageous charge, the authorities burned all his papers. The same happened to an American inventor, Dennis Lee, who discovered that the system is desperate to stop these technologies, because they will remove our dependence for fuel and warmth and the whole cover-up of their technology will begin to come to light. Many free energy inventors are refused patents, and their work can be classified by an international ‘Military Use Refuse’ law which can stop them from

Julian Websdale is an independent researcher in the fields of esoterica, metaphysics, and mysticism. Born in England, his interest in these subjects began in 1988, at the age of seven. Julian received his education as an engineer from the University of Bolton, has served in a Vaishnava monastery, and has traveled to over 14 countries since 2012 in his ongoing journey for knowledge. His work creates enthusiastic responses from inquiring minds across the world. You can follow Julian on Facebook and Twitter, or visit his website for more information.

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Free Energy is a Fact Free energy technology is being used today, suppressed or in secret, and has been for decades. These are technologies that provide unlimited supplies of energy without using any fuel themselves. They access the ocean of power in the Earth’s energy field and other energies all around us and produce no pollution and no environmental degradation whatsoever. These technologies can be used to heat and power homes, businesses, vehicles, and so on. The Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla ran a car in New York with a form of free energy technology in 1931, and John Worrel Keely of Philadelphia demonstrated his ‘Dynaspheric Force’ free energy machine in New York in the 1890s. While investigating the magnetic forces flowing between the Earth’s poles, he discovered that ‘corpuscles of matter’ could be divided by vibration and the principle used to drive a motor. The inventors of free energy technology have always suffered suppression and some have been harassed in other ways. One, John Searl, from Britain, built his Searl Effect Generator (SEG) which was inspired by a dream he had as a boy. It was based on a magnetic device, and it generated usable electricity. As he perfected his creation, Searl also began to build flying craft. Three months before he planned

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The unannounced medical breakthrough By Christopher Shirley


N AN UNPRECEDENTED press release today the medical profession announced the discovery of a new treatment that has been scientifically proven to be effective in assisting people with more than 100 health conditions and has no known adverse side effects. Conditions researched include: diabetes, pre-menstrual syndrome, constipation, headaches, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, irritable bowel syndrome, prostate problems, lower back/neck/shoulder/chest pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and multiple sclerosis. Frequently, recipients reported that this treatment was effective for both the targeted health condition and other health conditions simultaneously. In addition, recipients reported that they felt much better than they had in years. It was also reported that seemingly healthy people embraced this treatment for its revitalizing and rejuvenating effects. Many stated that they felt much less likely to succumb to illness while receiving this treatment.” Unfortunately, the above announcement is fiction — a fantasy of what might happen in a perfect world. The description, however, is an accurate description of reflexology.

reflexologist and inquire about the potential of reflexology for your condition. In general, the more frequently that you receive reflexology the more beneficial it will be for a health condition. On rare occasions a single reflexology session provides remarkable results. However, generally, the longer that you have suffered from your condition, then the longer it will take for you to experience the desired benefits. If after receiving five reflexology sessions you are not experiencing any improvement in your condition then you should look to other therapies to assist you — it seems probable that you are among the 20% — 25% people that do not benefit from reflexology. If your objective is relief of stress and tension, or, a purely blissful relaxing experience then how frequently you indulge is purely up to you. It is not possible, if you are basically healthy, to indulge in too much reflexology. Having said that I should warn you it is possible for you to experience an unpleasant reaction to the reflexology session. This is a comparatively rare occurrence. It can be a nauseous feeling, a bad taste in the mouth, a headache,

Research Most of the scientific research of the effectiveness of reflexology has been conducted in China, Denmark and Great Britain — three countries that have integrated the practice of reflexology into the mainstream health care system. A few studies have been conducted in North America and other countries despite the extreme difficulty of accessing trained research personnel and facilities to fulfill the required standards for publication. Most of the published studies find that reflexology is an effective therapy for between 75% and 80% of the subjects. This is pretty impressive when compared with other therapies. There is no therapy that is 100% effective, and, most other therapies have adverse side effects. History It would seem that the practice of reflexology has its roots in many ancient healing traditions. A papyrus found in a physician’s tomb in Egypt dated 2330 B.C. is the earliest evidence of the practice of reflexology in ancient times. This papyrus clearly shows the practice of both foot and hand reflexology. It has also been established that healing traditions in India, Japan, China and Europe utilized the phenomena now known as reflexology. Apparently, this phenomenon, in which there is a direct relationship between parts of the feet, hands and ears and other parts of the body, was discovered independently by each culture as its healing tradition evolved. The Experience When you submit yourself for a reflexology session you can anticipate a very thorough massage of your feet, hands or your ears. For many years reflexology was practiced on the feet, and so, not all reflexologists are trained to work on the hands or ears. If you prefer a hand or ear reflexology session you should check that it is available before making an appointment. Similarly, some reflexologists use a very heavy pressure and others a comparatively light pressure. Contrary to common belief, the amount of pressure does not determine the effectiveness of the session. Frequently, a very light touch will be far more effective than a heavy touch — no, it does not have to hurt in order to be beneficial! The cost of a reflexology session varies from practitioner to practitioner — much like the cost of a haircut. Also, the length of a session will vary with different practitioners — ranging from 20 to 90 minutes. Of course the duration of the session will affect the fee charged. Also, many practitioners are willing to provide their service in your home or office — and it is reasonable to expect to pay extra for this convenience. If you have a health condition for which you would like a therapeutic benefit, then you might want to explore on the internet the effectiveness of reflexology for your condition. My web site <http;//> presents research for a wide range of health conditions and a search engine may be used to find additional “reflexology research”. Alternatively, call a

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gas release, perspiring or feeling cold. These situations reflect the potency of the reflexology stimulation — and the body catching up on its cleansing processes. The Benefits Reflexology works by reducing stress and tension in the body, so, it is very relaxing. It is relief of stress that produces the therapeutic benefits of reflexology. As your body relaxes, your blood and lymph circulation and nerve supply to your cells improve. Consequently the cells of the body get cleansed and nourished, and the glands and organs of the body are revitalized and rejuvenated. In this way reflexology creates an environment that allows the body to more effectively heal itself. Therapeutically relaxing the body with reflexology is a powerful complement to many other natural healing modalities. For example, reflexology received prior to chiropractic, physiotherapy or any other manipulative therapy will facilitate that treatment and extend the benefits of the treatment. Similarly, massage therapists have reported that reflexology prior to a massage is very effective in preparing a person for their massage. Reflexology also works in tandem with nutritional, herbal, or homeopathic therapies. First, it assists the body to utilize the therapeutic qualities of the remedies more effectively, and second, by the potency of the combined benefits of the two therapies. As much as reflexology has a broad spectrum of health benefits, many clients enjoy reflexology simply for pleasure. In fact, many people that have experienced both reflexology and full body massage prefer reflexology. The convenience of not having to totally disrobe, combined with the purely blissful melting sensation as the effects of reflexology slowly creep up and envelop your whole body/consciousness has many clients proclaim proudly that they are addicted. Christopher Shirley teaches, practices and promotes reflexology at the Pacific Institute of Reflexology in Vancouver. Phone: 604-875-8818. Web:

‘NARRATIVE’ from page 6

the strength of his immune system — not the germ itself. Ever since 1988, I’ve been writing about the toxic effects of vaccines, which of course involve direct injection of germs, toxic metals, and chemicals into the body, bypassing channels of immune defence — and causing illness. In West Africa, as elsewhere, vaccination campaigns have been standard operating procedure for decades. But no. It has to be Ebola, Ebola, Ebola. That’s the narrative and people buy it. Just as it has to be HIV, HIV, HIV in Africa. In that case, not only are the widely used diagnostic tests useless, but there are quite serious questions about whether HIV exists at all. That’s right. At, you can read a long interview, by journalist Christine Johnson, with biophysicist Eleni Papadopulos Eleopulos of The Perth Group: “Does HIV exist?” It tackles somewhat complex If you had a technical questions and makes them understandable for the lay reader. few billion It is one of the best interviews on dollars, virus hunting I have ever read — a remarkable achievement. an army of Selling the “the germ and only the germ causes disease” narrative is one compliant of the great propaganda triumphs of modern medicine. Well, if you had media a few billion dollars, an army of journalists, compliant media journalists, tens of thousands of doctors, and the tens of federal government at your beck and call, you could sell the idea that thousands of tomatoes are the preferred fuel for space travel. doctors, and In these narratives, always go back the federal to the beginning. Root out the most basic assumptions, and investigate government them. You’ll be surprised. at your beck And when it comes to medical and call, narratives, remember that horror stories about germs are absolutely you could necessary in order to sell drugs and vaccines. sell the Some of the major propagandists on the planet ply their trade in that idea that arena. tomatoes They succeed because they maintain that the “tiny terrorists” are the are invisible — except to the experts. It would be comparable to preferred asserting that data interception and spying are such technical matters fuel for that only the NSA and other official space travel. professionals are able to understand it — and therefore the public should never question the particulars. There are untold thousands of capable people taking apart the NSA narrative these days — but how many are taking apart the statement, “The germ XYZ caused the outbreak?”

Jon Rappoport The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

HEMP from page 13

win. Trains and trucks powered by plentiful, domestic, carbon-friendly hemp, delivering lucrative hemp to markets worldwide. Even the hempharvesting tractor bodies will be made from hemp fibre. If this sounds crazy to you, next time you’re in a Mercedes, kick the door panel. It won’t dent or budge: it’s made partly of hemp fibre today. But how do we get there? What does a hemp-intensive economy look like on the ground? To answer that, we head 1,100 miles east from the Sterling food/battery field. I learned when I set-out to kick petroleum in 2006 for an earlier book that such a big slice of the project we humans have in front of us (if we want to survive) involves developing regional economies -- food economies, energy economies, industrial economies. Think of this as the dawn of the post-Globalization era. Because of what all my research concludes is this locavore imperative, it shouldn’t have surprised me that another indelible memory from the Hemp Harvest Tour went down on the farm of a Kentucky veteran who began fighting for food security when his brother came home wounded from Afghanistan and had to apply for Food Stamps. This became what you might call the Hemp Heritage branch of the tour. On a more properly autumnal afternoon, I wound south from Lexington through hills and hollows to the Rockcastle County farm that the bearded Lewis has turned into hemp headquarters for the Growing Warriors food security project of which he is executive director. There at New Constellation Farm I found myself in the barn holding handbroke hemp bast for the first time. Lewis and I had just processed the fibre in question. We did it care of a wooden hemp break. These are simple levered devices about the size of a horse that have been used for a few millennia to remove the plant’s valuable bast (long) fibre after the outer bark softens in the field through a process called retting. After the bark is peeled and the bast fibre removed, the shorter hurd fibre is caught in a bin underneath the machine, for use in applications like hempcrete (a building mixture comprised of hemp hurd and an organic binder like lime that insulates better than fibreglass and is all the rage in Europe) and the above-referenced livestock bedding.

Doug Fine and his goats on the farm. The break we were using was a shiny new device built by Lewis’ farm manager, Kevin Lansi, based on a traditional and ubiquitous design like the 70-year-old one Kentucky hemp pioneer Craig Lee and my pard Mose Putney had just discovered in the barn of a 5,000-acre antebellum hemp plantation that’s today the Walnut Hall Thoroughbred Ranch. Lee and Putney had kindly invited me and my Kentucky host Josh Hendrix (founder of the Kentucky branch of the Hemp Industries Association) along on their sleuthing. A mechanized but expensive machine called a decorticator allows farmers and processors to skip the risky and time-consuming field retting stage. Without one of those doo-hickies, the harvest relies on muscles, rather than electrons. But I was surprised to find that retting hemp fibre isn’t that hard. I kind of expected that it would take a hundred sharecroppers a month to process a pound of fibre. In fact, a play-by-play goes like this: Lift hemp break lever. Lay handful of retted hemp stalks on the platform below. Clomp clomp clomp with the lever. Easily pull off bark, exposing treasure of the world’s strongest natural fibre therein. Add to pile. I recall that the moment the first tangly cord of that Kentucky fibre hit my hand in the Growing Warriors barn my palm enacted a sort of cinematic double take. That’s because it was soft as silk and stronger than steel. Believe me, I tried to rip it, karate chop it and stomp it. What shocked me was not that hemp’s durability rep was deserved (I’d held the production line bast fibre that goes into those Mercedes door panels), but that Kentucky farmers were nailing it right out of the gate. “I do a lot of reading,” Lewis admitted. Still, I thought this field-retted, handprocessed hemp had to be inferior to

what the experienced big guys were doing in Europe. Nope. This bundled skein of fibre was good enough for that most ancient and demanding of hemp applications: textiles. Listen up, struggling South Carolina clothing mill communities: later that day, a local seamstress named Stephanie Brown picked up a armful of said fibre from Lewis. “This’ll be on my loom tomorrow,” Brown told me proudly. And so an industry returns. Sure, we’re likely to soon be talking about machine-processed hemp by the thousands of tons. That’s terrific. What Lewis, Brown and crew showed me was a start, from (modern) year one. As Newton teaches us, launching is the hardest part. Once you do, everything is scalable. For Lewis, as important as hemp is, even more important is developing a rural locavore industry of any kind. “Kentucky is lucky because our topography long ago created a network of small farms, rather than huge plantations,” he told me as we strolled New Constellation’s four hundred eighty six acres (two dedicated to hemp this year, twenty-five next year). “Hemp is perfectly suited here for a broad range of regional industries made up of networks of independent farmer/entrepreneurs.” Vertical control of your industry: work for it in your own community. Then you don’t have to worry so much about Wall Street’s vicissitudes. Start with rural community-owned hemp processing that breeds vibrant regional economies. Add local energy through biomass gasification, hempbased batteries to store it, droughtresistant plants, soil phytoremediation and seed oil superfood to the mix, and forget fantasy. There is no eventual actual hemp role in our future too grandiose to astound me at this point. In other words, get ready for an entire hemp market sector that will be included in the top-of-the-hour

business wraps. The reality of hemp on the ground as its first federally authorized crop in the 21st century is harvested has exceeded even my most sanguine expectations. Phew. It wasn’t a mistake to have (human and goat) kids in the 21st century. After I milk the goats this morning, I’m off on a hike up the eponymous Funky Butte with both species, and I’m feeling more confident about my replicants’ future than I have since last year’s second “Millennial” flood this decade wiped out the Funky Butte Ranch driveway again. Part of the reason for my confidence is I know that from the top of the Butte I can map out the five acres I plan on devoting to hemp the moment full commercial legalization arrives. Call your Senators: S-359 takes us beyond “research” cultivation and gets us all planting: The Industrial Hemp Farming Act. God Bless America and God Bless Those Hemp Farmers. Postscript: Everlasting thanks to Josh Hendrix and Jason Lauve, without whom the harvest tour wouldn’t have happened. I’ll never forget it. Other than when some leftovers exploded in Josh’s Ford around a tough Bluegrass State curve near his grandfather’s ranch, there wasn’t an un-blissful moment on the whole tour. Josh, 29, is founder of the Kentucky branch of the Hemp Industries Association and Jason’s hemp CV is too long to list: suffice it to say the forty-fouryear-old was a principal player in hemp’s legalization in Colorado, and as I write is on his way to a hemp decorticator facility in North Carolina. He is also one of the key players that made the 2014 Sterling crop a reality. Doug Fine is the author of Farewell, My Subaru, Too High to Fail, and most recently, Hemp Bound. Books and films: Twitter: @ organiccowboy.

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City puts homeless in Three potent natural remedies to relieve homes instead of jail


ilee Lowe was sitting in a park when cops picked her up and booked her into jail overnight. After she got out the next morning, she returned to the park. The same officer who had thrown her into a cell not 24 hours before booked her again. It was back to jail for Kilee. Kilee has been cycling in and out of the criminal justice system for years. After three and a half years in federal prison, she’s been homeless for a little over a year now. “Just because I don’t have a credit card in my pocket,” she says, “does not make me a criminal.” Kilee lives in one of hundreds of American cities that have criminalized homelessness. Sometimes the “crime” is loitering. Sometimes it’s panhandling. In 2014 alone, one hundred American cities have banned sitting or lying down in public places. Wherever it happens, the fallout is frustratingly similar. Not having a roof over your head means living in a continual crisis. The stress of not knowing where you’ll sleep at night, whether your family will be safe, and if you’ll be able to eat can suck up all your energy and your will. Regular stints in jail can only make it more difficult to find stability. Not only that, but they drain tax dollars that could be put to much better use. Salt Lake City crunched the numbers. And the prescription was clear. The city was spending $20,000 per homeless resident per year – funding for policing, arrests, jail time, shelter, and emergency services. Homelessness was not going down. Instead, for $7,800 a year through a new program called Housing First, the city could provide a person with an apartment and case management services. In 2005, the city was spending $40 million to address chronic homelessness. Several years after starting the Housing First program, in 2013, spending was down to $9.6 million. And more importantly, chronic homelessness has dropped 72 percent. In a new video, Brave New Films and The Nation spoke to people whose lives have been greatly improved by the Housing First program. One man says that homeless people are often homeless because they are running from problems. Sometimes it’s abuse. Sometimes it’s addiction. He had been

Page 20

molested as a child and struggled with drug addiction as an adult. Recovery was hard and other programs would throw him back on the street if he relapsed, continuing the destructive cycle. After moving into stable housing, the unending stress of being homeless has dissolved. He’s been able to focus on sobriety and recovering. It’s worked. For the last forty years, this country has continually ratcheted up the number of people behind bars and expanded the reasons we put them there. Social problems – like homelessness, drug addiction, and mental illness – have been sucked into a criminal justice system ill equipped to handle them. The problems haven’t been solved. Instead, we’ve locked too many people away and wasted money that could have been spent on interventions that could actually

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symptoms of allergies

Reuben Chow

A llergic reactions occur when your immune system decides that a particular substance that enters your body, be it pollen, mold spores, cat dander or just dust, is an “enemy” and tries to “attack” it. Such substances are commonly referred to as allergens and, in the process of neutralizing them, your cells release histamine and other chemicals which then cause the typical symptoms of allergies — runny nose, sneezing, itchy and red eyes, ticklish throat, sinus headache, etc. Hay fever, for example, is triggered by pollens and is very common in the United States, affecting some 30 million Americans every year. Many people turn to over-the-counter antihistamine drugs for allergy relief, but alternative practitioners tell us that this could be doing your body more harm than good. Antihistamine medications only hide and cover up a person’s sensitivity to allergens — they never tackle the root causes. And such drugs, as is often the case, come with their fair share of side effects — drowsiness, heart arrhythmias, etc. Do natural remedies for allergies work? As far as dealing with allergies is concerned, Mark Stengler, ND, assures us that “natural remedies are strong enough that you won’t have to take drugs — you’ll get all the relief you need.” Here are three such natural remedies.

Stinging nettle

change the course of people’s lives. And as has always been the case with excessive correctional control, communities of colour have been hardest hit. But it doesn’t have to be this way. America can safely reduce our reliance on incarceration—several states have reduced their prison populations while crime rates have dropped. Salt Lake City’s Housing First program is an important step in the right direction, a much more humane and fiscally responsible approach than criminalization. Other cities should follow suit. It’s time to end mass criminalization. The video is part of a new series produced in partnership with Brave New Films and The Nation titled OverCriminalized. The series profiles three promising and less expensive interventions that may actually change the course of people’s lives. It’s time to roll back mass criminalization and focus on what works.

An excellent herbal remedy for allergies is nettle. Dr. Stengler said that “70 percent of my allergy patients who take the herb stinging nettle don’t need to take any other supplement or medication for symptomatic relief.” In fact, different cultures around the world have for hundreds of years used this herbal remedy for treating nasal and respiratory issues, including runny nose, chest congestion, asthma, cough, whooping cough and tuberculosis. Andrew Weil, MD, once mentioned that he did not know of anything as dramatic as the allergy (hay fever) relief brought about by the use of freeze-dried nettle leaves. Taking this herb a few weeks before the start of allergy season would boost its effectiveness. A possible dosage is two 300 mg capsules of freeze-dried nettle thrice daily.

Quercetin According to Skye Weintraub, ND, quercetin, a bioflavonoid, could be a “potent inhibitor of histamine release.” She recommended taking 250 mg two times per day, giving it 3 to 4 weeks to take effect. Further, she suggested that taking bromelain, an enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties that is found in pineapples, would boost the body’s absorption of quercetin. Dr. Weintraub’s recommendation is 250 mg of bromelain twice daily together with the quercetin.

Omega-3 fatty acids Essential fatty acids, in particular omega-3 fatty acids, have been shown in many clinical studies to help alleviate many chronic inflammatory and allergic conditions. You could try taking 3 g of fish oil supplements or one to two tablespoons of flaxseed oil each day.

Additional pointers What would greatly help if you do suffer from chronic allergies would be to seek out

For hundreds of years cultures around the world have used stinging nettle for treating nasal and respiratory issues

an allergist or natural health practitioner who provides a wide variety of tests that attempt to ascertain the root causes of your allergic reactions. While the above natural remedies can provide relief from your discomfort, longterm recovery can only take place when the root causes are tackled. A few such tests include fasting and food testing, since food allergies could worsen inhalant allergies; cytotoxic testing, a blood test which detects food and chemical allergies; radioallergosorbent test (RAST), a blood test to find allergies to foods, pollen, dust, dust mite, mold, and dander; and bronchial inhalation challenge testing, which finds out if you are sensitive to certain chemicals and environmental factors. A registered herbalist discusses some herbal remedies for allergies here: herbs4allergies/ Sources for this article include: Gottlieb, Bill. Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems. Rodale, 2000. Print. Duke, James A., PhD. The Green Pharmacy. New York, NY: Rodale, 1997. Print. Murray, Michael T., ND. Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements: The Essential Guide for Improving Your Health Naturally. New York, NY: Three Rivers Press, 1996. Print. Balch, James F., MD, and Stengler, Mark, ND. Prescription for Natural Cures: A SelfCare Guide for Treating Health Problems with Natural Remedies Including Diet and Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Bodywork, and More. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2004. Print.

About the author: Reuben Chow has a keen interest in natural health and healing as well as personal growth. Subscribe to his natural health newsletter or follow his health websites on Facebook. His main health websites Insights on Health and All 4 Natural Health focus on being healthy naturally, while his other health websites cover topics such as cancer, depression, holistic depression help, as well as omega 3 fatty acids. He also owns self improvement and inspirational websites like Inspiration 4 Living,, Life Changing Quotes, and 101 Inspirational Ideas. Through his network of sites at The Journey of Life, he hopes to help improve people’s lives. Learn more:

‘WARRIOR’ from page 5

our whole lives. It’s all we have for all we’re worth. It’s not a time to get frantic by any means, but take this as a loving alert, something I know many of you are also feeling. Our old views of just weeks and months ago are shifting and will continue to do so. It’s subtle, but it’s profoundly real. We have to step it up and yield to what consciousness is calling each of us to do and let go of the baggage holding us back. A purely inspired and motivated heart will always find the way. Again and again. Much love, Zen

About the author: I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen. Connect with Zen at zengardner. com “The hourglass is almost out of grains…”

INSANE from page 2

in present day.

 What about wars or the utter lies put forth to convince the masses that we must kill millions of people to achieve a specific peace initiative as dictated to us by our government officials? That we must invade countries under the guise of peace keeping, when in actuality the motives are far more sinister. When did the assassination of human beings become a right of passage, where did these values and belief systems based on violence became such an important and accepted part of our culture? 

 When was the first time a consensus was reached by religious groups that deemed it was a sin for boys to masturbate? What was the discourse of the people who examined this approach and then accepted it? Can you imagine? A sin for young teenage boys raging with testosterone to act on one of the most natural and primal functions of their bodies as they passed into puberty marking their entrance into manhood. Any man knows that it is an impossible request, yet these same men created these mindsets. Unfathomable!!

 Circumcision is one that still baffles many. When was it that men (and women) decided it was ok to actually start cutting the skin of babies’ and young boys’ penises in an attempt to curb masturbation? Again, why was there always such an interest in curbing masturbation and why resort to such barbaric rituals in an effort to reduce this natural instinct in boys? Why does it still continue today when there is absolutely no accepted and established scientific evidence for any benefits?

 Laws which undermine a man or woman’s sovereignty are another surging topic of debate. At what point did government start demanding (and have the people accepting) that land owners

“None of us is safe if they can do this to one honest man. Dean’s persecution as a political prisoner is showing us why we need to stand down all crown authority and create a new nation here.”

CLIFFORD from page 2

the Canadian government and made a public example of for his exposure of the illegality of the crown courts” said ITCCS North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett today. “Simply for demanding the proof that he’s obligated under Natural Law to pay taxes or obey arbitrary statutes, Dean has been locked away without a fair trial for a year, family members are denied access to him, and his basic Habeas Corpus rights and due process have been thrown right out the window. None of us is safe if they can do this to one honest man. Dean’s persecution as a political prisoner is showing us why we need to stand down all crown authority and create a new nation here.” On behalf of the ITCCS, Annett announced that a common law court

is being convened in Brandon this month to bring charges against those responsible for Dean’s unlawful incarceration. He also disclosed that a nation wide campaign to release Dean Clifford will commence this week, including public protests and occupations by ITCCS and common

law activists across Canada. ITCCS Central is asking all of its affiliates in nineteen countries to stage similar actions outside and inside Canadian consulates and businesses around the world on behalf of Dean Clifford and the common law. ’More Coming Next Month!

are required to pay taxes on the property the way to keep people safe from foods powerful medicinal properties. In what they own, live and subsist on? Or require was to pasteurize, homogenize, irradiate sane world would we declare that people to submit half of their income to and destroy all the nutritional content of marijuana, one of the most powerful the government? When did this become food and beverage? Find salmonella, or medicinal plants in the world has no acceptable without dispute, and without bacteria? No worries, let’s fry the entire accepted medical use? How did we ever massive civil disobedience?

 food supply so that it never happens come to accept that a person who grows When did the first license plate law again. What? On what planet is this marijuana plants is more of criminal come into effect that required citizens logical and why do we continue to allow and should receive a longer mandatory of a state to pay for the “right” to drive these regulations?

 sentence than a child rapist?

 their vehicle? No validation sticker, At what point did conventional medical The list of insanities could go on forever. no vehicle privileges they say. And the wisdom accept junk science which Obviously, the when and how all of these people accepted this? We need validation fabricated conclusions that things like things happened are part of historical from the government to drive?? Why chemotherapy, radiation, mammograms, record, but we never really question why, would people ever even rationalize and CAT scans, vaccines and pharmaceuticals and when we do question it, the answers then accept such a decision made by in general were things that would benefit never make sense. The ends never justify governments?

 the health of people? And how was the means. What about seatWhen we look at belts? Sure, they save history we realize How long will it take before we reverse the insanity, flip lives, but should that that only through not be the choice of the coin, turn the page and stand up for who we are, what the exact science of those who wear them? incrementalism has we are, and embrace our true ownership of this planet, na- all of the above been When was the first time that a populace possible. ture and ourselves as universal sovereign beings? accepted a law that This relies on allowed a peace officer many small changes to take away our freedom of choice to the entire medical profession in mass enacted over time in order to create wear or not wear a seatbelt, and demand agreement as these harmful medical a larger broad based change. World a fine for their masters if we opposed the interventions were implemented? How did powers have embraced this systematized enacted law? Seatbelt laws are especially they manage to convince millions of well knowledge and applied it to the gradual ridiculous since not wearing one would educated professionals that this was the deterioration of human health for one typically only harm or kill the person way to advance human health? Why was purpose — control. 

We need less followers that made that choice and nobody else. sheer ignorance the hallmark of medical and more leaders to reverse this trend. We Seatbelt laws are a clear demonstration practice throughout history?

 are stronger than this and we are certainly of why the police only have two objectives How did the acceptance of putting a species that has enduring qualities. We in our society, to enforce laws and chemicals into our water supply, whether need to effectuate change not through generate revenue for governments.

 it be chlorine, fluoride or other artificial political processes but through ourselves.

 When was the first time that farmers chemicals not found in naturally occurring So my two questions are: How long will started saying “yes” to pesticides, water, become widely accepted across the it take before we reverse the insanity, flip fungicides and herbicides to control world without massive opposition? In fact, the coin, turn the page and stand up for crops? When did the first farmer or group protection for the public from hazardous who we are, what we are, and embrace of farmers say “it’s ok to poison our crops” chemicals seems to be completely lacking our true ownership of this planet, nature for the betterment of production and the in our society. We have more chemicals and ourselves as universal sovereign expense of health? One might also ask today than we ever have in the history of beings? Isn’t it time? when and why the first farmer decided our civilization, and we know it’s killing it was ok to plant genetically modified us, yet we keep adding more toxins every Marco Torres is a research specialist, seeds, in essence toying with nature at year without any objection from those in writer and consumer advocate for healthy her expense and our own, without any regulatory positions. lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public regard to the consequences?

 At what point did we start criminalizing Health and Environmental Science and is On what wisdom did any regulatory and imprisoning populations for a professional speaker on topics such as agency, run by some well-intentioned possessing plants in nature, especially disease prevention, environmental toxins scientists, ever deem it appropriate that those which have had and do have and health policy.

Page 21

Making Money & Living the Lie


By Barbara H. Peterson

up and made a few signs in the air behind my spine. He never actually touched me, and when I asked what he was doing, he simply said he was turning some switches in my energy field. He did this for a minute or so and then asked me to stand up. I did, and there was no sensation of pain, not the slightest. You have to remember that I had limped in, barely able to walk.” He continues: “In complete amazement I asked him what he had done. He told me that the body was an image projected by the mind, and in a state of health the mind keeps this image intact and balanced. However, injury and pain can cause us to withdraw our attention from the affected spot. In that case, the body image starts to deteriorate; its energy patterns become impaired, unhealthy. So the healer restores the correct pattern – this is done instantly, on the spot – after which the patient’s own mind takes responsibility for maintaining it that way.” (How to Know God, p.222) This story has fascinated and inspired me ever since I heard it. As we have seen, reality is flashing in and out of existence innumerable times every second, oscillating between form and formlessness, and quantum physics knows that our thoughts and beliefs influence the quantum reality which is the source of the material world. Therefore it is only natural to assume an energetic and formless source for all of creation, including our physicality. I think it is absolutely clear that we must start to consider ourselves as more than a physical body. In truth it is much more coherent to think of ourselves as a luminous energy field organizing ourselves in a body, or as pure consciousness manifesting and temporarily experiencing this level of reality through our bodies. New evidence is clearly illustrating that our mind is nonlocal and is independent of the brain, which means it doesn’t need the brain, or the body for that matter, to exist.[1] We are so much more than we think we are, and infinitely more than we have been lead to believe. The next step that we have to take, moreover, the next step in our human evolution now involves us learning how to use and hone this power we have to influence reality and literally manifest anything we want directly out of the field, from a new hip, to perhaps better eyesight, or a fit and healthy body, all the way to a new life. But how is this done?

For Waking Times


ompromise. That’s what it’s all about, eh? We are taught from early on that the only way to get along is to go along. Meet halfway, in the middle. Don’t be such a stickler. Nothing is so sacred or important that it cannot stand a little compromise. And just where has this type of thinking gotten us? Just how willing should we be to compromise and lay our values down on the altar of coexistence? Just how much compromise do we have to accept to feel that it is okay to allow others to put poison in our food, to spray poisons on the land that we are supposed to be stewards of, to poison our animals that trust us to take care of them, to drop poisons from the sky, to put poisons in pills and vaccines that we are ordered to get if we want to keep subsistence jobs working for people who would rather see us dead than alive because we are just a statistic and replaceable, and to poison our very water supply? We are dying, and it’s our own fault. We are compromising our way into extinction with only ourselves to blame. But it’s okay if we keep believing the lies. If we keep hiding our heads in the sand and accepting the falsehoods that make us feel good, eh? We love the lies that make us feel like we are all powerful and in control of our pitiful existence. Yes, pitiful. Just how pitiful is it when poisons are sold next to healthy foods and we have to guess

which is which, all under the banner of “choice” and “free will?” You tell me, because, quite frankly, I’ve had just about enough of it. I want truth. I want uncompromising truth, no matter how much it hurts. I talked with someone at Trader Joe’s. She would not allow me to quote her, and referred me to the PR department, but the gist of the conversation, paraphrased, was this: Question: “Do you sell brands with GMOs?” Answer: “Yes, we do.” She listed the brands. Question: “Will you be getting rid of your GMO brands anytime in the near future?” Answer: “No. We want the customers to have a choice. We won’t get rid of them unless demand goes down.” In other words, they want the customer to be able to choose between non-GMO and something unlabeled that might possibly be GMO, but you don’t really know because it is not labeled. That’s real choice, eh? If people simply stop buying the poisons, Trader Joe’s will concede to that and stop carrying them because the company will lose money, not because removing poison from store shelves is the right thing to do, but because it is cost-effective. No wonder she didn’t want me to quote her…. If people want it, the stores will sell it, doesn’t matter what it is. No values, no honesty in advertising. No concern for anything other than the almighty buck.

To us, sustainability isn’t just some buzz-word; it’s at the core of who we are. We work hard to ensure that our customer’s projects are as environmentally friendly on the earth as they are high-quality. Enquire within for a free quote mention this ad to get






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. ON



Hey, if it works for me, then to hell with everyone else. Let the buyer beware. This is the same type of thinking that says my neighbor can spray Roundup all over his place and pollute my organic garden through toxic runoff. It’s his right to do so. What about my right to not be poisoned by his choices? My organics don’t hurt anyone, whereas his chemicals do. That is the difference. When poisoned food is placed side by side with good food, with no outward distinction, not to mention the ethics of poison being sold as food anyway, how exactly is that real choice? It’s not. It’s compromise. Coexistence, if you will. Each and every time we compromise we lose a little bit of ourselves in the process. Each and every time we decide that just a little poison is okay, just as long as no one notices, or because everyone is doing it, and I just have to make a living, so I have to, we lose another piece of ourselves to compromise. And just how much do we have to lose before we cannot regain what was once good and true? What are the consequences if “everyone does it” except for the minority that chooses to not compromise? The radicals. The freaks, if you will. The people who choose to take a stand and fight the good fight for uncompromising honesty? I guess if the majority wants to poison itself, the minority just takes it in the shorts. So much for democracy in action. We live in a world where good is bad and bad is good. Where poisons are considered healthy, and good, clean food is illegal. Where people stand in line to register and poison their children, all mandated by a state that requires such “healthy” practices in order to participate in life on this earth. And don’t dare try to really be healthy and share the wealth by sneaking any raw milk to your neighbor or you just might end up in jail. But it’s all okay if the bottom line is in the black. If you have enough money to get all the zoo-zoos and wham-whams you want to keep yourself occupied with triviality while the world around you crumbles in a pile of toxic waste. For those who couldn’t care less and prefer the status-quo, just keep making money and living the lie. It’s easier that way. But for the rest of us who have a burning for the truth, and who spend every last breath here on earth searching for it, it’s not nearly enough. No lie will replace it. So, we stand. We stand in the truth, and try to do what is right. We plant our heirloom seeds and pray for rain. We watch our gardens grow and feed our animals with the last remaining shred of food that hopefully has not been poisoned by liars, deceivers, and those who choose to compromise and coexist. When you are surrounded by falsehoods and compromise, it’s time to make a choice. Sometimes, that choice is a hard one, but one that must be made by every man, woman and child on earth. That choice is to either stand for the truth or die defending the lie. As for me, I choose to stand for the truth, come what may. Please join me. It’s our only hope in a compromised world full of deceit and trickery.

About the Author Barbara Peterson is the author of the critical blog, Farm Wars, where this article originally appeared.

from page 16

Healing Your Field, Healing Your Body To heal, all that we need to do is purify our energy so that the energetic projection of our body is unobstructed. Then our atoms and molecules can align perfectly to this structure because there is no energetic interference to disrupt the image of our body as projected by our consciousness. We do this by getting in the gap between our thoughts, where our beliefs no longer affect our reality, for, when we are not thinking, we are also free of beliefs and expectations. And by doing this we are aligning ourselves with universal principles, and matching our energy with the energies coming directly from the field of all-possibility —those high

See “PROJECTION” on page 23

PROJECTION from page 22

frequency energies of love, kindness, inspiration, passion, joy, and so on. The first step is to consider the possibility that we are not only energy, but that there is infinite energy all around us which we can consciously tap into to promote healing in our body and mind, to become a more happy, healthy, vibrant and creative beings. As soon as you start to connect to the infinite energy of creation and your own true nature as formless energy, then you start to become aware of these energies in your body which returns the projection of your body to its natural state. The projection of your body can only be disrupted by a disturbance in your energy field — your consciousness — caused by unbalanced thoughts and emotions, and limiting beliefs. Our luminous energy field is naturally vibrant, and our energy naturally flows unhindered as a powerful stream of consciousness, but the lower levels of consciousness, which we have been conditioned to live in as part of our social indoctrination, disrupt this flow which if left unhindered would express its perfection everywhere. Another key concept to understand is that your body is always regenerating. In a talk of Deepak Chopra’s that I listened to, he pointed out that atoms do not age. They do not die, and the same atoms that existed at the big bang around 14 billion years ago exist to this day, some of which are even within you. Every year 98% of the atoms in your body are exchanged for ‘new’ atoms. You are constantly dying, and being reborn, and literally transforming at the atomic and molecular levels. Every three days

you have a new stomach lining, every month you have new skin, every three months you have a new skeleton. And every year you have almost an entirely new body (Deepak Chopra from Living Beyond Miracles with Wayne Dyer). Deepak Chopra described it beautifully by saying that our atoms “are like migrating birds”. They are not permanent, they are completely independent, and are drifting through space and time and merely being organized into structures such as our bodies by none other than our energy field which organizes them as a magnetic field organizes metal filings, only slightly more complex. What more proof do we need in order to start looking at our bodies differently, and in general looking at the mechanism of health itself in a new light? None of the raw materials that form your physical body age, moreover, they are constantly changing. Therefore I ask this of you: Is it really you that is changing? And what is the force that organizes these atoms and molecules back where they are supposed to be, and makes sure that they perfectly and harmoniously continue to do their jobs even while your cells and atoms are migrating by the billions? Your body is not the real you. Your body is merely a projection of what you believe yourself to be. If you could discover that you are pure consciousness, and that who you really are is an infinite creative awareness that is manifesting reality and co-creating reality with other aspects of yourself (because every being is an expression of the infinite universal consciousness we have labelled as God), then you can start to take complete control over your body, your health, and your life. Chronic pain, disease, illness, or the old injuries that you have in your body are

not actually in your body, they are in your mind. More specifically, they are a function of your perception. Your atoms are always changing, and your molecules are too, but as new atoms come and as new molecules are formed, and as you flash in and out of existence, your energetic field is telling them where to go, what to do, and how to align with one another. Therefore, you are holding disease, illness, pain, and injuries within your consciousness, and thus, they are imprinted in your energetic field, and only then do they proceed to manifest in your physiology. If this is the case, then not only is our health completely under our willful control, but the rate at which we age may even be under our control as well. Now I am not suggesting that we can be immortal, because we already are as infinite beings of consciousness. What I am suggesting is that in a time long forgotten, and in the near future, human beings have had and will realize again the ability to live from this field, and live consciously from their nature as luminous beings of pure energy. At that time human beings will realize that the body is a manifestation of our highest self, and we can not only consciously manifest anything in life, but anything in our bodies as well. And one day we will reach a point where we can continually regenerate our bodies at will because we live from the field of infinite energy, and thus our bodies simply operate at a higher frequency so that we can live in them until our work is completed and we choose to move on. Fantastic? Yes. But these changes are noticeable within the human body and mind even after a little bit of practice and training, so decide to feel and experience

it for yourself, and learn how to meditate. This is what evidence is clearly suggesting and my own experience also indicates to be true. The only hindrance to tapping into this nature of the universe is your own conscious awareness, your level of attention, and your beliefs. Our ability to heal is directly related to our level of attention and our level of belief. For example we can heal ourselves of any affliction, illness, disease, or injury that is possible so long as we have absolute certainty, a knowing, that we will be healed. This is directly achieved by accessing the most fundamental level of reality through deep meditation. This is because at the fundamental level of reality, anything is possible, and the restructuring of reality is dictated entirely by our beliefs and expectations. We are pure energy, and there is infinite potential in that energy. It is entirely up to us what we choose to manifest out of the field in our lives and in our bodies. You have no limitations, and nothing is impossible. It is only your beliefs which dictate what you can and cannot do. “Miracles happen, not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” - St. Augustine

About the Author Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. Follow Project Global Awakening on Facebook, and Twitter. Sources:
 - [1] Exploring the Nature of Mind and our Holographic Brain, from http://www.projectglobalawakening. com/2014/03/29/nature-of-mind/

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