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OCTOBER | 2012

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5 Law Enforcement is Not Your Friend



Political Process W

hen a problem occurs or when something is wrong we have traditionally been conditioned to find someone who is “in charge”, a final arbiter of decision making who will have all of the answers and know all of the right things to say and do. Typically, those who have found themselves “in charge” are no more qualified or knowledgeable than those who are not, yet nonetheless these false prophets continue to swindle generation after generation of people. The worst thing about this whole situation is that these so called “authorities” maintain a monopoly on problem solving, meaning they are really the only ones who are allowed to solve problems. Thus over time people begin to believe that those in authority are the only ones who are actually capable of solving problems, when in reality, they are no more qualified than anyone else. If we apply this understanding to the realm of government, it is not difficult to see that the current system of electoral politics is not an effective or moral way for people to actually create meaningful change in their communities and the planet as a whole. Year after year, administration after administration the faces change, but the oppression continues to escalate. Even if your vote is actually counted, which it probably isn’t, it still won’t matter who wins in the end anyway because they are all going to carry out the

exact same policies with just slightly different rhetoric behind them. It should be obvious by now that this system is not only inherently corrupt, but is also failing miserably and is currently in the process of collapse. So what do we do? How do we solve these problems? Do we look to authority? Do we put someone else in charge? Of course not! How has that been working out for us all along? Not so well, right? Yet when I suggest that everyone needs to give up on voting and take matters into their own hands in their personal lives, people always seem to get the impression that I am suggesting they “do nothing”. In reality the complete opposite is true. I am suggesting that they actually get out and do something to make an impact on the problems that bother them instead of just pushing a button in an election booth, throwing the problem on some politician’s lap and thinking that something is actually going to get done. If anything that political approach that I just described is the lazy way of going about change, but actually working on solutions yourself is truly meaningful action. There are a ton of ways that you can contribute to helping the global situation without politics. In fact, you will do much better than the politicians at actually achieving the goal. Below are just a few ways that I have recently seen people solving problems in their community by themselves, without the government.

by J.G. Vibes

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“The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” - Jim Hightower

Law Enforcement is Not Your Friend by James E. Miller


cross the West, instances of abuse of authority by domestic police forces are becoming more prevalent. Two weeks ago, two police officers in my hometown accosted my brother as he walked back to his car after purchasing a six pack of beer. The officers, who thought my brother was up to no good because he parked a few blocks from a bar, questioned him for a full half hour. All the while, they found it necessary to remind him repeatedly that “he was in trouble” and that the situation was “serious.” After my brother asked numerous times what he had done and if he was under arrest, the two officers finally let him go. Though he was never charged with a crime, it was implied that he wasn’t free to leave. During the back-and-forth, one officer claimed that he and his fellow officers kept the town safe through such tactics like assuming everyone is a criminal. The sad part is, the officer likely believed his own story. Situations of police arrogance and abuse like this are now commonplace in many Western countries and especially the United States. After a decade of civil liberties systematically being slaughtered and the rights of foreigners being stripped away in the name of “fighting terrorism,” even the most egregious acts of crushing natural rights hardly draw any outcry from the greater public. Just last week on August 16, 2012, former Marine Brandon Raub was forcibly taken from his home in Chesterfield Country, Virginia and is currently being held against his will in a psychiatric hospital. His alleged crime he has yet to be charged for? Questioning the federal government’s true motive

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in all its dealings on his private Facebook page. Despite having no criminal record and no history of mental health illness, Raub was effectively kidnapped from his home in a coordinated effort by FBI officials, Secret Service agents, and local police. The pickup hardly differs from the Gestapo tactics used in communist Russia to suppress political dissent. The arresting officials claim that Raub was not under arrest despite the fact that he was in shackled handcuffs and was not free to return home. FBI spokeswoman Dee Rybiski assured the Associated Press that many of Raub’s writing were “threatening” and that they had received “complaints” over the violent rhetoric. But according to The New American, nowhere in Raub’s writing was violent revolution ever suggested. Thankfully, a judge recently ordered the release of Raub as there was no legal basis to hold him involuntarily. While the Brandon Raub affair is horrendous, arrest and detainment of political dissent is nothing new to the United States. From John Adams’ signing of the Alien and Sedition Act to Abraham Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus and imprisoning political opponents and those who spoke out against the Civil War, freedom of speech and peaceful protest have never been regarded as sacrosanct. Should law enforcement feel the need to keep someone against their will, there is little to stand in their way. And this behaviour is not unique to the United States. In Canada, the home of “peace, order, and good government,” the people’s faith in the goodness of monopolized authority is being challenged. Last spring after many provincial governments threatened tuition hikes, university students took to the streets in protest. Police brutality ended up showing its ugly head as riot police arrested as many as 85 protes-

tors. These students, who naively saw themselves as entitled to a college education paid for by pilfered funds, were served a taste of what government really looks like. To quote H.L. Mencken, the students believed in the sanctity of democracy and got it “good and hard” as they witnessed the truth that government amounts to no more than a riot shield, a billy club, and the trigger of a gun. In Europe, austerity measures have evoked similar objection as many nonviolent protests have been upended by police crackdowns. Though the anti-austerity crowd generally wants their perspective governments to shower them with entitlement benefits, their childlike desire of something for nothing is not deserving of a tax-funded bludgeoning. As the state grows in size and scope of authority so must its enforcement apparatus. The forced taking and

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Law Enforcement is Not Your Friend


The Electromagnetic War on Humanity


Improving Public Schools - an Unschooler’s Perspective


Law Enforcement is Not Your Friend


The Electromagnetic War on Humanity

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Cell Phones Increase Risk of Brain Tumors 280%


Yoga for Depression and Anxiety


Natural Alternatives to 5 Toxic Home Cleaners


Monsanto: Menace to Society


The Great Organic Deceivers


The Pineal Gland: More Important than Ever


Shock Findings in New Gmo Study

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8 Ways to Improve Society Without Politics


Criminalizing Parents


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The Greatest Weapon of the Oppressor


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The Ascendency of a Criminal Elite


Mass Media Illusion


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Liberation Participation!


by Fredalupe!

his month my space in the paper had to be shaved down a bit to fit in all the great information we’ve put together for you. We are definitely straining at the twentyeight page format, and are hard pressed to even come close to fitting in all the good stuff we’d love you to become aware of every month. The New Agora could easily be twice its current size, filled to the brim with exciting and rewarding information, real resources of all kinds, eye opening and life changing, while offering a structure built on mutual benefit and trustworthiness. All that is required for this to happen and for the message of freedom to be spread throughout Canada (and the world) is more Participators. Imagine our human family participating in its own evolution! Imagine limitless possibility! Imagine Freedom. I know I am. Allow me to explain what I mean by ‘Participators’ and the kind of participation that might help the most whereas making a bigger more splendid paper and getting the truth out to as many real folks as we can is concerned. Although we’ve certainly used other means then straight ‘advertising dollars’ to get the paper to where it is today, publicizing is still the number one way we have to generate the energy to get the paper printed and distributed. Naturally, to do this in a larger way means that this agora, as a meeting and marketplace, must also expand to support a wider audience. This is as it should be for an agora. So far we’ve attracted quite a few forward-thinking business’s, enough to stabilize us where we are, depending on the winds of change and the fortunes of the day, of course. We’ve done equally well whereas volunteers of all kinds are concerned. There’s quite simply a lot of good folks out there who are happy, willing and passionate about sharing truth with their fellows. There is definitely an electricity in the air and it ain’t all wi-fi and cell towers. From people just leaving the paper in waiting rooms to offering them to be read by loved ones, the New Agora is a great tool in the hands of those who are moving with the positive evolutionary changes occurring within our species and with the world as a whole. Our readers seek out the businesses and services that present themselves here in our pages because they know that those same people are putting their money where their mouths are by literally investing in the intent of freedom for all. Together we are creating the mutually agreeable and supportive system that will come to replace the one presently falling apart. Imagine every Canadian informed and empowered...we could change the face of humanity with our loving example of cooperation and bonhomie (cheerful friendliness, congeniality). Canadians aren’t just a polite bunch - we’re also good people, peaceful, humourous and mostly interested in getting on with having a good life. Being representative of the entire human population and having learned to live well with one another we Canadians really could lead the world in the best way possible. So here we are, sharing news and information the mainstream media won’t allow the majority of us to see or hear. We’ve got an old style print media format to spread the conscious awakening of the human species. Yes, we’re online too, but most of us aren’t and don’t need to be. Don’t believe the hype. A good book is a good book. Reading a printed newspaper over morning tea, coffee or mate is a delight. Computers and such, be they wall-mounted, hand held or butt-plugged are jim-dandy and all in their way, but feeling the actual world with your own hands as your eyes walk across a page helps the mind and the heart synchronize with the spirit. A virtual representation, as dazzling and captivating as they are these days, will always at best be only that: a virtual representation of the real deal. In your hands right now you have a tool to illuminate the darkness and to help build a better world. If you have a business, a service, a show, a need to publicize then get in contact with us right away. If you know of a business that would be enhanced by becoming known in our pages for our readers to enjoy and support: let them know about us right away. We can all help one another prosper. This is one of our guiding principles and is most certainly how it’s meant to be. Creating a better system is not that complicated and there’s none but us to do it. The ‘everyone out for themselves’ ‘dog eat dog’ paradigm serves no one not even the dogs in the long run. We are in this together. All we need to change the world back into the paradise it always was is to Participate in making it so! This is the active side of the non-compliance stance loving beings are making when faced with the obscene homicidal selfishness of the current criminal regime desperately clinging to its predatorial and cancerous lunacy. By proposing and creating a better way to interact with one another the corrupt system of parasitically devouring everything and everyone will simply wither on the vine from lack of attention, importance and relevance. As I see it this is perhaps the most significant realization of them all whereas our civilization is concerned: separation and artificial systems don’t work for us at all! The human family thrives on cooperation and diversity, as does our world. Raping and plundering ourselves into slavery and eventual extinction isn’t a good business plan. Scarcity only feeds pirates and thieves, politicians and banksters. And it’s a lie! It’s a con! Look around! Abundance is the rule of the Cosmos, for heaven’s sake! Love is the energy that moves everything forward. Intelligence and beauty are everywhere in the natural world(s), not so much in the other one. A fabricated reality is a limited thing. True reality is endless, mysterious and certainly worthy of our equally wondrous natures. Imagine a harmonious exploration of the heights of possibility! Let’s go! What we participate in we nourish. What we give our attention to grows. What we dream comes true. The New Agora is doing it’s best to nourish your awareness, so that your attention might grow in strength and clarity, so that our grandest dream of a loving existence shared together in celebration might finally be manifest and true for us all. Thank you for your participation in our liberation,

Love, Fredalupe!

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Finance Audit of NY Fed Reveals Technocrat’s Creation and CoverUp of Global Financial Crash


n July, the first audit of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) was published by the Government Accountability Office (GAO). According to Senator Bernie Sanders: “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world. This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.”

Student Loan Debt Bubble Is Creating Millions Of Modern Day Serfs


tudent loan debt has become a trillion dollar bubble which has shattered the financial lives of tens of millions of young college graduates. Average student loan debt at graduation is estimated to be about $28,720 right now. That is a crazy figure and it has absolutely soared in recent years. In fact, student loan debt in America has grown by 511 percent since 1999. the-student-loan-debt-bubble-is-creating-millions-of-modern-day-serfs

Infinite QE3 Now Initiated; The Final Chapter of America’s Financial Blowout Has Begun


he Federal Reserve’s decision to announce “infinite” quantitative easing has now put us all on the path of infinite money creation. With up to $85 billion in monthly money creation -- including $40 billion a month in purchases of mortgage-backed securities -- the Fed is now wholly committed to the creation of new fake money to cover old fake debts. Mathematically, this financial death spiral can only end in sheer catastrophe.

http://www. naturalnews. com/037223_ quantitative_ easing_Federal_Reserve_ money_creation. html

Geo-Politics Canada - Selling Its Soul To America


n September 7, Foreign Minister John Baird said Canada closed its Tehran embassy. It expelled Iranian diplomats in Ottawa. They had five days to leave. He claimed a nonexistent Iranian threat. He took a page from AIPAC’s playbook. He bogusly called Tehran the gravest threat to global security. He didn’t explain how America, rogue NATO partners, and regional allies recruit, arm, fund, train, and direct ravaging death squads. He was silent on what matters most. He recited a litany of lies about Iran. He unconscionably pointed fingers the wrong way. Canada is a committed imperial partner. It’s one of 28 NATO countries. It supports the worst of Israel’s crimes. It’s on the same slippery slope as America. It’s fast-tracking toward fascism. Sleeping with the devil rubs off. html

France Maintains Key Ban on Monsanto GMO Maize Crops


n another massive victory against Monsanto and the spread of genetically modified crops, French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayraul has announced that the nation will be maintaining a key ban on the only remaining GMO currently allowed in Europe. Known as Monsanto’s GMO maize crops, or MON810 maize, the original ban was brought forth back in March following the French court’s previous annulment on a November ban. Thanks to activism by French citizens and serious political outcry, Monsanto is now effectively blocked from Europe’s gigantic marketplace.

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Governments Are Complicit in the Illegal Drug Trade


he following interview helps us understand the drug war from a dramatically different perspective than the one the corporate media paints. Instead the traditional portrayal of the war on drugs as a fight between law enforcement and illicit drug dealers, scholar Oliver Villar explains that the illegal drug trade is a tool of empire, a means of “social control” as much as profit. Villar, a lecturer in politics at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia’s insight is well worth the read.

Hungary Throws Out Monsanto, ‘Unfriends’ The IMF


Global Carbon Trading System has ‘essentially collapsed’


he world’s only global system of carbon trading, designed to give poor countries access to new green technologies, has “essentially collapsed”, jeopardising future flows of finance to the developing world. Billions of dollars have been raised in the past seven years through the United Nations’ system to set up greenhouse gas-cutting projects, such as windfarms and solar panels, in poor nations. But the failure of governments to provide firm guarantees to continue with the system beyond this year has raised serious concerns over whether it can survive. sep/10/global-carbon-trading-system

Maple Leaf Ragged: What Ails Canada?

n an effort to rid the country of Monsanto’s GMO products, Hungary has stepped up the pace. This looks like its going to be another slap in the face for Monsanto. A new regulation was introduced this March which stipulates that seeds are supposed to be checked for GMO before they are introduced to the market. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video message on his official Facebook page that Hungary could not accept pension cuts, the elimination of a bank tax, fewer public employees and other conditions in exchange for an IMF loan that other officials have said could be about €15 billion ($18.9 billion). The IMF’s list of conditions, Orban said, “ contains everything that is not in Hungary’s interests.”

here’s trouble brewing in Canada. It’s difficult to perceive on first glance. In Toronto, the air is clean, crime rates are low and healthcare is universal. Yet an undercurrent of anxiety courses through the country’s public discourse and its media; it dominates conversations in coffee shops and university hallways. A volley of recent polarizing political developments has led many Canadians to ask whether their country’s reputation as a tolerant, environmentally conscious international peacemaker is suddenly in doubt. Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper has tightened immigration policy, struck a hard line in the Middle East and adjusted environmental policy to encourage controversial oil extraction schemes. maple-leaf-what-ails-canada


Health Stanford Organics Study A “Fraud” – Linked to Cargill & Tobacco Money


GOs immediately questioned the conclusions of the study. “There was just no way that truly independent scientists with the expertise required to adequately answer such an important question would ignore the vast and growing body of scientific literature pointing to serious health risks from eating foods produced with synthetic chemicals,” says Charlotte Vallaeys, food and farm policy director at the Cornucopia Institute Institute, an organic farm policy organization in Wisconsin.

h t t p : / / w w w. c o r p w a t c h . o r g / a r t i c l e . php?id=15783

Compound Found in Marijuana Shown to ‘turn off’ Cancer


esearchers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found that a marijuana compound known as cannabidiol can stop metastasis in many types of aggressive cancers. Sean McAllister, one of the researchers at California Pacific, was studying the effects of Cannabidiol (CDB). Cannabidiol is a nonpsychoactive chemical compound in the cannabis plant. Pierre Desprez, a molecular biologist researcher, began studying ID-1, the gene that causes cancer to spread, about 20 years ago. The two combined their research and introduced CDB to cancer cells containing ID-1 in a petri dish. They found that CDB stopped the metastasis of the cancer cells.

No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread • • • • • •

USEPA detects Los Angeles beta radiation spike in early July air Alpha and beta air radiation increases in Santa Monica air High radiation in rains across America and Canada Hot rains in southern Brazil indicate Fukushima fallout in Southern Hemisphere at high concentrations California navel oranges detected with extremely high levels of Cesium 134 and Cesium 137 bought at supermarket in Japan California almonds, dry prunes and pistachios test high for Cesium-134 and Cesium-137

FDA Approves Sale of Pills With RFID Mircochip


he Food and Drug Administration has approved an ingestible digital senor that can track physical health with the assertion that patients are not taking their medication regularly and need a tracking device inside their body to assist them in their medical care. The IEM, as small as a grain of sand, can be embedded in a pill, and ingested to monitor the patient and their bodily health. The IEM sends a signal to your smartphone; which then transmits the data to your doctor. fda-approves-sale-of-pills-with-rfid-mircochip

Doctors and Farmers Find that Eliminating GMOs Prevents Disease


enetically engineered wheat contains an enzyme suppressor that, when consumed by humans, could cause permanent liver failure (and death). That’s the warning issued today by molecular biologist Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury in Australia.

n recent years, more and more doctors have started warning their patients to avoid genetically modified foods and the results are paying off. Jeffrey Smith now tells us that thousands of doctors are reporting the elimination of disease simply when patients cut genetically modified foods out of their diets. They are finding the elimination of immune disorders, arthritis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, skin problems, general pain, migraines, and restless leg syndrome, among other problems. According to one doctor, the results happen pretty quickly too. wheat_liver_failure_GMO.html disease_prevention_doctors.html

Eating GM Wheat May Destroy Your Liver, Warn Scientists


Study Finds BPA Actually Changes Your Brain


esearchers at North Carolina State University found that bisphenol-A (BPA) exposure in early life stages can actually cause gene expression changes. These effects are seen in a part of the brain called the amygdala, which can lead to increased levels of anxiety. What may surprise you is that soy—which has been accused of mimicking estrogen, as has BPA—prevented the behavioral changes. Early life exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA), a component of polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, alters sociosexual behavior in numerous species including humans. The present study focused on the ontogeny of these behavioral effects beginning in adolescence and assessed the underlying molecular changes in the amygdala.

TEchnology Proof Smart Meters Are Being Used to Spy On Us

Does The Internet Make You Dumb? Top German Neuroscientist Says Yes!


n Dr. Manfred Spitzer new book called Digitale Demenz [Digital Dementia], he says that teaching young kids finger-counting games is much better for them than letting them explore on a laptop. When young children spend too much time using a computer, their brain development suffers and that the deficits are irreversible and cannot be made up for later in life. Simplistically, the message can be summed up this way: the Internet makes you dumb.


nformation about power usage, which can be used to identify when a home is being occupied, is being shared with third parties of which includes government agencies, private organisations and off-shore data processing centres. This unethical breach of privacy was discovered on the website of one of Australia’s largest electricity retailer, Origin Energy. Electricity customers, who sign up for an online service that provides the account holder with detailed information about their electricity usage, are unwittingly agreeing to share their private information with third parties.

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Healing is Embedded in Natural Foods D

by Mike Barrett

isease rates are skyrocketing, particularly chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. With an estimated half of all US adults to face diabetes by 2020, it would seem that there is little hope for slowing down the rampant onslaught of lifestyle-connected conditions. It may be that our continued distancing from nature is the root cause of the escalation of disease, but the good news is that natural healing and prevention can be achieved with the mere decision to embrace mother nature and the natural healing foods provided by her. Mainstream physicians have been prescribing, cutting, and radiating for decades, yet disease rates are not dwindling. These conditions are not being cured, but fuelled. What has been increasing alongside the explosion of sickness rates? Humanity’s reluctancy to embrace and utilize the core principals of natural living. ‘What doesn’t give you cancer these days?’ This statement is a result of major corporations and government organizations turning a blind eye to toxic substances within the food supply and the environment. It may be true that most mainstream products and ‘solutions’ are feeding illness and disease, but another statement could be made that is quite the opposite. ‘What real living food doesn’t prevent cancer?’ There is a serious epidemic of vitamin D deficiency throughout the United States and other developed nations. Many individuals are not going outside anymore, and toxic sunscreen is used even when they do. In either case, vitamin D is not attained, and vitamin D is absolutely essential in the prevention of disease and proper hormonal regulation. Today, however, even cases of the rickets are returning! Spices like turmeric and ginger, fresh fruits like lemons and oranges, and vegetables like carrots and kale – what real foods

don’t prevent cancer? The answer, as scientists are slowly finding out on a daily basis, is nearly all foods are healing foods. These food products are full of enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial compounds that have been found to combat cancer and even shrink tumours. Here are just a handful of examples proving that nature and natural foods are truly the key to preventing and healing disease. Going one step further, they are pivotal in paving the way for you to not only survive, but thrive.

Natural Healing with Natural Foods Spices – Spices like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, oregano, curry, and more have all been shown in research to have a profound positive effect on the body. Turmeric spice and ginger have been shown to destroy cancer cells time and time again; cinnamon is great for diabetics and protecting against diabetes; oregano is full of antioxidants, making it great for anti-aging and defeating cancer. Fruit – Although fruit contain fructose, that doesn’t take away from the many health benefits they provide. Apples and pears help to preserve brain health; papaya contains an enzyme known as papain, which helps with the digestive system; berries are among the top antioxidant rich foods, known to help slow the aging process, fight cancer, lower blood pressure, prevent heart disease, and much more.

Vegetables – Vegetables are possibly the most important foods that the vast majority of people are omitting. Celery naturally contains an ingredient that can halt breast cancer; leafy greens like broccoli are essential for the prevention of prostate cancer and to keep the heart healthy; carrots, collard greens, and zucchini help to promote vision; beets are wonderful for detoxing the body. Nuts – All nuts contain a variety of health-boosting compounds, including omega 3 fatty acids which have been shown to promote mental health, halt weight gain, and help lead to a longer life. The compounds found in pistachios make the nut great for eye health, heart health, and cancer prevention; walnuts are rich in vitamin E, which protects cells and DNA from damage, supports circulation, and is great for the brain; almonds help with weight management, improves heart health, and regulate blood sugar. Of course this is only a handful of foods that lead to only a handful of health benefits. Remember that natural, organic foods can induce natural healing, and that a simple walk in the park can make more of an impact than you would ever believe.

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Increased Risk of Brain Tumor After 10 Years of Cellphone Use by Anthony Gucciardi


ow long have you been using your cellphone? Using a mobile device for any length of time is damaging to some degree, but new research is shedding light on just how significant of an influence extended cellphone use has on the brain. In a newlyreleased study conducted at the Örebro Hospital in Sweden, it was revealed that 10 years of cellphone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumour development. Interestingly, the tumour development was found on the side of the head in which the cellphone was most used.

Page 8

It’s important to understand that cellphone use has gone up significantly since 10 years ago, meaning that more recent results may show an even higher risk. Statistically, the average person in Britain and many other developed nations will soon have about 2 cellphones each. With the increased number of cellphones on the citizens of the world comes something known as ‘second-hand cellphone use’. Just as with smoking, sitting in a bus, airplane, or train will expose you to upwards of several hundred cellphones at one time. Another key factor is that 10 years ago far less young children were using cellphones –a select few having them as ‘emergency’ contact devices. Now, it’s not uncommon to see children under 10 chatting or texting on their cellphone throughout the day. It is a well known fact that developing children are more affected by cellphone radiation, with behavioral disorders known to develop from cellphone use at an early age. It is also known that cellphone radiation is actually changing the brain in ways that are not currently understood. In other words, the large-scale global use of cellphones is essentially a massive biological experiment. The true long-term effects will only be absolutely known when they occur. Fol-

lowing the research, this will likely be a historical spike in brain tumour development and damage. As you certainly know, the best way of protecting yourself from cellphone radiation is to simply not use it. When turning the phone off, it reduces the emission rate close to zero. This is not always an option for many, so there are a few vital methods of reducing the damage: • Try and use the ‘speaker’ option on your cellphone when possible, holding it in your hand away from your head. • Turn your phone off at night or when you are not using it. • Place your phone in ‘airplane’ mode if you cannot turn it off entirely. • Look into and heavily research radiation protection options for your phone. Be aware there are a number of fake items out there, so always look for a product brand with real research behind it. On a grander scale, it is essential to let your friends and family know the dangers of cellphone use. It is by generating awareness and getting those you know upset that real change will occur within the industry

Yoga for Depression and Anxiety Help without Drugs


early one in five Americans suffers from an anxiety disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Stress and stress-related diseases have skyrocketed since the industrial revolution, with stress being a daily reality for most Americans. Those with anxiety disorders are at higher risk for coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Not to mention the difficulty of being deeply uncomfortable on a daily basis. Luckily, there are simple and natural ways to combat such stresses, with yoga for depression and anxiety being one of them. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is considered one of the most time-tested, verified and accepted form of treatment. It is recommended that anxiety-sufferers try this approach as a first line of defence. However, some people may not find improvement in therapy or may want to take control of their anxiety by initiating their own recovery-programs concurrent with therapy. Prescription drugs are also among the most commonly used form of treatments. It is important to note that prescription drugs may show great efficacy in reducing or eliminating symptoms, but that is the extent of their benefit: symptoms. Pills do not address the root causes of the anxiety; they merely suppress its effects. The drugs may work for some, but a whole host of sideeffects also appear, and when a patient misses a dose or goes off the drug, the anxiety can return in full force. The drug hides the symptoms but does not change behaviour and outlook in a perma-

nent way. That is why many people have looked to alternative therapies like yoga to help combat their anxiety. Controlled studies have shown that yoga for depression and anxiety can be very effective, having a direct, potent and lasting effect on anxiety disorders. One such study involved a group of veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. They engaged in a program featuring guided meditation, yoga asanas (stretching poses), stress reduction techniques and breathing exercises. After six weeks the group had an overall decrease of 15 points on the Clinician Administered PTSD Scale (CAPS), moving the group from moderate to severe anxiety down to mild through moderate. The improvement was dramatic and the control group showed no improvement. In a 2005 German study, distressed women who participated in yoga for three months showed a 50 percent drop in depression, a 30 percent drop in anxiety and a 65 percent increase in overall wellbeing – clear research that shows yoga for depression and anxiety works. Anxiety is a maladaptive response of the brain, meaning that it serves no practical survival function. Fear, anxiety and an excited nervous system are part of a fight-or-flight response that protects us from danger. Anxiety sufferers experience the same hyperactive nervous system, but they do so in benign situations. Yoga has been shown to counteract this response. Studies have shown that consistent yoga practice can lead to lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, calm breathing and a relaxed thought process in lieu of an overactive cycle of worries and negative thoughts.

by Michael Auryn

Many anxiety sufferers have a low pain tolerance. Chronic pain is common among many people with anxiety disorders. At the University of Utah, regular yoga practice was shown to correlate with a high pain tolerance. The evidence suggests that by relaxing the mind and body, yoga can reduce the pain-related aspects of anxiety. These studies are part of a growing pool of research that clearly proves that yoga for depression and anxiety can be positively powerful. With tens of thousands of yoga studios in North America, this ancient practice is no longer viewed as a new-age pseudoscience. It can deliver powerful results in the treatment of anxiety and the promotion of a relaxed mind and body. Through yoga, anxiety sufferers can take control of their condition and be proactive about its treatment. By engaging in a regular practice, these people can create permanent changes in the way their brain perceives and responds to stress. This approach tackles the deep, root causes of the disorder to make permanent changes that improve well-being.

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5 Toxic Home Cleaning Products and Their Natural Alternatives 5 Toxic Home Cleaning Products Plus Natural Alternatives 1. Simple Green Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner:

by Anthony Gucciardi


ome cleaning products are often overlooked when it comes to examining the toxic substances that may be currently present in your lifestyle. While food and water are more ‘obvious’ factors, toxic home cleaning products may also be taking a toll on your health. The EPA has even stated on record that indoor air pollution (with a shocking 12 different chemicals with irritant properties in the air at all times) is contributing to sickness and ill health. Thankfully, natural solutions do exist. As for identifying the most toxic cleaning supplies that may currently occupy your home or office, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has created a list of the ‘most’ toxic products to help you remove these concoctions from your living space. Even ‘green’ and ‘nontoxic’ products have been targeted, which often contain hazardous ingredients that can be affecting your biology.

Despite being labeled as ‘green’ and touted as an ‘environmental’ cleaning product, this product is quite toxic. It contains a solvent known as 2-butoxyethanol, which the EWG states can actually soak through the skin and damage red blood cells. In the fine print it even calls for the cleaner to be diluted, which many people miss. Natural alternative: A fantastic alternative to home cleaning products, mix a combination of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle (about nine parts water and one part white vinegar) and spray the surface that needs cleaning. This potent germ-killing natural cleaner beats the other health-damaging options and is perfectly safe.

2. Citra-Solv Cleaner & Degreaser: Just as Simple Green sports the ‘green’ label for brand association reasons, Citra-Solv uses ‘citrus’ and ‘orange’ buzzwords to push for a more natural image. The product, however, contains d-limonene — a chemical that can react with the ozone in the air to form concerning particles that can penetrate the lungs and form formaldehyde — a known carcinogen. Natural alternative: Spray hydrogen peroxide followed by the previously mentioned vinegar solution in order to fight germs and maintain cleanliness. You can even use alcohol, particularly grain alcohol for this cleaning purpose.

3. Whink Rust Stain Remover: This harmful ‘cleaning’ product is used to simply brighten up porcelain toilets and sinks. In the fine print, however, the product plainly indicates that it may “be fatal or cause permanent damage” to your body. If that’s not enough, it is known that the produce can penetrate the skin and go as far as to attack the underlying tissues and bone. Natural alternative: Use a half bottle of white vinegar and pour it into the toilet. Afterwards, shut the lid, let it sit overnight, and then scrub and flush come morning. You’ll have a much cleaner and whiter toilet without the bodily damage. 4. Spic and Span Multi-Surface and Floor Cleaner: There’s a reason that California has placed a ban on an ingredient in this product. Known as onylphenol ethoxylate, the chemical is known to be toxic to not only the human hormonal system but the environment as a whole. Natural alternative: Utilizing the same vinegar solution or grain alcohol will work more efficiently and be much safer. Lemon is also very practical. 5. Mop & Glo Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner: This product contains rather large concentrations of a substance that even the United Nations states is ‘suspected of damaging the unborn child’. Natural alternative: Baking soda can clean, deodorize, and clean floors without toxic ingredients. You can also use lemon for a fresh scent and a thorough clean.

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Monsanto: Menace to Society by #1 NWO Hatr


f ever there was a corporation spawned in the deepest pits of hell, in my opinion, it would be this one. The only other company I can think of that could rival their evil would be the I.G. Farben Co., the makers of Malathion, Zyklon B, and cyanide gas for the Nazi regime.

Founded in1901, in St. Louis, MS. as a chemical company (as opposed to an agricultural one), Monsanto has a long history of creating toxic chemicals (like I.G. Farben). The list includes PCB’s, RGBH, Agent Orange and Aspartame. PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyl) is generally considered one of the most carcinogenic substances known to man. It was used in plastics, transformers, capacitors, hydraulic systems, motors, and oil-based paints, among other things. Created in 1929, it was not until 1979 that it was finally banned. 20,000 residents of Anniston, AL, where Monsanto’s plant was located, sued them in 2001, and won a $700 million lawsuit, due to the toxic effects of PCB’s. In 1966, scientists placed fish in Anniston’s Snow Creek, and all were dead within 3 ½ minutes. Finally forced to go to court, internal documents showed that they knew PCB’s were toxic all along, but of course the ‘government’ sided with them, until the lawsuit. A 1970 internal memo revealed their mindset – “We can’t afford to lose one dollar of business”. So much for their humanitarian agenda. 2,4,5-T, a herbicide created by Monsanto, was the main ingredient in Agent Orange, the defoliant used in Vietnam. In 1949, the plant producing this herbicide in Nitro, W, VA, had an explosion which caused an illness in 248 workers there, caused by one of the ingredients in 2,4,5-T, dioxin. Monsanto was accused of falsifying scientific studies done on dioxin, downplaying its carcinogenic effects on humans. During the Vietnam war, 40 million litres of Agent Orange, containing 400 kilograms of pure dioxin, were sprayed as a defoliant. Three million people were contaminated, including U.S. soldiers. The effects of this madness are still being seen today. William Sanjour, an expert on dioxin, stated that had Monsanto’s studies been properly conducted, they would have shown the opposite conclusions. Aspartame is another real piece of work. A study done on the most violent criminals in our prisons across the country discovered they ALL had one thing in common – diets high in Aspartame and MSG. No rocket science is necessary to figure

this one out. Now we come to GMO’s, the crown jewel in Monsanto’s arsenal of deadly creations. They were created to withstand their toxic herbicide, Round-Up, first introduced in 1974. It was advertised as being biodegradable, until they were sued, first in New York in 1996, then again a few years later in France, for false advertising. They lost both cases, forcing them to remove the word biodegradable from their labels. It was in 1996 that they revealed their latest bio-engineered marvel to the rest of the world – soybeans. Due to huge investments in GMO’s by big agriculture, in 1992 the FDA decided NOT to create a special category for GMO’s, thereby bypassing the need to create new laws to regulate them. Dan Glickman, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture ( 1995 – 2000 ) under the Clinton administration stated that anyone not in favour of the rapid approval of bio-tech products and GMO crops was considered anti-science and anti-progress. James Maryanski, the Biotechnology Coordinator at the FDA from 1985 – 2006, admitted that GMO regulation was based on politics, not science. Principle 2 in an FDA report on GMO’s states “In most cases, the substances expected to become components of food as a result of genetic modification of a plant will be the same as or substantially similar to substances found in food.” Essentially, they are saying it’s no different than it’s natural counterpart. This is known as the ‘principle of substantial equivalence’. GMO labelling is not allowed on the 70% or more of the foods sold in stores in the U.S., due to this ‘principle of substantial equivalence’ designation. I could on and on about the foul schemes of this Satanic corporation, in fact, I could write a lengthy essay on them, but I believe that I’ve covered as much as possible in as condensed a form as is feasible. Monsanto is infamous for suing their detractors, so if they wish to sue me for posting this information, they’ll come to find that I’ve barely got a pot to piss in, they’re more than welcome to it, preferably chock full, and aimed squarely at their miserable blood-sucking heads.

The Great Organic Deceivers


hich organic brands really believe in organic— and which are working behind the scenes to betray natural health consumers? Many natural and organic brands are actually owned by huge conglomerates that don’t support sustainable, organic, nonGMO, non-toxic agriculture. In fact, their product labels are often designed to mislead consumers just so they can grab a share of the lucrative health-conscious consumer market. Even worse, many of the conglomerate companies that produce so-called natural foods—and even some labeled “organic”—are allied with the biotech industry fighting by any means to defeat “Label GMO,” a.k.a. Prop 37, the California Right to Know 2012 Ballot Initiative. Why are they doing such a thing? Because they sell more food that has GMO ingredients than organic food, and don’t want consumers to have a choice about the GMOs. They especially don’t want consumers to know what is actually in their so-called “natural” products. Keep in mind that the term “natural” has no legal or regulatory meaning at all: FDA has never created a definition for it and claims that “it is difficult to define a food product that is ‘natural’ because the food has probably been processed and is no longer the product of the earth.” In fact, FDA even says high-fructose corn syrup is natural! “Natural” is nothing more than a marketing term, one that is in fact meaningless. You’d think a “natural” food wouldn’t have genetically engineered ingredients, but you’d be wrong. Kashi, which every-

Page 10

where proclaims its passion for “healthy, all-natural foods,” has GMO soy in its ingredients. Kashi is owned by Kellogg, the multinational food manufacturing company that produces everything from sugary cereals to Morningstar Farms vegetarian products (some of which are organic but still use GMOs) to Keebler cookies (filled with GMOs). The company has contributed $612,000 to defeat Prop 37 and keep GMO labels off their products. Sierra Mist Natural wears that moniker proudly because their soda is “made with real sugar and 100% natural flavours”! The brand is owned by PepsiCo, which has contributed more than $1 million to defeat Prop 37. What you may not realize is that many organic brands have been snapped up by Big Food companies; their ownership is deliberately hidden from consumers. While they purport to have an environmental and health-conscious mission, they completely undercut that claim by fighting GMO labelling. Honest Tea, for example, is USDA-certified organic. Yet Honest Tea is owned by Coca-Cola, which has also contributed more than $1 million to defeat Label GMO. We don’t think that’s very honest. Coke also owns Odwalla, which produces “all-natural juices” and “nourishing protein bars,” and supposedly supports sustainable agriculture. GMO is sustainable agriculture? Silk carries the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal on its soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk products. Both Silk and the Horizon Organic brand tell their customers that the brands oppose GMOs. Yet both are owned by Dean Foods, which has contributed $253,000 to defeat Label GMO.

Lightlife vegan and vegetarian foods is owned by ConAgra, which contributed $520,000. Seeds of Change, the organic seed and food company, is owned by candy giant Mars, which contributed $100,242 to defeat Label GMO. General Mills, which owns Cascadian Farms Organic, Muir Glen, and Larabar, contributed $520,000. Smucker, which owns R.W. Knudsen and Santa Cruz Organic, contributed $387,000. The State of California has a website where you can see exactly which companies are fighting hardest to keep their GMO foods from being labeled. What about groups like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association), and the Organic Trade Association? Surely they’re all about protecting consumers from GMOs, right? No. Both of these organizations are funded by the very same Big Food companies that have made contributions to defeat the Label GMO initiative. Back in 1994, Norman Braksick, president of Asgrow Seed Co., a subsidiary of Monsanto, told the Kansas City Star, “If you put a label on genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it.” And that’s precisely what Big Food is so afraid of. Consumers will generally avoid GMOs if they can, and they won’t buy foods containing them. Can you imagine the consumer outrage if the labels on their favourite “natural” foods suddenly declare that their ingredients are genetically engineered? The Cornucopia Institute has developed a shoppers’ guide to help you tell the sheep from the wolves in this battle.

by Paul Fassa


here has been some controversy over the activity of adding synthetic fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but not enough. The seriousness of this issue is more than what most realize. Fluoridation ranks with GMO‘s and tainted, forced vaccinations among the great crimes against humanity.

Understanding the Different Fluorides

ates aging, sleep disorders. Pineal Gland, calcification, which clogs this gland located in the middle of the brain.

How Did We Get Stuck With Stuff? According to investigative journalist Christopher Bryson, author of The Fluoride Deception, getting large quantities of sodium fluoride into the water and food system was a ploy of public relations sponsored by the industries who were saddled with getting rid of the toxic materials. Fluoride was necessary for the processing or enriching of uranium. The pro-fluoride propaganda was started during the Manhattan Project to create the first atom bombs in the 1940′s. The spin was to convince workers and locals where the largest nuclear plant was located in Tennessee that fluoride was not

tap water. If this is not your situation, grab a couple of large jugs and fill them up from reverse osmosis machines in health food stores, supermarkets, and other locations. There are several such machines around, usually labeled as using reverse osmosis, and they usually take coins. So it is the most accessible and cheapest way to go if you can’t install one where you live.

The Physiological Importance of the Pineal Gland

During the late 1990′s in England, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke undertook the first study the effects of sodium There are two types of fluoride. Calcium Fluoride, which fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, appears naturally in underground water supplies, is relatively belocated in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. The nign. However, too much consumed daily can lead to bone or pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physidental problems. Calcium is used to counter fluoride poisoning cal matter in the body, even bones. when it occurs. This redeeming factor indicates that the calciBecause of the pineal um in naturally formed calcium gland’s importance to the enfluoride neutralizes much of fluodocrine system, her concluride’s toxic effects. sions were a breakthrough. On the other hand, the type Her study provided the missof fluorides added to water suping link to a lot of physiplies and other beverages and ological damage from sodium foods are waste products of the fluoride that had been hynuclear, aluminum, and now pothesized but not positively mostly the phosphate (fertilizer) connected. A veritable root industries. The EPA has classisource for the chain reaction fied these as toxins: fluorosilicate of blocked endocrine activity acid, sodium silicofluoride, and had been isolated. sodium fluoride. Good news though. FreFor this article, the term quent exposure to outdoor Sodium Fluoride will include sunshine, 20 minutes or so all three types. Sodium fluoride at a time, will help stimulate is used for rat poison and as a a fluoride calcified pineal pesticide. According to a scigland. Just make sure you entific study done several years take off your hat. This is more ago, Comparative Toxicity of important than most realize, Fluorine Compounds, industrial Left: The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. because the pineal gland afwaste sodium fluorides are 85 fects so much other enzyme times more toxic than naturally Right: A cross-section of the Pineal Gland. and endocrine activity, inoccurring calcium fluoride. cluding melatonin production.

Health Hazards of Sodium Fluoride Generally, most fluoride entering the body is not easily eliminated. It tends to accumulate in the body’s bones and teeth. Recently, it has been discovered to accumulate even more in the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain. This consequence of dental fluorosis, which seriously harms teeth, from daily fluoridation has been documented. Yet, the American Dental Association (AMA) continues beating a dead horse, promoting fluoride. There is a refusal to admit that instead of preventing tooth decay, fluoride causes even more dental harm. The flood of sodium fluoride in water and food also creates other more serious health problems that are not widely publicized, even suppressed. Nevertheless, in addition to fluorosis, independent labs and reputable researchers have linked the following health issues with daily long term intake of sodium fluoride: • Cancer • Genetic DNA Damage • Thyroid Disruption – affecting the complete endocrine system and leading to obesity • Neurological – diminished IQ and inability to focus, lethargy and weariness. • Alzheimer’s Disease • Melatonin Disruption, lowers immunity to cancer, acceler-

only safe, it was good for kids’ dental health. In the early 1950′s, the notorious spin master and father of advertising, Edward Bernays, continued the campaign for adding fluorides to water supplies as an experiment in engineering human consent! Then the AMA picked up on the dental issue and endorsed sodium fluoride’s addition to water supplies. The few dissenting health studies and reports were usually squashed. Those dissenting voices were dismissed as quacks regardless of their credentials. Approximately 2/3 of the USA water supply is laced with sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is a common pesticide. So that residue is in some foods. Some sodas, packaged orange juices, and even bottled drinking water for babies contain fluoride additives. Buyer beware. Read your labels carefully.

Avoiding Fluoridation Keep in mind that boiling only increases the concentration of fluoride to water more. But removing fluoride from tap water is not so difficult. Reverse osmosis works well for removing fluorides. If you own your home and can spring for the bucks, you can have one installed under the sink in your kitchen. That makes things very convenient for your fluoride removal from

The 2012 Connection First a bit about 2012, a date many have heard about. According to Carlos Barrios, anthropologist, historian, and investigator who was initiated as a Mayan ceremonial priest and spiritual guide, “Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions . . . but they do not read the signs correctly. . . . Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.” Carlos Barrios goes on to say that the transformation will be both spiritual and physical. The transition started in 1987. He says that we are in a spiritual transition from the rule of materialism, greed, and enmity to a new period of cooperation and peace – but not without difficulty. The current oligarchy is happy with what they have and don’t want to give it up, and they are powerful. The Mayans claim that 2012 marks the end of the period of the fourth sun and the beginning of the fifth sun. Carlos points out that adversarial revolution against the ruling class will not work. It is up to those who want this shift to connect with others of like mind and begin actively creating net-

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Eternal Abundance

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E l e c t r o m a g n e t i c Wa r o n H u m a n i t y They Didn’t Have to Use These Damaging Frequencies–They CHOSE To!

by Zen Gardner


t gets worse by the hour. While France wisely outlawed wi-fi in its schools due to its serious effects on children, more appliances, transmitters, signals, antennas, phone masts, dishes, and electronic gadgetry are being added by the minute. And we’re supposed to be excited about it. Diabolical Microwaves The effects of these cell towers and other microwave technologies bear witness to their perfidy. While they make light of these death-dealing devices and pretend they’re innocuous, the unwitting sheeple wither and die from mutated brain cells, injured immune and nervous systems, organ damage, and our children are predicted to have genetically altered offspring within two generations! Never mind seriously influencing our minds. 

We Live in ‘Electromagnetic Soup’

The “electrosmog” that first began developing with the rollout of the electrical grid a century ago and now envelops every inhabitant of Earth is responsible for many of the diseases that impair or kill them. In 2007, the Bioinitiative Working Group released a 650page report citing more than 2,000 studies (many very recent) that detail the toxic effects of EMFs from all sources. Chronic exposure to even low-level radiation (like that from cell phones), can cause a variety of cancers, impair immunity, and contribute to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, heart disease, and many other ailments. “For the first time in our evolutionary history, we have generated an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment — an electromagnetic soup — that essentially overlaps the human nervous system,” says Michael Persinger, PhD, a neuroscientist at Laurentian University who has studied the effects of EMFs on cancer cells. And it appears that, more than a century after Thomas Edison switched on his first light bulb, the health consequences of that continual overlap are just now beginning to be documented.

Retired British military intelligence scientist Barrie Trower who for years worked in microwave and stealth warfare, has been speaking out and supplying scientific documentation regarding the serious dangers of EMFs, and getting results. He said,”During the 1950s and 1960s during the Cold War, it was realized by accident that microwaves could be used as stealth weapons when the Russians beamed the American embassy during the Cold War and it gave everybody working in the embassy cancer, breast cancers, leukemias, whatever, and it was realized then that low level microwaves were the perfect stealth weapon to be used on dissident groups around the world, because you could make dissident groups sick, give them cancer, change their mental outlook on life without them even knowing they were being radiated. The electromagnetic spectrum is a band that goes from gamma rays and x-rays at one end, the very high energy waves, and it comes down through visible light, which is also some radiation, and then it goes through infrared microwaves, TV and radio. Now the only ones which really affect us in the communications industry are the microwaves, and microwaves have a special ability to interfere with water, which is how microwave ovens work, and we are made of water. All of our chemical and electrical signals involve water in the body, somehow, electrical communications in the body. So, the industry has picked the worst possible part of the electromagnetic spectrum to give to young children and to adults (with regards to cell phones).”

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The Frightening Effects of WiFi and Cell Phone Radiation on Young Girls



Trower: “I have three research papers. I am a scientific adviser to five organizations. Part of my brief is I read international scientific papers, I retranslate them into a language that most people can understand, which is how I advise. I have three papers showing that low level microwaves can interfere with the genetics in the ovarian follicles. Now what that means in everyday language, different from boys, young girls when they’re born, they will have up to four hundred eggs in their ovaries. The microwaves can damage the genetic structure, we now know, in those ovaries. So, when this young girl grows up, gets married, and has children, if she has a daughter, this particular mitochondrial genetic damage is irreparable. There is nothing at all that can repair it.”


Shock Findings in Ne w GMO Study


by Mike Adams

ating genetically modified corn (GM corn) and consuming trace levels of Monsanto’s Roundup chemical fertilizer caused rats to develop horrifying tumors, widespread organ damage, and premature death. That’s the conclusion of a shocking new study that looked at the long-term effects of consuming Monsanto’s genetically modified corn. The study has been deemed “the most thorough research ever published into the health effects of GM food crops and the herbicide Roundup on rats.” News of the horrifying findings is spreading like wildfire across the internet, with even the mainstream media seemingly in shock over the photos of rats with multiple grotesque tumors... tumors so large the rats even had difficulty breathing in some cases. GMOs may be the new thalidomide. “Monsanto Roundup weedkiller and GM maize implicated in ‘shocking’ new cancer study” wrote The Grocery, a popular UK publication. It reported, “Scientists found that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts, developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months in males, and seven months for females.” The Daily Mail reported, “Fresh row over GM foods as French study claims rats fed the controversial crops suffered tumors.” It goes on to say: “The animals on the GM diet suffered mammary tumors, as well as severe liver and kidney damage. The researchers said 50 percent of males and 70 percent of females died prematurely, compared with only 30 percent and 20 percent in the control group.” The study, led by Gilles-Eric Seralini of the University of Caen, was the first ever study to examine the long-term (lifetime) effects of eating GMOs. You may find yourself thinking it is absolutely astonishing that no such studies were ever conducted before GM corn was approved for widespread use by the USDA and FDA, but such is the power of corporate lobbying and corporate greed. The study was published in The Food & Chemical Toxicology Journal and was just presented at a news conference in London.

Shocking Findings from the Study: • • • •

Up to 50% of males and 70% of females suffered premature death. Rats that drank trace amounts of Roundup (at levels legally allowed in the water supply) had a 200% to 300% increase in large tumors. Rats fed GM corn and traces of Roundup suffered severe organ damage including liver damage and kidney damage. The study fed these rats NK603, the Monsanto variety of GM corn that’s grown across North America and widely fed to animals and humans. This is the same corn that’s in your corn-based breakfast cereal, corn tortillas and corn snack chips.

he said in a statement. ‘National and European food security agencies must carry out new studies financed by public funding to guarantee healthy food for European consumers.’

Read the study abstract The study is entitled, “A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health.” Read the abstract here: Our analysis clearly reveals for the 3 GMOs new side effects linked with GM maize consumption, which were sex- and often dose-dependent. Effects were mostly associated with the kidney and liver, the dietary detoxifying organs, although different between the 3 GMOs. Other effects were also noticed in the heart, adrenal glands, spleen and haematopoietic system. We conclude that these data highlight signs of hepatorenal toxicity, possibly due to the new pesticides specific to each GM corn. In addition, unintended direct or indirect metabolic consequences of the genetic modification cannot be excluded.

Here are Some Quotes from the Researchers

The Daily Mail is reporting on some of the reaction to the findings: France’s Jose Bove, vice-chairman of the European Parliament’s commission for agriculture and known as a fierce opponent of GM, called for an immediate suspension of all EU cultivation and import authorisations of GM crops. ‘This study finally shows we are right and that it is urgent to quickly review all GMO evaluation processes,’


“This research shows an extraordinary number of tumors developing earlier and more aggressively - particularly in female animals. I am shocked by the extreme negative health impacts.” - Dr Michael Antoniou, molecular biologist, King’s College London. “We can expect that the consumption of GM maize and the herbicide Roundup, impacts seriously on human health.” - Dr Antoniou. “This is the first time that a long-term animal feeding trial has examined the impact of feeding GM corn or the herbicide Roundup, or a combination of both and the results are extremely serious. In the male rats, there was liver and kidney disorders, including tumors and even more worryingly, in the female rats, there were mammary tumors at a level which is extremely concerning; up to 80 percent of the female rats had mammary tumors by the end of the trial.” - Patrick Holden, Director, Sustainable Food Trust.


As we move into the Age of Aquarius, a great shift in consciousness is taking place. The old competitive ways of the Age of Pisces are no longer adequate. The elder brothers of humanity, the Spiritual Hierarchy, are here at our request to assist us out of the collapse of the old order into an era of Brotherhood, where sharing the resources of the world will lead to justice and peace. Led by Maitreya, the World Teacher, they will make their full public emergence when we take the first steps in the direction of unity and co-operation. INVESTIGATE FOR YOURSELF Free presentation: Sunday, October 28th 2 pm, Roundhouse Community Centre

Flouride Free Pineal Gland Continued from page 11

works of real cooperation. The old will crumble. The new period will dawn with its growing pains, the severity of which depends on our ability to accept what is happening and go with the flow. This, he says, requires evolving to unconditional love, with an open and simple heart, forgiveness, and cooperation with less ego competition.

Connecting the Pineal Gland to This 2012 Matter Well, what does all this have to do with the pineal gland? A lot. It is considered a portal to the inner or higher self by yogi masters, including Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Psychics consider it to be the link for interdimensional experiences. It is associated with what many call the

third eye or sixth chakra, which is a doorway to higher consciousness and bliss. And it is vital for supporting intuition, an ability that will be needed during hard times. So it is necessary to evolve spiritually in order to help create better understanding, acceptance of our fellow humans, and easier group cooperation. Meditation is a part of this evolving. That and a little sunshine, good rest and food, can cause a calcified pineal gland to loosen up and allow that portal to open. An unusual psychiatrist, professor of medicine at University of New Mexico, and practicing Buddhist, Dr. Rick Strassman, MD, has written a book based on actual human studies of people under the psychedelic drug, DMT, titled DMT, The Spirit Molecule. He has discovered, among other things, that the pineal gland is a source of DMT production during birth and at death, and during near death or mystical experiences. This chemical approach corroborates the idea of the pineal gland as a

portal, where the spirit passes through to other dimensions, either entering this physical realm or leaving it. South American and Central American shamans use Ayahuasca, an herbal potion that stimulates DMT for psychological healing and spiritual initiation ceremonies. They have expanded their ceremonies with Ayahuasca by traveling throughout the world or opening their local facilities to non-natives. They are doing this urgently in anticipation of 2012. Their desire is to jump start and expand individuals’ consciousness so the transition of consciousness will be facilitated and incorporate as many as possible. This information is meant to link the physical realm’s pineal gland to higher states of awareness and other realms. The point is not to advocate or discourage psychedelic drug use, but to encourage health, meditation and spiritual growth by maintaining a fluoride free pineal gland. 2012 is approaching. Time to get in shape!

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s an unschooling parent, I often struggle with the thoughts of what happens to all the other children that are still in the public school system. While we believe very strongly in the benefits of having our children at home and following an unschooling lifestyle, I know that it is simply not possible for everyone. What can be done to help those children? How can we care so much about our children while knowingly walking away from the other kids that are stuck in what I feel is a completely inefficient model for gaining knowledge?

We can’t completely ignore these challenges. While I am not there in the U.S. to personally advocate changes, I can offer up some tips to help bring some homeschooling philosophies of learning into the classroom. It will require an open mind and a willingness to try something new, but I believe these ideas could revolutionize the way our public education system functions. It will seem idealistic to some, but isn’t that what we need? Our children deserve new ideas to help guide them into the quickly changing future. Our school systems are deeply rooted in an archaic mindset and it is vital that we change that sooner

Utilize technology

rather than later. I started to think of what an ideal school setting would look like to me, as an unschooler. If we look at the ways in which home educators teach, there are many components that can be introduced on a larger scale and used in schools now! In my opinion, these things could make our children successful on a whole new level. Happiness, confidence, and seeking out their own passions can take precedence even on a large scale. The following ideas are how I think that can be achieved.

5 Ideas from Unschooling to Help Public Education

“If the schooling system does not rapidly close the gap between what it does, and what it should do in response to the demands of the 21st century, it will simply become irrelevant.” David Hood

even exist five years ago. Personally, our family’s travel lifestyle is only possible because of the Internet and this technology. Keeping that knowledge from children or making them feel that it is a less valuable way to spend their time seems completely outrageous to me. They need to learn it, in order to be able to make educated choices about their own future. Tablets like iPads are just the latest gadgets that parents are told can be damaging to our children, but I wholeheartedly disagree. Young boys and girls need to know how to function on these tablets in order to open up all possibilities to them in the future. It’s far more beneficial than spending countless hours practicing penmanship which still goes on in schools. Besides the operation knowledge of this technology, the educational

I know that many schools and individual teachers are starting to see the importance of this but I think it needs to be happening at an even faster pace. The world is so much different decade to decade, we need to help keep our children on track. I would argue that teaching and utilizing technology effectively in education may be one of the most important things to helping prepare our children. So many jobs that are now supporting families did not

applications are endless and the Kindle app holds thousands of backpacks worth of books. Finally, with these handheld devices, students literally have access to all of the world’s knowledge in the palm of their hand. The ramifications of that ability on our current brick-and-mortar educational paradigm are almost too many to list. I do not expect that my unschooled kids spend the entire day on the Internet, but allowing children to play games and learn in unconventional ways online will allow them to discover technology first hand and learn how to harness it.

Accept that learning takes place all the time and in many ways “Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind. Therefore, do not use compulsion, but let early education be rather a sort of amusement, this will better enable you to find out the natural bent of the child.” Plato Whatever a child shows interest in is important, period. Let their creativity shine through in what ever way speaks to them. Offer as many possibilities in a day as possible, but never force anyone to partake. No real passion is born out of coercion. Passion is something we should be building up in children, that is

how we will end up with happy adults that follow their dreams. Show them the possibilities in the world, not just the path that most take. The hardest part is for adults (especially teachers and parents) to let go of what we have been taught is important. Useless facts, dates memorized, etc are all wonderful if pertinent to your life, but when it is not it very rarely stays with us anyhow. We need to show our kids that what they love has value, whether that is playing video games, learning about animals, or reading Shakespeare. It all holds value and they ARE learning

all the time. Disclaimer: Even most unschoolers feel that reading and basic math are important, as they are the basic tools that help us learn on our own. However, even these can be taught in creative ways that tickle the passions of the student. For instance, math concepts can be taught playing card games or calculating outcomes of reward system, and reading can be taught using only material the student wants to learn about.

Change the way we view educating children “The secret of education is respecting the pupil.” Ralph Waldo Emerson First and foremost, we need to begin by looking at all children as individuals and make sure that they know it is okay to be exactly who they are. Acceptance by others is one of the easiest ways we can instill a positive sense of self esteem. One of our biggest problems with a mass education system is that children are judged on one path and one centrally-dictated curriculum.

They are also constantly compared to peers and encouraged to do things no matter what their ideas of happiness or success are. Throw away the list of arbitrary rules that make children feel mistrusted right out of the gate. Children need to feel like they are being guided, not controlled. Allow them the freedom to make choices individually about what they would like to do for at least part of the day, and then respect and encourage those choices. By showing children respect, we will gain it too -- as well as boosting their self esteem and allowing them to pursue

subjects of their passion. This can be done by simply allowing them choice and encouragement! This concept is already proving successful by some Montessori schools. So many children dislike school yet they spend a huge percentage of their lives within those walls. By treating children as equals rather than subordinates that need to be controlled, it’s my opinion that they will enjoy their childhood and find excitement in learning.

“real world”. Why not get children out in it as soon as possible? Mechanics, plumbers, electricians, contractors, computer programmers, and even artists are all people that have a wealth of knowledge to offer, yet it seems as though what they do or what they have to offer counts for very little. Many high schools in Northern Europe use apprenticeships

as part of their standard curriculum. Most students graduate and can go right into a career already trained. While others may only need another year or two of university to build on their specialty. The whole system is less costly and more effective to educating young people for what profession they desire.

to achieve this goal if spent properly. However, trusting that will happen with all of the special interests and bureaucracies seeking their cut is highly unlikely. In my opinion, the only way to reduce class sizes in public schools is to open them to competition. In other words, open public funding to private schools to compete with public schools. Drop the centrally-dictated curriculum or board-certified teachers requirements for these private schools to receive funds and let the free market determine who’s most effective at educating our children. Naturally, parents want the best for their children and will choose a school that gains a reputation for success, however it is defined by the parent. Whether the school is geared toward apprenticeships, learning foreign lan-

guages, the arts, meditation, or sports shouldn’t matter in regards to how funds are distributed. Again, it’s more about choice. We don’t need to look any farther than Canada to find an example of how this could work. In Calgary, students can choose between public schools, Montessori, Catholic schools, and a host of other private schools. Each of these schools receives funding per student as if they’re a public school. However, each is still strictly regulated by curriculum and teacher certifications. I say shave those regulations back even further and let parents decide what’s important in a school.


Most people learn best by doing! As soon as kids are 12 or so, I think it would be a great idea to offer different internships in the fields that cannot be covered in the classroom. Get children out in the community learning from everyone around them. Let children follow their passion and see how far they can take it. Very little about being confined in school resembles the

Open the system up for competition Class size is perhaps the biggest challenge to implementing some of the other changes suggested here. Of course, homeschoolers are usually in a one-on-one situation which is obviously not achievable in public education. However, nearly everyone in education would agree that smaller class sizes are more beneficial to the students. The question becomes how best to achieve this goal? For years the debate has been about money. Special interests on all sides say more money is needed to achieve this goal. Yet, America already spends far more per student than any other developed nation -- with rather unimpressive results I might add. The U.S. government currently spends over $10K per year to educate each student. Sure, more money might be helpful

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Improving Public Schools from an

Unschooler’s Perspective

5 Things to Take out of Schools

Separation of children by age

The practice of separating children by age only fosters the idea that we cannot work with others that are different. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only is working with different ages good for development but it also keeps in mind the highly variable rates at which young children develop. Not all five-year-olds are on the same level. Why not offer them the opportunity to learn from older children or to help younger ones?

Having a wide range of ages in a classroom will do a couple things. For starters, young children seem to benefit greatly by learning from older children, as they love to emulate older siblings and peers. Older children gain a confidence and pride in helping others and learn to be more tolerant and considerate of others when they are helping younger children. It benefits everyone and can easily be arranged. Mentorship programs are wonderful and they work well.

But why not offer that same type of interaction in school? Institute an age range of possibly 3-4 grade levels together at least for certain subjects and activities. Play with it and see what best works for the students. Montessori schools are already doing this and it works well to foster creativity and self-esteem. Two things that seem to be falling by the wayside in our school system at the moment.

“We ask children to do for most of the day what few adults are able to do for even an hour. How many of us, attending, say, a lecture that doesn’t interest us, can keep our minds from wandering? Hardly any.” John Holt Simply put, our children are overworked and separated for far too many hours from their family. Family ties

are extremely important for child development, especially when children are young. Interaction with their siblings, parents, extended family and pets is vital to their formation of identity. At this point, we see our children for a very limited time during the day, and that time gets quickly eaten up with duties like extracurricular activities, homework, baths, dinner, and sleep. Cut back the hours that they are in the classroom spent on

traditional means of educating. If we have smaller class sizes, 4 hours a day should be plenty to gain what currently is achieved in 7 or so hours. If parents struggle with work commitments, then use that other time to allow children creative outlets to explore their world. Plant gardens, allow computer time, set up apprenticeships for older children, etc. Let children decide what they want to do and get them involved in it.

Busy work is a huge component of homework and the need for children to be in school so many hours a day. Relaxation or free time is not appreciated at all yet we all need it. Playing games and interacting with parents and siblings is a far more useful way for children to spend their time. If they are done with their work in the classroom, allow and encourage them to do what they

want. They will still be busy, but busy working on what has value to them. Isn’t that important enough? Even forcing them into full-time extracurricular activities can be harmful. In my opinion, homework should be done away with altogether (I can hear all the children cheering now). When a second-grader is in school all day, five days a week, why on earth do they need to do more school work? It’s madness! Mindless

worksheets just to have the appearance that they are always working or always learning. I have news for you, they are always learning and usually most effectively through play. Get rid of homework all together, and allow children time to be with friends and family, play, and view the world on their own terms.

“When test scores go up, we should worry, because of how poor a measure they are of what matters, and what you typically sacrifice in a desperate effort to raise scores.” Alfie Kohn

out the tests, they tell us. Accountability should come from parents and children’s happiness. Not every one will be pleased, but if the overall sentiment is positive and the children enjoy their days, that should be enough. Again, if parents had choices, they could simply choose a school that emphasizes testing or one that does not. Universal testing of children is no longer an accurate measure of ability. Book smarts and ability are not universal. Ad-

ditionally, many teachers complain that they are losing any autonomy they once had in the classroom in an effort to teach to the tests. The quality and flexibility of education drops as the focus is solely put on what the test makers think is important. Meanwhile, kids are having creativity and diversity sucked out of their lives. Finally, every answer to the questions on these so-called tests could be found or calculated with a tablet in seconds. So, really, what’s the point?

Testing our children is sold to us under the auspices of accountability. How on earth will we know what our children know and if the teachers are doing their job with-

Long hours away from home

Busy work


Institutional feel of classrooms “If you wanted to create an education environment that was directly opposed to what the brain was good at doing, you would probably design something like a classroom.” John Medina


he bottom line is that no matter what you think of homeschooling or unschooling, the public education system needs a massive paradigm shift. How can it hurt to incorporate new ideas into the classroom? I know many of you reading will probably question how to fund these changes. But again I would argue that it may not be about in-

Schools and classrooms are overly institutional feeling, which is cold and unhealthy. The oppressive rules are increasingly prison-like. This stifles creativity and curiosity and makes our children accept the life of living in a box. I know building all new schools is not possible, but bringing the outdoors inside, allowing classroom time to be outdoors, colourfully painting

creasing funding but rather a simple change in how and what we are funding. I know there are more people out there that see the pitfalls in the way our children are being educated. Let’s stand up together and make a change!

and encouraging ideas from children are all things that can be done to help this. When a new school is being built consider what would foster your own creativity, what would help allow you to see the world and all it’s possibilities. Isn’t that the best we can give to our children?

“You may say I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” -- John Lennon. Page 15

TEPCO said it found no major damage in walls supporting the storage pool on the top floor. It also said the building now has almost the same strength it had before the disaster because the removal of rubble created by the explosion has decreased its weight. The seismic study is part of TEPCO’s preparations to start removing nuclear fuel from the pool in December 2013. The company also said it plans to build a steel frame that will hold steel sheets covering the No. 4 reactor building to prevent radioactive substances from spreading.

The Bad News

by Dr. Mark Allan Sircus


am told over and over again that chemtrails pose a far greater risk than does radiation from Fukushima. That might be true in the short-term but it speaks nothing of the coming centuries when humanity will pay the piper for all its nuclear mistakes. When the economy and credit bubble finally fully bursts, we can take some solace in that the governments are not going to have the money for the same level of insanity they practice now. But when the money runs out, who is going to pay for nuclear nightmares like Fukushima? Who is going to build the new protective dome over Chernobyl? So it’s sunny and 90 degrees and there is nothing in the world to worry about right? Don’t worry because big brother is worrying for you! Well that’s the way it is at Fukushima, in Japan in general and around the world in terms of keeping Fukushima on the radar screen. I have not heard much about it, have you?

The Good News First The heavily damaged No. 4 reactor building and its spentfuel pool at the No. 1 nuclear plant can withstand earthquakes with intensities of upper 6 on the Japanese scale of 7, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Aug. 30. The utility said it confirmed the strength of the building after conducting a seismic analysis. The reactor building was rocked by a hydrogen explosion after the onset of the accident caused by the magnitude-9.0 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

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At the end of August, the operator of the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant continued to face difficulties in controlling the amount of water being injected into the three crippled reactors at the plant, which is critical to keeping the melted fuel inside cool. The amount of water injected into the reactors dropped below the minimum required level twice on the previous day. Workers have operated valves to increase the coolant, but the water flow is falling from time to time compared with the initially set level. TEPCO has yet to nail down the cause, but it suspects something may be stuck inside the pipes, hampering the flow of water. I think this qualifies as a potential category-5 hurricane of a nuclear type, meaning this type of situation could easily morph into something serious enough to affect the entire human race. At around 12:00 AM on September 4, a high rate of temperature increase (step-like increase by 1.6°C) was detected on Unit 2 RPV bottom temperature monitoring thermometer. I don’t think this made the evening news in New York, did it? On 8/30/2012, the injection water for reactor 1~3 decreased all of a sudden (cf. Sudden decrease of injecting water for reactor 1~3, cause not known). TEPCO announced they fixed it but the sudden decrease of water injection happened once again on the same day. Even on 8/31/2012, it’s still decreasing intermittently but they haven’t verified the reason yet. TEPCO adjusted the valves twice on 8/30/2012, but because the trouble was still going on, they adjusted the valves five times from 0:00 to 15:00 on 8/31/2012. I have seen videos showing white smoke coming from the partially destroyed nuclear power station as well as flashes of light.

“Japan is small,” writes Mochizuki on the online Fukushima Diary. “Fukushima fallout has reached most secluded areas far from Tokyo. Even if you feel like it is far, it’s not far for radiation at all. On 8/24/2012, Sakuma city government announced they measured 350 Bq/Kg of cesium from a wild mushroom beside Asamayama. It’s about 256 km from Fukushima plant.” I am really not sure which is more dangerous to the human race, the huge tonnage of nuclear material at risk in Fukushima or the men and women behind the scenes who think they know enough that they have the right to control the information the media is not putting out about the realities around us. Taking it Positively Whenever I think about problems like Fukushima I think about many of the difficulties facing humanity. The nuclear industry expresses the tragic flaw of modern civilization and the arrogance of its men. But that flaw runs deep so we see many threats from incredibly stupid things like the fluoridation of water to the mercury put into children’s vaccines. And I agree, microwave radiation is nothing to laugh at—we are experimenting and having fun doing it—but this could take our children and grandchildren to early graves. How do we stay positive when we have to think of such dastardly things? Well for me, the first thing is to always bless the truth, knowing that it’s better to be informed and in tune with reality then to be blindsided by it. Second I take this kind of information as reinforcement to pay more attention to my kids and the kinds of exposure they have to toxins of the many types that exist. And that means of course to load them up with more minerals, especially magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and iodine. Special Note: Radiation is more damaging to weak cells than strong ones. Also fast growing cells are more vulnerable so fetuses and young children are most affected. One of the reasons sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is so effective against radiation is that it raises cell voltage and cellular pH making the cells stronger. Magnesium injects strength to this strengthening and iodine lights the fire in terms of metabolism.

For continuing updates and news on the situation in Japan:

Criminalizing Parents Mother arrested for letting kids play outside


Virginia mother was recently interrogated four times by police, and visited twice by social services, after neighbours spotted the mother’s children playing in their own yard unsupervised, and decided to report the non-incident to local authorities. According to Lenore Skenazy of FreeRange Kids, such hysteria and Stasi-style paranoia are becoming the norm in North America, where children are being excessively coddled, overprotected, and treated as though they are always in grave danger of being kidnapped or harmed. During a recent interview with Alex Jones on The Alex Jones Show, Skenazy reflects on how the days when society’s youth could simply ride their bicycles to school or into the woods, climb their neighbours’ trees, or play at the local park by themselves without adult supervision are essentially gone. Today, it is practically considered abnormal in many areas for young children to even be outside at all, let alone to be exploring on their own or with their friends. “What’s happening ... is parents who let their children play outside, walk to school, or go to the grocery (store) for them,

Freedom For Families I

Monthly Musings on Raising A Free Family

was so disheartened when I saw this month’s news story about the Texas mother who was arrested for allowing her children to play outside. I worry this could happen to us. We live on a quiet street in a small subdivision, but I am afraid to let my children play alone at the playground a few houses down. Not because I think they will be kidnapped or because I don’t trust them, but because I worry about what some (probably well-meaning) strangers will do if they think I am not supervising my children up to their standards. In our quest to keep the children in our society from being abused or neglected, we have


often have neighbours who turn them in, supposedly out of concern ... and what happens is Child Protective Services (CPS) is obligated to come and check out whether or not these parents are being negligent, or worse abusive,” says Skenazy, who receives calls all the time from parents that are being persecuted by law enforcement for allowing their kids to play outside. “What has happened is that the parents are found wrong by the police or CPS for leaving their children in what CPS calls ‘a dangerous situation,’ which I would call a ‘normal, nice situation.’ In fact, less dangerous than just letting your kids sit inside all day getting fat and diabetic, you let your kids run outside or have some independent adventures, that’s considered bad parenting now.”

Texas Woman Forced to Spend Night in Jail for Supervising Kids’ Outdoor Playtime Just a few days ago, for instance, Tammy Cooper of La Porte, Texas, was actually handcuffed and arrested for allowing her children to play outside on their motorized scooters in the

put ourselves in a position where the judgement of strangers can mean the difference between living independently or having The Ministry become involved. Sometimes it feels like we just can’t win. Adults from previous generations love to reminisce about being sent outside all day every day, instead of being indoors on the playstation. On the other hand, parents who have a free-range approach are often complained about as not spending enough time with their kids and letting them ‘run wild.’ Something I’ve been musing on is the value judgement of outside being ‘good’ while inside is ‘bad.’ I would like to let go of the inside vs outside dichotomy, because I don’t think it’s fair to anyone to call one good and the other bad. Let’s trust each other to do the best for our families. We’re all looking for the right balance; criticism and guilt are not serving us. When I look at this playground situation in my neighbourhood, I can see that a few little changes could have made such a different for all of the 60ish households sharing my street. Our neighbourhood is a fairly typical middle class development, lots of duplexes, houses with suites, and other multi-family dwellings, each with their own little fenced yard. The playground is an afterthought, with a new age climbing structure but no good

family’s cul-de-sac. Cooper was forced to spend the night in jail for this non-crime, despite the by Ethan A. Huff fact that she had been outside with her two children watching them the entire time. “It is so unusual for parents to let their children play outside, or climb a tree, that they are being turned in as negligent,” adds Skenazy. “The immediate assumption is that something’s wrong, they escaped, maybe they’ve been kidnapped by somebody, or could be kidnapped, that’s the big fear.” On her blog, Skenazy documents all sorts of wild cases involving the disturbing societal trend of people calling the police and CPS on neighbours that allow their children to play outside, as if letting kids be kids was some sort of crime (http://www. Be sure to watch Skenazy’s full interview with Alex Jones by visiting:

old fashioned swings, slides, benches, or shade of any kind. It meets the criteria of a playground, but it’s not a pleasant spot to spend much time. When I look out off of my patio, I can see into 20 backyards. If only the playground was in the center! A community space, where people could spend time together, and families could all supervise the children and be connected. Adding to this unfortunate set up is the fact that two of the yards are completely unused, and would have been a fantastic spot for a gathering place and playground. We don’t need the commitment of a co-op or co-housing to plan for some great shared spaces. Let’s raise our standards! What if those of us developing property put just that little bit more planning and generosity into what we were doing? I’m pretty sure most of us would like to know our neighbours and enjoy more of our life instead of buying into the Lifestyle™.

The Oppressor’s Greatest Weapon is the Mind of the Oppressed

he Oppressor uses our humanity by Robert Cinque as a weapon against us. Our ability to feel compassion for victims of a crime, to take action in their defence, to hold the perpetrators accountable, is the Conthe troller’s weapon of choice. This is why Furthermore, false flag attacks are staged, to arouse a righteous indignation Towers should have produced a seismic signal of 6.0, not the 2.3 against the enemy who must be hunted down at any cost. This is why those who believe the official government sto- that was recorded. Dust doesn’t make ry of 911 about 19 hijackers cannot fathom how anyone could a thud. Whoever demolished the WTC Towpossibly question America’s rise to the occasion in confronting ruthless terrorists who killed innocent people and who somehow ers apparently used a weapon that utilizes the nuclear bonds have the ability to overcome our $60 Billion defence network within the molecules of the buildings themselves. The Towers and pulverize a million tons of steel and concrete in 10 seconds. appear to be ripped apart and turned to dust. Forensic scienUndaunted by the facts of physics, believers in the official story tist and researcher Dr. Judy Wood points out that the Towers make a cause and effect relationship between planes and fires and look like giant trees that turn to sawdust from the top down, the disintegration of the buildings. The fact is the planes and fires not the bottom up, as in ordinary controlled demolitions. Comhad nothing to do with the disintegration of the buildings which mon building demolitions knock out the lowest floors and use was the equivalent of “sticking a pencil through a screen door”, the top of the building a big hammer to fall into its footprint. according to the architect of the WTC complex. The fact that the The Towers disintegrated from the top down. Think about that. buildings hit the ground in 10 seconds led researchers to conclude What does that mean? It means that most of the buildings never that explosives or nukes must have been employed, but further re- hit the ground, they floated away as .01 micron dust. What kind search shows that neither nuclear bombs nor nanothermite could of energy source has the ability to turn a million tons of matter possibly do the job because there were no chunks of the building, into fine dust in 10 seconds? Fourteen Firefighters trapped on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th no rubble, only dust and a pile of debris not more than 2 stories tall. 110 stories should have produced a pile around 30 stories and floors of the north Tower survived. They were about to be we should have seen desks and toilets and big slabs of concrete, crushed and kept waiting for the end to come because they but there was mostly just dust. That dust contains within it micro- knew the building was falling. Instead, they looked up and saw scopic iron spheres, smoking gun evidence of aerosolized molten blue sky, 106 stories of building had disappeared above them. steel, caused by high heat and explosives. But what explosive Read their compelling testimony in Wood’s historic and comcould possibly have turned the buildings to dust in 10 seconds? prehensive analysis of 911 “Where did the Towers Go?

The Towers disintegrated from the top down. The explosives used were apparently the energetic nuclear bonds within the buildings. The mind of the oppressed is used as a weapon in the same way: our ability to feel empathy for the suffering of others. Please don’t allow this precious capacity of the human heart to be used a weapon against you. 911 was staged as a coup d’etat of the human mind and it is far worse than a sinister conspiracy, it is a relationship that humanity colludes in. We give our power away to the tyrants by our willingness to believe what they say instead of what we observe. It is successful to the extent that we are willing to believe what we are told instead of what we observe. The truth is always senior to beliefs about it. The truth is always factual, does not need theories to explain it. Evidence is not theory. Evidence is the artifact truth left behind. We need only to observe the evidence and let it speak. Then, we can proceed to bring the real perpetrators to justice.

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Electromagnetic War Continued from page 12

These Same Wicked PTBs Electrify Our Atmosphere – And Put Towers Near Schools, Hospitals and Population Centres If you’ve driven around under our metalized skies, noticing these proliferating phone towers or masts, you’ll notice how many have been diabolically placed near or directly on schools, institutions, medical facilities, strip malls, businesses and housing areas. You can be sure the ‘Phone Company’ is well aware of what they’re doing and the dangerous effects – they just lie to the underlings. We’re dealing with intentional harm to our young people and overall population by the same corporate devils who genetically modify our crops, poison our air and water, and add carcinogenic genetically altering additives to our food. 

Are All These Towers Just For Cell Phones… or Mind and Thought Manipulation?

The use of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) is one of our elite controllers most effective stealth technologies. Besides breaking down human health, the human brain is known to operate at a certain frequency, and is easily accessed and manipulated within that range using the ‘right’ technology. You can be sure the Powers That Be are using these for other purposes as well. The day is now approaching in which government mind control technologies will be directed at you, your neighbours, and your loved ones. Every single day, equipment is being erected and installed in this country with the hidden purpose of exerting mind control over the entire population. Everywhere in this country (and overseas), ELF/microwave transmission towers are being erected. No one is saying anything, but you’re expected to presume that they’re for cell phones. (Do you really think that we need that much ‘cell phone’ transmission capability, every few blocks? Do you realize how very little energy is used by genuine cell phone usage? Yet these towers are capable of putting out levels of power that exceed cell phone requirements by a wide margin. These mind control technologies have been in place for a long time. It’s not an accident that the frequency band chosen for cell phone use just happens to match the second order waves that Wilhelm Reich discovered in the late1940′s to effect thought transmission and allow the mind to be manipulated without the victim realizing it. Reich worked on this project secretly for the CIA for over 5 years, from 1947-1952, until he realized who the CIA was planning to use the mind control on -the American people. He was outraged that he was deceived and used for such a treasonous motive and swore never to cooperate with the CIA, FDA, etc. again. Reich was covertly murdered in Federal prison in 1957, just a few weeks before he was due to be released, having been in prison for 2 years on a trumped up charge leading to a contempt of court citation. A method was discovered to disable these ELF towers from exerting their mind control functions by placing a simple device known as an orgone generator within a radius of 1,300 feet of these towers. These microwave towers are used in conjunction with HAARP based technology to not only affect subliminal mind control influences, but also to control the weather, the creation of artificially induced drought conditions are also greatly influenced by the population-reduction chemtrail spraying operations which take place daily over the skies in America and in many other countries. 

Can We Stop Cell Phone Tower Construction?

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From Lynn Quiring, RPh, CCN, NMDLogical Health LLC: “Unfortunately, there is not much one can do to stop the proliferation and continued build up of cell phone towers and structures. Although thought to be legislation about deregulation issues, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TCA) was really an open invitation for the cell phone industry to place their towers anywhere they wanted. Section 704 of the TCA basically states that local authorities can’t ban the placement of towers in their jurisdictions. The law says: No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission’s regulations concerning such emissions. So legally the local government can’t refuse the construction of a cell phone tower in your neighbourhood! Any challenge by local communities could easily end up in federal court. Our lawmakers have basically given the cell phone industry free reign to install these towers wherever they want. And, by the way, the cell phone industry helped write this legislation that our government officials passed as law! The public, therefore, now has no voice and no vote. Is there something wrong with this picture? Why didn’t our public officials represent the people instead of big business? Why would you let the very industry you’re trying to regulate write it’s own laws?”

How Many Cell Phone Towers Are Near You? The average person lives within one-half mile of a cell phone tower. Have you ever wondered how close you live or work to one of these towers? Would it bother you if one were right in your backyard? How many of these towers and antennas do you think there are in your immediate area? Find out by visiting the website Simply type in your address and you’ll get a listing and a map of all the towers and antennas within a short radius of your address. Like most people you’ll probably gasp when you see the numbers. These towers are literally everywhere. Hundreds and hundreds of them are probably located within a few miles of your home or office.

What Can We Do? Obviously, we can’t escape the exposure. We’ve established that fact. So what can we do to minimize the damage? Here are few ideas: We need to limit our exposure any way possible. Don’t live near a cell phone tower if you have a choice. Don’t buy a home near one even if the price is right. Limit your use of wireless devices. Go back to ‘wired’ connections whenever possible. Maximize your health through proper nutrition and good hydration. Eat foods high in antioxidants and take supplements. Eat organically as much as possible. There is no safe distance to locate away from a mast tower. Obviously, the closer to the tower the greater the exposure risk so do locate as far away as possible. Whenever possible encourage your local government officials to consider transitioning to the use of fibre optic cable. Most of it has already been laid underground. It’s just not being used. There are no masts with fibre optics and the small amount of radiation at the exits can be neutralized with technology now available. Discourage the use of Wi-Fi in schools by meeting with your school officials and school boards. Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere now. Even whole cities are going wireless with the installation of Wi-Fi. Again, it’s all done through a wireless signal, which is damaging to your health. Don’t let cell phone companies install cell phone antennas on the roofs of

schools where your children attend. The radio waves are disruptive to their ability to focus, not to mention the health hazards we’ve already outlined. If you can’t change your current situation there is some hope. There are some intervention devices now available that you can use in your home, school and office to help lessen the risk of exposure. Some very good cutting-edge technology has been developed that will intervene and help mitigate the damage being done by wireless connections. 

The Smart Meter Onslaught

This is the nastiest wave yet. They’re attacking residences with extremely powerful rapid intermittent blasts under the guise of checking your energy consumption. Not the case. They’re not only monitoring your every activity, but you’re being bombarded with the most sinister waves yet. A tremendously helpful site can be found at Read it carefully and take advantage of it’s info. We’re being killed off if we let them, don’t be next.

Protect Yourself and Your Family If you look up EMF protection devices, you’ll find plenty. One particular technology I find particularly intriguing is the Orgone Technology mentioned above. This is believed to work at the quantum level and to be able to convert the negative entropy of these destructive waves into a positive force. There is a growing army of enthusiasts who are experimenting with orgonite devices and getting amazing results. Be sure to research it. Knowing what we do regarding the crystalline structure of the universe, I find it intuitively makes a lot of sense, especially when coupled with prayer or intention. Our own magnificent bodies are crystalline, for which reason we need to realize we are either receiving and amplifying this negative entropy, or helping to convert it to a positive force. It’s certainly something worth researching. But in whatever form we can, we should resist (grow beyond. Ed.) with consciousness in every form possible.


 We’re under attack. We need to be informed, aware and willing to inform others, as well as effect changes to help people escape the effects of these debilitating technologies as much as possible. As more and more people become aware of these facts, the change of consciousness and behaviour that ensues will continue to transform our planet. These are serious times we live in, and we need to respond accordingly. Any way we can.

O bedience P hrases


yranny is upon us. But tyranny isn’t put in place by some all-powerful evil force that suddenly assaults our freedoms; it’s ratcheted up one day at a time by the People themselves -- the government workers who are willing to do anything as long as they’re told “it’s the rules.” You’ll encounter these brain-dead government workers everywhere: At the airport security line, your local city council meetings, and even at the local DMV. These are the people who blindly follow rules and regulations that often make no sense whatsoever, such as the TSA now shoving testing sticks into your drinks at the airport, presumable to test your beverage for explosives. Fortunately, there are some code phrases these people use which indicates their status as a brain-dead government worker -- a zombie drone -- who will do anything for a paycheque and the promise of power. I call these “obedience phrases.” For your amusement and safety, I hereby present these obedience phrases so you can instantly spot these wussified, zombified government enforcers in a future encounter:

“I’m just doing my job” This phrase is usually uttered by some pot-bellied government tyrant who knows he or she is doing something highly immoral and possibly illegal. Example: “I’m just doing my job” says the TSA security goon as he’s reaching down the pants of your six-year-old under the ridiculous presumption that terrorists might be hiding in there. If instructed by DHS to molest senior citizens at security checkpoints, TSA employees will gleefully obey, saying “I’m just doing my job” as they strip search your grandma and destroy her colostomy bag.

“It’s required by regulations” This obedient, brain-dead phrase is often uttered by privatesector workers who are quoting government regulations. More often than not, they’re quoting the Patriot Act. Example: You’re at a bank trying to open a new account, and you say to the banksters, “So why do you need the physical address where I live, plus my social security number, plus all my financial records and numerous ID cards?” The bankster replies, “It’s required by regulations.” Oh, gee, then I guess that makes being info-jacked perfectly fine then! The phrase, “It’s required by regulations” is NOT a reason... it’s a linguistic evasion of a reason!

“I have to, or I’ll lose my job” This is a phrase of police officers who beat the crap out of some innocent woman and then fudge together a false report in order to place the blame on the victim. This just happened recently, by the way. Here’s the video:

doc. It takes a truly delusional person to think they know so much that they can’t learn something new from time to time.

by Mike Adams

Watch out for these red flag “obedience phrases” of code enforcers and brain-dead rule followers

And this second video shows police body-slamming an elderly woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot: By the way, when East German soldiers shot people trying to escape East Germany by scaling the Berlin Wall, they said exactly the same thing: “I have to, or I’ll lose my job!” Because their job, you see, is far more important than your life.

“It’s the law” This phrase is usually uttered by some brain-dead collectivist rule-follower who can’t think for themselves so they have to quote “the law” without thinking about what the law was really written for. For example, when officials in Oregon recently arrested and jailed a man for collecting rainwater on his own land ( 145570778F9D29C), they no doubt said during his arrest, “It’s the law!” So apparently, if some state writes a law that says, for example, all black people are sub-humans, then that makes it true, eh? I use this example because it’s a part of U.S. history. The infamous “Dred Scott” decision, handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857, declared that blacks brought to America as slaves were “sub-humans” and not accorded any protections under the U.S. Constitution. ( Dred_Scott_v._Sandford) So does that make it right, then? Because it was the law? People who follow “the law” without thinking are not merely morons; they’re dangerous to society as a whole. “The law” should never replace cognitive function. Just because the Supreme Court declares something to be “the law” doesn’t really make it so. Supreme Court decisions, remember, are nothing more than mental constructs which are agreed upon by certain members of society. If the Supreme Court declares all wage earners to be the property of the King, would you line up and obediently follow “the law?”

Rules are necessary, of course, in any civilized society. Speed limits make reasonable sense in neighbourhoods, as do rules such as, “You can’t burn down your neighbour’s house.” But rules, laws, regulations and Supreme Court decisions should never be followed blindly. The gift of being human is the gift of having a conscience, a soul, a mind and the ability to discern right from wrong. If a law sounds wrong and feels wrong, it’s probably a bad law and should be abandoned. If a regulation encroaches upon your Constitutionally-protected rights, that regulation should be aggressively rejected and reformed.

Rules, laws and regulations have no magical powers. They are fictional constructs of society. They do not exist in the real world. They only exist in the minds of those who share in the delusion of their existence. As you are a being with free will and a soul, you can choose to reject delusional thinking and operate according to the fundamental principles of honesty, ethics and civility. If you practice this, what you’ll find is that most people in society today are technically insane. They have an almost fanatical belief in fictional constructs called “laws.” They believe laws have magical powers and that regulations bind their thoughts and actions. In an effort to comply with all these laws, rules and regulations, they enslave themselves in a matrix of control. They are the desperate rule followers who ultimately drive every nation to ruin. These are the people who always do what they’re told: They line up for flu shots, they vote on voting day, they have their children vaccinated and they agree to undergo chemotherapy if their doctor tells them to. They are the great mindless masses that George Carlin called “Obedient workers!” I miss Carlin. He would have drilled into the TSA with a vengeance. In just three minutes, George Carlin delivered a stunning narrative that was years ahead of its time. It’s full of profanity, but it’s completely accurate about systems of control and why society’s controllers don’t want you to be smart enough to think for yourself. Watch it at:

“If that were true, I would have already heard about it” This is a favourite quote of a mind-numbed egomaniac who somehow thinks they already know everything. When you tell them something they have difficulty believing -- such as the fact that fluoride is a chemical pesticide that harms the brain -they resort to this pathetic, wussified word collection: “If that were true, I would have already heard about it!” This is a favourite phrase of doctors, by the way. Doctors are taught in medical school that they know everything and that nothing true exists outside whatever they are taught (brainwashed) in medical school. So when you tell simple like, “Oh, a doctor something really by the way, sodium nitrite causes cancer and it’s found in hot dogs and bacon,” the doctor will usually scowl and say, “If that were true, I would have already heard about it!” Or maybe you’re just an arrogant fool,

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“It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” -- Henry Ford “The Federal Reserve banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this nation is run by the International bankers.” -- Congressman Louis T. McFadden (Rep. Pa)


ever in the history of the United States have we witnessed crimes committed on the scale and scope of the present day by both private and state elites. An economist of impeccable credentials, James Henry, former chief economist at the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey & Company, has researched and documented tax evasion. He found that the super-wealthy and their families have as much as $32 trillion (USD) of hidden assets in offshore tax havens, representing up to $280 billion in lost income tax revenue! This study excluded such non-financial assets as real estate, precious metals, jewels, yachts, race horses, luxury vehicles and so on. Of the $32 trillion in hidden assets, $23 trillion is held by the super-rich of North America and Europe . A recent report by a United Nations Special Committee on Money Laundering found that US and European banks laundered over $300 billion a year, including $30 billion just from the Mexican drug cartels. New reports on the multi-billion dollar financial swindles involving the major banks in the US and Europe are published each week. England ’s leading banks, including Barclay’s and a host of others, have been identified as having rigged the LIBOR, or inter-bank lending rate, for years in order to maximize profits. The Bank of New York, JP Morgan, HSBC, Wachovia and Citibank are among scores of banks, which have been charged with laundering drug money and other illicit funds according to investigations from the US Senate Banking Committees. Multi-national corporations receive federal bailout funds and tax exemptions and then, in violation of publicized agreements with the government, relocate plants and jobs in Asia and Mexico . Major investment houses, like Goldman Sachs, have conned investors for years to invest in ‘garbage’ equities while the brokers pumped and dumped the worthless stocks. Jon Corzine, CEO of MF Global (as well as a former CEO of Goldman Sachs, former US Senator and Governor of New Jersey) claimed that he “cannot account” for $1.6 billion in lost client investors funds from the collapse of MF Global in 2011. Despite the growth of an enormous police state apparatus, the proliferation of investigatory agencies, Congressional hearings and over 400,000 employees at the Department of Homeland Security, not a single banker has gone to jail. In the most egregious cases, a bank like Barclay’s will pay a minor fine for having facilitated tax evasion and engaging in speculative swindles. At the same time, the principle ‘miscreant’ in the LIBOR swindle, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Barclay’s Bank, Jerry Del Missier, will receive a severance payout of $13 million dollars. In contrast to the ‘lax’ law enforcement practiced by the burgeoning police state with regard to the swindles of the banking, corporate and billionaire elites, it has intensified political repression of citizens and immigrants who have not committed any crime against public safety and order. Millions of immigrants have been seized from their homes and work-places, jailed, beaten and deported. Hundreds of Hispanic and Afro-American neighbourhoods have been the target of police raids, shootouts and killings. In such neighbourhoods, the local and federal police operate with impunity – as was illustrated by shocking videos of the police shootings and brutality against unarmed civilians in Anaheim , California . Muslims, South Asians, Arabs, Iranians and others are racially profiled, arbitrarily arrested and prosecuted for participating in charities and humanitarian foundations or simply for attending religious institutions.

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Over 40 million Americans engaged in lawful political activity are currently under surveillance, spied upon and frequently harassed.

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The Two Faces of the US Government: Impunity and Repression



Overwhelming documentation supports the notion that the US police and judicial system has totally broken down when it comes to enforcing the law of the land regarding crimes among the financial, banking, corporate elite. Trillion-dollar tax-evaders, billionaire financial swindlers and multi-billionaire money launderers are almost never sent to jail. While some may pay a fine, none have their illicit earnings seized even though many are repeat criminals. Recidivism among financial criminals is rife because the penalties are so light, the profit are so high and the investigations are infrequent, superficial and inconsequential. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported that $1.6 trillion was laundered, mostly in Western banks, in 2009, one fifth coming directly from the drug trade. The bulk of income from the cocaine trade was generated in North America ($35 billion), two-thirds of which were laundered in North American banks. The failure to prosecute bankers engaged in a critical link of the drug trade is not due to ‘lack of information’, nor is it due to the ‘laxness’ on the part of regulators and law enforcement. The reason is that the banks are too big to prosecute and the bankers are too rich to jail. Effective law-enforcement would lead to the prosecution of all the leading banks and bankers, which would sharply reduce profits. Jailing the top bankers would close the ‘revolving door’, the golden portal through which government regulators secure their own wealth and fortune by joining private investment houses after leaving ‘public’ service. The assets of the ten biggest banks in the US form a sizeable share of the US economy. The boards of directors of the biggest banks inter-lock with all major corporate sectors. The top and middle financial officials and their counterparts in the corporate sector, as well as their principle stockholders and bondholders, are among the country’s biggest tax evaders. While the Security and Exchange Commission, the Treasury Department and the Senate Banking Committee all make a public pretence of investigating high financial crimes, their real function is to protect these institutions from any efforts to transform their structure, operations and role in the US economy. The fines, which were recently levied, are high by previous standards but still only amount to, at most, a couple of weeks’ profits. The lack of ‘judicial will’, the breakdown of the entire regulatory system and the flaunting of financial power is manifested in the ‘golden parachutes’ routinely awarded to criminal CEOs following their exposure and ‘resignation’. This is due to the enormous political power the financial elite exercise over the state, judiciary and the economy.

Political Power and the Demise of ‘Law and Order’ With regard to financial crimes, the doctrine guiding state policy is ‘too rich for jail, too big to fail’ , which translates into multi-trillion dollar treasury bailouts of bankrupt kleptocratic financial institutions and a high level of state tolerance for billionaire tax-evaders, swindlers and money launderers. Because of the total breakdown of law enforcement toward financial crimes, there are high levels of repeat offenders in what one British financial official describes as ‘cynical (and cyclical) greed’. The current ‘banner’ under which the financial elite have seized total control over the state, the budget and the economy has been ‘change’. This refers to the deregulation of the financial system, the massive expansion of tax loopholes, the free flight of profits Call 778.835.7667 to overseas tax havens and the dramatic shift of ‘law enforce-

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by Prof. James Petras








ment’ f r o m prosecuting the banks laundering the illicit earnings of drug and criminal cartels to pursuing so-called ‘terrorist states’. The ‘state of law’ has become a lawless state. Financial ‘changes’ have permitted and even promoted repeated swindles, which have defrauded millions and impoverished hundreds of millions. There are 20 million mortgage holders who have lost their homes or have been unable to maintain payments; tens of millions of middle class and working class taxpayers who were forced to pay higher taxes and lose vital social services because of upper class and corporate tax evasion. The laundering of billions of dollars in drug cartel and criminal wealth by the biggest banks has led to the deterioration of neighbourhoods and rising crime, which has destabilized middle and working class family life.

Conclusion The ascendancy of a criminal financial elite and its complicit, accommodating state has led to the breakdown of law and order, the degradation and discrediting of the entire regulatory network and judicial system. This has led to a national system of ‘unequal injustice’ where critical citizens are prosecuted for exercising their constitutional rights while criminal elites operate with impunity. The harshest enforcement of police state fiats are applied against hundreds of thousands of immigrants, Muslims and human rights activists, while financial swindlers are courted at Presidential campaign fund raisers. It is not surprising today that many workers and middle class citizens consider themselves to be ‘conservative’ and ‘against change’. Indeed, the majority wants to ‘conserve’ Social Security, pubic education, pensions, job stability, and federal medical plans, such as MEDICARE and MEDICAID against ‘radical’ elite advocates of ‘change’ who want to privatize Social Security and education, end MEDICARE, and slash MEDICAID. Workers and the middle class demand stability of jobs and neighbourhoods and stable prices against run-away inflation of medical care and education. Wage and salaried citizens support law and order, especially when it means the prosecution of billionaire tax evaders, criminal money-laundering bankers and swindlers, who, at most, pay a minor fine, issue an excuse or ‘apology’ and then proceed to repeat their swindles. The radical ‘changes’ promoted by the elite, have devastated life for millions of Americans in every region, occupation and age group. They have destabilized family life by undermining job security while undermining neighbourhoods by laundering drug profits. Above all they have totally perverted the entire system of justice where the ‘criminals are made respectable and the respectable treated as criminals’. The first defence of the majority is to resist ‘elite change’ and to conserve the remnants of the welfare state. The goal of ‘conservative’ resistance will be to transform the entire corrupt legal system of ‘functional criminality’ into a system of ‘equality before the law’. That will require a fundamental shift in political power, at the local and regional level, from the bankers’ boardrooms to neighbourhood and workplace councils, from compliant elite-appointed judges and regulators to real representatives elected by the majority groaning under our current system of injustice.

Mass Media Illusion by ANG


he people I know who are still sound asleep don’t see anything going wrong. They are content and distracted, completely disconnected from the world that sustains them. They have no understanding of this. They think their state of disconnection is actually being connected. What are they connected to? The mass media. Some folks sit in front of a television set for hours every day. They will turn on the TV in the morning and leave it on all day whether they’re watching it or not. The TV is the last thing that gets turned off at night. When they do sit down to watch it, their favourite shows are interrupted every few minutes with groups of advertisements trying to sell products of every conceivable kind. The ads don’t just play once but are shown over and over and over again. The constant interruptions are outrageous and insulting but they don’t mind. They don’t feel the insult of it and won’t refuse to put up with it. They would never say “Enough is enough”, pull the plug on the TV set and cancel the cable TV account. It would never occur to them to phone the cable company and say they are no longer willing to be abused and exploited by people who want their money and that they’re closing their account and won’t be back until the commercials are gone. They will probably never just walk away from it all and go do something else instead. No. For the rest of their lives and their children’s lives they will sit in front of the TV set for hours each day and night and intake the commercials as if the commercials are a part of the show. As if commercials naturally belong there like unavoidable thorns on a long stemmed rose. As if commercials are a natural part of television. It’s a trade off they have come to perceive as normal and expected. Trade offs in nature are not unusual. Coconuts have impossibly hard shells to break in order to get to the edible white nut inside. Watermelons are unfortunately studded with little black seeds that are not pleasant to bite on. Bees make honey but they also sting people, and so on. In nature the upsides often come with downsides. But there is an important difference between coconuts and TV commercials. TV commercials are not a naturally occurring phenomenon. In fact they are wholly unnatural. There is no human need for them. For the most part people don’t like them or want to watch them. After an established fifty plus year track record it is safe to say that TV advertising is pernicious, destructive and hated. Any sane person of sober mind would undoubtedly agree that TV commercials should be abolished.

“Following the same course that virtually every other major industry has in the last two decades, a relentless series of mergers and corporate takeovers has consolidated control of the media into the hands of a few corporate behemoths. “The result has been that an increasingly authoritarian agenda has been sold to the American people by a massive, multi-tentacled media machine that has become, for all intents and purposes, a propaganda organ of the state.” -- David McGowan

Television should be for people. It should be about people. It should benefit the public, not the ethically crippled profiteers who feed on our minds, bodies and cash. Television as a technology has the potential to reach, teach and inform. It could also facilitate two way communication as opposed to passive one way output, allowing people at both the local and national levels to actually talk back and to participate and do interesting things, even paradigm changing things. For instance, we could use the TV for voting. We could stop voting for personalities that pretend to represent us and instead we could directly vote on the issues that affect our lives ourselves. We could do that and actually have a say in how things are done around here. TV could be a people empowering technology that makes us stronger, smarter, wiser, and more knowledgeable than we have ever thought possible. TV could lift the whole world higher. But no. Instead, the commercial TV product makes people passive and stupid, disconnected from reality, insecure and covetous. It addicts, disables and disempowers people, turning their brains to mush while making corporations richer through carpet bombing the human psyche with unmitigated idiocy and scientifically perfected mechanisms to undermine and destroy the capacity of people to think for themselves at all. TV is nothing more than a tool of exploitation of all of our people so that the rich and powerful can get richer and more powerful and maintain an ever increasing control over all of our lives to an extent that is truly horrifying. It’s really quite rude. When I say things like that to those who are still asleep they look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t deny what I’m saying they just don’t see it as that big a deal. They are sure that they are too smart to be affected by anything on the TV set, programs or otherwise. They feel informed and in control and are not concerned about what I’m saying. By the same token they don’t know anything about the economy or history or what their dearly elected are doing. They often don’t even know the name of the vice president or for that matter the names of their alleged representatives. They can’t name or describe a single piece of legislation that has ever been on the table or was passed into law and don’t pay the slightest attention to all things political. They can however tell you all about Bart Simpson, sports, their favourite soft drinks, the Oprah show and their favourite places to shop and go out to eat, what the kids want to buy and have and do and with rare exception no one in their family ever picks up a book or considers reading or taking a trip to the library. They think I’m funny for even bringing it up. To them I am the disconnected one. I am the one who does not see the way and the light. They are plugged in to “the happening” as it unfolds each day and is presented to them. They know who’s who and what’s hot and what’s not. They know the latest movie that everyone wants to see and the newest cool cell phone model and all about cell phone plans and costs. They know all of the pop stars and all of the popular songs, the TV shows and TV stars and hottest people and movies out of Hollywood. When they turn on the car radio they enjoy listening

to it while I can’t stand the car radio for two seconds because it is sheer insanity. Insanity is the norm in this country. Insanity is good. Insanity is fun. Insanity for one and all is the goal and the reason for living. Plug in to the insanity and join the insanity collective and you can be normal too. Here’s the thing. There is no such thing as “the happening”. It is all an illusion. It is believed to be real because it is an ongoing story that people identify with. People live their lives vicariously through identifying with an externally generated stream of illusion. They take their identities, perspectives and values from an externally generated, pervasive, all encompassing, non stop, 24 hours a day, illusion stream. It feels real to them. It is real to them. Take away the TV set, the movies, the advertising, the pop stars, the radio, shut it all off. Now tell me who you are. Tell me what is real. Tell me what matters now. A shock of silence happens when the external bombast of the mass media collective is removed from conscious awareness. Attention is abruptly focused within instead of everywhere else except within. In that silence you can hear yourself think. Only in that silence can you hear yourself at all. The question is, can you stand it? Can you stand hearing your own mind and no other voices? Can you sit in silence and think? Can you bear being all by yourself? Have you ever considered doing something on your own, without anybody else being with you? Does the very idea of being alone frighten you? If you feel that being disconnected from everything happening out there would be horrible and unbearable and that you’d feel lost and alone and wouldn’t know what was going on and wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do with yourself, then I have a question for you. Do you actually exist? Would there still be a “you” if you were blocked off from all of those external things and other people? Do you exist as a unique individual with your own identity and ideas that come from yourself and are not dependent on what anybody else thinks or says? Who are you? Do you know? Do you know what the

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8 Ways to Improve Society Continued from page 2


Opt Out in Every Way Possible

Non-Compliance is a long-term strategy and won’t achieve overnight results, but this is still a necessary part of the social evolution that I am speaking of. Opting out is a way of pulling your support out of the system, and putting your support in something that will eventually outshine the system and make it obsolete. That is a lot of the idea behind pulling yourself out of the political process and refusing to vote. Voting takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you are donating money to political parties and campaigning for candidates. Opting out will instantly free up that time, energy and money for causes that will be more effective in achieving your goal of improving society.


Be Your Own President

Presidents are not “leaders” as they masquerade to be, they are appointed masters who seek to control the thoughts and actions of large groups of people. You have the choice to disobey any random code or policy that doesn’t stand up to the non-aggression principle and natural law. Exercising that choice is a way of finding freedom in a seemingly unfree world. If you break government laws and no one gets hurt in the process, and no property has been damaged or stolen, then you have done nothing wrong. Be your own master instead of letting someone else control your behaviour.


Campaign for Philosophy

After watching puppet after puppet go through office we should all know by now that “getting the right guy in there” isn’t any kind of possibility, and even it was a possibility, it would be like giving a really nice guy a sledgehammer to repair a complicated supercomputer. What really needs to happen is an advancement of philosophy and a change in the way that this species looks at the world. All of the answers for exactly how the future will be built are not yet known and are truly unpredictable, but the problems in our current system are obvious enough that they are easy to identify. The fundamental flaws with our traditional way of life as a spe-

cies is that it has been acceptable for people to force their will on one another, through both private and political means. As a result violence has plagued our species for ages when we could have easily shed this neurotic tendency just after the stone-age. For centuries humanity has been trapped in this loop of violence because a philosophical advancement has failed to occur. We have known the path to take for ages, we all talk about it in every culture, in the hypocritical rhetoric of every government. Equal rights and universal standards, peace, freedom and justice. These are the ideals that we all speak of, but many fail to live by. These are the ideals that will change the world if embraced, but it is not going to happen by voting an aristocratic liar into a position of power. It will only happen through intelligent people talking about these ideas and coming up with new ways to actually integrate them into society.


Support or Start Mutual Aid Groups

As this article pointed out ( daily/5388/), mutual aid groups were one of the most popular ways that people ensured the welfare of their families and neighbours before the government created programs to make everyone depend on them for help. Years later we can see the results of this approach, as these programs are in total disarray because their purpose was never actually to help people, and those involved have no real incentive to make these programs productive because they aren’t even a part of the community that depends on them. This is what makes mutual aid groups different. First off, these are all programs which are joined by choice and funded voluntarily and they allow people to directly interact with whoever they are helping and with whoever is helping them. These programs are highly efficient and realistic even in today’s world. As I pointed out last week ( a variation of this idea is already becoming popular among jobless people in Spain, who have been using mutual aid organizations called time banks, to help each other weather the tough times.


Support or Create Alternative Currency

There are alternative currencies popping up all over the world, and all over the Internet as well. Bitcoin has been the primary currency used online, but the market is open to competitors so Bitcoin will have

to actually continue to satisfy customers, or it will surely give way to a more user friendly currency, something that the Federal Reserve System has never had to do because they monopolize the currency. For close communities and urban markets, coupon based, community backed currencies are starting to develop, which allow people to opt out of the Federal Reserve System, and barter with their neighbours using a mutually agreed upon medium of exchange which has no tie to politics at all. In Baltimore many use “Bnotes” to trade amongst themselves, out west they have something called mountain hours that works in much the same way. If there is one of these currencies in your community see what you can do to get involved, if not there are plenty of places online that will tell you how to start this kind of project yourself.


Support or Create a Community Garden

Food prices are getting high and quality is getting lower, making times extremely tough for anyone trying to be healthy. If there is already a garden in your community, try to get involved and support them as much as possible. If there isn’t one in your community, think about starting one yourself!


Support or Create Alternative Media

It’s no secret that the mainstream media is a dying entity that has totally lost the confidence of the general population. CNN has been reporting an 80% decrease year after year, and the outlets on either side of the aisle aren’t doing much better either. They are all losing their audience to the people-powered alternative media which is run by large networks of individual activists, most of which really need and deserve some support from the people who appreciate their media. Cancelling your cable subscription and putting that money towards your favourite alternative media organization is a big step in shifting the control of information back into the hands of free people exchanging ideas, instead of government monopolists.


Act with Kindness and Compassion Self-explanatory, be excellent to each other.

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Mass Media Illusion Continued from page 21

meaning of your life is? Do you care about what it means to exist in a world floating in space, or why you are here, or why it matters? Does it even matter to you? I can’t show you proof to support this, but my guess is that most people ask themselves questions about meaning fairly early in life. Around the time we’re becoming teenagers we start to wonder about things like why we exist and where we come from and what it all means. This is the time when we stop being Mom and Dad’s little acorn, a product of the trees they are, and we start to become a tree of our own. The first thing a tree has to do is set down roots. Unless and until it can do that it can’t do much growing. If the spot it tries to grow its roots into isn’t optimal for growth then it won’t become a big strong tree. It might not die but it will be limited in its growth and will likely come out small and scraggly and unable to produce much, if anything at all. You are a tree. I am a tree. We are all trees. The difference is that we can decide when and where to grow our roots and just as important, what we want to use as our life’s ground. Whatever we grow out of will be the foundation of everything about us. What we grow into and become is inextricably linked to that foundation. The roots I am speaking of are not physical, they are mental. The roots of our mind will determine who we are. It’s easy to see how plugging in to the collective mass media illusion seems like an easy and obvious way out of facing up to and dealing with the questions of identity and meaning churning around in the turmoil of everything else inside us. It’s also very difficult to ignore the mass media or avoid it. It’s as if there are enormous flat screens floating over our heads at every moment of our lives depicting the ongoing stories, the illusions, of the collective. We have no control over what is projected nor are we a part of its story. We don’t personally know any of the familiar people on its screens or anything about them and yet we feel as if we do know them and they feel like real and authentic people to us who are somehow a part of our lives. Nothing on the screens are our own story and nothing we see and hear has anything to do with our lives; but there it is anyway and the people projected there are glamorous and beautiful, wealthy and successful. They are cool, they are right, they are popular, or authoritative, or extreme or geeks or they’re angry, rebellious, fighting back, lashing out, being stalked by a lunatic with a chain saw, having sex with everybody and anybody, there is always somebody up there to identify with. Whether we know it or not or like it or not we will emulate

these illusory people. We will dress like they dress and try to look like they look. We will say the things they say and behave as they behave. They are our illusory role models, digital projections who are not even real, but we don’t think about that. We just take it in as our reality. If the collective mass media becomes the soil we put down our roots into then illusion becomes the foundation that supports our world view. Illusion becomes the source of our personal identity. And illusion becomes what interests us most. Life is easy to understand because all questions are already answered, all values are already assigned, and everything is pre-labelled, pre-chewed, pre-discovered and provided. Life becomes effortless. All you have to do is choose. Choose an identity and go buy the accessories that go with it. Life is but a dream. Nothing in the illusion can answer our questions of meaning, self worth or true identity. No illusion can supply the real meaning that is the only soil we can grow in. Even our growth is an illusion. Our thoughts and opinions are based on illusions, along with our self image and ideas about everything in the world. Our thoughts, feelings and values about these things don’t come from our own tree, they come from a tree of illusions and we are only pretending they belong to us and are us. We will never feel whole or satisfied without answering those questions ourselves. Those questions will be like sneakers in the dryer of our minds, banging around waiting to be pulled out and dealt with. If we ignore them long enough or talk ourselves out of paying attention to them, eventually we won’t hear them anymore. If we fear facing those questions, if we avoid them, deny them, or tell ourselves that they are proof that we are not like everybody else and we must hide them or nobody will respect us anymore, then eventually we will learn to successfully block out the noise they make inside our minds. It is a choice. Listening to our truth within, or choosing the collective mind. We can choose reality and truth and grow ourselves, which is plenty interesting and rewarding. Or we can opt to allow exciting and beautiful illusions to define us. We can let other people form our mind, construct our self image, think for us, and make us believe that we are no more than what they want us to be. If we allow the illusion stream to define us then our life is an illusion and we will be entirely unequipped to handle reality when it inevitably rears it’s terrifying head and vomits into our lap. Please, if you have kids, pull the damn plug on the TV. Don’t let your kids sit in front of the thing morning, noon and night. They still have a slim chance to exist for real, not as an illusion. I don’t know what life will be like when nothing is real anymore. The day is coming. In fact, it’s pretty much here.

Above: Purported image of Aleppo in the Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s largest newspaper Middle: Photo of family in Syria from European Pressphoto Agency Bottom: Picture of Homs, Syria

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S E I G E T A R ST by J.G. Vibes

5 Strategies for Peacefully Underthrowing the Status-Quo


ne of the main obstacles that tie the general population to the status quo is that many people are looking for a step-by-step process for how we can peacefully neutralize the power structure and achieve peace on this planet. This step-by-step process is not a possibility, because human actions and the advancement of technology are both totally unpredictable. Sadly, it seems that people are waiting for a list of instructions that could never exist. However, there is definitely hope, because although we cannot precisely chart the course to freedom, we can develop workable solutions that will lead us in the right direction and help us achieve greater levels of peace in our own lives. In this article I am going to list the 5 strategies that I am most supportive of right now, and offer a brief description of how they work and why I believe they are effective approaches to meeting this goal.


Finding personal freedom – This should definitely be the first step, because when we find peace in our own hearts we are much better prepared and equipped to bring peace into the hearts of others. A few months ago I wrote an article on this subject which offered some solutions to speed along this process. When you are able to find freedom in your own personal life, you will set a positive example for your peers to follow and you will be contributing to the paradigm shift by “being the change that you want to see in the world” as Gandhi said.


Practicing Agorism – Agorism is a strategy of noncompliance that uses counter economics and underground markets as a way of keeping power in the hands of the average people, thus slowly diminishing the power and relevance of the control structure. Growing food, using bitcoin, homeschooling, running a small business without licenses, bartering and starting community currencies are all examples of agorist activities. Some agorists are even so bold as to create businesses that will challenge existing state monopolies, like we saw earlier this year when Detroit residents created their own community protection agencies because the police were no longer responding to 911 calls. It is as simple as finding a need in your community for a particular good or service, and attempting to provide that value without any sort of interaction with the government or any other unchosen 3rd parties. In other words, the basic idea is to try solving the problem yourself, with your community instead of waiting around for a politician to make the problem worse.

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Reinventing oldspeak – When it comes to the power of words, the general population is far outmatched by the ruling class. There have been generations of work among the aristocracy completely dedicated to mastering the art of verbal manipulation and deception. They have their newspeak, which cloaks their transgressions in an air of false legitimacy, so we in turn, need to develop an oldspeak that describes reality as it is, but we need to be just as innovative and creative as those working against us. I touched on this subject in my book Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance and I will share a short excerpt below: “What we must do to counteract this problem is to expand the limits of our vocabulary and create new terms and new words to describe the indescribable. If you come up with a new word or new way of explaining something in your day to day conversations then by all means continue to use it! If it sounds good to you than you’re probably right and your addition to the language will most likely catch on, as long as it works. Terms like vibe, synchronicity, freedom, ego trip or civil liberties have revolutionized philosophical dialogue just as terms like inertia, gravity or relativity have revolutionized scientific dialogue. Imagine how hard it would be to have a conversation about the state of our society without words like “freedom”, “oppression” or “autonomy”. These philosophical terms are all fairly new to our vocabulary and allow us to better describe things that were at one time just beyond our descriptive possibilities. Some of these terms were created by philosophers, scientist and psychologists, others by college students and hippies. Anyone can contribute to the positive expansion of their cultures vocabulary and tear down the linguistic barriers set by those who keep us mentally enslaved under their cultural paradigm.”


Peaceful parenting – The kind of society that we want to create, is eventually going to be the society that our children will be responsible for. When they become adults, they will interact with each other based on the example that was set for them by their elders. The more children who have lives that are filled with peace, negotiation and tranquility, the better chance there is of that kind of society existing when those children grow up. Parenting is probably the most important responsibility that any of us will take on in our entire lives, and it is actually our greatest avenue of affecting real change in the world. It is very possible that the fight for freedom will be either won or lost by the next generation, which means that it is up to us to make sure that our children are free to create their own path in learning, without being subjected to the oppressive indoctrination processes that are so prevalent in government schools. Likewise, it is important that we are not authoritarian with our children, if we truly want the next generation to live in freedom. This does not mean letting children do whatever they want, but it means treating them with the same respect that you would treat an adult that was bigger than you.


Philosophy and education – As a society we have all been completely betrayed by the public education system and the mainstream media. We have been given false values, irrational principles, destructive examples and have been led completely astray to the point where it is difficult to make sense of the world, which ultimately results in unfavourable and dangerous behaviour. A good many people in the world have fallen victim to this deception, but most people snap out of it quickly when they are able to make sense of reality. This is where philosophy and education come in, because the damage that propaganda has inflicted on our minds is actually fairly easy to reverse, and today with the internet people are now able to teach themselves any subject, any time, at any age and usually for free. So we do have that ability to advance philosophy and have widespread education even in this world today where we are still limited by the current system and its failures.

An Essential Recognition I

by Stephen Gray

was speaking recently with my friend Nancy, a respected spiritual elder in the Native American Church (NAC.) The central practice of the NAC is the all-night peyote medicine prayer ceremonies. I told Nancy I was helping organize a conference in Vancouver (the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference (SPMC) scheduled for Oct. 26-28 at UBC) and asked her what she thought should be the guiding principles behind our intention for the event. She replied without hesitation that the core issue is not the visionary/healing/awakening plants themselves but rather the necessity for humanity to “reconnect.” Of course the word reconnect invites multiple interpretations. The heart of the matter—beyond intellectual speculation—is implied in the prefix “re.” Earth peoples from around the planet have been painfully aware of the disconnect that has descended upon what might be called the modern or dominant cultures. The aboriginal people of Australia referred to themselves as the “real people.” Writer and healer Martín Prechtel from the Mayan tradition spoke of reuniting with our “indigenous souls.” My old Buddhist teacher Chögyam Trungpa used the term “authentic presence” to describe what is uncovered when we fall out of illusion and land on “what is.” Elders and visionaries from the Earth peoples might say we walked away from our roots a long time ago, but that those roots are still here. ‘Roots’ is a fitting metaphor that points back toward these teaching plants. A principal component of the disconnect, as many of us are coming to understand, is the separation we experience between nature and ourselves. We’ve been taught to stand outside and above nature and it’s now almost beyond debate to say that this separation has permitted a highly dangerous devastation of the planetary environment on multiple levels. The understanding that a radical consciousness transformation is urgently needed on the planet is a rapidly spreading meme. You might even call it a core intuition tugging insistently at the hearts and minds of a growing congregation. Perhaps the key revelation of that understanding is the startling news that the planet is ensouled and minded and that humans are, in the most real manner, in relation to all of it. But how to actually realize the reconnection and manifest it in our daily walk? Many among this rising chorus are saying that spirit medicine plants such as ayahuasca, peyote, iboga, psilocybin mushrooms, San Pedro, and a number of others, are calling us into the light of awareness, and when encountered in the best of conditions, may be the most effective teachers we have now—direct conduits to the deepest, most enlightening truths. “In the best of conditions”—that is an essential point and the main reason I’ve signed on to help make SPMC (Spirit Plant Medicine Conference) a reality. An international roster of some of our wisest and most knowledgeable visionaries and healers will take participants into the heart of the questions that need examining if we are to navigate effectively and safely through these often deep waters and participate in the reconnection journey to the best of our individual and collective capabilities. _________________________ Stephen Gray ( is the author of Returning to Sacred World and one of the presenters at the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference. For further information and tickets see

The Law is not Your Friend Continued from page 2

distributing of wealth is not a trait found in a peaceful society. With every ratcheting up of government intervention into civil life comes growth in the police state. The perpetual War on Terror has only exacerbated this trend as many Americans have shamefully allowed for their inner-most private moments to be violated in the name of feeling safe. Likewise, prominent governments the world over have bowed down to American hegemony and the sheer arrogance through which a policy of extra-judicial murder and the silencing of criticism is conducted. As LRC columnist and author Fred Reed explains: People speak of the onrush of the police state. I think that many do not understand how fast it comes, or how thorough it will be. The political framework falls rapidly into place. Few or no safeguards exist, and probably few are possible. A growing authoritarianism rapidly erodes what protections we had. The courts allow random searches of passengers of trains and subways without probable cause. Warrantless tapping of personal communications is rampant, or done with secret warrants from a secret federal judge. TSA has Viper squads that stop cars at random for searches. In many places it is against the law to video the police, East Village’s destination pet store. Your source for who everywhere become more militarized and less accountable. healthy foods, tasty treats, cool gear and grooming services. For practical purposes, citizens have no recourse. Bring in this ad and receive 10% off all our Grooming packages! It’s quite easy to understand why law enforcement, as a vital 2741 E Hastings St. – 604.558.1995 enforcement arm of government, uses its authority so recklessly and with little impunity. The state, as anarcho-capitalist philosopher Hans-Herman Hoppe defines it, acts as “the final arbiter and judge in every case of interpersonal conflict.” Whatever issue a citizen has with an enforcer of government law, it must be heard and dealt with by another state official; thereby making bias inevitable. Should a judge declare whatever claim you make against the Agoura-ad2.indd 1 12-09-21 police as void, the process comes to an end. There is no appeal to a competing authority. Law, instead of being concrete and based on moral principles, is bent and formed to fit whatever the enforcers in the state deem necessary. Instead of protecting person and property, law enforcement seeks to protect itself and the power it has accumulated. In other words, “protect and serve” does not apply to society but rather to their employer known as the state. The questioning of monopolized, violent, and easily corruptible authority is not a radical stance by any means. Believing that society is incapable of functioning without living under a gun is not only a radical view but also one that hides a hatred of humanity. It is a view based on the ideal that only might makes right and that peace and liberty are impossible conditions for man to prosper in. The state’s monopoly on violence ultimately acts as a hindrance to social cooperation and rising living standards. It is regressive in the sense that monopolies have no incentive to meet the needs of consumers. Government law enforcement is legalized force shielded by the threat of even more force. There is little accountability or repercussion for police brutality except in some extreme cases. If a victim is unable to illicit support from a media establishment intoxicated with its position as the government’s court reporter, misdeeds go unpunished. Perpetrators are then more emboldened to commit the same, and even worse, acts in the future. In the end, law enforcement in its current form should not be looked to as a friend of peace but merely as another branch of the state’s institutionalized thuggery. There is little justice to be had if one group of individuals operates outside the rule of proper and moral law. Freedom comes not from a badge and gun but of a recognition that man has an absolute right to not be coerced against his wishes. Anything else amounts to repression of body and spirit with social degeneration as the final outcome. “He who allows _____________________________


James E. Miller holds a BS in public administration with a minor in business from Shippensburg University, PA. He is the Editor in Chief at the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada and a current contributor to his hometown newspaper, the Middletown Press and Journal.

12:18 PM

Earthing products provide a convenient way to connect to the Earth’s nurturing energies while working, sleeping or relaxing indoors. Earthing (or ‘grounding’) has been shown to help reduce chronic inflammation and improve the body’s natural ability to heal.

oppression shares the crime.” - Desiderius Erasmus

Why in the World Are They Spraying ? F

ilmmaker Michael Murphy has taken the chemtrail issue to the forefront with his powerful new film, Why in the World Are They Spraying Us? Risking life and limb to do so, please take the time to watch the film and or support his work. Please check out Michael’s website Michael Murphy also appears in the new film releasing this winter SHADE the Motion Picture — An Ambellas & Bermas Film. embedded&list=UUM_6k2iOLsBbcMN_xgtIYYQ Further Reading:

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James Van Praagh

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Apr. 19.21, 2013

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