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BY: AUGUREYE EXPRESS our National Guard was destroyed by sending them into foreign wars of conquest, and we fall I’ve been spending some time recently; looking back asleep to the sounds of drones overhead. There over different periods of my life, as we humans tend are no more frogs, they’re gone now, as are many to do at year’s end...tis the season & all that. My species of birds and other wildlife, and gasoline thoughts drifted back to those lazy summer days will soon be as precious as gold itself. Many of the of my youth when gas was a quarter a books I read as a child are now banned! gallon, everyone had their own piece of earth bordered by galvanized My old man made a pretty decent cyclone fencing, and at night we were living for us back in the day, even serenaded by a thousand frog chorus. though it drove him into an early I remember the TV station’s nightly grave in the doing of it. The economy sign off: “Sleep well, your National was strong, and everyone my folks Guard is awake.” Everywhere there knew had a tidy savings account was the feeling that we were headed they were building their nest egg for a bright, shiny future. upon. We took a three week vacation every single year which allowed me Here in the land of excessive excesses to see and we live in gated communities or experience apartment buildings as more single family dwellings go vacant from bankruptcy every single day. Few of us sleep well anymore since

the raw natural beauty of this country we reside in. Even in the city many didn’t lock their doors at night, and about the worst trouble kids got into was busting street lights & making prank phone calls to get prince Albert released from the can.

The official story is that all of the money in circulation is backed up by the quarter trillion dollars worth of gold in Fort Knox, and it’s hard not to laugh even when writing that - much more believing it. We all know that the “Fed” customarily just prints up more paper money whenever it wants to, which isn’t even backed up by thin air much less anything locked out of sight in a Kentucky vault. That is a big part of the current global economy crisis, the outright lies we choose to believe over the uncomfortable truth of things.

Here on the blinding edge of change; a decent living cannot be made even with holding down two jobs it seems, and still the economy is in freefall from month to month. More and more we see the death of such things as annual vacation, overtime wages and cost of living adjustments; and folks remain silent, feeling lucky to still have any job at To begin with, the value we place upon gold is all. These days we live behind multiple deadbolt entirely imaginary! The ancient world only knew locks backed up by digital security systems, and of seven metals, so of course they valued a metal perhaps even a dog or two, because we sure the which never tarnished or rusted, which sparkled hell ain’t in Kansas anymore! Urban gangs control and caught the eye. It is said that rarity is what much of our inner cities while corporate thugs and makes gold so valuable, but that’s not quite right the elite 1% gang control the wealth, and entire either, it’s accessibility that gives gold value. In financial system in the world. the molten earth’s core there exists enough liquid gold to cover the planet to a depth of twelve feet. “The only thing more powerful than money is Some of this gold found it’s way to the surface as knowledge” a result of plate tectonics and such, not to mention volcanic eruptions. Still more gold has arrived from space stowing away on asteroids, comets and meteorites...which gradually solidifies, forming veins and motherlodes. The earth is literally full of gold, most of it under 1800 miles of rock!

REAPING THE WHIRLWIND Some 2500 years ago gold first became money in the Mediterranean area when kingdoms and principalities fashioned it into gold coins. In the Americas, however, gold was never used as money, but rather for making sacred and ceremonial artifacts, and works of art. When the gold hungry Europeans arrived in the Americas and encountered the gold rich indigenous tribes, two things ensued. AgoraPublication_AD.qxp:Layout 1


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Looking at the global situation from the perspective of fear is counterproductive. We need to look at it from a perspective of concern, and see the opportunity that lies in having the knowledge of the global situation. There are opportunities in all these problems. Many people, when they discover the global situation and discover the truth about the world we live in, they move straight into fear. This does not help alleviate the situation. It’s one thing to be aware of it, but it’s another thing to be working actively to rectify this problem – the problem of government corruption, the problem of corporatism, the problem of commerce being superimposed over the human experience to the point where money and economics is viewed as being more important than people and more important than life. Unfortunately this is the situation we currently face. Many people in our society have grown quite accepting of this; they believe that if they don’t pay their bills then they should be removed from their houses and cast out onto the street. These bills are all contrived, and the way they are contrived is by superimposing a system of interest-based commerce over the minds of the people. Our money system itself is created by a private bank which charges the government interest on the use of their money, which immediately places everybody who uses money into a state of unofficially manufactured debt. This is a simplistic way of looking at it, and it is actually much worse than that. The banks manufacture the paper that we use as money. Money is in fact created when people take out loans. Because the paper that we use is privately printed, privately owned and privately run, there is a debt attached to using that paper. This has the effect of placing everybody within our society into a state of perpetual self-generating debt, which lasts their entire life and sometimes beyond; thereby passing that debt onto their children. All of this debt is contrived and manufactured, and is completely unnecessary. Because the worth or value of people in our society is very much based on their economic or social standing (according to the parameters of this society), we tend to readily discard people below us on the social ladder – because we deem them to be of less worth or value than people who have substantial financial interests in the world. This is a programmed, fictional reality – people are quite literally trained to think this way. This is one of the main objectives of the modern education system. The education system has become more and more business-oriented as generations have gone by, and this makes it possible for sections of society to be

discarded, one rung at a time, while the people above them on the social ladder never really believe that it could happen to them. However the entire system is designed to slowly move up the social ladder until it has discarded everybody except those who issue the currency. This will effectively create a two-tiered society whereby we will have a ruling elite and a working class. There are many people who are quite well-off in the world at the moment who believe that they will be safe from this system, but ultimately they won’t. Eventually it will get that high on the social ladder, that everybody who does not control the money supply will be under the control of those who do. We the people, should we choose to step into our power, can prevent all of this from happening; because it’s all happening due to fictional rules that public trustees have written on paper. It is important for people to bear in mind the uncomfortable truth that if we do not choose to step into our power then the situation just described will occur, because it is the only possible outcome of this money system. This is why this money system has been put in place, to create the two-tiered society separated only by those who perceive they have power between the ‘elite’ and the working class. These people with perceived power will be the police and government officials who sit in the middle. These people will be given small tokens of power to make them feel as though they have authority over people, which of course will serve to give them the confidence they need to oppress the working class. If you take everybody’s power away from them, reduce people to the point where they are quite literally abject slaves without their knowledge and you start giving small tokens of power to people within the group, then their egos will always take over & they’ll start throwing their weight around. If you watch which people throw their weight around the heaviest, you find the sociopaths within the crowd. Those are the ones that the ‘elite’ elevate to positions of authority, because they know that they have no empathy, and that they are quite happy to harvest energy from the population around them. By taking people’s inherent power and value from them, you effectively disconnect them from the true energy source of the universe, and the most ready source of energy for these people then becomes the people around them – and that’s where they harvest their energy. This is why CONTINUED ON PAGE 14

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by R. Ayana

If you create your reality, why choose an unstable planet of ravenous, half conscious semi-domesticated primates? How do you come to be here, in a decimated ecosystem dominated by money worshipping clones? The entire future begins from the place you’re occupying right now, the position you assume in the wide wild world - the place your assumptions are based, the concentrated point of perspective from which you emanate. If you believe you’re a meat robot living in a clockwork world of rock-solid causality - designed to die and disappear in relatively short order while a finite universe swirls towards a greater all-consuming death through random entropy - then your observations of the world will tend to confirm your beliefs. Everything around you will be in a perpetual state of decay and the second law of thermodynamics will be a depressing manifesto that describes your perceptions of life. If, on the other hand, you believe you’re an immortal being who’s implicitly and implicately connected with everything in an infinite universe (or multiverse), synchronistic proofs will shower forth abundantly from the surrounding illusion of reality. Your beliefs will be further confirmed by the quasi-magical tenets of quantum theories and the implicate order preserved amid all apparent chaos and destruction. The meat robot will see a competitive, hierarchical dogeat-dog world where the law of the jungle and survival of the fittest obviously hold sway; an existence dominated by the simplistic demands of inherently pointless persistence. They will see nothing strange or wrong about killing and consuming the bodies of other meat robots. They will be possessed by possessions and all thing material. Isolated cogs in a dispassionate machine, meat automatons will be tempted to hoard whatever they can against the day when their components begin to break down and they start to descend into an inevitable spiral toward a scrapheap of rotting spare parts. Even children become possessions in the meat robot’s mind, primarily representing a method of maintenance and a route toward biological immortality to blinkered, timebound imaginations. The magical being will perceive a co-creation of innumerable lifeforms and lifelike processes all cooperating to create the best of all possible worlds in a conscious and compassionate cosmos. The realisation that everything is connected and that everyone is everyone - all dwelling together in a cosmic holographic creation - will almost inevitably lead to an ethos of caring and sharing. Souls in a state of dawning awareness will slowly regain memories and abilities accrued

over aeons of incarnations, gradually growing into fuller cognizance of their chosen role in the play of life; becoming comfortable with an immortal perspective. Children will be welcomed as overflowing vessels of exuberant love, coequals in life’s exploration of life.


Or meat robots on a fast track to oblivion…

The meat robot’s mind becomes locked onto dreams or nightmares of past happenstance or potential tomorrows, forever transfixed by an illusory passageway of ever-shrinking time. Events appear to flow more swiftly as the blissful wonder of childhood is relentlessly reprogrammed out of them by their hierarchically inclined robotic contemporaries; the robot pays less and less attention to their surroundings as their vision narrows into the vanishing point of pointless wage serfdom. They cling to crumbling remnant trappings from the rapidly disappearing temporary culture of their earliest days, avoiding all change and taking comfort only in the known and familiar. Yet magical being or immortal infant are transfixed in each glorious moment of unfolding mystery. Pasts and futures are easily accessed when the need arises, all coexisting in endless, infinite, timeless time with the eternal gift of the present. Time stretches to eternity in the gaze of the beloved other and natural processed bud and blossom in a perpetual dance of light and colour. Life becomes poesy as a perpetual cornucopia of evolving and blending cultures provides endless elucidation, entertainment and inspiration. The meat automata will capitulate to the inevitability of fate and the impartial unfairness of a randomly deathdealing universe while the magical immortal will revel in continually creating the reality they experience, observing chance randomness, dance to the tune of harmonious thoughts and a focused compassionate will. Meat automata create destructive cultures that grow from the pernicious seeds of imperialistic death cults, perpetually worshipping oblivion with dreadful myths

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fearful cataclysms and species extinction – while simultaneously grasping at straws from priestly scarecrows who promise rapturous rescue, deathless salvation or evolutionary ascension in exchange for perpetual obedience and serfdom to meaningless routine.

Conscious immortals dwell in artistically inclined hegemonies overflowing with music, images, scents, flavours and sensations. Every supposedly mundane detail becomes a vibrant symbol and illuminating signpost along the endless Way, where all journeys are destinations and death is merely a joke told in good or bad taste, a temporary illusion that swiftly fades in the light of a beautiful new promising dawn. ABSURD ‘SCIENTIFIC’ CREATIONISM - THE BIG BANG

The universe is a perpetually budding flower that arises from an unending well of dimensions, all intersecting in the centre of your being, right now, this instant, for ever. You create and magnetise the mindstuff of energy and matter at the speed of primal thought, far beyond the halting pace and retarded observations of the linguistically entrained mind. Self-limited robotised beings who are fixated on fate and death cannot envisage infinity. Those who merely seek the origins and identity of the cutaway surface self cannot easily see beyond their own birth, attempting to divine eternal verities within the transient delineaments of a veiling mask. While concentrating on individual differences it’s easy to disregard universal truths and correspondences and imagine a single finite universe with a definite beginning and definable end. Inculcated from childhood with the notion that a creator god designed every little detail of manifest destiny in advance, culturally entrained scientists and laypeople subconsciously drift toward a self-limiting default conception of an original ‘big bang’ as readily

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as brainwashed cultists swallow the poisonous notion of original sin. Many opening minds will shy away from the overwhelming reality that each person is responsible for everything they are, feel, experience and do – no matter how innocent or unsullied they may be or seem. It’s easy to hold dispassionate blind-eyed gods or implacable fate responsible for creation, or to blame fellow purblind travellers for all fortune or misfortune; much more challenging to assume the mantle of the indwelling crown of creation that is the heritage of all conscious beings. Wise elders have always known that time is a circle; the wiser recognise the roots of time and space in the wellspring of an eternal spiral, and the wisest know that our highest hopes and deepest fears create everything we experience. We don’t live in a singleton orphaned universe, but inhabit the multiplex manifold of an infinite multiverse. An infinite universe is easiest to imagine as a three dimensional Moebius strip or Klein bottle - a fluid fractal hologram of substance contained in a recursive spiralling form, whose form is implicitly defined by the substance of which it’s composed. Every part and particle is informed by all the information in the holographic cosmos and every fine grain of reality contains and maintains the image of the whole. Creation indwells in everything; everyone is the creator and every thing is conscious and alive. An infinite multiverse makes literally everything possible. Every part and particle of the universal hologram rotates through infinitude dimensions in each fleet instant, and mind and matter are thoroughly intertwined and permeable through all possible hues and shadings of creation. Destiny is in your mind, heart and hands and your will is freer than a bird – already liberated and selfilluminated, already dancing beneath a wide open sky. There is no such thing as a fixed density or originally fated oblivion – unless they’re states you choose to desire. We live in a thoroughly just cosmos. Everyone ends up with precisely what they’ve been entrained to deserve and observe by the world they’ve created. Whatever you choose to believe determines the course of the life you experience. There was no big bang. There is no end to time. We are all immortals reforming our identities with each heartbeat. It’s all up to you. You are god(dess).


Smart Mouth Café - 117-131 Water St Choices Markets - 1202 Richards St, 16th Ave and 57th St. East is East Restaurants - 3243 W. Broadway East West Supermarket - 4169 Main St. Salty Tongue - 212 Carrall St. East End Food Co-op - 1034 Commercial St. Kerrisdale Library - 2112 W. 42nd Ave. Kitsilano Library - 2425 MacDonald St. Emily Carr Art School - Granville Island The Gourmet Warehouse - 1340 E. Hastings Mercato Mall – Commercial and 1st The Roundhouse Community Centre -181 Roundhouse Mews Garden Health - 1205 Davie St. Pure Integrative Pharmacy - 238 Robson St. SFU-School for the performing Arts - 149 W. Hastings Westcoast Medicann - 2931 Cambie St. & 2487 Kingsway Companion Books - 4094 Hastings Mount Pleasant Community Center - 1 Kingsway at Main St. Eden Medicinal Society - 161 E. Pender Cannabis Culture Headquarters - 307 W. Hastings Gaia Garden Apothecary - 2672 W. Broadway Terra Breads - 2380 W. 4th Vancouver Film School Café- 390 W. Hastings Vitamin King - 354 Main St. (Penticton) The Community Farm Store - 330 Duncan St. (Duncan) Wrap Zone - 351 Trans Canada Highway (Duncan) Leo`s Videos - 2680 Pandosy St. (Kelowna) House Of Nutrition - #4 1516 Fairfield Rd (Victoria) Pier 17, Davis Bay - (Sunshine Coast) Seaweed Health Food Store - 689 Gibson`s Way (Gibsons)

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How Your State of Mind Affects Your Well-Being by Paul Lenda Most of us know that the environment has a tremendous effect on our physical and mental well-being but did you know that our thoughts directly affect the way we physically feel? Remember always that we live and exist as part of a vast, elaborate, and intricate matrix of consciousness where everything affects everything else. There are numerous causes to any one effect. Reality is far more complex than we sometimes realize. It’s far easier on our brains to overly simplify Reality’s operating system yet by doing so we can end up blocking out an understanding of how we are living a shadow of the amazing life we could be experiencing. Let’s take a look at a program in the operating system of Reality that affects us on a daily basis in very intimate ways: our thoughts affecting our wellbeing.

Anger Makes You Physically Sick

and mental systems. Researchers from North Carolina State University did a study with results that showed that memory performance in older adults was lower when they were primed with negative stereotypes. In contrast, there was much less difference in performance between young and older adults primed with positive stereotypes. The researchers say their findings suggest that if older people are treated like they are competent, productive members of society, then they perform that way too. This shows that the thoughts of others about us affect the thoughts we have about ourselves if we are aware of what those thoughts are. Once again the intricate network of inter-connectivity shows itself to be very, very real.

According to a 2006 Harvard study, 10 million manifests itself as indigestion or loose bowel adult men in the United States are so angry movements. In the long run, it may manifest that they’re sick. In fact, their disease has a itself as ulcers or as a gall bladder problem. In name: intermittent explosive disorder, or IED. It’s the second case, it may manifest itself as a heart been something recognized since 1980 but has enlargement or other heart related problems. It existed for millenia before humans discovered seems that a certain type of negative emotion the facts of the matter. Besides a person filled In the book Pranic Healing there is a more may manifest as a certain type of disease in one with anger and rage being an immediate threat subtle look into how our thoughts and patient but may manifest as another type of to any property or people that may happen to be emotions affect our well-being. The following is disease in another. within swinging distance, there is some serious a quote from the book on this: Anger and intense worry devitalize the whole damage that is happening internally as well. Energetically speaking, anger and frustration bioplasmic body so that the body becomes People who experience frequent outbursts of result in pranic (chi/qi/energy) depletion susceptible to all kinds of diseases. Negative anger have been found to be more likely to die of around the solar plexus and abdominal areas or emotions cause disturbances in the bioplasmic heart disease or stroke. may manifest as pranic congestion around the body so that the whole physical body becomes In fact, more than 30,000 heart attacks each year solar plexus and heart area. In the first case, it sick. You may have experienced that after an are triggered by momentary anger, according to a 2004 Harvard study. “People who have a lot of anger invest a lot of energy in trying to control it, Earthing Products offer a convenient way to stay in contact with and that kind of friction is likely to increase the probability of a heart the earth while working, relaxing, and sleeping indoors. attack,” says Charles Spielberger, Ph.D., a University of South Florida psychologist who developed the most widely used test to measure anger. “The more intense the anger, the more likely the heart attack.” Other studies have shown that angry men are three times more likely to develop premature cardiovascular disease, six times more likely to have an early heart attack, and three times more likely to have a stroke.

Negative Emotions Affect Our Life Force on Subtle Levels

intense anger or an intense altercation, you felt physically exhausted or became sick. This is because both the bioplasmic and visible physical bodies are drained of prana and became susceptible to infection.

Too Much Relationship Commitment May Increase Anxiety, Depression & Hostility


Get Grounded

Your Attitude Affects How Long You Live Research into the body-mind connection has discovered that if you expect illness you increase the odds of getting an illness and if you expect good health your chances of enjoying good health are increased. The University of Texas found people with an upbeat view of life were less likely than pessimists to show signs of frailty and disease. Another study that was published in the same journal suggests that physical performance can be influenced by mental attitude, indicating the intimate interplay between physical

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Feel Better Reduce Pain & Inflammation

the Natural Way! Learn more at

(800) 870-4248

.......... This one is definitely worth elaborating on. As in my article on what happens in a relationship when passion overrides love, we can find yet again what happens when we allow our egos to invest an unbalanced amount of energy and focus towards one person. Because of the dynamics of human interaction and relationships when there is a state of disequilibrium the relationships can fail and when they do the emotional pain is magnified several times over. A study by the University of Houston has found that there is too much emotional weight placed on a relationship one or both people involved will evaluate their self-worth by the outcomes of their romantic interactions. This happens so commonly psychologists even gave it a name (relationship-contingent self-esteem). People with high levels of RCSE are very committed in their relationships but can experience manic, needy, and obsessive behaviors with regards to love. Researcher Chip Knee said that “when something happens in a relationship, these individuals don’t separate themselves from it. They immediately feel personally connected to any negative circumstance in a relationship and become anxious, more depressed and hostile.” What goes wrong doesn’t even have to be a big event. It can be as simple as the other person not returning their texts, calls, snapchats, etc. The study doesn’t suggest that commitment is bad in itself but rather the wrong kind of commitment like the kind that arises from an egoistic desire to fill a void in a person’s life with another person that becomes a desolate wasteland when that person isn’t there in some capacity.

Being Happier Leads to Better Health Monty Python famously sang “Always look on the bright side of life.” Yes there is death and destruction mercilessly given out but there is also compassion and creation introduced into our world. Just like the ancient adage says that the world is our mirror, so too does this apply to health through happiness. Several studies have found that optimism does indeed lead to greater happiness and longevity. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine did a study on post-menopausal women and found that they were healthier and lived longer than their counterparts that chose to dwell in pessimism. With 100,000 women being a part of this study who were tracked for 8 years, the results are quite firm. Women in the “cynically hostile” group suffered poorer health, had a 16% higher risk of dying from any cause, and a 23% higher risk of dying from cancer. If you have an optimistic state of mind you have a better ability to become accomplished in life, are better able to cope with stress, and can take on life challenges more resiliently…all of these have been confirmed by modern scientific studies but have been talked about by the wise ancients for millenia. In the book Being Happy! author Andrew Matthews looks to the scientific research that have been done that showing just how damaging a negative state of mind really is and the results are shocking. For instance, when blood samples taken from people who were feeling anger and fear were injected into guinea pigs they literally dropped dead in less then two minutes. Negative emotions are self-destructive and if there was ever a reason to consciously stop fear and anger in their tracks, that’s a big one for sure.

less pain associated with the cancers. Patients who had a strong sense of control over their environment experienced less severe fatigue. It’s difficult to stay positive when you’re face with your own mortality in such a life-changing way but if you understand that there is a degree of pain and suffering that doesn’t have to exist on top of that which you can’t control, it all becomes much easier to cope with. At the very least, we can reduce the pain and fatigue we have in these kinds of life circumstances if we find ways to elevate our spirits out of the dark depths of confronting death.

Stress Can Literally Cause Cancer Stress is called the mother of all dis-ease and with evidence of cancer being sprung into existence with the help of stress we can truly say stress is a menace to society. Prof Xu and a team of researchers at Yale University did a study on fruit flies and found that everyday emotional stress triggers the growth of cancerous tumors. What happens is that stress opens up pathways between cells that allow mutations to spread, leading to cancer taking over. Stress, be it physical or emotional, is never good. This seems like a given yet how often do we find ourselves unnecessarily stressing over things we either can’t control or that we blow out of proportion? Stress is something that can be controlled with things such as deep breathing, being tuned into the present moment, and of course having a regular meditation practice.

…and Bias Towards Negativity Causes Stress Riding on the “stress causes cancer” train, researchers have found that people who notice negative information over positive information are more stressed out. This is especially true for ‘news junkies’ and ties into research that found reading the news can make you want to grab a bottle of antidepressants and swallow all the pills. Researchers from the University of Essex found that they could predict the body’s reaction to stress up to eight months after they measured a person’s bias towards positive or negative images. The results indicate that people who are biased towards negativity have a much greater risk of having an anxiety disorder.


believe in YOU.

Optimists Are Less Likely To Get Heart Disease Just by living in a positive state of mind greatly reduces your risk of heart disease according to new research. This was the first study, in fact, that made a direct connection between positive emotions and lower risk of heart disease. The study which went on for 10 years found that people that don’t dwell in positivity had a 22% greater risk of developing heart disease. That’s too large of a risk to not take to heart. Since happier people tend to sleep better and not have such erratic sleeping patterns, their bodies are less stressed and strained. Happier people are also better able to move on after something unfortunate happens to them than unhappy people who tend to dwell longer on negative experiences.

Having a Positive Attitude Reduces Pain …and Fight Off Illnesses More Easily and Fatigue It turns out that when we are pessimistic we Even when we are on death’s doorstep, happy a positive attitude about it will reduce the pain and suffering we feel. A study done by Dr Margot E Kurtz and her team from the Michigan State University with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy found that cancer patients with more optimistic outlooks were able to feel


actually have a weaker immune system response to illnesses such as viral infections.This can result in a prolonged cold or flu that we definitely would not enjoy. In a study where scientists tracked the well-being of students for a year and tested


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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Mt Gox is Gone, But Bitcoin Will Continue


t. Gox, once the world’s leading exchange for Bitcoin, has admitted that a hacker attack robbed its users of 750,000 bitcoins – and also took 100,000 bitcoins from the exchange’s owner. The Wall St. Journal estimated the value of the theft at $473 million. The rise of Mt. Gox in the first place is a testament to the incredible demand for Bitcoin. The failure was not in Bitcoin itself, but rather a lack of maturity and security. Other entrepreneurs will pick through the rubble of Mt. Gox and learn lessons. Although today is a dark day for all those who lost money and the Bitcoin market has been bruised badly, it is not dead.

Illusory Money and the Economic System Construct


he Rothschild dynasty is controlled by the family’s satanic black magicians who know how reality works and how they can manipulate energy and human perception. They know that money, like everything else, is energy and they have set up the financial system to exploit this knowledge. People talk about ‘flows of money’, but it is really flows of energy and they have created an energetic construct that ensures that the energy of money flows to them. We call this construct the ‘economic system’ or ‘the economy’ and it appears to consist of banks, financial houses, stock markets and other forms of trading; but all of these entities are just acupuncture points on the meridians of money to ensure that the wealth of the world flows to the bloodline families. It is because of this that the Rothschilds count their wealth in multiples of trillions and more.

Russia Threatens To Abandon The U.S. Dollar And Start Dumping U.S. Debt


he Obama administration and the hotheads in Congress are threatening to hit Russia with “economic sanctions” for moving troops into Crimea. Yes, those sanctions would sting a little bit, but what our politicians should be made aware of is the fact that Russian officials are promising “to respond” if economic sanctions are imposed on them. As you will read about below, one top Kremlin adviser is even suggesting that Russia could abandon the U.S. dollar and start dumping U.S. debt.

Geo-Politics Confirmed: Fukushima Radiation Reaches West Coast of Canada

Common Core: The Business Side of the New Modern Global Education System

Exposed: Ukrainian ‘Protesters’ Backed by Kony 2012-Style Scam


ommon Core is described by proponents as a utopian education for the 21st century with primary, almost exclusive, emphasis from grades K-12 on mathematics and English language arts through “disruptive innovation” using the latest in “educational technological advancements”. In reality, as you will


esearchers have announced that radioactive isotopes from the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been discovered in seawater west of Vancouver off the coast of Canada, confirming predictions that the radiation would reach the west coast by early 2014. The findings were announced at the annual American Geophysical Union’s Ocean Sciences meeting in Honolulu on Feb 25, 2014. Samples of cesium-134 and cesium-137, which has a half-life of more than 30 years, were found by the researchers. The good news is that the samples are well below safety limits, although these were massively increased by authorities in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster. The full scale of the danger will not be known until 2016, which is when the cesium radiation is expected to peak.

NASA Documents Reveal “Climate Change” Caused By Covert Weather Weapons



s they seize weapons, take over government buildings and fire on media outlets, the US-backed Ukrainian protesters are being afforded legitimacy with the aid of a Kony 2012-style viral video which triumphs the grass roots nature of the demonstrations yet is linked to shadowy NGOs that have been directly involved in staging phony ‘color revolutions’ in the past.

read below, it is a critical step towards the stated goals of the wealthy elite to uniformly ‘mono-mind’ the global educational system, create a 24/7/365 community at our public schools, and to develop a “from-cradle-to-workforce-ready” individual.

The Ocean is Broken

ITLE: “Present and Future Plans of Federal Agencies in Weather-Climate Modification” This set of documents from 1966 reveals a network of government agencies in perpetual and secret collaboration with each other and the military to Modify the Global climate. Created by the elitist National Academy of Sciences – decades of an inter-agency culture of secrecy explains why the issue of covert aerosol Geoengineering is a taboo topic to be degraded to the status of “conspiracy theory” by a matrix of complicit bureaucrats at every opportunity.

T was the silence that made this voyage different from all of those before it. Not the absence of sound, exactly. The wind still whipped the sails and whistled in the rigging. The waves still sloshed against the fibreglass hull. And there were plenty of other noises: muffled thuds and bumps and scrapes as the boat knocked against pieces of debris. What was missing was the cries of the seabirds which, on all previous similar voyages, had surrounded the boat. The birds were missing because the fish were missing.

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Bill Gates Exposed for Funding Research, Promotion of Spraying ‘Chemtrails’ Across Globe


he U.K.’s Guardian paper reports that Gates, who is a huge advocate of global intervention programs that forcibly affect large people groups whether they like it or not, has been spending untold millions of dollars from his own personal fortune to fund research into geo-engineering programs. These funds are being used to study things like how much it will cost every year to blast the skies with tiny particles of sulfur dioxide, a toxic industrial byproduct linked to serious respiratory illnesses like asthma.

Health Pesticides ‘Making Bees Smaller’


umblebees could be shrinking because of exposure to a widely-used pesticide, a study suggests. Experts fear smaller bees will be less effective at foraging for nectar and carrying out their vital task of distributing pollen. Scientists in the UK conducted laboratory tests which showed how a pyrethroid pesticide stunted the growth of worker bumblebee larvae, causing them to hatch out reduced in size.

Garlic Kills Brain Cancer Cells Without Side Effects


ancer cells have a high metabolism and require much energy for rapid growth. Researchers reported in the Journal Cancer that that garlic compounds produced reactive oxygen species in brain cancer cells, essentially gorging them to death with activation of multiple death cascades and blocking pathways the proliferation of brain tumors. Garlic is probably nature’s most potent food. It is one of the reasons people who eat the Mediterranean diet live such long healthy lives. Garlic is also a powerful performer in the research lab.

Wheat Grass Miracle for the Hunter-Gatherer Prepper

4 Sugar Secrets the Food Industry is Keeping from You


ugar has been around for a very, very long time, however, we have increased our consumption to outrageous amounts. Our ancestors, who got their food out of the ground, consumed about one ounce of sugar per day Today, that has risen to about six and a half ounces per day, with most of the increase in consumption occurring over the last thirty years – mainly because of changes in our food supply. These changes are driven by the food industry, the government and our palate. Just what is it that the food industry does not want us to know about sugar? Why is this white gold so valuable to them, yet so dangerous to us?.

Nearly All Gum and Candy Contain Either Toxic GMO Corn Syrup or Nerve-Disrupting Aspartame


o you chew gum? Which kind - the pesticide corn syrup kind or the nervous-wreck, sugar-free kind? Do you like breath mints? Which kind - pesticide corn syrup or agitated, sugar-free? How do you feel about food agents that are toxins and cause nervous disorders? Do you feel that it is fair that food companies can put just about anything they want in products we consume?

Why Will Everyone in North America Get Cancer?


othing, in this writer’s opinion, pushes cancer rates to the top of the charts like radioactive particulates spewing unchecked into the atmosphere and water at the rate they have been at Fukushima since March 11, 2011, almost three years! Instead of spending and wasting all that money on wars we cannot win, why isn’t the USA putting resources into helping clean up Fukushima and, certainly, the West Coast of the United States?

y journey to find the perfect diet has led me on a merry chase. I have gone from pizza to pasta, Crown Royal to zero-coke, Monster drinks to coconut water, along with fighting a sedentary, couch potato mentality... I have also traversed from the Atkins’s diet to the Palio Diet, cutting out all milk-products, soy, all grains, sugar and fruit juice, cokes and all artificial sweeteners, even fluoride, (and exercised to failing every day)... but recently have discovered an amazing gift of nature, wheat grass...Nothing I have ever studied has come even close to the benefits of eating freshly-sprouted and cut wheat-grass, nothing... take a look.....

he French National Assembly has adopted a bill to limit exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by wireless technologies - cell phones, tablets, Wi-Fi etc. This bill will mean the following: #1. A ban on Wi-Fi in all childcare facilities for children under the age of 3. #2. Cell phone manufacturers will have to recommend the use of hand-free kits. #3. A ban on all advertising targeting children under 14.


WiFi Banned from Pre-School Childcare Facilities in a Bold Move by French Government


Science & Tech Is There Life After Death? Science of Biocentrism Can Prove There is, Claims Professor Robert Lanza


hile the religious would argue that life on earth is a mere warm up for an eternity spent in heaven or hell, and many scientists would dismiss the concept for lack of proof – one expert claims he has definitive evidence to confirm once and for all that there is indeed life after death. The answer, Professor Robert Lanza says, lies in quantum physics – specifically the theory of biocentrism. The scientist, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, says the evidence lies in the idea that the concept of death is a mere figment of our consciousness.

Superhuman Energy Cultivated by Meditators: It’s Science


Water Found in Stardust Suggests Life is Universal


he energy emitted by people who have reached an advanced level in meditation practice has been shown by multiple studies to exceed normal human levels by hundreds or thousands of times. Here’s a look at a few such studies.

sprinkling of stardust is as magical as it sounds. The dust grains that float through our solar system contain tiny pockets of water, which form when they are zapped by a blast of charged wind from the sun. The chemical reaction causing this to happen had previously been mimicked in laboratories, but this is the first time water has been found trapped inside real stardust. Combined with previous findings of organic compounds in interplanetary dust, the results suggest that these grains contain the basic ingredients needed for life. This bodes well for the existence of life across the cosmos.


by Ashley Peters

I believe that the most important lesson I learnt from my experience with terminal cancer was that you should always embrace every opportunity, no matter what it entails. To love, to be inspired, to be depressed, to make art, to speak the truth, to embrace the chaos that is life, to forgive yourself, to breathe, to enjoy the ride. There are so many people in life who walk around with their heads in the sand: being swallowed up by money, by jobs, by addictions, by society. I think that having terminal cancer opens your eyes in a way I never thought possible, and you can see clearly for the first time; it is a rebirth of epic proportions.

The day I was first diagnosed, I remember feeling myself to be in a state of ‘deep rest’; what some might call depressed. I see it differently, as for the first time I was able to understand my symptoms and relax into a state where I could deal with the diagnosis. These symptoms had been coming on and off now for some time, including a strong metallic taste in my mouth, migraine headaches, visual disturbances, numbness in my face and hands, seizures including both grand mal and absence seizures, a bleeding nose and fatigue I had never known before. Involving my partner in this was a hard decision, as we had only been together for a short time. He made the decision to commit and walk side by side with me, something

for which I will be eternally grateful. When we left on our trip to South East Asia, my symptoms had increased in strength. Some might call it irresponsible, and in fact many did including numerous doctors, to leave behind the world of modern medicine to live out those last few months. Looking back on it, it is kind of ironic that I left behind the Western World to embrace Eastern culture, which have two very different

approaches to medicine and health. The Western approach focuses heavily on the treatment of symptoms with medication, where health is the absence of pain, and visible physical defects. The Eastern approach focuses on prevention and strength of health as a balance between mind, body and spirit. Being unhealthy in the Eastern view, is being unbalanced in

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A growing number of farmers are abandoning genetically modified seeds, but it’s not because they are ideologically opposed to the industry. Simply put, they say non-GMO crops are more productive and profitable. Modern Farmer magazine discovered that there is a movement among farmers abandoning genetically modified organisms (GMO) because of simple economics. “We get the same or better yields, and we save money up front,” crop consultant and farmer Aaron Bloom said of non-GMO seeds. Bloom has been experimenting with non-GMO seeds for five years and he has discovered that non-GMO is more profitable. The re-converts to non-GMO seeds are not hippies but conservative Midwestern farmers who are making a business decision, Modern Farmer discovered. They are switching back to natural seed because it is more profitable — not because of any ideology. “Five years ago the [GMO seeds] worked,” said farmer Christ Huegerich, who along with his father planted GMO seeds. “I didn’t have corn rootworm because of the Bt gene, and I used less pesticide. Now, the worms are adjusting, and the weeds are resistant. Mother Nature adapts.” Farmers can get paid more for conventional corn than GMO corn. Plus, Huegerich discovered, convention corn can produce more per acre. Modern Farmer reported that two years ago, Huegerich

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planted 320 acres of conventional corn and 1,700 with GMO corn. The conventional fields “yielded 15 to 30 more bushels per acre than the GMO fields, with a profit margin of up to $100 more per acre.” Last year, he planted conventional corn in 750 acres. “I get a fifty-cent-per-bushel premium,” Huegerich said of the non-GMO corn he grows in Breda, Iowa. Herbicide use increased by 26 percent between 2001 and 2010 because of the spread of herbicide-resistant weeds. Huegerich said he used herbicides on GMO corn and conventional corn, even though theoretically he shouldn’t have to use it on his genetically modified crop. The group Farm & Water Watch reported that 61.2 million acres of cropland in the US are plagued by weeds that are resistant to the popular glyphosate herbicides.

WHY NON-GMO SEEDS ARE MORE PROFITABLE The Modern Farmer article, called The Post GMOEconomy, makes an excellent case for farmers dumping GMO. Some of the interesting facts the magazine uncovered include: The cost of growing one acre of non-GMO corn was $680.95, the cost of growing an acre of GMO corn was $761.80 according to Aaron Bloom. That means it costs $80.85 more an acre to raise GMO corn.

GMO seeds can cost up to $150 a bag more than regular seeds. The market for non-GMO foods has grown from $1.3 billion in 2011 to $3.1 billion in 2013, partially because some Asian and European countries don’t want GMO seeds. Grain dealer Clarkson Grain pays farmers an extra $2 a bushel for non-GMO soybeans and an additional $1 a bushel for non-GMO corn. The market for non-GMO seed is growing. Sales at Spectrum Seed Solutions, which sells non-GMO seed, have doubled every year for the last four years. Sales at another company that markets non-GMO seeds, eMerge Genetics of West Des Moines, Iowa, have increased by 30 percent a year for five years. Spectrum Seed Solutions president Scott Odle thinks that non-GMO corn could be 20 percent of the market in five years. Bloom, the farm consultant, said planting convention corn can save farmers an average of $81 per acre per season. That’s a difference of $81,000 for a farm of 1,000 acres. It looks like the past might be the future for farmers as more and more growers abandon GMO. The free market could very well spell the end of GMO seeds.




“The thing that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks its doing are as different as night and day.” — Dr. Herbert Ley, Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner The year was 1969, and the “flavor enhancer” monosodium glutamate (MSG) was all over the grocery store, even in baby foods. Despite a place on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS (generally recognized as safe) list, scientific evidence had been mounting against the stuff that it was anything but safe. Psychiatrist Dr. John W. Olney had published a study in Science magazine (spurring even more studies) that year showing that MSG caused irreversible brain damage in infants. It seemed that feeding pregnant rats a diet with MSG similar to that which an average person could consume in everyday foods resulted in the formation of fetal brain lesions. Everything from neuroendocrine disruption to learning deficits to obesity was found in oral studies where infants were fed MSG and grew up screwed up — and not just rats, either. The studies were replicated with similar brain damaging results in monkeys, baby chickens and mice. The alarm was sounded and MSG was removed from baby food that same year to quell parents’ fears and save bottom lines; but despite study after study showing potential dangers not just to infants but adolescents and adults as well, it remained on the GRAS list and remained in the grocery store. When Senator Nelson asked Dr. Olney three years later how, despite 18 studies (by that time) confirming the dangerous, neurotoxic nature of MSG it was still considered safe for food, Olney’s response was quite to the point: “an industry-managed whitewash”. It seems a committee at the National Academy of Sciences appointed to assess MSG’s potential hazard was filled with people who had major conflicts of interest. At the same time the committee’s chairman was appointed, he was concurrently under contract by Gerber Products and the International Mineral and Chemical Corporation (which just so happened to produce 80% of the MSG sold in the U.S. at the time) to complete MSG research. Wonder what his goal was there? Sounds really “independent,” doesn’t he? Two other members had also done research for those companies, and two more were concurrently toxicologists for major chemical companies DuPont and Dow Chemical. One of them had even appeared before the senate as a Grocery Manufacturers Association spokesman. This is the group the FDA appointed to “assess” whether or not MSG was safe to eat, and sure enough, the following year they came out with their official finding of “no evidence of hazard”. One of the studies the committee later cited to senators to prove MSG’s safety was only in its very preliminary stages and only involved a mere 180 chick eggs, while at the same time, a completed study with over 13,000 eggs that clearly showed defects was all-but ignored. Of the studies available then, the majority (20) reportedly showed that MSG posed a threat to health, while only four showed it was safe — and those four were all industry-funded. Big surprise. But that’s how it works. What do we have today? Not only do we have MSG in foods all over the place, but it goes by at least thirty different names on product labels: autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, torula yeast, hydrolyzed protein, whey protein, gelatin, umami… Even if you wanted to avoid MSG, you’d have your work cut out for you simply in trying to keep up with how food manufacturers keep changing the name to continue trying to hide it in their products (likely to cover the fact that many are using substandard ingredients). This is allowed because these companies break down existing proteins to produce MSG derivatives, so they don’t have to put “monosodium glutamate” on the label even though free glutamic acid is still floating around in the food ready to potentially harm whoever eats it. MSG has been shown to cause enough adverse effects to have its own complex: MSG symptom

complex. In 1995, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) delivered a 350-page report to the FDA attesting to all of the adverse symptoms eating MSG can cause. Sufferers can experience headaches, nausea, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, burning sensations, numbness, weakness, sleepiness, and ultimately obesity, depression, fatigue, eye damage and more (sounds like a pharmaceutical ad featuring the guy from Micro Machines, doesn’t it?). But hey. Whatever tastes good, right? MSG is an excitotoxin that kills brain cells. It’s been linked to all kinds of diseases. The body uses the amino acid glutamate to transmit nerve impulses in the brain. Even the FDA admits, “Abnormal function of glutamate receptors has been linked with certain neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Huntington’s chorea. Injections of glutamate in laboratory animals have resulted in damage to nerve cells in the brain,” but the agency basically goes on to say this doesn’t happen when you eat it… over and over and over. Read up on non-nutritive sweetener aspartame’s approval and you’ll find a similarly ridiculous story. It only took 20 years for them to finally shove that dangerous chemical down people’s throats under a cloud of what can only be described as Hollywood movie script-level controversy. An archive of scientific studies befitting its own library exists showing how damaging aspartame can be, yet it’s still GRAS and in thousands of products consumed by millions of people all over the


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by Daphne Miller, MD

The Healing Qualities of Dirt Recently I’ve been enjoying dirty thoughts. I spend my days in a sterile 8×10 room practicing family medicine and yet my mind is in the soil. This is because I’m discovering just how much this rich, dark substance influences the day-to-day health of my patients. I’m even beginning to wonder whether Hippocrates was wrong, or at least somewhat misguided, when he proclaimed, “Let food be thy medicine.” Don’t get me wrong— food is important to our health. But it might be the soil where our food is grown, rather than the food itself, that offers us the real medicine. You would find little to support these assertions within the medical literature. Enter the terms “soil” and “health” into a PubMed database and the top search results portray soil as a risky substance, filled with pathogenic yeast, antibioticresistant bacteria, radon, heavy metals, and pesticides. But move past these grim reports, and you will uncover a small, but growing, collection of research that paints soil in a very different light.

These studies suggest that soil, or at least some types of soil, can be beneficial to our health.

carbon and nutrients from the soil to the plant—and eventually to our plates.

The scientists investigating this soil-health connection are a varied bunch—botanists, agronomists, ecologists, geneticists, immunologists, microbiologists—and collectively they are giving us new reasons to care about the places where our food is grown.

Given this nutrient flow from soil microbes to us, how can we boost and diversify life in the soil? Studies consistently show that ecological farming consistently produces a greater microbial biomass and diversity than conventional farming. Ecological farming (or eco-farming, as my farmer friends call it) includes many systems (biodynamic, regenerative, permaculture, full-cycle, etc.) that share core holistic tenets: protecting topsoil with cover crops and minimal plowing, rotating crops, conserving water, limiting the use of chemicals (synthetic or natural), and recycling all animal and vegetable waste back into the land. Much of this research supports what traditional farmers around the world have long known to be true: the more ecologically we farm, the more nutrients we harvest.

Lively Soil, Better Food For example, using DNA sequencing technology, agronomists at Washington State University have recently established that soil teeming with a wide diversity of life (especially bacteria, fungi, and nematodes) is more likely to produce nutrient-dense food. Of course, this makes sense when you understand that it is the cooperation between bacteria, fungi, and plants’ roots (collectively referred to as the rhizosphere) that is responsible for transferring

Allergy-Fighting Microbes While soil scientists are busy documenting these soil-to-food links, immunologists and allergists in Europe are working above ground to uncover another intriguing soil-health connection, the socalled “farm effect.” Why is it that children raised on ecologically managed farms in Central Europe have much lower rates of allergy and asthma than urban children or those raised on industrialized farms? Once again, almost everything points to microbes—in manure, in unpasteurized milk, in stable dust, on unwashed food and, yes, in the soil. In one study, researchers cultured farm children’s mattresses and found a potpourri of bacteria— most of which are typically found in soil. How soil microbes and other farm microbes protect against allergic diseases is still a matter of debate, but research is increasingly pointing to a new idea which, for lack of a better term, I will

Trends On End

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continued from page 10 terms of the body’s natural energy or ‘Qi’. I remember when we were traveling through the Cambodian jungle, and exploring the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, I felt my symptoms intensify, and I was concerned that perhaps I had made the wrong choice of not continuing the Western treatment for cancer. It was shortly after this that I decided to take a leap of faith, and with my partner’s recommendation, to give Zeolite a go.

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I took the initial dose one night before bed. I was surprised in the morning when I woke up with great mental clarity and the metallic taste in my mouth had simmered down. The mental clarity was exceptional, it was like a fog had been lifted and I could see much more clearly. The next dose I took before breakfast and I remember feeling excited and thinking could this be my answer, did I have longer to live? I remember walking to the beach that morning and I felt a little spring in my step I hadn’t had before. Within 12 hours of taking zeolite my seizures had stopped. My nose continued to bleed for some months after, but I believe this was my body’s way of releasing some of this negative energy. Each day I took the recommended maximum dose of zeolite and with each day I felt the fog lift a little more. I tried to keep mentally positive, allowing myself to enter deep states of meditation and relaxation to cleanse my mind, eating healthy raw foods and keeping physically active. When we returned to Australia and I attended my initial consultations with the

doctors, I could not have felt healthier. I did however, keep a tight lip on what treatment I had been using as I did not want criticism but only honest feedback as to my test results. The doctors were amazed at my results; one was even angered saying that they needed to know what treatment I had been using and to not fool around with them (I, of course, did not go back to this doctor). The results demonstrated to me the power of this amazing mineral, showing how in the space of a few weeks it had made such an incredible change to my body. Since coming through this turmoil, I now understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and personally believe that the success of any cancer treatment long term is dependent on a great shift in our daily health choices and habits. Below I will outline what I believe to be the keys to achieving optimal health in modern society amongst the many challenges that we face. Nutrition is an interesting one as there is so much conflicting information available. Personally, I believe in a whole food approach; one rich and diverse in vitamins, minerals and of course enzymes. This helps to take the burden of enzyme production off your body and when you do this your body will use this additional energy for repair instead. I believe in eating as many super foods as possible, such as turmeric (raw in

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call the “microbiome exchange hypothesis.” The standard explanation for the “farm effect” is the hygiene hypothesis, which contends that early life (including in utero) exposure to a variety of microbes dampens the allergic response of our adaptive immune system. The problem with this theory is that our immune system is surprisingly simplistic and seems to react similarly whether it is encountering the diverse portfolio of microbes on an ecological farm or the relatively homogeneous collection of microbes typically found in an urban apartment or a conventional farm. But what if our own immune cells are simply a backup mechanism to a more sophisticated first line of defense— our resident microbes? And what if a healthy and diverse soil microbiome can foster a more diverse and protective human microbiome? In fact, newer research suggests that this is the case and that an ongoing soil-to-gut microbial exchange might offer the real “farm effect.”

Gut-Level Gene Swapping Of course this is all very new—and for me, as a physician, somewhat disorienting. In medical school I was taught that our internal bacteria belong to a private club and that they have nothing to do with the microbes in our external environment. Pathogens such as salmonella or E. coli might pass through, as happens when we suffer from food poisoning or other infections, but their influence was considered to be transient—albeit occasionally devastating. But now that we can sequence the DNA of an entire microbiome, using a technique called metagenomics, we’re beginning to connect the dots and we’re discovering that genetic swaps can take place between our microbiome and the outside world—particularly the places where our food is grown. A group of French microbiologists were among the first to document this game of pass-the-gene when they identified the exact same sequence of DNA in two different Bacteroidetes bacteria species, one living on seaweed and the other in the intestines of Japanese people.They concluded that the marine bacteria had hitchhiked their way into the human gut via sushi and other seaweed dishes and passed their

seaweed-digesting DNA on to resident microbes of the human host. The end result of this exchange is that many Japanese—and possibly people from other seaweed-eating cultures—have acquired a greater ability than the rest of us to extract valuable nutrients from their nori. Justin Sonnenburg, a microbiologist at Stanford who studies h o w

label that can steer us toward these farms, my suggestion is to ask this simple question: “Does the farmer live on the farm?” Farmers who live on their land and feed their family from it tend to care for their soil as if it were another family member. Going to farmers markets and joining

our environment influences our microbiome, told me that the findings from this nori study are, most likely, just the tip of the iceberg. He believes that we’ll continue to discover ways that the microbes in soil and oceans are interacting with our microbiome and playing a huge role in our health.

rx: Dirt Impressed by the growing evidence that our health depends on healthy soil, my “dirty thoughts” have turned to action. I now tell my patients that food grown in well-treated soil might offer distinct advantages when it comes to scoring the best nutrients and building a healthy immune system. Of course, identifying this food can be tricky since USDA Organic certification, while certainly a helpful guide, does not always lead us to the healthiest farms. Many certified organic farms do qualify as ecological, but some large-scale farms with this certification still till deeply and use approved pesticides— both practices that damage soil and the microbes in it. On the other hand, there are farmers who can’t afford organic certification who are implementing the practices of eco-farming, practices that have been shown to produce a rich soil and a thriving microbial population. Since there is no “healthy soil/healthy microbe”

a CSA (communitysupported agriculture) are reliable ways to get this type of produce, and supermarkets are also beginning to support local farmers. Remember, the more we demand it, the more they will carry it. Of course, another option is to grow our own food. Eating fresh-grown food from healthy soil is not an all-or-nothing proposition, and even a daily handful of herbs from a container garden can have a positive impact on our health. Whether it is homegrown or from a local farm, I do mention to my patients that they should think twice before peeling or scrubbing their farm bounty. After all, who knows what beneficial bacteria might be coming along for the ride? By the way, eating fermented farmfresh vegetables is a great way to get a mega-dose of soil bacteria. I also tell patients about other (non-edible) health advantages to connecting with healthy farms. For example, although the data is far from conclusive, spending time on a local farm might offer a relatively safe, lowtech prevention strategy for families predisposed to allergies. “Farm time” looks especially attractive if it obviates the need for allergy shots or rounds of antihistamine. Emerging research says time spent working the soil is

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a means to build community, improve strength and fitness, slow dementia in seniors, and improve school performance in teens. It would be simplistic to promote a connection to healthy farms as a panacea for all that ails us, but it has become an important part of my medical toolkit.

Caring For Our Dirt Finally, I have come to see my patients as an integral part of a farm eco-cycle where the flow of health is bidirectional. In other words, our choices directly influence the farm’s health, which, in turn, impacts our health. For this reason, composting is a way to nourish local farms and ultimately fortify ourselves. I encourage patients to protect the soil like they protect their bodies. While many of us are aware that chemicals used in the soil might be harmful to us, we rarely consider how products that we use on ourselves or in our homes—such as triclosans,VOCs, parabens, PBAs, PVCs, and lye— might affect the health of the soil and its microbes. (By the way, rosemary or basil extracts make excellent antiseptics, vinegar is the best cleaner, shea or cocoa butter are perfect moisturizers, and diluted baking soda is an excellent shampoo.) Similarly, while I’ve long recognized how antibiotics, steroids, and other bactericidal drugs might cause unintended side effects in my patients, I now understand how these drugs can impact the microbial life underfoot and ultimately our own cells. Certainly, any chemical that decreases microbial diversity will, in turn, decrease the nutritional value of our food. But there is another concern: microbiologists at Washington University in St. Louis have recently noted that soil bacteria exposed to antibiotics and other chemicals can develop antibiotic resistant genes which, similar to the nori-digesting enzyme, can be transferred to our microbiome, turning otherwise benign resident bacteria into “superbugs.” Thinking of a healthy body as an extension of a healthy farm, and vice versa, is a paradigm shift for many of us. But when we consider that all of our cells get their building blocks from plants and soil then, suddenly, it all makes sense. In fact, it is not too much of a stretch to say: We are soil.

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14-01-20 4:59 PM


people who are so disconnected make the best ‘leaders’ for this system. The plan is to create a two-tiered society whereby the only separation between the two will be the controlling hand which controls the debt-slaves, all of whom are controlled and do the bidding of those who issue the paper. This process is going to be achieved and is in fact well under way. It is occurring all due to the parameters of a UN directive known as Agenda 21. When looking at Agenda 21, many people understand that it is a depopulation programme; it is a programme designed to corral humankind into manageable portions which will be achieved by placing them within controlled sections of population (concentrated areas), and to ‘return the Earth to nature’ (or at least that’s how it is presented to the world). However, they are not quite sure how it is going to be carried out. The reality is that Agenda 21 is being implemented right now, in a very subtle manner, using means which most people would consider to be completely unrelated, and yet which are all connected. To see these connections, it is extremely important for people to realize that the money system – money itself – is the glue that is used to hold this control mechanism together. Money connects everything together and is the catalyst for the whole thing. When you look at the system of commerce that has been superimposed over our societies, and how it slowly moves up the rungs of the social ladder, where people are discarded according to their economic worth, you begin to see how the depopulation plan is coming into effect. When looking at concentrated pockets of civilization and ‘returning the Earth to nature’, one might ask, “How is this to be achieved?” Since many people live in rural areas. Well what happens if you destroy the groundwater in rural areas? People who do live in rural areas, who run farms, simply cannot stay there anymore. It simply doesn’t become viable to ship water in all the time. Not to mention the fact that the water that is coming out of the ground is now toxic. Enter coal seam gas mining, or fracking. We don’t actually need gas as an energy source; there are other means of energy we could have. The Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla was going to give the whole world free energy back at the turn of the last century, and his financers wouldn’t allow him to do it because they realized they were not able to meter his energy device, and so therefore there was no economic gain in doing so. Many of the problems we face as a society, and many of the most pollutive industries on the planet, exist solely to meet our energy needs. Indeed it is the demand for energy which perpetuates these industries, and it is these industries which keep many people working. The demand for energy is one of the things that makes the modern world go round, and if people were to obtain access to free energy then it would most certainly free them from debt-slavery. We don’t need to be harvesting coal seam gas in order to meet our energy needs – there are far better ways of doing things. So, what is the real purpose of coal seam gas? The only guaranteed outcome from having a gas well somewhere is that it is going to pollute the ground water below the gas well. This can be seen happening everywhere where gas wells have been. Methane is coming up in streams, tap-water has been catching fire and wells are being polluted. This obviously is the real purpose of coal seam gas mining. This is effectively driving people out of the rural areas, away from their traditional farm lands, and forcing them into concentrated pockets of civilization. This will be ongoing; if you watch this over the next few years you’re going to see more and more people moving from their farms, being forced to as it is too toxic to live there anymore. This is how these sections of population are being cleared and forced to move into the cities. It isn’t about returning the rural areas to nature; it is about making those areas available for sustainable resource practices. Sustainable resource practices are about sustaining the industry for as long as possible – doing whatever you can to make sure you can keep exploiting the area. That is what sustainable development is all about. It is just wrapped up in a package and painted green so that people will think it is ecologically friendly, when it is exactly the opposite. There are new laws being introduced in the UK which will effectively outlaw homelessness. People are made homeless due to the economic model; homelessness and the discarding of the population is a natural by-product of this corrupt economic system. Couple this with coal seam gas mining and the pollution of the water, and the introduction of GM crops which effectively cause sterility in those who consume them over successive generations. Tests carried out on animals clearly result in sterility by the third generation in all animals that have been tested consuming GM food. All this is Agenda 21 in motion – depopulation. It is easy to force people into consuming GM foods simply by placing them in positions of poverty, and providing unlabelled GM food at low prices in supermarkets. The low-priced ‘value’ brands are likely GM, and all are designed to de-populate what is perceived to be the lower-classes of society – those who are not economically viable. This system does everything

it can to ensure that people remain in a state which is not economically viable. Another way this is done is through a process of total criminalization. The concept of total criminalization is something which is very attractive to governments because if you make everybody a criminal, suddenly everyone becomes uniform in the eyes of the law. The way they do this is by gradually introducing more and more laws, so that eventually almost everything becomes a crime. This includes all the things you would normally do as a normal, functioning human being. They then attach fines to these breaches of so-called law, again placing economic stress on people. This again leads to homelessness, which eventually leads to prison terms, and of course those in prison are being fed GM foods. So here we see how the introduction of legislation is again contributing towards the UN depopulation programme. There is something very important to understand about legislation, when looking at why there is so much crime in the world today. The reason there is so much crime is because the government is introducing more and more legislation thereby making almost everything a crime. The more legislation that is enacted, the more crime is created. That is the main purpose of legislation – it isn’t to keep people safe, it is to create crime and thereby create the mechanism by which the wealth of the people may be extracted from them via fines and jail terms. All of these things are ongoing; they are happening right now. While all of these little, subtle things are happening in society, designed to place people in a state of manufactured financial stress, people aren’t noticing it because they are distracted waiting for a big cataclysm such as a financial crash or the outbreak of World War III. And so people are not paying attention to what is happening all around them right now, and they’re not seeing how it all connects together. The ‘divide and conquer’ strategy has worked very effectively on our society, and that is the main reason these problems still exist and, no matter what we do, things just keep going along in the same direction. This is because we are attempting to use the parameters of the system to deal with the system, when really we have the potential and the power to step above the system and rain the whole thing in – and hold our public trustees accountable for their actions. We have the power to do this, but it will only be achieved by a united community. That type of unity will only ever be achieved by people who are willing to respect one another. The solution is as simple as people changing their perspective and their attitude, not only towards the people around them, but also towards themselves. The lack of respect for other people always has its basis in one’s lack of respect for themselves. This is a programmed reality which people are forced to endure simply by operating in the parameters of the system. This is a very clever system and it is designed to completely mess-up the human psyche, and you’ve got to give it 10 points for effectiveness. However, that being said, the tide is about to turn – things are about to change. It will however require the participation of the people in order for it to happen. I genuinely believe that’s what this time in history is about, and things are indeed about to change. More and more people are beginning to question this reality and question this system. Something people can do, when looking at this whole system – social, economic or government, is to ask themselves if their life is one of comfort and abundance; and if it isn’t, to ask themselves why. Why are you forced to run so hard on the treadmill? Why are you forced to be enslaved to an economic model which is interest-based and designed to place you in scarcity? Why is our system like this? Why are there laws making it illegal to feed homeless people? Why is it that when a supermarket throws food out at the end of the day, they put it in a locked bin and won’t simply give it to poor people? Why are they attempting to bring in laws which may outlaw homelessness? Why do we have a system which was created by mankind to serve mankind’s needs, and yet mankind has become the most expendable thing within its parameters? When you ask yourself these questions it becomes clear that what has happened to our societies is that we have had a slavery system gradually superimposed over our reality. Thus in the modern world today, virtually everybody is forced to live in a state of perpetual or selfgenerating debt as soon as they are old enough to work. What we have here is ‘people farming’; we have human trafficking by debt-slavery, whereby every person within this society has been

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turned into a commodity. Turned into a mechanism by which the criminal, ruling banksters at the top of the food-chain are able to harvest your wealth.

is ‘fiction’. We can step above the entire thing once we remember who and what we are and choose to stand in our power.

Real wealth is not measured in terms of possessions; it cannot be judged in terms of financial security. Real wealth is your life; your health. What makes you wealthy is if you are a happy, healthy person living in a good environment. The banksters harvest your time, your health and your life – they harvest you.

Nobody controls the vessel that you inhabit. The only mind that controls your flesh is yourself. Anybody who claims otherwise is running a slavery system. Once you become aware of it you start to see the way out of the slavery system. It has to be done with respect and in a peaceful manner. Once you understand how the system works, and when you truly understand and respect yourself, then you really don’t see any need to conduct yourself otherwise anyway. Because if you do, really all you’re doing is playing right into their hands. There is a far better way of doing things. The way to conduct yourself in any of these situations is from a perspective of empowerment and respect. It all comes down to the individual, and always has.

It is extremely important for people to see the reality of this, and it is very much necessary for people to understand that this is a system that is wholly supported and perpetuated by governments. The reason that governments are able to get away with it is because the people have forgotten what their place in the social hierarchy is. People have forgotten that governments are public servants – public trustees; we actually sit above them in the food-chain. They are in fact our employees. Through the imposition of the government-controlled education system, this knowledge has been gradually educated out of the masses. Meanwhile the bills and laws have been raised and raised, and people have been taught to run faster and faster on the treadmill, so that now they’re running flat-out and they don’t even realize that they are running. This means of course that they never really have time to look around them and notice what is going on, and how this system is run. When you start to see how the system is run, it becomes obvious that we’re being scammed by the very people we employ to manage our infrastructure for us and to keep us safe. These are the very people who we appoint to positions of trust to manage our society in an honest, caring and decent manner. Our public servants are not doing that; they are all in breach of trust, and they are using the power we give them to steal the wealth of all of our nations. It is about time we paid attention to this fact. If we were to pay attention to it, from the perspective of a respectful and therefore empowered community, we could change this situation in a day. There is a real need for us to do this. When looking at the world today, one must ask the questions: How far are we prepared to go? How much are we prepared to take? Are we prepared to allow our planet to be destroyed and the lives of the people around us to be ruined simply because some people wrote some words down on a piece of paper, and dared to call it law? Is that what it takes to control us? Is that all it takes to decimate the human species – simply writing something down on a piece of paper? Is that all it takes to remove the will of the people, and to force them to comply with their own destruction? Are we so confused as to what reality is that we really believe this fictional paper-based world is real? People are waking up in vast numbers all around the world, and are beginning to question the fiction. The more a government attempts to lock society down, the more people wake up to the control mechanism. So ultimately the government, and the control system itself, is bringing about its own demise. The system is ramping up the control grid so much now and in such a hurried manner. The people who are doing it are stumbling; they’re making mistakes and making their presence known. More and more people are becoming empowered with the knowledge of who and what they are – and that is truly a beautiful thing. The key word in this control system

There are a lot of movements, currently being waged in the world, against many of the problems that we face. But all too often these organizations are still attempting to use the legal system to find a way of making a stand against the actions of our corrupt governments. By doing this what they are failing to see is that the modern legal system was not constructed to afford people remedy, but rather to tie people up in red tape and to protect the system. The legal system was designed by the system in order to protect itself. So we are never going to find a remedy for our current situation by using the parameters that are given to us by the system. What we need to do is remember our place in the social hierarchy, step above it, and hold our public trustees in breach of trust. This could be done through something like a People’s Mandate. If you could get enough people together in your country to mandate your will to the government and instruct them to carry out that will, then if they wish to maintain the facade of being a democratic and fair system they will have no choice but to comply with the will of the people. Failure to abide by a People’s Mandate, properly delivered to our elected trustees, would mean that the government has abdicated its right to govern – and would be required to step down. Again, this could only happen if people choose to respect each other. Ultimately, when you look at this situation, the solution to all of the problems we face always comes down to the people themselves. The power to change the world is in the hands of each individual. The key to your own salvation is in your heart, and the key to changing this world is in applying your heart, energy and respect to the people around you and to the world at large. If we do this, we can change things. The question is: What is it going to take for that to happen? Participation is all it would take. There is nobody on the Earth who really has any more power than anybody else. The only power that people perceive they have is the power they are granted from others who choose to give their own power away. Once one becomes aware of the situation, and aware of the fact that these choices do exist, things can be viewed very differently. From the very moment that you wake up to the machinations of this control system, you are given the conscious choice whether to participate in this system or not. Refuse to comply with any piece of legislation which interferes with your moral compass. Ultimately there is only one law on this planet: Do No Harm. Any legislation that contravenes that law is no law, and is entitled to no obedience. SOURCE:

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BY: BERNIE SUAREZ, ACTIVIST POST As the days go by and become weeks, months and even years, a large segment of humanity struggles with the reality of an ugly distant truth we must all reconcile, one that we are forced to behold sometimes on a daily basis. Yes, we are forced to look at the evidence of the chemical trails in our local skies but not everyone reconciles the visual evidence for what it is. In fact, many of us deliberately and carefully avoid applying critical thought into the implications and ramifications of what could be. Too many of us put effort into avoiding, ignoring, or disbelieving the idea that government or any group of influential people would carry on with this agenda in a business as usual manner—while simultaneously and purposely exposing humanity to known toxic chemicals in the name of advancing an agenda for control of nature and humanity. Regardless of what side of the phenomenon you are on, you nonetheless are subjected to having to look up to the sky and see the trails of white for yourself. Everyone can see the evidence of the chemical lines being produced by actual planes in real time, an observation not hidden from anyone right? Or is it? Can everyone actually see the white trails of chemicals being artificially emitted into our skies? Can those who are asleep, in denial, or unaware of the spraying programs actually see the white trails in the sky? Given that we know from psychology experiments that humans are designed to only see what they are comfortable seeing depending on the circumstances. The 1953 Asch Conformity Experiment proved just that. Humans may or may not see something that is there depending on whether seeing it will generate social anxiety or not. Perhaps many don’t see the physical trails in the sky for similar reasons. That is, their senses do not pick up on the white lines because seeing them sets off a cascade of inconvenient thoughts and emotions they would rather not have to deal with. Something as inconvenient as aerial chemical spraying can be easily packaged away and subconsciously brushed off. For others it’s as simple as missing something you are not looking for while your mind is heavily preoccupied with other things. This temporary blinding effect is something I can attest to in my own experience. Before someone pointed out chemtrails to me I had admittedly never noticed any trails in the sky. Was this out-of-sight out-of-mind phenomenon something that might explain why the chemtrails movement is so ignored? Can this account for why exposing chemtrails spraying has proven particularly resistant to humanity as a whole? Is there something in our nature that refuses to cross the boundaries of earth-related crimes or that imposes a cut-off point with respect to magnitude of perceived evil? Has the control system simply succeeded more at reaching for the greater levels of non-believability with the chemical spraying operations? Or is it something else? Perhaps the magnitude of corruption and secrecy amongst those involved in these geoengineering crimes really does go far above what our minds can understand. Or do we have it all backwards? Is it that since the chemtrails issue is so easily observable and at the same time scary and unbelievable, is it possible the human brain perceives it as the most ignored issue, when in fact it is not? Would humanity perceive it as horribly ignored because of the feeling of helplessness that comes with the issue? Is this an issue explained by the human brain and behavior?


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A movement without a clear voice of leadership and without a voice is perceived to lack organization. At some levels we have observed leaders in the movement endure character assassination in an attempt to diminish the credibility of those who have risked it all to expose this (geoengineering) issue. Others have been downright ignored and trivialized by the mainstream media and politicians. But is the chemtrails/geoengineering movement any more subjected to resistance, opposition and attacks any more than other anti-new world order movement? What about the mysterious role the chemtrails spraying has played with the side-byside environmental movement? Is there an argument to be made for why the global warming/environmental globalist movements might be the strongest resistors and direct oppositions to the truth about chemtrails spraying?


I want to suggest that the environmental movement may still be alive today despite the often debunked global warming claims because the globalists need the movement to use as a tool or umbrella under which they are to later hide the chemtrails movement. What if this was the primary purpose of the environmental movement to begin with? What if this explains why the chemtrails movement needs to be ignored by the mass media and politicians at all cost until the time is right? In this scenario, I propose that the environmental movement may be the strongest resistor and attacker of the chemtrails movement by the act of ignoring it. Yes, every time an “environmental” activist ignores geoengineering and the blatantly obvious chemical spraying, that so-called “activist” is actually attacking the chemtrails movement with the label of illegitimacy. It’s the equivalent effect of a doctor being asked about diabetes, who then responds by ignoring the importance of the question, claiming diabetes is not a real problem and then quickly moving on to another subject. By doing that, the doctor is endorsing the idea that diabetes is a non-problem and thought should not be put into it. To those who do suffer from diabetes this would be seen as an insensitive and aggressively ignorant attack on those who suffer from this disorder. Likewise perhaps the global warming/environmental movement and all of its shills, trolls, minions, and mouthpieces accounts for why the chemtrails spraying movement is so ignored. Money and ethics Can it be that the geoengineering and the chemtrails spraying proclaimed by government environmental criminal David Keith to be so “cheap” to implement, represents an extraordinary money and profit making opportunity for some that the profits are being used to silence all the players? Is this a special money maker far above any other conspiracy operation against humanity? What about the admitted weather derivatives being bargained for and the tampering with the weather that is now admitted by sources involved in these activities? Is this a glimpse of the greater picture of what is really happening on a global geoengineering/financial scale? If so, would this explain why chemtrails spraying operations seems to be the most ignored conspiracy ever?

FAILURE OF BASIC SCIENCE & REASON Is this really a scientific question? Should we be considering that “chemtrails” a phrased coined in a U.S. Air Force chemistry 131 “CHEMTRAILS” training manual back in 1990 is after all a science and chemistry issue that is difficult for many to understand given their lack of chemistry background? Given that so many Americans are ‘science’ challenged, can it be that this is the primary reason why so many people tune out the issue? Can it be that science and perceived scientific details are items that the average TV

watching, videogame playing American zombie has no time for? Perhaps this scientific challenge is one of the reasons Americans choose to default any form of critical thinking to the perceived “experts” who just all happen to work for government and government interest related organizations. Yes, we’re talking about government taking over the science which was admitted by Obama himself during his 2008 campaigning. We know they did a valiant but unsuccessful attempt to steal the science with NIST 9/11 computer models that side stepped ancient laws of physics and attempted to show the world all the cartoon hypothetical scenarios that lead to 3 giant buildings literally dancing and falling through themselves symmetrically and at freefall speed due to hydrocarbon burning office fires, for reasons paralleling storylines from Bugs Bunny or Coyote versus Roadrunner cartoons. Unfortunately to those who still believe the 9/11 official story these silly cartoons ARE the scientific reality


That was years ago, of course I was never given any explanation from government as to where the actual experiments were that actually proved these claims or for that matter what specifically compelled government (NASA, USAF) to conduct such a (secret) study given that the same U.S. Air Force mentioned in one of the studies is the very same entity who coined the phrase chemtrails almost ten years prior. Also I wasn’t offered an explanation as to why would government consider this kind of funding money well spent given the known circumstances. The expectation then, as it is now, was that I (we) should accept this (exclusive) science lesson from our government, we should stop asking questions, and accept their claims as truth like we should with their global warming claims. There was no room in this conversation for critical thinking or elaboration of the facts and details. Government has that quality about it -- it expects you to simply shut up and obey; and, above all, never ask questions or expect follow through of basic scientific rules (like say the scientific method). Letters from politicians touching on any level of science are indeed classic communications worth considering as historical documents. The chemtrails issue may mark the threshold between—‘that was scientifically sound, understandable, and easy’ and – ‘that was too much for me, I’ll let government experts figure it out’. Perhaps humans are simply overwhelmed by the concepts needed to grasp here, that being primarily concepts of temperature, pressure, gas and liquid formation, and humidity. Sounds complicated?



But wait, surely some level of science is absorbable by the average science novice. You don’t need to have a chemistry background to know that ice will not form in the warm weather right? Is our common knowledge of planes and jet fuel burning on a hot dry summer day in southern California that disconnected and beyond basic critical thinking that we can’t reason at any level why a persistent cold-humidweather condensation trail can’t be spontaneously emitted from an unmarked jet with non-transponder signals which loop around the sky and incidentally leave trails of white clouds that spread and cover our skies white when teams of planes spray together at the same time? Really? Being able to distort even this basic level of common sense seems to have been part of the plan. Though the argument seems to have died out a little in the last few years it is still not uncommon to hear regular assaults on common sense in media and radio when government trolls exclusively defend these government spraying programs, still hanging on to the ‘contrails’ myth with a straight face. I often warn activists, beware of the chemtrails/ geoengineering movement, it comes with a disturbing level of psychological discomfort and it can subsequently weigh heavier on your being and psyche. I’m not sure entirely why this is, but some of the above reasons are included though the reasons may not be limited to these only.


they pin their entire beliefs on. Okay, so we knew they were capable of working this kind of magic to induce cognitive dissonance at a mass scale. I suppose the lesson to learn here is do not take science lessons from government. Meanwhile, it gets worse; in my study of the chemtrails spraying I discovered years ago after writing directly to my senator about the aerosol spraying programs, that even senators are prepared to quote government science as a primary tool to deflect issues like this. At the time my state senator actually explained to me in a letter that I should be aware of government studies that were conducted around 2000 to understand what those white lines being created by planes were all about. According to one of my senators, we should not be alarmed because these government studies prove that chemtrails are really normal contrails which happen to form at specific combinations of temperature and humidity.

Perhaps chemtrails is the most ignored government conspiracy crime of all time because it represents government and private corporations playing god with no rules and restrictions. Perhaps this is truly part of the mother of all conspiracies which I believe is in control of the planet. Perhaps because it’s all tied and intertwined with the universal global warming lie and the subsequent climate change religion that the globalists need to continue pushing to usher in their all-important global carbon tax and global control grid to control all human activity in the name of the environment. Perhaps it’s time to connect the dots between “sustainable” cities, Agenda 21, depopulation, and the new world order end game of mass global control of humanity. Now that the government geoengineers are admitting that chemtrails spraying is real but that it is intended as a solution for global warming (which we knew all along was a lie), now we see the globalist connecting the dots for us. They seem poised to bring chemtrails into the spotlight when the time is right. I say let’s implement solutions starting with each and every one of us. Let’s continue exposing the chemtrails operations and devise new ways of exposing those involved. Let’s become familiar with the difference between experiments,

(that is proof of reproducible peer review experiments) and government “abstracts” which are summary claims of what a study shows so that we can explain these differences to others. They are not the actual study or the actual experiments. Let us continue exposing the planes and the pilots that spray our skies, reminding the general public that environmental terrorism is terrorism nonetheless. Notice how the spraying planes work together, and share this information with others. They begin spraying at a certain time of the day or night and they begin together, this is easily observable by anyone regardless of any government abstract which suggests patterns inconsistent with simple observation. Read the government abstract for yourself and see if you can personally debunk every single claim in it. You may find this easier than you think. Take note that they also will spray at ALL temperatures and humidity levels not within a predictable range of temperatures and humidity levels as science, reason and common sense would predict. This alone debunks all claims made by the fraudulent ‘contrails’ movement. The planes that spray essentially are never traceable on flight tracking data sites—that is, they are invisible to other planes apparently without transponders on. Learn to track this data on your own and convince yourself of this by refering to a site that provides this data. Notice that their efforts are extremely coordinated, you may notice the planes turn around in mid-air and fly over the same paths to spray their chemical load in the sky. Also look for mid-flight turning on and off of the spray. I have seen this many times and many others have captured this on video. All of these signs and signals of chemtrails planes can be appreciated by anyone looking for them. Focus your attention on the entire environmental movement and be prepared to challenge every single environmental claim from this point on. The Obama administration recently passed an executive order to take over climate change legislation only a few weeks after the IPCC admitted that the planet has not warmed since 1998. Shortly after this, SHOWTIME (recently and shockingly) put out a trailer for a new upcoming pro-global warming/climate change TV show. If this is not a desperate attempt to keep the global warming lies and the subsequent climate religion alive I don’t know what is. By staying focused on all of these environmental issues and continuing to pressure the socalled “environmental” activists to do something about chemtrails and geoengineering we will hopefully erode their façade of lies which is hiding behind the ignorance. This year the global warming movement may have sustained their final blow with the truth about global temperatures now common knowledge; but that doesn’t mean they will not keep coming at humanity with more and more lies. Once we remove the ignorance, I believe the truth will be clear to many. But let’s not assume that this is the sure solution or that the solution will come on its own. Let’s support each other, support leaders in the movement, let’s fund the next film that will expose this issue at a large scale. Getting the word out to the common person in a harmonious manner is important. There are many environmental activists that can make a big difference if they really understood the importance of this issue. Let’s try to win them over by pointing out the truth about the global cooling that we are in, and the risk we are all taking in assuming that we are not entering an ice age that could cost most of our lives. We must take a stand against government claims of global warming that aim to directly deceive without any proof. We are already in this process as scientists, educators and leaders are taking a stand against this entire environmental agenda which ignores global cooling and geoengineering while focusing on man-made CO2 producing humans as the problem accounting for the non-existing (in a “PAUSE”) global warming. May humanity catch on soon enough to turn this thing around before we enter what some are already saying could be an irreversible coming ice age. Perhaps the chemtrails movement really is the most ignored conspiracy of all time. But with global temperatures dropping with every year we may be looking at a ‘wake-up-by-default’ scenario as the perils of another ice age dawns upon us.

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to see its crystalline structure; the results are extraordinary.

continued from page 12 juice if possible, however just remember that it will stain anything yellow), kale, goji berries, acai berries, blueberries, Cacau. For Cacau, you can buy it in its raw, organic form from most health food stores, however there is another version, Chava, which also contains liquid zeolite and has an ORACFN antioxidant value of over 465,100 per 100g. In comparison raw cacau contains 80,933, which is amazing in itself (Waiora product catalogue, 2011). Also good to focus on avoiding foods with numbers on the labels because of the toxic content associated with this. Liquid zeolite has also been shown to increase the absorption of nutrients. This occurs as a result of the removal of toxins that block the pathways for nutrient absorption, as well as promoting healthy bacteria in the gut. Juice cleanses are now a part of our health regime. We do this a few times per year and this allows the body to do lots of the repair and maintenance it usually wouldn’t be able to do thanks to the high vitamin, mineral and enzyme intake. As well as it being very easily digested, green vegetable juice also greatly boosts the removal of toxins, which is highly recommended by Dr Gabriel Cousens. Candida removal is a big one, and there is lots of information available on this topic. It is quite well known that people with cancer are generally also riddled with Candida, “Cancer patients undergoing radio or chemotherapy did not finally succumb to the cancer itself, but to an infestation of candida albicans” (Contemporary Oncology Magazine 1993 in

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the USA). The alkalizing effect of pure liquid zeolite will kill off the small active candida. But some very interesting new research on candida and the formation of fungi around toxic material by Leonardo Michael. He speaks of some types of candida burrowing roots into tissues of the body, and that they can’t be killed off until you remove the chitin layer around the fungus. Max Igan did an interview with him. Check out The Crowhouse Youtube Channel. h t t p : / / w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / u s e r / thecrowhouse?hl=en-GB&gl=AU The importance of clean water is one of the most vital parts of health. Drinking clean water that is free of as much toxic debris as possible, and in an alkaline state is incredible in itself. At home, we use a 7 stage filter including a zeolite layer, to remove most of the toxic debris that is found in water today. There is a mineral stone layer in our drinking filter that adds back some vital minerals to the water. Distilled water is good for alkalizing, but it does not contain any naturally occurring minerals that we would get from a water source in nature such as a mountain stream. The structure of water molecules is also very important. The studies by Dr Masaru Emoto show that water holds a consciousness, is a liquid crystal, and has a memory. Emoto demonstrates this by exposing a jar of water to certain negative or positive influences, then freezes this water

When you consider just how much our bodies are made of water, you can begin to see how it might impact us. There is a brilliant documentary on this called “Water the Great Mystery``, and other great info about Dr. Emoto out there. Do your own personal research. Exercise and toxin release are also big ones for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is a must for any health plan as it gets all our lymph flowing and our immune system pumping, as well as boosting positive (feel good) chemical production in the brain. It is also known that sweating is one of our body’s main ways of removing toxins and saunas are a good way to boost this. Infrared saunas in particular are great as they increase the level of toxin removal at a lower temperature than standard saunas (good for those that aren’t sauna savvy). I believe meditation, mind/body connection and a positive mental attitude are as equally important as eating the right foods in terms of health. A good mental diet, where mental relaxation is key, allows great rest for the whole body. Mental clarification is very specific to each person, and you should feel free to experiment with as many kinds of meditation as you like. Yoga or Tai Chi are active meditation techniques, drawing mandalas or reading a calming book are also forms of meditation. The deepest and most rewarding I’ve found is to be sitting and just reflecting on my day, connecting with the Earth and feeling the flow of energy around me. Directing your focus to things that you are grateful for is an amazing way to intensify this positive feeling. Changing the mental patterns we have long held onto, and learning simple

techniques on how to do this can change our lives and our health dramatically. Negative thought patterns can be one of the greatest Immune suppressors in our bodies. Some inspirational teachers that have helped are Louise L. Hay and Tony Robbins who have provide me with some brilliant life coaching and lessons. More recently I’ve found that Josh Johnston’s Lifelong program www. offers a new and innovative approach, with simple ideas on how to think and act a little differently and grow happy. The lifestyle choices I now make are well informed, and I am able to see more clearly the alignment of the Eastern triangle of health as being a balance between mind, body and spirit. There are always things that we can be doing to improve our health, with endless informational resources available into different areas and ideas promoting health and well being. What is most important is that you do your own research, become aware of what the concept ‘health’ means to you. One can read and research and go through many different definitions of health, but to truly take in and understand one’s own health it takes a decision to act on the information you have come to know as truth. After so many big things have happened in my life, I have come to realize that you only live once. There are so many wonderful things to live for, the breath of fresh air that wakes me up in the morning, the autumn leaves falling on the path, the sun that beams down on me, the love I feel when I look into my partner’s eyes. When I am healthy I am free. I hope that someday my story will help others to address their own fears and struggles around health, whether it be mental, physical or spiritual health. “You can never cross the ocean, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.


Dear Humans, Today I wish to return to your awareness an aspect of the Human condition that very few will ever consider. It is a state of awareness that escapes even the most astute observer because it’s hidden in plain sight- or perhaps it’s the “plain sight” that’s hidden. So for the purpose of clarity and proper orientation, please allow me to present this “aspect” in the more malleable form of a question.

series of photo-stimulations and electrochemical reactions take place. The sensory data is then encoded and delivered to the brain where it is further processed into an image. So one must imagine that even the brightest image observed- such as the Sun, is processed in the realm of total darkness deep within the brain. The blinding light has been essentially reconstructed by nerve tissue- and so in that sense- it’s no longer real.


Seeing is indeed a “belief” system. If you believe you are seeing a bus go by- then you can rest assured that a bus is most certainly going by. The belief aspect of sight is interesting because it requires one to first believe that what they’re seeing is real. In the case of the bus, we most certainly would not want to step out in front of it. Not only do you “believe” the bus is It is clear- even by the academicians –the “eyes” there but you also “know” the bus is there. This is where sight don’t really see at all –but it’s the “brain” that and vision come together to help solidify the experience as real. does the busy work of assembling an image. In this model, the eyes serve as a conduit to deliver imagery to the brain. It is assumed, of course, that this network is a oneTo philosophers and way delivery system. The image always shamans this remains comes to us- we don’t go to the image. a very old and salient As already alluded to, I would like to offer some level of proof –It is this very notion I am challenging, postulate. I sense this that the experience of seeing is a two-way affair. In other and perhaps I might even be able to question will appeal words, when the light of an object comes to you- the light of offer a modicum of proof to support and resonate with the your consciousness goes to that object. my position that this experience we awakening mind and to call sight is indeed a two-way deal. those who are curious One of the most important observations ever witnessed by nature. However, came as a result of the famous Double Slit Experiment. This For the record, there is “seeing” and to those who fully experiment was so monumental that it helped to usher in a then there is “vision.” The process subscribe to the leftwhole new branch of science known today as quantum physics. of “seeing” is often described in brain constructs plaguing clinical terms such as briefly described modern academia, the mere The experiment can be briefly described in this manner: If a above. Seeing is accomplished by visual suggestion of this topic will be specially designed gun were used to fire black sand through receptors tethered to the brain. Vision, decisively dismissed as idiotic. two slits on a metal plate with a white target behind it -an however, is accomplished within the The Square Hats are therefore image of two lines would appear on the target consistent with mind (which resides in the brain) and is welcome to sit this one out. the slits on the metal plate. aided by intuitive or “knowing” modalities of consciousness. The Human retains When gazing upon an object, the capacity to have both sight and vision. the sorcerers of academia Vision allows the Human to meet the objecttell us that the inverted If a flashlight were directed through the same two slits an and sight allows the light of the object to meet image of the object image on the white target background would appear somewhat the Human. This balance in Universe is projected onto like this: brings equity and harmony to that the retina extraordinary gift of visual where perception. a This is known as an interference pattern. Notice how the middle lines are more prominent than the outside lines. This is typical of experiments involving light because, like water ripples, light waves can produce an outward moving, ripple effect. This basic experiment helps to illustrate one of the fundamental differences Using our proprietary Apex Biosynthesis Conversion between light waves and solid particles Technology, EMP is able to deliver the proper balance of (the sand). But things started getting a nutrients to all areas of your body, especially the brain… bit more interesting from here. helping you to become your best self through effective nutrition. Electron Shot: When scientists shot electrons through the plate, the double slit showed the results of a wave.






For more information visit or call 1 866 397 3121.

This outcome baffled scientists because they thought electrons were solid particles of matter. After many repeated experiments scientists began to “watch” exactly what the electrons were doing as they passed through the double slit. What they discovered soon changed the world of physics. When electrons were “observed” the result was:

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The Great Gift for Someone Special by Brock Tully

Reminiscent of Khalil Gibran’s The Profit, the author’s poetic ponderings are the realizations of a suicidal young man’s journey from his head to his heart. Written shortly after his 1970 epic 10,000 mile bicycle ride around North America (33 states) espousing kindness, Tully’s prosaic snippets shed light on the sense of separateness, unworthiness and confusion plaguing many youth today.


“i’d rather be seen for who i am and be alone… w than be accepted for someone i’m not and be lonely.”

Though the title screams ‘buy this book and give it away’ the actual ‘gift’ is the introspective prose of a modern-day guru and the ‘someone special’ is the reader. The non-use of capital ‘i’ pronouns makes the point that ‘special’ does not necessarily translate as superior or entitled; a refreshing insight for the oft disillusioned ‘me’ generation.


“…the most unselfish thing i can do is to be selfish about doing what makes me happy… it’s when i’m happiest that i give the most to others.”


The whimsical story midway in the book, centers on the personification of a heart and mind separated by differing perspectives. The allegory is simple and ingenious. The characters’ struggle to thrive without the benefit of both reasoning and feelings illuminates the core cause of human dissatisfaction, emptiness and loneliness. Tully’s observations, insightful turn-of-words and reflective refashioning of self-defeating beliefs, makes The Great Gift inspirational gold.

w “…when i thought the light was at the end of tunnel, i got ‘tunnel vision’… w when i see that the light’s within, there’s no longer any tunnels visible.”

The Great Gift for Someone Special is available at Bookstores, please contact Red Tuque Books. Brock Tully can be reached via email at Review by: Kindness is Key Training and Publishing Inc. Brock Tully will be sharing his messages of kindness at this year`s

Spring Festival of Awareness Apr. 26-28.

See ad page 3.

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2055 Clark Dive, Vancouver BC

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ILLUSIONS AND THE ENIGMA OF SIGHT continued from page 19

You are made of atoms. Atoms are energy in organized, condensates of matter. You are a walking, talking, breathing “energy being.” Energy is a vibration -a frequency, a sine Matter! wave and in the most fundamental sense an electromagnetic expression of light. When the device used for observation was switched off the result was: Dear Humans, you are therefore Light Beings having a physical experience. You created this world of sensory exploitation by sending your energy to Universe. Because there is equity and a balance in all things, Universe returns the energy back to A wave! you. Your experience in this dimension is one of Yin and Yang, balance, harmony, duality and equity. Electrons would switch from waves into matter particles instantly, but only when scientists were observing them. When you visualize someone who had been ill but is now getting better and stronger—your “vision” is now manifesting Did the electrons somehow know they were being watched an external influence. The mind will manifest the intention and behaved accordingly? This phenomenon of switching and will often recruit the eyes (in reverse) to send the message from waves into matter by the mere observation is known in out. So powerful are the eyes that some people avoid looking quantum physics as “The Collapse of a Wave.” into them all together. We may also think of the Physicists have a number of theories, but this simple and iconic image of a hypnotist yet still unexplainable experiment declared to Humanity that staring into the eyes of his everything is not what it appears. Without the observer - subject. Here we sense that nothing is solid. somehow, someway, energy is leaving the hypnotist’s During a heart-to-heart conversation with physicist Abraham eyes. And so it is. Pais, a puzzled Albert Einstein quipped “Do you really believe the moon exists only when I look at it?” The term “Light Being” may already comfortably resonate with some of you- because truth has an orderly, symmetrical It’s been said that “all the world’s a stage” and the stage has and familiar resonance been set for all of us to play on. Upon this imaginary stage and is therefore desirable eyes can be easily tricked through illusions and slight of hand, and reinforcing. Those but the mind and mind consciousness have the ability and who grasp the significance acuity to recognize that it’s just a trick. From my perspective, of this awareness often the moon you see is real- because you see it- and it sees you. describe a sense of clarity A loop is closed and the experience is validated. and relief. Gone is any fear of death and even the pain As we share in this energetic condensate of existence called of having “lost” a loved reality, we’re able to observe one another as physical beings. As one. As a Light Being, you one elevates past this physical state they are no longer visible create and manage reality to others. This higher energetic state or “death” (transition) by your interpretation and does not allow the denser physical state to participate. vision. The higher state, however, can still see the (living). Sometimes To further that notion, there’s a bridge between both spaces. During these moments what is real to one person, the living might see or hear, touch or smell the presence of may not be real to you. another higher (or possibly lower) energetic being. If the You breathe life into your experience leaves you “warm” and content then it was likely existence and existence a higher energy visitation. If our ghost leaves you cold and breathes life into you. You discontent, then that would indicate a low energy visitation. get to pick and choose what Low energy visitations are parasitic in nature and come from game you want played and entities that may or may not have been previously Human. what players will assist you. “Belief” is a tool you are quickly outgrowing and will



be putting away soon. Such abstracts are merely schisms in the subconscious, there to entertain you. You cannot see what you don’t believe in and what you believe in you can manifest. This is the power you command and so it is dearly important to concentrate on what means the most to you –neutralize distractions and balance your place with Universe by finding who you are then shinning as that person. And remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



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Canadian rock legend Neil Young has

taken to the road with a mission. Sunday night, he laid down the gauntlet on national TV, calling the Canadian government “completely out of control” as he began his “Honour the Treaties” tour in Toronto. His goal is to help First Nations in their fight against the expanding oilsands projects in Alberta. To the government, “Money is number one. Integrity isn’t even on the map.” Honour the Treaties is a series of benefit concerts in Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary to raise money to support the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) in their battle against a multi-billion dollar expansion of the oilsands project in northern Alberta. ACFN’s 2007 court challenge to Shell’s lease at the Jackpine Mine failed in 2011, but is being appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada.

SAID A DEFIANT YOUNG. Just to extract and process the toxic sludge each day “produces as much CO2 as all the cars in Canada”, three times as much as more efficient methods. “This oil is going not to Canada, but to China where the air quality has been measured at 30 times the levels of safety established by the World Health Organization. Is that what Canada is all about?”

This is bad PR for the scandal-plagued Conservatives. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office immediately issued a statement insisting that Canada’s environmental laws are “rigorous”, and piously vowed to “ensure that companies abide by conditions set by independent, scientific and expert panels.” The statement snidely accused Young of hypocrisy: “Even the lifestyle of a rock star relies on the resources developed by thousands of hardworking Canadians every day.” Young wasted no time in turning the tables, insisting that the tarsands “violate our laws, traditions, values” and the “inherent rights of Indigenous Peoples under international law”, that it is the Harper government that is being hypocritical. Young went to see for himself, touring one of 50 oilsands sites, and was shocked at “the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It`s the greediest, most destructive and most disrespectful demonstration of something that has run amok.”

FAIT ACCOMPLI? Shell, Marathon and Chevron plan to massively expand their mining operations at Jackpine, about 70 km north of Fort McMurray, in Cree territory. According to CBC, “Shell’s assessment projects that 185,872 hectares of wetlands in the area will be lost or altered as a result of the Jackpine

Mine expansion and other industrial activity … 21 kilometres of the Muskeg River would be destroyed as a result of the mine extension.” When the Conservative government announced final approval last December, Shell stated—anticipating smooth sailing— that it had already purchased 730 hectares of former cattle pasture to compensate for this destruction. “And that’s Shell’s calculations! What about ours?” asks activist Jennifer Tsun. “Can someone let the migratory birds know? The caribou also need to be notified. And the fish in the water.” The Athabasca deposit is located within the boundaries of Treaty 8 and overlaps traditional Indigenous lands of the Dene, Cree and Metis. “ACFN has, for the longest time, fought industry and government to really set lands aside for ACFN for the practice of treaty rights”, said Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Elder Pat Marcel. “I have been pushing for 20 years now for consultation to happen.” A dispirited Marcel fears that the expansion will lead to a rush of other mining projects, destroying irrevocably what’s left of their environment. Canada’s Federal Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq admitted, “that the designated project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.” Nonetheless, she okayed the expansion,

since the Cabinet “decided that the significant adverse environmental effects that the designated project is likely to cause are justified in the circumstances.”

PROTEST GROUNDSWELL Opposition to the tarsands and the Northern Gateway pipeline project to move the oil to British Columbia for export is gaining momentum, building on the Idle No More movement among natives across the country, as well as campaigns by nonnative Canadians who are haunted by the Conservative government’s disregard of the disastrous fallout of its mania for money. In his CBC interview, Young compared what he saw in Fort McMurray to a slow-motion version of what the US did to Hiroshima on August 6&9, 1945. “I always felt that Canada was a different place, where the values were different and where we cherish the natural surroundings that we’re in,” he lamented. The campaign against the tarsands has several aces up its sleeve: for one, the support of US natives and environmental activists, and (so far) US President Obama, who has shown little enthusiasm in the scheme, recently appointing an opponent of the tarsands, John Podesta, as a White House adviser.

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CANADA’S HIROSHIMA Secondly, even if Alberta’s Conservatives (and judges) support the project, the toxic sludge dredged up and refined at such a terrible cost must transit British Columbia, where there still is no clear legal title to the land in question, since the BC government expropriated the land as “unoccupied wilderness” prior to the arrival of European settlers. Hmm. Tell that to BC natives. This is only one of several campaigns against the Conservative agenda for natives and energy exports, stretching from coast to coast. Last November Alberta’s Lubicon Lake Nation peacefully occupied an access road to Penn West Petroleum’s oil lease site. Penn West plans to frack the natives’ territory, a process arguably as destructive as the extraction of tarsands. Whether or not their seismic pounding will find gas, it will cause widespread destruction, including the poisoning of Haig Lake and Sawn Lake, the community’s main source of fish. In western Ontario, Grassy Narrows Council and Chief Simon Fobister rejects Ontario’s plan for another decade of clear-cut logging on Grassy Narrows territory, which would destroy what little mature forest remains. In New Brunswick, the standoff in Mikmaq territory continues at the encampment at

highway 11, so far preventing the fracking of Mikmaq lands, despite harassment by the RCMP. The corporate ‘Goliath’ there is Irving Oil, which operates Canada’s largest oil refinery in Saint John, New Brunswick, and has made New Brunswick a ‘company town’, where Irving controls much of the economy, including media, lumber and transportation services. The Mikmaq ‘Davids’ are already a legend.

BLOWBACK FROM ECUADOR Harper’s energy and native troubles are not confined to Canada. An Ontario court recently ruled that Ecuadoran farmers and fishermen can try to seize Chevron Canada’s assets, based on a 2011 Ecuadoran court decision which found it liable for soil and water pollution near oil wells, which has ruined the health and livelihoods of people living in nearby areas of the Amazon rainforest. Since then, the victims have been trying to collect $18 billion in environmental damages without success. A Chevron spokesman vowed, “We’re going to fight this until hell freezes over. And then we’ll fight it out on the ice.”

Ecuadorans are also resisting the attempt by a Canadian mining firm to buy up and flatten a mountain (I’m not kidding), wiping out the village where locals have been mining gold in a low-tech, relatively environmentally friendly way for five centuries. This latest scandal is the subject of a documentary “Marmato” by Mark Grieco to be released this year. I wonder where Harper’s sympathies lie in far-away Ecuador? Will he do what’s right— tell Chevron to pay up, tell his mining buddies to leave Marmato’s villagers in peace? Is there hope for justice for Ecuadorans from Canada’s legal system? Even the US ambassador to Ecuador in 2011 said,




Chevron’s tarsands assets would go a long way to undo the devastation that it (and its predecessor Texaco) did in Ecuador over the past half century. Hey! That would mean stopping the tarsands, which would let Canada cut its outsize CO2 emissions. As for fracking, putting a stop to that obscenity would be a blessing to everyone except a few Conservative cronies. This show of good will would be a great way to make peace with Canada’s First Nations and recoup some of Canada’s tattered reputation in the world. Win, win, win. Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties tour is a risky gamble in the messy oilslick of politics. He’s staking his personal legend on solidarity with Canada’s First Nations. But the creator of “Heart of Gold” clearly sees a 21st century legend in the making, and wants to be part of it. “You want to know who is leading this protection?” asked one shivering Mikmaq protester last November. “The people that walk this earth, my ancestors. It is in our hearts to protect this and our hearts are leading this.”

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EVOLUTION OR EXTINCTION? . . . continued from page 2

too scary inside. Eventually, yet inevitably, fear just for starters. Now a word...this decidedly won’t leads to anger, which given time turns into hate, be for everyone, as those who are not ready to which in turn leads to suffering. It can become a make the corrective adjustment will find it annoying vicious cycle which seems impossible to break, but & irritating to the point of not being able to listen there is a way. We must all learn how to stand toe to it. That’s OK, it just means that some will have to toe with our fears, and face them, stare them more catching up to do than others. down. It nearly always involves doing something very uncomfortable; but once you have faced that fear & beaten it - it’s gone forever. As with the boiling lobster, the extinction of the human species has been carried out gradually and very systematically so as to not startle & stampede the herd. Those who never venture out beyond the safety of the newspaper and evening newscast are not yet aware that about 200 species a day go extinct, right off the face of the dying earth! Yes, 200 every day! Gone ! That is ten thousand times the background rate of extinction. Put yet another way, that is a million percent of normal. Worried yet? Places like Utah and St Louis are seeing an unprecedented epidemic of grounded eagles. Bald eagles are falling from the skies, unable to take flight again, and nobody knows why...well, really we all pretty much figure it’s the radiation from Fukushima, but we don’t much like to talk about that. How about the songbirds, robins, and meadowlarks ... seen many of them this year?? If you have your own garden, how did it do this year? If the frogs and songbirds are disappearing from the earth, along with the bees...can humans be far behind them? Albert Einstein says, No! Paper or plastic?, evolution or extinction? - Some choices are easier than others yet still; each time we choose paper over plastic, (or vice versa) we are essentially deciding between killing more trees, or polluting the environment more. There is an alternative; use the same canvas tote bag every shopping trip! Not all of the many and horrible things we’re currently facing can be resolved so easily, and yet the whole point here is that there is another way to live on this planet, in peace with each other - and in harmony with nature.


Genocide, and the start of a global gold rush which is still going strong today. It isn’t gold that creates the inherent’s our belief in its rare value that sets the price. People motivated by that false belief, have created the myth that gold has value. If it was everywhere, and you could just pick it up from the ground like gravel, would we still value gold? Doubtful. So yeah, this whole money thing is illusionary, smoke & mirrors ~ just like Time, we invented Money - neither are real, yet we are slaves to them both. So, in a spectacular lack of vision, humanity has allowed itself to be duped into what essentially is slavery to a cartel of thugs who call the tune we all dance to. Like lobsters being boiled alive we have failed to act because the waters around us were slowly and gradually brought to the current heated & bubbly state of things. Like the ill-fated lobster we are just now feeling very uncomfortable, squirming about in our secure bubble belief system, trying to get somewhere a bit less like hell boiling over. Our confidence in the future is greatly shaken by the “Let’s wait and see what happens” attitude of those who are supposedly our leaders, especially when it comes to things like the oil volcano in the gulf or the nuclear volcano in Japan.

“MAMA’S GONNA PUT ALL HER FEARS INTO YOU” - PINK FLOYD There are many contributing factors to things being the way they currently are, and none perhaps are so debilitating as fear. Fear paralyses us when we

Page 24


Monsanto “terminator” frakenseeds are slowly taking over the farmland of America: what there is left of that once mighty industry. The wind, and Monsanto agents spread these genetically altered seeds from farm to farm, ensuring there is never a way back to where we came from. Likewise, radiation levels from Fukushima grow stronger every day in both our atmosphere and oceans... as nothing whatsoever is being done to stop the constant flow of death from that place. All these things, they’re not just killing us, they are ending us altogether. By doing nothing ourselves to halt these atrocities we give them our tacit approval, lying to ourselves that we’re powerless to stop it all the while. Isn’t the entire future of your children, and theirs worth a little sacrifice and inconvenience to us in this moment of evolution? How will we answer them when they cry out in agony, “Why did you let this happen?” Exactly how are we going to account for our indifference when asked to explain ourselves. We will be asked... It simply is no coincidence that all Hell is breaking loose at the exact cosmic moment when humanities’ evolution is set to ascend to a higher octave of consciousness. Those who have a vested interest in keeping things just as they are have pulled out all the stops trying to derail & defeat evolution. The fact that they are still trying so hard should tell us one thing certainly: It’s not too late to turn it all around. If it was too late they wouldn’t be scurrying about like the vermin they are trying to hold it together just a little longer. Please, think about that! Most of the things we fear are just scarecrows, placed in our heads to keep us away from things like critical thought and spiritual responsibility. Dare to look behind the curtain; to discover what an utter fraud the wizard of corporate government really is, and you will find your own empowerment there. Empowerment enough to make a stand, to turn things around.

We do not have to be limited to only the choices given us by our “leaders” - we are allowed to think outside the box (Cage), to come up with our own solutions for the planet and her passengers. Unlike I know, it’s so much easier to just believe you are the poor but delicious lobster, we can still find our way out of hot water, but it won’t be easy, and powerless against the might of these corporate you’re not going to like it. It begins with forgiving giants, that nothing you alone can do would even yourself for waiting so long, then standing up and be noticed by them. Have you ever spent the night taking your power back from those who hypnotized in a tent with a hungry mosquito? you into giving it away. Snap out of it, quit hiding To regain your empowerment is going to require you from the ugly truth. Anger can be a most potent should take action, and lulls us into a false sense to see with new eyes, as you begin to unravel the tool once you channel it into a creative, rather of security every time that works. We fear losing matrix. You need, for instance, to see that those than destructive outlet. Don’t get mad, then start what little we have, so we don’t speak out against who enslave humanity are counting on subterfuge destroying stuff, that’s just playing right into their injustice, or wars, or drones, or clones, or GMO and misdirection to win the day. They cannot prevail hands. Instead, get mad, then start creating stuff!! food-like-products, or fluoride, or mercury, or in a fair they always They won’t know how to deal with that. fight with us, which is why a thousand other things we really don’t like; yet operate from under multiple layers of obfuscation tolerate, generation after generation. These days a The combined cumulative effect of all these soul- and hide in the shadows. This is why they put so great many feel trapped between the fear of doing much effort into pacification technologies such as sickening atrocities is turning us against our own something new and the fear of staying exactly the HAARP, the GWEN towers, chemtrails, fluoridated basic nature, and better angels. It’s turning us into same, and not only does this desperation make drinking water, and EMF soup from a thousand “Working Rageaholics and Raging Workaholics” for some poor decision making, it’s also a stinky microwave transmitters. to quote George Carlin...cover me, I’m changing cologne! lanes! It is human nature to come together in Most of the experts agree that if we all joined times of disaster, to help and embrace our fellow Don’t get me wrong, we have a fear response for together and started immediately, working together humans...we see it all the time. Well; not to put too a reason, it’s a natural part of our survival instinct. globally against these things & thugs that are killing fine a point on it, but all these things seem pretty The problem arises when we allow ourselves to be us...we could actually do it. It IS possible to stop disastrous to me. We need to come to the aid of our so gripped by some fear or another that it renders ALL of these atrocities, but only if we work as one, race, to unanimously cast off the yoke of slavery, us unable to act in our own best interest. Because with a solitary voice, and a single vision. I’m not We need to show these quislings that Love is fear is such a primal motivator, it also becomes a saying we can make it like it used to be, that earth stronger than both money, and knowledge. Indeed, most useful tool with which to control someone, is forever gone, just a memory now, like frogs and Love is the most powerful force we know, we need or an entire population. There is instinctual fear, songbirds; but we can still make this planet a place to have ourselves a revolution of love, and soon which helps keep us alive in dangerous situations... where life is thriving, instead of going extinct. As please! then there’s the illusionary fear which we assign to I write these words it is 70 degrees outside today, things we hope don’t happen. Fear can be rational, 2 days after Christmas, while the sphinx and Most everything being done by the global corporate but so very often it isn’t, such as grown men being pyramids of Egypt are covered in snow! government is designed to lower our immune afraid of spiders...or entire populations afraid to systems and basic operating speak out, or stand up. We have somehow allowed Beneath all the hype, noise and diversion, We have ourselves to confuse danger and fear. The danger doesn’t that seem a swell place to begin taking but a single choice: your power back? There are more than a few is very real, yet so often, just like time and money Evolution or Extinction methods by which to do this, some more effective - fear is just an illusion. than others - certainly more than I can get into here. However, as a suggestion for somewhere to start, Pick One! Overcoming fear is seldom an easy thing, and most let me turn you on to the Schumann Resonance of us only attempt it when the pain of remaining the same becomes too great, hoping it’s not too late. Brainwave Sync CD* which uses Isochronic Fear keeps us blind to the fact that everything Tones and Binaural Beats to reset our brainwave frequency back to manufacturers specifications. I we want, is just beyond our comfort zone...just outside the bubble we live in that allows nothing have been using this technique for a while now, and find it greatly enhances speed and clarity of thought



How Your State of Mind Affects Your Well-Being 2 CON‘T FROM PG 7 their immune systems, they found very strong responses to challenges to their immune systems if those students were generally optimistic. There was a clear demonstration that when they were optimistic their immune systems got stronger and when they were pessimistic their immune systems got weaker.

You Really *Are* As Old As You Feel Obviously we won’t stay 21 forever but if we shift our perception of reality in such a way that we don’t fall into negative thinking about how we’re getting older and therefore we’re going to ache more, sleep less, weigh more, and so on, we’ll have more vitality. A study led by Markus Schafer found that if we mentally keep on imprinting our minds with the idea that we’re old (or rather, that we’re going to experience the negative effects of aging before we actually get old) it will have a direct negative effect on our physical bodies. “We found that these people who felt young for their age were more likely to have greater confidence about their cognitive abilities a decade later,” Schafer said. “Yes, chronological age was important, but the subjective age had a stronger effect.”

Your Vision Can Improve If You Think It’s Improved In a remarkable case of our thoughts shaping our reality, our eyesight can improve if we believe that we can see especially well. This finding, by psychologist Ellen Langer from Harvard University shows that perception can truly become reality, or at the very least help usher that reality into existence. Out of all the findings

Langer had in her research, the most incredible one was when 20 men and women (all with normal eyesight) were shown a reverse eye chart that was arranged so the letters became larger the further down they went, not smaller. Surprisingly, they accurately reported more letters from the smallest two lines than they did when shown a traditional eye chart with the largest letters at the top. The conclusion from all of the findings was that while vision may not improve itself, out mind-set is more accurately perceiving what it is seeing.

Insecurity in Relationships Leads to Greater Risk of Heart Problems People who feel insecure in their relationships have been found to have increased heart problems later on in life. In a study published by the American Psychological Association which examined data on 5,645 adults found that people who felt insecure in relationships or avoided getting close to others are at a higher risk of developing several chronic diseases. The cardiovascular system seems to be especially hard hit from relationship insecurity and this makes sense since a relationship is heart-based in nature.

attacks was more than double that of those that remained calm. Men who complain of high anxiety are up to six times more likely than calmer men to suffer sudden cardiac death. A 20-year study of over 1,700 older men conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that worry about social conditions, health and personal finances all significantly increased the risk of coronary heart disease. An international study of 2,829 people between the ages of 55 and 85 found that individuals who reported the highest levels of personal “mastery”— feelings of control over life events—had a nearly 60% lower risk of death compared with those who felt relatively helpless in the face of life’s challenges. Three 10-year studies concluded that emotional stress was more predictive of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease than smoking; people who were unable to effectively manage their stress had a 40% higher death rate than non-stressed individuals. A study of heart attack survivors showed that patients’ emotional state and relationships in the period after myocardial infarction are as important as the disease severity in determining their prognosis. In a study of 5,716 middle-aged people, those with the highest self-regulation abilities were over 50 times more likely to be alive and without chronic disease 15 years later than those with the lowest self-regulation scores. A new study has found that our state of mind can either speed up or slow down


4 5

6 7


how fast we heal from an illness. The study looked at diabetes patients and found that those with the worst depression were the least likely to heal quickly from foot ulcers.

Knowledge Is Power “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world”. This is how I start off a detailed section on how our thoughts and states of consciousness shape our reality in my book The Creation of a Consciousness Shift. These words, said by the Buddha over 2,500 years ago, have always been true (and on many levels), yet now we have verifiable proof of it using our scientific method of understanding our world. Now that we are more aware and better understand the power of our thoughts, it’s time to take that awareness and understanding and apply it to our lives. Why choose to live anything less then the most optimal life you can? ‘Knowledge is power’, it is said. You have the knowledge now. Use your newly-found power to your advantage and elevate you well-being. The physical arises from the subtle. Formlessness gives birth to form. Your thoughts, leading a seemingly vaporous existence, have more power over you then you may think. Initiate the Gamechanger…let your thoughts become your ally, increasing your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You can either empower yourself or continue living life at the behest of untamed and uncontrolled thoughts. The choice is yours. What choice will you make?

Other Physical Effects of Negative Emotions


A Harvard Medical School Study of 1,623 heart attack survivors found that when subjects became angry during emotional conflicts, their risk of subsequent heart

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Fukushima Radiation has Made Hawaii and Pacific Islands Unsafe for Humans

The Great Culling: Our Water (2013)

The Canadian Govt Using A Different English Dictionary Than The Rest Of Us

Hitler finds out Bitcoin survived Mt.Gox crash

Take a Rare Look Through the Fukushima Nuclear Plant

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world every single day. In 2007, a meta-analysis heralded as “the most comprehensive review ever conducted” by a “panel of experts” was published affirming that aspartame was completely 100% safe across the board. Again, a simple search yielded that ALL of the study authors have significant conflicts of interest that make the elephant in the room look like a fly on the wall. One of the authors was chairman of the American Health Foundation (AHF), funded in part by NutraSweet (aspartame) and other companies selling aspartame. Other board of directors members have included PepsiCo. and National Soft Drink Association reps. The AHF has held conferences on the safety of sweeteners. And that’s just one of the authors. It’s safe to say that this “comprehensive review” is less than independent. Jacqueline Verrett, who sat on an FDA aspartame panel when it was going through years of being turned down for approval, but later spoke out as a whistleblower when it became clear this was yet another FDA whitewash went on to write the book Eating May Be Hazardous to Your Health where she tells the whole shameful story on MSG’s continued approval. She also discusses just how the FDA uses taxpayer dollars to fund research not to find out if something is safe for you and your family to eat, but to find out how much of a carcinogen you can ingest without immediate consequences. After all, a little MSG here, a little aspartame there, a little petroleum by-product Red No. 40 or Yellow No. 5 artificial color dye, a little sodium benzoate, a little high fructose corn syrup (produced with mercury cell technology) and years

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down the road, you won’t have the first clue what caused the cancer that finally killed you (sucking all the money out of your wallet for Big Pharma cancer treatments on the way down, of course). Chances of being diagnosed with cancer in your lifetime these days? It’s up to one in two for men, one in three for women. There is a 100% chance that you will personally know someone who has or had cancer in your lifetime. It didn’t used to be that way. Our food didn’t used to contain so much crap, either. The kind of thinking that led to the FDA’s de minimis interpretation (written by Michael Taylor, a once-Vice President of Public Policy for Monsanto who is currently our FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods) of the Delaney Clause (a clause that used to protect us from known carcinogens in our food) is used throughout food safety assessment with regulators only looking to whether a food additive is safe enough not to cause immediate, acute toxicity and/or death. What is systematically ignored is any chronic, or long-term, low-level adverse effects, despite the fact that so many toxic chemicals added to our food today have known carcinogenic effects and bioaccumulate over time. (This doesn’t even begin to touch upon diabetes, heart disease and strokes, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergies…)



Exposure to fluoride is a contentious topic, mostly because exposure is everywhere. Not only is fluoride a common ingredient in toothpaste, many municipalities have a fluoridated water supply. Why? Well, the reason we’re given is that it encourages oral health… even though it’s not known to prevent harmful oral bacteria. [1] What is known is that fluoride is toxic. In fact, the number one reason for poison control calls concerning fluoride are for children who’ve eaten toothpaste. [2] [3] Long-term ingestion is harmful to the brain, digestive system, heart, bones… even the tooth enamel it’s supposed to help. [4] [5] [6] These next 9 shocking facts will make you take a second look at your exposure to fluoride.

1. Weakens Skeletal Health Skeletal fluorosis is a condition resulting from fluoride consumption. The liver is unable to process fluoride, thus it passes into the bloodstream where it combines with calcium that’s been leeched from the skeletal system. You’re left with weak bones, otherwise known as skeletal fluorosis. The risk has been known about for decades yet it’s not been established how much exposure will trigger skeletal fluorosis… and the impact it has on quality of life is horrendous. [7] [8] [9] The best way to protect yourself is to avoid fluoride. Recently, Chinese authorities established a link between reductions in fluoride exposure and the incidence of fluorosis. [10]

at a minimum, the pineal gland regulates body rhythms and wake-sleep cycles; two extremely important functions. Fluoride is especially toxic to the pineal gland, where it accumulates and calcifies the gland. In fact, by the time the average person reaches old age, their pineal gland will have higher calcium density than their bones. [17]

5. Accelerates Female Puberty It also deserves mention that the pineal gland plays an integral role in the onset of puberty. Research has shown that girls living in areas prone to more fluoride exposure experience puberty earlier than girls exposed to less. [18] Fluoride’s damaging effect on sexual function only begins here…

6. Harmful to Male and Female Fertility A direct link exists between fertility rates and fluoridated drinking water. Higher levels of fluoride correspond to lower fertility rates, particularly with drinking water levels of 3 ppm. [19] Animal models show that fluoride reduces reproductive hormones in females. [20] Men have it just as bad; those suffering from fluorosis have lower testosterone and fertility than men with limited fluoride exposure. [21]

7. Bad for Kidney Health Fluoride is toxic to the kidneys and a higher rate of chronic kidney disease has been reported in areas where the water contains high levels of fluoride. [22] [23] According to Chinese researchers, a fluoride level of 2 mg/L is all it takes to cause renal damage in children. [24] While water fluoridation levels are often much lower than this, the fluoride bombardment continues with toothpaste and other sources.

8. Harmful to the Cardiovascular System Research suggests that exposure to fluoride causes cardiovascular inflammation and atherosclerosis. [25] [26] Other research has examined its effect on blood pressure but had mixed results. Regardless, despite that cardiovascular disease can have many causes, the evidence, and history show its incidence increases with exposure to fluoride.

9. Negative Cognitive Effects The Fluoride Action Network reports that, as of May 2013, 43 studies have examined the effect of fluoride on human intelligence. The results should motivate anyone to minimize their fluoride exposure. One observation is that fluoride negatively impacts children’s neural development. [27] Another is that children living in highly fluoridated areas have up to five times greater chance of developing a low IQ compared to those who do not. [28]

Reducing Your Exposure to Fluoride Using non-fluoride toothpaste can immediately reduce your fluoride exposure. Maintaining healthy iodine levels can help protect the thyroid from fluoride. Fluoridated water is the largest concern and most water filters are not adequate for removing fluoride; instead look to a reverse osmosis water purification systems.


2. Causes Arthritis Fluoride has been shown to cause calcification of cartilage, the essential tissue for joint health. [11] Degenerative osteoarthritis has been linked to skeletal fluorosis. [12] And in a study of individuals suffering from fluorosis, osteoarthritis knee conditions occurred frequently. [13]

3. Toxic to the Thyroid Iodine and fluoride belong to a family of compounds known as halogens. Although iodine is beneficial to the thyroid, fluoride is not. However, because of the similarities, the thyroid can absorb fluoride instead of iodine. This is bad. Fluoride is toxic to thyroid cells; it inhibits function and causes cell death. [14] For decades, fluoride was used to reduce thyroid function in individuals suffering from an overactive thyroid. [15] Now — and pay attention to this — the range used in water fluoridation matches the levels typically used to reduce thyroid function. [16]

4. Calcifies the Ultra-Important Pineal Gland Although the full capabilities of the pineal gland have been the subject of debate for centuries, it’s known for certain that,

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here are certain principles in Western Civilization to which we have become accustomed as having special status as “rights”. A laundry list of rights is at the ready in every Westerner’s mind. At the top of that list, we have the right to life. There is still a raging debate as to how and when that right is to be construed, but there is almost universal agreement as to its absolute primacy. Close to the top, with slightly less-universal agreement, comes the right to property, or, the produce of one’s own labor. Then follows the right to liberty, and the right to the pursuit of happiness. These are considered “human rights” in political circles, as if they are reserved to bipedal primates, and other lifeforms aren’t deserving of them. Slightly lower on the list come the right to representation in government and the right to keep and bear arms and other sundry rights. There can be no question as to the central role that rights play in Western civilization, but disagreements about the definitions of those rights and their applicability in different situations are ongoing and often violent. Despite the near-universal appeal of the concept of rights, it has an Achilles’ heel (actually more of a “Trojan horse” placed by the Heteronomy) (Author’s note: “authority” and “heteronomy” are used interchangeably. For clarification see: http://songsfortheotherkind. com/blog/sui-generis-and-theevolution-of-consciousness/); when one entertains the notion of a “right” one invokes simultaneously a mechanism of enforcement of the right, and punishment in the case of a violation of the right. Moreover, the one entertaining the idea of a right relegates himself to the status of a secondary entity. No matter what else you get from this writing, know this: all rights are granted! For those of us engaged in the evolution of consciousness, this presents a challenge to our accustomed methods of dealing with the pressures of everyday life (read: social pressures and demands made by authority). On the one hand, we wish to proceed unimpeded with our learning and growing (hence the appeal of “rights” to keep baser entities from interfering with our progress). On the other hand, most of us recognize that we are inherently Divine beings who truly need seek no authorization

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Without Rights for the evolution we are undertaking. Do you see the inherent disconnect between seeking the “protection” of presumed authorities, and manifesting the life of the Divine? Until now, the great majority of us have either traversed the arduous ontological passage between Western and Eastern thought (in which context “rights” figure much lessimportantly), or we have set the issue aside unconsciously “until later”. It’s worth pointing out, however, that millenia of Eastern thought haven’t helped the people in Eastern countries find a peaceful way of living together, as their societies are just as rife with heteronomy as Western societies. Africa, for the sake of completeness, is exactly the same: full of heteronomy. Because of the fundamental nature of the question that the invocation of authority (to support “rights”) elicits, one must carefully examine the concept of “rights” and weigh it against the

reality that will result as a consequence of the support of such a concept, then decide whether that reality aligns with the version of universal divinity that one desires to embody. Put simply: if you want a world run by authoritarians, embrace authority (remembering that rights require authority to back them up). If you want a world

of freedom, you must do away with all vestiges of heteronomy/authoritarianism in yourself. The most difficult sort of authoritarianism to dismantle is that which is required for “rights” to exist. It was invisible to me until it was pointed out, and now I am pointing it out to you. There is something better than having rights, with respect to being able to proceed with your evolution without interference. First, you have to recognize that you are a creator of experience, and not a consumer of experience. When you have that, it’s only a small step to see that you don’t need rights. You have choices to make. Your choices create your experience. If you make choices of any sort that invoke any kind of heteronomy (and let’s face it, even “humane” animal husbandry is a form of heteronomy), you will continue to see heteronomy manifested in your experience (most often seen as authoritarianism run amok). There are no simple answers as to how to maintain a society in which all

are creators and therefore responsible for their experience. Perhaps that is why many of the greatest minds of the past millenia are known for being reclusive. It’s not the purpose of this article to bring an answer to that question. Rather, I’m planting the seed of awareness in the reader of the dangers of presumption, and bringing into focus some of the devastating consequences of unconscious living that we have all experienced. We can no longer afford to live unconsciously. On the road of evolution, the idea of “rights”

is one of the “sacred cows” that must be released. In its place, we must integrate the truth of our own creatorhood. At the risk of redundance: creators don’t need rights. They make decisions that are reflected in their experience. There is no longer space for equivocation or playing it safe; we must embrace our true nature whether or not it socially offends our neighbors or family (or even the whole human race). Radiation from Fukushima is killing the Pacific Ocean, and eventually will poison all of the contiguous Oceans (and to a lesser degree, all the waters of the Earth). The deadly effects of the BP oil spill of 2010 are only beginning to be realized. Gulf shrimp are diseased and poisonous, and the animals that eat them are increasingly so. The governments of the world seem hell-bent on manufacturing an Armageddon in the Middle East to pander to the warring factions who claw for supremacy on that dusty scrap of desert. We each must choose whether we are going to evolve or become extinct, and the ways of being that affirm heteronomy (all are wards and must be directed by authority) are extinction-bound. The ways of being that affirm the allowance of all beings selfdirection of their own experience (all are facets of Cosmic Consciousness and therefore are their own authority) are in tune with evolution. We don’t need another revolution. Let’s not ride the Cycle of Empire merry-go-round yet again; it always brings us back to this same place. To go beyond what we have already experienced is the purpose for which we find ourselves at the leading edge of consciousness in this troubled and violent age. To put one’s energy into “going home” at this point is to disregard the greater plan that went to all the trouble of putting us here, now, at the precipice of destruction or rebirth. May all beings find fulfillment and love on their , h ’ec k roads. a L

.a. a.k té , y ŋ le Far ŋ Cha e m Ji kíya f th o ) Wa eart Being (H der n Thu


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