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n u o r o V Y i e i t b a r s i a Ways to R

by Christina Sarich


ccording to the numerous wisdom teachings, Lao Tzu, Edison, Gregg Braden, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, the Buddha, Ken Wilber, Louis Hay, the Dalai Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and a thousand other experts, both ancient and modern, our inner world affects the outer world. This is the great secret that every other culture knows except the West – Egypt, Bolivia, Tibet, Polynesia, China, Japan, Peru, villages in the Andes mountains, etc. – until now. Our past scientific assumptions have been erroneous more than once. The first wrong assumption is that the space around us is empty. It isn’t. It is full of a living essence, which we are just beginning to understand. This essence is like a conduit that is affected by our thoughts. Nuns and Monks know this. That is what they use prayer and meditation for. It charges thought to interact with this essence. We call it miracles, but it is getting in touch with this conduit – this empty space, which carries our mental frequencies out into the field of possibility. The second wrong assumption is that our external circumstances just happen. They don’t. We create them. Like oscillations of a bowed string, the notes we play do matter. You’ve been hearing it everywhere. Your vibration, or the pattern of your thoughts, attitudes and actions, is what creates your reality. If you want to change what you experience then you need to change your vibration. There are a million ways to do this but here are just a few:


There is a learning curve. You can’t give up the first time you try to change your thoughts, and thus your vibration. You have to practice it – over and over again. So take out a journal and write your new thoughts – the ones which reflect your experiences as you would like to see them happen, not necessarily that which your current vibration is creating. There are thousands of neurons, which are recruited to physically write down a thought, instead of just typing it into a computer screen.


Find something of beauty and just appreciate it. It can be a flower growing from a crack in the sidewalk. It can be the glint in a lover’s eyes. It can be your child’s smile, or a newly organized shelf of books. Just one thing. That’s all you need.


Make a list of all that you are grateful for. The reason gratitude journals and thankfulness lists work is because, just like cognitive behavioural training, you can make neuro-pharmacalogical and neuro-biological changes with a shift in your focus on gratitude. Start with a few things: I can take a breath. I am here, now. I have at least one friend. I am able to change myself with my own will. Then expand to make your list your own.


Meditate. Think of nothing. This is more than likely a more neutral and therefore more positive place to take your vibration.


Do something for someone else. Giving to someone else shifts your thinking from “I don’t have enough, to “I have more than enough to give to others.” Abundance is a high vibration.


Change your DNA. It has a vibration too. There are sound frequencies which when listened to frequently, shift your vibration with 528 hz. There are recordings all over the internet.

7 8

Listen to music you love. Music shifts your frequency by making you happy.

Stop complaining and gossiping. Are the things you are talking about bringing you more of what you want? Stop complaining, and start finding ways to rejoice.


Move. Exercise. Get active. Dance! Not only does movement change your perspective, it also creates endorphins which help you to feel happy. The happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency.


Do something a little crazy. Have you always wanted to go sky-diving? How about learning to dance? Have you always wanted to try public speaking – find an open mic night and go for it. You probably feel like you have nothing to lose – so dive right in. Just doing something new rewires your brain.

your life in an instant. Just realize this. In many wisdom traditions this is called “total responsibility.” No one is responsible for how you feel right now but you. It isn’t a curse. It’s a blessing because it gives you your power back.


Breathe. Just sit and try to make your breath longer, fuller, and more relaxed. It has a direct affect on your nervous system and helps to calm you down. A calm vibration is a high vibration.


Drink energy charged water. Dr. Masaru Emoto made this practice mainstream with his pictures in Messages from water. But it is also a practice from Chinese healers from ancient lineages. You can hold your water with the thumbs and middle fingers touching on either side of the bottle (heart Mudra) and send the water love. Then drink it.


Practice Mudra. Mudras are ancient hand gestures that redirect energy, or prana, back into the body in much the same way that light is refracted/reflected from a cliff face or glacial wall. By learning specific ways in which to hold your fingers, you can direct positive energy into your body.


Jump up and down. It is said that the simple action of jumping excites the cells in the body and makes them healthier. Have some fun on a trampoline.



Practice Ho’oponopono. The ancient Hawaiians believed that sadness, depression and dis-ease only occurred when we perceived ourselves as separate from the Oneness, the Divine. One of the practice’s main themes is forgiveness. Forgive yourself or someone else and raise your vibration.



Listen to the ancient chants from Buddhist and Gregorian monks. They are designed to shift your frequency. Not sure where you are vibrating? Just check in. How do you feel right now? Just observe it and then you can change it. Perception starts with awareness.


Do mental reps. Say to yourself 100 times a day. I am happy or I am prosperous, or I am unafraid of change. You may not believe it yet, but with practice you will. Your 100 repetitions could just be, I can change my mind.


Do Yoga, Reiki, or Qigong or another of the martial arts. All these practices aim at shifting your mental vibration and raising your Qi.


Realize that you have more control over your life than you thought. You are not a victim to circumstance, past, family upbringing, trauma, or anything else. You can change

Hug someone. The American Psychosomatic Society published a study saying that just 10 minutes of positive physical contact with another human being can greatly reduce stress. Vibration...raised. Raise your vibration with an unbelievable program: This beautiful video was made by one of our readers, Bernardo Antonacci. Please enjoy and share! ___________________ Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World.

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by Ellen Brown

Why Bankers Rule the World


n the 2012 edition of Occupy Money, Professor Margrit Kennedy writes that a stunning 35% to 40% of everything we buy goes to interest. This interest goes to bankers, financiers, and bondholders, who take a 35% to 40% cut of our GDP. That helps explain how wealth is systematically transferred from Main Street to Wall Street. The rich get progressively richer at the expense of the poor, not just because of “Wall Street greed” but because of the inexorable mathematics of our private banking system. If we had a financial system that returned the interest collected from the public directly to the public, 35% could be lopped off the price of everything we buy. We could do it by turning the banks into public utilities and their profits into public assets. Profits would return to the public, either reducing taxes or increasing the availability of public services and infrastructure. By borrowing from their own publicly-owned banks, governments could eliminate their interest burden altogether.

This hidden tribute to the banks will come as a surprise to most people, who think that if they pay their credit card bills on time and don’t take out loans, they aren’t paying interest. This, says Dr. Kennedy, is not true. Tradesmen, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers all along the chain of production rely on credit to pay their bills. They must pay for labor and materials before they have a product to sell and before the end buyer pays for the product 90 days later. Each supplier in the chain adds interest to its production costs, which are passed on to the ultimate consumer. Dr. Kennedy cites interest charges ranging from 12% for garbage collection, to 38% for drinking water to, 77% for rent in public housing in her native Germany. Her figures are drawn from the research of economist Helmut Creutz, writing in German and interpreting Bundesbank publications. They apply to the expenditures of German households for everyday goods and services in 2006; but similar figures are seen in financial sector profits in the United States, where they composed a whopping 40% of U.S. business profits in 2006.

That was five times the 7% made by the banking sector in 1980. Bank assets, financial profits, interest, and debt have all been growing exponentially. Exponential growth in financial sector profits has occurred at the expense of the nonfinancial sectors, where incomes have at best grown linearly. By 2010, 1% of the population owned 42% of financial wealth, while 80% of the population owned only 5% percent of financial wealth. Dr. Kennedy observes that the bottom 80% pay the hidden interest charges that the top 10% collect, making interest a strongly regressive tax that the poor pay to the rich. Exponential growth is unsustainable. In nature, sustainable growth progresses in a logarithmic curve that grows increasingly more slowly until it levels off. Exponential growth does the reverse: it begins slowly and increases over time, until the curve shoots up vertically. Exponential growth is seen in parasites, cancers . . . and compound interest. When the parasite runs out of its food source, the growth curve suddenly collapses. People generally assume that if they pay their bills on time, they aren’t paying compound interest; but again, this isn’t true. Compound interest is baked into the formula for most mortgages, which compose 80% of U.S. loans. And if credit cards aren’t paid within the one-month grace period, interest charges are compounded daily. Even if you pay within the grace period, you are paying 2% to 3% for the use of the card, since merchants pass their merchant fees on to the consumer. Debit cards, which are the equivalent of writing checks, also involve fees. Visa-MasterCard and the banks at both ends of these interchange transactions charge an average fee of 44 cents per transaction—though the cost to them is about four cents.

sets. Profits would return to the public, either reducing taxes or increasing the availability of public services and infrastructure. By borrowing from their own publiclyowned banks, governments could eliminate their interest burden altogether. This has been demonstrated elsewhere with stellar results, including in Canada, Australia, and Argentina among other countries. In 2011, the U.S. federal government paid $454 billion in interest on the federal debt— nearly one-third the total $1,100 billion paid in personal income taxes that year. If the government had been borrowing directly from the Federal Reserve—which has the power to create credit on its books and now rebates its profits directly to the government—personal income taxes could have been cut by a third. Borrowing from its own central bank interest-free might even allow a government to eliminate its national debt altogether. In Money and Sustainability: The Missing Link(at page 126), Bernard Lietaer and Christian Asperger, et al., cite the example of France. The Treasury borrowed interest-free from the nationalized Banque de France from 1946 to 1973. The law then changed to forbid this practice, requiring the Treasury to borrow instead from the private sector. The authors include a chart showing what would have happened if the French government had continued to borrow interest-free versus what did happen. Rather than dropping from 21% to 8.6% of GDP, the debt shot up from 21% to 78% of GDP. “No ‘spendthrift government’ can be

blamed in this case,” write the authors. “Compound interest explains it all!” 

More than Just a Federal Solution

It is not just federal governments that could eliminate their interest charges in this way. State and local governments could do it too. Consider California. At the end of 2010, it had general obligation and revenue bond debt of $158 billion. Of this, $70 billion, or 44%, was owed for interest. If the state had incurred that

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How to Recapture the Interest: Own the Bank The implications of all this are stunning. If we had a financial system that returned the interest collected from the public directly to the public, 35% could be lopped off the price of everything we buy. That means we could buy three items for the current price of two, and that our paychecks could go 50% farther than they go today. Direct reimbursement to the people is a hard system to work out, but there is a way we could collectively recover the interest paid to banks. We could do it by turning the banks into public utilities and their profits into public as-

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DNA and the Ageless Present


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Abstract Follies by Fredalupe!


he more I witness the strangeness of these abstract follies called politics, government, religion, their various mouthpieces or policy enforcers, (cultists of separation the lot of them) the more distant, unimportant and irrelevant they seem to become. When face to face with another human being the game is being human. That’s the reality we share: We’re all in this together and that could be just lovely. After all, this world is peopled by some amazing characters and super loving beings. Yet the crazy noose of ideas and beliefs that has so many folks representing anything artificial or unnatural is not in any one’s best interest no matter what they are selling at any price. A no-brainer, as they say, but noteworthy because it has been through the capturing of our collective imagination that we’ve been duped into using our creative attention to manifest and feed this inorganic and parasitical reality with our lives and with the dreams hopes and futures of our children. Noteworthy also because it demonstrates, albeit in the negative, our power to create reality. This is astounding to say the least. It really is. We create reality. That’s the kind of Gift you have to use a capital letter to describe properly, while making sure that the word responsibility is not far off behind. I often get the feeling that this incredible facet of awareness is the big secret most human beings have been conned out of knowing consciously. It also goes quite far in explaining the ludicrous omnipresent distractions of the day. Reality has been seemingly transfigured into a monstrous circus with sharp teeth and scary clowns aplenty, while carnival barkers, frothy with a rabies of the soul, clamour hungrily for that sucker born a minute ago. That sounds about right. The whole of their Show reeks of morbidity for a reason: it’s a lethal parade with a meat grinder finale. Attention hoarding politics, death wishing governments and life restricting religions. Distraction, distraction, distraction. A clever system in a deranged sort of way, worth keeping an eye on, so to speak. But we can come up with better life affirming systems, they occur spontaneously and naturally as a matter of course and currency. Coming up with something more positive then what is being so forcefully advertised through every orifice of their media machine takes only a moment’s work. And that’s where their whole system falls apart: it’s simply unsustainable and entirely ineffi-

cient at doing anything but giving us all something to evolve beyond. Thanks for that by the way. So back to the imagination business, which is booming by the way, and forever expanding, talk about a growth industry - and really why not? Why not imagine the world we could be creating together. Imagine the technologies inspired by a loving, balanced, freely creative People motivated by excellence and in harmony with Creation and Life. Imagine the untold gifts of an Earth unshackled by lunatic greed and healed of the poisons of our nightmares. Imagine communicating with that awesome intelligence and loving sentience. Imagine the freedom to explore our greatest potentials, our divine totality. Imagine that’s the way it is supposed to be. I imagine that’s why we’re here. Or does someone really have a better idea? Science fiction and fantasy novels are replete with imaginings that have actually taken us far as inspirations for the manifestation of reality. So have the so-called history books, I suppose. Those powerful tools could be used for our actual advancement as opposed to tyrannizing our imaginations into grey corporate slaveries and factory hive-mentalities. And there’s Fallacy’s folly, kicking its abstract legs high in the air distracting one and all with the filthy state of its underthings. What a show! Ah, what a world we’ve made together, a mad, mad world. Yet this pale shadow of what’s yet to come jiggers about, catching our eye with its buffoonery and the idiot grimaces it makes while mocking our humanity. Sad villainy whose day is nearly done. Pathos. Theatre, I say. And what would a show be without a villain one wonders? Could be interesting to find out. Don’t believe the hype: there’s everything left to explore. And remember that once the relevance of these ‘evil’ forces as catalysts for our growth is done and over with then the joyous play of an awakened Humanity will certainly light up the Heavens. Who knows what trouble we’ll get up to then? We’re a rascally bunch who’ve only left ourselves one direction to grow. Yikes. Talk about your abstract follies. Well, keep your legs up high and your knickers untwisted. As they say: the show must go on. In the spirit of an agora, The New Agora, we’re opening up this space for folks to write to us directly with the intent of sharing something of importance with our readers. We encourage well-written, succinct and intelligent work. Feel free to write us at:


Question for Health Canada by John st. John


was truly shocked to find out that Canada’s EMR (WiFi) safety levels are the worst in the world. Other Countries who have examined the same research and set their safe exposure levels for microwave (RF) radiation at 0.1% - 1% of ours. • • • • • • • • • • •

Austria - 0.10 microwatts per cm2 Lichenstein - 0.10 mW/cm2 Russia 10 mW/cm2 Bavaria 10 mW/cm2 Hungary 10 mW/cm2 Italy 10 mWcm2 France 10 mW/cm2 Switzerland 10 mW/cm2 Australia 200 mW/cm2 U.S. 900 mW/cm2 Canada 1000 mW/cm2

Meaning Canada’s safety level is 10.000 to 1 million times higher... how can this be okay for us in the long-term, especially for our children? This research also shows that the majority of illnesses caused by WiFi, occur between 10 mW/cm2 and 1000 mW/cm2, which means that Canada’s level of 1000 mW/cm2 puts us at risk for them all! What I would like to know - is Health Canada ignoring this research or are they just trying to kill us! Counties the world over are now banning WiFi in their schools, while our Government is promoting it? Thousands of anti Smart Meter groups the world over are demanding to be allowed to opt-out, but did you know that the Smart Meters they use, emit a fraction of the WiFi compared to the ones we are being forced to have. Are Health Canada and BC Hydro part of some dastardly plot to make us sick and the drug companies rich??? And this is not some nutty conspiracy theory - the facts are there for all to see. The heads of these Ministries should be Tarred and Feathered for what they are doing to us, they need dragging into Court, to face a jury and be tried for forcing Canadians to accept the, now proven Dangerous WiFi in schools and Microwave Smart Meters. I am pleading to all Canadians to come together and demand that Health Canada, BC Hydro and our Government Stop this Genocidal Madness... Now before it’s too late!

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Changing the Cycle of Fear for Our Children by


y children enjoy a great deal of freedom. When I was child we also had freedom. It was OK to take a bus alone, walk slowly to a friend’s house exploring along the way, and even **gasp** speak to some to strangers. But as my childhood progressed I saw a slow weakening of trust in people. I remember palpably feeling distrust take over my parents when a made-for-TV movie came on about a child kidnapped or murdered. It felt as if it was actually the intended purpose of the show to instill fear. Flash forward to the present and almost every news story is encouraging fear. All the recent shootings and violence throughout the US keep us scared, worried, and in a constant state of reacting to things through emotion alone. The thing that most people do not realize, what I didn’t realize for a long time, is that through fear we are easier to control. We also lose who we were meant to be, and we do not follow the life path we were on as children.

When we hold onto fear or instill it in our children it fundamentally changes who we are, who they are Most parents I know, me included sometimes, use fear to control our children. Usually it is in the name of safety but a lot of times it stretches far beyond safety and more towards just getting our children to do what we want. It works..sometimes…in the short term! But is it worth it? Is it worth scaring our children, making them fearful, and capable of being controlled through their emotions? I don’t think that it is. My youngest two sons have always been daredevils, scaring people wherever we go. And I am sure some people look at my reaction to the things they do and wonder where I am, why I am not yelling at them, demanding they stop doing x, y and z, and to be more careful. I understand this mentality and sometimes I am gritting my teeth and holding my proverbial tongue because as a mom I am petrified and do not want anything bad to happen to them….EVER!

Page 6

Sometimes you have to let them leap! But just when I am about to yell,” be careful”, I think, what is worse, a broken arm or a crushed spirit? Is it worse overall for their lives to have a cut that needs stitches or to be crippled by fear? A concussion or the feeling that your parents do not believe in you and so the belief in yourself wanes? In my opinion, the latter of each is far worse, especially in the long run. I do not want my children’s actions to be controlled by fear...EVER! For when they allow themselves to be controlled by fear anyone can control them, push them towards unhappy choices, and throw them off the path they were destined to be on. A cut heals, a broken arm sets and bruises fade, but it is nearly impossible to reverse those fearful thoughts and images that we are conditioned to accept as reality as children. Is it my job to keep them safe? Of course it is and I do that to the best of my ability without taking away the person that they are. One son has broken his arm and needed stitches twice, and one son has had a concussion. I think that is standard fare for three boys over the span 13 years. Just because we can picture the next bad thing that could happen does NOT mean that it will happen. Most people would be shocked that we let our 13-year-old take a bus alone, or let our 9-year-old walk down the street to the store in a foreign country, or let our 5-year-old climb pretty much anything, but nothing bad has happened. Now you are thinking that just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t! I get that, and I think that at times as well. Remember I, too, was conditioned to accept fear as part of my reality when I was a child. But in the long run my boys feel confident and proud of themselves where a lot of children have replaced those things with fear and low self-esteem. We need to trust our children and give them the freedom to find their own successes and to learn from their own failures. It is possibly the hardest part of parenting but I believe one of the most imperative gifts we can give. It can be hard in this world to separate real dangers from imagined ones, but when you make the change you and your children will prosper. Our conditioning to this fear based mentality coupled with the realization that we are passing it on to our children is a perfect example of why we have to stop the cycle.

So What Can We Do to Stop the Cycle of Fear? 1.

Be aware of how much you are controlling your child. It is their life and they have a

- Bill Cosby




right to be in control of it far more than is the cultural norm of today. Get your own emotions and fears in check, whatever it takes let go of the fear and stop making irrational decisions based on emotions. When your child asks you to do something that immediately makes you see danger signs. STOP! And think through what the real concerns are. Is it a real danger? Are others doing it and surviving? Trust your child to make good decisions. I find children are far more capable if we let them live and learn on their own. They know their capabilities better than we do in


most instances. Start small, each week let them do something you used to immediately say no to. Your comfort level will rise and so will their confidence.

Not much feels better then accomplishment on your own terms! Breaking the cycle of fear is possible. Breaking the cycle of fear is necessary! Guide them, but let them cook, let them climb, let them jump, and let them explore and you will see the changes starting. The change has to start with you, the parent – but they end with a confident child!


Universal of




uman Societies are guided and held together by ideas and a shared sense of morality. When the people lose sight of those foundational principles corruption and dictatorial powers inevitability take root. Once criminal elements have taken control of society it becomes harder and harder to unseat them. As this process of regression continues there comes a point of no return: Where real change can no longer be achieved within the existing system. We’ve reached that point sometime ago. It’s time to come to terms with that, and adjust our actions accordingly. We face the situation right now where the electoral process has become little more than theatre; and the political awareness of the population has been reduced to petty bickering, over emotionally charged wedge issues. All the while those who are running the show lose our freedoms one by one and draw us everdeeper into undeclared wars of aggression. The only way that we can change course is by organizing a unified front outside the existing system. Not as a political party, not as a left-wing or right wing ideological faction but as a people: Unified not in

by Jim Kirwan

It’s a fancy name for a simple and obvious truth. But simple truths carry devastating implications when applied to the real world. Let’s follow those implications and see what it tells us about rights.

The Right to Life

 Each individual owns their own life. To claim the authority to control or terminate the life of another is inherently violent. It is a claim of human ownership and it is a fundamental violation of natural rights. Up until very recently in history, the ownership of other humans was explicit. Slaves and vassals were considered the property of their lords and masters. Their labor was extracted without compensation. Their lives could be taken at any moment: And their freedom was strictly limited. Modern states exercise these same powers but they disguise their totalitarian nature by distributing the mechanisms of power and control, through elaborate


The Right to Property Since your life is your own, and your time, and that which you produce with your time is also your own: To take the property of another by force, or the threat of force, through fraud is theft. To claim the authority to take the property of another or to claim ownership of their labor, their time and their life: Such claims are inherently illegitimate, regardless of whether they are made by an illegitimate dictator or the collective dictatorship of a ‘democracy’. The right to property has very little to do with economics. It has everything to do with how force is used in a society. The movement of goods and services may, or may not involve money at all. But those exchanges must be voluntary and transparent.

The Right to Privacy Non-essential searches of one’s home, transport

which makes all other rights possible. If you do not have the right to Defend Your Life, and the lives of those that you love, then any of your other rights can be taken from you, by anyone with the means to do so. Somewhere between 190 million and 260 million people were murdered by their own governments in this past century alone. This figure far outstrips the number killed by all international and civil wars during that same time period combined. It should therefore be abundantly clear that the state cannot be trusted with a monopoly on violence and it cannot be used for a substitute for the right of self-defence.

The Right to Self-Determination All people have the right to organize their communities as they so choose, in a voluntary manner. And they have the right to dissolve any political system placed over

protests of this broken and corrupt system but rather under a set of principles: Principles that will lay the foundation to rebuild on.

The Declaration of Natural Rights Any right that is a true human right is inherent. Such rights are not granted by governments. They are not privileges bestowed by society or created by documents. Therefore such rights cannot be regulated limited or revoked, by any such power. Any supposed authority that seeks to strip a natural right from the people is illegitimate, and should be dealt with accordingly. The most common way that rights are subverted is through the assertion of ‘rights’ which are not rights at all. There was a time when it was accepted by all, that Kings had a right to kill at a whim and to take the freedom and the property of any of his subjects, at will. The Divine Right of Kings is a false right. This is obvious to us now: However each era is blind to its own darkness. Before we can even begin to understand the true nature of ‘rights’ we must first answer one question honestly and follow the implications to their logical conclusions: ‘When is violence justified’? It’s a simple question, and there’s only one sane answer. The only morally acceptable context for violence is defence. That answer is often referred to as:

The Non-Aggression Principle

bureaucracies. The ownership of humans is no longer acknowledged outwardly; but on every practical level it is very much ‘in force’. Torture, assassination and wars of aggression are the most blatant expressions of the contempt for the right to life. These acts demonstrate the perverse belief that ‘the right’s of another person is theirs to destroy at will’. They are the ultimate assertion of human ownership.

The Right to Liberty Since your life is your own and you are free to live as you so chose, so long as your actions do not infringe upon ‘the rights of others’ The right to Liberty, encompasses but does not limit it to, the freedom of speech, the freedom of assembly, and the freedom of thought. The key to maintaining these freedoms is the understanding that true freedom is to allow others to make choices that we do not agree with.

or person, surveillance of communications and personal transactions outside the investigation of a specific crime; is an act of aggression. Barriers to travel, employment, healthcare and other necessary functions that force individuals to waive their rights to privacy are veiled forms of violence.

The Right to a Fair Trial In all criminal prosecutions the accused have the right to a speedy public trial, by an impartial jury of their peers. All juries have the right and the responsibility to deliver their verdict in accordance with their conscience: Regardless, whether that verdict contradicts written law or statutes. No legal ‘context’ shall be invented or construed which by-passes the right to a civilian trial. Military detentions and assassinations of civilians, regardless of the nationality of the accused and regardless of the allegations are direct violations of this right.

The Right to Self-Defence The right to ‘Defence’ is the boundary

them which relies on violence to enforce its directives. In a society which adheres to the non-aggression principles: The creation and distribution of organizational structures need not be violent. To dissolve a government is not an act of aggression. But the use of force to suppress such a movement is! When a government initiates force against the people—the people may call upon the Right to Self-Defence. When in the course of history a political system shows itself to be an enemy of the natural rights of the people: The people have the responsibility to dissolve that system. To stand passively by without so much as raising one’s voice as the tide of tyranny rises, is a betrayal of our children and our grandchildren. The first and most important step in changing the course of the culture is the spread and establishment of a new core philosophy. Each and every one of us can help make this happen by spreading these ideas. The Natural Rights Foundation is organizing towards this goal: Visit them at:

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Finance Retail Apocalypse: Why Are Major Retail Chains Collapsing?

Death by Financial Hypoxia


f the economy is improving, then why are many of the largest retail chains in America closing hundreds of stores? Why is this happening? Why are major retail chains all over America collapsing? Is the “retail apocalypse” upon us? Well, the truth is that this is just another sign that the U.S. economy is falling apart right in front of our eyes. Incomes are declining, taxes are going up, government dependence is at an all-time high, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the percentage of the U.S. labor force that is employed has been steadily falling since 2006. Most U.S. consumers are either flat broke or are drowning in debt and the large disposable incomes that the big retail chains have depended upon in the past simply are not there anymore.

e compare the real financial suicide machine that is the global financial markets to the hypothetical euthanasia coaster that would kill its passengers after an allegedly fun and euphoric ride induces GLOC – G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness. In the financial markets this is achieved by churning clients so rapidly or front running them at faster than the speed of light.


Euros Discarded as Impoverished Greeks Resort to Bartering


n this bustling port city at the foot of Mount Pelion, in the heart of Greece’s most fertile plain, locals have come up with a novel way of dealing with austerity – adopting their own alternative currency, known as the Tem. As the country struggles with its worst crisis in modern times, with Greeks losing up to 40% of their disposable income as a result of policies imposed in exchange for international aid, the system has been a huge success. Organisers say some 1,300 people have signed up to the informal bartering network. the currency – a form of community banking monitored exclusively online – is not only an effective antidote to wage cuts and soaring taxes but the “best kind of shopping therapy”.

Geo-Politics Belgian Environmental Study Corroborates Existence and Effects of Weather Modification


he study, entitled, “Contrail Science, Its Impact On Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted By The United States And Its Allies,” seeks to highlight “the specific problems associated with contrails emitted by aircraft, the manipulation for defense purposes of some of these trails by the United States government and the subsequent effect on quality of life.”

Democide: How Many People Will Government Kill this Year?


n the 20th century, the greatest unnatural killer of human beings was not plague, cancer, or accidents. It was democide: death by government. Governments murdered more people in the last 100-plus years than any other killer in existence on record. Statistics vary between 250 and 300 million dead depending on the source, but these counts typically only include civilian casualties and are underestimated. With military deaths added, the numbers soar much, much higher.

‘Tsunami Bomb’ Tested off New Zealand Coast


he United States and New Zealand conducted secret tests of a “tsunami bomb” designed to destroy coastal cities by using underwater blasts to trigger massive tidal waves.

US, Britain, France Secretly Plotting to Wage Worldwide Wars


aunching a lawsuit against the very company that is responsible for a farmer suicide every 30 minutes, 5 million farmers are now suing Monsanto for as much as 7.7 billion US dollars. Monsanto has been reportedly taxing the farmers to financial shambles with ridiculous royalty charges, leading certain farming regions to be known as the ‘suicide belt’.

here are five not-distinct but very-well connected secrets wars being conducted across that world by Imperial Western states of US-UK-France which are essential within their greater agenda goals of desperately maintaining their unchallenged relative power in the new, to them threatening, ever changing polycentric world. A poly-centric world is a world where there is no single ‘’superpower’’ or dominant great power in ‘’global leadership’’ position and role (the concept, ‘global leadership’, is a modern western favoured invention that replaced, literally, the concept of imperialism), as such poly-centric world rather refers to a world system where there are many regional superpowers that does tend to look more inward (regional and national: old states behaviour, of protectionism and patriotism/nationalism) rather than outward (meaning it is a challenge and antitheses to a multilateral world system as well as the overhyped western prized neo-colonial practice of globalisation). These secret wars need a closer watch and guard especially by the key respective states under assault.

5 Million Farmers Sue Monsanto for $7.7 Billion


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End to Evictions in Spain? Locksmiths Refuse to Help Oust Owners Amid Austerity Drive


ozens of locksmiths in the Spanish city of Pamplona have vowed to stop aiding authorities in evicting delinquent homeowners. The locksmiths said they would not assist in evictions that led to over 100 suicides in 2012. If a house’s locks remain unchanged, the evicted family could return whenever they liked, forcing authorities to start another – sometimes monthslong – eviction process. Unemployment in Spain currently stands at over 25 percent, and continues to rise. In 2008, the country’s housing market collapsed, causing widespread homelessness.

Health University Study: Youngevity® Products Kill Cancer Cells

Study: 97% of Children Affected by 2009 Mumps Outbreak Were Vaccinated for Condition

‘Organic’ from China Exposed


he clinical studies conducted by Clemson University were done to identify the potential benefits of Youngevity’s signature core products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate Classic®. Youngevity’s mission was to truly understand and clinically substantiate the health promoting benefits of these two products. Individually, each product targets specific areas, needs, and nutritional deficiencies of the body. When Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate Classic® were administered to healthy human colon cells, there was no significant death of healthy human cells compared to cancerous colon cells. Ultimate Classic® killed 95% of cancerous colon cells, 65% of cancerous liver cells, 65% of cancerous stomach cells, and 30% of cancerous breast cells. Beyond Tangy Tangerine® killed 60% of cancerous colon cells, 65% of cancerous liver and stomach cells, and 30% of cancerous breast cells.

NOTE: You can purchase Youngevity products from the New Agora. Visit our website and click on the 90 for Life banner.

Neurotoxic Flu Drug Approved for Use on Infants


hen it comes to foods, superfoods and even nutritional supplements from China, “organic” is largely a hoax. This is my opinion, of course, but I’ve been researching the issue quite extensively as the key decision maker for new products in the Natural News Store. And I’ve come to the conclusion that “organic” from China is largely a fraud. Here’s why: First off, you’re going to be shocked to learn that there is no limit to how much mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum is allowed in “organic” products. It’s a fact: USDA organic standards place NO LIMITS on levels of heavy metals contamination of certified organic foods.


ore evidence has emerged showing the complete failure of modern vaccines to provide any real protection against disease. A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) reveals that an astounding 97 percent of children affected by a mumps outbreak that swept the Northeast back in 2009 had already been vaccinated for the condition in accordance with recommended government guidelines.

Is Your Food Being Hit with a ‘Healthy’ Dose of Radiation?


f you believe GMO labeling is the only way the U.S. is flying under the radar with potentially dangerous food, you are sadly mistaken. In addition to the GMO-labeling controversy and the obvious promotion of Big Pharma over preventative, natural health, much of our food is given doses of the same stuff that destroyed Hiroshima and continues to wreak havoc on Fukushima—radiation.

New study: Infants Receiving the Most Vaccines are the Most Likely to be Hospitalized and Die


amiflu, the antiviral drug facing international criticism for its deadly side effects, has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for use on infants just two weeks old. The FDA’s decision comes amidst international controversy over Tamiflu, known generically as oseltamivir. Since the drug’s approval in 1999, several suicide deaths and incidents of bizarre side effects have been recorded. In the UK, where use of Tamiflu was relatively low at the time of publication of a 2005 article, only 41 “yellow card” reports of adverse reactions were recorded, just one being agitation and two being “confusional states.”.


new study, published in Human and Experimental Toxicology, a peer-reviewed journal indexed by the National Library of Medicine, analyzed more than 38,000 reports of infant hospitalizations and deaths following vaccinations. Researchers found statistically significant correlations between the number of vaccine doses administered to infants and infant hospitalization and mortality rates: babies who receive the most vaccines tend to have higher (worse) hospitalization and death rates.

Science & Tech Extreme Weather Fluctuations as Climate Reacts to Geoengineering


Crowdfunding the Exotic Free Energy Movement

Google Starts Watching What You Do Off the Internet Too

lobal geoengineering/weather modification proith the enactment of the Crowd Fund Act in he most powerful company on the Internet just grams are completely disrupting the planets natural April of 2012, we are all poised to witness a got a whole lot creepier: a new service from weather patterns from top to bottom. The entire climate sysnew and potentially profound effect upon the exotic free Google merges offline consumer info with online inteltem is so totally out of balance at this point that it is swinging energy movement. The new law, which seems to have ligence, allowing advertisers to target users based on radically from one extreme to another. These massive fluctualargely flown under the radar, was set to take effect Januwhat they do at the keyboard and at the mall. Without tions are being “forced” byNORTH the global climate/weather modi-PREMIERE AMERICA’S ary, 1, 2013,CONSPIRACY or when the SEC sets BOOKSTORE! in place the rules to much fanfare, Google announced news this week of a new fication programs known as “solar radiation management” protect investors, whichever occurs later. The new law advertising project, Conversions API, that will let busiand “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering”. The more the will allow startups to advertise opportunities for people nesses build all-encompassing user profiles based off of rare, hard-to-find, and some banned books. geoengineers spray to try Specializing and cool down the in temperatures, to invest their money in return for an equity stake in those not just what users search for on the Web, but what they the less it will rain, period. Add “artificial ice nucleation” to companies. This includes free energy startups. You simpurchase outside of the home. We are celebrating 22 years of enlightenment – huge discounts available during Dec the spray mix and the precipitation appears to go down still ply couldn’t do this before, legally speaking. further. 2012 – please call for great deals! …1-800-294-5250




Specializing in rare, hard-to-find, and some banned books. We are celebrating 22 years of enlightenment – huge discounts available during Dec 2012 – please call for great deals! …1-800-294-5250 Page 9

Food Is Your Medicine, Not Pills N

ot just a few, but all diseases can heal with the correct diet and absolutely no medication. Your body is capable of handling and recovering from any ailment provided you give it the appropriate terrain to heal. Supplements may at times be beneficial, but your true medicine is food and always has been. The next time your blood pressure shoots up, remember that your body is capable of controlling it without a trip to the GP. Dr Nandita Shah, a Pondicherry-based homeopath, says simple dietary changes can help prevent, and more importantly reverse, ailments like osteoporosis, diabetes and even high blood pressure without popping pills. Shah, who has been a homeopathic practitioner for 30 years, says the biggest hurdle most of us encounter is that we fail to understand our body. “If you put kerosene in a car that runs on petrol, the car will break down,” Shah says, adding that the human body functions better if it consumes foods that are a better fit. She offers an instance. Our body is mostly alkaline, she explains. A pH (potential Hydrogen) level between 1 and 6.9 is considered acidic, while one between 7.1 and 14 is marked alkaline. The human body’s natural pH level stands at 7.45, making it alkaline. All fruits and vegetables, natural juices like coconut water are alkaline, which make them a better nutrition fit than say animal proteins, tea, coffee, sugar, alcohol, and packaged foods that have high acidic levels. An imbalance in pH levels, says Shah, can lead to a disruption in cellular activity, causing health problems that range from heartburn to heart disease. Nutrients in foods do not work alone in isolation, instead they work together as a powerhouse team in what’s called synergy. We’re often so focused on single nutrients like vitamin c and calcium, that we don’t consider that maybe it’s how these nutrients work with one another that make them so great. The Journal of Nutrition in 2004 conducted a study on rats that were fed tomatoes and broccoli. Prostate tumours grew less in rats fed a combination of tomatoes and broccoli versus rats who were fed tomatoes and broccoli on its own. They even isolated and removed the cancer fighting substances found in tomatoes and broccoli and fed them to the rats, but they were ineffective. The point I’m trying to make is, a lycopene (the potent nutrient in tomatoes) supplement might be useful, but the whole tomato is better, and that tomato with a bit of fat is even better, but that tomato with a bit of fat and some broccoli is so much better. Why exactly? Scientists are still unsure but it’s all attributed to food synergy.

Eat Right To Be Healthy Osteoporosis cause: Calcium deficiency is not the cause of this condition. It’s a diet that’s

* * * *

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either very rich in acidic foods or high in protein. Proteins are broken down into amino acids which are acid yielding. And so, consuming large amounts of animal protein results in the body extracting calcium from the bones to neutralize the effect of acids. When the lost calcium is not restored, it causes osteoporosis over a period of time. Food solution: Eat foods rich in vitamin D (it helps the body absorb calcium from foods), eliminate acidic foods like colas and caffeine. Include more fruits and vegetables in your meals. Green leafy veggies are rich in Vitamin K, and help rebuild bones. Diabetes cause: Sugar is not the cause of diabetes, rather high blood sugar is the result of diabetes. The real cause of type 2 diabetes is the presence of fats in muscle cells. Beta cells present in the pancreas monitor the bloodstream for glucose. When blood sugar levels rise after meals, the beta cells respond by secreting insulin. Insulin helps in the further absorption of glucose. Consumption of unhealthy fats causes beta cells to lose their ability to sense glucose in the blood, allowing blood sugar to rise unnaturally. Food solution: Avoid unhealthy fats found in fried foods, packaged foods, butter, meat, whole fat dairy products, and most vegetable oils. Any fat that comes with fibre is good for you. Think peanuts, cashew, and sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Acne cause: Eating processed foods increases the body’s insulin levels, causing skin inflammation and breakouts. An imbalance of Omega-3 fats in the diet can also aggravate acne. Omega-3 fats are known to counter the

by Dr Marianna Pochelli

Food solution: Adopt a two-pronged approach -- stay away from unhealthy fats found in fried and packaged foods, and boost the intake of potassium, a mineral that reduces the effect of sodium on blood pressure levels. Mushrooms, bananas, dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, oranges and dates are high in potassium. Asthma cause: Asthma is an allergic response of the body to a substance, such as foreign dust particles or foods that cause swelling or inflammation of the airways. High levels of histamine, a chemical messenger that helps direct the body’s response to a foreign invader, have been found to inflame respiratory airways.

Nutrients in foods do not work alone in isolation. We’re often so focused on single nutrients like vitamin c and calcium, that we don’t consider that maybe it’s how these nutrients work with one another that make them so great.

effect of inflammatory chemicals that lead to breakouts. Food solution: Have a diet that’s low on sugar and rich in whole grains, fibre, fruits and vegetables. It will balance the body’s insulin levels. Go for Omega-3 rich walnuts, flaxseeds, spinach and strawberries. Avoid fried and greasy foods.

Food solution: Although no diet can guarantee the reversal of asthma, avoiding foods that up histamine levels can help control it. These include: alcohol, vinegar, ketchup, confectionary made with yeast, sour cream and fermented and processed foods.

High blood pressure cause: Blood pressure is the force exerted against the walls of the arteries as blood flows through them. If a person has high blood pressure, it means that the walls of the arteries are receiving too much pressure repeatedly. Consumption of unhealthy fats leads to a build up of cholesterol deposits along the artery walls, thinning the passage for blood flow, and thereby adding to the pressure.

The best way to ensure that your diet is balanced is to colour code it. Pigmentation is what lends colour to fruits and vegetables, and also contains healthy nutrients. The deeper the colour, the higher the percentage of a specific nutrient the food item has. Purple coloured foods like plums and aubergines have phytochemicals called anthocyanins and resveratrol that fight ageing, reduce blood pressure and protect

Colour Your Plate Right

Dr. Marianna Pochelli is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in the treatment of disease through superfoods and herbal strategies. She actively promotes detoxification, colon cleansing, and a vegetarian lifestyle using living foods as a platform to health.

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the body against liver diseases. Orange-coloured foods such as oranges and carrots contain betacarotene and betacryptoxanthin that keep the skin and eyes healthy, and also protect against arthritis. Yellow foods such as bananas and sweet corn contain carotenoids that boost the immune system and keep the heart healthy. White foods, including garlic, onions, cauliflower and mushrooms, are rich in vitamin C, and antibiotic and anti-fungal compounds that fight cell damage and keep the fighter white blood cells healthy. Red foods like tomatoes and watermelons contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene which acts as an internal sunscreen and protects you from sunburn, prevents osteoporosis and heart diseases. Greens such as peas, broccoli and spinach are packed with sulforaphane, isothiocyanate, and indoles which stimulate the liver to keep cancer producing chemicals in check. Always choose real foods over processed foods. If the food didn’t grow in a garden or a farm, then it’s not a real food. This means choose the potato over the potato chips. Eat an orange rather than drink orange juice. Eat fruit instead of fruit snacks. If you’re a meat eater, eat actual meat not Frankenstein versions like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and sandwich meat. Diversify your food. Always aim for eating a variety of foods and colours. Whole foods vary in colour because they all possess their own unique set of nutrients. Choose foods with bright colours and you’ll be sure to get a wide range of needed nutrients for disease prevention, optimal performance, high energy, and clear thinking. _____________________

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The Cancer Cash Cycle C

ancer is big business. Despite massive public screening campaigns and talk of cures, cancer rates continue to soar, and certain companies not only profit from making the chemicals that cause cancer but also from selling the drugs that treat it. The 2010 documentary ‘Cut, Poison, Burn” provides revealing insight into the medical monopoly of cancer ‘treatment’, as a four year old boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer was compelled to undergo a system of chemo, surgery and radiation, against his parents wishes. He was not allowed access to a proven method of alternative treatment. The medical system’s response was callous. The authorities threatened to take the boy into custody and charged his parents with child abuse if the medical option was not opted for. The boy’s death certificate states his cause of death as: “respiratory failure due to chronic toxicity of chemotherapy”. It is easy to conclude after watching the film that what we have here is some kind of corrupt racket. Indeed, the 2009 documentary ‘The Idiot Cycle’ alleges that some of the world’s top cancer causing culprits (including, it is claimed in the film, Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont, Monsanto, Syngenta, Novartis, Pfizer, among others) are allegedly profiting from the production of cancer-causing products and then some of the same companies are investing in profitable cancer ‘treatments’. These claims outlined in the movie remain to be fully verified. On top of this, some of these companies are now developing genetically modified crops, which have never been adequately tested for long-term health impacts like cancer. The onset

of the disease is frequently 15 to 20 years down the road for victims. Prior to undertaking his recent study into the health impacts of GMOs and incurring the wrath of the GMO sector for his findings, Gilles-Eric Seralini, professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, said it was absurd that only three months of testing allowed GM corn to be approved in over a dozen nations. Upon reviewing Monsanto’s raw data, he and his team found, among other problems, liver damage and physiological changes into a pre-diabetic condition among the rats which had eaten Monsanto’s GM corn. And that’s just from three months of eating such food. His new study was over a two year period. The incidence of cancer is escalating and is expected to double by 2050, and it’s a global issue. For example, the incidence of cancer for some major organs in India is the highest in the world. While tobacco is a major cause, other factors cannot be discounted. Recent reports in the Indian media have drawn attention to rising rates of breast cancer in urban areas, and in 2009 there was a reported increase in cancer rates in Tamil Nadu’s textile belt, possibly due to chemically contaminated water. But without proper regulations in force, this may be the thin end of the wedge for India. According to Dr Samuel Epstein, emeritus professor of environmental medicine at the University of Illinois, a range of industries in the US have contaminated the air, land and sea with a wide range of petrochemical and other carcinogens. This has not only affected

the public at large, but has also placed workers in certain sectors and their offspring at risk of cancer. Epstein notes that the incidence of nonHodgkin’s lymphoma has increased by nearly 100 per cent in the US over the last few decades, and brain cancer by about 80 to 90 per cent. Breast cancer has gone up by about 60 to 65 per cent. Testicular cancer – particularly in men between the ages of 28 and 35 – has gone up by nearly 300 percent. Epstein asserts that there has been a massive escalation in the incidence of cancer that cannot be explained away on the basis of smoking, longevity, genetics or a fatty diet. He may be right. In the US, animal and dairy products are contaminated with a wide range of hormones, pesticides and other industrial chemical carcinogens, some of which are very important risk factors for reproductive cancers – testicular cancers in men, breast cancers in women and leukemia in children. The use of the IGF1 growth hormone in milk has been associated with breast, prostate and colon cancer. Epstein provides various examples of everyday, taken-for-granted household items, cosmetics and toiletries, from deodorants to shampoo and talcum powder, which also contain chemicals that are carcinogens. The conclusion is that synthetic chemicals and their effects on people’s health affect everyone simply because they can be found in so many consumer products today. Unfortunately many governments roll over all too easily when it comes to sanctioning new synthetic chemicals without adequate testing, which is not too surprising,

by Colin Todhunter especially where pharmaceuticals are concerned – substantially more money is spent by companies on marketing and lobbying than on actual research into their drugs. The usual tactic by officialdom is to individualize health issues by advising people to change their behaviour. While in certain cases individual behaviour may indeed minimize risks, there is not much the individual can do in terms of many of the major cancers that have increased in recent decades. By adopting a “blame the victim” strategy, attention is diverted away from the practices of large profiteering corporations that cause cancer and ill health. Scientist Dr Shiv Chopra tells of his many battles against the Canadian government which knowingly allowed dangerous drugs, agricultural practices and carcinogenic pesticides to enter the food supply. Chopra asserts that there is a concerted effort by companies to sicken and then treat humanity, while raking in massive profits. Whistleblowers like Chopra are playing a valuable role by exposing corrupt practices, and films like ‘Cut, Burn, Poison’ and ‘The Idiot Cycle’ are helping to shed light on the failure of the ‘war on cancer’ (war on drugs, war on terror… corrupt practices and failure – a common theme). At the same time, a number of pressure groups are actually engaged in trying to phase out the use of carcinogenic chemicals in products. As was the case when the tobacco companies were taken on, though, tackling the interests of powerful state-corporate actors is likely to be a long and arduous affair.

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The Cancer Industry’s War on Cancer Cures A

fter Rick Simpson’s efforts to introduce his hemp oil to the Canadian Health system were denied, even after proving it had cured many of his town’s cancer patients free of charge, he realized the cancer industry doesn’t want a cure. Now, he’s in exile in Amsterdam because he refused to stop helping his neighbours free of charge and he refuses to deny the effectiveness of his hemp oil for cancer. Dr. Robert Atkins asserted there are already hundreds of cures for cancer. His medical license was suspended for curing a woman’s breast cancer with ozone therapy. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski had been hounded by the Texas medical authorities and FDA for 15 years, despite his success with difficult cancer cases while conducting clinical trials without outside funding. A couple of major factors were disclosed by a recent documentary, “Burzynski: The Movie,”

AKA: Burzyinski: Cancer is Serious Business, FDA Tyranny.” The FDA receives half a billion dollars annually from Big Pharma’s “user fees.” These user fees help support the FDA financially and influence their fast track licensing of newly patented drugs. The documentary fleshes out an intrigue where one of his formerly contracted researchers ran off to get approval for a higher phase of testing, but instead she colluded with another pharmaceutical company to steal Burzynski’s patents. What snowballed from this involved the National Cancer Institute and the FDA, and it’s shockingly revealed from around one hour and fifteen minutes into the documentary to the end. The cancer industry uses two main tactics in their war against cancer cures: If it’s patentable, they will steal it and squash the original patent holder, as was attempted with Burzynski. If

they can’t patent or steal it, they will test it improperly in order to make it fail and discredit it. Testing to ensure failure has occurred recently with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s efforts to get FDA approval for his updated version of Dr. William Kelley’s successful 1970s cancer healing protocols. This is also what happened when the Sloane-Kettering Cancer Institute tested Dr. Ernst Krebb’s successful laetrile cancer treatments. An attempt to hide a natural medicine had occurred with Canadian nurse Rene Caisse (Reen Case) and the American Indian formula she had used and named Essiac Tea. The AMA under Dr. Morris Fishbein tried buying out Harry Hoxsey’s herbal formulas, eventually forcing him to take his successful clinic to Mexico after years of court battles. Then, Fishbein and associates tried to buy into and take control of award winning scientist

by Paul Fassa Royal Raymond Rife’s electronic device that had been heralded in California circa 1940s as a real cancer cure. Rife was eventually ruined. You’re probably somewhat familiar with Dr. Max Gerson’s methods for successfully curing cancer. His clinic was forced into Mexico where daughter Charlotte and her son continue after the medical mafia’s harassment, which included attempts on Dr. Gerson’s life and stealing clinical records. These are a few of the more notorious examples of why most cancer patients and well meaning doctors are kept ignorant of the 200plus more effective and less toxic options when confronted with a cancer diagnosis. There’s too much money involved among the cancer industry’s players, trillions of dollars, to permit any intrusions of inexpensive, effective, and safe cancer cures into the Medical Mafia’s turf.

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The $3 Cancer Cure Halt Infectious Disease and Much More

by Carolanne Wright


aking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an extraordinary natural remedy. This economical and common powder has a wide range of healing possibilities: acne, cancer, colds, influenza, acid reflux — the list goes on and on. And don’t forget about all the great uses around the house as well. Priced around $3 for a large box, baking soda just might be that readily available and cost effective miracle everyone has been looking for.

The Connection Between Fungus and Cancer The ground breaking work of Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD and Dr. Simonchini, an oncologist in Rome, Italy, has shown the tremendous potential of sodium bicarbonate. Dr. Simonchini originally made the connection between fungal infections and cancer proliferation. He realized that when a tumour was flushed with baking soda (which is anti-fungal), it shrank and completely disappeared within days. Mark Sircus takes this idea one step further, believing that baking soda can be ingested as well with remarkable results. Sircus feels that cancer is a complex disease and healing goes beyond simply targeting the tumour — the body needs to be brought into harmony with breathing techniques, exercise, sun exposure and massage along with bicarbonate therapy. A striking example of success is Vernon Johnston who cured stage IV prostate cancer with this protocol.

Protect Against Colds and Influenza

Additional Benefits

Cancer is not the only ailment that is healed by baking soda. Contagious illnesses like colds and influenza also respond well to sodium bicarbonate. In 1922, a small booklet was published extolling the healing virtues of this simple powder. Edward R. Hays, MD said at the time: “In 1918 and 1919 while fighting the ‘Flu’ with the U. S. Public Health Service it was brought to my attention that rarely any one who had been thoroughly alkalinized with bicarbonate of soda contracted the disease, and those who did contract it, if alkalinized early, would invariably have mild attacks. I have since that time treated all cases of ‘Cold,’ Influenza and LaGrippe by first giving generous doses of Bicarbonate of Soda, and in many, many instances within 36 hours the symptoms would have entirely abated.” Recommended dosage for colds and influenza: DAY 1: Consume a total of six doses of half a teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Take at two hour intervals. DAY 2: Continue the same protocol, but reduce to four doses. DAY 3: Consume only two doses — one in the morning and another at night. DAY 4: Continue thereafter with one dose in the morning until illness is cured.

Not only helpful with disease, baking soda has a broad spectrum of use. It is also good for: • • • • • • • • • •

Clearing acne Cleansing hair and removing buildup Detoxifying radiation poisoning Acid reflux Cleaning teeth Insect bites Boosting laundry detergent Removing dirt and residue off fresh fruits and vegetables Household cleaning and deodorizing Unclogging drains when combined with vinegar

For pennies per use, sodium bicarbonate really is an economical workhorse. Considering the average conventional cancer treatment costs over $350,000, baking soda provides an inexpensive, safe and effective alternative. Whether contending with the threat of cancer, infectious disease, acne or simply seeking a environmentally friendly cleansing agent, baking soda is a natural champion.

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Vaccines VS The Perfect Human Body

by Dave Mihalovic


lain a n d simple, you can’t believe in both. The marketing of vaccines relies on fear and intimidation with a constant amplification of a myth that the human body is somehow flawed and incapable of protecting itself against foreign invaders. Humans have lived on the Earth for hundreds of millennia, yet in the span of only one century, mass populations have been duped into believing they can no longer survive on this planet without foreign DNA and man-made chemicals being injected into their bodies. The lies have been repeated so often that they have become the truth for billions of people–and regardless of the resources and logic these people are presented with, they will defend their truth until their time has come to see an alternative perspective. So here’s one perspective: If you believe in vaccines, you don’t believe in natural health and you certainly don’t have any confidence in the human body in all its perfection. The human body is a gift–an incredible biological machine capable of remarkable diversity in form and function. It’s older than any technology that exists in the world today and has survived the ages with a population growth that can only be defined as accelerating, not decelerating. Yet it’s constantly under-appreciated, undervalued and forever judged on its inability to “perform” at even a satisfactory potential. We’re always trying to fix what society feels are its deficiencies and it can never be left to its own devices or healing mechanisms. The human body is damaged from birth so we must fill it with chemicals so that it can survive–this is the philosophy of mainstream medicine. Allopathic medicine believes that prevention can only be achieved through chemical intervention, using drugs, vaccines, radiation, and literally poison to treat disease. In this sense, it uses a failed model and it’s proving to be the scourge of humanity, as evidenced by the amount elderly populations who are living in more pain and disability than at any other point in our history. Our food industry, pollution levels, toxic consumer products are also largely to blame, but medical treatment models including pharmaceuticals fit very well into the equation that helps create the formula for debilitation.

“A 65-year old male today has approximately 15% less muscle mass, 20% less cardiovascular endurance, 30% greater incidence of disease and is more than 40% less active than his counterpart just 60 years ago,” said Dr. Rebecca Malasky, Doctor of Orthopedic Medicine. Dr. Malasky says that humans are living longer but not better in terms of quality of life and health, especially when we compare modern populations to those just 50 to 70 years ago. So although life expectancy is longer, it has come at a cost. “We suffer with more disability and pain which increases at a rate of at least 8-12% per decade after the age of 50,” said Malasky. One of the claims that vaccine manufacturers make is that human life expectancy today is largely due to the advent of vaccines since they claim that the drugs represent one of the most significant medical breakthroughs of the past century that helped rid disease. It’s just another myth that continues through repetition and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in our schools, media and healthcare systems. NLP is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion, especially for those not conscious to its effect on the mind. Familiar things require less effort to process and that feeling of ease unconsciously signals truth (this is called cognitive fluency). Vaccines have never saved us. Reports on two centuries of official statistics gives just a small preview of how an entire industry spawned on misinformation campaigns convincing people that crippling diseases such as polio, measles, smallpox, and others were eradicated due to vaccines. They weren’t. They were already on the decline as evident from the mortality statistics. Table 29 is especially relevant since it shows that well-vaccinated individuals against small pox doubled the fatality rates of those practically unvaccinated. Improved sanitation, clean water, less overcrowding, better living conditions, and nutrition are what contributed to disease declines, NOT vaccines. This is also borne out in published peer reviewed research. The basic truth that served as the foundation for the mountain of lies known as vaccinations was the observation that mammals who recover from infection with microorganisms acquire natural immunity from further infections. Whenever T cells (the little packman cells which kill viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells, thus conferring cellular immunity) and B cells (antibody producing cells which confer humoral immunity) are activated by various substances foreign to the body called antigens, some of the T and B cells become memory cells. Thus, the next time the individual meets up with that same antigen, the immune system

can be quickly triggered to demolish it. This is the process known as immunity. This truth gave birth to a belief that if a foreign antigen was injected into an individual, that individual would then become immune to a future infection. This belief was given the name, “vaccinations”. What the promoters of vaccination failed to realize is that the respiratory tract of ALL mammals (since animals are just as devastated by these inoculations with disease as are humans) contain secretory IgA (an antibody which initiates the natural immune response) within the respiratory tract mucosa. Bypassing this mucosal aspect of the immune system by directly injecting organisms into the bloodstream leads to a corruption in the immune system itself. As a result, the pathogenic viruses or bacteria cannot be eliminated by the immune system and remain in the body, where they will further grow and/ or mutate as the individual is exposed to ever more antigens and toxins in the environment which continue to assault the immune system. The mechanism by which the immune system is corrupted can best be realized when you understand that the two poles of the immune system (the cellular and humoral mechanisms) have a reciprocal relationship. Thus, when one is stimulated, the other is inhibited. Since vaccines activate the B cells to secrete antibody, the T cells are subsequently suppressed. This suppression of the cell mediated response is a key factor in the development of cancer and life threatening infections. In fact, the “prevention” of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease; they actually prevent the disease from ever being resolved

typical of the medical model which relies on treating symptoms rather than disease. The organisms continue circulating through the body, mutating and transforming into other organisms (as demonstrated by the work of Professor Antoine Bechamp), depending on the acidity and toxicity of the internal terrain of the body. In addition, manufacturers load vaccines with excipients and ingredients that depress the immune system including carcinogenic, immunotoxic, neurotoxic, carcinogenic and sterility agents such as MSG, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, detergents, thimerosal and many other toxic ingredients. Dr. James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health reported in December, 2003 that “the only safe vaccine is one that is never used”. The body is perfect in its natural state. It can resist foreign invaders with ease if given the internal terrain to heal, meaning proper nutrition, clean water and sunlight. It doesn’t really need anything else, besides maybe some love. So love your body naturally, because no vaccine injection into your body is a safe one. __________________ Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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96-1209-2 -2 2 1 0 2 . C O D WA UCC D N A 3 9 5 3 1 1 O. 2012 ESTR UCC DOC N T - WWW.PEOPL


by Andy Whiteley


any of you have heard… many have not. Announced publicly on 25 December 2012, the system of Corporate-Governmental rule has been foreclosed. Legally foreclosed… via one of its own mechanisms. The “Powers That Be” are now the “Powers That Were”. All debt has been erased and corporations – including but not limited to Corporate Governments and Banks – have been foreclosed. Sure, they may continue to play along in hopes we will play along with them. But thanks to a series of UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings made by the One People’s Public Trust (known as OPPT) the choice is now yours to make. A new framework for social governance is now in effect; a fact that has been ratified by the ‘legal’ framework of its corporate-controlled predecessor. Systemically speaking… WE ARE FREE!! (Get comfortable folks – this is a long article but it’s one you can’t afford to miss!!)

One People’s Public Trust The conclusion of legal actions taken by the OPPT have generated a lot of excitement. And rightly so! The potential for positive change it creates is MOMENTOUS! But before we get into the implications I’d like to present to you the “what happened” and “how” of the situation. Corporate-controlled Government and corporate-controlled Media refuse to announce their own demise – for obvious reason. So as informed global citizens, I believe our role is to understand what happened and how, so that we can inform others… and finally start the process of worldwide change we’ve all been waiting for.

But First, A Reality Check Before I go on, allow me to state a few facts up front. 1) Governments are were Corporations. The Corporate Government phenomenon is not only demonstrated by the way “governments” behave as Beneficiaries (not as Trustees) of the government Trust, but the paper-trail also proves it! The United States, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, South Africa…. and the list goes on…. all are US-based corporate entities, registered as such with the United States Security & Exchanges Commission… and operating as such at our expense. “The system” is oligarchical in nature, in that it is geared only to profit “the few” while the rest of us work to support it. 2) Persons are were corporations: At birth, a birth certificate application is signed by your parents which is used by Corporate Government to commence a Trust in your name. This Trust is used as collateral, and a collateral account is created and funded in your name. You are the Beneficiary of this Trust… but no-one tells you it exists. If you do not complete a Will by the age of 7, Corporate Government declares you deceased – under admiralty law of all things! – and you are officially considered by the system to be “lost at sea”. Seriously. Corporate Government then assumes financial control of your estate, and they – aware that most of us do in fact live beyond 7 – continue to treat us as living slaves. The funds generated by monetizing your life – using you as collateral – are loaned to you when you apply for bank finance, mortgages etc. You are then forced to work to repay those funds – plus interest – back to the system. Legally, you have no rights because you’re considered “dead” by the age of 7. You lose. 3) Mass media is the tool used by Corporate Governments to deliver propaganda directly to your home. It is used to manipulate public perceptions of Corporate Government

The fraud of government is real. And finally – by the ir failure to rebut the UCC cla ims – the entire corporate government complex sta nds guilty of fraud, treas on and slavery. By internati onal law, the OPPT has the right to claim remedy on behalf of the One Peop le for those crimes. They chose to foreclose on an d terminate the corporation s, banks and governments responsible, and to confi scate all assets and infrastructures of these entiti es – including all the go ld and silver held as assets by the banking system – and place them in the ha nds of the One People. Page 14


actions and inactions, to reinforce social norms, limits and behaviours, and to sell you crap by creating a “need” and then providing you with a product to fulfill it. And it isn’t limited just to Media; the psychology of the “old” paradigm is reinforced through educational and religious institutions as well. Corporations, Governments and Media all tell the same lies. They are all part of the same beast. 4) As a result, the world’s economic structure is was a mechanism of mass slavery. Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property, and are forced to work. Slaves are held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, or to refuse to work. Sound familiar? You were born into “the system” without any say in how it works. You were raised and taught to contribute to the system. You must work exhaustive hours in the system, and you must pay taxes to the system. You must adhere to the rules of the system – most of which relate to property and ownership – or you will be punished by the system. By design, the system will deliver abundance only to a select few, and many others will go hungry. But if you don’t like it, you cannot leave the system. The system “owns” everything, everyone and everywhere. Until now, you had one option: play along. It’s like living in a casino with no exit. And the house always wins.

When Were Our Governments Corporatized? It all started with the introduction of the Reserve Bank system. When the Federal Reserve Act was implemented in the United States in 1913, Congressman Charles Lindberg warned the US Congress in a Congressional Record dated, December 22, 1913 (vol. 51) that an inevitable consequence of instituting the Federal Reserve system was that – using their power to inflate and deflate an economy – corporations would take control. In Congressman Lindbergh’s words: “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created”. And they are. In 1929s, the “Powers That Were” deliberately crashed the stock market. How? Fluctuations in the stock market are driven by emotion. Prior to the 1929 crash, excitement was created in the market which created a period of inflation. Those in control unloaded their holdings at premium prices, then created a panic in the market. And as prices plummeted, they bought back their holdings at fire-sale prices – and eliminated their ailing competition in the process. In short, the Great Depression was artificially generated so the large corporations that controlled the stock market could profit from lending governments the money required to recover from its orchestrated collapse. Sovereign nations were ultimately forced to sign onto debt agree-

ments which, by their nature, could never be paid off. And as national debts began to mount, the “slavery by debt” paradigm was formalized…and corporations took control. Today, Corporate Governments continue to masquerade as real government. The Reserve Bank system (which now dominates western economies) continues to drive periods of ‘marketboom’ and ‘market-bust’ by strategically tightening and relaxing the supply of money and credit. The current Global Financial Crisis is a perfect example. And all the while, establishment Media plays its part by influencing the emotion of the stock market and facilitating political untruths. But the complex campaign undertaken by the OPPT has forced the corporate system into foreclosure. All corporations, including Government and Banking systems, have been rendered extinct using their own mechanisms of commercial regulation. Lawfully speaking, it’s a case of out with the old trusts and in with the new!

So Is This The “Overthrow Of Government”? No – it is the overthrow of the corporations who have until now masqueraded as government. If you understand that “governments” are actually corporations that have overwritten the constitutions of sovereign nations by stealth, their demise can only be seen as long overdue. The fraud of government is real. And finally – by their failure to rebut the UCC claims – the entire corporate government complex stands guilty of fraud, treason and slavery. By international law, the OPPT has the right to claim remedy on behalf of the One People for those crimes. They chose to foreclose on and terminate the corporations, banks and governments responsible, and to confiscate all assets and infrastructures of these entities – including all the gold and silver held as assets by the banking system – and place them in the hands of the One People. Don’t think of it as an overthrow, think of it as the recovery of stolen property. The actions of the One People’s Public Trust essentially reclaim what is ours, as sovereign beings of this planet. Universal Law, Common Law and the UCC are now the governing law of the planet. (I will later describe in detail the mechanisms implemented by the OPPT to replace the necessary functions of governance).

UCC: The Bible Of Commerce The UCC is the “bible” of commerce; it precisely dictates the manner in which international trade and commerce should be enacted. In fact, the entire commercial system pivots around UCC law. If your mortgage is foreclosed on or your car is repossessed, the bank uses the UCC process to do so. But UCC law is not taught in law schools. It remains the domain of corporations and their operatives, who train their legal-department employees in UCC law as required – thus keeping the knowledge of this important mechanism “in


05: 1-308 -3 1 C C U , 3 0 2: UCC 1-1

RUST1776.ORG house”. But one of the trustees of OPPT was professionally involved in UCC law for some time, and understands intimately how the “Powers That Were” manipulated the UCC to control the United States financial system at a very high level. UCC expert, mother, and OPPT spearhead Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf used the foreclosure of her own home as a test case. She challenged the foreclosure through UCC process, and in doing so discovered – put very simply – that the U.S. court system invariably supports the corporate system. Not surprising really, given that 99% of our laws relate to ownership… or commerce. After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments and financial systems were committing treason against the people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent. The final report from the investigation can be found here: So… in order to foreclose on “the system”, the Trustees of OPPT set a trap using the legal structure provided to them BY “the system”.

How Did The Trustees Achieve Foreclosure? The OPPT is managed by Trustees Caleb Skinner, Hollis Randall Hillner and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. The OPPT was created when the Trustees bonded themselves to – and as a result resumed – the trust that was framed in the original US Constitution of 1776; the constitution that was abandoned when the United States government was corporatized in 1933. The OPPT then bonded every individual on the planet to this Trust as the Beneficiaries in equity, known as “the One People, created by The Creator”. By doing so, the Trustees framed a Trust that has a superior claim to any other – the Trust between the Creator and the “states of being” of Earth. The “states of being” of Earth are the beneficiaries of the Creator as the custodians of the Creator’s manifestations on Earth. Lawfully speaking, there can be no higher claim than that of the One People’s Public Trust… except for one made by the Creator. Our planet’s resources – specified in the UCC filings to be the world’s gold and silver – cannot therefore be owned, sold to us for a price, metered out in ‘salary’ quantities to enslave us, or withheld to create poverty or destitution. Under the One People’s Public Trust, we all have equity. Our planet’s resources now belong to each of us in equal measure. That is our birth right. Now it is law. Between 2011 and 2012, the Trustees lodged a complex series of filings with the UCC on behalf of its Beneficiary. Full details of the OPPT’s filings with the UCC can be found on their website: Be warned: it is very heavy legal reading and designed for the purposes of legal noticing and disclosure, not for communicating OPPT’s actions or their implications to the general public. However the Trustees are working directly with the global ‘alternative

media’ community to ensure the public receive accurate, clear and relevant information. To summarize these documents: Understanding that corporations, governments and banks are one and the same, an “Order of Finding and Action” was filed against the “the debtor”, a legal entity created via the UCC process which encompasses all corporate entities. The filings claim that the Debtor “knowingly, willingly and intentionally committed treason” by “owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems” and “operating Slavery Systems used against… citizens without their knowing, willing and intentional consent”. UCC filings are public records, and follow standard administrative processes. When facing a claim, an entity (in this case “the Debtor”) is given the right of rebuttal. If a rebuttal is not received within the required timeframe, a default action then applies, followed by termination of that entity; in this case, on the grounds that it failed to rebut charges of treason by “the One People”. The important thing to understand here is that a UCC filing stands as law if it remains un-rebutted. And in this case, the OPPT Trustees ensured they created a legal situation in which the individuals and entities that form “the debtor” had no ability to rebut. How could they? The claims of slavery and fraud are true. Of course, no rebuttal was received. The ‘Debtor’ is therefore guilty of treason. As remedy, corporations are foreclosed and their assets re-claimed. The wealth of our planet is returned to “the One People”. All corporate debt is erased. “The system” is terminated. The public record shows it. The UCC filing stands as international law. By the system’s own terms, it no longer exists. We are free!! Visit to read the press release issued by the One People’s Public Trust on 4th February 2013.

One People’s Public Trust Lawfully Forecloses Corporations, Banks and Governments for Operating Slavery and Private Money Systems can never be taken away without your knowing consent. Until now, our existence under the former slavery system has been a constant struggle; a struggle to balance work and family commitments; a struggle just to “make ends meet”, to “afford” a place to live – a place in which to exist. But in a world of ABUNDANCE designed specifically by the Creator to provide for our needs, this struggle was not a natural state of being. Rather it was the result of psychological warfare played out against us. And it worked! It kept us humans under control, kept us working like good little slaves, and ensured the profits kept rolling in for the privileged few in “power”. But today, by its own terms, “the system” no longer exists. Many of us saw “the system” for what it was. Many did not. Many didn’t believe that “the system” was even a system. Many will realize it shortly. Regardless, as the demise of the old paradigm takes root and becomes apparent in our societies, a psychological change must happen within all of us. It may seem overwhelming, but we humans have dealt with paradigm change before; consider the internal and psychological change required of the African American slave race when the system of involuntary servitude was abolished… of the German people when the Berlin Wall was ordered down in 1989… of the citizens of the former So-

viet Union at its dissolution in 1991… of the Egyptian people who removed their dictator in 2011… and of the Icelandic people who imprisoned their corrupt bankers and politicians and re-wrote their constitution in 2012. This type of psychological revolution is not new. But it does pose many personal challenges. This is a time to be brave, and to be bravely YOU. In the absence of a controlling structure we must each take control of our destinies, and of the destiny of our planet. We must learn to make choices for ourselves again, and start to create the world WE want to live in. Just like new parents, we must accept that life will not be the same as it was… and in the absence of a “rule book” we will attune to our instincts and learn to co-operate in new ways...together.

Why Can’t I See The Change?? Be will. But first, we need to identify how the actions of OPPT change the lawful landscape, and how that relates to us. Will the old corporate system go down fighting? Of course it will! Corporate-controlled Governments are going through the motions as though nothing has changed. And if you continue to accept their system of debt slavery, I’m sure the “Powers That Were” will happily continue to accommodate you!

Continued on page 18 Evelyn Robert de Rothschild

So What Does All This Mean? Lawfully, nobody can stand as a superior authority between you and your relationship with the Creator. Having removed the control-mechanisms of economy and government, the One People’s Public Trust leaves individuals in full liability, being personally responsible for themselves and for ensuring the free-will rights of others. There is no longer a structural chain of command. No rules. No corporations to hide behind. You are – as the Creator intended – a Being and a guardian of our planet and its inhabitants. It’s a MASSIVE paradigm shift, and one that will no doubt take some time to be realized in full. The systemic barriers that inhibited our free will and choices have now been removed, which poses challenges to the way we view ourselves and the way we make choices in our own lives. We now live – on paper at least – in a system of self-responsibility. The OPPT filings register this in perpetuity, and in such a way that your free will

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DNA and the Ageless Present S

cientific studies have suggested that a mind that is present and in the moment indicates well-being, whereas shifting our energy to the past or future can lead to unhappiness. Now, a preliminary UCSF study shows a link between mind wandering and aging, by looking at a biological measure of longevity within our DNA. In the study, telomere length, an emerging biomarker for cellular and general bodily aging, was assessed in association with the tendency to be present in the moment versus the tendency to mind wander, in research on 239 healthy, midlife

by Michael Forrester

As scientists delved into the “junk” — parts of the DNA that are not actual genes containing instructions for proteins — they discovered a complex system that controls genes. At least 80 percent of this DNA is active and needed. Another 15-17 percent has higher functions scientists are still decoding. Every human cell contains DNA and these strands genetically code us to who we are. Telomeres are the end caps of our DNA completing and protecting them but every time a cell replicates these telomeres diminish. Telomeres typically shorten with age and in response to

is responsible for protecting and in some cases, replenishing telomeres. Along with the new UCSF study, these findings support the possibility that a focus on the present may be part of what promotes health measurable at the cellular level, the researchers said. “Our attentional state — where our thoughts rest at any moment — turns out to be a fascinating window into our well-being. It may be affected by our emotional state as well as shape our emotional state,” said Elissa Epel, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry

physically modifying a single gene,” said Professor and geneticist Karina Mika. “This study was a first step and suggests it’s worth delving into understanding the link between mind wandering and cell health to get a better understanding of whether there is causality and reversibility,” said Epel. “For example, does reducing mind wandering promote better cell health? Or are these relationships just reflective of some underlying long-standing characteristics of a person?” “Results suggest the possibility that the attitude of acceptance of negative experiences might

“We now have evidence for a new type of healing in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by

the way we think without physically modifying a single gene,” said Professor and geneticist Karina Mika. women ranging in age from 50 to 65 years. Being present in the moment was defined as an inclination to be focused on current tasks, while mind wandering was defined as the inclination to have thoughts about things other than the present or being elsewhere. Many practitioners of spiritual health tell us not to deny the problems we are facing, but to also not get lost in them either. Psychological sciences have shown us that being present brings us greater alertness and inner security, allowing us to face challenges more objectively and with greater calm. According to the findings, published online in the new Association for Psychological Science journal Clinical Psychological Science, those who reported more mind wandering had shorter telomeres, while those who reported more presence in the moment, or having a greater focus and engagement with their current activities, had longer telomeres, even after adjusting for current stress. The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but it turns out that so-called junk DNA plays critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave. The discovery, considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough, has enormous implications for human health and consciousness because many complex diseases appear to be caused by tiny changes in hundreds of gene switches.

Page 16

psychological and physiological stressors. At conception, your telomeres are 15,000 bases long but at birth, only 10,000 bases remain. Throughout your lifetime, your Telomeres continue to naturally erode. No one can live with Telomeres at less than 5,000 bases, so you can understand the importance in keeping your Telomeres as long as possible. In research pioneered at UCSF, scientists have discovered that telomere shortness predicts early disease and mortality. As the study assessed mind wandering and telomeres at the same time, the researchers don’t yet know whether mind wandering leads to shorter telomeres, whether the reverse occurs, or some common third factor is contributing to both. Mindful meditation interventions, which promote attention on the present with a compassionate attitude of acceptance, lead to increases in some aspects of health. Being present and observant in purity without judgment also means that we have no emotionality surrounding our observations. Our emotional well being is not placed in the outcomes of our life’s circumstances, but rather our wellbeing is placed inwardly and determined by a choice we make to remain calm, focused and expansive surrounding the multiple possibilities of the occurrences we witness. Previous studies have found meditation interventions are associated with increased activity of an enzyme known as telomerase, which

and lead author on the study. “In our healthy sample, people who report being more engaged in their current activities tend to have longer telomeres. We don’t yet know how generalizable or important this relationship is.” Moving forward, Epel, along with Eli Puterman, PhD, a psychologist in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry, and colleagues are developing a series of classes to promote more mindful presence, to see if this intervention protects telomere maintenance or even lengthens telomeres. In the current study, participants self-reported a tendency to mind wander, and were measured for aspects of psychological distress and well-being. The sample was highly educated and had a narrow range of both chronological age and psychological stress (most were low stress), all of which might have contributed to the ability to detect this relationship, Epel said. The study is the first to link attentional state to telomere length and to control for stress and depression, Epel said. Previous studies have shown links between telomere length and particular types of stress and depression. Since this study relied on self-reported attentional state, she said, further studies directly measuring presence and mind wandering will be needed. “We now have evidence for a new type of healing in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by the way we think without

be one of the factors that promotes greater ability to be more present — to be okay with one’s current experience and not avoid the unpleasant aspects of everyday experiences,” she said. “A number of emotion theories suggest that greater attentional control leads to less suppression of negative emotions, and thus less of the rebound effect of unsuccessful suppression,” said Wendy Berry Mendes, PhD, associate professor and Sarlo/Ekman Endowed Chair of Emotion at UCSF and co-author on this study. “Alternatively, attentional control may help us interpret emotions in a more constructive way, what we call ‘positive reappraisals.’ Such styles of thinking have been associated with healthy physiological states.” “Over many millennia our minds and physical being have become time machines programmed to grow old and expire, but it doesn’t have to be that way,” said Mika. “Being ageless could be as simple as changing our emotional state and thinking differently,” she concluded. Research on telomeres, and the enzyme that makes them, was pioneered by three Americans, including Blackburn, who co-discovered the telomerase enzyme in 1985. The scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2009 for this work. __________________ Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

DNA ’s Higher Purpose A

fter thousands of years of being disconnected from higher dimensional frequencies, our DNA is finally breaking free from old patterns which have been stuck in a universal time matrix. However, humans will soon know and understand why 97% of our DNA has a higher purpose and why its transformation is leading us into an awakening that we never could have imagined. The human genome is packed with at least four million gene switches that reside in bits of DNA that once were dismissed as “junk” but it turns out that so-called junk DNA plays critical

by Michael Forrester

Russian researchers’ findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary! According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and in communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless junk DNA follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines

where, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects. Garjajev’s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired. They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to sala-

realized in material form as crystalline structures–dynamic gene-holograms in liquid crystals of the chromosome continuum. What this model suggests is that the human gene is part of larger holograms (multiverse) of wave information reality. Hyper-communication, in the form of remote sensing, remote healing and telepathy, is definitely a part of the human protocol. Scientists are aware that 97% of our DNA is, as they call it “junk DNA”. They call it junk because they don’t see that we have any use for it. Only 3% of our DNA is wrapped up in the spiralling double helix strand. During the time

There is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and

reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave. The discovery, considered a major medical and scientific breakthrough, has enormous implications for human health and consciousness because many complex diseases appear to be caused by tiny changes in hundreds of gene switches. As scientists delved into the “junk” — parts of the DNA that are not actual genes containing instructions for proteins — they discovered a complex system that controls genes. At least 80 percent of this DNA is active and needed. Another 15-17 percent has higher functions scientists are still decoding. The result of the work is an annotated road map of much of this DNA, noting what it is doing and how. It includes the system of switches that, acting like dimmer switches for lights, control which genes are used in a cell and when they are used, and determine, for instance, whether a cell becomes a liver cell or a neuron. There is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA. The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behaviour of the DNA. The bottom line was: “Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.” This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. While western researchers cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them else-

mander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA. This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences. This discovery also points to the significance of sound frequencies and vibrations in the origin of human life and the possibility that creation was generated by waves of consciousness. The Phantom DNA effect is a case in point: the energy field of a DNA sample remains detectable by laser light even when the physical sample is removed. At a fundamental level, man is pure energy. In Wave Genetics, the junk DNA functions at a rich infrastructure level of super codes and wave communication,

of the 75,000 year cycle when we are exposed to the most torsion energy waves and it affects our DNA by reorganizing the 97% “junk” DNA from a 2-strand double helix to a 12-strand helix advancing man in a leap of evolution. Empty space is not really empty but filled with the invisible torsion wave energy at different degrees of concentration. Thus, as the stars and planets drift through the galaxy they pass through different concentrations in very exact intervals of time, with precise cycles that can vary in length from thousands to millions of years. As planets move through periods of high concentration of these torsion waves a transformation affects the DNA structure on the planet, which causes more highly evolved forms to more rapidly replicate than less evolved forms of life. Ample evidence of this is seen to occur through our fossil records which evolution has shown this to occur in sudden jolts rather than as a gradual process. The effect has been named as “punctuated equilibrium” by mainstream biologists.

“Laws control the lesser man. Right conduct controls the greater one.” - Chinese Proverb


Continued from page 3 debt to its own bank—which then returned the profits to the state—California could be $70 billion richer today. Instead of slashing services, selling off public assets, and laying off employees, it could be adding services and repairing its decaying infrastructure. The only U.S. state to own its own depository bank today is North Dakota. North Dakota is also the only state to have escaped the 2008 banking crisis, sporting a sizeable budget surplus every year since then. It has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, the lowest foreclosure rate, and the lowest default rate on credit card debt. Globally, 40% of banks are publicly owned, and they are concentrated in countries that also escaped the 2008 banking crisis. These are the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India, and China—which are home to 40% of the global population. The BRICs grew economically by 92% in the last decade, while Western economies

were floundering. Cities and counties could also set up their own banks; but in the U.S., this model has yet to be developed. In North Dakota, meanwhile, the Bank of North Dakota underwrites the bond issues of municipal governments, saving them from the vagaries of the “bond vigilantes” and speculators, as well as from the high fees of Wall Street underwriters and the risk of coming out on the wrong side of interest rate swaps required by the underwriters as “insurance.” One of many cities crushed by this Wall Street “insurance” scheme is Philadelphia, which has lost $500 million on interest swaps alone. (How the swaps work and their link to the LIBOR scandal was explained in an earlier article here.) Last week, the Philadelphia City Council held hearings on what to do about these lost revenues. In an October 30th article titled “Can Public Banks End Wall Street Hegemony?”, Willie Osterweil discussed a solution presented at the hearings in a fiery speech by Mike Krauss, a director of the Public Banking Institute.

Krauss’ solution was to do as Iceland did: just walk away. He proposed “a strategic default until the bank negotiates at better terms.” Osterweil called it “radical,” since the city would lose it favourable credit rating and might have trouble borrowing. But Krauss had a solution to that problem: the city could form its own bank and use it to generate credit for the city from public revenues, just as Wall Street banks generate credit from those revenues now.

ments, borrowers and consumers. Banking and credit can become public utilities, feeding the economy rather than feeding off it. Ellen Brown is an attorney and president of the

A Radical Solution Whose Time Has Come Public banking may be a radical solution, but it is also an obvious one. This is not rocket science. By developing a public banking system, governments can keep the interest and reinvest it locally. According to Kennedy and Creutz, that means public savings of 35% to 40%. Costs can be reduced across the board; taxes can be cut or services can be increased; and market stability can be created for govern-

Public Banking Institute. In Web of Debt, her latest of eleven books, she shows how a private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back. Her websites are,, and http://

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OPPT Forecloses

Continued from page 15 But don’t be fooled: they know what has happened. They know they have been foreclosed. They know the game is over. It is now international law. We have the freedom to peacefully not cooperate with the old system. It is time to exercise that freedom. If it seems strange that the visible “governments” are still masquerading as such, bear in mind...visible governments are corporate puppets, and were never really calling the shots. At this point, the former owners want us to believe it is ‘business as usual’. They have relied heavily on secrecy until now. They will keep pretending to the very end. That is just their way. OPPT Trustee Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf provided the following statement in a recent Freedom Radio interview that summarizes her plan to address this matter: “For those wondering about OPPT’s response to the actions or inactions of those people we can visibly see, it is the wizards and the bigdogs behind the curtain that I am coming for… and they know it. In absolute love and peace, with absolute gratitude and grace.” - Heather

Managing “Old System” Actions Against You With the dissolution of the debt/slavery system, any fictional debt you supposedly owed to that system was also dissolved. Think about this for a minute! To facilitate your smooth transition out of the old system, you will need to understand what immediate remedy you can apply to “old system” actions that are currently being undertaken against you. In two recent Wake Up World articles, we discussed a pre-OPPT method of re-asserting your authority on the Corporate Government mechanism (read Part 1 & Part 2: http://tinyurl. com/a29w6u2). This method was rooted in the knowledge that (1) the former governments were corporations, and (2) the onus is on anyone claiming the authority of legitimate government to prove it. You can view a real life case-study of this method in Scott Bartle’s documentary What the FUQ? Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government” Generically, the crux of this challenge was: “You have made a claim on me, and I am happy to comply with your demand...however I would like to ascertain that I am dealing with the right people. Please demonstrate to me that you represent true government as constituted at the creation of this country.” In this situation, once the Corporate Government entity failed to demonstrate its legitimacy, control of that interaction could be assumed by you by introducing your own Terms and Conditions under which any interaction between you and that entity may continue. In a post-OPPT world, your process for chal-

lenging the authority of alleged ‘Corporate agents’ (including those claiming to represent Government) is essentially: “I would be happy to comply with your demand...however in UCC Law there is a filing that remains un-rebutted which foreclosed upon the entity you claim to represent. You are now operating on your own personal liability. Please cease your claim on me. If you decide to pursue this claim again, any future interactions between us will be under the following conditions…” Remembering that the agent no longer represents a corporate entity, a Courtesy Notice should be provided to the individual, including the ‘Terms & Conditions’ under which you will accept any future interactions. This both informs them, and allows them the opportunity to withdraw their unlawful claim against you. If the agent initiates further contact with you, they trigger a personal contract between you by indicating their acceptance of the terms you provided. If a second agent of the same former corporation contacts you about the same claim, repeat the process with that individual also. Remember, corporations no longer exist. You are only dealing with other individuals. Detailed guidelines for creating your own Courtesy Notice and Terms and Conditions are available at The power is there for YOU to enact. Public awareness of the new paradigm will take time to manifest in our society. Until the implications of the One People’s Public Trust become widely known and adopted in the community, please be respectful of those who don’t already know. Eventually, as individuals wake up to the new paradigm, they will simply cease operating on the former corporation’s behalf. But if you need to serve a Courtesy Notice to an individual in the meantime, honour your position of knowledge and take the opportunity to respectfully inform them. Ground-level agents of former Corporations, Banks and Governments are just like you and I; they are were slaves to the same system too. They just don’t know the truth yet, that’s all. In the case of ‘legal’ dealings, it is not recommended that you serve a Courtesy Notice with Terms & Conditions to a (former) police officer who pulls you over on the street. Again, they are just like the rest of us… and realistically they are likely to arrest and “charge” you if you approach them that way. Until public awareness reaches saturation point, I recommend that you comply with the ground-level officer, then serve them a Courtesy Notice via fax, email, registered mail...or even hand deliver it. Should it escalate to a court, notify the Magistrate/Judge (or similar) in the same way before your scheduled court date. I don’t recommended you put a Judge on the spot by providing them with Terms and Conditions in court. If you are respectful and allow them to read the Courtesy Notice privately before your hearing, you achieve a better outcome for all Beings involved in that interaction.

Remember: The process of issuing Courtesy Notices is just as much a learning exercise for those being served as it is a remedy for your situation. Co-operation between individuals is the key to manifesting the new paradigm in our society. In the absence of any corporate-controlled Media coverage of this subject, public awareness of the One People’s Public Trust will only occur through the respectful sharing of information within our communities and networks. After all, we are “One People, created by The Creator”.

What Mechanisms Are Provided Under The OPPT? With the lawful dissolution of the Corporate Government system comes the dissolution of the multitude of statutes and regulations that were created through its legislative and administrative frameworks. As Beneficiaries of the One People’s Public Trust, UCC, Universal Law and Common Law are the only rules in play. Universal Law is essentially the overarching principle for governing conduct between beings. Universal Law is expressed as “any free will choice is permissible except where it interferes with the free will choice of another being”. This is fundamental to the OPPT framework. Common Law refers to laws of precedent developed through the decisions of courts and similar tribunals over millennia. Common Law works on the principle that it is unfair to treat similar facts differently on different occasions, and on the principle of “do no harm, cause no loss”. To facilitate our transition into the postOPPT world, the Trustees created a new lawful framework – informed by Universal and Common Law – which will allow us to build a new world and also allows for the dismantling of the old system. Any person, and specifically existing military personnel whose oaths have been cancelled by the termination of the corporation they worked for, may “knowingly, willingly, and intentionally volunteer” to be bonded to the One People’s Public Trust “as public servants, to protect and serve the people of the creator”. Public Servants who choose to become bonded to the Trust are: Authorized and ordered to “protect and preserve the blood and life of all persons”. Authorized to “take into custody any and all agents and officers owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems, legal enforcement systems, [and] operating slavery systems”. Authorized to “repossess all private money systems, tracking, transferring, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems”. “Granted due authority of discretion… to use any [and] all means, force and strategies… to complete this order”. In effect, willing members of the military

are provided a lawful framework to abandon the Corporate-controlled military, to bond themselves to the OPP Trust, and to actively contribute to the re-possession of the One People’s assets. And if I’m any judge of human nature, an increasing number of agents will be glad to accept these “orders”! Now, the ‘enforcement’ order doesn’t mean that public servants will come and arrest the first collections agent that calls you about your overdue credit card. It is the role of each of us – as Beings of the Creator – to help others at groundlevel to understand this change, by informing them and providing them with Courtesy Notices. The ‘enforcement’ order relates to the Owners of the foreclosed Corporate Government structure; the 1%.

Assistance Centres for the One People ‘Community service’ was clearly not a motivator to the former owners of “the system”. Nonetheless, their corporations fulfilled some necessary functions of public assistance like police and public health services, albeit in hopes we wouldn’t notice they were corporations! So what provisions does OPPT include for public service? Creator’s Value Asset Centres (or CVAC’s) are assistance mechanisms designed to support and serve humanity, the custodians of Earth. They provide an interconnected planet-wide network of support, operated by bonded public servants who act in full liability at all times. They provide a simple framework of governance and administration, covering 8 areas of functional process: Systems of Knowledge Communication Travel Transparency Protection & peacekeeping Accountability Treasury Repossession* * The transitional function of reclaiming from The Debtor the resources, infrastructure and wealth of the One People, in accordance with the terms of the One People’s Public Trust. Each former nation on the planet has one CVAC branch reserved for it, with the exception of the Vatican. Each CVAC branch will administer the same services and operate in the same way as the CVAC branches in other regions. Every human on the planet will be supported by each and any CVAC hub, and every human will have access to the same resources and support networks. Each administrative area of each CVAC will be operated by a local council and led by a steward, whose primary role is to coordinate and facilitate the One People in making decisions and resolving issues. The structure also allows for additional sub-CVACs to be created to accommodate new circumstances or initiatives, provided that their function is for the benefit of all Beings and doesn’t undermine the freewill rights of others.

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Are You Eligible? 604-558-2454 758 East Broadway

Open 7 days a week 11am - 7pm

Image: The PirateBox

in use on a handheld device. Once the PirateBox is up and running, either on a standalone device like the one pictured to the right (background), or on your laptop as described here (http://, it will appear as another WiFi network for people in range to connect to. Once connected files can be freely shared, and there is even a chat client users can communicate with. It is just as useful as a file server for a small business, as it is for circumventing the draconian criminalization of Internet file sharing.

by Tony Cartalucci

orried about draconian Internet laws? Creeping surveillance? The inability to share with others without being criminalized? The Internet is still a tool of tremendous power, but a deep rot has set in. We have caught it early and we are fighting to stop this rot, but there are other options we can begin exploring to hedge our bets, enhance our current efforts of fighting against corporate monopolies, and eventually, build an Internet of the people, by the people, for the people – bigtelecom monopolies not welcomed.

In “Fighting Back Against the “Intellectual Property” Racket,” the “PirateBox” was introduced. The PirateBox transforms a laptop, router, or single board computer into a miniInternet hub where files can be freely shared, and even features a chat program so users can communicate. It is a ‘lite’ version of the mesh networks described in December 2012′s “Decentralizing Telecom” where independent mesh networks featured many software alternatives to emulate popular online programs such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and others.


The PirateBox is an introductory project anyone with a WiFi adapter and a USB thumbdrive can do on their own with a little motivation and an hour to experiment. In a busy office, a PirateBox can serve as a simple local wireless file server and chat client. In an apartment complex, it can become the centre of a social experiment, an opportunity to reach out to neighbours and organize constructively, or just for fun – building badly needed local communities back up. Instructions for perhaps the easiest of Pi-

rateBox’s implementations can be found on blogger, designer, and activist David Darts’ website here ( The instructions are nearly fool proof, and a lot of the common problems ran into are described and their solutions linked to throughout the explanation. The PirateBox does not connect to the Internet, nor does it operate from your hard drive. It works entirely on the USB thumbdrive you install it on, simply using your computer’s WiFi to network all who are in range. Ideally you’d want to make a dedicated, standalone PirateBox to serve your space, office, and neighbours. A great place for beginners to embark on this is at your local hackerspace. If you don’t have a local hackerspace, look into starting one up. Protesting is important, but protesting alone will not stem the problem at its source. The rot will continue to spread unless we develop tangible tools to pragmatically excise it and repair the damage it has already done. The problem of corporate monopolies ensnaring and subjugating us through their telecom monopolies can and is being solved by solutions like mesh networks, the PirateBox, and the onward march of open source software and hardware, simply displacing proprietary products and services. The best way to ensure success is to have as many informed and constructive people as possible join in the problem-solving process. Since posting about the PirateBox, LocalOrg ( has received several success stories of people who have either already been using it, or have looked into it. Continue sharing your success, and if you would like, contact us and have them covered here on LocalOrg.

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725 E Broadway Vancouver BC In an interview on The CrowHouse on 15th February 2013, OPPT Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf described the CVAC structure as “a safe and guarded place for you to Be and Do as you choose, just don’t damage anybody else”. Our possibilities are literally boundless! By its definition, the CVAC system is the antithesis of the corrupt corporate tools we called “Governments”. Accountability, measurability and transparency are the cornerstones of the CVAC framework. CVACs will provide the platform for us to simplify and unify laws for all, and to ensure the needs of all are met. They are prevented from impinging on the free will of any entity “in any and all existence”, and bound to “preserve and protect all creations, and value and asset centres”. Stewards and council members will be subject to 3-monthly renewal of their bonded roles, which ensures that public servants remain responsible to “the One People” at all times. For these reasons, CVACs are the foundation of a new type of governance. The system now serves us, and not the other way around. And with awareness and support from the One People swelling, its first task will be to remove the old cabal. Documentation relating to the creation and terms of CVAC’s is available at Further information will be published soon.

Moving Forward As “The One People” The One People’s Public Trust represents a massive paradigm shift. It provides a structural change that will enable a long-overdue energetic change. The OPPT ratifies our freedom as Beings of the Creator in perpetuity. It corrects by law the imbalances of poverty, inequity and unsustainability. It provides a platform through which we can all experience the wonders and resources of our planet. And by removing the façade of corporate entities and the ridiculous protocols that protected its perpetrators, we will energetically reconnect with each other. As Beings. In full liability. Each with equity. As we are. Free. We are in a period of massive social, political and spiritual transformation. Personally, this transition feels a little like we are between worlds. The systemic framework that controlled our lives for so long has been removed, but the change hasn’t yet manifested in full in the physical world around us. The process of reforming former corporations into worldwide co-operatives will no doubt take time, but we already have the lawful power to reject the old system. And yet it hasn’t stopped pretending to be real. We have so many decisions to make too! What will we choose to BE and DO in the new

world? What opportunities will we create with the CVACs framework? And realistically, what will we do with the “Powers That Were”? For now, it is the duty of every human Being to manifest the freedom of the One People’s Public Trust in our daily lives, and to help others to understand and integrate and manifest it in their lives too. Freedom is not free. It comes with responsibility. • • • • • • • • • • • •

Change starts with you. Do the right thing now. Embrace your responsibility. Spread the word. OPPT IN. WE ARE FREE! Visit the new OPPT page on Wake Up World! Read other articles about OPPT Listen to radio shows about OPPT Connect with OPPT-In social media groups Visit other websites that support OPPT Locate OPPT documentation, press releases and other materials

604-677-0760 _____________________

Andy Whiteley is the co-founder of Wake Up World and a Being of the Creator. Special thanks to Chris Hales, Ken & Scott Bartle, Lisa Harrison, and Ryan & Lea Mullins for their invaluable input. Respect and gratitude to the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust. Peace and love to the One People created by the Creator, and to every other entity in any and all existences. I AM FREEEEEEE !!!


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unlight S


n the past 100 years, the majority of people around the world have transitioned from working outside all day to being stuck inside, with artificial lighting. 100 years ago we didn’t have sunscreen. Oddly enough, skin and other cancers have been on a dramatic rise in the last four decades, especially in more recent years – despite increased sunscreen usage and less overall sun exposure. Once one understands that sunlight is essential for a healthy body and strong immune system, the link becomes clear; it appears that sunscreen and lack of regular sunlight is more of a cause of cancer and health problems than the sun itself! In this article I’ve compiled an array of intriguing factual information about the Sun, to help highlight its importance as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. My hope is that after reading this, you’ll be inspired to go out and spend more time in the sun every day – even during winter – because it does far more than just feel good and make you tan! First, let’s look at some basic truths related to the Sun.

an Essential Element of Good Health

The Sun Provides Life To Almost Every Living Thing On Our Planet Much of the nutritional energy utilized by life on this planet comes through the thin leaves of plant: with a mechanism called photosynthesis. Through microscopic pores in the leaf called stomata, the plant absorbs carbon dioxide. From the roots below, water is absorbed and brought through tiny veins to the leaf. Tiny chloroplasts of multiple chlorophyll molecules drink specific rays of the sun, utilizing those waveforms to split water into hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The resulting hydrogen atoms combine with carbon dioxide to form carbohydrates, while oxygen atoms are released into the air as oxygen gas. The carbohydrates form sugars, starches, and cellulose within the plant, directly providing fuel to plant-eating species, and indirectly providing fuel for those species that eat plant-eaters. None of this could be possible without the energy of the sun. The Sun delivers a full spectrum of ultraviolet and infrared rays – many invisible to the human eye. Human technology has been unsuccessful at replicating this. Although many of them are filtered by our atmosphere, the bands of light we “see” and don’t “see” from the sun are vast and essential for many other organisms and animals on our planet as well as our body’s internal systems. (Example: bees see ultraviolet light to help them find pollen.) While there has been technology used to try to imitate this such as “full spectrum lighting” and tanning beds, the fact is that neither of these offer an effective dose of natural sunlight. There is no substitute for the real thing.

Vitamin D: The “Sunshine Vitamin” The best source of Vitamin D is that which is synthesized through direct sunlight exposure to our skin? Vitamin D is critically important in regulating calcium levels through absorption. Vitamin D is also critically important for healthy immune system function, nervous system function, cardiovascular health, mood regulation, pain regulation, insulin/blood sugar balance, as well as numerous endocrine and digestive functions. Vitamin D is a necessary component for good health, and its most natural form (D3) comes from natural sun exposure. Not many foods contain vitamin D, although it is found in various dairy products such as cheese, butter, cream, and in some fish and oysters. But these offer vastly less Vitamin D than the Sun.

Get Your Daily Dose

by David Huting

Humans and Plants Need Natural Sunlight To Live and Thrive Ever noticed how most indoor plants will wilt and die without proper sunlight? The same goes for humans; for truly vibrant health, we need sun on a daily basis. On top of providing increased feelings of well-being and relaxation, our body depends on natural sunlight for several critical functions. Below is a list of important positive effects of the sun: Positive Effects of Natural Sunlight On Our Bodies: 1. 2.



Increased feelings of well-being and relaxation, and decrease in allergies, headaches, joint pain, and backaches. Increase in core body temperature, facilitating increased cell function and greater energy. This is why when on vacation or living in warm climates like on the beach we feel so great! Increase in metabolism, providing increased effectiveness in our body’s detoxification and purification systems. The body`s detoxification process is critical if we are to remain healthy in the toxic environment in which most people are living. Reduced Stress through Regulation of our Endocrine System. A lack of natural sunlight will disrupt the body’s endocrine systems, leading to hormonal imbalances, slowed me-

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[living enzymes] when they are heated, especially at the levels required to process and pasteurize our foods. Chemical preservatives used to extend shelf life further reduce any remaining enzymes [life force] that were not destroyed in the heating process. One could reasonably infer that by consuming raw plants (as in fresh made salads and in fresh vegetable juices), they are indirectly absorbing energy derived directly from the sun. Many report a rush of energy and focus after drinking fresh juiced fruits and vegetables (I for one can vouch for this). This observation is only further strengthened by the collective wisdom and beliefs central to Eastern Medicine (natural healing). In this system, the body is believed to have seven energy centers, or ‘chakras‘. The spleen or sacral chakra, located just below the navel and slightly to the left, is one of seven energy centres taught in eastern healing medicines, and is said to be a distributor of energy. One of the spleen chakra’s big jobs is to receive and distribute the sun’s energy throughout the physical body, especially the bloodstream. It’s also a storage place for solar rays, so that when we need energy, it can be called upon. This point is responsible for helping to keep the physical body vital and full of stamina. An example of this many of us can relate to is returning to work, nice and tan after a vacation to somewhere warm and sunny; upon returning, we feel energized and refreshed. Part of this feeling is also a result of taking time away from life’s distraction to relax, something many of us unfortunately don’t make enough time for.

The average American diet will only provide about 250-300 IU. A Boston University study in 2008 reported that 2,000 – 4,000 IU is required for significant cancer rate reduction. While this sounds like a lot consider this: just 20 minutes of sunlight on the arms, hands, and face, will produce about 400IU of vitamin D on the average skin type. A day of summer sun in a swimsuit will easily produce as much as 20,000 IU! •



tabolism, and adrenal insufficiency. A lack of natural sunlight can be a major contributor to mental and physical health problems, such as depression, obesity, and reduced energy. Sunlight is a natural defence against several diseases. A number of diseases are attributable to lower levels of sunlight. Hypertension, atherosclerosis, early dementia, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, depression, arthritis, and lower back pain are just a few of the issues which have been linked to a lack of sun exposure. Our bodies’ natural clockworks depend on the sun to synchronize. Key hormones such as melatonin and cortisol, responsible for our sleep and active cycles, are stimulated by receptor cells in our body that respond to signals from the sun. And it’s not just the sun we see with our eyes: blind people have very strong biological clocks, and they too run on the sun’s clockworks.

Sunlight is a Direct Source of Your Life Force Energy

Eastern medicine, which was used effectively for thousands of years before the onset of “modern medicine”, utilizes several different natural healing methods, such as acupuncture. The underlying focus on all of these medicines is on maintaining the body’s natural flow of life energy, or ‘qi .’ In traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch’i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as “life energy”, “life force”, or “energy flow”. Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts. The literal translation of “qi” is “breath”, “air”, or “gas”. Concepts similar to qi can be found in many cultures, for example, prana in Vedantic philosophy, mana in Hawaiian culture, lüng in Tibetan Buddhism, and Vital energy in Western philosophy.

A Quick Statement About Life Energy Every living thing on this earth has ‘qi’, or life force, which is directly derived from the sun. The recognition of this fact is essential in understanding the benefits of eating a diet rich in raw, unprocessed foods. Foods lose their life force

• • •

Sunlight Can Make You Live Longer. Vitamin D not only prevents chronic diseases, but also extends natural lifespan! Although the RDA for vitamin D is only 200-700 IU, many nutritionists believe that 1,000 – 5,000IU per day is optimal. Note that SPF-8 sunscreen will block 95% of vitamin D synthesis! For those living in regions with winter seasons, regular sunlight is even more important! Because your skin has less melanin (what makes you tan), it will be able to absorb more vitamin D faster. Roughly an hour in the middle of the day with the face and hands exposed should be adequate. Keep in mind that even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays will still be absorbed by your skin. Just being outside is the key. (Heavy clouds will block some of these rays, but most still penetrate. This is why you can still get sunburnt on a cloudy day.) Regardless of how much vitamin D is synthesized, natural light can have positive effects upon ones mood and energy levels, especially if exercise is involved.

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The Truth About Mascara Is Your Mascara Really “Hypo-allergenic”? by Jen MacDougall


ascara is one of the top-selling cosmetics, yet a great many women experience irritation or allergic reaction to it. Having been in cosmetics manufacturing for the past few years, I am often asked if we manufacture hypo-allergenic mascara. I always find the question interesting. What exactly does hypo-allergenic mean, anyway? Surprisingly, most hypo-allergenic products are allowed to contain fragrance. “Hypo-allergenic” does not mean you won’t react to the product; it is simply a phrase used by manufacturers, for which they have their own interpretations. Through my own experience in the field, I can attest to the fact that most mascaras contain extreme eye irritants and some potentially toxic ingredients. Mascaras with petroleum are likely to cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. Parabens and ‘talc’ are known to cause skin, eye and lung irritation. Another potentially toxic ingredient found in some mascaras is thimerosal, which is essentially a mercury-based preservative. Anyone who is sensitive or has current health issues should completely avoid products with thimerosal. Fragrance is a whole other issue. Since fragrance is considered a trade se- cret, companies don’t have to tell us what’s in it – often dozens or even hundreds of synthetic chemical compounds. It’s no wonder women are having reactions to their mascara!

CALLOUT: “Hypo-allergenic” Mascara Does Not Mean You Won’t React to it And then there’s waterproof mascara… a great concept, right? Not necessarily. Waterproof mascara is able to adhere to lashes and stay smooth thanks to a chemical called dimethicone copolyol, a known eye irritant. Also, most waterproof mascaras are silicone based. To fully understand the effects of silicone on the eyes, think of it as wrapping plastic wrap several times around your eyelashes! Another downside of waterproof mascaras is that they require harsh solvents for removal. These products can also remove sebum – the oily substance produced by the skin that is designed to create a barrier to protect the skin from chemicals, irritants and pollutants. When the sebum is removed it can lead to skin infections, cause extremely dry skin, and could also lead to premature aging.

Whenever people inquire about hypoallergenic mascara, I always encourage education. We need to read labels and understand what we are reacting to. The bottom line is, if you suffer from allergic reactions, eye irritations, or are concerned about toxic ingredients in general, read product labels! While it might be nearly impossible to learn the name of every synthetic ingredient, if you can avoid just a handful of the nasty ones, you can find products that are close to natural and should cause less irritation. Where possible, avoid the ingredients we’ve already discussed, including petroleum, parabens, talc, thimerosal, dimethicone copolyol and fragrance. Also watch out for mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic colours FD&C, synthetic parfum, and synthetic carriers such as glycols and polysorbates. If you are unsure about an ingredient, check the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Database at www. This site is a great resource and offers a wealth of information. The good news is there are now several

natural mascaras available in the marketplace. Try several brands to find one that works best for you. I recommend one that is paraben-free, uses only natural wax, and offers eye-soothing ingredients such as aloe. Natural mascaras are not as thick as their synthetic counterparts; they offer a more natural look and are also a lot healthier. Some natural mascara formulas actually offer herbs that promote eyelash growth. They can provide nice length and separation, and although they may not be as thick as wax- and siliconebased mascaras, your eyes will thank you! If you decide to go the natural route with your mascara, don’t be discouraged if the first brand you try doesn’t live up to your expectations. Remember, not all natural mascaras are created equal. Try looking for natural mascara at your local health food store, and do your organic grocery shopping while you’re at it! __________________ Jen MacDougall is a co-founder of Earth Lab Cosmetics.

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Without regular sunlight, humans – just like plants – will begin to degenerate in a host of ways.

Sunscreen: More Harmful than Sunlight? The widespread use of harmful sunscreen ingredients is a significant factor in the skin cancer epidemic. Their addition to the epidermis layer (outer layer of the skin) creates an environment of excessive oxidative radicals, as the sun in the presence of oxygen further oxidizes these synthetic molecules without nature’s balancing molecules to combat it. These chemicals substantially increase the toxic burden within the cells. This burden minimizes the body’s ability to neutralize oxidizing effects of the sun’s radiation, intensifying the the sun’s harmful oxidizing factor. This intensification essentially converts the sun’s rays from therapeutic to dangerous. It’s not just sunscreen that is dangerous; tanning oils are also filled with synthetic chemicals that alter your skin’s natural ability to repair itself after sunlight exposure, further worsening the negative effects. Various moisturizing lotions also contain a host of synthetic chemicals that disrupt your body’s natural defences.

When To Use Sunscreen If you do choose to spend several hours or even all day in the sun, then sunscreen can indeed help prevent the damaging effects of sun’s UV rays. If your skin is pink, it’s a sign that it has received too much sun and you should take any and all measures to avoid further direct sunlight. Find a spot in the shade, or bring with you some light layers to protect your skin from the

powerful mid-day sun’s rays. If you just can’t leave the sun, then be sure to use sunscreen. Look for natural alternatives to mainstream brands that do not include PABA, these can be found in your local health stores.

Treating a Sunburn Naturally The best agent for relief and healing is aloe vera gel. The best source of this is cutting a leaf off of an aloe vera plant. This milky plant’s gel holds much of it’s active phytochemicals such as aloectin, anthraquinones, polysaccharides, resins, and tannins – all which work synergistically to speed healing, neutralize oxidized radicals, and soothe pain. Two more great sources are the cucumber – just cut off sections and rub onto your skin or blend into a lotion – and the lemon – dilute in water 50/50 and rub directly on the burn.

Watch the Sunset – It’s Good For You Sun gazing during sunrise and sunset can have a rejuvenating effect upon the eyes if done correctly. Watching the sunset and sunrise has been a recommendation for eyesight problems among many traditional medicines including Ayurvedic, American Indian, and Greek disciplines. The earth’s atmosphere during these two times of the day filters the rays considered damaging during the mid-day sun. Both the UV and infrared spectrum are almost completely blocked an hour before the sunset and an hour after sunrise. After a few months of consistent sunrise/set gazing every day we may discover many subtle and obvious benefits. We may discover our eyesight actually improv-

ing. We may perceive colours as brighter. We may also see a change in our moods – possibly a greater sense of optimism. We may feel more relaxed and calm. The synchronizing effect between our SCN cells, our pituitary, hypothalamus, and visual cortex may also lead us to sleep better and have a general reduction in tension.

style. Use your time in the sun to forget about life’s worries for a moment, and to recharge your mind and soul.

In Conclusion

*DISCLAIMER* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Excessive sun can definitely cause cancer and in no way am I endorsing getting sunburnt. ___________________

“Along with food, air, and water, sunlight is the most important survival factor in human life.” - The National Institute of Mental Health The sun is an essential element to good health, and the importance of making sure you’re getting enough sunlight cannot be emphasized enough. Getting your body the sunlight it needs will make you feel and look better, live longer, and help you harmonize with the world around you. So make time for it. Find a spot to watch it rise or set, and try to watch it as often as you can. Sitting in the sun is not an excuse to avoid other tasks – but rather an essential part of living a healthy, vibrant life-

David Huting is a 28 year-old photographer, videographer, writer, traveller/adventurer, and spiritual aspirant with a passion for nature and natural living/healing. His creations include an array of unique content designed to inspire, inform, and relax individuals around the world. He’s most well known for his nature relaxation videos on YouTube, and is the creator/owner of the inspirational sites,, and his newest site,, which is designed to be an exciting resource for information related to all things related to living a naturally healthy, happy, and vibrant lifestyle.

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Smart Meter NO-FEE OPT OUT Registration Letter


he Smart Meter No-Fee Opt Out Registration Notice can be used by all BC Hydro Account holders in BC, with or without a smart meter. It is for those citizens who believe we all have the right of autonomy in our own homes, the right to decide and choose for ourselves how we live and what risks we sustain within the sanctuary of our private residence. This Notice forms the request to the BC Liberals and BC Hydro to honour our right to live without harassment and in peace in our own homes, in accordance with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as enshrined in the Canadian Constitution.

INSTRUCTIONS on how to use the Smart Meter If possible but not neccessary: NO-FEE OPT OUT REGISTRATION NOTICE: 2. Next, copy the notice as printed on this page, 1. Print out 4 copies of the Smart Meter No-Fee Opt Out Registration Notice in PDF form as attached, and follow the steps below: A) Mail one completed Notice with signature to BC Hydro at the address provided in the Notice. B) Post one completed Notice with signature beside your meter (in a plastic protective covering or laminated). C) Keep one completed Notice in a safe place for your records. D) Mail one copy to the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.



Sent by regular mail to:

Sent by e-mail to:

Attention: Mr. Gary Murphy, Chief Project Officer BC Hydro Smart Metering Program 6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8 Date: __________________________

Account No: ________________________________

Account Holder: __________________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________________ I am the holder of the above-referenced account for the stated address. This Notice to BC Hydro is my Registration for a NO-FEE SMART METER OPT-OUT with regards to my account. ____ I choose the NO FEE OPT OUT for legitimate reasons and will retain the analogue meter. ____ I choose the NO FEE OPT OUT for legitimate reasons and require the Smart Meter placed on my home without my express informed consent to be replaced by analogue meter. ____ I choose the NO FEE OPT OUT for legitimate reasons and despite my initial acceptance, I now require it to be removed and replaced with an analogue meter. My Legitimate Reasons include but are not limited to (note with XX): ___Health ___Fire Risk ____Privacy ___Security ___Safety ___Cost ___Environment

The following methods were used by Corix/ BC Hydro to install a smart meter on my home without my informed consent: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ I demand that my account be updated to accurately represent my legitimate right for a no-fee smart meter opt-out.

Thank you. Electronic Signature______________________________________ Page 22

and paste into the body of an e-mail addressed to BC Hydro, Corix, and the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (e-mail addresses supplied in the Notice). 3. Remove your personal account number from the original email, copy and paste it into another e-mail and send to the list below: Liberal BC Leader Christy Clark Minister of Health Margaret MacDiarmid hlth. Minister of Energy Rich Coleman BC Chief Medical Officer Perry Kendall NDP Energy Critic John Horgan NDP Deputy Health Critic Douglas Routley NDP Health Critic Mike Farnworth NDP BC Leader Adrian Dix Green Party Federal Leader E. May Green Party BC Leader Jane Sterk 4. If you cannot send by e-mail, please send regular mail to BC Hydro using the address provided in the Notice and also send a copy by mail to: Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, P.O. Box 28154, West Shore RPO, Victoria, BC V9B 6K8. The Coalition needs to get this information to verify the numbers of people forced to take a smart meter against their will, any problems/ concerns, and the numbers of people who continue to refuse a Smart Meter. All personal details will be kept confidential and will be used for no other purpose. 5. Many have recently had a visit from Corix when absent from their home. A door hanger was likely left for you requesting that you call Corix to make an appointment for meter installation. We suggest that you continue to correspond your refusal to BC Hydro in writing, using the Opt Out Registration Notice to BC Hydro as the reply to the Corix doorhanger.

WHY DO WE NEED ANOTHER FORM ? Accurate Information - this form allows CST and the Coalition to collect new information and create a database of people forced to take smart meters despite refusals, and the types of tactics used against them. These people will be the first contacted with details of the Civil Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro and given the choice to participate. Political Pressure - keeps the Smart Meter fiasco front and centre at sensitive election time. It will show that the government and Hydro are misrepresenting the numbers of people who do not want smart meters. Stop the Grid - when the majority of citizens demand and receive no-fee opt out, those forcing the “Smart Grid” will have to be “re-educated” to come up with another solution that is truly designed to conserve energy and environment.

T he B rainwashing P ower S ocial C onformity by J. D. Heyes


uman beings are social creatures, but revealing new evidence shows that this quality is not always beneficial. A study published last year in the journal Science found that when a person is pressured by peers, they have a tendency to form false memories and can convince themselves of different recollections of the past in order to fit what others insist is the truth. “Human memory is strikingly susceptible to social influences, yet we know little about the underlying mechanisms,” said an abstract of the study. “We examined how socially induced memory errors are generated in the brain by studying the memory of individuals exposed to recollections of others. Participants exhibited a strong tendency to conform to erroneous recollections of the group, producing both long-lasting and temporary errors, even when their initial memory was strong and accurate,” the abstract said. “Our findings reveal how social manipulation can alter memory and extend the known functions of the amygdala to encompass socially mediated memory distortions.”

Peer Pressure Convinced People They Were Wrong Participants in the study watched a movie in groups, and then were questioned individually about the film afterward. Four days later, participants were questioned once more.

Researchers said that 70 percent of the time study participants changed their recollection of the film to match incorrect memories held by the others in their group, a finding that held true even for questions participants had initially felt very strongly that they had answered correctly. Scientists involved in the study called these lapses “socially induced memory errors” because they discovered conclusive evidence that the group caused the change in answers. “Participants were hooked up to an MRI while answering questions, and their hippocampus and amygdala lit up when changing their answers after being told the group’s memory differed from theirs, but not when a computer told them they were wrong. In other words, peer pressure convinced people they were wrong, as opposed to cold facts,” said an analysis of the study by The Raw Story. In half of the memory errors, the false memory replaced the person’s initial, true memory. As pointed out by Mother Jones magazine, the study’s results could explain why poll numbers indicate extraordinarily high levels of support for statements like “Obama is a Muslim” and “Obama is not a U.S. citizen” - statements that are demonstrably and provably false but which are vocally supported by several groups and media outlets. Editor’s note: The use of peer pressure by the author proclaiming that the highly contested (and rightfully so) issue of Barack Obama’s non-citizenship being “demonstrably false”, is a good example of the brainwashing techniques highlighted in this article. For an

in-depth analysis of Obama’s birth certificate visit: Prior to this study there had already been evidence suggesting that people were very willing to change their stories, even if they knew they were true, due to social pressure. What makes the most recent study, by lead researcher Micah Edelson, an Israeli scientist, unique “is he used an MRI scanner while people were answering interviewers’ questions,” Mother Jones’ Jen Quraishi wrote. Edelson found that study participants’ hippocampi and amygdales indicated activity only when people changed answers to match those shared by their viewing group. But if they were told to change their answers by a computer, their hippocampi and amygdales did not activate; the hippocampus is associated with memory; the amygdale is linked to emotion.

Not Always a Bad Thing “Our memory is surprisingly susceptible


to social influences,” Edelson said during a July 2011 podcast. This could be cause for concern to some people, he said, because “studies have shown that...[witnesses] often discuss crime details with each other before testifying, and this can definitely have an influence on court cases.” Subsequent studies have indicated that toddlers, too, may also give into peer pressure. Researchers reported that 2-year-olds are more likely influenced to copy the actions of three other toddlers than if they saw the same actions carried out by just one other toddler, according to a report by HealthDay. That said, peer pressure sensitivity needn’t always be negative. “The tendency to acquire the behaviours of the majority has been posited as key to the transmission of relatively safe, reliable and productive behavioural strategies,” said researcher Daniel Haun, of the Max Planck Institutes of Evolutionary Anthropology and Psycholinguistics in Germany and the Netherlands.

“Before death takes away what you are given, give away what is there to give. No dead person grieves for his death. He mourns only what he didn’t do. Why did I wait? Why did I not? Why did I neglect to? I cannot think of better advice to send. I hope you like it. May you stay in your infinity. Peace.” - Rumi

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This is why when a deeper or more realistic mega-model is exposed to people it is very hard for them to accept. A lot of social issues are also at play, but basically we’re seeing hardly anything of what’s really going on around us. Predictably that viewpoint is discouraged. Instead we’re told we make our own destiny…within their framework of course. Whatta joy. Similarly, within this limited “visible” band of light or energy, what is manifested or projected within this realm is but the tip of the iceberg of related fields of energy and information that everything resonates with and is intrinsically attached to. To not grasp this inter-connectivity is to miss the big picture, real perception, and people are left to draw conclusions or be told conclusions based on a very limited and untrue narrow band of a contained reality. Same as this visible light spectrum. It’s absurdly short-sighted, so to speak. (Note: Never mind considering other dimensions..I mean, c’mon…) 

Comparative Relativity Comparing with Itself…Relatively

World of Visible Light by Zen Gardner


ddly enough the light we see about us is not real light. It’s a lower level energetically illuminated projection called “visible light”. We call it light, but like so many things, there are real versions and layers of impostor or incomplete versions. It’s not just semantics. We see in just a very thin slice of the big energy picture. The perfect analogy to locked-in, stringently limited perception versus true conscious awareness. It appears to be a metaphysical discussion but this is very applicable to everyday living. In fact it’s essential. Which is why it’s so discouraged. And this analogy with the light spectrum is a perfect one. Conscious understanding is the real, yet non-physical light. If that’s the True light, what is this other one we so readily use to measure and supposedly understand the world around us? When people say they “see” or understand something, within what wavelength are they operating? It would be interesting if people were calibrated for their capability level so we’d know who sees the real world and who just sees the highly

Page 24 limited and confined visible world. They used to be called seers, shamans, visionaries, mystics, elders or the like. Fact is, we’re all each of those things…we just need to wake up to it and exercise these innate gifts. And again, that’s what they fear and try to suppress. 

Visible Light and Visible Truths – All Severely Limited

So many people take what they see at face value and according to accepted interpretation. They operate as if what they’ve basically been taught to understand or perceive is true and base their lives on it, before they even have a chance to question anything. The parameters are set within a highly contained, meticulously designed society, so by the time they have the impetus to question the fundamentals they’ve been given they’re already well on their way to total serfdom. And to question all this is anathema to this carefully constructed society.

To interpret anything on that stringently limited level of understanding as being explainable by something else on that same limited level will never make real sense..neither here nor especially in the full magnificent scheme of things. This is something quantum physicists are finally concluding that sages and shamans and enlightened individuals have known for eons. Now apply this limited self-comparing incomplete contained world perspective to the world of the mind, social interactions, understanding science or history, etc. Our small shallow world of perception is just as limited if we cannot appreciate the entire connectivity of everything, and realize things are never as they seem. Here’s the rub. What do the societal controllers do, from wherever they may hail? Take full advantage of this disadvantage; “Ah, these beings think they’re little slice of perception is the whole shebang! Perfect! We’ll explain everything to where it appears to make sense even though it doesn’t. We’ll just make sure it does, and slap down anyone who says otherwise.”

The Pyramidical Prism Prison Projection

If manipulators are already working over this sorrily susceptible and easily limited race virtually lost and imprisoned in this grand limited illusional “spectrum” of things, what would we expect such a world to look like?

Wouldn’t it be like this one? Here and now? Would this accumulated insanity we’re witnessing make sense? Or the endless wars on ourselves for easily manufactured reasons to benefit the energy sucking controllers? The overall milking of a highly motivated and productive race of beings seeking satisfaction, safety and security to suit the invaders’ sick, parasitic designs? Piece of cake. A walk in the park…an interstellar gold mine of exploitable energy for the most aggressive invaders. Just give these earthlings the projection they need to keep their wheels turning and their “assisted” limited understanding where you want it. “Not much chance of them seeing beyond it, we got it all under control.” Sick..but is it true? 

The Happy Ending

Fear not. Who knows who’s doing what, but there’s an answer to every question. And for those who DO see beyond our carefully scripted illusion? Ha! Fight us they will, but to no avail. Even the Archons or how ever you perceive the assemblers are trembling, cuz the awakening is under way and cannot be stopped. They know it, and that their time is almost over. Why is this so? It’s inter-dimensional and Universe would have it so. Nasty abusive parasites will not be tolerated. But it apparently takes time, and we’re not too good in that department either. Our limited comprehension is clearly just too short sighted, but that’s the cosmic reality. We’re encased in these wondrous fleshly/spiritual bodies, but we are connected to Universe and all its wondrous gifts and power. And all will be well. Somewhere, somehow. Trust me, we are hooked up to everything we need to be! Fear not, and don’t be afraid to see the full Truth. I don’t know it all, but I’m looking…with open heart, open mind, and anything else I can summon. And that’s what matters. Our heart transmitters are fired up and we can trust those through and through! I hope you are reaching out too. We all need to get on board and magnify the Truth and Love vibe any way we can. We’re bringing it on Home! That’s where it belongs! And we already are! Keep on!

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DMSO: A Stinkin’ Good Phenomenon


by Michelle Agustin

or those who are familiar with Dimethyl Sulfoxide, or DMSO, two associations generally come to mind: a strong garlic smell and an amazing adaptability. However, despite the impressive roster of alleviated ailments, many people still do not know much about DMSO. DMSO was first synthesized in 1866 by Russian scientist Alexander Saytzeff. When experimenting with it, Dr. Saytzeff and his fellow chemists found that DMSO would combine with almost any chemical. After World War II, DMSO became known as a great solvent. Then, in 1959, a study conducted in Great Britain found that DMSO was capable of protecting red blood cells and other tissues from freezing conditions. A few years later, Dr. Stanley Jacob began investigating ways to safely freeze human kidneys, and started testing DMSO. Dr. Jacob would soon become DMSO’s biggest advocate. DMSO became known as an incredible pain reliever and transporter. However, despite its growing popularity, the only instance where the FDA permitted DMSO usage was for the treatment of interstitial cystitis. For all other uses, the FDA continued to keep DMSO off the market. The resulting public outcry grew increasing government attention. For instance, Senator Edward M. Kennedy held a Senate subcommittee hearing on the status of DMSO. As of 1993, at least 6 resolutions to legalize DMSO had been presented to the American Congress. As the controversy escalated, DMSO received even more national attention. In 1980, the show 60 Minutes did a special on DMSO, demonstrating its capabilities through personal accounts, such as the story of Emily Rudich. Her fingers were deformed from extremely painful arthritis; after undergoing DMSO treatment, her pain was lessened enough that she could play the piano again. The initial broadcast received 70 million views, and Dr. Jacob’s office was swamped with calls. After the broadcast, governor and former presidential candi- date George Wallace traveled to Dr. Jacob’s clinic to receive DMSO treatment for his paralysis. The treatment was successful. As seen in the book DMSO: Nature’s Healer, other medicinal functions of DMSO include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Blocks pain by interrupting conduction in the non-myelinated nerve fibres Anti-inflammatory Bacteriostatic, fungistatic, virostatic Transports across membranes Reduces platelet thrombi in blood vessels Reduces the workload of the heart Tranquilizer Enhances antifungal and antibacterial agents Vasodilator Inhibits cholinesterase Softens collagen Scavenges for free radicals Stimulates immunity Diuretic (mainly through intravenous use) Interferon formation Wound healing

DMSO commonly comes in either liquid or gel form. Both have been known to help with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). The liquid helps to temporarily reduce the pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions of the large joints, such as post-traumatic soft tissue injuries, acute bursitis, strains and sprains. The gel is known to help with sunburns and wound healing (such as cuts, skin irritations, and burns). Count on DMSO to bring a world of smell and a world of healing! __________________ Michelle Agustin is a student at heart who likes reading and writing (not arithmetic). Originally from Mississippi, she holds degrees in English and Theology. Michelle works in the natural health industry and spends her days equipping the industry with tools for growth. In her free time, she can often be found huddled over a hot beverage, enjoying good discourse, good music, or good food.

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