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Elect to Govern Yourself

Poisons From The Sky

Restoring Your I-Sight

The medicalization of childbirth

Genetic Engineers Blast GM Crops

Whoever Controls the Media: Controls the World

Beware of Poisons from the Sky

by Paul Fassa


here has been a controversy over what has been termed chemtrails from high flying aircraft since the 1990’s. The controversy has been over their existence or reality, their content and impact on human and plant health if they are real, their purpose if they are real, and the questions of whom or what group is responsible. Regardless of any conspiratorial controversy and the fact that many are not even aware of chemtrails, the health hazards have been discovered.

Visual Reality Check: Chemtrails vs Contrails A contrail is a normal occurrence with high altitude aircraft in cold dry air. It is a trail of jet engine exhaust vapours that have become ice particles, forming a very shiny white, narrow trail. This stream dissipates and completely disappears from view shortly. It usually extends no more than 5 to 10 plane lengths behind the aircraft. Contrails’ appearance depend on atmospheric conditions, aircraft altitude, and air temperature. What has been labeled chemtrails are different in appearance and longevity. They may appear from some aircraft while others are not emitting contrails. Although basically white in colour, they are not as shiny or brilliant, more of an off-white. Sometimes the sunlight passing through them creates different hues. And they appear to be more dense and much longer. They linger long over longer distances, even hours, after the aircraft has passed overhead, usually expanding laterally and becoming much wider than contrails.

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Photo Credit: Scott Stevens

“A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.” - Doug Larsone

any international authority.” The United States faces a crisis of identity: Does it want to be a solitary superpower or the leader of the free world? The two roles could be blurred as long as the free world was confronting an ‘evil empire’, but the choice now presents itself in much starker terms. Unfortunately we have not even started by Susanne Posel to consider it. The popular inclination in the United States is to go it alone, but that would deprive the world of the he idea behind global governance is that “there leadership it so badly needs. Isolationism could be jusdoes not exist any serious environmental probtified only if the market fundamentalists were right and lem which cannot be solved through the minithe global economy could sustain itself without a global mizing of energy and material consumption.” society. Choosing “the creation of a global society with global By empowering such international institutions democracy” will “improve the function of global financial such as the World Bank , the International Monetary markets” and “environmental quality.” Fund (IMF), and the World Trade Organization (WTO) George Soros suggests in The Crisis of Global Capito become powerful economic institutions; as well as talism that a “worldwide alliance will operate in promotthe World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the World Health Oring principles of international law.” However, there is little ganization (WHO), and the UN Environmental Proconcern in the globalist Elite’s view of local markets. gram (UNEP) there will be a congruence of international Soros goes on to explain the globalist perspective: institutions that govern all activity on the planet. “To stabilize and regulate a truly global economy, we One example of global governance superseding sovneed some global system of political decision making. In ereign nation states was when the US Marine Mammal short, we need a global society to support our global econProtection Act banned tuna imports from nations that omy. A global society does not mean a global state. utilized fishing methods that killed dolphins, the WTO To abolish the existence of states is neither feasible overrode the US, saying that they could not impose such nor desirable; but insofar as there are collective interests a ban on countries. that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states Global governance assumes that the purpose of ecomust be subordinated to international law and international nomics is to “assure the preservation of nature and natuinstitutions. Interestingly, the greatest opposition to this ral resources with minimal cost.” This agenda serves to idea is coming from the United States, which, as the sole allow the UN to control how independent governments remaining superpower, is unwilling to subordinate itself to use their economy. It also gives the UN over-reaching


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power for specific economic allocation of funds as defined by international mandate. The valuation techniques of the UN are reserved for the benefit of preservation, not independent countries’ ability to govern themselves. Essentially, under the control of the UN, if the economic solution does not “give complete insurance against the non-achievement of sustainability” it is strictly prohibited. Through the propaganda threat of catastrophic outcomes, government officials can be coerced into submission to the rules and regulations set forth by the UN. Ideals and modes of thought are manipulatable resources of essential mind control. By using the inference of intelligent institutions, the UN can successfully gain control over the social meme of individual governments. Institutionalists become enforcers of global “cooperation” by demanding stronger international institutions. Bioenvironmentalists become eco-terrorists that advocate protection of nature from the all-encompassing consumerism of humanity. Market Liberals can be allocated to ensure global markets function under the thumb of UN mandates for international reform. Social Greens ensure that the UN’s definition of environmental injustice replaces other definitions in an all-out propaganda campaign resembling “grassroots efforts.” Sustainable development becomes the over-reaching institution that governs the economy, information and public interest. Elected officials who create laws will be forced to take the UN’s international laws into account before preserving the rights of their individual countries. Propaganda spread throughout the general public of any given nation secures that the UN’s ideals are enforced. The covert nature of pro-UN propaganda is through

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Fear’s Greatest Fear


by Fredalupe!

et me just say this once again that most everything we publish, with the exception of my own article and the other opinion pieces, is provided by independent sources that we feel are speaking the truth, but that we have no way of verifying absolutely apart from going through the process of our combined intuitions and actual life experiences. This goes for everything in the paper as we can only verify so much every month and for every claim or product. Trust is probably always going to play a big part in the human condition. My suggestion is to Investigate for Yourself. Some continue to trust their governments, despite the sick feeling that comes over them at the promised violence inherent in not doing so, of not obeying. Some trust the doctors and their medicines regardless of the evidence before their eyes of the general lack of health in our civilization, or of any promotion of preventative dietary awareness from such agencies, or of the obvious hypocrisy from those that come from Hyppocrates ‘s own lineage which boldly states as their first rule of conduct ‘to do no harm’. Many will continue to trust the television and the various talking heads promoting anything and everything other than the truth. Others trust history, math, science, despite the evidence screaming to the contrary, evidence that we, the masses, are given ad nauseam. This is not too surprising, we trusted our parents, they trusted theirs and so on. The thing of it is: we were all lied to, on purpose. Most human beings don’t have a clue who they are, or of how the world of mankind really works, or the natural world for that matter. None of that is ever taught truthfully by the various institutions supposedly charged with that responsibility. This is purposefully so. All of our History is compromised, having been written by its conquerors. Our awareness in general, and our consciousness specifically, have been compromised by viral memes with which we are infected from birth, along with those poisonous cocktails we receive throughout our time here in this open air death-camp. All of this is fact for me. I can see it and thereby prove it with my own eyes, body and heart. This is how it feels, smells and tastes to live here on earth in this day and age right now. I need no extra corroboration, no experts or professional to agree with me or to give me permission. I look up into the sky and see it’s proof in the chemtrail laden skies. I watch my fellows walk by in mindless droves and see the proof of their unconscious states, their awarenesses’ locked away in the self-limiting jail cells of their bodies and minds. I find the proof in my own body as it desperately tries to process and rid me of the man many toxins that assault my every day. I see the writing on the walls of this prison planet everywhere I look. Everywhere. Luckily it’s not the whole story. It’s no mistake that for any peace I might muster I have to look towards the natural world because it simply doesn’t exist in this artificial one made to keep us separate from ourselves, from each other, from truth, from reality, from The Ultimate Creative Source from which we all come. One can’t help but find Truth when one asks to see. And so for me the various stories in the pages of the New Agora are mostly an afterthought, mostly pointing to the same undeniable fact that humanity is not free, nor even conscious, barely sentient, barely alive. So we try to balance all this with straight up information that some might find helpful: how natural ‘foods’, plants, herbs, can cure naturally. Heavens! That the Sun is far more than just a nuclear hot spot giving us warmth; that the Earth is Alive and intelligent. That artificiality, in every sense of the word, is a degenerating alienating madness. That those who seek power over their fellows cannot be entrusted with our welfare. That these incredibly obvious truths even have to be pointed out is all the proof one needs to see that something is terribly amiss with the human family. Children are born into this toxic world amidst the drugged screaming of their mothers, the slack jawed complicity of their emasculated fathers, some who unknowingly allow their wives to be raped open, a la caesarian, by mad butchers that force unnatural inhuman birth onto the next crop of victims into the State of Trauma. Children shepherded throughout their stunted growth towards the slaughterhouses of industry, while their souls have little chance to do more then reel in shock before being reprocessed time and time again, from one life to the next, present only long enough to feed the Monstrosity Machine, most kneeling in the fear and filth of their jailers throughout their life-sentence. At times I find it hard not to sound negative or vitriolic when describing such evil. As I understand it, there is some foul Eye orchestrating this horror show for it’s own amusement and need, and it isn’t the Great Source. I don’t need the ancient gnostic texts to confirm this, nor a deep study of the various ‘holy’ books dominating the world with fear to do so either. Not all the mythology, past or present, nor the sickening and twisted cults that apparently run the world. All I require for verification is to See myself, and my life’s experience, with the unflinchingly sober and totally honest intent of freedom, to know that this is so. This mad experiment in seperation and duality might make sense some day I suppose. As above so below they say. It’s a holographic universe after all. And with that I can see that there is a kind of foreign installation ‘within’ me always wrestling for control, always trying to subvert my will, erode my strengths, my confidence, my love. As I continue this journey within I can see that it is as desperate as it is self important, as fearful as it is ridiculous. This artificial construct works very hard to convince me that it is me, that it knows best and that I should be afraid, very afraid of everything and everyone, and that I should trust no one ever, not even myself. It insists that I look at the world through it’s myopic eye, as I have been trained to do for so very long. I may even be doing it now. Around and around and around we go. Where we stop nobody knows. It creates the conditions of a hell on earth and offers this as proof that this is in fact hell. What a fallacious argument! No wonder we aren’t ‘taught’ to think too critically in school or in life. However, being born into a death camp doesn’t mean that everywhere

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Help Yourself HEADLINES Paraguay: US Sponsored “Soft Coup”

How Big Banks Are Still Lying, Cheating and Ripping Us Off Earlier this year, researchers at the university of Southern California published the results of a study examining whether the wealthy – the mythical “engines of our economy” – display a better character than the rest of us. As it turned out, after conducting seven experiments they found that the narrow pursuit of self-interest at the top of the economic heap leads our elites to behave like complete dirtbags. As Bloomberg summarized, the researchers found that the richest among us “were more likely to break the law while driving, take candy from children, lie in negotiation, cheat to raise their odds of winning a prize and endorse unethical behavior at work.”.

Whether it’s Paraguay’s infamously right-wing local oligarchy and its parties that seized an opportunity to bring left-leaning President Fernando Lugo down by itself, or whether the push came from the United States government, is yet to be confirmed. Paraguay is nestled between South America’s two largest economies — Argentina and Brazil — and its membership of regional integration bodies such as the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) and the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) gives it strategic importance for US interests. By removing Lugo via an illegitimate coup only nine months out from elections, the US and its allies sent a message that, having lost the ability to keep control through formal democratic means, they are willing to use others.

Bounty Hunters Unleashed on Crooked Bankers Iceland has potentially set a new trend in the finance community. According to Business Insider, their government has hired an ex-cop; a white collar crime bounty hunter who wants to make sure the bankster criminals pay the price for their elaborate crimes. Iceland’s government appointed Ólafur Þór Hauksson to locate such individuals that had a helping hand in the collapse of the banking sector in a time of extreme credit-crunching. Hauksson is responsible for investigating any and all suspicious cases involving fraud before 2009. The good news for him is that he’s not working alone. He’s got 100 top-notch researchers rigorously working around the clock to help make this a smoother and quicker process.

Monsanto Threatens Europe Is Monsanto waging war on the European Union? The notion isn’t as daft as you may think. Genetically modified (GM) crops have pervaded the U.S. food supply for nearly twenty years, albeit incrementally and often inconspicuously. But the European Union has shown much stronger resolve and skepticism against GM crops. As a result, mega-corporations like Monsanto haven’t made much headway into the European food supply. Now, however, the EU is saying that they’ll change their position on GM crops and GMOs (genetically modified organisms), allowing foods to contain genetically modified components below certain levels. This is exactly the sort of incremental shift toward GMOs we observed here in the U.S. The question is, what’s going on with the EU’s change of mind?

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Hospital Blunders ‘result in almost 12,000 preventable deaths in hospitals every year’

They say that doctors and nurses routinely misdiagnose illnesses, fail to treat patients quickly enough or give them the wrong dose of drug. And many of the errors happen because junior doctors are not properly supervised by senior colleagues, say the academics. Hospital-blunders-Almost-12-000-preventable-deathshospitals-year-errors-care.html

Southern California Seaweed Tests Over 500 Percent Higher for Radioactive Iodine-131 Than Anywhere Else in US Based on data collected from several different test sites, researchers from the California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) Department of Biological Sciences learned that the highest levels of radioactive contamination from Fukushima occurred in Central and Southern California. But the worst contamination of all, at least as far as iodine-131 is concerned, was found at Southern California’s Corona Del Mar Beach.

Stolen Haitian Relief Money Instead of relief going to help Haitians, it’s given to profiteering companies and NGOs. Haitians then and now ask where did the money go? It hasn’t helped them. Washington diverted the largest amount. Instead of helping, it sent in the marines, let contracts for corporate predators, and funded well-connected profiteering NGOs. Haitians got hardly anything. They’re still waiting for desperately needed aid. Their government got 1% of the money. Little went to Haitian companies or local NGOs. Private companies specializing in disasters got funding. Much of what was pledged never came. It happens every time.

IQ Ratings Suffer from Car Pollution, Tobacco Exposure We are all subject to the dangers of air pollution. Even if you live in the country, you are exposed to some level of pollution, from your own vehicle or tobacco if you smoke. But a study from the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health finds that high levels of pollution can affect the eventual intelligence of children, making for lower IQ ratings. Other studies link the same pollutants to depression, asthma, and many other health concerns. The study looked at prenatal exposure to air pollution, specifically polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). What they found was pregnant mothers exposed to high levels of these pollutants gave birth to children who would eventually have significantly lower IQ ratings based on intelligence tests at age 5.

Quebec Court Upholds Anti-Students Law

Melinda Gates: Family Planning Means Sterilizing Women in Developing Nations The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) are hosting The London Family Planning Summit (LFPS) where they will survey their depopulation and eugenics agenda in the name of women’s rights. Both governmental and private sector representatives will be in attendance; where not only will lucrative deals for provision of contraception will be made, but the BMGF will secure donated funds to bring their brand of depopulation to third world nations. The BMGF assert that by 2050 “the global population is expected to grow to over 9 billion people” and this is unacceptable to them. By applying pressure to social programs and resources, the BMGF want to use family planning as an investment for all national governments globally.

As protests continue in the province of Quebec against planned tuition hikes, a court of appeals has rejected students’ request for the suspension of parts of a controversial law that was passed to impede their protest rallies. The so-called Special Law 78 obliges the organizers to inform the police about the timing and location of marches at least eight hours before they stage the protest move. It also allows imposing heavy fines on the protesters who fail to do so. Critics believe the law breaches the rights of assembly and free expression. The police have arrested many people since the start of the protests more than several months ago. University students and student unions have been protesting since mid-February to draw international attention to the government’s announced plans to raise tuition fees. Thousands of students and their supporters poured onto the streets of Montreal to protest against the government’s policies regarding the tuition hikes.

The Science of Fatherhood: Why Dads Matter

Overwhelming Evidence Mounts Indicating Colorado Shooting Staged It is now clear the Colorado shooting is a staged event. It mirrors previous shootings, including the assassination of Robert Kennedy blamed on the drugged patsy Sirhan Sirhan. New damning details on the Colorado shooting now surface on a daily basis. The latest is that the highest honors neuroscience student James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist. Holmes was a patient of Dr. Lynne Fenton at the University of Colorado. Fenton worked for the Air Force in Texas and was known for dispensing dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, according to the Washington Post. The judge presiding over Holmes’ case has imposed a gag order in the courtroom. District Court Judge William Blair Sylvester has also ordered the University of Colorado not to release his school records after the media filed a request for the documents. The gag order was issued after video from the courtroom showed an obviously drugged James Holmes. Following reports that the shooter resembled the Joker character from Batman, witnesses said he “was in full riot gear… He looked like he was from a SWAT team” and “was dressed from head-to-toe in SWAT gear… with Kevlar. He looked like one of the cops. That’s what was really confusing to us.”

The Corn Is Dying All Over America All over America the corn is dying. If drought conditions persist in the middle part of the country, wheat and soybeans will be next. Weeks of intense heat combined with extraordinarily dry conditions have brought many U.S. corn farmers to the brink of total disaster. If there is not significant rainfall soon, many farmers will be financially ruined. This period of time is particularly important for corn because this is when pollination is supposed to happen. But the unprecedented heat and the extremely dry conditions are playing havoc with that process. With each passing day things get even worse. We have seen the price of a bushel of corn soar 41 percent since June 14th.

Global Money Matrix Self Destructs

Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal The number of addicts considered “problematic” — those who repeatedly use “hard” drugs and intravenous users — had fallen by half since the early 1990s, when the figure was estimated at around 100,000 people, Goulao said. Other factors had also played their part however, Goulao, a medical doctor added. “This development can not only be attributed to decriminalization but to a confluence of treatment and risk reduction policies.”.

Within the last several decades, though, scientists are increasingly realizing just how much dads matter. Just like women, fathers’ bodies respond to parenthood, and their parenting style affects their kids just as much, and sometimes more, than mom’s. “We’re now finding that not only are fathers influential, sometimes they have more influence on kids’ development than moms,” said Ronald Rohner, the director of the Center for the Study of Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection at the University of Connecticut. “Knowing that kids feel loved by their father is a better predictor of young adults’ sense of well-being, of happiness, of life satisfaction than knowing about the extent to which they feel loved by their mothers,” Rohner said. He and his colleagues detailed their findings in May in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review.

Tokyo Rally Is Biggest Yet To Oppose Nuclear Plan In Japan’s largest antinuclear rally since the disaster at Fukushima, tens of thousands of protesters gathered at a park in central Tokyo on Monday to urge the government to halt its restarting of the nation’s reactors. Organizers said 170,000 people filled a Tokyo square to sing songs, beat drums and cheer on a series of high-profile speakers who called for more Japanese to make their voices heard. The police put the number at 75,000, still making it the biggest gathering of antinuclear protesters since the Fukushima accident last year. “To stay silent in the wake of Fukushima is inhuman,” the Oscar-winning musician Ryuichi Sakamoto told the crowd, which braved soaring temperatures to gather at Yoyogi Park. Antinuclear protests have gained momentum especially here in the capital, where tens of thousands of protesters now gather every week to shout slogans in front of Mr. Noda’s official residence.

They Sold Us ‘Happy Pills’ - But All We Got Was Suicide and Misery

Nature Fights Back - Bugs Devour GM Monsanto Corn with a Vengeance Corn genetically engineered by Monsanto to kill western corn rootworm is reportedly being devoured by those pests with a vengeance. Thanks to heavy reliance on the genetically modified (GM) crops, the tiny rootworm pest has overtaken fields, outsmarting the genetic engineering that was supposed to keep it away.

Now that the genie is out of the bottle, worldwide economic, financial and political events will proceed with the inexorable force of destiny. The forthcoming changes, shifts and breaks with the past that are delineated below do concern the unsavory business of WHAT, positively, will not be brought into the future. This is of critical importance. Why? Because those who do not know, and understand, and heed history, are always, always forced to repeat it. The writing is on the wall: THE FED IS DEAD. And so is the Fed’s collection agency – the IRS. The FED has obviously been on extreme life support since September ’08, and the only compassionate response is to let it go peacefully into the sunset.

USDA Admits to Killing Birds and Bees The USDA has been under fire recently for its admitted assault against nature, after multiple investigations have uncovered its deliberate tampering with both plants and animals alike. One such investigation has put an end to the mystery surrounding the death of millions of birds, with USDA documents revealing the organization’s role in the massive slaughter. In addition to the mass bird killings, it turns out the USDA was fully aware that a highly-popular herbicide chemical was a known bee-killer, which may have aided the bee decline.

I would have thought it was blaring, front-page, top-ofthe-bulletin news that GlaxoSmithKline, one of our biggest companies, has just been fined £2 billion (yes, you heard that right, £2 billion) in the US for – among other things – bribing doctors, and encouraging the prescription of unsuitable drugs to children. Its drug Paxil, sold here as Seroxat, was promoted as suitable for teenagers and children, even though trials had shown it was not. Doctors were sent on free trips where they were treated to snorkelling, sailing, deep-sea fishing, balloon rides and spa treatments (and cash payments), to persuade them to prescribe these drugs, or to reward them for doing so. A medically-qualified radio host was allegedly paid more than £150,000 to plug one GSK antidepressant for unapproved uses. GSK paid for articles approving its drugs to appear in reputable medical journals..

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Genetic Engineers Blast GM Crops I by Cathryn Wellner

n discussions with friends who have only vague ideas about all the GMO (genetically modified organisms) controversy, I have often wished for a handy guide to the main arguments, pro and con. Now I finally have it, thanks to a new report: “GMO Myths and Truths: An evidence-based examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops.” The report’s authors include two genetic engineers and a writer and editor with extensive knowledge of the issues. They have clustered the main arguments used by supporters of genetically modified crops into seven areas and then deconstructed each of them. For those wanting to dive into the technical issues and academic studies, dozens of references are provided for every section. Those preferring an easily understood summary will be pleased by the simple language used to explain complex issues. With battle lines drawn, the pro- and anti-GMO sides face each other across a deep chasm of mistrust. Lined up in favour are such formidable proponents as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (major investor in Monsanto), many governments, the biotech industry and a cadre of scientists (not all of them industry supported). On the other side are nervous consumers, a lot of farmers, and an increasing number of independent researchers. The report lobs the ball into the pro-GMO court by refuting its claims one by one. In the face of a growing body of research that raises red flags, proponents of the technology have an opportunity to present evidence for their claims instead of the usual huffy dismissal of very real concerns.

According to the GM industry promoting the crops:

GMO Myths and Truths refute those claims point by point and conclude GM crops:

1. Are an extension of natural breeding and do not pose different risks from naturally bred crops 2. Are safe to eat and can be more nutritious than naturally bred crops 3. Are strictly regulated for safety 4. Increase crop yields 5. Reduce pesticide use 6. Benefit farmers and make their lives easier 7. Bring economic benefits 8. Benefit the environment 9. Can help solve problems caused by climate change 10. Reduce energy use 11. Will help feed the world

1. Are laboratory-made, using technology that is totally different from natural breeding methods, and pose different risks from non-GM crops 2. Can be toxic, allergenic or less nutritious than their natural counterparts 3. Are not adequately regulated to ensure safety 4. Do not increase yield potential 5. Do not reduce pesticide use but increase it 6. Create serious problems for farmers, including herbicidetolerant “superweeds”, compromised soil quality, and increased disease susceptibility in crops 7. Have mixed economic effects 8. Harm soil quality, disrupt ecosystems, and reduce biodiversity 9. Do not offer effective solutions to climate change 10. Are as energy-hungry as any other chemically-farmed crops 11. Cannot solve the problem of world hunger but distract from its real causes – poverty, lack of access to food and, increasingly, lack of access to land to grow it on.

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GM Apples to be Pushed on Consumers by Soren Dreier


fter setting sights on creating a heavily modified apple that ‘never browns’ and doing their very best to hide the fact that they are indeed genetically altered, a biotech corporation known as Okanagan Specialty Fruits is now pushing for their new genetically modified apples to hit the market. The company recently submitted an application to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to launch their initiative to get the apples into your local grocery market and reap ‘improved industry sales’, but they made sure that the data was not available to the public. Now, after providing virtually no information to the citizens of Canada and submitting only two pages of information on the product actually written by the company, Okanagan Specialty Fruits is now set on a United States release. On July 9th, the USDA posted the corporation’s request for approval on their website for the genetically mod-

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ified ‘non-browning’ apples, giving the public 60 days to comment before ultimately making a decision. The move has outraged many watchdog organizations, who have continued to highlight the fact that the initial submission to the Canadian government was ‘embarrassing’ in its utter lack of real information. Speaking on behalf of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, activist and biotech researcher Lucy Sharratt stated: “The CFIA should be deeply embarrassed for wasting Canadian’s time on a false invitation to comment on the GM apple… the CFIA public comment period was always a sham because it was based on no data but this farce is now completely exposed.” Genetically Modified Apples Opposed by 69% of Canadians Unsurprisingly, Sharatt’s sentiments have been echoed by many Canadian citizens and activists. The crusade to bring genetically modified apples has been met with extreme activism from concerned citizens as documented by a number of new polls and surveys. Giving a powerful statistical concept of how citizens

see the proposition of the modified apples, a consumer poll commissioned by apple grower associations based in British Columbia and Quebec revealed that 69% of Canadians simply do not want the genetically modified apple. One reason that some citizens are concerned is the fact that biotechnology researchers have openly admitted that while only one gene is necessary to be altered to prevent browning in the apples, the change could likely affect a multitude of other genes in the process. And with unknown gene changes comes unknown consequences. In case you’re skeptical, even Monsanto’s top PhD researchers have openly stated to former Monsanto employee and whistleblower Kirk Azevedo that during the genetic modification process “other proteins that are being produced, not just the one we want, a byproduct of the genetic engineering process.” Eventually leaving the company and coming out to expose their health-wrecking practices, Azevedo reports: “I saw what was really the fraud associated with genetic engineering. My impression, and I think most people’s impression with genetically engineered foods and crops and other things, is that it’s just like putting one gene in there and that one gene is expressed….But in reality, the process of genetic engineering changes the cell in such a way that it’s unknown what the effects are going to be.”

Q uebec A uthorities S eek to D estroy C ouple ’ s I mmaculate E dible L andscape BEFORE



by Heather Callaghan

eople are hungry, economies everywhere are tanking. The answer to that problem used to be “do what you can on your own.” In America, it was the now iconic Victory Gardens. In Montreal, Canada there is a move to defeat such self-reliance. For some strange reason, helping yourself is the very last thing the governments in both the U.S. and Canada will “allow” you to do; not even on your own land. Stranger still, it is the lower-rung, local governments that show up in news stories extinguishing property rights in the name of the almighty municipal code. Josée Landry and partner Michel Beauchamp decided to start an urban garden for both economic and health reasons, and they even have documented its progress via their family blog since its beginning. They proudly gave their new passion a name - Rosa - in memory of civil rights icon, Rosa Parks, who refused to take her place as ordered by the tyrannical bureaucracy of the day. Now it seems that they find themselves forced to take a stand for another basic civil right: food freedom. Instead of allowing this garden to flourish and nourish, local officials in Canada now want to make any new front yard gardens completely illegal by autumn, along with uprooting Rosa. The crackdown on home gardening has been marching across the first world at a rapid pace of late. In the U.S. we have seen a woman threatened with jail for 93 days for front yard tomatoes, and a Tulsa, OK woman sued after coming home to find her yard full of herbal remedies and vegetation ripped up and taken. Oftentimes, it’s a power play, and only when enough negative attention is garnered, do the code enforcers back down, usually citing their targets for some other minor infraction. This latest move in Canada follows a similar pattern; by enforcing an arbitrary code that front yard gardens (also called kitchen gardens) are only allowed, at the bare minimum, less than 30% vegetation. Who in Drummondville, Quebec would create such a code and why? Also, shouldn’t other factors be considered: they own their home, they offer the food to the community without profit, it is aesthetic and has attracted worldwide media attention, as well as some celebrity garden bloggers. Not only does the city want most of the couple’s garden uprooted and tossed, but they are seriously discussing outlawing all future front yard gardens! The only stipulation being that old gardens can apparently stay as long as it meets the “under 30% of the yard” code. The couple was facing fines of between $100 and $300 per day if they did not comply by yesterday. According to CBCNews, “The couple said they had no intention of complying with the city’s request.” As per usual, the local authorities love to vaguely claim that there have been neighbour complaints. CEO of Drummondville, Claude Proulx, called it a question of “uniformity of the urban fabric.” But, Beauchamp has been open with his neighbours, and they have shared the fun and eats. He has had no inkling of anyone disliking the tidy and delicious landscape, adding, “They love it. Everybody is surprised by the kind of taste we can have from fresh vegetables.” And no doubt the neighbours may also be impressed by the changes they see in the urban farming couple: both growing and eating the garden goods has helped Landry and Beauchamp lose a combined 100 pounds! Urban kitchen garden activist and blogger Roger Doiron got behind the fight and organized an impressive worldwide petition called Stop the War on Front Yard Vegetable Gardens. As of Sunday, they had 800 signatures, yesterday 8,000, and today almost 11,000 and counting.

The couple’s “bed-in” peaceful protest, Lennon-Ono style, also garnered much support and media attention. By the way, Doiron is the one who apparently encouraged Michelle Obama to grow the Presidential garden. No sooner had he featured the Canadian garden on his site when they get slammed with threats of hundreds of dollars in fines if they didn’t rip it out and replant grass. Do you think he wonders why the White House shows the world about gardening, and then municipalities everywhere start simultaneously cracking down on their residents? What does it ultimately take to stop the rolling boulder of unyielding municipal power? As evidenced above and in other cases, a negative spotlight, lots of outraged people, and the threat of losing an election (and salary and pension) speaks volumes. The culmination of which recently bought Landry and Beauchamp till September 1, before the officials decide what to do with them. Activism works! That allows them to harvest their garden, but then what? Will people forget the original intention to outlaw all such yard gardens? That’s a problem when things get pushed back - the officials hope that people do not stay so riled up, and that the media moves on. And what of the gardening soldiers? Will they be slapped with other arbitrary code violations? Let’s try to revisit these plights to make sure we don’t leave them behind in the big fight for all of our food freedom. “If this garden is deemed illegal, we’re in deep youknow-what.” - Roger Doiron ______________________________ Sign the petition:

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ccording to a study published in the New Scientist back in 1998, there is a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and human biological effects. The conduit which facilitates the charged particles from the Sun and to human disturbance — is the very same conduit which steers Earth’s weather —– the magnetic field. Animals and humans have a magnetic field which surrounds them — in the very same way the magnetic field surrounds the Earth as a protector. From 1948 to 1997, the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia found that geomagnetic activity showed three seasonal peaks each of those years (March to May, in July, and in October). Every peak matched an increased incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and suicide in the city Kirovsk. Electromagnetic activity from the sun affects our electronic devices and human electromagnetic field. We are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by electromagnetic charges from the sun, our body can feel sleepy but also become highly energized. Psychological effects of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) are typically short lived and include headache, palpitations, mood swings, and feeling generally unwell. Chaotic or confused thinking, and erratic behaviours also increase. Solar storms can drive our emotions and maximize them for both good and bad – the point here is to be aware of it. The Pineal gland in our brain is also affected by the electromagnetic activity which causes the gland to produce excess melatonin, a hormone which can cause sleepiness but it’s also known that some people have opposite side effects, usually those that are aware of the effects.

leads within to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Among Christian mystics, the term is used in a broad sense to indicate a non-dualistic perspective. In New Age spirituality, the third eye may symbolize a state of enlightenment or the evocation of mental images having deeply personal spiritual or psychological significance. The third eye is often associated with visions, clairvoyance (which includes the ability to observe chakras and auras), precognition, and out-of-body experiences. People who have allegedly developed the capacity to utilize their third eyes are sometimes known as seers. For the reasons most of you know – humans tend to have their pineal glands heavily calcified – sleeping. Fluoride (found in tap water, toothpaste, processed foods…) is just one of the things that causes calcification of pineal gland. Fluoride is magnetically attracted to the pineal gland where it forms calcium phosphate crystals more than anywhere else in the body. How to decalcify pineal gland? One excellent link is here: Your third eye should be active, vibrant and strong… the process of decalcification sometimes includes headaches and sleepiness… the same as they say for solar storms like the one in effect now.

Riding the Power Wave – Pineal Gland Stimulation Our pineal glands have excess melatonin production during solar storms – electromagnetic activity. Many biological effects of melatonin are produced through activation of melatonin receptors, while others are due to its role as a pervasive and powerful antioxidant, with a particular role in the protection of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. The Pineal gland is also referred as the third eye, and the third eye is also known as the inner eye. The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept referring in part to the ajna (brow) chakra in certain dharmic spiritual traditions, in particular Hinduism. This concept was later adopted by Christian mystics and spiritualists as well as people from other religious faiths. It is also spoken of as the gate that

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Pineal Gland – Our Third Eye by Mystic Banana


he pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

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The Secret : What they don’t want you to KNOW! Every human being’s Pineal Gland or The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with the help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing. With more advance practices and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but the United

States, former Soviet Union governments and various shadow organization have been doing this type of research for ages and have succeed far beyond our imagination. The Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in

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The medicalization of childbirth


by Craig Stellpflug

ur overzealous medical community has taken the blessed event of childbirth and turned it into a medical procedure with a whole different set of risks and side effects. This medicalization of childbirth turns our newborns into medical experiments and permanently hooks them into a life of medical dependency.

Where it Begins The assault on the infant begins with the invasive ultrasound. The FDA warned in 2004, “ultrasound is a form of energy, and even at low levels, laboratory studies have shown it can produce physical effect in tissue, such as jarring vibrations and a rise in temperature.” These temperature increases can cause birth defects and result in central nervous system damage. A large randomized trial conducted by the RADIUS Study Group found the use of ultrasound did not result in improved outcome in pregnancies.

In the Labor and Delivery Room Epidurals are used for over half of all birthing events in hospitals. Epidurals interfere with normal bio-feedback between the pelvic muscles and the mother’s brain during labor. One of the most common side effects of epidurals is a drop in the mother’s blood pressure leading to less oxygen for the baby. An epidural slows labor, making the mother

Pineal Gland - Third Eye

Continued from previous page Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine-cone in art. The ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits and exemplified this in their vast symbologies with the symbol of an eye. A Pineal Gland reference is also found in back of the U.S. dollar bill with what is called the ‘all seeing eye’, which is a reference to the ability of an individual (or group of individuals) to use this gland and go to the other side (spiritual world) and possibly control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world by knowing what they are thinking at all times in our physical world. Various research being conducted so far confirms that there are certain periods in the night, between the hours of one and four in the morning where chemicals are released in the brain that bring about feelings of connectedness to one’s higher source.

The Conspiracy : How they are Killing your Pineal Gland In the late 90′s, a scientist by the name of Jennifer Luke carried out the first study on the effects of sodium fluoride on the pineal gland. She determined that the pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, was a target for fluoride. The pineal gland simply absorbed more fluoride than any other physical matter in the body, even bones. The Pineal gland is like a magnet to sodium fluoride. This calcifies the gland and makes it no longer effective in balancing the entire hormonal processes through the body. Various Researches ever since have proved Sodium Fluoride goes to the most important gland in the brain. It’s the only thing that attacks the most important centre of our gland in the brain. It’s prevalent in foods, beverages and in our bath and drinking water. Sodium Fluoride is put in 90% of the United States water supply. Water filters you buy in supermarkets do not take the fluoride out. Only reverse osmosis or water distillation. The cheapest way is to buy a water distiller. Sodium Fluoride is in our water supply, food, pepsi, coke, to dumb down the masses, literally!. The fluoride three times likelier to be given an oxytocin drip, three times likelier for forceps delivery, doubles the chance for a caesarean delivery and gives a 50 percent less chance of a normal delivery. After epidurals, babies have difficulties with breastfeeding along with definite behavioural abnormalities for at least six weeks. Epidural mothers describe their babies as more difficult to care for.

Immediately After Birth Immediately after the baby is born, the nurse sweeps the baby to a warming table where they clean, weigh and measure the baby- and, whether you ask for them or not, they administer eye drops of silver nitrate or erythromycin. Eye drops at birth are given to help prevent any possible infection in your baby’s eyes from gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Eye drops makes the baby’s vision blurry and silver Nitrate causes discomfort to the eyes. Eye drops come with their own “side effects” and also impedes the bonding process with the parents.

The Jabs The newborn vitamin K jab doubles the chances of childhood cancer. In a study of two hospitals, researchers found a two-fold risk of leukemia for children who had received intramuscular vitamin K given at one hospital compared to the other hospi-

tal that did not promote the jab. Side effects of the synthetic vitamin K3 include: cytotoxicity in liver cells, formation of radicals from enzymes of leucocytes, weakens the immune system, mutagenic effects, damage to the natural vitamin K cycle, hemolytic anemia and hyperbilirubinemia, disturbs levels of calcium ions, vomiting and others. The National Vaccine Information Centre shows that the number of hepatitis B vaccine-associated serious adverse event and death reports in American children far outnumbers the reported cases of hepatitis B disease in children. The NVIC is calling government-mandated hepatitis B vaccination of all children a “dangerous and scientifically unsubstantiated policy.” A new study shows that giving Hepatitis B vaccine to newborn baby boys can triple the risk of an autism spectrum disorder compared to later- or unvaccinated boys. Bottom line, childbirth is not a medical procedure unless you let it become one. A well written birth plan will take all the questions and worries out of the medical decisions facing the newborn’s parents during this blessed event. Write your decision into a birth plan and have the attending nurse and the doctor both sign it. Then keep an eye on them because many a baby have been medicated, vaccinated and even bottle-fed against the mother’s wishes. Always make an informed decision. Your infant’s well-being depends on you.

was introduced into the water by the Nazis and the Russians in their concentration camps to make the camp population docile and to not question authority. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I believe that if you take away the seat of the soul, this disconnects us to our oneness with God and with the power of our source of spirituality and turn us into the mundane slaves of secret societies, shadow organizations and the control freak corporate world. I like to end my article with this quote.. “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.” -Buddha

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Chronic Acidosis - A Precursor to Cancer by The Health Coach


f there is one health imbalance which is common to many medical conditions, it is Chronic acidosis. So pervasive is this under-the-radar health problem, yet many have never even heard of it, though they suffer its consequences for years or decades. Simply put, Chronic acidosis is a systemic condition of the body which slowly emerges over time due to improper eating, especially when there is a sustained level of stress in one’s life that is not managed in a healthy way. There are other co-factors, but a substandard and incompatible diet is by far the primary physical cause when coupled with habitual maladaptive stress responses to the pressures of life. Your food can be your best medicine or worst toxin! All foods and beverages can be divided into three categories: those that are acidifying; those which are alkalizing and those which have a neutral effect on the body’s PH. If your regular diet is high in the following acidifying foods, then there will be a much greater tendency for the body to move into a chronic condition known as acidosis. Each of these foods will contribute to an acidic state because of how they are digested and metabolized in vivo (in the body during digestion). This chart of foods which assists in alkalizing the body is by no means exhaustive, (and please do your own research to double check everything for yourself. ed.) but it does provide a great start for anyone looking to make the shift in body PH. There are subtleties involved with this type of acidbase body chemistry which many health commentators either ignore or are unaware of. Things like the fact that lemons are very alkalizing although they would seem to be highly acidic. When ingested, they serve to alkalize the body with unusual potency, and are also quite effective at detoxifying the liver.

What are some other risk factors associated with Chronic Acidosis (CA) Any lifestyle practice or environmental exposure which contributes to acidifying the body chemistry should be looked at very closely for anyone suffering from CA. Remember, it is the acidic effect in the body which matters the most. The body’s biochemistry can be altered in many ways which we shall see, so it is the final product which ought to be carefully considered. These other CA co-factors include the following: 1. Pharmaceutical drugs – all drug medications seem to have an acidifying effect, many greatly so. 2. Recreational drugs – nicotine, marijuana, hashish, LSD, designer drugs.. 3. Nutraceutical supplements when taken to excess or incorrectly self prescribed. 4. Lack of exercise and too much exercise. 5. Lack of proper sleep – especially noncompliance with “Early to bed, early to rise.” 6. Exposure to environmental toxicities – from food, water, air. 7. Synthetic clothing which adversely affects the skin’s capacity to ‘breathe’. 8. Too much sun as in sunburn. 9. Too much exposure to fluoridated and chlorinated water both by drinking and showering. This list is by no means comprehensive, so everyone is encouraged to assess their home, work and automobile environments with care. There are many other co-factors which cause the body chemistry to acidify such as

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predominant emotional and mental states. For instance, an individual in the state of constant high anxiety will create the internal conditions for an acidic condition to take hold. Likewise, one who goes from home rage to road rage, and gets angry at the drop of a hat will experience even the most alkaline food turning into acid in their stomach. This is one very good reason never to eat when you’re in a fit of anger. It’s always better to let the strong emotions pass, for your body’s sake. 

Chronic Acidosis: A Precursor To Cancer

The truth be told, Chronic acidosis is a precursor to countless diseases and ailments. Not only that, but many other diseases and illness will directly contribute to Chronic acidosis, if not addressed in an effective and steadfast manner. This ‘symbiotic relationship’ is similar to a feedback loop whereby both the CA and the disease mutually reinforce each other causing a downward spiral, much like we see in a Stage IV cancer or AIDS patient. It is well known that every cancer patient must efficiently process the acidic effects of the cancer itself, as well as all the acidifying chemotherapy, radiation treatments, lack of exercise, emotional depression, malaise and lethargy associated with being bed-ridden, etc. These obstacles can all be overcome by one who is aware of how to meet each challenge head on. For example, John Gunther in his book DEATH BE NOT PROUD outlines a potent dietary regimen that anyone can engage with a little support. The Gerson Institute has established an excellent set of protocols that includes regular coffee enemas which can be particularly effective. Various schools of yoga teach meditation, hatha yoga, pranayama, chanting practices and contemplation techniques which address the mental and emotional components of cancer

as well as other serious diseases like AIDS. The viral components of cancer love sugar and white wheat and other food ingredients which create the highly acidic environment in which it thrives. Deprive the cancer cells of this necessary fuel and you can starve them into extinction. It really is often that simple. Of course, when one combines the most appropriate diet with all the other recommended lifestyle changes, you do put the odds in your favour in such a way that will greatly increase the likelihood of remission with no recurrence. Especially when a wholesome health-style or wellness program is adhered to for the rest of one’s lifetime, cancer and every other disease will be unlikely to find a home in your body. The recommended alkaline diet can certainly move one away from such a strict set of prohibitions, but the more one sticks with a balanced, alkalizing diet, the better they will feel and thrive.

Conclusion There is a flip side to this story which ought to be acknowledged. The body can also be too alkaline which can actually cause a medical condition known as alkalosis. Most never have to worry about such a predicament; however, we are compelled to issue the follow caveat regarding water ionizers and alkalizers. The following article takes up this health issue for those who are unaware, yet vulnerable to the numerous sales pitches coming from the MLM industry. Water Alkalizers & Ionizers: Is It Healthy To Drink Only Alkaline Water? May you enjoy great health!

by Sayer Ji

derive from complex structural and physical-chemical properties e.g. semiconductor, stable radical, conductor, free radical scavenger, charge-transfer. Clinicians and researchers are well acquainted with melanin in skin and ocular pathologies and now increasingly are with internal, melanized, pathology-associated sites not obviously subject to light radiation (e.g. brain, cochlea). At both types of sites some findings puzzle: positive and negative neuromelanin effects in Parkinsons; unexpected melanocyte action in the cochlea, in deafness; melanin reduces DNA damage, but can promote melanoma; in melanotic cells, mitochondrial number was 83% less, respiration down 30%, but development similar to normal amelanotic cells. A little known, avian anatomical conundrum may help resolve melanin paradoxes. One of many unique adaptations to flight, the pecten, strange intra-ocular organ with unresolved function(s), is much enlarged and heavily melanized in birds fighting gravity, hypoxia, thirst and hunger during long-distance, frequently sub-zero, non-


hile ubiquitous in nature, melanin, which provides the colouring found in hair, skin, eyes, feathers, scales, etc., is an especially important substance as far as the human condition is concerned. After all, melanin’s role in determining skin colour makes it the primary physiological basis for racial differentiation among humans. Entire civilizations, no doubt, have risen and fallen due to their conceptions (and misconceptions) about this pigment’s effects on human behaviour, to the point that the very notion of humanness itself has been called into question depending on how little or how much melanin a body possessed. It is for this reason that melanin’s lesser known, functional properties should be considered more closely. In fact, being more pigmented, i.e. darker skinned, or put oppositely, being less de-pigmented, may confer a unique set of health benefits which over the course of human history have been repressed or intentionally misrepresented in order to fuel the f melanin can convert light into heat, sociopolitical construct of race. could it not also transform UV radiation In biological science melanin is known into other biologically/metabolically useful to possess a diverse set of roles and funcforms of energy? tions in a wide range of organisms. These Single-celled fungi, for instance, have include: been observed thriving within the collapsed • Protection against biochemical attack: nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine, e.g. the smoke shield-like ink of the ocusing gamma radiation as a source of topus, and the melanin-based protective energy. Albino fungi, without melacolourings of bacteria and fungi which nin, were studied to be incapable are capable of encapsulating and oxiof using gamma radiation in this dizing invading organisms in a process way, proving that gamma rays known as melanization. initiate a yet-unknown pro• Mitigating chemical stresses associated cess of energy production with exposure to heavy metals and oxiwithin melanin. dizing agents. • Acting as a natural sunscreen: shielding light-sensitive tissue from the potentially damaging effects of ultraviolet light.


Melanin is capable of transforming ultraviolet light energy into heat in a process known as “ultrafast internal conversion”; more than 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation is transformed from potentially genotoxic (DNA-damaging) ultraviolet light into harmless heat. If melanin can convert light into heat, could it not also transform UV radiation into other biologically/metabolically useful forms of energy? This may not seem so far fetched when one considers that even gamma radiation, which is highly toxic to most forms of life, is a source of sustenance for certain types of fungi and bacteria. Single-celled fungi, for instance, have been observed thriving within the collapsed nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine, using gamma radiation as a source of energy. Albino fungi, without melanin, were studied and seen to be incapable of using gamma radiation in this way, proving that gamma rays initiate a yet-unknown process of energy production within melanin. There is also the curious discovery of bacteria living within vats of radioactive waste. Given these examples, it is no surprise that vertebrate animals may be capable of converting light directly into metabolic energy through the help of melanin. In a review on the topic published in 2008 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, titled “Melanin directly converts light for vertebrate metabolic use: heuristic thoughts on birds, Icarus and dark human skin,” Geoffrey Goodman and Dani Bercovich offer a thought-provoking reflection on the topic. Their abstract is well worth reading: “Pigments serve many visually obvious animal functions (e.g. hair, skin, eyes, feathers, scales). One is ‘melanin’, unusual in an absorption across the UV-visual spectrum which is controversial. Any polymer or macrostructure of melanin monomers is ‘melanin’. Its roles

vitamin D, may reduce the risk of over 150 additional conditions. Our biological connection to, and dependence on, the sun, is so profound that the very variation in human skin colour from African, melanin-saturated dark skin, to the relatively melanin de-pigmented, Caucasian lighterskin, is a byproduct of the offspring of our last common ancestor from Africa (as determined by mitochondrial DNA) migrating towards sunlight-impoverished higher latitudes, which began approximately 60,000 years ago. In order to compensate for the lower availability of sunlight, the body rapidly adjusted, essentially requiring the removal of the natural “sunscreen” melanin from the skin, which interferes with vitamin D production; vitamin D, of course, is involved in the regulation of over 2,000 genes, and therefore is more like a hormone, without which our entire genetic infrastructure becomes destabilized. While a life-saving adaptation, the loss of melanin likely has adverse health effects, which include losing the ability to convert sunlight into metabolic energy, increased prevalence of Parkinson’s disease (which involves de-melanization of the substantia nigra and disproportionately affects those of Caucasian descent), and others effects which have yet been investigated in any detail. For now, it is important to point out that within the span of only 60,000 years (a nanosecond in biological time), many of the skin “colour” differences among the world’s human inhabitants reflect how heavily genetically-conserved was the ability of the human body to produce vitamin D. Furthermore, the trade-off involved in maintaining the ability create enough vitamin D within a sunlight-deprived clime by sacrificing melanin may have had adverse health effects that are only now being investigated. For those who are not naturally gifted with large quantities of melanin, tanning is an attractive prospect. However, it is important to differentiate between UVA light-induced tanning and UVB light-induced tanning. Although visually there is little, if any discernable difference, UVA light results from the photoxidation of existing melanin and its precursors, whereas UVB stimulates melanocytes to up-regulate melanin synthesis and increases pigmentation coverage. Because UVA light does not provide any additional photoprotection and is far more toxic to cellular DNA, it is important to maximize exposure to the UVB wavelengths which predominate around solar noon (approximately 12 o’ clock), tapering off in intensity several hours before and after. It is within this window of time that vitamin D production also happens to be at its greatest, as UVB radiation is responsible for stimulating its synthesis as well.

stop migration. The pecten may help cope with energy and nutrient needs under extreme conditions, by a marginal but critical, melanin-initiated conversion of light to metabolic energy, coupled to local metabolite recycling. Similarly in Central Africa, reduction in body hair and melanin increase may also have lead to ‘photomelanometabolism’ which, though small scale/ unit body area, in total may have enabled a sharply increased development of the energy-hungry cortex and enhanced human survival generally. Animal inability to utilize light energy directly has been traditionally assumed. Melanin and the pecten may have unexpected lessons also for human physiology and medicine.” If the authors are correct, a longstanding assumption that animals are incapable of utilizing light energy Look 10 years younger using Nature’s technology! directly is thrown out the Our non‐invasive machines use Oxygen, Micro‐Current, Ultrasound window. In other words, melanized tissue within and LED Light for wonderful Anti‐aging benefits and help with skin our body may be capable conditions including Acne, Eczema, Hyper‐pigmentation, Rosacea, of “ingesting” sunlight, and scars, sun damage and swelling. not unlike plants, using the We use only non‐toxic products to bring out your best brightest skin! “harvested” light in biologiTreatments start at $75! 10% off with this ad! cally useful ways. DERMA BRIGHT CLINIC Should it be any sur#206 ‐ 2786 W. 16 Avenue, Vancouver, V6K 4M1 prise, really, that our skin was designed to benefit Visit from being bathed in sunlight? We already know that sunlight exposure can Call 604.259.8757 reduce the risk of over 30 diseases, and that its pri mary metabolite in our skin,

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WHoever Controls the Me

Infographic from


erhaps the greatest unknown fact about life on Planet Earth concerns the MEDIA, and in particular, the Mainstream Media (MSM). This original World Wide Web of illusion-producing media corporations was put into place at a time when very few understood the influence it would exert over every square inch of the planet. Truly, one of the most powerful forces in the realm of men is the force of language. Being cognizant of this, the true owners of the MSM have completely co-opted and compromised this force, because they know that “whoever controls the media controls the world”. The etymology of Media takes us back to the time of

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the ancient Persian Empire to a people known as the Medes. According to Herodotus, there were six primary Mede tribes or castes. Of these six Median tribes, it is the Magi who have distinguished the Medes because of their prominent place and influential role within their society. “The sixth tribe were the Magi…They were a hereditary caste of priests of the Zurvanism religion that evolved out of Zoroastrianism. The name Magi implies a link with the Sumerians, who called their language Emegir, over time becoming simplified to Magi.” As implied, the word magic is derived from the name of this priestly class because of their capability to produce what would be considered magic within their culture. Also known as the “Enchanters of Old”, these experts in astrology, alchemy, and geomancy exercised great power within Persian society. Their esoteric knowledge allowed them to exert great influence over the common man as is often the case with those who possess the ability to predict and prophesy. “Magi (English singular magian, mage, magus, magusian, magusaean) is a term, used since at least the 4th century BC, to denote followers of Zoroaster, or rather, followers of what the Hellenistic world associated Zoroaster with, which was – in the main – the ability to read the stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold.” Of course, over the span of centuries “the term ‘magian’ acquired a negative connotation and was associated with tricksters and conjurers.” Hence, we see the direct connection to those in the modern day mainstream ‘media’ who conjure up false stories in order to trick the nations of the world into perpetual war. This media-driven, geo-political dynamic is at the very root of almost six thousand years of human history. And, yes, it is ‘His Story’ much more than ‘Her Story’ since men really do seem to come from Mars, as most women seem to come from Venus. Since the very notion of war has been so hardwired into the genes of humanity over eons, the Universe has seen to it that there will be intermittent times to practice up on the battlefield known as Planet Earth. The very purpose of the Iron Age was to fashion weapons of war out of iron which would go on to define the hard and cold nature of our ‘civilization’. Steel is very hard and cold. It is also ubiquitous in its many uses throughout every sphere of life. A double-edged sword can cut both ways — for good and ill. And so we have seen … everywhere across the land.

The Kali Yuga is the Age of Conflict It is important to understand that the current Iron Age is analogous to the Kali Yuga. They are essentially one and the same. Since conflict is the defining nature of the Kali Yuga

(just look at recorded human history), and war is the quintessential form of conflict, LOTS of wars have been started and fought throughout this final age of a 60,000 year epoch. This is where the MEDIA comes in. And especially its capacity for deceit and deception in the interest of starting wars by those who ultimately control the MSM. When it’s understood that the Mainstream MEDIA, was conceived and designed to trick the masses into fighting each other, it will have much less hold over those who become aware. However, we are talking about one of the foundational forces of creation known as Maya. Maya is the very essence of illusion, and very difficult for even the best among us to penetrate.

When A War Is Destined To Be Fought There Is No Stopping It This is a very unhappy statement, we know; but completely true nevertheless. Think about the role of the MSM in the run up to the War in Iraq in 2003. Everyone knew it was based on bald-faced lies, contrived falsehoods and miscellaneous fabrications. And yet it proceeded in the face of great worldwide opposition. A very unfortunate situation indeed, especially in light of the current predicament in Iraq. Were one to dissect the entire role of the MSM in the execution of this crime against humanity, its culpability would be quite obvious and thoroughly damning. Simply put, without the media there would not have been a blatant war of aggression waged upon the people of Iraq. Ditto that for Afghanistan, Libya, Serbia, Pakistan, Viet Nam, Korea...  As the title of this essays implies, whoever controls the media controls the switch for starting and ending every war, conflict and minor skirmish, anywhere on the planet. About this fact of life, there is no doubt. Likewise, we see on the flip side of ‘peace’ that the MSM controls the myriad conflicts and dramas which abound in every form of media, even throughout the alternative news media through the process of media referral and reflex. Alternative media reflex is the anticipated reaction of

edia : Controls the World

the alternative media to fake stories in the MSM which often serves to legitimize them. MSMedia referral is the outright exportation of fraudulent stories from the MSM to the alternative media carried with more ‘depth and context’ thereby giving them credibility. How difficult is it to separate fact from fiction on so many alternative news sites? Many websites have been coopted and don’t even know it. Unwittingly, some alternative sites serve the very same purpose as the MSM of which they profess their vow to expose. When we say that there is no stopping the force of destiny, particularly with regard to the waging of war, what are we really saying? By way of illustration, we need only to look at the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004. In both instances, the MSM played the vital role in ensuring that each election would be stolen outright by a proud warmonger. Even though votes were not properly counted, a Supreme Court rubber stamps an obviously fraudulent election. However, there are two critical points which cannot be overlooked. Each concerns the inviolable laws of karma and destiny. 1. A nation always gets the leadership it deserves per the laws of national karma and the outworking of personal destinies. No exceptions granted except by highly exceptional Divine Decree. 2. The leadership, which guarantees that war will be waged when its time has come, will always be installed regardless of the illegal or immoral means when it is time for war to be declared. This second statement is a tough one, especially for all of us peacemakers. Fast forward to 2008 and evaluate what the Noble Peace Prize winner Barack Obama has done in the war department? Military involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Honduras (rubber stamped a coup d’etat), Paraguay (rubber stamped a coup d’etat) as well as the numerous clandestine acts of USA militarism all over Africa.

The Biggest Culprit of ’Em All When the Old Gray Lady – the New York Times (winner of 108 Pulitzer Prizes, more than any news organization) – is responsible for starting more wars than any other single

newspaper in world history, you know we have a serious problem. The NYT is supposed to be the bastion of liberal, progressive, democratic thought and sentiment (supposedly anti-war?) and yet it is directly responsible for more wartime deaths worldwide than any other print media on the face of the planet. The New York Times allowed reporter Judith Miller to use its front pages to sell War against Iraq by way of naked warmongering and bellicose yellow journalism. Miller’s pre-war coverage contained perhaps the most obvious prevarications in post WWII journalism history. Practically everyone knew she was lying for the Chickenhawks, and yet the nation shamelessly proceeded to war! The spinning of webs and weaving of illusions is so strong that a sitting president is allowed to routinely kill, maim and paralyze the people of Pakistan any time they are labelled a terrorist threat. Now that’s pretty strong matrika shakti at work, isn’t it? That peace-loving ex-hippies and former beatniks would sit by idly and support a government policy or political agenda or elected official whose record is that of a cold blooded murderer is as strong a testament as one could provide toward revealing the true power of the press.

Mainstream Media and its Weapons of Mass Deception Any essay on the Mainstream Media would be deficient were it to neglect the ultimate weapon of mass deception — the TV. The awesome destruction caused daily throughout society by this extremely powerful medium cannot be overstated. No other device or invention, technique or technology can compare to the effectiveness and efficiency of the mind control programming of the television set. When language is married to image – as in audio and visual – the power of the word is made even more powerful. Without a doubt, when the history of the final days of our age are evaluated objectively sometime in the future, the TV will receive the credit for sufficiently dumbing down the population whereby its young adults are proudly marched off into grotesquely immoral wars. That so many are corralled into a war mentality, and then so easily stampeded onto battlefields around the world is a testimony to TV military marketing.

Perhaps the following quote from “Special Message to the Market Oracles and Money Masters of the Universe” suffices in this regard: “HINT: Let’s get serious for a moment. Most of us know by now that the Crash of ’29, as well as the Great Depression that followed, were the main events of an intricately engineered financial and economic armageddon calculated as a necessary prelude to the real Armageddon known as WWII. Historically speaking, a man without a job, or prospects for employment in his homeland, is much more likely to hire himself out to his government as a mercenary fighting in a foreign land. Hasn’t this been their (TPTW - The Powers That Were) formula for both war and wealth creation for eons?! Although it has always worked like a charm, methinks the charm has finally worn out. Yes, that old fashioned Hegelian dialectic based ‘problem – reaction – solution’ MO has seen its final days. We also think their misbegotten plan to foist WWIII upon us has somehow been thwarted by the real TPTB. Yes, they’ve finally been snookered!”

Conclusion The internet has permitted the establishment of an alternative news media much of which is thoroughly dedicated to the dissemination of real facts, unvarnished truth and heretofore secret information. Therefore, the playing field has been levelled like never before, though it is still tilted in the TPTW’s favour. As more become digitally connected and disconnect from the MSM, the old media paradigm loses power. Given the awesome proliferation of cyber technology, there does exist the likelihood of a sufficient number of souls setting up their own platform within their own cyber-space. As this organic, grassroots, global initiative expands throughout civil society, we may see a tipping point in regard to who will control the predominant media of the future. Only at that point of media evolution will we see the real change that so many long for.

Matrika Shakti is the Power What is matrika shakti? It is the very power inherent in the word. Each letter, each word, each phrase, each sentence possesses its own matrika shakti or power (energy). When strung together in a certain way, these words will compel men to pick up a gun and thoughtlessly kill other men — without the least bit of hesitancy and often with zeal — in a foreign land. What are we really saying as to what the MSM might be shaping up during this 2nd Great Depression that keeps getting ‘greater’?

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by Tierre Joline Taylor

hy not get dressed like it’s the last day on the planet! I have heard so many people talk about what they would really love to wear and yet how they feel that they just can’t do it because it might seem strange or out of place on these modern commercial streets of ours. But then I look around and stand in amazed witness to the variety of fashions, fads, and personal expressions passing me by, and all I can say is that there is obviously room for everything. Why not! Why wouldn’t we give ourselves permission to explore that marvellous sense of style that is so unique to each of us? Why do we have to allow ourselves to be dampened down to fit within a constrained idea of what is appropriate, cool or sexy? What does it look like when we break free and show the world exactly what lies in our secret closet? Hmmm...aren’t you curious? For me it boils down to something very simple... giving to ourselves. Allowing ourselves to dress how we secretly wish to is not any different than loving ourselves through the food that we eat, the friends that we keep, or the games we like to play. Of course we also must be able

to trust that our tastes actually complement us rather then hinder or hide our natural beauty. But I firmly believe that if you love what you wear you will shine with a special radiance because you are being genuine and true to your personal bloom! There is really no time to waste! We have an opportunity each day to shine; and how many days do we really have to squander? No one knows, which is all the more reason to get on with it and dress each day knowing that this day will never come again. By choosing to ‘show up’ you will not only be enhancing your experience but you will also delight others since everyone truly loves to see individual flare and style. A well dressed person, confident in their right to be themselves brightens everyone’s eyes! When you reach into your secret closet and pull out your elegant, possibly dashing, maybe flamboyant, or outré apparel, be careful of the mind chatter that can scare off your potential for stepping out a little bolder and brighter than you have before. If you are feeling stuck and don’t believe you possess any style but the one you


currently have, well then I bid you to experiment. Step out of your comfort zone and try on something different, just for fun. That’s what this is all about anyways! Fun! When you imagine what hangs in your secret closet, what do you see? What colours and textures do you find there? What is the feeling that these clothes carry and inspire? Don’t be afraid! Open the door wide and plunge into the exploration of possibility. Your unique style of expression is quietly waiting for you to take yourself out on the time of your life!

““The worst evil of all is to leave the ranks of the living before one dies.” - Seneca

Healing with Suede Hills A

by Fredalupe!

few weekends ago I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing raw food workshop hosted by Phil and Cindy Levington at the Suede Hills Organic Farm in Savona B.C.- and I’ll tell you straight up that I was blown away. Not only are they two of the most welcoming, hospitable and loving people it has ever been my pleasure to meet, but they are also the living embodiments of a wealth of practical and provable health based wisdom. I came away from my highly enjoyable time with them a changed person, charged with an electrified understanding of my own health; my arms, head, heart and stomach filled to the brim with the right tools to better my life and personal wellness. Cindy’s super friendly no-nonsense approach to passing on their accumulated life’s experiences, foibles and all, had everyone in the room laughing and fascinated throughout the day long presentation. Our time together just flew by. We started the day with a delicious hands-on all natural berry and fruit filled breakfast that still has me salivating at the memory; eventually followed by a mid-day lunch I would have happily ordered in any restaurant, all the while being given such a wealth of information on such a variety of health related topics that by the time the class ended, and

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we were munching on the last and absolutely scrumptious course of the day, I was literally high on healthy super foods and the loving sharing of Cindy and Phil’s healing wisdom. And the chocolate mousse didn’t hurt either! Just seeing them in person put the proof in the pudding, so to speak. Vibrant, and vigorous, peaceful yet powerful, these folks are very much the real deal. Their dedication, not only to their own well-being but to everyone in the room’s (and beyond), radiated out from their shining smiling faces. And I’m not using a metaphor here: these two were really shining! One of the central reasons I went to the workshop was entirely personal. For years now I’d been scrambling around, researching everything I could get my hands on all in the hopes of finding out what had been ailing me for literally decades if not my entire life. Regardless of everything I tried I just couldn’t shake off in any lasting way the multitude of illnesses plaguing my everyday: from candida to various food allergies, chronic tiredness to mysterious aches and pains of an entirely debilitating nature. Following a friend’s advice I tried Suede Hills’s Happy Caps along with the pH Test Strips that came with them. What I found out shocked me to the core: I was

literally being cooked to death in my own acids! I immediately began taking the pH balancing caps and reading everything I could about alkalinity and acidosis! It was like a key had finally turned in the rustiest lock imaginable. No wonder I had been sick for so long! My entire diet was acid forming! No wonder I’ve had such difficult, and at times agonizing experiences in my life! Too much cooked food! Luckily, Cindy and Phil offer a fairly comprehensive website with loads more info to all comers. Their raw food workshop gave me just the right encouragement to begin my own dietary transformation. Cindy and Phil’s Suede Hills Organic Farm has literally helped turn my health around 180 degrees. I’ve managed to balance my alkalinity level, fight off some nagging infections with their wonderful Olive Leaf product (beautiful trees that grow right there on their land), and continue to supercharge my everyday with their incredible Alfalfa powder (also grown right there) which is literally pure green power. I can’t recommend them all strongly enough. It’s a real process to overhaul a life time of habit but who knew it could be so delicious and feel so good. Thanks for all the love and health Cindy and Phil!

Making a Great Life Choice by Glennis Taylor BSc


e have come a long way since the days of potions and cauldrons…a very long way! We now vibrate in a high-tech age where the supplements we take daily may even be the result of the latest nano-technology! Our ability to extract, concentrate and alter molecular structure is greatly influencing today’s supplement industry. Yet, it was only a few generations ago that the world of science began to connect the food we consume to states of disease. In 1747, a Scottish naval surgeon, James Lind, discovered that scurvy could be prevented by eating citrus fruits and certain vegetables. In 1881, a Russian surgeon concluded that there are in foods with particular nutrients that promote good health. In the early 1900’s, further studies surfaced that heightened interest in the food and disease connection. Polish born biochemist, Casimir Funk, in 1912, coined the term vit-amine (substances vital for life). In the 1930’s laboratories were able to synthesize a growing number of synthetic vitamins. It was in the 1940’s and 1950’s that vitamin supplements became available to the general population in health Food Stores. Today, as technical abilities advance, research is accelerating in the field of health and supplements. Closely following the latest data is Dr. Eldon Dahl of Life Choice Ltd. who has a keen interest the world of health supplements and has a particular interest in the field of anti-aging research. His passion for quality supplements is palpable. Raised in a family that ate ‘all natural’, where all the children remained unvaccinated by choice, and were taken to naturopaths for health issues, he developed an early interest in health. As a naturopathic Doctor himself, and faced with providing the best quality products for his patients, Dr. Dahl founded Life Choice Ltd. in 1986. He remains dedicated in his mission to provide the best and to reach out and inform people of the challenges that revolve around the supplement industry today. With such a wealth of knowledge arising daily, one would hope that the supplement industry would keep pace in introducing state of the art formulas that are safe and effective. It is a fast moving industry that does indeed follow the lead in research. In Canada, the federal government has been, over a period of years, implementing a licensing program designed to regulate the supplement industry. All supplements sold will have to have an NPN (natural product number) by February 2013. Human studies must be submitted showing the efficacy of all ingredients in a formula before an NPN number will be issued. This program is supposedly designed to protect the consumer from ineffective or even dangerous products in the marketplace. However, if a product does receive a licence based on submitted research, how are we to know that the products we purchase off the shelf contain the same quality ingredients used in the studies? Raw ingredients for supplements are purchased from suppliers around the world. Europe and Japan are known for providing premium raw materials. The quality of the raw materials can vary greatly. China has now become a major player in the raw material arena. There is question as to the quality control measures in place in China. People are often and reasonably skeptical of Chinese sourced materials. About 60-70% of the world’s supply of Vitamin C now comes from China. I was not aware until chatting with Dr. Dahl that roughly 80% of the highest quality raw ingredients is siphoned off to be purchased by the pharmaceutical industry: used for medicines or research. This leaves the most well intended supplement companies with difficulties accessing the finest quality materials. As the demand for supplements grows, with box-stores claiming an ever growing market share that was once the domain of health food stores, the demand for raw materials is taxed and supplies are harder to get, the prices go up and quality suffers. As the therapeutic value of a supplement is only as good as its raw materials, we naturally question the level of effect received. Dr. Dahl explains that the price for melatonin, for example,

can vary from as low as about $200 per kilo to $2300 per tools necessary the body has an amazing capacity to recovkilo. Life Choice has maintained a relationship with one er. Dr. Dahl believes we need the highest quality natural of the top suppliers of melatonin and produces a premi- supplements to offset the lower nutrient value in today’s um product. I know that many people comment that upon food and the ever increasing number of genetically moditaking melatonin they have vivid dreams or nightmares fied foods polluting our world. We have to understand the and sometimes suffer from feelings of anxiety. This is not mind-body connection and honour the body’s voice that we an issue, Dr Dahl says, if the best melatonin is used. so often ignore. “We must align our bodies” and “become Another important aspect of an effective supplement balanced beings,” Dr. Dahl suggests. Health is a multifacis the blend of ingredients used in its formulation. A syn- eted affair. ergy of effect from all the ingredients is found in the best When buying your next multivitamin or energy supof formulas. Much research is necessary to provide the plement, ask questions and pay close attention to labels best blend of complementary nutrients in the most ther- and ingredient blends. You want to give yourself the best. apeutic ratios. Dr. Dahl stresses the importance of this Life Choice is a wise choice....they believe in “healing factor. Life Choice products reflect his diligence in this the nation one person at a time.” Happy health! capacity of blending ingredients to ensure best results for the consumer. Dr. Dahl comments When we get done with you, you’ll look 10 years younger on the challenges of providing formulas that meet both the governHow can we roll back the clock for you? ment’s guidelines and • Remove hair from ears, nose, neck, back, shoulders etc. the need of the consumer • Trim & shape your eyebrows, beard and mustache for results. The optimum • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting to liven up your eyes dosage for best thera• Manicures & Sports Pedicures peutic results may be re• Remove skin blemishes stricted by government • And much more regulations. This makes it difficult to give the 725 E Broadway Vancouver BC 604-677-0760 consumer a product that is maximally effective. Most supplement providers are wrestling to find innovative ways to work effectively within the parameters dictated. We as consumers must stand strong if we want to have access to supplements that actually work. We must remain educated and aware. We must demand transparency and full disclosure in the industry. We must ask question of our supplement suppliers such as finding out where the raw materials are sourced from. We must be alert to the regulations that might further restrict our choices. The power is with the consumer, and should be used for the benefit of all of us. We should allow the natural health industry to go back to its original roots where integrity was valued believes Dr. Dahl. There is more than just ingredients and dosages in a formula that lead to optimal health. We have to look at the other contributors to our well-being. Our attitudes and thoughts as well as our actions, and that deeper place within us, influence how we respond to our healing potential. Given all the

Kimkim’s Old Man Hair-be-gone Service

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Restoring Your I-Sight How the Soul Unites the Senses in Healthy Seeing by Doug Marsh


uch of medical science deals strictly with the body, while denying – or at least largely relegating to the background – our inner soul essence. This view is particularly prevalent in conventional vision treatment where eyesight is considered to be a camera-like process which creates an image that’s either in or out of focus. Such a one-tiered approach results in a lopsided notion of what is normal. Eyeglasses are so commonplace in our culture, they’re considered virtually natural extensions of the human anatomy. People seeing clearly with their own eyes are becoming a rare breed. In more recent years, the quest for a novel approach to vision treatment took a technological leap with the advent of refractive eye surgery, also known as laser eye surgery, or by the acronym of LASIK, a popular procedure. In a way, this technology is turning full circle back to Mother Nature’s design, touting 20/20 vision (or very close to it) with a natural appearance and no fuss. According to the industry, these purported outcomes involve minimal risk and have high patient satisfaction rates. However, more cases of patients with negative outcomes – ranging in scale from continual annoying symptoms to disabling complications and worsening eyesight – are coming to the forefront in the media and on the Internet. Tragically, a few cases have ended in suicides. The furore prompted the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) last year to publicly hear statements from affected patients. The FDA panel reiterated that refractive eye surgery, like any surgery, has its risks but has an excellent overall track record. Nevertheless, to bolster the safeguards, they recommended enhanced patient screening methods and further post-operative studies by the industry. (Interestingly, the eye doctor who chaired the FDA panel wears glasses. Although she regularly performs refractive eye surgery, she chooses not to undergo the procedure herself, citing one of the reasons as an aversion to any level of risk.) Lost amid the allure and debates over technological treatments is an obscure alternative called natural vision improvement (NVI). As the name implies, it’s a more naturecentred approach, a holistic mind-body method that seeks to reverse an imbalance induced by a response to stress. It introduces a psychological component, counter to most prevailing notions that the physical eyes somehow just “go bad” with no hope of improving. For those attuned to esoteric traditions – or the “Perennial Philosophy” as writer

Page 18

Aldous Huxley put it – the psyche is simply a secular name for the soul. To understand how NVI succeeds on the personal soul level, the work of spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner offers some insights. While embodied within a physical form, our soul is said to be a link between the “lower” physical world and the “higher” world of the spirit in which we simultaneously participate. Steiner further suggested that a portion called the sentient soul is responsible for our experience of sensation. He also distinguished between the terms perception and sensation; perception comes first and is fleeting, but the sensation which follows lasts. When external light reaches us, the eyes initially register myriad perceptions from our environment. Then something lights up in the sentient soul when certain perceptions are filtered and sensations come alive with personal vividness and quality. For example, when you behold a red object with your eyes, you initially perceive the colour. However, this colour perception ceases once you look away, but the sensation that it makes upon you continues to linger in your soul. It’s a lasting impression that may be later recalled, whether to ponder its meaning and significance or to rekindle nostalgic sentiments and feelings. Because our sensations illuminate internally in a unique and private way, Steiner contended that this soul activity is not a mere brain process. Science can describe the various light, chemical and nerve stimuli along the chain from the eye retina to the brain, but he noted that nowhere can our actual sensations be found in this chain. The sentient soul is said to also partake in the intrinsically private activities of feelings, emotions, drives and instincts, as well as willing, where our soul flows outward through actions. Such a perspective of soul activity aligns with other researchers’ distinctions of mind and brain. Neurophysiologist Wilder Penfield once determined that no amount of electronic probing in the various areas of the brain would elicit a person to believe or decide. He concluded that the mind seems to work independently of the brain, analogous to a computer programmer acting independently of the firings within the computer. Penfield suggested that the mind has its own energy that is different from the neurons that travel the pathways within the brain. Michael Polanyi, philosopher of science and social science, arrived at the same conclusion when he stated that thoughts and neural processes are two completely different things. Religious author Huston Smith concurs, suggesting “the brain breathes mind like the lungs breathe air.” We typically think of having five senses – sight, hear- ing, smell, taste and touch – with sight generally considered to be the most important in its ability to perceive shades of lightness and different colours. However, Steiner recognized that we have at least seven more than these basic senses. By the term sense, he meant a perception which provides us with immediate information without the involvement of a thought process. One of the additional senses he noted was what he called movement, what is nowadays termed proprioception. Movement is that special sense which indicates whether we’re still or moving, providing direct feedback where our joints, tendons and muscles are in space. Steiner also recognized how the various senses work together, not in isolation. Although each sense may be categorized for the sake of definitions, our soul reunites the separate perceptions into a unified whole that provides coherent inner meaning. Of particular note, he was well aware that vision encompasses more than the sense of sight. In 1919, he knew the important role that the sense of movement plays in visual sensation: We nearly always see things so that when they give the colours to us, they also show us the boundaries of colours, namely, lines and forms. We are not normally aware of how we perceive when we perceive colour and form at the same time…. At first you see only the colour through the specific activity of the eye [sense of sight]. You see the circular form when you subconsciously use the sense of movement and unconsciously make a circular movement… When the circle you have apprehended through your sense of movement rises to cognition, it is then joined with the perceived colour. You take the form out of your entire body when you appeal to the sense of movement spread out over your entire body…. Today, official science is not at all interested in such a refined way of observation, so it does not distinguish between seeing colour and perceiving form with the help of the sense of movement… In the future, however, we will not be able to educate with such confusion. How will it be possible to educate human seeing if we do not know that the whole human being participates in seeing through the sense of movement? Decades later, Steiner’s comments appear to have been validated by Alfred Yarbus, a psychologist who studied the eye movements of people looking at natural objects and scenes. In the 1950s and 1960s, he recorded the rapid saccadic eye movements that occur within milliseconds and demonstrated with remarkable images how the eyes subconsciously scan forms and outlines with incredible speed. Steiner’s observations are also quite extraordinary when related to NVI fundamentals of proper vision. William Bates was an eye doctor who broke from the mould of orthodox teachings and single-handedly established the

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Poison from the Sky Continued from page 2

So wide in fact that they often merge and become cloud-like. If there are enough chemtrails in the sky, the sky becomes hazy. Sometimes these solid chemtrails can be observed slowly falling toward ground level. And this is how air, water, and soil samples for chemical analysis have been collected. Collecting samples at ground levels is impossible with contrails that evaporate at high altitude. Since the early to mid 1990’s in the USA, there have been reports and photographs of unusual chemtrail patterns from various locations throughout the USA and other world wide geographical locations. When official military or government agencies were queried by alert sky watchers, the explanations, if there was even a response, were quite unsatisfactory. They were usually told that they were seeing contrails and there was no reason for concern. Sometimes they were told they were seeing evidence of Air Force attempts to stem global warming. These unsatisfactory responses led to sincere efforts of individuals to research on their own and network through the Internet.

ago from use in all auto and jet fuels. But somehow it is appearing again in samples from chemtrail residue. It is a major component of insecticides, which are nerve poisons. It affects the nervous system especially where breathing is involved. And it is very carcinogenic. Keep in mind that these are in tiny particulate form, enabling them to be breathed into our lungs as well as settling into soil and water. Concerned citizens in several areas where heavy chemtrailing has occurred have observed a decline in water quality and erosion of plant life. Over the past few years in the USA, lung disorders have leaped from eighth to fourth as a cause of health issue fatalities. There are even more unusual biological anomalies

The Health Issue Remains

Chemtrail Content Analysis from Different Sources The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA has rejected offers to analyze chemtrail samples from Dr. Len Horowitz, while in Northern Idaho, and researcher Clifford Carnicom of Santa Fe, NM. But they and concerned citizens in Las Vegas, NV, Mt. Shasta, CA, and Eastern Arkansas, all managed to get independent laboratory analysis done on samples from soil, water, and the air. The results were similar with all of them and have been reported to compare with other analysis from North American and European locations. Barium, Aluminum Oxide, Titanium, Magnesium, and BannEthylene dibromide (dibromethane) or EDB are the essential elements of the chemtrail. Aerosol Barium salts were sprayed from planes over Panama, Libya, and during Desert Storm to make people sick and weak. Barium poisoning is worse than lead poisoning. The lungs are affected adversely. Many complaints of colds, flu, even pneumonia occur within a very few days after heavy chemtrail spraying over an area. Aluminum causes extreme neurological disorders. Dementia, uncontrollable spasms, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease can be caused by long term aluminum exposure. Breathing in those particulates over time is a definite long term hazard. EDB or dibromethane was banned in the USA years

game to disrupt radar. This reason was used in the States as well. The military called it spraying chaff to disrupt radar. But the U.S. observer who had complained to them noted that the spraying had been going on in his area for years. So how come air traffic control radar had not been affected? The major mainstream media in the USA has ignored the chemtrail issues. Other than websites of alternative news, it has been only a few local media outlets in the U. S. that have featured stories and concerns regarding chemtrail issues. Local newspapers in the Mt. Shasta, CA area, Las Vegas, NV, and TV station KLAS in Louisiana have presented concerns regarding the hazardous materials found in chemtrail samples in those areas.

being discovered in chemtrail residues as well, such as desiccated blood cells which come to life along with bacterial or viral specimens. Clifford Carnicom has research papers on those.

Keeping Our Eyes Wide Shut Many concerned independent journalists and researchers are concerned with the possibilities of sinister motives that are being hidden deliberately. Why would government health and environmental protection agencies refuse to get involved with citizens’ chemtrail concerns? Why are different reasons from military groups created to placate those concerns? In September of 2007, a major German TV outlet spread the news of a large chemtrail spraying occurrence and asked questions. The station’s report included a weather forecaster who had observed strange clouds forming rapidly without the usual necessary climatic conditions. Under pressure of public scrutiny, the military there conceded that indeed they were spraying aerosol particulates. But they claimed it was only part of a war

Despite all other issues of whom and why, which are beyond the scope of this article, the health issues remain. Health problems, especially lung and neurological, are constantly on the rise in all the areas being heavily chemtrailed. Of course, there are other factors and other health issues as well. But most of those can be avoided by not eating processed and genetically modified foods sprayed with insecticides. Not breathing is difficult. Even here in Central Mexico, a doctor once mentioned that pneumonia cases had spiked radically during and after a recent heavy chemtrailing period. The fact that chemtrails persist and no one or no agency is coming clean is baffling, and cause for concern. Do your own research to educate yourself using the links or URL’s below this article as a primer, ignore the debunkers unless you wish to see how absurd they are, and watch the skies while keeping your immune system strong. This involves good supplements, especially those that help remove heavy metals, a low toxin healthy diet, adequate rest, and a positive emotional and spiritual attitude despite all the nonsense and madness in the world.

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom.

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Restoring your I-Sight Continued from page 18

field of NVI back in the early 1900s. Two of Bates’ guiding fundamentals are what he called shifting and apparent movement (also called the swing), both which involve our sense of movement. The eyes, which move by different sets of surrounding muscles, must continually shift from point to point to prevent the strain of fixation. Otherwise, the subconscious saccadic movements become sluggish and vision begins to blur within seconds. It’s analogous to grasping a heavy object in your hand and holding it tightly in an extended arm position. The muscle strain cannot be held long before you lose your hold and drop the object. If we fixate for too long in an attempt to “hold” a point in our sight with intense concentration, the effort backfires and we lose the clarity of sight. As for oppositional movement, stationary objects in our peripheral field of vision must have the appearance of moving in an opposing direction. This swing is a natural consequence of the first fundamental, the shift. Bates explains the illusion of the swing: “Your head and eyes are moving all day long. Imagine that stationary objects are moving in the direction opposite to the movement of your head and eyes. When you walk about the room or on the street, notice that the floor or pavement seems to come toward you, while objects on either side appear to move in the direction opposite to the movement of your body.” If one attempts to stop this illusion of oppositional movement, Bates claimed it caused vertigo or dizziness. That’s because our sense of balance also comes into play for effective vision. Coordinated body movements and eye movements depend on good balance, controlled by the organs in the inner ears. In more recent years, the role of movement and balance in visual perception has been recognized in a speciality field called developmental or behavioural optometry. They have made the connection between visual difficulties, mental development, and emotional behaviour, with such problems as dyslexia, slow reading and poor comprehension, ADHD

UN Eco-Constitution Continued from page 2

the cover of environmentalism. By claiming to preserve the Earth’s natural cycles and eco-systems, they can easily inject ideals of a one-world government into the societies of established nations worldwide. They use negative feedback to refine their agendas by supplying a constant flow of information into the social construct through stealth. This information appears to be rational on the surface, yet, in the end, leads to a removal of assured independence on the individual and governmental levels. The decision-making control is transferred to the UN, which imbues power to governments to enact their directives. Contrary to the UN’s agenda, global markets are not an “inevitable consequence of historical development”. It is an over-reaching outcome of “restriction of state gov-

Page 20

and juvenile delinquency. Some children have difficulty reuniting the individual senses as a unified whole, causing a jumbled imbalance of sensations, thoughts and emotions. The importance of training which integrates the senses with whole-body movements is a hallmark of this specialized field of optometry. The training typically incorporates bouncing on the trampoline with rhythmic arm and hand movements and visual interaction with special wall charts. Or the child could be instructed to call out answers to rapid-fire mental tasks – like mathematics or spelling – while jumping on the trampoline. Balance beams are also used in combination with sensory, physical and mental tasks. In a separate field of study, psychiatrist Harold Levinson treated thousands of cases of learning disabilities and phobias and discovered a common physical correlation. Over 90 percent of his patients who were dyslexic or phobic had a malfunction of the inner-ear system. These more recent findings validate what Steiner suggested back in his day: mental disorders are linked to physiological disorders. “But one will find over and again,” he wrote, “that especially in so-called mental illness – which actually has been, as such, incorrectly named – physical processes of illness are present in a hidden way somewhere. Before one wants to meddle with mental illness, one ought actually, with the proper diagnosis, to determine which physical organ is involved in the illness.” Thinking, feeling, and willing – soul activities which follow from our senses – are all interrelated and interdependent. In our highly technological era, we are intently centred on the physical realm, bombarded with sense data from the external environment. Such sensory overload may induce responses in an individual’s soul, such as fear and anxiety, while causing over-concentration and staring. The net result can lead to a habitual strain pattern that restricts movement and negatively impacts the healthy functioning of the eye-focusing muscles. School age children are especially prone to such problems and begin to develop vision problems early as a result. One of the most fascinating aspects of improving eyesight naturally is a “flash” of near perfect vision that spontaneously occurs from time to time. I experienced flashes

ernance”. Under the UN’s control there will be a global constitution which defines itself by: • UN Earth Charter • Global Community • Earth Government • EU Constitution These objectives are only achieved through the control of minds, thoughts and ideals of individuals. Societal conditioning remaining status quo ensures the global Elite will continue to regulate human thinking. ____________________________ Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. ( Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

several times prior to having any knowledge of the phenomenon. They appear very early in the vision improvement process for many people, even for those with a high degree of initial blur. I liken the experience to a flash of inspiration or intuition from the spiritual realm, a Divine Perfection pouring into the soul, reminding the eyes how to see clearly again without strain. It’s also a reminder to step back from the stressful demands of a society fixated on material ends and become more in touch with our higher spiritual nature. Quantum physicist Arthur Zajonc chronicled the scientific study of light and visual optics from the time of the early Greek philosophers to our current age and laments at the gradual demise of artistic and spiritual insights in the endeavour. Throughout the centuries, Plato’s light of the soul in visual perception was eventually excised by science to the point we are today – a pure neurophysical model – even though the nature of light is as enigmatic as ever. We’ve become so steeped in material pursuits that we’ve “lost sight” of the spiritual side. If physical light is the counterpart of spiritual light, perhaps the visual blur that’s endemic to modern culture is a manifestation of spiritual myopia? Observe the symmetry in the word “eye” itself. I view it as a symbol of our threefold nature. One “e” represents the exoteric, or physical realm, while the other “e” represents the esoteric, or spiritual realm. The “y” in between is the soul with three branches, two linking body and spirit, while the third points to the “I” (pronounced the same as “eye”) that is the centre of our soul. Window of the soul, indeed! ____________________________ DOUG MARSH, a professional engineer and vision education advocate, has extensively studied natural vision improvement and the mind/body interface as it relates to eyesight. He is the author of Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach. The natural Taoist approach has greatly reduced his nearsightedness while also relieving the symptoms of a TMJ/inner-ear disorder. Most days he experiences brief, spontaneous “flashes” of near 20/20 eyesight, an encouraging sign that his vision continues to heal. He lives in Canada and his website is

From 1992 to Now

I Must be Doing Something Right by Kevin D. Annett

“You’re the one I worry about, because you’re never going to stop and neither are they.” - Mark Angus to the author, just prior to Mark’s death in Port Alberni, January 1994


t was a hot and perfect day in July of 1992 when my small family and I drove into the Alberni valley, just a week after daughter Elinor was born. Back then, twenty years seemed like a lifetime. Now, I’m convinced it is. That first summer of what ended my life and birthed another began with the kind of innocuous bliss we later cherish in our memories: of long naps by the lake, or lazy strolls with baby Nell on my back and toddler Clare grasping my hand as we marvelled at the swells and sand of Long Beach. I was happy back then the way a cat is in the sun, or when we gouge away in the sandbox with a five year old child’s purpose. I felt the same way, a few weeks later, when I first stood in the pulpit of St. Andrew’s United Church. The world seemed obvious to me, and unthreatening. I looked out at a dozen aging pale faces and I thought I was seeing merely a dying congregation. How often since that moment have people asked me whether I would turn back the clock and act different, knowing as I do what really lurked behind those somber faces - as often, indeed, as I regret and cherish those years. I met Mark Angus as our congregation began to grow, after I threw open the doors and opened a food bank in the church basement. He was the very first soul to take up my offer to speak from the pulpit on Sundays after I preached. “I don’t have much in my life to be proud of,” Mark stuttered to the parishioners. “But that makes me hungry for what might come. Maybe I’ll find it here. Probably not. But I’m glad to be here today anyway, and not stuck in my hotel room” Mark was the one who showed up in our basement every Wednesday to bag groceries for mostly aboriginal families, or play with their lean and struggling kids. My other congregants stayed away. He and I got to know each other. Mark started worrying about me right away. “Man, you just can’t see what you’re dealing with here,” he observed fairly early on in the nine months we had together. “You think these people give a shit about Jesus Christ and feeding the poor?” he exclaimed over coffee one night at the local diner where the redneck crowd from the pulp mill came and went. “Well, anyone can change .” I began. “Not here,” he glowered. “Not in this town. They got too much shit to hide. Way too much.” I thought I knew what he meant, at the time, but I knew nothing. I didn’t believe Mark when he began to tell me what he knew about people in the church, about the former Mayor, or what happened to young Indian girls at the hands of the mill crowd. But I pretended to because I saw how desperate he was for someone to believe him. “The worst kiddy rapist in town…shit, Kev, he’s an elder in the Anglican church.” I knew the man he’d named. So did the chairman of my own church board. They were golf partners. “Why don’t you ask old Fred about all the little graves up at the Indian residential school? His people put those kids there.” I always kept a safe distance from Mark, despite our friendship, because I worried for my own kids: as if coming near to him would somehow rub the danger off on to me and my family. I guess it did, but back then I still thought I could protect my children, and other children.

And so I came to understand why people, later, would so quickly and easily treat me like a leper, and avoid me, and believe lies spread about me. My aloofness surely hurt him, but he must have been used to it, and he never reciprocated with a harsh word or resentment. He remained my constant helper and friend, right up to the night of his death. The police called me to his hotel room in the early morning hours, and I was there when the coroner was finished and the paramedics were standing around in their gloomy, knowing manner. Mark’s body was still lying half under his bed. I didn’t ask them how it got there, or why a suicide victim first crawls under a bed. I simply asked the others for a moment alone with him. I sat on the floor next to my friend for a half hour, without crying. That came later. What gushed forth instead was the memory of our last conversation. After I had given up trying to convince him why he shouldn’t kill himself, Mark had grown calm. He sat back in one of my office chairs, and looked at me intently. “You’re the one I worry about, Kev” he said softly. “I’m going to be okay. But not you.” His words chilled me, because they seemed true. “Yeah, you’re the one I worry about” he repeated slowly, “because you’re never going to stop . and neither are they.” I tried to say something just then, but he cut me off harshly as he leaned forward. “Listen to me! This thing you’ve uncovering here, this evil, it hides in this church. It’s hiding in lots of churches. It knows you see it and it hates you for it. But it’s scared of you. And it won’t rest until you’re dead.” That fact didn’t frighten me then, oddly enough, nor has it ever since. I’ve never really understood why that is; or how it is that people can call me heroic, when I’m still alive and healthy, and the real heroes have all ended up alone and dead.

But Mark’s words have been borne out, as I knew they would be as I stared at his strangely bloated corpse and the half-open eyes that would never again smile at me. For the Thing has never forgiven me for what I know of it and its ways, and I know that one day it will strike me down too. Meanwhile, and because of that fate, I have rejoiced breathing each day’s air for the unearned gift it is, and watching my baby and toddler blossom into spectacular, strong women, not despite but because of all that we have borne together. Knowing what I do, it is the same miracle that brought Mark and my daughters into my life that has allowed me to survive in the face of the Thing, and to defy it for so long. Twenty years was another lifetime ago for me; and that trusting, stupid man I was has been killed by events, yielding to the new I, who like the war-torn Cuchulainn faces his enemies even in death. Mark would have liked the imagery. Something of that ending began for me when I stood up from the hotel floor and said my final goodbye to my friend. Ever since then, in all our victories and defeats, I have seen Mark hovering nearby with his knowing smile, as the Thing heaves and struggles to stay concealed and safe even as more minds are won back from its grasp, and its illusion fades. I would die a contented man, today or tomorrow. ____________________________ See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573

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So You’ve Woken Up...Now What?

by Zen Gardner


any people ask about this or something similar so here’s some thoughts on the subject. I don’t mean to tell anyone what to do, as that’s completely contrary to consciousness and conscious development, but I will share my understandings at this point and my passion for Truth and you can do what you like with it. Question: “What do you say to people who have woken up but can’t leave the system because of family and friends?” This and those like it pose a very broad question since we’re all different and need to be led of our own convictions. However, the answer is fundamentally similar in every case. Do what consciousness tells you. There’s really no time for fiddling around once you’ve found what you know to be the Truth, which is always something clearly outside the realm of what you’ve been indoctrinated with. It’s always life altering. And if it isn’t, you didn’t hear correctly or it fell on deaf ears. I don’t want to be counted amongst the deaf or unresponsive. Do you? Especially when you found out that that’s exactly what perpetrates the big lie you found out about–a compliant, nonawake populace. System Dependence is the Name of the Game That’s the trouble with the “system”, it teaches dependency, hierarchy, and rote knowledge, where your choices are carefully narrowed down to “acceptable” alternatives within carefully confined parameters. That’s why people feel like fish out of water when they wake up. They never learned how to truly think freely, nor did they have the knowledge tools. Instead, most everything was reversed, scrambled, confused and filed away in seeming useless obscurity. The result is not just a marginalization of empowering Truths into the catch-all dustbins of “conspiracy theory” or wing nut stuff, but worse yet, the system does not cultivate original thought or true personal freedom or responsibility. The real Truth is not an option in such a controlled environment. Oh, you get smatterings of truths, but drawing awake and aware conclusions is not an option to humanity’s would be Controllers.  The Wake Up Starts with a Bang – But You Have to Keep It Going When someone awakens to the true nature of the manipulated world we live in, as well as the vast resources at our

immediate conscious fingertips, it takes some doing to fully realize what that information means, as well as the vast implications on your personal life. It can hit hard and may need some time to be digested. How it affects each of us individually is really a question of simply putting what we’ve learned into action and trusting the Universe for the consequences. I don’t think there’s time for much else. In fact, there never has been. If you know the Truth, what are you waiting for? While many are hoping for some kind of soft-pedalling of any kind of action call, it’s not a set formula. You just find out, and you react. And just that takes some doing, breaking off the rust of your True Self to animate and start to call the shots that were previously hindered by life long programming. Stages of Development For me the full wake up took on many stages of development, but the full blown realization of the vast extent of the manipulated lie and its fleshed out intricacies was a head splitting explosion that blew me past the pull of convention’s gravity so fast I’m still grinning from ear to ear as I zip through the universe..ha! The point there being, the wake up takes on many forms and evolves. What gives the wake up traction is commitment, putting feet to your realizations. You think TV’s bad? Turn it off. Banks are a rip off? Get out except for perhaps necessary operating funds if need be. Trapped by the ownership of housing, “might needs”, and all kinds of dumb stuff? Dump everything you can, if that’s your understanding. Knowing “stuff owns you” is fundamental to consciousness. We all get there, but it depends on our enthusiasm…or “spirit in us”. How many respond to just that?  Do What You Know or Face Confusion Until people put into action what they already know, there isn’t gonna be much more to follow for them. Just a lot of flailing about in frustration because we don’t do what we already know we should do and are looking for excuses or compromised solutions to assuage our guilty conscience and hopefully preserve our personal status quo. Sad, but true. That also includes getting right with people, making relationships honest, and disengaging from situations of compromise. It takes courage. Know You Are Nobody–Yet Everybody All this is a whole lot easier when you realize you are nobody. There’s nothing to defend. Your old senses of self were the very strings the lying matrix played upon. Get conscious and

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the sirens of the system don’t affect you except peripherally. That’s a biggie. Conscious awareness is number one realizing and seeing through the higher level of awareness that is detached from this life’s experiences, and thus free to discern and identify without attachment what your life experience is. Seeing through those eyes will bring tremendous peace and understanding.  Get Along But Don’t Compromise Don’t fret the next steps. If the universe is so vast and full of infinite possibilities there’s going to be something for everybody. Our job is to find it and when we find it, act on it. No, it’s not the “safe” way, or the “accepted” way. At all. We do have to break free. In reality the parasitic system has been sucking you dry and lying to you and everyone you love. You now no longer owe it any allegiance and can and should disengage any and every way you can. No guilt trip necessary. You are doing what is right. Period. And that is not contingent on relationships, financial security, self image concerns, or what have you. So get any and all attachments possible out of play. Happily. You are freeing yourself from the spider’s tentacles. There’s Real Peace in Commitment. When you’ve resolved to go ahead and “make the break” with convention and stand up for what you know is right, it leads to a new lifestyle. How do you think these wonderful websites were formed of like-minded people who found each other and decided to make an impact with videos, interviews, articles, participation in events, etc? How were Gandhi, Martin Luther King or other world Truth bearers including the present day alternative luminaries birthed from their previous lives? Something gelled, made total sense, resonated, and they just committed. These Truth enthusiasts on the internet also somehow found each other and it clicked. It’s all about responding to the need and call and openly networking…true response-ability.  The Truth Glasses I read this fantastic analogy and it’s never escaped me. Finding out the whole truth is like putting on these amazing Truth glasses, much like the movie “They Live”. Here’s how they work: 1. You gotta want to put them on. 2. You can’t force someone else to put them on. 3. Once they’re on, you can’t take them off. If you’ve found and put on the glasses, that will make total sense. If you haven’t, keep searching. Let your heart lead you. In the words of Lao Tsu: “At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal by Paul Joseph Watson


ritish news channel ITV has whitewashed the Olympics security scandal by failing to mention the explosive revelations of ‘Lee Hazledean’, an undercover journalist who infiltrated G4S, the world’s largest security provider, and blew the whistle on how 200,000 casket linings have been prepared for a terrorist attack that could prompt the evacuation of London. The ITV report focuses on comparatively tame “security breaches” such as improper training of employees and their failure to conduct sufficient vehicle checks in preparation for the London Olympics which begins on July 27. The report also reveals how sniffer dogs tasked with finding explosives have not even been trained in bomb detection. It also highlights how lorries and vans belonging to contractors have not been adequately searched. However, the ITV report completely omits the most damaging revelations which suggest that security for the London Olympics is virtually designed to fail. Although Lee Hazledean approached major news networks with his astounding story, he was rebuffed and told there was a “blackout” on such information. Hazledean’s findings can be summarized as follows: • Hazledean was able to get the job of a security officer via a simple application process. No background checks were carried out and his personal references were not checked.

Hazledean was successful in taking guns, knives and explosives through both metal detectors and body scanners on numerous occasions during dummy runs. Hazledean was told that metal detectors and body scanners would be deactivated at peak times in order to get crowds into the Olympic venue quicker. Hazledean was also informed that 200,000 casket linings that can hold four dead bodies each have been shipped into London in preparation for the Games. Thousands of foreign troops under the auspices of the United Nations have also been brought into London. Plans for an evacuation of London in the aftermath of a deadly terrorist attack have been discussed at great length. G4S employees were briefed on the evacuation plan to a greater extent than the time spent on training them to conduct security screening. G4S security staff have been caught doing drug deals while in training with no retribution. Uniforms have also been handed out to unauthorized personnel as well as uniforms being stolen. G4S staff have also been caught taking photo-

• •

graphs on their cellphones of secure locations. Hazledean was told that Predator drones of the type used in Afghanistan and Yemen would be circling London during the Olympics. Hazledean believes G4S security staff are so poorly trained and the security operation as a whole is so lax that terrorists could quite easily stage a “massacre” during the Games.

Not a single one of these revelations appeared in the ITV News piece. Other news networks like Channel 4 refuse to cover the story at all.

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G overnments E xist to F urther the I nterests of F avoured G roups - N ot W e the P eople by Prof. John Kozy “Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmer, liquidate real estate. It will purge the rottenness out of the system.” - Herbert Hoover’s treasury secretary Andrew Mellon


overnments have never existed to solve problems domestic or international. Governments and their institutions exist merely to further and secure the interests of favoured groups, but We the People are never the favoured group. Paul Krugman recently wrote that the fact is that the Fed, like the European Central Bank, like the U.S. Congress, like the government of Germany, has decided that avoiding economic disaster is somebody else’s responsibility. None of this should be happening. As in 1931, Western nations have the resources they need to avoid catastrophe, and indeed to restore prosperity — and we have the added advantage of knowing much more than our greatgrandparents did about how depressions happen and how to end them. But knowledge and resources do no good if those who possess them refuse to use them. And that’s what seems to be happening. The fundamentals of the world economy aren’t, in themselves, all that scary; it’s the almost universal abdication of responsibility that fills me, and many other economists, with a growing sense of dread. Krugman and most other Americans are fond of blaming social problems on the personal failings of individuals rather than on the systemic failings of institutions. It is people borrowing more than they can afford rather than banks lending too loosely or consumers saving too little rather than businesses paying too little to enable consumers to save that causes all of the problems. But borrowing and lending and saving and income are not independent variables. People are persons with personal failures but banks are institutions with systemic failures, and the systemic failures can entice people to engage in activities that may look like personal failures but are not. Krugman and many others assume that governments and their institutions exist to solve the problems people face. When the problems persist, these people again assume that it is because those in government just aren’t doing their jobs. But there is very little historical evidence to support this view. The government of Louis XVI made scanty attempts to solve the problems of the French people which ultimately led to the French Revolution. The various governments in the United States in the early 1800 made few attempts to resolve the problems raised by slavery in American society and the Supreme Court made any resolution of them

impossible which led to the Civil War. Emperor Franz Joseph of Austro-Hungary made no effort to resolve the ethnic problems his empire faced in the Balkans which ultimately led to the First World War. Great Britain and France made no attempts to ameliorate the problems Germany faced as a result of the conditions imposed on it by the Treaty of Versailles which then resulted in the Second World War. No government has made much of an attempt to resolve the problems created in the Levant by the creation of Israel, and instability, slaughter, and war have prevailed ever since. Now a third world war, an atomic conflagration, may be in the offing. Domestic and international conflicts are being exacerbated world-wide by similar failures at problem resolution. The Western nations and Israel are not making any serious attempts to resolve their problems with Iran. The only possibility of resolving the problems in Western minds is for Iran to merely conform to what the Western world wants. Western European nations are treating the debt crisis similarly. There is only one resolution: the Southern European states must merely do what the Northern ones say regardless of how it affects the peoples of Southern Europe. And the American Congress is paralyzed by each party’s insistence that its way is the only way. So what is really going on? What are Krugman and others missing? The answer is as plain as sunlight on a cloudless day. Governments have never existed to solve problems domestic or international. Governments and their institutions exist merely to further and secure the interests of favoured groups. For instance, each nation’s foreign policy always consists of “protecting our interests” somewhere or other. Whose interests are “our interests”? Why the favoured group’s, of course. And who are the favoured groups? Well, it all depends. The favoured group of European governments is international investors, not the common people of a single European nation. The Greeks can be damned so long as the investors get repaid even though the common people of Greece did not borrow one euro from international investors, the Greek government, which has no income it doesn’t take from ordinary Greeks, did, and the investors were not only willing but anxious to lend. The favoured group of the Mubarak government in Egypt was the Egyptian military

that even after the overthrow of Mubarak is still trying to secure its interests. The favoured group in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Syria, and Yemen is a royal family. In Iraq and Iran, a religious sect is favoured. Every one of these governments except, perhaps, Iceland has shown a willingness to kill those common people who are never the favoured group. The United States of America is an extreme case. The Democrats in Congress have their favoured groups; so do the Republicans. But the common people is not the favoured group of either party, although the politicians pay homage to it. America is comprised of a mass of groups, some favoured, some not. Even though the nation’s found-

ers warned the Colonists about the danger of factions, every issue in America attracts a faction, and sometime or other, government favours one or more of them. Americans have pro and an anti-immigration factions. Within these, there are pro and anti-Asian factions, pro and anti-Latino factions and within these, Central and South American and Cuban factions. There are pro and anti-gun control fac-

The Greatest Event in History is Now Unfolding... There is a massive shift occurring in public awareness, and it is just the beginning.... “Before long, men everywhere will engage themselves in the work of reconstruction and the rehabilitation of the world.... So will end a dark chapter in the history of the race.” We will create a world of Peace, Unity and Harmony. How is this possible? A group of great spiritual teachers – the Masters of Wisdom – led by Maitreya, the World Teacher for this Age, is now among us. They will work more openly to teach humanity the art of self-realization and to inspire and galvanize us to implement the changes needed to create a new civilization based on sharing and co-operation.

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Continued from previous page tions, abortion factions, contraception factions, labor factions, business factions, healthcare factions, free and regulated market factions, free trade and protectionist factions, global warming and anti-global warming factions, more and less taxation factions, big and small government factions, federal and states’ rights factions, imperialist and anti-imperialist factions, religious and anti-religious factions. Factions here; factions there; disagreement everywhere! Where Americans once believed united we stand, divided we fall, today they believe division secures our group’s special interests. And the moneyed groups have made this work by using raw power and bribery. But the nation? Oh, well, its seams are all coming apart. The nation doesn’t matter to factions; only the interests of the favoured group does. And that is why American society does not work. It is a nation whose people do not live together; they merely live side by side, where neighbours who have lived side by side for years break into violent conflict over the most trivial of things: a barking dog, a crowing rooster, a loud party, a minor inconvenience as, for instance, a parked car, children playing in someone’s yard, a tree-limb extending over a property line, a sign or even an American flag on a pole, the colour of a house, the height of a lawn and the kind of plants in it—just some of the recent neighbourly conflicts I have observed. America is a nation comprised of people who revel in conflict. Even the legal system is adversarial. Our cities, or at least parts of them, are war zones. More people are killed daily in America than in Afghanistan. Since Americans can’t get along with each other why would anyone expect them to get along with the rest of the world? What makes anyone believe Americans care if Sunni and Shi’as get along? The human condition will never improve until governments everywhere begin governing for the people, all the people, and none but all the people. So long as governments govern for the benefit of special groups, antagonisms, dislikes, and hatred will prevail; the Earth will seethe with conflict. Some will say it’s just human nature, that human beings have a dark side rooted in greed that cannot be extirpated. If so, we are just like ants where workers and soldiers live merely to provide for queens and their entourages of drones who exist merely to produce more ants, where common people are but beasts of burden that exist for the sake of the greedy. Perhaps this view is accurate, but the best of humanity has never thought so. Only Machiavelli’s The Prince among thousands of works is renowned for this view (although Ayn Rand may be catching up). Religious and humanitarian works that contest it abound. The trouble is we have too many people like Paul Krugman. Generally his heart seems to be in the right place; he seems to genuinely care about what happens to people, but he never goes far enough. He and those like him seem never to be able to mine an argument deep enough to find the source of its lode. They stop digging when they get to something that fits their preconceptions, as, for instance, personal human failures. During an interview on Internet radio, I was once asked, being a veteran, why soldiers fight. The host, I am certain, expected some profound response such as for God and country, for human dignity, for the rights and freedoms our people enjoy. But I merely answered, because they’re there! When we take perfectly normal young Americans off the street and send them into battle, we do not presume that they are inherently killers. After all, killers are bad people. Yet we send these good young men and women off to kill and they do. When they return, we again do not assume they are killers. We expect them to return to being perfectly normal young men and women. So do bankers do what they do because they’re bad people or because they’re bankers and banking requires it? Are politicians corrupt because they are bad people or are they corrupt because politics requires it? People, ask yourselves this question. Do our institutions make us what we are? If our institutions promote greed, will we be greedy, if our institutions promote killing will we be killers, if our institutions promote bribery, will we be bribed, if our institutions promote corruption, will we be corrupt? What will we be when our institutions pro-

mote goodness and how can we build such institutions? The Romans had an expression—cui prodest?— meaning “who stands to gain?” Who advocates a specific view isn’t important; what is important is who stands to gain from it. Only then can who the view favours be known. But in today’s world, cui prodest? is too general a question. It is too easy to conjure up arguments that purport to show that many or even all gain. That everyone gains from tax cuts for the rich can be argued ad infinitum. But who stands to gain the most financially can’t. It always has a specific answer, and if you want to know who the government’s favoured group is at any time, that is the question that must be answered. When the answer is some group other than the common people, the view must be rejected; otherwise, the human condition is mired in the mud of hate and will never improve, conflict will persist, and the human race will very likely exterminate itself and perhaps life itself. Jefferson knew that merchants had no country. And that the business of America is business has often been voiced by the established elite and endorsed by the Republican party. The Congress is in gridlock because the Republicans do not care what happens to America or the American people, just so long as their favoured constituents’ interests are preserved. That is what Paul Krugman and others like him fail to understand. That is why the models of economists, even if any turn out to work, are of no consequence. The only models that matter are those that advance and secure the interests of the favoured group. Can the problem of unemployment be solved?

Nobody in power really cares! Can the problem of worldwide poverty be solved? Nobody in power really cares! Can peace ever prevail between human beings? Nobody in power really cares! The dead require no benefits, and a very small government will suffice. Postscript. Since drafting this piece, I have discovered that three political scientists, Nolan McCarty, Keith Poole, and Howard Rosenthal, have provided empirical evidence for my thesis in Polarized America: The Dance of Ideology and Unequal Riches. Their views are summarized in a piece by Daniel Little: “What is really interesting about this analysis is that it implies that the sizzling rhetoric coming from the right -personal attacks on the President, anti-gay rants, renewed heat around abortion and contraception -- is just window dressing. By the evidence of voting records, what the right really cares about is economic issues favouring the affluent -- tax cuts, reduced social spending, reduced regulation of business activity, and estate taxes. This isn’t to say that the enraged cultural commentators aren’t sincere about their personal belief -- who knows? But the policies of their party are very consistent, in the analysis offered here. Maybe the best way of understanding the extremist pundits is as a class of well-paid entertainers, riffing on themes of hatred and cultural fundamentalism that have nothing to do with the real goals of their party.” There you have it. The people are viewed by the establishment as chickens to be broiled for lunch.

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Fear’s Greatest Fear Continued from page 5

life is a death camp. Being born into a prison doesn’t mean we won’t one day be free. Life is beauty and joy, even here. Life is triumphant and glorious, even here. Love exists, even here, especially here, for here is where it is most required, brightest in such darkness, lightest in such heaviness, perhaps, even, it is here that it is strongest. Perhaps it is here, surrounded by it’s darkest shadow, that it can do the most good. No wonder such fear blubbers from every corner of this madhouse. No wonder the so called ‘elite’, the governments, their lackeys and all the other cowardly bullies are so worried about our awakening, our uprising, our realization of our true natures, our real heritage, our manifestation, our magnificence. No wonder we are Fear’s greatest fear, incarnate. Actually, now I am starting to feel a wholly different kind of wonder. Or should that be a Holy kind of Wonder? The religions of the world have kind of soured me on using too much of their terminology: better to stick with the Natives folk’s of the world righteous seeing that all things are sacred since they originate from the Great Source of Creation. I guess we’ll have to include those terrible rascals out there working so hard to make us look so good too. Hollow creatures filled with nothing but the absence of love. Love is a omni-faceted affair with the infinite, everyone’s included, no wallflowers allowed, at least not forever. And though some might continue to cling to those dark corners, furiously refusing our amorous advances to join in the fun: eventually everyone’s gotta dance to the music of Love. Oooh, they’re gonna hate that. Ha! Perfect. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to feel light on my feet and maybe even hear the beginning of a song in my heart. Shall we dance? I hear the party’s already started.

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