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Immediate Health Benefits Of Not Believing Mainstream Media Bernie Suarez —


RUTH SEEKERS WHO long ago figured out that mainstream media is all

lies and staged news coordinated by central intelligence (CIA) to manipulate the opinion of the masses, know that living a life free of mainstream media news is extremely fulfilling if not downright fun. Many of us are used to the idea that no mainstream media in our lives means a better life. But how many of us have considered the details of why this is true? The benefits of living in a life where you do not believe mainstream media news are profound. Positive factors carry deep into our lives in ways many of us don’t realize or have ever taken time to consider. Many of us have taken these benefits, which all lead back to health, for granted for so long that we don’t even know they are there. So let’s consider some of these benefits in no particular order:

1- More in touch with yourself When you disconnect yourself from the 24/7 lies that mainstream media has

become, especially since the legalization of propaganda which was implemented in the United States by an amendment to the 2012 NDAA, you will notice you will became a bit more aware of yourself than you were before. By virtue of not having a pundit on a TV screen representing the same tiny group of super giant mainstream media corporations telling you what you are supposed to believe, you will automatically start thinking more on your own and thus increase you own self awareness. When the human brain is not told what to do, it will automatically think independently. In other words, for the average person not pathologically infected with mainstream media mind-control poison every day, this means returning your brain back to normal. Remember, humans were never meant to sit in front of a cathode ray tube flickering at their brains at high rate while a voice tells you every single day what it is you are supposed to think.

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This ‘return to normal’ should not be underestimated. “Normal” is a big deal and it is normal to be in touch with your own thoughts, intuition and interpersonal analysis of the world around you without a weird electronic, bright, flickering machine telling you what to think. The health benefits of being more in touch with yourself are clear to see. People who are more in touch with themselves are in touch with their feelings and emotions and thus able to function more effectively as humans. Interacting more effectively with others and being more honest with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions then leads to greater relationship and an overall richer more fulfilling life.

2- Increased self-confidence By shutting off mainstream media you will get back many things. One of those factors is self-confidence. You may be thinking, how can this be? Actually, when you consider how mainstream media political news drains your emotions with engineered fear then you may begin to see how cutting it off may increase selfconfidence. Every single day mainstream media believers are subjected to political psyops, scaremongering, staged shootings, scary

police stories or staged terror. All of it presented as reality to those who actually believe mainstream media news. Thus, without realizing it, their sense of selfreliability, the sense of trust in their own ability to protect themselves and thus their sense of self-confidence slowly goes out the window. Not to mention all the stories mainstream media presents showing their brainwashed audience arrest stories, debt collection, new laws about government fines etc. From beginning to end, the mainstream media news is designed to strip you of your sense of self-reliability and self-confidence so that you will put your confidence in government and police.

3- Save vast amount of mental energy Mainstream media lies come at their victims on a daily basis, 24/7. With psyops and government lies being scripted every day now, it doesn’t take a mathematician to calculate that this is a lot of information. Information is now being processed every day by central intelligence, all of it designed to control what you think. Most truth seekers don’t realize that disinformation, mass mind control, propaganda and mass cognitive infiltration is a full time process. As I’ve mentioned before, humanity as a whole understands the concept of being lied to. However, humanity is not really designed to cognitively wrap its head around the concept of being lied to 24/7. When we think of someone lying to us, we think of lying as a singular event. Generally, we wouldn’t keep someone around in our lives that knowingly lied about everything e very single day. The species dislikes or is intolerant of the concept of being lied to knowingly. For this reason many people simply choose to not

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How Your Thoughts Become Your Destiny “Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” — Unkown



HE PRECEDING QUOTE has been attributed to many people: the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, the transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Buddha, and even a supermarket magnate named Frank Outlaw, among others. But who actually wrote the quote isn’t nearly as important as it having been writ. In this article we will break down this curious quote by tracing the seed of Thought to the flower of Destiny, and see what we can learn along the way.

l Watch your thoughts, they become words.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” – George Orwell. Every single word originated from the fallibility of the human mind. Our skulls are like little cul-de-sacs of thought just waiting to spring into words. Our brains are tiny galaxies going through the motion of creating a multitude of thoughts through the firing of billions of synapses. The only way we can share these thoughts with each other is through words. But first our thoughts need to be clear enough to become words.This seems simple, but sometimes it’s the little things, the basics, that prevent us from being clear with each other. Sometimes getting the horse back in front of the cart is as simple as clearing our minds (the art of no-mind) so that our thoughts are clear enough to become words, while also being okay with the fact that we will never be completely clear on anything — quite the existential gamble. “No philosophy,” William James asserted, “can ever be anything but a summary sketch, a picture of the world in abridgement, a foreshortened bird’s-eye view of the perspective of events.” So it goes also with our thoughts. Our thoughts can only ever be rough drafts of what we’re perceiving, terse outlines of an unfathomably huge cosmos. We must first be okay with being tiny cosmonauts in a giant cosmos, both literally and figuratively, so that we can eventually be okay with our words being fallible constructs springing from fallible thoughts. Like Aldous Huxley said, “It is only by taking the fact of eternity into account that we can deliver thought from its slavery of life. And it is only by deliberately paying our attention and our primary allegiance to eternity that we can prevent time from turning our lives into a pointless or diabolical foolery.”

l Watch your words, they become actions.

“Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.”
– Thoreau Words are the flagship symbols of human perception. They are the invisible hat rack upon which we hang the infinite hats of our thoughts. They are powerful beyond measure, and yet they are powerless unless we understand them. If they don’t make sense, then there can be no imagery. And if there is no imagery, then there can be no action. Words are like hollow sentinels that form an army of imagery that dances across the reader’s/listener’s imagination; tying knots into thoughts, portmanteaus into bon mots, until there is a web of life living, ever-so-shortly, in the span of a few words which are nothing more

than squiggly marks on a page. And yet they are so much more than that somehow, for they compel us to move, to realign, to refocus and evolve. The “whole function of thought,” Charles S. Pierce surmised, “is to produce habits of action.” Indeed, and the links between the function of thought and the habits of action are the mighty words of our language. With them we can imagine new imaginings; we can capitalize upon them by rearranging them into novel constructs that create new worlds for new creating. With them we can topple governments, we can count coup on tyranny, we can create poetry that breaks the heart and makes the spirit soar. With them we manifest human flourishing. Indeed, our words become what we do.

l Watch your actions, they become habits.

“Everyone is gifted, but most people never open their gift.”
– the Buddha When it comes down to it, our health is dependent upon our actions. When we act in healthy ways, we experience healthy results. It really is that simple. What’s not so simple is paying close enough attention to the dictation of natural law so that our actions are in order with the cosmos. This is tricky because we all too often place the cart of our cultural conditioning in front of the horse of cosmic law. The reason why our human cultures are unhealthy and unsustainable is precisely because the horse of cosmic law is stuck ramming his head into the back of our unreasonable, imbalanced and extremely overfilled carts. As it stands, we need to unlearn what our culture has conditioned into us, and relearn what it takes to get back into a healthy and sustainable balance with nature. If we continue acting out our unsustainable programming, then unsustainability will continue to be a bad habit. If we continue the habits of an unhealthy culture, we will continue to be unhealthy people. Living healthy is living simply is living in moderation. Health and moderation are so intricately linked that a “language older than words” is literally screaming it from the mountaintops. We just need ears keen enough to hear it. Healthy actions become healthy habits. Just as what we eat is what we are, what we do is what we become.

l Watch your habits, they become

 “Do you not see how necessary a world of pains and troubles is to school an intelligence and make it a soul?”
— John Keats This is where your character is formed: in the crucible of your habits. If your habits are healthy, your character will be robust and able to adapt and overcome. If your habits are unhealthy, your character will be weak and unable to adapt to the many unexpected changes that life has to offer. If the latter is the case, don’t fret. It’s not too late. There is always the top-down method to attempt in order to get back to a place where you can implement the more effective groundup method. But first, at the risk of sounding cliche, you have to seize the day. Seizing the day first requires seizing the moment. Seize the moment by becoming painfully aware of your habits. Take note of your habits. Notice how they form and transform your day. Observe how they take you from one moment to the next. If your habits are healthy then proceed to be healthy. If they are unhealthy then take a deep

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The New Now What Are We Really Doing!

by Lorenzo Malowane Publisher


TRANGE TITLE STRANGELY written perhaps, but it reflects a question that’s been on my mind for quite a while, the answer only dawning on me just the other moment when I also asked myself ‘How is this my new now?’ Well, although it seems we’re a newspaper at first glance, I’m convinced that our true nature is rather energetically different. We are actually in the business of bringing, generating and focusing abundance for, with and to our participators / advertisers. We’ve considered long and hard, as they say, to be able to see, discover and articulate exactly what kind of publication we are. Are we a newspaper, a new age rag, a conspiracy publication, free media, a space to share the good things going on in the world, the ‘bad’ as well, stuff that not many will talk about let alone put into print with their names on it? Perhaps at one time or another we’ve been a little bit or a lot of all of the above, but as Carlos Castaneda once said, “The Panties didn’t quite fit”. Really, truth be told, we’re none of the above. As I’ve searched my heart and had literally hundreds, if not thousands, of conversations with the equivalent amount of questions pointed directly at me, both politely and otherwise on the topic of “what exactly are we about” ... I’ve had more than ample time and opportunity to ponder this question. Which is a fair one, especially coming from those who wish to participate with us, and by that I mean, in one way or another share their energy with our publication and with those whom are a part of it. Publisher, editor, web maestros, and especially our advertisers, the ones who, in a very real way “foot the bill” each month. What are we? Where did we come from? Why are we doing this? To help the world: Sure why not?! To help change things for the better: Again sure ... why no?!. But in all honesty when I look at why I’ve done it, put in the seemingly endless hours or stress, sleepless nights, yelling and screaming, searching and cajoling even to the point of stressing myself into a hospital on the other side of the planet ... well ... I was and am doing this ... to help the world, yes, after all I am ‘in’ the world too. But it’s more about how that can come about. What’s really wrong with ‘our’ version of the world that it needs all this help in the first place? A good answer needs precise focus. I always despised so-called “real jobs”, even the imagined well paid ones left me with less than I went into ... to get. It always seemed a race against inevitable lack that could never be won. Also, money alone can’t pay the bills of heart, that’s for sure. And you best be proud,

one way or the other, of that which you create in life. Be it children or art, poems or a nice pot of soup, a moment with another, a service or a product ... it’s all creation and our responsibility. But in the morning, when you open your eyes, wake up and another day dawns on you, well, everyone really, in one way or another, aught to have that feeling that all is ok in their world. Sure, without health you’ve got nothing ... and without love even less ... but the abundance has got to flow to relax that part of yourself, myself, that worries, if the bills are paid, if the fridge is full, if what I require, will require is coming my way for me and my family, friends, to have what we need to prosper. I know this is different for all ... but mostly we have these concerns in common. A bit long winded perhaps, coming back around to what our lovely publication is, at least for me, which I see it is an abundance generator. Whether it’s to generate an abundance of good information, energetic truths, health, wealth and the loving beans a man can put into his well spiced chili ... you’ve gotta have that feeling of lots to have lots to share lots. I know I’m no great writer but articulating this focusing of intent is I feel exactly what could hinge great change for everyone were they to “get it” as well. We all know, or should, that we get what we give. In the same spirit our paper’s intent is to be abundant. We pick and choose our articles super carefully, and even more carefully (finally) those who publicize their businesses and services with us. We know from a long line of feedback, testimonials (to come at a future date) that if you “grok” what we do, if you really get what we’re about, and see beyond the self serving nature of most of commercial reality to more fully picture the fantastic possibilities that open up to us when we work together for the good of all as best we can, well that’s when the fun begins. Commerciality becomes community and the world’s a lot more human all of a sudden. Transparency effortlessly takes the place of devious

shenanigans, predator-reality replaced by one of cooperation, of invention, of creative solutions. With one’s hearts on that level of love we can really get this show going, open source our evolution and probably shock everyone at how fast it could happen for everybody involved, everyone participating, in their own salvation, so to speak, in their own happy destiny more to the point. So, if the paper is something you feel like becoming a part of, well, your biz will do super well with us. If you take the time to count, besides our 70-80,000 readers each month and hundreds of volunteers of one sort or another ... we have about 40-50 solid monthly advertisers. Not a huge number really, but enough to have gotten us to where we are more than 5 years on. And you know, most have been with us, or are intending to be with us for a good long time. Some have surprised me, staying so long, in that they’ve done better with us that I would have imagined at the beginning ... others have left a lot quicker than I expected, with the opposite being true ... they seem to have felt we weren’t a good fit. But I’ll tell you this for nothing, if you have a good feeling being with us, and

we have the same for you, well you can’t help but to succeed in being a part of The New Agora. When it’s all said and done, and you’re just left with yourself at the end of your day, drifting off into sleep ... well, who doesn’t want to feel secure and excited about the coming day, and the rest of their lives. Who doesn’t want to know they’ve made and are making good choices for themselves, their families and their businesses. If you’re doing something great and helpful, no matter what it is, people have to know about it or else they simply can’t support you. That`s where publicizing, making public, comes into play. You can’t support what you’re unaware off. If nobody knows what you`re doing they simply can`t help you. Whether that’s support for your health, your wealth, your body or your very soul ... if you don’t know you can’t show. And that’s what it comes down to for us ... and what I will share the next time someone asks me what our publication is all about. We are a structure, a platform, an opportunity, an idea; a self generating phenomenon that encourages intends and supports loving-abundance in every sense of the word. Feel free to give me a call and I will certainly share more of how we can work in abundance together. Thanks for listening. Lorenzo.


And now here’s a Poem sent to us by one of our readers. Enjoy!


Magnolia flowered with early spring opening wings to euphoria pink.. The skies of blue eyes gaze with new desires.. Songbirds play violin echoing in the air blushing with reverie.. Love swims in rivers and streams with perpetual dream.. Golden beams gleaming bright cannot outshine the dazzle in your eyes.. You lure my light to your close embrace with a panting breath and a burning face in magnolia dance of enraptured dreams where our hearts meet dancing passion to the beat of spring.. Margaret Kowalewska 9 March 2015

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10 Ways to Opt of the System

Joe Wright


’VE NOTICED AN increase in the defeatist tone among activists lately. Many are realizing that the current system cannot be salvaged, and they get angry at the lack of answers and give up hope. I’ve been there. We all have. Yes, the system is tightening its control as more people begin to see it for what it is. Yes, mathematically and rationally, the system is nearing collapse. But the fix will not be found with anger and predictions of doom, and the fix will not come from petitioning a lawmaker, a regulator, or a sheriff. The fix can only come from you. It’s true that it is nearly impossible to completely opt out of the system. The Matrix is all around us, embedded in our very survival. However, that doesn’t mean we should not do what we can to limit our exposure to the decaying system. The more you depend on a system you despise, the more you will be hurt by it. Therefore, it’s vital to find ways to opt out to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Here are ten ways to opt out of the system:

1. Stop Feeding It First, stop feeding the system. Stop advocating that the government do your bidding. The very idea that government should be powerful enough to do anyone’s bidding is how the elite took it over. You can also stop feeding it by boycotting corporations

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that do harm to society. Finally, reduce your digital footprint. Giving Facebook your whole life story is the same as giving it to the NSA.

2. Get Healthy Modern medicine has become one of the most egregious pillars of control. Even if you have foolishly overpriced health insurance, they require you to attend a minimum number of “well visits” or they can deny claims later on. It’s a clever scheme to get you into the system as much as possible. The only way to feel confident opting out is to get yourself healthy. Simple: eat well and get fit.

3. Grow Your Own Food Question: When GMOs finally get labeled, who will make sure they are not wrong? The FDA? Don’t make me laugh. Growing your own food is the most effective and rewarding way to opt out of the system. Get some chickens. Grow a garden. Learn to preserve food. What you can’t grow yourself, buy locally or in bulk quantities direct from the source (i.e., wheat, barley, rice).

4. Become Your Own Bank This might be the biggest secret on this list. Did you know that you can opt out of traditional finance altogether? You can be your own bank and benefit from compounding loan payments instead of corporate banks. Oh, and it’s tax free. What is it? Dividend-paying whole life insurance. Before you groan, read this book.

5. Barter

Dollars are the system’s fuel and its very foundation. Use anything but dollars wherever you can. Do as much of your economic activity as possible with barter, or off-the-books transactions. Agorism, sharing economy, and peer-to-peer opportunities are growing exponentially. Go to the Craigslist “barter” category and engage. Use Bitcoin open a wallet and get some bitcoin here.

6. Produce Something Make something of value. Create something beautiful. Learn a new skill that no one can take from you. It doesn’t even matter if you sell or trade it, because just doing it for yourself is making you more independent.

7. Homeschool Your Kids For parents, this is by far the best step you can take to opt out. If you despise the system, why would you expose your children to its indoctrination? Public schools are temples of authority worship to promote a deliberate agenda. The system may not be fixed in your lifetime, but at least your children will be saved from its cult.

8. Don’t Outsource Your Personal Security Let’s face it, some people will defend the militarized police no matter how much violence they commit. Scared masses have

outsourced their personal security to a seemingly unaccountable armed gang ... and the result is a police state for everyone else. Get fit and learn self-defense. That way you don’t have to demand that “authorities” protect the herd like helpless livestock.

9. Volunteer Stop begging the government to take care of everything. If you want a better world, go make it happen. The war on poverty is clearly not working. The government criminalizing feeding the homeless all over America should be all you need to know. Disobey. Volunteer for charities, community or church events, or start your own charity.

10. Move to an Undisclosed Location Last, but not least, you can just about drop out completely by moving overseas or to an undisclosed location. This can be accomplished, but it won’t occur without some hardship. Leaving friends and family behind may cause more pain than the system is causing you. So you should do serious research and meditation before attempting this option. Dropping off the grid abruptly will likely make you miserable. Don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. It’s best to take small steps toward independence. Pick a few of the ideas above that are possible within your current circumstances, or the points that most resonate with you, and take action immediately.

Note of gratitude from Fredalupe and Lorenzo to Daemon. Without his heart, help, love, influence, music and general lovliness, our hearts, and thus the heart of this very newspaper would not be as open and big as it is. This one’s for you. We love you and hope to hear more and more as the time moves forward. For all of our lovely readers who have not had the pleasure of hearing Daemon`s music…may we present…. New Revolution!

By Iam Saums

The Conquest of Noise


T DOES NOT take an aficionado to observe the declining quality of contemporary music. When we dare to explore the radio dial, we often find a barrage of noise attacking our ears and senses. We may search for the message and our connection with it, though rarely are we able to enjoy or resonate with the songs or the frequency in which they are recorded and broadcast. Where once we were empowered, inspired and happy in our listening, now we often experience the side effects of corpora-tized sound. A hostile takeover has been executed with boardroom secrecy and precision. It has nearly sacrificed the essence of music. Initially it was the manipulation of the frequency in which music was tuned, performed and recorded. Next it was the elementary, commercial, propaganda-laden lyrics influencing our listening, perceptions and lifestyles. Then it was the incessant promotion of untalented people singing meaningless songs to distract us from the real issues in society and ourselves. Now it is the control of the industry by the unoriginal few at the cost of the passion and creativity of the many.

An Uphill Battle It has become exceedingly difficult for musical artists, i.e. singer/songwriters and composers, to find their audience and niche let alone succeed in the contemporary marketplace. The industry has become an exclusive club of untalented and elitist entrepreneurs seeking instant stardom and financial windfall from engineered music that is here today, gone yesterday. This has produced a system that has mirrored the pyramid schemes found most often in the corporate finance and business sectors. Creativity and empowerment in music has been greatly replaced by popularity and profit. The music industry is rigged. To some degree it always has been, much like many other forms of artistic expression. Creativity in music has become less about the art and more about what the artist is willing to sacrifice. Hit singles and endorsement deals are the standards of success. It is more about pushing corporate agendas then artistry. The customary recipe for music is repetitive, trance-like lyrics that program explicit and subliminal messages to alter the thought patterns of the listener. It applies mechanistic beats and multi-layered sounds more so resembling racket rather than music. The common tuning frequency in

music has been 440-hertz since the World War Era. It was altered from 444-hertz to promote the energy of war and conflict. The difference is less than a half step in diminished chromatic tuning. The energy of 440-hertz is dark, chaotic, puts the listener on edge and can incite reactions of aggression, confusion and cognitive dissonance. Most listeners of music, as well as the musicians that play it, do not possess a heightened awareness or understanding of frequencies. The denser vibrations of music impose a forceful persuasion upon even the peripheral audience.

with and share their expression. It is a given in the contemporary climate of the arts that there are far more things against them than are with them. It isn’t merely their passion, desire or even the need to create and perform that can carry an artist to their melodious paradise. It exists in their way of being and the energetic quality of their expression. This is when the excitement, creative power and relatedness happens that allows musical artists to transcend the industry’s authority.

Revolution Reveals the Truth

It may seem difficult to follow one’s vision in the process of writing, recording and performing music, yet it is as vital as our heart is to our body. Each one of us received the blessing of life in this world. Each one of us was given a voice and an avenue of expression. The majority of us rarely discover ours, let alone convey it. Our creativity isn’t just an ability or gift. It isn’t even for the love or the freedom we experience while we are playing music. It is our eternal life force made manifest. It is our destiny articulated in sound. It is who we truly are when we allow ourselves to be. As artists, the measure of our creativity is in the declaration of our truth, purity and

Most artists and musicians have accepted the conditions of the industry, much like most human beings have adopted the rules and regulations of their society’s everyday reality. Most are desperate, overwhelmed and willing to alter themselves and compromise their artistic integrity just to survive doing what they love. Very few have been able to manifest their musical vision into its most pure and true expression. Those that have, find it exceptionally challenging to gain the necessary attention, support and longevity to sustain their craft into a lucrative career. The most vital and symbolic element in the dynamic of an artist’s successful creativity is their willingness to stand for, be confident

The Power of Expression

See “SOUL” on page 30

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Help Yourself Headlines Finance Banks and Energy Companies Rig Currency Markets

Too Big To Fails” Have Stopped Being Banks



t has long been known that currency markets are massively rigged. But the banks not only shared confidential information with each other … they also shared it with a giant

loomberg reported last month: “Banks don’t have a need for deposits, and the demand for loans by households and firms is weak,” Niels Storm Stenbaek, chief economist at the Danish Bankers Association, said in a phone interview. Wait … what? Banks don’t need deposits? They’re not giving many loans? Isn’t that what banks do?

oil company. Bloomberg reports this week: “With revenue of almost $400 billion last year and operations in about 80 countries, BP trades large quantities of currency each day.

Geo-Politics Mako Oshidori in Düsseldorf “The Hidden Truth about Fukushima”


n March 8th, 2014, comedienne/ journalist Mako Oshidori gave a lecture, “The Hidden Truth About Fukushima” in Düsseldorf, Germany, organized by a citizen’s group, SAYONARA Genpatsu Düsseldorf. Translation of Mako Oshidori’s March 6th, 2014 press conference at the German IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) Symposium in Frankfurt can be found here.

Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought

The Tate Murders – The Psyop That Stifled a Generation


f all the “conspiracy theories” I have run across over the years, amazingly this is not one of them. I searched the internet for anything on this theory and got nothing, even at Above Top Secret and sites like that. But now that we know many recent tragedies have been faked in Hollywood fashion, why not go back to previous decades, to see how long this has been going on? It turns out that with this manufactured tragedy—as with all others—you have been getting disinformation from all sides.

The Rent Is Too Damn High — And It Doesn’t Have To Be


he rent is too damn high, and here are some reasons why: Demand for rental properties is way up. Millions of families lost homes in the crash. Others, who might have been able to secure a loan to purchase a home when the banks were handing mortgages out like candy are now unable to meet stricter lending requirements that were put in place after the bubble burst. According to Census data, today’s home ownership rate is around four percentage points lower than it was before the Great Recession.


estlé is draining California aquifers, from Sacramento alone taking 80 million gallons annually. Nestlé then sells the people’s water back to them at great profit under many dozen brand names. The city of Sacramento is in the fourth year of a record drought – yet the Nestlé Corporation continues to bottle city water to sell back to the public at a big profit, local activists charge. The Nestlé bottling plant in Sacramento was the target of a major press conference March 17 by a water coalition claiming the company drains up to 80 million gallons a year from local aquifers.

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Victoria Is Still Cleaning Up Last Century’s Toxic Mess


ou have to give Victoria, BC, credit where it’s due: that city does not rush into anything. When the rest of the world decided dumping raw sewage into the ocean was no longer a chill thing to do, Victorians held out for decades. To this day, Victoria is still trying to figure out how to update its century-old waste system. The city has added extra pipe and a few screens, but nevertheless pumps untreated shit and chemicals out to the Juan de Fuca Strait at a rate of 130 million liters per day.

Health Iceland Decided To Do This With The Last McDonald’s Meal EVER Sold!


fter spending over a year in Iceland’s National Museum, the last McDonalds meal sold in the country will now be going on display at the Bus Hostel in Reykjavik. The worldfamous fast food chain shut down its Iceland locations in 2009, and even after all this time the last meal sold in the country has still not become rotten or moldy.

CDC researchers say mothers should stop breastfeeding to boost ‘efficacy’ of vaccines


emember when it was considered crazy talk to suggest that mainstream medicine viewed humanity as being born lacking in pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, as if these synthetic inputs are necessary miracle nutrients for proper human development? Well, researchers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently showed that they adhere to this lunatic philosophy, having released a study that recommends women withhold breastfeeding their children in order to boost the “effectiveness” of the rotavirus vaccine.

The Fukushima Syndrome — Diagnosing Nuclear Madness


he case against the nuclear energy-weapons establishment’s worldview is embarrassingly easy to make. Harvey Wasserman does it hands down it in his succinct centerpiece contribution to this excellent anthology. That’s why the global conglomerate of industry-government-bureaucratic-financial institutions known as ‘the Nuclear Village’ has invested so much for so long in propaganda to keep that easily-made case out of the public mind.

‘Smart meters’ called a major threat to health, national security


tilities around the country are installing millions of “smart meters,” devices which use wireless technology to send information back to the companies about power usage by their customers. But there’s a growing body of scientists deeply concerned about bathing the public in low-level, nonthermal radiation, and they say the smart meters pose the greatest danger of all.

It’s against human nature to send two-year-olds to school


n order to make young children “school ready”, the English government is now encouraging parents to place their children in school nurseries shortly after their second birthday.

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Science, Tech & Beyond Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades


s each day passes, the case against fracking becomes more and more overwhelming. In Pennsylvania alone, there have been over 1,400 environmental violations attributed tohydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” deep gas wells. So why aren’t government officials taking a more aggressive stance toward the fracking industry’s damning environmental health record? Answer: money and power.

Boeing patents ‘Star Wars’-style force fields


new patent granted to aircraft, defense and security company Boeing is taking its cues from science fiction. Just like the glowing energy shields seen protecting troops, machines and even spacecraft in Star Wars and Star Trek, the design -- named “Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc” -- uses energy to deflect potential damage.

Two Free Smartphone Apps That Will Eliminate Monsanto, Aspartame, HFCS And Processed Foods


espite numerous outcries for GMO labeling, no one really knows if the food they are buying contains GMO’s or not… until now. Two Free Smartphone Apps That Will Eliminate Monsanto, Aspartame, HFCS And Processed Foods | in5d.comA new app called ‘Buycott” was unleashed in May of 2013 but was temporarily taken off the market because their server could not handle the traffic to their website. At one point, the Buycott app was being downloaded at a rate of up to 10 downloads per second!

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New Age BS and The Suppression of The Sacred Masculine Mark Passio The following is an excellent 7 hour presentation by Mark Passio that will rub many people in the New Age movement wrong but for the majority of what he is saying, I agree. For those who don’t have the patience of watching a 7 hour video, I took the liberty of highlighting Mark’s presentation and added a few comments to the points he made.

New Age Deceptions 1. Ignore the negative. Seeing the negative for what it is creates the ability to steel oneself against its harmful effects and possibly even to avert those effects entirely. Refusing to look at critical information, just because it makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, is willingly choosing to remain in a state of ignorance and therefore to remain un-conscious. In5D: These are the people who refuse to talk about all of the atrocities that are happening to humanity. Basically by not saying anything, they are acquiescing to those in power.

Accept, accept, accept ... but NEVER resist. In5D: This is why I wrote the article about “Galactic Warriors”.

5. Ab-use of Meditation and Yoga. The New Age movement has been twisting these spiritual practices into means to take people’s minds off the fact that they have been enslaved and make it easy for them to just accept the current condition of the world as their lot in life.

“Don’t react to anything.” What this translates to: “Never take any action to try to change the things that are wrong with this world.” In5D: I absolutely agree with this. Activism is the best way to create change. For example, those who are passive would not be benefiting from the activism of those who stood up against GMO’s and GMO labeling. Once again, by not saying anything, you are acquiescing your civil liberties to those who are in power and you

2. Never get angry. While non-righteous and unchanneled anger is counter-productive to both individual development and collective efforts to bring about positive change. Righteous indignation, when channeled productively, can be a major motivation to create positive change in the world. Those in power basically want to suppress the sacred masculine and desire people who are basically fluoridated zombies. Those in power basically want to suppress the sacred masculine and desire people who are “If you’re not outraged, you’re not basically fluoridated zombies. paying attention.” Whether this is a metaphor or not, when the temple are basically allowing them to do so. money changers were defrauding people of “What you resist persists.” What this money, even Jesus “took out a switch and translates to: “Don’t resist Evil. Just let it run whipped their asses.” rampant and destroy everything that is good.” “No Confrontation!” New Agers insist 3. We’re all one, so it’s ALL good. that there is NEVER a time to use force. Meditation’s correct usage is for Did innocent children who are being balancing the brain when it has been raped create their own reality? chronically left-brain dominant. Yoga’s Many New Agers tout the concepts proper usage is to help us to discover what such as Right and Wrong as “dualistic” and our true work is and to motivate us to do it. therefore invalid. They try to convince “That which manifests as a result people that everything is okay. of what you are wrongly resisting, is that (Abuse is never okay ~ ed.) which persists.” Half-way understanding won’t get it done. 4. You can never really know. The “My Freedom” movement often leaves Solipsism: From the Latin adjective out the Sacred Feminine principles of nonsolus: “alone” and from the Latin pronoun aggression and compassion toward others. While totalitarian police state is being ipse: “self”. The ideology that only one’s brought forward faster and faster, the own mind is sure to exist. Solipsists Occult Controllers need to propagate a contend that knowledge of anything outside religion to push people deeper into right one’s own mind is unsure, hence there is brained imbalance so that they will not no objective reality and nothing about the stand up for their Natural Rights. The New external world and its workings can truly Age movement IS that religion. be known. Perception is NOT reality but our work is to align the two.

See “NEW AGE BS” on page 24

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They are more subtle than batons and guns but far more effective than violence alone. They seek to conquer not bodies, but minds. By Carey Wedler


HEN MOST PEOPLE think of destructive government wars, images of drone strike wreckage and murdered civilians come to mind. But while organized, physical violence is a repulsive form of oppression, the state employs a variety of tactics to wage war on its own citizens. They are more subtle than batons and guns but far more effective than violence alone. They seek to conquer not bodies, but minds.

5 Signs the Government's Biggest War is for Your Mind

s 1) Over-Medication and the Drug War

Whether out of rabid greed or calculated malice, the federal government continually approves corporate medications that cloud free thought. Painkillers and anti-depressants leave users zombie-like, causing further depression and often, addiction. Children are routinely over-diagnosed and medicated and are often forced to take anti-psychotics that they testify makes them groggy. Pesticides and chemicals like aspartame also inhibit brain function. The problem of “legal” brain cell killers is compounded by the fundamental philosophy of the Drug War. Aside from the police state the program has fostered, it makes the bold claim that non-violent individuals are not free to choose what they put in their bodies. When the government exercises violence to regulate

these choices, it asserts power over not just the body, but the free will and minds of its citizens.

the restroom without permission. Refusing to pledge allegiance to an inanimate object. Sitting outside of an assigned seat. Daring to upset school police officers, whose presence in public schools has exploded and led to multiple instances of violence. This furthers a mentality of conformity and compliance that intersects with the inherently uniform nature of lesson plans and standardized testing.

s 2) The War on Children’s Minds s 3) The Rise of Islamophobia In addition to over-medicating children, the education system forces a strict regimen intended to foster obedience at the expense of consciousness. Students around the country have been disciplined for everything from wearing yoga pants to sharing food with hungry friends. The reasoning behind it is not to help others, but to instil the power of authority (always in the name of morality and safety). Other violations students are routinely punished for? Using

Without public support for war, the meddling hands of government are tied. One of the ways to placate opposition to military intervention, however, is to dehumanize those the government will inevitably kill. Doing that requires collectivization, which the United States government has successfully promoted. Thanks to constant fear-mongering by politicians and the media, massive portions of Americans are terrified of

and hateful toward Muslims. In Texas earlier this year, protesters aggressively surrounded a peaceful gathering of Muslim-Americans who tried to share intentions of peace and solidarity with other citizens. Americans walked out of American Sniper (a film undoubtedly guided by the Pentagon) calling for the murder of all Muslims. The dehumanization of an entire demographic of people is a terrifying tool used by the elites to manipulate public opinion (it was used by the United States government against Germans and the Japanese, and of course, by other states craving war).

s 4) The Radicalization of Peace and Protest

The government has made a habit of designating otherwise peaceful actions as terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security has taken a particularly active role in this process. DHS gave money to the NYPD with the intention of policing protests with machine guns (the plan failed) and implementing “counterterrorism” policies. DHS has helped militarize the police forces that surround

See “WAR” on page 26

VYour Friends in


e Us! Come Se

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Lemon & Baking Soda Shown To Be Powerful Healing Combination By Joe Martino


n an age where cancer rates are rising incredibly fast, the need for alternative treatments is becoming even more prominent. Research is being put into a number of different avenues with one supporting Dr. Marty Pagel, PhD, from the University of Arizona Cancer Center, who will test the effects of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) on breast cancer patients. He is receiving a $2  million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to find to perform the study. An important note to understand right off the top- any treatment for cancer will react differently in various patients and also to various types of cancers. Traditional methods can work well on some cancers and terribly on others. The same can be said for various natural cures. On top of this fact, the state of the human body receiving treatment with either method also plays a big

role. Do they have access to clean organic food? Clean water? Do they believe and feel they can overcome their disease? These are all important factors with any treatment. A number of studies in the past have shown interesting in vivo results surrounding the use of sodium bi-carbonate on cancer tumours. While research is not fully complete on the matter, early results are already showing some powerful effects of tumour metastasis. This of course encourages funding for further research as early signs are looking good. Dr. Robert J. Gillies and his colleagues have already demonstrated the effectiveness of baking soda in alkalinizing the area around tumours in mice. The same researchers found that bicarbonate increases tumour pH and also inhibits spontaneous metastases in mice with breast cancer. [3] Lemon has shown to contain anticarcinogenic properties as it contains limonoides which are phytochemicals found in

a number of citrus fruits. [1] Lemon also has been shown to have strong anti-microbial effects which has been tested in research exploring the idea that cancer is very much like a fungus within the body. [2] When treating cancer as a fungus, various methods can be used and some have found that lemon and bicarbonate can help fight the fungus causing various types of cancer. Lemons are also effective in helping the body detoxify. They are rich in vitamin C and help your body neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. Limonene, a substance found in lemons also helps to stimulate lymph flow which is important in removing carcinogens from the body. A weak or under performing lymph system is a big part of disease promotion. Lemon is also used to help balance Ph. They are taken together as it is believed that lemon is one of the safest ways to introduce high alkaline substances into the system. These methods of treatment are able to approach carcinogenic cells and destroy them without destroying healthy cells. This is another key factor as chemotherapy destroys all cells which includes the healthy ones. Together lemon and baking soda help to fight cancerous cells or diseases in the body while helping to increase the body’s ability to clean itself up of what may be causing the diseases in the first place. Having

lemon as a part of your diet is certainly healthy and taking this combination as a detox can also be helpful even if you don’t have an illness. One method I have found for introducing this into your body as a drink is to mix 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda into 250ml of water with about 1 half of a lemon. Please check into more recipes that might work for you. I have personally taken this mixture if I ever had stomach issues or was feeling like I might be getting sick. It has been very successful each time I’ve used it. Of course, always do your own research and check with a health professional if you wish.

Source 1. 2. Researchers examined human DNA from a variety of tissues and organs to identify and quantify aflatoxin DNA-adducts. Such adducts are considered to be proof of the mycotoxin’s presence in a particular tissue. Their finding? “Tumor tissues had higher aflatoxin-adduct levels than did normal tissue from the same individual.” 3.

7 Steps

How to Expand Your Consciousness By Danielle Fagan.

u 3. Just Observe


When we focus on the present, we become aware of our breath, our body, our triggers, our emotional reactions, our relationships, the reactions of others, and our quality of life. What do you notice? Are you enjoying your day? What do you not enjoy? Did you feel good after your last meal? What’s your mood like? What relationships uplift you? Which relationships bring you down? Take notice. IVING TRULY IN the present moment is a skill few people possess. Children, plants, and animals all do it without even trying, but for some reason, the older we get, the more difficult it becomes. Adults tend to discuss, argue, and fret over “consciousness” and how to achieve it. I’ve even witnessed people fight over who is “more conscious” than the other. In an attempt to shed light on a concept shrouded by mystery and differing opinion, I’ve listed 7 steps below on how to expand your consciousness as an individual:

u 1. Experience The Journey, Don’t Escape It

Enlightenment does not mean forgetting about bills, work, and responsibilities, or meditating every day. I know a lot of people who choose to escape social situations, finances, and deep relationships with others because of their empathetic or “spiritual” nature. There’s a Zen saying that goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” You’re in this threedimensional experience for a reason. Immerse yourself if it completely. Experience the thrill of life, the fear, the novelty, the dullness, the anger, the sadness, the change. Feel it completely.

u 2. Take Advantage of the “Now” “Consciousness” is understanding that there is only now – everything else is distraction. If you want to change, change now. If you want to move, move now. If you want to love, love now. Life takes many unexpected twists and turns. We do not know where we are going. We only know that we have this moment. Don’t put off what you really want to do.

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u 4. Accept Your Observations It’s important to keep an open mind as you observe your daily life. It’s when we deny that which we feel that we run into trouble. If a relationship feels negative continually, it’s okay. Accept it. If you continually choose unhealthy foods, it’s okay. Accept it. Do not judge or make assumptions here. Pretend you’re a scientist observing an experiment. It’s okay to have a hypothesis, but let your life play out moment to moment and observe what you enjoy and what you do not. Accept all experiences as part of the experiment.

u 5. Accept the Choices of Others This is difficult for empaths. Your job is not to “fix” anyone. Allow people to come to their own conclusions. If you’re busy putting Band-Aid’s on everyone who’s feeling pain, you interfere with their ability to see that a change needs to be made in their life. It may be easy for you to see that they need to change certain areas of their life but it is not okay to attempt to change those things for them. It’s also not okay for you put them down for their choices. Let people make their own decisions. Let them choose whether they want to change or not.

See “CONSCIOUSNESS” on page 27

How Changing Your Brain WILL Change Your Life By Dr. Michael Cotton


E ALL WANT to have a deeper understanding of how our brains work; after all, the brain we are born with is the brain we must use. So it behooves us to understand exactly what this thing in our head does and exactly how it does it. And let’s agree that we innately crave new things in our lives, new understandings, new information, and new ways to do and be in the world, in other words, change. So let’s take a look at some revolutionary understandings surrounding the brain. Our brain has developed over time in layers-- as nature never abandons something that works—and so it builds upon it. It began with the reptiliansurvival brain, the first and oldest structure. When born into a world full of threats (think sabre tooth tigers), it makes perfect sense that this part of our brain developed first in order to survive these threats and perpetuate our species. So this part of your brain, having hundreds of thousands of years of practice, has become extremely adept at making decisions that keep you alive. This is good because the alternative is death. There is only one problem with this, 99% of our sensory experience is first filtered through our lower, survival brain.

It receives all sensory information below the conscious threshold, which means you are not consciously aware of what this part of your brain is thinking or doing until it makes a decision (think instincts). This part of your brain is also responsible for the stress response, dictating how often it’s used and where vital blood flow, oxygen and metabolism are routed. We all know how harmful stress can be for us and this part of your brain-- being in a constant state of hyper-vigilant alertness for threats in your environment--makes biological choices for you in which you have no say. And the kicker to all this is

that the logic governing these choices is sameness equals safety. That’s right; you have a part of your brain constantly trying to make you do the same things over and over and over again because you simply survived. This part of your brain is not responsible--for nor does it care about--your happiness, reaching your goals, finding out who you are or what you are meant to do. It literally only cares if you survived until the next day--and with its logic--it then says “Success! Now, let’s duplicate that.” Can you see how this has affected you? Any pattern that keeps playing out in

your life over and over is linked into a dead-end neuro-synaptic loop by this part of your brain. So the question becomes, how do we release the lower, survival brain’s hold? The answer lies in the other higher structures of our brain, primarily the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the newest evolutionary part of our brains, and has been said to be the brain’s executive centre or “CEO.” It is responsible for our highest states of being up to and including the classical enlightenment experience. Since discovering that the vast majority of people use this portion of their brain the least, researchers have been plumbing the depths of what it is responsible for and what are its potentials. Through this research Dr. Andrew Newberg discovered that “Awakening is primarily due to a fundamental change in brain function with a shift in brain dominance to the prefrontal area. There is a shift of the brain’s command centre and the individual wakes up to a higher level of consciousness and to a new reality which seems to be even more real than the old one.” So what has been revealed is that states of consciousness and views of reality permanently change and expand

See “BRAIN” on page 20

Ignite The Brain’s Highest Potential “I never would have believed a brain could change that fast.” Penny Montgomery, PhD, neuropsychologist and brain researcher and author, after conducting research on Higher Brain Living®

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T SHOULDN’T COME as a surprise to anyone that kids these days just aren’t getting outside very much. Drive through any suburban neighbourhood on a Saturday and the groups of bicycling youngsters and impromptu street football games that were so common just a couple of decades ago just aren’t there. Corralled indoors by over-protective parents and the allure of passive electronic entertainment (Did you know that the average American kid spends 53 hours a week using entertainment media? Where do they find the time?), today’s kids are missing out on the vast benefits of being outdoors. Here are some reasons to make Little Johnny back away from the game controller, slip on some shoes (or not… but it might be cold outside), and head out into nature. He might grumble and complain, but someday he’ll thank you for it. And you should probably get up and head out there with him. There are plenty of benefits for adults, too. 1. Exercise. Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic that has more than doubled in the past decade and is the most visible symptom of sedentary indoor life. Children’s bodies were made to move, to run and jump and climb, not sit for hours on end with only thumbs in motion over game controllers or tapping out texts to their “friends”. It is in the outdoors, where big movements don’t threaten expensive furniture, fragile heirlooms, or parental sanity that children are likely to burn the most calories. 2. Sleep. Exposure to sunshine stimulates the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland located deep in the brain, releasing melatonin which helps to regulate sleep patterns. It’s not just an old wives tale that playing outside makes children sleep better. It’s a biological

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3. Happier Mood. Sunlight also boosts the body’s level of the hormone seratonin. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, memory, and appetite. More sunlight means less depression and happier kids. So if your kid is feeling sulky or irritable or just generally grumpy, he might just need a trip outside. There was a reason our mothers sent us to play outside when we were sullen and grouchy. They knew what they were doing without reading all the newest scientific research. 4.Healthy Immune System. Playing in the dirt actually makes kids healthier. The body learns by doing (just like the brain) and early exposure to germs teaches the body the proper immune response to foreign invaders. As an added bonus, sunshine on bare skin stimulates the body’s production of Vitamin D which helps the body fight off infection and helps prevent the development of autoimmune diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis). Research in adults suggests that Vitamin D helps lower the chance of developing heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. (Really great reasons to get outdoors ourselves. Playing outside isn’t just for the very young.) 5. Social Skills. Free and unstructured play with peers outdoors helps children

develop problem-solving and cooperation skills. Even if neighbourhood playmates just aren’t available, playing alone outside improves selfawareness and self-discipline, handy tools in later interpersonal relationships. 6. Improved Learning. Studies have shown that being outside, even for just a few minutes, helps people diagnosed with ADHD to better focus. Other surveys indicate that schools still offering students free-play recess have higher test scores (While admittedly not always the best indicator of actual learning, it is the one most readily available). Being outside also helps improve memory, which proves that trees and fields and flowers are the best cognitive enhancers. 7. Free Thought. Spontaneous, selfinitiated play outdoors fosters independence, ingenuity, and resourcefulness in a way that structured and supervised play does not. Highly structured rote learning (like the kind seen in most modern classrooms) creates a population of factory workers prepared to follow instructions. Unstructured play develops creativity and sparks imagination. It inspires individual problem solving and self-directed exploration. Free outdoor play produces innovators and pioneers, people who aren’t afraid to step outside the accepted boundaries of conformed thought and make groundbreaking discoveries.

8. Stress Relief. While it might seem absurd to suggest that children suffer from stress, you might want to consider the pressure they experience daily to test well, get good grades, and sit still and quiet for hours on end in the school environment. For a kid, school life can be incredibly stressful. Studies have shown that people spending time in nature have lower levels of cortisol (a hormone released during times of stress). Also, among office workers (and our kids’ classrooms are often very similar to sterile office environments), even a glimpse of nature through a window is associated with lowered stress and higher satisfaction. 9. Better Vision. A rather large body of research proves outdoor play has a protective effect on children’s eyesight. “Increasing time spent outdoors may be a simple strategy by which the the risk of developing myopia (nearsightedness) and its progression in children and adolescents,” concluded one 2012 study published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. 10. Hope For The Future. In a world where the important things are often cast aside for what we want right now, it’s important to develop forward thinking, especially in the future generation. One study suggests that exposure to nature helps us to focus into the future, perhaps helping develop real solutions to long-term problems like resource exploitation, population growth, substance abuse, and the obesity epidemic. So while Little Johnny is focusing on rolling in the grass at this very moment, he may actually be developing the kind of forward thinking that just might save us all. ©2015 The Mind Unleashed, Inc, all rights reserved. For permission to re-print this article contact contact themindunleashed@


UTHER STANDING BEAR was an Oglala Lakota (Sioux) Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers. Raised in the traditions of his people until the age of eleven, he was then educated at the Carlisle Indian Industrial Boarding School of Pennsylvania, where he learned the english language and way of life. (Though a National Historical Landmark, Carlisle remains a place of controversy in Native circles.) Like his above mentioned contemporaries, however, his native roots were deep, leaving him in the unique position of being a conduit between cultures. Though his movement through the white man’s world was not without “success” — he had numerous movie roles in Hollywood — his enduring legacy was the protection of the way of life of his people. By the time of his death he had published 4 books and had become a leader at the forefront of the progressive movement aimed at preserving Native American heritage and sovereignty, coming to be known as a strong voice in the education of the white man as to the Native American way of life. Here, then, are 10 quotes from the great Sioux Indian Chief known as Standing Bear that will be sure to disturb much of what you think you know about “modern” culture. xyz Praise, flattery, exaggerated manners and fine, high-sounding words were no part of Lakota politeness. Excessive manners were put down as insincere, and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Conversation was never begun at once, or in

10 Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About ‘Modern’ Culture

a hurried manner. xyz Children were taught that true politeness was to be defined in actions rather than in words. They were never allowed to pass between the fire and the older person or a visitor, to speak while others were speaking, or to make fun of a crippled or disfigured person. If a child thoughtlessly tried to do so, a parent, in a quiet voice, immediately set him right. xyz Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and his granting a space of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness and regardful of the rule that ‘thought comes before speech.’…and in the midst of sorrow, sickness, death or misfortune of any kind, and in the presence of the notable and great, silence was the mark of respect… strict observance of this tenet of good behaviour was the reason, no doubt, for his being given the false characterization by the white man of being a stoic. He has been judged to be dumb, stupid, indifferent, and unfeeling. xyz We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills, the winding streams with tangled growth, as ‘wild’. Only to the white man was nature a ‘wilderness’ and only to him was it ‘infested’ with ‘wild’ animals and ‘savage’ people. To us it was tame. Earth was bountiful and we were surrounded

with the blessings of the Great Mystery. xyz Kinship with all creatures of the earth, sky and water was a real and active principle. In the animal and bird world there existed a brotherly feeling that kept the Lakota safe among them. And so close did some of the Lakotas come to their feathered and furred friends that in true brotherhood they spoke a common tongue. xyz This concept of life and its relations was humanizing and gave to the Lakota an abiding love. It filled his being with the joy and mystery of living; it gave him reverence for all life; it made a place for all things in the scheme of existence with equal importance to all. xyz It was good for the skin to touch the earth, and the old people liked to remove their moccasins and walk with bare feet on the sacred earth… the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of propping himself up and away from its life giving forces. For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more deeply and to feel more keenly. He can see more clearly into the mysteries of life and come closer in kinship to other lives about him. xyz Everything was possessed of personality, only differing from us in form. Knowledge was inherent in all things. The

Image: Kirby Sattler world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks, and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of earth. We learned to do what only the student of nature learns, and that was to feel beauty. We never railed at the storms, the furious winds, and the biting frosts and snows. To do so intensified human futility, so whatever came we adjusted ourselves, by more effort and energy if necessary, but without complaint. xyz…the old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans, too. So he kept his children close to nature’s softening influence. xyz Civilization has been thrust upon me … and it has not added one whit to my love for truth, honesty, and generosity. ~ A Wisdom Pills Original Article

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By Arjun Walla


IKOLA TESLA SAID it best, “the day science begins to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Swami Vivekananda was Tesla’s mentor, an Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple of the 19th century saint Ramakrishna. Science works best when in harmony with nature. If we put these two together, we can discover great technologies that can only come about when the consciousness of the planet is ready to embrace them, like free energy. I want to make it clear that my intention of presenting this information is to demonstrate that thoughts, intentions, prayer and other units of consciousness can directly influence our physical material world. Consciousness can be a big factor in creating change on the planet. Sending thoughts of love, healing intent, prayer, good intention, and more, can have a powerful influence on what you are directing those feelings towards. Take Fukushima for example: if a mass amount of people send their thoughts and good intention to our waters, we can help mitigate the situation. These concepts can be used on a mass scale as one human race with one intent in their hearts, for multiple problems, as well as individual situations in our own lives. When our consciousness starts to merge into one as a collective, and we all start to see through the same eyes, we will begin to transform the world around us. I believe we are currently in this process. For quite some time now, physicists have been exploring the relationship between human consciousness and its relationship to the structure of matter. Previously it was believed that a Newtonian material universe was the foundation of our physical material reality.


This all changed when scientists began to recognize that everything in the universe is made out of energy. Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vorticies of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. Matter, at its tiniest observable level, is energy, and human consciousness is connected to it, human consciousness can influence it’s behavior and even re-structure it. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. – Niels Bohr The hypothesis of modern science starts from matter as the basic reality, considering space to be an extension of the void. The phenomenon of creation of stable cosmic matter, therefore, goes beyond the scope of present science. The theory also neither pinpoints the source of cosmic energy that resides in the structure of matter, nor can it explain the cause of material properties that are experienced with the behavior of matter. These are, in brief, the limitations of modern scientific theories at the most basic level of the physical phenomena of nature. When a scientific theory cannot cope with the question of the very origin of the universal matter and energy, how could it ever grasp and explain the phenomenon of consciousness which is evident in living beings? – Paramahamsa Tewari (0) The revelation that the universe is not an assembly of physical parts, but instead comes from an entanglement of immaterial energy waves stems from the work of Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, amongst others.

S 1. The Quantum Double Slit Experiment


HE QUANTUM double-slit experiment is a great example of how consciousness and our physical material world are intertwined. One potential revelation of this experience is that “the observer creates the reality.” A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Physics Essays explains how this experiment has been used multiple times

to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (2) In this experiment, a double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function. The ratio of the interference pattern’s double-slit spectral power to its single-slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double slit as compared to away from it. The study found that factors associated with consciousness significantly correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double-slit interference pattern.(2) For visual demonstration of this experiment, see https:// Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, they produce it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position. We ourselves produce the results of the measurement. (2) A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual. (R.C. Henry, “The Mental Universe” ; Nature 436:29,2005) (1)

S 2. Government-Sponsored Psychokinesis Experiments


SYCHOKINESIS, also known as PK, encompasses the possible influence of



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human consciousness on the behavior of physical or biological systems or processes, and comprises several loosely related classes of effect characterized by different scales of energy, forms of manifestation, replicability and statistical behavior. (3) In 2004, a United States Air Force research project declassified a paper titled Teleportation Physics Study, authored by Eric Davis, Ph. D., showing that psychokinesis and other parapsychological phenomenon have been subject to rigorous research and documentation by several researchers and institutions. (4) One particular example was the work of professional aerospace engineer Jack Houck, along


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What was witnessed by all was spontaneous deformation of mental specimens, which caused “a great deal of excitement” amongst those present. (4) We will need a physics theory of consciousness and psychotronics, along with more experimental data, and discover the physical mechanisms that lay behind the psychotronic manipulation of matter.(4)

S 3. The Global Consciousness Experiment/Random Number Generators


with Army Colonel J.B. Alexander. They were responsible for holding a number of PK sessions, where attendees were taught the PK induction process and how to initiate their own PK events using various metal specimens like forks and spoons. Individuals were able to completely bend or contort their metal specimens with no physical force being applied whatsoever. (5) These events were held for government science advisers and senior military officials. They took place at the Pentagon, at officers’ and scientists’ homes, and at U.S Army Intelligence & Security Command locations all over the world. Commanding generals, colonels and more were always in attendance.

HE GLOBAL consciousness experiment is an international, multidisciplinary project between multiple scientists and engineers.(7)(8) It originates from Princeton University, in conjunction with the Institute of Noetic Sciences. It collects data constantly from a worldwide network of physical random number generators located all over the planet. The data is transmitted to a home base, which now has more than 15 years of data stored in it. Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that may reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We hypothesize that there will be structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events that engage our minds and hearts. (7) RNGs are systems created by Princeton researchers that are sensitive to and respond to the intentions of individuals, in other words, the influence of consciousness. They also respond to marked shifts in attention occurring in their environment. Peaks of order are commonly recorded during moments of shared attention and emotions. RNGs also responded, and had the largest effects ever recorded by the Global Consciousness Project during major world events, like 9/11. (6)Other large recordings have occurred on presidential inaugurations, tsunamis and the deaths of public figures. These findings stirred deep questions about the nature of consciousness and its connection to our physical material reality. You can read more about RNGs at http://


4. NSA/CIA Remote Viewing Experiments In Conjunction With Stanford University


EMOTE VIEWING is the ability of individuals to describe remote geographical locations up to several hundred thousand kilometers (even more) away. This concept has been proven, demonstrated and documented a number of times. In 1995, the CIA declassified and

approved the release of documents revealing its involvement in the program that lasted for more than 25 years. (10) (9) Ingo Swann, one participant in this experiment was able to view specific rings around Jupiter before NASA was about to take pictures of it with their pioneer 10 craft. This was documented in the research. Individuals were also able to view objects and people in separate rooms that were completely blocked off from their present physical location. The fact that some have/had the capability to project their consciousness elsewhere from their present physical location is quite amazing. These projects occurred for decades, while some of the mainstream world continued to view them as “pseudoscience,” the Department of Defense takes them extremely seriously, and keeps them extremely secret. This program was part of a program called “STARGATE” and was unexpectedly shut down. (11) You can read more about remote viewing at

S 5. Thoughts and Intentions

Alter The Physical Structure of Water


XPERIMENTS OVER the past four decades have investigated whether human intention alone affects the properties of water. (12) This question has been around for a while in the alternative medicine realms, because the human body is made up of approximately 70% water. According to the Institute of Noetic Sciences, researchers have suggested that intentionally influenced water can be detected by examining ice crystals formed from samples of that water. Consistent results commonly point to the idea that positive intentions tend to produce symmetric, well-formed, aesthetically pleasing crystals, and negative intentions tend to produce asymmetric, poorly formed and unattractive crystals. (12) If thoughts and emotions can do this to water, just imagine what they can do to us. Many people point out that this experiment was a fraud, but it’s been conducted multiple times and replicated by some highly respectable individuals in the field of science. The paper I am citing here is from Dean Radin, who has published multiple research papers in peer-reviewed journals. The experiment was conducted at the Institute for Noetic Sciences and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. (12)

See “STUDIES” on page 26

Resources (0) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) About the Author Arjun Walia writes for Collective-Evolution where this first appeared.

9/10 And Beyond There are numerous studies documenting how consciousness and our physical material reality are intertwined, in so many different ways, with many different examples like the ones listed above. I am going to leave you with a long list of selected peer-reviewed journal publications on Psi research. This involves anomalous processes of information or energy transfer, telepathy and other forms of unexplained phenomenon that have observable, repeatable outcomes in the lab. Go to to continue your research on how consciousness and our physical material world are interconnected. Consciousness plays a very important role in changing our planet. Just having these thoughts alone would contribute to the massive shift in consciousness that’s occurring. Find your inner peace, be peace, be love, acting and living your life from such a place plays a very important role in changing the world.

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Changing Your Culture Steve Pavlina


F YOU WERE to design your own human culture, what would you include? What would you leave out? Here are some basic design questions to consider, based on the three core principles of personal growth.

Truth How would your culture relate to truth? Would you create a very honest, truth-based culture? Would your culture encourage the discovery and sharing of new truths? To what extent would people own, hide, or manipulate the truth? Would you create a culture based on shared stories and/or mythology, even if the stories are made up? Would you favour politeness over honesty in communication? Note that there are trade-offs for each path you might take. If you favour a discovery-based culture, then you’ll need a very flexible culture and flexible rituals since your understanding of reality will keep changing as you make new discoveries. That could potentially make your culture more fragile and less cohesive. If, on the other hand, you create a culture based on shared stories that seldom change, you might experience stronger group cohesion and greater stability through a shared identity, but your stories may begin to seem increasingly ludicrous as your culture matures and gains new knowledge.

Love Which desires will your culture praise?

Which will it demonize? How will the people within your culture connect with each other? Will people be in monogamous relationships only? Will homosexuality be allowed? What about open relationships? Is sexual promiscuity okay? How will children be raised? Will your culture allow drinking, gambling, drugs, junk food, non-consensual sex, torture, firearms, suicide, etc? Will you have a rule of law, and if so, what will your critical laws be, and how will they be enforced? What restrictions, if any, will you place upon people’s freedom to do what they might desire to do? How will your culture relate to other cultures? Will it try to peacefully coexist? To dominate other cultures? To assimilate other cultures?

Power What relationship will your culture have with power? Will your culture empower people as individuals to achieve their potential? What if an individual’s goals conflict with another individual’s goals… or with the general direction of your society? Is it more important to have empowered individuals or to build a powerful society?

What if another culture seeks to dominate or to eradicate your culture? How will your culture respond? Will you defend yourselves? Will you be passive and hope for the best? Will you ever take preemptive action against a likely aggressor? What kinds of weapons will you use, and how will you develop them? Will you seek to elevate other cultures? To bring them down? To establish peaceful relations with them? There are numerous possible answers to these questions, including the answers that earth’s cultures have already provided. Each answer has consequences, helping to determine how quickly a culture will evolve, how long it may survive, and how happy and healthy its members will be.

Understanding Your Culture Why think about how you’d design your own culture? If you can get a clearer sense of the design decisions you’re inclined to make, you can compare your design decisions to the culture you now experience. This will give you a sense of where your culture may be out of alignment with your values. You have the ability to define your relationship to the dominant pre-existing culture(s) in your life. Which parts will you

accept? Which parts will you reject or modify? And why? I really like some aspects of my surrounding culture. I like the sense of freedom that exists in Las Vegas, which is a very nonjudgmental place to live. Some aspects of my lifestyle would attract punishment in other parts of the world, but in this city I have the freedom, and perhaps even the encouragement, to be myself and to continue exploring without substantial interference. I also like the general sense of selfimprovement that exists where I live. There’s a strong belief that through hard work and determination, we can change for the better. Other aspects of my culture feel less aligned to me. I don’t feel inspired by many things that are popular within my culture, like working at a corporate job, going to church, following sports, obsessing over celebrities, or eating animal products. The more I travel and the more I interact with people from other cultures, the more I see just how stressed out many Americans are. There is a lot of freedom here but also much tension with so many people having beliefs like “I’m not good enough,” “I need more,” and “I have to work harder.” People here put a lot of effort into things that don’t make them happy, and then they escape into addictions like watching tons of TV. We have abundance but not enough appreciation. There’s an addictive quality to this more-More-MORE obsession. People here don’t realize that if they can’t appreciate a sip, they won’t appreciate a gulp either.

See “CULTURE” on page 27

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EYOND THE “WHIRLED” mishmash we call our current world there is a true reality that has very little to do with this one. It is energetic, harmonious and joyful. It is empowered by the fundamental forces of deep cosmic nature Itself. It is ecstatically alive and continually creating, bristling with excitement, colours, thrills and astounding beauty where peace and joy reign supreme.

Where we find ourselves here is just a faint hint of where we truly belong and essentially already live. We know there is something wrong in this earthly experience and that there is so much more to real life than what we see here. Free land is held by “owners”, laws restrict freedom, everything must be purchased thus obligating lives of servitude, and the very clockwork of anti-human machinery limits and abuses our true reality to its core. Until we wake up.

The Zero Point of Realization

When you find out what’s really going on everything changes. Your entire perspective shifts and in fact keeps on shifting as new realizations dawn on your consciousness. Some people come to this zero point directly through profound spiritual experiences, while others come at it informationally, but the two will converge sooner or later as our persistent pursuit of putting the pieces together continues until another dimension comes into our reality and everything makes sense at multiple levels. Even those new realizations will keep on shifting as deeper and deeper we meld with this wonderful sensation of awakening. It actually surpasses the senses, at least as we had them defined by our finite, programmed minds. What eventually surfaces from either direction is that we are so much more than our small individual

Whirled Peas Realizing Reality


by Zen Gardner | as well as something readily adopted by those who don’t want to make the effort nor take the responsibility to fully realize themselves and live consciously. This conveniently passes the buck so most of lazy humanity can go back to their life of seeming ease and comfort. But as we know, true happiness will always elude them. It’s very sad, as this same potential lies within every human spirit.

Why Do People Shun the Truth?

selves. We learn we are intrinsic parts of the whole, and are inextricably connected to all forms of life both seen and unseen. Even more profound is realizing our very essence is simply consciousness and that we can actually detach from the experience we call ourselves and observe objectively who we truly are as eternal spirit having this human experience. We each are simply a part of this collective wonder of existence that have our own unique expression. We’re clearly influenced by our genetic and ancestral heritage, upbringing and social environment, but we are not bound by them, and can learn to operate from this higher level of knowledge and understanding and so become who we in fact already are. Not a cumulative product, but a spark of infinity rediscovering itself in this strange new environment.

Our Paradoxical Lives Synthesizing information in this new found awareness then becomes thrilling, while at the same time a daily challenge. Being well informed about the illusory nature of this level of existence we’ve been injected into is imperative in order to stay free from its many traps and ensnarements. Yet that same information can be very dark and weighty at times as we learn to get a handle on this seeming paradox called life. Ours is to detach from it yet to be involved in it at the same time. We’ve been taught that such detachment was only for the super enlightened ones who generally were these high and mighty ethereal ascetics who had fully devoted their lives to more or less constant meditation as well as the teaching of their wisdom. But in reality, this ability to live a consciously aware and empowered life is available to all and a very natural path for each of us. This elevating people to hero, guru, avatar, saviour or some other sort of demigod is a social engineering mechanism that is both imposed by social manipulators,

Addiction to pride and ego mainly. Materialism and power issues are secondary as they try to mould the world around them into what is best for them and their limited understanding of the human condition. We’ve all done that to some extent before we awoke from slumber. But these attachments become addictions that grow more and more difficult to shed. Self image and reputation in the eyes of others is how they’ve judged their whole lives leading up to whatever point or points their conscience gets pricked by these inconvenient bothersome notions of truth and unselfish love. Each time it is turned away their spiritual and moral callousness grows thicker until only a radical shake up can get their attention. People who have near death experiences are the perfect example of an abrupt awakening. No matter what account you read, people who undergo this or similar events invariably become extremely spiritual and transcendent in their approach to life and are often moved to not just a changed career path, but to a life of activism, as they feel the force of love compelling them to share their profound enlightening experience and what they’ve learned with

See “REALITY” on page 21

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Fear of Fear By Julian Rose


MEAN, THERE are times when each one of us feels “afraid”. If we didn’t we most probably wouldn’t be around to tell tell the story. Biological fear is instinctual – but non biological fear is not instinctual. So firstly we have to sort these two out. Fear as an instinct is that inner warning bell – or shiver – which tells us that we are probably or actually – in danger. It needs heeding. But fear also comes as something superimposed. A form of indoctrination which renders us fearful about things which we have no business being fearful about. And it is this type of fear that we need to get a grip on – and ultimately reject completely. You see, fear in its non biological form, is the single greatest weapon of mass destruction to our subtle, responsive state of being. The state that opens us to flows of creative energies, inspirations and actions. States of being which, in turn, have the greatest capacity to turn around the totalitarian regimes of oppression that hold up the pyramids of power. No wonder the fear card is played to the hilt! The ruling cabal knows from experience that so long as it can keep people in an almost perpetual state of anxiety/fear, there’s not a chance that the creative energies will rise up in rebellion and depose them. So there you have it. Fear is the key controlling agent of this era, and the media are being whipped into a miasma of false fear-mongering even as I write. So much so that you are supposed to be scared to even open your window – let alone your front door! So one might conclude – that that is indeed a fear to fear. And one would not be wrong – except for the fact that this indoctrinated fear is 100% sham! It is the instinctual fear which is the only valid version. Thus, rather than quaking at the notion that a media created psychopathic terrorist

is crouching just outside the garage door, we should say to ourselves “Hey, wait a minute, let’s get this in proportion.” Step back from such mind controlling games and see them for exactly what they are: top-down psy-ops for blocking us all from stepping out of our serfdom and acting from the predilection for joy and passion which is our birth right. Be wary of those who claim that fear is “an illusion”. It is not. We cannot “escape” fear by pretending it doesn’t

exist. That is the coward’s root to nowhere. We can, however, go face to face with with our fears and explore their origins. Tease-out the entrenched or semi-entrenched symptoms – and have a good look at them. Here, we are unearthing and bringing to light that which prefers the shadows and darkness: just like the fake psy-ops terrorists hiding behind the garage door. By engaging these shadow elements and drawing them into the light of day, we are performing a critical part of the actions necessary to oust our personal oppressors. Particularly that oppressor Carlos Castaneda refers to as “the foreign installation”. This “foreign installation” – or archon/ vampire as we tend to call it – is a good friend of the illuminati bankster cabal. Both feed off the negative energies that fear produces. The corporate bankster cabal’s “control” activities sport tentacles that reach out around the globe and pry on us, “monitoring” our every movement. While the “foreign installation’” works from the inside – via insidious psychotic scaremongering and the introduction of simple “wrong thinking”. Between them, the cabal and “the installation” cook up a nasty stew which reeks of deception, terror stoking and outright mind control. So you see, fear is the chief tool of our oppression. The chief weapon of our

self-paralysis. However, it can be rendered utterly inert and without power, once we recognize its origins and bring to light its phoney role. The process of conquering fear involves pinpointing the tell-tale signs, like: monetary obsessions, preoccupation with health, worry about one’s children’s futures, the insecurity of maybe not attaining the material – and even spiritual – ideal one has set for one’s self, a general fear of the outside world and even the fear of fear itself; all these and more are manifestations of an ingrained indoctrination about the way we are “supposed’” to live and understand our lives. The act of breaking-free from our mostly self imposed prisons, leads to a period of great rejoicing. Rejoicing in the creative flowering of our newly unfettered spirits. The great majority of fear blockages can be traced to the entrenched societal goals we have allowed ourselves (with the help of the foreign installation) to accept as valid. Whereas in fact, these goals are nothing to do with our true purpose here on Earth, they are simply the cunningly manipulated chess pieces of the military industrial complex’s endless war games. Our fear blockages simply trick us into unwittingly supporting the cabal’s oligarchical ambitions. Give in to them – and very soon you are in check mate. Stand up to them – and they dissolve in their own creation: fear. To hell with that deeply manipulative war game! Now we’re on the road to exposing it for what it is. And that means rooting out its slimy tentacles from our overburdened psyches – and consigning them to the proverbial garbage bin. No longer can we afford to be held up in our onward passage by the deliberately placed banana skins of an aggressive, moribund status quo. The use of fear as a weapon of control has never been as overplayed as it is at this moment. It is being used as the last line of defence of a totalitarian psychotic dream. The whole political agenda reeks of it. A new type of courage is called for in humanity now. The courage to face our inner ghosts, and to name, shame and eject them. You will find that they don’t give in so easily. Don’t give up. Your life – and all life – depends upon your victory. Remember, they are simply sycophantic agents of “the foreign installation’” which somehow or other, got installed in us human beings at some dark point of early history. But now that we can identify the symptoms – we are half way to victory. Now that we can separate our biologically necessary fear from our non biological unnecessary fear, we have a greatly enhanced vision of the way forward. And that means freeing both ourselves, and our planet, from the tyrannical forces of oppression that otherwise render us perpetual slaves to their non biological fear-fuelled power games. Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, an international activist and author.
His latest book “In Defence of Life – A Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” is available at and from Julian’s website www.julianrose. info

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from page 13 when different, more-evolved portions of our brain become activated for extended periods of time. It’s likely that we have all heard of neuroplasticity by now, and the fact is, we can all rewire our brains. Dr. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain That Changes Itself says “The brain can change [rewire] itself. It is a plastic, living organ that can actually change its own structure and function, even into old age.” So with this new knowledge of the

Insight is unpredictable, non-linear thinking that breaks the mould and solves the problem. role/function of the different structures of the brain, we come to an obstacle. In order for the most evolved structure of our brain (the prefrontal cortex) to fully come online and become humanity’s default brain state, it needs three things; energy, blood flow (metabolism), and oxygen so that it can start rewiring our brain via neuroplasticity. The lower survival brain is currently hijacking these three things to feed its own structures and patterns. In the past this was good because it led to the survival of our species, but times have changed and there are not the same immediate survival threats in our modern world as there were hundreds of thousands of years ago. It’s time for our lower brains to stop being our default-brain state and unconsciously running our lives in circles of sameness. Enough is enough. With the vastly complex issues facing us as a culture and as a civilization, we are quickly reaching a cognitive threshold. This was addressed by Rebecca Costa in her book The Watchman’s Rattle where Costa also noted the solution to this cognitive overload we are facing, “Insight is a spontaneous, effortless organization of chaos. There may be millions of facts and possibilities, but the brain is capable of producing a single, and often the only, correct answer.” Insight is unpredictable, non-linear thinking that breaks the mould and solves the problem. Insight is a biological function of the prefrontal cortex that can be cultivated. It was Einstein who said “You can never solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.” By metabolizing the structures of the prefrontal cortex it affords us permanent new levels of consciousness and cognition that create the conditions for the insightful emergence of solutions to our personal, familial, cultural and worldwide problems. In short, we must discover a way to shift out of the lower brain into the higher brain. This is paramount to humanity’s future. Dr. Michael Cotton is a leading Evolutionary Theorist and the Founder of Higher Brain Living®. He has a Doctoral degree in Chiropractic and is the Creator of the revolutionary Higher Brain Living® Technique, which helps shift energy into the prefrontal cortex, awakening human potential, for a lifetime of lasting joy, purpose and potential. Learn how you can activate your higher brain and see a mind-blowing demonstration in Vancouver! Register for Higher Brain Living’s marquee event at the Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel: 1775 E 1133 West Hastings Street Vancouver BC V6E 3T3 Monday April 20, 2015, from 6:30-8:30PM (FREE if pre-registered, $97 at the door) To pre-register go to: /vancouver

Reality from page 19

Healing Body and Soul Through the Japanese Art of

as many as possible.

The Royal Shaft, Religion and Demagoguery Another form of passing the responsibility buck is humanity’s treatment of and attitude towards those in power. This is especially true, and most disturbingly, with so-called royalty and religious leaders. They’re cut from the same dark cloth, playing on controlling social archetypes and symbolism passed through the collective mind reinforced by ritual entrancement. Disempowerment in order to curtail disobedience or even revolt is the name of their game. It’s the same with political leaders, and there it’s even trickier as they learned that if people thought their leaders were “elected” they’d be even more compliant. And it’s worked – up until now. Awakening from the induced stupor of this contrived social programming called the world, or the “whirled” as I like to call it, changes everything. Rather than continue operating on their level, suddenly it’s a whole new playing field. The abject lie of these supplanting interlopers becomes almost comical in its stark nakedness. The emperors really don’t have any clothes and reality is laid bare. This is when the fun begins as the once enthralled and obedient masses snap out of their hypnotic state, point and laugh at the impostors, and walk away. Without our attention and support, never mind obedience or tribute, the house of cards comes tumbling down. And Today? We’re in very complex and confusing times but with the same basic modus operandi: Dominate and control in every possible way. With technology exponentially increasing in the hands of psychopaths this clearly does create new challenges. But fundamentally it’s the same game. It’s consciousness versus low level control mechanisms, whatever form they may take. Don’t be enthralled by all the technological “advances”, it’s just the same game. We mustn’t be daunted by their high tech devices and crypto-occultism, they all boil down to the same thing. Low level attempts to quash humanity and keep us from discovering who we truly are and our enormous potential as infinite resources of creation. This is what freaks them out. They can only imitate. They cannot connect with Source because they have no heart. We have heart, the heart of the marvellous living creative Source inside of us. They do not. There is no contest. We simply need to realize our true divinity and manifest it, in each and every glorious way we’re led. Lights on, and activate your inner knowing. Bold, brave, and unafraid in full on ecstasy! This contest is for real. Let’s blind them by our light and scatter the cockroaches into the dustbin of ancient history. Turn the light on and leave it on! Love always, Zen

Shinrin Yoku

By Carolanne Wright


EELING FRAZZLED, depressed or less than healthy? Japanese researchers have discovered that ditching civilization for a few hours can be just what the doctor ordered. Known as shinrin yoku, or, more commonly, forest bathing, the practice involves spending time in nature coupled with mindfulness. This simple method has been shown to dramatically reduce health complaints — and can even lower the risk of cancer.

Not having anything to do with bathing in the traditional sense, shinrin yoku is about immersing our senses in the beauty of nature for therapeutic value. The practice was first introduced by the Forest Agency of Japan in 1982 to help reduce stress and encourage relaxation. What wasn’t known at the time, however, was that forest bathing would lead to significant health benefits. Numerous studies have found that spending time mindfully in nature not only soothes the body and mind, but also offers a substantial boost in natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells are responsible for keeping cancer cells in check and are a vital component of the immune system. Qing Li Senior Assistant Professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, has conducted a variety of experiments to examine the effect of forest bathing on mood, stress levels and immunity. According to Healthy Parks, Healthy People Central: “In two studies, small groups of men and women respectively were assessed before and after a two-night/three-day forest bathing trip. During the trips the subjects went on three forest walks and stayed in a hotel in the forest. Blood tests were taken before and after the trip, revealing a significant boost in NK activity in the subjects in both groups. The increase was observed as long as 30 days after the trip. Follow-up studies showed a significant increase in NK activity was also achieved after a day-trip to a forest, with the increase observed for seven days after the trip.” Dr. Li believes the increase in NK cell activity is attributed to breathing air infused with the essential oils of trees called phytonicides. These compounds protect trees from disease, insects and fungus — while also helping to boost immunity in people. Additionally, Dr. Li oversaw another study comparing the effects of forest bathing on various mental states. Li utilized the Profile of Moods (POMS) test to gauge participants emotional states. The questionnaire was composed of various feeling words like sad, happy, considerate, friendly, etc. Each person

indicated how mildly or strongly they experienced each feeling throughout the week. At the conclusion of the study, participants who engaged in forest bathing reported heightened vitality and lower levels of sadness, anxiety and hostility.

How to Reap the Benefits of Forest Bathing The principles behind shinrin yoku are quite straightforward. Basics include carrying adequate water and food, dressing appropriately for the weather and resting often. One of the main points to keep in mind is that this isn’t a hiking marathon, but rather a gentle stroll through the forest. Silence is also helpful in maintaining a sense of mindfulness. And Shinrin reminds us to breath, relax, wander, touch and listen so that we can fully embrace the practice. If you cannot break away for a full shinrin yoku experience, don’t underestimate the power of indoor plants and scenic views from windows. As Mother Earth News reports: “Norwegian research shows that having a plant at or within view of an office workstation significantly decreases the risk of

sick leave. A 2010 study from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, reported that levels of anger, anxiety, depressive thoughts, and fatigue all reduced over a three-month period, and not just by a little bit—these parameters were reduced by about 40 percent, while reported stress was down by 50 percent. On the other hand, those without the stress buffer of a visible plant indicated that stress levels rose over 20 percent during the study.” Moreover, plants located within the radiology department of a hospital were shown to decrease sick leave by an impressive 60 percent. What’s more, a study published in The journal of Japanese Society for Horticultural Science found that potted plants placed in high school classrooms over a four month period substantially lowered visits to the infirmary, compared to those within the same age group who didn’t have exposure to visible plants. In the end, the most important aspect of nature therapy is connection to the natural world — whether a full-fledged forest or a humble houseplant. Whichever type you choose, know that taking time on a regular basis to mindfully appreciate nature’s beauty will profoundly nourish and heal both body and soul.

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Do You Know

the Value of Your Birth Certificate? Barbi Anderson


O YOU KNOW that your rulers (bankers and government officials) get monetary compensation from your birth certificate every day? Do you ever see any of that compensation? Would you like to share in that compensation? Let’s discuss how that is possible.

Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage and divorce certificates (our slave identification papers) are bonds and monetizeable instruments. You are considered by your rulers to be a commodity, a form of real estate and a tool for slave labor initiated by these documents. You are provided with minimum health care, minimum wages and minimum benefits while saddled with 70% theft of your income and wages through taxation, licensing, permits, and fines. And where do all these funds go . . . to maximize compensation to your rulers for their personal gain, black projects, secret societies, satanic rituals and off world

enslaving financial system has ruled the world through debt usury, for which there has been no escape. BUT . . . a new day may be here! Heads of nations known as the BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have come together to birth a new financial economic system backed by gold and valuable commodities that honour the sovereignty of nations. As of 2014 an additional 163 nations have joined the BRICS nations and are working together to rebuild and establish new infrastructure throughout the world. It is the sovereignty and cooperation of nations of this new system that we ... backed by gold and valuable want to support, because it is this new commodities that honour system that honours our existence, our and our Mother Earth. And it is the sovereignty of nations. worth this new banking system that is creating banks that will honour our efforts to receive compensation from our birth certificates. The goal of humanity should be to remove and/or extinguish any Cabal agendas. American petro dollar better known as control of the new BRICS national alliHow do we turn this picture around? the Federal Reserve Note. ance. Idealistic – maybe. Is it not time that we receive compensaThe Bank of International Necessary - absolutely! tion for our own worth? Currently, the Settlement (BIS) of Basel, There will be a conferonly ones benefitting from our certifiSwitzerland is the coorence call on April 23 - 2015, to cates are those under the rulership of the dinating Bank wielding discuss how this is possible. Trans-Atlantic Global Monetary system control over the World Please join us through whose dominant currency has been the Bank, the International The Monetary Fund (IMF), dial-in number is: (805) 399the national central banks 1000, Access Code #895593. and subordinate finanIf you can’t make the live cial institutions . . . . all call, the playback number is: controlled by the same (805) 399-1099, Access Code people. A very good read #895593. on this is The Tower of IT’S THE DAWNING Basel by Adam LeBor. OF A NEW DAY! These central bankers Barbi Anderson- wrote of this usury banking systhe article for Judge Naidu “Tower of Basel” by Adam tem monetize your certifia.k.a. Nadie Hehewuki Ledor is a very good read cates all day long for their Proud member of the about The Bank of Internationbenefit only. Any slave that al Settlement (BIS) of Basel, Yamasee / Cherokee Nations rises up to claim his worth Switzerland, the coordinating Sentient Life Ministries by attempting to monbank wielding control over the 43980 Mahlon Vail Rd. etize his birth certificate World Bank, the International #2202 Monetary Fund, the national through the BIS control Temecula, CA 92592 central banks and subordinate system has been duly put financial institutions, down. For centuries this

Heads of nations known as the BRICS Nations ... have come together to birth a new financial economic system ...

New Location 2055 Clark Dr

2055 Clark Drive

2055 Clark Dive, Vancouver BC

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Turning Schools from

Institutions into Communities By Will Stanton

community. In order to transform our schools from institutions into communities, the entire paradigm of education has to change. We can’t expect these kinds of changes to come through policy reform and government action. Let’s face it. Our governments don’t care about our children. If they did, they’d stop cutting funding to education. Change must come from outside the political arena. The time has come for a complete revolution in education. We have to stop passively accepting things the way they are and start working towards a reality that is better for everyone. The future of humanity depends on it…


To us, sustainability isn’t just some buzz-word; it’s at the core of who we are. We work hard to ensure that our customer’s projects are as environmentally friendly on the earth as they are high-quality. Enquire within for a free quote mention this ad to get











than most adults I know. Perhaps that’s because they haven’t yet been conditioned by such a sick system we’re living in. We need to give the kids the chance to prove themselves. We need to show them we trust them with the big decisions. Let them create the learning environment they want to be in. Let them have a say in what they learn. Let them teach themselves and each other. Teach them how to be problem-solvers and then let them help solve the world’s problems. There is no limit to what children can achieve when they feel valued, respected and understood as members of a


wear, style their hair how they want to style it, and express themselves however they desire. Uniforms are not a point of pride. They are a symptom of a system that wishes to promote conformity instead of diversity, and are doing more to alienate children than to unite them. Second, competition in the classroom should be abolished in favour of collaboration. People who work together towards a common goal are capable of achieving far more than people who work in opposition to one another or independently of one another. Collaboration is the stuff of greatness. We are only just now beginning to comprehend the true power of the collective mind, and the open-source revolution is playing a large role in human progress at this time. Even businesses have embraced collaboration in the workplace due to its effect on overall productivity. There are those who will argue with me that we need to have competition in schools in order to prepare children for a competitive world. Though I can understand this perspective, I will argue vehemently that it will actually do more to reinforce such a competitive system, when we need to be doing the exact opposite. If we stop teaching our kids to be competitive in schools, children will naturally be inclined to steer clear of it in their lives, and will gravitate to a life centred around kindness, compassion and community instead. Once the education system moves away from competition, we’ll start to see a shift in society as well. This shift is necessary if we are to evolve as a species. Competition keeps us separate, it keeps us divided, and it keeps us from reaching our full potential as human beings. Third, children need to feel like they’re valued, no matter who they are. They need to be empowered by their school, not restricted by it. Teachers need to stop talking at the kids and start talking with them. Enough of these selfimportant titles… Mr, Mrs, Miss, Sir, Principal. All these titles do is tell children that they aren’t as important as the staff at the school, and make them feel inferior. Some people will say that those titles are necessary so that children learn to respect their elders. How about we learn to respect the kids for a change! Then we might actually get somewhere. The truth is, we all have a lot to learn from children. We seem to have this zany idea that because they’re three feet shorter and have developing brains that they have far less to contribute to the world and their ideas shouldn’t be taken seriously. Rubbish. I know kids who are far more switched on and, I daresay, far wiser

Will Stanton is a writer and activist who has dedicated his life to changing the education system. He is about to release his book, Education Revolution, which looks at the current paradigm of education and proposes solutions to its many problems. In the book, he offers an entirely new model for global education which he calls The Six Dimension Model. Follow Will’s Author page to stay updated on the book and future projects: https://www. ©2015 The Mind Unleashed, Inc, all rights reserved. For permission to re-print this article contact contactthemindunleashed@ , or the respective author.

. ON

School is an alienating environment for a lot of kids. It’s no wonder really, when children feel like they have to beat their own peers in order to survive the academic trials of school life. We’ve created an environment for children in which they distrust one another, withhold information from one another, and wish for their own success at the expense of another’s failure, and then we wonder why kids still bully and antagonize. We’re always quick to blame the kids and reprimand them rather than seeing it as a problem with the way education is fundamentally structured. We can make school a place where children feel loved, respected and valued by everybody, but the only way to do that is through a drastic restructuring of the system itself. The Kin School in Tekos, Russia, is proof that this kind of environment is achievable. The school, founded by Mikhail Shchetinin, was designed, built and decorated by the children themselves. They work in groups and teach each other, rather than having an adult stand up in front of the class and spew information at them. They write their own school curriculum, cook the school lunches for everyone, and are entrusted with major roles of responsibility. The younger children work alongside the older children, and the teachers act as facilitators instead of authoritarians. At the end of every day, all the students of the school get together to discuss their progress and to plan the day ahead. The children treat each other like family members and have developed a real love of learning together. The school has had such a positive profound impact on the students that over 2500 children are on the waiting list to get in! So how do we bring this same sense of community to all our schools? What needs to change to achieve this? First of all, we can get rid of school uniforms. They suppress the expression of the individual. The same goes for rules regarding grooming and appearance. Children should be given the freedom to wear what they want to

About the Author


HE TERM ‘SCHOOL COMMUNITY’ gets bandied around a lot by educators, without a real understanding of what community truly means. Communities are built around unity instead of uniformity, collaboration instead of competition, and interdependence instead of subservience. The vast majority of schools are not communities. With their ringing bells, assembly lines, grading systems and standardized testing procedures, they’re more like factories than anything else – where those who don’t make the grade are simply thrown to the discard pile and labelled faulty.

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This Natural Food Could Finally Put an End to Harmful Pesticides By Jefferey Jaxen


UMANITY IS FACING a toxicity problem as our immediate environment becomes increasingly riddled with pesticides. They are making us unhealthy faster than we can study the effects. In addition to causing harm to humans, these pesticides play large roles in the massive bee deaths and decline of soil health. The companies that profit from making these pesticides have made it clear they won’t stop, and our petitions to the EPA and FDA are mostly ignored due to revolving door leadership between pesticide makers and government regulators. So is there an answer? Jeffrey Jaxen Yes there is! Paul Stamets, the world’s leading mycologist, filed a patent in 2001 that was purposely given little attention. In the words of pesticide industry executives, this patent represents “The most disruptive technology that we have ever witnessed.” The biopesticides described in the patent reveals a near permanent, safe solution for over 200,000 species of insects – and it all comes from a mushroom. After what is called ‘sporulation’ of a select entomopathogenic fungi (fungi that kill insects), the area becomes no longer suitable for any insect(s) the fungi are coded for. In addition, extracts of the

New Age BS from page 10

Cutting through the B.S. The REAL reason most people, including New Agers, do not want to speak out against government is because, deep down inside, they are COWARDS who lack the courage to stand up to a bully. In5D: I agree. Most people also have become so subservient that they don’t even realize they’re being bullied. Also, because of the need for two income households, many people don’t have the time to follow what’s going on in politics and government and will eventually vote for “the lesser of two evils” without knowing anything about Bohemian Grove, the Trilateral Commission, the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergs, etc... Additionally, most people will not stand up and question religion. Also see: What If Everything You Were Taught Was A Lie? Start saying “NO” when you know something is wrong.

6. Watered-down version of the Laws of Attraction. The New Age variant of the Law of Attraction is largely based in the modality of service to self. In5D: Universe is always guiding us toward our life purpose but just like astrology, it’s up to us to learn from the

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Perhaps the most enticing element of this biopesticide fungi is that it’s essentially free. entomopathogenic fungi can steer insects in different directions. This literally is a paradigm shift away from the entire idea of pesticides. Instead of having an aim to kill all problematic insects, a farmer could simply disperse a solution of pre-sporulation fungi amongst the crops. The insects would then simply live their lives around the crops paying no attention to them. This simple idea flies in the face of the current, poorly thought-out practice of spraying ever-increasing amounts of pesticides on resistant bugs. Going further, this biopesticide could eliminate the need for Round Up ready GMO seeds and BT seeds that grow the pesticides in the crops that are needlessly endangering us. But that’s not all.

Perhaps the most enticing element of this biopesticide fungi is that it’s essentially free. According to the patent, it can be “cultivated on agricultural waste.” We are looking at a 100% safe, natural technology that gives reason to halt the GMO and pesticide manufacturers overnight with a new class of SMART Pesticides (Sporulating Mushrooms And Repelling Technology). Read: Mushrooms Provide Bioshield Against Bee Collapse: “The matrix of pre-sporulating fungi can optionally be dried, freeze-dried, cooled and/ or pelletized and packaged and reactivated for use as an effective insect attractant and/ or biopesticide.” –Paul Stamets Patent for Mycoattractants and mycopesticides

On a bigger scale, GMO food and pesticides are merely symptoms of an opposite consciousness that is rapidly changing. Put another way, these symptoms are the unwanted gifts from out of control corporations that, by definition, have no empathy towards the needs, health, or life of The People. As Neil Young mentioned in his Starbucks Boycott, pesticide companies like Monsanto are, for the most part, not publicfacing companies. As we are witnessing now with GMO brands, a boycott can severely damage their bottom line (lifeblood), but it will take more to eliminate their business model. Due to the fact that they spend untold millions lobbying (purchasing) our politicians and regularly operate revolving doors between public and private positions, only a paradigm shift will eliminate the entire industry. At that moment, which is approaching, pesticide manufacturers can decide if they would like to cease being the problem and assist in the solution. The good news is that whatever decision they choose won’t matter. A shift in consciousness around pesticide and GMO use eliminates their influence and knocks them off their fictitious monetary pedestals they believe to be sitting on. Follow us: @ naturalsociety on Twitter | NaturalSociety on Facebook

cycles of time and past history in order to prevent history from repeating itself. The New Age Law of Attraction leaves “action” out of the equation. Action is required to make change in the world. Natural Law - The Real Law of Attraction - definition: Universal, non manmade, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behaviour. We co-create our shared reality in the aggregate. Individual choices, either based in harmony or opposition to Natural law, influence the quality of the shared experience. This dynamic acts as a perfect expression of the Principle of Correspondence: As above, so below; as below, so above. Conversely to what the New Age movement will tell you, for a quantum shift to take place, numbers ARE required.

doesn’t mean they should be harmed or killed, but they can be used to help build a new world in the best interests of humanity. Perhaps they can work in the orchard picking fruit and vegetables for 80 hours a week, similar to what they have expected from slave labor? Perhaps they can build and install free energy systems? In my opinion, the best form of punishment for them would be to involve them in building a world we can all live in and working them endless amounts of hours in doing so, so they know how it feels.

8. Chaos should be feared.

“If I give up my freedom, THEN I’ll be safe”. The control and slavery system is about limitation of Free Will through the destruction of possibility. Fear of the possibility of chaos = fear of true freedom. 7. False notion of forgiveness. Through their fear of the possibility of chaos (true freedom), most people True forgiveness does not mean advocate the legitimacy and continuance continuing to excuse the willful commission of “Authority” and Government and are of wrong-doing an infinite number of times. therefore actually advocating the legitimacy That is naiveté at best and cooperation with and continuance of VIOLENCE and evil at worst. SLAVERY. A sincere apology starts with the STATISM: The most dangerous religion willingness to tell the truth and cease one’s in the world. Those who believe that engagement in violent action. THAT is where “Authority” is necessary and that it MUST true forgiveness and reconciliation must continue have actually been duped into begin. believing that human SLAVERY is necessary In5D: many of those in power are and MUST continue in order to prevent guilty of crimes against humanity. While chaos. Statism: The brilliant idea that we give karma will play its role, these people need to be held accountable for their actions. This a small group of people the right to kidnap,

imprison, harass, steal from and kill people so that we can be protected from people who kidnap, harass, steal and kill people. Violence and slavery cannot prevent chaos. Violence and slavery ARE chaos. Anarchy: From the Greek prefix an: “without; the absence of” and the Greek noun archon; “Master, ruler”. Anarchy does not mean “without rules”. It literally means “without rulers, without masters.” They are not our masters. We are not their slaves. “I would rather live my life in total danger and be truly free than to exist in so-called safety and be a slave. An understanding and acceptance of true freedom means letting go of the fear of possibility of chaos. As long as people stubbornly cling to this fear, they are ultimately enslaving themselves because slavery is generated and perpetuated through fear. Only when we stop being afraid, can we even begin to imagine what it means to truly be free.» In5D: I’ve been talking about this point for a while in all of the Pluto In Capricorn articles I’ve written which basically say that Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and will tear down everything that is not in the best interests of humanity, including government, money and religion. I’ve also mentioned that this is a good thing because in order to replace these unsustainable systems of subservience, control and conformity, then need to collapse.

See “NEW AGE BS” on page 25

Chemtrails The Secret War Antonio and Rosario Marciano, of the Italian website Tanker Enemy have produced an outstanding documentary entitled: “Chemtrails: the secret war.” This film analyses and provides scientific evidence pertaining to the chemtrails phenomenon. Weather manipulation is only one (collateral) aspect of this phenomenon. What is at stake is a covert military agenda.’ Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview

Karen Hudes Explains How Bankers Have Removed Our Personhood

Now, Okinawa will be contaminated as well, from building a tunnel made of this cement. The ash has been distributed all over Japan.

Dave Meslin: The Antidote To Apathy

The War On Democracy (John Pilger’s documentary)

So why don’t more of us actually get involved? Is it apathy? Dave Meslin says no. He identifies 7 barriers that keep us from taking part in our communities, even when we truly care.

Faulty Concepts & Non-Compliance Scooter Rockets peels back the layers of deception to expose the faulty concepts hidden behind some of the misunderstood words that keep humanity trapped in a perpetual loop of suffering. He then points the way to the single-most effective means for humanity to escape their chains. The Art of Deception Official Full Movie The Pharmacratic Inquisition - entire online version

New Age BS from page 24

Also see: 20 History Questions They Refuse To Answer In School!

9. Enlightenment is ONLY about changing yourself ... and the end goal is to feel good all the time.

Fukushima Radioactive Ash, Nuclear Weapons & MORE! (a Special Nuclear Hotseat #193) They are burning the contaminated rubble and soil from Fukushima and turning the ash into “Eco Cement” and using it to build publicly, including construction for the Olympic games.

It is true that truth can never be destroyed. But we CAN be destroyed when we refuse to be her defender.

In5D Final Thoughts

“Love and Light” is not enough to change tyranny and oppression. As evidenced by hundreds of near death experiences, the most important thing is love. The ONLY thing is love. While this may be true on the other side of the veil, the Seek the truth, then speak the truth. feeling needs to be reciprocated between It is our shared responsibility at this time both parties on this side of the veil. Do to help to awaken others by continuously you think a politician or policeman will tell speaking the truth unapologetically, even you “Love and Light”? Do they even know if we feel burdened by this task and even empathy if they’re not capable of feeling if it makes ALL of those involved feel and experiencing what the rest of society uncomfortable. has been enduring for millennia? In5D: Once again, I agree. I’ve That being said, there is a great need spoken to many people who fear talking the for people to hold the vibration of Love and truth to their family and friends because Light, which is one thing that Passio does they’re afraid of what their loved ones will not talk about in this video and would most think of them or they’re afraid of losing likely consider this part of the «New Age» their friends. Additionally, I’ve seen many movement. Numerous studies have proven people on Facebook hide behind fictitious the power of meditation which in turn, have names for the same reasons. This is why I shown decreased rates of crime on days of wrote, “So, Your Spiritual Awakening Cost global meditations. Positive thoughts and You Some Friends”. Speak your truth. intentions can change our reality and those who are holding the energy of love and light 10. Truth doesn’t need to be are playing an important role. Sometimes, we need to stand up for our defended, so never confront basic human rights in order for everyone anyone on their New Age BS. to experience as much love as physically The Universe is spoken into existence. possible on this plane of existence. By WAKE UP film BEST EVER 2014, life changing, honest, freeman “This is one of the best ever films that lays bare the system we have been given and the system people are so afraid to wake up to. But let me tell you this, it’s not scary, it’s beautiful, we have the power and the control now. I know there are a lot of you that are scared of being given the remote to your life and others. But don’t worry. Many people are already out there and they want to help you see. Most people now know everything that is inside this movie so don’t fear, just love. If you’re one of the few who is only just finding out this information for the first time, don’t worry, we’re all in this together. There is so much we don’t know and the next few years i hope will educate every man woman and child on this planet to the possibility of designing our future the way we want it to be … because we can.” — from documentary description

allowing those in power to continuously take away our human rights, we are basically agreeing to their limitations. At some point, humanity will no longer be the doormat for the political elite and this can be done with peaceful non-compliance and activism. One Rosicrucian belief is that your goal in life is not to be happy but rather to experience as much as possible and within those experiences, you›ll find happiness. This also includes experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly. In order to experience more of what you desire, it sometimes takes activism to create awareness, which in turn, creates the change you desire. There is power in numbers. Right now, there are over 7 billion people on this planet, many of which abhor war and do not want to see the pollution and contamination of our water, air and food supplies. The one thing those in power fear the most is when the bottom of the pyramid unites, because they know the rest will collapse. This is why they rule through divide and conquer principles such as war, wages and prejudice. The majority of people on this planet EXPECT to be economic slaves and will unknowingly ask their children, «What do you want to be when you grow up?» which implies some sort of economic slavery position. Many of the same people cannot envision a world without money, which has kept us enslaved for millennia. I often use the analogy of freedom as being a man walking his dog. The “Man” is

government, you are the dog and the leash is your freedom. You are free, only as far as the leash will extend and recently, the leash keeps getting shorter and shorter. Without activism, the leash will become a noose. Most people are afraid to rock the boat. They might think, “If the dollar collapses, then how will I survive?” By simply thinking this, these people are basically saying, “I’d rather be an economic slave for the rest of my life than to try to figure out how to live without being one.” It is alright to resist authority through peaceful non-compliance and activism as long as you are working in humanity’s best interests. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once wrote, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Do you really want to experience economic slavery, tyranny and oppression or would you rather experience love, bliss and the ability to follow your own path of enlightenment? That will not miraculously happen without peaceful noncompliance and activism, so start making your voice heard! With Pluto in Capricorn, the time is ripe for everlasting change to occur in humanity’s best interests. Pluto will continue to tear down everything that is not in humanity’s best interests, including money, government and religion. The following video provides solutions on how to do this.

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Studies from page 17

You can read more about this experiment at This also correlates with a study that examined the role of intention and belief on mood while drinking tea. It explored whether drinking tea “treated” with good intentions by monks would have an effect on mood more so than drinking ordinary tea. The study was done under double-blind, randomized conditions, and results proved positive. (13)

S 6. The Placebo Effect


T’S BEEN well documented that we can change our biology simply by what we believe to be true. The placebo effect is defined as the measurable, observable, or felt improvement in health or behavior not attributable to a medication or invasive treatment that has been administered. It suggests that one can treat various ailments

by using the mind to heal. Many studies have shown that the placebo effect (the power of consciousness) is real and highly effective. A Baylor School of Medicine study, published in 2002 in the New England Journal of Medicine, (1) looked at surgery for patients with severe and debilitating knee pain. Many surgeons know there is no placebo effect in surgery, or so most of them believe. The patients were divided into three groups. The surgeons shaved the damaged cartilage in the knee of one group. For the second group they flushed out the knee joint, removing all of the material believed to be causing inflammation. Both of these processes are the standard surgeries people go through who have severe arthritic knees. The third group received a “fake” surgery, the patients were only sedated and tricked that they actually had the knee surgery. For the patients not really receiving the surgery, the doctors made the incisions and splashed salt water on the knee as they would in normal surgery. They then sewed up the incisions like the real thing and the process was complete. All three groups went through the same rehab process, and the results

were astonishing. The placebo group improved just as much as the other two groups who had surgery. Another great example of the placebo effect came from the United States Department of Health and Human Services in 1999. The report discovered that half of severely depressed patients taking drugs improve compared to the thirty-two percent taking a placebo. Don’t forget about all of the side effects and dangers that have been associated with antidepressants every year. Don’t forget that the ‘depression industry’ alone is a multi-billion dollar one. A 2002 article published in the American Psychological Association’s prevention & treatment, by University of Connecticut psychology professor Irving Kirsch titled, “The Emperor’s New Drugs,” made some more shocking discoveries(15) (16). He found that 80 percent of the effect of antidepressants, as measured in clinical trials, could be attributed to the placebo effect. This professor even had to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get information on the clinical trials of the top antidepressants. For more on the Placebo Effect, see

S 7. Teleportation


T BECAME known to myself, along with several colleagues both inside and outside of government, that anomalous teleportation has been scientifically investigated and separately documented by the Department of Defense.” A paper published in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) in September 1981, in the journal Ziran Zazhi (Nature Journal) tilted “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unusual Abilities of the Human Body” (Shuhuang et al., 1981) reported that ‘gifted children,’ were able to cause the teleportation of small, physical objects from one place to another.(4) Objects included watches, horseflies, other insects, radio micro-transmitters, photosensitive paper and more. The participants never touched the objects beforehand. The experiments were done under both blind and double-blind conditions, and the researches involved came from various colleges and sectors of the Department of Defense. This is an exceptional case, because it was deemed necessary that an unclassified Intelligence Information Report be prepared for public viewing. More research was done by the Aerospace Medicine Engineering Institute in Beijing, in July of 1990. It was published in the Chinese Journal of Somatic Science (Kongzhi et al., 1990: Jinggen et al., 1990; Banghui; 1990). This study reported several experiments involving high-speed photography video taping, which was able to capture the transfer of test specimens like nuts, matches, nails, pills and more through the walls of sealed paper envelopes, sealed glass bottles and tubes, sealed plastic film canisters and more without the walls of any of these containers being breached. All of these experiments reported using gifted children and adults to cause the teleportation of various materials. (4) You can read more on teleportation at

S 8. The Science of The Heart


HE HEART generates the largest electromagnetic field produced in the body. Researchers have analyzed the spectrum analysis of the magnetic field that’s produced by the heart, and results have shown that emotional information is encoded into this electromagnetic field. So, by shifting our emotions, we are changing the information that is encoded into these electromagnetic field that are radiated by the heart. This can impact those around us. When we are feeling emotions of compassion, love, gratitude and understanding, the heart beats out a very different message. For more, please visit the Institute for Heartmath.

Page 26


from page 11 peaceful demonstrations around the country. Missoula, Montana police, who wanted to tear down a commune of hippies who call for peace and love, asked the DHS for funds. They were deemed “extremists.” “Anti-government extremists” have also been labeled a terrorist threat, demonstrating that anyone who offers opposition to state policy is “dangerous.” Even a boy who brought a Lord of the Rings ring to school and acted out a scene from the film was reprimanded for terrorist tendencies. When innocent and often admirable actions and views are considered a threat to the state, it is clear that that state is out to suppress dissent and independent thought.

s 5) Universal Surveillance

The government has long been eager to capitalize on technology to garner control. Take the FBI’s powerful new facial recognition system or the DEA’s nifty tools that spy on drivers in their cars. The president recently issued an executive order to continue government spying. A recent Pew study found that over ⅓ of Americans have taken steps to shield themselves from spying. Many Americans are using social media less often and avoiding using certain words and forms of communication. 57% polled said it is unacceptable for the government to monitor Americans’ data. The study has been criticized, but regardless, denotes a disturbing climate for privacy (the criticism suggests people are even more disturbed by the spying programs than reported). The government’s overzealous, watchful eye has created an environment where people are not free to be themselves or freely engage in their interests. Though these methods of oppression seem less threatening than typical government violence, taken together they paint a disturbing portrait of disappearing freedoms. When minds are clouded with drugs, authority, hate and fear, a dangerous vacuum of government control and manipulation forms, it allows the government to wield physical violence with much more ease and apathy. It is imperative that those who are aware of these tactics remain observant, fearless, and free to draw attention to them. As Albert Camus said, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Carey Wedler writes for, where this article first appeared. Tune in to the AntiMedia radio show Monday through Friday @ 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. Help us fix our typos: edits@

Culture from page 18

Influencing Your Culture When you become an oddball within your culture, you can keep quiet and slink into the background, or you can speak up and share your observations and lessons. When you do the latter, you gain the ability to influence your culture to become more aligned with your path. Obviously not everyone will follow your lead, but some will find your ideas worthy of exploration and experimentation, and they’ll want to hear more and collaborate. Surely there will be others within your culture who’ve gone down similar paths, and they’ll begin to influence cultural shifts as well as they speak up more and more. As these people begin to find each other and connect more deeply and more often, they may even contribute to a movement to help shift the larger culture. This can take many years to play out, but it’s exciting to behold.

Consciousness from page 12

When they are ready for real change, you will know.

u 6. The Only Choice You Will Ever Have

Because there is only ever now, you cannot control anything but your reaction to that which is currently happening. You cannot control traffic, your boss’ reaction, your children’s decisions, the news on TV. You can only change your reactions to the stimuli. Was there a piece of news that disturbed you? You can choose to change the channel and do nothing about it or take a stand for an injustice. You’re stuck in traffic. What will you choose? Frustration? Thoughts about your past and how you could have avoided the traffic? Thoughts of the future and what the repercussions of your “lateness” could be? Or will you choose to accept where you are and choose to enjoy the few extra moments of solitude? It is your choice.

Destiny from page 3

breath and get the horse back in front of the cart by reorienting yourself with the cosmos. Start the entire process over again. Meditate on how your thoughts became words, how your words became actions, and how your actions became your unhealthy habits. Keep doing it. Meditate over and over again until you get to a place where you are brave enough to transform yourself (rebirth).

l Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. “The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. Each of us carries our own life-plan, which cannot be superseded by any other.”
–C.G. Jung It’s arguable that if you do not first achieve a healthy character, then you will not be robust enough to experience destiny. Your destiny will merely be what society has molded you into being. The experience of destiny is an awakened state, a conscious awareness of existential thresholds, a third-eye wide open experience of one’s life path. Like Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” It stands to reason that an unhealthy character is ruled by his/her unconscious. They are puppets of fate (puppets of culture, religion, politics, etc), and in their puppetry they have lost the primary experience

If you feel that you’re all alone in your ‘oddballness’, that probably isn’t accurate. There are probably lots of others like you out there, but you haven’t found them yet. That’s likely because you’re invisible to them. If you’d like to connect with other like-minded oddballs, that becomes much more likely if you broadcast your desires and let the world know how you really think and feel. Sure, you’ll get some judgment for doing that, but so what? Own it anyway. Stand tall in being yourself. This will eventually attract the attention of others who think as you do. The alternative is to hide. If you have to hide for safety reasons, that may be your best bet for now, but if there’s no physical danger in speaking your mind, then do so. You’ll be glad you did. In fact, you’ll wonder why you kept quiet for so long unnecessarily. If your ideal culture seems far removed from your current culture, you could leave to find a culture that’s a closer match for you if you think one exists. Or you could stay put and strive to become a change-maker within your own culture,

such as by gathering like-minded people together. Question what your culture expects from you, and be willing to more powerfully inject your own values back into your culture, especially when you think your culture’s values are destructively misaligned. Here’s a very simple example. I recently read that most people buy food for friends and family that’s less healthy than what they buy for themselves, especially during holidays. Most people also report that they feel obligated to eat unhealthy food when it’s offered to them by others. And yet, most people would prefer to be offered healthier options by their friends and family. So why are we encouraging each other to eat unhealthy food, and saying yes to it when offered, even though most of us would prefer not to do this? Staying quiet only goes against the outcome that most people would prefer to see. By staying quiet in such situations, you put your social conditioning, politeness, and brainwashing ahead of your health and the health of your friends and family. Instead of

blindly agreeing to follow cultural norms that have long-term negative consequences for everyone, you could always buy food for your friends and family that’s at least as healthy as what you buy for yourself, to decline unhealthy options offered by others, to encourage people to offer healthier options in the future and praise them when they do, and to publicly broadcast to your social networks that you prefer to offer and to be offered healthy options whenever food is provided. By speaking up instead of hiding your preferences, you can help create ripples of positive change. If you don’t fit in with your surrounding culture, perhaps the reason is that you’re there to help improve the culture. If you see some aspect of your culture that seems misguided to you, call it out as such, and suggest an alternative. You’ll often be surprised to discover that while you were keeping quiet, so were many other people in your life, and when you speak up, they feel free to elevate their standards as well.

u 7. Enjoy the Process You’re making choices everyday whether you realize it or not. When you bring your attention to the present and all you see and then choose your reaction, you become a conscious observer and creator. When we focus on the past, the future, and the everyday “distractions,” our time seems to slip through our fingers like sand. When we’re present, time ceases to exist. It doesn’t seem to matter either when you’re soaking up every moment of your experience. Try to stay present during your next conversation with a loved one. What do their eyes look like today? What does it feel like to hug them? What does their voice sound like? How do they make you feel? Go for a walk. What does the sky look like? What does the air smell like? What animals do you see? What are they doing? How do they make you feel? What temperature is it? Look at your life. Are you enjoying your days? Are you rushing them? How could you change your reactions to bring more joy into your life? Don’t wait for the loss of a loved one to appreciate them or for illness to appreciate health. The only time to live is now.

of being free beings in an infinite cosmos. As it stands, it seems as though the majority of us are not equipped to be creatures of destiny. A person of destiny is a person filled to bursting with bringing meaning to their life. Like Robert Byrne said, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” Their thoughts have become clear words, their clear words have become clever actions, their clever actions have become healthy habits, and their healthy habits have transformed them into characters robust enough to adapt and overcome the vicissitudes of a constantly changing, interconnected cosmos. They are seared with freedom, radiating liberty and autonomy even as they embrace the allencompassing fact that they are interdependent and one with all things. They are massive characters, subsuming cosmos from their birds-eye view of self-as-world and world-as-self. Most of all, they are reminders to us all (for they are us, and we are them): that the individuation of the ego and the self-actualization of the soul are real possibilities. We have only to begin with the fledgling seed of a clear thought, and with enough healthy words, actions, habits and character, it can become a mighty flower of human destiny. 
Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.
 Read more at: |

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“A foolish faith in authority is the greatest enemy of the truth.” — Albert Einstein Page 28


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Page 29

Media from page 2

believe that mainstream media and thus government would lie to us every single day (cognitive dissonance). They would rather just deny this is happening to keep things (mentally) easier and more stable. So if things are mentally easier believing mainstream media, then how can we save mental energy by not believing mainstream media news? Although brainwashed mainstream media watchers seek to make things easier by ignoring the reality outside of mainstream media news, I believe this only backfires on them. You can try to deliberately forget or ignore mainstream media news thinking you’ll deal with this news later if you have time, but the reality is that you are filing and circulating these stories somewhere in your head. How do I know this? The stories put out by media which are scripted by CIA are actually intended to appeal to your lower brain functions of fear, helplessness and despair. This unforgettable sense of helplessness, fear and despair only builds up deep in your mind as you worry about the next story and the next, and the next. All of this requires mental energy to process. The problem is that you will be burning mental energy on things that are not even true thus blocking the energy that you could put into something else (like doing real research and verifying their claims). Doing your own research on a topic, while it also uses up mental energy, is energy well spent because it has direction and purpose. Blindly believing mainstream media news on the other hand, leaves one with directionless, wasteful scaremongering energy being thrown around in your head. All of this deleterious to your mental health. Consolidating this thought process for other (purposeful, non-propaganda) issues is inevitably good for your brain and your mental well being. Remember, you are what you fill your brain with. No one would go to see the same magician do the same tricks every day of their life. After a while it would be considered a waste of time and (mental) energy. It’s the same with mainstream media news. Freeing up this mental activity for more purposeful ones will of course contribute to your quality of life, mental health, good sleep, and thought process such as memory and creativity.

4- Decreased stress levels Without saying it, it is obvious that if all mainstream media does is pump out one psyop scaremongering story after another, then not believing mainstream media would (as with overall mental energy discussed above) instantly relieve you of this stress. Yes, it is also stressful to realize how much mainstream media lies every day. However, as truth seekers we have a different paradigm we live by. One by which we don’t look to government and police to solve our problems. Instead we realize government and police are the problem. As truth seekers we tend to channel the stress of seeing mainstream media-government lies pile on and on, and we tend to be on the lookout for new solutions. As truth seeking non-mainstream media believers we tend to see through the scaremongering story (less stressful) and use healthy stress to create solutions which begin by simply exposing mainstream media news. As all truth seekers know, exposing mainstream media lies and sharing articles, videos and links, comes with a feeling of deep accomplishment and gratitude which mainstream media believers are not even capable of understanding. At the very least stress is channeled

Page 30

from one of helplessness (e.g. ISIS is coming, be afraid) to one of hope (e.g. ISIS is a psyop, let’s keep exposing it and wake everyone up thus ultimately exposing and ending the ISIS operation). The stress surrounding a sense of hopelessness where one thinks their only sense of safety depends on government and police, is not natural and is not a stressful state of mind that humans were designed to live under. Thus freeing oneself from mainstream media news instantly relieves this engineered perception that leaves the average person fearful and hopeless. The fear and hopelessness directly leads to stress. Stress has been directly linked to many diseases including cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes, premature death and other diseases.

5- Improved relationships With the benefits of being more in touch with yourself, increased confidence, conservation of important mental energy and lowered stress levels in your life, it is no surprise that dropping mainstream media (mental junk food) news from your life and your mind can and will naturally improve all your relationships. Those around you will naturally notice that you are thinking clearer, are more aware, and have a more focused interest in things that are important and awareness of what they are saying. I believe the human mind is purified and given a full tune-up when you remove CIA lies from it. The magnitude of what this effect can have on the human brain is highly underestimated. As someone that dropped mainstream media news years ago, I can honestly say I’ve become a much more genuine person unaffected by day to day propaganda. People will notice a greater steadiness to your personality that reflects on your character and trustworthiness. Consistency in life is important and when your paradigm is consistent and not subject to spontaneous day to day government psyops, that will reflect in your personal relationships. Some may be thinking, what? My relationship got worse since I became a truth seeker. If so, that’s because those around you are still asleep in the matrix. Many of us have family and friends who are not ready to wake up to the truth and yes, that can be a relationship killer. However, truth really does bring people together. The reason those around are against you now that you seek truth is because you ruin their paradigms with the words you speak. For those who have people around them that are free of mainstream media news, you know the relationship benefits firsthand. Ultimately, all of us will surround ourselves with those who connect with us and understand our paths. For those who have been awakened for long and exercise wisdom, you know how much better your relationships can be even in scenarios where those around you are still asleep. So if you are still struggling with this, give it time. For everyone else, for those looking to date, you probably know that common fundamental beliefs in a relationship will make or break your relationship. Find that partner that understands the basics of our current information war and you’ll find a very fulfilling relationship. One that is far more meaningful than any relationship in a mainstream media believing world where government literally controls the emotions of tomorrow which can and will impact your relationship.

6- Cognitive protection against next psyop Finally, isn’t it a nice feeling knowing

that tomorrow’s psyop will not effect you the way it will effect everyone else? Personally, I love the sense of power this foreknowledge gives me. It’s a gift most of us ignore. Yes, knowledge is a gift and with this power of knowledge comes wisdom. In the world we live in today, virtues like knowledge and wisdom are reduced to non-existent. The CIA doesn’t want you to obtain knowledge and they certainly don’t want you to understand what true wisdom is. Nevertheless these virtues are very real and very powerful gifts that we should all share because they are some of the key factors that give us the assurance and mental protection we need for tomorrow. Because of the knowledge we share we can reach that point where we hear about the next terror attack or shooting and know almost as the news transpires that it’s likely another false flag. If you are still worried about being called a “conspiracy theorist” then you may still be under their spell. Yes, absolutely it is still a good idea to let stories evolve and wait for the facts before making a judgment. But those that are completely awakened know the patterns, the oddities and the signs of these false flags. Sometimes its not absolutely necessary to know exactly what happened. We know that either way the control system will spin a story within seconds to their benefit. We also know that for the most part, only stories that they’ve “approved” make it to the headlines to begin with. These factors all contribute to the protective effect we get from not believing mainstream media news. This protective effect comes with a sense of calmness in the middle of panic, level-headedness in the process of “breaking news”, and a sense of even-keel in the 24/7 media staged circus. All of this is extremely beneficial to your mental heath. If you get nothing else out of this article, try to understand and appreciate the power and the wonder of being truly free from CIA mainstream media scripted and focused lies designed as mind control to keep the controllers in power. Step back and see this greater picture and you’ll understand more clearly and appreciate the overall message in this article. Living in a state of freedom from mass mind control is very much a big deal. As I’ve written in the past, the power of watching false flags in real time is a rush only humble and honest truth seekers can understand. This should serve as a reminder that life is a big game with many big ideas and many big concepts all in motion at once all around us. This singular concept of 24/7 government controlled information being fed to the masses, in my opinion, is the key to unlocking all of humanities answers, solutions, and problems. That’s right, all of them. I honestly believe getting humanity focused on the information war is the answer to all of our problems. Together we can and will out-think any and all government agencies and find ways to out-think and dismantle all of their psychological operations orchestrated against humanity. Just knowing that this possibility exists should be enough to induce all of these reassuring health benefits in all of our personal lives. Can you acknowledge and recognize these health benefits in your life? Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.


from page 7 illumination. In this age of contemporary music, it is very easy to be influenced by the external forces around us. We may even catch ourselves unconsciously imitating the current popular melodies or beats we may encounter. Only our own true expression kindles our creativity, life force and energy. It transforms our environment as well as our selves in our pursuit to expand our artistic being.

Who Feels It Knows It All music is born from silence. Everything that is creatively possible as music is first silence before it is transposed into sound. The greatest music ever composed has had an evocative presence of silence to enhance its melodies, harmonies and rhythms. The silence between the notes and beats have always expressed the enchantment and mystery of a song. Silence is the most overlooked yet powerful element in music. It is in the silence where the soul of music is found. Creativity is an eternal, multidimensional presence. It plays the artist as an instrument in a communal exchange to become sound in physical reality. However, the artist must be present and open to this force for it to flow through them and be expressed to its fullest potential. This requires a great deal of de-programming and releasing what one has learned and believed to achieve an enhanced ability to feel and intuit. This is the cornerstone of the transcendent relationship between the artist’s soul and the source. Music is not something that we write and perform. It is quite the contrary. It is a stream of consciousness that moves through us when we have reached an enlightened expression of being. All artists stand at the mouth of this current, yet we are not its source. It is a sacred, ethereal bond we establish with our willingness and dedication to let go of who we think we are and become who we were meant to be. It is not in the notes or even the instruments we play. It is in the resonation of our soul’s harmony in concert with the melodic source of creation where music thrives in its purest and truest expression.

Music is the song of our soul!

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