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How Your Cells Use


to Communicate By Christina Sarich

“Your body is woven from the light of Heaven.” ~Rumi


AVE YOU EVER wondered what makes the difference between a living and non-living process? What makes us “alive” instead of just machines or robots acting out commands? What is the life force, or what ancient philosophers called the “animus”? It is light, and this is the fundamental method by which your cells and DNA communicate. After all, a cell contains the same components when it is alive and when it is dead. The same molecules and structures are there, but what gives the cell life? What allows an average human being to become the accumulation of 10 trillion cells communicating in a precise way every second to every molecule in our bodies? What’s more, every few seconds more than 10 million cells die, and in order to prevent entropic decay, more cells must be created to sustain our life force. Make no mistake. This is a massive undertaking. A mere machine could never pull it off. This is also why so many drugs fail to heal the body, because they do not work at the level of light – the speed of light, more specifically. Chemical messaging to orchestrate this incredible show would be far too slow. Russian scientist, Alexander Gurwitsch, a contemporary of Vladimir Vernadsky and Fritz Alfred Popp have all pointed to the need for cells to be able to communicate at the speed of light for our bodies to even function. “We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” ~Dr. Fritz Albert Popp It was Alexander Gurwitsch who, while working on onion roots in his lab 1923, discovered that the roots could stimulate a neighboring plant’s roots if the two adjacent plants were in quartz glass pots. The same effect did not happen if the plants were contained in silicon. It turned out that the quartz filtered certain UV wavelengths that the silicon did not, thus allowing communication between biological entities. Popp later experimented with UV light to further understand what Gurwitsch had discovered. Performing 37 different tests on chemicals – some that caused cancer and some that did not. In every instance, the compounds that he found to be carcinogenic took the UV light, absorbed it and changed or scrambled the frequency. This is what happens to our DNA when we eat poor quality food, are repeatedly subjected to negative emotions, listen to DNAharming music, television, etc. or even endure an onslaught of chemical toxicity in our air, water, and soil due to corporate polluting. These elements scramble or confuse the light signals being communicated by our cells.

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What Popp also found was that these cancer-causing compounds all had one thing in common. Each of the carcinogens reacted only to light at a specific frequency — 380 nm (nanometres) in the ultra-violet range. Popp was curious as to why light could act as a scrambler of information, until he discovered that it could also repair cells. Specifically, Popp discovered that Ultraweak Photon Emission (UPE) or Biophoton Emission (BPE) refers to the phenomenon of constant and spontaneous emission of light from all biological systems including humans due to metabolic activities, without excitation or enhancement. This occurs in the visible and UV part of the electromagnetic spectrum at very low intensities, on the order of 10-16 – 1018 W/cm2. The coherent emission of biophotons is connected to energy and information transfer processes in any biological organism, and has been linked to the function of DNA and gene regulation. Reprogramming your DNA is about allowing coherent electromagnetic communication to happen within your own biology and the living, breathing Intelligence of the Universe. By choking your cells with pharmaceutical drugs, depression medication, or even highly processed, genetically modified food, you are inhibiting speed-of-light communication between the perfect fractal universe and your body. The repair of DNA and therefore, your cells, is all about allowing coherent light to regulate biorhythms, homeostasis, and every single metabolic process in your body. Those 10 trillion cells know what they are doing. Your DNA already understands perfectly how to communicate correctly, all that is needed is to take that which impedes this communication out of the picture. Get the picture? Biophoton Light Therapy | Dr. Popp | Alexander Gurwitsch | Tesla | Johan Boswinkel: watch?v=bB9ozodPVp8

About the Author Christina Sarich is a staff writer for Waking Times. She is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, Nexus, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon. This article (How Your Cells Use Light to Communicate) was originally published by Healers of the Light, and is re-posted here with the author’s permission.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee


AN YOU ACTUALLY make a disease disappear? Dr Rangan Chatterjee thinks you can. Often referred to as the doctor of the future, Rangan is changing the way that we look at illness and how medicine will be practiced in years to come. In his TEDX talk and his new book “How To Make Disease Disappear” he reveals tested principles that make it possible to undo today’s vast burden of chronic disease. I can make diseases disappear. To be more precise, I can make chronic diseases disappear. Chronic diseases are the longterm conditions like type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, depression or even dementia. And there’s 15 million people in England that have already been diagnosed with a condition. That means that looking out amongst you now, there is probably 250 people in here who have one of these longterm conditions. Just one of these alone, type-2 diabetes, is costing the UK £20 billion every single year. And I’m standing here before you, saying I can make diseases disappear. I’m not a magician, I’m what the Americans call an MD – that’s not a magical doctor, that’s a Medical Doctor, or what I call a mere doctor. The reason I can make diseases disappear is that diseases are an illusion, diseases are not real, diseases do not really exist, at least not in the way that we

How to Make Diseases Disappear think they do. So 15 years ago I qualified from medical school and I was ready, full of enthusiasm, full of passion, ready to go out and help people. But I always felt there was something missing, I started off as a specialist, I moved from being a specialist to becoming a generalist or a GP. And I always got this nagging sense that I was just managing disease or simply suppressing people’s symptoms. And then, just 5 and a half years ago came the turning point for me. Five and a half years ago my son nearly died. My wife and I were on holiday in France with our little baby boy and she called out to me, she said he’s not moving. So I rushed there and he was lifeless, I thought he was choking. So I picked him up, I tried to clear his airway, nothing happened and I froze. She called out to me, my wife said, “Come on, we’ve got to get to hospital.” So we rushed there and we were worried because when we got there he still wasn’t moving. The doctors were worried because they didn’t know what was happening. That night he had 2 lumbar punctures because they thought he might have meningitis – he stayed in a foreign hospital for 3 days. What actually transpired

was, my son had a low level of calcium in his blood that was caused by a low level of vitamin D. My son nearly died from a preventable vitamin deficiency and his father, a doctor, knew nothing about it. You see, as a parent that is a harrowing experience that never leaves you. But I was a doctor, I was his dad and the guilt that stayed with me and is still here today – that changes you. So I started reading, I started reading about this vitamin deficiency, and as I started reading, I started to learn a lot of science, a lot of science that I did not learn in medical school. A lot of science that I thought – hey this makes a lot of sense to me. So I started applying the science, I started applying it, first of all with my son and I saw the amazing benefits. So I started applying it with my patients and do you know what happened? People started getting better, really better, you see I learnt how to solve the root cause of their problems, rather than simply suppressing their symptoms. Just over a year ago I got the opportunity to make a series of documentaries for BBC1, where I got to showcase this style of medicine. Let me tell you about one of the patients. A 35-yearold, Dotty, a lovely, lovely lady but she

was struggling with her health – weight problems, joint problems, sleep problems. Despite Dotty’s best efforts, Dotty was unable to make sustainable changes. So I went into Dotty’s house and in the first week I did some blood tests and I diagnosed her with type-2 diabetes. Six weeks later when I left Dotty’s house she no longer had type-2 diabetes. You see her disease disappeared. So health exists on a continuum, ok. At the top right we’ve got disease and at the bottom left we’ve got optimum health and we are always moving up and down that continuum. Take Christmas & New Year for example – we drink too much, we eat too much, we stay up late and we probably start to move up that curve. But if we recalibrate in January and February we start to move back down it again. We get involved in medicine and give you a diagnosis of the chronic disease, here, but things have been starting to go wrong back here. When I met Dotty – she was up here, she had a disease. You can think about it a little bit like a fire that has been burning in Dotty’s body for years, it’s getting bigger, it’s getting bigger until its finally raging out of control and at that point I can say to Dotty, hey you have a disease. And I told her “You do have a disease.” But what caused it in the first place? The thing we have to understand is that acute disease and chronic disease are two different things. Acute disease is something we’re pretty good at as doctors, it’s quite simple – you have something like a pneumonia, that’s a severe lung infection,

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A Tyranny of Experts


By Alan Floyd

ONCE HAD THE naive but audacious notion of writing an article for the ‘Skeptic’ magazine refuting the notion of ‘chance’, with a nod to the Darwinian theory of Chance Mutations, as something purely metaphysical in itself. After all, what cosmic artifact, carbon signature or space/time locale can possibly be pointed to - to prove that very ephemeral notion? It’s a human prejudice, an idea, a something as ethereal as the equally personal viewpoint that births ‘time’ itself into the universe. We made chance up. It’s our idea, our choice. It’s a piece of purely prejudicial thinking masquerading as serious science, camouflaged as a dispassionate observation. Think about it. So to attach a whole theory, come hopeful fact, of evolution to it must be an equally prejudicial thing. In Arthur Koestler’s ‘Roots of Coincidence’ equal and opposite valence, along with inspiration for the ‘Synchronicity’ album by The Police, is given to the ‘Law of Averages’. After all, things do average out in the end. It’s a law, universe-wide and, well…wait a minute, who the heck made it up, and why in the heck should it be? There’s no reason. Well, as you might have guessed, they were having none of it. My prized piece of canny observation and logical deduction didn’t even get a response. Wrong forum I guess. Wrong panel of experts. Bit of a miss-placed notion, on my part, that this tyranny of experts could ever have put aside their human-based prejudice for one, bright, and lucid moment of unbiased awareness. That lovely phrase, ‘a tyranny of experts’, comes from Theodore Rozsak, describing a tendency in social discourse to shut down any opposing point of view. A view that might just ruffle the feathers of acceptable dogma. And acceptable dogma is materialism in this day and age. In fact, the wellworn lines of acceptable discussion from our higher educated elites dictate a glib dismissal of all kinds of magical thinking. All kinds of hope, faith and even love, are consigned to the rubbish heap of chance mutations and errant miss-firings within a damp organic computer. It then becomes axiomatic that no book or well-expressed idea could ever prove God to us, or a universe alive with love and life. And so we are trained, in this culture of ours, to not even cast a sideways glance at any of those who would claim to do so. It just becomes the stuff of our formative years. Part of our childhood entertainments before we grow up. The stuff of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland. I think, though, that an essential part of our sanity is thrown away when we do this. Psychology tries, endlessly, to assign data points to that all-elusive goal: sanity, and misses the one essential facet of that which is belief in something larger than ourselves. A higher ideal, a perfectibility of the human condition, culture-wide goals and collective meaning, are nothing but the very essence of sanity. Without them all other adjustments are academic. But that, then, is our society. Academic. And all of us, we who make it up, are but handmaidens to that academia. Several books that I’ve read of recently have challenged all that. One in particular closing in on those dead-end philosophical certitudes stating that the study of philosophy itself has been beached, now, upon the shores of materialism. In Peter Kingsley’s ‘Reality’ the push-pull Newtonian-style workings of discursive logic are demolished. We find, in reading his fascinating and knowledgeable work, that what we’ve read into Parmenedes, as the beginnings of Reason and Logic in Western philosophy, was more the product of dreamflight and shamanic vision. And what the Western World adopted in place of this from the later Socrates was not the point and counterpoint of discursive logic, but the product of a crazy Zen-koan creating maverick. Peter Kingsley has set alight the dry tinderbox of Western philosophical reason with the Kundalini fires of Shamanic and Eastern modes of thought. In another book, ‘Etidorhpa’ by John Uri Lloyd, a dream-like journey into the bowels of a hollow Earth comes as guided by a strange and evolved being spouting a line of argument that, to an open mind, proves to us the immaterial and minded nature of all that exists. Wikipedia describes this late 19th century classic as a purveyor of pseudo-science of course; but that there’s just ‘yer experts’ at it again. John Uri Lloyd, here, anticipates both the Quantum theory of a Zero Point Energy field, and our possible future evolution. For many the near angelically-wise utterances of Philip K Dick are a similar derailment of conventional thought. His writings seem to hail from the same old-world era of genteel creation and deeply examined thought. You just have to love a mind who questions our closing of accounts on some of those old thorny philosophical issues, even giving old St Anselm’s ‘Logical Proof of God’ another run for it’s money. As with Dick’s main character in ‘Valis’, possibly Phil himself, when in therapy, his turning point and apotheosis comes when his psychiatrist admits to him these golden words; ‘well, you’re the expert’. Heady stuff. Same goes with ‘Lumen’ by Camille Flammarion, written in the 1880’s and depicting the main characters soul flight through the universe. Camille Flammarion’s capacity for creating exotic locales inspired the later Marsbased writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He is also, in this book, credited with anticipating ‘The general Theory of Relativity’. And is, of course, fully conversant with that 19th Century passion for Spiritualism, expressing a vocabulary for it’s interweaving with the burgeoning material sciences of the day. There’s a lot more attention we can give, if not held hypnotized by ‘tyrannical expertise’, to writings that our culture may casually dismiss. Wikipedia becomes the default resource for that casual dismissal, often making tyrannical experts of Page 4

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A Tyranny of Experts In Daring Freedom Found

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By Fredalupe!

In Daring Freedom Found

N SOME OF my recent travels down south, down Mexico way, I came across more than one representation similar to our present cover titled ‘Galactic Empress’. That odd assortment of eyes, one above the other, two to a side, seemed to possess more than one inspired artist to take brush, or paint can rather, to wall, their graffiti gracing one’s imagination with at times blue skinned, four eyed (sometimes six eyed) female figures in a wild assortment of headgear and an altogether undeniably alien cast to their aspect. There’s little doubt that for all the ‘Are We Alone in the Universe?’ caterwauling we’ve been subject to over the years few of us actually believe that that is so. All that’s necessary to check this for oneself is to look around: life abounds in every nook and cranny, regardless of the apparent hostility of any environment in question, life always finds a way. When wondering what may exist beyond our limits in space, time and awareness it does one good to remember that those are our limits and not necessarily any one else’s, certainly this abundance we call Life has other frontiers than those our inexperience might impose. There’s also little doubt as to the alienation process so well under way whereas the human condition is concerned. As the Transhumanist agenda seems rather far along the dystopian path it has outlined and prepared, one so often explored in our science fictions, books, movies, and acted upon through social and political programming, folks are ‘looking’ rather modified, genetically, spiritually, and otherwise. Presently we’re more than a little distant from our natural selves, once all empowered and connected to Source, Nature, what have you, now not so much. There’s been a fair amount of animal husbandry and general skullduggery practiced on the unconscious masses to be sure. Our foods, waters and air have certainly been going through extensive changes, as have our modes of behaviour, interaction and ideologies. Traditions, culturally based and biased, faiths, religions, senses of self and of one another, have all been pitted against themselves, in a kind of gladiatorial floundering of antiquated purpose, one being directed towards a shockingly pliable homogeneity of substance and form in the human species. This process some have termed inevitable and merely an essential facet of the ‘great god progress’, and so we are told to continue our march towards that same inevitable merging of humanity with machine, our lives another brick in the wall penning us in and away from…what, I wonder? As I watch humanity pass by, their eyes and attentions perpetually focused onto and through their inorganic interface of virtuality, rather than the actual world they once inhabited, I can’t help but marvel at how successful the so-called Transhumanist agenda has been, at how un-human (subhuman?) or inhumane my fellow bipedal creatures have become, so leaden down with self concern and survival that their eyes rarely rise above the horizon of their own selfishness. Page 5

Yet still there is Art, our Seers and Shaman, speaking to us of other Worlds and Ways of Being, reminding us of our true heritage as Travellers in this grand immensity of endless richness. Yet still there are scholars and investigators, some gazing high into the heavens in wonder, some questioning the very bones themselves for answers, answers to our past present and futures. Yet still we exist and grow and dare to search for answers that may only have mystery as their ultimate conclusion. And so we dare to ask… Are we just mad apes or has humanity actually been colonized? Our world without question is being literally transformed before our very eyes, bombarded with geoengineering from so many angles and for so long now as to beggar the imagination, to the degree that the skies are for the most part unrecognizable, the waters undrinkable, unless you enjoy a quick endocrine disruption to your gender, the very foodstuffs, fruits, veggies, animals and so on, denatured and genetically modified (remember we are what we eat), all in a kind of total terraforming of humanity, inside and out, land, sea and air, consciousness, imagination, intelligence, none have been spared the distortion, the artifice, the deeply flawed re-interpretation by inferior artists of what it means to us and for us to be alive. Our alienation from the natural world has seemingly been going on since that first ‘Fall’ recorded so long ago in myth, story, religious and otherwise. It fascinates and entertains us, informs and educates us, frightens and titillates us. That familiar serpent still slithers throughout the tales we tell one another, be it with accounts of Reptilians and Greys, coming from nervous abductees, Hollywood, shapeshifting in one form or another, recounted by such luminaries as the infamous yet delightful David Icke, or John Lash in his great work ‘Not In His Image’, or by socially infecting our consciousness with lizard skinned memes propagated in a frenzy of youtubing down the rapids of social media. The theme of humanity being afraid of the ‘Other’ is as old as the hills. Looking around at the alien landscape before my eyes, this cubistic reality of artificiality presented to us as the modern world, one easily concludes that maybe there was something to all those warnings after all. A hell on earth is no paradise after all. Myself, I possess a radically different view of time and therefore of history. I take it all as stories. As tales told they have great value, and are

even often worthy of use in triangulating truth, pattern, sketching out possibilities, bigger pictures, worlds entire even. The stories of civilizations gone but for their dust, of heroes names that still echo, myths now maps, perhaps as yet unlocked by imagination as to the grandeur of their potential present. Whether cautionary or revelatory, inspiring or warning, encouraging or devastating, legend or histories, they speak still. Time, as a stream, advances. Most are caught in the wake, its view, frothy and passing, entertains and occupies, moving as it does entirely away in entropic drops back into that tremendous Ocean of Awareness. With energy one might turn to see that same journey from an entirely different perspective as time now advances towards us in our perception. Not taking everything we can, the good the bad and the ‘you know what’, for the momentum it offers to propel us forward on our ultimate journey into totality, would be a waste, a poor use of energy, a shame, and contrary to the proper flow of evolution. You see there’s much to this game that was explicitly avoided, though apophatically implied (see last May’s month’s column Apophasis) in our schooling, our indoctrination and general domestification, collective and personal, micro/macro. Can’t make slaves out of a free people, a free mind or spirit. But you can hurt them so much they corner themselves into believing a lie, and thereby making it so with their attention’s energy, ergo: modern ‘times’. This curbing, this heeling, this enslavement of the senses and the imagination, this thieving, this dividing, this separation, this opposing, this trickery is all done with mirrors. Take a mirror then face it with another into endless reflection. Imagine that mirror is you. Now, instead of reflecting the All of Everything outside of that larger encompassing mirror, or even seeing whatever’s outside of it directly, all that’s left is a kind of blinding self-reflection, a meta-narcissism, as is found in the present state of humanity. A perfect trap, one entirely based on a specific pattern of self concern, self pity, self importance, a selfish separateness, by design turned inward and away from everything beyond that reflection. Now, imagine smashing that mirror of self-reflection. What an intensely challenging place is this reality of ours. Possibly all here to help teach us this one act of freedom for ourselves. Reality. Awareness. Freedom. Tricky trying to give it all a name, a heading yet wishing to steer clear of

classifications; the word World might suit us better, but for myself they’re the same, mere miradors of observation, ledges onto infinity, particular positions of perception we see ‘through’ and experience ourselves and everything else as best we are able, entirely dependent on our energy. I add this here and stress it now for truly it is all-important. The worlds we inhabit are determined by this, our energy, as are our experiences of existence. “Classifications have a world of their own,” he continued. “After you begin to classify anything, the classification becomes alive, and it rules you. But since classifications never started as energy-giving affairs, they always remain like dead logs. They are not trees; they are merely logs.” - Carlos Castaneda Cultivating one’s own energy is the antidote to being cultivated personally, culturally, socially, politically, nationally, emotionally, imaginationally, all of which are intensely inadvisable, unless of course one enjoys ones awareness being consumed. If light is truly the source of life, surely we can all agree that it is an integral element of our nourishment, then altering it becomes a rather significant affair to all those in relation to that energy, to put it mildly. Same goes for the air we breathe, that we share, the water we drink, that we are, the earth itself, all easily capitalized not only for their obvious importance in our ‘survival’ but because they are literally a conscious part of all that is, they make up the elements of our existence, much of which we remain mostly unaware of, but here we all live and it is here we make our stand in ourselves and with one another. And so here we are, our artists expressing their visions, our scholars exploring our possibilities, as we search around in our past for our future, as we look to the heavens for what escapes us beneath our feet. I question everything, particularly anything that has been told to me, from the existence of gravity as opposed to simple mass, to the stars and planets of our imagined universe, flat, round or otherwise, to the presence and friendliness or lack thereof of our neighbors, interstellar, interdimensional, extradimensional, just around the corner and occasionally under the bed. I am also at peace with the truth that it’s all a mystery, us included. I take it all as I see it come towards me, on the tips of my toes I rest, poised to move, ready to go with the flow of energies, remaining integral to the truth of my own, anchored in myself. The stories and reported events that my fellows share with me, along with their intriguing interpretations and imaginings delight me in equal measure as the realities of the times horrify and educate me on my definitive journey into the unknown, helping me to discover what I am as they do what I am not. Quite the ride so far that much is true. Quite the daring bunch we are too. Heroic even. Gotta love that. I know I do. Cheers, Fredalupe!

By Gary Z McGee

“We need shamans, and if society doesn’t provide them, the universe will.” ~Joe Lewels


N THE ARTICLE The Archetypal Path to Getting Your Shit Together, I wrote about the power of archetypes. A Disaster Shaman is an example of using an archetype to make the world a better place; to become the change we want to see in the world. The Disaster Shaman recipe combines aspects of The Shadow with aspects of The Hero and then mixes in a little Trickster tomfoolery. The combination of these archetypes creates a particular flavor of nontraditional shamanism that spearheads healthy Cosmic Law through the heart of unhealthy lawfulness. A Disaster Shaman is a force of nature first, a person second; sowing radical revolution in order to reap progressive evolution. Healthy balance is primary. Even if it comes at the expense of comfort and security. Disaster Shamanism (otherwise known as Apocalyptic Shamanism) is the interdependent shamanic response to apocalyptic times.

The primary tasks of a Disaster Shaman are as follows n Heal disaster situations through shamanic cosmology and ecopsychology. n Listen to Universal Laws to discern the difference between healthy and unhealthy. n Live moderately so that others may moderately live. n Diagnose and heal Nature Deprivation. n Transform weaponry into livingry. n Bring “water” to the Wasteland. The sub archetypes of the Disaster Shaman archetype are The New Hero, The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse, The Sacred Clown, and The New Oracle. The four pillars

The Four Pillars of

Disaster shamanism

of Disaster Shamanism subsume these sub archetypes. Let’s break them down …

Hero-expiation (New Hero or Cosmic Hero) “Our sole responsibility is to produce something smarter than we are; any problems beyond that are not ours to solve.” ~Ray Kurzweil The average person is not heroic (courageous). Likewise, the average hero is not prestigious (provident). A New Hero,

power, honor, and prestige, as opposed to just a typical hero with only skill and power. Hero expiation is all about getting power over power. Whether one’s own power or the overreaching power of others. It’s about turning the tables on entrenched power by “counting coup” on it. A Disaster Shaman as New Hero is a social leveling mechanism par excellence. They count coup on power through strategic humiliation (shaming) so that power never has the chance to become absolute. When a New Hero comes to town, fearfilled blue pills are swapped with wisdomfilled red pills. The Disaster Shaman has come to set the record straight. To recondition the culture that has been conditioned into believing in competition over cooperation and narrowminded one-upmanship over open-minded compassion. They teach that competition has always been secondary to cooperation; otherwise we wouldn’t have survived as a species (Darwin).

Eco-consciousness (Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse) “Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

as opposed to a typical hero, is a hero with prestige. A New Hero has gone Meta with the concept of heroism itself. The New Hero sub archetype is the first pillar of Disaster Shamanism. New heroism is gained through hero-expiation. Hero-expiation is the voluntary, wise, honorable, moral, and compassionate distribution of power so that power doesn’t get to the point that it corrupts. It is through the wise distribution of power that a typical hero becomes a Newhero (cosmic hero, next-level hero) with skill,

Eco-consciousness is about uncontrolled order overcoming controlled chaos. Whether the culture (tribe) has become too obese, too greedy, too violent or some other unhealthy excess, the Disaster Shaman arrives to set the record straight; to plant a seed of overt moderation within the covert immoderation. The Fifth Horseman is the one that cleans up after the original Four Horsemen (the Four Horsemen is a metaphor for anyone caught up (aware or not) in any kind of unsustainable, unhealthy, violent, immoral, or massdestructive social system). The Fifth Horseman

Please see SHAMANISM, page 21


41st Annua

r e v u o c van

c i s u m folk tival

fes Jericho Beach Park

July 13-15, 2 0 1 8u at the beach! m e e t yo



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n Internal Emails Show FDA is Withholding the Fact that Foods in Your Pantry are Laced with Toxic Weedkiller


lyphosate is Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, appearing in hundreds of agricultural and gardening products, and although it has been linked to cancer and other serious health issues including birth defects and degenerative diseases, the FDA appears to be withholding the fact that this poison is contaminating many of the foods in your pantry. Glyphosate has been found in a wide array of popular foods including cereals, staples like corn and soy, Ben and Jerry’s ice creams, and even in human breastmilk, suggesting that the chemical is making it to your table whether you know it or not.

n How Pierre Trudeau Turned Canadians into Debt Slaves


n December 12th, 2011, Comer (The Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform) filed a lawsuit in Federal Court to try to force a restoration of the Bank of Canada to provide interest-free loans to the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as it had until 1974 when Pierre Trudeau turned it over to the Rothschild Syndicate. As a result, government debt has mushroomed

n The Dirty Secrets of Debt

Collectors: A Step-by-Step Handbook on How to Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing You and Taking You to Court


he Dirty Secrets of Debt Collectors is a step-by-step handbook, written by Pao Chang, the author of and, that teaches you certain secrets of the debt industry that debt collectors and banks do not want you to know. This handbook is less than 30 pages because it is designed to quickly teach you how to write and use writs to stop debt collectors from harassing you with phone calls and letters. The writ templates in this handbook contain very powerful words that have the power to nullify all complaints from debt collectors, stopping them from calling you at home and work.


n ‘Climate Change’ Hoax starting to Crumble as Scientists Admit Doom Projections Were Totally Wrong


limate change has been presented as an irrefutable fact; a happening that cannot be ignored, with even the slightest change in weather being named a harbinger of imminent disaster. But the truth is that the notion of global warming has always been up for debate — and new science continues to show that the world may not be ending, after all.

n Funding NGOs & Stirring Dissent: Russian Special Commission Exposes Election Meddling by US


special commission report on foreign meddling in the 2018 presidential election has been unveiled in Russia’s Upper House. The document highlighted the main methods of the elaborate campaign, spearheaded by the US.


n The Zombie-Like Lives of Sheeple from Birth to Death


he zombie-like lives of sheeple begin on the day they are born. Shortly after sheeple are born, their parental sheeple give them a name and register them to the State using the “birth” certificate. The sad thing that parental sheeple do not know is that the birth certificate is the legal document used by the State to trick them to “abandon” their babies or “lambs”, allowing the government to claim their babies/lambs as chattels (personal properties).

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n Groundbreaking Discovery: Animal Cells Powered by Sunlight/Chlorophyll


n amazing study published in the Journal of Cell Science reveals an entirely new reason why it is essential that you ‘eat your greens,’ as mother always said, namely: it enables your body’s mitochondria to produce more ATP energy when exposed to sunlight. The study titled, “Light-harvesting chlorophyll pigments enable mammalian mitochondria to capture photonic energy and produce ATP”, indicates that by eating a chlorophyll-rich diet mammals (and by implication humans) can capture specific wavelengths of sunlight radiation that will translate into increased energy within the power-

n EU Approves ‘Historic’ Ban On Bee Killing Pesticides


n light of growing scientific evidence linking certain insecticides known as neonicotinoid insecticides or neonics to rapidly collapsing bee populations, the European Union voted to place a permanent ban on virtually all use of these bee-killing toxins. The decision to vote on the ban came shortly after the European Food Safety Authority announced that after conducting a major review of more than 1,500 studies relating to neonicotinoids, the council had decided that the pesticides clothianidin, imidacloprid, and thiamethoxam all pose a significant risk to wild bees and honeybees..

houses of the cell known as the mitochondria.

n Reconfirmed: Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat and Sick


f you’re still holding out hope that science will eventually prove artificial sweeteners to be beneficial, or at the very least harmless, you’re likely to be disappointed. Again and again, research shows nocalorie sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose cause the same problems as excess sugar, and then some. According to the latest statistics1 nearly 40 percent of American adults, over 18 percent of teens and nearly 14 percent of young children are now obese, not just overweight, and processed foods and sweetened beverages are clearly driving factors. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of thinking artificially sweetened products are a healthier option as it cuts down your calories, but nothing could be further from the truth.

researcher funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Science, Tech & Beyond n This Desk-Sized Turbine Can Power More Than 10,000 Homes

n Understanding the Dangers of Glyphosate (& How to Minimize Exposure)


groundbreaking new study published in the Journal of Internal Since practically the beginning of time, mankind has been on the hunt for new and better ways to ease the burden of having to work the earth for food. Plowing, tilling, cultivating, and harvesting: it can be a deeply rewarding experience, no doubt, but one that also comes with its own unique set of challenges and hardships. h

n Stunning Finding Reveals Autism is Highest in Areas with the Highest Vaccination Rates


he surge of autism diagnoses in recent years has left many people looking for an explanation. Oft-labeled a “conspiracy theory,” or something to that effect, the suspicion that vaccines are a potential cause of autism is on the rise. New research from the Canadian government has indirectly shown that in highly vaccinated populations, autism rates are noticeably higher. These shocking findings are sure to leave vaccine propagandists reeling while they try to somehow discredit the findings of a government agency.

n How Soil Microbes and Intercellular Communication Affects Human Health


our health is in large part determined by the health of the soil in which your food is grown. In this interview, Dr. Zach Bush delves into the many reasons why this is so. Bush, who is triple board-certified in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism, and hospice and palliative care has done some fascinating and innovative research in this area and is one of the brightest physicians I have ever met. He began his career as a conventional cancer Page 9


heck out this desk-size turbine that could power a small town of about 10,000 homes. As noted by MIT, The unit is driven by “supercritical carbon dioxide,” which is in a state that at very high pressure and up to 700 °C exists as neither a liquid nor a gas. A revolutionary technology, a small turbine, has the ability to provide enough energy to power a small town.). Experts from GE Global Research have unveiled a revolutionary device—a small turnbie— that can produce enough power to provide energy for around 10,000 homes, they claim. The device is entirely eco-friendly.

n The Paranormal Phenomenon: NDEs, Awareness, and the Death `Illusion’


e are all familiar enough with the scene from an operating theatre in a TV hospital drama. A patient is undergoing surgery when a warning sounds. The steadily fluctuating line of the ECG machine suddenly goes flat. The heart has stopped beating, the patient is dead. Frantic activity breaks out in the operating theatre. Electric shocks are applied to the body. Seconds or minutes later, the ECG monitor reveals a heart beat and death has been reversed.

By Haley Nagasaki


ENRY TELLS ME he’s looking forward to visiting Vancouver as he recounts the four other International Cannabis Business Conferences he’s headlined; two in Oregon, one in San Francisco, and the latest in Berlin, Germany. While this is his first time attending the Vancouver division of the convention, he expresses how he genuinely enjoys working with ICBC’s Executive Producer Alex Rogers, who invites him to speak at various international conferences every few months. HR: While I don’t use cannabis, I do advocate for its decriminalization and its legalization. In America, everything is political, and the criminalization of cannabis is just a really easy way to throw people, especially African American males, in prison for non-violent crime. It’s how you get someone into the system, and hopefully they’re there forever, as a repeat customer. It’s an industrial complex, a whole other economy; and it thrives! You need people in those beds or else there’s nothing for me to hurl my tax dollars at. And so I want fuller schools and emptier prisons, and I think legalization and the decriminalization of cannabis is a way towards that, which is why I started keynoting these conventions”. Although another crucial concern that Henry addresses in his boilerplate speech on the ICBC panel is the importance of the medicinal side of the industry. HR: You’re going to get rich, he says.

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ICBC’s Keynote Speaker

Henry Rollins:

Cannabis Over Incarceration

‘Fuller Schools, Emptier Prisons’ They don’t love cannabis, they love the money. So the government … they’re not your friend, they’re looking to double their money. They love the incarceration, but right now cannabis is sexier than incarceration. Chances are this is going to be very good to you, but don’t let it ruin you! I watched money ruin the major label industry where people turned into salesmen, and they forgot that they’re selling music; selling good things to good people. Instead they just became vendors of stuff. So I say, I want you people to never lose sight of the medical aspect of this. In my mind, your target customer isn’t the recreational user, because you’re going to get them. You already have them. I want you to be concentrating on the old lady who, thanks to cannabis, can knit again, or a guy like my dad. To the right of my father, you know, it’s Joseph Stalin and Fox News… who thinks homosexuality and cannabis-use is the end of the empire. I want your outreach to be so good and so effective that he’s coming to you for a cannabinoid chewable that helps him with lower back pain. These companies are literally changing culture.

Cannabis, at least in North America, it’s as much about civil rights and equality as it is about fun and painlessness. I mean it comes tied to so many heads getting caved in; so much corruption, so much needless violence and bigotry, to somehow not acknowledge that in the way you vend, well then you’re not helping - because if you’re just some schmuck who makes money, then you might as well be Monsanto or a tobacco salesman. I think tobacco is lethal stuff. I think it’s awful. I’m not into criminalizing it or making it illegal, but don’t tell me about how bad cannabis is when you’re slinging tobacco by the ton. HN: Alcohol too, I mean these are the things that are encouraged by society. HR: I don’t think there’s any upside to tobacco. And tobacco and alcohol, at least in western society, it’s meant to keep the working person kind of neutralized so they don’t rise up. The CEO makes 3000 times more than that guy makes, as he ruins his body. You

know you go to the pub after work and get neutralized, then go home and crack your wife across the face, then get to sleep. That is how the western world has been grinding away for centuries. I think cannabis throws a monkey wrench into big Pharma, big agriculture… HN: And other industries like textile and forestry. HR: Yeah, years ago I had a show on the history channel for a couple seasons, and I had to pitch History Channel, A&E, on ideas for a one-hour show. I would throw ideas at them, and for the most part I was laughed out of the room. But they bought my idea on the short history of hemp and cannabis in America, which forced me to read stacks of paper, and interview lots of experts. But you see how much they beat up on hemp… You know and my dumb president just re-upped on coal and petroleum.

Please see ROLLINS, page 11


weakened by the stronger arm of commerce. And with a lot of your border states, you know, young people, they might go north for From page 11 the fun weekend. Maybe their states will go “wait a minute, why are we letting Canada… He’s doubling down on the difficulty with why is everyone driving up to Kelowna?” petroleum, and you’re reminded once again I want it to be legal in America; I think about how the old money has a hold of the western economy, and hemp and cannabis are the medical upside is great. Right now it’s just an excuse to throw black people in jail, a huge part of that. and it’s the only way I think civil rights will So these entrepreneurs, in my advance is when you deprive the white power opinion are part of the change. I think structure of ways to incarcerate. they need to be political as much as they HN: I keep thinking about - did you are entrepreneurial. To me, it’s a 50/50 watch that documentary film the 13th, where endeavor where they have to go in it with after slavery ended, they needed a loophole an ideology that eclipses the money, because in how to inhibit the freedom of these African the money is almost a given. That’s where Americans. So if they’re deemed criminal, then my motivation is, because I certainly don’t you can incarcerate use the product. them? HN: Can I HR: Oh the ask why? 13th Amendment. HR: Not Yes that film interested. I started almost smoked a joint in as much trouble April of 1987 on as it ended: the Hamilton Avenue birth of a nation, in Trenton, New and the war Jersey. Band on cannabis. practice was American over, and my apartheid. The band mates were 14th amendment stoners, and it of 1868 to Henry Rollins is the keynote speaker at always smelled the International Cannabis Business Con- strengthen so nice, so I said, ference June 24-25 in Vancouver. and ensure the “Let me have validity of the some of that”, 13th, which gave you equal protection into the “You?!” “Yeah, I’m that bored”. And you laws of citizenship. know I was not immune to the effects; I was America’s always looking for ways to stoned! beat up on the brown, the woman, and the They said “What do you think?” gay. I mean those are our favourite food and I said, “Nah, not for me. How long groups to wail on. For me, like I said, it’s a does it last?” “You got like another twenty political civil rights issue. minutes”. So I just sat there, in a state of I spoke with Henry about the different non-enjoyment. But I was never against it, projects he’s been working on over the last I smelled weed in every vehicle I was in on six months, from filming a television pilot in the road from 1986 to 2006, I mean it was Vancouver, to a movie in Luxembourg with inescapable. Juliette Lewis and Stephen McHattie. After the I think my body chemistry is such that holidays he went on tour, then flew to Australia any stimulant skews me towards depression. to film a documentary on “overturning ideas Four times in my life I got drunk, like in of male macho culture”, a crisis that is now tenth grade. It never was fun; it was just like leading to an up-spike in male suicide in “wow, I feel sad”. It’s not like I’m trying to Australia. slap a joint out of someone’s hand, believe HR: Mercedes Benz gave me a budget. me, if I liked it I’d use it. But body chemistry Essentially we had interviews with men and changes, so you never know. women about suicide. It was very intense. I HN: Do you think legalization in Canada finished that, and came back and did a bunch will affect the US? of shows for a Showtime special. I wrapped HR: I think it will perhaps inspire a lot out of that a couple weeks ago, and now I’m of your northern border states to come on deep into the fourth draft of a book I’m trying board. You know how much my country loves to get to the proofreading stage by the end money. I think – this is part of my boilerplate of the month. So I’m busy, but I’m not at a speech, where if I’m speaking in a state that’s different airport every five days. gone legal, I go, “you know look”, don’t HN: I like how diverse your work is. It think that higher ups in your state have any must keep things very interesting for you. love for you having legal cannabis. They HR: Well I come from the working ran the numbers, and they found that they world of minimum wage in the ‘70s and make more money legalizing, taxing, and ‘80s, and then I got into the entertainment regulating cannabis than they do locking up business from Punk Rock. I learned early on a black nineteen year old guy, and charging that I have no inherent skills, unless being you $85/month for the guy’s bed and cheese enthusiastic and reckless is a skill. And so I sandwiches. just say “Yes” to stuff. They don’t love cannabis, they love the Years ago Crispin Glover the actor, he’s money. So the government… they’re not your a buddy of mine, he begged me to try acting. friend, they’re looking to double their money. He said, “Just as a favour, try it. Because They love the incarceration, but right now you already have it, what we train for, you cannabis is sexier than incarceration. already are it; you’re just a nut. So just, don’t Say there’s an arm wrestling match in a place like Louisiana, your red states, I think Please see ROLLINS, page 2 7 these local governments… their arm will be

“I want it to be legal in America; I think the medical upside is great. Right now it’s just an excuse to throw black people in jail, and it’s the only way I think civil rights will advance is when you deprive the white power structure of ways to incarcerate.” Page 11

Belief through Experience

By Haley Nagasaki


come from a lifetime of addiction and years of IV drug use”, says Sapha Habibi, founder of the organic cannabis company THERAVEDA. “To now having my life back, working on a social work degree at Vancouver Island University, and helping the people in my community. Cannabis and psychedelics gave me that”. Through perseverance, strength of character, and a newfound love of Self, Sapha was able to arrest the insidious dis-ease of addiction, which nearly cost him his life. Cannabis therapy enabled him to replace the hard drugs he had been using, while other psychedelic plant medicines, like psilocybin and ayahuasca, opened his heart and freed his mind; returning to him his mental health and lost will to live. Last month I spoke with Sapha Sapha Habibi, Habibi and he THERAVEDA shared with me founder. his vision and his story; from the tumultuous, grief-stricken childhood lived in isolation and poverty in the North West Territories, to his move to Vancouver Island in the late 1990’s, where his mental illness and addiction issues were then largely exacerbated. He expressed to me about how plant medicine ultimately saved him, and how his purpose in this life, the only thing that has ever made him really, truly happy, is his ability to help people. As living proof of this success, Sapha and his team are spreading the message

Healing Social Crisis with Plant Medicine that this medicine works, and “it’s here for the people who are open to it and who are seeking an alternative to drugs and addiction”. THERAVEDA is a new company with a finger quite literally on the pulse of the Canadian drug crisis. Through THERAVEDA, Sapha is raising the bar of the cannabis industry to account for the people who are unable to acquire this medicine, yet are amongst those who need it most. After completing his first year in social work, Sapha is learning about social projects happening nation-wide, “and how important it is that the people are the force behind making change. That’s what THERAVEDA is all about”. One of the projects THERAVEDA works closely with is called SOLID; an outreach program that provides harm reduction supplies and peer support, based out of Victoria and Nanaimo. Sapha had asked the

chairman for Nanaimo, Kevin Donaghy, a friend of his whom he’d known from recovery if “there’s anyone he knew who could benefit from cannabis medicine, or is looking for an alternative for suboxone or methadone”. He said, “because I’ve developed something that I’m willing to share”. Kevin graciously accepted, and soon people were writing letters to Sapha, saying how “they’d gotten off crystal meth and fentanyl using the supplements [he’d] provided them”. Sapha had been developing different formulas for medicinal cannabis products long before the official branding of THERAVEDA. Inspired by Ayurvedic medicine, he’s been active in his community for years, predominantly through volunteer work, and is now looking to extend the breadth of his reach while increasing his social impact through the branding of THERAVEDA. “For every

capsule that I sell, I donate one to SOLID. So if I sell 1000 capsules, then 1000 capsules will be donated to addicts”. Listening to this, I was stunned by this incredibly generous 1:1 ratio. He continues, “and that’s on a pretty small scale. So if I’m able to do that being me, being who I am and coming from where I come from, then I really think the other industries and people should be able to do it too”. THERAVEDA also works with different social agencies in relation to housing-first initiatives by donating funds to build homeless shelters and other similar projects. An important topic of study in social work is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, whereby people must have their most basic physiological needs met before they can move on to developing esteem and self-actualize. “We live in this free society and this free world where there are definitely ample resources for all, but we’re not using it for good. Instead [this money] is being put towards the police force, the jails and military that only further contribute to death and dying, rather than helping people heal”. “Those who benefit would be at the level of service-users, like better resources to counseling, therapy, job searches; the possibilities are endless. Even if 1% of funds as a result of cannabis legalization were allocated towards these incentives, and was evenly distributed to the places that needed it, then poverty and homelessness could be largely eliminated”. Therefore if the cannabis companies making money could funnel some of their profits towards these agencies and social projects, then people don’t even need to be directly consuming cannabis to benefit

Please see THERAVEDA, page 23


䬀爀愀琀漀洀 䄀挀琀椀瘀攀 椀猀 礀漀甀爀 渀甀洀戀攀爀 漀渀攀 猀漀甀爀挀攀  昀漀爀 漀爀最愀渀椀挀 愀渀搀 猀甀戀猀琀愀椀渀愀戀氀攀 䬀爀愀琀漀洀℀ 䬀爀愀琀漀洀 栀愀猀 戀攀攀渀 甀猀攀搀 昀漀爀 琀栀漀甀猀愀渀搀猀 漀昀  礀攀愀爀猀 琀漀 栀攀氀瀀 眀椀琀栀 瀀愀椀渀Ⰰ 氀漀眀 洀漀漀搀Ⰰ 愀渀搀  攀渀攀爀最礀⸀



䜀伀 䄀一䐀 匀䠀伀倀 伀一㨀 䬀刀䄀吀伀䴀䄀䌀吀䤀嘀䔀⸀䌀伀䴀 伀刀 䠀䔀刀䈀䄀䰀䄀䰀䰀䤀䄀一䌀䔀⸀䌀䄀 䄀一䐀 䜀䔀吀 吀䠀䤀匀 䔀堀䌀䰀唀匀䤀嘀䔀 伀䘀䘀䔀刀℀

㈀ ─ 唀猀攀 挀漀搀攀㨀 一䄀䜀㈀

儀甀愀氀椀琀礀 夀漀甀 䌀愀渀 吀爀甀猀琀 圀 䔀   伀 一 䰀夀   匀 䔀 䰀 䰀   倀 刀 䔀 䴀 䤀 唀 䴀   䴀 䄀 刀 䤀 䨀 唀 䄀 一 䄀

䄀昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 愀渀搀 攀昀ǻ挀椀攀渀琀 洀攀搀椀挀愀氀 挀愀渀渀愀戀椀猀 搀攀氀椀瘀攀爀攀搀 搀椀爀攀挀琀氀礀 琀漀 礀漀甀爀 搀漀漀爀⸀ 圀 圀 圀⸀ 䠀 䔀 刀 䈀 䄀 䰀 䄀 䰀 䰀 䤀 䄀 一 䌀 䔀 ⸀ 䌀 䄀

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By Jonny Enoch

ANY GREAT THINKERS have asked that age-old-question, “Are we alone in the Universe?” In Einstein’s words: “Given the millions of billions of Earth-like planets, life elsewhere in the Universe without a doubt, does exist. In the vastness of the Universe we are not alone.” NASA confirmed recently that there are over 40 billion earth-like planets in our Milky Way Galaxy alone. Perhaps the most shocking answer to this question came on May 9th, 2001, at Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project, hosted by the National Press Club in Washington, DC, where twenty-two whistleblowers stepped forward to share their powerful testimonials with the world. Clifford Stone shocked a mesmerized audience full of reporters that day. He revealed that while he was in the military, he had encountered over 57 types of species doing crash retrievals of UFOs. And while some of them are what we would traditionally call the “greys”, he added that most of them are bipedal and look just like us. As he spoke the crowd became so silent that you could hear a pin drop amongst the rows of neatly lined up chairs, as pens pressed eagerly against notepads, jotting down notes at a rapacious speed. According to Stone, you could walk into a room and be standing right next to one of these beings and not know it. The difference being that many of them might have a heightened sense of smell, hearing, or be able to touch an object in a dark room and know what color it is. Shortly after the Disclosure Project took place, 9/11 happened and everyone soon forgot

about these incredible revelations.

IF ET’S ARE REAL, WHY HAVEN’T WE HEARD FROM THEM YET? One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is: Don’t we have powerful enough satellites to intercept messages from advance civilizations by now? After all, what about

S.E.T.I. (the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence)? To find out the answer to that question, I jumped on a plane, flew to Puerto Rico, rented a vehicle and drove up to the Arecibo Observatory. This is one of the largest radio telescopes in the world, located inside of a beautiful, humid rainforest. When I arrived there, the first thing I did was track down an expert to ask if they had received a reply to the Arecibo message. This

interstellar memo was sent into space using a powerful signal by Carl Sagan on November 16th, 1974. It was beamed at a globular star cluster called M13, which is 25,000 light years from earth. This message contained binary code information about our DNA, the elements, the solar system, and our species. To my disappointment, they told me there had been no answer as yet. There was a crop formation, however, that showed up in a field near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK, in 2002. This has been called “the Arecibo reply” due to its similarity to the original message. It contained an extra strand of DNA, a depiction of a typical grey ET, a different solar system, and some other minor differences. While many consider this a noteworthy response, skeptics are quick to dismiss it as a hoax. Physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku has been very outspoken about different types of advanced civilizations that could potentially be visiting the earth, using the Kardashev scale. According to Kaku, the reason we haven’t heard from ETs yet is because we’ve only been searching 100 light years away from earth for a signal, but our galaxy is about 100,000 light years across. Moreover, galaxies are tens of millions of light years apart. Thus, we’ve only been looking in a very small area, which is in the hydrogen frequency. The next step is looking in the laser and in broadband style frequency. Stating that as the type of communication we now use with the Internet is broken up into small fragments, we should anticipate that advanced civilizations are quite possibly doing the same thing. His answer reminded me of what Sergeant-Major Bob Dean discovered while he was assigned to S.H.A.P.E. – or Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe – for NATO, in the summer of 1963. He claimed that after he received his “Cosmic Top Secret Clearance,” he couldn’t believe his eyes when he read reports that we are already being visited and observed by ET’s, and that they have been here all along. The report concluded that not only are these ETs peaceful, but they are walking among us. If they wanted to wipe us out, they could have done so a long time ago, as they are far more advanced than we are. Some are interplanetary, while others are interstellar, intergalactic, and even multidimensional. However, regardless of government denials and cover-ups by officials, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that we are already being contacted. But what about ET’s in our ancient history? Is there any evidence to support these claims?

BIBLICAL ETS: GIANTS & FALLEN ANGELS In the Bible, it says in the book of Hebrews (13:2), “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” When we look at the traditional definition of an Angel, it comes from a Greek word, “Angelos,” meaning messenger. In my opinion, it is entirely possible that throughout history we may have confused our visitors to be ‘spiritual’ entities due to their vastly evolved capabilities and technologies. Therefore, I’m willing to entertain certain

pragmatic theories that define benevolent extra-terrestrials as “angels”, and ones that are perceived to be negative as “demons”. However, I tend to think the latter beings don’t exist in a traditional sense, and this is a misunderstanding of the vast, multidimensional intelligences in our Universe. For example, Aleister Crowley’s infamous encounter with a grey ET called LAM.

In recent years, there have been a number of religious scholars such as L. A. Marzulli, Tom Horn, and the late, Chuck Missler, who have used this logic to bridge the worlds of Christianity and UFOlogy together. And while they’ve made all sorts of great contributions to their respected fields, I find their speculative research to be limited by the geocentric-boundaries of their theological perspectives, claiming that ETs are nothing more than demons masquerading as visitors from other solar systems. But they do raise many valid points, as there are reasons to believe that ETs are mentioned in the

Many ancient cultures have recognized that there was a rulin Page 14

n Humanity Awakens to the ET presence, story on page 25. Bible. For one, we find stories about giants like Goliath and other ‘men of renown’. In the apocryphal book of Enoch, it tells us, in Watchers 6:7-8, that fallen angels had landed on earth and mated with the daughters of man producing offspring such as giants. In the book of Numbers (13:33), we find that these giants, also known as the Nephilim, made regular humans look like grasshoppers when standing next to them. When I was visiting the Cairo museum with Stephen Mehler, he showed me several empty sarcophagi that were 15 to 25 feet tall. There is a rather curious label on them that says “enormous coffin”. When he used to visit the museum with his teacher, the late, great Abd’el Hakim Awyan, and asked where all the bodies were, Hakim would shrug his shoulders to imply that he simply didn’t know, but there is obviously more to the story. Even in the crypts below Hathor’s temple in Dendera, where we find the famous “light bulb glyph”, there are depictions of pre-dynastic giants holding up the serpentine energy for smaller humans kneeling below them. We find other well-documented incidents were the remains of giants discovered in the Americas were allegedly confiscated and possibly destroyed by the Smithsonian institute in the 1900’s, as they threatened the historical

narrative. It is now believed by geologists that there was a great destruction on the earth around 12,000 years ago, caused by the Younger Dryas Cataclysm, where the earth was hit by an enormous asteroid and/or a series of solar storms. This resulted in global flooding, melting the polar ice caps, and a mini ice age began called the Pleistocene period. After the ice age, up until now, this period is referred to as the Holocene. According to Plutarch, the gods of ancient Egypt were the antediluvian – or pre-cataclysmic – kings who were

deified (made into gods) after death. When we examine Egyptian mythology we learn of a giant with an elongated head named Osiris. In fact, there are many stories of ancient progenitors, or missionaries, with elongated heads that re-seeded civilization after great destructions, portrayed in the Assyrian reliefs at the British museum as being instructed by winged gods. A great example of this comes from Chaldean lore, or Babylonia, with Dagon, who is portrayed as wearing a fish hat that covers his elongated skull, which is what the pope mimics by wearing his mitre. Many ancient cultures have recognized that there was a ruling class of godlike beings on the earth with elongated skulls. Therefore, we find this look was imitated with head bindings. Even the rebel king of Egypt, “Akhenaten”, and his family were depicted that way in artistic portrayals. However, we know from examining the mummified remains of his father, Amenhotep III, and his son, Tutankhamen, that while their heads might have been slightly elongated, their skulls were actually quite normal. We can even find Petroglyphs linked to Native American traditions depicting ETs and giants, left by the Zuni and Hopi. When I was visiting the Yucatan in Mexico, a Mayan elder told me that they believe their people are not from here, but they were brought from elsewhere, and they still have a connection to the star people. There are also numerous traditions involving ETs and the First Nations People of Canada. In Quebec, there is even a story found within Indigenous folklore about flying canoes. I’ve had many discussions about this with Derrick Whiteskycloud, a gifted seer, Metis Elder, and contactee from Vancouver. Derrick has had numerous encounters with the star people. He told me about one experience he had meeting a tall, benevolent, Caucasian-looking ET with a white beard named Zael. He was taken up on a ship that could fit a few hundred thousand people inside of it. Not only did they show him a crystal that contained all his medical records and history, but they took him up through Orion’s belt, whizzing past the stars, and revealed to him many fascinating details about our planet’s history and solar system. These beings gave Derrick a debriefing on how he can help humanity, which is why he is involved with environmentalist and spreading a message of hope. I’ve also met with Tom McCallum, a Metis Elder from Canada, who is the keeper of the sacred dances used to communicate with the star lodge. This process requires a day of spiritual preparation, including gathering copper pennies to place on your person that act as an energy conductor.

THE MYSTERY OF THE ELONGATED SKULLS While visiting ancient temples around Egypt with Brien Foerster, we had many fascinating conversations about his observations on how these sacred sites are 23 degrees off the cardinal directions of North, East, South and West. This was obviously caused by the ancient cataclysms that knocked the earth off its axial rotation. It was rather remarkable to observe this archeological titan’s analytical brilliance, as he was measuring magnetic anomalies around various stones, examining drill holes for evidence of advanced machining, and telling me about the strange similarities there to the H-Blocks at Puma Punku in Bolivia. He showed me several photographs of rare skulls from Paracas that had undoubtedly belonged to some type of grey ET, as well as numerous elongated ones. Brien’s invaluable

ng class of godlike beings on the earth with elongated skulls. Page 15

work has faced many hurdles over the years and has come with a great price. That includes years of unforeseen obstacles, including the need to seek permission from the authorities to test samples, being ridiculed by fellow academics, and getting the runaround from investors. After finally securing the $100,000.00 USD needed for DNA testing on the elongated skulls from Paracas, the results are in, and history has been changed forever. Not only were these specimens found to be 25 percent larger and 60 percent heavier than conventional human skulls, but even the place where the spine sits is different to support the weight, ruling out cranial deformation. Everyone was shocked to learn this was a new type of human called “HOMO-SAPIENS-SAPIENS, PARACAS!” In fact, these specimens are closely related to the elongated skulls that were discovered near the Caspian Sea, the Northern Black Sea, Crimea, and the Scandinavian areas. They would have had reddish to blonde hair and were from haplo group U2e1. This creates a big problem for academia and challenges the historical narrative. Not only were Native Americans thought to have crossed the Bering land bridge, but they come from Haplogroups A, B, C, D, and possibly X. And just as there are many fascinating discoveries still to be hand under the Sahara desert in Egypt, there is a treasure trove of strange mysteries waiting to be uncovered around the Nazca lines and the surrounding areas of Peru.

THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD When we discover once and for all that we are not alone in the Universe, everything

Photo by Erika Mermuse will change overnight. Possibly we will have a better understanding of who we are and from where we come. Many suppressed technologies will potentially become available to us, thereby enhancing our lives in every area. But before any such galactic family reunion can take place, we must first learn to treat each other with respect. This includes finally becoming the great caretakers of our earth we no doubt could and need to become. And if we hope to become ‘citizens’ of the Universe or Multiverse, surely we must first practice tolerance for one another and actually become citizens of the world. The time for disclosure is now and our destiny is amongst the stars. If you want to learn more about the ET presence, and living in a post Disclosure world, join myself, Stephen Bassett, Grant Cameron, Tom Danheiser, Richard Dolan, George Noory, Daniel Sheehan and Victor Viggiani at the Architects of the New Paradigm conference in Vancouver on June 30th.

Sayer Ji


HEAT CONSUMPTION HAS been linked to psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia for over 60 years, but recent research indicates the mind-altering properties of this popular food are, in part, caused by it cutting off blood flow to the frontal cortex of the brain. As far back as 1954, reports of the full or partial resolution of schizophrenia following a gluten free diet began to surface in the medical literature. I explored this remarkable phenomenon in a previous article titled, “60 Years of Research Links Gluten Grains to Schizophrenia.” While the explanation for this intriguing connection has remained focused on the disruption of the gut-brain axis and the presence in wheat of a wide range of pharmacologically active and mostly opioid receptor modulating polypeptides with glutathione-depleting properties, a new and possibly more disturbing explanation is beginning to surface: wheat consumption also cuts off blood flow to the brain. Starting with a 1997 case study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine involving a 33-year-old patient, with pre-existing diagnosis of ‘schizophrenic’ disorder, who first came to medical attention for severe diarrhea and weight loss (classical symptoms of gluten intolerance), brain scan technology determined that cerebral hypoperfusion (decreased blood flow to the brain) was occurring within the patient’s frontal cortex.[i] A gluten free diet resulted not only in the normalization of intestinal damage and autoantibodies, but also in the return of blood flow to the frontal cortex, and the resolution of schizophrenic symptoms.

‘Gluten Brain’ Wheat Cuts Off Blood Flow to Frontal Cortex

Then, in 2004, a follow up study was performed to verify if the 1997 case study was just a fluke, or perhaps a widespread effect of untreated celiac disease. Published in the American Journal of Medicine,

researchers from the Institute of Internal Medicine, Catholic University, Rome, Italy, compared 15 untreated celiac patients without neurological or psychiatric disorders other than anxiety or depression, with 15 celiac patients who were on a gluten-free diet for almost 1 year, and 24 healthy volunteers of similar sex and age. All subjects

underwent cerebral single photon emission computed tomography examination. The results were remarkable, with dramatically increased incidence of impaired brain blood flow in untreated celiac patients, reported as follows: “Of the 15 untreated celiac patients, 11 (73%) had at least one hypoperfused brain region, compared with only 1 (7%) of the 15 celiac patients on a gluten-free diet and none of the controls (P = 0.01). Cerebral perfusion was significantly lower (P <0.05) in untreated celiac patients, compared with healthy controls, in 7 of 26 brain regions. No significant differences in cerebral perfusion were found between celiac patients on a gluten-free diet and healthy controls.” They concluded: “There is evidence of regional cerebral blood flow alteration in untreated celiac patients.” Celiac Disease and Blood Flowto the Brain: watch?v=7wYbdcEOVeo


So, let’s take a closer look at what cerebral (brain) hypoperfusion means. Hypoperfusion is simply decreased blood flow through an organ. Whether it is an internal organ like the kidney, a muscle or the brain, the organ will experience lower availability of oxygen (hypoxia) and nutrients, and will therefore function at a suboptimal level. Cerebral hypoperfusion, therefore, is decreased blood flow to the brain – an organ with extremely highenergy demands, and upon which our entire consciousness depends. Dr. David Perlmutter, author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book Grain Brain, has made great strides in introducing the concept to the world that grains adversely affect brain health. We know that the carbohydrate content of grains alone contribute to disrupting insulin-mediated glucose homeostasis within neurons, ultimately contributing to their suboptimal functioning and in some cases demise, but the discovery that wheat in particular has blood flow disrupting properties to the frontal cortex of the brain, has profound implications. For example, it is know that the frontal lobe houses the ‘executive functions’ of the brain, including: n Recognizing future consequences resulting from current actions n Choosing between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ actions n Overriding and suppressing socially unacceptable responses

Please see GLUTEN, page 25

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By Evan Zislis



HERE IS NO easy way to say this to a Western audience. Our clothes — the stuff in our wardrobe right now — are the result of a reckless industry, responsible for some of the worst pollution and most horrific human rights violations on the planet. Pressured by fashion’s largest name brands, textile factories and garment manufacturers consistently cut corners to increase annual profit margins, at any cost. The modern fashion industry, currently making upwards of $3 trillion a year, is simply unsustainable. Here’s why: Next to big oil, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world and is responsible for the most the detrimental toxic waste dumping, ground water contamination, and water consumption of any industry. The unrelenting waste of retailers and typical Western households has far exceeded the capacity of global landfills. Americans alone throw away over 14 million tons of clothes every year; annually, that’s about 80 pounds per person. Local thrift operations only sell about 20% of donated items. More than 80% of our clothes end up being packaged and shipped to landfills and incinerators around the world. In addition to using vast amounts of water during manufacturing and dirty oil for shipping, petroleum-based fibres (including acrylic, polyester, and nylon) are non-biodegradable, taking hundreds of years to break down, while releasing a harmful greenhouse gas 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Carcinogenic plastic microfibers have been proven to bioaccumulate in our groundwater, travelling from rivers to oceans, and into our food chain. An increasing contributor of global deforestation, rayon is a synthetic fiber made from wood pulp, manufactured with toxic chemicals such as caustic soda and sulphuric acid and routinely dumped into local ecosystems.

The Truth About Where Your Clothes Really Come From — If you Live and Shop in North America It can take more than 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture one cotton t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Responsible for colossal water consumption, as well as the most pesticideintensive crop in the world, cotton consumes 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of all insecticides. The environmental impacts of growing genetically modified cotton are devastating to local communities, who suffer exponentially higher rates of birth defects, mental illness, and cancer. Seed and chemical magnate Monsanto has exacerbated the harmful environmental and health impacts of cotton operations by threatening local farmers with extortion. As a result, the suicide rate among farmers in India’s largest cotton-producing Punjab region is well documented, where it is estimated a distraught farmer takes his own life every 30 minutes.

Appalling human rights violations are among the worst of any industry The system was originally intended to provide jobs to poor communities as an opportunity to work their way out of poverty. Instead, “fast fashion” CEOs (making upwards of tens of millions of dollars every year) cut costs and increase profit margins by preying on

nations notorious for slave-labour friendly practices and egregious labour-law violations, including Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, India and Vietnam. According to the 2015 award-winning documentary The True Cost, one in six people alive on the planet are involved in the fashion industry, making clothing the single largest labour-intensive industry in the world. Of the 40 million garment labourers worldwide, four million of them work in Bangladesh; 85% of them women, living in extreme poverty on about $2 a day. Working in oppressive heat without breaks, often enduring physical and sexual abuse from management personnel, factory workers bear the biggest brunt of the low-cost fashion industry. Workers are often forced to work in unsafe working conditions, frequently resulting in preventable fatalities caused by factory fires and building collapse. The old argument that sweatshops are somehow good for poor communities is a myth perpetuated by those who seek to maintain exponential profits — at the expense of labourers, far-removed from the glamour of retail storefronts. The industry’s success is predicated on the lie that eternal consumer happiness lies on the other end of the next purchase. Any reasonable person can see the clothing industry is capitalism run amok,

consumed by profits, and without regard for human life or the environment. For those who want to do something about it, there is good news, but first we need to understand the reality of where our clothes come from, what went into making them, and the unbelievable cost of what we wear. There is a revolution underway to fundamentally restructure the clothing industry. Fair-trade fashion puts human capital and environmental sustainability as a tangible metric toward the bottom line. Minimizing harmful impacts drives the standards of production, across the board. From sourcing organic fibres to re-using all viable materials available; from providing life and community-enriching experiences to delivering on a promise of a living wage — fair-trade industries are driven by consumer demand and responsible professionals with a passion for producing quality products in a way that supports people and the planet. You can do your part, too. Need less. Buy second-hand. Support fair-trade. Buy organic and recycled goods made from post-consumer waste. Read labels. Boycott brands and retailers that utilize sweatshops. Know your clothes, do your research, and “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead Picture Source: http://bowshrine. com/angels-in-hell-child-labour-inbangladesh-gmb-akash/ Evan Michael Zislis is a professional organizer, social entrepreneur and bestselling author of ClutterFree Revolution: Simplify Your Stuff, Organize Your Life & Save the World. For more information, visit

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

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By Anna Hunt


OW MANY TIMES have you read or heard that refined sugar and processed meats are bad for you? Or how many pictures have you seen that show plastic pollution pervading the oceans? But yet, many of us remain willfully blind to these fundamental facts. We make very little changes in our lifestyle even though our habits may be destroying our bodies and planet. Why does this happen? In her book Willful Blindness, Margaret Hefferman argues that it is our human nature to willingly ignore the facts, even if they are destructive. “Failing to see – or admit to ourselves or our colleagues – the issues and problems in plain sight can ruin private lives and bring down corporations.” ~ Margaret Hefferman


Willful Ignorance is Just Easy Each one of us has constructed our own specific set of beliefs. We base them on our past experiences, ideas and relationships with others. Your beliefs are hard-wired into your brain. Thus, instead of taking the time to assess contradictions and form doubts, you willfully rationalize your beliefs. Let’s be honest. It’s easy to block out uncomfortable realities (like prevalence of the herbicide glyphosate in food products marketed to children…or the fact that seven million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year.) These facts can be scary and difficult to digest. Truly accepting them would require thought and action, and who has time for that! No one wants to be called dramatic, or Debbie-downer, or conspiracy theorist. Frankly, we just want to be accepted by our peers. Conformity often trumps rationale. Take a moment and think: how often do you use your culture, social norms or identity to justify your point of view or action? I’m definitely guilty of it. Cognitive psychologist, Albert Bandura, states: “…people transform harmful practices into worthy ones, coming up with social justification, distancing themselves with euphemisms and numbers, ignoring the longterm consequences of their actions. I would guess we’re all guilty of rejecting contradictions to our beliefs about what lifestyle is acceptable, especially if they make us uncomfortable.” Researchers Daniel T. Gilbert et al. from The University of Texas at Austin examined why this happens. They suggest that “belief is first, easy, and inexorable and that doubt is retroactive, difficult, and only occasionally successful.” What Glibert et. al. found is that when an idea or fact supports a belief, then we accept it passively without much efforts. Yet, when an

Tyranny From page 4

us all. If, like me, you go against this grain then it becomes fun, exhilarating even, to read again such adventures as that of T. Lobsang Rampa, in ‘The Rampa Story’, and to consider this as a verifiable account, this story of a Tibetan monk who transmigrated in soul-form to a body in the South of England, taking up residence there in the modern day. The book is disconcertingly convincing. And quaint. A quaintness found in abundance throughout the pages of Yogananda Paramahansa’s ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. It stands as a testament to the call for magical thinking in our society when a leading industrialist and technologist, Steve Jobs, reveres such a book. In a chapter where Yogananda asks his guru, Sri Yukteswar, about the true meaning Page 18

Why We Stay Oblivious To Facts That Threaten Our Health And The Planet idea or fact create doubt, we need the cognitive ability and motivation logically evaluate it. Basically, we have to make ourselves disbelieve our initial belief. That, my friends, takes effort. Many of us are not willing to put in that effort. Hence, we’re back to willful ignorance. Hefferman states: “People are about twice as likely to seek information that supports their own point of view as they are to consider an opposing idea.”

The Influencers of our Beliefs What’s concerning is that many of our beliefs are shaped by corporations and media. We do not give this much thought, because very few people are willing to talk about subliminal programming. (This is a perfect example of willful ignorance!) Yet, most generations living today grew up in front of the TV. Newscasters, Hollywood producers, and advertisers have been feeling ideas of what is right, what is acceptable and what should be ridiculed. The problem is surmounted with the influence of religions, educators and governments. Most of these have their own agendas, unbeknownst to us during our childhood and young adulthood.

It’s OK to Change Your Mind What’s exciting is that we now live is a completely different world than even 20 years ago. We have access to massive amounts of information. It is all at our fingertips. Social psychologists, activists, and thought leaders, such as Hefferman, are able to share their knowledge, experience and wisdom with the masses. of the story of Adam and Eve, Sri Yukteswar unfolds a vision of the energy body and of our fall from grace as being one of awakening primarily the lower chakras; the fully awakened, then, having them all lit up and able to perform Siddhis, or miracles, at the behest of the crown chakra’s ‘thousand petalled lotus’ being fully in bloom. It’s a Vedic evolutionary vision that wonderfully accords with the archaeological findings put forth in ‘Forbidden Archaeology’, by Richard Thomson and Michael Cremo, a book with numerous examples of anatomical human skeletal remains found within strata of rock that far predate what our current theories of evolution will allow for. Deep truths, then, with perennial currency drawn from quaint and old-world thinking. It’s just such quaintness that I’m beginning to think of as a handy barometer for all the magic that hasn’t been stripped away from us by this tyranny of experts. An old-world clarity that’s beginning to stand as a bulwark against that tyrannical expert within.

Where the challenge lies is in our willingness to give thought to contradictions. It’s ok to consider information that opposes the official story you were fed in school or the marketing pitch of massive corporations. It’s ok to change your mind. Perhaps milk “Does not do A Body Good.” When you’re drinking a Coke, you don’t “Catch the Wave”…instead you pollute the wave. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not weird but smart to homeschool, opt out of politics, and stop reading/watching the news. Ms. Hefferman writes in the book: “Whether individual or collective, willful blindness doesn’t have a single driver, but

many. It is a human phenomenon to which we all succumb in matters little and large. We can’t notice and know everything: the cognitive limits of our brain simply won’t let us. That means we have to filter or edit what we take in. So what we choose to let through and to leave out is crucial. We mostly admit the information that makes us feel great about ourselves, while conveniently filtering whatever unsettles our fragile egos and most vital beliefs.” It may be beneficial to reflect on what you’re filtering out because it intimidates your ego. Next time something contradicts one of your beliefs, it may be a noteworthy practice to give these new ideas some thought. About the Author: Anna Hunt is writer, yoga instructor, mother of three, and lover of healthy food. She’s the founder of Awareness Junkie, an online community paving the way for better health and personal transformation. She’s also the co-editor at Waking Times, where she writes about optimal health and wellness. Anna spent 6 years in Costa Rica as a teacher of Hatha and therapeutic yoga. She now teaches at Asheville Yoga Center and is pursuing her Yoga Therapy certification. During her free time, you’ll find her on the mat or in the kitchen, creating new kid-friendly superfood recipes. Sources: http://www. php?location=US This article (Willful Ignorance: Why We Stay Oblivious to Facts that Threaten Our Health and the Planet) is copyrighted by Awareness Junkie, 2018. It is reposted here with permission. You may not copy, reproduce or publish any content therein without written permission. Feel free to share this article on social networks and via email. If you have questions, please contact us here. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Waking Times or its staff.

By Bernhard Guenther


OWEVER, THE BIGGER issue with medicine work (one that ties into all the aforementioned distortions) is related to the “topic of all topics” – the hyperdimensional matrix control system. This is a very misunderstood or ignored topic that is oftentimes ridiculed or laughed off as “sci-fi nonsense”. Occult hostile forces have “hijacked” the “medicine world” in ways most people are not aware of – and given the “portal-opening” chemistry involved between human physiology and plant biology, that’s no surprise. During this time and age of accelerated changes both within and without, there is an occult (hidden) spiritual war of dark versus light taking place “behind the veil”, acting THROUGH us…and it is intensifying. The dualistic matrix is stuck on overdrive, trying to lock as many humans as possible into a frequency prison so as to secure their “food” supply (and to counteract the awakening process of many individuals) while, at the same time, the Divine Force is also attempting to anchor itself to conduits of benevolent intent. Opening oneself up – forcefully, I might add – to the invisible realms via external substances has the potential to create an opening (gateways) for entities to come through and parasitically attach themselves to the host/’beacon’. This danger has always been there with any kind of ritual/thoughtloop, but it is clearly increasing with the global surge in neurology-altering indulgences. Basically, hyperdimensional entities are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of medicine plants (in particular ayahuasca) with the aim to “tag” more people and take over the human body vehicle via “soul snatching”. I recently came across this quote by Lisa Renee, which confirms what Fred and I have realized (and seen building up within the ‘scene’), especially over the past year: “Ayahuasca, other ceremonial shamanic plants and psychedelic drugs are high risk behaviors that invite Attachments, Addiction Webbing and Possession for human beings on the planet during the Ascension Cycle at this time. Ayahuasca plant spirit has been hijacked by many of the dark avatars and the consortium of NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) entities (occult hostile forces of the hyperdimensional matrix) that are on this planet during the Ascension Cycle looking to harvest Soul bodies and the possibility to take over the physical body. It is designed to interfere with true spiritual communication links and shut off the neurological communication functions between the persons consciousness and

Part 3: Occult Hostile Entities and the Hyperdimensional Matrix

their higher spirit. It will install its own software programs to run the body, and brain in the autonomic functions of the Central Nervous System. It is usually

an astral enlightenment program to trick the person into believing their artificially induced spiritual and altered consciousness state is real.

The Ayahuasca plant is connected to a massive spirit, that has grown in size from many people being falsely lead on this path and taking it at high quantities during this time. The design of this plant ceremony in most common cases, is that the spirit of the plant is manipulated by negative forces that want the original consciousness of the person taking the drug to leave the body and/or change Timelines. The goal for the Imposter Spirit that want to take over the human body either in the current time, or in the future timelines, use the Ayahuasca plant to act as its conduit and dark portal opening to allow access into the inner spiritual sanctum of that person.” – Lisa Renee,


Page 19

Energetic Synthesis It is important to keep in mind that Lisa Renee is talking about “this time”, ie., a reference to the increasing intensification of energies that have arisen through desperate attempts by the occult matrix overlords to keep humanity in its frequency prison – which also includes the imitation/hijacking of “enlightening” experiences. All this implies (on the reader’s part) an understanding of the hyperdimensional matrix, in particular how negative entities can most often appear as benevolent forces in order to create “traps of agreement”. I feel there is a time and place wherein these plants can help as “tools” (as I have experienced myself) for shedding unhelpful patterns and healing traumas/addictions, but as with any external tool, it needs to be laid aside at some point by anyone who is sincerely engaged in the process of soul integration (embodiment). The process of awakening is one that requires avoidance of becoming attached to any single “path” and external catalysts. This truth will be a particularly challenging one to accept for people who have built their entire lives around medicine plants and/or who are very identified with them, especially when their “career” depends on the continued popularity and broad acceptance of neo-shamanistic rituals involving these substances. Hence, triggers around this topic are inevitable, as I’ve already seen in some of the reactions when I posted the above quote by Lisa Renee on Facebook. Most often, these people have no real understanding of both the hyperdimensional matrix and the NAA that Lisa mentions, but they simply react mechanically, without understanding the context, and as a result hurl assumptions, fallacies, projections and even ad hominem attacks at the content. Those who accuse me of contradicting my previously stated views on medicine plants while I engage in “fear mongering” have clearly never read my work in depth (hence, they usually take things out of context). And as stated several times already, I keep learning and growing as I go along, since seeking truth is a endless

process – this truth also implies that there are times where I can (and will) change my viewpoint of things, based on internal experience in combination with research, resulting in new understandings and realizations. It wouldn’t really speak well for myself and my work if I’d still have the same stance on everything that I held 15 (or even five!) years ago. Also, I’m not here to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do…to each their own. Do what you feel is right for you, and live as you wish. But be aware of the dangers whilst in the process of seeking out answers, in particular when working with ayahuasca. “The number one issue I see with people who have used ayahuasca is the infiltration of entities in their luminous energy field. In fact in my experience I have met very few people who have used ayahuasca who does not have entities attached to and/or influencing their luminous body. I am not implying ayahuasca usage was the sole source, primary source, or even a source, of these entities. As mentioned below, a great many people are (usually unknowingly) contending with the effects of psychic intrusion and attachments even if they’ve never used psychoactive plants. However, it’s worth pointing out, there are a noteworthy number of situations where I have been aware that a significant degree of the psychic intrusion the people I have met were experiencing was directly linked to their use of ayahuasca…. A lack of awareness around entities and the ways in which they relate with and affect Man is one aspect of what makes drinking ayahuasca a potentially detrimental experience. It’s one aspect of what lurks in ayahuasca’s shadow. My previous partner (an exceptionally talented Shamanic Energy Healer) has worked on significant numbers of clients who are dealing with the negative after-affects of their ayahuasca journeys. The #1 issue they face is entities in their luminous energy system. The consequences of such intrusion range widely. Insomnia, paranoia, emotional outburst, mood swings, depression, physical illness, and more…. Most of the people I’ve met who have come out of an ayahuasca ceremony with one or more newly acquired entities in their field are not at all aware of what they have picked up. At the most they may feel a little “off” but then put that down to being an aspect of their healing or adjustment process because of the “amazing ceremony” they just went through. In reality they have a hitchhiker soon to become parasite.” – Jonathan Evatt, The Dark Side of Ayahuasca Continued in Part 4: Ayahuasca Entity Possession – A Case Study

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all barriers within yourself that you have built against it” ~ Rumi

By Jennifer Deisher


OXIC RELATIONSHIPS COME in all forms and can be detrimental in so many ways, but they also offer the greatest opportunity for growth and learning. It’s within the mindset of growth that we can begin to navigate and resolve relationship toxicity issues in order to release and move on. This can be a very difficult thing to accomplish since the toxicity is much like a drop of ink that spoils the entire well, leaving a cellular toxicity, much like an allergic reaction, to this kind of abusive relationship. The poisoning of the well leaves us feeling “tainted” and eventually leaves behind a continuous cycle of grief in the emotions of denial, bargaining, anger, and pain – a cycle that can never lead to the Acceptance we seek in the form of Unconditional Love. In the big picture, no one has “permission” to bring toxicity into our energy field unless we allow it. However, sometimes the toxicity sets in on a cellular level when this kind of relationship is born in childhood, before we have earliest memories or have even learned to communicate in some cases. It can become a challenge, learning to separate one’s own “energy” from the energy of the poisonous relationship, so it’s important to have insight into how to let go and/or navigate the relationship in a new and different way.

The Cycle of Toxicity If one has never experienced Unconditional Love on an energetic level then one can become easily fooled into thinking they have found “love”, but oftentimes find it to be quite the opposite leaving behind a feeling of guilt or shame or fear, coupled with a feeling of being “unlovable”. This becomes especially apparent when one has suffered from some sort of abuse in childhood and never experienced the emotion of Unconditional Love. How can one know if we’ve truly found something we’ve never experienced? Our relationships are a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves – our own Self Worth – and when we vacillate between toxicity and “love” we truly find ourselves in an unhealthy situation. The toxicity shows up in the form of hostility, aggression, conflicts, quarrels, judgments, and criticism among other things. The Clarity that we tend to find in these types of relationships typically comes in the form of the negativity it brings rather than a Positive, Loving outcome. Like a

Page 20

The Ties That Bind Releasing Toxic Relationships

junkie seeking heroin, we find ourselves in an addictive situation alternating between the high when things are going well and the low when the shit hits the fan. Many times we finds ourselves trying to “fix” and/ or communicate with the other person, all while defending oneself against the “judgment” the relationship brings on – both judgment from the other person and judgment of Self for being in that situation in the first place. Usually both parties who participate in these relationships bring a great deal of emotional deflection and projection, meaning that they project their emotions onto the other person when these emotions are actually coming from Self. This pattern is ironic as they typically also deflect or are in denial of the very emotions they are projecting onto the other person. It’s a truly ruthless cycle to break. These relationships are indeed a great distraction from focusing on Self and finding the painfully missing piece one lacks withIN. One has to be willing to seek awareness of, and identify with, their own patterns, in order to Heal and become Whole. We have to remember that there are other addictions besides “substances”, and just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it’s good for us.

It Starts Within Forgiveness is key in any relationship that has had turmoil or is “ending”. However, just because we have found the Art of Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean we can continue to indulge in the relationship without being vulnerable, much like mixing oil and vinegar. First, we have to recognize that which we are bringing to the table and learn to separate it from what the other person is bringing. Next, we have to realize that we are ALL worthy of Unconditional Love, and if the relationship is energetically toxic we may have no other choice but to walk away with Love and Gratitude in

our Hearts. The key is a deep understanding that sometimes we don’t get to have the relationships we were always hoping for with certain people in our Lives, but we experience them for a reason. In order to manifest Unconditional Love into our Lives we have to be willing to receive it, no matter what form it takes. Frequently, when we cannot make a relationship work the way we want, we tend to think of the relationship and ourselves as having “failed” at Love. This is just a matter of perspective and can be shifted if we Allow ourselves to release all conditions and expectations in the relationship, while looking at the relationship as an opportunity to remove the blocks that keep us from finding Unconditional Love, specifically in the form we are looking for. Everything we seek to find can be found withIN so it’s important to create boundaries, both energetically and otherwise. Remember, no ONE can hurt you emotionally without your permission so it’s essential to separate oneself with Intention. This can be done by declaring to Self that this person no longer has your permission to speak or act a certain way

since they do not have your best interests at Heart; this declaration should also be done on a Spiritual level and/or in meditation etc. Intending a separation of energy is crucial because the way the toxicity presents itself is usually a very chronic process whereas our Awareness of the situation becomes clouded slowly. This is confusing because although the relationship tends to start off as seemingly Happy it progressively becomes unmanageable, leaving one wondering when and where things went “wrong”. This is precisely the reason why continuing to indulge one’s SELF in the negativity cannot possibly bring the Loving relationship that you seek. In the Art of Bushido a true “warrior” is asked to find Gratitude when a weakness is exposed, as it gives them an Opportunity to reinforce their armor, if you will. A toxic relationship is where we find the same kind of opportunity for Gratitude and Growth. But we must remove our own energy from the energy of the poisonous interaction, and change it, in order to release the ties that bind. Remember, we are all Worthy of Loving and Healthy relationships. Wherever you find yourself in your relationships today, please Remember that you are so very Beautiful, Worthy, and Loved. Jennifer Deisher is the writer of the Moon Hippie Mystic blog (https:// and has been published on several Consciousness and Healing websites including Wake up World and OM Times Magazine. Thank you for stopping by Blueprints for Butterflies! (https:// Copyright © The Moon Hippie Mystic. All rights reserved. You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

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of the Apocalypse is an archetype representing rebirth and renewal in the face of conquest, war, famine, and death. The Fifth Horseman is ruthless with her healing powers. Her name is Providence, Phoenix-like, she rises up from the ashes of war & decay to spread self-actualized love, openmindedness, and progressive sustainability by digging up the decay and unsustainable residue of past and present civilizations and then using it all as compost in cultivating and growing a healthier more balanced future. In that capacity she has devoted herself to planting gardens of eco-centric heroism in the humus of war, hate, close-mindedness and greed, and anything else left behind by the original four horsemen. She is dedicated to, as Buckminster Fuller said, transforming weaponry into livingry. She subsumes the original four horsemen by teaching them that the new definition of right & wrong must be derived from the universal dictation of healthy & unhealthy rather than the human opinion of good & evil. The Fifth Horseman is the Goddess of Recompense. She is the Verdant Force. She is the soft hammer of evolution. She has come to blur the false boundaries that have been erected between nature and the human soul. She is Gaia. She is Lady Justice. She is the return of the Sacred Feminine. She is all of us, men and women, realizing that we are nature first and humans second, that we are soul first and ego second. She is weighing the worth of the human world with the Scales of Justice. With or without us, she will not fail to bring water to the wasteland.

High humor (Sacred Clown) “What is a tragedy but a misunderstood comedy.” ~Shakespeare

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A Disaster Shaman is a New Oracle who has come to inform the old oracles that they have failed. The selfcentered “culture” has been declared a wasteland, and the unhealthy surroundings dubbed unworthy. Most of us are familiar with the prototypical clowns: red-nosed clowns, court jesters, and Tarot fools. But sacred clowns take clowning to a whole other level. Almost all types of sacred clowns combine trickster spirit with shamanic wisdom to create a kind of sacred tomfoolery that keeps the zeitgeist in check. Their methods are unconventional and typically antithetical to the status quo, but extremely effective. They indirectly re-enforce societal customs by directly enforcing their own powerful sense of humor into the social dynamic. The main function of a sacred clown is to deflate the ego of power by reminding those in power of their own fallibility, while also reminding those who are not in power that power has the potential to become corrupt if it’s not balanced with other forces, namely with humor. But sacred clowns don’t outrightly derive things. They’re not comedians, per se. Though they can be. They are more like personified trickster gods, poking holes in things that people take too seriously. Through acts of satire and showy displays of blasphemy, sacred clowns create a cultural dissonance born from their Crazy Wisdom, from which serious anxiety is free to collapse on itself into sincere laughter. The high humor of Sacred Clowns leads to a higher courage and the audacity to speak truth to power. And they do so with silver-tongued proficiency. There exists no perceived construct of power that’s above their enlightened rebellion. No idol too golden. No high horse too high. No pedestal too revered.

No “wizard” too disguised. No God too godly. No title too contrived. Nothing is immune to the exactness of a Sacred Clown’s rebellion. It’s all merely procrastinating compost. It’s all just wellarranged armor waiting to rust. It’s all an illusion within a delusion. And the Sacred Clown has the enlightened sense of humor to reveal that absolute fact. Lest we write our lives off to unhealthy stagnation and devolving inertia, we must become something that has the power to perpetually overcome itself. The sacred clown has this power. Paraphrasing William Blake, “If the fool (Sacred Clown) would persist in his folly, he would become wise (New Oracle).”

Self-overcoming (New Oracle) “To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.” ~Lao Tzu A Disaster Shaman is a New Oracle who has come to inform the old oracles that they have failed. The self-centered “culture” has been declared a wasteland, and the unhealthy surroundings dubbed unworthy for healthy humans attempting to evolve into a more robust species. The New Oracle teaches this, above all: Pain should not be avoided at the expense of love. Love should be embraced at the risk of pain. As such, a master with high humor is needed to resolve the disaster of the self; to usher in an eco-centric, as opposed to an egocentric, perspective. This master lies dormant

inside us all. It can only be found by having the out-of-mind experience of no-mind, in the courageous throes of self-overcoming. There, in the stillness, the master is meditating. The master is connected to the source of all things, his thousand-petalled lotus spinning like a galaxy above his head. He is radiating inside of you, bursting with wisdom and nth-degree-questions. She pirouettes like Shakti. He foxtrots like Shiva. He/she is the all-dancing, alllaughing oracle of the primordial self, interconnected with all things. And it can only be found there in the silence, between inhale and exhale, between being and nonbeing, between mind and no-mind, between finitude and infinity. After disaster, but just before mastery, the Disaster Shaman as New Oracle persistently self-actualizes toward enlightenment. There, above thought, is the source of human creativity: the place where artists, poets, musicians, and even scientists have discovered the secrets of the universe. Like Leonard Cohen said, “You lose your grip, and then you slip into the masterpiece.” The mind of Everything holds the heart of Nothingness; the void of Nothingness holds the core of Everything. The masterpiece is the working, self-overcoming, canvas of the New Oracle’s life. The New Oracle is forever in the process of seizing the moment in order to seize the day in order to seize the life. In the end, the Disaster Shaman is a healthy response to our unhealthy times. Wielding the courage of the New Hero, brandishing the mettle of the Fifth Horseman, harnessing the humor of the Sacred Clown, and channeling the wisdom of the New Oracle, the Disaster Shaman is determined to tonalize an otherwise atonal world.

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“Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates


By Rachel Allen

HE RECENT BURST of Cannabis Edibles on the scene has created a wave of people using Cannabis medicinally through microdosing. There are many reasons people choose edibles over smoking buds. Ingesting edibles is more discreet. There is no smell and it is easy to keep edibles handy for whenever you need it. Eating Cannabis is ideal for those not able or wanting to inhale smoke. A growing number of people are microdosing with their edibles to manage the wide range of symptoms that they experience. Microdosing is the process of maintaining a continuous, low-level of THC in the body at all times to reduce unpleasant symptoms without getting high. At low levels, THC does not have dramatic psychoactive effects. Microdosing increases your sense of wellbeing without the impairment of being too high to function in your daily life. It wasn’t my plan to develop a reputation in my circles as being a pothead. Fearing pharmaceuticals and wanting to choose a natural medicine, I have used Cannabis for over 20 years to alleviate unpleasant symptoms. It’s not like I want to be considered a stoner, being high in the middle of the day, but that’s what was happening in order for me to function in my world. Then one day last year my entire life changed when I picked up a jar of CBD/THC honey from

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from it. “All the other industries: tobacco, alcohol, forestry, mining, oil and gas that are detrimental to human health are exploiting people and the earth. If they were assisting these issues then there wouldn’t be homeless people on the streets or addicts dying while waiting to get into treatment. That’s why it’s super important that the cannabis industry says ‘we’re here to help people; to support freedom and love, and give people their lives back’. Because if this industry doesn’t do that”, he says, “and two or three years after legalization happens we’re still walking over people sleeping on the streets, and people are still dying from overdose, then as a society we have failed”. Not only is Sapha actively helping addicts get their lives back, he’s also working to promote public awareness about what a drug user really looks like. “It is the normal guy who is dying in the bathroom at work from a fentanyl overdose; it’s not just the people on the street”. Ending the stigma around cannabis is imperative insofar as addressing the issue of addiction and overdose is concerned. Cannabis, as warrior plant spirit only has one agenda: to help and to heal. In order to address chronic addiction and drug abuse with the assistance of this plant, it must absolutely become public knowledge; thereby claiming

now I sometimes go three days without smoking, just because it hasn’t occurred to me to do it! That alone, is a huge measure of success for me. It brings me tremendous relief knowing I am using Cannabis medicinally and that it is the only medicine I need. It turns out that I wasn’t just a lazy pothead after all - I was trying to reduce symptoms to improve my quality of life. Safely enjoying microdosing takes planning and a hefty dose of common sense. The goal is to find that ‘sweet spot’ where you consume just enough to reduce your symptoms but not get high. The first step is to find your tolerance level. Choose a time when you are at home and have no responsibilities

Mastering Microdosing (THC) a local dispensary. I started putting a bit of honey in my tea in the morning, and again in the afternoon. I found that it helped me stay calm and relaxed and made my day function smoother. I was able to hold off smoking a joint until later in the day. I kept the jar in my car for those emergency ‘losing it’ moments, when I would put a little bit under my tongue. I had such success with the honey that it wasn’t long before I started making my own Cannabutter. Then I began to truly fine-tune my tolerance level and experiment with microdosing. Taking small amounts of Cannabutter several times a day has the effect of regulating and balancing my nervous system and minimizing symptoms like anxiety and shaking/tremors. It helps me to feel less overwhelmed and frustrated, allowing me to respond calmly, instead of feeling stressed. Microdosing is working so well for me that its rightful position in the mainstream social dialogue. A lot of people were opposed to his actions in the beginning, thinking ‘What are you doing giving drug-users cannabis?’ This is because “many people still associate the word cannabis or marijuana with getting high and smoking weed. But I never gave up. I kept doing it because it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me”. For Sapha, cannabis served as the torch to a darkened cave; the dynamite to the barricaded part of his being that had been closed due to childhood trauma, mental illness, and unbearable amounts of pain and injury. The spiritual angle of his journey cannot be overlooked because one of the most prevalent hindrances to most addicts is that they have lost touch with the mystery, the magic, and the wonder of this divine earthly plane. Sapha surrendered that debilitating way of life when in June 2015 he went to a holistic recovery center. After returning from treatment, he expressed openly that cannabis was the only medication that he used. Although there was also a stigma around cannabis and psychedelics in the recovery community that is largely abstinence-based. “I was honest”, he says. “I use cannabis for pain. I can’t take pills from the doctor, because pills from the doctor end up getting crushed up and snorted or crushed up and injected. For me, weed is the only thing I can actually consume that does not become habit forming or addictive”. Sapha was able to inspire many people

through his success, and the more people saw that it was working for him, the more they became open to it. “I started by giving capsules and oil to a few different friends. Some of them were twentyplus years clean, who went from taking pharmaceutical pain medications and anti-depressants, to throwing those in the garbage and only using the products I provided them”. Now, in Nanaimo alone, there are over a hundred people that Sapha deals with directly, and treats with his cannabis medications. “I’ve never charged anyone in recovery a cent,” he says. “It’s a labour of love”. Prior to his own recovery, Sapha was working in the oil and gas industry. He was living paycheck to paycheck, on twelve grand a month, and was never happy. “Now I get by; it’s not easy. I have my most basic needs met, and I live a very simple, minimalistic existence. For me it’s never been about money. I have just what I need to have, nothing more. And anything I can share, I

until the next day. Cut your edibles into equal, small pieces, or measure out a tiny amount of Cannabutter to equal 5mg THC. Take one dose. Wait an hour. Write down what you experience. Take another dose and record. Take one dose every hour until you do get high. Now you know your tolerance level. Adjust to your preference. Trusted tips. Many people don’t realize the difference in effect from Sativa and Indica strains. Indicas make me tired and unmotivated - perfect for evening use. Sativas keep me alert and aware, exactly what I need for the daytime. With edibles, the effect lasts longer, 3 to 4 hours compared to around 45mins from smoking. Consuming edibles on an empty stomach makes them more potent. Smoking tolerance is not the same as edible tolerance - be careful! Edible tolerance builds up over time. Mastering microdosing is about mastering yourself. Develop a deep communion with your medicine, and watch it improve your life.

share”. Sapha’s personal experience provides strength for the people in his community, and his business as a whole. He is the voice of a movement who deeply understands the addicts’ plight, as he can relate to what it’s like “to be on that side of the fence”. His main incentives are to provide “more resources and funding, and promote more educational and awareness campaigns about ending stigma”, which is another reason he wanted to get into social work in the first place. “All this volunteer work over the last many years, helping drug addicts find freedom; I love it. And if I can make a small humble living while doing it, great”. Check back for Part 2 of Sapha’s incredible journey, where we’ll have an indepth discussion of the spiritual Ayurvedic roots of the company, the need for cleaner products through the importance of organics, and Sapha’s long-term goal of working with psychedelic medicine in a therapeutic context.

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so in your lung you have the over-growth of some bugs, typically a type of bacteria. We identify the bacteria, we give you a treatment, typically an anti-biotic and it kills the bacteria. The bacteria die and hey presto you no longer have your pneumonia. The problem is we apply that same thinking to chronic disease and it simply doesn’t work because chronic disease doesn’t just happen. You don’t just wake up with chronic disease one day. And there are many different causes of chronic disease. By the time we give you that diagnosis things have been going wrong for a long, long time. So when I met Dotty and she had her diagnosis - her blood sugar level was out of control. Because that’s what people say, many people say that type-2 diabetes is a blood-sugar problem but they’re missing the point. There’s a problem with blood sugar in type-2 diabetes, but type-2 diabetes is not a blood-sugar problem. The blood sugar is the symptom, it’s not the cause. If we only treat symptoms, we’ll never get rid of the disease. So when I met Dotty, I said “Dotty, you’ve got a problem with your blood-sugar, Dotty for the last few years your body has become more and more intolerant to certain foods. At the moment Dotty your body does not tolerate refined or processed carbs or sugar at all. So you’ve got to cut them out.” So what does that do? It stops you putting fuel on Dotty’s raging fire but then we’ve got to work out what started the fire in the first place and what was the fuel that caused it to burn for so long. In most cases of type-2 diabetes this is something called insulin-resistance. Now insulin is a very important hormone and one of its key functions is to keep your blood sugar tightly controlled in your body. So let’s say you’re at the bottom left in optimal health, like all of us in here, and you have a breakfast of say a sugary bowl of cereal and what happens is your blood sugar goes up but your body releases a little bit of insulin and it comes back down to normal. As you move up that curve you are becoming more and more insulin-resistant, that means you need more and more insulin to do the same job. And for all those years, before you get anywhere near a diagnosis, that raised level of insulin is causing you a lot of problems. You can think of it a little bit like alcohol - the very first time you have a drink, what happens? Let’s say a glass of wine, one or two sips maybe half a glass, you feel tipsy, you feel a little bit drunk. And as you become a more seasoned and accustomed drinker you need more and more alcohol to have the same affect, that’s what’s going on with insulin. You need more and more insulin to have the same affect but that insulin itself is problematic. And when the insulin can no longer keep your sugar under control, at that point, we say you’ve got a disease, at that point you have type-2 diabetes. So what causes this insulin resistance, which then causes type-2 diabetes? Well there are many different things - it could be your diet, it could be your diet for the past 10 years has been full of processed junk food, which could be a cause. What if it’s something else? What if it’s the fact that you are chronically stressed? Work stress, emotional stress, perceived stress? For me just seeing my email inbox sometimes, that’s a stress. You see that raises levels of cortisol in your body and cortisol when it’s up raises your sugar, which causes insulin-resistance. What if it’s something else? What if it’s the fact that you have been sleep-deprived because you are a shift-worker? In some people, one night’s sleep deprivation can give you as much insulin-resistance as 6 months on a junk food diet. What if it’s the fact that as you’re getting older you’re losing muscle Page 24

We have got to stop applying 20th century thinking to 21st century problems, we need to take back control, empower ourselves and re-educate ourselves away from our fear of disease and right back down the curve to optimal health. mass? That causes insulin-resistance. Or what if it’s something to do with something we call your micro-biome - inside our body we have trillions of bugs living there and the balance of those bugs is critical for our overall health. If you have a disruption to that balance you can get the overgrowth of certain bacteria and on their jacket these bacteria have something called lipopolysaccharide or LPS and what that does is that when it gets in your blood it causes insulin-resistance. You see the problem is there are many difference causes of insulinresistance and if we don’t address the causes for that particular patient we will never get rid of the disease. That’s what I did with Dotty and that’s why, 6-weeks after I met her she no longer had a disease. What about something else, completely unrelated. What about depression? One in five people are going to get depression at some point in their lives. So what is depression? There’s no blood test for depression, there no scan for depression depression is simply the name that we give to a collection of symptoms. What causes the depression, well we know that many cases of depression are associated with something called inflammation. Now this isn’t the same inflammation as if you trip up, you sprain your ankle, it gets red, it gets swollen, and it gets hot for a few days. This is entirely different; this is chronic inflammation. This happens when your body thinks it is under constant attack. Kings College London, 3 weeks ago, published a study on this this is current up-to-date stuff. Patients with depression, if they had high levels of inflammation in their body they did not respond to anti-depressants. Take a step back; it sort of makes sense, doesn’t it? Because an anti-depressant is designed to raise the level of a chemical in your brain but what if the cause of your depression is actually coming from your body and the inflammation that’s in your body, surely it makes more sense to address that? What causes this inflammation? Well, your diet plays a part in that, your stress levels play a part in that, chronic sleep deprivation, physical inactivity, a lack of exposure to the sun which gives you vitamin D, disruptions in the gut microbiome – you see there are many different things – if we do not address the cause we will never get rid of diseases. Diseases are the symptom. What about something else? What about Alzheimer’s disease? We’re all living longer aren’t we? But we’re scared; we’re scared that as we live longer and as we live older we may have to live with the devastating consequences of things like Alzheimer’s. I’m sure many of us in here have experienced that ourselves or in our families. It’s a heartwrenching condition and we the doctors, we’re scrambling around aren’t we, trying to find the cure. Well there’s a professor, in San Francisco, Professor Bredesen who’s actually demonstrating that you can cure dementia. He’s showing that you can reverse cognitive decline in his patients with dementia and how is he doing that? Well one thing he’s not doing, he’s not saying - well all these patients in my office have got dementia, Alzheimer’s disease – what is the cure? No he’s going the other way, he’s saying with all these patients, let’s say 10 patients in my office, he’s trying to work out what have been the triggers for the last 20 years that have ended up with this patient expressing themselves as dementia? And he identifies them and he corrects every single one of them. And when he does that, guess what’s happening – they are reversing

their symptoms, they are no longer being classified as having dementia. It’s a brand new way of looking at disease. It’s looking at what is causing this disease in this individual patient, and it’s totally different. So what factors is he looking at? Well he’s looking at their diet, he’s looking at their stress levels, their sleep quality, their physical activity levels, their exposure to environmental toxins, etc., etc. Does this start to sound a little bit familiar? What if all these seemingly separate diseases actually at their core share common root causes? We need to update our thinking, our genetics are not our destiny, our genes load the gun but it’s our environment that pulls the trigger, all these factors here - these are the factors that interact with your genes and determine how your genes are expressed; whether you are in optimal health, whether you have a disease or whether you are somewhere in between. Collectively as a society I genuinely believe we can do better and we have to do better. Type-2 diabetes alone is costing us £20 billion a year. Just a 1% saving there would be £200 million and I think we can do way better than 1%. In the United States today, the new generation of kids that are born have a lower life expectancy than the generation before them. Is this evolution or devolution? You see we need to evolve the way that we practice medicine of aetiology not symptomology – the medicine that asks why, not only tells you what. This is personalized medicine, this is precision medicine, this is progressive medicine and

actually if you take a step back, this is preventative medicine in its purest form. We have got to stop applying 20th century thinking to 21st century problems, we need to take back control, empower ourselves and re-educate ourselves away from our fear of disease and right back down the curve to optimal health. Because if we do, together, I genuinely believe that we can change not only our health, not only the health of our communities but maybe, just maybe, we could start to change the health of the entire world. Thank you. How to Make Diseases Disappear watch?v=gaY4m00wXpw This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 For all links and references and much more please go to: blog/how-make-diseases-disappear How to Make Diseases Disappear Written By Dr. Rangan Chatterjee How to Make Disease Disappear is Dr. Rangan Chatterjee’s revolutionary, yet simple guide to better health—a much-needed, accessible plan that will help you take back control of your health and your life. A physician dedicated to finding the root cause of ill health rather than simply suppressing symptoms with drugs, Dr. Chatterjee passionately advocates and follows a philosophy that lifestyle and nutrition are first-line medicine and the cornerstone of good health. Drawing on cutting edge research and his own experiences as a doctor, he argues that the secret to preventing disease and achieving wellness revolves around four critical pillars: food, relaxation, sleep, and movement. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

Architects of The New Paradigm Conference

A Word from Steve Bassett (Director of The Paradigm Research Group) There’s an event coming to your beautiful city titled Architects of the New Paradigm. You might want to mosey on down to the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel on June 30. It’s just for you. It should be mentioned the event has a subtitle: Living in the Post-Disclosure World: Humanity Awakens to the ET Presence. Disclosure? ET? Perhaps some explaining is called for here. “ET” refers to “extraterrestrial” – a real live being from elsewhere. And “Disclosure” (capital “D”) is the formal acknowledgment by heads of state of nations of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Perhaps you are beginning to see from whence comes “paradigm” as in “paradigm shift.” paradigm: a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated As a matter of perspective, Disclosure will be perhaps the most profound event in human history. In this case profundity is being assessed as an event with the most impact on the most people in the shortest amount of time. Once it took several centuries to get the attention of millions of people, now takes about a half-hour – or less. One day soon a president or Prime Minister (King or queen? No.) will step before a microphone in front of a large number of functionaries and say something to the effect, “My fellow citizens, there is and has been an extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet. Your government wanted to tell you sooner, but it just wasn’t convenient. You have nothing to fear except fear itself. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.” In that moment we will all enter the post-Disclosure world and everything about everything will change. Hollywood, which now makes most of its movies up here, has cranked out 300 plus

films about extraterrestrials since 1951. Over time the CGI wizards have gotten really good at their jobs and started taking us out into the galaxy in ultra-high def., surround sound, 3-D to the Imax. Every conceivable alien persona has been represented in all three formats – the good, the bad and the ugly. Some are so cute children demand stuffed versions as X-Mas presents. Many of you have known extraterrestrials were around since you were kids, and the Disclosure announcement will perhaps be boringly anticlimactic. But be advised to not underestimate the power of a paradigm shift. paradigm shift: an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way Seems innocuous, doesn’t it? Everyone needs a framework and there’s nothing wrong with seeing things in a new light. While the term “paradigm shift” is now casually used, it was initially associated with dramatic changes to scientific perspectives. Relativistic physics was a paradigm shift from Newtonian physics. Quantum physics was a paradigm shift from, well, the ‘real’ world. Candidly, when these shifts took place the vast majority of the world’s people didn’t notice and didn’t care, but scientists went absolutely bonkers. A law of physics is but a slice of a vast, complex reality that includes billions of sentient beings harboring a spectrum of worldviews. What if something happened that within a few months would significantly alter the worldview of seven plus billion people while simultaneously proffering dramatic change to a range of critical technologies and even to the laws of physics? That would be the mother of all paradigm shifts. That would be Disclosure, and very soon it is coming to a television screen near you.


This Is Your Body (and Brain) on Gluten, by Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD

n Retaining longer-term memories that are not task-based. n Determine similarities and differences between things or events. If wheat consumption, through some as of yet unknown mechanism, interferes with blood flow to the brain in susceptible individuals, and as a result disrupts the executive functions of the brain, abstaining from it should be considered a reasonable precautionary behavior, assuming we wish to retain these critical functions related to morality, cognizance, and social responsibility. I explore other socio-political implications of the Western world’s several thousand-year-old love affair with wheat, the ‘king of grains,’ in my essay The Dark Side of Wheat. For additional research on the adverse health effects of wheat, read my article: Wheat: 200 Clinically Confirmed Reasons Not To Eat It or view’s biomedical research database on the topic: Wheat Toxicity. Also, for more information on the brainspecific harmful effects of wheat, read the following articles or watch the video: The Grain That Damages The Human Brain, by Sayer Ji

[i] A De Santis, G Addolorato, A Romito, S Caputo, A Giordano, G Gambassi, C Taranto, R Manna, G Gasbarrini. Schizophrenic symptoms and SPECT abnormalities in a coeliac patient: regression after a gluten-free diet. J Intern Med. 1997 Nov ;242(5):421-3. PMID: 9408073 This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 For all links and references and much more please go to: gluten-brain-wheat-cuts-blood-flowfrontal-cortex

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Sayer Ji is founder of Greenmedinfo. com, a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, Vice Chairman of the Board of the National Health Federation, Steering Committee Member of the Global Non-GMO Foundation. Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.


$1,000,000 PITCH PANEL MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS PANEL CANADIAN SECURITES EXCHANGE PANEL CANNABIS GENETICS PANEL HENRY ROLLINS KEYNOTE The International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver will bring together top regulators and industry leaders to discuss permits, business models, and opportunities within the newly enacted laws and landscape. Of course, the International Cannabis Business Conference also famously offers some of the best cannabis industry networking, leveraging our worldwide following to connect wholesalers, brands, distributors, investors and strategic partners. With a keynote speech by the iconic Henry Rollins and a live performance by Del the Funky Homosapien, the International Cannabis Business Conference in Vancouver will be the place to be, so join us for the world’s premier cannabis event!



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say no”. Within three months I was in a film. Then someone goes, “You like documentaries, you want to shoot one?” I go “Yeah!” You know I don’t know how many documentaries I’ve done just because I’ve said yes. But I’m happy to leave tomorrow to go do it. If someone said, “Hey, you want to go shoot this thing in Zimbabwe, and leave tomorrow”, I’d say, “Yeah, I’ve already got my shots!” I mean just give me a Visa. I don’t care, because I don’t miss anybody or anything. I’ll get on any damn plane. So I’m always ready to leave for half a year, you know? I don’t have much going on but output, so that allowed me to do a lot of different stuff, but never being all that good at anything. I mean nobody’s hiring me for my singing voice, but I made a bunch of records. Sold a lot of them too. So there’s obviously something there. I think its more enthusiasm; I think a lot of people see themselves in me, like “What a screw up... Yeah, my man!” and so they’re like “He’s not that good, neither am I… He’s my guy!” My resume looks like five other busy people. There’s so much going on because I just say yes to stuff. I’m 57, to still be getting a job at this age, probably the smart thing to do is just say yes most of the time, because this all comes to an end; there’s a use-by date in my line of work. In the summer of ’84, I was 23, and I was surrounded by talented people. Between tours everyone’s a taxi driver or a waiter. I saw this, and thought, well I’m the only untalented one in this gang and everyone’s broke, so I better get plans B, C, D, E, F, and G to survive - because music is never going to keep me afloat. And ironically, it did very well for me. I was in Black Flag from ‘81 to ’86, when the band broke up, and I had my own band by spring of next year. I hit the ground running; I basically went back to work before I congealed. I just knew that if I didn’t come up with something now there’d be nothing left for me a year later. And so Black Flag broke up in July or August of ’86, and by October I had completed my first solo record. Then by April I had a band, and by May I was on tour. In the independent world, where people move on quickly, that was about as slow as that turn around could have been. That’s one thing I got right, the band broke up and I appropriately panicked. I wrote two songs that afternoon and they were both on my first solo record. I put them on tape within two months of that phone call. So I was 23 and I made this promise to myself, like “Okay I’m starting to do these talking shows and they’re going pretty well; I’m going to get better at those. I’m doing some writing, people like the writing, so I’m going to get better at that. I’m just going to start saying yes to stuff because I’m going to starve to death out here, and I’m not going back to the straight world. Like no way am I going back to punching a time clock, because I will lose my mind in the straight world.” HN: It’s good you kept saying “yes”, living the intuitive life leading you from one project to the next. HR: And it makes you better at the other: doing a documentary makes you better at doing a radio show, and acting makes you better on stage. You can take something from any one discipline and put it in the other pot to improve the stew. Also just that rate of activity, and having to wear so many different hats, Page 27

eventually you just become good at wearing hats. When you take the next job, and you play the guitar, then they hand you a banjo or a mandolin, and you’re like, “Oh wait a minute. Oh I know this”. And next someone says, “Hey executive produce this”. I wrote one screenplay in my life, and it got made into a movie, Gutterdämmerung; so I’m 1 for 1. Of all Henry’s many talents, I especially enjoy his writing, his poetry, and his spoken word. In an interview excerpt I found particularly interesting, he discusses creativity and writing: “I’m a shipbuilder. I don’t want to sail in them. I want you to sail in them. I’m just happy that they leave the harbor so I can have an empty workplace. And the glee of getting the component parts and starting from scratch starts all over again, and we build the next ark. That anyone will read them, that’d be cool. But I’m not making them to get read; I’m making them to get them out of me. You gotta do something with your life. You can watch TV. You can inhale cocaine. Or you can sit down and write, or sing, or jump up and down. Whatever it is; it’s all just choices”. Writing has proven to be an appropriate outlet for Henry because, “you can have authority over your own writing… and you will find in your life that some of the only true freedom you’ll ever get is your imagination, your thoughts, and what you can put on the paper”. About a year ago, Henry wrote an article for LAWEEKLY called “If You’re Just Looking to Get Rich From Legal Weed, You’re Part of the Problem”. This composition came after the ICBC conference in San Francisco. He writes: “I told the audience, several hundred strong, that if they were just capitalists looking for the next thing to make a profit from, they were part of the problem… During the Q&A, someone literally took the words out of my mouth and suggested that vendors should be like microbreweries, where quality is the priority. I remarked that many of them were likely going to become quite wealthy but that wealth was worthless if it just made you mean”. On a final note during our exclusive Agora interview, Henry reiterates that the fact that he doesn’t use cannabis actually makes him an asset to Alex Rogers, “because I’m the funny irony”, he says. HR: I like the reason I’m into it. I’m coming from a good place; you know from the political, the civil rights angle. But I do always leave the door open. I mean look; my body hurts so you never know. I may resort to a cannabinoid for a more pain-free existence. I think cannabis is going to be a gamechanger as soon as you can sell it to mom and pop. I always tell the audience, consider yourself microbreweries because there’s always the crap Budweiser, but then there’s the good stuff. Then you’ll have a legion of connoisseurs because you’re such a liked person in your community, and the entire family uses it for different reasons. You’ll make money off all of them, but you will be a benevolent part of your community. Henry’s involvement with ICBC will likely continue into the future, presenting alongside other speakers, most of who represent the entrepreneurial side of the spectrum, “Which is how you make your money”. Yet this is what makes Henry’s involvement so compelling and unique, because “I’m the hearts and minds guy”, he says. Thank you, Henry!

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