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Danae was started by a group of professionals from mass media and visual communication world. In the field of integrated communication, Danae has developed advertising and institutional campaigns. We have also created logos, organised events, managed press offices, designed websites and written scripts for radio and TV adverts. Four years have passed since its foundation, and Danae has enlarged its staff and developed an increasing number of communication campaigns. We also have conceived and published a quarterly with a 30000 copy circulation. The turnover growth, the number of clients who have chosen Danae and the ever-increasing collaborations seem figures which confirm the professionalism of what we offer.


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staff In the last years, Danae has developed collaborations with universities and design schools, in order to create a group of skilful, motivated and up-to-date professionals and collaborators. Daniele Rocca Project Manager 10 year experience He has got a degree in Political Sciences and attended the Master in Communication organised by the University of Pisa. Freelance journalist, he has lectured at the Architecture Faculty in Genoa and at the Philology, Literature and Linguistics Department in Pisa. Natascia Bascherini Art Director 10 year experience After graduating in Multimedia Art at the Fine Arts Academy, she worked for Continua contemporary art gallery in San Gimignano. She is a professional member of the AIAP and she also attended a training course in Cultural Planning. Simone Lazzaroni Web e Video Designer 9 year experience After attending Telecommunication Engineering he followed his passion for static and animated graphics. To keep his mind young he “has wasted his time talking� on a famous local radio for more than 20 years.

Matteo Bartolini Editor and Press Office 9 year experience He has experienced collaborations with Contatto Radio Popolare Network and Corriere Fiorentino. Now he coordinates ABFLY Magazine, Pisa Airport free magazine.

Nicola Grossi Graphic Designer 5 year experience He studied graphic in depth during his Art High School years. He is an image processing expert and with two children is the most prolific member of Danae staff. Alessandro Pasquali Video Maker and Photographer 8 year experience He graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Multimedia Arts. He has worked on the photography of numerous videos and photographic sets. One of his videos was awarded by the Ministry for Public Administration and the Italian Journalist Association in 2010. Simone Santucci Administration Office 18 year experience He has been the person in charge of administration since 2010. He has organising skills and he is autonomous for what concerns his tasks. He has contributed in making efficient the management of office procedures. Manuela Graziani Account Executive 5 year experience She has got a degree in Communication and speaks English and French fluently. After working in the event and conference organisation for CarraraFiere she made an internship in the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

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7 Institutional relationship partnerships new formats events Visual Communication Graphic projects Illustrations Video adverts 2d animation Web products Multimedia design Media Relationships Press Office Media Planning Media Partnerships



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Environmental Engineering in Italy

Iterrcost Board game

The pietĂ




Pisa flavours

Made in Tuscany

Rinnovabiliamo Ravenna



Toscana expo

del cantiere

CAMMINAMARE 2009 RomaElbaLuni

CamminAmare 2008, araggi P - appa T X foto - di Riccardo Carnovalini

Ass.CamminAmare Via Gramsci 13, 19038 Sarzana - SP tel: 3389367211 fax:0585-831800

Marble tv

Strada dei marmi open day

CamminAmare 2009


pisa airport magazine

13 title ABFLY partner Pisa Airport target Regione Toscana year 2011

It has a 30000 copy circulation and it is quarterly printed in Italian and English. ABFLY MAGAZINE is the free magazine of International Pisa Airport. The magazine describes Tuscany and the European destinations that can be reached from Pisa Airport: through articles on journeys and suggestions on what to buy, where to sleep and what to eat, ABFLY aims to become the tourist reference magazine for those who want to explore Tuscany.

Who invested in our magazine: Museo Ferragamo - Lacoste Sundek - CafĂŠ Noir - The Mall Barberino Outlet - Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Ryanair Principe di Piemonte Hotel Savoy e tanti altri. Danae deals with the graphic aspect, advertisement finding and editorial content of the magazine.

5th edition abfly cover


pisa airport magazine

4th edition abfly cover

the publishing project

the website


pisa airport magazine

the advertisements

Francigena Melody Road Festival Europeo della Via Francigena

19 title Francigena Melody Road client European Association of Vie Francigene target Regione Toscana year 2012

A classical music festival to rediscover the Tuscan section of the old Via Francigena; to achieve this goal the Regione Toscana and the European Association of the Via Francigena decided to start the Francigena melody Road project. A festival with 13 concerts in 13 different and evocative locations along the Via Francigena.

And Danae was given charge of the project’s communication aspect. We developed and conceived the festival coordinated image, and all the communication media used for its promotion.

Francigena Melody Road

Festival guests




video and radio commercial

social media network animation

Associazione 360

23 title Happiness economy client Associazione 360 target National year 2009

A conference to discuss economy...or better, to discuss happiness economy. Its location was the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera and Danae was given the difficult task of designing and creating the event image... We asked ourselves how the workers Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo depicted in “The Fourth Estate� would look today. That is why, also to pay homage

to the famous painter, the smiling Lego mini-figures replace the bearded day labourers. An ironic manifesto, a slightly provocative one which also puts in the foreground the three professional categories that represent Tuscany driving force: manufacturing (blue-collar minifigure), research (mini-figure with the neck tie) and the female doctor on the right.


economia della ‘ felicita Poster





Associazione 360


CamminAmare festival

27 title CamminAmare client “Ferrovie dello Stato� railway company main partner WWF target Regione Liguria year 2008

A 20 day journey along Liguria shores to divulge the environment status of the coast, and also to draw public opinion attention on the new projects for the coastal area. The journey was organised with starting, arriving and transit by rail stations, in order to encourage an active participation. Everybody followed Riccardo Carnovalini, a photographer and walker who walked the his-

torical CamminAmare in 1985 (4.000 kilometres on foot along the coast from Trieste to Ventimiglia). Danae succeeded in promoting the event through regional and national media which not only gave great importance to the project, but which also participated effectively to some stages, by sending journalists and reporters to follow Riccardo Carnovalini.

photo by Riccardo Carnovallini

CamminAmare festival

photo by Riccardo Carnovallini

ambiente sc environmental engeneering

31 services Corporate communication client Ambiente sc target National year 2012

Ambiente sc is one of the main centres for environmental engineering in Italy, thanks to its 130 people staff. It has worked all across Italy for more than 25 years. In 2012, Ambiente sc management decided to entrust Danae for restyling its communication strategy completely.

In addition, Danae photographers and video-makers were chosen to document Ambiente technician activities in the numerous sites where they work in Italy.

construction site photos

ambiente sc

environmental engeneering

Copertina Fax Destinatario Ditta

Attestato di Partecipazione


al Fax

Nome evento

Oggetto Mittente Telefono Fax Data Pagine

si attesta che

Ora (Copertina inclusa)

Le nostre sedi

ha partecipato al seminario che si è svolto a (sede)

Firenze Via di Soffiano, 15 | 50143 Firenze | tel. 055 7399056 | fax 055 7134442 Carrara Via Frassina, 21 | 54033 Carrara (MS) tel. 0585 855624 | fax 0585 855617 Roma

Via Nizza, 92 | 00198 Roma | tel. 06 85357725 | fax 06 85385575


Milano Via Paullo, 11 | 20124 Milano | tel. 02 45473370 | fax 02 45473371

Sede Legale e Amministrativa CARRARA



Le nostre sedi Firenze Carrara Milano Roma

Le nostre sedi Firenze Carrara Milano Roma

Via di Soffiano, 15 | 50143 Firenze | tel. 055 7399056 | fax 055 7134442 Via Frassina, 21 | 54033 Carrara (MS) tel. 0585 855624 | fax 0585 855617 Via Paullo, 11 | 20124 Milano | tel. 02 45473370 | fax 02 45473371 Via Nizza, 92 | 00198 Roma | tel. 06 85357725 | fax 06 85385575

Via di Soffiano, 15 | 50143 Firenze | tel. 055 7399056 | fax 055 7134442 Via Frassina, 21 | 54033 Carrara (MS) tel. 0585 855624 | fax 0585 855617 Via Paullo, 11 | 20124 Milano | tel. 02 45473370 | fax 02 45473371 Via Nizza, 92 | 00198 Roma | tel. 06 85357725 | fax 06 85385575

Sede Legale e Amministrativa CARRARA

Sede Legale e Amministrativa CARRARA

Le nostre sedi Firenze Carrara Milano Roma

Via di Soffiano, 15 | 50143 Firenze | tel. 055 7399056 | fax 055 7134442 Via Frassina, 21 | 54033 Carrara (MS) tel. 0585 855624 | fax 0585 855617 Via Paullo, 11 | 20124 Milano | tel. 02 45473370 | fax 02 45473371 Via Nizza, 92 | 00198 Roma | tel. 06 85357725 | fax 06 85385575

Sede Legale e Amministrativa CARRARA

Dott. Patrizia Vianello Presidente

tel. 0585.855624 fax 0585.855617

Firenze Via di Soffiano, 15 Carrara Via Frassina, 21 Milano Via Paullo, 11 Roma Via Nizza, 92

servizi fotografici

base set of forms

institutional borchure

Nicolai diamant

35 title Space Invaders client Nicolai Diamant target national and international mechanical companies year 2012

Nicolai Diamant is a world leading company in the production and sale of tools to work stone. It has operated in international markets of Asia, America and Europe since 1980. Nicolai Diamant entrusted Danae creativity to develop a communication

campaign capable of exalting the presence of its products all over the world. Inspired by the famous video game Space Invaders, icon of the 80s, we replaced spaceships with the tools produced by Nicolai Diamant, with an effect truly out of this world.

stand fitting

Nicolai diamant

32 years of experience Trusted in 57 countries

45.000 different tools available

Leader in CNC tooling

Engineered & manufactured in Italy


Certified Quality System

score 32


Passionate about customer satisfaction



“Natural Stone Specialist” magazine


Stainer chocolate

39 title Sana Passione client Stainer chocolate target Na tional year 2012

Chocolate as the best friend of your heart and your mind. This leitmotiv inspired Danae to design and create the “Sana Passione (Healthy Passion)� line for Stainer Chocolate. It is a line which consists of four bars based on beneficial effects of chocolate.

On each bar it is illustrated one property of chocolate and the chosen icons were created using cocoa beans. Bars, which include their specific dispenser, are sold all across Italy.

Stainer chocolate

C A C A O • s tA i n e r

chocolate bar billboard exhibitor

C A C A O • s tA i n e r

I polIfenolI possono contrIbuIre a rIdurre I fattorI dI rIschIo cardIovascolarI

I flavonoIdI possono stImolare la memorIa e l’apprendImento

GlI antIossIdantI favorIscono la protezIone delle arterIe dal danno deI radIcalI lIberI

un buon cIoccolato Genera buon umore


PrimaVera Vacanza Massa Carrara

43 title PrimaVera Vacanza client Apt Massa Carrara target Internazionale year 2010

It can never be easy to describe a territory in 30 seconds, especially a very heterogeneous one like Massa Carrara’s. To create the commercial we have used the castle as the common element the spectator can identify all along the video: from the sandcastle, to describe the coast, to the Fine Arts Academy castle, to describe Apuan Alps’ marble, to conclude on the walls of Lunigiana castle, to describe the inland.

The commercial is in German language and it was broadcast on German channels. NOTES: the video has been awarded during the 6th edition of “Premio La PA che si vede – La Tv che parla con te (PA you can see award – TV that talks to you)”, an award promoted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation and by the Italian Journalist Association.

PrimaVera Vacanza Massa Carrara

frame dal video

GMC marble

and granite

47 services stone box study and planning client Gmc s.p.a. target National and international architects year 2011

For this historical company which has operated in marble quarrying and working since 1973, we have conceived an elegant and handy portable display dedicated to Breccia Capraia: a very noble marble known since Italian Renaissance. It has been used in some of the most important and ancient Italian palaces, and today the Breccia Capraia is

offered and used by the most famous operant architects and interior designers. The stone box was conceived and created to emphasize the product’s elegance. It houses the product and, at the same time, makes its transport safe and easy.

quarry photos


marble and granite


stone box

Cafè Culture Association

MSF Museo Storico del Trentino

51 title PROSSIMITA’ artistic strategies in the urban space client Associazione Café culture partner MSF Museo Storico del Trentino target nazionale year 2012

Two tunnels, formerly part of a bypass road, have been converted in a permanent exhibition centre. A place once destined to vehicle transit it is now assigned to host artistic installations. We are in Piedicastello, in province of Trento. There the artistic project

“PROSSIMITÀ – Strategie artistiche in spazi urbani (PROXIMITY – Artistic Strategies for Urban Spaces)”, designed and curated by the Cafè Culture collective, was launched in 2010. For that occasion, we proposed one multimedia video installation and one georeferenced online survey.

the installation point

Cafè Culture Association

MSF Museo Storico del Trentino

53 53

video projection frame

Strada dei Marmi Open Day

55 title Strada dei Marmi open day client Progetto Carrara target local comunity year 2012

The Strada dei Marmi(Marble Road) is a 5611 metre long network, with tunnels for 4541 metres and open flyovers for 455 metres. It is one of the most significant infrastructure works of Italy in the last 10 years.

ter 10 years of work. Its opening was anticipated by two weeks of guided visits: 6 buses per day gave over 3000 people the chance of exploring tunnels and viaducts and walking on flyovers.

The Strada dei Marmi has been built to relieve Carrara historical centre from heavy traffic, and it was completed af-

Danae conceived, designed and organised the tour, besides coordinating all the event communication campaign.

construction site steps

Strada dei Marmi Open Day

the promotional material

the structural project

materiale della comunicazione

Con-vivere festival

59 title Con-vivere Festival client Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carrara target National year 2009/2010 2011/2012

Maybe it is because the scientific director of Con-vivere festival is Remo Bodei, and because it has welcomed important guests and lectures, such as: Beppe Severgnini, Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, Mario Calabresi, Lucio Caracciolo, Sergio Romano, Corrado Augias, Carlo Verdone, Massimo d’Alema... Probably it was because of those

names and many others, but we like to think that if Repubblica, Espresso, Corriere della Sera, il Sole 24 Ore, La Stampa, Il Riformista, Libero, Avvenire QN and many others were interested in Convivere festival, we can take little credit for it.

The Festival protagonists

Con-vivere festival

Advertising campaign photos

Lunatica festival

63 title Lunatica festival client Provincia di Massa Carrara target Nazionale year 2009/2010

Which is the best way to describe Lunatica Festival? Simply by describing the territory where the fifteen scheduled events take place. So, here they are three TV Carosello style adverts, set in three different locations and which describe the province of Massa Carrara: marble quar-

ries, sea and castles. It is its 15th edition, and Lunatica Festival has now become a stable event in Tuscany event schedule. The last editions hosted artists such as: Gianna Nannini, Vinicio Capossela, Dario Vergassola, Mario Biondi, Nada, Paolo Rossi, Ascanio Celestini, La Fura dels Baus.

backstage photos

Lunatica festival

video frame

The Rock

67 title The Rock partner Graziano Cecchini target National year 2011

400 tons of marble, 16 lorries which left Carrara in the dark of night. A long caravan which through Tuscan motorways arrived in Florence by dawn, in Piazzale Michelangelo. Then blocks were placed to create an enormous portal over Florence.

This is the artistic installation by Graziano Cecchini to inaugurate the Festival of Creativity. Danae shot the video of the event and took care of its press office.

The Rock The Rock

frame dal documentario

frame dal documentario

Hotel Bologna

71 title The Italian Way of Living client Hotel Bologna target International year 2011

For this 4 star hotel we produced nine video commercials to describe the main services and strengths of this important accommodation facility. Following the soft wing flapping of a butterfly, skilfully created through computer graphics, we moved across all the hotel spaces: from the breakfast hall to the rooms, from the meeting hall to the reception room...and so on.

Through the 9 commercials of 30 seconds each we promoted hotel services on the most famous social networks and social media.

Studi d’Arte

Cave Michelangelo

75 title Corporate communication client Studi d’Arte Michelangelo target Gallerists, collectors, satellite TV year 2012

We shot a series of documenting videos to describe the different phases to create marble artworks in the Studi d’Arte Michelangelo. The videos describe every complex crafting phase that precedes the exhibition of a marble sculpture: from the sketch to the choice of the block, from rough-hewing to refining work.

A project to promote the artisan and artistic aspect of marble carving and to present to sector people the skills of Studi d’Arte Michelangelo workers.

Studi d’Arte

Cave Michelangelo

Video frame


Pisa Airport Ryanair Tripadvisor

Aeroporto di Pisa We signed a collaboration with Pisa Airport to create the free magazine ABFLY. The quarterly magazine circulation is 30 thousand copies, and it is completely designed and created by Danae. ABFLY, a magazine which describes destinations that can be reached from Pisa. It is distributed within the airport through 6 dispensers placed in six different strategic points: departures, checkin, VIP room, panoramic room and car rental area. Ryanair The Low Cost leading company landed in Carrara last September, thanks to a partnership promoted and managed by Danae. During 2010 Con-vivere Festival edition, the air-line gave for free dozens of vouchers for flying towards the European capitals. People who attended its stand event had the chance to win them in a funny contest created in collaboration with Danae. Tripadvisor Thanks to its over 35 million reviews and 29 million visitors per month, TripAdvisor claims to be “the biggest website on trips”. And it is with the giant of online tourism that Danae signed a partnership in 2011, to promote ABFLY, the free magazine of Pisa Airport. The partnership allows ABFLY editorial staff to use Tripadvisor logo to point out web users’ most preferred hotels.

81 Giunti Amnesty International Telethon Together with the editorial staff of, the tourism portal of Regione Toscana, we put an effort to develop an inter-medium agreement. Starting from May, travellers using Pisa Airport may benefit from an interesting new editorial feature. ABFLY quarterly magazine will publish special articles signed by editorial staff. They will be equipped with a Qrcode that will give readers the chance of exploring follow-up pages of and, the website of regional tourism. Giunti To strengthen the communication aspect of 2012 Convivere edition, for which Danae was in charge of the press office, we signed a partnership with Giunti publishing. The collaboration included the distribution of the festival programme in bookshops and Giunti stores in exchange of displaying the publishing house logo in every festival communication instrument. Amnesty International In our advising work in the communication field, we need to make the promotion of our clients’ socially-oriented messages and the support to important Non-profit subjects meet. In 2009 edition of Festival Lunatica, for whose press office and promotion we were responsible, the partnership with Amnesty International and its campaign “Demand Dignity” were developed thanks to our help. Telethon The CamminAmare 2009 edition, which led to a walk of 802 Km along the coast of Tuscany and Lazio, saw Danae involved in the activities of organisation and print office. Among the many partnerships there were Telethon, and its “Telethon Mission” scientific research was supported by CamminAmare. CamminAmare is an event for the safeguard of the environment and it started in 2008 thanks to the sponsorship of Ferrovie dello Stato.





We held lectures and seminars for: Master in Environment Communications by the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics of Pisa University; Master in Communication for Tourism and Environment by the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics of Pisa University; Communication Sociology for the Industrial Design course of the Architecture Faculty of Genoa University; Public and Social Communications of Bologna University.

we are here A stairway, int. 5

you find us 44° 1’29.63”N 10° 6’29.79”E 48 km from pisa 119 km from firenze 127 km from genova 132 km from parma 234 km from milano 399 km from roma c/o Centro Olidor Via Oliveti, 110 54100 Massa

contatti mail: ph 0585 831800 fax 0585 624705 P.Iva 01181910454 P.E.C.:


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