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  The  90  Minutes  2/Screen  TV  is  a  comprehensive  learning  platform  that  can  be   implemented  at  school  STEAM(S)=Stewardship  events.  90  Minutes  TV  enhances  the   students  learning  by  making  if  fun  and  engaging  as  students  act  as90  Minutes  TV   Host  and  Reporters  that  are  covering  the  event.  Students  quickly  learn  to  become   STEM  TRACKERS  and  STEAM  MATCHERS.  The  STEAM  TRACK  PARTNERS  program   provides  the  real  connection  to  local  STEM  businesses  that  want  to  expose  students   to;  their  business  models,  the  careers  that  are  offered  at  their  businesses  and  the   educational  career  tracks  that  can  lead  to  those  careers.     90  Minutes  TV  /  At  School;  is  an  interactive  media  program  that  enhances  the   educational  engagement  of  an  existing  school  event  by  making  the  event  more   exciting  and  fun  for  the  students.       90  Minutes  TV  /  At  School;  we  have  a  proprietary  STEMA  Career  Track  curriculum   and  a  STEAM  Career  Track/Business  Partner  program     90  Minutes  TV  /  At  School;  program  helps  to  enhance  the  content  you  are  already   presenting.  We  do  provide  a  system  that  creates  interactive  learning  modules  from   your  existing  content.     90  Minutes  TV  /  At  School’s  methods  not  only  increase  the  student’s  learning   capacity  of  the  topic,  but  creates  an  ongoing  learning  experience  for  years  to  come,   with  students  always  remembering  the  day  they  learned  about  that  topic.     90  Minutes  TV  /  At  School    provides  the  tools  and  platforms  that  allow  a  core  group   of  students  to  involve  and  engage  a  larger  audience  students,  teachers  and   observers  as  well.     We  provide  the  service  of  matching  up  local  Green/STEAM\  that  work  with  us  to   match  the  STEAM  or  educational  career  pathways  with  the  subjects  that  the  

students are  studying  to  the  1.  )    actual  job  openings    or  2.  )    future  job  openings  3.  )   potential  internships/mentorship  that  company  may  have  in  the  future.       STEAM  Career  Track/Business  Partner  program  (  we  can  invite  a  maximum  of  5   Businesses  to  participate  )       Here’s  how  it  works  (  the  basics  )       Before  the  Event   A  group  of  students  at  the  school  are  selected  to    become  the  Host/Reporters  that   are  STEAM  TRACKERS  and  STEAM  MATCHERS.  Students  complete  a  4  Hour  training   (  TBD  by    the  school    )       At  the  Event   The  Host/Reporters  will  spend  the  day  talking  to  instructors,  students  and  vendors   to  TRACK  down  the  information,  conversations,  tips  and  clues    that  will  lead  them  to   MATCH  that  information  with  the  appropriate  educational  careers  and  tracks.       Host/Reporter  STEAM  TRACKERS/STEAM  MACTHERS     Required  Training:  4  Hours  based  on  the  /STEAMS(Educational/Training  Required   to  Connect  to  Careers  Strategically  )       STEMA  PARTNER  MATCHING   The  following  services  requires  Dakar/G7  Network  to  invite  the  participation  of   STEM  eTRACC  Content  Partners  that  are  companies  that  have  the  STEM;  technology   and  careers  content  that  will  be  used  for  the  learning  modules,  to  enhance  the  event   learning  topics.     The  At-­school  Work  hours  are  Per  4  Students     Any    of  the  Services  that  are  provided  are  based  simply  on  the  time  the  school  has  to   complete  the  services  that  are  offered.     Plan  A:  Live/Written  Report  (  2  Hours  of  At-­‐school  work  )     Students  are  guided  throughout  the  day  -­‐  assisted  by  one  of  the  90  Minutes  Team  to;   conduct  interviews,  ask  questions  of  the  attendees,  write  up  the  reports  on  the  days   events  to  present  at  the  assembly.  There  is  No;  picture-­‐taking,  audio,  video   recording  or  final  edit  program  delivered  of  the  day’s  events  by  the  90  Minutes   team.     Plan  B:  Live/Written  Report  and  Just  Add  Photos  (  3  Hours  of  At-­‐school  Work  )     Plan  C:  Live  and  Written  Report  and    Just    Add  Photos  and  Audio  (  4  Hours  of  At-­‐ school  Work  )     Plan  D:  Live/Written  Report  and    Just    Add  Photos,    Audio  and  Video  (  6  Hours  of  At-­‐ school  Work  )   Plan  E:  Live  and  Written  Report  and  Just    Add  Photos,    Audio,  Video  and  a  Final  

Edited Video   (  6  Hours  of  At-­‐school  Work  )   Plan  F:  Live/Written  Report  and  Just  Add  Photos,    Audio,  Video,  a  Final  Edited  Video   and  Modules  for  a  series  of  career  tracks  (  number  chosen  by  teachers  )  (  6  Hours  of   At-­‐school  Work  )   Plan  F/Mix:  a  mix  of  any  combination  of;  Live/Written  Report  and  Just    Add  Photos,     Audio,  Video,  a  Final  Edited  Video  and  Modules  for  a  series  of  career  tracks  (   number  chosen  by  teachers  )     (  4  to  6  Hours  of  At-­‐school  Work  )     90  Minutes  TV  School    can  provide  an  audio  and  video  recording  of  the   Host/Reporters  presentations  to  be  used  for;  promotions  for  the  program,  archived   educational  references  and  actual  curriculum  learning  modules.       Some  services  that  are  provided  can  be  delivered  after  the  event  is  complete.  Also   future  events  can  be  planned  to  show  the  finished  product  to  a  chosen  audience.     If  you  are  interested  in  the  90  Minutes  TV  STEAMTRACKERS?STEAMMATCHERS   Program,  please  contact  Dakar  Interactive  with  specific  questions  for  the   information  you  are  requesting.     All  90  Minutes  TV  programs  to  include;  90  Minutes  TV,  Host  and  Reporters,  STEAM   TRACKERS  and  STEAM  MATCHERS,  STEAM  TRACK  PARTNERS       Sample  exercise  to  Create  opening   OPENING     STUDENTS  CLAPPING  IN  AUDITORIUM,  CUT  TO  STUDENT  LINED  UP  AS  USHERS   WELCOMING  VETERANS  BEING  ESCORTED  TO  SIT  IN  THE  FRONT  OF  THE  HOUSE   AND  GIVEN  MINATURE  U.S.  FLAGS  BY  STUDENT  USHERS.    CUT  TO  TABLE  WITH   CANDLE  UNLIT.       CUT  TO  VIDEO  SCREEN  CUED  OF  OPENING  EXCERPT  FROM  FOR  LOVE  OF  LIBERTY   3:42.     CUT  TO  JROTC    CONDUCTING  COLOR    GUARD,  CUT  TO  TIGHT  SHOT  OF  FEMALE   SINGER  PERFORMING  THE  NATIONAL  ANTHEM     DISSOLVE  TO  MC  MAKING  SLOWLY  WALKING  TO  CENTER  STAGE  TO  PROVIDE   OPENING  REMARKS  ABOUT  TODAYS  ASSEMBLY  COMMEMORATING  THE  50TH   ANNIVERSARY  OF  THE  VIETNAM  WAR,  AND  THE  COMPTON  HIGH  SCHOOL  1975   HOMECOMMING  (DEFERRED).       CUT  TO  FARRELL  CHILES  MC.      

90 minutes  
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