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Social Media Management

George Ohan Social Media Management (SMM) 734 Valencia St. #201 Los Angeles, CA 90017 (559) 451-1370 cell

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Page 3 of 17 Executive Summary Company Description Social Media Management (SMM) has been founded because of the rapidly evolving world of the internet. This is a start-up company that believes innovation backed by statistical data will revolutionize the way companies approach marketing. As companies, individuals, and brands try to stay relevant SMM will lead the way to mange a confusing sea of data for our clients. Social Community, Social Publishing, Social Commerce, and Social Entertainment are the four social zones that we introduce to our clients, and then we strategically manage their online presence. History Social Media Management does not have any previous history as a company in this Market Segment. George Ohan, owner of SMM has served with the Department of Defense as a computer applications trainer, information technology specialist for the Department of the Army, and has served as the head of social media for several non-profit organizations. There has been an extensive amount of research on the subject of social media management with some of the areas listed below, but are not limited to: •



Economic Analysis

Industry Analysis

Market Analysis

Competitive Analysis

While the business is new, founder George Ohan has been involved with online marketing since 2002. His assignment as an Army recruiter started a career of online marketing at the highest levels.

Page 4 of 17 Mission Statement Our Mission is to bring ease and understanding to a confusing space such as social media management. We believe that we can manage your online presence, reputation, and relevance in a very organized and understandable way. Goals and Objectives The business goals and objectives follow: 1. Establish the legal name, structure, and policies of the company. 2. Social Media Management (SMM) will implement direct selling plan of products and services for 90-120 days to build client base for a start-up company. 3. Acquire a minimum of 4 clients to mange all aspects of social media within 120 days. 4. Develop and train management. 5. Have 10 clients within 12 months of operation. 6. Limit our expenditures and implement immediate savings plan to grow capital. External Environment

External Environment (cont.)

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Political- Government regulations can limit use of certain websites Economical- More people choose to shop online than ever before Social- More people accept the daily use of social media and eCommerce Technological- New software and innovative techniques are introduced daily Environmental- Look for the industry leaders and what are they focused on Legal- Operate within the parameters of the law

Social Zones

All activities in social media can be placed into a zone for easier management.

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1. 2. 3. 4.

Social Community – Direct engagement Social Publishing – Get known as the industry leader Social Commerce – Drive customers to a point of sale. Social Entertainment – Strategically place ads

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1. Increase brand or product awareness 2. Improve brand or product reputation 3. Increase website traffic 4. Improve public relations 5. Improve search engine rankings 6. Improve customer support quality 7. Increase lead generation 8. Reduce customer acquisition costs 9. Reduce customer support costs 10. Increase sales revenue

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Activities Social Media Management includes many activities that a company owner would find difficult to manage, over look, or not know to consider during daily activities.





Blogs, Micro-Blogging, Viral Content/ Word-of-Mouth, Co-Hosted Online Communities, RSS Feeds, User-Generated Content, Voting Features / Product Reviews, Syndicated Content, 3rd Party Social Networking Sites.

Page 9 of 17 Differentiation can best describe our strategy. We are interested in taking our clients brand and approaching social media in a whole new way. We will implement ideas of Social Zones, real time audience engagement, and creating a story for each brand. Social Media is a tool that needs real people to mange content, posts, responses, and much more. We aim to make our client’s online presence feel friendly. Our Business Our Customer Clients will be small and medium-sized businesses that identify social media as an opportunity before it becomes a threat. Companies that understand the importance of a strategic social media plan will want to invest part of their marketing budget to social media management activities. Competition Webimax, Custard Media,, Viral Media Solutions, iClimber, Intrapromote are very legitimate companies that operate in the social media marketing space. The companies listed above all have unique social media solutions to offer with a large range of products. The competition focus on SEO techniques that ensure high search rankings for their clients. Our Vision We believe that we can offer a new perspective and approach to social media. We are here to help our clients implement innovative and forward thinking business strategies, while we handle the social media management. Our Promise We are, and will continue to be innovators. We provide the newest and most advanced strategies when it comes to business and social media management.

Structure, Legal Structure and Ownership Social Media Management (SMM) is a sole proprietorship, founded in Los Angeles, California by George Ohan. Intellectual and Other Property SMM works on behalf of its clients and all content created for a marketing campaign belongs to the client and SMM for distribution and marketing purposes. SMM will share in any ownership of content created when stated in service contract.

Page 10 of 17 Location SMM will not initially have a brick and mortar location to keep operating costs down. The only items needed to be fully operational are: laptop or desktop computer, wi-fi access, and normal electricity.

Products and Services Social Media Management will maintain to develop custom marketing strategies and plans for each client. Social Media is no longer a fad, it is much larger that Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Our Products and Services gives companies and individuals the power to hand pick the exact services they need. Listening – Audience is engaged in marketing decisions Learning - Organize marketing initiative differently Adapting – Zones of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Prism

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Social Media Management: SMM will discuss social zones with your company to come up with the best online marketing strategy. SMM will use tools such as Oracle, Adobe, or Hoot Suite to manage social media and company branding. Social Media has created unique opportunities and a very confusing place for entrepreneurs to market their product or services. Social Media Management can help bring some understanding of the world wide web to our clients.

DVDs, Video CDs, CDs and Blu-ray/HD Discs: Duplication of all content that is created will be available in most formats. Storage and HD backup of content: We can back up all HD content to an external drive or cloud storage. This will safeguard your video, photography, and marketing content. Editing: Social Media Management also provides full service photography and video editing services. This will reduce production time and cost of new HD content. Video and Photography Capture: SMM can provide HD video services, professional photography, customized DVD, video CD, Blu-ray/HD disc, etc. Digital photo albums and scrapbooks to use as HD content can be shot and archived by SMM.

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SWOT Analysis for: Social Media Management (SMM)




Malicious use of SM information


Law of Diffusion of Innovations


Larger Companies


No current industry leader


Resistance due to lack of understanding


SMMS education and execution





10. Over 10 years experience eMarketing


Knowledge of ALL social media

11. In-house: HD video, photography and,

aspects 9.

No team in place to execute a plan

editing. 12. Access to talented workforce

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1. 2. ings 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.

No current investors to fund project.

8. 9. 10. Facebook founded in 2004. Experience in eCommerce since 2002. 11. No need to outsource HD content creation to third party. 12.

Page 14 of 17 RESUME George Ohan PROFILE Possesses a solid understating of international cultures, economies, politics, employee relations, and the diverse needs of organizations. Flexible and versatile leader able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure. Thrives in deadline driven environments with excellent team building skills. Utilizes creativity and analytical thinking to develop and implement marketing plans, communication strategies, and event management. Dynamic, inspirational leader with proven record of achievements and recipient of many awards.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE RECRUITMENT AND SALES • Enrolled transitioning servicemen and women to college level education in the entertainment industry • Commander of a seven person U.S. Army Recruiting Station that consisted of three colleges and ten high schools located over 72 square miles of Orange County. • Ensured the station met its assigned monthly Regular Army and U.S. Army Reserves recruiting mission with integrity. • Responsible for enlistment of approximately 24 persons per year into the U.S. Army. Planned, organized and presented formal and informal talks on Army careers • Established and maintained the Recruiter Basic Management System and the Delayed Entry Training Sustainment Program. • Contacted, interviewed, and counseled prospective enlistees on all facets of Army life. MANAGEMENT • Must maintain relationships and records of all newly enrolled students and community partners • Prepared detailed written reports on training conducted, and provide recommendations to company and battalion leadership teams on individuals trained. • Ensured that new soldiers reported on time to assigned locations for active duty. • Mentored recruiting personnel and provided support in morale, motivation, administration, training, guidance, and counseling as required.


Page 15 of 17 • Developed and implemented marketing plans and resources to support military recruiting efforts. • Assisted with development of targeted advertising campaigns. • Fluent in speaking Armenian TRAINING • Conducted and served evaluates training for military recruiters and station commanders. • Served as an Instructor for station, company, and battalion level training. • Trained over 300 Soldiers and Civilians in over 20 computer applications. EMPLOYEMENT HISTORY The Los Angeles Film School Officer, Military Transition & Community Outreach (10/2012 – Present) Department of Defense/U.S. Army Information Technology Specialist (9/2009 – 3/2010) Technology Resource Inc. Computer Applications Trainer (7/2008 – 8/2009) Signature Xavier Producer (04/2008 – Present) United States Army Training Non-Commissioned Officer (6/2005 – 12/2006) Station Commander (7/2004 – 6/2005) Field Recruiter (1/2002 – 7/2004) Tank Gunner, Tank Driver and AIT (08/1998 – 12/2001)

Page 16 of 17 ACHIEVEMENTS • Recognized by 6th Recruiting Brigade Command Sergeant Major for outstanding contributions and dedication to mission accomplishment. • Played a key role in the Newport Beach Recruiting Company being ranked second in the 6th Recruiting Brigade for both Regular Army and U.S. Army Reserves • Achieved company market share increases in every category with the best rate in the battalion due to market share based training execution. • Ensured future soldier training resulted in company attrition rate of 8.4% that ultimately saved the U.S. Army $840,000 training dollars. EDUCATION AND TRAINING University of California, Los Angeles - Certificate in Entrepreneurship, 04/2012 – 07/2012 The Los Angeles Film School, 10/2010 – 03/2012 Information Assurance Security Officer Certification Course, 2010 Microsoft Office 2007 course on Army Learning Management System (LMS), 2009 Information Assurance Security Certification, 2009 Battalion Applications Trainer Certification, 2008 CA Life Agent License, 2007 Recruiter Trainer NCO, 2005 Station Commander, 2004 Basic NCO CRS (BNCOC), 2003 Army Recruiter, 2002 Warrior Leader CRS, 2001 DLI-German Short CRS, 2000 Unite Armorer Training, 1999 Combat Life Savers CRS, 1999

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1. - Market Intelligence Report: Enterprise Social Media Management Software 2. - Competition 3. - Social Media Prism 4. - Zones of SMM 5. - PESTEL Analysis - External Environment

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