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World Dairy Expo Special Edition

September S b 88, 2018

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• Wolfe family named McKown Master Breeder ..................................... Pages 14-15 • Hornickel, Keim named Industry People of the Year ......................................... Pages 17, 19 • Blue Star Dairy Farms host virtual tour ............................................ Pages 22-23 • Seminar: Clearing hurdles into a dairying career ........................................ Pages 35, 37 SECOND SECTION • Seminar: A glimpse of the future ...... Page 4 • Behnke, Stetzer to judge International Milking Shorthorn Show ............Pages 9, 11

WDE enters The Next Frontier

2018 show adapts as industry evolves By Jennifer Coyne

MADISON, Wis. – Each year, World Dairy Expo evolves to meet the growing needs of the dairy industry – and the 2018 show will be no exception. In accordance with this year’s show theme, WDE will enter The Next Frontier, providing a platform for elite dairy cattle genetics, state-of-the-art industry products and world-class educational opportunities. “We know the industry is changing,” said Laura Herschleb, attendee services with WDE. “As an organization, we’re constantly evolving, too, and this year’s show is reective of that.” The 52nd annual show will take place Oct. 2-6 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wis. Within the tried and true events of WDE, attendees can anticipate adjustments to the show’s dairy cattle show, trade show and various attendee hospitality events for an experience more catered to their enjoyment. “Planning for World Dairy Expo is a Turn to WDE | Page 2


More than 800 companies exhibit at World Dairy Expo every year in Madison, Wis. This upcoming show will feature addiƟonal space for tenured businesses, as well as a redesigned Trade Center.

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Dairy caƩle exhibitors lead their caƩle in breed open and junior shows at the 2017 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. Those viewing the caƩle shows may parƟcipate in railbird judging, placing one milking class from each breed and comparing their placings with that of the judges’.

365-day-a-year task,” Herschleb said. “Once last year’s show wrapped up, we already had a team thinking about this year. We’ve focused on areas of opportunities to continue making this the must-attend event in the global dairy industry.” In the show ring, junior champion heifers of the junior and open shows will walk alongside the grand champion cows in the 2018 World Dairy Expo Parade of Champions. Just as a supreme champion is named for the junior and open shows, so will a supreme champion heifer of both shows. The supreme champion cow of the junior show will receive the use of a cattle trailer for one year, provided by Frenchville Trailer Sales, LLC of Ettrick, Wis. “The parade of champions is such a captivating part of the show, and this is a way for more people to be in-

volved,” Herschleb said. For dairy cattle show enthusiasts, it will be an exciting opportunity to watch the development of the supreme and reserve supreme champion heifers as they become a part of future cow shows. Attendees will once again be able to participate in railbird judging, placing one milking class from each breed and comparing their placings with that of the judges’. After it is announced which class will be railbird judged, participants will have 15 minutes to send in their placings via text message. They will then be notied if they won in the same manner. “This is such a fun way to be involved,” Herschleb said. “It’s been a neat event at smaller shows, and we’re looking forward to continuing it at the industry’s premier dairy cattle

show.” Technology remains an instrumental component of WDE, sharing the daily happenings with attendees at the show and those following along remotely. Individuals may opt to receive real-time dairy cattle show results via text message in addition to streaming the show ring coverage on ExpoTV. In its sophomore year, the newest addition to ExpoTV – Expo360 – will kick off daily at 10 a.m. with an hourlong live broadcast of WXPO News, live coverage of Expo seminars and virtual farm tours, and other coverage, bringing a complete 360-degree look of the show to viewers. “Our goal is to keep attendees engaged in real time,” Herschleb said. While WDE is an opportunity for youth to learn more about the industry through dairy cattle judging contests, Turn to WDE | Page 4

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                                                                                                                                       


A youth exhibitor leads his heifer to the show ring during the 2017 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. This year, a supreme champion heifer of the open and junior shows will be named during the World Dairy Expo Parade of Champions Saturday, Oct. 6.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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3. Sun Light - Workers appreciate working in a bright barns and parlors, and JanAire will save you money on your electricity bills. No lights will be needed during the daylight hours! 4. Low Maintenance - Except for two fractional fans, there are no mechanical parts. No hinges or pulleys to rust, no cables or ropes to stretch and break, no leaky airlines; and it won’t freeze up or go out of adjustment. JanAire curtainsalsoclean up very easily with an ordinary garden hose.

Don’t forget to complete your barn with a JanAire RidgeVent!


email: “Since 1987”

New 2016 Haybuster 2564

2011 Haybuster H1130 Tub Grinder

2013 Haybuster 2655

Now $33,500

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2006 Haybuster 2650, hyd deÅector,

Vermeer BP8000,

2013 Haybuster 2655

Now $10,500

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List $42,370

Was $12,500,

New hammers, Was $15,500

new hammers Was $15,500

hyd deverter valve, new hammers, Was $16,500

NEW HAMPTON RED POWER 2205 240th St | New Hampton, IA (641) 394-3178


AT THE WORLD DAIRY EXPO, BOOTHS AR 470-471 770’ curtain

Vagts Dairy - Mark & Andrew Vagts, West Union, IA

4176’ of curtain

410’ curtain

Johnson Dairy, Colorado 332’ curtain

Larson Acres, Evansville, WI

Scott and Brian Bohnert, Bohnert Jerseys East Moline, IL

1,978’ curtain

StempÁe Holsteins, Maynard, IA

Little Calf Ranch Eaton, Colorado


Kappelman makes the most of life

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 7

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at GA H D t i s OT Vi E BO D W 43

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duplica�on, and transfer

�o� accep�ng applica�ons �or �mployers ��aster Dairy Graziers) and Appren�ces in mul�ple states


# EH 1107 7

Pete Kappelman Two Rivers, Wis. Family: I married Shellie in 1986, one year after I graduated from college. We have three children: Beth Gierke and her husband, Greg, have a 2-yearold son, Kenny, and are expecting again in November; our son, Mitch; Erin is married to A.J. Kenneke. They have a 6-month-old girl, Claire. Describe your farm. Last Dec. 31, our kids joined our family dairy business, Meadow Brook Dairy Farms, LLC. Our farm was started by my great-grandfather, Charles Tills, in 1891. It was passed on to his daughter, Clara (Tills) Kappelman, then to my father Karl Kappelman. The farm is named after the one room school which still stands on our property, Meadow Brook School. We farm almost 1,100 acres of corn, wheat, rye, alfalfa, grass and soybeans. Our dairy herd consists of 465 registered Holstein and Brown Swiss milking cows along with the youngstock. Our rolling herd average has been over 30,000 pounds for the past 10 years. We’ve focused on quality milk and quality cattle. We’ve been awarded a top 10 percent milk quality herd for 15 of the past 17 years from Land O’ Lakes. We’ve been selling Brown Swiss to bull studs domestically as well as embryos internationally.


XCEPTIONAL! This revolutionary liner continues to exceed all expectations! With its low-vacuum oval barrel and

What drew you to dairy farming as a career and what do you enjoy about it? Realizing as a teenager that my dream career of becoming a professional athlete was not a likely scenario, I was looking for something that would be equally exciting, yet more rewarding. The really neat thing about farming is you always get a do over. Another growing season or another mating to improve the current generation. Except maybe for cloned animals, nothing is ever the same and it’s difcult to repeat success even when following the same formula. Moses wrote in Genesis 8:22, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” We always get another cycle to improve or build on what we’ve done before. What’s been the best part of your career? There certainly have been afternoons (in a hot hay mow) or days (xing manure equipment) or years (like 2009) that haven’t been all fun, but for the most part the time has own by. I think part of it is the variety of the work on the farm and the opportunity Turn to KAPPELMAN | Page 9

many high-performance features, the Evolution® X has changed the dairy industry forever. Find out exactly why this exceptional choice has been our #1 liner, right from the start. Get the full story at: (800) 828-9258

©2018 Conewango, Inc.

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3 years 2.99% • 4 years 3.49% • 5 years 3.69% ANNUALLY OR MONTHLY

2018 Exiss 7'x24'

3 compartments w/sliders on every gate, 1st gate at 5 ft. 50" side door, slam lock on all gates & end gate, 3 yr. bumper to bumper, 8 Year Structure Warranty • 3 Year Component Retail: $24,465 Warranty.


2018 Exiss 7410LQ w/10.5' Short Well

Full living quarters, 6 cu. fridge, ducted A/C, microwave, shower, stool, electric hydraulic jack, electric awning, bi-fold rear tack. Met Black in color. Retail: $53,975

1 left



2018 Exiss 7'x24' 6N Stock Combo Black nose skin w/bridle hooks, brush tray, all rubber mats, 4 place saddle rack, carpet in nose & drop wall, 2 windows, stainless nose sheets. Retail: $28,540

2018 Exiss 7'x20' 6N Stock

2—7K Torsion axles, slider on center & rear gate, slam lock on end gate. Special Retail: $22,315

20% Down


2019 7'x24'

2018 7'6" x 26 & 7'6" x 28'

3 Compartment , w/1 slider, 1 walk-thru

3 Compartment w/Sliders, slam lock gates

& endgate, 2 w/black skin, 2 w/natural skin, both have 2-8K Dexter torsion axles w/3 3/8 inch brakes, 5-17.5 Goodyear 16 ply tires, front air vents, full length running boards. 26'–SPECIAL 28'–SPECIAL Was $36,630


2018 7'6" x 30'

Upon Approval

4 Rear HD Handles 50" Side, Escape Door Retail: $30,220 SPECIAL




7-14 ply Goodyear radials, 3 axle compartments, w/17.5-16 ply Goodyear radials, 3 compartments w/sliders on every gate, front air vents, rear slam latch, 54" wide escape door, 2-10K - Retail: $36,715 running boards. 3-7K - Retail: $36,720

$23,200 0 $23,950

2018 7'6"x32'&7'6"x34' Special


3-8K’s w/16 ply Goodyear radials, 3 axle compartments w/sliders on every gate, front air vents, rear slam latch, 54" wide escape door, running boards. 32'–SPECIAL



0 $25,850 34'–SPECIAL


PRICES BELOW REFLECT A $600 REDUCTION 102" x 26' TD .................................... $9,500 102" x 28' TD ...................................... $9,785 102" x 30' TD ..................................... $9,985 102" x 32' TD ........................................... $10,200 102" x 34' TD ...........................................$10,500 102" x 36' TD ........................................... $10,750 102" x 37' TD w/12K axle.........................$12,750

8'6" x 33' 10' Dovetail, low pro, pierced beam, w/2 hyd. jack, on board solar charger w/110 volt charger, w/wireless remote, deep chain box in front between jacks, 2 hi-quality side tool boxes, screened in neck, winch plate with receiver hitch. 2 batteries+2 traction strips. Other sizes available.

23,400 lb. GVW, tandem duals, 12” I-beam, Dexter® oil bath axles, all wheel brakes, 10 ply 16” radials, US Steel, extra tall neck, adjustable hitch, screened in neck, Bulldog spring loaded jack, front step w/grab handle, pressure treated floor, outside stake pockets w/rubrail, 5’ self cleaning dove tail, 2 flipover ramps w/kickers. All made in America since 1971, double jacks w/2 speed, anti-flex torque tube frame, center pop up dovetail or mega ramps, drop legs on dovetail, diamond plate steel decking for bottom of ramps and top of pop up to give you a full platform on dovetail. Log on web-site for detailed pictures of fully optioned trailer. Commercial optioned trailer in stock and ready for immediate delivery w/mega ramps.

33' .................................$15,250 Call Randy -37' Heavy Duty................... CALL UNbEATAbLE! CHEAP INTEREST RATES! 3 years 2.99% • 4 years 3.49% • 5 years 3.69% ANNUALLY OR MONTHLY Upon Approval West Hwy. 212 Watertown, SD 605-886-5694


After Hours: Randy: 605-886-8008 After Hours: Lance: 605-520-0491 After Hours: Roy: 605-881-6559

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 9

ConƟnued from KAPPELMAN | Page 7

to work with family and other valuable members of our team. But it’s also been the ability, with our good help on the farm, for me to participate in a variety of industry efforts that has made my career-to-date very interesting. I realize this is viewed as sort of a capstone award, but I feel as though I have a lot of career ahead of me.

ultimate goal in engaging with these organizations was to bring benet and opportunity to dairy producers to help them be better situated for the future.

What’s a saying or philosophy you farm or live by? Find your purpose in life. What is it that excites you and draws you in? Dream about what you want to accomplish and develop strategies to get there. Your biggest obstacle could be yourself. A favorite quote from Dr. Charles Swindoll about the power of positive attitude is, “I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.” Your success in life as a leader will depend on how much trust people decide to place in you. Be honest, be sincere, keep your promises and admit your mistakes. Be worthy of honor and respect.

What are your favorite off-farm activities? Five years ago, we bought a cottage on a small bay that’s part of Green Bay. It’s an one-hour drive from home, so it’s a great place to spend an afternoon or a day to unwind. I’ve also spent my winter evenings for the past several years coaching girls high school junior varsity basketball. While I nd the strategy and excitement of the game enticing, I nd greater reward in how we use the sport of basketball to teach life and leadership skills in young people.

What challenges have you overcome as a dairy farmer and how did you overcome them? You name it, we’ve probably had to deal with it. Low milk prices, interest rates, recession, people issues, herd health issues, as well as drought and a barn re. These are all risks we take as producers, but many of them can be minimized or offset. When you sit down and evaluate each risk with its potential for being catastrophic to your business, it becomes easier to develop

If you could describe your dairy journey in three words, what words would you use? Listen, learn and lead.


Pete Kappelman discusses crop yields during the 2016 corn silage season. Kappelman and his family dairy milk 450 cows and run 1,100 acres on their farm, Meadow Brook Dairy Farms, LLC, near Manitowoc, Wis.

plans that will keep those risks within your tolerances. What has been the hardest part about dairy farming? Saying goodbye to people and to animals. For animals, saying good-bye means having one die on me or having to put one down. I always feel like there’s something I could have done differently or

better to make a difference. For the people part, it’s been hard for me to watch friends with a passion for cows and farming to leave the business. It’s the reason I got involved with industry groups focusing on promotion (National Dairy Board), policy (National Milk), marketing (Land O’Lakes) and individual dairy farmer business development (PDPW). My



• Superior eriorr c cow-comfort ow-com comffo fortt • Low maintenance cost • Dry surface, low SCC • Simplify manure management • Eliminate sand to reduce wear on robots

Comfort you can count on. Eastern Iowa Dairy Systems - Epworth, IA Livestock Systems - Charles City, IA K&R Equipment - Fountain, MN Dairyland Equipment - Plainview, MN Leedstone - Melrose, MN & Glencoe, MN

What does it mean to you to be named Dairyman of the Year? It’s an overwhelming feeling. I never thought of myself as someone to be considered or nominated. When you get out into the industry and onto the farms, you realize how many people deserve to be recognized for their diligence and their commitment and dedication to dairy farming. Some people live their life by seeing what they can personally get out of it. I prefer to live my life by seeing what I can make out of it. If this is a recognition of those efforts, I’m sincerely attered and honored.


• Reduce cow stress • Reduce labor • Increase cow longevity • Lower mastitis rates • Long-term investment for next generation • Minimal bedding maintenance disruption

Visit us at World Dairy Expo, Booths #EH 1713-1716, IL 313


• Consistency in milking procedures • Better data on cow health • Milking, eating, resting choices made by cows • Flexible time management

County Line Dairy, Blackwelder Family Chokio, MN • 130 DCC waterbeds ISO

“We have a robotic milking system with 130 ISO waterbeds bedded with manure solids on one side and deep bedded manure solids on the other side. The waterbed side has averaged a SCC of 125,000 lower over the last year than the deep bedded side. That is a huge diɈerence! We are planning on putting waterbeds in the rest of the barn this summer.”

- Brett Blackwelder

Contact a DCC Waterbeds dealer near you: Midwest Livestock Systems Komro Sales & Service Inc. - Durand, WI & Whitehall, WI - Pine Island, MN & Sioux Falls, SD Nachatelo Construction - Mauston, WI United Development LLC- Brookings, SD Preston Dairy - Sparta, WI Bob’s Dairy Supply - Dorchester, WI RLS Vinyl & Farm Supply - Hager City, WI Field’s - Mount Horeb, WI Scharine Group - Whitewater, WI Fuller’s Milker Center Inc. - Lancaster, WI Lindstrom Farm Systems - Menomonie, WI | (608) 709-2693 Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc. © 2017

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BELOW $10,000

World Dairy Expo honors 2018 outstanding dairy leaders World Dairy Expo is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Expo Recognition Awards to be formally presented at the 52nd annual event in October. The honorees were nominated and selected by their peers for their contributions and excellence in the dairy industry and their community. The 2018 honorees are as follows: – Dairy Woman of the Year: Jeannette Sheehan, Sheeknoll Farms, Rochester, Minn. – Dairyman of the Year: Pete Kappelman, Meadow Brook Dairy Farms, LLC, Two Rivers, Wis. – Industry People of the Year: Dr. Dan Hornickel and Dr. Chris Keim, Sunshine Genetics, Inc., Whitewater, Wis. – International Person of the Year: Alastair Pearson, World Wide Sires China Co. Ltd, Beijing, China These dairy leaders will be recognized at World Dairy Expo’s Dinner with the Stars, Oct. 3, in the Exhibition Hall at the Alliant Energy Center. Banquet tickets are available by contacting the WDE ofce at 608-224-6455 or wde@wdexpo. com. Prior to the banquet, the WDE Welcome Reception returns to give all Expo stakeholders and attendees the opportunity to celebrate and interact with these honorees while enjoying complimentary hors d’oeuvres. Serving as the meeting place of the global dairy industry, World Dairy Expo brings together the latest in dairy innovation and the best cattle in North America. Crowds of nearly 70,000 people, from 100 countries, will return to Madison, Wisconsin for the 52nd annual event, October 2-6, 2018, when the world’s largest dairyfocused trade show, dairy and forage seminars, a world-class dairy cattle show and more will be on display. Visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube for more information.

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 11

WHAT’S INSIDE YOUR STRAW? Every straw of SexedULTRA 4M® semen packs twice as many female sperm cells*, powerful conception rates comparable to conventional and 90% or greater gender accuracy.










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High fertility sex sorted semen

Dairy Sales | Call Center: 1 844 828-7849 |

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Page 12 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hydraulic Dump

Creep Feeder -Dolly Front - Mineral Feeder.

Feeder Wagons, 16-30’ - Deep Dish for Silage


Lawn Mower/Golf Cart Trailer

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Bale Trailers, 6-8-10 bales, Bumper-Gooseneck & Dolly


Sheehan encouraged by roles of women in agriculture

Feeder Wagons, 16-30’

Creep Feeder: 100-200 Bu. Cap., Stationary or Portable.

Palmer Repair 794 Highway 9, Waukon, IA 52172


Jeannette Sheehan Rochester, Minn.

Detect sub-clinical ketosis

Glucose te Now Avail st able

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• Easy to use – easy to read • Results in 5 seconds • Small sample size

What does it mean to you to be named Dairy Woman of the Year? I am so honored and humbled to receive this award. It was a complete surprise when I got the call that I had been nominated and chosen as this year’s recipient. World Dairy Expo has been an exciting event to attend each fall. Dairy judging contests, shows and connecting with friends has been what draws my family to attend. I am glad to see the roles of women in agriculture and how they have made an impact. My parents encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do and do it well. I had good role models, friends and mentors to support me. I am proud of that and honored to be included in an elite group of people. What drew you to dairy farming as a career? I grew up on a rst-generation grade Holstein dairy farm and loved how we could breed, feed and care for the cows to improve milk production and type. At an early age my parents introduced me to 4-H dairy judging and from there I grew passionate about making a more efcient cow, with good type and one that was fun to work with. I have always loved working with dairy cows and really enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing the results of my labor. Being involved with 4-H, Holstein Association and attending the University of Minnesota in animal science reinforced my passion as I met others that shared my goals and dreams. Everyone needs to have goals and dreams to keep the focus on the journey. When things don’t work out the way they were planned, learn from the experience and make the changes for the future or when they do work out enjoy the success. What do you like about dairy farming? It gives me great satisfaction to create something together with my family. I have always felt it was important to make and provide a good wholesome product to feed the world. I am also a caregiver so taking care of my fam-

Turn to SHEEHAN | Page 13



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World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 13

ConƟnued from SHEEHAN | Page 12 ily, the animals and the land is important to me. I like being progressive and learning about new techniques and equipment that improve our dairy’s performance.

each other.

What’s been the best part of your career? Having a career that I love and being able to raise our family in that business. It was fun to introduce my kids to things that I care so deeply about and watch them grow. I have especially enjoyed the time that we have been able to spend together as a family. What’s a saying or philosophy you farm or live by? I have a few, depends on the situation. One is “I believe”; another is “do the best you can with what you have”; a third is “work hard” and nally “whatever happens, happens.” What challenges have you overcome as a dairy farmer and how did you overcome them? Finances and consistent farm labor can be challenging. On the personal side, I nd my aging body challenging. I am not able to do the farm jobs the way I once could, with quickness and ease but try to do it the best I can and accept the aging. I laugh as I claim to be a 25-year-old’s mind set with a much older body.

high. However, expenses were reasonable, and we could make a living. With today’s markets and narrow margins, it’s more challenging to be protable. If you could describe your dairy journey in three words, what words would you use? Pride. I feel proud of the family that Robert and I have raised and the cows that we have built. One of the biggest gratications was winning the 2016 World Dairy Expo Holstein Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion with our homebred cow. We are most proud that our family together shared in making this dream come true.


Balance. A balance of persistence, dedication, attention to detail, respect for others and appreciation for life. Similar to a marathon runner, the preparation takes time, the distance is long, the support along the way is needed to make the nish line rewarding. Watching our children grow and take on their own life journeys has been rewarding to Robert and myself. It is fun to share our dairy with the grandchildren and watch them appreciate our work and lives. Thankful that we have a close family. We have achieved many goals and dreams we set out to do and are thankful that we have

STABL T S E OR N13653 County Rd. M Thorp, WI 54771



What has been the hardest part about dairy farming? One area of farming we nd challenging is having reliable and consistent farm labor. We have been fortunate to have our family, interns and afterschool employees that work at the dairy. It takes patience and a little luck to nd the right people who t into our daily routine and have the same appreciation for our operation as we do. Another area is getting started in the dairy business. Robert and I started 34 years ago with the Sheehan family. It was fun sharing and planning for the future and executing our ideas together. When Robert and I started, milk prices were low and interest rates were extremely


JeanneƩe Sheehan cares for the youngstock on her family’s dairy near Rochester, Minn.

3 miles south of Hwy. 29

Dairy Sales

What are your favorite off-farm activities? I think it is important to be involved in off the farm activities and organizations. Meeting other people and sharing new ideas is a fruitful experience and can be a stress reliever. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed working with the 4-H program and coaching dairy judging teams that competed at World Dairy Expo, Harrisburg and Louisville contests. I know how important the leaders were in my formative years, and I wanted to be able to pay that forward. Teaching Ag in the Classroom has been another exciting experience. Most students have no clue of farm life and what happens on the farm. Giving them this experience makes them appreciate their food and resources. Being involved in my church is important because Robert and I live by the motto “Family, Faith and Farming.” My latest venture has been serving on the founding committee to create the Agriculture Miracle of Birth Center at the Olmsted County Fair. This is our seventh year of showing the public of our everyday farm life, where their food comes from and how fragile the process is. Describe your farm and your role. Our farming operation includes two dairies, a 230-cow freestall/parlor managed by other family members and a 60-cow tiestall herd which Robert and I and our family have managed for 34 years. My constant duties have been raising the newborn and transition calves on our farm, heifer care, ll-in milking and mixing feed. Over the years I have milked at the double-12 parallel parlor dairy, detected heifers’ heat, drove trucks, tractors, and hauled bales, cattle and manure. My favorite job is running the skidloader for feed mixing and clean-up which seems endless. In addition, I am the lawn care person and a bookkeeper. Many titles in one day.

Your market, farmer owned and farmer driven! Cows will be milked after being sold upon request!!

the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month Also can have special sales for larger herds anytime!

We Can Also Take and Milk Your Herd to Sale Date! NO Other cattle at Sale JUST DAIRY CATTLE! Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI - Auctioneer; Reg. Wisconsin Auctioneer #191

For more information, questions, and special arrangements for delivery, please contact Manager John Benninger at: 608-477-7420 Restaurant open day of sale! Financing available MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BEFORE SALE!! Call Gary Williams with Equity Livestock at 608-434-4041

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Ovaltop Holsteins tops breed

Minnesota Farmers Union works to protect and enhance the economic interests and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities. We are the voice of family farmers at the Capitol.

‡ƒ”‡ϐ‹‰Š–‹‰ˆ‘”ƒ„‡––‡”†‡ƒŽ‹–Š‡‡š– ƒ” ‹ŽŽ–‘•—’’‘”–‘—”†ƒ‹”›ˆƒ”‡”•Ǥ

 ‹•ƒ‘’”‘ϐ‹–‰”ƒ••”‘‘–•‘”‰ƒ‹œƒ–‹‘ǤŽŽƒ”‡ ™‡Ž…‘‡–‘Œ‘‹Ǥ‘–ƒ…–—•–‘†ƒ›Ǩ (651) 639-1223 • •


Members of the Wolfe family – Doug (from leŌ), JusƟn, and Mike holding Deanna – sit with Ovaltop Dundee Ester 3E-94 at their 90-cow dairy farm near Richeld Springs, N.Y.

Wolfe family named McKown Master Breeder By Maria Bichler Staff Writer

2015 BAZOOKA FARMSTAR 36’ TITAN SERIES 18 Rows, 24" Spacing, Double Pivot, Hose Swivel With Shut-Off & Pig Discharge, Equalizer Manifold, Flow Meter With Readout and Alarm for Stalled Manifold $90,125

2016 NUHN LAGOON CRAWLER Front Agitation Cannon, Cummins Engine, Remote & Charger Included $104,500

2014 BAZOOKA FARMSTAR COULTER TILL 45' Toolbar, 18 Row Units, 30" Spacing, Pull Type, Heavy Duty, Swing Arm & Stops, Double Pivot, Hose Swivel, Pig Discharge, Flow Meter & Equalizer Manifold $72,848

2016 NUHN LAGOON CRAWLER Front Agitation Cannon, John Deere Engine, Remote Included $89,000 | 319.679.2281 | Hills, IA

RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y. – Breeding and raising an exceptional herd of registered Holsteins is a long-standing tradition for Howard and Virginia Wolfe. “All members of the family have always been active in and responsible for doing all of the necessary farm work from the daily chores with the animals to the eldwork,” Virginia said. The Wolfes – along with their sons, Douglas and Michael, and Michael’s wife, Monica, and their four children – own and operate Ovaltop Holsteins near Richeld Springs, N.Y. The Wolfe family was selected as the 10th recipient of the 2018 Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award by the Klussendorf Memorial Association. The family will accept the award Friday, Oct. 5 at World Dairy Expo’s International Holstein Show in Madison, Wis. The award acknowledges individuals or families who display ability, character, endeavor and sportsmanship while also earning success in the show ring as an exhibitor and judge. The Wolfes milk 90 registered Holsteins in a tiestall barn. One quarter of the herd is Red and White Holstein. Ovaltop Holsteins has bred 170 Excellent and 427 Very Good cows since its 1929 inception on the Wolfe family homestead in New Jersey. Howard, a third-generation dairyman, and Virginia moved their registered Holstein herd to their current farm site in 1977.

In New York, the family has earned 28 consecutive Progressive Breeder of Registry awards. The milking herd has a rolling herd average of 26,519 pounds of milk with a breed age average of 110.3. “For the past 45 years, we have bred all animals A.I. using many of the high performing sires in the industry,” Virginia said. “We concentrate on breeding for a balanced cow with good feet and legs, sound udder and those with dairy strength. We strive to have good, sound cows that will produce and reproduce for many years.” The farm consists of 500 acres of which 350 are tillable. One fulltime employee assists the family. At Ovaltop Holsteins, milking is completed twice daily – at 4:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. – by Michael, Douglas and Howard. “This schedule has helped maintain production and good udder health,” said Virginia of the strict milking routine. Following a schedule also allows the Wolfe family to spend time with each other. “Family time is spent whenever possible; however, as a family we are all together most all day long every day,” Virginia said. Cows are fed three times a day. The total mixed ration is comprised of silage, haylage, corn meal, grain concentrate and dry hay. Second cutting alfalfa is fed four to ve times a day in the tiestall barn. In addition, the milking herd is on pasture during the evenings in the summer months. Dry cows are housed on a bedded pack in an open-style barn. Youngstock are started in individual hutches and then moved to small group pens. As bred heifers, they are moved to a freestall section of the heifer barn. Heifers and dry cows are also given access to pasture during summer months. Turn to MCKOWN | Page 15

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 15

ConƟnued from MCKOWN | Page 14


WE’RE GROOVIN’ FOR YOUR COWS’ SAFETY Barn alleys, freestalls, barn yards, holding areas specializing in diamond pattern and diagonal grooves

Midwest Grooving



The Wolfe family has been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award. The family will accept the award Friday, Oct. 5 at the World Dairy Expo InternaƟonal Holstein Show in Madison, Wis.

The Wolfe family are active members of the Otsego-Herkimer-Montgomery Holstein Club and the New York Holstein Association. Howard served on the association’s board of directors and on the executive committee. Virginia serves as the chairperson of the association’s publication committee. Howard, Virginia and Michael have also been volunteer leaders in the 4-H program for many years, while Monica assists with their county American Dairy Association dairy promotion program. Virginia served on their town planning board for 25 years and also represented their town on the Herkimer County Farm Land Preservation Board. Douglas and Michael were active in their local 4-H club, FFA chapter and National Junior Holstein Association throughout high school. Michael’s children are now involved in the local Holstein and 4-H clubs. “We all enjoy attending and watching the younger generation play sports whenever possible,” Virginia said. “We also attend and participate in many of our national, state and local Holstein club activities, like annual conventions, banquet meetings, picnics and sales. As a farm, we attend and show a string of Ovaltop animals at several shows throughout the year.” Ovaltop Holsteins exhibits animals starting with the New York International Spring Holstein Show in April; their local youth and Holstein club shows during the summer months; the Great New York State Fair; the All-American Dairy Show and if an animal qualies, World Dairy Expo. Both Douglas and Michael are former National Junior Holstein Association distinguished junior members and have Bachelor of Science degrees in animal science. Douglas serves on the New York Holstein Association Show Committee. Michael and Douglas are experienced dairy show judges. “They will no doubt continue in farming with registered Holsteins as they now make the majority of the animal and crop decisions,” Virginia said of her sons. The commitment to the Holstein breed and striving to continue developing the next Excellent cow is what drives the Wolfe family. “We all enjoy the challenge of breeding and raising better cattle with each generation,” Virginia said. “It gives us all great satisfaction. … It is truly an honor to receive the … McKown Master Breeder Award. We have many family, friends, fellow breeders and agri-business people who have helped us through the years to thank for helping us receive this award.”

Owner/Operator • Kaukauna, WI



Parts Dept.


Replacement Surge Pulsation

Sutorbilt Pumps 4M 7.5hp $3950 4M 10hp $3990 5M 15hp $5370


Surge Style Pulsators Stall Cock Pulsator $209 Parlor Mount Pulsator $209 Replacement Coils $89 Pulsation Controller $799

Replacement BouMatic Pulsation

BM Style Pulsators Stall Cock Pulsator Parlor Mount Pulsator Replacement Coils Pulsation Controller Stall Cocks

$95 $95 $55 $599 $22

Milker Claws Westfalia $89 Most Brands of Detachers & Parts Available Germania MilkMaster $1300 $99 Univ. ECO $650 BM2000V$585 BM4400 $750 Barrel Advisor $900 $89 Omni $675 SST2 $720 Bou-Matic ACR $650 $79 VSO $450

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MILK. 700 to 1700 ft³ Capacity Front/Side or Rear Discharge Largest Door in the industry Suspended 42" wide Conveyor Step Floor for quicker unloading 24" curved Carbide Knives Overlapping Augers for an even mix Adjustable/Replaceable Scraper

SERVING UP UNIFORM TOTAL MIX RATIONS FOR 20 YEARS. Mix forages, grains, protein feeds, minerals, vitamins and feed additives into a balanced Total Mixed Ration. Feeding a TMR ensures every bite has the proper nutrients, will optimize milk production and keep cows healthy. | 888.336.3127

produce efficiently.

Page 16 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018

SAVE YOUR BEDDING Silver Star Bedders rs cut up your bales for better bedding dding or feeding Round or square bales

South Dakota State University offers state-of-the-art research and processing facilities, acclaimed faculty and great opportunities in dairy production, dairy manufacturing and food science.

• Corn stubble • Soybean stubble • Straw Universal • Baleage skidsteer • Dry hay hookup Fits in smaller areas than n pull behind shredders

H E AV Y D U T Y H E AV Y D U T Y H E AV Y D U T Y B R U S H C U T T E R WO O D S P L I T T E R S R OTO T I L L E R S WHY DAIRY & FOOD SCIENCE? - B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in dairy science and food science - Opportunities for work-study, internships and undergraduate research - Active Dairy Club, Dairy Judging Teams and Food Science Club • Skid steer Quick Attach (with built in 15 degree pivot) • Heavy Duty 7 gauge deck • Up to 2” Brush • Quiet Operating • Mows grass clean cut • HD High Torque Gear Box • Very Low Maintenance

- Over $150,000 in scholarships available annually

• Skid steer Quick Attach • 5” cylinder • Spit up to 42” wood


Silver Star Metals W6754 Pine Road • Withee, WI


Dealer Inquiries Welcome

• Skid steer Quick Attach • Heavy Duty 7 gauge deck • Dual Drive Motors • 81” tillage width • Tillage Depth 4-6” • Enclosed Oil Bath


RO C K BU C K E T S Universal skidsteer hookup

Great for fence rows & bedding pack pa removal!

Width O Options: ti 72”, 78 72” 78” or 84”

- 100% JOB PLACEMENT! - Starting salaries over $45,000 - State-of-the-art Davis Dairy Plant and Dairy Research and Training Facility

Manufactured by SDSU students in the adjoining Davis Dairy Plant, our cow-to-cone ice cream process ensures visitors a memorable scoop. Food Network Magazine voted SDSU’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream as the best ice cream treat in South Dakota in 2013. Contact: Vikram V. Mistry – professor and head of the Dairy and Food Science Department | | (605) 688-4116 printed on recycled printedpaper on recycle

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 17


Duo pivotal in dairy’s development

Improving Dairy Water Systems WITH CLEARITAS

Clearitas 401 is a powerful and economical solution that effectively removes and prevents scale and slime buildup throughout the entire water system. In addition to cleaner water and drinking troughs, benewts to using Clearitas 401 as part of your water treatment program include: • Hard scale removal from water contacted surfaces • BioƂlm and slime removal from wetted surfaces • Restored heat transfer in heaters and coolers • Improved removal of milk stone • Enhanced soap and sanitizer effectiveness

Clearitas 401 removes deposits and bioƂlms within water lines and water troughs, making water cleaner and more attractive for consumption. With higher water consumption, comes improved milk production and better overall animal health. Clearitas 401 also eliminates and prevents scale buildup that often causes low water pressure, clogged valves, poor equipment performance and costly repairs. Blue Earth Products is a specialty chemical manufacturer with a full line of products speciwcally engineered to extend the operational life and efwciency of any water infrastructure by removing organic and inorganic contaminants.

TM • Toll

Free 800.259.4456


Veterinarians, Chris Keim and Dan Hornickel, developed Sunshine GeneƟcs, a 235-acre farm near Whitewater, Wis., that specializes in embryo transfer.

Hornickel, Keim named Industry People of the Year Hornickel and Keim this year’s World Dairy Expo’s Industry People of the Year honors. The duo will be WHITEWATER, Wis. – Dan recognized at the Dinner with the Hornickel, DVM, and Chris Keim, Stars Awards Banquet Wednesday, DVM, both grew up on Illinois Oct. 3 at the Alliant Energy Center’s farms and have always had a passion Exhibition Hall in Madison, Wis. “Receiving this award is quite for agriculture. It is this passion they have Turn to SUNSHINE | Page 19 exemplied that has earned By Abby Hopp Staff Intern



The easiest way to reduce animal stress & increase welfare for animals and farmers.



Plastic Liner For TRUSSCORE INTERLOCKING PVC PANELS For Walls/Ceilings in Your TMR Mixers

Milk Houses & Parlors

Provides a Plastic surface... Easy to clean, durable & withstands cleaning chemicals

Easy mixing, extends mixer life & more!

See us at the World Dairy Expo Booth EH 4326 IN EXPOSITION HALL


• Durable to withstand punishment • Loads release quickly • Prevents freezing & sticking to liner surface • Continuous length liners available, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”, & 1/2” thickness

Cattle Manger Seamless Curb Corner Eliminate Feed Build Up


51101 Omaha St. P.O. Box 127 • Osseo, WI 54758

(800) 657-4698 • (715) 597-2498


Web Site:

WDE 2018 - BOOTH AR474/475

Page 18 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018

Save on the Dip

Save on the Wash

S. S.



High Performance Single-Cycle CIP Acid Detergent




• Eliminates build-up of fats, proteins and minerals. • Removes and Prevents Orbaseal. • Contains NO harshchlorine (Easy on Rubber Goods).

Compare and Save!






• Reduces equipment wear & replacement costs. • Reduces water, energy and

over Iodine


chemical use.


• Decreases cleaning time. • Increases production capability.

Mouth-Piece Vented Triangular Liner

There’s a reason 25% of the cows in the U.S. are milked with Impulse Liners! • Light Weight • Ergonomic and unique design making it easy to hold • The Radel® material makes the claw highly impact resistant • Ideally spaced nipples for optimum cluster position and balance • 360º milk flow visibility

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

9 EMOLLIENTS Ultimate teat conditioning


Max Protection until the next milking

for High-Vis Marking

Cows are more comfortable during the milking process. Cows come in the parlor from the holding area much easier. High producing cows will milk out faster. Better teat ends -potential for lower SCC. Milkers will spend less time adjusting and reattaching units. Less squawking! Less fall-offs! The cows and your milkers will be happier!

Available in a 12mm Milk Tube! Designed to handle higher flow rates and provide better fit on larger inlet claws.


FOR MORE INFO - CONTACT ONE OF THESE DEALERS... Advanced Dairy, LLC 9 State Road 29 • Spring Valley, WI 54767 (715) 772-3201 Advanced Dairy Solutions 278 West Court Street Richland Center, WI 53581 (608) 647-4488 Anderson Dairy Systems, Inc. 1312 13 ½ Avenue • Barron, WI 54812 (715) 537-3300 Athman Dairy Inc. 238 Main St North • Pierz, MN 56364 (320) 468-2494 Professional Dairy Services 1449 Homecrest Ave • Wadena, MN 56482 (218) 632-5416

Bob’s Dairy Supply 700 East Center Ave. • Po Box 378 Dorchester, WI 54425 • (715) 654-5252 Bob’s Surge 1375 East Main Street • Arcadia, WI 54612 (608) 323-7204 Champion Milking Systems 23218 350th Street • Albany, MN 56307 (320) 845-4156 D & D Ag Supply & Construction Inc. 133 Atlantic Ave NE •Pennock, MN 56279 (320) 599-4466 Dairyland Equipment Services, Inc. 24260 County Rd 27 • Plainview, MN 55964 (507) 534-3161

Dairyland Services 2545 80th Avenue • Woodville, WI 54028 (715) 698-4370 East Central Dairy Supply 2195 Hwy 23 • Mora, MN 55051 (320) 679-1029 Eastern Iowa Dairy Systems Inc. 105 3rd Ave. NW • Po Box 273 Epworth, IA 52045 (563) 876-3087 Fuller’s Milker Center, Inc. 423 Hwy 61 North • Lancaster, WI 53813 (608)723-4634 Gehring Sales And Service N3731 Hwy P • Rubicon, WI 53078 (262) 673-4920 Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip of MN Inc. 1400 7th Street SE •Pipestone, MN 56164 (507) 825-3271

Hughes Westfalia Surge, LLC 4101 Co 416 20th Rd • Gladstone, MI 49837 (906) 786-0806 Karrels Dairy Equipment W4942 County H • Port Washington, WI 53074 (262) 692-2915 Lang’s Dairy Equipment Inc. 2337 Millennium Rd • Decorah, IA 52101 (563) 382-8722 LDS, Inc 946 Progress Way • Chilton, WI 53014 (920) 849-2459 Mlsna Dairy Supply 1126 Front Street • Cashton, WI 54619 (608) 654-5106 Quality Milk Service, LLP W4886 Mill Road • Fond Du Lac, WI 54937 (920) 322-6250

Redeker Dairy Equipment W12287 Liner Road • Brandon, WI 53919 (920) 346-5576 Central Ag Supply (South Central) 800 Lincoln Avenue • Baraboo, WI 53913 (608) 356-8384 Ted’s Dairy Service, Inc. 811 5th Street NE Red Lake Falls, MN 56750 (218) 253-2989 Tri County Dairy Supply 4107 U.S. Hwy 51 North Janesville, WI 53545 (608) 757-2697 United-Suckow Dairy 12687 Hwy 18&52 • Po Box 207 Postville, IA 52162 • (563) 864-7417

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 19

ConƟnued from SUNSHINE | Page 17

a surprise,” Keim said. “World Dairy Expo has been a part of us since the beginning.” Keim and Hornickel developed Sunshine Genetics, a 235-acre farm near Whitewater, Wis., that specializes in embryo transfer. The business partners’ start began in college at the University of Illinois. At the time, the students connected because of their shared passion for dairy cattle and ET technology. “There was no course on ET at that time, and there were no textbooks to follow either,” Keim said. “But it was an area that was particularly fascinating to both of us. We dreamed of producing more than one calf per year from the best cows.” Outside of school, Keim and Hornickel gained a greater knowledge for ET technology on the weekends and in the evenings. This continued until they started Sunshine Genetics in 1983. “At our farm, we were able to provide individual care for valuable cows and this gave us more positive outcomes,” Hornickel said. “We knew if we could control many of the variables that inuence embryo production by supervising everything from feeding to breeding at our ET center, we would see good results and attract new clients.” The small business quickly developed into an international company. “Since our business is located less than an hour from World Dairy Expo, we have attracted many visitors and future customers who contributed to the long-term growth of the business,” Keim said. “We would entertain many international dairy farmers and genetics experts that would see our clients’ cows we were housing at the time, subsequently purchasing their embryos.”

“It has been wonderful to work with and meet dairy producers from all around the world. The two of us were fortunate to be a part of this exciting industry at the best time for its development.” DAN HORNICKEL, VETERINARIAN

As Keim and Hornickel continued to work with individuals across the world, they adopted new technologies, including non-surgical ET, embryo freezing and thawing, direct transfer, bovine genomics, sorted semen and in-vitro fertilization. Through their work in dairy cattle reproduction, Hornickel and Keim have provided genetics that have inuenced the dairy industry worldwide. “Sunshine Genetics is known for its international ET work, becoming a source of toplevel Holstein and Brown Swiss embryos,” Keim said. “We transplanted the embryos that we sold to assure good results with the rst shipments and trained local veterinarians.” After more than 20 years operating the genetics business, the business owners sold their company to Dr. Schueller in 2009. While no longer involved in the dairy trade in the same capacity, this year’s Industry People of the Year are humbled to be a part of a growing industry. “It has been wonderful to work with and meet dairy producers from all around the world,” Hornickel said. “The two of us were fortunate to be a part of this exciting industry at the best time for its development.”

HENNESSEY IMPLEMENT, INC. 1703 6th Street • Monroe, WI 608-328-8331

1414 State Road 23 • Dodgeville, WI 608-935-3326 • Fax: 608-935-5342

& See Us!

Visit with Dairy Star staff at World Dairy Expo


'$,5<675 Booth #MC 33

3rd Thursdayy of every month h. Au uctions startt at 8 a.m. HUGE SELEC CTION OF NEW NH EQU UIPMENT & TR RACTORS! Bill Hennessey Larry Bomkamp

608-935-3326 Gary Horras 608-574-7419 Dick Ruf

608-772-0273 608-726-1279


Page 20 â&#x20AC;¢ World Dairy Expo â&#x20AC;¢ Dairy Star Special Edition â&#x20AC;¢ Saturday, September 8, 2018

g to fit your needs y from the Mini Dome to the Mega Hut. We have the right hut

M INI D OME for smaller breeds or goats

W ARM C LIMATE H UT super ventilated

C ONVERTIBLE H UT for indoor or outdoor use

H IGH D OOR P OLY D OME for use with fence panels


P OLY D OME the Nursery that ingnited an industry

M EGA H UT Expandable for large animals

P OLY S QUARE has multiple feeder options

All PolyDome shelters are made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene making them light enough to move easily, yet sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

& 91-03" t% 0.& the aï¬&#x20AC;ordable backyard observatory

Now you can sit inside a true observatory sheltered from the wind and annoying neighbor's porch lights. Made from virtually indestructible, UV stabilized polethylene.



rd s. e,

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 21



A quick and easy way to clean and disinfect cattle’s feet

Constructed of tough polyethylene

• Polyethylene will never rot or rust • Thick-Walled, one-piece construction • Nonskid bottom • Two sizes available in self-supporting design –no need for wood framing • Available in 4 sizes to be supported by wood frames (not included)



Designed to make mixing fast and easy

• Heavy-duty, roto-molded polyethylene • Smooth, seamless body is sanitary, and easily cleaned • Low cost way to upgrade to Grade A specifications

PORTABLE MILK MASTERS The easy way to deliver milk replacer

• High-Impact Polyethylene Tank • Easy to Clean and Sanitize • Large Filler Opening • Drain Valve on Back of Tank • Heavy-Duty, Reinforced, Drain Hose for Easy Dispensing • Three-Way Valve for Mixing and Circulation of Milk • Welded Steel Frame Trailer • Adjustable Hitch • Front Swivel Jack Stand

• High-Impact Polyethylene • Easy to Clean • Heavy-Duty Drain Hose for Easy Dispensing • Large Filler Opening • 3-Blade, Plastic Mixing Propeller on 15 and 32-Gallon Models • Polyethylene Stand • Ground Fault Protected Cord • Conical Bottom for Complete Draining



Make your old wheelbarrow look like new

• Heavy-Duty, high-impact Polyethylene • Extremely tough–resists heat, cold, sunlight, and warpage • Non-Porous–resists moisture, silage acids, feed additives, and other chemicals • Smooth, seamless body for easy dumping, and cleaning • Fits most standard wheelbarrow frames • 2 Sizes Available • Black


The affordable answer or your winter hauling needs

O NE -P IECE H UNTING B LIND a completely customizable do-it-yourself blind

Available in 3 sizes:

• 48” L x 20” W x 8” Deep PD-2233 • 53” L x 25” W x 10” Deep PD-2031 • 59” L x 30” W x 13” Deep PD-2060

1-800-328-7659 • FARMERS CO-OP OF LAFAYETTE Lafayette, MN • 507-228-8224

• GORTER’S CLAY & DAIRY EQUIPMENT, INC. Pipestone, MN • 507-825-3271

• SIOUX NATION VET SUPPLY Marshall, MN • 507-532-3716

• STEVE’S FEED Sleepy Eye, MN • 507-794-3831

• FLOODWOOD FARM & FEED Floodwood, MN • 218-476-2233

• FEDERATED CO-OPS Princeton, MN • 763-389-1567

• ROBERT FAUST Strawberry Point, IA • 563-933-6561

• GERTKEN’S SALES Richmond, MN • 320-597-2207

• NEW ULM FEED STORE New Ulm, MN • 507-359-7500

• SE MN SILO EQUIPMENT St. Charles, MN • 507-932-4560

• TESKE FARM SERVICE Avon, MN • 320-356-7211

• PIERZ CO-OP Pierz, MN • 320-468-6655 (Randy)

• SHELDON FARMERS MARKET Sheldon, IA • 712-324-3721

• BJERGA FEED Motley, MN • 218-352-6383 or 6379

• MICHAEL MACK Watertown, SD • 605-881-0365

• AG VENTURE FEED & SEED Watkins, MN • 320-764-9910

• DAIRYLAND SUPPLY Sauk Centre, MN • 1-800-338-6455

• LINDELL SALES & SERVICE Cannon Falls, MN • 651-258-4311

• STEARNS VETERINARY OUTLET Melrose, MN • 1-800-996-3303

• MCINTOSH DAIRY McIntosh, MN • 218-563-3740 • ADKINS EQUIPMENT Detroit Lakes, MN • 218-847-2079 • GALEN FICK Boyden, IA • 712-439-1359 • INWOOD HATCHERY Inwood, IA • 712-753-4736

Page 22 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018


Meinholz family eager to share experience Blue Star Dairy Farms to host virtual tour By Abby Hopp Staff Intern

MIDDLETON, Wis. – Milking 2,600 cows at three sites throughout south-central Wisconsin, Blue Star Dairy has been asked to share their story as a virtual tour farm at World Dairy Expo. “World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tours have been bringing the best dairy operations in North America to Madison for more than 15 years,” Meinholz said. “Tours are presented daily during World Dairy Expo, Tuesday through Saturday, in the Mendota Room 1 of the Exhibition Hall.” Blue Star Dairy Farms, a family-run farm is owned by three families, two brothers and an uncle, Craig and Sherri Meinholz, Brian and Rhonda Meinholz and Art and Lori Meinholz. Beginning in Middleton, Wis., PHOTO SUBMITTED Blue Star Dairy Farms current- The Meinholz family operates Blue Star Dairy Farms. They milk 2,600 cows on three different sites throughout Wisconsin ly milk 2,600 cows on three sites including loca�ons in Middleton, DeForest and Arlington. The Meinholz family will be hos�ng a virtual farm tour during throughout Wisconsin including lo- World Dairy Expo. cations in Middleton, DeForest and somatic cell count of 130,000,” said own replacement heifers in natu- stall barn until they enter the milkArlington. rally-ventilated barns until they are ing herd. “These dairies have a com- Sherri Meinholz, farm manager. In addition to this, Middlemoved to open-front bedding packs. “Blue Star Dairy Farms also bined daily production average of ton and DeForest farms raise their Heifers are later moved to a free operates 4,500 acres of land and 90 pounds of milk per cow and a Turn to BLUE STAR DAIRY | Page 23

Feeder Wagon $4,229

Fenceline Feeder 20’ -

Specializing in Dairy/Heifer Facilities


Deluxe Chute Portable Chute $10,999


Spanier Welding and Metal Fabrication Paynesville, MN • 320-243-7552

Customized to your specs.

We rollform steel panels to exact length

• 26 ga. G-100, 40 year • 28 ga. G-100, 40 year • 29 ga. G-60, 30 year • Condensation Barrier applied directly to panels • MWI Ridge Vents BY

N14685 Copenhaver Ave., Stanley Phone: (715) 644-0765 Fax: (715) 644-4931

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 23

ConƟnued from BLUE STAR DAIRY | Page 22


Check Out our Selection of Equipment On Hand

2016 NH TS6.140

Visit us online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...


This is one of three sites where Blue Star Dairy Farms milks cows. The farm also raises crops on 6,000 acres.

purchased feed from neighbors on an additional 1,500 acres,” Meinholz said. Keeping up with 6,000 acres and 2,600 cows comes with hard work from countless employees. “Our employees work in specic departments on our farms. We have team members who work with our calves, ones who work in our shop and eld crew, the milking parlor crew, a maternity area team and the feeders,” Meinholz said. “We provide continuing education to help them learn and grow on the job.” Keeping successful and happy employees that work well with family is what keeps the farm going even in times of stress. “There are current challenges that we are facing as an entire dairy industry, but we are a family farm, which means we will preserve. The cattle, our family and our awesome group of employees is what motivates us to be the best farmers we can be,” Meinholz said.

“Our family has grown up in the industry and have seen many farms over the years. It has been benecial for us to see these farms and learn from other producers, as we have received new knowledge or a new idea to try at our farms.” SHERRI MEINHOLZ, DAIRY FARMER

Eager to share their family story with thousands at World Dairy Expo, Meinholz hopes to give others a similar experience to what they have had in the past. “Our family has grown up in the dairy industry and have seen many farms over the years. It has been benecial for us to see these farms and learn from other producers, as we have received new knowledge or a new idea to try at our farms,” Meinholz said. “We hope to do this for others.” Sponsored by Compeer Financial, a member-owned Farm Credit cooperative serving and supporting agriculture and rural communities, Blue Star Dairy Farms is one of the eight farms selected to share their farm with visitors of World Dairy Expo.


115HP Dual Power with 18.4x38 loader, 90 hrs

2015 NH L-218 2 speed, 1800 hrs.

2015 NH L-220

Full cab, heat & air, hydro latch, 3200 hrs

PRICE EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. 550 Hwy. 35 • Bloomington, WI 53804 608-994-2401 CHECK OUR INVENTORY OUT AT

Page 24 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018


World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 25


Catch a glimpse of Selz-Pralle Dairy Pralles hosting WDE virtual farm tour By Brittany Olson Contributing Writer

HUMBIRD, Wis. – The people caring for the cows at Selz-Pralle Dairy near Humbird, Wis., are not content to settle for average or good enough. “We believe if you want to stay in business and be successful, you have to be good managers, not just good farmers or good cattle breeders,” said Pam Selz-Pralle, who milks 450 registered Holsteins with her husband, Scott. “[Our] heart is in breeding high quality registered cattle, and we intend to focus our energy on what we do best – cows.” Pam farmed with her dad, John Selz, and bred cattle under the Joliam prex. When she and Scott married, they incorporated his herd with the Earglade prex and became what is now Selz-Pralle Dairy. After the couple purchased the farm in 1998, the herd expanded from 120 cows milked in a tiestall barn to 400 cows housed in a sand-bedded freestall barn. The tiestall barn was converted into a maternity facility with sandTurn to SELZ-PRALLE | Page 26


Selz-Pralle Dairy is owned by Pam Selz-Pralle and ScoƩ Pralle, with children Nicole, and Ryan and Jessica (not pictured). Together they milk 450 registered Holsteins near Humbird, Wis.

By Bag Man LLC

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World Dairy Expo - Arena 414-418

The World’s Most Rubber Boots! Quatro® Comfortable Comfort Plus Expandable gusset for bigger calves Extreme All day comfort good to -60°F Non-insulated · Camo · Safety Toe Glacier Series -60°F

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Page 26 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018

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Selz-Pralle AŌershock 3918 earned worldwide aƩenƟon last year when she broke the world record for milk producƟon.

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West Virgina

West Virgina

West Virgina



RUP at 4 HRS:

85.8% (2.6*)

RUP at 8 HRS:

75.6% (3.0*)

RUP at 16 HRS:


RU-MET at 4 HRS:


RU-MET at 8 HRS: RU-MET at 16 HRS:


68.5% 78%

RU-LYS at 4 HRS:


RU-LYS at 8 HRS:


RU-LYS at 16 HRS: ID of RUP, Mobil Bag: ID OF RUP, 3-Step:

70% 97.96% 83.8%

88.4% 85.6% *Standard Deviation

bedded freestalls and maternity pens, with a facility for dry and prefresh cows linked to the maternity barn. “As early adopters of new technology, this herd was one of the rst to begin using activity and rumination technology, shredlage processing for BMR corn silage and incorporating Bergafat into the ration,” Pam said. “When building our parlor in 1998, we opted for Boumatic data collection software to improve our cow management.” Scott and Pam are also widely regarded as good cattle breeders with 49 Excellent cows, 162 Very Good cows and 134 Good-Plus cows lounging in the stalls and going through the parlor at Selz-Pralle Dairy. Sires in their semen tank include Pety, Deant, Impression, Aftershock, Atwood, Kingboy, Reginald, Doorman, Shottle and Alexander. The herd is composed of 100 percent registered cattle bred for not only high production, but high type as well, with Scott and Pam having bred over 150 Excellent cows, numerous national production leaders within Holstein Association USA, and several cows being recognized as dams of merit and gold medal dams with high-classifying offspring. “This past year, we had a [maximum score] Very Good-89 2-year-old (sired by Reginald) nominated for Jr. All American,” the Pralles said. “We want all 100 of the 2-year-old group to score Good Plus-83 or higher and expect all second lactation cows to score Very Good or higher.” One such example of the high production/high type blend that Selz-Pralle Dairy strives for is Joliam Dundee 3035 Phoenix-ET Excellent-92 2E, who was the dam of the VG-89 Reginald 2-yearold who was an Jr. All-American nominee this year. Phoenix has 11 Excellent daughters and has earned gold medal dam honors, while also being recognized for her impact on the bulk tank at Selz-Pralle Dairy with a 365-day record completed at 4 years and 11 months of age of 43,800 pounds with a 5.3 percent fat

and a 3 percent protein. “We could go on for pages about her offspring success, both in the show ring and the bulk tank,” Pam said. Last year, Selz-Pralle Dairy earned worldwide attention and accolades when one of their very own broke the world record for milk production. Selz-Pralle Aftershock 3918, Very Good-88, milked 78,170 pounds with a 4 percent butterfat and 3.1 percent protein, completing that lactation at 5 years and 11 months of age. 3918, also known simply as the Aftershock, is a healthy cow that, by and large, wants to be left alone to do her job. She calved in earlier this year, and Pam said she is still milking her heart out. “We get asked all the time about the Aftershock,” Pam said. “She started off strong and looked like she was going to break her previous record, but we were overstocked and the heat took a toll on her milk production. She’s still milking about 198 pounds a day, and looks like she’ll make close to 70,000 pounds this lactation.” While they are good managers with a herd average consistently over 100 pounds per cow per day and seven pounds of combined fat and protein, Scott and Pam are also good farmers growing high quality feed for their cows and keeping them as comfortable as possible, believing that 80 percent of milk production comes from the environment the cow is in. Furthermore, they are good breeders of high-scoring registered cattle. “We feel that as the industry keeps changing, the denition of a pure Holstein breeder will continue to change,” Scott and Pam said. “But we don’t think the passion for those who love to breed good cattle will ever change.” Talk with Pam and Scott in person and nd out the details of what makes our operation produce high volumes of milk from high type cows, during their World Dairy Expo virtual farm tour sponsored by Mycogen Seeds Thursday, Oct. 4 at 2 p.m.

15 yrs experience • Looking to expand! • Set up for pumping long distances • Tanks & Hose System Available • No till & chisel applicators available.

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MYCOTOXIN RISK: Local regulations should be consulted concerning the status of this product in the country of destination. All information only for export outside Europe, USA and Canada.


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Page 28 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018


Rotary makes the cows go round


at World Dairy Expo #EH 1211-1214

Consulting, Equipment, and Monitoring of On-farm Pasteurization Systems

Providing real time system analysis to assure optimal performance of your pasteurization equipment, process and protocols to deliver the highest quality colostrum or milk to newborn calves.

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Staff Writer

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OU EST ota! Y G k R ? LA h Da DID OW e t KN f th Sou o ne s in

Benthem Brothers, Inc. to showcase parlor during virtual tour By Maria Bichler

Robert Schell DVM

203 1st. Ave. SE • Altura, MN 55910


Benthem Brothers, Inc. milks 2,800 Holsteins in a 60-stall rotary parlor near McBain, Mich.

MCBAIN, Mich. – As a dairy farm plans to expand in herd size, a parlor expansion is often in store. For Benthem Brothers, Inc., a rotary parlor ensured the dairy would be a viable business to support ve

(605) 352-7728 • (605) 354-1055

families. “It’s a family farm, and we didn’t want to do anything that would hinder the success of the farm,” Ryan Benthem said of the planning process for the addition of the rotary parlor. “We wanted to make sure we kept our priorities straight. We put God rst, family second and the farm third.” Benthem and his wife, Mallory, along with his family – parents, Bruce and Karen, and brother Kyle, uncle Turn to BENTHEM BROS. | Page 29


DY We K O N bus ’ve All of our OW U i b n alfalfa is ess een ? s i non-GMO! inc n th o e 1 is re ducer a 97 e o 0! W a Pr We are in our third generation of raising and selling alfalfa. I’ve seen a lot of people f l a jump in and out of the hay business... our family has been doing this our entire lives. We know Alf what it takes to make hay in South Dakota and we know how to treat a customer. When you buy alfalfa from us either you are 100% satisfied or we’ll make it right. Our goal is to have you for a customer a long, long time. We deliver anywhere in the USA!

Huron, South Dakota

-Mike & Yvonne Brosnan-

ConƟnued from BENTHEM BROS. | Page 28

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 29






Benthem Brothers, Inc. have been milking in a new facility housing a rotary parlor since 2016. The virtual tour will feature the new faciliƟes including two 180-head calf barns.

and aunt Doug and Vonne, and cousin, Jason and his wife, Shari – milk 2,800 Holsteins near McBain, Mich. They also run 3,000 acres of cropland. The Benthems will host a World Dairy Expo virtual tour in Mendota Room 1 of the Exhibition Hall Saturday, Oct. 6 at noon. The tour will highlight the dairy’s overall operation, most notably their 60-stall rotary parlor. At Benthem Brothers, the herd is milked three times a day. Milk production averages 90 pounds of milk per cow, per day with a 3.8 percent butterfat and 3 percent protein. The somatic cell count has held under 100,000. The Benthems have always intended to expand cow numbers, but needed a milking system to accommodate the herd. “We started looking at rotary parlors and really liked the Waikato [Milking Systems] rotary parlor,” Benthem said. … “We toured the facility [in New Zealand], … and we liked the consistency of it.” In 2016, the Benthems installed a Waikato Milking Systems 60-stall rotary system complete with a Centrus composite platform. “We really liked their … oor; it’s a lot lighter than a concrete deck,” Benthem said. “They also have a unique way to test the milk for conductivity. Each quarter is milked for 15 seconds to check for conductivity in the milk. We like it for pre-stripping the cow.” Prior to the rotary system, Benthem Brothers was milking 1,300 cows. Now, 2,800 cows are housed and milked on the farm. The cows adjusted well to the new system, Benthem said. “It was tough the rst few days,” Benthem said. “After the rst three days, it got better, and after the rst three weeks, it got a lot better. Now, the cow comfort is just amazing. They load themselves. We are really, really happy with it.” With the installation of the rotary, the Benthems were able to dramatically reduce labor costs. They employ 30 full-time and six part-time employees. One employ wipes each cow to prep her for milking; one person attaches the milking units. The milking unit takes care of the pre-stripping. A third person watches for any milking units that may detach. A fourth employee ensures the cows are loading and exiting properly. “We can save a person by not having to dip and pre-strip,” Benthem said. … “We feel we have cut down our labor two-thirds from what we had before by being more efcient. … We are able to milk twice as many cows and increase production, and our labor cost is down.” Benthem said the rotary parlor has also benetted the family. “We are really happy with the change, and our quality of life has gotten better,” he said. “That is the best thing. It gives us more exibility. … We are able to hire some more key employees over the last few years who can take on more responsibilities.” Benthem’s dad and uncle began milking 30 cows in a tiestall barn when they purchased the farm from their father in 1983. In 1992, the brothers purchased a neighboring farm with a double-8 herringbone parlor; they also purchased 100 of the neighbor’s cows, bringing their herd to 200 cows. They also implemented three-times-a-day milking. In 2002, they upgraded to a double-12 herringbone parlor, as well as a freestall barn. With the new parlor, the family was milking 250 cows. “That was kind of the turning point for the dairy to have a nice, modern freestall barn,” Benthem said. A second freestall barn was built in 2007, and they were milking 600 cows. In 2011, a third freestall barn was built and their herd totaled 800 cows. The freestall barns are bedded with sand and naturally ventilated. Nearly 50 percent of the sand is being reclaimed, with hopes to reclaim 75 percent, Benthem said. The virtual farm tour will also highlight the farm’s two 180-head calf barns. Youngstock are fed pasteurized milk and are housed in individual pens. Close-up cows are housed in a maternity area on a bedded pack. An additional freestall barn houses sick cows as well as fresh cows. “It has helped us keep a low cull rate,” Benthem said of the freestall barn. “And that is something we are really proud of.” Implementing technology has allowed the Benthem family to stay progressive in an ever-changing industry. Benthem credits the farm’s employees for helping ease the transitions they have made. “We have great employees in all areas,” he said. “… All around, our employees surround us. They are second to none and do an awesome job.”





32425 State Hwy. 43 North • Rushford, MN










888.438.8683 UDDERTECHINC . COM

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Page 30 • World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018

Visit eight dairy farms during World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tours

World Dairy Expo Virtual Farm Tours have been bringing the best dairy operations in North America to Madison for more than 15 years. The eight dairies selected this year are no exception, highlighting topics ranging from technology and genetics to strong community ties and cow comfort. These virtual outings include a visual presentation led by the farm’s owner or manager, with time for questions and an open discussion to follow. Tours are presented daily during World Dairy Expo, Tuesday through Saturday, in the Mendota Room 1 of the Exhibition Hall. Sponsors of the 2018 Virtual Farm Tours include: American Jersey Cattle Association,

Compeer Financial, Kansas Department of Agriculture, Mycogen Seeds, NC Dairy Advantage, Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC, QLF and Waikato Milking Systems. Below is the schedule of tours this year. Hosted by: MasCow, Moscow, Kan. Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2 p.m. Highlights: 3,500 milking/Youth Training Sponsored by: Kansas Department of Agriculture MasCow Dairy in Moscow, Kan., is home to 3,500 Holsteins that are milked twice a day in a double-35 parallel parlor. The herd averages


Tire Shooter Labor Saver REACHES UP TO


• • • • • • • •

Hosted by: Blue Star Dairy Farms, DeForest, Wis. Wednesday, Oct. 3, Noon Highlights: 2,600 milking/Family-Run, Multisite Farm Sponsored by: Compeer Financial Beginning in Middleton, Wis., Blue Star Dairy Farms currently milks 2,600 cows on three sites throughout south-central Wisconsin. Utilizing various sizes of Germania Herringbone style parlors at each site, the Middleton location milks 600 cows, a second site in DeForest milks 800 cows and milking 1,200 cows, the largest of the farms is located in Arlington. These dairies have a combined daily production average of 90 pounds of milk per cow and a somatic cell count of 130,000. The Middleton and DeForest farms raise their own replacement heifers in naturallyventilated barns until they are moved to openfront bedding pack barns at two-to-three months of age. Heifers are later moved to a free stall barn until they enter the milking herd. Meanwhile, dry cows from the Arlington location are housed in DeForest. After calving, these cows return to Arlington while the heifers are raised with the DeForest youngstock. Blue Star Dairy Farms also operates 4,500 acres of land and purchases feed from neighbors on an additional 1,500 acres. This group of farms is owned and managed by a family partnership of brothers, Craig and Brian, with their wives Sherri and Rhonda, respectively, and their uncle Art and his wife Lori. Hosted by: VanderMade Dairy and FreshMade Dairy, Sherwood, Ohio Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2 p.m. Highlights: 2,180 milking/Cow Comfort and Longevity Sponsored by: Purina Animal Nutrition, LLC Since immigrating from The Netherlands Turn to TOUR SCHEDULE | Page 32

Self unloading Skidsteer models –16 length Wheel Loader – 23 length Custom Ût to any skid or wheel loader Easier to load Haul up to 110 sidewalls Can be used with full tires Professionally designed, welded and p painted


24,000 pounds of milk on a total mixed ration and utilizes a custom breeding index that emphasizes a smaller-framed, efcient cow with longevity in the herd. MasCow, a part of the Ag Oasis family of dairies, was built in 2006 on 160 acres of land. The team at MasCow is a two-family partnership that each has a rich history in the dairy business. Outsourcing both heifer raising and crop production, MasCow relies on strong relationships with neighbors and others in the dairy industry to ensure the success of their farm. Establishing relationships with the next generation of farm labor is a driving force behind the dairy’s newest initiative, Dairy U. Working with Kansas State University to develop and launch Dairy U, MasCow brought its rst group of high school students to the dairy for the three-day immersion program this summer. The program is designed to highlight different segments of the dairy industry and spark career interest in these young students, helping to alleviate foreseen workforce shortages in future years. In addition to the new Dairy U program, MasCow supports local 4-H members, sports teams and charities and welcomes additional high school and college students to the farm to expose them to the dairy industry.


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W.H. Lien Inc.

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Sales & Service of New & Used Farm Machine ry

World Dairy Expo â&#x20AC;˘ Dairy Star Special Edition â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 8, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 31

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Thinking about expansion options or new construction? Let our experienced engineering team assist you with your plans Site Suitability Determination Preliminary Design Topo Survey & Staking As-Built Survey Engineered Plans & Specs Grading & Erosion Control Plans Construction SWPPP Construction Inspections Construction Report & CertiĂ&#x20AC;cation

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â&#x20AC;˘ Schuler 125 & 175 feed wagons â&#x20AC;˘ Knight 8124, 8030, 8132 ect. slingers â&#x20AC;˘ Kuhn RC150, RA142, 3142, Patz 420 mixers â&#x20AC;˘ NH 790 forage harvester




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U. S

. Co m p a

at age 18, Lambert VanderMade has farmed in Sherwood, Ohio, at VanderMade Dairy. In 2014, a second farm site was added to the operation, FreshMade Dairy, allowing the family – Lambert, his wife, Tina, and parents, Bert and Corrie – to expand the herd to 2,100 cows. The cattle at both sites are fed a total mixed ration including corn silage, haylage and snaplage grown on 1,950 acres, in addition to Purina products. FreshMade Dairy was constructed with cow comfort as a priority, specically for larger, mature cows. First and second lactation cows are housed at VanderMade Dairy and have a rolling herd average of 28,500 pounds of milk, while FreshMade Dairy houses cows from four years of age and up, some reaching 12 years old. This group of mature cows has a rolling herd average of 34,000 pounds of milk. The older cows have a more spacious environment created for their comfort, health and longevity. The facility is automated; alleyway cleaning takes place 5 times a day, ventilation is controlled by a weather station running everything from fans to curtains, and feed is pushed up by a robot. Not only are cows very important to Lambert, but people are, too, and he values their job satisfaction and input to his decisions. Employee proles are often featured in the quarterly newsletters created for the community. Always striving to be a good neighbor, Lambert and his team are very connected and involved with their community as well. Hosted by: Young’s Jersey Dairy, Inc., Yellow Springs, Ohio Thursday, Oct. 4, Noon Highlights: 35 milking/Value-Added Products and Agritourism Sponsored by: American Jersey Cattle Association For 149 years, Young’s Jersey Dairy, Inc. in Yellow Springs, Ohio has been owned and managed by the Young family. Rather than growing in cow numbers to accommodate more family members on the farm, the Young family chose to diversify. In 1958, they began selling milk straight to consumers, and two years later, a small store was built to better suit their needs. Building again a decade later, Young’s introduced the rst part of the current Dairy Store, where patrons could buy a variety of items from the on-farm bakery or ice cream shop that had already been added. After growing the Dairy Store again, Udders & Putters, an 18-hole farm-theme miniature golf course, was opened in 1993 followed by a driving range and a nine-position batting cage. In 2009, Young’s Jersey Dairy began making Farmstead Cheese with the milk from the herd’s 35 Jerseys and now sells it alongside other products in its full-service restaurant. Today, the farm hosts 1.3 million customers annually, churns 80,000 gallons of ice cream, produces 50,000 pounds of farmstead cheeses and employees 320 people, including fteen members of the Young family. The Youngs use their strong standing in the community to also host agricultural education tours and community events, from Easter egg hunts, to charity bike rides, vintage truck shows and more. The Jerseys that call Young’s Jersey Dairy home are all registered and remain the focal point of the family business. Hosted by: Selz-Pralle Dairy, Humbird, Wis. Thursday, Oct. 4, 2 p.m. Highlights: 450 milking/Genetics and Production Sponsored by: Mycogen Seeds Selz-Pralle Dairy in Humbird, Wis. is home to 450 Registered Holstein cows and the current world-record holder for milk production. SelzPralle Aftershock 3918 produced 78,170 pounds of milk in 365 days. Owned by Scott Pralle & Pam Selz-Pralle, the dairy maintains a 30,433-lb. rolling herd average with cows averaging more than seven pounds combined fat and protein daily. Attention to detail and cow comfort has netted Selz-Pralle numerous Holstein USA National Elite Cow Awards. They also manage several Turn to TOUR SCHEDULE | Page 33

World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 33

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high-genomic cows for Leaninghouse Holsteins, New Mexico, whose many active A.I. sons include House, Big Bubba, Clete, and Fabio. As early adopters of new technology, this herd was one of the rst to begin using activity and rumination technology, shredlage processing for brown midrib (BMR) corn silage, and incorporating Berga (Palm) Fat into their ration. Scott and Pam’s commitment to agriculture extends to a variety of key leadership positions in state and national organizations, including the Wisconsin Holstein Association, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, AgSource, Cooperative Resources International and CommonGround. Hosted by: Rocky Creek Dairy, Olin, N.C. Friday, Oct. 5, Noon Highlights: 1,240 milking/Milk Quality Sponsored by: NC Dairy Advantage The Shelton family moved to Olin, North Carolina in 1992 and started Rocky Creek Dairy with 400 cows and 450 acres of land. Since then, Ben Shelton, his wife Mimi and his son Paul, who own the dairy together, have expanded the farm to 1,400 cows and 1,320 heifers on 2,200 acres. Preweaned calves are cared for in group housing with automatic feeders before transitioning to pasture, followed by free stall housing at eleven months. Cows are milked three times a day in a double 16-parallel parlor and are housed in sand-bedded free stalls. The milking herd maintains a rolling herd average of 31,200 pounds of milk with 70,000 SCC. This has led the dairy to receive Don Wesen Milk Quality Awards and the 2015 Marvin Senger Distinguished Dairy Farmer Award. Rocky Creek was also the rst dairy in North Carolina to be certied by the Secure Milk Supply Plan, a voluntary biosecurity initiative. Reaching into the community, the farm hosts school groups, college groups, extension programs and other North Carolina dairy industry and county community events. Ben, a practicing veterinarian, also owns Rocky Creek Veterinary Services which is located at the dairy and primarily treats cattle. He also serves on the North Carolina Board of Agriculture, is Vice-President of Cobblestone Milk Cooperative and a former board member of North Carolina Dairy Producers Association and NC Dairy Advantage. Hosted by: McCarty Family Farms, LLC, Colby, Kan. Friday, Oct. 5, 2 p.m. Highlights: 12,000 milking/Non-GMO Ration Sponsored by: QLF McCarty Family Farms, LLC began as one dairy farm in Rexford, Kansas in 2000. Since that time, the McCarty Family of Tom and Judy McCarty and their four sons Mike, Clay, David and Ken have grown the business to include

ve sites: three in Kansas, one in Nebraska and another in Ohio. In total, the family is milking 12,000 cows in parallel and rotary parlors. In 2011, the family built a processing center on the original farm site in Rexford, Kansas. The following year, they began sending their processed milk to Dannon. This partnership allows the McCartys to directly supply Dannon and has given them added stability during the changing dairy markets. Two years ago, McCarty Family Farms began the transition to a non-GMO ration for their herd and have since received accreditations from Non GMO Project and Where Food Comes From. The choice to convert to this type of system has required the family to have stronger relationships with their growers and suppliers. McCarty Family Farms has been recognized as an Innovative Dairy Farm of the Year, US Center of Innovation on Farm Award Winner and a Sustainability Award winner. Their sustainability awards have recognized the family’s ability to reduce trucks on the road by 75 percent due to the on-farm processing abilities while also reducing their dependency on water through reclaiming 39,000 gallons of fresh water daily. Hosted by: Benthem Brothers Inc., McBain, Mich. Saturday, Oct. 6, Noon. Highlights: 2,700 milking/Rotary Parlor Sponsored by: Waikato Milking Systems In 1981, brothers Doug and Bruce Benthem began milking cows in a stanchion barn in McBain, Michigan. Three expansions later, the brothers are now milking 2,400 cows in a 60-cow rotary parlor at Benthem Brothers, Inc. in partnership with Doug’s son, Jason and Bruce’s son, Ryan. The rotary system the Benthems installed features the latest Centrus composite platform and is only the third parlor of its kind in the United States, manufactured by Waikato Milking Systems whose U.S. ofce is in Verona, Wisconsin. Milking three times each day, the farm has a rolling herd average of 29,096 pounds of milk with a somatic cell count of 90,000, earning the Benthems a Michigan Milk Producers Association Gold Quality Milk award in 2017. Benthem Brothers, Inc. was a nalist for the Consumers Energy Project of the Year in 2017 and has veried their farmstead, 3,000 acres and livestock production through the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program. Other members of the Benthem family involved with the dairy include Doug and Bruce’s brother, Mark, Doug’s son, Kyle, Bruce’s son, Andy, and Jason’s wife, Shari.

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LAND ROLLERS 15-62’ Sizes

Over 1,000 land rollers sold and operating in the Midwest

• Transports Easily • Simple to Fold and Roll

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RACKS • WAGONS • TRAILERS Big Bale Dump Racks • Big Square And Big Round Bales • Heavy Duty • Double acting hydraulic lift • 10’x24’ Bed • 8 Bolt Hubs

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Livestock Trailers

20 Ton Wagons!


Variety of sizes!

7000 lb axles • 6’x10’ aerodynamic front • Middle divider

• Professional welding • Proven reliability • Extended reach availble for easy connection

HARMS MFG., INC. 14451 430TH ST. • BERTHA, MN 56437 218-924-4522 Call us for a dealer near you or log on to


World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 35

Clearing hurdles into a dairying career Sipiorski shares challenges of exposing next generation to industry By Brittany Olson Contributing Writer

MADISON, Wis. – As the dairy industry continues to evolve, the stakes and potential costs for the next generation of dairy farmers for establishing their own herds have never been higher. Add in having to search high and low for a milk buyer, and even the most determined aspiring dairymen and dairywomen might be deterred from becoming the heart and soul of the dairy industry. “Dairy is becoming a tightmargin industry, and as much as I don’t like it, that’s the way it is,” Gary Sipiorski said. Sipiorski, the dairy business development manager at Vita Plus in Madison, Wis., will present “Entering the Dairy Industry: How do Young People get Started into Dairying?” at a World Dairy Expo seminar Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 1 p.m.

The seminar will be held in the Mendota 2 meeting room of the Exhibition Hall. With decades of experience and expertise in dairy, Sipiorski outlined ve obstacles for new dairy farmers and how to best overcome them. Current d a i r y management knowledge. Expanding a knowledge base requires Gary Sipiorski a lifetime Vita Plus commitment to learning, and the more variety you can include in those learning experiences the better. “You can get a great education …,” Sipiorski said. “Work on your family farm or, better yet, someone else’s farm to gain more perspective. I don’t know how many short course students I’ve talked to that love nothing more than to help out on their friends’ farms during the weekends because they learn so much from it.”

Professional Products & Services Company Specializing in blending custom premixes, through the guidelines of independent nutritionists to meet the needs of a variety of animals in various stages of growth and/or lactation. We inventory a variety of products such as: milk replacer, calf starter, grower, copper sulphate, salt, & salt blocks. The aforementioned only names a few of the numerous products we have to offer. Feed/forage testing through a contracted laboratory is available with prompt results sent to you!

Excellent delivery service at reasonable rates!

We strive to please our customers with our service. If we do not stock what you are looking for, with advance notice we can special order it just for you!

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D&D Farm Supply

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2018 Kuhn Knight 2054 VB,

1000 PTO, lights, sequence valve Lease for $7,150/year

2018 Kuhn Knight 2044 VB,

*17’ Working Width *Hydraulic fold


Anderson Inline Wrapper: *USED 2010 Model *Self contain power unit

2018 Kuhn Knight VSL242,

Kuhn GF 5202 Gyrotedder: *NEW

*USED *Hydraulic tub drive

*NEW *86”x69”


1000 PTO, sequence valve Lease for $6,150/year

Valmetal Agri Chopper 5600H Fine Cut:

1050 Gallon FerƟlizer Tank:

Anderson Individual: *DEMO UNIT *13hp Honda engine * *Auto remote……$16,900




Kuhn SR 312 Wheel Rake: *NEW *Up to 24’ working width *V type spliƩer wheel

Kuhn VB3190 OpƟcut *NEW *OpƟcut 14

Kuhn SR 110 Wheel Rake: *NEW *17’-21’ working width….$5690

Kuhn 2190 Baler *USED *14 Knife…..$18,900

Side discharge, 2 speed, 540 RPM, 640XL Indicator, Belt extension Lease for $5,000/year $119,000 X7.680



McCormick X7.680: *NEW/DEMO unit *Duals, *Front weights, (350 hours)


McCormick X6.430 W/Loader: *NEW/DEMO unit (212 hours)

Kuhn 3136 Mixer: *USED *Scale *360 cu. Ō. capacity



Kuhn 3142 Mixer: *USED, *3 Auger Discharge *Scale *New auger liner *420 cu. Ō. capacity

1310 E. Main Street, Arcadia. WI 54612 608-323-7001 ~ 1-800-657-6955 We reserve the right to correct misprints or errors. Some quantities may be limited.

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Clean Equipment at a Fair Price!

Sukup 1800 Windrow Shredder, CV Joint,

Brady 950 Hydra Mill

4 screens & any other size you want! Hard to find a nicer mill overrunning clutch, cylinder. anywhere! You will not be Smooth and nice - $6,250 disappointed - $5,750 Killbros 500 wagon on 1500 gear and Parker 2500 on 12 ton gear, all with ex. tires 3 Grain Cleaners, various screens available, 1 single stage, 1-2 stage (like new), 1-2 stage with fines auger


Near new Farm King 480 grain cleaner set up for beans - $6,000 2 other cleaners also on hand

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A&L 505 cart

with corner auger and like new 18.4x38 tires


715-284-9241 515-341-0533

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30x70 TRUSS Pipe & Ratchet................................................................. $5,500 38x100 TRUSS Pipe & Ratchet........................................................... $11,900 42x100 TRUSS Pipe & Ratchet........................................................... $14,250 50x100 TRUSS Pipe & Ratchet........................................................... $18,250 65x100 TRUSS Pipe & Ratchet........................................................... $28,950 Replacement Tarps ................................................................. $.85 sq. ft.

- Know the numbers. Sipiorski said taking the time to understand, interpret and put together nancial statements, such as cash ows and balance sheets, are critical to becoming a successful farmer. “Understanding that each movement of money on the farm, such as the cost of raising heifers, has an immediate effect on the cash ow statement, and it will eventually work its way over to the balance sheet as either an asset or a liability,” Sipiorski said. “The sooner they understand that, the more successful they will become.” - Cost of getting into a dairy farm. The sheer cost of milking cows, replacement animals, machinery and real estate is enough to keep many who may have the desire to milk cows for a living out of the business. “How many kids have the money right out of a two- or four-year school to farm?” Sipiorski said. “Not many.” Sipiorski suggests cultivating and maintaining a good relationship with lenders and the Farm Service Agency, of which the latter has helped young farmers get started with lowinterest loans. “FSA has up to $300,000 available just for young and beginning farmers for cattle and machinery purchases, and up to $300,000 for real estate purchases,” Sipiorski said. - Handing over the reins. For those transitioning a farm from one generation to the next, both the parents and children may not know where to begin when transferring assets. “The parents … may not want to let go, either,” Sipiorski said. Sipiorski recommends beginning transferring assets when generation one is in their mid-50s, beginning with the cattle because they generate cash ow. Sipiorski suggests working with an accountant, attorney or nancial advisor to look at the best way to transfer assets. Farm transfer talks should begin when the generation wishing to take over the farm is in their mid-20s to early 30s. “… Farm transitions can take 10-plus years, and they need to have an understanding of why it’s important to transfer assets …,” Sipiorski said. “After transferring cattle, then turn over the checkbook because the cattle are making cash ow, then the machinery and then the real estate. By the time the transfer is complete, generation two … should have a good idea of what they’re doing.” - Where to begin when you do not have a family farm. “I get calls all the time from folks not only looking to retire and get out of farming, but also from younger couples looking to get into farming,” Sipiorski said. “Making those matches can be really difcult.” Sipiorski recommends working with the retiring farmer for at least one year to make sure each generation’s personalities are compatible. “Work with a non-family farm for a year to make sure the transition will work and that everyone gets along because nding a match is a huge obstacle,” Sipiorski said.

*Note: These specials are for barns sold at the show only.*


• • • •

Traction in all directions Reduce animal stress Aids in heat detection Cost effective & practical

We offer grooving & scarifying


Strum, WI



World Dairy Expo • Dairy Star Special Edition • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 37

Klinkners overcome challenges to pursue dreams


Rob and Gail Klinkner and their children – (from leŌ) Reagan, Ginger, Garrison, Rubi and Rylan – milk 55 cows near Viroqua, Wis. The Klinkners were awarded an AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Award for their work in developing their herd of registered Jerseys.

AJCA Young Jersey Breeder Award fullls a goal By Danielle Nauman

VIROQUA, Wis. – Not being born into a dairy farming family did not dissuade Rob Klinkner from deciding dairy farming was the path in life he wanted to pursue. Rob and Gail Klinkner and their family – Reagan, 12, Garrison, 10, Rubi, 6, Ginger, 4, and Rylan, 1 – milk 55 head of registered Jerseys, Holsteins, Guernseys and Ayrshires on their Pine Prairie Farm outside of Viroqua, Wis.

Their dedication to their herd earned them a National Young Jersey Breeder Award at the 2018 annual meeting of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) last month in Canton, Ohio. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to try to accomplish,” Rob said of the award. “To actually achieve it is very humbling and moving.” The Young Jersey Breeder Award is given annually to active members of the AJCA who are between the ages of 28-40. At the age of 9, Rob began helping with chores on a daily basis on Steve and Annette Trescher’s dairy farm outside of Cashton, Wis. “Annette saw that I was interested in Jerseys, and she really Turn to KLINKNERS | Page 38

Vertical Twin TMR Single TMR • 425-510 cu. ft. Capacity Twin Small Frame • 355-520 cu. ft. Capacity Twin Mid Frame* • 585-760 cu. ft. Capacity Twin Large Frame* • 815-1315 cu. ft. Capacity

9 Models from 355 - 1315 Cubic Feet (2 Singles • 7 Twin)

Nutrition Solutions • Faster Processing • Faster Cleanout • Precise Rations • Less Horsepower • Lower Load Height

2724 State Hwy. 24 • Fort Atkinson, IA 563-534-2724

*Two-Speed Electric Shift System Shift quickly and easily right from the seat of your tractor. New Belt incline is super quiet!! Truck mounts available.

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931-437-2514 147 Edd Joyce Rd. • Bell Buckle, TN 37020

• LOW COST! • Respects natural feeding habits • Mixes warm milk on demand • Use any kind of milk powdered replacer • Hundreds of satisfied customers! • No waste

Lac-Tek II

Biotic Automatic Feeders provide an effective solution for large and small-scale calf, lamb or kid farming. Biotic feeders help support the healthy development of calve, lambs and kids through a system that supports their natural feeding instincts – while saving time, reducing costs, and improving their viability.

 ID-Tek II (feeds up to 25 calves)  Lac-Tek II (feeds up to 120 lambs or kids)  Lac-Tek Stainless Steel (feeds up to 60 lambs or kids)


Rob Klinkner exhibits Pine Prairie Oliver Fiesta {5} in the junior 2-year-old class last fall at the All-American Jersey Show in Louisville, Ky. PHOTO SUBMITTED

Rob Klinkner exhibits Pine Prairie Oliver Fiesta {5} in the junior 2-year-old class last fall at the All-American Jersey Show in Louisville, Ky.

2013 Toolcat 5600

2017 Toolcat 5610



(#16924) 1040 Hours, HVAC, Road Package, High Flow Hydraulics, Power Bobtach and Radio

2006 Bobcat S185

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2014 Bobcat S650

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(#16820) 128 Hours, HVAC, Rear PTO (540), High Flow Hydraulics

2015 Bobcat T590

(#14217) 785 Hrs, ACS (H/F Ctrls) A71 Pkg, HVAC, Power Bobtach, Keyless Panel, Sound Reduction Kit, 7 Pin Elec Harness, Wide Track, 74” Tooth Bkt, Interim Tier 4 Kubota Engine (66 HP Turbo)


2015 Bobcat T590

(#14149) 1285 Hours, ACS, H71, Cab with Heat, Power Bobtach, Keyless Panel, Sound Reduction Kit, 7 Pin Electrical Harness

$35,000 4000 Newville Road Janesville WI 53545 608-756-0000

worked to help that grow,” Rob said. “The Treschers let me show their animals at the Parish 4 Jersey Show and at the Monroe County Fair.” Rob saved up enough money to begin his own Jersey herd at the age of 13, with the purchase of Feniwis Peep T Perky at a dispersal sale. Gail grew up on her family’s registered Holstein farm outside of Westby, Wis., and was as passionate about the dairy industry and breeding registered Holsteins as Rob was about his Jerseys. The two met through 4-H and FFArelated activities. They each attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course program, with Rob graduating in 2001. Gail graduated from the program in 2003, and they married later that year. Rob started working at the Fremstad’s Norse Star Jersey Farm, and the desire to have his own farm continued to grow. In 2002, Rob worked out a rental agreement with a retired farmer located near Westby, Wis. “I had a 50-50 agreement with the landlord,” Rob said. “We worked together to harvest quality forages, and I purchased the rest of the feed and paid the “We’ve tried to electric. The landlord paid a percentage of any needed repairs, and we each received 50 nd the most percent of the milk check.” The original cows Rob purchased efficient number were purebred Jerseys. He joined the AJCA Registration, Equity, Appraisal of cows to milk and Performance Program to begin the in our facility registration process through the Genetic Recovery Program. to maintain Once Rob and Gail were married, her protable Holsteins moved to Pine Prairie to join the Jersey herd. Gail continued to work off the margins.” farm while Rob managed the dairy herd. They continued on the rented farm until GAIL KLINKNER, DAIRY FARMER October 2006 when the opportunity to purchase their current farm presented itself. “We picked the worst time of the year to move a dairy farm,” Rob said. “We had a lot of work to do right away getting the barn ready. We put pasture mats in right away. We had to install the milking system. The heifer facility needed some revamping to be ready for winter, and we had to pour some concrete. We had to get some of the basic machinery we needed but didn’t have.” The Klinkners have had to be exible in their plans to navigate their way through nancial struggles. “In July 2010, we made the decision to downsize the herd,” Gail said. “We sold 40 cows and 20 heifers to pay down some debt. It kept us milking cows. I continued managing a local farm store, and Rob got a part-time job driving school bus.” By 2013, the barn was full again, and the Klinkners decided to pay off their remaining debt by having another sale in April 2014. They sold 40 cows and 10 bred heifers, leaving 20 cows remaining in the herd. Both Rob and Gail worked off-farm jobs during this time, while managing the farm. Since that time, the herd has grown back to its current size of 35 registered Jerseys and 20 registered Holsteins. There are two Guernseys their son Reagan owns and a couple of Ayrshires they house for a friend. “We’ve tried to nd the most efcient number of cows to milk in our facility to maintain protable margins,” Gail said. “It’s the key to the Turn to KLINKNERS | Page 39

World Dairy Expo â&#x20AC;˘ Dairy Star Special Edition â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 8, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 39

ConĆ&#x;nued from KLINKNERS | Page 38

progress weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made, especially in the past three years.â&#x20AC;? The Klinkners try to ď&#x192;&#x17E;ght burn-out from the burdens of dairy farming by having activities that get them out of the barn. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We try to be active in the community and in the dairy industry to give our kids the chance for experiences off the farm,â&#x20AC;? Rob said. Rob has served on the church board and as a caretaker for the cemetery. He has been president of the Parish 4 Jersey Breeders for over 10 years and serves on the state Jersey board, as well as serving several terms on the Vernon-Crawford DHIA board. Gail has served on the Vernon County Holstein Breeders board and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been lucky has worked to form the Vernon County to have some Junior Dairy Club for youth interested in any breed of dairy cattle. great friends and Both Rob and Gail serve as dairy project leaders and have been on the mentors along the Ribbon Sale Committee at the Vernon way. I hope we can County Fair. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We believe in supporting the be that person to future of the dairy industry by providing fun and educational opportunities for someone else who the kids,â&#x20AC;? Gail said. The Klinkner family exhibits their has a passion for the animals at local, state and national breed.â&#x20AC;? shows. Both Rob and Gail grew up showing, and all of their children, ROB KLINKNER, DAIRY FARMER except Rylan, already have some show ring experience. Gail has chaperoned for several years at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair, and this year, Reagan exhibited for the ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst time. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been lucky to have some great friends and mentors along the way,â&#x20AC;? Rob said, crediting the Treschers, the Fremstad family and John Selin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I hope we can be that person to someone else who has a passion for the breed.â&#x20AC;?

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Birds just love this barn. The webs in these trusses are easy nest areas for birds. They also restrict air flow which leads to poor ventilation and moisture buildup in the building.

Starwood Rafters Uses


â&#x20AC;˘ Spans up to 72 ft. â&#x20AC;˘ Up to 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122; spacing depending on the load you desire â&#x20AC;˘ Bird nesting control â&#x20AC;˘ Better ventilation & visability â&#x20AC;˘ No feed alley post obstruction â&#x20AC;˘ Additional ceiling height

Pole Sheds â&#x20AC;˘ Free Stalls Riding Arenas Pavilion Shelters Starwood Rafters Lam-Ply Truss Machinery Storage ANOTHER QUALITY PRODUCT FROM STARWOOD RAFTERS


W24141 Starwood Ln. â&#x20AC;˘ Independence, WI 54747 W Website:



New â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;18 NH C232-T4 Final 2-spd track SSL

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The arched rafters create a more open barn allowing better ventilation. Also since there are no open webs in the trusses, there are no places for birds to nest.

Final 2-speed SSL

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New â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;17 NH L234 T4B-C

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Call for best cash or low-rate Ă&#x20AC;nancing programs


VERMILLION, MN â&#x20AC;˘ 651-437-4435 â&#x20AC;˘ WWW . WERNERIMPLEMENT . COM



CowScoutâ&#x201E;˘ Co now m monitors ru rumination times!


Be everywhere and know everything Get more herd health insights with CowScout



Your Local GEA Milking Equipment Dealer Wherever you are, CowScoutâ&#x201E;˘ is here for you so you can be there for them â&#x20AC;&#x201C; making the best decisions based on the best information. CowScout can monitor: Walking time & step count â&#x20AC;&#x201D; know when sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ready to breed or may have a lameness issue. Eating & rumination time â&#x20AC;&#x201D; know if sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s oďŹ&#x20AC; feed. Standing & lying time â&#x20AC;&#x201D; know if sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comfortable. Continuous heat detection monitoring can improve reproduction performance. Eating AND rumination times combined with inactive times oďŹ&#x20AC;ers the most accurate data for early detection of health problems. Manage your herd eďŹ&#x20AC;ectively and eďŹ&#x192;ciently with CowScoutâ&#x201E;˘ Animal Monitors.

N 2340 County G â&#x20AC;˘ Chilton, WI 53014 920.849.4209

(800) 800-5824

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Fiberglass freestalls offer a heightened level of comfort which can lead to an increase in milk production! New additive in our paint now prevents & protects against the growth of mold & mildew.

“We installed our posts and 5 wire fencing in spring for our cattle receiving/training pen. Post and fencing were easy and quick to install & fiberglass is long lasting. We want to keep our farm natural looking so this product works well for us and the cattle.” Morris and Debra Weyers, Bethany,

NEW PRODUCTS: • All Solid Rail Fencing has a 20 year UV coating to prevent slivers, Colors available • Show Fencing & Pasture fencing • Cattle Panels & Continuous Fencing • 1’’ & 1-1/4 Electric Fence Post UV Protected •13% Chrome Post for Head Locks & Feed Rail • Guard Rail and Fiberglass posts. • Lifetime warranty on our fiberglass products from rusting and rotting

“We have had the freestalls in for about 2 months. We installed them ourselves, they were simple to install. Cows likes the flexibility that the stall has. Should have a long life span.” - Tom & Mark Simons, Farley, IA, Farnear Holsteins 50 FREESTALLS “These gates are very simple to take apart, like calf huts, only bigger. We put 1-3 calves in a pen, which gets them accustomed to group housing. Ventilation is better for the calves having an open pen.We are very happy with our investment in the gates.” Top Deck Holsteins-Westgate, IA, Jason, Derek, Justin Decker

Jeff Kintzle, Peosta, IA FIBERGLASS POSTS & RAIL

“We have been supplying Glasfiber boxes for 10 years. Every customer is satisfied with this product and will definitely choose the glass fiber freestall again in the future. It is also a good fit for renovation projects. In addition, we also offer glass fiber fencing. The glass fiber is an excellent alternative to the iron barn equipment.” Bertha Swaving, Holland, Netherlands

“The fence from TJ’s Fencing is the most equine friendly, safest, most durable fence on the market. It is a great looking fence that will add eye appeal to any farm.” Jess Bergantzel Show Horses, Mechanicsville, IA

Hwy. 76 • Harpers Ferry, IA

563-586-2023 Email:

“The stalls are very good, I’ve had the stalls 8 weeks and the cows adjusted to them right away. I see a big savings on bedding since installing the stalls. I recommend anyone who is thinking about building a new freestall to take a look at these stalls.”

Don Buhr, Sumner, IA


DAIRY ST R World Dairy Expo Special Edition

Houin’s seminar focuses on automation at Homestead Dairy

Second Section

Robotic milking systems: Are they worth it?

By Maria Bichler Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH, Ind. – Implementing a robotic milking system may not be for all dairy farms. Converting a portion of a dairy operation to an automated system was the key to staying competitive in the dairy industry for the Plymouth, Ind., Homestead Dairy, LLC. For a rst-hand overview of how the Houin family has embraced robots and a comparison between the farm’s traditional and robotic dairies, Brian Houin will present, “Large-Scale Robots: Is It Worth the Hype?” during a World Dairy Expo seminar Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 11 a.m. The seminar will be held in the Mendota 2 meeting room of the Exhibition Hall. Houin joined the family


Brian Houin is co-owner of Homestead Dairy, LLC near Plymouth, Ind. Houin will present a seminar on how his family has embraced robots during a World Dairy Expo seminar at 11 a.m. on Oct. 3 at the ExhibiƟon Hall.

farm in 2003 after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in meteorology. He is a co-owner of Homestead Dairy, LLC. He is joined by family members Matt Houin, Joel Gawronski

Cooling the World’s Milk

and Ryan Rogers, and a 70-person staff in operating the farm. The Houin family farm began in 1945 with Elmer and Lena Houin’s herd of nine cows. In 1979, sons

High-polished stainless steel construction with 3A approval.

Even temperature difference and effective cooling.

Reduced heat gain with energy-efficient insulation.

Rapid cooling advantage with bottom evaporator design.

N2340 Cty G Chilton, WI 53014

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related accident. Today, the farm enterprise is split between three locations and is milking 4,800 cows. Turn to HOMESTEAD | Page 2

With Milk Sweep Agitation Technology

Oval design with more evaporator coverage for faster cooling.

Consistent wash with milk cooler-mounted CIP system.

Dan and Floyd Houin grew the herd to 110 cows and the farm name, Homestead Dairy, was created. Floyd is currently the CEO of the farm; Dan passed in 2007 from a farm-

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At Homestead Dairy, 1,850 cows are milked three times a day in a double-25 parallel parlor. This location also houses the hospital cows for the two conventional dairies. Legacy Dairy houses the rst lactation animals. There, 750 cows are milked three times a day in a double-12 parallel parlor. Homestead Robotic Dairy began in February 2017 with six Lely Astronaut A4 units. Today, the dairy milks 2,200 cows with 36 robots. All maternity cows are housed at the robot farm site. “It took a lot of planning. It was about a three-year process,” Houin said of implementing the robotic milking system. “It was a dream of mine to build a dairy from scratch and to take advantage of efciencies and new technologies.” After considering an 80-stall rotary parlor, Houin was dissuaded and began considering a robotic system instead. “I always thought robots were for smaller dairies and it couldn’t be done on a large scale,” Houin said. “We started touring some and the cow behavior was so different. It drew us right away.” Once the decision to implement the robotic system was made, the family had to rethink their management, being partial to operating a dairy farm with traditional milking systems, Houin said. “We took a little bit of a leap,” he said. “We had to basically forget everything we knew about managing

a dairy and start from scratch on how we were going to do the day to day tasks on the cows. It’s denitely managed differently, but looking back we are pretty happy we made that decision and love it. The cows love it.” The advent of the Houins’ robotic dairy establishes them as the largest robotic dairy farm in the United States. However, being the rst farm to operate at their scale has posed its challenges. “The software and reports that you see are more geared towards a smaller producer who knows their cows and is the one physically doing all the work,” Houin said. “Me being the manager, I’m not there doing the work every day, but when I go to look at the reports, with so many cows, it’s very tedious to look at. The reports that I want to see are going to be different than the reports of a smaller producer.” Because of the software collecting data from the large herd, Houin said the system has crashed at times due to the excessive data transmissions. In addition to an overview of the farm, Houin will share the inferences he has made from the data collected during the seminar. “Being I have almost half the cows on robots and half the cows conventionally, I think it should be really good comparisons as far as milk production, reproduction, cull rates and maintenance costs,” Houin said. “Just to give people an idea if it is worth the hype.”

Southwest S D Dairy S Systems

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milk and components

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A glimpse of the future Britt’s seminar to suggest dairying techniques in 2068 By Abby Hopp Staff Intern

Jack Britt has his sights on the future of the dairy industry to meet the needs of the growing global population. “The goals are to look far into the future and forecast the genetics, technologies and systems that will be in place and will be suited to meet the needs of over 9 billion people in the face of

climate change,” said Britt, with Jack H Britt Consulting. The consultant will further delve into the topics of dairy cattle genetics and industry technologies and systems, and how farmers can prepare for the industry ahead in a seminar at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. “Learning from the Future – Dairying in 2068” will take place Saturday, Oct. 6 in the Mendota 2 meeting room of Alliant Energy Center’s Exhibition Hall. The seminar will begin at 11 a.m. “I hope [attendees] gain a view of the future and the steps needed to adjust and thrive,”


CɇnȻrȽtȽ ƯɇoɊ gɊoɇvɁnȿ fɇr sɄiɈ rȽsɁsɌaɆt ƯɇoɊs • Grooving is more effective than scabbling, scarÀer, or cobblestone. • Diamond groove for maximum protection. • Grooving increases production, heat detection. • Helps eliminate abscesses and injury to your cows!

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Britt said. “We have many new technologies and natural-based products that will be in use, including new crops and systems.” Britt’s interest in the dairy industry began in his youth. Britt was raised on a dairy farm in Kentucky where he and his family milked Holstein, Brown Swiss and Guernsey cows. He further pursued his dairy interests at Western Kentucky University where he studied agriculture and served on the college’s Jack Britt rst team to compete in the Consultant National Collegiate Dairy Judging Contest in Waterloo, Iowa. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Britt attended graduate school where he specialized in reproductive physiology and received his Ph.D. Upon nishing his education, Britt served as a faculty member and executive in the departments of dairy, animal science and veterinary medicine at Michigan State University, North Carolina State University and the University of Tennessee systems. As a faculty member, he had the opportunity to serve as a teacher, scientist and administrator. Alongside educating, Britt was an entrepreneur for many years. He was a member of many start-up teams and a partner in ve companies. Britt’s extensive background and countless connections made in the industry bodes well with the current dairy situation. Aside from presenting at World Dairy Expo, Britt has lectured on what Michigan’s dairy industry may look like in 60 years. “That presentation was made in March 2016, and I have made many more since – in the United States and abroad,” Britt said. “I just returned from China and am working with them on a 30-year forecast for China.”

“Anyone who is looking at dairying in the decades ahead will benet from our vision of the future and what we see will change.” JACK BRITT, CONSULTANT

Over 20 years of Grooving for thousands of farmers throughout the Midwest, Southern states, east coast

Nɇ sȽtȅuɈ fȽeɋ | Tɀe mɇsɌ rȽaɋoɆaȺlȽ rȹtȽs BA




608-225-3595 (Doug Beahm)


Appleton, WI




I do the work myself to make sure every job is done the right way. I take pride in a job well done, and can personally promise you nothing less!

Visit our website at

Britt is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and insight about dairy farming in the United States 50 years from now with Expo attendees. His presentation will allude to ways in which cows will communicate in the next 50 years and how the dairy systems will communicate with cows, specically through automation, robotics and other technologies. “The opportunity to talk with dairy farmers and get their feedback,” Britt said of what he is most excited for. “I love to discuss the future with them.” Among the many attractions of the international dairy show, Britt encourages dairy farmers and industry professionals to make time for his presentation. “What is your vision for your dairy farm and cows in the future?” Britt said. “Anyone who is looking at dairying in the decades ahead will benet from our vision of the future and what we see will change.”

World Dairy Expo Special Edition • Second Section • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 5

UW-Platteville’s 36th Annual

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World Dairy Expo offers educational seminars World Dairy Expo is pleased to provide attendees additional educational value once again through its diverse series of Expo Seminars. Presented by industry leaders daily, these seminars address topics centered around policy, research, nances and the future. Each seminar is approved for one continuing education credit for members of both the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) and the American Association of State Veterinary Boards – RACE Program (RACE). Click here. Sponsors of the 2018 Expo Seminars include Feed Supervisor Software, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy, Micronutrients, Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc. and Semex. The following is a schedule of 2018 Expo Seminars, which will be held in the Mendota 2 meeting room of the Alliant Energy Center’s Exhibition Hall.

LOYAL FARM EQUIPMENT “I feel our calf program has been highlighted as one of the best in the country BECAUSE of our Agri-Plastics hutches! We raise a healthier calf that thrives in both individual and group hutches.”


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Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1 p.m. Entering the Dairy Industry; How do Young People get Started into Dairying Gary Sipiorski, Dairy Development Manager, Vita Plus Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) Entering the dairy industry can be a daunting task for people of any age, but especially for young people. Gary Sipiorski, Dairy Development Manager at Vita Plus, will outline a road map into the dynamic dairy industry for beginning farmers during this seminar. The discussion will include nancial, management and animal husbandry skills needed to be successful in addition to possible education routes and the role internships can play. With experiences on the Board of Directors for Citizens State Bank of Loyal and as an advisor to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Sipiorski will also cover how money borrowing works in a capital intense business, like dairying. He also spends time offering insight to families in the midst of generational farm transitions and as a regular writer for Hoard’s Dairyman. Wednesday, Oct. 3, 11 a.m. Large-Scale Robots: Is It Worth the Hype Brian Houin, Owner, Homestead Dairy, LLC Sponsored by: Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc. Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) Beginning as a small family farm, Homestead Dairy, LLC in Plymouth, Indiana, is now the largest dairy to implement a robotic milking system in the United States. Still caring for a portion of the herd in two conventional systems, 2,200 cows are milked using 36 robots in the newest facility. The decision to convert part of the farm to this system was made while the family was working to nd a way to stay competitive in the industry by utilizing new technologies. Brian Houin, an owner of Homestead Dairy, will present the data between his traditional and robotic dairies as he discusses if large-scale robot farms are worth the hype. Houin, who was born and raised at Homestead Dairy, returned to the farm in 2003 after graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Meteorology and a minor in Spanish. While he does not practice predicting the weather, this degree has helped to drive his passion for data analysis. Wednesday, Oct. 3, 1 p.m. Will the Farm Bill Hurt or Help? Dr. Mark Stephenson, Director of Dairy Policy Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) Every ve years, farmers are faced with the same question, will the Farm Bill hurt or help? This piece of federal policy, used to address problems the marketplace cannot x on its own, impacts farmers every day. For more than a decade, dairy producers have identied milk price volatility and its impacts on their businesses as the most important issue to address. Today, it might include policy to mitigate the impacts of trade policy talks. This seminar, presented by Dr. Mark Stephenson, will cover what has worked in the past, what might improve current policy, what has been done in other countries and what may be politically feasible during this Farm Bill year. Stephenson is the Director of Dairy Policy Analysis at the University of WisconsinMadison. In this role, Dr. Stephenson conducts and coordinates research and outreach activities related to the dairy industry. He is also involved in applied research at the rm-level and in sector-level performance including dairy policy, international trade and milk price forecasting. Turn to SEMINARS | Page 7

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Thursday, Oct. 4, 11 a.m. Are You Raising the Right Number of Heifers? Jason Karszes, Senior Extension Associate, PRO-DAIRY at Cornell University Sponsored by: Micronutrients Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) Representing ten to twenty percent of the total annual operation costs of a dairy farm, a dairy’s heifer replacement program in an investment worth investigating. An evaluation of this program should include the question, how may heifer should be raised? Jason Karszes, Senior Extension Associate for PRO-DAIRY at Cornell University, will share information about a number of key areas across the dairy business that can provide a road map for how individual dairy producers can approach this question. Karszes’ extension, teaching and research efforts have centered on nancial analysis and decision-making programs for dairy farms and the use of Cornell’s Dairy Farm Business Summary and Analysis Program. He also focuses on budgeting, decision making, activity analysis and goal setting to improve business performance in the dairy industry. Thursday, Oct. 4, 1 p.m. KPIs: Your Yardstick to Improve What Matters on Your Operation Dr. Tom Fuhrmann, Consultant, DairyWorks Management System Terry Battcher, Consultant, DairyWorks Management System Sponsored by: Feed Supervisor Software Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are numbers that become tools for measuring effectiveness when making management improvements. This seminar will dive deeper into understanding what numbers can be classied as KPIs and how to implement them into a management strategy. Leading the discussion is the duo of Dr. Tom Fuhrmann and Terry Battcher of DairyWorks Management System. Dr. Fuhrmann founded DairyWorks as an outgrowth of his veterinary consulting practice and now teaches, trains, consults and troubleshoots production management issues for dairy producers and their employees. Battcher, a specialist in employee training, strategic planning, labor efciency, milk quality, production and implementation of new technology, brings additional hands-on experience to the team after being a managing partner during his family’s dairy expansion. Friday, Oct. 5, 11 a.m. Improved Genomic Selection for Health and Other Traits Dr. Paul VanRaden, Research Geneticist, USDA-AGIL Sponsored by: Semex Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) In April 2018, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding introduced six additional health traits that can be evaluated using genomic predictions. While reviewing the current sources, edits and evaluation methods of health traits, this seminar will also look to forecast future improvements to health and other trait evaluations. This includes the potential for new traits such as feed intake and new tools that could make crossbred genomic prediction

into a possibility for dairy producers. Leading this discussion is Paul VanRaden, a research geneticist at the USDA-AIPL. VanRaden has thirty years of experience deriving genetic evaluation methods and introducing new traits for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In 1994, he introduced the lifetime net merit index and has updated the formula six times since to include additional conformation, calving, fertility, livability and health traits. Friday, Oct. 5, 1 p.m. View from the top: How corporate restaurant and food retail sourcing policies are being developed and the implications to the farmer Panelists: Mike Brown, Director, Dairy Supply Chain, The Kroger Co. Sarah Hendren, Nutrition & Quality Assurance Manager, Culver Franchising System, LLC Paula Emerick, Sourcing Category Manager, Global Beverage Sourcing/Dairy, Starbucks Coffee Company Moderator: Angela Anderson, Director, Customer Outreach, Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Sponsored by: Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) From animal welfare to sustainable sourcing, key restaurant and food retail leaders will be discussing how policy and buying decisions are developed and implemented for their companies. Sharing decision-making insight and how they work with the dairy industry, these individuals will touch on topics that are impactful to the dairy community. The panel discussion which will also highlight ways dairy farmers and stakeholders can engage with the supply chain, will end with an open question-andanswer segment. Saturday, Oct. 6, 11 a.m. Learning from the Future – Dairying in 2068 Dr. Jack H. Britt, Senior Consultant, Jack H. Britt Consulting Continuing Education Credits: ARPAS (1), RACE (1) The dairy industry is constantly changing and evolving. In this seminar, Dr. Jack H. Britt, a senior dairy consultant and former Professor at three Land-Grant universities, will share what he believes the industry will look like in 2068, 50 years from now. With a family dairy farming background, this scientist, teacher, entrepreneur and dairy future enthusiast has teamed up with a group of international experts to create this vision for dairying in the future. Their vision includes a cow with genes from multiple breeds, a smaller environmental footprint, healthier and more fertile. They predict the development of natural microbes specically for cattle that will replace antibiotics and chemicals used on farms today. Also foreseeing a structure change in the dairy industry, Dr. Britt will share the groups thoughts on lateral and vertical integration, location and scale as well as the role of automation, robotics and articial intelligence in 2068.


Contact: Dr. John Popp � � � 204-636-2387

Visit our booth at World Dairy Expo AL 103 (arena level) in the Coliseum.

Stop by to enter the drawing to win free Fleckvieh genetics for your herd!

Cross Ventilated Dairy



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World Dairy Expo Special Edition â&#x20AC;˘ Second Section â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 8, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 9

Two sets of eyes for the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ď&#x192;&#x17E;nest cattle

Behnke, Stetzer bringing decades of combined experience to judging Milking Shorthorn show By Brittany Olson Contributing Writer

Brian Behnke cultivated a love for caring for and judging cattle with his familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s registered Holstein herd in Brooklyn, Wis. Behnke, who manages ABS Global subsidiary St. Jacobs ABC in DeForest, Wis., is presiding over the International Milking Shorthorn show as head judge this year and grew up judging cows in his fatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s barn. Meanwhile, Carla Stetzerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s love for Milking Shorthorns began as a child on her familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s farm in west central Wisconsin, and carries over not only into her career as a herd analyst for NorthStar Cooperative, but also onto the colored shavings when she steps into the ring as associate judge for this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s International Milking Shorthorn Show at World Dairy Expo. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I grew up showing at numerous shows with my sisters and brother,â&#x20AC;? Stetzer said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We generally went to Carla Stetzer PHOTO SUBMITTED some local shows as well as the Minnesota State Fair, Assoc. judge, Intl. Brian Behnke will be head judge at this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s InternaĆ&#x; onal Milking Shorthorn World Dairy Expo and occasionally Louisville. We conMilking Shorthorn Show during World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. tinue to show a little as my boys and their cousins are Show getting into showing as they are getting older. I was also very involved in dairy judging, staring when I was 9. I had some success at the district level and enjoyed it, but had to be convinced to join the judging team my junior year at University of Wisconsin-River Falls.â&#x20AC;? For both Behnke and Stetzer, their eye for judging cattle opened doors for their future careers. In addition to working as a sire analyst, Behnke has also worked as a herdsman for several registered Holstein herds. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I grew up judging cows in my dadâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s barn and then judged on the 4-H team until I went to college,â&#x20AC;? Behnke said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We had a great judging team at Madison, and we won the national contest. Judging opened doors for me and has given me many blessings. I have been lucky and fortunate to have seen many countries in the world while traveling to judge. I enjoy seeing new things and seeing the dairy and agricultural industries and how they adapt to their conditions.â&#x20AC;? Behnke lived in Washington for a time and was a sire analyst for Landmark Genetics. Then, he was a herdsman at both Roylane Registered Holsteins and Wilcox Farms, Inc. Behnke and his wife, Tami, moved to Wisconsin where he worked for Semex for 13 years. For the last two years, he has managed St. Jacobs ABS. Turn to JUDGES | Page 11

Far mland

m .co


n gP n ti Hu


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w w w. D B CA g P r o d u c t s . c o m

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SPECIALIZING IN: ) Manure Systems & Design ) Barn & Facility Layout Design ) Ventilation for Milking/Heifer/Calf Barns ) Cow Comfort including: Mattresses, Solids & Sand Bedding ) Manure Transfer: Permanent & Dragline ) Feed & Forage Handling



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He also helps on Tami’s family’s farm, Glenn-Ann Holsteins. “We milk in an 80 stall barn and have sold a few bulls to A.I., show at the local level and try to breed protable cows that make a lot of milk and look good doing it,” Behnke said. Stetzer coaches the Jackson County 4-H dairy judging team with her sister, Katie Bue, and has judged shows all over the world. In addition to evaluating cattle, Stetzer lives for engaging with the people on the halter of those animals. “I have judged numerous local and county fairs, which I enjoy,” Stetzer said. “I love seeing young folks with a similar passion and love what they to tell me. I have “I enjoy the chance to line have judged Milking Shortat the Iowa and cows in the way that I like horns Minnesota state fairs, them and then explaining and was the associate Holstein judge at the why I like them that way.” 2010 Wisconsin State Junior Fair. In January BRIAN BEHNKE, HEAD JUDGE 2017, I was humbled with the opportunity to judge the Guernseys at Australia’s International Dairy Week, which was a wonderful experience.” This year marks the third time Behnke has judged at Expo, which he sees as a chance to inuence the direction in a small way that the dairy industry is taking. “I enjoy the chance to line cows up in the way that I like them and then explaining why I like them that way,” he said. “If we as judges pick cows that are too tall and skinny with no width, more people will try to breed that kind. ... I try to pick balanced cows with length, width and depth in combination with dairy quality, beautiful mammary systems that are welded on but still capacious enough to give a lot of milk, and cows that walk comfortably with ease and grace… ” Behnke said. “… Each time I get excited and nervous. I am looking forward to a great Milking Shorthorn show this year.” Stetzer is not only grateful to walking the colored shavings with Behnke, but also having the opportunity to judge the cattle that sparked her passion for dairy cattle. “I am very excited for the opportunity to be the associate judge for the breed I grew up with,” Stetzer said. “I am very grateful to Brian Behnke for this experience and am looking forward to a fantastic show.”



ConƟnued from JUDGES | Page 9

World Dairy Expo Special Edition • Second Section • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 11

Get your fix just outside the Coliseum at the grilled cheese stand. Featuring award-winning AMPI cheese.

Stop by the AMPI booth, Exhibition Hall #4407, to learn more about the dairy farmer–owned 800-533-3580

cooperative behind the delicious cheese.

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Questions? C Contact Andrea at andrea.b@dairystar. or 320-352-6303

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Advanced Dairy Solutions - Richland Center, WI Centre Dairy Equipment - Sauk Centre, MN Coulee Ridge Robotics - Sparta, WI Eastern Iowa Dairy Systems - Epworth, IA Ederer’s Dairy Supply - Plain, WI , Blanchardville, WI, Dodgeville, WI Fullers Milker Center - Lancaster, WI Glencoe Co-Op Assn. - Glencoe, MN Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equipment - Pipestone, MN J Gile Dairy Equipment - Cuba City, WI Koehn Inc (Monroe Westfalia Surge) - Monroe, WI

Leedstone - Melrose, MN, Glencoe, MN Midwest Livestock Systems - Pine Island, MN, Owen, WI, Menomonie, WI, Sioux Falls, SD, Beatrice, NE Professional Dairy Services - Madison, WI S&S Dairy Systems - St. Charles, MN Sioux Dairy Equipment - Rock Valley, IA, Colton, SD Tri-County Dairy Supply - Janesville, WI United Suckow Dairy - Postville, IA, West Union, IA

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Randy and Jennifer Gross, pictured with their children, own Ash Grove Dairy near Lake Benton, Minn. They will receive the 2018 Progressive Commercial Dairy Manager Award at World Dairy Expo.

Grosses named progressive dairy farmers By Danna Sabolik

LAKE BENTON, Minn. – Randy and Jennifer Gross are focused on developing a dairy business that will be sustainable for

years to come. The Grosses commitment to the industry has warranted them the 2018 Progressive Commercial Dairy Managers Award, an honor Turn to GROSS | Page 17

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ConƟnued from GROSS | Page 14

presented by the National Dairy Shrine at the organization’s annual awards banquet at World Dairy Expo on Thursday, Oct. 4 in Madison, Wis. “We both come from families with generations of involvement in dairying and always wanted to have a dairy,” Randy said. “We love what we do and feel it’s more of a calling than a career.” Randy and Jennifer own Ash Grove Dairy, LLP where they milk 1,200 cows near Lake Benton, Minn. The farm site includes a newly constructed cross-ventilated freestall barn permitted for 1,383 cows and 200 calves. While the Grosses have not yet reached their housing capacity, they plan to grow their herd in time by expanding the barn 50 percent to the east and 50 percent to the west. While Randy did not grow up on a farm, he was active in 4-H in his youth. Jennifer’s family sold their cows while she was studying dairy science at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

World Dairy Expo Special Edition • Second Section • Saturday, September 8, 2018 • Page 17

classications and genomic testing. They also began an embryo transfer program to improve their herd more rapidly, hoping to generate 4-H projects for their sons and create an Ash Grove family legacy. “I cannot think of anything to do differently,” Randy said. “The path that has brought us to where we are today has helped to shape us as people and dairy farmers. We’re thankful for the opportunities we’ve been blessed with and have worked hard to make the most of them. Through the years, we have been fortunate to work with some exceptional advisors and have great neighbors.” At World Dairy Expo, in addition to their award, the Grosses are looking forward to catching up with friends and seeing prestigious dairy cattle.

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“The path that has brought us to where we are today has helped to shape us as people and dairy farmers.” RANDY GROSS, DAIRY FARMER

Having no family farm for the couple to take over, the Grosses decided to start from scratch. After gaining 10 years of experience from managing a 3,600-cow dairy in Elkton, S.D., the Gross family purchased their farm in 2016. Over the past two years, Ash Grove, LLP, named after the Gross family homestead in South Dakota, has become an established and reputable business in the dairy industry. However, the family’s success has not come easily. “A start up dairy requires long days training cows to the parlor, putting procedures and protocols in place and getting the team all working in the same direction,” Randy said. “After things are up and running it’s more about working towards continuous improvement, whether it be in milk production, genetics, cost control, employee development, milk quality, forage quality or calf care. There is always some area that demands attention.” The award recognizes outstanding dairy managers who have introduced and applied effective management and business practices to help achieve a more protable dairy business. The top priority on the Grosses farm is protability, growth and developing a top-notch herd of registered Holsteins. “We strive to achieve these goals in a manner that benets our cows, family, employees, consumers and community,” Randy said. “We believe if we do our best to take care of the cows, in turn they will take care of us.” The Grosses focus on cow care and giving their employees a chance to grow in order to keep their dairy operation successful. The family is proud that of 14 employees nine have been with them for seven to 13 years, choosing to follow them from their former dairy in South Dakota to their farm in Minnesota. “These areas encompass a lot of day-today details, but we believe keeping these as our priorities will allow Ash Grove Dairy to be prepared for the future,” Randy said. Randy and Jennifer are dedicated to the dairy industry and look for new ways to improve their herd and management style. “As our herd matures and new technologies are implemented, we expect to see improvement,” Randy said. “We are already seeing this occur.” Ash Grove has recently started regular


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Page 18 • World Dairy Expo Special Edition • Second Section • Saturday, September 8, 2018

Eustice named one of ve pioneers elected to National Dairy Hall of Fame By Danna Sabolik

TUCSON, Ariz. – Ronald Eustice, well-known Red and White Holstein enthusiast and international marketing consultant, is attending World Dairy Expo like every year and helping with the International Registration Booth as translator. But this year is special for Eustice, because he will also be named to the National Dairy Hall of Fame. “I am deeply humbled by the award and feel very grateful to receive it,” Eustice said. “I have received several awards in the past, but this is the most cherished.” Eustice will receive the recognition at the National Dairy Shrine Banquet Thursday, Oct. 4 in Madison, Wis. The award is given to outstanding representatives of the dairy industry. Pictures and biographies of these persons are preserved at the National Dairy Shrine Visitors’ Center and Museum in Fort Atkinson, Wis. “World Dairy Expo is unique because it is more than a cattle show,” Eustice said. “It’s a gathering place for people from all over the Turn to EUSTICE | Page 19


Ron EusƟce will be named to the NaƟonal Dairy Hall of Fame at the NaƟonal Dairy Shrine Banquet, Oct. 4 in Madison, Wis.

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Leah Kieler, Kieler Farms Inc.

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World Dairy Expo Special Edition â&#x20AC;˘ Second Section â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 8, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 19

ConĆ&#x;nued from EUSTICE | Page 18

world seeking information and expanding their knowledge of the dairy industry. World Dairy Expo is the greatest dairy event in the world, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m pleased to help make it even better.â&#x20AC;? Eustice has represented the U.S. food industry in more than 80 countries. In 1970, he worked with Carnation Company directing semen sales and teaching A.I. classes in Mexico. In 1977, Eustice became the international marketing director for the American Breeders Service and in 1984 took on the same role with Land Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Lakes. Through Land Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Lakes, he was involved with technology transfer and farmer training all over the world, including a threeyear assignment in Indonesia teaching dairy management classes in the Indonesian language. In 1990, he took on another role where he would stay for 22 years as the executive director of the Minnesota Beef Council, working closely with both the beef and dairy industries. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the Upper Midwest more than half the beef produced comes from dairy steers and market cows,â&#x20AC;? Eustice said. Eustice was an early promoter of Red and White dairy cattle. He purchased his ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst Red and White dairy calves in 1963 while he was a freshman at the University of Minnesota working in the dairy barns. Back then, the red factor was seen as undesirable and a major effort was made to eliminate animals carrying the gene. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bulls that sired red and white calves were removed from A.I. service,â&#x20AC;? Eustice said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Of course, some of the best animals in the breed carried the gene for recessive red color, and it was impossible to eliminate something that no one could see.â&#x20AC;? His passion for the breed led him to success in the show ring as well. In 1968, Red and White Holstein calves were eligible to be registered in the Holstein Association USA, and he showed the ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst prize 3-year-old and reserve grand champion at the ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst National Red and White Show at World Dairy Expo. He also managed a National Red and White Sale at the National Dairy Cattle Congress in 1969. This year, the International Red and White Show will be one of the larger cattle shows at Expo. Eustice is the author of a book on the history of Red and Whites in North America, â&#x20AC;&#x153;They Saw Red.â&#x20AC;? His next book, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Polled Pioneers: History of Naturally Hornless Dairy Cattle in North Americaâ&#x20AC;? will soon be available. On the topic of genetics, Eustice believes our dairy cattle have become too big and too tall. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our cattle must meet the needs of commercial dairy farms,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;That means moderate stature, wide chests, and good feet and legs.â&#x20AC;? He also believes we will see more polled dairy cattle of all breeds in the future. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dairy cows have been put on this earth for one reason: to produce milk, and they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t need horns to do it,â&#x20AC;? Eustice said. Through his work, Eustice feels he is not only an advocate and spokesperson for the dairy and beef industries, but for all of agriculture. Modern agriculture has changed from the farm Eustice grew up on in Southern Minnesota. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Farming and food production have changed dramatically during my lifetime,â&#x20AC;? Eustice said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;With each passing year the general public becomes less familiar with how our food is produced, and we provide safe, affordable nutritious food to the world.â&#x20AC;? Eustice said we must make a continuous effort to tell the story of the modern miracle of food production and warns our livelihood depends on it. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We all need to be advocates for agriculture,â&#x20AC;? Eustice said.



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Pivotal cow family propels success

Jameses named National Young Jersey Breeders By Danielle Nauman

MINERAL POINT, Wis. – Concentrating on building cow families that milk well and excel in type describes the breeding philosophy Jason and Leah James employ in breeding their dairy herd. Adherence to those goals earned the young couple the distinction of being recognized with a National Young Jersey Breeder Award at the American Jersey Cattle Association’s annual meeting held last month in Canton, Ohio. The Jameses milk 175 registered Jerseys, Milking Shorthorns and Holsteins on their Pine-Valley Farm in Mineral Point, Wis. The couple took over operation of Jason’s 200acre family farm following their marriage in 2011. The herd is milked in a double-6 parallel parlor and housed in two freestall barns. “My love of the Jersey breed started when I showed a Jersey when I was little,” Leah said. “Jerseys have been a longtime love of mine.” With her sister Londa,


The James family – (from leŌ) Jason, holding daughter Brenlyn, and Leah – accept a NaƟonal Young Jersey Breeder Award from AJCA Vice President Walter Owens at the American Jersey CaƩle AssociaƟons’ annual meeƟng last month in Canton, Ohio. Leah introduced the rst Jerseys into her father’s then all-Holstein herd in southeast Minnesota. Eventually, the sisters would establish the prex, New Heights, and work to develop cow families. After their marriage, Jason joined the partnership, and the New Heights herd now calls Pine-Valley

Farm home. A group of ve purchased bred heifers arrived at Pine-Valley Farm with Leah in 2010. All the heifers calved in with heifer calves, giving the newly-forming Jersey herd a solid foundation. From the original Jerseys, two cows scored Excellent and the direct

descendent of another went on to be the rst cow carrying the farm’s PVF prex to score Excellent. “When we determined that we needed to add more cows to the farm, deciding to look for Jerseys was a no-brainer,” Leah said. “I had previously worked as a type appraiser

for AJCA, and in my travels, there was one farm that always struck me as having tremendous quality cattle and deep pedigrees.” The Jameses purchased two groups of eight cows to form the foundation of the Pine-Valley Jersey herd: one group from a breeder in Iowa and one from a herd dispersal in South Carolina. Several cows were picked up along the way to help round out the herd. “One of the most enjoyable things about this industry is getting to buy cows,” Leah said. “Working together to research and discuss the foundation stock we were adding was really a memorable experience for us.” These added cows embodied the things the Jameses had set as the cornerstone of their breeding program. “We really placed value on the pedigrees and the cow families,” Jason said. “All of these cows had Very Good or Excellent dams and granddams, all with good milk records. They really helped establish the nucleus of the Jersey herd here at Pine-Valley.” There is one cow in the herd in particular that has helped the Turn to JAMESES | Page 25

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World Dairy Expo Special Edition â&#x20AC;˘ Second Section â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, September 8, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 23

ConĆ&#x;nued from JAMESES | Page 23 Jameses reach national prominence in Jersey cattle genetics. Clareshoe Allstar Zoom Zoom, now scored EX-91, was a purchase made at the 2014 National Jersey Heifer sale in Washington, D.C. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Zoom Zoom ď&#x192;&#x17E;t many of the criteria we were looking for in an investment,â&#x20AC;? Jason said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;She was one of the top Cheese Merit $ heifers on the sale, backed by a full pedigree with an EX91 point dam sired by Tollenaars Impuls Legal. And even though she was bred, we could still work with her after the sale.â&#x20AC;? Once Zoom Zoom arrived to Pine-Valley, the Jameses started her on an IVF, planning to aspirate her at least once before her pregnancy became too advanced to perform the procedure. For that IVF mating, the Jameses opted to use the high genomic-tested bull JX Prop Joe {3}. That IVF cycle resulted in nine embryos transferred, with six pregnancies conď&#x192;&#x17E;rmed. Of those pregnancies, there were four bull calves and two heifer calves born. Today, as 3-year-olds, those two resulting heifer calves are both still listed in the top 1.5 percent of the genomic-tested females; and one, JX PVF Prop Joe Zip {4}-ET, is a former No. 2 Genomic Jersey Performance Index cow in the breed. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We worked extensively with Zip as a heifer, putting her on an IVF program,â&#x20AC;? Leah said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We used an early release sire called World Cup {5}, and that turned out to be a great decision for us.â&#x20AC;? That mating resulted in a bull calf, JX PVF WC Zinc {5}-ET. Zinc is now in stud at Genex Services, LLC, and is one of the top genomic young sires at +201 GJPI and +684 CM$. The Jameses have also placed a World Cup son out of Zipâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ď&#x192;&#x;ushmate, Zap, in stud at


Pine Valley Farm has over 100 head of Jersey caĆŠle, including youngstock. Jason and Leah James added Jerseys to Jasonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s familyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pine Valley Farm herd in 2010. CRV. Zoom Zoom herself has a son at Jerseyland Sires. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We know how this family has impacted our herd,â&#x20AC;? Jason said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are really excited to see what kind of an impact they can have on the breed and the industry.â&#x20AC;?

No one knows your equipment better.

In addition to the two Prop Joe daughters from her ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst IVF cycle as a bred heifer, Zoom Zoom has two other daughters in the Pine-Valley herd, including a polled Santana-P daughter, and several granddaughters. While the Jameses have been en-

joying the rewards of working to breed animals with high genomic numbers, they also enjoy exhibiting animals from all three breeds at local, state and national shows. They lease animals to young show enthusiasts each year. They also sell project calves to junior members each year. Both Jason and Leah are involved in their local Jersey Parish group, helping to run the Southwest Wisconsin High Protein Show. They have also been involved with helping to facilitate the Wisconsin Spring Spectacular and the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase shows. The couple is also involved with the Wisconsin Milking Shorthorn Breeders and the Wisconsin Holstein Association. Leah is a graduate of the Young Dairy Leader Institute, and Jason has participated in Foremost Farmâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Young Leaders Program. Both have attended and graduated from the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Managerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Academy. Leah also volunteers with the National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest held each year at World Dairy Expo. Along with their 1-year-old daughter, Brenlyn, the Jameses are excited to see where their passion for breeding excellent cow families takes them. They have laid the foundation for Brenlynâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s involvement, starting her herd with her ď&#x192;&#x17E;rst Jersey, PVF Lemonhead Miss B. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The friendships and the connections weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve made throughout the Jersey industry over the past decade have been priceless,â&#x20AC;? Leah said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Having not been born into Jersey families, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve come to ď&#x192;&#x17E;nd that it is the people that make the breed second to none. We feel lucky to be part of the Jersey family now.â&#x20AC;?

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Your AGCO Parts Dealer has the quality OEM parts you need when you need them. Everything you need from hardware, chain and batteries to tillage, belts and cutting parts are available from your AGCO Parts Dealer. Along with the help of our highly trained service personnel at AGCO Parts to make it all come together, so you can rest easy. Stop into your AGCO Parts Dealer and get the parts and services you need to â&#x20AC;&#x153;Keep you in the Fieldâ&#x20AC;? this season. Find out more at

Fast results without formaldehyde. Before After

â&#x20AC;˘ SAFER THAN FORMALDEHYDE for cows and crew. â&#x20AC;˘ WORKS FAST, with proven results in about one week. â&#x20AC;˘ FEATURES A PATENTED MODE-OF-ACTION you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get with any other hoof care product. With HEALMAXÂŽ instead of formaldehyde, footbaths are safer and more effective at a wider range of temperatures.


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• Front unload • Front & rear unload • Rear unload • Wagon mount • Trailer mount • Truck Mount

• V-Max Series • V-Force Series • Industrial SXI Series • Crop Max Combination Series

VERTICAL TMR MIXERS • 9 models from 355-1315 cu. ft. • Single or twin screw • Wagons - Chassis Carts • Feeder Wagons • Rocky material feeders • Flat rack assembly

• Truck Mount Spreaders • Poultry Litter Spreader



ROUND BALER • Variable chamber • High output • Versatile for difficult conditions

• 10-25 ton carrying capacity • Limited lifetime apron chain warranty


• All Poly box • 288-615 cu. ft. capacity • HD positive lock chain, one-piece construction


• All poly box • 130-280 cu. ft. capacity



• Unloads both 9’ and 10’ bags • 550 ton/hr. capacity

• All poly box • Single piece chain construction • 308-482.5 cu. ft. capacity



Stretch-O-Matic® BALE WRAPPER


• Continuous wrapping of big silage bales • 9600 Elite model wraps bales up to 6’ • Wraps up to 140 bales/hr. • Wrap from the comfort of your cab with the automatic version

The one and only manufacturer for all crop baling products


Ask why Cordex is the best performing net wrap on the market!

Tillage Equipment

Disc • Dig • Rip

Bale Knife 4’• 5’ •6’

High dump buckets add 4’ to your dump out height

Stone forks

4” on center tines

BALE RACK round bale wagons come in 2 different sizes and are self loading

• Universal usage from first stubble breaking to pre-sow soil preparation • Working speed of over 9 mph • High strength steel • Optimum penetration for heavy and overdried soils • Short structure for: Precise deep guiding, excellent stability, quick turning

DRY GRAIN BAGGER • 10’ diameter bags • Will store more than 440 tons in a 330’ bag

• Small Grains • Alfalfa • Grass Seed • Corn • Cover Crops • Sorghum

Side Discharge Bucket Selectable RT of LF side discharge

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