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A new way of dairying Robotic milking with the MIone makes milking a consistent and predictable process. You’ll no longer worry about milkers not showing up for a shift, or “procedural drift” in the way your cows are prepped and milked.

THE MIONE PROVIDES: Consistent milking procedures — Every cow is milked the same way, every time, with no variation due to training issues or human error.

Routine monitoring — You’ll have a constant handle on the performance and health of every cow in your herd, via the system’s daily monitoring of milk weights, milk conductivity, individual-cow components, and feed intake.

Freedom and flexibility — You can focus on your most important priorities, both on and off the farm.

Relief from physical labor — Automated processes and more efficient procedures for performing regular cow-management tasks will leave you more time to monitor herd performance. You can focus on management and cow care outside the milking parlor, without the physical exhaustion that accompanies constant milking sessions.

Less labor management — You’ll no longer need to hire, train, and manage a crew of employees to milk your cows, and will be relieved of associated regulatory and accounting tasks. You can shift your focus back to managing the entities that likely attracted you to dairying in the first place — your cows.

Room to grow The MIone from GEA Farm Technologies is the only automated milking system that allows for herd expansion without purchasing additional robots. One MIone robot can be adapted to work with up to five milking boxes. Competitive systems are one box:one robot configurations. Expanding to multiple boxes just requires one vacuum pump, one computer system, one wash system, and one application arm. The MIone offers the highest milking capacity for the investment cost. The possibility for future expansion is an important consideration as you design your initial milking center and housing areas.

Monroe WestfaliaSurge

W6031 Melvin Rd. • Monroe, WI


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FEEDING CATTLE GLOBALLY Supported by the World’s Best Dealer Network


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www.s suprremeinternattion nal.c 1.8 800.563..2038

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Livestock - FOR SALE

It’s the Service That Counts!

Combines & Harvesters TMR Mixer Trucks

Construction Rogators (TM) Equipment Ready Mix Skid Loaders Trucks Crop Sprayers Pavers Road Rollers

(6) REGISTERED HOLSTEIN HFRS., due in Sept./Oct., sires Sanchez & Alexander, bred to Aftershock. Call 507-456-2729. 14-2-F

TWO LOADS FANCY HOLSTEIN SPRINGERS, can sort out of 100, 6-8 months bred, all shots, excellent quality. Call: (712) 269-0874. 14-6-B

HOLSTEIN BULLS, Red and White, and Black and White. Over 40 years of DHIA testing and AI breeding, closed herd for many years. Johne’s-free phase four guaranteed. Also, some crossbreds. Delivery available. Call 507-879-3489 or 507-879-3133. 24-TFN-B


JERSEY COWS & HEIFERS. Call 320-333-2207. 14-TFN-F

Livestock - WANTED

DAIRY HERD TO BUY ON MILK CONTRACT. Call 402-833-8555. 14-2-F HERDS AND SPRINGERS, AI sired and AI bred. Call 507-896-3340. 12-5-F ALL CLASSES OF HOLSTEIN HFRS., open or bred. Call 320-905-4490. 15-5-F

Large, St. Cloud/Sauk Rapids/Rice, MN Area


2X 4.0 % 719,000 lbs. Protei 60 Fat, 3. Milk, No BSn, SCC 2003% 627 T. NO ,000. T M R.


esh t s Just Fr Many oon, Many 1 S n or Due2nd Lactatio &

Due to health reasons, we have decided to discontinue the dairy portion of our farming operation and sell the following at auction located 3 miles north of St. Cloud, MN or approx. 10 miles south of Rice, MN on US Highway #10 to County Tar #29, then exit onto County Road 29 and follow County 29 approx. 1.5 miles east to Farm #1195. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

Tuesday, October 15, 114 Head of Outstanding Red & White Holstein, Milking Shorthorn and Composite Dairy Cattle 114

NOTE: This is a very good herd of large frame, especially well uddered herd of fancy Red & White Holstein, Shorthorn and Composite dairy cattle. According to records of milk sold, the herd average is approximately 2X 19,000 pounds of milk, 4.0% 760 fat and 3.3% 627 Protein, SCC 200,000. No BST or TMR mixer in use. Many cows are recently fresh or due soon after sale time. Many first and second lactation. All cows milked in tie-stall facility. Very good herd health program with all cattle vaccinated and boosted seasonally. Hooves trimmed regularly. Bred cows and heifers have had Scour Guard vaccinations. The Molitors have used artificial breeding on all cows since they began farming along with registered Red & White herd sires from leading area herds to breed heifers. AI sires and service sires include: Cole Red, Persia, Debonair, Altra Red, Matrix Red, Magenta, Toto, Snoopy, Atwell and Dallas, among others. The herd includes primarily Red & White Holsteins with a nice number of Milking Shorthorns, including beautiful Red & Blue Roans. Along with a great group of mature females, we offer a fancy set of large frame springing, bred and open heifers that will be as good as any sold this season. If you are in need of fancy, home raised, farm fresh herd replacements, and not just any kind will do, we strongly urge you to take time from the fields and take advantage of this rare opportunity to purchase Red & Whites in volume. Thank you! #8. B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 2-12-10, Fresh 5-3-13, Bred 8-12-13, S: HS, SS: Atwell #9. B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 9-13-08, Due 1-14-14, S: HS, SS: Dew Red #12. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 1-25-11, Fresh 4-2-13, Due 4-30-14, S: HS, SS: Atwell #15. B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 12-1-10, Due 4-22-14, S: HS, SS: HS #16. Jersey Holstein Cross Cow, DOB 12-20-06, Due 3-16-14, S: Persia, SS: Dallas #20. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 9-13-10, Fresh 9-11-13 #22. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 2-10-11, Fresh 3-15-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: Desten Red, SS: Atwell #32. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 10-11-10, Due 11-16-13, SS: Dallas Red #34. Shorthorn Holstein Cross Cow, DOB 7-7-11, Fresh 7-23-13 #35. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 11-4-10, Due 11-7-13, SS: Dallas Red #44. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 8-19-10, Due 12-23-13, S: Famous, SS: Lirano #83. Jersey Shorthorn Cross Cow, DOB 4-10-10, Fresh 9-4-13, S: Debonair #97. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 11-5-10, Fresh 9-9-13, SS: HS #114. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 5-18-09, Due 11-1-13, SS: Desten #223. Jersey Holstein Cross Cow, DOB 11-5-09, Due 11-22-13, S: T Bone, SS: HS #271. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 5-14-09, Due 4-29-14, SS: Atwell #323. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 4-14-10, Due 3-16-14, S: HS, SS: HS

#334. B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 2-4-11, Fresh 1-16-13, Bred 9-1-13, S: 151H9103, SS: Toto #334 A. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 3-16-06, Fresh 11-20-12, Bred 9-1-13, SS: Magenta #338. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 4-2-06, Due 12-12-13, S: HS, SS: Dew Red #350. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 9-3-06, Due 1-28-14, SS: HS, SS: Dew Red #397. Holstein-Swiss Cross Cow, DOB 11-22-07, Due 3-16-14, S: Elago, SS: Magenta #412. Holstein Swiss Cross Cow, DOB 4-23-08, Fresh 5-8-13, Bred 9-8-13, S: Marmax, SS: Lou P #424. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 9-10-08, Due 11-19-13, S: Persia, SS: Rudolph #429. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 9-17-08, Due 4-29-14, S: Jordan, SS: Atwell #445. Swiss Holstein Cross Cow, DOB 2-8-09, Fresh 8-26-13, S: Persia #450. Red & White Holstein Shorthorn Cross Cow, DOB 5-7-09,Due 1-9-14, S: Logic, SS: Dew Red #472. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 1-16-10, Due 11-25-13, S: Cole Red, SS: 507H10647 (Sexed) #474. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 2-16-10, Due by Sale Date, SS: Famous #478. Jersey Holstein Cross Cow, Fresh 8-15-13, S: Toy #481. Short Horn Cow, DOB 6-2-10, Fresh 9-5-13, S: Persia #485. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 6-19-10, Fresh 7-25-13, Bred 9-8-13, S: Matrix Red, SS: Atwell


LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

SALE TIME: 11:30 A.M.


J & B Lunch Wagon

NOTE: The Molitors have farmed on this farm the past 23 years, now due to Ken’s respiratory issues have decided to discontinue their dairy operation. Ken, Kris and their family are well known in this area as good friends, neighbors and very good dairymen. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Molitors complete dairy dispersal. Please note that dairy equipment will sell first, followed by dairy cattle. Cattle will be sold under cover, trucking available. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Tuesday, October 8th. Thank you! #491. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 9-30-10, Fresh 4-16-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: HS, SS: Atwell #493. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 10-22-10, Fresh 4-7-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: Toto, SS: Atwell #496. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 12-4-10, Fresh 9-7-13, S: HS #506. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 2-16-11, Fresh 5-11-13, Due 4-30-14, S: HS, SS: Atwell #507. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 2-25-11, Fresh 5-17-13, Due 4-27-14, S: HS, SS: Magenta #509. B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 3-20-11, Fresh 5-2-13, Due 4-29-14, S: Desten Red, SS: Atwell #510. Shorthorn Guernsey Cross Cow, DOB 4-24-11, Fresh 6-27-13, Bred 9-11-13 #511. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 5-7-11, Fresh 5-27-13, Bred 9-9-13, S: HS, SS: Dew Red #512. B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 6-3-11, Fresh 7-18-13, Bred 9-9-13, S: HS, SS: Snoopy #513. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 5-7-11, Fresh 6-13-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: Famous, SS: Spungold #514, B&W Holstein Cow, DOB 6-15-11, Fresh 5-21-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: Matrex, SS: Lou P #515. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 7-3-11, Fresh 8-21-13, S: Altra Red #516. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 8-1-11, Fresh 7-11-13, S: Snoopy #544. Blue Roan Shorthorn Cow, 8-14-07, Fresh 8-28-13 #622. Registered Shorthorn Cow, DOB 7-10-06, Due by Sale Date, S: Diamond Sam #676. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 6-14-09, Due by Sale Date #686. Short Horn Cow, DOB 8-14-08, Fresh 8-10-13 #707. Shorthorn Cow, DOB 6-18-06, Due 1-11-14, S: Registered Shorthorn, SS: Spungold #1874. Shorthorn-Holstein Cross Cow, DOB 4-13-09, Fresh 5-25-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: HS, SS: Lou P #5714. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 12-1-06, Fresh 6-10-13, Bred 9-8-13, S: Advent Red, SS: Magenta #5766. Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 12-2-08, Due 11-14-13, S: Kingdom Red, SS: 507H10000 (Sexed) #7020. Shorthorn Holstein Cross Cow, DOB 11-16-09, Due 12-10-13, S: American Red, SS: Spungold Gus, Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 10-26-07, Due by Sale Date, S: Decker GH, Red & White Holstein Cow, DOB 8-17-09, Due 11-19-13, SS: Rudolph Jill, Shorthorn Cow, DOB 4-7-05, Fresh 3-2-13, Bred 9-11-13, S: Ted, SS: Lou P


Sale CoverHeld Under ,T Availarucking ble

Bred Heifers (24) Fancy, Bred Heifers that are due to freshen from Sale Time through April 2014. All Heifers carry the service of a Registered Red & White Red Line Son out of a Storm Atom Dam. Heifers Include: (18) Fancy Red & White Holstein Heifers (3) Jersey Cross Heifers (1) Brown Swiss Heifer

Open Heifers A High Quality Set of Dairy Type Heifers that are all AI Sired or by Registered Herd Sires and out of Top Molitor Dams Includes: (20) Fancy Red & White Holstein Heifers, 3 to 15 Months Old (4) Shorthorn Heifers (1) B&W Holstein (1) Jersey Heifer (5) Heifer Calves Plus More by Sale Date

Herd Sires Registered Red & White Herd Sire, DOB 7-9-11, Sire: Redline, Dam is a Storm Atom Purebred Red & White Holstein Herd Sire Prospect: Accolade Son, Mgs Maxwell Red, Serviceable Age

DAIRY HFRS and cows. Call 320-235-2664. TFN-B

OPEN SHORTBRED OR SPRINGING HOL. HFRS. Call 608-788-6258 or 608-792-4223. 14-2-F SMALL HERD OF GUERNSEY COWS OR SPRINGING HFRS. Call 507-234-5386. 15-1-F BUTCHER COWS, bulls, & fats; also thin, lame, lazy, & lump jaw. Call 320-8947175. 11-TFN-B

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

KELLY RYAN AG BAGGER, 8’ tunnel w/200’ cables, in good cond. Call 218-371-1650. 14-3-F ‘08 35 TON SEMI TRAILER, beaver tail & ramps, 51’ total length. Call 320-7606942. 12-TFN-F ROSKAMP ROLLER BLOWER MILL, has cob crusher, 1000 pto, $2,000. Call 608-412-1813. 15-1-F VALMETAL 18’ SILO UNLOADER w/motor, new in ‘07, $4,000/obo. Call 507-421-2614. 14-4-F OLD WINDMILL FAN, bottom one half says Evansville, WI, good cond., asking $125. Call 563-5683628, IA. 15-1-F

FARMALL H TRACTOR w/Schwartz loader, snow bkt. and chains, runs good, good rubber, $1,200. Call 763-261-4262. 14-2-F RENN 36 ROLLER MILL, 36” rolls, 8 cut rolls, differential drive, rear PTO, 1200 bu/hr., nice, $10,000. Call 608-484-0503. 15-1VM

‘04 GEHL 1085 CHOPPER w/kernal processor, 1240 9’ hay head, 2 RN CH, bought new, always shedded, exc. cond. Call 715455-1939, can text pictures. 14-2-B NI 12R, 2RW CORN PICKER, shedded, Norwood. Call 612-202-7944. 15-1-F


Dairy Equipment Dari Kool 1250 Gallon Bulk Tank, 2 Twin Fan Compressors, Automatic Wash, Ser. #F28913 (5) Delaval DV 300 Milker Claws Delaval VP78 Vacuum Pump with Newer 10 H.P. Electric Motor Receiving Jar, Control Panel and Milk Pump Elmega Plate Cooler


TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

COMPLETE HERDS OF DAIRY CATTLE; also buying all classes of livestock including cull cows, steers, hfrs. and calves. Call 715-216-1897. 7-TFN-B

SMALL ORGANIC HERD, Jersey, Jerseycross, or small breed crosses (no Holsteins), need by November. Call 320-523-6455. 14-TFN-F

1195 35th St. NE, Sauk Rapids, MN (320) 249-5009

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC. Celebrating 42 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627


e rd ding Hind n a t s t Ou ard to F s of H & W hite R ed

GOAT DAIRY HERD, 160 head, milking 50 doelings, 25 dry does, all out of very high producing bucks, mostly Alpine & Saanen, some others. Call 641-732-5248. 11-8-F

1991 F150, 2WD, 5.0L, A/C, PW, PL, Good Rubber, Automatic, Sliding Rear Window. 320-352-6170

Swede’s Service Center Call and ask for a competitive price on your next new Bobcat equipment purchase.

See our website for complete listings Minneota, MN 56264


Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

PSI POWER WASHERS, Power Washers Hot/ Cold, Cabinet Parts Washers, Chemicals, Presoaks, Degreasers, Large Parts Inventory Shipped Same Day, On Site Service. Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Sales, Repair, and Rental. “The Guys That Work Great Under Pressure” 1-800-5551677. Serving you from 3 locations: West Central MN Region – Pennock, MN Location SW MN Region – Wilmont, MN Location NW IA Region – Harrisburg, SD Location & Wilmont, MN Location SE SD Region – Harrisburg, SD Location. 23-TFN-B

‘10 PATZ 950 TMR, exc. cond., $46,500; polydome calf hutches. Call 320-8084468. 8-TFN-F

JD 3975 CHOPPER w/3RN CH. Call 320-3339255. 15-1-F

ALLIS 6080 FWA, 794 Allied ldr., factory cab, $18,000; IH 720 chopper, adjustable head, $1,500/ obo. Call 218-863-4171. 10-TFN-F

2,000 GAL. DARIKOOL BULK TANK, 5 yrs. old, ser. #36880G. Leave name number, and call back time 507-450-2437. 15-1-F JD 4840, PS, 3 pt. w/quickhitch, duals, CAH, 3 SCV, power beyond, easy steps, $19,500/obo. Call 320-7613925. 15-1-F JD 3R CORN HEAD, like new. Call 320-290-1378. 13-3-F IH 720 6-18 ON LAND PLOW, good cond., $4,250. Call 320-290-1399. 15-1-F SURGE 2800 VAC PUMP w/Surge motor, exc. shape, $700/obo. Call 320-3042311. 15-TFN-F FETERL 12X60 SWING HOPPER. Call 320-8645118. 15-1-F WHITE 445 CHISEL PLOW, 11 shank, tandem axle, nice cond., $7,900; NI 3722 spdr. w/gate, $3,900/ offer. Call 320-295-3854. 15-1-F BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES, working parents. Call 608-487-2829. 15-1-F

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JD 2R SNAPPER HEAD, stored inside, good shape, $1,000/obo; also JD 3940 chopper w/CH. Call 563568-8526. 15-1-F ‘03 CLAAS 900 w/RU600 CH & PU300 pickup, KP, 4380 hrs., 250 hrs. on rebuilt motor, $118,000. Call 641-228-3244. 12-4-B H&S 370 MANURE SPDR., tandem axle, $7,500. Call 320-412-0414. 15-1-F

AGRIMATIC AUGERTYPE BUNK FEEDER w/48’ of auger, new, never used, stored inside. Call 507-766-4620. 14-2-F BALZER PTO MANURE PUMP, outside hyd. valves, for 8’ pits; wanting a pto generator, 20,000 or bigger. Call 507-438-0447. 15-2-F 1,000 GAL. MUELLER BULK TANK, no compressor, located in Eastern, IA. Call 563-920-5237. 151-F USED DELAVAL BLUE COW STRAPS w/transponders (500), sell any quantity. Call 605-8810992. 23-TFN-F 650 GAL. DARIKOOL BULK TANK; 2” pipeline, vac pump, 5 hp motor, claws, etc. Call 712-3582917. 15-1-P ‘80 MUELLER HIPERFORM 5,000 GAL. MILK TANK, SN64545, $31,000, w/(2) 5 hp compressors, very clean, never xed, pressurized. Call 507-2721478. 15-1-B

Full-Time Employment

at well-established livestock equipment dealership in central Minnesota

Full-time Parts Position Opening Duties include: computer invoicing, order entry, internet sales skills. Must have friendly/outgoing personality. Farm background preferred

Full-time Shop Position opening Machinery set-up, welding, installation, and mechanical skills necessary. Farm background preferred.

We offer a full benefit package, above average pay, and a working atmosphere of an industry leader. BE PART OF A GROWING COMPANY!

If interested, please submit your resume to Dairyland Supply Inc. 40563 State Hwy. 28, Sauk Centre, MN 56378 or e-mail NO WALK-INS PLEASE

Wood Shavings BULK OR BAG S&S Wood Products 35335 Green Street | Independence, WI 54747

800-234-5893 | 715-985-3122

The Boss I handles mid size square bales up to 8’ long. From feeding to bedding this hydraulically driven processor is ready to take charge. The adjustable chute means you can go from windrow feeding to bedding pens. The bucket-mount design can raise above gates and pens getting you to places other processors can’t. Put your work to bed with the Boss I skidsteer square bale processor.

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

POTTINGER V-10 TRIPLE CUTTER, ail conditioners, $35,000. Call 651380-5721. 14-4-B (10) DELAVAL DELPRO TAKEOFFS w/software, will sell individually, used 1 year. Call 320-292-0098. 15-1-F NH 790 CHOPPER w/hay head, 100 acres. Call 507964-5769 or 507-380-1235. 3-TFN-F

(25) POLYDOME ROUND CALF HUTS, good cond. w/pipes, pails and mangers, $150 ea. Call 651-564-0857. 15-3-F IH 886, nice shape; IH 5088, new motor, sharp. Call 320-249-4715. 15-1-F H&S BW1000 BALE WRAPPER, exc. cond., used only 1 season, $20,000. Call Lee 701-3405968. 6-TFN-F

SURGE PIPELINE 60 cows, (5) Orbit milkers, Surge Kube Kooler; Water softner; Mueller Smart Feeder M10; bulk tank washer motor; Badger manure pump; Balzer stalk chopper model 1200. Call 218-267-2562. 15-1-B

H&S 16’ SILAGE BOX, XL model; also select group of Jersey cows. Call 320864-6555. 14-2-F

Rotary Rock Picker New drum style, mounts to any skid loader, pick rocks 2-3x faster. See video or 612-242-5051 www.ROBOrockpicker. com 5-TFN-B

6” ALUM. IRRIGATION PIPE; right angle gear drives & irrigation generators Call 320-346-2819 or 320-250-4600. 12-TFN-F

‘00 FORD ESCAPE, 130,000 miles, 4x4, V6, auto, $4,500. Call 320-2498556. 15-1-F

WHITE 588 SAR PLOWS, 6 bottom onland, 4 & 5 semi-mount, new & used parts. Call 507-4552484. 15-4-F

DELAVAL DOUBLE 6 PARLOR, weigh jars, automatic takeoffs, #84 pump, 3” receiver jar, pipeline, plate cooler, oil reclaimer, Dubuque, IA. Call Ron Valentine 563-556-6656 or cell 563-590-6643. 15-1-VM

JD 125 CHUCK WAGON w/no running gear. Call 320-573-2048. 15-TFN-F

(25) 52” SCHAEFER BARN FANS. Call Patrick 218-849-1731. 7-TFN-F

Miscellaneous - WANTED

12R20” KINZE CORN PLANTER. Call 608-5743444. 15-2-F

JD 7000 6 OR 8 ROW PLANTER & 6620 or 7720 combine. Call 320760-6050. 22-TFN-F SMIDLEY STEER STUFFER CREEP FEEDER. Call 218-6314290, evenings. 15-1-F 4,000 GAL. MILK TANK. Call 605-321-4150. 15-1-F

20”, 8 BOLT IMPLEMENT RIMS & extendable pole for JD running gears. Call 320-573-2048. 13-TFN-F OLD HEATING FUEL OR DSL. FUEL, I can pump out of basement. Call 320-254-8400 or 320-4444270. 12-TFN-F PAYING CASH for barn bulk milk tanks and bulk milk trucks, Sauk Centre, MN. Call 480-313-8460. 1-TFN-F


WILL DO STRAY VOLTAGE CHECKING ON YOUR FARM from a cow’s perspective. Have over 35 years experience with cows, and experienced effects of current myself. Call 608-341-8443 or 15-1-VM CUSTOM BAGGING w/12’ bagger. Call for details 507-227-2602. 14-2VM SILO DOORS, wood or steel doors shipped promptly to your farm, hardware available. Call 800-2225726, Landwood Sales LLC. 4-14-B CUSTOM HEIFER RAISING, pens, pastures, freestall barn. Please call 218-587-2043. 15-1-B RELIEF MILKER/RELIEF HERDSMAN SERVICE, couple with 15+ yrs. experience, central, MN. Call 320-815-7308. 15-3-F

Real Estate - FOR SALE

1,000+ ACRES PRODUCTIVE FARMLAND, prime setting for dairy, cattle, or cropland. WestCentral, MN by Stearns Co. dairy & cattle country, Inquiries to P.O. Box 134, Sauk Centre, MN 56378 13-3-VM

Real Estate - WANTED

DAIRY TO RENT, must have land to go with it and house, 50 - 110 cow. Call 660-216-3448. 14-4-F YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE IS LOOKING FOR BUY-IN OPPORTUNITY in NE IA. Call 515-669-7898. 14-8-F

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Bed ‘Em Right!

• Each load of our bedding is blended to match your particular needs • Competitively priced -References available • Our family-owned business has served the region for 15 years


to lock in your supply of winter bedding!

G&B WOOD CHIPS 507-423-6203

BLUE-HORIZON AUTUMN HARVEST Friday, October 18, 2013 • 11:00 A.M. Rochester, MN • Olmsted County Fairgrounds



*Selling are 55 Head of milking two year olds! *15 Bred Heifers due after the sale! *Very special group of select calves are offered!

Rolling-Springs M Eclipse-ET VG-86

3-07 2x 305 48,050 3.7 1796 3.0 1434



Hours: M-F: 7-5 • Sat: 7-12 — USED EQUIPMENT — BALERS 1870 Gehl Baler .................... $5,500 RS561 Case IH ...................... $8,500 504L Vermeer .....................$10,000 2864A Massey, 1232 bales $31,000 565T Hesston .........................$5,000 TRACTORS 6670 Allis, 2900 hrs...........$14,000 RAKES Tonutti 10 wheel.................... $2,800 Tonutti 8 wheel ...................... $2,500 H&S 10 wheel........................ $3,000 SKID STEER LOADERS


Eastern Iowa Dairy Systems Inc. is currently looking to employ a full time


863 Bobcat...................Coming Soon S185, 2010 ..................Coming Soon S160, joystick, 1385 hrs ....$21,000 T650, A91/ACS, 190 hrs ....$45,500 5600 Toolcat, 2011, 305 hrs..$41,000 MISC Weed Badger SM1000 ......... $3,000 Meyers 435 spreader .........$15,000 488 NH haybine .................... $4,500 499 NH Haybine .................... $6,000

3-05 2x 287 21,820 3.0 659 2.9 634

Blue-Horizon Jasper Fortune EX-92 EEVVE

2-06 2x 305 20,930 4.0 845 3.3 682

The fancy Jasper is another Fortune has a full pedigree with daughter of Eclipse at left. Selling her dam being a EX-90 Duplex and is her fancy daughter by Damion then a VG-86 Titanic that extends that is recently fresh and looks back to Juror Faith. Selling is great. Just another one of the good a fancy Sanchez daughter of young cows to sell. Fortune’s that is just fresh.

SERVICE AND INSTALLATION TECH for dairy equipment. We are looking for an energetic, mechanically inclined person with electrical training. Please send resume to:


5640E, 980 hrs., 2012 ......$29,500 5640E, ‘12, 362 hrs ...........$36,500 5240E, 231 hrs., joystick........ $26,500 5240E, Power 2 Gehl, 357 hrs $28,500 4835, 1101 hrs ...................$13,500 4835, 2001 .............................Just In 4635, 2090 hrs. .................$14,500 3935 Gehl ...........................$11,500 4240E Gehl .........................$14,000 4240E Gehl, cab & heat .....$15,000

Eclipse is sired by Shottle and the next dam is the EX-92 Durham Esqusite and the back to Electra EX-95 and Elegance EX-96. Eclipse has four daughters selling and numerous granddaughters.

Blue-Horizon Jasper Echo-ET VG-87 VG-MS

Dairi Whyte Agricultural Services


Quiet-Brook-D Babylust-ET

Sired by Bookem; she sells due just after the sale to Jackman. Babylust is from two EX-90 dams by Shottle and Toystory. Also selling is her very special Mogul daughter that has a GTPI of 2476. Along with a Predestine and AltaSuplex.

Est. 1999

+679NM +80F +67P GTPI+2233 This fancy Robust daughter sells just fresh along with her Jan. ’13, Altasuplex daughter that has a GTPI of 2357. Calzone’s dam is Larcrest Case-ET VG-86 and then EX-91 Crimson, with the third dam being Cosmopolitan herself.

OWNERS: Harvey and David Schoon Verndale, Minnesota • 218-639-0823 Home 218-445-5054 Fax • SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY

633 E. Wyandotte St. | Freeport, Illinois 61032

Larcrest Calzone-ET

+674NM +60F +52P +2252GTPI

Sales Manager

*Specializing in Farms Tom • 815-266-9752 2

Blue-Horizon Spr Embrace-ET

+571NM +2.66SCS GTPI+2148 This Super daughter sells due after the sale to Alta Embassy. Also selling is her Feb. ’13 Uno daughter. From the deepest of pedigrees, her dam is a VG-86 Planet and then six high EX’s through the Elegance’s. 2564 Pole Line Rd Ridgeway, IA 52165

563-387-0035 • 563-380-1318 cell • 563-387-0046 fax

Sales Force:

Scott Courtney ..........563-380-1318 Paul Trapp .................608-332-0079 Jeremy Schaefer ........651-380-2968 Steve Berland ............507-254-5281 Jon Schefers ..............320-260-5436 Jim Vierhout ..............712-470-1202 Kevin Jorgenson........920-210-3992 Steve Peterson ...........218-849-2238 Dale Bienert ..............780-940-6729

9 28 13 3rd