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Changes made to MPP-Dairy program Enrollment open until June 1 By Jennifer Coyne

After several disappointing years for the government-funded Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy), potential returns loom as the revised MPP-Dairy becomes available for dairy farmers across the nation. “The dairy industry is facing turbulent times, and while MPP-Dairy 2.0 won’t help with the fundamental design of the program, it will be more affordable for your small, average-sized farms,” Dr. Andrew Novaković said. Novaković, a professor at Cornell University, and Mark Stephenson, with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, took part in a webinar, “Inside the 2018 Margin Protection Program,” April 9. Dairy Markets and Policy and Farm Credit East hosted the webinar to shed light on the most signicant changes to MPP-Dairy and what dairy farmers should consider before enrolling in the program. While April 9 was the rst day dairy farmers could enroll in the revised program, it will remain open until June 1. “Essentially, we’re getting a do-over with [MPP-Dairy] sign-up,” Novaković said. “The revised program only amends the existing program.” There are three drastic changes to MPP-Dairy, as approved in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, which was signed by President Trump Feb. 9. First, Tier 1 volume is increased from 4 million pounds of production history to 5


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lion pounds. Then, and most notably, the cost of Tier 1 premiums is signicantly reduced, and indemnity calculations are calculated monthly, rather than based on the previously established two-month average. “Before, the average margin between two months might not trigger payments, even if one month would have been triggered,” Stephenson said. “Now, the program is more sensitive in that respect, and farmers should see payments more quickly.” In the new premium structure under Tier 1, dairy farmers pay premiums for $5.50 to $8 coverage levels, with $5 being noted as catastrophic coverage and available for all farmers who enroll in the program. With $8 coverage, farmers pay a premium of 14.2 cents, compared to the former 47.5 cents. “At 14.2 cents per hundredweight, the reductions are substantial,” Stephenson said. “Although, there is no change on production greater than 5 million pounds in the Tier 2 pricing.” Along with the changes addressed in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, the United States Department of AgricultureFarm Service Agency (FSA) has also developed a set of changes to the program. Dairy farmers who enrolled for MPPDairy for 2018 prior to the revisions will be refunded premium payments and allowed to re-enroll if they so choose. “Farmers were allowed to drop MPPDairy in 2018 even though the original denition of the program said sign-up included the life of the 2014 Farm Bill,” Stephenson said. “A lot of dairymen took advantage of that option to get out.” For those who chose not to enroll in 2018, but rather considered Livestock

+ 2019 Jeep Cherokee lease figured at 24 months with $2,999 due at signing. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. +2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee lease figured at 36 months with $3,099 due at signing. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. +2018 Dodge Challenger lease figured at 36 months with $2,999 due at signing. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. +2018 Dodge Charger lease figured at 36 months with $1,999 due at sigining. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. +2018 Dodge Durango lease figured at 36 months with $3,499 due at signing. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. +2018 Chrysler Pacifica lease figured at 36 months with $3,599 due at signing. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. +2018 Ram 1500 lease figured at 36 months with $3,599 due at signing. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details. *All discounts are subject to change without notice. All discounts and rebates to dealer. See dealer for complete details.

Gross Margin for Dairy (LGM-Dairy), “If you enroll 1 million pounds at 90 they are not able to collect payments in percent under $8 coverage, and pay the MPP-Dairy until their LGM-Dairy con- $100 participation cost, you can expect to tract expires. see a net benet of $3,600 from February “If a farmer is active in LGM-Dairy to August,” Stephenson said. coverage, they are inactive in MPPThe $7.50 coverage level is also anDairy,” Stephenson ticipated to show said. “But, you are net benets. Howeligible for MPP- The MPP-Dairy Decision Tool can ever, the probbe accessed at: Dairy coverage for ability of a return months after LGM- decreases with less Dairy has ended or coverage and in all and will only have and-services/farm-bill/farm-safety-net/ Tier 2 levels. to pay premiums dairy-programs/mpp-decision-tool/inBoth Stephenfor the months of dex son and Novaković coverage.” agree enrolling in With these signicant changes in MPP-Dairy is an option all dairy farmers coverage, margin calculations and pay- should consider. ments, FSA has approved the coverage “If you can enroll for the whole year, retroactive to cover all months in the you want to do that. If you’re in LGM2018 calendar year. Dairy right now and your contract goes “They’ve been pretty generous with until August, or even July, it won’t be retroactive payments and extending the worthwhile. But, if your LGM-Dairy enrollment period to June 1. By that time, contract ends in May, you’re in good we will know the payments for January shape and should sign up,” Stephenson. through April,” Stephenson said. Farmers who enroll more than 5 milFarmers can still elect a certain per- lion pounds can see a benet this year if centage of the production history, from they have less than 30 million pounds of 25 to 90 percent, but the coverage level production history, or 1,200 cows, said elected remains the same across Tier 1 Stephenson. and Tier 2. Dairy farmers are encouraged to “At Tier 1, $8 coverage is pretty speak with the local FSA agent to see inexpensive,” Stephenson said. “But if how their farm will be impacted by these you elect $8 at Tier 1, then if you have changes. any production in Tier 2, that $8 coverThe revised MPP-Dairy will remain age carries over even though premiums in effect for 2018. If a dairy policy is not are different. You can’t sign-up different addressed in the next farm bill, the induscoverage levels in different tiers.” try will return to the Agriculture Act of As the margins are currently, and 1949 with price support, Novaković said. forecasted to be, dairy farmers who en“It’s easy to see the can get kicked roll in $8 coverage under the new provi- until we see a dairy cliff in 2019. There’s sions will expect to see a payment from already conversation about MPP-Dairy February through July, and likely even 3.0, but we’ll see,” he said. “We’ll get August. through 2018, but the 2019 story is not yet written.


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Wolfs make maple syrup a family tradition

Forty acres of trees yield enjoyment, extra income By Ron Johnson

EPWORTH, Iowa – Steam billows from the top of a small building at the edge of a gravel road. The steam signals that maple syrup season is once again well underway at the farm of Brian and Lisa Wolf of Epworth, Iowa. To complete chores, Brian and Lisa, and their sons, Kyle and Caleb, along with Lisa’s brother, Rick Gotto, busily tend the sap evaporator and bottle fresh, hot syrup. When they can, Brian and Lisa’s daughters, Emily and Alissa, come home to the farm and help make syrup, too. Brian is responsible for Sunnyside Stock Farm, at one time a hog and beef operation, getting into the maple syrup business. He is also the one who founded the Holstein dairy herd. Twenty-ve years ago at age 30, Brian wanted to start buying the Dubuque County farm from his parents. So, he started buying 20 acres of woodland. Brian paid for the land with money from selling pelts. An acre of woodland cost him 400 raccoon hides, he said. Brian cut and sold timber off that rst 20 acres and used the money to buy Holstein heifers. He later sold those heifers and purchased a larger group of heifers. By 1993, those heifers had grown into cows, so the young entrepreneur began milking. Today, the Wolfs milk 84 cows. They also tap 1,200 maple trees that grow a mile or more behind the farm. Last year, the Wolfs were named Iowa’s tree farmers of the year for all their timber

stand improvement work with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa State University Extension. The century farm has been in the Wolf family since 1883, and has more woodland than cropland. There are 200 acres for crops, but 300 acres of timber. Only 40 acres of trees are tapped, meaning there is room for growth in the Wolfs’ Big Timber Maple Syrup business. As it is, the trees yield enough sap to make 1,000 or more gallons of syrup late winter and early spring. Labor and time limit the size of the Wolfs’ syrup business. Brian said the dairy cows come rst. During times of challenging milk prices, the extra money from syrup sales benets the farm. Making maple syrup is a simple process. Tap a tree, collect the sap and cook it until enough of the water has evaporated so that syrup results. Big Timber Maple Syrup follows that age-old recipe, but with far more modernization and sophistication built in. The Wolf family no longer collects sap in buckets. Instead, the family drives plastic spiles, or spouts, into the shallow holes they drill into the trees. Over the end of each spile goes the end of a long length of plastic tubing. Sap gets sucked by way of a vacuum pump and 2 miles of lines through the network of tubing and into reclaimed milk bulk tanks. From the tanks sap is pumped into other tanks mounted on trailers. Farm tractors tow these tanks back RON JOHNSON/DAIRY STAR

Countless hours of work yield maple syrup like this eight-ounce boƩle.


The Wolf family – Caleb, Brian, Lisa and Kyle – tap 1,200 maple trees to make syrup on their farm on their farm near Epworth, Iowa. They also milk 84 cows. to the sugarhouse where the sap gets pumped again this time into another reclaimed bulk milk tank. More pumping takes the raw sap into a reverse osmosis machine in the sap house. Special lters in the reverse osmosis machine let water pass through but keep the larger sugar molecules that are in the sap from passing. Brian said the process takes out 75 percent of the water. Next, the reduced-water sap enters the Wolfs’ evaporator. The wood-red device has a 3- by 13-foot pan for boiling sap. It needs just one pickup load of wood to arrive at 100 gallons of syrup. The family made a commitment to modernizing its syrup-making four years ago. They invested in new equipment and got their commercial license from the state of Iowa.

Brian said he wanted equipment that was big enough and new enough to be able to make syrup fast. The Wolfs process all the sap within 24 hours of its collection. All their gleaming stainless steel and up-to-date technology did not come cheap. For example, Brian said the reverse osmosis machine alone cost $12,000. “We can process 1,000 to 1,200 gallons of raw sap an hour,” Brian said of the reverse osmosis machine. The old rule of thumb is that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. So, using that equation, the Wolfs can produce 25 to 30 gallons of syrup an hour. Brian said the 40:1 rule does not Turn to WOLFS | Page 5

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Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 5

ConƟnued from WOLFS | Page 4


Caleb Wolfs shows some of the Iowa farm’s 300 acres of woods and miles of plasƟc tubing that carries maple sap into storage tanks.


Brian Wolf checks the specic gravity of a batch of syrup, making sure it’s thick enough to boƩle.

always work. A wet autumn produces sap the next spring that contains less sugar. Conversely, a dry fall yields sap that is higher in sugar. In a decent season, the Wolfs collect 60,000 gallons of sap. “This is going to be a record year,” Brian said. “We’ve already reached half our goal.” This year the Wolfs began tapping Feb. 14. That was when the weather provided the perfect combination of temperatures below freezing at night and above freezing in the daytime, to coax the sap to rise and fall in the maple trees. Brian hoped to be done syruping the rst part of April, when the sugars in the sap had turned starchy, or buddy, as the buds appeared on the trees. Much of the Wolfs’ syrup is bottled in containers of varying sizes and is sold at Hy-Vee grocery stores and specialty shops in Iowa such as Dubuque, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Davenport and Des Moines, Iowa. Syrup that is not bottled right away goes into 40-gallon drums for later packaging. The family also sells syrup at the farm. One thing Brian likes about syrup season is the way it ts in with the rest of his farming. If conditions are too cold, the sap does not move. Then he can haul manure. If it’s too warm to haul manure, it might be the right time to make syrup. Brian said he is contemplating expanding the syrup business. Prices for maple syrup do not uctuate much, unlike those for milk. The cows are each averaging about 80 pounds of milk a day. The butterfat test is at 4.07 percent and the protein test is at 3.08 percent. Brian said the farm has earned quality awards for 25 years, and the somatic cell count came in under 100,000 in February. Milk prices, Brian said, are challenging. “But we’re hanging in there ne,” he said. Along with providing another stream of income, the 300 acres of trees provide a great place for the Wolf clan to hunt deer and turkeys. “We enjoy our woodlands,” Brian said. “I’m kind of known as a ‘tree hugger.’”


Kyle Wolf keeps a watchful eye on the wood-red evaporator that can turn 1,000 gallons of sap into 25 gallons of maple syrup in an hour.

Page 6 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018

Good things come in threes

Rare triplet calves are born on Wood Lake farm March 17 Jenny Kirk

Staff Writer, Marshall Independent

WOOD LAKE, Minn. – Brad VanLerberghe, who typically sees things in black and white — as in black and white Holstein cows — recently experienced what many would call a miracle on the farm. On March 17, the longtime dairy farmer had triplet calves born. As if the birth of triplet calves was not rare enough — people put the occurrence at 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 400,000 — they were all heifers and all three survived. “I don’t know why I have triplets and nobody else I know does,” VanLerberghe said. “I think it’s just a miracle every time. And they’re all girls, which is really kind of rare.” The smallest female calf was born rst, weighing in at about 55 pounds. “I came in here and she had just had the smallest one,” VanLerberghe said. “She was pretty little, so I knew there was probably a twin. But I had no idea she was going to have triplets.” The next two heifers need-

ed assistance during the delivery process. “I pulled the second one without the puller,” VanLerberghe said. “Then I hooked on the chain for the next one and was pulling and pulling. The last one ended up being the biggest one at 70 pounds. So they were small, medium and normal size.” The middle-size heifer turned out to weigh about 65 pounds, so in all, its mother ended up carrying around nearly 200 pounds of weight near the end of her gestation — Holstein gestation is roughly 280 days. Oftentimes, multiple births can take a heavy toll on a cow. Fortunately, VanLerberghe said the 1,500-pounder is doing alright. “She’s a little weak yet, but she’s doing OK,” he said. VanLerberghe estimates the probability of having triplets at roughly 105,000. But ironically, this marks the fourth time it’s happened on the family farm in rural Wood Lake. He said his parents, Ray and Joan VanLerberghe, were the proud owners of triplet calves in the early 1970s and then again in


Three triplet heifer calves were born March 17 on Brad VanLerberghe’s farm near Wood Lake, Minn. The calves ranged in weight from 55 to 70 pounds at birth. 1992. “There was a veterinary from Echo that came out to help in the early 1970s,” Brad VanLerberghe said. “His daughter said he had a picture of (the triplets) by his kitchen table until he died because he

was so proud.” VanLerberghe had his rst set of triplet calves — three Brown Swiss heifers — in 2006. “We were getting ready to load cattle and she was having a calf,” he said. “My dad said

hurry up and pull it out. When I did, it was a little small, so I checked and found there were four more feet. We pulled that one and got it breathing. Then I pulled the third one and said Turn to TRIPLETS | Page 7

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Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 7

ConƟnued from TRIPLETS | Page 6 (jokingly), ‘Should I check for another one?’ My dad said, ‘No, we have to get these cattle going.’” This week marks the start of one of the busiest times of the year for VanLerberghe as spring calving season gets going. With 80 cows — a couple of Brown Swiss, but mostly Holsteins — there is a lot of milking to do in addition to tending to the newborns and constantly checking for imminent births. “I don’t like having calves in December, January or February, so I start calving around this time,” he said. “If it’s 20 below and they have a calf, it might not make it even though they’re in the barn. A lot of the times, I have to carry them into the milking parlor to warm them up. There’s a heater in there. It always helps, too, if the cow licks them, but some don’t.” Monitoring happens at all hours, day and night. “Sometimes you’ll go out at 2 or 3 in the night and you’ll have just missed the birth,” VanLerberghe said. “Other times, you’ll come out at 3 in the morning and the cows are just looking at you and nothing is happening.” VanLerberghe said he’s grateful that the timing for the triplets was good. “If it had been late at night, there’s a good chance I would’ve come out here and there would’ve been dead ones,” he said. “They wouldn’t have been born in time. Cows, if they have one breach and it’s halfway out, you better get it out. Otherwise they drown.” After the calves are born, VanLerberghe said he pulls them off the cow. There is a good chance the newborns would be laid on or trampled to death in the main pen otherwise. “They can’t be with the cows in the cow shed, so we always take them off the mom,” VanLerberghe said. “We feed the calves twice a day. A normal size

“I think it’s just a miracle every time. And they’re all girls, which is really kind of rare.” BRAD VANLERBERGHE, DAIRY FARMER

one gets two quarts twice a day. I don’t give the triplets that much, though, because they’re too small yet and they’d get sick.” For some reason, the two smallest heifers are eating really well, but the largest triplet is not. “I catch milk from the mom and those two drink out of the pail,” VanLerberghe said. “(The largest one) drinks about half of it, but then I have to feed her in a different way. I stick a tube down and bag her. The calves will get milk until they’re about 8 weeks old.” VanLerberghe said he is especially thankful that the triplets were all heifers because that will help production in the future. “If there’s a boy with twins or triplets, then they’re considered freemartins and they won’t have calves,” he said. “At least 90 percent of them don’t have female parts inside. Vet (Scott) Kuecker will come out and say, ‘Yep, no parts in there.” For some reason, that’s the way it is with cattle.” Most research reveals that about 95 percent of heifer calves born as a twin or triplet alongside a bull calf will be sub-fertile or sterile. “I feel really fortunate,” VanLerberghe said. “We raise up the babies and keep them. That’s the best part and I look forward to that spring and fall.” Though he does raise steers as well, VanLerberghe is most known — prior to the triplets being born — for his high-quality milk production. He has won several awards as a member of Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI). “Brad is a good dairy producer,” said Carolyn Bootsma, eld service for Sanborn AMPI. “He wins quality awards from us every year for extremely good quality milk. We hand out very few of those awards. Brad does a good job.” Bootsma was visiting the VanLerberghe farm, as she does periodically with other members. She was thrilled to hear about the birth of triplets. “There’s not a lot of positives in the dairy industry right now, so it’s really nice to hear about things like this,” she said. “The birth of triplet calves being born, not to mention being born alive and doing well, is amazing.”

Page 8 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018

Talk to your nutritionist about the health and performance benefits of including in your dairy rations.

Talk to your nutritionist about the health and performance benefits of including in your dairy rations.



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1-877-677-7000 7475 West Main Street Milwaukee, WI 53214, USA

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Michael recommends natural solutions to ght bacteria CPDE presentation focuses on gut health By Ruth Klossner Staff Writer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Dr. Neil Michael said there are natural solutions to ght productivity-killing bacteria in dairy herds. Michael, the ruminant technical services manager for Arm & Hammer, presented “Be Good to the Gut,” on March 28 and 29 at the Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls, S.D. The presentation addressed on-farm applications to help mitigate risks posed by Clostridia, E. coli and Salmonella for improved gut health and efciency. “Veterinarians are traditionally trained to nd a bug and to treat it,” Michael said. Those traditional methods generally deal with treatment and vaccination, isolating pathogens that cause disease, relying on effective antibiotics to eliminate the pathogen and vaccinating to mitigate the common risks through immune response. “There are opportunities to add to the way we’ve managed,” Michael said. He suggested using new methods and technologies that use the gut to manage both nutrition and health. Allnatural and non-antibiotic compounds include Rened Functional Carbohydrates (RFCs) and microbial terroir and Bacillus species. Gut health depends on the interaction of the diet, mucosa and microbiota. The denition of gut health is a steady state where the microbiome and the in-

testinal tract exist in equilibrium. Outcomes of a healthy gut are an intact gut mucosa and barrier, desired and stable microbiota, effective digestion and regulated immune status. The adult ruminant gut is over 100 feet in length, with a surface area that would cover two or three football elds. It contains over 70 percent of the body’s immune cells. The gut microbiota contains both good and bad organisms that compete for nutrients. The immune system consists of three parts: the mucin layer which is the physical barrier that prevents pathogens and toxins from entering; the innate layer which is the rapid responding cells that engulf and kill in a broad-spectrum manner; and the adaptive layer that responds to antigens. The ideal response is constant and regulated because inammation costs energy and can become excessive and affect other organs. “If we manage the mucin layer, toxins have a hard time getting through,” Michael said. “We want to modulate, not stimulate. We want to mange the mucin layer on top of the gut to keep pathogens away from the lining cells.” Michael’s company’s RFCs (Celmanax) consist of yeast culture, MOS and Mannose, Beta-glucan and AmineCHO. MOS and Mannose bind pathogenic bacteria, modulate immune function and feed benecial gut bacteria. Betaglucan reduces toxin insults to the gut and improves immune function. AmineCHO reduces protozoal binding and intestinal damage. “We don’t want to kill the toxins. If we do, they release toxins. We want to bind them —agglutinate — so they


don’t attach to the gut lining and replicate. By binding them, they’ll go out the back,” Michael said. He pointed out that while the product is effective against Mycotoxins, Salmonella and E. Coli, something else is needed to combat Clostridial. That’s where microbial terroir and Bacillus technology comes in. Clostridium are spore-formers. They may not grow, but they do not go away. Terroir, loosely translated as “sense of place,” is the total effect of the local environment on a product. The total community of microorganisms within the gastrointestinal tract of an animal is the microbiota, but this denition does not capture the effects of the local environment. The resulting microbiota that is due to the inuence of the local environment (host, barn, feed, water, etc.) is described as microbial terroir. There are more than 100 species of Clostridium, with some being pathogenic and some benecial. Clostridia inhabits the digestive tract, soil and water and appears on the farm in silage, manure, colostrum, bedding, pens, decaying straw and more. Clostridium species that cause enteric disease through toxin production include C. perfringens (Type A, C, D, other) and C. septicum, C. botulinum and C. sordellii. “If you’re vaccinating for C and D, keep vaccinating,” Michael said. “We’re targeting type A and other. We want to break the cycle.” Clostridial challenges include necrotic enteritis, hemorrhagic bowel syndrome, malignant edema, abomasal disease, botulism, gas gangrene and

blackleg. Control can be affected through antibiotics and vaccines but Michael said the preferred method would be prophylactic and other preventative measures. Research has shown that the Clostridium isolates vary considerably by region of the country. To assess the levels, the Clostridia loads and the percent that are toxigenic are determined and the estimated Clostridia intakes from feedstuffs and TMR are then determined in regional studies. While C. perfringens is the largest, percentage-wise, in all areas of the country, it varies from 38 percent in the Upper Midwest to 70 percent in California. “Every region is different. Compare isolates from the regions and line up against the strains. That’s the best targeted solution,” Michael said. Bacillus technology can be used to address Clostridia issues. Bacillus has the advantage of inhibiting toxigenic clostridia and Ecolab, producing exogenous enzymes, modulating GI microbial community, controlling inammatory processes and aiding in barrier function. While Clostridia can be a drag on health and production, Michael said herds feeding a customized microbial terroir program demonstrated more consistent manure, decreased off-feed events, a decrease in GI-related issue, positive energy corrected milk response, increased rumination and a smoother transition period. In conclusion, Michael recommended feeding 0.5 ounces per cow, per day of Bacillus, right through – not just during the transition period – and to target transition cows with RFDs.

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Dairy community comes together at CPDE


Doug Green and his daughter, Michele, of Greenbush, Minn. talk with Tom Schrad at the Steelwerx booth during the CPDE. ABBY HOPP/DAIRY STAR

The aisles were busy with people March 28 at the Sanford Center in Sioux Falls, S.D. The threeday event drew people from many states across the Midwest


Michael Rose of Rose Farms of South Haven, Minn., looks over the inside of a piece of Dieci Equipment while at the Central Plains Dairy Expo March 28 in Sioux Falls. MARK KLAPHAKE/DAIRY STAR

Dairy farmer Stefan Maasen of Maurice, Iowa, helps make cheese sandwiches at the AMPI booth at the Central Plains Dairy Expo. Maasen is part of AMPI’s Young CooperaÆ&#x;ves Club.

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GarreƩ, Gretchen and Luke Heldberg enjoy items handed out at the Central Plains Dairy Expo March 28 at the Sanford Center in Sioux Falls, S.D. They were at the expo with their parents, Nancy and Karl, who dairy farm near Le Sueur, Minn.


Garion (leŌ) and Kor Mulder of Bellingham, Minn., visit with Dave Dahlberg at his booth at the Central Plains Dairy Expo March 28 in Sioux Falls, S.D.


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Star Youth

What dairy or ag-related extracurricular activities are you involved in? I am involved with the Albany FFA Chapter, and I am a Stearns County Dairy Princess.

when I thought I was not being watched, there was someone who would be considering everything I did. No matter what I am doing, I make sure I have a positive image about me.

Why are you involved in these activities/organizations and what is your favorite? I am involved in FFA and the Stearns County Dairy Princess program because I have a strong passion for dairy and agriculture. I have had this passion since I was in elementary school. I enjoy both activities a great deal.

What’s your favorite social media? Facebook because it is a great way to communicate, to share pictures and to share stories with a lot of people. It is an amazing way to share with friends and even people in the community that a person may not know.

Tell us your best experience during your time in these activities/organizations. My favorite experience in FFA would be going to National FFA Convention and having the opportunity to meet people from every state. It was a great chance to make friends and learn about the agriculture in the different regions in the United States. My best experience while being a dairy princess was face painting at a Toy Show in Paynesville, Minn. It was fun to face paint for the rst time and to nd out I was able to face paint well. What is something you’ve learned from being involved in these activities/organizations? I have learned to always be a positive role model. Even

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Get to know Miranda Breth of St. Anthony, Minn. Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know. Around the time I was in kindergarten or rst grade, I was helping my dad and brother unload a gravity box full of cob corn. When the load was about half full, I got sucked into the corn and came out the chute. I started to go up the elevator before Dad grabbed me. Tell us some of your duties on the farm. I assist with general farm maintenance, such as xing equipment, keeping up the buildings and xing the fence. I help with milking, feeding and making sure the cattle are healthy. My biggest role is taking care of the calves. I also help with eldwork.

What are your career aspirations? I will be attending North Dakota State University. I am deciding between an actuary or a consultant for farmers or businesses. Who do you look up to? My parents because they have always steered me in the correct direction. They are always around when I need to tell my problems to someone. They are always ready to listen to any questions I have or my crazy dreams. I am especially grateful to my parents for raising me on a farm and teaching me everything I need to live a happy life. My parents have always cared for me. I am so grateful to my parents, and I want them to know I love them for everything they have taught me and everything they have done for me.


Miranda Breth, 17, is a senior at Albany Area High School. Breth and her family – parents, Jerry and Tammy, and siblings Dillon, Makayla and Emily – dairy farm in Stearns County near St. Anthony, Minn.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and how would you change it? I would change how people value agriculture and how to show people how to respect farmers. I would do this by starting a program to teach elementary and middle school students about agriculture. The youth is our future. Normally children tell their parents what they learn in school, so through passing the event from person to person, the message will be spread more and more.

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MaƩ and Tracy Brandel and their children (from leŌ) Colton, JusƟn, KaƟe and Ashley, milk 220 cows on their dairy near Lake Mills, Wis.

Colton Brandel 13 years old Seventh grade When do you do chores? After school and on the weekends. If I could, I would like to be doing chores and being on the farm every day. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is helping my grandpas. I get to spend quality time with them. They teach me how to x equipment and build new things. My least favorite chores would be laundry, dishes and vacuuming. I would rather spend time outside than in the house. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? My cow, Black H. She is a big, black cow sired by Atwood. She is my rst Excellent cow. She has had three heifer calves. What’s your favorite subject in school? FFA. This is year my rst year in FFA. I am truly enjoying the opportunities that FFA offers. What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? In tech ed, I learned more about hydraulic systems. What do you want to be when you grow up? A farmer and to continue to farm with my family. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. When I think of farming, I think of family, my faith, learning, memories, fun and happiness. My farm would include all those things that Turn to BRANDELS | Page 15





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ConƟnued from BRANDELS | Page 14 I am so fortunate to have. I will work hard, showing my kids that hard work will help them achieve good things just like my family works hard now. I will keep our equipment in good working condition with proper maintenance, while also maintaining healthy, productive cows. I also would continue to make good conservation efforts with the land and soil. We are continually trying to help the environment with our conservation practices. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Strawberry milk. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite game to play at home/on the farm? To work in the shop with my dad, grandpa, uncle and cousin. I love working on the tractors and machinery. I like being able to gure out a problem with the equipment and xing it. I also enjoy tting our show heifers. I keep working each year to learn new tting techniques. Are you involved in any activities? I am involved in FFA, dairy quiz bowl, 4-H and Tech Ed Skills USA. I like all the new things I am doing with tech ed and fabricating mechanical systems. Ashley Brandel 11 years old Sixth grade When do you do chores? We do chores after school and on the weekends. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is milking cows. I get to spend time working with each of the cows, getting to know them and how to make them happy. I also get to work with my family and friends. My least favorite chore is helping with the laundry. We have so many clothes in our house. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? For sure, a cow. Cows are so gentle. I have a relationship with so many of our cows. There is nothing better than seeing a cow have a new baby. What’s your favorite subject in school? Language arts. I like to write on topics that mean a lot to me. What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? In language arts, I learned how to express my opinions in the proper format and gained speaking skills while talking about my essay topics. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an animal chiropractor like my friend, Janelle, and Dr. Julie. I want to work on large animals, helping them maintain good health. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. My farm would include my family. We have a lot of great memories with our farm family. I would like to have my kids grow up on a farm, and they would have the same memories that I do of working with my parents, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Our building set up would include a lot of calf and heifer sheds to raise big, healthy cows. I like working with heifers. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Squeaky cheese curds. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite game to play at home/on the farm? One of my favorite things to do is to work with our show heifers. I enjoy washing, working with them to lead, getting things ready for the show, and keeping supplies organized. Now that it is nice out, my siblings and I play hide in seek in the dark with ashlights. Are you involved in any activities? I am involved in dairy quiz bowl, dairy judging, 4-H and basketball. I like being involved with dairy quiz bowl. It’s a lot of fun working with the other dairy kids in our county and going to the junior Holstein convention. Katie Brandel 9 years old Third grade When do you do chores? After school and on the weekends. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is giving grower pellets and hay. My least favorite chore is carrying pails of corn for our steers. Maybe once I am a little older the pails will be easier to carry. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? Cows are my favorite. Cows love us back just like we love them. What’s your favorite subject in school? Science. We are working on a space unit. What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? I learned about Venus. Venus is like Earth by its mass and diameter. What do you want to be when you grow up? I would like to be a teacher. I like working with other kids. I could teach others about the importance of agriculture. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. My farm would include my entire family, my mom, dad, siblings, cousins, uncle and grandpa. I would ask my brothers to help me with the machinery and eld work. My family and I would have happy, healthy cows.

What’s your favorite dairy treat? Cheese. We eat a lot of cheese in our house. Our grocery cart usually has more cheese than anything else. I think they should make a special cheese section for our family at the grocery store. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite game to play at home/on the farm? I enjoy working with our show heifers, washing and working with them to lead. I also have fun milking with my mom. I like spending time with her while we milk cows. My mom likes to sing in the parlor. I like to sing with her. For games, my siblings and I play hide and seek in the dark. What do you like to do during recess? I like to play four-square with my friends. Justin Brandel 8 years old Second grade When do you do chores? After school and on the weekends. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is feeding pellets to the heifers because I get to scratch the heifers. My least favorite chore is watering. We have to carry water to some of our heifers, and the pails are very heavy. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The cows, because they are cute. I love Jerseys. What’s your favorite subject in school? Science. We took a Coca Cola bottle and put different things in the soda to see what would happen. What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? We do a lot of reading. I am reading more books. What do you want to be when you grow up? I would like to be a rancher. We also own a herd of beef cattle and a few donkeys. Our donkey, Bill, is very protective of our beef cows. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. My farm would have a lot of dairy cows, beef cows, horses and donkeys. I would like to learn how to train horses someday, too. What’s your favorite dairy treat? All of them. I love food, especially ice cream. What’s your favorite thing to do or favorite game to play at home/on the farm? I play with my sister, and we pretend we are rounding up cows on horseback. I would like to do that type of round up with beef cattle on horseback someday. What do you like to do during recess? I like to play with my friends and talk about all the fun things we can do together.

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DAIRY CALENDAR Are you a dairy farmer or do you have a vested interest in the success of northwestern Wisconsin’s dairy industry? Join us in Barron for a Farmer-Led Dairy Discussion, 12:30-3 p.m. on April 16 at Barron Electric Co-op meeting room, Hwy. 25 north of Barron. Dairy farmers: this is your chance to speak up. Share your stories and solutions to the current industry crisis. Listening will be government ofcials, dairy processors, lenders and other decision makers. Sponsored by Barron County Farm Bureau and Barron County Farmers Union. Those planning to speak will be limited to 3-5 minutes and are strongly encouraged to bring a written copy of their statements. For more information, contact Karyn Schauf, BSFB, 715-790-7203 or Dale Hanson, BCFU, 715-537-9309. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Collegiate Farm Bureau chapter will host the third annual Ag Day on Campus from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17, to promote Wisconsin agriculture. The event is free and open to the public. Through interactive events, non-agricultural students, faculty and community members are invited to learn more about agriculture, interact with animals and enjoy food grown and raised by farmers. This year’s theme is “kNOw Ag, kNOw Food.” Student organizations in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES), along with local agricultural businesses, will have educational and interactive booths set up outside on the University Center mall in the middle of campus. In addition, beginning at 4:45 p.m., a free beef sandwich meal will be served in Room 200 of the Agricultural Science building and at 5:15 p.m., Wisconsin Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection Secretary Sheila Harsdorf will speak about her personal experience in agriculture and government trends that inuence today’s agricultural policy. For more information, email or call CAFES at 715-425-3535. Area dairy farmers are invited to connect with new and well-known UW-Dairy Sciences department specialists at upcoming UW-Extension Dairy Reproduction, Nutrition and Well-Being meetings in two west central Wisconsin locations on Thursday April 19. Dairy reproduction, nutrition and well-being will be topics discussed as well as outlook for domestic and international dairy markets. Dr. Paul Fricke will talk about integration of reproductive programs and technology to maximize reproductive efciency in dairy cows. Dr. Jennifer Van Os, new to UW-Extension, will introduce herself and her area of research that targets best management practices of housing and management to help the Wisconsin dairy industry adapt as our scientic knowledge about animal welfare continues to grow. Dr. Randy Shaver will discuss dairy nutrition topics for today in what could be his last dairy meeting in Western Wisconsin before retirement. Katie Burgess, Commodity Risk Analyst with Blimling and Associates, will discuss how farms can prepare for the opportunities and obstacles that come with managing price risk in dairy markets. The program will be held Thursday, April 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., simultaneously at two west central Wisconsin locations, Alma Center and Eau Claire, with the speakers rotating between both sites. Chippewa Valley Technical College Manufacturing Education Center, 2320 Alpine Road, Eau Claire will be the location for Eau Claire County –RSVP to the Eau Claire UW-Extension ofce at 715-839-4712. A parking pass will be provided for the Eau Claire location. The Alma Center location will be located at Pfaff Farm Reception Barn 13072 State Road 121, Alma Center –RSVP to the Jackson County UW-Extension ofce 715-284-4257.There is no charge to attend however RSVP is appreciated for lunch count. The 2018 Eau Claire County Farm Machinery and Tractor Safety Program will be 4-7:30 p.m. on May 29 - June 1 and 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June 2 at Fall Creek High School, Agri-Science Room, Fall Creek, Wis. Participants in this course must have had some prior tractor driving experience and be able to show some prociency in tractor driving or they will not be allowed to continue the course. Youth must be at least 12 years old to take the course; 12 year olds are eligible for a State of Wisconsin Certicate. Youth 13 and older are eligible for a Federal Certicate on their 14th birthday. The Federal certication allows youth to drive tractors for an employer and State Certication youth may drive tractors for their parents only. Youth involved in hazardous occupations, including farm machinery operations (tractor driving) other than on a farm operated by their parents, must have a Certicate of Exemption from these regulations in order to engage in such employment. These classes will offer such a certicate. For more information, call 715-839-4712.

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Optimizing trace mineral usage

By Ruth Klossner Staff Writer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Dr. Silvio Miranda of Alltech presented “Break Away and Get More From Less: Optimize Trace Mineral Nutrition” in a seminar March 28 and 29 at the Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls, S.D. Miranda has been a consultant in dairy cattle nutrition for many feed industries and dairy farmers in Ontario, Canada. His primary focus at his company is optimizing protein nutrition in dairy cattle and improving protability and livestock health by using organic minerals. Improper mineral nutrition can have major consequences for health and productivity and, as a result, comes at a high cost. A mineral management program by Miranda’s company focuses on organic trace minerals that are better absorbed, stored and used by animals than inorganic minerals. While Miranda addressed mineral needs of transition cows, he redened the denition. “Typically, the transition period is 21 days before to 21 days after calving,” Miranda said. “For me, the period begins the day you start drying off the cow. There are a lot of hormonal changes in the animal. They’re totally different before to after calving. It’s a huge stress for the animal. If we don’t take care of her, we’ll spend a lot later. We want a healthy cow.” Miranda said approximately 75 percent of infectious diseases and metabolic disorders occur during the transition period, primarily in the rst month after calving. The major problems are ketosis, retained placenta and metritis. Unfortunately, only about 30 percent of cows with metritis will

“More than 50 percent of high yielding cows have fatty livers. You can tell by the way they walk.” DR. SILVIO MIRANDA, ALLTECH

show visible signs. In the other 70 percent, their temperatures go up, their consumption goes down, and they are treated for ketosis, but that does not kill the bacteria. Miranda said three organs give a good idea of whether the cow will have a good transition period: the liver, adipose tissue and mammary glands. The liver makes the sugar. If a cow is too fat, she will have a fatty liver and not make sugar. Liver function is related to adipose tissue. “More than 50 percent of high yielding cows have fatty livers. You can tell by the way they walk,” Miranda said. “The capsule protecting the liver is painful to the cow walking.

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Dr. Silvio Miranda of Alltech presented a seminar on opƟmizing trace mineral nutriƟon March 29 at the Central Plains Dairy Expo in Sioux Falls, S.D.

They don’t want to move.” Cows with fatty livers have decreased liver function, increased inammation and oxidative stress. Modern animal production requires a modern approach to mineral supplementation. Inorganic minerals were the rst form of mineral supplementation. That was followed by ontop supplementation when organic minerals were added; then partial replacement (50 percent inorganic and 50 percent organic). For modern mineral management, total replacement with organic minerals at lower inclusion levels is suggested. Miranda said research has shown that lower levels of organic trace minerals can be used, while still improving performance. Mastitis can be a problem for transition cows. Miranda said at least 20 percent of cows have clinical mastitis while 30 percent have sub-clinical, which is evident in somatic cell count. One hundred percent of mastitis in cows comes in from the teat end when keratin is not present. Bacteria grows fast and produces endo-toxins and reduces milk production. Miranda said cows supplemented with organic zinc had signicantly more teat canal keratin than cows supplemented with inorganic zinc. Organic copper lowers E. Coli in milk, compared to other diets, supporting the animal’s natural defense system when cows are responding to a mastitis challenge. Organic selenium supports the natural defense system in dairy cows, especially important around calving when cows are exposed to a higher risk of infection. Miranda said a 100 percent organic mineral diet can get the most out of cows by optimizing milk production, contributing to reproductive performance and immune function, contributing to the nutritional value of milk and supporting health antioxidant status.

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Page 18 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hartleys share farming story

Staffer from Senator Johnson’s ofce visits farm By Danielle Nauman

SOLDIERS GROVE, Wis. – While it is no secret to those involved in the dairy industry, many people outside of the industry do not have a rm understanding of the pressures currently facing producers. Dairy farm families are working to reach out and share the challenges with consumers and legislators, trying to make a difference in public perception of the dairy industry. The Hartley family – Dean and Donna, who farm together with their daughter, Hillary, and her ancé, Alex Jochimsen – opened their 100-cow dairy, Hartley Farms, near Soldiers Grove, Wis., to Tom Petri, a representative from Senator Ron Johnson’s Madison ofce, to share the story of their farm and the struggles they are currently facing on March 16. The Hartleys took Petri on a tour of their farm, trying to give him a glimpse of the labor and investment needed to run their farm. “We’ve milked 100 cows since 1972,” Dean said. “We haven’t expanded. Back then we were one of


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Hillary Hartley (right) shows Tom Petri, a staff member from Senator Ron Johnson’s Madison office, what goes into the calf grain fed at Hartley farms. Also pictured are Donna Hartley and Alex Jochimsen. the biggest farms. Today we’re below Along with working on the farm, Donna the average herd size in the state of and Hillary hold off-farm jobs. “Derrold farmed here until he Wisconsin.” The Hartley’s rural Crawford passed away at the age of 91,” Hillary County farm was rst established in said, sharing her family’s passion with 1949, by Dean’s parents, Derrold and Petri. “For 66 years, this farm was his Ruth Hartley, and his uncle, Leland pride and joy. Those kinds of numbers Hartley. Dean and Donna joined the are unheard of in other jobs. Farming farm in 1979 and purchased the farm in isn’t just a career, it’s a way of life.” Dean took Petri through the 1992. Since that time, they have raised their three daughters, Heidi, Holly and machine shed, showing him the Hillary, on the farm. Hillary and Alex equipment needed to operate the farm ofcially joined the operation in 2015. and do the cropping to provide the feed for the animals. The Hartleys crop 400 acres to feed their dairy herd along with their 50 head of Red Angus cattle. “Besides the expense of purchasing the machinery, there’s a great expense to upkeep,” Donna said. “The implements are getting so large; it’s getting hard to be able to get a better deal because they are all owned by the same company. 2012 DODGE GRAND 2015 DODGE 2018 DODGE 2015 FORD EDGE This year, instead of taking our corn CARAVAN SXT CHALLENGER R/T DURANGO GT AWD SPORT AWD planter to the implement, we took it to the local technical school to have it calibrated and serviced.” The Hartleys raise the majority Low Miles, One Owner, Owner, Super Trak Pak, Heated Local Trade, Power Doors, One Owner, Pwr Lift Gate, Nav, of the feed needed for their herd, and Leather Heated Seats, US2082 Seats UC3792 Power Seat UV2488 Leather, Heated Seats UX1468 Hillary explained how much feed the ONLY $34,921 ONLY $25,921 ONLY $27,921 $7,921 animals on the farm consume, and what 2003 CHEVROLET 2009 SUBARU 2011 FORD TAURUS 2010 CHEVROLET the average daily cost of feeding the TRAILBLAZER OUTBACK LIMITED EQUINOX LT animals are; as well as the labor that goes into the daily care. They shared with Petri what is involved in storing and delivering the All Wheel Drive, Local Trade, Local Trade, Leather, Local Trade, Power Seat, Third Row Seat, 4x4, Local Trade, feed to the different groups of cattle Excellent Shape, UC3827 Remote Start, UX1467 US2080 UX1455 living on the farm. They talked about ONLY $5,921 $10,821 $8,921 ONLY $7,921 how those expenses gure into the ‘04 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4x4, UT3642 ..........$8,921 ‘14 Chevrolet Impala SE, UC3838 ......................$16,921 overall farm budget and the steps they ‘05 Chevrolet Trailblazer, US2053 ........................$3,921 ‘14 Buick Lacrosse, UC3728..................................$17,421 have made to further cut costs in the ‘05 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT, UV2489............$7,621 ‘14 Dodge Challenger Super Sport, UC3819 $17,921 face of ever-decreasing prot margins. ‘06 Hyundai Tiburon Coupe, UC3844 .................$5,921 ‘14 Dodge Journey Crossroad, UX1454..........$19,921 “It costs about $3 per day to raise ‘06 Audi S4, UC3830....................................................$9,921 ‘15 Dodge Dart Rallye, UC3729 ..........................$12,921 a heifer until she can start making ‘07 Dodge Nitro RT, US2036 ....................................$6,921 ‘15 Chrysler 200 Limited, UC3805.....................$13,921 money for us,” Hillary said. “That’s ‘07 Dodge Durango, US2049 ..................................$7,921 ‘15 Mitsubishi Lancer, UC3836 ...........................$13,921 about $2,200 of investment into that ‘08 Ford F150 SuperCrew 4x4, UT3622.............$13,921 ‘15 Chevrolet Impala LT, UC3839 .......................$13,921 ‘08 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4, UT3651 ...............$15,721 ‘15 Chrysler 200 S, UC3818 ..................................$14,721 animal before we can get a return on an ‘09 Subaru Outback, UX1455 .................................$7,921 ‘15 Chevrolet, Cruze LTZ, UC3781 .....................$14,921 investment.” ‘10 Lexus IS, UC3829................................................$11,921 ‘15 Chevrolet Malibu LT, UC3796.......................$14,921 Petri asked questions about the ‘10 Chevrolet 1500 Crew Cab 4x4, UT3600 ....$17,921 ‘15 Chevrolet, Malibu LT, UC3739 .....................$15,321 amounts and value of the feed, and ‘11 Ford Taurus SE, UC3827..................................$10,821 ‘15 Chevrolet Malibu 2LT, UC3821 ....................$16,721 the other inputs that go into raising ‘11 Ram 1500 Big Horn Quad Cab 4x4, UT3632 .$18,921 ‘15 Chrysler 200 S, UC3795 ..................................$17,921 the animals, and about how long cows ‘11 Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 4x4, UT3625 .......$19,721 ‘15 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, US2023....$17,921 remain in the herd. ‘12 Scion IQ Hatchback, UC3842 ...........................$7,421 ‘15 Ford Taurus SEL, UC3802 ...............................$18,821 “The longer a cow can stay around, ‘12 Chevrolet Traverse LT, US2061 ....................$11,921 ‘15 Chevrolet Impala 2LT, UC3831 ....................$19,621 ‘14 Chevrolet Cruze LT, UC3789 .........................$11,821 ‘16 Hyundai Sonata SE, UC3736 ........................$12,721 the more protable she’s going to ‘14 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT, UC3783.......................$11,921 ‘16 Ram Cargo Van, UV2446.................................$14,821 be,” Donna said. “A cow has to give ‘14 Dodge Dart Rallye, UC3811 ..........................$12,721 ‘16 Dodge Journey SXT, UX1453 .......................$17,621 us a reason for her to leave the herd. ‘14 Jeep Patriot Latitude, US1918.....................$13,721 ‘16 Chrysler 200 S AWD, UC3822 .......................$17,921 Usually, it’s because she doesn’t breed ‘14 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ, UX1462 .................$15,821 ‘17 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, US1988 ...............$16,321 back or has other issues.” ‘14 Nissan Rogue, UX1439 ....................................$15,921 ‘17 Jeep Patriot Latitude, US2032.....................$16,921 In the milking barn, the Hartleys SALES HOURS: SERVICE HOURS: explained the steps they take to ensure Mon.-Fri. 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM; Mon.-Fri. 7:00 AM-6:00 PM; Sat. 8:00AM - 4:00 PM Sat. 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM they are producing a quality product and how they care for the milking herd 320-845-2801 • 800-392-3426 34650 225th Ave. - Albany, MN 56307 on a daily basis.

“It costs us about $5.50 per day to feed the cows,” Hillary said, detailing the expenses. “That comes out to $1,700 per year to keep that cow, in addition to the $2,200 it cost to raise her to get to the age to produce milk.” At that cost of production, based on $13.50 milk, the Hartleys estimate that each cow must produce an average of 40 pounds per day just to pay for the feed she consumes during a year. To further break down the costs, a cow would need to produce an average of 60 pounds of milk per day to pay for her feed and to pay to raise her heifer calf from that year. Petri considered the information and asked the question, “How does it work for you with that price of milk? It just doesn’t seem like there is enough money to keep going?” “We’ll just go further into debt,” Hillary said. “The cows will still get fed, they’ll still be cared for.” Petri said, “You just wait for the price of milk to hopefully go back up?” Donna concurred. “Luckily, we aren’t terribly deep in debt, like some others might be,” she said. “We are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. I shop the components of our feed mix frequently, to make sure I’m getting the best deal. I hound the guys to not use more of anything than they need.” Donna explained to Petri some of the challenges their cooperative faces. “Our co-op markets our milk,” Donna said. “They don’t own any buildings or manufacture any products. They just market our milk to wherever they can. Normally, that’s a pretty good

“We are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. I shop the components of our feed mix frequently to make sure I’m getting the best deal.” DONNA HARTLEY, DAIRY FARMER

system, but right now, tanker loads of milk are being brought in to Richland Center from Michigan daily. That makes it hard for our co-op to nd places for our milk. Plus we have to pay more for hauling because our milk is going further away.” The Hartleys estimate that a typical farm of the size of theirs would have had nearly $36,000 per month in expenses and just over $36,000 of income for the month, with about a $250 margin in 2017. Using the March 2018 Class III milk price, which is just over $14, they gure that farm will have about $3,500 less in income, with no decrease in expenses. “The future of the small family farm is bleak,” Hillary said, summing up the information the Hartleys presented to Petri. “My grandpa and grandpa raised 12 children on an income from milking 35 cows. Today, Alex and I wouldn’t be able to feed ourselves on that if we wanted to try farming on our own. It’s heartbreaking that we cannot pursue our passion because there just isn’t enough money to be made in this extremely vital job of feeding the world. We are more than just farmers.”

A sad farewell

Briel family mourns loss of family members, sells herd By Krista Kuzma

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 19

Equity Livestock, said the sale had a good outcome despite the tragic reason behind it. “It was denitely an emotional sale, but it went really good,” he said. Along with the 23 cows that went through the ring, the Briels sold a week-old heifer calf that Benninger decided to buy and sell again to raise funds for the family. “Then everyone started doing it and it took off,” Benninger said. The calf sold nine times and raised $2,500 for the family. “For how awful this dairy industry is right now, it’s amazing the support

THORP, Wis. – Tears lled the sale barn during the Briel family’s complete herd dispersal April 10 at Equity Livestock/Horst Stables in Thorp, Wis. The sale comes after the family suffered a horric loss when Dan Briel and his 14-year-old son, David, died in a silo incident on March 24 on their dairy farm near Hillsdale, Wis. Another son, 15-yearold Caleb, managed to escape the silo. A large attendance of nearly 200 people consisting of fellow dairy farmers, area business people and other community members came to support the sale and the rest of the Briel family – Dan’s wife, Melissa, and their remaining children, Caleb, Ben, Abigail MEGAN STUESSEL/DAIRY STAR and Erika. This calf was resold nine Ɵmes during the Briel famJohn Benninger, ily complete herd dispersal April 10 at a sale barn in sale manager for Thorp, Wis. The calf raised $2,500 for the family.


Nearly 200 people consisƟng of fellow dairy farmers, area business people and community members came to the Briel family complete herd dispersal April 10 in Thorp, Wis.

that was there for the family. It was pretty cool,” Benninger said. Area businesses auctioned off

“It was denitely an emotional sale, but it went really good.” JOHN BENNINGER, SALE MANAGER

donated items to raise funds for the family and Benninger also said he received donation checks in the mail and cash that day, all of which

totaled $3,700. During the event, Benninger and the sale staff offered free pizza, Pepsi and rootbeer oats. “It was a ritual for Dan and David. When they would get done milking cows at night, they would have Pepsi and pizza, and then have a rootbeer oat so we offered it free that day,” Benninger said. Although the family is suffering a signicant loss, Benninger said he was happy the sale day had a good outcome. “Everyone came together. It was cool,” he said.

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Page 20 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018


News and Dairy Views from across the region


The Morrison County dairy royalty includes – (from leŌ) Sam Winscher, Holly Saehr, Eliza Theis, and Elizabeth Dickmann. The girls were crowned March 24 in LiƩle Falls, Minn. Morrison County Dairy Princesses crowned Morrison County ADA held their dairy banquet on March 24 at Cabin Fever in Little Falls, Minn. Representing the county are Elizabeth Dickmann, Holly Saehr, Eliza Theis and Sam Winscher. Saehr was awarded the Ms. Congeniality award and Saehr and Dickmann will continue on to compete for the Princess Kay of the Milky Way contest in May. Gopher Dairy Camp returns in 2018 The 2018 Gopher Dairy Camp will be held June 10 to 12 at the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota. The Gopher Dairy Camp is open to youth that have completed grades six through nine, but haven’t yet started grade 10. It is hosted by the Gopher Dairy Club at the University of Minnesota in cooperation with the Minnesota 4-H Dairy Project Committee. Held Sunday through Tuesday, the camp offers unique workshops which allow attendees to improve their cattle grooming skills and improve their knowledge of the production and processing of dairy products. McKenzie Swanson, a Mcleod County 4-H member, attended Gopher Dairy Camp multiple years and said this about her experience, “I looked forward to going to Gopher Dairy Camp every year, meeting up with friends

& T S U D SAW S G N I V A SH 150 Yard s d a o L i m Se Tier 1 $1,000 Tier 2 $1,500 0 0 8 , 1 $ 3 r e i T


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and getting to learn more about tting cattle were my favorite parts of camp. I had a positive experience at camp each year and those memories will last a lifetime.” Registration will open in March of 2018 and attendance is limited to the rst 100 youth that register for the event. For further information about Gopher Dairy Camp, please visit A calf for Cora Gibbs A feature in the second January issue of Dairy Star, shared the story of Cora Gibbs, the daughter of dairy farmers, Nathan and Bridget Gibbs near Rollingstone, Minn. Cora suffered a traumatic brain injury from a side-by-side ATV accident in October 2017 and spent many weeks in the hospital. Since then, Cora is home and making strides with recovery through strenuous physical therapy to regain skills lost during the accident. The Gibbs family has been through a lot of emotional, psychological and nancial stress. The Lewiston-Altura community came together and held a very successful fundraiser in February to help alleviate a portion of the nancial burden. However, a group of people in the local dairy community want to do a little more for her. Cora’s passion in life is showing Jersey cattle. From a very young age, Cora’s interest in dairy cattle was unprecedented. She knew all the records of her family’s 150 Jersey and Holstein cattle. Cora’s love for dairy has blossomed into judging. She is very successful at judging and currently is the reigning 2017 Minnesota state 4-H intermediate champion. The local dairy community would like to purchase a quality Jersey calf as a reward for the hard work Cora has put in to her recovery. It would also be the ultimate incentive for her to improve so she can show the calf throughout the summer and potentially this fall at World Dairy Expo, a dream of Cora’s. The group is raising $5,000 to purchase the calf. If interested in donating any amount to the cause, please contact Mark Brosig, a dairy farmer near Altura, Minn. You may call him on his home phone at 507-689-2652 or on his cell phone at 507-450-8130. You may also email him at Wisconsin farmers targeted in suspected grant scam Wisconsin farmers are receiving telephone calls about supposed grants from the “Federal Crop Registry.” Call recipients are left a message with a phone number to call and are told they have three days to respond to the offer. If you receive this message, take no further action. This operation appears to be a scam: • There is no “Federal Crop Registry” program. • The number listed in the message is no longer in service. • The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will not call you and offer grant money. While the USDA does provide grants, you must apply for them in writing (typically online). Government grant scams are common, with scammers calling consumers and offering free money through federal programs. Grant scammers generally follow a script: they congratulate you on your eligibility, then ask for your checking account information so they can “deposit your grant directly into your account” or cover a one-time “processing fee.” The caller may even reassure you that you can get a refund if you are not satised. You will never see the grant they promise; they will disappear with your money. For additional information, visit the Consumer Protection Bureau at http://datcp., send an e-mail to or call the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-422-7128.


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Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 21

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Hydraulic Push Manure Spreaders are available in 425 and 550 bushel sizes with your choice of vertical or horizontal beaters.

XCAP Forage Boxes Feature: *More Height *More Capacity *More Cross Members *More Uprights

Contact your H&S Dealer for "FANTASTIC YEAR END PRICES" on H&S Equipment!

H&S Manufacturing

715.387.3414 web:

Livestock - FOR SALE 30 HOLSTEIN COWS, young herd, AI breeding, $1,200 ea. Call 608-3794006. 4-1-F REGISTERED HOLSTEIN, GUERNSEY & JERSEY MILK COWS, all VG or EX, $1,909 ea. Call 701-408-9094. 7-TFN-F HOLSTEIN BULLS, serviceable age, Red or Black, delivery available, South of Red Wing, MN. Call 507-923-8452. 4-1-F RETIRING, HERD OF 45 COWS w/35 yrs. Alta Genetics breeding for feet, legs & udders, 32,528 milk, 4.02F, 3.14P, 138,000 SCC. Call 715-579-7955. 22-TFN-F SERVICEABLE AGE HOLSTEIN AND JERSEY BULLS, from good type and production families; also cows, Glencoe, MN. Call 320-864-6555. 4-TFN-F 20 MILKING 2 YR. OLD HOLSTEINS, choice from 80, group avg. 86 lbs. Call 563-379-0904. 4-2-F 50 YEARS BREEDING FOR FEET, LEGS, & UDDERS, pick 50 cows from 80, 90+ avg. Call 715-828-4757. 16-TFN-F SPRINGING JERSEY & JERSEY CROSS HFRS. Call 563-380-2768. 4-3-F DAIRY COWS, all lactations, lbs. of milk and SCC available. Call 563-3806961. 4-1-F REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, exc. type and production. Call Scott Rickeman 320-552-0284. 10-TFN-F REG. ALPINE DOELINGS, reg. Saanen buckling and doeling from good milk and show, $250. Call 320-766-0661. 4-1-F 40 GENTLE YOUNG COWS from closed herd, recently fresh or due to freshen, VG feet, legs & udders, genetically mated w/Accelerated Genetics 50+ yrs, RHA 26,000, 4.1 fat, 3.3 protein, ofcial test for 38 years, vaccinated. Call 715-672-4379 or 715495-5411. 3-2-VM 70 COW REG. AND GRADE HOLSTEIN HERD, AI sired/bred, currently averaging 70 lbs., 4.2 BF, 130,000 SCC. Call 608-574-2758. 1-4-F 1-10 REGISTERED HOLSTEIN MILK COWS; also clean up semen, $1/unit. Call 320583-6564. 23-TFN-F 60 HEAD DAIRY HERD in tiestall barn, 80 lb. tank avg., 170,000 SCC, nice young herd. Call 320-8941687. 1-5-F 3) REGISTERED MILKING SHORTHORN SPRINGER COWS; also (2) yearling bulls. Call 218-385-3471. 1-TFN-F

REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, from three or more generations of EX 30,000 lbs. dams, Brookings, SD. Call 605-6906393. TFN-F REGISTERED HOLSTEIN CALVES, heifers and young cows, 26,000+ RHA, Johnes free. Call Olmar Farms 507-220-0730. 19-10-F 12 SPRINGING HFRS., due April-June, RHA 26,000, 4.1 fat, 3.3 protein, VG feet/legs/udders, genetically mated w/Accelerated genetics over 50 yrs., sexed semen, vaccinated. Call 715-672-4379 or 715495-5411. 3-2-VM R&W POLLED HOLSTEIN BULL, 70 lb., 4.2 fat dam. Call 715-2487990. 3-4-F 50-COW HOLSTEIN HERD, most 2-3 yrs. old, 24,000 lb. avg., DHIA, 3.7 BF, 3.1 Pro, all AI bred for 50 yrs. Call 320-492-3944. 3-TFN-F HOLSTEIN, SERVICEABLE AGE BREEDING BULLS, 35 yrs., AI breeding. Call 320-761-2526 or 320-293-5607. 12-TFN-F HOLSTEIN BULLS, red or black, closed herd, Johnes & Leukosis test negative, guaranteed breeders. Call 507-9205859 or 507-879-3489. 4-TFN-P 10 REGISTERED HOLSTEIN LONG BRED HEIFERS, bred for milk & type. Call 507-3988770. 3-2-F SERVICEABLE AGE HOLSTEIN BULLS. Call 320-360-7254. 16-TFN-F POT BELLY PIGS, 2 boer pigs, good for breeding, $25 ea. Call 712-2608666. 2-3-F ORGANIC SPRINGING HFRS., cows & other cattle of various stages of lactation. Call 507-961-4255. 15-TFN-F FRESH OR SPRINGING COWS AND HEIFERS, Holstein & Brown Swiss. Call 608-482-2726. 20-TFN-F SPRINGER HFRS., nice, due April & May, $1,350. Call 320-333-7346. 2-3-F 2 ORGANIC POLLED YEARLING BULLS. Call 715-921-2159. 2-4-F REG. BROWN SWISS BULLS, all ages, exc. pedigrees; also 1 registered Swiss heifer, due in May. Call 320-587-6384 or 320583-0336. 16-TFN-B MILKING SHORTHORN BULLS, 14 mos. old, out of registered cow; also Red Roan bull.. Call 320-968-8709. 18-TFN-F AI BRED DAIRY HEIFERS. Call 320-760-2705. 4-TFN-B

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SPRING SAVINGS! 3 years 2.99% • 4 years 3.49% • 5 years 3.69% ANNUALLY OR MONTHLY

2018 Exiss 7'x24'

3 compartments w/sliders on every gate, 1st gate at 5 ft. 50� side door, slam lock on all gates & end gate, 3 yr. bumper to bumper, :FBS4USVDUVSF8BSSBOUZr 3 Year Component Retail: $24,465 Warranty.

New Exiss 8312 9-ft slide out

3 horse, 8 ft. wide, 12 ft. short wall, 9 ft. slide out, mangers, Electrical Awning, upgraded Furnace, upgrade ducted AC, Hyd. Jacks (2), All lined & insulated horse area, pre-wired for Gen, sofa upgrade. Retail: $71,710.00 Unbeatable-Wholesale

2018 Exiss 7'x24' 6N Stock Combo Black nose skin w/bridle hooks, brush tray, all rubber mats, 4 place saddle rack, carpet in nose & drop wall, 2 windows, stainless nose sheets. Retail: $28,540

2018 Exiss 7'x20' 6N Stock

2—7K Torsion axles, slider on center & rear gate, slam lock on end gate. Special Retail: $22,315

2018 7’6� x 26 & 7'6" x 28'

3 Compartment w/Sliders, slam lock gates

& endgate, 2 w/black skin, 2 w/natural skin, both have 2-8K Dexter torsion axles w/3 3/8 inch brakes, 5-17.5 Goodyear 16 ply tires, front air vents, full length running boards. 26’–SPECIAL 28’–SPECIAL Was $36,630

2018 7'6" x 30'

w/17.5-16 ply Goodyear radials, 3 compartments w/sliders on every gate, front air vents, rear slam latch, 54" wide escape door, running boards. 3-7K’s axles | Retail: $36,715



Upon Approval

20% Down

2019 7'x24'

3 Compartment , w/1 slider, 1 walk-thru 4 Rear HD Handles 50� Side Retail: $29,410 SPECIAL



2018 7'6"x32'&7’6�x34’ Special

3-8K’s w/16 ply Goodyear radials, 3 compartments w/sliders on every gate, front air vents, rear slam latch, 54� wide escape door, running boards. 32’–SPECIAL




8’6� x 33’ 10’ Dovetail, low pro, pierced beam, w/2 hyd. jack, on board solar charger w/110 volt charger, w/wireless remote, deep chain box in front between jacks, 2 hi-quality side tool boxes, screened in neck, winch plate with receiver hitch. 2 batteries+2 traction strips. Other sizes available.

PRICES BELOW REFLECT A $600 REDUCTION 102" x 25', 7K’s, single tires ........ $7,085 102" x 26' TD ................................ $9,485 102" x 28' TD ................................ $9,685 102" x 30' TD ................................ $9,885 102" x 32' TD ..................................... $10,085 102" x 34' TD ..................................... $10,285 102" x 36' TD ..................................... $10,485 102" x 37' TD w/12K axle ................... $12,750 23,400 lb. GVW, tandem duals, 12� I-beam, DexterŽ oil bath axles, all wheel brakes, 10 ply 16� radials, US Steel, extra tall neck, adjustable hitch, screened in neck, Bulldog spring loaded jack, front step w/grab handle, pressure treated oor, outside stake pockets w/rubrail, 5’ self cleaning dove tail, 2 ipover ramps w/kickers. All made in America since 1971, double jacks w/2 speed, anti-ex torque tube frame, center pop up dovetail or mega ramps, drop legs on dovetail, diamond plate steel decking for bottom of ramps and top of pop up to give you a full platform on dovetail. Log on web-site for detailed pictures of fully optioned trailer. Commercial optioned trailer in stock and ready for immediate delivery w/mega ramps.

33' .................................$14,250 $BMM3BOEZ 37' Heavy Duty ................... CALL 6/#&"5"#-& CHEAP INTEREST RATES! 3 years 2.99% • 4 years 3.49% • 5 years 3.69% ANNUALLY OR MONTHLY Upon Approval West Hwy. 212 Watertown, SD 605-886-5694


After Hours: Randy: 605-886-8008 After Hours: Lance: 605-520-0491 After Hours: Roy: 605-881-6559

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LOCATION: 12222 79th Ave. SW, Motley, MN 56466 From Motley, MN, 2 miles north on Highway 64, 2.5 miles west on 120th St. SW., 1 mile south on 79th Ave. SW.



Registration, terms, & details at

Steffes Group, Inc.


Randy Kath MN47-007



or Randy Kath at Steffes Group, 320.693.9371 or 701.429.8894

TERMS: All items sold as is where is. Payment of cash or check must be made sale day before removal of items. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. $35 documentation fee applies to all titled vehicles. Titles will be mailed. Canadian buyers need a bank letter of credit to facilitate border transfer.

Livestock - FOR SALE MIKING SHORTHORN BULL, 11 mos. old, DNA tested, dam (2) 20,000 lb. records, can deliver, going to WI Dairyland Sale. Call 605-928-3481. 4-1-F POLLED HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES, R&W or B&W. Call 612-709-2479. 21-12-F BULLS, home-bred, variety of ages/genetics. Alberts Pine-Shelter Farms, Pine Island, MN (just north of Rochester). Call Dave at 507-356-8625 or 507-3564462. TFN-B SERVICEABLE AGE B&W BULLS, (1) largerbull for heavy work, sires Cinderdoor, Numer Uno, Doorman and others, dams EX and VG, over 30,000 milk; also, Call 320-5836564. 9-TFN-F LARGE FRAMED SELECT SIRES SHORTBRED HFRS., mated for years out of 28,000 lb. milk herd. Call 507-6890502. 4-3-F 1 LOAD OF 400 LB. HOLSTEIN HEIFERS, all shots, vet checked; 2 loads of 300 lb. Holstein steers, all shots. Call 712269-0874. 4-2-B 8 HOLSTEIN SPRINGERS, due June/July out of 27,000 lb. herd, AI sired, pregnant to sexed semen; also 72 freestall loops. Call 507-381-2394. 23-TFN-F

HOLSTEIN BULLS-Great selection from EX and VG high-producing cows, 26,800 RHA, Johnes free. Call Olmar Farms at 507-794-2697 or 507-2200730. 1-TFN-B

(7) REGISTERED HOLSTEIN HFRS., due May, from level 4 Johnes negative closed herd, familiar w/freestalls & lockups, raised right, retiring. Call 320-630-7289. 4-2-VM

65 COW YOUNG REGISTERED HOLSTEIN HERD, averaging 75 lb w/no TMR and SCC under 100. Immaculately kept and all AI sired and bred with the best bulls of the breed. BAA is 107.6 w/3 EX and 23 VG. RHA 22791 3.8 861 fat 3.1 protein. Many fresh young cows and heifers. Deal directly with the owner. Call 920-960-2566. 4-2-B

REGISTERED JERSEYS, entire herd, parlor/ freestall trained, DHIA testing. Call 319-721-3569 or 319-721-9139. 3-3-F YEARLING REGISTERED JERSEY BULL, sired by Impression, 94 pt. Jade dam & 95 pt. grand dam, $1,000. Call 701408-9094. 4-TFN-F HEIFER CALVES to sell weekly, 100% AI, closed herd. Andy Hecht, Cumberland, WI. Call 715404-5468. 4-1-F

250 COW DAIRY HERD. Call 701-226-9063. 4-2-F

Livestock - WANTED COMPLETE HERDS OF DAIRY CATTLE; also buying all classes of livestock including cull cows, steers, hfrs. and calves. Call 715-216-1897. 7-TFN-B

ALL CLASSES OF SPRINGER DAIRY COWS. No jockeys. Call 320-760-6050. 20-TFN-F 100 HEAD JERSEY/ JERSEY CROSS HFRS., also 100 head Holstein hfrs., open & shortbreds. Call 320-760-8424. 2-3-F

BUTCHER COWS, bulls, & fats; also thin, lame, lazy, & lump jaw. Call 320-894-7175. 11-TFN-B

WANTING TO BUY SLOW & LAME CATTLE, lump-jaws and bad eyes and all blemished cattle, $200-$600; also, good cull cows and bulls, $600$1,200. Call 612-860-8774 or 651-480-1900. 4-TFN-B

WE HAVE BUYERS FOR DAIRY HERDS OF ALL QUALITIES. Also herds for sale at all times. Call 715-721-0079. 2-TFN-B

/2679$//(<)$506 +20(67($'/$1( %2$5'0$125

)5,'$<$35,/7+#$0367 â&#x20AC;¢ 10,500 Milking and Dry Cows


1/3 Jersey Cows, 1/3 Jersey-X


Cows, 1/3 Holstein Cows


&203 /(7( '$,5<   +($5 ' ',63( 56$/ 


â&#x20AC;¢ 4,000 Replacement Heifers 1/2 Jersey Heifers & 1/2 Jersey-X Heifers


Great opportunity to purchase large volume, quality A.I. bred Cows & Heifers. They will be sorted into groups by breed, lactation, and gestation status


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TIME: 11:00 A.M. Property Location: 7.5 Miles East of Royalton or 2 Miles West of Little Rock on County Road # 26 ( Nature Road) AUCTION LOCATION: 17190 15th Ave NE, Rice, MN Held in conjunction with Bunker Hill Creek Farm Equipment Auction Outstanding Royalton/Little Rock MN Area Real Estate Auction


Including haying equipment, clean JD MFWD & track tractors, GPS equipment, JD 7180 SP forage harvester & heads, forage bagger and forage boxes, Melroe AWS Bobcat & attachments, Poly-Dome calf huts & livestock equipment, planting & tillage equipment, general farm machinery, tools & misc.

Bunker Hill Creek Farm (Larry& Randy Hackett, Owners) 17190 15th Ave. NE, Rice, MN



AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Wisconsin Dairyland

MILKING SHORTHORN SALE Saturday, April 28th • 11:00 am at the Jackson Co. Fairgrounds State Hwy 54 W, Black River Falls, WI The 2016 and 2017 Grand Champion of the International Jr. Show-Maple Fudge of 12 Oaks-was purchased at this sale. 50 head will be selling including several serviceable aged bulls. Cattle Viewing and Potluck Meal on Friday evening at 6:30 pm Catalogs available at or Watch the Wisconsin Milking Shorthorn Breeders Facebook Page for more information!


Super High Capacity Fence Line Bunk

• 38” wide, 34-1/2” high on back side • 24” high on front side • 20” deep feed trough • 6” feed saver lip Pictured with optional guard rail post mounted on the inside of the bunk or can also be placed outside.

Fence Line Feed Bunk • Fence line feed bunk with slanted back • 15” feed trough depth • 24” high front side (Also available in 18-1/2” height for smaller cattle)

H- Feed Bunk


• Deep Feeding Capacity • Long Service Life & Cattle Safe • Available in 12”, 14”and 16” depths

CONCRETE PRODUCTS 1-800-982-9263

Serving Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin Since 1965

Help Wanted

FLOWER-BROOK REGISTERED HOLSTEINS IS IN SEARCH OF A FT HERDSMAN for 75-cow tiestall barn. Experience, reliability and self-motivation a must. Call Andy 651-353-2275. 19-10-F FULL AND PART-TIME POSTIONS ON REGISTERED HOLSTEIN DAIRY/CROP FARM. If you’re motivated and love cows call us 507-220-0730. 1-10-B MANURE APPLICATORS AND HARVESTERS NEEDED. Please contact Mike at M&L Custom Works 320-260-3206. 4-1-B MILKER NEEDED on 54 cow dairy in Otter Tail County, pay negotiable. Call 218-849-2143. 11-TFN-F HERDSMAN FOR 1800 COW DAIRY, Central, MN, benets offered, hourly wage based on experience. Call 320-293-0448. 14-TFN-F SCENIC-CREST-HOLSTEINS HAS AN OPENING FOR FT HERDSMAN, 475 cow dairy, must have experience, dependability, reliable w/good computer skills a must. Call 507-796-6206. 4-3-VM EXPERIENCED DAIRY TECHNICIANS SOUGHT by large, stable, multi-line dairy equipment dealer in beautiful Colorado. Top pay, exc. benets, move assistance. Send resumes to bbrown@ or call Dave McGinley at 970330-1870. 3-3-B

Real Estate - FOR SALE

100-COW DAIRY OPERATION IN SW WI, looking for motivated individual or couple who would like the opportunity of working toward herd ownership. Pay negotiable, based on experience, housing avail. Call 608-5745723. 4-2-VM 80 ACRE DAIRY FARM with more land available, Milaca, MN area. Call Princeton Realty 763-3893084. 2-3-VM TURN-KEY 10-ACRE CALF RAISING OPERATION in NW Iowa, includes farm house, 360 huts, pasteurizers, skid loaders, barns, everything you need. Will help buyer get started. Call 507-3293148. 4-1-B

LOOKING FOR FT HERDSMAN, 200 cows, some milking, must know how to breed & IV cows, housing avail., paid vacation, South-Central, MN. Call 612-701-0342. 20-TFN-F

1,000 PTO, New hammers, gone thru shop, very good shape $21,000

RELIEF MILKER for 40cow herd, milking & feeding, May 3-8th, Milaca, MN. Call 320-224-8754. 1-5-F 1900 COW DAIRY looking for bilingual parlor manager. Call 507-9515597. 8-TFN-F HERDSMAN POSITION available March 1st, 70cow Registered organic dairy. Call 715-651-4515 or 715-234-8978. 1-4-F FT HELP ON ROBOT DAIRY/FEEDLOT FARM, experience with livestock and machinery needed, references & drivers license required, Tabor, SD. Call 605-463-2345, leave message. 4-1-VM TULS DAIRIES IS HIRING! All positions available, competitive wages/ bonus potential, insurance, earned PTO. Clean, safe work environment on family-owned dairy farms. Contact: Jesus (402)-740-4483, Oscar (402)-366-4539 or Sam (260)-494-9232. 4-1B

Real Estate - FOR RENT

53 STALL DAIRY BARN w/other facilities

available, possible feed available, Silver Lake, MN. Call 320-779-0741. 4-2-VM

W.H. Lien Inc.

Steer Feeder

Call for competitive prices!

Spanier Welding and Metal Fabrication


LIVE DAIRY AUCTION: Sale starts at Noon. Lunch on Grounds. LOCATED: W10430 State Road 29, River Falls, Wisconsin. NOTE: After a lifetime of very successful farming, the Hupperts are retiring. A 3rd Generation Farm! The land has been leased to the neighbor. The Hupperts are excellent managers. You can buy with complete conÀdence! 75 – HOMEBRED HOLSTEINS – 75: 58 Hi-Grade Holstein Cows; 17 Hi-Grade Holstein Spring Heifers, some close up (bred to sexed semen). MILK FROM BEAUTIFUL UDDERS: Selling is one of the area’s Ànest homebred herds. Although no longer on test, the Huppert’s RHA was consistently well over 30,000# milk! Individuals up to 149#! 2x – No BGH. The herd is actually shipping to the creamery 87#. Production is maintained with very little protein. The cows are timed perfect, 23 are recently fresh and 6 are dry & springing. Closed herd, bred AI for 55 years. Genex Àner bulls are represented. UDDER QUALITY: SCC is excellent running in the 150,000 range. Individual SCC will be posted. The herd is on a complete herd health and vaccination program through the Engel Vet Clinic at Hammond. Cattle are let out daily for exercise. EXTREMELY YOUNG HERD: 36 Fancy uddered 2 and 3 year olds sell. THE RIGHT KIND! LOOKING FOR EXCELLENT REPLACEMENTS: Join us at the Huppert dispersal. CATTLE TERMS: No Buyer’s Fee. Cash or bankable check.


ON-LINE BIDDING ONLY: Sale ends on Tues., April 24 at 7:00 PM. OPEN HOUSE: View items at your convenience; or April 24 during the live dairy auction. NOTE: Shedded, Very Well Maintained, Many 1-owner. Machinery has been used on very small acreage. NICE JD TRACTORS: JD 4455 2WD Tractor, 95% rears, Loaded, 5800 hours, 2nd owner, V SHARP; JD 4250 MFWD Tractor, quad, 7300 hours, 2nd owner; JD 4240 2WD Tractor, 90% rears, 7600 hours, 2nd owner; JD 2955 MFWD Tractor; 18.4-38 Duals. SPRING EQUIPMENT: JD 7000 4RW Corn Planter; JD 8200 10’ Drill; JD 960 15’ Digger; JD 2800 4 Bottom Vari-Width Plow; Glencoe 9 Shank Chisel Plow; IH 350 12’ Disk; Lindsey 4 Section Drag. EX HAYING EQUIPMENT: JD 3955 Chopper, 1-owner; JD 3950 Chopper; (2) JD 7’ Green Hay Heads; (2) JD 2RW Green Corn Heads; (4) H&S 7+4 Twin Auger 16’ Self Unloading Boxes w/12 ton tandem RG (1 NEW); (2) H&S 860 Blowers; JD 1219 Haybine w/DWA merger; DWA Merger, NEW; H&S 7’ Hay Tedder, NEW; NH 166 Inverter, EX; (2) H&S Steel Bale Wagons. FARM MACHINERY: (3) J&M 350-20 Gravity Boxes w/Ext and HD 14 ton RG; Kilbros 375 Gravity Box w/Ext and HD 14 ton RG; Gravity Box w/Unverferth Hyd Fert Auger (Auger LIKE NEW); Flat Bed Wagon; Schultz Stalk Chopper w/windrow; JD 444 Low Tin Corn Head; JD 3 pt 4RW Cultivator. MISC FARM ITEMS: Wic Straw Chopper; WestÀeld 10” Lift Auger; (5) Dairy Bras; Some dairy items.


YOUNG FARMER LOOKING FOR DAIRY for sale/rent or join retiring farmer’s operation. Call 563-581-3186. 2-4-F

Maternity Pen


Sales & Service of New & Used Farm Machine ry

MACHINERY TERMS: 5% Buyer’s Fee. Cash or bankable check.

Real Estate - WANTED

1,000 PTO, Very good condition, Call for details - $38,000

N8974 Pole Grove Rd. • Hixton, WI

50-COW DAIRY LOOKING FOR KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON for farm work; must know equipment and cows. Call 715-662-5053. 23-TFN-F AGSOURCE IS SEEKING AN AGSOURCE SOLUTIONS REPRESENTATIVE in the western WI, MN area to conduct sales activities that will support the aggressive growth objectives of the cooperative, while providing value and improved prot potential to the customer. Prior sales experience necessary. If interested apply online to careers 4-2-B

2013 Used Kuhn Knight 8141

2014 Kuhn Knight 8124


BARRY HAGER & TIM PRUSAK, Reg WI Auctioneers #105 & 479

Feeder Wagon Paynesville, MN • 320-243-7552

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• Deep pedigrees • Sexed semen used • Famous cow families • Will split or sell as a group • 70+ tank avg.

GN Tandem Dual Flatbed Trailers Check Out Our Prices Before You Buy!

Low Pro

Torque Tube

Many sizes in stock

View recent classification scores and pictures on our website!

Stock, Horse, Dump, Cargo, Flatbed, Boots, Western Wear



Visit or

CALL 320-287-0233

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow. Give Classifieds a try.


Hay, Straw, Bedding & Feed - FOR SALE SE, SD 3X3X8 ALFALFA, stored inside, 150-206 RFV; certied organic alfalfa & orchard grass. Call 605-286-3873 or 605-9992010. 24-TFN-F 3X3X8 ROTARY WHEAT STRAW, stored inside, can deliver. Call CullBarr Farms 320-8080744. 14-TFN-F DRY SAWDUST for dairy barns. Delivered on walking oor trailers. For prices/availability call KRD Trucking. 320-864-2381. 3-12-P LOW POTASSIUM HIGH QUALITY DRY COW HAY, square or rounds available. Call 320216-5198. 18-TFN-F LARGE AMOUNT OF DAIRY QUALITY HAY; also 3x4x8 bales of straw, stored inside. Call Blair Hay Company 320-8158964. 21-TFN-B




‘10 New Holland BR 7070 Baler, 7800 Bales ......... $17,900 ‘15 New Holland RB460 Baler, 3700 Bales ............. $29,900 Call Us At (715) 223-3361 Or visit us on-line at N13835 County Rd. E - Curtiss, WI 54422


Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 10:30 a.m. Expecting 175 head COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL

22 Holstein cows, 4 Jersey cross cows. A good herd of tie stall cows with the majority being young cows with a lot of upside potential. AI bred for many years. Let out daily and just on home grown feed. Current herd avg is 55 lbs with a 185 scc.


26 Holstein tiestall cows. These are large frame, AI sired cows averaging 75 lbs milk and not being pushed. SCC averaging 155 and cows are let out daily.


6 very nice Holstein heifers, bred 6 to 8 months 1 Fancy Red & White cow. Just fresh and already at 81 lbs!! 4 Holstein heifers, 400 lbs. Ready for grass! Another load of top fresh cows & heifers from Cashton!


Thursday, April 26th, 2018 - 10:30 a.m.

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL 60 REG & GRADE HOLSTEINS Tom Wiker Mineral Point 608-574-2758

A very nice herd of Registered tiestall cows. Herd is averaging 75 lbs milk, 4.2F with 130 SCC. Individual records up to 32,000! Cows are scored up to 88 points, with several potential excellents! Top sires used including Dempsey, Uno, Gold Sun, Iota etc. 30 cows fresh last 90 days, also 6 dry cows. JWO NOTES & MARKET REPORT: We again had a successful special heifer sale with 309 head. Several lots of fancy green 5-600 lb Holsteins right at 1.00/lb on estimated weights. Jerseys to 1.50 or a little more. Plain hfrs mostly .80-.85/ lb. Overall it continues to be a buyers market. Many good young cows selling from 900 to 1300. Just really a lot of cows on the market right now. People keep asking when we’re putting in a scale & doing feeder cattle sales, guess we need to think that through. So far nobody offered to finance a scale! As always, don’t hesitate to call if you want market advice or free on farm appraisals. Think Spring!! Sale Location: W1461 State Hwy 98, Loyal, WI 54446 - HEATED ARENA From Spencer, WI take hwy 98 west 5 miles. From Loyal, 5 miles east on 98

SALE CONDUCTED BY: Oberholtzer Dairy Cattle & Auction Co. Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer, WI license #2802-052 John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897 • Mark Oberholtzer 715-773-2240 John Ivan Oberholtzer 715-219-2781 • Office 715-255-9600

3X3 & 3X4 DAIRY & BEEF ALFALFA HAY, and wheat straw bales, delivered in semi-loads. Call Tom, Pribyl Hay, Thief River Falls, MN. Call 218686-1379. 2-TFN-B

WESTERN DAIRY QUALITY ALFALFA & baleage & straw at reasonable prices. Call 605-9991118. 19-TFN-B STRAW, NET WRAPPED ROUND BALES & BIG SQUARES, clean, dry, stored inside, delivery available. Call 320-8088336. 15-TFN-F 3X3X8 BIG SQUARE BALES OF HAY, alfalfagrass $56/bale, alfalfa $59/ bale. Call 218-639-1110. 3-TFN-F OPEN POLLINATED SEED CORN, out produces hybrids for silage, $67/ bu. plus shipping, leafy, sweet stalks, highly nutritious grain. Call 217-8573377. 4-4-VM ALFALFA, MIXED HAY, GRASS HAY & FEED GRADE WHEAT STRAW, med. square or round bales, delivery available. Thief River Falls, MN. Call or text LeRoy Ose 218-689-6675. 18-12P

TOP QUALITY HAY, dairy and heifer, delivered by the semi-load from SD. Call Jerry Haensel, 605363-3402 or 605-321-9237 (c). 15-TFN-B SAWDUST AND WOOD SHAVINGS FOR ANIMAL BEDDING. Moisture content is green and species are aspen, hybrid poplar, or pine. First load free! Call or email for delivered price from Browerville, MN. Sales@ 218631-6493 17-TFN-B SAWDUST AVAILABLE, screened hardwood, moisture is green, works great for beef, low cost! Delivered in walking oor trailers. Dry material also available. Call Pine Products Inc. 952-4425988. 3-6-B HAY & HAYLAGE, dry cow to dairy quality. Call 218-587-4672. 22-TFN-F 100 BIG SQUARES 3X3X7 ALFALFA, 2nd & 3rd crop, no rain, tested, $30/bale. Call 320-2939308. 4-1-F

Miscellaneous - WANTED LOOKING TO BUY USED SLURRYSTORES. Call 717-4639731. 19-11-B STATIONARY TMR VERTICAL MIXER, 285-350 cu. ft. Call 507380-1235. 1-TFN-F JD 7000 6 OR 8 ROW PLANTER & 6620 or 7720 combine. Call 320760-6050. 22-TFN-F 4X6 COW MATS; also head locks. Call 320-2930845. 4-1-F USED HANSON SILO UNLOADER. Call 1-800433-0581, outside MN call 320-859-5340. 16-TFN-B

SPRINKLER SYSTEM for a feed alley. Call 320808-7983. 4-2-F FREUDENTHAL CS-60 TIESTALLS & matresses; also exterior feed bins. Levi Beiler, 3823 Breezy Hill Rd., Fennimore, WI 53809. 15-TFN-F NEWER LAWN MOWER, zero-turn, 72” cut, gull dozer, 10’ blade. Call 715-607-1417. 4-1-F USED PRECAST BUNKER WALLS. Call 320444-1203. 4-3-F RECTANGULAR CALF HUTS. Call Steve 320279-2884. 4-3-F

OLD HEATING FUEL AND DIESEL, I can pump from basement. Call 320-424-2005. 5-TFN-F REGISTERED SAINT BERNARD ADULT DOG. Call 320-254-8400. 3-TFN-F SPRING TEETH for IHC C cultivator; wheel hub for IHC 56 corn planter, right side. Call 715-822-2678. 14-TFN-F USED ALUM. GN 14’16’ STOCK TRAILER; for sale: 720 IH 4-18 plow, 3 pt., $2,000/obo. Call 320-392-5141. 4-1-F IH 350 DSL TRACTOR, exc. cond., $5,200. Call 320-808-8130. 4-1-F

MACHINERY AUCTION HENNESSEY IMPLEMENT, INC. 1414 State Road 23, Dodgeville, Wisconsin PH: 608-935-3326 • Fax: 608-935-5342

THURS. APRIL 19TH • 8:00 A.M. For a complete listing and photos visit our website at:




June 21 • Aug. 16 • Oct.18 • Dec.20


Friday, April 20, 2018 • 2:30 p.m. • Barneveld, WI 605 acre farm, set up for milking. Check our website for pictures and auction details.

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 27

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE NH BR780A BALER; Kuhn Knight 8118 spdr, all items stored inside. Call 218-782-2950. 4-2-F ‘67-ISH JD 4020 w/cab, WF, needs battery, less than 50 hrs after $6,000 OH, runs great, Blooming Prairie, MN. Call 651-3809546. 4-2-F PATZ V270 VERT. TMR, many extras; also Winco 45,000 kw pto generator. Call or text 612-221-5041. 24-6-F PATZ TUNDRA PUMP; also 10’ prop agitator. Can text pictures. Call 563964-2039. 4-3-F GEHL 1275 CHOPPER, 2R corn, 7’ hay, KP, metal alert, knives 90%, $7,500; newer 3R, low use, $3,500. Call 641-220-3441. 4-1-F

JD 785 MANURE SPREADER, top beater, big tires, exc. cond., $8,000/obo. Call 612-2824065. 4-2-F ‘03 JD 7520 w/741SL ldr., MFWD, IVT, TLS, 3 hyd., LHR, cab susp., command arm, deluxe cab, loaded, 480/80R42 rear, 380/85R30 front, 2454 hrs., $74,900. Call 320290-3143. 4-2-VM (2) BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES, VG farm dogs, $50 ea., had shots. Samuel Borntreger, 1204 Marks Hill Rd., Northwood, IA 50459. 4-1-F 200 FREESTALL LOOPS, 2 styles, $20 ea. Call 651-380-2861. 4-1-F ANDERSON 660 BALE WRAPPER, 3 yrs. old, exc. cond., $20,000. Call 218-234-1789. 4-1-F

• Cleaning Drain Tiles, Manure Systems, Sewers, Frozen Lines • Reasonably Priced • 24 hour Service CALL FOR PRICING

Noah VanBeck 320-241-3087 (Cell)

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WOODCHUCK 80HTL SAWDUST BEDDING SHOOTER, $4,500/obo. Call 712-310-8224. 4-3-F HESSTON 1365 DISCBINE, $11,000. Call 320-815-6775. 4-1-F LATE MODEL MUELLER MILK TANKS, 1600, 2000, 2700, 3000 & 4000 gal. capacities. Call 920-397-0448. 1-TFN-B

15 yrs experience Looking to expand!

Hundreds of pieces of farm equipment on hand including snowblowers and tillage equipment! Check out pictures & complete inventory at

• Set up for pumping long distances • Tanks & Hose System Available • No till & chisel applicators available.

Call 563-920-1273


2 Miles North of Millerville

:30 Note: 9 Please Time, Please g Star tin on Prompt Plan dance At ten

rm Family Faears Y for 72

– HUGE, STAPLES, MN AREA – Dairy Cattle, Farm Equipment, Dispersal & Retirement

The following will be sold at auction located 1.5 miles west of Staples, MN on US Highway #10, then 1¼ mile north on County Road #55 (255th Ave.) to Farm #10544. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.


BIDDING: Sale starts to end on Wed., April 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

INSPECTION: Inspect items at your convenience. Loading available.

LOCATED: W10169 620th Ave., River Falls, Wisconsin 10 – TRACTORS & LOADERS – 10: JD 4640 Tractor, ps; JD 4520 Tractor; JD 4320 Tractor, wheatland; JD 4320 Tractor; JD 4020 D Tractor; JD 730 D Tractor; IH 656 Gas Tractor, wf; JD B Tractor; IH H Tractor; AC CA Tractor w/belly mower; JD 48 Loader; Farmhand 358 Loader; Duall Loader. PLANTING & TILLAGE EQUIPMENT: JD 7200 6RN Planter, df, conservation frame; JD 1250 6RN Planter, df; JD 7200 4R Planter, df; Melroe 244 12’ Grain Drill; Glencoe 2200 12’ 6” Soil Finisher; Kewaunee 10’ Chisel Plow; Kewaunee 180 9 Shank Disk Chisel; Kewaunee 1010 18’ Disk; White 271 24’ Rock Flex Disk; Kewaunee 14’ Rock Flex Disk; IH 45 Vibra Shank 30’ Field Cultivator; White 598 5-Bottom Adjustable Plow, ARS; IH 710 5-Bottom Plow, ARS; Kewaunee 10’ Cultimulcher; Kewaunee 380 26’ Digger; Wilrich 2500 13’ Digger; Brillion 1445 12’ Stalk Chopper; Artsway 180 B 15’ Stalk Chopper. HAYING EQUIPMENT: JD 530 Round Baler; NH 492 Haybine; Owatonna 217 Haybine; JD 3950 Chopper; JD 5’ Hay Head; H&S Loadmaster XL 14’ Forage Wagon; Gehl 1540 Blower; IH 56 Blower; H&S 8’ Hay Tedder; IH 10 Flail Chopper; Vermeer 6 Bale Wagon; Hesston 6 Bale Wagon. FARM MACHINERY: 1998 Polaris Big Boss 500 6x6 ATV; Bradford 165 Bu Gravity Wagon; Minnesota 250 Gravity Wagon; Walsh Flare Wagon; NuBuilt Flare Wagon; Dakon 300 Bu Center Dump Wagon; H&S 3300 Manure Spreader; Lorenz 100 Hyd Feedmill; Artsway Silamax 800A Feed Wagon; Better Built 600 Liquid Tank w/pump; Southeast 8’ Back Blade; Woods Batwing Mower; JD 55K Generator. PAYLOADER & FEEDING EQUIPMENT: JD 444 Payloader; Supreme 900T Twin Screw TMR; NDE Skid Steer Silage Conveyor Bucket; Edge Skid Steer Silage Defacer.


RIVER FALLS, WISCONSIN 715-410-6455 FIND US ON THE INTERNET: TERMS: 5% Buyer’s Fee. Cash or good check.

SALE CONDUCTED BY: HAGER AUCTION SERVICE • 715-273-4638 BARRY HAGER, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #105 TIM PRUSAK, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #479

NOTE: The Mertens family has farmed on this farm since 1946 making Creig and Nick the second and third generation to operate this farm. Nick has decided to discontinue his portion of the farming operation and Creig has decided to begin his transition into retirement so items belonging to both Nick and Creig will be included on this auction. Please note that we will begin with just a few miscellaneous items, followed immediately by farm machinery, tractors, dairy equipment and livestock. Please plan on prompt attendance as we will be on major items soon after beginning of auction. Online bidding available on major items through Proxibid. For online bidding information, please phone (877) 505-7770. Cattle will sell under cover. Please note the 9:30 a.m. start time, mark your calendars and make plans now to attend this large dairy cattle and farm equipment auction event. Thank you! Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Thursday, April 19th.

206 Head of Good High Grade Holstein Cattle 206 NOTE: This is a good herd of young, well uddered, farm fresh Holstein cattle. Cows are milking 55 to 60 pounds average per day, very good 4.2% fat and 3.15 protein. Cows are milked in a tie-stall facility. 30 head are in their first and second lactations. Cows were switched up until July of 2017 so could transition to a parlor system more easily than some. Cows are fed an average ration with a great potential for increased production. 20 head fresh past 90 days, 18 due next 90 days, balance fresh, bred back and in full production. Artificial breeding along with top registered herd sires from leading area herds including the Pollema and Melarry herds. Along with several good young cows, we offer a very nice group of bred, open and heifer calves with several just right for summer pasture. Cattle will sell under cover, trucking available. Complete breeding and freshening information available sale day.

Open Heifers

Includes: (91) Young, Well Uddered Holstein Cows, (48) are 1st and 2nd Lactation, (20) Recently Fresh, with Another (18) Due Next 90 Days

Bred Heifers (35) Bred Heifers in Service to Registered Holstein Bulls, Due from Sale Time On

(33) Nice Holstein Heifers, 10 to 15 Months Old (32) Holstein Heifers, Babies to 10 Months Old More Heifer Calves by Sale Date

Holstein Steers (15) Holstein Steers, from Babies to 6 Months Old

Dairy Equipment, Barn Cleaners & Livestock Equipment Tank #1: Mueller 1000 Gallon Bulk Tank, Auto Wash, Twin Fan Compressor, Ser. #81029 Tank #2: Mueller 1000 Gallon Bulk Tank, Auto Wash, Twin Fan Compressor, Ser. #68673 (8) Delaval Milk Master Automatic Take-Offs Delaval 30 Plate, Plate Cooler Delaval Oil-Less Lobe Vacuum Pump, 7.5 H.P. Motor, Vac Tank, Ser. #5373400 Agri-Val Super 530 Hydrostatic Feed Cart, Dual Side Discharge, 5 H.P. Honda Gas Engine Wic Bedding Chopper with 13 H.P. Honda Gas Engine Verns 2 Ton Double Side Creep Feeder on Transport (2) 8 x16 Ft. Portable Open Sided Livestock Sheds on Skids Hoof Trimming Chute with New 3 H.P. Electric Motor

(2) Patz Counter-Clockwise 16 Inch Barn Cleaners with Approx. 260 Ft. of Chain Each, Heads and Motors Hanson 20-Ft. Ring Drive Silo Unloader, 7.5 H.P. Motor, Cable, Winch, New in 2012 Knight 2170 Stationary TMR Mixer, Scale, No Motor J-Star 10-Ft. Feed Elevator with 220 Volt Motor 12-Inch Rollermill with 220 Volt Motor Poly Dome Calf Warmer, (Needs Heater) (3) 6-Ft. Wall Fans, (One is New), 3 H.P. 220 Volt Motors with 3 Phase Converters 30-Inch X 20-Ft. Poly Feed Conveyor with 110 or 220 Volt 2 H.P. Motor (8) Calf Tel Style Huts (12) Poly Square Calf Huts with Bucket and Bottle Holders Delaval Automatic Cattle Rub-Brush with 220 Volt Electric Motor, 4 Yrs. Old 24-Ft. Stenberg Tri-Cycle Front Belt Bottom Hay & Silage Bunk Feeder Wagon

Skid Loaders & Attachments

Combine & Heads

Melroe Model S650 Diesel Bobcat Skid Loader, Purchased New in June of 2014, One Owner, Power Bob-Tach, Auxiliary Hyd. Outlets, 2-Speed, Air Seat, Air Condition, Heat, Pressurized Cab, Hand Pilot Joy Stick Controls, Radio, Sells with Notch 6-Ft. Low Profile Bucket, Bolt on Cutting Edge, Shows 4722 Hours, New Rubber by Sale, Ser. #ALJ811904 Edge Heavy-Duty 8-Ft. (59.3 Cu. Ft.) Utility Bucket, Vented Top Notch 6-Ft. Manure Bucket with Double Hydraulic Grapple 6-Ft. Rock Bucket Set of 48 Inch Pallet Forks New Holland Model L175 Diesel Skid Loader, Shows 5925 Hours, (Needs Engine Work)

1989 John Deere Model 9600 Combine, Straw Chopper, Spreader, Good 18.4x38 Inch Rubber, Duals, Hopper Extension, Belt Driven Blower on Feeder House, Shows 5400 Engine and 3595 Separator Hours, Ser. #H09600X636933 John Deere Model 843 8-Row 30 Inch Corn Head, New Chains Fall of 2017 John Deere Model 920 (20-Ft.) Bean Head, Plastic Finger Reel, New Sickle

Hay (70) 4x5 Round Bales of 3rd Crop Alfalfa Roto Cut Balage, 148 RFV, 19.67 Protein, 33% Moisture

Nick Mertens, Owner Ph. (218) 296-0314

10544 255th AVE., STAPLES, MN

J & B Lunch Wagon

General Farm Machinery


Hydra Ram by Pik-Rite Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle Hydra Push Manure Spreader, Hydraulic Endgate, 22.5 Rubber, Upper Beater, 1000 RPM, Approx. 515 Bushel, One Owner, Ser. #71008017 (2) Dakon 280 Bushel Gravity Boxes, Metal Extensions, Access Ladders, Light Kits, on IH Model 335 HD Four-Wheel Wagons 20 Inch Rubber, Extension Poles Balzer Model 2000 20-Ft. Stalk Chopper, 4 Carrier Wheels West Field 10 Inch X 60 Ft. Swing Hopper Auger, Hydraulic Lift Gehl Model 125 Grinder Mixer, Magnet, 2 Screens, Long Auger

Patz 2400 Series II 950 XH Vortex Twin Screw 2-Speed Trailer Type TMR Mixer, Hardened Welding on Screws, Magnet, Right Hand Discharge, Full Set of Knives, Digital Electric Scale, Tandem Dual Wheels, Purchased New in 2016, Ser. #V24X950T-2002-JY Patz V 620 Twin Screw Trailer Type TMR for Parts or Salvage

Bale Wrapper, Bale Processor & Haying Equipment Vermeer PDE; BPX 9000 Pull-Type Bale Processor, Right Hand Discharge, Light Kit, Rear Bale Carrier and Loader, Hydraulic Windrow Control, Purchased New in 2012, Ser. #1VRA201R9D1002051 Vermeer WR X 16 16-Wheel V Rake on Hydraulic Transport, Purchased New in 2010, Ser. #1VR3342M363000111 Anderson Hybrid Square or Round Bale Wrapper, New Honda GPX 390 Gas Engine, Electric Start, Will Wrap up to 6-Ft. Diameter Round Bale, Purchased New in 2011. Ser. #33-11-067 18-Ft. Wooden Bed Hay Trailer with Harms 10 Ton Four-Wheel Wagon, Ext. Pole 18-Ft. Wooden Bed Hay Trailer with Minnesota 10 Ton Four-Wheel Wagon, Ext. Pole John Deere 336 Square Baler with #30 Ejector, (Knotters Need Work)

Self-Propelled Forage Harvester, Boxes & Forage Equipment 2002 Claas Model 890 Jaguar Self-Propelled Forage Harvester, TwoWheel Drive, Kernel Processor, Preservative Applicator, Spout Extension, Air, Heat, Mercedes Diesel Engine, New 800-65R Drivers, Auto Lube, Spout Camera, Shows 7418 Engine and 5800 Cutting Head Hours, Ser. #49200160 Claas RU600 8 Row 30 Inch Rotary Corn Head, Ser. #66101306 Lindquist Adapter Plate for Earlage, fits Claas to John Deere Gehl 970 16-Ft. Forage Box on Harms HD Tandem Wagon, Flotation Tires, (Roof has been removed) Balzer 10 Ft. X 16 Ft. Silage Accumulator with Deck Extension, on Transport Walker 9x16 Ft. Bale Throw Rack on Kasten 8 Ton HD 4-Wheel Wagon, Ext. Pole New Holland 28 Forage Blower

End Dump, Stock & Hay Trailers 1974 Heil 24-Ft. Tri Axle End Dump, No Rims or Tires on Front Axle, Titled Kiefer Built 6.5 Ft. X 18 Ft. 5th Wheel Tandem Axle Stock Trailer, 6000 lb. Axles, Good Rubber, Center Gate, Updated Lights, Titled 40-Ft. Step Deck Semi Trailer, No Title, Hay Hauler 18-Ft. Bale Hauler with Semi Axles and Tractor Hitch, (Nick hooked 40 ft. step deck trailer to this unit that is equipped with 5th Wheel Hitch)

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979) LIC. NO. 77-18

SALE TIME: 9:30 A.M.

Tractors & Blade

AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60



Tractors, Trucks, Hay & Much More

Dair y C a Live ttle, Equipm stock en Machint, Farm ery

1992 Case IH Model 9270 Four-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, 12-Speed Power Shift, Very Good Agri-Trac 18.4 x 38 Inch Drivers and Matching Duals with Firestone 18.4 x 38 Inch Band Triples, 4 Hydraulic Remotes, Cummins Big Cam 300 Plus Horse Power Diesel Engine, Shows 9531 Hours, Ser. #JCB0028656, Engine #3033356, (Good Runner) AD Add On Hydraulic Small 1000 PTO that was used on 9270 will sell separately Grouser 14-Ft. Push Blade



Huge D Farm Auouble ction

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Planting & Tillage Equipment John Deere 7000 8-Row 30" Corn Planter, Precision Planter Units, Dry Fertilizer, Cross Auger, Vanguard 2600 Monitor John Deere Model 9350 16-Ft. Press Drill, 7 Inch Spacings IH Model 800 12x18 Inch Automatic Re-Set on Land Plow, Swivel Hitch

Irrigation Equipment & Misc. Items Gorman-Rupp 6 Inch PTO Irrigation Pump, 600 Gallons per Minute, 120 lb. Pressure at 1600 RPM Big Boss Water Driven Traveling Gun 1/8 Mile 6 Inch Hose (2) Hard Couplers Water Gun 1000 Gallon Fuel Barrel with 110 Volt 15 Gal. per Minute Electric Meter Pump

NOTE: The following equipment belonging to Creig Mertens will sell in conjunction with Nick’s items.

Semi Tractor & Truck 1993 White-GMC Semi Tractor, Day Cab, 855 Cummins Diesel, 13 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission, 2 Line Wet Kit, Twin Screw, Shows 512,381 Miles, Titled 1971 GMC 2 Ton Single Axle Truck, 5500 V6 Gas, 4-Speed, 15-Ft. Steel Box and Hoist, Silage and Grain End Gate

Irrigation Equipment Hydro Traveler Traveling Gun, Gas Engine Driven, 1/8 Mile Hose with One Hard Coupler and Water Gun (80) 6 Inch X 30 Ft. Irrigation Pipes (25) Assorted 6 Inch Irrigation Pipes

Livestock Equipment 2.5 Ton +/- Portable Creep Feeder with Tip Down Creep Sides (24) 4 Ft. X 8 Ft. Cement Slats for Calves or Hogs

Hay & Forage Equipment Gehl Model 1275 Forage Harvester, Kernel Processor, Auto Max, 4 New Knives, Metal Stop Walking Tandems, 3 Row TR 330 Corn Head and Hay Head New Holland Model 770 Forage Harvester, 824 2-Row Corn Head (2) Gehl 970 16-Ft. Forage Boxes on 10 Ton Tandem Wagons, Ext. Poles, (Roofs have been removed) Gehl Model 2412 12-Ft. Hydra Swing Disc Style Mower Conditioner, Newer PTO, (Rollers have been removed) John Deere 24T Square Baler and Chute John Deere 510 Round Baler New Holland 258 Parallel Bar Rake New Idea Parallel Bar Rake 24-Ft. Bale Elevator on Transport with Hydraulic Orbit Motor Drive

General Farm Machinery New Idea Model 325 Two-Row 30 Inch Corn Picker, 8 Roll Husking Bed Brady 16-Ft. Stalk Chopper Notch 10 Ton Tandem Axle Wagon, (Needs Tie Rod Work) New Idea 50-Ft. Crop Elevator 1000 Gallon Anhydrous Tank or High Clearance Wagon Some Machinery for Parts or Salvage

Tractors & Farm Machinery 1978 IH Model 1486 Diesel Tractor, Cab, Front Weights, 20.8 x 38 Inch Rubber, Hub Duals, Dual Hydraulic, 3-Point, 540/1000 PTO, Approx. 1500 Hours on Overhaul, Updated TA, Ser. #2650141U17065 Allis Chalmers Model 7000 Diesel Tractor, Cab, 4 Gear 3 Range Power Shift, Good 18.4 x 38 Inch Tires, Band Duals, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 540/1000 PTO, Approx. 10,000 Hours Allis Chalmers Model 7010 Diesel Tractor, Cab, Heat, Good 18.4 x 38 Inch Tires, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, Shows 8700 Hours Case Model 1070 Diesel Tractor, 451 Cubic Inch Diesel Engine, M&W Turbo, 18.4 x 38 Inch Rubber, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 540 & 1000 PTO, Rock Box, 4 Gear 3 Range Power Shift, (Unknown Hours) Minneapolis Moline Model U, Narrow Front, PTO, Decent Metal, (Runs Good)

Planting & Tillage Equipment Hutch Master 10-Ft. Rolling Plow HeavyDuty Off-Set Disc, Cut Away Front Blades, Dual Wheels White Model 271 22-Ft. Hyd. Fold Cushion Gang Disc, Dual Wheels Kent Disc-O-Vator Series V 18-Ft. 6 Inch Soil Finisher, Spike Tooth Harrow, Hydraulic Fold, Dual Wheels IH 710 5x18 Inch Trip Beam Semi-Mount Plow Wilrich Model 2500 44-Ft. Double Fold Field Cultivator, 3 Bar Coil Tooth Harrow, Walking Tandems on Main Frame and Wings Case IH Model 183 12-Row 30 Inch Flat Fold 3-Point Vibra Shank Style Cultivator with Rolling Shields IH 153 4-Row 30 Inch 3-Point Cultivator Noble 4-Row 30 Inch 3-Point Cultivator 9 Shank Anhydrous Applicator, (Needs Work)

Creig Mertens, Owner Phone (218) 296-0926

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

Page 28 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018

HEALMAX Footbath Concentrate



GET COWS BACK ON TRACK THIS SPRING! Winter Wi nter nt ter ccan an be be tough tough toug h on h hooves. oove oo ves. s. Between the frigid temperatures and frozen footbaths, we are ALL looking forward to Spring! The warmer temperatures will allow you to run your footbath more consistently and get your DD under control! Now is a great time to try fast-acting HEALMAX® Footbath Concentrate. You could start seeing results in as little as one week.

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Miscellaneous - FOR SALE WHATCOM BEDDING BOX, great cond., fresh paint, model 650s, delivery avail., $8,900. Call Lee 701-340-5968. 24-6-F-1st KATOLIGHT 18KW GENERATOR; also 7.5 hp motor. Call 320-8454690. 4-1-F 30’ PORTABLE PTO GRAIN AUGER, like new; Also Black Angus Steer calf, no shots or antibiotics Call 320-250-4600. 2-TFN-F 3,000 GAL. MUELLER BULK TANK, complete, (2) 5 hp compressors & tank washer, ser. #71249. Call 507-450-6115. 4-2-F ‘11 DARIKOOL 6,000 GAL. BULK TANK w/ (2) 5 hp single phase compressors, $45,000. Call 507-312-0609. 4-1-F

Stratford, WI


Tulare, CA

Amarillo, TX

Saratoga Springs, NY

Ontario, Canada

518.226.4850 •

All D Hous airy Equip eh m Stay old Appl ent & with iance Prop s erty

Farm e +/- with r c A 80 ion Greatlls at AuctPremium e s S uyer’ No B ttle, ry, y Ca Dair Machine k FarmLivestocent m p Equi

Grea t Pier Location zS Distr chool ict

As we have decided to discontinue farming, we will offer the following active dairy farm, cattle and equipment at auction located: from Hartmann’s Store in Pierz, MN, 1 mile west, 1 mile north and 3 miles west on County Road #43, then ½ mile north on 225th Ave., then ¼ mile east on 168th St. to farm; or being 6 miles east of Little Falls, MN on MN State Highway #27, then 2 miles north on County Road #45 (Jewel Road), then 1 mile east on County #43 (Hawthorn Rd.), then ½ mile north on 225th Ave. then ¼ mile east on 168th St. to farm. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 2018 Good 80 Acre +/DAIRY FARM

NOTE: The Gross’ have farmed on this farm since 1994 and now have decided to discontinue their farming operation. Please note that the real estate will sell first at 11:00 a.m., followed by livestock equipment, farm machinery, then dairy cattle selling under cover. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected by the Gross family to conduct their real estate and personal property auction. Prior inspection of cattle and personal property welcome by appointment with inspection times for real estate listed elsewhere on this brochure. If you are looking for additional farm land along with an active dairy operation, please take the time to take part in one of the scheduled real estate inspection dates and make preparations to own this good farm in a great area of Morrison County. Thank you!

Sells at Auction First at 11:00 A.M. On Site NOTE: This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a very good working dairy farm with a nice home, dairy barn with all milking equipment, Harvestore and cement silos and miscellaneous support buildings. The property features a nicely remodeled 3 bedroom home, large kitchen area with oak cabinets, full main floor bath, nice large entry room containing the main floor laundry. Appliances include: refrigerator freezer, electric range, dishwasher, washer & dryer. Gas forced air heating system. Tie stall dairy barn for 76 cows, 800 gallon bulk tank, units, vacuum pump, barn cleaner with barn-to-pit pump. 20x60 Harvestore with bottom unload Goliath unloader, 16 x 50 and 14x45 cement silos with unloaders, open sided livestock shelter, shop with attached living quarters for employees, etc. Approx. 2,000 bushel grain bin. All situated on 80 acres +/- with approximately 45 to 50 acres farmable, balance excellent hunting or recreational land. River runs through part of this property. Property contains 3 conservation easements. Pierz, MN School District. Great location within easy driving distance of several good sized Central MN communities. This property offers a very nice secluded setting along with a nice combination of farm land, recreational land and operational dairy set up. If you have been considering property in this highly sought after area, we strongly urge you to attend one of the real estate inspection dates and make plans to enjoy this unique property. Property ID #05.0260.000. All Located in Sect 30, TWP 041, Range 030, Buh Township, Morrison County, MN. Terms: All potential buyers must have in their possession on auction day a nonrefundable cashier’s check made to themselves in the amount of $25,000.00 to be used as earnest monies with the balance due in full in approximately 40 days pending completion of necessary paperwork. Possession as follows: Out-buildings possession after closing (approximately 40 days), possession of house approximately 60 days allowing the Gross’ to relocate to new home. Due to the timing of this auction, sellers may allow access to crop land prior to closing to allow spring tillage and planting with the following conditions: If the buyers are unable to close on this property, buyer will forfeit non-refundable earnest monies as well as any and all crop input costs. Buyers will sign a Hold Harmless Agreement and provide sellers with lien waivers or documentation proving payment or non-encumberance of crop input costs. This will be a cash sale with no contingencies offered, expressed or implied. All buyers shall be asked to enter into an As-Is Purchase Agreement with all aspects of this property selling as is, including but not limited to: known or unknown septic systems, wells, refuse or debris, building sizes or condition, acreage or land conditions. Potential buyers should inspect this property carefully prior to bidding and review all local, county, state and federal regulations regarding the use of this property to ensure it meets their requirements for future use and enjoyment. All addendums made auction day will supersede any and all previously written or oral information. If you wish to review purchase agreements or have further questions, please contact our broker Steve Hansen at Remax Results at (320) 241-0905. Please review all terms and conditions of this auction prior to bidding, including requirement of cashier’s check on auction day. Thank you!

Real Estate Inspection Dates:


98 Head of Good 98

High Grade Holstein Cattle NOTE: This is a good herd of young, high producing Holstein cattle. Several cows are in their first and second lactations with many recently fresh or due soon after sale time. Current herd average is approximately 19,500 pounds milk, 4.0% fat and 3.4% protein. SCC averages 180,000. Cows milked in tie-stall facility. This herd is being fed an average ration with great potential for increased production. In years past, the herd average was over 24,000 pounds per year. This herd has been exclusively artificially bred for over 40 years using leading sires including Mogul, Patrone, Morgan and McCutcheon, among others. The Mogul son Throne 1H11065 was sent to AI from this herd in past years. The genetics and milking ability are prevalent throughout this herd. Good herd health program with hooves trimmed regularly. If you are in need of good farm fresh herd replacements, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans to be a part of this complete herd dispersal. A catalog with production and breeding information will be available approximately 1 week prior to auction. View online at or phone (320) 760-2979.

(62) Holstein Cows, (2) Holstein Cross and (1) Jersey Cow. Approx. 40 are in their First and Second Lactations, 30 Fresh past 90 Days with Approx. 20 Due soon after Sale Time.

Open Heifers & Calves All of the Following are AI Sired: (10) Holstein Heifers, 6 to 10 Months Old (10) Heifer Calves, 1 to 6 Months Old (5) Cross-Bred Heifers and Bull Calves, 1 to 5 Months Old More Calves by Sale Date

Phone (320) 630-3996 / 22750 168th Street, Pierz, MN

AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

1971 John Deere Model 4020 Diesel Tractor, Wide Front, 3-Point, Side Console, Synchro Transmission, 38 Inch Rubber, Differential Lock, Older Cab, Ser. #T213R-255436

WHITE 6100 6R, DRY FERT; also IH 1066. Call 320-554-3111. 4-2-F 10 HP SUTORBUILT VACUUM PUMP, very good cond. Call 218-8413833. 4-4-F DAIRYMASTER MOO MONITOR HEAT DETECTION SYSTEM, 250 collars, 2 base stations, will sell any quantity. Call 605-881-0992. 24-TFN-F DION 1660 BLOWER; 24’ Glencoe eld cult. Call 641-985-2544. 4-1-F

LANDOLL 24’ DISC, $2,500. Call 218-5733172. 14-TFN-F

300 GAL. BULK TANK, 3” pipeline and stainless jar; 50 Boumatic claws, 15 pulsators & board; 24 tiestalls, B/O. Call 701-4089005. 4-TFN-F

BULK BIN, 30 ton, heavy wall, 6 leg 12x26’, brand new, unassembled, $7,400. Call 715-229-2407. 4-1-F

PATZ 16’ CW 16” BARN CLEANER CHUTE, very nice, 5 yrs. old. Call 612-709-4371. 4-1-F

‘08 35 TON SEMI TRAILER, beaver tail & ramps, 51’ total length. Call 320-760-6942. 12-TFN-F

‘09 JD 1760 PLANTER, liq. fert., perfect cond. Call 218-639-2063. 4-1-F

‘09 PJ 20+5 FLATBED TRAILER, 3 ramps, 7K axles, 4250/obo. Call 320200-8498. 4-1-F

300 GAL. CROP SPRAYER, 35’ adjustable boom, adjustable trailer, new roller pump, $450. Call 320630-7559. 3-TFN-F

SILO LADDER w/cage; silo winch w/cable; 6 ton feed bin, complete, 40 tail holders. Call 715-2571474. 4-2-F

‘06 MUELLER 2000 GAL. BULK TANK w/ wash ctrls, temp chart & 2 compressors. Call 507828-3017. 4-1-F

JD 1750, 8R PLANTER, liq. fert., row cleaners & precision meters, exc. cond. Call 320-290-1378. 4-1-F

HALF BLUE HEELER/ HALF RED HEELER PUPS, $200 ea. Call 701388-2360. 2-4-F

H&S 7+4 16’ CHOPPER BOX, tandem axle, good cond., always shedded, $5,500. Call 651-3802364. 23-6-F

WEAVERLINE 430 FEED CART, only 620 hrs.; also 11’ Kvernland disc miller, always shedded, $2,650. Call 715-2060491. 4-3-F

JD 4240 w/ 9100 hrs., quad range, exc. cond., $22,900; 17 ton bulk bin, $2,500. Call 815-291-4455. 4-3-F

JD 4440, power shift, 8,000 hrs., 20.8x38 w/ duals, nice, $26,000/obo. Call 715-507-1991. 4-2-F

We BUY, SELL, TRADE used dairy equipment and milk tanks

John Deere Model 7775 Diesel Skid Loader, Utility Bucket, 6 Tine Bucket, Newer Computer System

TMR, Stock Trailer & General Farm Machinery


Milking machine equipment, bulk milk tanks and cooling equipment. Give us a call, we will be glad to help you with any of your milking machine or bulk tank needs.

We also BUY your used equipment and milk tanks.

Knight Model 3036 Reel-Augie Trailer Type TMR Mixer, Scale, Hay Max Kit


Mark & Jeannie Gross, Owners


Tractor, & Skid Loader

Check website at for additional photos.

(7) AI Sired and AI Bred Heifers Due from Sale Time On

Thursday, April 12th, 1 to 2 p.m.; Saturday, April 14th, 1 to 2 p.m.; Tuesday, April 17th, 2 to 3 p.m.; or by Appointment if Needed. Taxes: Property taxes due and payable in the year 2018 will be prorated to time of closing. Property taxes due and payable in the year 2019 and beyond are the responsibility of the buyers. (Taxes due in 2017 after credits approx. $1081.00.)

Very Secluded Setting, Just ½ Mile from Good Black Top Roads

Bred Heifers

NOTE: This property sells with no Buyer’s Premium and sells with owner’s confirmation.

SALE TIME: 11:00 A.M. J & B Lunch Wagon

‘09 NH H7230 DISC MOWER COND., 540 pto, standard tongue, 10’4” cut, rubber rollers, hyd. tilt/swing, $12,500. Call 507-326-7781. 1-TFN-F

New Holland Model 790 Tandem Axle Manure Spreader, Hydraulic End Gate 6 x 16 Ft. Tandem Axle Pull-Type Stock Trailer Older Crop Elevator New Holland Forage Blower


424 Third Street, Fullerton, NE 68638 • 800-844-5427


Livestock Equipment (12) Poly Dome Calf Huts with Pails and Bottle Holders (3) Calf Tel Style Calf Huts (2) Round Bale Feeders

Household Items There will be a few Miscellaneous Household Items, including miscellaneous Chairs and Other Furniture

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC. Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience


CalfStart Robert Schell DVM

Can be used for the Perfect Udder bags or bottles

Consulting, Equipment, and Monitoring of On-farm 507-458-5624 Pasteurization Systems 203 1st Ave. SE Altura, MN 55910

DairyTech Pasteurizer and Perfect Udder Colostrum Bag Dealer

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 29

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE ‘10 JD 3955 CHOPPER w/older 2RN CH, 7-1/2’ HH, both green; (1) Meyers 3516 chopper box w/12 ton MN running gear; (1) Meyers 4516 w/10 ton Meyers running gear; ‘08 Patz LP 420 vert. mixer, LH discharge w/3’ ext.; 250’ of Berg barn cleaner chain, CCW rotation; Berg 400 Choremaster drive unit; Weaverline 430 feed cart. Call 651-278-1449. 4-1-VM JD 7000 4R36” PLANTER, corn & bean units, monitor. Call 320-4853929 or 320-420-8502, leave message. 4-1-B JD 327 SMALL SQUARE BALER, #40 thrower, elec. thrower ctrls, always shedded, $5,000. Call 320630-8737. 4-1-F PSI POWER WASHERS, Power Washers Hot/ Cold, Cabinet Parts Washers, Chemicals, Presoaks, Degreasers, Large Parts Inventory Shipped Same Day, On Site Service. Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Sales, Repair, and Rental. “The Guys That Work Great Under Pressure” 1-800-555-1677. Serving you from 3 locations: West Central MN Region – Pennock, MN Location SW MN Region – Wilmont, MN Location NW IA Region – Harrisburg, SD Location & Wilmont, MN Location SE SD Region – Harrisburg, SD Location. 23-TFN-B VALMETAL STATIONARY HAMMER MILL w/12’ discharge auger, $2,500/obo. Call 641-3647456. 3-3-F KINZE 12R30” ECONO-FOLD, Martin row cleaners, like new, precision nger pickups, VG cond., eld ready. Call 641-732-5264. 1-TFN-F

10 CALF HUTS, exc. cond., $100 ea.; 2014 Kuhn bale wrapper, like new; Patz bedding chopper, $1,500; (1) Holstein springing hfrs. Call 507381-3776. 4-3-F KELPIE-AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD MIXED PUPPIES, good cattle dogs. Call 320-285-2486. 3-3-F JD 2700 PLOW, semi mounted. Call 320-5101055. 13-TFN-F NH 790 CHOPPER w/ hay head & NH 116 14’ hydra-swing haybine. Call 218-639-1103. 5-TFN-F JD 8 FT. DIGGER, mechanical lift, $500. Call 320-852-7554. 4-1-F JD 7000 12R30” CORN PLANTER, liq. fert. w/ Little Thumper fertilizer pump, in furrow fertilizer, trash whippers, front fold, 1-1/2 bu. boxes, precision tubes, nger units. Call Jason 507-461-1072 or 507461-0745. 3-2-B LIKE NEW BRILLION 12 FT. SEEDER, 3 pt. w/big seed box. Call 920988-7164. 4-1-F BOUMATIC MASPORT 7.5 VANE VACUUM PUMP w/10 hp motor on vert. stand, new pump, used only 1 week. Call 712-369-1355. 1-4-F MUELLER BULK TANK, Hi Performance, newer compressor, 800 gal. Call 218-731-6562. 4-1-F NH 166 INVERTER. Call 320-857-2916. 4-1-F KUHN KNIGHT 8118 SPREADER. Call 507421-2614. 4-TFN-F

TNT ALFALFA High quality dairy alfalfa Excellent test +170 Large squares, stored inside

Prevent costly falls before they occur We offer grooving & scarifying! Traction in all directions Reduce animal stress Aids in heat detection Cost effective & practical

For Sale

260 Liter (70 gallon) Milk Taxi 3.0 Pasteurizer with Electric Drive, Air tires and dispensing wand. Less than 3 years old.



Kuhn Knight 3130 horizontal TMR mixer - $9,500

Schuler 125B feeder wagon - $3,500

Artex SBX600 Manure Spreader - Call

Kuhn Knight 8141 Manure Spreader - $31,000

2014 GEA Houle 12’ 8 Vertical Super Pump - $15,000



• Used 510 truck mount • 6) Patz 615 • NDE 1402




• 2) 42’ 6” Houle Lagoon pumps • 52’ 8” Lagoon pump • 2) 52’ 6” Lagoon pumps

• 3) ‘08 Houle 7300 • ‘10 GEA 7300 • 2) ‘11 GEA 7300

See us for your FarmStar drag hose equipment needs!

Strum, WI


1660 Jordan West Rd., Decorah, IA

y Farm Famil Years for 46



e of Nice Line Owner n O y Mostl Equipment Farm

Ve Her r y Good Black d of AI Sire Angus d Cat tle Livestock E Bulk Binsquipment, , EquipmeDnair y t

As we have decided to retire from farming, we will sell the following at auction located 4¼ miles east of New York Mills, MN or 8.5 miles west of Wadena, MN on US Highway #10, then 4/10 mile south on 570th Ave., 2/10 mile east on 355th Street and 2/10 mile south on 573rd Ave. to Farm #35248. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

SATURDAY, APRIL 28, NOTE: The Keskitalo’s have farmed on this farm for 46 years and now have decided to transition into retirement. Dan and Sheila are well known in this area as good friends and neighbors and for the manner in which they maintain their farm and equipment. Mid-American Auction Co. is honored to be selected to conduct their farm retirement auction. Many of the pieces of farm machinery were purchased new and have been shedded and well maintained. Please note that only listed items will be selling so please plan on prompt attendance. Total selling time is approximately 2 ½ hours. We will begin with a few miscellaneous items, followed by bulk bins, dairy bulk tank, livestock equipment, farm machinery, tractors, then feed and cattle. Online bidding available on major items through Proxibid. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Monday, April 23rd. If you enjoy good clean auctions, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the Keskitalo farm retirement auction. Thank you!

(16) Head of Outstanding AI Sired BLACK ANGUS BEEF CATTLE

NOTE: This herd has been exclusively AI bred for all the years Dan and Sheila have been involved in the beef cattle business. Sires include: Hoover, Full Power, Chissum, Substance, Right Answer, Willie and Priority, among others. This herd has been bred for growth, calving ease and most importantly docility. If you are looking for a very good young group of high quality beef cattle, you will not want to miss this auction. (5) Very Good Black Angus Cow/Calf Pairs, Cows are from 3 to 6-Year-Olds with Fancy AI Sired Black Angus March Calves at Side (2) 3-Year-Old Angus Cows Selling Open (4) Fancy AI Sired March 2016 Open Heifers Ready to Breed this Summer

Hay & Forage Equipment


Mike 320-760-5768 Ryan 320-305-1201

Houle SP-I-A-3B-18 Lagoon Pump - $8,500

Gehl Model 2480 Variable Open Throat Round Baler, Twine, Crowding Wheels, Gandy Applicator, Push-Off, Controls, One Owner, Ser. #28033, (Excellent Condition) John Deere Model 336 Square Baler with Chute, Gandy Applicator, One Owner, Ser. #1402131, (Nice Condition) IH Model 56 Forage Blower, 48 Inch Drum, 540 PTO (2) Kasten 14-Ft. Triple Beater Front Side Unload Forage Boxes with Kasten 8 Ton Wagons, Ext. Poles, Flotation Tires, Always Shedded

New Holland Model 492 9-Ft. Haybine, Ser. #896512, One Owner, (Very Nice Condition) New Holland Model 718 Two-Row Forage Harvester with 2RW Corn Head and Hay Head, Converted to Hydraulic Spout Controls but has Original Manual Controls, Later Sharpening System, Ser. #301987, (Nice Condition) (3) 8x16 Ft. Flat Racks on MN 7 Ton Wagons, Ext Poles (2) 8x14 Ft. Flat Racks on MN 7 and 6 Ton Wagons 40-Ft. Hay Elevator on Transport with Electric Motor and Bale Slide 30-Ft. Bale Conveyor with Electric Motor

Hay & Bedding Some Small Square Bales of Old Crop Grass Hay A Few 4x5 Round Bales of Straw A Few Round Bales of Upland Grass Hay


1979 International Model 986 Diesel Tractor, Cab, Dual Hydraulics, 540/1000 PTO, Has the Original 18.4R X 38 Inch Rear Tires, Shows 3956 One Owner Hours, Ser. #U21739, (Nice Clean Tractor) International Model 84 Hydro Gas Tractor, New 16.9x30 Inch Rear Tires, Fenders, Radio, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, Sells with Allied Model 594 Quick Tach All Hydraulic Loader, Bale Spear, Manure/ Gravel Bucket and Snow Bucket, Has Approx. 4800 Hours, Recent Updates Including Hydraulic Booster Pump, Starter, Power Steering Farmall Super M Gas Tractor, Wide Front, Wheel Weights, Good 14.9x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Live Hydraulics, Single Rear Hydraulics with TwoWay Pressure, Sells with Duall Model 325 All Hydraulic Loader 6-Ft. Utility Bucket, Tractor Ser. #373125 Farmall Model Super H, PTO, Single Hydraulics, Running Condition, Original Condition, Ser. No. Missing

Planting & Tillage Equipment IH Model 720 4x18 Semi-Mount Automatic Reset Plow, Coulters, One Owner, Ser. #016079, (Like New) Krause Model 2206 18-Ft. Tandem Cushion Gang Disc, Dual Wheels, (Nice Condition) White 10 Shank Pull-Type Chisel Plow, Wide Sweeps, Ser. #15769 International Model 56 Four-Row 36 Inch Corn Planter, Fiberglass Boxes, Dry Fertilizer, (Nice Condition) IH Model 133 Four-Row Wide 3-Point Danish Tooth Cultivator IH #45 12½ Ft. Vibra Shank Field Cultivator with Mulcher IH Model 60 3x16 Inch Trip Beam PullType Plow 3 Section 10-Ft. Culti-Packer 3 Section Lever Spring Tooth 2 Section Spring Tooth

Car & Pickup 1995 Plymouth Neon, 4 Cylinder, Automatic, Front Wheel Drive, 130,000 Miles, One Owner 1981 GMC 1500 Sierra ½ Ton Two-Wheel Drive Pickup, Regular Cab-Long Box, 6 Cylinder, 3 Speed on the Column, Nice Interior, Approx. 200,000 Miles


Grinder Mixer, Manure Spreader, Gravity Box & General Farm Machinery New Holland Model 355 Grinder Mixer, Folding Auger, 4 Extra Screens, Hammers have just been turned for the first time, Magnet, Ser. #542300, (Nice Condition) Gehl Model 250 Single Axle Manure Spreader, Poly Floor, Upper Beater, One Owner, Ser. #5260 Lorenz 3-Point 8-Ft. Double Auger Snowblower with Integrated Hydraulic Spout, 540 PTO MN 250 Gravity Box with MN 8 Ton Wagon 8x12 Ft. Tongue & Groove Wooden Flat Bed on MN 7 Ton Four-Wheel Wagon with Hydraulic Hoist Bush Hog 3-Point 5-Ft. Heavy-Duty Rotary Brush Mower 3-Point 6-Ft. Rear Blade Older New Holland Tank Spreader for Parts

Stock Trailer, Four-Wheeler & Zero Turn Mower

1998 Kiefer Built 6x16 Ft. Tandem Axle Stock Trailer, Center Gate, Sliding/Full End Gate, Spare Rim, Wooden Removable Vent Inserts, (Nice Condition) Hustler Fast Track Z Industrial Zero Turn Lawn Mower, Honda 20 H.P. Gas Engine, 52 Inch Deck 2005 Yamaha Kodiak 450 4x4 FourWheeler, Automatic, Shows 7700 Miles

Household Items Very Nice Oak Curio Cabinet made by Duane Salo, 6.5 Ft. High, 16 Inches Deep, 2 Ft. Wide, Magnetic Locks, 4 Glass Shelves, Glass Side Panels Plus Other Misc. Household Items

Collectible Items Approx. 150 lb. Anvil with Steel Chisel Point Jungers Oil Burner Cast Iron Double Sink

Dan E. & Sheila Keskitalo,


Ph. (218) 639-9018 / 35248 573 Ave., New York Mills, MN rd



AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

SALE TIME: 11:00 A.M. J & B Lunch Wagon

Mueller Bulk Tank, Manure Pump & Livestock Equipment

Mueller Hi-Perform 800 Gallon Bulk Tank, Twin Fan Compressor, Mueller Hi-Perform Automatic Washer, Ser. #79076, Date of Manufacture 3-7-89, One Owner, (Nice Condition) Stenberg 20-Ft. Belt Bottom Tri-Cycle Front Hay or Silage Feeder Wagon Stainless Steel Double Milk House Sink Waste Handlers Systems Vertical Barn to Pit Manure Pump with (2) 10 H.P. 220 Volt Single Phase Electric Motors, Used about 2 Years, (Nice Condition) Priefert Manual or Automatic Head Gate (2) Round Bale Feeders with Hay Savers Agri Metal Electric Bedding Chopper 4-Ft. Alley Fan Taggers Several Farm Gates Tags Ritchie Two-Hole Cattle Waterer Cow Kickers Misc. Vet Supplies

Bulk Feed Bins

Belgrade 10 Ton Bulk Bin with Bottom Unload Auger 6 Ton Belgrade Bulk Bin with Bottom Unload Auger and Motor Belgrade 3 Ton Bulk Bin with Bottom Unload Auger and Motor 2 Ton Schuld/Bushnell Concentrate Bulk Bin with Bottom Unload Auger and Motor 2 Ton Schuld/Bushnell Bulk Bin with Slide Discharge

Fuel Barrels & Misc. Items 500 Gallon Diesel Barrel with Wilson Commercial Electric Meter Pump 300 Gallon Fuel Barrel and Stand Miller 225 Amp Stick Welder 5 X 6 Inch X 8 Ft. Treated Square Posts Oak Planks up to 16 Ft. for Hay Rack Material 24-Ft. Truck Frame Farm Gates, 10,12 & 14 Ft. 5/8" Electric Drill Knipco Heater


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

Page 30 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018

Used Equipment Specials USED HAY TOOLS Vermeer 605N Corn stalk special, 7250 bales, 2015, like new, BAU1705G ..................... $38,500 Vermeer 504 Pro baleage baler, 2015, 13,059 bales, BAU1702G .................................. $27,750 Vermeer 605 Super J, twine only, 1992 model, BAU1605G.............................................. $5,500 Vermeer 605 M Baler, approx. 17,000 bales, new pickup, sprocket & chains-2007 BAU1508G ................................................................................................................ $18,500 Vermeer 605 F Baler, Just in, BAU1703G............................................................... Make an Offer JD 854 baler, 2013, approx. 5800 bales, BAU1502G, unbelievable price .................$30,000/obo Gehl 1875 Baler, 5x6 bales, 1995, BAU1504G ..................................................................... CALL John Deere 568 Baler, 2004, BAU1704G ........................................................................ $15,500 John Deere 469 Baler, 2015, BAU1801G ............................................................................. CALL Tonutti V12 rake, some new teeth, HYU1515G ................................................................ $4,200 Vermeer MC1030 mower conditioner, 2012, very nice, HYU1703G................................ $17,000 MacDon Hydra swing mower, HYU1601G ....................................................................... $9,750 Jiffy 920 Bale Processor, 2001, HYU1701G ....................................................................... $7,250 Vermeer TE 330 Tedder, 2006, HYU1705G...................................................................... $18,950 John Deere 1219 mower conditioner, 1986, very nice, HYU1707G................................... $3,850 Tonutti V12 Rake w/ windguards, very nice, coming soon .................................................. CALL USED FORAGE BOXES Balzer forage wagon, tandem axle, left hand discharge, FWU1709G .............................. $3,500 H&S LK500, Front unload silage box, 1975, FWU1603G .................................................. $1,250 John Deere 2 row wide chopper head, 36” rows, green, FWU1601G .................................. CALL Used 16 ft Miller Pro model 5100 forage box, 4 wheel gear, FWU1511G .................$9,500 each 4100 Miller Pro Silage Box, FWU1513G ........................................................................... $3,775 Badger BN950 forage box, very nice – FWU1515G.......................................................... $4,500 2) Badger 1055 forage boxes, tandem axle, FWU1702G & FWU1703G ............................ $4,500 3) Badger 1050 forage boxes, tandem axle, FWU1704G, FWU1705G & FWU1706G ........ $4,000 Balzer 6520L forage box, right hand discharge, FWU1711G ............................................ $2,500 Used Electric 5010B 4 wheel running gear, 12T, 8 bolt w/ truck tires, FWU1710G ........... $1,200 Used 1998 Meyer 4118 forage box, gear unload, FWU1707G .......................................... $5,650 Used Badger Blower ..................................................................................................Make Offer MANURE PUMPS Houle Super Pump, 2004, 6” PTO, w/ 2 agitation nozzles, 12 ft. long MPU1704 ................. CALL Houle SP-R-8, 1997, 6” super pump on trailer, MPU1702SCH .......................................... $4,800 Some used drag hose equipment, Call for more info. on what is available ......................... CALL Dayton Blower for Manure solids, used 2 months, #2C799, MEU1601G...................Call for Price Used Houle 60” cable scraper drive, good shape.............................................................. $3,000 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/twin 20 HP motors, USED, MPU1501G......................... $4,300 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/30 HP motor, USED, MPU1505G................................... $4,000 10’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump with twin 20 HP motors, USED - MPU1507G.................. $4,300 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/no motors, set up for twin motors, USED- MPU1508G. $3,500 Oro Flex Hose, 1 mile, Brand new, never used, 6” supply with couplers, MEU1702G ........... CALL Rebuilt Krohne Flo meter, 6 “, hydraulic flow control valve for tank, OTH1705G.................. CALL USED MIXERS Knight 3300 Mixer Wagon, with 36” discharge, MWU1702G ........................................... $8,500 Roorda feeder/mixer wagon, with scale, MWU1704G ..................................................... $5,000 3-used Patz 16-20 ft. Silo unloaders, model 98B, MWU1705G ........................................... CALL Patz 350 vertical mixer wagon, checked over, MWU1801G................................................. CALL NEW & USED DAIRY EQUIPMENT Used Surge 2000 gal. milk cooler, model # 87121 from the year 2000, s/n 991009, w/2) 4hp compressors, all stainless, jacket on tank, ARC wash controller, DEU1704..Price Reduced - CALL 1-used Lely A3 Next Robot with air compressor, buffer tank, sort gate, M4 use buckets, milk line and sampler, DEU1703G .................................................................................. CALL 2-used Suterbilt 3M vacuum pumps .......................................................................Call for price Double 10 Blue Diamond parallel parlor with SST2 detachers, 3” low line, single receiver, jetter trays, curb, gates, 10 hp Suterbilt vacuum pump,10 hp Westfalia 2800 vacuum pump, 20 DeLaval milking units & pulsators .............................................. CALL Used Boumatic 3” stainless receiver group, receiver with trap, pump, mounting panel & probes .............................................................................................. CALL 10 used Boumatic Companion detachers, #U3557554 ...............................................$415 each 5 used Boumatic Companion detachers with milk yield indicators, U3557820 ..........$450 each 16 used Boumatic 4400 detachers, with new gaskets & diaphragms, U3557444 .......$415 each

“Where our passion for agriculture and technology come together to ether to serve you!” tog

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

JD 7420, 16 power quad, LH reverse, eld mon., 18.4x38 duals, 3294 hrs., exc. cond, $60,000. Call 218-346-4234. 2-3-F CIH 7130 MAGNUM, FWA, 18.4x42, 540/1000 pto, $30,000. Call 320249-3015, no Sunday Calls. 4-2-F

Late Afternoon UPS Shipping Available!


E. Hwy. 30, Pipestone, MN E-mail:

(507) 825-3271 • Used Mensch 910 Feed Pusher, just in, OTH1801G.............................................................. CALL NEW & USED BARN EQUIPMENT Used Badger manure auger, needs new PVC outer tube, good drive assy OTH1706G ......... CALL 2- Used Berg Chore-Master barn cleaner drives, with motors........................................$400 ea. New 8ft. Patz barn cleaner chute for 16” gutter, PA16151, retails for $992 ......................... $800 Used Patz 16” belt conveyor, gearbox drive, 7-1/2 ft. long w/ motor, 130FPM, $2573 new ..$1,000 Patz barn cleaner 12” tapered flights, never used, but weathered, not painted, $18.95 New ...............................................................................................................$12.25 ea New Schuur and Lely cow brushes- In stock ....................................................................... CALL New Mensch M700, 7ft. 11” tire scraper –In stock.............................................................. CALL Used squirrel cage style fan, 42” diameter, w/ 3 phase motor ............................................ CALL Used WIC model 300 grain cart .......................................................................................... CALL New 2 bath automated footbath assy, stainless baths & controls, 1/2 price, never used, DEN1402G .................................................................................................................. $7,000 Dayton Air Handler, like new, used only several weeks, 12000 CFM #3C010 ............Call for price MANURE SPREADERS Roorda model 416 manure spreader, single axle, top beater & end gate, MSU1410G .................................................................................................Reduced to $10,000 Knight 8040 side slinger, new chains, new flighting, excellent hammers, MSU1501G .. $22,500 Hagedorn 410 manure spreader, MSU1701G................................................................. $11,500 SOLD Used Kuhn Knight 1159 Manure Spreader, 2007, MSU1703 .......................................... $17,500 Used Kuhn Knight 1159 Manure Spreader, 2005, MSU1704G ........................................ $17,500 Used New Holland 680 manure spreader, MSU1708G ........................................................ CALL Used Knight 8140 Side Slinger Manure Spreader, Needs some work, MSU1701G ............... CALL Used 610 Roorda manure spreader, coming in soon, MSU1801G........................................ CALL Used Meyer’s 2700 manure spreader, MSU1802G............................................................... CALL Used Meyer’s M350A manure spreader, 2016, MSU1803G.................................................. CALL LIQUID MANURE TANKS ‘97 Houle EL84, 6000 gal. spreader, new tires, new disks, good shape, MTU1505G ....... $24,000 NEW ON THE LOT CPX 9000 Vermeer Catapult Bale Processor 600 Cloverdale mixers Vermeer Disc Mowers – 6ft & 7 ft. Vermeer VR1428 rake Vermeer BW5500 Inline bale wrapper Vermeer 2800 twin basket rake Cloverdale bale Super carrier, self-loading Vermeer MC3700 mower conditioner Gea Houle Tilting 3-point Super Slider Pump, 8 ft. & 12ft deep pits with the same pump

66 NORBCO EXHAUST FANS, 54”, 6 blade, belt drives, 3 phase, 1 HP motors, good cond., $450 ea. or deal for all. Call Dave Vander Kooi 507-3704429. 21-TFN-F JD 4450, 2WD, Quadshift, 8100 hrs., 20.8x38, $27,000. Call 320-2933929. 4-1-F STEPSAVER to move milk to tank or uids to wherever needed. Call 507-451-4757. 20-TFN-F D17 ALLIS, exc. shape, $32,000. Call 320-3334075. 4-1-F JD 330 ROUND BALER, used very little, perfect cond. Call 507-794-6169, after 7 p.m. 9-TFN-F JD 1750 6R30” CORN PLANTER. Call 320-2933071. 20-TFN-F ROCK TRAILER, 6x10, wooded sides, $3,000. Call 320-249-8559. 4-2-F

Milking Equipment • Manure Equipment • Feeding Equipment • Housing • Route Supplies


s ’ M r e ar k e m r t 8 Fa BUY • SELL • TRADE

DAIRY FARMERS... (Phone # and complete name count as one word each)

GEHL MX170 GRINDER w/scale & elec. lift, $18,000. Call 320-2498556. 4-1-F ABACA BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES, great working dogs or pets, ready to go, $750. Call 715-418-1234. 3-2-F DMI 26’ FIELD CULT., nice, $12,500. Call 320987-3177. 4-1-F DAIRYMASTER PARLOR, 28 milkers, 3 yrs. old, complete stall pkg., crowd gate, palpation rails, plus head chute. Call 563357-2043. 1-4-B LELY ROBOTIC MILKER, A3 Next, works well, good cond., 7-1/2 yrs. old, Ohio. Call 419-209-2627. 24-TFN-F IH 720 4-BOTTOM MOLDBOARD PLOW. Call 507-227-7778. 4-1-F PATZ 950, 2400 series, 3 yrs. old, chains to hold commodities in, commodity door, scales in cabs & big display, RH & LH discharge, new low & high speed gear box. Call 563357-2043. 1-4-B



Proven KLEENACRES herbicide programs save up to 50%. TOP YIELDS, KLEEN FIELDS, BETTER BOTTOM LINE!






TIME: 11:00 A.M. ON SITE Located 22.5 miles north of Pillager, MN or 7.5 miles south west of Pine River, MN on Co. Rd. # 1 then ¾ mile west on Co. Rd. # 28 then ¼ mile north on 32nd Ave. SW to farm # 4695 FOR COMPLETE BROCHURE PHONE 320-760-2979 OR VIEW ONLINE AT

(Ad Must Be Farm-Related--Call If You Have Any Questions)

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2018


Inc. nice 3 bedroom home built in 1993, dairy barn for 62 cows, all dairy equipment, misc. support buildings on 60 acres with 35 acres farmable, plus 2 additional parcels of heavily wooded hunting and recreational land. Great location, abundant wildlife. Building eligibilities.



NOTE: We make every effort to accurately advertise your item. Should we have any questions, please include your name and phone number where we can reach you: NAME


Mail or bring your ad to the Dairy Star, 522 Sinclair Lewis Ave. , Sauk Centre, MN 56378, call 320-352-6303, or e-mail: To guarantee ad placement, our deadline is the Friday before publication. Ads may be sent after that, but we cannot guarantee placement.

REMOTE CONDENSER, unit is nearly new, pressurized and stored inside. Call 712-441-0964. 18-TFN-F 18 FREESTALLS, very good cond., $20/stall. Call 605-770-0545. 4-1-F (2) MUELLER BULK TANKS, 3,000 gal. & 3,500 gal. tanks, rebuilt 3 yrs. ago. Call 563-3572043. 1-4-F JD 8875 SKIDLOADER, 5300 hrs.; Also Hesston 1014 mower cond., $2,500. Call 218-583-2931. 4-1-F DOUBLE 8 BLUE DIAMOND CALF CADE PARALLEL PARLOR, complete w/auto takeoffs, $12,500/obo. Call or text 507-236-5700. 4-1-B GEHL 1285 CHOPPER, 3R corn, 9’ hay, metal alert, KP rolls 85%, knives 40%, $18,500/obo. Call 715-255-8263 Mon.-Sat. 12-TFN-F HESSTON 5580 ROUND BALER, needs lift cylinders; (2) JD stack hands. Call 218-342-2603. 4-3-F IH 620 14’ PRESS DRILL w/grass; also 3 pt. post auger. Call 320-8762200. 4-2-F

Bobcat S590 Skid-Steer Loader

Here’s Power!


Non-Dairy Farmers & Ads For Real Estate, Business Services & Ads For Anyone Outside Our Circulation Area Are Charged $30.00 Per Issue

(Payment must accompany ad unless prior arrangements are made. 25 word maximum.) Visa & MasterCard Accepted

‘10 NH BR7070, 7800 bales, $17,900; also ‘15 NH RB460 baler, 3700 bales, $29,900. Call 715223-3361. 4-1-B


Advertise your FARM-RELATED classiÀed ad for free


JD 9500, 5100 eng. hrs., 7500 on cutter, 4WD, many updates, single point hookup, 600 series head ready, $32,900. Call 715613-8940. 8-TFN-F

‘98 CIH Maxum MX 135 MFWD dsl tractor, sells w/CIH L300 all hyd. QT ldr, joy stick, side bank, showing 14,000 hrs.; case 2290 dsl, 12 spd. ps, 38 inc. rubber, band duals, 8939 hrs.; JI case 2294 dsl, 12 sp. ps, 3 hyd., 38 in rubber, hub dls, shows 7975 hrs.; ‘98 nh 664 auto wrap round baler, push off, light kit, nice cond; ‘12 NH Mow Max model H6750 3 pt disc mower, nice cond.; H&S 270 single axle manure spdr, hyd. end gate, one owner, nice cond.; (2) Gehl 750 choppers, one with w/30-38 CH; (3) 14 ft. forage boxes and HD gears; Kewanee model 850 13 ft. cushion gang disc; Ford 12 shank chisel plow; Ford 8 ft. 3 pt. flex disc; Melroe 911 5 x 16 spring reset plow; IH #45 15 ft. field cultivator; several pieces of 3 point equipment including sickle mowers, post auger, etc.; Plus other wagons and general farm machinery; Livestock equipment including 20 ton bulk feed bin, 10 Calf Tel square calf huts, head gate, bunks, nice wind mill, 500 gallon fuel barrel and pump, plus other misc. farm related items.

LARRY & DEBBIE WOLKENHAUER OWNERS 218-820-4383 • 4695 32nd Ave. SW, Pequot Lakes, MN MID -AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC.


Along with more horsepower, the new S590 loader delivers greater all-around performance! 2 speed available.

• Vertical Lift Path • 2100 lb. Rated Operating Capacity • 119 in. Lift Height • 66 hp Turbo Diesel

USED LOADERS S850, S750, S650, S185, S175, 743B, 742, T750, T650, several low hours, S160 S150, S590, S550, S510, S250, 773 A FEW COPYCATS • 930A Mustang • SR 200 Case


Your Bobcat Headquarters


19612 U.S. 71, Long Prairie • 320-732-3715

AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018 • Page 31

“I didn’t even think we had stray voltage!” Roger Lange milks 100 head on his family dairy at Crofton, Nebraska. Until recently he was often forced to sell his fresh heifers because they wouldnt let down their milk. “We called Stray Voltage Consulting, and Jerry found the problem within half an hour.” Roger said. “I was very impressed with Jerry. He’s a former REA guy, so he understands both the farmer and the electric company. Being able to work with both sides is a key component to his success.” “I haven’t had a single problem with our fresh heifers since Jerry corrected our stray voltage problem. I would highly recommend Stray Voltage Consulting to anyone who thinks they might have stray voltage!”


Stray Voltage Consulting Over 30 years of experience

605-695-3328 •



Heavy Duty Poly Round Bale Feeders

5 year warranty on pipe, 30 year life expectancy

IN STOCK head locking Series 3 & 6 Automatic Head Gate Chutes available



Chippewa Valley Dairy Supply

6053 CTY. HWY. G • STANLEY, WI 54768 • Andrew Zimmerman


• Simple push-off design with no chains for fewer moving parts • Poly floor and sides promote self-cleaning to prevent material buildup • Wide, consistent, 25’ to 30’ spread pattern 440 & 540 heaped cu. ft. capacities



• Integral Rotor Technology provides consistent, trouble-free crop flow • Fast, consistent bale starting in diverse conditions • Progressive Density System produces very firm bales with moderate cores • Simple, heavy-duty driveline and chains for reliability Produces 4x5 or 4x6 bales Cutting a Integral Rotor nd non-cutting models




Integral Rotor

Salesmen: Shawn Martin (608) 778-4554 or Joe Ryan (608) 778-2900

4116 Hwy. 80 S. Platteville, WI

Office: (608) 348-9401 or Toll Free: 1(888) BUY-Patz

4116 Hwy. 80 S. Platteville, WI

Page 32 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, April 14, 2018


Patz 350 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 500V Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 270 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 420 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Used Penta 4120-HD $19,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Used Penta 6720 $22,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

COMING SOON! Used Supreme 600T $21,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Used Trioliet 1-1200L $13,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Jaylor 4405 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

SOLD Patz 615, 2 spd. reduced price Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 615 mixer truck, tub magnet on mixer Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 420 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Used Roto-Mix 515 $21,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Used Schuler 6020 $18,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

COMING SOON! ‘15 V620 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 270 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz V140 Stationary Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 500 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 615 vert - $27,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Roto-Mix 720-16 horiz. $68,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Knight 3030 horiz. $11,250 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Trioliet, 2 new augers Call Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Patz V620H - Call Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

New Patz 1100 In Stock Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

SOLD Patz 500, 3 in stock Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 420 Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Knight 3042 horiz. - $12,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

COMING SOON! Supreme Intl 400 vert. $15,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Patz 950, New On Hand Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Roorda mixer/feeder Knight 3300 Feeder wagon - Call wagon w/scale - Call Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 507-825-3271 507-825-3271

Blair Feed- R - Wagon Patz 1200 mixers on hand - ready to deliver! $3,500 Hartung Sales Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 320-836-2697 507-825-3271

Weaverline feed carts, Rebuilt- ready to go Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Patz 420, recond. - call Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Patz 620, Recond. - Call Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Penta 6720HD, twin screw - $19,950 Mid-Central Equipment, Inc. 218-583-2931

4 14 18 3rd  
4 14 18 3rd