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Business is sweet Cashton dairy farmer enters maple syrup enterprise By Cassie Olson


CASHTON, Wis. – It is no secret that Jack Herricks loves caring for the land as much as he loves caring for his cows. Herricks, who milks 600 cows with his family on his farm near Cashton, Wis., is a past recipient of Wisconsin’s Aldo Leopold Conservation Award, an avid deer hunter and a steward of his family’s 1,300 acres of cropland. What was once a far-off idea, Herricks has added maple syrup production to his growing list of land management practices. According to Herricks, there are three things necessary to dive into any new enterprise. “You need an idea, a checkbook and people who are going to get it done,” Herricks said. The idea for making maple syrup came to Herricks through years of deer hunting. Having harvested red oaks and other hardwood trees from the farm’s woodlots, he had noticed a new species springing up as he walked throughout the


In addiƟon to milking 600 cows on his farm near Cashton, Wis., Jack Herricks is a maple syrup producer. Herricks, along with several neighbors, harvest sap that is made into Oneida Maple Farms maple syrup.

woods. “People deer hunt for a lot of reasons, but for me it is the thrill of the hunt, a chance to enjoy something with family and friends and an opportunity to walk through the woodlots,” Herricks said. “Having harvested many of the hardwoods, sugar maples began to grow as the

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next dominant species in the forest chain.” Herricks said his situation was unique as he is in an area where maple syrup production is a popular and growing business. A local business sells materials such as tubing and evaporator equipment. Knowing the infrastructure was in place,

Herricks was willing to pay for the materials needed to get started; he just needed the man power. Herricks is fortunate to have ambitious neighbors who have helped him in his own endeavor. With limited time of his own, the Turn to HERRICKS | Page 4

Page 4 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017

ConƟnued from HERRICKS | Page 3 put in the sap lines and another had an evaporator who was willing to take our sap on,” Herricks said. Herricks had his woodlots reclassied to class three tillable for specialty crop production. To do so, he had to have a minimum of 40 tapped trees per acre. During his rst year of production, Herricks tapped 800 trees total.

Today, that number has increased to 2,000 taps on 30 acres of total woodlot. Tapping trees may bring to mind the image of metal spiles with buckets attached. Herricks, however, runs a series of sap lines. Plastic tubing is attached to the tree spiles, all connecting and running together to a larger tank.


Herricks prepares a tank for sap collecƟon. When the weather is ideal for sap harvest, Herricks will collect the sap daily from recycled milk bulk tanks throughout his woodlots.


(Above) Herricks taps over 2,000 sugar maple trees annually across his 30 acres of woodlot. On average, it takes three to four days to layout the saplines throughout the woods. (LeŌ) Sap ows into the bulk tank via a vacuum pump and plasƟc saplines. In 2015, Herricks harvested over 21,000 gallons of sap, which made approximately 420 gallons of syrup.

The sap seeps down the sap line either by gravity ow or, most commonly, a vacuum pump. The sap is stored in recycled milk bulk tanks which are emptied on a daily basis once the weather is warm enough for the sap to run. The spiles have check valves that self seal so the tree’s wound stays open even if the sap isn’t running, allowing syrup producers to harvest more sap per tree. Oneida Maple Farms’ evaporator handles the sap for several neighbors. Once the sap is harvested, it is delivered in a tank to the evaporator. Each producer is responsible for using a hydrometer to get a Brix test reading on the sap’s sugar content. Herricks said

this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. “Everyone is responsible for writing down the date, gallons and Brix test reading on their sap – all on the honor system,” Herricks said. “It a social atmosphere; I get to talk to the other producers on the days I bring in sap. It is one of the few places I know of that still have that kind of trustworthy, social environment.” Once the sap is converted into syrup, it is bottled and sold in a variety of ways. Some individuals sell syrup from their homes, but it is also sold at Turn to HERRICKS | Page 5


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ConĆ&#x;nued from HERRICKS | Page 4

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Herricks’ sap is boĆŠled into syrup with Oneida Maple Farms in Cashton, Wis. A group of six farms contribute sap to the syrup, which is sold in home and wholesale within the community. produce auctions and through connections with local businesses. The remainder is wholesaled. In 2016, Herricks harvested over 21,000 gallons of sap, making approximately 420 gallons of syrup. While he is able to make a small proďƒžt off of the syrup sold, he said that is not the focus. “We need to recognize the concept that farming is generational; with trees, a lot of what you do is not putting money in your pocket, but will make it proďƒžtable for future generations,â€? Herricks said. Herricks said management practices are unique for each woodlot depending upon what the goal is. Prior to harvesting maple sap, cull trees are cut for ďƒžrewood and logs are harvested throughout the woodlots. With management practices being employed on less than 5 percent of privately-owned woodlots in Wisconsin, Herricks encourages landowners to care for the nature around them. “Renewing woodlots is important; it is important that our families have timber and other natural resources for future generations,â€? Herricks said. “You have to take care of those resources and realize it is your responsibility to manage them wisely.â€? From an idea in the woods to a product on the table, Herricks is happily enjoying the friendships and adventure that comes with maple syrup production. Whether it is milking cows, raising crops or harvesting sap, Herricks said all of his endeavors fall into the lifestyle he believes is his calling. “Our calling is to produce food for God’s people,â€? Herricks said. “Everything I do corresponds to that calling.â€?

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Register Online at agannex.com/manure-manager/manure-expo or call Tara Jacobs 1-519-428-3471 ext.213

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Introducing the New Monobox

The Monobox at first sight Have a look at our new Automation Family Member! The open, animal-friendly design with its wide entrances and exit ways ensures safe, easy and fast access to the box. Adjustable place dimensions allow for optimal positioning of every cow, even in mixed herds. Thanks to the modular assembly and safely embedded servicefriendly actuation, installation can be done very quickly and maintaining the system becomes highly simple and secure.

The Monobox allows us to implement the platform strategy for our DairyProQ milking stall module for the first time!

Monroe WestfaliaSurge W6031 Melvin Rd. • Monroe, WI


Cows on canvas

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 7

Rohl incorporates farm background into artwork By Brittany Olson


RIVER FALLS, Wis. – Growing up on a dairy farm near Ellsworth, Wis., instilled a profound love for the dairy cow in Samantha Rohl. Rohl, who is an art and psychology major at the University of WisconsinRiver Falls, has been painting cattle since her freshman year of high school. She paints in addition to working at the university’s dairy farm at Lab Farm 2, at a group home for at-risk teenagers and helping her dad, Mike Rohl, on the family’s 100-cow dairy when needed. “I use all types of media. I like chalk pastels, but they can be messy,� Rohl said. “Paint is nice because it’s forgiving.� Rohl has also found that her work is a great medium for telling the story of dairy to her classmates as well as the general public. “I started off as an animal science major, but I already knew most of the things that were being taught,� Rohl said. “I also wanted to keep art around in my life.� It was then that Rohl decided to switch from animal science to majoring in art. She later added a second major in psychology to pursue a career in art therapy. “I feel that this is a better way of


University of Wisconsin-River Falls student Samantha Rohl painted the uĆ&#x;lity box by the Agriculture Science building on campus. Rohl grew up on a dairy farm near Ellsworth, Wis. communicating about agriculture for me because my classmates need to hear it more than animal science majors do,â€? Rohl said.

Rohl enjoys using her work as a vehicle to answer questions her colleagues have about farming. “One issue I [encounter] is that

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people think I’m trying to portray cows in a negative light,� she said. “One time Turn to ROHL | Page 8




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ConƟnued from ROHL | Page 7

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Samantha Rohl did a series of painƟngs depicƟng her favorite cows at home: Pet, Oops, Stub and Toot. Rohl uses art to tell the story of agriculture to the public, and plans to aƩend graduate school for art therapy. I did a drawing of a cow with just her muscle anatomy on one side and bone anatomy on the other, and I had people asking, ‘Do you not want people eating meat?’ That wasn’t the intent at all.” The young artist advocates for agriculture in the classroom by encouraging her classmates to visit the lab farm, as well as trying to get teenagers in the group home she works in to take a trip to the farm.

“We’re talking about going to the lab farm in one of my painting classes right now, and I am so excited,” Rohl said. After switching majors, Rohl did a series of four paintings in one of her classes, which consisted of depictions of her cows at home with backgrounds she felt t their personalities best. Turn to ROHL | Page 9



Samantha Rohl won an award for this painƟng of toy cows. Rohl, who grew up on a 100-cow dairy near Ellsworth, Wis., draws inspiraƟon from her farm upbringing as an art and psychology major at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.

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ConĆ&#x;nued from ROHL | Page 8 For example, Oops the cow has a bit of a princess complex, Rohl said, so a purple backdrop was ďƒžtting. Toot the cow survived being hit by a car as a calf, which explains the name Toot. “Pet is, well, a pet and she’s a lot of fun, hence the yellow background. Oops is half Angus, but thinks she’s royalty, so she has a purple background,â€? Rohl said. “Stub is missing half an ear and isn’t the friendliest cow, so her color is red, and Toot, who has a messed-up jaw from her accident, has a pink background because she’s a sweet natured cow.â€? Later on, Rohl submitted a form to paint one of the utility boxes on the UWRF campus as part of a beautiďƒžcation project by the city of River Falls, and was selected to paint the utility box next to the Agriculture Science building. Because of the university’s

rich dairy heritage, Rohl painted cattle on two sides of the utility box and a barn scene with silos on another side. Rohl, in addition to her work in the classroom, has already received an award for her work. “In one of my classes, we had to paint something that was mass produced so I did a painting of toy cows and got an award for it,� she said. While she mostly focuses on painting, Rohl has also done a photography project depicting milking time at the lab farm and a ceramic project. “For ceramics, I made a barn that’s falling apart to tell the story of small town America and farming falling apart,� Rohl said. Right now, Rohl is doing a project juxtaposing animals and humans. Naturally, she chose cattle.

“I’m doing paintings with women and cattle right now,� she said. While Rohl’s life’s work is her art, it is still her escape when all is said and done. “It’s calming,� she said. With graduation looming on the horizon next spring, Rohl is touring potential graduate schools to continue her education and work as an art therapist after earning her master’s degree. “I’m looking to either go to Illinois, Colorado or New Mexico for graduate school,� Rohl said. No matter where she travels, Rohl will always keep dairy farming in her heart and tell the story of agriculture and rural America every chance she gets. “I’ll be incorporating agriculture into my art in my free time,� Rohl said.

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Over a hundred people aƩended the Iowa State Brown Swiss Sale on March 11 at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

Iowa Brown Swiss sale draws regional buyers

(Above) Megan Manweiler, from Sumner, Iowa, places a bid on a Brown Swiss cow during the Iowa State Brown Swiss Sale at the Howard County Fairgrounds.

(Above) Mitchell Hanson, of La Porte City, Iowa, shows a Brown Swiss cow during the Iowa State Brown Swiss Sale. (Right) Randi Wingert, of Harmony Minn., nods her head to a bid on a Brown Swiss cow during the Iowa State Brown Swiss Sale.

Photos by Aaron Thomas/Dairy Star

(Above) Brian Swenson, from Adams, Minn., checks out some Brown Swiss cows before bidding starts at the Iowa State Brown Swiss Sale on March 11.

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Tight margins, tight belts WAWS panel discusses management tips, resources for difcult times By Cassie Olson


MADISON, Wis. – Farmers are well aware of the hardships that come with the agriculture industry. As shown in recent years, the ups and downs of the agriculture economy are not for the faint of heart. Kathy Rentmeester, a dairy farmer from Denmark, Wis., Kim Koepke, a dairy farmer from Oconomowoc, Wis., and Kathy Schmitt, director of Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Farm Center, discussed management tips and resources that have helped them weather the economy during a panel discussion at the Wisconsin Ag Women’s Summit, March 10 in Madison, Wis. Discussion moderator Paul Dietmann of Badgerland Financial said debt in agriculture is on the rise. “Total farm debt has been increasing at a slow level, while debt relative to income is increasing more steadily,” Dietmann said. “Meanwhile, we are anticipating the fourth straight year of lower net farm income for Wisconsin farmers.” Rentmeester, who milks 60 cows with her family, recalled times when the nancial outlook was much brighter. It was in those times, she said, that her family did what they could to be ahead. “Back in 2007 to 2008, it really was fun to farm. We were making money that allowed us to buy another small farm behind us, pay everything off quickly and have little debt remaining,” Rentmeester said. “In 32 years, last year was the most stressful.” Koepke, who milks 330 registered Holsteins, said she took advantages of better markets to help prepare for the lows. “We purchased land to increase our grain capacity for cash grains,” Koepke said. One way Koepke and her family have managed difcult markets is forward contract milk pricing. In a forward contract, the milk buyer and dairy farmer agree to sell a quantity of milk for a set price for a specic time period in the future. It has allowed Koepke and her family to reduce the risk of milk price volatility since they started using forward contracts in 1999. “It helps us protect our break-even price, which we have found to be $16.15. It is hard to plan when the target keeps moving, but when we expect there to be down markets, we can lock in ahead,” Koepke said. “Knowing the price ahead of time makes life easier.” Rentmeester added that marketing quality dairy animals as well as steers has helped signicantly. “It’s hard to sell some of your best heifers, but the ones we send are good quality with the intent of making future sales or referrals,” Rentmeester said. “We are marketing our cattle to private individuals [to ensure a better price].” Working at the DATCP Farm Center, Schmitt said there are services available to help farmers navigate the difcult nancial conditions. “We have a 1-800 farmer assist hotline that handles everything from risk management to transition planning,” Schmitt said. “That is the bread and butter of our service center. We handle basic questions over the phone and will get more involved if we feel that there is a case.” The farmer assist hotline is available from 7:45 a.m., to 4:30 p.m., weekdays at 1-800-942-2474. The center receives approximately 1,200 phone calls per year from farmers of every industry. “We have specialists for organic, grazing and specialty crop farms. We sit with the family to sort through messy situations,” Schmitt said. Koepke said that while it is no easy task, nding ways to plan ahead is the best way to navigate the storms within the industry. From custom spreadsheets to meeting with nancial planners, each farm needs to Turn to WAWS | Page 13


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Heat stress high in holding area

Nordlund presents about positive-pressure tubes as better way to ventilate By Ron Johnson


MADISON, Wis. – One of the most uncomfortable places for dairy cows is a barn’s holding area. Heat stress can develop there, as cows wait to walk into the milking parlor, said Ken Nordlund, a clinical professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Positive-pressure tubes can deliver fresh air. With such tubes, there’s no need for wind to aid in cooling. Nordlund presented “Rethinking Holding Areas to Minimize Heat Stress” March 16 during the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin’s annual business conference in Madison, Wis. Nordlund said heat stress, for cows, starts at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result of heat stress, several things – none of them good – can occur. A cow eats less, but her energy needs go up because she starts to pant. At the same time, her milk production goes down. Cows’ conception rates decline, too, Nordlund said. And, heat-stressed cows stand more. That extra standing puts them at risk for lameness, particularly laminitis. One heat stress trial involved 30 cows on two farms. The air temperature rose six days in a row, and the temper-

ature-humidity index (THI) climbed from 67 to 78, for an increase of about two degrees a day. “A modest difference of two degrees for a few hours has a large effect on a cow,” Nordlund said. Cow temperatures rose to as high as 104.5 on the sixth day. That’s well above a cow’s normal temperature of 101.5 degrees, Nordlund said. That trial brought out four main points. Cows’ temperatures rose when they lay down, and rose when they stood. By Ken Nordlund The cows’ average daily core body UW-Madison temperatures rose from 101.8 degrees Fahrenheit to 103.1. Average cow lying time decreased from 9.5 hours on the coolest day to just 6.2 hours on the hottest day. The number of times cows lay down remained constant, at 11.6 per day. But their duration dropped from 0.82 hour on the coolest day to 0.55 hour on the hottest day. Nordlund went on to talk about a comparison of two holding areas. They were identical, he said, except for the type of ventilation. One was traditionally ventilated, using 24 recirculating fans. The other one used eight recirculating fans plus eight tube fans. Cows’ temperatures were measured twice – when they entered the holding area and when they left the milking parlor. These cows were milked three times a day and the trial lasted six days,


meaning 18 measurements were made per cow. “Cows dissipated heat slightly better in the tube holding area than in the traditional one,” Nordlund said. In the traditional holding area, the change in temperature was 0.94 degree. In the tube-ventilated holding area, the temperature change was 1.26 degrees. Nordlund called the tube installation primitive, in that it covered only part of the holding area. And, the tubes were angled, making for less-than-optimal performance. Using Wisconsin’s Dane County as an example, Nordlund said the wind during July is mainly from the south and southwest. That month also brings no wind at all 11 percent of the time. Adding to the possibility of heat stress is the fact that many barns face east or west, and can’t take full advantage of cooling winds. And, in most barns the milking center is in the center of the barn. What’s more, the presence of other barns or buildings sometimes blocks the wind. “When ventilation is compromised, recirculating fans recirculate increasingly hot and more-humid air,” Nordlund said. “Velocity is not ventilation.” Without fresh air, a holding area accumulates heat and humidity, he said. Add to that the heat generated by many cows as they wait to be milked. “A high-producing cow can exhale more than four gallons of water from her lungs per day. Respiration is her primary cooling method,” Nordlund said. “A cow producing more than 80 pounds of milk per day generates about 5,000 BTUs, about the same as a 1,500-watt

space heater.” It’s not just higher temperatures that bother cows. Higher humidity is also a factor. When the humidity rises by 20 percent, it’s as though the temperature rose ve degrees. “Relative humidity has a huge effect on heat stress,” Nordlund said. Compounding the problem is the fact that cows sweat very little. That means air moving quickly over a cow provides almost no cooling unless her skin is wet. And, said Nordlund, the air must be moving faster than 200 feet per minute. Most traditional holding areas are poorly ventilated, Nordlund said. They have too few fans or the fans don’t move the air fast enough. Nordlund offered an alternative vision to what a holding area looks like. Positive-pressure tube systems deliver fresh air from outside across the holding area. Old air is not recirculated. That fresh air is cooler and contains less moisture. Moving air comes from 25 to 50 small jets – not one large one created by a fan. Each, cow can have multiple jets of air hitting her at 400 feet per minute, Nordlund said. These streams of air ow onto and between cows instead of glancing across the top of cows, Nordlund said. Sprinklers can be positioned between the air tubes, he said. “Installation costs [of positivepressure tube systems] are similar to fully equipped traditional approaches,” Nordlund said. “But operating (electricity) costs and noise are reduced to half.”

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Precision Flighting

ConƟnued from WAWS | Page 11

for Agriculture & Industry Sectional Flighting Press-Formed In Individual Segments


Kathy SchmiƩ (leŌ), Kathy Rentmeester and Kim Koepke make up the discussion panel at the Wisconsin Ag Women’s Summit on March 10 in Madison, Wis. The panel discussed the management Ɵps and resources that have helped them in the ups and downs of the ag economy in a discussion Ɵtled “Tight Margins, Tight Belts.” nd the appropriate tool for its specic area of need. “We have a custom spreadsheet in Excel to help us determine our potential cash ow. We can change things such as rolling herd average and the milk price,” Koepke said. “It helps us to analyze the nancial data and make decisions when moving ahead.” Cutting out unnecessary costs is another way Rentmeester’s family has bettered their prot margin. “We don’t have crop insurance right now; it wasn’t to our advantage,” Rentmeester said. “We have enough land now that if we have a bad year we have enough to feed the animals without the added expense.” For biosecurity reasons and as a risk management strategy, Koepke has closed her herd. She said not only has it

improved the cattle she is marketing for sales, it has bettered the herd’s health and well being. “Animals are only going out to minimize our risk,” Koepke said. Finally, Schmitt said farmers need to look out for one another. Managing stress and recognizing the signs of poor stress management are ways to help. “Watch for changes in routine or anything out of the normal. Men tend to hunker down and work like crazy to ignore what is really going on, while women tend to express their emotions more openly,” Schmitt said. Schmitt concluded the presentation when she said while the industry is at a low, she believes situations will improve in time. “You are not alone in the struggle,” she said.

“Back in 2007 to 2008, it really was fun to farm. We were making money that allowed us to buy another small farm behind us, pay everything off quickly and have little debt remaining. In 32 years, last year was the most stressful.” KATHY RENTMEESTER, DAIRY PRODUCER

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Winona County American Dairy Association seeking senior ambassadors The Winona County American Dairy Association is seeking individuals to help out with their new Senior Ambassador Volunteer program. Individuals must meet the following criteria: 1. Volunteer must have completed 10th grade or above as of June 2017 and not yet 21 years old. 2. Volunteer must work and/or parents work on a dairy farm. 3. Must have a general dairy background. 4. The volunteer must be a US citizen 5. Must be single, never married 6. You will not be able to participate in volunteer activities if you become pregnant or have children Senior Ambassadors will assist the Winona County ADA to promote dairy products at various functions across the county. This includes riding in parades and handing out dairy products at several events. If individual commits to the program before March 27, complimentary tickets will be provided to our annual banquet on April 8 at the Winona Middle School. If you would like to participate in this program, please contact Katelyn Ziebell at 507-459-0795 or katelyn.orth@gmail.com or Eryn Orth at 507-459-5025 or eryn.orth.1994@hotmail.com Nominate dairy producers for DCRC herd repro awards The Dairy Cattle Reproduction Council (DCRC) is accepting nominations for its 2017 Reproduction Awards program, which recognizes outstanding dairy operations for reproductive efciency and well-implemented management procedures. This awards program recognizes U.S. dairy producers whose herds excel in getting cows safe in calf. Some key metrics include: voluntary waiting period, interbreeding intervals, heat detection, conception rate, pregnancy rate, value of reproduction and culling rate. Reproduction numbers are based on the 12-month period Jan. 1, 2016-Dec. 31, 2016. Dairy operations must be nominated by professionals who serve the dairy industry, such as veterinarians, extension agents, articial insemination (AI) and pharmaceutical company representatives, dairy processor eld staff and consultants. Nomination forms are due April 30 and may be completed online or mailed to: DCRC, 605 Columbus Ave South, New Prague, MN 56071 Judges will review applications and select the top herds, which will be asked to provide additional information about their operation. This information will help judges select Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Award recipients will be honored at the 2017 DCRC Annual Meeting in Reno, Nev., Nov. 8-9, 2017. For more information about the Reproduction Awards program or to nominate a herd online, visit www.dcrcouncil.org/awards/nominate-a-herd.aspx. Member-owned cooperatives make their voices heard in St. Paul More than 75 cooperative business directors, managers, and staff met in St. Paul earlier this week for Cooperative Network’s annual Minnesota Co-op Day at the Capitol. Nine cross-sector lobbying groups met with agency commissioners, caucus leaders and more than 50 legislators to share how certain proposals would affect their businesses and communities. Participants included Cooperative Network members from agriculture, credit union, dairy, energy, electric, farm credit, food and member-owned cooperatives throughout the state. “This event brings together members from across the state and across the sectors we represent,” says Tom Liebe, Cooperative Network president and CEO. “Cooperative Network prides itself in unifying their voice and this event allows them to become actively involved in lobbying for important issues directly.” Participants met with policymakers to discuss issues related to the regulation of water quality, local cooperative governance, taxation of property, transportation, credit union member communication and support for broadband access. Participants also thanked legislators for the passage of a provision to enable an agricultural cooperative healthcare coverage option that was enacted earlier this session as part of a larger healthcare package. Agency commissioners and legislative leaders met with the large group to address co-op priorities, hear concerns and answer questions. Among those who spoke with participants were Department of Agriculture Commissioner Dave Frederickson, Department of Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman and Depart-

Turn to UDDER STUFF | Page 15

ConƟnued from UDDER STUFF | Page 14 ment of Transportation Commissioner Charlie Zelle. Also meeting with the group were House Speaker Kurt Daudt (R – Crown), Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R – Nisswa), Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL – Cook), and House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman (DFL – Brooklyn Park). “Member-owned cooperatives make signicant contributions to improving the quality of life in Minnesota, and it is important that those shaping public policy hear about the positive impact of cooperatives and their members,” says Matt Hughes, Cooperative Network vice president and Minnesota managing director. “We are very grateful to all our cooperative members who took time to engage at the Capitol, and to all the lawmakers who took time to be with them.” Climate update predicts wetter than average April April is more likely to be wetter than average, according to a climate outlook released March 16, 2017 by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center. “Of anywhere in the United States, the highest likelihood of wetter conditions is in our area,” said Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension State Climatologist. “There is a bulls-eye in eastern South Dakota that is projected to have wetter conditions than average in April.” Edwards explained that this spring outlook is consistent with the long term trend in the region. “The long term trends in eastern South Dakota over the last several decades has shown more precipitation in the spring and falls seasons,” she said. “The good news is that there is no concern about drought development in the spring season for farmers and gardeners.” Edwards added that April precipitation has proven to be critical for pasture, forage and hay production throughout the state. “Abundant moisture would benet grasslands and hay for livestock feed this summer,” she said. Due to the above-freezing temperatures throughout February and early March, the soils are now able to absorb some more moisture. Even though many of the state’s eastern counties had a refreeze, with colder temperatures that started around March 10, Edwards said soils will warm up quickly after the new snow melts. No substantial ood risks No regions in South Dakota are at risk for substantial ooding at this time. “According to the NOAA Flood Outlook released March 16, only the far eastern areas in the Minnesota River basin have any risk of even minor ooding,” Edwards said. The temperature outlook for April shows warmer than average conditions favored to our south and eastern portions of the U.S. but Edwards said it less clear for South Dakota. “There is some uncertainty on what lies ahead for spring temperatures, with equal chances of warmer or cooler than average in the next three months,” she said. Applicants sought for Holstein Association USA Junior Advisory Committee adult representatives Holstein Association USA is currently seeking applications for adult representatives from Areas III and IV on the Junior Advisory Committee (JAC). The JAC serves as a sounding board for Junior members and advisors on Holstein youth programs. Applications must be submitted to Holstein Association USA by April 1 for consideration. The current adult representatives from Areas III and IV will be completing their terms at the National Junior Holstein Convention this June. Area III is made up of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Area IV covers Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. Adult representatives bring valuable perspective and direction to the committee and are eligible to serve up to two two-year terms. The committee meets annually, via conference call or in-person, to discuss Junior Holstein Association matters, and attendance at the National Junior Holstein Convention is required, as the committee assists with coordinating events and carrying out activities. Ideal committee members will be knowledgeable about Junior Holstein programs; have a strong communication network with members in their designated area; must commit to attending JAC meetings and the National Holstein Convention; and must display the highest standards of ethics and commitment to youth programs. Learn more about the JAC or download an application at www.holsteinusa.com/juniors/content/membership.html. With questions or for more information, contact Kelli Dunklee, youth programs specialist, at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or by email, kdunklee@holstein.com.

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Star Youth

What dairy or ag-related extracurricular activities are you involved in? I am involved in 4-H, FFA and the Iowa Holstein Association. Why are you involved in these activities/organizations and what is your favorite? They truly dene what kind of person I am. I am surrounded by people who are passionate and have the same interests as I do which isn’t always true with organizations. I can serve as a leader and as a friend to many different people, and there are opportunities available for me to grow as a leader and as an individual in agriculture. Tell us your best experience during your time in these activities/organizations. My best experience has either been getting the opportunity to be nominated as a vice-president for our district ofcer FFA team, or the opportunity my family had to breed and raise the best bred and owned Holstein at the 2015 Iowa State Fair.

What’s your favorite social media? Instagram. I follow a lot of my fellow dairymen and get the opportunity to see other people’s facilities and cattle which I love. What are your career aspirations? I am in love with math. I hope to be an actuary. Actuaries look at previous statistics and calculate risks based on the past for insurance companies. Luckily, I can work with people in the agriculture industry as well. What is something you’ve learned from being involved in these activities/ organizations? I’ve learned how many

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 17

Get to know Blake Courtney of Decorah, Iowa.

different views on agriculture there are in today’s society. This allows me to stand strong on views in modern agriculture and helps me have evidence to support my reasoning for standing where I stand.

Who do you look up to? My father and my grandfather. They are both very hardworking, loving and supportive individuals. They are the two whom have taught me the most about dairy cattle. I have been inspired to work hard and push through any adversity that I must face. Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know. One of the biggest turning points in my life was when I competed at the national 4-H judging contest in Louisville, Ky., my freshman year. I traveled with members of the Iowa State dairy judging team and trained along with them to gain valuable experience. This opportunity made me a better person from public speaking to judging cattle and making friends. Tell us some of your duties on the farm. On the farm, I enjoy milking, and when I am able to, being a part of daily chores. I assist with registering calves and helping select bulls to use in our breeding program. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and how would you change it? The people starving in the world. I see how technology has changed so fast in my short lifetime. I feel that if everyone’s efforts were concentrated in the right direction and with the same goals in mind, it would be one giant step to take on this problem.


Blake Courtney is a junior at Decorah High School in Decorah, Iowa. He farms with his family – parents, ScoƩ and Amy, and siblings, Brooke, Brody and Brinlee.

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Serving Dairy Producers Future Dairy Producers Since 1983

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Gabby Speltz, 15 10th grade


The Speltz family – (from leŌ) Grayson, Gabby, Eric, Melissa, Gable and Greenlee – milk 700 goats on their dairy in Winona County near Altura, Minn.

When do you do chores? I sometimes help with chores in the summer. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is bottle feeding the baby goats because they’re so cute. My least favorite chore is spreading out hay for the goats to eat because it gets in my eyes and makes me sneeze. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? I like all the baby goats on the farm because it’s fun when they trip on their own feet. What’s your favorite subject in school? English, because my

Turn to KIDS CORNER | Page 19

1,957' of curtain StempÁe Holsteins • Maynard, IA “We have rollomatic curtains on our barn, we are happy with the high quality materials, the installation crews and the service. They are competitively priced, the curtains last a long time and look great!. “ – Paul Stempfle

Custom Àt to your new or existing building Motorized or Manual Options

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ConƟnued from KIDS KORNER | Page 18 teacher is hilarious, and it’s a really fun class. What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? I have learned how to write code on a computer. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an elementary school teacher. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I’d have a hobby farm. It would be clean, and I would denitely have chickens.

What’s your favorite dairy treat? Vanilla ice cream. Are you involved in any activities? What’s your favorite? What do you enjoy about it? I am in volleyball and softball. Volleyball is my favorite because I get to play with all my friends, and it’s really fun. What is your favorite game to play at home/on the farm? My siblings and I like to play kickball on our trampoline.

Grayson Speltz, 7 First grade When do you do chores? I do chores in the summer. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is spreading out hay in the bunks for the milking goats to eat because I don’t get dirty. My least favorite chore is feeding the big goats because the pails are heavy. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? I like all the brown goats. What’s your favorite subject in school? I like science because I get to learn about animals. What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? I’m learning to read

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 19

and how to do measurements in math. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a goat farmer or a dentist. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. My farm would have two silos and a white barn with 100 goats, some cats and a dog. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Coffee ice cream. What do you like to do during recess? I like to play baseball and tag with my friends. What is your favorite game to play at home/on the farm? I like to play ninjas.

Gable Speltz, 14 Eighth grade When do you do chores? I do chores in the summer, on the weekends and after school when I am available. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? I like baling hay in the summer because I get to drive the tractor. I don’t like spreading out hay for the milking goats because it’s not very fun. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? My favorite animals are my beef cows. I have 15 of them. They are not purebreds and are a variety of breeds, but there is a lot of Angus in them. I started my herd four years ago, and it has grown from breeding them and because we have purchased a few more. They are from my parents. It is how they compensate me for working on the farm. What’s your favorite subject in school? My favorite subject is math because I know I’ll need it in life.


What’s something you’ve learned in school recently? In history, we are learning about the Amazon rainforest. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a dairy goat and beef farmer. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a rotary parlor for 4,000 goats and a 75- to 100-cow beef herd. I would also have a nice eet of John Deere tractors. What’s your favorite dairy treat? I like chocolate milk. Are you involved in any activities? What’s your favorite? What do you enjoy about it? I am in wrestling, baseball and soccer. I like wrestling because I think I am good at it, and it is challenging. What is your favorite game to play at home/on the farm? I like playing basketball, but the wind recently damaged our hoop so I can’t play right now.


Greenlee Speltz, 5 Preschool When do you do chores? I do chores in the summer. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? I like holding the little goats and feeding them bottles because I like to feed them. It makes me happy and it’s fun. I don’t like feeding the older ones. It’s hard to do. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? I like all the really little ones. What’s your favorite subject in school? Painting fun stuff on paper, like animals and especially elephants.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be a teacher. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have 10 goats and 11 porcupines. I would have a purple castle where I would live and a car. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Chocolate ice cream. What do you like to do during recess? I like to slide with my friends. What is your favorite game to play at home/on the farm? I like to play kickball with my siblings.


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Cow Brush

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USED TRACTORS - Low rate ďŹ nance MF 8650, FWA, 950 hrs., 2014, CVT, Auto Guide ......$153,500 Fendt 820, FWA, 33 mph, CVT, air-ride cab .................$87,500 NH TC-33D, FWA, diesel, hydro, soft cab, loader ........$13,900 Kubota MX126, FWA, 833 hrs, 16-sp P.Shift...............$53,500 Kubota B2301, FWA, hydro, 15 hrs .............................$12,500 Case 3220, 965 hrs, 52HP diesel, 3 pt ...........................$9950 TILLAGE EQUIPMENT Landoll 2227-11 shank Disc/Chisel/Disc .....................$25,900 White 8524 24-30 central ďŹ ll, TW ...............................$74,500 White 8222 12-30 ex, low acres................................$39,900 White 6100 12-30, no-till, shutoffs .............................$11,675 HARVEST EQUIPMENT AGCO S77, 390 bu., power bin, loaded, 289 hrs .......$239,500

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AGCO R65, Duals, Ag Leader Mon., Chopper............$109,900 AGCO R62, 285 hp Cummins, 2002, Y Monitor ..........$34,900 AGCO R52, 1998, 1605 hrs, Lateral Tilt, Chopper .......$66,500 CORN HEADS AGCO R630 hugger, 2008, poly, elec. strippers ..........$23,500 AGCO R830 Hugger, poly dividers, electric strippers ..$22,500 AGCO R636, 2013, poly, e. stripper, 800 acres ...........$17,900 Harvestec 4308C, 8x30, chopping knives ...................$18,400 GRAIN HEADS AGCO 8200-35’ Flex; SCH sickle, Forth & Aft reel .......$26,500 AGCO 8200, 25’ ex, SCH sickle, Forth & Aft. reel ......$19,500 USED SKID LOADERS & LOADERS Bobcat T770, 2 spd., joysticks, hi-ow, 2012 .............$52,500 Bobcat S650, cab, air, 2-sp, joysticks .........................$29,900

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DAIRY CALENDAR The 6th annual Rod Nilsestuen Legacy Event will address “Leadership in an Uncertain Agricultural Economy” presented by Douglas Wilson, CEO of Cooperative Resources International (CRI) on Monday, March 27, at 2 p.m. in the Kinnickinnic Theater in the University Center at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The event is free and open to the public. Wilson has been a leader in the agriculture industry for over 46 years. CRI is a holding cooperative with subsidiaries dedicated to cattle genetics and reproductive service (Genex), agricultural testing (AgSource Cooperative Services) and advanced assisted reproduction technologies and biotechnology (MOFA Global). Wilson has received several awards and recognitions in the agricultural eld, among them the UW-River Falls Distinguished Agriculturalist Award. Nilsestuen, who earned his undergraduate degree at UW-River Falls, was the Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection at the time of his death in July 2010. He is remembered as a proud steward of sustainable agriculture and a leader in the national cooperative movement who strove to balance the needs of sustainable land use with the maximization of agricultural production. Nilsestuen worked to nd common ground on topics like the power of cooperatives, farmland conservation, the future of rural America and the increased pressure on agriculture to feed the world. The Rod Nilsestuen Fund was established by friends, family, and colleagues, and several land conservation and cooperative organizations, and is part of the Ralph K. Morris Foundation, an organization that shares Nilsestuen’s dedication to cooperatives and leadership development. For more information, email vanessa.luther@uwrf.edu or call 715-425-4383. University of Wisconsin-Extension and UW Center for Dairy Protability are hosting a two-day workshop series, Farming Your Finances: a workshop for Wisconsin women in agriculture, on March 29-30, for farm women interested in improving their farm nancial management skills, part of the fabric of farm life and the farm business. This series includes in-class exercises to develop farm nancial management skills. Upon completion, participants will receive certication credit toward fullling FSA or other nancial institution’s educational requirements. Speakers include Sandy Stuttgen, UW-Extension Taylor County agriculture agent; Heather Schlesser, UW-Extension Marathon County agriculture agent; Simon Jette-Nantel, UW-Extension farm management specialist at UW-River Falls; Nate Splett, Outreach Specialist, UW Center for Dairy Profitability; and Jenny Vanderlin, Assistant Director of the UW Center for Dairy Protability. The workshop will be held at the Athens Fire Hall, 301 State Hwy 97, Athens, WI (across from fair grounds). Each day will cover different subjects, building on content from the previous session. Registration is $20 and includes snacks, lunches and educational materials, including a copy of Fearless Farm Finances. Class size is limited to 15 participants. Pre registration is required. For more information about the workshop, please contact: Heather Schlesser, UWExtension Marathon County, 715-261-1230. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls expects nearly 1,000 students to complete when they host the 57th Annual Agricultural Technology Contest on April 1. The contest includes a series of career development events hosted by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) that allows Wisconsin and Minnesota FFA members to showcase their knowledge. The contests focus on agricultural communications, agricultural technology and mechanical systems, agronomy, dairy cattle evaluation, farm business management, oriculture, food science and technology, forestry, horse evaluation, livestock evaluation, middle school agriscience, nursery/landscape, soils, veterinary science and wildlife. Students will compete in 15 team Turn to CALENDAR | Page 22

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 21

Page 22 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017


‘94 Houle 36’ Lagoon Pump, 540 RPM PTO, MultiPurpose Option - $9,218

Used Hose Reel, Hydraulic Drive and Brake, Pivoting Tongue, Holds Roughly 12 Hoses - $15,000 Hose Sold Separately

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Purpose Under Carriage, HD Drive Line, 350 Gearbox



‘12 Farmstar 1000 Hose Reel, HD Frame, Hyd Drive,

‘13 Houle 42’ Agi Lagoon Pump, 540 RPM PTO, Multi-

‘14 Farmstar 1408 Hose Reel, Hyd Drive, Super Single

Torsion Ales, 12/16.5 14 Ply Tires, Level Wind, Manual Dog Clutch - $17,000

Tires, Lights, Walking Tandem Axle, Manual Dog Clutch, Pivoting Level Wind - $29,000

ConƟnued from CALENDAR | Page 21

‘06 Houle 52’ Agi Lagoon Pump, Multi-Purpose Option, Dual Wheels, 1000 RPM PTO


‘12 Cadman Hose Reel, Model 4600M Converted to 5100XL, 750’ of 5.1” Hose, No Menders or Welds - $45,000

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The next issue of the Dairy Star is published April 8th. Advertising and news deadline is Friday, March 31st.

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events and will have three additional contest opportunities. UW-River Falls coordinates the Wisconsin FFA state contests for agricultural communications and food science and technology. First-place teams will advance to compete at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind., in October. Seven of these events also serve as qualifying contests for the Wisconsin FFA Association Career Development Events (CDE) to be held April 28 in Madison. These events include agricultural technology and mechanical systems, dairy evaluation, oriculture, horse evaluation, livestock evaluation, wildlife and veterinary science. For more details about the contests, visit the Agricultural Education Department website at http:// www.uwrf.edu/AGED/CDE/AgriculturalTechnologyContest.cfm or email Bode at madeline.bode@ my.uwrf.edu. The Crow Wing County Dairy Princess and ambassador contest will be April 1 at the Pierz Ballroom. Dinner will be served from 7 to 8 p.m. with the coronation and a dance to follow. Tickets are $12 for adults and $8 for children 12 and under, if purchased by March 25 or $15 at the door. They may be purchased from the following contestants or by calling Rosanne at 218-828-1998. Candidates running for junior dairy princess are Arica and Jenna Caughey, daughters of Aric and Jenny Caughey of Brainerd. They own JenAric Dairy. Arica is 15 and a freshman at Brainerd High School. She enjoys band and is a member of the Brainerd FFA and Daggett Brook 4-H Club. Arica’s favorite dairy product is mild cheddar cheese. Her sponsors are M&K Wings Café, LLP, Crow Wing County Farm Bureau, Sunrise Ag, and Litke’s Veterinarian Service. Jenna is 14 and in the 8th grade at Forestview Middle School. Her favorite subject is science and she enjoys milking cows. Jenna is a member of the Daggett Brook 4-H Club and her favorite dairy product is chocolate milk. Her sponsors are Al Olson Express, LLC, Farmers and Merchants State Bank, Wally Thesing Casino Tours, and McDonalds. Candidates for dairy ambassador are Alexis Schroer and Allison Struffert. Alexis,13, is the daughter of Rick and Susan Schroer, Brainerd. She is in the 7th grade at Forestview Middle School. Alexis’ favorite subject is language arts. She is in 4-H, girl scouts, horse club and speech. Her favorite dairy product is milk. Alexis’ sponsors are Culver’s of Baxter, Jerome Marshik, Pioneer Lake Mutual Insurance, and Pierz Cooperative. Allison Struffert,13, is the daughter of Jess and Kelly Struffert of Brainerd. She is in the 7th grade at Forestview Middle School. Her favorite subject is history and she raises rabbits and goats for her 4-H projects. Allison enjoys playing the guitar and ukulele. Her favorite dairy product is cheese. Allison’s sponsors are Ag Star, Crow Wing Power, Modern Farm Equipment, and Long Prairie Packing. The dairy princesses and ambassadors will promote dairy products throughout the year at parades, farm tours, dairy days, classroom visits and the fair. Women in Agriculture Network (WAGN) is excited to announce its April seminar: Becoming a Preferred Employer. The event will take place April 4, at the Heintz Center in Rochester, Minn. (1926 Collegeview Rd E, Rochester, MN 55904). Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. and the program runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The fee is $20, which covers the cost of lunch. Payment can be made the day of the event. Betty Berning, Extension Educator shares, “Finding and keeping employees is a challenge for agricultural employers. We hear about this issue often. Farmers are also concerned about employee safety and managing employee risk on their operation. This program will cover all of these topics. Participants will leave with ideas on how to attract and retain employees. We’ll also spend some time on talking about how an employee handbook can help retain employees, increase employee safety, and manage a farm’s risks.” The Women in Ag Network offers more information Turn to CALENDAR | Page 23

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 23

ConƟnued from CALENDAR | Page 22

about the program, including registration details at: http://z.umn.edu/AprWAGN. To learn more about Women in Ag Network, please visit: http://www.extension.umn. edu/agriculture/business/women-in-ag/. The Wisconsin Holstein Association is excited to announce the second year of the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase, to be held in conjunction with the Midwest National Spring Holstein Show at the New Holland Pavilions in Madison, Wis., on April 27-29. This year’s Showcase will feature Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn, Jersey, Red and White, and Black and White Holstein breeds. This year’s Midwest National Spring Holstein Show will be one of four breed shows that encompass the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase. New to this year’s event are the Ayrshire and Milking Shorthorn breeds, which will show Thursday afternoon starting at 4 p.m. The Midwest National Spring Jersey Show is in its second year, and will be held the same day and time as the Midwest National Red and White Show on Friday, April 28 at 10 a.m. The Midwest National Black and White Holstein Show will follow in its normal day and time slot, on April 29 starting at 8:30 a.m. This event will showcase elite animals from numerous states around the United States. The Wisconsin Holstein Association and its board of directors are excited to take advantage of these outstanding facilities and the opportunity to bring multiple breed shows to one location in Madison. Chad Ryan will judge this year’s Holstein and Jersey shows, while Paul Trapp will judge the Red and White show, and Joe Gibbs will serve as judge for the Ayrshire/MilkingShorthorn show. Wisconsin Holstein invites all breeders and spectators to attend this year’s show. Exhibitors can enter online for all three shows, or print a form from the WHA website. The initial entry deadline for all the shows is April 1, 2017. Information for ordering supplies is also available on the web, and orders must be in by April 15, 2017. Renewable energy systems are rapidly gaining use in agricultural production. The University of Minnesota and the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC), Morris, are at the forefront of renewable energy research and development for Minnesota farms. Renewable energy technologies will be showcased at the 2017 Midwest Farm Energy Conference, June 13-14. The 2017 Midwest Farm Energy Conference. Practical information for agricultural producers regarding energy technologies for Midwest farms. Presentations given by energy experts and professionals at the U of MN West Central Research and Outreach Center. Registration begins at 12 p.m. Afternoon sessions focus on energy optimized systems for dairy production, including: • MN and WCROC Dairy Farm Energy Consumption • Creating a “Net-Zero” Dairy; Optimizing Energy Production and Use • Dairy Energy Life Cycle Assessment • Utilizing Dairy Wastewater for Sustainable Production of Energy, Feed, and Food • Dinner and Keynote Speakers On June 14, registration begins at 7 a.m. Sessions focus on energy conservation and generation in swine facilities, including: • Industry Perspectives on Swine Energy Systems • Energy Conservation in Livestock & Swine Production • Energy Consumption in Commercial Swine Facilities • Reducing Fossil Fuel Use in Swine Systems • Financing, Economics, and Case Studies More conference details, including agenda and presenters, at http://z.umn.edu/ mfec2017.

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Every year marks a new journey for you and your silage. Mother Nature, molds, mycotoxins and other spoilage agents cause plenty of twists, turns and bumps in the road. Using proven Sil-All® forage inoculants can help you maintain the course and shift your silage quality into cruise control.

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Used Equipment Specials

USED HAY TOOLS Vermeer 605 Cornstalk Special, low bale count .............................Coming Soon! Vermeer 605 SM Cornstalk Special ...............................................Coming Soon! Vermeer 605 Super M with power windguard 2013 model, BAU1608G .$32,500 Vermeer 604 Super J, twine only, BAU1602G ...........................................$4,500 Vermeer 605 Super J, twine only, BAU1605G ...........................................$5,500 Vermeer 605 M Baler, approx. 17,000 bales, BAU1508G ........................$ 18,500 John Deere 854 baler, 1 year old, approx. 5800 bales, BAU1502G, unbelievable price ................................................................................$31,500 John Deere 569 baler, BAU1501G, 7200 bales, LIKE NEW, new pick up teeth...............................................................................$33,500 Gehl 1875 Baler, 5x6 bales, BAU1504G........................................................CALL Vermeer VR1022 rake, like new, HYU1612G .............................................$7,250 Tonutti V12 rake, some new teethe, HYU1515G .......................................$4,200 Vermeer MC1030 mower conditioner, very nice ............................Coming Soon! MacDon Hydra swing mower, HYU1601G ................................................$9,750 Bush Hog 3 point disc mower, HYU1608G ................................................$3,250 H&S in-line bale Wrapper, model BW1000, HYU1602G ..........................$23,500 Massey Ferguson 2746A, 2007 model-6x4 baler, BAU1609G..................$14,500 Vermeer CPX 9000 processor “Catapult”, HYU1613G ...............................$32,000 JIFFY 920 Bale Processor, HYU1701G ........................................................$7,250 USED FORAGE BOXES Massey Ferguson Model 116 Forage box, left front unload, FWU1602G ...$2,850 H&S LK500, Front unload silage box, FWU1603G .....................................$1,250 John Deere 2 row wide chopper head, 36” rows, green, FWU1601G .............Call Used 16 ft Miller Pro model 5100 forage box, 4 wheel gear, FWU1511G .................................................................................. $9,500 each 4100 Miller Pro Silage Box, FWU1513G ....................................................$3,775 H&S 20’ front unload forage box, FWU1514G ...........................................$7,000 Badger BN950 forage box, very nice, FWU1515G .....................................$4,500 2- Badger 1055 forage boxes, tandem axle .................................................CALL 3- Badger 1050 forage boxes, tandem axle .................................................CALL Used Badger Blower .......................................................................... Make Offer MANURE PUMPS 2015 Farm Star Tool Bar for Drag Hose, excellent shape, MEU1701 .............CALL Dayton Blower for Manure solids, used 2 months, #2C799, MEU1601G ..................................................................................Call for Price Used Houle 60” cable scraper drive, good shape.......................................$3,000 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/twin 20 HP motors, USED, MPU1501G ..................................................................................asking $4,300 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/30 HP motor, USED, MPU1505G..asking $4,000 10’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump with twin 20 HP motors, USED - MPU1507G .....................................................................asking $4,300 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/no motors, set up for twin motors, USED- MPU1508G .................................asking $3,500 Oro Flex Hose, 2 miles, Brand new, never used, 6” supply with couplers......CALL USED MIXERS Luck Now – model 300, 4 auger mixer, MWU1601G ..............................$12,500 Roorda Feeder Wagon w/ scale .............................................Coming Soon, Call! Knight 3300 Feeder Wagon ...................................................Coming Soon, Call! NEW & USED DAIRY EQUIPMENT 2-used Suterbilt 3M vacuum pumps ..................................................Call for price Double 10 Blue Diamond parallel parlor with SST2 detachers, 3” low line, single receiver, jetter trays, curb, gates, 10 hp Suterbilt vacuum pump,10hp Westfalia 2800 vacuum pump, 20 DeLaval milking units & pulsators . Call, Offer Pending Used Mensch sand shooter, model 1050 with new belt............................$2,750 Used M800 plate cooler, aluminum end plates............................................$500

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Used Calf Star pasteurizer, 5 gal. per minute model, DEU1501G ...............$8,000 New 2 bath automated footbath assembly, stainless baths & control – ½ price – never used, DEN1402G .............................$7,000 Used Boumatic 3” stainless receiver group, receiver with trap, pump, mounting panel & probes..........................................................................Call 10 used Boumatic Companion detachers, #U3557554 ....................... $415 each 5 used Boumatic Companion detachers with milk yield indicators, U3557820 ..................................................... $450 each Blue Diamond double 8 parlor, rapid exit herringbone stall, pre-assembled, DEU1410G .................................................................$12,950 16 used Boumatic 4400 detachers, with new gaskets & diaphragms, U3557444............................................................... $415 each Dayton Air Handler, like new, used only several weeks, 12000 CFM, 3C010.......................................................................Call for Price Used Mensch 2100 Sideshooter, sawdust, Ready to Go ................................Call! MANURE SPREADERS Knight 8140 Side Slinger, Just in, MSU1605G .........................................$22,500 Roorda model 416 manure spreader, single axle, top beater & endgate, MSU1410G ..................................... Reduced to $10,000 Balzer 400 bu. spreader, MSU1504G.........................................................$4,000 Knight 8040 side slinger, new chains, new flighting, excellent hammers, #MSU1501G........................................................$24,500 Used Meyer 3954 spreader, lots of new parts, great shape, MSU1601G....$7,000 New Holland 190 spreader, very nice, MSU1602G ....................................$8,000 New Holland 195 spreader, very nice, MSU1603G ....................................$9,500 LIQUID MANURE TANKS ‘95 Houle EL48, 9500 gal. spreader tank, fair condition, w/disk incorporators, MTU1504G .......................................................$19,500 ‘97 Houle EL84, 6000 gal. spreader, new tires, new disks, good shape, MTU1505G......................................................................$24,000 NEW ON THE LOT Cloverdale 600 mixer wagon Vermeer baler model 504 PRO, Awesome machine Vermeer 605N Corn stalk special, Back In Stock CPX 9000 Vermeer Catapult Bale Processor, must see, Back In Stock BPX9000 Vermeer Bale Processor, $19,200 while stock unit lasts Vermeer Disc Mowers, 6ft & 7 ft. plus the new model 1428 rake VR1428 rake

Milking Equipment • Manure Equipment • Feeding Equipment • Housing • Route Supplies

ORDER NOW TO GUARANTEE DELIVERY! Truck Tire Sidewalls For Silage Piles Fabric/B ia Sidewalls s Available

Livestock - FOR SALE

REGISTERED HOLSTEIN 45 COW CLOSED HERD, Level 4 Johnes neg., 60+ yrs. AI, 40+ yrs. corrective mating, low SCC, vaccination program, high producing, healthy herd. Call Art and Jane Stumpf 320-6307289. 2-2-VM HOLSTEIN SPRINGING HFRS. & just fresh hfrs., AI. Call 320-4120414. 3-1-F REGISTERED GENOMIC TESTED BULLS from Bomaz Farms, breeding age and younger. Please contact Bob 715-222-4348. 3-2-F YEARLING REGISTERED JERSEY BULL, sired by Impression, 94 pt. Jade dam & 95 pt. grand dam, $1,000. Call 701-4089094. 4-TFN-F ABOUT 25 ORGANIC JERSEY MILK COWS, various ages & stages of lactation, closed herd for 16 yrs., 2,200/cow. Call 715-748-4606. 3-3-F

REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, from three or more generations of EX 30,000 lbs. dams, Brookings, SD. Call 605-690-6393. TFN-F HOLSTEIN BULLS, red or black, closed herd, Johnes & Leukosis test negative, guaranteed breeders. Call 507-920-5859 or 507-879-3489. 2-24-P SERVICEABLE AGE HOLSTEIN AND JERSEY BULLS, from good type and production families; also cows, Glencoe, MN. Call 320-864-6555. 4-TFN-F DAIRY GOAT DOES, out of Hostetler breeding; also breeding bucks available. Call 319-350-5819. 24-TFN-F FRESH OR SPRINGING COWS AND HEIFERS, Holstein & Brown Swiss. Call 608-482-2726. 20-TFN-F

1) HOLSTEIN BULL, serviceable age, out of closed herd, vaccinated, dehorned. Call 218-493-4262 or 218-493-4426. 3-1-F

REGISTERED SHORTHORN BULL, 1 yr. old, phenomenal breeding. Call 320-333-6521, ask for Mike. 3-1-F

1-10 REGISTERED HOLSTEIN MILK COWS; also clean up semen, $1/unit. Call 320583-6564. 23-TFN-F


50 HOLSTEIN COWS, tiestall, closed herd, Level 4 Johnes neg., over 20 yrs. AI, 25 yrs. ofcial DHIA test, 24,000 RHA, 3.9F, 3.2P. Call 320-594-2861 or 320-766-5852. 3-1-F REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, exc. type and production. Call Scott Rickeman 320-552-0284. 10-TFN-F 5 JERSEY X HOL BRED HEIFERS, 900 lbs., vaccinated & poured, $1,175. Call 320-760-2705. 18-TFN-B 1 BLUE ROAN BULL, Holstein/Milking Shorthorn cross; also 2 Milking Shorthorn bulls. Call 320968-8709. 18-TFN-F

No mess – h wit sidewalls ge la eliminate si and water ms storage proble h it associated w old tires

R&W FACED BULL, 1,200 lbs., asking $1,500. Call 952-449-1008. 2-2-F

REG. BROWN SWISS BULLS, all ages, exc. pedigrees, big enough to breed cows. Call 320-587-6384 or 320-583-0336. 16-TFN-B REG. BROWN SWISS CALVES, bred hfrs., & cows, exc. breeding, quality & type, north of Cokato, MN. Call 612-508-4300. 23-TFN-F AI SIRED SPRINGING HOLSTEIN HFRS., due April/May, bred to sexed semen; also fresh 2 yr. old Holstein, sound. Call 507273-2198. 3-1-B 70 HOLSTEIN COWS, retiring, 22,800 lb. herd avg., 4.0F, SCC under 100,000, breeding w/CRI since 1976, closed herd. Call 715-644-2357. 2-2-F

HOLSTEIN BULLS-Great selection from EX and VG high-producing cows, 26,800 RHA, Johnes free. Call Olmar Farms at 507-794-2697 or 507-2200730. 1-TFN-B GLEN-DODIE REGISTERED HOLSTEINS, SPRINGING HEIFERS and cows. Call 763-4988978. 2-3-F REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, from three or more generations of EX 30,000 lbs. dams, Brookings, SD. Call 605-6906393. TFN-F 60-COW HOLSTEIN HERD, ofcial DHIA, RHA 30,838, 3.6%, 1,095BF 3.0%, 913P, Select Sires breeding. Call 608-994-2803 or 608-7324027. 1-TFN-F 36 DHIA DAIRY COWS, low SCC, good udders/ type, freestall, 38,000 bulk tank SCC, 1st/2nd/3rd lactation. Call 507-227-0579. 23-TFN-F 34 BRED BEEF COWS, spring calving, vaccinated & poured, $1,275. Call 320-760-2705. 18-TFN-B GROUPS OF HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES and cross calves, 3 to 10 days old. 3 sizes available. Also, prestarted calves in our huts. Groups of 300600 lb. Holstein steers. reynoldslivestock.com Call 608-574-7428. 23-5-B BRANT FARMS PRODUCTION SALE: Selling over 80 head of Simmental and Sim-Angus cattle. 40 spring-calving cows; majority with calves at side. 5 fancy open hiefers. 40 Red or Black yearling and 18-month old Simmental and Sim-Angus bulls. All have been ulta sounded and semen tested. Noon, Saturday, April 8th at the farm, Hinckley, MN. For a free catalog, contact Ron Brant 612-390-3836, John Von Rueden 612-490-1649 or Julie Franko 218-5651759 or go online at www.ebersale.com 3-1-VM



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Livestock - FOR SALE

HOLSTEIN, SERVICEABLE AGE BREEDING BULLS, 35 yrs., AI breeding. Call 320-761-2526 or 320-293-5607. 12-TFN-F

COMPLETE HERD OF HOLSTEIN PARLOR COWS, 146 milking, 22 dry, avg. SCC under 100. Call 320-980-5757 or 320980-5758. 2-4-F AI BRED REGISTERED HOLSTEIN COWS & HEIFERS, nice & fancy, AI breeding since 1961. Call Don Mil Dale Holsteins 605-868-2902. 24-TFN-F BREEDING BULLS, top quality, 27,800# herd, EX dams, up to 49,000 lbs. milk; bull calves. Call 320548-3542 or 320-333-5906. 15-TFN-F FANCY R&W REG. HOLSTEIN BULL, 14 mos. old, ready for service. Call 715-418-0426. 3-3-F REGISTERED 1500 LB. HOLSTEIN BULL; 8 Companion detachers w/ Flowstar claws. Call for info 608-853-1388. 5-TFNF HOLSTEIN BULLS, serviceable age, red or black, delivery available, north of Rochester, MN. Call 507732-5930. 3-1-F 15 BRED HOL HEIFERS, 1,000-1,300 lbs., $1,450. Call 320-760-2705. 18-TFN-B

Livestock WANTED

ALL CLASSES OF SPRINGER DAIRY COWS. No jockeys. Call 320-760-6050. 20-TFN-F COMPLETE HERDS OF DAIRY CATTLE; also buying all classes of livestock including cull cows, steers, hfrs. and calves. Call 715-216-1897. 7-TFN-B LOOKING TO BUY BULL CALVES in Sioux Falls, Brookings, Watertown area, prefer larger dairies & once/week pickup. Call to discuss price 605-770-2239. 2-4-VM BUTCHER COWS, bulls, & fats; also thin, lame, lazy, & lump jaw. Call 320-894-7175. 11-TFN-B YOUNG FAMILY LOOKING FOR DAIRY HERD ON MILK ASSIGNMENT, down payment and open to options. Call 605-880-3235. 2-3-F WANTING TO BUY SLOW & LAME CATTLE, lump-jaws and bad eyes and all blemished cattle, $200-$600; also, good cull cows and bulls, $600$2,000. Call 612-860-8774 or 651-480-1900. 4-TFNB

SERVICEABLE AGE BULLS, R&W AND B&W, sires Alexander, Superstition, Redburst and others, dams EX and VG, over 30,000 milk. Call 320-583-6564. 7-TFN-F REGISTERED HOLSTEIN, GUERNSEY & JERSEY MILK COWS, all VG or EX, $1,909 ea. Call 701-408-9094. 7-TFN-F BRED AYRSHIRE HEIFERS; double-9 herringbone parlor, SS, 9 yrs.; freestalls, dual-action water mattresses, 3 yrs. Call 712786-2302. Call 23-TFN-F BULLS, home-bred, variety of ages/genetics. Alberts Pine-Shelter Farms, Pine Island, MN (just north of Rochester). Call Dave at 507-356-8625 or 507-3564462. TFN-B OVERSTOCKED! 25 fancy springer Holstein hfrs., 7-8 months bred, all vac. and records available, 20+ years of AI genetics, $1,800. Call Lee 701-3405968. 2-2-F BROWN SWISS BULLS, home raised, registered, genomic tested, A2A2 tested, delivery available. Call 563-419-2137 or visit



(15) HOLSTEIN SPRINGER HFRS., freshening in May. Call 218-837-5479. 3-3-F DAIRY HOL SPRINGERS, 35 yrs, AI breeding. Call 320-424-0328. 3-1-F

Hay, Straw, Bedding & Feed - FOR SALE DAIRY QUALITY ALFALFA BALAGE, 1st, 2nd, 3rd crop, high protein, no rain. Call 563-5816261. 3-2-F OPEN POLLINATED SEED CORN, upper Midwest adapted yellow dent, high quality feed, seed cleaned and tested, $75/ bu. Call 319-895-6924 or laura@abbehills.com www.AbbeHills.com 3-1-B LARGE AMOUNT OF DAIRY QUALITY HAY; also 3x4x8 bales of straw, stored inside. Call Blair Hay Company 320-8158964. 21-TFN-B WESTERN DAIRY QUALITY ALFALFA & baleage & straw at reasonable prices. Call 605-9991118. 19-TFN-B 3X3X8 BIG SQUARE BALES OF HAY, alfalfagrass $56/bale, alfalfa $59/ bale. Call 218-639-1110. 3-TFN-F HAY & HAYLAGE, dry cow to dairy quality. Call 218-587-4672. 22-TFN-F

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SALES & SERVICE SINCE 1976 Mueller Sales and Service and Paul Mueller Co have been working together to service the dairy farmers with Mueller Dairy Equipment Bulk Tanks, Plate Coolers, and D-Heater Chillers since 1976.

Let our experience work for you! Awarded the President’s Golden Cooler Award

Jerome 20 years experience

In-house refrigeration for all your milking needs. 24 hours / 7 days/week • Service all brands

Visit us online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...


DAIRYSTAR .COM ate e d e Est Larg with Wi s n m o i e t t Auc iety of I Var

Russ 36 years experience Paul 26 years experience

320-864-3556 • 888-205-0974 Dairy Farm Equipment

Nice Main Line of We tai Mac ned Farmll h i ne ry


To assist in the settlement of the estate, the following will be sold at auction located 8 miles north of Pierz, MN on MN State Highway 25, then 3 miles east and north on County Road 48 and County 23, then 2.5 miles north on County Tar #23 (285th Ave.), then ¾ mile east on 268th Street to farm; or 1 mile west of Harding on County 51, then 2.5 miles north on County 23, then ¾ mile east on 268th Street to Farm #29287. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

FRIDAY, APRIL 7, Tractors 1999 John Deere Model 7410 TwoWheel Drive Diesel Tractor, Full Vision Dual Door Cab, Good 18.4 R X 38 Inch Rear Rubber, Dual Hydraulics, 540 / 1000 PTO, 16 Speed Power Quad, 3-Point, Shows 4488 Hours, SN #R7410H023023, (Nice Condition) 1991 John Deere Model 2955 Two-Wheel Drive Tractor, Sound Guard Cab, 3-Point, 8 Speed Transmission with Hi-Lo, Dual Hydraulics, 540/ 1000 PTO, Sells with John Deere 148 All Hydraulic Loader, 7-Ft. Material Bucket, 48 Inch Bucket, Shur-Lock Quick Tach Bucket System, Shows 7454 Hours, SN #LO2955T 734148, (Nice Unit) 1996 Ford Model 6640 SLE TwoWheel Drive Diesel Tractor, Cab, 4 Front Weights, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 8 Speed Transmission, 540 / 1000 PTO, 15.5 x 38 Inch Rear Rubber, SN# 003076B Case Wheatland Gas Tractor, SN #5108812LA1, (Not running but engine is free)

Railroad Cart, Stored Inside (2) Milk Can Carts

Livestock & Utility Trailers & Livestock Equipment 2008 Ponderosa 6x16 Ft. PullType Stock Trailer, Center Gate, Two Way Rear Door H&S 20-Ft. Tri Cycle Front Bunk Feeder Wagon Shop Built 8 Ft. X 22 Ft. Triple Axle Flat Bed with Ramps 14-Ft. Vandale Surface Drive Silo Unloader, Cable, Cord 16-Ft. Surface Drive Silo Unloader, Cable, Cord Round Bale Feeder 11 Bu. Poly Feed Cart US Electric Bedding Chopper with 3 H.P. Motor Patz 18-Ft. Belt Conveyor 36 Inch Alley Fan Ritchie Waterer Patz Barn Cleaner Head Misc. Farm Gates Misc. Lumber

John Deere Dozer

Manure Equipment & General Farm Machinery New Holland Model 185 Tandem Axle Manure Spreader, Hydraulic Endgate, Complete New Beater Assembly, Poly Floor, (Nice Condition) Butler Tank-R Tandem Axle Model Super Mix 2800 10,500 Liter Liquid Manure Tank, Front Discharge Butler 28-Ft. Liquid Manure Lagoon Pump on Transport 6 Inch X 30 Ft. Fill Pipe on Transport Brady Model 1680 14-Ft. Stalk Chopper Kewanee Model 500 48-Ft. PTO Crop Elevator, Truck Hopper John Deere #78 8-Ft. 3-Point Blade 18.4 x 38 Inch Band Duals

New Holland Model 353 Grinder Mixer, Folding Auger, Magnet, Extra Screens, (Nice Condition) Minnesota Model 260 Gravity Box with Roll Tarp on MN Heavy-Duty 8 Ton Wagon NuBilt 250 Bu. Gravity Box with Roll Tarp, 10-Ft. Hyd. Drill Fill Auger on EZ Trail Wagon, Ext. Pole MN 250 Gravity Box on EZ Trail Wagon, Ext. Pole MN 260 Gravity Box on Factory Wagon, Ext. Pole EZ Flow Gravity Box on EZ Trail Wagon, Ext. Pole Loader or 3-Point Mounted Bale Spear Flair Box with Hoist and Four-Wheel Wagon Older Brady Model 1440 12-Ft. Stalk Chopper for Parts Old Manure Spreader for Wood Hauler

Combine, Heads & Windrower 1979 John Deere 4400 Diesel Combine, Gear Drive, Shows 2708 Hours, SN #351376 John Deere 443 4-Row X 30 Inch High Tin Corn Head John Deere 444 4RW Corn Head John Deere 4-Belt Pickup Head John Deere Model 800 Windrower, 12-Ft. Draper Head, Hume Reel, Umbrella

Hay & Forage Equipment 2007 New Holland Model BR740A Silage Special Round Baler, Net Wrap, Xtra Sweep Pickup, Light Kit, One Owner, SN #Y7N030668, (Like New) 2009 New Holland Model H 7220 Mow Max 9-Ft. Disc-Bine, Light Kit, One Owner, SN #Y9N082978, (Very Nice Condition) 1994 John Deere Model 328 Square Baler, Model 40 Ejector, One Owner, SN #E00328X964352, (Excellent Condition) John Deere #38 Quick Tach Sickle Mower 9 x 16 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack on EZ Trail 8 Ton Wagon, Flotation Tires, Ext. Pole Shop Built Hay Tedder 3-Point Bale Mover

Ag-Bagger Ag-Bagger Model JR 8-Ft. Bagger, 100 Ft. Cable, SN# JR 0097, (Nice Condition)

Trailer & Skid Loader Attachments

69 In. X 10 Ft. Tandem Axle Skid Loader Trailer with Ramps Bobcat Hydraulic Skid Loader Mounted Post Auger, 12 Inch Auger Virnig 60 Inch Skeleton Style Rock Fork Skid Loader Mounted 3 Prong Bale Spear

New Holland Model 144 Windrow Inverter, (Nice Condition) Gehl Model 760 Forage Harvester, 1000 RPM, Gehl 30-38 Corn Head and Hay Head New Holland Model 27 Forage Blower Gehl 980 16-Ft. Vari Sweep Forage Box with MN 13 Ton Tandem Axle Wagon, Flotation Tires, Ext. Pole, SN #51043 Gehl Model 980 16-Ft. Vari Sweep Forage Box, SN #50877 on Gehl HD Tandem Axle Wagon, Ext. Pole, Flotation Tires 8x16 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack on Kasten Wagon, Ext. Pole 8x16 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack on Stanhoist Wagon 26-Ft. Bale Elevator on Transport, ¾ H.P. Electric Motor (2) 8x16 Ft. Wooden Flat Racks on Older Four Wheel Wagons

Grain Dryer & Augers Farm Fans Model AB-8B Automatic Batch Style Grain Dryer on Transport, 1 H.P. 220 V Motor, Shows 4341 Hours, SN #8186 TP, (Nice Condition) Farm King 8x56 PTO Grain Auger Westfield 8 Inch X 24 Ft. Auger with 220 V Elect. Motor 4 In. X 16 Ft., 4 In X 12 Ft. & 4 In. X 10 Ft. Augers & Motors

Hay & Oats Approx 300 Small Square Bales of 2015 Third Crop Alfalfa Approx. 15 Round Bales of Mixed 2015 Hay Approx 500 Bushels of 2015 Oats

Mrs. Richard (Diane) Brisk, Owner MID -AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC.


SALE TIME: 10:30 A.M. J & B Lunch Wagon

NOTE: The Brisk family have farmed on this farm for many years and are well known in the area. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Brisk farm estate auction. Most major items have been stored inside and have been well maintained. Please plan on prompt attendance as we will be selling major items soon after beginning of auction. We will begin with tools and miscellaneous, followed by livestock equipment, then farm machinery. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Saturday, April 1st. Online bidding available on major items through Proxibid. To register for online bidding, please call 877-505-7770. In the event of severe weather, please listen to KASM 1150 AM or check our website at: www.midamericanauctioninc.com for weather related information. Thank you!

John Deere Model 450 Diesel Dozer, 18 Inch Tracks, 8.5 Ft. Push Blade, Brush Canopy, Shows 5004 Hours, SN 0766401

Collectible Items


Online Bidding on Major Items

AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Planting & Tillage Equipment John Deere Model 7200 Max Emerge II 6 Row X 30 Inch Finger Style Corn Planter, Dry Fertilizer, Fertilizer Box Extensions, Light Kit, Monitor, SN #H07200A655211, (Nice Condition) Case IH 9 Shank 10-Ft. Pull-Type Disc Chisel with Newer Gates HD 3 Bar Harrow, (Nice Condition) John Deere Model 215 16-Ft. Dura Cushion Tandem Disc, 3 Bar Harrow, Dual Wheels, (Nice Condition) Brillion 10-Ft. Grass Seeder, Acre Meter, SN #153946, (Nice Condition) Bush Hog 10-Ft. Off Set Disc, Notched Blades Melroe Model 911 5 x16 Inch Spring Reset Pull-Type Plow John Deere Van Brunt 12-Ft. Single Disc Grain Drill, Low Rubber, Hydraulic Lift, Grass Seeder Century 500 Gallon Crop Sprayer, PTO Pump, Approx. 40-Ft. Booms 4 Section Harrow on Cart 4 Row 3-Point Danish Tooth Cultivator Glencoe 12-Ft. Pull-Type Field Cultivator John Deere Van Brunt 12-Ft. Double Disc Grain Drill with Grass Seeder on High Steel, Hyd. Lift 3 Section and 2 Section Flex Drags with Eveners Older 150 Gallon Crop Sprayer

4-Wheelers, Tools & Misc. Items Yamaha Bear Track 250 2x4 Four Wheeler Honda Recon 2x4 Four-Wheeler, (Needs Work) 500 Gallon Fuel Barrel with Gas Boy Electric Meter Pump 500 Gallon Vertical Poly Tank Nuts 15-Ft. Jump Auger on Transport Bolts Fanning Mill Manual Tire Changer Craftsman 15 Inch 12 Speed ½ H.P. Drill Press on Adjustable Stand 24 Inch Metal Lathe Misc. Wrenches Socket Sets Misc. Tires and Rims Amrox Horizontal Power Hack Saw 60,000 lb. Continental Hydraulic Press

29287 268th St., Pierz, MN

For more information phone: (320) 277-3158 or (612) 275-9938

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC. Celebrating 46 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

www.midamericanauctioninc.com Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627

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(931) 437-2514


ID-TEK Automatic Calf Feeder • The most economical automatic feeder • RFID calf feeder • Handles up to 25 calves

Call 320-352-6303 6303 for more information.

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

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SPRING FARM AND MACHINERY AUCTION Saturday, April 1st @ 9:00 a.m. 1668 Jordan West Rd • Decorah, IA 52101

Lunch Stand on Site

This is just a HIGHLIGHT listing of the items we have so please go to www.cedarvalleyauction.com, www.auctionsgo.com, or www.auctionzip.com, to see many pictures we have taken or come check things out in person. Tractors: ‘99 JD 7410 FWA 3 remote hyd. & hyd. return, new tires & rebuilt hyd. pump, 2015 JD 3032 w/H130 Loader and 72� Mower Deck, 3pt., remote hyd. only 27 hrs., IH 1086, Cab. 3pt., 540/1000 PTO, JD 50, Farmall B, good paint, ‘92 7840 Ford Tractor, Cab, 3 pt. and Much, Much More! Vehicles: ‘04 Cadillac CTS, ‘95 Ford Taurus, ‘79 Ford Ranchero, great condition, IH Tandem-axle Grain Truck, and Much, Much More! Outdoors/Tools/Misc: JD D140, 48� Deck, only 140 hrs., Oliver 4 Btm. plow, Tub Grinder, Manure Spreader, 12 ft. IH Cultivator, Tandem Axle Car Trailer, 6300 JD 15ft. Drill w/15� spaces, Seed Auger, Trash Whips, Grain Drill Parts, Walsh Flair Box, Noble 4 btm. Cultivator, New 8k Watt Generator, Tandem Disc, IH 800 Planter w/ 30� space & dry fert., (4) Hesston Long Hyd. Cylinders, JD Field Cultivator Shanks, Wil-Rich Field Cultivator Shanks, Westendorf & Campbell Running Gears, MF 14ft. Disc, White 5100 Planter, 275gal Totes w/Cages, 55gal Plastic Drums, Industrial Shop Lights, New Feed Bunks, Lumber, (1)Hayrack w/Running Gear, (2) Replacement Hayrack Tops; Wagon 6� Seed Auger, Feed Bunks, and Much, Much More! Terms & Conditions: Announcements the day of the auction take precedence over any printed material. All settlements made day of auction. All items sold “AS IS�. Not responsible for accidents. Cash or good check on day of sale! Now excepting Credit & Debit Cards!


1668 Jordan West Road • Decorah, IA 52101

Decorah OfÀce (563) 382-2273 • Jerry (641) 330-1885 www.cedarvalleyiowarealty.com

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#!x :hr@iExB@YEnx)@b@DV@axtTE@pxnqi@t xjcqc Crq xOEDxSi@DEx "x (@ZEnx jDxCjcgxSj@nn @ZJAYM xqEnqEDx ! x9+= x ! x x .aDVs xtj@ggEDxB@YE@SExSj@nnx !x 9crbDxB@ZEnxSj@nn @ZI@ZNx bDxCjcgx !x 9crbDxB@ZEnxSj@nn @ZI@YJ@x nqxCjcgx "x ]bDVs xtj@ggEDxB@YE@SExIEnCrE @YHAYHAx qEnqEDx # x xgj x x 9crbDxB@ZEnx bDxCjcgxSj@nnx x (@ZEnxdjS@bWCxZWbE tj@ggEDxB@ZE@SEx pTxCjdgx v v!

/2<-/2&<).'/2-"5)/. <17&45)/.4 <".%<40&$)",<"22".(&-&.54<'/2<%&,)8&3: < 0,&"4&<$/.5"$5< < < < ! < </2< '/2<40&$+,<"22".(&-&.54<'/2<%&,*8&3; <$/.6$5< /245< 5"#,&4<"5<

< &4672".5</0&.<%"9</'<4",& < " " ! " " ! " " " ! " "

Kuhn Knight VT144 vertical TMR mixer - $27,000

Artex SBX600 Manure Spreader - Call

Patz 620 vertical TMR mixer - Call

Houle 42’ lagoon pump $21,800

Houle El54-4000 Manure Tanker - Call

Patz 500 Vertical TMR mixer $25,000



• Used 510 truck mount • 2) Patz 615 • 3) Patz 500


• 2) 42’ 6� Houle Lagoon pumps • 52’ 8� Lagoon pump • 2) 52’ 6� Lagoon pumps


• 2) ‘06 7300 • 3) ‘08 Houle 7300 ‘10 GEA 7300

See us for your FarmStar drag hose equipment needs! 1660 Jordan West Rd., Decorah, IA



Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 27

Hay, Straw, Bedding & Feed - FOR SALE

1ST CROP ALFALFA HAY, AND CORN STRAW ROUNDS, net and plastic wrapped. Call cell 605-695-8535 or home 320-573-2684. 3-1-F NON-GMO COB CORN AND SHELLED CORN; also dry cobs for bedding. Call 320-584-5814. 3-1-F

ALFALFA, mixed hay, grass hay, & feed grade wheat straw, med. sq. or round bales, delivery avail. Call or text LeRoy Ose 218-689-6675. 20-14-P 3X3 & 3X4 DAIRY & BEEF ALFALFA HAY, and wheat straw bales, delivered in semi-loads. Call Tom, Pribyl Hay, Thief River Falls, MN. Call 218686-1379. 2-TFN-B MILLET HAY, 4x5 round, net wrap, exc. high energy replacement for straw in your TMR, $60/ ton. Call 218-573-3172. 14-TFN-F ORGANIC CERTIFIED DAIRY/HEIFER QUALITY BALEAGE, in round bales, low potassium available, all lots tested, selling on dry matter basis, priced to sell. Call 563-586-2231. 1-TFN-B DRY SAWDUST for dairy barns. Delivered on walking oor trailers. For prices/availability call KRD Trucking. 320-864-2381. 2-13-P

1ST CROP ALFALFA HAY, 22.1% protein, 155 RFV; 3rd crop 21.98% protein, 157 RFV; 2nd crop 20.4% protein & 202.9 RFV. Call 320-2498547. 3-1-F STRAW, NET WRAPPED ROUND BALES & BIG SQUARES, clean, dry, stored inside, delivery available. Call 320-8088336. 15-TFN-F LARGE ROUND CORN STALK BALES, $25 ea. Call 320-304-2311. 18-TFN-F OPEN POLLINATED SEED CORN, out produces hybrids for silage, $67/ bu. plus shipping, leafy, sweet stalks, highly nutritious grain. Call 217-8573377. 24-4-VM 2ND CROP SMALL SQ. ALFALFA, also Holstein springing hfrs. Call 218282-6132. 3-1-F CERTIFIED ORGANIC 3X3X8 BEDDING HAY, $30; 4x5 1st crop round bales of hay, $35, stored inside. Call 608-539-2731 or cell 608-323-0223. 1-3F ALFALFA OR MEADOW HAY, large sq., large round 5x6, small round 4x5 & baleage. Call 320845-4197 or 320-2938821. 2-3-F

TOP QUALITY HAY, dairy and heifer, delivered by the semi-load from SD. Call Jerry Haensel, 605-363-3402 or 605-3219237 (c). 15-TFN-B 4X5 ROUND BALES OF HAY. Call 218-282-0541. 3-1-F ALL QUALITIES OF ALFALFA GRASS HAY in med. sq. & rounds; also med. sq. straw bales, certied, delivered in semi loads. Call 218-681-4028. 1-4-VM SE, SD 3X3X8 ALFALFA, stored inside, 150-206 RFV; certied organic alfalfa & orchard grass. Call 605-286-3873 or 605-9992010. 24-TFN-F

Help Wanted

LOOKING FOR FT HERDSMAN, 200 cows, some milking, must know how to breed & IV cows, housing avail., paid vacation, South-Central, MN. Call 612-701-0342. 20-TFN-F PART TIME HELP MILKING COWS, EXPERIENCED PREFURRED, south of Freeport, MN, experience preferred. Call 320-493-5310. 3-1-F 1900 COW DAIRY looking for bilingual parlor manager. Call 507-9515597. 8-TFN-F

SCHULER MS360 / MS510 Vertical Mixers



AUCTION Saturday, April 8, 2017 • 8:30 A.M. South Highway 71, Long Prairie, MN

Selling In Three Rings All Day Including: Complete lines, partial

lines and individual consignments of tractors, farm equipment, livestock equipment, trucks, trailers, ATVs and thousands of misc. items. Onlne Bidding Offered On Most Major Items Through Proxibid. For info to bid online, Phone. 877-505-7770. Make Plans Now To Attend One Of The Largest Auction Events In The Upper Midwest. Only A Fraction Of Items Listed In This Ad. For Complete Listing Go To: www.midamericanauctioninc.com, Or: Midwestauctions.com / Or Phone 320-352-3803

Selling Will Be:

Tractors Including: JD 7810 Mfwd with only 4450 hrs. JD 8440. JD 4020 side console. White 2-155. JD 520. JD 430-W. JD A’s, JD B’s. Plus Oliver, MF, AC and other tractors. Collectible Farm Machinery Skid Loaders Including: ‘08 Melroe S300 with only 553 oneowner hours. Cat 252B-3 diesel skid loader, 2 speed, 2089 hours. Plus several new and used skid loader attachments of all types Farm Equipment: (2) JD 6620 Turbo hydro combines. Several combine heads. ‘09 Krone 890 Big Pac square baler, 20,000 bales, like new. ‘14 Krone 800/26 rotary rake. ‘16 Krone 4 Rotor Tedder. Several round balers, wrappers, disc and conventional mower conditioners, forage harvesters, forage boxes, rakes, square balers, Tillage Equipment Including: Several good clean disc rippers, cushion gang discs, corn planters, drills, harrows, field cultivators of all types. General Farm Equipment Including: 2 J&M 385 bu. gravity boxes on Harms gears, like new, over 40 other gravity boxes various dizes, liquid and solid manure spreaders, 3 point equipment. TMR Mixers And All Types Of Livestock Equipment Trucks, Trailers, ATV’s, Lawn and Garden, New Portable Buildings, Skid Loader And Stationary Dumpsters. Plus: Literally Hundreds Of Related Items Too Numerous To List

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION CO. SPRING CONSINGMENT AUCTION For more info. phone Marv Hillig 320-815-8618


AUCTIONEERS: Al Wessel Lic. #77-60, PH. 320-760-2979

Quality Built To Last Longer STANDARD FEATURES: ³ Two Overlapping Augers ³ Two Heavy Duty Planetary Drive Systems ³ Front Discharge Conveyor w/81x Chain ³ Heavy Duty Viewing Platform ³ 4-Point Weigh Bar System ³ Bi-Pulse Unloading System ³ Adjustable Hay Restrictors ³ Adjustable Tongue Height

³ ¼” Inch Steel Side Walls ³ ½” Inch Steel Plate Floor ³ ½” Inch Thick Auger (AR Steel) ³ Bolt-On Edge Deñector ³ Large Door Opening ³ Heavy Duty Tires ³ 540 or 1000 RPM PTO (Auger knife blades and other options available)

Blue Hilltop, Inc. 507-879-3593 / 800-821-7092 Lake Wilson, MN • www.bluehilltop.com

Allen Henslin Ph. 320-979-1808


Come see us at the Schuler booth at the Central Plains Dairy Expo!

Kevin Winter Lic. #77-18 Ph. 320-760-1593

Silo Replastering

“We were able to replaster our old bunker silo for a fraction of the price of a new one. It was well worth the expense. We are very happy with the service we received from Osakis Silo.” - Woonsocket, SD Farmer

“I won’t have anybody else do my work. He’s very prompt, he’s good at what he does and he stands behind it.” - Little Rock, MN Farmer

“We had rocks showing in the cement and when it was finished, it was trawled smooth,” Glen said. “They were in and out and there was no mess.” - Avon, MN Farmer


SCHEDULE YOUR REPLASTERING NOW! WE REPLACE: • Augers • Gear boxes • Blowers • Collector rings • Electric motors We provide great service at reasonable cost! WE ALSO HAVE NEW & USED HANSON PARTS! The Best Service Crews, The Best Replacement Parts, The Best Service... That’s The Osakis Silo Advantage To You!!!


24 Hours Call 7 Days e im t Any A Week Out Of Minnesota Call 320-859-5340 300 E Main St., Osakis, MN • 320-859-5340 • Fax: 320-859-5751

Visit us online at www.osakissilo.com

Page 28 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017


at Heidelberger Equipment Saturday, April 1, 2017 • 9:30 a.m.

How to make your old machinery disappear...

Always Quality Equipment • Mark Your Calendar Now Selling 2 rings all day long - bring your neighbor, bring a friend!


For an up-to-date sale bill, log on to our website at www.heidelbergerllc.com or call Dale at 320-629-1122.

Equipment subject to prior sale. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. All sales are Ànal. Items subject to prior sale. Everything must be removed within 30 days. Minn. sales tax on any non-farm items. Auction bill made 3 weeks prior to date of sale. Many more items by day of sale. TERMS: Cash or good check day of sale. Not responsible for accidents. Statement made by auctioneers at auction take precedence over any printed matter.

Heidelberger Farm Equipment, LLC • 320-629-1122 3923 State Hw y. 70, Pine Cit y, MN • www.heidelbergerllc.com

Sell it in the classieds! 320-352-6303


#45919 2010 JD 7330, STD, PQ PLUS 3 SCV, 3698 HRS. WAU $65,000

42393 2008 JD 8130 MFWD, IVT, 4 SCV ELK $109,500


47535 2014 JD 5100E W/ H240 LDR, MFWD, 3 SCV ELK $47,500

46582 JD 1760 12R30”, VAC, 3 BU, RIGID ROW $22,000

47215 2005 JD 7420 MFWD W/LOADER 10,500 HRS. WAU $48,000

#46333 1991 JD 8760, BLADE NOT INCLUDED, 6862 HRS. CLE $39,000

CROPS/MECHANIC POSITION OPEN AT LYNDELL DAIRY, Lyndon Station, WI. Cropping 1800 acres, full-time, year round for eld work, mechanics, general farm maintenance and some cattle feeding. Valid driver’s license and current references required. Competitive wage, regular time off and nice housing available. Call 608-393-1386. 3-2VM FULL-TIME DAIRY MANAGER/OWNER IN TRAINING WANTED: Do you want to run your own dairy farm? Grazing dairy farmers in Minnesota and Wisconsin are now hiring full-time employees to work and gain the skills needed to become a dairy farm owner. Accredited training program provides paid employment and experience to move into farm ownership that includes nancial planning services and models of equity earning, farm start up, and farm transfer. Experience preferred. Motivation required. Call 507-421-7170. 2-3-B HERDSMAN FOR 1800 COW DAIRY, Central, MN, benets offered, hourly wage based on experience. Call 320-2930448. 14-TFN-F RETIRING MN DAIRYMAN WILLING TO HELP YOUNG FARMER TO GET STARTED, newer 80-cow freestall barn, feed, equipment and housing. Call 218-3711488. 1-3-VM


#45888 2009 MF 8670, MFWD W/SUSP. 3386 HRS. DYS $99,000

Help Wanted

47374 2014 JD 1760 12R30”, VAC, FLEX, 3.0 BU. NH $52,500

MILKER NEEDED on 54 cow dairy in Otter Tail County, pay negotiable. Call 218-849-2143. 11-TFN-F AGRONOMIST, looking for candidate with ag background who will assist mixing fertilizer and spraying chemical. Must have knowledge of soil sample reading and chemical, benecial. Call Winsted Co-op 320-485-3787. 3-2-B FT DAIRY POSITION for a motivated individual with strong work ethic and basic experience in milking and calf care. Work in a clean, modern, warm facility with registered Holsteins in southern, MN. Call 507-220-0730. 24-10-B AMBITIOUS PERSON / COUPLE for 270+ dairy, herd management and calf care in NE, IA. Housing available. Call 563-4191317. 4-TFN-F HELP WANTED, stall barn, possibility to transition into farm, will trade for housing. Write Box K, Dairy Star, 522 Sinclair Lewis, Ave., Sauk centre, MN 56352 or email ads@ dairystar.com. 2-4-F FT 3RD SHIFT MILKER on 400 cow dairy, NE IA, pay and benets based on experience. Call 563419-2137. 2-4-F WORK AVAILABLE, part-time milking & feeding chores, could lead to full-time work. Call 320256-7337, leave message. 3-2-F

2 NEW New Holland 7560 - Choice of two units

47703 2014 JD 6105 M W/310 LDR, 2WD, AIR SEAT, 6850 HRS MON $49,500

42944 1965 JD 3020 GAS, 540/1000 PTO 4500 HRS NH $5,900

#46869 1993 JD 7700, MFWD W/740 LDR, 7481 HRS. CRE $50,000

- Two-point attach or drawbar hitch

#45688 1984 JD 7200, 6 R30”, VAC, LIQ FERT DEC $12,750

- 15' 6" cut

$26,500 -

46108 JD 7200 12R30”, VAC, INSECT. MON $14,000 , , .................................. MON $14,000

#46412 1997 JD 1750, VAC, 1.6 BU, IND MARKERS, 6R30 ELK $18,500 IND MARKERS, 6R30 ... ELK $18,500

46597 1993 GEHL 3825 SSL, HAND CONTROLS ROW $7,900 CONTROLS .................... ROW $7,900

46566 2010 JD 637M DISK, 26’, 9” SPACING ROW $25,000 SPACING..................... ROW $25,000

For complete information on all our used equipment log on to bodimp.com

Bodensteiner Implement Co. Elkader • 563-245-2470 Clermont • 563-423-5206 Cresco • 563-547-2152 Decorah • 563-382-2961

Dyersville • 563-875-2724 Monticello • 319-465-3515

New Hampton • 641-394-3061 Oelwein • 319-283-4371 Rowley • 319-938-2222 Waukon • 563-568-3463


Your Northeast Iowa John Deere Dealers

715-896-1413 for details

70TH SPRINGTIME SALE Saturday, Apr. 1, 2017

11:00 a.m. • Elkhorn, WI 80 BROWN SWISS / 40 MILK COWS SELL Young cows * 34 are 1st & 2nd lactation 115 lbs/day cows with records over 30,000m. Commercial Dairyman! Most are parlor / freestall milked cows. Selected to MILK not just for show!

Most Brown Swiss herds getting from $20 - $22+ for their High Component milk! On COWBUYER.COM / Trucking to MN available. Catalog online: www.brownswisssales.com

Norman C. Magnussen PO Box 146, Lake Mills, WI

414-916-2428 cell


Bobcat S590 Skid-Steer Loader

Here’s Power!

Along with more horsepower, the new S590 loader delivers greater all-around performance! 2 speed available.

• Vertical Lift Path • 2100 lb. Rated Operating Capacity • 119 in. Lift Height • 66 hp Turbo Diesel


S750, S650, S590, S630, S185, S175, S130, 763, 773, 743, 742, 743 ,542B, T650, T250, several low hours A FEW COPYCATS

• 930A Mustang • 1816B Case • L553 NH • SR 200 Case • 226B CAT NEW MANURE FORKS & AUGERS, NEW BOBCAT ROCK FORKS, SNOWBLOWERS & BLADES, 60”, 66”, 78” IN STOCK

Your Bobcat Headquarters


19612 U.S. 71, Long Prairie • 320-732-3715 www.longprairiemachinery.com

Miscellaneous - WANTED

NEW TOP BEATER FOR JD 785 SPREADER; also good used 750 grinder mixer. Call 605413-5447. 2-3-F

BULK MILK TANK and JD model 65 pull-type combine. Call 320-2626874. 3-1-F SKID LOADER, cab/heat & blower w/snowblower. Call 320-254-8400. 21-TFN-F SPRING TEETH for IHC C cultivator; wheel hub for IHC 56 corn planter, right side. Call 715-822-2678. 14-TFN-F FARM BULK MILK COOLERS, all sizes. Call 319-330-2286. 5-24-P PATZ OR BERG BARN CLEANER. Please call or text with what you have 320-266-1306 2-3-F JD 7000 6 OR 8 ROW PLANTER & 6620 or 7720 combine. Call 320760-6050. 22-TFN-F

PATZ OR BERG BARN CLEANER. Call or text 320-266-1306. 3-3-F USED HANSON SILO UNLOADER. Call 1-800433-0581, outside MN call 320-859-5340. 16-TFN-B LOOKING FOR UPRIGHT MANUAL HOOF TRIMMING CHUTE. Call 507-4599212. 1-3-F

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 29



THURSDAY, APRIL 6 • 11:00 A.M.


80 HEAD OF REGISTERED & ID GRADE HOLSTEIN DAIRY CATTLE 44 cows, 14 bred heifers, 22 calves through yearlings

STEER STUFFER in good condition. Call 320249-3015, no Sunday calls. 24-4-F FREUDENTHAL CS-60 TIESTALLS & matresses; also exterior feed bins. Levi Beiler, 3823 Breezy Hill Rd., Fennimore, WI 53809. 15-TFN-F

Real Estate - WANTED

DAIRY FARM WANTED TO RENT. Call 563920-7636. 23-5-F

DELAVAL CREAM SEPARATOR BASES OR STANDS; Old chain up pickup tailgate. Call 320-352-2078. 1-TFN-F 60” SIDE DISCHARGE BOBCAT BUCKET for sand. Call 612-599-7973. 3-1-F



Cinn-Apple Abslt Jasmine TW VG88 Sells milking 106 lbs. w/ 4.2% BF

Stetson Braxton EClaire VG86

2 yr. Braxton sells backed by 2 VG dams & milking 100 lbs.

Stetson Brady Mary VG87

Milking 87 lbs. & due 7-21 to Absolute-Red

OWNERS Steve & Kathy Langteau 715-678-2110 (farm) 715-678-2511 (home) W4077 CTH A, Stetsonville, WI

Current DHIA RHA is 25,848 m. 3.8% 997 BF 812 P w/a bulk tank average of 86 lbs. per cow (no TMR feeding or BGH used. This is a very young herd w/21 cows in their 1st or 2nd lactation. The herd is 100% homebred & A-I sired as well. Several daughters of Fever, Sanchez, Atwood, Braxton, Advent-Red, Sid, Barbwire-Red & Durham will be selling. Herd was recently classified with 4 EX, 15 VG, and 21 GP scores given. Herd health is excellent w/ SCC in the 100,000 range & Master Guard/Bovi-Shield Gold Vacc. up to date. The heifers are deep pedigreed well grown individuals that will make excellent herd replacements. Heifers are sired by Golden Dreams, Reginald, Absolute-Red, Guthrie, Attic, Redburst, Sanchez, etc. Several embryo lots as well as a semen tank w/inventory will also sell. If you are looking for the very best in replacement cows & heifers, be sure to attend this sale.

Call sale manager for a catalog or view online at www.christensensales.com Terms: All purchases must be settled for on sale day, cash or check. If credit is desired, contact Christensen Sales Corp. prior to sale day.

Christensen Sales Corp.

Abbotsford, WI – Clerk & Sales Managers (715) 223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33 www.christensensales.com • info@christensensales.com Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI – Auctioneer (715) 223-4014 Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #191


SELLING 70 HEAD HOLSTEINS & JERSEYS Saturday, April 1, 2017 • 11:30 A.M. Fayette Co. Fairgrounds, West Union, IA

Sale hosted by:




NICC DAIRY CLUB SALE AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Major equipment begins selling at 11:00 AM. Live online bidding available on major equipment. Registration, terms, & details at SteffesGroup.com. LOCATION: 13262 Milburn Road, Pine City, MN. From Pine City, MN take Co. Rd. 8, 5-1/2 miles east to Milburn Road, north 1/2 mile.

507-352-4162 • paptoppy@hmtel.com Catalog online after March 20, 2017 at www.petesauctionandphoto.com & Dairy Agenda

DAIRY CLUB ADVISER: Dave Lawstuen 563-534-9957 Ext. 112 • Cell 563-419-3870 CO-SALE CHAIRMEN: Ellis Frank 715-410-4491 • Aaron Houdek 507-450-5669

SALES FORCE: Normen Peterson, Auctioneer 507-421-3890 Alan Dkyshorn, Pedigrees 712-441-0686 Chuck Will 218-731-9536 Brad Peterson 507-273-2710 John Diersen 507-459-1975

4WD Tractors / MFWD Tractors, Loaders, & Attachments / 2WD Tractors / Harvest Equipment / Gravity Boxes / Planters / Tillage Equipment / Skid Steer Loader & Attachments / Forage, Hay, Livestock, & Dairy Equipment / Manure Spreaders & Related Equipment / Hay / Bins / Grain Handling Equipment / Other & Shop Equipment / Tanks / Farm Support Items / Buildings & Storage


Wayne Nordrum, 320.629.2305 Ņų ±ĹÚƼ U±ƋĘ Ņü Ƌåý åŸ :ųŅƚŞØ 320.693.9371 or 701.429.8894

Steffes Group, Inc., 24400 MN Hwy 22 South, Litchfield, MN 55355 Randy Kath MN47-007, Scott Steffes MN14-51, Ashley Huhn MN47-002, Eric Gabrielson MN47-006 | 320.693.9371 | SteffesGroup.com

TERMS: All items sold as is where is. Payment of cash or check must be made sale day before removal of items. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. $35 documentation fee applies to all titled vehicles. Titles will be mailed.

Complete terms, lot listings & photos at SteffesGroup.com

Page 30 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017

Miscellaneous - WANTED

Part Time Seasonal Help Wanted Custom manure applicator using drag hose system seeks motivated individuals. Valid drivers license. Overtime. Flexible scheduling.


D&D Pumping Service Sauk Centre

Call Mike at 320-333-5476

CDL DRIVERS WANTED IF YOU LIKE THE GREAT OUTDOORS THIS IS THE JOB FOR YOU. • 12 months CDL A Experience • 23 years of age • Clean MVR & DAC • Tanker experience a plus but not required -Will Train

Compensation: • .44 per mile, • $11.75 per farm stop • $14.90 each Wash Out/Drop & Hook


WANTING TO BUY MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTORS for repair or salvage. Please call 320282-6892. 1-TFN-B

SPRING TEETH for IHC C cultivator; wheel hub for IHC 56 corn planter, right side. Call 715-822-2678. 14-TFN-F

DELAVAL CREAM SEPARATOR BASES OR STANDS; Old chain up pickup tailgate. Call 320-352-2078. 1-TFN-F

PTO DRIVE WETMORE GRINDER, good cond. Write: Ervin Lambright, 1465 Grant, Hazleton, IA 50641. 1-3-F

FARM BULK MILK COOLERS, all sizes. Call 319-330-2286. 5-24-P

60” SIDE DISCHARGE BOBCAT BUCKET for sand. Call 612-599-7973. 3-1-F

NEW TOP BEATER FOR JD 785 SPREADER; also good used 750 grinder mixer. Call 605413-5447. 2-3-F BULK MILK TANK and JD model 65 pull-type combine. Call 320-2626874. 3-1-F SKID LOADER, cab/heat & blower w/snowblower. Call 320-254-8400. 21-TFN-F

Call Linda for more details at 866.676.6501 or www.driveforcardinal.com

Cardinal Logistics

Locations In: Sauk Centre and Thief River Falls,

PATZ OR BERG BARN CLEANER. Please call or text with what you have 320-266-1306 2-3-F SMALL USEABLE MANURE SPREADER for JD 48B, pto please, for 3-7 cow/calf (make work) operation. Call 320-2329057. 2-2-VM JD 7000 6 OR 8 ROW PLANTER & 6620 or 7720 combine. Call 320760-6050. 22-TFN-F


Huge, Little Falls, MN Area – FARM RETIREMENT –

y Farm Famil Years for 86 e Many Ocnes of ie P r e n Ow nt Selling Equipme

Excel Maintalent Line of W in & Farm ed JD Tractoell rs Machi ner y Colle Shop Too ctibles, ls, Liv Equipmenestock t

Located 8 miles west of Little Falls, MN or 16 miles east of Long Prairie, MN on MN State Highway 27, then 3 miles north on County Tar #1 (Dove Road), then ½ mile west on County Tar #218 (180th St.), then 3/10 mile south on 55th Ave. to farm #17715. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.



NOTE: The Sanoski family has farmed on this farm since 1931 with Ed and Judy retiring from active farming as the second generation to operate the farm. The Sanoskis are well known in the area as very good friends, neighbors and farmers. Mid-American Auction Company is honored to be selected to conduct the Sanoski farm retirement auction. This auction will feature one of the cleanest lines of equipment offered at auction this season. Equipment has been well maintained with all major pieces always shedded. Several pieces purchased new from local dealers. Along with an excellent line of farm machinery, we offer tools and collectible equipment accumulated from two generations of successful farming. If you are unable to attend the auction, online bidding on major pieces offered through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction Co. For info or to register for online bidding, please phone Proxibid at 877-505-7770. If you are in need of good, clean, well maintained farm machinery, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the Sanoski farm retirement auction. Approximate Sale Order: Tools & shop equipment, livestock equipment, collectible farm machinery and accessories, farm machinery, and tractors. In the event of severe weather, please listen to KASM 1150 AM Albany or check our website for weather related updates at www.midamericanauctioninc.com. Thank you!

Hay & Forage Equipment Clean Working & Collectible John Deere Tractors

1981 John Deere Model 4040 Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, Sound Guard Cab, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, Front Fenders, Good 18.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, 3 Sets of Wheel Weights, New AC Unit, New Cab Interior, Weight Bracket and Six Front Weights, Shows Only 5437 One Owner Hours, SN #009152R, (Excellent Condition) 1969 John Deere Model 4020 Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, Side Console, Wide Front, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, Factory Roll Bar Cab, Front Fenders, 18.4Rx34 Inch Radials, Nice Metal, Shows 8716 Hours, SN #203000R 1958 John Deere Model 730 Gas Tractor, JD Wide Front, 3-Point, Power Steering, 15.5 x38 Rubber, Single Hydraulics, SN #7302512 1953 John Deere Model 50 Gas Tractor, John Deere Round Casting Wide Front, Good 12.4 x38 Inch Rear Tires, Single Hydraulics, Live Power, PTO, Nice Metal and Paint, SN #5013409 1953 John Deere Model 50 Gas Tractor, Narrow Front, Roll-O-Matic, Single Hydraulics, PTO, Nice Metal, SN #5014709 John Deere Model 58 All Hydraulic Loader with 7-Ft. Material Bucket, Stand, Brackets for 4040, 4020, Etc. John Deere Quick Hitch

Planting & Tillage Equipment John Deere Model 215 14-Ft. Dura Cushion Tandem Disc, Dual Wheel, Factory 3 Bar Harrow, John Deere Hydraulic Cylinder, SN #014301, (Nice) John Deere Model 1010 18.5-Ft. PullType Field Cultivator, Walking Tandems, Factory 3 Bar Harrow, One Owner John Deere Model 1600 10 Shank 10-Ft. Pull-Type Chisel Plow with JD Cylinder, One Owner Brillion 10-Ft. Seeder with Acre Meter, Track Scratchers, SN #160712, (Excellent Condition) John Deere Vanbrunt 10-Ft. Double Disc Grain Drill, Grass Seeder, Low Rubber, Hydraulic Lift with Cylinder John Deere 1240 Four-Row Corn Planter, Dry Fertilizer, Set for 30 Inch Rows John Deere Model 2700 4-Bottom Variable Width Semi-Mount Plow, Gauge Wheel, Coulters John Deere Model 400 15-Ft. 3-Point Rotary Hoe 3-Point Rock Puller John Deere Model 22 3-Point Sub Soiler (2) John Deere RG4 3-Point 4-Row 30 Inch Cultivators with Rolling Shields 200 Gallon 8-Row Crop Sprayer with PTO Pump

John Deere Compact Tractor, Attachments, Alternator, & Stock Trailer John Deere Model 430 Compact Tractor, 3 Cylinder Diesel, Rear PTO, 3-Point, 60 Inch Mower Deck, Power Steering John Deere 48 Inch PTO 3-Point Tiller 1997 Kiefer 6 x 16 Ft. Stock Master Tandem Axle Stock Trailer, Center Gate, Sliding and Full Swing Rear Door, One Owner Agro Power 25 KW Alternator & Marquette Welder on Transport

1994 John Deere Model 338 Square Baler with #40 Bale Ejector, One Owner, SN #00338X968697, (Excellent Condition) 1985 John Deere Model 430 Round Baler with Controls, SN #E00430X686744 Late Model John Deere 14T Square Baler, One Owner 1993 John Deere Model 1219 9-Ft. Mower Conditioner, Non Clog Guards, SN #E012AX953234, (Excellent Condition) 8 Ft. X 18 Ft. Oak Bale Rack on John Deere 1065A Four-Wheel Wagon, Ext. Pole Gehl 750 Forage Harvester, 540 RPM with Gehl 30-38 Corn Head and 7-Ft. Hay Head Gehl 970 16-Ft. Forage Box on EZ Trail 1074 FourWheel Wagon, Ext. Pole, Flotation Tires Meyers 14-Ft. Forage Box on Gehl Four-Wheel Wagon, Ext. Pole, Flotation Tires John Deere 896 Roll Bar Rake Kools Model KB 54 PTO Forage Blower 40-Ft. Bale Elevator on Transport Farm Hand 2-Wheel Front Mount Windrow Turner Two Prong Bale Spear for Skid Loader

Manure Spreader, Gravity Boxes & General Farm Machinery New Idea Model 3639 Tandem Axle Manure Spreader, Upper Beater, Hydraulic End Gate, Splash Pan, Poly Floor, 16.5x16.1 High Flotation Tires, (Nice Condition) Nice New Idea Model 325 2-Row 30 Inch Corn Picker with Hydraulic Cylinder J&M Model 250-7 Gravity Box on John Deere 963 Four-Wheel Wagon, Implement Tires, Ext. Pole, (Nice) H&S Model 200 Gravity Box on Gehl 706 Four-Wheel Wagon John Deere Model 609 3-Point 6-Ft. Rotary Brush or Grass Mower John Deere Heavy-Duty Model 115 9-Ft. Hydraulic Tilt 3-Point Blade, (Can be adapted to hydraulic angle as well with installation of hydraulic cylinder) Gehl Model 65 Grinder Mixer with 7 Screens, (Nice Cond.) Kewanee 40-Ft. PTO Crop Elevator with Truck Hopper John Deere #54 Manure Spreader for Wood Hauler Schweiss 8-Ft. Double Auger 3-Point Snowblower with Hydraulic Orbit Spout 4-Wheel Wagon with Steel Floor Barge Box and Hydraulic Hoist, Good for Rocks or Wood Hauler 6 Ft. X 12 Ft. Wooden Barge Box on Shop Built Wagon (Manual Wagon Hoist) 15.5 x 38 Band Duals 18.4 x 38 Band Duals Shop Built Skid Loader Mounted Hydraulic Post Auger, 18 Inch Auger

John Deere & Other Collectible Farm Equipment & Accessories Nice John Deere #38 Quick Tach Mounted Sickle Mower with Conditioner Shaft John Deere 10-Ft. KBA Tandem Wheel Disc, (Very Nice Condition) John Deere 12-Ft. Spring Tooth with Hydraulic Adjustment Good John Deere #45 Trip Bucket Loader, Manure Bucket, Gravel Plate and Snow Bucket John Deere #200A Pull-Type Disc Plow, Scrapers, Complete McCormick #9 Horse Mower Set of John Deere Two Cylinder Front Side Weights Potato Planter Delaval Cream Separator Pair of Fenders from Open Station JD 4030 2-Section Flex Drag with Steel Evener (2) John Deere Wheel Weights from Older John Deere #145 Semi-Mount 3 x16 Inch JD B Plow, (Already Disassembled for Easy Transport) Set of John Deere Clam Shell Fenders Set of Front Side Weights for JD 4020 Manure Teeth for JD Bucket JD Parts Litter Carrier with SS Bucket, Track and John Deere #5 Sickle Mower for Parts Boom Misc. JD Cultivator Parts (2) John Deere Baler Duals (2) Standing Milker Buckets Pair of JD Baler Crowding Wheels John Deere Hydraulic Cylinders Roll of Checking Wire (2) Sets of Insecticide Boxes for JD 1240 (2) Complete JD Roll-O-Matics Planter, One Set New in Box (1) Roll-O-Matic, Needs Hubs Steel Saw Rig fits JD B Cream Cans



Phone (320) 749-2889 / 17715 55th Avenue, Little Falls, MN



AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

SALE TIME: 10:30 A.M. J & B Lunch Wagon Rock Picker, Windrower & Trailer Harley High Lift PTO Rock Picker, High Flotation Tires, 40 Inch Drum, (Excellent Condition) Harley 10-Ft. Rock Rake, Track Scratchers, (Nice) Harms 6x12 Ft. Tandem Axle Hydraulic Rock Trailer, Dump Endgate, One Owner, (Excellent Condition)

Silo Unloaders & Livestock Equipment

Formost Handling Chute, Self Locking Head Gate, Palp Cage, Swing Open Sides 6 Ton Bulk Bin with Bottom Unload Auger Hansen 18-Ft. Center Drive Silo Unloader with Motor and Cable Hansen 16-Ft. Ring Drive Silo Unloader with Motor and Cable 60-Ft. Hansen Bunk Feeder with Supports and Motor Round Bale Feeder with Hay Saver, 4 Ft. X 10 Ft. Steel Feed Bunk, 32 Inch X 8 Ft. Steel Feed Bunk 16 Ft. Shop Built Feed Conveyor with Electric Motor Several Good 2 Inch Farm Gates of Various Lengths 4-Ft. Alley Fan Several Round Fence Posts Up to 9 Ft. Calf Puller Cow Clipper

Fuel Barrels, Shop Equipment, Tools, & Miscellaneous Items 1000 Gallon Fuel Barrel with Gas Boy Electric Meter Pump Very Good Shop Built Electric Over Hydraulic Shop Press Large Assortment of Flat, Angle and Tubular Steel up to 12 Ft. in Length Parts Washer Dewalt Chop Saw Manual Hydraulic Hose Fitting Machine Pipe Wrenches for 18 to 48 Inch Lincoln Ideal Arc 250 Amp Electric Welder Power Craft 6 Inch Jointer Roof Jacks Good Shop Built PTO Circle Saw on Transport Several Good Hand Tools Wheelbarrow 300 Gallon Fuel Barrel on Wooden Stand Portable Cement Mixer with Elect. Motor (2) 4 Inch X 16 Ft. Augers and Motors Set of 15.5 x 38 Tractor Chains Corn Cribbing Barb Wire Load Binders Power Cords Poly Water Line SS Double Sink Forks, Shovels, and Garden Tools PTO Shafts Log Chains Electric Motors New Nuts and Bolts


Celebrating 46 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience


PATZ OR BERG BARN CLEANER. Call or text 320-266-1306. 3-3-F

FREUDENTHAL CS-60 TIESTALLS & matresses; also exterior feed bins. Levi Beiler, 3823 Breezy Hill Rd., Fennimore, WI 53809. 15-TFN-F WANTING TO BUY MASSEY FERGUSON TRACTORS for repair or salvage. Please call 320282-6892. 1-TFN-B

USED HANSON SILO UNLOADER. Call 1-800433-0581, outside MN call 320-859-5340. 16-TFN-B

SMALL USEABLE MANURE SPREADER for JD 48B, pto please, for 3-7 cow/calf (make work) operation. Call 320-2329057. 2-2-VM


PTO DRIVE WETMORE GRINDER, good cond. Write: Ervin Lambright, 1465 Grant, Hazleton, IA 50641. 1-3-F

STEER STUFFER in good condition. Call 320249-3015, no Sunday calls. 24-4-F


Located: 4620 Osgood Avenue N, Stillwater, Minnesota. From the Highway 36 x Highway 95 Junction in Stillwater, take Highway 36 west 1 mile to Osgood Avenue, then south 1 ½ miles. BIDDING: Sale starts to end on Monday, April 3, 2017 at 7:30 pm. www.hagerauction.com

OPEN HOUSE: Saturday, April 1 from 10:00-Noon or view at your convenience. NOTE: The farm is in the process of being sold. The owners are retiring and the following very good machinery will be sold. Many 1-owner items! 5 TRACTORS: JD 7710 2WD Tractor, 3538 hours, CAH, power quad; JD 6410 4x4 Tractor, 4551 hours, CAH, power quad; JD 5510 4x4 Tractor, 4450 hours w/JD 541 Loader; David Brown 880 Tractor; Case 995 Tractor. COMBINES – GRAIN BIN & GRAIN EQUIPMENT: IH 1420 Combine; JD 444 Corn Head; IH 820 13’ Flex Head; Gleaner K Combine w/2RW and AC Pickup Heads; (6) Gravity Boxes w/RG; Gravity Box w/RG & Hyd Fertilizer Auger; WestÀeld 8” x 56’ Auger, Like New; MM Corn Sheller; NI 324 Picker; Moridge 8440 350 Bu LP Batch Dryer; 10,000 Bu Grain Bin (30’ x 18’) w/full Áoor; (3) Corn Cribs. HAYING EQUIPMENT: NH 650 Round Baler, net wrap; NH 782 Chopper w/Hay Head; NH 824 Corn Head; (2) H&S 16’ XL Chopper Boxes; Gehl 99 Blower; JD 328 Baler w/40 thrower; (4) Steel 16’ Bale Throw Racks; NH 1465 Haybine; JD 800 Swather; NH 166 Inverter; (2) NH 55 Side Rakes; Kewaunee 500 Elevator; NH 38 Flail Chopper; Green Feed Wagon. SPRING EQUIPMENT: Brillion 27’ X-Fold Packer; JD 7000 4RW Corn Planter; IH 5100 12’ Drill; IH 720 5-18” Plow; Glenco 7 Shank Disk Chisel; Kewaunee 1100 18’ Rock Cushion Wing Disk; Glencoe 20’ Soil Finisher; AC 1200 18’ Cultivator; JD Digger; (2) Lindsey 24’ Drags; IH Cultivator; Demco 300 Gal Sprayer; Schultz Stalk Chopper; 550 Gal Poly Tank. FARM MACHINERY & MISC: NH 185 Spreader; Minnesota 220 Spreader; Lorentz 1250 All Hydraulic Mixer Mill; Agtronic 25 KW Generator; Farm King Snowblower; 500 Gal Fuel Barrel. FEEDING & BARN EQUIPMENT: Patz 20’ & 18’ Feed Conveyors; Loyal 9” x 36’ Conveyor; (3) Flatbed Feeder Wagons; Patz 98B 14’ Silo Unloader; Elec Winch; Silo Cord; Schuld 6 ton Bin; (5) Round Bale Feeders; (2) Mineral Feeders; Elec Waterer; (2) Patz CW 18” HF Barn Cleaners w/265’ chain & new chute; Patz Bedding Chopper; (2) Feed Carts; Many Steel Gates. TRUCK: Ford F-500 Truck w/12’ Box & hoist. FEED: (120) 4x6 Round Bales 1st Crop Hay in shed; (1400) Small Square Bales 2nd Crop Hay; (800) Small Bales Straw; (20) Corn Stalk Round Bales.


- Owners

STILLWATER, MN • 651-439-4979

FIND US ON THE INTERNET: www.hagerauction.com TERMS: 5% Buyer’s fee. Cash or bankable check.


Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 31

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

JD 2700 PLOW, semi mounted. Call 320-5101055. 13-TFN-F ANDERSON 780SB SINGLE BALE WRAPPER, wraps squares & rounds, Honda 13 HP motor, $12,500. Call 320-3523374. 3-2-VM NH HW325 WINDROWER w/14HS head, loaded, eld ready, 1950 hrs. Call 715-441-1963. 3-3-F BADGER BARN CLEANER HEAD, exc. cond. Call 320-266-6878. 1-3-F FUTURE COW SYSTEM, lightly used, 2 spare drops, 50+ ft. of integrated cable, $20,000. Call 712260-0475. 22-TFN-F


JD GRAPPLE BUCKET, 72”, like new, used only for bedding, $2,700 new, asking $1,800/obo. Call 563-880-3993. 3-TFN-F

ALLIS CHALMERS 7020. Call 320-360-3924. 3-2-F

(3) DELTRON PULSATORS 70-30, 2 yrs. old. Call 320-987-3206. 3-1-F

HAYBUSTER 2564 BALE PROCESSOR w/ blower package, exc. cond., always shedded. Call 218342-2603. 2-TFN-F

DAIRYMASTER MILKERS, Boumatic 28 plate cooler, double 6 Clay herringbone parlor, sold separate or together. Call 507-450-2437. 2-6-F

DAIRYMASTER MOO MONITOR HEAT DETECTION SYSTEM, 250 collars, 2 base stations, will sell any quantity. Call 605-881-0992. 24-TFN-F

ARCTIC CAT 400 4-WHEELER, auto, 39 miles, 2007, like new, $4,300. Call 320-2498547. 3-1-F

JD 8RN CORN HEAD; 6” alum. irrigation pipe; Call 320-250-4600. 23-TFN-F

JD 1750 6-ROW PLANTER, $17,000. Call 320554-3111. 3-1-F

STEPSAVER to move milk to tank or uids to wherever needed. Call 507-451-4757. 20-TFN-F


Thursday, March 30, 2017 • 11:00 A.M.

LUNCH ON GROUNDS Located: From Stanley, WI: 2 ½ miles West on Hwy 29 to CTH G, then 2 1/2 miles South on CTH G. Note: Owner has sold his farm and will now sell the following farm machinery at public auction. Very few small items, so please be on time.


Tractors: JD 7800 FWD diesel tractor w/CAH, power shift trans., 18.4x42 hub duals, 14 front suitcase weights & 3,400 hrs. on new motor (#P006025), IH 186 Hydro diesel tractor w/ CAH dual hyd. & pto (recent overhauls, very good cond.), JD 4430 diesel tractor w/cab, JD 3010 diesel tractor w/narrow front Forage Equipment: NH B27P hyd. drive bale wrapper w/loading arm, Agri-Pac #9150 lg. hay bale tuber (all hyd. w/Honda gas motor), Vermeer 604M round baler w/DCF wide pickup head (twine tie – 5,500 bales), H&S 10 wheel hyd. fold wheel rake, lg. bale hauling trailer (holds 12 rounds or 16 squares), Gehl 2412 12’ hydro-swing disc-bine (2 pt. hookup & rubber rolls), IH 990 9’ haybine, Meyers 16’ wood chopper box w/E-Z Trail 12 tn. gear, Lily 2 pod hay tedder, Ford 508 hay rake, Hesston 4500 hay baler w/thrower, (2) Kools 54 blowers, Little Giant 50 hay & grain elevator w/spout & drag line Planting & Tillage: JD 724 12’ soil Ànisher, IH 720 6x16 toggle trip semi-mount plow, JD 1120 20’ manual fold wing disk, JD 9300 10’ D.D. grain drill w/6” spacing, pack wheels, front grass seed boxes & carry wheel, Kovar 12’ pony drag, Farmhand 4 row 3 pt. cultivator, Sukop #9300 4 row high residue 3 pt. wide cultivator (has add’t parts for 8 row), Bush Hog 10 shank 13’ chisel plow, 16’ 3 pt. Àeld cultivator, Yetter 15’ rotary hoe General Farm: Derco power gravity box w/pto drive, Farm & Fleet gravity box w/gear, Parker gravity box w/gear, Case IH 1580 400 bu. tandem axle manure spreader, JD #27 15’ stalk chopper, Leon 700 quick attach hyd. loader w/mat. bucket & hay fork, Alltec CA 15 skid steer mount post hole digger w/18” auger, Hoover skid steer mount bale spear, skid steer mount pallet forks, Roto hyd. 3 pt. bale mover, Patz 16’ 3 pt. manure prop., Calumet 20’ manure pump/agitator, 3,000 gal. tandem liquid manure spreader (shop made),light running gears, 50’ manure stacker w/transport, 14’ tandem axle steel cattle trailer, Kory 8 tn. running gear, heavy duty 10’ 3 pt. back blade (shop made), JD 7’ sickle mower (parts)

MARK ESLINGER – OWNER 715-828-9298

Terms: Positive ID required. All purchases must be settled for on sale day, cash or check. (Visa & MC accepted with a 3% service fee). NO BUYERS FEE

Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI – Auctioneer (715) 223-4014 Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #191

Website: www.schindlerauction.com • Email: info@schindlerauction.com



AUCTION Located 1.5 miles south of Starbuck, MN or 18.5 miles north of Benson, MN on State Highway #29, then ½ mile east on County #18 to Farm #28970. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017 • 11:00 A.M. 191 HEAD OF VERY GOOD OFFICIAL DHIA HOLSTEIN, HOLSTEIN JERSEY COMPOSITE DAIRY CATTLE INCLUDES: (150) COWS with 75 being Holstein and 75 Holstein Jersey Cross and 2 Montbéliarde & 41 Springing & Bred Heifers

2X 20,425 Milk, 852 Fat, 650 Protein, 74 lb. Tank Avg.

SCC 157,000, No BST, Many Recently Fresh Lee & Pam Tangen, Owners MID -AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC.


AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

FOR COMPLETE LISTING SEE: midamericanauctioninc.com, OR review the last issue of the Dairy Star. www.midamericanauctioninc.com

RED HEELER PUPS, 2 females, born 12/25/2016, parents exc. cattle dogs. Call 507-534-2183. 2-4-F

DEMCO 750 GRAVITY BOX, green & black, like new, $15,500. Call 320249-8556. 3-1-F

24’ JD 9350 DRILL w/ markers and 30’ transport, always shedded, nice. Call 605-881-5033. 3-1-F

JD 568 ROUND BALER, 9200 bales, good cond., $18,500. Call 641-7325210. 3-1-F

200 GAL. BULK TANK w/agitator & cooling; also UV Pure pasteurizer w/100 gal. holding tank. Call 605350-3264. 23-6-F

JD 6130D, FWA TRACTOR. Call 218-837-5479. 1-4-F

12’ - $6,500 14’ - $7,000 16’ - $7,500 24’ - $14,000 32’ - $16,200 42’ - $19,500 BLACK, GREEN OR RED Other Sizes From 8’-62’ AgDirect Financing Available

715-234-1993 petestrailersales.com

Page 32 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017


JD 9560RT, 4WD, tracks, PS ..............$259,900 JD 9560R, PS ......................................$269,900 JD 9460R, 2013 ..................................$269,900 JD 8285R, IVT, 1333 hrs ....................$179,900 JD 8235R, 2013, 1650 hrs...................$154,900 LD .....................................$139,900 JD 8430, SO2006 JD 8330, 2008, 1650 hrs .....................$144,900 JD 8420, 2005, 4815 hrs .....................$119,900 JD 8120, 10,000 hrs ..............................$69,900 JD 7210R, 2014, 2020 hrs...................$145,900 JD 6170R w/loader .............................$124,900 LD .......................................$45,900 JD 7410, SO1998 JD 6170R, IVT ....................................$119,900 JD 6140R w/loader ...............................$99,900 JD 5400 w/loader ..................................$22,900 JD 2040, MFWD...................................$14,900 JD 4440, quad .......................................$25,900 LD ........................................$7,900 SOsycro JD 4010, NH T8030, front duals ..........................$99,900 D MFWD, front hatch .....$58,900 CIH Puma SOL210, Ford 8N ...................................................$3,200


JD S670, 1018 hrs., 2013 ....................$249,900 JD S670, 1756 hrs., 2012 ....................$199,900 JD S660, 355 hrs., 2014 ......................$279,900 JD S660, 2014 .....................................$239,900 JD S660, 870 hrs., 2014 ......................$214,900 JD 9670, 999 hrs., 2011 ......................$169,900 JD 9660, 2006, RWA...........................$119,900 JD 9660, 2004, RWA...........................$109,900 JD 9660, 2WD, 2006 ............................$89,900 JD 9550, 2WD, walker, 2001 ................$69,900


JD W235, 14’, rubber..........................$136,900 JD W235R, 16’, tri lobe, 160 hrs ........$139,900 MacDon R80, 13’, steel rolls ................$21,900 2) JD 569 Premium ........... Starting at $29,900 JD 569, 2013 .........................................$33,900 JD 569, 2013 .........................................$38,900 4) JD 568, twine ................ Starting at $16,900 JD 567M wrap.......................................$15,900 JD 556, twine ..........................................$7,900 JD 469 Premium, 2014 .........................$38,000 JD 469 Silage Special, 2016 .................$37,900 JD 459 w/wrap ......................................$28,900 JD 469 Silage Special, 2013 .................$34,900 2) JD 468 w/wrap .............. Starting at $18,900 Vermeer 605SM , 2013 .........................$28,900 Vermeer 604SUP, 2013 .........................$23,500 Gehl 2880, 5x6, 2004 ..............................$7,900 LD w/thrower .......................$12,900 JD 338,SO2000, NH 330 big square, 2013 ......................$89,900 JD 3955, 2007 .......................................$12,900 New & Used heads to choose from............ Call


JD 1770, 16 Row, 3 Bu, Liq Fert ..........$89,900 JD 1770, 16 Row, 3 Bu, Liq Fert ..........$74,900 JD 1765, 12 Row, 3 Bu, Var Rate .........$57,900 JD 1760, 12 Row, 3 Bu, Var Rate, No Fert ............................................... $49,900 JD 1760 NT, 2011, row shut off, Vari. ..$56,900 JD 1760, 8 Row, liq. fert .......................$29,900 JD 1750, 8 Row, dry, 2014 ....................$40,900 JD 1750, 8 Row, 3 Bu, Dry Fert ...........$29,900 JD 7200, 12 Row, 3 bu., liq. fert ...........$18,900 JD 7200, 12 Row, liq. fert., trash whippers .....................................$16,900 JD 7000, liq. fert, 8 row ..........................$5,900

Inventory changing daily at miesoutland.com

1947-2017 68 Years of Excellent Service!

Watkins, MN


Year Round Sunday Parts Hours 10:00 - 3:00 p.m.


Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

GEHL CB 1065 CHOPPER, new knives, cutter bar, hay head, 2R CH, exc. cond., $4,500. Call 320216-5198. 1-TFN-F

‘06 JD 1750 CONSERVATION CORN PLANTER, bean cups, insecticide boxes, exc. cond., $21,000. Call 320-402-4288. 3-2-F JD 328 BALER w/42 thrower, elec. ctrls, $12,500; Stewart Clipmaster cattle clipper, $100, Silver Lake, MN. Call 320583-7062. 3-1-F CIH 4800 25’ FIELD CULT; also JD 637 15’ disc, like new. Call 320815-8901. 3-1-F CIH 5300 12’ SOYBEAN SPECIAL drill w/grass seed box, 1 owner. Email drink1208@hotmail.com 1-TFN-F VALMETAL 24” HAMMER MILL, 10 hp, exc. cond., $1,500. Call 608823-7505. 3-1-F PASTEURIZER, calf milk/colostrum 30 gal. DairyTech, used 1 yr., refurbished; touchscreen 220V. Call 507-458-5624. 24-4-F ‘09 KNIGHT 8141 SPDR., repainted, $25,000; ‘05 NH TS115A, 2300 hrs., 2WD, PS, 4 remotes, $30,000. Call 612229-7583. 18-TFN-F

‘15 GEHL R220 SKID LOADER, 528 hrs., new 12x16.5 tires, cab/heat. Call 218-583-2931. 3-1-F ‘11 CIH TIGERMATE 200, 32’ w/rolling basket, like new, $29,500. Call 320-249-8556. 3-1-F CIH 4300 36’ FIELD CULT., exc. shape, $9,900. Call 320-987-3177, days. 3-1-F SINGLE 8 PARALLEL PARLOR w/automatic takeoffs & plate cooler. Call 507-429-6445. 6-TFN-F STEIGER COUGAR SERIES 3 ST270, 9,000 hrs., 1,000 on new motor, 3306 CAT, needs tranny work, mechanic special. Call 651-249-9571. 3-1-F NH 900 CHOPPER, kernal proc., 824 CH, very good cond., $13,500. Call 320-241-1442. 2-3-F REMOTE CONDENSER, unit is nearly new, pressurized and stored inside. Call 712-441-0964. 18-TFN-F NH 489 HAYBINE; Ogden 10 whl. hay rake; rabbit cages; plastic barrel 55 gal. Call 320-294-5191. 3-1-F IH 886, nice. Call 218428-6525. 3-1-F

DAIRYMASTER SELECT DETECT BREEDING SYSTEM, 350 collars and 3 base units. Call 563-543-4401. 1-3-F JD 6620 TURBO w/443 corn head, 4,500 hrs. Call 507-581-3686. 2-4-F 5 BOUMATIC COMPANION DETACHERS w/control board, Flostar claws and hoses, $1,500. Call 715-296-1746. 3-1-F HOOP BARNS FOR LIVESTOCK MACHINERY and crop storage. See us at the St. Cloud Farm Show. Call 320-221-2266. 24-23-P H&L AUTOMATIC CALF FEEDER, 2 stalls, 2 mixing bowls, available after May 15th, 5 yrs. old. Call 320-594-2202. 3-3-F ‘11 ANDERSON ROUND BALE WRAPPER model 660 w/last bale extractor, $16,000. Call 507-2150656. 2-2-F ‘08 NH 1431 DISCBINE, well maintained. Call 608929-4820. 3-3-F FULL BORDER COLLIE and half Australian Heeler, good working dogs, $100. Call 507-4380447. 3-2-F ‘12 JD 468 SS RB, 3200 bales, 540 pto, like new. Call 320-293-1745. 3-1-F


FRIDAY, APRIL 7TH, 2017 • 11 A.M. • BARRON, WI • 220 HEAD SELL!

Indianhead GM Windy-ET EX-91 EEEVE

3-08 3 304 28,380 4.4 1243 3.5 986

Windy is just fresh and look great, selling with her two daughters Winsome VG-88 and a Doomman. From a deep maternal line her dam is EX-94 Gold-Mae, then EX-93 and EX-95 Lead Mae herself.

Indianhead Mae Wind-ET EX-90 EVEVE

2-09 3 365 26680 3.9 1033 3.2 855

Wind is a Windbrook full sister to GM Windy that sells milking 102# a day with a 16,000 SCC.

Indianhead Ashton-ET VG88 VVVVE

2-01 3 365 29,760 3.5 1041 2.9 870

Afton is a Aftershock, that is from Gold-Mae EX-94 and she sells with her Doorman bred heifer. Also selling is her VG87 full sister with Armani dtrs.

Indianhead Sid Misty-ET EX-90 EVEEE

2-03 3 365 25,480 4.6 1172 3.8 972

Misty is a daughter of O Mystic and sell bred to Solomon and looks great. A Àfth gen, EX that sells with her Destry daughter.

Indianhead Dream Girl (NC)

2-04 3x 39 4,210 4.5 189 3.0 126 INC.

This Golden Dreams sells just fresh is milking 124 # a day and promises to be a high scoring two year. Her dam is a VG-85 Sid from Gold-Mae.

Indianhead Gold Symphony-ET VG-85 VG-MS

1-11 3x 334 27,190 3.6 990 3.0 813

This Goldwyn daughter sells her Hypnotic daughter that is a winter calf for the 2017 show season. From the Royal Rosa family and sells with a Cupid sister.

Schedule of Events: Thursday, April 6th • 5-8 p.m. Cattle Viewing and Hospitality

Friday, April 7th • 9-11 a.m.

Complimentary morning coffee and donuts Indianhead Doorman Winnie This Doorman is a daughter from EX-91 GM Windy; that is a winter yearling for this year.

Indianhead Rdnk Catina-Red Sired by Redneck with loads of style and a spring yearling for this year. Her dam is an EX-90 Destry, 2nd dam is EX-93 and the 3rd dam is EX-94 Cat

Indianhead Awesome-ET This Solomon daughter is truly AWESOME and is a summer yearling for this year! Her dam sells and is an EX-90 Goldywyn that extends 7 generations of EX back to Chief Adeen.


Any junior members that purchases an animal will be put into a drawing to win a calf. This calf is sired by Corvette and her dam is EX-94 Atwood Tia. SPECIAL TERMS AVAILABLE: Terms are available with prior approval by contacting, 715-790-7202 or 715-790-7203. The terms are 30% down and 70% April 1st, 2018. An irrevocable letter of credit from your lender is required and must be submitted by March 25th, 2017.

Indianhead Addi Ali-Red This Addiction-P daughter is a winter yearling from a VG-87 Barbwire; with seven EX dams behind her.

Friday, April 7th • 11:00 a.m. Indianhead Complete Dispersal

NO BST • BAA 111.5 • RHA 84 Cows: 28,873 3.9 1115 3.2 927 Heifers are raised in freestalls

Robert & Karyn Schauf

1659 10 1/2 St. Barron, WI 54812 Bob cell: 715-790-7202 Home: 715-537-9376 bob@indianheadfarms.com Herdsman: Mike Mertins, Joe Witscher, Rodriquo Villalobos

Hotel Accomodations:

Coblestone Motel, Barron, Wisc.


secourtney@hotmail.com 2564 Pole Line Rd • Ridgeway, IA 52165 563-387-0035 • 563-380-1318 cell 563-387-0046 fax

SEED CORN SAVINGS! Proven high yield, national hybrids

Only $127 per bag!

Stop by our booth

(New customers OR 20 bag min. order) #B1011 at the Central MN Farm Show • Conventional hybrids • Other quality hybrids for $88 • RR/GT, Double Stack & Triple Stack hybrids available


Quality Alfalfa Hay & Straw For Sale 3x4 Bales • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cutting Hay WE DELIVER

Heavy Oats Also For Sale

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

PSI POWER WASHERS, Power Washers Hot/ Cold, Cabinet Parts Washers, Chemicals, Presoaks, Degreasers, Large Parts Inventory Shipped Same Day, On Site Service. Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Sales, Repair, and Rental. “The Guys That Work Great Under Pressure� 1-800-555-1677. Serving you from 3 locations: West Central MN Region – Pennock, MN Location SW MN Region – Wilmont, MN Location NW IA Region – Harrisburg, SD Location & Wilmont, MN Location SE SD Region – Harrisburg, SD Location. 23-TFN-B

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 33

CIH 5300 GRAIN DRILL w/grass, $8,500; JD 450 w/grass, $10,500. Call 320-249-8556. 3-1-F LELY A4 ASTRONAUT ROBOT; 1250 gal. bulk tank. Call 651-565-2827. 23-TFN-F VANDALE 14’ SILO UNLOADER w/winch & tripod, $500/obo; 1,000 gal. dsl. barrel w/pump, $800; Summers 25’ soil ďƒžnisher w/mulcher, $6,500 ďƒžrm. Call 218-428-0472. 3-2-B NH L555 DLX, 2200 hrs., bkt., grapple. Call 320763-4994. 3-1-F

Honeyland Farms

1-320-250-8805 or 1-204-347-5780 Mike www.honeylandfarms1.com

The next issue of the Dairy Star is published April 8th.

LATE MODEL MUELLER MILK TANKS, 1600, 2000, 2700, 3000 & 4000 gal. capacities. Call 920-397-0448. 1-TFN-B

(2) NEW NH 7560, choice of 2 units, 2 pt. attach or draw bar hitch, 15’6� cut. Call 715-896-1413 for details. 3-1-F

IH 5088, 2WD, 350 hrs. on new motor, 20.8-38 tires w/duals, exc. cond., $24,000; also IH 1066 w/ FWA, no cab, restored, $25,000. Call 320-7615611. 3-1-F

2) KILLBROS 387 GRAVITY BOXES, like new, used 1 season. Call 320-304-2311. 2-TFN-F

APPROX 120’ OF 10’ UP NORTH SILAGE BAG, reasonable. Call 320-3042311. 17-TFN-F JD 845 12R CULTIVATOR, 3 pt., mounted, $4,000/obo. Call 507-7661163. 2-3-F

LILLISTON CULTIVATORS & LILLISTON PARTS, new & used; also White 6 bottom plow. Call 507-455-2484. 1-7-F JD 716A FORAGE WAGONS, 1075 GEARS, 12.5x16 tires, stored inside, sharp. Call or text 651-380-2861. 1-3-F

FARM EQUIPMENT AUCTION Sunday, April 2nd @ 10:30 am


BIDDING: Sale starts to end on Monday, April 10, 2017 at 7:30 pm www.hagerauction.com

OPEN HOUSE: View at your convenience.

LOCATION: 8 miles south of Almena, WI on County P to 7th Avenue, then east ½ mile. Fire # 623. DALE AND DEBRA SCRIBNER - Owners 715-455-1701. Very good machinery. Shedded and well maintained. HAYING EQUIPMENT: NH 900 Chopper, metal III; NH 990W Hay Head; NH 824 Corn Head; H&S 7+4 Twin Auger 16’ Chopper Box w/12 ton tandem RG; CIH 600 Blower; 20’ Feeder Wagon. FARM MACHINERY: White 508 4-18â€? Semi Mt SAR Plow; Hardi 300 gal Sprayer; 8’ Bucket for JD 720 Loader. EX DAIRY & FEEDING EQUIPMENT: Mueller 600 gal Bulk Tank (ser #62421); Bou-Matic VP-155 7 ½ HP V Pump, new motor; 200’ SS 2â€? Milk Line; DeLaval Receiver Panel, 3â€? inlet; (4) DeLaval Claws & Pulsators; (4) Surge Stimopuls-MA Milker Units; 18XT Semen Tank; Val Metal Model 2R-12 Roller Mill, 3 yrs old; CFS 1432 Elec Cart; 36â€? Barn Fan; Rochester 18’ x 70’ Stave Silo; Patz 98B 18’ Silo Unloader; (2) Silo Matic & Patz Elec Winch & cables; (2) 80’ Elec Cords; Hanson 14’ Center Drive Double Auger Unloader (unloaded 1 silo); Blower Pipe. URIAH YODER - Owner 715-541-2396. Very good machinery. Mostly all 1-owner. Always shedded and well maintained. TRACTOR: JD 4440 Tractor, CAH, quad, triple hyd, 3 pt, PTO, 18.4-38 rears, 11,000+ hours. HAYING EQUIPMENT: JD 3950 Chopper; 6’ Hay Head; 2RN Corn Head; Miller Pro 5300 18’ Chopper Box, front unload w/Extension & Miller Pro 15 ton RG; (2) Miller Pro 5200 18’ Chopper Boxes, front unload w/Extension & Miller Pro 15 ton RG (1 damaged); H&S M9 9’ Merger w/4’ ext; Badger 2060 Blower; Farm Hand Grinder Blower; Buhler 8â€? x 6’ Jump Auger. LOCATION: 282 13 ½ Street, Ridgeland, WI. 3 ½ miles north of Ridgeland on Highway 25. DAVID MILLER - Owner 715-642-1721. Excellent Machinery. 1-owner. EX SPRING EQUIPMENT: 2012 JD 1790 12-23 Interplanter, planted approx. 900 acres, Loaded, CCS, variable rate seed & fertilizer, active matic down pressure, seed star, markers, shark tooth row cleaners, liquid in-row fertilizer, LIKE NEW; JD StarĂ€re 3000 RTK Unit; JD 2630 RTK Monitor w/ swath width, sub inch; High Line NT78 Rock Picker, LIKE NEW; Unverferth 3750 Seed Runner/Tender, tri-axle, hyd gates.

FIND US ON THE INTERNET: www.hagerauction.com TERMS: 5% Buyer’s fee. Cash or bankable check.


BARRY HAGER & TIM PRUSAK, Reg WI Auctioneers #105 & 479.

Previewing Available on Saturday


Direction: Turn North off Hwy 20 and go 6 miles North on X47 or 300th Ave.

www.auctionzip.com #5425 for more pictures and info 3 4 3ƒ ƒ3 3   3” 3 ‹ Â? Â? 3ƒ 3 Â? Â’33 3333 Â?3  3 3‚ƒ 3” 3 ‹ Â‚‚3 Â? 3ƒ ‚ 3 3ƒ  3 3 3 Â? 3 3Â?3 Â’333 333Â? Â? 3 3ŠÂ? 3 € Â’3 3 € Â’ 333 ‹ Â? 3 Â? Â’3 Â? 3 3Â?­ 3€ 3 3 3 Š Â? 3 ‹ 3 3 Â?

Food Stand by Petersburg Achievers 4-H

3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Â 3 3 3 3

3 3 34 3 4 3 Â? Â?3 Â? 3 3 Â?3Â? 3 Â?3 Â?­ 3 ­ 3 Â? 3 3 3 3 Â? € 3 ƒ3˜ 3†‚ ™3 ‹ Â? Â? 3 ‚ 3 Â? Â’3333333 3 3 Â? 333 ­Â? 3 € 3 Â’3 € 3 Â’3 3 Â? 3 Â? 333 ‹ ­ Â?3 3 Âš3 Â? 3 3 Â? 3‚ 3 3€Â? 3 4 3 3ƒ 3 Â? 3 3“­ 3“ € 3 Âƒ ‚3†…•3 ‹ Â’ 3ƒ 3 Â? 3 333‰ Â? 3 Â?Â? 3„…†43€Â? 3“ € 3 3 3 € 3 ‹ 3 3€ Â? 3 Â? 3“ € 3 3ÂŒÂ? † 3 € Â? 3 3 3ˆ3 Â? 3˜ € Â?3 Â?3 ­Â? 3 ­ 3 ‹ 3 3 3 €3 ­ 3 Â?3 ‰ 3 ÂƒÂƒ 3 3 3 Š Â? 3 €3 Š 3 Â?3 3 ‰ Š Â? 3 333 ‹ƒ Â?3 3 Â?3 ­ 3 ‹ Â? 3 3” ˜3„ € 3 Â? 34€Â? 3ÂŒ Â?3€ Â? Â?3ƒ ‹ 3 3 3  3 Â?3Â? 3 ‹ Š 3 3€ 3 3 3 Â? Š Â? 3 3 3 Â‚ 3 Â?3 ‹ 3 Â? Â?3333 333 3 Â? 3 3 Â? Â’3 3 3333 3333 ‹ƒ Â?3 Â? 3 3 4 3 333 Â’3 3 3 3 ­ 3 3 Â? 3 Â?3 Â?Â?ƒ Â?3™ Â?Â?Š3 €3 Â? Â?3 € 3333 3 ­ Ž‰ Â? 3 Â?3 ‹ ‘3 Â’ 333“ Â?3 3 3 € 333 ‹Â?­ €3€ Â? Â’3€ 3 3 3 ƒƒ 3 3 „†’3 Â’3 3 Â’ 3Â… ŠÂ? 3ƒ Â? ƒ3­ €3 ­Â€ Â? 333 ‹ ƒƒ3 Â? Â’3 ‹ ƒ 3 3 Â?3 ÂƒÂ‘3 3333 ‹ €3 Â? 333 3 3 Â?€ 3 Â? 3˜Â? 3

Â’3Â? 3 € 3”  3“­ Â’3 3  3 3 ‹ƒ 3 Â? Â’ 3› ‰ Â? Â? 3 Â’3€Â? 3 € 333 ‹‚ ‘3Â? Â?3 Â?€ 3 3 Â?3€ ‰ Âœ Â’3 3 ­ 3333€Â? 3 € 3 3› ‰ Â? Â? 3 ‚ 3 ­ 3€Â? ‰ Š3 € 3ƒ  3” Â? 3• € Â?3–—†3 ‹ Â?3 3333 ‹ƒ †3Â… 3Â?­ €3€ Â? 333 Š3ƒ Â’ ƒ 3 3 3 3 3 Š3Â? Â’3ƒ3 3 333ƒ †3Â?­ €3€ Â?3 3ƒ ‘3 Â?­ 3 Â? 3 3 3 Â?€ 3 Â?Â? 3 ‹ Â’ 333ƒ3 3˜Â?  Â? 3€ Â? 3„­ ­ 3ƒ 3 Â? Â? 3 Â?3€Â? ‰ Â? 3 3 ƒ 3Â… Š Â?3ƒ Â?3ƒ 3† 333 3 Â?3 Â?Â? 333 ‹ Â? 3 €­

3 4 3 3 3 3 4 34 3 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 34 3 3 3 3 4 34 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 3 34 34 3 34 3 4 3 3 3 3  3Â?Â?  Â?Â?Â?Â? 334 ­ 3 3 Š3  3 ­ 3 3 Â? 3 ‰ Â?3 3 Š3 Â? 3 Â? 3 3 Â?3€ 3 3 3Â? ÂŽ­ Â? 34 3 3 3 3 Š 34 3 3 3ž4„3 3 „‘ 3 3Â? 3 Â?3

Kristine’s cell: 563-543-6634 • Randy’s cell: 563-599-0772 Home: 563-875-9230

Page 34 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 TRACTORS NH T7040, 800 hrs. NH 65 Workmaster NH 8870, 4WD, 3000 hrs NH TC18, 4 WD, 54� deck TILLAGE EQUIPMENT Krause TL6200, 31’ finisher Krause 6118, 18’ finisher Krause 3115A, 15’ finisher Krause 3112, 12’ finisher Glencoe 13’ finisher DMI 21’ field cultivator Krause 2887, 7 shank disc chisel McFarlane 30’ reel disc JD 726-34’ finisher CIH 4800, 24’ field cultivator JD 2700, 7 shank mulch ripper CIH 6000, 13 shank disc chisel Kewanee 21’ mulcher Brillion 15’ mulcher JD 2210 42’ field cultivator JD 200 42’ Crumbler SPREADERS NH 185 tandem box NH 195 tandem box Knight 8124 Expeller Knight 8018 Expeller Meyer 3245 Expeller

SKIDS & LOADERS NH L220, 1300 hrs. NH L170, 3400 hrs. NH L170, 4800 hrs. NH LS150, 3400 hrs. NH L454, 2600 hrs. JD 317, 1100 hrs. ASV RC85, trac ldr. GB800 loader w/bucket JD 148 loader HAY EQUIPMENT NH H7450 discbine NH H7230 discbine NH 1431 discbine NH 615 disc mower NH 1411 discbine NH 1465 haybine CIH DC102 discbine JD 530 & 635 discbines JD 935 discbine NH 311 baler & thrower NH 316 baler & thrower JD 336 baler & kicker MF 1839 baler & thrower NH BR750 & BR780 round balers NH 660 round baler NH BR7060 round baler Gehl 520, 12 wheel rake NH 154 12 wheel rake NH 256 rake H&S RR420 rotary rake H&S HSM-12 merger Phiber 14’ merger

FORAGE EQUIPMENT NH 900 chopper NH 890 chopper NH 790 chopper Gehl 1275 w/proc. Gehl 1260 chopper JD & Gehl corn & hay hds., 2R & 3R NH corn & hay heads NH 28 blower Meyer 4516, 16’ box Meyer 8122 box & trailer NEW IDEA UNI & HEADS 20 - NI Power Units 50 - NI Corn & Hay heads NI 767, 868, 6200 chopper NI 729A & 858 shellers NI 737, 838, 839 husking beds MISCELLANEOUS NH 355 grinder mixer Bale King 3100 bale processor Stretch-O-Matic bale wrapper Pixall header trailer Big Ox 8’ blade Westfield 8�x41’ auger NI 324 picker Brent 640 box Brent 540 box Farmhand dump carts White 4-, 6-, 8- & 12-row planters

DEE IMPLEMENT 30 miles S. of LaCrosse - 30 miles N. of Prairie du Chien “DRIVE A LITTLE, SAVE A LOTâ€? • WWW.DEEIMP.NET

Waukon, IA • 563-568-4511

CalfStart Robert Schell DVM


507-458-5624 203 1st Ave. SE Altura, MN 55910

New Albin, IA • 563-544-4282

Consulting, Equipment, and Monitoring of On-farm Pasteurization Systems

Looking for


DairyTech Pasteurizer and Perfect Udder Colostrum Bag Dealer

Find it in the Classiďƒžeds!

Proven Effective‌

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

JD 7700, C/H/A, 18.4-42 RADIALS, JD AX duals, clean, $29,000. Call 608792-4337. 3-2-F

CASE INTERNATIONAL #4800 FIELD CULT., 3 bar harrow, nice, $4,500. Call 320-808-7983. 2-2-F ‘15 JD 328E SKID LOADER, 3000 hrs., joystick, 14x17.5 tire, $33,500. Call 218-5832931. 3-1-F 9X18 THROWER RACK, platforms on side, good shape, w/running gear. Call 320-355-2589. 3-3-F CORN PLANTERS, IH 400 6R30â€?; IH 800, 4R36â€?. Call 218-3853471. 3-TFN-F (38) JAMESWAY STANCHIONS, squeeze release w/anchors wood strips, exc. cond., $20 ea. Call 608-698-3892. 3-1-F ‘78 FORD 9700 TRACTOR, OH engine and new bearings in rear end. Call 320-360-7258. 3-1-F TONUTTI V12 HAY RAKE, 12 wheel, good shape, asking $5,500. Call 320-248-1573. 2-2-F ‘74 FORD 700, 16’ steel box, 9x20 tires, 78,000 miles, 5-2 transmission, Westďƒželd drill ďƒžll; ‘80 Ford 16’ steel box, 9x20 tires, 5-2 trans., 470 eng., 46,000 miles, both have good roll tarps. Call 701-367-7967 or 218-671-1254. 3-1-F CASE 7120 TRACTOR HUBS for duals, $500/ pair. Call 563-562-3848. 2-2-F


VERSA SILAGE BAGGER for front unload wagons, 10’, great for haylage, exc. cond., NW IA, 22K. Call 712-441-0308. 2-2-F PATZ 8810 RING DRIVE SILO UNLOADER, 16’, very good cond., complete, $2,500/obo. Call 320-630-7559. 14-TFN-F

55’ BALE CONVEYOR TRANSPORT, pto, heavy duty, looks brand new. Call 320-355-2589. 1-3-F

NH 790 CHOPPER w/ hay head & NH 116 14’ hydra-swing haybine. Call 218-639-1103. 5-TFN-F FARMHAND 815 FEED MIXER, long auger, screens, hyd. unload auger, $2,200, good shape. Call Paul 507-450-2367. 2-5-F JD 4R36�W PLANTER; Oswalt 250 TMR; CIH 16’ discbine; CIH LBX331, 3x3x7 baler. Call 218-3298195. 3-1-F

1,000 GAL. MILLER PRO SPRAYER, 60’ boom, hyd. pump, raven ctrls, inductor foam markers, rinse tank, great cond. Call 608-387-9015. 3-1-F JD 9500, 5100 eng. hrs., 7500 on cutter, 4WD, many updates, single point hookup, 600 series head ready, $32,900. Call 715613-8940. 8-TFN-F ARTSWAY PM35, hyd. swing/lift, scale, $17,000. Call 320-987-3177. 3-1-F JD 330 ROUND BALER, used very little, perfect cond. Call 507-794-6169, after 7 p.m. 9-TFN-F ‘08 35 TON SEMI TRAILER, beaver tail & ramps, 51’ total length. Call 320-760-6942. 12-TFN-F ‘14 NH H7230 DISCBINE; also 10 calf huts. Call 507-995-0818. 1-3-F GEHL 1085 CORN PROCESSOR; Ford 154, 6+1 bottom variable width plow. Call 320-249-1939. 3-1-F JD 726 34’ MULCHER FINISHER; also 2000 Genie S60 lift, 8’ cage, $12,000 ea./obo. Call 641364-2069. 3-3-F

Buyers & Feeders of damaged corn, soybeans, screenings, wet, hot, dry, ďŹ re and silo corn. Trucks available. Z BAR FEED YARDS - -




Hours: M-F: 7-5 • Sat: 7-12

www.aldrichtractor.com — USED EQUIPMENT — RAKES______________________ VR1022 Vermeer rake ...............$4,800 SKID STEER LOADERS________ BOBCAT S530, 2013, 1457 hrs., H51, power attach, new tires & bkt., #11798 .. Call GEHL 4240E, 5850 hrs., T-bar ctrls, open cab, bkt., #07865........ $12,400 R220, 2014, cab & heat, power attach, 2 spd., 1145 hrs ................... $29,000 4640E, 4180 hrs., cab & heat, T-bar ctrls, bkt., #13917 ..............$17,900 R190, 2015, 497 hrs., 2 spd., radio, cab/ heat, Power Attach, #72456 ...... $33,000 KUBOTA SSV65, 2016, 263 hrs., joystick, cab/AC, power attach, bkt., #00756 ...... $38,900 TRACK MACHINES T770, 2015, 1621 hrs., SJC, radio, 2 spd., newly replaced sprockets and track, A71, #14534................$57,500 T300, 2008, 2707 hrs., A91, radio, roller susp., #20154 ..............$28,000 T650, 2014, A71, wide track, 565 hrs., single spd., #11088...............$46,500 T650, 2015, SJC, A71, wide track, radio/2 spd., roller susp, 444 hrs., #13025.........................................$51,000 MISC._______________________ 1340 Hesston 12’ mower conditioner w/steel rolls, #00423 ..............$5,500 MF 1372, 12’ mower conditioner w/steel rolls, 2008, new turtles #83107 ................................. $13,800 F11 Farmhand Loader, valve & pto pump .....................$3,500


GainproÂŽ, a proven feed additive that helps replacement heifers rapidly achieve proper breeding size and heavier weights. These advantages can equate to greater profit potential! i Increases rate of weight gain

i Works well with DDGS

i BeneďŹ cial activity throughout the GI tract

i Excellent palatability and doesn’t reduce dry matter intake

i Ideal choice in the pasture and feedlot

i No withdrawal

i Environmentally safe i Safe around all livestock and wildlife, including horses

i Class of antibiotic not used in human medicine and will NOT require a VFD

i Multiple formulations available 525 Westpark Drive, Suite 230 Peachtree City, GA 30269 1-877-994-4883 customerservice@huvepharma.us


Mckayla Rand (936)203-4017

Given its performance, safety and feeding exibility, GAINPRO should be your choice for replacement dairy heifers.


Located 2.5 miles east of Melrose, MN or 2.5 miles west of Freeport, MN on Interstate 94 to the New Munich, MN exit (Exit #137), then 7.25 miles south through New Munich, MN on MN State 237 and County Road #12, then ž mile east on 302nd St. to Farm #30766. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017 • 10:30 A.M. Selling Farm Machinery Including: MFWD & Two-Wheel Drive Tractors, Trailers, Hay & Forage Equipment, Quick Hitches, New Holland Skid Loaders & Attachments, Planting & Tillage Equipment, TMR, Super Hutches & Livestock Equipment, Bulk Bins, Silo Unloaders, Conveyors & Feeding Equipment, Grinder Mixer, Spreaders, & General Farm Equipment, Meat Cutting Equipment & Miscellaneous Items. Also selling hay & straw

John & Mary Rademacher, Owners

Given its performance, safety and feeding exibility, GAINPRO +89(3+$50$ DQG *DLQSUR DUH UHJLVWHUHG WUDGHPDUNV RI +XYHSKDUPD (22' should be your choice for replacement dairy heifers. +89(3+$50$ DQG *DLQSUR DUH UHJLVWHUHG WUDGHPDUNV RI +XYHSKDUPD (22'

Can’t make the auction? bid online at proxibid.com/MidAmerican MID -AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC.


AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

FOR COMPLETE LISTING SEE: midamericanauctioninc.com, OR review the last issue of the Dairy Star. www.midamericanauctioninc.com

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 25, 2017 • Page 35

USED EQUIPMENT FROM A NAME YOU CAN TRUST! Many used and new skidloaders ON HAND White 8222 Planter USED, 12x30,

Liquid Fert, Trash Whippers, Monitor, Pull-Type, Fertilizer - $37,500

2012 N-H T7.185, MFD, 785 Hours - $99,500


‘13 N-H T9.615, 775 Hours, Auto Steer, Cab Suspension ....................................................$260,000 ‘12 N-H T7.185, MFD, 785 Hours..............................$99,500 Oliver 1550, 1610 Loader, Gas ....................................$5,750 AC B with Belly Mower ................................................$1,999 ‘13 J-D 6140M, MFD, Cab, 1980 Hours ....................$69,500 ‘13 J-D 4720, mFD, Cab, Loader, Hydro, 400 Hrs .....$37,500 I-H Super C with Woods 59 Belly mower ....................$2,450

Used Tillage

(2) ‘14 W-R Quad X2, 60’ w/Rolling Baskets .... Starting at $43,600 ‘15 W-R XL2 34’, 4 bar harrow .................................$36,500 ‘97 W-R Quad 5 32’, 4 bar harrow ............................$14,950 ‘14 CIH 200, 60’ Cult with rolling baskets .................$49,900 ‘03 Case I-H 4300 24.5’ Cult, 3 bar harrow .................$9,950 (2) 2010 Wishek 862NT, 16’ Disk, 30” blades ..............................................Starting at $19,900 ‘09 W-R 957 Ripper, 5 shank, Harrow.......................$17,500 ‘03 W-R 6600 Ripper, 4 Shank ....................................$6,950 ‘01 DMI 730B, Levelers.............................................$10,900

‘97 J-D 3710, 8 Bottom, On land Hitch .....................$13,500 JD 2800 Plow, 6 Bottom, On land Hitch ......................$5,950 JD 2800 Plow, 5 Bottom .............................................$3,250 Oliver 548 Plow, 4 Bottom .........................................$1,250 Allis Chalmers 3 bottm plow, Mounted ..........................$750 (2) 7 Section Harrow..................................Starting at $1,000

USED Planters

‘13 White 8936, 36x20, Tracks, Liquid Fert .............$205,000 ‘06 White 8222, 12x30, Liquid fert............................$37,500 ‘98 White 6242, 12x30 or 13x15...............................$19,900 White 6100, 12x30, Verticle Fold, Liquid Fert............$12,750 (2) ‘98 White 6100/6900, 8x36 Twin Row, Liquid Fert ..............................................Starting at $10,500 White 5100 4x38 twin row ..........................................$4,500 ‘06 G-P YP1625-32, 16x30 Twin Row, Precision units ........................................................$59,900 ‘11 G-P YP1225A, 12x30 Twin Row, Liquid Fert .......$79,900 ‘14 G-P YP425A, 4x36 Twin Row, Dry Fert ...............$28,500 IH 800, 6x30 ...............................................................$3,750 ‘08 Kinze 3800, 24x30, Liquid Fert............................$48,900 JD 7000, 4x36.............................................................$2,000

Equipment of Norwood LANO A family business since 1946 with the Lanos: Jack, Paul, Bob and Andy 952-467-2181


‘13 T-770, Glass Cab with A/C, Hi Flow Aux, 1340 Hrs ......................................................$49,000 ‘14 T-650, 1 Million Ed, SJC Controls, 900 Hours ...................................................$47,000 ‘13 T-590, Glass Cab with A/C, 917 Hours ..$38,500 ‘10 T-300, Glass Cab with A/C, 4100 Hours $29,900 (2) ‘12 S-750 Glass Cab with A/C, 730 hours and up ..................... Starting at $30,900 (3) ‘12 S-650, Glass Cab with A/C, ................................... Starting at $31,900 (2) ‘14 S-590, Glass Cab With A/C, 2 speed..................................... Starting at $28,900 ‘12 S-205, Glass Cab with A/C, 5400 Hrs ....$16,900 ‘04 S-185, Glass Cab with A/C, 2700 Hrs ....$16,900 ‘12 S-160, Glass Cab with A/C, 2 Speed, 2250 Hours .................................................$22,900

‘15 S-510, Glass Cab & Heater, 2 Speed, 610 Hours ...................................................$28,995 ‘01 753, 3755 Hours .....................................$10,900 ‘98 453, Glass Cab & Heater, 2475 Hours......$7,350 2007 N-H L-190, Glass Cab &Heater, 2 Speed, 5100 Hours .................................................$19,500 ‘08 N-H L-185, 2 Speed, 4100 Hours ..........$19,500 ‘01 N-H LS-180, Glass Cab & Heater, 2 Spd$14,500 ‘06 N-H L-160, Glass Cab & Heater, 3100 Hours .................................................$12,500 ‘04 Case 85XT, 3215 Hours ..........................$14,000 ‘10 Cat 262C, Glass Cab with A/C, 2025 Hrs $28,900

LANO EQUIPMENT OF NORWOOD 952-467-2181 One Tough Animal




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SPRING 2017 Start time

9 a.m.



TRACTORS • Bought new in 2005 Massey Ferguson tractor mod. 5455, MFWD, only 265 hrs., w/MF loader, one owner. Looks like new. For more info on this tractor call Paul at 320-246-3375. • 1978 White tractor mod. 2-135, 3 hyd., 3 pt., 540 & 1000 pto, 18-4-38 tires, cab, air & heat • IH mod. 1086 tractor w/18-4-38 hub duals, low hours on overhaul & new clutch • IH mod. 450 gas, wide front, fast hitch, 15-5-38 tires, new paint • Two IH mod. H tractor, one w/hyd., new paint & new front tires • IH Farmall mod. 300 narrow front, 3 hyd. • IH Farmall mod. H w/6 ft. belly Woods mower • JD mod. R w/pony start • JD mod. 720 narrow front, not running • Two Molines mod. U, not running • JD mod. A, narrow front • Case mod. SC, not running • Farmall mod. A w/belly mower • JD and IH gas engine, Maytag gas engine • IH mod. 666 diesel tractor, wide front, 3 pt., 6200 hours • IH Super M w/power steering and loader

units RF rear fold population monitor • 400 bu. seed tender slide in • IH mod. 620 press drill 14 ft. • Two IH mod. 620 press drills 10 ft., single hitch w/grass seeder • JD 494 corn planter 4 row • 8 Yetter row cleaners w/JD brackets • 8 row 30” IH mod. 400 planter White mod. 6346 split row 16 row 30” folds back to 17 row 15 corn & bean, liquid fert., no till coulters, row cleaners, HD down pressure spring, seed firmers w/SM 3000 monitor, ready to go • Saddle tanks for liquid fert. • Saddle tanks from JD 8000 series tractor • Westfield folding drill fills w/brush • JD 12 row 30 7100 planter 3 pt Kinze brush meters, gone through 200 acres ago • 1986 Great Plains 30 ft. solid stand folding drill spacing 6”, markers been stored inside and not used for years, duals on wings, updated press wheels


From Hoffman, MN 1.5 miles west on State Hwy. 27

• Handlair mod. 550 grain vac • GSI 10x70 swing auger w/hyd. lift • Alloway 62’x10” swing auger • Many gravity boxes, some w/drill fills • Barge box & hoist on running gear • Handlair grain vac mod. 550 • Westfield 8x61 auger w/swing axles and 10hp electric

MISC. MACHINERY • Like new Lorenz 838 snow blower, came w/ Massey 5455 tractor • One JD fender for 20 series w/brackets • Grain spreaders • 6 good 8.25x20 tires • 12 JD chisel plow shanks from mod. 1600 • Air powered tire changing machine • Four 20.8.42 radial tractor tires • Cattle bumper came off 2014 Ford F250 • Universal 3 pt. hitch • Dump scrap box • Craftsman snow blower • Sludge pump • Steel wheels • Cream cans • Corn sheller • Cistern pumps • Ingersoll Rand upright air compressor LIVESTOCK • 10hp centrifugal fan and transition, 1 • Case IH mod. 8545 inline commercial baler year old w/stacker • Case backhoe bucket Mechanic special: Vicone mod. km 321 disk • JD 24” backhoe bucket haybine, needs work on cutting disk • Weather Guard tool boxes • JD mod. 3940 forage chopper w/2 row 30” • 2” water pump 6.5hp, cone mixing VEHICLES, PICKUPS, TRAILERS corn head inductors 2010 Chev. Camaro SS, L 99 V8 engine, • Farmhand round bale grinder mod. F900 • Water hose reel, 12 Yetter row cleaners auto, sunroof, ONLY 5,750 MILES, canary large bale tub grinder • Four 265/75/15 tires • 4 Peterbilt fenders yellow. Call Bob for more information: • Several hay rakes • 2 JD ripper shanks 320-760-7312 • 20 ft. hay bunk on 4 wheel trailer • 2 JD gear boxes for 7200 • 2015 car trailer w/ramps • 21 ft. pull type swather • 12 JD planter boxes & meters for 7200 • Trailmobile 42 ft. flatbed w/sliding axles • New Holland mod. 495 haybine, 12 ft. • 12 speed drill press w/2-2000 poly water tanks, hose reel, mixing • Two large feeders from large tires • JD disk openers measure 14-3/4 pallet cone • Flat bed hay trailer goose neck hitch • Pallet of 7” sweeps • 1978 Ford F150 w/V-8 auto, new tires • Burr Mill 6 poly calf huts • New floor carpet for Case IH quad trac and lots of new parts w/Dakota 7-1/2 ft. • JD mod. 24T baler Hyd. center cut attachment for snow plow • Massey trailer type sickle mower Loftness stalk chopper • 1985 Chev. pickup 3/4 ton, 2 wheel drive • 2 Powder River creep feeders • 12 shop lights • HX15 used mower blades • Single axle 5x14 trailer 6 HD livestock panels, self standing, 24 • Lincoln welder • 42” LED light bar • 20 ft. tandem trailer w/surge brakes ft.x5ft high • Seed tender applicator • 1987 Ford 4x4 pickup long box, reg. cab • 20 ft. bale elevator • Front fenders off JD 4240 • Skid loader trailer • 10x25 ft. bale rack on MN gear • JD rock box • 48 ft. semi van enclosed trailer • 3 pt. bale spear • Aluminum topper came off 90 Chev. • 2000 Chev. Monte Carlo LS • Hesston 1014 haybine • 180 ft. white plastic rail fence • Homemade 8.5x52.5 drop deck trailer, air • Calving pen • 240 2-gal. pails ride, NO TITLE • Hyd. post pounder • Double LP tank from delivery truck • Round bale feeders • 3 garden tillers • 2 IH hubs 3-1/4 inch TILLAGE • Cattle gates • Steel fence posts • Electrical boxes • JD mod. 980 field cultivator, 38-1/2 ft. w/3 • Doken silage box • 18-4-34 tires & rims • IH cab came off bar harrow, nice • IH #37 baler w/thrower a 1466 • Hardi 1000 Navigator sprayer 90 ft. boom, • IH mod. 2400 round baler • Floating water pump • JD 7000 units new water pump, tall tractor type tires • New Holland mod. 851 round baler • Gustafson seed treater • 90 ft. sprayer Century w/folding booms, • Better Built 4000 gal. manure tank • 19 JD finger corn meters 600 gal. tank • Gehl feed grinder • Old safe on wheels • Pallet of fencing • Two Flexicoil sprayers mod. 650 w/90 ft. • Artsway feed grinder w/scale • 7 pallets of iron • 3 pallets of hyd. hoses boom, 1000 gal. tank, one w/dual axles • New Holland haybine mod. 469 • 3 pallets of old tools • Pickup fuel tank • JD mod. 980 field cultivator, 38-1/2 ft., • JD 72 disks for XP units knock on sweeps SMALL TILLAGE, SKIDLOADER • Grill guard from Chev. pickup • Multiweeder Melroe 45 ft. 3 bar • Case mod. 1840 skid loader w/Cummins • Sprayer foamer • 18-4-38 tire chains • IH plow #50 4 bottom w/new lays and diesel • 2 Goodyear 380/90 R54 tractor tires mold boards • 2013 Melroe Bobcat mod. 530 w/2 speed • Jet mill and drill press • Redline Knipco • JD rotary hoe 22 ft. trans., hyd. quick tach, new tires heater WOOD, new white oak lumber: • Riteway reel type rock picker, dual axles • Fence line mower off set for ATV 90 1-1/2”x6x8 ft; 75 1-1/2”x8x8 ft; • Hiniker chisel plow, 10 shank • King Cutter 72” tiller, 3 pt., all gear drive 75 2”x8x8 ft; 90 2”x6’8ft • JD mod. 1010 digger, 30 ft. flat fold • Schweiss 72” mower, 3 pt. • JD 3 bottom plow • New H&H rock bucket w/grapple, 84” BEYER’S AUTO CENTER • Dakon rock picker • New H&H rock bucket 68” • 2004 Buick Rainier V-8 w/new rebuilt trans. • Case 4 bottom plow • Small backhoe attachment for skid loader • 1978 Ford Pickup with snow plow. • Koehn 14 shank chisel plow • 60” skid loader 4-in-1 bucket • 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, partially restored • 6 water tanks, 1500 gal. • JD 2 row 3 pt. ground drive corn planter • 1978 Pontiac Tran Am, partially restored • Riteway reel type rock picker • 8 ft. 3 pt. digger • 1990 Ford F350 diesel tire truck, manual • Wilrich 26 ft. digger w/4 bar harrow • Loftness 8 ft. mower trans., air comp., fluid container, electric • 30 ft. hyd. chain drag • 8 ft. Ford chisel plow boom, work lights, dually • 3 wheel pull between water tank, 800 gal. • Two Ford 2 bottom plows • Frame rack chassis rack • Rebuilt 6 cyl. • 30” 12 volt anhydrous applicator • Fertilizer spreader Ford w/3 speed trans. from ‘66 Mustang • JD 3 bottom plow ground lift bottle cap • 2 new rebuilt Holly carb. mod. 750 cm wheels SPORTING ITEMS INCLUDING ATV’S, double pumpers • Brake lathe • 2 rock wagons for 30” rows w/hyd. dum SIDE-BY-SIDE, BOATS, SNOWMOBILES, • Rigid pipe threader • 2 torch sets w/carts • 3-ton fertilizer spreader TRAILERS & MORE • TSI 10 & 7 ton air jacks • Two 10 ft. Summers harrows • Large commercial sand blaster • 2 smaller • 1987 Dodge pickup w/spray pup sprayer, COMBINE, TRUCKS, GRAIN HANDLING commercial sand blasters 400 gal. 60 ft. boom, no title • JD mod. 6620 combine hydro 4 speed • Implement bead breaker • Chloride pump, • Melroe fork rock picker turbo w/4055 engine hrs., 28.6.26 tires, nice new • Strut machine • JD 6’ and 10’ field cultivator combine, ser. 356828 • Many floor jacks, hyd. jacks, jack stand • Case IH 4900 field cult. 38 ft. w/3 bar drag • IH mod. 810 pickup head w/rubber belts • HD glass cutter • Many poly water tanks • 1976 Ford dump truck w/5 ton box & hoist, • Paint sprayer gun & equipment washer • Wilrich 40 ft. digger w/mulcher nice box & hoist mod. 1077 • Tire cage & bead breaker • IH 490 disk 20 ft., new notched blades • 1985 GMC Brigadier grain truck, tri-axle, • Display rack of screen • NEW Daimer • JD disk mod. 230 w/rock cushions 25 ft. with 20’ box & roll tarp, Cummins 9 speed, upholstery auto cleaner field ready very nice grain truck • Misc. new & used Mustang parts, hood, • IH 8 row 30” cultivator #153 • 1974 Chev. C-65 tandem grain truck w/lift doors, panels, etc. • Hardware & misc. • Allis Chalmers field cultivator tag, 19 ft. box, roll tarp, 366 motor, 5 & 2 • Approx. 500 gals. of paint & stain, has not • Cook chisel plow 16 ft. speed trans., 3 door end gate been frozen • HD Bush Hog plowing disk 18 ft. • 1991 Ford F800 single axle, LP powered, 5 • Paint tint equipment w/various tints • JD mounted field cultivator mod. 1010 & 2 speed trans. w/2 compartment seed ten- • Pallets of electrical • Pallets of plumbing 24-1/2 ft. der belt conveyor w/Honda motor, 300 bu. • Pallets of misc. hardware • Pallets of belts • IH vibra shank digger 18 ft. • 1996 Freightliner F&120 flat top sleeper • Pallets of brass, copper, plastic fittings • Farmhand loader, all hyd. w/N14 Cummins, 9 speed trans., 80% • Pallets of grass & fert. • Pallets of hose • 6 ton Tyler fert. spreader virgin tires clamps & misc. hardware • JD mod. 148 loader, quick tach bucket, • 2002 Mack CX613 semi tractor, 13 speed Paint booth, complete. Sold off of location. came off JD 3020 Eaton trans. 3.90 ratio, 460hp, jake brake Must be removed. • Rolling Flow 3hp grain screener, 12 ft. PLANTING • Brent mod. 4500 grain vac w/pipe Note: Beyer’s Auto Repair in Hoffman • JD mod. 1780 12 row 30”, 23 15” split • Rotary grain screener 12 ft., 3hp have sold their business and will sell the row, field ready w/250 monitor, nice • Like new Westfield grain auger mod. TFX2 remainder of their inventory at Metal to • JD mod. 1750 conservation vacuum corn 100-31 auger w/10hp electric motor Money on April 7th. This is only a sample planter, 8 row 30”, nice • Westfield 130-71 low profile swing auger, of the inventory. Some things, like paint, • JD 7000 8 row 30” corn planter hyd. lift will be sold in lots of 10 to 20 cans. There • JD mod. 9350 grain drill 20 ft. • Feterl 66 ft. auger 10 inch w/swing hopper, will be many nice surprises! • Kinze bar planter 24 row 30 in. w/JD 7000 mech. drive, hyd. lift “The Most Important Auction is Yours!”

Hanson Auctioneers, LLC Jerome Hanson - 26-12 Charlie Oachs - 26-13

Romie Gessell - 77-37 Roger Ceroll

Hoffman, Minnesota Cell 320-760-5485

NOTE: Make plans to attend Metal to Money Spring 2017! We will sell in 2 rings starting at 9:00 a.m. with 2 racks of good, misc. items. Rain or shine the sale goes on! NO INTERNET BIDDING. Bidding numbers will be available starting Tuesday, April 4. Thank you, Jerome

www.midwestauctions.com or www.globalauctionguide.com

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• Fast, Complete Mixing and Processing of a Wider Variety of Ingredients • Fast, Superior Discharge and Cleanout • Precise Rations

Because quality matters. B E TH



• Brynsaas Sales & Service, Inc. Decorah, IA • www.brynsaas.com • 563-382-4484 • Story Sales & Service, Inc. Faribault, MN • www.storysalesandservice.com 800-491-3724 • 507-334-3724 • River Valley Sales, LLC Lewiston, MN • 507-523-3491


• Hartung Sales & Service, Inc. Freeport, MN • 320-836-2697 • Hobert Sales, Inc. Cokato, MN • 320-286-6284 • Isaacson Sales & Service, Inc. Lafayette, MN • 507-228-8270 • 888-228-8270



mixer dealer today for details:



Call your local


• Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equ Equip. of MN, Inc. Pipestone, MN • 507-825-3271 • Ross Equipment Co., Inc. Lonsdale, MN • 800-645-7677 • 507-744-2525 • Don & Leo Wille Construction, LLC Garnavillo, IA • 563-252-2034

(920) 897-2251 | PatzCorp.com | Since 1948 | 917 Business 141 • PO Box 7 Pound WI 541610-0007


Patz 350 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz Stationary 400D, 140 ft. capacity Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 620 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 615 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 420 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Rotomix VXT-425 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 420 - 2 available! Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 950 Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Like new truck mount mixer w/Patz 950 Wille Construction 563-252-2034

1) Penta 3020 1) Penta 4120 - price reduced! Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 510 horiz.- $34,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

‘02 Luck Now 300 - $12,500 Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 507-825-3271

‘00 Roto-Mix 414-14B - $6,500 Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 507-825-3271

Patz 620, reconditioned w/liner, 2 spd, nice - $17,000 Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Patz 810, demo unit - Call Isaacson Sales & Service 507-228-8270

Jaylor GC4405, single screw, front door, LH discharge Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724




Patz 500 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Rotomix VXT 425, twin screw, vertical Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 500, 4 in stock Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 615, 2 spd. - $26,500 Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz V350 Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Kuhn Knight VT144 vert. - $27,000 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Patz 615 vertical - $31,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Supreme Intl 1200T vert - $52,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Patz 500 vert. - $27,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Patz 950, New On Hand Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Patz V620H - Call for pricing. Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

New Patz 1100 - In Stock Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Patz V500, just in Call for pricing! Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Patz 1200 mixers on hand - ready to deliver! Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Jaylor 4425 Vertical Mixer, used - $14,500 - new screw Isaacson Sales & Service 507-228-8270

Patz 205, used - Just In Isaacson Sales & Service 507-228-8270

Patz 4305 Stationary Box - $5,800 Isaacson Sales & Service 507-228-8270

Patz 350 Vertical Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Roto-Mix 354-12B Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 500V Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 420 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677