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Page 2 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018

A promotional landmark Byingtons paint one-of-a-kind sign on barn to advocate, show love for dairy By Krista Kuzma

LEWISTON, Minn. – When the Byingtons are asked where their dairy farm

is located, they don’t have to do much explaining. “We tell them it’s the farm with the ‘I love milk’ sign near the Lewiston exit on I-90. Then they say,


Parker Byington’s sister, Miranda, nishes painƟng the sign on the family’s barn in Lewiston, Minn. The reason the Byingtons painted the sign is two-fold – to honor the past and history of their family’s dairy farming journey and promote milk in a posiƟve way.


The Byington family – (from leŌ) Parker, holding Kash, Katherine, holding Gus, and RusƟn – painted a sign that says “I love milk” on their barn on their 425-cow dairy near Lewiston, Minn.

‘Oh, that’s your farm?’ because that’s the icon they remember,” Parker Byington said. Since painting the sign in July 2016, Parker and Katherine Byington’s dairy has become somewhat of a landmark in the area. The couple has three children – Rustin, 3, Kash, 2, and Gus, 4 months – and milk 425 cows near Lewiston, Minn. The reason for painting the sign, which reads, “I love milk,” with love being

represented by a heart, is two-fold. The rst is to honor the past and the history of their family’s dairy farming journey. The Byington family, along with Parker’s parents, moved to a dairy farm near Lewiston in 2015 from Moses Lake, Wash. While dairy farming in Washington in the early 1980s, Parker’s aunt came up with the idea to paint the sign on the family’s parlor. It consisted of green letters and a red heart.

“It’s well known back home. It stands out and is out of the ordinary,” Parker said. Although the Byingtons have established themselves in Minnesota, they said it has been an adjustment leaving the place where they grew up. To make it easier, the Byingtons wanted to bring a piece of their Washington life with them to Minnesota. “It’s our way of saying Turn to BYINGTONS | Page 3

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 3

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ConƟnued from BYINGTONS | Page 2

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The Byingtons wanted to create the sign on their barn in Lewiston, Minn., to mimic the sign the Byington family rst painted on their barn in the 1980s when they lived in Moses Lake, Wash.

this is home for us now,” Katherine said about why they painted the sign. “It’s tradition for us. We love what we do, and we love that we can share the sign, especially being so close to I-90.” They mimicked the sign back home, using the same block lettering; however, the letters are black instead of green. Positive promotion is the second reason for painting the sign on their barn. “People drive by on [Interstate] 90 and will honk. We don’t know if it’s for the sign or just to honk,” Katherine said. Either way, the sign is being noticed by others. Their farm, located along a frontage road right off the heavily traveled interstate, is in clear sight to share a message with

drink it more than anything else in this house,” she said. Katherine said Parker also drinks a special milk-based beverage every day, and sometimes twice daily in the summer. It consists of Nesquick made with milk along with three scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream. “He works hard burning off the calories every day on the farm,” Katherine said. That image – the one of the hard working dairy farmer – is one the Byingtons hope people will connect with their sign. “I think ‘I love milk’ brings out the personal side of dairy farming. We’re people, too, and it’s more than a job for us,” Parker said. The Byingtons decided to paint the sign on their barn in July 2016, after taking over ownership of “I think ‘I love milk’ brings the farm at the beginning of year. When Parker’s sister, out the personal side the Miranda, came to visit, the turned her into an of dairy farming. We’re Byingtons artist for the week. “She took it to heart,” people, too, and it’s more Katherine said. “She graphed it out to scale and made sure the than a job for us.” letters were spaced perfectly.” PARKER BYINGTON, DAIRY FARMER The letters are over 5 feet high and the sign is over 20 feet travelers passing by on the roadway. long. “We talk so much about the “The heart was the hardest public’s perception of agriculture. because we had to try to make it There’s too much negative, so this symmetrical. We painted it with oil is something positive we can do,” based paint because we want it to Katherine said. “This puts out a last, but it’s runny so it was hard to positive image of something worth paint,” Katherine said. loving – milk.” Despite the hard work it took to And the statement on their barn is paint the sign, they are glad the sign certainly true in their household. The can help them promote and remind Byingtons drink about one gallon of them of their roots. milk every other day, and sometimes “I think if we ever leave, it one every day. will follow us wherever we go,” “We really truly love milk. We Katherine said.

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The sign on their barn parallels Interstate 90, a heavily traveled road. The Byingtons thought the sign was a good way to promote their product.


Page 4 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018

Turning a new corner in his dairy career Solberg builds rotary parlor for 450-cow herd By Brittany Olson

ELK MOUND, Wis. – On the Solberg family dairy farm tucked away in the wooded hills a few miles east of Elk Mound, Wis., a shining new rotary parlor goes around and around three times per day until all the cows are milked. Milking 450 cows, Kurt Solberg, who farms with his parents Larry and Cora, feel their near facility is unique because the number of cows they milk is less than what they typically see with a rotary. The Solbergs started milking in the rotary on Aug. 11. Before that, the family was milking 330 cows in a

double-8 parlor. Along with the rotary, the Solbergs added a new freestall barn, which helped them begin a new chapter as a dairy farm family. The original double-8 was showing its age, and the cows were milked around the clock. “We milked 24/7 with maybe 45 minutes between shifts to wash everything down before starting all over again,” Solberg said. “It [came down to] either building a new parlor or selling the cows.” In addition, with the barn sitting on top of a hill and the parlor located down below, the cows had to walk outside and downhill to be milked, and then back up the incline to eat and rest after milking. The Solbergs researched their options before deciding to build a 32-cow DeLaval rotary


A robo�c dipping arm coats each cow’s teats in postdip a�er milking before she steps off the rotary. Solberg credits the dipping arm with saving him from hiring another employee.


Kurt Solberg milks 450 cows near Elk Mound, Wis. In August 2017, Solberg began milking his herd with a rotary parlor.

parlor on the same hill as the barn so cows would no longer have to walk up and down a steep hill going to and from the parlor. Instead of going with a double-16 to milk the same number of cows, Solberg explained the family’s reasons for choosing a rotary. “The rotary sets the pace of milking, and I liked the cow comfort aspect of it as well,” Solberg said. “I prefer a quiet, laid-back atmosphere for milking, and rotaries are so quiet. You don’t have all the air noises that you hear in a typical parlor. It also allows for future expansion without having to add on to

a different parlor …” Construction on the freestall barn and newly enclosed holding area began in the fall of 2016, with cows being moved into the barn the following January. Ground was broken on the new parlor in the spring of 2017. Solberg Dairy also had a robotic dipping arm installed to dip cows’ teats after milking. When the robotic arm is down and needs repairs, dip cups hang from posts on standby so cows can be dipped manually before they leave the parlor. “In theory, it works great. The rst couple of weeks

were a headache, but it saves me from having to hire one more employee to dip cows so I only need to milk with two people,” Solberg said. The change from the old parlor to the new milking center in terms of cow comfort has been a drastic one. “They’re in a much better environment than before,” Solberg said. In addition to improved cow comfort during milking, milking time has reduced to four hours per shift, compared to over seven hours per shift before, minus Turn to SOLBERG | Page 5

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Carl Traut | Pine Edge Dairy | Sartell Sartell, Minn Minn. ADVTNL1808


Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 5

ConƟnued from SOLBERG | Page 4

the time it took to clean up the old parlor before the next milking. “We spend more time cleaning and washing everything down, though,” Solberg said. In a stroke of incredible timing, the Solberg family was thankful to have the cows in the rotary as soon as he did because the original parlor suddenly burned to the ground two weeks after the rst milking in the new facility. “It was built in 1967, so it was pretty old,” Solberg said. As Solberg Dairy comes close to the oneyear anniversary of milking in the rotary, they are content with the changes they have seen as far as a quieter, more peaceful environment to milk cows in while cutting milking time by nearly half. So much so, that there isn’t anything they would change if they could do it all over again. “I don’t think I’d change anything yet,” Solberg said.



Kurt Solberg uses a 32-cow rotary parlor in place of a double-8 parlor to milk his 450-cow herd. The cows were rst milked in the rotary on Aug. 11, 2017. m

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Page 6 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018

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LA CROSSE, Wis. – Soil and grazing was the broad topic for a seminar presented by dairyman Francis Thicke on Feb. 22 during the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) conference in La Crosse, Wis. Thicke and his wife, Susan, milk 80 cows on their grassbased Radiance Dairy near Faireld, Iowa. The Thickes process their milk on the farm and market their dairy products by way of local grocery stores and restaurants. Thicke has a doctorate degree in soil fertility and has been the national program leader for soil science for the USDA’s Extension Service. Thicke began his presentation by talking about organic production and organic certication. “[Organic production] is a system that … integrates cultural, biological and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity,” he said, citing the National Organic Standards (NOS). Getting a farm certied as organic involves using allowed substances and shunning those that are not allowed, he said. Those that are allowed are not synthetic.

Kuhn Knight 8141 Manure Spreader - $31,000

However, some synthetics are allowed. These, according to Thicke, include vaccines as long as they were not made using genetically modied organisms (GMOs). Likewise, synthetic trace minerals are allowed, as are synthetic vitamins. Thicke said synthetic soaps and sanitizer are OK to use on an organic farm, too. Also on the approved list are synthetic electrolytes and synthetic anesthetics, including lidocaine and procaine. Just because a product is not synthetic doesn’t mean it’s allowed in organic dairying, Thicke said. The list of prohibited, nonsynthetic substances includes strychnine, arsenic, lead salts and sodium nitrate. Thicke touched on what he called key dairy standards. All feed must be certied organic. Breeding stock must come from certied organic animals. Animals treated with antibiotics and other synthetics must be removed from the herd. The living conditions of animals must accommodate health and natural behavior. Livestock must have access to pasture. The ruminant grazing rule states, “Dairy cows must get a minimum of 30 percent of their dry matter intake from pasture during the grazing season,” Thicke said. And, they must be on pasture at least 120 days a year.

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Iowa dairyman discusses organic milk production, soil health

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 7

ConƟnued from THICKE | Page 6

Clean - Well-Cared For - Field Ready Farm Retirement Auction

Thicke said his Jerseys graze 200 or more days each year. His cows get 85 percent of their dry matter from pastures. On the origin of dairy animals for organic herds, Thicke said the national rules allow a whole-herd conversion from conventional management to organic one time. During that conversion, the animals must eat organically grown feed for a year. After the conversion period, Thicke said, “All animals must be under organic management from the last third of gestation.” Shifting his talk to soil, Thicke compared ecological agriculture to what he termed industrial agriculture. Ecological agriculture, Thicke said, embraces biodiversity, is self-sufcient, and conserves and recycles resources. Industrial agriculture, he said, relies on monocultures – one crop per eld or farm – and requires many off-farm inputs. For example, a cropping system of continuous corn loses more nitrogen from its soil than a system that relies on perennial crops like alfalfa. Thicke cited a study conducted from 1990 to 1993 in Minnesota. He said that study found that elds of continuous corn

“Our soil loss is not sustainable. [...] Half of Iowa’s topsoil has been lost or eroded from its original site.” FRANCIS THICKE, DAIRY FARMER

lost 194 pounds of nitrogen per acre through drainage tile. A eld of alfalfa lost six pounds of nitrogen per acre by way of drainage tile. Preventing soil erosion is important, too. Thicke said Practical Farmers of Iowa urges the use of cover crops. One of the group’s messages is, “Don’t farm naked.” On the basics of soil health, Thicke said there are three principles. One is to have living plants and roots in the soil at all times. A second principle is to till as little as possible. That’s because disturbing the soil helps break down precious organic matter. The third principle, according to Thicke, is to encourage plant diversity and not just one, two or a few crops. Organic matter in soil can do seven things. It’s an energy source for microorganisms. Organic matter provides nutrients to plants and soil microbes. Organic matter improves soil’s structure and tilth. Erosion is lessened when soil contains organic matter. Organic matter helps soil hold more water. Soil aeration is better when organic matter is present. Diseases are suppressed. “Our soil loss is not sustainable,” Thicke said about erosion. “The soil erosion rate for corn and soybeans in the Midwest averages 5.7 tons per acre, per year. Soils form at a rate of 0.5 ton per acre, per year. Half of Iowa’s topsoil has been lost or eroded from its original site.” Sometimes the erosion is much worse. Thicke said during Iowa’s 2008 oods, 10 percent of the state’s cropland lost 20 tons of soil per acre. “We need more-resilient systems on the land,” Thicke said.


CO. The Stoen family has sold their farm; therefore, Ron & Rod Stoen shall sell all their excellent farm machinery. AUCTION LOCATION: 10081 670th Street, Claremont, MN 55924. DIRECTIONS: From Claremont, MN, Hwy. 14, take Co. Rd. 3 south for five miles to 670th Street, west on 670th Street 2.6 miles; OR from Blooming Prairie, MN, take Hwy. Co. Rd. 16 north for 7 miles to 78th/670th, then east on 78th/670th Street. (Watch for Auction Signs.)

Saturday, March 24, 2018

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AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Very well-cared for machinery, used on approx. 300 acre farm. Viewing from March 17 through March 24, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

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Page 8 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018

12th Edition

NICC DAIRY CLUB SALE SELLING 60 HOLSTEINS, RED & WHITES & JERSEYS Saturday, March 24, 2018 • 11:30 A.M. Fayette Co. Fairgrounds, West Union, IA


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Holle-Oaks Arraid Bling 2E-92 39,950M 1400F 143,100 LT. Selling her Sanchez dtr bred to Byway (sexed), due May. Grandam 2E-90 36,600 1248F, 196,000 LT. Holle-Oaks Dairy, LLC, Baldwin, WI

Cloverhillfm Sec Lochte-Red EX-91 EX-MS 29,700M 944F Selling her March ‘17 DeÀant dtr. Next dam VG-88 VG-MS 22,500 980F. Caleb Norton, Tipton, IA

HERD #1 - 25 Holstein Dairy Cows, All AI Breeding Accelerated Genetics, SEMEX Booth Cows Are Not Pushed And Let Outside (Weather Permitting), Bulk Tank Averages 68 lbs. with door prizes of Milk, 4.1 B.F., 3.3 Pro., SCC 168. Cows Will Be Individually Tested Before Sale. and special Selling Due To Retirement - Spencer semen packages HERD #2 - 118 Head Cows & Heifers including 70 - Holstein Dairy Cows, Not Pushed, Outside everyday (Weather Permitting), Mostly aAa, will be AI Breeding (Clean-up by Reg. Bull), Bulk Tank Averages 62 lbs., 3.7 B.F., 3.0 Pro., 190 offered day of SCC. 50% Are 1st and 2nd Lactation. sale!!! 48 - Holstein Heifers (Same Farm) 400 lbs. to Springing - Selling Due to Retirement - Viroquoa


5 - Registered Just Fresh Young Holstein Dairy Cows, Milking Heavy, Reputational Consignor

HAY/ STRAW EARLY CONSIGNMENTS: • 70 - Bales Canadian Wheat Straw, Feed Quality • 32 - Bales Second Crop Alfalfa • 20 - Bales Grass/Alfalfa • 40 - Bales Second Crop Alfalfa


Cheese Curds

Financing available. MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BEFORE SALE!! Call Gary Williams with Equity Livestock at 608-434-4041

Henkeseen L Ricotta 2E-93 EX-MS 27,900M 1200F 148,000 LT. Selling her fresh Barbwire-Red dtr, VG-87 3Y 22,900 800F. Grandam VG-88 33,150 1179F, 124,340 LT. Trent Henkes, Luana, IA

Seagull-Bay Miss America VG-87 GMD DOM 31,750M 1360F. Selling her Nov ’17 Bourbon gr’dtr, GTPI +2751, Net Merit +884. Robert Eustice, Byron, MN

We Can Also Take and Milk Your Herd to Sale Date! NO Other cattle at Sale JUST DAIRY CATTLE! Full washing & clipping available • All dairy cows udder washed, brushed & cataloged at no charge! We can take your milking TAKING ADDITIONAL CONSIGNMENTS! Cows will be herd to sale date! For more information, questions, and special arrangements for delivery, please contact milked after sale! Manager John Benninger at: 608-477-7420, Field Rep Chuck Sova 715-562-0178, or Steven Ray Martin 715-562-0235 or for special arrangements for delivery, contact Horst Stables at 715-669-3136. Restaurant open day of sale! Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI - Auctioneer; Reg. Wisconsin Auctioneer #191

WELA LongLine Cow Mats Dunworken Goldenw Alpha ET An EX92 2E Goldwyn, 32500m 1150f, Life 126,000m Selling her Sid gr. Dau bred to Fever due April. Next 6 dams All EX or VG. Jim & Janet Kappers, Spring Valley, MN

ScientiÀc Alexas Rae ET EX94 3E 18650m 1580f. Selling her June ‘17, Gr. Dau. from the Roxy family. Don & Liz Mayer, Bloomer, WI

Ask us about Kraiburg Mats today!

WELA LongLine provides endless softness in one continuous roll. The ad advanced blade profile adapts to body shape and provides premium comfort. WELA LongLine incorporates the proven pebble surface used in multiple Kraiburg products. The integrated slope slop to the rear edge promotes a dry, clean surface while the sealing lips around the edges of the mat w minimize soiling underneath the mat. Installation m is simple with prefabricated fixingpoints. Only recommended for use with suspended dividers.

320-836-2284 • 1-888-276-1751

Wedgewood Louise Goldwyn ET EX93 2E—33300m 1400f, Life-137,000m Selling Sept. ’17 Gold Chain Gr. Dau. John Cannon, Dyersville, Ia.

29033 Co. Rd. 17 Freeport, MN • In St. Rosa

Sunquest VG Iota Rosie ET VG89 32200m 1500f. Selling her Kingboy dau.from Roxy family due May. Gr. Dam-VG88, 32000m. Next 10 dams EX or VG. Dean Opsahl, Goodhue, MN


; An August ‘17 Legendary daughter with GTPI of 2721, N.M. 886. Gr’dam VG-85 32,000m. 4th dam EX-92 43,000m. Eric Lang, Brooklyn, IA ; Sid bred Sept ’17. Dam an EX Sanchez 25,000 1045F, gr’dam 3E-93, 27,170 1130F, 151,000 LT. Dan Moon, Monona, IA ; Durham bred to Sanchez. Dam 2E-90 Shottle 32,500 1320F, 156,000 LT. Gr’dam 4E-93 36,700 1620F, 258,000 LT. Jason Raymond, New Richmond, WI ; Fresh Mogul. Dam VG-87 Man-O-Shan 31,300 1280F. Gr’dam VG-87 Shottle 31,500 2000F. Also selling a fresh Delta, gr’dam VG-87 30,000, 1190F, 111,000 LT. Dean Opsahl, Goodhue, MN ; Fresh Kingboy. Dam EX-90 Planet 33,000 1400F, 140,000 LT. Gr’dam VG-87 25,500 1170F. Red-E-J Holsteins, Decorah, IA ; Fresh Silver. Dam VG-85 Galaxy 29,800 1390F. Gr’dam VG-85 35,500, 106,000 LT. Larry Lexvold, Goodhue, MN ; Nov ’17 Crowne. Dam VG-87 Baxter 41,200 1650F, 235,000 LT. Gr’dam EX-90 42,400 1400F, 202,000 LT. Koester Dairy, Inc. Dakota, IL ; Beacon-Hill Hurricane born Dec ’17. Dam 37,200 1418F. Gr’dam 33,400, 1200F, 117,000 LT. Next dam 37,300 1400F. Northeast Iowa Dairy Foundation, Calmar, IA ; Uno due May ’18 to Orion. Dam VG-85 38,000 1060F, 104,000 LT. Gr’dam VG-88 EX-MS 30,000, 106,000 LT. Next dam VG-89 42,900 1500F, 154,000 LT. Keith & Kay Mahoney, Cannon Falls, MN ; A Montross Jett dau. due June ’18. Dam-A Blouder dau., 42480m Life-177,000m. Next dam a VG89 Shottle, 48000m, Life-139000. Third dam-45, 200m. Trail Side Holsteins, Fountain, MN ; An RC Armani bred to Atwood due sale time. Gr. Dam-EX90, 37500m, Life-233000m. 6 generations of EX dams. Genevieve Fischer, Sleepy Eye, MN ; An April ’17 Farrell dau. Dam-VG86 Sanchez, 37180m 1430f. Alexis Costello, Cedar Rapids, IA ; A Bradnick dau. bred to Maverick Crush due June ‘18 Dam-VG85. Gr. Dam-EX EX-MS, 29200m 1280f, Life-139,000 Sierra Ann Swanson, Hutchinson, MN JERSEYS ; Sept. ’17 Colton. Dam 4-0 86%, 2y 10,700 529F. Gr’dam 4-7 91%, 20,700 980F. Mike & Dan Brasch, Brownton, MN ; Jan ’17 Bold. Dam 5-6 87%, 23,380 1288F. Gr’dam 4-4 90%, 23,280 1190F. Lyon Jerseys, Toledo, IA ; Marvel due July ’18. Dam 3-3 85%, 21,300 1050F. Gr’dam 15,940 731F. David & Donna Kunde, Manchester, IA

Sale hosted by:

FOR CATALOGS & MORE INFO CONTACT: PETE’S AUCTION & PHOTO, INC. 507-352-4162 • Catalog online after March 15, 2018 at &

SALES FORCE: DAIRY CLUB ADVISER: Dave Lawstuen Normen Peterson, Auctioneer 507-421-3890 563-534-9957 Ext. 112 or Cell 563-419-3870 Alan Dkyshorn, Pedigrees 712-441-0686 SALE CHAIRMAN: Chuck Will 218-731-9536 • Brad Peterson 507-273-2710 Nick Bagge 563-513-9447 John Diersen 507-459-1975

Huge Annual Mid-American Auction Co. / / HILLIG ENTERPRISES




Turn your excess equipment into cash at one of the largest, best attended, most successful consignment auctions in the upper midwest. Let professional champion auctioneers go to work for you as nearly 3000 on site bidders, plus internet bidders from across the world, bid competetively for your items. This auction is located in a great area where both large and smaller equipment has a built in buyer base. Please phone today to have your major items included in our extensive advertising campaign.

The deadline to have items included in advertising is Monday, March 19th. If you would like to consign your items or for more information, please phone Marvin Hillig 320-815-8618, Al Wessel 320-760-2979, or Kevin Winter 320-760-1591. MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC.

Whether selling a complete line or individual items, this auction was designed for you. Call now to get your items included in this huge auction event.

Thank you buyers and sellers for over 20 years of making this auction bigger and better every year.

There’s more good news when it comes to yogurt as part of a healthy eating pattern and improved heart health. A new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension showed that eating two or more cups of yogurt a week is associated with a lower risk for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adults who already have high blood pressure. The large-scale observational study, funded by the dairy-farmer-founded National Dairy Council (NDC) and others, is the rst of its kind to examine the relationship between eating yogurt and reduced CVD risk in hypertensive adults. Nearly 75 million Americans have high blood pressure, which increases the chances of having a heart attack or stroke – two of the leading causes of death for men and women in the United States. Earlier studies have shown a benecial link between consuming dairy foods, including yogurt, and some diseases related to CVD, including type 2 diabetes. This new study suggests people with high blood pressure may have a reduced risk of heart attack or stroke if yogurt is part of their regular diet. “People who have high blood pressure are already at risk for cardiovascular disease and this study indicates that eating yogurt just two or more times a week is something easy and tangible that may help,” said Dr. Mickey Rubin, Vice President of Nutrition Research at NDC. In the study, data from 55,898 females (ages 30-55) in the Nurses’ Health Study (NHS) and 18,232 males (ages 40-75) in Health Professionals Follow-up Study (HPFS) was analyzed to evaluate the association between eating yogurt and CVD risk among adults with high blood pressure. The results showed eating at least two cups of yogurt per week was associated with a 30-percent reduced risk of heart attack for women and a trend for a 19-percent reduced risk of a heart attack among men. During a follow-up period, eating one cup or more of yogurt per week was associated with an approximately 20-percent lower risk of coronary heart disease or stroke. Finally, regular yogurt eaters in the study who followed the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, which includes low-fat dairy as a key food group, showed an associated risk reduction of CVD of 16 percent and 30 percent in women and men, respectively.

Large, Swanville, MN Area

ring s ReFtai rming r e n w O rop from C


ce s al Pie om Seversed New frs r a Purch rea Deale A

Skid L


Sale Time: 11:00 A.M.

J & B Lunch Wagon

Don't Miss this Extra Clean Farm Retirement Auction

Clean Low Hour John Deere Tractors & JD Loader

Grain Dryer, Grain Vac, Grain Bins, & Augers

2013 John Deere Model 8260R MFWD Tractor, 16 Speed Power Shift, Good 480-R X 46 Inch Good Year Tires, 10 Bolt Hub Duals, 42090R X 30 Inch Front Tires, Front Fenders, Deluxe Cab, Instructors Seat, 4 Hydraulic Remotes, Inside Rear Wheel Weights, 16 Front Weights, 3-Point, Small and Large 1000 PTO Shafts, Hazard Light Bar, Shows 737 Hours, One Owner, Ser. #-1RW8260RHDPO74478, (Excellent Condition) 2012 John Deere Model 7200R MFWD Diesel Tractor, Premium Cab, 20 Speed Command Quad Transmission, Command Center with Auto Trac Activation, Deluxe Lighting, AM/FM, 3 Hydraulic Remotes, 3-Point, 480/80R-46 Inch Firestone Radials, Hub Duals, 380/85R X 34 Front Tires, Front Fenders, Instructor’s Seat, Side Bank with Joy Stick Controls, Hazard Light Bar, 540 / 1000 PTO, JD Quick Hitch, Shows 1826 Hours, One Owner, Tractor Ser. #1RW7200RCCC006179, Auto Trac Ser. #RE337171202924 2009 John Deere Model 7630 MFWD Diesel Tractor, Deluxe Cab, Auto Trac Ready, 20 Speed Auto Quad, 4 Hydraulic Remotes, Cast Wheels, 14.9 X 46R Firestone Rear Rubber, Hub Duals, 320 / 85R – 34 R Front Tires, Front Fenders, Radar Sensor, Foot Throttle, AM/ FM, Instructor’s Seat, Suspension Front End, Comfort Steps, JD Quick Hitch, 540 / 1000 PTO, Shows 2064 Hours, Purchased with 453 Hours, Ser. #RW7630A021084 John Deere H 480 Heavy-Duty All Hydraulic Quick Tach Loader, Self Leveling 9-Ft. High Volume Bucket, Quick Tach Bucket System, Grille Guard, Ser. #1DOH480XVCC002979 1979 John Deere Model 4840 Two-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, SG Cab, Power Shift, Approx. 3000 Hours on Engine Overhaul, New Hydraulic Pump, AC Unit Recently Replaced, Plus Other Recent Updates, 18.4R X 42 Inch Rubber, Hub Duals, Comfort Steps, 3-Point, 3 Hydraulic Remotes with Power Beyond, 1000 PTO, SN #012624RW

(Note) Removal Deadline for Following Bins: September 15th, 2018 Super B Energy Miser Model 5D250 VO Continuous Flow Grain Dryer, Single Phase, Ser. #SD250V012100912A, Shows 6267 Hours, (This dryer is currently set up for natural gas, but has all components for operation as a propane fired dryer, used every year - Nice Condition) Lindsay 5,000 Bushel Cone Bottom Holding or Wet Bin Stormor 20,000 Bushel +/- Grain Bin, Drying Floor, GSI 220 Volt 10 HP Aeration Fan Baughman 20,000 Bushel +/- Grain Bin with Stub Unloading Auger MFS 6500 Bushel +/- Drying Floor, Drying Fan, Vertical Discharge Auger, Stirrator Butler 6000 Bushel +/- Grain Bin, Drying Floor, Stirrator, Vertical Discharge Auger, Butler Drying Fan Butler 7500 Bushel +/- Grain Bin, Stub Discharge Auger (4) Lindsay 5000 Bushel +/- Grain Bins 4000 Bushel Grain Bin Rem Model 27 Hundred Grain Vac, 1000 RPM, Power Coated, Approx. 50 Ft. of 7 Inch Tubing, Ser. # 2564, One Owner, Shows 293.9 Hours Westfield 100-61 (10 Inch X 61 Ft.) PTO Swing Hopper Auger, Hydraulic Lift, One Owner Approx. 5 Years Old Buehler Farm King 8 Inch X 61 Ft. PTO Auger, One Owner Buehler Farm King 8 Inch X 56 Ft. PTO Auger, One Owner Westfield 6 Inch X 30 Ft. +/- Auger with 220V Elect. Motor 6 Inch X 50 Ft. +/- Auger with 5 HP 220 V Electric Motor (2) 6 Inch X 30 Ft. +/- Augers with 3 HP Electric Motors 11 Ft. Bin Sweep with Electric Motor

John Deere Combine & Heads 2005 John Deere Model 9560 STS Diesel Combine, Power Rear Axle, Contour Master, 65 R X 32 Inch Drivers, 600 / 65 R X 28 Rear Tires, J&M Hopper Extension, Windshield Washer, Engine Heater, AM/FM, Deluxe Header Controls, Harvest Monitor, Brown Box Used as Yield Monitor, Touch Set Concaves, Straw Chopper, Fan Bottom Shielding, Service Lights, Remote Heated Mirrors, Shows 2592 Engine and 1658 Separator Hours, SN #H09560S711064, (Steve is the Second Owner) John Deere Model 606C 6 Row 30 Inch Chopping Corn Head, Stalk Master, Opposed Knife Rolls, Ser. #1H00606CVEC765409, Purchased New Oct. 2014, (Nice Condition) John Deere Model 620 F (20 Ft.) Flex Head, Hydra Flex, Stubble Lights, Full Finger Auger, Poly Snouts, SN #1H00620FPC0745118

John Deere Skid Loaders & Rock Buckets 2012 John Deere 332D Turbo Diesel Skid Loader, 2 Speed, Power Quick Attach Bucket System, Heat, AC, Air Seat, Reversing Fan, Pre Cleaner, Cold Start Package, Chrome Exhaust, AM/FM Radio, 2 Sets of Weights, 14 x 17.5 Tires, SN #IT0332DBTCD23645, One Owner, Shows 1644 Hours, (Sells Without Bucket)


2011 John Deere 318D Diesel Skid Loader, Power Quick Attach Bucket System, 2 Speed, AC, Heat, Radio, New 265-116.5 Tires, SN #IT0318DBPB0196915

Moisture Tester & Misc. Items

John Deere 84 Inch Rock Bucket Midsota 72 Inch Skeleton Style Rock Bucket

2014 John Deere 326E Turbo Diesel Skid Loader, 2-Speed, Power Quick Attach Bucket System, Cab, AC, Heat, Air Seat, Reversing Fan, AM/FM Radio, 2 Pair Rear Weights, Ser. #IT0326EBPEJ264449, One Owner, Shows 1015 Hours, Self Leveling, 14 x 17.5 Tires, Sells without Bucket

Jenkins 78 Inch Skeleton Style Rock Bucket

Dickey John Commercial Electric Digital Moisture Tester, Model GAC2100 Heavy-Duty 28-Ft. Tow Rope HD Clevis (3) Heavy-Duty Tow Chains

Virnig 72 Inch Skeleton Style Rock Bucket

Planting & Tillage Equipment John Deere Model 2623 23-Ft. 7 Inch Soil Management Systems Rock Disc, Furrow Fillers, Hyd. Fore-Aft Control, Blades at 25 Inches, John Deere 3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow, Walking Tandems, Hitch Link, Purchased New in 2012, Ser. #1NO2623XJC0750116, (Nice Condition) 2016 John Deere Model 1765 12 Row 30 Inch Flex Frame Front Fold Vacuum Style Corn Planter, 3 Bushel Corn Boxes, 225 Gallon Liquid Fertilizer Tanks, Half Width Disconnect, Yetter Row Cleaners, Markers, Seed Star II, Pro Shaft Drive, Purchased New June of 2015, Used 2 Seasons, Ser. #1A107765FHFM765101, (Excellent Condition) John Deere Model 3710 7 Bottom Variable Width Pull-Type On Land Plow, Light Kit, Several New Mold Boards, New Lays, One Owner, SN #N03710X001924, (Excellent Condition) John Deere Model 714 13-Ft. 9 Inch 11 Shank Mulch Tiller (Disc Chisel), 32 Inch True Depth Standards, New Twisted Shovels, Walking Tandems, One Owner, Purchased New in 2011, Ser. #1P00714XTB0008840 John Deere Model 714 9 Shank Soil Management Systems Mulch Tiller (Disc Chisel), New Shovels, Walking Tandems, Light Kit, HD Jack, One Owner, Ser. #X006909 Hardi Model 3000 Navigator – 800 Gallon Crop Sprayer, 60 Ft. Booms, Triplet Nozzles, 1000 RPM Diaphragm Pump, Hardi HC 5500 Controller, 4 Section Boom Control, Rate Controller, Chem Filter, 25 Gallon Foam Marker, Flush / Rinse System, Light Kit, One Owner, Purchased New in 2012, Ser. #0311100964 Harms Built 30 Ft. Three Section Land Roller, 24 Inch Drum, Hydraulic Transport, One Owner, (Nice Condition) Noble 6 Row 30 Inch Danish Tine 3-Point Cultivator 1600 Gallon Poly Tank with Valve and Briggs and Stratton 205 cc Gas Powered Transfer Pump

Globes & Display Screen NOTE: The following globes and display will be sold after planter and tractors. 2012 Starfire 3000 Receiver Globe with SF1 Activation, SN #PCGU2UA327289 2016 Starfire 3000 Receiver Globe with SF1 Activation, SN #PCGT3TB773968 2012 John Deere Green Star 2630 AMS 10.4 Inch Display: Auto Trac Activation, Ser. #PCGU2UA327289

Steve & Jeanne Thieschafer, owners Phone (320) 547-2184





LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593) ALLEN HENSLIN - PH. 320-979-1808, AUCTIONEERS

34177 Explorer Drive, Swanville, MN TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

Read the Dairy Star online



9 Models

(2 Singles • 7 Twins) ubic Feet from 355 – 1315 Cubic • 425-510 cu. ft. Capacity

Twin Small Frame • 355-520 cu. ft. Capacity

Twin Mid Frame* • 585-760 cu. ft. Capacity

Twin Large Frame* • 815-1315 cu. ft. Capacity

Nutrition Solutions

Faster Processing • Faster Cleanout Precise Rations • Less Horsepower Lower Load Height

*Two-Speed Electric Shift System Shift quickly and easily right from the seat of your tractor. New belt incline is super quiet!! Truck mounts available.

Meyer Mfg. Corp. A&C Farm Service, Inc. Dorchester, Wisconsin 54425

Jct. Hwys. 55 & 23, Paynesville • 888-365-1898 •

Phone: 715-654-5132 • 1-800-325-9103 • FAX: 715-654-5513 Meyer Mfg. Corp., Dorchester, Wi 54425 • 715-654-5132•• 1-800-325-9103 • FAX 715-654-5513 • •

oader Bins, s, Grain Trucks

NOTE: The Thieschafer family has farmed in this area for over 40 years and now have decided to retire from the crop farming portion of their farming operation. Steve, Jeanne and their entire family are well known in this area as good friends and neighbors and for the manner in which they maintain their farming operation. Mid-American Auction Co. is honored to be selected to conduct this good clean farm equipment auction. Many pieces were purchased new from the local John Deere dealer and has had the best of maintenance practices. Please note that only listed items will be selling so please plan on prompt attendance as we will be selling major items soon after beginning of auction. Approximate Sale Order: A few miscellaneous items, followed by grain dryer, bins, augers, then on to major farm equipment. Online bidding on major items through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction. For more information to bid online, please phone Proxibid at (877) 505-7770. In the event of severe weather, please listen to KASM 1150 AM Albany or check our website at: for weather related updates. Thank you!

Vertical Twin TMR Single TMR

C l ean Late , Low Ho M ur Tractodel J D , ors

Dryer As we have decided to retire from our crop farming operation, we will sell , the following at auction located 12 miles west of Little Falls, MN or 12 miles east of Long Prairie, MN on MN State Highway 27, then 4 miles south on MN State Highway #28 to Swanville, MN, then from Swanville ¾ mile west on County #12, then 2/10 mile south and west on Explorer Drive to Farm #34177. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.


Yogurt may help lower cardiovascular disease risk

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 9

Late Model Vertical Manure Spreaders & General Farm Equipment Artex Model SB 600 (600 Bushel) Tandem Axle Vertical Beater Manure Spreader, Hydraulic Endgate, Light Kit, Access Ladder, 55–45 x 22.5 High Flotation Tires, Purchased New in 2013, Green Color, Ser. #A61446-001-13-15955, (Very Good Condition) Artex SB 600 (600 Bushel) Tandem Axle Vertical Beater Manure Spreader, Hydraulic Endgate, Light Kit, Access Ladder, 45 x 22.5 High Flotation Tires, Purchased New in 2013, Red Color, Ser. #A614460001-13-15934, (Very Good Condition) Sands 6 Ft. X 12 Ft. Tandem Axle Hydraulic Rock Trailer, 12.5L X 15 Inch Flotation Tires Nubilt Gravity Box with 12 Ft. Hydraulic Brush Auger on Factory Wagon John Deere Model 709 7-Ft. 3-Point Rotary Brush or Grass Mower

Trucks 1997 Freightliner Two Ton Truck, Cat 3208 Diesel Engine, 6 Speed, 16 Ft. Box and Hoist, Corn and Turkey Litter Endgates, Shows 194,600 Miles 1997 GMC 7500 Two Ton Truck, Cat 3208 Diesel Engine, 6 Speed Transmission, 16 Ft. Grain Box with Grain and Turkey Litter Endgates, Shows 250,000 Miles

John Deere Lawn & Garden Equipment

John Deere Model Z 950 R, Z Trak Commercial Zero Turn Mower, 72 Inch 7 Iron Commercial Mower Deck, ROPS, Suspension Seat, Purchased New in 2014, Shows 447 Hours, Ser. #ITC950RDJDT010744 John Deere Model Z 930 R Z Trak Commercial Zero Turn Mower, 60 Inch 7 Iron Commercial Mower Deck, ROPS, Suspension Seat, 4 Front Weights, Power Flow Blower, 14 Bushel Tilt Dump Bagger, Purchased New in 2014, Shows 287 Hours, Ser. #ITC930RCCET020142 John Deere Model Z 920 A Commercial Z Track (Zero Turn Mower) ROPS, 60 Inch 7 Iron Commercial Mower Deck, Power Flow Blower with 14 Bushel Tilt Dump Bagger, Front Weights, One Owner Purchased New in 2011, Shows 529 Hours, Ser. #1TC920ACKBT020147 John Deere Model X 744 Diesel All Wheel Steer Lawn Tractor, 3-Point, 62 Inch Mower Deck, Foot Controlled Hydrostatic, Rear PTO, Purchased New in 2010, Ser. #MOX744A050267 John Deere Model 647 – 48 Inch 3-Point Tiller


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

Page 10 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 /RFDWLRQ01+Z\6/LWFK¿HOG01

THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2018 | 10AM

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Auctioneers will run multiple rings with live online bidding available on major equipment. Contact auctioneers for owner information, new consignments, or changes at 320.693.9371. Registration, terms, & details at

Registration, terms, & details at

STROUT VIEW ACRES RETIREMENT John Deere 7100 planter, 12x30� John Deere 8110, MFWD John Deere 4450, powershift, 3 hyd John Deere 9500, 2WD John Deere 620F HydraFlex head John Deere 643 corn head, 6x30� IHC 8100, 3176 Cat, 7 spd., GMC Brigadier, 855 Cummins, 5 spd. John Deere 960 field cultivator, 28-1/2’ IHC 55 chisel plow, 20’ Shop-Built ripper, 7 shank, 7� pts., 3 pt. DMI 2500 ripper, 5 shank, 10� points Loftness pull-type stalk shredder, 20’ Nu-Built gravity box, 12.5L-15 tires Fork-type rockpicker


2010 John Deere 8345RT, IVT, powershift, 4 hyd., 44 gpm hyd. pump, 3 pt., quick hitch, AutoTrac ready, 7� display, power mirrors, HID lights, cold weather pkg., Camoplast 5500 25� tracks, 4,109 hrs.


2015 Ford New Holland T475, MFWD, ROPS, powershift, left hand reverser, 2 hyd., 3 pt., 540 PTO, joystick controls, canopy, w/Ford New Holland quick tach loader

4WD & 2WD TRACTORS Case-IH 9130 Row Crop Special, 4WD Case 4694, 4WD, CAH, 4 hyd., 3 pt. Allis Chalmers 7020, wide front, CAH 1970 IHC 1456, wide front, open station 1979 IHC 1086, cab, diesel, 2 hyd. IHC 1086, wide front, cab, heat, diesel, 3 hyd. 1963 Oliver 880 Row Crop Special, wide front, 1965 IHC 706, cab, diesel, 1 hyd., 3 pt.


1959 Farmall 340, narrow front, gas, 1 hyd. 1951 Minneapolis Moline BF, wide front 1941 Farmall H, narrow front, gas, 1 hyd. 1939 Farmall F20, narrow front, gas, PTO JI Case 500, diesel, standard, 1 hyd., 540


IHC 2250 quick tach loader, w/bucket & manure fork, fits IHC 86 Series tractors


2008 John Deere 9770, STS, Contour Master, bullet rotor, 2WD, GreenStar ready, 5� display, John Deere folding hopper, HD unload auger, fine cut chopper


spreader 50’ Ag Systems tandem axle fertilizer 1996 John Deere 1520 drill, 20’, 10� spacing spreader, 40’ John Deere 520 drill, 20’, 7� spacing DOZER McCormick Deering grain drill, 12’, hyd. John Deere grain drill, 10’, w/grass seed 1988 Caterpillar D8N, cab, heat, powershift, attachment



2010 Wil-Rich X2 field cultivator, 34-1/2’ John Deere 980 field cultivator, 44-1/2’ Case-IH 4900 field cultivator, 30’, 7� Case-IH 4300 field cultivator, 36-1/2’ Wil-Rich 3400 field cultivator, 32’ IHC 475 field cultivator, 18’ Case-IH 183 row crop cultivator, 12x30� Row Runner row crop cultivator, 6x30�


Komatsu 40 FD4072 forklift, ROPS, diesel, side shift, 2 stage mast, 8�x48� forks

SKID STEER LOADERS 2011 Gehl 5240 skid steer loader, cab, heat, 2 spd., aux. hyd., hyd. quick tach, Bobcat 853 skid steer loader, aux. hyd., 5’ material bucket SKID STEER LOADER ATTACHMENTS

(2) Redline walk through pallet forks, 48� DISCS (2) Redline weld-on solid quick tach plate (2) Redline receiver hitch plate 2000 Case-IH 3900 disc, 34’ Redline bale spear, double tine Case-IH 496 rock flex disc, 32’ Redline tree/post puller IHC 470 disc, 18’ Redline rock bucket, 72� Summers diamond disc, 35’ Redline grapple bucket, 72� Case disc, 20’ Lowe 750 hyd. auger, 12� Miller Series III plowing disc, 14’ Stout 66-9 brush grapple OTHER TILLAGE EQUIPMENT Stout 72-8 brush grapple Stout HD72-4 brush grapple John Deere 200 crumbler, 18’ Unverferth 122DISCw double basket, 55’ Stout XHD84-6brush grapple Stout 72-3 rock grapple bucket Melroe 452 multiweeder, 35’ Stout tree & post puller Lindsay harrow, 4-section Stout add-on fork grapple, New IHC 70 plow, 3x18� Minneapolis Moline plow, 2 bottom, 3 pt. Bobcat 15C posthole auger, 9� Rock bucket, 86� Farmall plow, 2x16� Bobcat grapple bucket, 5’ SEMI TRACTOR (4) Trash hoppers (2) Skid steer loader concrete placement 2005 Freightliner Columbia day cab buckets BOX TRUCKS (3) Fork extensions, 72� 1974 Ford 900 single axle, V8, gas, 5 spd. (3) Fork extensions, 84� (6) Skid steer loader buckets, 66� 1967 Ford 700 single axle, V8, gas, 5&2 (4) Skid steer loader buckets, 78� trans. (4) Snow/mulch buckets, 90� TRAILERS (2) Root rakes, 34.5-69.625 (8) Skid steer loader attach frames 2016 Timpte hopper bottom, 42’x72� Fork round bale mover 2015 Timpte hopper bottom, 42’x72� Manure bucket 2012 Jet hopper bottom, ag hopper 2014 PJ tandem axle bumper hitch trailer, (2) Weber receiver hitch plates (2) Weber bale spears, 3,000 lb. 22’ 1989 Towmaster 5th wheel tandem axle Work Saver bale spear Manure fork 60� trailer, 28’x102� Rock bucket, 60� 1988 Great Dane dry van trailer, 45’ Single axle bumper hitch swather trailer Pallet fork, 42� Receiver plate


2009 Redball 570 sprayer, 90’ boom Summers Ultimate sprayer, 90’ boom F/S sprayer, 2 pt., 90’ boom


2011 John Deere 854 Silage Special round baler 1992 Gehl 1870 round baler New Holland 664 round baler NH3 APPLICATORS New Holland 1495 self-propelled haybine DMI Nutriplacer 5250 NH3 applicator, 19 New Holland 1475 mower conditioner, 14’ shank Tonutti V-rake, 12-wheel, front fold DMI 3200 NH3 applicator, 13 shank New Holland 56 roll bar rake Ag Systems Nitro Master NH3 applicator, Throw rack 21 shank Small square bale throw rack, 16’ Blu-Jet NH3 applicator, 37’, 17 shank Hay wagon, 16’ Blu-Jet Land Runner NH3 applicator, 37’, Notch 8-round bale trailer 17 shank Ag-Systems Nitro Master NH3 applicator, FORAGE & FEEDING 52-1/2’ EQUIPMENT Shop-Built granular applicator, 20’ boom, Blumhardt fertilizer tank, 600 gal. 2011 Penta 4120HD TMR single axle

2006 John Deere 1770NT planter, 24x30� 2004 John Deere 1790 planter, 24x22� 2005 John Deere 1770NT planter, CCS 2008 White 8222 pull-type planter, 12x30� Case-IH 1200 planter, 12x30�, 3 pt. Case-IH 900 planter, 12x30�, 1000 PTO John Deere 7200 planter, 12x30�, front fold John Deere 7300 planter, 12x30�, wing fold John Deere 7000 pull-type planter, 6x30� White 5100 planter, 8x30�, pull-type FERTILIZER SPREADERS AgCo White 6100 planter, 12x30�, vertical fold Tyler tandem axle fertilizer spreader, 50’ Case-IH 900 planter, 6x30� Ag Systems fertilizer spreader, 50’ Ag Systems tandem axle fertilizer

mixer Penta 4110 low pro TMR Kuhn Knight 3300 single TMR, 540 PTO, Gehl 135 grinder mixer

New Holland 353 grinder mixer, hammer mill, 17’ folding discharge auger, scale

MANURE SPREADERS 2012 Meyers VB750 manure spreader New Idea 3632 tandem axle manure spreader Knight 8114 tandem axle side slinger manure spreader Knight 7110 single axle side slinger manure spreader Badger 5400L tandem axle vacuum manure spreader Hagedorn 275 II tandem axle manure spreader Gehl 1287 tandem axle manure spreader John Deere 780 hydra push tandem axle manure spreader John Deere manure spreader James-Way manure pump (2) Patz manure agitators Manure alley scraper insert

LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT (80) Continuous fence panels, 20’ (40) Interlocking corral panels, 12’x5’ (10) Cattle/calf feeders, 30x90 Weber round bale feeder (13) Wire cattle panels Misc. gates & panels Misc. calf hutches (5) Cattle scratchers Schaffer barn fans

OTHER EQUIPMENT Rayman 2810G belt loader, 28’ Feterl MDL85 grain screener, PTO Top Air belt conveyor, 30’ Crown reel type rockpicker, hyd. drive Schulte reel type rockpicker, hyd. drive Yetter drill caddy, 3 pt., tandem wheel Minnesota running gear, 6 ton Shop-Built IHC quick hitch blade Frontier blade, 8’, 3 pt. Diamond ditch mower, 5’ Case-IH 250 guidance system 1993 Gordon Smith pull-type air compressor Generator, 10kw, Isuzu diesel engine

SNOWBLOWERS Lorenz snowblower, 3 pt., (3) augers, Farm King snowblower, 8’, 3 pt., 2 stage

LAWN & GARDEN SNOWBLOWERS & TILLERS 2014 Cub Cadet 528SWE walk-behind snowblower, 28� 2014 Cub Cadet 945SWE walk-behind snowblower, 45� Briggs & Stratton walk-behind snowblower, 22�, New Briggs & Stratton walk-behind snowblower, 24�, New Briggs & Stratton walk-behind snowblower, 32�, New Cub Cadet 353 mounted snowblower, 44� Honda FRC-800 self-propelled rear tine tiller, 20�, 270cc Honda GX240, 225 rpm, Honda FC-600 rear tine tiller, 26�, 163cc Honda GX160, 84 rpm, adj. transport wheel,


2008 Dodge 3500 Lariat, quad cab, short box, 6.7 liter Cummins, automatic, 4WD, IGR delete, leather, windows & locks, DVD player, receiver hitch, 5th wheel ball, alloy

TERMS: All items sold as is where is. Payment of cash or check must be made sale day before removal of items. Statements made auction day take precedence over all advertising. $35 documentation fee applies to all titled vehicles. Titles will be mailed. Canadian buyers need a bank letter of credit to facilitate border transfer.

Steffes Group, Inc., 24400 MN Hwy 22 South, Litchfield MN 55355 | Ashley Huhn MN47-002, Eric Gabrielson MN47-006, Randy Kath MN47-007, Shelly Weinzetl MN86-79, Scott Steffes MN14-51, Brad Olstad MN 14-70, Bob Steffes MN14-09, Max Steffes MN14-031 | 320.693.9371 |

wheels, 120,000 miles 1998 Ford F150 ext. cab, 4.6 liter, V8, gas, No Title Pickup snow plow w/Bobcat attachment plate

AUTOMOBILES 2001 Buick LeSabre, 4 door, 3.8 liter, V6, 2001 Pontiac Montana, 4 door, 3.4 liter, V6 2000 Chevrolet Suburban, 4WD 2007 Chevrolet Impala 4 door, parts only, No Title 2005 Ford Focus 4 door, parts only, No Title 2004 Dodge Stratus 4 door, parts only, No Title 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2 door, parts only, No Title 2001 Dodge Neon, parts only, No Title 2001 Lincoln Continental 4 door, 4.6 liter, parts only, No Title 1999 Chevrolet Malibu, parts only, No Title 1997 Ford Aspire, parts only, No Title 1997 Chrysler Sebring, parts only, No Title 1997 Mercury Mystique,parts only, No Title 1996 Honda Civic, parts only, No Title 1992 Chevrolet GM4, parts only, No Title Chevrolet S10 blazer, parts only, No Title


(2) Kubota RTV900 UTVs, cab, heat, diesel, 4x4, turf tires

SHOP EQUIPMENT 2007 Marathon PTO generator Airco welder Misc. tools (10) Heavy duty work benches w/shelves, 29.5�x60�, New (2) Heavy duty welding shop tables w/ shelves, 30x57, New Tire changing cage ViperTZ500 tire changer Tool boxes


Poly tank, 1,650 gal., B&S Pacer 9.5 hp. pump Fuel tank Gas tank, 350 gal. Fuel tank, 350 gal., 120V pump

TIRES (4) Maxam 12-16.5 skid steer loader tires (4) Firestone 275/70R18 tires (4) Solideal 14-17.5 skid steer loader tires (2) Continental 380/85R24 tires (4) 270/95R48 tires, on 10-bolt rims, 22� (2) Firestone 18.4R46 tires, 23 degree


View Full List & Photos at


Star Youth

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 11

Get to know Mandy Molitor of Watkins, Minn.

What dairy or ag-related extracurricular activities are you involved in? I am involved in 4-H and FFA. Why are you involved in these activities/organizations and what is your favorite? I got involved in FFA and 4-H because all my siblings were involved in them. It ts the lifestyle I have grown up with. 4-H is my favorite because I love being with people who have same interests as me. They understand my kind of lifestyle. I am also part owner of Molitor Club Lambs and this is a way for me to present our ock at county and state levels. Tell us your best experience during your time in these activities/organizations. Obviously, it is showing at the county and state fair. I am a very competitive person and the excitement of being in the show ring against many people I know is amazing. What’s your favorite social media and why? Snapchat, because I am able to send cute pictures of the animals on the farm to all my friends. What are your career aspirations? My plans for the future involve attending a four-year college and majoring in animal science. Within my major, I plan to explore many different classes and career options in the agriculture eld. I am interested in learning more about animal nutrition as well as animal business management. I also plan to extend my sheep ock with my brother. What is something you’ve learned from being involved in these activities/ organizations? I have learned that hard work and dedication pays off. Who do you look up to and why? My parents because I have seen them go through hard times on the farm, but they keep working hard. Tell us something about yourself that many people don’t know. I would wear a plaid shirt and jeans every day if I could. Tell us some of your duties on the farm. I am involved in all aspects on the dairy farm. There isn’t anything I can’t do. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and how would you change it? I would change agricultural prices. I would implement a quota system to help keep supply and demand in line so farming can be protable for all farmers.


Mandy Molitor is a senior at Eden Valley Watkins High School. Molitor and her family – parents, Ron and Lori; siblings, Shannon, Mitch and Travis – dairy farm in Stearns County near Watkins, Minn.


Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 10:30 a.m.

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL - Kevin Condon, Oshkosh. 920-410-8264

30 High Production Holstein cows including some registered cows. 7 springing heifers & 4 dry cows. A very nice herd! Bulk tank average is 90 lbs with 180 SCC, at least 10 cows over 100 lbs!! 23 cows fresh last 100 days. Fully vaccinated, large frame, AI sired cattle! Several Red & Whites!




196, fresh 1-4, 136 lbs!!

692, 1st calf, 1450 fresh 12-30, 1903, fresh 12-22, 2900, fresh 1-30, fr 12-24, 95 lbs!! 114lbs!! 134 lbs!! 101lbs!!


30 Holstein tiestall cows, all AI breeding, 50lbs, 200 scc. Several dry cows and springing heifers. Some cows for every budget.

OTHER EARLY CONSIGNMENTS 70 fancy Holstien heifers! 100% AI breeding, complete dispersal from 3 month old to breeding age. Sharp set!! More good quality young cows from Cashton. Always some of the better kind and guaranteed sound!! 10 Holstein tiestall cows, fresh 40-80 days, 85 lbs. plus! 7 Holstein heifers bred 6-7 month. 5 Lineback hfr calves & 1 Lineback bull calf. • 2 Fancy dry cows. 3 nice Milking Shorthorn springing heifers JWO NOTES & MARKET REPORT: Over 500 head this week. Top cows $2,050 Gideon Miller, Cashton. $1,900, $1,900 Prudlick, Osseo. 1850 Andy Hershberger, Cashton. 1775 Herman Miller Jr, Marshfield. Many good cows $900-1,400. Fancy open heifers up to $1.00/lb, springers $800-1400. Nice heifer calves $50-200/hd. I spend a lot of my time looking at cattle and visiting with people. Often I’m asked if I’m a Mennonite, which leads to talking about religion. Recently a man told me his thoughts on preparing for eternity, “don’t be a jerk, and then just hope for the best.” Read and consider John 3 for some easy to understand directions on what God requires so that we can have a true hope.

Sale Location: W1461 State Hwy 98, Loyal, WI 54446 - HEATED ARENA From Spencer, WI take hwy 98 west 5 miles. From Loyal, 5 miles east on 98

SALE CONDUCTED BY: Oberholtzer Dairy Cattle & Auction Co. Auctioneer: Mark Oberholtzer, WI license #2802-052 John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897 • Mark Oberholtzer 715-773-2240 John Ivan Oberholtzer 715-219-2781 • Office 715-255-9600

A NE W WORLD DEM A ND S NE W HOLL A ND. For over 50 years, operators and custom harvesters have relied on New Holland choppers to consistently deliver high quality feed. Today’s FR Forage Cruiser models feature powerful engines tuned expressly for forage harvesting, the widest cutterhead and crop processor in the industry for maximum throughput, and a cab that feels more like a home office. There’s no need to choose between high capacity and high quality - choose a New Holland Forage Cruiser. Learn more at

Baumler Implements, Inc. 1306 Hwy. 150 South, West Union, Iowa 52175 (563) 422-3835 •

©2016 CNH Industrial America LLC. All rights reserved. “New Holland” is a trademark registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates. “Equipped For A New World” is a trademark in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates.

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Serving Dairy Producers Future Dairy Producers Since 1983

BELGRADE 320-254-8294


The Haase family – (from leŌ) Marie, Jason holding Teresa, Lucy, Rose holding Claire, Andrew, Agnes, Daniel and Grace – milk 525 cows in St. Croix County near Somerset, Wis.

Marie Haase 17 years old Junior When do you help with chores? Whenever I am needed. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is feeding calves, and I don’t have a least favorite chore. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The cows. What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m not sure yet, but something in the dairy industry. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a dairy farm with Holsteins and Jerseys, along Turn to HAASES | Page 13

Ask us how to take your Alfalfa Crop further! Nutrition Professionals who help you CHOOSE the best nutrition for your herd...

Agronomy professionals who help you GROW the best crop...

Local professionals who understand YOUR needs...

Dan Hentrich Mark Brown Reddy Ag Service Reddy Ag Service 608-642-7334 608-330-1331

y d d e R


Sam Enloe Dan Welch Reddy Ag Service Ross Soil Service 608-778-8589 608-426-1819

I N C.

Mineral Point, WI

Used Equipment Specials USED HAY TOOLS Vermeer 605N Corn stalk special, 7250 bales, 2015, like new, BAU1705G ..................... $38,500 Vermeer 504 Pro baleage baler, 2015, 13,059 bales, BAU1702G .................................. $27,750 Vermeer 605 Super M, with/without power windguard, 2013, BAU1608G ................... $32,500 Vermeer 605 Super J, twine only, 1992 model, BAU1605G.............................................. $5,500 Vermeer 605 M Baler, approx. 17,000 bales, new pickup, sprocket & chains-2007 BAU1508G ................................................................................................................ $18,500 Vermeer 605 F Baler, Just in, BAU1703G............................................................... Make an Offer JD 854 baler, 2013, approx. 5800 bales, BAU1502G, unbelievable price .................$30,000/obo Gehl 1875 Baler, 5x6 bales, 1995, BAU1504G ..................................................................... CALL John Deere 568 Baler, 2004, BAU1704G ........................................................................ $15,500 Tonutti V12 rake, some new teeth, HYU1515G ................................................................ $4,200 Vermeer MC1030 mower conditioner, 2012, very nice, HYU1703G................................ $17,000 MacDon Hydra swing mower, HYU1601G ....................................................................... $9,750 Jiffy 920 Bale Processor, 2001, HYU1701G ....................................................................... $7,250 Vermeer TE 330 Tedder, 2006, HYU1705G...................................................................... $18,950 John Deere 1219 mower conditioner, 1986, very nice, HYU1707G................................... $3,850 Tonutti V12 Rake w/ windguards, very nice, coming soon .................................................. CALL Vermeer BP8000 coming soon ........................................................................................... CALL USED FORAGE BOXES Balzer forage wagon, tandem axle, left hand discharge, FWU1709G .............................. $3,500 H&S LK500, Front unload silage box, 1975, FWU1603G .................................................. $1,250 John Deere 2 row wide chopper head, 36” rows, green, FWU1601G .................................. CALL Used 16 ft Miller Pro model 5100 forage box, 4 wheel gear, FWU1511G .................$9,500 each 4100 Miller Pro Silage Box, FWU1513G ........................................................................... $3,775 Badger BN950 forage box, very nice – FWU1515G.......................................................... $4,500 2) Badger 1055 forage boxes, tandem axle, FWU1702G & FWU1703G ............................ $4,500 3) Badger 1050 forage boxes, tandem axle, FWU1704G, FWU1705G & FWU1706G ........ $4,000 Balzer 6520L forage box, right hand discharge, FWU1711G ............................................ $2,500 Used Badger Blower ..................................................................................................Make Offer Used Electric 5010B 4 wheel running gear, 12T, 8 bolt w/ truck tires, FWU1710G ........... $1,200 MANURE PUMPS Houle Agi-Pump, 2008, 6” PTO, w/ agitation nozzle, 12 ft. long, MPU1703 ........................ CALL Houle Super Pump, 2004, 6” PTO, w/ 2 agitation nozzles, 12 ft. long MPU1704 ................. CALL Houle SP-R-8, 1997, 6” super pump on trailer, MPU1702SCH .......................................... $4,800 Some used drag hose equipment, Call for more info. on what is available ......................... CALL Dayton Blower for Manure solids, used 2 months, #2C799, MEU1601G...................Call for Price Used Houle 60” cable scraper drive, good shape.............................................................. $3,000 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/twin 20 HP motors, USED, MPU1501G......................... $4,300 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/30 HP motor, USED, MPU1505G................................... $4,000 10’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump with twin 20 HP motors, USED - MPU1507G.................. $4,300 8’x4” electric Houle Agi-pump w/no motors, set up for twin motors, USED- MPU1508G. $3,500 Oro Flex Hose, 1 mile, Brand new, never used, 6” supply with couplers, MEU1702G ........... CALL Rebuilt Krohne Flo meter, 6 “, hydraulic flow control valve for tank, OTH1705G.................. CALL USED MIXERS Knight 3300 Mixer Wagon, with 36” discharge, MWU1702G ........................................... $8,500 Roorda feeder/mixer wagon, with scale, MWU1704G ..................................................... $5,000 3-used Patz 16-20 ft. Silo unloaders, model 98B, MWU1705G ........................................... CALL Blair Feed- R - wagon, MWU1706G- coming soon .......................................................... $3,500 NEW & USED DAIRY EQUIPMENT Used Surge 2000 gal. milk cooler, model # 87121 from the year 2000, s/n 991009, w/2) 4hp compressors, all stainless, jacket on tank, ARC wash controller, DEU1704..Price Reduced - CALL 1-used Lely A3 Next Robot with air compressor, buffer tank, sort gate, M4 use buckets, milk line and sampler, DEU1703G .................................................................................. CALL 2-used Suterbilt 3M vacuum pumps .......................................................................Call for price Double 10 Blue Diamond parallel parlor with SST2 detachers, 3” low line, single receiver, jetter trays, curb, gates, 10 hp Suterbilt vacuum pump,10 hp Westfalia 2800 vacuum pump, 20 DeLaval milking units & pulsators .............................................. CALL Used Boumatic 3” stainless receiver group, receiver with trap, pump, mounting panel & probes .............................................................................................. CALL 10 used Boumatic Companion detachers, #U3557554 ...............................................$415 each

“Where our passion for fo agriculture and technology come together to serve you! you!”


Late Afternoon UPS Shipping Shippin Available!

E. Hwy. 30, Pipestone, MN E-mail:

(507) 825-3271 • 5 used Boumatic Companion detachers with milk yield indicators, U3557820 ..........$450 each Blue Diamond double 8 parlor, rapid exit herringbone stall, pre-assembled, DEU1410G ................................................................. Price Lowered $6,900 16 used Boumatic 4400 detachers, with new gaskets & diaphragms, U3557444 .......$415 each Used Mensch 910 Feed Pusher, just in, OTH1801G.............................................................. CALL NEW & USED BARN EQUIPMENT Used Badger manure auger, needs new PVC outer tube, good drive assy OTH1706G ......... CALL 2- Used Berg Chore-Master barn cleaner drives, with motors........................................$400 ea. New 8ft. Patz barn cleaner chute for 16” gutter, PA16151, retails for $992 ......................... $800 Used Patz 16” belt conveyor, gearbox drive, 7-1/2 ft. long w/ motor, 130FPM, $2573 new ..$1,000 Patz barn cleaner 12” tapered flights, never used, but weathered, not painted, $18.95 New ...............................................................................................................$12.25 ea New Schuur and Lely cow brushes- In stock ....................................................................... CALL New Mensch M700, 7ft.11” tire scraper –In stock .............................................................. CALL Used squirrel cage style fan, 42” diameter, w/ 3 phase motor ............................................ CALL Used WIC model 300 grain cart .......................................................................................... CALL New 2 bath automated footbath assy, stainless baths & controls, 1/2 price, never used, DEN1402G .................................................................................................................. $7,000 Dayton Air Handler, like new, used only several weeks, 12000 CFM #3C010 ............Call for price MANURE SPREADERS Roorda model 416 manure spreader, single axle, top beater & endgate, MSU1410G .................................................................................................Reduced to $10,000 Knight 8040 side slinger, new chains, new flighting, excellent hammers, MSU1501G .. $22,500 Hagedorn 410 manure spreader, MSU1701G................................................................. $11,500 Meyers VB440 Vertical Beater Spreader, New Apron, Excellent Condition, MSU1705G .. $27,500 Used Kuhn Knight 1159 Manure Spreader, 2007, MSU1703 .......................................... $17,500 Used Kuhn Knight 1159 Manure Spreader, 2005, MSU1704G ........................................ $17,500 Used New Holland 680 manure spreader, MSU1708G........................................................ CALL Used Kuhn Knight 1159 Manure spreader, coming soon, MSU1709G ................................. CALL Used Knight 8140 Side Slinger Manure Spreader, Just in, Needs some work ...................... CALL LIQUID MANURE TANKS ‘97 Houle EL84, 6000 gal. spreader, new tires, new disks, good shape, MTU1505G ....... $24,000 NEW ON THE LOT CPX 9000 Vermeer Catapult Bale Processor 600 Cloverdale mixers Vermeer Disc Mowers – 6ft & 7 ft. Vermeer VR1428 rake Vermeer BW5500 Inline bale wrapper Vermeer 2800 twin basket rake Cloverdale bale Super carrier, self-loading Vermeer MC3700 mower conditioner Gea Houle Tilting 3-point Super Slider Pump, 8 ft. & 12ft deep pits with the same pump

Milking Equipment • Manure Equipment • Feeding Equipment • Housing • Route Supplies

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 13

ConƟnued from HAASES | Page 12 with some pigs and sheep. What do you like about winter? Ice skating. What is your favorite subject in school? Science. What is the best thing about growing up on a farm? All of the opportunities to meet others with the same interests. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream. Andrew Haase 17 years old Junior When do you help with chores? All the time. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is cutting hay, and my least favorite chore is feeding calves. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The pigs. What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to go into ag mechanics. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a crop farm. What do you like about winter? Snowmobiling. What is your favorite subject in

Agnes Haase 8 years old Second grade When do you help with chores? After school. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? I like feeding calves, and I don’t like feeding the dog. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The lambs. What do you want to be when you grow up? A scientist. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a horse farm. What do you like about winter? Ice skating. What is your favorite subject in school? Physical education. What is the best thing about growing

up on a farm? Showing calves. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream bars.

Lucy Haase 6 years old Kindergarten When do you help with chores? When I can. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? I like feeding bottle calves, and I don’t like picking rock. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The lambs. What do you want to be when you grow up? An art teacher. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a dairy farm. What do you like about winter? Ice skating. What is your favorite subject in school? Art. What is the best thing about growing

school? Shop classes. What is the best thing about growing up on a farm? There is always something to do. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream.

Grace Haase 15 years old Sophomore When do you help with chores? Whenever I’m asked. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? My favorite chore is feeding calves, and I don’t have a least favorite. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The Holstein cows. What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m thinking about being a calf and heifer specialist. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a dairy farm with some sheep and pigs. What do you like about winter? Playing hockey. What is your favorite subject in

up on a farm? Learning to milk cows. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream.

Claire Haase 2 years old When do you help with chores? Whenever. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? I like helping Lucy. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? Pink pigs. What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t want to grow up. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. Lots of pink pigs. What do you like about winter? Sledding. What is the best thing about growing up on a farm? All the animals. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream.

school? Science. What is the best thing about growing up on a farm? Getting to learn a lot of life skills earlier than other kids. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream.

Daniel Haase 12 years old Sixth grade When do you help with chores? When I’m asked. What’s your favorite chore and least favorite chore? I like driving tractors, and I don’t like feeding calves. What’s your favorite animal on your farm? The pigs. What do you want to be when you grow up? I don’t know. If you had a farm, describe what it would look like. I would have a pig farm. What do you like about winter? Snowmobiling. What is your favorite subject in school? Recess. What is the best thing about growing up on a farm? There is always something to do. What’s your favorite dairy treat? Ice cream.



Call (320) 352-6303 for more information.




Property Location: 7.5 Miles East of Royalton or 2 Miles West of Little Rock on County Road # 26 ( Nature Road) Auction Location: 17190 15th Ave NE, Rice, MN Held in conjunction with Bunker Hill Creek Farm Equipment Auction


TIME: 11:00 A.M.

100 Acres +/- Sells in Two Parcels

Note: Excellent Opportunity to Purchase Tillable Farm Land with Small areas of Hunting or Recreational land in an Excellent area of Morrison County. Excellent Access, Building Eligibilities.

Parcel #1. 40 Acres +/-, Approx 38 Acres Good Farmable Land, Balance Hunting or Recreational Land. Easy Access to 250th Ave on East, Building Eligibility Subject to Building set backs & Conforming Septic Tests to meet County Requirements. Parcel ID 04.0505.000, Sect. 36, Twp. 039, Range, 031. Buckman Township Morrison County, MN Parcel #2. 60 Acres +/- , Approx. 55 Acres Farmable, Balance Hunting or Recreational Land. County Road 26 ( Nature Road ) Frontage & Access. Building Eligibility Subject to Building Set backs & Conforming Septic tests to meet County Requirements. Parcel ID. 04.0504.000. Sect. 36, Twp. 039, Range 031. Buckman Township, Morrison County, MN Inspection Dates: Friday March 16th, 1 to 2 PM, Friday March 23rd, 1 To 2 PM. Or by Appt. if Necessary. You may self-Inspect at your own risk. Real Estate Auction & Parcel signs will be posted.


Bunker Hill Creek Farm (Larry Hackett Family Owners) MID -AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC.


AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

For more information Phone Mid-American Auction Co. 320-760-2979 or our Broker Steve Hansen Remax Results, 320-241-0905

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Livestock - FOR SALE

40 HOME-RAISED HOLSTEIN COWS, stanchion ready, young, gentle herd, AI genetics. Call 608-326-8207 or nights 608-326-4281. 1-2F

BULLS, home-bred, variety of ages/genetics. Alberts Pine-Shelter Farms, Pine Island, MN (just north of Rochester). Call Dave at 507-356-8625 or 507-3564462. TFN-B

REGISTERED HOLSTEIN, GUERNSEY & JERSEY MILK COWS, all VG or EX, $1,909 ea. Call 701-408-9094. 7-TFN-F

AI BRED DAIRY HEIFERS. Call 320-760-2705. 4-TFN-B

BLACK ANGUS STEER CALF, no shots or antibiotics. Call 320-250-4600. 22-TFN-F

HOLSTEIN BULLS, red or black, closed herd, Johnes & Leukosis test negative, guaranteed breeders. Call 507-9205859 or 507-879-3489. 4-TFN-P

50 YEARS BREEDING FOR FEET, LEGS, & UDDERS, pick 50 cows from 80, 90+ avg. Call 715-828-4757. 16-TFN-F REG. BROWN SWISS BULLS, all ages, exc. pedigrees; also 2 reg. hfrs., due in April. Call 320-5876384 or 320-583-0336. 16-TFN-B

REGISTERED HOLSTEIN CALVES, heifers and young cows, 26,000+ RHA, Johnes free. Call Olmar Farms 507-220-0730. 19-10-F DAIRY GOAT DOES, out of Hostetler breeding; also breeding bucks available. Call 319-350-5819. 24-TFN-F

SERVICEABLE AGE HOLSTEIN AND JERSEY BULLS, from good type and production families; also cows, Glencoe, MN. Call 320-864-6555. 4-TFN-F

MILKING SHORTHORN cows, hfrs., bulls & steers of all ages. Call 612-390-1616. 1-3-F 70 COW REG. AND GRADE HOLSTEIN HERD, AI sired/bred, currently averaging 70 lbs., 4.2 BF, 130,000 SCC. Call 608-574-2758. 1-4-F SERVICEABLE AGE HOLSTEIN BULLS. Call 320-360-7254. 16-TFN-F

60 HEAD DAIRY HERD in tiestall barn, 80 lb. tank avg., 170,000 SCC, nice young herd. Call 320-8941687. 1-5-F HOLSTEIN HFRS., fancy, AI bred, start calving April. Call 320-304-2806. 1-2-F

Real Estate - WANTED

YOUNG FARMER LOOKING FOR DAIRY for sale/rent or join retiring farmer’s operation. Call 563-581-3186. 2-4-F

Here Today.Gone Tomorrow.

Give Classifieds a try.

SPECIAL SPRING PROMOTION TAC-14 & TAC-20 Self Loading Trailers





Limited Time Only!

10:00 A.M. Thursday, March 15, 2018 Plendl Brothers Joint Venture • Orange City, Iowa


Sale Location: 4767 Ibex Avenue, Orange City, Iowa

Notice: Most all of this equipment was purchased new by the Plendl Brothers, always kept in a shed and maintained by their J D dealer.

Live Online Bidding Available On GehlingLive.Com TRACTORS: JD 9430, ‘09, 4472 hrs., 18/6 power shift, Auto Trac Ready, radar-deluxe comfort package, active seat, 1000 pto, 4 remotes, 48 gallon hydraulic pump-diff. lock, H.D. drawbar, xenon light package, 20.8 R 42 triples, ser.# RW9430P011081; JD 9430, ‘09, 4420 hrs., 18/6 power shift, Auto Trac Ready, radar, deluxe comfort package, active seat, 1000 pto, 4 remotes, 48 gallon hydraulic pump, diff. lock, H.D. drawbar, xenon light package, 20.8R42 triples, ser.# RW9430P010162; JD 8430 MFWD, ‘08, 2086 hrs., power shift, ILS, Auto Trac Ready w/plug and play, deluxe command view cab, active seat, 1000 pto, 4 remotes, 3 pt., 60 gallon hydraulic pump, xenon light package, cold weather package, front fenders, 22) front weights, 2) 1400 lb. rear weights, 480/80R50 w/duals-420/85R34 w/duals, ser.# RW8430P028271; JD 8430 MFWD, ‘06, 3601 hrs., power shift, ILS, Auto Trac Ready w/plug and play, deluxe comfort package, 1000 pto, 4 remotes, 3 pt., quick hitch, 60 gallon hydraulic pump-xenon light package, cold weather package, front fenders, 22) front weights, 2) 1400 lb. rear weights, 480?80R50 w/duals, 420/85R34 w/ duals, ser.# RW8430P007277; COMBINES: JD 9870 STS, ‘10, 1529 Sep. hrs., 2264 Eng. Hrs., contour master, premier cab, 5 speed feeder house, bullet rotor, bin extension, 22’ unload auger, extra high capacity lift cylinders, fine cut chopper, power tail board, Firestone 650/85R38 w/duals, ser.# 1HO9870SPA0736105; JD 9870 STS, ‘09, 1389 Sep. hrs., 2202 Eng. Hrs., 4 wheel drive, contour master, premier cab, 5 speed feeder house, bullet rotor, bin extension, 22’ unload auger, extra high lift cylinders, fine cut chopper, power tail board, 650/85R38 w/duals, ser.# HO987073103; HEADS: JD 635F 35’ flex head, ‘11 w/single point hookup, hydraulic fore and aft, ser.# 1HOO635FTBO741761; JD 635F 35’ flex head, ‘07 w/single point hookup, low stone dam, hydraulic fore and aft, ser.#HOO635F721086; JD 1293, 12 row 30” corn head, ‘07, knife rolls, stubble lights, ser.# HO1293X721010; JD 1293, 12 row 30” corn head, ‘06, knife rolls, stubble lights, ser.# HO1293X715911; SPRAYERS: JD 4930 ‘09, 1507 hrs., 120’ boom w/15” spacing, boom trac pro, auto leveling, Auto Trac Ready, radar, xenon lighting package, wheel slip control, block heater, section control, right and left hand fence row nozzles, JD 2630 GS3 monitor, 380/105R50, ser.# NO4930X006468; Hardi Navigator 1000 gallon pull type sprayer w/80’ boom, 3 way nozzles, rinse tank, foam marker, 1000 rpm pto pump, ser.# 4165; PLANTERS: JD 1770NT 24 row 30” CCS, seedstar variable rate, proshaft drive, row command, vacuum w/minni hoppers, row cleaners, truvee openers w/4” walking gauge wheels, pneumatic down pressure, rotary scrapers, markers, small corn; corn and bean disc, rear hitch, 54,344 total acres planted, ser.# AO1770EF10162; JD 1770 24 row 30” w/3 bushel boxes, seedstar variable drive, row cleaners, tru-vee openers w/4” walking gauge wheels, pneumatic down pressure, rotary scrapers, corn and bean disc, ser.# HO1770B685153; TILLAGE EQUIPMENT: JD 2625 40’8” rock flex disc, hydraulic fore and aft, ser.# 1NO2265XVCO750150; JD 2200 54’ field cultivators, 9” spacing, Accu Depth contrl, depth control wheels, coil tine harrow, JD 2200 54’ field cultivator, 6” spacing, single point depth control, depeth control wheels, coil tine harrow; JD 712 17 shank mulch tiller; Miller 14’ 3 bar offset disk; JD 845 16 row 30” cultivator; JD 845 12 row 30” cultivator; MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT: J&M 1326 grain cart, 20’ unload auger w/control flow grainstorm spout-roll tarp, light package, 20.8 X 42 tires on walking tandem axle; Friesen 240 Seed Express tandem axle seed tender w/scale, conveyor unload, roll tarp, front and rear hopper, remote control, Honda 5 ½ HP engine; JD 265 3 pt. disc mower, 540 pto; Loftness Kwik-Pick rock picker; Snow Machine 8’ snowblower; 2) Unverferth 636 Road Runner tandem axle header carts w/4 wheel brakes, dolly wheel hitch, front fenders, 225/75R15 tires; 2) Unverferth 636 Road Runner tandem axle header carts w/rear brakes, dolly wheel hitch, front fenders, 225/75R15 tires; Thundercreek 1000 gallon tandem axle fuel trailer w/7000 lb. axles, gas engine; Lundell 320 gravity box w/auger; JD barge box on JD gear; Electric barge box on gear; 2) Electric flair boxes on gears w/hoist; Koyker 1050 auger w/ swing hopper; JD 330 Lawn Tractor w/deck; Winco 40 KW generator on cart; VEHICLES: ‘00 Ford F 350 4X4 crew cab pickup, 111,733 miles, 7.3 diesel, 6 speed manual transmission; ‘00 Ford F 350 crew cab w/ bad engine; GPS EQUIPMENT: JD 2630 monitor w/Auto Trac, ser.# PCGU2UD461748; JD 2630 monitor, ser.# PCGU2UD414344; JD 3000 globe; JD globe; MISCELLANEOUS: 24) JD 1 .6 bushel seed boxes; 24) JD insecticide boxes; 4500 gallon horizontal poly tank; 3000 gallon horizontal poly tank; Super hose reel w/ hose, Transfer pump, Aladin hot water pressure washer, Portable wood loading chutey, 2) 12 volt pickup fuel tanks.

For more information call Gehling Auction Co. 1-800-770-0347

Any verbal announcements made day of sale takes precedence over print. All items sold as is, no warranty or guarantee implied or expressed by the sellers or Gehling auction Co. Terms: Cash or good check day of sale

Auctioneers Gehling Auction Co. Denny Brusse 23-03 Ron Gehling 23-10 Matt Gehling 23-14 Dave Holsted, Roger Bullerman, Roger Bentley Clerk Gehling Auction Co. LLC

For a complete listing and photos go to

See us at the Agri News Farm Show in Rochester, MN

WINGERT SALES & SERVICE Plainview, MN • (507) 534-2285

Iowa Spring Sale



^Ezͳs>>zZKh^dZhzyͳϵϬ 2-4 2X 305 29,450 3.2 950 3.1 916 The dam of Rubicon and from Planet Sapphire, then ĂůůƚŚĞǁĂLJďĂĐŬƚŽĞůůŝĂϮϵϱ͘dŚŝƐŚŝŐŚƉƌŽĚƵĐƟŽŶ family hits again and again. Selling is her 857NM Damaris great gr’dtr from a Kingboy then an EarnŚĂƌĚƚďĂĐŬƚŽZƵďLJ͘^ŚĞƐĞůůƐŽƉĞŶΘƌĞĂĚLJƚŽŇƵƐŚ for her new owner. :ĂŵĞƐDĂƌƟŶ

s/tͳ,KDDZ/E/Ktͳds'ͳϴϲKD 2-02 3X 365 35670 3.8 1342 3.1 1099 ƌŽŽĚ ĐŽǁ ĞdžƚƌĂŽƌĚŝŶĂŝƌĞ /Kt ŝƐ ƚŚĞ ĚĂŵ ŽĨ ĂŶ ĞĂƌůLJ^ĂŵƵƌŝнϮϳϭϰ'нϵϬϭEDΨĨƌŽŵDĞƌŝĚŝĂŶ/ŽǁĂ then a VG-86 Robust out of a VG-87 Zenith, with six ŵŽƌĞŐĞŶĞƌĂƟŽŶƐŽĨs'ΘyĚĂŵƐĨƌŽŵƚŚĞZƵĚLJ Missy family. ƌŝĐ>ĂŶŐ

,E<^EDK^d^KW,/yͲϵϯͲϮ 4-04 2X 365 31900 3.8 1226 3.2 1036 From the heart of HENKESEEN breeding comes a fanĐLJƌĐŚŝǀĂůƐƵŵŵĞƌLJĞĂƌůŝŶŐĨƌŽŵĂŶyͲϵϬƌĂĚŶŝĐŬ then Henkeseen Modest Sophie EX-93. Fancy calf ready for show season!! ,ĞŶŬĞƐĞĞŶ,ŽůƐƚĞŝŶƐ

^ĂůĞ^ƚĂī͗<LJůĞĞŵŵĞƌϱϲϯͲϰϱϭͲϱϯϳϲ ĂƌůDĞŶƐĞŶϱϲϯͲϯϮϵͲϬϴϳϲ ^ĐŽƩŽƵƌƚŶĞLJϱϲϯͲϯϴϬͲϭϯϭϴ :ĂƐŽŶĂŶŚŽĨϳϭϱͲϯϬϱͲϬϱϮϮ ^ĐŽƩƵůďĞƌƚƐŽŶϱϬϳͲϵϮϯͲϭϴϴϭ ŝůůZĂƵĞŶϱϲϯͲϲϬϳͲϬϲϵϰ :ŝŵsŝĞƌŚŽƵƚϳϭϮͲϰϯϵͲϮϵϯϮ


Iowa Holstein Association


Livestock - FOR SALE

REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, from three or more generations of EX 30,000 lbs. dams, Brookings, SD. Call 605-6906393. TFN-F

REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, from three or more generations of EX 30,000 lbs. dams, Brookings, SD. Call 605-6906393. TFN-F

BREEDING BULLS, top quality, 27,800# herd, EX dams, up to 49,000 lbs. milk; bull calves. Call 320-548-3542 or 320-3335906. 15-TFN-F

RETIRING: 47 HOLSTEIN COWS, RHA 26,194M, 1038F, 821P, closed herd, level 2 Johnes free, genetically mated w/ Genex for 30+ yrs. Call 651-429-0943 or 651-3997269. 24-3-VM

8 REGISTERED HOLSTEIN SPRINGING HFRS., 29,500 lb. RHA, due in March & April. 507766-4220. 23-4-F

ORGANIC FLECKVIEH COWS, 50%/75% A2A2, recently fresh, very nice cows. Call 715-2060491. 24-3-F

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 15 SERVICEABLE AGE B&W BULLS, (1) largerbull for heavy work, sires Cinderdoor, Numer Uno, Doorman and others, dams EX and VG, over 30,000 milk; also, Call 320-5836564. 9-TFN-F 2 YEAR OLD HOLSTEIN BULLS, serviceable age, red or black, delivery available, north of Rochester, MN. Call 507732-5930. 1-1-F HOLSTEIN SERVICEABLE AGE BREEDING BULLS. Call 320-7612526 or 320-293-5607. 20-TFN-F

60-COW HOLSTEIN HERD, selling for health reasons, parlor & tiestall trained, 21,000 RHA, no reasonable offer refused. Call 218-770-8455. 24-5-F BROWN SWISS BULLS, home raised, registered, genomic tested, A2A2 tested, delivery available. Call 563-419-2137 or visit 24-TFN-F 6 HOLSTEIN SPRINGERS, due March-May, out of 27,000 lb. herd, AI sired, all 6 pregnant to sexed semen. Call 507-381-2394. 23-TFN-F

RETIRING, HERD OF 45 COWS w/35 yrs. Alta Genetics breeding for feet, legs & udders, 32,528 milk, 4.02F, 3.14P, 138,000 SCC. Call 715579-7955. 22-TFN-F

HOLSTEIN BULLS-Great selection from EX and VG high-producing cows, 26,800 RHA, Johnes free. Call Olmar Farms at 507-794-2697 or 507-2200730. 1-TFN-B

MILKING SHORTHORN BULLS, 14 mos. old, out of registered cow; also Red Roan bull. Call 320-968-8709. 18-TFN-F

HOLSTEIN, SERVICEABLE AGE BREEDING BULLS, 35 yrs., AI breeding. Call 320-761-2526 or 320-293-5607. 12-TFN-F

3) REGISTERED MILKING SHORTHORN SPRINGER COWS; also (2) yearling bulls. Call 218-385-3471. 1-TFN-F

HOLSTEIN COWS, you pick 5-10 head, 90-cow herd, AI, vac, 150 SCC. Call 320-293-9565. 1-2-F

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow. Give Classifieds a try. VERY GOOD FARM MACHINERY DISPERSAL


BIDDING: Sale starts to end on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 7:00 PM. OPEN HOUSE: March 23 to March 25, or view equipment at your convenience. LOCATION: N3074 Nelson Lane, Stockholm, Wisconsin. FARM IS FOR SALE: Through Weiss Realty. Dairy herd was sold and the following very good, shedded farm machinery will be sold. TRACTORS: JD 4050 MFWD Tractor, 4831 hours; IH 3688 Tractor, 10,068 hours; IH 1066 Tractor, black stripe; IH 966 Tractor, fresh overhaul; Westendorf WL42 All Hydraulic Loader. SKID STEER: Bobcat S175 Skid Steer, cab, heat, 2 speed. SPRING EQUIPMENT: IH 45 18 ½’ Field Cultivator; Kewaunee 18 ½’ Disk; JD 710 7-Shank Disk Chisel; JD 10’ Grain Drill. HAYING EQUIPMENT: NH 900 Chopper, metal alert II w/NH 29P Hay Head & NH 822 Corn Head; (2) H&S 16’ Chopper Boxes w/RG; Gehl 970 14’ Chopper Box w/RG; Ag Bag 600 9’ Bagger; NH 1431 Hydro Swing Discbine; NI 5-Wheel Rake. FARM MACHINERY: Patz 305 Mixer w/scale; Knight 8018 Slinger Spreader; Dakon 3 pt 4RW/6RN Cultivator; Katolight 40 KW Alternator. MISC FARM ITEMS: (8) Poly Dome Calf Huts; 500 gal Fuel Barrel; Tire Changer; Welder; SS Pipe; Few Small Items & Shop Tools. EX FEED INVENTORY BAGS: [FEED TESTS: 2017 1st Crop Haylage is 60%m and 148 RFQ; 2017 Snaplage is 48%m and 59% starch.] Feed in 9’ Bags: 236’ Snaplage; 380’ Corn Silage; 400’ 1st, 2nd & 3rd Crop Hay; 90’ Oatlage.


BIDDING: Sale starts to end on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 8:30 PM. LOCATION: W1961 265th Avenue, Maiden Rock, Wisconsin. VIEWING: View items at your convenience. HAYING EQUIPMENT: Case IH 8575 3x3 Square Baler; NH 664 Round Baler w/net wrap & twine; Gehl 1285 Chopper; Gehl 1240 Hay Head; Gehl 3RN Corn Head; Gehl 2415 Discbine; NH 1475 16’ Hydro Swing Haybine; Miller Pro 1350 Rotary Rake; NH 166 Hay Merger; NH 116 Haybine (parts). FARM MACHINERY: Minnesota 450 & 400 Gravity Boxes w/HD RG; Gleaner 630 6RN Corn Head; Gleaner 316 Bean Head, VG; Top Air Tandem Sprayer, 750 gal; Blue Jet 3 pt 7 Shank Sub-Soiler; NH 195 Tandem Spreader, dual apron; Balzer 4800 gal Liquid Manure Spreader (as is). TRUCKS & TRAILERS: 1990’s Chev 4x4 ½ ton Pickup, auto; 1978 GMC Grain Truck, 5&2 (needs work); 16’ Tandem Trailer. SILO & FEEDING EQUIPMENT: Madison 20 x 60 Stave Silo; Val Metal 20’ Ring Drive Silo Unloader; 20’ 16” Belt Conveyor on trans; Belt Conveyor; Val Metal Hammermill.


715-495-5168 or 715-495-2810 FIND US ON THE INTERNET: TERMS: 5% Buyer’s fee. Cash or bankable check.

SALE CONDUCTED BY: HAGER AUCTION SERVICE • 715-273-4638 BARRY HAGER, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #105 TIM PRUSAK, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #479

D& Clean J ractors lT Farmal

Starbuck / Benson, MN Area FARM RETIREMENT

Nice EquipmLeine of Farm n Always St with Most hedded

I will sell the following at auction located 9 miles south of Starbuck, MN or 12 miles north of Benson, MN on MN State Highway #29 to Farm #29119. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.


Clean John Deere & Farmall Tractors 1984 John Deere Model 4250 Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, Sound Guard Cab, Dual Hydraulics, 3-Point, Quick Hitch, 540 / 1000 PTO, Very Good 480 /80R X 38 Inch Firestone Rear Tires with Very Good 38-Inch Band Duals, Front Fenders, New Batteries, Fresh Oil Change, Showing 7365 Hours, Ser. #007627, (Nice Condition) 1970 John Deere 4020 Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, Side Console, Good 18.4 x34 Inch Tires, 3-Pt. Quick Hitch, Cozy Cab, Single Hydraulics, 540 /1000 PTO, Full Set of Front Mounted Weights, Nice Metal, Approx. 1000 Hours on Out of Frame Overhaul done by the Local John Deere Dealer, Ser. #229827R, (Nice Condition)

1952 Farmall H Tractor, Narrow Front, Pulley, PTO, Wheel Weights, Single Hydraulics, Nice Metal, Ser. #387316 1949 Farmall H Tractor, Narrow Front, PTO, Wheel Weights, Nice Metal, Ser. #309126

Gravity Boxes, Manure Spreader & General Farm Equipment Dakon 275 Bushel +/- Gravity Box with Roll Tarp on MN 10 Ton Wagon, Flotation Tires, Light Kit Labor Saver 225 Bushel +/- Gravity Box with Roll Tarp on Lorenz Wagon, Ext. Pole Allis Chalmers Model 180S PTO Manure Spreader, (Nice Condition) Dakon 13-Ft. Stalk Chopper Farm King 7 Inch X 51 Ft. Auger with Electric Motor on Transport Sno-Co 6 Inch X 30 Ft. Auger with Gas Engine on Transport Meyer 40-Ft. Crop Elevator with Truck Hopper 3-Point Post Hole Auger 16.9 x34 Band Duals Flair Box with Wagon and Hyd. Hoist 4 Inch X 12 Ft Auger on Transport



Collec Livestoc tible Items, k Equip Trailers ment,

NOTE: The Banister family have farmed on this farm for 70 years and now have rented out the farm land and will discontinue actively farming. Ronald and Devon operated the farm the last 58 years while Ronald worked at the local John Deere dealer for 24 years. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Banister farm retirement auction. This auction will feature clean John Deere tractors and a nice line of clean farm equipment. Sale order: miscellaneous items, followed immediately by farm machinery. Please plan on prompt attendance. In the event of severe weather, please check our website at: for weather related updates. Prior inspection welcome by appointment. Please call Brian Banister at (320) 760-1769. Online bidding on major items available through Proxibid. For information to bid online please phone (877) 505-7770.

Rock Picker, Planting & Tillage Equipment Rite-Way Model RR 250 ST Hydraulic Reel Type Rock Picker, Hydraulic Swing Hitch, Used Four Seasons, One Owner, Purchased New in 2012, Ser. #1-250-852, (Like New) John Deere Model 7000 6-Row 30-Inch Corn Planter, Herbicide Boxes, Dickey John Monitor, V-Wings John Deere Model 8300 13-Ft. End Wheel Grain Drill, 6 Inch Spacing, 4 Inch Rubber Concave Closing Wheels, One Owner John Deere Model 2600 5-Bottom Variable Width Spring Re-Set Semi-Mount Plow John Deere Model 1010 18 ½ Ft. 3-Point Field Cultivator with 3 Bar Harrow, One Owner John Deere Model 1600 12-Shank 12-Ft. 3-Point Chisel Plow with Depth Gauge Wheels IH Model 470 18-Ft. Tandem Disc 15-Ft. Pony Drag Lorenz 3-Point Track Scratcher John Deere RM 6R X 30 Inch 3-Point Cultivator with Rolling Shields, One Owner

Stock & Utility Trailers & Parts Car Shop Built 20-Ft. Pull-Type Flat Bed Triple Axle Utility Trailer with 4-Ft. Beaver Tail Hale 5 x16 Ft. Tandem Axle Stock Trailer, Center, Gate, New Rubber & Wiring 4 Ft. X 8 Ft. Two-Wheel Utility Trailer with Hand Winch 1995 Oldsmobile 88 Royale, Engine and Transmission Good, (Needs Frame Work)

Livestock Equipment (8) 9-Ft. Interlocking Corral Panels Electric Dehorner Misc. Farm Gates




For More Information, Please Phone Brian Banister at (320) 760-1769 MID-AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC.


PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Haying Equipment John Deere 24T Square Baler with Chute New Holland Model #56 Parallel Bar Rake Nice John Deere #22 Hay Conditioner John Deere Model 1064 Four-Wheel Wagon with 8 Ft. X 16 Ft. Hay Rack John Deere Model 953 Four-Wheel Wagon with 8 Ft. X 16 Ft. Hay Rack Minnesota Four-Wheel Wagon with 8x16 Ft. Hay Rack John Deere #39 3-Point Mounted Sickle Mower John Deere #5 Sickle Mower with Quick Tach Draw Bar 16-Ft. Hay Conveyor with Elect. Motor Loader Mount or 3-Point Mount Round Bale Mover King Kutter Bucket Mount Round Bale Spear

Fuel Barrels, Lawn Tractor & Misc. Items (2) 500 Gallon Fuel Barrels, One with Gas Boy and One with Fill-Rite Electric Pumps 500 Gallon Fuel Barrel with Gas Boy Electric Pump, (Tank Leaks) Poulan 18 H.P. Gear Drive Lawn Tractor with 42" Deck John Deere Model 526 Walk-Behind Snowblower Two-Wheel Pull-Type Yard Cart Pedestal Grinder 9-Ft. Bin Sweep and Electric Motor Lincoln 225 Amp Electric Welder Hydraulic Jacks Several Hydraulic Cylinders Safety Triangles Pedestal Model Drill Press Come Along Acetylene Torch Set, (No Tanks) Work Bench Horizontal & Vertical Power Hack Saw Shovels Metal Saw Horses Shop King 14 Inch Chop Saw (2) Auger Boots (4) 220 Volt Power Cords ½ Inch Electric Impact Squirrel Cage Fan Air Paint Sprayer Small Gas Generator Tap and Die Set Menards 10 Inch Table Saw Manual Tire Changer Front Mount Fuel Tanks Some New Cultivator Shovels Handy Man Jack O Ring Assortment Implement Tires and Rims New JD 317 Garden Tractor Hood Grain Aerator PTO from JD Garden Tractor Farmall Generator 20 Series Tractor Seat Misc. Electric Motors Small Angle Grinder Misc. Hand and Power Tools Also Selling a Few Misc. Household Related Items

Collectible Farm Machinery & Related Items Ferguson Model AFD20 Ground Driven Tractor Manure Spreader, Metal Box, (Nice Condition) John Deere Chain Saw Minneapolis Moline Hydraulic Cylinder John Deere Hydraulically Driven Generator Older Tractor Driven Manure Spreader

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627

Page 16 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018

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e Prices! iv it t e p m o C t a ing Premium Bedd BLE IN A IL A V A S IE R E IV BULK DEL 30 YD. . D Y 2 4 . D Y 0 15 ER BY APPT. YOUR ALSO CAN FILL

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Dairy St r Milk Break




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DHIA Official s. Milk, b 21,000 2l Fat, 3.4% 4.2% 88 Protein 714

Large, Foley/Milaca/Oak Park, MN Area DAIRY CATTLE & EQUIPMENT

70 lb. Ta n No TMRk Average, Recently, Many Fresh 2n Generad Family tion for 61 Farm Years

Dairy t, n EquipmeFeeding & k c to s Live uipment Eq

As we have decided to discontinue the dairy portion of our farming operation, we will sell the following at auction located 5 miles east of Foley, MN or 9 miles west of Milaca, MN on MN State Highway #23 to Oak Park, MN, then from Oak Park ½ mile north on County #7 (165th Ave. NE), then ½ mile west on 95th Ave. NE, then 1/10 mile north on 160th Ave. to Farm #9650. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 76 Head of Very Good Official DHIA Holstein & Composite Dairy Cattle

NOTE: This is a very good herd of young, well uddered, high producing Holstein and Composite dairy cattle. The herd has been on test for many years with current official DHIA record indicating a herd average of 2X 21,000 pounds milk, 4.2% 882 fat and 3.4% 714 protein. Tank average of 70 pounds with several over 100 pounds per day. No TMR and no BST ever used. SCC averages approximately 250,000. The cows are milked in a tie-stall facility and spend all day in a grass lot early spring through late fall and are let out daily during winter months. With the cows being turned out regularly, they have excellent feet, legs and overall mobility. Complete vaccination program in place for many years with all cattle boosted seasonally. Many cows recently fresh or due soon after sale time. Rick uses artificial breeding to some extent along with registered herd sires from leading area herds including the Ackerman and Hackett herd. Currently most cows and bred heifers carrying the service of a very good Red & White Holstein herd sire from the Spencer Hackett herd. If you are in need of home-raised, farm fresh herd replacements, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the Robak dairy herd dispersal. A catalog containing breeding and production information will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to the auction by calling (320) 760-2979 or view online at: Trucking available. Thank you!


Bulk Tank & Dairy Equipment

(50) Fancy, Young, Well Uddered Dairy

Cows, (43) are Holsteins, (6) Milking Shorthorn Holstein Composites and (1) Jersey Cow; (19) are 1st Lactation, (11) 2nd Lactation, (6) 3rd Lactation; (20) Fresh in the Past 90 Days, (8) Due by the End of April

Sale Time: 11:30 a.m. J & B Lunch Wagon NOTE: The Robak family began farming on this farm in 1957 with Rick, Linda and their family operating the farm since 1979. The Robaks are very well thought of as good friends and neighbors in the Oak Park area. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Robak dairy herd and equipment auction. Please note that only listed items will sell so please plan on prompt attendance. We will begin with a few miscellaneous items, then farm equipment, dairy equipment, followed by dairy cattle selling under cover. In the event of severe weather, please listen to KASM 1150 Albany, MN or check our website at for weather related updates. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Saturday, March 17th. Thank you!

Portable Building, Silo Unloader, Barn Cleaner & Livestock Equipment

Bred Heifers (1) Due by Sale Date, (7) Due Early Fall

Open Heifers (8) Holstein Heifers, 12 to 14 Months Old (8) Holstein Heifers, 2 to 6 Months Old (2) Fancy Red & White Holstein Heifers, 4 Months Old More Heifer Calves by Sale Date

Farm Equipment John Deere Model 750 Grinder Mixer, Extra Long Discharge Auger, 2 Screens, Magnet, 1000 RPM Schoessow 24-Ft. Tricycle Front Bunk Feeder Wagon 68 Inch Loader Mount Manure Bucket

Sunset 500 Gallon Bulk Tank, Automatic Wash, Twin Fan Compressor, Model SND 500, Ser. #SS01073 American International Vacuum Pump with SS Air Tank and Reclaimer Tank (5) Delaval Milker Units with Harmony Claws 2 Inch Pipeline for 57 Cows, Stainless Steel Receiving Jar, Auto Wash, Vacuum Regulator, does not include electric motor on milk pump or liquid level box as they are leased until auction (2) Standing Fresh Cow Buckets Surge Fresh Cow Bucket Cow Clippers

Misc. & Collectible Items 7.5 H.P. Baldor Electric Motor Old Pulley John Deere Garden Tiller Hand Well Pump Badger Barn Cleaner Head for Parts Delaval Standing Hand Cream Separator Small Can Plus a Few Other Related Items

12 Ft. X 18 Ft. Portable Mono-Slope Colored Steel Open-Sided Building on Skids Approx. 50 Bushel Bulk Bin with Bottom Slide Discharge Badger 16-Ft. Ring Drive Silo Unloader with Tripod, Motor & Winch Badger 16 Inch Counter-Clockwise Barn Cleaner with Approx. 400 Ft. of High Flite Chain that is Approx. 3 Years Old, Head, Motor and Stainless Steel Chute Jamesway Gas Powered Bedding Chopper with Honda 13 H.P. Gas Engine 10-Ft. Poly Feed Bunk Cow Kickers (3) Round Poly Dome Calf Huts with Pails and Feeders (1) Poly Square Calf Hut with Feeders and Pails New Remote Switch for Silo Unloader Dairy Cart Misc. Soaps and Detergents 4 Ft. Alley Fan SS Pipeline Sections Glass Receiving Jar

RICHARD (RICK) & LINDA ROBAK, OWNERS 9650 160th AVE. NE, OAK PARK, MN / PHONE (320) 248-4733



PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

Livestock - FOR SALE 40 PREGNANT HOLSTEIN MILK COWS, $1,000 ea; 10 open, 3 months fresh or less, $500 ea. Call 320-200-8345. 2-TFN-F 11 BRED HOLSTEIN HFRS., Bangs vac., Triangle 9 shot prior to breeding, all AI for 25+ yrs., due March-April. Call 507327-1237. 2-1-B SPRINGER HFRS., nice, due April & May, $1,350. Call 320-333-7346. 2-3-F SPRINGING COWS & HFRS. from an extremely well uddered, high producing herd. Call 320-2933839. 2-2-F 25 FANCY R&W HOLSTEIN SPRINGER HFRS., start freshening May 1st. Call 218-8375479. 2-4-VM 2 ORGANIC POLLED YEARLING BULLS. Call 715-921-2159. 2-4-F 50 HOLSTEIN DAIRY COWS, year-round freshening, tiestall, 45 yrs. AI breeding, 26,000 RHA, SCC avg. below 100,000. Call 320-290-2524. 2-2-F BUYING AND SELLING ALL CLASSES OF DAIRY HEIFERS, open, shortbred and springers. Call 715-721-0434. 2-TFN-B CLOSE UP AND FRESH HOLSTEIN HFRS., $1100-1300, depending on size and quantity. Well uddered vaccinated and good feet. Call 701-866-5531 2-6-F REGISTERED OPEN AND SHORT BRED JERSEY HFRS., AI breeding. Call 651-6747318 or 612-756-2838. 2-4-F HOLSTEIN JUMPER BULL, excellent genetics and type. Billy Keim W501 Moe Ln., Stoddard, WI 54658. 2-1-F 3 REGISTERED JERSEY COWS, bred AI, due April, August and October, vaccinated. Call 715-2393882. 2-1-F POT BELLY PIGS, 2 boer pigs, good for breeding, $25 ea. Call 712-2608666. 2-3-F BREEDING AGE B&W HOLSTEIN BULL, sired by Talent, EX dam. Call 507-228-8623. 2-1-F

POLLED HOLSTEIN BULL, Rochester, MN area. Call 507-208-0189. 2-1-F BREEDING AGE REGISTERED JERSEY HFRS. Call 507-995-0009. 2-2-F 30 JERSEY COWS, $800 ea. Call 218-924-4490. 2-1-F REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, exc. type and production. Call Scott Rickeman 320-552-0284. 10-TFN-F FRESH OR SPRINGING COWS AND HEIFERS, Holstein & Brown Swiss. Call 608-482-2726. 20-TFN-F POLLED HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES, R&W or B&W. Call 612-709-2479. 21-12-F HIGH GRADE HOLSTEIN BULLS, sired by Sterling, Moonray, Finley, Skyline & Mayower. Call 320-290-2855. 1-3-F ORGANIC SPRINGING HFRS., cows & other cattle of various stages of lactation. Call 507-961-4255. 15-TFN-F YEARLING REGISTERED JERSEY BULL, sired by Impression, 94 pt. Jade dam & 95 pt. grand dam, $1,000. Call 701408-9094. 4-TFN-F 1-10 REGISTERED HOLSTEIN MILK COWS; also clean up semen, $1/unit. Call 320583-6564. 23-TFN-F

Livestock - WANTED WANTING TO BUY SLOW & LAME CATTLE, lump-jaws and bad eyes and all blemished cattle, $200-$600; also, good cull cows and bulls, $600$1,200. Call 612-860-8774 or 651-480-1900. 4-TFNB COMPLETE HERDS OF DAIRY CATTLE; also buying all classes of livestock including cull cows, steers, hfrs. and calves. Call 715-216-1897. 7-TFN-B WE HAVE BUYERS FOR DAIRY HERDS OF ALL QUALITIES. Also herds for sale at all times. Call 715-721-0079. 2-TFN-B

Quality Alfalfa Hay & Straw For Sale 3x4 Bales • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cutting Hay WE DELIVER


Heavy Oats Also For Sale

1-320-250-8805 or 1-204-347-5780 Mike

Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627

Honeyland Farms

Dairy Star - Third Section â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, March 10, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 17

Livestock - WANTED

ALL CLASSES OF SPRINGER DAIRY COWS. No jockeys. Call 320-760-6050. 20-TFN-F

BUTCHER COWS, bulls, & fats; also thin, lame, lazy, & lump jaw. Call 320-894-7175. 11-TFN-B

100 HEAD JERSEY/ JERSEY CROSS HFRS., also 100 head Holstein hfrs., open & shortbreds. Call 320-760-8424. 2-3-F

Hay, Straw, Bedding & Feed - FOR SALE SE, SD 3X3X8 ALFALFA, stored inside, 150-206 RFV; certiď&#x192;&#x17E;ed organic alfalfa & orchard grass. Call 605-286-3873 or 605-9992010. 24-TFN-F

STRAW, NET WRAPPED ROUND BALES & BIG SQUARES, clean, dry, stored inside, delivery available. Call 320-8088336. 15-TFN-F

OPEN POLLINATED SEED CORN, out produces hybrids for silage, $67/ bu. plus shipping, leafy, sweet stalks, highly nutritious grain. Call 217-8573377. 23-5-VM

LOW POTASSIUM HIGH QUALITY DRY COW HAY, square or rounds available. Call 320216-5198. 18-TFN-F

3X3X8 BIG SQUARE BALES OF HAY, alfalfagrass $56/bale, alfalfa $59/ bale. Call 218-639-1110. 3-TFN-F

3X3X8 ROTARY WHEAT STRAW, stored inside, can deliver. Call CullBarr Farms 320-8080744. 14-TFN-F

LARGE AMOUNT OF DAIRY QUALITY HAY; also 3x4x8 bales of straw, stored inside. Call Blair Hay Company 320-8158964. 21-TFN-B

5X6 LARGE ROUND WHEAT STRAW BALES, net wrapped, clean and bright, delivery available in semi load lots. Call 218-689-8224. 22-5B

TOP QUALITY HAY, dairy and heifer, delivered by the semi-load from SD. Call Jerry Haensel, 605363-3402 or 605-321-9237 (c). 15-TFN-B

3X3 & 3X4 DAIRY & BEEF ALFALFA HAY, and wheat straw bales, delivered in semi-loads. Call Tom, Pribyl Hay, Thief River Falls, MN. Call 218686-1379. 2-TFN-B

DRY SAWDUST for dairy barns. Delivered on walking ď&#x192;&#x;oor trailers. Also sweet corn silage. For prices/availability call KRD Trucking. 320-864-2381. 15-12-P

WESTERN DAIRY QUALITY ALFALFA & baleage & straw at reasonable prices. Call 605-9991118. 19-TFN-B

HAY & HAYLAGE, dry cow to dairy quality. Call 218-587-4672. 22-TFN-F CERTIFIED ORGANIC 1ST CROP HAY in wrapped round bales, RFV 114, protein 17. Call 608426-2647. 2-1-F

BALEAGE, 3x3x5 bales; also 5x5 round bales; also 3x3x8 dry hay, all quality dairy hay. Call 320-2498547. 2-1-F

AUCTION March 13 & 14, 2018

JD 24 row planter, #DR8205 IH 470 disc, #DR8206 Bale rack, #DR8207 JD 653 header, #DR8208 McCormick drill w/grass seed, #DR8209 JD 2700 plow, #DR8210 CIH 1640 combine, #DR8211 CIH 1015 pickup head, #DR8212 JD 7100 12 row planter, #DR8213 JD 643 head, #DR8214 M&W wagon, #DR8215 C Allis w/cultivator, #DR8216

You can complete your to-do list in record time by investing in one pump that can handle manure pits of various depths. Your Local GEA Manure Equipment Dealer Fieldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 1310 Springdale Street Mount Horeb, WI. 53572 IQVQĆ&#x201A;GNFUEQO


Friday March 16th, 2018 â&#x20AC;˘ 10:00 AM

LOCATION: W3439 COUNTY ROAD M, LACROSSE, WI. 54601 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Off from Hwy. 16 in West Salem turn S. at Cty. Rd. M go approx. 4.2 miles to Barre Mills continue E. 1.5 miles. Off Cty Rd. 33 by St. Joesph Ridge take Cty. Rd. M N approx. 4 miles.


â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Use your time wisely with the Super Slider er Pum Pump ump p


MF 492 w/cab-heat & air â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2607hrs. 4x4 w/MF DL260 loader, 2012 MF 5465 Dina-4 w/cab heat & air - air ride seat â&#x20AC;&#x201C; w/10 fr. suitcase wt. - app. 1200hrs. - 4x4, CASE IH 105U 4x4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; w/ cab heat & air â&#x20AC;&#x201C; w/radio variable hand clutch â&#x20AC;&#x201C; joystick â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 fr. suitcase wt. & rear wheel wt. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; approx. 1475hrs., MF 399 4x4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; w/canopy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10 fr. suitcase wt. & rear cast iron wheel wt., 2015 NH L223 Skid-steer w/bucket â&#x20AC;&#x201C; heated cab â&#x20AC;&#x201C; keyless start â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 704 hrs. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; like New, 2011 Bobcat S650 Skid-steer w/bucket - heat & air cab - hand controls - new tires - approx. 6000 hrs., hyd. grapple bucket, bucket mt. post hole digger, multiple manure & tine buckets, pallet forks, Anderson quick hitch hyd. bale squeezer, 8ft. Major silage facer, Mensch free stall sand groomer.


CASE IH 6650 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9 shank disc chisel plow - w/ 6 Danish rear shank finishers, CASE IH 415 Brillion 25 ft. finisher w/dual fold out culti mulcher & walking tandems, MF 520 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 12ft. gang disc w/ cylinder & transport, Brillion â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7 shank disc chisel plow, 3 section Lindsay drag, 2015 JD BD113 grain drill w/6â&#x20AC;? dbl. disc grass seed attachments & packing wheels â&#x20AC;&#x201C; less than 500 acres planted, 10ft. Brillion sure stand dbl. wheel compact seeder w/acre meter & transport.


IH 1086, new tires,

fresh service,

CALL 320-266-6569 FOR MORE INFO


NI 5209 discbine w/hyd. swing, Kuhn SR108 speed rake â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8wh. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; like New, H&S mini merger â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7ft. head, 2 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6/ton H&S metal kicker racks w/ tongue ext. & feeder sides â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I w/newer floor & steel stringers, EZ flow gravity box w/ 10- ton gear â&#x20AC;&#x201C; approx. 220 - bushel, gravity box â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6ton gear â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 160 - bushel, EZ Trail â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 18ft. tandem flatbed wagon w/1274 gear w/tongue ext., 48 ft. hay conveyor w/motor, NH 38 flail chopper, PMC 520 tandem green feed wagon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 20ft., flat rack w/ 8 ton running gear, MF silage blower, IH 600 silage blower. SPECIAL ITEM: Blue Star Generator â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2012 - JD 100-01 engine â&#x20AC;&#x201C; approx. 130 hp. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; serial #5472 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; KW100 KVA 100 single phase



Supreme 400 tub mixer w/vertical screw â&#x20AC;&#x201C; digital scale â&#x20AC;&#x201C; new knives & plates, GX 390 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Honda engine Valmetal bedding chopper â&#x20AC;&#x201C; w/extra fine chopper & tub, NH 185 manure spreader â&#x20AC;&#x201C; poly boards -tailgate - top beater â&#x20AC;&#x201C; tandem, NH 155 manure spreader â&#x20AC;&#x201C; as is â&#x20AC;&#x201C; new tailgate, 8ft. HD Woods 3pt. blade w/stand, JD â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3pt. 7ft brush mower.




   Â&#x201C;Â&#x2018;Â&#x161;Â&#x153;ÂŚÂ&#x2018;Â&#x2019;Â&#x153;Â&#x17D;¥ŠÂ&#x17D;á&#x20AC;&#x2022;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x160;Â&#x2014;Â&#x2014;Â&#x161;Â&#x153;ÂŚÂ&#x2018;Â&#x2019;Â&#x153;Â&#x160;ÂĄÂ&#x17D;á&#x20AC;&#x201D; Â&#x160;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x201C;Â&#x2014;­ÂŞÂ&#x161;Â&#x17D;Â?ÂŚÂŁÂ&#x201C;Â&#x161;Â&#x17D;ÂŁÂŁÂ?Â&#x153;ÂĄ¨Â&#x17D;ÂĄá şá ˝Â&#x17D;Â&#x160;ÂĄÂŁá&#x20AC;&#x2DC;

2017 Corn silage â&#x20AC;&#x201C; approx. 9ft x 250 ft â&#x20AC;&#x201C; new bag, approx. 9ft. x 100ft. open bag â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to be sold by the foot, approx. 4000 bushels â&#x20AC;&#x201C; high moisture shell corn, 20ft Jamesway ring drive silo unloader w/new auger, 6-ton Bushnell feed bin w/auger & agitator, 9-ton Bushnell feed bin w/auger, round bale feeders & lick tank, 8 stanchion Nord Co. sm. calf head lock gate. misc. farm gates & mineral feeders.


1998 Ford Ranger 4x4 ext. cab â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 169,000 miles â&#x20AC;&#x201C; good shape, 2007 JD XUV gator â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 620I 4x4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; fuel injected - 480hrs. manual lift, 1999 H&S 14ft alum frame stock trailer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; tandem â&#x20AC;&#x201C; new tires & rims â&#x20AC;&#x201C; good shape, 22 ft HM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; flatbed â&#x20AC;&#x201C; tandem trailer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; bumper hitch, Red Fox LXT go cart, 48â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2sp Loyal barn fan, 36â&#x20AC;? circular barn fan, 4 - 32â&#x20AC;? basket â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 1/2hp fans, misc. gutter grates, Briggs & Stratton â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5hp â&#x20AC;&#x201C; log splitter, Stihl MS 250 - Stihl 029 farm boss chain saws, pick axes, can hooks, wedges, log chains, cables w/hooks, new/old t-posts, red brand wire fence clips, fencing trailer, misc. farm tools, hyd. hoses, third arms, draw bars, Warn 12v â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8000lb. winch w/ remote, 3pt. hitch, trailer hitches, 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122;x20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; barn board shed to be removed.

$191.96 Per month O.A.C.

7â&#x20AC;&#x2122;W X 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;6â&#x20AC;?H, tandem 7K axle, front vents, 3 equal compartments

JEFF & JOHANNA BERG â&#x20AC;&#x201C; LANE CREEK DAIRY, LLC $84.81 Per month O.A.C.

20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; total length, 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122; fold up ramps, rub rail, beavertail, dexter axles, all LED lighting

2017 Merhow $534.65 Per month

2017 Exiss


3H, 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122;SW, Dinette/Sofa, 6 cu. fridge, double sink, microwave, full bathroom, electric awning, dual jacks, solid wood cabinets, beautiful interior!

$465.70 Per month

$190.52 Per month

4H, 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122;SW, 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Slideout, softa, 6 cu. fridge, cooktop, pantry, mangers, full bathroom, dual hydraulic jacks

7â&#x20AC;&#x2122;W x 6â&#x20AC;&#x2122;7â&#x20AC;?H, 7K axles, 1 center gate w/slider, aluminum floor, spare tire




TERMS: Cash or Good Check w/proper ID. Photo ID needed to register. Credit/Debit cards are not accepted. Not responsible for accidents or injury. All items sold as is without warranty. No items removed without full settlement with Auction company.

Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer:

Brian Craig, Bangor, WI. 608-769-4294 #216 Cashiering: Golden Hills Auctions, Bangor, WI. 608-385-9064 #216 Brian & Karin Craig

Page 18 â&#x20AC;˘ Dairy Star - Third Section â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, March 10, 2018


Hay, Straw, Bedding & Feed - FOR SALE


FRIDAY, MARCH 23 â&#x20AC;˘ 11:00 A.M. B.J.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;S BARBECUE â&#x20AC;˘ LOCATED FROM CONRATH, WI: 1/2 MILE EAST ON CTH I (CONRATH IS LOCATED 7 MILES SOUTH OF LADYSMITH, WI ON HWY 27 THEN 4 MILES EAST & NORTH ON CTH I) Note: This sale has very few small articles, so please be on time. The following is a good line of late model machinery with several pieces being one owner.




space available for dairy calves and heifers. Very reasonable daily rates. Cowmanager for heat detection. Freestalls and bed packs. Willing to grow with customers. Contact Daniel for more info. 815674-3018. 23-4-B

W6818 CTH I, Conrath, WI

Terms: All purchases must be settled for on sale day, cash or check. If credit is desired, contact Christensen Sales Corp. prior to sale day.

Christensen Sales Corp.

Abbotsford, WI â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Clerk & Sales Managers (715) 223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33 â&#x20AC;˘ Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Auctioneer (715) 223-4014 Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #191

FLOWER-BROOK REGISTERED HOLSTEINS IS IN SEARCH OF A FT HERDSMAN for 75-cow tiestall barn. Experience, reliability and self-motivation a must. Call Andy 651-353-2275. 19-10-F MILKER NEEDED on 54 cow dairy in Otter Tail County, pay negotiable. Call 218-849-2143. 11-TFN-F


LOCATION: 5352 285th Ave, Granite Falls, MN 56241

CALF FEEDER WANTED ON 500-COW WEYAUWEGA DAIRY, manual labor, no robots, experience preferred. Call 920-407-2410. 23-4-F 1900 COW DAIRY looking for bilingual parlor manager. Call 507-9515597. 8-TFN-F HERDSMAN FOR 1800 COW DAIRY, Central, MN, beneď&#x192;&#x17E;ts offered, hourly wage based on experience. Call 320-2930448. 14-TFN-F

PREVIEW: Mon. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fri. from 8AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5PM LOADOUT: Mon. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fri. from 8AM â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5PM TRACTORS & LOADER 1996 New Holland 9482 2005 Case-IH DX33 1978 Ford 6700 1952 Ford Golden Jubilee


1990 Case-IH 1660 1986 New Holland 96

HEADS, HEADER TRAILER, & HEADER MOVER &DVH,+Ă H[KHDG New Holland 974 corn head Shop-Built header trailer

Kirchner head mover


-RKQ'HHUHURFNĂ H[ disc :LO5LFK4XDGĂ&#x20AC;HOG cultivator Glencoe Soil Saver disc chisel IHC 480 disc




1999 Alloway stalk shredder IHC row crop cultivator John Deere rotary hoe




:HVWĂ&#x20AC;HOG0.DXJHU :HVWĂ&#x20AC;HOG0.DXJHU :HVWĂ&#x20AC;HOG:5DXJHU Koyker auger Feterl auger

2006 Parker 1020 Seed Chariot 2012 New Holland H6750 mower conditioner MacDon 5010 mower conditioner New Holland 688 round baler


Bison NVH 270 blade Ford 914 belly mower John Deere 606 rotary cutter


T&L skid steer loader bucket Manure fork John Deere pallet forks


Complete terms, lot listings, & photos at

Steffes Group, Inc.

24400 MN Hwy 22 South,/LWFKĂ&#x20AC;HOGMN 55355 | 320.693.9371 Ashley Huhn MN47-002

TJOSVOLD EQUIPMENT Jon, 320.564.2331or contact Ashley Huhn at Steffes, 320.693.9371 or 701.238.1975

SAWDUST AND WOOD SHAVINGS FOR ANIMAL BEDDING. Moisture content is green and species are aspen, hybrid poplar, or pine. First load free! Call or email for delivered price from Browerville, MN. Sales@ 218631-6493 17-TFN-B

ALFALFA, MIXED HAY, GRASS HAY & FEED GRADE WHEAT STRAW, med. square or round bales, delivery available. Thief River Falls, MN. Call or text LeRoy Ose 218-689-6675. 18-12P

Real Estate - FOR SALE DAIRY FARM FOR SALE BY OWNER: Sauk County WI, well maintained, double-8 parallel parlor, 180 cow freestall barn, dry cow & hfr. facilities, insulated shop, 4 Bdrm home on 34 acres, feed & additional acres available. Call 608-5884750, leave message. 1-2VM 80 ACRE DAIRY FARM with more land available, Milaca, MN area. Call Princeton Realty 763-3893084. 2-3-VM

GRADE A DAIRY FARM NEAR ATHENS in central WI, for sale by owner, farm features 196 acres, 100+ tillable, new roof on house & barn, 51-stall barn w/pipeline, liq. manure pit, (2) 18x60â&#x20AC;&#x2122; silos, hfr. shed w/feed bunk, 44x88â&#x20AC;&#x2122; machine shed w/heated shop, 5 bdrm, 1 bath home w/ wood & oil heat, cows & machinery avail. Call 715257-7350. 2-2-VM

Help Wanted

Roger & Christine Rosolowski â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Owners 715-532-3180



SMALL SQUARES ALFALFA or alfalfa-grass mixed, dairy quality, to be delivered. Call 320-2862376. 1-2-F

Tractors: JD 8300 FWD diesel tractor w/CAH, power shift trans, buddy seat, 20.8x42 rears & 6,700 hrs. (very good cond.); JD 4430 2WD diesel tractor w/cab, Ford 5610 II 2WD diesel tractor w/2,600 hrs. & ROP; Forage Equipment: NH FP 230 chopper w/27P wide hay head 3PN 3 row corn head & Metal Alert II (exc. cond.), Ag-Bagger #6000 9â&#x20AC;&#x2122; forage bagger (exc. cond.), JD 956 15â&#x20AC;&#x2122; hydro-swing impellar disc-bine, (2) Gehl 1620 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; steel chopper boxes w/Gehl 17 ton gears & 16.5-16 tires, H&S 9x18 steel bale throw rack w/H&S gear, Gruetts steel bale throw rack w/gear, Walker bale throw rack w/gear, (2) steel bale throw racks w/gears, Miller-Pro 1060 forage blower, Kools 540 pto blower, Kewanee 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; hay & grain elevator w/transport, IH blower (parts) Tillage & Planting: JD 960 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; hyd. wing fold field cultivator, IH 700 6x16 SAR semi-mount plow, IH 5100 D.D. 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; grain drill w/front grass seed boxes, Pepin 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122; spike tooth cart drag, Brillion 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; cultipacker, Kvernland 6x16 SAR plow (parts), General Farm: Meyers V-Maxx 3245 tandem V style manure spreader w/vertical beater rear discharge, gravity box w/hyd. fert. auger, Meyer 24â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tandem steel feeder wg., 3 pt. post hole digger Special & Misc. Items: Dayton 40,000 watt generator w/trailer, set of 20.8x42 duals w/10 hole hubs, Sioux head chute, (15) Agri-Plastic poly calf hutches, 500 gal. fuel barrel w/elec. pump, 300 gal. fuel barrel w/stand, new Upnorth 9x250 silage bag, (3) Honda & Kawasaki 3 wheel ATVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s (parts), new conveyor chain, fence supplies (barbed wire & misc. posts), Solar fencer (like new), cattle oiler/mineral feeder, misc. gates, shop misc., Barn Items: 8 DeLaval milker claws, Surge 3 h.p. milker pump, Silo-matic 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; r.d. silo unloader, Van-Dale 20â&#x20AC;&#x2122; r.d. silo unloader


ALL QUALITIES OF ALFALFA & GRASS HAY in med. sq. & rounds; also med. sq. straw bales, delivered in semi loads. Call 218-681-4028. 24-4VM

RELIEF MILKER for 40-cow herd, milking & feeding, May 3-8th, Milaca, MN. Call 320-2248754. 1-5-F FULL AND PART-TIME POSTIONS ON REGISTERED HOLSTEIN DAIRY/CROP FARM. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re motivated and love cows call us 507-2200730. 1-10-B HERDSMAN POSITION available March 1st, 70-cow Registered organic dairy. Call 715-651-4515 or 715-234-8978. 1-4-F LOOKING FOR FT HERDSMAN, 200 cows, some milking, must know how to breed & IV cows, housing avail., paid vacation, South-Central, MN. Call 612-701-0342. 20-TFN-F HERDSPERSON WANTED for 600-cow dairy in northwest WI, housing avail. Call 715417-2192. 24-4-F

50-COW DAIRY LOOKING FOR KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON for farm work; must know equipment and cows. Call 715-662-5053. 23-TFN-F SCENIC-CREST-HOLSTEINS HAS AN OPENING FOR FT HERDSMAN, 475 cow dairy, must have experience, dependability, reliable w/ good computer skills a must. Call 507-796-6206. 1-3-VM

Miscellaneous - WANTED

714A SILAGE WAGON w/no tandem wheel, must be in exc. cond. Call 605770-5407. 2-1-VM BULK MILK TANK AND FARMHAND GRINDER BLOWER; also Owatonna #83 grinder mixer. Call 320-262-6874. 2-1-F




As I have decided to discontinue the dairy portion of our farming operation, I will sell the following at auction located 2 miles south of Elk River, MN on MN State Highway #101 to Wright County Road #42, then follow Wright County #42 and Hennepin County #12 east for 5 miles through Dayton, MN to Farm #15521; or exit interstate 94 at the Rogers, MN exit (Exit #207), then 6.5 miles north on MN State 101, then 5 miles east on County #42 and County #12 through Dayton to Farm #15521. Farm located 2 miles east of Dayton, MN on Hennepin County #12. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.



225 Very Good High Grade High Producing Holstein Cattle INCLUDES: (100) Fancy Young Holstein Cows

36) Large Frame Bred Holstein Heifers OPEN HEIFERS: (45) Fancy Open Holstein Heifers, 9 to 14 Months Old (30) Heifers from Babies to 9 Months Old with More by Sale Date Also: Hay & Forage Equipment, Hay, Dairy Equipment, Tractors & Misc. Machinery

Randy Dahlheimer, owner

15521 Dayton River Road, Dayton, MN / Ph. (763) 228-4559 FOR COMPLETE LISTING SEE: MID -AMERICAN AUCTION CO., INC., COLS: AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60 PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979) OR review the last issue of the Dairy Star. KEVIN WINTER - LIC. NO. 77-18 PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 19

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

PATZ 950, 2400 series, 3 yrs. old, chains to hold commodities in, commodity door, scales in cabs & big display, RH & LH discharge, new low & high speed gear box. Call 563357-2043. 1-4-B

30’ PORTABLE PTO GRAIN AUGER, like new. Call 320-254-8400. 2-TFN-F

JD 1750 6R30” CORN PLANTER. Call 320-2933071. 20-TFN-F ‘98 HOULE 9500 MANURE TANK. Call 507835-7133. 1-3-F

JD 3710 8-BOTTOM PLOW, VG cond., $12,500. Call 507-4380447. 1-3-F

& c t i b l e and Colle Tractors t ing me n Workarm Equip F

GEHL 309 SCAVENGER SPREADER, very good cond., $1,500. Call 320-630-7559. 18-TFN-F

Includes Many Two-Cylinder John Deere Tractors

Miscellaneous - WANTED

FREUDENTHAL CS-60 TIESTALLS & matresses; also exterior feed bins. Levi Beiler, 3823 Breezy Hill Rd., Fennimore, WI 53809. 15-TFN-F HARVESTORES WANTED: Buying and removing used Harvestore Silos 20x80 and higher; 25x70 and higher. Call Greenwood Silo 715-2671416. 1-2-B LOOKING TO BUY USED SLURRYSTORES. Call 717-4639731. 19-11-B JD 7000 6 OR 8 ROW PLANTER & 6620 or 7720 combine. Call 320760-6050. 22-TFN-F SPRING TEETH for IHC C cultivator; wheel hub for IHC 56 corn planter, right side. Call 715-822-2678. 14-TFN-F NEW OR USED DAIRY COW UDDER SUPPORT. Call 612-4233334. 21-6-F

OLD HEATING FUEL AND DIESEL, I can pump from basement. Call 320-424-2005. 5-TFN-F FARM BULK MILK COOLERS, all sizes. Call 319-330-2286. 5-24-P

USED HANSON SILO UNLOADER. Call 1-800433-0581, outside MN call 320-859-5340. 16-TFN-B WESTFALIA VISOTRON PULSATION UNITS; also DeLaval 3-in-one stallcocks. Call 608-348-8966. 2-1-F JD CHUCK WAGON. Call 608-778-7674 or 608391-1478. 2-1-F GRINDER MIXER in good cond. Chester C. Schmucker, 13401 Co Hwy. 31, Frazee, MN 56544. 2-1-F


Can be used for the Perfect Udder bags or bottles

CalfStart Robert Schell DVM

Consulting, Equipment, and Monitoring of On-farm 507-458-5624 Pasteurization Systems 203 1st Ave. SE Altura, MN 55910

DairyTech Pasteurizer and Perfect Udder Colostrum Bag Dealer



Saturday, March 17, Working Farm Tractors Lot #352. 1968 IH 656 Hydro Gas Tractor, Open Station, Flat Top Fenders, Wide Front, 3-Point, 540 PTO, 18.4x34 Inch Rear Rubber, Dual Hydraulics with Extra Hyd. Valve, Sells with Schwartz All Hydraulic Loader, 7-Ft. Snow Bucket, Shows 6551 Hours, Nice Metal, Serial #32037 Lot #353. 1958 IH Model 460 Gas Tractor, Wide Front, Fast Hitch, TA, Good Metal, Sells with Super Six Hydraulic Loader and Bale Mover, Serial #1251

John Deere & Other Collectible Tractors NOTE: Years of manufacture on following tractors are deemed to be from reliable sources, but in no way guarantees actual date of manufacture. Potential buyers should check serial numbers carefully prior to bidding to ensure personal reliability. Lot #356. 1935 John Deere 4 Bolt Unstyled Model B Tractor, Hand Crank, PTO, Round Spoke Fronts, Flat Spoke Rears, Older Restoration with Nice Metal, Serial #1657, (Runs Good) Lot #362. 1929 John Deere Model GP, Fenders, Round Spoke Fronts (Cut Off) Flat Spoke Rears (Cut Off), Fenders, Serial #214143, (Runs Well) Lot #354. 1956 John Deere Model 720 Standard Gas Tractor, Fenders, 18.4x30 Inch Rear Rubber, Single Hydraulics, PTO, Good Metal, Serial #7206814 Lot #355. 1953 John Deere Model 60 High Seat Standard Gas Tractor, Fenders, Live Power, Power Steering, PTO, 16.9x30 Rear Rubber, Good Metal, Serial #610451, (Original Cond.)

Lot #363. 1951 John Deere High Clearance Styled Model A Tractor, John Deere Round Casting Wide Front, PTO, 12x38 Rear Tires, Good Metal, Serial #669583, (Runs Well) Lot #360. 1937 John Deere Unstyled Model D, Factory Round Spoke Fronts, Cut Off Flat Spoke Rears, PTO, Good Metal, Serial #133578, (Runs Good) Lot #358. 1947 John Deere Styled Model D, Electric Start, Lights, Fenders, Solid Wheels, Nice Metal, Older Restoration, Serial #170615, (Runs Nice) Lot #359. 1944 John Deere Model GM Styled, Hand Start, Good Metal, PTO, Foot Cultivator Lift, Original, Serial #13889 Lot #367. 1946 John Deere Model GM Styled, Electric Start, Fenders, Original, Good Metal, Serial #19450 Lot #357. 1931 John Deere Model GP, Good Metal, Fenders, Factory Front and Rear Spoke Wheels, Original, Serial #226878, (Runs Good) Lot #368. 1953 John Deere Model 50 Tractor, Narrow Front, Roll-O-Matic, 12.4x38 Rear Rubber, Live Power, Serial #5011753, (Original Condition) Lot #364. 1948 John Deere Styled Model A Tractor, 12.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Single Hydraulics, PTO, Power Trol, 6 Speed with High-Lo, (Cut Axle), Serial #604226 Lot #370. 1951 John Deere Model B, Square Axle, 12.4x38 Rear Tires, Rear Wheel Weights, Good Metal, Serial #292338, (Original Condition) Lot #373. 1945 John Deere Unstyled Model AR Tractor, 13.6x26 Rear Tires, Serial #265255, (Runs Good)

Lot #369. 1945 John Deere Model B, Sgl. Front Wheel, Cut Off Flat Spoke Rear Wheels, 11-38 Rear Rubber, Hand Start, Decent Metal, Serial #177382, (Runs) Lot #365. 1949 John Deere Styled Model A, High Clearance, John Deere Round Casting Wide Front, Cut Rear Axles, Good Metal, Serial #634271 Lot #361. 1938 John Deere Unstyled G, Hand Start, Shutters, Cast Iron Rear Wheels, Factory Solid Fronts, Good Metal, Serial #5818, (Runs) Lot #372. 1937 John Deere Unstyled Model A Tractor, Factory Round Spoke Fronts, Hand Crank PTO, Very Good 12.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Serial #452028, (Original Condition) Lot #374. 1949 John Deere Model AR Standard Styled Tractor, Wheel Weights, 13x26 Tires, Good Metal, Engine is Free, Serial #276410 Lot #375. Shepard 3-Cylinder Diesel Tractor, Good Metal, Pulley, PTO, Engine #6B9597, (Not Running) Lot #376. McCormick 1530, Steel Front and Rear Wheels, Side Curtains, Good Metal, Engine is Free Lot #337. Styled Allis Chalmers Model WF Gas Tractor, Serial #WF7297-235571

John Deere Dozer John Deere Model 350 Diesel Dozer,

AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS


SALE TIME: 10:30 A.M. J & B Lunch Wagon

NOTE: The Thesing family has farmed on this farm for 50 years and now Roy has rented out the farm land and will transition into retirement. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Thesing’s farm retirement auction. This auction will feature good working farm equipment as well as several unique two-cylinder John Deere tractors, working and collectible farm machinery, livestock equipment and farm related items. Please note that only listed items will be selling so please plan on prompt attendance as we will be on major items soon after beginning of auction. Online bidding will be available on major items through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction Co. For more information concerning online bidding, please phone Proxibid at (877) 505-7770. In the event of severe weather, please check our website at: www.midamericanauctioninc. com for weather related updates. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Monday, March 12th. If you enjoy auctions with a wide variety of interesting items, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the Thesing farm retirement auction. Thank you!

John Deere Combine, Heads & Windrower

Gopher Poisoner & Squeeze Chute Elleston Pull-Type Gopher Poisoner, Hyd. Lift, Coulter Formost Squeeze Chute with Palp Cage, #30 Manual Head Gate

1981 John Deere Model 7720 Turbo Hydrostatic Diesel Combine, Chopper, Spreader, HD Rear Axle, Shows 2499 Engine Hours, Serial #461994 John Deere Model 643 6R X 30 Inch Oil Bath Corn Head, Ear Savers, (Nice Condition) John Deere Model 220 20-Ft. Bean Head, Sells with Shop Built 4-Wheel Header Trailer

Gravity Boxes, Manure Spreaders & General Farm Machinery

John Deere Model 220 20-Ft. Bean Head, Sells with Shop Built 4-Wheel Header Trailer John Deere Model 212 5-Belt Pickup Head Owatonna Hydrostatic 14.5-Ft. Windrower, Ford 6 Cylinder Water Cooled Gas Engine, Conditioner, (Nice Condition)

Factory Built Saw Mill Quantrell PTO Driven Stationary Saw Mill, 50 Inch Insert Tooth Saw Blade, 16-Ft. 4 Head Block, Hydraulic Log Turner, 48-Ft. Steel Hydraulic Carriage, 1000 RPM PTO, Sawdust Elevator, (Always Stored Under Cover, Nice Unit) Additional 50 Inch Insert Tooth Saw Blade will Sell Separately

Trailer 5th Wheel Tandem Dual Wheel Flat Bed Trailer, 24-Ft. Straight Deck, 46 Inch Beavertail, 8-Ft. Deck Over 5th Wheel, Ramps

Collectible Equipment, Planting & Tillage Equipment, Collectible Boat, Truck & Snowmobiles, Gas Engines, Parts & Misc. Items

3 Cylinder Diesel 77 Inch 6 Way Hydraulic Blade, 14 Inch Tracks, Recent Clutch Work, (Runs Good)



Statio Very Good nary S aw Mi ll

As I have decided to more fully transition into retirement, I will sell the following at auction located 8 miles north of Alexandria, MN on MN State Highway #29 to the Carlos, MN corner, then 2.3 miles east and north on County #13 to Farm #7541. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

Lot #350. 1983 Case Model 2090 Diesel Tractor, Factory Cab, Power Shift, 18.4 x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Hub Duals, Dual Hydraulics, 540-1000 PTO, 3-Point, Shows 4182 Hours, Serial #10300283 Lot #351. 1970 IH 856 Diesel Tractor, Year Around Cab, Good 18.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, Wide Front, Dual Hydraulics, 3-Point, Rock Box, 540-1000 PTO, Nice Metal, Serial #2610137U030804

STATIONARY TMR VERTICAL MIXER, 285-350 cu. ft. Call 507380-1235. 1-TFN-F

Work Farm ing & Co ll E Relatquipmentectible ed Ite and ms

Large, Carlos, Minnesota Area

to ng i n i tioni r O v e r s n a r e ft rT Ownetirement Af Farming Re Years o 50

(2) Killbros Model 385 Gravity Boxes, Metal Extensions, Access Ladders, on Killbros Model 1386 HD Running Gears, 20 Inch Rubber, Ext. Poles, (Nice Cond.) New Idea Model 3626 PTO Manure Spreader, Poly Floor, Serial #246434 IH Model 595 Tandem Axle Manure Spreader, Newer Double Apron, Upper Beater John Deere #27 6 RN or 4 RW 14-Ft. Stalk Chopper, 4 Wheels,1000 RPM MN 250 Gravity Box w/Ext. on MN 10T Wagon, Flotation Tires, Ext. Pole Gravity Box with 12-Ft. Hyd. Drill Fill Auger on MN Four-Wheel Wagon Sitrex 10 Wheel V Rake on Hydraulic Cart Nice Woods Cadet 72 Inch Pull-Type Rotary Brush or Grass Mower Lorenz Model 100 Grinder Mixer, One Extra Screen, Magnet, 540 RPM Bear Cat #24R PTO Roller Mill 500 Gal. Anhydrous Tank on 7 Shank Cart, Flow Valve Meter, Set up for 6R X 30 Rows Kewanee #500 40-Ft. Grain Elevator New Idea Model 208 PTO Manure Spreader John Deere Model 65 Forage Blower

Grain Dryer, Belt Conv. & Augers 1973 Super B Model A56 110 Bu. Auto. Batch Style Grain Dryer, Shows 2333 Hrs., Used Fall of 2017 Rapat Series F 41-Ft. Stainless Steel Rubber Belt Paddle Style Grain/Fertilizer Conveyor on Trans., 7.5 HP 220 Volt Elect. Motor, Serial #B61471, (Very Nice) Allied 7”x51’ and 6”x51’ PTO Augers


OWNER Phone (320) 815-0064 / 7541 County Road 13, Carlos, MN

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

Bringing Farmers to Farmers

The Steffes Way. Selling Land & the Equipment to Farm It Since 1960

AUCTIONS this Spring


5,000± acres of land! Retirement & m r Auction Fa Land

...A great group of people to work with on a large event In your life.

e S. Thanks again, Stev MN y, lle Eden Va

Performing auctions anywhere in any season!

Booking Auctions Now Through the End of 2018!


Page 20 • Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE BADGER BARN CLEANER HEAD, $1,000; wanted: double cattle Ritchie waterer. Call 320-266-6878. 24-4-F GEHL 1285 CHOPPER, 3R corn, 9’ hay, metal alert, KP rolls 85%, knives 40%, $18,500/obo. Call 715-255-8263 Mon.-Sat. 12-TFN-F 66 NORBCO EXHAUST FANS, 54”, 6 blade, belt drives, 3 phase, 1 HP motors, good cond., $450 ea. or deal for all. Call Dave Vander Kooi 507-3704429. 21-TFN-F

HAUL MORE. WRAP MORE. 2018 Anderson Wrappers IN STOCK!

NH LX565 SKID, 50 hrs. on rebuilt eng., new tires, good cond., $6,900/obo. Call 715-229-2466. 24-3-F

Call Us At (715) 223-3361

1500 GAL. WATER TANK w/pump & 5 hp Briggs engine, $750; NH Whirl-A-Feed 28 blower, $875. Call 507-327-1869. 1-3-F

Or visit us on-line at N13835 County Rd. E - Curtiss, WI 54422

The next issue of the Dairy Star is published March 24th.

Outs Low H tanding Line ou o Farm Er, Extra Shar f quipm p ent

Large, Albany/ Upsala, MN Area – FARM RETIREMENT –

rm ly Fa Fami 2 Years for 8

Ma Purcha ny Pieces are Wellsed New and Maintain ed

Live andding Bid n O line

After over 50 years of farming, I have rented out my farm land and will sell the following at auction located by exiting Interstate 94 at the Albany, MN exit (Exit #147), then 6.2 miles north through Albany on MN State Highway #238, then ½ mile east on Universal Road; or being approx. 8.5 miles south of Upsala, MN on MN State Highway 238, then ½ mile east on Universal Road; or 2/10 mile north of St. Anthony, MN on Hwy. 238, then ½ mile west on Universal Road. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, NOTE: The VanHeel family has farmed on this farm since 1936 with Wayne being the third generation to successfully operate this farm. Wayne is well known in this area as a good friend, neighbor and the manner in which he maintains his farm equipment and overall farming operation. Mid-American Auction Co. was honored to conduct Wayne’s dairy dispersal auction in September of 2017 and now are honored again to conduct his outstanding farm equipment auction. Many pieces of equipment were purchased new from local dealers and have had the best of care and maintenance. You will note the low hours and overall cleanliness of this excellent line of equipment. Please note that only listed items will be selling, so please plan on prompt attendance as we will be selling major items soon after beginning of auction. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Saturday, March 17th. In the event of severe weather, please listen to KASM 1150 Albany or see our website at: for weather related updates. Online bidding provided through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction Co. Inc. For online bidding information, please phone (877) 505-7770. If you are in need of good clean, low hour farm equipment, we strongly urge you to mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend the VanHeel farm retirement auction. NOTE: In appreciation of your attendance, Wayne is giving the first 50 bidders to register a free measuring tape so be early. Thank you!

Clean, Low Hour MFWD & Two-Wheel Drive Tractors 2008 BuehlerVersatile Genesis 2210 MFWD Diesel Tractor, Dual Door Deluxe Cab, Air Seat, 18 Speed Power Shift, 16 Front Weights, 14.9R X 34 Inch Dual Front Rubber, 18.4R X 46 Inch Firestone Rear Tires, Factory Matching Duals, 4 Hydraulic Remotes, 3-Point, Front Fenders, Small 1000 PTO, Safety Light Bar, Only 249 One Owner Hours, SN #504157, (Excellent Condition) 1997 New HollandFord 8770 MFWD Diesel Tractor, 12 Front Weights, 18.4x42 Inch Armstrong Radials, 10 Bolt Hub Duals, 3 Hydraulic Remotes, 1000 PTO, Dual Door Cab, Air Seat, Power Shift, 3-Point, Super Steer, Shows 7219 Hours, SN #D412859 1998 New Holland Model TS110 Two-Wheel Drive Turbo Diesel Tractor, Deluxe Dual Door Cab, 4 Speed Power Shift, New 18.4x38 Inch Rear Rubber, New 4 RIB Front Tires, Air Seat, 540-1000 PTO, SN #092823B, Shows 4437 Hours, (Wayne is the Second Owner) 2004 McCormick Model CX95 MFWD Diesel Tractor, 74 HP Engine / 90 HP Draw Bar, 24 Speed Xtra Shift-Power Shift, 13.6x24 Inch Front Tires, Front Fenders, 18.4x34 Inch Good Year Rear Tires, Dual Door Cab, Air Seat, Dual Hydraulics, 3-Point, 540-1000 PTO, Showing Just 681 Hours, One Owner, SN# ZC95AS4JJE2053752, (Excellent Condition)

1987 Ford Model TW5 Series II MFWD Diesel Tractor, Dual Power, Dual Door Cab with Sliding Rear Window, 18.4R X 38 Inch Rear Rubber, 10 Front Suitcase Weights, Dual Hydraulics, 540-1000 PTO, Front Fenders, 3-Point, Shows 3718 Hours, SN #A917942 2005 New Holland Model TN75A Two-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, 62 HP, Open Station with Folding ROPS, Radio, 3-Point, Single Hydraulics, 2 Front Weights, 8 Speed Mechanical Transmission with Hi-Lo, Manual Shuttle, 16.0 X 30 Inch Rear Rubber with Fluid, Shows Just 636.2 Hours, One Owner, (Excellent Condition) 2007 New Holland Model TN75A Two-Wheel Drive Diesel Tractor, 62 HP, 8 Speed Mechanical Hi Lo Transmission, Manual Shuttle, 3-Point, Open Station with ROPS, Single Hydraulics, 16.9x 30 Inch Rear Rubber, Shows 636.6 Hours, SN #075238, One Owner, (Excellent Condition) 1966 Farmall Model 806 Turbo Diesel Tractor, Open Station, IH Flat Top Fenders, 20.8R X 38 Inch Rear Rubber, Wide Front, Dual Hydraulics, 540 / 1000 PTO, Nice Metal, Shows 7071 Hours with Approx. 500 Hours on Engine Overhaul, Recent Rear End Updates, SN #33419SY, (Nice Condition)

Manure Spreaders, Gravity Boxes & General Farm Equipment New Holland Model 195 Tandem Axle Single Apron Manure Spreader, Hydraulic Endgate, 385/65R-22.5 Tires, One Owner, SN #Y5B100039, (Has had Little Use, Excellent Condition) (3) Parker Model 2500 Gravity Boxes with Extensions, Rear Access Ladders on Parker HeavyDuty Wagons, 16.5L – 16.1 High Flotation Tires, (Nice Units) Gehl Model 125 Mix-All Grinder Mixer, Magnet, One Extra Screen, Hydraulic Augers, SN #12742 Farm King 8 Inch X 56 Ft. PTO Auger IH #50 14-Ft. Stalk Chopper Gehl Scavenger Model 1322 Tandem Axle Side Discharge Manure Spreader

New Holland Lawn Tractor

New Holland GT22 Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor, Kohler 22 HP Engine, 60 Inch Mower Deck, Shows 574 Hours

Miscellaneous Items Milwaukee ¾ Inch Electric Drill, (New) Lincoln Weld Pak 100 Wire Feed Welder (3) Auger Boots Good Silage Forks Klutch Electric Rotary Hammer in Hard Shell Case 6 Inch x 16 Ft. Auger and Electric Motor, (Like New) New Smaller Oster Cow Clippers Plus Other Related Items




AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

J & B Lunch Wagon

Haying & Forage Equipment 2012 New Holland Model BR7060 Crop Cutter Net Wrap Round Baler, Extra Sweep Pickup, Light Kit, Push Off, 18L-16.15L Flotation Tires, Monitor, One Owner Used 3 Seasons, Has Baled 2000 Bales, SN #YBN171236, (Like New) 2007 New Holland Model 575 High Capacity Square Baler, Super Sweep Pickup, New Holland Model 72 Belt Style Ejector with Hydraulic Tension, One Owner, Has Baled Very Few Bales, SN #82198, (Like New) 2014 New Holland Model H7230 10-Ft. 4 Inch Mow-Max Discbine, Light Kit, SN #YEN2511-34, (Very Nice Condition, Purchased Unused in 2016, Used 2 Seasons) Sitrex Model QR12 12-Wheel V Rake on Hydraulic Front Fold Cart, Purchased Unused in 2015, SN #230610, (Excellent Condition) New Holland Model 790 Forage Harvester, Hydraulic Spout, (Nice Condition)

New Holland Model 824 Two-Row Low Profile Adjustable Corn Head, SN #886092, One Owner (2) Meyers Model 3516 16-Ft. 3 Auger Front Unloading Forage Boxes, Bunk Extensions, Light Kits, on Meyers Model 1206 HD Tandem Axle Running Gears, 12.5L-15 Flotation Tires, One Owner Boxes, Respective Serial Numbers 07T5231 & 07T5211, (Always Cleaned Inside and Out after Use and Stored Inside, Excellent Condition) 9 Ft. X 24 Ft. Steel Bale Trailer on MN 12 Ton Tandem Axle Wagon, New 11L X 15 Flotation Tires, Ext. Pole 8 x 18 Ft. Steel Bale Trailer on Parker Four-Wheel Wagon, Ext. Pole 10 x 18 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack on MN 10 Ton Wagon, Ext. Pole 9 x 18 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack on Kory Wagon, Ext. Pole (2) 9x 16 Ft. Notch Steel Bale Throw Racks on Notch Four-Wheel Wagons Sands 9x 16 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack on Shop Built Wagon Mayer 42-Ft. Heavy-Duty Bale Elevator, Enclosed Electric Motor, One Owner, SN #435-028

Combines & Heads

Planting & Tillage Equipment

1986 Case IH Model 1640 Axial Flow Diesel Hydrostatic Combine, Rock Trap, Chopper, Spreader, 28L X 26 Inch Firestone Tires, Shows 3756 Engine Hours, SN #014231 IH Model 844 4-Row 36 Inch Corn Head Massey Ferguson Model 860 Diesel Combine, 6 Cylinder Perkins Diesel Engine, Air, Heat, Newer AC Unit, New Rasp Bars, Paddles and Other Updates, 2500 Hours, Wayne is the Second Owner, Sells with Massey Ferguson 1859 Grain Head and Melroe 351 6 Belt Pickup, (This combine was used both by original owner and Wayne for small grain only)


SALE TIME: 11:00 A.M.


TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

John Deere Model 960 32.5-Ft. Field Cultivator, Walking Tandems on Main Frame and Wings, 3 Bar Harrow, New Shovels, Wayne is the Second Owner, SN #N00960X016677, (Nice Condition) Wil-Rich Model 6600 5 Shank 16-Ft. Disc Chisel, Front and Rear Disc Levelers, SN #453614, (Nice Condition) John Deere Model 7000 Four-Row Wide Corn Planter, Dry Fertilizer, Herbicide and Insecticide Boxes, Monitor, (Nice Condition) IH Model 490 22-Ft. Hydraulic Fold Disc, 9 Inch Spacings, Dual Wheels on Main Frame

Stock Trailer S&S 6x 16 Ft. Tandem Axle Pull-Type Stock Trailer, Center Gate, Sliding and Full Rear Endgate, (Nice Condition)

23573 Universal Road, Albany, MN Ph. (320) 250-2565


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

KINZE 12R30” ECONO-FOLD, Martin row cleaners, like new, precision nger pickups, VG cond., eld ready. Call 641-732-5264. 1-TFN-F HAYBUSTER 2564 BALE PROCESSOR w/blower package, exc. cond., always shedded. Call 218-342-2603. 2-TFN-F ‘02 FORD F250 4X4, 112,000 miles. Call 563964-2039. 1-2-F 300 GAL. BULK TANK, 3” pipeline and stainless jar; 50 Boumatic claws, 15 pulsators & board; 24 tiestalls, B/O. Call 701-4089005. 4-TFN-F JD 4850 MFWD powershift, 1100 hrs. on major OH; (2) Farmall 450 tractors. Call 952-607-6297. 24-3-F DAIRYMASTER MOO MONITOR HEAT DETECTION SYSTEM, 250 collars, 2 base stations, will sell any quantity. Call 605-881-0992. 24-TFN-F DAIRYMASTER PARLOR, 28 milkers, 3 yrs. old, complete stall pkg., crowd gate, palpation rails, plus head chute. Call 563357-2043. 1-4-B

LANDOLL 24’ DISC, $2,500. Call 218-5733172. 14-TFN-F NH 1441 DISCBINE, 15’, new knives, always shedded, excellent. Call 712363-3701. 22-6-F STEPSAVER to move milk to tank or uids to wherever needed. Call 507-451-4757. 20-TFN-F PATZ 350 STATIONARY VERTICAL MIXER, 3 phase, 30 hp motor, less than 2 yrs. old. Call 763-248-6760. 1-3-F (2) MUELLER BULK TANKS, 3,000 gal. & 3,500 gal. tanks, rebuilt 3 yrs. ago. Call 563-3572043. 1-4-F BOUMATIC MASPORT 7.5 VANE VACUUM PUMP w/10 hp motor on vert. stand, new pump, used only 1 week. Call 712-369-1355. 1-4-F COMPLETE BOUMATIC DOUBLE-8 PARALEL PARLOR w/ all milking & wash equip & (2) vacuum pumps. Call 507-689-4557 or 507-6892948. 1-3-F JD 2700 PLOW, semi mounted. Call 320-5101055. 13-TFN-F

• Cleaning Drain Tiles, Manure Systems, Sewers, Frozen Lines • Reasonably Priced • 24 hour Service CALL FOR PRICING

Noah VanBeck 320-241-3087 (Cell)



BIDDING: Sale starts to end on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM. VIEWING: View items at your convenience. LOCATION: 1990 Highway 46, New Richmond, Wisconsin. OWNERS ARE RETIRING: Machinery has been expertly maintained, shedded and Àeld ready. You can buy with conÀdence! See Internet for complete details. TRACTOR: 1982 JD 4440 Tractor, New 20.8-38 rears, 200 hours on New Engine & $29,540 major repairs, V SHARP; (2) Unverferth Direct Axle Dual Wheel Hubs; (6) JD Weights. HAYING EQUIPMENT: JD 566 Round Baler, net wrap; 2015 JD 635 MOCO Discbine, EX, Áails; H&S Linewrap Bale Wrapper, EX; H&S V-10 Wheel Rake; Alligator Riveter 7”. TILLAGE EQUIPMENT: JD 960 Field Cultivator, 26’ width; Glencoe SS9 Soil Saver Disc Chisel. TRUCK & TRAILER: 2001 International 4700 Truck w/24’ H. Duty Bed, 289,145 miles; Towmaster T20 Flatbed Trailer, 26K GVW. MISC FARM ITEMS: 1500 Gal Liquid Manure; Pallet Fork Attachment, adjustable, universal; Bale Spear Frame; (2) Firestone 20.8-38 10 bolt Dual Wheel; Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motor. NET WRAP & SILAGE WRAP: (8) Rolls JD Net Wrap, 64” wide; (4) Rolls of 30’ wide Silage Wrap

DARRYLE AND RENEE POWERS - Owners NEW RICHMOND, WISCONSIN 715-781-8169 FIND US ON THE INTERNET: TERMS: 5% Buyer’s Fee. Cash or bankable check.

SALE CONDUCTED BY: HAGER AUCTION SERVICE • 715-273-4638 BARRY HAGER, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #105 TIM PRUSAK, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #479

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 21

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE WHATCOM BEDDING BOX, great cond., fresh paint, model 650s, delivery avail., $8,900. Call Lee 701-340-5968. 24-6-F-1st

REMOTE CONDENSER, unit is nearly new, pressurized and stored inside. Call 712-441-0964. 18-TFN-F

KUBOTA LA2254 LOADER, works w/ Kubota 135 tractor, never been used. Call 563-3793745. 23-5-F

H&S 7+4 16’ CHOPPER BOX, tandem axle, good cond., always shedded, $5,500. Call 651-3802364. 23-6-F

PSI POWER WASHERS, Power Washers Hot/ Cold, Cabinet Parts Washers, Chemicals, Presoaks, Degreasers, Large Parts Inventory Shipped Same Day, On Site Service. Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Sales, Repair, and Rental. “The Guys That Work Great Under Pressure” 1-800-555-1677. Serving you from 3 locations: West Central MN Region – Pennock, MN Location SW MN Region – Wilmont, MN Location NW IA Region – Harrisburg, SD Location & Wilmont, MN Location SE SD Region – Harrisburg, SD Location. 23-TFN-B

JD 9500, 5100 eng. hrs., 7500 on cutter, 4WD, many updates, single point hookup, 600 series head ready, $32,900. Call 715613-8940. 8-TFN-F

LELY ROBOTIC MILKER, A3 Next, works well, good cond., 7-1/2 yrs. old, Ohio. Call 419-209-2627. 24-TFN-F JD 330 ROUND BALER, used very little, perfect cond. Call 507-794-6169, after 7 p.m. 9-TFN-F ‘09 NH H7230 DISC MOWER COND., 540 pto, standard tongue, 10’4” cut, rubber rollers, hyd. tilt/swing, $12,500. Call 507-326-7781. 1-TFN-F ‘08 35 TON SEMI TRAILER, beaver tail & ramps, 51’ total length. Call 320-760-6942. 12-TFN-F

JanAire Air Curtain Systems are your BEST choice for inflatable curtains Keep the frigid weather out AND let the sunlight in! A curtain system with:

800 GAL. DELAVAL BULK COOLER, SN:1306, model EC800,1 yr. old, 5 hp comp, $3,500. Call 715-255-8159. 1-2-F BADGER BN950 FORAGE WAGON on 12T Badger tandem gear; JD 3950 chopper, 2R30” CH w/new chains, 7’ HH, new knives & cutter bar; Vermeer BP8000 bale processor. Call for prices 612490-4173. 2-2-VM

Janaire Curtains Are:

NO ropes NO pulleys NO winches NO limit switches

• Insulated Curtains • Transparent Curtains • Automatic Curtains • Seal-Tight

Freestall Curtains

Milking Milk Parlor Curtains • email: “Since 1987”


Farm Clean tors c a Tr


Bidding: Sale starts to end on Thurs., March 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM. Viewing: View equipment at your convenience. LOCATION: 1082 9th Street, Barron, Wisconsin. From Barron, Wisconsin take Highway 8 west 5 miles to County F (9th Street), then south 2 ½ miles. Fire # 1082. OWNERS ARE RETIRING: Having sold their dairy herd through Hager Auction Service, the Keenes are retiring and will sell their very good dairy equipment and farm machinery. TRACTORS: Versatile 836 Tractor w/12’ push blade; JD 4010 Diesel Tractor; Koyer All Hydraulic Loader; 18.4-34 Duals; (6) 14.9-46 Tractor Tires; (2) 380/845R 34” Tractor Tires. SPRING EQUIPMENT: Case IH 950 12-30” Front Fold Planter; Sprayer Specialties WF750 60’ Sprayer; JD 455 16’ Off-Set Disk. HAYING EQUIPMENT: NH 230 Forage Harvester, Like New; NH 29P Hay Head, Like New; NH 824 2RN Corn Head; (2) Meyers 18’ Rear Unload Chopper Boxes; JD 956 Discbine; Gehl 1160 Merger; NH 258 Side Rake. COMBINE & HEADS: JD 9500 Combine; JD 630F Flex Head w/air system, EX; JD 643 Corn Head; JD 925 Flex Head; JD 922 Flex Head (parts); (3) Header Carts. GRAIN & FARM MACHINERY: Brent 572 Grain Cart; Timte 42’ Hopper Bottom; Dayton 40KW PTO Alternator; Steel Flat Bed. PARLOR – BULK TANK – DAIRY EQUIPMENT: Knight 5032 TMR Mixer, Nice Unit; Mueller 2000 gal Bulk Tank; Double 6 Clay-Top Air Parlor; 3” Receiver Group; (12) DeLaval Super Flow Claws; (12) Universal Milker Claws; (13) Bou-Matic 2000V Detachers; 500 gal Poly Water Tank for parlor; Wash Down Booster Pump & Control; SS 40 gal Wash Vat; SS Double Wash Vat; SS Hand Sink; 240+ Ft 1 ½” Glass Pipeline & Receiver Panel; DeLaval Pre Heater; (96) 6’ - 7’ Free Stalls; 5’ & 8’ Plastic Strip Doors; (4) Basket Fans; Patz Barn Cleaner, CW, 230’ 18” hi-Áight chain; Star line 16’ Ring Drive Silo Unloader; P&D 14’ Surface Drive Silo Unloader; Silo Chute Funnels; Cattle Waterers; Feed Carts; 10’ Feed Trough; Poly Dome Calf Hut. PICKUP – LAWNMOWER – 4 WHEELER: ’99 Dodge Diesel Pickup (needs work); Cub Cadet LT1045 48” Lawnmower; Suzuki Quad Four 4-Wheeler. MISC FARM ITEMS: Front Mt 300 gal Poly Tank; 400 gal Poly Pickup Water Tank; (2) 200 gal Round Poly Tanks; Steel Blower Pipe & 2 Hoods; Meyer Slant Bar Feeder (as is); Universal Skid Steer Mounting Plate; (9) Rolling Baskets; 2’ x 16’ Cement Wall Forms; Many items too numerous to mention.

DON AND PAULETTE KEENE - Owners BARRON, WI • 715-790-1119 or 715-651-5452 FIND US ON THE INTERNET: TERMS: 5% Buyer’s Fee. Cash or bankable check.

SALE CONDUCTED BY: HAGER AUCTION SERVICE • 715-273-4638 BARRY HAGER, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #105 TIM PRUSAK, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer #479

Robotic Dairies

Calf Barn Curtains

Call 800-246-5387 for the JanAire Dealer nearest you.

PATZ V270 VERT. TMR, many extras; also Winco 45,000 kw pto generator. Call or text 612-221-5041. 24-6-F


Holding Area Curtains & RidgeVent

Sem i & s Trailer

La Model Hte Equipmaying ent

Farm Equipment, Truck, Livestock Equipment & Hay

As we have sold our farm and moving out of state, we will sell the following at auction located from US Highway 71 in Browerville, MN, 8/10 mile east on County Tar #14, then 4 miles north and east on County Road #16, then 1.5 miles north on 275th Ave. to Farm #34597. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

SATURDAY, MARCH 24, NOTE: The Martin family have lived in this area for many years and are well thought of as good friends and neighbors throughout the community. Steven began Pro Fence in this area in 2006 and has done professional fencing jobs throughout the Upper Midwest. Now he and Hannah have sold their farm along with the fencing business and will be moving out of state. Pro Fence will continue providing professional fencing for all present and future clients. Mid-American Auction Company is honored to be selected by the Martin family to conduct their farm relocation auction. This auction will feature a nice line of well maintained farm equipment, along with trucks, trailers, good livestock equipment and hay. If you are unable to attend the auction, online bidding is provided through Proxibid powered by Mid-American Auction Co. for information to bid online, please phone (877) 505-7770. Approximate sale order: a few tools and miscellaneous items, followed by livestock equipment, farm equipment, trucks, trailers and tractors. In the event of severe weather, please check our website at: or listen to KASM 1150 AM Albany for weather related updates. If you enjoy large auctions with a wide variety of items, please mark this date on your calendar and make plans now to attend this clean relocation auction. Thank you!

Clean Farm Tractors

2004 McCormick Model MTX 135 MFWD Diesel Tractor, Dual Door Cab, 4 Range 16 Speed Power Shift, 540/1000 PTO, Good 460/85R/38 Rear Tires, 380/85R/28 Front Tires, Air Seat, Buddy Seat, 3-Point, Triple Hydraulic Remotes, Front Fenders, LED Work Lights, Foot Throttle, Shows 5839 Hours, Ser. #ZT355C4JJE3334043, (Nice Condition) 2002 John Deere Model 5520 MFWD Diesel Tractor, Cab, 3 Range Synch Transmission, Power Reverser, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 18.4 x 30 Inch Rear Rubber, 12.4 x 24 Fronts, Rear Wheel Weights, Differential Lock, Sells Complete with John Deere 541 All Hydraulic Loader and 8-Ft. Material Bucket. Other attachments that fit this loader will sell separately and are listed under attachments on this brochure. This tractor has 17,822 hours, but still runs well, Ser. #LV5520P256259 1967 John Deere Model 4020 Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, JD Wide Front, JD 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 540/1000 PTO, Fenders with Lights, Differential Lock, Very Good 18.4x 38 Inch Rubber, Comfort Steps, Chrome Stack, Open Station, Approx. 500 Hours on Engine Overhaul, Ser. #159750R, (Very Sharp Tractor) Set of 18.4x 38 Inch Hub Duals

Semi Tractor, Trailers & Truck Equipment

1996 IH 9200 Semi Tractor, Twin Screw, Day Cab, Just DOT’d, Recent Cam-Bushing and Brake Work, 3126 Cat Diesel, 10-Speed, Shows 1,142,000 Miles, (Runs Good) 1999 Dorsey 48-Ft. Drop Deck Semi Flat-Bed Trailer, Air Ride, DOT’d

1983 Corn Husker 42-Ft. Triple Hopper Grain Trailer, Spring Ride, Shurlock Roll Tarp, Full Swing Endgate, DOT’d 2017 ABU 25-Ft. Tandem Axle 5th Wheel FlatBed Trailer, Includes 5-Ft. Beaver Tail, 7000 Pound Axles, 2 Rear Ramps, (Excellent Condition) Late 1940’s IH KB-5 1.5 Ton Truck, 13-Ft. Wooden Grain Box, Hoist, Flat Head 6, Two-Speed Transmission, Good Cab, Originally North Dakota Truck Semi Trailer Beaver Tails, (One with Ramp) Semi Fuel Tanks Tool Boxes Other Semi Related Items


Cat Skid Loader, Bobcat and JD Loader Attachments

Cat Model 287C Track Style Skid Loader, 2-Speed, Air, Heat, Air Seat, Auxiliary Outlets, Quick Tach Bucket System, 77 Inch Utility Bucket, Shows 3690 Hours Red Line 72 Inch Skeleton Style Rock Bucket with Double Hydraulic Grapple 78 Inch Skid Loader Hydraulic Clam Bucket Skid Loader Hydraulic Tree or Post Puller

Heavy-Duty SP-240 8-Ft. Hydraulic Angle Blade Jenkins Skid Loader 48 Inch WalkThrough Pallet Forks Skid Loader 3 Prong Round or Square Bale Spear New 72 Inch Brush or Rock Bucket with Double Hydraulic Grapple, Cylinder Covers John Deere Bale Spear fits JD 541 Loader Heavy-Duty 8-Ft. Hydraulic Angle Front Blade fits JD 541 Loader JD 42 Inch Pallet Forks fits JD 541 Loader

Late Model Haying Equipment

John Deere 1120 18-Ft. Manual Fold Tandem Disc Brillion 10-Ft. Seeder, Acre Meter IH Model 710 5x 18 Semi-Mount Automatic Reset Plow John Deere C21 15-Ft. Pull-Type Field Cultivator John Deere 3x 16 Semi-Mount Trip Beam Plow John Deere Model 120 18-Ft. Tandem Disc, (Needs Bearings) John Deere 3x 16 3-Point Trip Beam Plow, (Needs Moldboards) 2-Section Drag

Hay & Straw The following Bales are 4x5: (122) Round Bales of 2017 Third Crop Alfalfa (18) Round Bales of 2017 1st Crop Alfalfa (34) 2017 Round Bales of 1st Crop Alfalfa, (Rained on) (48) Round Bales of 2016 Alfalfa Grass Mixed (89) Bales 2017 Wrapped Oatlage (140) Round Bales of 2016 1st Crop Alfalfa Grass Mixed Hay (13) Round Bales of 2016 1st Crop Wrapped Grass (45) Round Bales of Straw

General Farm Machiner y Lorenz 8-Ft. Double Auger 3-Point Snowblower with Hydraulic Spout Farm King 8-Ft. 3-Point Hydraulic Angle Back Blade

SALE TIME: 11:00 A.M. SHARP J & B Lunch Wagon

JD Lawn Tractor & Gator John Deere Model 345 Lawn Tractor, Foot Controlled Hydrostatic, 54 Inch Deck

John Deere 6x4 Gator, Electric Dump Box, Shows 1238 Hours, SN #W006X4X048560 Toro Time Cutter Zero Turn Mower, (No Deck)

Livestock & Poultry Equipment

2015 New Holland Model 450 Roll Belt/ Crop Cutter Round Baler, Net Wrap, Push Off, Monitor, New Holland Model HT 154 12-Wheel 18L-16.1 SL Tires, Has Baled 7472 V Rake on Hydraulic Transport, Bales, Ser. #YEN184522, (Excellent Ser. #192236, (Like New) Condition) John Deere Hydra Swing Moco with 994 14-Ft. Disc Style Cutting Head, 2-Point Hook Up, Impellers, Recently Reconditioned, Ser. #E009994T110120

Planting & Tillage Equipment

Goo Livestodck Equipme nt

Bush Hog 3-Point Model 297 7-Ft. Rotary Brush or Grass Mower John Deere Model 65 8-Ft. 3-Pt. Blade 12-Ft. Hydraulic Drill Fill Auger

Steven & Hannah Martin,


Powder River Full Squeeze Chute with Manual Head Gate, Rear Swinging Stop, 20-Ft. of Adjustable Alley Sections, Quarter Circle Crowding Tub, (Nice Condition, Used Very Little) H&S 20-Ft. Tricycle Front Bunk Feeder Wagon (2) Single Side Creep Feeders (2) Good Round Bale Feeders with Hay Savers Several Good Farm Gates, Includes: (4) New 10-Ft. Powder River Gates 12-Ft. Sioux (4) Powder River 12-Ft. Interlocking Corral Panels (2) Farm and Country 50 Bushel Round Hog Feeders (2) Smaller Stainless Steel Center Hog Feeders Tartar Galvanized Stock Tank Good Selection of Poultry Waterers and Feeders Cattle Duster 48 Inch Alley Fan

Fuel Barrels & Misc. Items 1000 Gallon Fuel Barrel with Electric Meter Pump 500 Gallon Fuel Barrel with Electric Pump 250 Gallon Fuel Barrel with Hand Pump Delaval Cream Separator New Seat Panel with Tool Box for JD Tractor (3) Dewalt 18 Volt Cordless Drills Cordless Impact Makita 18 Volt Impact-Light-Drill with Charger and Batteries Load Binders Straps Chains Misc. Scrap Iron Misc. Lubricants Frigidaire Electric Range with Self Cleaning Oven and a Few Other Misc. Household Items

34597 275th Ave. Browerville, MN

For More Information, Please Phone LaRay Martin at (320) 733-4423



AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.


Celebrating 47 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

Page 22 â&#x20AC;˘ Dairy Star - Third Section â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday, March 10, 2018

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE BALDOR 5 HP MOTOR; also EB5000X gas generator. Call 320-845-4690. 2-1-F

JACK RUSSELL PUPS, 8 wks. old April 2, $200 ea. Eli Gingerich, 21707 50th St., Cresco, IA 52136. 2-1-F

Saturday, March 17th

JD 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; DISK, good cond., no wheels, $500. Call 320852-7554. 2-1-F

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

SUTORBILT VACUUM PUMP, 10 HP; (6) 1-touch milkers w/auto takeoffs; Agromatic locks for step-up or ď&#x192;&#x;at stall parlor. Call 507995-0009. 2-1-VM

HALF BLUE HEELER/ HALF RED HEELER PUPS, $200 ea. Call 701388-2360. 2-4-F




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+*./.+0*"" ")& //--0)3/,(,31(,2++


s â&#x20AC;&#x2122; M r e ar k e m r a t 8 F BUY â&#x20AC;˘ SELL â&#x20AC;˘ TRADE


Advertise your FARM-RELATED classiĂ&#x20AC;ed ad for free

FIRST 15 WORDS ARE FREE, $1 FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD. (Phone # and complete name count as one word each)

Non-Dairy Farmers & Ads For Real Estate, Business Services & Ads For Anyone Outside Our Circulation Area Are Charged $30.00 Per Issue

(Payment must accompany ad unless prior arrangements are made. 25 word maximum.) Visa & MasterCard Accepted

REG. BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES, vaccinated, dewormed, both parents working agility, best friend. Call 651-206-8307. 2-1-F

HAY RACK, platforms on side, 9x18â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, $2,500; 5 ton feed bin. JD 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122; disc, 20â&#x20AC;? blades, ď&#x192;&#x17E;eld ready; NI 324 corn picker. Call 320-2472657. 2-1-F HESSTON 3717 4 BASKET HAY TEDDER w/ hyd. lift, $3,550. Call 608647-8315. 2-1-F

JD 3975 FORAGE CHOPPER, 3RN CH & 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; HH; 2009 Ag Bag bagger, 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; tunnel; (3) Gehl forage wagons, (1) 980 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, (1) 980 16â&#x20AC;&#x2122;, (1) 970 18â&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Call 507-829-8709. 2-1-B

JD 7â&#x20AC;&#x2122; HAY HEAD, good cond., $1,100. Call 715223-8803. 2-1-F

MUELLER 800 GAL. BULK TANK, fre heater, compressor new 2017. Call 715-665-2369. 2-1-F

IH 5300 GRAIN DRILL, soybean special, $4,500/ obo. Call 715-507-1991. 2-2-F

800 GAL. MUELLER BULK TANK w/compressor & automatic washer. Call 952-446-1100. 2-1-B

AUTOMATIC CALF FEEDER, feeds up to 50 calves, $8,000. Call 641330-8687. 2-2-F

GREAT PYRENEES BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES, born 11/22/17, exc. farm dogs, both parents working and on site, 1-color, B&W, 3 males, $250 ea. Call 218-640-0847. 2-2VM

JD 328 SMALL SQ. BALER w/42 ejector, 1 owner, $9,500; 5 HP Leesen motor, $200. Call 320-583-7062 or 320-327-2507. 2-1-F

ANDERSON RB680 BALE WRAPPER and bale grabber, 5,000 bales, $20,500. Call Russ 507276-7357. 2-2-F FARMALL M; also White 5100 8R30â&#x20AC;?. Call 320-5543111. 2-1-F

JD 6R30â&#x20AC;?, dry fert. and monitor, corn planter. Call 320-237-6834. 2-1-F

9 BOUMATIC FLOSTAR MAX MILKER CLAWS; 40 Boumatic shells. Call 641-732-5694. 2-1-F MX120, 2WD, no cab, 2500 hrs., $37,000. Call 320-987-3177. 2-1-F NH 680 MANURE SPDR., $3,900. Call 320-249-8556. 2-1-F


Gilman Co-op Creamery

Skid loader & Implement 320-387-2770

FEED & FARM SUPPLY STORE Open M-F 7:30-7, Sat. 7:30-5

Designing next generation ventilation and cooling



Mail or bring your ad to the Dairy Star, 522 Sinclair Lewis Ave. , Sauk Centre, MN 56378, call 320-352-6303, or e-mail: To guarantee ad placement, our deadline is the Friday before publication. Ads may be sent after that, but we cannot guarantee placement.

MN 10 TON WAGON w/ MN 9x18 thrower rack w/ extension pole., $1,500; JD 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; digger, mechanical lift, $500. Call 320-852-7554. 2-1-F BLUE MERLE BORDER COLLIE CROSS PUPPIES, working parents, $300/obo. Call 320-5330159. 2-1-F BLUE HEELER/AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD COLLIE X PUPS, born 2-9-18. Borntregers, N7711 Cty. Rd. G, Taylor, WI 54659. 2-1-F LATE MODEL MUELLER MILK TANKS, 1600, 2000, 2700, 3000 & 4000 gal. capacities. Call 920-397-0448. 1-TFN-B NH 790 CHOPPER w/hay head & NH 116 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; hydraswing haybine. Call 218639-1103. 5-TFN-F NH 195 SPRDR, single beater, exc.; JD 1710 12R30â&#x20AC;? mounted corn planter, seed/insecticide boxes. Call 218-671-1254. 2-1-F

Bobcat S590 Skid-Steer Loader

Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Power!

Along with more horsepower, the new S590 loader delivers greater all-around performance! 2 speed available.

â&#x20AC;˘ Vertical Lift Path â&#x20AC;˘ 2100 lb. Rated Operating Capacity â&#x20AC;˘ 119 in. Lift Height â&#x20AC;˘ 66 hp Turbo Diesel

USED LOADERS S850, S750, S650, S185, S175, 743B, 742, T750, T650, several low hours, S160 S150, S590, S550, S510, S250, 773, A FEW COPYCATS

(Ad Must Be Farm-Related--Call If You Have Any Questions)

NOTE: We make every effort to accurately advertise your item. Should we have any questions, please include your name and phone number where we can reach you:

WAIKATO MILK METERS; 65â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Berg belt feed conveyors; 55 dairy barn freestalls. Call 605-6804519. 2-1-F

(Mounting Available)



JD 7420, 16 power quad, LH reverse, ď&#x192;&#x17E;eld mon., 18.4x38 duals, 3294 hrs., exc. cond, $60,000. Call 218-346-4234. 2-3-F

Contact us for your FREE evaluation!

Stop Losing

Contact us


â&#x20AC;˘ 930A Mustang â&#x20AC;˘ SR 200 Case



19612 U.S. 71, Long Prairie â&#x20AC;˘ 320-732-3715

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, March 10, 2018 • Page 23

Cow Scout



ACTIVITY MONITORING SYSTEM ACT 3 Reduce Labor 3 Increase Pregnancy 3Decrease Days Open 3Limit Need For Hormones

Dairy Facilities & Beef Confinements are Brenton Buildings Specialty, from • New Freestall Construction 50 cow expansions to multi-million • General Contracting dollar facilities click below to see what • Material only or Turn-Key Packages Brenton Buildings can do for you. 1010 Hoeschler Dr. • Sparta, WI 54656

DAIRY EQUIPMENT INC. Celebrating 35 Years in Business

Phone: 608-269-3830 Toll Free: 1-888-863-0227



206 W Center St., Monona, IA 52159


FAX: 563-539-4545 •

Used Kuhn Knight 3130, #3624 - $14,900

Used Kuhn Knight 3170, #3944 - $22,900

Used LuckNow 425, #3988 - $10,900

Used Patz 305, #3748 - $4,900

Used Roto-Mix 354, #3391 - $10,900

New Kuhn GF7802TGII, #3767 - Call

Used H & S 310, #4026 - $8,900

Used Knight 8114, #4036 - $7,250

Used Knight 8118, #4032 - $13,900

Used Knight 8124, #4057 - $14,700

Used Knight 8124, #3699 - $18,900

Used Knight 8132, #3605 - $25,900

Used Knight 8132, #3946 - $26,900

Used Kuhn Knight 2044, #4035 - $14,900

Used Kuhn Knight 8114, #4028 - $6,800

Used Kuhn Knight 8124, #4097 - $24,900

Used Kuhn Knight 8124, #4079 - $14,900

Used Kuhn Knight 8132, #3609 - $29,900

Used Kuhn Knight SLC 141, #4098 - $49,900

Used Kuhn Knight SLC 150, #4105 - $64,900

Used Meyer 8720, #4052 - $19,900

Used New Holland 165, #4005 - $7,200

Used New Holland 195, #4061 - $12,900

New Kuhn Knight 2044, #4056 - Call

New Kuhn Knight 2054, #4120 - Call

Salesmen: Shawn Martin (608) 778-4554 or Joe Ryan (608) 778-2900

4116 Hwy. 80 S. Platteville, WI

Office: (608) 348-9401 or Toll Free: 1(888) BUY-Patz

4116 Hwy. 80 S. Platteville, WI

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Patz 620, Recond. - Call Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Patz 420, recond. - call Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Weaverline feed carts, Rebuilt- ready to go Hobert Sales Inc. 320-286-6284

Penta 6720HD, twin screw - $19,950 Mid-Central Equipment, Inc. 218-583-2931

Patz 500V Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 270 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 420 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Patz 350 Ross Equipment Co. 800-645-7677

Used Penta 4120-HD $19,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Used Roto-Mix 515 $21,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Used Roto-Mix 415 Used Schuler 4510 $21,900 $10,50 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401 608-348-9401

Used Schuler 6020$18,900 Steinhart’s Farm Service Inc. 608-348-9401

Patz 270 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 620 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 500 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 500, 3 in stock Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 420 Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 615, 2 spd. reduced price Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 615 mixer truck, tub magnet on mixer Wille Construction 563-252-2034

Patz 420 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

‘15 V620 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Jaylor 4405 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

Patz 500 Story Sales & Service 800-491-3724

COMING SOON! LuckNow 2420 $17,500 Bindl Sales & Service, Inc. 608-5246339

Supreme Intl 400 vert. $15,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Knight 3042 horiz. - $12,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Knight 3030 horiz. $11,250 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Roto-Mix 720-16 horiz. $68,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Patz 615 vert - $27,500 Brynsaas Sales & Service 563-382-4484

Knight 3300 Feeder wagon - Call Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 507-825-3271

Patz 950, New On Hand Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Trioliet, 2 new augers Call Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Patz 1200 mixers on hand - ready to deliver! Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

New Patz 1100 In Stock Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Patz V620H - Call Hartung Sales 320-836-2697

Roorda mixer/feeder wagon w/scale - Call Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 507-825-3271

Blair Feed- R - Wagon $3,500 Gorter’s Clay & Dairy Equip. 507-825-3271

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