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Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, February 22, 2014 • Page 25

Livestock - WANTED

BUTCHER COWS, bulls, & fats; also thin, lame, lazy, & lump jaw. Call 320-894-7175. 11-TFN-B

LOOKING FOR HOLSTEIN HFR. CALVES. Call Patrick 218-849-1731. 20-TFN-F ALL CLASSES OF DAIRY HFRS., open or bred. Call 320-905-4490. 23-3-F

50 DAIRY COWS, mostly Jersey/Holstein cross, certied organic; also 20 springing hfrs., bred to calve in spring. Call 507226-5737. 1-1-P

HOLSTEIN STEERS, 125 hd at 350 lbs., vaccinated, de-horned, castrated, outside haired. Call 320-220-5500. 1-2-B


HERD OF BEEF COWS, Blacks, big & gentle. Call evenings 320-732-6259. 1-2-B



For 2014 Seed Value Come to “KleenAcres”

Conventional Corn (82-87) Day ..............$89.50 Conventional Corn (88-101) Day ..........$137.50 GT/Roundup Ready Corn (79-103) Day $195.00 Roundup Ready Soybeans ........... from $47.00 Liberty Link Soybeans .................. from $41.50 All insect traits available! Volume discounts, free delivery available! SAVE BIG on farm herbicides

BULLS, home-bred, variety of ages/genetics. Alberts Pine-Shelter Farms, Pine Island, MN (just north of Rochester). Call Dave at 507-356-8625 or 507-3564462. TFN-B

(generic and private)

OFFER ENDS FEB. 28, 2014

CONTACT | 602-768-6678 |



($5.00 rebate available on Liberty Link Soybeans)

Give us a call today to help FILL YOUR TANK!

Call 1-800-688-0104 or visit our webpage

Seed Corn

SERVICEABLE AGE BULLS, sires Domain, Sid, Jordan and others, dams EX and VG, over 30,000 milk. Call 320583-6564. 5-TFN-F

Why not operate at full capacity & increase your monthly cash flow.

DAIRY HFRS and cows. Call 320-235-2664. TFNB


LARGE COMMERCIAL DAIRY GOAT HERD, around 400 goats, 200+ milking, 500+ yearlings, 100+ doelings. Call 320-420-5003. 22-TFN-F

Your leader in dairy cow leasing!

Leasing dairy cattle is a resourceful way to increase milk production which increases profits. We have over 55 years of personal dairying experience.

Livestock - FOR SALE

TEAM OF 2 YR. OLD GRAIN BROKE BELGIAN GELDINGS for use for spring work., very quiet. Call 563-568-1177. 1-1-F

Sunshine Heifers

got room in your tank?

COMPLETE HERDS OF DAIRY CATTLE; also buying all classes of livestock including cull cows, steers, hfrs. and calves. Call 715-216-1897. 7-TFN-B

Quality Built Farm Equipment

WEEK OLD HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES, located near Buffalo, MN. Call 612-819-7025 or email McNamaraFarms@ 1-2-B

Free Stall Clamps

Brisket Board Clamps for wood and fiberglass

Gate Hinge

4 Way Clamps

Heavy 10 ga. Tee Clamps

Elevated Dual Rail Suspended Freestalls

Control Rail Extension Clamp

Cow Straps

Auto Release Self Locking Panels

Feed Rail Extension Clamp

Drinking Cups

Tie Chain Assembly


or call 320-237-7667

Many other styles and sizes manufactured right here. Gates, mats, and waterers available also. Please call and ask!!


UW-River Falls Falcon Premier Sale

March 1, 2014 • 12 noon • Mann Valley Lab Farm • River Falls, WI • Selling over 60 lots of Holstein heifers and 10 Jerseys!

POLY-KOW DURHAM CARAMEL-ET LONE-OAK-ACRES PS REESE-ET EX-92 EEVVE EX-90 EEVVE DOM 2-5 2x 365 32,170 5.4 1728 3.4 1093 3-02 2x 324 27,390 4.0 1082 3.2 874 Jr All-American Fall Yrlg 2006 A 12/12 Petrone has a GTPI +2307 and sells with contracts. Dam is a GP-81 2Y AltaIota Fancy, fancy 12/12 Aspen sells from Caramel’s VG-85 Roy, a 12th gen VG/EXTony Rae Roxy! from Reese, a Shottle from the Dellias. Connelly 507.208.0189 Sauber & Deutsch 952.412.5185

SHOREMAR S ALICIA 3E-97 EEEEE 7* 6-10 2x 365 35,760 4.3 1544 3.4 1214 2X All-American • 3X All-Can • All-World Selling from a VG-87 2Y Atwood is a 6/13 Sid. 2nd dam Alicia. Doug Post 605.690.6393 A 7/13 Aftershock sells from Alicia’s VG-87 Goldwyn! Stremcha & Pierce 608.790.1925

INDIANHEAD TRINITY ALLYNDALE-I GOLDWYN AVERY-ET EX-93 EEEEE VG-87 VG-MS 6-0 3x 365 40,860 4.6 1886 3.5 1411 2-04 2x 305 22,010 5.0 1100 3.5 778 Selling Trinity’s fancy 9/13 Sanchez! Next Offering Avery’s 3/13 Highway dtr. From Alldams HM All-Am EX-94 Trilogy, 3E-92 American Durham Atlee, Avery is a full sister 261,950 LT, 3X Res All-Am 2E-95 GMD DOM to the breed’s top type bull, ATWOOD! Tina! Indianhead Holsteins 715-537-9376 Polikowsky & Mesenburg 507.250.1832


LARCREST CREDIT-ET VG-85 2Y DOM • GTPI +2241 2-6 2x 212 20,750 3.8 781 3.3 682 Inc This Freddie’s GTPI +2332 +1519M +717NM +3.07T Predestine sells; full sister is the #1 Predestine! Cosmopolitans! McDonah 608.385.1592 3/13 Latimer GTPI +2087 sells. Dam VG-85 2Y, then VG-86 Shottle full sister to Cosmopolitan. Johnson 715.684.3208

KEMPKO MILITIA DEB EX-90 3-2 3x 305 22,280 5.4 1195 3.6 811 She has sons in AI. Her VG-86 dam is backed by EX-93, EX-93, & EX-90 dams. Deb’s 9/13 Marvel sells +1114M +62F +37P +453CM +423NM. David Allen 608.524.4786 For the rest of the Jersey lineup see the catalog online


• 10/13 Headliner. GP 2Y dam is from 5 VG/EX +100,000 LT dams back to 5E-94 GMD DOM 350,610 LT. Jon-De Farm 715.760.0216 • 4/13 RED Contender. Dam VG-85, then All-American 3E-96 GMD DOM Blackrose herself! Randy Kath 701.429.8894 • 6/13 Windbrook x EX-90 VVVEE Goldwyn x 2E-94 4* Gibson. Budjon/Vail 920-960-0350 • GTPI +2261 McCutchen born 1/13. Dam 2E-93 42,000M Gold Isara, 6th gen EX and 12th gen VG/EX. Lexvold 651.923.4701 • A 9/13 Gold Chip, dams are EX-93 EEEVE, 2E-93, 2E-95 Sup Champ SD State Fair, 3E-92 Res All-Am! Nathan Johnson 605.695.7144 • 12/12 Man-O-Man out of a Bolton with 38,000 x VG x 2E-94 x 2E-94, then 5 more EX. The Debras. Dorwes Farms 715.749.3149 • Fancy 6/13 Bradnick from the 2E-95 GMD DOM All-Am Mark Maui family. Huge lifetimes. Oehmichen 715.316.1216 • 4/13 *RC Goldsun with 8 VG/EX dams from the Centra Selsys. Huppert Bros 715.426.5095

UW-River Falls Falcon Premier

ERIK WARMKA • 920.382.2592 • ERIC ZWIEFELHOFER • 715.933.1503 •

catalog online at:

• 9/12 Gold Chip bred to Sully Meteor. 1st Fall Calf & HM Jr Champ MW Fall Nat’l Jr Show 2013. Powers 715.232.9207 • September Gold Chip backed by 7th gen EX from 4E-96 GMD DOM All-Am Linjet Eileen! Elegance Futures 920.960.0350 • 9/12 Braxton bred to Atwood and a 10/13 Atwood sell, from a VG-86 Jasper, followed by a 2E-92 Integrity, then 3E-96 Grand WDE Ideal herself! Frisle & Lentz 715.455.1212 • 12/11 Braxton due in late March to Atwood! Her 6 VG/EX dams lived long, productive lives! Prairie Gold Dairy 605.864.1422 • 9/13 Clark from EX-90 VEEVE Mac x 2E-90 Shottle x 2E-93 GMD DOM Blwood L Lilly. Deronda Holsteins 715-268-2629 • A 2/13 Atwood! Maternal sister Nom Jr All-Am EX-92 Aspen. Dam is 2E-91. Pfaff 715.964.1418 • 10/12 Hero dam EX-90, then All-Am 4E-96 216,625 LT, and All-Am 2E-94. Doug Post 605.690.6393 • 9/13 Goldsun is a potential 17th gen EX Royal Rosa. Pierce-Vale 608.378.4968

UWRF Mann Valley Lab Farm located 2.5 miles west of River Falls’ Main Street on Cty Rd MM

329 S. Keller Ave. P.O. Box 6400 Amery, WI 54001

Assisted by:


Ph: 715-268-2629 Fax: 715-268-6239 Tom Morris Ltd.

Help Wanted

MILK TRUCK DRIVERS, 2 positions: (1) 4 days/week, (1) 2 days/ week. Requirements include: tanker endorsement, CDL, and drug screening. Company provided training to secure milk hauling license. Four day position incudes benets. Contact Denise at Osakis Creamery 320-859-2146 or stop by our ofce. 1-TFN-B CUSTOM HARVESTING OPERATION looking for combine operator, truck drivers, grain cart drivers for 2014 harvest run. Call 218-280-0228 or www.westlakeharvesting. com. 22-5-B HELP ON SMALL GRAIN AND DAIRY FARM. Duties include all aspects of farming, feeding cattle, pen maintenance, repair of equipment, tractor and truck driving. Welding and AI experience would be helpful. Call 701-843-8236. 22-4-VM

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, February 22, 2014 • Page 27 SEEKING COW MILKER and farm equipment operator for morning shift. Part-time position. Call 320-980-0058. 4-TFN-F

PERSON TO MILK & FEED COWS in tiestall facility, also some eldwork, Eastern Otter Tail County. Call 218-371-1650. 22-4-F

AMBITIOUS PERSON / COUPLE for 270+ dairy herd management and calf care in NE, IA. Housing available. Call 563-4191317. 4-TFN-F

ASSISTANT HERDSMAN FOR TIESTALL HERD, milking experience required, New Richmond, WI. Call Willows Edge Holsteins 715-246-5454. 12-TFN-F

ASSISTANT OPERATIONS MANAGER, very progressive 1,200 cow dairy is looking for a self motivated individual to help manage eld operations. Responsibilities will include: tillage work, planting, spraying, forage and grain harvesting, and manure application. Salary dependent upon experience. Send resume to: De-Su Holsteins, 1286 Oriole Dr., New Albin, IA 52160 or 24-2-B

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE hrs., nice Loftness 2 stage, 507-995-

CIH 600 FORAGE BLOWER; (12) 36” fans; 24’ BAF fan; (16) Semex calf jackets. Call 507-4296445. 23-TFN-F-2nd

MILKHOUSE VATS, round bale feeder, rubber mats, shovels, forks, cream separator, any quality, paying accordingly. Clemens Borntreger, N6703 Cty. N, Taylor, WI 54659. 1-TFNF

MISC. BOUMATIC MILKING PARTS; claws, pulsators, stallcocks, and pulsator control, $200/obo. Call 218380-0831. 1-1-F

IH 1086 w/8500 cond., $12,500; 8’ snowblower, $1,500. Call 6904. 1-1-F

JD 1750 6R PLANTER, nger pickup and radial bean meters, cross augers w/extension and other options. Call 763-389-1957. 1-2-VM DAIRYMASTER SELECT DETECT SYSTEM, 3 yrs. old, works great, may need software update, 140 collars included. Call 218-425-7881. 1-3-F

‘09 6 TON FERTILIZER SPREADER, tall tires, adjustable axles, hyd. drive; 4 Pro box seed tender, seed vacuum ll for bulk, gas motor. Call 320-760-0838. 24-2-B JD 7000 4R30” PLANTER, dry fert., insecticide, reconditioned. Call 641732-9930. 1-1-F

rs Tracto& Heads e n i Comb


IH 5488 MFWD Diesel Tractor, 1000 RPM PTO, 3 Hydraulic Remotes, 3-Point, 80R X 46 Rubber, Hub Duals, Cab, 18F/ 6 R Transmission, Shows 9234 Hours, at 8800 Hours in Frame Overhaul with Several Updates, for Complete OH Information Contact Owners, Serial #2590009U003178 IH Model 3788 2+2 Diesel Tractor, Cab, 3-Point, 3 Hydraulic Remotes, 1000 RPM PTO, 18.4x38 Rubber, Rear Hub Duals, Shows 3302 Hours believed to be original hours by owners, Serial #2900001U9428 IH 1566 Diesel Tractor, Cab, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 1000 RPM PTO, Wheel Weights, 20.8x38 Inch Rubber, Hub Duals, Approx. 300 Hours on Torque and Clutch, Unknown Total Hours, Serial #2650125U011399 Farmall C Tractor, NF, Older Restoration

Case IH Model 1680 Axial Flow Combine, Yield and Grain Loss Monitors, Chopper and Spreader, Cross Flow Fan, Folding Hopper Extensions, Rock Trap, Good 30.5x32 Inch Rubber, Shows 4160 Hours, Serial #028863 IH Model 810 5-Belt Pickup Head

Planting & Tillage Equipment John Deere Model 960 36.5 Ft. Field Cultivator, Walking Tandems, 3 Bar Mulcher, 2 Years on Bushings Case IH Model 10 5 Shank 3-Point V Ripper Serial #JAG0360200 IH Model 710 5x16 Semi-Mount Auto Reset Plow Schulte 12-Ft. PTO Rock Rake IH Model 620 28-Ft. Press Drill (2 14-Ft. Sections), Grass Boxes, 7 Inch Spacing, on Transport John Deere Model 7000 8-Row 30 Inch Corn Planter, Dry Fertilizer with Cross Auger, #200 J.D. Monitor 12-Ft. Pull-Type Chisel Plow IH Model 45 26-Ft. Hydraulic Fold Vibra Shank Field Cultivator, on Frame, Walking Tandems

New Holland Model SP480 8 R 30 Inch Vacuum Style Corn Planter, End Transport, Liquid Fertilizer, Sunco Trash Whips, Monitor, Corn and Bean Discs, New Holland Early Riser Seed Systems SM 9000 Monitor, Serial #PNL0001039, (Nice Condition)

SKID LOADER MOUNT ROUND BALE SLICER, $1,750/obo. Call 715-6693510. 1-1-F

‘08 35 TON SEMI TRAILER, beaver tail & ramps, 51’ total length. Call 320-760-6942. 12-TFN-F

J & B Lunch Wagon

Please plan on prompt attendance, only listed items will sell

Clean Case IH Combine & Heads


MF 550 COMBINE, 1143, 4RN, new starter, A-6 Perkins diesel. Call 507-990-4924. 1-1-F

SALE TIME: 11:30 A.M.


NOTE: The Stowes have decided to downscale their crop farming to concentrate more on the dairy portion of their farming operation. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct Glenn and Dylan’s farm equipment auction. Please note that only listed items will be selling, so please plan on prompt attendance as we will be on major items soon after beginning of auction. Prior inspection is welcome by appointment beginning Saturday, March 1st. Loading ramp located nearby for loading large items. In case of inclement weather, please listen to KASM 1150 AM Albany, WQPM Princeton, refer to our website at or phone auctioneers for further information. ~ Thank you!

IH Tractors

WILL DO STRAY VOLTAGE CHECKING ON YOUR FARM from a cow’s perspective. Have over 35 years experience with cows, and experienced effects of current myself. Call 608-341-8443 or 23-3-B


Pl & anting EquTillage ip m e nt


Located from St. Cloud, MN 4 ¾ miles east on MN State Highway 23 to MN #95, then approximately 10 miles east on MN State #95, then 1 mile north on County Tar #6 (Ronneby Rd. NE), then ½ mile east on County #49 (25th St. NE); or being 14 miles west of Princeton, MN on MN State #95, then 1 mile north on County Tar #6 (Ronneby Rd. NE), then ½ mile east on County #49 to Farm #15750; or being 2.5 miles east of Foley, MN on MN State Highway #23 to Ronneby, then 5.5 miles south on County Tar #6 (Ronneby Road NE), then ¾ mile east on County #49. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

300 COW DAIRY looking for herdsman to do breeding, vaccinating and other every-day jobs. Call 701319-0577. 13-TFN-F

WHITE 6100 PULLTYPE PLANTER, 6R30, DF, insecticide, Dawn 3000 monitor, ashing lights. Call 507-334-6377. 1-1-F

Large, St. Cloud/Princeton, MN Area

Case IH Model 1020 25-Ft. Flex Head, 3-Inch Cut, Hydraulic Fore and Aft, Dual Drive, Light Kit, Serial #JJ00320508 IH Model 883 8R 30 Inch Corn Head, Serial #P730103U030362

Grain Trailer, Grain Dryer, & Pickup 1988 Wilson 42-Ft. Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer, 66 Inch Sides, Spring Ride, New King Pin, Double Hopper, Farm License Tox-O Wic G 570 Batch Style Grain Dryer with Automatic Shut-Off 1996 Chevrolet 2500 ¾ Ton 4x4 Pickup, 6.5 Diesel, Automatic, Approx 2000 Miles on Transmission, (Needs Head Work)

Miscellaneous Items Set of 18.4x38 Inch Hub Duals (2) 300 Gallon Fuel Barrels on Stands John Deere Planter Parts IH 883 Corn Head Parts IH 710 Plow Parts and Other Related Items



LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Grain Cart, Gravity Boxes & General Farm Equipment


TERMS: CASH or GOOD CHECK. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

Parker J6000 Grain Buggy, Tandem Axle, Dual Discharge Doors or Center Dump, Hydraulic Folding Front Auger, Serial #8070014, (Nice Condition) (2) Parker 350 Bushel +/- Gravity Boxes, Split Dividers, Metal Extensions on 12 Ton Tandem Axle Westendorf Running Gears, Ext. Poles J & M 350 Bushel +/- Gravity Box with Extensions on P&H Tandem Axle Running Gear (2) Minnesota Model 250 Gravity Boxes with Extensions on MN Tandem Axle Running Gears 180 Bushel Parker Gravity Box on Forage King Running Gear MN Model 250 Gravity Box on MN Running Gear New Holland Model 851 Round Baler, Hydraulic Tie Older Killbros Gravity Box with Hydraulic Fertilizer Auger on 4-Wheel Running Gear 8x16 Ft. Steel Bale Throw Rack, (Rack Only)

15750 25th St. NE, Foley, MN Phone: (320) 980-4013 or (320) 980-3522

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC. Celebrating 43 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627

ENDRES PROCESSING Kiln-dried sawdust available for bedding. Bulk quantities delivered. Priced per ton.


Quality Alfalfa Hay & Straw For Sale 4x4 Bales • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Cutting Hay WE DELIVER

Honeyland Farms 1-204-347-5780 or 1-320-250-8805 (cell) Mike


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Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

20’ HANSON RING DRIVE SILO UNLOADER; 22’ Loyal silage conveyor; 60’ of 9” silo pipe; HD silo winch; 20x60 silo free to take down. Call 563-419-0378. 1-1-B JD 125 CHUCK WAGON w/no running gear. Call 320-573-2048. 15-TFN-F PENTA 6710 TMR, 2005 model, new knives, scale, nice shape, $22,000. Call 320-808-0744. 1-1-F

STATE-OF-THE-ART HOOF TRIMMING CHUTE, all hyd., portable, training available. Call for details 320-200-1221. 24-2-B ‘09 NH L185 SKID STEER, pilot controls, 1970 hrs., cab air/heat, exc. cond., $24,500. Call 320808-0744. 1-1-VM ALLIS 7020, Agco Allis 8765 tractors; Hesston 514 round baler, one owner, retired. Call 218-385-3031. 1-1-P H&S BW1000 BALE WRAPPER, exc. cond., used only 1 season, $20,000. Call Lee 701340-5968. 6-TFN-F

‘99 KINZE 2600, 16R corn planter, center pivot, no closing wheels w/trash whippers, nice shape, $30,000. Call 320-3334075. 1-1-F ‘09 H&S 2606 MANURE SPDR., 540 bu., vert. beaters, variable spd., $18,500. Call 218-863-1973. 20-TFN-F IH 656 HYDRO, dsl., recent eng. OH, new paint, NF. Call 605-310-5596. 1-1-F SCHWIESS 9’ SNOW BLOWER, triple auger, 1,000 pto, nice, $5,500. Call 320-987-3177. 1-1-F ‘04 NH LS160 SKID LOADER, 4700 hrs., exc. cond. w/new tires, $10,900. Call Carl 641228-7341. 23-3-F 2) BIOTIC CALF FEEDERS, includes ear tags & extra parts, $2,500/pair or $1,500 ea. Call 605-3503011. 1-4-F JD 3970 CHOPPER, green spout and 7’ hay head, iron guard, good cond., $8,200. Call 715644-5668. 1-1-F

Miscellaneous - WANTED

USED HANSON SILO UNLOADER. Call 1-800433-0581. 16-TFN-B

JD 8300 GRAIN DRILL w/7” spacing. Call 507276-6811. 1-1-F BERG BARN CLEANER, HEAD, CW ROTATION; also used 24’ manger liner, 120’. Call 612-735-3747. 24-2-F 300-325 GAL. BULK TANK, Sunset or Mueller w/working compressor. Call 507-794-6169 after 8 p.m. 17-TFN-F OLSEN WATER BOWLS OR PARTS. Call 320-395-2310. 1-1-F

PAYING CASH for barn bulk milk tanks and bulk milk trucks, Sauk Centre, MN. Call 480-313-8460. 1-TFN-F DEMUTH SILO SCAFFOLDING, send price and info to Chrissie Gingerich, 40660 140th St., Frazee, MN 56544. 1-1-F JD 7000 6 OR 8 ROW PLANTER & 6620 or 7720 combine. Call 320760-6050. 22-TFN-F 7’ BUCKET FOR JD 148 OR 158 LOADER; also pickup for JD 327 baler. Call 320-573-2048. 23-TFN-F

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, February 22, 2014 • Page 29 AUTOMATIC CALF FEEDING SYSTEM by DeLaval, whole milk or milk replacer can be used; also 2 automatic calf starter feeding stations. Call 605-486-4232 or 605-8812996. 1-2-P ‘11 ANDERSON HYBRID INLINE WRAPPER, 4 stretchers, remote steer, autopilot, exc. cond., $26,700. Call 715-7731588. 23-4-F DAIRY PARLOR, boumatic slant/60 double 6, new in 2005, complete with 800 gal. Mueller bulk tank. Call 507-838-2649. 1-1-F DOUBLE 8 HERRINGBONE PARLOR, adjustable brisket rails; Surge units & takeoffs, lines, pumps, etc. Call 605-2274521. 24-2-F DSL. ENGINE for JD 4010. Call 218-738-5020. 1-1-F ‘04 CIH 2388, 2900/2100, AFX, AFS, duals, long auger, rock trap, eld tracker, hyd. reverser, bin ext., chopper, auto lube, well maintained, $85,000/obo. Call 660-883-5839. 1-2-B

USED CATTLE PANELS, must be exc. cond. Call 507-794-6169 after 8 p.m. 21-TFN-F BABY CALF WARMER HUTCH. Call 218-2672511. 1-1-VM OLD HEATING FUEL OR DSL. FUEL; also Chandler litter spreader. Call 320-254-8400 or 320444-4270. 12-TFN-F

Large, Upsala/ Bowlus, MN Area ~ FARM RETIREMENT ~

e n Lin ery Clea n Nice m Machi r of Fa

MF TRACTORS IN NEED OF REPAIR or salvage. Call 320-2826892. 22-TFN-B

We will sell the following at auction located from the high school in Upsala, MN, 7 miles east on County Tar #21 (30th St.), then ¼ mile north on 110th Ave.; or being ¾ mile south of Bowlus, MN on County Tar #24, then 1 mile west on County Tar #21, then ¼ mile north on 110th Ave. to Farm #3178. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. Signs; roads will be plainly marked.

JD Tractors and Skid Loaders

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sale Time: 11:00 a.m.



Held at the Hillig Equipment lot south Hwy. 71, Long Prairie, MN.


If you have good tractors, farm equipment, trucks, trailers, construction equipment or agricultural and industrial related items that you want to turn into cash, consign your items today to one of the largest, most successful consignment auctions in the upper midwest.

Online Bidding on Major Items

This auction is designed for those who have complete lines of equipment or individual consignments to sell. Always 2500-3,000 people in attendance as well as online bidding provided on major items. Don’t delay, call today with your Expose consignments to ensure they will be placed in our extensive advertising your items to program. Advertising and online deadline Thursday, March 20th, so thousands in please consign your items as soon as possible. If you have major items attendance and to sell, we will come to your farm or business for pictures and listing.

online bidders


For more information, phone Mid-American Auction Co. Inc. Al Wessel 320-760-2979, Kevin Winter 320-760-1593 or Hillig Enterprises, Marvin Hillig 320-815-8618 or stop in at the lot during regular business hours.

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC. Celebrating 43 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience

NOTE: The Schillers have farmed on this farm 42 years with Roger, LaVerne and their family being the 4th generation to farm on this farm. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Schiller’s farm retirement auction. The farm equipment has been very well maintained with most major pieces shedded. We will begin with farm miscellaneous, followed by collectible items, farm machinery, skid loader, car, tractors. In case of severe weather, please listen to KASM 1150 AM Albany, check our website at or phone auctioneers for further information. Prior inspection welcome by appointment beginning Monday, March 3rd. Thank you!

Collectible Ford Mustang & Farm Pickup

Manure Spreaders, Gravity Boxes & General Farm Machinery John Deere Model 4430 Diesel Tractor, SG Cab, Power Quad, Dual Hydraulics, 3-Point, 540 and 1000 PTO, 18.4x38 Inch Rubber, Shows 9388 Hours, Serial #023119R

Hay & Forage Equipment John Deere Model 557 (Silage) Round Baler, MegaWide Pickup, Hydraulic Push Off, Twine Tie, has baled only approx. 3000 bales, One Owner, Like New, Serial #192278 John Deere Model 820 MoCo Sickle with Rubber Rolls, One Owner, Serial #985573, (Very Nice Condition) John Deere Model 3960 Forage Harvester, Long Pole, with J.D. 2RW Corn Head, Elect. Controls, (Nice Condition) New Holland Model 55 Parallel Bar Rake Sharp John Deere Model 336 Square Baler with #30 Ejector 8x16 and 8x14 Ft. Wooden Flat Racks on Sands 4-Wheel Running Gears 40 Ft. Bale Conveyor 3-Point Bale Mover

John Deere Model 2840 Diesel Tractor, Open Station, 3-Point, Dual Hydraulics, 18.4x34 Inch Rubber, 540 and 1000 PTO, Hi-Lo Transmission, 7800 Hours, One Owner, Serial #326634L Allis Chalmers Model C Tractor, PTO, Electric Start, Sells with Rear Mounted Saw Rig

Tillage & Planting Equipment Case IH Model 4200 15-Ft. Soil Finisher with HD 5-Bar Harrow, Walking Tandems, (Excellent Condition) Deutz-Allis Model 1500 7-Shank 9-Ft. Min-Til Disc Chisel John Deere Model 220 20-Ft. Center Fold Disc, Hydraulic Pole, Dual Wheels, (Nice Condition) John Deere Model 3600 4-Bottom Variable Width PullType Spring Reset Plow, Coulters John Deere Model 7000 8-Row 30-Inch Corn Planter, Row Cleaners, Dry Fertilizer with Cross Auger, Herbicide Boxes, Monitor, Extra Parts, (8 Radial Bean Meters will Sell Separately) MM 12-Ft. Double Disc Grain Drill with Grass Seeder on Low Rubber, Ground Lift 300 Gallon Crop Sprayer, 8RW, PTO Pump Royal 8R 30-Inch 3-Point Cultivator


1968 Ford Mustang, 3-Speed on the Floor, 302 V8 (Not Original Engine), Nice Older Restoration, 100,000 Miles 1990 Ford F250 XLT Lariat, V8, AT, Running Boards, 140,000 Miles

New Idea Model 3626 Single Axle Manure Spreader, Hydraulic Endgate, Poly Sides Gehl Model 100 Grinder Mixer, Magnet, Extra Screens Allied 7-Ft. 3-Point Single Auger Snowblower with Hydraulic Spout Sands 5.5 Ft. X 10-Ft. Tandem Axle Hydraulic Dump Rock Trailer J&M Approx. 375 Bushel Gravity Box with Metal Extensions, 20 Inch Rubber Gravity Box with Metal Extensions on MN 6 Ton Running Gear with 12-Ft. Hydraulic Drill Fill Auger Allied 7 Inch X 41 Ft. PTO Auger New Idea 364 Tandem Axle Manure Spreader for Parts or Repair Set of 38 and 34 Inch Band Duals

John Deere Skid Loader & Attachments John Deere Model 675B Diesel Skid Loader, Good Rubber, Cage, Utility Bucket, Shows 5718 Hours, One Owner 5-Ft. Manure Bucket Round Bale Spear

Collectible Items Nice Double Box in Rubber Tired 4-Wheel Wagon

Generator, Lawn Mowers Tools & Misc. Items

Dairy & Livestock Equipment Si 20-Ft. Tricycle Front Bunk Wagon Surge SS 600 Gallon Bulk Tank, Auto Wash, Twin Fan Compressor, Serial #BB01289 Delaval Model 78 Vacuum Pump with 7.5 H.P. Motor, Reclaimer Tank, (Not many hours after being reconditioned) Control Panel Glass Receiving Jar (4) Delaval Full Vision Claws Dairy Vac Older Delaval Vacuum Pump with 3 H.P. Motor Round Bale Feeder Filter Box Several Good Farm Gates from 6 to 16 Ft. (2) Poly Lined Feed Bunks Barb Wire Metal and Poly Feed Carts Electric Fencer Galvanized Stock Tank SS Milk House Sink

Hay (10) 5x5 Round Bales of 1st Crop Mixed Upland Hay, Stored Inside (39) 5x5 Round Bales of Reed Canary Hay, Stored Inside

Roger & LaVerne Schiller, owners Phone (320) 584-5816


AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

4th Generation Family Farm

J & B Lunch Wagon

Clean John Deere & Allis Chalmers Tractors


Eq Mai uipmen nt t Piec ained, Well es Sh Majo edde r d

3178 110th Ave., Bowlus, MN

TERMS: CASH or good check. No credit or debit cards. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627

Winpower 12 kw PTO Generator on Transport, with Cable J.D. 525 Front Mount Riding Lawn Mower, (Needs Work) Toro Riding Lawn Mower Forks & Shovels Wheelbarrow (2) Wayne Transfer Pumps 300 and 265 Gallon Fuel Barrels on Stands Log Chains Stihl Weed Trimmer Hand Tools Barrel Stove Old Chest Freezer for Storage Shallow Well Pump Wooden Extension Ladder

Antique & Collectible Items Fairbanks Platform Scale Hand Corn Planter 2-Man Saw Surge Milker Bucket Ice Tongs Cream Separator Ice Saw Several Steel Wheels One Man Saw 25 Gallon Red Wing Crock Scythe Corn Knives Hog Scrapers Hand Corn Huskers Old Windows and Doors Cream Cans Steel 30 Gallon Barrel

Household Items 2 Piece Sectional/Sleeper Glass Top Electric Range Student Desk Regular Bed Frame with Box Spring and Mattress

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