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Plan for winter dairy udder health now This week's sudden shift in the weather is a stark reminder that dairy producers need to plan ahead to maintain udder health during the winter, says J.W. Schroeder, North Dakota State University Extension Service dairy specialist. "Winter teat-end lesions are easily triggered when the temperature drops 20 degrees," he adds. "With inevitable cold winter weather on its way, the advent of teat-end lesions is likely to predispose cows to mastitis." Wind chills and temperature changes are the major factors leading to winter teat challenges. Schroeder says the dairy manager's objectives should be to: • Control exposure to weather factors as much as possible. • Minimize other teat stressors that exacerbate the problem if cracking or freezing occurs. • Keep the teat disinfected, healthy and soft as much as possible through proper milking procedures. • Minimize secondary bacterial infections through proper milking practices and environmental sanitation. "We can't control the weather, but we can control factors that will ensure cow comfort and the cows' udder health in the coming weeks," he says. Here are ways he suggests producers accomplish those objectives: • Control cold temperature exposure by providing windbreaks if animals have to go outside, feeding and housing cows indoors during cold weather when possible, avoiding drafts in buildings by keeping ventilation and openings controlled properly, and avoiding putting animals directly into extreme wind chills post-milking. • Control stall/bedding environment by having comfortable, dry areas for animals, providing dry bedding, and maintaining and changing bedding at appropriate intervals. Recent research in Minnesota showed that bedding maintenance is critical to reducing bacterial exposure. • Maintain milking equipment by checking vacuum and milk line hoses, pulsators, inations and vacuum level; keeping pulsators clean; and changing inations on schedule. • Ensure pre-milking sanitation by using procedures that maximize teat disinfection and skin conditioning while minimizing irritation or trauma. Also, pre-dip with a good germicidal dip with skin conditioner, blot teats dry instead of rubbing to minimize irritation on problem teats, and use milking hygiene practices like those used to control contagious mastitis (clean hands, gloves and individual towels). Cloth towels are best because they dry teats more thoroughly with less abrasion than other types of towels. • Review people/milking machine/time interactions because using proper

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Wind chills and temperature changes are the major factors leading to winter teat challenges.

techniques is imperative to maximize unit performance (maximum ow/unit time) and minimize teat stress (extended milking due to low ow rates or gross overmilking). "Remember that teat-end changes can occur rapidly in winter with dehydration and cracking, and at other times with acute machine problems," Schroeder says. "Minimizing the weather effects through proper facilities and environments is job one. Some practices may need to be altered or adapted during cold weather (dipping, blotting, etc.), and the advantages and disadvantages should be carefully examined when evaluating using new technologies or products such as teat dips." To date, researchers have found no protocol that stops cracked teats completely during the winter. NDSU Agriculture Communication

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Guidelines for applying nitrogen in a dry fall BY DAVID NICOLAI AND JOHN LAMB U of M Extension Educators



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As the corn and soybean harvest season begins to wrap-up in Minnesota, many producers' plans are turning next to the 2013 crop. One area of discussion which will be evaluated is the application of nitrogen for the 2013 corn crop. Soil temperatures are still averaging above 60 degrees as of Oct 1 but will trend downward in October with the arrival of cooler air temperatures later in October. The University of Minnesota Lamberton Outreach Center’s website at WeatherInformation/index.htm lists daily soil temperatures at three depths in the soil. In addition, the Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture’s website at https:// soiltemp.aspx contains an interactive map which lists the six inch soil temperature at varying locations across Minnesota. This is good information to help producers make nitrogen application decisions as listed below. Dr. John Lamb, University of Minnesota Extension Soils Specialist, provides the following guidelines for nitrogen applications in central and western Minnesota: Nitrogen is a mobile nutrient and therefore must be managed differently to get the most nutrient value and the least amount of loss to the environment. In the south central part of Minnesota, application of fall N is not always the most efcient management option. If your operation requires you to apply some N in the fall, there are some things you can do to get the most N out of the fertilizer application. First, do not apply nitrogen fertilizer before the soil temperature at the six inch depth is consistently below 50 degrees. Second, use only an ammonium form of nitrogen. Anhydrous ammonia would be the preferred, followed by urea. If you have a eld that is consistently wet, you may want to consider the use of a nitrication inhibitor to slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate. The use of the inhibitor is not a way to allow for application before the soil temperatures are below 50 degrees. If you farm sandy ground, N applied in the fall will not be in the soil when spring arrives. Fall N application on sandy soil, irrigated or not, is a total waste of time and money and presents large risks of groundwater pollution. In the southwest, west central, and northwestern parts of Minnesota, fall applications of ammonia based N sources is OK if the soil temperature is less than 50 degrees. At the time of writing this, Minnesota agricultural areas were experiencing drought at one degree or another. The ground is hard - maybe harder than last year. With this in mind, a late fall application of N after we receive some rain may be the best fall option. It will reduce the chances of loss by getting a better soil cover of the ammonia band and also save on the wear and tear of the tillage and application equipment. If you use urea, it must be incorporated to keep it from volatilizing. Dry soils are good candidates for urea volatilization to occur. Research with fall N applications has shown that anhydrous ammonia will have a lower loss of nitrogen than urea. Also with the dry summer, it is strongly suggested that you take a soil nitrate - N test. This is particularly true if the 2012 crop was corn. With the dry summer, the crop may not have used all of the N fertilizer applied for the previous crop and left a large amount of residual nitrate-N that could be used by the 2013 crop. To be useful, a soil sample for nitrate should be taken to a depth of two feet for corn and four feet for sugar beets. The sample should be taken after the soil temperature is below 50 degrees. A soil sample taken before the soil temperatures are below 50 degrees is a waste of money and time. The nitrate-N soil test value will be erroneous. If the weather conditions continue dry into winter, one should strongly consider spring application. Spring applications result in less chance of N loss and you will also have a better idea of the crop potential in 2013. A spring preplant soil nitrate-N test will also be helpful, similar to the fall soil test described earlier in this article.

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Dairy Calendar Submit your dairy events to or write to: Dairy Star, 522 Sinclair Lewis. Ave., Sauk Centre, MN 56378

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PDPW offers business nancial decision making with notable business coaches, Oct. 17-18 Dairy producers can kick their business skills up a notch when they spend October 17-18 with notable business coaches Dr. David Kohl, professor emeritus from Virginia Tech, and Dr. Allan Gray of Purdue University. The Business Financial Decision Making Conference in Oshkosh, Wis. will offer producers a chance to think like a CFO and get engaged in the nancial aspects of their dairy business in a very hands-on, interactive way. F rom a macro-perspective, attendees will learn the truths about the “scal cliff” and the economic indicators that need close attention. Then, from a micro perspective, the business coaches will target on-farm decision making. Sessions include: • “The BIG Picture: What Matters to Dairy?” Dr. Kohl will discuss the interconnectedness of global economies, untangle the web of events happening in Europe, help us understand the impact of China, and explain how these ultimately inuence your prots and balance sheet. • “Buy, Sell or Sit: What do the Numbers Say?” Dr. Allan Gray will provide a thorough analysis of major strategic decisions such as large capital expenditures or mergers and acquisitions. • “Crunching the Numbers.” Laptop computers will be provided for this smallgroup session to analyze the nancial spreadsheets of a case business. • “Let’s Make a Deal.” This after-dinner session will allow attendees to put newly learned nancial skills, decision-making tools and negotiating skills to practical use. • “Deal, No Deal.” With negotiating practice complete, attendees will discover the power and nancial advantage of saying “deal” to some decisions and “no deal” to others. For details and registration information, visit, or call the PDPW ofce at 800-947-7379. North American Dairy Valuation Seminar, Oct. 17-18 The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (www.asfmra. org) is proud to support the SD, MN, and WI chapters venture with the North American Dairy Valuation Seminar. The event is will be held at McCrory Gardens on the South Dakota State University Campus in Brookings, October 17-18, 2012. The seminar will focus with valuation techniques and market/industry challenges with livestock dairy facilities for the appraisal and nancial industry. South Dakota State University Dairy Extension, SD Bankers Association, Metabank, United Development, SD Department of Ag, AgStar Financial, SD ASFMRA, MN ASFMRA, WI ASFMRA, and the Instructor Richard Gilmore, ARA, FRICS have joined efforts to reduce the costs of this event and provide excellent networking and education development for appraisers, bankers, consultants, and CPA’s. Dairy producers who are interested in attending can attend the event and are invited to the Thursday night or Friday sessions, by contacting Brian Gatzke, email: Sponsors are willing to help cover the cost of producers who which to attend the Thursday evening and Friday event for cooperative discussion and education forums. Financial analysts will learn about valuation techniques, industry changes and developments, networking opportunities, and challenges our industry faces for nancial needs/valuation models along with the International Valuation Standards which are coming. If you wish to register for the entire event, please go on line to American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. Registration now open for Midwest Dairy Expo: Discover New Possibilities, Nov. 27-28 Registration for the 2012 Midwest Dairy Expo (MDX) is now available. The committee has assembled an outstanding program lled with education opportunities, an all-new Discovery Alley trade show layout, and a new and exciting Midwest Dairy Expo Gala that includes reception, dinner, scholarship auction, Casino Night and lounge. The MDX is a perfect opportunity to discover new ways to improve your business. The educational programs have something for everyone with nearly twenty difTurn to CALENDAR | Page 15

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Livestock - FOR SALE

COWS SALE, barn is full, level 4 Johnes-free closed since 40’s, Reg. $1,500$2,000. Esmur-Downs Holsteins (Jack & Ginger Frederichs). Call 218-4455787. 11-TFN-F

(7) BEEF COWS to calfve in Oct. Call 320-360-4570 or 320-360-1954. 16-1-F SERVICEABLE AGE BULLS & YOUNGER, sires are RedlinerxAdvent, Super, Alexander, Boltimore and others. Call 320583-6564. 13-TFN-F

REGISTERED MILKING SHORTHORN BULLS, 2 months old to 700 lbs. Call 320-9688709. 13-TFN-F BREEDING BULLS, top quality, from 27,800 lb. herd, EX dams, up to 49,000 lbs. in milk. Call 320-548-3542. 19-TFN-F

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Pleasant-View Holsteins

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL Bruce & Sara Andersen Family

100 Head Registered and Grade Holsteins Monday, October 15, 2012 • 11:00 AM.

REG. BROWN SWISS BULLS, all ages, exc. pedigrees. Call 320-587-6384 or 320-583-0336. 16-2-B

Pleasant-View Advent Ava GP+83 VG-MS 2-02 2x 365 22,190 4.6 1012 3.1 695 From a high component family this Advent daughter sells milking 75# a day with 4.6 fat %. Also selling is her Arrow daughter that is red and white.

Pleasant-View Sandy VG-85 VG-MS 3-00 2x 336 21,730 3.2 700 2.9 624 This young Damion daughter sells backed by two VG dams and due in the spring. Also selling is her Shottle bred heifer.

SPRINGING HOLSTEIN & SHORTBRED OPEN HFRS., from good AI bulls; also wanting a 3 nozzle fogger. Call 605432-4369 or 605-8682909. 16-1-F

REG. HOLSTEIN BULLS, exc. type and production. Call Scott Rickeman 320-552-0284 www.oralawn 10-TFN-F

e Deer m John and Far ors inery t c a r T Mach

(35) DAIRY COWS & SPRINGERS, some crossbreds, Greenwald, MN. Call 320-987-3233 or 320-292-0154. 15-4-F

(27) COW DAIRY HERD, mix of Jerseys and Holsteins, a few R&W, low SCC, no test, nice cows. Call 507-269-8666. 16-2-F

(70) HOLSTEIN DAIRY COWS, all stages of lactation, 20 plus years of DHIA. Call for details 507-820-0118. 16-1-F

RETIREMENT HOLSTEIN HERD, available Dec., 40 cows, includes fancy Red and Whites, level IV Johnes, DHIA, RHA 23,300, 915, 740, SCC 130,000, $1,600. Call 651583-2657. 16-1-P

Pleasant-View Milo Majestic GP+81 @ 2-10 3-03 2x 312 22,040 4.0 876 3.2 696 Majestic is a daughter of Meg. Her grand dam is a EX-90 Lee with 197,000 of milk lifetime.


Pleasant-View Sanchez Violet NC 2-00 2x 284 18,380 3.5 648 3.0 544 This young Sanchez daughter is from a VG-88 Damion that has over 25,000. Violet sells just fresh and ready to go to work.

Pleasant-View Bambi 3-04 2x 315 25,580 3.9 1000 3.1 794 Sired by Toystory; Bambi sells milking right at 100# a day and looks great. Her dam is VG-87 and has over 31,000 of milk and 1136 of fat.

DIRECTIONS: From Hutchinson at the intersection of Hwy. 7 and 15 go north on 15 to the roundabout (approx. one mile) at the roundabout go east on Ct. Rd. 79 or 200th St. for 2 miles to the farm on the north side of the road. SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY 2564 Pole Line Rd . Ridgeway, IA 52165 563-387-0035 • 563-380-1318 cell 563-387-0046 fax

• Last three months SCC average 173,000 • 20 head fresh in the last 75 days • A large selection due shortly after the sale • Nice selection of heifers that are bred, down through open yearlings


Bruce & Sara Andersen Family 16058 200th ST. Hutchinson, MN

320-587-8843 Home 320-583-3971 Cell Sales Force: Scott Courtney ....563-380-1318 Tom Morris .........320-267-8795 Steve Peterson .....218-849-2238 Don Mayer ..........715-829-3417 Andy Steinhagen .612-581-7523

(65) HOLSTEIN COWS AND 15 SPRINGING HFRS, due in Oct., good production and low SCC. Call 608-994-2306. 16-1-F JERSEY COWS & HEIFERS. Call 320-3332207. 14-TFN-F

~ LARGE, ALBANY, MN AREA ~ Real Estate, Farm Machinery, & Misc.

Gre purc at oppor h tu or crase build nity to Inter op lan ing sit state d alo e 94 c ng orrid or

To assist in the settlement of the Louise Sabrowsky Estate, the following will be sold at auction located by exiting Interstate 94 at the Albany, MN Exit (Exit #147), then 1/10 mile south on state Hwy. 238, then 1.5 miles west and south on County Tar #10, then 1.5 miles west on County Tar #174 to Farm #24874. Follow the Mid-American Auction Co. signs; roads will be plainly marked.

John Deere Tractors

John Deere Model 4440 Diesel Tractor, Power Shift, Sound Guard Cab, 540 and 1000 PTO, Dual Hydraulics, 18.4x38 Inch Rubber, Band Duals, Shows 7458 Hours, SN 001657R, (Nice Condition)

John Deere Model 4020 Diesel Tractor, Open Station, Wide Front, 3-Point, Synchro, Differential Lock, Single Hydraulics, 540 and 1000 PTO, Fenders, Front Weights, 18.4x34 Inch Rubber, Shows 7589 Hours, SN 182135R

John Deere Model 2510 Diesel Tractor, John Deere Wide Front, 3-Point, Single Hydraulics, 540 & 1000 PTO, Synchro, Fenders, 15.5x38 Rear Rubber, Differential Lock, less than 200 hours on engine overhaul, shows 5413 total hours, SN 013104R. (This tractor was purchased new by the Sabrowsky family - nice condition.)

John Deere Model 4020 Diesel Tractor, Open Station, JD Wide Front, Power Shift, 3-Point, 540 & 1000 PTO, Fenders, Sells with John Deere 148 All Hydraulic Loader and Bucket, Shows 9988 Hours

SALE TIME: 11:00 A.M.


Real Estate Inspection Dates:

J & B Lunch Wagon

Parcel #2

Sunday Sept. 30th, 1 to 2 p.m., Sunday October 7th, 1 to 2 p.m., Thursday October 11th, 5 to 6 p.m. or by appointment if necessary.

Forage, Tillage, Planting & General Farm Equipment

Parcel #2

Collectible & Household Items Round Oak Pedestal Table Nice Older Dining Set with 6 Chairs, Side Board and Buffet Desk and Matching Chair Oak China Hutch Misc. Chair Blonde Dresser and Chest of Drawers Still unpacking - expect more Household & Collectible items on Auction Day

Parcel #1

Parcel #1

Parcel 3 #

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a building site and/or tillable crop land along the highly sought after I-94 corridor. This property is less than 2 miles from the Albany, MN exit to Interstate 94 making it a great investment when considering location alone. This property will be offered in 3 individual parcels allowing buyers to purchase as many parcels as needed. Remember, this property has not been for sale for over 50 years and may not be available for 50 more. If you have been searching for a rural setting with a great location or needing additional crop land, please mark the inspection dates on your calendar and make plans now to review this rare opportunity to purchase real estate in the Albany, MN area. Land will be surveyed. Remember, real estate sells first at 11:00 a.m. Thank you! New Holland Model 472 (7-Ft. ) PullType Haybine John Deere Model 7000 4-Row 30 Inch Corn Planter, Dry Fertilizer IH Model 80 3-Point Single Auger Snowblower with Hydraulic Spout IH #720 4x18 Semi-Mount Automatic Reset Plow IH #45 18-Ft. Vibrashank Field Cultivator Mohawk 7 Shank 7-Ft. Pull-Type Chisel Plow John Deere 336 Square Baler with #30 Hydraulic Ejector John Deere 24T Square Baler with #30 Hydraulic Ejector Massey Ferguson #52 14-Ft. Tandem Disc, Dual Wheels John Deere Vanbrunt 12-Ft. Double Disc Ground Lift Drill with Grass Seeder IH 400 Cyclo 4RW Corn Planter with Dry Fertilizer John Deere Hay Conditioner 3-Point 4-Row Danish Tooth Cultivator John Deere 4x14 Inch Semi-Mount Trip Beam Plow IH 550 2-Row Wide Chopper John Deere #38 Quick Tach Sickle Mower MN 8 Ton Running Gear with Extension Pole Gehl Model 72 Flail Chopper 300 Gallon Crop Sprayer with Poly Tank V Plow

Misc Tools, ell Hous aneous, ehold

Excellent 190 Acre +/- Stearns County Farm – Sells at Auction at 11:00 a.m. –

CO RD 174

Parcel #3

CO RD 174

Following proposed splits subject to township and county approval. PARCEL #1: This parcel contains approx. 40 acres +/-. Approx. 10 acres tillable, with the balance being pasture and building site. Includes 4 bedroom farm home, updated exterior with vinyl siding and aluminum soffits. 2800 sq. ft. +/- living area, includes newer 26x26 addition, plus nice sized sun porch. Windows replaced in 2003. Large kitchen with updated cabinetry, formal dining area, large living room, one bedroom on main level, 3 bedrooms on upper level, full bath on main level with jetted tub. Main floor laundry. Some original wood work. Partial basement. Heat source is a propane fired boiler. Refrigerator freezer, range, washer and dryer sell with property. 42 X 98 +/- galvanized steel machine storage shed. Butler 1500 +/- bu. grain bin, older dairy barn and silo, plus other misc. out buildings. Very nice parcel with possible income from storage rental with plenty of room for your horse or recreation. Approx. 40 acres part of Gov. Lt 16 in Section 19 Township 125 North Range 31 West. Parcel #2: Approx 120 acres +/-. Approx. 100 acres tillable, balance partially wooded and meadow, partially tiled fall of 2012, approx. 70 acres A3 soil, 40 acres B1, balance B2. Borders tar on south. Includes 2 building eligibilities. 120 Acres part of Gov. Lt. 9 & Gov. Lts 10 and 15, in Section 19, Township 125 North, Range 31 West. Parcel #3: 30.97 Acres +/-. Partially tiled, approx. 27 acres tillable, balance meadow. Borders tar road. Includes one building eligibility. Possession of this parcel after crops are removed fall of 2012. 30.97 Acres part of Gov. Lt 2 in Section 30 Township 125 North Range 31 West. 22 Acres +/- A3 soil, 5 acres +/- A1 soils. Acreage may change on listed parcels pending survey results. TERMS: All potential buyers must have in their possession on auction day a nonrefundable cashier’s check made to themselves in the following amounts. In addition to cashier’s checks, all potential buyers must have a bank letter of pre-approval indicating adequate financing. Parcel #1 and Parcel #2 - $15,000.00. Parcel #3 - $30,000.00. Each to be used as earnest monies with the balance due in full in approximately 30 days pending necessary papers. Please remember if you are planning on purchasing more than one parcel multiple checks will be required. Possession of Parcel #1 and Parcel #2 upon closing. Possession of Parcel #3 when crops are removed fall of 2012. This will be a cash sale with no contingencies of any type offered, expressed or implied. All buyers should inspect this property carefully prior to bidding and review all local, county, state and federal regulations regarding this property to ensure it meets their requirements for future use and enjoyment. Please review all terms and conditions of this agreement prior to auction including requirement of cashier’s checks and bank letter of pre-approvals. All buyers will be asked to enter into an As Is Purchase Agreement with all aspects of this property selling as is, including, but not limited to: septic systems, wells, building size or condition, acreage and any and all other components related to this property. Any addendums made auction day will supersede any and all previous written or oral information. If you wish to review purchase agreements or have further questions or concerns, please contact our broker Steve Hansen with ReMax Results at (320) 241-0905 or Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. at (320) 760-2979, (320) 760-1593. All buyers should note that a 2% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final bid on all parcels to reach the final contract price, (i.e.) 100,000.00 + 2% = 102,000.00, Etc. This property sells subject to owner’s confirmation. BROKER’S PARTICIPATION: A 2% Brokers Participation will be paid if broker represented client successfully closes on purchased parcel. All broker represented bidders must be pre-registered with auction company no later than 48 hours prior to auction. PROPERTY TAXES: Taxes due and payable in the year 2012 will be paid by sellers. Taxes due and payable in the year 2013 and beyond will be the responsibility of buyers. Taxes due in the year 2012 per parcel are parcel #1 approx. $1346.00. Parcel #2 $1743.00, Parcel #3 $450.00.

Generator, Tractor Weights, Tools & Misc. Items Winco 65 Amp PTO Generator on Cart Car Ramps (10) John Deere Front Suitcase Weights and Bracket John Deere High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder Log Chains Set of 18.4x34 Chains Implement Tires and Wheels

Powermate Portable Air Compressor Knipco Space Heater Misc. Hand Tools Plus Other Related Items

Bench Vise Floor Jack


John Sabrowsky, Personal Representative - Ph. Evenings (320) 845-4836 or (320) 290-0619



(50) COW DAIRY HERD and (4) hfrs, due this fall, 45 yrs. AI, $1,350. Call 218-329-1516. 16-1-F

SPRINGING HFRS., due Oct-Dec. Call 507-3989302. 16-5-F

NOTE: The Sabrowsky family has lived on this farm for over 50 years; now due to the death of Mrs. Sabrowsky, the family has decided to liquidate the following at auction. Mid-American Auction Co. is very pleased to be selected to conduct the Sabrowsky auction and look forward to your participation. This auction will feature a very nice 190 acre Stearns County farm which will sell in 3 parcels, along with John Deere tractors, farm machinery, tools and household items. Please note the auction will begin promptly at 11:00 with the real estate selling first, followed by, tools, household, farm equipment and tractors. Prior inspection of larger items welcome by appointment beginning Thursday, October 25th, with inspection of real estate listed elsewhere on this brochure. Thank you!

Pleasant-View Roy Meg EX-92 EX-MS 5-08 2x 365 31,830 4.5 1441 3.2 1006 Meg is a barn favorite!!! Meg has an Advent’s and a Shottle bred heifers selling.

HERD OF 49 HOLSTEIN COWS. Call 608778-1737. 16-1-F

(20) FRESH HOLSTEIN HFRS., 28,000 lb. herd avg., AI sired, AI bred. Call 952-292-2676. 15-TFN-F

Saturday, October 27, Pleasant-View Thrumo 246 (Grade) Just fresh at 1-11 and she had 68# a day fresh 19 days in milk. Off to a good start and ready for your inspection.

100+ REG. JERSEY COWS, all ages and stages, $1,800. Call Joe 651257-5819. 16-TFN-F

OVERSTOCKED FRESH HOLSTEIN/ CROSSBRED HFRS., 83 lb. herd average, 16 yrs. genetics, SID’s available, DHIA tested. Call 701340-5968. 16-4-F


rm re Fa ells s /- Ac 90 + ocation a.m. 1 e L Nic Great 11: 00 with ction at at au

SMALL HOLSTEIN DAIRY HERD. Call 320587-3692. 16-1-F

2 LOADS OF HOLSTEIN SPRINGER HFRS., 6-8 months bred, vet checked, references available. Open hfrs. also available, delivered price. Call 712-269-0874. 16-1B

HOLSTEIN BULLS, serviceable age & younger, good production families, Glencoe, MN. Call 320864-6555. 20-TFN-F

Pleasant-View GLD Carnation NC 2-00 2x 329 16,690 4.5 759 3.3 556 Sired by Goldwyn, this great young cow sells recently fresh milking over 100# a day on her last test. Her dam is a VG-88 Juror Ford.

BROWN SWISS BREEDING BULLS, trucking available, NE IA. Call 563-562-3763 or www.hilltopacresfarm. com. 23-TFN-F

AL WESSEL - LIC. NO. 77-60

PH. 320-547-2206 (Sale Day: 320-760-2979)


LIC. NO. 77-18

PH. 320-352-3803 (Sale Day: 320-760-1593), AUCTIONEERS

TERMS: CASH. If credit is desired, make arrangements with your credit agent prior to sale. Out of area buyers please have letter of credit. Everything sold as is, no warranties given or implied. Nothing removed until settlement has been made. While we believe everything stated hereon to be correct as to age and description, anything stated day of sale by owners or auctioneers will take precedence over all printed materials. Owners, auctioneers, clerks or their helpers are not responsible for accidents. All information stated hereon is provided by the owner, Mid-American Auction Co., Inc. makes no warranty as to its accuracy.

MID-AMERICAN AUCTION COMPANY, INC. Celebrating 41 Years of Professional Service with Proven Experience Spectrum Marketing Services (320) 632-6627

Dairy Star - Third Section • Saturday, October 13, 2012 • Page 23

Miscellaneous - FOR SALE

(2) 5-STALL SUPER CALF HUTCHES, good cond. Call 320-352-7912. 16-2-F JD 1600A SWING TONGUE 16’ MOWER COND., good shape. Call 218-371-9527. 15-2-F (6) BOUMATIC COMPANION AUTOMATIC DETACH UNITS. Call 651-767-2688. 11-6-F KVERNELAND 5 BOTTOM PLOW w/IH bottoms, $800. Call 218-3710792. 16-1-F ‘08 35 TON SEMI TRAILER, beaver tail & ramps, 51’ total length. Call 320-760-6942. 12-TFN-F

(3) 10 GAL. VINTAGE CREAM CANS, $75 ea. Call 320-252-6408. 16-1-F ‘05 10’ KELLY RYAN BAGGER w/tunnel ext. asking, $27,000. Call Wade 320-212-6888. 11-TFN-F 800 GAL. MUELLER BULK TANK w/fre heat system, 2” pipeline & receiver panel for 100’ barn, all still hooked up in barn. Call 218-222-3540. 16-1-F PSI POWER WASHERS, Power Washers Hot/ Cold, Cabinet Parts Washers, Chemicals, Presoaks, Degreasers, Large Parts Inventory Shipped Same Day, On Site Service. Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Sales, Repair, and Rental. “The Guys That Work Great Under Pressure” 1-800-555-1677. Serving you from 3 locations: West Central MN Region – Pennock, MN Location SW MN Region – Wilmont, MN Location NW IA Region – Harrisburg, SD Location & Wilmont, MN Location SE SD Region – Harrisburg, SD Location. 23-TFN-B PIPELINE, DELAVAL MILKERS, PULSATORS, PUMP; Surge panel, bowl & motor; also Honda straw chopper. Call 218-935-2471. 16-1-F ‘89 MASSEY (CLAAS) 8450 COMBINE w/1163 30” CH, 9650 20’ bean head, 2400 eng. hrs., exc. cond., $24,900/obo. Call 320-387-2883 or 320-4922882. 16-1-F

‘04 MODEL 4100 PENTA MIXER, extension, hyd. discharge, stainless steel feeder house, good cond., $16,900. Call 320250-2741 to make an appointment to inspect. 153-B ‘04 AG BAGGER MODEL 670, 10’, $17,000, 1 yr. old gearbox, new caps on rotor. Call 507-251-9967. 12-TFN-F METRO 35’11” FEED CONVEYOR; Jetstar barn cleaner head; 40’ bale conveyor in haymow. Call 507-932-4699 or 507-6961966. 11-TFN-F 42’ BALE CONVEYOR. Call 507-829-2238. 16-1-F (2) PACIFIC INDUSTRIAL GENERATORS, gas or dsl., new w/warranty; also Industrial power washer, all 1/2 price. Call 320-355-2333. 16-1-VM EZ-TRAIL 230 BU. GRAVITY BOX w/8 ton wagon. Call 320-3952207. 16-1-F JD 4040 TRACTOR, recent OH, quad range transmission, good tires, runs great, always shedded. Call 218-371-9527. 15-2-F FIRESTONE 18.4X28 TIRE, 40% tread, $50. Call 218-863-4211 or 218863-3463. 16-1-F WHITE 588 SAR PLOW, eld ready; new & used parts for Oliver and White plows. Call 507-455-2484. 15-4-F NEW HEDLUND BARN CLEANER, cut 16” gutter, 18’ long, ccw; New Idea 2R corn picker, 30” rows, been shedded. Call 320-864-4782, leave message. 16-1-B GEHL 910 AND 920 BOXES, (2) on 10T gears, (2) on Westendorf 12T gears. Call 507-215-2180. 4-TFN-F Rotary Rock Picker New drum style, mounts to skid loader, pick rocks 2-3 times faster, $5,995. See it work on Video at or call 612-242-5051 “the fast easy way to pick” 14-12-P

(8) BORDER COLLIE PUPS, born 7/31/12, $100 ea. Call 320-857-2135. 152-F BADGER 560 BARN CLEANER w/204’ chain; (10) Polydome calf huts; 5 hp Massport milk pump, 1 yr. old; Penta 4120 TMR; (22) Klinzing drinking cups w/plastic line. Call 320-249-4342. 16-1-P PASTEURIZER, used Dairytech 30 gallon batch milk/colostrum pasteurizer, exc. cond. Call 507458-5624. 16-6-F 14’ STARLINE SILO UNLOADER, new spout, $300/obo. Call 651-2104695. 13-TFN-F (6) 18’ JD PULL-TYPE PLOWS, automatic reset; Case 1030 dsl. tractor; CIH C w/mower. Call 320-7605622. 15-2-B COOKS 30 HP, 3 PH band sawmill; 36x21 logs; Edgar Plus ooring mill. Call 608-348-7994. 16-1-F ‘97 ARCTIC CAT 454 4-WHEELER, 7200 miles, $1,500/obo. Call 612-618-7631. 16-1-F IH 700 5X18 AR. Call 320-876-2200. 16-1-F

If you are looking for a special one or two, a trailer load or a semi load, you will want to be at the

Central Plains Fall Sale

“The Big Event” October 20, 2012 • 10:30 AM Swiftel Center, Brookings, SD

The plan for this year’s sale will again offer around 60 lots of tied cattle with outstanding pedigrees….

some having the potential to market bulls and embryos, others with the potential to make a statement in the show ring, and some that will be outstanding individuals for putting milk in the tank and building great genetic futures.

Added to this exciting menu will be groups of excellent bred heifers and outstanding milk cows for purchase by all in attendance.

Many of these cattle will come from freestall, parlor operations, giving these cattle a quick and easy transition to their new operation for the good of the buyer and the cattle. These cattle will not be tied; they will be penned by consignor or in groups accordingly. These cattle will get the same great care as the tied cattle. They will be clipped, washed, fed and bedded. They will be sold one at a time through the sale ring; unless a consignor desires to have theirs sold as a group. The values of these cattle will in no way take a back seat to the tied cattle…as a matter of fact, the top seller could come out of this group; but will be handled in this manner to help the crew, staff and facilities accommodate this exciting sale. It should also be to the consignors’ advantage as well, and perhaps to the advantage of the animals involved.

JD 125 CHUCK WAGON w/no running gear. Call 320-573-2048. 15-TFN-F 4,000 GAL. MANURE TANKER, VanDale or Husky. Call 320-277-3860. 16-1-F NH 790 CHOPPER w/ hay head, 100 acres. Call 507-964-5769 or 507-3801235. 3-TFN-F ‘97 AGCO ALLIS 9435 DT, 466, 18.4x38 duals, 4260 hrs., partial PS, good cond. Call 608-306-0917. 16-1-P



NH 565 SM. SQ. BALER w/thrower; (3) 9’x18’ bale racks w/trailers. Call 320352-6943. 16-1-F

VG 86 2yrs. 2-00 3X 299 17950 4.0 712 3.5 623 Rita-Red was fresh Sept. 1, she is headed for WDE as a 2nd calf Sr. 2yr AND she sells! Her sister topped the RSC-CH Spring sale. Hongslo

NH TR86 COMBINE w/6 row CH and 20’ bean head. Call 320-352-3119. 13-TFN-F DMI TIRGER II; Loftness 30’ stalk shredder. Call 320-864-5118. 16-1-F


EX-94 2E VG87 GTPI+2042 3-06 2X 365 43600 3.5 1541 2.8 1219 2-01 2x 35852 3.7 1331 2.8 1003 Her milking Advent-Red Grdau. sells. Sipka Selling are 3 flush age sisters to Palin sired Holsteins by Robust (2) & Shamrock. Vierhout & Stoutjesdyk




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